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Motor vehicles

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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08/07/2014 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140216828 - Configuration of a two-track tractor: An agricultural tractor includes a pair of track assemblies including rubber treads with track bars, a front wheel assembly and a controller. The track assemblies are interconnected by respective front and rear axles extending substantially perpendicular to a direction of travel. The controller automatically controls a load imposed on the... Agent: Claas Industrietechnik Gmbh

20140216829 - Wheelchair tow device: A wheelchair tow device which includes a frame sub-assembly, at least one front ground engaging wheel, at least one rear ground engaging wheel, a motive source capable of rotating at least one of the at least one front ground engaging wheel and the at least one rear ground engaging wheel,... Agent:

20140216830 - Control system for starting electrically powered implements: A control system is provided for starting electrically powered implements on a vehicle such as a grass mowing machine with electrically powered cutting reels. The electric motors are started at intervals, rather than simultaneously. The intervals between starting each electric motor may be based on pre-defined criteria such as a... Agent: Deere & Company

20140216831 - Self charging electric vehicle: A self charging electric vehicle includes a frame, at least one battery, a distribution box, an engine control unit, a plurality of drive axle systems, and a plurality of electric modules. The plurality of drive axle systems is positioned on the frame and a motor of each of the drive... Agent:

20140216832 - Vehicle including mount devices for coupling a sub-frame with a main frame: A vehicle includes a frame, an engine, and a plurality of mount devices. The frame includes a main frame and a sub-frame attached to the main frame. The engine is attached to the sub-frame.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140216834 - Active grille shutter assembly: An active grille shutter assembly includes a frame adapted to be connected to a portion of a vehicle and forming at least one opening therein and a plurality of shutters disposed in and extending across the at least one opening and being pivotally connected to the frame. The active grille... Agent:

20140216835 - Displaceable covering for a motor vehicle: A covering for a truck covers a bottom of the engine compartment, and includes a covering element displaceable from a covering position into at least one further position. A clear opening in relation to a vertical direction of the vehicle is exposed in the at least one further position of... Agent: Daimler Ag

20140216833 - Work vehicle: A first cooling device is disposed in an engine room at the upstream side in the air flow direction with respect to an engine. A second cooling device is disposed at the upstream side in the air flow direction with respect to the first cooling device. A third cooling device... Agent: Komatsu Ltd

20140216836 - Robotic climbing platform: A robotic climbing platform has a chassis and a carriage adapted to support and move the chassis relative to a climbing surface. An adhesion mechanism provides an adhesion force between the climbing platform and the climbing surface. The adhesion mechanism has one or more suction pads adapted to retain an... Agent: Invert Robotics Limited

20140216837 - Electric kick scooter: An electric kick scooter including a scooter body, a drive device and a strain gauge is provided. The scooter body has a foot plate, a steering tube and a rear wheel respectively provided at front and rear ends of the foot plate, and a handle bar and a front wheel... Agent: J.d. Components Co., Ltd.

20140216838 - Wheelchair transportation system: A wheelchair transportation system for transporting a wheelchair over at least one obstacle, including a wheelchair transportation unit being operable to transport the wheelchair over the at least one obstacle during at least one transportation operation of the wheelchair. The wheelchair transportation unit includes a pivotal support platform configured to... Agent: Ofek Eshkolot Research And Development Ltd.

20140216839 - Front-end structure of a motor vehicle: A front-end structure of a motor vehicle includes a transverse member and two crash boxes. In addition a transverse reinforcement member is arranged according to the invention, wherein the transverse reinforcement member is supported via coupling beams on a subframe.... Agent: Benteler Automobiletechnik Gmbh

20140216840 - Driveline for a vehicle, vehicle with such a driveline and method of controlling a driveline of a vehicle: A driveline for a vehicle such that a first group of one or more wheels and not a second group may be driven by prime mover means when the driveline is in a first mode of operation and the second group of one or more wheels may additionally be driven... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20140216841 - Generators and vehicles having auxiliary power generation systems: A vehicle includes a generator coupled with an internal combustion engine and configured to produce generated electrical power in response to operation of the internal combustion engine. The generator includes a rotor, a stator, and a clutch configured to selectively disengage the rotor. The vehicle also includes a controller coupled... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140216842 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a motor serving as a driving source for running the vehicle, and a high-power assembled battery and a high-capacity assembled battery each capable of supplying an electric power to the motor and placed in a luggage space. The high-power assembled battery is capable of charge and discharge... Agent:

20140216843 - Vehicle including exhaust system attached to sub-frame: A vehicle includes a frame, an engine, and an exhaust system. The frame includes a main frame and a sub-frame movably attached to the main frame. The sub-frame includes an exhaust bracket that includes a hollow collar. The engine includes an engine casing and an exhaust port. The engine is... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140216844 - Power steering system: A power steering system includes a first linkage arm pivotally coupled to a cross-link member extending in a transverse direction. Also included is a first shaft generally orthogonal to the first linkage arm and configured to rotate the first linkage arm. Further included is a second linkage arm pivotally coupled... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

07/31/2014 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140202777 - Electric wheelchair: An electric wheelchair comprising a movable seat part (1), a body part (2) served as a support for the seat part, a seat adjustment mechanism (3) arranged under the seat part, a bottom part (4), and a crawler moving mechanism (5). The crawler moving mechanism (5) comprises two sets of... Agent:

20140202778 - Powered trailer steering and hitching assist: A stowable powered jack for steering a boat trailer includes an electric motor turning a drive shaft running longitudinally through a support tube which is mounted to a trailer frame. The drive shaft powers a transmission which sits between a pair of wheels driven by a transverse axle. Controls for... Agent:

20140202779 - Self-motivated cargo pod: One variation may include a module including a body and a control arm; the control arm being constructed and arranged to allow a user to direct, steer, or move the module in a plurality of modes.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140202780 - Methods and apparatus for folding vehicle chassis: In exemplary implementations of this invention, a foldable vehicle has a foldable chassis. The wheelbase (and thus the overall footprint) of the vehicle can be reduced when parking, and can be extended when driving on the open road. In exemplary implementations the ability to shorten and lengthen the wheelbase is... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140202781 - Motor drive device and vehicle: A motor drive device includes a motor including a high-speed drive winding and a low-speed drive winding, a winding switching portion switching the connection states of the high-speed drive winding and the low-speed drive winding of the motor, a power conversion portion connected to the motor, and a plurality of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140202782 - Saddle ride type vehicle: An air outlet is formed on each side surface of a front cowl covering a front portion of a vehicle body. The air outlet is located near and on the front side of a middle position defined by the half of the longitudinal length L of the front cowl. Left... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140202783 - Evaporated fuel treatment device for vehicle: A driver's seat and a passenger's seat integrally formed as a bench seat elongated in a vehicle width direction together with an intermediate connecting portion, which connects the driver's seat and the passenger's seat. An upper end portion of a seat support frame configured to be erected above a footrest... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140202784 - Snowmobile suspension: A tracked vehicle has a chassis including a tunnel. An engine is connected to the chassis. An endless drive track is disposed below the tunnel and operatively connected to the engine. A suspension assembly supports and tensions the endless drive track. The suspension assembly has a longitudinal direction and a... Agent: Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

20140202785 - Exhaust system mounting structure for vehicle: An exhaust port formed on one side portion of an engine body along the vehicle width direction, the exhaust port connected to an exhaust muffler arranged in an extending manner in the vehicle width direction along a rear edge of the vehicle body frame by way of an exhaust pipe... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

07/17/2014 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140196961 - Crawler work vehicle: An occurrence of steering clutch slippage is reliably determined in order to protect the steering clutch. A crawler work vehicle includes left and right steering clutches, left and right steering brakes, a rotation speed detecting difference device, a clutch hydraulic pressure obtaining device, and a clutch protecting device. The rotation... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140196962 - Electric-powered self-balancing unicycle with steering linkage between handlebars and wheel forks: A one-wheeled vehicle may include electric motors, a self-balancing system, and steering mechanism, wherein the electric motors and self-balancing system are disposed within the wheel of the one-wheeled vehicle. A computational resource such as a microprocessor-based controller receives input signals indicative of operation of a twist throttle and brake, and... Agent: Ryno Motors, Inc.

20140196963 - Device for attaching a power plant to a chassis of a motor vehicle: A device for attaching a power plant to a chassis of a motor vehicle, the device including a body including a first end configured to be connected to a first attachment element belonging to the power plant and a second end configured to be connected to a second attachment element... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140196964 - Vehicle: A vehicle has a motor and an engine each serving as a driving source for running the vehicle, and assembled batteries each capable of supplying an electric power to the motor. The assembled batteries include a high-power assembled battery and a high-capacity assembled battery. The high-power assembled battery is capable... Agent:

20140196965 - Vehicle grille close-out assembly: A vehicle grille assembly is provided with a grille and a close-out assembly. The close-out assembly is adapted to at least partially block an airflow opening in the vehicle grille is moveable to translate and rotate with respect to the airflow opening.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140196966 - Battery unit mounting apparatus and battery unit mounting structure: A battery unit mounting apparatus for mounting a battery unit to a vehicle from a bottom face side of the vehicle comprises a table having a mount surface for mounting the battery unit, a lift for moving the table up and down with respect to the bottom face of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140196967 - Remote-controlled electric golf bag cart: A remote-controlled electric golf bag cart has a remote control, a support frame, an antenna set and a control module. The remote control transmits a distance measurement signal. The support frame has a wheel assembly, a golf bag stand and a motor assembly mounted thereon. The antenna set and the... Agent: Tung Thin Electronic Co., Ltd.

20140196968 - Electrically assisted street scooter: An electrically assisted street scooter includes a handlebar, a deck, front and back wheels, a battery pack integral with the deck, an electrical motor for driving at least one of the wheels, and a drive circuit for controlling electrical supply to the electrical motor from the battery pack. The drive... Agent: Micro-beam Sa

20140196969 - Robotic vehicle for holiday testing of coating on storage tank base plates:

20140196970 - Bicycle frame, battery pack, and bicycle: This invention discloses an auxiliary motor for a bicycle and a related bicycle wherein the auxiliary motor has an energy storage device for storing energy, a drive device for converting the energy stored in the energy storage device into kinetic energy and a transmission device for transmitting the kinetic energy... Agent: Fazua Gmbh

20140196971 - Drive for an industrial truck with steering support: A drive for an industrial truck with at least one drive motor for driving a wheel of the industrial truck and at least one steering motor for supporting a steering movement of the wheel around a steering axle also features a drawbar for guiding the steering or driving movement by... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20140196975 - Hydraulic excavator: An exhaust processing unit includes a selective catalytic reduction apparatus which processes exhaust from an engine. A reducing agent injection apparatus is attached to the exhaust processing unit. The reducing agent injection apparatus injects a reducing agent which is supplied to the selective catalytic reduction apparatus. The reducing agent tank... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140196972 - Integrated vehicle structure and power-plant exhaust: A frame is disclosed for a vehicle having a vehicle body, a vehicle suspension, and a power-plant configured to generate torque and an exhaust gas stream. The frame includes a tubular frame rail in fluid communication with the power-plant, wherein the rail is defined by a fully-closed cross-section that provides... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140196973 - Muffler assembly: A muffler assembly for a vehicle includes a muffler and one of a mount structure and a mount bracket, which is attached to the muffler. Vehicles that include muffler assemblies are also described herein.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140196974 - Wheel loader: A wheel loader includes a vehicle frame, an engine, an operating fluid tank, a stand, a rear support frame, and a base member. The engine is mounted on the vehicle frame. The operating fluid tank is disposed in front of the engine. The stand is fixed to the vehicle frame... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

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