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Metal deforming

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12/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140366600 - Curvature retaining device for plate-shaped workpiece, curvature retaining method for plate-shaped workpiece, and curvature forming method for plate-shaped workpiece: A curvature retaining device (1) includes two support points (25a) that can abut against one surface of a plate-shaped workpiece W, one or more pressing points (40a) that can abut against a position of the other surface of the plate-shaped workpiece (W) between the support points (25a), and forward/backward drive... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140366601 - Flow formed drum with a retention ring and a substantially burr free tooth profile: A flow formed part includes a first end, a second end, and a side wall extending therebetween. A reinforcing member is disposed around the second end. The side wall has a profile formed along an inner surface of the side wall. The profile is adapted to be substantially burr free... Agent:

20140366602 - Method for manufaturing thin strip continuously cast 700mpa-grade high strength weather-resistant steel: A method for manufacturing thin strip continuously cast 700 Mpa grade high strength weather-resistant steel, the method comprising the following steps: 1) casting a 1-5 mm thick cast strip in a double roller continuous casting machine, the cast strip comprising the following chemical compositions by weight percent: C 0.03-0.1%, Si≦0.4%,... Agent: Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

20140366603 - Device and method for producing can bodies, comprising a cutting device: A can body (II) having a can base (13) and a can wall (14) is shaped by a wall ironing process starting with a blank (12). A drawing punch (15) moves the blank (12) through a wall ironing container (34) from an opening (35) to an exit (36). The edge... Agent: Schuler Pressen Gmbh

20140366604 - Forging method and forging die: A forging method according to the present invention is characterized by including the steps of placing a work W having a first shape which is a rectangular hexahedron in a work space 45 of a forging die 20 which has a rectangular opening, which is formed by rectangular plane wall... Agent:

20140366605 - Diameter-reduction apparatus for can-trunk, can-body holder, can-manufacturing apparatus, and diameter-reduction method for can-body: A diameter-reduction apparatus for can-trunk for performing a diameter-reduction process on a trunk part of a can-body having a closed-end cylindrical shape with an open end, including: a can-body holder holding a bottom part of the can-body, which is provided with: a base pad abutting on the bottom part of... Agent: Uinversal Can Corporation

20140366606 - Die cushion force setting apparatus: The die cushion force setting apparatus according to an aspect of the present invention allows die cushion forces (component forces) acting on plural driving shafts to be set easily, makes it easy to apply strong or weak die cushion forces to a complex-shaped drawn part in a plane of a... Agent:

12/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140360241 - Shot peening device and shot peening method: A plurality of rotatable small table are disposed on a rotatable large table, and a workpiece is mounted on the small tables. Above a projection range in the large table, a pressing part is provided. The pressing part is elevated and lowered by an elevating/lowering mechanism between a withdrawn position... Agent:

20140360242 - Rotor end band: An end band and method of forming an end band for a rotor. The end band includes a hollow cylindrical band, wherein at least a portion of the band has a grain flow in a direction parallel to the hoop stress of the band. The end band also includes at... Agent:

20140360243 - Crimping head for impact wrench: A crimping head for use with an impact wrench to crimp fittings onto a structure carrying the fitting, that includes a universal adaptor having a head, and a socket positioned in the head sized and shaped to receive a standard anvil of an impact wrench without further connection between the... Agent:

20140360244 - Bending pliers: Bending pliers include first and second plier bodies connected together relatively turnably in mutually intersecting intermediate portions thereof by a pivot shaft, the bodies including first and second holding arms formed on one-end sides of the bodies, respectively, the arms respectively having plate-shaped first and second claw portions formed in... Agent:

12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140352381 - Servo press line operation method and servo press line operation control device: A servo press line operation method operates a servo press line in which a servo press and a servo transfer device are disposed in a workpiece transfer direction. The servo press line operation method includes causing a transfer controller to receive a master signal that causes the servo transfer device... Agent: Aida Engineering, Ltd.

20140352382 - Magnetically tunable microstructured surfaces: Provided in one embodiment is a dynamically tunable structure including an elastic layer, and a plurality of ferromagnetic micropillars disposed over the elastic layer. The elastic layer may have an elasticity that is greater than an elasticity of the micropillars.... Agent:

20140352383 - Plant for the production and the packaging of steel rods and profiles: A plant for the production and packaging of bars and steel profiles, comprising a rolling station (2) of rods and profiles (1) of indefinite length, a cooling station (3), a scrap separation station (4), a diverter device (5), a cutting shears (6), intended to cut said bars and profiles (1)... Agent: Sms Meers S,p. A,.

20140352384 - Lamination cylinder: A lamination cylinder includes a surface structure, on which a plurality of craters is defined having a different geometry and a random distribution. Some of the craters are partially superimposed with respect to each other.... Agent: Tenova S.p.a.

20140352385 - Apparatus for producing a hollow poppet valve: A method of producing a hollow valve comprises the step for forming material having a blind hole along its axis, the step for extruding the material in a shaping hole in a die downward and the step for lowering a lower part of a pin to an upper part of... Agent:

20140352386 - Apparatus for producing a tubular structure: An apparatus produces a tubular structure having a longitudinal axis and at least one form extending helically inward from the structure relative to the longitudinal axis. The apparatus includes an extruder including at least two spaced apart extrusion die surfaces adapted to extrude plastic state material therethrough. At least one... Agent: Gyre Innovations Lp

20140352387 - Element blanking apparatus and method: An apparatus configured to make blanks that would be used to assemble a CVT belt formed from such blanks. The CVT is assembled by arrange a body portion of the blanks on an inner periphery, a head portion on an outer periphery, and a neck portion, which connects the head... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20140352388 - Method of forming parts from sheet steel: A method is provided of forming a part from sheet steel. The method comprises the steps of (a) heating the sheet to a temperature at which austenitisation occurs; and (b) forming the sheet between dies into the part, father cooling the formed sheet. There is an additional step between (a)... Agent: Imperial Innovations Limited

20140352389 - Forging press device for valve: A forging press device for valve including an upsetter in which a plurality of primary forming stages are provided, a forging press main body adjacent to the upsetter, that secondarily forms a primary formed workpiece, and a workpiece conveyance/carry-in device which grips and conveys the workpiece, to carry it into... Agent: Nittan Valve Co., Ltd.

20140352390 - Device and method for machining a workpiece consisting of metal, particularly for producing a cup-shaped component for the automobile industry, as well as such a workpiece: The invention relates to an apparatus, an installation and a method for machining a workpiece made of metal, such as steel, by a machining processes such as forming, pressing, drawing, compressing and cutting. The invention includes at least two tools and a drive associated with the tools for their movement... Agent: Allgaier Werke Gmbh

20140352391 - Golf club groove configuration: A golf club head, and a method of making the golf club head, with an improved striking surface. The grooves are formed in the strike surface with tight tolerances. The grooves may contain a plurality of portions, including a radiused or angled portion, a portion having substantially parallel walls, and... Agent: Acushnet Company

20140352392 - Triangular hemming and stamping apparatus: A triangular hemming and stamping apparatus includes a stationary base that mounts a lower die set. Three guide posts are triangularly positioned on the base and extend generally vertically from the base. An upper fixed superstructure is supported by the three guide posts and fixedly spaced from the base. An... Agent: Hirotec America, Inc.

20140352393 - Forming die apparatus and die member: A forming die apparatus includes a first die on which a die surface is formed and a second die for pressing a workpiece placed on the first die. At least one of the first die and the second die is configured by assembling a plurality of die members. Each die... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20140352394 - Press die: A press die includes die blocks placed on a base and aligned in a frame. A wedge is located between the frame and one of the die blocks. The wedge produces a wedge effect of bringing the die blocks to an aligned and fixed state. A spacer is located between... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20140352395 - Press die: A press die includes block rows arranged in parallel in a frame. Each block row is formed by die blocks. The block rows include a first block row and a second block row that are adjacent to each other. A joint portion between adjacent two blocks belonging to the first... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345351 - Apparatus for electrical-assisted incremental forming and process thereof: A process and apparatus for forming a sheet metal component using an electric current passing through the component. The process can include providing an incremental forming machine, the machine having at least one arcuate tipped tool and at least electrode spaced a predetermined distance from the arcuate tipped tool. The... Agent: Northwestern University

20140345350 - Forming of ferromagnetic metallic glass by rapid capacitor discharge: An apparatus and method of uniformly heating, rheologically softening, and thermoplastically forming magnetic metallic glasses rapidly into a net shape using a rapid capacitor discharge forming (RCDF) tool are provided. The RCDF method utilizes the discharge of electrical energy stored in a capacitor to uniformly and rapidly heat a sample... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140345352 - Trolley and method of using the trolley for vertical rolling: A trolley for supporting the plate during vertical rolling of the plate is provided. In one embodiment, the trolley can include a support body configured to provide support for the trolley; a plurality of wheels configured to allow the trolley to move across a floor; a lifting arm supported by... Agent: L'air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Pour I'etude Et I'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

20140345353 - Centrifugally cast composite roll for hot rolling and its production method: A centrifugally cast composite roll for hot rolling comprising an outer layer having a composition comprising by mass 0.8-3.5% of C, 0.1-2.5% of Si, 0.1-2.5% of Mn, 1.2-15% of Cr, 1-5% of Ni, and 1-10% of Mo+0.5×W, the balance being substantially Fe and inevitable impurities, and an inner layer made... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140345354 - Engine valve forging system: An engine valve forging system includes a molding forging die having a circular hole stem molding portion continued to a tip end of a head type molding portion, to mold an engine valve by extrusion-forging a material from the head type molding portion to the stem molding portion by an... Agent: Nittan Valve Co., Ltd.

20140345355 - Point forming processes: A set of tooling for a progressive forming machine comprising die and tool units having internal complementary cavity portions for receiving a workpiece, one of said units being arranged to slide a limited distance along its axis and to be biased by a spring force towards the other unit when... Agent:

20140345356 - System and method for forming figures from used capsules and containers: The system comprises pressing means provided with a power actuator (1) associated with a pusher (11) and an anvil (12), the one opposing to the other, for pressing empty capsules (C) and containers and their transformation into a disk (D) and means for die-cutting the disk (D), which comprise a... Agent: Nesss Entertainment, S.l.

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