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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
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05/28/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150143982 - Anti-rocket system: A counter-flying object system comprising a sensor array including at least one active sensor configured to detect and track the flying object, and a missile launcher configured to launch an interceptor to intercept the flying object, wherein upon launching of the interceptor, the sensor array is configured to determine the... Agent:

20150143983 - Methods and systems for detecting a gun and/or bullet within one's vicinity via an electronic device: A loaded weapon detection system is presented including a mobile device handled by a first user and a weapon handled by a second user, the weapon configured to receive at least one projectile, where either the weapon or the projectile has an electronic beacon associated therewith, the electronic beacon transmitting... Agent:

20150143985 - Anti-ballistic chair: An Anti-Ballistic chair having a back portion, a seat portion, and an Anti-Ballistic panel within at least one of the back portion, and the seat portion, wherein the Anti-Ballistic portion comprises at least a first layer of Anti-Ballistic material formed from high-strength synthetic fibers extending in a first direction, and... Agent: Shieldpro, LLC

20150143986 - Armored door panel: An armored door panel includes a planar device having a layered arrangement including a protection layer comprised of a ballistic material and an outer surface layer arranged on the outer side of the protection layer. The planar device is affixed to an existing door to prevent ballistic projectile from penetrating... Agent:

20150143984 - Combined vehicular armour: Vehicle armour comprises a ceramic panel (1) with a spall covering (6) on a front surface thereof, a rear surface of the ceramic panel being bonded to a stiff support plate (3). A plastically deformable layer (9) is arranged behind the support plate and contiguous therewith. Spacer means define a... Agent:

05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135935 - Rifle noise suppressor: My invention is a rifle noise suppressor comprised of a cylindrical chamber which contains a nested set of baffles concentrically and longitudinally arrayed through the chamber. One end of the chamber is threaded and threads are cut into the barrel of a rifle to permit the noise suppressor to be... Agent:

20150135937 - Method to produce ballistic and stab resistant structures for garments and structures produced by the method: The invention pertains to a composite wherein the composite comprises at least one fabric and a thermoplastic polymeric resin wherein the resin is impregnated into the fabric to an extent that between 80 to 95% of the maximum volumic mass (void volume) of the fabric is filled with resin. The... Agent:

20150135936 - Vehicle and structure film/hard point shield: A shield includes a film with members intersecting at spaced nodes, a hard point fixed at least at select nodes, and a frame at least partially about the film for spacing the film from a vehicle or structure to be protected.... Agent:

20150135938 - Barrier: A barrier formed from a plurality of identical modular units that have an essentially planar front panel and triangular shaped top and bottom plates extending rearward from the front panel. Adjacent units are interconnected to one another at their terminal vertices by a square tubular member. A square shaped opening... Agent: Defenshield, Inc.

20150135940 - Electric vehicle battery pack protection system: A battery pack protection system is provided for use with an electric vehicle in which the battery pack is mounted under the car. The system utilizes a plurality of deformable cooling conduits located between the lower surface of each of the batteries and the lower battery pack enclosure panel, with... Agent: Atieva, Inc.

20150135939 - Electric vehicle undercarriage crumple zone: A battery pack protection system is provided for use with an electric vehicle in which the battery pack is mounted under the car. The system utilizes a plurality of deformable cooling conduits located between the lower surface of the batteries within the battery pack and the lower battery pack enclosure... Agent: Atieva, Inc.

20150135941 - Mechanisms for firing projectiles and methods of their use: A method of firing projectiles without the use of cartridge cases by electronically controlling the dynamics of internal ballistics created by combustion of Nitrous Oxide and a fuel injected under high pressure at oxygen rich or stoichiometric ratios. The shape of injector nozzles and the combustion chamber as well as... Agent:

20150135942 - Bolt carrier and bolt for gas operated firearms: An improved bolt and bolt carrier with integral gas key having an extension nozzle threadedly secured and pinned to the gas key for use with a direct gas operated firearm is provided. The extension nozzle is designed to receive a portion of the host firearm's gas operating system. The firing... Agent:

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