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05/28/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150143861 - Plastic working method of metals and plastic working apparatus: P

20150143862 - Cold state metal plate strip surface treatment system and treatment method of the same: A cold state metal plate strip surface treatment system and a treatment method thereof, used for high-pressure jet-flow descaling and rinsing metal plate strips, includes a high-pressure jet-flow descaling section 6. A tension unit and a stabilizing roller 21 are provided in front of the high-pressure jet-flow descaling section 6,... Agent:

20150143863 - Electro-hydraulic trimming of a part perimeter with multiple discrete pulses: A trim tool for trimming a part having a complex shape. The trim tool defines a plurality of electro-hydraulic cavities that are separated by walls in a lower die of the trim tool. Electrodes are discharged in the electro-hydraulic cavities to drive the panel into engagement with a trim steel... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150143864 - Roller leveler: A roller leveler is provided having a substantially uniform pitch of leveling rolls arranged in a zigzag manner. The roller leveler has a first roll group with first leveling rolls at a pitch “P1”, a second roll group with second leveling rolls at the pitch “P1”, a first retract mechanism... Agent:

20150143865 - Device and method for construction of baffles from engine block freeze plugs: A device and a method of using the device for construction of baffles that may be used in suppressors or solvent traps for firearms out of metal cups sold as engine block freeze plugs. The device has a bottom die, a top die and an alignment cylinder. The metal cup... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150143866 - Press table or press beam having adjustable beam element: Press table (3) or press beam (4) for a press brake (1), comprising a beam element (17) having an elongate support surface (18) for attaching a bending tool (19) or tool adapter, a support beam element (24) having approximately the same length (39) as the beam element (17), connecting elements... Agent: Trumpf Maschinen Austria Gmbh &

20150143867 - Upper die and temporary clamping method thereof: An upper die 9B is removable in an up-down direction with respect to an upper die mounting groove 5 that is arranged in a left-right direction at a lower part of an upper table 1 of a press brake. The upper die includes a stop piece 19A having a stop... Agent: Amada Company, Limited

05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135787 - Measuring unit for measuring the bending radius and the forwarding of a workpiece in a bending machine: The measuring unit comprises a first carriage arranged to be connected to the bending machine and to be passed through by the workpiece under bending coming from the bending machine. The first carriage comprises: a main body; a pair of measure rollers; a first measuring device; a guide device; an... Agent:

20150135788 - Apparatus and method for bending and winding conductors to make superconductive coils: The apparatus comprises a first working unit for unwinding a coil of conductor and providing straightened conductor, and a second working unit comprising a bending device arranged to bend the straightened conductor leaving the first working unit and a rotary table on which the bent conductor leaving the bending device... Agent:

20150135789 - Tube bending machine with reversible clamp assembly: A tube bending machine for bending a length of a tubular workpiece and an associated tube feeder assembly are disclosed. The tube feeder assembly has a carriage assembly slidably mounted along a rail. A clamp assembly is reversibly mounted to and carried by the carriage assembly. The clamp assembly is... Agent:

20150135790 - Method for the cold deformation of a continuous metal strip: The invention relates to the pressure treatment of metals, specifically to producing a metal strip using cold deformation. A strip is consecutively drawn with back and front tension through bending devices. Moreover, the degree of deformation of a strip is regulated in each bending device by means of changing the... Agent:

20150135791 - Method of rolling niw alloy tapes for coated conductors: A method of rolling NiW alloy tapes for coated conductors belongs to the technical field of metal materials rolling. According to the method, a cylindrical NiW alloy ingot with a diameter not less than 10 mm is used to be rolled back and forth along the axial direction as a... Agent:

20150135792 - Device for cooling rolls: A device for cooling a roll for rolling materials, including a cooling shell opposite a sub-region of the roll surface circumference, for forming a cooling gap, through which a cooling fluid can flow, between the sub-region and the cooling shell. The device further includes a first lever which can be... Agent:

20150135793 - Automated bender and systems and methods for providing data to operate an automated bender: An automated bender and its method of operation according to some embodiments of the disclosure is provided. The automated bender includes a carousel which has all of the necessary components for bending a variety of conduit sizes provided thereon. The carousel can be rotated to a desired bending position to... Agent:

20150135794 - Pressing method and pressing device for forming punched piece by punching metal plate with die and punch: A punched piece is formed by punching a metal plate by a punching portion including by a die and a punch. Before the punching, a preceding process portion provided in a stage previous to the punching portion forms a projection at an inner peripheral portion of a punch area of... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20150135795 - Method for manufacturing flat pipe: A method for manufacturing a flat pipe 1 with concave-convex shapes on inner and outer surfaces includes making incisions with an expanded shape of the flat pipe 1 in a metal thin plate 2 such that intermediate portions 4 (middle portions) in the expanded shape of the flat pipe 1... Agent: Hino Motors, Ltd.

20150135796 - Tool and method for repairing an arc welding torch: A tool for repairing an interior surface of a conductor tube comprises an elongate body having a proximal end and a distal end. The tool includes a profiled end surface that mates into the interior surface of the conductor tube. The tool includes a central protrusion that extends from the... Agent:

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