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Metal fusion bonding

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04/16/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150102087 - Method and device for improving the quality of the weld seam in friction stir welding: A method and a device for improving the quality of the weld seam in friction stir welding is provided. The process of friction stir welding is effected by means of a friction welding tip, in which a spiral conveyor screw is provided in the spindle bearing. The longitudinal axis of... Agent: Grenzebach Maschinenbau Gmbh

20150102088 - Method of producing metallic composite pipes: A method is provided for producing a pipe from a band which has a layer of a first metal and a layer of a second metal, the layers being metallurgically bonded to one another over the entire length of the band. Along the two longitudinal edges of the band, the... Agent:

20150102089 - Vehicle body assembling method and vehicle body assembling device: Provided are a vehicle body assembling method and a vehicle body assembling device that are space-saving and economical. The vehicle body assembling method includes: a first holding step (S2) for holding a floor complete 1 by a first jig 9; a second holding step (S3) for holding a roof arch... Agent:

20150102090 - Flux, solder composition, and method for manufacturing electronic circuit mounted substrate: Provided is a flux that includes at least one polybutadiene (meth)acrylate compound selected from polybutadiene (meth)acrylate compounds and polybutadiene (meth)acrylate compounds, and a hydrogenated dimer acid.... Agent:

20150102091 - Methods for forming apparatus for stud bump formation: An apparatus used for forming stud bumps may be formed by providing a first clamp plate comprising a clamping surface, forming a notcher on the clamping surface, and forming a contact stopper on the clamping surface. The apparatus may include a clamp that includes at least two opposing plates, and... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150097020 - Material surface modification using friction stir welding hybrid process: A system and method for modifying a work piece surface of high melting temperature materials such as Advanced High Strength Steels, wherein a friction stir welding tool may include cutting elements located on the outside diameter of a collar assembly, wherein the collar assembly may be retrofitted for existing friction... Agent:

20150097021 - Supporting appliance and backing arrangement for use in friction stir welding: s

20150097022 - Process for direct bonding of two elements comprising metallic portions and dielectric materials: B) a heat treatment step of said stack during which the back faces (10, 110) of the first (I) and the second (II) elements are held in position so that they are held at a fixed distance (E) between the given stack thickness+/−2 nm.... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20150097023 - Process for joining two metal parts by braze-welding: A process for joining two parts by braze-welding, including forming a joint, between two surfaces to be joined, and a fillet. The composition of the filler metal used to form the fillet is different from that used to form the joint, to provide the joint with a higher ductility. The... Agent: Snecma

20150097025 - Electrode forming device and electrode forming method: An electrode forming device has a flux application unit that applies flux on a substrate; a plurality of ball filling units that are arranged in series at a downstream side of the flux application unit and fill conductive balls on the substrate applied with the flux to form electrodes; and... Agent:

20150097024 - Electrode forming device, electrode forming system and electrode forming method: An electrode forming device has a pressing unit that presses a substrate on a printing table from above, a suction unit that sucks the substrate on the printing table, a mask member integrally formed with a first mask section used for applying flux on the substrate and a second mask... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

04/02/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150090768 - Soldering apparatus and manufacturing method of soldered product: An excellent soldering apparatus and manufacturing method of soldered product are provided where a workpiece can be efficiently soldered in a short cycle time. The soldering apparatus includes a thermal radiation heater and two coolers for cooling the workpiece which sandwich the heater therebetween. The coolers are movable between a... Agent:

20150090769 - Welding apparatus: Provided is a welding apparatus by which a worker can work in a comfortable posture, with which a space can be effectively utilized at a low cost, and which can reliably weld workpieces. Specifically, a pair of jigs are circumferentially provided on the upper surface of a circular rotating table... Agent:

20150090770 - Screen printer, component mounting line, and screen printing method: A screen printer includes: a substrate holder that holds a substrate; a mask to be contacted with the substrate; an imaging device that images the substrate; an elevation mechanism that moves up the substrate holder at a below-mask-position below the mask based on a result of the imaging to contact... Agent:

20150090771 - Method and system for fabricating a module: A method of fabricating a module for an airframe or fuselage structure of an aircraft or spacecraft includes positioning a first member adjacent to a second member at an assembly station; welding the first member to the second member at the assembly station to produce a module having a welded... Agent:

20150090772 - System for preventing the formation of martensite in metals joining applications: A method for joining materials such as metal alloys that includes a first component, wherein the first component includes a first alloy having a known austenization temperature below which martensite forms when the component is heated and then cooled at a predetermined rate of cooling; a second component, wherein the... Agent:

20150090773 - Brazing method: A brazing method is disclosed. The brazing method includes providing a substrate, providing at least one groove in the substrate, providing a support member, positioning the support member over the at least one groove in the substrate, providing a braze material, applying the braze material over the support member to... Agent: General Electric Company

20150090774 - Brazing method: According to this brazing method, a first base member having a non-plated surface, a metal layer for functioning as a diffusion barrier layer, a brazing foil, and a second base member having a surface are arranged in this order so that the non-plated surface of the first base member and... Agent:

20150090775 - Organic vapor jet print head with solder joint: A solder joint may be used to attach components of an organic vapor jet printing device together with a fluid-tight seal that is capable of performance at high temperatures. The solder joint includes one or more metals that are deposited over opposing component surfaces, such as an inlet side of... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150083785 - Purging device for pipe welding: Disclosed is a purging device for pipe welding, comprising: a pair of sealing tools that are disposed inside a pipe, expand by supplied air and are in contact with an inner wall of the pipe; and a connection pipe that is disposed between the pair of sealing tools, is a... Agent:

20150083786 - Substrate bonding apparatus and substrate bonding method: A substrate bonding apparatus that bonds a first substrate and a second substrate together, comprising a joining section that joins the first substrate and second substrate together aligned to each other for stacking; a detecting section that detects an uneven state on at least one of the first substrate and... Agent:

20150083787 - Method for fixing heat resistant component on a surface of a heat exposed component: brazing said metallized surface to the surface of the heat exposed component, wherein at least the surface of the heat resistant component consists of a ceramic material which has a physico-chemical property concerning wettability such that the ceramic material is not wettable by the molten solder, and/or a metal or... Agent:

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