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Motor vehicles

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01/15/2015 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150014070 - Electric mid-wheel drive wheelchair: A wheelchair of the mid-wheel drive type comprises a chassis frame (10), a pair of front link arms (30) and a pair of rear link arms. The link arms are pivotally connected to the chassis frame. Front caster wheels (32) and drive wheels (53) are fixed to the front link... Agent:

20150014072 - Hybrid vehicle drive control device: A drive control device for a hybrid vehicle is provided with a differential device including four rotary elements; and an engine, first and second electric motors and an output rotary member which are respectively connected to the four rotary elements. One of the four rotary elements is constituted by a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150014073 - Drive unit for vehicle: A drive unit for a vehicle includes: an engine (2); a compound motor (3) having a first rotor and a second rotor that are differentially rotatable with each other; and an automatic transmission (4A) that delivers power output of the engine (2), which is input via the compound motor (3),... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150014071 - Electrically driven vehicle drive axle arrangement: A vehicle drive axle arrangement comprises an electric drive motor (1, 3), a left shaft (20) and a right shaft (23), coaxial with each other, in drive connection with the motor (1, 3), and intended for connection to respective driving half-axles of the vehicle in which the arrangement can be... Agent:

20150014074 - Integrated hybrid drive module: A hybrid drive system in a drive train system includes the preliminary step of providing a cradle, a plurality of components of a hybrid drive system, and a drive train system. The cradle and the plurality of components are initially assembled together to provide an integrated cradle and hybrid drive... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20150014075 - Velocity-regulating system having a touch-sensitive control element: A velocity-regulating system for motor vehicles has an electronic control device that produces control signals for regulating the velocity of the motor vehicle at a pre-specified target velocity and/or at a pre-specified distance from a preceding target object. The velocity-regulating system has an operating element whose actuation causes an intervention... Agent:

20150014076 - Golf bag cart: A golf bag cart comprising a wheeled drive section and a storage section configured to house one or more golf clubs. In some embodiments the golf bag cart's storage section can be flipped up from a closed position against the drive section to an open position extended away from the... Agent:

20150014077 - Method-system of parking a vehicle using only front road course and placement of the rear of the vehicle in a final parking position by an auxiliary mechanism: Method-system of parking a vehicle using only front road course and placement of the rear of the vehicle in a final parking position by an auxiliary mechanism. A method-system of parking a vehicle along parking provision, where the only thing that the driver has to do is to place the... Agent:

20150014078 - Fuel tank for motorcycle, and motorcycle including same: An intake structure for a motorcycle provides an intake air flow passage in a fuel tank arranged at an upper portion of a vehicle body. Left and right upper tank members are provided at an upper portion of a vehicle body. The upper tank portions are each provided with a... Agent:

20150014079 - Motorcycle: A motorcycle is provided with a front fork cover which can suppress traveling resistance as much as possible while increasing a cooling effect of a radiator within a required range. A pair of radiators as viewed in a side view are arranged above a crankcase of an engine. A front... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150014080 - Motorcycle: A motorcycle is provided which can enhance a cooling effect of a radiator while suppressing traveling resistance generated by a front fender. In a motorcycle which includes a front fender which is arranged between the left and right fork assemblies which constitute a front fork, and covers the front wheel... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150014081 - Vehicle, and vehicle control method: Provided are a vehicle such that drive state can be suitably selected in a configuration including an internal combustion engine, and a vehicle control method. In a vehicle and a method of controlling the same, different values are set for a first switching threshold value for switching from a first... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150014082 - System for detecting when a vehicle occupant exits the vehicle, system for activating or deactivating a function in a vehicle and corresponding vehicle: A system for detecting when a vehicle occupant exits the vehicle is disclosed. The system includes a sensor device is configured to measure an acceleration of the vehicle along one direction or accelerations of the vehicle along several directions and to make available a time-dependent signal(s) that represents the acceleration(s).... Agent:

20150014083 - Exhaust structure for compact vehicle: An exhaust pipe extends rearward of a vehicle body from an engine located forward of the rear wheels and is supported on the vehicle body frame. An exhaust muffler is coupled to a rear end of the exhaust pipe that is arranged between a pair of right and left rear... Agent:

20150014084 - Vehicle-body front structure: A vehicle-body front structure includes: a front side member which has a closed section by joining an inner panel placed on a vehicle-width inner side to an outer panel placed on a vehicle-width outer side, the front side member being placed in a vehicle-body front portion along a vehicle-body front-rear... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150014085 - Battery forklift: A battery forklift includes a battery and a motor that includes a rotation shaft and is driven using the battery as a power source. A reduction device reduces the speed of rotation of the rotation shaft and transmits the rotation to an axle. A case accommodates the reduction device. A... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150014086 - Dual steering system for a vehicle: The present invention discloses a dual steering system including a first front wheel and a second front wheel, a lateral steering linkage connecting the first and second front wheels, a first steering system with a first steering wheel and a power steering module that assists steering inputs applied to the... Agent: Volvo Group North America, LLC

01/08/2015 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150008050 - Personal mobility vehicle: A personal mobility vehicle comprising a platform (10) on which a user of the vehicle can stand, ground-engaging wheels (14, 15, 16) on which the platform (10) is supported, motor drive means, motor control means (20), a column (11) extending upwards from the platform (10) and a leg or thigh... Agent: Rollerscoot Ltd.

20150008051 - Powered mobility device: A mobility device includes at least two drive wheels mounted on a shaft; a drive controller drivingly coupled to the shaft; a seat mounted to a tilt mechanism such that the seat is able to tilt in a forward, backward, left and right directions as a result of the user... Agent:

20150008052 - Tracked vehicle: A tracked vehicle, such as tracked carrier to carry and enable use of work equipment (e.g., a crane, an aerial work platform, a drill rig, etc.) on various terrains, is provided. The tracked vehicle may comprise a frame comprising an equipment mounting area for mounting work equipment above the frame.... Agent:

20150008053 - Straddle electric vehicle: A straddle electric vehicle comprises a battery case accommodating a battery which is an electric power supply for an electric motor; and an air box attached to an upper portion of the battery case, and the air box includes a ram air inlet through which ram air flows into the... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150008055 - Series hybrid generator: An electric generator has an outer rotor supported on a housing for rotation about an axis and a shaft input end lying on the axis at a first end of the housing. An inner rotor is supported on the housing for rotation about the axis and has a shaft input... Agent:

20150008054 - Hybrid-driven hydraulic work machine: A hybrid-driven hydraulic work machine maintains the torque of the engine at a prescribed value when the load on a hydraulic pump is higher than the rated power of the engine and the electric assist motor assists the torque of the engine. Control of the engine revolution speed is based... Agent:

20150008056 - Air guide plate for automobile and sealing structure: The air guide plate includes a plate body formed of a resin material and deformable skirt portions which are formed of the same resin material as the plate body and integrally formed on an outer periphery of the plate body. The air guide plate is arranged such that the plate... Agent:

20150008057 - Apparatus and method for delivering power in a hybrid vehicle: A method and apparatus for delivering power to a hybrid vehicle is disclosed. The apparatus includes an apparatus for delivering power to a hybrid vehicle, the hybrid vehicle including a powertrain having a power take-off coupling, the powertrain including an engine and a transmission. The apparatus includes an electric motor... Agent:

20150008058 - One-man riding mobile apparatus: A one-man riding mobile apparatus includes a plurality of wheels, a board-shaped boarding base to which the wheels are attached, a motor that drives at least a part of the wheels and provided on the boarding base, a plurality of load sensors provided on the boarding base, a plurality of... Agent:

20150008059 - Drive device for bicycles: The invention relates to a drive device (1) for a bicycle. The drive device (1) comprises a central housing (4), to which at least one swingarm (5, 6) is attached laterally which serves to hold a wheel (27) that is arranged such that it can rotate about a rotational axis... Agent:

20150008060 - Single-axle tractor: A single-axle tractor for moving trailers and wheeled cargo. The single-axle tractor of the present disclosure provides a compact, efficient, reliable, cost-effective means of moving cargo from one place to another using torque generated by an on-board motor. The tractor includes a structure to provide rigidity to a tractor-trailer combination... Agent:

20150008061 - Straddle electric vehicle: A straddle electric vehicle includes a battery case which accommodates a battery as an electric power supply for an electric motor, and is placed between a front wheel and a rear wheel; and a swing arm pivotably coupled at its front end portion to a vehicle body frame such that... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150008062 - Saddle type vehicle: A saddle type vehicle includes a frame, an engine supported by the frame, a swing-arm swingably supported on the frame, a rear wheel supported on the swing-arm, a rear suspension arranged between the engine and the rear wheel, an air cleaner arranged in an intake passage, and an exhaust chamber... Agent:

20150008063 - Ignition interlock breathalyzer: The invention relates to an improvement in a breath alcohol test devices includes within the handheld unit containing a fuel cell, a miniaturized self calibrating test device thereby avoiding the need for 30, 60 and 90 day calibration testing. It also relates to various tamper or circumvention improvements that may... Agent:

20150008064 - External airbag apparatus for vehicle: The present invention relates to an external airbag apparatus for a vehicle, including: an inflator; an airbag cushion which is deployed by gas flowing into the airbag cushion from the inflator; a separator which is disposed in the airbag cushion so as to separate an internal space of the airbag... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150008065 - Vehicle behavior control apparatus: A vehicle behavior control apparatus includes: a pair of underbody airbags that is provided in a lower portion of a vehicle on both sides in a vehicle width direction, and is inflated and deployed toward a road surface when being supplied with gas.... Agent:

20150008066 - Electric power steering system: An electric power steering system includes: an assist motor that generate assist force for assisting steering of a steering member; a motor drive circuit that controls driving of the assist motor; a capacitor that is electrically connected to a main power supply that supplies electric power to the assist motor,... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150000989 - Electric moving device for moving patient beds: An electric moving device for moving patient beds includes a power unit, a holding unit and a control unit. The power unit is connected to the underside of the moving device and the holding unit is connected to two columns of the moving device so as to connect the moving... Agent:

20150000990 - Lubrication arrangement for a drive axle of a haul vehicle: A drive axle assembly is provided that improves lubrication to the components of the drive axle assembly. As the wheel differential rotates, lubricant is splashed and lubricates bearings and other associated components of the differential assembly. In addition, lubricant is pumped by rotation of the first and second spur gears... Agent:

20150000991 - Overcharge prevention device of battery: An overcharge prevention device of a battery is provided and includes a safety fuse which is connected to a battery and a safety circuit which is connected in parallel to the battery and the safety fuse and includes a short-circuit switch which is disposed adjacent to a side in which... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150000992 - Engine supporting structure for saddle-ride type vehicle: An engine supporting structure for a saddle-ride type vehicle is configured such that an engine is supported from above in substantially a center position between a head pipe and a pivot in a side view, on a pair of right and left main frames that are branched to right and... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150000993 - Wheel support provided with pipes for supplying a hydraulic device: The present invention relates to an assembly comprising —an axle (1), —a steering pivot (2) mounted on the axle (1), —a wheel spindle (3) mounted on the pivot (2), —a hydraulic motor and a wheel mounted on said spindle (3), such that the spindle (3) is pivotally mounted relative to... Agent:

20150000994 - Active hood or bonnet system for a vehicle: A vehicle (10) comprising a bonnet or hood assembly (12) having a passive pedestrian impact zone (P) and a second active pedestrian impact zone (A); the active zone being deployable by an actuator (30) upon receipt of a deploy signal from a control unit the second active zone being coupled... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20150000995 - Wheel turn initiator: A vehicle includes a vehicle frame, a wheel and tire assembly, and a wheel turn initiator system. The wheel and tire assembly is mounted with respect to the vehicle frame and is selectively rotatable about a generally vertical axis. The wheel turn initiator system is mounted with respect to the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150000996 - Cab for work vehicle and work vehicle: A center pillar (3) has a pipe structure having a hollow space (3a). In the center pillar (3), a lower end opening (3c) for connecting the hollow space (3a) to an outdoor space and an upper end opening (3b) for connecting the hollow space (3a) to an indoor space (10)... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

12/25/2014 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140374174 - Hybrid vehicle with multiple energy sub-systems: A hybrid vehicle includes a frame, at least two wheels carried by the frame, an internal combustion subsystem driving at least one of the two wheels, an electrical subsystem driving at least one of the two wheels and recapturing kinetic energy during deceleration events, a pneumatic subsystem driving at least... Agent: High Gas Mileage, LLC

20140374175 - Apparatus for converting a wheeled vehicle to a tracked vehicle: The invention relates to track systems 14, 14′ that may be used to convert steerable, all-wheel drive construction equipment to steerable, multi-track construction vehicles 10. A preferred embodiment of the track system 14, 14′ includes a frame 60, 182 having a reinforcing enclosure 150, 230, a plurality of track engaging... Agent:

20140374176 - Supporting frame for a motor vehicle: A supporting frame for a motor vehicle has two parallel longitudinal members oriented in the longitudinal direction of the motor vehicle and form part of the body. Two longitudinal struts are oriented at least partially in the longitudinal direction and are fixed at first ends to a contact section of... Agent:

20140374177 - Fuel system control: Methods and systems are provided for accurately confirming fuel tank depressurization before unlocking a fuel door to enable refueling. Following a refueling request, a fuel system may be sealed from the atmosphere while one or more fuel system valves are adjusted to divert fuel tank pressure or vacuum to an... Agent:

20140374178 - Device for driving rear wheel of electric vehicle: A device for driving a rear wheel of an electric vehicle is provided. In one embodiment, the rear wheel driving device includes a motor for supplying rotational power, a gear group connected to a rotor of the motor, a final gear connected to the gear group, an output shaft connected... Agent: Hyundai Wia Corporation

20140374179 - Side-by-side: A vehicle may include a CVT unit or a power source which requires ambient air. An air inlet for an air intake system coupled to the CVT unit or the power source which requires ambient air may be provided in a side of a cargo carrying portion of the vehicle.... Agent:

20140374181 - Battery system component layout structure for electrically driven vehicle: A vehicle battery system component layout structure is basically provided with a center room, a rear room, a vehicle propulsion battery and an auxiliary battery. The center room of a vehicle is configured to seat a driver and a passenger. The rear room of the vehicle is disposed rearward of... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140374180 - Structure for mounting battery pack on vehicle: In a structure for mounting a battery pack on a vehicle, even if a battery case housing a plurality of batteries is disposed beneath a floor panel, due to an internal cable within the battery case being disposed above the batteries, it is possible to prevent the internal cable from... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140374182 - System, method and device for disabling a motorized vehicle: A system and method to disable a motorized vehicle includes a modified police radar/laser gun, a black box, which stops a vehicle by shutting down the electrical system or by other means known in the art when activated by the modified police radar/laser gun. The black box is attached to... Agent:

20140374183 - Side-by-side atv: The present invention relates to all terrain vehicles having at least a pair of laterally spaced apart seating surfaces. More particularly, the present invention relates to trail compliant side-by-side all terrain vehicles.... Agent:

20140374184 - Side-by-side atv: The present invention relates to all terrain vehicles having at least a pair of laterally spaced apart seating surfaces. More particularly, the present invention relates to trail compliant side-by-side all terrain vehicles.... Agent:

20140374185 - Electric power train for the steerable axle of a motor vehicle: A power-train is provided for a driven, steerable axle of a motor vehicle. To reduce the size of the turning radius of the vehicle, the power train includes a left drive shaft that is fixedly connected in terms of drive to a left steerable wheel; a right drive shaft that... Agent:

20140374186 - Work vehicle: An engine (32) is attached to a vehicle frame (31) on a front end side relative to a cab (1). An engine cooling module (33) serves for cooling the engine (32) and it is attached to the vehicle frame (31) at a rear end. In a top plan view, the... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140374187 - Hydraulic steering device: A hydraulic steering device is provided comprising a supply port arrangement having a pressure port (P) and a tank port (5), a working port arrangement having two working ports (L, R), a main flow path (14) between the pressure port (P) and the working port arrangement, a return flow path... Agent:

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