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Movable or removable closures

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07/24/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140202081 - Wood storm window: A wood storm window includes: an upper panel including a fixed pane of glass fixed within the upper panel from the exterior side of the wood storm window; a lower panel including an insect screen secured within the lower panel from the interior side of the wood storm window; and... Agent: Landmark Upgrades LLC

20140202082 - Safer hinge and latch system for livestock access: The gate latching device of this invention is optionally a one piece design, although it could be constructed by interconnecting several individual components. An alley post channel blank is formed in such a manner that it has protruding slotted tabs for bolting the post bracket to the floor. This feature... Agent: Marting Manufacturing Of Iowa, Inc.

20140202083 - Framing for panels: Frameworks for walls sliding in an opening defining an outer surface, especially for windows and French windows, arranged to support one wall, the outer surface being aligned with the ceiling or floor of the building in which the framework is arranged, the framework including a stationary frame, an intermediate element... Agent: Orchidees Constructions Sa

20140202084 - Emergency egress system: An emergency egress system and method features a mount securable externally to a vehicle hull about an opening therein and including a first portion of a releasable hinge structure. A window assembly includes a second portion of the releasable hinge structure hingedly attaching the window assembly to the mount over... Agent: Qinetiq North America, Inc.

07/17/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140196371 - Child safety gate with locking device: A child safety gate has a flexible barrier sheet (102) which is moveable between an open and a closed position. The gate (100) also has a locking device (110) for locking the barrier sheet (102) in the locked position. The locking device (110) includes or is connected to a locking... Agent:

20140196372 - Apparatus for a no touch lavatory door: A no touch lavatory has a first sensor outside the lavatory that is operable to cause a motor assembly to open the door of the lavatory in response to a person making a motion in close proximity to the first sensor, a second sensor inside the lavatory that causes the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140196373 - Method for the arrangement of a drive unit at a ceiling element of a revolving door: A method for arranging a drive unit in a revolving door, the drive unit being arranged at a ceiling element of the revolving door and configured to drive a turnstile of the revolving door, includes: arranging a receiving vessel at the underside of the ceiling element so as to form,... Agent:

20140196374 - Revolving door with a drive unit arranged at a glass ceiling element: A revolving door with a drive unit drivingly connected to a turnstile of the revolving door. The revolving door has at least one glass ceiling element. The drive unit is gearlessly constructed and has an electronically commutated multipole motor. The multipole motor is arranged at the glass ceiling element.... Agent:

20140196375 - Method for the arrangement of a drive unit in a revolving door: A method for arranging a drive unit in a revolving door, the drive unit being arranged at a ceiling element of the revolving door and configured to drive a turnstile of the revolving door, includes: arranging an adapter element at the ceiling element; arranging an electronically commutated multipole motor at... Agent: Dorma Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140196376 - Low profile high performance casement and awning window keeper: A locking mechanism for use with a window having a hinge coupling a sash to a frame includes a keeper and a locking lug. The keeper includes a generally planar base plate that is abutable to a surface of either the sash or the frame and two wings extending upwardly... Agent: Truth Hardware Corporation

20140196378 - Access door for possible use with a helicopter fuel tank: Systems for improved access door assemblies. In particular, disclosed are boltless/screwless access door assemblies with a radial sealing mechanism. In some embodiments, the access door assembly includes a shoulder configured to withstand interior stresses and a retaining strip configured to withstand exterior stresses. The access door assembly is also configured... Agent: Aerazur S.a.

20140196377 - Screen window for garage door: A sliding screen window for a garage door may be built into new garage doors or may be sold separately for installation on existing garage doors. The window would generally, but not necessarily, be installed on the top panel of a garage door. The screen panel may be oblong in... Agent:

20140196379 - Sealing system for a frameless door of a vehicle: A sealing system for a vehicle includes a first and second seal. The first seal is attached to a first edge of a first flange of the vehicle. The first seal presents a first outer contact surface that extends in generally parallel relationship to the first edge. The second seal... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

07/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140190081 - Delivery door: A delivery door may include a frame having a slot, an interior flange and an exterior flange. A panel may be attached to the frame and comprise a closed configuration and an open configuration. A securing device may be connected to the frame and the panel. The securing device may... Agent:

20140190082 - Automatic door closer: Control devices that operate automatic door controllers and methods of operating automatic door controllers are disclosed. An embodiment of controller control device that operates with an automatic door closer includes a sensor that is attached to the door, the sensor operable to transmit data indicative of the orientation of the... Agent:

20140190083 - System and method for determining appliance door status: A system and method of determining the status of an appliance door is provided. The status of the door of the appliance can be determined based an output signal provided by a door switch coupled in series with a latch motor feedback. A change in the output signal of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140190084 - Gate with variable gate control for handling agricultural granular materials: A variable gate with control for grain elevator applications utilizes a sliding gate panel. Two proximity sensors are arranged to provide full sensing and control functions of the gate remotely located. A first proximity sensor confirms gate is shut, and a second proximity sensor outputs a serial pulse train signal... Agent:

20140190085 - Vertically sliding door assembly: A vertically sliding door assembly, in particular in the wall (3) of a docking station of a warehouse, comprising a vertically sliding door panel (4) having an inner surface and an outer surface, two vertical guide systems (5) each mounted adjacent one lateral side of a wall opening (2) and... Agent: Assa Abloy Entrance Systems Ab

20140190086 - Window regulator: In a window regulator, a positioner is provided between a pair of slider bases and a pair of windowpane holders and define a relative position therebetween in a forward/rearward direction of a vehicle; a vehicle-widthwise-directional wall is provided on each guide rail; and a pair of forward/rearward directional guide walls... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20140190087 - Duct access door: An access panel for an opening in a duct is provided. The access panel includes an exterior and an interior. The access panel further includes a section positioned on the interior and having a profile substantially corresponding to the opening in the duct. A plurality of fasteners is positioned about... Agent: Omni Containment Systems, LLC

07/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140182206 - Door monitoring system: A door assembly includes a first door skin and a second door skin spaced apart from the first door skin. The assembly also includes an energy sensor generating an energy signature signal and a memory storing a door component operating signature. A controller is coupled to the accelerometer and forms... Agent: Openings Lp

20140182207 - Vehicles incorporating tailgate energy management systems: A vehicle includes sidewalls, a tailgate located proximate to rear ends of the sidewalls, and a tailgate energy management system. The tailgate energy management system includes a governor coupled to one of the sidewalls and to the tailgate. The governor selectively applies a governing force to the tailgate to reduce... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20140182208 - Automatic vending machine: An automatic vending machine includes a front door, a thermal insulation door, and a latching member. The thermal insulation door is rotatably secured to the front door. The latching member is secured to the thermal insulation door and engages with the front door to prevent the thermal insulation door from... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140182209 - Port assembly for selective insertion of objects into a well: A port assembly is receivable in an opening allowing access to the interior of a transformer. The port assembly includes a body and a port cover. The body is receivable in the opening and has a substantially axial opening therethrough. The axial opening allows access to the interior of the... Agent: Qualitrol Company, LLC

20140182210 - Tilt latch for window: A sash latch for retractable engagement with a side jamb of a window, the sash latch comprising an upper member with an upper surface and a lower surface, a spring cavity with a stop wall, forward and rear slots for engagement with an upper surface of the sash, an extension... Agent: Ply Gem Industries, Inc.

20140182212 - Device for sliding door leaves with co-planar closure, particularly for furniture and the like: The device includes a second pair of wheels which are, together with the first pair of wheels, slideably engaged with the head respectively of a first guide and of a second guide which are T-shaped in cross-section, arc-shaped in plan view and the stem of which protrudes from the top... Agent: Bortoluzzi Lab S.r.l.

20140182211 - Support for a rolling closure: e

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