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Optical communications

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05/14/2015 > 29 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150131987 - System and method for in-band frequency-modulated supervisory signaling for polarization-multiplexed systems: Systems and method for monitoring a dual-polarization signal are disclosed. The systems and methods include adding a first supervisory signal to a first polarization component of the dual-polarization signal to get a first combined signal and adding a second supervisory signal to a second polarization component of the dual-polarization signal... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150131988 - Method and apparatus for monitoring mechanical fiber stress of optical fiber spans: The length of the optical fiber section under tension expands by a certain amount that is proportional to the level of tension applied to it. Monitoring the variations in the phase of the arriving signal allows to discover a fiber that is subject to a certain level of mechanical tension.... Agent: Adva Optical Networking Se

20150131989 - Management and control of software defined networking enabled open transport networks: Apparatuses are disclosed including a node having a switch for communicating traffic from input interface to output interface; and a control module, located proximate to the input interface, output interface and switch, comprising a communication interface configured to connect to a third communication link external to the node and having... Agent:

20150131990 - Optical switch: An optical switch includes: a first birefringent element; a first Faraday rotator; a first half-wave plate; a second birefringent element; a second half-wave plate; a second Faraday rotator; and a third birefringent element, which are arranged in a forward direction from the front, wherein the first birefringent element splits light... Agent:

20150131991 - Optical network system, optical switch node, master node, and node: An optical network system includes a master node and a plurality of optical switch nodes, allowing the number of nodes without depending on the number of wavelengths. The master node is configured to: divide a wavelength path having an arbitrary wavelength into time slots each having a predetermined time period;... Agent:

20150131992 - Method and apparatus for optical signal control using filter in multicasting ring network node and protection switching in optical multiplex section: A method and apparatus for optical signal control using a filter in a multicasting ring network node and protection switching in an optical multiplex section is disclosed, in which a multicasting ring network node extracts or passes a wavelength from a node requiring optical signal wavelength extraction, transmits the passed... Agent:

20150131993 - Method and apparatus for providing network interface using optical network terminal (\"ont\") plug: A communications network, in one embodiment, includes a passive optical network (“PON”) network, user equipment (“UE”), and optical network terminal (“ONT”) plug to facilitate data transfer via an optical network. The PON network containing at least one fiber splitter and one optical line terminal (“OLT”) is capable of transmitting optical... Agent: Tellabs Operations Inc.

20150131995 - Optical module and frabrication method thereof: The optical module includes an optical component, a substrate, and a laser, an electro-absorption modulator, and a semiconductor optical amplifier that grow on the substrate, where: the electro-absorption modulator is located between the laser and the semiconductor optical amplifier; the laser is configured to output an optical signal after power-on;... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150131994 - Passive optical networks and method of configuring transmission wavelengths therein: A method of configuring transmission wavelengths in a passive optical network comprising a wavelength selective routing element between first and second locations. The method comprises: at a first location: a. iteratively generating and transmitting a first optical signal at different ones of a plurality of wavelengths until a second optical... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150131996 - Optical receiver, optical signal processing method, and optical transmission system: An optical receiver includes: an optical brancher configured to branch polarization multiplexed light to a first polarization multiplexed light and a second polarization multiplexed light, the polarization multiplexed light in which a pilot signal is superimposed on at least one of a first polarization and a second polarization; an optical... Agent:

20150131997 - Multi layer, multi vendor, multi domain, applications for software defined networking enabled networks: Systems and methods are disclosed including a computer system, comprising a software defined networking configuration manager having a processor computing and provisioning paths through an optical transport network for multiple switch nodes to be provisioned as head end nodes, the processor managing and interpreting data indicative of managed entities within... Agent:

20150131998 - Telecommunications module: A cable boot is mounted to a telecommunications module housing an optical component, wherein the cable boot extends outwardly from the module. The cable boot is mounted by axially passing the cable boot over a plurality of cables carrying fiber optic signals leading to the optical component, axially passing a... Agent:

20150131999 - Transceiver for use in fibre network: A method performed by a transceiver for use in fibre network for sending and/or receiving signals. Transceiver includes SCM device; laser diode; Red-Blue Filter, RBF, having red, blue and common channels; PD; and Subcarrier Demultiplexing, SCDM, device. SCM device receives electromagnetic signals on at least two input ports, multiplexes electromagnetic... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150132002 - Integrated laser and method of fabrication thereof: There is provided an integrated laser. The integrated laser includes a semiconductor waveguide having a first section, a second section and a third section. The integrated laser further includes an active region formed on the third section of the semiconductor waveguide, the active region configured for generating light, and a... Agent:

20150132001 - Transmitter module outputting wavelength multiplexed light: A transmitter module having a plurality of semiconductor laser diodes (LDs) as optical signal sources that emit optical respective optical beams with specific wavelengths different from other is disclosed. The transmitter module includes, in addition to the LDs, a driver to drive LDs in the shunt-driving configuration. Inductors through which... Agent:

20150132000 - Variable color data transmission: Systems comprising at least an encoder for receiving a binary string of a data, the encoder adapted to partition the binary string into one or more binary substrings and assign a color to each one or more substrings corresponding to a color model, a controller for converting the color into... Agent:

20150132003 - Multiplexer/demultiplexer based on diffractive optical elements: A first transmissive diffraction grating includes a multiplexed transmission region; a second diffraction grating includes multiple demultiplexed transmission regions that are spatially displaced from one another and characterized by average corresponding grating-normal vector direction, grating wavevector magnitude, and grating wavevector direction. The demultiplexed transmission regions differ with respect to at... Agent:

20150132004 - Optical communication systems and methods: A system and method to broadcast an optical signal through an amorphous medium, including a primary emitter capable of producing a primary optical signal during at least one broadcast period and capable of transmitting the primary optical signal through the amorphous medium. A secondary emitter, separate from the primary emitter... Agent:

20150132005 - High performance compact rf receiver for space flight applications: A compact photonic radio frequency receiver system includes a laser source that is configured to generate laser light Radio frequency (RF) and local oscillator (LO) input ports may receive RF and LO signals, respectively. One or more miniature lithium niobate waveguide phase modulators may be coupled to the laser source... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20150132006 - Led-lamp, power-line network system, writing method for location information, projector, data processing method and collision avoidance system: An LED lamp acquires its location information from the outside through its power-line communication section and stores the acquired location information in nonvolatile storage device. A communication control section, which establishes visible light communication, uses visible light to transmit, at a predetermined timing, the location information read from a location... Agent:

20150132007 - Digital optical modulator for programmable n-quadrature amplitude modulation generation: An optical transceiver comprising an optical signal input, a first modulation section coupled to the optical signal input, a second modulation segment coupled to the optical signal input and positioned in serial with the first modulation section, wherein the first modulation section comprises a first digital electrical signal input, a... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20150132009 - Optical transmission device and optical transmission method: An optical transmission device includes a receiver that receives first light, a transmitter that outputs second light, a memory, a processor coupled to the memory, configured to control a first optical level of the second light in such a way that a second optical level calculated based on an optical... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150132008 - Via-less multi-layer integrated circuit with inter-layer interconnection: A multi-layer integrated circuit comprises a light source configured to input source light to a first optical transmitter. The first optical transmitter is configured to modify the source light and to output a first modulated light based on data received from a first circuit to a second optical receiver. The... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20150132010 - Data network, aircraft or spacecraft, and method: A data network, especially a data network for an aircraft or spacecraft, includes a primary data grid, and at least one secondary data grid, the primary data grid including primary data nodes, wherein the primary data nodes are directly or indirectly coupled in data communication with each other, and the... Agent:

20150132011 - Optical cable connector: Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for interconnecting two optical fibers using a protective insert, wherein the protective insert includes a connective segment that provides optical communication connection between the two optical fibers. Furthermore the protective insert includes two attachment mechanism s adjacent to the connective segment with each of... Agent:

20150132012 - Transmission apparatus: A transmission apparatus includes: a plurality of logical lanes; a receiver configured to receive a signal including synchronization information of a frame; a distributor configured to divide data included in the received signal into frame elements and cause the plurality of logical lanes to store the data; and a transmitter... Agent:

20150132013 - Advanced optical modulation generation by combining orthogonal polarized optical signals: Disclosed are adaptive structures and methods for generating advanced modulation formats using multiple levels such as PAM-4, PAM-8 as well as regular OOK or PM OOK formats. Structures and methods disclosed include an unequal power splitter that may exhibit a fixed or tunable splitting ratio such that adaptive format(s) may... Agent:

20150132014 - Qpsk signal conjugate relationship identification method and apparatus, and dispersion compensation method and system: The present invention discloses a QPSK signal conjugate relationship identification method and apparatus. The method includes: receiving a first binary sequence signal, using the first binary sequence signal to modulate an optical signal, and determining, within a first predetermined range, a first bias voltage in a QPSK modulator; receiving a... Agent:

20150132015 - Optical resonator apparatus, optical transmitter and controlling method for optical resonator: An optical resonator apparatus includes an optical resonator unit wherein ring optical resonators each including a first optical waveguide and a resonance wavelength adjustment electrode are coupled in cascade connection and round-trip lengths of the ring optical waveguides are different from each other and vary in order from an input... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 24 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150125141 - Procedures, apparatuses, systems, and computer programs for providing optical network channel protection: A procedure for transferring wavelengths, and a system that operates in accordance with the procedure. The system comprises at least one network terminal, each including a switch and a controller. A plurality of wavelength sets are applied to the switch. The controller is arranged to operate the switch such that... Agent: Tellabs Operations, Inc.

20150125142 - Data communication apparatus: The present invention relates to a data communication apparatus having at least two server communication terminals, which are connected by at least one optical cable and which each have at least one transmitter and one receiver, wherein the transmitter of a first communication terminal is connected to the receiver of... Agent:

20150125144 - Locating a physical connector module: Methods, systems, and computer readable media for locating a physical connector module are disclosed. According to one aspect, the subject matter described herein a method that includes selecting, via a locator beacon activation control function, a physical connector module to be located. The method further includes communicating, from the locator... Agent:

20150125143 - System and method for monitoring polarization-dependent loss: Systems and method for monitoring a dual-polarization signal are disclosed. The systems and methods include adding a first supervisory signal to a first polarization component of the dual-polarization signal to get a first combined signal, adding a second supervisory signal to a second polarization component of the dual-polarization signal to... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150125145 - Optical transmission system and optical transmission device: An optical transmission system includes: a first optical transmission device configured to perform bidirectional optical transmission with a second optical transmission device via an optical transmission line, wherein the first optical transmission device includes a transmitted light power adjusting section configured to transmit, to the second optical transmission device, a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150125147 - Method and apparatus for updating and switching between bit loading profiles for transfer of data from an optical network to network devices in a coaxial cable network: A conversion module including physical layer and control modules. The physical layer module, via an optical network, receives first data from a service provider. The control module, via a coaxial cable network: transmits the first data, via sub-carriers, from the conversion module to a first network module according to a... Agent:

20150125148 - Transmission apparatus: A transmission apparatus includes: a first mapping unit configured to allocate a first frame that stores a client signal to an intermediate frame; a second mapping unit configured to allocate the intermediate frame to a second frame that has a higher bit rate than a bit rate of the first... Agent:

20150125149 - Wavelength negotiation method and apparatus of multi-wavelength passive optical network, and multi-wavelength passive optical network system: This application provides a wavelength negotiation method of a multi-wavelength passive optical network, including: receiving a wavelength status table that is broadcast by an OLT over each downstream wavelength channel of a multi-wavelength PON system, where the wavelength status table is used to indicate information about available wavelengths of the... Agent:

20150125146 - Wireless drop in a fiber-to-the-home network: One embodiment is directed to a wireless drop terminal (WDT) for use in a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network. The wireless drop terminal comprises a fiber interface to optically couple the wireless drop terminal to an optical line terminal (OLT) of the FTTH network via at least one optical fiber and a... Agent:

20150125150 - Optical receiver and optical receiving method: An optical receiver, includes: a signal processor to perform digital signal processing on a polarization demultiplexed signal obtained by demultiplexing a polarization multiplexed signal corresponding to a reception signal, the signal processor includes: an adaptive equalization circuit to compensate for the polarization demultiplexed signal by control of a filter coefficient;... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150125151 - Systems and methods for extending optical network services across non-optical channels: An optical communication system comprises a network interface device (NID) having a media converter coupled to an optical fiber of a passive optical network (PON). The media converter converts optical signals from the PON into electrical signals for communication across at least one non-optical channel, such as a conductive or... Agent:

20150125152 - Power efficient subcarrier aggregator and subcarrier combiner for multi-direction variable optical transceiver: A multi direction variable transceiver including a transmitter comprising a subcarrier aggregator including at least one variable transmitter splitter and at least one variable transmitter coupler. The transceiver typically includes a receiver having at least one variable receiver splitter and at least one variable receiver coupler. In some examples, each... Agent:

20150125153 - Method for measuring wavelength channel tuning time of tunable device in optical network, and system thereof: A method for measuring a wavelength channel tuning time by using an optical filter that converts a change of an output wavelength of a tunable device into an optical intensity change, and a system thereof. The system for measuring a wavelength channel tuning time includes: an optical filter set configured... Agent:

20150125154 - Ir communication method and electronic device thereof: A method for operating an electronic device is provided. The method includes converting received infrared into an electrical signal, amplifying the electrical signal and outputting an analog signal, converting the analog signal into digital data, determining whether the digital data is valid, and activating an application program in a freeze... Agent:

20150125155 - Digital radio frequency transceiver system and method: A transceiver architecture for wireless base stations wherein a broadband radio frequency signal is carried between at least one tower-mounted unit and a ground-based unit via optical fibers, or other non-distortive media, in either digital or analog format. Each tower-mounted unit (for both reception and transmission) has an antenna, analog... Agent:

20150125156 - Onu with wireless connectivity capability: The embodiments herein relate to a method in an optical network unit, referred to as an ONU, for providing wireless connectivity capability to the ONU. The ONU is comprised in a communications network. The ONU is interconnected to an optical line terminal, referred to as an OLT, via a wireline... Agent:

20150125157 - High bandwidth optical links for micro-satellite support: A method, systems, apparatus and device enable high bandwidth satellite communications. An onboard tracking detector, installed in a low-earth orbit satellite, detects a position of an incoming optical beam received/transmitted from a first ground station of one or more ground stations. Tracker electronics determine orientation information of the incoming optical... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20150125158 - 40g/100g/200g/400g pluggable optical transceivers with advanced functionality: Integrated performance monitoring (PM); optical layer operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning (OAM&P); alarming; amplification, and the like is described in optical transceivers, such as multi-source agreement (MSA)-defined modules. A pluggable optical transceiver defined by an MSA agreement can include advanced integrated functions for carrier-grade operation which preserves the existing MSA... Agent: Menara Networks, Inc.

20150125159 - Reflective colorless optical transmitter: Provided is a reflective colorless optical transmitter receiving a carrier signal, which is a continuous wave, and outputting a modulated optical signal. The reflective colorless optical transmitter includes a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) amplifying an input optical signal allowing the input optical signal to have a gain, an optical modulator... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150125160 - Method and apparatus for directly detected optical transmission systems based on carrierless amplitude-phase modilation: Methods and apparatus for directly detected optical system based on gapped CAP modulation and DSP Methods for generation and reconstruction of gapped CAP signal are disclosed. An apparatus for direct detection transmission for CAP modulated signal with two unbalanced optical sidebands separated by gaps is disclosed, in which a gapped... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20150125161 - Optical signal modulation: A 2n-QAM (e.g. 16-QAM) optical modulator comprising cascaded I-Q modulators. The first I-Q modulator applies 2n-2 (e.g. 4) QAM to an optical signal, having a constellation diagram with the 2n-2 (e.g., 4) constellation points located in quadrant I. The second I-Q modulator subsequently applies a quaternary phase-shift keying (QPSK) modulation... Agent:

20150125162 - Efficient optical communication device: In one embodiment, an apparatus for optical communication is disclosed. An optical sub-assembly and optical platform may form the apparatus. Lasers contained in the hermetically sealed optical sub-assembly can be coupled to a modulator on the optical platform. The optical modulator can access an optical network using beams of light... Agent:

20150125164 - Optical apparatus: The present invention provides an optical apparatus, which is configured to output image information and comprises a housing; a light source; an optical device; an optical device earner, wherein the optical device is mounted on the optical device carrier and positioned on one side of the optical device carrier; a... Agent:

20150125163 - Wdm mux/demux employing filters shaped for maximum use thereof: Filters shaped differently from those commonly used in WDM Mux/DeMux optical devices are described. Different from the prior art devices that commonly use filters shaped in cuboid, the filters in the embodiment of the present invention are shaped in parallelepiped. In other words, a cross section of such filter is... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 23 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150117850 - Optimization of photonic services with colorless and directionless architecture: A method, in a node operating in a network with a control plane, to optimize wavelength retuning on service redials, includes detecting a failure on a link associated with the node; and, for each affected connections on the link, sending a respective release message to an associated originating node via... Agent: Ciena Corporation

20150117851 - Using floating transport card for best effort traffic: A network management device monitors an optical network that is configured for a required bandwidth. The optical network includes multiple optical nodes and a plurality of light paths between the multiple optical nodes. The multiple optical nodes include transport cards with a majority of the transport cards provisioned as active... Agent:

20150117852 - Use of dying gasp to locate faults in communications networks: Novel tools and techniques that can be used to detect network impairment, including but not limited to impairment of optical fiber networks. In an aspect, such tools and techniques can be deployed at relatively low cost, allowing pervasive deployment throughout a network. In another aspect, such tools and techniques can... Agent:

20150117853 - Method and apparatus for calculating nonlinear transmission impairment of optical fiber link: The present invention relates to the field of network communications and discloses a method for calculating a nonlinear transmission impairment, including: determining that no pump channel exists in an optical fiber link, obtaining a factor of intra-band nonlinear noise that does not pass through an optical filter, and obtaining integral... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150117854 - Optical data transmission device: Proposed is an optical data transmission device for an optical access network that comprises a laser transmission unit, which generates an optical transmission signal, and a driving unit, which controls the laser transmission unit for modulating the transmission signal. The device comprises an optical reception unit that converts the received... Agent:

20150117855 - Optical subassembly testing system: An optical subassembly testing system includes a pedestal, a rotation device, a holder and a supporting device. The rotation device includes a rotation member, a connecting plate and a retractable pillar. The rotation member is arranged on the pedestal and rotates relative to the pedestal. The connecting plate includes a... Agent:

20150117857 - System and method for in-band amplitude-modulated supervisory signaling for polarization-multiplexed systems: Systems and method for monitoring a dual-polarization signal are disclosed. The systems and methods include adding a first supervisory signal to a first polarization component of the dual-polarization signal to get a first combined signal and adding a second supervisory signal to a second polarization component of the dual-polarization signal... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150117856 - System and method for monitoring power imbalance induced by polarization-dependent loss: Systems and methods for monitoring a dual-polarization signal are disclosed. The systems and methods include extracting a portion of the dual-polarization signal, wherein the dual-polarization signal includes multiple supervisory signals, each associated with a polarization component of a main data signal, measuring a power level of the first and second... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150117858 - Systems and methods for capacity changes in dwdm networks including flexible spectrum systems: A method, a controller, and an optical section include performing an analysis to determine an amount of power offset on any in-service channels in an optical section due to a capacity change with a channel; defining a step size to ensure the capacity change does not exceed an offset limit... Agent: Ciena Corporation

20150117859 - Systems and methods for physical link routing: A system for physical link routing includes a link routing block, comprising a volume of solid material, that defines a set of link routing paths; and a first link interface, comprising a set of access points arranged in a pattern, wherein each access point of the set of access points... Agent:

20150117860 - Method and device for setting up and operating a modular, highly scalable, very simple, cost-efficient and enduring transparent optically routed network for network capacities of greater than 1 petabit/s: A method for setting up, operating and/or scaling a modular optically routed transport network includes: providing a quasi passive Optical Transport Network (OTN) core network according to ITU-T G.709 with N network nodes at the core network edge; providing at least one active component in each network node for the... Agent:

20150117861 - Wdm link for radio base station: A radio base station has a baseband controller coupled to a radio head by an optical wavelength division multiplexed link to pass downlink signals on a first wavelength, and uplink signals on another wavelength. A compensating delay is applied to one of the signals to compensate for a difference in... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (pulb)

20150117862 - System and method for a millimeter wave circuit board: According to an embodiment, a circuit board includes a signal line including at least portion of a first conductive layer that has a first portion extending over a cavity in the circuit board from a first side of the cavity. The circuit board also includes a first plurality of conductive... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150117863 - Optical receiving device and transmission device: An optical receiving device includes: a conversion device that converts an input burst optical signal into a positive phase electrical signal and a negative phase electrical signal; an amplification device that amplifies the positive phase electrical signal and the negative phase electrical signal; a first output terminal that outputs the... Agent: Fujitsu Optical Components Limited

20150117864 - Systems and methods for transmitting routable optical energy packets: A system for transmitting routable energy packets includes an optical power source and a processing circuit. The optical power source is configured to generate an optical power packet having optical energy, generate an optical data packet comprising routing information configured to control a route of the optical power packet, and... Agent:

20150117865 - Optical receiving apparatus, optical transmitter and receiver module, and optical transmitting and receiving apparatus: A housing accommodates an optical waveguide substrate, plural signal light receiving elements, and a signal-light-level monitoring light receiving element. Signal light and locally oscillated light are input into optical waveguides in the optical waveguide substrate from a first end face of the optical waveguide substrate. The plural signal light receiving... Agent: Fujitsu Optical Components Limited

20150117866 - Quadrature amplitude modulation symbol mapping: Modulation and demodulation of digital signals comprising symbols representing four or more bits uses a constellation map in which initial two bits of the modulated data identify a quadrant of the constellation map and the remaining bits of the modulated data identify a symbol within the quadrant corresponding to the... Agent:

20150117867 - Optical modulator and optical transmitter: An optical modulator includes: a substrate that having an optical waveguide that includes a split section that splits light into two light waves, a pair of arms through which the light waves propagate, and a combining section that combines the light waves from the pair of arms with each other;... Agent: Fujitsu Optical Components Limited

20150117868 - Parallel optical transmitter: An N-channel parallel optical transmitter includes a dual-facet continuous-wave laser, two or more optical splitters, and four or more optical modulators. One of the optical splitters has an input coupled to the first facet of the laser, and another has an input coupled to the second facet of the laser.... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150117869 - Optical multilevel transmitter and optical transponder: An optical multilevel transmitter includes a semiconductor quadrature optical modulator configured to separately modulate and output in-phase and quadrature electric field components and a semiconductor nonlinear characteristic compensation circuit configured to generate, from in-phase and quadrature drive signals to be inputted to the semiconductor quadrature optical modulator, two signals for... Agent:

20150117871 - Optical level control apparatus and optical reception apparatus: An optical level control apparatus includes an input port, an output port, an optical device to assume a state of outputting light inputted to the input port from the output port and a state of not outputting the light inputted to the input port from the output port; a detector... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150117870 - Optical signal processing method and device: Disclosed are a method and device for increasing the adaptability of light intensity, which relate to the field of photoelectric communications. The method comprises: providing several stages of load resistors in the device, the device collecting voltage values, calculating the average value of all the collected voltage values when a... Agent:

20150117872 - Polarization demultiplexing of optical signals: An example embodiment includes optical receiver that includes a polarization beam splitter (PBS), a polarization controller, and a forward error correction (FEC). The PBS is configured to split a received optical signal having an unknown polarization state into two orthogonal polarizations (x′-polarization and y′-polarization). The polarization controller includes no more... Agent:

04/25/2015 > 23 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.
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