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Miscellaneous active electrical nonlinear devices, circuits, and systems

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12/18/2014 > 30 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140368237 - Driving device: A driving device is disclosed, which relates to a technology for reducing consumption of a leakage current unnecessary for a driver circuit. The driving device includes: a pre-driver configured to output a drive control signal upon receiving a power-supply voltage in response to an input signal, and change a voltage... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140368239 - Semiconductor device: Provided is a semiconductor device with an output circuit in which a variation of a common voltage is suppressed in an idling mode and in a normal mode. The output circuit provided in the semiconductor device includes a first termination resistor and a second termination resistor and a drive circuit... Agent:

20140368238 - Semiconductor device and semiconductor system including the same: A semiconductor device includes a normal code generation unit capable of generating a normal code, a test code output unit capable of storing a plurality of preliminary test codes to output a test code in response to a test control signal, and a reference voltage generation unit capable of generating... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140368240 - Semiconductor device controllers: We describe a controller (130) for controlling a power semiconductor switching device (132) into a selected one of a plurality of states, the states including a fully-off state, a saturated-on state, and at least one intermediate state. The switching device controller includes a voltage sense input (142) to sense a... Agent:

20140368241 - Clock control device: A clock control device is disclosed, which relates to a technology for reducing the amount of current consumption when a semiconductor device operates at a high speed. The clock control device includes: a chip-select-signal control block configured to generate a chip-select-control signal by latching a chip select signal, and output... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140368242 - Method and apparatus for control of a digital phase locked loop (dpll) with exponentially shaped digitally controlled oscillator (dco): Various systems and methods utilizing a digitally controlled oscillator having frequency steps that increase in magnitude as a target output clock frequency increases are described. An integrated circuit in accordance with the disclosure includes a plurality of first transistor units fixedly coupled to an input voltage and a plurality of... Agent:

20140368243 - Clock phase adjusting circuit and semiconductor device including the same: A semiconductor device includes a buffer suitable for receiving an input signal, a clock buffer suitable for receiving a clock, a delay locked loop (DLL) suitable for delaying the clock to generate a delay locked clock, a code generation unit suitable for generating a digital code corresponding to 1/N of... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140368244 - Apparatuses and methods for duty cycle adjustment: Apparatuses and methods for duty cycle adjustment are disclosed herein. An example apparatus may include a node, a phase mixer, and a duty cycle adjuster circuit. The phase mixer may have a first step duty cycle response and may be configured to provide a first output signal to the node... Agent:

20140368245 - Duty rate detecter and semiconductor device using the same: A duty rate detection circuit includes a duty rate detection block suitable for outputting a duty rate detection signal by detecting a duty rate of a clock signal having a first logic duration and a second logic duration and an output control block suitable for comparing the number of the... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140368246 - Semiconductor device and method for operating the same: Provided are a semiconductor device and a method for operating a semiconductor device. The semiconductor device includes a clock generating unit receiving a reference clock and generating first and second clocks that are different from each other from the reference clock; a first latch configured to receive input data based... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140368247 - Novel low overhead hold-violation fixing solution using metal-programable cells: Techniques for fixing hold violations using metal-programmable cells are described herein. In one embodiment, a system comprises a first flip-flop, a second flip-flop, and a data path between the first and second flip-flops. The system further comprises a metal-programmable cell connected to the data path, wherein the metal-programmable cell is... Agent:

20140368248 - Flip-flop circuit and duty ratio correction circuit using the same: A flip-flop circuit includes a first unit configured to receive a reference clock signal and a reset signal, and a second unit configured to change an output node to a first level in response to the reference clock signal and change the output node to a second level by precharging... Agent:

20140368249 - Delay control circuit: The present invention relates to a delay control circuit and technology in which the amount of delay can be regularly maintained although Process, Voltage, and Temperature (PVT) conditions are changed. The delay control circuit of the present invention includes a ZQ calibration unit configured to generate an impedance code into... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140368250 - Method and system for delta double sampling: An array of sensors arranged in matched pairs of transistors with an output formed on a first transistor and a sensor formed on the second transistor of the matched pair. The matched pairs are arranged such that the second transistor in the matched pair is read through the output of... Agent:

20140368251 - Distortion compensation device: A distortion compensation device compensates a distortion component generated in a nonlinear circuit having a nonlinear input-output characteristic. The distortion compensation device includes a predistorter and an estimator. The predistorter converts an input signal into an inverse characteristic signal by using a compensation coefficient so that an estimation value of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140368252 - Input and output device and system including the same: An I/O device comprises a driving unit coupled between a first voltage and a second voltage, and configured to receive a first signal so as to drive a second signal for swing with a second swing range narrower than a first swing range between the first voltage and the second... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140368253 - Level conversion circuit and method for converting voltage level thereof: A level conversion circuit including a first level shifter and a second level shifter is provided. The first level shifter converts a first control voltage into a second control voltage during a voltage conversion period. The second level shifter is coupled to the first level shifter. The second level shifter... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20140368254 - Gate driver, switch control circuit and power supply device comprising the gate driver circuit: The present invention relates to a gate driving circuit, a switch control circuit including the gate driving circuit, and a power supply. The gate driving circuit generates a gate voltage of the power switch. The gate driving circuit includes: a delay control circuit generating a first control signal that controls... Agent:

20140368255 - Power source connection circuit: There is provided a power source connection circuit, when a switch having a low dielectric strength is employed, capable of preventing excessive power consumption when the switch between an input terminal and an output terminal is turned off, and also discharging electric charges accumulated in a gate of the switch.... Agent: Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation

20140368257 - Semiconductor switch: The present invention discloses a semiconductor switch comprising a switching unit. Said switching unit includes: a transistor having a drain, a gate and a source; a drain bias resistor coupled to the drain; a drain bias selecting circuit to couple the drain bias resistor with a first or a second... Agent:

20140368256 - Semiconductor systems: Semiconductor systems are provided. The semiconductor system includes a first semiconductor device and a second semiconductor device. The first semiconductor device includes a buffer circuit that outputs a drive signal generated according to a comparison result of an input signal and an output signal through a first node, drives a... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140368258 - Sensing element for semiconductor: An embodiment relates to a device comprising a high-side semiconductor, a low-side semiconductor, a first sensing element arranged adjacent to the high-side semiconductor. The first sensing element is isolated from the high-side semiconductor and the first sensing element is directly connectable to a processing device.... Agent:

20140368259 - Inferential sensing engine: Providing a fast response to a process step while allowing a sensor response to remain relatively slow. A mechanical component generates a response to a step change in a physical property and an electrical component generates an analog electrical signal indicative of the response generated by the mechanical component over... Agent: Invensys Systems, Inc.

20140368260 - Terminal apparatus and input correction method: A terminal apparatus includes a touch panel, a controller to detect a contact position of a first contact on the touch panel, a pressure applied by the first contact, a contact position of a second contact on the touch panel and a pressure applied by the second contact, and a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140368261 - Semiconductor devices and semiconductor systems including the same: Semiconductor systems are provided. The semiconductor system includes a controller and a semiconductor device. The controller generates a power voltage signal. The semiconductor device generates a power-up signal in response to the power voltage signal, generates a first selection pulse, a second selection pulse and an initialization pulse signal, generates... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140368262 - Efficient voltage doubler: A charge pump circuit using a voltage doubler-type of circuitry for generating an output voltage is described. An output generating stage uses a voltage double structure, except that the transistors in each leg are not cross-coupled to the other leg, but instead are controlled by an auxiliary section. The auxiliary... Agent:

20140368264 - Temperature/voltage detection circuit: A circuit includes a comparator unit, a capacitive device, and a switching network. The comparator unit is configured to set a control signal at a first logical value when an output voltage reaches a first voltage value from being less than the first voltage value, and to set the control... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140368263 - Voltage detection circuit and internal voltage generator using the same: A voltage detection circuit includes a voltage detection unit suitable for comparing a voltage level of a reference voltage terminal with a voltage level of an internal voltage terminal and for generating a detection signal based on a comparison result, a test reference voltage generating unit suitable for receiving an... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140368265 - Method and apparatus for acquiring noise reduced high frequency signals: A system and method receive the output signal from a capacitance diaphragm gauge (CDG) and generate a noise reduced output signal. An input signal processing circuit receives an input signal from a signal source that drives the CDG. The input signal processing circuit generates a segment of N normalized digital... Agent:

20140368266 - Integrated circuit packaging for implantable medical devices: A hybrid integrated circuit in a wafer level package for an implantable medical device includes one or more passive component windings formed, at least in part, along one or more routing layers of the package. The windings may be primary and secondary windings of a transformer, wherein all or part... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140361812 - Direct digital synthesizer, reference frequency generating device, and sine wave outputting method: A DDS achieved in size and cost reductions by removing a ROM for storing a table and the like and suppressing an operation amount is provided. A DDS includes an NCO, a DAC, and a BPF. The NCO outputs a sawtooth wave. The DAC converts either one of the sawtooth... Agent:

20140361811 - Synthesizer method utilizing variable frequency comb lines and frequency toggling: A variable frequency synthesizer and method of outputting the variable frequency is disclosed. The synthesizer comprises a first reference frequency, a direct digital synthesizer (DDS) receiving the first reference frequency and outputting a tuned frequency, a variable frequency comb generator receiving the tuned frequency and outputting a variable frequency comb... Agent:

20140361813 - Driver circuit with asymmetric boost: A circuit may include an input node configured to receive a signal and an output node configured to be coupled to a load. The circuit may also include a first circuit coupled between the input node and the output node, the first circuit being configured to receive the signal and... Agent:

20140361814 - High speed latch: An apparatus comprising a latch comprising a differential inverter configured to receive a differential input signal and generate a differential output signal, a pair of cross-coupled inverters coupled to the differential inverter, and a first clock switch configured to couple the differential inverter to a voltage source, a second clock... Agent:

20140361815 - Frequency doubler and related method of generating an oscillating voltage: A frequency doubling device suitable to generate an output terminal voltage oscillating at a differential frequency double the frequency of the input differential voltage, includes a first differential pair of P-type transistors and a second differential pair of N-type transistors controlled by the differential input voltage, as well as an... Agent:

20140361816 - Integrated circuit: An integrated circuit includes a reset control circuit suitable for outputting a reset signal when one of a first voltage and a second voltage has lower level than a reference level, and a reset execution circuit suitable for resetting a peripheral circuit based on the reset signal.... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140361817 - Phase-locked loop device with synchronization means: A phase-locked loop (PLL) device includes synchronization means suitable for synchronizing a frequency-converted signal produced by a frequency divider of the PLL device, with a reference signal supplied to the PLL device. A time duration of a frequency/phase lock acquisition step which is performed upon starting an operation of the... Agent: Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation

20140361818 - Semiconductor apparatus: A semiconductor apparatus includes: a variable delay unit configured to delay a reference clock signal in response to a delay code and generate a data latch clock signal; a delay amount control unit configured to convert a phase of external data and a phase of the data latch clock signal... Agent:

20140361820 - Digital power gating with controlled resume: An integrated circuit including a global supply bus, a gated supply bus, and a digital power gating system with controlled resume. The digital power gating system includes gating devices and a power gating control system. Each gating device has a pair of current terminals coupled between the global supply bus... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20140361819 - Digital power gating with state retention: A digital power gating system for performing power gating to reduce a voltage of a gated supply bus to a state retention voltage level that reduces leakage current while retaining a digital state of a functional circuit. The power gating system includes gating devices and a power gating control system.... Agent:

20140361821 - Low power high speed quadrature generator: An apparatus comprising a latch comprising a differential inverter configured to receive a differential input signal and generate a differential output signal, a pair of cross-coupled inverters coupled to the differential inverter, and a first clock switch configured to couple the differential inverter to a voltage source, a second clock... Agent:

20140361822 - Fine pulse generator and method for generating fine pulse: There are provided a pulse generator capable of securing a maximum transfer rate of an IR-UWB signal, while maintaining low power consumption characteristics of an all-digital scheme, and a method for generating a fine pulse. A bandwidth of a fine pulse is determined by adjusting a difference in delay time... Agent:

20140361823 - Digital power gating with global voltage shift: A system which may be implemented on an integrated circuit including a global supply bus, a gated supply bus, a functional circuit receiving voltage from the gated supply bus, and a digital power gating system. The digital power gating system includes gating devices, a power gating control system, and a... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20140361824 - Clock integrated circuit: The clock circuit of an integrated circuit operates with variations such as temperature, ground noise, and power noise. Various aspects of an improved clock integrated circuit address one or more of the variations in temperature, ground noise, and power noise.... Agent: Macronix International Co., Ltd.

20140361825 - Switch circuit: Provided is a switch circuit capable of reliably controlling the transmission or interruption of a voltage of from GND to VDD to an internal circuit even when a positive or negative voltage is input to an input terminal. By adding PMOS transistors to NMOS transistors constituting the switch circuit and... Agent:

20140361826 - Device, sensor and method for detecting the presence of a user for the opening of an access point to a motor vehicle: A device for detecting the presence of a user for the unlocking of an access point to a motor vehicle, includes a first generator of a first supply voltage, a detection capacitor adapted to be charged on account of the presence of a user, and a storage capacitor defining at... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20140361827 - High voltage ring pump with inverter stages and voltage boosting stages: A multi-stage device for boosting an input voltage is discussed. Each stage of the device comprises a stage of a ring oscillator and a charge pump. An oscillating signal, generated by the ring oscillator within the device, drives the charge pump in each stage of the device. The charge pumps... Agent: Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

20140361828 - Digital power gating with programmable control parameter: An integrated circuit including a global supply bus, a gated supply bus, a functional circuit coupled to the gated supply bus, a programmable device that stores a programmed control parameter, and a digital power gating system. The digital power gating system includes gating devices and a power gating control system.... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

12/04/2014 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140354332 - Signal transmission device: A signal transmission device includes a driver chip and a receiver. The driver chip is connected to a signal source to receive a first signal. The driver chip compensates the first signal into a second signal according to a preset coefficient. The driver chip outputs the second signal to the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin I Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140354333 - Self-selected variable power integrated circuit: A self-selected variable power integrated circuit (IC) which maximizes manufacturing yield and reduces system design cost and related methods are disclosed. The method includes determining characteristics of an integrated circuit (IC). The method includes determining a module specific voltage of the IC to meet a designed target frequency and power... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140354334 - Circuit and method of adjusting system clock in low voltage detection, and low voltage reset circuit: The present invention discloses a circuit and a method of adjusting system clock in low voltage detection, and a low voltage reset circuit. The circuit of adjusting system clock in low voltage detection comprises: a clock generator for supplying a clock to at least one circuit in a system; and... Agent:

20140354335 - Digital phase locked loop with hybrid delta-sigma phase/frequency detector: A PLL includes independent frequency-locking and phase-locking operational modes. In addition, the PLL includes a hybrid (e.g., mixed-analog/digital signal) 2nd-order delta-sigma (DS) phase/frequency detector. The detector may be implemented based on a continuous-time 1st-order DS Analog to Digital (ADC) converter. The ADC may be enhanced to 2nd-order by using, e.g.,... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140354336 - Digital pll with hybrid phase/frequency detector and digital noise cancellation: Digital phase-locked loop (PLL) with dynamic hybrid (mixed analog/digital signal) delta-sigma (ΔΣ) phase/frequency detector (ΔΣ PFD). A hybrid 2nd-order ΔΣ PFD may be implemented based on a continuous-time 1st-order ΔΣ analog-to-digital converter (ADC) enhanced to 2nd-order via closed loop frequency detection. Fine resolution encoding of the ΔΣ PFD output facilitates... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140354337 - I/o data retention device: An apparatus for controlling retention of data includes a logic circuit, a retention control cell circuit, and an I/O cell circuit. The logic circuit generates at least one retention enable signal before a chip enters a reduced power mode. The retention control cell circuit latches the retention enable signal and... Agent:

20140354338 - Length-of-diffusion protected circuit and method of design: A circuit includes a pulsed-latch circuit. The pulsed-latch circuit includes a first plurality of transistors. One or more of the first plurality of transistors is length-of-diffusion (LOD) protected.... Agent:

20140354339 - Semiconductor devices: The semiconductor device includes an internal clock generator, a shift signal generator and a first control signal generator. The internal clock generator generates a first internal clock signal and a second internal clock signal in response to an external clock signal. The shift signal generator shifts a clock enable signal... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140354341 - Chip instrumentation for in-situ clock domain characterization: Chip instrumentation determines, in-situ, an allowable increase over product specification in the operating frequency of at least one clock domain in an integrated circuit for a given set of environmental, power supply and/or functionality constraints. Information on the allowable increase in operating frequency for the at least one clock domain... Agent:

20140354340 - Fast settling charge pump with frequency hopping: Embodiments provide, among other things, a circuit including a frequency generator and a charge pump. In embodiments, the frequency generator may be configured to provide the charge pump with a clock signal at a first frequency for a predefined period of time. Thereafter, the frequency generator may provide the charge... Agent:

20140354342 - Compact level shifter: Embodiments of the present invention provide a device for level shifting an input signal. The device includes an output buffer that has: an output node, a p-FET coupled to a high reference voltage, and an n-FET coupled to a low reference voltage. The device also includes two latches. The first... Agent:

20140354343 - Analog integrator system and method: Systems and methods are disclosed to integrate signals. Some embodiments include an integrator comprising an active input; a passive input; a first integrator having a first integrator input and a first integrator output; a second integrator having a second integrator input and a second integrator output; a first plurality of... Agent:

20140354344 - Test and measurement instrument including asynchronous time-interleaved digitizer using harmonic mixing: A test and measurement instrument including a splitter configured to split an input signal having a particular bandwidth into a plurality of split signals, each split signal including substantially the entire bandwidth of the input signal; a plurality of harmonic mixers, each harmonic mixer configured to mix an associated split... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20140354345 - Switch control circuit, switching power supply, and electronic apparatus: A switch control circuit that includes a control unit configured to generate a control signal; a switch driving unit configured to drive a switch element based on the control signal; and a slew rate adjusting unit configured to control the switch driving unit to change a slew rate of the... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140354346 - Power management during wakeup: A circuit comprises a first set of first transistors and a second set of transistors. The first transistors are configured to be turned on in a sequential manner. The second transistors are configured to be turned on in a sequential manner after the first transistors are turned on. A transistor... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140354347 - Bipolar transistor, band-gap reference circuit and virtual ground reference circuit: The present invention provides a bipolar transistor, a method for forming the bipolar transistor, a method for turning on the bipolar transistor, and a band-gap reference circuit, virtual ground reference circuit and double band-gap reference circuit with the bipolar transistor. The bipolar transistor includes: a Silicon-On-Insulator wafer; a base area,... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (beijing) Corporation

20140354348 - Apparatus and methods for variable capacitor arrays: Apparatus and methods for variable capacitor arrays are provided herein. In certain configurations, an apparatus includes a variable capacitor array and a bias voltage generation circuit. The variable capacitor array includes a plurality of metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) variable capacitor cells, which include one or more pairs of MOS capacitors... Agent: Newlans, Inc.

20140354349 - Charge pump and method of having negative output voltage tracking positive output voltage thereof: A method having a negative output voltage at a negative output terminal of a charge pump tracking a positive output voltage at a positive output terminal of the charge pump. The charge pump comprises a plurality of switches and each of the plurality of switches has a serially coupled resistance.... Agent: Chengdu Monolithic Power Systems, Inc.

20140354350 - Self-healing technique for high frequency circuits: A self-healing monolithic integrated includes an electronic circuit having a plurality of transistors. At least one sensor is disposed within and electrically coupled to the electronic circuit and configured to sense a performance metric of the electronic circuit. A plurality of actuators is disposed within the circuit. Each actuator of... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140354351 - Chopping circuit for multiple output currents: A circuit for reducing flicker noise includes a first current source coupled to an input current. The circuit includes current minors to generate output currents in response to the input current. The output currents include the flicker noise. In addition, the circuit includes a chopping circuit to reduce the flicker... Agent: Cirel Systems Private Limited

11/27/2014 > 22 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140347100 - Method and apparatus for determining time-varying limitations of a power source: A low-power method and apparatus is provided for adapting to time-varying limitations of a power source, such as a vehicle power source which is in a more-limited state when the engine is off. The supply voltage is monitored for changes using an unclocked, low-power first stage having an analog section,... Agent: Sierra Wireless, Inc.

20140347101 - Optimal hvdc by-pass point-on-wave inductive load switching: The invention relates to a method of opening a shunt switch carrying a current, the switch being connected in parallel with at least one thyristor of a high voltage DC network, interruption of the current flowing through the switch being initiated at the time of a current zero of the... Agent:

20140347102 - Anti-shoot-through automatic multiple feedback gate drive control circuit: Automatic and robust anti-shoot-through glitch-free operation of half-bridge control pre-driver and power stage circuits have been achieved by using multiple feedback control signals. These feedback signals are taken both from the gates of power devices on high side and low sides and from the gates of one or more devices... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20140347103 - Fault-tolerant power semiconductor switching device control system: We describe a fault-tolerant power semiconductor switching device control system (100), the control system comprising: a coordinating control system (110); and a plurality of switching device controllers (120) each coupled to said coordinating control system and each configured to control a respective power semiconductor switching device (130); wherein said coordinating... Agent:

20140347104 - Circuit for generating a voltage waveform: A circuit for generating a voltage waveform at an output node. The circuit includes a voltage rail connected to the output node via a voltage rail switch; an anchor node connected to the output node via an inductor and a bidirectional switch, wherein the bidirectional switch includes two or more... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140347105 - Compensation of slow time-varying variations in voltage controlled oscillator (vco) frequency in cellular transceivers: Various configurations and arrangements of systems and methods for compensating for variations in VCO output frequencies are described. A system in accordance with the disclosure can include an oscillator circuit including an oscillator, a first variable capacitance diode coupled to the oscillator and a second variable capacitance diode coupled to... Agent:

20140347106 - Delay-locked loop (dll) operation mode controller circuit and method for controlling thereof: A delay-locked loop (DLL) operation mode control circuit and corresponding method are provided in which one of the output values from a display driver IC (DDI) is detected to switch a DLL block to standby mode. In examples, a CLKP/N frequency and CLKP/N common terminal voltage status are used to... Agent: Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

20140347107 - Delay-locked loop (dll) circuit apparatus and method for locking thereof: A DLL circuit apparatus and a DLL locking method are provided. A control signal voltage value corresponding to a DLL locking state is stored, and a DLL unlocking state is detected when a change in control signal voltage value or a phase difference of clock signals occurs. When the DLL... Agent: Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

20140347108 - Method and apparatus for source-synchronous signaling: A low-power, high-performance source-synchronous chip interface which provides rapid turn-on and facilitates high signaling rates between a transmitter and a receiver located on different chips is described in various embodiments. Some embodiments of the chip interface include, among others: a segmented “fast turn-on” bias circuit to reduce power supply ringing... Agent:

20140347110 - Capacitive load pll with calibration loop: A circuit includes a capacitive-load voltage controlled oscillator having an input configured to receive a first input signal and an output configured to output an oscillating output signal. A calibration circuit is coupled to the voltage controlled oscillator and is configured to output one or more control signals to the... Agent:

20140347109 - Hybrid phase-locked loops: A circuit may include an oscillator configured to generate an output signal based on an analog signal and a digital signal and a controller configured to generate an offset signal based on a comparison of a first analog control signal and a second analog control signal. The circuit may also... Agent: IntelIPCorporation

20140347111 - Slew rate control for multiple voltage domains: A reference output device includes a low side selector configured to select a first voltage level as an output signal. The output signal is a reference voltage. The reference output device also includes a high side selector configured to select a second voltage level as the output signal. The reference... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140347112 - Variable pulse width signal generator: The present invention concerns a signal generator circuit powered by a supply voltage and including flip flop means including a first input to which is connected a continuous input signal whose amplitude is defined, a second input to which is connected a clock signal whose duty cycle is defined, and... Agent: Em Microelectronic-marin Sa

20140347114 - Negative edge flip-flop with dual-port slave latch: In an embodiment of the invention, a flip-flop circuit contains a 2-input multiplexer, a master latch, a transfer gate and a slave latch. The scan enable control signals SE and SEN of the multiplexer determine whether data or scan data is input to the master latch. The clock signals CLK... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140347113 - Positive edge flip-flop with dual-port slave latch: In an embodiment of the invention, a flip-flop circuit contains a 2-input multiplexer, a master latch, a transfer gate and a slave latch. The scan enable control signals SE and SEN of the multiplexer determine whether data or scan data is input to the master latch. The clock signals CLK... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140347116 - Level shift circuit: A level shift circuit of an embodiment includes first and second MOSFETs using signals with phases same as and opposite to the phase of an input signal as gate inputs; first and second resistance elements, each having one end connected to a shift level power terminal that supplies high-level output... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140347115 - Voltage level translator: A voltage level translator includes an inverter circuit configured to switch an output of the inverter circuit between a first voltage level and a second voltage level. The voltage level translator also includes a capacitor connected to the output of the inverter circuit. The voltage level translator also includes a... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140347117 - Impedance transformer for use with a quadrature passive cmos mixer: An impedance transformer for use with a quadrature passive mixer is disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus includes a mixer configured to generate an up-converted signal at a mixer output port in response to local oscillator (LO) signals, and an impedance transformer configured to provide a complex impedance at... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140347118 - Electronic switch with compensation of non-linear distortions: An electronic switch contains an input terminal, and output terminal and at least one first switch element, which provides a voltage-dependent characteristic. In this context, the first switch element connects the input terminal to the output terminal in a selective manner. The electronic switch further comprises a compensation element, which... Agent: Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140347119 - Circuit arrangement: A circuit arrangement including a first transistor, a second transistor and a third transistor. The first transistor and the second transistor are configured so that the current flowing through the first transistor is proportional to the current flowing through the second transistor and the third transistor. The first transistor, the... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140347120 - Controlled transformation of non-transient electronics: Systems and methods of the invention generally relate to altering the functionality of a non-transient electronic device. A container holding an agent is located proximal to a non-transient electronic device capable of performing at least one function. The agent is capable of rendering the device incapable of performing the at... Agent: Transient Electronics, Inc.

20140347121 - Local voltage control for isolated transistor arrays: Self-biasing transistor switching circuitry includes a main transistor, a biasing transistor, a first capacitor, and a second capacitor. The body of the main transistor is isolated from the gate, the drain, and the source of the main transistor by an insulating layer. The first capacitor is coupled between the source... Agent:

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