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Miscellaneous active electrical nonlinear devices, circuits, and systems

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04/10/2014 > 22 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140097871 - Latch comparator device and operation method thereof: A latch comparator device includes a differential input amplifier coupled between a first system voltage and a second system voltage and including a first differential output signal terminal and a second differential output signal terminal, a latch coupled to a third system voltage including a first latch signal terminal and... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20140097872 - Voltage change detection device: A voltage change detection device, which reduces a deviation of a detection potential and detects a voltage change within a predetermined detection potential even when the threshold voltage of a field effect transistor is deviated. The voltage change detection device includes a first field effect transistor, a second field effect... Agent: Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20140097873 - Power-on-reset (por) circuit with zero steady-state current consumption and stable pull-up voltage: The present invention discloses a Power-On-Reset (POR) circuit with zero steady-state current consumption and stable pull-up voltage. The POR circuit achieves zero steady-state current consumption during steady operation after the POR process by cutting off a power supply to a band-gap comparator circuit and a current comparator circuit after the... Agent: Southeast University

20140097874 - Systems and methods of harmonic extraction and rejection: A device includes a first hybrid, where a first input of the first hybrid is coupled to an output of a first amplifier configured to receive a first input signal. A first input of a second hybrid is coupled to an output of a second amplifier configured to receive a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140097875 - Non-linear-error correction in fractional-n digital pll frequency synthesizer: The present disclosure relates to a frequency synthesizer. The frequency synthesizer includes a phase comparator having first and second input nodes. The first input node receives a reference signal having a reference frequency. A channel control block has an input that receives a channel word and an output coupled to... Agent:

20140097876 - Gate driving circuit and method for driving semiconductor device: A gate driving circuit and method can improve the tradeoff relation between the noise and the loss caused in the turn-OFF switching of semiconductor device. The gate driving circuit includes first and second series circuits. The first series circuit includes first and second MOSFETs connected in series. The gate terminal... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20140097877 - Signal flow control through clock signal rate adjustments: Control circuitry and adjustable clock signal generation circuitry is provided to control the signal transmission rate for electronic devices and systems of electronic devices. The control circuitry may receive status signals indicating current clock rates of a signal transmitting and receiving circuit as well as current processing capacity from the... Agent:

20140097879 - Pll dual edge lock detector: A lock signal indicating that a target signal is in phase with a reference signal includes detecting the reference signal at the rising and falling edges of the target signal. The target signal is detected on the rising and falling edges of the reference signal. An out of phase condition... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd.

20140097878 - Serializer-deserializer clock and data recovery gain adjustment: In described embodiments, a VCO based CDR for a SerDes device includes a phase detector, a VCO responsive to a first control signal and a second control signal and generating an output signal, a frequency calibration module configured to calibrate the frequency of the output signal by performing a coarse... Agent:

20140097880 - Measurement initialization circuitry: Measurement initialization circuitry is described. Propagation of a start signal through a variable delay line may be stopped by either of two stop signals. One stop signal corresponds to a rising edge of a reference clock signal. A second stop signal corresponds to a falling edge of the reference clock... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140097881 - Balanced auxiliary on time generator for multiphase stackable constant on time control architecture: A control circuit configured to control a switching power supply including a ramp generator configured to generate a triangular waveform. A comparator is configured to generate a series of pulse width modulated (PWM) pulses at a first frequency and to regulate the switching power supply. The ramp generator includes a... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140097882 - Mixer fabrication technique and system using the same: An improved microwave mixer manufactured using multilayer processing includes an integrated circuit that is electrically connected to a top metal layer of a substrate. The microwave mixer includes: a first metal layer; a dielectric substrate on the first metal layer; a second metal layer directly on the substrate, at least... Agent: Marki Microwave, Inc.

20140097883 - Semiconductor device and driving method of the same: In the case of reducing an effect of variations in current characteristics of transistors by inputting a signal current to a transistor in a pixel, a potential of a wiring is detected by using a precharge circuit. In the case where there is a difference between a predetermined potential and... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140097884 - Integrated circuit device and method of implementing power gating within an integrated circuit device: An integrated circuit device comprises at least one power gating arrangement, including at least one gated power domain and at least one power gating component operably coupled between at least one node of the at least one gated power domain and at least a first power supply node. The at... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140097885 - Capacitive touch keyboard: A capacitive touch keyboard includes a soft shielding layer, a soft intermediate layer, and a one dimensional sensor layer where the soft intermediate layer is interposed between the other two to form a capacitor structure. The soft shielding layer includes a ground plane, a dielectric material covering on the ground... Agent: Touchplus Information Corp.

20140097886 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for controlling power semiconductor devices: Systems, methods, and apparatus for controlling power semiconductor devices are described. According to one embodiment of the disclosure, there is disclosed a system. The system may include at least one power source for selectively providing power to one or more power semiconductor devices controlled by a gate driver. The gate... Agent: General Electric Company

20140097887 - Reduction or elimination of irregular voltage distribution in a ladder of voltage elevators: The voltage distribution in a cascade or ladder of voltage elevator cells may become irregular in certain conditions. In such conditions, one or more cells may become overstressed. Corrective circuitry may be added to one or more of the voltage elevator cells to reduce or eliminate such stresses. Such corrective... Agent: Semtech Corporation

20140097888 - Multi-voltage supplied input buffer: An input buffer capable of interfacing higher-voltage logic signals to lower voltage internal circuitry includes a first stage configured to generate a first output signal in response to an input signal, the first stage configured to receive a first power supply voltage and including semiconductor circuit components configured to be... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140097889 - Interface circuit: An interface circuit includes a receiver, a first terminal resistor, a second terminal resistor, a common mode capacitor, a first switch, a second switch, and a common mode potential adjustment circuit. The receiver includes a first channel for receiving a first channel voltage, and a second channel for receiving a... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20140097890 - Semiconductor structure and method for reducing noise therein: The present invention provides a semiconductor structure, including a substrate, a first TSV, an inductor and a capacitor. The first TSV is disposed in the substrate and has a first signal. The inductor is disposed in the substrate. The capacitor is electrically connected to the inductor to form an LC... Agent: United Microelectronics Corp.

20140097891 - Reconfiguring through silicon vias in stacked multi-die packages: Through silicon vias (TSVs) in a stacked multi-die integrated circuit package are controlled to assume different connection configurations as desired during field operation of the package in its normal mission mode. TSV connections may be reconfigured to connect an affected die in a manner different from, for example, a factory... Agent:

20140097892 - Double patterning compatible colorless m1 route: A method for enabling functionality in circuit designs utilizing colorless DPT M1 route placement that maintains high routing efficiency and guarantees M1 decomposability of a target pattern and the resulting circuit are disclosed. Embodiments include: determining a boundary abutting first and second cells in an IC; determining a side of... Agent: Globalfoundries Inc.

04/03/2014 > 24 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140091838 - Driver circuit with emi immunity: A driver circuit suitable for outputting a signal onto an output line affected by conducted EMI, has a slope control circuit and an output circuit, (op-amp, Mo, M13 to M21). It can be used for driving a LIN network. The slope control circuit outputs a slope controlled version of the... Agent:

20140091837 - Start-up circuit for an output driver: One or more techniques and systems for starting an output driver and an associated start-up circuit are provided herein. In some embodiments, a voltage provider is configured to charge a charge store to a pre-turn-on voltage. In some embodiments, an output driver is configured to control a connection between the... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

20140091839 - Electronic circuit with a reverse conducting transistor device: An electronic circuit includes a first transistor device with a control terminal and a load path. A drive circuit includes an input terminal and an output terminal. The output terminal is coupled to the control terminal of the first transistor device. The drive circuit is operable to drive the first... Agent: Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

20140091840 - High-side semiconductor-switch low-power driving circuit and method: A high-side semiconductor-switch driving method includes generating power for controlling a high side semiconductor switch. The high side semiconductor switch has a control terminal and the power allows a current to flow into the control terminal of the high side semiconductor switch to switch the high side semiconductor switch. The... Agent: Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

20140091841 - Apparatus and methods for clock characterization: A system and method for efficiently performing timing characterization of high-speed clocks signals with low-speed input/output pins. An integrated circuit includes a clock generator that generates a high-speed clock signal. A clock characterizer circuit receives the high-speed clock signal. The clock characterizer generates a corresponding low-speed clock signal. The generated... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140091842 - Hybrid afc using dcxo and rf pll: A technique to provide hybrid compensation to correct for drifts in a reference frequency output from a digitally-controlled crystal oscillator (DCXO). A first compensation is provided to the DCXO to adjust for overlap or discontinuity of the reference frequency caused by switching capacitors in the capacitor array that controls drift... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140091843 - Plesiochronous clock generation for parallel wireline transceivers: A method for plesiochronous clock generation for parallel wireline transceivers, includes: inputting, into at least one decoder, at least one digital frequency mismatch number; decoding, with the at least one decoder, the at least one digital frequency mismatch number to obtain at least one digital frequency divider number that represents... Agent: Xilinx, Inc.

20140091844 - Spur suppression in a phase-locked loop: An apparatus and method for reducing effects of spurs in a phased-locked loop having a sigma-delta modulator and digital circuits. The apparatus includes a clock dithering circuit coupled to each of the sigma-delta modulator and the digital circuits. Each clock dithering circuit is configured to dither flanks of a respective... Agent: Huawei Technologies., Ltd.

20140091845 - High breakdown voltage iii-n depletion mode mos capacitors: III-N high voltage MOS capacitors and System on Chip (SoC) solutions integrating at least one III-N MOS capacitor capable of high breakdown voltages (BV) to implement high voltage and/or high power circuits. Breakdown voltages over 4V may be achieved avoiding any need to series couple capacitors in an RFIC and/or... Agent:

20140091846 - Integrated comparator with hysteresis, in particular produced in an fd soi technology: A comparator circuit includes an input differential amplifier circuit generating an output signal and an inverting output circuit generating a complemented output signal. The differential amplifier circuit is formed of a differential pair of input transistors and a pair of diode connected load transistors. The comparator circuit is integrated in... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Sa

20140091847 - Differential delay line, ring oscillator and mobile communication device: A differential delay line includes a series connection of a plurality of differential delay stages. Each differential delay stage includes a first delay element and a second delay element. The first delay element has a first input, a second input and an output. The second delay element has a first... Agent:

20140091848 - Direct sampling circuit and receiver: A sampling circuit is provided that includes a first sampling circuit that shifts a frequency, at which a gain of a frequency characteristic is maximized, to a lower frequency side, and a second sampling circuit that shifts the frequency, at which the gain of the frequency characteristic is maximized, to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140091849 - Wideband double balanced image reject mixer: A double balanced image reject mixer (IRM) can be configured to comprise: a common radio frequency (RF) port; four mixer devices, each comprising an intermediate frequency (IF) port, an RF port and an local oscillator (LO) port; and a four-way, in-phase splitter/combiner. The four-way, in-phase splitter/combiner can be connected between... Agent: Viasat, Inc.

20140091850 - Gate driving device: The present invention copes with fluctuations in a power supply voltage when a capacitor for coping with fluctuations in the power supply voltage has been omitted and also cases in which the power supply voltage is constantly low, thereby ensuring driving of an active element. A gate driving device of... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20140091851 - Adaptive power gating and regulation: In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a power switch to provide a local power voltage at least one gated circuit based on a control signal. The apparatus also includes a delay sensor to provide a delay substantially equivalent to a processing delay of the at least one gated circuit. The... Agent:

20140091852 - Switch circuit with a first transistor device and a second transistor device connected in series: A method can be used for driving a switch circuit. The switch circuit includes a first transistor device and a second transistor device. Both the first transistor device and the second transistor device have a load path and a control terminal. The load paths of the first transistor device and... Agent: Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

20140091853 - Switching circuit: A switching circuit includes first and second switching elements arranged in parallel in an energization path, first and second gate driving lines, first and second fuses, and first and second abnormality detection portions capable of detecting abnormality in the switching elements. In the switching circuit, when abnormality in either one... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140091854 - Dc insulation semiconductor relay device: A semiconductor relay device (1) includes a signal input unit (2) for inputting an alternating current signal for relay driving purpose, a direct current insulation member (3) for blocking a direct current electricity of the alternating current signal, a voltage multiplying circuit (5) for multiplying the signal voltage, after the... Agent: Optex Co., Ltd.

20140091855 - Dual depth trench-gated mos-controlled thyristor with well-defined turn-on characteristics: An insulated gate turn-off thyristor has a layered structure including a p+ layer (e.g., a substrate), an n− layer, a p-well, vertical insulated gate regions formed in the p-well, and n+ regions between the gate regions, so that vertical NPN and PNP transistors are formed. Some of the gate regions... Agent: Pakal Technologies, LLC

20140091856 - 2-terminal switching device: A two-terminal switching device includes a resistive switching element, a diode, and a resistive circuit. The resistive switching element switches between low and high resistance states based on a switching signal and maintain a switched resistance state until another switching signal is received. The diode is connected to the resistive... Agent:

20140091857 - Ultra low travel keyboard: A keyboard or keyboard key that has a force sensor that measures the force imparted to the key when a user presses the key or rests a finger on a key. Key embodiments may also include an actuator that excites the in order to provide feedback to the user in... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140091858 - Local voltage control for isolated transistor arrays: Self-biasing transistor switching circuitry includes a main transistor, a biasing transistor, a first capacitor, and a second capacitor. The body of the main transistor is isolated from the gate, the drain, and the source of the main transistor by an insulating layer. The first capacitor is coupled between the source... Agent: Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

20140091859 - Detector circuit with low threshold voltage and high voltage input: An integrated circuit includes a high voltage transistor having a first terminal coupled to sense a high voltage terminal and a control terminal coupled to a regulated voltage, which is regulated with respect to a ground terminal and is substantially less than a high voltage that the high voltage terminal... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20140091860 - System and method of implementing input/output drivers with low voltage devices: An input/output (I/O) driver is disclosed that employs a compensation circuit to limit the voltages across devices of the driver from exceeding a defined threshold to allow lower voltage devices to implement the operation of the driver. In particular, the driver employs a pull-up circuit including first and second switching... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

03/27/2014 > 38 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140084960 - Dynamic comparator with equalization function: The present disclosure provides a dynamic comparator with equalization function including a preamplifier, switched latch and dynamic transconductance circuit. The preamplifier amplifies input signals of the dynamic comparator. The dynamic transconductance circuit is inserted between the preamplifier and the switched latch for operating in a reset mode or a comparison... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140084961 - Method and apparatus for analog pulse pile-up rejection: A method and apparatus for pulse pile-up rejection are disclosed. The apparatus comprises a delay value application constituent configured to receive a threshold-crossing time value, and provide an adjustable value according to a delay value and the threshold-crossing time value; and a comparison constituent configured to receive a peak-occurrence time... Agent: Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC

20140084964 - Load driver with constant current variable structure: A load driver includes a switching element connected to a load, a constant current generator that generates a constant current, and a driver circuit that turns on the switching element for an on-period, which depends on a value of the constant current and is shortened with an increase in the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140084962 - Output driver using low voltage transistors: Aspects of the subject technology allow an output driver to be implemented using one or more transistors having an oxide-breakdown voltage below the output voltage swing of the output driver. The output driver can include one or more source followers, where a source follower provides voltage-level shifting of a voltage... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140084963 - Passive capture adapter circuit for sensing signals of a high-speed circuit: A multi-stage passive capture adapter (PCA) circuit is configured to sense and recover digital signals present on a high-speed serial bus for capture and analysis in external test equipment. A first stage of the PCA circuit includes a differentiator that functions as a high impedance probe that contacts the serial... Agent: Mcci Corporation

20140084965 - Clock control device, semiconductor device including the same and clock control method: A clock control device and method are provided. The clock control device includes a stable time controller which receives an operational condition and generates an expiration counting value based on the operational condition; a stable time counter which receives the expiration counting value and activates a clock gating enable signal... Agent:

20140084967 - Drive circuit for switching element: A drive circuit is provided for a target switching element and opens/closes a current path by controlling an absolute value of a potential difference between one end of the current path and an opening/closing control terminal. The drive circuit includes an integrated circuit connected to the control terminal. The integrated... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140084966 - Driver circuit of schottky transistor: A driver circuit includes an output terminal connected to a gate of a Schottky transistor, a reference transistor formed in the same manner as the Schottky transistor, a resistor connected between a first power source line and a gate of the reference transistor, a voltage generator configured to supply a... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20140084968 - Frequency specific closed loop feedback control of integrated circuits: Systems and methods for frequency specific closed loop feedback control of integrated circuits. In one embodiment, a plurality of controllable inputs to an integrated circuit is adjusted to achieve a frequency specific predetermined value of a dynamic operating indicator of the integrated circuit at the desired specific operating frequency. The... Agent: Intellectual Venture Funding LLC

20140084970 - Low-power ethernet transmitter: An electrical circuit comprising a line driver for providing Ethernet signals is disclosed. The line driver comprises a voltage mode line driver for producing 1000BT and 100BT Ethernet signals and an active output impedance line driver arranged parallel to the voltage mode line driver. The line driver is capable of... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140084969 - Method for setting transistor operating point and circuit therefor, method for changing signal component value and active-matrix liquid crystal display device: A data signal voltage on a signal line is held in a voltage holding capacitor through an n-type MOS transistor switched on by a gate scan voltage, and supplied to an analog amplifier circuit. The analog amplifier circuit is formed of an MOS transistor having a double gate structure, and... Agent: Gold Charm Limited

20140084971 - Frequency multiplier apparatus and operating method thereof: The present invention provides a frequency multiplier apparatus. The frequency multiplier apparatus includes an injection-locked frequency multiplier and a frequency-to-control signal converter. The injection-locked frequency multiplier outputs an output signal having a first frequency in response to an input signal having a first basic frequency. The frequency-to-control signal converter provides... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20140084972 - Semiconductor device: To provide a semiconductor device provided with a power-on reset circuit that can reliably detect decrease in power-supply voltage. The power-on reset circuit provided on the semiconductor device includes: a first comparison circuit that compares a primary voltage with a reference value; and a second comparison circuit that compares a... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20140084973 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device which makes it possible to reduce a wasteful standby time at power-on is provided. In this semiconductor device, a reset of an internal circuit is canceled as described below. When a data signal stored in a storage section is at “0,” the reset is canceled by bringing... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20140084974 - Phase locked loop with burn-in mode: A phase locked loop having a normal mode and a burn-in mode. The logic portion is coupled to a logic power supply terminal and includes a clock receiver coupled to a phase frequency detector. The analog portion has a charge pump coupled to the phase frequency detector and to an... Agent:

20140084975 - Voltage translation circuit: A voltage translation circuit (116) provides an output analog voltage signal that has a translated voltage of the voltage of an input analog voltage signal over a range of values of the input analog voltage signal. The voltage translation circuit includes an input stage (202) having a circuit node and... Agent:

20140084976 - Delay-locked loop with dynamically biased charge pump: A delay-locked loop, including a phase detector configured to receive two signals, one of the signals being delayed relative to the other of the signals, the phase detector having an UP output and a DOWN output. The delay-locked loop also includes a charge pump system operatively coupled with the phase... Agent: True Circuits, Inc.

20140084977 - Wide frequency range delay locked loop: A delay locked loop operates over a wide range of frequencies and has high accuracy, small silicon area usage, low power consumption and a short lock time. The DLL combines an analog domain and a digital domain. The digital domain is responsible for initial lock and operational point stability and... Agent: Mosaid Technologies Incorporated

20140084978 - Digitally controlled oscillator with thermometer sigma delta encoded frequency control word: Systems and methods for generating a thermometer sigma delta encoded frequency control word for controlling a digitally controlled oscillator in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment, an all digital phase locked loop for generating an output clock signal includes a thermometer pulse coder configured to... Agent: Entropic Communications, Inc.

20140084979 - Self-adjusting duty cycle tuner: A duty cycle tuner measures high and low periods of a signal, calculates an actual duty cycle, generates duty control signals based on the actual duty cycle and a desired duty cycle, and adjusts the duty cycle responsive to the duty control signals. The high and low periods are measured... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140084980 - Memory array pulse width control: A clock system includes a local clock buffer adapted to receive a variable global clock signal. The local clock buffer produces a first local clock signal from the variable global clock signal. The clock system includes a pulse width logic control circuit in operable communication with the local clock buffer.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140084981 - Circuits and methods for efficient clock and data delay configuration for faster timing closure: Systems and methods are provided for designing integrated circuits using configurable delay cell (CDC) circuits that serve to expedite timing closure for an integrated circuit (IC) design by eliminating the need to iteratively repeat various design steps such as placement, signal distribution network synthesis, and routing. CDC circuits include footprint... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140084982 - Circuits for improving linearity of metal oxide semiconductor (mos) transistors: Various embodiments of circuits configured to improve second order harmonic distortion of Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) transistors operating in linear region are provided. In one embodiment, a circuit includes an averaging circuit configured to average signals at a drain and a source of a MOS transistor and provide the averaged... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140084983 - Semiconductor device: The present invention is directed to prevent occurrence of a problem on a withstand voltage in a circuit group which receives supply of an internal power supply voltage. An error amplifier outputs a control voltage obtained by amplifying a difference voltage between a reference voltage and a divided voltage obtained... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20140084986 - Driver circuit: A line driver circuit for a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) transmitter is disclosed. The line driver circuit includes a pre-driver circuit having a pair of pre-driver differential inputs and a pair of pre-driver differential outputs. A driver circuit having a pair of driver differential inputs and a pair of... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140084985 - Level-up shifter circuit: A level-up shifter circuit is suitable for high speed and low power applications. The circuit dissipates almost no static power, or leakage current, compared to conventional designs and can preserve the signal's duty cycle even at high data rates. This circuit can be used with a wide range of power... Agent: Cavium, Inc.

20140084984 - Low power, single-rail level shifters employing power down signal from output power domain and a method of converting a data signal between power domains: Provided herein is a voltage level shifter, an apparatus including a voltage level shifter and a method of converting voltages between input and output power domains. In one embodiment, the voltage level shifter includes: (1) an input circuit configured to receive a data signal from an input power domain and... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140084987 - Squaring circuit, integrated circuit, wireless communication unit and method therefor: A squaring circuit has current mode triplet metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) devices, including a first MOS device, a second MOS device and a third MOS device each having a source operably coupled to a first current source; and a fourth MOS device, a fifth MOS device and a sixth MOS... Agent: Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20140084988 - Switch architecture at low supply voltages: A sampled CMOS switch includes first and second NMOS devices in series between input and output nodes. The first and second NMOS devices are activated by a sample signal. A pair of low-voltage DEPMOS devices is connected in a “T” configuration between the input and output nodes. The low-voltage DEPMOS... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140084989 - Reference voltage generating circuit: A reference voltage generating circuit comprises a pair of variable resistors connected to a pair of bipolar transistors. A differential amplifier amplifies the band gap voltage difference between the bipolar transistors and outputs a reference voltage to an output terminal. An output stage resistor is connected to the output terminal... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140084990 - Display with touch sensing system: In one embodiment, a kit for making a touch-sensitive personalized display includes a first medium that is foldable according to score lines to form a cavity. The first medium includes an adhesion surface to receive a personalized second medium, and a back surface opposite the adhesion surface. The second medium... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140084992 - Touch panel: A touch panel includes a substrate, sensing electrode sets, first pads, second pads, first lines, second lines and connecting conductors. Each of the sensing electrode sets includes a first electrode pattern and a plurality of second electrode patterns disposed beside the first electrode pattern. The plurality of first lines electrically... Agent: Wintek (china) Technology Ltd.

20140084991 - Touch sensor circuit and touch display device: A touch sensor circuit and a touch device are provided. The touch sensor circuit includes a charging capacitor, a first current supplying unit, a second current supplying unit, and a switch unit. Wherein, the charging capacitor is serially connected between a detecting terminal and a reference voltage. The first current... Agent: Princeton Technology Corp.

20140084993 - Semiconductor device: According to one embodiment, a semiconductor device includes: a substrate; a first circuit portion; and a second circuit portion. The first circuit portion includes: a first and a second switching elements, and a first and a second diodes. The second circuit portion includes a third and a fourth switching elements,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140084994 - Current limiting circuitry and method for pass elements and output stages: Circuitry (10-2) for limiting the maximum amount of current (IREF) flowing through a first electrode (DRAIN) of a first transistor (T1) includes an amplifier (14) having an output coupled by a conductor (19) to a control electrode of the first transistor and limiting circuitry (17) including reference current sensing circuitry... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140084995 - Envelope detector with enhanced linear range: An envelope detector (ED) includes a voltage-mode ED core including parallel detection transistors for detecting a voltage envelope of an RF signal input. The detection transistors are configured with a size and for a current such that the transistors are biased in subthreshold regions of operation. The ED core is... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140084996 - Method and apparatus for controlling or managing bandwidth of a filter circuit within a system having two integrated circuits: A method and apparatus for an adjustable filter system comprises a first integrated circuit generating a reference value that represents a corner frequency of a filter within the first integrated circuit; sending the reference value that represents the corner frequency of the filter across an interface to a second integrated... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140084997 - Transmit/receive switch with series, doubly-floating device and switched bias voltage: An integrated circuit includes a node coupled between a terminal of the integrated circuit and a transmitter circuit. The integrated circuit includes a switch circuit coupled between the node and a receiver circuit. The switch circuit includes a bias circuit coupled to the node. The bias circuit is configured to... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 31 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140077841 - Phase frequency detector: Described is an apparatus comprising: a first phase frequency detector (PFD) to determine a coarse phase difference between a first clock signal and a second clock signal, the first PFD to generate a first output indicating the coarse phase difference; and a second PFD, coupled to the first PFD, to... Agent:

20140077842 - Zero or ultra-low dc current consumption power-on and brown-out detector: Embodiments of a power-on and brown-out detector are described. In an embodiment, a power-on and brown-out detector for a power supply includes a power-on detection module, a brown-out detection module, and a logic module. The power-on detection module is connected to the power supply and is configured to generate a... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140077843 - Pipelined bus-splitting digital delta-sigma modulator for fractional-n frequency synthesizer system and method: The invention provides a digital modulator system for use in a fractional-N frequency synthesizer, said system comprising: a first pipelined modulator configured to receive a digital signal via a bus signal; a second pipelined modulator configured to receive a part of said digital signal; and said system is adapted to... Agent:

20140077844 - Signal level adjusting device and high-frequency apparatus: To provide, in a frequency synthesizer including: a variable attenuator provided at a subsequent stage of a voltage controlled oscillator; a detector; and a control unit outputting a control voltage for adjusting an attenuation amount of the variable attenuator via a digital/analog converter in accordance with a detection voltage, a... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20140077845 - Transmit driver circuit: A driver circuit includes a differential input, a differential output, a bias node, a first T-coil having a first node coupled to the negative output node and a second node coupled to a source of supply voltage, a second T-coil having a first node coupled to the positive output node... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (canada) Inc.

20140077848 - Semiconductor device driving unit: A semiconductor device driving unit to supply a drive signal to a gate of a semiconductor switching device, the semiconductor device driving unit comprising: a plurality of gate impedance circuits selectably connectable to the gate of the semiconductor switching device; and a selector to select one or more of the... Agent: Control Techniques Limited

20140077847 - Semiconductor integrated circuit and electronic circuit: A semiconductor integrated circuit and an integrated circuit, each of which includes multiple regions containing at least one switchable region to switch between supplying power and blocking power individually; a power supply controller to control switching supplying power and blocking power in the switchable region that switches supplying power and... Agent: Richo Company, Ltd.

20140077846 - Switching element driver ic and switching element driver device equipped with the same: A switching element driver IC has one or more photocouplers, a driver circuit, a detection circuit and a setting circuit. The photocoupler receives setting data transmitted from a microcomputer, and transmits the received setting data to the setting circuit, wherein an input side as a high voltage side is electrically... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140077849 - Phase-locked loop with loop gain calibration, gain measurement method, gain calibration method and jitter measurement method for phase-locked loop: The invention provides a phase-locked loop with loop gain calibration and methods for measuring an oscillator gain, gain calibration and jitter measurement for a phase-locked loop. The method for measuring an oscillator gain of a phase-locked loop includes the steps of providing a varying code at an input end of... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20140077851 - Circuits, apparatuses, and methods for delay models: Circuits, apparatuses, and methods are disclosed for delay models. In one such example circuit, a first delay model circuit is configured to provide a first output signal by modeling a delay of a signal through a path. A second delay model circuit is configured to provide a second output signal... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140077850 - Jitter suppression in type i delay-locked loops: In one embodiment, a delay-locked loop (DLL) for synchronizing a phase of a periodic digital output signal with a phase of a periodic digital input signal includes a deskew element responsive to the periodic digital input signal to the DLL and the periodic digital output signal from the DLL for... Agent: Lightwire LLC

20140077852 - Delay line off-state control with power reduction: A method and apparatus is provided for controlling a delay line for achieving power reduction. The device comprises a delay lock loop to provide an output signal based upon a phase difference between a reference signal and a feedback signal, said delay lock loop comprising at least one delay circuit... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140077853 - Race free semi-dynamic d-type flip flop: Some of the embodiments of the present disclosure provide a D-type flip-flop, comprising a first latch configured to generate a sample enable signal, based on logical states of an input signal, and generate a sampled signal, based on logical states of the input signal and the sample enable signal; and... Agent: Marvell Israel (m.i.s.l) Ltd.

20140077854 - Sequential state elements radiation hardened by design: This disclosure relates generally to sequential state elements (SSEs). More specifically, embodiments of flip-flops are disclosed, along with computerized methods and systems of designing the same. In one embodiment, the flip-flop includes a substrate and subcircuits that are formed on the substrate. The subcircuits provide subfunctions, wherein each of the... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents, A Body Corporated Of The State Of Arizona, Acting For And On Behalf Of Ari

20140077855 - Master-slave flip-flop circuit: A master-slave flip-flop circuit includes: a master circuit to receive input data in a first state of a reference clock and hold the input data in a second state of the reference clock to output intermediary data; and a slave circuit to receive the intermediary data in the second state... Agent:

20140077856 - Integrated circuit device and method for self-heating an integrated circuit device: An integrated circuit device comprises a first clock signal source, arranged to provide at least one first clock signal; a second clock signal source, arranged to provide at least one second clock signal different from the at least one first clock signal; and a plurality of sequential logic cells, at... Agent: Freescale Semiconduction, Inc.

20140077857 - Configurable delay circuit: One embodiment sets forth a technique for delaying signals by varying amounts. A configurable delay circuit includes fixed and tri-state inverters. Pullup and pulldown transistors within one or more tri-state inverters may be activated to reduce the delay introduced by fixed inverters. The pullup and pulldown transistors within one or... Agent:

20140077858 - Digitally controlled delay: A digitally controlled delay device includes at least one delay generating gate device, whose propagation delay is controlled by limiting operating current by means of a tail transistor that is controlled by its gate voltage, a gate control voltage control means for controlling the current limiting transistor gate voltage, and... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140077859 - Clock signal generating circuit and power supply including the same: The present invention relates to a clock signal generating circuit and a power supply including the same. The present invention includes: a counter for counting one period of an input clock signal by using a reference clock signal, and generating a count signal; and a clock signal generator for receiving... Agent: Fairchild Korea Semiconductor Ltd.

20140077860 - Method and apparatus for performing offset adjustment upon dynamic comparator: An offset adjustment circuit of a dynamic comparator has a detection unit and a control unit. The detection unit detects whether a comparator offset possessed by the dynamic comparator is deviated from a target offset setting, and accordingly generates a detection result. The control unit adjusts a voltage setting of... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20140077861 - Interface circuit: An interface circuit includes a receiver, a first terminal resistor, a second terminal resistor, a switch circuit and a switch control circuit. The receiver has a first channel and a second channel. The first channel receives a first channel voltage, and the second channel receives a second channel voltage. According... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20140077862 - Electrical networks and methods of forming the same: Electrical networks are formed to produce an approximation of at least one desired performance characteristic, based on the recognition that fabrication variations introduce slight differences in electronic sub-networks which were intended to be identical. These fabrication differences are turned to an advantage by providing a pool of sub-networks, and then... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20140077863 - Switch control circuit, semiconductor device, and radio communication device: A switch control circuit has a first terminal, a second terminal, a third terminal, a serial-parallel converter, a selector, a driver circuit and a tri-state buffer. The serial-parallel converter converts a serial switching control signal inputted from the third terminal into first parallel switching control signals when the first terminal... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140077864 - Circuit for providing a voltage or a current: An electronic circuit for providing a voltage or a current linearly dependent on temperature within a temperature range, including at least two identical MOS transistors conducting the same drain current, each transistor having a fully depleted channel which is separated from a doped semiconductor region by an insulating layer, the... Agent:

20140077865 - Antenna lna filter for gnss device: Low-noise amplifier (LNA) filters and processes for filtering global navigation satellite system (GNSS) signals are disclosed. The LNA filters can be used to down-convert a received GNSS signal to a lower frequency, filter the GNSS signal at the lower frequency, and up-convert the GNSS signal to the original frequency of... Agent: Javad Gnss, Inc.

20140077866 - Field device and method of operating high voltage semiconductor device applied with the same: A field device and method of operating high voltage semiconductor device applied with the same are provided. The field device includes a first well having a second conductive type and second well having a first conductive type both formed in the substrate (having the first conductive type) and extending down... Agent: Macronix International Co., Ltd.

20140077867 - Bias voltage generating circuit and switching power supply thereof: Disclosed herein are bias voltage generating circuits configured for switching power supplies, and associated control methods. In one embodiment, a bias voltage generating circuit can include: (i) a first control circuit configured to compare a drain-source voltage of a switch against a bias voltage; (ii) a capacitor, with the bias... Agent: Silergy Semiconductor Technology (hangzhou) Ltd

20140077868 - Circuits for prevention of reverse leakage in vth-cancellation charge pumps: Techniques are presented to reduce reversion leakage in charge pump circuits. The exemplary circuit is a charge pump of the voltage doubler type, where the output of each leg is supplied through a corresponding output transistor. An auxiliary charge pump is used to supply the gates of the output transistors... Agent:

20140077869 - Method for modulating the impedance of an antenna circuit: An electromagnetic transponder includes an antenna circuit, a load, and a charge pump transistor having a current path coupled between the antenna circuit and the load. During operation, a retromodulated signal is transmitted at a first level by biasing the charge pump transistor during a first time period such that... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas

20140077870 - Digitally controlled non-inverting buck-boost dc-dc converter system: A digitally controlled non-inverting buck-boost DC-DC converter system including a non-inverting buck-boost DC-to-DC converter control module and a negative feedback module and applicable for a radio frequency circuit module is revealed. By locking a duty cycle to two specific levels, the non-inverting buck-boost DC-to-DC converter control module only needs a... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20140077871 - Power supply for localized portions of an integrated circuit: System and method system for regulating voltage in a portion of an integrated circuit. An integrated circuit has a voltage input and at least a portion that is less than all of the integrated circuit, which requires a local voltage level. A voltage selector establishes a target voltage for the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

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