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Metal deforming

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10/02/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140290320 - Band-shaped lubricating material for dry wiredrawing and process for producing same: P

20140290321 - Hot workability of metal alloys via surface coating: A method of processing an alloy ingot or other alloy workpiece to reduce thermal cracking may generally comprise depositing a glass material onto at least a portion of a surface of a workpiece, and heating the glass material to form a surface coating on the workpiece that reduces heat loss... Agent:

20140290322 - Method for producing a component by hot forming a pre-product made of steel: In a method for producing a component by hot forming of a pre-product made of steel, the pre-product is heated to forming temperature and subsequently formed. The product is heated to a temperature below the AC1-transformation temperature and undergoes a strength increase prior to the heating by cold forming.... Agent: Salzgitter Flachstahl Gmbh

20140290323 - Method for producing springs and spring machine for carrying out the method: A method of manufacturing springs by a numerically controlled spring machine includes feeding a wire in a feed direction to a forming device of the spring winding machine by a feed device under control of a control program forming the wire into a spring with the aid of tools of... Agent: Wafios Ag

20140290324 - Methods and apparatus to control a hem profile of strip material: Methods and apparatus for controlling a hem profile in roll-forming processes are described. An example roll-forming apparatus includes a first plurality of work rolls to form a first hem on a material and a second plurality of work rolls. One of the second plurality of work rolls is adjustable relative... Agent:

20140290325 - Stripper for a work roll of a rolling stand: The present invention relates to a stripper (11) for a work roll of a rolling stand, in particular a hot rolling stand, wherein the stripper tip (11) has a stripper tip (5) that makes a contact with the work roll (1), and a first screening element (8) for screening a... Agent: Sms Siemag Ag

20140290326 - Material forming machine incorporating quick changeover assembly: A mechanism for use in adjusting the position of components in a machine including an elongate shaft assembly, at least one projection shaft extending in a direction transverse to said elongate shaft assembly, and a support frame. The elongate shaft assembly includes at least one primary shaft segment, and at... Agent: New Tech Machinery

20140290327 - Flaring device for a tubular member: A flaring device for flaring a hollow malleable tubular member is provided. A hydraulically powered assembly includes a main body having a cylinder, a lever and a piston member which is received in the cylinder. The main body has an axis and opposing first end and second end. The lever... Agent:

09/25/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140283570 - Roll die: A roll die for use with a thread roiling apparatus for roll forming threads on a part is disclosed. The roll die generally comprises a stationary roll die having a first predetermined thread on one surface thereof. The roll die also comprises a moving roll die having a second predetermined... Agent:

20140283571 - Method to improve geometrical accuracy of an incrementally formed workpiece: A method of incrementally forming a workpiece. The method may include incrementally forming a stiffening feature on the workpiece and incrementally forming a part on the workpiece. A gap between forming tools may be decreased to reform the part.... Agent:

20140283572 - Device and method for manufacturing a metal wheel: A device for manufacturing a metal wheel (1) from a pre-form, with stretching rolls (3) engaging on the rim region of the pre-form, by means of which rolls a rim (1.1) is end-formed which, for forming a rim flange (1.7). Freely rotatable rolls (4) are arranged underneath the stretching rolls... Agent: Ronal Ag A Corporation

20140283573 - Rolling apparatus for flat-rolled metal materials: A rolling apparatus for flat-rolled metal materials including a pair of upper and lower work rolls 1 and 2 includes a pair of work roll chocks 5 and 6 configured to hold the respective work rolls 1 and 2, housings 10 configured to hold the work roll chocks, and rolling... Agent:

20140283574 - System and process for formation of extrusion structures: An extrusion apparatus and process are disclosed that produce high-performance extrusion structures. The extrusion apparatus includes a shear tool that applies a rotational shear force and an axial extrusion force to the face of a billet material that plasticizes the billet material. Plasticized material is extruded through an extrusion die... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20140283575 - Pivot link for bending brake: A pivot link for interconnecting a locking bar and a pivoting arm of a sheet bending brake includes an arm portion and a locking bar portion. The arm portion defines a first threaded bore, and the locking bar portion defines a second threaded bore. A threaded stud extends between and... Agent: Tapco International Corporation

20140283576 - Sheet material processing apparatus, press die, and die setting body: A sheet material processing apparatus has a pressurizing part of a sheet material and a supporting part of the pressurized sheet material. The apparatus includes an end face pressing upper press die that receives a pressurizing force, an end face pressing lower press die that is arranged on the supporting... Agent:

20140283577 - Extrusion die for forming hollow material: An extrusion die is provided with a male die through which a billet is extruded from an upstream side to a downstream side and, the male die adapted for forming an inside shape of a hollow material; and a female die for holding the male die and forming an outside... Agent: Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.

09/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140260473 - Methods and apparatus to monitor material conditioning machines: Methods and apparatus to monitor conditioning machines are disclosed herein. An example system includes a plurality of work rolls to process a strip material. A first sensor detects a first distance between an upper surface of the strip material and a first reference location and a second sensor detects a... Agent:

20140260474 - Measuring thermal expansion and the thermal crown of rolls: Systems and methods for measuring the thermal crown of rolls in-situ (e.g., at high temperature) either inside or outside the rolling mill can include sensors that measure propagation times of mechanical waves through the rolls. In some embodiments, one or more sensors are used to measure the propagation times of... Agent: Novelis Inc.

20140260475 - Foldable conduit bending apparatus: A tube bending apparatus comprising a tube bender having a head defining a channel therein to receive the tube, a tube stop, measurement marks indicating bending angle, and a handle with the proximal end affixed to the head; a foldable stand having a first leg with proximal and distal ends,... Agent:

20140260476 - Manufacturing methods and apparatus for targeted lubrication in hot metal rolling: Rolling mill apparatus and methods of hot rolling with targeted lubrication are provided herein. A rolling mill apparatus having multiple roll stacks may include a cooling fluid pump and a lubricant pump fluidly coupled with cooling nozzles and lubrication nozzles through a piping system. The piping system may be configured... Agent: Novelis Inc.

20140260478 - Methods to improve hot workability of metal alloys: A method of processing an alloy workpiece to reduce thermal cracking may comprise spraying a metallic coating material onto at least a portion of a surface of the alloy workpiece to form a surface coating metallurgically bonded to the alloy workpiece. The surface coating may be more ductile than the... Agent: Ati Properties, Inc.

20140260477 - System and method for stainless steel cladding of carbon steel pieces: A system and method of cladding a carbon steel piece with stainless steel according to which the carbon steel piece is cleaned, heated, coated with the stainless steel, and strengthened. In an exemplary embodiment, coating the carbon steel piece with the stainless steel includes melting the stainless steel, atomizing the... Agent: Commercial Metals Company

20140260479 - Pressure sequence process for hydro-forming an extruded structural tube: A pressure sequence hydro-forming method is used to form an extruded structural tube. The extruded structural tube is placed in a hydro-forming die that is partially closed to compress the tube. The tube is filled with a hydro-forming liquid at a first pressure. The hydro-forming die is then closed and... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140260480 - Methods for manufacture of pipe element having shoulder, groove and bead: In a method for forming a pipe element, a spin forming tool is revolved in an orbit of increasing diameter within the pipe element. The pipe element is captured within a die. The method forms a circumferential shoulder at one end. The shoulder has an outer diameter greater than the... Agent: Victaulic Company

20140260481 - Method and apparatus for straightening metal bands: The invention may relate, among other things, to a device for straightening a metal strip having two strip drives which are suitable together to apply tension on the metal strip to straighten the metal strip, wherein at least one of the strip drives is a linear drive, characterised in that... Agent:

20140260482 - Method of reducing oil volume in a poletype transformer: A method of reducing the volume of oil required by a transformer is described. The sides of a transformer are embossed by use of a metal roller press causing indentations into the metal sides of the transformer.... Agent: Howard Industries, Inc.

20140260483 - Manufacturing methods and apparatus for targeted cooling in hot metal rolling: A rolling mill apparatus and methods of hot rolling with targeted cooling. In one aspect, a mill having multiple roller stacks includes a cooling system that directs the bulk coolant flow to a heat exchanger having first and second heat exchangers in parallel. The first heat exchanger is adapted to... Agent: Novelis Inc.

20140260484 - Compound hinged rod bender: A compound rod bender includes a first distal arm, a second distal arm, a rotating and translating barrel, and a compound hinge. The barrel includes a plurality of bending surfaces configured to be selectively positioned to contour a rod. The barrel is positioned on a pivot point between the first... Agent: Globus Medical, Inc.

20140260486 - Foil configuring device: A device for configuring foil for use in cooking food comprising a base portion comprising first and second portions, the second portion pivoting relative to the first portion; a first plurality of rotatable elements operatively associated with the first portion; and a second plurality of rotatable elements operatively associated with... Agent:

20140260485 - Panel crimping machine with control system for controlling timing between crimping rollers with an adjustable separation: A panel crimping apparatus comprises a frame, a first crimping roller supported by the frame, the first crimping roller comprising a first shaft, a plurality of first crimping blades, and a first drive gear attached to the first shaft, and a second crimping roller supported by the frame, the second... Agent: M.i.c. Industries, Inc.

20140260487 - Dual-phase hot extrusion of metals: The present disclosure provides a method of dual-phase hot metal extrusion comprising (i) providing a load carrier made of a first metal material, wherein the load carrier comprises one or more load chambers containing a second metal material, wherein the melting point of the second metal material is lower than... Agent:

20140260488 - Shear system of extrusion press: A shearing device for an extrusion press is adapted for cutting off from each other an extruded product and a discard which is the residue of a billet, the shearing device being configured so that the configuration thereof is simplified to reduce costs required for maintenance and production and so... Agent: Ube Machinery Corporation, Ltd.

20140260489 - Dual-phase hot extrusion of metals: The present disclosure provides a method of dual-phase hot metal extrusion comprising (i) providing a load carrier made of a first metal material, wherein the load carrier comprises one or more load chambers containing a second metal material, wherein the melting point of the second metal material is lower than... Agent:

20140260490 - Method for assembling stamp for ground bonding strap: A system and method forming a ground bonding strap. A length of cable is measured to determine a segment of cable to stamp to form a pair of connectors. The segment is heated. The segment is stamped to form the pair of connectors. The pair of connectors defining an indentation... Agent: Centurylink Intellectual Property LLC

20140260491 - Automated spacer frame fabrication and method: Method and Apparatus for fabricating a spacer frame for use in an insulating glass unit. One of a multiple number of possible spacer frame materials is chosen for the spacer frame. An elongated strip of the material is moved to a notching station where notches are formed at corner locations.... Agent: Ged Integrated Solutions, Inc.

20140260492 - Split-pass open-die forging for hard-to-forge, strain-path sensitive titanium-base and nickel-base alloys: Split pass forging a workpiece to initiate microstructure refinement comprises press forging a metallic material workpiece in a first forging direction one or more times up to a reduction ductility limit of the metallic material to impart a total strain in the first forging direction sufficient to initiate microstructure refinement;... Agent: Ati Properties, Inc.

20140260493 - Hot stamping mold: A hot stamping mold apparatus may include a bottom part equipped on a bolster and a top part equipped on a slider, wherein the bottom part and the top part each include a cooling mold including a plurality of coolant chambers formed therein, a heating mold installed at a side... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140260494 - Piercing apparatus, plug used for piercing apparatus, and method for producing seamless steel pipe: There is provided a piercing apparatus in which the occurrence of an inner surface flaw in a hollow shell is suppressed. A piercing apparatus (10) according to an embodiment of the present invention is the piercing apparatus (10) which pierces a billet (18). The piercing apparatus (10) has a plug... Agent:

20140260496 - Cup feed mechanism for vertical bodymaker: A cup feed assembly for a can bodymaker with a vertically oriented, reciprocating, elongated ram assembly is provided. The cup feed assembly includes a chute assembly, a rotatable feeder disk assembly, and a cup locator. The chute assembly includes a transfer chute. The transfer chute includes an outer second side... Agent: Stolle Machinery Company, LLC

20140260495 - Drawing method and servo press system: The present invention provides a servo press system and a drawing method using the servo press system. The drawing method according to the aspect of the present invention includes: a stopping step of stopping the slide for a first period in a course of a stroke for performing drawing; a... Agent: Aida Engineering, Ltd.

20140260497 - Can body take-away mechanism for vertical bodymaker: A can body take-away assembly for a can bodymaker with a vertically oriented, reciprocating, elongated ram assembly and a domer is provided. The take-away assembly includes a drive assembly and a can body transport assembly. The drive assembly includes a motor and a support member. The take-away assembly motor is... Agent: Stolle Machinery Company, LLC

20140260498 - Forming press: A draw press includes a carriage moveable toward a work piece and an upper die movably secured to the carriage. The upper die is movable with respect to the carriage to draw the work piece. A method for drawing a metal part is also disclosed.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140260500 - Operating mechanism for a vertically oriented bodymaker: A can bodymaker is provided. The can bodymaker includes two rams that travel over a generally vertical path. The bodymaker includes a housing assembly and an operating mechanism structured to move a number of ram assemblies over a vertical path of travel. The operating mechanism includes a crankshaft, a motor,... Agent: Stolle Machinery Company, LLC

20140260499 - Toolpack for vertical bodymaker: A toolpack for a can bodymaker with a vertically oriented, reciprocating, elongated ram assembly is provided. The toolpack includes a tool pack housing assembly, a number of die spacers, a number of dies, and a compression device. The tool pack housing assembly defines a passage and includes an inner surface,... Agent: Stolle Machinery Company, LLC

20140260501 - Method for forming non-rectangular section ring from rectangular section ring: A method for expanding a rectangular section ring to form a non-rectangular section ring. The method includes heating a rectangular section ring of an alloy to a temperature of between 1000 and 1020° C., preheating an expanding block to a temperature of between 260 and 320° C., nesting the inner... Agent: Guizhou Anda Aviation Forging Co., Ltd

20140260502 - Stent crimping tool insert, system, and method: A stent crimping tool insert comprises a core body configured for insertion into and removal from within a crimping chamber of a stent crimping tool. The core body has a core surface configured to withstand a compressive force without a reduction in diameter of the core surface.... Agent:

20140260503 - Crimp die set: A die set for crimping operations includes first and second die members having raised areas including a plurality of knurls and character areas. The die set combining knurls and character areas on the operative areas of the die members allows a single die set to be used to condition a... Agent:

20140260504 - Portable rescue tool: A portable rescue tool that is powered by an electric motor. The electric motor has a drive output shaft that transfers rotational power to an angle rotary gearbox. The angle rotary gearbox has an output shaft that is oriented about 90 degrees from the rotational axis of the motor output... Agent:

20140260505 - Work tools having interchangeable work heads: A hand-held hydraulic assembly includes a work tool having a hydraulic cylinder or main body, a ram piston disposed in the hydraulic main body and a spring or other biasing member mounted on the ram piston. An interchangeable work head is selectively engaged to the ram piston of the work... Agent: Ridge Tool Company

20140260506 - Movable die component for a press device: A movable die component for a press device includes a plate body having a workpiece engagement surface configured to engage a workpiece formed by the press device. The plate body has a plurality of internal pockets completely enclosed by the plate body. Optionally, the plate body may be formed by... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

09/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140250963 - Flatness of a rolled strip: Systems and methods for improving the flatness of a rolled sheet or strip by the application of differential cooling. A cooling agent can be selectively applied along the width of the strip. More cooling can be applied to the edges of the strip, where tension is greatest, to increase tension... Agent: Novelis Inc.

20140250964 - Reshaping device and positioning assembly thereof: A reshaping device for reshaping a workpiece, includes a worktable, a reshaping assembly, a measuring unit, a positioning assembly, and a controller electrically connected to the reshaping assembly, the measuring unit, and the positioning assembly. The positioning assembly includes a pair of positioning subassemblies and a movable supporting subassembly. Each... Agent: Fu Ding Electronical Technology (jiashan) Co.,ltd.

20140250965 - Method of producing seamless metal pipe: A method of producing a seamless metal pipe, which can suppress the occurrence of inner surface flaws, is provided. A method of producing a seamless metal pipe according to an embodiment of the present invention includes the steps of: heating a high alloy billet BL containing, by mass %, Cr:... Agent:

20140250966 - Ferrous alloy for coining and method for producing the same: A ferrous alloy is provided for coining The ferrous alloy includes a composition of: 4.00-10.80 wt % of chromium (Cr), 8.00-25.00 wt % of nickel (Ni), 3.00-6.00 wt % of copper (Cu), and a balance of iron (Fe) and incidental impurities.... Agent: Crs Holdings Inc.

20140250967 - Extrusion press and tube press and method for separating a butt: The invention relates to an extrusion press or tube press (1), in particular for aluminium or aluminium alloys, comprising a press frame which consists of a cylinder bar and a counter bar (3) connected thereto, and in which a moving bar and a moving block receiver (2) are arranged, the... Agent:

20140250968 - Processing device and processing method: A processing device is provided which feeds a long plate body from an upstream side to a downstream side and sequentially carries out a press work including a blanking work to the long plate body. The processing device includes a plurality of stages provided along a feed direction of the... Agent:

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