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Motor vehicles

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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08/28/2014 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140238755 - Omni-directional terrain crossing mechanism: The present disclosure provides an omni-directional terrain crossing mechanism, including a transformable mechanism with a plurality of claw wheels, in order to be capable of fast moving on the flat ground or in uneven terrain environments. The omni-directional terrain crossing mechanism includes a first body and a second body. Each... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140238756 - Autonomous surface treating appliance: An autonomous surface treating appliance comprising a chassis having a drive arrangement and a control system interfaced to the drive arrangement so as enable control of the appliance across a surface to be treated, wherein the drive arrangement comprises at least one traction unit, each traction unit comprising a surface-engaging... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20140238757 - Working vehicle: According to one embodiment, a working vehicle includes: a transmission case including a front transmission case and a rear transmission case, and a power transmission mechanism, arranged in the transmission case, configured to transmit rotating power from an engine to rear wheels or front wheels and transmit the rotating power... Agent: Iseki & Co., Ltd.

20140238758 - Hybrid vehicle drivetrain: A drivetrain for a hybrid vehicle has at least one ground engaging element, a torque transmission shaft operatively connected thereto, an electric motor, a transmission having an input shaft and an output shaft, and an internal combustion engine operatively connected to the input shaft of the transmission. The electric motor... Agent: Brp-powertrain Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140238759 - Construction machine with air suction structure: Provided is a construction machine including a guard panel with an air suction port and capable of ensuring a required intake opening area with suppressed disadvantages of the air suction port. The construction machine includes an engine, a cooling fan, and a heat exchanger which are accommodated in a device... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery, Co., Ltd.

20140238760 - Machine main body and operating machine provided with same: A first panel includes an engaging section configured to engage with an engaged section so as to allow displacement of the engaged section according to swinging of a hood between a closed position and an open position and restrict the swinging of the hood in a state where an opening... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140238761 - Truck fairing: A truck includes a frame, an operator cab on the frame and a drive axle having a differential. The differential can be connected to a drive shaft. A fairing for directing air flow around the differential is attached to the frame forward of the drive axle and forward of the... Agent:

20140238762 - Multi-purposed self-propelled device: Disclosed are a multi-purposed, self-propelled device and method for operation of the self-propelled device. Certain variations can include a spherical housing having an internal drive system and a multifunctional payload space for use in a variety of applications.... Agent: Orbotix, Inc.

20140238763 - Snowmobile with leaning capability: A snowmobile has a snowmobile body and an arm assembly pivotally coupled to the snowmobile body. The arm assembly is configured to pivot on an axis through the snowmobile body. A first hydraulic actuator has a first end coupled to the snowmobile body and a second end coupled to the... Agent:

20140238764 - Two-rear-wheel electric vehicle: A two-rear-wheel electric vehicle configured to lean its vehicle body frame when turning includes a vehicle body frame, a pair of right and left rear arms, a battery, and a shock absorber. The vehicle body frame includes a head pipe, a front inclined portion, a bottom portion, and a rear... Agent:

20140238765 - Electric car: In an electric car, a power control unit includes: a heat sink that has an electric device fixed thereto and performs a heat exchange with the electric device; and a case that is attached to a surface of the heat sink to which the electric device is fixed and that... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140238766 - Vehicle and vehicle driving device: A vehicle includes: a pair of front wheels; a pair of rear wheels; a front-wheel motor configured to drive the front wheels; a rear-wheel motor configured to drive the rear wheels; and a reducer configured to reduce a rotation speed of one of the front-wheel motor and the rear-wheel motor,... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140238767 - Wheel loader: A wheel loader comprises an engine, an exhaust gas post-processing device, an engine room, a top plate, a cooling room, a partition wall, and a drainage mechanism. The exhaust gas post-processing device is disposed above the engine in the engine room and includes a diesel particulate filtering device and a... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140238768 - Electric power steering apparatus: An end determination unit determines that a steering apparatus is in an end touching state when an angle deviation, which is a difference between an actual turning angle and a target turning angle, exceeds a threshold. This angle deviation exceeds the threshold before a large axial force is generated in... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140238769 - Electric power steering apparatus: A zero point change model executes banked road correspondence control when a vehicle travels on a banked road. By this control, a target turning angle when the total torque is zero can be changed from a neutral turning angle to a lower side of an inclined road surface. Thus, a... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140238770 - Electric power steering apparatus: An electric power steering apparatus includes a controller that controls, based on an assist command value, driving of a motor used to apply assist torque to a steering mechanism. The controller calculates a first assist component based on a steering torque transmitted to the steering mechanism and calculates a steered... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

08/21/2014 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140231154 - Automated clean machine with a steering mechanism: The present invention provides an automated clean machine with a steering mechanism wherein the steering mechanism of the automated clean machine which gets held up restricts one of conjoint wheels not to synchronously rotate in contrast to the other one during a steering process, minimizing wheel wear, and resuming the... Agent:

20140231155 - Stand on mower with traction drive pedals: A stand on mower includes a left foot pedal and a right foot pedal. Each foot pedal is spaced from the other and is dimensioned to support one of the operator's feet. Each foot pedal is biased to a neutral position generally parallel to a horizontal surface of a foot... Agent: Deere & Company

20140231156 - Mobile robotic vehicle: A mobile robot includes a robot chassis having a forward end, a rearward end and a center of gravity. The robot includes a driven support surface to propel the robot and first articulated arm rotatable about an axis located rearward of the center of gravity of the robot chassis. The... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20140231157 - Continuous track drive system for a vehicle: The invention provides a continuous track drive system (10) for cooperating with a pair of opposite drive wheels (18.1, 18.2) of a vehicle for converting the vehicle (12) into a half-track vehicle. In an operative configuration of the system, on each side of the vehicle, a continuous track (38) of... Agent:

20140231158 - Exhaust pipe structure of hybrid vehicle: An exhaust pipe structure for a hybrid vehicle includes an exhaust pipe, which includes bent portions and is connected to an internal combustion engine. The exhaust pipe includes a front-rear direction extended part, a catalytic part, and a joint part. The front-rear direction extended part extends in a front-rear direction... Agent: Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140231159 - Pinch-relief hinged assemblies and children's products including pinch-relief hinged assemblies: Hinged assemblies, and children's products including at least one hinged assembly, include a base member and a hinged member operatively and pivotally coupled to the base member to define a hinge. The hinge is configured to release if an obstruction is positioned between the hinged member and the base member... Agent: Mattel, Inc.

20140231160 - Motor drive apparatus for electric forklift and electric forklift adopting the same: A motor drive apparatus of an electric forklift includes first and second torque command value generation units that individually generate a torque command value indicating torque of a corresponding traveling motor in response to a gap between a speed command value and a speed detection value; and first and second... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140231161 - Active hood extractor: A number of variations may include a product comprising: an active hood extractor including a plurality of louvers, and actuator operatively connected to at least one louver, the plurality of louvers being constructed and arranged for sealing engagement with another vehicle component. A number of variations may include a product... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140231162 - Vehicular battery mounting structure: In a vehicular battery mounting structure, a rear suspension beam has a beam main body portion extending in a vehicle width direction, and a beam end portion formed on an outside of the beam main body portion in the vehicle width direction. A sectional area of the beam end portion... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140231163 - Bicycle having an electrical auiliary drive: A bicycle having a pedal crank drive (12) and having an electrical auxiliary drive, which is connected to the pedal crank drive (12), is described, which has a wheel hub motor (7) having a freewheel hub for the rear wheel (6). To provide advantageous drive conditions, it is proposed that... Agent: Interholz Handelsgesellschaft M.b.h.

20140231164 - Power assist wheelbarrow: Embodiments relate to a power assisted wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow includes a dumping pan and a frame assembly in contact with the dumping pan. The frame assembly includes handles, a dump brace, one or more dumping pan supports and a resting support. The wheelbarrow also includes an electrical control assembly positioned... Agent: Michel Sales Company, Inc.

20140231165 - Vehicle driving system: A vehicle driving system 1 includes a first motor/generator M/G1 which is mechanically connected to either of front wheels Wf and rear wheels Wr of a vehicle, a second motor/generator M/G2 which is electrically connected with the first motor/generator M/G1, and a flywheel FW which is mechanically connected with the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140231166 - System and method for establishing acoustic metrics to detect driver impairment: An apparatus for detecting an impairment state of a driver in a vehicle is provided. The apparatus comprises a vehicle interface device configured to receive a first audible signal from a driver indicative of at least one word while the driver is in a non-impaired state and to determine a... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

08/14/2014 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140224555 - Telescopic crawler chassis and engineering machinery having the same: The present invention relates to a telescopic crawler chassis and engineering machinery having the telescopic crawler chassis, comprising a left crawler frame, a right crawler frame and a base, further comprising at least one hollow left sliding beam and at least one right sliding beam. One end of the hollow... Agent: Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

20140224556 - Vehicle with rhomboid wheel arrangement and rear wheel and side wheel steering: Wheeled vehicle, comprising of one front wheel, two side wheels and one rear wheel, configured on a chassis frame in a symmetrical rhombus (diamond) layout. The non-steered front wheel is turned by pedals using human power, similar or exactly in bicycle use design, or with electric motor power. The two... Agent:

20140224557 - Chassis for an electric vehicle: A chassis for an electric vehicle comprises: a base frame, a front frame, a rear frame, two side frames, four suspension devices and four wheels. The front frame and the rear frame have the front arc-shaped tube and the arc-shaped rear tube fixed to the base frame, the arc-shaped tubes... Agent: Energy Control Limited

20140224558 - Bulldozer: A front grille including a rotation plate is attached to the front end of a body. A grille open-state dimension of the rotation plate relative to a shaft is set to be smaller than a minimum distance among distances between the front end of the body and the backside surface... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140224559 - Ergonomic work operation method and apparatus: A method and apparatus for ergonomically supporting a worker while performing a work operation includes an automatic guided vehicle capable of moving a seat carrying the worker between a first non-work position relative to a work piece and a second work position at which the worker performs the work operation.... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.,

20140224560 - Two-wheeled robot with enhanced climbing features: A robot has an electronic surveillance system embedded within a chassis disposed between two wheels. The wheels include a main body and a plurality of treads. The treads are generally disposed radially around the main body and extend distally from outer portion of the main body. The main body generally... Agent: Reconrobotics, Inc.

20140224561 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a pair of front wheels, a frame portion, a drive source, a pair of suspension assemblies, a pair of drive shafts, a steering wheel, and a transfer mechanism which transfers movement of the steering wheel to the pair of front wheels. Each of the pair of suspension... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140224562 - Fuel cell vehicle: An object of the present invention is to efficiently mount a fuel cell system below a floor of a vehicle rear portion and to protect the fuel cell system when a forward impact force acts on a vehicle rear portion. To achieve this, a fuel cell vehicle in which a... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20140224563 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a pair of front wheels, at least a pair of rear wheels, a frame portion supported by the pair of front wheels and the pair of rear wheels, a roll-over protection cage supported by the frame portion, a cargo bed supported by the frame portion pivotably behind... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140224564 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a pair of rear wheels, a frame portion, a roll-over protection cage supported by the frame portion, a pair of suspension assemblies at a rear region of the frame portion to suspend the pair of rear wheels, an engine supported by the frame portion, with at least... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140224565 - Hydraulic-power steering system with magnetic torque overlay: A hydraulic-power steering system is provided. A power-steering valve controls and varies a level of steering assist. A magnetic actuator varies torsional stiffness of the valve to change torque and produce a sufficient amount of the torque to generate full assist. A first valve is operatively connected to a steering... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

20140224567 - Electromechanical motor vehicle steering system: The invention relates to a servo-assisted steering system, in particular for a motor vehicle, having a servo motor which drives an axially displaceable component via a nut (1) which is mounted in a frame (9, 10) in a rotatable manner in a bearing (4), wherein the nut (1) engages with... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Presta Ag

20140224566 - Power assisted steering assembly: A wheeled vehicle includes a solid vehicle frame and a solid front axle including wheels movable to change the direction of the vehicle, a steering assembly including a steering wheel, a steering shaft coupled with the steering wheel, and a rotary output member having an end selectively movable in response... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

08/07/2014 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140216828 - Configuration of a two-track tractor: An agricultural tractor includes a pair of track assemblies including rubber treads with track bars, a front wheel assembly and a controller. The track assemblies are interconnected by respective front and rear axles extending substantially perpendicular to a direction of travel. The controller automatically controls a load imposed on the... Agent: Claas Industrietechnik Gmbh

20140216829 - Wheelchair tow device: A wheelchair tow device which includes a frame sub-assembly, at least one front ground engaging wheel, at least one rear ground engaging wheel, a motive source capable of rotating at least one of the at least one front ground engaging wheel and the at least one rear ground engaging wheel,... Agent:

20140216830 - Control system for starting electrically powered implements: A control system is provided for starting electrically powered implements on a vehicle such as a grass mowing machine with electrically powered cutting reels. The electric motors are started at intervals, rather than simultaneously. The intervals between starting each electric motor may be based on pre-defined criteria such as a... Agent: Deere & Company

20140216831 - Self charging electric vehicle: A self charging electric vehicle includes a frame, at least one battery, a distribution box, an engine control unit, a plurality of drive axle systems, and a plurality of electric modules. The plurality of drive axle systems is positioned on the frame and a motor of each of the drive... Agent:

20140216832 - Vehicle including mount devices for coupling a sub-frame with a main frame: A vehicle includes a frame, an engine, and a plurality of mount devices. The frame includes a main frame and a sub-frame attached to the main frame. The engine is attached to the sub-frame.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140216834 - Active grille shutter assembly: An active grille shutter assembly includes a frame adapted to be connected to a portion of a vehicle and forming at least one opening therein and a plurality of shutters disposed in and extending across the at least one opening and being pivotally connected to the frame. The active grille... Agent:

20140216835 - Displaceable covering for a motor vehicle: A covering for a truck covers a bottom of the engine compartment, and includes a covering element displaceable from a covering position into at least one further position. A clear opening in relation to a vertical direction of the vehicle is exposed in the at least one further position of... Agent: Daimler Ag

20140216833 - Work vehicle: A first cooling device is disposed in an engine room at the upstream side in the air flow direction with respect to an engine. A second cooling device is disposed at the upstream side in the air flow direction with respect to the first cooling device. A third cooling device... Agent: Komatsu Ltd

20140216836 - Robotic climbing platform: A robotic climbing platform has a chassis and a carriage adapted to support and move the chassis relative to a climbing surface. An adhesion mechanism provides an adhesion force between the climbing platform and the climbing surface. The adhesion mechanism has one or more suction pads adapted to retain an... Agent: Invert Robotics Limited

20140216837 - Electric kick scooter: An electric kick scooter including a scooter body, a drive device and a strain gauge is provided. The scooter body has a foot plate, a steering tube and a rear wheel respectively provided at front and rear ends of the foot plate, and a handle bar and a front wheel... Agent: J.d. Components Co., Ltd.

20140216838 - Wheelchair transportation system: A wheelchair transportation system for transporting a wheelchair over at least one obstacle, including a wheelchair transportation unit being operable to transport the wheelchair over the at least one obstacle during at least one transportation operation of the wheelchair. The wheelchair transportation unit includes a pivotal support platform configured to... Agent: Ofek Eshkolot Research And Development Ltd.

20140216839 - Front-end structure of a motor vehicle: A front-end structure of a motor vehicle includes a transverse member and two crash boxes. In addition a transverse reinforcement member is arranged according to the invention, wherein the transverse reinforcement member is supported via coupling beams on a subframe.... Agent: Benteler Automobiletechnik Gmbh

20140216840 - Driveline for a vehicle, vehicle with such a driveline and method of controlling a driveline of a vehicle: A driveline for a vehicle such that a first group of one or more wheels and not a second group may be driven by prime mover means when the driveline is in a first mode of operation and the second group of one or more wheels may additionally be driven... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20140216841 - Generators and vehicles having auxiliary power generation systems: A vehicle includes a generator coupled with an internal combustion engine and configured to produce generated electrical power in response to operation of the internal combustion engine. The generator includes a rotor, a stator, and a clutch configured to selectively disengage the rotor. The vehicle also includes a controller coupled... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140216842 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a motor serving as a driving source for running the vehicle, and a high-power assembled battery and a high-capacity assembled battery each capable of supplying an electric power to the motor and placed in a luggage space. The high-power assembled battery is capable of charge and discharge... Agent:

20140216843 - Vehicle including exhaust system attached to sub-frame: A vehicle includes a frame, an engine, and an exhaust system. The frame includes a main frame and a sub-frame movably attached to the main frame. The sub-frame includes an exhaust bracket that includes a hollow collar. The engine includes an engine casing and an exhaust port. The engine is... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140216844 - Power steering system: A power steering system includes a first linkage arm pivotally coupled to a cross-link member extending in a transverse direction. Also included is a first shaft generally orthogonal to the first linkage arm and configured to rotate the first linkage arm. Further included is a second linkage arm pivotally coupled... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

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