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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
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05/28/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150144283 - Core-molding device, and core-molding method: A core molding machine which can be made smaller while having a favorable core sand filling property is provided. The machine comprises a core box having a pair of laterally separable dies and a sand filling device, having a blow head disposed under the core box, for filling the core... Agent:

20150144284 - Metal casting methods in microgravity and other environments: Apparatus and methods for creating cast metal objects in space and other environments. Molds are created using additive manufacturing and are injected with a castable metal having a melting point lower than a mold melting point. In some aspects, the additive manufacturing device and the metal casting unit are contained... Agent: Made In Space, Inc.

20150144285 - Diecasting die: The invention relates to a diecasting die, in particular in a diecasting hot-runner system, wherein the diecasting die is provided in a feeding region for forming a plug of solidified molten material that interrupts a flow of the molten material and can be completely remelted. A diecasting die is provided... Agent:

20150144286 - Silicon carbide-containing mold and facecoat compositions and methods for casting titanium and titanium aluminide alloys: The disclosure relates generally to mold compositions and methods of molding and the articles so molded. More specifically, the disclosure relates to silicon carbide-containing mold compositions, silicon carbide-containing intrinsic facecoat compositions, and methods for casting titanium-containing articles, and the titanium-containing articles so molded.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150144287 - High thermal conductivity shell molds: A shell mold is described. The shell mold includes a facecoat, a sealcoat, and a support disposed in between the facecoat and the sealcoat. The support includes a stucco in a concentration greater than about 40 volume percent of the support. The stucco includes a material that has a thermal... Agent: General Electric Company

20150144288 - Continuously operating strip casting and rolling system: A continuously operating casting and rolling system with a strip tension control includes a casting unit having a melt-containing feed vessel with a horizontal casting channel and a discharge region in the form of a casting nozzle, and a primary cooling zone with two guide rolls and a circulating cooled... Agent: Sms Siemag Ag

20150144289 - Core sand filling method: The core sand filling method comprises a step of operating an aeration air supply means, so as to float and fluidize core sand within a sand blow chamber and, when a pressure Pf of the sand blow chamber measured by the first pressure sensor reaches a first pressure, operating a... Agent:

20150144290 - Method for manufacturing round billet of ni-containing high alloy having improved internal quality: Provided is a method for manufacturing a round billet of Ni-containing high alloy including steps of continuously casting a molten steel by using a casting mold, thereby obtaining a rectangular billet, and shaping the rectangular billet into round billet by forging/rolling, wherein the casting mold has a shape such that... Agent:

20150144291 - Continuous casting equipment: Continuous casting equipment for a flow of liquid metal from a tundish into a mould is provided. The equipment includes a vertical duct disposed upstream of the mould with respect to the direction of travel of the liquid metal. The duct includes from upstream to downstream a refractory ring, a... Agent: Arcelormittal Investigacion Y Desarrollo, S.l.

20150144292 - Containment gate for inline temperature control melting: Disclosed is an apparatus comprising at least one gate and a vessel, the gate being configured to move between a first position to restrict entry into an ejection path of the vessel and contain a material in a meltable form within the vessel during melting of the material, and a... Agent: Crucible Intellectual Property, LLC

05/21/2015 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150136350 - Casting investment composition and casting process using same: The object of the present invention is to provide an embedding material composition for casting that makes it possible to conduct a favorable casting in the case where casting is conducted using a resin pattern that is different from a conventional wax pattern in disappearance temperature and disappearance behaviors through... Agent: Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd.

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