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Metal deforming

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05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135787 - Measuring unit for measuring the bending radius and the forwarding of a workpiece in a bending machine: The measuring unit comprises a first carriage arranged to be connected to the bending machine and to be passed through by the workpiece under bending coming from the bending machine. The first carriage comprises: a main body; a pair of measure rollers; a first measuring device; a guide device; an... Agent:

20150135788 - Apparatus and method for bending and winding conductors to make superconductive coils: The apparatus comprises a first working unit for unwinding a coil of conductor and providing straightened conductor, and a second working unit comprising a bending device arranged to bend the straightened conductor leaving the first working unit and a rotary table on which the bent conductor leaving the bending device... Agent:

20150135789 - Tube bending machine with reversible clamp assembly: A tube bending machine for bending a length of a tubular workpiece and an associated tube feeder assembly are disclosed. The tube feeder assembly has a carriage assembly slidably mounted along a rail. A clamp assembly is reversibly mounted to and carried by the carriage assembly. The clamp assembly is... Agent:

20150135790 - Method for the cold deformation of a continuous metal strip: The invention relates to the pressure treatment of metals, specifically to producing a metal strip using cold deformation. A strip is consecutively drawn with back and front tension through bending devices. Moreover, the degree of deformation of a strip is regulated in each bending device by means of changing the... Agent:

20150135791 - Method of rolling niw alloy tapes for coated conductors: A method of rolling NiW alloy tapes for coated conductors belongs to the technical field of metal materials rolling. According to the method, a cylindrical NiW alloy ingot with a diameter not less than 10 mm is used to be rolled back and forth along the axial direction as a... Agent:

20150135792 - Device for cooling rolls: A device for cooling a roll for rolling materials, including a cooling shell opposite a sub-region of the roll surface circumference, for forming a cooling gap, through which a cooling fluid can flow, between the sub-region and the cooling shell. The device further includes a first lever which can be... Agent:

20150135793 - Automated bender and systems and methods for providing data to operate an automated bender: An automated bender and its method of operation according to some embodiments of the disclosure is provided. The automated bender includes a carousel which has all of the necessary components for bending a variety of conduit sizes provided thereon. The carousel can be rotated to a desired bending position to... Agent:

20150135794 - Pressing method and pressing device for forming punched piece by punching metal plate with die and punch: A punched piece is formed by punching a metal plate by a punching portion including by a die and a punch. Before the punching, a preceding process portion provided in a stage previous to the punching portion forms a projection at an inner peripheral portion of a punch area of... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20150135795 - Method for manufacturing flat pipe: A method for manufacturing a flat pipe 1 with concave-convex shapes on inner and outer surfaces includes making incisions with an expanded shape of the flat pipe 1 in a metal thin plate 2 such that intermediate portions 4 (middle portions) in the expanded shape of the flat pipe 1... Agent: Hino Motors, Ltd.

20150135796 - Tool and method for repairing an arc welding torch: A tool for repairing an interior surface of a conductor tube comprises an elongate body having a proximal end and a distal end. The tool includes a profiled end surface that mates into the interior surface of the conductor tube. The tool includes a central protrusion that extends from the... Agent:

05/14/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150128673 - Impact extrusion can making system: Disclosed is an impact extrusion can making system that uses induction heating to preheat an extruder punch and an extruder forming die, to increase yield during a cold start. In addition, a highly precise laser measuring device is used to measure dome thickness, so that stroke length and/or position of... Agent:

20150128674 - Shot peening method, shot peening evaluation method, and shot peening evaluation assembly structure: In a trial peening step, a shot peening process is applied to a back face 40B of a mold 40 in which an opening of a closed-end water cooling hole 42 is formed. Next, in an evaluation step, compressive residual stress and surface roughness of a region shot-peened in the... Agent:

20150128675 - Roller leveler and plate flattening method using the same: A roller leveler includes: a leveling roll unit having a plurality of leveling rolls configured to rotate so as to pass a plate while sandwiching and pressing the plate; a pushing cylinder provided at each of an entrance side and a discharge side of the leveling roll unit, at which... Agent: Jp Steel Plantech Co.

20150128676 - System and method for manufacturing a honeycomb body: A system and method for manufacturing a honeycomb body is described provided. Said system having: a forming mold with a plurality of sub-molds, which are movable so that they can be opened and closed; a tightening mold for tightening said forming mold; rolling pin(s), which can be inserted into and... Agent: Basf Corporation

20150128677 - Cooling device for a rolling mill work roll: A cooling device comprises a manifold housing having a generally concave inner edge configured and dimensioned to surround a surface area of a work roll in a rolling mill. The manifold housing is of a modular design having multiple constituent sections that are internally configured to simultaneously apply both a... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20150128678 - Three-roll rolling mill stand with side change with respect to the rolling line: A roll-holder cartridge for a three-tube rolling stand with means adapted to release a tube during rolling in case of emergency. The roll-holder cartridge (3) has on both side walls a substantially Y-shaped opening (10) laying with the foot at the vertical axis yoke support so as to be able... Agent:

20150128679 - Forward extrusion forging apparatus and forward extrusion forging method: A forward extrusion forging apparatus includes: a die having a hollow portion whose diameter is reduced at an intermediate position; and a punch that is positioned behind a workpiece placed in the hollow portion, slides in the hollow portion, and extrudes the workpiece ahead of the hollow portion so that... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

05/07/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150121980 - Shaping method for metallic matrix: A metallic matrix shaping method is provided. A flatness of a plurality of points of the metallic matrix is measured by a shape test device, and a flatness margin of error H between a reference level and the flatness of the metallic matrix is calibrated using the least square method.... Agent:

20150121981 - Reuse of used oil in a rolling mill: The present invention relates to a lubrication method in a hot-rolling mill by means of a lubricant comprising used oil, said used oil at least partly stemming from waste coming from a cold-rolling mill.... Agent: Centre De Recherches M&#xe9 Tallurgiques Asbl

20150121982 - Manufacturing method of seamless metal pipe, mandrel mill, and auxiliary tool: A manufacturing method of a seamless metal pipe includes: preparing a plurality of mandrel bars in which lengths of work portions which come into contact with a hollow shell during elongating are different from one another; selecting a mandrel bar including a work portion having a length corresponding to the... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20150121983 - Robot system and method for producing to-be-processed material: A robot system includes an end effector, a robot arm, and a controller. The end effector includes a pressure roller and a linear motion mechanism. The linear motion mechanism is configured to move the pressure roller with respect to a pressed surface. The robot arm is configured to support the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150121984 - Roller hemming device and roller hemming method: A roller hemming device includes a large diameter roller having a large tapered surface and a small diameter roller having a small cylindrical surface. The small diameter roller is coaxially disposed with the large diameter roller. The small diameter roller and the large diameter roller enable to relatively move in... Agent:

20150121985 - Opening method and device thereof: Wherein: K is a radial direction permissible dimension at the load action point position in mm; Yp is a yield stress of the metal sheet, in kgf/mm2; Z is a section modulus of the metal sheet, in mm3; R=(a metal coil radius r)−½(the plate thickness t of the metal sheet),... Agent:

20150121986 - Hot forming metal die with improved cooling system: A hot metal forming apparatus having a pair of dies which are movable between an open and closed position relative to each other. The dies have facing metal forming surfaces corresponding to the shape of the desired stamped part. At least one elongated heat pipe is mounted within at least... Agent:

20150121987 - Lift pin and die: A lift pin may include a head, a retainer and a shaft disposed between the head and the retainer. The shaft may include first and second portions and a step disposed therebetween. The first and second portions may include first and second diameters, respectively. The first diameter may be larger... Agent:

04/30/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150114062 - Seamless sleeve and seamless substrate: A seamless, embossed or cast substrate is formed using a seamless sleeve having a seamless surface relief formed thereon and configured to slide over an cylindrical base in an embossing or casting assembly. The substrate is a flat web, foil, or film of, for example, paper, polyester, polypropylene, metal or... Agent:

20150114063 - System and method of forming hole in blank during hydroforming process: A method of forming a hole in a hollow blank during a hydroforming process is provided. The method includes placing a blank in a cavity of a hydroforming die, the hydroforming die being configured to permit a punch to engage the blank. An interior of the blank is pressurized with... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150114064 - Water pipe for which hydroforming is employed, and a production method therefor: Disclosed are a double water pipe manufactured via hydroforming and a method of manufacturing the same. The method includes: inserting an inner pipe into an outer pipe made of steel, the inner pipe being made of a corrosion resistant material selected from among stainless steel, titanium and aluminum, and having... Agent:

20150114065 - Method for producing porous metal foil: A method for producing a porous metal foil comprising causing a metal foil together with a soft sheet to pass through a gap between a pattern roll of a hard metal, which has high-hardness, fine particles having particle sizes of 50-500 μm on the surface, and a hard metal roll... Agent:

20150114066 - Installation part and method for the production thereof: The invention relates to an installation part for mounting an upper support roll in a roll stand. The installation part has, on its cambered side, a lubricant receiving space, from which at least one lubricant drain hole (130) extends, in the lower region of the installation part, in the direction... Agent:

20150114067 - Method for molding pressed component, method for manufacturing pressed component, and die for molding pressed component: A die for forming a press-formed component includes a piercing die, a piercing punch, and a support. The piercing die includes a tubular first forming portion for forming a boss portion and a second forming portion having a cutting edge and an inwardly extending portion. The second forming portion is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha F.c.c.

20150114068 - Hand held flaring tool: A flaring tool is provided for flaring an end of a pipe or tube. The tool includes a locking mechanism having a collar and a collet with two or more collet pieces that engage the collar prior to and during a flaring operation. The collet can receive a pipe or... Agent:

20150114069 - Hot clamping method and clamping cooling apparatus: A hot clamping method includes: blanking to cut a material; cold-working to cool down the cut material to produce a product having a shape of a completed product; heating the cooled product in a heating furnace; and clamping cooling to set the heated product in a clamp to clamp it... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150114070 - Method and apparatus that forms a closed cross-sectional structure: A workpiece is formed into a curved shape that has curvatures in the longitudinal and width directions required for a final closed cross-sectional shape. The formed workpiece is bent in a direction that left and right side wall portions approach each other by clamping the bottom portions between a punch... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150114071 - Cold working holes in a composite and metal stack: A hole in a metal and composite stack is cold worked. An interference is formed between a cold working tool and the metal layers results in a radial force that is applied only to the metal layers.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150114072 - Tube notching method and associated notching machine: The method for producing at least one notch in an outer wall of a tube includes guiding a first punch being made of a preforming tooth, causing the preforming tooth to penetrate through the wall of the tube until a protuberance is formed, positioning a solid cylindrical mandrel inside the... Agent:

20150114073 - Tube expanding method for manufacturing metal tube: Through a tube expanding processing simulation, a workpiece shape in a state where a tip of a workpiece 10 has advanced by 1.0 m or more after passing through a shoulder portion 3 of a tool 1 is evaluated. A hollow piece shape and a tool shape such that the... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150114074 - Systems and methods for controlled peening: A method for controlled peening includes forming a surface layer on a workpiece by impacting a surface with a tool wherein the tool is under control to form compressive residual stresses in the surface layer. A system for peening a workpiece includes a tool configured to vibrate and an effector... Agent:

20150114075 - Front action sealing tool: A crimping tool for applying a seal to strap material includes a tool head having pairs of jaws disposed in the tool head and operably mounted thereto, each pair including opposingly oriented jaw elements. Each pair of jaws is spaced from its adjacent pair and includes an upper and lower... Agent:

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