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Metal fusion bonding

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05/14/2015 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150129637 - Electric spindle with axial force control, intended for friction welding and other uses: Electric spindle with axial force control intended for friction welding and other uses, of the type used industrially for the automated welding of metal plates or metal elements, characterized in that it incorporates, inside the body of the electric spindle, a force sensor, associated with the tool by means of... Agent: Loxin 2002, S.l.

20150129638 - Friction stir welding tool and method for the production thereof: A welding tool for joining at least two workpieces by friction stir welding includes a pin for applying frictional heat to the workpieces. The pin includes a first pin region formed from a first material and a second pin region formed from a second material.... Agent: Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh

20150129639 - Systems and methods for keyed welding clamp: The invention described herein generally pertains to systems and methods for accurately and precisely mounting an orbital welder for static use. Clamp systems as described herein can include a keyed welding clamp assembly for retaining the orbital welder having an orbital welder clamp, a clamp adapter, and a clamp mount.... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20150129640 - Screen printing machine and electronic component mounting system: A screen printing machine for forming a print of paste supplied to a mask plate having pattern holes, includes: a filling squeegee which is held to have a given clearance with respect to the mask plate, and which fills the pattern holes with the paste by moving the filling squeegee... Agent:

20150129641 - Screen printing machine, electronic component mounting system, and screen printing method: A screen printing machine for forming a print of paste supplied to a mask plate having pattern holes, includes: a flexible filling squeegee which performs a squeegeeing operation in which the filling squeegee is moved relative to the mask plate in a printing direction; and a scraping squeegee which is... Agent:

20150129642 - Reflow oven and methods of treating surfaces of the reflow oven: A reflow oven includes a chamber housing including surfaces that are in contact with heated air mixed with contaminants, including flux, and a water-soluble layer selectively applied to the surfaces of the chamber housing. Embodiments of the reflow oven include an acrylic-based layer, such as an acrylic paint. In one... Agent:

20150129643 - Welding spinners, and related methods and devices: A welding spinner has a base; a wheel with a mounting face for an implement to be welded; and a cam arm laterally connecting the wheel to the base and mounted to rotate between the base and the wheel to adjust the height of the wheel relative to the base.... Agent: 1202858 Alberta Ltd.

20150129644 - Metal chemistry for improved weldability of super alloys: A metal chemistry includes an amount of chromium weight of between about 9.0% and about 16% by weight, an amount of cobalt of between about 7.0% and about 14% by weight, an amount of molybdenum of between about 10% and about 20% by weight, an amount of iron of between... Agent:

20150129645 - Protective steel membrane system and method of rapid installation of secondary containment for an above ground storage tank: An efficient, cost-saving system and method of designing, installing, testing, and monitoring a secondary containment system for new and existing Above Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs) that is comprised of a protective steel membrane for the floor of the tank, including the floor-to-wall juncture, and the lower portion of the tank... Agent:

20150129646 - Off substrate kinking of bond wire: An electrically conductive lead is formed using a bonding tool. After bonding the wire to a metal surface and extending a length of the wire beyond the bonding tool, the wire is clamped. Movement of the bonding tool imparts a kink to the wire at a location where the wire... Agent: Invensas Corporation

20150129647 - Severing bond wire by kinking and twisting: An electrically conductive lead is formed using a bonding tool. After bonding the wire to a metal surface and extending a length of the wire beyond the bonding tool, the wire is clamped. Movement of the bonding tool imparts a kink to the wire at a location where the wire... Agent:

20150129648 - Method for minimizing voids when soldering printed circuit boards and soldering device for carrying out said method: A method for minimizing voids when soldering a printed circuit board being equipped with components, in particular with electrical and/or electronic components, includes oscillation of the printed circuit board while the solder situated between the components and the printed circuit board is being melted or after it has been melted.... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150122873 - Apparatus and method for placing and mounting solder balls on an integrated circuit substrate: An apparatus for placing and mounting solder balls on an integrated circuit substrate contains: a fixture, a vacuuming device, a guiding plate, and a storage tank. The fixture includes a plurality of first grooves defined therein, the vacuuming device is disposed over the fixture and includes a vacuum chamber which... Agent:

20150122874 - Solder piece, chip solder and method of fabricating solder piece: A solder piece that has a rectangular parallelepiped shape formed by a punching process. Any one of the four surfaces of the rectangular parallelepiped other than the surface on which the shear droop portion generated by the punching process is formed and a surface opposite to the surface on which... Agent: Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

20150122875 - Method of forming a cermet-containing bushing for an implantable medical device having a connecting layer: One aspect relates method of forming an electrical bushing for an implantable medical device, including generating at least one base body green compact for at least one base body from an insulating composition of materials. At least one cermet-containing conducting element green compact is formed for at least one conducting... Agent: Heraeus Precious Metals Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150122876 - System and method for flux coat, reflow and clean: The use of lead-free solder (flux) in Wafer Level Packaging applications requires more control of the temperature and environment during the reflow process. The flux needs to be applied by spin coating, reflowed in a controlled environment and then removed with a cleaning process. Incorporating these three processes in one... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150115016 - Ball mount module: Embodiments of the invention provide a ball mount module for sucking and sticking balls positioned in a ball supply bath, transferring the balls, and mounting the balls on a ball pad of a substrate. The ball mount module includes a sucking head, a sucking base coupled to the sucking head... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115017 - Welding fixture for robotic welding systems: A welding fixture holds a first workpiece and a second workpiece in a plurality of configurations. The welding fixture includes a fixture base plate, a first toggle clamp configured to apply a clamping force substantially perpendicular to the fixture base plate, a second toggle clamp configured to apply a clamping... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20150115018 - Conductive paste and die bonding method: Disclosed is a conductive paste which includes silver particles having a volume average particle size of 0.1 to 30 μm as a sinterable conductive material, and a dispersing medium for making a paste-like form, and in which when the integrated intensity of the peak at 2θ=38°±0.2° in the X-ray diffraction... Agent: Kaken Tech Co., Ltd.

20150115019 - Method for welding at least two layers: The method of the invention relates to a method for welding a first (20) and a second (30) layers together. The second melting temperature of the second layer (30), Tm,2, is lower than the first melting temperature of the first layer (20), Tm,1. After having formed a layup (50) by... Agent: Universite Catholique De Louvain

20150115020 - Solder bump, method for forming a solder bump, substrate provided with solder bump, and method for manufacturing substrate: Provided is a solder bump forming method capable of forming solder bumps having a desired constant thickness, without any failure such as copper corrosion, on a mounting board such as a printed circuit board having fine copper electrodes. The solder bump forming method includes: a process in which a prepared... Agent: Tanigurogumi Corporation

04/25/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.
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