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Optical: systems and elements July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110181928 - Durable washable label having a visible diffraction grating pattern: This invention provides an improved and novel thin and pliable holographic fabric label that possesses durability, high intensity of holographic diffraction, laundering resistance, minimal alteration and degradation to the fabric and the label through extended use, and the ability to be cost-effectively mass produced is described. High bond is formed... Agent:

20110181929 - Laser processing device and laser processing method: A laser processing device 1 includes a laser light source 10, a spatial light modulator 20, a control section 22, and a condensing optical system 30. The spatial light modulator 20 is input with a laser light output from the laser light source 10, presents a hologram for modulating the... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k

20110181930 - Spindle motor: There is provided a spindle motor having a high speed rotation and a low vibration with high rotation accuracy and capable of installing discs at locations which are spaced apart from a stator core in a thrust direction while employing fluid dynamic bearings and a pivot bearing. The spindle motor... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20110181931 - mems device comprising oscillations measurements means: A MEMS apparatus is provided for scanning an optical beam which comprises: a. at least one mirror operative to perform am oscillation motion to a pre-defined rotation angle around a mirror rotation axis; b. a sound sensing means; and c. a conversion means operative to convert sound vibrations detected by... Agent: Btendo Ltd.

20110181932 - Low cost long-life compact low wobble wide scan angle taut-band resonant scanners with matched coefficients of thermal expansion and interchangeable mirrors: A taut-band resonant scanner is disclosed that includes an elongated band and a sub-assembly. The elongated band has a length in an elongated direction, a width in a width direction that is orthogonal to the elongated direction, and a thickness in a thickness direction that is orthogonal to both the... Agent: Cambridge Technology, Inc.

20110181933 - Optical scanner: An optical scanner capable of preventing breakage of a shaft section due to stress concentration is provided. A mirror frame 13 is shaped so as to enclose a mirror 11, and holds the mirror 11, via torsion bars 121 and 122, so as to be vibratable. A unimorph 15 is... Agent: Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.

20110181934 - Fluidic display device, and associated method: The invention relates to a display device that uses liquids for visualizing information as well as an associated method. According to the invention, said fluidic display device comprises a plurality of display elements with cavities, at least one display liquid for displaying information, at least one liquid feeding mechanism for... Agent: Advanced Display Technology Ag

20110181935 - Magnetic voice-coil shutter drive actuation system: This magnetic voice-coil shutter drive actuation system for an optical shutter having an aperture with at least one shutter blade includes an actuator operating to open/close the shutter blade when moved in opposing directions, and a moveable element that operates said actuator and can be a moveable voice coil or... Agent: Cvi Melles Griot Inc.

20110181936 - Optical modulator: Optical modulator having wide bandwidth based on Fabry-Perot resonant reflection is disclosed. The optical modulator includes: a bottom Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) layer; a top DBR layer including at least one layer, and a modified layer; and an active layer disposed between bottom and top DBR layers, wherein the at... Agent: Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

20110181937 - Electro-optic device and electronic apparatus: An electro-optic device including: an electro-optical panel having an electro-optic substance held between an element substrate and an opposed substrate; and a dust-proof substrate bonded to a surface of the opposed substrate opposite from a surface thereof opposing the element substrate; wherein one of the opposed substrate and the dust-proof... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110181938 - Electrochromic formulation, method for the production thereof, and electrochromic organic component: Formulations are used in organically based electrochromic components, e.g. for producing displays and/or state indicators having a longer service life. The service life is increased by end-capping the 4,4′-bipyridinium salt.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110181939 - Electrochromic device having controlled infrared reflection: r

20110181940 - Device for fluidic display and corresponding method: The invention relates to a display, for using liquids to display information and a corresponding method. According to the invention, said display comprises a number of display elements with cavities, at least one display liquid for displaying information and at least one liquid reservoir for providing the at least one... Agent: Advanced Display Technology Ag

20110181941 - Rapid prototyping apparatus and method of rapid prototyping: The invention relates to a method of illuminating at least one rapid prototyping medium (RPM) wherein the illuminating is performed by at least two simultaneous individually modulated light beams (IMLB) projected onto the rapid prototyping medium (RPM) and wherein the rapid prototyping medium is illuminated with light beams (IMLB) having... Agent: Huntsman Advanced Materials (switzwerland) Gmbh

20110181942 - Nonlinear harmonic generation and devices in doubly-resonant kerr cavities: A nonlinear harmonic generation system is provided. The nonlinear harmonic generation system includes a waveguide channel receives and propagates electromagnetic signals. A resonant cavity is coupled to the waveguide channel. The resonant cavity structure includes a plurality of resonant modes into which electromagnetic energy is coupled during the operation of... Agent:

20110181943 - Wavelength conversion device and wavelength conversion method: A first wavelength converter of a wavelength-conversion device includes: an optical amplifier amplifying an incident light beam; a first dispersion flat fiber spreading the wavelength spectrum width of the amplified beam; and a first wavelength filter transmitting a predetermined wavelength bandwidth of the first fiber output beam. A center wavelength... Agent: Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

20110181944 - Fiber amplifiers and fiber lasers with reduced out-of-band gain: A method of operating a fiber amplifier characterized by a spectral gain curve includes providing an input signal at a signal wavelength. The signal wavelength lies within an in-band portion of the spectral gain curve extending from a first in-band wavelength to a second in-band wavelength, the in-band portion being... Agent: Pyrophotonics Lasers Inc.

20110181945 - Optical semiconductor device: The present invention is an optical semiconductor device including a lower clad layer 12 having a first conduction type, an active layer 14 that is provided on the lower clad layer 12 and has multiple quantum dot layers 51-55 having multiple quantum dots 41, and an upper clad layer 18... Agent: Qd Laser, Inc.

20110181946 - Chip-scale slow-light buffers fashioned with leaky-mode resonant elements and methods of using leaky-mode resonant elements for delaying light: A method for delaying transmitted light. The method may include illuminating a leaky-mode resonant element with light pulses of short duration and sequences of such pulses. The leaky-mode resonant element may include a spatially modulated periodic layer and may be configured so that at least some of the light is... Agent:

20110181947 - Microscope inspection device for fluorescence inspections: A microscope inspection device for performing a fluorescence inspection of a testing object includes a camera module, a microscope lens, a light source module, and a first light filter. The camera module includes an image sensor for sensing an image light of the testing object. The microscope lens has an... Agent: Lumos Technology Co., Ltd.

20110181948 - Multilayered fluorescent screens for scanning beam display systems: Fluorescent screens and display systems and devices based on such screens using at least one excitation optical beam to excite one or more fluorescent materials on a screen which emit light to form images. The fluorescent materials may include phosphor materials and non-phosphor materials such as quantum dots.... Agent: Prysm, Inc.

20110181949 - Floating image display device: A floating image display device includes an object, and a light reflecting optical member for reflecting displayed light from the object to a viewer. The light reflecting optical member comprises a structure in which micro mirror units each having first and second light reflecting sides are arranged in matrix. The... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110181950 - Optical isolator: An optical isolator including a Faraday rotator that has a high Faraday effect and a high transmission factor in a wavelength used is provided. An optical isolator comprises at least: a Faraday rotator; a polarizer arranged on a light incidence side of the Faraday rotator; and an analyzer arranged on... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110181951 - Composite reciprocal rotators and thermally compensated optical isolators and circulators therefrom: A thermally compensated optical device includes in an optical path an input linear polarizer for transmitting linearly polarized light from a received light beam at a design wavelength. A composite reciprocal rotator includes a first reciprocal material and at least a second reciprocal material provides a reciprocal rotation having a... Agent: Gooch And Housego PLC

20110181952 - Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and electrowetting display panel having the display substrate: A display substrate includes a base substrate, a reflection-polarization member, a first electrode, an insulation layer and a pixel wall. The reflection-polarization member is disposed on the base substrate to reflect and polarize incident light. The first electrode is disposed in a unit pixel area of the reflection-polarization member. The... Agent:

20110181953 - Polarizing element: A polarizing element includes fine metal particles formed in numerous regions that were occupied by respective substantially needle-like metal halide fine particles before reduction that are oriented and dispersed in a glass substrate such that the lengthwise directions thereof are almost the same, the fine metal particles being produced by... Agent: Hoya Candeo Optronics Corporation

20110181954 - Optical structures including polyurea: Optical structures and sheeting that include polyurea and method for forming same are proposed in accordance with aspects of the present invention. One and two-component layers can be used to form the optical structures. The optical structures can include microstructures formed from polyurea. The sheeting can include at least one... Agent: Reflexite Corporation

20110181955 - Optical system with optical image stabilization using a mems mirror: An optical system with optical image stabilization of the present invention comprises at least one movement determination unit determining a movement of the optical system, a control circuitry generating a movement compensation signal using the movement information of the optical system from the movement determination unit, and a Micro-Electro Mechanical... Agent: Angstrom, Inc.

20110181956 - Optical device using diffraction gratings: A double-sided grating divider acts as a light switch where the upper and lower grating dividers are arranged to accommodate a relative lateral shift therebetween of about one-fourth of the period of the diffraction grating elements and where the critical refraction angles of the grating dividers are more than about... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20110181957 - Optical light switch using double-sided diffraction structure: A light switch (or valve) made up of two mutually inverted, substantially identical diffraction gratings with a liquid medium therebetween, arranged to allow the grating substrates to be shifted laterally relative to one another so as to align and mis-align the grating elements. When aligned, incident-polarized light passes through the... Agent: Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20110181958 - Photon-alignment optical film: A photon-alignment optical film includes a film substrate on which at least one layer of core/shell nanoparticles is coated. The core/shell nanoparticle layer includes a plastic substance, which is photo curable or heat curable, and a plurality of core/shell nanoparticles, which is uniformly distributed in the plastic substance. Light energy... Agent:

20110181959 - Kaleidoscopic system and method of use: A kaleidoscopic system may include a portable platform table having at least one storage compartment, a teleidoscope mounted on a swivel and gooseneck assembly, and a turntable affixed to a top of the portable platform table. The assembly may be affixed to the portable platform table to position the teleidoscope... Agent:

20110181960 - Image display device and head mount display: Provided are an image display device and HMD, which can make an observer observe an image with reduced luminance nonuniformity and reduced color nonuniformity, while making the image bright by reducing the degree of diffusion with a constitution employing a means which diffuses incident light in one direction. In the... Agent: Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.

20110181961 - Mold, method of manufacturing mold, method of manufacturing wafer lens, and wafer lens: Provided are a mold used to form a concave lens section and provided with a reference surface having improved flatness, a method of manufacturing the mold, a method of manufacturing a wafer lens by using the mold, and a wafer lens. The mold has one or more concave cavities formed... Agent:

20110181962 - Compact imaging lens assembly: This invention provides a compact imaging lens assembly in order from an object side toward an image side including a first lens with positive refractive power having at least one of the object-side and image-side surfaces thereof being aspheric, a second lens with negative refractive power having a concave object-side... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20110181963 - Imaging lens and camera module: Provided is an imaging lens and a camera module, the device including in an orderly way from an object side, a first lens with positive (+) refractive power; a second lens with negative (−) refractive power; a third lens with negative (−) refractive power; a fourth lens with negative (−)... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110181964 - Magnifying glass: A magnifying glass has an eye-side aspherical biconvex-lens and an object-side meniscus lens, the concave lens surface of which faces a field of vision. This produces a magnifying glass, which is flexible to use and at the same time is not complex in its design.... Agent: Eschenbach Optik Gmbh

20110181965 - Optical system: m

20110181966 - Soi lens structure for medical probe: An optical probe for emitting and/or receiving light within a body comprises an optical fiber that transmits and/or receives an optical signal, a silicon optical bench including a fiber groove running longitudinally that holds an optical fiber termination of the optical fiber and a reflecting surface that optically couples an... Agent: Axsun Technologies, Inc.

20110181967 - Lens barrel and optical instrument: The present invention provides a miniaturized lens barrel and optical instrument. The lens barrel (1) is constituted to be provided with a lens (L2) which is retained in a retaining frame (82) pivotally supported by a shaft portion (83) parallel to the optical axis (A), and which moves between a... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20110181970 - Lens apparatus for surveillance camera: e

20110181968 - Lens module socket: A lens module socket for receiving a lens module having a base portion includes an insulating housing, a plurality of conductive terminals received in the insulating housing, a shielding shell encircling the insulating housing, and a plurality of rotatable latches pivotally assembled to the insulating housing by a plurality of... Agent:

20110181969 - Optical device, optical apparatus, and method of manufacturing the same: An optical device includes: a holding frame holding an optical system; a tubular member provided at an outer circumferential surface with a first concave groove and at an inner circumferential surface with a second concave groove, and holding the holding frame; and an eccentric pin penetrating through the first and... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20110181971 - Methods and systems for fabricating optical films having superimposed features: An approach for making a master tool used to fabricate optical films involves cutting a series of base structures. Modifying features are superimposed with the base structures, producing abruptly discontinuous variations in the shape of the base structures. Diffraction elements may be formed in one or both of the base... Agent:

20110181972 - Extendable rearview mirror: An exterior rearview mirror assembly for a vehicle including an extendable mirror for improved rearward viewing is disclosed. Several embodiments of the rearview mirror assembly each comprise a mirror housing, a mirror disposed in the mirror housing, and some structure to allow extension of the mirror between an inboard position... Agent:

20110181973 - Multi-layer panel and method of manufacturing such a panel: A method of manufacturing a multi-layer panel having a curved reflective and/or transmitting facing layer, the method comprising the steps of: increasing and/or decreasing the pressure on a side of the thin membrane to form a pressure differential across a thin membrane to cause the thin membrane to deform to... Agent:

20110181974 - Method of manufacturing optical part and optical part, and method of manufacturing display and display: In one embodiment, a light-emitting device includes an optical part which is configured to prevent the formation of a residual film and to enhance light extraction efficiency. In one embodiment, an optical part as a reflective plate is arranged on a light extraction side of a light-emitting panel. In one... Agent:

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110176190 - Speckle-noise reduction in holographic projections: A method for reconstructing a holographic projection comprising providing a single hologram, providing at least one cyclic shift of at least a portion of the single hologram in the space domain, and reconstructing a cyclically shifted hologram by applying said cyclic shift on said portion.... Agent: Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.

20110176191 - Scanning optical device: A scanning optical device that scans a light beam through a relay optical system, the relay optical system comprising: front group lenses arranged at a light source side; rear group lenses arranged at a side of a surface to be scanned; and first and second minors arranged between the front... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110176192 - Scanning optical device: A scanning optical device includes at least one light source unit for emitting a light beam, a first deflector for deflecting the emitted light beam in an auxiliary scanning direction, a condensing optical system for generating an intermediate image of the light beam deflected by the first deflector, a collecting... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110176193 - Multiple-source multiple-beam polarized laser scanning system: Two integrated multi-beam sources are positioned and disposed such that each emits light toward an optical splitter. The emitted light is polarized such that the splitter brings the optical paths of the two integrated multi-beam sources generally parallel to one another such that the optical system aperture throughput for the... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20110176194 - Shutter device: An exemplary shutter device includes a base having an aperture defined therein, a shaft mounted on the base, a magnetic element, a shutter blade, a first wire coil and a second wire coil. The magnetic element is connected to the shaft and rotatable around the shaft. The shutter blade is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110176195 - Electrochromic device having an improved fill port plug: An electrochromic device including: (a) a first substantially transparent substrate having an electrically conductive material associated therewith; (b) a second substrate having an electrically conductive material associated therewith; (c) an electrochromic medium contained within a chamber positioned between the first and second substrates which includes: (1) a solvent; (2) an... Agent:

20110176196 - Methods and devices for pressure detection: Methods and devices for detecting pressure applied to a device are described herein. In one embodiment, the device comprises a first layer and a second layer positioned below the first layer. The first layer and the second layer form a cavity. The device further comprises a plurality of display elements... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20110176198 - Dot matrix type information display panel: A plurality of cells are formed by a polygonal cell having even number of sides being at least six sides, and a plurality of cells being constructed by a polygonal shape as a unit are arranged in a display region regularly, so as to construct the dot matrix type information... Agent:

20110176199 - Information display device: An information display device, in which a display medium 3W, 3B having an optical reflectivity and comprised of a particle group containing particles that can be electrically driven is sealed between two panel substrates 5, 6 arranged so as to face each other, at least one of which panel substrates... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20110176197 - Method of manufacturing substrate and display apparatus having the same: A method of manufacturing a substrate includes; disposing a preliminary planarization layer on a first surface of a plastic substrate, bonding a second surface of the plastic substrate onto a carrier substrate, wherein the second surface of the plastic surface is substantially opposite to the first surface, curing the preliminary... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110176200 - Delay-line-interferometer for integration with balanced receivers: This invention provides a DPSK demodulator and a DQPSK demodulator. Both of the demodulators are based on polarization delay-line interferometers. They can be integrated with photodetectors in fiber-optic communication systems. The demodulators consist of polarization beam shifter, polarization beam splitter and wave plates. Coupling of the demodulators with photodetectors can... Agent: W2 Optronics Inc

20110176201 - Modular set of devices for optical amplification of signal by raman fiber amplifier: Modular set is formed by optical module interconnected with control module of electronic system. Optical module is formed by at least two pairs of laser diodes connected in series and including Peltier cooler and thermistor, which are connected to inputs of polarizing fiber combiners, and depolarized outputs of these polarizing... Agent: Cesnet, Zajmove Sdruzeni Pravnickych Osob

20110176202 - Optical amplifier and optical amplifying apparatus: An optical amplifier amplifies signal light and includes a pump light source that outputs pump light of a wavelength different from that of the signal light; a combining unit that combines the signal light and the pump light output by the pump light source, to output combined light; an amplifying... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110176203 - Laser apparatus: The present invention relates to a laser apparatus capable of supplying laser beams from each of plural beam emitting ends constituting laser beam output ports, and realizes the overall low power consumption and low non-linearization. The laser apparatus comprises a seed light source, beam emitting ends, an intermediate optical amplifier,... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110176204 - Photo-pumped semiconductor optical amplifier: An edge photo-pumped semiconductor slab amplifier including an undoped semiconductor slab. A first gain structure is formed on an upper surface of the slab and a second gain structure is formed on a lower surface of the slab. The gain structures can be resonant periodic gain structures including a plurality... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20110176205 - Integrated telescope baffle and mirror support: A telescope design having an integrated baffle is disclosed herein. The integrated baffle is configured as both a baffle and a mirror support. The integrated baffle can be shaped to the F-cone between the primary and secondary mirrors of a given telescope design. The baffle design can be adjusted to... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20110176206 - Microscope having an adjustment device for the focus range: A microscope with means for adjusting the focal range, comprising a first objective lens for transmitting the object light of an illuminated object in the direction of a detector, with a second objective lens being disposed in the direction of the light upstream of the detector, which second objective lens... Agent:

20110176207 - Sighting telescope: The invention relates to a sighting telescope comprising a beam splitter which is slanted relative to an optic axis and is configured between an objective and an ocular, further a projection element to generate onto the beam splitter a target mark visible from the ocular, said projection element being fitted... Agent: Schmidt & Bender Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110176208 - Multilayered fluorescent screens for scanning beam display systems: Fluorescent screens and display systems and devices based on such screens using at least one excitation optical beam to excite one or more fluorescent materials on a screen which emit light to form images. The fluorescent materials may include phosphor materials and non-phosphor materials such as quantum dots.... Agent: Prysm, Inc.

20110176209 - Screen fabric and screen: A screen fabric includes a stack of a plurality of layers. The plurality of layers include: a first layer that forms a surface layer on which a three-dimensional portion is to be formed; and a second layer that is different from the first layer. The first layer is made of... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110176210 - Three-dimensional image recording medium: An object of the present invention is to provide a three-dimensional image recording medium in which three-dimensional information of a recorded material is recorded precisely and observed more naturally. The linear images of plural parallel-projection images from different directions A to E divided into rectangles are recorded sequentially to divisional... Agent:

20110176211 - Protecting method for flat panel display and protecting film atteched flat panel display: A method for protecting a flat display panel in which a resin film with adhesive agent is attached to a color filter glass substrate or an encapsulation glass of the flat display panel and the resin film attached flat display panel is cut into a plurality of cells to protect... Agent: Novatech Industry Co., Ltd.

20110176212 - Secondary reflector panel (srp) with heat-treatable coating for concentrated solar power applications, and/or methods of making the same: Certain example embodiments relate to an improved secondary reflector panel with a heat-treatable coating. Certain example embodiments related to method of making a secondary reflector panel where a reflective coating is disposed onto a glass substrate. A portion of the reflective coating is removed and a frit material is disposed... Agent:

20110176213 - Multi-coated hybrid optical film structure: An optical film has multi-coated layers. Diffusion layers are used to scatter light. Each diffusion layer has an interface microstructure. A condensing optical layer is used to concentrating light. A design of a multi-coating technology is thus used for scattering and concentrating light. By integrating scattering and concentrating materials in... Agent: Gigastorage Corporation

20110176214 - Baffles and methods for distributed-aperture sensors: Laser-seeking munitions with baffled lenses, baffles for lenses of laser-seeking munitions, systems comprising lenses and baffles for laser-seeking munitions, and methods of manufacture.... Agent:

20110176215 - Imaging lens, optical apparatus equipped therewith, and method for manufacturing imaging lens: An imaging lens SL comprising, in order from an object side: a first group G1 having positive refractive power; an aperture stop S; a second group G2 having positive refractive power; and a third group G3 having negative refractive power; upon focusing from infinity to a close object, the first... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20110176216 - Optical element, method of manufacturing optical element, and imaging optical system: An optical element includes an optically effective area and an optically ineffective area partly or entirely coated with a coating opaque at wavelengths used. The opaque coating contains a cured product prepared from an epoxy resin and a curing agent containing an alicyclic acid anhydride. The alicyclic acid anhydride is... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110176217 - Method for manufacturing optical component, lens, lens unit and camera module: Provided is an optical component manufacturing method wherein various types of information, including information relating to each optical component, can be relatively easily printed on each optical component, even in the case where a plurality of optical components are manufactured in a batch. A lens, a lens unit and a... Agent:

20110176218 - waveguides: A waveguide 60 formed of material 62 allows propagation of image bearing light along a light pathway 64 by total internal reflection of the image bearing light. The layer of material 62 is a light transparent material arranged to allow an observer, not illustrated, to look through the layer of... Agent:

20110176219 - Apparatus for combining individual light beams of different wavelengths to form a coaxial light bundle: An apparatus for combining individual light beams to form a coaxial light bundle. The apparatus has a plurality of coupling-in positions, the number of which corresponds to the number of light beams, and also at least one coupling-out position. It is suitable for generating a collimated beam bundle as a... Agent: Lasos Lasertechnik Gmbh

20110176220 - Process for producing polythiol compound for optical materials, and polymerizable composition containing polythiol compound: Provided is a process for producing a polythiol compound for an optical material, the method includes reacting 2-mercaptoethanol with an epihalohydrin compound to give polyalcohol, and preparing a polythiol compound through the polyalcohol, wherein a content of bis(2-hydroxyethyl)disulfide in the 2-mercaptoethanol is 0.5 wt % or less.... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

20110176221 - Liquid lens and image pickup apparatus: In one example embodiment, a liquid lens includes a pair of transparent members and a transparent liquid composed of a silicone oil not having compatibility with the fluorinated elastomeric membrane. In one example embodiment, at least one of the transparent members is a deformable deformation membrane formed of a fluorinated... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110176222 - Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the zoom lens: A zoom lens includes a first lens unit having a negative refractive power, a second lens unit having a positive refractive power, and a third lens unit having a positive refractive power. Each lens unit moves during zooming. The first lens unit consists of two lenses, the second lens unit... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110176223 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the zoom lens: A zoom lens includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens unit having a positive refractive power, a second lens unit having a negative refractive power, and a subsequent lens unit including at least two lens units. An interval between respective adjacent lens units... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110176224 - Zoom lens, optical apparatus having same, and method of manufacturing zoom lens: This zoom lens has, in order from an object, a first lens group G1 having positive refractive power, a second lens group G2 having negative refractive power, a third lens group G3 having positive refractive power, a fourth lens group G4 having negative refractive power, and a fifth lens group... Agent:

20110176225 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same: A zoom lens comprising, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens unit of a positive refractive power, a second lens unit of a negative refractive power, a third lens unit of a positive refractive power, and a fourth lens unit of a positive refractive... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110176226 - Lens module: A lens module has a magnified side and a reduced side having an imaging surface. The lens module includes a first, a second, and a third lens groups having positive refractive powers respectively. The first lens group includes a first and a second lenses. A value calculated by dividing a... Agent: Young Optics Inc.

20110176227 - Single focus wide-angle lens module: A single focus wide-angle lens module includes a fixed aperture diaphragm, a first lens and a second lens arranged from an object side to an image side in a sequence of: the diaphragm, the first lens and the second lens. The first lens has a positive refractive power, a concave... Agent:

20110176228 - Techniques for steering an optical beam: Reflectors having concave reflecting surfaces (e.g., parabolic reflectors) and electronically controlled beam steering elements are used for rapid, low-diversion, wide angle, and precision steering of optical beams, including laser beams.... Agent: D & S Consultants, Inc.

20110176230 - Focus controlling device for a beam projector: A focus controlling device of a beam projector for use in a portable terminal. The focus controlling device includes a drive motor, a cam including a helical groove on an outer circumferential surface thereof, connected to the drive motor, and a projection lens barrel including a shaft that interworks with... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110176229 - Motor having pulse mode and brushless mode, and control method and apparatus of the motor: A motor includes a rotor having a magnet, a stator having two coils, and a controller configured to control excitations of the two coils. The stator includes first and second yokes excited by the coils, and first and second rotor detectors configured to detect a magnetic flux. The first yoke... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110176231 - Camera module: A camera module includes a barrel, a holder, a focus ring and an elastic element. The barrel includes a bottom surface opposing the holder. The holder includes an end surface facing the bottom surface of the barrel. At least one of the bottom surface and the end surface defines a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110176232 - Mirror mounting assembly: A mirror mounting assembly for mounting a mirror on a vehicle bulkhead. The assembly includes a mirror element and a main support arm having a first end and a second end. The mirror element is connected to the first end of the main support arm. The second end of the... Agent: Rosco Inc.

20110176233 - Mirror device: A mirror device includes a reflecting surface. The reflecting surface is arranged in a vicinity of a rear window of a vehicle. The reflecting surface includes a concave part in a longitudinal direction of the reflecting surface and a convex part in a lateral direction of the reflecting surface. A... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110176234 - High positioning reproducible low torque mirror - actuator interface: The present high positioning reproducible mirror-actuator interface disclosed herein overcomes the deficiencies associated with conventional interface systems and offer a number of advantages that are disclosed herein. Generally, the mirror mounts provide a reliable and robust interface between the mirrors and actuators, that serve to move and position the mirrors,... Agent: Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

20110176235 - Adapter for precise and accurate attachment of a mirror unit to a support arm: A tubular frame section directly or indirectly attached to the vehicle and a mirror unit, attached by a clamping connection to the tubular frame section, whereby the mirror unit in interconnection to an adapter is attached to the tubular frame section. The adapter, which is torque-proof, displacement-resistant and coupleable with... Agent:

20110176236 - Coated articles with heat treatable coating for concentrated solar power applications, and/or methods of making the same: Certain example embodiments relate to heat treatable coated articles, e.g., suitable for concentrating solar power (CSP) and/or other applications. For instance, the heat treatable coated article may be a secondary reflector panel, primary reflector, etc., where a reflective coating is disposed on a glass substrate. A portion of the reflective... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110170153 - Computer-generated hologram for reconstructing a full-color image with high resolution and its fabrication method: A computer-generated hologram that is capable of reconstructing a full-color image and achieving a high resolution is provided. A recording plane of the hologram is divided by a multiplicity of parallel sections in the horizontal direction to define a multiplicity of areas. Amplitude information and phase information corresponding to different... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20110170154 - Scanner motor: Disclosed herein is a scanner motor. The scanner motor includes a rotating shaft which is axially supported and rotatable, and a bearing which has the shape of a hollow cylinder. The bearing includes a hydrodynamic bearing portion provided on the upper portion of the bearing to rotatably support the rotating... Agent:

20110170155 - Surface-emitting laser element, surface-emitting laser array, optical scanner device, and image forming apparatus: A disclosed surface-emitting laser element includes an emission region configured to emit a laser beam and a high reflectance region including a first dielectric film having a first refractive index and a second dielectric film having a second refractive index differing from the first refractive index where the first dielectric... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110170156 - Optical scanning device, image display device and method of driving optical scanning device: An optical scanning device includes: a reflection part which is configured to scan a light beam by swinging; a drive part which is configured to generate a drive waveform for swinging the reflection part; a waveform information storage part which is configured to store a plurality of waveform informations used... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110170157 - Moving structure and micro-mirror device using the same: In a moving structure, stability of swing motion of a moving plate is increased by enhancing tensional rigidity or flexural rigidity while restraining torsion rigidity of the hinge units. The hinge units of ladder shape with honeycombed portions are formed by twin supporting rods and crosspieces bridged between the twin... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110170158 - Optical shuttering device and method of manufacturing the same: Provided is an optical shuttering device and a method of manufacturing the same. Device includes a roll-up blade that stays in a rolled-up state while no driving voltage is applied thereto and flattens to shutter a light-transmitting region when a predetermined driving voltage is applied to the roll-up blade. The... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110170159 - Light limiting window: A passive optical power limiting window comprising a transparent optical input element, a transparent optical output element, and a power-limiting element disposed between these input and output elements for transmitting optical light from these input elements to these output elements, these optical power-limiting elements comprising an optical-limiting solid mixture containing... Agent: Kilolambda Technologies Ltd.

20110170160 - Optical image shutter and method of manufacturing the same: An optical image shutter having a transparent electro-optical crystal formed on a transparent amorphous substrate and a method of manufacturing the optical image shutter. The light image shutter is created by forming a buffer layer using a material having a similar crystalline structure to an electro-optical crystal, on a transparent... Agent: Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration

20110170161 - Nested mach-zehnder modulator: An apparatus includes an optical splitter, an optical intensity combiner, first and second Mach-Zehnder interferometers, and first and second drive electrodes. The first Mach-Zehnder interferometer connects a first optical output of the optical intensity splitter to a first optical input of the optical intensity combiner. The second Mach-Zehnder interferometer connects... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20110170162 - Printed display systems based on porous substrates: The present disclosure provides for printed display, a method of manufacturing a printed display, and a system incorporating a printed display having a porous substrate The printed display includes a porous substrate structure, a first functional layer, a second functional layer, and an electrolyte layer percolated within the porous substrate... Agent: Ntera Limited

20110170163 - System and method for the spatial tailoring of laser light using temporal phase modulation: Laser systems and methods for providing an output light beam having a target spatial pattern are provided. A light generating module generates an input light beam, whose spectral profile is then tailored by imposing thereon a controllable phase modulation. The obtained spectrally tailored light beam is dispersed, using at least... Agent: Institut National D'optique

20110170166 - Device for modulating light with multiple electrodes: Improvements in an interferometric modulator that has a cavity defined by two walls.... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20110170168 - Electromechanical device with optical function separated from mechanical and electrical function: In certain embodiments, a microelectromechanical (MEMS) device includes a movable element over the substrate and an actuation electrode. The movable element includes an electrically conductive deformable layer and a reflective element mechanically coupled to the deformable layer. The reflective element includes a reflective surface. The actuation electrode is under at... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20110170165 - Fluid display device having a central reservoir: The invention relates to a display device based on the use of fluids for visualizing information. In order to ensure simple exchangeability of fluids, the invention provides a central fluid reservoir which may be utilized in combination with a fluid display device of any desired design. For this purpose, the... Agent: Advanced Display Technology Ag

20110170167 - Method for modulating light with multiple electrodes: Improvements in an interferometric modulator that has a cavity defined by two walls.... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20110170164 - Tunable thin-film filter: An optical filter is provided, including a first plurality and second plurality of alternating first and second material layers, where the first plurality of layers is at a first angle to incident light and has a cut-on edge, and the second plurality of layers is at a second angle to... Agent:

20110170169 - Electrophoretic display device and electronic apparatus: An electrophoretic display device including: a first substrate; a second substrate that is disposed so as to face the first substrate; an electrophoretic device that is disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate; a plurality of first electrodes that are formed so as to overlie the electrophoretic device... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110170170 - Switchable glazings: A switchable film assembly having remote electrical connections comprises an active layer between first and second electrically conductive layers. The active layer has an optical transmission which changes upon projecting an electric field therethrough. An electrical connection connects the film to a power supply and can comprise a remote electrical... Agent: Pilkington Group Limited

20110170171 - Optical differential phase-shift keyed signal demodulator: A phase-shift keyed signal demodulator is disclosed including a filter positioned to receive an input beam, a first photodiode positioned to receive light reflected from the filter, and a second photodiode positioned to receive light transmitted through the filter. A difference between outputs of the first and second photodiodes is... Agent: Finisar Corp

20110170172 - Wavelength conversion laser device and image display device using the same: A wavelength conversion laser device includes a laser light source which emits a laser beam, two reflective surfaces which reflect therefrom a laser beam, a wavelength converter provided between the two reflective surfaces, which converts a laser beam into a wavelength-converted laser beam, and condensing optics which condense the laser... Agent:

20110170174 - Doped low-temperature phase barium metaborate single crystal, the manufacturing method thereof and wave changing elements therefrom: The present invention relates generally to the field of synthetic crystal, and more particularly, this invention relates to doped low-temperature phase barium metaborate single crystal, growth method and frequency-converter. Molten salt method was adopted. The single crystal completely overcome the shortcomings of BBO with strong deliquescence, almost no deliquescence; its... Agent: Fujian Institute Of Research On The Structure Of Matter, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

20110170173 - Wavelength conversion laser and image display device: A wavelength conversion laser has: an exciting LD1, a solid state laser including a resonator, and a wavelength conversion element 7 disposed in the resonator. The solid state laser includes a first laser medium and a second laser medium as at least two types of laser media, and is configured... Agent:

20110170175 - Processing for a window film having quality concerns: In the fabrication of window films which provide solar control or other wavelength selectivity or provide safety and security, any window film which fails to satisfy required visual quality standards for its intended purpose is instead directed to a printing process which enables its use for an alternative purpose. Typically,... Agent: Novomatrix Pte. Ltd.

20110170176 - Metal based coating composition and related coated substrates: A coated substrate is disclosed. The coated substrate includes a substrate and a coating composition over the substrate comprising at least one metal based layer selected from tungsten, chromium, tantalum, molybdenum, aluminum, niobium, and mixtures and alloys thereof; and mixtures and alloys of cobalt and chromium; and at least one... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20110170177 - Molding for optical purposes, particularly filter ring or lens holder: The invention relates to a molding for optical purposes (1), consisting of a disk-shaped optical construction element (2) made of glass as well as a mounting (3). According to the invention, the mounting (3) is a one-piece overmolded mounting (3) made of a rigid plastic material, which positively encloses the... Agent:

20110170178 - Stereomicroscope: A stereomicroscope includes a microscope main body and a camera for assistant. The microscope main body includes therein an objective optical system, a zoom optical system and an eyepiece optical system. The camera for assistant is detachably mounted to the microscope main body. The microscope main body provides to a... Agent: Mitaka Kohki Co., Ltd.

20110170179 - Stereoscopic microscope: A microscope or stereomicroscope for representing an object that can be placed on an object plane of the stereomicroscope provides at least one pair of optical paths and comprises at least one deflection element with a reflecting surface and a representation system containing several optical elements. The optical elements include... Agent: Carl Zeiss Surgical Gmbh

20110170180 - Electrostatic deformable mirror using unitary membrane: A deformable mirror for an adaptive optical system employs a thin membrane stretched over a plurality of electrostatic electrodes providing local controlled deformation to the membrane.... Agent:

20110170181 - Microscope and lamphouse: A microscope includes an illuminating unit that includes an excitation light source emitting an excitation light, and a phosphor receiving the excitation light and emitting illumination light in a specific wavelength range. The illuminating unit illuminates a specimen with the illumination light. The microscope also includes an observation unit for... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110170182 - Device for holding and positioning a sample relative to a microscope lens: An arrangement for holding and positioning a sample in the detection area of the objective of a microscope, the detection area being located in a chamber which is filled with an immersion liquid. This arrangement includes (1) a sample holder to which the sample is affixed so as to lie... Agent:

20110170183 - Autostereoscopic display: An autostereoscopic display includes a display panel, a lenticular lens assembly, a driver, a number of camera modules, and a controller. The lenticular lens assembly includes an array of cylindrical lenses and is rotatably hung above the display panel. The driver is configured for driving the lenticular lens assembly to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110170184 - Microreplicated film for attachment to autostereoscopic display components: Microreplicated light redirecting films suitable for use in autostereoscopic displays and backlights are made to incorporate at least one nanovoided layer whose interface with another layer forms an embedded structured surface of the light redirecting film. The nanovoided layer includes a polymer binder and optional nanoparticles, and may have a... Agent:

20110170185 - Three-dimensional glasses and three-dimensional display apparatus: Three-dimensional (3D) glasses and a 3D display apparatus are provided. The 3D display apparatus includes a backlight unit comprising a first light source unit for irradiating a first spectrum of light and a second light source unit for irradiating a second spectrum of light. The apparatus includes a polarization switch... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110170186 - Polarizing element, method of manufacturing polarizing element, and electronic apparatus: A polarizing element includes: a substrate; a plurality of reflection layers that is arranged in a band shape at a predetermined interval on the substrate; dielectric layers that are formed on the reflection layers; and inorganic micro-particle layers that are formed on the dielectric layers by inorganic micro-particles having shape... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110170187 - Polarizing element, method of manufacturing polarizing element, and electronic apparatus: A polarizing element includes: a substrate; a plurality of reflection layers that is arranged in a band shape at a predetermined interval on the substrate; dielectric layers that are formed on the reflection layers; and absorption layers on the dielectric layers that have convex portions disposed toward a side of... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110170188 - Monolithic polarizing diffractive structures and associated methods: A monolithic polarizing diffractive structure includes a system having at least two parallel continuous planar surfaces, a diffractive pattern on one of the at least two parallel continuous surfaces, the diffractive pattern including at least two diffractive elements integral with the one of the at least two continuous surfaces, the... Agent: Tessera North America, Inc.

20110170189 - Method and apparatus for privacy enhancement: A privacy-enhancement system includes a window that includes a first polarized filter and a media display that includes a second polarized filter. A polarization axis of the first polarized filter and a polarization axis of the second polarized filter are not parallel to one another.... Agent:

20110170190 - Fog resistant mirror: The present development is a fog-resistant mirror. The mirror comprises a glass plate having a reflective surface on one side and an anti-fog coating on the opposing side. In a preferred embodiment, the anti-fog coating comprises two material layers: a primer coat layer applied directly to the glass plate, and... Agent:

20110170191 - Fogless mirror: In one embodiment, a mirror comprising a squeegee and a slot for receiving the squeegee blade is used in steamy environments. The mirror may include a reservoir to be filled with hot water to prevent the mirror from fogging.... Agent: Toilettree Products, Inc.

20110170192 - Interior rearview mirror assembly: A vehicular interior rearview mirror assembly includes an electro-optic reflective element, a photo sensor and a light concentrator. The electro-optic reflective element has a front substrate with a first surface and a transparent second surface electrically conductive coating disposed on a second surface, and the electro-optic reflective element has a... Agent: Donnelly Corporation

20110170193 - Retroreflective articles in the form of garments, fibers and filaments: Retroreflective articles are provided in the form of garments, fibers and filaments made with retroreflective elements that each include a solid spherical core (110) with an outer core surface, the outer core surface (115). providing a first interface; a first complete concentric optical interference layer (120) having an inner surface... Agent:

20110170194 - Optical sheet and display device including the same: An optical sheet and a display device including the optical sheet are disclosed. The optical sheet includes a plurality of layers disposed on an observer side relative to an image source and capable of controlling light from the image source and transmitting the light to the observer side. At least... Agent:

20110170195 - Imaging lens, optical apparatus including imaging lens and method for manufacturing imaging lens: An optical system includes, in order from an object side: a first lens group G1 having negative refractive power; and a second lens group G2 having positive refractive power; upon zooming from a wide-angle end state W to a telephoto end state T, a distance between the first lens group... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20110170196 - Light-shielding coating and optical element: The light-shielding coating contains (a) a resin, (b) a coloring material, (c) inorganic fine particles, and (d) a surfactant and/or an oil. The concentration of Component (d), the surfactant and/or the oil, is higher in the uppermost layer of the coating than in the lower layer. The content ratio of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110170197 - Method of fabricating a photomask used to form a lens: A method of fabricating a photomask used to form a lens. The method includes the steps of generating mask pattern data for each of a plurality of grid cells constituting a mask pattern for the lens, and fabricating the photomask based on the mask pattern data. The step of generating... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110170198 - Beam homogenizer, laser irradiation apparatus, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device: The present invention is to provide a beam homogenizer, a laser irradiation apparatus, and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, which can suppress the loss of a laser beam and form a beam spot having homogeneous energy distribution constantly on an irradiation surface without being affected by beam parameters... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110170199 - Optical arrangement for tracking detector: A system and method of reducing turbulence sensitivity in a laser spot detector. Embodiments may include using beam splitters, reflectors, and beam deviators. The reflectors may be trihedral reflectors and the beam deviators may be segmented wedge plates having predetermined physical angles and angle directions in each wedge segment designed... Agent:

20110170200 - Systems and methods for 3-dimensional interferometric microscopy: In one embodiment, an apparatus comprises an optical system with multiple detectors and a processor. The optical system is configured to produce images of an optical source in a first dimension and a second dimension substantially orthogonal to the first dimension at each detector at a given time. Each image... Agent: Howard Hughes Medical Institute

20110170201 - Projection lens with high resolution and reduced overall length: An zoom projection lens includes, in this order from the screen-side to the SLM-side thereof, a negative lens group and a positive lens group, and satisfies: −2<Φ1/Φ2<−0.5, −2<EFL1/EFL(W)<−1.5, 1.5<EFL2/EFL(W)<1.75, −1.2<EFL1/EFL(T)<−1, 0.8<EFL2/EFL(T)<1.2, 0.5<EFL(W)/BFL(W)<0.6, 0.68<EFL(T)/BFL(T)<0.75, 6.2<TTL(W)/EFL(W)<6.5, and 3.5<TTL(T)/EFL(T)<3.6; where Φ1 and Φ2 represent refractive powers of the negative lens group and the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110170202 - Zoom lens and imaging apparatus:

20110170203 - Zoom lens, optical apparatus, and method for manufacturing zoom lens: The present invention provides a zoom lens ZL comprising a first lens group G1 having positive refractive power, a second lens group G2 having negative refractive power, a third lens group G3 having positive refractive power, and a fourth lens group G4 having positive refractive power, the first lens group... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20110170204 - Lens driving apparatus: Disclosed is a lens driving apparatus. The lens driving apparatus includes a base formed at a center thereof with a first opening; a housing coupled with the base and having a second opening corresponding to the first opening; a yoke installed on the base and including a horizontal plate having... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110170205 - Lens driving motor and elastic member of the same: Provided are a lens driving motor and an elastic member of the lens driving motor. The elastic member of a lens driving motor, the elastic member includes a first spring and a second spring. The second spring is different from the first spring and disposed together with the first spring... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110170206 - Exterior sideview mirror system: An exterior sideview mirror system includes an exterior sideview mirror assembly including a plano-auxiliary reflective element having a rearward field of view when attached to a side of an automobile. The plano reflective element and the auxiliary reflective element are mounted adjacently at the reflective element assembly in a side-by-side... Agent: Donnelly Corporation

20110170207 - Exterior sideview mirror system: An exterior sideview mirror system includes an exterior sideview mirror assembly including a plano-auxiliary reflective element having a rearward field of view when attached to a side of an automobile. The plano reflective element and the auxiliary reflective element are mounted adjacently at the reflective element assembly in a side-by-side... Agent: Donnelly Corporation

20110170208 - Broadband optical limiter based on nano-graphene and method of fabricating same: The present invention in one aspect relates to a low-cost, nano-graphene based broadband optical limiter with limiting properties superior to current standards, carbon fullerenes (C60) solutions and carbon black suspensions. The broadband optical limiter includes a plurality of graphene nano-sheets, and a base material in which the plurality of graphene... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas

20110170209 - Oxime ester photoinitiators: Compounds of the formula I or (I′), wherein R1 and R′1 for example are hydrogen, C3-C8cycloalkyl or C1-C12alkyl, R2 and R2′ for example are hydrogen; unsubstituted C1-C20alkyl or substituted C1-C20alkyl; and R8 and R9 for example are hydrogen, C1-C12alkyl which optionally is substituted, or phenyl which optionally is substituted; exhibit... Agent: Basf Se

20110170210 - Photostructured optical devices and methods for making same: A photostructurable ceramic is processed using photostructuring process steps for embedding devices within a photostructurable ceramic volume, the devices including chemical, mechanical, electronic, electromagnetic, optical, and acoustic devices, all made in part by creating device material within the ceramic or by disposing a device material through surface ports of the... Agent: The Aerospace Corporation

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110164294 - Image display device, head-mounted display and head-up display: Light outputted from a laser light source (12) of an image generating section (11) is two-dimensionally deflected and permitted to perform scanning by means of a reflecting surface (13a) of a deflecting device (13), diffused by means of a diffusion unit (14), and then diffracted and reflected by an HOE... Agent: Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.

20110164295 - Molded plastic part, method for molding plastic part, and optical scanning device using the molded plastic part: A molded plastic part prepared by injecting a resin in a cavity of a die so that a pressure is generated in the resin in the cavity and at least one transfer wall surface of the cavity is transferred to the resin. The plastic part has at least one transferred... Agent:

20110164296 - Optical beam scanning device, image forming apparatus: An optical beam scanning device includes a polygon mirror 80 in which tilt angles with respect to a rotation axis of the polygon mirror 80 of respective plural reflecting surfaces are set to angles corresponding to photoconductive members associated with the respective reflecting surfaces, a post-deflection optical system A1 that... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110164297 - Black coating film and production method therefor, black light shading plate, and diaphragm, diaphragm device for light intensity adjustment, shutter using the same, and heat resistant light shading tape: They are provided by a black coating film (A), where a titanium oxide film containing titanium and oxygen as main components, and having an oxygen content of from 0.7 to 1.4, as atomicity ratio O/Ti, is formed on an opaque or translucent substrate, characterized in that the titanium oxide film... Agent: Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.

20110164298 - Blade drive device and optical device: A blade drive device includes: a board including an optical path opening; first and second blades cooperatively defining an amount of light passing through the optical path opening to a given amount of light. The first blade includes a first opening. The second blade includes: a first cutout portion defining... Agent: Seiko Precision Inc.

20110164300 - Method and device for bias control of a laser modulator: The present invention discloses a method and device for the bias control of an MZ modulator. The method comprises: during startup of an MZ modulator, inputting a linearly changing bias control voltage to the bias electrode of the MZ modulator and obtaining the output optical power of the MZ modulator... Agent: Zte Corporation

20110164299 - Super-ring resonator based devices: This invention provides an optical device comprising a large group of non-uniform resonators operating cumulatively as a ‘super-ring’ to provide a controllable group delay with large bandwidth. The super-ring tuning is performed by a single control. The device may include two super-rings, each includes a large number of resonators with... Agent: Morton Photonics, Inc.

20110164301 - Electro-optic displays, and materials for use therein: A first electro-optic display comprises first and second substrates, and an adhesive layer and a layer of electro-optic material disposed between the first and second substrates, the adhesive layer comprising a mixture of a polymeric adhesive material and a hydroxyl containing polymer having a number average molecular weight not greater... Agent: E Ink Corporation

20110164302 - Method and apparatus for modulating light: Embodiments relate to a method and apparatus for producing polarized light, having a modulator crystal, where the modulator crystal incorporates a birefringent electro-optic material. The modulator crystal has an optic axis, a first polarization axis, and a second polarization axis, where the first polarization axis and second polarization axis are... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc.

20110164303 - Polymer shutter compositions and devices for infrared systems: The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to compositions and devices operable for infra-red transmission and blocking comprising a layered structure having a first electrically conducting layer, a conjugated electrochromic polymer layer, an electrolyte layer and a second electrically conducting layer, wherein the first and second electrically conducting layers... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110164304 - Weather-responsive shade control system: An automatic daylighting method adjusts a window covering to block direct sunlight from entering the room through a window when the exterior sky condition is a sunny sky state and, subject to blocking direct sunlight, provides a desired daylighting interior light illuminance level and, if possible, a desired interior solar... Agent:

20110164305 - Optical i-q-modulator: The invention describes a modulator for the quadrature modulation of an optical carrier signal with an I- and a Q-portion, where a first optical multimode interferometer (MMI) splits the optical carrier signal into four branches and that in pairs of branches the I-portion and the Q-portion respectively is modulated with... Agent: Nokia Siemens Networks Oy

20110164306 - Smart window: A smart window including: a thermochromic or thermotropic transmittance controlling layer; and a heater layer for generating heat in response to an external energy source and for supplying the heat to the transmittance controlling layer.... Agent:

20110164307 - Electro-optic displays, and processes for the production thereof: A first apparatus for displaying a color image comprises an electro-optic display (1002) having a plurality of pixels, each of which can be independently set to a light-transmissive optical state or a substantially opaque optical state, and lighting means (1006) arranged to flash separate pulses of light of at least... Agent: E Ink Corporation

20110164308 - Tunable bragg stack: A tunable photonic crystal device comprising: alternating layers of a first material and a second material, the alternating layers comprising a responsive material, the responsive material being responsive to an external stimulus, the alternating layers having a periodic difference in refractive indices giving rise to a first reflected wavelength; wherein,... Agent: Opalux Incorporated

20110164309 - Gain and signal level adjustments of cascaded optical amplifiers: An optical amplification device which includes first and second optical amplifiers, and a controller. The first optical amplifier receives a light and amplifies the received light. The second optical amplifier receives the light amplified by the first optical amplifier, and amplifies the received light. When a level of the light... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110164310 - Optical amplification control apparatus, method for controlling semiconductor optical amplifier, and optical transmission equipment: An optical amplification control apparatus is formed from a semiconductor optical amplifier, a temperature adjustment unit adjusting the temperature of the semiconductor optical amplifier, and an optical gain control unit adjusting the temperature of the semiconductor optical amplifier by controlling the temperature adjustment unit, and varying an optical gain of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110164311 - Projection system and projector: A projection system includes: a relay system that focuses light having exited through a first image plane on a second image plane; and an enlarging system that enlarges and projects an image focused on the second image plane on a third image plane, wherein the relay system includes a first... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110164312 - Immersion contact module for binocular optical systems with angular light shutter device: The CONTACT MODULE (1/Tab.“A”) is connected to a binocular optical system. The fibre optics concentrator (5/Tab.“A”) with a particular spiral layout of the fibres to the connector (2/Tab.“A”), connected to a suitable light source, lightens, by means of the immersed contact glass, (7/Tab.“A”), the area to be examined to obtain... Agent:

20110164313 - Microscope for reticle inspection with variable illumination settings: During mask inspection predominantly defects of interest which also occur during wafer exposure. Therefore, the aerial images generated in the resist and on the detector have to be as far as possible identical. In order to achieve an equivalent image generation, during mask inspection the illumination and, on the object... Agent: Carl Zeiss Sms Gmbh

20110164314 - Microscope system, storage medium storing control program, and control method: A microscope system improves the operability of a user in performing a microscope observation. The microscope system attains the improvement by including: a microscope apparatus including a plurality of drive units; a display unit for displaying an operation screen for operation of the microscope apparatus; a pointing device for inputting... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110164315 - Surgical microscope having an illuminating arrangement: A surgical microscope (100) is especially suited for use in neurosurgery. The surgical microscope has an illuminating arrangement (101) for making available illuminating light in an operating region (117) to be examined with the surgical microscope (100). The illuminating arrangement (101) contains a high-power light source (102) which includes an... Agent:

20110164316 - Positioning system: The invention relates to a positioning system (10) for positioning an object relative to a technical facility, in particular an observation, measurement or processing system or the like, comprising an object carrier device for receiving the object to be positioned, and a positioning device (12) for positioning the object carrier... Agent: Itk Dr. Kassen Gmbh

20110164317 - Contrast-increasing rear projection screen: Rear projection device, rear projection screen and associated method for representing static or moving images, for improving the representation, particularly in ambient light, comprising at least one projection screen (107) and at least one light source (101) that is provided for rear projection onto a projection screen (107) adjusted to... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20110164318 - Display device and lenticular sheet of the display device: A display device includes a display panel on which a plurality of pixels are arranged in a matrix in a first direction and in a second direction intersecting the first direction, and a lenticular sheet which is disposed above the display panel and includes a plurality of polygonal prism lenses... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110164319 - Tilt compensation for stereoscopic visual displays: A tilt compensation system is described herein that provides an inexpensive and effective solution to remove stereoscopy artifacts, particularly artifacts associated with head tilt issues. When applied to stereoscopic eyewear, the system can improve the viewing experience for viewers. In some embodiments, the tilt compensation system includes a lens assembly... Agent:

20110164320 - Programmable optical computing device employing led array transducers and stacked light modulator elements in fractional fourier planes: A monolithic or hybrid integrated optical information processor or optical information processing system having at least one LED array and plurality of light modulating array elements, each controlled by respective control signals, and arranged so that each light modulating array element lies in a different fractional Fourier transform plane. In... Agent:

20110164321 - Diffusing film having micro lens pattern and embossed pattern: A diffusing film may have a microlens pattern and an embossed pattern on the surface thereof. The diffusing film includes a light entrance plane for receiving incident light, a light exit plane opposite the light entrance plane, the light exit plane for transmitting light, a plurality of microlenses on a... Agent:

20110164322 - Antireflective film, method of production thereof, and uv-curable resin material composition coating liquid: A UV-curable resin material composition coating liquid is provided and includes a UV-curable resin material composition dissolved or dispersed in a nonpolar solvent or a substantially nonpolar mixed solvent. The UV-curable resin material composition includes a monomer and/or an oligomer thereof that have two or more (meth)acryloyl groups, and affinity... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110164323 - Optical system provided with a device for augmenting its depth of field: In order to increase the depth of field of an optical system, there is provision to add a phase object, interposed between an object (O) to be imaged and an image plane (8) of the optical system. The phase object is interposed although a chromatic aberration of the system is... Agent: Dxo Labs A Corporation

20110164324 - Optical system and image pickup apparatus having the optical system:

20110164325 - High variable power zoom lens: A compact and lightweight, high variable power zoom lens especially suitable for single-lens reflex digital cameras, which is 75 degrees or even wider in field angle at the wide-angle end, approximately 3 to 4 in F-number at the wide-angle end and approximately 6 to 7 at the telephoto end, and... Agent: Tamron Co., Ltd.

20110164326 - Miniature auto-focusing lens device: A miniature auto-focusing lens device includes a first casing, a second casing coupled to the first casing, a movable lens set disposed in the first casing, an electromagnetic driving module provided in the first casing and configured to drive the movable lens set to perform focusing and displacement, and a... Agent:

20110164327 - Imaging lens, camera module, and imaging apparatus: An imaging lens includes, sequentially from an object side, a positive first lens; a negative second lens; a positive third lens having a convex surface on an image plan side; a fourth lens that is a meniscus lens having a convex surface on the image plane side; and a fifth... Agent: Tamron Co., Ltd.

20110164328 - Imaging lens and imaging apparatus: An imaging lens includes a first lens, second lens, third lens, aperture stop, and fourth lens, sequentially arranged from the object-side. The first lens has negative power, and an object-side surface is convex and an image-side surface is concave. Both surfaces of the second lens are aspheric, and in the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110164329 - Fresnel lens coating process: The present method for coating a Fresnel lens blank includes providing an uncoated Fresnel lens blank having a structure surface and a non-structured surface, providing a transparent mold part having molding surface substantially matching the base curvature of the Fresnel lens, depositing a metered quantity of coating resin between the... Agent:

20110164330 - Method and arrangement for reducing thermal effects in compact adjustable optical lenses: The present invention provides thermal compensation for a lens assembly comprising a polymer lens body. Polymers do have different thermal expansion coefficients which makes it necessary to compensate for thermal expansions to keep optical characteristics of such lenses within specifications when used under different environmental conditions. Also, it is necessary... Agent: Polight As

20110164331 - Oscillating actuator drive unit, lens barrel, optical apparatus, method for adjusting a voltage, and computer-readable recording medium: An oscillating actuator drive unit includes an oscillator unit that generates an oscillating signal having a first frequency; an amplifier unit that amplifies the oscillating signal based on a first amplification factor and generates a first amplified oscillating signal as a driving signal for driving an oscillating actuator; a voltage... Agent: Nikon Corporation

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