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Metal fusion bonding

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08/07/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140217151 - Friction stir welding tool: Disclosed is a friction stir welding tool (10) equipped with a probe (13) and a holder (16). At the tip of the probe (13) there is a pin part (11) and at the base there are probe-side protrusions (24) and probe-side recesses (25). At the tip of the holder (16)... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140217149 - Valve, pipe and pipe component repair: In some implementations, an injection system that injects sealant into a pipe, pressure component or valve while containing the pipe, pressure component or valve repair that significantly reduces or eliminates release of hazardous material from inside the pipe, pressure component valve or injection system and thus significantly reduces emission of... Agent: Forge Tech, Inc.

20140217150 - Valve, pipe and pipe component repair: In some implementations, an injection system that injects sealant into a pipe, pressure component or valve while containing the pipe, pressure component or valve repair that significantly reduces or eliminates release of hazardous material from inside the pipe, pressure component valve or injection system and thus significantly reduces emission of... Agent: Forge Tech, Inc.

20140217152 - Lead frame support plate and window clamp for wire bonding machines: A lead frame support plate 200 and a window clamp 400 for wire bonding machines are disclosed herein. In a described embodiment, the lead frame support plate 200 includes a network of suction grooves 218 provided on a support surface 212, each suction groove 218 being arranged to be in... Agent: Asm Technology Singapore Pte Ltd

20140217153 - Bonding apparatus and bonding method: To provide a bonding apparatus capable of increasing product quality by realizing high-precision control of a pressing force applied upon mounting of an electronic component on a substrate by bonding, and to a bonding method capable of providing high-quality products stably. The bonding apparatus includes: at least a bonding head... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20140217154 - Friction stir welding devices and methods for tandem tool and anvil: Friction Stir Welding (FSW) devices and methods for simultaneously welding both sides of an arcuate joint are described. The FSW method includes the step of operating a FSW tool and an anvil on the exterior surface of the joint and simultaneously operating another FSW tool and anvil on the interior... Agent:

20140217155 - High density welding: Methods for welding motor vehicle body component subassemblies at a weld stations are disclosed. First and second pallets may be arranged for reciprocal movement between a load/unload station and the weld station and the pallets are alternately moved from a load/unload station to the weld station while the other pallet... Agent: Comau, Inc.

20140217156 - Joining method and semiconductor device manufacturing method: A joining method that allows joining processing to be carried out simultaneously at a plurality of portions without being influenced by a supply time restriction on a joining material, and a semiconductor device manufacturing method using the joining method are provided. A chip and a lead frame are tentatively assembled... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140217157 - Removal of electronic chips and other components from printed wire boards using liquid heat media: Systems and methods for the removal of electronic chips and other components from PWBs using liquid heat media are generally described. The systems and methods described herein can be used to remove solder, electronic chips (including those in which an integrated circuit is positioned on a piece of semiconductor material,... Agent:

07/31/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140203065 - Ultra fine pitch wedge for thicker wire: An ultra-fine pitch wedge bonding tool and method for its manufacture are disclosed. The wedge tool is formed with a foot width calculated to enable accurate bonding of wires separated at an ultra-fine pitch. The wedge tool is made out of a tungsten carbide alloy having characteristics conforming to specified... Agent: Micro Point Pro Ltd.

20140203066 - Method and system for online quality monitoring and control of a vibration welding process: A method for monitoring and controlling a vibration welding system includes collecting sensory data during formation of a welded joint using sensors positioned with respect to welding interfaces of a work piece. A host machine extracts a feature set from a welding signature collectively defined by the sensory data, compares... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140203067 - Welding tool comprising a shoulder, welding method and workpiece: A welding tool for connecting at least two workpieces at a connection region by friction stir welding includes a shoulder that separates the connection region from the surroundings. The shoulder is designed as a molding tool to mold during the friction stir welding.... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20140203068 - Connecting method of single core electric wire to stranded electric wire: A connecting method of a single core electric wire to a stranded electric wire which can prevent a contact resistance from increasing is provided. The connecting method includes a tube inserting process that a single core wire and a twisted wire are respectively inserted from openings and of a tubular... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140203069 - Metallized film-over-foam contacts: A metallized film-over-foam contact suitable for circuit grounding of surface mount technology devices generally includes a silicone foam resilient core member, a solderable electrically conductive layer, and an adhesive bonding the solderable electrically conductive layer to the resilient core member. The adhesive has no more than a maximum of 900... Agent: Laird Technologies, Inc.

07/17/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140197226 - Methods for determining a minimum weld distance for adhesives: A method of manufacturing a vehicle frame assembly, includes: (i) receiving threshold temperature data for an adhesive; (ii) defining an adhesive zone wherein which adhesive will be applied with respect to a first and second vehicle structural member; and (iii) determining a minimum distance a weld can be applied on... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140197227 - Method for manufacture of a multi-layer plate device: A method for the joining of ceramic pieces with a hermetically sealed joint comprising brazing a continuous layer of joining material between the two pieces. The wetting and flow of the joining material is controlled by the selection of the joining material, the joining temperature, the time at temperature, the... Agent: Component Re-engineering Company, Inc.

20140197228 - Fixture to constrain laminate and method of assembly: A fixture assembly and method of forming a chip assembly is provided. The fixture assembly includes a first plate having an opening sized to accommodate a chip mounted on a laminate. The fixture assembly further includes a second plate mated to the first plate by at least one mechanical fastening... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

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