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Metal deforming

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07/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140190228 - Method and device for compensating deviations during a deforming operation between two beams of a press: The invention relates to a method for compensating deviations in a deforming operation between two beams of a press, comprising of arranging one or more compensating element at a suitably chosen location in the press, detecting the deviations and moving the compensating element(s) relative to the beams by (electro) mechanical... Agent: Wila B.v.

20140190229 - Method for improving light gauge building materials: A process is described in which non-structural galvanized steel studs are sequentially chemically treated with a permanganate coating to improve oxidation resistance, followed by treatment with a silicate coating sealant, optionally with zinc surface activation using an acid treatment.... Agent: K2 Enterprises, LLC

20140190230 - Nickel-titanium core guide wire: A guide wire for use in a medical procedure having a shapeable tip integral with and made from the distal end of a superelastic nitinol distal section of the guide wire, wherein the shapeable tip can be finger kinked. Such a guide wire includes an elongated core made from a... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

20140190231 - Wing panel and aircraft main wing: There is provided a wing panel having improved formability at the time when the wing panel is curvedly formed by the peen forming method, and an aircraft main wing provided with the said wing panel. For a stringer member 20, a base part 21 is formed, and the neutral axis... Agent: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

20140190232 - Strip processing device: A strip processing device includes a strip processing cartridge and is intended for a rolling mill, and relates to a method for removing the strip processing cartridge from the strip processing device. The strip processing cartridge is mounted on a bearing region on one or more rockers on a frame.... Agent:

20140190233 - Metal mold for hot pressing: A metal mold for hot pressing according to the present invention includes a fixed mold and a movable mold disposed such that molding surfaces of the fixed mold and the movable mold face each other. The metal mold sandwiches a heated workpiece between the fixed mold and the movable mold... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140190234 - Method for producing a press-hardened molded part, and press-hardening tool: The invention relates to a method that is used to produce a press-hardened molded part (3) having at least two regions that differ regarding the strength of the regions by means of a press-hardening tool. A blank heated to a forming temperature is formed in the press-hardening tool and held... Agent: Kirchhoff Automotive Deutschland Gmbh

20140190235 - Draw and iron apparatus: An apparatus for forming a container body from a metal blank has a ram, a blank holder, an annular die, an annular die holder, an insert and a plurality of ironing rings. The ram is centered about a longitudinal axis. The blank holder has an aperture through which the ram... Agent: Rexam Beverage Can Company

20140190236 - Supply device, and method for supplying band-like member: A feeding device (10) comprises: a support frame (12); an annular-shaped rotary frame (13); paired feeding rollers (15, 161) for nipping a strip-shaped member therebetween; a rotating motor (M1) for rotating the rotating frame (13); a feeding motor (M2) for rotating at least one (15) of the feeding rollers; and... Agent: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

07/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140182345 - Method and plant for producing metal rolled products: A method for producing rolled products includes providing two parallel lines downstream of a continuous casting, for conveying profiled supply sections that converge together at least at a single first rolling station. A plant for implementing the method is also provided.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140182346 - Roll-holder cartridge for a rolling mill: The present invention relates to a roll-holder cartridge for a rolling mill 20. The cartridge 24 comprises two side walls 26, a plurality of roll-lever units 30, two adjusting rings 28 and an adjusting actuator 32. Each side wall of the cartridge comprises a plurality of first seats 260; each... Agent: Sms Innse Spa

20140182347 - Ultrasonic extrusion apparatus for metal material: Disclosed herein is an ultrasonic extrusion apparatus which causes resonance of an extrusion die using ultrasonic vibrations, thus reducing friction between the extrusion die and an extrusion material. The ultrasonic extrusion apparatus has an increased number of ultrasonic vibrators provided around the extrusion die in the circumferential direction to increase... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

20140182348 - Wire looping tool: An improved arts and crafts tool designed to loop and cut wire in a single fluid motion at any desired location along the length of the wire. The tool comprises a pair of arms each arm terminating in a soft-cover handle adapted to be gripped by a user. The upper... Agent:

20140182349 - Press forming method and vehicle component: Disclosed is a press forming method press forming a workpiece between a die and a punch, while pushing the punch into the die by means of a relative motion of the die and the punch, the method includes: producing an intermediate molding (100B) having ridges (100d) formed in predetermined parts... Agent:

06/26/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140174141 - Rolling system and rolling method: A rolling system, particularly a cold-rolling system for cold-rolling a metal strip (2): having at least one cold-rolling stand (1) an unwinding device (3) upstream of the cold-rolling stand (1), a unit (10) connected between the unwinding device (3) and the cold-rolling stand (1), including at least three rolls (6,... Agent: Siemens Vai Metals Technologies Gmbh

20140174142 - End-knurling device: An improved knurling device (20) includes a body (21) having an axis of elongation (x-x), and has a first part (22) and a second part (23). The body first part has axially-spaced front and center plates (24, 25, respectively). The body second part is mounted on the center plate, and... Agent: Brinkman Products, Inc.

20140174143 - Extrusion press container and mantle for same: A container for use in a metal extrusion press comprises a mantle having an elongate body comprising an axial bore, an elongate liner accommodated within the axial bore, the liner comprising a longitudinally extending passage through which a billet is advanced, and a fluid channel in thermal communication with the... Agent: Exco Technologies Limited

20140174144 - Knockout for use while necking a metal container, die system for necking a metal container and method of necking a metal container: A knockout has a support surface and the support surface has: (i) a first knockout outer diameter capable of supporting the first inner diameter of a container side wall when the knockout is inserted into an opening of the metal container and when the metal container is being necked with... Agent: Alcoa Inc.

06/19/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140165684 - Self-compensating retractable insert for high-temperature forming tools: A forming tool apparatus is provided for forming an article having a negative draft angle that locks the formed article within the forming tool. An insert, which is disposed within a recess defined in a forming surface of the forming tool, has a surface that cooperates with the forming surface... Agent: Magna International Inc.

20140165685 - Pre-notched drip edge and method: A pre-notched drip edge assembly and related method includes a plurality of drip edge sections interconnected end-to-end to form a continuous water barrier along a roof edge. Each drip edge section has a formed one-piece construction with a top flange and a bottom flange having an inverted L-shape with upper... Agent: Quality Edge, Inc.

20140165686 - Component for a steel pickling apparatus, a heat exchanger for heating hydrochloric acid pickling solution, a system and method for pickling, and a method of manufacturing steel products: A component for a steel pickling apparatus is formed from an alloy that predominately comprises niobium and tantalum. The component may be a heat exchanger component, such as a tube or tubesheet liner, formed from the alloy that predominately comprises niobium and tantalum. Also, disclosed is a heat exchanger including... Agent: Titan Metal Fabricators

20140165687 - Clamping device for bending press and bending press provided with the same: A clamping device for a bending press includes a clamping die with a space formed therein, a clamping holder rotatably disposed within the space of the clamping die around a rotation shaft formed thereto, an upper cam block and a lower cam block respectively disposed within the clamping holder and... Agent: Sungwoo Hitech Co., Ltd.

20140165688 - Forging apparatus: A forging apparatus and method is disclosed in which a punch 260 is held in a press 210, 220 and propelled towards a billet 250 by a ram 240. The ram 240 is separate from the punch 260. Thus, any axial misalignment between the ram 240 and the press 210,... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140165689 - Press brakes: Press brakes capable of a high processing accuracy and short cycle times are provided.... Agent: Finn-power Italia S.r.l.

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