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Motorola, Inc. patents

The following is a sampling of recent Motorola, Inc. patent applications (USPTO Patent Application #, Patent Title) sorted by month.

August 2012 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20120195397 - Channel estimator with high noise suppression and low interpolation error for ofdm systems

July 2012 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20120169612 - Method and apparatus for a touch and nudge interface
20120170503 - Method and apparatus for controlling network access in a multi-technology wireless communication system
20120170502 - Methods for binding and unbinding a mbms bearer to a communication group in a 3gpp compliant system
20120170743 - Methods for establishing a secure point-to-point call on a trunked network
20120172083 - Methods for coordinating wireless coverage between different wireless networks for members of a communication group
20120173706 - Method and apparatus for managing common and application specific presence information
20120173875 - Method and apparatus for providing secure communication in a self-organizing network
20120174021 - Systems and methods for displaying android applications launchers in webtop application tray

June 2012 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20120163281 - Method for improving quality of communication in a communication network
20120163508 - Subcarrier placement strategy for a multi-carrier signal
20120165015 - Method and apparatus for mobile media optimization
20120155282 - System and method in a communication network of dynamically assigning a multimedia broadcast/multicast service bearer to a multicast channel
20120155566 - Fast access asynchronous repeater wakeup protocol
20120155644 - Method to maintain end-to-end encrypted calls through a tetra tmo-dmo gateway when using super groups
20120158802 - Mp4 container file formats and methods of processing mp4 container files
20120159159 - System and method for secure communications in a communication system
20120147813 - Closed-loop feedback during initial ranging procedure
20120147814 - Supporting communication devices with different technologies within the same communication channel
20120147867 - Serverless multicast voice enhanced barcode scanner architecture
20120147881 - Method and apparatus for processing multiple incoming calls in a single device
20120148050 - Binding keys to secure media streams
20120149421 - Method and system of providing service to a mobile device in a communication network
20120139477 - Power supply circuit having lowidle power dissipation
20120139810 - Multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) antenna system
20120140707 - Method and apparatus for ensuring transmission of critical data through a wireless adapter
20120140925 - Method and apparatus for transmitting voice communications related to a multimedia session
20120140928 - Method and apparatus for extending a key-management protocol
20120142340 - Method and apparatus for conveying usage and access rights information for each sub-slot on a carrier
20120142363 - Method and apparatus for increasing call capacity on a carrier
20120144305 - Method and apparatus for simultaneously presenting at least two multimedia content on a processing device

May 2012 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20120134304 - Acoustic porting for a portable communication device
20120134353 - Methods and apparatus for method for maintaining a radio link at a mobile radio
20120135685 - User interface for a communication system
20120135725 - Method to facilitate late joining of a call
20120135728 - Methods for using effective radiated transmit power of a base station at a wireless communication device to perform an automatic roaming method at the wireless communication device
20120135765 - Method and apparatus for sending a channel timing message in a digital mobile radio system
20120135775 - Method of controlling sharing of participant identity in a group communication session
20120135777 - Methods for using effective radiated transmit power of a base station at a wireless communication device to determine uplink transmission range and/or to adjust transmit power
20120129480 - Apparatus for receiving multiple independent rf signals simultaneously and method thereof
20120131612 - Method and system for policy-based re-broadcast video on demand service
20120122510 - Method and system for automatically dekeying a talk group speaker to join a multi-group communication
20120124373 - Method and apparatus for authenticatiing a network device
20120117608 - Certificate policy management tool
20120106536 - Method and apparatus for achieving synchronization in a wireless communication system

April 2012 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20120098687 - Method and apparatus for self-testing a digital-to-analog converter (dac) in an integrated circuit
20120099416 - Method and apparatus for distributing video packets over multiple bearers for providing unequal packet loss protection
20120099495 - Method and apparatus for conserving access point power usage during low network usage intervals
20120099537 - Method for signaling a mobile wireless device to switch to a preset carrier in a multi-carrier 4g network
20120099564 - Method and apparatus for distributing video packets over multiple bearers for providing unequal packet loss protection
20120099641 - Method and apparatus for adjusting video compression parameters for encoding source video based on a viewer's environment
20120099645 - Method and apparatus for non-linear decoding of video frames of a video stream encoded using an intra macroblock refresh process
20120100817 - Loading of a twisted folded-monopole
20120092992 - Service data flow detection in a conforming 3gpp access network having a packet modification function
20120095764 - Methods for creating and searching a database of speakers
20120086564 - System and method for outputting virtual textures in electronic devices
20120087354 - Methods and receivers for processing transmissions from two different transmitting radios
20120087514 - Method and apparatus for remotely switching noise reduction modes in a radio system
20120087634 - Method and system for transitioning media output among two or more devices
20120088497 - Radio signal loss tracker
20120088532 - Method and apparatus for radio frequency fingerprint distribution
20120082098 - Methods for reducing set up time for communications among multiple user equipment in a long term evolution system
20120083266 - Methods, systems and apparatus for recovering registration information

March 2012 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20120074996 - Method and apparatus for correcting phase offset errors in a communication device
20120075153 - Wideband and multiband external antenna for portable transmitters
20120076010 - Method for determining data rate and packet length in mobile wireless networks
20120077491 - Method and apparatus for scanning amongst two-way radios
20120078388 - Method and apparatus for workforce management
20120069786 - Channel structure for non-contention based windows and contention based random access requests
20120064853 - System and method for managing power consumption in a device
20120066650 - Electronic device and method for evaluating the strength of a gestural password
20120057538 - Downlink pdsch transmission mode selection and switching algorithm for lte
20120057818 - Apparatus with two housings including a rotatable optical data communication coupling
20120050170 - Keypad assembly for a communication device
20120051445 - Method and apparatus for transmitting positioning reference signals in a wireless communication network
20120052337 - Method and apparatus for preventing electrolysis on battery contacts in a dual-contact battery system
20120052924 - Headset with a pivoting microphone arm and speaker
20120054163 - Policy conflict classifier
20120054620 - Automated controls for sensor enabled user interface

February 2012 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20120044816 - Method and apparatus for determining when to use contention-based access for transmitting data in a wireless network
20120044878 - Method and apparatus for providing contention-based resource zones in a wireless network
20120044877 - Method and apparatus for using contention-based resource zones for transmitting data in a wireless network
20120045012 - Method and device for transmitting data in a wireless communication network
20120046062 - Method and apparatus for communicating amongst two-way radios
20120032928 - Methods and devices for determining user input location using acoustic sensing elements
20120033817 - Method and apparatus for estimating a parameter for low bit rate stereo transmission
20120034897 - Real time text messaging method and device
20120034938 - Real time text messaging method and device
20120036196 - Method and apparatus for displaying a message intended for different recipients
20120036363 - Method for key identification using an internet security association and key management based protocol
20120026046 - Antenna integrated with a portable communication device
20120026061 - Embedded printed edge-balun antenna system and method of operation thereof
20120026124 - Touch screen rendering system and method of operation thereof
20120026135 - Methods and devices for determining user input location based on device support configuration
20120026947 - Location based policy for user equipment operating in different areas of a shared home long term evolution system
20120027111 - Method and apparatus for major group scheduling in a fixed beam communication system
20120027219 - Formant aided noise cancellation using multiple microphones
20120028594 - Method and apparatus for imbalance-free fm demodulation in direct conversion radio receivers
20120028626 - Policy determination for user equipment providng mutual aid in a visited enterprise operating area of a long term evolution system
20120028686 - Portable electronic device with configurable operating mode
20120030723 - Method and apparatus for streaming video

January 2012 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20120019689 - Electronic apparatus for generating beamformed audio signals with steerable nulls
20120020325 - Method and apparatus for a hand off of a communication session across service provider networks
20120020335 - Method and apparatus for cell detection in a wireless communication system
20120021695 - Method and apparatus for improving efficiency in a power supply modulated system
20120021708 - Method and apparatus for alarming in a power supply modulated system
20120013768 - Electronic apparatus for generating modified wideband audio signals based on two or more wideband microphone signals
20120007991 - Method and apparatus for providing and determining integrity of video
20120011436 - Devices and methods of a user interface for a small display screen
20120002581 - Method and apparatus for establishing and maintaining a spectrally efficient multicast group call
20120003969 - Method and apparatus for establishing a group call
20120003981 - Signaling femto-cell deployment attributes to assist interference mitigation in heterogeneous networks
20120004782 - Methods for managing power consumption in a sensor network

August 2011 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20110199718 - Electronic device housing with pivoting and sliding portions
20110199961 - Method for providing a contention based uplink channel
20110199991 - Increasing scheduling request effciency in a wireless communication system
20110200200 - Telecommunications terminal and method of operation of the terminal
20110191153 - Method and system for presenting advertisements

July 2011 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20110181485 - H-j antenna
20110182220 - Ussd transport method and device
20110184899 - Method and system for generating recommendations of content items
20110185202 - Mobile computing device and method for maintaining application continuity
20110176439 - Closed-loop feedback in wireless communications system
20110176511 - Reducing resource allocations for inter-technology handover between wireless communication networks
20110176581 - Method and apparatus for pilot signal processing in a wireless communication system
20110179001 - Annotating media content with related information
20110179084 - Selection of associated content for content items
20110179378 - Method generating a message for one or more social networking websites
20110169652 - Equipment and method for controlling a wireless communication terminal
20110169986 - Perspective improvement for image and video applications
20110164691 - Closed-loop transmission feedback in wireless communication systems
20110167066 - Content item review management

June 2011 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20110154977 - Method and apparatus for best matching an audible query to a set of audible targets
20110156781 - Device and method for phase compensation
20110156814 - Method and apparatus for a power supply modulator linearizer
20110156861 - Electronic device including a wireless actuator and a method thereof
20110156905 - Two-part security tag
20110157067 - Duty cycle modulation of periodic time-synchronous receivers for noise reduction
20110157728 - Electronic device including a stepped lens
20110158114 - Method and appartus for performing timing synchronization in a wireless communication system
20110158186 - Method and apparatus for scheduling an acknowledgement in a wireless communication system
20110158184 - Method and apparatus for resource allocation in a shared wireless network
20110158209 - Method and apparatus for updating presence state of a station in a wireless local area network (wlan)
20110158309 - Method and apparatus for determining reproduction accuracy of decompressed video
20110158441 - Wireless speaker units with improved battery life
20110159834 - Broadband input frequency adaptive technique for filter tuning and quadrature generation
20110159847 - Method for providing control of push-to-talk communication
20110159894 - Method for managing power consumption of a pager on a trunked network
20110159911 - Uplink power alignment estimation in a communication system
20110161087 - Embedded speech and audio coding using a switchable model core
20110161147 - Stimulus/response-based binding of identifiers across information domains while maintaining confidentiality
20110161399 - Method and apparatus for determining a communication target and facilitating communications based on an object descriptor
20110161397 - Method for presence notification based on a sequence of events
20110161474 - Brokering information across information domains while maintaining confidentiality
20110161473 - Analytics-based binding of identifiers across information domains while maintaining confidentiality
20110161472 - Client-based binding of identifiers across information domains while maintaining confidentiality
20110161471 - Incenting divulgence of information for binding identifiers across information domains while maintaining confidentiality
20110161512 - System and method of maximizing utility in media delivery network
20110161659 - Method to enable secure self-provisioning of subscriber units in a communication system
20110161889 - User interface for electronic devices
20110161998 - Systems and methods providing content on a display based upon facial recognition of a viewer
20110162060 - Wireless local area network infrastructure devices having improved firewall features
20110147455 - Orienting a scanning device with respect to a target location
20110148731 - Antenna system with non-resonating structure
20110149059 - Method and device for visual compensation
20110149810 - Decoupled cascaded mixers architechture and related methods
20110149812 - Method of communication between devices operating within a wireless communication system
20110149875 - Method and apparatus for ensuring access in a communication system for a plurality of groups
20110150219 - System and method of increasing encryption synchronization availability
20110151813 - Multi carrier leakage tuning by error power detection
20110151826 - Method for bearer establishment in a radio access network
20110151825 - Method and apparatus for selectively distributing media inputs associated with an incident
20110151851 - Methods and communication devices configurable for silence mode and exceptions to the silence mode
20110151891 - Communication system and a mobile station, proxy location server and method of operation for use in the system
20110151904 - Automated communication using image capture
20110151917 - Method and apparatus for bridging calls between two disparate push-to-talk systems
20110151944 - Methods and apparatus for conserving energy used by a mobile device
20110154024 - Method and apparatus for selecting a certificate authority
20110154446 - System and method of controlling identity privacy in a communication session
20110140977 - Compact dual-mode uhf rfid reader antenna systems and methods
20110141362 - Selective decoding of an input stream
20110141953 - Method for managing data communication between a communication device and another device and communication device
20110141992 - Data transmission in a frequency division multiple access communication system
20110142027 - Method of signal to time-spectrum channel resource mapping for wireless communication system
20110143651 - Method for selecting media for delivery to users at an incident
20110143701 - Method to suppress undesired sidebands in a receiver
20110143797 - Method for facilitating transmission of data in a communication system
20110143803 - Method and device for group call initiation
20110144996 - Analyzing and processing a verbal expression containing multiple goals
20110145214 - Voice web search
20110133996 - Antenna feeding mechanism
20110134904 - Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a data symbol stream
20110134919 - Method and system for selectable reliable multicast delivery of data using a presence service
20110136438 - Method and apparatus for maintaining transmit audio in a half duplex system
20110127959 - Charger device
20110128350 - Method and apparatus for choosing a desired field of view from a wide-angle image or video
20110128894 - Method and system for call setup in an asynchronous frequency hopping digital two-way communication system
20110128940 - Timeslot conversion in a cellular communication system
20110131514 - Policy based electronic calendar management

May 2011 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20110103002 - Modular universal parts and personality parts of a docketing system

April 2011 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20110096020 - Method and device for providing an equi-potential touch screen
20110096472 - Mobile electronic device with dovetail connector
20110096665 - Methods and apparatus for controlling congestion in a communication network
20110098047 - Method for efficiently increasing hand-off and access reliability
20110098833 - Method and apparatus for controling media in a portable communication device
20110090126 - Active reduction of electric field generated by a transmit antenna via an auxillary antenna structure
20110092255 - Scenarios creation system for a mobile device
20110084841 - Method and apparatus for determining range information of a node in a wireless system
20110085562 - Aggregating ports while allowing access to singleton ports
20110085610 - Configurable spatial channel information feedback in wireless communication system
20110085618 - Method for semi-statically adapting uplink multiple-input multiple-output transmission
20110086590 - Method and associated device for preventing umts call setup in nearby mobile phones
20110087639 - Method and apparatus for automatically ensuring consistency among multiple spectrum databases
20110080896 - Method and apparatus for mitigating downlink control channel interference
20110081796 - Battery powered device
20110081917 - Autonomous muting indication to enable improved time difference of arrival measurements
20110083038 - Communication system and a method and call processor for use in the system
20110083036 - Method and system for restoring a server interface for a mobile device
20110083189 - System and method for enforcing digital rights management rules

March 2011 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20110074579 - Method for using recording rules and previous value selection rules for presence information in a communications system
20110074701 - Methods and apparatus for distinguishing between touch system manipulators
20110075614 - Method and apparatus for providing application service between a first protocol and a second protocol
20110075771 - Method and apparatus for mitigation of interference
20110075774 - Method and apparatus for mitigation of interference
20110075845 - Method and apparatus for dynamic, seamless security in communication protocols
20110076976 - Radio frequency receiver, wireless communication unit and method of operation
20110077986 - Decision cost analysis for enterprise strategic decision management
20110071826 - Method and apparatus for ordering results of a query
20110063205 - Display magnifier
20110065415 - Facilitating interoperability among communication systems via inter- and intra-agency communications using a shared network
20110066429 - Voice activity detector and a method of operation
20110066927 - Multi-layer cyclic reducndancy check code in wireless communication system
20110059749 - Methods and apparatus for session control in a networked locationing system
20110059751 - Method and location server for determining a postion of a target device
20110059774 - Wireless communication device for providing a visual representation of a widget
20110060793 - Mobile device and method of operating same to interface content provider website
20110061019 - Portable electronic device for providing a visual representation of a widget
20110061091 - Method and system for intermediating content provider website and mobile device
20110050545 - Overlayed display
20110050564 - Dynamic picture frame in electronic handset
20110050575 - Method and apparatus for an adaptive touch screen display
20110051725 - Route-optimised mulitcast traffic for a mobile network node
20110053506 - Methods and devices for controlling particular user interface functions of a mobile communication device in a vehicle
20110053553 - Method and apparatus for reserving resources for emergency services in a wireless communication system
20110053605 - Mobile station, wireless communication system and method of operation
20110053606 - Method and device for notifying a location services client that a target terminal is unreachable
20110053646 - Scalable self-calibrating and configuring radio frequency head for a wireless communication system
20110055394 - Network assisted mobile centric peer selection method
20110055415 - Method and apparatus for data broadcast

January 2011 - Motorola, Inc. patents

20110022690 - Communicating data from a source device to a terminal
20110012992 - Simulcast of stereoviews for 3d tv
20110002325 - Multimedia terminal device having integrated telephone system and user interface method


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