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05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135929 - Anchoring system for a string in a musical instrument: A system for anchoring a guitar string comprising a guitar top, a bridge fixed to the guitar top, and at least one aperture extending through the bridge and top for receiving an end of a string with a ball attached thereto. A bridge pin has a body that is insertable... Agent: Taylor-listug, Inc. D/b/a Taylor Guitars

20150135930 - Method for making light and stiff panels and structures using natural fiber composites: Method for making light and stiff panels and structures using natural fiber composites. An improved composite material utilized in musical instruments. Bio-based industrial fiber such as flax, cellulose, hemp, bamboo, and jute combined with a core material such as foam, aramid honeycomb, carbon fiber or balsa wood, and a resin,... Agent:

20150135931 - Resonator element, resonator, oscillator, electronic apparatus, and mobile object: A resonator element includes a resonator blank having a base portion, a vibrating arm, a linking portion, and a connecting portion connects the base portion and the linking portion to each other, in which, when a thickness of the resonator blank is set to T, a width of the base... Agent:

20150135932 - Paraboloidal percussion instrument: A percussion instrument, in the simplest case in the form of a djembe, having one or more interconnected resonators in the form of elliptical paraboloids, which meet at their focal points. At or near this common focal point, sound-receiving or sound-emitting devices may be additionally placed. An expedient embodiment provides... Agent:

20150135933 - Rebound multi-rod drumstick: A stick type drum stick is disclosed which includes a plurality of elongated reasonably straight wooden rods formed around a central dowel. The central dowel is comprised of a larger diameter sized wooden rod, the central dowel has two perpendicular slots cut into the horizontal plain starting at the end... Agent:

05/14/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150128782 - Sounding board for musical instruments: A sounding board (1) for musical instruments having a first plurality of planks (2) in which each plank (2i) of the plurality of planks (2) is provided with respective longitudinal sides (2ia, 2ib); wherein the planks (2) of the first plurality of planks are approached to one another, each one... Agent:

20150128783 - Adjustable capo device for fretted stringed instruments: An inventive set of small devices (‘capo elements’) to mechanically secure a string or strings of a guitar or other fretted stringed instrument at selected fret positions in order to selectively vary the string vibrational length and pitch when the string is plucked. This plurality of capo elements comprises a... Agent:

20150128784 - Capo: The present invention is directed to a capo for use with a stringed musical instrument and which is engaged from the bottom portion of the neck of the musical instrument. The capo has a generally L-shaped frame connected to a lever and a pincher configured so that pressure applied to... Agent:

20150128785 - Stop action-magnets to reduce musical instrument wiring, connections, and logic: The present invention provides, for musical instruments such as organs, action-magnets and action-magnet drivers that facilitate reduction of wiring, connections, and logic circuitry. Some embodiments of present invention provide stop action-magnets, also called SAM's, comprising integral drive circuitry and, which may further comprise additional integral circuitry. Embodiments of this invention... Agent:

20150128786 - Percussion instrument: The present invention provides a percussion instrument that is struck by a drumstick and generates a sound resembling a cross between a cowbell and a xylophone. The instrument comprises two spaced-apart planar metal plates with three of the sides spanning between the plates enclosed by additional metal plates. The additional... Agent:

20150128787 - Support system and method for a percussion instrument: A horizontal support system for a percussion instrument support the percussion instrument in a horizontal position without the necessity for permanently altering the instrument structure. Preferably, the percussion instrument includes a shell having first and second open ends, a first hoop affixed to the first open end, a second hoop... Agent:

20150128788 - Method, device and system for automatically adjusting a duration of a song: Methods, systems and devices may automatically determine splice points within a song to alter a length of the song. Possible splice points may be obtained by comparing different portions of the song with each other. After obtaining possible splice points, the song may be shortened by deleting/skipping portions of the... Agent: Tunesplice LLC

20150128789 - System and method for creating audible sound representations of atoms and molecules: System and method creates audible sound representations for atoms and molecules. Musical notes or musical note combinations (chords) are assigned to each element in elemental periodic table. Musical notes or musical note combinations (chords) are assigned to atomic and molecular bonds (covalent and ionic, intra and inter molecular interactions) and... Agent:

20150128790 - Actuator for vibrating a sound board in a musical instrument and method for attaching same: In an actuator (50), a bobbin (511) to which a voice coil (513) is attached is disposed within a magnetic path space formed by a magnetic path forming section (52). A connecting shaft (514) is coupled to the bobbin (511), and a connection end portion (516A) at a distal end... Agent:

20150128791 - Electronic keyboard instrument: When a key depression speed and a key release speed of a key is to be detected based on a value of a counter (44) which accumulates a value every time the key passes through key switches (SW1, SW2), a number of digits of data indicating the key depression speed,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kawai Gakki Seisakusho

05/07/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150122104 - Bass guitar to enhance the musical performance of a user: An electric stringed instrument for enhancing the musical or artistic performance of a user is provided. The instrument includes a body with a cutout such that a center portion of the body is open, a neck affixed to an outer edge of the body, and a plurality of strings having... Agent:

20150122105 - Adjustable plectrum: An adjustable pick or plectrum for a stringed musical instrument is characterized by a top grip portion and a bottom tip portion, the top grip portion adapted to matingly receive the bottom tip portion through an engagement means. The top grip portion preferably has at least one slot or channel... Agent:

20150122106 - Guitar plectrum and harness combination: A harness is provided for securely holding a conventional plectrum or pick in firm engagement with a guitar player's thumb, the harness consisting of a flexible and resilient strap contoured to fit around the thumb in advance of the first knuckle and being provided with a central portion which is... Agent: The Second Pick, LLC

20150122107 - Interchangeable drum head cover: An interchangeable drum head cover is disclosed which enables use of multiple advertisements, band identifiers or other visual indicia on a drum or like instrument. A drum head cover with a specific identifier, advertisement or other indicia printed thereon includes a flexible attachment means on its periphery that facilitates quick... Agent:

20150122108 - Keyboard device: A keyboard device has a plurality of keys, wherein each key includes: a base member formed of a resin material in a box shape having an open lower surface opposite a touching surface, the base member having a rotatably supported base end side; and a pair of wood members formed... Agent:

20150122109 - Stringless bowed musical instrument: Bowing platforms are disclosed for use in playing a bowed musical instrument without reliance on strings. A bowing platform includes a support and a track that replace the strings, bridge, and tailpiece on a conventional bowed instrument, to provide an alternative vibrational bowing surface. The bowing platform can be attached... Agent:

20150122110 - Musical sound generation device, storage medium, and musical sound generation method: An address for reading, from a waveform memory connected by a bus, waveform data to be assigned to each of a plurality of sound generation channels for generating a musical sound, is calculated, by time division, for each sound generation channel, and the calculated address and the sound generation channels... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150122111 - Adapter for music devices: Embodiments generally relate to an adapter device for music devices. In one embodiment, an adapter includes an adapter body. The adapter further includes a connector for communicating with a music device. The adapter further includes a module for communicating wirelessly.... Agent: Miselu Inc

20150122112 - Sensing key press activation: Embodiments generally relate to sensing key press activation. In one embodiment, a method includes providing a signal in an electronic device. The method further includes causing the signal to reflect off of a key of the electronic device. The method further includes determining a movement of the key based on... Agent: Miselu Inc.

04/30/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150114202 - Hammer device for keyboard instrument: A hammer device for a keyboard instrument, enabling improvement of efficiency and yield, in manufacturing weights to be attached to each hammer body while suppressing an increase in manufacturing cost. Each hammer includes a hammer body having a weight mounting portion, a common weight attached to one of left and... Agent:

20150114203 - Valve system for brass instruments: A valve system for brass instruments comprising mechanically actuated rotary valves rotatably mounted in valve sleeves, and tube sockets for tubes which conduct the air flow in and out and for valve tube loops. The valve system has a milled valve block, in which a bore is arranged which runs... Agent:

20150114204 - Container maraca converter: A container maraca converter that allows a container, particularly a previously-used beverage can, to be converted into a maraca or similar noisemaker. A plurality of small noisemakers, general small ball-shaped objects, may be placed in the container. A handle and container attachment is then attached to the container, both closing... Agent:

20150114205 - Instrument mounting assembly: A mounting assembly configured for detachably mounting a percussion instrument to an instrument stand is disclosed. The assembly has an instrument mounting assembly that has a clamp bracket, a clamp, and a wing screw. An instrument is held to the instrument mounting assembly by placing a mountable portion of the... Agent:

20150114206 - Snare cajon instrument: A snare cajón percussion instrument is disclosed. The instrument comprises a closed frame body having a plurality of sides, each side having a top portion, a bottom portion, an inner portion, and an outer portion. A rigid striking surface is securely affixed to the top portions of the plurality of... Agent:

20150114207 - Illumination system for percussion instruments: An illumination system and method for percussion instruments is disclosed. The system comprising of housing, one or more sensors, one or more light sources controlled by said sensors, and a power source to operate the illumination system. Said sensors and said light sources are self-contained within said housing. Also, the... Agent: Grover Musical Products, Inc.

20150114208 - Method for adjusting the parameters of a musical composition: The aim of the invention is to harmoniously coordinate the tempo and the key (tonality) of a musical work such that the pulse frequency of the downbeats corresponds to the frequency of the fundamental tone. This defines the sound of a musical composition in terms of harmony, which increases the... Agent:

20150114209 - Musical systems and methods: Musical performance/input systems, methods, and products can accept user inputs via a user interface, generate, sound, store, and/or modify one or more musical tones. The user interface can present one or more regions corresponding to related chords. A set of related chords and/or a set of rhythmic patterns are generated... Agent:

20150114210 - Inflatable electronic drum set: An inflatable electronic drum set includes an inflatable bladder, which when inflated, forms a three-dimensional outer configuration of a combination of a drum set and including multiple structural sections of drums and cymbals. The interior is filled up with air and each drum surface or cymbal surface is provided with... Agent:

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