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Organic compounds -- part of the class 532-570 series April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110098455 - Crosslinked polysaccharide sponge: A process for producing a polysaccharide sponge comprises the steps of (A) freezing a photoreactive polysaccharide solution, and (B) irradiating the frozen photoreactive polysaccharide solution with light to crosslink the photoreactive polysaccharide, thereby obtaining the polysaccharide sponge. The process includes simplified steps requiring no removal of solvent, and has such... Agent: Seikagaku Corporation

20110098456 - Immune stimulatory oligonucleotide analogs containing modified sugar moieties: The invention relates to oligonucleotides including at least one FANA substituted nucleotide analog and a pyrimidine-purine dinucleotide. The invention also relates to pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use thereof.... Agent:

20110098457 - Methods of attaching biological compounds to solid supports using triazine: Disclosed are methods of attaching biologically active compounds to a solid surface, comprising modifying the solid surface using triazine chloride and attaching the biologically active compound to the triazine moiety.... Agent: Illumina, Inc.

20110098458 - Isolated nucleic acid molecules from transgenic papaya line 16-0-1 resistant to papaya ringspot virus and use thereof: Provided is an isolated nucleic acid molecule having a right border flanking region, a left border flanking region and a transgene sequence between the right border flanking region and the left border flanking region, wherein the right border flanking region having at least 90% homology with the sequence set forth... Agent:

20110098459 - Isolated nucleic acid molecules from transgenic papaya line 18-2-4 resistant to papaya ringspot virus and use thereof: Provided is an isolated nucleic acid molecule having a right border flanking region, a left border flanking region and a transgene sequence between the right border flanking region and the left border flanking region, wherein the right border flanking region having at least 90% homology with the sequence set forth... Agent:

20110098461 - Novel rna interference methods using dna-rna duplex constructs: The present invention provides novel compositions and methods for suppressing the function or activity of a targeted gene through a novel intracellular piRNA-mediated RNAi mechanism, using RNA-DNA duplex constructs. The invention further provides novel methods and compositions for generating or producing RNA-DNA duplex agents, whose quantity is high enough to... Agent: University Of Southern California

20110098460 - Sirna useful to suppress expression of eif-5a1: The present invention relates to apoptosis specific eucaryotic initiation factor 5A (eIF-5A), referred to as apoptosis factor 5A1 or simply factor 5A1, apoptosis factor 5A1 nucleic acids and polypeptides and methods for inhibiting or suppressing apoptosis in cells using antisense nucleotides or siRNAs to inhibit expression of factor 5A1. The... Agent: Senesco Technologies, Inc.

20110098462 - Method and kit for the sample preservation and cell disruption before the extraction of nucleic acids: The invention relates to a method for preserving samples and disrupting cells which can be employed for the preparation of the extraction of nucleic acids from live cells, cell aggregates and tissue samples, and to a kit for carrying out the method. The method includes the introduction of live cells,... Agent: Dr. Lerche Kg

20110098463 - Cellulose derivative and method for producing the same, cellulose resin composition, molded matter and method for making the same, and electrical and electronic equipment housing: A cellulose derivative obtained from cellulose by substitution of hydrocarbyl groups ranging in carbon number from 1 to 7 and aliphatic acyl groups ranging in carbon number from 4 to 11 for at least part of the hydrogen atoms of hydroxyl groups contained in the cellulose. The cellulose derivative can... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110098464 - Cellulose interpolymers and methods of oxidation: This invention provides cellulose ester interpolymers, and methods of oxidizing cellulose interpolymers and cellulose ester interpolymers. The invention also provides routes to access carboxylated cellulose ester derivatives with high acid numbers wherein the carboxyl group is attached directly to the cellulose backbone by a carbon-carbon bond. Through functionalization of an... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20110098465 - Nonflow -through apparatus and method using enhanced flow mechanisms: Methods and apparatus for facilitating the synthesis of compounds in a nonflow-through device are presented. Application of the nonflow-through methods and microfluidic devices to the synthesis of radiolabeled compounds is described. These methods and apparatus enable the introduction of a pressurized gas through a tangential slit into a vortex reactor... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110092684 - High-purity rebaudioside d: The invention provides methods of purifying Rebaudioside D from the Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plant extract along with Rebaudioside A. The methods are useful for producing high purity Rebaudioside D and Rebaudioside A. The high purity Rebaudiosides are useful as non-caloric sweeteners in edible and chewable compositions such as any beverages,... Agent: Purecircle Sdn Bhd

20110092685 - Amidite for synthesizing modified nucleic acid and method for synthesizing modified nucleic acid: e

20110092686 - Multicapillary sample preparation devices and methods for processing analytes: Disclosed herein are sample preparation devices, such as pipette tips and pipette tip extenders, for example, useful for associating and releasing analytes.... Agent: Pelican Group Holdings, Inc.

20110092687 - Stable lysis buffer mixture for extracting nucleic acids: The invention relates to a lysis buffer mixture that is stable in storage for isolating nucleic acids from biological, preferably diagnostic samples. The mixture is preferably associated with an extraction control. The aim of the invention is to provide an improved nucleic acid extraction system, which is cost-effective, stable and... Agent:

20110092688 - Nucleic acid construct containing a nucleic acid derived from the genome of hepatitis c virus (hcv) of genotype 2a, and a cell having such nucleic acid construct introduced therein: The present invention relates to a replicon RNA comprising a nucleotide sequence at least containing the 5′ untranslated region, the nucleotide sequence encoding NS3 protein, NS4A protein, NS4B protein, NS5A protein and NS5B protein, and the 3′ untranslated region on the genomic RNA of hepatitis C virus of genotype 2a.... Agent: Tokyo Metropolitan Organization For Medical Research

20110092689 - Fluorescence quencher molecules: Disclosed are pyridinyl-isoquinoline-dione derivatives, methods of producing these derivatives, conjugates comprising the pyridinyl-isoquinoline dione derivatives and (i) a solid support, or (ii) a biomolecule, methods of producing these conjugates as well as the use of these conjugates as quenchers in fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET).... Agent:

20110092690 - Linker and support for solid phase synthesis of nucleic acid: s

20110092693 - Novel compounds: The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of an oligomeric compound made up of two or more individual oligomers, in which said oligomeric compound the individual oligomers are separated by a photocleavable linker, comprising the step of photoactively cleaving said linker.... Agent: Novartis Ag

20110092691 - Method for filtering nucleic acids, in particular from fixed tissue: The invention relates to a method for filtering nucleic acids, to a kit for carrying out the method according to the invention and to a novel use of magnetic particles for filtering a biological sample. The method according to the invention comprises the following steps: a) the sample is held... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20110092692 - Method for separation of double-stranded and single-stranded nucleic acids from the same sample: The invention provides systems, methods and kits for the separation and/or purification of double-stranded and single-stranded nucleic acids from the same sample. The method includes first mixing a sample containing both double-stranded nucleic acid and single-stranded nucleic acid with a solution including a chaotropic salt and a non-ionic detergent to... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Corp.

20110092694 - Synthesis of 5-azacytidine: e

20110092695 - Cell culture model for acquired chemoresistance of chronic myelogenous leukemia and related methods for identifying agents to overcome resistance: A method of generating a chronic myelogenic leukemia (CML) acquired chemoresistant culture model is provided. Such a method may comprise providing a naïve blast crisis CML cell line; administering/contacting the cell line with a mutation-inducing dose of imatinib; maintaining a culture of the treated cell line for a period of... Agent:

20110092696 - High performance low residue guar for hydraulic fracturing and other applications: A process and the guar produced thereby, the guar having superior performance in hydraulic fracturing applications. The guar is produced by first washing, soaking, and prehydrating guar gum splits in hot water. Calcium carbide which is then added to the mixture results in the production of acetylene gas, forcing the... Agent: Hindustan Gum & Chemicals Ltd

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110087011 - Separation of rebaudioside a from stevia glycosides using chromatography: Disclosed are methods for the chromatographic separation of rebaudioside A from stevioside in glycoside solutions that are derived from stevia. The chromatographic separation may be an adsorb/desorb type of chromatographic separation or a fractionation type of chromatographic separation.... Agent: Cargill, Incorporated

20110087012 - Nucleic acid molecules coding for a protein with deacetylase activity, said protein, and method for the production of chitosan: The invention relates to nucleic acid molecules selected from the group comprising: a) nucleic acid molecules that code for a form of the polypeptide with the derived amino acid sequence according to SEQ ID No. 3, said polypeptide having a deacetylase activity; b) nucleic acid molecules that comprise the nucleotide... Agent:

20110087013 - Friedel-crafts acylation for the synthesis of aryl- and heteroaryl-(3-ethyl-4-nitrophenyl)-methanones: The present invention concerns a synthesis process comprising the following steps (i) reacting 3-ethyl-4-nitrobenzoic acid with thionyl chloride to produce a 3-ethyl-4-nitrobenzoic acid chloride or a 3-ethyl-4-nitrobenzoic acid anhydride from 3-ethyl-4-nitrobenzoic acid by means of water cleavage and (ii) Friedel-Crafts acylation by reacting the 3-ethyl-4-nitrobenzoic acid chloride or the 3-ethyl-4-nitrobenzoic... Agent:

20110087014 - Process for the manufacture of oligonucleotides: A process for manufacturing an oligonucleotide which comprises removing β-eliminating phosphorus-protecting groups, in particular β-cyanoethyl protective groups from a protected oligonucleotide, wherein said removing comprises contacting the protected oligonucleotide with an amine solution in a solvent which preferably does not consist of pyridine, wherein the conjugate acid of the amine... Agent: Girindus America, Inc.

20110087015 - Nucleoside and nucleotide having an unnatural base and use thereof: The object of the present invention is to provide a nucleoside or a nucleotide, or a derivative thereof, which has an unnatural base. The nucleoside and others of the present invention are characterized by having a 2-amino-6-(2-thiazolyl)purin-9-yl group or a 2-amino-6-(2-oxazolyl)purin-9-yl group as a base, wherein the 4- and/or 5-position... Agent: Riken

20110087016 - System and method for emulsion breaking and recovery of biological elements: An embodiment of a method for extracting biological material from an emulsion is described that comprises the steps of a) breaking an emulsion comprising a plurality of aqueous droplets in a continuous phase of an oil using a solvent to produce a combined aqueous-oil mixture, where the solvent disrupts the... Agent: 454 Life Sciences Corporation

20110087017 - Process for the preparation of compounds useful as inhibitors of sglt2: The present invention is directed to a novel process for the preparation of compounds having inhibitory activity against sodium-dependent glucose transporter (SGLT) being present in the intestine or kidney.... Agent:

20110087018 - Low temperature, single solvent process for the production of sucrose-6-ester: A method for the preparation of a sucrose-6-ester is disclosed. In a first step of the method, sucrose in a polar aprotic solvent is reacted with an organotin-based acylation promoter. The water of reaction is removed at a temperature that does not exceed about 80° C. In one aspect, the... Agent: Tate & Lyle Technology Limited

20110087019 - Process for the production of sucrose-6-ester: during step (b), the removing of water includes distillation of water with the reaction vehicle using an apparatus supplying a heat flux of from 500 to 25,000 BTU/hrft2 (1577 to 78865 W/m2) selected from the group consisting of wiped film evaporators, agitated thin film evaporators, falling film evaporators and rising... Agent: Tate & Lyle Technology Limited

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110082286 - Method for generating aptamers with improved off-rates: The present disclosure describes improved SELEX methods for producing aptamers that are capable of binding to target molecules and improved photoSELEX methods for producing photoreactive aptamers that are capable of both binding and covalently crosslinking to target molecules. Specifically, the present disclosure describes methods for producing aptamers and photoaptamers having... Agent: Somalogic, Inc.

20110082287 - Hepatitis c virus codon optimized non-structural ns3/4a fusion gene: Aspects of the present invention relate to the discovery of a novel hepatitis C virus (HCV) isolate. Embodiments include HCV peptides, nucleic acids encoding said HCV peptides, antibodies directed to said peptides, compositions containing said nucleic acids and peptides, as well as methods of making and using the aforementioned compositions... Agent: Chrontech Pharma Ab

20110082288 - Purification of synthetic oligomers: This invention provides a novel method for purifying synthetic oligomers comprising capping, polymerizing and separating any failure sequences produced during oligomer synthesis. Either the failure sequence or the full-length oligomer may be polymerized. Optionally, small molecule impurities may also be incorporated into the polymerized material. The invention provides novel capping... Agent: Michigan Technological University

20110082289 - Nucleic acid labeling compounds: Nucleic acid labeling compounds are disclosed. The compounds are synthesized by condensing a heterocyclic derivative with a cyclic group (e.g. a ribofuranose derivative). The labeling compounds are suitable for enzymatic attachment to a nucleic acid, either terminally or internally, to provide a mechanism of nucleic acid detection.... Agent: Affymetric, Inc.

20110082290 - Superhydrophilic amphiphilic copolymers and processes for making the same: A superhydrophilic amphiphilic copolymer and process for making the superhydrophilic amphiphilic copolymer includes a low molecular weight polysaccharide modified with a hydrophobic reagent, such as substituted succinic anhydride. The superhydrophilic amphiphilic copolymer system generates stable foam for use in applications, such as healthcare formulations, with low irritation of the eyes... Agent: Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.v.

20110082291 - Method for glycosylating and separating plant fiber material: The invention relates to a method for hydrolyzing a plant fiber material to produce and separate a saccharide including glucose. The method includes a hydrolysis process of using a cluster acid catalyst in a pseudo-molten state to hydrolyze cellulose contained in the plant fiber material, and produce glucose. The cluster... Agent:

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