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Optical waveguides January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/12

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01/26/2012 > 31 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120020607 - Optical waveguide device: An optical waveguide device having multiple functions or high performance, to improve the productivity of products, and to provide an optical waveguide device capable of suppressing deterioration of an operating characteristic of the optical waveguide device, including a thin plate 1 having a thickness of 20 μm or less, and... Agent: Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.

20120020608 - Plasmonic element with waveguide trapping: Various plasmonic elements with waveguide trapping are provided. In one embodiment, a plasmonic element includes a waveguide layer including a first surface through which incident light enters the waveguide layer. The waveguide layer includes a medium and an array of plasmonic structures disposed within the medium. The medium has dielectric... Agent:

20120020613 - Method of manufacturing optical waveguide having mirror face, and optoelectronic composite wiring board: In order to provide a method of manufacturing an optical waveguide, which enables the formation of a smooth mirror face, the following method of manufacturing an optical waveguide having a mirror face is used. The method includes: a photocurable resin sheet laminating step of laminating an uncured photocurable resin sheet... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20120020611 - Optical device providing alignment substrate for emitting white light: An optical device that emits white light by mixing three or four light each having a specific color is disclosed. The optical device includes the alignment substrate having a first type of grooves each setting an optical fiber therein and a second type of a groove setting all fibers collectively.... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20120020612 - Optical interconnect: An optical interconnect device including a first printed wiring board, a second printed wiring board facing the first printed wiring board, a light-emitting device positioned on the first printed wiring board and electrically connected to the first printed wiring board, a light-receiving device positioned on the second printed wiring board... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20120020609 - Optical wiring arrangement and optical transmission module: An optical wiring mounted on an electronic device has a light transmission path for transmitting an optical signal. A function layer that reduces friction generated when coming in contact with a structural body in the electronic device to lower than when the light transmission path comes in contact with the... Agent: Omron Corporation

20120020610 - Optoelectronic modules and a method for manufacturing an array of optical devices: An array of optical devices includes singlets diced or separated from a first diced surface and a second diced surface of a semiconductor wafer. Each singlet includes a single optical emitter or a single photosensitive semiconductor device. The singlets are identified as operationally fit before being arranged in corresponding features... Agent: Avago Technologies FiberIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20120020614 - Optical switch device and method of manufacturing the same: Provided are an optical switch device having a simple light path and capable of achieving high speed switching, and a method of manufacturing the optical switch device. The optical switch device comprises one or more first optical waveguides extending in a first direction, one or more second optical waveguides connected... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120020615 - Through-bore fiber optic slipring: The present invention is a limited rotation through-bore optical slip ring. This will enable one or more optical signals to pass across a rotational interface while leaving a center bore free. The present invention is passive, unlike many off axis or through bore optical slip rings and is low loss... Agent:

20120020616 - Colorless optical network architecture and network components: An array reflector comprising a waveguide and a high reflectivity mirror is disclosed. The waveguide has an input end and a reflective end. The high reflectivity mirror is disposed at the reflective end. The array reflector also includes n−1 mirrors arrayed along the length of the waveguide, wherein n is... Agent:

20120020618 - Fiber optic connector and alignment mechanism for single lens multi-fiber connector: The invention pertains to an optical connector assembly having an alignment mechanism for coupling two single-lens, multi-fiber optical connectors together. Particularly, each connector comprising a single lens through which the light from multiple fibers is expanded/focused for coupling to corresponding fibers in a mating connector. In one aspect of the... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20120020619 - Imaging interface for optical components: The invention pertains to an optical interface employing optics (e.g., lenses) that image the beams rather than collimate the beams. More specifically, each connector at an interface includes optics, e.g., a lens, adapted to receive a diverging beam emanating from field point and image the beam to an image point... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20120020621 - Laterally coupled optical fiber component and processing method thereof: A side-coupling optical fiber assembly comprises a first substrate (200), on a surface of which at least one concave groove is provided; an optical fiber (210) disposed in the concave groove; and a second substrate (220) disposed on the first substrate (200) and pressed on the optical fiber (210). The... Agent: Wuhan Telecommunication Devices Co., Ltd.

20120020617 - Tunable optical filters with multiple ports: Described are tunable multiport optical filters that filter systems with many optical channels in a convenient and cost-effective manner. The tunable multiport optical filters of the invention are simple in design and have few optical components. The basic elements are a dispersion element and a rotating mirror. With properly arranged... Agent:

20120020620 - Tunable optical filters with multiple ports: Described are tunable multiport optical filters that filter systems with many optical channels in a convenient and cost-effective manner. The tunable multiport optical filters of the invention are simple in design and have few optical components. The basic elements are a dispersion element and a rotating reflector. With properly arranged... Agent:

20120020622 - Planar nanophotonic waveguide comprising a structure for optical coupling with an optical fibre: A single-mode planar nanophotonic waveguide includes an optical core, a cladding coating the optical core, and a structure for the optical coupling of the core of the waveguide with the core of a single-mode optical fibre. The coupling structure includes an adaptation element including a gradual broadening of the core... Agent:

20120020623 - Fiber connector assembly: A fiber connector assembly (1000) includes a first fiber connector (100) and a second fiber connector (200). The firs fiber connector (100) comprises a first housing (10) and at least one first fiber (11) combined with the first housing. The second fiber connector (200) comprising a second housing (20), at... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120020624 - Shielded connector assembly: An shielded connector assembly (100) includes an insulative housing (1); a plurality of terminals (2) supported by the insulative housing; a metallic shell (7) having frame (71) enclosing the insulative housing, the frame having a top wall (711), a bottom wall (712) and a pair of side walls (713) joining... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120020625 - Optical connector plug: An optical connector plug is comprised of a pair of divided front and rear housings formed generally in a quadrilateral tubular shape for receiving a ferrule to hold an optical fiber. A housing, one of the housings is provided with engagement openings on at least opposite wall portions thereof, and... Agent: Adamant Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20120020626 - Optical fiber connector: An optical fiber connector is composed of two components: an optical system component, such as an optical fiber attachment hole and a convex lens, having an area related to an optical system; and a holder, such as a bottom flat surface of a stopper receiving section, a male screw, and... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20120020627 - System and method for positioning a probe: An adapter couples a length of optical fiber to a hollow probe and to an optical coherence tomography instrument. The length of optical fiber may be greater than the length of the adapter itself. The optical fiber is fixed to an optical coupler at a proximal end of the adapter... Agent:

20120020628 - Small form-factor pluggable connector system: In an aspect there is provided a connector device. The connector device may include a cable connector having a housing having an opening at a first end and a cable gland at a second end; and a sleeve having an internal channel configured to interchangeably couple with an electrical transceiver... Agent:

20120020629 - Optoelectrical connector: In an optoelectrical connector that is composed of a plug including an insertion fitting part and a receptacle including a housing space into which the insertion fitting part of the plug is inserted, the plug is provided with an optical connection part (an optical member) on a front end of... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry Limited

20120020630 - Method for splicing an optical fiber element: The present invention relates to a method for splicing an optical fiber element (13, 23) of an optical cable (1, 2) reinforced with at least one strain relief fiber element (14, 24) and a splice effected by such method. In order to improve the strain resistance of the spliced optical... Agent: Tyco Electronics Raychem Bvba

20120020631 - Optical fiber configurations for transmission of laser energy over great distances: There are provided optical fiber configurations that provide for the delivery of laser energy, and in particular, the transmission and delivery of high power laser energy over great distances. These configurations further are hardened to protect the optical fibers from the stresses and conditions of an intended application. The configurations... Agent:

20120020632 - Optical fiber cable and laying method thereof: An optical fiber cable includes an elongated optical element portion having an optical fiber, a pair of tensile strength members and an outer jacket. The optical fiber is composed of one or more plastic coated optical fibers, tight-buffered optical fibers or optical ribbon fibers. The pair of tensile strength members... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20120020633 - Adapter panel with lateral sliding adapter arrays: An adapter panel arrangement including a chassis and a panel of adapters. The adapters defining rearward cable connections and forward cable connections of the panel arrangement. Openings permitting access to the rearward and forward cable connections of the adapters are provided. The chassis further including a removable rear chassis portion... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20120020634 - Adapter panel with lateral sliding adapter arrays: An adapter panel arrangement including a chassis and a panel of adapters. The adapters defining open rearward cable connections and open forward cable connections of the panel arrangement. The adapters being arranged in arrays that slide independently of other adapter arrays to provide access to the open rearward and open... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20120020635 - Tool for routing an optical fiber or cable at a living unit of customer premises: A tool for routing an optical fiber or a cable over a desired span on a visible supporting surface at a given premises. The tool includes a rod with a handle, and a reel or spool is mounted on the rod for storing a length of an optical fiber or... Agent: Ofs Fitel, LLC

20120020636 - Re-terminable lc connector assembly and cam termination tool: An improved, reversibly terminable fiber stub connector assembly is provided that can be readily and positively terminated in the field using simple termination tools. This allows repositioning or replacement of fiber optic cable field fibers if termination is not acceptable in performance. The tool may be a hand-held tool, or... Agent:

20120020637 - Plastic optical fiber and plastic optical fiber code: A plastic optical fiber comprising a core and a cladding, wherein the cladding comprises at least one layer, and the cladding comprises a copolymer which comprises 10 to 35% by weight of ethylene, 45 to 69% by weight of tetrafluoroethylene, 20 to 45% by weight of hexafluoropropylene, and 0.01 to... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

01/19/2012 > 22 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120014636 - Waveguide-type optical circuit: A waveguide-type optical circuit comprises an optical coupler being an optical branch coupler constructed from waveguide cores which are closely arranged each other, and dummy patterns that lay along sides of the waveguide cores in the optical coupler for preventing optical major axes of the waveguide cores from inclining.... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20120014638 - Optical waveguide sensor chip, optical waveguide sensor, and method for manufacturing optical waveguide sensor chip: According to one embodiment, an optical waveguide sensor chip includes an optical waveguide layer; a pair of optical elements disposed at both ends of the optical waveguide layer so that light enters the optical waveguide layer and the light exits from the optical waveguide layer; a functional film formed on... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120014637 - Shock detection optical fiber sensor: A shock detection optical fiber sensor includes: a plastic fiber; a corrugated plate having a plurality of protrusions arranged in the longitudinal direction of the plastic optical fiber and formed to oppose to the plastic optical fiber; a mold plate covering the plastic optical fiber and the corrugated plate; a... Agent:

20120014640 - Method of manufacturing optical waveguide core, method of manufacturing optical waveguide, optical waveguide, and optoelectric composite wiring board: In order to provide a method of efficiently manufacturing an optical waveguide core having an endface inclined at a predetermined angle, the following method of manufacturing an optical waveguide core is employed. The method includes: a core material layer forming step of forming a core material layer formed of a... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20120014641 - Optical-electrical wiring board and optical module: The invention relates to an optical-electrical wiring board (2) and an optical module (1). The optical-electrical wiring board (2) includes a substrate (8), a dielectric layer (11), first conductive layers (16a) and second conductive layers (16b). The dielectric layer (11) includes a first region (B) and a second region (C).... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120014639 - Packaged multicore fiber optical transceiver module: A method and structure for coupling to a plurality of multicore optical fiber strands. A first plurality of optoelectronic devices is provided on a surface of a substrate, the first optoelectronic devices being arranged in a 2D array pattern that corresponds to a 2D array pattern corresponding to different light... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120014642 - Transparent optical switch: An optical switching device realized on a substrate. The device includes a moveable platform driven by electrostatic actuation provided by a set of rotor fingers and stator fingers. The moveable platform, rotor fingers and stator fingers are integrally formed on the substrate. The device further includes a plurality of stationary... Agent:

20120014643 - Holographic mirror for optical interconnect signal routing: A holographic mirror 10 for re-directing an optical signal that includes a base 14 having an outer surface 16, and a plurality of discrete nano-structures 12 formed into the outer surface of the base. Each nano-structure has an out-of-plane dimension 20 that is within an order of magnitude of one... Agent:

20120014644 - Optical router with nearly ideal performance: An optimized planar optical router consisting of two stages performing stationary imaging between an input waveguide and a set of output waveguides has advantages of reduced size, larger number of channels and minimal loss variation in each passband. The new router is an optimized M×N imaging arrangement including two waveguide... Agent:

20120014646 - Optical fiber, method of preparation thereof and device: The invention provides an optical fiber, a method for the preparation thereof, and a device. An optical fiber, wherein a distal end of the optical fiber is provided with an optical mask adapted for projecting a predetermined pattern on a target surface by radiation transmitted from the distal end of... Agent: Vereniging Voor Christelijk Hoger Onderwijs, Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek En Patientenzorg

20120014647 - Optical receiver module: An optical receiver module 1 includes : a sleeve that holds an optical fiber; an optical flat surface provided in the sleeve and into which light emitted from the optical fiber enters; a lens provided in the sleeve that converges and emits the light that has entered the optical flat... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20120014645 - Single lens, multi-fiber optical connection method and apparatus: The invention pertains to an expanded beam optical coupling method and apparatus comprising a single lens per connector through which the light from multiple fibers is expanded/focused to couple to corresponding fibers in a mating connector.... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20120014648 - Ferrule for optical transports: The invention pertains to a ferrule for aligning optical transports within an optical connector for coupling to a mating optical connector for purposes of aligning the optical transports in the first connector with optical transports in the mating connector. The ferrule comprises a main body portion defining a longitudinal cavity... Agent:

20120014650 - Apparatus and method for aligning optical transports in a ferrule: Method and apparatus for aligning optical transports in a ferrule. The ferrule has an open side through which optical transports may be laterally placed in a transport cavity. The transports are aligned in the ferrule by mounting the ferrule on a jig having grooves into which the ends of the... Agent: Tyco Electronics Nederland B.v.

20120014649 - Method and apparatus for aligning optical transports in a ferrule: Methods and apparatus for aligning optical transports, such as waveguides and optical fibers, in a ferrule of an optical connector. The ferrule has an open side through which optical transports may be inserted into a transport cavity in the ferrule from a direction transverse the longitudinal direction of the optical... Agent: Tyco Electronics Nederland B.v.

20120014651 - Micro-distribution cable for optical communications and method for producing a micro-distribution cable: The invention relates to a microdistribution cable (1) for optical telecommunications engineering, comprising a loose tube cable (10), at least two wires (14) being guided in the loose tube cable (10), the wires (14) of the loose tube cable (10) having been prefabricated with plugs (33) at at least one... Agent: Adc Gmbh

20120014652 - Adhesively coupled optical fibers and enclosing tape: The present invention relates to optical-fiber cables having a tape enclosing one or more optical fibers. A plurality of discrete deposits of adhesive material are typically used to couple the optical fibers to the enclosing tape. A buffer tube may enclose the optical fibers and the tape. The buffer tube... Agent: Draka Comteq B.v.

20120014653 - Manufacturing method for optical fiber preform and optical fiber: Provided is a manufacturing method for an optical fiber preform of which the core is doped with a rare earth element. The method includes: depositing glass particles within a silica tube by the modified chemical vapor deposition method, the glass particles mainly consisting of silicon dioxide; adding the rare earth... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20120014654 - Optical fiber and method for manufacturing same: Provided is an optical fiber having a large relative refractive index difference and a reduced transmission loss, as well as a manufacturing method therefor. An optical fiber preform 100, which is made of silica glass as the main element and which includes a core region having a relative refractive index... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20120014655 - Fiber optic module and system including rear connectors: A telecommunications assembly including a housing and a plurality of modules mounted within the housing. The modules includes a rear face in which is mounted at least one fiber optic connector. Within an interior of the housing are positioned at least one fiber optic adapters. Inserting the module through a... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc

20120014656 - Patch panel for an optical distributor: The invention relates to a patch panel (1) for an optical distributor, comprising a housing (2) having a front plate disposed on the front side thereof and having couplings (10) or adapters for optical plug connectors, wherein a second front plate (12) having couplers (19) or adapters for optical plug... Agent: Adc Gmbh

20120014657 - Docking port optical cover: According to the invention, a system for covering the docking port of an optical communication device and protecting a terminating end of an optical fiber at the optical communication device is disclosed. The system may include body, where the body is configured to be at least partially received by the... Agent: Qwest Communications International Inc.

01/12/2012 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120008895 - Semiconductor optical device, optical transmitter module, optical transceiver module, and optical transmission equipment: Provided is a semiconductor optical device, which has a buried heterostructure structure and is formed in a structure capable of reducing a parasitic capacitance to further improve characteristics thereof, and also provided are an optical transmitter module, an optical transceiver module, and an optical transmission equipment. The semiconductor optical device... Agent: Opnext Japan, Inc.

20120008896 - Integrated optics module for multiplex transcevier: The present invention relates to an integrate optics for multiplexer transceiver module, comprising: a substrate, a multiplexer, a first waveguide coupling device, a second waveguide coupling device and a third waveguide coupling device. In the present invention, the semiconductor materials and the semiconductor process are used to integrate variety of... Agent: National Tsing-hua University

20120008897 - Single mode photonic circuit architecture and a new optical splitter design based on parallel waveguide mode conversion: The new single mode circuit (SMC) architecture is invented for photonic integrated circuits (PIC). This architecture allows using multimode waveguides or structures to construct a single mode operated PIC. The multimode sections used in such SMC based PIC possess strong lateral confinement so that the PIC can have high circuit... Agent:

20120008898 - Rotary optical probe: There is disclosed a probe (50) for directing light to an object to be measured and receiving light returned from the object to be measured, the probe including: an optical path (21) for transmitting light from a light source (10); a mirror member (52) for reflecting the light transmitted through... Agent:

20120008899 - Lens array and optical module including lens array: A complete reflection surface is formed in a notched section. A transmittance surface, a transmittance surface, and a complete reflection surface are formed in a recess section. The complete reflection surface completely reflects each laser beam emitted from first lenses. The transmittance surface and the transmittance surface transmit the incident... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20120008900 - Method and apparatus for routing optical fibers in flexible circuits: The invention concerns a technique for routing an optical fiber through a bend so that it can traverse a hinge or other mechanical connector having a bend radius smaller than the minimum bend radius of the fiber. Particularly, the radius of curvature of an optical fiber traversing a bend can... Agent: Tyco Electronics Nederland B.v.

20120008901 - Optical fiber connector: An optical fiber connector includes a female connector and a male connector. The female connector includes a first main body and a first lens portion. The first main includes at least one positioning slit and at least one recess defined in an inner surface of the first main body in... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120008902 - Optical fiber connector: An optical fiber connector includes a connector hold, a connector body and a number of optical fibers. The hold defines a receiving recess. The connector body is held in the receiving recess of the connector hold. The optical fibers pass through the connector hold and are attached to the connector... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120008903 - Optical transmission line holding member and an optical module: According to one embodiment, an optical transmission line holding member includes a holding member body, a plurality of holding holes, a plurality of electrical interconnections, and a plurality of grooves. The holding member body includes an optical semiconductor element mounting surface and an opposite surface thereof and configured to hold... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120008904 - Optical-electrical hybrid transmission cable: An optical-electrical hybrid transmission cable (100), comprises an insulative layer (2); a shielding layer located on an inner side of the insulative layer; an optical cable (5) disposed in the shielding layer and comprising two optical fibers (51) and an insulative sheath (52) enclosing the two optical fibers; a pair... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120008905 - Optical-electrical hybrid transmission cable: An optical-electrical hybrid transmission cable (100), comprises: an insulative layer (2); a shielding layer (3) located on an inner side of the insulative layer; an optical cable (4) disposed in the shielding layer and comprising two optical fibers (41) and an insulative sheath (42) enclosing the two optical fibers; two... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120008906 - Optical-electrical hybrid transmission cable: An optical-electrical hybrid transmission cable (100), comprising: an insulative layer (2); a shielding layer located on an inner side of the insulative layer; a pair of signal wires (6) disposed in the shielding layer and twisted together; a power wire (7) and a grounding wire (8) disposed in the shielding... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120008907 - Optical fiber: The present invention provides an optical fiber which can have a larger NA and a preferable mechanical strength even with a monolayer coating and can be fabricated at low cost, and which can transmit excitation light efficiently reducing a loss even under a high temperature environment during the operation of... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20120008908 - Multi-core optical fiber: A multi-core optical fiber includes: a plurality of core portions; and a cladding portion positioned around the plurality of core portions and including a marker for identifying a position of a specific one of the plurality of core portions.... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20120008909 - Fiber access terminal: A fiber access terminal for mounting to the end of a fiber distribution cable and configured to be extended through a buried conduit. The fiber distribution cable may include a plurality of optical fibers and enters a housing of the terminal through a base. The terminal also includes a plurality... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

01/05/2012 > 24 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120002912 - Fabrication tolerant polarization converter: The present invention provides a polarization converter, and a method for fabricating the same. The polarization converter includes a geometric shape which induces rotation of a polarization of an optical signal from a first polarization state to a second polarization state as the optical signal propagates along the polarization converter.... Agent:

20120002913 - Photonic crystal sensor: This invention relates to an optical sensor element comprising a photonic crystal constituted by a membrane of a chosen transparent material, the membrane being provided with a number of defined openings in a chosen pattern, the pattern being adapted to provide resonance at a chosen wavelength or range of wavelengths,... Agent: Sintef

20120002915 - Optical module and fabrication method: An optical module includes an optical waveguide that transmits and outputs signal light; a circuit board that transmits the signal light output from the optical waveguide, and includes a low refractive-index portion that neighbors and surrounds a transmissive portion and has a lower refractive index than the transmissive portion, which... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120002916 - Optical module, and optical printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same: Provided are an optical module, and an optical printed circuit board and a method of manufacturing the same. The optical module includes an optical fiber, a first ferrule coupled to one end of the optical fiber, and a second ferrule coupled to the other end of the optical fiber. The... Agent: Lg Innoteck Co., Ltd.

20120002914 - Ring resonator based optical isolator and circulator: By introducing magneto-optical garnets with high Faraday rotation and low optical loss in a ring resonator, a nonreciprocal phase shift is generated to split the resonance wavelengths of clockwise and counter-clockwise modes under magnetic field. There are three main applications based on this nonreciprocal effect, optical isolators, optical circulators, and... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120002917 - M x n wss with reduced optics size: A M×N wavelength selective switch (WSS) module capable of independently routing any wavelength channel from any input port to any output port is provided. The M×N WSS includes a first beam relayer including first and second elements having optical power, each of which is disposed such that light transmitted to... Agent:

20120002918 - Wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention provides a wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer comprising a Mach-Zehnder interferometer and an arrayed waveguide diffraction grating, the wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer having a simple configuration and being capable of reducing the degradation in the temperature compensation characteristics of a temperature compensation material provided in the Mach-Zehnder interferometer or the peeling-off of... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20120002919 - Fiberoptic device with long focal length gradient-index or grin fiber lens: Embodiments of the invention provide a fiberoptic device that uses a gradient-index (GRIN) lens for focusing a light beam emitted by an optical fiber, but achieves a substantially longer focal length than that of a GRIN lens alone by placing a beam expander (e.g., no core fiber or step-index multimode... Agent:

20120002920 - Anti-resonant waveguide bends: The present invention provides a system, apparatus and method to maintain the polarization state of an optical signal propagating within a photonic integrated circuit, or from a first photonic integrated circuit to a second photonic integrated circuit. According to various embodiments of the invention, an optical circuit is provided which... Agent:

20120002921 - Optical waveguide element, optical hybrid circuit, and optical receiver: An optical waveguide element includes a first optical coupler, a second optical coupler, and a first optical waveguide and a second optical waveguide that couple an output side of the first optical coupler and an input side of the second optical coupler to each other, the first optical waveguide and... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120002922 - Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer: A polarization-independent optical multiplexer/demultiplexer with wide passbands has a core including an input optical waveguide, an input slab optical waveguide connected to the input optical waveguide, a waveguide array connected to the input slab optical waveguide, an output slab optical waveguide connected to the waveguide array, a pair of multimode... Agent: Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

20120002923 - Signal transmission device and manufacturing method therefor: There are provided a signal transmission device capable of improving a production efficiency and reducing a production cost, and a manufacturing method thereof. A spacer 4 is interposed between peripheral surface portions 101a of optical waveguides 101 exposed by an optical waveguide exposure section 5 and a rear surface 115... Agent: Advanced Photonics, Inc.

20120002924 - Star coupler and optical multiplexer/demultiplexer: A star coupler includes a core embedded in a clad on a major surface of a substrate. The refractive index of the core differs by at least 40% from the refractive index of the clad. The core includes a slab optical waveguide, at least one input-output optical waveguide connected to... Agent: Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

20120002926 - Mpo type connector with reduced off-center loading: This application describes an MPO type connector with an internal assembly having a pin clamp, ferrule, and fiber array. The pin clamp that has a pair of contact surfaces abutting the ferrule. The contact surfaces are located along the mid-point of the height of the ferrule on either side of... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20120002925 - Optical connector: An optical connector includes a second operation lever extending rearward from a first operation lever. By pressing a rear end portion of the second operation lever up, or pressing the second operation lever forward, the first operation lever can be inclined forward. In this way, a front end portion of... Agent:

20120002928 - Coupling device and optical imaging device: A coupling device for coupling optical fiber cables reduces contact with the internal parts when coupling a connector. The coupling device includes a projection of a connector device housing insertable into a groove of an adapter device groove of an adapter device housing. The coupling device which connects optical fiber... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120002927 - Optoelectronic module having an adapter for use in extracting the module from a cage: An optoelectronic module is provided that has an adapter that interacts with the tongue actuator of a module removal tool to actuate the cage tongue. Actuation of the cage tongue causes the latch disposed on the optoelectronic module to retract from the opening formed in the tongue to allow the... Agent:

20120002929 - Device and method for splicing optical fibers, and use of an end piece in a device for splicing: The invention relates to a device for splicing fiber optic lines having a first and second holder for direct or indirect receiving of at least one fiber optic line each, an alignment means for aligning the ends of the fiber optic lines received in the first and in the second... Agent: Diamond Sa

20120002930 - Cable assembly with strain relief means: An cable assembly (100) includes an insulative housing (1); a plurality of terminals (2) combined with the insulative housing; at least one lens (3) mounted to the insulative housing; a cable (4) having a plurality of copper wires (41), a fiber wire (423) and a strength element (43); a cylindrical... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120002931 - Optical waveguide device and method of manufacturing thereof: In an optical waveguide device of the present invention, optical element mount (17) includes first base block (19a) for supporting first optical element (18a) and second base block (19b) for supporting second optical element (18b) that has an active layer depth smaller than that of first optical element (18a). Second... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120002932 - Optical waveguide: The present invention relates to an optical waveguide containing: a core formed by curing (A) a fluorine-containing polyarylene prepolymer having a crosslinkable functional group; and a cladding formed by curing (I) a curable composition containing (B) a compound having a molecular weight of 140 to 5,000, having a crosslinkable functional... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20120002934 - High conductor count packaging capsule: A packaging apparatus for packaging a bundle of conductors, such as optical fibers, includes a housing having two U-shaped halves that attach to one another wherein at least one of the halves includes connecting portions that each retain a connector of the conductors. The method includes attaching the connectors of... Agent: Afl Telecommunications LLC

20120002933 - Method and apparatus for storing a laser optical fiber: A laser optical fiber storage system (10) and method for temporarily storing a proximal section (12) of an elongated flexible optical fiber (14). The system and method include a storage housing (16) having a closed end (18) and an open end (20). A plug stopper (22) being laser energy impermeable... Agent:

20120002935 - Strain relief device: The invention relates to a strain relief device (1) for at least one glass fiber cable (45), comprising a base body (10) and at least one clamping element (30), the base body (10) having at least one through-opening (14) for leading through at least one glass fiber cable (45), which... Agent: Adc Gmbh

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