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Optical: systems and elements

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09/04/2014 > 41 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140247472 - Scanning device: The invention concerns a scanning device for focusing a beam of rays in defined regions of a defined volume, comprising an input optics wherein the beam of rays penetrates first, having at least one first optical element; a focusing optics for focusing the beam of rays exiting from the input... Agent:

20140247473 - Device for electrically contacting an electrically activatable functional layer of a vehicle windowpane that is adjustable by a windowpane driver: A device electrically contacts an electrically activatable functional layer of a vehicle windowpane that is adjustable by a windowpane driver. The device has the windowpane driver with at least two first contact elements for the transmission of control signals to the functional layer. In an as-intended installed state, the first... Agent: Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft, Hallstadt

20140247474 - Reflection-type light control element, reflection-type light control member, and multilayer glass: A reflection-type light control element according to the present invention is provided with a light control layer configured to exhibit a reversible change between a transparent state and a reflection state in a reversible reaction with a hydrogen and a catalyst layer configured to accelerate the reversible reaction of the... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20140247475 - Spacers and connectors for insulated glass units: This disclosure describes insulated glass units (IGUs) that incorporate electrochromic devices. More specifically, this disclosure focuses on different configurations available for providing an electrical connection to the interior region of an IGU. In many cases, an IGU includes two panes separated by a spacer. The spacer defines an interior region... Agent:

20140247476 - Lithography wave-front control system and method: Some embodiments include system and methods to obtain information for adjusting variations in features formed on a substrate of a semiconductor device. Such methods can include determining a first pupil in an illumination system used to form a first feature, and determining a second pupil used to form a second... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140247477 - Integrated optical structure comprising an optical isolator: An integrated optical structure includes at least one optical isolator, having a magneto-optical layer, associated with at least one SOA optical amplifier having a waveguide having an n-doped semiconductor layer, a p-doped semiconductor layer, and an active area disposed between the n-doped semiconductor layer and the p-doped semiconductor layer. The... Agent:

20140247478 - Infrared camouflage textile: An infrared camouflage textile, including an emissivity layer on one side of the textile and adapted to provide at least two different infrared emissivities in a pattern; a heating layer between the emissivity and insulating layers; and a power source to the heating layer. The emissivity layer may include a... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140247480 - Glass member with optical multilayered near infrared cut filter glass: A glass member with an optical multilayer, comprising a fluorophosphate glass substrate and an optical multilayer formed on the substrate, wherein an adhesion-strengthening layer consisting of one or more layers, which improves the adhesion of the optical multilayer to the fluorophosphate glass substrate, is formed between the fluorophosphate glass substrate... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140247479 - Molded dichroic mirror and method of manufacture thereof: A molded dichroic mirror and method of manufacture thereof. The dichroic minor may be molded from polysiloxane or lithia potash borosilicate and may be coated to reflect an infrared signal and configured to transmit a radio frequency signal between 33 GHz and 37 GHz.... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140247481 - Optical component for the ir range with stress-compensated coating: A method for designing an optical component for the IR range in which its desired technical characteristics are determined, and the optical component is simulated. The simulated optical component has a layer sequence of layers which are stacked one upon the other and have at least one low-index layer whose... Agent: Jenoptik Optical Systems Gmbh

20140247482 - Surgical microscope system: A surgical microscope system includes a camera 9 that is turnable around an optical axis K of the camera 9 to optionally select a photographing orientation. The camera 9 is able to pick up an electronic image of an affected part T in an orientation in which a main doctor... Agent: Mitaka Kohki Co., Ltd.

20140247483 - Sighting apparatus capable of displaying compensation position: A sighting apparatus for displaying compensation position is described. The sighting apparatus includes a magnification adjustment module; a magnification generation module, which comprises a magnification pattern for undergoing a movement of the magnification pattern, and a sensing unit for detecting the magnification pattern to obtain a current magnification value; a... Agent: Sintai Optical (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140247484 - Speckle reduction using screen vibration techniques and apparatus: Disclosed herein are systems and related methods for reducing speckle on display screen. More specifically, screen vibration is used to reduce speckle, and in accordance with the disclosed principles, the vibration may be achieved by using wave-based actuation (e.g., acoustic or electromagnetic waves) to vibrate the screen. In an exemplary... Agent: Reald Inc.

20140247485 - Viewing apparatus with integrated polarized lens: The current invention is directed to a pair of binoculars having an eyepiece with one or more ocular lenses and a view port, a polarized lens orientated and positioned on a mounting frame, one or more prisms and an objective lens; wherein the polarized lens is fixed between the eyepiece... Agent: Byfield Optics Pty Ltd

20140247486 - Optical laminate: There is provided an optical laminate excellent which secures adhesiveness between the (meth)acrylic resin film (base material film) and a hard coat layer, and can prevent a reduction in scratch resistance. An optical laminate according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: a base material layer formed of a... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140247487 - Optical film: An optical film, a polarizing plate and a display device are provided. The optical film can have desired phase retardation at a wide wavelength range, and also show no light leakage at an inclination angle. Also, the optical film can have ¼-wavelength phase retardation, and can be used for reflective... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140247488 - Lens, lens unit, and lens manufacturing method: A first lens includes, on end surfaces of both ends in a direction along an optical axis, a first lens surface, a second lens surface, lens outer edges formed on outer peripheral sides of the first and second lens surfaces, and a lens side surface that is adjacent to the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140247489 - Touch screen saver: A stack of laminated transparent lenses consists of two alternating optically clear materials in intimate contact. The materials are a plastic lens and clear adhesive. The adhesive is uninterrupted. The lens and the adhesive have refraction mismatch of less than 0.2. A tab portion is part of each lens acts... Agent: Racing Optics, Inc.

20140247490 - Cleaning module for projector: A cleaning module for cleaning an optical element or a sensing element of a projector is provided. The cleaning module includes a casing, an airflow-guiding device, and a nozzle. The airflow-guiding device is disposed within the casing. The nozzle is connected with the casing and in communication with an outlet... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140247491 - Retroreflective articles and appliques: Retroreflective articles and appliqués include a first binder layer with a first major surface and a second major surface, a retroreflective layer including a plurality of retroreflective elements at least partially embedded in the first major surface of the first binder layer, a second binder layer adhered to the second... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140247492 - Diffraction optical element, optical system, and optical apparatus: where nfd is a refractive index of the thin film with respect to a d line, ngd is a refractive index of a material of the diffractive grating with respect to the d line, wf is a thickness of the thin film, and λd is a wavelength of the d... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140247493 - Objective lens element: An objective lens element which has excellent compatibility with optical discs having different base material thicknesses is provided. An objective lens element 141 has optically functional surfaces on an incident side and an exit side. Either one of the optically functional surfaces is divided into an inner part 131B including... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140247494 - Sunlight redirecting mirror arrays: Sunlight redirector (30) incorporates closely proximate mirror arrays (32, 34) having parallel, uniformly spaced, longitudinal mirror segments (38, 44). Prismatic sheet (36) is positioned behind and closely proximate second array (34). Segments (38) extend in first direction (x). Segments (44) extend in second direction (y) perpendicular to direction (x). Segments... Agent: The University Of British Columbia

20140247495 - Antiglare film, polarizer, and image display device: n

20140247497 - Computing device display housing with modified display characteristics: A display device may be inserted into a video conferencing device to provide a more tailored approach to talking and viewing other conversation participants in real time. In one example, a base supports a bottom portion of a computing device at an angled position. A frame supports side portions of... Agent: Orangeberry Corporation

20140247496 - Optical unit, imaging device, electronic apparatus, and master: An optical unit having an antireflection function includes a wave surface having a wavelength equal to or shorter than a wavelength of visible light. The wave surface has a curved plane which curves in a recessed shape between an apex portion and a bottom portion of the wave surface. An... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140247498 - Compact concentrator assembly: A ray concentrator assembly (also referred to as concentrator assembly) combining a plurality of micro ray concentrators, ray redirectors and wave pipes. Each micro ray concentrator collects rays from a source, concentrates rays and is normally attached to a ray redirector. Each ray redirector redirects rays from a micro ray... Agent:

20140247499 - Security structure comprising a reflective optical structure, and associated method: A security element for integration into documents for authentication thereof. The security element comprises a substrate. A reflective optical structure and a reference pattern are disposed on the same side of the substrate. The reflective optical structure is made up of an array of Fresnel lenses. The reference pattern appears... Agent: Arjowiggins Security

20140247501 - Head-up display device: A head-up display device projects a display light on a windshield of a vehicle to form a virtual image thereon. The device includes a casing, an indicator which is attached to the casing to emit the display light into the casing, a light guide path through which the display light... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140247500 - Virtual image display device: A light guide member which guides video light includes a peripheral area forming portion extending to the outside of an effective light flux guide portion which is an area through which an effective light flux of the video light passes, and thus for example, even when ghost light resulting from... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140247502 - Immersion objective for microscopes and use thereof: A microscope immersion objective having a numerical aperture of NA>1.36 includes a front lens group. The front lens group has a first, object-side optical element having a plane parallel plate and a second optical element having a hyper-hemisphere. The plane parallel plate is wrung together with a planar side of... Agent:

20140247503 - Liquid lens image capture device: An image capture module includes a liquid lens having a first and a second electrode, and a first and a second conductor element in electrical contact with the first and second electrode, respectively, the first and second conductor elements being each intended for connection with a voltage generator for driving... Agent: Datalogic Scanning Group S.r.l.

20140247504 - Zoom lens for projection and projection-type display apparats: A zoom lens for projection substantially consists of a first lens-group having negative refractive-power, and which is arranged on a most magnification-side, and which is fixed during magnification change, a second lens-group having negative refractive-power, and which is arranged on a reduction-side of the first lens-group, and which is fixed... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140247505 - Zoom lens: An embodiment of this invention provides a zoom lens, which comprises a plurality of lens groups in order from an object side to an image-forming side with positive, negative, positive, and positive refractive power respectively. The lens groups comprise a plurality of aspheric lenses and/or free form lenses and a... Agent: Ability Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140247506 - Medium telephoto lens and imaging device: A first lens group having positive refractive power and a second lens group are arranged in this order from an object side, and only the first lens group moves in the optical axis direction while focusing. The first lens group substantially consists of a positive 1-1 lens, a positive 1-2... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140247508 - Optical image lens system: An optical image lens system includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element, a fifth lens element and a sixth lens element. The first lens element has positive refractive power. The... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20140247507 - Six-piece optical lens system: A six-piece optical lens system includes, in order from the object side to the image side: a first lens element with a negative refractive power having a concave image-side surface; a second lens element with a positive refractive power having a convex image-side surface; a third lens element with a... Agent: Newmax Technology Co., Ltd.

20140247509 - Five-piece optical lens system: A five-piece optical lens system comprises, in order from the object side to the image side: a first lens element with a negative refractive power having a convex object-side surface; a second lens element with a negative refractive power having a concave image-side surface; a third lens element with a... Agent: Newmax Technology Co., Ltd.

20140247510 - Imaging lens: The present invention relates to an imaging lens, the imaging lens including, in an ordered way from an object side, a first lens having positive (+) refractive power and convexly formed at an object side surface; a second lens having positive (+) refractive power and concavely formed at an object... Agent:

20140247511 - Lens barrel and camera system: A lens barrel includes an oscillatory wave motor which drives a lens; a manual connection ring which is operated manually to cause the lens to move along an optical axis; a slip ring which is in contact with the manual connection ring; a roller which is in contact with the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140247512 - Method for manufacturing a mirror comprising at least one cavity and optical mirror: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a light weight optical mirror or a monolithic mirror comprising at least one cooling channel, the method comprising forming a mirror body by iteratively depositing a metallic powder in layers and applying, for each of the layers, heat at least in a... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur F&#xf6 Rderung Der Angewandten Forschung E. V.

08/28/2014 > 58 patent applications in 49 patent subcategories.

20140240805 - Method of producing volume hologram laminate: A main object of the present invention is to provide a method of producing a volume hologram laminate which can regenerate a hologram image in an arbitrary wavelength by a simple process. To attain the object, the present invention provides a method of producing a volume hologram laminate using a... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20140240806 - Holographic exposing and capturing screens: This invention offers the construction of the holographic screen exposing and capturing three-dimensional video images. Exposing holographic screen is the construction comprising two screens placed on the certain distance from each another. The rear screen is the matrix of the light emitting elements. The front screen is the matrix of... Agent:

20140240807 - Digital hologram recording system and numerical reconstruction method for hologram: The present invention provides a digital hologram recording system and a numerical reconstruction method for a hologram, which are used for capturing an image of an object and recording it as a holographic data. Said system comprises: signal light, formed after irradiating the object with a light source; an image... Agent: National Central University

20140240808 - Beam scanning type display apparatus: A beam scanning type display apparatus includes a reflection angle variable mirror that scans a beam light, at least two light detectors disposed at a predetermined distance in a beam scanning direction of the mirror that detects a light amount of screen reflection light, a distortion correction calculation unit that... Agent: Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

20140240809 - Light field display device and method: The present invention provides a light field display device (300) comprising an array of light field display elements (310) populating a display surface, each display element (310) comprising: a beam generator (522) for generating an output beam of light; a radiance modulator (524) for modulating the radiance of the beam... Agent:

20140240810 - Mems drive and beam-steering apparatus: A drive apparatus and a beam-steering apparatus fabricated from a MEMS process. The apparatus has a first layer, a second layer and a plurality of fluid-filled volumes defined there between. A plurality of flexible structures such as bellows structures are defined on the first layer and are configured whereby a... Agent:

20140240811 - Exterior mirror with spotter mirror: A rearview mirror reflective element assembly for an exterior mirror assembly of a vehicle includes a mirror reflective element having a principal mirror and an auxiliary wide angle spotter mirror. A curved recess is established at a spotter portion of a rear surface of a glass substrate of the mirror... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20140240812 - Acousto-optic device, and light modulator, optical scanner and display apparatus using the acousto-optic device: Provided is an acousto-optic device including an elastic medium; a meta structure formed on a first surface of the elastic medium, and an elastic-wave generating unit which generates an elastic wave in the elastic medium. The meta structure includes a first layer and a second layer that is formed on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140240813 - Annulus scattering diffuser for display with reflective surface: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for enhancing the brightness and/or contrast ratio of display devices. In one aspect, the display devices can include an annular diffuser that is configured to scatter light into a ring shaped region. The annular diffuser can include a plurality of axicon lenses or... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20140240816 - Color filter and display apparatus including the same: A color filter used for a display element formed in combination with a display layer that displays white and black, includes only a first subsidiary pixel displaying a first color as a coloring pixel, and a second subsidiary pixel displaying a second color being a complementary color of the first... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20140240817 - Electro-optic media produced using ink jet printing: Ink jet printing can be used in the production of electro-optic displays for (a) forming a layer of a polymer-dispersed electrophoretic medium on a substrate; (b) forming a color electro-optic layer; (c) forming a color filter; and (d) printing electrodes and/or associated conductors on a layer of electro-optic material.... Agent: E Ink Corporation

20140240814 - Electrophoretic particle, electrophoretic particle dispersion liquid, display medium, and display device: k

20140240815 - Particles for display, particle dispersion for display, display medium, and display device:

20140240818 - Optical amplification component and fiber laser device: An optical amplification component 1 includes a heat dissipation plate 10 and an amplification optical fiber 20 arranged on the heat dissipation plate 10. A first fiber portion 20A extending from a reference position RP between a first end E1 and a second end E2 of the amplification optical fiber... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20140240819 - Multi-core amplification optical fiber and multi-core optical fiber amplifier: A multi-core amplification optical fiber includes a plurality of rare-earth-doped core portions and a cladding portion positioned at an outer periphery of the core portions and having refractive index lower than those of the core portions. When a doping concentration of the rare-earth of each of the core portions is... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20140240820 - Afocal telescope for back-scanned imagery: An afocal telescope configured for back-scanned imagery including a three mirror anastigmat and an optical element positioned proximate an intermediate image plane of the three mirror anastigmat and configured to adjust distortion characteristics of the afocal telescope to control image wander on a focal plane array. The optical element may... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140240821 - Enhanced, durable silver coating stacks for highly reflective mirrors: The disclosure is directed to a highly reflective multiband mirror that is reflective in the VIS-NIR_SWIR-MWIR-LWIR bands, the mirror being a complete thin film stack that consists of a plurality of layers on a selected substrate. In order from substrate to the final layer, the mirror consists of (a) substrate,... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140240822 - Infrared-reflective film: An infrared-reflective film includes a substrate film composed of a polyolefin film or a polycycloolefin film. The substrate film has two main surfaces and an infrared-reflective layer is formed on one main surface and the other main surface faces air, nitrogen gas, inert gas or a vacuum. A surface of... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140240823 - Method and apparatus for producing a super-magnified wide-field image: A wide-field optical microscope and method capable of resolving images down to 0.1 Å with a magnification range in excess of 250 million power includes an objective having a primary and a secondary element. A sample is held so that the area of interest is at a location that is... Agent: Yancy Corporation

20140240824 - Slide handling system and techniques: In an automated process of handling slides, such as in an imaging system, a slide hander must be able to get a hold of, lift up, and move slides, with tissues samples thereon, to multiple locations quickly and efficiently. To perform this function, the arm of the slide handler needs... Agent: Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

20140240825 - Screen: The invention realizes a screen in which the luminous intensity of scattered light emitted from the screen is made more uniform. The screen diffuses incident light that is irradiated from an incident surface and emits light from an emission surface that is opposite the incident surface. The screen is provided... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140240826 - Display panel, display device, and terminal device: A translucent liquid crystal display panel (2) includes pixel pairs as display units each formed by a left-eye pixel (4L) and a right-eye pixel (4R) and arranged in a matrix shape. A through hole (4Ld) arranged in a color layer (4Lc) of a color filter has a slit shape whose... Agent: Nlt Technologies, Ltd.

20140240827 - Stereoscopic image display device: A stereoscopic image display device includes: a display panel on which pixels each constituted with a plurality of sub-pixels formed with electro-optic elements by corresponding to parallax images are arranged in matrix; and an optical module which distributes light emitted from the pixels arranged in the first and second directions... Agent: Nlt Technologies, Ltd.

20140240828 - Directional backlight: A directional display may include a waveguide. The waveguide may include light extraction features arranged to direct light from an array of light sources by total internal reflection to an array of viewing windows and a reflector arranged to direct light from the waveguide by transmission through extraction features of... Agent: Reald Inc.

20140240829 - Apodized broadband partial reflectors: A broadband partial reflector includes a multilayer polymeric optical film having a total number of optical repeating units that monotonically increases in thickness value from a first side to a second side of the multilayer polymeric optical film. A baseline optical repeating unit thickness profile is defined by a first... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140240830 - Optical film and method of adjusting wavelength dispersion characteristics of the same: There is provided an optical film. The optical film includes at least one retardation film and at least one isotropic layer made of an isotropic material, herein the difference in average refractive index between the retardation film and the isotropic layer is at least 0.1 or more. Also, the method... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140240831 - Stabilization of high-power wbc systems: A system and method for stabilizing WBC systems utilizing retro reflectors.... Agent: Teradiode, Inc.

20140240832 - Microdrape: A microdrape 10 covers a surgical microscope system 60 including a surgical microscope 61 and a pair of binoculars 62 independently supported by an arm structure 64. The microdrape 10 has an opening end 6 and a closed end opposite to the opening end 6. The microdrape 10 includes: a... Agent: Mitaka Kohki Co., Ltd.

20140240833 - Corner reflector: A corner reflector (e.g. a periscope) is made of a prism block having a viewing-in end and a viewing-out end with mirrored inclined surfaces or deflection mirrors applied on its inclined surfaces and also functional plates arranged in front of the viewing-in end and/or the viewing-out end. In the corner... Agent: Gus Praezision In Kunstoff, Glas Und Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140240834 - Optical waveguide and display device: An optical waveguide is provided having at least first and second diffraction regions, the first diffraction region being arranged to diffract image-bearing light propagating along the waveguide so as to expand it in a first dimension and to turn the image-bearing light towards the second diffraction region, the second diffraction... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140240837 - Variable-wavelength interference filter, optical filter device, optical module, and electronic apparatus: A variable-wavelength interference filter includes a pair of substrates, a pair of reflection films provided on these substrates, a first electrode, a second electrode, a first conduction electrode provided on the first substrate and provided from the first electrode up to an outer peripheral edge side of the first substrate... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140240835 - Wavelength variable interference filter, optical filter device, optical module, and electronic apparatus: A wavelength variable interference filter includes a first drive electrode electrically connected to a first reflective film and a second drive electrode electrically connected to a second reflective film. The thickness of the first drive electrode is greater than the thickness of the first reflective film, and the thickness of... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140240836 - Wavelength variable interference filter, optical filter device, optical module, and electronic apparatus: The thickness of a first drive electrode is greater than the sum of the thickness of a first reflective film and the thickness of a first conductive film, the first drive electrode extends from the surface of a fixed substrate to the surface of the outer edge portion of the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140240838 - Etalon and etalon device: An etalon has a pair of transparent components; a ring-shaped piezoelectric member which is provided between the pair of transparent components, which is bonded to the pair of transparent components, and which is provided with metal films on the surfaces which face the transparent component sides; and the external connecting... Agent: Kyocera Crystal Device Corporation

20140240839 - Optical substrates having light collimating and diffusion structures: An optical substrate having a structured prismatic surface and an opposing structured lenticular surface. The structured lenticular surface includes shallow-curved lens structures. Adjacent shallow-curved lens structure may be continuous or contiguous, or separated by a constant or variable spacing. The lens structure may have a longitudinal structure with a uniform... Agent: Ubright Optronics Corporation

20140240840 - Optical member: An optical member of the present technique is an optical member that has an anti-reflective structure being optimum for use with an optical system such as an imaging device. The optical member includes: a first face and a second face opposing to each other; a first microstructure part formed at... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140240841 - Telescopic sight: A telescopic sight includes a main body, a positioning-adjustable member, and a sunshade hood. The main body includes a lens chamber and an enclosure, and the enclosure covers the lens chamber and includes at least one slot. The positioning-adjustable member is movably disposed in the slot. The sunshade hood includes... Agent: Sintai Optical (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140240842 - Alignment-insensitive image input coupling: Various embodiments are disclosed herein that relate to coupling light into waveguides in a near-eye display device in a manner configured to be tolerant to misalignment of the waveguides with each other and/or other optics. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a near-eye display device comprising one or more waveguides,... Agent:

20140240843 - Near-eye display system: Embodiments are disclosed herein that relate to optical systems for augmented reality display systems. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a near-eye display system including a prism having a light input interface side configured to receive light from an image source, the prism being configured to first internally reflect the... Agent:

20140240844 - Led lens assembly: A method of manufacturing a co-molded lens assembly comprising injecting a first material in a complete bezel mold having a bezel injection half and a bezel ejection half to form a bezel, and then injecting a second material in a complete optics mold to form a lens that is co-molded... Agent:

20140240845 - Lens and method of molding lens: There are provided a lens that is molded with high accuracy and a method of molding the lens. The lens has an optical axis and includes a pair of optical functional surfaces on front and rear surfaces thereof. The lens includes an optical functional portion that includes the pair of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140240846 - Fluid lens assembly: A non-round fluid lens assembly includes a non-round rigid lens and a flexible membrane attached to the non-round rigid lens, such that a cavity is formed between the non-round rigid lens and the flexible membrane. A reservoir in fluid communication with the cavity allows a fluid to be transferred into... Agent: Adlens Beacon, Inc.

20140240847 - Zoom lens: A zoom lens includes a first lens group, a second lens group, a third lens group, a fourth lens group, a fifth lens group and a sixth lens group, all of which are arranged in sequence from an object side to an image side along an optical axis. The first... Agent: Sintai Optical (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140240848 - Zoom lens and imaging apparatus: z

20140240849 - Zoom lens and imaging apparatus: A zoom lens includes first, second, third, and fourth lens groups respectively having positive, negative, negative, and positive powers. The first lens group includes an 11 lens group having a negative power, which is fixed during focusing operations, a lens group having a positive power, which moves during focusing operations,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140240850 - Zoom lens barrel: A lens control apparatus having a zoom lens includes first and second operation members that give a zoom instruction for moving the zoom lens, and a controller that changes a zoom stop position to a first pattern according to the operation of the first operation member, and changes the zoom... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140240851 - Imaging lens and imaging apparatus: wherein Sagsp1 is the sag of a reference spherical surface at the edge of the effective diameter of the object side surface of the negative lens, Sagas1 is the sag of the aspherical surface of the lens, Re1 is the effective diameter of the object side surface of the lens,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140240852 - Imaging lens assembly: An imaging lens assembly includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element, a fifth lens element and a sixth lens element. The first lens element with positive refractive power has a... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20140240853 - Imaging lens: An imaging lens includes an object-side lens group having positive refractive power; an aperture stop; and an image plane-side lens group having positive refractive power, arranged in this order from an object side to an image plane side. The object-side lens group includes a first lens having positive refractive power;... Agent: Optical Logic Inc.

20140240854 - Multi-ring optical filter assembly allowing independent adjustment of rotation angle of each lens thereof: The present invention is to provide a multi-ring optical filter assembly, which includes a positioning frame having one end threadedly connected with a front side of a camera lens, a first rotatably connecting frame fixedly provided therein with a first lens (e.g., an ND filter or a polarizer) and provided... Agent:

20140240855 - Endoscope objective lens and endoscope: An endoscope objective lens substantially consists of four lens groups consisting of, in order from the object side, a negative first lens group, a positive second lens group, a negative third lens group and a positive fourth lens group. During focusing from the farthest object to the nearest object, the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140240856 - Electronic device having a display and method for manufacture: A method of making a device housing involves providing a transparent lens with a front surface and a rear surface, and a stepped flange along at least a portion of the lens perimeter. The method includes injecting plastic onto the transparent lens perimeter, including the stepped flange, the plastic forming... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140240857 - Pivotally connected structure allowing lens replacement and lens angle adjustment: The present invention is to provide a pivotally connected structure, which includes a positioning frame having one end threadedly connectable with a front side of a camera lens; a pivotally connecting frame having one end pivotally connectable with the other end of the positioning frame, and provided therein with a... Agent:

20140240858 - Mirror: The invention relates to a mirror including a glass substrate covered with a silver layer, which is in turn covered with at least one paint layer, wherein the intensity ratio of the crystallographic orientations (111)/(200) within the silver layer is less than 5.0. Said mirror is characterized in that the... Agent: Agc Glass Europe

20140240859 - Optic obscuration assembly, method and system for working on an optical element, and resulting optical element: An optic obscuration assembly, a system and method for working on an optical element, and the resulting optical element are described herein. In one example, the system and related components (e.g., optic obscuration assembly, positioning system, and coating system) allow the accurate placement of a very round thin metal obscuration... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140240860 - Motor vehicle with an external rear-view mirror: A motor vehicle having an external rearview mirror includes a mirror drive assigned to the external rearview mirror, by which the external rearview mirror can be moved into a first mirror position or into a second mirror position, at least one display unit that can be viewed by the driver... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20140240861 - Luminance filtering assembly: A luminance filtering assembly provides a translucent plate that extends from a vehicle visor to minimize the glare from sunlight and glares without restricting a line of sight. The translucent plate includes a tint. The translucent plate attaches to the visor through a strap that adjusts vertically and horizontally to... Agent:

20140240862 - Optical window assemblies: Optical window assemblies are disclosed herein. An example apparatus includes a first fixture defining a fluid flow passageway. The example apparatus also includes a second fixture defining an aperture. The second fixture is coupled to the first fixture. A first optical window is disposed in the aperture. The first optical... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

08/21/2014 > 49 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20140233079 - Hologram recording film and method of manufacturing same, and image display apparatus: A hologram recording film manufacturing method includes the steps of obtaining a laminated structure by alternately laminating M (where M≧2) photosensitive material precursor layers including a photosensitive material and at least one (M−1) resin layer on one another, obtaining M photosensitive material layers, where at least two interference fringes with... Agent:

20140233080 - Multi-beam ros imaging system: A multiple-beam imager includes multiple light sources (e.g., laser diodes) that transmit light beam pulses (energy doses) along parallel paths onto print plate spots disposed in a circumferential target region during each imaging period. The beam pulses are coordinated with rotation of the imaging cylinder such that, as a selected... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140233081 - Optical scanning apparatus: An optical scanning apparatus includes first and second light sources configured to emit first and second light fluxes respectively, a deflector having a reflecting surface which reflects the first and second light fluxes, and configured to deflect the first and second light fluxes in a main scanning direction, and an... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140233082 - Multi spectral vision aid: A multi spectrum vision aid, use thereof, and a method using the aid. The present invention relates in a first aspect to a multi spectrum vision aid comprising at least two transparent elements, in a second aspect to use thereof and in a third aspect to a method of distinguishing... Agent: House Of Innovation B.v.

20140233083 - Driver for electro-absorption modulator: A transmitter optical module implemented with an electro-absorption (EA) modulator is disclosed. The module includes an EA driver comprising a signal detector, an offset controller, and a driver circuit. The signal detector detects the existence of the modulation signal input thereto. The offset controller provides to the driver circuit the... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20140233084 - Phase modulation apparatus: A phase modulation apparatus has a light source outputting continuous light, two phase modulators, and an intensity modulator. The phase modulation apparatus is provided with an RZ phase modulation circuit, in which the phase modulators phase-modulate the continuous light from the light source with data signals input to the phase... Agent: Ntt Electronics Corporation

20140233085 - Reflective optical limiter: An optical limiter comprises a glass backing, a glass cover, and a layer of a phase changing material placed between said glass backing and said glass cover, the phase changing material comprising a transparent matrix having embedded particles of material that changes its optical properties due to temperature induced phase... Agent: Kilolambda Technologies Ltd.

20140233086 - Electronic component: An electronic component is provided that includes a spatial light modulator device, and a circuit board comprising a first major surface, at least one electrically conductive redistribution layer and a first cavity positioned in the first major surface. The spatial light modulator device is positioned within the cavity and is... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20140233087 - Reference calibration for an adaptive optics system: A method of determining a reference calibration setting for an adaptive optics system (1) comprising a detecting device (8) for detecting light from an object (5); and at least one controllable wavefront modifying device (9) arranged such that light from the object (5) passes via the wavefront modifying device (9)... Agent:

20140233088 - Display unit and method of driving same, as well as electronic apparatus: Provided is a display unit capable of improving display performance. The display unit includes an electrophoretic particle disposed between a pair of electrodes for each pixel; and a voltage control circuit applying a voltage for each pixel, to move the electrophoretic particle. The voltage control circuit counts, for each pixel,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140233090 - Laser light source apparatus and temperature control method of wavelength conversion element in laser light source apparatus: The purpose of the present invention is to make it possible to output stable light by optimizing the wavelength conversion efficiency in a wavelength conversion element without employing an optical detection device such as a photo diode in a laser light source device. A fundamental light wave emitted from a... Agent: Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140233089 - Pulsed laser sources: Modelocked fiber laser resonators may be coupled with optical amplifiers. An isolator optionally may separate the resonator from the amplifier. A reflective optical element on one end of the resonator having a relatively low reflectivity may be employed to couple light from the resonator to the amplifier. Enhanced pulse-width control... Agent: Imra America, Inc.

20140233091 - Supercontinuum source: A supercontinuum optical pulse source provides a combined supercontinuum. The supercontinuum optical pulse source comprises one or more seed pulse sources, and first and second optical amplifiers arranged along first and second respective optical paths. The first and second optical amplifiers are configured to amplify one or more optical signals... Agent: Fianium Ltd.

20140233092 - Near infrared blocking film and near infrared blocking body: The near-infrared shielding film includes an optical interference film formed by alternately laminating a high refractive index layer containing a first water-soluble polymer and first metal oxide particles and a low refractive index layer containing a second water-soluble polymer and second metal oxide particles, on a substrate, in which the... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140233093 - Multilayer systems for selective reflection of electromagnetic radiation from the wavelength spectrum of sunlight and method of producing same: The invention relates to multilayer systems for selective reflection of electromagnetic radiation from the wavelength spectrum of sunlight, and to a method for producing said systems on suitable, preferably polymeric, carrier materials. Such a multilayer system of the invention is formed with at least one layer composed of silver or... Agent: Southwall Europe Gmbh

20140233094 - Microscope system and storage medium: A microscope system includes: an objective; a correction apparatus which corrects a spherical aberration; a controller which obtains a plurality of combinations of a relative position of the objective to a sample and an optimum value, which is a set value of the correction apparatus in a state in which... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140233095 - Broad-spectrum illuminator for microscopy applications, using the emissions of luminescent materials: A broad-spectrum, multiple wavelength illuminator comprises a luminescent body, and a plurality of semiconductor chips spaced apart from the luminescent body emitting light within one or more wavelength ranges towards the luminescent body, causing the luminescent body to emit light of one or more wavelength ranges. An optical element adjacent... Agent: Dicon Fiberoptics, Inc.

20140233096 - Low numerical aperture exclusion imaging: In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention an apparatus for a low numerical aperture exclusion imaging apparatus is provided. The apparatus may include an electromagnetic illumination source for illuminating a portion of a specimen; and for collecting an image created by the electromagnetic radiation an objective lens optically... Agent: The University Of Vermont And State Agricultural College

20140233097 - Stage device: A stage device includes a planar base to be fixed to a microscope, a first stage that is disposed on the base and is movable in a plane parallel to a principal surface of the base, a second stage that is disposed on the base and is rotatable about an... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140233098 - Diagnostic apparatus: An automated microscope apparatus comprises an outer housing having an external wall; optionally but preferably an internal wall in the housing configured to form a first compartment and a separate second compartment in the outer housing; a microscope assembly in the housing (preferably in the first compartment); a microprocessor in... Agent:

20140233099 - Aerial display system with floating projection screens: A system for presenting an aerial display over an audience of spectators. The system includes a plurality of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and a plurality of flexible projection screens. Each of the screens is supportable in a display air space by the UAVs. The system includes a ground control system... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140233100 - Image display apparatus and image display method: A display displays a composite image including element pixels. Each element pixel is formed by arranging, in a direction, pixels respectively extracted from images having different viewpoints. A first optical element includes lenses arrayed in the direction to correspond to the element pixels and emits in parallel light rays emitted... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140233101 - Image display device: According to an embodiment, an image display device includes an optical element, a voltage controller, and a display. Regarding the optical element, the refractive-index distribution changes according to the voltage applied thereto. The voltage controller controls, in a first mode, the voltage applied to the optical element in such a... Agent:

20140233102 - Retroreflective elements: The present application relates to a pavement marker including a core from which extends protrusions and a cavity between adjacent protrusions. The microsphere lenses are fixed within the cavity by one of a softening material disposed in the core and an adhesive agent disposed in the cavity.... Agent:

20140233103 - Optical module and electronic apparatus: An optical module (colorimetry sensor) includes an interference filter, and a transparent substrate to which a first substrate of the interference filter is fixed, having a second thermal expansion coefficient which has a value different from a first thermal expansion coefficient. The interference filter is fixed to the transparent substrate... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140233104 - Optical element, window material, fitting, and solar shading device: An optical element is provided with a wavelength-selective reflection layer having a five-layer configuration in which high-refractive-index layers and metal layers are alternately stacked. The present invention is designed so that the ratio α of an optical film thickness db of the entire metal layer relative to an optical film... Agent: Dexerials Corporation

20140233105 - Multi-band color vision filters and method by lp-optimization: The invention generally relates to optical filters that provide regulation and/or enhancement of chromatic and luminous aspects of the color appearance of light to human vision, generally to applications of such optical filters, to therapeutic applications of such optical filters, to industrial and safety applications of such optical filters when... Agent:

20140233107 - Modular glare screen system: A glare-blocking system includes a glare-blocking member and a rail. The glare-blocking member includes a bottom edge, a left recess, and a right recess. The rail includes a left lateral portion that includes a left protrusion configured to mate with the left recess of the glare-blocking member. The rail also... Agent: American Louver Company

20140233106 - Object with reflection-reducing coating and method for the production thereof: An object with reflection-reducing coating includes a substrate and a coating arranged on the substrate. The coating is multilayered and includes an outer layer having a refractive index n1 and at least one second sub-layer with a refractive index n2 which is adjacent to the outer layer. n2>n1+0.4, and the... Agent:

20140233108 - Device mountable lens component: An aspect of the present disclosure relates to a device mountable lens component, including a lens unit defining a first surface and having a first lens. The component also includes a retention structure having a housing member defining a second surface. The housing member is attached with the lens unit... Agent: Google Inc.

20140233109 - Structure and method for compensating temperature dependent magnification and focus change: A method and device is described for compensating ambient temperature dependent magnification and focus change of a zoom lens system, whereby an ambient temperature compensation structure cooperates with a rotational ring and an optical-element adjusting member such that a phase variation between the rotational ring and the optical-element adjusting member... Agent: Barco N.v.

20140233110 - Endoscope objective lens: m

20140233111 - Imaging lens: An image lens is disclosed. The image lens includes, arranged in succession from the object side to the image side, an aperture stop S1, a first lens L1 having two convex surfaces and having a positive refractive power, a second lens L2 having a meniscus shape convex toward the object... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20140233112 - Objective optical system and endoscope using same: The angle of view of an objective optical system is widened, while suppressing generation of lateral chromatic aberration. An objective optical system includes: a first lens group having a negative power; an aperture stop; and a second lens group having a positive power, in this order from an object side.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140233113 - Objective optical system and endoscope using same: An objective optical system includes: a negative first lens group; an aperture stop; and a positive second lens group, provided in this order from an object side. The first lens group includes a first lens, which is a negative single lens, and a cemented lens formed by cementing a positive... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140233114 - Objective optical system and endoscope using same: An objective optical system includes: a first lens group having a negative power; an aperture stop; and a second lens group having a positive power, provided in this order from an object side. The first lens group includes a first lens, which is a negative single lens, and a cemented... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140233115 - Image pickup lens unit and method for manufacturing image pickup lens unit: Further, since the positioning of the lens (10) with respect to the second mold (61) may be performed using the alignment portions (14) provided outside the second optical surface (13e), influence of the heat and pressure produced by the second mold (61) and the resin during molding of the holder... Agent:

20140233116 - Optical element, holding structure therefor, and optical device: An optical element has a first surface, a second surface on the opposite side of the first surface, an optical surface, and a protruding part. The protruding part is held in a prescribed position by being in contact with a holding member. The protruding part comprises a first protruding part... Agent:

20140233117 - Lens assembly, lens barrel and image capturing apparatus: A lens assembly includes a first lens holder that holds a first lens, a first guiding shaft that guides the first lens holder in a parallel direction to an optical axis of the first lens, a first driver that drives the first lens holder in an axial direction of the... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20140233118 - Camera arrangement for a motor vehicle: A camera arrangement for a vehicle includes a camera and a prism. The camera is arranged behind a windshield of the vehicle. The prism is positioned between the windshield and the camera and is coupled to the windshield by a coupling medium. The prism has a light entry surface facing... Agent: Leopold Kostal Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140233119 - Mirror having reflective layer of or including silicon aluminum: Embodiments relate to mirrors having a reflective layer of or including silicon aluminum (e.g., SiAl). The mirrors may be first surface mirrors, or second surface mirrors. The mirrors may be flat or bent in different instances, and may or may not be heat treated. In certain example instances, such mirrors... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20140233120 - Mirror having reflective layer of or including silicon aluminum: Embodiments relate to mirrors having a reflective layer of or including silicon aluminum (e.g., SiAl). The mirrors may be first surface mirrors, or second surface mirrors. The SiAl layer may be provided between dielectric layers. The mirrors may be flat or bent in different instances, and may or may not... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20140233121 - Sandwich structure unit for solar collector mirrors: The present invention discloses a solar panel mirror unit (1) being shaped, such as curved, and having a sandwich structure, said sandwich structure comprising an outermost front reflecting layer (2), intended as the sun reflecting layer and therefore having a reflective coating, said outermost front reflecting layer (2) consisting of... Agent:

20140233122 - Left and right side view mirrors: Left and Right side view mirrors for a vehicle giving the driver a view outwardly to each side of the vehicle, to check lanes on each side, to ensure safe lane changes.... Agent:

20140233123 - Low drag low noise devices using jet flow control: Low drag low noise devices are described herein that use passive jet flow control to reduce the drag and noise created by devices (e.g., motor vehicle side view mirrors) while the devices travel through fluid. The low drag low noise devices described herein comprise a lengthwise axis, an outer body,... Agent:

20140233124 - Vehicle mirror apparatus: The need for an O ring cover is eliminated when a gap between a shaft portion of a mover for mirror surface angle detection and a hole in a sensor case is sealed using an O ring. An O ring that allows a shaft portion of a slide block to... Agent: Murakami Corporation

20140233125 - Vehicle mirror apparatus: Moving a mover for mirror surface angle detection following a nut member along a male thread member in such a manner that the mover is rotatable relative to the nut member and is non-rotatable relative to the male thread member, without biasing the mover by means of a spring. A... Agent:

20140233126 - Reflective color filter: A reflective color filter comprises a medium grating layer (220), a metal layer (230), and a first medium layer (240). The metal layer is provided on the ridge portion, at least one side portion, and a part of the groove portion of the medium grating layer. The first medium layer... Agent: Svg Optronics, Co. Ltd.

20140233127 - System with gradual change of light distribution or shadow distribution on a surface comprising light elements or photovoltaic elements: The present invention refers to a system including light processing elements, arranged in a respective installation area and combined with a respective construction, at least partially above and/or next to an occupational or passage space, whereby said light processing elements or respective constructions produce a general light distribution over said... Agent:

08/14/2014 > 34 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140226193 - Optical head-mounted display with mechanical one-dimensional scanner: An optical head-mounted display includes an eyeglass frame, a holographic optical element supported by the eyeglass frame to be confronted by an eye of a wearer, and a projector mounted on the eyeglass frame to project image information on the holographic optical element. The projector includes a LED light source,... Agent: National Central University

20140226194 - Optical reflecting element: An optical reflecting device includes a mirror, a frame connected to the mirror, and a driver beam configured to vibrate to rotate the mirror about a rotation axis. Rigidity of the frame is higher than rigidity of the mirror. The rotation axis is perpendicular to a line that connects a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140226195 - Method of modifying radiation characteristic of an excited emitter: A method of modifying a radiation characteristic of an excited emitter (2) and a layer structure (1) therefore, wherein the emitter (2) is placed in the vicinity of a layer structure (1) comprising a metal material, such that the emitter (2) couples to a surface state of the layer structure... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20140226197 - Optical element and projection-type display device using same: An optical element is provided with a plasmon excitation layer that facilitates both the control of plasmon resonant conditions and the improvement of conversion efficiency. The plasmon excitation layer that is provided in the optical element generates surface plasmons, and the plasmon excitation layer is made up of metal and... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140226196 - Optical elements, light source devices, and projection type display devices: An optical element according to the present invention includes a carrier generation layer that generates carriers with light; a plasmon excitation layer that is located on the carrier generation layer and that has a plasma frequency greater than the frequency of light that occurs in the carrier generation layer when... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140226198 - Patterned electro-optic displays and processes for the production thereof: An electro-optic medium comprises at least one leuco dye such that the electro-optic medium can develop at least two differing colors upon exposure to two or more differing stimuli. The medium allows for development of differing colors in differing areas of the medium, thus allowing formation of intrinsic color within... Agent:

20140226199 - Electrochromic mirror: As a protective insulating layer coating the outer surface of a electrochromic device of an electrochromic mirror, a coating film of synthetic resin material is used instead of a conventional glass substrate. Further, sufficient durability is ensured against usage environment. As the synthetic resin material a solvent-soluble fluorine copolymer resin... Agent:

20140226200 - Method for manufacturing electrowetting element and electrowetting display:

20140226201 - Flexible transparent electrochomic device, and a method for the preparation thereof: A flexible transparent electrochromic device, which includes the following components, each of which is a flexible film: a working electrode comprising a transparent conducting substrate supporting an working electrode active material; a counter electrode including a transparent conducting substrate supporting a counter electrode active material; a solid polymer electrolyte (SPE)... Agent: Universita Degli Studi Milano-bicocca

20140226202 - Erecting equal-magnification lens array unit, image reading device and image forming device: An erecting equal-magnification lens array unit includes a first lens array and a second lens array. The first lens array includes a plurality of first lenses. The second lens array includes a plurality of second lenses. The optical axes of the second lenses overlap with the optical axes of the... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140226203 - Catadioptric optical system with multi-reflection element for high numerical aperture imaging: A catadioptric system includes a first catadioptric group, a second catadioptric group, and a lens group disposed in axial alignment with each other. The first catadioptric group includes a solid lens having an input surface, a primary reflective surface, secondary reflective surface and an exit surface. The primary reflective surface... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140226204 - Optical assembly and light microscope: The invention relates to an optical assembly for spectral filtration of light, having a plurality of filters which are permeable to light of different spectral ranges, a filter selection mirror which can be moved for selectable deflection of light to different optical paths to the different filters, and an output... Agent: Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh

20140226205 - Stereoscopic display: A stereoscopic display includes: a display panel in which sub-pixels of a plurality of colors are arranged in a predetermined arrangement pattern; and a parallax barrier having a barrier pattern including transmission sections allowing light to pass therethrough and a shielding section shielding light. The arrangement pattern and the barrier... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140226206 - Image display apparatus: An image display apparatus includes a display panel that displays an image and a window layer disposed on the display panel and including a display area transmitting the image and a non-display area surrounding the display area. The window layer includes a window cover disposed to face the display panel,... Agent:

20140226207 - Nano-gap grating devices with enhanced optical properties and methods of fabrication: A method of producing a grating structure comprises the steps of forming a stamp from flexible plastic material, the stamp including a negative of a periodic grating pattern on a first surface; forming an ink by applying a polymer film to the stamp, the ink including a first surface and... Agent: The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

20140226208 - Dielectric mirror: A dielectric mirror includes a coating having alternating high and low index layers. The mirror coating has no metallic reflective layer, and may have film side and/or glass side visible reflection of from about 50-90% (more preferably from about 60-80% and most preferably from about 65-75%) and visible transmission of... Agent: Centre Luxembourgeois De Recherches Pour Le Verre Et La Ceramique (crvc) Sarl

20140226209 - Diffuse cholesteric reflector: A diffuse reflector (100) uses a host layer (120) containing particles (122). The host layer (120) contains a cholesteric material that reflects a first frequency of light, and the particles (122) in the host layer (120) create separate cholesteric domains (126) that reflect light of the first frequency in different... Agent:

20140226210 - Plastic film, display device, and multi display device: A plastic film provided with a base film (1) exhibiting heat shrinkability, and a reflection inhibitor (Sf) disposed on the base film (1) and for inhibiting the reflection of external light.... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140226211 - Optical integrator, illumination optical device, aligner, and method for fabricating device: An optical integrator is able to keep down a light-quantity loss in modified illumination with an illumination optical apparatus. An optical integrator of a wavefront division type according to the present invention has a plurality of refracting surface regions which refract incident light, and a plurality of deflecting surface regions... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20140226212 - Security devices: The present invention relates to improvements in security devices that can be used in various authenticating or security applications, and in particular to an optically variable security device which can be viewed under low light conditions. The security device comprises a light deflection structure having a first side and a... Agent: De La Rue International Limited

20140226213 - Removable display for optical device: An optical apparatus for viewing one or more images including (i) an optical device for enhancing the one or more images and having a surface defining mechanical threads; (ii) a display device having a display for presenting information that is removably attached to the optical device, the display device including... Agent: Exelis, Inc.

20140226214 - Viewer with display overlay: A real-world viewer can include viewing optics positioned along a viewing optical axis for viewing a field of view of the real-world. An active display overlay unit can be optically coupled to the viewing optical axis of the viewing optics, for generating images and directing the images along the viewing... Agent: Kopin Corporation

20140226215 - Virtual image display device: An intermediate image is formed inside the prism by a projection lens or the like, and since an image light that is totally reflected at three or more surfaces; a third surface firstly, a first surface firstly, at a third surface secondly, at a first surface secondly, and the second... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140226216 - Composite optical element: The present invention provides a resin composition for a composite optical element including: a first (meth)acrylate having a fluorene skeleton; and a second (meth)acrylate having a biphenyl ring but having no hydroxyl group. In the resin composition, the content of the first (meth)acrylate is 4 to 42 wt %.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140226218 - Projection zoom lens and projection type display device: A projection zoom lens has a negative first lens group which is fixed when changing magnification, second through fifth lens groups that move when changing magnification, and a positive sixth lens group which is fixed when changing magnification, in this order from a magnification side. The reduction side is telecentric.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140226219 - Projection zoom lens and projection type display device: A negative first lens group, a positive second lens group, a negative third lens group, a positive fourth lens group, a negative fifth lens group, and a positive sixth lens group are disposed in this order from the magnification side. The reduction side is made telecentric. While changing magnification, the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140226217 - Zoom lens for projection and projection-type display apparatus: n

20140226220 - Image lens assembly system: An image lens assembly system includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element, a fifth lens element, a sixth lens element and a seventh lens element. The first lens element with... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20140226221 - Lens having a plurality of surfaces with zones: A lens (1) includes a plurality of optical surfaces (S1, S2) each of which is made up of an alternation of active zones (ZA1, ZA2) and separation zones (ZS1, ZS2). The active zones of one of the surfaces are situated beside the separation zones of the other surface. The shape... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

20140226222 - Wide-angle image capturing lens assembly: A wide-angle image capturing lens assembly includes four lens elements with refractive power, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element and a fourth lens element and each of the first through fourth lens elements is... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20140226223 - Monolithic optical components with integrated flexures: An optical element includes a monolithic body portion, the monolithic body portion having an inner body portion, an outer body portion extending at least partially around the inner body portion, and exactly three flexural hinges connecting the inner body portion to the outer body portion. One of the inner body... Agent:

20140226224 - Lens actuating device: A lens actuating device includes a fixed member, an adjustable member, a driving unit and a movable support unit. The adjustable member is movably disposed in the fixed member along an optical axis, and has a lens module disposed therein. The driving unit is disposed between the fixed member and... Agent: Wah Hong Industrial Corp.

20140226225 - Handy rear view mirror: A handy rear view mirror device for use by the rider of a bicycle or other personal mobility vehicle comprising a convex reflective mirror integrated with a base component and held in place over the optimum sweet spot triangulated area between the index finger, thumb and wrist of a bare... Agent:

20140226226 - Emergency vision apparatus with touch sensitive screen and closable hand opening: An emergency vision apparatus comprises an inflatable first enclosure, the first enclosure being made of airtight material and having an expanded form when deployed and a deflated form when not in use; and first and second clear members disposed at respective first and second ends of the first enclosure to... Agent:

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