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06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 30 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150146190 - Laser radar apparatus and method for operating thereof: Provided herein a laser radar apparatus including a plurality of light transmission and reception modules arranged concavely in an opposite direction to a scanning direction based on a surface vertical to the scanning direction, wherein each of the plurality of light transmission and reception modules comprises a transmitter configured to... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150146189 - Lidar sensor system: Disclosed is a lidar sensor system, including: a transmission unit including one DV lens which emits laser light to a front area of a vehicle, and two SV lenses which emit laser light to left and right side areas of the vehicle; and a reception unit including one DV reception... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150146191 - Radar device: An optimal position analysis unit 24 specifies an optimal installation position for a photodetector 6 by using spectra which by a spectrum and wind speed computing unit 23 calculated by analyzing output data of a photodetector 6 installed at different installation positions, controls a position adjustment made by an optical... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150146192 - Optical measurement system with polarization compensation, and corresponding method: A method for the adjustment of an optical measurement system comprises providing an optical measurement system, which comprises, as optical elements, a beam splitter; a first photo sensor, exposed by a first partial beam from the beam splitter; an optical filter; a second photo sensor, arranged downstream of the optical... Agent:

20150146193 - Optical metrology system for spectral imaging of a sample: An optical metrology device is capable of detection of any combination of photoluminescence light, specular reflection of broadband light, and scattered light from a line across the width of a sample. The metrology device includes a first light source that produces a first illumination line on the sample. A scanning... Agent: Nanometrics Incorporated

20150146194 - Method for determining the quality and/or composition of milk, in particular during a milking process: A method is proposed for ascertaining the quality and/or the composition of milk, in particular during a milking operation, in which the fill level of the milk in a chamber is determined. After the fill level of the milk in the chamber has been determined, the milk is irradiated using... Agent:

20150146195 - Test apparatus for electro-optical printed circuit boards: A test apparatus for electro-optical printed circuit boards having optical waveguides comprises a control device, a beamer and a camera, which can be positioned in such a way that light emitted by the beamer can be coupled by means of a first deflecting element to optical waveguides of the circuit... Agent:

20150146196 - Method for adjusting compensating optical system and compensating optical system: A positional deviation between a phase distribution in a wavefront sensor and a compensation phase pattern in a wavefront modulator is corrected in a short time and with high accuracy by a method including a first step of causing the wavefront modulator to display a singularity generation pattern, a second... Agent:

20150146197 - Mobile apparatus for checking airport marker lights: A mobile apparatus is provided for measuring photometric characteristics of airport marker lights. The mobile apparatus includes a measuring rod configured to be moved above the marker lights to be checked, in light beams emitted by these marker lights, and a device for measuring the distance between the measuring rod... Agent: Fb Technology

20150146198 - Device for spraying a dye penetration inspection liquid into a workpiece: A device for spraying a liquid for use in dye penetration inspection into an inner cavity of a workpiece for making a turbine engine part, the device including a workpiece support, a manifold for spraying the inspection liquid into the inner cavity, a manifold for sucking up and discharging the... Agent: Snecma

20150146199 - Device and method for determining the presence of damage or dirt in a doppler laser anemometry probe porthole: A device for determining the presence of damage or dirt on a Doppler laser anemometry probe (2) porthole (1) comprising means (6) for implementing a continuous angular scan of the laser beam, means (7) for determining a current spectral component of the output signal of the probe (2) corresponding to... Agent:

20150146200 - Defect inspection device and defect inspection method: To detect an infinitesimal defect, highly precisely measure the dimensions of the detect, a detect inspection device is configured to comprise: a irradiation unit which irradiate light in a linear region on a surface of a sample; a detection unit which detect light from the linear region; and a signal... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20150146202 - Dual-mode characterization of particulates: The invention relates to methods and apparatus for detecting properties of suspended particles. Embodiments disclosed include an optical instrument (200) for detecting properties of a sample, comprising: a sample cell (103) for holding a sample of a particulate dispersion; a coherent light source (101) configured to illuminate the sample in... Agent:

20150146201 - Optical probe with extended working distance: A side-looking optical probe for a Raman spectroscopy system is provided. The probe includes: a base for mounting the probe to an optical assembly of the system; and a prism mounted to the base, the prism configured for receiving signal light from a sample and providing the signal light to... Agent:

20150146203 - Bio-chip package with waveguide integrated spectrometer: A bio-chip package comprises a substrate a first layer over the substrate comprising an image sensor. The bio-chip package also comprises a second layer over the first layer. The second layer comprises a waveguide system a grating coupler. The bio-chip package also comprises a third layer arranged to accommodate a... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20150146205 - Measurement of serum lipoproteins: Although a more accurate estimate of a person's risk of cardiovascular disease can be made on the basis of the number of lipoprotein particles per unit volume in the person's blood, current methods all rely on measuring the mass of lipoprotein cholesterol per unit volume. It has been discovered that... Agent:

20150146204 - Photoelectric smoke sensor: The present invention relates to the photoelectric smoke sensor which detects smoke flowing into a housing by light. The present invention is provided with a light emitting element provided by being faced with a detection region in the housing and emitting inspection light to the detection region, a light receiving... Agent: Fenwal Controls Of Japan, Ltd

20150146206 - Apparatus for preventing counterfeiting and alteration: An apparatus for preventing counterfeiting and alteration according to the present invention includes a magnetic changeable substance carrier part containing a magnetic changeable substance to vary reflected or transmitted light rays as an applied magnetic field is varied; a magnetic field generation part for generating a magnetic field applied to... Agent:

20150146207 - Detection apparatus, imprint apparatus, and method of manufacturing article: The present invention provides a detection apparatus for detecting a plurality of marks, comprising a plurality of detection units each including a mirror and a scope configured to detect light from the marks via the mirror, wherein the plurality of detection units include a first detection unit, a second detection... Agent:

20150146208 - Optical measuring probe and method for optically measuring inner and outer diameters: An optical measuring probe for measuring inner and/or outer diameters of objects, uses a first optical element for focusing or collimating an optical beam onto a surface of an object. A second optical element for splitting the optical beam into a first measuring beam and a second measuring beam is... Agent:

20150146211 - Optical coherence tomography probe: A monolithic optical coherence tomography (OCT) probe is provided. The probe includes a first section having a groove, an optical fiber in the groove, and a second section having a reflective surface. The optical fiber is in optical communication with the reflective surface.... Agent:

20150146212 - Surface emitting laser and optical coherence tomography apparatus including the same: A surface emitting laser includes a lower reflector, an active layer, a gap portion, an upper reflector, and a driving unit. The lower reflector, the active layer, the gap portion, and the upper reflector are arranged in that order. The surface emitting laser is capable of varying a wavelength of... Agent:

20150146209 - Use of bragg gratings with coherent otdr: An interferometer and a method of monitoring a downhole environment are described. The interferometer includes a coherent light source to emit pulses of light on a fiber, and a plurality of reflectors arranged on the fiber to reflect light from the coherent light source, each of the plurality of reflectors... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150146210 - Wavelength tunable light source: To provide a wavelength tunable light source which can both ensure operation speed and reduce a drive voltage. A wavelength tunable light source according to the present invention includes a pair of reflectors at least one of which is a movable reflector, an active layer provided between the pair of... Agent:

20150146213 - Operating method of first derivative measuring apparatus: Provided is an operating method of a measuring apparatus measuring a wavefront of a target. The operating method includes measuring a measurement wavefront on the basis of the wavefront of the target, measuring reference slope information and first to third slope information respectively corresponding to a reference direction and first... Agent:

20150146214 - Optical performance measurement apparatus of test optical element and its control unit: A measuring apparatus measures an optical performance of a test optical element and includes a diffraction grating configured to emit diffracted light, an image sensor configured to capture an interference pattern formed by the diffracted light, and a controller configured to move the at least one of the diffraction grating... Agent:

20150146215 - Three-dimensional shape measurement apparatus and control method thereof: To measure the three-dimensional shape of a target object with higher accuracy, a three-dimensional shape measurement apparatus projects a pattern image to a predetermined measurement area including a support structure on which the target object is placed; and captures an image of the predetermined measurement area. In addition, the apparatus... Agent:

20150146216 - Method and device for optically measuring the interior of a pipe: The invention relates to a method and a device for optically measuring the interior of a seamless pipe which is manufactured by rolling or of a pipe which is welded with a longitudinal seam and is manufactured from sheet-metal plates shaped to form half-shells or from a shaped sheet-metal plate... Agent:

20150146217 - Position-measuring device: A position-measuring device includes a scale and a scanning unit movable relative thereto. The scale has a measuring graduation, a reference mark and area markings located on a first and on a second side of the reference mark which are configured to exert different deflection effects on a scanning beam... Agent:

20150146218 - Detecting an overall dimension of a plate-shaped workpiece: A method of detecting an overall dimension of a plate-shaped workpiece to be processed on a processing machine by a contactless-acting sensor includes moving the workpiece by a motion device of the processing machine in a predetermined direction until the sensor detects a first workpiece edge by a first change... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 43 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20150138527 - Depth estimating image capture device: This image capture device includes: a light-transmitting section 1 that is made up of a plurality of portions 1AB, each including diffraction regions 1D1, 1D2 that diffract incoming light, a transparent region 1CLR that transmits the incoming light without diffracting it, and polarization regions 1P1, 1P2 arranged so as to... Agent:

20150138529 - Distance measuring method using dynamic pulse width adaptation: A method for measuring a distance to an object with emitting pulsed laser light with defined measurement pulse width is disclosed. In some embodiments, the pulse width of the laser light is dynamically adjustable. The method may include receiving at least a part of the pulsed laser light with defined... Agent: Hexagon Technology Center Gmbh

20150138528 - Laser tracker comprising interferometer and absolute distance measuring unit, and calibration method for a laser tracker: Some embodiments described herein include a laser tracker for continuously tracking a reflective target and for determining the distance with respect to the target. The laser tracker may include beam directing unit for emitting a measurement radiation and for receiving at least part of the measurement radiation reflected at the... Agent:

20150138530 - Measuring apparatus comprising an interferometer and an absorption medium defining a dense line spectrum: Measuring apparatus comprising a tunable laser diode for generating a mono mode measurement radiation, said laser diode being designed as a laser beam source in such a way that an emission wavelength of the measurement radiation is variable within a wavelength range by means of the variation of a tuning... Agent:

20150138531 - Pulse laser generator and optical fiber sensor system using same: Disclosed are a pulse laser generator and an optical fiber sensor system using the same. The optical fiber sensor system includes a main optical coupler that receives pulse laser light generated from a pulse laser generator from a first input terminal, branches the light to first and second output terminals... Agent:

20150138532 - Motion strategies for scanning microscope imaging: Motion strategies in two and three dimensions for scanning microscope imaging are described. An object, sample, or specimen is mounted on a precision three-dimensional stage. The object is moved concurrently with respect to a first axis and a second axis orthogonal to the first against a cutting tool to cut... Agent:

20150138536 - Data knitting tandem dispersive range monochromator: Aspects of a tandem dispersive range monochromator and data knitting for the monochromator are described herein. In one embodiment, the monochromator includes a tandem diffraction grating, a grating drive motor that rotates the tandem diffraction grating to provide, by diffraction of broadband light, first dispersed wavelengths of light and second... Agent:

20150138534 - Multiband flash detection system: A multiband imaging system comprising: an optical module configured for acquiring simultaneously images from a common field-of-view (FOV) scene in a short wavelength spectral band and in a long wavelength spectral band, the optical module comprising a polarizer configured for applying polarization filtering to electromagnetic radiation of the long wavelength... Agent:

20150138535 - Non-contact egg identification system for determining egg viability using transmission spectroscopy, and associated method: An egg identification system for determining viability of an avian egg is provided. Such a system includes an emitter assembly configured to emit electromagnetic radiation toward an egg. A detector assembly is axially aligned with the emitter assembly to detect electromagnetic radiation transmitted through the egg. The detector assembly is... Agent:

20150138533 - Optical absorption spectrometry system including dichroic beam combiner and splitter: An optical absorption spectrometry system includes first and second light sources, a dichroic beam combiner and a wavelength selective module. The first light source emits first light having first wavelengths within a first wavelength range, and the second light source emits second light having second wavelengths within a second wavelength... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20150138537 - Hatching egg inspection apparatus: A hatching egg inspection apparatus includes a loader unit, an inspection unit for determining the viability or the like as to whether a hatching egg is an unfertilized egg or a growth-stopping egg, a rejection unit for rejecting a hatching egg determined to be an unfertilized egg or the like,... Agent: Yamamoto Corp.

20150138538 - Component analyzing apparatus: A component analyzing apparatus includes a base unit having a mounting part on which a measuring object is mounted and a mass measurement part that measures a mass of the measuring object, a spectroscopic camera that acquires a spectral image of the measuring object, a support unit provided on the... Agent:

20150138539 - Method of estimating a reflection profile of an optical channel: Proposed is a method of estimating a reflection profile of an optical channel. The method comprises different steps. A measured reflection profile of the optical channel is provided. One or more reflection peaks are estimated within the measured reflection profile. A residual reflection profile is determined, by removing the estimated... Agent:

20150138540 - Systems and methods for the inspection of contact lenses: An apparatus for inspecting lenses includes an inspection system including an open cuvette, a communicatively coupled CT measurement device, and a user interface communicatively coupled to the inspection system. According to one embodiment, the lens inspection system provides a single instrument for inspecting the quality of a lens, thereby minimizing... Agent: Menicon Singapore Pte Ltd.

20150138541 - Objective lens switching mechanism and inspection apparatus: An objective lens switching mechanism holds a plurality of objective lenses respectively disposed on each of the plurality of lens mounts, moves the plurality of objective lenses between a first position on the lens mounts and a second position above the lens mounts by a rotating mechanism and moves the... Agent:

20150138542 - Microcuvette: A microcuvette is provided, including a body having a slit inside. The slit connects to an entry slit and an exit slit, and the entry slit and the exit slit are on the opposite side of the body. The microcuvette is characterized in that the slit includes a drainage slit,... Agent:

20150138543 - Sample analysis device, testing apparatus, and sensor cartridge: A sample analysis device capable of realizing the enhancement of a near-field light while increasing a hotspot areal density is provided. In a sample analysis device, multiple nanostructures are arranged on the surface of a base body. A dielectric body is covered with a metal film in each nanostructure. The... Agent:

20150138545 - Handheld libs analyzer end plate purging structure: A handheld LIBS analyzer includes a laser source for generating a laser beam and a spectrometer subsystem for analyzing a plasma generated when the laser beam strikes a sample. A nose section includes an end plate with an aperture for the laser beam, a purge cavity behind the aperture fluidly... Agent: Sciaps, Inc.

20150138544 - Measurement of gaseous compound using spectroscopy: The method includes guiding a light beam to a first optical path, the light beam being attenuated to an attenuated light beam and detecting a first value indicative of a first intensity of the attenuated light beam. The method further includes generating a last light pulse, dissociating at least part... Agent: Valmet Power Oy

20150138546 - Spectrophotometer including photodiode array: A spectrophotometer in which a normal plane to a diffraction grating is inclined with respect to an optical axis of an incident light passing through a slit, the normal plane to the diffraction grating passing through an intersection point between the optical axis of the incident light i and a... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20150138547 - Apparatus for selectively transmitting the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation within a predefined wavelength range: The apparatus for selectively transmitting the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation within a predefined wavelength range is provided with a carrier (115), a pinhole diaphragm which is arranged above the carrier (115) and is made of a material that is substantially impermeable to the radiation of interest, wherein the pinhole diaphragm... Agent:

20150138548 - Optical emission system including dichroic beam combiner: An optical emission spectrometer system includes a light source and a dichroic beam combiner. The light source emits first light in a first direction and second light in a second direction different from the first direction. The dichroic beam combiner receives the first light via a first light path and... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20150138549 - Tunable light-guide image processor for multi-dimensional imaging: A method of adjusting a resolution of a multidimensional imaging system includes taking a first hyperspectral snapshot by the multidimensional imaging system comprising a light processor comprising a plurality of optical fibers having a first end with an input spacing and a second end with an adjustable output spacing; adjusting... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20150138550 - Apparatus and method for measuring particle size distribution by light scattering: Apparatus (100) for measuring particle size distribution by light scattering comprises a blue LED (102) and a 633 nm helium neon laser (104). Light output from the LED and laser is separately passed or reflected by a dichroic element (116) onto a common path through a sample cell (122) containing... Agent:

20150138551 - Apparatus and method for measuring particle size distribution by light scattering: Apparatus (200) for measuring the particle-size distribution of a sample by light-scattering comprises a focusing optic (202) for producing a converging beam (203) generally along a propagation axis z. The apparatus comprises a mounting system which allows a dry sample cell (208A) and a wet sample cell (208B) to be... Agent:

20150138552 - Apparatus and method for measuring physiologically active substance of biological origin: With regard to the detection of a physiological active substance of biological origin and the measurement of its concentration in a sample, the invention provides a technique for moving gel particles that are produced in the sample without using a mechanical stirring member, and allows a highly accurate detection of... Agent:

20150138553 - Device for detecting surface plasmon and polarization by using topological insulator, method of manufacturing the device, and method of detecting surface plasmon and polarization: A device for detecting a surface plasmon and polarization includes: a topological insulating layer formed on a substrate; first and second electrodes formed on the topological insulating layer; and a waveguide connected to the topological insulating layer between the first and second electrodes.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150138554 - Method and system for page detection using light attenuators: A system for page detection using light attenuators is applied in a book to detect an opened page of the book. The book has N pages and each page has a page detection area in which at most M light attenuators are installed in each page detection area. A light... Agent:

20150138555 - Overlay metrology system and method: Overlay metrology systems are provided which include, for instance: a first metrology pattern including at least two first pairs of sub-patterns, at least one sub-pattern lacking 90 degree rotational symmetry, and a first center position for the first metrology pattern being determinable in an X-Y coordinate layout from the at... Agent: Globalfoundries Inc.

20150138556 - Monitoring devices with energy-harvesting power sources: An apparatus worn by a subject includes an energy-harvesting power source, at least one physiological sensor and/or at least one environmental sensor coupled to the energy-harvesting power source. The at least one physiological sensor senses physiological information from the subject and the at least one environmental sensor senses environmental information... Agent:

20150138557 - Image-based measurement of a fluid: An imaging-based measurement apparatus includes a light source, and at least one optical element for positioning in a flow conduit, the at least one optical element being part of a light path for light emitted by the light source, where light along the light path passes through a portion of... Agent:

20150138558 - Cavity enhanced laser based gas analyzer systems and methods: Cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy systems and methods for detecting trace gases using a resonance optical cavity, which contains a gas mixture to be analyzed, and a laser coupled to the cavity by optical feedback. The cavity has any of a variety of configurations with two or more mirrors, including for... Agent:

20150138559 - Flare-measuring mask, flare-measuring method, and exposure method: A method for measuring flare information of a projection optical system includes arranging, on an object plane of the projection optical system, a sectoral pattern surrounded by a first side, a second side which is inclined at a predetermined angle with respect to the first side, and an inner diameter... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20150138560 - Spectroscopic sensor: A spectroscopic sensor 1A comprises an interference filter unit 20A having a cavity layer 21 and first and second mirror layers 22, 23 and a light detection substrate 30 having a light-receiving surface 32a for receiving light transmitted through the interference filter unit 20A. The interference filter unit 20A has... Agent:

20150138561 - Spectroscopic measurement apparatus and spectroscopic measurement method: A spectroscopic measurement apparatus includes a wavelength tunable interference filter that selects light of a predetermined wavelength from incident light, allows the selected light to exit, and is capable of changing the wavelength of the light that is allowed to exit, a light dividing element that divides the exiting light... Agent:

20150138564 - Non-destructive inspection system for display panel and method, and non-destructive inspection apparatus thereof: A non-destructive inspection apparatus includes a light source generating light, an optical coupler which divides the light, irradiates the divided light to a reference part and a sample part, generates coherent light, and transmits the coherent light to a detecting part, the reference part which phase-scans the irradiated light and... Agent: Oz-tec Co., Ltd

20150138563 - Polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography: This disclosure relates to an OCT apparatus configured to generate to electromagnetic (e.g., optical) signals having two different polarization states. Two or more silicon optical amplifiers (SOAs) can be configured to maintain a respective polarization state in an optical input signal provided from a light source (e.g., a broadband light... Agent:

20150138562 - Wavelength-variable laser including soa and optical coherence tomography apparatus including the laser: Provided is a wavelength-variable laser including an SOA which controls not a shape of a gain spectrum itself in the SOA but a shape of a gain spectrum obtained in the entire SOA to enable inhibition of output fluctuations. The wavelength-variable laser including an SOA includes: a wavelength selection mechanism... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20150138565 - Calibration method and shape measuring apparatus: A calibration method includes acquiring a captured image of a lattice fringe by providing a reference gauge having a reference surface whose height from a reference plane changes in a first direction, projecting a fringe pattern having the same phase along the first direction with respect to the reference surface... Agent:

20150138566 - Apparatus and method for ascertaining orientation errors: A device for determining alignment errors of structures which are present on, or which have been applied to a substrate, comprising a substrate holder for accommodating the substrate with the structures and detection means for detecting X-Y positions of first markings on the substrate and/or second markings on the structures... Agent: Ev Group E. Thallner Gmbh

20150138567 - Centrifugal analysis system and analysis method thereof: A centrifugal analysis system includes a driving device, a carrying device, a number of cassettes, and an optical sensor device. The carrying device includes a tray disposed on the driving device, a number of limitation mechanisms disposed at the tray. The cassettes are detachably disposed at the tray and respectively... Agent:

20150138568 - Lithographic mask, lithographic apparatus and method: A lithographic mask has a substrate substantially transmissive for radiation of a certain wavelength, the substrate having a radiation absorbing material in an arrangement, the arrangement configured to apply a pattern to a cross-section of a radiation beam of the certain wavelength, wherein the absorbing material has a thickness which... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150138569 - Apparatus and method for measuring growth volume of plant: Provided are an apparatus and method for measuring a growth volume of a plant. The apparatus includes a measurement unit configured to generate light and measure a circumference length and an internode length of the plant by using a reflection pattern signal of light obtained by reflecting the generated light,... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

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