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Manufacturing container or tube from paper; or other manufacturing from a sheet or web

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04/30/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150119216 - Container sizing method and system: A carton sizing system (1) that has a frame (2), a controller (4), one or more cutters (51) movably mounted to the frame (2) and operatively connected to the controller (4), one or more markers (61) movably mounted to the frame (2) and operatively connected to the controller (4). The... Agent: Linkx Systems Limited

20150119217 - Systems with film speed control and related devices, methods and computer program products: Methods, computer program products and apparatus for producing encased products using a sensor assembly that generates a signal associated with when additional sealed casing is needed based on a tautness of the sealed film proximate the sensor assembly and directs at least one servomotor to increase film-drive speed. The increase... Agent:

20150119218 - Systems with pre-heaters for producing seamed encased products and related devices, methods and computer program products: Methods, computer program products and apparatus for producing encased products using one or more pre-heaters residing proximate to but downstream of a heat-seal heater to pre-heat at least one long edge portion of a casing, typically the long edge portion associated with a lower layer of a joint to be... Agent:

20150119219 - Method of manufacturing an absorbent article having fully encircling bodyside and garment-side waistband: A method for manufacturing absorbent articles comprises delivering a continuous web assembly including a backsheet material, a liquid permeable bodyside liner material, and an absorbent structure interposed between the backsheet material and the bodyside liner material, the web assembly having a body-facing side and a garment-facing side; attaching a discrete... Agent:

20150119220 - Method and machine for making intermediate component of single use capsules for beverages: A method for making an intermediate component (11) of a single use capsule (1) for extraction or infusion beverages includes the step of: arranging a first strip (S1) of thermoformable filtering material above rigid bodies (2); joining the first strip (S1) of thermoformable filtering material to the rigid bodies (2)... Agent:

20150119221 - Apparatus and method for forming a bending crease in corrugated paperboard: An apparatus for forming a bending crease in corrugated paperboard includes a circumferential portion of a wheel. The circumferential portion has a width and a peripheral surface positioned to compressively rollably receive a corrugated paperboard between the surface of the wheel and a support surface. The circumferential portion includes a... Agent: Gyre Innovations Lp

20150119222 - Sheet folding apparatus: Buckles (b1 to b4) are each provided with a stopper (S1 to S4). A pair of uptake rollers (W, W1); (W, W2); (W2, W3); (W3, W4), to supply paper to the buckles, and a pair of discharge rollers (W, W2); (W2, W3); (W3; W4); (W4, W5), to fold the portion... Agent: Horizon International Inc.

20150119223 - Sheet folding apparatus and sheet post-processing apparatus: A sheet folding apparatus having two-folding rollers each of whose outer diameter gradually decreases from the central part to each end part, a folding plate which can move forward to or backward from a nip between the two-folding rollers, and has a cutout part located at an edge part of... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20150119224 - System for producing packaging cushioning and supply structure therefor: A supply structure for a supply of fan-folded sheet stock material, which is positionable relative to a cushion conversion machine to provide thereto the fan-folded sheet stock material for conversion thereof into packaging cushioning. The supply structure includes two or more supports, each of the supports including a base and... Agent: Sealed Air Corporation (us)

04/23/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150111711 - Container for an ice cream cone and process for preparing the container: A process for the preparation of an ice cream cone sleeve with a rounded tip comprising the steps of: a) providing a forming element (11) having the shape of a round tipped ice cream cone with a cone angle a, and also providing a forming cavity (12) having an internal... Agent: Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever

20150111712 - Machine for making a bag bottom: Machine 2 and associated method for making a bag bottom “B” starts from a single tube-shaped sheet “F”. The machine includes: at least one opening element 21 for spreading apart the tube-shaped sheet “F”, which is positioned between a first portion “s1” and a second portion “s2” of the sheet... Agent:

20150111713 - Flight lug for octagonal cartons: A carton conveyer for a packaging machine has upper and lower flights to which sets of flight lugs are attached. Each set of flight lugs comprises leading flight lugs and trailing flight lugs and the leading flight lugs have recesses that face and oppose recesses on the trailing flight lugs.... Agent:

20150111714 - Apparatus for manufacturing absorbent articles and method for manufacturing absorbent articles: An apparatus includes a rotary drum for disposing a workpiece on a web and a web position guiding mechanism for guiding a position of the web. The rotary drum includes a suction unit for sucking the workpiece. The suction unit is configured to change a disposition direction of the workpiece... Agent:

20150111715 - Device and method for folding foldable blanks: A device for folding foldable blanks device includes a conveyor belt for conveying the blanks and a folding cylinder for receiving a first region of a blank from the conveyor belt, wherein the conveyor belt is provided with a plurality of suction openings which are arranged such that, by means... Agent: Winkler + D&#xdc Nnebier Gmbh

04/16/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150105230 - Device for forming a peripheral edge of a cup blank made of paper material: A device for forming a peripheral edge of a cup blank made of paper material, having at least one forming tool, wherein the forming tool is arranged on a tool carrier which is arranged so as to be rotatable about a rotation axis, wherein the rotation axis coincides with a... Agent:

20150105231 - Sheet processing apparatus, image forming system, and non-transitory computer readable medium: A sheet processing apparatus includes a vertically movable tray that moves vertically in accordance with an amount of stacked folded sheets which are transported and stacked thereon, a plate that is disposed above the vertically movable tray and that does not move in accordance with transport of a folded sheet,... Agent:

20150105232 - Method and system for creating co-layer surface adhesive rule: A co-layer surface-adhesive rule (SAR) that has a pre-defined cross-section profile. The co-layer surface-adhesive rule (SAR) has two or more layers, wherein at least one layer is made from flexible material and wherein at least two layers differ one from the other.... Agent:

20150105233 - Folding roller module with combined bearing unit: A folding roller module with combined bearing unit is disclosed. The folding roller module of the present invention comprises a folding roller and a plurality of combined bearing unit. In the present invention, a plurality of combined bearing unit are used to support the folding roller at suitable locations for... Agent: Chan Li Machinery Co., Ltd.

04/09/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150099615 - Container-forming process and machine: A heated forced-air nozzle may be used in a container-forming machine to heat portions of an insulative container during a container-forming process. The heated forced-air nozzle is formed to include a heated-air passageway which is in fluid communication with a source of heated forced air. The heated forced-air nozzle is... Agent:

20150099616 - Container-forming process and machine: A container-forming process is used to form an insulative container. The container-forming process includes a staging-materials operation, a body-forming operation, and a brim-forming operation.... Agent:

20150099617 - Novel plastic bag, a novel intermediate product, methods for making the bag and intermediate product, and improved pouch machine: An intermediate product for making bag closures wherein an elongated substrate has formed on it a pair of elongated attachment lanes having complementary fastening elements to provide an attachable-detachable closure. The lanes extend parallel and are spaced apart. A perforation line is formed in the substrate between the lanes. The... Agent:

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