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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331851 - Pyrotechnique rupture method and components for implementing it: According to the invention, the component to be ruptured comprises an alternation of oblong pre-cut zones and of non-pre-cut zones and the pyrotechnique rupture device (1) with detonating cord (2) comprises an alternation of sections (1.1) for rupturing said non-pre-cut zones and of inflatable sections (1.2) for parting the broken... Agent:

20140331852 - Perforating gun apparatus for generating perforations having variable penetration profiles: A perforating gun apparatus includes a carrier gun body having a plurality of jet target regions. A first set of the jet target regions has a first resistance to jet penetration and a second set of the jet target regions has a second resistance to jet penetration. A charge holder... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140331853 - Firearm action and gas system: A rifle in a bullpup configuration is provided, comprising a receiver having a trigger assembly and a magazine well, and a barrel having a barrel extension attached to the receiver. A gas assist system is attached to the barrel, including a gas housing surrounding the barrel and having an annular... Agent: Tactical Arms Holdings Co., LLC

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140326126 - Impact resistant window: A novel impact and blast resistant window is presented. A surface of a glazing pane has a durable transparent polymer film coated or adhered thereto. The surface of the window pane having the film is sealed to the sash by double sided tape. The resulting window produces an unexpected ability... Agent:

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140318356 - Latchless charging handle: A latchless charging handle that allows for the charging of a rifle without the need to first release a charge handle latch is provided herein. The latchless charging handle contains a detent ball assembly that engages a latch pocket on the rifle's upper receiver and acts as the charging handle's... Agent:

20140318358 - Ballistic resistant armor article: This invention pertains to a ballistic resistant article comprising at least one first layer facing a projectile and at least one second layer adjacent to the at least one first layer and facing an object to be protected wherein, under a ballistic event, the at least one first layer is... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140318357 - Blast/impact mitigation shield: A shield includes a first body made of damping material in a solid state and which transitions to a viscous fluid state when critically stressed in compression and a plunger plate with blades extending outwardly therefrom adjacent the first body for transitioning material of the first body from a solid... Agent: Qinetiq North America, Inc.

20140318360 - Blast energy absorption system: Blast energy absorption system capable of being integrated into the structure of a vehicle having removable, interchangeable, and configurable components adaptable to configure the vehicle for varying mission threats. The blast energy absorption system has a plurality of independent energy absorbing systems including one or more in combination of the... Agent:

20140318359 - Vehicle underbelly system: An underbelly system for a vehicle. The system includes: a deflector configured to be disposed under a cabin structure of the vehicle and constitute an underbelly thereof; a plurality of explosive charges, each being associated with a different deformable portion of the deflector and configured, upon charge detonation, for deforming... Agent: Plasan Sasa Ltd.

20140318362 - Automatic or semi-automatic rifle: A rifle having a receiver with an integral hand guard and a barrel. The barrel is connected to the receiver. The hand guard extends over and surrounds the barrel. A removable hand guard is attached to the receiver by an attachment that stably holds the removable hand guard to the... Agent:

20140318361 - Cartridge gas actuated firearm having bolt carrier/gas key seal: A cartridge gas energized firearm mechanism has a receiver assembly having upper and lower receivers. A bolt carrier is moveable within the upper receiver and has a wall structure having a planar gas key seat surface intersected by a gas port. A gas key is mounted to the bolt carrier... Agent:

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140311325 - Ammunition magazine and loading device thereof: An ammunition magazine contains an ammunition belt of linked ammunition cartridges to be fed into a machine gun, the magazine including a front opening, enabling a leading end of the ammunition belt to be accessible for feeding the machine gun and for linking with a trailing end of another ammunition... Agent:

20140311326 - Composite panel for armor shielding of vehicles: b) said plate comprises a face oriented towards the shocks and a face opposite said face oriented towards the shocks coated with a composite reinforcing layer comprising reinforcing fibres or bands with high ballistic protection performance, typically made of high mechanical performance glass, aramid or high performance polyethylene.... Agent: Constellium Valais Sa (ag-ltd)

20140311328 - Fibrous armour material: According to the invention there is provided a fibrous armour material for dissipating the kinetic energy of a moving object which is impregnated with a shear thickening fluid, in which the shear thickening fluid includes particles of a thickening agent suspended in a liquid, and the volume fraction of the... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140311329 - Protective material: According to the invention there is provided a protective material for dissipating the kinetic energy of a moving object including a plurality of layers of fibrous armour material in which at least some adjacent layers of fibrous armour material are separated by one or more separator layers for reducing inter-layer... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140311327 - Protective material arrangement: According to the invention there is provided an arrangement of protective material for dissipating the kinetic energy of a moving object including one or more layers of fibrous armour material encased within a sealed encasement, in which the sealed encasement is formed from a textile armour material which is impregnated... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140311330 - Blast/impact mitigation shield: A blast mitigation method includes forming a body of solid material which transitions from a solid state to a non-flowing viscous fluid state when stressed which attaching it to the body of the undercarriage of a vehicle. The material of the body transitions from a solid state to a viscous... Agent: Qinetiq North America, Inc.

20140311331 - Weapon mounting system for firearms: The present disclosure provides a weapons mounting system, which may include a gun mount that may be used independent of a swing mount or with the swing mount. The gun mount may include a Picatinny rail assembly and be attached to an ammunition container. The swing mount may include a... Agent: H & H Tool Shop, LLC

20140311332 - Combination gas operated rifle and subsonic cartridge: A method of operating a gas operated automatic or semi-automatic weapon that has a bolt that locks by a partial rotation of the bolt with respect to a bolt carrier, the bolt carrier in communication with a gas port on the barrel of the weapon, the method comprising utilizing the... Agent:

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