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Optical: systems and elements February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 44 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20120044549 - Hybrid reflection hologram: Hybrid white-light viewable holograms and methods for making them. The holograms are hybrid reflection holograms made using the diffractive structures or gratings of a holographic object such as a transmission hologram or holographic optical element (HOE). The wavefronts of the diffractive structures are converted into a reflection hologram by scanning... Agent:

20120044550 - Transmission type volume hologram recording medium and manufacturing method thereof: The transmission-type volume hologram recording medium includes two facing substrates of dissimilar materials and, held between them, a volume hologram recording layer of a volume hologram recording photosensitive composition. The substrates holding the volume hologram recording layer therebetween preferably have transparency in the visible light region and have thicknesses each... Agent: Daicel Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20120044551 - Optical element and method for manufacturing the same: Hologram recording medium is manufactured by using computer. On a recording plane 20, cell position points Q are defined at a pitch Ph along the cell position lines f(i) which are arranged on the recording plane 20 at a pitch Pv. For each individual cell position point Q, an amplitude... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd.

20120044552 - Image recording medium, hologram replicating device and hologram replicating method: An image recording medium in which a refractive index modulation is recorded in a material in a layer such that, when the hologram recording medium is illuminated from a predetermined angle and a viewpoint is moved horizontally with respect to a normal line, a hologram image having continuous parallax in... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120044553 - Projection type image display apparatus and image display method: Coherent light from laser 210 is magnified, made into a parallel light flux LL and irradiated on the hologram recording medium 220 in which a hologram image of a scatter plate is recorded. A hologram reproduction real image 235 of the scatter plate is generated using the parallel light flux... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20120044554 - Correcting spatial beam deformation: The invention disclosed here teaches methods and apparatus for altering the temporal and spatial shape of an optical pulse. The methods correct for the spatial beam deformation caused by the intrinsic DC index gradient in a volume holographic chirped reflective grating (VHCRG). The first set of methods involves a mechanical... Agent:

20120044555 - Vibration-actuated micro mirror device: The present invention provides a vibration-actuated micro mirror device comprising a substrate having a swinging frame and a reflection mirror, and a vibration part having a first and a second vibration structures coupled to the substrate, wherein the first vibration structure is driven to generate a first complex wave formed... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120044556 - Optical scanning apparatus: An optical scanning apparatus includes a laser source configured to irradiate a laser beam, a prism configured to reflect the laser beam irradiated from the laser source, a mirror configured to move the laser beam reflected from the prism by oscillating with respect to a predetermined axis and reflecting the... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

20120044557 - Optical apparatus and display apparatus: There is provided a display apparatus and an optical apparatus by which the generation of interfering pattern can be reduced while achieving miniaturization. The optical apparatus includes an optical device through which laser light passes; one or more holding members holding the optical device; and a driving section allowing the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120044558 - Diaphragm device for projector: A diaphragm device for projector includes a first gear unit, a second gear unit and two diaphragm plates. The first gear unit includes a partial circular arc portion and a gear portion with partial no tooth. The second gear unit includes a circular arc portion corresponding to the partial circular... Agent: Victor Company Of Japan, Limited

20120044559 - Aperture adjusting device: An aperture adjusting device is disclosed. The aperture adjusting device includes a support frame, a gear ring, at least one blade, and a connector. The support frame includes an aperture, and a guiding slot. The gear ring is rotatably disposed on a first side of the support frame. The blade... Agent:

20120044560 - Variable transmittance optical filter and uses thereof: Variable transmittance optical filters capable of transitioning from a light state to a dark state on exposure to UV radiation and from a dark state to a light state with application of an electric voltage are provided. The optical filters comprise a switching material that comprises one or more chromophores... Agent: Switch Materials, Inc.

20120044561 - Electrochromic module combined with organic and inorganic materials and display device combined with the electrochromic module thereof: In an electrochromic module combined with organic and inorganic materials and a display device combined with the module, the display device has the electrochromic module installed on a surface of an image display module, and the electrochromic module comprises a first transparent substrate, a second transparent substrate, and a transparent... Agent: J Touch Corporation

20120044562 - Actuation and calibration of charge neutral electrode: This disclosure provides systems, methods, and devices for actuating, charging and calibrating the charge on a movable electrode in electronic devices. The electronic device can include a first electrode, a second electrode spaced apart from the first electrode by a gap, at least one electrical contact, and an electrically neutral... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20120044563 - Reduced capacitance display element: A display element, such as an interferometric modulator, includes a transparent conductor configured as a first electrode and a movable minor configured as a second electrode. Advantageously, the partial reflector is positioned between the transparent conductor and the movable mirror. Because the transparent conductor serves as an electrode, the partial... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20120044564 - Switchable imaging device using mesoporous particles: The present invention provides a switchable imaging device, including a plurality of particles suspended in a dielectric medium, at least part of the particles being charged, at least part of the particles being mesoporous particles.... Agent:

20120044565 - Delay line interferometer with liquid crystal tuning element: A delay line interferometer is configured with a liquid-crystal (LC) tuning element as a phase modulator for demodulating a phase-modulated input signal. The LC tuning element allows for quickly tuning the phase difference between two optical signals separated from the phase-modulated input signal, so that the two optical signals can... Agent:

20120044566 - Infrared cut filter removable module control apparatus: An infrared cut filter removable (ICR) module control apparatus includes a photoresistor, first to sixth electronic switches, an ICR module, a comparator, and a central processing unit (CPU). A first terminal of the photoresistor is connected to a power supply through a resistor. A second terminal of the photoresistor is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120044567 - Three-dimensional image display device, portable terminal device, display panel and fly eye lens:

20120044568 - Polarizing glasses: Provided are polarized glassed and a stereoscopic image display device. According to one embodiment of the present invention, the crosstalk can be prevented without sacrificing brightness when a stereoscopic image is observed, and the stereoscopic image with the excellent quality can be observed at a wider viewing angle.... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20120044569 - Focusing system comprising acousto-optic deflectors for focusing an electromagnetic beam: The present invention relates to a focusing system (100) for focusing an electromagnetic beam for three-dimensional random access applications, the system comprising a first pair of acousto-optic deflectors (10) for focusing an electromagnetic beam in an X-Z plane, and a second pair of acousto-optic deflectors (20) for focusing an electromagnetic... Agent: Femtonics Kft.

20120044570 - Interference filter, optical module, and analysis device: An interference filter includes two reflective films that are opposed to each other with a gap interposed therebetween and substrates that support the corresponding reflective films. The reflective films each include a pure silver film and a silver alloy film. The pure silver film and the silver alloy film are... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120044571 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus includes: a glass-type frame mounted to a head of an observer; and two image displaying devices for the left and right eyes that are attached to the frame. Each of the image displaying devices includes an image forming device, an optical system making light from the image... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120044572 - Optical waveguides: An optical waveguide comprising a body of material configured for the contained propagation of light therethrough, a surface relief grating configured to receive the propagating light and at least partially to diffract or reflect it out of the waveguide, and at least one layer of dielectric material of varying thickness... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20120044573 - Head mounted display: A helmet or head-mounted apparatus has a visor or other curved optical element in front of at least one eye of a wearer, which element also is used as a waveguide. Image-bearing light is injected into the waveguide via an input diffractive element, and propagates through the visor to an... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20120044574 - Negative add liquid meniscus lens: The present invention relates generally to an arcuate liquid meniscus lens with a meniscus wall. Some specific embodiments include a liquid meniscus lens with a meniscus wall essentially a conical frustum and at least a portion of the conical frustum concave in relation to the optical axis. An application of... Agent:

20120044575 - Retrofocus wide-angle lens system and optical instrument provided with the same: e

20120044576 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same: A zoom lens includes in order from an object side to an image side and arranged along an optical axis thereof, a first lens unit having a negative refractive power, and a second lens unit having a positive refractive power. A distance between each lens unit changes when zooming from... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120044577 - Zoom lens and imaging apparatus: The present disclosure provides a zoom lens, wherein a first lens group having a negative refractive power, a second lens group having a positive refractive power, and a third lens group having the positive refractive power are disposed from an object side to an image side in order; and when... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120044578 - Lens barrel: A lens barrel capable of increasing the degree of freedom of installation of a detection unit and capable of making the lens barrel compact in size. The lens barrel includes third and fourth lens groups disposed adjacent to each other and movable in a common optical axis direction. In a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120044580 - Lens barrel: A lens barrel capable of distributing, upon receipt of the impact of, e.g., dropping, a torque load so as not to concentrate on a particular linear movement key and groove for linearly moving a barrel member, thereby suppressing occurrence of a failure. The lens barrel has a fixed barrel (8)... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120044579 - Zoom lens barrel: A zoom lens barrel includes a base member 1001, a linear cylinder 700 fixed on the base member 1001, a cam cylinder 800 configured to be rotatable with respect to the linear cylinder 700, a ball member 701 and a pin member 702 provided on the linear cylinder 700, and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120044582 - Imaging apparatus: A lens barrel holding frame whose back surface wall is positioned at a position on the reflection optical element, in a state before moving to the retraction position, opposite to the lens unit in a direction of the first optical axis, wherein a through hole, through which the lens unit... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120044581 - Zoom lens barrel capable of retracting into lens barrel body: A zoom lens barrel includes a first optical element 300, 400 and a second optical element 600, a first guide member 703 configured to linearly guide the first optical element 300, 400 in an optical axis direction, a second guide member 704 configured to linearly guide the second optical element... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120044583 - Imaging lens for solid-state imaging element: z

20120044584 - Projection lens: A projection lens comprises, from a long conjugate side to a short conjugate side, a first lens unit with positive optical power, a second lens unit with negative optical power, and a third lens unit with negative optical power. The first lens unit is configured for correcting chromatic aberration of... Agent: Foxsemicon Integrated Technology, Inc.

20120044585 - Lens for projection and projection-type display apparatus: p

20120044586 - Projection apparatus: A projection apparatus includes an illumination system providing an illumination light beam, a light valve disposed in a transmission path of the illumination light beam and converting the illumination light beam into an image light beam, a projection lens disposed in a transmission path of the image light beam, a... Agent: Young Optics Inc.

20120044587 - Solid imaging objective and assembly technique for small scale sensor applications: An imaging optic comprising a first combination element comprised of at least two individual lens elements, aligned with each other along an optical axis and adhered to each other, a second combination element comprised of at least one individual lens element and an aperture disposed between the first and second... Agent: Gyrus Acmi, Inc.

20120044588 - Optical lens and lens assembly having same: An optical lens includes a central optical portion and a peripheral portion surrounding the optical portion. The peripheral portion includes a first step surface, a second step surface, and a first connecting surface interconnecting the first step surface and the second step surface. The first step surface is adjacent to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120044589 - Optical apparatus: An optical apparatus includes a cam barrel configured to hold an optical member, which is movable back and forth along a first optical axis, on an inner periphery of the cam barrel, a bending member configured to bend a light flux from an object from the first optical axis towards... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120044591 - Camera module: A camera module according to the present invention includes a lens barrel having at least one lens stacked therein; a housing having the lens barrel coupled with the upper portion thereof and having a plurality of contactor insertion grooves formed on the lower end surface thereof; and a plurality of... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120044590 - Method for insert molding glass or an inorganic material: The present invention relates to insert molding. A glass lens or an inorganic material is inserted into a front housing unit. The glass lens or an inorganic material is aligned within the front housing unit such that the glass lens or an inorganic material lies within the inside of the... Agent: Hi-p International Limited

20120044592 - Filter conversion device: A filter conversion device includes a first filter, a second filter, a motor, and a comparator. The motor moves the first and second filters according to a control signal from a processor of the camera. Two input terminals of the comparator are respectively connected to two input terminals of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

02/16/2012 > 38 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20120038959 - Wide angle hologram device illuminated with a near field source and method for manufacturing same: A method of manufacturing a master for producing a hologram device is provided. The holographic image reconstructs when the photosensitive film of the hologram device is struck by a beam of light from a wide angle being defined relative to a perpendicular line to a surface of the photosensitive film.... Agent:

20120038960 - Electro-optical logic techniques and circuits: A method for implementing an electro-optical logic function responsive to first and second logical inputs, includes the following steps: providing, as an output stage, a light-emitting transistor having an electrical input port and an optical output port; and providing, as an input stage, a circuit for receiving the first and... Agent:

20120038961 - Light scanner and image forming apparatus: A light scanner includes a light reflection part having light reflectivity, a movable part having the light reflection part and being rotatable around a first rotation center axis and a second rotation center axis, a pair of movable beams extending from the movable part, a displacement part connected to the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120038962 - Miniature rotating transmissive optical drum scanner: A miniature rotating transmissive optical scanner system employs a drum of small size having an interior defined by a circumferential wall rotatable on a drum axis, an optical element positioned within the interior of the drum, and a light-transmissive lens aperture provided at an angular position in the circumferential wall... Agent:

20120038963 - Mems device and method of manufacturing mems device: A protrusion formation hole is provided so as to pierce a support substrate. A polysilicon film as an electrical conducting material is embedded in the protrusion formation hole through an oxide silicon film. The polysilicon film partially bulges out of the protrusion formation hole toward a movable section to form... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120038964 - Mirror assembly for vehicle: A vehicular rearview mirror assembly includes a mirror casing, a reflective element and a mounting assembly for adjustably mounting the mirror assembly at a portion of the equipped vehicle. The reflective element has a front surface and a rear surface and a perimeter edge about its periphery and extending between... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20120038965 - Mirror assembly for vehicle: An interior rearview mirror assembly for a vehicle includes an interior mirror reflective element and a plurality of icons viewable through a glass substrate of the mirror reflective element by a person viewing the front surface of the mirror reflective element. The icons are arranged behind and along a lower... Agent: Donnelly Corporation

20120038966 - Electrochromic module and display device integrated with the same: In an electrochromic module and a display device integrated with the electrochromic module, the electrochromic module is installed on a surface of the display device and includes a first transparent substrate and a second transparent substrate. A transparent conductive element and an electrochromic layer are disposed between the two substrates,... Agent: J Touch Corporation

20120038967 - Advanced electrode structures and electrochromic devices: The present invention provides for a display device and a method to manufacture the display device. The display device includes: a transparent layer; a coloring electrode; a separator; a second electrode; an electrolyte permeating throughout the display device; and a back layer positioned on the back side of the display.... Agent: Ntera Inc

20120038968 - Strenthened electrochromic reflection structure: An strengthened electrochromic reflection structure comprises a substrate, an interfacial layer combined onto the substrate, a reflection layer combined onto the interfacial layer, a first conductive layer combined onto the reflection layer, an electrochromic layer combined onto the first conductive layer, a second conductive layer combined onto the electrochromic layer,... Agent:

20120038971 - Driving methods of display unit: An embodiment of the invention provides a driving method for a display unit, wherein the display unit includes a first electrode, and a second electrode disposed opposite to the first electrode, wherein the first electrode is separated from the second electrode by a distance, and a first particle with a... Agent:

20120038969 - Electronic paper display device and method for manufacturing the same: There are provided an electronic paper display device and a method for manufacturing the same. The electronic paper display device includes a first substrate having a first electrode made of transparent material and formed thereon; a second substrate arranged opposite to the first substrate with a predetermined space and having... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120038970 - Method of manufacturing display medium, display medium, and display apparatus: adhering the first substrate and a second substrate together via the gap retaining member, by contacting the second substrate with the adhesive applied to the top surface of the gap retaining member and drying the solvent of the adhesive so as to adhere the second substrate to the top surface... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20120038972 - Reflective display pixel: Various reflective display pixels are provided. In one embodiment, among others, a reflective display pixel for modulating the return of incident visible light is provided that includes one or more stacked cells. Each cell includes a fluid containing a light absorbing medium capable of absorbing incident light in at least... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20120038973 - Stable mounting of non-linear optical crystal: A nonlinear optical crystal can be mounted to a mounting block configured to receive the crystal. The crystal can be mounted to the mounting block with a face of the crystal abutting a surface of the mounting block. An adhesive secures the crystal to the mounting block by adhering to... Agent: Mobius Photonics, Inc.

20120038974 - Systems and methods for measuring power levels in an optical device: An apparatus for monitoring optical equipment in an optical circuit is disclosed in which the apparatus may include an optical device situated to receive an optical input signal and to reflect a portion of the energy of the received optical input signal, thereby providing a reflected input signal; a first... Agent: Alphion Corporation

20120038975 - Infrared imaging device with a coated optical lens: The disclosure describes a coated non-germanium lens for an IR imaging device. The coating may have a first layer and a second layer. The first layer is adapted to adhere well to the non-germanium lens and to provide a good adhering surface to the second layer, the second layer being... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20120038976 - Coating solution for forming ultraviolet-absorbing film, and ultraviolet-absorbing glass article: A coating solution which comprises a component derived from an epoxidized organooxysilane compound, a component derived from an organooxysilane compound which is a reaction product of a hydroxylated benzophenone compound and an epoxidized organooxysilane compound, and a component derived from an organooxysilane compound other than the above both organooxysilane compounds,... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20120038977 - High speed acquisition vision system and method for selectively viewing object features: System and method for selectively viewing features of objects, including features hidden under non-transparent materials. The system includes: illuminating light source producing illuminating light having controlled angular spectrum; homogenizing optics for spatial intensity modulation of illumination light; dephasing optics to reduce or suppress interference pattern in image due to the... Agent: Photon Dynamics, Inc.

20120038978 - Microscope and ghosting elimination method: A microscope includes a first imaging optical system that images sample transmitted light transmitted through a sample provided on a stage, and a second imaging optical system that images a part of the sample transmitted light branched from the first imaging optical system. Here, the second imaging optical system includes... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120038979 - Autofocus method and autofocus device: The invention is based on an autofocus method in which light from a light source (12) is focused at a measurement light focus (52) in a sample (6) and is reflected from there and the reflected light is guided through an optical system (22) in two light paths (48, 50)... Agent:

20120038980 - Confocal microscope apparatus: A confocal microscope apparatus comprises a first optical scanning system which obtains a scan image of a sample using a laser beam from a first laser light source, a second optical scanning system which scans specific regions of a sample with a laser beam from a second laser light source... Agent: Olumpus Corporation

20120038981 - Space telescope system: A space telescope system includes, but is not limited to, a support platform configured to orbit astronomical object, a plurality of mirrors mounted to the support platform and spaced apart from one another, the plurality of mirrors being configured to reflect a plurality of focused beams, and a focal plane... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120038982 - Films enabling autostereoscopy: A stereoscopic 3D liquid crystal display module includes a liquid crystal display panel and a directional backlight positioned to provide light to the liquid crystal display panel. A double sided prism film is disposed between the liquid crystal display panel and the directional backlight. The prism film includes a first... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120038983 - Irradiation optical system, irradiation apparatus and fabrication method for semiconductor device: An irradiation optical system including: a first projection optical system for mixing a plurality of luminous fluxes outputted from a laser light source having a plurality of linearly arrayed light emitting points with each other and dividing the mixed luminous fluxes into a plurality of luminous fluxes and then projecting,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120038984 - Retroreflective sheeting including a low index coating: Retroreflective articles and constructions are disclosed. One exemplary retroreflective article or construction includes a retroreflective layer and a low refractive index layer. In one exemplary embodiment, the low refractive index layer is adjacent to at least a portion of a retroreflective structured major surface of the retroreflective layer.... Agent:

20120038985 - Lens barrel: A lens barrel that includes a first rectilinear motion barrel, a second rectilinear motion barrel whose rotation around an optical axis is restricted by the first rectilinear motion barrel, a first flexible printed circuit board whose electrical connection is performed from outside of the barrel, a second flexible printed circuit... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120038986 - Pattern projector: A pattern projector, comprising a light source, configured to emit a beam of light. A transparent substrate, which has a pair of mutually-opposed planar surfaces is configured to receive and propagate the beam within the substrate by total internal reflection between the planar surfaces. The transparent substrate comprises a diffractive... Agent: Primesense Ltd.

20120038987 - Optical device using double-groove grating: Optical devices using double-groove diffraction gratings having periodic sets of TiO2 elements on one or more surfaces of an SiO2 substrate are disclosed. First order components of incident polarized light coupled into the substrate are reflected so as to propagate through the substrate to terminus points where they either change... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering And Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120038988 - Multi-layer body and process for the production of a multi-layer body: A multi-layer body having a partially shaped first layer and a diffractive first relief structure shaped in a first region of a replication layer. The first layer is applied to the replication layer in the first region and, in a second region, a photosensitive layer is applied to the first... Agent: Ovd Kinegram Ag

20120038989 - Antireflection coatings including scattered objects having two separate ranges with separate refraction indices: m

20120038990 - Optical film: Optical film is disclosed. The optical film includes a binder, a plurality of particles, and a plurality of interconnected voids. The volume fraction of the plurality of interconnected voids in the optical film is not less than about 20%. The weight ratio of the binder to the plurality of the... Agent:

20120038991 - Finder apparatus and imaging apparatus: A finder apparatus superimposes, on an image formed by an observation optical system of a reverse-Galilean finder including an objective lens group and an eyepiece lens group, display on a display member arranged outside an optical path of the observation optical system by using an optical path combination member arranged... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120038992 - Lens barrel having an eccentricity adjusting mechanism: According to an aspect of the invention, a lens barrel having an eccentricity adjusting mechanism includes a lens frame, a pressing ring, an engaging part, a tool insertion hole, an engaging face, a non-engaging face. The lens frame holds a lens for an optical system of the lens barrel. The... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120038993 - Lens barrel having an eccentricity adjusting mechanism: A lens barrel having an eccentricity adjusting mechanism, the lens barrel includes a first lens frame, a second lens frame, an engaging part, a plate spring, a circumferential direction groove, a guiding groove, a screw hole, a set screw, a tool insertion hole. The first lens frame is disposed in... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120038994 - Universal sphere mount: The universal sphere mount provides a spherically mounted retro-reflector conical nest mount having a base, a body of lesser diameter than the base, and a precise nest in the body that receives a retro-reflector target. The body steps inwardly from the base or has bevel. The body has a lesser... Agent:

20120038995 - Optical filter: An optical filter includes a light-shielding conductive layer provided with a plurality of apertures on a substrate surface that selectively transmits light of a first wavelength, and a dielectric layer in contact with the conductive layer. A size of the apertures is a size equal to or less than the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120038996 - Photoresist compositions: The present invention relates to a radically polymerizable composition comprising a hydroxylamine ester used to manufacture color filters. The invention further relates to novel hydroxylamine esters. The invention further relates to the use of hydroxylamine esters in all liquid crystal display components requiring post-baking. The present invention relates to a... Agent: Basf Se

02/09/2012 > 38 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20120033278 - Optical logic gate: Optical logic gate having a second-harmonic generator element that receives a first and a second optical input signal respectively having a first and a second angular frequency and respectively having a first and a second polarization, and which provides a second-harmonic optical signal having a third angular frequency and a... Agent: Selex Sistemi Integrati S.p.a.

20120033279 - Optical reflection element: An optical reflection element has a frame-shaped supporting body, a first oscillator and a second oscillator each having a meander shape, and a mirror portion. A line segment connecting a joining position between the mirror portion and the first oscillator to a joining position between the supporting body and the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120033280 - Optical scanner and image forming apparatus: An optical scanner includes: a light reflecting section having a light reflecting surface; a supporting section supporting the light reflecting section; a movable section supporting the supporting section; at least a pair of movable beams extending from the movable section and disposed in such a way that the movable beams... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120033281 - Optical scanner and image-forming device: An scanning unit scanner includes a light source and a polygon mirror unit. A front-to-rear rib is disposed between the light source and the polygon mirror unit and near the polygon mirror unit. An input side opening having a slit shape is formed as a cutout in the top edge... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120033282 - Eyeguard with automatic diaphragm: An eyeguard for use on the eye-end of an optical instrument is provided having an instrument-end member adapted for connection to the optical instrument, an eye-end member adapted to interface with the periocular portion of the user's face, a hinge member disposed between the instrument-end and eye-end members having two... Agent: Cmi Rubber Company, Inc.

20120033283 - Laser beam modulation for printers using metamaterials: A modulator in an imaging apparatus includes a metamaterial shell surrounding an opaque core. The metamaterial is tunable, so that the metamaterial acts as a waveguide for light at a given wavelength. This property of the metamaterial is used to modulate the light beam in an imaging apparatus. The light... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120033284 - Semiconductor optical modulation device, mach-zehnder interferometer type semiconductor optical modulator, and method for producing semiconductor optical modulation device: A semiconductor optical modulation device includes a substrate; a first semiconductor cladding layer of a first conductivity type disposed on the substrate; an optical waveguide layer disposed on the first semiconductor cladding layer, the optical waveguide layer including a first semiconductor optical confinement layer, a second semiconductor optical confinement layer,... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20120033285 - Electro-optic system configured to reduce a perceived color change: An electro-optic system is provided that includes a front element having first and second surfaces, a rear element including third and fourth surfaces, wherein the front and rear elements are sealably bonded together in a spaced-apart relationship to define a chamber, and an electro-optic medium contained in the chamber, and... Agent:

20120033286 - Electrochromic display device, fabrication method therefor, and driving method therefor: An electrochromic display device includes a display substrate, a counter substrate facing the display substrate, counter electrodes formed on the counter substrate, at least first and second display electrodes arranged between the display substrate and the counter electrodes, the first display electrode and the second display electrode having a predetermined... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20120033287 - Multi-pane electrochromic windows: Window units, for example insulating glass units (IGU's), that have at least two panes, each pane having an electrochromic device thereon, are described. Two optical state devices on each pane of a dual-pane window unit provide window units having four optical states. Window units described allow the end user a... Agent: Soladigm, Inc.

20120033288 - Variable light transmittance window: A variable light transmittance window includes: a substrate configured to transmit light; a thermochromic layer on the substrate; first function thin film layers on opposite surfaces of the thermochromic layer; and second function thin film layers on respective surfaces of the first function thin film layers opposite the thermochromic layer,... Agent:

20120033289 - Article using an optical device: An article includes an optical device. The optical device includes a first prism, a second prism, and a light source. The first prism includes an optically active material that affects a refractive index of at least a portion of the first prism via a photochemical change induced by exposure to... Agent: General Electric Company

20120033290 - Light generating system and method: An optical system includes an electrically pumped laser light source and an optically pumped laser light source. An optical switch is located in a light path of the electrically pumped laser light source such that when the optical switch is in a first position light from the electrically pumped laser... Agent: Photodigm, Inc.

20120033291 - Advanced shifting algorithm for prolonging the life of an optically nonlinear crystal: In a shifting algorithm for an optically nonlinear crystal arranged to frequency-convert beam of radiation, the location of one or more defects in the crystal is recorded as an exclusion zone. The location of the beam is stepped incrementally over a surface around a closed or open loop path in... Agent: Coherent Gmbh

20120033292 - Use of undoped crystals of the yttrium/aluminum/borate family for creating non-linear effects: Crystals of the yttrium/aluminium/borate family are used for producing blue or UV light. To produce blue or UV light with the described crystal family a crystal of the family AxM1-xX3(BO3)4, wherein both A and also M stand for an element from the group Y, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Pm, Sm,... Agent: Forschungsinstitut Fur Mineralische Und Metallisch Werkstoffe Edelstein/edelmetalle Gmbh

20120033293 - Method and apparatus of detecting an opening in an optical transmission fiber of a ropa system: Method and apparatus for detecting an opening in a transmission fiber connecting a discrete gain unit to a pump unit of a Remote Optically Pumped Amplifier (ROPA) system. The method comprises measuring an optical power entering the pump unit from the transmission fiber, the optical power being in a selected... Agent: Red-c Optical Networks Ltd.

20120033294 - Optical apparatus, system and method employing an endohedral metallofullerene: An optical apparatus (100), an optical system (200) and a method (300) of light amplification by stimulated emission employ an endohedral metallofullerene (120, 220) as an active material coupled to an optical waveguide (110, 210). The endohedral metallofullerene (120, 220) is optically coupled to an optical field of the optical... Agent:

20120033295 - Passive optical networks: An optical network unit (10) comprising a reflective semi-conductor optical amplifier (R-SOA) 12 and a driver 14. The R-SOA has a large optical confinement factor and is arranged to receive a portion of a downstream optical signal having a signal wavelength and a signal power. The driver is arranged to... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20120033296 - Projection objective for a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus: A projection objective of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus contains a plurality of optical elements arranged in N>−2 successive sections A1 to AN of the projection objective which are separated from one another by pupil planes or intermediate image planes. According to the invention, in order to correct a wavefront... Agent: Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

20120033298 - Stereoscopic image displaying method: A stereoscopic image displaying method includes providing a display panel for displaying an image, the display panel having a pixel pitch, providing a parallax barrier having a first barrier region to an Nth barrier region and a first distance between the parallax barrier and the display panel, the first barrier... Agent:

20120033297 - Stereoscopic image displaying method and stereoscopic display device: A stereoscopic display device includes a display panel for displaying an image, a parallax barrier having a first barrier region to an Nth barrier region and a first distance between the parallax barrier and the display panel, the first barrier region to the Nth barrier region respectively having a first... Agent:

20120033299 - Protective cup lens cover: A padded protective cup shaped covering sized to slip over a camera lens is disclosed. The covering is designed to fit on either the front portion of the lens or the lens mount. The protective covering has beveled side walls which allow it to fit easily on a variety of... Agent:

20120033300 - Fixed focal length lens having image stabilization function: A fixed focal length lens has a focal length of a whole system shorter than a back focus. The fixed focal length lens includes an aperture stop, and an image-stabilizing lens unit that moves in a direction including a component of a direction orthogonal to an optical axis to reduce... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120033301 - Stationary sunlight redirecting element and system: A low-cost sunlight redirecting element including multiple substantially identical redirecting structures uniformly arranged and fixedly disposed on a base, where each redirecting structure includes multiple optical surface regions that are cooperatively formed and arranged such that, when the sunlight redirecting element is operably fixedly oriented relative to a stationary target... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120033302 - Optical element, method of manufacturing optical element, illumination device, window member, and fitting: An optical element includes a first surface, a second surface positioned to face the first surface, and a plurality of reflecting surfaces arrayed in a first region defined by the first surface and the second surface, wherein the reflecting surfaces have a first length in a first direction vertical to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120033303 - Lens barrel, image pickup device, and lens barrel manufacturing method: A lens barrel includes a fourth lens, a prism, and a sixth lens. The fourth lens receives a light flux incident along a first optical axis. The prism includes a reflecting surface reflecting the light flux passing through the fourth lens to a direction along a second optical axis intersecting... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120033304 - Data security screen and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to a security screen and a manufacturing method thereof. The security screen comprises: a first film layer; and a blind layer in which shielding partition walls for blocking input images are repeatedly arranged at a distance from each other in parallel or in a lattice configuration... Agent: Awak, Inc.

20120033305 - Methods for producing lens arrays: A lens array for imaging image elements in an object plane, and a method of making a lens array. The lens array includes lenslets formed in or on one side of a transparent or translucent material with the image elements disposed on the opposite side, and has a gauge thickness... Agent: Securency International Pty Ltd

20120033306 - Optical waveguide and display device: In a slab waveguide which expands an image-bearing pupil into a visible image, reflective edge surfaces are used to redirect once-diffracted light back through the same grating structure. The number of separate grating structures thereby can be reduced to two or even one, compared to three in the prior art.... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20120033307 - Display device: A display device includes a light flux generation unit 115 to generate light flux 112 containing image information, a reflection plate 163 to reflect the light flux toward one eye 105 of an occupant 100, a head detection unit 612 to detect a head 101 of the occupant 100 by... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120033308 - Compact zoom lens: A zoom lens includes: a first lens group having a negative refractive power; a second lens group having a positive refractive power; a third lens group having a positive refractive power and including one piece of positive lens; and a fourth lens group having a negative refractive power, wherein the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120033309 - Image pickup apparatus that drives plural lens units using motors different from each other and drive control method of lens: An image pickup apparatus includes a first drive unit, a first lens unit configured to be driven by the first drive unit to perform a magnification-varying operation, a second drive unit, a second lens unit configured to be driven by the second drive unit, and a controller configured to control... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120033310 - Lens barrel and optical apparatus including the same: A lens barrel includes: a frame for holding an optical lens, the frame having a bottomed circular recess formed in its outer peripheral surface; a cam follower fixed to an outer diameter portion of the frame with screws, the cam follower including a core and a collar provided on an... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120033311 - Wide-angle optical system, and imaging apparatus incorporating the same: l

20120033312 - Apparatuses and methods for changing the appearance of an object mounted behind a mirror: An apparatus includes a mirror. The mirror has a transmissivity, a reflectivity, a front side, and a back side. The apparatus further includes a substantially transparent layer, the substantially transparent layer is located on the back side; and a dark layer, the dark layer contains an aperture and is applied... Agent: Electric Mirror, LLC

20120033314 - Exterior rear view mirror and process for its assembly: An exterior rear view mirror of an exterior rear view mirror assembly for a motor vehicle is described. The exterior rear view mirror includes: an exterior rear view mirror housing, a base bracket, at least partly accommodated in the exterior rear view mirror housing, a frame with walls, which surround... Agent: Smr Patents S.a.r.i.

20120033313 - Seal and exterior rear view mirror assembly: A seal of a part of an exterior rear view mirror assembly relative to a body part of a motor vehicle is described, which seal is provided for covering at least one section of a surface of a mirror base and/or a mirror base cover, which takes its bearing on... Agent: Smr Patents S.a.r.i.

20120033315 - Scanner motor: Disclosed herein is a scanner motor, including: a rotor case fixed on a rotation shaft to be rotated; a polygon mirror mounted on a top of the rotor case; and a bonding part formed between the rotor case and the polygon mirror to fix the polygon mirror on the rotor... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

02/02/2012 > 55 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20120026564 - Complex holograms, method of making and using complex holograms: A method of making a hologram includes recording a first hologram in a holographic recording medium at a first deformation ratio; changing the first deformation ratio to a second deformation ratio that is different from the first deformation ratio; and recording a second hologram in the holographic recording medium at... Agent:

20120026565 - Duplicating holograms: Methods and systems for optimizing hologram duplication, including illuminating a first master hologram to generate a first data beam modulated by the first master hologram, recording a first copy hologram using the first data beam and a reference beam, analyzing a light field generated by the first copy hologram, and... Agent: Zebra Imaging, Inc.

20120026566 - Multi-beam light source device and multi-beam light scanning device: A multi-beam light source device and a multi-beam scanning device including the multi-beam light source device are provided. The multi-beam light source device includes: a light source including: a cylindrical package having a side edge portion which extends in a rotational direction about a rotational axis line defined as a... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120026567 - Vibrating mirror element and optical scanner: This vibrating mirror element includes a mirror portion swingable on a first axis, a driving portion, including a free end and a fixed end, for swinging the mirror portion by deformation and a shaft portion provided between the mirror portion and the driving portion to extend along the first axis.... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20120026568 - Liquid device and display apparatus: A liquid device includes: first and second substrates oppositely provided to each other at a distance; first and second partition walls provided between the first substrate and the second substrate to extend in a first and second directions, respectively; first and second electrodes respectively provided on both side surfaces of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120026569 - System and method for illumination attenuation: Generally speaking, the output brightness of an illuminator is varied by chopping an output light beam such that the beam is alternately interrupted and unhindered. An interrupter can be rapidly moved into and out of the transmission path of a light beam. The brightness of the light beam received at... Agent:

20120026570 - Multi-zone mirrors: A multi-zone reflector having an opaque zone and a transflective zone. The reflector includes a supporting base, a lower reflecting layer disposed adjacent the supporting base, and an upper reflecting layer extending over the opacifying layer and the transflective zone of the reflector. The lower reflecting layer substantially completely covers... Agent: Gentex Corporation

20120026571 - Electro-optic rearview mirror assembly for vehicle: A reflective element assembly for a vehicular mirror assembly includes a front substrate, a rear substrate, an electro-optic medium disposed between the front and rear substrates and a transmission-reducing thin film coating established at the fourth surface of the rear substrate. A window is established through the transmission-reducing thin film... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20120026572 - Electrochromic display device: An electrochromic display device including: a first substrate; first electrodes parallely extending on the first substrate; a second substrate opposite to the first substrate; second electrodes parallely extending in a direction orthogonal to the first electrodes on the second substrate; and an electrochromic composition layer between the substrates, wherein the... Agent: Funai Electric Advanced Applied Technology Research Institute Inc.

20120026573 - Electrochromic window fabrication methods: Methods of manufacturing electrochromic windows are described. An electrochromic device is fabricated to substantially cover a glass sheet, for example float glass, and a cutting pattern is defined based on one or more low-defectivity areas in the device from which one or more electrochromic panes are cut. Laser scribes and/or... Agent: Soladigm, Inc.

20120026574 - Thermochromic smart window and method of manufacturing the same: A thermochromic smart window and a method of manufacturing the thermochromic smart window including a glass and a thermochromic layer including a vanadium dioxide material formed on the glass. A thermochromic smart window includes a substrate and a thermochromic layer disposed on the substrate, wherein a slope of a graph... Agent:

20120026576 - Devices and methods for enhancing brightness of displays using angle conversion layers: Various embodiments of the present invention relate to enhancing the brightness of displays that employ illumination systems. In some embodiments, the illumination systems include light guides, diffractive microstructure, and light-turning features. The diffractive microstructure may be configured to receive ambient light at a first angle and produce diffracted light at... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20120026575 - Optical imaging system: An optical imaging system including an imaging lens and a spatial light modulator is provided. The imaging system has an aperture stop position. The spatial light modulator is disposed at the aperture stop position of the imaging system to serve as a pupil of the imaging lens. The spatial light... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20120026577 - Display device and manufacturing method thereof: A display device includes an active element array substrate, a display layer and a transparent shock absorption layer. The display layer is disposed on the active element array substrate. The transparent shock absorption layer is disposed on the display layer. The transparent shock absorption layer is formed by curing liquid... Agent: E Ink Holdings Inc.

20120026578 - Radiation source apparatus and duv beam generation method: The present invention provides a radiation source apparatus which can generate a DUV radiation beam having a wavelength of 193.4 nm efficiently. The radiation source apparatus according to the invention has first wavelength conversion means arranged to receive a first laser beam of a first fundamental wavelength and to generate... Agent: Lasertec Corporation

20120026579 - Resonant optical amplifier: Methods and systems for resonant optical amplification are disclosed, including generating electromagnetic radiation from a seed laser; coupling the seed laser electromagnetic radiation into an etalon, wherein the etalon comprises a gain medium comprising a gain, a length, and a roundtrip gain, wherein the gain medium is positioned between a... Agent: Polaronyx, Inc.

20120026580 - Infrared light reflective film: An infrared light reflective film comprising a dielectric multi-layered film constituted of an alternate laminate of a low-refractive index dielectric layer and a high-refractive index dielectric layer and a cholesteric liquid crystal-containing infrared light reflective layer, wherein all of the dielectric layers are composed of an inorganic material other than... Agent:

20120026581 - Precision opitcal mount: An optical apparatus has a primary optical element having a primary spherical optical surface with a primary center of curvature, wherein the primary spherical optical surface has a peripheral portion that extends outside a usable aperture of the optical apparatus, and a secondary optical element. A mount suspends the secondary... Agent:

20120026582 - Microscope system: Changes in moving speed of an observation image relative to the viewing range of an image displayed on a display unit are reduced, even if a stage is driven when the viewing range of the image on the display unit is changed. A microscope system is provided, including a stage... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120026583 - Stereoscopic image display apparatus: An image display apparatus includes: a transmissive display panel; a planar illumination device that illuminates the transmissive display panel from a rear side; and a parallax barrier that is provided between the transmissive display panel and the planar illumination device and separates an image displayed on the transmissive display panel... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120026585 - Shutter unit and three dimensional image display device having the same: A three dimensional image display device is disclosed. In one embodiment, the device includes: i) a display panel that configured to selectively display one of a left-eye image and a right-eye image, ii) a first polarizing plate positioned on the display panel, and iii) a first retarder positioned on the... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co. Ltd.

20120026584 - System and device for generating 3d images: A device for generating 3D images includes a reflective display, two light sources, a controller and two laser sheets. The reflective display displays images. The two light sources are oppositely placed in front of the reflective display. The controller directs two light sources to alternately emit light. The two laser... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120026586 - Display device and phase retardation film: A display device and a phase retardation film are provided. The display device includes a display module and a phase retardation layer disposed at the display module. The display module has sub-pixel regions arranged into an array along a first direction and a perpendicular second direction. The phase retardation layer... Agent: Chimei Innolux Corporation

20120026587 - Apparatus for changing diffraction gratings: An apparatus usable with a laser resonator has a generally stationary base, a positioning slide carried on the guide and shiftable thereon in an adjustment direction, and two (or more) holders carried on the slide and each having a platform adapted to secure a respective diffraction grating. Each of the... Agent:

20120026588 - Tunable spectral filtration device: A tunable spectral filtration device is disclosed that includes one or more pairs of interference filters in series, wherein each element of each pair is independently selected from one or more options, independently positioned to intersect a path of converging or diverging light, and independently tilted with respect to the... Agent:

20120026589 - Imaging lens, optical apparatus equipped therewith, and method for manufacturing imaging lens: An imaging lens, an optical apparatus equipped therewith, and a method for manufacturing the imaging lens are disclosed. An imaging lens consists of, in order from an object, a front group having negative power, and a rear group including a sub-lens group having negative power. At least a portion of... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20120026590 - Imaging lens, optical apparatus including imaging lens and method for manufacturing imaging lens: An optical system includes, in order from an object side: a first lens group G1 having negative refractive power; and a second lens group G2 having positive refractive power; upon zooming from a wide-angle end state W to a telephoto end state T, a distance between the first lens group... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20120026591 - Optical element, display device, and anti-reflective optical component, and master: In one example embodiment, an optical element includes a base and a large number of structures arranged on a surface of the base. In one example embodiment, the structures are depressions or projections with a conical form. In one example embodiment, the structures are arranged at a pitch shorter than... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120026593 - Microlens array manufacturing method, and microlens array: There is provided a manufacturing method for a microlens array including a multiple number of microlenses protruded in a substantially hemispherical shape from a surface. The manufacturing method includes forming a resist layer for forming a shape of the microlenses on an organic film layer serving as a material layer... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120026592 - Multihybrid artificial compound eye with varied ommatidia: A wide angle imaging system combines compound array fore-optics with single axis relay optics to generate distortion free images with an infinite depth of field. A curved first array of objective lenslets focuses multiple apertures of light through the tubes of a louver baffle terminated by field stops. An intermediate... Agent: Spectral Imaging Laboratory

20120026595 - Lens forming method, lens, and camera module: A lens forming method comprising the steps of: interposing an uncured resin between a lens molding plate and a flat-shaped transparent substrate that are disposed to face each other so as to keep an externally-opening distance; and performing light irradiation on the resin interposed between the lens molding plate and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120026594 - Molecular film for coating optical lenses and a manufacture method thereof: A molecular film for coating optical lenses comprises Octadecyltrichlorosilane; and a germicide, wherein the weight ratio between the germicide and the Octadecyltrichlorosilane is 3 to 13. Furthermore, a manufacture method of a molecular film for coating optical lenses comprises a step of “preparation,” by preparing a substrate, Octadecyltrichlorosilane solution and... Agent:

20120026598 - Liquid meniscus lens with concave torus-segment meniscus wall: The present invention relates generally to a liquid meniscus lens with a meniscus wall. Some specific embodiments include a liquid meniscus lens with a meniscus wall essentially in the shape of a conical frustum with at least a portion of the conical frustum concave toward the optical axis. Embodiments may... Agent:

20120026597 - Liquid meniscus lens with convex torus-segment meniscus wall: The present invention relates generally to a liquid meniscus lens with a meniscus wall. Some specific embodiments include a liquid meniscus lens with a meniscus wall essentially in the shape of a conical frustum with at least a portion of the conical frustum convex toward the optical axis. Embodiments may... Agent:

20120026596 - Optical electrowetting device: The invention concerns an optical electrowetting device a body comprising at least a first external surface and a second internal surface with a conical shape; a liquid-liquid interface between a first and a second immiscible liquids, the first liquid being a conducting liquid and the second liquid being an insulating... Agent: Varioptic S.a.

20120026599 - Reconfigurable, non-oscillating liquid lens and imaging systems: A non-oscillating liquid lens and imaging system and method employing the lens are provided. The liquid lens includes a substrate with a channel opening extending through the substrate. A liquid lens drop is held within the channel and is sized with a first droplet portion, including a first capillary surface,... Agent: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

20120026600 - Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera: A zoom lens system, in order from an object side to an image side, comprising a first lens unit having positive optical power and at least one subsequent lens unit, wherein an interval between the first lens unit and a lens unit which is one of the at least one... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120026601 - Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera: A zoom lens system, in order from an object side to an image side, comprising a first lens unit having negative optical power and at least one subsequent lens unit, wherein a second lens unit is located closest to the object side in the subsequent lens units, an interval between... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120026602 - Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system: A zoom lens system, in order from an object side to an image side, comprising a front unit and a rear unit, wherein the rear unit, in order from the object side to the image side, comprises: a subsequent first lens unit and a subsequent second lens unit having negative... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120026603 - Zoom lens: A zoom lens disposed between an object side and an image side and including a first, second, third, and fourth lens group is provided. The first lens group has a negative refractive power and includes a first lens and a prism arranged in sequence from the object side to the... Agent: Young Optics Inc.

20120026604 - Zoom lens and imaging apparatus: A zoom lens includes a positive first lens group, a negative second lens group, a positive third lens group, and a positive fourth lens group, which are arranged in this order from the object side of the zoom lens. The focal length of the entire system of the zoom lens... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120026605 - Lens apparatus: A lens apparatus that is switchable between a first and a second modes, including: a control master determination unit for determining the lens apparatus as one of a master and a slave for each target to be controlled of the lens apparatus when the lens apparatus is operated in the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120026606 - Projection lens: A projection lens disposed between an enlarged side and a reduced side and including a first lens group having a negative refractive power, a second lens group having a positive refractive power, a third lens group having positive refractive power, and an optical element disposed between the second and the... Agent: Young Optics Inc.

20120026607 - High numerical aperture catadioptric objectives without obscuration and applications thereof: Disclosed are high numerical (NA) catadioptric objectives without a central obscuration, and applications thereof. Such objectives can operate through a wide spectral bandwidth of radiation, including deep ultraviolet (DUV) radiation. Importantly, refractive elements in the catadioptric objectives can be manufactured from a single type of material (such as, for example,... Agent: Asml Holding N.v.

20120026608 - Imaging lens and imaging apparatus: An imaging lens includes a first lens that is a negative meniscus lens having a concave surface facing the image side of the imaging lens, a second lens that is a positive lens having a convex surface facing the object side of the imaging lens, a third lens that is... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120026609 - Imaging optical system, and imaging apparatus incorporting the same: The invention provides an imaging optical system comprising, in order from an object side to an image side thereof, a first lens group of positive refracting power, a second lens group having positive or negative refracting power and a third lens group of positive refracting power. The optical system includes... Agent:

20120026610 - Optical apparatus: The optical apparatus includes a first optical unit and a second optical unit that are movable in an optical axis direction, actuators that respectively move the first and second optical units in the optical axis direction, and a linking mechanism that is configured to link the first and second optical... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120026613 - Actuator, drive device, lens unit, image-capturing device: It is an objective of the present invention to provide an actuator that can efficiently enlarge a displacement amount of a moving element. Provided is an actuator that moves a moving element, comprising a drive element that contacts the moving element; a drive unit that moves the moving element in... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20120026612 - Compact imaging device: The subject matter disclosed herein relates to an imaging device having a small form factor.... Agent: Hong Kong Applied Science And Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd.

20120026611 - Electromagnetic lens driving device: An electromagnetic lens driving device includes a casing, a lens module, a positioning structure, and an electromagnetic driving module. The lens module is provided in a receiving space defined in the casing. The positioning structure, which is connected between the lens module and the casing, is configured to limit the... Agent:

20120026614 - Actuator motion control mechanism for a concave mirror: A method for varying a radius of curvature of a concave mirror includes coupling a concave mirror to a mirror frame, coupling the mirror frame to a vertical slide, coupling the vertical slide to a horizontal slide, coupling the horizontal slide to a fixed support, coupling an end of the... Agent:

20120026615 - Solar reflector and production method: A solar reflector has a base support (5) made from injected thermoplastic material 1-7 mm thick. The base support (5) has a surface on a front face having a “mirror polish” surface finish and a geometry defined by an optical function. A structure of reinforcing ribs (13) in a rear... Agent: Nemata Ingenieria Integral, S.l.m,

20120026616 - Interior mirror assembly with adjustable mounting assembly: An interior rearview mirror assembly includes a mirror casing, a reflective element and a mounting assembly for adjustably mounting the mirror assembly at an interior portion of a vehicle. The mounting assembly has a mounting base and a mounting arm adjustably mounted to the mounting base via a base joint.... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20120026617 - Mirror and adjustment method therefor: A method for adjusting a mirror. The method includes using a time-of-flight (TOF) camera to capture an image of a scene in front of a reflecting portion of the mirror and obtaining data about distances between a number of points in the scene and the TOF camera. Building a three... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120026618 - Daytime and nighttime light filtering device for the front seat of an automobile: A daytime and nighttime light filtering device for the front seat of an automobile includes an outer frame, two winding mechanisms, a daytime strong light-preventing soft screen, a nighttime strong light-preventing soft screen and a positioning mechanism. By mutual action and cooperation of the position mechanism and the winding mechanism,... Agent:

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