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Optics: measuring and testing

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04/16/2015 > 31 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150103330 - Time of flight camera system: A light transit time camera system and method for operating such a system which can be operated with at least three modulation frequencies, having the steps a) determining a phase shift (φi) of an emitted signal (Sp1) and a received signal (Sp2) for a modulation frequency (f1, f2, f3) in... Agent:

20150103331 - Apparatus and method for compensating for beam angle of multi-layer lidar: An apparatus for compensating for a beam angle of a multi-layer LiDAR includes: a beam angle calculation unit configured to calculate a distance d calculated by using ground data detected by a ground data detection unit and a beam angle of the multi-layer LiDAR by using a mounting height of... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150103333 - Apparatus for quantitative measurements of stress distributions from mechanoluminescence materials: An apparatus for measuring mechanoluminescent light includes a chamber defining an enclosure for a portion of a structure to be monitored and providing an opening fitted onto the structure. The structure has a mechanoluminescent material thereon. The apparatus further includes an imaging sensor positioned and configured to take images of... Agent:

20150103332 - Frame transfer device for an optical strain gauge structure: An optical strain gauge, a transfer device for an optical strain gauge, and a test system are described. One instance of the disclosed transfer device includes a first and second gauge coupler that facilitate attachment to an optical strain gauge. The disclosed transfer device enables an optical strain gauge to... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150103334 - Handheld laser induced breakdown spectroscopy device: A novel device, method and systems disclosed managing the thermal challenges of LIBS laser components and a spectrometer in a handheld structure as well the use of simplified light signal collection which includes a bare fiber optic to collect the emitted light in close proximity to (or in contact with)... Agent:

20150103335 - Object dimensioning system and related methods: A method and apparatus for dimensioning and, optionally, weighing an object. A platform with a surface is used for supporting an object. A user selects between two different dimensioning devices of the apparatus. The first device employs three distance sensors to determine a distance between each of the distance sensors... Agent:

20150103336 - Optical connector monitoring: There is described an optical connector comprising a casing having a hollow body and at least one aperture at one end thereof, at least one optical fiber having an outer surface and a fiber end and extending inside the hollow body of the casing along a longitudinal direction thereof, a... Agent:

20150103337 - Apparatus for and method of sensing arc in gas insulated switchgear using photodiode: There is provided an apparatus for sensing an arc in a gas insulated switchgear (GIS) including: an optical signal receiving unit receiving an optical signal generated due to an arc within a GIS; and a circuit breaker controller outputting a circuit breaker interrupt signal based on the received optical signal,... Agent:

20150103338 - Method of evaluating image blur of optical film and optical film with reduced image blur: A method of evaluating an image blur of an optical film includes displaying a test pattern by driving an organic light-emitting display apparatus including the optical film, obtaining an image by capturing the test pattern using a digital camera, obtaining a spatial luminance distribution from the image, transforming the spatial... Agent:

20150103339 - Flow cell assembly for liquid sample analyzer: A flow cell assembly for use in a liquid sample analyzer including a radiation source, a sensing device and a liquid sample source to supply a liquid sample includes an entrance joint member, a liquid core waveguide, a liquid sample feed tube, and an input optical fiber. The entrance joint... Agent:

20150103340 - Scattering spectroscopy nanosensor: A scattering spectroscopy nanosensor includes a nanoscale-patterned sensing substrate to produce an optical scattering response signal indicative of a presence of an analyte when interrogated by an optical stimulus. The scattering spectroscopy nanosensor further includes a protective covering to cover and protect the nanoscale-patterned sensing substrate. The protective covering is... Agent:

20150103341 - Method of identification from a spatial and spectral object model: A method of referencing an imaged object includes, among other things, obtaining a series of images, observing key characteristics of the object in each of the series of images, associating the observed key characteristics with the object; and assigning a unique identifier to the object based upon the associated key... Agent: Ge Aviation Systems LLC

20150103342 - Spectrophotometer: The spectrophotometer of the present invention measures a spectral reflectance of an object to be measured to thereby determine a color value of the object to be measured based on a color-matching function of an XYZ color system and the spectral reflectance. The spectrophotometer includes an irradiation unit configured to... Agent:

20150103343 - Tunable optical filter: An apparatus for performing spectroscopy incorporates, between an EM source and a detector, an optical filter comprising a pair of mirrors opposed along the optical axis and shaped to provide an optical cavity with stable resonance and having a cavity length of at most 50 μm and a mode at... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20150103345 - Apparatus for measuring the scattered light and method of testing a reception optics: An apparatus (10) for measuring the light scatter from a measured zone (12) is provided, the apparatus having a light transmitter (14) for transmitting a light beam (18) into the measured zone and having a light receiver (22) with a reception optics (24) for detecting light scattered in the measured... Agent:

20150103344 - Method for determining at least one physical, chemical and/or biological measured variable by means of optical sensors, and turbidity sensor: A turbidity sensor and a method for determining at least one physical, chemical and/or biological measured variable of process automation in a medium by means of at least one optical sensor, comprising the steps of sending transmission signals into the medium, wherein the transmission signals are converted into received signals... Agent:

20150103346 - Smoke detector with external sampling volume and ambient light rejection: In accordance with certain embodiments, a smoke detector determines the presence of smoke particles outside its housing based on measurements of light detected at different wavelengths and corrected based on an ambient light level.... Agent:

20150103347 - Sample analysis element and detection device: There is provided a sample analysis element capable of uniting a propagating surface plasmon resonance with a localized surface plasmon resonance while increasing the surface density of the hot spots. The sample analysis element is provided with a plurality of metal nanobody lines. Each of the metal nanobody lines includes... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150103348 - Wafer inspection: Systems and methods for inspecting a wafer are provided. One system includes an illumination subsystem configured to illuminate the wafer; a collection subsystem configured to collect light scattered from the wafer and to preserve the polarization of the scattered light; an optical element configured to separate the scattered light collected... Agent:

20150103349 - Photodetector with controllable spectral response: A photodetector includes a semiconductor substrate having an irradiation zone configured to generate charge carriers having opposite charge carrier types in response to an irradiation of the semiconductor substrate. The photodetector further includes an inversion zone generator configured to operate in at least two operating states to generate different inversion... Agent:

20150103350 - Gas detection system using fiber laser with active feedback compensation by reference cavity: The present invention provides a fiber laser gas detection system using active feedback compensation by a reference cavity, said system comprising: an optical fiber laser consists of a laser diode pump source, a wavelength division multiplexer, an active optical fiber and a fiber Bragg grating connected successively; an optical isolator... Agent:

20150103351 - Using reflected and transmission maps to detect reticle degradation: An optical reticle inspection tool is used during an inspection to obtain, for each local area, an average of multiple reflected intensity values corresponding to light reflected from a plurality of sub-areas of each local area of the reticle. The optical reticle inspection tool is also used during the inspection... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20150103352 - Scanning optical microscope: A scanning optical microscope includes a light source; a first beam splitter that splits light into irradiation light and reference light; a first objective lens that converges the irradiation light on a sample and receives signal light; a second beam splitter that splits the signal light off from an optical... Agent:

20150103353 - Systems and methods for controlling the optical path length between a laser and an optical cavity: Systems and methods for controlling the optical path length between a feedback enabled laser and a cavity, and hence the optical feedback phase. A phasor element, positioned along an optical path between the laser and the cavity coupling mirror, includes a gas medium within a volume defined by the phasor... Agent:

20150103354 - Multiplex tunable filter spectrometer: The invention provides spectroscopic systems and spectrometers employing an optical interference filter module having a plurality of bandpass regions. In certain embodiments, the systems include a mechanism for wavelength tuning/scanning and wavelength band decoding based on an angular motion of one or more filters. A spectral processing algorithm separates the... Agent:

20150103355 - Compact multimodality optical coherence tomography imaging systems: Systems for imaging a sample are provided. The system includes an optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging portion having an associated OCT path defined by one set of optical elements between an OCT signal delivery optical fiber and the sample; an image capture portion having an associated image capture path defined... Agent:

20150103356 - Interferometer, system, and method of use: A compact, balanced, up to three degrees of freedom measuring interferometer which enables fiber delivery of an optical source without periodic nonlinearity, an interferometer system, and method for using an interferometer to measure up to three degrees of freedom is disclosed.... Agent: University Of Rochester

20150103357 - Signal sectioning for profiling printed-circuit-bord vias with vertical scanning interferometry: The rough bottom surface of a recessed feature partially obscured by an overlying structure is profiled interferometrically with acceptable precision using an objective with sufficiently large numerical aperture to illuminate the bottom under the obscuring structure. The light scattering produced by the roughness of the surface causes diffused light to... Agent:

20150103358 - System and method for non-contact measurement of 3d geometry: A method for the non-contact measurement of a scene's 3D geometry is based on the concurrent projection of multiple and overlapping light patterns of different wavelengths and/or polarity onto its surfaces. Each location in the overlapping light patterns is encoded (code-word) by the combined arrangements of code elements (code-letters) from... Agent:

20150103360 - Methods and systems for determining a probe-off condition in a medical device: A physiological monitoring system may determine a probe-off condition. A physiological sensor may be used to emit one or more wavelengths of light. A received light signal may be processed to obtain a light signal corresponding to the emitted light and an ambient signal. The signals may be analyzed to... Agent:

20150103359 - Optical system for posture detection comprising a scanning light source and a cube corner: The general field of the invention is that of systems for detecting the posture of a mobile object in space. The system according to the invention comprises an electro-optical device comprising a light source, a photoreceptor and means of analysis, and a retro-reflecting cube corner disposed on the mobile object.... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 20 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150098075 - Scanner for space measurement: Some embodiments of the invention relate to a surveying apparatus in the form of a scanner comprising a beam deflection unit, such a beam deflection unit and a measuring method to be carried out with said surveying apparatus. The surveying apparatus comprises a radiation source for generating measurement radiation and... Agent:

20150098076 - Apparatus and method for recognizing vehicle: An apparatus and method for recognizing a vehicle. The apparatus includes a sensor configured to provide point cloud data corresponding to a front object detected by using a LiDAR; a shape determiner configured to determines a shape corresponding to the front object by analyzing the point cloud data provided by... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150098077 - Tag having an optical fibre sensor: A tag for securing to a person or object, comprising at least one fibre optic sensor having a plastics optical fibre that changes optical transmission characteristics with a change in temperature, and a sensor unit coupled to the optical fibre. The sensor unit is configured to detect change in the... Agent:

20150098078 - Laser based lens analysis device and method: A laser based lens analysis device comprising of a laser for emitting a laser beam, a beam expander for increasing the diameter of the laser beam, a beam collimator for collimating the increased diameter laser beam, an aperture for controlling the collimated laser beam and rendering the collimated laser beam... Agent: United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150098079 - System and method for camera based position and orientation measurement: A system and a method for determining a position and an orientation of an object relative to a defined reference frame is disclosed. A plurality of targets are disposed at known locations relative to the defined reference frame. A head assembly is disposed on the object, where the head assembly... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20150098080 - Challenge sets and methods of making and using the same: A surrogate challenge set including a plurality of containers containing a fluid, wherein at least one of the containers contains particulate matter; and reference probability-of-detection (POD) data for the at least one container containing the particulate matter is described. The fluid may be water containing at least about 0.5 wt... Agent:

20150098081 - Metrology tool stage configurations and operation methods: Metrology tool stage configurations and respective methods are provided, which comprise a pivoted connection arranged to receive a wafer and enable rotation thereof about a pivot; a radial axis arranged to radially move the rotatable pivoted connection attached thereto; and optics having a stationary part configured to generate a collimated... Agent:

20150098082 - Optical measurements of properties in substances using propagation modes of light: This application describes designs, implementations, and techniques for controlling propagation mode or modes of light in a common optical path, which may include one or more waveguides, to sense a sample.... Agent: Tomophase Corporation

20150098084 - Inspection methods for pecvd coatings: A method for inspecting the product of a coating process is provided. In certain embodiments, the release of at least one volatile species from the coated surface into the gas space adjacent to the coated surface is measured and the result is compared with the result for at least one... Agent: Sio2 Medical Products, Inc.

20150098083 - Method for detecting the transition of products in a conduit: This invention relates to a method of detecting the transition, between a first compound and a second compound, of a product, which may contain such a first compound and/or such a second compound, and flowing inside a conduit for conveying this product.... Agent:

20150098085 - Sensor chip, sensor cartridge, and detection apparatus: A sensor chip capable of reliably combining propagating surface plasmon resonance with localized surface plasmon resonance of metal nanostructures is provided. A sensor chip includes a metal grating. The metal grating includes multiple long metal pieces extending in a first direction. The long metal pieces are arranged at a pitch... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150098086 - Adjusting sample holder orientation for symmetric incident beam and scattered beam geometry to compensate for refraction index related distortions: An apparatus with an electromagnetic radiation source generates an incident-beam. A sample container accommodates a sample, receives the incident beam for interaction with the sample, and enables a scattered beam, which is to be detected, to propagate out of the sample container. An electromagnetic radiation detector detects the scattered beam... Agent:

20150098087 - Object sensing using dynamic demodulation: An object detection method comprises transmitting a plurality of signals from a transmitter into a region; measuring a plurality of signals, each corresponding to a respective one of the plurality of the transmitted signals, received by a sensor; determining whether each of the plurality of received signals satisfies a condition... Agent:

20150098088 - Methods and apparatus of tracking/locking resonator free spectral range and its application in resonator fiber optic gyroscope: A resonator fiber optic gyroscope is provided. The resonator fiber optic gyroscope includes a gyroscope resonator, a laser; a clockwise modulator; a clockwise circulator; a clockwise reflection detector; a first-lock-in-amplifier, a clockwise-resonance-tracking servo to receive output from the first-lock-in-amplifier and to provide feedback to the laser to lock the laser... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150098089 - Optical passive resonator gyro with three beams: The general field of the invention is that of passive resonator gyros comprising an injection laser emitting an initial optical beam at a first frequency and a fibre optic cavity. The gyro according to the invention operates with three optical beams at three different optical frequencies. A first beam is... Agent:

20150098090 - Optical position-measuring device: A position-measuring device for detecting the position of two objects movable relative to each other, includes a measuring standard that is joined to one of the two objects, as well as a scanning system for scanning the measuring standard, the scanning system being joined to the other of the two... Agent:

20150098091 - System for positioning a tool relative to a workpiece: A system for positioning a tool relative to a workpiece includes a movable table for accommodating a workpiece, the table executing movements in two main moving directions during the processing of the workpiece, one or more planar measuring standards provided in stationary fashion about the tool and extend in the... Agent:

20150098092 - Device and method for the simultaneous three-dimensional measurement of surfaces with several wavelengths: The invention relates to an apparatus for the three-dimensional measurement of an object, and comprises a projection system for projecting a pattern onto a surface by means of electromagnetic radiation having at least two different wavelengths or at least two different wavelength ranges; and a detector system for detecting the... Agent: Aimess Services Gmbh

20150098093 - Optical position-measuring device: An optical position-measuring device includes a measuring standard as well as a scanning unit movable relative to it along at least one measuring direction, a scanning beam path being formed between the measuring standard and scanning unit and being used to generate displacement-dependent signals. A protective cap is disposed in... Agent:

20150098094 - Measuring graduation and photoelectric position measuring device having the same: A measuring graduation includes a phase grating for a photoelectric position measuring device for measuring positions in a first direction and in a second direction extending orthogonally to the first direction. The phase grating has a periodic array of grating elements in the first direction and in the second direction.... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 25 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150092177 - Laser radar through the window (lrtw) coordinate correction method: A method for corrections of measurements of points of interests measured by beams of radiation propagating through stratified media including performance of ray-tracing of at least one ray lunched from a metrology instrument in a direction of an apparent point of interest, calculation a path length of the ray through... Agent:

20150092179 - Light ranging with moving sensor array: A light ranging device is mounted on a moveable platform, for example an airplane. The light ranging device may include an illumination source for providing a pulse of light, beam shaping optics to form a beam of light directed at a target, and collection optics for providing reflected light of... Agent:

20150092180 - Measuring method and measuring instrument: The invention provides a measuring method for performing monitoring measurement on two or more objects to be measured by a measuring instrument, which comprises a telescope unit for sighting an object to be measured, a distance measuring unit for projecting a distance measuring light through the telescope unit and for... Agent:

20150092181 - Measuring method and measuring instrument: The invention provides a measuring method for performing monitoring measurement on two or more objects to be measured by a measuring instrument, which comprises a telescope unit for sighting an object to be measured, a distance measuring unit for projecting a distance measuring light through the telescope unit and for... Agent:

20150092182 - Rotary laser emitting apparatus and laser measurement system: A rotary laser emitting apparatus that rotates and emits a laser beam comprises an emission-side control unit that controls an entire operation of the apparatus, a laser emitting mechanism that emits the laser beam while rotating an irradiation optical axis that is an emission direction of the laser beam, and... Agent:

20150092178 - Underwater platform with lidar and related methods: Systems and methods for conducting autonomous underwater inspections of subsea and other underwater structures using a 3D laser mounted on an underwater platform such as AUV, an ROV or a tripod. The systems and methods described herein can be used for scanning underwater structures to gain a better understanding of... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20150092183 - Laser system with a laser receiver capable to detect its own movements: The invention relates to a laser system (100) comprising a laser receiver (10) and a laser emitter (20) and to a method using this system (100). The laser receiver is designed for locating a laser beam (22) relative to the laser receiver (10) by its laser light photo sensor (1).... Agent:

20150092184 - Lidar system producing multiple scan paths and method of making and using same: A LiDAR system and method are disclosed, comprising a housing, a light source, a receiver, and a light deflection system comprising a light deflection element, rotatable and balanced about an axis, the element having at least three sides, at least two of the three sides having reflective surfaces, wherein at... Agent:

20150092185 - Method for estimating the rotational speed of a tool mounted on a rotating spindle of a machine tool and such a machine tool: In a machine tool (1) comprising a rotating spindle (2) and a vision system (7) for acquiring images of a tool (3) mounted on the spindle, for each value (VC) of an interval (ICN) of preselected rotational speed values centred on a nominal rotational speed value (VN) of the spindle,... Agent: Marposs Societa' Per Azioni

20150092186 - Ambient light detection and data processing: A method, apparatus, and a computer program is provided. The method comprises: determining an ambient light value from ambient light data provided by at least one ambient light sensor, in dependence upon the spectral distribution of the ambient light data provided by the at least one ambient light sensor and... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150092188 - Apparatus and method: An apparatus comprises a substrate (110), the substrate having: a source (141) for generating electromagnetic radiation for illuminating an object; a detector (120) for detecting a response, such as scattered or fluorescent radiation, by the object to illumination by the electromagnetic radiation; and a least one conduit (150) formed through... Agent:

20150092187 - Photometric apparatus and measurement control program: A photometric apparatus includes a photosensor portion that receives light and performs a measuring operation for acquiring predetermined photometric data relating to the received light, a tilt sensor portion that detects a tilt angle with respect to a predetermined reference plane, and a measurement control portion that determines a tilt... Agent:

20150092189 - Spray analysis system and method: A spray measuring device/system and method can include a device, and the use of the device, that incorporates an actuation device, an illumination device, and a camera that obtains data relative to a spray event via a single exposure of the camera shutter. The actuation device can be configured to... Agent:

20150092190 - Triple sum frequency coherent multidimensional imaging: Methods of obtaining a multidimensional image of a sample are provided comprising (a) directing a first coherent light pulse having a first frequency ω1 and a first wave vector k1 at a first location in the sample, (b) directing a second coherent light pulse having a second frequency ω2 and... Agent:

20150092191 - Systems and methods for measuring spectra of skin and other objects and materials and making predictions based thereon: Systems and methods for measuring spectra and other optical characteristics such as colors, translucence, gloss, and other characteristics of objects and materials such as skin. Instruments and methods for measuring spectra and other optical characteristics of skin or other translucent or opaque objects utilize an abridged spectrophotometer and improved calibration/normalization... Agent: Spectral Sensors Inc.

20150092192 - Lighting device comprising measuring device and method for operating the lighting device: Various embodiments may relate to a lighting device including at least two light sources, the light from which has different spectra and is combined to form useful light. For measuring the portions of the light from the individual light sources, part of the useful light, the measurement light, is branched... Agent:

20150092193 - Inspection apparatus: An inspection apparatus includes a light emitting device, a first lens, a second lens, a light receiving device, and an inspection device. The light emitting device emits a light beam. The first lens is disposed such that an optical axis thereof extends in one direction and changes divergence of the... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150092194 - Spectrometer for gas analysis: A spectrometer (10) for gas analysis is provided, the spectrometer comprising a measurement cell (28) having a gas to be investigated, a light source (12) for the transmission of light (14) into the measurement cell (28) on a light path (16), a filter arrangement (22) having a Fabry-Perot filter (24a-c)... Agent:

20150092197 - Device for optical coherence tomography: In certain embodiments, a device for optical coherence tomography (OCT) includes a signal detection device and a computer arrangement. The signal detection device is designed to detect an interference signal (G(ω)) for an object to be imaged in an optical frequency range (ω). The computer arrangement is designed to determine... Agent:

20150092196 - Optical measurement apparatus: A clear image of a target to be measured is obtained by suppressing influence of a reflected beam from the surface of the target or a measurement target holding unit. A laser beam emitted from a light source is split into a signal beam, reference beam, and control beam. The... Agent:

20150092195 - Systems and methods for bidirectional functional optical coherence tomography: Methods for determining improving quantitative and qualitative motion contrast information collected with optical coherence tomography (OCT) data are presented. In one embodiment, flow within a cross-sectional area of a sample is calculated independent of the Doppler and en face angles using a bidirectional OCT system. In another embodiment, motion contrast... Agent:

20150092199 - Automatic measurement of dimensional data with a laser tracker: Measuring with a system having retroreflector targets and a laser tracker includes storing a list of coordinates for three targets and at least one added point; capturing on a photosensitive array a portion of the light emitted by a light beam and reflected off the targets; obtaining spot positions on... Agent:

20150092198 - Laser surveying system: A laser surveying system includes a rotational light emitting unit to rotationally emit a laser beam, having a case and a beam emitter supported on the case with an optical axis of the laser beam rotatable relative to the case, and a light receiving unit to receive the laser beam... Agent:

20150092200 - Measuring volume and constituents of cells: A method for determining a mean cell volume for a blood sample includes: illuminating the sample with incident light at a plurality of illumination wavelengths and obtaining a two-dimensional image of the sample at each of the plurality of illumination wavelengths; identifying a plurality of cells that appear in each... Agent:

20150092201 - Metrology tool for electroless copper thickness measurement for bbul process development monitoring: A method including measuring a first distance to a surface of an integrated circuit substrate or a portion of an integrated circuit package by measuring an angle to it from two known points; introducing a material onto the surface; measuring a second distance to a surface of the film from... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 30 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150085273 - Measurement support device, measurement supporting method, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a first calculator, a second calculator, a determination unit, and an informing controller. The first calculator is configured to calculate a projection position on which the point is projected on each image obtained by an image-capturing unit, by using a direction, a first distance from a... Agent:

20150085274 - Method for determining the orientation of at least one rail and device for carrying out the method: A method and a device for determining the orientation of at least one rail of a measuring station of a chassis measuring device or a motor vehicle test line. The device has at least one sensing device, the at least one sensing device has at least one camera and at... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150085275 - Photometric device and method: Disclosed are methods and devices for photometric measurements of a liquid sample. The methods and devices use one or more diffractive reflective surfaces to enable a light beam incident on a measurement chamber to be steered so as to be reflected inside the measurement chamber to achieve relatively long optical... Agent:

20150085276 - Method for inspecting length-measurable product, and inspection device: The method for inspecting a length-measurable product includes manufacturing the length-measurable product 1 whose length at least in one direction can be measured, when a defect 4 occurs in the length-measurable product 1, applies a marking 6 to a length-measurable product 1 having the defect 4, and includes the steps... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20150085277 - Module integrated solar position sensing device for concentration photovoltaic devices: The present invention refers to a sensing device for sensing the alignment with respect to the sun of a concentration photovoltaic CPV device of the type which comprises at least one principal optical element POE and a CPV receiver, a CPV system, or module, comprising a CPV receiver and an... Agent:

20150085278 - Raman spectrum measuring method for drug inspection: A raman spectrum measuring method for drug inspection is provided, comprising: measuring raman spectrum of a sample to be inspected to acquire an original raman spectrum curve of the sample; determining whether the original raman spectrum curve has a characterizing portion, and if not, measuring a mixture of the sample... Agent:

20150085279 - Systems and methods for measuring spectra of skin and other objects and materials and making predictions based thereon: Systems and methods for measuring spectra and other optical characteristics such as colors, translucence, gloss, and other characteristics of objects and materials such as skin. Instruments and methods for measuring spectra and other optical characteristics of skin or other translucent or opaque objects utilize an abridged spectrophotometer and improved calibration/normalization... Agent: L'or&#xe9 Al

20150085280 - Induction device: A device for sustaining a plasma in a torch is provided. In certain examples, the device comprises a first electrode configured to couple to a power source and constructed and arranged to provide a loop current along a radial plane of the torch. In some examples, the radial plane of... Agent: Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

20150085281 - Analyzer and analysis method: The objective of the present invention is to reduce the dispersion of a powdered substance, which is the target substance, during the analysis period in an analyzing device that analyzes the target substance by analyzing the light originated from the substance which is in the plasma state. The present invention... Agent: Imagineering, Inc.

20150085282 - Light measuring apparatus, light measuring method, filter member, and method of making filter member: A light measuring arrangement maintains the initial filtering function of an optical filter having a dye dispersed therein. The light measuring arrangement includes a measuring unit configured to measure an intensity of light emitted from a measurement target at a predetermined wavelength. The light measuring arrangement also includes the optical... Agent: Kyushu University, National University Corporation

20150085283 - Optical measurement probe, and optical measurement device provided with the same: There are provided an optical measurement probe capable of obtaining a more stable measurement result, and an optical measurement device provided with the same. An incidence surface of an optical window to be used in a high temperature environment is covered by a deposited film. The optical window is formed... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150085284 - Static interferometer with step-style reflective element: An apparatus for performing Raman spectral analysis of a sample is described, comprising a coherent light source, an first optical chain to direct the coherent light to impinge on the sample, a second optical chain to direct the scattered light onto a diffraction grating, and a third optical chain to... Agent:

20150085285 - Unidirectional opacity watermark: A laminar assembly including a first optically opaque layer defining a plurality of through-holes, a second optically opaque layer, an optically transparent inner layer between the inner surface of the first optically opaque layer and the inner surface of the second optically opaque layer, and a preprinted layer proximate the... Agent:

20150085287 - Attachment for placement onto an optical sensor and method of operating an optical sensor: The invention relates to an attachment for placement onto an optical sensor having a housing with an inlet opening for the entry of detection light into the attachment, a test light receiver for receiving light incident at the test light receiver and for a power measurement of the light incident... Agent:

20150085286 - Dose measurement system and method: Embodiments described herein generally relate to devices, systems and methods for measuring the dose remaining in a drug delivery device that is used for delivering a dose to a patient. In some embodiments, a dose measurement system for measuring the liquid volume in a container includes a plurality of light... Agent:

20150085288 - Method and gas analyzer for measuring the concentration of a gas component in a sample gas: Gas analyzer and method for measuring the concentration of a gas component in a sample gas, wherein the wavelength of the light of a wavelength-tunable light source is varied within periodically successive sampling intervals and, in the process, additionally modulated with a frequency to perform wavelength dependent sampling of an... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150085290 - Fluid analysis: The embodiments herein relate to a system (100) for analyzing a fluid (103). The system (100) comprises a light source (110) configured to emit light for transmission through a first optical transmission means (107a) to a measurement device (105). The measurement device (105) comprises at least a part of the... Agent:

20150085289 - Multiple parallel confocal system and surface measurement method using the same: The present invention relates to a multiple parallel confocal system including: a light source for irradiating light; a relay lens unit through which the light traveling toward a measuring object or the light reflected from the measuring object is passed, the relay lens unit having one or more lens for... Agent:

20150085291 - Compact self-contained holographic and interferometric apparatus: A compact, self-contained holographic and interferometric apparatus and methods for eliminating vibration, including methods for eliminating relative displacement and vibration errors present in object and reference beam paths, are disclosed. The self-contained apparatus (600) includes an illuminated object (302) that scatters light and an objective lens (304) to form an... Agent:

20150085292 - Wavelength monitor: Provided are an optical element and a wavelength monitor capable of detecting a wavelength with high accuracy and at high speed while suppressing a size. The optical element includes: a branch waveguide section configured to branch an input light beam and generate two outputs routed via paths having mutually different... Agent:

20150085294 - Apparatus and methods for detecting optical components and their misalignment in optical coherence tomographic systems: Systems and methods are presented which allow the detection of the presence, type, and misalignment of optical components in the optical train of an optical coherence tomographic instrument to be determined from the use of OCT depth information.... Agent:

20150085295 - Light emitting device and optical coherence tomography apparatus including same as light source: The grating section reflects or absorbs a beam having a wavelength other than peak wavelengths corresponding to the two gain peaks in a spectrum of the beam generated by driving the second electrode. The beam generated by driving the second electrode and having the selected wavelength is guided to a... Agent:

20150085296 - Photoacoustic microscope: Provided is a photoacoustic microscope, including: an objective lens configured to collect excitation light into a specimen, the excitation light in a wavelength range that is absorbed by an object to be observed; a detection light optical system configured to (i) form an image of a point light source of... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150085293 - Portable system for simultaneously operating optical far field imaging, tomography and spectroscopy: A portable optical tomography design for performing elastographic deformation mapping of tissues comprises a coherence light source providing one light beam; a scanning microscope comprising a waveguide having two terminals, a coupler disposed on one terminal, an actuating member connected to the waveguide or the coupler, a first optical reflection... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20150085297 - Coordinate measurement system and method: A position detection system is able to detect the three dimensional position of at least one target (10). Each target (10) is configured to act as a retro-reflector for light incident from any direction. At least one light emitter illuminates the at least one target (10) and at least one... Agent:

20150085298 - Optical sensor array apparatus: Disclosure is related to an optical sensor array apparatus. According to one embodiment of the invention, multiple sensor pixels are arranged as an array and forming a sensor array. Every comparator circuit is connected to one sensor pixel so as to calculate its energy state. A light source such as... Agent:

20150085299 - Light tracing method and apparatus thereof: Disclosure is related to a light tracing method, and an apparatus thereof. According to one embodiment of the invention, the apparatus is such as an optical indexer. The method for determining a moving direction is performed based on an optical constructive or destructive interference pattern made by reflected lights received... Agent:

20150085300 - Apparatus for inspecting warpage of sheet-like member and method for inspecting warpage of sheet-like member: An apparatus for inspecting warpage of a sheet-like member includes a conveyance device for conveying a glass substrate in a substantially horizontal attitude and a non-contact displacement meter for measuring a distance to a surface of the glass substrate. The apparatus is configured to preset an upper limit waveform and... Agent:

20150085301 - Directed registration of three-dimensional scan measurements using a sensor unit: A laser scanner measures 3D coordinates from a first position and a second position and uses a sensor unit that includes at least an accelerometer and gyroscope to register the 3D coordinates, the registration based at least in part on comparison to a measured sensor displacement to a preferred displacement... Agent:

20150085302 - Method for measuring displacement of large-range moving platform: A method for measuring displacement of a large-range moving platform, comprising: arranging multiple beams of first measuring light parallel to one another and generated by an optical path distribution device and a position sensitive detector array in a certain manner, to ensure that at least one beam of first measuring... Agent:

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