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Nikolai Tillmann patents

Recent patents with Nikolai Tillmann listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

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Interface development and operation

12/25/14 - 20140380205 - Some implementations provide techniques and arrangements for interactive user interface operation and development. For instance, some implementations may generate a user interface data structure representing a user interface, the user interface data structure being generated based at least in part on state data and imperative programming code. Then, in response
Inventors: Sebastian C. Burckhardt, Manuel A. Faehndrich, Michal J. Moskal, Sean C. Mcdirmid, Nikolai Tillmann, Jonathan Paul De Halleux, Jun Kato

Generating program fragments using keywords and context information

09/18/14 - 20140282375 - A program development framework (PDF) is described herein which allows a user to produce a program in piecemeal fashion by successively specifying program fragments. The PDF creates a new program fragment by receiving keyword information from the user that describes a new program fragment, and then identifies context information that
Inventors: Sumit Gulwani, Jonathan Paul De Halleux, Nikolai Tillmann, Vu Minh Le, Zhendong Su

Controlling the release of private information using static flow analysis

06/13/13 - 20130152154 - A privacy control system is described herein for controlling dissemination of private information by a program. The privacy control system operates by performing static analysis to determine at least one flow within the program of private information, from a source to a sink The static analysis is particularly configured to
Inventors: Xusheng Xiao, Nikolai Tillmann, Manuel A. Fahndrich, Jonathan Paul De Halleux, Michal J. Moskal

Ranking programs in a marketplace system

06/13/13 - 20130151519 - A marketplace system is described herein for ranking programs based, at least in part, on the assessed distinctiveness of the programs. In one implementation, the marketplace operates by: (a) accessing a set of programs; (b) extracting feature information from each of the programs; (c) generating similarity information for each program,
Inventors: Marat K. Akhin, Nikolai Tillmann, Michal J. Moskal, Jonathan Paul De Halleux, Manuel A. Fahndrich

Automatic rendering of interactive user interface elements

04/11/13 - 20130091444 - In response to the expression, the data items can then be automatically posted and rendered on the UI based on the data type(s) and according to pre-defined rendering instructions. The pre-defined rendering instructions need not be specific to the data items, nor provided with the expression.
Inventors: Jonathan Peli Paul De Halleux, Michal J. Moskal, Nikolai Tillmann

Dynamically changing key selection based on context

02/28/13 - 20130055138 - Editing functionality is described herein for creating a structured data item by dynamically presenting a key arrangement that is deemed suitable at each instance of an editing session. Each key is associated with a component of the structured data item. Upon activation of one of these keys, the editing functionality
Inventors: Jonathan Paul De Halleux, Michal J. Moskal, Nikolai Tillmann, Manuel A. Fahndrich

Media files including programming code and description

12/27/12 - 20120331438 - The description relates to media files and more particularly to media files that include a program and a human-understandable description of the program. One example can receive executable code. This example can determine a functionality provided by the executable code. The example can also create a media file that stores
Inventors: Michal J. Moskal, Jonathan Peli Paul De Halleux, Nikolai Tillmann

Contextually intelligent code editing

06/28/12 - 20120167042 - This document describes techniques for contextually intelligent code editing. In at least some embodiments, the techniques are network-based and can use client-server interactions to develop programming code. For example, input to a local programming environment of a client can be transmitted to a server. A functionality at the server can
Inventors: Nikolai Tillmann, Jonathan P. De Halleux, Barend H. Venter

Graphical user interface for exploring source code execution behavior

06/21/12 - 20120159452 - Described herein are interactive graphical user interfaces that visualize execution behavior of source code together with theoretical execution behavior of the source code together with the source code itself. Structure of the source code is analyzed to determine theoretical execution behavior of the source code. Thereafter, symbolic execution of the
Inventors: Robert Anthony Deline, Jonathan De Halleux, Nikolai Tillmann

Symbolic finite automata

05/24/12 - 20120130932 - Described are symbolic finite automata for symbolically expressing and analyzing regular expression constraints, such as for use in program analysis and testing. A regular expression or pattern is transformed into a symbolic finite automaton having transitions that are labeled by formulas that denote sets of characters (rather than individual characters).
Inventors: Margus Veanes, Jonathan Paul De Halleux, Nikolai Tillmann

Tracing just-in-time compilation with pointers to local variables

12/22/11 - 20110314452 - In one embodiment, a trace optimizing engine may create an optimized trace of an operation segment of a software program. A memory 130 may store a trace of an operation segment and an inherited stack frame from the operation segment. An optimizing trace compiler 418 may resolve a local pointer
Inventors: Nikolai Tillmann

Generating type-safe wrappers for dynamic detouring

11/10/11 - 20110276943 - An isolation system is described for converting original product code into corresponding modified code. The isolation system operates by identifying a subset of original methods to be converted. For each such original method, the isolation system generates a modified part having at least one property with a type-safe delegate type
Inventors: Jonathan Paul De Halleux, Nikolai Tillmann

Automatic parallelization in a tracing just-in-time compiler system

10/27/11 - 20110265067 - A tracing just-in-time (TJIT) compiler system is described for performing parallelization of code in a runtime phase in the execution of code. Upon detecting a hot loop during the execution of the code, the compiler system extracts trace information from sequentially recorded traces. In a first phase, the compiler system
Inventors: Wolfram Schulte, Nikolai Tillmann, Michal J. Moskal, Manuel A. Fahndrich, Daniel Jp Leijen, Barend H. Venter

Symbolic query exploration

03/03/11 - 20110055237 - A symbolic query exploration (QEX) module automatically produces output information that can be used to evaluate a database. The QEX module operates by converting an input query into a formula for processing by a satisfiability module theories (SMT) solver module. The SMT solver module generates a model that satisfies the
Inventors: Margus Veanes, Nikolai Tillmann, Jonathan Paul De Halleux, Pavel Grigorenko

Whitebox trace fuzzing

11/04/10 - 20100281460 - Disclosed is a process to generate and execute relevant, non-redundant test cases starting with an execution trace. An execution trace may be collected. A sequence of actions and the data involved in the actions may then be extracted from the execution trace and persisted separately from one another. Code for
Inventors: Nikolai Tillmann, Jonathan Paul De Halleux

Symbolic runtime checking of quantified contracts

04/01/10 - 20100083233 - An extension of symbolic execution for programs involving contracts with quantifiers over large and potentially unbounded domains is described. Symbolic execution is used to generate, from a program, concrete test cases that exhibit mismatches between the program code and its contracts with quantifiers. Quantifiers are instantiated using symbolic values encountered
Inventors: Dries Vanoverberghe, Nikolai Tillmann, Jonathan Paul De Halleux, Nikolaj S. Bjorner, Wolfram Schulte

State as a first-class citizen of an imperative language

01/14/10 - 20100011194 - A state component saves a present state of a program or model. This state component can be invoked by the program or model itself, thereby making state a first-class citizen. As the state of the program evolves from the saved state, the saved state remains for reflection and recall, for
Inventors: Wolfgang Grieskamp, Yuri Gurevich, Wolfram Schulte, Nikolai Tillmann

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