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01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013520 - Capo: A capo for use with a stringed instrument that includes a first arm 11 configured to, in use, extend laterally across a finger board and strings. A second arm is configured to, in use, abut against the back of a neck of the instrument to, in cooperation with the first... Agent:

20150013521 - Pick for string instruments: The invention is generally a pick apparatus for playing a stringed musical instrument having an elastic and generally cylindrically shaped cot having an opening and a tip, and has a substantially uniform thickness, as well as a pick capable of plucking a string of a musical instrument attached thereto proximate... Agent:

20150013522 - Mouthpiece ligature for woodwind instruments: Disclosed herein is a ligature providing secure contact between the reed and mouthpiece while at the same time allowing for faster adjustment of the reed location and contact point with respect to the mouthpiece cavity such that longer or shorter reed vibrations can be easily obtained if desired. The improved... Agent:

20150013523 - Percussion instrument: A pitched percussion idiophone instrument comprising first and second support members (12, 14) which interconnected, a plurality of hollow tubes (20), the tubes being parallel and having a pair of apertures (26, 28) towards each end (22, 24), first and second strings (34, 36) extending through the apertures (26, 28),... Agent:

20150013524 - Pop-up apparatus: Embodiments generally relate to music devices. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a first four-bar mechanism operably connected to a first user interface. The apparatus also includes a second four-bar mechanism operably connected to a second user interface. The apparatus also includes a third four-bar mechanism operably connected to the... Agent: Miselu Inc.

20150013525 - Music user interface sensor: Embodiments generally relate to a music user interface sensor. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving an analog signal from a non-contact sensor of a music device. The method also includes determining a plurality of positions of a key of the music device based on the analog signal.... Agent: Miselu Inc.

20150013526 - Portable recording, looping, and playback system for acoustic instruments: Embodiments of the present invention provide an electronic looping, recording, and playback apparatus. The apparatus may comprise a clamp, enabling the apparatus to be positioned in or on an acoustic instrument, such as an acoustic guitar. The clamp may be used to attach the apparatus to a portion of the... Agent:

20150013527 - System and method for generating a rhythmic accompaniment for a musical performance: Embodiments of the invention include storing musical elements in a database and processing performance data, where the musical elements including a plurality of reference accent pattern data and a plurality of reference system pattern data. Processing performance data can include receiving input data corresponding to a musical performance, determining an... Agent:

20150013528 - System and method for modifying musical data: A computer-implemented method comprises receiving musical data including reference timing data, and a succession of musical notes arranged with respect to the reference timing data, receiving input corresponding to a selection of a groove template, and altering the arrangement of the notes (shifting in a positive or negative direction) with... Agent:

20150013529 - Music user interface: Embodiments generally relate to a music user interface. In one embodiment, a method includes providing a user interface, where the user interface displays a plurality of musical instrument selections. The method also includes receiving a musical instrument selection. The method also includes controlling a sound type based on the musical... Agent: Miselu Inc.

20150013530 - Musical sound emission apparatus, electronic musical instrument, musical sound emitting method, and storage medium: A CPU sets a first key-press pitch as a first target value; sets the immediately-preceding key-press pitch as a first starting point; emits the first key-press pitch sound therefrom with portamento toward the first target value; sets the second key-press pitch as a second target value; sets a pitch obtained... Agent:

20150013531 - Selecting audio samples of varying velocity level: Systems and methods for selecting audio samples in response to musical stimuli are provided. In some embodiments, an audio sample can be selected based on the excitation state of an instrument. A musical stimulus can be received, and a current excitation level associated with previously received musical stimuli calculated. An... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150013532 - Generating customized arpeggios in a virtual musical instrument: Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media generate customized arpeggios. An exemplary method includes providing a storage medium, including a database storing data corresponding to an arpeggio pattern to be played by a virtual instrument. The method further includes receiving a plurality of user inputs that enable a user to... Agent:

20150013533 - System and method for determining an accent pattern for a musical performance: Embodiments of the invention are related to a computer-implemented method that includes receiving musical data, identifying a succession of accentuated events in the musical data, determining a pattern in the succession of accentuated events, comparing the pattern to a plurality of reference patterns, and determining a match for the pattern... Agent: Apple Inc.

01/08/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150007705 - Shoulder strap operated pitch changing means for stringed instruments: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for changing the pitch of a string or strings of a string instrument.... Agent:

20150007706 - Non-electrical devices and methods for producing wah-wah and other effects with stringed instruments: A non-electrical stringed instrument sound effects device includes a crosspiece, having a string interface, and a strapping system that is configured to removably fasten the crosspiece, including the string interface, around a plucking or strumming hand of a player of the stringed musical instrument. A method of creating a sound... Agent:

20150007707 - Music wheel - method and apparatus of a music learning tool: A Music Wheel user interface or apparatus having a substantially flat surface area and being formed by a plurality of wheels stacked on top of each other. Each wheel can independently move in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. The face of each wheel displays relevant and fundamental information for musical instructions.... Agent:

20150007708 - Detecting beat information using a diverse set of correlations: A beat analysis module is described for determining beat information associated with an audio item. The beat analysis module uses an Expectation-Maximization (EM) approach to determine an average beat period, where correlation is performed over diverse representations of the audio item. The beat analysis module can determine the beat information... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150007709 - Methods and devices for determining media files based on activity levels: Example methods and systems for determining media files based on activity levels are described. An example method includes receiving information indicative of a first speed of the computing device, and receiving information indicative of a geography of a location of the computing device. The method further includes determining, from a... Agent:

20150007710 - Media system with playing component: This document describes a device for receiving and displaying graphical representations of digital music tracks and their components (in the form of digital interactive phrases, or “DIPs”). The device allows a user to play the music tracks using a new format, blend, mix or mash different music tracks together, via... Agent:

01/01/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150000498 - Music box improving sound quality: A music box includes a bed plate, a vibration plate, a plurality of projections, and a flange part. The vibration plate has one end portion fixed to the bedplate and another end portion provided with a plurality of vibration reeds extending in a first direction. The plurality of projections is... Agent:

20150000499 - Music box for suppressing noise: A music box includes a bedplate, a plurality of projections, a driving mechanism, an enclosure, a first member, and a second member. The bedplate is fixedly provided with a plurality of vibration reeds. One or more projections are provided to correspond to each of the plurality of vibration reeds. The... Agent:

20150000500 - Piano action: Obtained is a structure of a piano action by which excellent playing reproducibility is secured even in a case of playing by repeatedly striking a key at an extremely high speed. In a piano action including a plurality of hammers 31 for striking keys, hammer shanks 32 that support the... Agent:

20150000501 - Apparatus for conveniently tuning a guitar string: An apparatus used to tune a stringed instrument string in a limited time period contains a cap, a spring, and a peg cover. When in use, the apparatus is placed over a tuning peg such that the peg cover encloses the tuning peg. The spring is positioned in between the... Agent:

20150000502 - Pedal-operated stringed musical instrument actuator apparatus: A device for depressing the strings of a musical instrument, including a foot-operated pedal portion having a plurality of pedals operatively coupled to a control device, the pedals arranged chromatically and corresponding to major chords; a second foot-operated portion including toggles for modifying the major chords; and a hands-free string-engaging... Agent:

20150000503 - Decorative drum pad and cymbal cover: A decorative drum pad and cymbal cover that includes a back plate with a back side and a top side, the back plate is secured in position by a cymbal or drum stand and a mounting, the mounting removably secures the back plate to the cymbal stand and an image... Agent:

20150000504 - Musical instrument keyboard including key action using magnets: Embodiments generally relate to music devices. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a musical instrument keyboard including a keyboard body and a key. The key is operable by a user to cause movement of the key. The apparatus also includes one or more magnets positioned to affect the movement of... Agent: Miselu Inc

20150000506 - Digital piano: A digital piano includes a keyboard comprising a plurality of keys; LED prompting lights corresponding to and disposed on the keys; a mode selector for making the digital piano at least work in a LED rectifying mode; a sound engine configured to receive an input note information relative to a... Agent: Wanaka Inc.

20150000505 - Techniques for analyzing parameters of a musical performance: Techniques for analyzing a musical performance of a sequence of events. The events have parameters, such as timing, pitch and dynamics. A processor inputs (1-2) the performance; accesses (1-4) a standard performance of the musical piece; identifies (1-6) and compares (1-8) mutually corresponding events and determines (1-10) one of a... Agent: Aalto-korkeakoulus&#xe4 &#xe4 Ti&#xf6

20150000507 - Music box for reducing misalignment of wheels: A music box includes a star wheel, a stopper, a sun wheel, a motor, a sensor, and a controller. The star wheel is configured to rotate about a first shaft. The sun wheel is fixed on a second shaft and engages the star wheel. The motor is configured to rotate... Agent:

20150000508 - Pole position sliding pickup system: The Pole Position Sliding Pickup System changes the way tonal variety is arrived at by electric guitar players. Rather than installing multiple pickups in different positions in order to achieve a limited variety in tone, the Pole Position Sliding Pickup System uses a single pickup which can be moved quickly... Agent:

12/25/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140373698 - Silencer for wind instrument: A silencer for a wind instrument includes a hollow pipe whose one end is closed and serves as a closed end. The pipe includes an outer wall having at least one of at least one recessed portion and at least one protruding portion on a portion of the outer wall... Agent:

20140373699 - Percussion instrument with interior porting: Disclosed is a novel “cajon” or box percussion instrument. A cuboid or rectangular shaped percussion instrument has six sides. It usually consists of five (5) panels of equal thickness with at least one panel of a thinner more flexible sixth panel which vibrates when percussed. One or more chambers and... Agent: Pitch Slap Percussion LLC

20140373700 - Percussion instrument and stand for the same: A percussion instrument includes at least one pad and a support frame supporting the pad. The support frame includes a central vertical frame, a left vertical frame located in a left rear direction of the central vertical frame when viewed from the player side, a right vertical frame located in... Agent:

20140373701 - Electromagnetic transducer for stringed instrument: Devices and methods for transducing vibrations of a ferromagnetic string in a musical stringed instrument are provided. Specifically, including those for modulating the timbre of a stringed musical instrument with an electromagnetic pickup independent of loudness, sensitivity and dynamic range.... Agent:

20140373702 - Timbre processing adapter socket for electric guitar: A timbre processing adapter socket for electric guitar is provided, including a socket body and a fixing unit. The socket body includes a groove seat and an assembling seat connected with each other. The groove seat has an accommodation groove, and a signal transmitter is arranged on an inner end... Agent: Microtips Technology Inc.

20140373703 - Musical instrument transducer cavity: A pickup unit cavity for a stringed musical instrument is provided. The pickup unit cavity comprises a top, a bottom, at least one side, and at least one aperture in the cavity bottom, wherein the depth of the aperture allows for adjustment of a pole piece of a pickup unit.... Agent: Gibson Brands, Inc.

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