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Miscellaneous active electrical nonlinear devices, circuits, and systems

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05/21/2015 > 30 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150137853 - Delay path selection for digital control oscillator: Among other things, one or more techniques or systems for delay path selection are provided. A digitally controlled oscillator comprises an arrangement of inverters, such as tri-state inverters, that are selectively utilized to provide a process, voltage, temperature (PVT) condition output used to generate a frequency output for the digitally... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

20150137854 - High speed sampling front-end circuit: A high-speed sampling front-end circuit is presented that includes a MDAC sampling network, a reference voltage generator circuit, a comparator array, an operational amplifier, an output short-circuit switch, an adjustable clock duty cycle stabilizer, a status control module and a feedback control module. The circuit features low power, high sampling... Agent:

20150137855 - Current to voltage converter: An apparatus for converting current to voltage includes a pair of current inputs, a differential voltage output connected to the pair of current inputs, a current summing node connected to the pair of current inputs through a first resistor branch, a common mode feedback node connected to the pair of... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150137856 - Input circuit with mirroring: Various aspects are directed to providing an output/state based upon an input value. Consistent with one or more embodiments, an apparatus includes a bias circuit that is connected between power and common rails and includes first and second current paths that provide first and second reference currents. A current-mirroring circuit... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20150137858 - Buffer circuit: In one embodiment, a buffer circuit includes a first transistor, a second transistor, a first current source, a third transistor, a fourth transistor, a second current source, and a third current source. The first transistor has a control terminal connected to an input terminal, and a first terminal connected to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150137857 - Driving apparatus and electric power converter: A driving apparatus includes a first potential line that applies a first potential, a second potential line that applies a second potential, a coil including a first terminal and a second second terminal that is connected to a control terminal of a switching element, a charging switch connected between the... Agent:

20150137859 - Input current control method, switch control circuit and power supply including the switch control circuit: A switch control circuit that controls a switching operation of a power switch includes: an input current calculator generating an input sense voltage by integrating a sense voltage that indicates a switching current flowing to the power switch for a switching period unit of the power switch; and an input... Agent:

20150137860 - Resonant-recovery power reduction techniques for pulse generation: The disclosed embodiments provide a circuit for driving a capacitive load. The circuit includes a first inductor with an input terminal and a load terminal, wherein the load terminal is coupled to the capacitive load. The circuit also includes four or more switching devices. The switching devices may hold a... Agent:

20150137861 - Unified connector for multiple interfaces: Circuits, methods, and apparatus that may reduce the number of connector receptacles that are needed on an electronic device. One example may provide a unified connector and circuitry that may be capable of communicating with more than one interface.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150137862 - Synchronous on-chip clock controllers: A semiconductor chip includes on-chip clock controllers (OCCs) capable of synchronizing multiple clock signals on the device. Each OCC controller receives a scan enable signal and a unique clock signal that is generated from one or more clock generators. The OCC receiving the slowest generated clock signal passes it through... Agent: Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

20150137863 - Large signal vco: An alternation voltage- or current generator comprises a first switch driving output network whose frequency can be tuned. The tuneable network comprises a first Inductor that is coupled with a first capacitor. A second inductor and/or at least a second capacitor and/or at least a series circuit of a third... Agent:

20150137864 - Circuit delay monitoring apparatus and method: A circuit delay monitoring apparatus has a ring oscillator with a plurality of delay elements, a signal transition being propagated through the delay elements of the ring oscillator, and a plurality N of sampling points being distributed around the ring oscillator. Selection circuitry selects, in dependence on the indication of... Agent: Arm Limited

20150137865 - Phase estimating device, signal generating device, synchronizing system, and signal processing device: According to one embodiment, a phase estimating device includes a periodic signal obtaining unit that obtains a first periodic signal, and a wireless time synchronizing unit that synchronizes a reference time with that of a signal generating device by wirelessly communicating with the signal generating device that outputs a second... Agent:

20150137866 - Apparatuses including scalable drivers and methods: Apparatuses and methods are described that include a plurality of drivers corresponding to a single via. A number of drivers can be selected to operate individually or together to drive a signal through a single via. Additional apparatus and methods are described.... Agent:

20150137867 - Apparatuses and methods for duty cycle adjustment: Apparatuses and methods for duty cycle adjustment are disclosed herein. An example apparatus may include a node, a phase mixer, and a duty cycle adjuster circuit. The phase mixer may have a first step duty cycle response and may be configured to provide a first output signal to the node... Agent:

20150137868 - Cmos logarithmic current generator and method for generating a logarithmic current: A CMOS logarithmic current generator includes current mode circuitry having a design principle based on a Taylor's series expansion that approximates an exponential function. A MOSFET circuit provides a function generator core cell having a biasing current Ib. The FETs of the circuit are matched and are biased in the... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150137869 - Mixing circuit: A balun converts a single-ended radio-frequency signal into differential signals. A differential matching circuit outputs a maximum-level positive-phase output signal at a lower or higher frequency than the center frequency and outputs a maximum-level reverse-phase output signal at a higher or lower frequency than the center frequency. An amplification circuit... Agent:

20150137870 - Mixer: A mixer includes a first node to which an intermediate frequency (IF) signal is input; first and second transistors that respectively have control terminals supplied with local signals having mutually opposite phases and output terminals connected to the first node; a first filter that is connected between the output terminal... Agent:

20150137871 - Gate driver and power module equipped with same: A gate driver that drives a field-effect transistor on the basis of an input signal includes a comparator that compares an applied voltage applied between the drain and the source of a field-effect transistor to a reference voltage for detecting noise occurring between the drain and the source of the... Agent:

20150137872 - Voltage controlled switching element gate drive circuit: A voltage controlled switching element gate drive circuit makes it possible to suppress an occurrence of a malfunction, while suppressing surge voltage, surge current, and switching noise, when switching in a voltage controlled switching element. A gate drive circuit that supplies a gate voltage to the gate of a voltage... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20150137873 - Fet array bypass module: A bypass module including a plurality of P-Channel MOSFETs connected in parallel to form a P-Channel MOSFET array, a plurality of N-Channel MOSFETs connected in parallel to form a N-Channel MOSFET array, and a control module to control switching of the P-Channel MOSFET array and the N-Channel MOSFET array is... Agent: Eaglepicher Technologies, LLC

20150137874 - Current source array: A Silicon On Insulator current source array includes input control for receiving a control voltage, a first reference input for receiving a first reference voltage, and a second reference input for receiving a second reference voltage. A chain of several Silicon On Insulator MOS transistors, of the same type, have... Agent:

20150137875 - Stacked semiconductor arrangement: Among other things, one or more stacked semiconductor arrangements or techniques for applying voltage schemes to such stacked semiconductor arrangements is provided. A stacked semiconductor arrangement comprises one or more tiers, such as a first tier comprising a first semiconductor structure, a second tier comprising a second semiconductor structure, or... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

20150137876 - Method of reusing electrical energy and related electrical energy reusing circuit: The present disclosure provides a method of reusing electrical energy for a charge pump. The method comprises operating in a reusing phase after a boosting phase is completed; retrieving energy of parasitic capacitance in the reusing phase; and reusing the energy of the parasitic capacitance for an internal circuit.... Agent: Sitronix Technology Corp.

20150137877 - Bias circuit using negative voltage: Provided is a bias circuit. The bias circuit includes: a first resistor connected between a ground terminal and a first node; a first bias transistor having a drain connected to the first node and a source connected to a second node; a second bias transistor having a drain connected to... Agent:

20150137878 - Method of providing multiple voltage references to a radio-frequency device using a single analog line: A method of providing multiple voltage references to a radio-frequency device using a single analog line includes the steps of setting the analog line voltage level to be a first reference voltage signal; instructing a first voltage reference device to memorize the first reference voltage signal by sending a first... Agent:

20150137879 - Apparatus and method for controlling power supplied to circuits based on time delay to produce data: An apparatus and method for controlling power supplied to data generating circuits based on performance, such as time delay associated with generating data. The apparatus includes a plurality of data generating circuits configured to generate data at respective outputs in response to a first signal; a plurality of timing circuits... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150137880 - System for balancing the voltage of series-connected semiconductor elements: A circuit for balancing a voltage across a semiconductor element series-connected with other semiconductor elements of the same type may include a comparator configured to compare data representative of a voltage across the semiconductor element with a reference voltage, and a resistive element of adjustable value and configured to be... Agent:

20150137881 - High-voltage-tolerant pull-up resistor circuit: A pull-up resistor circuit is provided for an IC, including a voltage source, a voltage output for providing a first voltage to supply power for providing a second voltage for an input/output (I/O) port of the IC, a first PMOS transistor, a second PMOS transistor and a control signal generator.... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

20150137882 - Analog active low-pass filters: Apparatus and methods for high-frequency low-pass filtering are disclosed. A first resistor is operatively coupled between a first node and a second node. A second resistor is operatively coupled between the second node and a third node. An amplifier circuit has a first input operatively coupled to the third node... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

05/14/2015 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150130512 - Encoder: An encoder is configured for detection of rotational movement of a rotatable shaft in relation to a part of a machine, and a method is provided for generating a reference signal by an encoder.... Agent:

20150130513 - Sampling device with time-interleaved optical clocking: A sampling device comprising a first input port and a second input port, wherein an input-signal is fed to the first input port and wherein an optical clock signal is fed to the second input port. The sampling device comprises a plurality of track and hold units, wherein each of... Agent:

20150130514 - Apparatus and method for compensating for process variation in electronic device: An electronic device for compensating for process variation is provided. The electronic device includes a first circuit configured to consume a current supplied to the first circuit, and a second circuit configured to control the current supplied to the first circuit. The second circuit is configured to generate a signal... Agent:

20150130516 - Diode load driving power supply apparatus: A main rectifying/smoothing circuit is connected to one end of a secondary winding of a transformer and a plurality of rectifying/smoothing circuits are connected to a plurality of central taps of the secondary winding. The rectifying/smoothing circuits are each equipped with a switch. In a preliminary driving period, a DSP,... Agent:

20150130515 - Multi-gate high voltage device: A high voltage semiconductor device, particularly a device including a number of high breakdown voltage transistors having a common drain, first well, and insulating structure between the gate and the drain as well as method for using the same is provided in this disclosure. The high breakdown voltage transistors in... Agent:

20150130517 - Bipolar transistor frequency doublers at millimeter-wave frequencies: Frequency multipliers include a pair of transistors each connected to a common impedance through a respective collector impedance formed from a transmission line. Each transmission line has a length between about one quarter and about one eighth of a wavelength of an input signal frequency and is tuned to produce... Agent:

20150130518 - Auto frequency calibration for a phase locked loop and method of use: An apparatus comprises a code generator configured to generate a coarse tuning signal and a reset signal based on a reference frequency and a phase difference signal. The apparatus also comprises a digital loop filter configured to generate a fine tuning signal based on the phase difference signal. The apparatus... Agent:

20150130519 - Method and apparatus for power-up detection for an electrical monitoring circuit: A method and apparatus is provided for outputting a reset signal during power-up until two conditions are satisfied. In one embodiment, the method and apparatus includes a voltage detector that provides a first output (“VO1”) when an output voltage of a regulator (“VREG”) exceeds a threshold voltage, thereby satisfying a... Agent:

20150130520 - Timing adjustment circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device: A timing adjustment circuit includes a voltage-controlled delay line, a phase detector, a control voltage generation circuit, and a startup circuit. The voltage-controlled delay line receives an input clock signal and generates multi-phase clocks, a delay amount of each of the multi-phase clocks is changed according to a control voltage.... Agent:

20150130521 - Method, circuit and system for detecting a locked state of a clock synchronization circuit: Locked state detection circuits, devices, systems, and methods for detecting a locked or synchronized state of a clock synchronization circuit are described. Detection of a locked state includes a circuit including a phase detector configured to generate a delay adjustment signal in response to comparison of a forward path signal... Agent:

20150130522 - Phase lock loop, voltage controlled oscillator of the phase lock loop, and method of operating the voltage controlled oscillator: A voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) includes a sensing circuit, where the sensing circuit is configured to generate a plurality of compensation control signals. The VCO further includes a voltage-to-current converter comprising a plurality of current sources which are configured to generate a current signal in response to the plurality of... Agent:

20150130523 - Frequency jitter circuit and method: An oscillator generates a clock signal according to a voltage, a current and a capacitance, and a frequency jitter circuit and method use a random number to modulate the voltage, the current or the capacitance, or a count value to modulate the capacitance, to jitter the frequency of the clock... Agent:

20150130524 - Low leakage retention register tray: A particular method includes receiving a retention signal. In response to receiving the retention signal, the method includes retaining state information in a non-volatile stage of a retention register and reducing power to a volatile stage of the retention register. The non-volatile stage may be powered by an external voltage... Agent:

20150130525 - High voltage nanosecond pulser: A nanosecond pulser may include a plurality of switch modules, a transformer, and an output. Each of the plurality of switch modules may include one or more solid state switches. The transformer may include a core, at least one primary winding wound around at least a portion of the core,... Agent:

20150130526 - Compensated temperature variable resistor: A front-end circuit for measurement devices, for example oscilloscopes or digitizers, may implement DC gain compensation using a programmable variable resistance. A MOS transistor may be configured and operated as a linear resistor with the ability to self-calibrate quickly, while compensating for temperature variations. An integrated CMOS-based variable resistor may... Agent: National Instruments Corporation

20150130527 - Low power scheme to protect the low voltage capacitors in high voltage io circuits: An input/output (IO) circuit includes a first bias circuit and a second bias circuit coupled to a node. A first capacitor and a second capacitor are being cascaded and coupled to the node. The node is defined between the first capacitor and the second capacitor. A pad is coupled to... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150130529 - Three-mode high-speed level up shifter circuit: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a level up shifter circuit. The level up shifter circuit further includes two field effect transistors connected in series and a control circuit. Sources of the two field effect transistors and a source of a sixth field effect transistor are respectively connected to a... Agent: Capital Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

20150130528 - Wide range core supply compatible level shifter circuit: A level shifter circuit is implemented with dual gate fully depleted silicon-on-insulator (FDSOI) technology. By enhancing the performance of the NMOS and devices within the level shifting circuit, the Vt of the dual gate FDSOI NMOS transistors is lowered without a need for additional control circuitry. Lowering the Vt can... Agent: Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

20150130530 - Current leakage mitigation: One or more circuits are provided wherein leakage current is mitigated. A circuit comprises a pad, a first transistor, a second transistor, a power leakage component and a data leakage component. The first transistor and the second transistor are respectively configured to control a voltage level at the pad. The... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

20150130531 - System and method for remote temperature sensing with routing resistance compensation: An integrated circuit die includes multiple temperature sensor units each for measuring the temperature of respective regions of a semiconductor substrate of the integrated circuit die. The temperature sensor units are each coupled to a multiplexer by respective groups of signal lines. The signal lines include resistance compensation areas for... Agent: Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

20150130532 - Apparatus and methods for variable capacitor arrays: Apparatus and methods for variable capacitor arrays are provided herein. In certain configurations, an apparatus includes a variable capacitor array and a bias voltage generation circuit. The variable capacitor array includes a plurality of metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) variable capacitor cells, which include one or more pairs of MOS capacitors... Agent:

20150130533 - Power supply device and power supply method using the same: A power supply for supplying power to a chipset includes a first voltage regulating circuit, which is configured to convert an applied power supply signal into a group of first supply voltages, and a second voltage regulating circuit, which is configured to convert the applied power supply signal into a... Agent:

20150130534 - Interlayer communications for 3d integrated circuit stack: Some embodiments provide capacitive AC coupling inter-layer communications for 3D stacked modules.... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 21 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150123710 - Cross-conduction detector for switching regulator: An integrated circuit includes a detector configured to monitor a high-drive signal and a low-drive signal that drives a high-side switch and a low-side switch respectively of an integrated circuit switching regulator. The detector monitors both the rising edge and the trailing edge of each of the high-drive and the... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150123711 - Optimized peak detector for the agc loop in a digital radio receiver: A method of peak detection applicable to complex in-phase and quadrature phase signals in a digital radio receiver where the incoming signal is divided into a plurality of frames. Each frame is then further divided into a plurality of smaller blocks, and the signal peak is determined in each block... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150123712 - Methods and apparatuses for obtaining voltage information based on charge packets input at different timings: Disclosed is a voltage obtaining apparatus. The voltage obtaining apparatus includes a plurality of conversion units, which are connected to each other in parallel and respectively convert charge packets into voltages, and a control unit that controls a timing when the charge packets are respectively input to the plurality of... Agent:

20150123713 - Optically clocked digital/analog converter and a dds unit with such a converter: A digital/analog converter (30) with a first return-to-zero unit (311) which is connected to a first busbar (321), wherein the first busbar (321) is connected in each case to a first output of several differential units (351, 352, 35n). In this context, the first return-to-zero unit (311) provides at least... Agent:

20150123717 - Driving an electronic switch: An electronic switch is connected in series with a load dependent on an input signal. The electronic switch is operated in a first operation mode for a first time period after a signal level of the input signal has changed from an off-level to an on-level. The first operation mode... Agent:

20150123714 - Highly linear buffer: Techniques relating to buffer circuits. In one embodiment, a circuit includes a first transistor configured as a source follower and a feed-forward path coupled to the gate terminal of the first transistor and the drain terminal of the first transistor. In this embodiment, the feed-forward path includes circuitry configured to... Agent: Silicon Laboratories Inc.

20150123715 - Power semiconductor circuit: a temperature-dependent control terminal resistance element which is electrically connected between the drive circuit and the control terminal; and/or a temperature-dependent load current terminal resistance element which is electrically connected between the drive circuit and the second load current terminal; and/or a first current branch which electrically connects the control... Agent:

20150123716 - Semiconductor device: Provided is a semiconductor device exemplified by an inverter circuit and a shift register circuit, which is characterized by a reduced number of transistors. The semiconductor device includes a first transistor, a second transistor, and a capacitor. One of a source and a drain of the first transistor is electrically... Agent:

20150123718 - Semiconductor device having diode-built-in igbt and semiconductor device having diode-built-in dmos: A semiconductor device includes: a semiconductor substrate; a diode-built-in insulated-gate bipolar transistor having an insulated-gate bipolar transistor and a diode, which are disposed in the substrate, wherein the insulated-gate bipolar transistor includes a gate, and is driven with a driving signal input into the gate; and a feedback unit for... Agent:

20150123719 - Semiconductor device and method of controlling the same: A semiconductor device comprises a plurality of circuit blocks, each of which performs an assigned operation, and performs a reset operation when recovering from a shutdown state of power supply, and a power control unit configured to control power supply to a power domain comprising at least one circuit block.... Agent:

20150123720 - Quantum clocks for a master/slave clock architecture: Embodiments of quantum clocks for a master/slave architecture are generally described herein. In some embodiments, a coupled pair of entangled particles is generated using a particle source. A first of the entangled particles of the coupled pair is used as a master clock. A second of the entangled particles of... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150123721 - System and method for gaussian random noise generation: In accordance with an embodiment, a method of generating noise includes generating, using a hardware-based noise generator, a plurality of periodic waveforms having different frequencies, weighting, using the hardware-based noise generator, amplitudes of the plurality of periodic waveforms based on a predetermined spectral shape to form a plurality of weighted... Agent: Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

20150123722 - Latch circuit: A latch circuit is based on a master-slave cross-coupled inverter pair configuration. The inverters of the slave circuit are coupled to a high voltage rail and a low voltage rail, wherein for each of the two inverters of the slave circuit inverter pair, the coupling to one of the voltage... Agent:

20150123723 - Redundant clock transistion tolerant latch circuit: Embodiments of a latch circuit and a method of operating a latch circuit are described. In one embodiment, a latch circuit includes an input terminal configured to receive an input data signal, a switching unit configured to control application of the input data signal, a first inverter circuit connected to... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20150123724 - Cmos current-mode square-root circuit: A CMOS current-mode square-root circuit includes a square-root circuit configured to compensate for the errors due to the carrier mobility reduction by employing a plurality of MOSFETs in Translinear Loop (MTL). The plurality of MOSFETs are configured to operate in the strong inversion region. The CMOS current-mode square-root circuit is... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150123725 - Transistor switches with single-polarity control voltage: Contrary to phase shifters which require complimentary polarity control voltages, a phase shifter may be driven with a single polarity control voltage. The phase shifter comprises an input node in communication with both a high pass network and a low pass network which are both in communication with an output... Agent:

20150123726 - Data retention voltage clamp: An apparatus comprises a first signal input, a first transistor, a first line, a first circuit coupled to the first transistor through the first line, a second line coupled to the first line between the first transistor and the first circuit, a second transistor coupled to the first transistor through... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20150123727 - Low voltage and high driving charge pump: The present disclosure relates to a charge pump circuit having one or more voltage multiplier circuits that enable generation of an output signal having a higher output voltage. In one embodiment, the charge pump circuit comprises a NMOS transistor having a drain connected to a supply voltage and a source... Agent:

20150123728 - Memory effect reduction using low impedance biasing: A circuit includes a bias circuit for a biased transistor. The bias circuit includes a master-slave source follower circuit, a reference transistor, and a bias circuit voltage output coupled to the biased transistor and configured to provide a bias voltage. The reference transistor has a transconductance substantially identical to a... Agent:

20150123729 - Voltage regulating circuit: In various embodiments, a circuit is provided including a supply terminal, a logic circuit, an inverter and a control transistor which may include a body region, first and second source/drain regions, a gate insulating region having a layer thickness and a gate region. The first source/drain region may be coupled... Agent:

20150123730 - Integrated circuit: An integrated circuit is provided. A standard cell includes a plurality of PMOS transistors and a plurality of NMOS transistors. The PMOS transistors are disposed in a first row and a second row in the semiconductor substrate. The NMOS transistors are disposed in a third row in the semiconductor substrate.... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 30 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150116002 - Semiconductor apparatus: A method for comparing phases between first and second clock signal includes the first clock signals to a first precharge circuit coupled between a first node and a first terminal to which a first voltage is applied. The first clock signal is supplied to a second precharge circuit coupled between... Agent:

20150116003 - Differential amplifier and dual mode comparator using the same: A differential amplifier includes an input common mode voltage generation unit suitable for generating an input common mode voltage, an input common mode voltage sampling unit suitable for performing an independent sampling operation on the input common mode voltage, and a differential amplifying unit suitable for performing a differential amplifying... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150116004 - Positive/negative sampling and holding circuit: A positive/negative sampling and holding (S/H) circuit is disclosed herein. The positive/negative S/H circuit includes an operational amplifier, a first capacitor, a second capacitor being parallel with the first capacitor and forming an integration circuit with the operational amplifier, and several discharge switches correspondingly connecting discharge paths of the first... Agent:

20150116005 - Method and apparatus for interfacing integrated circuits (ics) that operate at different supply voltages: A Tx IC and an Rx IC that use different supply voltages are mounted on a circuit board and interfaced via traces of the board. The configuration of the Tx IC is such that DC decoupling is provided between the ICs while also preventing inadvertent turn-on of the ESD diodes... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150116008 - Built-in gate driver: A built-in gate driver includes a shift register provided in a non-display area of a panel, and configured to include first to gth stages outputting a scan signal, a clock supply line part configured to include m number of clock supply lines connected to the shift register, and a power... Agent:

20150116006 - Driving an mos transistor with constant precharging: A drive circuit may be configured to switch on an MOS transistor by precharging an input capacitance of the MOS transistor with a substantially constant amount of charge in a precharging phase, and charging the input capacitance with a controlled charging current after the precharging phase.... Agent:

20150116009 - Gate driver, driving method thereof, and control circuit of flat panel display device: The present invention discloses a gate driver which employs gate pulse modulation technology for improving an image quality, a driving method thereof, and a control circuit of a flat panel display device employing the gate driver. The gate driver is configured to modulate a gate pulse therein, and output the... Agent:

20150116007 - Voltage clamp assist circuit: A transistor driven load circuit includes a gate driver transistor includes an internal voltage clamp, a controller providing a gate control signal operable to control a state of said gate driver, a load connected to said gate driver, such that said gate driver allows power to flow through the load... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems Us, Inc.

20150116010 - Semiconductor device, radio communication terminal using same, and clock frequency control method: A semiconductor device 1 includes a clock generation circuit 15 that changes a frequency of an output clock signal according to a control signal div, an arithmetic circuit (e.g., CPU0) that operates according to the clock signal, a storage circuit (e.g., IC0) that is activated according to access from the... Agent:

20150116011 - High-speed divide-by-1.5 circuit with 50 percent duty cycle: A divide-by-1.5 circuit includes a divide-by-3 circuit that and a frequency doubler circuit. The divide-by-3 circuit has few logic elements and provides glitch-free operation with a 50 percent duty cycle output. The frequency doubler circuit is based on phase-locked loop circuitry.... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150116012 - Digital voltage ramp generator: According to some embodiments, an all digital ramp generator may use a string of series connected delays or digital to time-based circuits to perform voltage ramp generation. Thus in some embodiments conventional operational amplifier circuits and relaxation oscillators may be replaced for generating triangular ramp waveforms for DC to DC... Agent:

20150116013 - Integrated circuit: There is provided an integrated circuit controlling a power supply, the integrated circuit including: an HV pin obtaining startup power; a voltage dividing unit connected to the HV pin; and an input voltage detecting unit detecting an input voltage through voltage distribution by the voltage dividing unit. The integrated circuit... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150116015 - Clock generating device, electronic apparatus, moving object, clock generating method: A clock generating device measures a frequency ratio between a clock signal (32.768 kHz+α) and a reference frequency value based on a clock signal (25 MHz); generates a clock signal obtained by masking a portion of clocks of the clock signal based on a measurement result of the frequency ratio;... Agent:

20150116014 - Sample-rate conversion in a multi-clock system sharing a common reference: A method comprises determining a reference ratio based on a first division ratio of a first phase-locked loop (PLL) and a second division ratio of a second PLL, and converting a first discrete sequence to a second discrete sequence based on a sequence of multiples of the reference ratio. The... Agent:

20150116016 - Dead-zone free charge pump phase-frequency detector: A charge-pump phase-frequency detector includes first and second flip-flops first and second delay circuits, a charge pump circuit and a reset gate. The flip-flops each have a respective data input connected to a fixed logic level, a reset input, a data output, and a clock input. The clock inputs of... Agent:

20150116017 - Self-biased phase lock loop: A self-biased Phase Locked Loop (PLL) is provided. The self-biased PLL includes a bias current generator configured to generate a bias current Ib, wherein the bias current Ib includes one or more adjustable parameters for adjusting a loop bandwidth wn of the self-biased PLL. The one or more adjustable parameters... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

20150116018 - Phase-locked loop circuit: A phase-locked loop circuit, a phase converter module thereof and a phase-locked controlling method are disclosed herein. The phase converter module is suitable for a phase-locked loop circuit including a digitally-controlled oscillator (DCO) for generating an oscillator output signal and a divider for converting the oscillator output signal into N-phased... Agent:

20150116019 - Apparatus and method for low power fully-interruptible latches and master-slave flip-flops: Described is a latch which comprises: a first AND-OR-invert (AOI) logic gate; and a second AOI logic gate coupled to the first AOI logic gate, wherein the first and second AOI logic gates have respective first and second keeper devices coupled to a power supply node. Described is a flip-flop... Agent:

20150116020 - Latch comparator circuits and methods: The present disclosure includes circuits and methods for latching signals. In one embodiment, two inverters are configured back to back to latch a signal. Each inverter includes a capacitor configured between control terminals of inverter transistors. In one embodiment, the circuit is part of a comparator. First and second voltages... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150116021 - Clock generation device, electronic apparatus, moving object, and clock generation method: A clock generation device measures a frequency ratio between a clock signal CK1 (32.768 kHz+α) and a reference frequency value based on a clock signal CK3 (25 MHz), generates a clock signal CK2 obtained by masking at least one clock pulse of the clock signal CK1 based on the measurement... Agent:

20150116023 - Radio frequency switch with improved switching time: A radio frequency (RF) switch which comprises an RF domain section having a plurality of RF switching elements. A DC domain section is provided having circuitry configured for controlling the RF switching elements in response to one or more control signals. A resistive load is provided between the RF domain... Agent: Ferfics Limited

20150116022 - Reduction of the inductance of power loop and gate loop in a half-bridge converter with vertical current loops: A half bridge circuit including an isolation substrate, a metal layer on one surface of the isolation substrate, a power loop substrate on the metal layer, an upper switch on the power loop substrate, a lower switch on the power loop substrate and coupled to the upper switch, a capacitor... Agent: Hrl Laboratories, LLC

20150116024 - Composite semiconductor switching device: A composite semiconductor switching device includes: a first semiconductor element that incurs switching losses when performing switching operation of turning on and off; a second semiconductor element that is parallelly connected to the first semiconductor element and incurs switching losses larger than the first semiconductor element when performing switching operations... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150116025 - Switching circuit: In an embodiment, a switching circuit includes input drain, source and gate nodes, a high voltage depletion mode transistor including a current path coupled in series with a current path of a low voltage enhancement mode transistor, and a current sense circuit for sensing the current flowing through a current... Agent:

20150116026 - Voltage adapter systems for use in an appliance: Voltage adapter systems for use in an appliance are provided. An exemplary voltage adapter system can include a TRIAC. The exemplary voltage adapter system can include a voltage detection circuit configured to detect an input voltage of an alternating current power signal and connect the TRIAC in series with a... Agent:

20150116027 - Unified bandgap voltage curvature correction circuit: A unified bandgap voltage waveform compensation amplifier is arranged having shared input transistor pairs, a shared load resistor, and shared current sources. For example, a first amplifier structure is arranged to produce a negative-going bias correction signal when a bandgap voltage reference increases as operating temperatures rise and a second... Agent: Texas Instruments, Incorporated

20150116028 - Fuse circuit: A fuse circuit includes a plurality of fuses, a plurality of switches and a plurality of trimming components. The fuses are coupled in parallel to a first node and a second node. The first node is coupled to an operating voltage. The switches are coupled to the second node. The... Agent: Nuvoton Technology Corporation

20150116029 - Extended-drain mos transistor in a thin film on insulator: An extended-drain transistor is formed in a semiconductor layer arranged on one side of an insulating layer with a semiconductor region being arranged on the other side of the insulating layer. The semiconductor region includes a first portion of a first conductivity type arranged in front of the source and... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Sa

20150116030 - Body bias control circuit: A body bias control circuit including an output coupled to provide a bias voltage to a body terminal. The body bias control circuit is configured to change the bias voltage from a first bias voltage to a second bias voltage over a period of time in which a magnitude of... Agent:

20150116031 - Semiconductor device and integrated apparatus comprising the same: The present disclosure provides a semiconductor device and an integrated apparatus having the same. The semiconductor device includes a substrate, a buffer layer on the substrate, a compensation area which includes a p-region and a n-region on the buffer layer, and a transistor cell on the compensation area. The transistor... Agent:

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