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Measuring and testing

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04/16/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150101390 - Method of calibrating ultrasound velocity: A method of calibrating ultrasound velocity is provided, including receiving an ultrasound non-delayed data set; performing a beam-forming process on the ultrasound non-delayed data set with a plurality of velocities to generate a plurality of aperture images; performing an MAE (Mean Absolute Error) process to obtain a velocity and two... Agent: National Taiwan University

20150101391 - Wear limit determining gauge: The present wear limit determining gauge is a wear limit determining gauge to be used in determining whether or not a wear loss of a track-related component of a tracked vehicle exceeds a predetermined amount, and includes a main body formed in a plate shape, a contact surface and a... Agent:

20150101392 - Apparatus and method for fast sampling and measurement: Sampling systems for use on production lines with the capability to measure chemical components of a gas, vapor, or liquid sample taken from a product on the line and at a faster rate than the individual sensors alone are capable of. In one embodiment, the system detects the presence of... Agent:

20150101394 - Gas sensor: In a gas sensor (100), a base end portion (175b) of a second outer wall (175) of an outer protector (171) is connected airtightly to a forward end portion (164c) of a first inner wall (164) of an inner protector (161), and relations of A≦B<C<D and (0.6×B)≦A are satisfied, wherein... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150101393 - Modulated flame gas flow rates in flame-based detectors: Methods and apparatus for the modulation of flame gas stoichiometry to a flame-based detector for use in chromatographic separations are presented. As the total mass flow rate of mobile phase entering the flame-based detector changes (e.g., as a result of density programming in the separation), the mass flow rate of... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20150101395 - Photoacoustic gas sensor device and a method for analyzing gas: A photoacoustic gas sensor device for analyzing gas includes an emitter module and a pressure-sensitive module. The emitter module is arranged on a carrier substrate and emits light pulses. The pressure-sensitive module is arranged on the carrier substrate within a reference gas volume. The reference gas volume is separated from... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150101396 - Apparatus and method for conducting hot work: In the specification and drawings, an apparatus for conducting hot work is described and shown with an enclosure; a hot work apparatus operable within the enclosure; and a detector located exterior of the enclosure, the detector being in detecting communication with the interior of the enclosure, such that the detector... Agent:

20150101397 - Method for testing non-uniform loads in pipes: The present invention refers to a method wherein a test body is assembled in specific configurations to be submitted to testing in a conventional hydrostatic chamber. The method calls for assembling a test body that simulates cementing failures, the presence of stress anisotropy and a borehole of irregular geometry, by... Agent: Petr&#xd3 Leo Brasileiro S.a. - Petrobras

20150101398 - Removal of organic impurities from water: The present disclosure relates to the hydrostatic testing of pipelines and to purification of waste water from such testing. More specifically, there is provided a method of hydrostatically pressure testing a natural gas pipeline using water. The waste water, which is contaminated with hydrocarbons, is subsequently treated by contacting it... Agent:

20150101399 - Friction apparatus and method for measuring lubricity of downhole fluids: A lubricity testing apparatus may have a first surface configured for moving against a second surface, a second surface, a measurement device in communication with the first surface, and an actuator in communication with the first surface. A fluid may be circulated about or over at least one of the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150101400 - Viscosity measuring apparatus: A viscosity measuring apparatus is mounted on a vehicle provided with an engine, a cylinder pressure sensor configured to detect cylinder pressure which is inner pressure of a cylinder of the engine, a fuel injection valve configured to supply fuel to the engine, and a temperature sensor configured to detect... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150101401 - Method and system for determining wind turbine reliability: Disclosed are methods and systems to determine a reliability forecast for a wind turbine. In an embodiment, a method may comprise obtaining an environmental factor of a wind turbine based on geospatial data of a first area and location data of a second area, obtaining an operating factor of the... Agent:

20150101402 - Flow rate measuring apparatus: Dust with various particle diameters entering a bypass passage, particularly, relatively large dust with a particle diameter of 100 to 200 μm or so, is reliably caused to collide with a first step-shaped part, a second step-shaped part and a plate-like member to be sufficiently decelerated and reach a flow... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150101403 - Measuring the volume of fluid in a vessel: A method and apparatus is disclosed for measuring the volume of fluid in a variable volume vessel.... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20150101404 - Sensor characterization apparatus, methods, and systems: In some embodiments, an apparatus and a system, as well as a method and an article, may operate to receive a vibration signal having a frequency and a characteristic (e.g., voltage) proportional to the vibration amplitude of a tube in a vibrating tube density sensor. Further activity may include transmitting... Agent:

20150101405 - Method for fill level measurement using the travel time principle: A method for measuring fill level of a fill substance located in a container with a fill-level measuring device. Transmission signals are sent by means of a transmitting and receiving unit into the container and their fractions reflected on reflectors in the container back to the transmitting and receiving unit,... Agent:

20150101406 - Real-time level monitoring for fixed bed catalyst loading using multiple level sensors: In various aspects, methods and systems are provided for monitoring catalyst bed levels using multiple sensors that are temporarily installed in a reactor during catalyst loading. The multiple sensors are able to take distance measurements at substantially the same time and at predetermined time intervals so as to provide a... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20150101407 - Gravity transducer: An airborne gravity-based transducer is disclosed as two embodiments with similar physical structures but different operating principles. The first design includes a particle acting as an active interface characterized by internal vibrations relating to its de Broglie wave, a resonant cavity for trapping the particle, and a phonon-wave source wherein... Agent:

20150101408 - Monitoring capsule configured for measuring a property of a fluid within a vessel: A monitoring system is configured for monitoring a property of a fluid. The monitoring system includes a vessel and a monitoring capsule. The vessel is configured for holding a volume of the fluid therein. The monitoring capsule is configured for disposition within the vessel. The monitoring capsule includes a housing,... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150101409 - Vibratory ring structure: A method of tuning a vibratory ring structure is described which comprises determining an angular spacing for a pair of fine tuning holes (16) of substantially the same size, located on or near the neutral axis of the vibratory ring structure (10), the angular offset being selected to reduce to... Agent: Atlantic Inertial Systems Limited

20150101410 - Methods of measuring a characteristic of a creping adhesive film and methods of modifying the creping adhesive film: Described herein are quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) and quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation (QCMD) techniques that can be used for measuring characteristics of a creping adhesive film similar to the creping adhesive film that is formed on a Yankee dryer during the tissue and towel manufacturing process. In addition, exemplary... Agent:

20150101411 - Systems and methods for component separation in medical imaging: A system is provided for component separation. In an embodiment, a light source or other source of electromagnetic energy delivers energy to a volume of tissue. A transducer array or other sensor receives a resulting acoustic signal, and a processing subsystem processes the acoustic signal to separate a direct acoustic... Agent: Seno Medical Instruments, Inc.

20150101412 - Pressure sensor: s

20150101413 - Microelectromechanical pressure sensors: A pressure sensitive element is provided. In one embodiment the pressure sensitive element comprises: a diaphragm with a gage side and a back side and a rim surrounding the diaphragm; a pair of inner islands on the gage side of the diaphragm wherein the pair of inner islands are spaced... Agent: Meggitt (orange County), Inc.

20150101414 - Duplex pressure transducers: A transducer baseplate includes a base, a protrusion extending from the base along a longitudinal axis, a pair of opposed transducer receptacles defined within the protrusion, and respective pressure plena. The pressure plena are separated by a plenum wall, each plenum being in fluid connection with an area external to... Agent: Rosemount Aerospace Inc.

20150101415 - Measuring arrangement with a ceramic measuring cell: A measuring arrangement with a ceramic measuring cell and a metal process connection for connecting the measuring cell to a measuring environment, with the measuring cell being fastened in the process connection without gaskets and in a diffusion-resistant fashion, with the measuring cell being fastened at a ceramic ring, which... Agent:

20150101416 - Header assembly for a pressure sensor: A header assembly for a pressure sensor and methods for manufacturing and using the same are provided. In one example embodiment, a header insert may include a base; a hollow protrusion coupled to the base and having a metalized inner surface and a metalized outer surface, wherein the metalized outer... Agent:

20150101417 - Strain gauge and applications thereof: In one aspect, wireless strain gauges are described herein. In some embodiments, a wireless strain gauge comprises a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and a nano-composite backplane coupled to the RFID tag, wherein the resonant frequency of the RFID tag antenna demonstrates an exponential dependence or substantially exponential dependence on... Agent: Wake Forest University

20150101418 - Equi-biaxial membrane stretcher: A system for and method of stretching a membrane is provided. The system has a top plate and a bottom plate that are in parallel with each other and a plurality of flexible v trusses. The top plate is configured to move vertically. The v trusses are placed in circle... Agent:

20150101419 - Phase detection in multi-phase fluids: The present disclosure relates to phase detection in multi-phase fluids where two fluid phases can be present in the fluid. Phase detection apparatus and methods are disclosed for determining the phase(s) (e.g., supercritical, liquid, and/or gas) of a fluid in a multi-phase fluid system, such as carbon dioxide based separation... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20150101420 - Marine seismic surveying with towed components below water's surface: A skeg mounts from the stern of a towing vessel and extends below the waterline. A channel in the skeg protects cables for steamers and a source (e.g., air gun array) of a seismic system deployed from the vessel. Tow points on the skeg lie below the water's surface and... Agent:

20150101421 - Dynamometer system: Provided is a dynamometer system capable of stable speed control and position control even in instances of large load inertia. A speed-control device (6C) in a dynamometer system is provided with: a speed-control-circuit unit (61A) for calculating a torque-current-command value (T2) on the basis of an angular-velocity-command value (ωref) and... Agent: Meidensha Corporation

20150101422 - Sample analyzing chip: The present invention relates to a sample analyzing chip. The chip can prevent upper and lower substrates of a channel from being attached to each other due to deflection on a micro channel and can solve the problem of the sample drying up within a measuring time of a target.... Agent: Nanoentek, Inc.

20150101423 - Deviational plane wrist input: A method comprising causing display of at least one interface element on a display that is configured to be oriented on a wrist of a user, receiving information indicative of a deviational plane wrist input indicative of physical movement in a deviational plane direction with respect to the deviational plane,... Agent:

20150101424 - Device and procedure to determine a size of contact representing the contact state of a compactor roller upon the substrate to be compacted: Device to determine a size of contact representing a contact state between a compactor roller and a substrate to be compacted, encompassing a compactor roller rotatable in at least one acquisition circumference area around a compactor roller axis and at least one contact sensor generating a contact signal, wherein the... Agent: Hamm Ag

20150101425 - Methods for providing a selection of a recommended golf ball: Methods for evaluating and providing selections of recommended golf balls, golf ball constructions, and configurations of golf ball construction components are provided. Such methods may involve obtaining or measuring spin measurements for a plurality of golf clubs for each of a plurality of golf balls. A linear relationship may be... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150101426 - Human body simulator for transport litter testing and training: Simulating load conditions for training purposes or for testing a patient transport litter having an elongate, flexible panel including a periphery and multiple handles attached to the periphery entails placing a water-fillable human body simulator bag on the flexible panel, filling the bag with water to form a water-filled simulator... Agent:

04/09/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150096348 - Precision force applicator for force transducer calibration: A force applicator assembly is disclosed to calibrate an in-situ force transducer (or load cell) in a force (load) applying test machine. The force applicator includes stationary member configured to be secured to fixed structure, a moving member, a load cell operably coupled to an end of the moving member,... Agent:

20150096349 - Optimize analyte dynamic range in gas chromatography: A non-specific gas analyzer with a wide dynamic range of concentration is used to assess the gas sample for total load of volatile organic constituents, and then control either a dilution with neutral gas or the quantity of sample aspirated in order to consistently deliver an appropriate total load of... Agent:

20150096350 - Nh3 storage setpoint temperature algorithm: A method for predicting an exhaust gas temperature. The method includes detecting a plurality of exhaust gas temperatures and applying a weight value to the detected plurality of exhaust gas temperatures to determine a plurality of weighted temperature values. The weight value applied to at least one detected exhaust gas... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20150096351 - Duct detector with remote airflow test capability: A device and method for facilitating convenient measurement of airflow in a duct detector. The device may include a detector assembly and an airflow sensor mounted within the detector assembly. The airflow sensor may be coupled to a remote control device, such as via control circuitry. A method for testing... Agent: Simplexgrinnell Lp

20150096352 - Smart-home system facilitating insight into detected carbon monoxide levels: In an embodiment, a method determines one or more sources of carbon monoxide (CO) in a smart-home environment that includes a plurality of smart devices that have at least measurement and communication capabilities. The method includes measuring a level of CO in the smart-home environment to generate a CO measurement,... Agent: Google Inc.

20150096353 - Layer system: A layer system having a layer region whereby the layer region has a single-crystal silicon substrate with a front side and a back side, and whereby a textured surface is formed on the front side and the textured surface has a topography with different heights and a thin film layer... Agent:

20150096354 - Layer system: A layer system having a layer region, whereby the layer region has a single-crystal silicon substrate with a front side and a back side, and whereby a textured surface is formed on the front side and the textured surface has a topography with different heights and a thin film layer... Agent:

20150096368 - System, method, and apparatus for determining soil density: A system for measuring soil density includes a plurality of signal emitters paired with signal receivers situated within the soil and below grade (e.g. from 10 to 30 feet below grade). The emitters periodically emit the signal (e.g., ultrasonic signal), some of which is reflected back by the soil. If... Agent:

20150096355 - Failure determination devices for fuel vapor processing systems: A failure detecting device for a fuel vapor processing system may include a leakage determination device configured to determine leakage of fuel vapor from a target region of the fuel vapor processing system. The leakage determination device may include a canister closed valve provided in an atmospheric passage connected between... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150096356 - Methods for using a pipetting device with independently movable pipette units: A method of pipetting samples is described using a pipetting device comprising more than one pipetting unit, wherein said pipetting units are independently movable in Y and Z direction and comprise at least one module arranged in a staggered manner compared to the adjacent pipetting unit.... Agent: Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

20150096357 - Pc-o 42:4 - a biomarker for visceral adiposity: The present invention generally relates to the field of biomarkers. In particular, the present invention relates to biomarkers such as PC-O 42:4 that can be used, for example for detecting and/or quantifying visceral adiposity and/or changes in visceral adiposity. This biomarker may also be used to diagnosing the effect of... Agent:

20150096358 - Filter-cartridge based fluid-sample preparation and assay system: e

20150096359 - Method for predicting an auxiliary power unit fault: A method of predicting an auxiliary power unit fault in an aircraft having an auxiliary power unit and multiple sensors related to the auxiliary power unit, components thereof, and systems related thereto, including receiving a sensor signal from at least one of the multiple sensors to define a sensor output,... Agent: Ge Aviation Systems Limited

20150096360 - Airflow measuring device: A sensor assembly includes a sensor chip, a circuit board, and a wire holding case. The wire holding case holds a bonding wire, which connects the sensor chip with the circuit board. The wire holding case is inserted in an insertion hole of a case. The wire holding case has... Agent:

20150096361 - Injector cavitation detection test: A method and apparatus for determining a characteristic of an injector are set forth. In one example, a compressed gas is applied to the inlet chamber of the injector while the spoolvalve is closed until the pressure of the compressed gas in the inlet chamber reaches a predetermined pressure. A... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20150096362 - Extraction of tire characteristics combining direct tpms and tire resonance analysis: Embodiments relate to tire characterization systems and methods for combining direct tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and tire resonance analysis in indirect tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) for the extraction of tire characteristics to characterize other tire parameters. In embodiments, iTPMS and methods that utilize anti-lock braking system (ABS) sensed... Agent:

20150096363 - Pressure sensing device and method for using the same: A pressure-sensing device is for use in an underground well. The pressure-sensing device includes a pressure sensor arranged at least to sense whether a pressure in the well is below or above a given limit value, and a signal generator arranged to generate an acoustic signal in a well body... Agent: Innovar Engineering As

20150096364 - Wind detection apparatus: Wind detection apparatus which comprises: a fixed support structure (2) provided with a support rod (3) to which a rotatable frame (4) is pivoted in an idle manner; a signaling body (8) with tubular form fixed to the rotatable frame (4) and on which the wind is susceptible of acting... Agent:

20150096365 - Manufacturing method for resin hollow member and airflow measuring device having the resin hollow member: A pair of half hollow members are mated to each other at mating surfaces to form a resin filling space between the mating surfaces. The resin filling space is charged with melting resin, and the melting resin is solidified. Each of the mating surface has a groove. The groove has... Agent:

20150096366 - Correction of a temperature measurement of a thermometric resistance-type temperature probe: The invention relates to a temperature measurement method using a thermometric resistance-type temperature probe (1) comprising at least two electroconductive sensitive elements (3, 4) on the same substrate (2), wherein different parameters representative of the strength of the electric current circulating in one of said sensitive elements (3, 4) are... Agent: Snecma

20150096367 - Systems and methods for measuring levels of liquids of different densities in containers: Systems and methods for measuring or determining the level or amount of multiple immiscible liquids of different densities in containers utilize multiple floats, with each float having a density less than the density of the liquid to be measured but greater than the density of the next less dense liquid... Agent: Spectra Symbol Corporation

20150096369 - Apparatus, system and method for measuring the properties of a corrosive liquid: An apparatus and method used to determine the density and other properties of a corrosive liquid, such as drilling mud. The apparatus uses at least two sensor elements with ceramic facings spaced a known vertical distance apart and inserted into the fluid. The differential pressure measurement provided by these sensors... Agent: Ultra Analytical Group, LLC

20150096370 - Systems and methods for determining rotary blade track and balance adjustments: A method of adjusting a rotary blade includes receiving performance data for a rotary blade, receiving an adjustment constraint for the rotary blade, defining an adjustment space for alternative adjustment solutions for the rotary blade including a plurality of alternative adjustment solutions, and calculating expected performance for one of the... Agent:

20150096371 - Speed sensor identification: A method of initializing speed sensors in a rotational system is used determine a sensor spacing. An indexing feature is identified at each of two locations on an outer circumference of a wheel path corresponding to two speed sensors, as well as the speed of the wheel. The spacing of... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150096372 - Sensor unit, electronic apparatus and moving object: A sensor unit includes a sensor and a mount board on which the sensor is mounted. The mount board includes a mount terminal connected to a terminal provided in the sensor and a wiring extending from the mount terminal. The wiring is not provided in a region where the sensor... Agent:

20150096373 - Angular velocity sensor: Provided is an angular velocity sensor including a plurality of angular velocity detection units each outputting a different detection result, and including a common driving circuit to drive the angular velocity detection units. The angular velocity detection units of the angular velocity sensor of the present invention are configured to... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20150096374 - Angular velocity sensor and manufacturing method of the same: Disclosed herein is an angular velocity sensor, including: a mass body part; an internal frame supporting the mass body part; a first flexible part each connecting the mass body part to the internal frame; a second flexible part each connecting the mass body part to the internal frame; an external... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150096375 - Device proximity detection: The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods that include measuring a luminance; comparing the luminance to a predetermined luminance threshold; and if the luminance is below the predetermined luminance threshold, determining a proximity to an external device.... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150096376 - Inertial and pressure sensors on single chip: In accordance with one embodiment, a single chip combination inertial and pressure sensor device includes a substrate, an inertial sensor including a movable sensing structure movably supported above the substrate, and a first fixed electrode positioned adjacent to the movable sensing structure, and a pressure sensor including a gap formed... Agent:

20150096378 - Physical quantity detection element, physical quantity detection device, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A physical quantity detection element includes: a substrate; first and second fixed electrode portions on the substrate; a movable body on the upper portion of the substrate; and a beam on the movable body, the movable body includes a first movable body on a first side of the beam, and... Agent:

20150096377 - Systems and methods to determine stiction failures in mems devices: Various embodiments of the invention provide for stiction testing in MEMS devices, such as accelerometers. In certain embodiments, testing is accomplished by a high voltage smart circuit that enables an analog front-end circuit to accurately read the position of a movable proof-mass relative to a biased electrode in order to... Agent:

20150096379 - Audiometry earphone insert: The present technology relates to an earphone apparatus adapted for use in audiometry examinations. The earphone apparatus comprises a housing and a receiver having an acoustic output adapted to connect with an audio signal source. The earphone apparatus can also include a circuit board with an electrical equalization network connected... Agent:

20150096380 - Visualization of tests on swing type check valves using phased array sequence scanning: A computer with a proper program generates a phased array sequence of signals. In a pulser with delays, the signals are fed through a multiplexor into multiple water wedges that are attached to a valve being tested. For a sequential operation of the valves from the open to the closed... Agent: Ihi Southwest Technologies,inc.

20150096381 - Visualization of tests on swing type check valves using phased array sequence scanning: An ultrasonic probe for examining an object with ultrasound and a corresponding examination method are provided. The probe includes a plurality of emitter elements able to emit ultrasonic waves for emitting a focused ultrasonic beam into the object through an active area of a surface of the object, and a... Agent:

20150096382 - Ultrasonic scanning fixture assembly: An apparatus for use in scanning a material includes a top member having a first body with a first plurality of holes; a bottom member having a second body with a second plurality of holes; and an interconnecting member connecting the top member and the second member to provide a... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150096383 - Robust low profile shaker: An electrodynamic shaker apparatus is disclosed for providing shaking and/or vibrational motion. The shaker includes armature and stator assemblies as well as a distributed spring assembly. The shaker apparatus of the present invention is robust, supports increased off-center loads, and has a low profile such that it may be easily... Agent:

20150096384 - Flow velocity meter: A flow velocity meter is disclosed. The flow velocity meter utilizes a phase locked loop to generate an output signal and outputs the output signal to a current under test. The flow velocity meter receives a reflection signal from the current under test to calculate a speed of the current... Agent: U&u Engineering Inc

20150096385 - Method of, and apparatus for, measuring the physical properties of two-phase fluids: There is provided a method of measuring the physical properties of a two-phase fluid using at least one piezoelectric oscillator immersed in the two-phase fluid, the two-phase fluid comprising a gas fraction and a liquid fraction, the method comprising: a) measuring the resonant frequency of the or each piezoelectric oscillator... Agent:

20150096386 - Measuring device for determining the volumetric flow rate of glue in a gluing device: The invention relates to a measuring apparatus (10) for determining the volume flow of glue in a gluing device (100) for an apparatus, particularly a bottoming device or a tubing machine, for manufacturing bags or semifinished bag products, comprising a pressure accumulator (20) having a gas volume (22) and a... Agent: Windm&#xf6 Ller & H&#xf6 Lscher Kg

20150096387 - Low profile load transducer: A load transducer includes a central body portion; a plurality of beams extending outwardly from the central body portion, each of the plurality of beams including an end portion that is supported in a cantilevered manner from the central body portion; and a plurality of load cells, each of the... Agent: Bertec Limited

20150096388 - Pressure sensor: l

20150096389 - Sampling point for a particle detector: A sampling point for use with an aspirating particle detection system. The sampling point includes: a body; a plurality of apertures in the body for drawing an air sample from an ambient environment; an outlet for delivering the sampled air, at a predetermined sample flow rate, from the body into... Agent:

20150096390 - Channel device, assembly member, method of forming channel device, and method of inspecting channel device: In order to position components each including a channel in assembly, provided are a positioning method, which is particularly useful in manufacturing a component using an injection molding technology, and a device to which the method is applicable. Specifically, provided is a channel device, including: a first device including a... Agent:

04/02/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150089993 - Method for measuring the concentration of a gas component in a measurement gas: A method for measuring the concentration of a gas component in a measurement gas using a gas analyzer comprises varying the wavelength of the light of a wavelength-tunable light source within periodically consecutive scan intervals for wavelength-dependent scanning of a gas component absorption line of interest. The method also comprises... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150089994 - Photo scaling guide configured to scale wounds or objects: A photo scaling guide or system configured to scale both the area and linear dimensions of wounds or objects at the same time with one device.... Agent:

20150089995 - Crash test method and apparatus with yaw simulation: The present disclosure relates to accelerator type crash simulation test systems. These systems provide repeatable and reliable simulation of vehicle frontal impact crash events. The crash simulation test systems are capable of simulating motion in the form of rotation about a vertical Z-axis and/or translation in a direction perpendicular to... Agent:

20150089996 - Reduction of aeration interference in an ultrasonic fluid sensing system: A fluid sensor for sensing at least one characteristic of a fluid. The fluid sensor includes a sensing area, a sensing element and a mesh. The sensing element is configured to sense a characteristic of fluid located within the sensing area. The mesh is positioned around the sensing area. The... Agent:

20150089997 - System and method for rapid analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: The subject technology is directed to a CO2-based system and method for rapid determination of the levels and/or the presence or absence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).... Agent:

20150089998 - Manifolds and methods of using them to control fluid flows: Certain embodiments described herein are directed to devices that can be used to control fluid flow through one or more detectors. In some configurations, the device can be configured as a manifold that can receive a positive pressure to decouple the flow of fluid through a chromatography column from fluid... Agent:

20150089999 - Pulsation suppressing air flow system for an air sampling instrument: A pulsation and particle suppressing continuous air flow system for air sampling instruments, particularly particle counters. An air pump occupies a portion of a sealed vacuum housing, with the other portion of the housing forming a surge chamber used to damp surges as the air pump attempts to pump air... Agent:

20150090000 - Systems and methods for measuring gas flux: Systems and methods for measuring gas flux are disclosed. One method for calculating gas flux includes: receiving a master clock signal from a global positioning system (GPS) module; transmitting a clock synchronization signal that is based on the master clock signal to a measurement subsystem configured to measure environmental data,... Agent:

20150090001 - Gas sensing system and method: Systems and methods for sensing gas are disclosed. In one aspect, a system to monitor an output of a gas source comprises a chamber comprising a plurality of input ports to receive inputs from a plurality of gas sources, and means for repeatedly blocking one of the plurality of input... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150090002 - Gas sensor package: Provided is a gas sensor package, including: a first substrate including a gas inflow hole; and a gas sensing element mounted to the first substrate and including a gas sensing portion disposed to correspond to the gas inflow hole.... Agent:

20150090004 - Electrical conductor and method of making same: An electrical conductor includes an electrically non-conductive plate, an electrically conductive pin extending through the plate, and a frame member fitted around an outer edge of the plate. The frame member is configured to pre-load the plate with a compressive stress. In particular, the frame member may pre-load the plate... Agent: OnesubseaIPUk Limited

20150090003 - Posrv performance evaluation test apparatus and control system of the same: Disclosed are a pilot operated safety and relief valve (POSRV) performance evaluation test apparatus, which can test performance evaluation of a POSRV in a structurally stable state, and cope with various sizes of a lift cylinder or a spring-loaded pilot valve, and a control system of the POSRV performance evaluation... Agent: M&d Co., Ltd.

20150090005 - Leak detection in composite structures: A leak through the thickness of a structure is detected from one side of the structure using a leak detection layer. The leak detection layer exhibits visually observable changes when exposed to an air leak.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150090006 - Combination pressure- and vacuum-based evap leak detection method: A method and system for conducting leak detection in an evaporative emission control system. The method performs a pressure-based leak test at selected intervals. The pressure-based test includes pressurizing the system, using a pump. Then, the system monitors pressure for a selected period. If system pressure falls below a threshold... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150090008 - Inferential method and system for evap system leak detection: A method for detecting leaks in an evaporative emission control system. The method begins by activating a PCM at a selected interval, for a selected period. During the selected period, the PCM monitors system pressure and temperature. The PCM then determines a relationship between changes in system temperature and changes... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150090007 - Method for detecting leaks in aircraft wings: A method is provided for detecting leaks in the wing of an aircraft prior to the fitting of the wing to the rest of the aircraft. A wing sealing assembly for sealing the wing of an aircraft so that the wing may be leak-tested is also described.... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20150090009 - Method and device for localizing a defect in an electrochemical store and defect localization system: The invention relates to a method for localizing a defect in an electrochemical store (165). The method includes a step of controlling the temperature of a subarea (145, 150, 155, 160, 170) of the electrochemical store (165) to increase an internal pressure of the subarea (145, 150, 155, 160, 170),... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150090010 - Method for diagnosing heart failure: A method for diagnosing heart failure in a subject is provided. The method includes steps of measuring a biological sample of the subject to obtain an amount of at least one biomarker selected from the group consisting of xanthine, spermidine, propionylcarnitine, butyrylcarnitine and P-cresyl sulfate; and comparing the amount of... Agent: Chang Gung University

20150090011 - Liquid sensor: A liquid sensor may comprise a first electrode, a second electrode disposed inside the first electrode, and a partition wall comprising a surface defining a storage space with a first opposing surface of the first electrode and a second opposing surface of the second electrode. One of the first electrode,... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150090012 - System for pre-treating a filter used in a small-scale water separometer: The safety and proper performance of jet aircraft engines requires that any contamination of jet fuel, for example by water or by improper contaminants, be filtered (removed) before delivery of the fuel, through hoses, to the fuel tanks of the aircraft. Coalescing devices and filters in the fuel delivery system... Agent: D-2, Inc.

20150090013 - Method and apparatus for scanning detection: An apparatus for scanning and detecting analytes in real time as they move through a separation conduit is provided. The apparatus may include a detector mounted on a scanner containing a separation conduit positions under the scanner such that the scanner may move back and forth along the conduit, producing... Agent:

20150090014 - Detector for liquid chromatography: A detector for liquid chromatography has light sources that generate light in an ultraviolet region and in a near-infrared region; a flow cell, through which sample liquid flows; an optical system to let light generated from the light sources become incident on the flow cell concurrently; a detection element that... Agent:

20150090015 - System and process for characterization of the operation of water retention device: A system for characterizing a water retention device may include a test pipe including a mount section for holding the water retention device to be tested; an injector to inject, upstream of the mount section, an air flow loaded with at least one of dust and droplets of water; at... Agent:

20150090016 - Portable polymer tester: The present invention provides a polymer indentation method and tester that includes measuring the time taken by a polymeric material to recover a set portion of an initial deformation and use this duration as a material degradation indicator. The recovery time was found to be more sensitive to cable degradation... Agent:

20150090017 - Turbine blade-mounted sensor fixture for tip gap measurement: Turbine blade tip clearance is measured in a fully assembled turbine casing by mounting a non-contact displacement probe or sensor on a turbine blade that generates data indicative of sensor distance from the turbine casing that circumferentially surrounds the blade. The sensor is mounted on the blade with a sensor... Agent:

20150090018 - Device for determining a filling level: A device for determining a filling level of a container is provided, having a damping cup, a measuring section extending vertically inside the damping cup, and having an ultrasound converter arranged at its lower end region, and at least one antechamber. A calming structure is arranged in at least a... Agent:

20150090019 - Catalyst deterioration judging system: The deterioration judgment for an absorption reduction type NOx catalyst (1) is performed quickly and correctly. A catalyst deterioration judging system comprises a supply unit (5) which supplies a reducing agent, a measuring unit (8) which measures a NOx concentration in an exhaust gas at a position downstream from the... Agent:

20150090020 - Method and system for diagnosing deterioration of exhaust emission control catalyst: A deterioration diagnosing system for an exhaust emission control catalyst of an engine is provided. The catalyst includes an HC adsorbing part and an oxidation catalyst part. The system includes an actual exhaust-emission-control-catalyst temperature parameter detecting module for detecting a parameter correlating with an actual exhaust-emission-control-catalyst temperature. The catalyst also... Agent:

20150090021 - Brake actuation sensor device for a vehicle brake system and method for mounting a brake actuation sensor device on a vehicle brake system: A brake actuation sensor device is described for a brake system of a vehicle having a strain and/or compression gage which is reversibly variable in its extension, whereby at least one electrical property is able to be changed, and an evaluation device, by which at least one electrical variable is... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150090023 - Method and apparatus for detecting uneven wear on tire: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for accurately detecting shoulder edge wear without impairing the durability of a tire. The method includes extracting an acceleration waveform from output signals of an acceleration sensor (11) disposed on the inner surface of a tire tread by an acceleration waveform extracting... Agent:

20150090022 - Method and device for checking tire pressure: A method for monitoring the pressure in a tire of a rolling vehicle includes determining the length of the tire contact patch of the tire in the driving direction and inferring the pressure in the tire from the length of the tire contact patch.... Agent:

20150090024 - Adjustable tire pressure detector: An adjustable tire pressure detector is installed on a tire rim, and includes a detector body, a gas intake nozzle and a gas nozzle assembly member. The detector body includes a housing and a gas nozzle assembly hole. The gas nozzle assembly hole includes two parallel limiting contact surfaces and... Agent: Sung Jung Minute Industry Co., Ltd.

20150090025 - Adjustable tire pressure detector: An adjustable tire pressure detector is installed on a tire rim, and includes a detector body, a gas intake nozzle, and a gas nozzle assembly member for fastening the gas intake nozzle onto the detector body. The detector body includes a housing and a gas nozzle assembly portion. The gas... Agent: Sung Jung Minute Industdry Co., Ltd.

20150090026 - Non-fluorinated coating materials with anti-fingerprint property, and evaluation method thereof: The present application relates to an anti-fingerprint coating material. a method for evaluating a surface property. More particularly, the present application relates to a non-fluorinated coating materials with anti-fingerprint property, as well as a method for manufacturing thereof, and evaluating an anti-fingerprint properties of the coating materials surface and non-fluorinated... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20150090027 - Loop de-coupling capsule for hosting ultra-sensative experiments in a logging sonde: A capsule comprising two non-directly contacting halves enables otherwise coupling loads between experiment and gauging to be re-routed through the outer-most portable body (e.g. a logging sonde housing) having substantial inertia, thus serving to attenuate the parasitic loads. For co-located leveled experiment and gauging, a pair of concentric bearings (shaft... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20150090028 - Atom interferometry device for differential inertial measurement: An atom interferometer with differential inertial measurement comprises an atom source system to supply several sets of atoms intended for acceleration measurements which are made simultaneously at different respective locations. The sets of atoms are transported by a dedicated system between an initial position and the locations at which the... Agent: Onera (office National D'etudes Et De Recherches Aerospatiales)

20150090029 - Physical quantity sensor, pressure sensor, altimeter, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A physical quantity sensor includes: a substrate that has a diaphragm section that is deformed to be deflected by receiving a pressure; a fixed electrode that is provided in the diaphragm section; and a movable electrode that has a movable section that is away from the fixed electrode and is... Agent:

20150090031 - Method and apparatus for providing power management in data communication systems: A blood glucose meter having a compact housing, a display unit disposed on the housing, the display unit including a display light source to illuminate the display unit, an input unit disposed on the housing, the input unit configured to provide input functions for the blood glucose meter, and a... Agent:

20150090030 - Transducer arrangement comprising a transducer die and method of covering a transducer die: According to an exemplary aspect a transducer arrangement comprising a supporting structure; a transducer die arranged on the supporting structure; and a lid comprising a porous material connected to the supporting structure and arranged to at least partially cover the transducer die.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150090032 - Weight material dispensing, cutting and applying system: An apparatus for balancing a wheel includes a tool and an arm control module. The tool is mechanically coupled to an arm and includes a leading edge, a trailing edge, and a face surface that forms an arc between the leading and trailing edges. The arm control module actuates the... Agent:

20150090033 - Gyroscopes based on nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond: A solid-state gyroscope apparatus based on ensembles of negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy (NV−) centers in diamond and methods of detection are provided. In one method, rotation of the NV− symmetry axis will induce Berry phase shifts in the NV− electronic ground-state coherences proportional to the solid angle subtended by the symmetry... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150090034 - Method of reducing gyroscope oscillator start-up time and device therefor: A gyroscope device and method of operation therefor. The gyroscope device can include a power input, a charge pump portion coupled to the power input, a selection mechanism, a switching mechanism, an oscillator driving mechanism coupled to the switching mechanism, and an oscillator coupled to the charge pump portion and... Agent:

20150090035 - Sensing sensor and sensing device: A sensing sensor includes a wiring board, a piezoelectric resonator, a channel forming member, a channel, an effluent channel, a capillary member, and an absorbing member. The effluent channel is disposed at a downstream side of the channel. The effluent channel is configured to discharge the sample solution inside of... Agent:

20150090036 - Methods and apparatus for high-resolution continuous scan imaging using vold-kalman filtering: A method of imaging a test subject includes providing one or more moveable sensors to sense an attribute of the test subject (e.g., acoustic pressure), wherein the attribute has a tonal noise component and a broadband noise component. A rotational sensor is provided to sense a rotational velocity of a... Agent:

20150090037 - Object information acquiring apparatus: An object information acquiring apparatus is used, including: an optical transmission system for transmitting light from a light source; a photoacoustic probe including an irradiating end for irradiating an object with light and a receiver for receiving acoustic waves generated from the object that has been irradiated with light; a... Agent:

20150090038 - Vibration testing device: A vibration testing device with a platform, a vibration assembly, a housing and a cooling system is provided. The platform is adapted to hold a test object. The vibration assembly is adapted to force a vibration to the platform. The housing has an inlet end and an outlet end opposite... Agent:

20150090040 - Pressure sensor with mineral insulated cable: A pressure measurement system is provided. The system includes a pressure sensing probe extendable into a process fluid and having a pressure sensor with an electrical characteristic that varies with process fluid pressure. A mineral insulated cable has a metallic sheath with a distal end attached to the pressure sensing... Agent:

20150090039 - Seal for pressure transmitter for use in industrial process: A pressure transmitter system for measuring a pressure of a process fluid in an industrial process includes a pressure transmitter having a pressure sensor. A process fluid passageway having a circular opening is configured to couple pressure of the process fluid to the pressure sensor. A concentric seal support structure... Agent:

20150090041 - Pressure sensor, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A pressure sensor includes a sensor chip that detects a pressure and generates an electric signal; a package that has an opening and an internal space in which the sensor chip is accommodated; and flying leads that protrude from the package into the internal space. The sensor chip is connected... Agent:

20150090042 - Pressure sensor package with integrated sealing: A pressure sensor package includes a lead and a semiconductor die spaced apart from the lead and including a terminal and a diaphragm disposed at a first side of the die. The die is configured to change an electrical parameter responsive to a pressure difference across the diaphragm. The package... Agent:

20150090043 - Mems: Embodiments provide a MEMS including a MEMS device and an detector circuit. The MEMS device includes a membrane, wherein a material of the membrane comprises a band gap and a crystal structure with structural elements (unit cells) connected by covalent bonds in two dimensions only. The detector circuit is configured... Agent:

20150090044 - Flexible device and bending detection apparatus therefor: A bending detection apparatus for a flexible device includes a plurality of antennas disposed to be bent together with a flexible device; and a bending detection unit for detecting bending of the flexible device based on inductances of the plurality of antennas or information corresponding to the inductances, a bending... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150090045 - Method and device for the early detection of crack formations in media-carrying workpieces: A device is provided for the early detection of crack formations in work pieces or in components that are subjected to mechanical loading. Wherein in the region of at least one surface at risk of cracking there is arranged at least one testing chamber that is formed by a generative... Agent:

20150090046 - System and method for testing of micro-sized materials: Apparatus and methods for testing sediment submerged in liquid and manufacturing the apparatus. The apparatus and methods of the present embodiment can provide for nano/micro characterization of mechanical properties of materials submerged in liquid, facilitating specimen preparation and installation, and can provide hydrated materials. The apparatus can include cell walls... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150090047 - Method for testing a batch of material used for obtaining layers of fibres intended for manufacturing a composite material component: A method for testing a batch of material used to obtain layers of fibres includes taking a specimen from the batch of material, exerting a tensile force on the specimen, heating the specimen so as to relax the fibres if the specimen contains stresses, after a predetermined period of time,... Agent: Airbus Operations S.a.s.

20150090048 - Test jig: Provided is a test jig including a jig main body having, at an end portion thereof, an insertion part into which an electrode lead is inserted and a fixing member detachably coupled to the insertion part to fix the electrode lead inserted to the insertion part, wherein the insertion part... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150090049 - Flow imaging and monitoring for synchronized management of wide area drainage: A flow imaging and monitoring system for synchronized management of wide area drainage that includes an interposer for supporting monitoring and management equipment in a manhole, a module for illuminating water flowing in pipes at the base of the manhole, a module for monitoring responses to reflected light, a sealed... Agent: Urbanalta Technology

20150090050 - Differential pressure based flow measurement device having improved pitot tube configuration: A differential pressure flow measurement system includes a pressure sensor coupled to measurement circuitry. An elongate probe is configured to be inserted into a conduit which carries a flow of process fluid. The pressure sensor senses a pressure difference in the fluid flow generated as the fluid flows past the... Agent:

20150090051 - Torque index sensor: A torque index sensor according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a rotor rotating with the first shaft which is one of an input shaft and an output shaft having a first magnet on an outer circumferential surface thereof, a stator disposed on an outer side of the... Agent:

20150090052 - Pressure sensor having multiple pressure cells and sensitivity estimation methodology: However, a critical dimension (76) of the sense diaphragm (68) is less than a critical dimension (80) of the test diaphragm (70) so that the test cell (32) has greater sensitivity (142) to pressure (36) than the sense cell (34). Parameters (100) measured at the test cell (32) are utilized... Agent:

20150090053 - Apparatus for environmental test: An apparatus for environmental tests includes a chamber having formed therein a test space for disposing a sample, and a tray that is provided on the upper surface of the chamber and has an open upper surface. A front wall of the tray is configured by an operation unit where... Agent: Espec Corp.

20150090054 - Insertion mount device: Described herein is an insertion mount, including a threaded cylindrical mount with a hollow inner diameter and a lengthwise slot cutout for receiving a probe; and a drive assembly further comprising a drive nut, wherein the drive nut has threads that engage the threaded outer diameter of the threaded cylindrical... Agent:

20150090055 - Universal mounting assembly for sensing device: A sensing assembly includes a sensing device and a mounting assembly. The mounting assembly includes a base portion. The mounting assembly includes an extension portion movably attached with respect to the base portion. The mounting assembly includes a connection portion movably attached with respect to the extension portion. The mounting... Agent:

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20150082856 - Sensor device with integrated calibration system and calibration method: An integrated sensor device including a first die, housing a sensor element to detect a quantity external to the sensor device and transduce the external quantity into an electrical sensing signal; a second die mechanically coupled to the first die so that the first and second dies are stacked on... Agent:

20150082857 - Method and apparatus for zeroing a weigh scale: An optical code scanner is presented that includes a weigh scale and a least one image capture device. The image capture device captures images that are used to read optical codes presented to the optical code scanner for reading. The image capture device further captures images of the top surface... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20150082858 - Systems and methods for calibrating a load cell of a disk burnishing machine: Systems and methods for performing in situ testing of a load cell disposed within a disk burnishing machine are provided. One such system includes a load cell bracket attached to a component of the disk burnishing machine, where the load cell is mounted within the load cell bracket and has... Agent: Wd Media, LLC

20150082859 - Multi-sensor control circuit and method for using the same: A multi-sensor control circuit used in an electronic cigarette comprises a control module, at least two inhalation sensors, and at least two unidirectional circuits corresponding to the inhalation sensors. An output terminal of each inhalation sensor is connected to an input terminal of a corresponding unidirectional circuit, and output terminals... Agent:

20150082860 - Testbench device, in particular tribometer, for piston ring / cylinder runway systems: A testbench device for the analysis and/or optimisation of tribological properties in a piston ring/cylinder runway system, includes a cylinder segment-holding device for holding a cylinder runway segment as a testpiece, and a piston ring-holding device holding at least one piston ring element and capable of bringing the at least... Agent:

20150082861 - Shock or impact sensor: A sensor for detecting impact is generally provided. The sensor may include a deformable beam. The deformable beam may include a first end, a second end, and an elongated body extending therebetween. At least the second end is coupled to a support structure. Further, the deformable beam may be configured... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150082863 - Air bubble sensor: An air bubble sensor has a holder at which at least one ultrasonic sensor is arranged to detect air bubbles and/or gas bubbles in a flowing liquid, wherein a flow passage which has connection pieces is integrated into the holder.... Agent:

20150082862 - Speed of sound and/or density measurement using acoustic impedance: Apparatus is provided featuring a signal processor or signal processing module configured at least to: receive signaling containing information about a radiation impedance of a piston vibrating a process medium, including a fluid or slurry; and determine a speed of sound or density measurement related to the process medium, based... Agent:

20150082864 - Device for sampling and detecting volatile organic compounds in water: The present invention discloses a sampling and detection device for detecting volatile organic content in water, comprising a hollow sampler (3) and a gas detector (2) connected to the sampler (3). A side wall of a lower half of the sampler (3) is provided with more than one water inlet... Agent:

20150082865 - Environmental measurement apparatus and environmental measurement method: An environmental measurement apparatus includes an operation unit which calculates a first change in a first oscillation frequency of a first QCM sensor and a second change in a second oscillation frequency of a second QCM sensor. The operation unit corrects the second change based on the first change in... Agent:

20150082867 - Peritoneal dialysis machine: A method for operating a dialysis cassette including a flexible membrane that covers a pump chamber includes allowing a source of fluid to fluidly communicate with the pump chamber of the dialysis cassette, filling the pump chamber with the fluid from the source, mechanically extending the flexible membrane into the... Agent:

20150082866 - Servo controlled evap leak detection system: A method and system for testing an evaporative emission control system for leaks. The method begins by setting a variable reference orifice to a preselected diameter. Then, a vacuum pump evacuates a reference volume in the vicinity of the variable reference orifice. The reference volume is defined by the vacuum... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150082868 - Infrastructure monitoring devices, systems, and methods: A leak detection assembly includes a leak detection sensor mountable on a surface of a component of a water infrastructure system; and a communications device mountable on the component, the leak detection sensor connected to the communications device, the communications device including an antenna, wherein the communications device is a... Agent:

20150082869 - Detection method and detection device for pipelines in machine-controlled leakage and compliance tests of anesthetic machine: A detection method for pipelines in machine-controlled leakage and compliance tests of an anesthetic machine, comprising: entering a machine control leakage test and compliance test state of an anesthetic machine; piping air in an air passage outside a folding bag according to a preset flow rate, and controlling and detecting... Agent: Beijing Aeonmed Co., Ltd.

20150082870 - Device for detecting fluid leakage: The subject matter disclosed herein relates to fluid leakage detection. More particularly, subject matter relates to a device for detecting fluid leakage in a fluid drain pipe attached to a power transformer device. The device comprises fluid collection compartment attached to bottom of the fluid drain pipe and a fluid... Agent: Ctr Manufacturing Industries Limited

20150082872 - Multi-modal fluid condition sensor platform and system therefor: This invention encompasses embodiments for multi-modal integrated simultaneous measurement of various aspects of fluids contained in circulating systems such as automotive reciprocating engines and vehicle transmissions. These circulating systems perform constant internal lubrication, and heat and contaminant removal to protect the internal moving parts from the inherent friction and damage... Agent:

20150082871 - Onboard diagnostic of engine oil quality by using a transfer function with a plurality of fluid property sensors: A system and method for measuring engine oil quality is disclosed. The system and method include: a plurality of sensors detecting oil quality data; and a processor in communication with the plurality of sensors to receive the oil quality data and adapted to execute a transfer function to output qualitative... Agent: Cummins Inc.

20150082873 - Resonant sensors for fluid properties measurement: A resonator that includes an elastic tube defining an interior surface and a conductor threaded through the elastic tube. Solid material fills space between the conductor and the elastic tube interior surface, such that motion of the conductor is directly transferred to the elastic tube. In a preferred embodiment, the... Agent:

20150082874 - Sensor array: A sensor assembly has a substrate with a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface, at least one analyte sensor positioned on at least one of the first surface and the second surface of the substrate, and at least one electrical contact positioned on the substrate in... Agent: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

20150082875 - System for rotationally securely plugging a sensor into a through passage of a flow channel: A system for rotationally securely plugging a sensor into a through-passage of a flow channel, the sensor including a sensor housing, the through-passage having an inner wall delimiting the through-passage and first and second inside diameters extending respectively along a first axis and a second axis, perpendicular to the first... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150082876 - Excavator self-detection system and method: An excavator self-detection system comprises a controller, a fuel inlet flow meter, a fuel outlet flow meter and a performance self-detection controller. The fuel inlet flow meter and the fuel outlet flow meter are deployed at a fuel inlet and a fuel outlet of an engine respectively, and are connected... Agent: Shanghai Huaxing Digital Technology Co., Ltd

20150082877 - Methods and apparatuses for determining the volume of a substance in a flexible tank: A flexible storage container may have a first footprint when empty, and retracts to a second footprint when filled with a substance. A load sensing apparatus used for determining the volume of the substance in the flexible storage container can include a first set of load-sensitive sensors arranged in at... Agent: Drs Sustainment Systems, Inc.

20150082878 - Aerodynamic measurement probe with evacuation of penetrated liquid by gravity: An aerodynamic measurement probe intended to measure a local angle of attack of an airstream flowing along the fuselage of an aircraft, comprises a support and a shaft that is able to rotate about a longitudinal axis with respect to the support. The support and the shaft are configured to... Agent:

20150082879 - Fluid flow sensor with reverse-installation detection: A thermo-anemometer-type fluid flow sensor and a method associated with quickly determining whether the sensor has been installed in an improper orientation relative to the direction of fluid flowing through a system. The flow sensor comprises a detection module adapted to change condition in response to the direction of fluid... Agent: Therm-o-disc, Incorporated

20150082880 - Transducer cable assembly and flow meter employing same: A cable assembly for coupling a transducer includes a plug body having a nose section with a nose end, a tail section with a tail end opposite the nose end; and a cable restraining feature disposed proximal the tail end. In addition, the cable assembly includes a cable having a... Agent:

20150082881 - Apparatus for determining and/or monitoring at least one process variable of a medium: An apparatus for determining and/or monitoring at least one process variable of a medium in a container or pipeline, including a resonator, which is in contact with an interior of the container or the pipeline, an active element for producing a high-frequency signal in the resonator and an electronics unit,... Agent:

20150082882 - System for determining the level of a liquid in a container: A system for determining liquid level in containers. According to one embodiment, the system is configured for use with a single container. The system includes a tube having a distal branch and two proximal branches. The distal branch is sized to extend from inside the container to a remote location.... Agent:

20150082883 - Hail event recorders: Hail event recorders are provided which are useful in assessing the occurrence and severity of hail on roofing components, including shingles. An article as provided herein is in some embodiments attached to a roof, and a subsequent hail storm causes a physical change in a recording panel surface present on... Agent:

20150082885 - Gyroscope structure and gyroscope with improved quadrature compensation: A microelectromechanical gyroscope structure that comprises a seismic mass, a body element, and a spring structure suspending the seismic mass to the body element. In primary oscillation at least part of the seismic mass oscillates in out-of-plane direction. A first conductor is arranged to move with the seismic mass, and... Agent:

20150082884 - Piezoelectric actuator module, method of manufacturing the same, and mems sensor having the same: An actuator includes a multi-layer part having a multilayered piezoelectric part comprising a plurality of piezoelectric bodies and an electrode part connected to the multilayered piezoelectric part, and a support part displaceably supporting the multi-layer part. The multilayered piezoelectric part is polled in the same direction. One of the piezoelectric... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150082886 - Inertial sensor: According to one embodiment, an inertial sensor includes a base portion, a weight portion, a connection portion, and a first sensing element unit. The connection portion connects the weight portion and the base portion and is capable of being deformed in accordance with a change in relative position of the... Agent:

20150082888 - Acoustic sensor and acoustic sensor system: According to one embodiment, an acoustic sensor includes a base and a first strain sensing element. The base includes a support and a first film unit supported by the support. The first film unit is flexible. The first strain sensing element is provided on a first surface of the first... Agent:

20150082887 - Sensor element with an acoustic emission sensor: A sensor element includes an acoustic emission sensor for detecting acoustic emission. The sensor element has a second sensor for a second measured variable which is different from acoustic emission. Furthermore, a sensor element is provided, which includes an acoustic emission sensor for detecting acoustic emission and includes an interface... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150082889 - Post-crimp inspection device using ultrasonic transducer: A post-crimp inspection device includes first and second arms with an inspection zone being defined between the first and second arms and configured to receive a crimped terminal. At least one of the first and second arms is movable toward the crimped terminal during a testing phase. An ultrasonic transducer... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20150082890 - Biometric sensors for personal devices: Methods and systems may provide for a system having a flexible substrate, an ultrasonic transducer array coupled to the flexible substrate and a processor coupled to the ultrasonic transducer array. The processor may identify a fingerprint based on a signal from the ultrasonic transducer array. The system may also include... Agent:

20150082891 - System and method for measuring the vibration of a structure: A system and method for measuring the vibration of a structure of interest are disclosed. The disclosure provides an acoustic isolation structure to substantially reduce response to acoustic energy generated by external physical stimuli. The acoustic isolation structure is formed by placing a housing, such as an outer conduit, around... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150082892 - Isolator system for a pressure transmitter: An isolator system for a pressure transmitter includes a port internal to the transmitter, a sensor tube, and a fill tube. The sensor tube is connected to the port to fluidly connect a passageway through a transmitter body to a pressure sensor. The sensor tube includes a first end disposed... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20150082894 - Pressure sensor and pressure sensor manufacturing method: According to one embodiment, a pressure sensor includes: a support unit; a substrate; and a plurality of sensing elements. The substrate is supported by the support unit and deformable. The plurality of sensing elements are provided on a part of the substrate. The sensing element includes a first magnetic layer,... Agent:

20150082893 - Process fluid pressure sensing assembly for pressure transmitters subjected to high working pressure: A pressure measurement assembly is provided. The assembly includes a pressure sensor mount having an aperture therethrough. A pressure sensor passes through and is mounted to the aperture. The pressure sensor has an electrical characteristic that varies with applied pressure. An isolator plug is configured to be exposed to a... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20150082895 - Retractable flow conditioner: A retractable flow conditioner that includes a body adapted for insertion into a fluid in a confined conduit upstream of a differential pressure measuring probe. The body has at least one flow conditioning element. The retractable flow conditioner also includes a mounting assembly attached to the body. The mounting assembly... Agent:

20150082896 - Axial force testing device for spindles of machines: An axial force testing device includes a spindle and a frame. Multiple mediate members are mounted to the spindle which is rotatable relative to the frame by the mediate members. A first fixing member is connected to a first end of a scale which shows the axial force. A first... Agent:

20150082897 - Touch sensor module: Disclosed herein is a touch sensor module, including: a flexible cable provided with a terminal part; an adhesive layer formed to transfer an electrical signal by being contacted on one surface of the terminal part; a base substrate including an electrode pad which is formed to correspond to the terminal... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150082898 - Strain sensor: A strain sensor includes a package to be connected to a strain generating body, a detector configured to convert a mechanical strain of the strain generating body into an electric signal and output the electric signal, and a processor chip connected to an upper surface of the package and separated... Agent:

20150082899 - Strain sensing element, pressure sensor, microphone, blood pressure sensor, and touch panel: According to one embodiment, a strain sensing element provided on a deformable substrate, includes: a first magnetic layer; a second magnetic layer; and an intermediate layer. The second magnetic layer includes Fe1-yBy (0<y≦0.3). Magnetization of the second magnetic layer changes according to deformation of the substrate. The intermediate layer is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150082900 - Strain sensing element, pressure sensor, microphone, blood pressure sensor, and touch panel: According to one embodiment, a strain sensing element to be provided on a deformable substrate, the element includes: a reference layer; a magnetization free layer; and a spacer layer. Magnetization of the magnetization free layer changes in accordance with deformation of the substrate. The spacer layer is provided between the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150082901 - Strain sensing element, pressure sensor, microphone, blood pressure sensor, and touch panel: According to one embodiment, a strain sensing element provided on a deformable substrate includes: a first magnetic layer; a second magnetic layer; a spacer layer; and a bias layer. Magnetization of the second magnetic layer changes according to deformation of the substrate. The spacer layer is provided between the first... Agent:

20150082902 - Valve stem connector with integrated stem force measurement: A valve stem connector comprises a first half and a second half, each of which includes a top section adapted to receive a portion of an actuator and a bottom section adapted to receive a portion of a valve stem. A plurality of cut-away sections is disposed in each of... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20150082903 - Multivariable process fluid transmitter for high pressure applications: A multivariable process fluid transmitter module includes a base having a pair of recesses. A pair of pedestals is provided with each pedestal being disposed in a respective recess and being coupled to a respective isolation diaphragm. At least one line pressure assembly is mounted proximate one of the pedestals.... Agent:

20150082904 - Industrial process variable transmitter with isolated power scavenging intrinsically safe pulse output circuitry: An industrial process variable transmitter includes a process variable sensor configured to sense a process variable. Measurement circuitry is coupled to the process variable sensor and provides a measured output as a function of the process variable. Output circuitry includes a loop connection configured to couple to a process control... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20150082907 - Industrial process field device with low power optical isolator: An industrial process control field device includes a process variable transducer configured to sense or control a process variable. Field device circuitry is configured to couple to the process variable transducer and communicate information related to the process variable to another location. The field device circuitry includes an optical isolator... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20150082908 - Magnetic core configuration for magnetic flowmeters: A flowtube assembly for a magnetic flowmeter is provided. The flowtube assembly includes a flowtube configured to receive a flow of process fluid therethrough. A magnetic core is mounted relative to the flowtube and includes a stem extending from the flowtube to a pair of arms. Each of the arms... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20150082906 - Magnetic flowmeter with power limit and over-current detection: A magnetic flowmeter includes circuitry for sensing coil current, coil voltage, or coil resistance. Based on the sensed coil current, voltage, or resistance, a digital processor determines whether a power limit or a coil current limit is exceeded and either halts operation until it receives a new configuration with a... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20150082905 - Magnetic flowmeter with saturation detection and/or prevention: A magnetic flowmeter for measuring flow of a process fluid in a pipe includes a magnetic coil disposed adjacent to the pipe configured to apply a magnetic field to the process fluid. First and second electrodes are disposed within the pipe and electrically coupled to the process fluid and configured... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20150082909 - Magnetic flowmeter with drive signal diagnostics: A magnetic flowmeter includes a flowtube arranged to receive a flow of process fluid. A coil is positioned proximate the flowtube and arranged to apply a magnetic field to the process fluid in response to a drive current alternating direction. First and second electrodes are arranged to sense a voltage... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20150082910 - Apparatus and method for determining a non-condensable gas parameter: System and methods for determining a non-condensable gas parameter relating to the amount of non-condensable gas within a variable flow rate fluid flow containing both non-condensable gas and condensate are disclosed. An apparatus may include a measurement tube for receiving the fluid flow and arranged such that the fluid flow... Agent:

20150082911 - Flow meter assembly, gate assemblies and methods of flow measurement: The present invention provides an acoustic flow meter assembly (2) for pipes or open channels, said assembly including a frame (24) with a predetermined geometry. The frame has at least one user accessible port (36-42) with the at least one user accessible port (36-42) adapted to receive an interchangeable cartridge... Agent: Rubicon Research Pty Ltd.

20150082912 - Ultrasonic flow meter: An ultrasonic flow meter is equipped with a housing through which a liquid flows, and a pair of detection units disposed on opposite ends of the housing and including acoustic wave transmitting and receiving units capable of transmitting and receiving acoustic wave signals. Vibration generating mechanisms having vibration generating bodies... Agent: Smc Corporation

20150082913 - Ultrasonic flow meter: An ultrasonic flow meter is equipped with a housing through which a liquid flows, and a pair of detection units disposed on opposite ends of the housing and including acoustic wave transmitting and receiving units capable of transmitting and receiving acoustic wave signals. Paired connecting plugs are connected respectively to... Agent: Smc Corporation

20150082915 - Coriolis flow sensor fabricated with laminated films processes: A coriolis flow sensor is disclosed. The coriolis flow sensors comprises a first substrate layer, a second substrate layer, and a third substrate layer. The first substrate layer comprises a first wall. The second substrate layer comprises a second wall. The third substrate layer is disposed between the first and... Agent: Teledyne Instruments, Inc. D/b/a Teledyne Hastings

20150082916 - Coriolis flowmeter: Provided is a Coriolis flowmeter capable of achieving suppression of a pressure loss of a manifold and the like. A channel (15) of a manifold (8) includes a pipe-side opening portion (16), tube-side opening portions (17), and a channel branching portion (18) as shaping portions therefor, and the channel sectional... Agent:

20150082914 - Filter simulation system: A filter simulation system that includes a simulation filter (11) with a sensor (13) such that the volume of air passing through the filter can be determined. There is also a control means (16) with stored data relating to level of protection the simulation filter provides against a simulated toxic... Agent: Argon Electronics (uk) Ltd.

20150082917 - Strain sensing element, pressure sensor, microphone, blood pressure sensor, and touch panel: According to one embodiment, a strain sensing element includes a film unit, and a sensing unit. The film unit has a film surface and is capable of being deformed. The sensing unit includes a first sensing element and a second sensing element. The first sensing element is provided between a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150082918 - Strain sensing element, pressure sensor, microphone, blood pressure sensor, and touch panel: According to one embodiment, a strain sensing element is provided on a film unit configured to be deformed. The strain sensing element includes a functional layer, a first magnetic layer, a second magnetic layer, and a spacer layer. The functional layer includes at least one of an oxide and a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150082919 - Strain sensing element, pressure sensor, microphone, blood pressure sensor, and touch panel: According to one embodiment, a strain sensor includes: a base; a strain sensing element; a magnetic field sensing element; and a processing unit. The strain sensing element includes a first magnetic layer having a first magnetization; a second magnetic layer having a second magnetization; and a first intermediate layer. In... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150082920 - Platform unit for combined sensing of pressure, temperature and humidity: The present invention provides a modular platform unit comprising a plurality of sensors for the combined sensing of pressure, temperature and humidity. In particular, the sensors are composed of a layer of metallic-capped nanoparticles (MCNP) casted on a flexible substrate or a rigid substrate. Integration of the platform unit for... Agent:

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