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Motor vehicles

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04/16/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150101871 - Statically stable walking machine and power system therefor: A walking machine that includes a chassis with an operator interface, a main controller in data communication with the operator interface, at least two leg members operatively connected to the chassis, and a power system in data communication and electrical communication with the main controller. Each leg member includes a... Agent:

20150101872 - Front track assembly for a snowmobile: A track assembly for a vehicle has an endless track having a belt disposed on an inner side thereof, a frame member, a first axle connected to the frame member and disposed at least in part inside the track, a first pulley disposed inside the endless track and mounted to... Agent:

20150101873 - Multi-unit mobile robot: t

20150101874 - Drive device for an electric bicycle: A drive device for an electric bicycle with a drive housing in which a hollow shaft is mounted which is connected to a chain wheel of a chain drive of the electric bicycle, a pedal crankshaft arranged coaxial to the hollow shaft and is couplable thereto, which crankshaft is connected... Agent:

20150101875 - Motorcycle with turbocharger: An engine; an air cleaner which filtrates fuel air; a turbocharger which compresses intake fuel air; an intake pipe which connects the air cleaner and the turbocharger; and an intake passage which induces the fuel air taken from an intake port at an end part to the air cleaner, are... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20150101876 - Portal box: A kit for raising and increasing wheel torque of an off road four wheel vehicle comprising four portal boxes, each portal box being associated with an individual one of the vehicle wheels, the portal boxes enclosing identical gear sets and associated bearings, each portal box being adapted to receive the... Agent:

20150101877 - Vehicle front structure: A dash panel is provided with an air bag of an air bag device in a part facing a space between a front wheel and a front side member. The air bag is configured such that, when gas flows into the air bag from an inflator via a gas passage... Agent:

20150101878 - Mobile apparatus: Disclosed is a mobile apparatus, including a frame, and operating arm connected to the frame, a cab with one or more cab seats, drive means configured to drive the mobile apparatus and/or the operating arm, and at least one tank, wherein the at least one tank is positioned under the... Agent:

20150101879 - Automotive exhaust pipe safety cover: The Automotive Exhaust Pipe Safety Cover is a safety metal grill cap that helps prevent objects from being inserted into exhaust pipes or tail pipes. The Automotive Exhaust Pipe Safety Cover is made of metal with at least four vertical wires or thin rods and at least eight horizontal wires... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150096814 - Control system for four-wheel-drive vehicle: A control system includes a transfer. The transfer is disposed in a power transmission path between the driving power source and primary driving wheels and distributes dynamic power of the driving power source to the secondary drive wheels. A driving power transmission shaft transmits the dynamic power of the driving... Agent:

20150096815 - Drive system for bed: A bariatric patient management system includes a single-wheel drive system having bi-directional variable speed control through use of a variable control joystick. The single-wheel drive system is disposed on an underside of the bariatric patient management system and engages a floor surface when the bariatric bed is in a lowermost... Agent:

20150096816 - Battery cooling apparatus: A vehicle includes a climate control system configured to regulate temperature within a cabin. The vehicle also includes a battery compartment disposed within the trunk, and a soft trim component that at least partially defines space within the trunk of the vehicle. The vehicle is further provided with a rigid... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150096817 - Self-deploying service step: A cab-over-engine vehicle is described wherein the cab is supported in a level orientation on the vehicle's chassis. A cab repositioning system raises the cab while maintaining the cab in the level orientation, thus exposing the engine to be worked on. A service step structure that is hidden within the... Agent: Paccar Inc

20150096818 - Portable collapsible motorized mobility device for wheelchair users adaptable to removably engage a traditional non motorized wheelchair: The present invention relates to the field of motorized mobility devices for wheelchair users, specifically, portable collapsible motorized mobility devices for wheelchair users that removably engage the frame of a traditional wheelchair allowing for the wheelchair user to have a greater degree of autonomy and to negotiate a variety of... Agent:

20150096819 - Electronic throttle control: A recreational vehicle includes a seatbelt sensor configured to detect when a seatbelt is in an engaged position or a disengaged position and an engine control module in communication with the seatbelt sensor to automatically limit a maximum speed of the vehicle to a reduced maximum speed limit upon detection... Agent:

20150096820 - Fully self-balanced hands-free portable vehicle: The present disclosure provides a hands-free, self-balancing vehicle including a tiltable platform for a rider to stand on. The tiltable platform may tilt in any direction and direct the direction of motion of the vehicle. The vehicle is compact and may be disassembled for easy portability.... Agent:

20150096821 - Control device and control method for four-wheel drive vehicle: A four-wheel drive vehicle includes an engine, a transmission provided on a power transmission path between a main drive wheel and a subsidiary drive wheel, and a connection-disconnection mechanism provided on a power transmission path between the transmission and the subsidiary drive wheel to selectively connect and disconnect the power... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150096822 - Differential gear provided with differential lock mechanism: A differential mechanism regulating device which is mechanically connected to two manipulators is miniaturized. When a first cable and a second cable are pulled, a collecting member moves its position. As a result of this movement, the collecting member tilts a portion of an arm by way of a rod.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150096823 - System for driving the drive wheels of an electric or hybrid vehicle: The invention relates to a system for driving the drive wheels (1) of a vehicle, comprising two sets of electric motors (2) and casings (3) (left and right). Each of the casings (3) comprises an input pinion (8) which rotates interdependently with the rotor of one of the electric motors... Agent:

20150096824 - Vehicle steering arrangement and a vehicle comprising such a steering arrangement: The disclosure relates to a vehicle steering arrangement comprising a steering wheel and a torque transmitting steering column arrangement arranged to connect the steering wheel with front wheels of a vehicle. The steering arrangement comprises at least a first steering column part connected to the steering wheel and a second... Agent:

20150096825 - Constant velocity drive assembly: The subject matter herein is directed to a constant velocity driveline assembly for power transmission of an automobile. The assembly comprises a tail housing assembly with a housing, at least two bearings inside the housing, and a first drive hub supported by the at least two bearings. The first drive... Agent:

20150096826 - Method of controlling an electric motor of a power steering system, and power steering system: A method of controlling an electric motor of a power steering system having at least three windings is described, wherein a control unit applies a current to the windings of the electric motor to generate a total torque having a value which is ascertained by the control unit from a... Agent: Trw Automotive Gmbh

04/02/2015 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150090504 - Climbing robot for masts: The invention relates to a climbing robot for masts/towers (1), in particular for wind turbines, comprising at least one first load-bearing device (5) and at least one second load-bearing device (6), wherein the distance between the load-bearing devices (5, 6) can be changed in the vertical direction by means of... Agent:

20150090505 - Structural electric tandem axle module: A structural electric tandem axle module (13) for propelling a vehicle such as a large vocational vehicle without applying torque to the chassis frame of the vehicle as the module operates.... Agent:

20150090506 - Power transmission device and hybrid construction machine provided therewith: A configuration is provided to directly utilize the power of an engine as the power of a hydraulic pump, and to efficiently perform power generation and engine assist. The configuration is provided with an engine; a generator which is configured to generate electric power by an operation of the generator... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150090507 - Motor driving device for forklifts and forklift using same: A motor drive apparatus, mounted to a forklift and controlling at least one motor configured to rotate a drive wheel of the forklift, based on a speed command value indicative of a target speed of the forklift, includes a turn speed limit unit in which a speed limit curve configured... Agent:

20150090508 - Grille shutter: A grille shutter for a vehicle includes a frame, an actuator, a grille flap, and a grille shaft. The actuator includes a casing mounted on the frame, an electric motor received in the casing, an output member having a first end, a second end and a stop projection between the... Agent:

20150090509 - Elastically deformable air inlets and vehicles incorporating the same: Elastically deformable air inlets are disclosed. In one embodiment, an air inlet includes a first portion having an interior surface and an exterior surface, and a second portion having an interior surface and an exterior surface and including at least one deformation zone. The first portion and the second portion... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150090510 - Rough terrain vehicle: A rough terrain vehicle capable of maintaining the cooling performance of a radiator is disclosed herein. A rough terrain vehicle in which a radiator is arranged between left and right front wheels and so as to be overlapped with the left and right front wheels in the longitudinal direction of... Agent:

20150090511 - Reducing agent tank and work vehicle: A reducing agent tank includes a tank body storing reducing agent and a cylindrical gauge member visually indicating a storage amount of the reducing agent inside the tank body. The gauge member is in communication with an inside of the tank body. The tank body has a replenishment port to... Agent:

20150090512 - Fuel tank and pump assembly, and motorcycle including same: A fuel tank and pump assembly is provided for supporting a fuel pump on a fuel tank, with a pump support member provided on a tank outer wall of the fuel tank. The fuel pump includes a pumping portion which is inserted into the fuel tank through a pump attachment... Agent:

20150090513 - Saddle ride type vehicle: An intake system includes an air cleaner arranged behind the cross member with a shock absorber supporting portion supporting an upper end of a rear shock absorber unit connected to an engine main body in such a manner wherein a straddling portion is curved in a shape convex upwardly to... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150090514 - Power unit support structure for off-road vehicles: A vehicle includes a power unit with an engine that transmits drive force forward and backward to front and rear wheels via propeller shafts. The power unit is supported on a vehicle frame by engine mounts provided at three locations. An engine mount on one side of a crankshaft is... Agent:

20150090515 - Side-by-side vehicle: A vehicle may include a CVT unit or a power source which requires ambient air. An air inlet for an air intake system coupled to the CVT unit or the power source which requires ambient air may be provided in a side of a cargo carrying portion of the vehicle.... Agent:

20150090516 - Pedestrian airbag apparatus: A pedestrian airbag apparatus includes a folded airbag and an inflator that supplies an inflation gas to the airbag. Upon completion of the inflation, the airbag includes a transversal inflation portion, two longitudinal inflation portions, and partitions including end-side partitions arranged to extend from both left and right ends of... Agent:

20150090518 - Vehicle body structure: A vehicle body structure (10) is provided with: an exhaust pipe (18) disposed between a fuel container (16) and a right framework member (12) so as to extend in the front-rear direction of the vehicle body; and a slide member (23) provided to the framework side wall (25) of the... Agent:

20150090517 - Work vehicle: A work vehicle includes a reducing agent tank, a battery, a reducing agent tank mounting member, a battery cover and a first guide member. The battery and the tank are positioned in a row. The mounting member has a bottom plate, and a partition plate extending upward from the bottom... Agent:

20150090520 - Column unit for an electric power steering apparatus: An electric power steering apparatus capable of being both lightweight and rigid. A lightweight electric power steering apparatus is achieved wherein a gear housing (45) that houses an electric assist mechanism, a lower support bracket (54) for fastening the gear housing (45) to the vehicle body, a sensor housing (56)... Agent:

20150090519 - Semi-decoupled steering system: A steering system for a vehicle is disclosed. The steering system may have a steering linkage and a controller. When operation of the steering system is within a predefined relative rotational range, the controller may be programmed to translate steering motion to a steering gear box through a motor. Operation... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

03/26/2015 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150083504 - Arrangement in a forestry machine and a forestry machine equipped with a corresponding arrangement: The invention relates to an arrangement in a forestry machine (100), in which arrangement there is—a chassis (12), —a single-axle set of wheels (13) pivoted to the chassis (12), and —at least one auxiliary wheel (18) fitted the outside the set of wheels (13), in order to increase the load-bearing... Agent: Ponsse Oyj

20150083505 - Integrated electric motor assembly: An integrated drive system assembly is provided that combines an electric motor, a power inverter assembly and a gearbox into a single, multi-piece enclosure. Combining these components into a single enclosure reduces weight, reduces drive system complexity, reduces system volume, simplifies assembly integration into an electric vehicle, reduces manufacturing cost,... Agent:

20150083506 - Vehicle: Vehicle according to the present invention includes a traveling vehicle body and left and right drive wheels. Left and right propulsion motors drive the left and right drive wheels. A battery supplies electric power to the left and right propulsion motors. The left and right drive wheels are positioned on... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20150083507 - Impact element and supporting frame for a motor vehicle: An impact element (10) for a motor vehicle (70) has a flat basic body (12) formed from a rigid material and has connecting sections (16) on one side (50) to fix the basic body (12) to a supporting frame (72) of the motor vehicle (70). The basic body (12) has... Agent:

20150083509 - Modular robotic vehicle: A modular robotic vehicle includes a chassis, driver input devices, an energy storage system (ESS), a power electronics module (PEM), modular electronic assemblies (eModules) connected to the ESS via the PEM, one or more master controllers, and various embedded controllers. Each eModule includes a drive wheel containing a propulsion-braking module,... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150083508 - Multi-functional electric module for a vehicle: A multi-functional electric module (eModule) is provided for a vehicle having a chassis, a master controller, and a drive wheel having a propulsion-braking module. The eModule includes a steering control assembly, mounting bracket, propulsion control assembly, brake controller, housing, and control arm. The steering control assembly includes a steering motor... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150083510 - Two wheel drive for a motorcycle: A motorcycle where the rear wheel of the motorcycle is not only driven but the front wheel is also driven. Power for the motor of the motorcycle is transmitted to a power transmitting joint which includes an output shaft. The power transmitting joint is mounted directly below the steering stem... Agent:

20150083511 - Saddle-type vehicle: There is provided a saddle-type vehicle that can secure a sufficient space below a fuel tank and efficiently arrange a fuel filter in a vehicle space while a fuel tank and the fuel filter are made closer to each other. The saddle-type vehicle has a seat frame 17 for supporting... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150083512 - Body cover for straddle type vehicle, and straddle type vehicle including same: A straddle type vehicle includes a body cover having a side cover including a front member which covers a side of an engine, an upper member which covers a side of an area above the front member and of an area above and behind the front member and forward of... Agent:

20150083513 - Motorcycle: One or more throttle bodies and a surge tank are disposed behind a cylinder head, and an intercooler is disposed by being adjacent to the surge tank at a position behind the cylinder head and the one or more throttle bodies. A supercharger is provided in front of the intercooler.... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20150083514 - Vehicle-body front strucutre: A vehicle-body front structure includes a tower portion comprising a pole portion which extends substantially vertically and a tower top portion which is positioned at an upper portion of the pole portion and projects from the pole portion longitudinally along a front side frame, constituting attachment portions of an upper... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20150083515 - Working vehicle assembly: A working vehicle assembly includes left and right wheels, an operator sheet, a transmission case having a shift transmission unit therein and rotatably supporting the left and right rear wheels, left and right fenders for the left and right rear wheels arranged in both sides of the operator seat, a... Agent: Iseki & Co., Ltd.

20150083516 - Steering method and steering system for an industrial truck: A steering method for an industrial truck includes manually steering at least one steerable wheel, detecting an angular position of the at least one steerable wheel, and motor-steering at least one additional steerable wheel as a function of the detected angular position. For a 90° change of a travel direction... Agent:

20150083517 - Ratchet assembly and rotational sensor drive mechanism: A ratchet assembly may include a steer ring, a steer ring side structure, a steer cylinder bracket arm, a steer cylinder, a ratchet lock gear, a steering collar, a ratchet cylinder, a ratchet lock bar, and at least one sensor. When in a particular locked position, operation of the steer... Agent:

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