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Metal founding

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04/10/2014 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20140096929 - Method of and apparatus for casting metal slab: Embodiments of the invention relate to a method and apparatus for continuously casting a metal slab. The method involves continuously introducing molten metal into an inlet of a casting cavity defined between advancing casting surfaces, cooling the metal in the cavity to form a metal slab, and discharging the slab... Agent: Novelis Inc.

04/03/2014 > 8 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140090793 - Cold chamber die casting of amorphous alloys using cold crucible induction melting techniques: Various embodiments provide systems and methods for casting amorphous alloys. Exemplary casting system may include an insertable and rotatable vessel configured in a non-movable induction heating structure for melting amorphous alloys to form molten materials in the vessel. While the molten materials remain heated, the vessel may be rotated to... Agent:

20140090792 - Continuous casting of materials using pressure differential: A system and method for continuous casting. The system includes a melt chamber, a withdrawal chamber, and a secondary chamber therebetween. The melt chamber can maintain a melting pressure and the withdrawal chamber can attain atmospheric pressure. The secondary chamber can include regions that can be adjusted to different pressures.... Agent: Ati Properties, Inc.

20140090794 - Method of fabricating packaging substrate: A packaging substrate includes a first dielectric layer; a plurality of first conductive pads embedded in and exposed from a first surface of the first dielectric layer; a first circuit layer embedded in and exposed from a second surface of the first dielectric layer; a plurality of first metal bumps... Agent: Unimicron Technology Corporation

20140090795 - Led heat sink and manufacturing method thereof: An LED heat sink and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The LED heat sink includes a main body having a heat receiving section and an extended heat transfer section. The heat transfer section is externally provided with a plurality of receiving grooves for correspondingly connecting with a plurality of... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20140090796 - Continuous amorphous feedstock skull melting: Described herein is a method of melting a bulk metallic glass (BMG) feedstock, comprising: feeding the BMG feedstock into a crucible; melting a first portion of the BMG feedstock to form molten BMG, while maintaining a second portion of the BMG feedstock solid; wherein the second portion and the crucible... Agent:

20140090798 - Optimized multi-stage inductive melting of amorphous alloys: Described herein is a method of melting a bulk metallic glass (BMG) feedstock, comprising: heating at least a portion of the BMG feedstock to temperatures slightly below a solidus temperature of the BMG, wherein the portion remains a solid at the temperatures slightly below the solidus temperature and wherein a... Agent:

20140090797 - Vertical skull melt injection casting: Described herein is a device comprising a crucible, a movable base and a heater; wherein the heater is configured to melt BMG to form molten BMG feedstock in the crucible; wherein the movable base configured to slide along a length of the crucible; wherein the movable base and the crucible... Agent:

20140090799 - Melt-containment plunger tip for horizontal metal die casting: Various embodiments provide apparatus and methods for injection molding. In one embodiment, a constraining plunger may be configured in-line with an injection plunger to transfer a molten material from a melt zone and into a mold. The constraining and injection plungers are configured to constrain the molten material there-between while... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 9 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140083638 - Temperature regulated melt crucible for cold chamber die casting: Disclosed is a vessel for melting and casting meltable materials. The vessel may be a surface temperature regulated vessel for providing a substantially non-wetting interface with the molten materials. In one embodiment, the vessel may include one or more temperature regulating channels configured to flow a fluid therein for regulating... Agent:

20140083639 - Backstrike protection during machining of cooling features: A method of machining a component is provided. The component includes a substrate having an outer surface and an inner surface, where the inner surface defines at least one interior space. A core is disposed within each interior space. The method includes forming at least one hole in the substrate... Agent: General Electric Company

20140083640 - Injection compression molding of amorphous alloys: Various embodiments provide methods and apparatus for forming bulk metallic glass (BMG) articles using a mold having a stationary mold part and a movable mold part paired to form a mold cavity. A molten material can be injected to fill the mold cavity. The molten material can then be cooled... Agent:

20140083641 - Methods of melting and introducing amorphous alloy feedstock for casting or processing: Various embodiments provide apparatus and methods for melting and introducing alloy feedstock for molding by using a hollow branch having a constraint mechanism therein. In one embodiment, a hollow branch can extend upward from a cold chamber that is substantially horizontally configured. The hollow branch including a constraint mechanism can... Agent:

20140083642 - Multiple casting apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for pressure casting a battery part wherein an extendible piston includes sidewalls for shutting off the supply of molten lead and an impact surface that extends in a side-to-side condition to form an end surface of a battery part cavity so that when the extendible piston... Agent: Water Gremlin Company

20140083643 - Method and mold for casting thin metal objects: Provided herein are various embodiments of systems for casting thin metal plates and sheets. Typical embodiments include layers of mold cavities that are oriented vertically for casting the metal plates. In some embodiments, the mold cavities include a beveled edge such that the plates that are cast have a beveled... Agent: Babcock & Wilcox Technical Services Y-12, LLC

20140083644 - Csp-continuous casting plant with an additional rolling line: A continuous casting plant (1) includes at least one continuous casting line, optionally, at least one reducing unit, at least one separation device, and one or more devices for tempering the strip, and at least one auxiliary rolling line is arranged parallel to the continuous casting line with conveyors (10,... Agent: Sms Siemag Ag

20140083645 - Cold chamber die casting with melt crucible under vacuum environment: Exemplary embodiments described herein relate to methods and systems for casting metal alloys into articles such as BMG articles. In one embodiment, processes involved for storing, pre-treating, alloying, melting, injecting, molding, etc. can be combined as desired and conducted in different chambers. During these processes, each chamber can be independently,... Agent:

20140083646 - Counter-gravity casting of hollow shapes: The embodiments described herein relate to methods and apparatus for counter-gravity formation of BMG-containing hollow parts. In one embodiment, the BMG-containing hollow parts may be formed by first feeding a molten metal alloy in a counter-gravity direction into a mold cavity to deposit the molten metal alloy on a surface... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20140076512 - Casting mold composition with improved detectability for inclusions and method of casting: The present disclosure relates to a titanium-containing article casting mold composition comprising calcium aluminate and an X-ray or Neutron-ray detectable element. Furthermore, present embodiments teach a method for detecting sub-surface ceramic inclusions in a titanium or titanium alloy casting by combining calcium aluminate, an element more radiographically dense than the... Agent: General Electric Company

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