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Nafisa Bhojawala patents

Recent patents with Nafisa Bhojawala listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Nafisa Bhojawala - Related organizations: Microsoft Corporation patents

Dialogs positioned with action visualization

04/02/15 - 20150095849 - Dialogs within a user interface. The user interface has one or more selectable elements, the selection of each of which initiating a corresponding action. Each time that any of the elements is selected, and a corresponding action initiated, there is the potential for the user interface to display a dialog
Inventors: Stephen Michael Danton, Adam Mohamed Abdelhamed, Bradley D. Millington, Leon Ezequiel Welicki, Jesse David Francisco, Kristofer John Owens, Jonathan Lucero, Jonah Bush Sterling, Karandeep Singh Anand, Vishal R. Joshi, Jon Harris, Andrew Birck, Nafisa Bhojawala, Brad Olenick, Madhur Joshi, Brendyn Alexander, Jodie Eilers, Dina-marie Ledonna Supino

Extendable blade sequence along pannable canvas direction

04/02/15 - 20150095842 - A user interface that includes a canvas that extends in one direction. An activation mechanism may be used to generate an initial blade in the canvas. A blade is a user interface element that occupies a portion of the canvas in the dimension along which the canvas extends. The blade
Inventors: Stephen Michael Danton, Vishal R. Joshi, Karandeep Singh Anand, William J. Staples, Nafisa Bhojawala, Brendyn Alexander, Brad Olenick, Jonah Bush Sterling, Leon Ezequiel Welicki, Madhur Joshi, Jon Harris, Justin Beckwith

Extensible and context-aware commanding infrastructure

04/02/15 - 20150095812 - Computing systems in which multiple non-context-sensitive or core commands may be initiated from each of a number of different user interface contexts. There are also multiple context-sensitive mechanism for visualizing the commands depending on which of the multiple possible user interface contexts that the commands appear. At least some embodiments
Inventors: Andrew Birck, Brad Olenick, Leon Ezequiel Welicki, Nafisa Bhojawala, Stephen Michael Danton, Jonathan Lucero, Dina-marie Ledonna Supino, Jesse David Francisco, Vishal R. Joshi, Karandeep Singh Anand, William J. Staples, Madhur Joshi, Julio O. Casal, Jonah Bush Sterling

Context aware user interface parts

04/02/15 - 20150095811 - A model for displaying multiple user interface elements such that each control includes a container that includes standard functionality across at least a majority of the user interface elements. For instance, such standard functionality might include a part status indication, a title, a content status indication, a command invocation function,
Inventors: Brad Olenick, Christopher Scrosati, Leon Ezequiel Welicki, Steven Sanderson, Alvaro Rahul Dias, Federico Silva Armas, Vishal R. Joshi, Tom Cox, Justin Beckwith, Jonathan Lucero, Kristofer John Owens, Stephen Michael Danton, Jonah Bush Sterling, Dina-marie Ledonna Supino, Nafisa Bhojawala, Madhur Joshi, Karandeep Singh Anand, William J. Staples, Jesse David Francisco, Brendyn Alexander, Julio O. Casal

Control and part compliant hierarchy

04/02/15 - 20150095791 - A hierarchy of controls and parts, that are each in accordance with constraints of a computing executing context. A control is executable code that performs a function and which may impart a visualization. A part is a unit of visualization container that has its own visualization and/or shows visualizations from
Inventors: Brad Olenick, Leon Ezequiel Welicki, Justin Beckwith, Tom Cox, Vishal R. Joshi, Nafisa Bhojawala, Alvaro Rahul Dias, Eric Hwa-wei Wong, David Anson, Thao Doan, Stephen Michael Danton, Kristofer John Owens, Wai Man Yuen, Madhur Joshi, Bradley D. Millington, Brendyn Alexander, Jean-sebastien Goupil, Liang-ming Chen, Andrew Birck, Andrew Forget

Query building using schema

04/02/15 - 20150095365 - A query building mechanism in which a query builder component assists a user in generating queries to be used to populate user interface elements. A control provides a query schema to the query builder component. The query schema identifies available query parameters that the control is capable of using to
Inventors: Brad Olenick, Leon Ezequiel Welicki, Timothy Michael Mcbride, Federico Silva Armas, Jonathan Lucero, Nafisa Bhojawala, David Anson, Kristofer John Owens, Andrew Birck, Vishal R. Joshi, Jon Harris, Stephen Michael Danton, Karandeep Singh Anand, Bradley D. Millington, Adam Mohamed Abdelhamed, Justin Beckwith, Eric Hwa-wei Wong

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