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Optical waveguides

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12/18/2014 > 23 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140369638 - Advanced modulation format using two-state modulators: A method, comprising modulating digital data onto an optical carrier. Modulating includes intensity splitting the optical carrier in an input optical coupler of an interferometer. The interferometer including two or more controllable optical waveguides located on a substrate, each controllable optical waveguide connecting the input optical coupler to an output... Agent:

20140369637 - Electro-optic modulators: The invention relates to a Mach-Zehnder modulator comprising a first optical waveguide forming a first modulator arm and a second optical waveguide forming a second modulator arm of the Mach-Zehnder modulator, an electrode arrangement comprising a plurality of first waveguide electrodes for applying a voltage across the first optical waveguide... Agent:

20140369640 - Coating of optical waveguides: The invention relates to a method for producing an optical waveguide (1), the surface of which is at least partly coated with a coating material. The coating material contained in a target (4) is removed using laser radiation (6) of a processing laser or converted into another aggregate state. The... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewand Forschung E.v.

20140369639 - Dispersion compensation fiber: A dispersion compensation fiber comprises a fiber core and cladding. The fiber core is a core layer mainly doped with germanium and having a positive relative refractive index difference. The cladding covering the fiber core comprises a trench cladding mainly doped with fluorine, an annular cladding mainly doped with germanium,... Agent:

20140369641 - Fiber optic sensor manufacturing method and structure thereof: A fiber optic sensor structure includes a first substrate, a second substrate, a third substrate, a first fiber optic sensor and a second fiber optic sensor. The first substrate has a first groove while the second substrate has a second groove. A manufacturing method includes: arranging the first fiber optic... Agent:

20140369643 - Integrated planar polymer waveguide for low-loss, low-crosstalk optical signal routing: The present invention provides an apparatus comprising a plurality of planar waveguides and method of making the same. The apparatus includes first, second, and third layers formed above a substrate and adjacent each other. The second layer is formed between the first and third layers of a material and comprises... Agent:

20140369644 - Light-receiving package for flat-plate mounting, and optical module: A light-receiving package for flat-plate mounting which can make monitor reception sensitivity of an optical signal constant without increasing the size of a module. The light-receiving package for flat-plate mounting is provided with a first subassembly in which a photo diode is fixed to a front surface of a retaining... Agent: Ntt Electronics Corporation

20140369646 - Methods of forming three-dimensionally integrated semiconductor systems including photoactive devices and semiconductor-on-insulator substrates: Three-dimensionally integrated semiconductor systems include a photoactive device operationally coupled with a current/voltage converter on a semiconductor-on-insulator (SeOI) substrate. An optical interconnect is operatively coupled to the photoactive device. A semiconductor device is bonded over the SeOI substrate, and an electrical pathway extends between the current/voltage converter and the semiconductor... Agent:

20140369645 - Optical waveguide splitter on a waveguide substrate for attenuating a light source: An optical apparatus comprises: source, primary, and secondary waveguides formed in waveguide layers on a substrate; a light source; and an optical waveguide tap. The light source launches a source optical signal along the source waveguide. The tap divides the source optical signal into a primary optical signal in the... Agent:

20140369642 - Photoelectric mixed substrate and optical module: A photoelectric mixed substrate includes a wiring substrate including a first ground wire, a signal wire arranged above the first ground wire and electrically connected to the photoelectric component and the electronic component, and a waveguide unit stacked on the wiring substrate to cover the signal wire. The waveguide unit... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20140369647 - Microfluidic optical switching device and method: Improved systems and methods for optical switching are provided. These devices and methods can be used to improve the effectiveness of a wide variety of different optical systems and techniques. One embodiment provides a device and method for optical switching using a microfluidic chamber and droplets of liquid. Specifically, the... Agent:

20140369648 - Connector for multiple core optical fiber: A fiber optic plug, suitable for multi-core fiber (MCF), is structured to hold satellite cores of the MCF in a precise angular positions so as to attain suitable alignment with satellite cores of a mating connector. The plug includes features to permit a ferrule holding the MCF to move longitudinally... Agent:

20140369649 - Fiber optic adapters and connector devices with mounting features and mounting systems and methods including same: A fiber optic adapter system includes a fiber optic adapter and a mounting bracket. The fiber optic adapter includes a first interlock feature. The mounting bracket defines a channel having a longitudinal channel axis and a longitudinally extending lateral side opening. The mounting bracket includes a second interlock feature. The... Agent:

20140369650 - Optical module having additional photodiode lens for different connection: An optical module (30) includes an optical waveguide (31), a first ferrule and a second ferrule (32, 33) connected with the optical waveguide. The optical waveguide includes 2N optical channels (313). The first and the second ferrules includes N mirrors (34, 36) and N+1 lenses (35, 37). N of the... Agent:

20140369651 - Integrated optical cooling core for optoelectronic interconnect modules: An apparatus includes one or more optoelectronic transducers, driving circuitry, one or more cooling elements, and a light coupling module. The optoelectronic transducers are configured to convert between optical signals conveyed over optical fibers and respective electrical signals. The driving circuitry is configured to process the electrical signals. The cooling... Agent: Mellanox Technologies Ltd.

20140369652 - Optical fiber coupling connector: An optical fiber coupling connector includes a circuit board, light-emitting modules, light-receiving modules, an optical coupling module, a receiving member, and optical fibers. The optical coupling module includes a main body and converging lenses. The main body has a first optical surface, a second optical surface perpendicular to the first... Agent:

20140369655 - Connecting element for connecting a fiber-optic light guide to a light source one time and detaching the fiber-optic light guide from a light source one time: A connecting element for connecting a fiber-optic light guide to a light source one time and detaching the fiber-optic light guide from a light source one time is provided. The connecting element includes a housing having a wall, where the housing encloses a cavity, a fiber-optic light guide that passes... Agent:

20140369654 - Connector modules having optical connectors moveable between a retracted position and an extended position: A plurality of connector modules are mounted to a support frame. The connector modules have respective optical connectors to optically connect with respective electronic devices, where the optical connectors are moveable between a retracted position and an extended position. The optical connector of a first of the connector modules is... Agent:

20140369653 - Optical plenum: In the present idsclosure inter-rack optical plenum may be used to route optical fibers between multiple racks of a system. An intra-rack optical plenum may be coupled to one of the racks and the inter-rack optical plenum. The intra-rack optical plenum may route an optical fiber between a first connector... Agent:

20140369656 - Coupling system for a fiber optic cable: A fiber optic cable includes a jacket, an element of the cable interior to the jacket, and first and second powders. The element includes a first surface and a second surface. The cable further includes a third surface interior to the jacket and facing the first surface at a first... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20140369657 - Durable optical fiber and connector assembly: An optical fiber assembly including an optical fiber ribbon and an optical connector is provided. The optical fiber ribbon includes a ribbon matrix, a first group of optical fibers embedded in the ribbon matrix, a second group of optical fibers embedded in the ribbon matrix, and a split in the... Agent:

20140369658 - Multimode optical fiber: The present invention relates to a multimode optical fiber having a structure for stably reducing eccentricity relative to an insert hole of a connector ferrule to be mounted at an end thereof, wherein a fiber outer diameter of the multimode optical fiber along its longitudinal direction varies periodically in a... Agent:

20140369659 - Fan-in/fan-out device for multicore fiber: A fan-in/fan-out device includes a plurality of single-core fibers which are connected to a plurality of first cores of a multicore fiber and which include an elongated portion extending in a longitudinal direction so as to reduce a diameter and being connected to a first end portion of the multicore... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

12/11/2014 > 18 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140363117 - Fiber optic sensing system with hydrogen flush: A system and method for controlling hydrogen concentration in optical sensing systems in subsurface wells. In an exemplary system the downhole optical fiber sensors are positioned within nested conduits and a controlled concentration hydrogen gas is flowed in a first direction through the first conduit, and flowed in a second... Agent:

20140363118 - Microfiber device with enclosed inner cavity: Photonic devices that include in-line optical microfibers for different uses such as sensing are described. At least one enclosed cavity is positioned within the optical microfiber. One or more enclosed cavities are positioned along or adjacent to a central axis of the microfiber. Light travelling within the microfiber passes through... Agent:

20140363121 - Integrated metal grating: An integrated circuit includes a substrate, a metal grating disposed over the substrate, and a waveguide layer disposed over or under the metal grating. The metal grating is arranged to change a propagation direction of an optical signal and the waveguide layer is arranged to guide the optical signal to... Agent:

20140363119 - Integration of a mems beam with optical waveguide and deflection in two dimensions: A high density, low power, high performance information system, method and apparatus are described in which an integrated circuit apparatus includes a plurality of deflectable MEMS optical beam waveguides (e.g., 190) at each die edge which are each formed with an optical beam structure (193) which is encapsulated by a... Agent:

20140363120 - Optical backplane mirror: An integrated circuit optical backplane die and associated semiconductor fabrication process are described for forming optical backplane mirror structures for perpendicularly deflecting optical signals out of the plane of the optical backplane die by selectively etching an optical waveguide semiconductor layer (103) on an optical backplane die wafer using an... Agent:

20140363122 - Optical interposer for waveguides: A process for preparing a subassembly, the process comprising (a) defining the location of one or more grooves for receiving at least one polymer waveguide in a wafer, (b) etching the grooves into the wafer, each groove having sidewalls and a first facet at the terminal end perpendicular to the... Agent:

20140363123 - High voltage photoconductive switch package: A photoconductive switch having a wide bandgap material substrate between opposing electrodes, and a doped dielectric filler that is in contact with both the electrodes and the substrate at the triple point. The dielectric filler material is doped with a conductive material to make it partially or completely conducting, to... Agent:

20140363124 - Optical redundancy: A high density, low power, high performance information system, method and apparatus are described in which an integrated circuit apparatus includes a first integrated circuit link element (657) and a redundant integrated circuit link element (660) connected in parallel between first and second deflectable MEMS switches (652-655, 662-665) which are... Agent:

20140363125 - Cladding mode stripper: An improved arrangement for stripping stray light energy that is propagating in the cladding layer of an optical fiber is provided. A cladding light stripper is provided that incorporates removal of at least a portion of the coating material and/or splicing the fiber to a fiber of differing diameter and/or... Agent:

20140363126 - Fiber bragg grating interrogator assembly and method for the same: A fiber Bragg grating interrogator assembly is described. Examples of the fiber Bragg grating interrogator assembly include an optical fiber including a fiber Bragg grating having a variable Bragg wavelength (λB) and a dynamic range of interest (Δλdyn,B) over which the Bragg wavelength (λB) can shift during use. The fiber... Agent: Technobis Group B.v.

20140363127 - Integrated photonics waveguide grating coupler: A photonic integrated device comprises a waveguide embedded in a photonic substrate. The waveguide has a waveguide radiation exit surface and the waveguide is optically connected to a two dimensional grating. The photonic integrated device also comprises a two dimensional grating having a plurality of curved elongate scattering elements. The... Agent: Imec

20140363128 - Compact, tunable, submersible dry mate n-pin optical connector: A multi-pin connector with a small envelop and low insertion loss capable of operating while submerged is described within. This configuration avoids the tolerance stack up troubles that has plagued other similar designs thereby allowing it to achieve a low insertion loss without the typical cost drivers of tighter tolerances.... Agent:

20140363130 - Field terminable optical fiber connector with splice element: An optical fiber connector includes a housing configured to mate with a receptacle, a collar body that includes a fiber stub and a mechanical splice device, a backbone to retain the collar body within the housing, and a boot. The backbone includes a fiber jacket clamping portion to clamp a... Agent:

20140363129 - Optical connector: An optical connector includes an optical fiber, and a ferrule configured to hold the optical fiber, wherein the ferrule has a front part, a rear part, a deformable mechanism to connect between the front part and the rear part, and an opening to allow the optical fiber to bend along... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20140363131 - Optical backplane system: An optical backplane system (600) comprising a horizontal backplane (30), a coupler (33) assembled to the backplane, a card assembly (100), and a connector assembly (500). The horizontal backplane defines a number of positioning holes (306). The coupler defines a number of upward openings (320) and a corresponding number of... Agent:

20140363132 - Optical connector having high coupling precision: An optical connector includes a first optical-electric coupling element, a second optical-electric coupling element, and a fixing device. The first optical-electric coupling element defines a first cavity and a second cavity. The second cavity includes two opposite first sidewalls. Each first sidewall defines a locating cutout. The second optical-electric coupling... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140363133 - Method to align optical fiber for splicing: A method for aligning non-circular clad fiber whereby the alignment of the cross sectional profiles of non-circular fiber is accurately aligned before splicing. A method is provided to determine the correct rotational orientation of a fiber with non-circular cladding geometry so that the on screen position of the fiber core... Agent:

20140363134 - Optical fiber cable assembly comprising optical tracer fiber: An optical fiber cable assembly is provided including a tracer light source and an optical tracer fiber physically coupled to or surrounded by the cable jacket and defining a tracer scattering profile comprising a relatively high scattering loss at a tracer wavelength or wavelength range λT such that light is... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 23 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140355923 - Electro-optic modulator having ridge waveguide structure: A ridge waveguide structure includes a substrate having a top surface; a ridge structure protruding from the top surface; and a waveguide formed in the ridge structure and a shape of the waveguide is corresponding to a shape of the ridge structure; the ridge structure includes a Y-shaped input section... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140355926 - Mach-zehnder modulator arrangement and method for operating a mach-zehnder modulator arrangement: An electro-optic Mach-Zehnder modulator arrangement includes first and second optical waveguides forming, respectively, first and second arms of the Mach-Zehnder modulator. An electrode arrangement includes a first waveguide electrode output port coupled to the first waveguide electrodes a second waveguide electrode arranged on top of a capacitive segment of the... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Fordering Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20140355924 - Optical modulator: An optical modulator includes: a substrate that has electrooptical effect and has a Mach-Zehnder modulator that has a 2×2 coupler acting as a splitter, two intermediate waveguides coupled to outputting waveguides of the splitter and another 2×2 coupler acting as a combiner coupled to the two intermediate waveguides; and a... Agent: Fujitsu Optical Components Limited

20140355925 - Positive coefficient dynamic electro-optical phase shifter: A semiconductor electro-optical phase shifter may include an optical action zone configured to be inserted in an optical waveguide, and a bipolar transistor structure configured so that, in operation, collector current of the bipolar transistor structure crosses the optical action zone perpendicular to the axis of the optical waveguide.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Sa

20140355927 - T-shape polarization beam splitter based on photonic crystal waveguide: A photonic crystal waveguide T-polarization beam splitter, comprising a photonic crystal waveguide with a completely forbidden band; after the input end (1) of the photonic crystal waveguide inputs an incident wave in any polarization direction into the polarization beam splitter, a TE component is outputted from a TE output end... Agent: Shenzhen University

20140355928 - Te- polarization splitter based on photonic crystal waveguide: The present invention discloses a TE-polarization splitter based on a photonic crystal waveguide, comprising a waveguide formed in a photonic crystal with a complete photonic bandgap, wherein after the incident wave with any polarization direction is inputted into the polarization splitter via the input port of the photonic crystal waveguide.... Agent: Shenzhen University

20140355931 - Glass-polymer optical interposer: An optical interposer that includes a glass substrate having one or more optical vias extending through the glass substrate. A first optical polymer may be bonded to the substrate and to interior surfaces of the one or more optical vias. Implementations include one or more optical via cores comprising a... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20140355932 - Integrated optical circuit with traversing attentuation zone: An integrated optical circuit includes an optically transparent substrate including: an input face, an output face, an upper face and a lower face, the upper and lower faces extending between the input and output faces; at least one optical waveguide which includes at least one first end situated on the... Agent: Ixblue

20140355930 - Light confining devices using all-dielectric metamaterial cladding: An all-dielectric metamaterial cladding is provided that can strongly confine light inside conventional low-index dielectric waveguides for use with photonic integrated circuits and nano-photonic devices. A class of metamaterials with dual electric and magnetic anisotropy along with giant birefringence can provide the ideal quasi-transverse electromagnetic mode propagation inside a glass... Agent:

20140355929 - Waveguide structure and method for fabricating the same: Embodiments of forming a waveguide structure are provided. The waveguide structure includes a substrate, and the substrate has an interconnection region and a waveguide region. The waveguide structure also includes a trench formed in the substrate, and the trench has a sloping sidewall surface and a substantially flat bottom. The... Agent:

20140355933 - Optical circuit switch with integral circulators: Optical circuit switches and switching methods are described. A first optical circulator may form a first plurality of bidirectional optical beams from a first plurality of input optical beams and a corresponding first plurality of output optical beams. Each bidirectional optical beam may consist of the corresponding input optical beam... Agent:

20140355934 - Optics system for use in a parallel optical communications module: An optics system for use with a parallel optical communications module is provided that includes a support structure for supporting the ends of the optical fibers in a way that ensures that the ends of the optical fibers are maintained in precise optical alignment with respective optical coupling elements of... Agent:

20140355935 - Directional coupling-type multi-drop bus: The invention relates to a directional coupling-type multi-drop bus of which the impedance is matched with the bus at the time of coupling so that the speed is increased. A directional coupler is formed when a second module provided with a second coupler end is mounted on a first module... Agent: Keio University

20140355936 - Connector for telecommunication enclosures: An optical fiber connector is described herein for inserting a telecommunication cable into a telecommunication enclosure in order to make an optical connection when the connector is inserted into a port structure of a telecommunication enclosure. The exemplary connector has a main body with an interior passageway extending from a... Agent:

20140355937 - Communication system having a floatable connector assembly: Communication system including a support frame having a pair of spacer walls that oppose each other. The spacer walls defines a receiving gap directly therebetween. The communication system also includes a floatable connector assembly including a connector module and a communication cable coupled to the connector module. The connector module... Agent:

20140355938 - Retention module for positioning conversion module: A retention module (100) for positioning conversion module (8) and a pair of fiber assemblies (7) matched with the conversion module (8) to transfer light signals, the conversion module (100) includes a plurality of pads (81) for contacting with an electrical connector (5) assembled on a substrate (80), the retention... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140355939 - Optical receptacle and optical module including the same: An optical receptacle includes a cylindrical optical fiber attaching section for attaching an end portion of an optical fiber by insertion; a cylindrical photoelectric conversion device attaching section that includes an inner circumferential surface into which a photoelectric conversion device having a light-receiving element is inserted and for attaching the... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20140355940 - Fiber optic splice protecting system and method for protecting a fiber optic splice: A fiber optic splice protecting system includes a tubular sized to fit around spliced ends of optical fibers and a sealant positioned in an annular space defined between the optical fibers and the tubular configured to cure from a liquid to a solid.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140355941 - Cable assembly: A hybrid cable assembly includes a hybrid cable, tether tubes, and an overmold. The hybrid cable includes both electrical-conductor and fiber-optic elements. The tethers receive a subset of the elements from the hybrid cable at a transition location in the form of a chamber, and the overmold surrounds the transition... Agent:

20140355942 - Induction free, flame retardant compact drop cable: An optical fiber cable with an optical fiber, an FR-aramid yarn, and a jacket that can be used as a flame retardant compact drop cable for multiple dwelling units.... Agent: Afl Telecommunications LLC

20140355943 - Datacenter connector systems utilizing feed-through optical cable assemblies: Datacenter connection systems for use in datacenter enclosures are disclosed. In one embodiment, a datacenter connection system includes a first module and a feed-through optical cable assembly. The first module includes a first faceplate having at least one first feed-through opening, a first surface, and at least one first module... Agent:

20140355945 - Integrated distribution enabling access apparatus: Provided is an apparatus including: a housing having a splitter compartment; a multiple fiber adapter attached to an exterior of a front housing wall of said housing; a multiple fiber connector connected to said multiple fiber adapter and disposed in an interior of the front housing wall of said housing;... Agent: Afl Telecommunications LLC

20140355944 - Splitter modules and optical component module mounting assemblies: A splitter module includes an optical splitter configured for splitting an input optical signal into two or more output optical signals. The splitter module also includes a housing that encloses the optical splitter. The housing has a first end and a second end, and defines a first opening facing the... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 23 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140348460 - System and method for an optical phase shifter: In one embodiment, an optical phase shifter includes a first phase-shifter configured to phase shift a transverse electric (TE) component of an optical signal by a first phase-shift to produce a TE component of a first signal, and a transverse magnetic (TM) component of the optical signal by a second... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140348462 - Optical circuit board: An optical circuit board including a top face, a bottom face, an optical layer buried between bottom and top faces, the optical layer being adapted to transmit optical signals, an opto-electronic component adapted to emit or receive light transmitted through the optical layer, a solid heat dissipative element adapted to... Agent:

20140348461 - Optical component with angled-facet waveguide: An optical component includes a component body, and at least one angled-facet waveguide formed in the component body, wherein the angled-facet waveguide is substantially mirror-symmetrical in shape relative to a line at or near the center of the angled-facet waveguide.... Agent:

20140348463 - Optical device and method for manufacuturing the optical device: The invention provides an optical device and an optical device manufacturing method wherein provisions are made to be able to precisely align an optical fiber relative to a substrate without heating the substrate and to maintain the optimum alignment condition for an extended period of time. More specifically, the invention... Agent: Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.

20140348464 - Wavelength selective switch, variable dispersion compensator, optical transmission apparatus, and optical transmission system: A wavelength selective switch is configured to demultiplex WDM light input from an input side for each wavelength, to supply the demultiplexed signal lights to deflectors corresponding to the demultiplexed wavelength, and to control the deflector to selectively output the demultiplexed signal lights to an output side, in which monitor... Agent:

20140348465 - Optical architectures, optical distribution matrices, and methods of manufacturing optical structures: Methods and apparatus for optical architectures are disclosed. An optical architecture includes first and second riser cards and first and second components carried by the first and second riser cards respectively. The optical architecture also includes a first matrix to fan-out a multi-bit optical input signal into first and second... Agent:

20140348466 - Apparatus and method for recognizing optical splitter port, and method and apparatus for detecting temperature of optical splitter: The present invention provides an optical splitter and a system, including: an optical divider, a ribbon fiber, and tributary fibers, where the optical divider is configured to divide an input optical signal into at least two optical signals for output; one end of the ribbon fiber is connected to the... Agent:

20140348467 - Tiltable gang fiber adaptor assembly: A gang adaptor assembly that comprises a plurality of adaptors positioned adjacent to one another along a longitudinal axis is disclosed A first connector is disposed at a first end of the gang adaptor assembly and configured to tiltably connect the plurality of adaptors to a cassette. A second connector... Agent: Corning Optical Communications LLC

20140348468 - Transceiver socket adapter for passive optical cable: A communication device includes a mechanical shell, which is configured to be inserted into a Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) receptacle and contains a notch configured to hold a ferrule for mating with a connector of a passive optical cable. The mechanical shell includes molded upper and lower covers, which are... Agent: Mellanox Technologies Ltd.

20140348469 - Mechanical interface between a fiber optic cable and a fiber optic connector: A fiber optic connector and cable assembly is disclosed herein. The fiber optic connector and cable assembly includes a cable having at least one optical fiber, a jacket surrounding the optical fiber and at least one strength member for reinforcing the fiber optic cable. The fiber optic connector and cable... Agent:

20140348470 - Cable connector assembly with two printed circuit boards: A cable connector assembly includes a connector and a cable electrically connected with the connector. The connector includes a shell, a first and a second printed circuit boards received in the shell, and an opto-electronic conversion module, the second printed circuit board including a first end electrically connected with the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140348472 - Optical connector, housing for optical connector, and metal case for optical connector: In an optical connector, a metal case has engageable concaved parts at free ends of side plates; a housing has engageable convexed parts, engageable with the engageable concaved parts, on side surfaces corresponding to the side plates of the metal case; and the engageable convexed parts each have a separation... Agent:

20140348471 - Optical fiber connector assembly with printed circuit board stabilization features: A plug connector for connecting a cable to a receptacle connector includes a housing (209) comprising an upper housing portion (212) assembled to a lower housing portion (211), the assembled portions defining a cavity (280) within the housing. One or more pr ted circuit boards (201, 202) are disposed in... Agent:

20140348473 - Optical cable assembly, an optical module, and a method for mounting an optical cable assembly to an optical module: An optical cable assembly is provided, an optical cable provided with one or more optical fibers, a strain-relieve device mounted on the optical cable and configured to provide a strain relieve when the optical cable is fed into an optical module through an opening in a housing of the optical... Agent:

20140348474 - Substrate mounting type photoelectric conversion connector: A substrate mounting type photoelectric conversion connector capable of reducing stress produced in a portion in which a lead terminal and a substrate are connected to each other is provided. The substrate mounting type photoelectric conversion connector includes an optical unit including a fitting portion to which a mating optical... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20140348475 - Fiber optic cable bundle with staggered connectors: A fiber optic cable bundle includes a first group of fiber optic cables and a second group of fiber optic cables. Each fiber optic cable in the first group includes a first axial end and an oppositely disposed second axial end. The first axial end of each fiber optic cable... Agent:

20140348476 - Optical cable terminal fixture, terminal fixing structure of optical cable, and optical module: An optical cable terminal fixture of the invention capable of increasing a fixing force of an optical cable and also simplifying swage operation, a terminal fixing structure of the optical cable, and an optical module. An optical cable terminal fixture includes a body having an outer sheath fixing part for... Agent:

20140348477 - Cable guide for fiber optic cables: A fiber optic cable guide may have an elongated base member that is curved along at least a portion of its length to define and limit the amount of curvature to be applied to a portion of a fiber optic cable while also defining the angular offset applied to the... Agent: Senko Advanced Components, Inc.

20140348478 - Carrier modules for optical subassemblies and methods for assembling optical packages: An optical subassembly includes an optical device assembly including an active device and an optical fiber cable operably connected to the active device that sends optical signals to the active device and receives optical signals from the active device. A carrier module has a cable receiving space that receives the... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20140348481 - Gang fiber adaptor and assemblies thereof: A gang adaptor assembly that comprises a plurality of adaptors positioned adjacent to one another along a longitudinal axis, each adaptor of the plurality of adaptors having a body that includes a pair of opposed short sides having a length (l) and a pair of opposed long sides having a... Agent: Corning Optical Communications LLC

20140348479 - Optical cable splice cassettes with device holder: Splice cassettes for optical cables and optical devices may include a tray base having a tray top surface. A tray center portion may be defined on the tray top surface inside a plurality of tray cable securing members arranged around a center-portion periphery of the tray center portion with a... Agent: Corning Optical Communications LLC

20140348480 - Optical cable splice cassettes with slack covers: Splice cassettes for optical cables may include a tray base having a tray top surface and a tray bottom surface. The tray base may include a transition passage through which a slack cable can be routed from the tray top surface to the tray bottom surface. A continuous slack passage... Agent: Corning Optical Communications LLC

20140348482 - Holding fixture for holding at least one cable with an affixing member and a clamping member: The invention relates to a holding fixture (71) for holding at least one cable (72) with an affixing member (1) and a clamping member (40). In order to ensure that the clamping member (40) and the affixing member (1) are arranged in a holding position (H), in which the cable... Agent: Tyco Electronics Raychem Bvba

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