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Metal deforming

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02/05/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150033813 - Pipe bending apparatus and method thereof: A pipe bending apparatus has a head portion, an elongated handle portion attached to a bottom section of the head portion, and a laser member adapted to attach to a pipe and be spaced a predetermined distance away from the head and handle portions, wherein the head portion includes a... Agent:

20150033814 - Nanostructured-lattices produced by surface mechanical attrition treatment method: The present invention is about the design and manufacturing method of constructing nano-structured lattices. The design of the four periodic two-dimensional lattices (hexagonal, triangulated, square and Kagome) is described; and the process of making nano-structured lattices is outlined in the present invention.... Agent:

20150033815 - Head of an exploding-wire electrohydraulic discharge device: e

20150033816 - Double ended hemming roller: A hemming roller 22 for a hemming apparatus 10 is disclosed having two frusto-conical hemming surfaces 20 and 21 so as to allow the hemming roller 22 to be reversibly mounted on a spindle shaft 14 of the hemming apparatus 10 to allow both of the hemming surfaces 20 and... Agent:

20150033817 - Pressing tool and locking bolt: A pressing tool in which, according to work content, an exchange tool is held so as to be capable of being exchanged by attachment/detachment by a locking bolt penetrating through a mounting portion provided to the tool main body, and the exchange tool is actuated by a pressing member. The... Agent: Izumi Products Company

20150033818 - Guided keeper assembly and method for metal forming dies: A guided keeper assembly for metal forming dies includes a base having a mounting face and a fastener aperture to mount the base to an associated die shoe, as well as a central guide aperture. A guide pin having a central portion is closely received in the central guide aperture... Agent: Standard Lifters, Inc.

20150033819 - Tie bar tensioning system: A tie bar tensioning system that allows a bending machine operator to removably couple an upper end of a bend die post of the bending machine to a base of the bending machine via a tie bar, and to lock the tie bar in a tensioned position. The tensioning system... Agent:

01/29/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150027185 - Apparatus for straightening metal strip: An apparatus for straightening metal strips, including a first, upper group and a second, lower group of straightening rollers arranged in each case immediately in succession in a strip running direction, and a group of individually controllable actuators arranged alongside one another in a transverse direction. An axial bending profile... Agent: Sms Siemag Aktiengesellschaft

20150027186 - Plant to control the section area of a rolled product and corresponding method: A plant to control the section of a rolled product passing through a rolling train comprises at least two rolling stands, at least a section area measurer disposed immediately at exit from at least one of the stands located downstream of the first stand, a control unit comprising a database,... Agent: Danieli Automation Spa

20150027187 - Method and device for rolling stock and use of a cooling lubricant: A method for rolling rolling stock, wherein a water-based cooling lubricant is applied to the rolling stock and/or to at least one roller which forms a roll gap, at least one water-soluble and tribologically active additive being added to the water-based cooling lubricant prior to application to the rolling stock... Agent:

20150027188 - Method and device for producing a circularly cylindrical body, which consists of plastics material, with internally disposed helical recesses: A method is for producing a circular cylindrical body (10) comprising a workable mass, having at least one helical internal cavity extending in the interior of the body. The body (10) is initially produced with a straight internal recess, for example by means of extrusion. Afterwards the body is cut... Agent:

20150027189 - Flexible roll forming method: In accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a flexible roll forming method for roll forming a beam of a predetermined shape by bending a material fed to a plurality of roll forming units each having upper and lower forming rolls in succession, and for roll forming the... Agent: Sungwoo Hitech Co., Ltd.

20150027190 - Method and device for roll-forming workpieces: A method for producing workpieces wherein a substantially rotationally symmetrical workpiece (4, 9, 33), which has a workpiece axis (22), is tentered concentrically relative to an inner mandrel (3, 16) provided inside the workpiece (4, 9, 33), and is reshaped by a process of flow forming by radially applying external... Agent:

20150027191 - Method of producing steel products having excellent internal quality: A method of producing a steel product having an excellent internal quality including subjecting a steel raw material of a round section to rolling at 3 or more passes to form a steel product of round section, wherein the rolling is conducted with a pair of upper and lower flat... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150027192 - Flexible roll forming device, blank guide device, blank feeding device, and flexible roll forming system having the same: Disclosed is a flexible roll forming device including: bases respectively disposed on opposite sides with respect to a process direction center line in a left/right direction, each having an opening formed in an upper side thereof connected to an inside thereof, and rails configured thereon on opposite sides of the... Agent: Sungwoo Hitech Co., Ltd.

20150027193 - Pipe bending machine with rear calender and its respective calendering procedure: A machine to bend pipes and the like, equipped with at least one bending die working table more than the machines used to bend pipes and the like,... Agent:

20150027194 - Injector sleeve: An injector sleeve adapted to be mounted in a cylinder head of an internal combustion engine, where the injector sleeve comprises a tapered inner surface which constitutes a sealing surface for an injector, where the hardness of the tapered inner surface is higher than the hardness of the outer surface... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20150027195 - System for marking containers: The invention comprises a means for providing customizable identification symbols to a metal container using a custom, portable tool for stamping the symbols onto the external surface of the container.... Agent:

01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020561 - Method of manufacturing end-group components with pure niobium material for superconducting accelerator cavity: End-group components for superconducting accelerator cavity used in acceleration of charged particles are manufactured by subjecting pure niobium sheet materials to press forming composed mainly of flat-bottomed cylindrical drawing, preferably by simultaneously conducting control of slide velocity and/or its motion and control of tool die temperature and/or its distribution/gradient in... Agent: Inter-university Research Institute Corporation

20150020562 - Plated steel plate for hot pressing and hot pressing method of plated steel plate: The present invention provides plated steel sheet for hot press use which is excellent in hot lubricity, coating adhesion, spot weldability, and coated corrosion resistance and a method of hot pressing plated steel sheet. The present invention is Plated steel sheet for hot press use and a method of hot... Agent:

20150020563 - Method for the manufacture of motor vehicle body parts: A method for the manufacture of motor vehicle body parts is disclose. The method includes providing blanks of flat material, deep-drawing of a first deep-drawing contour on the blanks by means of a first forming tool, and deep-drawing of a second deep-drawing contour by means of a second forming tool.... Agent:

20150020564 - Device for straightening a flow for cooling a roll or a metal strip: The invention is directed to a device for straightening a stream of a cooling medium for cooling a roll or a metal strip. This device comprise a hollow body, extending over at least part of the width of the roll or the metal strip, and a tube, arranged in the... Agent: Sms Siemag Ag

20150020565 - Part correcting device for automobile part: A part correcting device for an automobile part may include a body in which the part is disposed, a hydraulic apparatus which presses and fixes one side of the part disposed in the body, a warpage correcting apparatus which corrects a warpage of the part by rotating the other side... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150020566 - Forging device for the production of a piston blank, and method for the production of the piston blank by means of said forging device: A forging device for producing a piston blank has a forging mold that has an essentially cylindrical cavity matching the radial outer surface of the piston blank, a forging base delimiting the cavity, and a central die consisting of a mandrel that has a conically tapering extension which is mounted... Agent: Mahle International Gmbh

20150020567 - Cordless clinching tool: A cordless clinching tool has a case body, a nail clamping unit, a nail transportation unit, a pushing device, a driving device, and a cell assembly. The case body has a cell engaging portion. The nail clamping unit is mounted in the case body. The nail transportation unit is mounted... Agent:

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013405 - Method and device for cooling rolls: The invention relates to a method for cooling a roll (1), in particular a working roll (1) of a hot-rolling system, comprising the steps of feeding coolant (3) by means of a nozzle (5) into a gap (7) between at least a portion of the roll surface and a cooling... Agent:

20150013406 - System and method for removing dents from a wind turbine tower: A system and method for removing a dent from a wind turbine tower is provided. The system includes a measuring system configured for measuring a shape of the dent in at least two dimensions. A ram assembly is configured to be placed against the dent and an inside portion of... Agent:

20150013407 - Apparatus and method for impressing a corrugation into a pipe: An apparatus has a corrugating device through which a pipe is moved producing corrugation in the circumferential direction of the pipe by rotation. The corrugating device has a corrugator head which is rotatable about its axis, and a hollow shaft on which the corrugator head is firmly fitted and via... Agent:

20150013408 - Method for forming forged parts: A method according to the invention for producing forged parts with a prescribed end contour comprises the following steps: pre-forging of a blank in order to obtain a forged part and subsequent reshaping of the forged part in a die, wherein one or a plurality of tools are inserted into... Agent: Cdp Bharat Forge Gmbh

20150013409 - Steel sheet including a multilayer coating and methods: A steel sheet is provided. The steel sheet includes a multilayer coating including at least one zinc-based layer being 0.1% to 20% magnesium by weight which is covered by a fine temporary protective layer of 5 to 100 nm. The fine temporary protective layer is composed of metal or metal... Agent: Arcelormittal Investigaci&#xd3 N Y Desarrollo Sl

20150013410 - Lubricating oil composition for metal working: [wherein R1 represents an alkyl group, alkenyl group or arylalkyl group, R2 and R3 each independently represent a hydrogen atom or a methyl group, A1O and A2O each independently represent an oxyalkylene group, n is 0, 1 or 2, p and q each represent the average number of added moles,... Agent: Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

20150013412 - Processes and apparatus for surface modification: The present application relates to processes for changing the composition of surfaces and the application of such processes. The process involves the introduction of a surface augmentation composition within an aerosol formed from a liquid precursor with bombarding particles in an ultrasonic shot peening apparatus.... Agent: Hkpb Scientific Limited

20150013411 - System and method for improving the strength of railcar components: A method and system for increasing a transportation component's resistance to failure comprising shot-peening at least one area of the component to create a compressive surface layer on the component.... Agent:

20150013413 - Water jet peening apparatus and water jet peening method: A water jet peening apparatus (WJP apparatus) includes a seating member, rotating portion set to it, and first and second injection nozzles. A hoisting apparatus is attached to the rotating portion, and the first and second injection nozzles are attached to a nozzle arm. The WJP apparatus is gone down... Agent:

20150013414 - Wjp execution method for reactor vessel lid and jigs: In a WJP execution method for a reactor vessel lid, WJP is executed on the inner surface of the reactor vessel lid in a state in which an underwater environment is formed on the inner surface of the reactor vessel lid and an aerial environment is formed on the outer... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150013415 - Tool for the chipless production or finishing of a thread on a workpiece, in particular cold-forming tap or thread-forming tap: A tool for the chipless production of a thread on a workpiece can comprise a forming region, which is rotatable about a tool axis (A), for the chipless production of an internal thread, wherein the forming region has a plurality of pressure studs, which project radially from the tool axis... Agent: Emuge-werk Richard Glimpel Gmbh & Co. Kg Fabrik Fuer Praezisionswerkzeuge

20150013416 - Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of screw-threaded bottle-can: A manufacturing method for a screw-threaded bottle-can including the steps of: forming a shoulder part, a pipe part, a tapered part and an aperture-end part above a trunk part; and forming a screw-thread part by an inner mold and an outer mold in which the pipe part is sandwiched therebetween.... Agent: Universal Can Corporation

20150013417 - Method and apparatus for stretch-leveling metal strip: A metal strip is gripped by an upstream set of infeed tension rollers and, downstream therefrom in a strip-travel direction, by a downstream set of outfeed tension rollers. These tension rollers are rotated so as to tension the strip between the upstream and downstream sets and move the strip downstream... Agent:

20150013418 - Roller leveler and sheet-material flattening method: A roller leveler for flattening sheet material includes: a leveling roll unit that has a plurality of leveling rolls configured to rotate so as to pass the sheet material while sandwiching and pressing the sheet material interposed therebetween; pushing cylinders configured to press the sheet material via the leveling rolls... Agent: Jp Steel Plantech Co.

20150013419 - Method and device for lubricating the cylinders of a roll stand: A method for lubricating the cylinders of a roll stand, for roll nip lubrication in a roll stand for a roll band. A mixture of water and oil is produced by a mixing and spraying device, which is supplied with water by a first supply line (3) and is supplied... Agent:

20150013420 - Cam follower and method for producing cam follower: A cam follower is constituted by an outer ring which has an outer track surface in its inner circumference; a stud which has an inner track surface opposed to the outer track surface, a flange portion abutting on one side of the inner track surface, a side plate fitting portion... Agent:

20150013421 - Method for heating forging die device: A forging die device is configured in such a manner that die heating heater plates 11, 21 are disposed respectively between a die 1 which is held at the outer periphery by die holders 12, 22, and die holding means 14a, 24a composed of heat insulating plates 13, 23 and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20150013422 - Can-manufacturing device: To provide a variant-can having a narrow part in the vicinity of a bottom part by performing a diameter-reduction process up to the vicinity of the bottom part on a trunk part of a can-body made of metal in a can-manufacturing device which processes the can-body being held by a... Agent:

20150013423 - Apparatus and method for momentum-balanced forging: An apparatus for forging may include a moveable first tooling member configured to form a workpiece upon impact with the workpiece, a moveable second tooling member configured to form the workpiece upon impact with the workpiece, wherein the first tooling member and the second tooling member are each moveable relative... Agent:

20150013424 - Four-die tool and forging press: The invention relates to a four-die press tool (1), comprising a lower die assembly (4) and an upper die assembly (6) displaceable relative thereto, comprising four rams (10, 11, 12, 13) spaced apart and supported on the lower die assembly (4) or the upper die assembly (6) and carrying forging... Agent:

20150013425 - Internal mechanical stress improvement method for mitigating stress corrosion cracking in weld areas of nuclear power plant piping: Method for mitigating stress corrosion cracking at an internal (i.e., wetted-side) weld area in piping of a nuclear power plant includes the steps of actuating a radially movable tool to produce a radial load against the internal (i.e., normally wetted) surfaces at or near the weld area to create a... Agent:

20150013426 - Grip device for locking cylindrical metallic bodies to be machined by means of machine tools: A grip device for locking metallic bodies destined for machining by means of machine tools, comprising at least one accommodation body for the bottom of a cylindrical container, the accommodation body being supported by a table that can move with respect to a supporting frame, the accommodation body accommodating an... Agent: Spl Soluzioni S.r.l.

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