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Imperforate bowl: centrifugal separators

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10/02/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140296050 - Centrifugal rotor: A centrifugal rotor includes a support disk and a centrifugal carrier. The centrifugal carrier is assembled within the support disk. The centrifugal carrier includes an arc-shaped body, a sample application chamber, a sample metering chamber, a diluent chamber, a diluent metering chamber, a metering control member and a mixing chamber.... Agent:

20140296051 - Centrifuge: A centrifuge including: a rotor configured to be rotatably driven; a rotor chamber accommodating the rotor therein; and a protector provided at an outer periphery of the rotor chamber, wherein the protector includes at least one metal plate which is wound in an overlapping state.... Agent: Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.

20140296052 - Method and apparatus for continuously fractionating particles contained within a viscoplastic fluid: Particles are separated from a source viscoplastic fluid by flowing streams of the viscoplastic fluid and a destination fluid in parallel streamed relationship inside a rotating cylindrical annulus (FIG. 16 (106, 102b) by using baffles (112, 114) to introduce each fluid independently at an inlet lower end of the annulus... Agent: The University Of British Columbia

09/25/2014 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20140287903 - Centrifuge: Centrifuges are useful to, among other things, remove red blood cells from whole blood and retain platelets and other factors in a reduced volume of plasma. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) and or platelet poor plasma (PPP) can be obtained rapidly and is ready for immediate injection into the host. Embodiments... Agent: Kensey Nash Corporation

09/18/2014 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140274648 - Multilumen connector to multiple individual tubing: An umbilicus for use in an umbilicus-drive fluid processing centrifuge system is disclosed, together with a method of making it and a fluid flow circuit including such umbilicus. The umbilicus includes an elongated umbilicus body, a first end fitting defining an interior cavity, an adapter received within the interior cavity... Agent: Fenwal, Inc.

20140274649 - Bone marrow concentrator: Instrumentation is provided for the separation of a multiple component sample, such as BMA containing lysed red blood cells and a lysing agent, into a desired component, for example a cell pellet containing stem cells, and a remaining component. The application discloses a device that includes a separator configured to... Agent:

20140274651 - Centrifuge: A centrifuge, including: a flange closing off one axial end of a separation chamber; a plurality of apertures that traverse axially through the flange at a radial distance from a flange axis, wherein at least one aperture is in fluid communication with a first outlet passage; a plurality of weir... Agent: M-i L.L.C.

20140274650 - Segregation of oils in the fractionation of aspirated adipose tissues: Adipose is obtained from aspirated adipose by centrifugal separation of adipose from tumescent fluids and oils released from damaged adipose cells. Aspirated adipose is placed in a container having therein a disk that floats on adipose and takes up the released oils whereby they are unlikely to remix with the... Agent: Harvest Technologies Corporation

09/11/2014 > 4 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140256528 - Discontinuous centrifuge with a scraper for scraping a product: A discontinuous centrifuge consists of a rotatable centrifuge drum incorporating a drive spindle, a casing and a base. A hub of the centrifuge drum comprises a plurality of arms for the indirect or direct connection of the casing of the centrifuge drum to the drive spindle of the centrifuge drum.... Agent: Bma Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt Ag

20140256529 - Discontinuous centrifuge with a rotatable centrifuge drum with a casing and method for producing the casing: A discontinuous centrifuge has a rotatable centrifuge drum with a casing. The cylindrical centrifuge casing is provided with holes to discharge a liquid produced during the centrifugation. The holes have a cross-section with an elliptical shape. The cross-section of the holes is widened from the inside to the outside. The... Agent: Bma Braunschwegische Maschinenbauanstalt Ag

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