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Metal deforming

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09/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140238092 - Method for producing a crown of a golf club head: A method for producing a crown of a golf club head is provided to solve the disadvantages of high manufacturing costs of conventional production of the crown. The method includes a material preparation step including preparing a sheet material to be processed, with the sheet material including a first surface... Agent: Fusheng Precision Co., Ltd.

20140238093 - Reversing rolling mill and operating method for a reversing rolling mill: Operating method for a reversing rolling mill having at least one reversing rolling stand (2) for rolling a rolled metal stock (5), wherein the stock (5) passes the at least one reversing rolling stand (2) in a sequence of alternating direction passes (7) and after each pass, the stock is... Agent: Siemens Vai Metals Technologies Gmbh

20140238094 - Flexible pipe carcass forming apparatus: An apparatus for forming a carcass for encasing a tubular member including a driven rotor (20) having a front face rotatable about a pivot axis and a spool mandrel (38) positioned eccentrically on the driven rotor (20). The spool mandrel (38) is adapted to rotatably mount a roll of coiled... Agent: Bartell Machinery Systems LLC

20140238095 - Installation and method for continuously shaping longitudinally slotted pipes: A method and an installation for continuously shaping longitudinally slotted pipes (10) from a flat material minimizes or avoids markings in the material if the rolling forces of at least two rolls (40) acting successively on the flat material are evenly introduced into the roll stand and/or freely adjusts the... Agent: Sms Meer Gmbh

20140238096 - Manufacturing system for electro-hydraulic flanging and trimming a part: A method of flange trimming a sheet metal panel to form a part including flanges for subsequent hemming or weld operation is disclosed. The method utilizes an electro-hydraulic forming (EHF) tool to form a channel within which a flange is cut out in a trimming operation. A combined flange/trim die... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140238097 - Laminated cavity tooling: In some examples, a laminated tooling die may include multiple sheets or plates used in conjunction in any of a number of forming operations such as, for example, hydroforming, compression molding, and stamping. The sheets or plates can include an open interior that, when used in conjunction with neighboring sheets,... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140238098 - Rolling unit: Rolling unit including at least two adjacent rolling stands, each having a pair of rolling rolls mounted on respective motorized shafts. The rolls of one rolling stand are disposed orthogonal and close to those of the adjacent rolling stand. The shafts are eccentrically supported in respective support elements, which are... Agent: Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche Spa

20140238099 - Process for making forged and machined components: The present invention discloses a process of manufacturing forged components using a combination of open die and closed die forging, and machining. The process involves the steps of togging of the ingot, upsetting the cogged bloom in two steps to form a preform, closed forging the preform on a hammer,... Agent:

08/21/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140230508 - Straightening apparatus: The invention concerns an anode straightening apparatus (10, 30, 60) for the straightening of an anode (100) typically used in an electrowinning process. In the preferred embodiment the apparatus includes clamps (21, 41, 71) for clamping a busbar (101) of the anode and clamps (22, 42, 71) for clam in... Agent: Zimco Group (proprietary) Limited

20140230509 - Rolling mill and rolling method: Disclosed is a rolling mill, in particular a rolling mill having more than one mill stand, comprising at least two rolls (30) which are mounted in a roll bearing in a mill stand to absorb rolling forces, further comprising means (40) for moving at least one roll relative to the... Agent: Sms Meer Gmbh

20140230510 - Methods of maintaining and using a high concentration of dissolved copper on the surface of a useful article: A method for maintaining and using a high concentration of dissolved copper on a surface of a useful article by providing a copper surface without coatings thereon, which increase the wetting angle and which isolate the copper surface and which has a surface roughness between 2 and 50 micro inches... Agent: Pmx Industries Inc.

20140230511 - Method for controlling a hot strip rolling line: A flat rolling stock of metal passes through roll stands of a finishing train, and a cooling section, in succession. Initial values which characterize the energy content of rolling stock points are determined, at the latest, when said rolling stock points enters into the finishing train. The rolling stock is... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140230512 - Roll stand for absorbing rolling forces: In order to simplify roll adjustment in a roll stand when changing the rolls, a roll stand absorbs rolling forces of at least three rolls mounted on both sides in bearing seats of the roll stand that absorb rolling forces, in each instance. At least the bearing seats of one... Agent: Sms Meer Gmbh

20140230513 - Rolling stand for tubes or rounds: A rolling stand for tubes or rounds comprising two or more rolls (10, 20, 30) defining a rolling section of the rolling stand that is coaxial to a rolling axis Y of the same stand, each roll having a respective rolling surface (S1) defining a respective straight line of symmetry... Agent:

20140230514 - Pneumatic stamping press with high velocity slide and punch: A pneumatic press with high slide acceleration and velocity is equipped with an arrangement trigger mechanism for holding the slide, upper die, and punch in place until air pressure force in tons is exerted against slide opposite the upper die and punch. When the trigger mechanism releases the slide, upper... Agent:

20140230515 - Stent loading tool and method for use thereof: A loading tool for withdrawing, crimping, and loading a stent-mounted valve into a delivery catheter, and for pushing the stent-mounted valve from the delivery catheter into a native heart valve orifice. The loading tool comprises at least one connector adapted for being removably connected to the stent of the stent-mounted... Agent: Medtronic Ventor Technologies Ltd.

20140230516 - Forming hand tool: A hand tool, such as a duct seamer. The hand tool may include a first handle; a second handle connected to the first handle for pivoting movement about a handle pivot point; a first jaw operably connected to the first handle and having a first inner surface; a second jaw... Agent:

08/14/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140223982 - System and method for cooling annealed panels: A system and method for processing a formable metal panel. The method comprises pressing the formable metal panel between a first die and a second die of a first press, creating a pre-formed panel. The pre-formed panel is annealed with a heating element. An evaporative cooling gas is applied to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140223983 - Multi-stage tube hydroforming process: A method for hydroforming a tubular blank comprising the steps of at least partially closing the die portions of a die about a tubular blank, introducing a hydraulic fluid into the tubular blank at a first pressure, substantially closing the die portions about the tubular blank, partially opening the die... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140223984 - Rolling mill and rolling method: In order to improve the quality of pipe-like work pieces, a rolling mill has at least two successive consecutive rolling stages that have mandrel rods. A threading line for the mandrel rod of the second rolling stage can lie on an extraction line for the mandrel rod of the first... Agent: Sms Meer Gmbh

20140223985 - Method and apparatus for manufacturing a gear wheel with stub toothing: Method for manufacturing a gear wheel with stub toothing for a change-speed gearbox, wherein, in a first forming step, a gear wheel body (1) is drop-forged and the stub toothing is formed finally in at least one further forming step by cold calibration in the forging die by means of... Agent: Sona Blw Prazisionsschmiede Gmbh

20140223986 - Device for machining notches in headrest tubes: Device for machining indentations in headrest tubes, comprising a support matrix that holds a tube in order to make indentations in it, positioned on a press that exerts a pressure on said matrix in a vertical direction such that the tube is rigidly secure in the support matrix. In addition,... Agent:

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