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Metal deforming

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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331729 - Device for sealing orifices on nozzle of fuel injector for autofrettage process: A device for sealing one or more orifices on a vessel for pressurizing fluid is provided. The device includes an outer surface and an inner surface. The inner surface includes one or more substantially semi-spherical protrusions corresponding to the orifices. The protrusions are configured to contact with edges of the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140331730 - Rolling device and the method thereof: A rolling device for three-dimensional curved surface forming or thin sheet rolling of a sheet metal, comprising a forming roll (1), a supporting mechanism, an adjusting mechanism and a driving mechanism. The forming roll (1) comprises an upper forming roll (1a) and a lower forming roll (1b); the supporting mechanism... Agent: Jilin University

20140331731 - Device and method for the deep drawing of shell parts with integrated head and frame trimming: The invention relates to a device for producing shell components having at least a lower region, a frame region and optionally a flange region from a planar or preformed plate with a drawing die and a drawing punch, the drawing die having a shaping region and at least one cutting... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag

20140331732 - Device and method for machining anode plate for electrolysis: An apparatus and method for processing anode plate for electrolysis, the apparatus includes a transverse transmission device (3) for transmitting the anode plate in a transverse direction; a plate-flattening and thickness-measuring device (4) for flattening the anode plate and measuring a thickness of the anode plate; a hanger bottom milling... Agent: Jiangxi Nerin Equipment Co., Ltd.

20140331733 - Torsional extreme-plastic processing method of conic metal pipe: The present invention relates to a torsional extreme-plastic processing method. In other words, a processing method in which severe plastic deformation based on torsion and compressive force is applied to a material by using a mold to produce miniaturize and nano-size crystal particles in a conic pipe. According to the... Agent:

20140331734 - Indexing die shoes in a swage press: The specification discloses a swaging press (10) having an annular axially movable drive member (19) and a plurality of die shoes (16) cooperable with the drive member (19), the drive member (19) having at least one inwardly facing contact surface (22, 23) engageable with at least one outwardly facing segmented... Agent:

20140331735 - Spacer for dies: A die holder and spacer including a first cylindrical portion equipped with an inside recess and a solid base and a second cylindrical portion that is at least partially solid and is attached to the solid base of and outside the first portion, said portions being coaxial. In a variant,... Agent:

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140326031 - Drawing die arrangement and material guide to the arrangement, ahead of a drawing die arrangement, as well as drawing method (s): The invention relates to a drawing die arrangement having a drawing tool that acts on an elongated workpiece, and having a drawing tool support on which the drawing tool is mounted, counteracting the drawing tool, in which support a measurement device that measures the mass distribution of the workpiece material... Agent: Sms Meer Gmbh

20140326032 - Hard-rolling roller: The invention relates to a hard-rolling roller for a deep rolling tool having a torus-shaped base body for deep rolling of radiuses or recesses which limit the bearing trunnion on crankshafts on both sides, and two at least approximately truncated cone-shaped central bodies, rising on both sides of the body.... Agent: Hegenscheidt-mfd Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140326033 - Die and counter-die type bending machine for right-hand and left-hand bending an elongated piece: A die and counter-die type bending machine for right- and left-hand bending an elongated piece (P) has a roller-shaped die (1) provided with a partial circumferential groove (2) that is interrupted at its two ends, the die (1) being driven by the shaft (0) of a motor, and a pair... Agent: Cml International S.p.a.

20140326034 - Die for a punching device: The invention relates to a die for a punching device. The die comprises a die base body and a workpiece support body, which is provided on the die base body, to support a workpiece to be machined as well as a cutting to length mechanism for cutting a workpiece part... Agent:

20140326035 - Tool temperature control: A tool element assembly (100) has a tool element (102) with a tool surface (110) and a control surface (112) opposite the tool surface. A thermal control structure (104) is provided defining a flow chamber (103) partially bounded by the control surface, and having an inlet (148) and an outlet... Agent: Surface Generation Limited

20140326036 - Upper tool holder for press brake: An upper tool holder for holding an upper tool of a press brake exchangeably, includes a holder main body; an attachment portion provided on an upper portion of the holder main body; a support portion provided on a lower portion of the holder main body; a clamp provided swingably at... Agent: Amada Company, Limited

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140318202 - Straightening device with hyperbolic rolls for metal products and corresponding method: Straightening device for long or rod-shaped metal products, comprising an upper roll unit and a lower roll unit, wherein the upper roll unit is mobile and can be positioned vertically at least in the step where a passage gap of said products is set to a desired value, wherein a... Agent: Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche Spa

20140318203 - Method and device for explosive forming: With the invention, a method and device for explosive forming of work pieces, in which at least one work piece is arranged in at least one die and deformed by means of an explosive to be ignited, is to be improved, in that an ignition mechanism that is technically simple... Agent:

20140318204 - Rotary stamper: A rotary stamper includes an upper die plate assembly, a lower die plate assembly, and a support frame having a drive assembly that moves the upper die plate horizontally and vertically along a generally circular pathway while moving the lower die plate along a linear horizontal pathway. The upper die... Agent: Formtek, Inc.

20140318205 - Press system and vacuum port assembly therefor: A vacuum port assembly is provided for a press system including a die assembly and a transfer assembly. The transfer assembly includes a conveyor belt, a vacuum manifold coupled to the die assembly, and an airflow generator. The conveyor belt includes a plurality of holes for receiving and moving shells... Agent: Stolle Machinery Company, LLC

20140318206 - Core lifter: A core lifter and method for making same for use in a drilling system. The core lifter can include a tubular body having an exterior surface and an interior surface and can have a plurality of longitudinally-oriented recesses formed in the exterior surface of the tubular body of the core... Agent:

20140318207 - Cable folding device: A cable folding device includes a base, a push element slidably connected to the base, and an elastic element connected between the base and the push element. One end of the base is curved to form two parallel position pins used to engage a cable. The push element includes a... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140318208 - Penetrator and method of manufacturing same: Penetrators and methods of manufacturing penetrators are disclosed. One method of manufacturing a penetrator having arrowhead geometry and base geometry includes the steps: (a) cold heading a piece of material to form a blank; (b) machining the blank to create the arrowhead geometry; and (c) roll forming the blank to... Agent:

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140311202 - Axial thread rolling head and method for forming an external thread on a workpiece with an axial thread rolling head: The invention relates to an axial thread rolling head, comprising a head part, in which at least three thread rolls are rotatably mounted, wherein the thread rolls amongst themselves border an insertion section for a workpiece and wherein the thread rolls each have a profile for forming an outer thread... Agent: Lmt Fette Werkzeugtechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140311203 - Surgical rod bending system and method: System and method for automatically bending a surgical rod are provided. The system includes a linear movement device configured to axially feed the surgical rod, a rotational movement device configured to rotate the surgical rod as it is axially fed, and a bending device including a roller to impose bending... Agent:

20140311204 - Spring winding machine with an adjustable cutting device: A spring winding machine that manufactures helical springs by spring winding includes a feed device that feeds wire to a shaping device, wherein the shaping device has a winding tool and a pitch die; a cutting device that separates a finished helical spring from the wire after termination of shaping,... Agent: Wafios Ag

20140311205 - Method and forming tool for hot forming and press hardening workpieces of sheet steel, in particular galvanized workpieces of sheet steel: A method and forming tool for hot forming and press hardening plate-shaped or preformed workpieces of sheet steel, wherein the workpiece is heated to a temperature above the austenitisation temperature and is then formed and quenched in a cooled forming tool having a punch and a female mold, wherein the... Agent:

20140311206 - Method and apparatus for translating can blanks: A redraw press with an improved can blank transfer mechanism is provided which allows for a substantial increase in the operating speed of the press. Servomotors are used to accurately control positioning and rates of movement of the can blanks as they move downstream through the press.... Agent: Standard Engineering Group, Inc.

20140311207 - Thermo-mechanical process to enhance the quality of grain boundary networks in metal alloys: Methods to enhance the quality of grain boundary networks are described. The process can result in the production of a metal including a relatively large fraction of special grain boundaries (e.g., a fraction of special grain boundaries of at least about 55%).... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Intellectual Property Dept.

20140311208 - Method of manufacturing a sheet metal frame: A method of manufacturing a sheet metal flame includes a step of forming at least one drawn portion in a frame main body formed into a flat plate shape, and a step of engraving groove portions into a linear shape in the frame main body at constant distances from outer... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

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