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Mineral oils: processes and products

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01/22/2015 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150021231 - Blends of synthetic diesel fuel and petroleum diesel fuel with improved performance characteristics: The present invention provides a blended fuel and methods for producing the blended fuel, wherein a synthetic fuel derived from a alternative resources such as natural gas, associated gas, biomass, or other feedstocks is blended with a traditional, petroleum derived fuel. A blended fuel which includes greater than 5% by... Agent:

20150021232 - High power fuel compositions: e

20150021233 - Sequential slurry hydroconversion of heavy oils: Systems and methods are provided for sequential slurry hydroconversion of heavy oil feedstocks. One or more low pressure slurry hydroconversion stages can be used to perform a majority of the conversion of a heavy oil feedstock. The bottoms from the low pressure stages can then be slurry hydroconverted in one... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20150021234 - Process for refining a hydrocarbon feedstock of the vacuum residue type using selective deasphalting, a hydrotreatment and a conversion of the vacuum residue for production of gasoline and light olefins: The invention relates to a process for refining a heavy feedstock of the vacuum residue type. Selective deasphalting of the feedstock is conducted in a single-stage liquid/liquid extraction in an extractant. Extraction is carried out by means of a mixture of at least one polar solvent and at least one... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20150021235 - Method and system for providing fuel gas to a topside facility: A method for providing fuel gas to a top-side processing system of a sub-sea well stream is provided. The method comprises separating the sub-sea well stream in a sub-sea arranged three phase separator obtaining a crude oil stream, and a crude natural gas stream, separating acid gasses and/or water from... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 8 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150014216 - Slurry hydroconversion with high activity catalysts: Systems and methods are provided for slurry hydroconversion of a heavy oil feed, such as an atmospheric or vacuum resid. The systems and methods allow for slurry hydroconversion using catalysts with enhanced activity. The catalysts with enhanced activity can be used in conjunction with demetallization catalysts or catalysts that can... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20150014217 - Integrated hydrocracking and slurry hydroconversion of heavy oils: Improved yields of fuels and/or lubricants from a resid or other heavy oil feed can be achieved using slurry hydroconversion to convert at least about 90 wt % of the feed. The converted portion of the feed can then be passed into one or more hydroprocessing stages. An initial processing... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20150014218 - Hydrotreating process and apparatus: A process for hydrotreating full range naphtha is disclosed including the steps of passing a vapor stream composed of naphtha hydrocarbons to a first catalyst bed of a hydrotreating reactor, passing a liquid stream composed of naphtha hydrocarbons to a second catalyst bed of the hydrotreating reactor, and recovering a... Agent:

20150014219 - Method and apparatus for separating evaporatable components from a fluid: A method and an apparatus for separating evaporatable components from a heated fluid (2) are described. The heated fluid (2) is subdivided into two partial fluid streams (2t) of equal size, and the partial fluid streams (2t) are introduced in such a way at an angle of incidence (α) different... Agent:

20150014221 - Composition, method, and apparatus for crude oil remediation: Crude oil-contaminated objects are remediated by mixing crude oil-contaminated objects with an aqueous solution including co-solvents, electrolytes, and anionic surfactants. The co-solvents are selected from the group consisting of secondary butyl alcohol and isopropanol. The electrolytes are selected from the group consisting of calcium chloride and sodium chloride. The aqueous... Agent:

20150014223 - Methods for recovering and/or removing reagents from porous media: A composition and method for displacing, dissolving, extracting, recovering, and/or removing solvent and/or any solvent-associated liquids from a solvent-treated material or penetrating through pores or the surface of a solvent-treated material using a solvent-extracting composition for contacting solvent-treated material and separating the solvent and any solvent-associated liquids from the solvent-treated... Agent: Green Source Energy LLC

20150014220 - Process for producing a bitumen product: Disclosed is a process for producing a high quality bitumen product derived from oil sand. The process for producing the high quality bitumen product involves a dual phase bitumen extraction process. In this dual phase process, a very high quality deasphalted crude oil is extracted from the oil sand in... Agent: Epic Oil Extractors

20150014222 - Systems and methods for using gas to liquids (gtl) technology: Systems and methods for using different output from gas to liquids (GTL) plants are described.... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150008156 - Bitumen: A bitumen, characterized in that said bitumen is a mixture.... Agent:

20150008157 - Slurry hydroconversion and coking of heavy oils: Systems and methods are provided for use of coking and slurry hydroconversion for conversion of heavy oil feeds. The combination of coking and slurry hydroconversion allows for improved yield of liquid products while reducing or minimizing the consumption of hydrogen in slurry hydroconversion reaction stages. Coking and slurry hydroconversion can... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20150008158 - Integrated hydrotreating and isomerization process with aromatic separation: Deep desulfurization of hydrocarbon feeds containing undesired organosulfur compounds to produce a hydrocarbon product having low levels of sulfur, i.e., 15 ppmw or less of sulfur, is achieved by hydrotreating the feed under mild conditions, and separating the hydrotreated effluent into an aromatic-rich fraction which contains a substantial amount of... Agent:

20150008159 - Separation of selected asphaltenes from a hydrocarbon-containing feedstock: Toluene-insoluble hydrocarbon-containing compounds are selectively separated from a hydrocarbon-containing feedstock containing at least 5 wt. % n-heptane insoluble hydrocarbon-containing materials, wherein at least 10 wt. % of the n-heptane insoluble hydrocarbon-containing materials are toluene insoluble hydrocarbon-containing materials, by contacting the hydrocarbon-containing feedstock with a porous silica adsorbent having a median... Agent:

20150008160 - Systems and processes for improving distillate yield and quality: Systems and processes for improving quality and yield of one or more distillate products generated in a distillation column are disclosed. The system comprises a feed inlet distributor that reduces the amount of liquid entrained in vapor rising from the feed zone of the distillation column, a wash zone collection... Agent:

20150008161 - Method for reducing rag layer volume in stationary froth treatment: A method for reducing rag layer volume in a stationary bitumen froth treatment process is provided, comprising subjecting dilfroth having a naphtha diluent to bitumen ratio of about 0.7 to gravity settling in a splitter vessel to produce an overflow stream of raw dilbit and an underflow stream of splitter... Agent: Syncrude Canada Ltd. In Trust For The Owners Of The Syncrude Project

01/01/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150001129 - Process and apparatus for producing diesel: A process and apparatus is disclosed for pretreating a hydrocarbon stream in a hydrotreating reactor and separating the diesel materials from the pretreated effluent before the heavier liquid materials are fed to a hydrocracking unit. Thus diesel materials are preserved but recovered along with the hydrocracked effluent. A recovered diesel... Agent:

20150001130 - Steam cracking process and system with integral vapor-liquid separation: An integrated vapor-liquid separation device is provided in conjunction with a steam pyrolysis cracking unit operation. In certain aspects, a feed is charged to the inlet of a convection portion of a steam pyrolysis unit where the feed is heated to conditions effective for steam cracking The convection section effluent... Agent:

20150001131 - Process for producing caking additive for coke production and process for producing coke: A process for producing a caking additive for coke production, the process including a step of extracting a solvent deasphalted pitch that can be used as a caking additive for coke production from a residue containing at least one of an atmospheric residue obtained by atmospheric distillation of a crude... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20150001132 - Epoxide-based hydrogen sulfide scavengers: Disclosed herein are scavenging compounds and compositions useful in applications relating to the production, transportation, storage, and separation of crude oil and natural gas. Also disclosed herein are methods of using the compounds and compositions as scavengers, particularly in applications relating to the production, transportation, storage, and separation of crude... Agent:

20150001133 - Process for removing gases from a sweetened hydrocarbon stream, and an appartus relating thereto: One exemplary embodiment can be a process for removing gases from a sweetened hydrocarbon stream. The process can include passing the sweetened hydrocarbon stream to a gas removal zone, contacting the sweetened hydrocarbon stream with an aqueous stream, passing the aqueous stream to the degassing drum, and removing gases including... Agent:

20150001134 - Process for in-situ electrochemical oxidative generation and conversion of organosulfur compounds: Hydrocarbon feedstocks are desulfurized by conversion of organosulfur compounds in a mixture of hydrocarbons into sulfoxides and/or sulfones. The oxidant used to promote oxidation of organosulfur-compounds is electrosynthesized in-situ.... Agent:

20150001135 - Process for desulfurization of naphtha using ionic liquids: A process has been developed in which some of the sulfur in a naphtha feed is removed using ionic liquids. The ionic liquid desulfurization step, which operates at low temperatures and pressures, is followed by a catalytic hydrodesulfurizaton step.... Agent:

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