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20140251111 - Truss rods: A truss rod for use with a neck body of a musical instrument. The truss rod includes a first rod connected to a second rod. An adjustment member is connected to the first rod and configured to exert a longitudinally directed force on the first rod that causes the first... Agent: Pacific Western Timbers, Inc.

20140251112 - Tremolo arm coupling structure for tremolo bridge: There is disclosed a tremolo arm coupling structure for a tremolo bridge including an arm support fixed to a tremolo bridge, an arm pressing cap coupled to the arm support, an arm pressing member inserted in the arm pressing cap, and a tremolo arm inserted in the arm pressing member,... Agent: Taesung Precision Co., Ltd.

20140251113 - Method and apparatus of a modular guitar strap: Examples of the disclosure are directed toward a modular guitar strap, wherein one or more modular guitar strap ends may be detachable from the guitar strap for replacement. A guitar strap end may be made from an exotic material, such as snakeskin, and bonded to a durable material, such as... Agent: Cdb Straps, LLC

20140251114 - Keyboard system with multiple cameras: Embodiments generally relate to providing a keyboard system. In one embodiment, a keyboard system comprises a keyboard apparatus including a piano-style keyboard, a display screen operably connected to the keyboard apparatus; and first and second cameras attached to the display screen. The first camera is positioned to capture light from... Agent: Miselu, Inc.

20140251115 - Tone information processing apparatus and method: If a pitch bend event is included in a note event, one tone to be sounded in accordance with the note event continuously varies in pitch from a note pitch designated by the note event to another note pitch, as a result of control response to the pitch bend event.... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20140251116 - Electronic musical instrument: An electronic musical instrument includes a plurality of touch sensors each configured to generate an electrical signal representative of a musical note in response to being touched by a user, one or more proximity sensors each configured to generate an electrical signal representative of a musical key based on a... Agent:

20140251117 - Universal pickup: A musical instrument pickup including an apparatus that allows for easy interchangement of magnets for modifying tone.... Agent:

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20140238215 - Pick stabilization device: A pick stabilization device for use with a musical instrument pick, the pick stabilization device being formed of a plastic foam tab that is sized to be received on a musical instrument pick, with an adhesive provided on opposing front and a back surfaces of the tab, wherein a first... Agent:

20140238216 - Drum practice device and method for producing the same: The invention relates to a drum practice device (1) with a drum pad (5) having a drum layer (6) made of a resilient material with a planar playing surface (7) on its upper side, wherein the drum pad (5) comprises a felt layer (8) disposed beneath the drum layer (6).... Agent: Heimbach Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140238217 - Sheet music holder and method for playing an instrument: A sheet music holder for a drum kit is described. The sheet music holder is suitable to provide sheet music to a drum head so that music may be read when the drum is played. The sheet music holder preserves the condition of the sheet music and is suitable to... Agent:

20140238218 - Tension adjustment hoop for a membrane of a musical instrument: A tension adjustment hoop (1) for tensioning a resonant skin (13) on a musical instrument (6, 25), the tension adjustment hoop (1) being formed by a ring (2) with a centre axis (3) and with retention means (4) arranged to interact with coupling means (5) on the musical instrument (6,... Agent:

20140238219 - Foldable musical instrument pedal service: A foldable musical instrument pedal device having a positioning element hung at a base board. The positioning element is drooped when the base board stays in air, and a first stop portion is swung downwardly with a support frame and across a second stop portion from an external side of... Agent: E Bin Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140238220 - Apparatus and method for detecting chord: A chord detection apparatus retrieves musical performance data indicative of musical performance played by a user, retrieves musical piece information indicative of a musical piece played by the user, retrieves chord tendency information indicative of degrees of likelihood or unlikelihood of chords appearing in the musical piece, and detects a... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20140238221 - Human interface device with optical tube assembly: A human interface device may include at least one analog control pressure surface that may operate in conjunction with at least one optical tube assembly (OTA) to allow precision human control of signal modulation, such as an audio signal being generated by a musical instrument. Each OTA may be incorporated... Agent:

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