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Optical waveguides

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05/21/2015 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150139585 - Device and method for micro-electro-mechanical-system photonic switch: In one embodiment, a micro-electro-mechanical-system (MEMS) photonic switch includes a first plurality of collimators and a first minor array optically coupled to the first plurality of collimators, where the first minor array includes a first plurality of minors, and where a first minor of the first plurality of minors includes... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20150139586 - Optical device: An optical device and a method of manufacturing an optical device. The optical device includes: a conversion means for converting propagation light propagating through an optical waveguide into parallel light and for outputting the parallel light; and a first lens means for focusing the parallel light outputted from the conversion... Agent:

20150139587 - Fiber coupler: A fibre coupler is provided, which includes a tubular enveloping structure and several optical fibres arranged in the enveloping structure, each of which has a fibre core and a fibre cladding surrounding same, in order to conduct laser radiation, and each of which extends from the first as far as... Agent:

20150139588 - Hybrid fiber connector patch cord assemblies: Fiber patch cable assemblies are described. More particularly, fiber patch cable assemblies that provide adaptability between a terminal and a drop cable having different connection formats are described.... Agent:

20150139589 - Optical fiber connector, method for manufacturing optical fiber connector, method for connecting optical fiber connector and optical fiber, and assembled body of optical fiber connector and optical fiber: An optical fiber connector in which: an optical fiber guide member includes a fiber guide side substrate portion forming part of a substrate, a fiber guide pattern, and a lid member; and an optical waveguide includes an optical waveguide side substrate portion adjacent to the fiber guide side substrate portion,... Agent: Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.

20150139590 - Optical communication device, transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, and transmission and reception system: There is provided an optical communication device including a lens substrate configured to have a first face on which a plurality of lenses corresponding to a plurality of channels of optical communication are two-dimensionally formed, and a ferrule configured to be disposed facing a second face that is the opposite... Agent:

20150139591 - Optical fiber connector: An optical fiber connector includes a main body and a fixing element. The main body includes a front surface and a rear surface opposite to the front surface. An extending portion extends from the rear surface. The main body defines at least one receiving hole and at least one receiving... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150139592 - Optical fiber laser and anti-reflection device, and manufacturing method thereof: An anti-reflection device, comprising: a first optical fiber, having a first optical fiber core; and a second optical fiber, having a second optical fiber core which is fusion spliced to the first fiber core to form a spliced point optical fiber core. Thereby, the present disclosure provides a method for... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150139593 - Optical fiber cable: An optical fiber cable includes an optical fiber core wire; a pair of tension members extending parallel to each other in an extension direction of the optical fiber core wire, sandwiching the optical fiber core wire; and a rectangular jacket covering the optical fiber core wire and the pair of... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20150139594 - Micromodule cables and breakout cables therefor: A breakout cable includes a polymer jacket and a plurality of micromodules enclosed within the jacket. Each micromodule has a plurality of bend resistant optical fibers and a polymer sheath comprising PVC surrounding the bend resistant optical fibers. Each of the plurality of bend resistant optical fibers is a multimode... Agent:

20150139595 - Device for converting the transverse spatial profile of intensity of a light beam, preferably using a microstructured optical fibre: A device for converting transverse spatial profile of intensity of a light beam, using a microstructured optical fiber. Transverse dimensions of the fiber vary longitudinally and both its ends have opto-geometrical parameters such that at the wavelength of the beam the fiber has a fundamental mode having two different profile... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20150139596 - Multicore fiber and method of manufacture of the same: A multicore fiber includes a plurality of cores and a cladding that encloses the plurality of the cores. The plurality of the cores is arranged and disposed on a linear line passed through the center of the cladding. A difference in the cutoff wavelength between an outer core located at... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20150139597 - Multicore fiber: A multicore fiber includes a plurality of cores and a cladding surrounding the plurality of cores. The plurality of cores is arranged and disposed on a linear line passed through the center of the cladding. A pair of cores is included. The pair of the cores is located adjacent to... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20150139598 - Secure cable housing system for optical communication network: A secure cable housing system for use within a secure fiber optic communications network is provided. The secure cable housing system includes a non-secure cable box and a secure equipment box. The secure network equipment box includes a secure interior cavity, and the non-secure cable box is smaller than the... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20150139599 - Optical cable exit trough: A cable exit trough is mountable to a lateral trough section either during initial assembly of the cable routing system, or at a later date. The exit trough includes a bracket portion mountable to the top edge of one of the sides of the lateral trough section. Two lead-ins are... Agent:

20150139600 - Method of producing preform for coupled multi-core fiber, method of producing coupled multi-core fiber, and coupled multi-core fiber: Provided is a method of producing a preform 10P for a coupled multi-core fiber including: an arranging process P1 for arranging a plurality of core glass bodies 11R and a clad glass body 12R in such a way that the plurality of core glass bodies 11R are surrounded by the... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

05/14/2015 > 25 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150131936 - Method for brightness enhancement and modes manipulation of a multimode optical fiber: The invention relates to adaptive optics techniques applied to alter the modal structure of light propagating in an optical fiber. In particular the invention relates to altering the modal structure in a multimode beam propagating in a multimode fiber by lowering the number of higher modes. The method comprises combining... Agent:

20150131937 - Cable and radiation measurement apparatus: A cable with a scintillation fiber having high radiation detecting accuracy is provided. The cable comprise a protective tube, a scintillation fiber accommodated in the protective tube, and a light emission preventing element accommodated in the protective tube.... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd

20150131939 - Apparatus and method of forming chip package with waveguide for light coupling: An apparatus and method of forming a chip package with a waveguide for light coupling is disclosed. The method includes depositing an adhesive layer over a carrier. The method further includes depositing a laser diode (LD) die having a laser emitting area onto the adhesive layer and depositing a molding... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20150131940 - Integrated optical sub-assembly: An optical subassembly includes a thru optical via (104) formed through a semiconductor substrate (102), an optoelectronic component (108) secured to the substrate (102) such that an active region (106) of the optoelectronic component is aligned with the thru optical via (104), and circuitry (110) formed into the substrate (102),... Agent:

20150131938 - Light coupling formation in a waveguide layer: An approach is provided for forming a light coupling in a waveguide layer. The approach involves forming a waveguide layer overlaying an upper surface of a substrate. The approach also involves placing a chip package portion within the waveguide layer in a selected position. The approach further involves forming a... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Ltd.

20150131941 - Method for producing optical assembly and optical assembly: A method for producing an optical assembly includes the steps of forming an optical semiconductor device including a substrate, a recess and an first optical waveguide, the optical semiconductor device having a principal surface, the recess extending from the principal surface to a middle portion of the substrate; forming an... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20150131942 - Polarization splitter/combiner based on a one-dimensional grating coupler: A grating coupler comprising a semiconductor substrate, a one-dimensional (1D) grating element coupled to the semiconductor substrate, wherein the 1D grating element is adapted to simultaneously couple a first polarization component of an incident optical beam with a transverse electric (TE) waveguide mode in a first propagation direction and a... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20150131943 - Tapered optical fiber, manufacturing method thereof and manufacturing system thereof: To provide a tapered optical fiber having a good outer diameter accuracy and a high reproducibility, a manufacturing method of the tapered optical fiber, and a manufacturing system of the tapered optical fiber. The above-mentioned problem is solved by manufacturing system 1 of a tapered optical fiber comprising: shifter 11,... Agent:

20150131944 - Connector system with physical security feature: A multifiber connector comprising a rectangular-shaped ferrule having a plurality of fibers, alignment structure positioned on a front face of the ferrule, the alignment structure being at least one of alignment pins and pin-receiving holes, a housing defining a ferrule opening, the ferrule opening sized and shaped to accommodate disposition... Agent:

20150131945 - Cable strain relief for cables, in particular fiber optic cables: The invention relates to a means of cable strain relief (1) comprising a crimping sleeve (3) for the mechanical operative connection of a cable (5) to a crimping neck (2), wherein the crimping sleeve (3) is used in the crimped state for clamping a textile braid (7) of the cable... Agent: Huber+suhner Ag

20150131946 - Unitary fiber optic ferrule and adapter therefor: A unitary fiber optic ferrule reflects light off an interior lens and through the fiber optic ferrule. Optical fibers can be easily secured in the unitary fiber optic ferrule. An adapter to secure the unitary fiber optic ferrule to a optical component assembly is also presented. The adapter provides a... Agent:

20150131948 - Fiber optic devices and methods of manufacturing fiber optic devices: A method of forming a fiber optic device includes securing one or more optical fibers to a support. The support is coupled to a base that includes one or more optoelectronic devices. After one or more of the fibers are secured to the support, and the support is secured to... Agent:

20150131947 - Optical receptacle and optical module provided with same: A surface (3a′) having light of a light emitting element (10) inputted thereto and monitor light outputted therefrom is formed as a part of an optical plate (3), and an output surface (12) having coupling light outputted therefrom is formed as a part of an optical block (4), thereby simply... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20150131949 - Device comprising weldbonded components: A method of assembling optoelectronic and/or photonic components, said method comprising: (i) providing at least two optoelectronic and/or photonic components; (ii) aligning and situating these components relative to one another and in close proximity with one another so as to: (a) provide optical coupling between these components; and (b) maintain... Agent:

20150131950 - Fiber optic splice protector for harsh environments: An optical fiber cable for installation in a subterranean formation, where the temperature could be in excess of 150 degrees C. The optical fiber cable has an outer metallic jacket defining an elongated conduit with an internal elongated channel that receives an optical fiber. The optical fiber has two strands... Agent:

20150131951 - Tamper sensitive fiber optic cable: A fiber optic cable including an inner guard layer surrounding a core containing at least one optical fiber; and an outer guard layer surrounding the inner guard layer; wherein the inner guard layer includes at least one metal tube with at least one optical fiber inside the tube; and wherein... Agent: Afl Telecommunications LLC

20150131952 - Fire resistant optical communication cable: A fire resistant optical communication cable is provided. The fire-resistant optical communication cable includes an extruded cable body including an inner surface defining a passage in the cable body and an outer surface. The fire-resistant optical communication cable includes a plurality of elongate optical transmission elements located within the passage... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20150131953 - System and method for providing final drop in a living unit in a building: A cable routing system is described. More specifically, described is a cable routing system that includes a main fiber channel configured to receive a drop fiber to allow it to fit within the main fiber channel, where the channel is surrounded by a discontinuous segmented duct, and the duct comprises... Agent:

20150131954 - Method for producing high-brightness light-emitting fabric using acrylic optical fibers, and high-brightness light-emitting fabric: The present invention relates to a light-emitting fabric, in which acrylic optical fibers and general fibers are woven together, and light is emitted to the surface of the fabric through the optical fibers floating on the surface of the union fabric. According to the present invention, part of the clad... Agent:

20150131955 - Light diffusing fiber with low melting temperature glass: A light-diffusing optical fiber that includes a core region in the fiber that comprises a core glass composition; and an inner cladding in the fiber that surrounds the core region and comprises a cladding glass composition that substantially differs from the core glass composition. The core glass composition comprises a... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20150131956 - Coated optical fiber: Provided is a coated optical fiber excellent in both characteristics of the microbending loss resistance and the low-temperature characteristic. The coated optical fiber 1 comprises an optical fiber 10 that has a cladding layer composed of glass formed on an outer periphery of a glass core, a primary coating layer... Agent:

20150131958 - Adapter panel with lateral sliding adapter arrays: An adapter panel arrangement including a chassis and a panel of adapters. The adapters defining rearward cable connections and forward cable connections of the panel arrangement. Openings permitting access to the rearward and forward cable connections of the adapters are provided. The chassis further including a removable rear chassis portion... Agent:

20150131957 - Fiber cable and drop wire organizer: A cable supporting device includes a first support and a second support. The first and second supports have respective first and second channel members with an inwardly facing opening. The channel members support and retain a cable or fiber optic component, for example a fiber optic cable or drop wire.... Agent:

20150131959 - Optical fiber ribbon retractor: Methods, systems, and apparatus for optical communications. One of the apparatuses includes a spool comprising a spool wheel, one or more separate spool portions positioned on the spool wheel, and one or more bearings positioned on the spool wheel, wherein the one or more spool portions and the one or... Agent:

20150131960 - Detachable inlet guide for blown optical fiber: An inlet guide for facilitating distribution of optical fibers into at least one duct is provided. The inlet guide includes a first portion, a second portion, a first end, a second end, a head, and a main body. The first portion includes a first opposing surface. The second portion includes... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 17 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150125107 - Microwave frequency component controlled by a system of shielded coplanar electrodes, and corresponding manufacturing method: A microwave frequency component includes a thin layer of dielectric material arranged between an earth electrode and a control electrode controlling a microwave frequency electrical signal such that the earth electrode extends over a first face, called the lower face, of the thin layer of dielectric material, and the control... Agent:

20150125108 - Tunable rf filter device using optical waveguide paths with splitter and combiner pairs and related methods: A tunable Radio Frequency (RF) filter device includes a tunable optical source generating an optical carrier signal, and a modulator coupled to the tunable optical source and modulating the optical carrier signal with an RF input signal. The tunable RF filter device may include first and second optical waveguide paths... Agent:

20150125109 - Grating configurations for a tiled waveguide display: Grating configurations are described for creating time sequenced field of view (FOV) tiles for a waveguide display. Pairings of non-output diffraction gratings and output diffraction gratings are activated to create a number of FOV tiles in a time sequence, for example in a frame update period for the image. Examples... Agent:

20150125110 - Passively placed vertical optical connector: An optical integrated circuit (IC) is provided that includes a waveguide to propagate light in the IC. A diffractive element, such as a grating, couples light between the waveguide and an external optical connector. At least one alignment feature is lithographically formed in the optical IC to facilitate precise positioning... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150125111 - Waveguide formation using cmos fabrication techniques: Conventional approaches to integrating waveguides within standard electronic processes typically involve using a dielectric layer, such as polysilicon, single-crystalline silicon, or silicon nitride, within the in-foundry process or depositing and patterning a dielectric layer in the backend as a post-foundry process. In the present approach, the back-end of the silicon... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20150125112 - Optical switch fabric for data center interconnections: An optical switch fabric includes horizontal optical waveguides including a first set and a second set, the first set is configured to receive a first plurality of wavelengths from the one or more external switches and the second set is configured to send a second plurality of wavelengths to the... Agent: Ciena Corporation

20150125113 - Fiber optic solar collector: A solar collector which concentrates sunlight by a matrix of solar luminescence concentrators that are made up of fiber optic material which collect and concentrate light assembly into fiber optic cables and which guide the light to a desired location where it can be used for lighting or photo voltaic... Agent:

20150125114 - Light diffusing fibers with integrated mode shaping lenses: A method including the steps of providing a light-diffusing optical fiber (12a) having a glass core (20), a cladding (40) surrounding the core (20), and a plurality of nano-sized structures in the form of voids (32) situated within said core (20) or at a core-cladding boundary; cleaving the light-diffusing fiber... Agent:

20150125115 - Light diffusing fibers with integrated mode shaping lenses: A method including the steps of providing a light-diffusing optical fiber (12a) having a glass core (20), a cladding (40) surrounding the core (20), and a plurality of nano-sized structures in the form of voids (32) situated within said core (20) or at a core-cladding boundary; cleaving the light-diffusing fiber... Agent:

20150125116 - Apparatus and a method for jointing a first and a second optical fibre of a composite cable: An apparatus and a method for jointing a first optical fibre and a second optical fibre, the apparatus includes a composite cable, where the composite cable includes an electric power cable, a first optical fibre cable including the first optical fibre, and a second optical fibre cable including the second... Agent: Abb Technlogy Ltd

20150125117 - Fiber optic mounting arrangement and method of coupling optical fiber to a tubular: A method of coupling optical fiber to a tubular includes positioning at least one optical fiber at least partially within an annular cavity defined between a tubular and an elongated member and radially compressing the elongated member against the tubular.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150125118 - Connector assembly: A connector assembly of a first connector and a second connector. The connector assembly includes at least one latch biased to a locking position to lock the assembly in cooperation with a complementary locking section. The connector assembly includes a release member movable in a direction towards a top face... Agent: Fci Asia Pte Ltd.

20150125119 - Connector comprising a locking device: A connector including a housing with a cable entry and a contact face presenting one or more conductors for signal transfer to associated conductors of a complementary connector. The connector includes a cable entry shield of an electro-conductive material gripping around the cable at the cable entry. The cable entry... Agent: Fci Asia Pte Ltd.

20150125120 - Optical transceiver adapted to angled polish connector and a method to assemble the same: An optical transceiver adapted to an optical connector having an angled physical contact (APC) is disclosed. The optical transceiver installs an optical sub-assembly to receive an external connector. The optical sub-assembly provides an index surface that indexes the inclined direction of the end of the stub abutting against the end... Agent:

20150125121 - Optical fiber cables: Cables have reduced freespace, reduced tube diameters, and reduced strength member diameters. The cables are designed to pass robustness testing such as GR-20 while using smaller amounts of raw materials to produce.... Agent:

20150125122 - Graphene coated fiber optics: A graphene coated optic fiber is disclosed that includes an optic fiber encapsulated within a graphene capsule. This graphene capsule may comprise a single layer of graphene or multiple layers of graphene. A graphene coated optic fiber is disclosed that includes a graphene end cap to protect and end portion... Agent:

20150125123 - Optical transmission device and manufacturing method thereof: An optical transmission device includes: a first cage and a second cage provided in parallel on a top surface of a substrate, into which modules connectable to an optical transmission path are inserted, respectively; a first heat sink including: a first main body arranged along surfaces of the first cage... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

04/30/2015 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150117808 - Grating based optical coupler: An apparatus including a waveguide region configured to guide light propagating along a first direction; a reflector region configured to reflect incident light; an interference region formed between the waveguide region and the reflector region, the interference region configured to confine at least a portion of interference light formed by... Agent:

20150117809 - Silicon waveguide having polarization insensitive and temperature insensitive phase delay: An apparatus includes a first waveguide configured to receive an input signal. A section of the first waveguide has a length between a first initial point and a first end point. A first polarization rotator is located within the section at a first distance from the first initial point of... Agent:

20150117810 - Strain isolated fiber bragg grating sensors: A sensing device is used for measuring physical characteristics. The sensing device may include an optical fiber disposed in a tube. The optical fiber may have a section containing a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor. A support member may be coupled to the ends of the section, such that the... Agent:

20150117811 - Double mirror structure for wavelength division multiplexing with polymer waveguides: Methods for wavelength filtering and structures for accomplishing the same. Wavelength filtering includes forming grooves in a waveguide to define angled surfaces in a path of the waveguide; forming a reflective layer on the angled surfaces; depositing cladding material on top of the waveguide and on the angled surfaces; forming... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150117812 - Planar lightwave circuit and a method for its manufacture: A planar lightwave circuit (PLC) is disclosed having fixed thereto a coupling tube for coupling an optical fiber. The PLC comprises a planar optical substrate having in it an optical waveguide having an optical aperture located on an edge surface of the optical substrate and a tube formed having a... Agent:

20150117813 - Mode size adjusting for edge coupling devices: An apparatus comprising a waveguide along a longitudinal axis at a first elevation, an optical splitter coupled to a first edge of the waveguide along the longitudinal axis, two or more inverse tapers coupled to a second edge of the optical splitter along the longitudinal axis, and one or more... Agent:

20150117815 - Optical communication device: An optical communication device includes a first fiber, a second fiber, a light-emitting unit, a light-receiving unit, and a lens unit. The lens unit includes a first portion and a second portion connecting with the first portion. The first portion includes a first entrance surface, a first exit surface, and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150117816 - Optical coupling lens with plugs: An optical coupling lens includes a main body and two plugs. The main body includes a front surface, a back surface opposite to the front surface, a first optical surface, a second optical surface perpendicular to the first optical surface, a reflecting surface obliquely facing the two optical surfaces, first... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150117814 - Optical device: An optical device includes a light emitting element emitting light signal, a light coupling lens and a light receiving element. The light coupling lens includes a light input surface, a light output surface adjacent to the light input surface and a plurality of total reflective surfaces connected to the light... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150117817 - Optical device for redirecting incident electromagnetic wave: An optical device for redirecting an incident electromagnetic wave includes an interference region having a first side and a second side opposite to the first side; a grating structure arranged on a third side of the interference region; a mirror arranged at the first side. An incident electromagnetic wave is... Agent: Forelux Inc.

20150117818 - Spot size converter and optical apparatus: A spot size converter includes a first silicon waveguide core that includes a width-fixed region having a fixed width and a width-tapered region continuing to the width-fixed region and having a width reducing toward a terminal portion, and a second waveguide core continuing to the first silicon waveguide core and... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150117819 - Pluggable optical transceiver module: A pluggable optical transceiver module, connected to an optical signal interface which has an elastic plate having an aperture, includes a connector, a first cover, a second cover, a first fastening member, and a second fastening member. The connector includes a fixing block. The fixing block further has first and... Agent:

20150117820 - Optical fiber adapter with shutter member: A fixing plate is positioned above the third wall and a gap is formed between the fixing plate and the third wall. The shutter member includes a fixing portion, a shutter plate and a connecting portion. The fixing portion is positioned in the gap formed between the fixing plate and... Agent:

20150117821 - Optical connector, electronic apparatus, and optical connector mounting method: An optical connector includes at least one optical fiber, and a ferrule configured to hold the optical fiber. In the optical connector, the ferrule has a hook and a presser member on a front part of a bottom face of the ferrule, and a projection on a rear part of... Agent:

20150117822 - Optical fiber connector: An optical connector for terminating an optical fiber comprises a housing configured to mate with a receptacle and a collar body disposed in the housing. The collar body includes a ferrule securely disposed in an opening of the collar body, the ferrule including a housing portion to receive a gripping... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150117823 - Fiber connector assembly: A fiber connector assembly is provided. The fiber connector assembly includes a fiber connector, a zig-zag member, a signal direction element, and a signal splitting element. The fiber connector receives an input signal from an input fiber. The zig-zag member relays the input signal using a plurality of relay mirrors.... Agent:

20150117824 - Optical interconnect: The disclosure generally relates to sets of optical waveguides such as optical fiber ribbons and embedded optical waveguides (132a-d), and optical interconnects useful for connecting multiple optical waveguides such as in optical fiber ribbon cables and printed circuit boards having optoelectronic capabilities. In particular, the disclosure provides an efficient, compact,... Agent: 3m Innovation Properties Company

20150117825 - Composite communications cable: A communications cable that has a core that includes a dielectric separator. The separator has a spline that extends longitudinally in the core, thereby dividing the core into at least two quadrants. The separator also has at least one compartment. At least one pair of twisted insulated conductors is received... Agent: General Cable Technologies Corporation

20150117826 - Direct entangled triplet-photon sources and methods for their design and fabrication: The present teachings are generally directed to devices and methods for triplet photons generations, and in particular to on-chip integrated sources for generating direct triplet entangled photons.... Agent:

20150117827 - Graded refractive index bending-resistant multimode optical fiber: A graded refractive index bending-resistant multimode optical fiber includes a core layer and claddings. The core layer has a radius in a range of 22.5-27.5 μm; refractive indexes being a gradient-graded refractive index distribution with a distribution exponent α in a range of 1.99-2.06; and a maximum relative refractive index... Agent:

20150117828 - Systems and methods for producing robust chalcogenide optical fibers: In one embodiment, a chalcogenide glass optical fiber is produced by forming a billet including a chalcogenide glass mass and a polymer mass in a stacked configuration, heating the billet to a temperature below the melting point of the chalcogenide glass, extruding the billet in the ambient environment to form... Agent:

20150117829 - Two-sided optical fiber management tray and method of use: An arrangement for a fiber optic distribution network includes a fiber management tray having a first major side and an opposite second major side. The arrangement also includes a fiber optic cable including optical fibers. The fiber optic cable has first and second jacketed sections and an unjacketed mid-span access... Agent:

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