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Optical: systems and elements

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02/05/2015 > 37 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20150036198 - Hologram transfer foil, fabrication method of image display element, image display element, and personal authentication medium: A hologram transfer foil according to an embodiment is thermally transferrable to a transfer base member. The hologram transfer foil has a structure configured such that a peeling layer, a diffraction structure forming layer and an adhesive layer are stacked on one surface of a substrate. the diffraction structure forming... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20150036199 - Method of computing a hologram: A method of computing a hologram by determining the wavefronts at the approximate observer eye position that would be generated by a real version of an object to be reconstructed. In normal computer generated holograms, one determines the wavefronts needed to reconstruct an object; this is not done directly in... Agent:

20150036201 - Optical reflection element: An optical reflection element includes a fixed portion having a pair of sides opposite to each other, a pair of first vibration portions having one ends each connected to respective one of the sides of the fixed portion, a pair of connection portions each connected to respective one of another... Agent:

20150036200 - Piezoelectric element and method of producing the same: A piezoelectric element includes a substrate having a first surface with a predetermined orientation; a lower electrode layered on the first surface of the substrate; a piezoelectric thin film layered on the lower electrode and having a piezoelectric body; and an upper electrode layered on the piezoelectric thin film. A... Agent:

20150036202 - Optical scanning device and image reading system: Provided is an optical scanning device that can be downsized and improve the reading rate of a laser-type image reading system. This is an optical scanning device that includes a torsion beam, and a variable focus mirror that is supported by the torsion beam. Furthermore, the variable focus mirror is... Agent:

20150036203 - Micromirror: A micromirror including a first layer having a first main extension plane, and a second layer having a second main extension plane, the first main extension plane and the second main extension plane being situated parallel to one another, the first layer and the second layer being sectionally connected to... Agent:

20150036204 - Optical filter with light source: An apparatus comprising a switchable optical filter comprising a layer of switchable material, the switchable material comprising a photochromic/thermochromic, a photochromic/photochromic, or a photochromic/electrochromic compound; a first light source providing light of a wavelength that causes the switchable material to transition from a faded state to a dark state, or... Agent: Switch Materials, Inc.

20150036205 - Electrowetting device and method for improving response speed of electrowetting device: According to certain embodiments of the invention, an electrowetting device and a method for improving the response speed of an electrowetting device may be provided. The electrowetting device can includes: an electrode; an insulation film including a dielectric material that is coated over the electrode; a droplet positioned over the... Agent: Myongji University Industry And Academia Cooperation Foundation

20150036206 - Display: A display includes a display medium layer and a dielectric layer disposed at a side of the display medium layer. The composition of the dielectric layer includes at least a humectant for decreasing the electric resistivity of the dielectric layer and stabilizing the electric performance of the display.... Agent: Sipix Technology, Inc.

20150036208 - Electrophoretic display device: The present invention is an electrophoretic display device including a display medium containing electrophoretic elements of at least one or more kind(s), which is enclosed between opposed two substrates at least one of which is transparent, the display medium being configured to display predetermined information when a predetermined electric field... Agent:

20150036207 - Inks including graft copolymer surface-modified pigments via azide chemistry: Pigment based inks are provided. The inks include a non-polar carrier fluid and a surface-functionalized pigment particle including a nitrogen-linked moiety to the surface of the pigment particle through a nitrogen link at one end of the nitrogen-linked moiety and a graft copolymer having two or three blocks attached at... Agent:

20150036209 - Light deflection element and image display apparatus using the same: A light deflection element is capable of deflecting incident light so as to follow a position of an observer and suppressing reduction in intensity of light that reaches eyes of the observer regardless of their position. The light deflection element includes: a first optical element configured to deflect incident light;... Agent:

20150036210 - Optical amplifier device: The phase sensitive amplifier according to the present invention is a phase sensitive amplifier that uses the optical mixing using a nonlinear optical effect to amplify the signal light. The phase sensitive amplifier according to the present invention includes: the first second-order nonlinear optical element; and the second second-order nonlinear... Agent:

20150036211 - Display apparatus, variable parallax barrier module, and display method: A display apparatus including a display module, a variable parallax barrier module, and a control unit is provided. The display module is configured to provide a light beam. The variable parallax barrier module is disposed on a transmission path of the light beam. The variable parallax barrier module respectively forms... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150036212 - Display device and method for manufacturing thereof: A method of manufacturing a display device includes forming a first signal line and a second signal line on a first substrate, forming a first insulating layer, forming a first electrode layer on the first insulating layer, forming a first electrode piece and a first lens electrode from the first... Agent:

20150036213 - Integral photography sheet by total reflection: Disclosed therein is a beautiful and clear three-dimensional sheet, which includes a lens array formed on one side of a plastic sheet and having a plurality of hemispherical convex lenses arranged in columns and rows and embossed or engraved patterns formed on the other side of the plastic sheet by... Agent:

20150036214 - Surfaces with a glass appearance at mobile controls for motor vehicles: A transparent component comprising glass or a glass-like material with an exterior surface. The exterior surface shows a reflection, which differs from the reflection of a background surface. The exterior surface as well as the background surface are partially or entirely reflective of incident light like a mirror and by... Agent:

20150036215 - Optical film: To provide a thin optical sheet having improved efficiency for light utilization, an optical sheet (5) of one mode of the present invention includes, in sequence from a light entry side to a light emission side, a plurality of first prisms (13), a ¼ wavelength plate (11), and a polarized-light... Agent:

20150036216 - Method for optimizing an intensity of a useful light distribution: A method for optimizing an intensity of a useful light distribution includes: providing a light source for emitting a light beam in a z-direction, which defines an optical axis, with a first intensity distribution; providing a beam shaping optical unit and a beam focusing optical unit for generating a second... Agent:

20150036217 - Optical filter: An optical filter configured to transmit light of a predetermined wavelength includes a substrate; a first conductive thin film that is disposed on the substrate and has apertures extending through the first conductive thin film and arranged with a period of less than the predetermined wavelength; and a second conductive... Agent:

20150036218 - Hybrid diffractive optical element and spectral beam combination grating: An integrated optical device that combines a diffractive optical element (DOE) to provide beam combining for coherent beams and a spectral beam combination (SBC) grating for combining beams of differing wavelengths. The device includes a substrate where a periodic pattern for the DOE is formed in the top surface of... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20150036219 - Lens array module: A lens array module includes an arrayed optical element including a light blocking frame and a lens unit, and a light sensor array unit. The light blocking frame includes a bottom plate with multiple through holes, a surrounding wall, and a partition wall integrally connected to and cooperating with the... Agent: Forward Optics Co., Ltd.

20150036220 - Target recording medium and method for manufacturing target recording medium: A lens sheet is provided with a lens layer which is formed by arranging lenses, which extend in a y direction as a first direction, in a plurality of lines in an x direction as a second direction which is a direction which is orthogonal to the first direction, and... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20150036222 - Image display device and program: An image display device includes a transparent plate which may be disposed in an inclined manner with respect to a display section of a portable terminal provided with the display section. A display displayed on the display section may be reflected on the transparent plate. A space behind the transparent... Agent: Bandai Co., Ltd.

20150036221 - Wide-field head-up display (hud) eyeglasses: The present invention introduces a compact, HUD eyeglass display system of novel design that makes it possible to superimpose a wide-angle, computer-generated view on the real-world view, without obscuring the wearer's vision or requiring any additional optical element such as beam-splitters or contact lenses. The digital display is visible regardless... Agent:

20150036223 - Display device comprising multifunction glass, production method and optical element having a fresnel structure: A multifunction optical element including an image generating module that generates an image, and couples the image into a multifunction glass that has a coupling in area and a coupling out area. The image produced is coupled into the multifunction glass via the coupling in area, guided in the multifunction... Agent:

20150036224 - Adaptive optical zoom systems and methods: Adaptive optical zoom systems and methods are described herein. One example of a method for adaptive optical zoom includes receiving an image at a focal plane array through a number of variable focal length elements, determining a quality of the image, and altering an amperage of the number of variable... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150036226 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same: A zoom lens includes, in order from an object side to an image side thereof, a first lens unit having a positive refractive power, a second lens unit having a negative refractive power, a third lens unit having a positive refractive power, and a fourth lens unit having a positive... Agent:

20150036225 - Zoom lens, optical apparatus, and method for manufacturing the zoom lens: where β2T denotes the lateral magnification of the second lens group (G2) in the telephoto end state, β2W denotes the lateral magnification of the second lens group (G2) in the wide-angle end state, β3T denotes the lateral magnification of the third lens group (G3) in the telephoto end state, and... Agent:

20150036227 - Optical device having improved impact resistance: An optical device whose impact resistance against an impact improved without increasing the size thereof. A first-group lens barrel holds has radially protruding follower pins formed thereon. A cam ring is disposed outside the first-group lens barrel, and has cam grooves formed therein for engagement with the follower pins. A... Agent:

20150036228 - Lens for projection and projection-type display apparatus: A lens for projection substantially consists of a negative first lens group, a positive second lens group and a positive third lens group in this order from a magnification side. A reduction side is telecentric, and a most magnification-side lens is an aspheric plastic lens. The third lens group consists... Agent:

20150036229 - Lens for projection and projection-type display apparatus: l

20150036230 - Optical imaging lens: An optical imaging lens includes, in order from an object side to an image side, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth lens elements. The first lens element has a negative refractive power, a convex portion on the object-side surface near the outer circumference and a concave portion... Agent:

20150036231 - Lens driving device: The present invention provides a lens driving device includes at least two spring components each of which includes an inner side retaining part, an outer side retaining part, a plurality of wrist parts configured between the inner and outer side retaining parts and prolonged along the circumference direction, inner side... Agent:

20150036232 - Multi-layer optical components and method for fabricating same: A multi-layer mirror comprising a front plate, a backing plate and spacers coupled between the front plate and the backing plate. The spacers are closely packed with one another and arranged in a manner where adjacent spacers contact one another and packing spaces are defined between groups of spacers in... Agent:

20150036233 - Lifeguard assistant: When a swimmer or bather goes under water undetected by the lifeguard, this device gives the swimmer/bather another chance of life. The lifeguard at one time was districted and missed the individual going under, when he looks back at the “Lifeguard Assistant” and looks through the view screen, he/she see... Agent:

20150036234 - Methods and compositions related to dielectric coated metal nanoparticles in thin-film opto-electronic conversion devices: Disclosed are compositions and methods for making and using thin film opto-electronic conversion devices using nanoparticles.... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 43 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20150029565 - Device and method for feedback based digital holographic content reconstruction verification: Provided are a device and a method for feedback based digital holographic content reconstruction verification. The device may include a generator to generate a holographic content by receiving a first parameter value, a reconstructor to reconstruct a hologram from the holographic content, and a feedback based interface to adjust the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150029566 - Method of coding a holographic pattern, a corresponding coding device and computer program: A method for coding at least one holographic pattern recording a light signal representative of light received by a perspective object in a scene. The method includes: determining, from the light signal and for each point xj(1≦j≦M) of the holographic pattern, a set of N light rays passing through the... Agent:

20150029567 - Folding holographic sight for a gun: A holographic weapon sight folds for storage or to position where a portion of the sight is out of the way when not in use. Certain embodiments include a readout beam source mounted to the stationary base of the sight and the source directly illuminates a hologram plate supported in... Agent:

20150029569 - Apparatus and method for a symmetric sequential entangler of periodic photons in a single input and output mode: An apparatus providing an integrated waveguide device that creates entanglement between a symmetrical sequence of periodically spaced (in time) photons in a single input and output mode. The invention comprises a polarization maintaining integrated waveguide chip containing a number of delay lines, integrated multimode interferometers with the potential for rapid... Agent:

20150029568 - Sequential entangler of periodic photons in a single input and output mode: An apparatus providing an integrated waveguide device that creates entanglement between a sequence of periodically spaced (in time) photons in a single input and output mode. The invention comprises a polarization maintaining integrated waveguide chip containing a number of delay lines, integrated multimode interferometers with the potential for rapid switching,... Agent:

20150029570 - Optical scanning endoscope: An optical scanning endoscope with an optical fiber, and a fiber driving unit with a plurality of actuators which bend side surfaces of the optical fiber by applying a pressing force. A mounting member is a substantially cylindrical MID component which supports the fiber driving unit. A control circuit supplies... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20150029571 - Optical scanning devices and systems: Optical scanning devices and systems are disclosed. In one aspect, an optical scanning device comprises a first rotatable optical component and a second rotatable optical component. The first and second optical components are configured to rotate about a common optical axis and further configured to deflect an optical path of... Agent:

20150029572 - Adjustable grid tracking transmitters and receivers: Optical telecommunication receivers and transmitters are described comprising dispersive elements and adjustable beam steering elements that are combined to provide optical grid tracking to adjust with very low power consumption to variations in the optical grid due to various changes, such as temperature fluctuations, age or other environmental or design... Agent:

20150029574 - Electro-optic window assembly emi shield: An aircraft window foam mounting assembly having an exterior pressure pane frame including an inner surface and an outer surface. A pressure pane is in abutting contact with the inner surface of the exterior pressure pane frame. A foam bezel is proximate a periphery of the pressure pane and defines... Agent:

20150029573 - Electrochromic devices having improved structure for reducing current leakage across lower transparent conductor layers: One object of the present invention is to provide an electrochromic device having improved insulating film structure to reduce electrical leakage. The improved structure includes a lower conductive layer, upper transparent conductive layer, an electrochromic electrode layer, a counter electrode layer, and at least one ion-conductor layer sandwiched between the... Agent: Sage Electrochromics, Inc.

20150029575 - Optical pulse-generator and optical pulse-generating method: Provided is an optical pulse-generator and an optical pulse-generating method which are capable of generating an optical pulse train with an arbitrary pattern. An optical pulse-generator 1 includes a first optical modulator 21 configured to modulate input light using a first modulation signal SIG1 to generate optical pulses, a second... Agent:

20150029577 - Surfactant and method of manufacturing an electrowetting display device using the same: A surfactant includes a hydrophobic functional group, a hydrophilic functional group and a linker disposed between the hydrophobic functional group and the hydrophilic functional group. The linker is connected to the hydrophobic functional group and the hydrophilic functional group. The linker has a cleavable bond with a bond energy lower... Agent:

20150029576 - Transmission/reflection dual-functional electrowetting display panel: The present invention provides a transmission/reflection dual-functional electrowetting display panel, which has two operation modes of transmission and reflection and specifically includes a plurality of main pixel (20). Each main pixel (20) includes a plurality of sub-pixels (22). Each sub-pixels (22) includes: a first, a second, and a third substrates... Agent:

20150029578 - Compensator system and method for compensating angular dispersion: The invention relates to a compensator system adapted to compensate for the angular dispersion of electromagnetic beams deflected by at least one acousto-optic deflector of an optical system, wherein the angular dispersion of each deflected beam is dependent on the deflection angle obtained by the deflecting acoustic frequency of the... Agent: Femtonics Kft.

20150029579 - Chip-based frequency comb generator with microwave repetition rate: A frequency comb generator fabricated on a chip with elimination of a disadvantageous reflow process, includes an ultra-high Q disk resonator having a waveguide that is a part of a wedge structure fabricated from a silicon dioxide layer of the chip. The disk resonator allows generation of a frequency comb... Agent:

20150029580 - Fiber-optic system and method for manufacturing same: In a fiber amplifier including a third optical fiber made of a double clad fiber for amplifying light and a fifth optical fiber made of a single clad fiber for transmitting the light amplified by the double clad fiber, a fourth optical fiber made of a triple clad fiber is... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20150029581 - Thulium laser: Stimulating emission via thulium's lasing transition from the 3H4 manifold to the 3H6 manifold yields light at wavelength of about 820 nm. Unfortunately, excited thulium ions also transition from the 3H4 manifold to the long-lived 3F4 manifold, where they become trapped and can no longer participate in the lasing transition.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20150029582 - Infrared filter: An infrared filter includes a transparent substrate, and an infrared-filtering multilayer film. The infrared-filtering multilayer film is coated on the transparent substrate, and the infrared-filtering multilayer film includes a plurality of first dielectric layers and a plurality of silver layers. The first dielectric layers and the silver layers are alternately... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20150029583 - Apparatus and method for transmitted light illumination for light microscopes and microscope system: The invention relates to an apparatus for transmitted light illumination for light microscopes, in particular stereo microscopes or macroscopes. The apparatus has a light source for emitting an illuminating light beam, and a holding device for holding a sample to be examined, wherein a deflection device is provided between the... Agent:

20150029584 - Autostereoscopic display system and method: A three-dimensional (3D) display system is provided. The 3D display system includes a display device and a switchable grating. The display device is configured to display a set of images with parallax for 3D display. The switchable grating comprises a plurality of switchable grating units, and each switchable grating unit... Agent: Superd Co. Ltd.

20150029585 - Reflective imaging element and optical system: A reflective imaging element that may be manufactured in a convenient method and obtain a high quality aerial picture is provided. A reflective imaging element of an embodiment includes a first reflective element and a second reflective element including a light receiving surface to receive light from a projected material... Agent:

20150029586 - Method for creating a viewing screen having an injection overmolded insert: The invention relates to a method for creating a viewing screen (3) having an injection overmolded insert (9). Said method includes the steps of: placing an insert (9), to be overmolded, into an injection mold (1); holding the insert (9) by at least one suction nozzle (21) built into the... Agent:

20150029587 - Retardation film and production method therefor, polarizing plate, and display device: Provided is a producing method for a retardation film with a reverse wavelength dispersion property, which is highly reliable in terms of a small wavelength dispersion change and is low in display unevenness due to a position dependence of a retardation variation. The production method is designed for a retardation... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150029588 - Control of light wavefronts: Techniques to control light wavefronts are described herein. A plurality of sub-wavelength grating (SWG) layers includes a SWG layer. The SWG layer is arranged to control a light wavefront.... Agent:

20150029589 - Optical reflective diffraction device having a high resistance to laser flux: The present invention relates to an optical device for reflective diffraction with high diffraction efficiency and high laser flux resistance. The device includes a protective structure having at least one mixture layer produced by a uniform mixture of a first material and of a second material, where both of these... Agent: Commissariat &#xe0 I'&#xe9 Nergie Atomique Et Aux &#xe9 Nergies Alternatives

20150029591 - Interference filter, optical filter device, optical module, electronic apparatus, manufacturing method of interference filter, and mems element: A wavelength variable interference filter includes a fixed substrate, a movable substrate that faces the fixed substrate, a pair of reflective films, a fixed extraction electrode provided on the fixed substrate, and a movable connection electrode that is provided on the movable substrate and is in contact with the fixed... Agent:

20150029590 - Optical filter device, optical module, electronic apparatus, and mems device: An optical filter device includes a wavelength variable interference filter that has a fixed substrate provided with a fixed reflective film and a movable substrate provided with a movable reflective film, a casing that has an inner space for storing the wavelength variable interference filter therein, and a fixation portion... Agent:

20150029592 - Edge-lit panel protection layer: Provided is an apparatus for reducing glare in a lighting panel. The apparatus includes a translucent layer having an emitting surface. A microstructure of the emitting surface is formed of features in cooperative arrangement for redirecting light produced by the lighting panel.... Agent:

20150029593 - Spherical aberration corrector, method of spherical aberration correction, and charged particle beam instrument: A spherical aberration corrector is offered which permits a correction of deviation of the circularity of at least one of an image and a diffraction pattern and a correction of on-axis aberrations to be carried out independently. The spherical aberration corrector (100) is for use with a charged particle beam... Agent:

20150029594 - Focus-adjustable device and system thereof: The present invention relates to a focus-adjustable device and a system thereof, wherein the focus-adjustable device is fabricated by forming a single closed flow channel in the internal of a transparent substrate, so as to make the substrate and the single closed flow channel together form a specific lens structure... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20150029595 - Mechanical zoom imaging apparatus: An imaging assembly for the viewing, imaging, and analysis of chemiluminescent or bioluminescent samples in gels or other substrates, in which an adjustable camera and lens module having a prime or fixed lens or a focusing lens is moved to change the field of view by shifting the focal plane... Agent:

20150029596 - Zoom lens: A zoom lens including a first lens group, a second lens group, a third lens group, and a fourth lens group with positive, negative, positive, and positive refractive powers respectively arranged in sequence from an object side to an image side is provided. The first lens group includes a first... Agent: Young Optics Inc.

20150029597 - Variable magnification optical system and imaging apparatus: A variable magnification optical system includes a negative first lens group, a stop, and a positive second lens group. The distance in an optical axis direction between the first and the second lens groups is reduced when magnification is changed from the wide angle end to the telephoto end. The... Agent:

20150029598 - Variable rate focus mechanism: A focus mechanism has a removable and replaceable cam that allows selection of different rates of rotation and total axial displacement of a lens assembly. The rate and displacement are determined by the cam profile. The rate and displacement of the lens assembly can be selected by removing a cam... Agent:

20150029599 - Image lens assembly and image capturing device: An image lens assembly includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element, a fifth lens element and a sixth lens element. The first lens element with positive refractive power has a... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20150029600 - Image pickup lens: Embodiments relate to an image pickup lens including a first lens having both convex surfaces, a second lens in the form of a positive meniscus lens and a third lens in the form of a negative meniscus lens, the first lens to the third lens being arranged in sequence from... Agent:

20150029601 - Miniature telephoto lens assembly: An optical lens assembly includes five lens elements and provides a TTL/EFL<1.0. In an embodiment, the focal length of the first lens element f1<TTL/2, an air gap between first and second lens elements is smaller than half the second lens element thickness, an air gap between the third and fourth... Agent:

20150029602 - Imaging lens: An imaging lens includes a first lens having positive refractive power; a second lens having positive refractive power; and a third lens having negative refractive power, arranged in the order from an object side to an image plane side. The first lens and the third lens respectively have an object-side... Agent:

20150029603 - Imaging lens:

20150029604 - Universal adjustable lens adapter: A universal adjustable lens adapter and rig system for smartphones, or similar electronic devices, that is modular in nature. The universal adjustable lens adapter includes a clamp mount assembly, a lens mount assembly, and a handle assembly. The clamp mount assembly provides a means for securing a smartphone, while the... Agent:

20150029605 - Lens driving motor: A focusing motor an enclosure includes: a lens barrel; a lower support; an iron sheet perpendicularly fixed to the lower support; a coil attached to an inner surface of the iron sheet; at least one pair of magnets arranged on an outer side of the barrel along an optic axis... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20150029606 - Micro-electromechanical system (mems) carrier: A micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) carrier formed by a typical surface micro-machining and bulk micro-machining process on a silicon substrate, having a frame, a movable carrier element, a conductive coil, two return springs and a pair of permanent magnets. The movable carrier element is formed within the frame and movable along... Agent:

20150029607 - Transparent conductive layer and cf substrate having same and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention provides a transparent conductive layer and a CF substrate having the transparent conductive layer and a manufacturing method thereof. The transparent conductive layer is made of a graphene transparent conductive material and is in the form of a thin film having a thickness of 0.36 nm-10 nm,... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 45 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20150022871 - Mirror drive device and driving method thereof: In a mirror drive device, a first actuator section and a second actuator section are arranged on both sides of a mirror supporting section that supports a mirror section so as to sandwich the mirror supporting section. The upper electrode of a first actuator section includes a first electrode section... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150022872 - Method of manufacturing a mems micro-mirror assembly: According to the present invention there is provided a method of manufacturing a MEMS micro mirror assembly (250), comprising the step of mounting a PCB board (205) on a metallic plate (206), mounting a MEMS device (240) on the PCB board (205), wherein the MEMS device (240) comprises a MEMS... Agent:

20150022874 - Offset aperture dual-gimbaled optical system: An offset aperture two-axis gimbaled optical system comprises a two-axis gimbal and an optics assembly that is mounted on the inner gimbal and offset radially from the rotation axis of the outer gimbal. The optics assembly is suitably offset so that its optical aperture does not overlap the rotation axis... Agent:

20150022873 - Offset aperture gimbaled optical system with optically corrected conformal dome: An offset aperture gimbaled optical system comprises a gimbal and an optics assembly that is mounted on an inner gimbal and offset radially from an axis of symmetry (and rotation axis) of a conformal dome. An optical corrector adjacent the inner surface of the conformal dome encompasses the field-of-view of... Agent:

20150022875 - Electrowetting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same: An electrowetting display apparatus includes a first base substrate, a second base substrate which faces the first base substrate, a first electrode on the first base substrate, and a second electrode on the second base substrate, where the second electrode faces the first electrode. A barrier wall is on the... Agent:

20150022876 - Multi-state interferometric modulator with color attenuator: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for multi-state interferometric modulator (MS-IMOD) implementations with an improved white-state color by incorporating an attenuator. The attenuator may be part of a mirror stack or part of an absorber stack. The attenuator may be capable of reducing the amount of green light reflected... Agent:

20150022877 - Method of and device for controlling reflective color of polymeric colloidal photonic crystal display using mixed dispersion medium: A method of and device for controlling a reflective color of a photonic crystal display device, capable of precisely controlling the distance between particles to display RGB full colors covering desired wavelength ranges. The method and device include using a mixed dispersion medium containing two or more kinds of solvents... Agent:

20150022878 - Optical film having excellant uv blocking effect and polarizing plate comprising the same: An optical film and a polarizing plate including the same are provided. The optical film includes an acrylic resin having a glass transition temperature of 120° C. or higher and including an alkyl (meth)acrylate-based repeating unit and a styrene-based repeating unit, and a UV absorbent having a 1% thermal decomposition... Agent:

20150022879 - Infrared reflective film: Provided is an infrared reflective film in which a reflective layer and a protective layer are sequentially layered on one surface of a substrate. The protective layer contains a polymer, and the dynamic friction coefficient on the surface of the protective layer is 0.001 to 0.45.... Agent:

20150022880 - Image measuring apparatus with automated control of variable-power nose wheel rotation and 3d displacement: An image measuring apparatus with an automated control of variable-power nose wheel rotation and 3D displacement includes a base on a work table on a floor, a platform on the base and having first and second moving parts for controlling the platform moving along X-axis and Y-axis respectively, an upright... Agent:

20150022881 - Light sheet-based imaging device with extended depth of field: Light sheet microscope for recording 3D images of a specimen, comprising a light sheet generator, an objective lens, an image detector and a wavefront encoder element or system positioned between the objective lens and the image detector for extending the depth of field of the objective lens. By doing so,... Agent:

20150022882 - Microscope system, objective lens unit, and microscope main body: A microscope system includes: a main body portion having an optical system for forming an image from at least observation light from a specimen; an objective lens unit having an objective lens for taking in the observation light and having a base portion with an approximately belt shape for holding... Agent:

20150022883 - System and apparatus for illuminating a specimen: The disclosed technology relates generally to a method and system for an improved lighting apparatus compatible with imaging small specimens for viewing or photographic purposes. In certain embodiments, the disclosed technology provides an apparatus for projecting light on specimens from opposing light sources at varying distances and angles. In certain... Agent:

20150022884 - Sextant telescope with a zoom feature: Sextant telescope with a zoom feature is a device in which one of two available magnification settings is selected by repositioning an internal lens between two mutually conjugate locations. An optional reticle of a specialized pattern helps the proper alignment of the observed horizon and celestial bodies in the field... Agent:

20150022885 - Positioning apparatus, in particular for adjusting lenses or lens system in optical devices: The invention relates to a positioning apparatus, comprising a rotatable spindle, a sliding member, wherein a spindle counter segment of the sliding member is displaced along the spindle when the spindle rotates, a first guide for the sliding member, which interacts with a first guide counter segment of the sliding... Agent: Leica Geosystems Ag

20150022886 - Micro-projection-display devices and adjustable display screens: An example micro-projection-display device includes: a projection lens, an elastic projection screen, a stretchable projection framework and a sliding block. At least one point of the stretchable projection framework is connected with the elastic projection screen, so that the stretchable projection framework is configured to control the elastic projection screen... Agent:

20150022887 - Variable focus stereoscopic display system and method: A variable focus stereoscopic display system includes first and second lenses positioned between a viewer's eyes and a stereoscopic display that alters the distance to the focus plane of the viewer based on the vergence of the viewer's eyes while viewing the stereoscopic display.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150022888 - Hybrid polarizer: A hybrid polarizer includes an absorbing element having a first major surface and a second major surface. The hybrid polarizer also includes a first birefringent reflective polarizer disposed on the first major surface of the absorbing element, the first birefringent reflective polarizer having a first pass axis and a first... Agent:

20150022889 - Display device: Provided is a display device including a housing having an internal space and in which a disposition hole in communication with the internal space is formed, a transparent protection plate mounted on the housing in a state of covering the disposition hole via a waterproofing structure preventing entrance of moisture... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150022890 - Retroreflective sheeting including cube corner elements: The present disclosure is directed to lamina(e) comprising cube corner elements, a tool comprising an assembly of laminae and replicas thereof. The disclosure further relates to retroreflective sheeting.... Agent:

20150022891 - Lens driving device and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention discloses a lens driving device and a method of manufacturing the same. In the present invention, there is provided a lens driving device comprising: a lens having an optical axis; a focusing coil disposed at a periphery of the lens with respect to the optical axis; a... Agent:

20150022892 - Method of producing a fresnel zone plate for applications in high energy radiation: The invention concerns to a method of producing a Fresnel Zone Plate (1) for applications in high energy radiation including the following steps: supply of a substrate (2) transparent for high energy radiation, deposition of a layer (3) of a metal, a metal alloy or a metal compound on a... Agent: Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.

20150022893 - Diffraction grating and method for the production thereof: A diffraction grating includes a grating area having, in a direction running parallel to a substrate, a periodic arrangement of first areas with a first grating material and second areas with a second grating material. The first grating material and the second grating material are solid materials with different indices... Agent:

20150022894 - Light-shielding coating material and light-shielding film for optical element and optical element: d

20150022895 - Light redirection device: The present invention relates to a light redirection device (1) for redirecting and concentrating direct sunlight (31) into buildings, said device comprising at least one transparent element (10) having a substantially planar top surface (10) in an x-y-plane and a substantially planar bottom surface (14), wherein said top (11) and... Agent:

20150022896 - Imaging lens and spacer adapted to imaging lens: An imaging lens includes a lens barrel, a plurality of lens elements and a spacer. The lens elements are disposed in the lens barrel. The spacer is disposed between the lens barrel and one of the lens elements or between two adjacent lens elements. The spacer is ring-shaped and includes... Agent:

20150022897 - Solar tracker with refraction-based concentration: The invention comprises: a structure (3) supporting at least one refraction-based concentration element (1) and at least one collector (2) positioned parallel to one another; and first actuation means operatively connected so as to pivot the structure in relation to a base (4) about a first axis (El) parallel to... Agent: Compania Valenciana De Energias Renovables, S. A.

20150022898 - Head-up display device for vehicle and self-checking method therefor: A head-up display device and a self-checking method therefor are provided, which are able to suppress the direct output of a laser beam to outside. A reflecting means reflects an image generated by a scanning means and projects the image outside of a case, and an angle-adjusting means adjusts the... Agent:

20150022899 - F-theta objective: An F-theta objective is provided that has five individual lenses with a first individual lens as biconcave lens with a focal length, a second individual lens as meniscus with a focal length, a third individual lens as meniscus with a focal length, a fourth individual lens as a biconvex lens... Agent:

20150022900 - Lens barrel and imaging device: A lens barrel having an image forming optical system including a first optical system and a second optical system which is moveable independently from the first optical system, a first driving portion which drives the first optical system during a magnification changing operation of the image forming optical system, and... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20150022901 - Zoom lens and imaging apparatus: A zoom-lens substantially consists of a positive-first-lens-group, fixed during magnification-change, a negative-second-lens-group, which moves from object-side toward image-side during magnification change from wide-angle-end to telephoto-end, a negative-third-lens-group, which corrects movement of an image-plane during magnification-change, and a positive-fourth-lens-group, which is fixed during magnification-change and includes a stop, in this order... Agent:

20150022902 - Zoom lens and imaging apparatus: z

20150022903 - Lens barrel: Provided is a lens barrel whose diameter can be reduced. The lens barrel includes a rotary frame having a gear on an inner peripheral surface, and a retracting lens frame which holds a retracting lens configured to retract from an optical axis along with rotation of the rotary frame. A... Agent:

20150022904 - Optical imaging system for pickup: An optical imaging system for pickup, sequentially arranged from an object side to an image side, comprising: the first lens element with positive refractive power having a convex object-side surface, the second lens element with refractive power, the third lens element with refractive power, the fourth lens element with refractive... Agent:

20150022905 - Imaging lens and imaging apparatus equipped with the imaging lens: An imaging lens substantially includes six lenses, constituted by: a first lens having a negative refractive power, which is of a meniscus shape having a concave surface toward an image side; a second lens; a third lens; a fourth lens; a fifth lens having a positive refractive power; and a... Agent:

20150022906 - Tandem telephoto lenses: An apparatus has a plate having a length, a width and an attachment interface, two clamping mechanisms, each having a cross piece fastened orthogonally to the elongated plate, a bumper block formed under the cross piece, an inflexible strap joined the cross piece on one side of the elongated plate,... Agent:

20150022907 - Objective lens for endoscope and endoscope:

20150022908 - Imaging lens and imaging apparatus: An imaging lens substantially consists of a front-group consisting of a first lens having a negative meniscus shape with its convex surface facing an object side, a second lens having negative refractive power, a third lens having positive refractive power, a fourth lens having a negative meniscus shape with its... Agent:

20150022909 - Stretched fresnel lens solar concentrator for space power, with cords, fibers, or wires strengthening the stretched lens: This invention includes a flexible Fresnel lens assembly which can be efficiently stowed into a small volume, and then deployed with a mechanism, including structural elements, that provides tensioning at the ends of the lens assembly to position and support the lens assembly in proper position relative to a photovoltaic... Agent:

20150022910 - Adjustable attaching lens device: Disclosed is an adjustable attaching lens device comprising a lens holding member including a flexible confining strip and an adjustable fastener that is for adjusting a fastening position of the flexible confining strip, wherein the flexible confining strip is bent to confine a lens attaching hole with a given size... Agent:

20150022911 - Rotation detection apparatus, motor control apparatus, motor driven apparatus, method of correcting rotation detection apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing correction program: The rotation detection apparatus includes a rotatable member rotatable with rotation of a motor and having multiple pattern element portions in its rotational direction, a signal outputter to output a detection signal changing in response to rotation of the pattern element portions, and a memory storing correction values each provided... Agent:

20150022912 - Mirror assembly with adjustable fastening: A mirror assembly (1) includes a mirror head (4), a bracket (5) fastened to the mirror head, and fastening elements (6) located at the bracket at a distance from the mirror head and connectable to the wing mirror (2) of a vehicle (3). The bracket has bracket parts (7, 8)... Agent: Reich Kg

20150022913 - Mount assembly: A mount assembly for a vehicle component includes an attachment device configured to attach to a vehicle interior component. The attachment device defines an aperture and includes a vehicle attachment portion, an interior wall, and an exterior wall. A rearview device is configured to operably connect to the exterior wall... Agent: Gentex Corporation

20150022914 - Vehicle interior mirror assembly with unitary bezel and mounting structure: An interior rearview mirror assembly for a vehicle includes a plastic bezel and a mirror reflective element. The bezel includes a perimeter bezel portion and a mirror mounting element unitarily formed with the perimeter bezel portion. The mirror mounting element is configured to pivotally attach to a mounting structure of... Agent:

20150022915 - Dish-type solar concentration device: The present invention discloses a dish-type solar concentration device, comprising a reflection surface, a heat absorber and a dish-type support frame being provided above and below the reflection surface, respectively; further comprising a rigid turntable and a circular orbit fixed onto the ground, the rigid turntable being connected in a... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 53 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20150015928 - Novel method of fast fourier transform (fft) analysis using waveform-embedded or waveform-modulated coherent beams and holograms: Method of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Analysis for collecting waveforms and other vibrational intelligence and modulating or embedding same into one or more coherent reference beams of an n-dimensional holographic recording device for producing one or more holograms of objects, including singularity points in space. The result provides wholesale differentiation... Agent:

20150015929 - Optical switch and beam stabilization device: Optical switch for adjustable deflection of a light beam from the direction of an input point in the direction of one of several output points. The optical switch includes a switching mirror sensitive to changes in environmental conditions, such as temperature fluctuations. Also included is a rotatable capturing mirror, two... Agent:

20150015930 - Nanophononic metamaterials: Nanophononic metamaterials and methods for reducing thermal conductivity in at least partially crystalline base material are provided, such as for thermoelectric energy conversion. In one implementation, a method for reducing thermal conductivity through an at least partially crystalline base material is provided. In another implementation, a nanophononic metamaterial structure is... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

20150015931 - Electrowetting fluids: This invention relates to electrowetting fluids, the use of these fluids for the preparation of an electrowetting displays devices, and electrowetting display devices comprising such fluids.... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20150015935 - Display panel and display device: The present invention provides a display panel and a display device which can increase light use efficiency with a simple configuration. An optical modulation layer 30 provided between substrates 10 and 20 contains a polar solvent 31a, a nonpolar solvent 31b, and hydrophilic shape-anisotropic members 32, the hydrophilic substrate makes... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150015932 - Electro-optic display with controlled electrochemical reactions: An electro-optic display has a viewing surface through which a user views the display, a bistable, non-electrochromic electro-optic medium, and at least one electrode arranged to apply an electric field to the electro-optic medium, the display. The display comprises at least 10 micromoles per square meter of the viewing surface... Agent:

20150015934 - Electrophoretic apparatus, manufacturing method of electrophoretic apparatus, and electronic apparatus: An electrophoretic apparatus includes: an electrophoretic layer that is disposed between an element substrate and a counter substrate, and has a dispersion medium in which electrophoretic particles are dispersed; a partition wall that is disposed to separate the electrophoretic layer into a plurality of cells; a seal material that bonds... Agent:

20150015933 - Electrophoretic device, manufacturing method for electrophoretic device, and electronic apparatus: An electrophoretic device includes: an electrophoretic layer that is disposed between an element substrate and an opposing substrate arranged opposing each other and that includes a dispersion medium in which at least one or more electrophoretic particles are dispersed; a first seal member that is disposed surrounding the electrophoretic layer... Agent:

20150015936 - Method and apparatus for generation of coherent frequency combs: Embodiments of the invention provide apparatuses and methods for phase correlated seeding of parametric mixer and for generating coherent frequency combs. The parametric mixer may use two phase-correlated optical waves with different carrier frequencies to generate new optical waves centered at frequencies differing from the input waves, while retaining the... Agent: Ram Photonics, LLC

20150015937 - Methods and systems for nonlinear optical wave-mixing: A system for conversion or amplification using quasi-phase matched nonlinear optical wave-mixing comprises a first radiation source for providing a pump radiation beam, a second radiation source for providing a signal radiation beam, and a bent structure for receiving the pump radiation beam and the signal radiation beam. The radiation... Agent: Vrije Universiteit Brussel

20150015938 - Dissipative soliton mode fiber based optical parametric oscillator: A fiber optic parametric amplifier that includes a resonating cavity. The resonating cavity includes linear fiber optic gain medium, with negative chromatic dispersion; and a nonlinear fiber optic gain medium with positive chromatic dispersion.... Agent:

20150015939 - Optical pumping apparatus for few-mode fiber amplification: An optical pumping apparatus for few-mode fiber amplification is provided. The optical pumping apparatus includes an optical pump source configured to generate an optical pump; an optical power divider configured to divide an optical power of the optical pump from the optical pump source so as to output several optical... Agent:

20150015940 - Near-infrared reflective film and near-infrared reflective glass using same: A near-infrared reflective film having a support, and a dielectric multilayer film disposed on the support, in which a high-refractive index layers and a low-refractive index layer are alternately layered, wherein any of the high-refractive index layer and the low-refractive index layer adjacent to said high-refractive index layer satisfy: 1.1≧(dH×nH)/(dL×nL)>1... Agent:

20150015941 - Method for extracting optical energy from an optical beam: A method includes generating a primary beam using light emitted by a light-source. The method includes generating a secondary beam using a portion of the light using a lens of a telescope. The lens includes one or more refraction elements positioned on a first surface of the lens, and the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150015942 - Method for detecting and controlling supply of an immersion medium: A method for detecting and controlling supply of an immersion medium into an immersion film region between the front lens of a microscope objective and a preparation, particularly in automated microscopes, using a light source which is reflected into the microscope beam path by means of a beam splitter. The... Agent:

20150015943 - Device for forming an immersion film: A device for forming an immersion film between a front lens of a microscope objective and a preparation on an inverted microscope. The device includes a protection device for preventing fluid leakage from the immersion film region, and an apparatus for supplying the immersion fluid (auto-immersion) to the immersion film... Agent:

20150015944 - Binocular having a folding bridge: A binocular has a folding bridge for adapting the distance between the eyepieces to the interpupillary distance of the eyes of the user. A synchronous focusing of the two telescopes is brought about via a differential gear assembly which drives respective spindle drives for corresponding ones of the two telescopes.... Agent:

20150015945 - Electronically adjustable long-range optical device: A long-range optical apparatus includes an optical unit defined by lenses and an eyepiece and has at least one manually operable adjusting device for adjusting an optical unit defined by the lenses. With the adjusting device, the optical unit can be adjusted relative to a mounting device. The adjusting device... Agent:

20150015946 - Perceived image depth for autostereoscopic displays: An autostereoscopic display provides an extremely deep projection area by observing a relationship between a desired depth of projection and an autostereoscopic display design that includes a focal length of lenticles of a lenticular array and a number of views. The relationship specifies a projected depth at which lenticular crossover... Agent: Soliddd Corp.

20150015947 - Optical isolator: An optical isolator for use with a wavelength band of 600-800 nm is improved in that it has a Faraday rotator made of an oxide material in which said oxide material contains (TbxR1-x)2O3 such that 0.5≦x≦1.0, and R is scandium, yttrium or any lanthanoid but Tb.... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150015948 - Polarizing plate and method of manufacturing the same: A polarizing plate having an excellent optical property and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. The polarizing plate includes: a transparent substrate 11 transmitting light in a used bandwidth; an absorbing layer 12 having at least a metal-containing semiconductor layer containing a metal, the absorbing layer being arranged... Agent:

20150015949 - Film and method for manufacturing the same, optical film, polarizer-protecting film, polarizing plate, and image display device: Disclosed is a film having a cyclic olefin resin layer including a cyclic olefin resin and a cage-shaped silosesquioxane compound wherein the cage-shaped silosesquioxane compound includes at least one substituent having one or more carbon atoms as a substituent of a Si atom. The film has a cyclic olefin resin... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150015951 - Polarizing plate protective film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display: A polarizing plate protective film forming a polarizing plate by sandwiching a polarizer with two of the polarizing plate protective films, wherein at least one of the two polarizing plate protective films exhibits Ro defined by Expression (I) of 0 to 10 mm and Rt defined by Expression (II) of... Agent:

20150015950 - Process for the production of low stress and optical quality film for use in opto-electronic devices: The present invention relates to a film with low an optical retardation and thus low stress birefringence which contains at least one layer containing at least one polycarbonate or co-polycarbonate and which, on account of its optical properties, is suitable for use in opto-electronic devices, e.g. in displays and touch... Agent:

20150015952 - Systems and methods to provide high brightness diode laser outputs: A high brightness, high power laser output is produced using a technique of splitting the outputs of multiple laser diode sources into two polarization states, wavelength combining the first polarization state from the multiple laser diodes, separately wavelength combining the second polarization state from the multiple laser diodes, and recombining... Agent:

20150015953 - Single-pump multi-wavelength lasing semiconductor raman pump laser and pump combination apparatus: A single-pump multi-wavelength lasing semiconductor Raman pump laser comprises a thermoelectric cooler arranged in a shell; a heat transition bearing platform arranged in the thermoelectric cooler; a semiconductor Raman pump laser tube core arranged on the heat transition bearing platform; and a coupling lens group , a thermistor and a... Agent: Accelink Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150015954 - Camera module: There is provided a camera module including: a lens barrel having a lens; and a housing having the lens barrel inserted thereinto, wherein an outer surface of the lens barrel facing an inner surface of the housing is provided with a first groove formed inwardly concave, and the inner surface... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150015955 - Exposed lens retroreflective article: An exposed lens retroreflective article that includes a binder layer; a layer of spaced apart optical elements that are partially embedded in the binder layer; a penetrated colored layer that is located between the spaced apart optical elements; and a reflective layer that is located functionally behind the layer of... Agent:

20150015956 - Zoom lens and electronic device including the same: Provided are a zoom lens and an electronic device including the same. The zoom lens includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens group having a negative refractive power, a second lens group having a positive refractive power, a third lens group having a... Agent:

20150015957 - Diffraction grating and production method thereof: The present invention has an object of providing a diffraction grating excellent in surface precision and allowing its miniaturization and weight reduction and a method for manufacturing the same. The present invention comprises: a glass substrate having a thickness of 0.5 mm to 8 mm; a resin-made microstructure body having... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20150015958 - Optical film assembly, display apparatus having the same and method of manufacturing the same: An optical film assembly includes an anti-reflection film including a plurality of stacked anti-reflection layers, a side surface of the anti-reflection film being inclined with respect to an upper surface of a display panel, the anti-reflection layers having different thicknesses and different refractivities, and an anti-fingerprint film on the anti-reflection... Agent:

20150015959 - Optical coating method, apparatus and product: This disclosure is directed to an improved process for making glass articles having optical coating and easy-to clean coating thereon, an apparatus for the process and a product made using the process. In particular, the disclosure is directed to a process in which the application of the optical coating and... Agent:

20150015961 - Die repairing method and method for manufacturing functional film using same: This is a mold repairing method for removing a resin material deposited on a mold, of which the surface is a porous film with a plurality of recesses that have been created through anodization. The mold repairing method includes the steps of: (I) removing the resin material that is exposed... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150015960 - Gradient sino anti-reflective layers in solar selective coatings: A solar selective coating includes a substrate, a cermet layer having nanoparticles therein deposited on the substrate, and an anti-reflection layer deposited on the cermet layer. The cermet layer and the anti-reflection layer may each be formed of intermediate layers. A method for constructing a solar-selective coating is disclosed and... Agent:

20150015963 - Display unit: When a signal indicating that an event involving a need to guide a sight line from an HUD display area to a second display area occurs, a first guide light is displayed, and then a second guide light is displayed.... Agent:

20150015964 - Head-up display device: Emitted light from first light sources cause a pair of first guide lights to be displayed on a combiner side by side at positions adjacent to a HUD display area. Emitted light from second light sources cause a pair of second guide lights to be displayed such that the pair... Agent:

20150015962 - Head-up display device and display unit: On a combiner, a HUD display area is defined by display light from a projector, and guide lights are displayed. An optical path length from the combiner to a display-light projector, an optical path length from the combiner to a first light source, and an optical path length from the... Agent:

20150015965 - Clamshell car head-up display device: A clamshell car head-up display device includes a body, a display module, a lid, a shaft group and a shaft, the display module is provided to project display information on the reflector plate of the lid, and the shaft group is provided to fix the flip angle of the lid... Agent:

20150015967 - Projection zoom lens and projection type display device: c

20150015966 - Zoom lens and optical apparatus including the same: Provided is a zoom lens in which a variation in aberration with respect to a temperature change is small and excellent optical characteristics can be easily obtained. The zoom lens includes multiple lens units in which a distance between adjacent ones of the multiple lens units changes for zooming. When... Agent:

20150015968 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same: A zoom lens, including, in order from object side, a positive first unit, a negative second unit, a positive third unit, a negative fourth unit, and a positive fifth unit. The first unit includes, in order from object side, a negative first sub unit which does not move for focusing,... Agent:

20150015969 - Zoom lens and imaging apparatus: z

20150015970 - Zoom lens and imaging apparatus: wherein u is the angle of inclination of a paraxial chief ray of light that enters the lens surface most toward the object side within the first lens group, and u′ is the angle of inclination of the paraxial chief ray of light that exits the lens surface most toward... Agent:

20150015971 - Optical imaging system for pickup: An optical imaging system for pickup, sequentially arranged from an object side to an image side, comprising: the first lens element with positive refractive power having a convex object-side surface, the second lens element with refractive power, the third lens element with refractive power, the fourth lens element with refractive... Agent:

20150015972 - Thin-type imaging lens assembly with four lenses: An imaging lens assembly comprises a fixing diaphragm and an optical set including four lenses. An arranging order from an object side to an image side is: a first lens; a second lens; a third lens; and a fourth lens. At least one surface of the first and the second... Agent: Ability Opto-electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150015973 - Compound lens and method for manufacturing same: A compound lens produced by heating and pressing a semi-cured product of a curable resin composition containing a (meth)acrylate monomer, a non-conjugated vinylidene group-containing compound, and a photo-radical initiator and a transparent substrate arranged so as to be in contact with the semi-cured product in a state in which a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150015974 - Multivision device and lens bar attached to the same: A multivision device, which may minimize a screen split zone, and a lens bar attached to the same are disclosed. The multivision device comprises a plurality of display parts; a frame part disposed between two adjacent ones of the plurality of display parts; and a lens bar disposed above the... Agent:

20150015975 - Heliostats, and methods and apparatus for assembly thereof: A solar energy collection system can include a plurality of heliostats configured to reflect sunlight to a target mounted on a tower. Each of the heliostats can include (i) a mirror assembly, which can include at least one mirror, at least one support arm and a pair of diagonals attached... Agent: Brightsource Industries (israel) Ltd.

20150015976 - Color filter for display: A color filter for a display includes a transparent substrate, an image reception layer formed on one or more surfaces of the transparent substrate and including a synthetic resin, and a color layer including a color ink printed on the image reception layer. The color ink includes 70% or more... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20150015977 - Filter frame for digital camera made from polymer elastic body: A digital camera filter frame reduces the load imposed on an autofocus motor provided in the main body of a camera due to a reduced weight, and prevents a situation in which the optical axis of a lens barrel of a digital camera varies when the digital camera filter frame... Agent:

20150015978 - Method for manufacturing color filter and color reflective display: In a method of manufacturing a color filter, ink droplets are printed on a substrate such that a colored pixel is formed on the substrate. The colored pixel has four corner portions and one or more non-corner portions within the colored pixel. Ink droplets are printed on the four corner... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20150015979 - Conductive film, display device equipped with same, and method for determining pattern of conductive film: The conductive film has a wiring pattern which, with respect to the frequencies and intensities of moire obtained by applying a human visual response characteristic to the frequency information and intensity information of moire calculated from peak frequencies and peak intensities of the two-dimensional Fourier spectrums of the transmittance image... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150015980 - Conductive film, display device equipped with same, and method for determining pattern of conductive film: This conductive film has a randomized wiring pattern having randomized rhomboid shapes obtained by giving irregularity in a predetermined range to rhomboid shapes of a rhomboidal wiring pattern which, with respect to frequencies of moire and intensities of moire obtained by applying a visual response characteristic of human beings to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

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