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Motor vehicles

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11/13/2014 > 19 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140332291 - Trolley for the transportation of a load on staircases: The present invention is a trolley that can safely transport a load on staircases, so as to prevent ruining or overturning the load. The trolley can easily ascend onto the first step and easily descend from the last step of a staircase. The trolley provides adjustable transport conditions during the... Agent:

20140332292 - Powered guard group for a machine: The disclosure describes, in one aspect, a powered guard group for a machine, the guard group including a frame, a linkage, a door, and an actuator for moving the guard group between an open position and a closed position.... Agent:

20140332293 - Snowmobile: A drive apparatus for a track of a snowmobile includes a drive shaft and a drive sprocket coupled to the drive shaft. The drive sprocket includes a first drive member having a plurality of teeth configured to engage drive lugs on an inner surface of the track and a second... Agent:

20140332294 - Electrohydraulic hybrid work vehicle: A hybrid work vehicle having a direct-current electric power bus for connecting at least an electric power controller, an electric machine for driving the vehicle, a reversible electric machine, and a battery.... Agent: Merlo Project S.r.l. Con Unico Socio

20140332295 - Transporter vehicle: A cooling air supply device (22) for supplying cooling air to an alternator (19) and an electric motor (20) for traveling is provided with a cooling air inlet port (24B) for taking in outside air as cooling air; a cooling air supply line (23) for establishing connection between the cooling... Agent:

20140332296 - Wheel assembly for a golf trolley: A wheel assembly 10 for a golf trolley (30) comprises a wheel 12, a motor for driving the wheel, a battery 20 for powering the motor, detection means for detecting whether or not the wheel 12 is rotating, a control unit 22 for controlling the motor and releasable connection means... Agent:

20140332297 - Motorized skateboard and method of use: A motorized skateboard with a single pedal foot controller. The motorized skateboard employs mechanical brakes instead of using electric or motor braking The brake is activated by a spring raising the single front pedal, which is ultimately attached to the braking mechanism. The invention features a recoverable opening situated on... Agent:

20140332298 - Ski and front track assembly for a snowmobile: A ski and front track assembly has a track assembly including: an endless track, and at least two wheels disposed inside the track. At least one of the at least two wheels is disposed forwardly of at least one other of the at least two wheels. The ski and front... Agent: Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

20140332299 - Electric cart: A transport device has a carriage and at least three wheels mounted at a minimum of two axles. One of the axles is a driven axle which carries only a single, centrally mounted, electrically driven wheel. A support unit is configured to accommodate an elongated load, such as a golf... Agent: Aurotech Gmbh

20140332300 - System and method for controlling a vehicle: In accordance with one aspect of the techniques described herein, there is provided a vehicle comprising an engine, an automatic, robotic, or continuously variable transmission mechanically coupled to the engine, a four-wheel drive system, a vehicle control system coupled to the engine, the four-wheel drive system and the transmission, a... Agent:

20140332301 - Drive train of an all-electrically drivable motor vehicle with two electric machines: A drive train (1) of an all-electrically drivable motor vehicle has a first axle (2) with a differential (6), and two electric machines (15, 16). The first axle (2) can be driven by the electric machines (15, 16) via a transmission (17). One (16) of the two electric machines (15,... Agent:

20140332302 - Fender located pedestrian protection airbag: A number of variations may include a product comprising an airbag mounted in a fender region laterally adjacent a hood and forward of a vehicle side door which deploys from the fender region when activated to protect a pedestrian from impacting at least a portion of the frontal area of... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140332303 - Fender located pedestrian protection airbag: A number of variations may include a product comprising an airbag which propels a moving member that releases a hood hinge mechanism upon deployment and which deploys a cushion to provide pedestrian protection from at least one of a rearward region of the hood, a lower windshield, an A-pillar, an... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140332304 - Fender located pedestrian protection airbag: A number of variations may include a product comprising an airbag mounted in a fender region laterally adjacent a hood and forward of a vehicle side door which provides a means for deployment through a discrete door to provide protection to a pedestrian from impacting the frontal area of a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140332305 - Fender located pedestrian protection airbag: A number of variations may include a product comprising: an airbag mounted in a fender region laterally adjacent a hood and forward of a vehicle side door which deploys through a fender integrated deployment door to protect a pedestrian from impacting at least a portion of the frontal area of... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140332306 - Placement of an opposed-piston engine in a heavy-duty truck: An engine placement configuration for a heavy-duty truck includes a chassis having two spaced-apart frame rails running in a longitudinal direction of the chassis, between front and rear ends, and a front wheel assembly with an axle attached to the frame rails. An opposed-piston engine is supported on the frame... Agent: Achates Power, Inc.

20140332307 - Utility vehicle with a continuously variable transmission having a system for selectively establishing a fixed maximum transmission ratio: A continuously variable transmission for a vehicle comprises a primary pulley, a secondary pulley, and a belt entrained around both pulleys in an opposite manner between the fixed and movable sheaves thereof. One pulley carries a selectively deployable stop that may be placed into position to mechanically limit the range... Agent: The Toro Company

20140332308 - Power steering assembly with differential angle sensor system: A power steering assembly having an input shaft for connection to a steering wheel, an output shaft coupled to the input shaft for operational engagement with a steering rod, a servo controller, an actuator, a sensor system, and an evaluation unit for evaluating measurement values provided by the sensor system.... Agent:

20140332309 - Steering system for wheeled construction equipment: Disclosed is a steering system which is capable of ensuring that a wheeled excavator travels straight while being driven on a paved road. The steering system for wheeled construction equipment includes: a hydraulic oil pump; a steering motor connected to the hydraulic oil pump; a steering valve controlling the operation... Agent: Volvo Construction Equipment Ab

11/06/2014 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140326520 - Kinetic power system for vehicles: A kinetic power system for DC motor-driven vehicles, the system comprising a chassis-based power generating assembly and an optional roof-based power generating assembly, the former being in electrical communication with the vehicle's DC motor(s) and battery array, the latter being in electrical communication with the battery array only. Both assemblies... Agent:

20140326521 - Transport device: The present invention relates to a transport device 1, comprising a load carrying body 10, at least one central walking element 80, 90, 100, a first side walking element 20 and a second side walking element 50, wherein the at least one central walking element 80, 90, 100 is arranged... Agent:

20140326522 - Powered wheelchair with articulating drive wheels: A seated vehicle comprises a frame, one or more first wheels at a first position relative to the frame, one or more second wheels at a second position relative to the frame, and a wheel-positioning system. The wheel-positioning system includes one or more arms pivotally coupled to the frame, and... Agent:

20140326523 - Vehicle front structure: A vehicle front structure according to the present invention includes: a bumper reinforcement disposed on a vehicle front end side with a vehicle width direction as its longitudinal direction; and paired front side members disposed on respective sides of a vehicle front portion with a vehicle front-rear direction as their... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140326524 - Vehicle battery mounting structure: A vehicle battery mounting structure having a service hole cover that closes a service hole the service hole cover includes a rear cover that covers a rear end side of the service hole in a vehicle longitudinal direction and a front cover that covers a front end side of the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140326525 - Self-stabilizing skateboard: An electric vehicle may comprise a board including first and second deck portions each configured to receive a left or right foot of a ride, a wheel assembly disposed between the deck portions and including a ground-contacting element, a motor assembly mounted to the board and configured to rotate the... Agent: Future Motion, Inc.

20140326526 - Front-end structure for vehicle: A front-end structure for a vehicle is provided with: front side frames, a subframe extending across a vehicle body floor front portion to support a suspension component and an electric power steering device, the subframe being supported at least at the front end portion and at the rear end portion... Agent:

20140326529 - Construction machine: In an engine, an exhaust gas purifying device and a regeneration device, there are provided detectors for detecting working states thereof, such as a rotational sensor, a cooling water temperature sensor, an intake temperature sensor, exhaust gas temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and opening degree sensors. When a trouble occurs in... Agent:

20140326528 - Exhaust pipe water dam for a work vehicle: A vehicle includes a chassis and an internal combustion (IC) engine carried by the chassis. The IC engine includes an exhaust system with a protected component and an exhaust pipe fluidly connected with the protected component. The exhaust pipe includes an inside diameter with a lower surface and a water... Agent: Cnh Industrial America LLC

20140326527 - Work vehicle: A work vehicle includes a vehicle frame, a radiator, an engine, a first post-treatment apparatus, a second post-treatment apparatus, and a bracket. The engine is provided in front of the radiator. The first post-treatment apparatus and the second post-treatment apparatus are positioned in front of the radiator and treat exhaust... Agent:

20140326530 - Electric power steering apparatus: An electric power steering apparatus (1) is provided with a heat sink (5) and an intermediate member (4) whose surface portions are perpendicularly placed with respect to an axial direction of a motor's shaft center, and arranged in such a way that each of power modules (51a, 51b) of a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

10/30/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140318877 - Wind powered vehicle system: This is a wind powered compressed air vehicle having a chassis frame, compressed air piston driven motor, wheels and an insulated storage tank for compressed air and adapted to receive compressed air from an accumulator compressed air storage tank, which in turn is connected to a wind turbine driven air... Agent:

20140318878 - Working machine and a method for operating a working machine: A working machine includes a prime mover for supplying torque to the driving wheels of the working machine, and a transmission line arranged between the prime mover and the driving wheels for transmitting torque from the prime mover to the driving wheels. The transmission line includes a gearbox arranged between... Agent: Volvo Construction Equipment Ab

20140318879 - Robotic omniwheel: A robotic omniwheel for motion comprising various components such as in wheel motor assemblies with brake, supportive hub and axle assemblies, strut and yoke assemblies for suspension, a motor device having controller for steering motion, a motorized universal joint for rocking motion, an active transmission rod to uniquely engage lift... Agent:

20140318880 - Electric scooter: In an electric scooter, a swing arm is swingably supported on a vehicle body frame having a lower frame extending to the rear from a rear end of a down frame extending downwardly to the rear from a head pipe, and a pair of left and right rear frames provided... Agent:

20140318881 - Airbag unit and airbag folding method: [Solution] An airbag unit 20, configured to cover at least a part of a windshield 6 and a front pillar 2 outside of a vehicle 1, includes an airbag 10 formed in a U-shape including a bottom portion and a pair of projecting portions respectively projecting from the bottom portion,... Agent: Takata Corporation

20140318883 - Construction machine: A regeneration device that performs regeneration treatment of a particulate matter removing filter estimates a trapping amount of particulate matter trapped in the filter by two systems. Specifically, there are provided an estimating unit that estimates a first estimated trapping amount based upon a rotational speed of an engine and... Agent:

20140318882 - Hydraulic excavator: A hydraulic excavator includes an engine, a selective catalytic reduction apparatus, an outer cover, a first column member, a reducing agent tank, and a reducing agent pump. The selective catalytic reduction apparatus processes exhaust from the engine. The first column member supports the outer cover. The reducing agent tank retains... Agent:

20140318884 - Steering axle: The invention relates to a steering axle (1) for a vehicle, wherein steering levers (31, 32) are articulated to both sides of an axle body (2) and each of the steering levers (31, 32) is operatively connected to a track arm (41, 42), and a tie rod (5) is hingedly... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140311811 - Chassis for a robot: In a chassis (1) for a robot for traveling over smooth, curved or firm surfaces with two track guides that are mirror-symmetric to one another and firmly arranged in the chassis (1) in parallel with the traveling surface and self-contained in each case, along which controllable adhesive modules (14) circulate... Agent:

20140311812 - Vehicle front structure: A vehicle front structure includes: a motor unit for driving front wheels that is accommodated in a motor room formed in a front portion of a vehicle, and that has a driving shaft arranged coaxially with drive shafts connected to the front wheels; an air compressor that is securely attached... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140311813 - Hovercraft with multiple, independently-operable lift chambers: The invention is a hovercraft with multiple lift chambers which are operable independently of each other. Independently-operable pivot arm assemblies connect each lift chamber to the hovercraft main body, and his gives the hovercraft the ability to travel over uneven surfaces, traverse obstacles that would block conventional hovercrafts, and climb... Agent:

20140311814 - Steerable vehicle: A steerable, self-propelled vehicle (20) includes a rotatable steering column that is connected to control the steering angle of one or more ground-engaging members of the vehicle. The vehicle includes between the steering column and the ground-engaging member a first steering servomechanism having at least a first steering assistance characteristic;... Agent: Cnh Industrial America LLC

20140311815 - Transport vehicle having a three-wheel chassis: The invention relates to a transport vehicle including a three-wheeled carriage, wherein the three-wheeled carriage includes two non-driven front wheels which are coupled to a steering, and a non-jointed rear wheel which is coupled to a drive. In order to provide a transport vehicle which can be used as a... Agent:

20140311816 - Construction machine: Base end portions of a pair of engine support legs are welded to an upper frame in an exhaust duct. The pair of engine support legs extends to a notched portion of the exhaust duct from the base end portions to front end portions thereof. The front end portions project... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140311817 - Electric power steering system: An EPS includes a first rack and pinion mechanism that converts rotation of a pinion shaft due to a steering operation, to reciprocating motion of a rack shaft; and a steering force assist device that applies a motor torque of a motor as an assist force by using a second... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

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