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Motor vehicles

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05/21/2015 > 19 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150136497 - Track system: A track system for use as a wheel replacement on a vehicle comprises a first drive wheel configured to be mounted to the vehicle, a first frame pivotally yet non-drivingly mounted to the first drive wheel, a second frame mounted to the first frame, at least a second drive wheel... Agent:

20150136498 - Transport cart configured to transport beds with wheels: t

20150136499 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a coil receiving electric power contactlessly from a power transmission unit provided externally; and a bottom surface. The coil is formed to surround a winding axis of the coil. When the winding axis and the bottom surface are viewed from above the vehicle, the coil is disposed... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150136500 - Adjustment device, air inlet, and motor vehicle: The invention relates to an adjustment device for adjusting shutoff strips of an at least partly closable air inlet of a motor compartment of a motor vehicle between at least a first position in which the shutoff strips leave the air inlet at least partly open and a second position... Agent:

20150136501 - Construction machine including air cleaner: Provided is a construction machine including an air cleaner and allowing the air cleaner to be easily installed with no enlargement of an installed space while surely avoiding the interference with other structure. The construction machine includes: an air cleaner; a pipe connected to an exhaust port of the air... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150136502 - Construction machine: Provided is a construction machine including: an upper slewing body including an upper frame; an engine room on the rear portion of the upper frame; a cabin on the front portion on the right or left side of the upper frame; a plurality of tanks including a fuel tank and... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150136503 - Construction machine: Provide is a construction machine allowing an air cleaner to be located entirely low while securing dust-discharge function thereof, with no risk of adverse effects such as diffusion of dusts and complication in structure. The construction machine includes an engine and an air cleaner connected to an intake-side portion of... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150136504 - Battery pack structure for electric vehicles: An object of the present invention is to secure both of vehicle body floor upper space and battery mounting space, in setting of a mounting position of a high-power cut-off switch to a battery pack case. Battery pack case 1 having battery modules 2 and SD switch 4 that cuts... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

20150136505 - A portable power supply system for an electrically driven work machine and a work machine equipped with such a power supply system:

20150136506 - Electric golf skate caddy vehicle: The invention relates to a vehicle having a deck, a plurality of wheels mounted to the deck, a drive system mounted underneath the deck, an energy storage system that provides power to the drive system, and a frame configured to secure a load mounted to the deck. Particularly, the vehicle... Agent:

20150136507 - Pedal assist system: The present invention is a piston-actuated bicycle pedal assist system mounted to a bicycle for intermittent assistance with pedaling. This system includes a pedal rotatably attached to a pedal arm. The pedal arm fixedly attaches to a crankshaft such that rotation of the pedal arm and continuous movement of a... Agent:

20150136509 - Electrically assisted vehicle: An electrically assisted vehicle includes a vehicle body, pedals to input human power, a crank that is coupled to the pedals and freely rotatably supported on the vehicle body, at least one wheel that is attached to the vehicle body and rotates according to a rotation of the crank, a... Agent:

20150136508 - Vehicle, particularly a bicycle, comprising an electrical auxiliary drive: A vehicle, particularly a bicycle, including a crank drive that is to be actuated by muscular force and that is disconnectably drive-connected to at least one driven wheel, and also including an electrical auxiliary drive for assisting the crank drive. The vehicle can be driven solely by the auxiliary drive... Agent:

20150136510 - Engine support structure in motorcycle: A first main frame segment 62 extends rearwardly from a head pipe 4, a second main frame segment 64 pivotally supports a swingarm 12, and an engine casing EC is disposed between the head pipe 4 and the swingarm 12. The engine casing EC includes a crankcase section 28, a... Agent:

20150136511 - Intake duct device of motorcycle: An engine is mounted on a body frame extending from a steering head pipe toward a vehicle rear side slightly downward and an air cleaner is disposed above the engine. An intake duct device includes an intake duct which leads traveling air taken from a front surface of a cowling... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20150136512 - Front structure of vehicle: A vehicle comprises a bumper reinforcement extending in a vehicle width direction and a shock absorbing member fixed to a front face of the bumper reinforcement and extending in the vehicle width direction along the bumper reinforcement. The shock absorbing member comprises a base portion extending vertically along the front... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20150136513 - Vehicle front end structure providing pedestrian protection: An exemplary vehicle front end structure may include an energy absorbing structure movable between deployed and non-deployed positions. The structure may further include an actuator system that moves the energy absorbing structure from the deployed position to the non-deployed position. The energy absorbing structure in the deployed position may be... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150136515 - Flush and sub-flush protective shields to reduce exhaust soot and condensate deposition: An exhaust assembly that includes an exhaust pipe extending rearward from a vehicle into an exhaust passage, and a fascia coupled to the vehicle defining the exhaust passage. The exhaust assembly further includes a bezel defining an exhaust opening substantially aligned with the pipe, and a sleeve configured within the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150136514 - Work vehicle: A work vehicle includes an engine, a selective catalytic reduction apparatus, a fuel tank, and a reducing agent tank. The selective catalytic reduction apparatus treats exhaust from the engine. The fuel tank includes a fuel tank body retaining fuel and a fuel supply port which supplies fuel to the fuel... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 24 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150129325 - Solar battery mounting structure for vehicle: A solar battery mounting structure for a vehicle mounts a solar battery module on the roof of a vehicle body. The solar battery module includes a glass panel and sealant located on a side of the glass panel that faces the inside of the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Solar... Agent:

20150129326 - Inverted pendulum control type moving body: An inverted pendulum control type moving body is provided with: a first driving portion that moves a host moving body at least in a forward/backward direction; a supporting portion that supports the inverted pendulum control type moving body so that it stands independently in a state of being in contact... Agent:

20150129327 - Wheel, wheel device and inverted pendulum type vehicle: An omni-wheel of a highly compact and light-weight is provided. The omni-wheel includes a disk-shaped hub member (110), a plurality of support arms (114) extending axially from the peripheral part of the hub member and arranged along a circle concentric to a rotational center line of the hub member at... Agent:

20150129328 - Step-climbing attachment for a wheeled chair: A step climbing attachment suitable for attachment to a wheeled chair is described. The step climbing attachment includes a chassis for mounting one or more ground engaging units, a first and a second ground engaging unit mounted to the chassis, at least one of the first and second ground engaging... Agent:

20150129329 - Continuous track system: Continuously tracked vehicles such as tippers and bulldozers endure stresses and strains and it is desirable to reduce these stresses to extend their efficiency and life. A continuous track system is provided, comprising: a support structure supporting at least one jockey wheel and at least two tensioner wheels for supporting... Agent: Moorend Ltd.

20150129330 - Working vehicle: There is provided a working vehicle that can continuously drive a working machine by electric power to improve the silence. The hydraulic pump is driven by the power of the motor generator that is driven by the electric power of an external power supply supplied via the power cable. By... Agent: Tadano Ltd.

20150129331 - Head cover structure of engine and suspension structure thereof: Provided is a head cover structure of an engine, which is capable of increasing supporting rigidity of a head cover. The engine includes a driving force transmission mechanism for transmitting a driving force of a crankshaft to a valve train, in which on one end side in a cylinder row... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150129332 - Battery pack, method for producing same, electric vehicle provided with said battery pack, and power storage device: A battery pack comprises a battery staked member stacking a plurality of flat secondary batteries, end plates being disposed at both ends of the battery staked member, and binding bars being coupled to the end plates in a pressed state that the flat secondary batteries of the battery staked member... Agent:

20150129335 - Stackable disaster relief vehicle: A stackable mobile platform vehicle with a body with attached tires and wheels with a load bearing strength of at least 2500 pounds. In some instances the platform vehicle is powered by an electrical motor coupled to a generator which is powered by an internal combustion engine. A large flat... Agent:

20150129334 - Electric vehicle: The electric vehicle of the present invention comprises: a battery; an electrical component unit provided toward the back of the vehicle relative to the battery; an electric power supply harness connected to the electrical component unit and routed toward the battery; and a motor to be driven by electric power... Agent: Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150129333 - Control system and method for transport device: A selectively powered transport device such as an ambulatory stretcher-chair is presented. The stretcher-chair has a spring-biased Hall-effect mechanism controlled by an operator to command a desired direction and speed of mobility of the device. A power drive control unit senses a target direction and speed of movement and incrementally... Agent: Transmotion Medical, Inc.

20150129336 - Gas-guiding device, in particular air-guiding device, integrated in a motor vehicle beam: The present invention relates to a motor vehicle beam, such as a longitudinal beam and/or a crossbeam, in particular a bumper beam, wherein the motor vehicle beam is formed as a hollow component having a closed cross section for the passage of gas, in particular air.... Agent: R&#xf6 Chling Automotive Se & Co. Kg

20150129337 - Device and method for replacement of batteries in battery driven vehicles: Method for battery replacement in a vehicle (110), which vehicle is equipped with a storage space (150;200;300;400) for a battery (120,122;220;320;420;620), where an opening (151;204;304;404) into the storage space exists under the vehicle, wherein the vehicle assumes a first and a second predetermined position in relation to first and second... Agent:

20150129339 - Service compartment for machines: A service compartment for machines is disclosed. The service compartment includes a face portion, a door, and a step assembly mounted proximal to the door. The step assembly is switchable between a folded configuration and an extended configuration and includes a first base plate, a second base plate, and a... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150129338 - Modification of an industrial vehicle to include a containment area and mounting assembly for an alternate fuel: A system and attendant structural components for incorporating an alternate fuel supply, such as of the type used in combination with a conventional distillate fuel, to power a heavy duty industrial vehicle, such as a mine haul dump truck. The system and attendant structure includes a mounting assembly structured for... Agent:

20150129340 - Spherical wheel, and vehicle implementing the wheel: A spherical wheel intended to move a vehicle and a vehicle implementing the wheel are provided, the wheel having its rotation motorized by a shaft able to rotate about an axis. The wheel comprises two shells of which the surface follows the spherical surface of the wheel and each of... Agent:

20150129341 - Drifting kart: Drifting karts in accordance with embodiments of the invention are described that include a front wheel drive train and rear caster wheels that can be dynamically engaged to induce and control drift during a turn. One embodiment of the invention includes a chassis to which a steering column is mounted,... Agent:

20150129342 - Two-wheeled vehicle: A two-wheeled vehicle includes a frame having a front frame portion, a mid-frame portion, and a rear frame portion. The mid-frame portion is coupled to the rear frame portion and the front frame portion. The vehicle further includes a plurality of ground-engaging members for supporting the frame. The engine includes... Agent:

20150129343 - Carrier system and method thereof: A carrier system includes at least one seat and a radio wave detection device. The radio wave detection device is configured to emit a detection wave towards at least one seat of the carrier. A reflected wave reflected in response to the detection wave is received by the radio wave... Agent: Lite-on Technology Corporation

20150129344 - Active front steering system lock: A vehicle including an active front steer system including a locking mechanism having a solenoid actuated locking pin and a spring for biasing the pin toward an extended or locked position for engaging a locking disc of the active front steer system wherein the active front steer system further includes... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150129345 - Hybrid vehicle: In a hybrid vehicle 3, a rear wheel driving system 1 is disposed further rearwards than an internal combustion engine 4 in a front-rear direction of the vehicle 3, and an exhaust passageway 80 extends from the internal combustion engine 4 towards the rear side of the vehicle 3 and... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150129346 - Transmission mounting structure: The present invention provides a transmission mounting structure. A transmission case is constructed by connecting a clutch case, a case main body, and an end case, which are split in the direction of a rotational center axis. The clutch case and the case main body are provided with projecting portions.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150129347 - Methods and apparatus for independently variable torque distribution to motor vehicle drive wheels: A wheel clutch includes a clutch pack mounted in a housing wherein either the friction plates or clutch plates of the clutch pack are fixed for rotation with a corresponding drive wheel, and the other of the friction plates or clutch plates is fixed for rotation with a drive shaft... Agent:

20150129348 - Worm wheel and electric power steering apparatus: A synthetic resin gear portion 12a is molded and formed in the end portion on the outer-diameter side of a metal hub 11a. A first annular concave portion 15 is provided on one surface side in the axial direction of the hub 11a, and a second annular concave portion 22... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 17 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150122557 - Continuously variable transmission: A driver pulley assembly for a continuously variable transmission (CVT) includes a roller weight guide, having an inner and outer periphery, adapted to be mounted on the main shaft of the CVT. A plurality of ramp windows extend radially along the roller weight guide. A pair of guide rails extend... Agent:

20150122558 - Lifting jack assembly with rotatable hydraulic cylinder for steering and method of operation: A lifting jack assembly for use on a walking machine to raise it off the ground and preselect a steering direction before the walking machine is lowered onto the ground for travel therealong includes a hydraulic power-driven lift cylinder for actuating an extendable/retractable rod, wherein the lift cylinder is rotatable... Agent: Columbia Trailer Co., Inc.

20150122559 - Lower limb structure for legged robot, and legged robot: Provided is a lower limb structure for a legged robot with which a load on an actuator for driving a knee joint can be reduced. The lower limb structure for the legged robot comprises: a hip joint main body; a thigh portion; a hip joint coupling for connecting the thigh... Agent: Thk Co., Ltd.

20150122560 - Multi-car trackless transportation system: The multi-car trackless transportation system includes a pilot car and at least one secondary car connected to one another in a manner similar to a conventional tram system or the like. Each of the cars is connected to adjacent cars by pivotal connectors. The pilot car and the at least... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150122561 - Electric vehicle: A frame structure of an electric vehicle including right and left drive wheels is capable of being simplified while communalizing components and achieving an efficient arrangement of a running gear and electrical components. An electric vehicle includes a running gear including an electromotor and a speed reduction gear, and a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150122563 - Battery and saddle-type electric vehicle equipped therewith: A battery includes a controller configured or programmed to manage battery cells disposed inside a housing. The controller is arranged one of forward or rearward of the battery cells. The housing includes right and left housing half bodies which define right and left portions of the housing, respectively, and are... Agent:

20150122562 - Saddle-type electric vehicle: A vehicle includes a battery supported by an elastic member. The vehicle is provided with a connector that is electrically connected to a connector on the battery. The connector on the vehicle is switched between an unlock state in which the movement of the connector on the vehicle is allowed... Agent:

20150122564 - Hydraulic circuit for vehicle, vehicle equipped with same, and control method therefor: In a hydraulic circuit for a vehicle including an electric pump power steering system (EHPS), a hydraulic pressure supply system including a cylinder to store a second hydraulic pressure while a vehicle is traveling and supply the stored second hydraulic pressure to a clutch circuit as a third hydraulic pressure... Agent:

20150122565 - Power train for a pedal vehicle: Motive power unit for a pedal vehicle, comprising a first and second motor, the latter being meshed on the bottom-bracket spindle and the first motor being connected to a sun gear, a planet holder being connected to an output sprocket of the motive power unit, which comprises a measuring element... Agent: E2 Drives Sa

20150122567 - Air ventilation systems for vehicles: A straddle-seat vehicle has a frame, and connected thereto, a pair of front wheels, at least one rear wheel, a pair of footrests, an engine, a radiator connected to the engine for cooling the engine, and a cowling. The cowling encloses at least a portion of the radiator and includes... Agent: Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

20150122566 - Load and/or transport trolley: A transport and load cart in the form of a kick scooter is compact, has a low dead weight and is designed with dimensions that are suitable for transport by train or automobile, and which nonetheless ensures safe transport of bulky and heavy goods together with a person, while improving... Agent:

20150122568 - Frame structure for electric motorcycle and support structure for electric motor: There is provided a frame structure for an electric motorcycle. A plurality of electric components are mounted in a chassis framework comprised of a pair of half-frame bodies. One of the half-frame bodies is formed into a module to which electric components are connected via cables.... Agent:

20150122569 - Saddle-type electric vehicle: An electric two-wheel vehicle includes a battery case that accommodates two batteries. The battery case is open in an upward direction. A head pipe supports a steering shaft and is connected to a front portion of the battery case. The battery case includes a beam portion that is disposed between... Agent:

20150122570 - Saddle-type electric vehicle: A vehicle includes an electric motor disposed downward of a battery. The vehicle is provided with a motor control unit configured to receive electrical power from the battery and to supply the electrical power of the battery to the electric motor, and a case that accommodates the motor control unit.... Agent:

20150122571 - Straddle-type vehicle: A straddle-type vehicle includes a rear arm, a seat, a rear suspension located below the seat, and a first silencer at least partially located below the seat and the rear suspension. The rear arm includes the left arm portion, the right arm portion, and a second cross member. The right... Agent:

20150122572 - Obstruction detecting device: An obstruction detecting device includes: a main body disposed on a rear side, in a vehicle front-rear direction, of an emblem mounting portion of a front grille of a vehicle; and a connection-wire connector disposed on a back surface of the main body which faces rearward in the vehicle front-rear... Agent:

20150122573 - Utility vehicle: A utility vehicle according to the present invention has a body frame, a source of power arranged in the body frame, and an under cover for covering a lower surface of the body frame. Both ends of the under cover in the vehicle width direction or the vehicle front and... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

04/30/2015 > 20 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150114730 - Suspension system for tracked vehicles: A suspension system for a tracked vehicle includes support wheels arranged on opposite sides of the vehicle which are rotatably journalled at an outer end of a respective rocker arm, which is pivotably journalled in the side of a vehicle chassis of the vehicle, which rocker arm includes a pivot... Agent: Bae Systems H&#xe4 Gglunds Aktiebolag

20150114731 - Shovel connectable with an information terminal: A shovel performing a work by being operated by a driver includes a lower running body, an upper turning body mounted on the lower running body and a control device that controls an operation of a hydraulic actuator in response to an operation applied to an operation lever. A cabin... Agent:

20150114732 - Power generation system and method for assembling the same: A power generation system is disclosed. The power generation system includes an electrical converting device and a repowered portion connected to the electrical converting device. The repowered portion includes a reciprocating internal combustion engine and a gearbox. The reciprocating internal combustion engine is connected to the gearbox by a first... Agent:

20150114734 - Battery mounting structure and electric bicycle: A battery mounting structure includes a locking device 23 that fastens and releases a battery 13 mounted on a mounting part 16, and an auxiliary removal lever 24 that presses the battery 13 in a released state from the mounting part 16 in a removal direction. The locking device 23... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Management

20150114733 - Battery pack holding apparatus: A battery pack holding apparatus is disclosed that includes a high-voltage battery pack for a vehicle that has a protrusion at the front end, and a battery pack holder that is installed within a vehicle body and has a front end opening into which the high-voltage battery pack slides into.... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150114735 - Modular axle concept for a motor vehicle with electric drive: A modular axle concept for a motor vehicle with electric drive includes a structure that supports the bodywork of the motor vehicle. The structure has an integration point or preferably a connection point, in each instance, for attachment of a coupling module, in each instance, for each wheel of the... Agent: Ksm Castings Group Gmbh

20150114736 - Quick loading and unloading battery system for vehicles: An electrical vehicle includes a vehicle body defining a passenger cabin; at least one battery compartment with an openable hood that can be opened to expose the battery compartment; a battery including electrical electrodes removably stored in the battery compartment; at least three battery supports mounted substantially in a vertical... Agent:

20150114737 - Hood assembly for a machine: A hood assembly for enclosing a service compartment of a machine includes a hood member with a slit and at least one hinge. A bracket, attached to an attachment portion of the hood member, includes a slot with a stop portion. A support member has a first end retained into... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150114738 - Traction robot: A traction unit has carrier sections on which suction cups are mounted that are connected to a vacuum source. The carrier units are driven around the frame by a chain driven by a motor. The frame has sections which move relative to one another in order to permit turning control... Agent:

20150114739 - Hydraulic hybrid vehicle: The presently described apparatus and method describes the construction, use and operation of a hydraulic hybrid vehicle including the components and the manner by which the components are integrated into a standard electric powered vehicle. The vehicle may be powered by an electric motor, by a hydraulic motor, or by... Agent:

20150114740 - Drive train and systems for a three-wheeled vehicle: An apparatus includes a housing, an input portion including an input gear, an idler portion including an idler gear, and an output portion including an output gear and an output member disposed outside of the housing and substantially coplanar with a drive portion of a rear wheel assembly. The housing... Agent: Tanom Motors, LLC

20150114741 - Inverted pendulum control type moving body: An inverted pendulum control type moving body includes: a first driving portion capable of driving in all directions on a movement plane; a frame portion rotatably supporting the first driving portion; a second driving portion rotatable about the rotation center of the first driving portion via a link portion; a... Agent:

20150114743 - Motorcycle with lateral shock-absorbing device: A motorcycle including a frame with a median plane, one front wheel and one rear wheel, each wheel including a hub with its own longitudinal spindle onto which is fitted a rim carrying a tyre, the hub associated with a fork and at least one brake disc, the rim integral... Agent:

20150114745 - Saddle-ridden vehicle engine: A combustion engine of a motorcycle has an engine rotary shaft extending in a vehicle widthwise direction. Incoming wind taken in from a front of a steering handle that is positioned in front of the combustion engine, is introduced through an air intake duct to the combustion engine. The air... Agent:

20150114744 - Saddle-ridden-vehicle engine: A combustion engine mounted on a motorcycle includes an engine rotary shaft extending in a vehicle widthwise direction and a supercharger disposed rearwardly of a cylinder block. The combustion engine also includes an air intake duct through which an incoming wind flowing forwardly of a traveling direction with respect to... Agent:

20150114742 - Saddle-ride type vehicle: A saddle-ride type vehicle includes a frame, an engine, a wheel support device, a wheel, upstream and downstream brake hoses, a brake device, a master cylinder, and a fluid pressure control device. The brake device is mounted to the wheel support device. The brake device is configured to brake the... Agent:

20150114746 - Molding for a motor vehicle for transmitting an impact force to a hood sensor: A hood sensor assembly of a motor vehicle includes a molding for transmitting an impact force to a hood sensor. The molding includes an absorption area for absorbing an impact force and a transmission section for transmitting at least a portion of the impact force to a hood sensor. An... Agent:

20150114748 - Work machine: A work machine includes a machine body, the machine body includes a bottom plate having an air outlet, and an exhaust air duct, the air outlet includes a major opening portion and a wide portion that is disposed with the major opening portion side by side in a left and... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150114747 - Working vehicle: A working vehicle, including: an engine housed inside a bonnet of a front part of a vehicle-body; a purification processing device which performs purification processing of exhaust gas that is discharged from the engine; and an exhaust member which discharges the exhaust gas that is discharged from the purification processing... Agent: Iseki & Co., Ltd.

20150114749 - Retainer assembly for power steering system: In one aspect of the invention, a retainer assembly for a power steering assist system is provided. The retainer assembly includes a retainer having an inner wall defining an opening, at least one permanent magnet coupled to the retainer, and at least one spiral channel formed in the inner wall.... Agent:

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