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Mineral oils: processes and products

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12/18/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140367309 - Process for upgrading a heavy hydrocarbon feedstock: The present invention provides a process for upgrading a heavy hydrocarbon mixture, said process comprising: i) dividing said heavy hydrocarbon mixture into at least a first portion and a second portion, wherein said first portion comprises 10-45% wt of the heavy hydrocarbon mixture and said second portion comprises 90-55% wt... Agent:

20140367310 - Catalyst for a hydrodgenation dewaxing process and method for manufacturing same: The present invention relates to a bifunctional catalyst for a hydrodewaxing process with improved isomerization selectivity, and to a method for manufacturing the same, and more particularly to a bifunctional catalyst and to a method for manufacturing same, which is characterized in that EU-2 zeolite with a controlled degree of... Agent:

20140367311 - Silica containing alumina supports, catalysts made therefrom and processes using the same: Alumina support compositions comprising at least 0.1 wt % of silica are disclosed. The alumina support are characterized by a pore volume of greater than 0.60 cc/g, a median pore size ranging from about 70 to about 120, a pore size distribution such that at least 90% of the total... Agent: Advanced Refining Technologies LLC

12/11/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140360917 - Method of preparing iron carbide/carbon nanocomposite catalyst containing potassium for high temperature fischer-tropsch synthesis reaction and the iron carbide/carbon nanocomposite catalyst prepared thereby, and method of manufacturing liquid hydrocarbon: This invention relates to a method of preparing an iron carbide/carbon nanocomposite catalyst containing potassium for high temperature Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis reaction and the iron carbide/carbon nanocomposite catalyst prepared thereby, and a method of manufacturing a liquid hydrocarbon using the same and a liquid hydrocarbon manufactured thereby, wherein a porous... Agent:

20140360918 - Hydrocracking process with feed/bottoms treatment: A hydrocracking process is provided for treating a first heavy hydrocarbon feedstream and a second heavy hydrocarbon feedstream, in which the first heavy hydrocarbon feedstream contains undesired nitrogen-containing compounds, sulfur-containing compounds and poly-nuclear aromatic compounds. The process includes contacting the first heavy hydrocarbon feedstream with adsorbent material to produce an... Agent:

20140360919 - Fluid distribution device: h

20140360920 - Process for demulsification of crude oil in water emulsions by means of natural or synthetic amino acid-based demulsifiers: The present invention relates to a process for breaking of preferred, but not exclusive, oil-in-water emulsions (O/W) and water separation from crude oil emulsions using surfactants as demulsifying agents derived from natural or synthetic amino acids, which are water soluble. The surfactants are of the methanesulfonate series of glycine ester... Agent:

20140360921 - Catalytic system, process for the preparation of said system and hydrotreatment process using said system: The catalytic system comprising a nucleus containing a supported hydrotreatment, hydrogenation and/or cracking catalyst or a carrier selected from an amorphous silico-aluminate, a crystalline silico-aluminate and/or an alumina characterized in that the surface of said nucleus is partially or totally covered by a layer of molybdenite. The relative preparation process... Agent:

20140360923 - Method and device for extraction of liquids from a solid particle material: A method, system, and device for separating oil from oil sands or oil shale is disclosed. The method includes heating the oil sands, spinning the heated oil sands, confining the sand particles mechanically, and recovering the oil substantially free of the sand. The method can be used without the addition... Agent:

20140360922 - Producing improved upgraded heavy oil: A method is provided to produce a clean resid from a heavy hydrocarbon, the method including the steps of: feeding a heavy hydrocarbon to a conversion unit to convert at least a portion of the heavy hydrocarbon to lighter products and producing a resid, the resid comprising at least ten... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140353207 - Heavy fossil hydrocarbon conversion and upgrading using radio-frequency or microwave energy: Conversion of heavy fossil hydrocarbons (HFH) to a variety of value-added chemicals and/or fuels can be enhanced using microwave (MW) and/or radio-frequency (RF) energy. Variations of reactants, process parameters, and reactor design can significantly influence the relative distribution of chemicals and fuels generated as the product. In one example, a... Agent:

20140353208 - Hydrocarbon conversion processes using ionic liquids: A method of hydrocarbon conversion is described. The hydrocarbon feed is decontaminated using an ionic liquid and introduced into a conversion zone. The conversion of the decontaminated feed is increased compared to the conversion of the contaminated feed and the yield of the desired product made from the decontaminated hydrocarbon... Agent:

20140353209 - Process for treating a naphtha stream: One exemplary embodiment can be a process for treating a naphtha stream. The process may include providing the naphtha stream to a fractionation zone. The fractionation zone may include a fractionation column producing a first stream having one or more C5− hydrocarbons and a second stream withdrawn at a lower... Agent:

20140353210 - Methods and systems for producing reduced resid and bottomless products from heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks: The present invention is directed to the upgrading of heavy petroleum oils of high viscosity and low API gravity that are typically not suitable for pipelining without the use of diluents. The method comprises introducing a particulate heat carrier into an up-flow reactor, introducing the feedstock at a location above... Agent:

20140353211 - Process for mild hydrocracking of heavy hydrocarbon fractions with optimized thermal integration: This invention describes a process for mild hydrocracking of heavy hydrocarbon fractions of the vacuum distillate type or the deasphalted oil type with optimized thermal integration for the purpose of reducing the cost of the exchangers that are used as well as greenhouse gas emissions.... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20140353212 - Oxidative desulfurization of hydrocarbons: i

20140353213 - Hydroprocessing catalyst composition containing a heterocyclic polar compound, a method of making such a catalyst, and a process of using such catalyst: A composition that comprises a support material having incorporated therein a metal component and impregnated with an additive compound that is selected from the group of heterocyclic, polar compounds of the formula CxHnNyOz; wherein: x is an integer of at least 3; y is either 0, 1, 2, or 3;... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20140353214 - Petroleum crude oil desalting process and unit: An improved method and process unit for desalting petroleum crude oils in which a portion of the stable emulsion layer which forms in the desalter vessel is withdrawn from the desalter and diluted with a liquid diluent, typically oil or water or both to destabilize the emulsion which is then... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20140353215 - Process and apparatus for recovering lpg from psa tail gas: A process for recovering liquefied petroleum gas from tail gas includes recovering a tail gas stream from a pressure swing adsorption zone and contacting the tail gas stream with a sponge liquid such as an unstabilized reformate liquid stream in order to recover C3+ hydrocarbons from the tail gas stream.... Agent: Uop LLC

20140353216 - Separation of hydrocarbon families or of individual components by consecutive extractive distillations performed in a single column: A column for consecutive extractive distillations, in particular of crude hydrocarbon mixes comprising aromatic, naphthene and paraffin hydrocarbons. The invention also relates to methods for separating and recovering the components of a crude hydrocarbon mix comprising aromatic, naphthene and paraffin hydrocarbons by consecutive extractive distillations provided by means of the... Agent: Sime S.r.l.

11/27/2014 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140346085 - Method of preparing pitch for carbon fiber: Disclosed herein is a method of preparing an isotropic pitch for carbon fiber having a high softening point, and more particularly, a method of preparing an isotropic pitch for carbon fiber by mixing petroleum residues with C9 fraction to form a mixture and then heating the mixture to perform heat... Agent: Gs Caltex Corporation

20140346086 - Distributor device for a multiple-bed downflow reactor: The invention relates to a device and method for distributing a liquid and gas in a multiple-bed downflow reactor, such as a hydrocarbon processing reactor, like a hydrocracker. The device comprises respectively the method uses a distributor device comprising a substantially horizontal collecting tray provided with a central gas passage.... Agent:

20140346087 - Catalysts for hydrodesulfurization: Phosphoranimide-metal catalysts and their role in hydrodesulfurization and hydrogenation are disclosed. The catalysts comprise of first row transition metals such as nickel, cobalt and iron. The catalysts have a metal to anionic phosphoranimide ratio of 1:1 and have no inactive bulk phase and no dative ancillary ligands. In one embodiment,... Agent: Governors Of The University Of Alberta

20140346089 - Low interfacial tension surfactants for petroleum applications: The invention relates to a class of novel surfactants that have utility in the recovery and/or extraction of oil.... Agent:

20140346088 - Treatment of poor processing bitumen froth using supercritical fluid extraction: A method for extracting hydrocarbons from a poor processing bitumen froth is provided comprising subjecting a bitumen, solids and water slurry to flotation in a flotation device to produce the poor processing bitumen froth; optionally subjecting the poor processing bitumen froth to centrifugation to remove a portion of the water... Agent: Syncrude Canada Ltd. In Trust For The Owners Of The Syncrude Project

20140346090 - Enzymatic depolymerization and solubilization of chemically pretreated coal and coal-derived constituents: Use of chemical pretreatment agents on the subsequent enzymatic conversion of coal is described. As an example, fungal manganese peroxidase (MnP) produced by the agaric white-rot fungus Bjerkandera adusta, where the enzyme MnP has little effect on the untreated coal controls, was investigated. The nature of pretreatment agents and their... Agent:

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