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Motor vehicles

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02/05/2015 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150034399 - Vehicle fuel economy by optimizing effective rolling tire resistance: The subject matter of the present invention relates generally to a vehicle that has axles with tires mounted thereon with at least one axle that is a lift axle, and more specifically, to a method that optimizes the effective tire rolling resistance by adjusting the load on the tires, resulting... Agent:

20150034400 - Electric automobile: An electric automobile in which a power control unit is disposed in a motor room formed at a front section of a vehicle: wherein a charging port or a power supply port is provided on a lateral surface of the front section of the vehicle; a charging connector or a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150034401 - Levitation system for a train: The present invention relates to a fender, bogie, train, track and methods. The fender according to the invention comprises: a support surface provided on the underside during use; an inner pressure chamber provided in or on the support surface; a feed arranged in the pressure chamber for feeding a fluid;... Agent: Novus Finitor B.v.

20150034402 - Portable motor-driven transportation means: Portable motor-driven transportation means consists essentially of a personal portable motor-driven transportation means (PMT), with a telescopic handle on the upper part (2), a hand grip (25), where stowage is preferably done with a backpack (1), which offers protection and which is easily carried or slung over one's back, in... Agent:

20150034403 - Ice scratcher for a snowmobile: An ice scratcher for attachment to a snowmobile includes first and second ice scratcher end portions opposite to each other, an elongate member connected to the second ice scratcher end portion, and a spring connecting the first ice scratcher end portion to the elongate member. The spring has a plurality... Agent:

20150034404 - Snowmobile suspension systems: A suspension assembly adapted for use in a snowmobile having a closed-loop track includes at least one ground contact engaged with the closed-loop track. An elongated swing arm is angularly disposed in the closed-loop track and extends between a front end portion adapted to be coupled to the chassis, and... Agent: Great Lakes Sound & Vibration, Inc.

20150034405 - Air cleaner device for vehicle: A compact air cleaner device with a secure intake capacity. An internal combustion engine includes the air cleaner device mounted on a vehicle body frame. The air cleaner device includes an air cleaner case having a filter element therein, and being partitioned into a dirty side chamber and a clean... Agent:

20150034406 - Electric vehicle: An electric vehicle is provided, which includes a circuit for discharging a capacitor which smoothes electric current of a power converter. A hybrid vehicle includes a capacitor for smoothing electric current, a discharge circuit, and a discharge controller. The discharge circuit is connected to the capacitor in parallel. The discharge... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150034407 - Steering system for wheeled land vehicle: A wheeled vehicle is steered by a yoke or other operator control the movement of which is limited so that the operator's hands need not change position on the control. The steering is under the control of a microprocessor responsive to an input from the control, the vehicle's speedometer, and... Agent:

20150034408 - Turbocharging system: An internal combustion engine includes a cylinder block defining a cylinder and a cylinder head mounted to the block. The cylinder head supplies air and fuel to the cylinder for combustion therein. The engine also includes an exhaust manifold operatively connected to the cylinder head and having a first outlet... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150034409 - Axle support for a vehicle, in particular for a motor vehicle, and method for the production of such an axle support: An axle support for a vehicle includes two longitudinal members and at least one cross member interconnecting the two longitudinal members. The at least one cross member is formed as a multi-part tailored blank component and is fixedly welded via its lateral cross member attachment zones arranged opposite in the... Agent: Audi Ag A Corporation

20150034410 - Electric power steering device: An electric power steering device includes a steering shaft that is coupled to the steering wheel, an output shaft that is coupled to the steering shaft via a torsion bar, a torque sensor that detects a steering torque that acts on the torsion bar, a sensor case to which a... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150027793 - Liquid fertilizer tanks: A pair of storage tanks are mounted to a tractor on either side of a tractor frame. In one embodiment, each tank can be mounted underneath a tractor cab and between a track and the tractor frame. Furthermore, each tank extends from a leading end forming a tapered, frusto conical... Agent:

20150027794 - Motorized load assistance for wheelbarrows: The present invention provides a device or apparatus for assisting in the operation of a wheelbarrow having a tray, handles and at least one front wheel. The present device may generally include a motor, a power/fuel source, a drive wheel and a drive mechanism for rotationally coupling the drive motor... Agent:

20150027795 - Electric vehicle: An electric vehicle includes: a body that includes a body frame; a driving module that includes a sub-frame detachable from the body frame, driving wheels, a driving device provided with a motor mounted on the sub-frame and applying driving force to the driving wheels to start or accelerate the electric... Agent:

20150027796 - Fuel cell vehicle: A fuel cell vehicle is provided with a fuel cell stack and a vehicle body frame for mounting the fuel cell stack in a front box. The fuel cell stack and a frame member have portions overlapping with each other in a vehicle width direction in a plan view of... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150027797 - Straddle type vehicle: Straddle type vehicle takes traveling wind into a space between paired left and right main frames. Air is introduced to an air cleaner arranged between the paired left and right main frames. The paired main frames include left and right U-shaped portions having U-shaped cross sections opened inward in the... Agent:

20150027798 - Vehicular control apparatus: A vehicle control apparatus according to the present invention includes a PHEV-ECU containing a measuring unit which measures the amount of torsional stress on the front drive shafts in a parking lock state and a control unit which controls the torque of the front motor. When the parking lock state... Agent: Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150027799 - Vehicle air-conditioning unit and vehicle: Preventing high-voltage components which constitute an electric instrument stored in a case from being exposed, dropping out, or scattering to an outside from the case even when the case of an air-conditioning unit has a significant impact. Therefore, a vehicle air-conditioning unit is provided with a protecting structure for preventing... Agent:

20150027800 - Exhaust treatment unit: An exhaust treatment unit treats an exhaust gas from an engine of a work vehicle. The exhaust treatment unit includes a first exhaust treatment device, a second exhaust treatment device, and a bracket. The first exhaust treatment device and the second exhaust treatment device are attached to the bracket. The... Agent:

20150027801 - Moving body: The moving mechanism is capable of separating an orientation of a vehicle body from a traveling direction. In addition, the moving mechanism has a low center of gravity and is capable of reducing its weight. A moving body includes a vehicle body, steering actuators, right and left steering hubs, vehicle... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

01/22/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150021106 - Cooler cart: A cooler cart including: a cooler, where the cooler includes a tub insert; a lid, where the lid provides access to the tub insert; a solar panel array, where the solar panel provides an energy source; a motor, where a rechargeable battery provides power for the motor; and at least... Agent:

20150021107 - Spherical modular autonomous robotic traveler: A spherical modular autonomous robotic traveler (SMART) is provided for autonomous robotic traveler (SMART) for delivering a payload along a surface from a first position to a second position. The SMART includes an outer spherical shell for rolling along the surface, an inner spherical chamber within the outer shell to... Agent: United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150021108 - Robotic system and methods of use: A robotic system that can have a body and four flippers is described. Any or all of the flippers can be rotated. The flippers can have self-cleaning tracks. The tracks can be driven or passive. The robotic system can be controlled by, and send audio and/or video to and/or from,... Agent: Robotex Inc.

20150021109 - Drivetrain of a purely electrically driveable motor vehicle: A drive train (2) of a purely electrically drivable motor vehicle has at least one electric machine (13, 14), a transmission (21), a planetary differential (22) and a drivable axle (2). The axle (2) can be driven by the electric machine (13, 14) via the transmission (21) and the differential... Agent:

20150021110 - Driving device for hybrid vehicle: A driving device for a hybrid vehicle including a power transmission mechanism (10) that is connected to an engine (1) and transmits a rotation of the engine; a differential mechanism (20) that connects the power transmission mechanism to driving wheels (32); and a switching device (CL1, BK1) that performs speed... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150021111 - Motor vehicle with an underbody trim: An underbody trim for the rear-end region of a motor vehicle conceals a rear exhaust muffler. For the purposes of cooling the rear exhaust muffler, an air inlet is provided in the underbody trim. The air inlet is arranged in a region in which, while the motor vehicle is traveling,... Agent:

20150021112 - Drive assembly with electric machine and motor vehicle having such a drive assembly: The invention elates to an electric drive assembly for a multi-axle driven motor vehicle which comprises an internal combustion engine, a multi-step transmission with an output shaft for driving a rear axle, as well as an optionally driveable front axle. The drive assembly comprises an electric machine (6), a reduction... Agent:

20150021113 - Cellular phone ignition interlock device and method of controlling cellular phone usage: A ignition interlock device for a vehicle includes a short-range wireless transceiver (e.g. a Bluetooth® transceiver) configured to receive a wireless signal from a wireless communications device having a short-range wireless transceiver (e.g. another Bluetooth® transceiver). The device includes a microcontroller for generating an ignition control signal and an ignition... Agent:

20150021114 - Automobile with vehicle drive motor: A technology for mitigating a collision impact applied to a power controller positioned in a front compartment is provided. An automobile has a power controller and device in the front compartment. The power controller and the device are positioned side by side in an automobile lateral direction. A corner or... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150021115 - Front subframe structure of automobile: A front subframe structure includes a pair of left and right side members extending in a vehicle front-rear direction, a center cross member of a closed cross-section structure extending in a vehicle-width direction to couple the a pair of left and right side members together, an inclined member having a... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20150021116 - Steering arrangement: A steering arrangement including a first, second, third and fourth hydraulic chamber, the first and third chambers being operable to steer in a first direction and the second and fourth chambers being operable to steer in a second direction. A pump system supplies fluid to a steering system, which is... Agent: J. C. Bamford Excavators Limited

01/15/2015 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150014070 - Electric mid-wheel drive wheelchair: A wheelchair of the mid-wheel drive type comprises a chassis frame (10), a pair of front link arms (30) and a pair of rear link arms. The link arms are pivotally connected to the chassis frame. Front caster wheels (32) and drive wheels (53) are fixed to the front link... Agent:

20150014072 - Hybrid vehicle drive control device: A drive control device for a hybrid vehicle is provided with a differential device including four rotary elements; and an engine, first and second electric motors and an output rotary member which are respectively connected to the four rotary elements. One of the four rotary elements is constituted by a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150014073 - Drive unit for vehicle: A drive unit for a vehicle includes: an engine (2); a compound motor (3) having a first rotor and a second rotor that are differentially rotatable with each other; and an automatic transmission (4A) that delivers power output of the engine (2), which is input via the compound motor (3),... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150014071 - Electrically driven vehicle drive axle arrangement: A vehicle drive axle arrangement comprises an electric drive motor (1, 3), a left shaft (20) and a right shaft (23), coaxial with each other, in drive connection with the motor (1, 3), and intended for connection to respective driving half-axles of the vehicle in which the arrangement can be... Agent:

20150014074 - Integrated hybrid drive module: A hybrid drive system in a drive train system includes the preliminary step of providing a cradle, a plurality of components of a hybrid drive system, and a drive train system. The cradle and the plurality of components are initially assembled together to provide an integrated cradle and hybrid drive... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20150014075 - Velocity-regulating system having a touch-sensitive control element: A velocity-regulating system for motor vehicles has an electronic control device that produces control signals for regulating the velocity of the motor vehicle at a pre-specified target velocity and/or at a pre-specified distance from a preceding target object. The velocity-regulating system has an operating element whose actuation causes an intervention... Agent:

20150014076 - Golf bag cart: A golf bag cart comprising a wheeled drive section and a storage section configured to house one or more golf clubs. In some embodiments the golf bag cart's storage section can be flipped up from a closed position against the drive section to an open position extended away from the... Agent:

20150014077 - Method-system of parking a vehicle using only front road course and placement of the rear of the vehicle in a final parking position by an auxiliary mechanism: Method-system of parking a vehicle using only front road course and placement of the rear of the vehicle in a final parking position by an auxiliary mechanism. A method-system of parking a vehicle along parking provision, where the only thing that the driver has to do is to place the... Agent:

20150014078 - Fuel tank for motorcycle, and motorcycle including same: An intake structure for a motorcycle provides an intake air flow passage in a fuel tank arranged at an upper portion of a vehicle body. Left and right upper tank members are provided at an upper portion of a vehicle body. The upper tank portions are each provided with a... Agent:

20150014079 - Motorcycle: A motorcycle is provided with a front fork cover which can suppress traveling resistance as much as possible while increasing a cooling effect of a radiator within a required range. A pair of radiators as viewed in a side view are arranged above a crankcase of an engine. A front... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150014080 - Motorcycle: A motorcycle is provided which can enhance a cooling effect of a radiator while suppressing traveling resistance generated by a front fender. In a motorcycle which includes a front fender which is arranged between the left and right fork assemblies which constitute a front fork, and covers the front wheel... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150014081 - Vehicle, and vehicle control method: Provided are a vehicle such that drive state can be suitably selected in a configuration including an internal combustion engine, and a vehicle control method. In a vehicle and a method of controlling the same, different values are set for a first switching threshold value for switching from a first... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150014082 - System for detecting when a vehicle occupant exits the vehicle, system for activating or deactivating a function in a vehicle and corresponding vehicle: A system for detecting when a vehicle occupant exits the vehicle is disclosed. The system includes a sensor device is configured to measure an acceleration of the vehicle along one direction or accelerations of the vehicle along several directions and to make available a time-dependent signal(s) that represents the acceleration(s).... Agent:

20150014083 - Exhaust structure for compact vehicle: An exhaust pipe extends rearward of a vehicle body from an engine located forward of the rear wheels and is supported on the vehicle body frame. An exhaust muffler is coupled to a rear end of the exhaust pipe that is arranged between a pair of right and left rear... Agent:

20150014084 - Vehicle-body front structure: A vehicle-body front structure includes: a front side member which has a closed section by joining an inner panel placed on a vehicle-width inner side to an outer panel placed on a vehicle-width outer side, the front side member being placed in a vehicle-body front portion along a vehicle-body front-rear... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150014085 - Battery forklift: A battery forklift includes a battery and a motor that includes a rotation shaft and is driven using the battery as a power source. A reduction device reduces the speed of rotation of the rotation shaft and transmits the rotation to an axle. A case accommodates the reduction device. A... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150014086 - Dual steering system for a vehicle: The present invention discloses a dual steering system including a first front wheel and a second front wheel, a lateral steering linkage connecting the first and second front wheels, a first steering system with a first steering wheel and a power steering module that assists steering inputs applied to the... Agent: Volvo Group North America, LLC

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