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Optics: measuring and testing December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/12

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12/27/2012 > 42 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120327390 - Methods for using a locator camera in a laser tracker: A method of steering a laser beam from an instrument toward a point on a retroreflector, including: intercepting with the retroreflector a cone of light from the instrument; obtaining a first image of retroreflected light on a photosensitive array and transmitting an electrical data signal in response; determining a position... Agent: Faro Technologies Inc.

20120327389 - Rangefinder with head covering attachments: A rangefinder with a head covering attachment comprising a housing, where the housing includes a front face, a back face, a first side wall, a second side wall, a top surface and a bottom surface; a laser window on the front face; a reader window next to the laser window... Agent:

20120327391 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus is provided which, when projecting a video onto a curved surface of an object for display, can realize an undistorted display of the video. The measuring means outputs the distance information representing the distance to the object. Based on the distance information produced by the measuring means,... Agent:

20120327392 - System and method for sensing shape of elongated instrument: An instrument system that includes an elongate body and an optical fiber is provided. The elongate body includes a first elongate portion having a hollow lumen and a second elongate portion adjacent to the first elongate portion. The optical fiber is located in the lumen of the first elongate portion... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120327393 - Temperature measuring apparatus, substrate processing apparatus and temperature measuring method: The temperature measuring apparatus includes a data input portion, a peak interval calculation portion, an optical path length calculation portion, and a temperature calculation portion. The data input portion inputs a spectrum of interference light that is obtained when measuring light is irradiated onto a surface of the object and... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120327394 - Temperature measuring system, substrate processing apparatus and temperature measuring method: The temperature measuring system using optical interference includes a light source which generates measuring light; a spectroscope which measures an interference intensity distribution that is an intensity distribution of reflected light; optical transfer mechanisms which emit light reflected from a surface and a rear surface of the object to be... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120327398 - Method for the chip-integrated spectroscopic identification of solids, liquids, and gases: Methods and systems for a label-free on-chip optical absorption spectrometer consisting of a photonic crystal slot waveguide are disclosed. The invention comprises an on-chip integrated optical absorption spectroscopy device that combines the slow light effect in photonic crystal waveguide and optical field enhancement in a slot waveguide and enables detection... Agent: Omega Optics, Inc.

20120327396 - Multiple radiation inspection of ophthalmic lenses: Methods for inspecting ophthalmic lenses with different wavelengths of radiation are disclosed herein.... Agent:

20120327397 - Optical flow cell detector: Optical flow cell detector comprising a sample inlet and outlet in fluidic communication through a flow cell channel of cross sectional area A, an input light guide with an light exit surface arranged adjacent and in optical alignment with a light entrance surface of an output light guide, wherein the... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20120327395 - Spectrometer apparatus using continuous wave laser and photomultiplier tube: Disclosed is a spectrometer apparatus using a continuous wave laser and a photomultiplier tube. The spectrometer apparatus includes a continuous wave laser irradiating part to irradiate a continuous wave laser to introduced particles, a scattering light measuring part to measure a scattering light emitted from the particles due to the... Agent: Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

20120327400 - Measurement system and measurement processing method: This invention is directed to extract the scattering characteristic of a measurement target together when measuring the surface shape in a measurement system, which measures the surface shape of a measurement target, by the pattern projection method. To accomplish this, the measurement system includes an illumination unit which irradiates a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120327399 - Unevenness inspection apparatus and unevenness inspection method: An unevenness inspection apparatus including: an image pickup section obtaining a pickup image of a test object; an image generating section generating each of a color unevenness inspection image and a luminance unevenness inspection image based on the pickup image; a calculating section calculating an evaluation parameter using both of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120327401 - Apparatus and method for measuring degree of cure of adhesive agent: A degree of cure measuring apparatus has: a second optical fiber for emitting light from a tip face thereof; a probe for holding adhesive agent and irradiating the adhesive agent with light while the adhesive agent is in contact with the tip face of the second optical fiber; a detector... Agent: Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Limited

20120327402 - Inspection device: The invention relates to a device for inspecting contact-sensitive planar materials or workpieces, e.g. wafers for the semiconductor industry, solar cells, glasses, FPD substrates, or biologically active substrates for biosensors, as well as materials having contact-sensitive curved surfaces. Said inspection device comprises a support element (1) for supporting a material... Agent: Zimmermann & Schilp Handhabungstechnik Gmbh

20120327403 - Surface inspection apparatus and surface inspection method: A surface inspection apparatus includes a blocking unit included in a subsequent processing unit that groups data items into having an arbitrary number of data items. The subsequent processing unit acquires a data item from each of the blocks. The blocking unit changes, in accordance with an instruction transmitted from... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20120327404 - Flexible sample container: The invention relates to a system for holding a fluid sample, said system comprising a transparent flexible tube for holding said fluid sample, a tube holder for holding said tube, a first flattening element, and second flattening element, wherein said first flattening element and said second flattening element may be... Agent: Unisensor A/s

20120327406 - Apparatus and method for characterizing an electromagnetic signal using spectral analysis: An apparatus for characterizing energy and direction dependence of intensity for an electromagnetic signal uses spectral analysis and has particular application in the field of surface plasmon resonance. An energy dependent filter is located in an imaging space of the signal and separates the signal in an energy dependent manner.... Agent: Socpra Sciences Et Genie S. E. C.

20120327405 - Color measurement device and image forming apparatus: The color measurement device and an image forming apparatus using the same includes a light source for irradiating a color measurement object with white light; a diffraction grating for dispersing the light reflected from the color measurement object; and a line sensor formed of multiple pixels that generate an electric... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120327407 - Independent component analysis of surface-enhanced raman scattering (sers) signals: Embodiments of the present disclosure, in one aspect, relate to methods of analyzing SERS signals, systems for analyzing SERS signals, in particular, using an independent component analysis, and the like.... Agent: University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

20120327408 - Integrated device capable of performing chemical separation and light scattering: An integrated chemical separation device includes a chemical separation unit configured to separate a plurality of substances in a sample solution, a mixing chamber configured to receive the plurality of substances in the sample solution at different times, a chemical separation and detection controller, and a multi-channel valve configured to... Agent:

20120327409 - Spectrograph with anamorphic beam expansion: A spectrograph including light beam reformatting element(s), beam expander(s), dispersive element(s) and light receiving element(s). The light beam reformatting element(s) reformat a received light beam into a reformatted light beam having a first dimension along a first axis that is larger than a dimension of the received light beam along... Agent: Arjae Spectral Enterprises, Ltd.

20120327410 - Non-contact media detection system using reflection/absoption spectroscopy: The innovation uses the response of media to electromagnetic (EM) signals in order to identify them. When EM sources are directed at a target medium, a response is obtained from an EM detector observing the event. By comparing a measured response to a library of known profiles, one or more... Agent: Cvg Management Corporation

20120327411 - Spectrophotometer: A spectrophotometer has a specimen cell; a light source unit for emitting light to the specimen cell; a photodetector for detecting the light that passed through the specimen cell; a light-shielding unit for blocking the light from impinging on the photodetector at predetermined periods; a memory unit for storing output... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20120327412 - Transmissive diffraction grating and detection apparatus: A transmissive diffraction grating includes a polarization conversion layer, a first diffractive layer disposed on one surface side of the polarization conversion layer, and a second diffractive layer disposed on the other surface side of the polarization conversion layer. Both the first diffractive layer and the second diffractive layer include... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120327413 - Chip-scale optics module for optical interrogators: A method is disclosed for manufacturing a chip-scale optics module for an optical interrogator. The method includes aligning a polarization axis of a linear polarizer to an angle of 45 degrees from a fast axis of a quarter wave plate to enable circular polarization of a beam, when a beam... Agent:

20120327415 - Defect inspection apparatus and defect inspection method: One feature of the present invention is that a direction of a pattern, directions in which illumination light beams are projected on a sample, and polarization of the illumination light beams are paid attention to. Another feature of the present invention is that projections on the sample in at least... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20120327414 - System and method for monitoring led chip surface roughening process: A measurement system for monitoring an LED chip surface roughening process is described. A reflective illuminator can run reflectance measurements. A vertical positioning means can adjust a distance between an objective lens and an industrial sample. A horizontal positioning means can move objects in XY plane, and is specifically configured... Agent: Zeta Instruments, Inc.

20120327416 - Temperature-compensated spectrometer: The invention relates to a spectrometer comprising a hollow main optical body having at least one light channel, a light source, a diffraction grating having a grating central point, a light inlet opening, and a detector unit, which are arranged in such a way that the focal curve of the... Agent: Bruker Elemental Gmbh

20120327418 - Detection method for intermolecular interaction and detection device thereof: In order to calculate and specify a valley wavelength easily and in a short period of time, a detection device for intermolecular interaction is disclosed that is equipped with a detector provided with a ligand, a white light source that irradiates the detector with white light, a spectrometer that detects... Agent:

20120327420 - Method and apparatus of z-scan photoreflectance characterization: A method of z-scan photo-reflectance characterization of semiconductor structures and apparatus for same has been developed. The method and apparatus provides the ability to independently measure electro-refractive and electro-absorptive nonlinearities that occur in conventional photo-reflectance signals. By performing a series of photo-reflectance measurements, each containing photo-modulated nonlinear optical signals, with... Agent: Xitronix Corporation

20120327419 - Object detecting device and information acquiring device: An information acquiring device has a light source which emits light of a predetermined wavelength band; a projection optical system which projects the light emitted from the light source toward the target area with a predetermined dot pattern; and a light receiving element which receives reflected light reflected on the... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120327417 - Optical device and detection device: An optical device includes a group of projections projecting from a conductor surface of a substrate, and arranged along a first direction at a pitch Px, a dielectric layer covering the conductor surface and the group of projections, and a metal nanostructure having metal nanoparticles each having a size d... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120327421 - Micro-machined imaging interferometer: A micro-machined optical measuring device including: a set of photosensitive detector elements situated on a given face of a first support; a second support, assembled to the first support, forming a prism and including a first face through which a visible radiation is intended to penetrate and a second face,... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120327422 - Semiconductor optical integrated device and optical coherence tomographic imaging apparatus provided with the semiconductor optical integrated device: Provided is a semiconductor optical integrated device, formed by arranging a light emitting element and a light detecting element in a plane of the same substrate, each formed by laminating layers which at least include a first clad layer of a first conductive type, an active layer and a second... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120327423 - Optical coherence tomography apparatus: An optical coherence tomography (OCT) apparatus includes: a light source; an OCT optical system including: a first light splitter which splits light emitted from the light source into measurement and reference lights, a second light splitter which splits the measurement light into first and second beams, an optical delay path... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20120327424 - Double pass interferometer with tilted mirrors: An interferometer of the present invention includes a PBS2 which splits light into reference light and measurement light, a reference mirror which reflects the reference light entering the reference mirror from a first direction, a measurement mirror which reflects the measurement light entering the measurement mirror from a second direction,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120327425 - Grazing incidence interferometer: A grazing incidence interferometer includes a light source, a light beam divider configured to divide original light coming from the light source, an illuminator configured to apply measurement light to a measurement subject, a light beam combining module configured to combine the measurement light reflected from the measurement subject with... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20120327426 - Inflatable membrane having non-uniform inflation characteristic: Various improvements to inflatable membranes are disclosed. These improvements include techniques for advantageously controlling the inflation of a membrane within a cavity, such as a human ear canal.... Agent:

20120327427 - Inflatable membrane with hazard mitigation: Various improvements to inflatable membranes are disclosed. These improvements include, among other things, features on the membrane that can mitigate hazards such as bubble formation or frictional damage during inflation of the membrane.... Agent:

20120327429 - Displacement measurement method and apparatus thereof, stage apparatus, and probe microscope: A displacement measurement method, an apparatus thereof, and a probe microscope. which enable stable measure an amount of displacement and a moving distance of an object under measurement with an accuracy of the sub-nanometer order or below without being affected by disturbances such as fluctuations of air and mechanical vibration.... Agent:

20120327428 - Wafer orientation sensor: A wafer orientation sensor includes a laser source, a laser detector, and an evaluator. The laser source is configured to emit a laser beam in a direction of a wafer in an evaluation region of the wafer orientation sensor so that the laser beam is reflected at a main surface... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120327430 - Measuring method of 3d image depth and a system for measuring 3d image depth using boundary inheritance based hierarchical orthogonal coding: A method of decoding hierarchically orthogonal structured light and a 3-D depth measurement system using the same include a step of detecting boundary lines encoded at an identical position between layers and a boundary line inheritance step of converting the detected boundary lines into identical boundary lines. The present invention... Agent: Reasearch & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

12/20/2012 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120320363 - Determining thresholds to filter noise in gmapd ladar data: In one aspect, a computerized method to automatically determine thresholds includes receiving data generated from a Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode (GmAPD) laser detecting and ranging (LADAR) sensor of a scene, determining an overall threshold value for the scene using a binomial distribution and determining post threshold values for each x-y position... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120320364 - Device and a method for determining a distance to a surface of a workpiece and an arrangement and a method for effecting a workpiece: A device for determining a distance to a surface of a workpiece includes an arrangement for emitting an energy beam towards the surface. The device includes a contact member with a first surface configured to contact the surface of the workpiece and a second surface facing the energy beam emitting... Agent: Volvo Aero Corporation

20120320365 - Sample preparation for spectroscopy analysis: A sample is cleaned up for spectroscopic analysis by receiving a slide substrate having the sample thereon, fixing the sample to a substrate surface of the slide substrate by applying heat to the slide substrate for a predetermined heating time and incubating the sample on the slide substrate for a... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20120320367 - Inspection method and device for same: In order to rapidly inspect shape defects in the object of inspection that is the minute pattern on a magnetic recording medium formed from patterned media, in the disclosed patterned media defect inspection method detected spectral waveform data is compared with reference-standard spectral reflectance waveform data, which is stored in... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20120320366 - Method of determining the optimal wavelength for inspecting ophthalmic lenses: Methods for inspecting ophthalmic lenses with different wavelengths of radiation are disclosed herein.... Agent:

20120320368 - Optical coherence photoacoustic microscopy: A system and method for providing an optical coherence photoacoustic (OC-PAM) microscopy. An OC-PAM microscope includes a light source that outputs light, a scanner, a detector, a transducer, and an image processing module. The scanner receives the light and scans the light across a sample. The detector receives reflected light... Agent: University Of Southern California

20120320369 - Optical measurement system and the device thereof: The invention discloses an optical measurement system for measuring the optical properties of a device under test (DUT). The optical measurement system includes a DUT, a light measuring module, a light guiding module and an analyzing module. The present invention utilizes the light guiding module to receive an axial ray... Agent: Chroma Ate Inc.

20120320370 - Method and system for wheel alignment of vehicles: Method for determining wheel alignment of a vehicle, which vehicle comprises at least one wheel axle (12, 13, 14) having an axle end with at least one wheel member (2a-b, 3a-b, 4a-b) at a respective longitudinal side of the vehicle. The method comprises steps for determining the out of square... Agent:

20120320371 - Integrating sphere photometer and measuring method of the same: An integrating sphere photometer and a measuring method of the same are provided to precisely measure a directional light source. The integrating sphere photometer includes an integrating sphere having a plurality of through-holes, a plurality of photometers disposed at the through-holes, baffles disposed in front of the photometers to be... Agent:

20120320372 - Autonomous non-destructive evaluation system for aircraft structures: An apparatus comprises an inspection vehicle, a sensor system, a positioning system, a controller, and a support system. The inspection vehicle is configured to move on a surface of an object. The sensor system is associated with the inspection vehicle and is configured to generate information about the object when... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120320373 - Inspection apparatus: An inspection method and apparatus for detecting defects or haze of a sample, includes illuminating light to the sample from an oblique direction relative to a surface of the sample with an illuminator, detecting first scattered light at a forward position relative to an illuminating direction from the sample with... Agent:

20120320374 - Method of imaging and inspecting the edge of an ophthalmic lens: Systems for producing images of the edges of silicone hydrogel ophthalmic lenses are disclosed.... Agent:

20120320375 - Apparatus for stabilizing mechanical, thermal, and optical properties and for reducing the fluorescence of biological samples for optical evaluation: An apparatus is presented for stabilizing an optical, thermal, and mechanical interface between a spectroscopic and/or imaging system and a biological sample. The apparatus includes a window retainer having a retainer surface and a well. The retainer surface surrounds the well. Further, the retainer surface is substantially planar. An optical... Agent: C8 Medisensors Inc.

20120320376 - Spectrally adjustable filter: Spectrally filtering at least one input beam includes dispersing spectral components of at least one input beam at different respective angles in a spectral plane; changing at least some of the angles of the propagation axes of the dispersed spectral components so that the maximum angular separation among the propagation... Agent:

20120320377 - Optical system polarizer calibration: A method to calibrate a polarizer in polarized optical system at any angle of incidence, by decoupling the calibration from a polarization effect of the system, by providing a calibration apparatus that includes a substrate having a polarizer disposed on a surface thereof, with an indicator on the substrate for... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20120320378 - Optical density sensor calibration and self fixing: A method of calibrating an optical density sensor comprising calculating a first pigment solid density value of an ink solution using a current first electrical output signal value from a photodetector, a current second electrical output signal value from a photodetector, and a current lens gap value, calculating a second... Agent:

20120320379 - Deflection device for a scanner with lissajous scanning: A deflection device for a scanner with Lissajous scanning includes a micromirror that oscillates in at least two deflection axes and that includes a frame and a mirror plate that is movably arranged via a suspension mount. The deflection device also includes a control device for generating control signals for... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120320380 - Test device for testing a bonding layer between wafer-shaped samples and test process for testing the bonding layer: The invention relates to a test device for testing a bonding layer between wafer-shaped samples and a test process for testing the bonding layer. The test device comprises a measuring head for an OCT process that is configured to direct an optical measuring beam at a composite comprising at least... Agent: Precitec Optronik Gmbh

20120320381 - Measurement apparatus and measurement method: A measurement apparatus obtains a reference signal from light modulated by a first frequency, obtains a measurement signal from light modulated by the first frequency and a second frequency, and measures a position of a target object by calculating a phase difference between the reference signal and the measurement signal.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120320382 - Device for determining the position of at least one structure on an object, use of an illumination apparatus with the device and use of protective gas with the device: A device for determining the position of a structure on an object in relation to a coordinate system is disclosed. The object is placed on a measuring table which is movable in one plane, wherein a block defines the plane. At least one optical arrangement is provided for transmitted light... Agent: Vistec Semiconductor Systems Gmbh

20120320383 - Enclosed laser-ultrasonic inspection system: A laser ultrasonic inspection system comprises laser sources configured to generate laser beams, an optical scanner configured to direct the laser beams onto an object thereby generating ultrasonic waves in the object and illuminating the object, an interferometer configured to generate an electrical signal in response to the reflected light,... Agent:

20120320384 - Device for measuring static tilt angle of voice coil motor: The present disclosure relates to a device for measuring a static tilt angle of a voice coil motor. The voice coil motor includes a movable part for coupling to a lens barrel. The device includes a laser transmitter and receiver, a fixture opposite to a surface of the laser transmitter... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120320385 - Optical navigation module with capacitive sensor: Optical navigation modules and methods of operating the same to sense relative movement between the optical navigation module and a tracking surface are provided. In one embodiment, the optical navigation module comprises: (i) a light source to illuminate at least a portion of a surface relative to which the optical... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

12/13/2012 > 28 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120314199 - Distance detecting sensor and close range detecting method: The present invention discloses a distance detecting sensor. The distance detecting sensor includes a casing, a focusing lenses, a circuit board mounted with several electronic elements, an emitting device for emitting infrared light, and a receiving device for receiving and sensing a reflected infrared light. The distance detecting sensor is... Agent: Shanghai Kohler Electronics, Ltd.

20120314200 - Coupled multi-wavelength confocal systems for distance measurements: A distance measurement method includes imaging a first light source emitting a first wavelength, on a region of a substrate with a dispersive confocal lens; imaging a second light source emitting a second wavelength with the dispersive confocal lens on the region of the substrate; measuring intensity of light reflection... Agent:

20120314201 - Testing methods for wind turbine blades: Testing method for determining the distribution of a physical property along a wind turbine blade comprising the following steps: a) installing inside the blade a first optical fibre cable (13) along the leading and trailing edges and a second and third centered optical fibre cables (14, 15) at both sides... Agent: Gamesa Innovation & Technology, S.l.

20120314202 - Polariscope stress measurement tool and method of use: The present invention provides a tool for and method of using an infrared transmission technique to extract the full stress components of the in-plane residual stresses in thin, multi crystalline silicon wafers including in situ measurement of residual stress for large cast wafers. The shear difference method is used to... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20120314203 - Chromatography of metal complexes: A high performance liquid chromatography method to routinely and reproducibly detect and quantitate metal complexes is provided. The metal complexes used in the method of the invention can be different metal complexes, or they can be stereoisomers of the same metal complexes. The high performance liquid chromatography method of the... Agent:

20120314206 - Apparatus for imaging a sample surface: The invention relates to an apparatus and a method for imaging surface area of a sample having a surface topography with the aid of confocal microscopy, such as confocal Raman and/or fluorescence microscopy. The apparatus comprises a surface topography sensor that provides values for the surface topography. The surface topography... Agent:

20120314204 - Cell/particle analyzing device: A cell/particle analyzing device includes a light-emitting unit, a light-diverting unit, a first receiving unit and a second receiving unit. The light-emitting unit generates a first light beam. The light-diverting unit is connected to the light-emitting unit and has an input end, a bidirectional transceiving end and an output end.... Agent:

20120314205 - Defect inspection apparatus and defect inspection method using the same: A defect inspection apparatus comprises a table on which a substrate is placed, a first detection unit which is disposed above the table to detect an optical signal from the substrate, a second detection unit which is disposed above the table to detect an electrical signal from the substrate, and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120314207 - Authentication apparatus and methods: Authentication apparatus (1, 100) and methods which authenticate an item (4, 110) responsive to the detection that a portion of the item has one or more predetermined characteristics, the said predetermined characteristics comprising either or both the thickness of the said portion of the item, and the thickness of one... Agent: Innovia Films Sarl

20120314208 - Measuring method and device for determining transmission and/or reflection properties: t

20120314209 - Linearity calibration standard for fiber optic power meters: An integrated, more automated system for determining the linearity of measurements of fiber optic power meters reduces the time and expense needed for linearity calibration. The system uses the triplet superposition method of linearity calibration and aids in performing the necessary series of measurements. A linearity measurement system for an... Agent: The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20120314210 - Laser beam profile measurement: A method for characterizing a laser beam profile is provided. The method includes disposing a laser target, moving the surface of the target, directing a laser to emit the beam at the surface, measuring a reflection from the surface as intensities, and averaging the intensities. The target's surface is disposed... Agent: United States Government, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20120314211 - Inspecting apparatus and inspecting method: Provided is a method wherein a multi-anode detector is used for the purpose of detecting scattered light from a wafer, data obtained from the detector (multi-anode) for detecting defects is used, the shape of a beam radiated to the wafer, a rotational shift between the radius direction and the beam... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20120314212 - Inspection device for bonded wafer using laser: Disclosed is a device for inspecting a bonded wafer using laser, which has a simple structure to facilitate an operation of the device and can detect an interface defect of the bonded wafer economically and highly reliably. To this end, the device for inspecting the bonded wafer using laser includes... Agent:

20120314213 - Cover view gripper: An apparatus comprising a container handling device comprising a centering device having a standing surface and a container gripper having a head side, a foot side, inspection openings on both said head side and said foot side, light-conducting elements, and a gripper bell having an inner area, a light source... Agent: Khs Gmbh

20120314214 - Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy having enhanced signal-to-noise ratio: A material can be analyzed using short pulses by applying a first pulse and a second pulse to the material in which the second pulse is delayed relative to the first pulse. The first and second pulses are directed toward a material along collinear paths, and the material is ablated... Agent:

20120314215 - Measurement of small wavelength difference in coherent light using faraday effect: m

20120314216 - Visual testing method for evalutating chromatic aberration: This invention comprises a method of visually comparing the chromatic aberration in two or more optical devices. The test reveals differences in the ability of an optical product to minimize chromatic aberration, so that ideally, various colors (corresponding to specific wavelengths) will have a sharp focus at almost the same... Agent:

20120314217 - Fluid sensor: A slit for selectively allowing the transmission of emitted light from a light-emitting portion that has been diffracted through passing through a pipe wherein there is no fluid is provided on the slit side of the pipe, between a slit of the light-emitting portion and a slit of a detecting... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20120314218 - View-finder in ellipsometer or the like systems: A system for and method of allowing visual observation of a sample being subject to investigation by an electromagnetic beam, to identify where thereupon a beam of sample investigating electromagnetic radiation is caused to impinge, in combination with a data detector of the beam of sample investigating electromagnetic radiation after... Agent:

20120314219 - Device for referenced measurements of reflected light and a method for calibrating such a device: A device for referenced measurement of reflected light and a method for calibrating such a device are disclosed.... Agent: Carl Zeiss Microimaging Gmbh

20120314220 - Method and device for measuring motion error of linear stage: Measurement of motion errors of a linear stage is performed to enable accurate measurement of motion errors in linear directions and a rotational direction in the linear stage using a diffraction grating. A first beam splitter splits a laser beam emitted from a light emitting unit. A first measurement unit... Agent: Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

20120314225 - Bead inspection method, and bead inspection apparatus: A bead inspection step and a bead inspection apparatus that inspect the quality of a bead are disclosed . . . . The bead inspection apparatus includes a wire-feed-speed measurement device that measures the feed speed of a brazing wire, and an analysis portion that measures and analyzes position coordinate... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120314222 - Inspection apparatus, system, and method: Systems, apparatuses, methods, and computer program products for inspection of objects or items in a conveyance system. Presence (or absence) of an object/item or objects/items is detected sensed and also one or more characteristics of the object/item can be determined based image detection of characteristics of one or more laser... Agent:

20120314221 - Laser surveillance system: A laser surveillance system includes a housing positioned generally at or below a water line and a laser and detector mechanism positioned within the housing. The mechanism includes a laser source and a sensor. The laser source is configured to project a laser beam towards a vessel being inspected. The... Agent:

20120314224 - Method and irradiating device for irradiating curved surfaces with non-ionizing radiation: The invention relates to a method for irradiating a surface of a three-dimensional object, wherein a field of micromirrors in the beam path of a radiation source modulates the radiation. In order to be able to image irregularly shaped fields even on curved surfaces with the highest possible edge sharpness... Agent: Luellau Engineering Gmbh

20120314223 - Optical thread profiler: An apparatus configured to measure at least one physical characteristic of an threaded surface (e.g., an internally threaded surface) of an object is provided. The apparatus uses optical triangulation to perform non-contact characterization of the threaded surface. The apparatus can be used to characterize various aspects of the threaded surface,... Agent: Quest Metrology, LLC

20120314226 - Smart crimp tool system for electrical contacts and terminals which are controlled and monitored by a central database manager: A crimp tool for crimping contacts onto wire cable ends includes an indentor mechanism having a plurality of moveable indentors for deforming a portion of a contact inserted into the mechanism. One of the indentors has a pressure responsive element for providing a signal indicative of the pressure exerted on... Agent:

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20120307231 - Back-illuminated distance measuring sensor and distance measuring device: Two charge quantities (Q1,Q2) are output from respective pixels P (m,n) of the back-illuminated distance measuring sensor 1 as signals d′(m,n) having the distance information. Since the respective pixels P (m,n) output signals d′(m,n) responsive to the distance to an object H as micro distance measuring sensors, a distance image... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20120307232 - Back-illuminated distance measuring sensor and distance measuring device: Two charge quantities (Q1,Q2) are output from respective pixels P (m,n) of the back-illuminated distance measuring sensor 1 as signals d′(m,n) having the distance information. Since the respective pixels P (m,n) output signals d′(m,n) responsive to the distance to an object H as micro distance measuring sensors, a distance image... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20120307229 - Resonant modulation for low power range imaging cameras: An amplitude modulated continuous wave range imaging device has a signaling device configured to emit an intensity modulated illumination signal. An image sensor is configured to capture a plurality of images of a reflection of the modulated illumination signal. The captured images include intensity and/or phase components for a plurality... Agent:

20120307230 - Selective distance range imaging: A method for determining a distance to an object using an amplitude modulated continuous wave range imaging device includes emitting a modulated illumination signal. The modulated illumination signal is modulated with a pseudo random code. An image sensor is modulated based on the pseudo random code to capture a plurality... Agent:

20120307233 - Heated wafer carrier profiling: A method for characterizing a surface comprises rotating a carrier about an axis of rotation where the carrier has a top surface adapted to hold at least one semiconductor wafer with a major surface of the wafer extending generally transverse to the axis of rotation. A surface characterization tool is... Agent: Veeco Instruments Inc.

20120307234 - Pathogen detection by simultaneous size/fluorescence measurement: A method and apparatus for detecting pathogens and particles in a fluid in which particle size and intrinsic fluorescence of a simple particle is determined.... Agent:

20120307235 - Optical cable measurement equipment with function of operating guidance: An optical cable measurement equipment with function of operating guidance includes a circuit board, a central processing unit (CPU), a measurement module, an output interface, an input interface and a power supply module. The CPU is arranged on and electrically connected with the circuit board. The measurement module is configured... Agent:

20120307236 - Method and device for detecting cracks in semiconductor substrates: The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for detecting cracks in semiconductor substrates, such as silicon wafers and solar cells. The method and apparatus are based on the detection of light deflected at a crack.... Agent: Schott Ag

20120307237 - Method and system for synchronously driving light-dispersing elements, and detector for chromatograph: Provided is a system for synchronously driving light-dispersing elements capable of synchronously and sequentially changing an excitation-light wavelength and a fluorescence wavelength at high speeds. The system includes: a first light-dispersing unit having a first light-dispersing element and a first pulse motor; a second light-dispersing unit having a second light-dispersing... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20120307238 - Microscope and observation method: Provided is a microscope and an observation method which can improve spatial resolution. A microscope according to an aspect of the invention includes a laser light source (10), an objective lens (16) that focuses light from the laser light source on a sample, and a detector (22) that detects the... Agent: Osaka University

20120307239 - Dynamic coded filter gas detection: A device for detecting gas concentrations includes a movable coded filter. An optical element is positioned to receive gas filtered light and spectrally separate the gas filtered light. A photo detector is positioned to receive the spectrally separated light through slits in the moveable coded filter to provide an AC... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120307240 - Spectrophotometer and method for determining performance thereof: Provided are a spectrophotometer using a xenon flash lamp and which can compare with data stored in the past, and a method for determining the performance of the spectrophotometer. In normal times, spectroscopic analysis is performed by employing a bundle of light rays emitted from the xenon flash lamp, spectrally... Agent:

20120307241 - Auto-aligning spectroscopy system: An auto-aligning system is presented. One embodiment of the auto-aligning system includes a launcher unit configured to direct a first laser beam and a second laser beam through a chamber, wherein the first laser beam is co-linear with the second laser beam. The auto-aligning spectroscopy system further includes a receiver... Agent: General Electric Company

20120307242 - Wavelength referencing by monitoring a voltage across a laser diode: A lasing wavelength of a laser diode is determined by applying a forward current to the p-n junction of the laser diode and measuring a voltage across the p-n junction. The lasing wavelength can be determined by performing a simple wavelength calibration of the laser diode. This allows one to... Agent:

20120307243 - Color calibration system for a video display: Large digital displays for entertainment, architectural and advertising displays have interconnected display panels with pluralities of light emitting elements. To solve calibration problems, each of the display panels stores measured luminance and chromaticity data for each of the light emitting elements of the panel. The luminance data is independent of... Agent: Barco, Inc.

20120307245 - Device and method for investigating analytes in liquid suspension or solution: An optical detection device is provided for analyzing analytes in a liquid suspension or solution that can detect and process a large number of wavelengths of incident and fluorescent light simultaneously, which is small in size and can be easily adapted to different investigation requirements. The optical detection device may... Agent:

20120307244 - Multiple flow channel particle analysis system: A microfluidic multiple channel particle analysis system (1) which allows particles (2) from a plurality of particle sources (3) to be independently simultaneously entrained in a corresponding plurality of fluid streams (4) for analysis and sorting into particle subpopulations (5) based upon one or more particle characteristics (6).... Agent: Cytonome/st, LLC

20120307246 - Method of inspecting test parts with an optical comparator having digital gage: An optical comparator arranged for rear projection onto a viewing screen combines an optical projector that projects an optical image of a test part under inspection onto the viewing screen with a video projector that projects an optical image of a pixilated template pattern containing illustrated specifications of the test... Agent: Quality Vision International, Inc.

20120307247 - Fluorescence microscopy method and system: A fluorescence microscopy method and system, the method comprising the steps of applying optical vortices to a metal surface for generating surface plasmon resonance (SPR) waves at the metal surface; and collecting fluorescence light excited by the SPR waves; wherein a dynamic characteristic of the optical vortices is controlled for... Agent: Nanyang Technological University

20120307248 - Liquid transporting device, detecting apparatus and method thereof: A liquid transporting device using electrowetting on dielectric technique is provided. A sampling liquid is accurately transported on a substrate in a channel-free manner. The sampling liquid is spun off the substrate by a centrifugal force after the sampling liquid has been detected. The liquid transporting device can be applied... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120307249 - Apparatus for inspecting integrated circuit: An apparatus for inspecting an integrated circuit is an apparatus for inspecting an integrated circuit having a semiconductor substrate and a circuit portion formed on a front face a side of the semiconductor substrate. The apparatus comprises a light generation unit for generating light L for irradiating the integrated circuit,... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20120307250 - Optical time reversal by ultrasonic encoding in biological tissue: Generating an optical-phase conjugation of ultrasonically-modulated diffuse light emitted by a scattering medium includes illuminating the medium with a light beam from a coherent light source, modulating the diffuse light transmitted through the medium with an ultrasonic wave focused on a region of interest within the medium, and retro-reflectively illuminating... Agent: The Washington University

20120307251 - High performance hollow-core optical-fiber filter for optical rotation sensing: A hollow-core optical-fiber filter is provided. The hollow-core optical-fiber filter includes a hollow-core optical fiber having a first end-face and an opposing second end-face. The first end-face and the second end-face set a fiber length. The hollow-core optical-fiber filter also includes a first reflective end-cap positioned at the first end-face... Agent: Honeywell International, Inc.

20120307252 - Recycled light interferometric fiber optic gyroscope: Interferometric fiber optic gyroscope. The gyroscope includes a pulsed light source for generating light pulses and a sense coil for receiving and trapping the light pulses travelling in clockwise and counter clockwise directions for a selected number of times around the sense coil. A detector receives the counter propagating light... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120307253 - Optical filtering for resonator-fiber-optic gyroscopes: An optical-fiber filter is provided. The optical-fiber filter includes an optical fiber having a first end-face and an opposing second end-face. The first end-face and the second end-face set a fiber length. The first end-face and the second end-face are coated with reflective coatings. When an optical beam emitted from... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120307254 - Modal-domain optical fiber sensor system: A modal-domain optical fiber sensor device having the sensing fiber constructed of multimode optical fiber, reflectively terminated on one end, the non-terminated end receiving coherent light and outputting speckle pattern light that is geometrically filtered by at least one detection fibers' diameter, angular position, or physical location in relation to... Agent: Picokinetix LLC

20120307256 - Optical detector: A method of detecting the direction of incidence of an incoming modulated continuous wave light signal in a field of view of a detector comprising introducing a phase shift into the modulated light signal received by at least one portion of the field of view relative to the modulated light... Agent: Mbda Uk Limited

20120307255 - Optical interferometer system with damped vibration and noise effect property: The present invention relates to an optical interferometer system with a damped vibration and noise effect property, in which a direct attachment of a partial reflecting film and an object to be measured may be used to damp a vibration and noise effect, thereby implementing a high-resolution optical shape measuring... Agent:

20120307257 - Swept light source apparatus and imaging system including the same: A swept light source apparatus in which oscillation wavelength is continuously changeable is provided. The apparatus includes, inside a resonator, an optical amplification medium that amplifies light, a first device configured to disperse light emitted from the optical amplification medium and thus produce beams having different wavelengths, a second device... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120307258 - Method and arrangement for robust interferometry: An arrangement and a method are provided for robust interferometry for detecting distance, depth, profile, form, undulation, flatness deviation and/or roughness or the optical path length in or on technical or biological objects, including in layered form, or else for optical coherence tomography (OCT), with a source of electromagnetic radiation... Agent: Universitaet Stuttgart

20120307259 - Apparatus and method for inspecting an object with increased depth of field: An apparatus for measuring a height of an object plane or multiple points on an object is disclosed. The apparatus comprises an imaging system having a focal plane passing through a focal point of the imaging system, wherein the focal plane of the imaging system is tilted at an oblique... Agent:

20120307260 - Hybrid system: A system and method is provided for imaging an article within a field of view, projecting an illumination field onto the article within field of view, and selectively projecting illumination structures onto the article within the field of view. Then, image data corresponding to the illumination field and the illumination... Agent: Perceptron, Inc.

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