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Optics: measuring and testing

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01/22/2015 > 28 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150022800 - Lidar system: Methods and systems for using spectrally separated light pulses to collect more LIDAR information are presented. In one example, a laser pulse may be directed to a point on an object and a corresponding return light signal may be received. The return light signal may be wavelength separated into a... Agent:

20150022801 - Computer-implemented method of and system for teaching an untrained observer to evaluate a gemstone: A computer-implemented method teaches a user to evaluate a gemstone, such as a cut diamond. The method includes providing a computer system connected to an apparatus capable of capturing an image of a gemstone. The computer system is arranged to process a received image of a gemstone to determine one... Agent: Sarine Color Technologies Ltd.

20150022802 - Spectroscopy detection system and method for material identification: The present invention provides a method and system of chemical identification by using a short wavelength range of near infrared (NIR) such as in the range of near infrared (NIR) of about 600 to about 1100 nm. A silicon-detector can be used to measure the short wavelength of NIR region.... Agent:

20150022803 - Fiber signal loss event identification: A system includes a wavelength tunable laser to provide a first optical pulse of a first wavelength and a second optical pulse of a second wavelength to an optical fiber, a reflection detector to determine a first fiber attenuation curve from the first reflected pulse and a second fiber attenuation... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150022804 - Optical measuring apparatus and method of stereoscopic display device: An optical measuring apparatus for measuring optical characteristics of a stereoscopic display device includes a test image supplier for generating a 3D test signal, a 3D display for displaying left-eye image and/or right-eye image based on the 3D test signal supplied from the test image supplier, a image selection member... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150022805 - Laser with high quality, stable output beam, and long life high conversion efficiency non-linear crystal: An optical system for detecting contaminants and defects on a test surface includes an improved laser system for generating a laser beam and optics directing the laser beam along a path onto the test surface, and producing an illuminated spot thereon. A detector and ellipsoidal mirrored surface are also provided... Agent:

20150022806 - Defect inspection method and its device: To increase the illumination efficiency by facilitating the change of the incident angle of illumination light with a narrow illumination width according to an inspection object and enabling an illumination region to be effectively irradiated with light, provided is a defect inspection method for obliquely irradiating a sample mounted on... Agent:

20150022807 - Universal sample holder: This device is for holding samples during their preparation prior to imaging in the electron microscope. The design means it can be transferred between the light and electron microscopes as well as trimming devices used to prepare the final sample. It can also be used at both ambient and cryo... Agent:

20150022808 - System for distributing and controlling color reproduction at multiple sites: In the color imaging system, multiple rendering devices are provided at different nodes along a network. Each rendering device has a color measurement instrument for calibrating the color presented by the rendering device. A rendering device may represent a color display in which a member surrounds the outer periphery of... Agent:

20150022809 - Split field spectral imager: An apparatus for spectroscopic Doppler imaging comprises collection and focusing optics, a field splitter configured to form a composite image from multiple fields of view, and a Fabry-Perot etalon configured to spatially modulate the incoming light in order to analyze the spectral content of the light from spatially resolved regions... Agent: Utah State University Research Foundation

20150022810 - Spectrophotometer and image partial extraction device: A spectrophotometer in which output ends of optical fibers are one-dimensionally arrayed in a z-axis direction on an output end face of a fiber box. That is to say, a two-dimensional area image of a display screen picked up through input ends arranged at 10×10 lattice points on an input... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20150022811 - Compact hyperspectral imaging system: A lightweight, compact hyperspectral imaging system includes a fore-optics module and a wavelength-dispersing module. The imaging system may also include a detector, supporting electronics and a battery module. The fore-optics module may include a telescope with three or more mirrors, where the mirrors include a silver coating that provides high... Agent:

20150022812 - Inspection apparatus: An inspection apparatus comprising, a light source configured to illuminate a sample, a half-wavelength plate configured to transmit light transmitted through or reflected from the sample, a polarization beamsplitter, a first and second sensor configured to receive the light as a first and second optical image respectively transmitted through the... Agent: Nuflare Technology, Inc.

20150022813 - Cmos optical detector comprising plurality of optical elements for device for monitoring parameters of moving yarn on textile machines: A CMOS optical detector includes a plurality of optical elements for a device for detecting parameters of moving yarn or another linear textile formation on textile machines by means of a perpendicular projection of yarn onto individual optical elements of a sensor with the aid of one source of radiation.... Agent:

20150022814 - Method for monitoring at least one parameter of quality of yarn and/or parameters of sensor by electronic yarn cleaner: A method is provided for monitoring at least one yarn quality parameter and/or a parameter of a sensor by an electronic cleaner of yarn by means of an optical detector comprising a sensor with one or two rows of individual optical elements. The individual optical elements provide at their outputs... Agent:

20150022815 - Quantum chemical analysis: A new trend in chemical analysis is introduced including design of new instruments used for counting of molecules and enantiomers in a given solution. The method is mainly based on quantum optics and quantum chemistry which are the reasons for the expression “Quantum Chemical Analysis”. Where a modern technology of... Agent:

20150022816 - Atomic sensor physics package having optically transparent panes and external wedges: One embodiment is directed towards a physics package of an atomic sensor. The physics package includes a plurality of panes of optically transparent material enclosing a vacuum chamber and one or more wedges attached to an external surface of one or more of the panes. The physics package also includes... Agent:

20150022817 - Profilometer with partial coherence interferometer adapted for avoiding...: e

20150022819 - Fiber optic gyroscope dead band error suppression: Embodiments described herein provide a method of modulating an input light beam of a fiber optic coil of an IFOG. The method includes intermittently jumping the phase step of a feedback signal to suppress dead band. Jumping the phase step includes: creating a jumped phase step during a first cycle... Agent:

20150022818 - Laser-driven optical gyroscope with push-pull modulation: A system and method for reducing coherent backscattering-induced errors in an optical gyroscope is provided. A first time-dependent phase modulation is applied to a first laser signal and a second phase modulation is applied to a second laser signal. The phase-modulated first laser signal propagates in a first direction through... Agent:

20150022820 - Measuring device: A measuring device for the high-precision optical determination of distance or position includes a light source, at least one optical functional element in the form of a plane mirror or a measuring standard, and a detector system. At least two sub-beams are generated, of which at least one impinges on... Agent: Dr. Johannes Heidenhain Gmbh

20150022821 - Carrier adapter insert apparatus and carrier adapter insert detection methods: Methods, apparatus, and assemblies are provided for an adapter insert including an adapter frame including a support rail adapted to support one or more substrates in a substrate carrier, a frame extension coupled to, or integral with, the adapter frame, and a mapping feature formed on the frame extension and... Agent:

20150022822 - Illumination configurations for scatterometry measurements: Scatterometry measurement systems, illumination configurations and respective methods are provided, which comprise illumination beams that have vertical projections on a target plane comprising both a parallel component and a perpendicular component, with respect to a target measurement direction. The illumination beams propagate at an angle to the plane defined by... Agent:

20150022823 - Measuring device for thread parameters for threaded joints: Thread parameters for a threaded object are determined. Spatial reference systems (X, Y, Z) and (X′, Y′, Z′) are respectively identified for a position sensor and the threaded object. A transformation matrix describing a quadratic form representing the threaded object in (X, Y, Z) may be determined to relate the... Agent:

20150022824 - Method and apparatus for colour imaging a three-dimensional structure: A device for determining the surface topology and associated color of a structure, such as a teeth segment, includes a scanner for providing depth data for points along a two-dimensional array substantially orthogonal to the depth direction, and an image acquisition means for providing color data for each of the... Agent:

20150022825 - Positioning apparatus and method for distance measurement: A ball distance measuring system incorporates a support received over a reference ball. A reference on the support has a diameter differing from a diameter of the reference ball by a predetermined amount visually distinguishable from a circumference of the reference ball presenting an even visual separation confirming concentric coincidence... Agent:

20150022826 - Target apparatus and method: A target is provided having a retroreflector. A body is provided having a spherical exterior portion, the body containing a cavity. The cavity is sized to hold the retroreflector, the cavity open to the exterior of the body and having at least one surface opposite the opening, the retroreflector at... Agent:

20150022827 - Establishing a wear state of a cutting nozzle: Methods, systems, and devices for establishing a wear state of a cutting nozzle of a laser processing machine. An actual state of the cutting nozzle shape is established by a three-dimensional evaluation performed by a nozzle shape sensor and an associated controller. The established actual state of the cutting nozzle... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 31 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150015868 - Optoelectric sensor and method for the detection and distance determination of objects: An optoelectronic sensor (10) for distance determination comprises a transmitter (12) for transmitting a light beam (14) having a plurality of consecutive individual light pulses, a rotatable deflection unit (16) for deflecting the light beam (14), an angle measuring unit (28) for determining an angular position of the deflection unit... Agent: Sick Ag

20150015869 - Ladar backtracking of wake turbulence trailing an airborne target for point-of-origin estimation and target classification: A weapon-locating ladar system estimates a backward trajectory of an airborne target by using flow field measurements to follow the wake turbulence trailing the airborne target from a position at which the target is detected backwards until the wake is no longer observable. The system may use the backward trajectory... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150015870 - Overlay abnormality gating by z data: The present disclosure relates to a method of monitoring wafer topography. A position and orientation of a plurality first alignment shapes disposed on a surface of a wafer are measured. Wafer topography as a function of wafer position is modeled by subjecting the wafer to an alignment which simultaneously minimizes... Agent:

20150015871 - Microscope system and method for measuring refractive index of sample: A microscope system includes: a wavefront modulator that modulates a wavefront of light from a light source; an objective that irradiates a sample with light whose wavefront has been modulated by the wavefront modulator; a spherical aberration corrector that corrects spherical aberration caused by a difference between a refractive index... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150015872 - Particle suspensions used as low-contrast standards for inspection of liquids: In certain embodiments, a method for validating the human visual inspection process or an optical analysis instrument for use with biological particles may include inspecting a standard particle solution using the optical analysis instrument. The standard particle solution may include a known concentration of standard particles suspended in solution with... Agent:

20150015873 - Inner diameter measuring device: An inner diameter measuring device, comprising an image pickup unit (2) provided at a base end of a frame unit (6) and for picking up an image of a forward end side, a centering unit (4) provided at a forward end of the frame unit, a laser beam diffusing unit... Agent:

20150015874 - Wafer and reticle inspection systems and methods for selecting illumination pupil configurations: In an optical inspection tool, an illumination aperture is opened at each of a plurality of aperture positions of an illumination pupil area one at a time across the illumination pupil area. For each aperture opening position, an incident beam is directed towards the illumination pupil area so as to... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20150015875 - Measuring device for measuring an illumination property: A measuring device (40) for measuring an illumination property of an illumination system (12), which is configured for two-dimensional irradiation of a substrate (24) arranged in an illumination plane (21) with illumination radiation (20). Two differing measurement beam paths (52, 54) are formed in the measuring device, each arranged to... Agent:

20150015876 - Luminescence reference standards: The present teachings provide for systems, and components thereof, for detecting and/or analyzing light. These systems can include, among others, optical reference standards utilizing luminophores, such as nanocrystals, for calibrating, validating, and/or monitoring light-detection systems, before, during, and/or after sample analysis.... Agent:

20150015877 - Gemstone inspection: There is described an apparatus and method for inspecting and optionally sorting gemstones. The apparatus includes a nozzle or array of nozzles operatively connected to a vacuum pump such that a gemstone located generally underneath one of the nozzles will be supported against that nozzle by air pressure when a... Agent: De Beers Centenary Ag

20150015879 - Methods and apparatus for imaging with multimode optical fibers: A multimode waveguide illuminator and imager relies on a wave front shaping system that acts to compensate for modal scrambling and light dispersion by the multimode waveguide. A first step consists of calibrating the multimode waveguide and a second step consists in projecting a specific pattern on the waveguide proximal... Agent:

20150015878 - Raman spectroscopic analyzing apparatus: A Raman spectrometry apparatus comprises a condensing unit that condenses a light flux emitted from a light source to a prescribed position in a sample; a retroreflective unit that is disposed opposite to the condensing unit with reference to the sample; and a detecting unit that detects scattering light released... Agent:

20150015880 - Plasma spectrometer: To improve the detection sensitivity, detection accuracy, and reproducibility when electrostatic discharge is generated in a sample solution and analysis is performed using light emission in the generated plasma. A flow channel 100, which has cylindrical main portions each expanding conically from a narrow portion, is filled with a conductive... Agent:

20150015881 - Gas concentration estimation device: The present invention aims at realizing a gas concentration estimation apparatus with versatility wherein the gas concentration estimation apparatus estimates concentration of a target component in an analyte gas by analyzing a light emitted from plasma of the analyte gas. The present invention is directed to a gas concentration estimation... Agent: Imagineering, Inc.

20150015882 - Sensor device and image forming apparatus: A sensor device is disclosed, including a database, and a processing apparatus. The database includes, for multiple different first types of objects, a first output data which are output data of an optical system acquired beforehand for each of the first objects in a case in which a surface of... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150015883 - Aperture alignment in scatterometry metrology systems: Methods and algorithms are provided, as well as new metrics for misalignment of apertures with respect to the optical axis of a metrology system. The methods comprise aligning aperture(s) to an optical axis of a scatterometry metrology tool using correction term(s) derived by minimizing an overlay variation measure calculated with... Agent:

20150015884 - Methods for assaying polymers using an integrated computational element: Various molecular characteristics of a polymer may be determined using an integrated computational element to assay the polymer. Methods for assaying a polymer can comprise optically interacting electromagnetic radiation with a polymer and an integrated computational element; and determining a molecular characteristic of the polymer, using the integrated computational element.... Agent:

20150015885 - Flame photometric detector: A flame photometric detector assembly can comprise an optics assembly including a focusing mirror adapted to provide a focal region, and a detector block associated with the focusing mirror. The detector block can include a body defining a sampling chamber, a combustion chamber positioned adjacent an outer periphery of the... Agent:

20150015886 - Method for the evaluation of the colloidal stability of liquid biopolymer solutions: The invention concerns the field of biomolecule formulation screening and stability testing. It concerns a method for the evaluation of the colloidal stability of liquid biopolymer solutions. The present invention describes a method for determining the stability of a liquid pharmaceutical composition comprising: a) providing a liquid pharmaceutical composition in... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20150015887 - Feature vector for classifying specular objects based on material type: Material classification for a sample fabricated from an unknown material, particularly a specular sample such as a metallic sample fabricated from an unknown metal. A measurement is obtained of a specular reflection of the sample at at least one observation angle and in at least two spectral bands including first... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20150015888 - Dynamic radially controlled light input to a noninvasive analyzer apparatus and method of use thereof: An analyzer apparatus and method of use thereof is described to dynamically irradiate a sample with incident light where the incident light is varied in time in terms of any of: position, radial position relative to a point of the skin of a subject, solid angle, incident angle, depth of... Agent:

20150015889 - Apparatus and method to improve coatings of a moving surface: A contact-free, optical measurement system determines the precision with which an article responds to a change in energy. An interferometer is used to measure the surface distortions that are caused by different amounts of energy being added to a system. In this manner, any surface distortions, or perturbations of the... Agent:

20150015890 - Method and apparatus for optical asynchronouos sampling signal measurements: A method and a system for measuring an optical asynchronous sample signal. The system for measuring an optical asynchronous sampling signal comprises a pulsed optical source capable of emitting two optical pulse sequences with different repetition frequencies, a signal optical path, a reference optical path, and a detection device. Since... Agent: Beihang University

20150015891 - Systems and methods for supressing coherent structured illumination artifacts: Methods and systems are provided for suppressing speckle and/or diffraction artifacts in coherent structured illumination sensing systems. A coherent radiation pattern forms an interference pattern at an illumination image plane and illuminates an object. Radiation scattered or otherwise emitted by the object is detected to produce a signal, which is... Agent:

20150015892 - Rfog with low chromatic dispersion: One embodiment is directed towards a resonator fiber optic gyroscope (RFOG) including a resonator, one or more light sources coupled to the resonator, and resonance tracking electronics coupled to the resonator. The one or more light sources are configured to produce at least two light beams for input into the... Agent:

20150015893 - Optical inspection apparatus and method thereof: In order to resolve the above problem, the present invention provides an optical inspection apparatus that includes a light source which radiates light to a sample; a light interference device which causes target light transmitted, scattered, or reflected from the sample and reference light to interfere with each other, such... Agent:

20150015894 - Determining geometric characteristics of reflective surfaces: Illustrative embodiments of determining geometric characteristics of reflective surfaces are disclosed. In at least one illustrative embodiment, a method of determining geometric characteristics of reflective surfaces includes sensing electromagnetic waves with a sensor, where the electromagnetic waves have been reflected off a reflective surface of a specimen from a target... Agent:

20150015896 - Methods and devices for reducing errors in goos-hÄnchen corrections of displacement data: An exemplary method involves, in a system comprising a tool that performs a task on a workpiece, a method for determining displacement of the workpiece relative to the tool. Respective displacements of loci of at least a region of the workpiece are mapped using a Goos-Hänchen-insensitive (GH-insensitive) displacement sensor to... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20150015895 - Three-dimensional measurement device having three-dimensional overview camera: A device for optically scanning and measuring an environment is provided. The device includes a first measurement device that emits a light beam in a direction to measure a distance to a remote target based at least in part on light reflected by the remote target. A three-dimensional camera coupled... Agent:

20150015897 - Dynamoelectric machine component monitoring system: Various embodiments include systems adapted to detect a target within a machine casing. In some embodiments systems include a target attached to a component within a dynamoelectric machine casing, a conduit spanning from an outer surface of the dynamoelectric machine casing to an inner surface of the dynamoelectric machine casing... Agent:

20150015898 - Laser line probe having improved high dynamic range: A method for measuring three-dimensional coordinates of an object surface with a line scanner, the line scanner including a projector and a camera, the projector projecting onto the object surface a first line of light at a first time and a second line of light at a second time, the... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 28 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150009484 - Chromatic range sensor probe detachment sensor: A system and method for a chromatic probe detachment sensor is provided. A detachment signal element is included in an interchangeable optics element of a probe. The detachment signal element is configured to substantially transmit a first set of wavelengths corresponding to a measuring range, and at least partially reflect... Agent:

20150009486 - Imaging system: An imaging system is provided, having a housing, an inlet opening receiving radiation from objects and an optical system. The optical system includes a reception channel for visible radiation, an infra-red radiation channel, a channel of the laser range finder having a laser radiation source, a photoreceptor and spectral splitters.... Agent:

20150009485 - Laser radar system: Provided is a laser radar system. The laser radar system includes a first transmission and reception unit sequentially radiating a first laser beam to a plurality of locations within a first view range and receiving a reflected light; and a second transmission and reception unit sequentially radiating a second laser... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150009487 - Skewed sectional measurement of striated glass: Thickness and group index variations in test strip samples of ultra-low expansion glass are made by extracting the strip samples with front and back faces oriented at an acute skew angle to the axis of the boule. The strip samples are positioned the within an interferometric measurement cavity so that... Agent:

20150009489 - Charged-particle microscope with raman spectroscopy capability: A charged-particle microscope with Raman spectroscopy capability and a method for examining a sample using a combined charged-particle microscope and Raman spectroscope. The method includes imaging a region of a sample by irradiating the sample with a beam of charged particles from the microscope; identifying a feature of interest in... Agent:

20150009488 - Mask distortion measuring apparatus and method of measuring mask distortion: According to one embodiment, a mask distortion measuring apparatus is provided, including a light source, a mask holding unit, a projection optical system, an imaging unit, and a distortion calculating unit. The mask holding unit holds masks overlaid with each other. The projection optical system forms a projection image of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150009490 - Chemical and molecular identification and quantification system utilizing enhanced photoemission spectroscopy: An enhanced photoemission spectroscopy (EPS) system uses at least three photoelectric detection processes to identify a substance or substances in a target. The target can be in a container, and the EPS system accounts for this in the identification process. The photoelectric detection processes include Raman scattering, fluorescence and spectral... Agent:

20150009491 - Systems for and methods of facilitating focusing an optical scanner: Systems and methods for facilitating focusing of an image scanner, such as a confocal microscope, are disclosed. Measurement of optical characteristics in certain areas of a test sample are compared to stored or baseline optical characteristic profiles to determine an appropriate correction to properly focus the scanner. In one aspect,... Agent:

20150009492 - Measuring system for measuring an imaging quality of an euv lens: A measuring system (10) for measuring an imaging quality of an EUV lens (30) includes a diffractive test structure (26), a measurement light radiating device (16) which is configured to radiate measurement light (21) in the EUV wavelength range onto the test structure, a variation device (28) for varying at... Agent:

20150009493 - Laser tracker with functionality for graphical target preparation: Some embodiments include a laser tracker having: a base defining a standing axis; a beam steering unit for emitting a measurement radiation; a distance measuring unit for determining the distance to the target; and angle measurement functionality for determining an alignment of the beam steering unit. The beam steering unit... Agent:

20150009494 - Optical touch device: An optical touch device with a detecting area includes light guide components, a light source module, a light detecting component and an auxiliary light guide component. Each light guide component includes a first light emitting surface. The light guide components includes a first light guide component and a second light... Agent:

20150009495 - Method of generating raman laser for inducing fluorescence of pyrene and a system thereof: A method of generating Raman laser for inducing fluorescence of pyrene and a system thereof is disclosed. The system comprises a pulsed laser, a frequency doubling crystal, a frequency quadrupling crystal, a light filter unit, a Raman cell, a prism, an optical diaphragm, an object lens and an optical fiber.... Agent:

20150009496 - Elemental analysis device in liquid: An elemental analysis device that analyzes an element in a liquid with high sensitivity and with a simple configuration is provided. The elemental analysis device of the present disclosure disposes a part of a first electrode disposed around an insulator having an opening portion, and a part of a second... Agent:

20150009497 - Multiport tunable optical filters: A tunable multiport optical filter includes various types of arrays of optical ports. The tunable filter also includes a light dispersion element (e.g., a grating) and a reflective beam steering element (e.g., a tilting mirror). An optical signal exits an optical (input) port, is dispersed by the light dispersion element,... Agent:

20150009498 - Apparatus for detecting a pre-aligning element at a wafer: An apparatus detects a pre-aligning element at a wafer. The wafer has the pre-aligning element at a wafer edge. The apparatus includes a sensor arrangement and an evaluation unit. The sensor arrangement is configured to illuminate subsequent edge portions of the wafer edge, to receive transmitted fractions and reflected fractions... Agent:

20150009499 - Systems and methods for fabricating and orienting semiconductor wafers: A system for orienting a semiconductor wafer. The system includes a wafer retaining device configured to retain a semiconductor wafer, a light source configured to emit light toward an edge exclusion area of the wafer, and a lens configured to direct and focus light emitted from the light source at... Agent:

20150009500 - Colorimeter calibration system and methods: A toy playset with a colorimeter and method of calibration is provided. The colorimeter may include the combination of a microcontroller with multiple switchable output ports, a light source connected to three of the output ports, and a photo transistor for sensing reflected light. The colorimeter may include four different... Agent:

20150009501 - Absolute measurement method and apparatus thereof for non-linear error: The present invention discloses a method for measuring absolute value of non-linear error and an apparatus thereof. The method comprises: placing N reflecting plates jointed together at the sample port of the optical measuring instrument at the same time, wherein each of reflecting plate has a same covering area at... Agent: National Institute Of Metrology, P.r.china

20150009502 - Urine analysis device, method and system: A device, method and system are provided for analyzing urine color to determine the hydration level of an individual. The device is nonabsorbent and includes a water-resistant adhesive configured to adhere the device to a urine receptacle such as a urinal or toilet. The device includes a color scale possessing... Agent:

20150009503 - Gas sensor: A gas sensor is proposed, which can detect a gas by a novel configuration while reduction in size is achieved. The gas sensor (1) does not need a light absorption path as in a prior art so that the size can be reduced correspondingly. Further, in the gas sensor (1),... Agent:

20150009504 - Method and system for measuring patterned structures: A method and system are presented for determining a line profile in a patterned structure, aimed at controlling a process of manufacture of the structure. The patterned structure comprises a plurality of different layers, the pattern in the structure being formed by patterned regions and un-patterned regions. At least first... Agent:

20150009505 - Fiber-optic measurement device, gyrometer, and navigation and inertial-stabilization system: A fiber-optic measurement device (10) includes a SAGNAC ring interferometer (20) having a proper frequency fp. The aim is to improve response time while maintaining high precision across the measurement range. Biasing elements (130) are used to produce: a first biasing phase-differential modulation component Δφb1(t) (34) which is periodic in... Agent:

20150009506 - Interferometric material sensing apparatus including adjustable coupling and associated methods: A material sensing apparatus comprises an excitation source configured to induce waves in a workpiece, and an optical waveguide interferometer configured to sense the induced waves in the workpiece. The optical waveguide interferometer comprises a probe segment having a probe segment end, and an adjustable coupler configured to permit setting... Agent:

20150009507 - Swept source optical coherence tomography and method for stabilizing phase thereof: In an embodiment, a computer 16, which generates tomographic images based on spectral interference signals detected by a light detector 15 from overlaid reference light emitted by a swept-source type light source 2 of a SS-OCT, split, and then reflected by a fixed reference mirror 8 on one hand and... Agent: University Of Tsukuba

20150009508 - Wavelength-tunable light source: An external cavity semiconductor laser light source comprises includes a semiconductor gain device operable to provide light amplification; a wavelength selection element including a diffraction grating; and light re-directors. The gain device, light re-directors and grating are arranged so that an optical resonator is established for light portions emitted by... Agent:

20150009509 - Transparent substrate monitoring apparatus and transparent substrate method: Provided are a transparent substrate monitoring apparatus and a transparent substrate monitoring method. The transparent substrate monitoring apparatus includes a light emitting unit emitting light; a double slit disposed on a plane defined in a first direction and a second direction intersecting a propagation direction of incident light and includes... Agent:

20150009510 - Apparatus and method for determining a distance measure on wound-up materials: A distance measure between a beginning and an end of a material strip wound onto a body in a tangential direction can be determined by creating a height profile of a surface of the material strip, which covers the beginning and the end of the wound material strip in the... Agent:

20150009511 - Monitoring device, system and method for the monitoring of an area of building or land, using at least one light waveguide: A monitoring device is provided that is used for the monitoring of an area of building or land, including an optical strand used as a sensor, one optical source for emitting an optical emission signal transmitted in the optical strand, and one optical analogue detector for detecting an intensity of... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 25 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150002834 - Sample processing improvements for microscopy: Among other things, a first surface is configured to receive a sample and is to be used in a microscopy device. There is a second surface to be moved into a predefined position relative to the first surface to form a sample space that is between the first surface and... Agent:

20150002836 - Inner diameter measuring device: The invention relates to an inner diameter measuring device, having a non-contact measuring unit (3) and a contact measuring unit (4) arranged along the same center line, wherein the non-contact measuring unit comprises an image pickup unit (6) arranged on the center line, a laser beam emitting unit (7), and... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20150002835 - Wafer charging electromagnetic inspection tool and method of using: An electromagnetic inspection tool which includes a stage configured to support a wafer having a first surface and an emitter configured to emit electromagnetic waves to be incident on the first surface. The electromagnetic inspection tool further includes a detector configured to detect electromagnetic waves returned from the first surface... Agent:

20150002837 - Calibration of optical time domain reflectometry optical loss measurement in optical fibers having potentially dissimilar light backscattering efficiencies: Calibration of optical time domain reflectometry optical loss measurement in optical fibers having potentially dissimilar light backscattering properties is disclosed. For example, an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) can be employed to perform a single-ended optical loss measurement on an optical fiber before and after joinder (e.g., a splice) to... Agent:

20150002838 - Focus detection apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium storing program: Light quantity information of an imaging optical system is acquired according to a focus detection position in an imaging screen. Conversion is performed from the light quantity information and a first aperture value of the imaging optical system, so that the first aperture value is converted into a second aperture... Agent:

20150002839 - Optical coupling lens and method for testing same: An optical coupling lens includes a main portion and two reference portions. The main portion includes a first surface having at least one first converging lens formed thereon, a second surface having at least one second converging lenses formed thereon, and a reflecting surface. The second surface is substantially perpendicular... Agent:

20150002840 - Method for measuring an angle between two spatially separated elements: Some embodiments of the invention relate to a method for measuring an angle between two spatially separated elements having the steps: preparing a multiplex hologram having a plurality of interference patterns, at least two having different angles of incidence of an object light wave onto a hologram plane; arranging the... Agent:

20150002841 - Endoscope system: An endoscope system includes an endoscope having an insertion portion provided with an observation optical system that inspects a plurality of blades that are periodically disposed at a periphery of a rotary shaft of a rotor of an engine, and rotate around the rotary shaft, a guide tube that is... Agent:

20150002842 - Molecular sensing device: A molecular sensing device includes a substrate; a well i) formed in a material that is positioned on a surface of the substrate or ii) formed in a surface of the substrate; a signal amplifying structure positioned in the well; and a molecular selective device removably positioned in operative contact... Agent:

20150002843 - Image capture device and electronic apparatus: There is provided an image capture device including a narrow-band optical irradiation system including a light source, a solid-state imaging element including an array of pixels and sensitive to a predetermined range of wavelengths, and a metal thin-film filter provided in an optical path between the optical irradiation system and... Agent:

20150002844 - Method and apparatus for manipulating near field using light scattering: An apparatus for manipulating surface near-field light resulting from light emitted from a light source that passes through a scattering layer is disclosed. Also, a method of finding a phase of incident light to cause constructive interference at a target spot using light scattering to manipulate the surface near-field.... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20150002845 - System and method for aligning a biopsy collecting device: A spectroscopy system for auto-aligning a biopsy collecting device is presented. The spectroscopy system includes an illumination subsystem configured to emit an illumination light towards the biopsy collecting device, whereas the biopsy collecting device includes an activator unit and a needle unit and wherein the needle unit includes a cannula... Agent:

20150002846 - Wafer alignment mark scheme: A wafer alignment apparatus includes a light source, a light detection device, and a rotation device configured to rotate a wafer. The light source is configured to provide light directed to the wafer. The light detection device is configured to detect reflected light intensity from the wafer to locate at... Agent:

20150002847 - Appearance inspection apparatus and appearance inspection method: An appearance inspection apparatus and an appearance inspection method for detecting a shape, surface unevenness, shine or changes in tone on the surface. The method includes steps of acquiring reflected luminance data on the sample surface by casting a slit light having an intermediate wavelength of three types of lights... Agent:

20150002848 - Device and method for optical inspection of a sample: Method and device for optical inspection of a sample using spectral interferometry, wherein a beam (2″) emitted by a radiation source (1) is directed onto the sample (5) and a reference beam (2′) is directed onto a reference sample (4), and the spectral interference of both beams after being reflected... Agent:

20150002851 - Mode-locked laser light source device and optical coherence tomography apparatus using the same: This mode-locked laser light source device comprises a semiconductor optical amplifier wherein carriers are generated by the injection of an injection current thereinto, a pulse of laser light is amplified by the consumption of the carriers, and phase modulation equivalent to self-phase modulation depending on the pulse intensity of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

20150002850 - Optical coherence tomography technique: An optical coherence tomography device comprises a light generator, a dispersive medium, an optical coupler and a detector. The light generator is adapted to generate a series of input pulses of coherent light, each input pulse having an input pulse width. The dispersive medium has an input that is optically... Agent: Wavelight Gmbh

20150002849 - Surface emitting laser and optical coherence tomography measuring apparatus using the surface emitting laser: A surface emitting laser operable to change a wavelength of emitted light includes a first reflecting mirror, a second reflecting mirror, wherein a cavity is formed between the first reflecting mirror and the second reflecting mirror along the optical axis of the surface emitting laser, an active layer formed within... Agent:

20150002852 - Coherence scanning interferometry using phase shifted interferometrty signals: Low-coherence scanning systems and methods for operating the same include simultaneously measuring two phase-shifted interferograms corresponding to intensity patterns produced by interfering test light reflected from a test object with reference light on respective first and second detectors, in which the test light and reference light are derived from a... Agent:

20150002853 - Miniature scan-free optical tomography system: A miniature scan-free optical tomography system is provided. The system includes a broadband light source. A detection device is composed without a grating in front of it. A beamsplitter splits a light beam emitted from the broadband light source into a first reference light beam and a first sample light... Agent:

20150002854 - Chip-scale star tracker: A chip scale star tracker that captures plane-wave starlight propagating in free space with a wafer-thin angle-sensitive broadband filter-aperture, and directs the light into a waveguide structure for readout. Angular information about the star source is determined from characteristics of the starlight propagating in the waveguide. Certain examples include internal... Agent:

20150002855 - Arrangement and method for the model-based calibration of a robot in a working space: An arrangement and a method for the model-based calibration of a mechanism (1) in a workspace with at least three calibration objects that are either designed to be directed radiation patterns (2) together with an associated radiation-pattern generator (3) or radiation-pattern position sensors (4), wherein position sensors (4) provide measured... Agent:

20150002856 - Magnification compensating sighting systems and methods: A method is used to determine an aiming point for a sighting system used by a shooter to shoot a target. The method includes receiving a range signal that corresponds to a distance from the shooter to the target. A first position signal is received from a magnification system sensor.... Agent:

20150002857 - Laser-based coordinate measuring device having a fixed/loose bearing apparatus: A laser-based measuring apparatus for measuring a position of a distant target is disclosed. Some embodiments may include a laser tracker for detecting the position and the orientation of a measuring aid. The laser-based measuring apparatus may include a base, a support, a telescope unit, a first bearing apparatus, and... Agent:

20150002858 - Apparatus and method for indicating the depth of a crease line in a material: Apparatus and method for checking the depth of a crease line in a material comprising a stamping device (4) having stamping portions (8) arranged at a plurality of levels with respect to a surface of said material, the arrangement being such that those portions (8) which contact the material mark... Agent: Elopak Systems Ag

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