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Metal fusion bonding

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10/02/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140291384 - Solder wire dispenser, a portable hand-held device to apply solder accuratel and without touching the solder wire.: A hand-held device shaped as a pencil used for dispensing solder wire onto a soldering point. Such device contains a roll of solder wire that can be gradually extracted through a hole on the tip by pressing a button in forward motion to extract the solder without touching it. The... Agent:

20140291385 - Ceramic circuit board and process for producing same: According to one embodiment, a ceramic circuit board includes a ceramic substrate, a copper circuit plate and a brazing material protrudent part. The copper circuit plate is bonded to at least one surface of the ceramic substrate through a brazing material layer including Ag, Cu, and Ti. The brazing material... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140284374 - Carrier with a test surface wettable with liquid solder and method for application thereof: A carrier plate has test areas for the assessment of a selective soldering process. The carrier plate has different zones, which are provided with peripheral borders. The zones are not wettable with solder, while the peripheral borders are wettable. if a selective soldering head is brought up to the reference... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140284375 - Microfeature workpieces having alloyed conductive structures, and associated methods: Microfeature workpieces having alloyed conductive structures, and associated methods are disclosed. A method in accordance with one embodiment includes applying a volume of material to a bond pad of a microfeature workpiece, with the volume of material including a first metallic constituent and the bond pad including a second constituent.... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140284376 - Pb-free solder bumps with improved mechanical properties: A method of forming an electronic device, comprising providing a semiconductor substrate having a first contact and an undoped electroplated lead-free solder bump formed on the first contact. The method also comprises providing a device package substrate having a second contact and a doped lead-free solder layer on the second... Agent: Agere Systems LLC

09/18/2014 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140263574 - Out of position friction stir welding of casing and small diameter tubing or pipe: A system and method for friction stir welding of small diameter tubing, wherein the small diameter tubing is held in a correct position with a grasp sufficient to perform FSW when the tubing is comprised of high melting temperature materials, wherein the small diameter tubing can be rotated by the... Agent: Megastir Technologies LLC

20140263575 - Element pressing apparatus and heating system using element pressing apparatus: An element pressing apparatus includes: a base casing having first and second bases couplable to or separable from each other to form an arrangement space where a board and a plurality of electronic components having different heights are arranged while the first and second bases are coupled to each other;... Agent: Alpha Design Co., Ltd.

20140263576 - Dual shift unit for welder: A welding apparatus includes a first welding element, a second welding element and a support on which the first welding element and the second welding element are mounted and which is movable relative to the welding apparatus. The support is configured to move the first welding element and the second... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140263577 - Joining methods and temperature controlled fluid treating systems for joining: Methods for joining material to an article comprising one or more passageways include fluidly connecting a temperature controlled fluid source comprising temperature controlled fluid to at least one passageway and passing the temperature controlled fluid through the at least one passageway, wherein the temperature controlled fluid at least partially controls... Agent: General Electric Company

20140263578 - Multi-component nozzle system: A pick-and-place machine and method includes use of a passive component feeder cartridge including a feeder gear. Rotation of the feeder gear causes a component-bearing tape to be fed through the feeder cartridge. A pickup head includes a vacuum nozzle to pick up the components from the tape and a... Agent:

20140263579 - Method and apparatus for fabrication and repair of thermal barriers: A thermal barrier tile (34) with a braze layer (46) co-sintered to a ceramic layer (48) is brazed to a substrate (26) of a component for fabrication or repair of a thermal barrier coating (28) for example on a gas turbine ring segment (22, 24). The tile may be fabricated... Agent:

20140263580 - Temporary adhesive for component bonding: A rosin composition includes a gum rosin, an emulsifier, a randomizing additive and a bonding agent. This rosin composition may be used as a temporary or permanent adhesive for the soldering of components. The rosin composition may be temporary as it is easily removed from a surface without damaging the... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140263581 - Electronic component bonding method: The present invention ensures a good bonding state between the electrode terminals of electronic components and the electrodes of a substrate, and achieves an increase in productivity and a downsizing of the substrate. The present invention includes: an applying step of applying a metal fine powder paste on each of... Agent: Alpha Design Co., Ltd.

20140263582 - Low cost interposer and method of fabrication: A method for making an interposer is provided. A conductive layer is formed by contacting a replicate such that a shape of a surface of the conductive layer conforms to a shape of the contacted portion of the replicate. The conductive layer is formed to have a base and a... Agent:

20140263583 - Two-step direct bonding processes and tools for performing the same: A method includes placing a plurality of first package components over second package components, which are included in a third package component. First metal connectors in the first package components are aligned to respective second metal connectors of the second package components. After the plurality of first package components is... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140263585 - Method for forming interposers and stacked memory devices: Methods for forming a stacking interposer are provided that create a more compact and/or reliable interposer cavity. According to one method, a segmentation process that partially cuts a multi-cell, multi-layer PCB panel to a controlled depth along the internal walls/edges of a cavity region with each of the interposer cell... Agent: Sanmina Corporation

20140263584 - Wire bonding apparatus and method: A method of making an electrical connection includes passing a bond wire through a wire bonding system having a wire polisher and a wire bonding tool. The wire polisher removes contamination from a first portion of the bond wire. A first bond is then formed by bonding the first portion... Agent:

20140263586 - Integrate rinse module in hybrid bonding platform: A method includes performing a plasma activation on a surface of a first package component, removing oxide regions from surfaces of metal pads of the first package component, and performing a pre-bonding to bond the first package component to a second package component.... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140263587 - Apparatus for brazing radial bearings and related methods: Apparatuses and methods are provided for manufacturing bearing assemblies. In accordance with one embodiment, a fixture is provided for use in brazing bearing elements to a bearing ring. The fixture comprises a substantially annular body and at least one or more force-applying mechanism associated with the annular body. The force... Agent: Us Synthetic Corporation

20140263588 - Interconnect alloy material and methods: A solder and methods of forming an electrical interconnection are shown. Examples of solders include gallium based solders. A solder including gallium is shown that includes particles of other solders mixed with a gallium based matrix. Methods of applying a solder are shown that include swiping a solder material over... Agent:

20140263589 - Solder ball printing apparatus and solder ball printing method: A solder ball printing apparatus fills plural openings formed in a mask with solder balls using a squeegee and prints the solder balls on plural electrode portions formed on a surface of a substrate facing the mask. The solder ball printing apparatus includes: a substrate mounting table on which the... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

09/11/2014 > 4 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140252072 - Device for assembling photoelectric element on substrate: The measuring unit measures a resistance across the first electrode and the contact of the substrate when the photoelectric element is pressed onto the substrate. The controller controls the driver to drive the nozzle to keep pressing the photoelectric element harder and harder into the substrate until the resistance stops... Agent:

20140252073 - Ball grid array mounting system and method: A device for providing a reliable and robust electrical connection of a chip to a board using a plurality of solder balls, the device including a non-rigid body formed of a thermal resistant material having a top side and a bottom side, the bottom side having an adhesive layer; and... Agent: Summit Imaging, Inc.

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