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Metal deforming

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08/07/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140216121 - Rolling mill, and device and method for determining the rolling or guiding gap of the roll stands or guide stands in a multi-stand rolling mill: A method for determining the rolling or guiding gap of the roll stands or guide stands in a multi-stand rolling mill positions a comparison scale at at least one stand, preferably at the first and the last stand, and subsequently the rolling or guiding gap of the respective stand is... Agent: Sms Meer Gmbh

20140216122 - Extrusion press and control method for extrusion press: m

20140216123 - Die condition detection: A die (13, 213, 313) is supported in a die holder (381) such as a frame or an adapter (18, 518) supported in a frame such that it is operational use in a material deforming operation. One or both of the die and the die holder have at least one... Agent: Henrob Limited

20140216124 - Method for producing a motor vehicle axle component: A method for producing a motor vehicle axle component includes the method steps of providing a metal strip made of a hardenable steel material, hot rolling the metal strip and subsequent cold rolling with more than 4% rolling reduction degree, annealing at 600 to 800° C., in particular at 650... Agent: Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh

20140216125 - Spur toothing on a coupling element for transmitting torques: The invention relates to a spur toothing on at least one coupling element for transmitting torques about a rotational axis, said spur toothing axially engaging with a corresponding mating cutting. The face cutting is provided with teeth from a material of the coupling element that has been plastically shaped in... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

07/31/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140202223 - Die cushion apparatus of press machine and die cushion controlling method: According to the die cushion apparatus of a press machine and the die cushion controlling method of the present invention, in holding the cushion pad on standby at a desired standby position, it is possible to hold the cushion pad on standby in parallel with the lower faces of the... Agent: Aida Engineering, Ltd.

20140202224 - Energy-saving device for rolling plant: A control device for a rolling plant, which is capable of reducing the pouring amount of cooling water by pouring cooling water at timing of high cooling efficiency when a material being rolled is cooled, and thereby being capable of saving the energy consumption. The control device includes a plurality... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20140202225 - Method and apparatus for metal positioning and forming: A duct making apparatus includes a first station configured to accept a formable sheet material and a second station configured to receive the formable sheet material from the first station. The first station includes a mechanism for forming one of a male lock bend and a female lock seam in... Agent: Mestek Machinery, Inc.

20140202226 - Closing tool for crimp cover: A crimp cover closing tool is provided with a pair of curved force transmitting members joined at a fulcrum and forming opposed jaws. The jaws each have an angularly offset tip with interiorly disposed opposable spherical forming surfaces, a radius of curvature of about 2.1 mm and a depth of... Agent:

07/17/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140196513 - Automatic domer positioning in a bodymaker: In a can forming machine a system that determines the position of a reciprocating ram and allows for the domer to be repositioned automatically is provided. The system includes a punch position sensor assembly, a control system, and a domer positioning assembly. The punch position sensor assembly is positioned about... Agent: Stolle Machinery Company, LLC

20140196514 - Method for making metal body and metal box by using hydroforming: A hydroforming method for metal is capable of producing hardware having a throat in only one side and having approximately right-angled corners without causing thinning and breakage. The method includes using a working fluid to exert a liquid pressure on a metal embryo and cooperating with a push rod of... Agent: Technology On Prototyping Ultimate (topu)

20140196515 - Apparatus and method for forming a screw flight: This invention relates to an apparatus for forming a helical screw flight from a flight blank. The apparatus includes a base and an engaging means. The engaging means is movably mounted to the base and is configured to formingly engage the blank so as to form a twist in at... Agent: Advanced Spiral Technology Pty Limited

20140196516 - Rotary wheelhouse roller hemming assembly: A rotary wheelhouse roller hemming apparatus in accordance with the present invention includes a support and a rotary mechanism including a plurality of connected anvils driveably rotatable about an axis. The rotary mechanism is mounted on the support. Rotation of the rotary mechanism about the axis moves the anvils between... Agent: Hirotec America, Inc.

20140196517 - Needle bending apparatus and methods: An apparatus for bending a hypodermic needle includes a bending die, a needle gripper configured to grasp the hypodermic needle, a servo-actuated slide operatively coupled to the needle gripper, and a servo- or pneumatically-actuated bending pin. The servo-actuated slide is configured to translate the needle gripper along a linear path... Agent: Innovative Products & Equipment Inc.

20140196518 - Cut-off end surface improvement: A method of improving the surface finish of a sheared end face of a cylindrical blank in a progressive forming machine comprising deforming the end face out of its original as sheared transverse plane into a first shape concentric with the axis of the blank that slightly departs from the... Agent: National Machinery LLC

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