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20150143972 - Aluminum copper wrap wire for musical instruments: A string for a musical stringed instrument includes (a) a core wire and (b) a wrap wire coiled tightly around the core wire. The wrap wire is an aluminum-copper alloy having between about 2 wt % and about 10 wt % aluminum.... Agent: Ernie Ball, Inc.

20150143973 - Pick-rite guitar aid: A guitar aid enables a user to selectively position and control tension and angle of a guitar pick for a richer sound with decreased strain on the user's hand and fingers. The guitar aid includes a band that can be adjustably sized to fit a user's finger. A guitar pick... Agent:

20150143974 - Guitar string regulator: Disclosed therein is a guitar string regulator. The guitar string regulator includes: a regulating lever (12) having a worm gear part (11) disposed at one side thereof; a casing (14) having a joining tube (14b), which has a male screw portion (14a) penetrating through the head (5), and a bearing... Agent:

20150143975 - Musical notation interface for the visually impaired: Various systems to aid a visually impaired musician to learn musical notation. The system includes a microprocessor with a memory adapted to store musical notation. Multiple transducers are operatively attached to the microprocessor. The transducers are spatially located on and/or in contact with a part of the body of the... Agent:

20150143976 - Virtual instrument playing scheme: Technologies are generally described for a virtual instrument playing system. In some examples, a virtual instrument playing system may include a sensor data receiving unit configured to receive first sensor data of a first user and second sensor data of the first user, a sound event prediction unit configured to... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20150143977 - System for calculating the tempo of music: A music tempo calculation system uses a microphone to input ambient music; the input is then processed in real time to display beats per minute (BPM). Input from the microphone is decomposed by a detector into a plurality of digital signals ranging from a most sensitive signal to a least... Agent:

20150143978 - Method for outputting sound and apparatus for the same: A method and an apparatus for outputting a sound corresponding to a musical instrument which is input by using a voice are provided. The method includes identifying a sound including an original sound, identifying an output sound object corresponding to an acoustic characteristic of the original sound, and outputting the... Agent:

20150143979 - Hi-hat for electronic cymbal assembly: The present invention includes an electronic cymbal assembly including a hi-hat clutch for mounting a hi-hat to a hi-hat stand post; a top cymbal; a self dampening trigger system attached to the underside of the top cymbal; a bottom cymbal; an input jack box mounted to the underside of the... Agent: Field Electronic Drums, LLC

20150143980 - Handheld musical practice device: A micro-practicing device emulates a portion of a full size instrument. The micro-practicing device includes a fingerboard with fret wires dividing the fingerboard into frets. In order to emulate the portion of the full size instrument, a length of each fret substantially matches lengths of frets of full size instruments.... Agent: Fretlabs LLC

05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135929 - Anchoring system for a string in a musical instrument: A system for anchoring a guitar string comprising a guitar top, a bridge fixed to the guitar top, and at least one aperture extending through the bridge and top for receiving an end of a string with a ball attached thereto. A bridge pin has a body that is insertable... Agent: Taylor-listug, Inc. D/b/a Taylor Guitars

20150135930 - Method for making light and stiff panels and structures using natural fiber composites: Method for making light and stiff panels and structures using natural fiber composites. An improved composite material utilized in musical instruments. Bio-based industrial fiber such as flax, cellulose, hemp, bamboo, and jute combined with a core material such as foam, aramid honeycomb, carbon fiber or balsa wood, and a resin,... Agent:

20150135931 - Resonator element, resonator, oscillator, electronic apparatus, and mobile object: A resonator element includes a resonator blank having a base portion, a vibrating arm, a linking portion, and a connecting portion connects the base portion and the linking portion to each other, in which, when a thickness of the resonator blank is set to T, a width of the base... Agent:

20150135932 - Paraboloidal percussion instrument: A percussion instrument, in the simplest case in the form of a djembe, having one or more interconnected resonators in the form of elliptical paraboloids, which meet at their focal points. At or near this common focal point, sound-receiving or sound-emitting devices may be additionally placed. An expedient embodiment provides... Agent:

20150135933 - Rebound multi-rod drumstick: A stick type drum stick is disclosed which includes a plurality of elongated reasonably straight wooden rods formed around a central dowel. The central dowel is comprised of a larger diameter sized wooden rod, the central dowel has two perpendicular slots cut into the horizontal plain starting at the end... Agent:

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