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Optical: systems and elements October categorized by USPTO classification 10/12

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10/25/2012 > 39 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20120268802 - Laser scanning optical device: The laser scanning optical device comprises: a light source; a collimator lens; a light source holder; a lens holder; a light source unit holder; a first rotation axis; and a second rotation axis. The light source includes a plurality of light emitting points. The collimator lens converts diverging rays irradiated... Agent:

20120268803 - Electrochromic systems and controls comprising unique identifiers: In one embodiment of the present invention, an EC device or IGU comprises an identification circuit which stores information regarding at least some of the properties of the EC device or its control requirements.... Agent: Sage Electrochromics, Inc.

20120268804 - Active matrix device and method of driving the same: An electrowetting on dielectric (EWOD) device which includes a plurality of array elements configured to manipulate one or more droplets of fluid on an array, each of the array elements including a corresponding array element driver circuit, wherein each array element driver circuit includes: a top substrate electrode and a... Agent:

20120268805 - Tri wavelength diffraction modulator and a method for modulation: The present invention relates to a tri wavelength diffraction modulator (TWDM) and a method of tri wavelength diffraction modulation. The tri wavelength diffraction modulator includes: a stationary substrate with a bottom electrode plate formed on top of the stationary substrate; a first electrode plate comprising a first suspended beam suspended... Agent: Shanghai Lexvu Opto Microelectonics Technology Co., Ltd.

20120268806 - Inks with fluorinated material-surface modified pigments: Pigment-based inks with fluorinated material-surface modified pigments are provided. The inks include a non-polar carrier fluid, and pigment particles suspended in the non-polar carrier fluid. The pigment particles either have fluorinated acidic functional groups, which are charged through basic charge directors to give negatively charged pigment dispersions, or have fluorinated... Agent:

20120268807 - System for continuously generating polychromatic light by means of doped microstructured optical fibre: A system for generating polychromatic light, which includes: an optical pumping device suitable for continuously or quasi-continuously emitting a monochromatic or quasi-monochromatic radiation according to a pumping wavelength; a device for guiding light arranged such as to emit polychromatic radiation continuously or quasi continuously, at the output thereof, and a... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique - Cnrs

20120268808 - Optical source with remote optical head outputting high power short optical pulses: An optical source can include a remote optical head for outputting high power short optical pulses. The optical source can include signal source operable to output short optical pulses; an optical pump light source; an optical head provided at a location remote from the location of the optical signal source;... Agent:

20120268810 - Infrared ray reflective substrate: There is provided an infrared ray reflective substrate including an infrared ray reflective layer, a protective layer disposed on a surface of the infrared ray reflective layer and a transparent substrate that supports the infrared ray reflective layer from a rear surface side thereof, wherein the protective layer is formed... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120268809 - Spectrum filtering for visual displays and imaging having minimal angle dependence: An optical spectrum filtering device, e.g., color filter, having reduced angle dependence is provided that comprises an interference filter assembly comprising a high refractive index dielectric material, such as a Fabry-Perot based resonator structure. The filter assembly is capable of transmitting a portion of an electromagnetic spectrum into the dielectric... Agent:

20120268811 - Film mirror, method for producing same, and reflecting device for solar thermal power generation using said film mirror: A film mirror prevents a drop in the specular reflectance rate caused by the deterioration of a silver layer functioning as a reflective layer. The film mirror is either provided at least with an ultraviolet absorption layer, resin base layers which neighbor each other, a silver reflective layer, and a... Agent: Konica Minolta Advanced Layers, Inc.

20120268812 - Microscope and microscopy techniques: A microscope with at least one illumination beam that is phase modulated in a section along its cross-section with a modulation frequency and a microscope lens for focusing the illumination beam into a test as well as a detection beam path and at least one means of demodulation, wherein at... Agent:

20120268813 - Mask for black matrix: A mask for forming a black matrix for a display device that includes a data line having a bending structure with respect to a central portion of a pixel region includes a edge frame having a rectangular shape, and a base plate disposed on the edge frame and including a... Agent:

20120268814 - Refelctive front screen: A screen which reflects light emitted from a projector includes a light diffusion layer through which light incident from a specific angular region is diffused and transmitted and through which light incident from the other angular region is transmitted straight; area pairs having a mirror forming area and a non-mirror... Agent: Tohoku University

20120268815 - Retractable projection screen: A retractable projection screen having a projection screen surface, a lower batten fixed adjacent the bottom of the projection screen surface, an upper batten fixed adjacent the top of the projection screen surface, a winch mandrel, a cable adapted to be fixed to the upper batten and wound around the... Agent: Ideaworkx LLC

20120268816 - Fresnel lens structure and 2d/3d image switching display apparatus using the same: There is provided a Fresnel lens structure including: a Fresnel lens layer; and a planarization layer disposed on the Fresnel lens layer, any one of the Fresnel lens layer and the planarization layer being formed of a birefringent material and the other being formed of an isotropic material having a... Agent:

20120268817 - Single-shot laser ablation of a metal film on a polymer membrane: A method comprises spatially selectively irradiating in a predetermined pattern with an output beam of a laser system an interface between a polymer substrate and a metal film on the polymer substrate. The polymer substrate is substantially transparent to the output beam of the laser system; the metal film absorbs... Agent:

20120268818 - Depolarizer based on a metamaterial: The present disclosure relates to a depolarizer based on a metamaterial, which comprises a plurality of sheet layers parallel with each other. Each of the sheet layers has a sheet substrate and a plurality of man-made microstructures attached on the sheet substrate. The sheet substrate is divided into a plurality... Agent:

20120268819 - Security device and method of manufacturing the same: A security device includes at least two lenticular devices, each lenticular device having an array of elongate lenticular focusing elements located above respective sets of image strips, wherein the elongate directions in which the lenticular focussing elements of the two lenticular devices extend are different.... Agent: De La Rue International Limited

20120268820 - Color filter film, grating structure and display module: A grating structure used on a color filter film of a display module is disclosed in the invention. The grating structure is disposed on a substrate of the color filter film. The grating structure includes a plurality of optical transparent layers and an optical reflection layer. The optical transparent layers... Agent: E Ink Holdings Inc.

20120268821 - Production method for composite type diffractive optical element, and composite type diffractive optical element: A composite type diffractive optical element having a resin layer laminated on a transparent substrate is molded. Then, cooling of an unmolded surface of the transparent substrate is started using a cooling spray nozzle so as to provide a temperature gradient in one direction from an outer periphery toward a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120268822 - Antireflective hierarchical structures: An antiretlective biomimetic hierarchical structure, a composite antiretlective hierarchical structure, and an antiretlective surface including a pattern of antiretlective biomimetic hierarchical structures are provided. The antiretlective hierarchical structures include one or more clusters of primary structures and a plurality of secondary structures formed on each of the primary structures. The... Agent:

20120268823 - Method for the production of conical nanostructures on substrate surfaces: The invention relates to conical structures on substrate surfaces, in particular optical elements, to methods for the production thereof and to the use thereof, in particular in optical devices, solar cells and sensors. The conical nanostructures according to the invention are suitable in particular for providing substrate surfaces having very... Agent:

20120268824 - Mirror: According to one embodiment, a mirror includes a plurality of dielectric layers stacked in a first direction. A thickness along the first direction of each of the dielectric layers is half a design wavelength. The dielectric layers include a first dielectric layer. The first dielectric layer includes a first portion... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120268825 - Light shelf for buildings: In an embodiment, a light shelf of the present invention includes at least one panel assembly for reflecting daylight into a space; and at least two structural elements for holding the panel assembly, wherein the structural elements include a spine component having a proximal end, a distal end, and a... Agent: Alcoa Inc.

20120268826 - Light diffusion sheet, method for manufacturing same, and transmissive display device provided with light diffusion sheet: A light diffusion sheet (1) includes a lower base film (2), an upper base film (3), a light diffusing section (4), a plurality of light absorbing sections (5), and an adhesive layer (6). The light diffusing section (4), the plurality of light absorbing sections (5), and the adhesive layer (6)... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120268827 - Computer display with a built-in privacy filter: A computer display with a built-in privacy filter has a display panel, a frame, a privacy filter, a tape and a bezel that includes a transparent panel. With the privacy filter mounted between the transparent panel of the exposed bezel and the display panel, the transparent panel protects the privacy... Agent:

20120268828 - Liquid casting compositions, production processes and photochromic optical elements: The present invention provides a liquid casting composition for producing photochromic optical elements, the composition including: (i) an acrylate or methacrylate monomer; (ii) a photochromic compound; (iii) a terpinolene-based radical chain transfer agent; and (iv) a thermal free radical initiator. Also provided are methods for producing photochromic optical elements using... Agent: Carl Zeiss Vision Australia Holdings Limited

20120268829 - Wafer lens and method for the production thereof: Disclosed is a wafer lens in which the warpage of a glass substrate included therein can be prevented. Specifically disclosed is a wafer lens comprising a glass substrate, a first resin part composed of a curable resin, and a second resin part composed of a curable resin. In each of... Agent:

20120268830 - Zoom lens: An embodiment of this invention provides a zoom lens, which primarily includes, in order from an object side to an image-forming side, a first lens group having positive refractive power; a second lens group having negative refractive power; a third lens group having positive refractive power; a fourth lens group... Agent: Ability Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20120268831 - Wide angle zoom lens: Embodiments of a zoom lens system may comprise at least four lens groups having a NPNP power sequence. The first lens group may include a stationary lens element. The second through fourth lens groups may be movable during zooming. An additional movable N or P lens group on the image... Agent: Panavision International, L.p.

20120268832 - Zoom lens system with wide angle of view: A high zoom ratio wide-angle zoom lens system includes a first lens group comprising a first lens of biconcave, a second lens of positive meniscus, a third lens of biconvex, and a fourth lens of biconvex wherein the first lens and the second lens are lenses not cemented together by... Agent:

20120268833 - Zoom lens: An embodiment of this invention provides a zoom lens that includes, in order from an object side to an image-forming side, a first lens group having positive refraction power; a second lens group having negative refraction power; a third lens group having positive refraction power; and a fourth lens group... Agent: Ability Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20120268834 - Photographing lens system:

20120268835 - Image taking optical system: An image taking optical system, sequentially arranged from an object side to an image side along an optical axis comprising: a front lens group, a stop and a rear lens group. The front lens group comprises at least a meniscus front-group first lens element with a convex object-side surface. The... Agent: Largan Precision Co.

20120268836 - Unit-magnification catadioptric and catoptric projection optical systems: Ring-field, catoptric and catadioptric, unit-magnification, projection optical systems having non-concentric optical surfaces are disclosed. Each system has a system axis with object and image planes on opposite sides of the system axis. The non-concentric surfaces allow for working distances of the object and image planes in excess of 100 millimeters... Agent: Coherent, Inc.

20120268837 - Label with integrated thin film magnifier: The invention features a label having a plurality of layers (e.g., at least two or more layers), in which at least one of the layers includes a thin film magnifier. Also featured are compositions to which the multi-layered label is affixed, methods of affixing the multi-layered label to compositions, and... Agent:

20120268838 - Scrolling thin film magnifier device: The invention features a scrolling thin film magnifier that is integrated into a composition and can be extended and retracted when used, compositions that include the scrolling thin film magnifier, methods of using the scrolling thin film magnifier to magnify printed indicia, and methods of manufacturing the scrolling thin film... Agent:

20120268839 - Magnetically actuated system: A magnetically actuated system includes a conductor and a magnetic field apparatus to generate a magnetic field. The magnetic field apparatus includes magnets and magnetically permeable materials to focus the magnetic field in areas of the conductor that produce a drive torque when the conductor carries a current.... Agent: Microvision, Inc.

20120268840 - Carbon nano-tube dispersant: m

10/18/2012 > 44 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20120262767 - Identification medium and method for identification thereof: An identification medium, in which a pattern is clearly altered in observation through a right-handed circularly polarizing filter and observation through a left-handed circularly polarizing filter, is provided. The identification medium is formed by laminating a cholesteric liquid crystal layer, a λ/4 plate, and a linearly polarizing filter layer, in... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20120262768 - Stacking a visible image and a synthetic hologram: The invention relates to a synthetic hologram consisting of an array of encoding cells, including a pattern in which the cells are inverted and have a phase modified by an offset value relative to the rest of the hologram.... Agent: Commissariat A L' Energie Atomique Et Aux Engergies Alternatives

20120262769 - Holographic solar coupler: A method of focusing radiation with an array of lenses, which includes modifying the angles of propagation and convergence and/or divergence with transmission and reflection holographic optical elements, and coupling the radiation into an optical fiber.... Agent: Ran Science & Technologies LLC

20120262770 - Electromechanical transducer and photoacoustic apparatus: The present invention provides an electromechanical transducer which can prevent light from being incident on a receiving face, without deteriorating mechanical characteristics of a vibration film. The electromechanical transducer has at least one cell 2 in which the vibration film 7 containing one electrode 8 out of two electrodes 3... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120262771 - Deep submersible light with pressure compensation: A deep submersible light may include a body defining a hollow interior and a solid state light source such as a plurality of high brightness LEDs mounted in the interior of the body. A transparent window may be mounted over the LEDs. The space between the transparent window and the... Agent:

20120262772 - Device and process for forming laser pulses: The invention relates to a device for forming laser pulses comprising: an input for a pulsed laser beam; a spatial phase modulator (300), arranged on the trajectory of said pulsed laser beam so as to be illuminated thereby; a control means designed to configure said spatial phase modulator so as... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20120262773 - Thermally switched absorptive window shutter: The thermally switched absorptive optical shutter may be a self-regulating “switchable absorber” device that may absorb approximately 100% of incoming light above a threshold temperature, and may absorb approximately 50% of incoming light below a threshold temperature. The shutter may be formed by placing a thermotropic depolarizes between two absorptive... Agent: Ravenbrick, LLC

20120262774 - Electro-wetting display: An electro-wetting display includes a first substrate, a second substrate which faces the first substrate, and a fluid layer between the first and second substrates. The first substrate includes a plurality of gate lines, a plurality of data lines, and a plurality of pixels connected to the gate lines and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120262775 - Micro-mirror system and associated control method: A micro-mirror system having a micro-mirror actuator, a sensor for detecting the position of the micro-mirror actuator, a light module having at least one light source and an associated control system via which a light intensity of the light source is controllable, and an evaluation and control unit which is... Agent:

20120262776 - Color electronic paper device and manufacturing method thereof: A color electronic paper device and manufacturing method thereof are provided. The device includes: a front panel; a color filter layer, placed over the front panel; a color protection layer, being a thermoplastic transparent layer placed over the color filter layer; an adhesive layer, placed over the color protection layer;... Agent:

20120262777 - Display device driven by electric field: The present invention relates to an electric-field drive display device. According to one embodiment of the present invention, the electric-field drive display device comprises: a first substrate; a first electrode which is formed on the first substrate; a second electrode which is formed on the first substrate and is disposed... Agent: Dongjin Semichem Co., Ltd.

20120262778 - Physical modulation tuned plasmonic device: A plasmonic display device is provided that uses physical modulation mechanisms. The device is made from an electrically conductive bottom electrode and a first dielectric layer overlying the bottom electrode. The first dielectric layer is a piezoelectric material having an index of expansion responsive to an electric field. An electrically... Agent:

20120262779 - Nested-cavity optical parametric oscillator for fast frequency tuning: Nested-cavity optical parametric oscillator for fast frequency tuning including a source of pump radiation (fp), a non linear crystal situated within two resonant cavities for the signal and complementary radiations of respective optical lengths ls and lc. A doubly resonant resonator for a single pair of longitudinal signal and complementary... Agent:

20120262780 - Multimode optical amplifier with close-loop modal gain control: Systems and methods for amplification are shown that include a pump preparation module configured to provide a pump output that includes a plurality of pump modes; an amplification module configured to accept a multimode signal input and the pump output, such that the pump output causes an amplification of a... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20120262781 - Hybrid laser amplifier system including active taper: Hybrid laser systems include fiber amplifiers using tapered waveguides and solid-state amplifiers. Typically, such systems represent a technically simple and low cost approach to high peak power pulsed laser systems. The tapered waveguides generally are provided with an active dopant such as a rare earth element that is pumped with... Agent: Nlight Photonics Corporation

20120262782 - Multiple wavelength led array illuminator for fluorescence microscopy: One embodiment provides light along an optical axis. It comprises a substrate and at least one array of multiple LED chips without individual packaging supported by the substrate. The LED chips emit light within different wavelength ranges and are distributed laterally with respect to the axis over an area, the... Agent:

20120262783 - Microscope slide separation devices and methods: A microscope slide separation device and method of storing microscope slides are disclosed. In specific embodiments, the microscope slide separation device can be placed a folded position that forms a cavity between at least first and second members configured to receive a microscope slide to which both a sample and... Agent:

20120262784 - Method for manufacturing array substrate and array substrate, and method for manufacturing screen and screen: A method for manufacturing an array substrate includes forming a plurality of holes in a film shape substrate having thermal plasticity, in which the holes have a diameter of 0.25 times to 2 times a thickness of the substrate, and a pitch of 5 times to 40 times the diameter... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120262785 - Antireflective film, polarizing plate and image display device: An antireflective film is provided and includes: a transparent substrate; at least one conductive layer formed from a composition including at least one transparent conductive polymeric material and a compound forming a cross-liking site, the compound having a plurality of cross-linking reactive groups, at least one of which cross-links with... Agent:

20120262786 - Film, polarizing plate and display device, and method of manufacturing film: Provided is a film of which the slow axis in plane does not comply with TD direction nor MD direction of the film and which is excellent in adequacy of pasting with other components. The film is a long film comprising at least a first molecule expressing positive intrinsic birefringence... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120262787 - Pixelated, diffractive optical element having two height steps for the production of a phase distribution with an arbitrary phase deviation: A diffractive optical element generates a phase distribution with an arbitrary quasi-continuous phase deviation. The diffractive optical element includes a plurality of pixels configured to generate an adjustable phase deviation. Each pixel has a base face, and the plurality of pixels being disposed adjacent each other with their base faces... Agent: Friedrich-schiller-universit&#xc4 T

20120262788 - Diffractive optical element, optical system and optical apparatus: A diffractive optical element is made by layering first and second diffractive gratings. A difference of an extinction coefficient to d-line between the two materials of each of the first and second diffractive grating is larger than 0.0002 and smaller than 0.002. The following conditional expressions are satisfied 0.05<|Δnd1|<0.3, 0.05<|Δnd2... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120262789 - Shape memory polymer-based tunable photonic device: A photonic device is provided having a two or three-dimensionally periodic structure of interconnected members with alterable spacing between the members. The structure is composed of a shape memory polymer configured to be thermo-mechanically tunable to display a plurality of optical properties under a series of temperature changes and stress.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120262790 - Anti-reflective lenses and methods for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a method of making an anti-reflective coating to an optical surface of a mold. In one embodiment, the method includes the steps of: providing a lens mold having an optical surface; forming a layer of a first hydrophobic material with a monolayer thickness over the... Agent: Qspex Technologies, Inc.

20120262793 - Black curable composition for wafer - level lens, and wafer - level lens: A black curable composition for a wafer-level lens including (A) a metal-containing inorganic pigment, (B) a polymerization initiator, (C) a polymerizable compound, and (D) a cardo resin.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120262791 - Mesoporous silica film, structural body having mesoporous silica film, antireflection film, optical member, and methods of producing the same: Provided is a mesoporous silica film, including a structure represented by SiO(2-n/2)Xn (where X represents a group formed of at least one kind selected from the group consisting of an alkyl group, a fluorinated alkyl group, and fluorine, n represents an integer of 1 or more and 3 or less)... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120262794 - Optical element and optical system: The optical element includes a base member configured to have an optical surface, a concave-convex structure configured to have an average pitch smaller than a shortest wavelength of a use wavelength range, and an intermediate layer formed between the optical surface and the concave-convex structure, made of a material different... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120262792 - Optical glass filter for producing balanced white light from a high pressure sodium lamp source: In various embodiments, the present invention provides a way to provide natural looking colors in an environment where HPS lighting is used. In at least one embodiment, the present invention is implemented as a color-enhanced glass lens that filters red/yellow light, ultraviolet light, and infrared radiation created by High Pressure... Agent: Applied Botanics, Inc. Dba Method Seven

20120262795 - Concentric ring dielectric lens: A lens and a method of forming a lens are included. A lens can include a plurality of concentric rings formed from a dielectric material interleaved by a plurality of gaps separating the plurality of concentric rings.... Agent:

20120262796 - Ultrasonic injection molding on both sides of a web: Injection molding parts onto a carrier web located between mold halves, each mold half having a cavity, resulting in molded articles having parts on both sides of the carrier web. Polymer flow into the cavities is assisted by application of ultrasonic energy to the mold. After the molding operation, mold... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120262797 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same: A zoom lens includes an aperture stop and a plurality of lens units which are moved during zooming. The plurality of lens units includes, on an object side of the aperture stop, a lens unit Lp having a positive refractive power and a lens unit Ln having a negative refractive... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120262798 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same: A zoom lens includes a first lens unit, a second lens unit, a third lens unit, a fourth lens unit and a fifth lens unit. In the zoom lens, air intervals L2w, L3w between the second lens unit and the third lens unit and between the third lens unit and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120262799 - Zoom lens: An embodiment of this invention provides a zoom lens, which includes, in order from an object side to an image-forming side, a first lens group having positive refractive power, a second lens group having negative refractive power, a third lens group having positive refractive power, a fourth lens group having... Agent: Ability Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20120262801 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same: A zoom lens includes, in order from an object side: a first lens unit having a positive refractive power which does not move for varying magnification; a second lens unit having a negative refractive power which moves for varying magnification; a third lens unit having a positive refractive power which... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120262800 - Zoom lens system: A zoom lens system includes a positive first lens group, a negative second lens group, a positive third lens group and a positive fourth lens group, in that order from the object side. Upon zooming from the short to long focal length extremities, the distance between the first and second... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20120262802 - Zoom lens: An embodiment of this invention provides a zoom lens, which comprises, in order from an object side to an image-forming side, a first lens group having negative refractive power, a second lens group having positive refractive power, and a third lens group having positive refractive power. Further, the zoom lens... Agent: Ability Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20120262803 - Projection lens system and projector apparatus: A projection lens system has first, second and third lens groups. The first lens group with combined focal length f1 has, in order from a screen side, a first negative meniscus lens, a second negative meniscus lens with focal length f12, refractive index n12 and screen side surface radius of... Agent: Nittoh Kogaku K.k.

20120262804 - Optical lens assembly for image taking: An optical lens assembly comprises, in order from an object side to an image side, a front lens group, a stop, and a rear lens group. The front lens group comprises a first lens element with negative refractive power having a concave object-side surface. The rear lens group comprises a... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20120262805 - Image pickup lens unit: Image pickup lens unit (100) comprises, in order to minimize the positional displacement between an optical system and a holder therefor, compound lens (6), holder (2) which houses compound lens (6) therein, and cover (4) which covers compound lens (6). In holder (2), there is formed peripheral section (2e) which... Agent: Konica Minolta Advanced Layers, Inc.

20120262806 - Optical image lens assembly: This invention provides an optical image lens assembly in order from an object side to an image side comprising: a first lens group has a first lens element with positive refractive power; a second lens group has a second lens element with negative refractive power; and a third lens group... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20120262807 - Lens barrel and image capturing apparatus: To decrease operating noise of actuators in a lens barrel, provided is a lens barrel comprising a first optical member that moves in an optical axis direction prior to image capturing and during image capturing; a first drive member that causes the first optical member to move in the optical... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20120262808 - Multiple-layer radiation absorber: An apparatus or structure is provided for absorbing incident radiation, either electromagnetic or sound, comprising a multiple-layer composite means utilizing electromagnetic- or sound-radiation absorbing and partially transmitting layers on a substrate of conventional electromagnetic- or sound-absorbing and partially reflecting material, which act in concert to absorb a significant amount of... Agent:

20120262809 - Thermally-resilient, broadband optical absorber from uv-to-ir derived from carbon nanostructures and method of making the same: A monolithic optical absorber and methods of making same. The monolithic optical absorber uses an array of mutually aligned carbon nanotubes that are grown using a PECVD growth process and a structure that includes a conductive substrate, a refractory template layer and a nucleation layer. Monolithic optical absorbers made according... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20120262810 - Flexible color filter and method for manufacturing the same: A method of manufacturing a color filter includes steps of applying transparent photosensitive material on a transparent flexible substrate, having a plurality of recesses on the photosensitive material to form the photosensitive material into a plurality of banks on the transparent flexible substrate, the banks cooperatively defining a plurality of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

10/11/2012 > 31 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120257266 - Transmission type optical element and anti-forgery volume hologram: A transmission type optical element comprising a first hologram having a first surface and a second surfaces and a second hologram having a third surface and a fourth surface. The first surface of the first hologram and the third surface of the second hologram are oppositely arranged. A first light... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20120257267 - Scanning device, image display device, and method for controlling image display device: A scanning device that scans a beam emitted from a light source, includes: a beam condensing unit that condenses the beam emitted from the light source; a beam diverging unit that is arranged on an output side of the beam condensing unit, and diverges the beam condensed by the beam... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120257268 - Actuator, optical scanner, and image forming apparatus: An actuator includes a movable portion which can twist around an axis, a connecting portion which extends from the movable portion and is torsionally deformed according to the twisting of the movable portion, and a support portion which supports the connecting portion, wherein the movable portion has a cross shape... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120257269 - Tetrachromatic color filter array for reflective display: A tetrachromatic color filter array comprises multiple pixels, each of which comprises first, second, third and fourth sub-pixels having first, second, third and fourth hues, P1, P2, P3 and P4 respectively, these first, second, third and fourth hues having first, second and third hue angles, h1, h2, h3 and h4... Agent: E Ink Corporation

20120257270 - Systems and methods for fiber optic parametric amplification and nonlinear optical fiber for use therein: A high confinement nonlinear optical fiber is provided along with methods of parametric amplification for use thereof. The nonlinear optical fiber may include a plurality of concentric layers which are configured to provide different guiding regimes to low-frequency and high-frequency components through transverse geometry and refractive index profiling, thus reducing... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120257271 - Multi-clad optical fibers: Multi-clad optical fibers and fiber amplifiers are disclosed. Various embodiments include multi-clad, large core fiber amplifiers. In various implementations mixing of pump modes is enhanced relative to that obtainable with conventional double-clad fibers. In some embodiments end terminations are provided with increased length of end-cap fiber. In at least one... Agent: Imra America, Inc.

20120257272 - Optical amplification apparatus: An optical amplification apparatus includes a front-stage semiconductor optical amplifier which amplifies an input light and a rear-stage semiconductor optical amplifier which amplifies an amplified light outputted from the front-stage semiconductor optical amplifier. The front-stage semiconductor optical amplifier exercises auto level control of an output light by exercising variable control... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120257273 - Film mirror, and method of manufacturing the same and reflection device for solar heat power generation: The invention provides a film mirror having excellent regular reflectance to solar heat, and exhibiting excellent light resistance and weather resistance, which is possible to sufficiently suppress regular reflectance decline; is lightweight and flexible; and can be large-area- and mass-produced at low cost, employing it as a film mirror for... Agent: Konica Minolta Advanced Layers, Inc.

20120257274 - Film mirror, production process of same and reflection device for solar power generation comprising same: There are disclosed a film mirror, which can be prevented from decrease in specular reflectance when a silver layer that serves as a reflective layer is deteriorated, is lightweight and flexible, can be produced at low cost, can have an enlarged surface area, can be produced on a large scale,... Agent: Konica Minolta Advanced Layers, Inc.

20120257275 - Thermal wake control: Thermal wake proximate to an optical element of a telescope may be reduced. Signal(s) related to respective temperatures of support struts supporting the optical element may be generated. The respective temperatures of the support struts may be determined based on the signal(s). Individual support struts may be heated based on... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120257276 - Tool path display apparatus for machine tool: A tool path display apparatus, configured to display a three-dimensional path of a movable part of a machine tool, calculates three-dimensional coordinate values of the movable part as viewed from a coordinate system secured to a workpiece, thereby determining the three-dimensional path of the movable part. Left- and right-eye stereoscopic... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20120257277 - Optical element and optical apparatus: An optical element including a first layer (011) made of a medium having optical anisotropy, wherein a difference between refractive indexes nh and nl (nh>nl) at a central wavelength λ for first and second polarized lights which enter the optical element and whose polarization directions are different from each other... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120257278 - Optics with simultaneous variable correction of aberrations: The invention refers to an optical system comprising at least two optical elements of which at least one is movable relative to the other in a direction perpendicular to the optical axis of the optical system, wherein the combination of optical elements is adapted to correct variable aberrations of at... Agent: Akkolens International B.v.

20120257279 - Grating based tunable filter: In a grating based tunable filter, an input beam that includes multiple wavelengths is directed into an input fiber of a circulator. The beam is collimated and then is reflected by a rotationally actuated mirror. The beam is then magnified and propagates onto and through a transmission diffraction grating which... Agent:

20120257280 - Tunable interference filter, optical module, and electronic apparatus: A tunable interference filter includes: first and second opposed substrates; a first reflection film provided on a first reflection film fixing surface of the first substrate; a second reflection film provided on a second reflection film fixing surface of the second substrate and separated from the first reflection film by... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120257281 - Refractive index distribution structure and manufacturing method of the same, and image display apparatus having the refractive index distribution structure: There is provided a method of manufacturing a refractive index distribution structure having a plurality of microparticles, suppressing density unevenness between the plurality of microparticles, capable of obtaining uniform in-plane characteristics, and capable of maintaining stability and high reproducibility. The method of manufacturing a refractive index distribution structure includes manufacturing... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120257283 - Dispersion composition, photosensitive resin composition, and solid-state image pick-up element: A photosensitive resin composition which can form a pattern attaining high resolution and having a high refractive index and a high transmittance is provided. The photosensitive resin composition includes a dispersion composition including (A) titanium dioxide particles having an average primary particle diameter of from 1 nm to 100 nm,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120257282 - Optical wedge redirection apparatus and optical devices using same: An exit pupil expander (904), operable as a numerical aperture expander and suitable for use with high angle of incidence scanned laser projection systems, includes a microlens array (910) and a varied thickness optical element (900). The varied thickness optical element can be configured to transform a principal beam (953)... Agent: Microvision, Inc.

20120257284 - Imaging device and display device: The present disclosure provides an imaging device including: a first element for converting image light into an electric signal or generating an image on the basis of an electric signal; and a second element for converting image light into an electric signal or generating an image on the basis of... Agent:

20120257285 - Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera: A zoom lens system, in order from an object side to an image side, comprising: a first lens unit having negative optical power; a second lens unit having positive optical power; a third lens unit having negative optical power; and a fourth lens unit having positive optical power, wherein the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120257286 - Lens barrel and optical apparatus including the same: A lens barrel includes lens units movable in an optical axis direction, a driving unit including an annular actuator in which an optical axis serves as a rotation center, a first cam cylinder disposed inwardly of the annular actuator and including a circular cylindrical base portion and a large-diameter portion,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120257287 - Optical lens assembly for image taking: An optical lens assembly for image taking, sequentially arranged from an object side to an image side, comprising: the first lens element with positive refractive power having a convex object-side surface; the second lens element with negative refractive power having a convex object-side surfaces and a concave image-side surface; the... Agent: Largan Precision Co.

20120257288 - Optical lens assembly for image capture: An optical lens assembly for image capture, sequentially arranged from an object side to an image side, comprises: the first lens element with positive refractive power having a concave object-side surface and a convex image-side surface, the second lens element with negative refractive power having a concave object-side surfaces and... Agent: Largan Precision Co.

20120257289 - Image pickup lens and image pickup module:

20120257290 - Ca-la-f based transparent ceramic, ca-la-f based transparent ceramic, optical element, optical system, and ceramic-forming composition: A Ca—La—F based transparent ceramic, including: mixing CaF2 particles and LaF3 particles that are prepared separately from the CaF2 particles to form a mixed body of particles, and sintering the mixed body of particles and making the mixed body transparent, thereby producing a transparent ceramic.... Agent:

20120257291 - Lens barrel: A lens barrel includes a rear movable member holding a rear optical element, an off-axis removable member holding a removable optical element, a front movable member supporting the off-axis removable member, and a removal driving member supported by the front movable member. When the front and rear movable members are... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20120257292 - Wafer level lens module and method for manufacturing the wafer level lens module: A wafer level lens module which processes images includes a glass substrate, the metal baffle layers, a convex lens, and a concave lens. The glass substrate has a first surface and a second surface, and the metal baffle layers are respectively disposed on the first surface and the second surface... Agent: Himax Technologies Limited

20120257293 - Auto-focusing method: An auto-focusing method includes (1) inputting a current with a predetermined greatest value I0 to a voice coil motor, such that the voice coil motor drives a lens module to move a greatest distance to a given position; and (2) gradedly decreasing the current inputted to the voice coil motor... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120257294 - Optical apparatus: A rotation of a first eccentric member adjusts a parallel eccentricity of an optical element held by a holding member, rotation of a second eccentric member adjusts a tilt eccentricity of the optical element held by a holding member, and change of a position of an engaging member and a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120257295 - Film mirror, and method of manufacturing the same and reflection device for solar heat power generation: A film mirror exhibits durability under extreme environments for a long duration together with an excellent antifouling property, and which can be large-area-produced and mass-produced at low manufacturing cost, and exhibits excellent regular reflectance to sunlight, maintained for a long period of time. The film mirror has a resin substrate... Agent:

20120257296 - Color filter substrate: A color filter substrate includes a transparent plate, a black matrix, a plurality of filter layers, a plurality of first support pads, and a transparent conductive layer. The transparent plate has a plane. The black matrix is disposed on the plane and has a plurality of grid areas. The filter... Agent:

10/04/2012 > 54 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20120250119 - Holographic storage method: A method of recording a volume holographic image is described in which a holographic recording medium containing a photoreactive dye is exposed to a plurality of coherent light sources emitting at a wavelength to which the dye is sensitive, thereby forming an interference fringe pattern therein. The photoreaction occurring in... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20120250120 - Multi-wavelength- holographic systems and methods: A holographic system for recording and reading information is provided. The system includes at least one laser for providing a laser beam. The system also includes a subsystem configured for multi-wavelength operation of said holographic system and recording micro-holograms at different wavelengths in substantially non-overlapping volumes of a holographic medium.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120250121 - Phase addressed holographic associative memory: The present invention provides a holographic storage apparatus comprising a polarizing beam splitter configured to split an incoming beam into an object beam and a reference beam; a first spatial light modulator configured to modulate the object beam with an array of data; a second spatial light modulator configured to... Agent:

20120250122 - Computer-generated hologram including splice planes for reconstructing a full-color image with high resolution and its fabrication method: A recording plane of a computer-generated hologram that is capable of reconstructing a full-color image and achieving a high resolution is divided by a multiplicity of parallel sections in the horizontal direction to define a multiplicity of areas. Amplitude information and phase information corresponding to different wavelengths which vary periodically... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20120250123 - Apparatus and method for evaluating hologram image recording medium: A method for evaluating a hologram image recording medium includes: recording continuously a plurality of fine holograms, each being the same in size as an element hologram, on a hologram image recording medium to be evaluated, using either one of a two-beam interference between a reference beam and a signal... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120250124 - Scanning micromirror: The present invention may relate to a scanning micromirror. The scanning micromirror can include a substrate having an open region; a micro plate provided in the open region; a first gimbal provided between the substrate and the mirror plate, and including a first curvature curved toward the mirror plate along... Agent:

20120250125 - Obtaining pressure of an operating environment of a bi-directionally scanning electrophotographic device for implementing corrections per pressure: Methods and apparatus include improving print quality of a bi-directionally scanning electrophotographic (EP) device, such as a laser printer or copy machine, according to ambient pressure in which operated. A moving galvanometer or oscillator reflects a laser beam to create scan lines of a latent image in opposite directions. A... Agent:

20120250126 - Actuator, optical scanner, and image forming device: An actuator includes: a first oscillatory system including a frame-shaped driving member and a pair of first axial members holding the driving member from both ends so as to allow the driving member to rotate around an X-axis; a second oscillatory system including a movable plate provided inside the driving... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120250128 - Assembly having a displaceable part and method for operating an assembly having a displaceable part: A component having a mounting support, a displaceable part, which is joined to the mounting support by at least one flexible joining component, and an actuator device. The actuator device is configured to set at least one subunit of the displaceable part and/or of the at least one flexible joining... Agent:

20120250127 - Mirror driving device and mirror driving method: A mirror driving device of an aspect can include: a mirror part; a pair of inner actuator parts; a pair of outer actuator parts; fixing and supporting parts; an inner actuator driving voltage supply part; and an outer actuator driving voltage supply part. A driving voltage with a frequency inducing... Agent:

20120250129 - Mems mirror device and method for manufacturing the same: A MEMS mirror device includes a semiconductor substrate, a mirror provided on the semiconductor substrate, a first cavity, a second cavity, and a frame portion to define the first cavity and the second cavity. The semiconductor substrate further includes a swing portion formed just above the first cavity to support... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20120250130 - Piezoelectric actuator, variable capacitor, and optical deflection device: A piezoelectric actuator of the presently disclosed subject matter can include: a first actuator including a first piezoelectric driving part; and a second actuator including a second piezoelectric driving part. A central portion of the first actuator can be supported. The first actuator can be bent and deformed by applying... Agent:

20120250131 - Optical scanning device: An optical scanning device including: a light source part that is provided in a resin-molded casing and emits a laser beam; a deflector that is arranged in the casing and deflects and scans the laser beam, the deflector including, a rotary polygon mirror that reflects the laser beam, a driving... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120250132 - Display apparatus including a shutter: A display apparatus includes a first substrate, a second substrate facing the first substrate, and a plurality of pixels including a first pixel. The first substrate includes first openings through which a light is transmitted. The pixels are disposed on at least one of the first substrate and the second... Agent:

20120250133 - Ultrafast transient grating radiation to optical image converter: A high sensitivity transient grating ultrafast radiation to optical image converter is based on a fixed transmission grating adjacent to a semiconductor substrate. X-rays or optical radiation passing through the fixed transmission grating is thereby modulated and produces a small periodic variation of refractive index or transient grating in the... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20120250134 - Adaptive optic beamshaping in laser processing systems: A laser processing system quickly and flexibly modifies a processing beam to determine and implement an improved or optimum beam profile for a particular application (or a subset of the application). The system reduces the sensitivity of beam shaping subsystems to variations in the laser processing system, including those due... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20120250135 - Color display and method for manufacturing color display: A method for manufacturing a color display provides a bottom substrate, injects a liquid display media onto the bottom substrate, and disposes a sealing substrate on the liquid display media, such that the liquid display media is contained between the sealing substrate and the bottom substrate. The method also aligns... Agent:

20120250136 - Optical modulator: The optical modulator includes an optical waveguide element in which a first waveguide is formed obliquely to an outgoing end surface, and a second waveguide is formed obliquely to both the first waveguide and the outgoing end surface, a lens which makes parallel optical paths of first and second modulated... Agent: Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.

20120250137 - Mems wavelength converting lighting device and associated methods: A lighting device is described for receiving source light within a predetermined source wavelength range, converting the source light into a converted light, and reflecting the converted light to a desired output direction. The lighting device may use a micro electromechanical system (MEMS) device to receive and redirect the source... Agent:

20120250139 - Display apparatus: Disclosed herein is a display apparatus including first and second substrates, at least one of which has a light transmitting characteristic, as well as first and second electrodes provided on the two mutually facing surfaces of the first and second substrates respectively; and an electrophoretic device provided between the first... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120250138 - Electrophoretic device, display unit, and electronic unit: An electrophoretic device includes: an electrophoretic particle; a porous layer formed of a fibrous structure containing a non-electrophoretic particle having optical reflection characteristics different from those of the electrophoretic particle; and a dividing wall adjacent to the porous layer. The electrophoretic particle, the porous layer, and the dividing wall are... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120250140 - Acousto-optic scanner: An acousto-optic laser beam scanner of improved scanning angle scope is provided by introducing a controllable compound acoustic waveform into a light transmissive body wherein at least binary and binary diffraction grating patterns of both positive and negative sense can be introduced into the body, the period of the waveform... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering And Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120250141 - Transmission mode switching device and 2d/3d switchable display apparatus: The present invention discloses a transmission mode switching device and a 2D/3D switchable display apparatus. The transmission mode switching device comprises a first substrate on which a first transparent electrode is configured, a second substrate on which a second transparent electrode is configured, and a transmission mode switching layer located... Agent: Infovision Optoelectronics (kunshan) Co. Ltd.

20120250142 - Polarization optical article in which uneven coloring by polarization color has been improved: Disclosed is a polarization optical article in which uneven coloring by polarization color has been improved, the polarization optical article being a multi-layered polarization optical article including at least a linear polarization functional portion, a retardation functional portion and a back-up resin portion, characterized in that the linear polarization functional... Agent:

20120250143 - Rare earth doped and large effective area optical fibers for fiber lasers and amplifiers: Various embodiments described herein include rare earth doped glass compositions that may be used in optical fiber and rods having large core sizes. Such optical fibers and rods may be employed in fiber lasers and amplifiers. The index of refraction of the glass may be substantially uniform and may be... Agent: Imra America, Inc.

20120250144 - Reflective optical element and method for operating an euv lithography apparatus: In order to reduce the adverse influence of contamination composed of silicon dioxide, hydrocarbons and/or metals within an EUV lithography apparatus on the reflectivity, a reflective optical element (50) for the extreme ultraviolet wavelength range having a reflective surface (59) is proposed, wherein the multilayer coating of the reflective surface... Agent: Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

20120250146 - Laminated glass: The present invention relates to a laminated glass including: a pair of glass substrates facing with each other; a composite film arranged between the pair of glass substrates and including a resin film and an infrared reflective film which includes a high refractive index layer and a low refractive index... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20120250145 - Magnification device and assembly: A magnification device including: a housing including a distal open end and a proximal open end; an optical system including one or more objective lenses mounted in the housing adjacent the distal open end, and one or more eye lenses mounted in the housing adjacent the proximal open end; and... Agent:

20120250147 - Catadioptric projection objective: A catadioptric projection objective for imaging a pattern provided in an object plane of the projection objective onto an image plane of the projection objective has a first, refractive objective part for imaging the pattern provided in the object plane into a first intermediate image; a second objective part including... Agent:

20120250148 - Arrangement for equalizing binocular visual fields: An arrangement for equalizing binocular visual fields for microscopes and other optical instruments, with an eyepiece arranged in each beam path, and with diaphragms serving the purpose of visual field adjustment. The diaphragms are fixed or movable in or in immediate proximity to an intermediate image plane in the optical... Agent: Carl Zeiss Microimaging Gmbh

20120250149 - Ultrahigh-wavenumber transmitting element and near-field optical microscope using thereof: An ultrahigh-wavenumber transmitting element has at least two anisotropic media having slopes of isofrequency curves complementary with each other. The at least two anisotropic media are layered so as to transmit ultrahigh wavenumber.... Agent:

20120250150 - Projection screen for displaying two-dimensional and three-dimensional motion pictures and method of use thereof: The present disclosure reveals a reflective, front-projection screen designed to faithfully and accurately display the images from state-of-the-art (SOTA) and next-generation 2D and 3D motion-picture projectors, such as those found in large-capacity public movie theaters, home theaters, offices, and for use with portable projection systems for consumer and commercial applications.... Agent: Luminit, LLC

20120250151 - Lenticular unit for two-dimensional/three-dimensional auto-stereoscopic display: A lenticular unit includes a transparent substrate; first electrodes being transparent and disposed on the substrate; a second electrode being transparent and elastic; and a transparent material layer interposed between the first and second electrodes and being deformable in a lens shape in a thickness direction depending on a potential... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120250152 - Variable focus stereoscopic display system and method: A variable focus stereoscopic display system includes first and second lenses positioned between a viewer's eyes and a stereoscopic display that alters the distance to the focus plane of the viewer based on the vergence of the viewer's eyes while viewing the stereoscopic display.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120250153 - Two-lens device and stereoscopic imaging apparatus with two-lens device: A two-lens device includes two lens portions that are disposed so as to be laterally aligned, a lens case that supports the two lens portions in a state where a convergence point can be adjusted in order to image a subject as stereoscopic images by the two lens portions, and... Agent:

20120250154 - Fine pitch wire grid polarizer: A fine pitch wire grid polarizer can have a pitch of less than 80 nanometers and a protective layer on the wires, by anisotropically etching the wire grid polarizer to form two parallel, elongated rods substantially located at corners where the wires contacted the substrate. The rods can be polarizing... Agent:

20120250155 - Optical apparatus with movable member for shake correction: An image shake correction device capable of reducing a sliding friction force occurring with movement of a movable member, thereby reducing load on a drive unit for driving the movable member and improving the positioning accuracy of the movable member. The movable member of the correction device is supported to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120250156 - Optical unit with shake correcting function: An optical unit with a shake correcting function may include a fixed body, a movable body holding an optical element, a swing support point supporting the movable body at a position between a rear end portion of the movable body and the fixed body so that the movable body is... Agent: Nidec Sankyo Corporation

20120250157 - On-chip diffraction grating prepared by crystallographic wet-etch: Methods of forming microelectronic structures are described. Embodiments of those methods may include forming a photomask on a (110) silicon wafer substrate, wherein the photomask comprises a periodic array of parallelogram openings, and then performing a timed wet etch on the (110) silicon wafer substrate to form a diffraction grating... Agent:

20120250158 - Display and electronic unit: A display capable of obtaining high luminance in white display and an electronic unit are provided. The display includes: a reflective display panel; and an optical laminate disposed on the display panel, in which the optical laminate includes a plurality of anisotropic scattering films, and transmittances in a scattering central... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120250159 - Method and apparatus for forming multiple images: Disclosed are method and apparatus for forming multiple images of an object comprising a plurality of depth segments. An optical system comprises an infinity optical subsystem and a multi-image optical subsystem. The infinity optical subsystem is configured to receive light from the object and form a first image focussed at... Agent: General Electric Company

20120250160 - Optical device with reduced polarization sensitivity: Roughly described, an optical device has first and second waveguide segments which are constructed such that irradiation changes both average refractive index and also birefringence in the respective segment. The change in birefringence as a function of the change in average refractive index, is different for the two segments. Predetermined... Agent: Gemfire Corporation

20120250161 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus using the same: A zoom lens comprises in order from an object side, a first lens unit having a negative refractive power, a second lens unit having a positive refractive power, a third lens unit having a negative refractive power, and a fourth lens unit having a negative refractive power. The second lens... Agent:

20120250162 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same: A zoom lens includes, in order from object side: a positive first lens unit which does not move for zooming; a zoom lens unit including at least two lens units which move for zooming; a stop; and a positive imaging lens unit which does not move for zooming, in which:... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120250163 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same: A zoom lens includes, in order from an object side: a first lens unit having positive refractive power which does not move for varying magnification; a magnification-varying lens unit including at least two lens units which move for varying magnification; an aperture stop; and an imaging lens unit having positive... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120250164 - Optical image system: An optical image system includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element with positive refractive power and having a convex object-side surface, a second lens element with positive refractive power, a third lens element with negative refractive power and having a concave object-side... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20120250165 - Wide-angle lens and system enclosing wide-angle lens: Conventional wide angle lenses each do not have such features that an optical length is short, a back focus is long to the extent possible, a good image is obtained, and sufficient brightness is provided. In other words, it is difficult to perform sufficient correction of chromatic aberration and achieve... Agent: Satoshi Do

20120250166 - Light-shielding curable composition, wafer level lens and light-shielding color filter: A light-shielding curable composition is provided which exhibits excellent dispersion property, excellent storage stability, and excellent pattern edge formability, and a wafer level lens and a light-shielding color filter which have a light-shielding section produced using the curable composition are provided. The light-shielding curable composition includes (A) an inorganic pigment;... Agent:

20120250167 - Imaging lens: An imaging lens includes: an aperture stop; a biconvex first lens directing convex surfaces toward an object and an image; a second lens directing a convex surface toward the object near the optical axis and having negative refractive power; a biconvex third lens directing convex surfaces toward the object and... Agent: Kantatsu Co., Ltd.

20120250168 - Optical system and optical apparatus having the same: An optical system includes at least one lens unit having a negative refractive power disposed closer to an object side than an aperture portion. The lens unit having a negative refractive power includes at least one positive lens and one negative lens. The ratio between the numbers of positive lenses... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120250169 - Oscillator, vibration actuator, lens barrel, camera, bonded product and bonding method: An oscillator includes an electromechanical energy conversion element and an elastic body. The elastic body is bonded with the electromechanical energy conversion element by metallic bonding and is configured to be driven by deformation of the electromechanical energy conversion element.... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20120250170 - Prism unit and a projection image display apparatus: A prism unit includes a prism having at least one optical surface in its inside, and a prism base disposing the prism, the prism base including at least three seating surfaces that are attached to a surface orthogonal to the optical surface of the prism, a seating surface bonded part... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120250171 - Rear view mirror with facet containing selective acceptance layer: A rear view minor assembly is disclosed in which the minor has a viewing section and an alignment section meeting to form a reflex angle. The alignment section is etched with a targeting image: a cross-hair or the side surface of the vehicle. When the targeting image is aligned with... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120250172 - Method of developing and manufacturing optical elements and assemblies: Alternative methods of designing, developing and manufacturing optical elements and assemblies are provided which enable improvements in effectiveness and efficiency. Subtractive processes using lasers or other tools are utilized to create embedded void spaces that provide reflecting walls within internally reflective optical elements. The designs have advantages in cost, reduced... Agent: Fusion Optix, Inc.

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