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Measuring and testing

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08/07/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140216126 - Device for measuring a fuel flow and calibrating device therefor: A device for measuring a fuel flow in a test stand comprises a measuring module (10) for measuring a fuel flow guided through the measuring module (10) as well as a conditioning module (11) arranged downstream of the measuring module (10) for conditioning the fuel. Moreover, a verification module (19)... Agent: Horiba Europe Gmbh

20140216127 - Separated type pressure gauge: In order to basically solve the problem of the change with time of a standard barometric pressure including a vacuum in a standard pressure chamber of a separated type pressure gauge, provided is a separated type pressure gauge in which even if the atmospheric pressure in a standard pressure chamber... Agent: Purreon Japan Co., Ltd

20140216128 - Methods and systems for assessing sample behavior in a flow cytometer: Methods and systems are disclosed for generating an entrainment factor in a flow cytometry sample. The methods comprise flowing a sample with a series of particles through the flow cytometer, detecting events and calculating an expected frequency of those events based on a distribution, such as a Poisson distribution, and... Agent: Becton Dickinson And Company

20140216129 - Portable sensor device with a gas sensor and low-power mode: A mobile device comprises a CPU operating a display and other user interface circuitry. Further, it comprises a gas sensor as well as a sensor hub connecting the gas sensor and other sensors to the CPU. In order to save power, the device can be brought into a low-power operating... Agent: Sensirion Ag

20140216132 - Exhaust gas sampling apparatus: The present invention is provided with a control device that sets a split flow ratio that is a ratio of the flow rate of the diluted exhaust gas to be sampled through a diluted exhaust gas sampling flow path to a flow rate of a diluted exhaust gas flowing through... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

20140216130 - Simplified method for measuring concentrations of exhaust gas components: A simplified method for measuring a first property and a second property of an exhaust gas mixture utilizing a first sensor cross-sensitive to a first property and a second property of an exhaust gas mixture, and a second sensor sensitive to the first property, but not to the second property... Agent: Engine Control And Monitoring

20140216131 - Simplified method for measuring concentrations of exhaust gas components utilizing differential measurement across an absorber: A simplified method for measuring a first property and a second property of an exhaust gas mixture utilizing two sensors manufactured for the purpose of measuring a first property, being cross-sensitive to the second property with an absorber of the second property being placed between two of the sensors in... Agent: Engine Control And Monitoring

20140216133 - Gas chromatograph having an absorption spectrometer and method for analyzing a gas mixture via gas chromatography: A method in which a sample of a gas mixture to be analyzed via gas chromatography is conducted through a chromatographic separating device via a carrier gas, separated components of the gas mixture are subsequently quantitatively determined in an absorption spectrometer having a wavelength-adaptable light source, and in order to... Agent:

20140216134 - Gas collection and analysis system with front-end and back-end pre-concentrators and moisture removal: Embodiments of an apparatus including a front-end pre-concentrator module including an inlet, an outlet, and at least one valve to control flow through the inlet, the outlet, or both. The apparatus includes a back-end pre-concentrator module including an inlet, an outlet, and at least one valve to control flow through... Agent: Tricorntech Corporation

20140216135 - Apparatus and method for monitoring and sampling air quality in an interior space of a wall: An apparatus and method for monitoring and sampling air quality in an interior space of a wall are provided. The apparatus includes a housing configured to attach the apparatus to an electrical outlet in the wall, and a gasket configured to provide a seal between the housing and the electrical... Agent:

20140216137 - Gas sensor with thermal measurement compensation: A gas sensing device that includes differential temperature compensation.... Agent:

20140216136 - Smart phone sensor platform: A sensor device containing a gas sensor is exposed to a gas. The gas sensor emits a voltage based on a property of the gas. The voltage output by the gas sensor is received by an integrated circuit (“IC”). The IC may convert the voltage to a digital representation of... Agent: Breathometer, Inc.

20140216138 - Inspection method of hollow fiber membrane module: Provided is an inspection method of a hollow fiber membrane module and a repairing method capable of quickly identifying the position of a damaged membrane in the hollow fiber membrane module with a simple configuration. An inspection method of a hollow fiber membrane module (1) of the invention includes: a... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20140216139 - Test apparatus for rechargeable battery: A test apparatus is provided for detecting a gas leakage from at least a rechargeable battery, the test apparatus includes a stainless steel vacuum chamber storing the rechargeable battery and full of the low temperature gases, a first pump coupled to the stainless steel vacuum chamber and sucking the low... Agent: Jusun Instruments Co., Ltd.

20140216140 - Capillary microviscometer: Low-cost and easily-operated microviscometer suitable for medical diagnosis clinical studies and other fluid tests. The equipment consists of a microchannel (2) formed by concatenated microchannels made by micro-manufacturing techniques, and a fluid column position detector inside the microchannel. The microchannels are open at one end and closed at the other... Agent: Comisi&#xd3 N Nacional De Energ&#xcd A At&#xd3 Mica (cnea)

20140216141 - Piezo actuated fluid dispenser fluid characterization: A technique, including a system and a method, for measuring a fluid property using a piezo-actuated fluid dispenser, is disclosed. The technique includes generating a pressure wave in a channel in the piezo-actuated fluid dispenser using a piezo element, detecting, using the piezo element, a residual pressure oscillation in the... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140216142 - Foreign body inspection in filled containers: An apparatus for inspecting filled containers for foreign bodies that may be contained therein, where the filled container is mechanically excited by vibration or rotation so as to cause the possibly existing foreign bodies to rotate. The acoustic signals produced by the foreign bodies impacting on the inner wall of... Agent: Krones Ag

20140216143 - Device, system and method for measuring moisture of structure material: The invention relates to a device, system and method for measuring moisture in building structures. A tubular body part (100) may be embedded in a material during its casting. Hole(s) (106) provided in the body part (100) lets moisture inside a space separated by the body part (100). Measuring element... Agent: Wiiste Oy

20140216144 - Method and device for assessing the level of microbial activity of soil: A method and a device for assessing the level of microbial activity of a substrate (9), preferably agricultural soil, biomass and other contexts, where there is enzymatic activity. The method includes: preparing one or more biodegradable threads (8); tensioning the one or more biodegradable threads with a pre-defined tension; introducing... Agent: Universita' Degli Studi Di Padova

20140216145 - Combustion chamber pressure gauge: A combustion chamber pressure gauge for an internal combustion engine, comprising a housing tube, a plunger, which is movable in an axial direction in the housing tube under the effect of combustion chamber pressure against a restoring force, and comprising a seal, which is disposed between the plunger and the... Agent:

20140216146 - Air physical quantity sensing device: To prevent dew condensation on a sensor element, an air physical quantity sensing device which has a housing structural component integrally provided with a connector and a connector terminal member that perform input and output with the outside, an electronic circuit board mounted on the housing structural component, and an... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140216147 - Tire information obtaining device, tire condition monitoring system, and method for recovering puncture repair liquid: A tire information obtaining device provided in a tire cavity region for obtaining tire information related to a condition of a tire includes: a sensor that detects the state of gas in the tire cavity region as the tire information; a valve; and a housing having an internal space for... Agent: The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

20140216148 - Bond strength testing apparatus and method for using same: An apparatus and method tests the strength of a bond between a substrate, especially a vehicle window, and an item bonded thereto. The apparatus includes a force transfer shaft having a first end extending from a housing and a second end positioned within the housing, a ferromagnetic member connected to... Agent: Pilkington Group Limited

20140216149 - Wellbore fluid testing assembly: An assembly for the test chamber of a wellbore fluid testing apparatus for simulating fractures in a wellbore is provided comprising base plate of a first diameter having an aperture therethrough configured to be removably secured within the test chamber. A solid end plate of a second diameter smaller than... Agent: Superior Graphite Co.

20140216150 - Lag calculation with caving correction in open hole: A gas analyzer system that can detect atmospheric air gasses in drilling mud is used to calculate an actual lag time in a well. The calculated lag time and a theoretical lag time may be compared to estimate a caving percentage in an open hole section of the well.... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140216151 - Flow monitoring: This application describes methods and apparatus for monitoring flow of fluids within conduits using fibre optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS). The method can determine flow rate and/or flow regime within a conduit such as within a production well or a pipeline. Embodiments involve introducing an acoustic stimulus (802) into the... Agent: Optasense Holdings Limited

20140216152 - Characterizing multiphase fluid flow: A method and apparatus for determining multiphase flow characteristics inside production equipment containing at least two fluids. A pulse of heat from a heat source adjacent to the production equipment is provided, and a thermal response to the pulse is measured at each of a plurality of temperature sensors located... Agent: Statoil Petroleum As

20140216153 - Humidity sensor with temperature compensation: A gas sensing device that includes humidity compensation.... Agent:

20140216154 - Volumetric measurement device: The disclosure provides a volumetric measurement device that includes of a vessel into which contents to be measured are placed. The device has a target operational range of measurement volumes. The shape of the vessel has the property that the ratio of the surface area of contents in the vessel... Agent: Equatine Labs

20140216155 - Hermetic electrically shielded connector: A sensor apparatus is used for sensing a condition in a combustion chamber. The sensor apparatus includes a sensor housing having a sealed internal chamber. The sensor apparatus further includes a connector attached to an opening of the sensor housing. The connector transfers a signal indicative of the condition into... Agent: General Electric Company

20140216156 - Acceleration sensor: An acceleration sensor includes a first and second anchors above a substrate, a first weight portion supported by the first anchor, a first electrode extended from the first weight portion, a second electrode supported by the second anchor, and a first beam connecting the first weight portion with the first... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140216157 - Method for determining arc discharge as well as failure of mechanical vibration and abnormal displacement in power equipment using acoustic energy feature: The present invention provides a method for determining arc discharge as well as failure of mechanical vibration and abnormal displacement in power equipment using acoustic energy feature. Here, acoustic energy feature is firstly introduced to realize real-time, online inspection of failure in power equipment, enabling qualitative determination of discharge as... Agent:

20140216158 - Air coupled ultrasonic contactless method for non-destructive determination of defects in laminated structures: There is an air coupled ultrasonic contactless method and an installation for non-destructive determination of defects in laminated structures with a width (W) and a multiplicity of n lamellas with intermediate N−1 bonding plants (B), whereas at least one transmitter (T) in a fixed transmitter distance (WTS) radiates ultrasound beams... Agent:

20140216159 - Method and arrangement for determining and/or monitoring the state of a roller bearing: In a method for determining and/or monitoring the state of a roller bearing wherein during the operation of the roller bearing a sensor signal in the form of a sound emission signal is detected in a frequency band in the ultrasonic range, according to an embodiment of the invention shock... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140216160 - Device for the non-destructive inspection of a test object by means of ultrasound, method for operating such a device and method for the non-destructive inspection of a test object by means of ultrasound: The present invention relates to a device for the non-destructive testing of a test object by means of ultrasound. The device comprises a control unit provided for driving a phased array ultrasonic test probe and a display. The control unit is configured to operate the phased array test probe in... Agent: Ge Sensing & Inspection Technologies Gmbh

20140216161 - Capacitive ultrasonic transducer: e

20140216162 - Sensor for high pressure processing of articles: A pressure sensor device and its use for confirming achievement of a selected pressure in a high pressure process (HPP) for sanitizing food is disclosed. The device includes at least a base and a sheet, each of which is substantially impermeable to the working fluid of the HPP and is... Agent:

20140216163 - Pressure sensor and method for producing a pressure sensor: A pressure sensor (1) is specified, comprising a housing (2), a membrane (3), which forms with the housing (2) a chamber (4) closed off toward the outside, and a filling opening (6) for filling the chamber (4) with a fluid medium (5). The filling opening (6) is closed by means... Agent: Epcos Ag

20140216164 - Manometer: A manometer comprises a manometer body with an indicating scale with graduated markings of pressure units and a safety vent, a plunger with a annular groove and a tinted O-ring a cap mount, a primary box spring and an auxiliary box spring. By means of the tinted O-ring and the... Agent:

20140216165 - Subsea retrievable pressure sensor: A subsea retrievable pressure sensor for measuring fluid pressure at a well or other subsea fluid system. In one embodiment, a pressure sensor assembly includes a subsea pressure housing, a first pressure sensor, an electrical connector, a first hydraulic connector, and a latching mechanism. The first pressure sensor is disposed... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140216166 - Method for determining the flow rate of fluids using the ultrasonic transit time method: In order to take into account the change in the transmission function of the ultrasonic converters, which change acts as a drift of the measurement variable, the transmission function of the measurement section is determined at least approximately, and at least one ultrasonic transit time is corrected by means of... Agent: Avl List Gmbh

20140216167 - Flow meter with protruding transducers: The invention relates to an ultrasonic flow meter arranged to measure a flow rate of a liquid, the flow meter comprises a flow tube 2, optionally a measurement insert, and two or more ultrasonic transducers 8 which are arranged in transducer inserts 20 to be inserted into the flow tube... Agent: Kamstrup A/s

20140216168 - Flow meter and method for using same: A flow meter is disclosed which comprises a flow pipe for measuring consumption of a fluid passing there-through irrespective of flow direction. The flow pipe comprises a central segment and two edge segments, each located at a different side of the central segment so that the three segments form a... Agent: Gsl Golden Shell Co Ltd.

20140216169 - Guide wire tension loss sensor: Systems and devices are described for measuring tension in a guide wire in a tower service lift for ascending and descending wind turbine generator towers. The present disclosure also describes methods for measuring the tension in the guide wire as well as installing a device for measuring the tension in... Agent: Safeworks, LLC

20140216170 - Systems and methods for monitoring cutting forces in peripheral end milling: Systems and methods for monitoring cutting forces in a peripheral end milling process are disclosed. The systems and methods comprise a sensor module that integrates a thin-film Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) piezoelectric strain sensor and an in situ data logging platform for monitoring such cutting forces. The module, which may be... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20140216173 - Determining torque in a shaft: The present invention relates to an apparatus for determining torque in a shaft, the apparatus comprising an elongate member with a weakened region partway along its length, and means for securing the member to the shaft either side of the weakened region, preferably adjacent each end of the elongate member.... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20140216171 - Load measurement of the load receiver of hoisting devices: Device for determining the force of an operational arrangement acting on a load receiver, wherein the load receiver is arranged movably relative to a component of the operational arrangement, wherein sensor means are provided, determining the force acting on the load receiver, wherein transmission means are provided, which wirelessly transmit... Agent:

20140216172 - Device and method for determining a bearing preload: A device for determining a bearing preload of a rolling-element bearing includes an exciter configured to be attachable to a component of the rolling-element bearing and to excite the component of the rolling-element bearing and cause it to vibrate when the rolling-element bearing is not rotating, at least one vibration... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20140216174 - Force sensitive touch sensor: A force sensitive touch sensor (100) is provided. The sensor (100) comprises an insulating support layer (101) and an electrically conductive sensor structure (102). The electrically conductive sensor structure (102) comprises a piezoresistive material and is configured to provide a resistance varying in response to a force being applied to... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20140216175 - Sensor for measuring pressure and/or force: So as to provide a further embodiment of a sensor for pressure or force measurement as indicated, which allows improved detection of static and dynamic effects, a further measuring assembly (4, 7) that is based on a different physical measuring principle for static pressure and/or force measurement is proposed for... Agent: Piezocryst Advanced Sensorics Gmbh

20140216176 - Device for extracting at least one gas contained in a circulating fluid: The device comprises an apparatus (75) including a sampling sleeve (80) fixed around a sampling opening (53) provided in the duct (25) and a sampling head (81), introduced in the sampling sleeve (80) to be submerged in the circulating fluid, the sampling head (81) defining at least one fluid sampling... Agent: Geoservices Equipements

20140216177 - Method and system for formation and withdrawal of a sample from a surface to be analyzed: A method and system for formation and withdrawal of a sample from a surface to be analyzed utilizes a collection instrument having a port through which a liquid solution is conducted onto the surface to be analyzed. The port is positioned adjacent the surface to be analyzed, and the liquid... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20140216179 - Microchip and channel structure for the same: A microchip includes a channel permitting a sheath liquid to flow therethrough; and a microtube for introducing a sample liquid into a laminar flow of the sheath liquid flowing through the channel; wherein liquid feeding is performed in the condition where a laminar flow of the sample liquid introduced through... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140216178 - Test apparatus of gases: A test apparatus of gases is provided for transmitting gases in a plurality of gas tubes to a test tube for testing, the test apparatus including a test main body, a cover plate and a connecting component for selection. The test main body includes a container tank; gases inside the... Agent: Jusun Instruments Co., Ltd.

20140216180 - Method for extracting impact time in golf swing: A method for extracting impact time in a golf swing includes acquiring at least one chronological waveform among chronological waveforms of an angular velocity about x-axis, an angular velocity about y-axis, and an angular velocity about z-axis obtained when a golf ball is hit by a golf club attached with... Agent: Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

20140216181 - Acute medical particulate testing device: An acute medical particulate testing device for determining particle shed from a medical device during implantation. The device includes a closed loop system through which a solution is forcibly passed. An inlet port allows a catheter-mounted medical device to be incorporated into the flow loop. At least one tortuous passage... Agent: Dynatek Labs, Inc.

07/31/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140202227 - User calibratable sensors: An user calibratable environmental sensors for providing a solution for environmental monitoring sensors to be calibrated by users through a simple interface whereas previously such calibration, if possible depending on hardware, could only be achieved by doing it through a factory calibration requiring the user to send his sensors back... Agent:

20140202228 - Compensating for frequency change in flowmeters: Motion is induced in a conduit that contains a fluid. The motion is induced such that the conduit oscillates in a first mode of vibration and a second mode of vibration. The first mode of vibration has a corresponding first frequency of vibration and the second mode of vibration has... Agent: Invensys Systems, Inc.

20140202229 - Systems and method for gyroscope calibration: A mechanism by which a MEMS gyroscope sensor can be calibrated using data gathered from other sensors in a system incorporating the MEMS gyroscope sensor is provided. Data gathered from an accelerometer and a magnetometer in fixed orientation relative to the gyroscope is used to calculate changes in orientation of... Agent:

20140202230 - A friction testing positioning device: A friction testing positioning device (10) comprises a first wheel (12) rotatably mounted around a first axis (14) at a first end section of a transmission arm (16), said transmission arm (16) being pivotably mounted around a second axis (18), at least one second wheel (20) rotatably mounted around a... Agent: Asft Industries Ab

20140202231 - Method and apparatus for determining at least one evaluation parameter of a blood sample: The present invention provides a method for determining at least one evaluation parameter of a blood sample, comprising the following steps: providing (S4) at least one blood gas parameter; providing (S5) at least one hemostasis parameter; and determining (S6 . . . S10″) the at least one evaluation parameter as... Agent:

20140202232 - Monitoring of the functionality of a converter of a breath analysis apparatus: A device for the gas analysis of a gas mixture includes a converter configured to convert a first gas component into a target gas component, a sensor system configured to detect the target gas component or another component of the gas mixture after the conversion by the converter, and an... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140202233 - Gas analysis device and contamination detection method used in same: In order to make it possible to sensitively detect adsorptive gas even in the presence of a small amount of contamination that significantly influences adsorptive gas measurement, a gas injecting mechanism that injects adsorptive injection gas into a flow path through which sample gas is flowed, a gas measuring mechanism... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

20140202234 - Sample cleaning element for gas analyzer: In one example, a sample gas analyzer includes a sample cell configured to receive a gas sample, a sample tube including a passageway that is in communication with the sample cell, and an intake portion. A cleaning element is disposed between, and arranged for fluid communication with, the sample tube... Agent: Campbell Scientific, Inc.

20140202235 - Cartridge filter robustness testing: A method includes providing at least one filter element in a test rig. The at least one filter element separates a clean side from a dirty side within the test rig. The pressure differential between the clean side and the dirty side is measured. The pressure differential between the clean... Agent: Bha Altair, LLC

20140202236 - Maintaining a measurement gap in a rheometer: A rheometer includes a drive shaft, a drag cup motor for rotating the drive shaft, a first measuring object supported by the drive shaft, a second measuring object, a linear position sensor, and processing and control electronics. The linear position sensor includes a target (e.g., an aluminum target) mounted to... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140202237 - Method of analyzing a petroleum reservoir: A method of evaluating a gradient of a composition of materials in a petroleum reservoir, comprising sampling fluids from a well in the petroleum reservoir in a logging operation, measuring an amount of contamination in the sampled fluids, measuring the composition of the sampling fluids using a downhole fluid analysis,... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140202238 - Determining concentrations of components of a mixture: Systems and methods for determining concentrations of components of a multiphase fluid. A first flowmeter receives a fluid flow and generates measurements of the fluid flow. After at least partially separating the fluid flow into mixtures of its components, second and third flowmeters generate measurements of the mixtures. A data... Agent: Invensys Systems, Inc.

20140202239 - Bond evaluation using piezochromic fluorescence: A composite bonded structure with integral stress sensing and bond evaluation system incorporates a bonded structure having a first component, a second component and a layer of adhesive bonding the first and second components. The layer of adhesive includes multiple embedded fluorescing particles which emit a first spectral intensity in... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140202240 - Flow velocity and acoustic velocity measurement with distributed acoustic sensing: A well flow velocity measurement method can include transmitting an acoustic signal through at least one fluid composition in a well, detecting velocities of the acoustic signal in both opposite directions along an optical waveguide in the well, the optical waveguide being included in a distributed acoustic sensing system, and... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140202241 - Liner top test tool and method of use: An exemplary embodiment of the liner top test tool comprises a mandrel that is coupled to a sealing assembly, which contains at least one radially extendable sealing element, and a test tool support which is axially displaceable in relation to the mandrel. The test tool support contains at least one... Agent: Group 42, Inc.

20140202242 - Downhole tool for determining laterals: The present invention relates to a downhole tool (1) for determining laterals in a borehole wall (3) or a borehole casing (4), comprising a tool housing (5) extending along a longitudinal axis (6) and having a circumference perpendicular to the longitudinal axis and adapted to be lowered into a well,... Agent: Welltec A/s

20140202243 - Sump pump system with automated system monitoring and data collection: A method of operation analysis of operation of a plurality of sump pumps located at various, separate locations. A plurality of sensors are respectively associated therewith. Each sensor sensing at least one operation condition. A plurality of location communication devices are respectively associated therewith. A master communicating device is located... Agent: Pumpspy Technology, LLC

20140202244 - Sensor device and method of locking sensor device components: The present invention refers to a sensor device and associated method of locking sensor device components. In some aspects of the invention, a housing assembly comprises a housing case for an exhaust gas temperature probe sensor device that can be used to lock one or more traversing studs and form... Agent: Harco Laboratories, Inc.

20140202245 - Piezoelectric device with a package including a convex part: A piezoelectric device includes: a piezoelectric vibrating reed; and a package, wherein the piezoelectric vibrating reed has a vibrating part and first and second supporting arms extending from a base end part, the package has a base, a lid, a cavity defined by the base and the lid, a convex... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140202246 - Sensor with a single electrical carrier means: A sensor having at least one sensor element (1), at least one signal processing element (2), and a housing (7) which has at least one fastening means. An electrical interface is provided for electrically connecting the sensor. The sensor has an electrically and mechanically connecting carrier means (4) on which... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20140202247 - Laser source unit and photoacoustic image generation apparatus: A laser source unit obtains Q switch pulse oscillation with a simple structure while continuously switching a plurality of wavelengths. A laser source unit emits pulsed laser beams with a plurality of different wavelengths. A flash lamp radiates excitation light to a laser rod. A pair of mirrors face each... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140202248 - Impact detection and acoustic emission data processing: A method and apparatus for processing measurements of an acoustic wave, the acoustic wave being within a member (12) made of a composite material and caused by an impact to the member (12), the method comprising: analysing the measurements to detect an initial acoustic wave feature; analysing the measurements to... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140202249 - Sensor positionig with non-dispersive guided waves for pipeline corrosion monitoring: An ultrasonic sensor assembly for testing a pipe includes a first and second transducer rings attached to the pipe and spaced apart along a length of the pipe. The first transducer ring includes a plurality of transmitters for transmitting a wave, such as a non-dispersive guided wave. The first transducer... Agent: General Electric Company

20140202250 - Ultrasonic testing method and ultrasonic array probe: An array probe 3 is provided with an array probe body 32 having a plurality of transducers 31 linearly arranged. The array probe is provided with a vibration insulating member 4 that is installed onto a transducer surface 33 to absorb the vibrations of the transducer surface, and an installation... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140202251 - Test apparatus and a method of testing: An apparatus for testing a test specimen, the apparatus comprising a first fixture comprising a first mounting filament tensionably secured thereto, a second fixture comprising a second mounting filament tensionably secured thereto, and a vibratory energy source adapted to apply vibrational energy to the test specimen. In use the test... Agent:

20140202252 - Vibration generator moving vibrator by magnetic field generated by coil and vibrator-mounted holder used in vibration-generator: A vibrator-mounted holder is attached to a casing of a vibration generator which moves a vibrator to generate a vibration when used. The vibrator-mounted holder includes a vibrator, a vibrator retention unit retaining the vibrator, a fixing unit fixed to a casing, and an arm. The vibrator includes a magnet... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20140202253 - Optical sensor: An optical sensor is disclosed for measuring pressure and/or temperature. The optical sensor is adapted for use in high temperature environments, such as gas turbines and other engines. The optical sensor comprises an optical assembly having a sensor element, a spacer and a lens arranged along the optical axis. The... Agent: Oxsensis Ltd

20140202254 - Integrity monitor for reference cavity of capacitance diaphragm gauge: A system and method detect the presence of an unacceptable quantity of gas molecules in the reference vacuum cavity of a capacitance diaphragm gauge (CDG). An independent pressure transducer has an active portion exposed to the reference vacuum cavity. The transducer includes a ring anode, a cylindrical inner wall surface... Agent:

20140202255 - Fluid pressure sensor: In a fluid pressure sensor with a pressure sensing membrane and an electronic circuit, the electronic circuit is in a section realized so thin that a membrane is formed in this section of the electronic circuit. In the other sections, the electronic circuit is realized thicker than in the section... Agent: Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.

20140202256 - Systems and methods for determining strength of cylindrical structures by internal pressure loading: In one embodiment, an apparatus, includes: a mandrel; an expansion cylinder, comprising: opposite first and second ends; an inner circumferential surface extending between the ends and characterized by an inner diameter, the inner circumferential surface defining a hollow cavity; an outer circumferential surface extending between the ends and characterized by... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20140202257 - L-shaped sealing ring: An L-shaped sealing ring comprising two legs connected with one another to form an L-shape in cross section. A length of a first leg is part of a lateral surface of revolution about an axis of the L-shaped sealing ring. The first leg lies between the first length and the... Agent: Endress + Hauser Flowtec Ag

20140202258 - Ultrasonic measurement device and a method for operating the same: A method for operating an ultrasonic device comprising a first and second ultrasonic transducers, includes driving the first and second transducers at a driving frequency such that the first and second transducers generate a first and a second signals, respectively. The method also includes sensing the second signal at the... Agent:

20140202259 - Detection device, electronic apparatus, and robot: A detection unit includes a sensor that detects the presence of force and a force component separation mechanism that separates the magnitude and the direction of the force and a control unit that controls the detection action of the force component separation mechanism based on the detection result of the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140202261 - Piezoeletric sensing element and torque sensor assembled with the same: A piezoelectric sensing element includes a ring type piezoelectric device, two ceramic structural adhesives, two electrode sheets, two structural adhesives, a ring type sheet, and a disk-shaped cylindrical ceramic sheet. The two ceramic structural adhesives, respectively located above and below the ring type piezoelectric device. The two electrode sheets, respectively... Agent: Chung-yuan Christian University

20140202262 - Torque-measuring hub, power-measuring system, cycle wheel equipped with such a hub or system, and measuring method using such a hub: A hub for measuring the driving torque of a cycle wheel, the hub including a central shaft defining an axis of rotation of the wheel, and a hub body mounted to rotate freely about the shaft, the hub body including a central portion bordered on both sides by respective flanges,... Agent: Mavic S.a.s.

20140202263 - System for real-time deflector monitoring and related methods: A real time deflector monitoring system related to a deflector used in a seismic survey system is provided. The system includes a bridle block configured to connect the deflector to a first rope. The system further includes sensors embedded in the bridle block and configured to measure strength and direction... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140202260 - Pressure sensor using mems resonator: A pressure sensor including: a MEMS resonator; a sweeping unit which sweeps a frequency of an excitation signal in a predetermined direction of sweeping, over a predetermined frequency range including a resonance frequency f0 of a vibrator in the MEMS resonator, while outputting the excitation signal to the MEMS resonator;... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140202264 - Personal items network, and associated methods: A personal items network, comprising a plurality of items, each item having a wireless communications port for coupling in network with every other item, each item having a processor for determining if any other item in the network is no longer linked to the item, each item having an indicator... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140202265 - Method for embedding a biological sample in a transparent matrix for analysis using single plane illumination microscopy: The invention is directed to method for positioning and aligning a preferably biological sample in the detection area of the objective of a microscope arrangement. According to the invention, the method mentioned above has the following method steps: a sample is introduced into a transparent medium, preferably agarose gel, which... Agent: Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh

20140202266 - Material sampling device: The invention provides material sampling devices and methods of using the material sampling devices. In a general aspect, the material sampling device includes a material sampling device including a rotator, an auger, and a sample containment tube. The rotator includes a rotating mechanism. The auger is attached to and... Agent:

20140202267 - Methods of attaching a module on wafer substrate: Aspects of the present disclosure describe an attachment device for mounting a module to a substrate comprises a module leg with two ends and a module foot. One end of the module leg is configured to be attached to a bottom surface of the module and the other end of... Agent: Kla - Tencor Corporation

20140202268 - Method and system for providing an assembly of an amount of used plastic material and an information carrier carrying quality data of the amount: Method for providing an assembly of an amount of used plastic material and an information carrier carrying data of at least one quality property of the amount of used plastic material, wherein providing the data of the at least one quality property comprises at least once: providing a predetermined amount... Agent: Wavin B.v

20140202269 - Test head manipulator: A test head manipulator system comprising a base structure, a main arm unit configured to support a test head and to be moved relative to the base structure, an actuator having a range of motion of L, and an enhancement mechanism positioned between the main arm unit and the actuator... Agent: Intest Corporation

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20140196519 - Method for measuring amount of particulate matter accumulated in an exhaust gas purification filter: A measurement method capable of accurately evaluating the trapped amount of particulate matter (PM) accumulated in a diesel particulate filter (DPF) is provided. The method for measuring the amount of accumulated particulate matter comprises propagating ultrasonic waves generated by a transmitter 3 provided directly to the DPF or outside a... Agent:

20140196520 - Micro discharge devices, methods, and systems: Micro discharge devices, methods, and systems are described herein. One device includes a non-conductive material, a channel through at least a portion of the non-conductive material having a first open end and a second open end, a first electrode proximate to a first circumferential position of the channel between the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140196521 - Detection of diesel exhaust fluid contamination: A method for detecting contamination in diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) used in a selective catalytic reduction process is disclosed. The method may include providing a plurality of temperature sensors arranged along a fluid column within a tank containing the DEF to be tested. The method may further include detecting a... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140196522 - Apparatus and associated methods: An apparatus including first and second sensor elements, the first sensor element includes a first sensor material. The second sensor element includes a second sensor material. The first sensor material is configured such that an electrical property of the first sensor material is dependent upon the temperature of the environment... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140196523 - 5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-6-[n,n-bis[(2-thienyl)ethyl]] amino-1-naphthol, and preparing method and use thereof: The present disclosure relates to 5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-6-[N,N-bis[(2-thienypethyl]]amino-1-naphthol, a method for preparing the same, and use of 5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-6-[N,N-bis[(2-thienypethyl]]amino-1-naphthol as a reference compound for determining an impurity in rotigotine or a preparation thereof.... Agent: Shandong Luye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

20140196524 - Pipe containing a metal casing with a plastics material inlay for use in low and high pressure applications, in particular as an hplc column: A chromatography column comprises a pipe that contains a tubular metal casing with an inlay and sealing ring. The inlay is configured as a plastics material tube and is pushed or drawn into the metal casing and a sealing ring of plastics material is connected to the inlay at the... Agent: Moller Medical Gmbh

20140196525 - Sensor device for detecting moisture on a pane: In a sensor device for detecting moisture on a pane comprising at least one transmitter which emits light which is reflected at the pane and received by at least one receiver, an optical system is provided between the transmitter and the receiver, which brings about a multiple reflection between the... Agent: Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.

20140196526 - Diagnostic method for a refueling event detection system: A method for diagnosing the performance of a refueling event detection system for a vehicle is provided. The method includes the steps of a) determining a fuel change amount based on a difference of an indicated fuel amount and a previously indicated fuel amount, b) determining a consumed amount of... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20140196527 - Method for diagnosing a low pressure exhaust gas recirculation system of an internal combustion engine and device for carrying out the method: A method and device for diagnosing a low pressure exhaust gas recirculation system (LPEGRS) of an internal combustion engine having an intake area for supplying fresh air which includes in succession in the flow direction a first section having a low pressure in which an air mass flow sensor is... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140196528 - System and method for detecting clutch-related faults in an automatic transmission: A fault diagnostic method for an automatic transmission may include monitoring an operating state of a trim system configured to selectively supply clutch engagement pressure and exhaust to at least one clutch control valve, determining an expected operating state of the trim system based on current operating conditions of the... Agent:

20140196529 - System and method for sensing and managing pothole location and pothole characteristics: The present invention provides a system and method for sensing and managing pothole locations and pothole characteristics. An additional aspect of the present invention is to provide a system that may acquire, fuse, and analyze pothole sensing data from several sources to identify potholes in need of maintenance or repair.... Agent:

20140196530 - Tyre pressure monitor: A tyre pressure monitor for the paired wheels at one end of a vehicle axle in the form of a hub which bolts to the wheel using the wheel nuts. The hub contains a tyre pressure gauge for the inner wheel and a gauge for the outer wheel. Air tubes... Agent: Castaa Enterprises Pty Ltd.

20140196531 - External tire pressure gauge, mounting structure associated therewith, and handling tool thereof: An external tire pressure gauge mounting structure includes a base and a cap; the base and cap are locked together to provide an internal mounting space; the mounting structure also includes a gear, a cushion ring and a locking member; the gear is fixed on the base and has teeth;... Agent: Steelmate Co., Ltd.

20140196532 - Apparatus and method for obtaining formation fluid samples utilizing a sample clean-up device: In one aspect, a method of obtaining a fluid from a formation is disclosed that in one embodiment may include: pumping fluid received by a first probe from the formation into the wellbore; pumping fluid received by a second probe from the formation into the wellbore; determining when the fluid... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140196533 - Method of measurement of gluten content in a sample of flour: The present invention relates to a method for measuring the gluten content in a flour sample. The method includes preparing the flour, sifting it, and adding water, then pre-hydrating with water in a pre-hydrating mixer for a few seconds, until a sphere cohesive material (SCM) is obtained. Then, the sphere... Agent:

20140196534 - Metering system and method for aerosol delivery: An apparatus for metering the delivery of an aerosol. The apparatus has a variable acoustic source and a microphone, both acoustically coupled to a volume having a fluid region and an air region. The apparatus may also include a processor to determine a volume of the air region based on... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140196535 - Extended length flow conditioner: A flow conditioner includes 1) a single disk comprising an array of holes and having an outer ring of holes, and 2) a section extending longitudinally from an outer circumference of the disk and comprising bores that at least partially follow the contour or pattern of the outer ring of... Agent: Canada Pipeline Accessories, Co. Ltd.

20140196536 - Three-mode sensor for determining temperature, level, and concentration of a fluid: A three-mode ultrasonic sensor for determining temperature, level, and/or concentration of a fluid. In one embodiment, the sensor includes a target positioned at a level; a controller, and a transducer electrically connected to the controller. The controller is configured to generate an ultrasonic signal, to receive a reflection of the... Agent: Ssi Technologies, Inc.

20140196537 - Integrated measuring apparatus for measuring vapor pressure and liquid level of liquid tank: A technique for measuring vapor pressure and liquid level of a volatile liquid contained in a tank. An integrated measuring apparatus sequentially measures vapor pressure and differential pressure by use of a single pressure sensor and a switching valve which switches between paths for measurement of the vapor pressure and... Agent: Auto Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140196538 - Liquid pressure meter, liquid level meter, and warning system: A liquid level meter includes: an exterior portion having an internal space which a liquid to be measured flows in; and a pressure sensitive portion provided inside the exterior portion and having a pressure sensitive surface; wherein the exterior has holes that it is arranged on each of a vertically... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140196539 - Interchangeable cases for biometric monitoring devices: A biometric monitoring device and multiple carrying cases for same are provided. In some implementations, the case may be made from a flexible viscoelastic material and the biometric monitoring device may be slipped into a receptacle in the case through an opening in the case; the opening may become distended... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140196540 - Two-axis vertical mount package assembly: Vertical mount package assemblies and methods for making the same are disclosed. A method for manufacturing a vertical mount package assembly includes providing a base substrate having electrical connections for affixing to external circuitry, and providing a package having a mounting region configured to receive a device therein. Flexible electrical... Agent: Analog Devices, Technology

20140196541 - Sensor, sensor unit, and method for producing a sensor unit: A sensor includes a sensor element configured to measure a physical variable. At least one elastic damping element is configured to damp external interfering vibrations. The at least one elastic damping element is configured to electrically and/or mechanically contact the sensor element.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140196542 - Physical quantity sensor, electronic device, and moving object: A physical quantity sensor includes an element piece including a movable weight and movable electrode portions which are provided to extend from the movable weight; fixed electrode portions which are provided in a first direction in which the element piece is displaced, with a gap d1 interposed therebetween; and fixed... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140196543 - Scanning acoustic microscope with an inverted transducer and bubbler functionality: A scanning acoustic microscope includes a transducer mounted in a cup below a particular elevation capable of producing ultrasonic energy and a coupling fluid source disposed below the particular elevation, which is configured to introduce coupling fluid into the cup. Ultrasonic energy is directed upwardly through coupling fluid disposed between... Agent: Sonoscan, Inc.

20140196544 - Object information acquiring apparatus: An object information acquiring apparatus disclosed by this specification includes a detector configured to detect a photoacoustic wave generated from an object on which light is irradiated from a light source, a generator configured to generate, using the photoacoustic wave, an image indicating characteristic information in a photographing region in... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140196545 - Pressure measuring instrument and substrate processing apparatus provided with the pressure measuring instrument: There is provided a pressure measuring instrument including: a detecting unit including the reference pressure chamber therein and formed in a cylindrical shape, the diaphragm being disposed inside the detecting unit; a communicating unit for providing communication between the diaphragm and the measurement pressure chamber, and formed in a circular... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140196546 - Pressure sensor: A pressure sensor is claimed for measuring the pressure of a fluid. The pressure sensor comprises two or more half bridges, an analog-to-digital converter, a microcontroller, an output generator, and one or more redundancy circuits. Each half bridge comprises two resistive pressure sensing elements (RSPE) electrically coupled to the analog-to-digital... Agent: Transducers Direct LLC

20140196547 - Deployable ultrasonic flow meter that is inserted through a gate valve slot, method and apparatus: A frame that is inserted into a gate valve slot which accesses a channel through which fluid flows so an ultrasonic flowmeter can measure the fluid flow through the channel. The frame includes a first arm axle that fits into the slot. The frame includes a first ultrasonic transducer in... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140196548 - Torque measuring vise and notification system and method of using same: A torque measuring vise, including a body for operatively supporting one or more movable clamping members defining a clamping axis for releasably securing an object; one or more sensors disposed about the torque measuring vise; and an electronic circuit in communication with the one or more sensors for producing one... Agent:

20140196549 - Cascade impactor: The invention relates to low flow rate cascade impactors for sampling aerosols, notably but not limited to pharmaceutical aerosols. The impactor stages serve as both orifice plate and collecting cup, simplifying collection and analysis. The impactor is designed to operate at flow rates approximating the inspiratory flow rates of young... Agent:

20140196550 - Systems and devices for sample handling: A system for processing samples by a robotic platform has a tray that defines a well defining a drain. The well has a bottom surface, an access port in fluid communication with the drain, and an insert adapted to be received in the well. The insert has a bottom wall... Agent: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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