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Motors: expansible chamber type

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20140318363 - Harmonic uniflow engine: A reciprocating-piston uniflow engine includes a harmonic oscillator inlet valve capable of oscillating at a resonant frequency for controlling the flow of working fluid into the engine. In particular, the inlet valve includes an inlet valve head and a spring arranged together as a harmonic oscillator so that the inlet... Agent:

20140318364 - Racing transmission direct port valve body servo assembly: A valve body and servo combination for a power shift racing transmission with a valve body and a valve cover integrally mounted on the transmission housing. The valve body includes flow control valves and an integral rear servo assembly reducing the complexity of fluid flow travel path thereby eliminating the... Agent:

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140311333 - Central valve for pivot motor actuator: A central valve for a pivot motor actuator, the central valve including a housing tube including a first operating connection, a supply connection, a second operating connection and a tank drain connection; a piston enveloped by the housing tube and moveable relative to the housing tube, wherein the first operating... Agent:

20140311334 - Piston pump and motor: A plunger pump or plunger motor includes a block accommodating a first cylindrical chamber and a plunger movable in this chamber and a drive shaft connected to this plunger, as well as a second cylindrical chamber and a control valve movable in this second cylindrical chamber. Holes O3 and O4... Agent:

20140311335 - Lifting platform with hydraulic coupling of the lifting rams: An apparatus for lifting motor vehicles includes a first lifting device which is movable in a vertical direction and which is suitable for supporting a first region of the motor vehicle to be lifted, and a second lifting device which is arranged at a distance from the first lifting device... Agent: Herrmann Ag

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