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Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

The following is a sampling of recent Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patent applications (USPTO Patent Application #, Patent Title) sorted by month.

February 2011 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20110044373 - Miniature fiber optic temperature sensor with edge reflector
20110044575 - Miniature fiber optic temperature sensors
20110045281 - Reduction of basal plane dislocations in epitaxial sic
20110046345 - Methods for preparing linked peptide rings and peptide nanotubes obtained thereby
20110037020 - Highly aromatic compounds and polymers as precursors to carbon nanotube and metal nanoparticle compositions in shaped solids
20110037031 - Cation deficient materials for electrical energy storage
20110038587 - Multi-clad optical fiber
20110040028 - Polymeric compositions containing microspheres
20110034319 - Sintering aid coated yag powders and agglomerates and methods for making
20110027388 - Cobalt hexammine as a potential therapeutic against hiv and/or ebola virus
20110027648 - Three-dimensional microbattery with tricontinuous components
20110028303 - Magnesium aluminate transparent ceramic having low scattering and absorption loss
20110028329 - Method of making material exhibiting superconductivity characteristics

January 2011 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20110012036 - Compact high power terahertz radiation cell
20110013268 - Systems and methods of achieving high brightness infrared fiber parametric amplifiers adn light sources
20110013841 - Boundary extraction method
20110015896 - Accurate and computationally efficent method of non-central chi square probability density function
20110007819 - Method and system for compression of hyperspectral or multispectral imagery with a global optimal compression algorithm (goca)
20110008686 - Performance recovery of a fuel cell
20110002585 - Fiber-based mid-ir signal combiner and method of making same

December 2010 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20100326136 - Thermally stable ir-transmitting chalcogenide glass
20100327322 - Transistor with enhanced channel charge inducing material layer and threshold voltage control
20100332192 - Method and tools for self-describing data processing
20100319381 - Body armor suite cooling system
20100322034 - Acoustic communication and locating devices for underground mines
20100314008 - Sonochemically mediated preparation of nanopowders of reactive metals
20100314578 - Metal-based nanoparticles and methods for making same
20100315648 - Non-periodic wavefront dividing interferometer
20100316231 - System and method for determining vector acoustic intensity external to a spherical array of transducers and an acoustically reflective spherical surface
20100316342 - Photonic crystal based optical modulator integrated for use in electronic circuits
20100317884 - Polymerizable sulfonate ionic liquids and liquid polymers therefrom
20100307791 - Electrically conductive polymers
20100308511 - Nematic elastomer fiber with mechanical properties of a muscle
20100309055 - Method and apparatus for passively locating radar emissions from transmitters
20100309463 - Specular integrating tube for scattered-light spectroscopy
20100310128 - System and method for remote measurement of displacement and strain fields
20100310444 - Closed-cell foam silica
20100311025 - Material formulations for human tissue simulation
20100300887 - Preparing electrodes for electroplating
20100303429 - Microstructured optical fiber draw method with in-situ vacuum assisted preform consolidation
20100303468 - White light emitting device based on polariton laser
20100305860 - Filtered model output statistics (fmos)

November 2010 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20100293946 - Compact radial counterflow recuperator
20100298481 - Divinylsilane-terminated aromatic ether-aromatic ketone-containing compounds
20100290487 - Recycling pump-beam method and system for a high-power terahertz parametric source
20100291298 - Methods of preparing metal carbides
20100281463 - Xml based scripting framework, and methods of providing automated interactions with remote systems

October 2010 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20100271280 - Double balun dipole
20100271623 - Method and apparatus for characterizing a multilayered structure
20100271719 - Ultra broad band beam steering apparatus and method using chalcogenide-based risley combination-prism pair
20100264502 - Methods and systems of curved radiation detector fabrication
20100264904 - Apparatus and system for a quasi longitudinal mode electro optic sensor for high power microwave testing
20100266289 - Even-order harmonic cancellation and increased rf gain using dual-output mach-zehnder modulator with two wavelength input
20100267913 - Polymers made from polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes and diacetylene-containing compounds
20100267967 - Multifunctional metal-chelating ligands

September 2010 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20100244652 - Glass for ir signature reduction
20100245150 - Artifical dielectric composites by a direct-write method
20100248967 - Material exhibiting superconductivity characteristics and method of manufacture thereof
20100238454 - Optical mems chemical sensor array
20100238957 - Opo laser mid-ir wavelength converter
20100230547 - Stop-rotor rotary wing aircraft
20100232698 - Computationally efficient method for image segmentation with intensity and texture discrimination
20100224246 - Method and apparatus for generating electrical power using sunlight and microorganisms
20100227837 - Mobile self-spreading biocides
20100228043 - Fluoroalkyl carbinol generating silane surface treatment agents

August 2010 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20100210454 - Nanocomposite catalyst materials comprising conductive support (carbon), transition metal compound, and metal nanoparticles
20100199907 - Bouyancy control device
20100202743 - Photonic band gap germanate glass fibers
20100205122 - Methods and systems of adaptive coalition of cognitive agents
20100192709 - System and method of generating atmospheric turbulence for testing adaptive optical systems

July 2010 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20100188725 - High performance chirped electrode design for large area optoelectronic devices
20100189991 - Macroporous carbon nanofoam composites and methods of making the same
20100191468 - Estimating photospheric velocities for space-weather prediction
20100191678 - Information assisted visual interface, system, and method for identifying and quantifying multivariate associations
20100176005 - High-throughput biological screening assay using voltage gradients
20100176348 - Dispersion strengthened lithium and method therefor
20100176767 - Composite electrode structure
20100178421 - Conductive microcylinder-based paints for integrated antennas
20100179898 - Methods and systems of purchase contract price adjustment calculation tools
20100173155 - Synthesis of elastomeric poly(carborane-siloxane-acetelyene)s

June 2010 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20100155678 - Hot-pressed transparent ceramics and ceramic lasers
20100159363 - Electrochemical cells for energy harvesting
20100160144 - Yb:y2o3 ceramic powders
20100148288 - Vertical cell edge junction magnetoelectronic device family
20100139406 - Micromechanical chemical sensors with multiple chemoselective resonant elements and frequency division multiplexed readout
20100144057 - Fluidic force discrimination

May 2010 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20100126219 - Process of making low loss visible - ir transmitting glass - ceramic spinel composites
20100131575 - Fort.22 file creation tool
20100131879 - Graphical user interface program for fort.15 file creation
20100124762 - Fluidized bed detector for continuous, ultra-sensitive detection of biological and chemical materials
20100117917 - Wavelength-scaled ultra-wideband antenna array
20100118466 - Ceramic lamellar composites
20100120989 - Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane and carborane containing network polymers
20100108886 - Method and apparatus for infrared spectrometry
20100112643 - Method for direct capture of ribonucleic acid

April 2010 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20100096674 - Methods and systems of thick semiconductor drift detector fabrication
20100097690 - High-temperature interband cascade lasers
20100094597 - Automated mesh generation and editing tools
20100083736 - Hybrid preconcentrator for detection of materials
20100085188 - Intruder detector and classifier
20100086735 - Patterned functionalization of nanomechanical resonators for chemical sensing
20100088308 - System and method for automated discovery, binding, and integration of non-registered geospatial web services
20100080252 - Opo mid-ir wavelength converter
20100080742 - Fabricating polymers for optical devices
20100081014 - Microbial fuel cell power systems
20100081205 - Fluorophore embedded/incorporating/bridged periodic mesoporous organosilicas as recognition elements for optical sensors
20100082264 - Mld-modified synthetic ocean profiles

March 2010 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20100072465 - Barium copper sulfur fluoride transparent conductive thin films and bulk material
20100073847 - Tether-containing conducting polymers
20100075361 - Methods of generating florescence resonance energy transfer (fret) between semiconductor quantum dots and fluorescent dyes/proteins via multi-photon excitation, achieving zero background or direct excitation contributions to the fret signature
20100076920 - Data fusion framework for wide-area assessment of buried unexploded ordnance
20100064731 - Thermally stable ir-transmitting chalcogenide glass
20100067331 - Iterative correlation-based equalizer for underwater acoustic communications over time-varying channels
20100067862 - Thermally stable ir transmitting chalcogenide glass
20100070195 - Computer-implemented biological sequence identifier system and method
20100061517 - Diode for flash radiography
20100055882 - Junction termination extension with controllable doping profile and controllable width for high-voltage electronic devices

February 2010 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20100044570 - Detection of chemicals with infrared light
20100047443 - Formulation for dust abatement and prevention of erosion
20100049376 - Method and system for providing a gps-based position
20100042563 - Systems and methods of discovering mixtures of models within data and probabilistic classification of data according to the model mixture
20100032906 - Pneumatic steel target system
20100033377 - Sparse interferometric array for radio frequency azimuth direction finding
20100033378 - Histogram for ambiguity visualization and evaluation (have)
20100034703 - Micro scale flow through sorbent plate collection device
20100036650 - Method for determining heterogeneous bottom friction distributions using a numerical wave model
20100036793 - Method and system for geospatial forecasting of events incorporating data error and uncertainty
20100024719 - Tracking carbon to silicon ratio in situ during silicon carbide growth
20100028242 - Recovery of [co2]t from seawater/aqueous bicarbonate systems using a multi-layer gas permeable membrane
20100029884 - Fiber reinforcement with 1-silacyclobutane crosslink units
20100029921 - Trioxyethylene gold nanoclusters functionalized with a single dna

January 2010 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20100020415 - System and method for inducing far field transparency with negative index materials
20100022378 - Manufacturing process for chalcogenide glasses
20100022693 - Synthesis and polymerization of oligomeric divinyl-terminated aromatic ether-containing resins
20100013645 - Method and system of imaging electrons in the near earth space environment
20100013857 - Scene independent method for image formation in lenslet array imagers
20100004187 - Cobalt-amine based metal complex as an antibacterial compound

December 2009 - Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents) patents

20090325261 - Passivation of nerve agents by surface modified enzymes stabilized by non-covalent immobilization on robust, stable particles
20090314633 - Electron beam enhanced large area deposition system
20090312568 - Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane and carborane containing network
20090301169 - Selective membranes/thin films for analytical applications
20090302352 - P-n junction for use as an rf mixer from ghz to thz frequencies
20090299494 - System and method of improved kalman filtering for estimating the state of a dynamic system


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