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Optical communications

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04/10/2014 > 34 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140099097 - Troubleshooting method, aggregation node, and optical network protection system: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a troubleshooting method. The method includes: determining, by an aggregation node when a link fault or a device fault occurs on an OLT side, an active logical port used by the active OLT to forward a data packet; searching, by the aggregation node, a... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140099098 - Fault recovery in branched optical networks: A system and method for fault recovery in a branched optical network. In response to a fault, power distribution in channels on recovering digital line segments is adjusted to minimize a merit function based on one or more system parameters.... Agent:

20140099099 - Fault detector for optical network communication system: A fault detection method includes collecting operational parameters of the optical network, collecting information about the structure of the optical network, providing diagnosis outputs by a diagnosis engine analyzing the structure information and the operational parameters, and deriving optical network faults from the diagnosis outputs. The collected operational parameters and... Agent: Alcatel-lucent

20140099103 - Ldpc-coded modulation for ultra-high-speed optical transport in the presence of phase noise: Methods and systems for decoding a signal include compensating for impairments in a received signal using at least carrier phase estimation, where residual phase error remains after compensation; calculating symbol log-likelihood ratios (LLRs) for symbols in the compensated signal using Monte Carlo integration; demapping the symbols in the compensated signal... Agent:

20140099104 - Method to mitigate propagation loss in waveguide transmission of quantum states: A system comprises a source of entangled photon pairs. The source is to place a signal photon and an idler photon in individual unknown quantum states but in a known entangled quantum state. One or more transmission channels are connected to the source. Each of the one or more transmission... Agent: Applied Communication Sciences

20140099100 - Onu emulator deployment for mixed types of onu traffic: An Optical Network Unit (ONU) emulator enables traffic emulation in a Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) that couples an Optical Line Termination (OLT) system to the ONU emulator and carries mixed types of emulated ONU traffic and real ONU traffic. The ONU emulator includes one or more emulated ONU platforms;... Agent:

20140099102 - Systems and methods for statistical sharing in optical communications networks: The method further includes provisioning a set of universal transceivers of a plurality of universal transceivers for a particular client interface card of the plurality of client interface cards such that the combined bandwidth of the set of universal transceivers is greater than or equal to the base transmission rate... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140099101 - Traffic generation and analysis for onu emulation: An emulated Optical Network Unit (ONU) platform executes the functions of multiple emulated ONUs to enable traffic emulation in a Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) for data traffic, control traffic and management traffic. The emulated ONU platform generates OMCI messages, PLOAM messages, DBRu messages, data traffic and control traffic according... Agent:

20140099105 - Self-characterization tunable optical receiver: A self-characterization optical receiver comprising a tunable filter comprising a first transmission peak and configured to receive an optical signal comprising a plurality of channels at different wavelengths and output one channel at a wavelength corresponding to the first transmission peak, an optical-to-electrical (OE) converter configured to convert the one... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140099106 - Method and apparatus for aligning and integrating serial data streams: An integrated circuit is incorporated into a communications system to enable a channel to achieve data rates that are at least double that which are currently achievable. The integrated circuit combines serial data signals using recovered clock and serial data signals in reference and non-reference clock domains. The integrated circuit... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd

20140099107 - Method and system for data transmission and communication using imperceptible differences in visible light: An exemplary system for communicating data includes a light source that emits light and a processing device that receives and encodes data into a communication signal. A modulator modulates light emitted by the light source, wherein the modulation is imperceptible to the human eye, and the modulated light includes the... Agent: Booz, Allen & Hamilton

20140099109 - Service sensitive resilient ipowdm network and method of operation: A network and method of operating the network, the network comprising a transport layer that includes first and second disjoint but topologically substantially identical subnetworks A and B, each having a plurality of optical switch nodes and/or reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) nodes, and a routing layer wherein each router... Agent: Zte (usa) Inc.

20140099108 - System and method for heterodyne coherent detection with optimal offset: A heterodyne optical signal detector and method performed thereby, the signal detector including an optical signal spectrum shaper operable to modify the shape of the frequency spectrum of a received optical signal, a laser local oscillator (LO), and polarization beam splitters (PBSs) to divide the signal and the LO into... Agent: Zte (usa) Inc.

20140099110 - Optical transmission system, method of adjusting optical transmission device, and non-transitory computer-readable medium: An optical transmission system includes: a plurality of transmitters that output an optical signal having a frequency different from each other; a process unit that adds a reference signal to at least two of the optical signals, the reference signal having a frequency width narrower than that of the two... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140099113 - Managing downstream non-broadcast transmission in an ethernet passive optical network (epon) protocol over coax (epoc) network: An OLT comprising an optical port configured to couple to an optical distribution network, a processor coupled to the optical port and configured to generate a DL-MAP based on non-broadcast downstream bandwidth allocations for a plurality of network units, wherein each of the downstream bandwidth allocations is not assigned to... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140099112 - Network design apparatus, network design method, and storage medium storing network design program: A network design apparatus includes a storage unit configured to store network topology information indicating a connection relationship between a plurality of nodes in a network in which the plurality of nodes are connected to each other by a link and demand information indicating a demand including a starting point... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140099111 - Pon system and subcarrier assigning method: A PON (Passive Optical Network) system, which modulates multiple subcarriers with data of multiple users to output an optical multiplexed signal from a station device, splits the optical multiplexed signal to transmit the split signals to multiple subscriber devices that are provided for each of the users, and demodulates the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140099114 - Optical signal transmitting apparatus, optical frequency division multiplex transmission system, and optical signal communication method: An optical signal transmitting apparatus is disposed in an optical frequency division multiplex transmission system that includes plural nodes that are in an optical transmission path and respectively use a unique frequency to frequency-multiplex information with a carrier wave to transmit the information to an optical signal receiving apparatus in... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140099116 - Resource-efficient digital chromatic dispersioin compensation in fiber optical communication using spectral-shaping subcarrier modulation: An optical receiver comprising a frontend configured to receive an optical signal and convert the optical signal into a plurality of digital electrical signals comprising a plurality of spectrally shaped subcarrier signals carrying symbol mapped data information, and a digital signal processor (DSP) unit coupled to the frontend and configured... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140099115 - Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, optical frequency division multiplex transmission system, and optical signal communication method: A transmitting apparatus is used in an electrical frequency division multiplex transmission system including nodes that are on an optical transmission path and that respectively frequency-multiplex a sub-carrier of a unique frequency and a carrier wave to transmit information to a receiving apparatus on the optical transmission path. The transmitting... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140099117 - 40, 50 and 100 gb/s optical transceivers/transponders in 300pin and cfp msa modules: Disclosed by way of exemplary embodiments, a 40/50/100 Gb/s Optical Transceivers/transponders which use opto-electronic components at data rates collectively that are lower than or equal to half the data rate, using two optical duobinary carriers. More specifically, the exemplary embodiments of the disclosed optical transceivers/transponders relate to a 43 Gb/s... Agent: Neophotonics Corporation

20140099120 - Optical transmission system: An optical transmission system includes a lens wafer to couple light into an optical transmission medium. The lens wafer includes a set of collimating lenses on a first side of the lens wafer, the collimating lenses to collimate beams of light from a plurality of light sources. The lens wafer... Agent:

20140099118 - Systems and methods for routing and wavelength assignment for network virtualization: A method for routing and wavelength assignment for optical network resources required for a plurality of virtual network requests includes receiving the plurality of virtual network requests. The method further includes determining a number of virtual links for each virtual network request. The method includes sorting the plurality of virtual... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140099119 - Transport functions virtualization for wavelength division multiplexing (wdm)-based optical networks: A method for virtualizing an optical network, comprising: abstracting optical resource information corresponding to resources within the optical network, constructing a plurality of candidate paths for one or more optical reachability graph (ORG) node pairs, determining whether the candidate paths are optical reachable paths, and creating an ORG link between... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140099121 - Optical module: An optical module includes first optical elements disposed on a first surface side of optical waveguides, first signal wirings disposed on the first surface side in parallel with each other in a direction intersecting with a transmission direction of an electrical signal transmitted by a first signal wiring, second optical... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140099122 - Using predicted movement to maintain optical-communication lock with nearby balloon: A balloon may include an optical-communication component, which may have a pointing axis. A pointing mechanism could be configured to adjust the pointing axis. The optical-communication component could be operable to communicate with a correspondent balloon via a free-space optical link. For example, the optical-communication component could include an optical... Agent: Google Inc.

20140099123 - Flexible printed circuit board and optical communication module including the same: A flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) includes at least one signal pad part disposed at each of a top and bottom of a flexible substrate base and configured to include an upper signal pad and a lower signal pad and a through hole formed at a portion corresponding to a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140099124 - High-density fiber coupling and emission/detection system: An optical system including an array of photonic devices that convert light signals to electrical signals or electrical signals to light signals are coupled together and optically coupled to an array of optic fibers of an information channel. A lens couples optical beams generated to at least one array of... Agent: Applied Micro Circuits Corporation

20140099125 - Collimated beam channel with four lens optical surfaces: An optical system and method disclosed include a first lens component and a second lens component within the receive path or the transmit path. The first lens component includes at least two aspheric surfaces that oppose one another and generate a collimated beam channel. The second lens component generates a... Agent: Applied Micro Circuits Corporation

20140099127 - Optical phase conjugation aided long-haul transmission system with enhanced signal-to-noise ratio and nonlinear tolerance: A long haul transmission system uses a digital signal processor DSP instead of an additional optical phase conjugate copier because the optical phase conjugate copier requires high quality optical carrier regeneration to recover the pump and optical PLL to maintain phase matching between signal and pump. Therefore, the use of... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20140099126 - Pair-wise symbol correlated high receiver sensitivity modulation format: The invention is directed to a novel computer implemented method for finding a modulation format that has better receiver sensitivity than modulation formats that are currently being used, with a correlated symbol modulation in which neighboring symbols are coded and decoded together to increase receiver sensitivity.... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20140099128 - Inter-band cross-phase modulation compensation for the mitigation of intra-channel nonlinear impairments in optical fiber transmission: An optical communication system includes a digital signal processer coupled to the coherent receiver, said coherent receiver including a nonlinearity compensation module for compensating for nonlinear effects in fiber in the optical link for increasing capacity or transmission distance of the fiber, the nonlinearity compensation module includes a spectral slicing... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20140099129 - Networks and methods for reliable transfer of information between industrial systems: A communication network and method for transfer of information are disclosed. The communication network includes plurality of industrial systems. Each system includes I/O board including I/O modules, at least one of an optical emitter and an optical receiver, and a processing module. The processing module and the I/O board generate... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20140099130 - Digital coherent optical receiver, control method of the same, and transmission apparatus: A digital coherent optical receiver executing coherent reception of a phase-modulated optical signal, includes: a moving average section configured to execute a moving average for received data obtained by sampling of the phase-modulated optical signal; a compensator configured to compensate a wavelength dispersion value of the phase data having been... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140093231 - Procedure, apparatus, system, and computer program for network recovery: A procedure for recovering a communication network, and a system, apparatus, and computer program that operate in accordance with the procedure. The procedure comprises aggregating network related information. A determination is made, based on the network related information, of whether one or more predetermined failure thresholds have been exceeded, to... Agent:

20140093232 - Method for protection of multi-wavelength passive optical network: An Optical Line Termination (OLT) system in a multi-wavelength Passive Optical Network (PON) includes a protection port for protecting a set of OLT ports without the use of a physical switch. The protection port has a tunable transceiver. The OLT system detects a failure of one of the OLT ports,... Agent:

20140093233 - Optical link auto-setting: A system includes two optical modules that perform auto-setting of the optical links between the optical modules. One optical module sends an optical signal with a test pattern to the other optical module. If the receiving module determines that the test pattern is successfully received, it sends a pass indication... Agent:

20140093234 - Methods and apparatus for multiphase sampling of modulated light: A light transmitter transmits multiple light packets, each formatted to include a same message comprising a series of bits, each bit represented as light that is intensity modulated over a bit period at a frequency indicative of the bit. The light packets are transmitted at different start-times to establish different... Agent:

20140093235 - Optical transport network high order mapping systems and methods: Optical Transport Network (OTN) High Order (HO) mapping systems and methods utilize pointer processing to map one HO signal into another similarly sized HO signal. An OTN HO mapping method and circuit include receiving a first HO signal at a first rate, asynchronously mapping the first HO signal into a... Agent: Ciena Corporation

20140093236 - Optical channel monitor: In one example, an optical channel monitor includes a tunable filter, a deinterleaver, first and second optical receivers, and a control module. The tunable filter is configured to receive an optical signal having a plurality of channels spaced at a nominal channel spacing. The deinterleaver has an input with an... Agent:

20140093237 - Optical channel monitor: In one example, an optical channel monitor includes a tunable filter, a deinterleaver, first and second optical receivers, and a control module. The tunable filter is configured to receive an optical signal having a plurality of channels spaced at a nominal channel spacing. The deinterleaver has an input with an... Agent: Finisar Corporation

20140093238 - Multiphase sampling of modulated light with phase synchronization field: A light transmitter transmits multiple light packets, each formatted to include a predetermined phase synchronization field (PSF) and a same message comprising a series of bits. The PSF and each bit are each represented as light that is intensity modulated over a bit period at a corresponding frequency. The light... Agent:

20140093239 - Olt mac module for efficiently processing oam frames: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide efficient solutions for detecting and transmitting heartbeat frames at an optical line terminal (OLT) of an Ethernet passive optical network (EPON). The processing burden of a host CPU is reduced by shifting some of the processing responsibilities of the host CPU to an embedded... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140093240 - Nonlinear compensation in wdm systems: A compensator device may include a selection switch to receive a first optical signal and provide first and second groups of channels associated with the first optical signal; a polarization beam splitter to receive the first channels, and provide first and second components; a photodiode that provides an electrical signal... Agent: Infinera Corporation

20140093241 - Method and system for providing an external optical data packet to a destination node of a packet optical network: A method and a system for providing an external optical data packet to a destination node of a packet optical network are described. The packet optical network includes a plurality of nodes and a first optical data channel for optically communicating local optical data packets between the plurality of nodes.... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20140093243 - Method and device for sending data in passive optical network: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and a device for sending data in a passive optical network. A central office processing device records a downstream superframe number of a downstream data frame. A loop delay between the central office processing device and a terminal processing device is obtained... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140093242 - Security in multiwavelength optical networks: An optical network including at least one optical network node that receives an optical signal for either transmission or reception. The optical network node analyzes the optical signal and applies communication protocols necessary for optical transmission or reception of the optical signal to or from the optical network. At least... Agent: Fmr LLC

20140093244 - Filtered laser array assembly with external optical modulation and wdm optical system including same: A filtered laser array assembly generally includes an array of laser emitters coupled between external modulators and an arrayed waveguide grating (AWG). Each of the laser emitters emits light across a plurality of wavelengths including, for example, channel wavelengths in an optical communication system. The AWG filters the emitted light... Agent: Applied Optoelectronics, Inc.

20140093245 - Optical io interconnect having a wdm architecture and cdr clock sharing receiver: Systems and methods may provide for an optical module including an optical demultiplexer to receive a wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) signal from a single receive optical fiber and separate the WDM signal into a plurality of optical signals. Additionally, the optical module may include a receiver conversion unit to convert... Agent:

20140093246 - Method of configuring an optical path, a path computation engine and an optical communications network node: A method of configuring an optical path, comprising: selecting a path from a first to a second node in an optical communications network; identifying each wavelength that may be used continuously across the path and selecting a transmission wavelength for the optical path one of the identified wavelengths for which:... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140093247 - Subsea cable termination assembly, subsea connector and method: A subsea cable termination assembly for a subsea cable that includes an optical fiber for data transmission is provided. The subsea cable termination assembly includes a chamber that has a liquid tight seal against an ambient medium surrounding the subsea cable termination assembly, and a media converter arranged in the... Agent:

20140093248 - Remote control system and power supply connector remote control device: A power supply connector remote control device is provided. The power supply connector remote control device comprises a network signal-receiving module, an infrared transmission module and a power-converting module. The network signal-receiving module receives a control signal from a first network. The infrared transmission module transmits an infrared control signal... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20140093249 - Integrated photogrammetric light communications positioning and inertial navigation system positioning: A mobile device includes an inertial navigation system (INS) to measure inertial quantities associated with movement of the device, and estimate a kinematic state associated with the movement based on the measured inertial quantities. The device includes a light receiver to record light beams originating from lights at respective image... Agent:

20140093250 - Imaging system for passive alignment of engines: Methods and systems for facilitating alignment of optical systems and optoelectronic systems are disclosed here. The methods and systems include passively detecting images, determining relative positions of components and aligning components. An imaging component can detect images and determine relative positions and repositioning instructions.... Agent: Applied Micro Circuits Corporation

20140093251 - Optical interconnection to an integrated circuit: A system comprises an interposer positioned between an integrated circuit and a system planar. An electrical/optical transceiver is coupled to the interposer, wherein the electrical/optical transceiver converts electrical signals into optical signals. The interposer comprises a first set of electrical conductors that is electrically coupled to non-Input/Output (I/O) electrical connectors... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140093252 - Shift register circuit and display device using the same: The display device according to the present invention comprises a substrate and at least one optical coupler having an optical receiver and an optical transmitter formed on the substrate, wherein the optical transmitter transmits an optical signal to the optical receiver.... Agent: Innocom Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140093253 - Dual-drive modulator: A transmitter module includes a processor configured to receive input data, and determine input values corresponding to the input data; a digital-to-analog converter configured to receive the input values from the processor, and generate first and second voltage signals based on the input values; a laser configured to output light;... Agent: Infinera Corporation

20140093254 - Visible light receiving device and visible light receiving method: A receiving device includes a first conversion unit, an amplification unit, and a microcomputer. The microcomputer includes: a second conversion unit that performs, for each sampling time duration, AD conversion on a voltage signal into an AD-converted value; a first calculation unit that calculates a difference digital value by difference... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140093255 - Optical signal compensation device: Embodiments of the present invention disclose an optical signal compensation device, where, a nonlinear compensation module in the optical signal compensation device adopts a new nonlinear compensation algorithm to perform nonlinear compensation on an optical signal, and during the process of performing the nonlinear compensation, it is no longer required... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

03/27/2014 > 26 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140086571 - Passive optical network with immediate fault protection and method for protecting services of the same: A passive optical network (100) with immediate fault protection comprises an optical line termination (OLT) (11), an optical distribution network communicating with the OLT (11), the optical distribution network comprising a splitter (13) connected to the OLT (11) through a feed fiber (15) for separating and distributing optical signals from... Agent: Telekom Malaysia Berhad

20140086570 - Regenerators placement mechanism for wavelength switched optical networks: The method of placing regenerators along a trail connecting a source network node with a destination network node of an automatically switched optical network first identifies N tentative regeneration sites and n+1 optical paths along the trail. Wavelengths are assigned to each optical path, and the performance of the trail... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20140086572 - Transmission apparatus and processing method thereof: A transmission apparatus includes a package that has a plurality of slots into each of which a board can be freely detachably inserted; at least one control board; a PWE interface communication unit that is connected to the control board, converts an input SDH or PDH signal to a packet... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140086573 - Method, transport apparatus, and system for detecting submarine optical cable line: A method for detecting a submarine optical cable line includes: splitting a detection signal input to a first optical functional unit in an optical functional module of an optical cable line into a first detection signal and a second detection signal; directly coupling and looping back the first detection signal... Agent: Huawei Marine Networks Co., Ltd.

20140086574 - Characterization of linear crosstalk on multiplexed optical signals: There is provided a method of determining at least one linear-crosstalk-related parameter of an optical signal-under-test having, within an optical channel bandwidth, at least a data-carrying signal contribution and a wavelength-dependent linear-crosstalk contribution arising from a data-carrying signal contribution of an adjacent optical signal associated with an adjacent channel to... Agent: Exfo Inc.

20140086575 - Optical receiver, optical transmission system, and span-loss monitoring method: An optical receiver includes a converter configured to convert, into an electrical signal, an optical signal including error correction information, the optical signal being received from a transmitting side; a corrector configured to correct an error on the electrical signal, based on the error correction information; a threshold controller configured... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140086576 - Determining least-latency paths across a provider network utilizing available capacity: A computer device may include logic configured to receive a selection of a start node and an end node in an optical network and obtain network topology information relating to the optical network. The logic may be further configured to determine link latencies for particular links in the optical network;... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc

20140086577 - Multimode optical fiber systems with adjustable chromatic modal dispersion compensation: Multimode optical fiber systems with adjustable chromatic modal dispersion compensation are disclosed, wherein the system includes a VCSEL light source and primary and secondary optically coupled multimode optical fibers. Because the VCSEL light source has a wavelength spectrum that radially varies, its use with the primary multimode optical fiber creates... Agent:

20140086578 - Multimode optical fiber systems with adjustable chromatic modal dispersion compensation: Multimode optical fiber systems with adjustable chromatic modal dispersion compensation are disclosed, wherein the system includes a VCSEL light source and primary and secondary optically coupled multimode optical fibers. Because the VCSEL light source has a wavelength spectrum that radially varies, its use with the primary multimode optical fiber creates... Agent: Coming Incorporated

20140086579 - Optical coupling system, an optical communications module that incorporates the optical coupling system, and a method of using the optical coupling system: An optical coupling system is provided that includes a unitary, or integrally-formed, optical body having lenses formed on its lower end and a diffractive grating formed on its upper end. The unitary optical body is made of a material that is transparent to an operating wavelength of light. Some of... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd

20140086581 - Method for resizing network connection in the optical transport network supporting protection switching: There is provided a method for resizing a network connection in an optical transport network that supports protection switching and receives a flexible Optical channel Data Unit (ODUflex(GFP)) signal. In addition, at nodes located on a protection path for protection switching, only a Link Connection Resize (LCR) protocol, except for... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140086580 - Optical line terminal (olt) system: An optical line terminal (OLT) system for a passive optical network (PON) may include a processor, an OLT Medium Access Control (MAC) device communicatively coupled to PON ports, and a switch device communicatively coupled to the OLT MAC device via an Ethernet interface. The processor may map logical identifiers of... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140086582 - Coherent optical receiver and local light switching method: In order to promptly switch a wavelength of local light in conjunction with switching of a wavelength of signal light, a coherent optical receiver includes a signal light divergence unit for causing signal light to diverge to first signal light and second signal light; a local oscillation light source for... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140086583 - Apparatus and method for transmitting lan signals over a transport system: A computer system and method for transmitting LAN signals over transport systems. LAN signals are generated in any client LAN compliant interface. A transceiver receives the client LAN signal in the LAN format. The client LAN signals are not converted to a SONET transmission format at any time before reaching... Agent: Pivotal Decisions LLC

20140086584 - Communication system, station-side optical line terminating apparatus, user-side optical line terminating apparatus, control apparatus, and communication method: A communication system in which a plurality of user-side optical line terminating apparatuses (Optical Network Units, hereinafter referred to as ONUs) and station-side optical line terminating apparatus (Optical Line Terminal, hereinafter referred to as OLT) are connected with a common optical fiber. The ONUs each includes: an ONU side optical... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140086585 - Optical device with a cmos-compatible echelle grating: An optical multiplexer/de-multiplexer (MUX/de-MUX) includes a two-dimensional pattern of features in a propagation region that conveys an optical signal having wavelengths. A given feature in this pattern has a characteristic length and the features have an average pitch, both of which are less than fundamental smallest of the wavelengths divided... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140086588 - High-speed communication control system: A communication system includes a transmission station 13 and a reception station 15. A communication system 17 includes an optical fiber line 19 and a wireless path 21 that connect the transmission station 13 to the reception station 15 so that information is transmitted and received. The transmission station 13... Agent: National Institute Of Information And Communications Technology

20140086587 - Light receiver position determination: A light array includes lights that transmit modulated light to indicate their unique light identifiers (IDs) and lights that transmit unmodulated light. A light receiver records images of the light array and recovers the light IDs from the modulated light. The light receiver uses the IDs to retrieve a light... Agent:

20140086586 - Method and apparatus for a wireless optical link: Example method, apparatus, and system embodiments are disclosed to provide a high data throughput optical communication link. An example embodiment comprises: a high frequency optical receiver configured to receive signals modulated with high frequency data; an optical waveguide having a receiving portion and a transmitting portion juxtaposed with the receiver,... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140086589 - Method and apparatus for optical coupling and opto-electronic conversion: A method for converting an optical signal, propagating in an optical fiber, into an electrical output signal, including the following steps: providing an optical interface having opposing flat surfaces and being formed of a material having a refractive index that is substantially higher than the refractive index of the optical... Agent: Quantum Electro Opto Systems Sdn. Bhd.

20140086590 - Self-identifying one-way authentication method using optical signals: In one aspect, the present disclosure relates to a self-identifying optical transmitter for broadcasting a one-way authentication code using light-based communication. The transmitter may include a memory for storing an identifier of the transmitter, a processor for generating a data signal including an identifier of the transmitter, a modulator for... Agent: Bytelight, Inc.

20140086591 - Information processing system, information processing method, client device, and recording medium: Provided is an information processing system that includes a server and a client device. The server stores identification information and associated content in memory, and transmits the identification information, using light that varies over time as a communication medium. The client device continuously senses and decodes the light varying in... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140086592 - Wireless power supply receiver-transmitter device, wireless power supply receiver and wireless power supply transmitter: There is provided a power supply receiver-transmitter device, a wireless power supply receiver, and a wireless power supply transmitter which allow wireless power supply transmission and wireless data transmission and reception, and improve the usability thereof. The wireless power supply receiver-transmitter device includes: a wireless power supply receiver (PR) including... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140086593 - Phase locked loop: An optical phase-locked loop (OPLL) comprising a phase-frequency detector; first and second lasers; a local oscillator; a detector and a low pass filter connected in a circuit comprising a feedback path. The OPLL can also include a pre-scaler, a second local oscillator and a mixer.... Agent:

20140086594 - Optical receiver having a signal-equalization capability: In one embodiment, an optical receiver has a bulk dispersion compensator and a butterfly equalizer serially connected to one another to perform dispersion-compensation processing and electronic polarization de-multiplexing. The bulk dispersion compensator has a relatively large dispersion-compensation capacity, but is relatively slow and operates in a quasi-static configuration. The butterfly... Agent:

20140086595 - Optical mixer, optical receiver, optical mixing method and production method for optical mixer: In order to provide a high performance optical mixer having good yield, an optical mixer comprises: a first light branching means that branches a first input light into a plurality of first lights including a first output light and a second output light, and outputs the first lights; a second... Agent: Nec Corporation

03/20/2014 > 26 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140079386 - Coherent optical receiver, apparatus and method for detecting interchannel skew in coherent optical receiver: In a coherent optical receiver, sufficient demodulation becomes impossible and consequently receiving performance deteriorates if an interchannel skew arises, therefore, a coherent optical receiver according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes a local light source; a 90-degree hybrid circuit; an optoelectronic converter; an analog-to-digital converter; and a digital... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140079385 - Transmitting device, communication system, and method for transmission level control: A transmitting device includes a transmitter configured to transmit signal light to an external receiver over a medium included in a transmission line; and a controller configured to control a transmission level of the signal light in accordance with a reception level of probe light which is input from the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140079387 - Adaptive quantum information processing: A method and system for adaptive quantum information processing can be provided by determining a state of a quantum channel governing an environment with a tomography module. Next a scope of the quantum channel can be calculated with a scope algorithm module. Finally, an optimization module can be utilized to... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140079388 - Measuring in-band optical signal-to-noise ratio (osnr): One measurement system comprises a polarimeter with a polarimeter detector bandwidth that partially overlaps with a signal bandwidth or completely overlaps with a signal bandwidth. The polarimeter measures a state of polarization (SOP) or a degree of polarization (DOP) of the signal in the presence of noise. The system further... Agent:

20140079389 - Path selecting method and apparatus: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a path selecting method and apparatus. The method includes: computing an end-to-end path for a newly added service according to network topology and a wavelength constraint, and assigning a wavelength to the path; computing performance of each existing service and performance of the newly... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140079391 - In-band supervisory data modulation: According to an aspect of an embodiment, a method of modulating supervisory data onto an optical signal includes receiving supervisory data and adjusting a characteristic of a carrier of the optical signal for at least one of a first polarization component of the optical signal and a second polarization component... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140079390 - In-band supervisory data modulation using complementary power modulation: According to an aspect of an embodiment, a method of modulating supervisory data onto an optical signal includes increasing a first power level of a first polarization component of an optical signal based on supervisory data. The method further includes decreasing a second power level of a second polarization component... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140079392 - Multi-mode optical transmission line with differential modal group delay compensation: An apparatus includes an all-optical transmission line having, at one wavelength, a pair of relatively orthogonal optical propagating modes whose local group velocities differ along a part of the all-optical transmission line. The all-optical transmission line is formed by a sequence of optically end-connected multi-mode fiber segments. The segments include,... Agent:

20140079393 - Remote timing communications: A system, method, and optical switch for communicating timing. A determination is made whether one of a number of data streams are available. Packets are received at a remote node in response to determining one of the number of data streams is available. A timing characteristic of the at least... Agent: Centurylink Intellectual Property LLC

20140079394 - Optical communication of interleaved symbols associated with polarizations: An apparatus comprises a coherent optical transmitter. The coherent optical transmitter comprises a first modulator for generating a first polarization, a second modulator for generating a second polarization, and a symbol interleaver configured to receive a first symbol stream intended to be transmitted on a first polarization and a second... Agent:

20140079395 - Raman crosstalk mitigation in a multi-wavelength system utilizing an optical equalizing signal modulated with composite bandwidth-limited data sources: A network element comprising a phase matched or phase controlled interconnect configured to receive a data signal sample, a Raman equalization transmitter, and a Raman crosstalk equalization conditioning circuit configured to generate a Raman mitigation signal using the data signal sample to be transmitted by the Raman equalization transmitter. Included... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140079396 - Communication method, optical communication system, station-side optical-line terminal apparatus, and user-side optical-line terminal apparatus: An ONU includes the optical transceiver capable of an operation in a power-saving mode in which power consumption is reduced by stopping transmission while continuing reception, and a control device that controls to tentatively validate transmission of the optical transceiver and outputs a response signal when a control signal is... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140079397 - Serially-distributed devices in a communication network: Serially-distributed devices in a communication network include a cable including communication wires, a plurality of devices connected in series with the communication wires along a length of the cable, and a headend interface connected at one end of the cable and operable to provide a communication interface with the devices.... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20140079398 - Architecture to communicate with standard hybrid fiber coaxial rf signals over a passive optical network (hfc pon): One or more overlay wavelengths are applied to a GPON architecture to provide sufficient, cost-effective forward bandwidth per home for targeted, unique narrowcast services to allow traditional HFC operators to use a PON architecture with their existing HFC equipment. A separate return path capability using a separate coaxial cable with... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20140079399 - Time to time-frequency mapping and demapping for ethernet passive optical network over coax (epoc): Embodiments include, but are not limited to, systems and methods for enabling Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) in the upstream in an Ethernet Passive Optical Network over Coax (EPoC) network. Embodiments include systems and methods for translating Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) upstream time grants to OFDMA resources represented... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140079400 - Fiber optic data networks that simultaneously carry network data and control signals over the same fiber optic links and related methods and apparatus: Fiber optic data networks have a first network device that has a first optical transmitter that is configured to transmit an optical signal having a first wavelength. A fiber optic communications channel provides a data connection between the first network device and a second network device. The network further includes... Agent:

20140079401 - Wavelength-division multiplexing optical communication system and method for measuring optical performance of an output signal for the system: A wavelength-division multiplexing optical communication system and a method for measuring optical performance of an output signal for the system. The optical communication system includes: a service-provider device; a local node; and a plurality of subscriber devices. The service-provider device includes: a plurality of first optical transceivers; a first optical... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140079402 - Dynamic hitless oduflex resizing in optical transport networks: The present invention and its embodiments are made to provide for dynamic hitless resizing in optical transport network without any identification of matching time slots by the Network Management System (NMS) or any control plane signaling including Generalised Multi Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS). An aspect of the invention provides for... Agent: Tejas Netowrks Limited

20140079403 - High-speed pluggable rigid-end flex circuit: High-speed pluggable rigid-end flex circuit. A circuit includes a flexible section, rigid section, connector disposed on the rigid section, and electrically conductive signal transmission line electrically coupled to the connector. The flexible section includes a first portion of a flexible insulating layer. The rigid section includes a second portion of... Agent: Finisar Corporation

20140079404 - Method and system for free space optical communication utilizing a modulated electro-optical polymer retro-reflector: A free space optical communication system (FSOCS) comprising a modulating retro-reflector (MRR) to receive an interrogation beam from a transceiver, and to modulate and reflect the interrogation beam. The MRR comprising a transmissive electro-optical polymer (EOP) modulator, a signal generator, and a retro-reflector, wherein the transmissive EOP modulator is to... Agent: Unipixel Displays, Inc.

20140079405 - Overmoulding method and overmoulded electronic device: An overmoulded electronic assembly wherein a moulded thermoplastic cover encapsulates and is in direct contact with the electronic components, printed circuit board and an antenna is disclosed. There also a disclosed a method of fabricating an overmoulded electronic assembly using an injection moulding machine and where the thermoplastic cover encapsulates... Agent: The Flewelling Ford Family Trust

20140079406 - Frame formatting for high rate optical communications: Methods, systems, and devices are described for formatting of data streams to be transmitted over fiber optic channels, and for processing received optical signals. A data transmission device may include a digital coding and modulation module that encodes a digital data stream, inserts unique words into the digital data stream,... Agent: Viasat, Inc.

20140079407 - Updating apparatus and method for equalizer coefficient, receiver and otpical communication system: The present invention provides an updating apparatus and method for an equalizer coefficient, receiver and optical communication system. The updating method comprises: receiving an optical signal transmitted by a transmitter in an optical communication system, the optical signal comprising transmission data and a constant modulus signal for updating a coefficient... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140079408 - Coefficient determining apparatus, equalizer, receiver and transmitter: Embodiments of the present invention provide a coefficient determining apparatus, equalizer, receiver and transmitter. The coefficient determining apparatus comprises: a synchronizer configured to find a position of a training sequence from signals containing the training sequence received by a transmitter; and a first processor configured to set an initial tap... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140079409 - Methods of time sychronisation in communications networks: A method 10 of providing a path delay asymmetry for time synchronization between a master clock at a first client node and a slave clock at a second client node across a server communications network. The method comprises: mapping a first time protocol signal (TPS) carrying master clock time protocol... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140079410 - Laser driver peaking system and method for optical communication systems: In an optical data communication system transmitter, in which a laser is driven with a laser modulation signal in response to a serial data stream, the laser driver adds peaking to a bit other than the first bit following a bit transition.... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIPPte. Ltd

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