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Measuring and testing

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07/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140190237 - Output specification calibrating apparatus for capacitive pressure sensor: An output specification calibrating apparatus for a capacitive pressure sensor. The output specification calibrating apparatus enables adjustment of non-linearity, offset, and gain of the capacitive pressure sensor in a software manner at the time of shipment. Accordingly, it is feasible to easily adjust output specifications of the capacitive pressure sensor... Agent: Auto Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140190238 - Vibratory meter and method for determining resonant frequency: A vibratory meter (5) is provided, including one or more flow conduits (103), one or more pickoff sensors (105, 105′), and a driver (104). Meter electronics (20) is configured to vibrate the one or more flow conduits (103) using a drive signal including an initial vibration frequency and to receive... Agent: Micro Motion, Inc.

20140190239 - Corrosive environment monitoring apparatus and method: The corrosive environment monitoring apparatus (1) of this invention has at least one vent duct (3a, 3b, 3c) in which specimens (2a, 2b, 2c) are installed so that the corrosiveness of the ambient environment is measured from the corroded conditions of the specimens (2a, 2b, 2c). The regions of the... Agent:

20140190240 - Method and device for detecting clogging of a filter: The invention discloses a method and device for detecting clogging of a filter. The method comprises obtaining an ambient parameter, obtaining a threshold associated with the ambient parameter, and obtaining a speed of a fan which is located near the filter. The method further comprises comparing the fan speed with... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140190241 - Deflection sensitive coolant activated drain plug detection system for high voltage battery packs: A battery pack with a drain plug and a circuit to detect when a liquid coolant has entered the battery pack. The drain plug includes a carrier defining a cavity internal to the carrier, an inlet disposed on a first surface of the carrier and an outlet disposed on a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140190242 - Method and apparatus for testing consistency of frozen beverages: A method and apparatus using sample test container filled with beverage, a penetrator holder, a penetrator and release means is disclosed. In the method a sample, is drawn into the test container and the penetrator dropped into the sample, and a reading of the stiffness of the sample is made... Agent: Imi Cornelius Inc.

20140190243 - Fluorescence spectrophotometer: A fluorescence spectrophotometer according to the present invention includes: a light source 1; a sample cell 3; an excitation-side light-dispersing system 2 for dispersing a light from the light source 1 and for casting a desired wavelength of light into the sample cell 3; an emission-side light-dispersing system 4 for... Agent:

20140190244 - System and method for the determination of mixture averaged molecular weight of complex mixtures: An apparatus and method for determining the average molecular weight of a complex mixture from a plurality of test samples of the complex mixture are disclosed. The method includes a) providing a chamber having two fixed conditions and one variable condition selected from three state variables of temperature, pressure and... Agent: The Trustees Of Princeton University

20140190245 - Reduced pressure liquid sampling: Processing a liquid sample (204) having an analyte (206) by reducing a pressure in a container (200) including the liquid sample to less than atmospheric pressure and maintaining a reduced pressure in the container. Reducing the pressure in the container (200) and optionally agitating the liquid sample increases an amount... Agent:

20140190246 - Method for diagnosing component failure in a saddle-type fuel tank assembly: A method for diagnosing a component failure in a saddle-type fuel tank assembly is provided. The method includes a) updating a maximum amount to a subsequent amount of fuel if the subsequent amount of fuel is greater than the maximum amount, b) updating a minimum amount to the subsequent amount... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20140190247 - Device for inspecting a fibre-composite component for contaminations: A device and method for testing a fibre-composite component, which is to be processed by means of bonding, for the presence of at least one substance out of a selection of possible contaminants. A surface heating device for regional heating of a part-zone of the fibre-composite component to be bonded... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20140190248 - Data collection method and apparatus: An illustrative embodiment of a data collection method and apparatus comprises at least one sensor that may be configured as a mobile data collection apparatus, which sensor may be in communication with a controller. The data collection apparatus may include one or more sensors, including but not limited to air... Agent: Weather Telematics Inc.

20140190249 - Fluid-controlled electronic games and measurement devices: A device for estimating a stream of urine entering a toilet or urinal includes a measuring unit configured to estimate an amount of the stream of urine, and an indicator to provide an indication to an individual of the amount of the stream of urine.... Agent:

20140190250 - Water meter including variable orifice device: A fire hydrant water meter having a flow restricting device that creates back pressure to restrict the flow of water through the fire hydrant water meter. The flow restricting device includes a plurality of flexible vanes that combine to define a variable orifice. As the flow of water through the... Agent: Sensus Spectrum LLC

20140190251 - Micromachined flow sensor integrated with flow inception detection and make of the same: This invention is related to a microfabricated microelectromechanical systems (a.k.a. MEMS) silicon thermal mass flow sensor integrated with a micromachined thermopile temperature sensor as a flow inception detection sensor. The micromachined thermopile sensor is used to detect the inception of mass flow and therefore to trigger the operation of mass... Agent: M-tech Instrument Corporation (holding) Limited

20140190252 - Mems mass flow sensor assembly and method of making the same: A silicon mass flow sensor manufacture process that enables the backside contacts and eliminates the conventional front side wire binding process, and the assembly of such a mass flow sensor is disclosed in the present invention. The achieved assembly enhances the reliability by eliminating the binding wire exposure to the... Agent: M-tech Instrument Corporation (holding) Limited

20140190253 - Automatic analyzer and method for determining malfunction thereof: An automatic analyzer which performs a suction operation a plurality of times on a same sample has a sample dispensing unit 9, a liquid level sensor which detects the liquid level of the sample in a sample vessel 8, an arithmetic unit 5 which computes a liquid level height h1... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140190254 - Cold atom gravity gradiometer: A cold atom gravity gradiometer system includes a laser source that generates a laser beam that propagates along a propagation direction. The system further includes a reflector that reflects a portion of the laser beam and transmits another portion of the laser beam (the transmitted portion). A second reflector spatially... Agent:

20140190255 - Ultra high resolution gravity gradiometery technique: A method and system provide the ability to measure relative displacement and rotation. A first light is continuously shined from a first light source that is fixed on a first entity to a first two-dimensional (2D) plate fixed on a second entity. The first direction of propagation of the first... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140190257 - Mems device and a method of using the same: A method of using a MEMS gyroscope is disclosed herein, wherein the MEMS gyroscope comprised a magnetic sensing mechanism. A magnetic field is generated by a magnetic source, and is detected by a magnetic sensor. The magnetic field varies at the location of the magnetic sensor; and the variation of... Agent:

20140190258 - Microelectromechanical gyroscope with compensation of quadrature signal components: A gyroscope includes: a mass, which is movable with respect to a supporting body; a driving loop for keeping the mass in oscillation according to a driving axis; a reading device, which supplying an output signal indicating an angular speed of the body; and a compensation device, for attenuating spurious... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140190256 - Vibratory gyro sensor system: Disclosed herein is a vibratory gyro sensor system, including: a driving unit shifting a signal output from a first sensing element of a gyro sensor by a preset shift phase, amplifying the phase shifted signal to a preset gain, and self-oscillates the amplified signal to generate and feedback a driving... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140190259 - Mems tunneling micro seismic sensor: A tunneling accelerometer that can be implemented as a MEMS micro sensor provides differential sensing that minimizes large forces resulting from undesired environmental effects. Used as a seismic sensor, for example, the accelerometer exhibits maximum sensitivity for small seismic waves and suppresses very large seismic activities occurring at shallower depths.... Agent:

20140190260 - Mems apparatus: Disclosed herein is a MEMS apparatus comprising a substrate with an etched area, a proof mass disposed at the center of the etched area, and beams supporting the proof mass. The beams are disposed between peripheries of the substrate and the proof mass. The substrate comprises first and second electrodes... Agent:

20140190261 - Fan vibration testing apparatus: According to an example, a fan vibration testing apparatus includes a beam. The fan vibration testing apparatus further includes a fan mounting head disposed at a first location on the beam and including a cut-out, and a rod including first and second opposite rod ends. The rod may be attached... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140190262 - Feeding device for an ultrasound inspection system: The invention relates to a feeding device for an ultrasound inspection system, with means for transporting a test object (7), in particular a pipe, into an ultrasound inspection chamber of the ultrasound inspection system, comprising at least one guiding unit (1) for the test object with at least one, preferably... Agent: Ge Sensing & Inspection Technologies Gmbh

20140190263 - Acoustic fluid valve calibration: Methods and apparatus for acoustic fluid valve calibration are disclosed herein. An example method involves rotating a closure member of a valve to a involves rotating a closure member of a valve to a plurality of positions along a valve stroke, obtaining acoustic emission signals generated by a fluid passing... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20140190264 - Method and apparatus for inspecting and monitoring pipe: An ultrasonic sensor assembly detects a characteristic of a pipe. The ultrasonic sensor assembly includes first and second transducer rings spaced apart along a length of the pipe. Each of the first and second transducer rings can transmit a first wave longitudinally along the pipe and receive a reflection of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140190265 - Accommodation of different type of sensors in vibration monitoring system using external input or daughter board wtih interchangeable operating hardware: An apparatus and method for a monitoring system for operating equipment is provided. The monitoring system includes a first sensor having first operating parameters. A first printed circuit board includes an electrical circuit and signal processing hardware. A first sensor is in electrical communication with a second printed circuit board... Agent: General Electric Company

20140190266 - Foot ware and pads with vibrational sensing systems and methods for making and using same: Vibration sensing wear for soldiers or law enforcement officers include at least one sensing system having vibration sensors, at least one processing unit, and a user interface unit capable of altering the wearer of surface vibration (e.g., ground, walls, floors, ceilings, etc.), object size, and direction.... Agent:

20140190267 - Fastener tension monitoring system: The fastener tension monitoring system provides for automatic notification when a structural tensile fastener, such as a bolt, is loosened. The system incorporates piezoelectric material in the core of the fastener shank or deposited around the shank. The piezoelectric material communicates electrically with an electrical storage device, a microprocessor, and... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20140190268 - Method for determining the fatigue capital of a cable: The invention relates to a method for determining the fatigue capital of a cable supporting a civil engineering structure, the method including: a measuring step (S1, S2) during which the normal tensile stress in the cable and the bending stress in the cable are measured in a synchronized manner so... Agent: Soletanche Freyssinet

20140190269 - Bond strength tester with switchable backlash control: A testing apparatus for testing the strength of a material connection to a substrate. A drive mechanism couples a test tool mount to a main body and allows for relative movement between the test tool mount and the main body in an axial direction. A biasing element is coupled between... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20140190270 - Gas flow rate measuring apparatus: Gas flow rate measuring apparatus comprising resistive element disposed in a gas flow path, a gas flow rate detection circuit, and a gas temperature detection element or a substrate temperature detection element. The detection circuit detects a current flowing through the resistive element, or a voltage generated in response to... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140190271 - High-precision determination of the mass proportion of a component in a multi-component fluid: A method to determine a mass proportion of a first component of a multi-component fluid is provided that includes separating the first component in a separation step at least in part from the multi-component fluid, determining at least two reference flow rates, selected from a flow rate of the multi-component... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140190272 - Conditioner, apparatus and method: The present invention pertains to a flow conditioner for displacing and mixing fluid flow to minimize the effects of thermal gradients on the accuracy of a transit time ultrasonic flowmeter and defines an envelope in a cross sectional direction in a pipe having a first ramp adapted to be disposed... Agent:

20140190274 - Inferential coriolis mass flowmeter: The present invention relates to an inferential coriolis mass flowmeter characterized by: a power supply (10);a pressure sensor (11) connected to the power supply (10) and a tube of fluid; a current to voltage converter (13) connected to the pressure sensor (11) for converting a current signal from the pressure... Agent: Universiti Malaya

20140190273 - Flow sensor and manufacturing method of the same and flow sensor module and manufacturing method of the same: Technique of suppressing performance variations for each flow sensor is provided. In a flow sensor FS1 of the present invention, apart of a semiconductor chip CHP1 is configured to be covered with resin (MR) in a state in which a flow sensing unit (FDU) formed on a semiconductor chip CHP1... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140190275 - Load cell for screw pililng power head: A load pin having a pair of opposing pockets milled a certain distance from the pin's surface, but not extending through the pin. A strain gauge sensor is mounted within the each pocket to measure force. In one embodiment differential bridge network is used to obtain a measurable signal from... Agent: Concept Torque Solutions Inc.

20140190276 - Testing system and method of metal sheet: The present invention provides a testing system of metal sheet, and the system at least comprises a clipping apparatus, a hydraulic press apparatus and a measuring apparatus. The clipping apparatus comprises a first mold, a second mold and a hyperelastic plate. The hydraulic press apparatus connects to the clipping apparatus... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20140190277 - Examination pretreatment apparatus: An examination pretreatment apparatus includes a moving unit configured to place a tip portion of a rod member housed in a first container in a second container different from the first container through an opening in the second container; a position detection unit configured to detect a position of the... Agent: Aoi Seiki Co., Ltd.

20140190278 - Semiconductor manufacturing equipment with trace elements for improved defect tracing and methods of manufacture: A semiconductor manufacturing equipment comprising trace elements and method of manufacture are disclosed. The semiconductor manufacturing equipment includes one or more components, wherein at least one component is made from an alloy comprising one or more materials and one or more rare earth elements (REEs). The alloy comprises predetermined quantities... Agent: Samsung Austin Semiconductor

20140190279 - Shoulder and upper arm assembly for crash test dummy: A shoulder and upper arm assembly for a crash test dummy includes a shoulder assembly having a spring housing and a shoulder pivot member pivotally connected to the spring housing. The shoulder assembly includes a spring element disposed in the spring housing and an adjustable member to adjust the friction... Agent:

20140190280 - Shoulder assembly for crash test dummy: A shoulder assembly for a crash test dummy includes a shoulder assembly having a spring housing and a shoulder pivot member pivotally connected to the spring housing. The shoulder assembly includes a spring element disposed in the spring housing and an adjustable member to adjust the friction of the spring... Agent:

20140190281 - Method for mounting ultrasonic sensors: An improved sensor assembly is provided that allows for close proximity detection of one or more objects by isolating a first sensor from a second sensor within the sensor assembly using isolation boots and a unique mounting structure. Each sensor has at least a portion positioned within an isolation boot,... Agent: General Electric Company

20140190282 - Testing apparatus for touch panel and method for using the same: A testing apparatus for a touch panel is disclosed, which includes a control system, a plurality of supporting members and a plurality of contact members. The supporting members are respectively connected to the control system, wherein one side of each of the supporting members includes at least one contact member,... Agent:

07/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140182350 - End of life detection for analyte sensors: Systems and methods for processing sensor data and end of life detection are provided. In some embodiments, a method for determining the end of life of a continuous analyte sensor includes evaluating a plurality of risk factors using an end of life function to determine an end of life status... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20140182351 - Continuous selftest for inertial sensors at 0 hz: A sensor with continuous self test is provided. An exemplary inertial sensor may include one or more self test electrodes so that one or more test signals may be applied to the electrodes during normal operation of the sensor. Normal sensor output may be read and stored during normal operation,... Agent:

20140182352 - System and method for evaluating the functionality of a blood pressure cuff: A system and method for evaluating the functionality of a blood pressure cuff. The system includes a support mandrel that receives a stimulation cuff connected to a blood pressure simulation device. The reference cuff is positioned around both the mandrel and the stimulation cuff and the blood pressure simulator is... Agent: General Electric Company

20140182353 - Method and system to compensate for temperature and pressure in piezo resistive devices: A method and system to calibrate temperature and pressure in piezo resistive devices for non-linear sensors having two variables, where a piezo resistive device such as a piezo resistive transducer (PRT) used for example in a pressure sensor system is calibrated to calculate actual/ambient temperature and pressure even though the... Agent:

20140182354 - Multi-range field full-automatic pressure and electric signal calibration instrument: A multi-range on-site full-automatic pressure and electric signal calibration instrument includes a housing, a power switch, a plurality of interfaces, a display, a keyboard, a gas pressure generation unit, a power supply unit, a pressure detection unit, a gas pressure control unit and an electric signal detection unit. A pressure... Agent: Beijing Const Instrument Technology Inc.

20140182355 - Drop test apparatus: A drop test apparatus includes a frame, a first blocking board, a second blocking board, two first pivot poles and two second pivot poles. The frame includes a base board and a holding board above the base board for holding a tested product. The first blocking board is located between... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140182356 - Method and system for determining levels of gases: A method and system for measuring or assessing the homeostatic relationship between gases in the body, environment or water. The measured or assessed level of gases in the body, environment or air uses the interrelationships of the various components in order to establish guidelines for treating individuals, the environment or... Agent:

20140182357 - Particle monitoring method and particle monitoring apparatus: A particle monitoring method of monitoring particles included in an exhaust gas from a depressurized processing vessel 12 includes counting the particles included in the exhaust gas from the depressurized processing vessel 12 while cleaning an inside of the depressurized processing vessel 12 by a particle monitor 18; creating a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140182358 - Gas detection system with moisture removal: A gas detection system is provided. The system includes a sample gas inlet configured to receive a sample of gas and a sample chamber operably coupled to the sample gas inlet. The sample chamber has at least one gas sensor disposed therein. The gas sensor provides a gas sensor output... Agent:

20140182371 - Non-radioactive density measurement in oilfield operations: A densitometer system is described. The densitometer system is provided with a tube, a stand, a torsion measuring device and a data acquisition system. The tube has a first end, an inlet section at the first end of the tube, and an outlet section at the first end of the... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140182359 - Warehouse system and method for detecting air particles: A warehouse system and method for detecting air particles in a warehouse are disclosed. The warehouse system includes storage locations, air filters, a cartridge, and a control base. The air filters are correspondingly arranged on outer sides of each storage location. A detecting module of the cartridge detects the air... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140182360 - Evaporated fuel processing device and method for diagnosing evaporated fuel processing device: A evaporated fuel processing device includes a seal valve that seals off the fuel tank from the atmosphere, a canister, a changeover valve that allows or inhibits communication of the canister with the atmosphere, the canister internal pressure sensor, a controller that sends an open/close command to the seal valve... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140182361 - Piezoresistive nems array network: A sensor for detecting analytes, a method of making the sensor, and a method of using the sensor. In one embodiment, the present invention comprises at least one array comprising a plurality of resonators. The resonators can be arranged in a plurality of rows and a plurality of columns, and... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140182363 - Methods for analysis of fluids: A method for analyzing a sample includes providing a sensor assembly having a sensing region with a plurality of resonant circuits, and a plurality of tuning elements. The method further includes exposing the sensor assembly to an environment comprising the sample, and probing the sample with one or more frequencies... Agent: General Electric Company

20140182362 - Systems for analysis of fluids: A resonant sensor assembly includes a dielectric substrate having a sensing region. The sensor assembly further comprises a plurality of tuning elements operatively coupled to the sensing region, where the sensing region is coupled to the plurality of tuning elements to define a plurality of resonant circuits.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140182364 - Hardness tester: The hardness tester includes a plurality of weights; a transmission mechanism transmitting to an indenter a force of gravity acting on the weights; and a test force switching mechanism switching between magnitudes of a test force. The weights include hollow portions running through the weights in a vertical direction; and... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140182365 - Crank angle detection apparatus: A crank angle detection apparatus may include a crank gear provided to be rotated together with a crankshaft, a balance gear provided to be rotated together with a balance shaft and engaged with the crank gear so that the balance shaft is rotated in accordance with rotation of the crankshaft,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140182366 - Using resistance equivalent to estimate temperature of a fuel-injector heater: A temperature of a heated component is determined for control and monitoring. The heater driver, upon receipt of a turn-on signal, generates a current within a component of a heated fuel injector, wherein the current through the component generates an appropriate loss to generate heat for a variable spray fuel... Agent:

20140182367 - Low speed wind tunnel design for agricultural spray particle analysis: A wind tunnel device defines a cyclical tunnel to receive continuous airflow. Airflow is delivered through the tunnel to a testing region that includes a first portion carrying an arm including a spray tip configured to spray particulates in the testing region at an angle, and a second portion including... Agent: Winfield Solutions, LLC

20140182368 - Carry over meter: A separator is described as provided with a gas/liquid separator vessel, a sight glass, and a carry-over meter. The sight glass is positioned on the exterior of the gas/liquid separator vessel, and has a first inlet and a second inlet in fluid communication with a separation chamber of the gas/liquid... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140182369 - Slot tester: A method for using a drilling fluid test device including a test cell including a perforated plate disposed proximate a first end of the test cell, a piston disposed within the cell, a first chamber formed between the perforated plate and the piston, the first chamber configured to receive lost... Agent: M-i L.L.C.

20140182370 - Parabolic antenna with an integrated sub reflector: A sensor for a fill level measuring device for determining the fill level in a container by determining the delay time of high-frequency signals, comprising a main reflector having an edge region and an inner region, a sub reflector, which is connected to the edge region of the main reflector... Agent: Vega Grieshaber Kg

20140182372 - Sensing water vapour: A water vapour sensor comprises a substrate and a film of carbon nanotubes impregnated with surfactant on the substrate. The substrate is of material which is inert relative to the film. Two or more electrical conductors are in contact with in spaced apart zones of the film, whereby the impedance... Agent:

20140182373 - Reference speed measurement for a non-destructive testing system: A system includes a non-destructive testing (NDT) system having an NDT probe and a processor. The NDT probe includes a testing sensor and a motion sensor. The testing sensor is configured to capture sensor data from an inspection area, and the motion sensor is configured to detect a measurement speed... Agent: General Electric Company

20140182374 - Vehicle speed detecting system and vehicle speed detecting method using the same: A system for detecting a vehicle speed, includes: a pulse ring including a pulse ring rotation part rotating according to travel of a vehicle, and a plurality of pitch units provided in the pulse ring rotation part at a predetermined interval; a vehicle speed sensor adjacently provided to the pulse... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140182375 - Angular velocity sensor: Disclosed herein is an angular velocity sensor including: first and second mass bodies; a first frame provided at an outer side of the first and second mass bodies; a first flexible part connecting the first and second mass bodies to the first frame in a Y axis direction, respectively; a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140182376 - Sensor, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A sensor includes a plurality of mounting boards with sensor components mounted on amounting surface, and a support member provided with fixation surfaces adapted to fix the plurality of mounting boards, the sensor components are disposed between the mounting boards and the support member, and the mounting boards are connected... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140182378 - Energy harvester powered accelerometer: A sensor may include a base, a resonator centered over the base, and an accelerometer disposed in a base of the resonator. The resonator may be configured to harvest energy from vibratory motion of a host device and includes a slot disposed on a center rectangular plane of the sensor.... Agent: Kcf Technologies, Inc.

20140182377 - Method, apparatus and system for providing metering of acceleration: Techniques and mechanisms to provide for metering acceleration. In an embodiment, a microelectromechanical accelerometer includes a magnet, a mass, and a first support beam portion and second support beam portion for suspension of the mass. Resonance frequency characteristics of the first support beam portion and second support beam portion, based... Agent:

20140182380 - Methods and systems for in-and out-of-die monitoring and characterization of multi-component tablets and for detecting and monitoring stiction and tooling material modifications on punch and die surfaces: The present invention relates to a methods and systems for monitoring and/or characterizing multi-component tablets and for monitoring punch and die surfaces and, more particularly, to methods and systems for in-die and out-of-die monitoring and/or characterizing multi-component tablets based on acoustic and vibrational spectroscopy and for detecting and monitoring stiction... Agent: Clarkson University

20140182379 - Sound measuring device: A device for measuring, documenting, and issuing citations for noise violations comprises a mobile device for measuring the decibel sound level from a sound source, for measuring the distance from the device to the source, for capturing an image or video of the sound source, and determining whether the sound... Agent:

20140182381 - Gate valve real time health monitoring system, apparatus, program code and related methods: Systems, apparatus, and program code, and methods for monitoring the health and other conditions of the valve, are provided. An exemplary system for monitoring the condition of the gate valve includes a logic module configured to perform the operations of receiving sensor data providing an acoustic emission, vibration, and/or stream... Agent: Vetco Gray Inc.

20140182382 - Ultrasonic transducer assembly and system for monitoring structural integrity: In an ultrasonic transducer assembly, a conformable ultrasonic transducer has a piezoelectric layer and electrodes able to conform to curved surfaces, and a clamp for pressing the transducer into ultrasonic contact with a curved surface. Conformability is ensured with a thin, porous piezoelectric layer and suitable electrical conductors and insulators.... Agent: National Research Council Of Canada

20140182384 - Object information acquisition apparatus, display method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: An object information acquisition apparatus disclosed in the present specification includes a light source, an acoustic wave detection unit, and a processing unit. The light source is configured to emit light. The acoustic wave detection unit is configured to detect a photoacoustic wave generated by irradiation of an object with... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140182383 - Object information obtaining device, display method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: An object information obtaining device includes a light source which emits light, an acoustic wave detecting unit which detects a photoacoustic wave generated by irradiation of an object with the light, and outputs an electric signal in response to detection of the photoacoustic wave, and a processing unit configured to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140182385 - Photoacoustic probe and photoacoustic device having the same: A photoacoustic probe and photoacoustic device implementing the photoacoustic probe may reduce an artifact caused by an ultrasonic wave generated in the photoacoustic probe without mounting a separate device. The photoacoustic probe and photoacoustic device implementing the photoacoustic probe may reduce an artifact by changing a configuration or a structure... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140182386 - Electrostatic pressure sensor: An electrostatic pressure sensor has a supporting diaphragm bonded to be held between first and second pedestal plates, a sensor chip supported on a top face of a center portion of the second pedestal plate. The supporting diaphragm has in the center portion thereof a large-diameter hole that forms a... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20140182387 - Device and method for evaluating signals of load cells with strain gauges: A device and a method for evaluating signals from load cells with strain gauges (SG), which require electronic signal evaluation with very low offset voltages due to the small output signal. In order to be able to use inexpensive components as well, two different operating points of the SG are... Agent: Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe Gmbh

20140182389 - Method and apparatus for detection and characterization of mechanical damage: Yield stress is an important indicator of the strength of a component such as a pipe section. A method and apparatus for measuring yield stress of components made from magnetic materials is provided. The magnetic permeability of the material is recorded at multiple stress levels below yield establishing a permeability-stress... Agent: Jentek Sensors, Inc.

20140182388 - Proximity and strain sensing: There is set forth herein a method comprising applying a drive signal to a drive element in a sensor assembly having a drive element and one or more sensor element so that responsively to the drive signal the drive element generates a magnetic flux that travels through a target, determining... Agent: General Electric Company

20140182390 - Integrated electronic device for monitoring mechanical stress within a solid structure: The integrated electronic device is for detecting a local parameter related to a force observed in a given direction, within a solid structure. The device includes at least one sensor configured to detect the above-mentioned local parameter at least in the given direction through piezo-resistive effect. At least one damping... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140182391 - Pressure and shear force measurement device and method: A pressure and shear force measurement device and a pressure and shear force measurement method are disclosed. The measurement device includes a flexible substrate; a plurality of signal outputting units embedded in the flexible substrate for outputting signals; and a plurality of signal detectors disposed at a peripheral of the... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20140182392 - Apparatus and method for breakage testing of small articles: Apparatus, systems and methods for testing brittle articles, such as glass or ceramic articles are disclosed. The testing is provided by a test apparatus that imposes a bending test to a brittle article. The testing is also well suited for testing small scale brittle articles which are too small to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140182394 - Integrated electronic device for detecting a local parameter related to a force experienced in a predetermined direction, within a solid structure: The integrated electronic device is for detecting a local parameter related to a force experienced in a predetermined direction within a solid structure. The device includes a semiconductor substrate having a substantially planar region that defines a plane substantially perpendicular to the predetermined direction. At least one sensor detects the... Agent: Stmicroeletronics S.r.l.

20140182395 - Arrangement and method for operating a sensor, in particular a bridge sensor, and a sensor arrangement: An arrangement for operating a sensor, in particular a bridge sensor, comprises a sensor input (Vin1, Vin2) for connecting the sensor (Brdg) and a clocked signal generator (Osc), which is coupled to the sensor input (Vin1, Vin2). Furthermore an amplifier (Amp) is provided for detecting sensor signals (Sn, Sn+1), which... Agent: Ams Ag

20140182393 - Crank arm, crankset, and power measuring device for an at least partially human powered vehicle or training device with a crank drive:

20140182396 - Automatic sampler: A weight sensor for measuring the weight of a sample container is fixed to a sample container placing portion. The amount of sample contained in the sample container placed in the sample container placing portion is determined based on a measurement value by the weight sensor. A change in amount... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140182397 - Test apparatus with dry environment: A test apparatus includes a test site, a buffer carrying device, a transport carrying device, a handling mechanism and a dry air flow guide mechanism. The test site performs a test procedure on the objects. The buffer carrying device is disposed close to a side of the test site, holds... Agent: Chroma Ate Inc.

20140182398 - Luer connectors: Luer connector including a primary Luer male connector, having a secondary female section extending from a top distal part of the primary Luer male connector back towards a proximal part thereof, the primary Luer male connector including a first inner fluid flow channel extending from a proximal end thereof to... Agent: Oridion Medical 1987 Ltd.

20140182399 - Multi-function biological sensing device: A multi-function biological sensing device including a multi-function card, a multi-function card slot, a first multi-function module, and a second multi-function module is provided. The multi-function card includes a first pin set. The multi-function card slot is configured to receive the multi-function card and includes a second pin set. The... Agent: Apex Biotechnology Corp.

20140182400 - Measuring apparatus and controlling method thereof: The present disclosure provides a measuring apparatus including a platform, a measuring head movably arranged on the platform, pneumatic balls supporting the platform, an inflator, and a controlling device controlling the inflator to inflate the pneumatic balls while the measuring head is moving towards a next measuring point from a... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

06/26/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140174145 - Integrators for sensor applications: Embodiments herein provide processing of sensor signals (e.g., signals representative of a level of an analyte in a body). An electronics assembly may include a sensor contact configured to receive a sensor signal from a sensor assembly, an integrator circuit configured to provide an integrator output signal representative of the... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20140174146 - Calibration tube for multiphase flowmeters: An automated calibration device that comprises a tube for trapping a multiphase sample between three ultrasound (US) transducer pairs wherein each of the three transducer pairs is positioned to measure a different fraction of the multiphase sample.... Agent: Southern Methodist University

20140174148 - Angular velocity detection circuit: An angular velocity detection apparatus includes a vibrator that generates a signal that includes an angular velocity component and a vibration leakage component, a driver section that generates the drive signal, and supplies the drive signal to the vibrator, an angular velocity signal generation section that extracts the angular velocity... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140174147 - Apparatus and method for estimating characteristics of a sensor containing interferometer: In one aspect, an apparatus for estimating a characteristic of a sensor is disclosed that in one embodiment may include a chamber housing sensor, wherein the sensor includes a suspended movable force mass having an opening therethrough, a first partially reflective member that moves with the force mass and a... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140174149 - Calibration method for trigonometric-based ranging systems in multiple media: A method of calibrating a trigonometric-based ranging system in first and second transmissive media including, in each of the first and second media, determining a sensor matrix for a sensor of the system therein. Rotation and translation of a sensor axis of the sensor is measured relative to an ideal... Agent: 2g Robotics Inc.

20140174150 - Leak detection method of battery module and the battery module: [SOLUTION TO PROBLEM] A battery module 1, which is formed by arranging a plurality of flat film-sheathed batteries 21 in layers and accommodating them in a case 11, has a slit at one end of a longitudinal direction, and a gas sensor 3 is inserted into this slit. A terminal... Agent: Automotive Energy Supply Corporation

20140174151 - Method to analyze alkylate products: We provide an extracted conjunct polymer naphtha (45), comprising a hydrogenated conjunct polymer naphtha, from a used ionic liquid catalyst, having a final boiling point less than 246° C.(475° F.), a Bromine Number of 5 or less, and at least 30 wt % naphthenes. We also provide a blended alkylate... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140174152 - Measurement system and method for charged amounts in a pressure container using pressure and volume: A measuring system for the charged amounts in a pressure container using pressure and volume comprising: an information acquisition device that can collect information on volume and maximum charging pressure of the pressure container; first and second automatic valves, a reference container, a pressure sensor and a temperature sensor that... Agent: Gasroad Co., Ltd

20140174154 - Gas sensing apapratus: A method of selectively sensing the concentration of a target gas in polluted ambient air comprises the steps of: —providing a target gas sensor (220) sensitive to the target gas; —providing a first gas flow derived from the ambient air, from which first flow the target gas is substantially removed;... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140174153 - Tunnel monitoring sensor: A tunnel monitoring sensor for monitoring environmental conditions in a tunnel comprises a first sensor module which outputs an obscuration signal, a second sensor module which outputs a first gas concentration signal, a common housing for the first and second sensor modules and an electronic logic unit which is preferably... Agent: Sick Ag

20140174155 - Hybrid nanomaterial electrode and fabrication method thereof: The present invention provides a hybrid nanomaterial electrode, comprising a pair of spaced-apart electrodes, at least three pairs of metallic nanowires disposed between the electrodes and respectively connected with the electrodes, and at least a detecting material connecting with the metallic nanowires. The detecting material is formed as a semiconductor... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20140174156 - Device, a system and a method for measuring permeability, in particular permeability of a fibrin clot: A device for measuring permeability of a material sample, the device comprising: an input tank (1) configured to store fluid and to supply the fluid to a sample tank (2) positioned below the input tank (1) and configured to hold the material sample, such as to allow the fluid from... Agent: Akademia Gorniczo-hutnicza Im. Stanislawa Staszica W Krakowie

20140174157 - Porosity measuring device and porosity measuring method: A porosity measuring device (10) according to the present invention includes a magnetic field generating section (20), a dispersoid measuring section (30) configured to measure movement of a dispersoid (s) dispersed in a dispersion medium (m) in a state where a magnetic field is generated by the magnetic field generating... Agent: Osaka University

20140174158 - Method for checking the leakproofness of safety valves: Method for checking the leakproffness of safety valves. Method for testing the leadkproofness of two controllable valves (V1, V2), wherein the vales are arranged at opposite ends of a test volume (10). An inlet pressure pe is present upstream of the test volume, in front of valve V1, and an... Agent: Elster Gmbh

20140174159 - Pressure-resistant-container gas leakage detecting device for a vehicle to which a discharge tube casing is attached: A pressure-resistant-container gas leakage detecting device for a vehicle, to which a discharge tube casing is attached, includes: a casing having a first casing member and a second casing member coupled to the first casing member to form an internal space; a pressure-resistant container having a body coupled to the... Agent:

20140174160 - Microfluidic device with dried blood spots (dbs) card interface: An apparatus for use in a chromatography system includes a first microfluidic substrate having a first fluidic channel. One end of the first fluidic channel terminates at a first fluidic port on a first side of the first microfluidic substrate and an opposite end of the first fluidic channel terminates... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140174161 - Fluid treatment device and method for treating fluid: A fluid treatment device (100) has a first substrate (210), a second substrate (120), and a resin film (130) located between the first substrate (210) and the second substrate (120). On the first substrate (210) are formed a first flow channel (111), a region (214) facing a valve formed at... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20140174162 - Ignitor plug isolation chamber (ipic) for a gas turbine engine: An Ignitor Plug Isolation Chamber (IPIC) includes a first end cap mountable to a cylinder, the first end cap includes an igniter aperture to receive an ignitor plug. A second end cap mountable to the cylinder, the second end cap includes a ground aperture. The ground connection mounted to the... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140174163 - Systems and methods for measuring fouling in a turbine system: Systems and methods for measuring fouling in a gas turbine compressor include a conductivity resistance sensor disposed in a compressor inlet mouth. The degree of compressor fouling is correlated to changes in resistance measured by the conductivity resistance sensor. Measurements of resistance changes are converted to an indicia of fouling... Agent: General Electric Company

20140174164 - Device for detecting a pressure, in particular a combustion chamber pressure of an internal combustion engine: A device for detecting a pressure, in particular in a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine, has a housing and an adapter element secured in the housing for accommodating a sensor module. The sensor module includes at least one sensor element and one support element. The sensor element makes... Agent:

20140174165 - Intake gas sensor for internal combustion engine: A gas sensor includes a gas sensing element positioned at least partially within a body and being exposed at a first end to measure a gas in contact with the first end. A sleeve is fixed to the body and extends from the body in a direction opposite the first... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140174166 - Sensor device for detecting at least one flow property of a fluid medium: A sensor device for detecting a flow property of fluid medium, e.g., an air flow in the intake tract or the charge air tract of an internal combustion engine, includes: a sensor housing introduced into the air flow and having at least one housing body, at least one cover, and... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140174167 - Exhaust sensor for an internal combustion engine: The present invention relates to an exhaust sensor (1) comprising a tubular support body (2) receiving a measurement probe (3), a first end of said probe extending beyond a first end of the tubular support body through an opening therein, and a second end of said probe being secured to... Agent:

20140174168 - Method for assessing ablation modulai of mudcakes to predict ease of mudcake removal or cleaning efficiency of cleaning/washing/spacer fluids: Disclosed is a method and apparatus for determining an ablation modulus of a mudcake on a wellbore wall. According to various embodiments of the invention, the method includes preparing a mudcake, forming a mudcake assemblage comprising the prepared mudcake, screen, and a filter paper, and submerging and securing the mudcake... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20140174169 - Apparatus and method for obtaining formation fluid samples: In one aspect, an apparatus for obtaining a fluid from a formation is disclosed that in one embodiment may include a fluid extraction device having a first probe and a second probe independently extendable form a tool body, a first fluid line and an associated first filter in fluid communication... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140174170 - Portable self powered line mounted conductor ice thickness measuring system for overhead electric power lines: A device for attaching to an electric power line conductor includes an electrically conductive housing having an opening for accepting the power line conductor and is configured to be grounded to the power line conductor. At least one magnetic core is configured to surround the power line conductor and power... Agent:

20140174171 - Portable self powered line mountable device for measuring and transmitting rainfall measurements: A device for attaching to an electric power line conductor an electrically conductive housing with an opening for accepting the power line conductor. The housing is configured to be grounded to the power line conductor. At least one magnetic core is configured to surround the power line conductor and power... Agent:

20140174172 - Identifying undesired conditions in the function of a floating roof of a tank: A method for identifying an undesired condition in the function of a floating roof of a tank, the method comprising determining a filling level of a product in the tank, detecting a reference distance between a reference position on the roof and the surface using a level gauge mounted on... Agent: Rosemount Tank Radar Ab

20140174173 - Analog conductive liquid level sensor: An analog conductive liquid level sensor for conductive liquids having three probes. The invention provides an analog output in proportion to the level or volume of the fluid. Triangular shaped probes are closer together at the top than at the bottom with the respective triangular apexes at the bottom resulting... Agent:

20140174174 - System, apparatus, and method for promoting usage of core muscles and other applications: Embodiments disclosed include a system and method for development of core muscles' support, comprising a means for identifying a user qualifying movement, a means for detecting a core muscle contraction in the identified qualifying movement, a means for discriminating between a core muscle contraction and no core muscle contraction in... Agent: Alert Core, Inc.

20140174175 - Apparatus and method for measuring altitude of terminal: An apparatus and a method for measuring an altitude of a terminal which can correct an altitude error according to temporal and spatial changes are provided. The apparatus includes an atmospheric pressure measuring unit for measuring an atmospheric pressure from a barometer included in the terminal, a position determiner for... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140174177 - Gas sensor with thermal shock protection: A gas sensor includes a sensor housing, and a sensing element located within the sensor housing, the sensing element defining an axis and having a distal end extending from the sensor housing. The gas sensor further includes a sensor protection element coupled to the sensor housing and at least partially... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140174176 - Intake gas sensor with vortex for internal combustion engine: A gas sensor includes a sensor housing and a sensing element located within the sensor housing. The sensing element defines an axis. The sensing element has a distal end extending from the sensor housing. The gas sensor further includes a sensor protection element coupled to the sensor housing and at... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140174178 - Gain control device of gyro sensor driving signal and gain control method thereof: Disclosed herein is a gain control device of a gyro sensor driving signal, including: a gyro sensor generating a gyro signal; a driving signal supply unit applying a driving signal to the gyro sensor; and a gain control unit detecting positive and negative driving signals of the gyro sensor so... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140174179 - Inertial sensor and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed herein is an inertial sensor, including: a structural part for an accelerator sensor disposed on one surface, centered on a common post; and a structural part for an angular velocity sensor disposed on the other surface, centered on the common post, wherein a piezoresistor of the structural part for... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140174180 - Angular velocity detecting device: A high-performance angular rate detecting device is provided. A driving part including a drive frame and a Coriolis frame is leviated by at least two fixing beams which share a fixed end and are extending in a direction orthogonal to a driving direction, thereby vibrating the driving part. Even when... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140174181 - Micro electro mechanical system: In order to provide a technology capable of suppressing degradation of measurement accuracy due to fluctuation of detection sensitivity of an MEMS by suppressing fluctuation in natural frequency of the MEMS caused by a stress, first, fixed portions 3a to 3d are displaced outward in a y-direction of a semiconductor... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd

20140174182 - Displacement amount monitoring electrode arrangement: According to a displacement amount monitoring electrode arrangement, there are a linear change region in which the change amount of capacitance changes linearly with the displacement of the movable electrode in the predetermined axis direction, and a nonlinear change region in which the change amount of the capacitance changes nonlinearly... Agent:

20140174183 - Detection structure for a z-axis resonant accelerometer: A detection structure for a z-axis resonant accelerometer is provided with an inertial mass anchored to a substrate by means of elastic anchorage elements so as to be suspended above the substrate and perform an inertial movement of rotation about a first axis of rotation belonging to a plane of... Agent:

20140174184 - Method for ultrasonic fatigue testing at high temperature, and testing device: Disclosed are a method for ultrasonic fatigue testing at high temperature and a testing device without needing preliminary Young's modulus measurement, and a method for ultrasonic fatigue testing at high temperature and a testing device capable of securing heat insulation for protecting a vibrator without water cooling of a horn,... Agent:

20140174185 - Method and device for monitoring vibrations of the winding overhang in a generator: A method for monitoring vibrations of the winding overhang in a generator (2) comprises the following steps:—detection of vibrations of the winding overhang (15) during the operation of the generator;—transformation of signals of the vibrations into the frequency range;—transformation of multiple individual vibrations from the frequency signals into the modal... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140174186 - System method and device for leak detection and localization in a pipe network: The invention provides a system for leak detection of a fluid in a pipe network. The system includes flow meters, and vibration detectors adapted to be attached to a pipe at a location in the pipe network. A processor analyzes signals generated by the flow meters and vibration detectors to... Agent: Aquarius Spectrum Ltd.

20140174187 - System for measuring pressure and temperature: The present invention relates to system for measuring pressure and temperature based on change in the characteristic properties of a medium for ultrasound under the effect of pressure and temperature. The invention is based on two waveguides where geometry is adapted to the medium's characteristic properties for ultrasound such that... Agent: Techni As

20140174188 - Device for measuring a pressure with at least one pressure sensor having at least one active sensor surface: A device for measuring pressure having at least one pressure sensor with at least one active sensor surface, an oscillating and/or variable temperature counter-surface arranged opposite the at least one sensor surface, wherein the sensor surface and the counter-surface are arranged in a hollow body, and the hollow body has... Agent: Pfeiffer Vacuum Gmbh

20140174189 - Droplet-based capacitive pressure sensor: A pressure sensing apparatus which utilizes an electrolytic droplet retained between a first and second sensing electrode within a housing. Contact between the electrolyte droplet and the electrodes form electric double layers (EDL) having interfacial EDL capacitance proportional to interface contact area which varies in response to mechanical pressure applied... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140174190 - Manufacturing strain sensitive sensors and/or strain resistant conduits from a metal and carbon matrix: Implementations and techniques for manufacturing strain sensitive sensors and/or strain resistant conduits from a metal and carbon matrix are generally disclosed.... Agent: Jawaharlal Nehru Centre For Advanced Scientific-research

20140174191 - Enhanced device for determining the location of induced stress in stuck borehole tubulars: A method for identifying the location of a binding zone between a stuck tubular and a borehole includes the steps of passing a demagnetizing stress sensor through the tubular on a baseline magnetization pass to magnetize the tubular. Next, the demagnetizing stress sensor measures a baseline magnetization of the tubular.... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.

20140174192 - Apparatus for measuring shear bond strength of set cement and method of using same: An apparatus for determining shear bond strength of a cement to be set within a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation consists of a housing, a vertical rod which extends from the uppermost portion of the housing through the lowermost portion of the housing, a base plate for positioning onto the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140174193 - Method, apparatus and sample for evaluating bonding strength: There are provided a method, an apparatus and a sample for evaluating bonding strength, the method including setting a micro-region including a bonded interface in an evaculated sample, forming a first groove in a circumferential portion of the micro-region to have a predetermined depth, processing a side of the micro-region... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140174194 - Multifunction gauge: A multifunction gauge includes a checking bar adapted to check wear of a roller chain, and a flexible checking member adapted to check wear of a sprocket and connected to the checking bar. The checking bar has a bar body that has opposite first and second end portions respectively having... Agent: Kmc Chain Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140174195 - Testing method of bending stress and testing apparatus thereof: A testing method of bending stress and a testing apparatus thereof are provided. The method includes the following steps. A stress distribution model of a structure to be tested is built. Next, a testing sample of the structure to be tested is provided, and a force is applied on two... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140174196 - Cleaning quality control system using electromagnetic flow meter, and cleaning quality control method: t

20140174197 - Sensor module measuring and/or monitoring parameters of media flowing in pipelines and measuring system formed therewith: A sensor module serves for registering a flow velocity and/or a volume flow rate, of a fluid flowing in a pipeline. The sensor module comprises a platform (PS) having, extending therein from an inlet opening to a drain opening remote therefrom and communicating with the lumen of the pipeline, a... Agent: Endress + Hauser Flowtec Ag

20140174198 - Microfluidic disk for measuring microfluid and method for measuring microfluid: A microfluidic disk includes: a disk-shaped main body; an injection port; a distribution channel; measuring vessels; microvalves; a wastewater container; and holding containers.... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20140174199 - Yield monitoring apparatus, systems, and methods: Apparatus, systems and methods are provided for monitoring yield while harvesting grain.... Agent: Precision Planting LLC

20140174201 - Torque sensor: An embodiment discloses a sensor arrangement comprising disc shaped structure with a plurality of magnetic elements which are at least provided on end faces of the disc shaped structure. The sensor arrangement includes a hollow disc structure, the hollow disc structure comprising two end faces, wherein each of the two... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140174202 - Torque detector and steering system including the torque detector: A torque detector includes: a magnetic flux collecting unit including a magnetic flux collecting holder formed in an annular shape by resin molding and a magnetic shield formed by bending a metal plate and attached to an outer peripheral face of the magnetic flux collecting holder; and a sensor housing... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140174203 - Device for determining torque and associated measuring method: Torque transmitted via a drive shaft of a motor is contactlessly determined using organic magnetoresistive semiconductor element, unlike known torque sensors that can generate greatly fluctuating measurement signals even at a constant torque. The organic magnetoresistive semiconductor element is mounted on a drive shaft or a coupling thereof. For this... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140174204 - Capacitive shear force sensor and method for fabricating thereof: A capacitive shear force sensor and a method for fabricating thereof are provided. The capacitive shear force sensor includes a first electric field shielding layer, a second electric field shielding layer, a driving electrode, a first sensing electrode, a second sensing electrode and a dielectric layer. The second electric field... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140174205 - System and insole for measuring information from the foot of a user and related method of providing same: An insole can include: an upper conductive ground plane layer; an upper compressible insulating layer physically coupled to the upper conductive ground plane layer; a conductive sensor layer physically coupled to the upper compressible insulating layer, the conductive sensor layer comprising one or more sensors are configured to a force... Agent: Smartmove, Inc.

20140174200 - Touch sensor: The touch sensor according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention includes: a transparent substrate; and an electrode formed on the transparent substrate in a mesh pattern, wherein the electrode has a line width of one side smaller than that of the other side in a thickness direction.... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140174206 - Microchip and particle analyzing apparatus: There is provided a microchip including a flow channel, an ejection portion, and a cutout portion. The flow channel is configured to convey a fluid therein. The ejection portion includes an opening directed toward an end face of a substrate layer, and the ejection portion is configured to eject the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140174207 - Apparatus and system for sampling and supplying a fluid to an analyzer: Apparatuses and systems for sampling fluid and providing fluid to an analyzer are provided. In an embodiment, a sampler may have a state switch for the housing cover. In another embodiment, multiple fluid streams may be housed in a single housing.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140174208 - Gas sampling apparatus: A gas sample extraction assembly for controllably accessing gas in a gas sample container includes a coupler body having a coupler bore and a coupler end for engaging the gas sample container; an upper member having an upper member bore; a biasing member disposed between the upper member and the... Agent: Isotech Laboratories, Inc.

20140174209 - Method and apparatus for preparing a bale sample from a bale of fibrous material, and a bale sample produced thereby: A method for preparing a bale sample, a bale sampling apparatus, and a bale sample are provided. The method includes the steps of removing a portion from a bale of fibrous material and wrapping an elongated substrate completely around the portion to form a bale sample. The elongated substrate includes... Agent: Langston Companies Inc.

20140174211 - Fluid sample holders with piston valve: Disclosed is a fluid sample holder 20 for delivering or receiving a fluid sample to or from fluid processing equipment such as a chromatography column 5 (FIG. 1). The sample holder 20 comprises: a sample fluid reservoir 15; a sample fluid port 23; a buffer fluid port 21; and a... Agent: Ge Haelthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20140174212 - Fluid sample holders with piston valve: Disclosed is a fluid sample holder 20 for delivering or receiving a fluid sample to or from fluid processing equipment such as a chromatography column 5 (FIG. 1). The sample holder 20 comprises a sliding seal 25 within a reservoir. The sliding seal 25 is displaceable within the reservoir 15... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20140174210 - Universal sample holder for measuring the electromagnetic properties of a dielectric and/or magnetic material: The invention relates to the technical field of measuring electric and magnetic properties, and specifically relates to a sample holder (1) to be connected to a device (2) for supporting a sample holder in order to measure the dielectric and/or magnetic properties of a sample (3), said supporting device (2)... Agent: Universit&#xc9 D'aix-marseille

20140174213 - Monitoring apparatus: A monitoring apparatus includes: a storing section which is configured to store identification information for identifying the own apparatus from another monitoring apparatus; and a notifying section which is configured to output the identification information together with notification information indicating that an object to be monitored satisfies a predetermined condition.... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

06/19/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140165690 - Sensor position control apparatus and method: A sensor position control apparatus and method that includes a guide rail formed to be elongated along one direction set to a longitudinal direction thereof and a position control unit coupled to the guide rail and configured to slide along the longitudinal direction of the guide rail. A sensor mount... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140165691 - Bias reduction in force rebalanced accelerometers: A system is provided for the continuous reduction, in real time, of bias in a force rebalanced accelerometers having a proof mass coupled to an accelerometer housing by a flexure suspension. The system comprises a closed loop, force rebalance servo that provides control voltage to the proof mass to null... Agent:

20140165692 - Online sensor calibration for electrohydraulic valves: An online method for reconfiguring pressure and position sensors in a hydraulic system is disclosed. In one step, a sensor drift condition, a recalibration request, or an unisolated fault condition is detected. In another step, a system pressure sensor or another sensor, such as a load-sense pressure sensor, is verified... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140165693 - Construction machine with setup assistance system for a sensor unit: A construction machine includes a sensor unit having a measurement range. The sensor unit is variable in its orientation relative to the construction machine, whereby position or orientation of the measurement range relative to the construction machine is also variable. The sensor unit is configured for detecting position of an... Agent: Joseph Voegele Ag

20140165694 - Methods and systems for quality control of seismic illumination maps: Methods and systems for quality control of seismic data illumination map generation are described. The quality control is based on determined fold differences calculated using the actual position of the sources and receivers in the determination of the seismic illumination. In another aspect, sub-surface complexity is considered in preparing a... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140165695 - Improvised explosive device (ied) test fixture: An explosive device test fixture which includes a horizontal accelerator having a track, a main sled, and a mini-sled. The main sled is able to be travel on the track, and has main sled rails. The mini-sled is smaller than the main sled such that the mini-sled can travel along... Agent: United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140165696 - Tapping hammer for tapping test: The present invention provides a tapping hammer for tapping test, which can help a user to accurately control the tapping force during a tapping test. The tapping hammer comprises a hammerhead and a handle supporting the hammerhead, and further comprises an alarm, a power source and a conductor, a hollowed-out... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20140165697 - Mouthpiece of breath component measuring device, breath component measuring assembly, breath component measuring device, and breath component measuring system: A mouthpiece which is attached to a breath component measuring device for measuring an alcohol concentration of breath of a subject, has: a blow port in which the breath of the subject is blown; a breath flow path which allows the breath blown in the blow port to flow in... Agent: Tanita Corporation

20140165698 - Mouthpiece of breath component measuring device, breath component measuring assembly, breath component measuring device, and breath component measuring system: A breath component measuring device has: a guide hole in which breath of a subject flows; a sensor which measures an alcohol concentration contained in the breath; an attachment portion to which a mouthpiece which allows the breath of the subject to flow in the guide hole is detachably attached;... Agent:

20140165699 - Particulate matter sensor unit: A particulate matter sensor unit including a sensor on one side of an exhaust line and configured to employ an electrostatic induction for generating electric charges by a particulate matter contained in an exhaust gas when the particulate matter passes the sensor. The sensor includes a body portion, an electrode... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20140165700 - Method of diagnosing on increased risk of alzheimer's disease: This invention relates to a method for diagnosing a subject's increased risk of progressing to Alzheimer disease by measuring the concentration of a metabolite and comparing them to respective mean concentration of healthy subjects. According to the invention the increased risk of progressing to Alzheimer's disease by a subject with... Agent: Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt

20140165701 - Analysis of hydrocarbon liquid and solid samples: Systems and methods are provided for analysis and/or profiling of petroleum samples. The systems and methods allow for compositional analysis of samples using techniques that can be implemented outside of a laboratory setting, such as in a refinery or even at a petroleum or hydrocarbon source. The techniques are enabled... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20140165702 - Qcm sensor: A QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance) sensor includes a quartz crystal vibrator for measurement having a first electrode which contacts a measurement sample to be detected and a first quartz substrate in which is formed the first electrode, and a quartz crystal vibrator for reference having a second electrode which contacts... Agent: Seiko Instruments Inc.

20140165703 - System, method, and apparatus for detecting air in a fluid line using active rectification: A circuit for detecting air, a related system, and a related method are provided. The circuit for detecting air includes a receiver connection and an air-detection circuit. The receiver connection is configured to provide a receiver signal. The air-detection circuit is in operative communication with the receiver connection to process... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140165704 - Method and device for dissolved gas analysis: A system, comprising at least one source for irradiating electromagnetic radiation into a sample fluid and a reference fluid resulting in a change in a temperature of the sample fluid and a change in a temperature of the reference fluid, and a processing subsystem that monitors and determines a concentration... Agent: General Electric Company

20140165705 - Sample line management in a fluid analyzer system: In a first mode, a monitoring system inputs humidified gas through at least a portion of a conduit. At least a portion of the water in the humidified gas adheres to the inner surface of the conduit, inhibiting contaminants in the gas sample from adhering to the inner surface. The... Agent:

20140165706 - Pressure indicating device: A pressure indicating device for detecting and isolating leakage of toxic and/or pyrophoric gasses from within various packages is disclosed. The device can affix to a user port of a cylinder package. The device has a flexible disc-like structure which is fine tuned to outwardly flex in response to a... Agent:

20140165707 - Test method and apparatus for bioreactor containers and use: A method for testing the integrity of a bioreactor container includes providing a bioreactor container having a fluid-tight, at least locally flexible wall and having at least one container opening and providing a test apparatus having a bioreactor container compartment and a fluid-permeable and/or structured reception sheet arranged replaceably on... Agent: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh

20140165708 - Method for leak testing a housing: A method for testing the tightness of a housing involves providing a pressure sensor in a housing, sealing the housing, and detecting a pressure level in the housing.... Agent: Tesat-spacecom Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140165709 - Integrity testing: A method and apparatus are disclosed for testing one or more layers of a flexible pipe. The method includes the steps of applying a test cycle to a flexible pipe and simultaneously applying the same test cycle to a tubular test layer connected in an in-line configuration with the flexible... Agent: Wellstream International Limited

20140165710 - Viscosity measuring apparatus: A conductive rotator is immersed in a sample liquid in a sample container. A magnet is arranged at a specific distance from the rotation plane of the rotator in a direction of a rotating axis of the rotator so as to face the sample container. The magnet applies a magnetic... Agent: Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140165711 - Capillary manipulation of clinical samples: A system for collection and delivery of sub-milliliter liquid samples is described that provides a dramatic simplification for the measurement of clinical values. The system produces high dilutions of capillary size samples, such as bodily fluids or blood, by a factor of 1000 or more. Multiple assays can be conducted... Agent:

20140165712 - Gradually-ascending spiraled passive sampler for measuring sediment-water diffusion flux of organic pollutants: The present invention discloses a gradually-ascending spiraled passive sampler for measuring sediment-water diffusion flux of organic polutants, which comprises a sediment pore-water sampler and a water sampler arranged above the sediment pore-water sampler, wherein a plurality of sediment sampling units are vertically arranged in the sediment pore-water sampler, and the... Agent: Guangzhou Institute Of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

20140165713 - Systems, devices, and methods for environmental monitoring in agriculture: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate generally to nutrient monitoring in an agricultural field, and more specifically to devices, systems and methods that provide real time analysis and monitoring of one or more nutrients using ion selective electrodes.... Agent: Puresense Environmental Inc.

20140165714 - Transmission gasket with sensors: A gasket, spacer plate or separator plate for a motor vehicle transmission includes one or more integrated sensors. Such sensors can measure the pressure, flow rate, temperature, as well as any other desire performance characteristic, of the hydraulic fluid in the transmission. The sensors may be mounted on ports in... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140165715 - Methods and apparatus for determining downhole parameters: Example methods and apparatus for determining downhole parameters are disclosed herein. An example method includes pumping a fluid in a first direction to substantially fill a first area of a fluid flow passageway with the fluid and determining a fluid parameter via a sensor disposed in a second area adjacent... Agent:

20140165716 - Fluid transportation by a sample on a finned support structure: Apparatuses and methods are provided for transporting fluid to a sample such as a sheet of material. The apparatuses and methods may employ a variety of support structures that facilitate controlled fluid transportation from a lumen for absorption by the sample and measurement of the fluid transportation.... Agent:

20140165717 - Precipitation detector for railroad applications: A method for detecting precipitation is disclosed. The method may include receiving a signal from a sensing module positioned in the vicinity of a railroad track, the signal being indicative of a capacitive dielectric property of a form of precipitation that has accumulated in the vicinity of the railroad track.... Agent: Progress Rail Services Corporation

20140165718 - Flow sensor assembly having a hybrid sensor response procesable to provide a volumetric flow measurement over a wide dynamic range: A flow sensor system including a flow sensor assembly is provided. The sensor assembly may be configured to allow fluid flow through a flow conduit. A flow disrupter may be disposed in the flow conduit to impart disturbances to the fluid flow. A by-pass channel may be in fluid connection... Agent: General Electric Company

20140165719 - Water meter systems and methods: A linear water meter system may include a metering system, a ball valve, a power generation system, a wireless communication system, or a combination thereof. The linear water meter system may provide a linear pathway through the meter that minimizes pressure loss in the system. Two pathways may be provided... Agent: Capstone Metering LLC

20140165720 - Estimating change in position of production tubing in a well: Characterizing a parameter of interest relating to a formation intersected by a borehole. Methods may include estimating the parameter using at least one gravity measurement adjusted to account for a gravity field gradient associated with a change in a frame of reference caused by removal of a reference feature from... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140165721 - Method and apparatus for detection of wheel assembly slippage on a vehicle wheel balancer: A vehicle wheel balancer system having a processing system and a spindle shaft upon which a vehicle wheel assembly is mounted for measurement of imbalance characteristics and forces. The processing system is configured with software instructions to evaluate the remaining imbalance present in a vehicle wheel assembly following the application... Agent: Hunter Engineering Company

20140165722 - Sensor device provided with a circuit for detection of single or multiple events for generating corresponding interrupt signals: A sensor device for an electronic apparatus, is provided with: a sensing structure generating a first detection signal; and a dedicated integrated circuit, connected to the sensing structure, detecting, as a function of the first detection signal, a first event associated to the electronic apparatus and generating a first interrupt... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140165723 - Inductive inertial sensor architecture & fabrication in packaging build-up layers: This invention relates to inductive inertial sensors employing a magnetic drive and/or sense architecture. In embodiments, translational gyroscopes utilize a conductive coil made to vibrate in a first dimension as a function of a time varying current driven through the coil in the presence of a magnetic field. Sense coils... Agent:

20140165724 - Bistable force and/or acceleration sensor: A technique is provided for determining a force/acceleration acting on a proof mass of a bistable device. According to an aspect of the invention, the location of a boundary of one of the stable configurations of the device is monitored. The monitored location is compared to a predetermined location of... Agent: Ramot At Tel-aviv University Ltd.

20140165725 - Analysis circuit for field effect transistors having a displaceable gate structure: An analysis circuit for a field effect transistor having a displaceable gate structure, includes a measurement circuit coupled between a supply voltage connection of the analysis circuit and a drain connection of the field effect transistor and configured to output a measurement signal that is dependent on the current strength... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140165727 - Sensor unit for a vehicle: A sensor arrangement for a vehicle has a sensor unit and a cable arrangement, wherein the sensor unit comprises a main support and an electronics part which is connected to the main support and has a sensor element, wherein the cable arrangement, which comprises at least one individual wire, can... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140165726 - Speed sensor assembly: A robust and compact speed sensor assembly that includes a Hall effect sensor with protective circuitry in a compact housing that can be attached to the wheel of a motorcycle in the vicinity of the brake rotor to present the sensor Hall plate in a proper transverse-to-target orientation to detect... Agent: Trail Tech, Inc.

20140165728 - Device and method for detecting an impact on a composite material structure: A device for detecting an impact on a composite material structure. This detection device comprises at least two acoustic modules intended to be secured to the composite material structure and a processing unit able to communicate remotely with each of the acoustic modules. Each acoustic module is electrically autonomous and... Agent:

20140165729 - Acoustic emission diagnosis device for gas vessel using probabilistic neural network and method of diagnosing defect of cylinder using the same: An acoustic emission diagnosis device is provided for a gas vessel using a probabilistic neural network, and a method of diagnosing a defect of the gas vessel using the same, in which acoustic emission signal sensors are attached to multiple portions of the gas vessel. Acoustic emission signals are detected... Agent: Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials

20140165730 - Portable matrix phased array spot weld inspection system: A portable system for non-destructively characterizing spot welds that includes at least one matrix phased array probe and a body, wherein the body is designed to be hand-held and further includes an ergonomically designed outer casing; at least one input for connecting to the at least one matrix phased array... Agent: Edison Welding Institute

20140165731 - Pipeline fault detection system, sensor head and method of detecting pipeline faults: A pipeline fault detection system, method and sensor head suitable for use in the system are disclosed. The system comprises a vibro-acoustic sensor connectable to a fluid path of a pipeline and a remote monitoring system, the sensor being operable to measure one or more predetermined vibro-acoustic properties of the... Agent:

20140165732 - Tunable pressure transducer assembly: A tunable pressure transducer assembly that comprises a sensing element disposed within a housing, wherein the sensing element is adapted to output a signal substantially indicative of an applied pressure, and a filter assembly also disposed within the housing. In one example embodiment, a method includes receiving, at a filter... Agent: Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

20140165733 - Method and device for detecting configurations of extracorporeal blood circuit, apparatus comprising detecting device, and computer program for performing the method: A method for detecting a property of an extracorporeal line set in an apparatus for extracorporeal blood treatment. The extracorporeal line set is arranged to be connected to a patient. The method includes: measuring a first pressure in a flow path, measuring a second pressure in the flow path, comparing... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20140165734 - Amplifier-embedded pressure sensor: An amplifier-embedded pressure sensor includes: a pressure-detecting element which detects the differential pressure between the fluid and the space where the pipe including a fluid passage of the fluid is installed, and outputs the pressure signal; an amplifier circuit board having an amplifier circuit for amplifying the pressure signal; a... Agent:

20140165735 - Matching back pressures on differential oil-filled diaphragms: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention provide a differential pressure transducer that comprises first and second diaphragms of different configurations, i.e., different diameters and/or thicknesses. The pressure transducer provides more versatility over prior art designs as the diaphragms can be of different configurations yet still maintain substantially similar back pressures.... Agent: Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

20140165736 - Traversing time of arrival probe: A system and method for performing stress measurement on rotating parts is disclosed. The system may include a laser assembly configured to emit a laser beam, and a probe assembly mounted proximal to a rotatable part in a device. The probe assembly may be configured to output a reflected laser... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140165737 - Method and measuring device for investigating a magnetic workpiece: A method for investigating a magnetic workpiece (2) comprises the following steps:—measuring internal mechanical stresses on the workpiece (2) without a load;—measuring internal mechanical stresses on the workpiece (2) with a load;—setting up a calibrating function (7) by means of the two measurements for at least one measuring point;—measuring an... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140165738 - Feedback system and method for assessing fixation and stability of implantable leads: A lead fixation and stability feedback assembly for testing stability and anchoring of a fixation tip of a distal end of an implantable lead to a tissue is disclosed. The assembly includes a first member including a first coupling arrangement configured to couple to a proximal end of an implantable... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20140165739 - Smooth bore, chordal transit-time ultrasonic meter and method: A flow element for an ultrasonic flowmeter having a plurality of transducers for analyzing fluid flow in a pipe. The flow element includes a housing having a bore with an internal diameter and a surface through which fluid flows and a plurality of cavities each of which has an opening... Agent:

20140165740 - Ultrasound transducer and method of generating and/or receiving ultrasound: An ultrasound transducer (10) is provided having an oscillating body (12) for generating and/or receiving ultrasound and having a damping body (14) which has a first part body (16) of a first material arranged at a rear side of the oscillating body (16), said first material having an acoustic impedance... Agent: Sick Ag

20140165741 - Mechanical force components sensing system and an associated method thereof for a magnetically encoded device: A system includes a device and a contactless inductive force sensing system. The device includes a first band having a first magnetically encoded region with a first magnetic polarity spaced apart from a second magnetically encoded region having a second magnetic polarity. The device further includes a second band having... Agent: General Electric Company

20140165743 - Torque sensor: A torque sensor includes an output shaft, and a stator holder into which the output shaft is inserted and coupled. A second coupling piece is connected to the stator holder and configured to come in contact with an outer surface of the output shaft. A through-hole is formed in the... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140165744 - Apparatus, system and method for power measurement at a crank axle and crank arm: A power measurement assembly mounted within an axle. In a specific example, the axle is a spindle that is interconnects the cranks of a bicycle, exercise, bicycle, or other fitness equipment. The power measurement assembly may include strain gauges connected with an appropriate circuit (e.g., Wheatstone bridge) that provides an... Agent: Foundation Fitness, LLC

20140165745 - Transducer for and method of measuring normal force of a compliant pin: A transducer for measuring normal force of a compliant pin includes a fixture having a base. A supporting beam extends from the base. A sensing beam is positioned proximate to the sensing beam and supported at at least one end thereof. The fixture has a slot positioned between the supporting... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20140165742 - Capacitive force sensor with magnetic spring: The present disclosure provides a method and apparatus for a capacitive force sensor utilizing a magnetic spring. The force is applied across a body and a moveable element that are coupled by the magnetic spring. The moveable element is configured to vary the capacitance of a variable capacitor. A sensing... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140165746 - Scent collection and retention: A scent storage element is described. The scent storage element includes: a scent-retaining portion formed by at least one sealed section along an edge of the scent storage element; a re-sealable feature along an edge of the scent-retaining portion; and a tamper-proof element adapted to provide an indication as to... Agent:

20140165747 - Deposition apparatus providing improved replacing apparatus for deposition rate measuring sensor, and replacing method using the same: A deposition apparatus includes a vacuum chamber, a sensor head located in the vacuum chamber and including a plurality of deposition rate measuring sensors, a sensor extractor coupled to the vacuum chamber and including a first vacuum maintaining valve, the sensor extractor being configured to extract one of the deposition... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

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