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Manufacturing container or tube from paper; or other manufacturing from a sheet or web

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07/24/2014 > 8 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140206513 - Manufacturing grooved smoking rods: A machine for making grooved smoking article rods has an axially rotatable drum (5) with a generally cylindrical outer surface (8). A pressing member (10) has a pressing surface (11) that includes grooves (12) facing the outer surface of the drum. The pressing member is heated by a heater (13).... Agent: British American Tobacco (investments) Limited

20140206514 - Device for processing a plate element, processing unit and packaging production machine: A device for processing a plate element (35) has a rotable hub (52), two tools (57, 58), mounted on the hub (52) to process the element (35) when each tool is in a respective processing position; a drive to rotate the hub (52) and the two tools (57, 58); a... Agent:

20140206515 - Bonding station for two different bonding processes: The invention concerns a method and an apparatus for producing a tubular packaging casing, wherein a film web is fed in a feeding direction to forming means for forming a tubular casing having edge areas which extend in the feeding direction and which are arranged adjacent to each other, and... Agent: Poly-clip System Gmbh &

20140206520 - Method and apparatus for collecting flat articles: A method for collecting addressed letters in grippers and for conveying the collected letters further in the grippers, wherein the grippers each have a first and second gripper limb, and these limbs form an accommodating space. The method includes supplying a sheet that is partially folded along a folding line... Agent: Ferag Ag

20140206516 - Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system: A sheet processing apparatus includes a flexure forming unit configured to flex sheets to include a portion on which no fold line is formed in a direction orthogonal to a sheet conveying direction; a first pressing member pair configured to press a flexure portion of the flexed sheets to form... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20140206517 - Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system: The present invention is concerning to a sheet processing apparatus comprising: a pressing unit configured to provide additional folding to a fold line portion of a sheet bundle by pressing the fold line portion; a carriage unit configured to reciprocate the pressing unit in width directions of the sheet bundle;... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20140206518 - Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system: A sheet processing apparatus comprises a pressurizing unit including a first pressurizing member and a second pressurizing member; and a moving unit moving the pressurizing unit and including a driving motor, wherein the position where a sheet bundle is pressurized by the first pressurizing member and the position where the... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20140206519 - Sheet processing apparatus, image forming system, and sheet-bundle additional folding method: A sheet processing apparatus includes a pressing unit including a first pressing member and a second pressing member. The pressing unit is configured to press a fold in a folded sheet bundle by holding the fold between the first pressing member and the second pressing member. The sheet processing apparatus... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

07/17/2014 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20140200127 - System for producing packaging cushioning: A system for producing packaging cushioning generally includes a cushion conversion machine and a supply structure for a stack of fan-folded sheet stock material. The structure is positioned relative to the machine to supply thereto the fan-folded sheet stock material for conversion thereof into packaging cushioning, and includes an inclined,... Agent: Sealed Air Corporation (us)

07/10/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140194267 - Folding unit and method for producing purable food product packages: A folding unit for producing folded packages of pourable food products from sealed packs, comprising: movable conveyor which are fed with a plurality of packs at an input station, which feed packs along a forming path and output folded packages at an output station; and folder cooperating with each pack... Agent: Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.

20140194268 - Fringed decorative bag insert: A decorative gift bag insert having multiple layers of folded decorative sheets, the bag insert having a self-standing base portion and an upper portion composed of fringe members. The bag insert is manufactured by overlapping a plurality of decorative sheets, horizontally folding a plurality of overlapping decorative sheets and cutting... Agent:

20140194269 - Apparatus, system and method for crumpling paper: An apparatus, a system and method to crumple paper from a dispenser that stores the paper on a paper roll wound around an airshaft. The paper roll sits within a dispenser, and the paper roll contacts a shelf section inside the dispenser. The paper is dispensed from the paper roll... Agent: Danco Packaging Supply Company

07/03/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140187399 - Bag sealing machine: A bag sealing machine includes a first rocker arm, a second rocker arm, a protective unit connecting the first rocker arm to the second rocker arm, a swing unit coupled to the second rocker arm, a first sealing unit connected to one end of the swing unit through a first... Agent:

20140187400 - Enveloping machine: An enveloping machine includes a first feed path for feeding an envelope sheet, a second feed path for feeding a content sheet, a feed roller mechanism disposed on the first feed path and provided with nip rollers for feeding the envelope sheet, an insertion and seal unit disposed downstream from... Agent: Riso Kagaku Corporation

20140187401 - Plastic bag making apparatus: In order to successively make plastic bags each of which includes panel portions, side gusset portions and a zipper portion, a web of panel material 9 is folded and folded back along longitudinal folded lines 14, 15 and 16 and longitudinal folded back lines 17 and 18 into superposed two... Agent: Totani Corporation

20140187402 - Method for heat sealing zipper tape, method for manufacturing film roll having zipper tape, and method for manufacturing packaging having zipper tape: A heat sealing method of a zipper tape is for heat sealing the zipper tape in a direction perpendicular to a feeding direction of a film. The heat sealing method includes: inserting the zipper tape between the film and a circumference of a roller on which the film is wound;... Agent: Idemitsu Unitech Co., Ltd.

20140187403 - Packaging bag line-folding and sealing machine: A packaging bag line-folding and sealing machine includes a first sealing unit and a second sealing unit for sealing a packaging bag therebetween, a first rocker arm and a second rocker arm mounted at the first sealing unit, a locating block, a first link coupled between the first rocker arm... Agent:

20140187404 - Dynamic guide for a paper folding machine: A folding device is provided for folding n sheet comprises a jaw cylinder, a folding cylinder, a paper guide, and an actuator. The jaw cylinder has a jaw, and the folding cylinder has a hold down element and a folding blade. The folding blade is movable between an extended position... Agent: Goss International Americas, Inc.

20140187405 - Method and apparatus for forming discrete adjustable pant-like disposable undergarments: A method and apparatus for producing a pre-fastened adjustable pant-like disposable absorbent undergarment including a fully or partially severed front body panel is disclosed. The method includes first providing a discrete undergarment moving longitudinally in a machine direction. A first panel and second panel are separated in a z-direction to... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140187406 - Method of producing cleaning member: To provide a novel method of production and system of production which are suitable for producing a cleaning member excellent in cleaning performance and further which enable efficient production. The present invention is a method of producing a cleaning member which is obtained from a multilayer web which contains at... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20140187407 - Sheet processing apparatus and image processing system: The present invention is concerning to a sheet processing apparatus comprising: a pressing member configured to press a folding line portion of a sheet bundle being folded; and a moving unit configured to move the pressing member to a folding line direction of the sheet bundle, wherein the pressing member... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

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