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Metal deforming

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04/16/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150101380 - Hydroformed bottom expansion process and apparatus: An apparatus, and associated process, expands a wall of an associated metal container. The apparatus includes a holder for retaining at least a portion of the metal container. A first tool has a first surface mounted for movement relative to the holder for selective advancement toward and dimensioned to engage... Agent: Dayton Systems Group, Inc

20150101381 - Method of cold rolling a seamless pipe: In performing cold rolling on a seamless pipe as a mother pipe, it is possible to inhibit the generation of metal chips from the end portions of the mother pipe, and to prevent the formation of indentations therein that may be caused by the metal chips to thereby provide good... Agent:

20150101382 - Method and composition for recycling aluminum containers: The present disclosure provides improved processes and compositions for continuously casting aluminum alloys. The resulting aluminum alloy sheet is useful for container body stock.... Agent: Golden Aluminum, Inc.

20150101383 - Method of cold-rolling steel sheet and cold-rolling facility: In cold-rolling a steel sheet coil, when a tail end portion of a steel sheet coil (7) is wound around a tension reel (3) prior to second-pass rolling after the completion of first-pass rolling, the tail end portion is heated to a temperature within a range of not lower than... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20150101384 - Edge guide mechanism and panel forming machine incorporating the same: A forming machine for forming a longitudinal margin of a strip of material into a desired profile and methods encompassing the steps inherent in the described mechanical structures and operation thereof. The forming machine includes a frame, a drive mechanism, a plurality of forming elements, and an edge guide mechanism.... Agent:

20150101385 - Tool and method for producing stamped parts: An upper die part includes an embossing bell, a stripper ring, and an inner shape embossing element. The stripper ring has an embossing surface with a corrugated profile on the embossing surface. A lower die part includes an embossing anvil having a corrugated profile on its embossing surface. The embossing... Agent:

20150101386 - Water-blocking apparatus and water-blocking method for cooling water for hot-rolled steel sheet: A water-blocking apparatus for cooling water for a hot-rolled steel sheet according to the present invention, which blocks cooling water sprayed onto a hot-rolled steel sheet at a sprayed water density of higher than 4 m3/m2/min and equal to or less than 10 m3/m2/min when the hot-rolled steel sheet is... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20150101387 - Cam follower for a ram of a necker machine and a method of manufacturing the same: A cam follower for a ram assembly. The cam follower includes a bearing positioned on a shaft. The bearing includes an outer ring having an exterior surface and an inner ring coaxially disposed in the outer ring. A plurality of rolling elements is disposed between the outer ring and the... Agent: Roller Bearing Company Of America, Inc.

20150101388 - Method of manufacturing closed-structure part and apparatus for the same: A method manufactures a closed-structure part by forming a flat plate-shaped workpiece into a closed structure including a bottom portion curved along a longitudinal direction. The method includes a first forming step of forming a plurality of first out-of-plane deformed portions and a bent portion, the first out-of-plane deformed portions... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150101389 - Metal plate reinforcement method: A metal plate reinforcement method includes: (a) providing a metal plate, in which the metal plate has a first surface and a second surface opposite to each other; (b) stamping the metal plate to form a plurality of first protruding portions protruding from the first surface; (c) respectively stamping the... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

04/09/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150096344 - Method of forming integrated drive shaft and yoke: A method of forming a shaft for transferring force from a driving element to a driven element makes use of a tube. The tube is deformed to define distal ends of said shaft. At least one of the distal ends of the tube is trimmed to define a yoke for... Agent:

20150096345 - Movable head for a stretching machine: A movable head (1, 1a) for a stretching machine for sheets or plates or the like comprises: —a first front portion (2, 2a) including a plurality of sheet segments (3, 3a) parallel to one another and shaped so as to define a clamping mouth (18) and a stretching plane (XY)... Agent:

20150096346 - Process for upset forging of drill pipe and articles produced thereby: Shown is a method for manufacturing horizontal directional drilling pipe having internally and externally upset pipe ends. The forging is done by heating the green tube ends and applying pressure using a closed die hydraulic forging press to form the upsets. One end of a steel tube is worked by... Agent:

20150096347 - Apparatus for making an adaptor which is used in heating and ventilation systems: o

04/02/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150089985 - Computer-controlled multiaxial forging: A computer-based apparatus for performing a multiaxial forging method is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a process control computer and a pair of forging dies connected thereto, wherein each of the dies comprises a piston (1, 2), said pistons being moveable along a common axis (z), and wherein a shaping anvil... Agent: College Of Duna&#xda Jv&#xc1 Ros

20150089986 - Method and device for reshaping a workpiece: The invention relates to a method for reshaping a workpiece comprising a central axis, a radial inner region, and a radial outer region, in which the radial inner region of said workpiece is reshaped by means of a punch and a die by a drawing operation in the axial direction... Agent: Leifeld Metal Spinning Ag

20150089987 - Composite rolling mill roll and rolling method: A composite rolling mill roll according to the present invention includes: a steel roll shaft; and an outer layer provided around the roll shaft, in which the outer layer includes a sintered body including a base metal which is an iron alloy, a fibrous inclusion which consists of a ceramic... Agent:

20150089988 - Roll change apparatus: A rolling machine has pairs of rolls in a horizontal line of roll pair locations, with each pair including upper and lower rolls opposed across a vertical gap. A sliding frame is mounted on the rolling machine for movement alongside the rolling machine in a direction parallel to the line... Agent: Fives Bronx, Inc.

20150089989 - Metal forming head, a machine with such a head and a metal forming method: A metal forming head (113) is disclosed which includes a die (124) with a stamping portion (130), and a die holder (126) with a hole (136) therethrough. At least part of the stamping portion (130) of the die (124) is receivable through the hole (136) of the die holder (126).... Agent: Gainteam Holdings Limited

20150089990 - Bending die having surface microstructures and bending punch thereof: Provided are a bending die having surface microstructures and a bending punch thereof applicable to stamping processing to bend a blank to form a shape. The bending die includes a lower die, an upper die, and a workpiece placing piece. The lower die includes a die, and the die includes... Agent: National Kaohsiung First University Of Science And Technology

20150089991 - Thrusting device for pipes or the like to bend in a pipe or the like bending machine: A thrusting device for pipes or the like to bend in a pipe or the like bending machine suitable for a quick-acting coupling-release.... Agent:

20150089992 - Process for laser-assisted tool build and repair: A tool for forming a shaped product has a support body that is fabricated from a first material, such as for instance cast iron. The first material defines a first portion of a forming surface of the tool and has a feature supported thereon. The feature has a layer of... Agent:

03/26/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150082846 - Apparatus for forging a hollow body from a pre-perforated hollow block: An apparatus for forging a hollow body from a pre-perforated hollow block includes forging tools that can be driven radially in relation to a forging axis, a clamping head which is displaceable on a guide bed in the direction of the forging axis and includes collet chucks for the hollow... Agent: Gfm - Gmbh

20150082847 - Systems and methods for drawing materials: Systems, devices, and methods are described for drawing materials. In certain embodiments, the material is metal tubing that is hollow along its length. The drawing system may include a first drawing machine that is fixed or stationary and a second drawing machine that moves relative to the first drawing machine.... Agent:

20150082848 - Rolling apparatus and rolling monitoring method: s

20150082849 - Forming apparatus: A rotatable forming apparatus and a method for modifying a shape of a container. The rotatable forming apparatus includes a frame and a forming turret assembly. The forming turret assembly includes a drive shaft, a fixed turret portion, a turret starwheel, an axially moveable turret portion and forming ram assemblies.... Agent: Belvac Production Machinery, Inc.

20150082850 - Tool and method for making a brake disk: The present invention in one or more embodiments provides a roller tool for roughening a friction ring of a brake disk, the roller tool including a roller body including inner and outer ends and a casing surface positioned there-between, the inner end differing in cross-section dimension than the outer end,... Agent:

20150082851 - Precursor detection method and precursor detection device of stick-slip phenomenon, and method for cold-drawing pipe or tube using precursor detection method: A precursor detection device 6 detects a precursor of a stick-slip phenomenon in a drawing machine 1. The precursor detection device 6 includes a load measurement section 61 for measuring a load applied to a plug support bar 4 in the drawing direction, a precursor detection section 62 for detecting... Agent:

20150082852 - Horizontal forging press for massive forming: The invention relates to a horizontal forging press for massive forming, which comprises a machine frame, a forging ram, a clamping ram, at least a first force transmission device, at least a second force transmission device, and a multipart forging tool, wherein each force transmission device comprises at least one... Agent:

20150082853 - Sheet metal forming process and system: The invention relates to a method and system for forming a metal sheet, preferably in the form of a disc, in order to obtain an essentially cylindrical and essentially hollow end metal part having a base thickness that is essentially greater than the thickness of its walls. More specifically, the... Agent: Expal Systems S.a

20150082854 - Incremental forming method: An incremental forming method includes pressing a rod-shaped tool into a workpiece and stretching the workpiece little by little while moving the rod-shaped tool so that a percentage of decrease in plate thickness of the workpiece after forming with respect to plate thickness of the workpiece before forming is made... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150082855 - Method of preparing forming limit diagram in press forming, method for predicting crack and method of producing press parts: A method of preparing a forming limit diagram in press forming includes obtaining a forming limit curve by subjecting a surface of a metal plate to be press-formed to marking at a distance between reference points of 0.5-1.0 mm, bulging the metal plate with a punch having a top minimum... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

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