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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 17 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150147055 - Optical system, optical device, and optical connection method: An optical system includes: an optical module that sends and receives an optical signal; an optical switch that optically connects to the optical module; and a plurality of optical connectors that optically connect to the optical switch. The optical switch selectively connects at least one of the plurality of optical... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150147056 - Optical/wireless communication apparatus, optical/wireless communication method and optical/wireless communication system: An object is to provide an optical/wireless communication apparatus capable of communicating with counterpart apparatuses by selectively using optical communication and wireless communication according to the counterpart apparatuses to communicate with, and selecting an arbitrary path and an arbitrary frequency from a plurality of frequencies, and, furthermore, multiplexing signals as... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150147057 - Placing a fibre channel switch into a maintenance mode in a virtualized computing environment via path change: Techniques for placing a first fibre channel (FC) switch into maintenance mode in a virtualized computing environment in which each data store is connected to at least one host computing system via at least two FC switches are described. In one embodiment, a first active input/output (I/O) path from a... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20150147060 - Hybrid electro-optical distributed software-defined data center architecture: A hybrid electro-optical data center system includes multiple tiers. A bottom tier has one or more bottom tier instances, with each bottom tier instance including one or more racks, an electro-optical switch corresponding to each rack, and a first bottom tier optical loop providing optical connectivity between the electro-optical switches... Agent:

20150147058 - Network protection against rogue transmitter: A desired characteristic associated with a signal generated by a programmable transmitter is determined. The signal may be combined with other signals to form a combined signal, and sub-optical monitoring may be performed on the combined signal to determine an optical characteristic associated with the signal. The optical characteristic may... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150147059 - Remote optical demarcation point protection: The invention is directed to apparatus, systems and methods enabling a service provider to establish an optical demarcation point located at or within equipment controlled at least in part by a customer's domain such that the service provider's domain is able to directly control access of an optical signal to... Agent: Techsys Insights

20150147061 - Combination customer splice point module and optical network terminal mount: The specification described a multifunction CSP (MCSP), and a MCSP/ONT assembly that is adapted for mounting inside the customer premises. In the MCSP/ONT assembly the MCSP subunit and the ONT subunit are stacked and attached directly together. The MCSP/ONT assembly combines the functions of the standard CSP box and the... Agent:

20150147063 - Interferometer configured for signal processing in an interference path: An interferometer is provided that includes a first path and a second path. The first path is configured to propagate an electro-magnetic signal at a first wavelength. The second path is configured to convert a portion of the electro-magnetic signal from the first wavelength to a second wavelength for processing... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20150147062 - Photonic integrated transmitter device, photonic integrated receiver device, and active optical cable transceiver system: A photonic integrated transmitter device (21) is provided, including a substrate, an array of modulated light sources, each light source providing a modulated signal output at a channel wavelength different from the channel wavelength from other modulated light sources of the array of modulated light sources, an optical fiber interface,... Agent: Fci

20150147064 - Street lighting control, monitoring, and data transportation system and method: A method and system for controlling and monitoring street lights using optical link signaling through free space which does not require an FCC license for operation. The optical link signaling is accomplished in the space between street lights by using LEDs for both area lighting and optical signaling. A Street... Agent:

20150147065 - Detecting removal of wearable authentication device: A wearable device is disclosed that, while being worn by a user, may allow a user to authenticate to a second device such as a smartphone without having to enter an unlock code such as a personal identification number. The wearable device may detect when the user removes it. Removal... Agent: Google Inc.

20150147066 - Cable for radio frequency communication: A fiber-optic based communication system for facilitating communication between a client device, such as a hand-held computing device, and a host device, such as a desktop computer, a lap-top computer, a tablet device or any other computing device. The communication system includes a cable comprising electronic devices positioned at terminal... Agent:

20150147067 - System and method for communication with a mobile device via a positioning system including rf communication devices and modulated beacon light sources: A light source emits a modulated light, and a radio-frequency transceiver disposed therewith emits a radio-frequency signal. A mobile device may receive either or both signals and determine its position based thereon. The light and radio-frequency sources may be disposed in node in a network of said sources, and the... Agent:

20150147068 - Optical transmission coverter, memory system comprising same, and related method of operation: An optical transmission converter comprises a wavelength selector configured to output a reception wavelength selection signal and a transmission wavelength selection signal in response to a wavelength control signal, an opto-electrical converter configured to convert a selection optical signal into a reception electrical signal based on a reception optical signal... Agent:

20150147069 - Expurgated pulse position modulation for communication: An expurgated pulse position modulation (EPPM) technique can be used to encode information for wireless transmission. Such an EPPM technique can be compatible with a simple receiver architecture, such as including a shift register and pulse position modulation (PPM) decoder. A multi-level EPPM (MEPPM) approach can increase the available symbols... Agent:

20150147070 - Communication method: A communication method in the present disclosure is a communication method for obtaining information from a subject, including: taking a picture of the subject in a picture-taking mode, thereby obtaining image data; performing, after the taking, visible light communication in a visible light communication mode which is a different mode... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150147071 - Frequency offset estimation circuit and frequency offset estimation method: A frequency offset estimation circuit estimates a frequency offset that indicates a difference between a carrier frequency of a received optical signal and a frequency of a local oscillation light used to recover a transmission signal from the received optical signal. The frequency offset estimation circuit includes: a phase difference... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 32 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150139636 - Self-healing data transmission system and method to achieve deterministic and lower latency: The invention provides a method of simulcasting data fragments sent over a first packet-switched computer network to a trunk network and redistributed over a second packet-switched computer network. A method is provided comprising the steps of providing a trunk network including multiple links including an RF link and a fiber... Agent:

20150139637 - Monitoring of a passive optical network (pon): A Passive Optical Network, PON, comprising an Optical Line Termination, OLT, connected to one or more Optical Network Terminals, ONT, over an Optical Distribution Network, ODN, is monitored by a monitoring device. The monitoring device comprises an Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometer, OFDR, and is arranged to monitor the optical power... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150139638 - System and method of estimating beam mode content for waveguide alignment: Alignment of a multimode waveguide to a source of light or another waveguide is evaluated using a multi-wavelength light source and a modal decomposition processing of an intensity profile of a waveguide output beam, wherein inter-modal interference is averaged out over wavelength. Fitting a superposition of mode intensity profiles to... Agent:

20150139639 - Scheme of remote control of the slicing level of a receiver in a smart transceiver: A scheme is described of remote control of the slicing level of a receiver in a smart SFP (or SFP+, or XFP) duplex (or BiDi, or SWBiDi) transceiver in a communication system using an operating system with OAM and PP functions, an OAM, PP & Payload Processor, a transceiver, a... Agent:

20150139641 - Nonlinear noise cancellation in wavelength division multiplexing (wdm) systems: A method that may include receiving a block of signals from a certain wavelength division multiplex (WDM) channel out of a set of WDM channels; analyzing at least a first sub-block of signals of the block of signals to provide analysis results indicative of interferences that affect the first sub-block... Agent:

20150139640 - Optical monitoring using optical frequency combs: In one embodiment, an optical performance monitor (OPM) is configured to monitor a received optical wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) signal generated by modulating spectral lines of an optical frequency comb. The OPM is further configured to mix the received optical WDM signal with light of another optical frequency comb having a slightly... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20150139643 - Method for auto-configuration of a wavelength selective switch in an optical network: The invention relates to a method for auto-configuring a wavelength selective switch (WSS) device having an output port and a plurality of input ports and coupled to a WSS controller. When connected to a WDM optical network, the WSS controller is programmed to utilize one or more optical channel monitors... Agent:

20150139642 - Wavelength selective switch and wavelength selection method: A wavelength selective switch and a wavelength selection method are provided. The wavelength selective switch comprises a plurality of input ports, via which a plurality of light beams are input respectively, each light beam including at least one optical signal of a predetermined wavelength; at least one output port; and... Agent:

20150139644 - Optical drop device, optical drop method, and optical add device: An optical drop device includes: a clock extractor configured to extract a clock signal from a multi-channel optical signal that includes a plurality of optical signals having different optical frequencies; a pulse generator configured to generate a pulse signal that is synchronized with the clock signal; an optical inverse Fourier... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150139645 - Method and system for using persistent identifiers in passive optical networking: A method of configuring an optical network terminal (ONT) at a computer terminal is described. The method may include reading in an instruction including a persistent identifier and an ONT command, identifying the ONT within a database using the persistent identifier, packaging an optical communication command to be sent through... Agent:

20150139646 - Optical network and data processing system comprising such an optical network: An optical network including: a medium; at least one beam of optical waveguides extending over the medium; for each beam, interfaces between the beam and the processing units, respectively. The beam successively links the interfaces in a closed loop oriented in a certain direction of rotation of information. The communication... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20150139647 - System and method for optical layer management in optical modules and remote control of optical modules: A system and method for managing the optical layer network data communications of an optical fiber data network by an optical transceiver module is disclosed. The management of the optical layer network data communications comprising data link layer functions or layer 2 functions in an OSI model. Benefits include reduction... Agent:

20150139648 - Method and device for signal processing in an optical communication network: A method and a device for data processing in an optical communication network are provided, wherein in an energy saving mode of a polarization multiplexing system data signals are transmitted or received via one polarization plane; and wherein components of the transmitter or receiver of the other polarization plane are... Agent:

20150139649 - Polarization multiplexing optical transceiver: It is provided a polarization multiplexing optical transceiver including a polarization multiplexing optical transceiver, a polarization multiplexing optical receiver, a transmission side polarization state control unit and a reception side polarization state control unit. The polarization multiplexing optical receiver includes: a polarization demultiplexing unit; a plurality of information signal reconstruction... Agent:

20150139650 - Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving client signal in optical transport network: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and an apparatus for transmitting and receiving a client signal in an optical transport network. In the transmission method, a received client signal is mapped into a variable-rate container OTU-N, wherein a rate of the OTU-N is N times as high as... Agent:

20150139651 - Flexible grid twdm-pon architecture and intelligent set-up for twdm-pon: An approach to proving a flexible grid architecture for time and wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks is described. One embodiment includes an optical transmitter array configured to transmit an optical signal, an optical combiner coupled to the optical transmitter array configured to receive unlocked wavelengths from the optical transmitter... Agent:

20150139652 - Method and apparatus for allocating slots for transmission of data: Slots (311) for transmission of data of a particular transmission type over an optical network are allocated by selecting a first available slot (313—2) at an ordinal position corresponding to a multiple of n and allocating the selected first available slot and the next n−1 consecutive slots (313—4, 313—5) from... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150139653 - Prioritized optical arbitration systems and methods: According to an example, nodes request access to a shared resource in a prioritized optical arbitration system. Each node attempts to extract a wavelength corresponding to a priority level selected by the node from a waveguide. A node is granted access to the resource according to priority level, and is... Agent:

20150139654 - Post-transient gain control of optical amplifiers: Methods and systems for post-transient gain control of optical amplifiers may include using a gain offset control module in an optical amplifier to generate a gain offset cancelling signal. The gain offset cancelling signal may be output to a gain control module in the optical amplifier to generate at least... Agent:

20150139655 - Infrared control system and infrared control method: An infrared control system includes one or more target terminal assemblies, a control device, and an infrared controller which creates a coupling between a terminal assembly and the control device. The terminal assembly includes a plurality of terminals which recognize infrared signals. The control device includes a setting module used... Agent:

20150139658 - Adaptive multi-channel transmitter with constant data throughput: The present disclosure is directed to a transmitter arrangement 200; 400 and a method therein for transmitting a signal OB comprising a number of data streams D1, D2, D3, D4 and a number of sub-channels BP1, BP2, BP3, BP4; QP1, QP2; QA1 to a receiver 150 via a transmission link... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150139657 - High data rate transmission: A systems and methods for high data bit rate transmissions. In wireless or wired data transmissions. This method applied mostly to: cellular communication, optical communication and data transfer by cupper wires. This method applied as well to: satellite communication, Wi Fi, storage systems data transmission. The method is realized by... Agent:

20150139656 - Recycled carrier modulation in compound resonator configurations: An optical modulation apparatus for modulating an electromagnetic (e.g., radio frequency (RF)) signal onto an optical carrier signal may be arranged to feed back at least a portion of the optical carrier signal, while excluding first-order sidebands, which may help increase modulation efficiency and improve output power, while retaining high... Agent: Phase Sensitive Innovations, Inc.

20150139659 - Information communication device: An information communication method includes: determining whether conflict over use of a light receiving unit will occur between a first program for performing visible light communication and a second program for performing processing different from the visible light communication; notifying a user that the conflict will occur if it is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150139660 - Method of visible light communication using illuminance sensor and mobile communication terminal for the same: According to one embodiment, a photo detector-combined illuminance sensor includes a circuit for a Photo Detector (PD) function to detect the illuminance of the ambient environment. The illuminance sensor operates under the control of a controller in a visible light communication terminal. When an optical signal detected by the illuminance... Agent:

20150139661 - Method of monitoring an optoelectronic transceiver with multiple flag values for a respective operating condition: An optoelectronic transceiver includes an optoelectronic transmitter, an optoelectronic receiver, memory, and an interface. The memory is configured to store digital values representative of operating conditions of the optoelectronic transceiver. The interface is configured to receive from a host a request for data associated with a particular memory address, and... Agent:

20150139662 - Heat dissipation with an on-board connector: Electronic or opto-electronic on-board connector and method to dissipate heat from such a connector. The connector is positioned within the scope of a cooling air flow. The component includes a heat sink with a heat sink base carrying a plurality of upwardly extending elements, such as pins or fins. The... Agent:

20150139663 - Distributing clock synchronization inormation within an optical communications network: A method distributes clock synchronization information within an optical communications network having a plurality of network elements. The method receives an ingress clock synchronization message at a first said network element. The ingress clock synchronization message includes a clock synchronisation message identifier and a correction field. The clock synchronisation message... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150139664 - Method and apparatus for time synchronization between nodes: A method and apparatus for time synchronization between a plurality of nodes in a network. The apparatus distinguishes between an optical synchronization signal for synchronization between nodes and an optical data signal for data transmission, and synchronizes nodes with each other using the optical synchronization signal.... Agent:

20150139665 - Low bit rate signaling with optical iq modulators: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving an optical input signal to be modulated by an IQ modulator. The method includes applying data to first and second modulators during a first operation, and applying a first pattern of data to the first modulator and a second pattern of data to... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150139666 - Multi-wavelength optical signal receiving apparatus and method: A multi-wavelength optical signal receiving apparatus receives a multi-wavelength optical signal, demultiplexes the received optical signal to convert into an electric signal. The multi-wavelength optical signal receiving apparatus includes a demultiplexing part including a demultiplexer configured to divide the received multi-wavelength optical signal into a plurality of optical signals by... Agent:

20150139667 - Optical receiver circuit: An optical receiver circuit includes a polarization beam splitter configured to split input signal light into two different polarized wave components; two variable optical attenuators configured to respectively adjust attenuation of and output the signal light split by the polarization beam splitter according to polarization state; and a single planar... Agent: Fujitsu Optical Components Limited

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