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12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140352517 - Stringed instrument with body including fingertip locating feature and methods of manufacture: A stringed instrument having a body assembly including a fingertip locating feature is disclosed together with methods of manufacturing the instrument. The instrument body is characterized by a bottom surface, a top surface, and a bridge mounting location at the top surface adjacent to a heel end of the body.... Agent:

20140352518 - Three stringed fretted musical instrument: The disclosed musical instrument is a fretted musical instrument with three strings wherein the fretboard has frets (1) installed at positions corresponding to notes of a diatonic scale with the addition of frets at positions corresponding to 10 semitones from the nut and 15 semitones from the nut, and visual... Agent:

20140352519 - Modular wind chime system: The invention provides a modular wind chime system having a plurality of modules which can be readily connected and disconnected, based on user preference. A supporting platform includes a plurality of receptacles which enable the coupling of various modules through the use of releasable fasteners.... Agent:

20140352520 - Apparatus, system and method for teaching music and other art forms: An apparatus, system and method are disclosed for teaching musical instruction. The invention disclosed includes providing music instruction based upon a student's ability and preferred most dynamic efficient method of learning.... Agent:

20140352521 - Rhythm brain fitness processes and systems: Methods and systems for training cognitive skills are disclosed. The methods and systems include: providing, via a computing device and user interface display, musical rhythm training comprising at least one trial comprising: displaying on the user interface display, via the user computing device, a rhythm track comprising at least one... Agent: Lumos Labs, Inc.

11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345437 - Automatic player musical instrument, automatic playing system incorporated therein and overheat protector for automatic playing system: An automatic player piano is equipped with solenoid-operated actuators for moving keys in automatic performance without fingering of a human player, and an overheat protector is provided for the solenoid-operated actuators so as to prevent the solenoid-operated actuators from overheat; the overheat protector includes not only a temperature sensor and... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20140345438 - Guitar back plate: A back plate attachable to the back of a guitar is provided. The plate includes screw holes and string ferrule holes. The screw holes of the plate align with the screw holes on a guitar, and the string ferrule holes of the plate align with the string ferrule holes of... Agent:

20140345439 - Musical instrument protection: A protective apron that protects a soft-metal musical instrument, where in the apron may have one, two, or more layers. The outer layer prevents the soft-metal musical instrument from being scratched, dented, or tarnished while said instrument is being played. An inner layer may be used to inhibit moisture from... Agent:

20140345440 - Wireless tuning device for musical instruments: A musical electronic device to receive a wireless signal modulated with an audio signal originating from a musical instrument, to display useful information for tuning the instrument, and to provide the received audio signal as an output for other musical electronics.... Agent:

20140345441 - Multiple contiguous closed-chambered monolithic structure guitar body: A chambered electric guitar body according to an illustrative embodiment of the present invention includes at least five contiguous closed chambers enclosed in the assembled monolithic top and bottom parts comprised of a generally solid material such as a metal. The autonomous dimensions of the chambers, cubic volumes, and thickness... Agent:

20140345442 - Input device for an electronic system and methods of using same: Devices and methods for controlling an electronic system are provided. An embodiment of a device comprises a spring having a first end with a first handle and a second end with a second handle. A first sensor detects movement of the first end and a second sensor detects movement of... Agent:

11/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140338515 - Method for extracting representative segments from music: A method for extracting the most representative segments of a musical composition, represented by an audio signal, according to which the audio signal is preprocessed by a set of preprocessors, each if which is adapted to identify a rhythmic pattern. The output of the preprocessors that provided the most periodic... Agent:

20140338516 - State driven media playback rate augmentation and pitch maintenance: An electronic device obtains a media content item that includes an audio component. The electronic device obtains inertial sensor measurements indicating physical movement of the electronic device. The electronic device selects a target tempo for presentation of the audio component in which the target tempo is based, at least in... Agent:

11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331846 - Guitar neck adjustment: A truss rod adjustment device includes a truss rod gear assembly, an adjustment gear assembly and a base. The truss rod gear assembly includes an end shaped to fit in and engage a truss rod wrench socket attached to a neck of a guitar. The adjustment gear assembly includes an... Agent:

20140331847 - Truss rods: A truss rod for use with a neck body of a musical instrument. The truss rod includes a first rod connected to a second rod. An adjustment member is connected to the first rod and configured to exert a longitudinally directed force on the first rod that causes the first... Agent:

20140331848 - Magnetic guitar slide holder: The present invention is a slide holder for use with a guitar having a headstock and a plurality of strings to support a slide. The slide holder comprises a housing comprising a top surface, a bottom surface, and first and second cavities extending inward from the top surface. The slide... Agent:

20140331849 - Bagpipe drone reed: A bagpipe reed has a tongue adjustor for biasing the reed tongue to adjust the amount of air consumed by the reed without altering the pitch of the reed. The tongue adjustor exerts pressure on the tongue without penetrating either the tongue or the body of the reed. The tongue... Agent:

20140331850 - Control pedal and method of controlling an electronic device with the control pedal: A control pedal includes a pedal body having a foot contact surface at an upper side; at least a sensing unit arranged on the foot contact surface for detecting a touch action and generating a sensor signal according to the detected touch action; a microprocessor arranged in an interior of... Agent:

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