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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150144408 - Hybrid construction machine: A hybrid construction machine comprises: a motor generator (2) which exchanges torque with an engine (1); a hydraulic pump (3) which is driven by at least one of the engine and the motor generator; a hydraulic actuator (5) which is driven by hydraulic fluid delivered from the hydraulic pump; an... Agent:

20150144409 - Power source device, vehicle provided with power source device, and power storage device: A power supply device comprises plural battery cells having a rectangular box shape and electrode terminals, a binding member binding a battery stacked member stacking the battery cells, bus bars connecting electrode terminals of the battery cells, and an insulating bus bar holder covering the upper surface of the battery... Agent:

20150144410 - Electric motor or generator system: An electric motor or generator system comprising a stator, a rotor, a first bearing, a first coupling device and a second coupling device, wherein the second coupling device includes a first coupling element arranged to be coupled to a vehicle and a second coupling element coupled to the rotor with... Agent: Protean Electric Limited

20150144411 - Remote controllable self-propelled stroller: A motorized, self-propelled stroller that is controllable via a remote control unit. The motorized stroller has a motor, a power source, and a drive shaft that is operably connected to one of the stroller's axles to drive the rotation thereof. A wireless transceiver relays signals sent from the remote control... Agent:

20150144412 - Snow vehicle suspension system: An apparatus and device are provided for a self-propelled roping training system. The apparatus includes an endless track comprising a plurality of corner sections, each of the plurality of corner sections comprising an arc length, a carriage assembly comprising a front slider assembly coupled with the track and a rear... Agent:

20150144413 - Airbag module for vehicle: An airbag module for a vehicle according to the present invention includes: an inflator; and an airbag cushion which is deployed by high pressure gas discharged from the inflator, in which a dead zone, which allows the high pressure gas discharged from the inflator to branch off and flow through... Agent:

20150144414 - Harness routing structure for electric vehicle: A harness routing structure for an electric vehicle is provided with a floor panel, a below-floor component, an above-floor component and a harness. The floor panel partitions a cabin space and a below-floor space. The floor panel has a harness through-hole. The below-floor component is disposed below the floor panel.... Agent:

20150144415 - Vehicle component enclosure: The invention concerns a component enclosure for an agricultural work vehicle having a combustion engine, an exhaust gas aftertreatment device for discharging and aftertreatment of the exhaust gas, a driver's cabin, and an access facility to access the driver's cabin. The access facility forms an enclosure for a component of... Agent:

20150144416 - Superposition drive for a superimposed steering system of a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a superposition drive for a superimposed steering system of a motor vehicle, with a drive shaft and a drive gear cooperating with the drive shaft, wherein the drive shaft is pivotally mounted with respect to the drive gear. A lever element pivotally mounted with respect to... Agent:

20150144417 - Power steering system: In a power steering system, when power is on, a normal mode process is executed and a target rotational speed is set based on a rotational speed map for a normal mode. When the normal mode process is being executed, if a first mode switching condition that a detected vehicle... Agent:

20150144418 - Electric power steering apparatus: Provided is an electric power steering apparatus capable of performing steering of a steering wheel with a comfortable steering feeling while stabilizing a vehicle behavior even in a vicinity of a steering neutral position. A first electric power steering apparatus includes a steering torque sensor for detecting a steering torque... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 19 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150136497 - Track system: A track system for use as a wheel replacement on a vehicle comprises a first drive wheel configured to be mounted to the vehicle, a first frame pivotally yet non-drivingly mounted to the first drive wheel, a second frame mounted to the first frame, at least a second drive wheel... Agent:

20150136498 - Transport cart configured to transport beds with wheels: t

20150136499 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a coil receiving electric power contactlessly from a power transmission unit provided externally; and a bottom surface. The coil is formed to surround a winding axis of the coil. When the winding axis and the bottom surface are viewed from above the vehicle, the coil is disposed... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150136500 - Adjustment device, air inlet, and motor vehicle: The invention relates to an adjustment device for adjusting shutoff strips of an at least partly closable air inlet of a motor compartment of a motor vehicle between at least a first position in which the shutoff strips leave the air inlet at least partly open and a second position... Agent:

20150136501 - Construction machine including air cleaner: Provided is a construction machine including an air cleaner and allowing the air cleaner to be easily installed with no enlargement of an installed space while surely avoiding the interference with other structure. The construction machine includes: an air cleaner; a pipe connected to an exhaust port of the air... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150136502 - Construction machine: Provided is a construction machine including: an upper slewing body including an upper frame; an engine room on the rear portion of the upper frame; a cabin on the front portion on the right or left side of the upper frame; a plurality of tanks including a fuel tank and... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150136503 - Construction machine: Provide is a construction machine allowing an air cleaner to be located entirely low while securing dust-discharge function thereof, with no risk of adverse effects such as diffusion of dusts and complication in structure. The construction machine includes an engine and an air cleaner connected to an intake-side portion of... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150136504 - Battery pack structure for electric vehicles: An object of the present invention is to secure both of vehicle body floor upper space and battery mounting space, in setting of a mounting position of a high-power cut-off switch to a battery pack case. Battery pack case 1 having battery modules 2 and SD switch 4 that cuts... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

20150136505 - A portable power supply system for an electrically driven work machine and a work machine equipped with such a power supply system:

20150136506 - Electric golf skate caddy vehicle: The invention relates to a vehicle having a deck, a plurality of wheels mounted to the deck, a drive system mounted underneath the deck, an energy storage system that provides power to the drive system, and a frame configured to secure a load mounted to the deck. Particularly, the vehicle... Agent:

20150136507 - Pedal assist system: The present invention is a piston-actuated bicycle pedal assist system mounted to a bicycle for intermittent assistance with pedaling. This system includes a pedal rotatably attached to a pedal arm. The pedal arm fixedly attaches to a crankshaft such that rotation of the pedal arm and continuous movement of a... Agent:

20150136509 - Electrically assisted vehicle: An electrically assisted vehicle includes a vehicle body, pedals to input human power, a crank that is coupled to the pedals and freely rotatably supported on the vehicle body, at least one wheel that is attached to the vehicle body and rotates according to a rotation of the crank, a... Agent:

20150136508 - Vehicle, particularly a bicycle, comprising an electrical auxiliary drive: A vehicle, particularly a bicycle, including a crank drive that is to be actuated by muscular force and that is disconnectably drive-connected to at least one driven wheel, and also including an electrical auxiliary drive for assisting the crank drive. The vehicle can be driven solely by the auxiliary drive... Agent:

20150136510 - Engine support structure in motorcycle: A first main frame segment 62 extends rearwardly from a head pipe 4, a second main frame segment 64 pivotally supports a swingarm 12, and an engine casing EC is disposed between the head pipe 4 and the swingarm 12. The engine casing EC includes a crankcase section 28, a... Agent:

20150136511 - Intake duct device of motorcycle: An engine is mounted on a body frame extending from a steering head pipe toward a vehicle rear side slightly downward and an air cleaner is disposed above the engine. An intake duct device includes an intake duct which leads traveling air taken from a front surface of a cowling... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20150136512 - Front structure of vehicle: A vehicle comprises a bumper reinforcement extending in a vehicle width direction and a shock absorbing member fixed to a front face of the bumper reinforcement and extending in the vehicle width direction along the bumper reinforcement. The shock absorbing member comprises a base portion extending vertically along the front... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20150136513 - Vehicle front end structure providing pedestrian protection: An exemplary vehicle front end structure may include an energy absorbing structure movable between deployed and non-deployed positions. The structure may further include an actuator system that moves the energy absorbing structure from the deployed position to the non-deployed position. The energy absorbing structure in the deployed position may be... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150136515 - Flush and sub-flush protective shields to reduce exhaust soot and condensate deposition: An exhaust assembly that includes an exhaust pipe extending rearward from a vehicle into an exhaust passage, and a fascia coupled to the vehicle defining the exhaust passage. The exhaust assembly further includes a bezel defining an exhaust opening substantially aligned with the pipe, and a sleeve configured within the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150136514 - Work vehicle: A work vehicle includes an engine, a selective catalytic reduction apparatus, a fuel tank, and a reducing agent tank. The selective catalytic reduction apparatus treats exhaust from the engine. The fuel tank includes a fuel tank body retaining fuel and a fuel supply port which supplies fuel to the fuel... Agent:

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