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10/02/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140290471 - Device and method for the thermal compensation of a weapon barrel: A device and a method for performing thermal compensation of a weapon barrel of a gun having at least one weapon barrel which is mounted in a barrel cradle and in a barrel support as a prolongation of the barrel cradle. A plurality of temperature sensors are integrated into the... Agent: Rheinmetall Air Defence Ag

20140290472 - Mechanism for firearms and its working method: The invention is a monoblock submachine gun part that is housed within the upper body, that pushes the round in the magazine into the shell chamber, that houses the pin system which fires the round in the shell chamber by triggering the explosion of its capsule, that pulls the empty... Agent:

20140290474 - Multi-layer structure for ballistic protection: A ballistic protection is described. The ballistic protection includes a rigid structure and a flexible structure, co-operating to dissipate energy associated to an incident bullet impact, the rigid structure and the flexible structure being separated by at least a first discontinuity layer. The rigid structure includes at least a first... Agent:

20140290473 - Polycarbonate laminate for close-proximity blast events: The present invention provides a laminate for protecting an object against close-proximity blasts, ballistic and severe storm events, the laminate comprising two or more layers of polycarbonate having layered there between one or more layers of a thermoplastic polyurethane. Also provided is a method of protecting an object from a... Agent: Bayer Materialscience LLC

09/25/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140283672 - Apparatus for processing and dispensing incendiary capsules: An apparatus for processing and dispensing incendiary capsules is provided. The apparatus includes a hollow tube which serves as a cylinder within which is located a reciprocal piston or a plurality of co-axially mounted pistons driven by a cam. When this coordinated cycle begins with the piston assembly in its... Agent:

20140283673 - Firearms for firing shotshell type ammunition: Shotshell type ammunition includes a hull, a sabot disposed within the hull, and at least one projectile disposed within the sabot. The hull has a rimless first end that includes a primer for firing the ammunition. The hull also has a seat surface for seating the hull against a complementary... Agent: Intrepid Tactical Solutions, LLC

20140283674 - Ultra-high strength uhmw pe fibers and products: Multi-filament UHMW PE yarns can be produced according to processes that result in improved properties. The UHMW PE can have an intrinsic viscosity in decalin at 135° C. of at least about 30 dl/g, and can be processed under optimal conditions to achieve a gel spun yarn having a tenacity... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140283675 - Operational control logic for harmonized turret with gimbaled sub-systems: Methods are disclosed for controlling a turret assembly with two or more gimbaled, swivel assembly sub-systems, such as a gimbaled gun and a gimbaled electro-optical sensor. The turret can be automatically slewed in response to one of the swivel assemblies rotating. A user can switch turret modes reflecting a priority... Agent: Drs Sustainment Systems, Inc.

09/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
09/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140251118 - Bolt assembly with improved rotating locking head: A bolt assembly with improved rotating locking head, comprising a rotating locking head associated with a bolt body and movable with respect to the bolt body with a combined rotary and translational motion; the rotating locking head having at least two working positions: a closed position, wherein the rotating head... Agent: Benelli Armi S.p.a.

20140251119 - Drum magazine for projectiles: A projectile launcher includes a receiver and a dual cylindrical-shaped magazine (“DCM”) wherein the receiver contains a propelling mechanism and an ammunition receiving port. The propelling mechanism is used for launching a projectile. The ammunition receiving port, which may be situated at bottom of the receiver, is able to receive... Agent: Real Action Paintball, Inc.

20140251121 - Armored cab for vehicles: An armored cab having at least an upper wall, two side walls, a front wall, a back wall, and a bottom wall. The armored cab and its respective walls include a longitudinal axis extending from the back wall to the front wall. The bottom wall includes at least one concave... Agent: Bae Systems Tactical Vehicle Systems Lp

20140251120 - Optimized bent bar grille: An optimized grille design that narrows the louver pitch and narrows the louver construction so as to maintain the air flow through the grille. An aerodynamic shape is applied to the leading edge of the louver thus lowering drag and reducing the pressure drop at the inlet.... Agent:

20140251122 - Inflatable frame for flexible ballistic shield with integrated alert and tracking systems: A personal ballistic shield includes a flexible ballistic blanket and a pneumatic frame connected to and supporting the ballistic blanket. A handle assembly is attached to a back side of the ballistic blanket. A warning mechanism is incorporated in the shield and is adapted to detect a deployment of the... Agent: Battleware Technologies, Inc.

20140251123 - Unmanned range-programmable airburst weapon system for automated tracking and prosecution of close-in targets: An unmanned range-programmable airburst weapon system provides automated tracking and prosecution of soft targets such as UAVs at close ranges. A range-programmable gun that fires airburst rounds and a seeker that images the target within a FOV are mounted on a gimbaled turret. A tracking controller is responsive to a... Agent: Raytheon Company

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