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Metal founding

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02/05/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150034265 - Method of catching overflow of a liquid fluid utilized to cast a component: A method of catching overflow of a liquid fluid utilized to cast a component is disclosed. Sand is compacted to form a mold. A cutter of a cutting device is in a disengaged position spaced from a top surface of the mold when the cutting device is in a first... Agent:

20150034266 - Building and repair of hollow components: A method of building or repair of a hollow superalloy component (20, 61) by forming an opening (38, 62) in a wall (28) of the component; filling a cavity (22B, 64) behind the opening with a fugitive support material (34, 52, 54, 68) to support a filler powder (36) across... Agent:

20150034267 - Overflow system for casting a component: An overflow system for casting a component is disclosed. The system includes a mold formed of sand. The mold includes a top surface that defines an opening for receiving a liquid fluid. A trenching assembly includes a cutting device movable relative to a frame between a first position and a... Agent:

20150034268 - Method and plant for producing a metal strip: The invention relates to a method of producing a metal strip (1) in a plant, comprising a continuous casting plant (2), a first furnace (3), a second furnace (4) and an adjoining rolling mill (5). In order to save energy, the method provides in accordance with the invention the steps... Agent:

20150034269 - Pulling-up-type continuous casting apparatus and pulling-up-type continuous casting method: A pulling-up-type continuous casting apparatus that lets molten metal solidify while pulling up a drawing section for drawing the molten metal from a molten-metal surface of the molten metal held in a holding furnace, and thereby shapes the molten metal, includes means for applying a non-contact force to held molten... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

01/29/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150027653 - Shell mould for manufacturing aircraft turbomachine bladed elements using the lost-wax moulding technique and comprising screens that form heat accumulators: A shell mold for manufacturing aircraft turbomachine bladed elements using a lost wax molding technique, including: shell mold bladed elements including a blade portion located between a first end part delimiting an impression of a platform and a second end part delimiting an impression of another platform, with the blade... Agent: Snecma

20150027654 - Mold apparatus for casting cylinder block: A mold apparatus for casting a cylinder block having a cast-in cylinder liner by installing the cylinder liner inside a cavity and pouring a melt into the cavity, the mold apparatus includes a first mold and a bore pin. The first mold defines a deck surface of the cylinder block.... Agent:

20150027655 - Casting die: A casting die applied with laser machining and carbon-film coating on a die surface is provided with multiple grooves formed spaced at a predetermined pitch by the laser machining; multiple ridges between the multiple grooves; and multiple carbon portions buried in the multiple grooves by the carbon-film coating, wherein the... Agent:

20150027656 - Method for preparing low-cost clean steel: A method for preparing low-cost clean steel includes steps of: preliminarily desulfurizing iron melt: preliminarily desulfurizing in an iron melt channel during blast furnace tapping and during iron folding in an iron folding room, adding a desulfurizing ball into the iron melt during the blast furnace tapping or the iron... Agent:

20150027657 - Method and casting core for forming a landing for welding a baffle inserted in an airfoil: A method and casting core for forming a landing for welding a baffle inserted into an airfoil are disclosed, wherein the baffle landing of the blade or vane is formed in investment casting by the casting core rather than by wax, reducing tolerances and variability in the location of the... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150027658 - Hybrid ceramic/sand core for casting metal engine parts with passages or holes having a cross section too small for sand casting: A hybrid ceramic/sand casting method of manufacturing a metal part. The method is especially suitable for manufacturing engine cylinder blocks or cylinder head, which have very small internal passages or other very small internal features. These parts are formed using a hybrid core having at least one ceramic section and... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

01/22/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150020991 - Methods and composition for boride distribution in metal matrix composite: A method for controlling a boride distribution in a metal matrix compost includes controlling a distribution of the boride particles are controlled during a solidification of a molten composite material. The controlling of the redistribution of the boride particles includes applying a heat to the composite material to form a... Agent:

20150020992 - Non-scaling heat-treatable steel and method for producing a non-scaling component from said steel: A non-scaling heat-treatable steel with particular suitability for producing hardened or die-hardened components is disclosed, characterized by the following chemical composition in % by weight: C 0.04-0.50; Mn 0.5-6.0; Al 0.5-3.0; Si 0.05-3.0; Cr 0.05-3.0; Ni less than 3.0; Cu less than 3.0; Ti 0.010-≦0.050; B 0.0015-≦0.0040; P less than... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150013928 - Method for manufacturing heat-dissipating module: A method for manufacturing a heat-dissipating module includes following steps. A hollow aluminum tube is put on a corresponding heat pipe to form an aluminum-skinned heat pipe. Then, one or more aluminum-skinned heat pipes are disposed in a casting space of a die casting mold. Fins are disposed into the... Agent:

20150013930 - Die-casting mold and method for thin-walled electrical connector shells: The present invention discloses a die-casting mold structure for a thin-walled shell for electrical connectors and a method for designing the mold structure. The runner of the mold structure includes a longitudinal runner, a transverse runner, an end runner, and an in-gate connected sequentially. The cross-sectional areas of the longitudinal... Agent:

20150013929 - Die-casting mold structure for thin-walled zinc alloy shells for electrical connectors: The present invention discloses a die-casting mold structure for a thin-walled mini zinc alloy shell. The mold structure includes a longitudinal runner, a transverse runner, an end runner, and a mold cavity all connected serially to provide a path for a liquid metal. The end runner and the mold cavity... Agent:

20150013931 - Molding device for a metal ingot comprising a bore: A molding device for vacuum casting a metal ingot is provided. The mold includes a mold cavity defined by an ingot mold, a core and a bottom. The mold is arranged inside a vacuum-cast enclosure and includes a source of introducing molten metal at the upper portion thereof. A distribution... Agent:

20150013933 - Slotted shot sleeve for induction melting of material: Disclosed are embodiments of a vessel configured to contain a secondary magnetic induction field therein for melting materials, and methods of use thereof. The vessel can be used in an injection molding apparatus having an induction coil positioned along a horizontal axis and adjacent to the vessel. The vessel can... Agent:

20150013932 - Unevenly spaced induction coil for molten alloy containment: Various embodiments provide an apparatus and methods for containing the molten materials within a melt zone during melting. The apparatus may include a vessel configured to receive a material for melting therein and an induction coil with unevenly spaced turns along its length. Induction coil can have a series of... Agent: Crucible Intellectual Property, LLC

20150013934 - Article with grouped grain patterns: An article includes a first portion having a first grain pattern and a second portion having a second grain pattern different from the first grain pattern. The article is a cast article such as a turbine engine blade.... Agent:

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