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Optical communications

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02/05/2015 > 23 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150037026 - Impairment aware path computation element method and system: The disclosure includes an apparatus comprising: a path computation element (PCE) comprising a processor configured to: receive a path computation element protocol (PCEP) path computation request from a path computation client (PCC), wherein the path computation request comprises an impairment validation request that directs the PCE to perform an impairment... Agent:

20150037027 - Method and device for determining whether a configuration of an optical transmission interface has to be adjusted: A method for determining whether a configuration of an optical transmission interface of a first device has to be adjusted for transmitting an optical signal to a second device via an optical band-pass filter, the second device including an optical reception interface configured to enable receiving optical signals output by... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150037028 - Adaptive distributed antenna system capable of load balancing: An adaptive distributed antenna system comprises a control module coupled between multiple base stations, and multiple antenna groups, each of which includes multiple antenna devices each coupled to the control module via a transmission line, and operable to convert an external wireless signal and a transmitting signal from the transmission... Agent: Amoesolu Corporation

20150037030 - Optical switching devices including phase transition materials: An optical switching device includes a substrate having an optical waveguide thereon, and a phase transition pattern in or on a portion of the optical waveguide. The phase transition pattern includes a material that is configured to be switched between insulating and conductive states responsive to a stimulus. At least... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150037029 - Wavelength auto-negotiation: An apparatus includes a bank of optical detectors, an input optical filter and a selector. The optical detectors are configured to output respective detection indications in response to detecting a presence of an optical signal. The input optical filter is configured to receive an input optical signal having an input... Agent: Mellanox Technologies Ltd.

20150037031 - Wavelength selective switch and wavelength selection method: A wavelength selective switch and a wavelength selection method are provided. The wavelength selective switch comprises an input port, through which a light beam, including a plurality of optical signals having different wavelengths, is incident; a wavelength separation apparatus, including a Blue Phase Liquid Crystal (BPLC) device and configured to... Agent:

20150037032 - High connectivity multiple dimension optical network in glass: An optical communications system includes a first plurality of optical components having optical ports, a second plurality of optical components having optical ports and an optical cross-connect. The optical cross-connect includes a block of a single continuous construction and material having a first side adjacent the first optical components and... Agent:

20150037033 - System and method for providing resilience in communicaton networks: A system (100) for providing resilience in a communication network capable of providing multiple services to multiple customers. The system (100) includes at least one Optical Line Terminal (OLT) (110), and at least one Passive Optical Network (PON) based architecture (115) operably coupled to the at least one OLT (110).... Agent: Sterlite Networks Limited

20150037034 - Flexible optimization of the signal-to-noise ratio for ultra dense coherent wdm systems: The present document relates to optical communication systems. In particular, the present document relates to high efficiency wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical communication systems. An optical transmitter (210) adapted to transmit an optical signal on an optical wavelength division multiplexed, referred to as WDM, transmission channel (111) to a corresponding... Agent:

20150037035 - Network system: Provided is a network system including a subscriber apparatus and a station-side apparatus connected with the subscriber apparatus via an optical line. The subscriber apparatus includes a transceiver for receiving an instruction to change wavelengths for signals to be sent and received, receiving a downstream signal sent from the station-side... Agent:

20150037036 - Scalable optical broadcast interconnect: A modular interconnect includes an mn-by-mn fully connected, direct broadcast, point-to-point, all-to-all interconnect fabric, wherein the mn-by-mn fully connected, direct broadcast, point-to-point, all-to-all interconnect fabric is non-blocking and congestion free, and wherein m is an integer≧2 and n is an integer≧2. Operating the modular interconnect includes distributing each of mn... Agent:

20150037037 - Method for manufacturing wavelength division multiplexing transmission apparatus and wavelength division multiplexing transmission apparatus: A method for manufacturing a wavelength division multiplexing transmission apparatus, includes arranging laser devices in a line and fixing the laser devices to a first substrate, fixing to a second substrate reflectors arranged to multiplex laser beams emitted from the laser devices and to generate wavelength multiplexed light, and arranging... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150037038 - Optical module: An optical transceiver includes: a first WDM filter which reflects a first optical signal from a first light source and passes a second optical signal from a second light source; a first total reflection mirror which reflects the first optical signal to make it enter the first WDM filter; a... Agent:

20150037039 - Visible light transmission system for vehicles: A visible light communication system for vehicles, comprising a signal radiating device comprising a control unit, used for outputting a data signal; a coding unit, connected with the control unit for receiving the data signal, and coding the data signal into a transmission signal; a light emitting unit, connected with... Agent: Genie House Co., Ltd.

20150037040 - Multiple wireless connectivity hub: A hub device detects, using a plurality of different wireless communication interfaces, the presence of a plurality of different wireless devices, wherein, initially, each of the plurality of different wireless devices implements an unknown type of wireless connectivity. The hub device detects a type of wireless connectivity, of a plurality... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20150037041 - Distributed antenna system architectures: Optical fiber-based wireless systems and related components and methods are disclosed. The systems support radio frequency (RF) communications with clients over optical fiber, including Radio-over-Fiber (RoF) communications. The systems may be provided as part of an indoor distributed antenna system (IDAS) to provide wireless communication services to clients inside a... Agent:

20150037042 - Receiver chip and method for on-chip multi-node visible light communication: A receiver chip, system and method for on-chip multi-node visible light communication, the receiver chip comprising: an array of receiver cells comprising an array of photodetectors, each receiver cell comprises at least one photodetector and is to receive light through the at least one photodetector, and a logical layer for... Agent:

20150037044 - Method and system for an optical coupler for silicon photonics devices: Methods and systems for an optical coupler for photonics devices are disclosed and may include a photonics transceiver comprising a silicon photonics die, an optical source module, and a fiber connector for receiving optical fibers and including a die coupler and an optical coupling element. The die coupler may be... Agent:

20150037043 - Optical transceiver capable of controlling self-heating according to temperature: Disclosed is an optical transceiver capable of controlling self-heating according to temperature, more particularly, an optical transceiver which uses a PTC heater suitable for temperature characteristics to easily control self-heating. A PTC heater of which the self-resistance changes depending on the ambient temperature of uncooled laser diodes of an optical... Agent:

20150037045 - Laser receiver: The invention relates to a laser system comprising a laser receiver collaborating with a laser emitter. The laser emitter is designed to provide a laser light plane and includes a control unit connected to a communication signal receiver in order to work and compute incoming communication signals from the laser... Agent:

20150037046 - Plastic optical fiber bus network: An optical network architecture can include a first pair of tapered mixing rods and a second pair of tapered mixing rods. The optical network architecture can also include a first plurality of plastic optical fibers communicatively coupled from the first pair of tapered mixing rods to a first plurality of... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150037047 - Light emission circuit: Apparatus comprises first and second light sources driven respectively by second and third inverting amplifiers with feedback from the first and second light sources to provide signal content respectively on positive and negative phases of an input signal; and a bias control arrangement configured to measure a bias level of... Agent: Iconic Sound Limited

20150037048 - Low voltage photodetectors: A low voltage photodetector structure including a semiconductor device layer, which may be Ge, is disposed over a substrate semiconductor, which may be Si, for example within a portion of a waveguide extending laterally within a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) chip. In exemplary embodiments where the device layer is formed... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150030321 - Redundancy and interoperability in multi-channel optoelectronic devices: A multi-channel optoelectronic device is configured to establish a redundant status link with a remote device. The optoelectronic device can transmit N transmit optical signals to the remote device over a plurality of transmit channels and receive N receive optical signals from the remote device over a plurality of receive... Agent:

20150030322 - Method and device for determining whether a configuration of an optical transmission interface has to be adjusted: A method for determining whether a configuration of an optical transmission interface of a first device has to be adjusted for transmitting an optical signal to a second device via an optical band-pass filter, the second device including an optical reception interface configured to enable receiving optical signals output by... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150030323 - Systems and methods for detecting component rotation within a communication assembly: Systems and methods for detecting component rotation within a communication assembly are provided. In certain embodiments, a system includes a module; an adapter block that includes multiple front ports and multiple rear ports configured to receive an optical connector; a managing entity configured to control port identification for the front... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20150030324 - Optical transmitter: The optical transmitter includes a FP-LD, generating multiple-longitudinal mode light wave. The FP-LD is also driven by an electrical signal, modulates the electrical signal to the multiple-longitudinal mode light wave, and outputts the modulated multiple-longitudinal mode light wave. An optical coupler, coupled with the FP-LD, is used for feeding the... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20150030325 - Multi-mode fiber-based optical transmission/reception apparatus: An optical transmission apparatus includes: a transmission light source configured to generate single-mode light of a specific wavelength; a power coupler configured to split the light generated by the transmission light source into a plurality of light sections; at least one modulator configured to modulate an electrical signal carrying different... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150030326 - Industrial controller apparatus capable of low error, ultra high-speed serial communication and method for driving same: An industrial controller includes a control unit, a first optical transmission/reception unit, a second optical transmission/reception unit, and a switching unit. The control unit handles a downlink transmission frame depending on whether or not the Protocol Control Information (PCI) of the downlink transmission frame corresponds to an ID of an... Agent:

20150030327 - Wavelength selection switch system and method for controlling wavelength selection switch: A wavelength selection switch system includes a wavelength selection switch including an input port and an output port, a nonvolatile memory in which configuration information for controlling an operation of the wavelength selection switch is stored, a high-speed memory in which reading and writing can be performed at a higher... Agent: Ntt Electronics Corporation

20150030328 - Network system and topology map generating method: A network system that is able to automatically generate a topology map. A PON topology generation part of a network system with a predetermined network including an OLT and a plurality of ONUs performs a topology map generation process. The topology map generation process includes: (a) calculating a plurality of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150030329 - Passive optical network user terminal and method of power supply control and power supply state reporting for the same: The present disclosure discloses a method, wherein the method comprises generating a passive optical network (PON) protocol message, wherein the PON protocol message comprises an identifier of a PON user terminal and an action indication indicating that the PON user terminal intends to exercise a first power supply mode that... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150030331 - Nonlinear cross-polarization mitigation algorithm: An exemplary technique is provided for a coherent optical receiver adapted to receive an optical signal transmitted over an optical transmission channel exhibiting Cross-Polarization Modulation (XPOLM). The received optical signal comprises a first polarization component and a second polarization component. The coherent optical receiver comprises a conversion and processing unit... Agent:

20150030330 - Optical transmitter, optical communication system, and optical communication method: It becomes difficult to regenerate transmitting signals depending on modulation systems for the optical phase modulation in a polarization multiplexed optical communication system employing the optical digital coherent communication system, therefore, an optical transmitter according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes first optical quadrature modulation means for performing... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150030332 - Architecture to communicate with standard hybrid fiber coaxial rf signals over a passive optical network (hfc pon): One or more overlay wavelengths are applied to a GPON architecture to provide sufficient, cost-effective forward bandwidth per home for targeted, unique narrowcast services to allow traditional HFC operators to use a PON architecture with their existing HFC equipment. A separate return path capability using a separate coaxial cable with... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20150030333 - Hamming coded modulation: An optical system may include a digital signal processor (DSP) to receive first samples of a digital signal. The first samples may be Hamming encoded. The DSP may correlate the first samples to multiple groups of second samples to determine multiple correlation values. Each of the multiple groups of second... Agent: Infinera Corporation

20150030334 - Method, system, and transceiver device for bi-directionally transmitting digital optical signals over an optical transmission link: A method for bi-directionally transmitting digital optical signals over an optical transmission link in which a first optical transmit signal is created according to a first binary digital signal in such a way that the bit information of the first binary digital signal is included in first sections of the... Agent:

20150030335 - Apparatus for receiving and transmitting optical information: An apparatus for transmitting information using a visible light includes at least three light emitting devices, each being installed based on a predetermined interval and direction, and a data transmitting unit to transmit data by controlling the at least three light emitting devices.... Agent:

20150030337 - High-speed optical transceiver for infiniband and ethernet: The present invention provides a high-speed 100 G optical transceiver for InfiniBand and Ethernet with associated mapping to frame InfiniBand and Ethernet into GFP-T. The optical transceiver utilizes an architecture which relies on standards-compliant (i.e., multi-sourced) physical client interfaces. These client interfaces are back-ended with flexible, programmable Field Programmable Gate... Agent: Ciena Corporation

20150030336 - Optical transceiver: A compact optical transceiver is provided by using a serial communication bus as a communication bus connecting a logic device and a microcomputer. This optical transceiver is connected through an MDIO bus to an external upper layer and is provided with a microcomputer, a logic device, the MDIO bus, a... Agent:

20150030338 - Optical communication fiber, optical communication module, and optical communication system: An optical communication fiber includes: a fiber body having a tip surface; and a light absorption layer provided to the tip surface of the fiber body, and configured to reduce light transmittance of communication light.... Agent:

20150030339 - Optical transceiver with isolated modulator contacts and/or inputs: A multi-channel optical transmitter generally includes a first light source configured to emit light of a first wavelength, a second light source configured to emit light of a second wavelength, a first modulator configured to modulate the light of the first wavelength, and a second modulator configured to modulate the... Agent:

20150030340 - Method and device for determining a presence of a locking signal in a signal received by an optical receiver device: A method for determining a presence of a locking signal in a signal received by an optical receiver device, the optical receiver device configured to be used in an optical communications network, the locking signal being a signal exchanged by optical communication devices of the optical communications network in a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

01/22/2015 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150023658 - System, a wavelength isolator and methods therein for supervision of a passive optical network: A system for supervision of a passive optical network includes an OTDR device, generating N+1 OTDR signals of wavelengths λU-λN, and transmitting the signals towards ONUs. The system includes a splitter having N output branches. An input of the splitter is connected to the output of the OTDR device and... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150023659 - Clock phase detection in the frequency domain: A digital signal processor (DSP) may receive samples of a signal from an analog-to-digital converter (ADC); convert the samples from a time domain to a frequency domain; determine a clock phase error of the samples while in the frequency domain; and provide a voltage corresponding to the clock phase error.... Agent: Infinera Corporation

20150023660 - System, method and apparatus for power saving using burst-mode transmission over point-to-point physical connections: A system, method and apparatus for power saving using burst-mode transmission over point-to-point physical connections. In one embodiment, a physical layer device (PHY) is provided that includes a data detector that is configured to generate a first control signal upon receipt of a non-idle code group over an interface between... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150023661 - Optimal positioning of reflecting optical devices: Reflecting optical devices are optimally positioned by an all optical switch in an optically-connected system by transmitting optical power readings taken from an optimal monitoring module that are transmitted to the all optical switch for optimal positioning of a reflecting optical device in order to produce maximum optical output power.... Agent:

20150023662 - Wavelength selective switch and method of manufacturing same: An light input/output unit has at least three first ports, including a first input port for inputting light and a first output port for outputting light; at least three second ports, including a second input port for inputting light and a second output port for outputting light; and an alignment... Agent:

20150023663 - Proactive optical restoration system: A router configured to communicate data with a destination router over an IP path that includes an IP link that uses a first optical path. The router configured to proactively maintain the performance of the communication of data. The router configured to receive a signal to move the communication off... Agent:

20150023664 - Communication system, master station device, slave station device, control unit, and communication control method: A communication system in which a master station device is connected to a plurality of slave station devices by an optical transmission line and a plurality of wavelengths are used to perform at least one of downstream communication and upstream communication. The master station device includes: a control unit that... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150023665 - Dynamic control of optical attenuators to enable ip multicast: Methods and systems for distributing multicast signals carried by an incoming light wave are disclosed. According to one aspect, the invention provides a method of controlling an optical device. The method includes dynamically controlling a plurality of optical attenuators of the optical device based on control signals indicative of changes... Agent:

20150023666 - Network designing apparatus, network designing method, and network designing program: A network designing apparatus which includes a first processing unit configured to select one or more paths formed among nodes in a network according to demands of bandwidths, determine a plurality of working communication routes and a plurality of protecting communication routes that connect the nodes to each other, respectively... Agent:

20150023667 - System and method for coherent detection with digital signal procession: Aspects of the present invention include apparatus and methods for transmitting and receiving signals in communication systems. A multicarrier generator generates a multicarrier signal. An optical demultiplexer separates the multicarrier signal into separate multicarrier signals. At least one QPSK modulator modulates signals from the separate multicarrier signals. An optical multiplexer... Agent: Zte (usa) Inc.

20150023668 - Light-based communications utilizing a gossip network in a vehicle/roadway environment: Techniques are disclosed that can be implemented as a light-based communications network exhibiting gossip network topology. In some embodiments, the network may include a plurality of mobile and/or fixed communicating nodes (peers) configured for light-based communications with one another. To that end, a node may host a transmitter (e.g., laser,... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20150023669 - Techniques for low power visual light communication: Various embodiments are generally directed to techniques for reducing the consumption of electric power in decoding VLC frame patterns by selectively decoding data patterns based on an analysis of marker patterns. A device to receive data in visual light communications includes a processor component; and a decoding component for execution... Agent:

20150023670 - Method and system for interactive communications: A method for interaction among individuals using mobile communication devices equipped with lasers and optical receivers without requiring use of mobile numbers. An initial message is either communicated in full directly from sending to receiving device or alternatively message contents are first uploaded to a common application server and a... Agent:

20150023671 - Plug and play optical transceiver module for electronic devices: Disclosed are optical transceiver modules for use with electronic devices. In one embodiment, an optical transceiver module has a circuit board assembly for receiving and transmitting optical signals with a connector shell that is attached to the circuit board so that the circuit board is disposed outside the shell. The... Agent:

20150023672 - Wavelength-tunable laser output method and tunable laser apparatus: The present invention discloses a wavelength-tunable laser output method. The method includes adjusting, by a thermoelectric cooler according to a received control signal, a working temperature of a laser, so that the laser emits a multi-longitudinal mode optical signal corresponding to the current working temperature and the multi-longitudinal mode optical... Agent:

20150023673 - Information transmission system, information sending device, information receiving device, information transmission method, information sending method, information receiving method and program product: An information transmission system includes: an information sending device including a light emitting section that emits light in a plurality of colors, a modulating section that modulates information to be transmitted into signals composed of changes in color, and a light emission control section that controls the light emitting section... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150023674 - Coherent transponder with enhanced frequency locking: The present document relates to an optical communication system. In particular, the present document relates to the alignment of the laser frequency at a transmitter of the optical communication system and the local oscillator frequency at a coherent receiver of the optical communication system. A coherent optical receiver (222) is... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150016815 - Adding new alternative paths for restoration in wson network: A network management system manages preplanned alternative paths in a wavelength switched optical network for a traffic flow having a working path and two or more preplanned alternative paths from a source node to a destination node. A processing part determines if, after the fault, a number of available alternative... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150016816 - Optical network communication system with embedded optical time domain reflectometer and method of operation thereof: A system and method of operation of an optical network communication system includes: an optical fiber; an optical link attached to the optical fiber; a data transmitter for sending a downstream data message at a downstream data wavelength in the optical link; an optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR) transmitter for... Agent:

20150016817 - Device interface apparatus, test apparatus, and test method: A test apparatus that easily tests a device under test having an optical interface. Provided is a test method, a test apparatus, and a device interface apparatus on which is mounted a device under test having an optical interface, the device interface apparatus comprising a device mounting section on which... Agent:

20150016818 - Optical transmission system, management device, and signal adjustment method: An optical transmission system includes: a plurality of optical transmission devices each including: an adjustment unit to adjust optical power of channels in the WDM optical signal; and a controller to control the adjustment unit based on an adjustment amount, and a management device including: a converter to convert an... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150016819 - Self-tuning an optical network at an operating point: Techniques are presented for automatic tuning of operating parameters, e.g., amplifier gain, in an optical network. A section of an optical network comprises a plurality of spans between optical nodes, and each optical node has an amplifier to amplify optical signals for transmission between optical nodes. Physical network layer data... Agent:

20150016820 - Making mass connections in an optical circuit switch: An optical circuit switch, method, and apparatus are disclosed. The optical circuit switch may include a plurality of mirror elements, each mirror element uniquely associated with a port from a plurality of ports, each mirror element coupled to a dedicated electrode and configured to rotate in response to a voltage... Agent:

20150016821 - Content distribution system: A content distribution system may include a headend server and media converters, the headend server being configured to distribute content items to user devices via the media converters and gateway devices. Each of the media converters may include a media converter cache and may be coupled to the headend server... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150016822 - Wavelength multiplexing apparatus and method: A wavelength multiplexing apparatus includes: a dividing unit to divide a multiplexed optical signal into a plurality of groups each including a plurality of channels; a designating unit to designate, for each group, an arbitrary channel as a designated channel and to designate an adjacent channel in a predetermined frequency... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150016823 - Techniques of establishing a wireless data connection: A wireless data connection may be established between a first vehicle and a second vehicle, the first vehicle driving ahead of the second vehicle. A forward camera of the second vehicle may obtain image data of a rear portion of the first vehicle and determine an identification number of the... Agent:

20150016824 - Apparatus, system and method of communicating positioning transmissions: Some demonstrative embodiments include apparatuses, systems and/or methods of communicating positioning transmissions. For example, an apparatus may include a controller to control at least one light transmitter to transmit from a mobile object Intensity-Modulated (IM) optical signals including On-Off-Keying (OOK) signals of one or more positioning transmissions, the controller is... Agent:

20150016825 - Visible light communication device, lighting fixture including the same, and lighting system: The visible light communication device includes a control circuit configured to repeat a transmission process of transmitting a communication signal through modulating an intensity of visible light to be emitted from a light source. The control circuit is configured to, in the transmission process, arbitrarily select a time slot for... Agent:

20150016826 - Method and system for transmitting light: A method of transmitting light is disclosed. The method comprises: transmitting a first light pulse into a medium to form in the medium a filamented region that is capable of guiding light, and transmitting a second light into the filamented region, wherein the second light is a pulsed light or... Agent:

20150016827 - High-speed low-jitter communication system: Communication apparatus and techniques, such as for optical communication, can include providing a reference frequency derived from an atomic energy level transition or a molecular energy level transition, generating at least two specified optical carrier signals at least in part using the reference frequency, coherently modulating the specified optical carrier... Agent:

20150016828 - Burst-mode receiver having a wide dynamic range and low pulse-width distortion and a method: A burst-mode Rx is provided that has a wide dynamic range, low pulse-width distortion and low technological overhead. The Rx is capable of processing signals having levels that range from low noise levels up to high noise levels. In addition, the Rx is capable of quickly and simultaneously adapting the... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd

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