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12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345444 - Left side charging handle for a rifle: A Picatinny mounted, left side charging handle system adapted for mounting on AR-15, M-4, or M-16 and similar rifles. The charging handle mounts on the foremost Picatinny mount of the upper receiver and replaces OEM charging handles provided with the rifle. Side mounting overcomes the problem of a shooter's finger... Agent:

20140345445 - Apparatus & method for loading an ammunition magazine, and ammunition magazine having a loading apparatus: Apparatus and method for loading an ammunition magazine via an ammunition hold. An ammunition holder is provided for receiving an ammunition body externally of the ammunition magazine in a receiving position. A swivel arm is provided for moving the ammunition holder out of the receiving position, along a lifting path,... Agent:

20140345446 - Composite passive armor protection: A composite passive armor protection comprises a structure, embedded in the light alloy matrix (1), wherein said structure is made of geometric solids (2), resting on brackets (3), passing through the holes in plate (4), wherein said brackets (3) have precuts in the walls located at a height above and... Agent:

11/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140338517 - Tear gas enchanced fluidized bed security system and method: A tear gas-based enhancement to a fluid bed security system implemented for the purpose of inhibiting unauthorized entry or access and to provide additional time for threatened individuals to evacuate or escape a hostile assembly at the perimeter of a secured area. The system provides for the reliable and controlled... Agent:

20140338518 - Blast-proof chamber for handling of explosive objects: The invention relates to a blast-proof chamber (1, 20, 30, 60, 70) for improved handling and transport of a detonation-dangerous object, wherein the said blast-proof chamber (1, 20, 30, 60, 70) comprises an outer chamber (2, 21, 32, 61, 71) comprising an inner storage chamber (3, 22, 33, 62, 72)... Agent: Dynasafe International Ab

20140338520 - Armour module for vehicle: The present invention relates to an armour module for a vehicle. The armour module comprises a plurality of flexible vertical elements, a plurality of horizontal slats and a connection arrangement for supporting the armour module in a stand-off relation to the vehicle. Both the armour and its support may be... Agent: Ten Cate Advanced Armour Uk Ltd.

20140338519 - Sandwich of impact resistant material: A sandwich of impact resistant material comprising: a first tile comprising a plurality of nano-particles bonded together, wherein the nano-structure of the nano-particles is present in the first tile and the first tile comprises a hardness value; a second tile comprising a plurality of nano-particles bonded together, wherein the nano-structure... Agent: Sdcmaterials, Inc.

20140338521 - Structural component for armored vehicles: Armor plating is provided for armored land vehicles or watercraft, the armor having a base armor plate and an additional armor plate fixed thereto on the enemy side, such that it can be removed. A structural component can be used as a base armor plate for such vehicles, and comprises... Agent: Ec Technik Gmbh

20140338522 - Semi-automatic pistol: An improved M1911 pistol, method of making an improved M1911 pistol, and system for improving performance of an M1911 pistol. Replacement parts for the M1911 pistol include stainless steel, which may be a 17-4Ph metal. Improved replacement parts include an improved frame and an improved slide.... Agent:

20140338523 - Automatic sear assembly for a rifle: An automatic sear assembly for providing a large-bore rifle with full-automatic firing and/or burst firing capabilities is disclosed. In accordance with some embodiments, the disclosed assembly includes an automatic sear operatively configured with a sear lever which is provided with bidirectional articulation for selectively imparting torque on the automatic sear... Agent:

11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331851 - Pyrotechnique rupture method and components for implementing it: According to the invention, the component to be ruptured comprises an alternation of oblong pre-cut zones and of non-pre-cut zones and the pyrotechnique rupture device (1) with detonating cord (2) comprises an alternation of sections (1.1) for rupturing said non-pre-cut zones and of inflatable sections (1.2) for parting the broken... Agent:

20140331852 - Perforating gun apparatus for generating perforations having variable penetration profiles: A perforating gun apparatus includes a carrier gun body having a plurality of jet target regions. A first set of the jet target regions has a first resistance to jet penetration and a second set of the jet target regions has a second resistance to jet penetration. A charge holder... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140331853 - Firearm action and gas system: A rifle in a bullpup configuration is provided, comprising a receiver having a trigger assembly and a magazine well, and a barrel having a barrel extension attached to the receiver. A gas assist system is attached to the barrel, including a gas housing surrounding the barrel and having an annular... Agent: Tactical Arms Holdings Co., LLC

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