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Miscellaneous active electrical nonlinear devices, circuits, and systems

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02/05/2015 > 29 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150035564 - Power supply monitor: An electrical circuit includes a comparator that receives a first signal at a first input pin, where the first signal is indicative of a current drawn from a power supply unit (PSU) that delivers power to an electronic component. The comparator substantially simultaneously receives a second signal at a second... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20150035565 - Communication circuit apparatus and transceiver having the same: A communication circuit apparatus includes: multiple level shift circuits, each of which receives an input signal corresponding to a respective communication bus; an activation comparator for generating an activation signal when the input signal is input into one of the level shift circuits, and a level of the input signal... Agent:

20150035566 - Drivers having t-coil structures: A driver includes a first driver stage having a first T-coil structure. The first T-coil structure includes a first set of inductors each being operable to provide a first inductance. The first T-coil structure further includes a second set of inductors electrically coupled with the first set of inductors, wherein... Agent:

20150035567 - Output driver circuit: An output driver circuit provides an overcurrent protection function by a simple circuit configuration. The output driver circuit has a constant-current circuit, a constant-current mirror MOS transistor, and a selector circuit. The constant-current mirror MOS transistor and the output MOS transistor constitute a current mirror circuit. The gate of the... Agent:

20150035569 - Semiconductor element module and gate drive circuit: A semiconductor element module includes a driving element and a voltage change detecting element each formed of a voltage driving semiconductor element. The voltage change detecting element detects a change of a voltage between a collector and an emitter or between a drain and a source of the driving element.... Agent:

20150035568 - Temperature detector and controlling heat: A circuit with a temperature detector includes a first FET and a second FET. Each of the first and second FETs has a channel structure having a non-planar structure. The second FET is in close proximity to the first FET. A gate of the second FET is separated from the... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

20150035570 - Clock doubler including duty cycle correction: Exemplary embodiments are related to a clock doubler. A device may include a duty cycle correction circuit configured to receive an input clock signal and convey a corrected clock signal. The duty cycle correction circuit may include a first circuit to convey an output voltage during a first cycle of... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150035571 - Waveform generation: A predetermined waveform is generated using a lower frequency clock signal (16) and a higher frequency clock signal (18). The waveform transitions between first and second states (12, 14) in synchrony with timing signals (18-1 to 18-11) of the higher frequency clock signal (18). The higher frequency clock is operated... Agent: Nordic Semiconductor Asa

20150035572 - Circuit arrangement: In accordance with one embodiment, a circuit arrangement is provided including a circuit having a first terminal for a first supply potential and a second terminal for a second supply potential, wherein the first terminal is coupled to the first supply potential; a switch, by means of which the second... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150035573 - Semiconductor device: To increase the degree of integration of a semiconductor device such as a DCDC converter. In a semiconductor device (e.g., DCDC converter) including a controller circuit and a switching transistor, the switching transistor formed using an oxide semiconductor layer is stacked over a substrate on which the controller circuit is... Agent:

20150035574 - Slew rate control device using switching capacitor: Disclosed is a slew rate control device using a switching capacitor which includes a first capacitor that is connected to a target circuit operated in response to a clock signal, and controls a rising slope of a signal output from the target circuit when the clock signal is in a... Agent:

20150035575 - Data output circuits: Data output circuits are provided. The data output circuit includes a latch control signal generator and a data output portion. The latch control signal generator generates an input pulse signal and a latch control signal i, and the latch control signal includes a pulse whose width is controlled to have... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150035576 - Clock spurs reduction technique: Aspects of the disclosure provide a circuit having a jittered clock generator. The jittered clock generator is configured to add jitter of a controlled characteristic to a first clock signal of a clock frequency to generate a second clock signal to be used by a transceiver for operating at a... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd

20150035577 - Programmable delay circuit: A computing circuit that includes clocked circuitry, a controller, and a clock generator. The clocked circuitry is configured to receive data and to perform data manipulation on the data based on a first clock signal. The controller is configured to control the transmission of the data to the clocked circuitry.... Agent:

20150035578 - Internal voltage compensation circuit: An internal voltage compensation circuit is provided which includes a power up signal generator configured to generate a power up signal, a select signal generator configured to compare a level of a first external voltage with a level of a second external voltage to generate first and second select signals,... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20150035579 - Low-ripple power supply: The present invention is a low-ripple power supply comprising a clock generator, a plurality of charge pump modules, and an adder unit. The low-ripple power supply inputs each of a plurality of clock signals generated by the clock generator into each of the plurality of charge pump modules. Since each... Agent:

20150035580 - Power electronic device with improved efficiency and electromagnetic radiation characteristics: A power electronic device includes first and second electronic switches, each integrated on a package having a low parasitic inductance, a supply terminal and a ground terminal. The first conduction terminal of the first switch may be coupled with the supply terminal, and the second conduction terminal of the second... Agent:

20150035582 - Body bias switching for an rf switch: Embodiments of radio frequency (RF) switching circuitry are disclosed that include (at least) a first switch and a body switching network operably associated with the first switch. The first switch has a first control contact, a first switch contact and a first body contact. The body switching network includes a... Agent:

20150035583 - Field device and method of operating high voltage semiconductor device applied with the same: A field device and method of operating high voltage semiconductor device applied with the same are provided. The field device includes a first well having a second conductive type and second well having a first conductive type both formed in the substrate (having the first conductive type) and extending down... Agent:

20150035581 - Switch circuit arrangements and method for powering a driver circuit: In various embodiment, a switch circuit arrangement is provided. The switch circuit arrangement may include a switch circuit, a driver circuit and a supply circuit. The driver circuit may be configured to control the switch circuit. The supply circuit may be configured to power the driver circuit. The supply circuit... Agent: Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

20150035584 - Anti-ringing technique for switching power stage: A driver may provide a transition of a switch between an on state and an off state in two stages. In the first stage, the voltage slew rate of the voltage at an output terminal of the switch may be controlled. In the second stage, the current gradient of the... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

20150035585 - Reverse conduction mode self turn-off gate driver: An apparatus includes a switch module, a sense circuit coupled to the switch module and configured to indicate an operating conduction mode of the switch module, and a drive circuit operatively coupled to the switch module to enable and disable forward conducting mode of the switch module. Once the switch... Agent: General Electric Company

20150035586 - Solid-state switching device having a high-voltage switching transistor and a low-voltage driver transistor: According to an embodiment, a solid-state switching device includes a high-voltage switching transistor including a source, a drain and a gate, and being adapted for switching a high voltage on the basis of a switching signal, and a switching driver circuit operationally connected to the high-voltage switching transistor, the switching... Agent:

20150035587 - Semiconductor device and operating method for the same: A semiconductor device and an operating method for the same are provided. The semiconductor device includes a first doped region, a second doped region, a first doped contact, a second doped contact, a first doped layer, a third doped contact and a first gate structure. The first doped contact and... Agent: Macronix International Co., Ltd.

20150035588 - Semiconductor device having voltage generation circuit: The present invention provides a voltage generation circuit which outputs high-precision output voltage in a wide temperature range. A semiconductor device has a voltage generation circuit. The voltage generation circuit has a reference voltage generation circuit which outputs reference voltage, and a plurality of correction circuits for generating a correction... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150035589 - Through-substrate via shielding: A semiconductor apparatus includes a substrate structure including a silicon substrate layer, a conductive through-substrate via extending through the silicon substrate layer. The apparatus further includes a semiconductor device located in the substrate structure and a conductive wall located between the through-substrate via and the semiconductor device. The conductive wall... Agent:

20150035590 - Internal voltage generation circuits: An internal voltage generation circuit including a drive control signal generator and an internal voltage driver. The drive control signal generator generates a drive control signal in response to an active pulse signal and a drive signal. The internal voltage driver, electrically coupled to the drive control signal generator, divides... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150035591 - Low-noise reference voltages distribution circuit: A low-noise reference voltages distribution circuit (10) is disclosed, comprising a multi-output voltage to current converter (V/I_Conv) adapted to receive an input reference voltage (VR) for providing a plurality of output reference currents (I1, . . . , IN) to be converted into a plurality of local reference voltages (V01,... Agent:

20150035592 - Correction of the passband of an air gap transformer: Device for correction of the passband of an air gap transformer with a cut-off frequency, characterised in that it includes a filter adapted to be connected to the transformer in series, and in that the filter is adapted to amplify the signal that it receives from the transformer for frequencies... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

01/29/2015 > 24 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150028921 - Methods and apparatuses for driving a node to a pumped voltage: Methods and apparatuses are disclosed for driving a node to one or more elevated voltages. One example apparatus includes a first driver circuit configured to drive a node to a first voltage, and a second driver circuit configured to drive the node to a pumped voltage after the node reaches... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20150028923 - High efficiency gate drive circuit for power transistors: An improved gate drive circuit is provided for a power device, such as a transistor. The gate driver circuit may include: a current control circuit; a first secondary current source that is used to control the switching transient during turn off of the power transistor and a second secondary current... Agent: Aisin Aw Co. Ltd.

20150028922 - Transistor switch with temperature compensated vgs clamp: A methodology for controlling FET switch-on with VGS temperature compensation is based on establishing a VGS clamping voltage with PTAT and CTAT voltage references with complimentary temperature coefficients. In one embodiment, the methodology can include: (a) generating a PTAT current from a PTAT ΔVBE current source including a ΔVBE resistor;... Agent:

20150028924 - Oscillator circuit with output slope proportional to supply voltage: A voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) comprises a supply voltage node, configured to receive a supply voltage, a VCO output capacitor, configured to provide an oscillating output voltage across the capacitor, a discharge switch configured to discharge the capacitor according to an oscillation frequency of the oscillating output voltage, and a comparator... Agent:

20150028925 - Drive circuit for semiconductor device: A drive circuit is provided with an input terminal for receiving input signals, an output terminal that outputs drive signals generated from the input signals, a control power supply terminal that receives a control power supply voltage, an output terminal that outputs an output signal, and a reset terminal that... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150028926 - Digitally controlled oscillator device and high frequency signal processing device: The present invention provides a digitally controlled oscillator device capable of realizing a reduction in DNL. The digitally controlled oscillator device includes, for example, an amplifier circuit block, coil elements and a plurality of unitary capacitor units coupled in parallel between oscillation output nodes. Each of the unitary capacitor units... Agent: Renesas Mobile Corporation

20150028927 - Low power master-slave flip-flop: A flip-flop circuit may include a master latch and a slave latch. Each latch may have a transparent mode and a storage mode. The slave latch may be in storage mode when the master latch is in transparent mode; and vice-versa. A clock signal may control the mode of each... Agent:

20150028928 - Phase interpolators and push-pull buffers: Interpolator systems are described utilizing one or more push-pull buffers to generate output clock signals that may be provided as inputs to a phase interpolator. The more linear slope on the output of the push-pull buffer may improve the linearity of a phase interpolator using the dock signals output from... Agent:

20150028929 - System and method for pre-skewing timing of differential signals: A circuit for skewing differential signals includes a coarse adjustment stage configured to receive a differential input signal having a true component and a complement component, the coarse adjustment stage configured to impart a first controllable delay to at least one of the true component and the complement component of... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte, Ltd

20150028930 - Variable delay element: A delay circuit includes first and second transistors and a biasing circuit. The first transistor has a control node coupled to an input node of the delay circuit, a first main current node coupled to a first supply voltage, and a second main current node coupled to an output node... Agent:

20150028931 - Voltage regulation method and corresponding hpm, chip, and chip system: The application discloses a voltage regulation method, and a corresponding HPM, chip, and chip system. The method is used to regulate a working voltage of the chip, which includes an AVS module and at least one HPM. The method includes: outputting, by the AVS module, a clock signal to the... Agent:

20150028932 - Efficient igbt switching: Embodiments of the invention provide IGBT circuit modules with increased efficiencies. These efficiencies can be realized in a number of ways. In some embodiments, the gate resistance and/or voltage can be minimized. In some embodiments, the IGBT circuit module can be switched using an isolated receiver such as a fiber... Agent:

20150028933 - Gate driving circuit for display: A gate driving circuit for a display is disclosed. The gate driving circuit utilizes at least one transistor connected in series between an input end of a reference voltage signal and a transistor connected to a node providing a high voltage level for making the at least one transistor share... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150028934 - Sequence circuit: A sequence circuit includes first through third signal terminals, first through ninth resistors, and first through fifth electronic switches. The sequence circuit receives a first signal through the first signal terminal. The sequence circuit receives a second signal through the second signal terminal. The sequence circuit outputs a third signal... Agent:

20150028935 - Circuit breaker and method of controlling a power transistor with a circuit breaker: An embodiment of an apparatus, such as a circuit breaker, includes an input node, an output node, and a digital circuit. The input node is configured to receive an input voltage, and the output node is coupled to the input node and is configured to carry an output current. And... Agent:

20150028936 - Semiconductor device and display device: A circuit which is constituted by a plurality of n-channel transistors includes, in at least one embodiment, a transistor (T1) which has a drain terminal to which an input signal is supplied and a source terminal from which a output signal is supplied; and a transistor (T2) which has a... Agent:

20150028937 - Controlling circuit voltage and frequency based upon location-dependent temperature: Various embodiments include approaches for controlling a supply voltage or a clock frequency to an integrated circuit (IC). Various additional embodiments include circuitry for controlling a supply voltage or a clock frequency of an IC. In some cases, a method includes: locating a set of temperature sensors on bin locations... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150028938 - Charge pumping device: A charge pumping device includes unit cells. Each unit cell includes first and second cells, each including a charge transfer circuit, a switch controlling a charge transfer operation thereof, and a charge storage circuit having a first end connected to an output terminal of the charge transfer circuit. The switch... Agent:

20150028939 - Circuit for clamping current in a charge pump: A circuit for clamping current in a charge pump is disclosed. The charge pump includes switching circuitry having a number of switching circuitry transistors. Each of first and second pairs of transistors in the circuit can provide an additional path for current from its associated one of the switching circuitry... Agent:

20150028941 - Controlled power switch chain sequencing for both power up and power down of a power domain: This invention makes the change in current drawn from the power grid in an integrated circuit gradual by sequencing the power switch chains differently for both power up and power down. During power up, this invention establishes a reasonable connection with the power grid through a series of weak power... Agent:

20150028940 - Integrated circuit having at least one functional circuit block operating in multi-source power domain and related system with power management: An integrated circuit has a semiconductor layer, at least one metal layer, a plurality of functional circuit blocks formed on the semiconductor layer, and a power mesh formed on the at least one metal layer. The power mesh has a specific area corresponding to a specific functional circuit block of... Agent:

20150028942 - Semiconductor integrated circuit and power management system: An embodiment of a semiconductor integrated circuit, which receives a power supply voltage at an input terminal and outputs a feedback voltage for controlling a level of the power supply voltage, includes a feedback voltage generating unit that generates the feedback voltage corresponding to the level of the power supply... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150028943 - Reconfigurable power switch chains for efficient dynamic power saving: Traditionally, designs have been very conservative on power grid design using higher margins than those needed for safe operation. This is especially true for process driver designs which may not have enough data on process characteristics. This invention allows us to recoup these inefficiencies and to speed up the power... Agent:

20150028944 - Optimal low power complex filter: The optimal low power complex filter, as a second order complex filter, is based on current amplifiers (CAs) and is utilized to implement a 4th order current-mode filter that can be used for intermediate frequency (IF) applications, such as, for example, low-IF Bluetooth receivers. Fabricated in a standard 0.18 μm... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

01/22/2015 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150022240 - Power supply voltage transition comparison circuit, power supply voltage transition comparison method, and semiconductor integrated circuit: The power supply voltage transition comparison circuit includes a comparator evaluation voltage setting circuit, a comparator, a voltage evaluation circuit, and an evaluation voltage setting value output circuit. The comparator evaluation voltage setting circuit generates a divided voltage of one of a power supply voltage and a reference voltage. The... Agent:

20150022241 - Sensor device: Provided is a sensor device capable of removing the influence of each offset voltage of a sensor element, a differential amplifier, and an amplifier of the sensor device, to thereby detect a physical quantity with high precision. The sensor device includes: a switch circuit, which is connected to a first... Agent:

20150022242 - Clock edge detection device and method: The present invention discloses a clock edge detection device capable of detecting the positive and negative edges of a target clock, comprising: a delay circuit for receiving the target clock and transmitting it; a register circuit coupled to the delay circuit for recording and outputting plural target clock levels in... Agent:

20150022243 - Driver circuit for signal transmission and control method of driver circuit: A driver circuit for receiving a data input and generating an output signal according to at least the data input is provided. The driver circuit includes a pair of differential output terminals, a current mode drive unit and a voltage mode drive unit. The pair of differential output terminals has... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20150022244 - Source driver and bias current adjusting method thereof: Disclosed are a source driver provided in a display device that displays an image and a bias current adjusting method thereof, and a bias current deviating from a prescribed range is adjusted so that a source driver is driven by a bias current within the prescribed range.... Agent:

20150022246 - Driver circuit for switching element: A driver circuit is connected to a control terminal of a voltage-controlled switching element via a connection line. The drive circuit drives the switching element. The switching element is switched to an ON state by charging the control terminal of the switching element via the connection line. The switching element... Agent:

20150022245 - Parallel transistor circuit controller: A method for controlling a circuit control system. Currents are sensed at outputs of transistors in the circuit control system. Levels are identified for the currents. A number of characteristics of the transistors are controlled while the currents flow out of the transistors such that the currents flowing out of... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150022247 - Power semiconductor device: A power semiconductor device includes an output transistor, a control circuit connected with a gate of the output transistor, a first discharge route from a first node to a ground terminal, and a second discharge route from the first node to the ground terminal. In a usual turn-off, only the... Agent:

20150022248 - Semiconductor device and driving system: An output MOS transistor has a drain connected with a power supply and a source connected with an output terminal. The short-circuit MOS transistor has a source connected with the output terminal. The short-circuit MOS transistor is formed in a semiconductor substrate connected with the power supply. A switching device... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150022249 - Method and apparatus for generating a ramp signal: An apparatus and method for generating a ramp signal includes applying a constant reference voltage to a reference capacitor and controlling charging or discharging of the reference capacitor with a programmable current generator to provide the ramp signal at a ramp signal node. The method can include, buffering the ramp... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150022250 - Monolithic three dimensional (3d) flip-flops with minimal clock skew and related systems and methods: Monolithic three dimensional (3D) flip-flops with minimal clock skew and related systems and methods are disclosed. The present disclosure provides a 3D integrated circuit (IC) (3DIC) that has a flop spread across at least two tiers of the 3DIC. The flop is split across tiers with transistor partitioning in such... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150022251 - Nonvolatile latch circuit and logic circuit, and semiconductor device using the same: To provide a novel nonvolatile latch circuit and a semiconductor device using the nonvolatile latch circuit, a nonvolatile latch circuit includes a latch portion having a loop structure where an output of a first element is electrically connected to an input of a second element, and an output of the... Agent:

20150022252 - Digital circuits: A digital circuit portion comprises a flip-flop (20) having a clock input (22) and an output (data); a clock signal (ck); and a gate (24) between said clock signal (ck) and said clock input (22), said gate (24) being arranged selectively to couple the clock signal (ck) to the clock... Agent: Nordic Semiconductor Asa

20150022253 - Phase compensation circuit and phase compensating method: A phase compensation circuit includes: a first circuit that increases phase characteristic of a specific frequency of an electrical signal; a second circuit that decreases the phase characteristic of the specific frequency of the electrical signal; and a limiting amplifier that amplifies an electrical signal that is processed by at... Agent:

20150022254 - Performance, thermal and power management system associated with an integrated circuit and related method: The performance, thermal and power management system is configured to perform DVFS calibration, temperature compensation adjustment, aging calibration, and DC offset calibration in an IC. The initial voltage supplied to the IC may be set to an initial value which takes chip-to-chip process variations into account and then dynamically adjusted... Agent:

20150022255 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device according to this invention includes a first power line that supplies power to a first circuit, a second power line that supplies power to a second circuit, and a capacitive element that is provided between the first power line and the second power line.... Agent: Ps4 Luxco S.a.r.i.

20150022256 - Radio-frequency switches having gate bias and frequency-tuned body bias: Radio-frequency (RF) switch circuits are disclosed providing improved switching performance. An RF switch system includes a plurality of field-effect transistors (FETs) connected in series between first and second nodes, each FET having a gate and a body. A compensation network including a gate-coupling circuit couples the gates of each pair... Agent:

20150022257 - Switching device and module: A switching device includes: a switch that selects and connects one of at least three terminals including a first terminal, a second terminal, and a third terminal to a common terminal; and a compensating circuit that shifts a phase of at least one of a first signal transmitted through the... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20150022258 - Transistor switch including independent control of turn-on and slew rate: The disclosed transistor switching methodology enables independent control of transistor turn-on delay and slew rate, including charging, during a pre-charge period, a transistor control input to a threshold voltage VT with a predetermined turn-on delay; and then charging, during a switch-on period, the transistor control input from VT to an... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150022259 - Calibration method and apparatus for current and resistance: A calibration method and apparatus for current and resistance are provided, where the current calibration method includes: injecting at least one portion of a set of predetermined compensation currents into at least one of an output current of a first current source and an output current of a second current... Agent: Media Tek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20150022260 - Performance, thermal and power management system associated with an integrated circuit and related method: The performance, thermal and power management system is configured to perform DVFS calibration, temperature compensation adjustment, aging calibration, and DC offset calibration in an IC. The initial voltage supplied to the IC may be set to an initial value which takes chip-to-chip process variations into account and then dynamically adjusted... Agent:

20150022261 - Distributed load current sensing system: A distributed load current sensing system being connected to a power input terminal that is connected to a main power trunk that has one or multiple load branches connected thereto is disclosed to include a power bus connected to the main power trunk, an active power filter connected to the... Agent:

20150022262 - Complete system-on-chip (soc) using monolithic three dimensional (3d) integrated circuit (ic) (3dic) technology: Embodiments disclosed in the detailed description include a complete system-on-chip (SOC) solution using monolithic three dimensional (3D) integrated circuit (IC) (3DIC) integration technology. The present disclosure includes example of the ability to customize layers within a monolithic 3DIC and the accompanying short interconnections possible between tiers through monolithic intertier vias... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

01/15/2015 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150015307 - Comparator and amplifier: A comparator has a differential pair circuit and a current control circuit. The differential pair circuit has first and second comparator transistors, and is arranged to compare a first input and a second input according to a clock signal to generate a result indicating whether a difference of the first... Agent:

20150015308 - Phase-locked loop (pll)-based frequency synthesizer: This disclosure describes techniques for generating signals that have relatively steep frequency profiles with a phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit architecture. In some examples, the techniques for generating signals that have relatively steep frequency profiles may include modulating an amplitude of a forward path signal in a PLL circuit at a... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150015309 - Electronic circuit with a reverse-conducting igbt and gate driver circuit: An electronic circuit includes a reverse-conducting IGBT and a driver circuit. A first diode emitter efficiency of the reverse-conducting IGBT at a first off-state gate voltage differs from a second diode emitter efficiency at a second off-state gate voltage. A driver terminal of the driver circuit is electrically coupled to... Agent:

20150015310 - Clock delay detecting circuit and semiconductor apparatus using the same: Provided is a clock delay detecting circuit and semiconductor apparatus using the same that is capable of generating a period signal whose period is a delay time of a clock, dividing the period signal, and counting the divided period signal. The clock delay detection circuit comprises a period signal generating... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150015311 - Fractional frequency divider circuit: A fractional frequency divider circuit includes: a frequency divider circuit configured to frequency-divide an input clock at 1/CTSquo, wherein the CTSquo is a quotient of CTS/N; a clock addition circuit configured to add one clock to an output of the frequency divider circuit; a counter that counts the number of... Agent:

20150015312 - Integer frequency divider and programmable frequency divider capable of achieving 50% duty cycle: An integer frequency divider capable of achieving a 50% duty cycle includes a source clock input end that provides a source clock, and two or more latches connected in series according to a connection order. Each of the latches includes: a signal input stage, configured to receive an input signal;... Agent:

20150015313 - Frequency multiplier jitter correction: A system and method are provided for frequency multiplication jitter correction. The method accepts an analog reference signal having a first frequency, and using the analog reference signal, derives a system clock signal having a second frequency, greater than the first frequency. A PLL using a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO)... Agent:

20150015314 - Mesochronous synchronizer with delay-line phase detector: A method and a system are provided for synchronizing a signal. A keep out window is defined relative to a second clock signal and an edge detection signal is generated that indicates if an edge of a first clock signal is within the keep out window. The edge detection signal... Agent:

20150015315 - Method and apparatus for duty cycle distortion compensation: A method and apparatus for duty cycle distortion compensation is disclosed. In one embodiment, an integrated circuit includes a differential signal transmitter having a main data path and a compensation data path. The main data path includes a first and second differential driver circuits each having output terminals coupled to... Agent:

20150015316 - Persistent nodes for rfid: An RFID transponder in one embodiment comprises a radio frequency (RF) transceiver, processing logic coupled to the RF transceiver, a switch coupled to the processing logic, a tunneling device coupled to the switch and a differential sensing circuit having a first input coupled to the tunneling device and a second... Agent:

20150015317 - Spare cell strategy using flip-flop cells: Configurable flip-flop cells for use in scan chain configurations include one or more multiplexers, a flip-flop, and one or more logic gates. The logic gates are configurable, through modification of different metallization or semiconductor layers, to operate as spare gates or to disable flip-flop cell outputs based selection signal switching... Agent:

20150015318 - Transmitter with high frequency amplification: A transmitter may include a first path configured to receive a signal, to attenuate the low frequency components of the signal, and to output the low frequency component attenuated signal. The transmitter may further include a second path configured to receive the signal, to amplify the signal, and to output... Agent:

20150015319 - Devices for shielding a signal line over an active region: A multi-path transistor includes an active region including a channel region and an impurity region. A gate is dielectrically separated from the channel region. A signal line is dielectrically separated from the impurity region. A conductive shield is disposed between, and dielectrically separated from, the signal line and the channel... Agent:

20150015320 - Bus encoding scheme based on non-uniform distribution of power delivery network components among i/o circuits: A system and method for reducing simultaneous switching output (SSO) noise. In one embodiment, power supply decoupling capacitances are distributed non-uniformly among a plurality of I/O circuits. Transitions between consecutive values on a data bus are either sent by the transmitter as requested at the input of the transmitter, or,... Agent:

20150015321 - Circuit and method for controlling charge injection in radio frequency switches: A circuit and method for controlling charge injection in a circuit are disclosed. In one embodiment, the circuit and method are employed in a semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) Radio Frequency (RF) switch. In one embodiment, an SOI RF switch comprises a plurality of switching transistors coupled in series, referred to as “stacked”... Agent: Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

20150015322 - Parallel fet solid state relay utilizing commutation fets: A solid state relay circuit is disclosed, containing a first and second group of FETs, the groups being connected in parallel. The first FET group contains commutation FETs capable of handling the commutation load of the circuit. The second FET group contains secondary FETs of lower resistance than the commutation... Agent:

20150015323 - Charge pump circuit: A charge pump circuit includes a plurality of serially coupled stages and a plurality of clock drivers. A voltage output of a first of the stages is connected to a voltage input of a second of the stages. A voltage output of the second of the stages is boosted relative... Agent:

20150015324 - Circuitry, multi-branch charge pump, method for controlling a charge pump and system: One example refers to a circuitry comprising a first charge pump stage controlled by a first control signal, a second charge pump stage controlled by a second control signal, wherein the first charge pump stage and the second charge pump stage are arranged subsequently to each other and comprising a... Agent:

20150015325 - Multiple output charge pump with multiple flying capacitors: A multiple output charge pump that includes a first flying capacitor, a second flying capacitor, a first output node, a second output node, and a switching network. The first output node is configured to provide a first voltage, and the second output node is distinct from the first output node... Agent: Advanced Analogic Technologies Incorporated

20150015326 - Bulk-modulated current source: A bulk-modulated current source includes: an output terminal configured to supply an output current; a first transistor comprising: a first electrode coupled to the output terminal, a second electrode, a bulk electrode, and a gate electrode configured to receive a bias voltage; and an amplifier comprising: an input terminal electrically... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

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