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Optical waveguides

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04/16/2015 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150104128 - Planar optical waveguide device and dp-qpsk modulator: A planar optical waveguide device, includes: two input portions that are waveguides that have the same width, are parallel to each other, and have rectangular cross-sections; a wide portion that is a linear waveguide and is connected after the two input portions; a tapered portion that is connected after the... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20150104129 - Optical module and method for manufacturing optical module: An optical module includes: at least one optical waveguide provided on a surface of a substrate; a plurality of grooves provided in the optical waveguide on the surface of the substrate and having both a surface orthogonal to the surface of the substrate and an inclined surface; multiple pairs of... Agent:

20150104130 - Optical power splitter: Embodiments of the present disclosure include devices that split a light beam into two separate paths, with reduced sensitivity to fabrication variation. The devices can operate as 3-dB splitters that divide the input optical energy equally between two output waveguides. Similarly, the devices can also function to combine two light... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150104131 - Shunt fiber: Shunt fibers having a photonic bandgap cladding region including one or more hollow guiding regions of which one guiding region is configured as the core and one or more other guiding regions are configured as shunts, respectively, provide nearly single mode transmission in the core. The effective mode index of... Agent:

20150104132 - Optical fiber with optical connectors: Disclosed is an optical fiber that has optical connectors on opposing ends of the optical fiber and is used for optical wiring in an apparatus. The two optical connectors are connected in parallel directions and disposed in parallel with each other. The optical fiber between the two optical connectors includes... Agent:

20150104133 - Fiber optic cable sub-assemblies and methods of assembling: A fiber optic cable sub-assembly comprises a fiber optic cable including at least one optical fiber, a cable jacket that houses the optical fiber and at least one metal strength member. A collar is attached to an end portion of the metal strength member, wherein the optical fiber extends beyond... Agent:

20150104134 - Fiber optic connector and cable assembly having a fiber locking mechanism: The present disclosure relates to a fiber optic connector and cable assembly. The fiber optic connector and cable assembly includes a fiber optic connector, a fiber optic cable, and an anchoring mechanism. The fiber optic connector includes a connector housing and a ferrule assembly having a ferrule and a spring.... Agent:

20150104135 - Expanded beam array for fiber optics: An expanded beam fiber optic array connector includes a ferrule holding ends of optical fibers in a first ordered array. A plurality of lenses packaged into a unitary structure, formed of an optical grade material, different than a material used to form the ferrule, is attached to the ferrule. The... Agent: Commscope, Inc. Of North Carolina

20150104136 - Armored flexible fiber optic assembly: The specification relates to a fiber optic cable assembly. The fiber optic cable assembly includes a non-interlocking armor, the non-interlocking armor is a spiral tube having an outside diameter of approximately 1.5 mm-5.5 mm, an inner diameter of approximately 0.75 mm-5.25 mm and a minimum bend radius of approximately 5... Agent: Certicable, Inc.

20150104137 - Durable optical fiber ribbons and methods of making optical fiber ribbons: Durable optical fiber ribbons are formed by promoting a strong bond between fiber ink layers and ribbon matrix material. During curing of the ink layer desired oxygen levels are maintained in the curing environment of the manufacturing process.... Agent:

20150104138 - Method and apparatus for processing optical fiber under microgravity conditions: An apparatus used for the fabrication of fiberoptic waveguides utilizing a novel melting and resolidifying apparatus and method while under microgravity conditions is disclosed. In one embodiment, the optical fiber core has a lower melting point than the cladding and the core is melted and resolidified under microgravity conditions. The... Agent:

20150104140 - Graded refractive index bending-resistant multimode optical fiber: A graded refractive index bending-resistant multimode optical fiber includes a core layer and claddings. The core layer has a radius in a range of 20-50 μm; refractive indexes being a gradient-graded refractive index distribution with a distribution exponent a in a range of 1.89-1.97; and a maximum relative refractive index... Agent:

20150104139 - System and method for optical fiber: In one embodiment, an optical fiber includes a first layer having a first refractive index and a second layer surrounding the first layer, where the second layer has a second refractive index, an inner radius, and an outer radius. The optical fiber also includes a third layer surrounding the second... Agent:

20150104141 - Uniform uv efficient light diffusing fiber: Light diffusing optical fibers for use in ultraviolet illumination applications and which have a uniform color gradient that is angularly independent are disclosed herein along with methods for making such fibers. The light diffusing fibers are composed of a silica-based glass core that is coated with a number of layers... Agent:

20150104142 - Swing arm assemblies for utility vaults: Swing arm assemblies for providing access to wiring enclosures are described that provide convenient one handed operation and the ability to temporarily fix the enclosure at a telescoped height and optionally in a rotated position.... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150098672 - Optical parts: An optical part 20A includes a supporting body 1, an optical material substrate 2, an electrode provided on the supporting body 1, and a resin adhesive layer 4 adhering the electrode 7 and optical material substrate 2. The electrode 7 includes a chromium film 7c contacting the resin adhesive layer... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20150098673 - Geo-locating positions along optical waveguides: A method of correlating physical locations with respective positions along an optical waveguide can include transmitting to the waveguide a signal including an indication of the transmitting location, and the waveguide receiving the signal. A system for correlating a physical location with a position along an optical waveguide can include... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150098674 - All silicon optical transistor: An optical device includes first and second waveguides and a micro-ring. The first waveguide is optically coupled to the micro-ring and is separated from the micro-ring by a first gap having a first gap distance. The second waveguide has a supply port, an output port, and a coupling portion optically... Agent:

20150098677 - Hybrid-integrated photonic chip package: A chip package includes an optical integrated circuit (such as a hybrid integrated circuit) and an integrated circuit that are adjacent to each other on the same side of a substrate in the chip package. The integrated circuit includes electrical circuits, such as memory or a processor, and the optical... Agent:

20150098676 - Integration of an unprocessed, direct-bandgap chip into a silicon photonic device: A composite device for splitting photonic functionality across two or more materials comprises a platform, a chip, and a bond securing the chip to the platform. The platform comprises a base layer and a device layer. The device layer comprises silicon and has an opening exposing a portion of the... Agent: Skorpios Technologies, Inc.

20150098675 - Photoelectric conversion module and transmission apparatus using the same: There is provided a photoelectric conversion module that can be mounted two-dimensionally over a device board in a high-density, low-height manner and cooled efficiently with an easy-to-install collective-type radiator. In the photoelectric conversion module mounted over the device board, an optical connector is attached to that surface of an optical... Agent:

20150098678 - Compound optical circuit switch: A compound optical circuit switches and methods are disclosed. Two or more 1st-tier switches may be coupled to one or more 2nd-tier switches. Each of a plurality of input ports may be connected to a respective input of one of the 1st-tier switches and each of a plurality of output... Agent: Calient Technologies, Inc.

20150098679 - Optical connector and ferrule adhesion system including adhesive composition, and related methods: An optical connector for terminating an optical fiber includes a ferrule, an optical fiber, and an adhesive composition disposed within a fiber-receiving passage of the ferrule. The adhesive composition, which is in contact with the inner surface of the ferrule and the optical fiber, includes a partially cross-linked resin that... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20150098680 - Optically connecting a chip package to an optical connector: An optical communication module has an attachment feature for attachment to a chip package having an electrical-optical converter, the optical communication module to pass light communicated with an electrical-optical converter of the chip package. The optical communication module has an alignment feature to achieve a level of alignment with a... Agent:

20150098681 - Connector housing for securing an optical cable and methods of use and manufacture thereof: Various connector housings for securing an optical cable, as well as methods of use and manufacture thereof are disclosed. A single-piece unitary connector housing body may include a first opening formed in a first end of the housing body, a second opening formed in a second end of the housing... Agent: Senko Advanced Components, Inc.

20150098682 - Optical fiber preform, method for producing optical fiber, and optical fiber: An easily producible optical fiber preform which is drawn to an optical fiber having a core containing a sufficient concentration of alkali metal is provided. An optical fiber preform 10 is composed of silica-based glass and includes a core portion 20 and a cladding portion 30. The core portion 20... Agent:

20150098684 - Modular break out for cable assembly: A conduit distribution component comprising: (a) a body having at least a first and second end and a first and second side; (b) a first conduit opening at the first end; (c) a plurality of second conduit openings at the second end; and (d) at least one connector on at... Agent:

20150098683 - System for mounting a plurality of fiber optic cassettes to a high density cassette shelf: A system for mounting a plurality of fiber optic cassettes includes an enclosure and angle-iron-shaped elongated members that are affixed within the enclosure and vertically spaced apart. The elongated members include shelf fastener perforations disposed at regular intervals along a mounting surface and arranged to horizontally and vertically align with... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 26 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150093067 - Oxide capacitor elecro-optical phase shifter: An electro-optical phase shifter to be located in an optical waveguide may include a rib of a semiconductor material extending along a length of the optical waveguide and a control structure configured to modify a concentration of carriers in the rib according to a control voltage present between first and... Agent:

20150093068 - Optical device: An apparatus is disclosed comprising a planar optical waveguide structure which includes a substrate and two planar optical waveguides thereon. The apparatus further comprises a solid structure having a body and two branches connected to the body. Each of the two branches has a reflective surface area thereon. Each of... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20150093070 - Optical waveguide component, manufacturing method therefor, and optical waveguide device: An optical waveguide component includes: an optical fiber mounting substrate provided with optical fiber alignment grooves having either, for alignment of optical fibers, V-grooves or inverted trapezoidal grooves in which inverted top sections of the V-grooves are truncated; an optical waveguide substrate in which optical waveguides are formed; a resin... Agent:

20150093069 - Semiconductor laser module and method of manufacturing the same: There is provided a semiconductor laser module with a semiconductor laser chip, in which a first optical waveguide is formed, flip-chip mounted on a silicon substrate with a mesa structure in which a second optical waveguide is formed. The optical axes of the first optical waveguide and the second optical... Agent: Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association

20150093071 - Surface plasmon polariton circuit element with discontinuous waveguide with gap and apparatus and method for generating surface plasmon polariton mode: A plasmonic device and an apparatus and method for generating a surface plasmon polariton (SPP) mode using the plasmonic device are disclosed herein. The plasmonic device includes a first plasmonic waveguide and a second plasmonic waveguide. The first plasmonic waveguide is made of a strip-shaped metal material forming at least... Agent: Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

20150093072 - Optical device with high damage threshold: Provided is an optical device having a high damage threshold, the optical device including a coating layer applied to cover a substrate and an optical switch formed of a carbon material and disposed on one side of the substrate, which may have a greatly increased damage threshold through the coating... Agent:

20150093073 - Optical tap modules having integrated splitters and aggregated multi-fiber tap output connectors: Embodiments are disclosed for tap modules having integrated splitters and aggregated multi-fiber tap output connectors. Tap modules are configured to receive optical input/output signals from optical input/output fibers connected to multiple network devices within a network communication system. The tap modules include splitters that are configured to generate multiple tap... Agent: Anue Systems, Inc.

20150093074 - Optical shuffling: Techniques relating to optical shuffling are described herein. In an example, a system for shuffling a plurality of optical beams is described. The system includes a plurality of sources to output respective beams of light. The system further includes a plurality of receivers to receive respective beams of light. The... Agent:

20150093075 - Receiving method and separating apparatus for light outputted from multi-core optical fiber: According to the present invention, as a result of using a depressed or trench-assisted light-receiving waveguide in which the core is surrounded by a layer having a refractive index lower than that of a cladding as light-receiving means for receiving light outputted from a multi-core optical fiber, the layer of... Agent:

20150093076 - Optical connector: An optical connector includes a first engaging member holding at least one first optical fiber to guide light from a light source, a second engaging member holding a second optical fiber to be optically connected to the first optical fiber, and configured to be engaged with the first engaging member,... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150093077 - Optical fiber connector having clamping element: An optical fiber connector includes a housing and a clamping element. The housing defines a receiving space including an inner bottom surface. The inner bottom surface defines first grooves and first receiving grooves aligned with the first grooves, and includes two clamping holes. The clamping element is received in the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150093078 - Connector: A connector is provided, including a connector body, a fastener and an elastomer. The fastener is pivoted on the connector body with a hook end and a press end positioned on both sides thereof, respectively. The two ends of the elastomer contact the connector body and the press end of... Agent:

20150093079 - Optical fiber connector: An optical fiber connector includes a main body, lens portions, and optical fibers. The main body includes a first side surface and a second side surface opposite to the first side surface. The main body defines a cavity between the first and second side surfaces, and a number of accommodating... Agent:

20150093080 - Optical connectors with inorganic adhesives and methods for making the same: One embodiment of the disclosure relates to an optical connector. The optical connector may include a ferrule, a waveguide, and an inorganic adhesive composition. The ferrule may include a fiber-receiving passage defining an inner surface. The inorganic adhesive composition may be disposed within the ferrule and in contact with the... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20150093082 - Loose tube connector termination: A fiber optic connector assembly comprises a ferrule assembly including a ferrule and a hub. The ferrule has a distal end and a proximal end. The proximal end of the ferrule is mounted to the hub. The ferrule defines a fiber passage that extends through the ferrule from the proximal... Agent:

20150093081 - Optical fiber connector: An optical fiber connector comprises a ferrule, a fastening tube, and a cover plate. The ferrule comprises a through hole and a breach. Front and rear parts of the through hole respectively comprise a pre-embedded optical fiber and a field optical fiber. A joint of the two optical fibers is... Agent:

20150093083 - Pluggable opticl transceiver module: A pluggable optical transceiver module for inserted into plugging slot includes main body and sliding component. The main body has opposite two side surfaces and two sliding slots. The two sliding slots are located at the two side surfaces. The sliding component includes linkage arm and two extending arms. The... Agent:

20150093084 - Fan-out assemblies and fiber optic assemblies including fiber management structure for furcations: Fiber management structures for fan-out assemblies that are used to furcate a fiber optic cable are disclosed, as are fiber optic assemblies with fiber management structures and related methods. The fiber management structures each include channels extending between opposed first and second ends. A plurality of fan-out tubes are received... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20150093085 - Low-latency, hollow-core optical fiber with total internal reflection mode confinement: Air core optical fiber structures in which the cladding is composed of an engineered optical metamaterial having a refractive index less than unity for at least one specific wavelength band and provides for total internal reflection of optical energy between the air core and metamaterial cladding. According to certain examples,... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150093087 - Apparatus for compensating image of display and display assembly: An image compensating portion located on a display panel includes a light incident surface, a light emitting surface, and a plurality of light guiding channels parallel with each other. The display panel includes a main display region and a periphery display region. A projection of the light emitting surface on... Agent:

20150093086 - Apparatus for compensating image, display device and joint display: The present invention provides an image compensating device for a joint display. The image compensating device includes a light incident surface, a parallel light emitting surface, and a plurality of light guiding channels extending from the light incident surface to the light emitting surface. The light emitting surface of image... Agent:

20150093090 - Cable clamp and telecommunications enclosure: A telecommunications closure (10) comprising cables (46), a cover (20), an interior frame (30), the frame (30) holding telecommunications equipment (32), and a seal block (40) sealing the cover (20) closed relative to one or more cables (46) which enter the closure (10). The frame (30) defines a plurality of... Agent:

20150093091 - Fiber distribution device: A fiber distribution device includes a swing frame chassis pivotally mounted to a support structure. At least a first optical splitter module is mounted to the swing frame chassis. Pigtails having connectorized ends are carried by the swing frame chassis and have portions that are routed generally vertically on the... Agent:

20150093088 - Fiber optic terminal assemblies: A fiber optic terminal assembly comprises a mounting plate configured to be mounted to a surface, a pivot bracket comprising a handle, and a spool rotatably mounted to the pivot bracket and configured to store a multi-fiber optic cable. The spool comprises an adapter for securing a connection between a... Agent:

20150093089 - Swing out optical fiber tray: This disclosure is directed to a fiber optic tray assembly. The tray assembly includes a tray having a base portion configured to hold a fiber optic interconnect or splice. An adapter clamp is configured to be mounted to the tray to secure one or more fiber optic adapters to the... Agent:

20150093092 - Telecommunications cabinet with connector storage: A housing including a plurality of openings for receiving fiber optic connectors and protecting the polished end face of the connectors from damage while the connectors are stored within a telecommunications connection cabinet. A module with a plurality of optical fiber cables connected to a first optical fiber cable and... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 24 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150086148 - High harmonic optical generator: A high harmonic optical generator comprising a laser arrangement for emitting a beam of polarized radiation at a fundamental frequency and an optical waveguide having a hollow core for a gaseous harmonic generation medium for the generation of high harmonics of the fundamental frequency, the optical waveguide having an optical... Agent:

20150086150 - Terahertz-wave element, terahertz-wave detecting device, terahertz time-domain spectroscopy system, and tomography apparatus: A terahertz-wave element includes a waveguide (2, 4, 5) that includes an electro-optic crystal and allows light to propagate therethrough, and a coupling member (7) that causes a terahertz wave to enter the waveguide (2, 4, 5). The propagation state of the light propagating through the waveguide (2, 4, 5)... Agent:

20150086149 - Tunable silicon grating couplers: A photonic integrated circuit (PIC) is described. This PIC includes a grating coupler for surface-normal coupling that has an alternating pattern of grating teeth and grating trenches, where the grating trenches are filled with an electro-optical material. By applying an electric potential to the grating teeth, the index of refraction... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150086151 - Stabilization of an injection locked harmonically mode-locked laser via polarization spectroscopy for frequency comb generation: Stabilization of an injection locked optical frequency comb is achieved through polarization spectroscopy of an active laser cavity, eliminating optical PM sidebands inherent in previous stabilization methods. Optical SNR of 35 dB is achieved. A monolithic AlInGaAs quantum well Fabry-Prot laser injection locked to a passively mode-locked monolithic laser is... Agent: University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20150086152 - Quasioptical waveguides and systems: Various embodiments include systems and methods to communicate along pipes using a conductive waveguide at quasioptical frequencies. The communication can be conducted as propagation to and from a tool at the quasioptical frequencies. A communication architecture may include a transmitter and receiver at one end of the conductive waveguide and... Agent:

20150086153 - Optical device having a stepwise or tapered light input/output part and manufacturing method therefor: In a method of manufacturing an optical device including an optical waveguide having a core, a cladding and a light input/output part through which a light beam is input or output, a substrate is prepared which is provided with a uniform thickness of single-crystalline film having its constituent atoms forming... Agent: Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association

20150086154 - Overvoltage protection component and an assembly of integrated circuit chips having said overvoltage protection component: A device includes integrated circuit chips mounted on one another. At least one component for protecting elements of a second chip is formed in a first chip. The chips may be of the SOI type, with the first chip including a first SOI layer having a first thickness and the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Sa

20150086155 - Dynamic communication splitter: Methods and systems for splitting an initiated signal are disclosed. An exemplary system may include a transmitter configured to selectively transmit an initiated signal, and a signal splitter in communication with the transmitter. The signal splitter may be configured to selectively split the initiated signal into a plurality of recipient... Agent:

20150086156 - Reinforced multi-body optical devices: A reinforced multi-body optical device that in one embodiment includes a multi-body optical device having a thickness that is less than or equal to about 1.0 millimeter and a supporting plate bonded without epoxy to the multi-body optical device. In an embodiment the supporting plate has a coefficient of thermal... Agent:

20150086159 - Fiber optic mode scrambler and a method of manufacturing thereof: A fiber optic mode scrambler includes a multi-mode optical fiber formed with a core and a cladding around the core and a non-adiabatic cross-sectional shape change zone in the optical fiber. The fiber further has a bending region extending over a length of the optical fiber. The optical fiber has... Agent:

20150086158 - Multi-mode phase-shifting interference device: A multi-mode interference (MMI) device includes a substrate layer, a core layer deposited on the substrate layer for propagating an optical signal, and a cladding layer deposited on the core layer for guiding the optical signal. The core layer includes a core section suitable for propagating multiple optical signals having... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20150086157 - Photonic lantern spatial multiplexers with mode selectivity: A photonic lantern spatial multiplexer that provides mode selectivity includes a multimode optical waveguide and a plurality of single mode optical waveguides. The single mode cores of the single mode optical waveguides merge with the multimode core of the multimode optical waveguide. At least two of the single mode cores... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20150086160 - Optical transport fibre and method for producing same: In summary, an optical transportation fiber (10) for transmitting laser beams (S0) comprises at least one fiber core (1), at least one fiber jacket (2, 3) and one sheath (5) encompassing the fiber jacket (2, 3), wherein an interlayer (4), the refraction index of which is lower than a refraction... Agent:

20150086161 - Optical fiber link with primary and compensating optical fibers: An optical fiber link that utilizes concatenated primary and compensating multimode optical fibers is disclosed. The primary optical fiber has a first relative refractive index profile with a first alpha value α40 of about 2.1 that provides for a minimum amount of intermodal dispersion of guided modes at a peak... Agent:

20150086162 - Optical transmission module and endoscope: An optical transmission module includes: an optical device having a light emitting section that outputs light of an optical signal; an optical fiber that transmits the optical signal; a holding member in which a distal end portion of the optical fiber is inserted into a through hole having an inner... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150086163 - Optical waveguides: An optical waveguide (2) arranged to transmit light under total internal reflection has a first diffractive grating region (8) arranged to receive light and diffract the received light along the optical waveguide (2), an intermediate diffraction grating (10) optically coupled to the first diffractive grating region (8) arranged to expand... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20150086164 - Apparatus having housing in which optical fiber is provided: According to an aspect of the apparatus of the present invention, wind generated by a cooling fan blows in a housing, and a port is optically connected with an optical module via an optical fiber. Further, a shielding wall is provided to an optical fiber arranging member, which supports and... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20150086165 - Optical receptacle and optical module provided with same: In an embodiment, an optical receptacle includes a first lens face that is disposed on a first surface 2a on a photoelectric conversion device 3 side in an optical receptacle main body so that a portion of light of the light of a light-emitting element 7 is incident thereon, a... Agent:

20150086166 - Apparatus and method for splicing all-dielectric self-supporting fiber optic cable: An apparatus and method for accessing and/or repairing a select subset of fibers in an ADSS fiber optic cable. The apparatus includes a housing extending from a first end to a second end. A first fiber optic spice tray is positioned within the housing closer to the first end than... Agent:

20150086167 - Optical fiber unit for optical fiber sensor: Disclosed is an optical fiber unit that improves the degree of freedom in setting a jig. The unit includes an optical fiber cable, a shaft, and a head. The shaft includes a peripheral surface having a male thread, and a through-hole in which the optical fiber cable is inserted. The... Agent:

20150086168 - Binder film for a fiber optic cable: A fiber optic cable includes a core and a binder film surrounding the core. The core includes a central strength member and core elements, such as buffer tubes containing optical fibers, where the core elements are stranded around the central strength member in a pattern of stranding including reversals in... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20150086169 - Compositions, optical component, system including an optical component, devices, and other products: The present inventions relate to optical components which include quantum confined semiconductor nanoparticles, wherein at least a portion of the nanoparticles include a ligand attached to a surface thereof, the ligand being represented by the formula: X-Sp-Z, wherein: X represents a primary amine group, a secondary amine group, a urea,... Agent:

20150086170 - Fiber optic component holding device: A holding device for holding cylindrical fiber optical components comprising at least one stackable body each having at least one recess adapted to receive cylindrical fiber optical components.... Agent: Adva Optical Networking Se

20150086171 - Plug and socket device: A plug and socket device comprising at least one housing and one base plate for accommodating the at least one housing, wherein the housing has a base body and at least two locking means located on it, wherein the locking means each have an elongated locking arm and a locking... Agent:

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