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Optical waveguides

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04/10/2014 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140099052 - Light modulator, optical pickup, and light modulation module: A light modulator (101) includes a waveguide (112) through which guided light propagates, a metal layer (113) formed adjacent to the waveguide (112), a conductive oxide layer (114) having electrical conductivity and formed on a surface of the metal layer (113) which is not adjacent to the waveguide (112), an... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140099053 - Optical waveguide device, optical interferometer and control method for optical waveguide device: In order to independently perform control of a phase difference and a loss of light transmitting through an optical waveguide in a simple and easy configuration, an optical waveguide device includes an optical waveguide provided with two electrodes each supplied with a corresponding one of two signals; and a control... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140099054 - Coupled plasmonic waveguides and associated apparatuses and methods: An apparatus and corresponding method in which the apparatus includes a dielectric waveguide and a metallic waveguide. The dielectric waveguide has an effective mode index and a longitudinal dimension. The metallic waveguide has a longitudinal dimension and supports a surface plasmonic mode of propagation for a wavelength lambda. The metallic... Agent: Carnegie Mellon University

20140099059 - Compact optical package made with planar structures: A device structure and system for connecting optical waveguides to optical transmit and receive components is described. The structure is made of two parts. The lower part contains active optoelectronic components, such as lasers and photodetectors, and optical lenses. The lower part can be assembled by steps of aligning and... Agent: Ultra Communications,inc.

20140099058 - Fiber trays, fiber optical modules, and methods of processing optical fibers: Fiber trays and fiber optic modules and assemblies using the same are disclosed, wherein optical fibers are secured to a fiber tray that is then secured to a body of the fiber module. The body defines a plurality of lenses that reflect light using a total-internal-reflection surface to direct light... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20140099057 - Optical coupling device: An optical coupling device includes an optical coupling member, an optical-electrical converting module, and at least two optical fibers. The optical coupling member has a first under positioning portion. The optical-electrical converting module has a substrate, a base, an optical signal transmitter, and an optical signal receiver. The base is... Agent: Sintai Optical (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140099056 - Optical coupling lens: An optical coupling lens includes a light incident surface, a light output surface perpendicular to the light incident surface, a reflection surface interconnected between the light incident surface and the light output surface, a first converging lens and a second converging lens formed on the light incident surface, and third... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140099055 - Single-fiber bi-directional optical transceiver: A single-fiber bi-directional optical transceiver includes a bi-directional optical subassembly (BOSA) body and a fiber connecting sleeve connected to the BOSA body. The BOSA body contains a laser diode, a photodiode in a photodiode housing, and a splitter. The fiber connecting sleeve contains a connecting ferrule. A band pass filter... Agent:

20140099060 - Optical fiber connectors and methods of forming optical fiber connectors: An optical fiber connector includes a fiber alignment body including a continuous optical fiber guide channel extending therethrough. The continuous optical fiber guide channel has a lead-in channel portion, a lead-out channel portion and a turn portion that connects the lead-in channel portion and the lead-out channel portion. The fiber... Agent:

20140099061 - Reconfigurable fiber optic cable assemblies and optical connectors: Reconfigurable fiber optic cable assemblies and optical connectors are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a fiber optic cable assembly includes an optical cable having a connector end and a plurality of optical fibers, a connector housing wherein the plurality of optical fibers are disposed within the connector housing, and an... Agent:

20140099062 - Methods of making and accessing cables having access features: Cables jacket are formed by extruding discontinuities in a main cable jacket portion. The discontinuities allow the jacket to be torn to provide access to the cable core. The discontinuities can be longitudinally extending strips of material in the cable jacket, and can be introduced into the extrudate material flow... Agent:

20140099063 - D1363 bt radiation curable primary coatings on optical fiber: Radiation curable coatings for use as a Primary Coating for optical fibers, optical fibers coated with said coatings and methods for the preparation of coated optical fibers. The radiation curable coating comprises at least one (meth)acrylate functional oligomer and a photoinitiator, wherein the urethane-(meth)acrylate oligomer CA/CR comprises (meth)acrylate groups, at... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140099064 - System comprising a plurality of distribution devices and distribution device: A system for aligning and connecting adjacent distribution devices is disclosed. At least two mutually opposite side walls, which preferably run parallel to one another, of the housing of each distribution device have associated alignment and connection means. The alignment and connection means associated with the directly adjoining side walls... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 17 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140093202 - Optical modulator: An optical modulator comprises a substrate 4 having a thickness of 20 μm or less and an electro-optic effect, a reinforcing substrate 6 holding the substrate 4 thereon and a resin layer 5 disposed between the substrate and the reinforcing substrate, in which the substrate 4 includes optical waveguides 1... Agent: Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.

20140093204 - Optical coupling device: An optical coupling device includes a main body and a substrate. The main body includes a lens portion and two connecting portions. The lens portion has a bottom surface with first light converging portions thereon, a side surface with second light converging portions thereon, and a reflecting surface connected to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140093203 - Single-fiber bi-directional optical transceiver: A single-fiber bi-directional optical transceiver includes a laser diode, a photodiode, a splitter, a band filter between the splitter and the photodiode, a fiber optic connector, a first coupling lens between the laser diode and the splitter, a second coupling lens between the splitter and the fiber optic connector, and... Agent:

20140093205 - Step-index few-mode fiber designs for spatial multiplexing: A few-mode optical fiber comprises a core surrounded by a cladding, having a step index profile that is structured to support propagation of a plurality of desired signal-carrying modes, while suppressing undesired modes. The core and cladding are configured such that the undesired modes have respective effective indices that are... Agent: Ofs Fitel, LLC

20140093207 - Arrangement of photonic chip and optical adaptor for coupling optical signals: An apparatus includes an optical adaptor having monolithically integrated optical elements and first micro-mechanical features, the latter defining at least a first horizontal reference surface and a first vertical reference surface; wherein the first horizontal reference surface is perpendicular to an optical plane, the latter being perpendicular the optical axis... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140093206 - High-precision passive alignment of optical components with optical waveguides using a common adapter: A method for aligning optical components comprised in an optical component assembly and optical waveguides comprised in an optical waveguide assembly according to a common optical axis and by using an adapter includes providing the optical component assembly with a first alignment structure comprising a cavity designed according to the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140093208 - High-precision passive alignment of optical components with optical waveguides using a common adapter: A method for aligning optical components comprised in an optical component assembly and optical waveguides comprised in an optical waveguide assembly according to a common optical axis and by using an adapter includes providing the optical component assembly with a first alignment structure comprising a cavity designed according to the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140093209 - Optical fiber assembly, optical probe, and method for manufacturing optical fiber assembly: Provided is an optical fiber assembly with which flexibility in the vicinity of an alignment member can be maintained, as well as a method for manufacturing this optical fiber assembly, and an optical probe which uses this optical fiber assembly. This optical fiber assembly is equipped with: multiple optical fibers... Agent:

20140093210 - Fiber optic connector assembly: A fiber optic connector assembly includes a first electrically insulating body having a contact hole and a guide hole both formed in the first insulating body. A first fiber optic adapter is mounted in the contact hole of the first insulating body. A second electrically insulating body has a contact... Agent: Positronic Industries, Inc.

20140093211 - Optical cross-connect assembly and method: An optical cross-connect assembly and method are provided that are suitable for use in both small-scale and large-scale applications. The optical cross-connect assembly comprises first and second stacks of multi-optical fiber connector modules that are configured to orthogonally mechanically couple with one another such that the optical ports of each... Agent:

20140093212 - Molded ferrules for optical fibers: A method of manufacturing fiber optic connectors includes precision molding optical ferrule assemblies around optical fibers for use in the connectors. The optical ferrule assemblies are over-molded in two-parts: a ferrule and a hub. The ferrule is molded around a coated section of fiber and a fiber tip is formed... Agent:

20140093213 - Arrangement of photonic chip and optical adaptor for coupling optical signals: An apparatus includes an optical adaptor having monolithically integrated optical elements and first micro-mechanical features, the latter defining at least a first horizontal reference surface and a first vertical reference surface; wherein the first horizontal reference surface is perpendicular to an optical plane, the latter being perpendicular the optical axis... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140093214 - Method and apparatus for an optical interconnect system: Provided are a method and a system, in which a first device aligns a chip to a socket along a first axis. A second device aligns the chip to the socket along a second axis, and a third device aligns the chip to the socket along a plane formed by... Agent:

20140093215 - Water incursion resistant cable using spaced plugs: A fiber optic cable comprises a jacket defining an outer peripheral surface and a radial thickness terminating at an inner periphery defining a surface, a multiplicity of optical fibers which are enclosed by and extend longitudinally through the jacket within the volume defined by the inner periphery of the jacket,... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140093216 - Cable with features for distinguishing between fiber groups: Micromodule subunit cables are constructed to allow for ease of identification between optical fibers in differing groups of optical fibers. In one cable, a first group of fibers is located within a buffer tube core while a second group of fibers is located within the cable jacket, but outside of... Agent:

20140093217 - Splice-on cable breakout assembly: A break-out assembly includes an enclosure defining a first port at the first end to receive an optical cable and a second port at the second end to receive a plurality of break-out cables. Each port leads to the interior of the enclosure. A cable retention region defined within the... Agent:

20140093218 - Silicon-based optical fiber clamp and methods of fabricating the same: An optical fiber clamp and fabrication method thereof are disclosed. The optical fiber clamp includes one or more clamp units. Each clamp unit includes a clamp body formed of silicon, a guide hole formed under a top surface of the clamp body, the guide hole having an upper diameter greater... Agent: Shanghai Hua Hong Nec Electronics Co., Ltd.

03/27/2014 > 27 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140086524 - Optical modulator: An optical modulator that includes a substrate 1 composed of a material having an electro-optical effect, an optical waveguide 2 formed in the substrate, and a modulation electrode 3 for modulating light waves propagating through the optical waveguide, in which output light L2 that is output from the optical waveguide... Agent: Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.

20140086522 - Optical waveguide splitter: An optical waveguide splitter with a symmetric splitting power ratio having one input port and two output ports, includes a substrate and one or more vertical waveguide layers deposited thereon or diffused thereinto, and optionally one or more cladding layers deposited upon the waveguide layer(s). The waveguide layers and optionally... Agent: Finisar Sweden Ab

20140086523 - Poling structures and methods for photonic devices employing electro-optical polymers: EOP-based photonic devices employing coplanar electrodes and in-plane poled chromophores and methods of their manufacture. In an individual EOP-based photonic device, enhanced performance is achieved through in-plane poled chromophores having opposing polarities, enabling, for example, a push-pull optical modulator with reduced operational voltage and switching power relative to a conventional... Agent:

20140086525 - Optical unit and method of manufacturing the same: An optical unit in which an optical part having an optical element is mounted on a base having an optical waveguide includes a hydrophobic first area formed in a region including an optical axis of the optical part, a hydrophobic second area formed in a region facing the first area... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140086526 - High power laser system with multiport circulator: A high power (HP) fiber circulator is configured with a case enclosing a plurality of optical components which are arranged so as to define multiple ports. The fiber circulator further includes a plurality of launching and receiving fiber components each of which has spliced delivery and pigtailed passive fibers selectively... Agent:

20140086528 - Optical communication module: An optical communication module includes: an optical element array; a supporting member on which the optical element array is placed; an optical member for optically coupling the optical element array and a plurality of optical fibers together; a plurality of grooves provided in the supporting member or the optical member;... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20140086529 - Optical fiber head: This embodiment provides an optical fiber head in which a lens can reliably be fixed to a case body by a simple configuration, and therefore the optical fiber head can easily be produced at low cost. The optical fiber head includes a light projecting fiber, a light projecting lens, and... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140086527 - Vertical light coupler: An optical coupler includes a double-sided planar substrate having a lens manufactured on one side and a mode expander on the other side. The mode expander is coupled to a mirror that redirects light between the mode expander and the lens. The mirror is lithographically aligned with the lens. The... Agent:

20140086530 - Asymmetric multi-channel grin optical connector: A gradient-index (GRIN) optical connector is disclosed that includes a GRIN lens having a central optical axis and front and back opposite endfaces. A plurality of optical fibers are optically coupled to the back endface of the GRIN lens and defines a first optical fiber bundle having an asymmetric arrangement... Agent:

20140086531 - Optical filter having single reflecting total internal reflection echelle grating filter and optical waveguide device including the same: An optical filter of the inventive concept includes a slab waveguide disposed on a substrate, an input guide gate and an output guide gate spaced apart from each other in the slab waveguide, and an echelle grating filter disposed in the slab waveguide. The echelle grating filter has curvature and... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140086532 - Optical coupling device, optical communication system and method of manufacture: An optical coupling device includes: a first face facing a support of the optical coupling device, this support having a reception face facing upwards and; a cavity mouthing to the first face, and receiving glue to fix the optical coupling device to the support. The cavity is surrounded by a... Agent: Fci

20140086533 - Method for alignment between two optical components: A method for aligning two optical assemblies comprises positioning a first optical assembly in relation to a second optical assembly and securing the first optical assembly to the second optical assembly. The positioning aligns a plurality of first alignment features of the first optical assembly to a plurality of second... Agent:

20140086534 - Ruggedized multi-fiber fiber optic connector with sealed dust cap: A fiber optic connector and fiber optic cable assembly is disclosed. The assembly includes a fiber optic cable having a plurality of optical fibers. The assembly also includes a connector body, a multi-fiber ferrule and a protective housing. The fiber optic cable is anchored to a proximal end of the... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20140086535 - Hybrid device identifier: An identification assembly for use with a fiber-optic connector includes a non-conducting over-nut, an electrical assembly disposed at the proximal end of the over-nut, and an RFID tag supported by the distal end of the over-nut. The over-nut is configured to surround and couple with the fiber-optic connector. The electrical... Agent: Iridex Corporation

20140086536 - Optical receptacle and optical module provided wth same: An optical fiber attaching section, a photoelectric conversion device attaching section, and a lens are integrally formed by a light-transmitting resin material. The optical fiber attaching section is formed concentrically with an optical axis OA of the lens. A contact surface for the photoelectric conversion device in the photoelectric conversion... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20140086539 - Laser package having multiple emitters configured on a support member: A method and device for emitting electromagnetic radiation at high power using nonpolar or semipolar gallium containing substrates such as GaN, AlN, InN, InGaN, AlGaN, and AlInGaN, is provided. In various embodiments, the laser device includes plural laser emitters emitting green or blue laser light, integrated a substrate.... Agent: Soraa, Inc.

20140086540 - Optical communication module and assembling method thereof: An optical communication module includes a substrate, a lens carrier, and a ferrule. The substrate includes at least two transmitter/receiver chips. The transmitter/receiver chips include plural optoelectronic units with respective alignment marks. The lens carrier includes a frame and a lens array. The lens array includes plural lens units corresponding... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140086537 - Optical connector: An optical connector comprising a connecting structure, an optical receiver located within the connecting structure, an optical transmitter located within the connecting structure, and a heat sink located within the connecting structure. The heat sink is configured to conduct heat away from the optical receiver and the optical transmitter. The... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140086538 - Optical fiber connector: An optical fiber connector includes a connector body, first optical fibers each including a first main portion and a concentric first front portion, and a first cover. The connector body includes a front surface, a rear surface, an upper surface, a top recess, a first bottom surface in the top... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140086541 - Optical module: In an optical module 10 in which a connector unit 30 is provided at an end portion of an optical cable 20 including an optical fiber 22, the connector unit 30 includes an inner housing 311 accommodating a circuit substrate to which an electrical connector is connected at a front... Agent:

20140086542 - Transport vehicle wiring harness extension using physical layer device point-to-point repeaters: A transport vehicle wiring harness extension using physical layer device point-to-point repeaters. In one embodiment, a transport vehicle network including a first network node and a second network node can be enabled using a cable harness that includes a point-to-point extender device that couples a first network cable to a... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140086543 - Binder film for a fiber optic cable: A fiber optic cable includes a core and a binder film surrounding the core. The core includes a central strength member and core elements, such as buffer tubes containing optical fibers, where the core elements are stranded around the central strength member in a pattern of stranding including reversals in... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20140086544 - Optical fiber: An optical fiber has a core region, a cladding region and at least one spacer layer disposed between the core region and the cladding region. The core region is positively doped and has a positive refractive index with respect to the glass matrix of the optical fiber. The cladding region... Agent: J-plasma Gmbh

20140086545 - Slidable fiber optic connection module with cable slack management: A fiber optic telecommunications device includes a frame and a fiber optic module including a rack mount portion, a center portion, and a main housing portion. The rack mount portion is stationarily coupled to the frame, the center portion is slidably coupled to the rack mount portion along a sliding... Agent:

20140086546 - Optical fiber fixing device: An optical fiber fixing device includes a substrate, a cover, a locking assembly, and a fixing plate. The substrate has a loading surface. A number of poles are positioned on the loading surface. Every two adjacent poles cooperate to form a receiving groove. The cover is rotatably connected to one... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140086547 - Dynamic optical circulator device: A dynamic optical circulator device applicable to UPC-type and PC-type optical connectors is provided, including a first UPC/PC-type optical connector, a second UPC/PC-type optical connector, a third UPC/PC-type optical connector, a passive optical circulator, a reflected light detector and a transform element. The first, second and third UPC/PC-type optical connectors... Agent:

20140086548 - Reduced-diameter optical fiber: Disclosed is a reduced-diameter optical fiber that employs a novel coating system. When combined with a bend-insensitive glass fiber, the novel coating system according to the present invention yields an optical fiber having exceptionally low losses. The coating system features (i) a softer primary coating with excellent low-temperature characteristics to... Agent: Draka Comteq, B.v.

03/20/2014 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140079351 - Millimeter-wave electro-optic modulator: A lithium niobate-based electro-optic modulator may include a ridged optical waveguide structure and/or a thinned substrate.... Agent: Phase Sensitive Innovations, Inc

20140079352 - Optical connector: An optical connector includes a substrate, a light emitter, a case, an optical fiber, and a photo detector. The light emitter, the case, and the photo detector are positioned on the substrate, and the case covers the light emitter and the photo detector. The case defines a first slot and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140079353 - Spatial division diversity in photonic integrated circuits: An apparatus includes a plurality of input optical couplers and a plurality of output optical couplers. The input optical couplers are placed in a pattern to receive light from multiple locations of an end face of an input multimode optical fiber (MMOF). The output optical couplers are placed in a... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20140079354 - Method for producing optical connector and optical connector: A method for producing an optical connector includes making only the core jut spherically from an end facet of an optical fiber by arc discharge, the optical fiber having a difference in index of refraction between a core and a clad at 1% to 3% by adding dopant that increases... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140079355 - Optical connector having slot for locating optical fiber and method for assembling optical connector: An optical connector includes a base including a main body and a number of optical elements, and a number of optical fibers. The main body includes a first surface, a third surface perpendicularly connecting the first surface, and a fourth surface facing away the third surface, and defines a number... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140079356 - Field terminable st format optical fiber connector: An ST format optical connector for terminating an optical fiber comprises a housing configured to mate with an ST receptacle or coupling, the housing having an ST bayonet-style format. The ST format optical connector also includes a collar body and a retainer disposed in the housing, where the collar body... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140079357 - Cleave holder, an assembly, and methods for cleaving ends of optical fibers and securing them to a multi-optical fiber connector module: A cleave holder is provided that allows the ends of optical fibers to be precisely stripped and cleaved and then secured at precise locations in a multi-optical fiber connector module. The cleave holder is secured to length-wise portions of optical fibers that extend through the cleave holder. The cleave holder... Agent:

20140079358 - Optical connector: An optical connector includes a substrate, a photoelectric element and a positioning element on the substrate, a lens element, and an optical fiber. The positioning element defines a through hole, in which the photoelectric element is received to allow visual inspection for determining if the photoelectric element is positioned to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140079359 - Optical-electrical composite cable: An optical-electrical composite cable includes an optical fiber, a tubular resin inner cover to enclose the optical fiber, a plurality of electric wires disposed on an outside of the inner cover, and a tubular outer cover to collectively cover the plurality of electric wires. The plurality of electric wires are... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20140079360 - Nanotube fiber optic cable: A fiber optic cable is disclosed that includes an optic fiber contained within a nanotube. A graphene layer covers an end-surface of the optic fiber for wear protection.... Agent:

20140079361 - Water-swellable element for optical-fiber cables: An optical-fiber-cable structure includes an optical fiber surrounded by a protective polymeric tube. A water-blocking element is positioned between the optical fiber and the protective tube. The water-blocking element includes water-swellable particulate powder thermally bonded to a fibrous carrier element.... Agent: Draka Comteq, B.v.

20140079362 - Optical fiber: An optical fiber 1 comprising a core layer 2 composed of a silica based glass, a clad layer 3 formed on the outer circumference of the core layer 2 by curing a curable resin composition, and an ink layer 4 formed around the clad layer 3, wherein adhesive force between... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20140079363 - Double cladding crystal fiber and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to a double cladding crystal fiber and manufacturing method thereof, in which growing an YAG or a sapphire into a single crystal fiber by LHPG method, placing the single crystal fiber into a glass capillary for inner cladding, placing the single crystal fiber together with the... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140079364 - Braided fiber optic cross-connect switches: This invention discloses a highly scalable and modular automated optical cross connect switch comprised of large numbers of densely packed fiber strands suspended within a common volume. In particular, apparatus and methods enabling programmable interconnection of large numbers of optical fibers (100's-1000's) having structured and coherent braid representations are provided.... Agent: Telescent Inc.

20140079365 - Optical fiber management system: The present disclosure includes systems and apparatuses for an optical fiber management system. One embodiment of an optical fiber management system includes a cabinet comprising a system of building blocks that make up a rail-mounting system and an optical fiber management apparatus housed within one of the building blocks. The... Agent: Clearfield, Inc.

20140079366 - Platforms and systems for fiber optic cable attachment: Platforms for connecting fiber optic cable assemblies to fiber optic equipment using a universal footprint are disclosed. In one embodiment, a platform for connecting at least one fiber optic cable assembly to fiber optic equipment includes a coupling surface having at least one cable engagement feature, wherein the at least... Agent:

20140079367 - D1451 radiation curable supercoatings for single mode optical fiber: The first aspect of the instant claimed invention is a method of formulating radiation curable Supercoatings for application to an optical fiber used in a telecommunications network. A Multi-layer Film Drawdown Method useful in the Method of formulating radiation curable Supercoatings is also described and claimed. Single mode Optical fibers... Agent:

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