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Measuring and testing

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04/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140096586 - Device and method for measurement of ultrasonic transit times: A device for measurement of ultrasonic wave transit times of an ultrasonic flow sensor consists of: 1) a synchronization signal generator, 2) a reference pulse generator, 3) a sine wave generator, 4) an analog signal amplifier, 5) a comparator, 6) a plurality of latch circuits, 7) a digital adder, 8)... Agent: Spire Metering Technology LLC

20140096587 - Dynamic self-calibration of an accelerometer system: One embodiment includes a method for dynamic self-calibration of an accelerometer system. The method includes forcing a proof-mass associated with a sensor of the accelerometer system in a first direction to a first predetermined position and obtaining a first measurement associated with the sensor in the first predetermined position via... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20140096588 - Mattress testing apparatus and method: An apparatus and method of testing are provided to test the durability and resilience of crib mattresses and other child development surfaces. The testing apparatus is configured to provided a movable fixture for imparting repeated force to a mattress. The fixture can include a pair of feet formed thereon to... Agent: Colgate Atlanta Mattress Corporation

20140096589 - Microchip oxygen sensor for control of internal combustion engines or other combustion processes: A microchip oxygen sensor for sensing exhaust gases from a combustion process, and related methods. The microchip oxygen sensor includes a dielectric substrate and a heater pattern affixed to the substrate. A first electrode is affixed to the substrate and has a first plurality of fingers forming a first comb.... Agent: Kerdea Technologies, Inc.

20140096590 - Electronic nose system and method: Systems and methods for a mobile electronic system that gathers and analyzes odors, airborne chemicals and/or compounds. The system includes a sample delivery component that can gather airborne substances and/or gaseous substances. A detection component can detect the presences of chemicals, substances, and/or visual gases in a sample. Analyzed samples... Agent:

20140096591 - Ultrasonic tools for detection of gasoline/ethanol phase separation: A method to detect a phase separation of gasoline and ethanol may include the steps of generating a sound signal in a tank, determining a speed of the sound signal, determining an interface level in the tank, determining the speed of the sound signal below the interface level and determining... Agent:

20140096592 - Method and apparatus for measuring and recording real time environmental conditions at target shell locations during the shell building process: An investment casting shell substrate sensor method and apparatus comprising a hollow probe 10 having an aperture 30, the aperture 30 covered by a water proof breathable membrane (WPBM) 20 that is constructed and arranged to repel liquid from entering the aperture 30, while remaining permeable so as to allow... Agent:

20140096604 - Method and apparatus for trapping single particles in microfluidic channels: Methods and apparatus for improving measurements of particle or cell characteristics, such as mass, in Suspended Microchannel Resonators (SMR's). Apparatus include in particular designs for trapping particles in SMR's for extended measurement periods. Methods include techniques to provide differential measurements by varying the fluid density for repeated measurements on the... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Techno Ogy

20140096605 - Material property gauges and related methods for determining a property of a material: The subject matter described herein includes methods, systems, and computer program products for measuring the density of a material. According to one aspect, a material property gauge includes a nuclear density gauge for measuring the density of a material. A radiation source adapted to emit radiation into a material and... Agent: Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc.

20140096593 - System and method for rapid measurement of the air void distribution of fresh concrete: According to an embodiment, there is provided herein a method of determining the air void distribution in a sample of fresh concrete. One embodiment of the invention determines a parameter related to air void distribution by applying a known pressure to a fresh concrete sample, measuring a first value representative... Agent:

20140096594 - Method of non-destructive inspection of flat membrane: A pore diffusion type flat membrane separation apparatus X including a plurality of flat membranes 7 and a plurality of flat plate-like supports 1 arranged alternately with each other, each flat membrane 7 defining a plurality of pores and configured to separate a predetermined dispersed substance contained in a solution... Agent:

20140096595 - Method and device for tightness testing: A method for tightness testing, wherein an evacuated test object is exposed to the external influence of a test gas and wherein a gas mixture made of a test gas withdrawn from the test object and of a carrier gas, is examined for the presence of test gas by use... Agent: Inficon Gmbh

20140096596 - Porous materials for solid phase extraction and chromatography and processes for preparation and use thereof: The invention provides novel porous materials that are useful in chromatographic processes, e.g., solid phase extraction, and that provide a number of advantages. Such advantages include superior wetting characteristics, selective capture of analytes of interest, and non-retention of interfering analytes. The invention advantageously provides novel porous materials having a large... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140096597 - Apparatuses and methods for wireless monitoring and control of environmental sampling and chromatographic apparatuses: A liquid chromatographic system includes columns, column mounting fixtures to which the columns are mounted, a detector, a collector, a controller and a plurality of RFIDs. A first RFID communicates with the controller and cooperating RFIDs mounted to other components provide information such as the history of components, parameters and... Agent: Teledyne Instruments, Inc.

20140096598 - Systems and methods for detecting an analyte of interest in a sample using microstructured surfaces: Method for detecting an analyte of interest in a sample. The method can include providing a container comprising a microstructured surface, and centrifuging the container toward the microstructured surface to form a sediment and a supernatant of the sample. Following centrifugation, the container can be inverted to decant at least... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140096599 - Method of and apparatus for determining a flow rate of a fluid and detecting non-fluid elements: The invention relates to a method (30) of and an apparatus (1) for determining a flow rate of a fluid and detecting gas bubbles or particles in the fluid. In order to provide a method (30) and an apparatus (1), which can be used to perform more precise measurements and... Agent:

20140096600 - System, components, and methods for detecting moisture: To address this and/or other needs, the present inventor devised, among other things, a passive moisture detection probe that can be installed and left in place to continuously indicate whether the moisture-content in the wall-cavity of a building is below or above a desirable level. One exemplary moisture detection assembly... Agent:

20140096601 - Method and device for measuring a part in a turbine engine: A device for measuring a part in a turbine engine, including a rod including a portion with a profile that corresponds to a profile of a portion of a calibration part of a same type as a part under examination, the portion of the rod further including visible marks for... Agent: Snecma

20140096602 - Oscillating device for a fill-level measurement system and a method for assembling the same: An oscillating device for a fill-level measurement system includes a drive element in operative connection with a diaphragm. The drive housing receives the drive element at an open-ended front side and includes a first housing part and a second housing part in an operative axially interfitting arrangement proximate the drive... Agent: Vega Grieshaber Kg

20140096603 - Accurate fluid level measurement device: A fluid level measurement system for sensing fluid level in a tank is disclosed that includes a float that moves vertically in the interior of the tank, and a force measuring mechanism coupled to the float that generates an output based on the upward force on the float. The system... Agent:

20140096606 - Detector of gravitational waves and method of detecting gravitational waves: A semiconductor detector of gravitational waves of a first frequency may include an oscillator having a metal coated oscillating member over a metal coated semiconductor substrate to be subjected to a Casimir attraction force towards the semiconductor substrate. The oscillator may be configured to exert a force to counterbalance the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140096607 - Atomic sensor physics package with metal frame: One embodiment is directed towards a physics package of an atomic sensor. The physics package includes a frame composed of metal and including a plurality of slender support members extending between one another in a three dimensional structure. The support members define boundaries between adjacent apertures defined in the frame.... Agent: Honeywell Intl. Inc.

20140096608 - Method and system for measuring belt tension: A measuring system including a sensor positioned to a belt to measure an oscillation or vibration of the belt based at least in part on a trigger threshold. Also, the measuring system may include a diagnostic tool coupled the sensor to receive a plurality of measurements of the oscillation or... Agent: Service Solutions U.s. LLC

20140096609 - Ultrasonic sensor device and method for assembling the same: An ultrasonic sensor device includes a housing, a transducer, a securing unit, a circuit board and a sealing cap. The housing includes an enclosing portion. The enclosing portion has a first opening and an opposite second opening. The transducer is secured to the enclosing portion at the second opening. The... Agent: Tung Thih Electronic Co., Ltd.

20140096610 - Ultrasonic probe including a bonded chemical barrier: Provided is an ultrasound probe including a bonded chemical barrier. The chemical barrier is manufactured between a matching layer and a lens layer by cross-sectionally applying a sputtering layer formed of a nichrome (NiCr) layer and a titanium (Ti) layer onto polyetherimide (PEI) to thereby completely prevent lifting of the... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20140096611 - Sensor arrangement and method for producing a sensor arrangement: A sensor arrangement (10) has a vibration sensor (11), which includes a cable (13) and is free of a metal housing, and a holding device (12), which is joined detachably to the vibration sensor (11) and is configured and arranged to protect mechanically and fix in place the vibration sensor... Agent: Pruftechnik Dieter Busch Ag

20140096612 - System and method for detecting vibration: A vibration detection system is provided. The vibration detection system includes a radio frequency (RF) source, a vibration sensor coupled to the RF source and configured to receive an RF signal supplied by the RF source and radiate RF energy, and a computing device coupled to said RF source and... Agent: General Electric Company

20140096614 - Gas gauge compatible with vacuum environments: In one embodiment of the present invention, there is provided a gas gauge for use in a vacuum environment having a measurement gas flow channel. The gas gauge may comprise a measurement nozzle in the measurement gas flow channel. The measurement nozzle may be configured to operate at a sonically... Agent: Asml Holding N.v.

20140096613 - Pressure transmitter and transmission method: Hydrogen which has entered into a pressure/differential pressure transmitter from external or internally generated hydrogen and hydrocarbons are converted to air bubbles within pressure guide paths. As a result, the indicated value drifts and an accurate numerical value is not output. A pressure/differential pressure transmitter includes a space formed between... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140096615 - Pressure transducer using ceramic diaphragm: A pressure transducer using a ceramic diaphragm which is not easily damaged so that there is no risk of leakage of a target medium to be measured, having a superior mass-production capability and a reduced volume and enabling low-price by simplifying a flexible cable and a printed circuit board (PCB)... Agent:

20140096616 - Method and apparatus for sensing bending of flexible display device using mutual inductance: A method of manufacturing a flexible display device for sensing bending that includes forming a lower electrode layer, which includes a plurality of lower electrodes spaced apart from each other on a substrate, forming an insulation layer on the lower electrode layer, forming holes in the insulation layer to expose... Agent:

20140096617 - Apparatus for measuring failure load of model truss structures: An educational force application and force measurement apparatus is with a plurality of interchangeable workpiece mounting components is disclosed. The apparatus securely accepts a model structure (workpiece), secures a force measurement component between the model structure and a force application component, and applies an incrementally increasing force until the workpiece... Agent:

20140096618 - Duct: Apparatus and method for providing the apparatus, the apparatus including: a duct; and a non-return valve; wherein the duct has a first portion and a second portion; the first portion has a first end and a second end; the first end is open to a fluid (e.g. air); the second... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140096619 - Fluid turbine flow meter with centering bearing: A Fluid turbine flow meter, including a measurement chamber, a turbine body that is displaced axially, as a function of the fluid flow rates, between a high position and a low position in the measurement chamber and having a rotation axis, a centering bearing for the rotation axis in the... Agent: Sappel

20140096621 - Force and torque sensors: Force and torque sensors (10, 10a) include a load-bearing element (12), and strain gauges (20, 22, 23) mounted on the load-bearing element (12) so that the strain gauges (20, 22, 23) generate outputs responsive to external forces and moments applied to the load-bearing element (12). The strain gauges (20, 22,... Agent: Harris Corporation

20140096620 - Dry pressure compensated sensor: A pressure compensated sensor assembly for determining loads near a drill bit may include a body member having an inner diameter and an outer diameter, a sleeve member having an inner diameter and an outer diameter, the sleeve member being coupled to the body member, a first gap having a... Agent:

20140096622 - Film laminate body for pressure sensitive fingerprint sensor: To provide a film laminate body for a pressure sensitive fingerprint sensor that can provide an accurate pressure distribution corresponding to the degree of ridges and valleys of a fingerprint, and thereby can clearly recognize the shape of the fingerprint. A film laminate body for a pressure sensitive fingerprint sensor... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140096623 - Cotton acquisition and tracking system: Apparatus for a cotton sample acquisition and tracking system. The system includes a loading station in which a pair of primary sample halves are loaded in a carrier. The primary samples are identified and transported to a sub-sample station that extracts a sub-sample from the primary sample. The sub-samples are... Agent: Quantitative Engineering Solutions, LLC

20140096624 - Ball assisted device for analytical surface sampling: A system for sampling a surface includes a sampling probe having a housing and a socket, and a rolling sampling sphere within the socket. The housing has a sampling fluid supply conduit and a sampling fluid exhaust conduit. The sampling fluid supply conduit supplies sampling fluid to the sampling sphere.... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20140096625 - Sample substrate having a divided sample chamber and method of loading thereof: A sample substrate configured for samples of biological material is provided. The sample substrate has a dual chambered sample well separated by a wall that may be punctured or otherwise breached to allow mixing of material contained in the two initially separate chambers. The chambers are connected by channels to... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20140096626 - System for measuring the precious metal mass in an alloy: A system to determine the mass of a precious metal existing with an alloy specimen where the purity concentration of the precious metal within the alloy is known by a user is provided. The system includes an assembly for weighing the alloy specimen, the assembly including an adjustable setting to... Agent:

20140096627 - Sensor arrangement and method for creating an output signal: A sensor arrangement (10) includes a sensor (11) for a mechanical quantity or a thermal quantity, a processing circuit (12), which is connected at the input end to the sensor (11) and provides an output signal (SRF), which is processed for wireless transmission, and a cable (13), which is coupled... Agent: Pruftechnik Dieter Busch Ag

20140096628 - Method for determining wettability: Surface wettability of a material is determined by placing at least one sample of this material in at least one sealed calorimeter cell. Then a contact is provided of the at least one sample with a first wetting fluid and with a second wetting fluid at the same temperature and... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140096629 - Elastomeric parallel stage with flexural hinges to provide multi-degree-of-freedom sensitivity of an aerodynamically floated probe head to disturbance in 3d space: A method and structure for a device including a non-contact gap control device for maintaining a distance between surfaces can include a pliable platform, a frame to which the pliable platform is secured, an aerodynamic floating (AF) head attached to the pliable platform and a probe for measuring, testing, and/or... Agent: Xerox Corporation

04/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140090444 - Measurement apparatus having weight measurement function, display device, and weight measurement system: This measurement apparatus having a weight measurement function outputs a weight measurement result before calibration after measuring the weight of a user before calibration, measures reference weight for calibration in a state where the user does not get on a measurement apparatus body, and outputs a weight measurement result of... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd

20140090445 - Abrasion wear tester: An apparatus for measuring the anti-wear nature of a surface of given article to test the article or coating thereon for wear and abrasion resistance. A selected abrasive paper strip or tape is pulled under controlled tension from a first feed reel which can control tension on the strip onto... Agent:

20140090446 - Method of applying particulate material along a tire footprint during tire testing on a tire testing surface: The present invention includes a method for testing a tire on a tire testing surface, the method comprising the steps of: providing a tire testing surface arranged along a tire testing device; providing a tire having a radially outer annular side comprising a road-engaging surface; engaging forcefully the tire against... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

20140090447 - Methods for testing structures, and selection methods using these: Test method for structures, e.g., such as carriers and/or catalysts. The methods may be used to select the carriers and/or catalysts for future use. Carriers and catalysts so selected, and processes making use of these, are also provided.... Agent: Dow Technology Investments, LLC

20140090448 - Detection apparatus for detecting leaks in an air-tight component and related detection process: A detection apparatus for detecting leaks in items using tracer gas. The apparatus comprises a plurality of cells which are provided so as to receive an item to be subjected to separate phases of a detection process in order to detect the leaks, and a detection system using tracer gas... Agent: Eng Services S.r.l.

20140090449 - Pressure probe for detecting clathrates and the use thereof: A pressure probe for detecting clathrates includes a probe wall defining an inside area. A window is arranged in the probe wall. A device including a circuit board having a surface is arranged below the window. A permittivity sensor and temperature sensor are arranged on the surface of the circuit... Agent: Karlsruher Institut Fuer Technologie

20140090450 - Test rig and method for simulating and analyzing petrochemical fouling: An experimental test rig for simulating and analyzing the fouling behavior of petrochemicals when heated within a pipe or other such conduit, the rig comprising: a supply of petrochemical product; an annulus test section arranged to receive petrochemical product from the said supply, the annulus test section comprising an inner... Agent: Imperial Innovations Limited

20140090451 - Systems and methods for measuring an interface level in a multi-phase fluid composition: A system includes a vessel system for a fluid, a sampling assembly and a resonant sensor system coupled to the sampling assembly. The resonant sensor system may include a subsystem that detects a set of signals from a resonant sensor system at a plurality of locations in the vessel. The... Agent: General Electric Company

20140090452 - Chromatography of metal complexes: A high performance liquid chromatography method to routinely and reproducibly detect and quantitate metal complexes is provided. The metal complexes used in the method of the invention can be different metal complexes, or they can be stereoisomers of the same metal complexes. The high performance liquid chromatography method of the... Agent: Galera Therapeutics, LLC

20140090453 - Chromatography of polymers: The invention provides an apparatus for polymer chromatography, comprising at least one column that comprises a first stationary phase comprising one of the following: A) a material comprising at least one non-carbon atom, excluding glass or a metal, selected from molybdenum sulfide MoS2, tungsten sulfide WS2, silicon carbide SiC, boron... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140090454 - Sensor systems for measuring an interface level in a multi-phase fluid composition: A sensor includes a resonant transducer, the resonant transducer being configured to determine the composition of an emulsion. The composition of the emulsion is determined by measuring the complex impedance spectrum values of the mixture of the emulsion and applying multivariate data analysis to the values.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140090455 - Ding detection system: A method and system is provided to detect deformations on a sheet metal panel. The method includes swiping the sheet metal panel's surface through a screening material to screen the deformations present on the sheet metal panel's surface, thereby establishing screened deformations. Further, rubbing an area around the screened deformations... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140090457 - Metalized ceramic leading edge nozzle kiels for high-temperature turbine applications: A pressure probe includes an elongated cable provided with a sensing tip, a portion of the elongated cable and sensing tip enclosed within a ceramic shroud, the ceramic shroud at least partially formed of a metalized ceramic material.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140090458 - Method and device for determining the air bleed on an aircraft turbojet engine: The device comprises first means for determining a pressure value relative to the pressure at the outlet of a precooler of an air bleed system and second means for calculating the air bleed level using this pressure value, said first means comprising means for calculating a first pressure value at... Agent: Snecma

20140090456 - Model based engine inlet condition estimation: A gas turbine engine inlet sensor fault detection and accommodation system comprises an engine model, an engine parameter comparison block, an inlet condition estimator, control laws, and a fault detection and accommodation system. The engine model is configured to produce a real-time model-based estimate of engine parameters. The engine parameter... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140090459 - Engine stroke determination apparatus: There is provided an engine stroke determination apparatus. The engine stroke determination apparatus is for determining stroke of a single-cylinder four-stroke engine and includes a transistor igniter. The apparatus is configured to determine a compression stroke and an exhaust stroke by comparing voltages of ignition signals that are output in... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140090460 - Particulate collection filter state detection device: A particulate collection filter state detection device according to the present invention includes first pressure detection means for detecting a first pressure produced at an upstream side of the filter on an exhaust gas flow path, second pressure detection means for detecting a second pressure produced at a downstream side... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20140090461 - Tire testing systems and methods: A manipulator assembly for moving and displacing a tire undergoing tire testing, including: a linear actuator for moving and displacing the tire along a local vertical z-axis; a linear actuator for moving and displacing the tire along a local lateral y-axis that is substantially perpendicular to the local vertical z-axis;... Agent: Camber Ridge, LLC

20140090462 - Method for circuit separation testing in a double gearwheel pump: A method for circuit separation testing in a double gearwheel pump having two gearwheel pumps includes charging one of the two gearwheel pumps with pressure and measuring the pressure build-up in the charged gearwheel pump and/or the pressure-build up in the other gearwheel pump. The pressure build-up is preferably realized... Agent:

20140090463 - Tire pressure monitoring unit and method for producing a tire pressure monitoring unit: A tire pressure monitoring unit includes a measurement and transmission electronics unit for measuring and wirelessly transmitting pressure information. A power source supplies power to the measurement and transmission electronics unit. A plastic body embeds the measurement and transmission electronics unit and also the power source. A metal carrier sheet,... Agent: Huf Hulsbeck & Furst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140090464 - Modular flow sensor: The present disclosure relates to modular flow sensor assemblies and methods. The modular flow sensor assembly may include a main sensor body, a first end adapter having a first connection port configuration, and a second end adapter having a second connection port configuration. The main sensor body may include a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140090465 - Cuvette module having an electrically conductive cuvette carrier: A cuvette module comprises a cuvette carrier and a cuvette held by the cuvette carrier. An intermediate chamber is formed in the cuvette carrier. The cuvette carrier comprises an electrically conductive plastic material. The cuvette has a different material than the cuvette carrier and the wettability of the cuvette carrier... Agent:

20140090466 - Fuel sensing system and method of operation: A fuel sensing system and method of measuring and monitoring an amount of fuel in a storage tank for power operated equipment. The method comprises the steps of positioning a fuel sensor assembly within a storage tank that supports fuel provided to the power operated equipment during operation and generating... Agent: Delta Systems, Inc.

20140090467 - Detecting probe mounting device: A detecting probe mounting device for fixation in the proximity to a rotating member of a machine is provided. The detecting probe mounting device includes at least two detecting probes with a connecting part and a detecting part for detecting parameters of the machine and/or the rotating member, a probe... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140090468 - Tri-axial mems inertial sensor: A micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) inertial sensor includes first, second, and third fixed electrodes, a first translational element to translate along a first direction, first mobile electrodes extending from the first translation element and being interdigitated with the first fixed electrodes to form first sensor assemblies, a second translation element to... Agent: Advanced Numicro Systems, Inc.

20140090469 - Acceleration and angular velocity resonant detection integrated structure, and related mems sensor device: An integrated detection structure has a first inertial mass and a second inertial mass, each of which is elastically anchored to a substrate and has a linear movement along a first horizontal axis, a first detection movement of rotation about a first axis of rotation parallel to a second horizontal... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.

20140090470 - Vibrator and vibrating gyroscope: A vibrator in a vibrating gyroscope includes a circular annular portion, a rectangular annular portion, and joining portions. The rectangular annular portion is disposed adjacent to an outer side of the circular annular portion. The joining portions join the circular annular portion and the rectangular annular portion. The rectangular annular... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140090471 - Three-axis nano-resonator accelerometer device and method: An inertial measurement device and method for measuring acceleration in three axes. Three orthogonally disposed accelerometers are defined on a common planar substrate. At least one of the accelerometers is provided with a proof mass coupled to a nano-resonator element. The nano-resonator element is oscillated at a first predetermined frequency,... Agent:

20140090472 - Device and method for evaluation of vibrations: A device for the evaluation of vibrations (10) comprises an evaluating device (12), which comprises an input for introducing a vibration signal (SG) and is designed to determine a characteristic signal (BK) with the dimension of length/timeβ and/or the square (SE) of the characteristic signal (BK) from the vibration signal... Agent: Pruftechnik Dieter Busch Ag

20140090473 - Systems and methods for acquiring biometric information: The invention may be embodied as a fingerprint scanner having an ultrasonic wave detector, a platen, an ultrasonic wave generator located between the detector and the platen. The invention may be embodied as a method of scanning a finger. One such method includes providing a platen, a detector and a... Agent:

20140090474 - Long distance optical fiber sensing system and method: A long-distance fiber optic monitoring system having a sensing unit and an analyzer that is remotely located from the sensing unit is provided. The sensing unit comprises a source of optical energy for injecting optical energy into the fiber optical cable and an optical detector configured to detect an optical... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140090475 - Methods and systems for detecting an oscillatory event: Methods and systems for detecting an oscillatory event are provided. According to one embodiment, a system may include a controller configured to provide a command signal to a positioning device and a processor communicatively coupled to the controller. The command signal may include a reference position. The processor may be... Agent: General Electric Company

20140090476 - Remote seal process pressure measuring system: A process pressure measuring system includes a transmitter having a first sealed system in which a first outlet couples to a pressure sensor, a first isolator diaphragm assembly, a first capillary passage, and a first isolation fluid. The first isolation fluid couples a first pressure from the first isolator diaphragm... Agent:

20140090477 - Internally switched multiple range transducers: Systems and methods for an internally switched multiple range transducer are provided. In one embodiment, a method comprises receiving, at a first sensor, a pressure, wherein the first sensor is associated with a first pressure range; measuring, at the first sensor, the pressure to generate a first pressure signal; in... Agent: Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

20140090478 - High pressure fluid coupling: A process fluid pressure sensing system includes a process fluid pressure transmitter and a process manifold. The process fluid pressure transmitter has first and second pressure inlets and is configured to obtain a measurement relative to pressures applied at the first and second pressure inlets and provide a process variable... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140090479 - Test method, test rigs and control system: A method for load relieving a test object, wherein a load is applied by a multiplicity of hydraulic devices positioned side by side each introducing a partial load into the test object such that the test object has a minimum deflection in an area close to its fixation and a... Agent:

20140090480 - Testing and measuring devices, systems, components and methods: The embodiments are directed to high precision Micro-Penetration Strength Testers, high pressure Micro-Compression Testers, and/or the like adapted for testing non-conductive thin films or membranes and coated films or coated membranes. At least certain embodiments are directed to Z-direction mechanical and/or insulation strength test methods, devices, instruments, equipment, apparatus, and/or... Agent:

20140090481 - Gas flow test apparatus and method: A gas flow test apparatus and method include a flow monitor that is selectively connectable to a gas pipeline. An air motor driven regenerative blower is used to increase the flow of gas through the around a blockage in the pipeline to simulate an increased gas loading condition on the... Agent: Ulc Robotics, Inc.

20140090482 - Remote marking: Remote marker systems are disclosed for marking a target using optical markers. Such systems may allow a target to be marked using a remote optical marking device. Also disclosed are photochromic solutions and methods of their preparation.... Agent: Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem

20140090483 - Magnetic flowmeter: A magnetic flowmeter for sensing process fluid flow is provided. The flowmeter includes a tube configured to receive the process fluid flow therethrough. A plurality of electrodes is disposed to contact process fluid. At least one electromagnetic coil is disposed proximate the tube. Flowmeter electronics are configured to drive a... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140090484 - Correcting for two-phase flow in a digital flowmeter: A flowmeter is disclosed. The flowmeter includes a vibratable conduit, and a driver connected to the conduit that is operable to impart motion to the conduit. A sensor is connected to the conduit and is operable to sense the motion of the conduit and generate a sensor signal. A controller... Agent: Invensys Systems, Inc.

20140090487 - Apparatus and method for detecting the deflection of elastic elements: Shown are a device (26) and a method for detecting the deflection of a plurality of elastic elements (22), wherein the elastic elements (22) can be deflected out of a rest position against a restoring force and are suitable as resonators and/or for measuring a force acting on a respective... Agent:

20140090488 - Flexible piezocapacitive and piezoresistive force and pressure sensors: Flexible force/pressure sensors for producing electrical output signals proportional to forces or pressures exerted on the sensor include a thin, elastically deformable foam pad laminated between a pair of electrically conducive fabric sheets. A piezocapacitive embodiment of the sensor utilizes an elastically deformable perforated open-cell polyurethane foam pad preferably saturated... Agent: Stryker Corporation

20140090489 - Force detecting mat with multiple sensor types: A flexible force or pressure sensing mat includes a first sheet of electrically conductive first paths, a second sheet of electrically conductive second paths, and a sensing layer positioned between the first and second sheets. The first and second conductive paths are oriented transversely to each other, and the locations... Agent:

20140090485 - Mems pressure sensor assembly: A pressure sensor assembly includes a first die assembly, a second die assembly, and a conducting member. The first die assembly includes a MEMS pressure sensor. The second die assembly includes an ASIC configured to generate an electrical output corresponding to a pressure sensed by the MEMS pressure sensor. The... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140090486 - Pressure sensor, audio microphone, blood pressure sensor, and touch panel: According to one embodiment, a pressure sensor includes a substrate, a first electrode, a second electrode, a first magnetic layer, a second magnetic, a spacer layer, a third magnetic layer. The substrate includes a first region and a second region. The first electrode is provided on the first region. The... Agent:

20140090490 - Transducer: A transducer with a measuring cell and a housing within which the measuring cell is accommodated, The housing has a measurement opening and at least in a fastening section has an electrically insulating surface, wherein the housing has at least one biocidally active surface at least in an area surrounding... Agent: Vega Grieshaber Kg

20140090491 - Method and apparatus pertaining to using imaging information to identify a spectrum: A control circuit operably couples to a non-invasive imaging system that utilizes a particular corresponding effective spectrum and receives imaging information as pertains to an object being imaged. The control circuit uses that information to identify the particular corresponding spectrum for the corresponding source of radiation by, at least in... Agent: Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

20140090492 - Embedded cap probe: A method for installing a probe assembly in a case of a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The method may include installing a first portion of the probe assembly within a first section of the case, and installing a second portion of the probe assembly within a second section of... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

03/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140083157 - Gas equilibrium coil for providing, in real-time, a gas calibrating solution: A gas-solution equilibrium device for a liquid sample gas analyzer includes a temperature-controlled, thermally-conductive mandrel, a coil of gas-permeable tubing wrapped around the mandrel, the gas-permeable tubing having an inlet and an outlet, and a housing having an internal space containing the temperature-controlled, thermally-conductive mandrel, the coil of gas-permeable tubing... Agent: Nova Biomedical Corporation

20140083158 - Structure of built-in self-test for pressure tester and method thereof: A built-in self-test structure for a pressure tester and a method thereof are provided. The built-in self-test structure includes a substrate, a plurality of membrane layers, a fixing portion, an electrical heating unit and a sensing circuit unit. The membrane layers are formed on the substrate. The fixing portion is... Agent: King Yuan Electronics Co., Ltd

20140083159 - Self-calibrating mechanism and self-calibrating method for flow rate sensor, and diagnostic mechanism and diagnostic method for fluid sensor: A valve fully closing part; a calibrating volume calculation part that calculates a calibrating volume on the basis value of an integration of a flow rate measured value outputted from a flow rate sensor in a fluid parameter changing interval; and a calibration part that calibrates a flow rate on... Agent: Horiba Stec, Co.,ltd.

20140083160 - Calibrating rotational accelerometers: A method and system for calibrating a rotational accelerometer. The method includes attaching a rotational accelerometer to be tested to a plate fitted with and second linear accelerometers and vibrating the plate. Angular acceleration measurements from the rotational accelerometer and linear acceleration measurements from the first and second linear accelerometers... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140083163 - Electric input key: An electric input key has an actuating surface and a plurality of displacement sensors which are each designed to generate a displacement signal when the actuating surface is touched. The input key also has an evaluation unit for evaluating the displacement signals and outputting a determined switching state. The input... Agent: Audi Ag

20140083162 - Measuring device: A measuring device for in-process measurement of test pieces during a machining operation on a machine tool, in particular a grinding machine, has a base body, and a measuring head movable between a neutral position and a measuring position and which is connected to the base body via a rod... Agent:

20140083161 - System and method for calibrating reference system for vehicle measurement: A measuring station system for calibrating a reference system for vehicle measurement has at least one image recording device, a calibration device having multiple calibration device reference features, and a calibration frame having at least three support points which are designed for accommodating a reference system carrier for the reference... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140083164 - Calibration of mems sensor: A micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) sensor is excited. The response of the MEMS sensor is measured. The MEMS sensor is calibrated.... Agent:

20140083165 - Method of impact testing using mount assembly with deformable member: A method of impact testing an article of protective equipment includes mounting the article of protective equipment on a deformable member. The method also includes impacting the article of protective equipment with an impact object. Moreover, the method includes detecting an effect of impact on the deformable member due to... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140083166 - Thermoelectric moisture detector: The apparatus has a chemical energy reservoir that releases thermal energy upon contact with moisture. The apparatus furthermore has a converter that is embodied to convert the thermal energy into electrical energy; and a circuit that is embodied to generate, operated by the electrical energy, an electrical signal for reporting... Agent:

20140083167 - Particle sampling and measurement in the ambient air: An apparatus and method for sampling and measuring air born particulate matter includes an inlet for the particulate containing gas to enter. A mechanism then removes coarse particles larger than a selected size while permitting filtered particles of less than the selected size to pass through. A chamber containing a... Agent: Msp Corporation

20140083168 - Balloon catheter apparatus for high pressure leak detection: An inflatable, balloon-type catheter apparatus which is conformable to fit most all intake and exhaust systems to delivery pressure (with or without smoke) to test the fluid integrity of the fluid system. The device is configured to be inserted into the canal of the intake or exhaust system and inflated... Agent:

20140083169 - Test system and method for flexible containers: A portable test device and related method are disclosed for conducting integrity testing of flexible containers. The test is particularly useful for testing aseptic flexible film bags in a manner that maintains the sterile nature of the container and removes crinkles by inflating the containers to remove crinkles and establish... Agent: Advanced Scientifics, Inc.

20140083170 - Test system and method for flexible containers: A portable flexible container integrity test device for conducting integrity testing of flexible containers is disclosed. The test device is particularly useful for testing aseptic flexible film bags in a manner that maintains the sterile nature of the container and removes crinkles by inflating the containers to remove crinkles and... Agent: Advanced Scientifics, Inc.

20140083171 - Pressure transmitter with fill tube: A pressure transmitter has a pressure sensor, an isolator diaphragm, and a fill tube. Interior passages in the pressure sensor module body are filled with isolator fluid and provide fluid connections. The isolator fluid couples pressure from the first isolator diaphragm assembly to the pressure sensor. A first crimp portion... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140083172 - Method and apparatus for determining an ageing state of a lubricant: In a method for determining an ageing state of lubricant which comes into contact with a metallic surface in a machine to be lubricated, a metal ion content or a change over time of a metal ion content in the lubricant is determined. The metal ion content can be determined... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140083173 - Fluid interface between fluid lines of differing cross-sectional area: A fluid transfer device transfers a fluid from a first fluid channel with a first cross-sectional area into a second fluid channel with a second cross-sectional area, larger than the first cross-sectional area. The fluid transfer device includes a fluid inlet interface at which the fluid is transferable from the... Agent:

20140083174 - Sample nebulization: A device for generating a nebulized sample for detection of an analyte. The device includes a surface acoustic wave (SAW) transducer and a superstrate. The superstrate has a first surface for coupling with the SAW transducer and a second surface for receiving a fluid sample incorporating the analyte. The fluid... Agent:

20140083175 - Liquid sample testing apparatus: The apparatus includes a levelling mechanism having an upwardly directed reference surface adjustably mounted on a frame for supporting the base of liquid sample containers in substantially level orientation. The apparatus further includes a container positioning member having a horizontally extending main body formed with a plurality of substantially vertical... Agent: Cinrg Systems Inc.

20140083176 - Turbomachine including a pressure sensing system: A turbomachine includes a fan having a housing and a plurality of vanes rotatable within the housing. Each of the plurality of vanes includes a pressure side and a suction side. A pressure sensing system includes at least one pressure sensor mounted to one of the pressure side and the... Agent:

20140083177 - System for logging while running casing: A well logging while casing instrument system includes a segment of pipe having at least one window therein corresponding to selected well logging instrument sensors. The segment of pipe has at least one of a float collar, a reaming shoe or a casing drill bit attached to one end thereof.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140083178 - Snorkel tube with debris barrier for electronic gauges placed on sand screens: A sensing system comprises at least one gauge disposed in a wellbore, a sensing link coupled to the at least one gauge, and a debris barrier coupled to the sensing link. The debris barrier comprises a housing coupled to the sensing link, and a barrier element configured to reduce the... Agent:

20140083179 - Flow detection device: A plate-like flow sensor is located in a bypass passage such that a front-to-rear direction of the flow sensor is substantially along a width direction of the bypass passage. The flow sensor divides a flow from its upstream into a first flow, which passes on its front side, and a... Agent:

20140083180 - Measurement apparatus for measuring the throughflow of a fluid: A measurement apparatus having a measurement tube and a thermal sensor for measuring a throughflow of a fluid flowing through the measurement tube, the measurement tube having an inlet and an outlet, and also a measurement section, in which the sensor is arranged. The inlet has an inlet internal diameter... Agent: Sensus Spectrum LLC

20140083181 - Removable sensor port insert apparatus: An apparatus configured for insertion into a sensor port of a flow cell is disclosed. The apparatus includes an insert body, a sensor located in the cavity of the insert body, and an insert body holding nut and a sensor holding nut threaded to the interior surface of the sensor... Agent: General Electric Company

20140083182 - Condensate sensing device: A condensate sensing device to generate a condensate signal when condensate within a condensate collector reaches a predetermined level comprising a hollow shell and overmold integrally formed to form a water tight enclosure to operatively house a signal generator including electronic components to selectively generate the condensate signal when the... Agent:

20140083183 - Arrangement and method for testing a level gauge system: The invention relates to a test arrangement comprising a waveguide, a first signal reflecting device and a second signal reflecting device. The first signal reflecting device is configured to reflect an electromagnetic signal traveling along the waveguide from the second signal reflecting device back towards the second reflecting device and... Agent: Rosemount Tank Radar Ab

20140083184 - Tracking taking account of a linear relationship: In accordance with one aspect of the invention, previously obtained findings concerning the role of individual echoes are taken into account, so as to improve the continued following of these echoes by tracking. By calculating a linear correspondence between two tracks, the expected position of an echo can be determined... Agent: Vega Grieshaber Kg

20140083185 - Multi-tank indirect liquid-level measurement: A multi-tank indirect liquid level measurement device and method are disclosed. The device and method may be implemented using a sealable reservoir that holds an indicating liquid and pressurized air, a pump that supplies and/or pressurizes the air in the reservoir, a plurality of pipes each of which connect on... Agent:

20140083186 - Systems, devices and methods for borehole gravimetry: A gravimeter, a gravimeter system, and a method for measuring gravitational acceleration within a borehole are described herein. The gravimeter includes a proof mass that is constrained by springs and an optical interferometer for measuring displacement of the proof mass. The optical interferometer generates a light path from a light... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140083187 - State finding apparatus finding state of object based on value of angular velocity: A state finding apparatus includes an obtaining unit and a finding unit. The obtaining unit obtains a value of an angular velocity of a first object around a predetermined axis when the first object and a second object contact with each other. The finding unit finds a state of the... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140083188 - Adjustable motion detector: The invention relates to a motion detector comprising at least of one accelerometer and corresponding control electronics encapsulated in an enclosure with means for attaching the enclosure to a moving body. In accordance with the invention the motion detector includes means for turning, aligning and locking the detector in any... Agent: Oy Baltic Instruments Ab

20140083189 - Temperature-robust mems gyroscope with 2-dof sense-mode addressing the tradeoff between bandwidth and gain: The current invention is a novel gyroscope design, which yields devices robust to fabrication and environmental variations, allows flexible selection of operational parameters, and provides increased bandwidth with minimized sacrifice in gain regardless of the selected frequency of operation. The gyroscope has a single degree-of-freedom (DOF) drive-mode and a 2-DOF... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140083190 - Acceleration sensor and method for operating an acceleration sensor: An acceleration sensor has a substrate, a seismic mass and a detection unit. The seismic mass is configured to be deflected based on an external acceleration acting on the acceleration sensor, the deflection being in the form of a deflection motion with respect to the substrate along a deflection direction.... Agent:

20140083191 - Joint structure by welding and welding quality inspection method thereof: A joint structure by welding includes a butted part between facing surfaces of a first member and a second member and two-stepped clearances adjacent to the butted part, and a weld bead that is melted from a joint of the butted part which is positioned on an opposite side of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140083192 - Systems and methods for viewing data generated by rotational scanning in non-destructive testing: The present application relates to a non-destructive testing system. The non-destructive testing system may include an ultrasonic probe and a hand-held display in communication with the ultrasonic probe. The hand-held display may be configured to display C-scan images or S-scan images.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140083194 - Device and method for determining properties of a medium: The invention relates to a device for determining properties of a medium, having a carrier (2) which can be brought into contact with the medium (3); at least one transmitter (4), arranged on the carrier (2), for exciting acoustic waves (A) in the carrier (2); at least one receiver (5),... Agent: Sensaction Ag

20140083193 - Ultrasonic flaw detecting apparatus, ultrasonic transducer, and ultrasonic flaw detecting method: A transducer main body has, on a front end side thereof, an oscillating plane having a bent shape in a side view and corresponding to a larger-diameter curved surface formed at a bend of a laminated part. Over the oscillating plane of the transducer main body, a plurality of piezoelectric... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20140083195 - System for making available information which represents a vibration state for the operation of vibration-emitting machines, in particular construction machines: A system for making available information which represents a vibration state for the operation of vibration-emitting machines, in particular construction machines, comprising at least one measuring station (12, 12′, 12″) having at least one sensor (20) for detecting at least one variable which relates to the vibration state and having... Agent: Hamm Ag

20140083196 - Smart coating and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention disclose a smart coating comprising a substrate, optionally a first insulating layer, a plurality of first sensing units, a second insulating layer, a plurality of second sensing units and optionally a wear-resistant layer, wherein the plurality of first sensing units and the plurality of second sensing units... Agent:

20140083197 - Distributed sensing employing stimulated brillouin scattering in optical fibers: Disclosed are methods and devices for distributed sensing of a measurable parameter employing stimulated Brillouin scattering in an optical fiber. A frequency-modulated or phase-modulated light wave is transmitted into the optical fiber. A scattered light wave in the optical fiber is monitored for sensing a measurable parameter. In some embodiments,... Agent: Bar Ilan University

20140083198 - Methods of validating edge strength of a glass sheet: Methods of validating edge strength of a glass sheet are provided. The glass sheet comprises a first surface, a second surface opposing the first surface, a thickness defined between the first surface and the second surface, and at least one edge comprising an edge surface. The first surface and the... Agent:

20140083200 - Integrally molded magnetic flowmeter: A magnetic flowmeter for measuring flow rate of a process fluid, includes a magnetic coil arranged to apply a magnetic field to the process fluid. A pair of electrodes are electronically coupled to the process fluid and arranged to sense a voltage induced in the process fluid related to the... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140083199 - Magnetic flowmeter with multiple coils: A magnetic flowmeter for measuring a flow of a process fluid includes a flowtube arranged to receive the flow of the process fluid. First, second and third coils are arranged adjacent the flowtube. First and second electrodes are arranged to sense an electrical potential of the process fluid related to... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140083201 - Volumetric measurement device, system and method: An acoustic volume sensing device is disclosed. The device includes a housing comprising a reference volume chamber and a variable volume chamber, the reference volume chamber and the variable volume chamber connected by a resonant port, a first MEMS microphone located in acoustic relation to the variable volume chamber, a... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140083202 - Ultrasonic, flow measuring device: Please replace the abstract that appears on page 32 of the specification with the following revised abstract which is submitted on a separate sheet.... Agent: Endress + Hauser Flowtec Ag

20140083204 - Coriolis mass flowmeter: A Coriolis mass flowmeter (1) having at least one curved measuring tube (2), at least one oscillation generator (3), at least one oscillation sensor (4), at least one measuring device electronics (5) and a housing (6). To provide the housing (6) with increased pressure resistance, in particular against external positive... Agent: Krohne Ag

20140083203 - Position detecting device: A position detecting device is equipped with a device main body into which a pressure fluid supplied from a pressure fluid supply source is introduced, and an attaching/detaching mechanism that enables attachment and detachment with respect to the device main body. The attaching/detaching mechanism includes an internal nozzle that delivers,... Agent: Smc Kabushiki Kaisha

20140083208 - Vane arm testing rig: An example vane arm testing rig includes a base having a first attachment configured to receive a first end of a vane arm when the vane arm is in an engaged position, and a torque member having a second attachment configured to receive an opposing, second end of the vane... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140083209 - Mechanically coupled force sensor on flexible platform assembly structure: A force sensor system includes a substrate, a cover, a sensor, and a spherical force transfer element. The cover is coupled to the substrate, and has an inner surface, an outer surface, an opening extending between the inner and outer surfaces, and a wall structure extending from the inner surface... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140083205 - Apparatus and method for inspecting rubbing-cloth: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide an apparatus and method for inspecting a rubbing-cloth. The apparatus for inspecting a rubbing-cloth comprises: a base-platform provided with a pressure-sensing device on a surface thereof; a supporting-frame; a rubbing-roller, rotatably supported above the surface of the base-platform by means of the supporting-frame, with... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20140083210 - Device for measuring force components, and method for its production: A device for measuring force components formed from a single crystal material, wherein the device comprises at least one cantilever beam inclined to a wafer plane normal and formed in one piece with a mass body, which mass body provides a mass of inertia. The mass body has a first... Agent: Acreo Swedish Ict Ab

20140083206 - Planar electric board with pliable wings and system for sensing components along three coordinate axis of inner forces in a block made of a building material: A planar electric circuit board may include a planar support of a foldable material defining a base surface and wings coupled to the base surface along respective folding lines so that the wings, when folded along the folding lines, are erected with respect to the base surface and remain in... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140083207 - Pre-loaded force sensors: Pre-loaded force sensitive input devices, force sensing resistors (FSR), are formed as a multiple membrane assembly that is capable of detecting low intensity pressure inputs and quantifying varying applications of pressure to the sensor surface. Pre-loading the force sensor elements results in controlled amount of force between the two substrates... Agent: Sensitronics, LLC

20140083211 - Method and apparatus for non-destructive measurement of a composite material: Disclosed is an integrated measurement apparatus that may perform measurement of various material characteristics (e.g., thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, magnetic inductivity, etc.) and defects of a composite material in a non-destructive manner. The apparatus may include: a jig chamber having a door; a first jig device for measuring electrical characteristics,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140083212 - Ventilation assisted passive cell freezing device: A system and method for concurrently and uniformly removing thermal energy from clustered specimen samples.... Agent: Biocision, LLC

20140083213 - Device and a method for collecting and transferring samples of biological material: A device (1) for collecting and transferring samples of biological material, where the device comprises at least: a support body (2) having at least a first end portion (2a) and at least a gripping portion (2b), and a plurality of fibres (6) attached to and arranged on the first portion... Agent: Copan Italia S.p.a.

20140083214 - Articles for screening insect pest-repellents and uses thereof: Disclosed herein are improved articles for screening candidate insect pest-repellents; and their uses in host-free methods and/or systems for screening candidate insect pest-repellents.... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140083215 - Thermally constrained high temperature optical fiber holder: A disclosed probe assembly includes a sensor member and an outer holder including a main bore for the sensor member, the outer holder including a first coefficient of thermal expansion. The sensor member is held within a sensor bore of an inner holder. The inner holder is held within the... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

03/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140076022 - Device, a system and a method for alcohol measurement: An alcohol measuring device comprises an intake for receiving a user exhalation and a gas sensor. A connector of the measuring device is configured to be connected to a sound port of a terminal such as a cell phone, smart phone, tablet or a similar mobile device. The measuring device... Agent: Ab Halmstad Kylteknik

20140076023 - Gas chromatograph: A gas chromatograph in which components of a sample of a gas mixture are separated via a separation column, a sensing element of a thermal conductivity detector is operated at a first temperature to detect separated components and to generate a detector signal in response to detected components, an evaluation... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140076024 - Thermal flow sensor with vibrating element and gas sensor comprising at least one such sensor: piezoelectric gauges for detecting the resonance frequency variation of the vibrating element, the gauges forming means for heating the vibrating element by Joule effect and the suspension means comprising two beams formed by nanowires so as to reduce the heat losses from the vibrating element toward the support.... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140076025 - Apparatus for counting microparticles using a gas reservoir to increase stability of air pressure: A microparticle count apparatus that includes or is connected to a gas reservoir for increasing stability of air pressure at the microparticle counter even when air pressure or air flow rate provided by a nozzle coupled to the microparticle measurement apparatus is unstable.... Agent:

20140076027 - Humidity sensing system: A humidity sensor and filter assembly are housed within a cylindrical barrel that is positioned in a process gas stream such as combustion flue gas. A portion of sample flue gas is conducted through the barrel and the filter assembly past the sensor located inside the filter so that accurate... Agent:

20140076026 - Relative humidity sensor: The present disclosure provides a relative humidity sensor including a sensor electronics assembly that is encased in a body assembly that protects the sensor electronics assembly. A humidity sensor element, though, remains exposed to the ambient environment through an aperture in the body assembly. One or more filter(s) comprising a... Agent: Therm-o-disc, Incorporated

20140076047 - Tank commidity volume measurement apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for measuring the quantity of material in a tank such as a commodity air cart of an air seeder in which a sensor or sensors are used to measure the distance to the surface of the material. The distance data is then used to determine a... Agent:

20140076028 - Knocking sensor: A knocking sensor including: a sensor body including, a metal shell including a tubular portion and a flange portion, a piezoelectric element, a weight sandwiching the piezoelectric element with the flange portion, a flange portion-side electrode plate placed between the piezoelectric element and the flange portion, a weight-side electrode plate... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20140076029 - Load-controlled accelerated wear testing system for heart valve prostheses and other cardiovascular devices: A load-controlled accelerated wear testing system to test cardiovascular prostheses that enables a user to tune pulse waveform by adjusting the output loading pressure of a linear motor driving the testing system. A portion of the testing system is open to the atmosphere during testing, allowing a relatively lower threshold... Agent:

20140076030 - In situ membrane monitoring: A method for in situ monitoring of a membrane of a membrane separation system comprises measuring a complex impedance of the membrane at a plurality of frequencies to provide an indication of the electrical conduction and electrical polarization properties of the membrane. The membrane based separation system for removing or... Agent:

20140076031 - Portable control device for wireless communication with air brake line airflow manipulating device: An apparatus in one example comprises an airflow manipulating device, a portable control device, and an air pressure sensor. The airflow manipulating device is disposed between a source of compressed air and an air brake line of a train consist. The portable control device is in wireless communication with the... Agent: Fugiel Railroad Supply Corp.

20140076033 - Method for detecting a leak in a fuel delivery system: A leak detection system is provided for detecting a leak in a fuel line. A controller determines the presence of a leak in the fuel line based on an analysis of data obtained from individual leak tests performed on the fuel line, the individual leak tests may span one or... Agent: Franklin Fueling Systems Inc.

20140076032 - Waterproof testing system and method thereof: A waterproof testing system and a method thereof are provided. The method includes a master device controls a gas tester to adjust gas pressure for a sample; when the master device determines an effect pressure value is equal to a goal pressure value, the master device controls the gas tester... Agent: Askey Computer Corp.

20140076034 - Testing fixture and testing method: A testing fixture and a testing method are provided. The testing fixture is configured to be assembled to an accommodating space of an electronic device. The testing fixture has a connector configured to communicate a gas controlling apparatus. The gas controlling apparatus controls the gas pressure inside the electronic device... Agent: Askey Computer Corp.

20140076035 - Multiphase metering system: A multi-phase fluid is passed through a Coriolis flowmeter and a watercut meter. The multi-phase fluid includes two phases during a first time period and three phases during a second time period. It is determined that the multi-phase fluid includes two phases during the first time period, and a first... Agent: Invensys Systems Inc.

20140076036 - Dabigatran etexilate and related substances, processes and compositions, and use of the substances as reference standards and markers: The present invention relates to dabigatran etexilate and related substances and use of the substances as reference standards and markers. There are also provided processes of detecting the substances in samples of dabigatran etexilate, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts or solvates thereof, and also for analyzing the purity of samples of... Agent: Medichem S.a.

20140076037 - Capacitance probe: A capacitance based clearance probe has a partial sensor housing mounted on a surface and a sensor rod anchored in the partial sensor housing. The sensor rod extends into a sensor opening in the surface such that the partial sensor housing and the surface combine to operate as a complete... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140076038 - Checking a blade contour of a turbomachine: A method for checking a blade contour of a turbomachine, in particular a gas turbine, wherein an actual contour (1; 1′) of a blade is detected, wherein a target contour of the blade is scaled and the actual contour is compared with said scaled contour (2).... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Ag

20140076039 - Glow plug: A glow plug includes: a heater power-conduction shaft that supplies power to a heater; a pressure detection element that is provided in an axial-direction end portion of the heater power-conduction shaft and converts pressure that the heater power-conduction shaft receives in the axial direction into an electrical signal; a first... Agent: Mikuni Corporation

20140076040 - Tire air pressure monitor device: A tire pressure monitoring system controller is provided that comprises a rotational position calculation unit that detects a rotational position for each wheel when a wireless signal including a specific sensor ID has been transmitted; a wheel position determination unit that acquires the rotational position of each wheel a plurality... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140076041 - Correction of pressure signals measured during supersonic wind tunnel testing: A method for removing interference-induced distortion effects from an environment used to experimentally measure aerodynamic signatures. A space marching algorithm is used to extract the effects of environment including rail and wall reflections and rail edge effects to create an interference-free pressure signature.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140076042 - Kit containing sealing liquid for safety closures: A sealing liquid for sealing mail pieces contains water and a penetration agent. The sealing liquid is applied by letter-closing devices and franking machines containing such a sealing liquid. Once sealed, the opening of the letter produces a pronounced pattern so that it is clear that the letter has been... Agent: Francotyp-postalia Gmbh

20140076043 - Thermal hydrogen generator using a metal hydride and thermite: This invention relates to a thermal hydrogen generator and a process and system for generating hydrogen gas, more specifically to a process and system for generating hydrogen gas by thermally decomposing a metal hydride.... Agent:

20140076044 - Thermal flow sensor and method of generating flow rate detection signal by the thermal flow sensor: Provided is a thermal flow sensor capable of obtaining a flow rate detection signal that differs depending on a flow direction of a fluid, with a simple configuration and at low cost. The thermal flow sensor includes: a bridge circuit (1) for outputting a flow rate detection signal (VM); a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140076045 - Frame support for a hood vent measurement device: A frame for supporting installation of an air measurement device over the opening of a duct or vent opening in the air circulation system of a building.... Agent:

20140076046 - Fuel amount detection device for vehicle: Provided is a fuel amount detection device for a vehicle positioned in a fuel tank of the vehicle to detect a remaining fuel amount. In the fuel amount detection device for a vehicle, a resistor pattern and a conductive pattern formed on a resistor substrate and spaced apart from each... Agent: Coavis

20140076048 - Humidity sensor and sensor element therefor: A humidity sensor element includes a dielectric substrate, a nonporous conductive electrode disposed on the dielectric substrate, a permeable conductive electrode having a thickness in a range of from 4 to 10 nanometers and permeable by water vapor, and a detection layer sandwiched between the nonporous conductive electrode and the... Agent:

20140076049 - System and method for monitoring movement in strata: A system for monitoring movement in strata including at least one sensor embedded in the strata for detecting movement in the strata and for generating first signals indicative of the movement; a storage device in communication with the at least one sensor for collecting and storing the first signals; an... Agent:

20140076050 - Optical accelerometer: There is provided an optical accelerometer including a first substrate, a second substrate, a spacer and a processing unit. The first substrate includes a frame, a movable member and at least one elastic member. Periodic slots are formed on the movable member along at least one direction to be served... Agent:

20140076051 - Accelerometer and method of making same: An accelerometer includes a mass, suspended by a beam, and associated conductive paths. Each conductive path is subjected to a magnetic field, such that, when a time varying signal is applied to the conductive paths, a characteristic resonant frequency is produced, and when the mass experiences an acceleration, a respective... Agent:

20140076052 - Testing for defective manufacturing of microphones and ultralow pressure sensors: A method of testing a MEMS pressure sensor device such as, for example, a MEMS microphone package. The MEMS pressure sensor device includes a pressure sensor positioned within a housing and a pressure input port to direct acoustic pressure from outside the housing towards the pressure sensor. An acoustic pressure... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140076053 - Profiling tool for determining material thickness for inspection sites having complex topography: A phased array ultrasonic probe may be mounted to a component to be inspected for wall thickness on an apparatus that includes a split ring adapted to be magnetically held in place on the component. In particular, the probe may be mounted to a carriage connected to the split ring... Agent: Atomic Energy Of Canada Limited

20140076054 - Method of and apparatus for measuring strength of ultrasonic waves: A method of and an apparatus for measuring the strength of ultrasonic waves are provided. They are capable of measuring the strength of ultrasonic waves easily and at low cost without using a sound pressure meter. The ultrasonic wave strength measuring apparatus has a particle source soaked in a cleaning... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20140076055 - Acoustic wave receiving apparatus: Use of an acoustic wave receiving apparatus which includes: a resonator including a first mirror on which measurement light is incident, a second mirror which is arranged to face the first mirror and on which acoustic waves from an object are incident, an acoustic wave reception layer interposed between the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140076056 - Self-heated pressure sensor assemblies: The present invention provides a self-heated pressure sensor assembly and method of utilizing the same. The self-heated pressure sensor assembly regulates and maintains the temperature of the pressure sensor, regardless of the external temperature environment, without an external heater as in prior art embodiments. Exemplary embodiments of the pressure sensor... Agent: Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

20140076057 - Pressure sensor: Techniques disclosed herein include systems and methods for pressure measurement of fluids including vehicular fluids. The pressure sensor includes a MEMS die for pressure measurement. The MEMS die is attached to a glass pedestal member. The pedestal member is mechanically held in place via a mounting frame that attachable to... Agent: Sensata Technologies, Inc.

20140076058 - Pressure measurement devices, methods, and systems: A pressure measurement system for use in blood circuits comprised of a pressure sensing pod and a force measurement device. The pressure sensing pod can include a flexible, moveable, fluid-impermeable diaphragm and can be formed via either a one-shot or a two-shot molding process. A mechanical engagement member of the... Agent: Nxstage Medical, Inc.

20140076059 - Heremetically glass sealed pressure sensor: Techniques disclosed herein include systems and methods for pressure measurement of fluids including vehicular fluids. The pressure sensor includes a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensor for pressure measurement. The MEMS sensor is attached to a glass tube which is compressively sealed to a mounting frame that is attachable to a pressure... Agent: Sensata Technologies, Inc.

20140076060 - Method and system for predicting the serviceable life of a component: The remaining serviceable life of a component of a gas turbine engine can be predicted by monitoring one or more topographical features of the component which are arranged so as to cause a non-hazardous crack to be initiated at one or more of the topographical features during the course of... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140076061 - Methods and apparatus for estimating a condition of a seal of a rotary valve: Methods and apparatus for estimating a condition of a seal of a rotary valve are disclosed. An example method includes determining a seal wearing cycle of a flow control member of a rotary valve. The seal wearing cycle includes movement of the flow control member between a first position in... Agent:

20140076062 - Measurement device based on acoustic flow measurement methods in a pump system and method for producing a measurement device: A measurement device determines a volume flow based on acoustic flow measurement methods in a pump system and a method produces the measurement device. The measurement device includes a measurement path with two coupling wedges with two sound transducers disposed on the coupling wedges. The pump system and the coupling... Agent: Em-tec Gmbh

20140076064 - Relative rotational angular displacement detection device, torque detection device, torque control device, and vehicle: A relative rotational angular displacement detection device includes a pair of rotatable members relatively rotatable in a circumferential direction. A permanent magnet is attached to one of the rotatable members and includes magnetic poles magnetized in an axial direction of the axis of rotation and arranged to alternate in polarity... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140076065 - Coordinated ratiometric compensation for high-precision load-cells: Apparatus and associated methods relate to a load-cell measurement system having an output that is substantially independent of the system voltage source, by providing compensation for the source voltage variation using both a compensating offset voltage and a compensating reference voltage, these compensating voltages having a predetermined relationship with each... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140076066 - Multicapacitor force/moment sensor arrays: A multicapacitor sensor system facilitates the measurement of applied shear and moment forces. In one disclosed configuration, moments may be detectable in x, y and z directions, resulting in a full, 3-axis load cell with 6 degrees of freedom. The system may further include electrical circuitry to generate electrical drive... Agent: College Park Industries, Inc.

20140076067 - All electric piezoelectric finger sensor (pefs) for soft material stiffness measurement: A PEFS (Piezoelectric Finger Sensor) acts as an “electronic finger” capable of accurately and non-destructively measuring both the Young's compression modulus and shear modulus of tissues with gentle touches to the surface. The PEFS measures both the Young's compression modulus and shear modulus variations in tissue generating a less than... Agent: Drexel University

20140076063 - Single layer force sensor: A sensor for sensing an application of pressure is disclosed. The sensor includes a substrate, conductive elements and an electroactive layer. First and second conductive elements are supported on the substrate and have elongate edges spaced apart from each other. The electroactive layer has a common surface adhered against the... Agent: Tk Holdings Inc.

20140076068 - System and method for removing surface particles from an object: A fluid jet may be delivered by an outlet to dislodge particles from an object, such as a person. An image sensor may determine a target location on the object for delivering the fluid jet. In some embodiments, the image sensor may locate particles of interest to determine the target... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140076069 - System and method for removing surface particles from an object: A proximity sensor may detect the presence of an object, such as a person. A fluid jet may be delivered by an outlet to dislodge particles from the object. The dislodged particles may then be captured for analysis. The proximity sensor may determine the distance and/or velocity of the object... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140076070 - Monolithic silicone and method of separation, purification and concentration therewith: The present invention provides a monolithic silicone in the form of an aerogel or a xerogel having flexibility and capable of dissolving molecules of a substance. This silicone monolithic body having continuous through passages is synthesized by copolymerizing starting materials of both a bifunctional alkoxysilane and a trifunctional alkoxysilane or... Agent:

20140076071 - Devices, systems and methods for elution of particles from flat filters: Devices, systems and methods are disclosed which relate to using a wet foam elution method for removal of particles from a flat filter. Particles are captured from the atmosphere onto the flat filter. The flat filter is then placed into an extractor which passes a stream of wet foam through... Agent: Innovaprep LLC

20140076072 - Status monitoring system for a fenestration unit: A status monitoring device for a fenestration unit is provided. The device is positioned in or on the fenestration unit and includes a panel position sensor and a lock status sensor. The device is capable of transmitting panel position data and lock status data to a remote device, trigger an... Agent: Andersen Corporation

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