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Optical waveguides

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01/22/2015 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150023627 - Method for producing semiconductor optical device and semiconductor optical device: A method for producing a semiconductor optical device includes the steps of forming first and second optical waveguides; forming a first resin layer on the first and the second optical waveguides; forming an opening in the first resin layer; forming a first electrode in the opening; forming a second resin... Agent:

20150023628 - Compact coherent high brightness light source for the mid-ir and far ir: Compact laser systems are disclosed which include ultrafast laser sources in combination with nonlinear crystals or waveguides. In some implementations fiber based mid-IR sources producing very short pulses and/or mid-IR sources based on a mode locked fiber lasers are utilized. A difference frequency generator receives outputs from the ultrafast sources,... Agent: Imra America, Inc.

20150023629 - Collimator holder for electro-optical sensor: A collimator holder in the form of a glass or ceramic block that has precisely machined holes formed in the block to receive respective collimator assemblies. Each collimator assembly includes an optical fiber attached to a GRIN lens by a ferrule. Optionally, each collimator assembly can include a glass tube... Agent:

20150023630 - Modal rotation in optical waveguides: An optical waveguide structure includes a rotator having a dual-layer core. A first layer of the dual-layer core may include a tapering portion. A second layer of the dual-layer core may include a rib portion disposed on the tapering portion. The combination of the rib portion and the tapering portion... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150023631 - Coupling system for optical fibers and optical waveguides: An optical coupler may include a fiber optic structure that has a portion of an outer surface that is beveled at a predetermined angle relative to a longitudinal axis of the fiber optic structure. The beveled outer surface portion may be optically coupled with a waveguide core of an optical... Agent:

20150023632 - Optical electrical module used for optical communication used for optical communication: An optical electrical module includes a first substrate, a second substrate, a bearing portion and at least one optical electrical element. The second substrate is combined with the first substrate and has a reflective surface facing the first substrate. The bearing portion is disposed between the first substrate and the... Agent:

20150023633 - Self-switching microresonator optical switch: An optical switch includes a microresonator comprising a silicon-rich silicon oxide layer and a plurality of silicon nanoparticles within the silicon-rich silicon oxide layer. The microresonator further includes an optical coupler optically coupled to the microresonator and configured to be optically coupled to a signal source. The microresonator is configured... Agent:

20150023634 - Optical fiber connector having clamping element: An optical fiber connector includes a housing, a number of optical fibers, and a clamping element. The housing includes a top surface and an inner bottom surface, and defines a receiving space extending from the top surface, a number of grooves and a number of clamping holes both extending from... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150023635 - Optical connector: An optical connector comprising a connector body, an enclosure that is a slit-shaped hole formed from one surface of the connector body into the connector body and accommodates a sheet-like optical waveguide with a tip of the optical waveguide abutting against a bottom of the hole, and a pressing section... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150023636 - Optical connector: An optical connector has an optical waveguide slit and a pass-through hole. The optical waveguide slit is a hole that extends from an insertion surface of a connector body into the connector body. The optical waveguide slit accommodates a sheet-like optical waveguide whose tip abuts against a slit bottom. The... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20150023637 - Optical module: An optical module includes a first ferrule, a second ferrule that is aligned with the first ferrule via a positioning pin, a housing including a support part that supports the second ferrule, and a ferrule clip that is fastened to the housing and presses the first ferrule toward the second... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20150023638 - Low loss passive optical hub for use in the plastic optical fiber networks: A node for a low loss passive optical hub is provided. The low loss passive optical hub includes a 1:N-split fiber and a plastic-optical fiber. The 1:N-split fiber has a fused-fractional end and N second-fractional ends. The 1:N-split fiber is formed from N sub-fibers. The N sub-fibers each have a... Agent:

20150023639 - Side pump fiber, method of making same, and optical devices using same: A side pump fiber and a method of making a side pump fiber are provided. A plurality of pump fibers can be joined to a side of a signal fiber, at different locations. The method includes creating a lengthwise, tapered, concave pocket cut in a pump (or side pump) fiber,... Agent:

20150023640 - Optical fiber cable with protective translucent outer layer: An optical communication cable is provided. The optical communications cable includes a cable body having an outer surface, an inner surface and a channel defined by the inner surface. An optical transmission element is located in the channel. The cable includes an ink layer positioned on the outer surface of... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20150023641 - Optical fiber cable with print protective outer surface profile: An optical communication cable includes a cable body having an outer surface, an inner surface, a channel defined by the inner surface and a longitudinal axis extending through the center of the channel. The outer surface of the cable body defines a profile feature such that the outer surface at... Agent: Corning Optical Communications LLC

20150023643 - Gradient optical polymer nanocomposites: Gradient index optical materials are formed by drop by drop dispensing of nanoparticle/monomer suspensions. Refractive index variations are defined by nanoparticle concentrations that can vary in three dimensions. Droplets of differing compositions can be mixed, and droplets or layers or droplets are partially cross-linked by exposure to ultraviolet radiation prior... Agent: State Of Oregon Acting By And Through The State Board Of Higher Education On Behalf Of The Univers

20150023642 - High bandwidth mmf and method of making: A multimode optical fiber, and a method of making the fiber, are provided according to the following steps and elements: forming a core preform with a graded refractive index that includes silica and an up-dopant; drawing the core preform into a core cane; forming an inner annular segment preform that... Agent:

20150023644 - Isotopically altered optical fiber: An optical waveguide having a cladding layer formed of high-purity glass, or a cladding layer formed of high-purity isotope-proportion modified glass, and with a core of high-purity isotope-proportion-modified glass with the index of refraction of the core glass greater than the index of refraction of the cladding glass, said high-purity... Agent:

20150023645 - Fiber optic assembly and modular tray therefore: The fiber optic assembly can include two fiber optic breadboards hinged to one another along a coinciding hinge axis. Each one of the fiber optic breadboards can have a flat body having two faces and lateral edges, one of which running alongside the hinge axis, and can have a tessellation... Agent:

20150023646 - Fiber optic connector removal clips: A removal clip is provided for disconnecting a fiber optic connector from an array of installed fiber optic connectors. The removal clip includes an engagement portion for engaging the connector and a force transmitting structure that allows digital removal force from a user to be applied at a distance from... Agent: Molex Incorporated

01/15/2015 > 30 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150016767 - Optical semiconductor device: An optical semiconductor device includes a laser oscillator on a semiconductor substrate; and an optical modulator on the semiconductor substrate. The laser oscillator includes a pair of reflecting mirrors at least one of which is a loop mirror, and the loop mirror includes a loop waveguide and a plurality of... Agent:

20150016768 - Polarization beam combiner/splitter, polarization beam combining/splitting structure, light mixer, optical modulator module, and method for manufacturing polarization beam combiner/splitter: The present invention provides a polarization beam combiner/splitter, a polarization beam combining/splitting structure, a light mixer, an optical modulator module, and a method for manufacturing a polarization beam combiner/splitter with suitable polarization beam combining/splitting characteristics. In the polarization beam combiner/splitter, a polarization beam combining/splitting film is placed on a substrate... Agent:

20150016771 - Optical device and fabrication method of optical device: An optical device includes a substrate having an electrooptical effect, and including an optical waveguide that guides light and a reflection groove having a bottom face that reflects light output from the optical waveguide; and a light-receiving element positioned above the reflection groove and fixed to the substrate. The light... Agent: Fujitsu Optical Components Limited

20150016772 - Optical module: An optical module (1) of the invention includes a circuit substrate (24) on which light receiving and emitting elements (52) are mounted, a connector component (54) for holding optical fibers (7), and a lens array component (55) which is fixed on the circuit substrate (24) and optically connects the optical... Agent:

20150016773 - Optical waveguide and manufacturing method thereof: The optical waveguide includes: a lower clad layer, a core layer, an upper clad layer, a substrate, and a mirror, the lower clad layer, the core layer, and the upper clad layer being sequentially laminated to the substrate, the mirror being formed on the core layer, in which the substrate... Agent:

20150016769 - Semiconductor devices including photodetectors integrated on waveguides and methods for fabricating the same: Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating semiconductor devices are provided. In one example, a method for fabricating a semiconductor device includes etching a waveguide layer in a detector region of a semiconductor substrate to form a recessed waveguide layer section. A ridge structure germanium (Ge) photodetector is formed overlying a... Agent:

20150016770 - Three-dimensional electronic photonic integrated circuit fabrication process: A device and the process for creating a three-dimensional electronic photonic circuit is disclosed. The process includes fabricating a standard high performance integrated circuit on a high resistivity silicon or a silicon-on-insulator substrate up to and including the passivation layer on top of transistors. Separately, a silicon-on-insulator wafer capped by... Agent:

20150016774 - Method for regulating patterned plasmonic underlayer: The embodiments disclose a stack feature of a stack configured to confine optical fields within and to a patterned plasmonic underlayer in the stack configured to guide light from a light source to regulate optical coupling.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20150016775 - Apparatus and method for passive alignment of optical devices: An apparatus for passive alignment of optical devices comprises a substrate including a trench in a top surface thereof, where the trench has a first end positioned at an edge of the substrate and a second end positioned at an interior region of the substrate, and a lens disposed on... Agent:

20150016776 - Optical communication device: An optical communication device includes a connector, a first substrate, a first driving chip, a light emitting element, a second driving chip, a light receiving element, a coupling lens assembly, and an optical waveguide. The first substrate is supported on the connector and electrically connected to the connector. The first... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150016777 - Planar waveguide apparatus with diffraction element(s) and system employing same: A waveguide apparatus includes a planar waveguide and at least one optical diffraction element (DOE) that provides a plurality of optical paths between an exterior and interior of the planar waveguide. A phase profile of the DOE may combine a linear diffraction grating with a circular lens, to shape a... Agent: Magic Leap, Inc.

20150016778 - Facile optical assemblies and components: A micro identification system supports facile optical assemblies and components. A segment of optical fiber can comprise an identifier formed via actinic radiation. The identifier can generate a laser interference pattern that can be read through a cylindrical surface of the optical fiber to determine a code. Modified optical fibers... Agent:

20150016779 - Plug-in connection system for plug-in connectors: m

20150016780 - Lc connector and method of assembly: A fiber optic connector includes a front housing having sidewalls each defining a slot and a rear insert with a pair of locking flanges extending radially away, the locking flanges configured to snap-fit into the slots, each locking flange defining a front face and a rear face, the radially outermost... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20150016781 - Optical fiber connector: An optical fiber connector includes a first surface, a second surface parallel with the first surface, a third surface, and a fourth surface parallel with the third surface. A groove and a fiber hole are defined in the optical fiber connector. The groove includes a bottom surface and a side... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150016782 - Bi-directional data transmission method, high-frequency connector and optical connector using the same: The instant disclosure relates to bi-direction data transmission method, high-frequency connector and an optical connector using the same. The optical connector includes a first circuit board, a second circuit board, a high-frequency connector and an optical fiber cable. One optical engine is set on the first circuit board. The high-frequency... Agent: Nextronics Engineering Corp.

20150016783 - Electrical/optical connector: An electrical/optical connector system can include a first circuit board with a floating optical connector and a first electrical contact and a second circuit board with a second optical connector to blind mate with the floating optical connector and a second electrical contact to blind mate with the first electrical... Agent:

20150016784 - Self-aligning connectorized fiber array assembly: An apparatus for providing self-aligned optical coupling between an opto-electronic substrate and a fiber array, where the substrate is enclosed by a transparent lid such that the associated optical signals enter and exit the arrangement through the transparent lid. The apparatus takes the form of a two-part connectorized fiber array... Agent:

20150016785 - Optical connector, male connector housing for optical connector, and female connector housing for optical connector: Guiding convexed and concaved parts provided on inner side surfaces of a female connector housing have inclining surfaces inclining with respect to a direction perpendicular to the inner side surfaces; whereas guided convexed and concaved parts provided on outer side surfaces of a male connector housing have inclining surfaces facing... Agent:

20150016787 - Optical communication device: An optical communication device includes an optical fiber connector for positioning at least one optical fiber, a lens member for optically coupling the optical fiber with an photoelectric member, at least two metal engaging posts positioned on one of the optical fiber connector and the lens member, and at least... Agent:

20150016786 - Optical connector with alignment structure: An optical connector for optically coupling light between an optical fiber and an opto-electronic device (OED) includes a lens body having a first lens array, a second lens array, and a reflecting surface on the optical path between the first lens array and the second lens array for reflecting the... Agent:

20150016789 - Composite cable assembly with neutral buoyancy: An optical fiber cable assembly for use in a fluid environment includes an elongated optical fiber cable having a negative buoyancy. A first supplemental filament has a positive buoyancy and is connected to the elongated optical fiber cable to form a composite cable assembly having a composite buoyancy that is... Agent:

20150016788 - Port tap cable having in-line furcation for providing live optical connections and tap optical connection in a fiber optic network, and related systems, components, and methods: A port tap cable for supporting live optical connections in a fiber optic network includes one or more fiber optic splitters, which each receive an optical signal from a live input optical fiber of a live input fiber optic cable leg. Each fiber optic splitter splits each optical signal and... Agent:

20150016790 - Fiber optic cable: A cable includes a jacket defining an exterior of the cable and a rigid tube. The cable further includes densely-packed strength members on the outside of the rigid tube, compressed between the rigid tube and the jacket, and loosely-packed strength members on the inside of the rigid tube. Further the... Agent:

20150016791 - Multi-core optical fiber tape: A multi-core optical fiber ribbon easily optically connected to another optical component is provided. A multi-core optical fiber ribbon 1 includes a plurality of multi-core optical fibers 10 arranged parallel to one another and a common resin 20, with which the plurality of multi-core optical fibers 10 are collectively coated.... Agent:

20150016792 - Highly nonlinear optical fiber with imporved sbs threshold and moderate attenuation: A highly nonlinear optical fiber having an improved stimulated Brillouin scattering threshold is provided. The fiber includes a central core region made substantially from silica doped with aluminum, a trench region surrounding the central core region, and a silica cladding surrounding the trench region. The refractive index profile of the... Agent: Ofs Fitel, LLC

20150016793 - Waveguide structure: A waveguide structure includes a bottom dielectric layer, a core layer disposed over the bottom dielectric layer, an etch stop layer disposed over the core layer, and a cladding layer or a buffer layer disposed over the etch stop layer. The waveguide structure is configured to guide a light signal... Agent:

20150016794 - Optical waveguide, optical wiring component, optical waveguide module and electronic device: A core layer (13) of an optical waveguide (1) includes a plurality of core groups (140) disposed so as to mutually intersect on the same plane, each core group (140) being an assembly of a plurality of core portions (14), at least some of which are arranged in parallel, and... Agent: Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

20150016795 - Optical component and optical communication system: An optical component according to an embodiment of the present invention is constructed of a plurality of MCFs each having the same core constellation structure and among the plurality of MCFs, a maximum deviation of a core pitch between neighboring cores and a maximum deviation of a spot size of... Agent:

20150016796 - Rack-mountable telecommunications patch panel: Telecommunications patch panel (10) comprising a mounting interface for mounting the patch panel (10) in a mounting location of a rack, wherein the mounting interface comprises fixation means (120) for suspending and securely fixing the patch panel (10) on the rack. The fixation means (120) is/are linearly movable, relative to... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 21 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150010263 - Controlling the composition of electro-absorption media in optical devices: Forming an optical device includes growing an electro-absorption medium in a variety of different regions on a base of a device precursor. The regions include a component region and the regions are selected so as to achieve a particular chemical composition for the electro-absorption medium included in the component region.... Agent:

20150010265 - Contact image sensor using switchable bragg gratings: A contact image sensor having: an illumination; a first SBG array device; a transmission grating; a second SBG array device; a waveguiding layer having a multiplicity of waveguide cores separated by cladding material; an upper clad layer; and a platen. The sensor also including an optical device for coupling light... Agent:

20150010264 - Optical semiconductor device: An optical semiconductor device is provided as one achieving reduction of power in phase control. The optical semiconductor device has: a first optical waveguide having a plurality of segments each of which has a diffraction grating region with a diffraction grating and a space portion coupled to the diffraction grating... Agent:

20150010270 - Arrangement of a substrate with at least one optical waveguide and with an optical coupling location and of an optoelectronic component, and method for manufacturing such an arrangement: An arrangement of a substrate with at least one optical waveguide and with an optical coupling location for coupling in and/or coupling out an optical a radiation into and/or out of the at least one optical waveguide, and of at least one optoelectronic component which is assembled on the substrate... Agent:

20150010271 - Integrated sub-wavelength grating system: An integrated grating element system includes a first transparent layer formed on an optoelectronic substrate layer which includes at least two optoelectronic components, a first grating layer disposed on the first transparent layer which includes at least two sub-wavelength grating elements formed therein aligned with active regions of the optoelectronic... Agent:

20150010267 - Interconnection between silicon photonics devices and optical fibers: An apparatus includes a Silicon Photonics (SiP) device and a ferrule. The SiP includes multiple optical waveguides. The ferrule includes multiple optical fibers for exchanging optical signals with the respective optical waveguides of the SiP device. In some embodiments, an array of micro-lenses is configured to couple the optical signals... Agent:

20150010266 - Photonic integration platform: A SOI device may include a waveguide adapter that couples light between an external light source—e.g., a fiber optic cable or laser—and a silicon waveguide on the silicon surface layer of the SOI device. In one embodiment, the waveguide adapter is embedded into the insulator layer. Doing so may enable... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150010268 - Polymer-based interconnection between silicon photonics devices and optical fibers: An apparatus includes a Silicon Photonics (SiP) device and a ferrule. The SiP includes multiple optical waveguides. The ferrule includes multiple optical fibers for exchanging optical signals with the respective optical waveguides of the SiP device. In some embodiments, an array of micro-lenses is configured to couple the optical signals... Agent:

20150010269 - Semiconductor package with an optical signal path, memory card including the same, and electronic system including the same: A semiconductor package includes a substrate and an optical communication part. A first chip stack part and a second chip stack part are disposed over the substrate and are separate from each other, and the optical communication part is disposed in a cavity formed in the substrate to provide an... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150010272 - Optical receptacle and optical module: An optical receptacle has a first optical surface which receives incidence of light from a light emitting element, a reflecting surface which reflects the light along a substrate, a light separating section which separates light reflected at the reflecting surface into monitor light and signal light, a second optical surface... Agent:

20150010273 - Lens component and optical module provided with the same: A lens component has a element-side lens portion 65 which is provided so as to face a light emitting and receiving element 52 mounted on a circuit substrate 24, a positioning portion 75 that protrudes such that the element-side lens portion 65 is separated from the circuit substrate 24 by... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20150010274 - Optical module, optical communication apparatus, and information processing system including the same: Provided are an optical module, an optical communication apparatus, and an information processing system including the same. The optical module includes a lower clad layer, an optical waveguide extended in one direction on the lower clad layer, an optical device on the optical waveguide, a prism disposed between the optical... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150010275 - Magnetic connector with optical signal path: Circuits, apparatus, and methods that provide a connector system that can supply both power and data to a mobile computing or other type of device using a single connection. Further examples also provide a power and data adapter that can provide power and data to a mobile computing device using... Agent:

20150010276 - Fiber optic connector: A fiber optic connector has an opening for receiving a fiber optic cable, a pair of locating pins positioned adjacent to a front end ferrule and a housing for providing a covering between the opening and the locating pins. The locating pins are configured to be moveable between a first... Agent:

20150010277 - Optical device and fiber laser device: An optical device includes a first medium which (i) has a refractive index lower than (a) a refractive index of an outermost shell part in a first outer shell removed area of a first optical fiber and (b) a refractive index of an outermost shell part in a second outer... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20150010278 - Fiber optic closure: A component for a closure is disclosed herein. The component includes a collar extending around a central axis. The component also includes a first expansion housing positioned outside the collar in a radial direction relative to the central axis. The first expansion housing has an interior region in communication with... Agent:

20150010280 - Mounting systems for power, communication and fiber optic cables: An assembly includes: a foundation structure; first and second cables having a flattened profile; and a mounting member engaging the first and second cables such that the first and second cables are arranged in stacked relationship and are mounted to the foundation structure.... Agent:

20150010279 - Optical fiber and optical cable: The present invention relates to an optical fiber and an optical cable which can be used for a long term even under environments in which an oil content migrates into them, and the optical fiber has a glass fiber extending along a predetermined axis, and a coating. The coating is... Agent:

20150010281 - Probing cable: A probing cable for deployment inside a pipe formation has a resiliently deformable tip member which extends from the end of the cable at an angle from the length direction of the cable. The tip member helps to guide the probing cable around corners and junctions in the pipe formation.... Agent:

20150010282 - Optical module: The optical module 10 includes an optical cable 11 including a first tension member 16 surrounding the optical fiber 14, a second tension member 17 surrounding the first tension member, and an outer sheath 20 surrounding the second tension member; and a housing 20 attached at a terminal of the... Agent:

20150010283 - Multi- fiber, fiber optic cable assemblies providing constrained optical fibers within an optical fiber sub-unit, and related fiber optic components, cables, and methods: Multi-fiber, fiber optic cable assemblies and related fiber optic components, cables, and methods providing constrained optical fibers within an optical fiber sub-unit are disclosed. The optical fiber sub-unit(s) comprises optical fibers disposed adjacent a sub-unit strength member(s) within a sub-unit jacket. Movement of optical fibers within a sub-unit jacket can... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 25 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150003772 - Stabilizing apparatus for tremolo system for string instrumen: A few-moded fiber device has several discrete sections of few-moded fibers that are separated by mode converters, with each mode converter accomplishing mode conversion between one or more pairs of modes. The mode conversions can be accomplished using a sequence, such as a periodic or cyclic sequence that would cause... Agent:

20150003773 - Beam combiner: A beam combiner is disclosed that comprises a planar lightwave circuit that is based on undoped silicon nitride-based surface waveguides, wherein the planar lightwave circuit comprises a plurality of input ports, a mixing region, and an output port, and wherein the mixing region comprises a plurality of directional couplers that... Agent:

20150003774 - Optical fiber event sensor: An optical fiber attenuation sensor that includes a first protrusion movable between a first position and a second position, a second protrusion movable between a third position to a fourth position, and an elastic object coupled to the first protrusion that causes the first protrusion to move from the first... Agent:

20150003777 - Method and structure for reducing light crosstalk in integrated circuit device: The present disclosure provides an integrated circuit device comprising a substrate having a back surface and a sensing region disposed in the substrate and being operable to sense radiation projected towards the back surface of the substrate. The device further includes a waveguide disposed over the back surface of the... Agent:

20150003778 - Optical printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same: Provided is an optical printed circuit board, including: a first insulating layer on which at least one receiving groove with an inclined angle on at least one end is formed; an optical waveguide which is formed in the receiving groove of the first insulating layer; and a second insulating layer... Agent:

20150003775 - Photonic device having a photonic crystal lower cladding layer provided on a semiconductor substrate: An integrated photonic device is provided with a photonic crystal lower cladding on a semiconductor substrate.... Agent:

20150003776 - Planar coaxial electrically and optically conductive structure: A method for fabricating a coaxial structure having an electrical conductor surrounded by an optically conductive dielectric is disclosed. The method may include creating an optical trench in an electrical conductor and depositing an optical material into the optical trench to cover an inner surface of the trench. The method... Agent:

20150003779 - Semiconductor integrated circuit: A semiconductor integrated circuit according to an example of the present invention includes a chip substrate, first and second switches arranged on the chip substrate in which ON/OFF of an electrical signal path is directly controlled by an optical signal, a first light shielding layer arranged above the chip substrate,... Agent:

20150003780 - Optical device: An optical device and a method of manufacturing an optical device. The optical device includes: a conversion means for converting propagation light propagating through an optical waveguide into parallel light and for outputting the parallel light; and a first lens means for focusing the parallel light outputted from the conversion... Agent:

20150003781 - Optical device: An optical device including a diffraction grating structure. The device provides optical coupling that allows the diffraction efficiency and the coupling efficiency of signal light whose direction to travel is changed (or diffracted) by a grating to be independently determined. The optical device includes: a first layer forming one end... Agent:

20150003782 - Polarization conversion device: A polarization conversion device includes: a directional coupler that includes an input side optical waveguide and an output side optical waveguide which are disposed in parallel to each other and each of which has a core Assuming that a direction in which the input side optical waveguide and the output... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20150003783 - Expanded beam optical connectors and methods for using the same: An expanded beam optical connector including a connector body, an optical element in the form of a waveguide or active device, a beam width altering optical lens, and a transmit/receive window. The optical element, the beam width altering optical lens, and the transmit/receive window are configured such that optical signals... Agent: Corning Optical Communications LLC

20150003786 - Fiber optic connector assembly: A connector includes an insulating connector body having a contact hole formed in the connector body. A metal shell receives the connector body. An adapter in the contact hole supports a fiber optic terminus. A securing member is located on an exterior surface of the connector body and releasably attaches... Agent:

20150003785 - Fibre optic adaptor and method for optically connecting fibre optic devices together: An adaptor for optically connecting fibre optic devices, such as cable assemblies, together. The adaptor includes: a body (3) having first and second receiving formations (15,17), the first receiving formation (15) is arranged to receive a first fibre optic connector (19), the second receiving formation (17) is adaptable between first... Agent: Fibrefab Limited

20150003784 - Robust optical crimp connector: An optical connector with a cable gland dimensioned for coupling with a body includes a crimp seat with a shoulder dimensioned larger than a bore of the cable gland. A duplex shell is dimensioned to retain a pair of optical connectors; the duplex shell provided with a crimp support. The... Agent:

20150003787 - Optical fiber connector: An optical fiber connector includes a housing with at least one elongated cylindrical cavity, a fiber holder within the cavity including a ferrule which secures an optical fiber therein and a biasing member engaging the fiber holder to bias the ferrule towards an unmated position. A resilient metal latch is... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150003788 - Optical fiber connector: An optical fiber connector includes a housing with at least one elongated cylindrical cavity, a fiber holder within the cavity including a ferrule which secures an optical fiber therein and a biasing member engaging the fiber holder to bias the ferrule towards an unmated position. A resilient metal latch is... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150003789 - Rotatable ferrules and interfaces for use with an optical guidewire: The invention is directed to devices and methods for passing optical radiation into and out of a body lumen. In particular, the invention is directed to a rotatable ferrule for use in an optical guidewire and methods for using a rotatable ferrule. The rotatable ferrule may be either rotatably captured... Agent:

20150003790 - Field mountable duplex optical fiber connector with mechanical splice elements: A field mountable fiber optic connector for terminating a dual optical fiber cable is provided. The fiber optic connector includes a bifurcated housing having first and second spaced apart, parallel backbone portions extending from a cable furcation unit, first and second collar bodies respectively disposed in the first and second... Agent:

20150003791 - Interposer having optical interface with alignment structures formed by a resist layer of interposer and related optic assemblies: Disclosed are interposers and interposer structures having an optical interface for optical fiber connection with a related fiber optic ferrule that can form a portion of an optical assembly. The interposer is useful for transmitting optical signals to/from the interposer for high-speed communication. Specifically, the interposer provides a passively aligned... Agent:

20150003792 - Monolithically integrated, self-aligning, optical-fiber ferrule: A monolithically integrated, self-aligning, optical-fiber ferrule for a pigtailed opto-electronic module. The ferrule includes a body, a cavity defined within the body, a lateral alignment structure, and an optical-fiber stop. The cavity is to accept and align an optical fiber with an end of the cavity to face an optical... Agent:

20150003793 - Direct attach media converter: A direct attach media converter is provided. The direct attach media converter comprises a media converter module, a connecting wire and a pluggable transceiver module. The media converter module is configured to transform a RJ-45 interface signal into a pluggable transceiver module interface signal or transform a pluggable transceiver module... Agent: Dawnray Tech. Co., Ltd.

20150003794 - Optical electrical hybrid cable: A hybrid cable for telecommunications systems is disclosed. The hybrid cable may include a plurality of fiber-optic cables and power cables extending within an armor member and an outer jacket in a main body portion of the hybrid cable, and extending outside of the armor member and the outer jacket... Agent:

20150003795 - Fiber optic assembly for optical cable: A fiber optic assembly includes a buffer tube forming an elongate passage and a plurality of optical fibers positioned therein. The buffer tube includes at least one layer of a composite material that includes a base material and a filler material blended therein. Particles of the filler material have an... Agent:

20150003796 - Waveguide including light turning gaps: The technology provides embodiments for a waveguide including gaps which turn the direction of light. Each of a plurality of planes located within a waveguide includes a group of gaps so that each of the gapped planes partially reflects out of the waveguide light within a first angle range and... Agent:

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