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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331846 - Guitar neck adjustment: A truss rod adjustment device includes a truss rod gear assembly, an adjustment gear assembly and a base. The truss rod gear assembly includes an end shaped to fit in and engage a truss rod wrench socket attached to a neck of a guitar. The adjustment gear assembly includes an... Agent:

20140331847 - Truss rods: A truss rod for use with a neck body of a musical instrument. The truss rod includes a first rod connected to a second rod. An adjustment member is connected to the first rod and configured to exert a longitudinally directed force on the first rod that causes the first... Agent:

20140331848 - Magnetic guitar slide holder: The present invention is a slide holder for use with a guitar having a headstock and a plurality of strings to support a slide. The slide holder comprises a housing comprising a top surface, a bottom surface, and first and second cavities extending inward from the top surface. The slide... Agent:

20140331849 - Bagpipe drone reed: A bagpipe reed has a tongue adjustor for biasing the reed tongue to adjust the amount of air consumed by the reed without altering the pitch of the reed. The tongue adjustor exerts pressure on the tongue without penetrating either the tongue or the body of the reed. The tongue... Agent:

20140331850 - Control pedal and method of controlling an electronic device with the control pedal: A control pedal includes a pedal body having a foot contact surface at an upper side; at least a sensing unit arranged on the foot contact surface for detecting a touch action and generating a sensor signal according to the detected touch action; a microprocessor arranged in an interior of... Agent:

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140326124 - Guitar training aid: A training aid for playing a stringed instrument of the type having a neck and a fingerboard for assisting an instrument player in the proper placement of the thumb on the back of the instrument neck while playing the instrument, said training aid comprising: (a) a solid piece positioned on... Agent:

20140326125 - Vibration sensor device for musical instruments: The present invention relates to a sensor device (2) for measuring a movement and/or a vibration of at least one object of interest, in particular for musical instruments, said device comprising (i) at least two excitation inductance coils (11, 12) electrically connected to at least one electric excitation source, and... Agent:

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140318345 - Systems and methods for providing navigational marks on a stringed instrument fingerboard: Systems and methods for providing navigational marks on a fingerboard of a stringed instrument are provided. An example system may allow enhanced navigating of a player on the fingerboard of the stringed instrument. The system may comprise the fingerboard of the stringed instrument. Strings may be attached to the instrument... Agent:

20140318346 - Detachable shaker: A hand-held percussive shaker assembly comprising two identical shakers capable of producing different percussive sounds and rhythms in a single assembly is disclosed. The shakers are detachably connected by an integrally formed lock assembly. The shakers may be played as a single assembly or detached and played individually. Each shaker... Agent: Kmc Music, Inc.

20140318348 - Sound processing device, sound processing method, program, recording medium, server device, sound reproducing device, and sound processing system: To preferably identify a piece of music corresponding to an input sound signal. Continuous input sound signals are converted into a predetermined characteristic amount sequence. A checking process of the characteristic amount sequence against music information is sequentially executed when a predetermined quantity of the characteristic amount sequence is accumulated... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140318347 - System and method for capture and rendering of performance on synthetic string instrument: Synthetic multi-string musical instruments have been developed for capturing and rendering musical performances on handheld or other portable devices in which a multi-touch sensitive display provides one of the input vectors for an expressive performance by a user or musician. Visual cues may be provided on the multi-touch sensitive display... Agent:

20140318349 - Optoelectronic pickup for musical instruments: An optoelectronic pickup for a musical instrument includes at least one light source which directs light to impinge a sound generating element of the musical instrument in at least one photoreceiver located to detect the reflected light, so as to generate an electrical signal that is responsive to sound generating... Agent:

20140318350 - Humbucker pickup device for active and passive guitars: A humbucker pickup device for active and passive guitars includes two magnets positioned besides each other, with opposite poles of the magnets facing each other. A first set of pole pieces may be positioned along an outer pole of the first magnet and a second set of pole pieces positioned... Agent:

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140311314 - Professional upright piano action: A vertical or upright piano action includes a key bed, a key frame, a wippen, a damper action, a hammer action, a repetition lever, a sustain mechanism, sostenuto mechanism, and an una chorda or action shift mechanism. Butt directly engages damper, improving response to professional standard. Touch resistance is unchanged... Agent:

20140311315 - Musical instrument with aggregate shell and foam filled core: A musical instrument includes a body having an outer shell, an internal cavity defined by that outer shell and a center plate dividing that internal cavity into a first chamber and a second chamber. In one embodiment, a foam core fills the internal cavity.... Agent:

20140311316 - Marked precoated strings and method of manufacturing same: A coated string for a stringed device which includes a coating applied to the surface of the string. The coating includes a base layer bonded to the surface of the string and an at least partially transparent low-friction top coat applied to the base layer. The base layer includes heat... Agent:

20140311317 - High performance guitar bridge pins: Guitar bridge pins are formed of hard materials shaped to mechanically cooperate with standard guitar bridge configurations. Either molded or machined into a prescribed shape, guitar bridge pins fit into tapered shaped holes of most common guitar bridges. Guitar bridge pins of these systems include a main body portion into... Agent:

20140311318 - Pick holder: Generally, a body having body upper face, a closed-end aperture element disposed in the body communicating with the body upper face, and a securement element affixed to the body opposite the body upper face, which can removably couple to a support surface. Specifically, a pick holder having body upper face,... Agent: Hogjim LLC

20140311319 - Musical percussion support stands and related devices and methods: In some aspects, a musical percussion support stand includes a stand tube, legs that are configured to be deployed perpendicular to the stand tube in supporting arrangement and a set of two or more height adjustable foot elements. The height adjustable foot elements include a body with at least one... Agent: Conn-selmer, Inc.

20140311320 - Drumstick: A drumstick that is produced from a pair of bonded wooden halves that form an elongated, structure having a circular bore therethrough. Into the circular bore is inserted a core tube that increases the rigidity of the drumstick, a multiplicity of glass micro-spheres that function to reduce drumstick vibrations that... Agent:

20140311321 - Tina illig method for good piano sight reading: The purpose of my invention/method is to create good keyboard sight reading musicians. By marking skips between notes according to the method set forth in my detailed description and then playing them on the keyboard, the musician is able to develop good sight reading skills. The difference between my method... Agent:

20140311322 - Digital control of the sound effects of a musical instrument: The object of the present invention concerns a control device (100) for a generation module (GM) of sound effects (EFA, EFB) of a musical instrument (MI), such device comprising computer software configured for: —the capture, using a digital camera (10), of at least one digital image (I) comprising at least... Agent:

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