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09/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140238222 - Method of neutralising ground ordnance: A method of neutralising ground ordnance, the method comprising: providing a missile device (10) comprising a longitudinally extending body (12) defining a fore and an aft region and a casing (18) which houses an explosive material; penetrating the ground with the missile device in the vicinity of the ground ordnance;... Agent: Spex Kinetics Limited

20140238223 - Float support member for rocket launcher: A float support member that comprises a base for mounting to an object, primary linkages rotatably coupled by a primary pin defining a primary movable pin point that moves both in a lateral direction and a transverse direction, and secondary linkages rotatably coupled to said primary linkages, respectively, by first... Agent: Amphenol Corporation

20140238224 - Ballistic protection material: According to an embodiment, a ballistic protection material includes a strike face layer having a first thickness. The strike face layer is configured to distort an outer surface on a projectile that contacts the strike face layer. A ballistic layer is configured to hinder continued movement of a projectile that... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20140238225 - Variable ballistic shield system: A ballistic shield may include multiple ballistic plates. The first plate may be permanently connected to a second plate and drop vertically downward from the first plate. After dropping down, the second plate would overlap the first plate such that no gap exists between the two plates. A third plate... Agent:

08/21/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140230636 - Dispenser pod: A dispenser pod, which includes a dispenser chassis with a first chassis end, a second chassis end and a chassis chamber, a first chassis end cover for covering the first chassis end, a second chassis end cover for covering the second chassis end, a launch system, and at least one... Agent: United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140230637 - Weapon interface system and delivery platform employing the same: A weapon interface system, and methods of operating the same. The weapon interface system is coupled to an electrical interconnection system of a delivery platform and a weapon system coupled to a rack system. The weapon interface system includes a translation interface configured to provide an interface between the electrical... Agent: Lone StarIP Holdings, Lp

20140230638 - Multi-layer multi-impact ballistic body armor and method of manufacturing the same: Multi-impact multi-layer body armor is presented. A first layer is a single layer of front covering material. A second layer, is a ballistic ceramic plate formed of a plurality of curved smaller ceramic tiles that are bonded together using a structural adhesive. A third layer formed of one or a... Agent:

20140230639 - Defense structure for national defense: Provided is a defense structure for national defense including: a hollow structure which extends from the ground or from underground so as to protect the interior of the defense structure from the concussive or explosive forces of shells or rockets, and which has a plurality of cells which are hollow... Agent: Ajou Universtiy Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20140230640 - Armored split hatch: A split hatch with armored hatch leaves that are positioned to shield occupants standings in the hatch opening when the hatch is opened. The hatch leaves can be fixed at different angles to provide improve protection from different threats. The armored hatch leafs are oversized to engage the hatch opening... Agent:

20140230641 - Remote weapon station, in particular for aircraft, such as fixed-wing aircraft: A remote weapon station (10) includes a firearm (12), which is able to fire ammunitions against a target. A remote control board or panel (14) is arranged at a distance from the firearm (12) and is configured to be activated by an operator, so as to control the firearm (12).... Agent:

20140230642 - Rate control mechanism: Certain embodiments disclose rate reducer systems and methods to reduce the cyclic rate of self-powered firearms. The reduction in cyclic rate is achieved by mechanically delaying the firing step in the cycle of functioning. This delay is achieved by temporarily latching an inertia weight at the rear of the recoil... Agent: S. Paul Reynolds

08/14/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140224103 - Firearm having a handle assembly for charging and forward assist: A firearm includes a receiver and a bolt carrier disposed in the receiver. The bolt carrier is moveable between a firing position and a rearward position. A rod is fixed relative to the bolt carrier and a hand guard is coupled to the receiver about the rod. A handle assembly... Agent: Adcor Industries, Inc.

20140224104 - Missile container and method of operating a missile container: A missile container has a container housing, one or a plurality of canisters stored therein for supporting a missile, and a movement mechanism for moving the canister from a storage position into an operating position. The missile container is efficiently transferred from a storage state into a combat state, in... Agent: Diehl Bgt Defence Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140224105 - Recoil attenuated payload launcher system: This disclosure relates to launchers and launcher systems for discharging or launching payloads to downrange targets, and associated methods of using such launcher systems. This disclosure further provides methods for attenuating or reducing felt recoil such that relatively large weight payloads can be launched while the launcher is handheld or... Agent:

20140224107 - Advanced armor laminate structure: A transparent armor laminate apparatus includes a hard disrupter layer having a substantially planar surface of transparent material configured to erode a ballistic projectile responsive to impact from the projectile, and an absorber configured proximate to the disrupter layer. The absorber includes a first absorber layer and a second absorber... Agent:

20140224108 - Protection member for a protection device and a vehicle with such a device: The present invention relates to a protection device for a military vehicle comprising in a drapery configuration at least along the respective vehicle side arranged to a position close to the ground hanging down discrete protection members for protection against projectiles, wherein said discrete protection members comprise a wire element,... Agent: Bae Systems H&#xe4 Gglunds Aktiebolag

20140224106 - Vehicle and structure film/hard point shield: A shield includes a film with members intersecting at spaced nodes, a hard point fixed at least at select nodes, and a frame at least partially about the film for spacing the film from a vehicle or structure to be protected.... Agent: Qinetiq North America, Inc.

20140224109 - Capture shield for disarming gunman: A method and apparatus for disarming an armed intruder by using a capture shield of a type comprising a bullet resistant shield having a top, a bottom, a left side, a right side, a front and a back and at least one hook operatively attached to the front of the... Agent:

20140224110 - Multi-row panel active blast system: A countermeasure system is provided including a frame and two or more rows of countermeasures disposed on the frame. Each row of the countermeasures may be configured to be initiated substantially simultaneously along the length of the row. Additional countermeasure systems may include elongated explosive charges and or masses disposed... Agent: Tencate Advanced Armour Usa, Inc.

20140224111 - Protection device for vehicle: The present invention relates to a protection device for a vehicle intended for military application comprising a wall configuration with ballistic protection properties arranged to constitute a delimitation of a protection zone of the vehicle, wherein said wall configuration is movably arranged in the vehicle for adaptation according to needs... Agent: Bae Systems H&#xc4 Gglunds Aktiebolag

20140224112 - Adjustable weight firearm buffer: This invention is a serviceable buffer for an AR-type rifle such as the AR-15. This invention satisfies the need for the user to adjust said buffer weight by opening the buffer housing and adding or removing internal weights to achieve the desired recoil effect. In order for the firearm to... Agent:

20140224113 - Firearm having an indirect gas impingement system: A firearm including a barrel having a breech and a muzzle defining a length of the barrel is disclosed. The firearm includes a hand guard having a first end and a second end with a front sight is attached to at least one of the barrel adjacent the muzzle and... Agent: Adcor Industries, Inc.

20140224114 - Gas piston operated upper receiver system: Disclosed is an upper receiver assembly for use with an AR15-type lower receiver. The upper receiver assembly includes a monolithic upper receiver and forearm housing. A barrel has a breech end, a muzzle end, a bore axis, and a barrel trunnion at the breech end having a lug for direct... Agent: Faxon Firearms, LLC

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