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Mineral oils: processes and products

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04/16/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150101960 - System and process for injecting catalyst and/or additives into a fluidized catalytic cracking unit: Systems for loading catalyst and/or additives into a fluidized catalytic cracking unit are disclosed. Methods of making and using the systems are also disclosed.... Agent:

20150101961 - Mesoporous fcc catalysts with excellent attrition resistance: This application discloses a mesoporous catalyst formed by combining a matrix precursor treated with a polyphosphate, and a metallic oxide treated with a cationic electrolyte. The combined treatment with the polyphosphate and cationic polyelectrolyte yields unexpected improvements in attrition resistance, while maintaining high overall pore volume, even as the ratio... Agent:

20150101962 - Feed delivery system for a froth settling unit: Embodiments of a feedwell discharge a solvent treated bitumen-containing froth feed to a froth settling vessel at a Richardson number less than 1.0. Feed is discharged from feedwell inlets to the vessel, either located at a center of the vessel or at a perimeter wall of the vessel along a... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150096922 - Process for reactivating an iron-contaminated fcc catalyst: A process for reactivating an iron-contaminated FCC catalyst is disclosed. The process comprises contacting the iron-contaminated FCC catalyst with an iron transfer agent. The iron transfer agent comprises a magnesia-alumina hydrotalcite material that contains a modifier selected from the group consisting of calcium, manganese, lanthanum, iron, zinc, or phosphate.... Agent:

20150096923 - Methods and apparatuses for desulfurizing hydrocarbon streams: Methods and apparatuses for desulfurizing hydrocarbon streams are provided herein. In one embodiment, a method for desulfurizing a hydrocarbon stream includes separating the hydrocarbon stream into a heavier fraction and a lighter fraction. The heavier fraction includes a relatively higher amount of lower octane mono-unsaturates and the lighter fraction includes... Agent: Uop LLC

04/02/2015 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150090631 - Method for preparing stabilized hydrocarbon oil blend: Disclosed herein are a method of preparing a hydrocarbon oil blend having superior storage stability using a novel stability prediction model that is quick, easy and reliable; and a method of predicting the stability of a hydrocarbon blend.... Agent:

20150090632 - Method for producing jet fuel composition, and jet fuel composition: An object is to provide a method for producing a jet fuel composition capable of producing a jet fuel composition with excellent quality at a high yield even when a jet fuel blendstock derived from an FT synthesis oil is used, and a jet fuel composition produced by the production... Agent:

20150090633 - Synthesis of acidic silica to upgrade heavy feeds: A method and a product made by treating a sulfur-containing hydrocarbon heavy feed, e.g., heavy crude asphaltene reduction is disposed herein. The method comprises the steps of: mixing the sulfur-containing hydrocarbon heavy feed with a hydrogen donor solvent and an addled silica to form a mixture and oxidizing the sulfur... Agent:

20150090634 - Process for producing transportation fuels from oil sands-derived crude: Disclosed are processes for producing a transportation fuel from a high quality oil sands-derived crude oil. The oil sands-derived crude oil is provided as a feed source for a catalytic conversion reaction, which produces the product useful as the transportation fuel. The oil sands-derived crude oil has an ASTM D7169... Agent: Epic Oil Extractors, LLC

20150090635 - Hydrocarbon resource processing device including radio frequency applicator and related methods: A hydrocarbon resource processing device may include a radio frequency (RF) source and an RF applicator coupled to the RF source. The RF applicator may include a base member being electrically conductive, and first and second elongate members being electrically conductive and having proximal ends coupled to the base member... Agent:

20150090636 - Apparatuses and methods for cracking hydrocarbons: Methods and apparatuses are provided for cracking a hydrocarbon. The method includes contacting a hydrocarbon feed stream with a cracking catalyst at cracking conditions to produce a reactor effluent and a spent catalyst. The spent catalyst is transferred to a regenerator, where it is regenerated by contact with an oxygen... Agent: Uop LLC

20150090637 - Method of processing low-grade heavy oil: The present invention provides a method for processing low-grade heavy oil, comprising: providing a riser-bed reactor; preheating the low-grade heavy oil and injecting it into the riser reactor to react with solid catalyst particles at the temperature of 550-610° C.; oil-gas, after reacting with the solid catalyst particles in the... Agent:

20150090638 - Extract recycle in a hydrocarbon decontamination process: Recycle of an extract stream containing a contaminant is used to improve recovery of hydrocarbons in a contaminant removal process. At least a portion of an extract stream is recycled to a contaminant extraction zone and contacted with rich ionic liquid. Contaminants in the recycle extract stream are transferred to... Agent: Uop LLC

20150090639 - Halogen-free ionic liquids in naphtha desulfurization and their recovery: Ionic liquids of the general formula C+A− where C+ represents an organic cation, specifically, but not limited to the imidazolium, pyridinium, isoquinolinium, ammonium types, which have aliphatic and aromatic substituents, while A− represents a carboxylate, aromatic and aliphatic anion. The ionic liquids are synthesized under conventional heating or microwave irradiation... Agent:

20150090640 - Steam generator additives to minimize fouling and corrosion in crude towers: Dual action amines provide corrosion protection from corrosion and fouling for a steam generator system and distillation tower of a petroleum or petrochemical refinery. These amines are chosen to provide protection for the steam condensate section of the boiler while simultaneously minimizing amine salt fouling and corrosion problems in the... Agent:

20150090641 - Process for producing transportation fuels from oil sands-derived crude: Disclosed are processes for extracting deasphalted crude oil from oil sand. Deasphalted crude oil can be extracted using a hydrocarbon recycle solvent stream having specified Hansen blend parameters, with the oil sand being contacted with the hydrocarbon recycle solvent stream in a contact zone of a vessel to separate not... Agent: Epic Oil Extractors, LLC

03/26/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150083643 - Gas oil hydroprocess: A process for the hydroprocessing of a gas oil (GO) hydrocarbon feed to provide high yield of a diesel fraction. The process comprises a liquid-full hydrotreating reaction zone followed by a liquid-full hydrocracking reaction zone. A refining zone may be integrated with the hydrocracking reaction zone. Ammonia and other gases... Agent:

20150083644 - Desalter emulsion separation by direct contact vaporization: A petroleum desalting process in which the oil/water emulsion layer which forms in the desalter vessel between the settled water layer and the settled oil layer is separated into the oil and water components by contact with a heated high boiling hydrocarbon to break the emulsion and vaporize water from... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20150083645 - Composition for recovering bitumen from oil sands: An improved composition for recovering bitumen from oil sands is used in the traditional “hot water” extraction process. An aliquot of a solvent mixture is mixed with bitumen ore and water. A pH builder is added and following mixing primary and secondary froths are recovered. The solvent mixture contains a... Agent: Ecocompounds, Inc.

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