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04/16/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150101473 - Laminate faced honeycomb bracing structure for stringed instrument: A soundboard for a musical instrument is disclosed the soundboard having at least one layer of material. In some embodiments the material comprising carbon fiber, fibrous laminate material, resin or a plastic matrix and combinations thereof. At least one bracing structure is engaged to the at least one layer of... Agent: Mcp Ip, LLC

20150101475 - Method of instrument simulation: The invention relates to a method of offline instrument simulation of a field instrument, wherein at least one parameter of the field instrument is visualized and a parameterization of the field instrument is made possible and the instrument simulation is generated on the basis of an instrument description file, and... Agent:

20150101474 - Storage medium and tone generation state displaying apparatus: When a processor accepts an input of plural notes to be assigned for tone generation, according to a predetermined note determining rule called “assignment type”, the processor selects one or more notes to be sounded in each of plural parts from the accepted notes. The processor controls a display unit... Agent:

20150101476 - Storage medium, tone generation assigning apparatus and tone generation assigning method: When a harmony function is on state, a generator determines a chord based on one or more notes of depressed keys in a chord kea area, automatically generates one or more additional notes having pitches which harmonizes the pitch of the note of the depressed key in a performance key... Agent:

20150101477 - Wind synthesizer controller: There is provided a wind synthesizer controller playable by the same manipulation as that of a customary musical instrument as well as able to obtain accurate scale information and volume information. The wind synthesizer controller includes a microphone, an expiration intensity measuring unit, and a controller. The microphone detects a... Agent:

04/09/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150096425 - Piano extended soft pedal / cip: A piano selectively playable in normal and soft modes has multiple piano keys and actions, including a wippen assembly, and multiple piano hammers. A soft pedal system includes a soft pedal and a hammer rest rail mounted for movement between normal and soft mode positions. A piano key lift rail... Agent:

20150096426 - Contoured pick and a method of multiple variations of 3d cad models: The “method of multiple variations of 3D CAD models” for creating a diverse array of “custom fit” finger products also has its application for nearly any category of human personal items made to fit a part of the human body, and an application of this method for the creation of... Agent: Bionic Pick, Inc.

20150096427 - Handheld sounding device and methods of use: A sounding device of the present invention includes a grip, an actuator adjacent the grip, and a resonator adjacent the actuator. The grip is configured to be worn on one hand of a user. The actuator is configured to strike the resonator, and the resonator is configured to make a... Agent:

20150096428 - Practice pad for percussion instrument: The present invention is directed to an apparatus providing a removable playing surface to a percussion instrument. The apparatus includes a mount assembly for fixing the apparatus to the percussion instrument and a paddle providing a playing surface. The paddle can movable between a playing position over the head of... Agent:

20150096429 - Drum pedal with dynamic tension: An improved drum pedal utilizes an advanced dampening system in combination with a base, pedal, beater assembly, and support structure. The pedal is mounted to the base while the support structure forms a first pillar and second pillar that allow rotation of an axle positioned between them. A cam on... Agent:

20150096430 - Cymbal holder with slotted threads and plunger: A clutch for use in a hi-hat percussion assembly is disclosed. The clutch can included a threaded bolt that includes slots, and a nut that includes an indexing means such as a plunger. An elastic holding means can be used to exert pressure on the indexing means, such as when... Agent: Drum Workshop, Inc.

20150096431 - Resonance and articulation trainer: A resonance and articulation training device that includes a body with an open end and a closed end. A vertical tube is attached to the body near the closed end, and a pellet is located within the vertical tube. One or more holes along the body may be used to... Agent:

20150096432 - Displaying content in relation to music reproduction by means of information processing apparatus independent of music reproduction apparatus: A music reproduction apparatus includes a reproduction section for reproducing user-selected music piece data, a generation section for generating control information including music piece information identifying a music piece reproduced by the reproduction section and reproduced position information indicative of a currently-reproduced position, a modulation section for outputting, on the... Agent:

20150096433 - Music data generation based on text-format chord chart: Individual chords and bar lines are extracted from an acquired chord chart described in text. Further, musical time information indicative of a musical time of music data to be generated is acquired, chord progression information is generated by allocating in-bar relative time positions to the extracted individual chords in accordance... Agent:

04/02/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150090095 - Fingertip slides for guitar playing: A guitar slide adapted to be worn on a musician's finger has an annular end including a hole adapted for receiving the musician's finger, and a semiannualar end adapted to extend over a tip of the musician's finger. The semiannualar end-forms a recess adapted for the musician's finger to rest... Agent:

20150090096 - Pedal operated configurable guitar chord player: A pedal operated configurable guitar chord player is used in conjunction with a selection software and includes a chord actuator, an actuator assembly, and a pedal. The chord actuator provides a support structure, wherein the actuator assembly is positioned within a casing and connected to a base and a mounting... Agent:

20150090097 - Harmonica support with magnetic cradle: A magnetic harmonica cradle having a fixed support surface that has been magnetized so as to securely hold a harmonica on the support surface when played without hands. An anterior raised lip is associated with the support surface and is configured to prevent the harmonica from slipping away from the... Agent:

20150090098 - Operating element device: A key 11 is supported by key supporting portions 32 so that the key 11 can pivot. A reaction force generation member 22 is shaped like a dome to be elastically deformed by a key-depression of the key 11. At the time of the elastic deformation, the reaction force generation... Agent:

20150090099 - Method for transforming a poem into a song: This invention comprises a method to transform a poem into a song. The client first composes a poem or a passage. Next, the client goes to the “Make Your Poem a Song” website: (hereinafter “MYPS”). The client then populates the unique specification menus on the website. Selections from the... Agent:

20150090100 - System and method for pacing repetitive motion activities: Disclosed is a system and method that allows users to customize audible and visible signals, such as music or video, to maintain a pre-determined or specified pace or to achieve a new pace in repetitive motion activities such as, but not limited to, running, walking, swimming, cycling, aerobics, and the... Agent:

20150090101 - Control information generating apparatus and method for percussion instrument: Provided is a sound source control information generating apparatus, adapted for performing slapping techniques. According to the present invention, information based on an output value of a first sensor that detects striking on the housing is stored in a memory means. If striking on the struck head of a percussion... Agent:

20150090102 - Devices for harmonization of mechanical and electromagnetic oscillations: Devices are provided for the harmonization of mechanical and electromagnetic oscillations, which include an outer body and an inner body, both having an axially symmetric shape relative to an axis (x). The inner body may be received inside a first cavity of the outer body so as to be firmly... Agent: Corfac2 S.a.

20150090103 - Keyboard apparatus for an electronic musical instrument: Reaction force generation members 21w, 21b are made of elastic body to be shaped like domes, respectively, so that the reaction force generation members 21w, 21b can be elastically deformed by depression exerted in directions of axis lines Yw, Yb, respectively, to increase their respective reaction forces from the beginning... Agent:

20150090104 - Keyboard apparatus for an electronic musical instrument: A keyboard apparatus has a plurality of white keys and black keys each of which pivot. The keyboard apparatus also has a plurality of reaction force generation members 21w and 21b provided for the white keys and the black keys, respectively. The reaction force generation members 21w and 21b have... Agent:

03/26/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150082964 - Device and method for cushioning the neck of a stringed instrument: A stringed instrument can be manufactured with a neck that contains a back-side soft surface layer and optionally also a front-side soft surface layer, whereby the soft surface layers can increase comfort and enjoyment, and prevent, reduce or alleviate injury during play of the instrument. Alternatively, a standard stringed instrument... Agent:

20150082965 - Hand actuated tremolo system for guitars: A tremolo device with a movable bridge, an adjustment device, and a support frame is implemented on an acoustic guitar, with features that can also be employed on an electric guitar or other stringed instruments. The movable bridge holds strings of the musical instrument in tension. The adjustment device, such... Agent:

20150082966 - Compani fingerboards for stringed musical instruments: Conventional stringed musical instrument fingerboards are constructed with a constant longitudinal slope, relative to the string, along the fingerboard's length direction. Fingerboards with variations in their slope along their length direction could improve playability by shortening the string-to-fingerboard distances. A variable slope fingerboard is suggested to improve playability at locations... Agent:

20150082967 - Drum silencer: A drum silencer is adapted to be attached to an acoustic drum and to be struck in place of a drumhead of the acoustic drum for reducing a sound generated during performance. The drum silencer includes: a struck body that includes a struck head portion having predetermined elasticity to be... Agent:

20150082968 - Drum pedal with adjustment features and interlocking features: Drum pedal assemblies are disclosed which can include one or more adjustment feature and/or interlocking feature. Adjustment features which can be included in embodiments of the invention can include spring tension adjustment features, pedal incline adjustment features, lever length adjustment features, and/or beater stem angle adjustment features. Drum pedal assemblies... Agent: Drum Workshop, Inc.

20150082969 - Keyboard device for keyboard instrument: A keyboard device for a keyboard instrument capable of having each key easily mounted on a keyboard chassis while ensuring stable pivotal motion of the key, without damaging the key. A keyboard chassis holds keys in arrangement in a left-right direction. A key support part has a lower support portion... Agent:

20150082970 - Vibration-sensing music instrument mountable device: A music instrument mountable device. The music instrument mountable device includes a vibration sensing device configured to detect a note being played on a music instrument. The music instrument mountable device also includes an attachment. The attachment includes a magnet configured to releasably secure the vibration sensing device to the... Agent:

20150082971 - Music teaching device and method: A novel Janko-type keyboard with attachable/detachable touch plates is disclosed. The touch plates have a coloring differing from traditional keyboards. A novel music tablature corresponding to the keyboard design is provided. Also a novel piano notation system corresponding to the keyboard design is provided. Finally a method to teach playing... Agent:

20150082972 - Distribution of audio sheet music within an electronic book: A method of providing synchronized content to a user including: (i) an audio recording of a voice reading written language text and an audio recording of one or more pieces of music; (ii) written language text and music notation content, having elements that can be identified, displayed, and highlighted, the... Agent:

20150082973 - Selecting audio samples based on excitation state: Systems and methods for selecting audio samples in response to musical stimuli are provided. In some embodiments, an audio sample can be selected based on the excitation state of an instrument. A musical stimulus can be received, and a current excitation level associated with previously received musical stimuli calculated. An... Agent:

20150082974 - Music score display device, music score display method, and program storage medium: The CPU in a music score display device includes: a source region setting unit that sets a source region based on a desired portion designated in a music score displayed on a screen, the source region of the music score being an object to be enlarged and displayed; a display... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

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