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02/05/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150033930 - Keyboard instrument: The Invention relates to a keyboard instrument with a keyboard and a sound board including a front edge which runs substantially parallel to the keyboard. The sound board further includes a first lateral edge which forms a first angle (A) with the front edge, and a second lateral edge which... Agent: Vioga Gmbh

20150033931 - Acoustic musical instrument: An acoustic musical instrument includes a main body defining a resonance chamber, and a magnetic device mounted to the main body.... Agent:

20150033932 - Music generator: Techniques are disclosed relating to generating music content. In one embodiment, a method includes determining one or more musical attributes based on external data and generating music content based on the one or more musical attributes. Generating the music content may include selecting from stored sound loops or tracks and/or... Agent:

01/29/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150027291 - Decorative guitar tailpiece cover: Presented is a decorative cover that replaces the bar of a standard tailpiece of a stringed musical instrument such as a guitar. The decorative cover is attractive and hides the retaining screws used to attach the bar. The decorated cover component may be manufactured in a wide range of designs... Agent:

20150027293 - Contoured guitar tremolo arm: An improved tremolo arm is provided configured for engagement to a pivoting bridge of a stringed instrument such as a guitar. The arm features a facing surface formed in a complimentary fashion to the shape of the palm of a user's hand. The arm is engageable to conventional bridges or... Agent:

20150027292 - Mount for tremolo arm: A mount for the improved engagement of a tremolo arm with a pivoting bridge of a stringed instrument is provided. The mount features a body having a first side adapted for an engagement with a surface of the bridge. The arm is engageable to conventional bridges or may be employed... Agent:

20150027294 - Simulated musical wind instrument: A simulated musical wind instrument takes the form of a tin whistle or recorder to channel a player's breath toward one or more sensors. In one embodiment, the simulated tin whistle includes a mouthpiece and a stem, and both may be realistically configured. The mouthpiece receives and channels a person's... Agent:

20150027295 - Drumhead tuning rim apparatus and method of use: A drumhead tuning rim apparatus for securing and tuning a drumhead on a drum shell of a drum, the apparatus comprising a plurality of housing grooved bearing wheels rotatably installed spaced along a rim of the drum, the rim being configured for seating over the drumhead on the drum shell,... Agent:

20150027296 - Hi-hat cymbal fixed in a closed position: A hi-hat symbol in which the top cymbal and bottom cymbal are biased in a closed position. The present invention may include an add-on attachment to an existing hi-hat symbol or a hi-hat cymbal made as a whole unit. The top cymbal may be stationary and the bottom cymbal may... Agent:

20150027297 - Method, apparatus and software for providing user feedback: A device for providing feedback to a user of a string instrument is described. The device comprises receiving circuitry operable in use to communicate with at least one finger sensor capable of detecting the force of a finger on a string, a camera operable in use to capture an image... Agent: Sony Europe Limited

20150027298 - Color coded music: An improved method of scoring music comprises the steps of: color coding the eight groups of keys on a piano keyboard with eight different colors; labeling each key on the piano keyboard with a colored lettered sticker; representing each key in a unique position on a four-line, three-space staff, colored... Agent:

20150027299 - Swap divisi process: A divisi process in which different samplings are provided of full section, half a section, quarter section, etc. When a first note on input is received, the note is assigned to the full section. When a subsequent note on input is received, it is assigned to a half section. At... Agent:

20150027300 - Pickup assembly for an electrical stringed musical instrument: A pickup for an electrical, stringed musical instrument includes a first assembly and a second assembly. The first assembly includes a base plate, a pole that extends upward from the base plate and a coil of wire wrapped around the pole above the base plate. The second assembly includes a... Agent: Rtt Music, Inc.

20150027301 - Electric drum and cymbal with spider web-like sensor: An electronic percussion instrument may include a percussion member that generates vibrations when percussed, a vibration resonance member, and a vibration damping member. The vibration resonance member may include a hub portion centrally located in the vibration resonance member, a plurality of radial portions extending radially from the hub portion,... Agent: Ai-musics Technology Inc.

01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020673 - Compound-resonance driver (crd) bass enhancement system: A compound resonance driver or CRD may be used to enhance the tonal qualities of a bass drum system or other sound system. A CRD may comprise a flex ring having two hinge pieces. The flex ring may further comprise a plurality of magnets and the flex ring may be... Agent:

20150020674 - Device for playing a string musical instrument: A device for playing a stringed musical instrument comprises (a) a handle-like member to be gripped by a hand of a user; (b) a plectrum; and (c) a holder of said plectrum mechanically connected to the aforesaid member. The holder is configured for releasably fixating said plectrum therewithin. The plectrum... Agent:

20150020675 - Heel driven pedal apparatus: A heel driven pedal apparatus includes a base member and a footboard pivotally coupled to the base member. The footboard is pivotally movable between a released configuration at which the rear end is displaced from the base member and a compressed configuration at which the rear end is adjacent the... Agent:

20150020676 - Pickup device: A pickup device includes: a speed detector which is configured to detect speed of vibration of a soundboard of an acoustic musical instrument; and a signal generator which is configured to generate an audio signal from the speed detected by the speed detector and to output the audio signal.... Agent:

20150020677 - Collapsible transportable live electric music station for the solo performer: An all-in-one collapsible, transportable live music station for the travelling solo musician performer, containing various needed devices on a central two-wheeled hand truck. The device contains an audio effects pedalboard with foot-controlled music accompaniment effects, a personal self-amplified monitor, a microphone on a boom, and a music stand for holding... Agent:

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013520 - Capo: A capo for use with a stringed instrument that includes a first arm 11 configured to, in use, extend laterally across a finger board and strings. A second arm is configured to, in use, abut against the back of a neck of the instrument to, in cooperation with the first... Agent:

20150013521 - Pick for string instruments: The invention is generally a pick apparatus for playing a stringed musical instrument having an elastic and generally cylindrically shaped cot having an opening and a tip, and has a substantially uniform thickness, as well as a pick capable of plucking a string of a musical instrument attached thereto proximate... Agent:

20150013522 - Mouthpiece ligature for woodwind instruments: Disclosed herein is a ligature providing secure contact between the reed and mouthpiece while at the same time allowing for faster adjustment of the reed location and contact point with respect to the mouthpiece cavity such that longer or shorter reed vibrations can be easily obtained if desired. The improved... Agent:

20150013523 - Percussion instrument: A pitched percussion idiophone instrument comprising first and second support members (12, 14) which interconnected, a plurality of hollow tubes (20), the tubes being parallel and having a pair of apertures (26, 28) towards each end (22, 24), first and second strings (34, 36) extending through the apertures (26, 28),... Agent:

20150013524 - Pop-up apparatus: Embodiments generally relate to music devices. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a first four-bar mechanism operably connected to a first user interface. The apparatus also includes a second four-bar mechanism operably connected to a second user interface. The apparatus also includes a third four-bar mechanism operably connected to the... Agent: Miselu Inc.

20150013525 - Music user interface sensor: Embodiments generally relate to a music user interface sensor. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving an analog signal from a non-contact sensor of a music device. The method also includes determining a plurality of positions of a key of the music device based on the analog signal.... Agent: Miselu Inc.

20150013526 - Portable recording, looping, and playback system for acoustic instruments: Embodiments of the present invention provide an electronic looping, recording, and playback apparatus. The apparatus may comprise a clamp, enabling the apparatus to be positioned in or on an acoustic instrument, such as an acoustic guitar. The clamp may be used to attach the apparatus to a portion of the... Agent:

20150013527 - System and method for generating a rhythmic accompaniment for a musical performance: Embodiments of the invention include storing musical elements in a database and processing performance data, where the musical elements including a plurality of reference accent pattern data and a plurality of reference system pattern data. Processing performance data can include receiving input data corresponding to a musical performance, determining an... Agent:

20150013528 - System and method for modifying musical data: A computer-implemented method comprises receiving musical data including reference timing data, and a succession of musical notes arranged with respect to the reference timing data, receiving input corresponding to a selection of a groove template, and altering the arrangement of the notes (shifting in a positive or negative direction) with... Agent:

20150013529 - Music user interface: Embodiments generally relate to a music user interface. In one embodiment, a method includes providing a user interface, where the user interface displays a plurality of musical instrument selections. The method also includes receiving a musical instrument selection. The method also includes controlling a sound type based on the musical... Agent: Miselu Inc.

20150013530 - Musical sound emission apparatus, electronic musical instrument, musical sound emitting method, and storage medium: A CPU sets a first key-press pitch as a first target value; sets the immediately-preceding key-press pitch as a first starting point; emits the first key-press pitch sound therefrom with portamento toward the first target value; sets the second key-press pitch as a second target value; sets a pitch obtained... Agent:

20150013531 - Selecting audio samples of varying velocity level: Systems and methods for selecting audio samples in response to musical stimuli are provided. In some embodiments, an audio sample can be selected based on the excitation state of an instrument. A musical stimulus can be received, and a current excitation level associated with previously received musical stimuli calculated. An... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150013532 - Generating customized arpeggios in a virtual musical instrument: Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media generate customized arpeggios. An exemplary method includes providing a storage medium, including a database storing data corresponding to an arpeggio pattern to be played by a virtual instrument. The method further includes receiving a plurality of user inputs that enable a user to... Agent:

20150013533 - System and method for determining an accent pattern for a musical performance: Embodiments of the invention are related to a computer-implemented method that includes receiving musical data, identifying a succession of accentuated events in the musical data, determining a pattern in the succession of accentuated events, comparing the pattern to a plurality of reference patterns, and determining a match for the pattern... Agent: Apple Inc.

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