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08/07/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140216229 - Protector for musical instrument and player: Embodiments of the present disclosure include systems and apparatus for protecting a musical instrument and the player of said instrument. One embodiment is an apparatus that includes a first layer including a moisture permeable and wicking material configured to wick fluid and moisture across and through the layer. The first... Agent:

20140216230 - Adjustable zero fret and method of use on a stringed instrument: An apparatus and method of varying the tonal aspects of a string instrument such as an acoustic or electric guitar which is commonly provided with a body and a fret board on the instrument's neck. The apparatus includes an upper portion and a lower portion. The lower portion is configured... Agent:

20140216231 - Adjustable musical instrument lever: The present invention is an adjustable musical instrument lever that changes the throw, amount of leverage, and amount of resistance the lever incurs when moved. The device also adjusts to accommodate the size of the player's hand. Further, it can be retrofit to many valved musical instruments.... Agent: Michael J. Roberts, Certified Public Accountant, LLC

20140216232 - Shatter-resistant drumsticks from sustainable materials: Disclosed herein are drumsticks comprising agricultural fibers from monocots, particularly grasses. The disclosed drumsticks provided excellent playability, improved grip, are less susceptible to chipping, splintering, or shatter than wood drumsticks, are harder, lighter, and more durable than comparable wooden sticks. The disclosed drumsticks offer a crisper more even sound at... Agent: Boso Music, LLC

20140216233 - Method and system for turning pages containing musical scores with an electronic foot pedal: The various embodiments herein provide an electronic foot pedal assembly for turning pages of musical scores in a digital musical score file in a computing device. The method comprises installing a driver application for an electronic foot pedal in a computing device, installing an image viewer application in the computing... Agent:

20140216234 - Detachable electronic drum: Various embodiments of a detachable electronic drum are described. In one aspect, an electronic drum includes a main support base having a central portion and a periphery surrounding the central portion, a striking unit disposed on the central portion of the main support base, an annular top cover disposed over... Agent: Ai-musics Technology Inc.

20140216235 - System and method for identifying and converting frequencies on electrical stringed instruments: A method of producing an output from an electrical stringed musical instrument, such as a guitar, having a plurality of strings includes steps of (i) receiving a plurality of analog signals, each analog signal being generated in response to vibration of a corresponding one of the plurality of strings and... Agent:

07/31/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140202302 - Music box: A music box includes a plurality of star wheels, a plurality of vibration valves, a plurality of anchoring members, a plurality of electromagnets, and a control unit. The control unit is configured to control one or more of the plurality of the electromagnets to be a first state by supplying... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140202303 - Music box: A music box includes a plurality of star wheels, a plurality of sun wheels, a drive unit, a plurality of anchoring members, a plurality of vibration valves, a rotating disk, a detection unit, and a control unit. Each of the plurality of anchoring members is configured to engage one of... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140202304 - Music box: A music box includes a plurality of star wheels, a frame, a casing, a vibration plate, and a moving mechanism. Each of the plurality of star wheels being configured to rotate about a first axis. The frame is configured to rotatably support the first axis. The vibration plate comprises a... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140202305 - Crown top bar fret, stringed instrument including same, and method of manufacture: Stringed instrument having an elongated neck member optionally including a fingerboard, with a plurality of frets fixedly positioned at predetermined spaced locations along the neck. The frets include a tang and a mushroom shaped crown, each positioned and secured in a corresponding fret slot formed in the neck. The neck... Agent:

20140202306 - Guitar bridge assembly with string-specific saddles and stopbar: A stringed instrument bridge assembly for a stringed instrument having a plurality of strings of different gauges, the bridge assembly including a stringed instrument bridge; and a plurality of string-specific saddles arranged within the stringed instrument bridge. Each of the plurality of string-specific saddles includes a respective notch structured and... Agent: Advanced Plating, Inc.

20140202307 - Top mounted tremolo and tuning apparatus: A tremolo and tuning apparatus is provided for a stringed musical instrument. The apparatus includes a mounting frame configured for mounting on the surface of the body of the instrument, an attachment post secured to the body, a base plate pivotally mounted with respect to the attachment post and having... Agent:

20140202308 - Tremolo device for stringed instrument and stringed instrument: A tremolo device for stringed instrument and a stringed instrument. The tremolo device (1) includes base plate (2) with saddle assemblies (3) mounted independently and corresponding to strings. Each saddle assembly includes front (4) and rear (5) string saddle, located on the base plate upper surface and connected movably with... Agent:

20140202309 - Stringed instrument plectrum cover: A stringed instrument plectrum cover that includes a formed structure having a conformal shape adapted to match the tear-drop shape of an instrument pick. The cover comprises a thickened member having an open interior. The plucking end of the pick is exposed while the body of the pick is retained... Agent:

20140202310 - Collapsible musical drum: A collapsible musical drum with collapsible drum shell is disclosed in the present invention. Said musical drum is comprised of a base drum member with a drum head and a drum shell, and a plurality of shell extension member which can be attached to the drum shell. The shell extension... Agent:

20140202311 - Device and method for tuning an acoustic percussion instrument: A system and method for reliably tuning an acoustic percussion instrument with a single adjustment. The system comprises a cord attached to a tensioning device, the cord being arranged in connection with a plurality of brackets and tensioning elements. By increasing the tension on the cord, the tensioning elements are... Agent:

20140202312 - Stand for musical drum: A musical drum support stand which supports a musical drum and suspends it off the ground or floor surface. The support stand includes a base section that defines an opening and a first member typically ring-shaped and a spaced-apart second member also typically ring-shaped situated below the first member. A... Agent:

20140202313 - Collapsible musical keyboard: Embodiments generally relate to providing a musical keyboard. In one embodiment, a keyboard includes a base characterized by a base plane, a first mechanism operably connected to the base and to a first set of keys; and a second mechanism operably connected to the base and to a second set... Agent:

20140202314 - Tempo-adaptive pattern velocity synthesis: A method of adjusting the presentation of music is provided. In the method, a sequence of musical notes is presented by a first music presenting device. A critical beat indicator defining a time within the sequence of musical notes for a critical beat point is received. An isolation indicator defining... Agent: Gibson Brands, Inc.

20140202315 - Touch screen guitar: A synthetic guitar includes a body, a neck extending from the body, and at least one touch sensor at the neck for indicating finger position of a user. The body has a receptacle for removably securing a tablet computer to the body. The tablet computer has a touch screen for... Agent: Music Group Ip, Ltd.

20140202316 - Synthesizer with bi-directional transmission: An audio or visual system may include an encoder to encode electrical signals generated by an instrument such as a stringed instrument to music control message data such as MIDI data. A first wireless transceiver coupled to the encoder may transmit the MIDI data to a second wireless transceiver. A... Agent: Fishman Transducers, Inc.

20140202317 - Electronic stringed instrument, musical sound generation method and storage medium: A CPU 41 detects an operation performed with respect to a plurality of frets 23 provided on a fingerboard 21, decides pitch of a musical sound to be generated based on the detected operation, decides sound generation timing for the musical sound to be generated, instructs a sound source to... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140202318 - Soundboard acoustic transducer: A soundboard acoustic transducer, including: a main body; and a vibrator configured to vibrate a soundboard in response to a sound signal input thereto, wherein the main body is supported by a member different from the soundboard, via a fixture formed by a metal plate.... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20140202319 - Electrostatic interference shield for musical instrument pickups: A musical instrument pickup with electrostatic interference (ESI) shield that reduces audible ESI noise in an audio output signal sent to an audio amplifier. The pickup includes an electrostatically sensitive surface, a carbon coating shielding the surface, and a ground conductor electrically connected to the carbon coating to carry a... Agent:

20140202320 - Musical instrument device and method: Systems and methods for producing sounds in musical instruments are provided. In one approach, a musical instrument includes: a primary sound producing mechanism; a primary sound producing surface, wherein movement of the primary sound producing mechanism by a user causes the primary sound producing surface to produce a sound; a... Agent:

20140202321 - Keyboard musical instrument: A keyboard musical instrument, including: a key; a board; a first member formed of a material different from a material of the board; a first acoustic transducer configured to vibrate the board in accordance with a drive signal supplied thereto; and a second acoustic transducer configured to vibrate the first... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

07/17/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140196588 - Cymbal assembly and method to produce a multiplicity of sounds: A mounting assembly with different washer assemblies for a cymbal has a stand rod, an adjusting rod, an inner fastener, an outer fastener, an inner composite washer assembly and an outer composite washer assembly. The adjusting rod is mounted pivotally on the stand rod. The inner and outer fasteners are... Agent: Pearl Musical Instrument Co.,

20140196589 - Cymbal stand and method for setting up the same: A cymbal stand for mounting at least one cymbal. The cymbal stand comprises a base assembly including a base pipe, a support pipe assembly including a first support pipe, and a first locking clamp for releasably locking said first support pipe and said base pipe together. The base pipe has... Agent: Pearl Musical Instrument Co.

20140196591 - Method and device for protection of musical instruments: Musical instrument protection devices are provided based a removable impact absorbing ring that shields the bell of a musical instrument. A continuous offset slit in the ring receives the bell of an instrument while minimally intruding on the sound of the instrument. The absorbing ring pads and shields the bell... Agent:

20140196590 - Musical instrument string bender: A musical instrument string bending apparatus for a musical instrument having at least a first and second string is disclosed. The bending apparatus includes a bender lever pivotally secured to the musical instrument, a rocker arm pivotally secured to the instrument for varying the tension in the first string in... Agent:

20140196592 - Chord based method of assigning musical pitches to keys: Improvisation or playing along with a musical group or with a song is enjoyable to people and musicians of all ability levels. However, it is easy to play notes which do not harmonize with other notes and pitches which are being played. Provided herein is a method, computer program product... Agent: Berggram Development

20140196593 - System for remotely generating sound from a musical instrument: A system for remotely generating sound from a musical instrument. In one embodiment, the system includes an input configured to receive a signal representative of the sound of a first musical instrument, an exciter for converting the signal to mechanical vibrations, and a coupling interface for coupling the mechanical vibrations... Agent:

20140196594 - Electric stringed musical instrument and method of designing the same: An electric stringed musical instrument includes: a string which vibrates by a performance operation; a body which supports the string via a bridge; a pickup sensor mounted on a portion which vibrates by a vibration of the string, the pickup sensor being configured to detect a vibration having propagated from... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20140196595 - Electric stringed musical instrument and method of designing the same: An electric stringed musical instrument including: a string which vibrates by a performance operation; a body which supports the string via a bridge; a pickup sensor mounted on a portion which vibrates by a vibration of the string, the pickup sensor being configured to detect a vibration having propagated from... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

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