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Optical: systems and elements March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110075234 - Window mounted beam director: A laser system employs a window integrated in the surface of a weapon platform. A high energy laser is mounted in the weapon platform to provide a laser beam which is received by a Coude' path for internal direction of the beam. A beam director receives the laser beam from... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110075235 - Optical path control device: An optical path control device is provided, including a fixed reflective mirror fixed on a first position at a fixed angle for an incident light to be reflected thereon, and a rotatable reflective mirror driven by a driving device and rotated on a fixed axle. A surface of the rotatable... Agent: Asia Optical Co., Inc.

20110075236 - Method utilizing an electrooptic modulator: A method utilizes a dynamically controllable optical element that receives an electrical field, which changes an index of refraction in at least one direction within the optical element. The change in index of refraction imparts a change to a beam of radiation passing through the optical element. The electric field... Agent: Asml Holding N.v.

20110075237 - Crystallization apparatus, crystallization method, device, and light modulation element: A crystallization apparatus includes a light modulation element, and an image forming optical system that forms a light intensity distribution set based on light transmitted through the light modulation element on an irradiation surface. The crystallization apparatus irradiates a non-single crystal semiconductor film with light having the light intensity distribution... Agent:

20110075239 - Fast all-optical switch: An apparatus, system, and method for fast all-optical switching is presented. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a first light transmitting medium. The apparatus may also include a second light transmitting medium coupled to the first light transmitting medium and disposed to form an interface region between the first light... Agent: Uti Limited Partnership

20110075238 - Method and system for increasing alignment target contrast: A semiconductor wafer is aligned using a double patterning process. A first resist layer having a first optical characteristic is deposited and foams at least one alignment mark. The first resist layer is developed. A second resist layer having a second optical characteristic is deposited over the first resist layer.... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20110075240 - Writing device including display panel and stylus: A writing device includes a display panel, a stylus, a transparent first electrode layer and a second electrode layer. The display panel includes a displaying layer and a first light source. The displaying layer consists essentially of a photochromic material reversibly transformable between a first state of an electroluminescent material,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110075241 - Interferometric display with interferometric reflector: Interferometric modulators and methods of making the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, an interferometric modulator includes an interferometric reflector having a first reflective surface, a second reflective surface, and an optical resonant layer defined by the first reflective surface and the second reflective surface. The interferometric reflector can be... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20110075242 - Optical signal generation with d/a converters and optical clock pulse stream: An apparatus includes an optical train pulse generator for generating continuous optical pulses each having a narrow width; a clock source having a high frequency for triggering the generator and operable as a sampling clock; a digital-to-analog converter DAC for converting an input signal from a digital signal processor, the... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20110075243 - Infrared ray transmittance controlling panel including color modifying layer: A panel includes a transparent substrate, a thermochromic layer, and a color modifying layer that includes an organic material. The transparent substrate, the color modifying layer and the thermochromic layer are stacked together.... Agent:

20110075244 - Thermochromic window structures: An energy efficient, thermochromic device that may be used to allow sunlight or solar radiation into a building or structure when sunlight is absent or at high sun angles and substantially blocks solar radiation when sunlight is directly on the window.... Agent: Pleotint, LLC

20110075245 - Full color range interferometric modulation: A full color range analog controlled interferometric modulation device is provided. The device includes a transparent substrate, and a transparent fixed-position electrically conductive electrode with a bottom surface overlying the substrate. A transparent spacer overlies the fixed-position electrode, and an induced absorber overlies the spacer. An optically reflective electrically conductive... Agent:

20110075247 - Mems display: A displaying apparatus that includes a plurality of electromechanical system elements arranged in rows. The electromechanical system elements of each of the rows are further arranged in subrows. The subrows of each row are electrically connected. Certain of the electromechanical system elements have a hysteresis stability window that is nested... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20110075246 - Method and apparatus for providing a light absorbing mask in an interferometric modulator display: A microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device is provided. In one embodiment, the MEMS device includes a transparent substrate, and a plurality of interferometric modulators. The plurality of interferometric modulators includes an optical stack coupled to the transparent substrate, in which the optical stack includes a first light absorbing area. The plurality... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20110075249 - Charged particle migration type display panel and method of manufacturing charged particle migration type display panel: There is provided a charged particle migration-type display panel (1) which has a plurality of cells (40) partitioned by partitions (31) between a transparent substrate (10) and a back substrate (20) placed opposite to each other, and charged particles (41, 42) sealed in the respective cells (40), and in which... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110075248 - Components and methods for use in electro-optic displays: A front plane laminate useful in the manufacture of electro-optic displays comprises, in order, a light-transmissive electrically-conductive layer, a layer of an electro-optic medium in electrical contact with the electrically-conductive layer, an adhesive layer and a release sheet. This front plane laminate can be prepared as a continuous web, cut... Agent: E Ink Corporation

20110075250 - Laser scanning beam reader: A laser scanning beam reader is provided. When a round-grating-dot matrix is in a stationary state, the laser beams passing through the round-grating-dot matrix result in line-shaped refraction beams. By the laser scanning beam reader, the motor system conventionally used for rotating the hologram disc to successively generate dot scanning... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20110075251 - Electromagnetic radiation frequency optimizing device and method with ambient heat conversion device: A device comprising a conversion channel including: a first end configured to accept ambient electromagnetic radiation, the ambient electromagnetic radiation having an initial frequency, a second end configured to allow the ambient electromagnetic radiation to exit, and at least two opposing walls connecting the first end and the second end,... Agent:

20110075252 - Optical fiber lasers and amplifiers and methods for providing optical gain: The present invention relates generally to devices for the generation and amplification of electromagnetic energy. The present invention relates more particularly to optical fiber devices, such as lasers and amplifiers, useful for generating and amplifying optical energy. Accordingly, one aspect of the present invention is an optical fiber device for... Agent: Nufern

20110075253 - Euv optics: In a first aspect, a method of fabricating an EUV light source mirror is disclosed which may comprise the acts/steps of providing a plurality of discrete substrates; coating each substrate with a respective multilayer coating; securing the coated substrates in an arrangement wherein each coated substrate is oriented to a... Agent: Cymer,inc.

20110075254 - Surface wave enabled darkfield aperture: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a surface wave enabled darkfield aperture structure comprising an aperture layer, a aperture in the aperture layer and a plurality of grooves around the aperture. The aperture layer has a first and second surface. The plurality of grooves is in the first surface.... Agent:

20110075255 - Low numerical aperture exclusion imaging: In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention an apparatus for a low numerical aperture exclusion imaging apparatus is provided. The apparatus may include an electromagnetic illumination source for illuminating a portion of a specimen, and for collecting an image created by the electromagnetic radiation an objective lens optically... Agent:

20110075256 - optical arrangement and an autostereoscopic display device incorporating the same: An autostereoscopic display lens arrangement comprises an array (9) of parallel lenticular lenses (11), wherein the lens array comprises first and second materials of different refractive indices (60,62) sandwiched between planar substrates, with the interface between the first and second materials defining the lens surfaces. The first material has a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110075257 - 3-dimensional electro-optical see-through displays: An exemplary display is placed in an optical pathway extending from an entrance pupil of a person's eye to a real-world scene beyond the eye. The display includes at least one 2-D added-image source that is addressable to produce a light pattern corresponding to a virtual object. The source is... Agent: The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona

20110075258 - Light control films and method thereof: A light control film including a polymer carrier film and a coating disposed on the carrier film and including dark colored or reflective particles dispersed within a cured resin matrix, the particles being aligned either perpendicular or parallel to a major surface of the carrier film, and method for making... Agent: Reflexite Corporation

20110075259 - Optical designs for zero order reduction: Apparatus for projecting a pattern includes a first diffractive optical element (DOE) configured to diffract an input beam so as to generate a first diffraction pattern on a first region of a surface, the first diffraction pattern including a zero order beam. A second DOE is configured to diffract the... Agent: Primesense Ltd.

20110075260 - Grating device and method of fabricating the same: In a grating device (1), a plurality of projections (3) that extend in a predetermined direction and projections (4) that extend in a direction substantially perpendicular to the predetermined direction on both sides of the projections (3) in the predetermined direction and that are connected to the end portions of... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20110075261 - Hard coating film, manufacturing method thereof, antireflective film, polarizing plate and image display unit: A hard coating film is provided and includes a transparent plastic substrate film, and a hard coating layer. The transparent plastic substrate film has mutually independent microscopic pits in at least one surface thereof, the microscopic pits each independently have a depth of 3 μm or below, the microscopic pits... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110075262 - Asymmetric light diffuser and methods for manufacturing the same: Asymmetric light diffuser and the methods for manufacturing the same are provided. The diffuser is preferably a transparent film made by a stress-stretch process. Particularly, a substrate doped with variant beads is formed as an anisotropic film layer after the stress-stretch process, so that the characteristics with birefringence and diffusion... Agent:

20110075263 - Optical limiting using plasmonically enhancing nanoparticles: There is provided an optical limiter device for protecting an object from incident light having a wavelength in the visible, infrared or ultraviolet spectrum. The device comprises a plurality of nanoparticles of a metallic material including free electrons that undergo collective oscillations when exposed to the incident light. The plurality... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110075264 - High sag optical lens and method for fast molding the same: A high SAG optical lens and method for fast molding the same is disclosed, in which an optical lens is a single optical lens or an optical lens array formed by placing optical material between an upper mold and a lower mold for molding by heating and pressing processes; a... Agent: E-pin Optical Industry Co., Ltd.

20110075267 - Display device: A display device includes: a display part containing a first display region visually recognized by a viewer; an object of view arranged in a second display region; an imaging optical system of real specular image for defining a first space in which the first display region exists and a second... Agent:

20110075266 - Head mounted display: In a half mirror of a head mounted display which is formed by stacking a dielectric film and a metal film to a plate-shaped resin member, reflectivity of a P-polarized light and reflectivity of an S-polarized light do not agree with each other in at least a partial band of... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110075265 - Split laser eye protection system: A laser eye protection (LEP) system for a helmet having a helmet-mounted display (HMD) system. The LEP system includes a large outer visor, which provides ballistic protection, LEP and a display surface for the HMD, and a smaller inner visor, which also provides LEP. LEP is split between the two... Agent: Gentex Corporation

20110075268 - Optical element having refractive index distribution and optical apparatus: An optical element Ggi1 includes a medium that has a refractive index distribution. This optical element satisfies conditions of |θF(pmax)−θgF(pmin)|≧0.02, |ΔθgFgi(p1)|≧0.0272, Δθgdgi(p1)|≧0.0250, and |θgFgi(pmaxgi)−θgFgi(pmingi)|≦0.1.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110075269 - Projection display device for multimedia and wall display systems: A front projection display device includes an optical engine including an illumination system, an imaging system, and projection optics. The projection optics include a first lens group of negative refractive power that has at least one aspheric surface. The projection optics output an image at a half field angle of... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110075270 - Electronic image pickup system: The invention relates to an electronic image pickup system whose depth dimension is extremely reduced, taking advantage of an optical system type that can overcome conditions imposed on the movement, of a zooming movable lens group while high specifications and performance are kept. The electronic image pickup system comprises an... Agent:

20110075271 - Imaging lens assembly: This invention provides an imaging lens assembly comprising: in order from an object side to an image side: a first lens with positive refractive power having a convex object-side surface and a convex image-side surface; a second lens with negative refractive power having a concave object-side surface; a third lens... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20110075272 - Lens system: A lens system, in order from the object, includes positive first lens, negative second lens, positive third lens, positive fourth lens, and an aperture stop positioned between the third and fourth lens. The second lens includes a first optical portion, a first support portion surrounding the first optical portion with... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110075273 - Optical system: In an optical system for observing a front object and an approximately lateral object, a front group having a reflective refractive optical element and negative refractive power, an aperture stop, and a rear group having a moving lens group and positive refractive power are arranged in order from the front-object... Agent:

20110075274 - Insert for holding an optical system in a laser machining head, and a laser machining head: The present application relates to an insert (18) for holding an optical system (90, 92), in particular a focusing optics, in a laser machining head (10) for machining a workpiece with a laser beam, it being possible to displace the optical system (90, 92) relative to the insert (18) via... Agent:

20110075275 - Lens drive control device and image pickup device: A lens drive control device for a lens barrel, which controls at least a part of a plurality of lens groups respectively including at least one lens, wherein a state of the lens barrel transits from a retracted state to a photographing extended state, the lens drive control device comprising:... Agent:

20110075277 - Camera module: An exemplary camera module includes a barrel and a holder. The barrel includes a first threaded part and a first cylindrical part connected to the first threaded part in an order from an object side to an image side. The first threaded part includes a plurality of external threads. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110075276 - Lens assembly and camera module having same: A lenses assembly includes a first lens, a second lens, and adhesive material. The first lens includes two axially extending protrusions. The second lens includes two radially extending protrusions. The second lens engages with the first lens by engagement between the axially extending protrusions and radially extending protrusions. The axially... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110075278 - Lens barrel, image pickup device, and lens barrel manufacturing method: A lens barrel includes a fourth lens, a prism, and a sixth lens. The fourth lens receives a light flux incident along a first optical axis. The prism includes a reflecting surface reflecting the light flux passing through the fourth lens to a direction along a second optical axis intersecting... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110075279 - Device for temperature-dependent axial movement of optical components: A device for the temperature-dependent axial movement of an optical component including a monolithic mounting unit having an outer mounting part forming a fixed holder having an axis and an inner mounting part forming a mount adapted to support the optical component. The mount is movable along the axis. A... Agent: Jenoptik Optical Systems Gmbh

20110075281 - Autofocus lens module: An autofocus lens module includes a holder defining a space, a barrel positioned in the space of the holder, a first post extended from an outer surface of the barrel, a first spring connecting adjacent ends of the barrel and the holder such that the barrel is maintained in the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110075280 - Piezoelectric driving module, camera module using same and portable electronic device using same: An exemplary piezoelectric driving module includes a movable barrel, a fixed barrel receiving the movable barrel, a piezoelectric actuator, and a spring member. The piezoelectric actuator is configured for moving the movable barrel relative to the fixed barrel. The piezoelectric actuator includes a piezoelectric body mounted on the sidewall of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110075282 - Deformable mirror device and signal processing apparatus: A deformable mirror device includes: a flexible member having a mirror surface on a front surface and a convex cross-sectional shape pattern on a rear surface, the cross-sectional shape pattern having a protrusion at a pressing reference point and having the largest cross-sectional thickness, the flexible member further having a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110075283 - Multi-curvature convex mirror having an enhanced field of vision: d

20110075284 - Infinite progression mirror box: This device uses mirrors and the optical effect of parallax to create the optical illusion of an infinite regression of reflections in those mirrors. Mirrors are attached, facing inwards, to the four inner sides of a box, and a mirror is attached to the bottom facing upwards. Mirrors that reflect... Agent:

20110075285 - Housing element for a rear view mirror: The invention provides a part of the mirror housings or cover that has a designed-in-flexibility to move versus other cover parts and to move back to the working position without distortions.... Agent: Smr Patents S.a.r.l.

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110069360 - Grid image: the viewing angles for the visual distinguishability and the shifts of the motif views (24-A, 24-B, 24-C) of the grating fields (32, 34, 36) are coordinated with each other such that, upon tilting the grating image (30), a motif (24) depiction that moves substantially along the tilt axis (20) is... Agent: Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh

20110069361 - Injection moldings, injection-molding apparatus and method thereof: Disclosed are injection moldings, an injection-molding apparatus and a method thereof. The injection-molding apparatus comprises: a cavity mold having a cavity; a core mold having a core surface to form a molding space for injection moldings when being joined to the cavity mold; a heating unit for heating the cavity... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110069362 - Optical signal processing: Optical signal processor (1) comprising an optical waveguide loop (3), and first and second phase modulator loops (6, 7), each of the first and second phase modulator loops is in optical communication with the optical waveguide loop, and the first and second phase modulator loops each comprises a respective control... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110069363 - Laser projector: A laser projector can generate a pulse signal capable of being generated according to the resolution of the clock signal, the pulse signal having a basic period and a basic pulse width each infinitely approximated to the characteristics of the resonance frequency. Moreover, because the laser projector can generate a... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20110069364 - Scan element for use in scanning light and method of making the same: A scan element includes a bobbin having a central axis about which is wound an electromagnetic wire coil and having a flange oriented generally transverse to the central axis. At least one elastomeric support has a first end coupled to the flange. A permanent magnet has first and second surfaces,... Agent: Metrologic Instruments, Inc.

20110069365 - Scan element for use in scanning light and method of making the same: A scan element includes a bobbin having a central axis about which is wound an electromagnetic wire coil and having a flange oriented generally transverse to the central axis. At least one elastomeric support has a first end coupled to the flange. A permanent magnet has first and second surfaces,... Agent: Metrologic Instruments, Inc.

20110069366 - Optical deflection device for scanning, ophthalmologic measurement and therapy system: An optical deflection unit for targeted radiation, e.g., produced by laser or superluminescent diodes, in scanning, ophthalmological measuring and therapy systems, comprises a deflection mirror, a position sensor and a control unit, which form a control circuit for minimizing the deviation of the actual positions, detected by the position sensor,... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20110069367 - Optical scanner: An optical scanner includes a light source, an optical splitter which splits light from the light source into a plurality of light beams, an input optical element on which the light beams split by the optical splitter are incident, a driver which generates a voltage signal, an optical deflector which... Agent:

20110069368 - Optical beam scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus: In an image forming apparatus provided with an optical beam scanning apparatus according to the invention, an optical beam scanning apparatus of an overillumination scanning optical system includes a semiconductor laser device as a light source, a pre-deflection optical system, a polygon mirror, and a post-deflection optical system, with a... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110069369 - Display device: A display device is provided including a first substrate a second substrate facing the first substrate. The device also includes a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) element disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate. The device further includes a color conversion member disposed between one of the first substrate and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110069370 - Edge seals for, and processes for assembly of, electro-optic displays: An electro-optic display comprises a backplane; a layer of electro-optic material disposed adjacent the backplane; a protective layer; and a sealing layer of a metal or a ceramic extending between the backplane and the protective layer, and thus sealing the layer of electro-optic material from the outside environment.... Agent: E Ink Corporation

20110069371 - Semi-transparent/transflective lighted interferometric devices: In certain embodiments, a device is provided that utilizes both interferometrically reflected light and transmitted light. Light incident on the device is interferometrically reflected from a plurality of layers of the device to emit light in a first direction, the interferometrically reflected light having a first color. Light from a... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20110069374 - Electronic paper: An electronic paper includes two flexible substrates 1, 2 opposing each other, at least one of which is transparent; a partition wall 4 for sectioning a space between the two flexible substrates into a plurality of cells; and, a display medium consisting of a particle group and sealed in the... Agent:

20110069372 - Electrophoretic display: An electrophoretic paper device is provided. The electrophoretic paper device includes a plurality of pixel electrodes arranged on a lower substrate. The electrophoretic paper device also includes an upper substrate having a common electrode that covers an entire area corresponding to a display surface. The electrophoretic paper device further includes... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110069373 - Electrophoretic display device: An electrophoretic display device includes pixel electrodes, a transparent electrode, and an electrophoretic ink layer including cavities. Each cavity is arranged between one of the pixel electrodes and the transparent electrode, and each cavity comprises suspension fluid, charged particles, and neutral particles, the charged particles and neutral particles being dispersed... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110069375 - Wavelength tunable single-pass optical parametric amplifier: A single-pass optical parametric amplifier is provided. The single-pass optical parametric amplifier comprises a light source emitting a fundamental wave having a wavelength range; a nonlinear material, which the fundamental wave passes therethrough to form a second harmonic generation wave having a light path; a supercontinuum generator extending the wavelength... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110069376 - Fiber mopa with amplifying transport fiber: Frequency-multiplied fiber-MOPA apparatus includes one enclosure containing a master oscillator and fiber amplifier stages and another enclosure containing frequency-multiplying stages. Radiation is transmitted between the enclosures by a transport fiber in a flexible jacket or enclosure. The transport fiber functions additionally as a power amplifier fiber, and amplifies the radiation... Agent: Coherent Inc.

20110069378 - Near infra-red imaging lens assembly: This invention provides an NIR imaging lens assembly comprising a lens element with refractive power made of a visible-light-absorbable material, and a filter or a filter film formed on one lens element with refractive power for filtering out infrared light, wherein the number of lens elements with refractive power in... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20110069377 - Planar gradient index optical metamaterials: An apparatus comprises a metamaterial including a first conducting layer, a second conducting layer, and a dielectric layer located between the first conducting layer and the second conducting layer. Each conducting layer has holes formed therethrough, for example as an array of holes formed through the metamaterial. The holes are... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20110069379 - Microscope configuration determination: The invention relates to a lens or lens attachment component, which is designed to be mounted in a microscope and to which an electronic memory module (15) is fixed. Said component comprises two contact fields (16, 17; 18, 19) that are electrically connected to connections of the memory module (15),... Agent:

20110069380 - Variable microscope system: A variable microscope system, which, beginning at the object plane, includes a main lens system, a zoom lens system consisting of several lens groups, and a relay system connected in series to the zoom lens system. In the microscope system, according to the invention, at least one main lens system... Agent: Carl Zeiss Microimaging Gmbh

20110069381 - Spherical aberration correction for an optical microscope using a moving infinity-conjugate relay: An infinity-conjugate lens relay with a moving first lens is used to select a plane of interest from an image volume. This plane can be selected so that the image is corrected for spherical aberration due to non-ideal imaging conditions. This effectively will allow for deeper, corrected imaging for high... Agent: Intelligent Imaging Innovations, Inc.

20110069382 - Optical system that selectively provides either of a collimated light beam or a convergent light beam: There is provided a method that includes projecting a collimated light beam from an optical system to a plane during a first mode of operation of the optical system, and projecting a convergent light beam from the optical system to the plane during a second mode of operation of the... Agent:

20110069383 - Measurement apparatus: A measurement apparatus includes a lamp mount including a first mount and a second mount. The first mount has a first cavity to mount an observation module. The second mount has a second cavity to mount an image capture module. The measurement apparatus further includes a plurality of light modules... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110069384 - Optical diffusing sheet, optical deflecting sheet, and transmission type screen: An optical deflecting sheet for a transmission type screen that emits imaging light projected from an incident side to an emergent side. The optical deflecting sheet includes a highly rigid substrate layer with a light-transmissibility and a high rigidity, and a plurality of layers laminated on the substrate layer. The... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20110069385 - Screen: A screen includes: a screen substrate; a first area disposed on the screen substrate and containing a first main line which has a plurality of first concaves for reflecting light and a first supplementary line which is disposed on the screen substrate at a position adjacent to the first main... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110069386 - Binoculars having image stabilizing function: Binoculars includes left and right image stabilizing lenses, a lens holder configured to move in a direction orthogonal to an optical axis direction, a reference member as a positioning reference in an optical axis direction of the lens holder, a plurality of balls provided at least three each around each... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110069387 - In-line optical isolator: In an in-line optical isolator, a first polarization separation element 91, a Faraday rotator 6 made of a BIG film, and a second polarization separation element 92 are placed in that order. The isolator further includes a first optical fiber collimator 1a being placed at the forward-beam incident side of... Agent: Smm Precision Co., Ltd.

20110069388 - higher order dispersion compensation device: The present invention relates to a higher-order dispersion compensation device (210), the device being adapted to cooperate with a pair of optical components (P1, P2), e.g. a pair of prisms, being arranged to compensate first-order dispersion by separating different wavelengths spatially. The compensation device (210) has the form of a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110069389 - Optical designs for zero order reduction: Apparatus for projecting a pattern includes a first diffractive optical element (DOE) configured to diffract an input beam so as to generate a first diffraction pattern on a first region of a surface, the first diffraction pattern including a zero order beam. A second DOE is configured to diffract the... Agent: Primesense Ltd.

20110069390 - Rotary encoder, rotary motor, rotary motor system, disk, and method of manufacturing rotary encoder: An encoder includes a disc-shaped disk disposed so as to be rotatable about a rotation axis and having at least one ring-shaped track in which a rotating grating is formed and at least one fixed grating which is fixedly disposed opposed to the disk so that the fixed grating and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20110069391 - Imaging device and methods of manufacturing of the device: A method and apparatus for producing low cost miniature images is provided. Modulated layers of materials over silicon substrate provide the shades of gray or colors needed to provide the perception of an image. Reflective characteristics as well as refractive characteristics of materials and modulated layers serve to produce the... Agent:

20110069392 - Light diffusing silicone rubber composition and molded part: A light diffusing silicone rubber composition is provided comprising a silicone rubber compound having an overall transmittance of at least 70% when measured in a cured sheet of 2 mm thick, and a light diffusing agent added and dispersed in the silicone rubber compound. The light diffusing agent is in... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110069393 - Optical element, method of producing same, and optical apparatus: An optical element comprising: a substrate having two surfaces each having a micro-relief structure that includes numerous fine protrusions; and a film that includes one or more layers including a metal layer and is formed on one of the micro-relief structure.... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20110069394 - Lens array image: A lens array image includes a substrate, a first lens on a first side of the substrate, and a second lens on the first side of the substrate. The first and second lenses form a lens array. Respective first image segments are at the second side of the substrate. Each... Agent:

20110069395 - Lens assembly and method for forming the same: According to embodiments of the invention, a lens assembly and method for forming the same is provided. The method includes providing a first lens layer having a first transparent substrate and a first lens on the first transparent substrate, providing a second lens layer having a second transparent substrate and... Agent:

20110069396 - Zoom lens: The invention relates to a new mechanism for permitting a zoom lens to focus on a short distance subject by moving a focusing lens group in an amount that varies in an optical axis direction depending on a zooming position. The zoom lens comprises, in order from its object side,... Agent:

20110069397 - Image pickup apparatus having lens barrel: An image pickup apparatus includes a lens barrel. The lens barrel is configured to move first and second optical units in an optical axis direction for zooming. The lens barrel includes a linear movement cylinder that includes a key configured to guide the first optical unit, a rotation cylinder that... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110069398 - Optical assembly for medical imaging devices: Optical assemblies for use in medical or other devices so as to image an object under examination onto an image sensor include a plurality of lens elements that can be retained in lens barrel. The lens elements and the lens barrel can be sealed with a compressible gasket. In one... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed Inc.

20110069399 - Wide angle lens: A wide angle lens (100) has a first lens (1), a second lens (2), and a third lens (3) which are arranged in order from an object side, and an aperture (4). The first lens (1) is a spherical meniscus lens which has negative power and whose convex surface faces... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110069400 - Objective lens design for miniature endoscope: An endoscope objective lens system design is disclosed, generally comprising a first lens group having overall negative refractive power, a second lens group having overall positive refractive power, and an aperture diaphragm disposed between the first and second lens groups wherein the first lens group includes a plano-concave lens with... Agent:

20110069401 - Optical system for camera: The optical system for a camera in accordance with the present invention includes: a first lens that has a positive refractive index and has a convex shape toward an object; a second lens that has a negative refractive index and has a concave shape at both surfaces; a third lens... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110069402 - Imaging optical system, camera apparatus, and personal digital assistant: An imaging optical system, including a first lens group; an aperture stop; a second lens group having a positive power, the first lens group, the aperture stop and the second lens group being arranged from a side of an object sequentially, wherein the second lens group includes a second front... Agent:

20110069403 - Image pickup apparatus having lens barrel: An image pickup apparatus includes a lens barrel. The lens barrel includes a fixture cylinder fixed onto an image pickup apparatus body, and provided with a plurality of cam grooves, and a movement cylinder provided with a plurality of cam followers, and configured to move in an optical axis direction... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110069404 - Detachable magnifier apparatus: A simple and inexpensive magnifying apparatus is removably attachable to most any type of electronic device (30) having a display screen (32) containing information to be viewed by a user of the electronic device. The apparatus has an element that connects (42) a magnifying element (90) to an element that... Agent:

20110069405 - Focusing device for beam projector: A focusing device for a beam projector which includes a casing; a lens holder having at least one lens which is movable forward or backward in the direction of the optical axis; a movable member located at a side of the lens holder to be movable parallel to the direction... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110069406 - Hinge construction: A hinge construction for a wing mirror unit for a motor vehicle is proposed that comprises a first hinge part for mounting on the motor vehicle and a second hinge part, pivotably connected therewith via a shaft. The second hinge part supports a mirror frame of the wing mirror unit,... Agent: Smr Patents S.a.r.l.

20110069407 - Mirror unit of exposure device and image forming apparatus using mirror unit: A mirror unit of an exposure device includes: a mirror having support points including one support point on one end portion in a longitudinal direction thereof and two support points at two portions in a width direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction on the other end portion thereof; and a... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.,

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110063700 - System, method, and device for producing, transmitting and displaying images in holographic form of up to three dimensions: A system, method, and device for producing, transmitting and displaying images in holographic form of up to three dimensions. Information representative of a three dimensional image can be converted into three-dimensional positional data. The three-dimensional position data can be converted into an electromagnetic field which can be received by nanomachines... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20110063701 - Digital optical, planar holography system and method for improving brightness of light beams: The proposed laser-beam system is a compact device of a hybrid or monolithic type, which is based on the use of digital planar holography (DPH) and is capable of coherently combining laser beams emitted from various laser sources. The hybrid DPH beam combiner is fabricated on a separate substrate and... Agent: Nano-optic Device, LLC

20110063702 - Two-dimensional optical scanner and image display apparatus: A two-dimensional optical scanner and an image display apparatus are provided. The optical scanner includes: a movable portion having a mirror portion, and a first driving portion which is configured to oscillate the mirror portion around a first axis; a second driving portion which is configured to oscillate the movable... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110063703 - Multi-beam light scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same: A multi-beam light scanning apparatus includes incident optical systems each of which allows a light beam to enter a deflection surface of a rotational polygon mirror in a sub scanning section from above and below directions obliquely with respect to a surface perpendicular to a rotation axis of the rotational... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110063704 - Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using same: The optical scanning device includes a light source emitting multiple light beams; an optical deflecting device having a reflection surface on which the light beams are incident to be reflected while deflected; multiple scanning optics systems focusing the light beams on the surfaces of members to be scanned while scanning... Agent:

20110063705 - Multibeam deflector for separating beams output from optical deflection devices: A multibeam deflector includes a plurality of optical deflection devices formed on a single substrate and an output optical system. Each of the optical deflection devices includes a slab optical waveguide formed by a material having an electro-optic effect. The output optical system is configured to separate beams output from... Agent:

20110063706 - Electromechanical dynamic force profile articulating mechanism: An electromechanical dynamic force profile articulating mechanism for recovering or emulating true parallel plate capacitor actuation behaviors from deformable membranes used in MEMS systems. The curved deformation of flexible membranes causes their MEMS behavior to deviate from known interactions between rigid plates that maintain geometric parallelism during ponderomotive actuation. The... Agent:

20110063707 - Support system for vibrating optical assembly: A support system for a vibrating component of an optical assembly that is adjacent to a frame, wherein the component is driven to vibrate along an X-direction of a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system. The support system includes a support member connected to the frame. The support system has contact elements... Agent: Hinds Instruments, Inc.

20110063708 - Control device for at least one electrochromic window, control system for one or more electrochromic windows, means of transport with at least one electrochromic window and with at least one control device, and method of: The invention relates to a control device for at least one electrochromic window (100, 100.1, 100.2, 100′, . . . ) with means (106, 108) for generating a charging current, to bring the window from a first state into a second state, wherein the window is darker in the second... Agent:

20110063709 - Electrochromic formulation with at least two dye systems, method for production thereof and electrochromic component: Electrochemically active formulations may be used for flashing electrochromic displays, in particular for those that in addition to blinking can switch on a permanent symbol with the blinking display. The formulations contain at least two chemically different dye systems. The formulations provide a first dye system that is reversibly switchable... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110063710 - Resonator system: The designed resonator system comprises a light source generating device for outputting a light source and a resonating cavity device. The resonating cavity device includes: a first waveguide with an input end for receiving the light source; a first resonator disposed adjacent to the first waveguide for receiving the light... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20110063711 - System and method for generating optical radiation of controllable spectral content: An optical spectrum generator is disclosed, which is based on generating conjugate optical frequencies via the use of two or more nonlinear interactions, where filters are used to select the conjugate output of the preceding nonlinear interaction as the input to the following nonlinear interaction. The cascaded nonlinear interaction is... Agent: Nucrypt, Inc.

20110063712 - Display device with at least one movable stop element: In certain embodiments, a device is provided including a substrate and a plurality of supports over the substrate. The device may further include a mechanical layer having a movable portion and a stationary portion. The stationary portion may disposed over the supports. In certain embodiments, the device further includes a... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20110063713 - Anti-stiction electrode: Anti-stiction systems may include one or more anti-stiction electrodes driven to provide an electrical force that counteracts a stiction force acting upon a moveable portion of an interferometric modulator. The anti-stiction electrode(s) may be disposed on a back glass or on another such substrate. The anti-stiction electrode(s) may be configured... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20110063714 - Electrophoretic particles, electrophoretic particle dispersion, display medium and display device: An electrophoretic particle dispersion including: electrophoretic particles including first particles having a surface thereof covered with a curvature-adjustment portion formed from a curvature-adjustment material, a curvature at the surface of the curvature-adjustment portion being greater than the curvature of the first particles that do not include the curvature-adjustment portion; a... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110063715 - Method for manufacturing light control particles and light control film using light control particles obtained by the method: wherein in the step of granulating, reaction is carried out in the presence of methanol in an amount of not less than 50 parts by mass but not more than 110 parts by mass relative to 100 parts by mass of the whole of components (A), (B) and (C). In... Agent:

20110063717 - High-efficiency device for focusing light to subwavelength dimensions: The general field of the invention is that of devices for focusing light to subwavelength dimensions including at least one focusing structure having a metal film provided with a first aperture that penetrates the film, the aperture having dimensions an order of magnitude smaller than the working wavelength of the... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energie Alternatives

20110063716 - Method of making optical element and optical element: A method of making an optical element, the optical element including magnetic resonators that are anisotropically shaped and smaller than a wavelength of incident light, includes a first step of dispersing the magnetic resonators in a host medium, a second step of applying an external magnetic field to the host... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110063718 - Optical frequency up-conversion of femtosecond pulses into targeted single bands in the visible and ultraviolet: An apparatus and methods for generating a substantially supercontinuum-free widely-tunable multimilliwatt source of radiation characterized by a narrowband line profile. The apparatus and methods employ nonlinear optical mechanisms in a nonlinear photonic crystal fiber (PCF) by detuning the wavelength of a pump laser to a significant extent relative to the... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20110063719 - Compensation for the gouy phase shift in quasi-phase matching: A sample of nonlinear optical material for use in a nonlinear optical device contains a grating comprising alternating regions of inverted and non-inverted nonlinear coefficient of the material, with the regions separated by boundaries positioned such that the grating can provide quasi-phase matching of a selected nonlinear optical interaction, and... Agent:

20110063720 - Optical amplifiers using switched filter devices: Described are Gain Flattening Filters (GFFs) implemented using mechanical translating assemblies to move selected thin film Gain Attenuating Filters (GAFs), and combinations of selected GAFs, into or out of the output path from an optical amplifier. The GAFs may be used singly, or in combinations that synthesize many target filter... Agent:

20110063721 - Optical amplifier and optical amplification method: There is provided an optical amplifier including a pump light source to generate a pump light being capable of changing a wavelength thereof, a first rare earth doped medium to amplify an input signal light by using the pump light generated by the pump light source, a second rare earth... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110063723 - Stacked disk-shaped optical lens array, stacked disk-shaped lens module array and method of manufacturing the same: A stacked disk-shaped optical lens array, a stacked disk-shaped lens module array and a method of manufacturing the same are revealed. The stacked disk-shaped optical lens array is produced by stacked disk-shaped optical lens modules whose optical axis is aligned. The stacked disk-shaped lens module array is produced by a... Agent:

20110063722 - Stacked disk-shaped optical lens array, stacked lens module and method of manufacturing the same: A stacked disk-shaped optical lens array, a stacked lens module and a method of manufacturing the same are revealed. The stacked disk-shaped optical lens array is produced by at least tow disk-shaped optical lens arrays whose optical axes are aligned. After the optical axes of the stacked disk-shaped optical lens... Agent:

20110063724 - Microscope: A microscope includes a microscope main body, a revolving nosepiece rotatably mounted on the microscope main body and equipped with plural objective lenses, and focusing handles that adjust focal points of the objective lenses. The microscope further includes operation knobs mounted in a vicinity of the focusing handles and configured... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110063725 - Lenticular display: A display that includes a lenticular lens array and an immersing medium that covers the lenticular lens array. A flat sheet in front of the immersing medium forms a flat front surface for the display. The indices of refraction of the immersing medium and the lenticular lens array are different... Agent: Eyesaver International

20110063726 - Interference filters for viewing anaglyphs: This invention provides apparatus for viewing anaglyphic stereoscopic images with color filters comprising polymer interference films. The interference films may be mounted in lightweight paper frames or rigid frames. The interference films may have a curved profile in order to reduce reflections into a user's eyes. The interference films may... Agent:

20110063727 - Method and system with indicating marks for projection film: Indicia are established on the film to clearly indicate locations where cuts for splices may and may not be properly made. These indicia are different from each other to signify whether a cut can or cannot be made in the vicinity of the respective indicia. Differences for these indicia can... Agent:

20110063728 - Delay line interferometers: The specification describes delay line interferometer designs using combinations of basic optical components that are expected to simplify manufacture and reduce costs while still providing precision optical performance. The main operative components of these designs are polarization beam splitters, birefringent crystals, optical delay components, and waveplates. Temperature controllers may be... Agent:

20110063730 - Disk-shaped optical lens array and manufacturing method thereof: A disk-shaped optical lens array produced by resin injection-compression molding and a manufacturing method thereof are revealed. The disk-shaped optical lens array has at least one alignment fixture a first surface and a second optical surface. The optical surfaces respectively including a plurality of optical zones corresponding to each other... Agent:

20110063729 - Optical system for displaying an image on the surface of a solar panel: An optical system that allows an image to be displayed on the surface of a solar panel without this image forming an obstacle to direct solar rays. The system includes a solar panel, a lenticular surface formed from linear lenses, and a transparent film on which an image, the straight... Agent:

20110063731 - Wafer-level lens array, method of manufacturing wafer-level lens array, lens module and imaging unit: Disclosed are a wafer-level lens array, a method of manufacturing a wafer-level lens array, a lens module, and an imaging unit capable of preventing the permeation of air into a substrate unit or a lens unit to be molded when a wafer-level lens array having the substrate unit and the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110063732 - Surface buckling method and articles formed thereby: A method for generating spontaneously aligned surface wrinkles utilizes control of local moduli-mismatch and osmotic pressure. The method includes modifying the surface of an elastomeric layer to form a superlayer that is stiffer and/or less absorbent than the elastomeric layer. The elastomeric layer is then swollen with a polymerizable monomer,... Agent:

20110063733 - Fabrication of thin pellicle beam splitters: A method for fabricating a pellicle beam splitter includes etching an aperture in a support substrate; bonding a beam splitter substrate to an upper surface of the support substrate so that the beam splitter substrate covers the aperture; and depositing at least one optical coating on the beam splitter substrate.... Agent:

20110063734 - Master model of lens array and method of manufacturing the same: A master model of a lens array and a method of manufacturing the same are provided, which can make it possible to manufacture the master model in a relatively short time with a simple construction of an apparatus. In a master model of a lens array on which a plurality... Agent:

20110063735 - Immersion microscope objective lens: An immersion microscope object lens including, in order from an object: a first lens group having positive refractive power as a whole, and including a first lens component in which a meniscus lens having a concave surface facing the object and a meniscus lens having a convex surface facing an... Agent:

20110063736 - Imaging optics with adjustable optical power and method of adjusting an optical power of an optics: The invention relates to optics comprising adjustable optical elements and, if desired, lenses of fixed focal lens. By use of an appropriate controller for the adjustable optical elements, characteristics of the optics can be advantageously varied. For this purpose, systems are provided which are suitable for use as surgical stereo-microscope,... Agent:

20110063737 - Compact zoom optical system: e

20110063738 - Lens position control apparatus, imaging apparatus, and control method: It is provided an imaging apparatus including a plurality of motors configured to be driven to move lenses in synchronous with a drive pulse, a position detection unit configured to detect one of positions of the lenses moved by the driving of the plurality of motors, an operation unit configured... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110063739 - Lens unit, camera module and manufacturing method of lens unit: To implement the alignment of lenses with a simple configuration or by a simple method. A lens unit includes a plurality of lenses each including a lens portion and a flange portion surrounding the lens portion, and a tube portion that holds the plurality of lenses successively arranged along an... Agent: Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

20110063740 - Supporting device, optical apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method: The present invention provides a supporting device that supports an optical element, comprising: a first supporting member that is fixed to an outer circumference of the optical element; a plurality of members that is connected to an outer circumference of the first supporting member; and a second supporting member that... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110063741 - Lens actuating module: Disclosed herein is a lens actuating module. The module includes a housing having an accommodating space and a bush guide. A lens barrel is accommodated in the accommodating space and includes a lens and a barrel hook. A driving unit applies a driving force to a bush such that it... Agent:

20110063742 - Lens device: Disclosed is a rear-focus-type lens device in which a switch assembly including a plurality of switches can be provided in an attachment frame having, for example, a focus lens accommodated therein and which is capable of ensuring the strength of the attachment frame and the accuracy of the parts. A... Agent:

20110063744 - Focusing device for beam projector: A focusing device for a beam projector including a casing, a body tube having at least one lens, the body tube being advanced or retracted in a direction of an optical axis in the casing, a movable member provided at a side of the body tube, the movable member moving... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110063743 - Piezo actuator and lens actuating module using the same: Disclosed herein are a piezo actuator and a lens actuating module using the piezo actuator. The lens actuating module includes a housing having an accommodating space. A lens barrel is accommodated in the accommodating space. A preload unit includes a locking part locked to the outer circumference of the lens... Agent:

20110063745 - Color wheel: The present invention relates to a color wheel which allows for an easy to perform balancing. The color wheel comprises a motor and a color rotor with a carrier. Filter segments are mounted to the carrier. In addition the color rotor comprises a body with a surface perpendicular to the... Agent: Oerlikon Trading Ag, Truebbach

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110058239 - Method of producing a microstructured product: The present invention provides a method of producing a two-sided microstructured product and a registration structure that can be used for the method. The method comprises the steps of: (800) providing primary product features (80) at a first surface of a substrate sheet (50); (810) providing secondary product features (90)... Agent: Rolling Optics Ab

20110058240 - System and method for autostereoscopic imaging using holographic optical element: Systems and methods for creating an autostereoscopic display include a holographic optical element (HOE) recorded using coherent light divided into diverging reference and object beams that illuminate the HOE from opposite sides. The object beam passes through first and second diffusers with one diffuser being a directional diffuser to more... Agent: Absolute Imaging LLC

20110058241 - Ultra-short pulse scanning optical system: A scanning optical system including an optical source configured to generate an ultra-short light pulse, a dispersion compensation system disposed such that the ultra-short light pulse travels through the dispersion compensation system, an optical deflector configured to rotate about an axis such that the ultra-short light pulse is deflected through... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20110058242 - Light amount adjustment apparatus having plurality of plate-like light-shielding blade members and method of manufacturing the light-shielding blade members: A light amount adjustment apparatus having a plurality of light-shielding blade members that can be so manufactured by simple machining as to reduce undesired reflection on end faces of the light-shielding blade members which are parallel with the optical axis and prevent degradation in image quality such as flare and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110058243 - Methods for forming layers within a mems device using liftoff processes: Certain MEMS devices include layers patterned to have tapered edges. One method for forming layers having tapered edges includes the use of an etch leading layer. Another method for forming layers having tapered edges includes the deposition of a layer in which the upper portion is etchable at a faster... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20110058244 - Electrochromic display element: Disclosed is an electrochromic display element which is capable of forming a full color display of high quality by a simple display element structure without performing complicated operations. The electrochromic display element is characterized by comprising a plurality of electrolyte layers and containing a redox active compound which is contained... Agent: Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.

20110058245 - Electrowetting pixel structure: An electrowetting pixel structure includes a substrate, a hydrophobic dielectric layer, a non-polar liquid, a polar liquid, at least one electrode, and at least one contact hole. The hydrophobic dielectric layer is formed on the substrate, the non-polar liquid covers one surface of the hydrophobic dielectric layer, and the polar... Agent:

20110058246 - Laminated micromirror package: A system and method of aligning a micromirror array to the micromirror package and the micromirror package to a display system. One embodiment provides a method of forming and utilizing a package that exposes regions of an alignment reference plane. The device within the package is mounted on the reference... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorported

20110058247 - Mirror device with an anti-stiction layer: A micromirror device includes an elastic hinge for supporting a mirror on a substrate, and an address electrode for deflecting the mirror. The device further includes a protective layer and an oriented monolayer laid to cover a stopper also functioning as an address electrode provided below the mirror and between... Agent:

20110058248 - Infrared frequency comb methods, arrangements and applications: Certain embodiments relate to and involve producing broadband phase-locked frequency combs in the near-infrared and mid-infrared spectral ranges. One such embodiment is directed to a system, with a pump laser and an optical parametric oscillator (OPO) resonator, that is configured to produce broad-bandwidth frequency combs in the near-infrared and mid-infrared... Agent:

20110058249 - Method and system for compact and efficient high energy pulsed laser amplifier: An optical amplifier system includes an input aperture operable to receive light propagating along an optical path in a first direction and a first polarizer disposed along the optical path. The first polarizer is operable to pass light having a polarization state aligned with a first polarization axis. The system... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20110058250 - High power fiber amplifier with stable output: A stable, single mode fiber amplifier is described. The amplifier consists of a seed source, a passive single clad multimode fiber, an active double clad multimode fiber or a multimode fiber horn and a semiconductor laser pump source. The passive fiber is packaged on a mandrel with a compound radius... Agent: Nlight Photonics Corporation

20110058251 - Optical amplifier: An optical amplifier includes a rare-earth doped optical fiber for receiving input light through one end and outputting output light through another end, the input light being input from an input port; an excitation light source for generating excitation light; an optical coupler for supplying the generated excitation light to... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110058252 - Bottomless micro-mirror well for 3d imaging for an object of interest: A bottomless micro-mirror well. In one embodiment, the bottomless micro-mirror well includes a substrate having a first surface and an opposite, second surface defining a body portion between the first surface and the opposite, second surface, where the body portion defines an inverted pyramidal well having at least three side... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20110058253 - Microscope and method for controlling microscope: A microscope includes a microscope main unit including a stage on which a specimen is to be placed; and a light source provided on the microscope main unit and emitting illumination light for illuminating the specimen. The microscope also includes a main power supply operable to be turned on and... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110058254 - Integral photography plastic sheet by special print: The present invention relates to a stereoscopic plastic sheet which includes a convex lens layer having hemispherical convex lenses formed on a top surface thereof in a row and column arrangement, so that a clear stereoscopic picture can be seen regardless of directions when viewed from the front of the... Agent:

20110058255 - Computer, pda or telephone lens cover: A lens cover covers a camera lens or a projection lens formed in the frame of a computer display or in the body of a personal digital assistant or mobile telephone. The cover is movable to allow the lens to operate, yet allow the cover to remain with the device.... Agent:

20110058256 - Method and apparatus for optical filtering with two passbands: An apparatus includes an optical filter having first and second passbands that are different, the optical filter including selectively operable first passband adjusting structure that varies a characteristic of the first passband without influencing the second passband. According to a different aspect, a method includes filtering radiation with an optical... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110058257 - Optical element:

20110058258 - Zoom camera module: A zooming camera module includes a first lens group, a second lens group, and a third lens group. The first lens group is implemented on an optical axis at a fixed position, and has a negative total optical power. The second lens group is implemented on the optical axis and... Agent: Taiwan Creative Sensor Inc.

20110058259 - Scanner lens: A scanner lens includes a first lens, a second lens, and a third lens. The first lens is provided with a first focal length. The first, second, and third lenses are sequentially arranged from an object end to an imaging end and are respectively provided with a plus diopter, a... Agent: Asia Optical Co., Inc.

20110058260 - Zoom lens system and imaging apparatus including the same: A zoom lens system includes a first lens group having a negative refractive power, a second lens group having a positive refractive power, and a third lens group having a positive refractive power, wherein the first through third lens groups are arranged sequentially from an object side. When the zoom... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110058261 - Zoom lens and image capturing apparatus having the same: A zoom lens system and an image capturing apparatus having the same. The zoom lens includes a first lens group having a positive refractive power; a second lens group having a negative refractive power; a third lens group having a positive refractive power; and a fourth lens group having a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110058262 - Mini fixed focus lens module: , wherein f23 is a combined focal length of the second and third lenses, and f is a system focal length of the mini fixed focus lens module. The invention arranges the first, second, third and fourth lenses to control a ratio of the combined focal length to the system... Agent: Asia Optical Co., Inc.

20110058263 - Micro prime lens system: A micro prime lens system is provided. From an object side to an image side, the micro prime lens system sequentially includes a first lens, a second lens, a third lens and a fourth lens, which have a positive, a negative, a positive and a negative index of refraction, respectively.... Agent: Asia Optical Co., Inc.

20110058264 - Lens module of scanner: A lens module of a scanner is provided, including a first lens with a positive diopter, a second lens with a negative diopter, a third lens with a positive diopter, and a fourth lens with a negative diopter. The first, second, third, and fourth lenses are sequentially arranged from an... Agent: Asia Optical Co., Inc.

20110058265 - Fixed-focus lens module: A fixed-focus lens module includes an outer lens barrel, an inner lens, a first lens, and a second lens group. The outer lens barrel includes a first open end, a first cavity, and a second open end arranged in the order from the object side to the image side of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110058266 - Aperture apparatus and lens module having same: An exemplary aperture apparatus includes a transparent substrate, a number of EAP sheets supported by the substrate and spaced apart from each other, a first electrode, a second electrode and an aperture sheet. Each of the EAP members includes a fixed first end and an opposite second end movable relative... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110058267 - Voice coil motor and camera module using the same: A voice coil motor includes a movable member, a base, and a first elastic member. The movable member comprises a barrel, and a plurality of fixing posts protrudes from the bottom of the barrel. The base defines a through hole, a plurality of recessed portions, and a plurality of concavities.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110058268 - Lens driving device: This invention provides a lens driving device with a driving coil connected thereto that can avoid possible damages on the ends of the driving coil and any adverse effect on the spring members or the lens holder. When the ends of the driving coil are connected to the electric terminals... Agent: Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

20110058269 - Inspecting device: An inspecting device is used in limited space. The inspecting device includes a mirror and a frame. The frame includes a back plate and a rim extending from the back plate and converging. Thus, the periphery of the mirror is firmly held with the rim of the frame. Moreover, a... Agent:

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110051209 - Beam irradiation apparatus and laser radar: A beam irradiation apparatus includes a light source which outputs a laser beam, a convergent lens into which the laser beam output from the light source is entered, and a scanning portion which makes the laser beam transmitted through the convergent lens scan on a target region. In the beam... Agent:

20110051210 - Laser projector: A laser projector including a laser light source, a scan unit to scan the laser beam, a scan signal generation unit to generate a pulse signal, a drive unit to drive the scan unit and a pulse pattern adjustment unit to adjust a pulse pattern, wherein the pulse pattern adjustment... Agent:

20110051211 - Pattern generation systems and high bandwidth focus control system with suppressed reaction forces and noise: A pattern generation system includes an optical system and a rotor. The optical system is configured to project a laser image onto an optical scanner. The rotor has a plurality of optical arms arranged at a first angle relative to one another, and further includes the optical scanner. The laser... Agent:

20110051212 - Dynamically focused optical instrument: An optical system includes a dynamically focused lens that variably changes focal length to focus light on a material under evaluation at discrete axial depths, and a scanning element that laterally scans the material to focus light on the material at points that are laterally adjacent the axial depth.... Agent:

20110051213 - Optical apparatus and imaging apparatus: An optical apparatus includes: a sealing case having chambers partitioned by a partition wall; a polar liquid having polarity and a nonpolar liquid having no polarity which are respectively sealed in a predetermined amount in each of the chambers; and electrodes pulling the polar liquid by an electrowetting phenomenon upon... Agent:

20110051214 - Extendable strobe light device: The extendable strobe light device (1) comprises a telescoping light mount (10) bearing a strobe light (11). By manual operation or by power to an antenna drive motor (23) the telescoping light mount (10) is extended or retracted. An insulated electrical conductor (28) provides power to the strobe light (11).... Agent:

20110051216 - Apparatus and methods relating to wavelength conditioning of illumination: Lighting systems comprising a spectrum former upstream from a reflective pixelated spatial light modulator (reflective SLM), the SLM reflecting substantially all of the light in the spectrum into at least two different light paths, that do not reflect back to the light source or the spectrum former. At least one... Agent:

20110051215 - Methods and apparatus for generating 16-qam-modulated optical signal: A system and method for producing a 16-QAM-modulated signal are disclosed. The methodology, in an exemplary expedient, generally comprises splitting light from a CW laser into two parts; modulating the first part with a first signal and modulating the second part with a second signal; phase shifting the modulated second... Agent:

20110051217 - High performance chirped electrode design for large area optoelectronic devices: An electro-optic device with a doped semiconductor base and a plurality of pixels on the semiconductor base. Pixels include oppositely doped semiconductor layer and a top electrode formed on the oppositely doped semiconductor layer. The top electrode has a grid pattern with at least one busbar and a plurality of... Agent:

20110051218 - Electrolytes for electrochromic devices: An electrolyte for electrochromic devices is manufactured by mixing (210) a solvent, an ionisable substance and a solvated polymer. The solvent comprises a substance having an amide group and selected from a specified group of substances. The ionisable substance comprises an anion and a cation, where the cation preferably is... Agent:

20110051219 - Environmentally safe electrochromic devices and assemblies: This invention recognizes the hazards of materials used to make electrochromic devices and the resulting mirror assemblies for automotive use. The invention provides novel ways to reduce these hazards and to manufacture these mirrors using renewable resources and smaller environmental footprint.... Agent:

20110051221 - Electrochromic devices, assemblies incorporating electrochromic devices, and/or methods of making the same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to electrochromic (EC) devices, assemblies incorporating electrochromic devices, and/or methods of making the same. More particularly, certain example embodiments of this invention relate to improved EC materials, EC device stacks, high-volume manufacturing (HVM) compatible process integration schemes, and/or high-throughput low cost deposition sources,... Agent:

20110051220 - Transparent structures: Transparent structures, electrochromic devices, and methods for making such structures/devices are provided. A transparent structure may include a transparent substrate having a plurality of micro- or nano-scale structures, at least one substance configured to block near-infrared or infrared radiation and partially cover at least substantial portions of the substrate and... Agent:

20110051222 - Electro-optic device: An electro-optic device is provided. The electro-optic device includes a junction layer disposed between a first conductivity type semiconductor layer and a second conductivity type semiconductor layer to which a reverse vias voltage is applied. The first conductivity type semiconductor layer and the second conductivity type semiconductor layer have an... Agent:

20110051223 - Photochromic optical articles prepared with reversible thermochromic materials: Provided is a photochromic optical article including: (a) an optical substrate; (b) a thermally reversible photochromic material; and (c) reversible thermochromic material capable of at least partially filtering UV/visible light at or below room temperature and becoming less capable of filtering UV/visible light at temperatures greater than room temperature. The... Agent:

20110051224 - Low temperature amorphous silicon sacrificial layer for controlled adhesion in mems devices: Methods of fabricating an electromechanical systems device that mitigate permanent adhesion, or stiction, of the moveable components of the device are provided. The methods provide an amorphous silicon sacrificial layer with improved and reproducible surface roughness. The amorphous silicon sacrificial layers further exhibit excellent adhesion to common materials used in... Agent:

20110051225 - Electromechanical display and backlight: Electromechanical light modulators and backlight providing efficient, low cost and high performance displays.... Agent:

20110051226 - Stabilized light source: A light source including a light emitting unit, a nonlinear medium, and a resonant grating. The light emitting unit is arranged to emit a first light into the nonlinear medium. The nonlinear medium is arranged to generate a second light such that an optical frequency of the second light is... Agent:

20110051227 - Quantum entangled photon pair generating device: Excitation light is split into two components with mutually orthogonal polarization. One component is fed clockwise and the other component is fed counterclockwise into a polarization maintaining loop. A second-order nonlinear optical medium disposed in the loop generates up-converted light from each excitation component by second harmonic generation, and generates... Agent:

20110051228 - Method and device for providing and/or controlling an optical signal: A method provides and/or controls an optical signal, wherein a control signal and at least one data signal are optically processed into a combined signal of substantially constant optical power. The level of the at least one data signal is substantially maintained within the combined signal. In addition, an according... Agent:

20110051229 - Achromatic visible to far infrared objective lens: Disclosed herein are lens systems that are capable of imaging in the visible spectrum to the far infrared spectrum. The lens systems are formed from optical crystals with different and substantially parallel partial dispersion characteristics.... Agent:

20110051230 - Optical element, imaging optical system, and imaging apparatus: s

20110051231 - Light excited limiting window: An optical power limiter comprises an input optical transmission element, an output optical transmission element, and a power-limiting element disposed between the input and output elements for transmitting optical signals from the input element to the output element. The power-limiting element comprises an optical-limiting solid mixture containing particles of at... Agent:

20110051232 - Microscope with retain focus control: A microscope including an imaging optical unit, a sample stage for supporting a sample to be examined, a movement unit, by which the distance between sample stage and imaging optical unit can be altered, a focus measuring unit, which measures the present focus position and outputs a focus measurement signal,... Agent:

20110051234 - Laser scanning microscope having variable light intensity and control method for the same: A laser scanning microscope (LSM) having variable light intensity and a control method for the same. The light intensity of a laser beam in an LSM has been controlled to date with high accuracy, but also high costs by means of an acousto-optic component (AOM, AOTF). According to the invention,... Agent:

20110051233 - Scanning confocal microscopy: Known scanning confocal microscope systems use an optical fibre to deliver light to the confocal scanning head. The illumination from the fibre may be uneven and significant light loss may occur in the fibre. According to the invention, an assembly is provided for inputting a light beam from a light... Agent:

20110051235 - Microscope measurement system: A microscope measurement system including: an optical microscope including a microscope body and an objective connected to the microscope body; a chamber including a support mechanism holding an object to be examined therein, the chamber including an opening inserting the objective into the chamber such that the objective is located... Agent:

20110051236 - Three-dimensional image display device, portable terminal device, display panel and fly eye lens: m

20110051237 - Stereoscopic image displaying device and a method of manufacturing the same: A reflecting apparatus comprising: an array of reflectors including a first subset of reflectors and a second subset of reflectors, wherein the first subset of reflectors guide light toward a first viewing position and the second subset of reflectors guide light toward a second viewing position that is different from... Agent:

20110051238 - Stereoscopic sheet structure: The present invention serves to provide a stereoscopic sheet structure in which a three-dimensional design appears to be changing by changing the angle of observation. The stereoscopic sheet structure has a convex lens assembly which is formed on one surface of a sheet member and in which a plurality of... Agent:

20110051240 - Parallax barrier 3d image display method: A parallax barrier 3D image display method is provided. Particularly, a vertical strip parallax barrier design method is provided to avoid transverse ghost images generated by a conventional parallax barrier and directed to arrangement of sub-pixels on a screen of a flat panel display, which displays multi-view 3D images with... Agent:

20110051239 - Three dimensional display device and method of controlling parallax barrier: A three-dimensional display device includes a display unit that displays a left eye image and a right eye image by dividing the images thereof into a plurality of vertically elongated stripes of images and by alternately arranging the divided left eye image and the divided right eye image in a... Agent:

20110051241 - Anti-fog screen and methods: The present invention is directed to removable and collapsible moisture blocking screens that inhibit moisture from condensing on a surface when steam is present. The screens include a shaped vinyl film adapted to releasably contact a surface, a fabric component secured around a periphery of the film, and a flexible... Agent:

20110051242 - Multi-directional cube corner retroreflective article: A multi-directional cube corner retroreflective article, wherein a large number of retroreflective element assemblies, each of which is formed by assembling triangular pyramidal cube corner retroreflective elements each having an isosceles-triangular base (ABC) and an element apex (H) while sharing an apex (C) and base lines of equal length (AC... Agent:

20110051243 - Prism type lens structure: A prism type lens structure is provided. A plurality of piezoelectric elements are mounted to a reflection prism. The deformation of piezoelectric elements corresponding to the applied voltages controls the deflection angle of the reflection prism to compensate the unsteady optical path caused by vibration. Therefore, the image of light... Agent:

20110051244 - Article having metal dielectric reflective film: A article includes a substrate and a metal dielectric reflective film. The metal dielectric reflective film is formed on the substrate, the metal dielectric reflective film includes a dielectric multiple layer and a metal layer. The dielectric multiple layer includes a first layer, a second layer, a third layer, and... Agent:

20110051245 - Optical laminated polyester film: The present invention provides an optical laminated polyester film which can exhibit a good adhesion to a light diffusion plate, a prism layer and a hard coat layer as well as an excellent antistatic property without deterioration in transparency. The present invention relates to an optical biaxially oriented polyester film... Agent:

20110051246 - Reflection-reducing interference layer system and method for producing it: A reflection-reducing interference layer system is disclosed, which has at least three alternating layers having different refractive indices. At least one nanostructured layer comprising an organic material or an organic-inorganic hybrid material is applied to the alternating layers. With the interference layer system, it is possible to obtain very low... Agent:

20110051248 - Hybrid optical film: A hybrid optical film includes a first layer, a second layer, and a plurality of diffusion structures. The first layer has a light entering face and a first refractive index. The second layer has a second refractive index and is disposed on a face of the first layer opposite to... Agent:

20110051249 - Optical device, manufacturing method thereof, and method of manufacturing master: An optical device that has an antireflection function includes: a base; and a plurality of structural bodies, which are formed by convex portions or concave portions, arranged on a surface of the base with a fine pitch that is equal to or smaller than a wavelength of visible light. The... Agent:

20110051247 - Optical sheets: Disclosed is an optical sheet having a structured surface and a composition for forming optical three-dimensional patterns able to form the structured surface, which is not easily damaged by external force or a rough surface and thus facilitates the handling thereof, reduces defective rates to thus decrease the production cost... Agent:

20110051250 - Optical element, and processing apparatus and method for reducing reflection: An optical element includes: a pit forming portion of a material that forms a pit in the vicinity of each focal point of a predetermined light beam upon condensation, wherein the pits are formed in such a manner that the volume percentage of the pits with respect to the material... Agent:

20110051251 - Optical element and method for producing the same: An optical element having an anti-reflection function includes a base having a first main surface and a second main surface; a plurality of structures composed of projections or recesses and arranged on the first main surface at a fine pitch equal to or less than the wavelength of visible light... Agent:

20110051252 - Projection-receiving surface: This invention presents a projection-receiving surface that has a surface having an undulating contour. The undulating contour comprises a plurality of alternating convex cylindrical surface segments and concave cylindrical surface segments. The convex cylindrical surface segments and concave cylindrical surface segments of the undulating contour of the surface arranged with... Agent:

20110051253 - Apparatus for homogenizing light and laser apparatus for producing a linear intensity distribution in a work plane: An apparatus for homogenizing light, including a lens array (5, 7, 8) with a plurality of lenses (6, 9, 10) through which the light to be homogenized can pass. The apparatus has at least two different center-to-center distances of the lenses (6, 9, 10) of the lens array (5, 7,... Agent:

20110051255 - Fluidic lens and method of manufacturing the same: A fluidic lens and method for manufacturing the same are provided. The fluidic lens includes a transparent optical fluid and a double elastomer membrane. An outer membrane of the double elastomer membrane that is externally exposed includes a Poly DiMethyl Siloxane (PDMS) elastomer, and an inner membrane of the double... Agent:

20110051254 - Liquid lens: A variable-focus liquid lens is provided. The liquid lens includes a membrane and a fluid. The membrane is made of a transparent elastomer, and the fluid fills a predetermined space to contact at least a lens surface of the membrane. The membrane and the fluid are respectively made of materials... Agent:

20110051256 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same: A zoom lens includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens unit having a positive refractive power, a second lens unit having a negative refractive power, an aperture stop, a third lens unit having a positive refractive power, and a rear group including at... Agent:

20110051257 - Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same: A zoom lens includes, in order from an object side to an image side, first and second lens units respectively having positive and negative refractive powers, a reflecting prism for bending an optical path, and a rear lens group including lens units. At least the first and second lens units... Agent:

20110051258 - Optical sight for maintaining diopter adjustment: An optical sight includes a main barrel unit, an objective lens unit, an ocular lens unit, and a magnification unit. The main barrel unit extends about an axis. The objective lens unit is mounted to a front end of the main barrel unit. The ocular lens unit is mounted to... Agent:

20110051259 - Wide angle lens system: The present disclosure relates to a wide angle lens system. The wide angle lens system includes, in order from the object side to the image side thereof, a first lens of positive refraction power, a second lens of positive refraction power, and a third lens of negative refraction power. The... Agent:

20110051260 - Imaging optical system, camera and personal digital assistant: An imaging optical system includes an aperture stop, a first lens group disposed on an object side of the aperture stop, a second lens group disposed on an image side of the aperture stop and a plate-like ND filter disposed close to a position of the aperture stop in an... Agent:

20110051261 - Imaging lens: An imaging lens includes, sequentially from an object side, a first lens (L11) configured by a negative meniscus lens disposed with the convex surface on the object side; a second lens (L12) configured by a positive biconvex lens; a negative third lens (L13); and a fourth lens group (L14) configured... Agent:

20110051262 - Wide-angle lens: A wide-angle lens (1) comprises: a first lens (2) placed on an object side; and a lens group (3) arranged closer to an image plane than the first lens (2). The first lens (2) is a resin-made meniscus lens: which has a convex surface on the object side; which has... Agent:

20110051263 - Clutching jig: A clutching jig is adapted to disassemble a lens module which includes a lens socket and a lens component mounted to the lens socket. The clutching jig includes a base and at least two inserting slices. The base defines two opposite lateral surfaces and a bottom surface. A slot passes... Agent:

20110051264 - Lens driving apparatus: Disclosed is a lens driving apparatus. The lens driving apparatus comprises a base, a yoke coupled to the base, having an upper surface formed with a hole, a closed side surface, and an opened bottom surface, a bobbin movably installed in an inner portion of the yoke, a lens module... Agent:

20110051265 - Lens drive device: According to one embodiment, a lens drive device comprises: a housing; a yoke provided on the inside of the housing; a magnet secured to the yoke; a carrier which is located on the inside of the yoke and which is provided with a lens; a coil which is connected to... Agent:

20110051266 - Covected-shaped edge rear view mirror and method of use: The present invention is a rear view mirror provided on a vehicle with a flat glass reflective panel section, a plurality of convect-shaped curved outer and lower edges disposed onto flat glass reflective panel section that provide a clear view to a rear side of a vehicle, into a blind... Agent:

20110051267 - Reflective optical element for use in an euv system: A reflective optical element (10) for use in an EUV system is disclosed. The reflective optical element includes a base body, which is produced at least partly from a substrate material. At least one cooling channel through which a cooling medium can flow is arranged in the base body. A... Agent:

20110051268 - Blind spot mirror: r

20110051269 - True safe mirrors: A true safe mirror is provided for a motor vehicle. The true safe mirror is a wedge shaped member which has an approximate two to three degree (2°-3°) angle to increase the vision of a driver. The mirror can be attached to an existing motor vehicle mirror, thereby providing a... Agent:

20110051270 - Exterior sideview mirror system: An exterior sideview mirror assembly includes a single mirror backing plate element within a mirror housing. A main plano mirror element and an auxiliary non-plano curved mirror element are supported by the backing plate element. The backing plate element has a generally flat portion for supporting the main plano mirror... Agent:

20110051271 - Angle-adjustable auxiliary vehicle mirror: An angle-adjustable auxiliary vehicle mirror includes a base and a mirror. The base has a concave rest with a threaded hole. The mirror fits in a concave chamber of the base, with an auxiliary lens combined on top, having an arc-shaped convex formed at the bottom to engage with the... Agent:

20110051272 - Mounting portion structure of door mirror: A mounting portion structure for stably temporarily fixing a door mirror is provided. Two temporary fixing pieces are formed to protrude on a gasket. Pawls are formed to direct outward at tips of the two temporary fixing pieces. The gasket is previously secured to the mirror base by a screw.... Agent:

20110051273 - Headwear comprising rearview mirrors: Headwear wearable by a user is provided having rearview mirrors mounted thereon or incorporated therein via robust mounting structures or mechanisms. The rearview mirrors can be attached to the headwear such that the mirrors are movable between a stowed or collapsed configuration in which the mirror is at least partially... Agent:

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