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Measuring and testing

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12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140352396 - Plausibility check of a sensor signal: In a method for checking the plausibility of sensor signals, a first sensor element detects at least one first physical quantity and outputs it as a first sensor signal, and a second sensor element detects a second physical quantity correlated with the first physical quantity and outputs it as a... Agent:

20140352397 - Optical fluid analyzer with calibrator and method of using same: A fluid analyzer for a downhole tool positionable in a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation is provided. The fluid analyzer includes an optical sensor positioned in the downhole tool to receive a downhole fluid therefrom. The optical sensor includes an optical cell to measure properties of the downhole fluid in... Agent:

20140352398 - Device and method for checking an assembly wrench: A method for checking an assembly wrench, having an integrated angular measuring device, includes: fixing the assembly wrench in a rotatable fixing device; activating the angular measuring device integrated in the assembly wrench; rotating the fixing device by at least one specified angle; reading off the angle of rotation measured... Agent:

20140352399 - Method of in line verification of a flow meter: A method of in line verification of a flow meter installed in a flow line by means of one or two ultrasonic clamp on flow meters to be installed in line with the flow meter uΔcomprising a preparatory phase, during which a virtual pipe diameter is determined, which if it... Agent:

20140352400 - Transducer-including devices, and methods and apparatus for their calibration: Embodiments of packaged transducer-including devices and methods for their calibration are disclosed. Each device includes one or more transducers, an interface configured to facilitate communications with an external calibration controller, a memory, and a processing component. The external calibration controller sends calibration commands to the transducer-including devices through a communication... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140352401 - Orifice system: The invention relates to an orifice system, especially for flow measurements in pipes, comprising a hinged member being adapted to be moved between two positions, the first position essentially covering the pipe cross section, and a second position into a recess outside the pipe cross section, wherein the hinged member... Agent: Roxar Flow Measurement As

20140352402 - Fill level measuring device: Fill level measuring device having a control unit, which contains a high-frequency generator for generating a transmission signal, an amplifier, an amplifier and an evaluation unit, and a spatially remote probe, which contains a measuring impedance, a reference impedance, a first rectifier and a second rectifier, as well as a... Agent: Ifm Electronic Gmbh

20140352403 - Centrifuge mems stiction test system and method: A system for testing a device under a high gravitational force including a centrifuge with a rotating member and method of operation thereof. An operating power can be applied to a device, which can be coupled to the rotating member. The system can include a rotational control that can be... Agent: Mcube Inc.

20140352404 - Exhaust gas sampling apparatus: The present invention is one that downsizes an exhaust gas sampling apparatus such as a CVS as well as uniforming temperature of diluted exhaust gas passing through a flow rate controller such as a critical flow venturi, and has a casing formed with a gas introduction port for introducing the... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

20140352405 - Microparticle detection system: A particulate detection system (1) for detecting the amount of particulates S in a gas under measurement EG includes a detection section (10), a drive circuit (210, 240), and a drive control section (225). The detection section includes a first potential member (31, 12, 13) maintained at a first potential... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20140352406 - Gas chromatograph apparatus: A gas chromatograph having a column which separates respective components contained in a gas sample introduced via a carrier gas over time, wherein an analysis mode and a standby mode can be switched and executed. The gas chromatograph apparatus comprises: a carrier gas flow path, a column protection gas flow... Agent:

20140352407 - Canister status determination: A method and apparatus are disclosed for determining status of a canister of a topical negative pressure (TNP) system. The method includes the steps of monitoring pressure provided by a pump element of the TNP system, determining at least one characteristic associated with the monitored pressure and determining status of... Agent:

20140352408 - System and method for diagnosing a field device: A diagnostic system and method for a pressure regulator in a process plant is provided. The diagnostic apparatus includes a processor operatively coupled to the pressure regulator; a memory operatively coupled to the processor; and a sensor operatively coupled to an inlet valve of the pressure regulator, an exhaust valve... Agent:

20140352409 - Device for detecting leaks in packages: A device for detecting leaks or weaknesses in a flexible package. The device includes a first member having a non-conductive surface, a second member secured in a position adjacent the first member, and a control system. The second member has an electrically conductive first portion and an electrically conductive second... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20140352410 - Sequential aliqoting and determination of an indicator of sedimentation rate: A device is disclosed for centrifugally driving liquid flow to sequentially dispense aliquots from a reservoir while the device rotates. Also disclosed is a method and system for analysing a liquid to derive an indicator of sedimentation rate of the liquid using sequential aliquoting, using the disclosed device in some... Agent:

20140352411 - Nebulizer for charged aerosol detection (cad) system: A nebulizer for a charged aerosol detection (CAD) system is disclosed. The nebulizer is provided with a spray emitter for generating a spray of droplets within a central region of a spray chamber. The central region is separated from an upper region by a horizontally projecting rib, which defines a... Agent: Dionex Corporation

20140352412 - Method and apparatus for measurement and control of process parameters: A method and apparatus for measurement and control of parameters are described. The method comprises the steps of: taking a sample from each of a plurality of samplings points in a controlled sequence, the sample having a sample volume; transferring the sample volume to an instrument measurement cell according to... Agent:

20140352413 - Moisture transmission testing instrument: Disclosed herein is a moisture transmission testing instrument of measuring moisture transmission of an electronic material, the moisture transmission testing instrument including: a moisture supplying part having an opened upper portion and having water stored therein; a sample support part stacked on the moisture supplying part so as to be... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140352414 - Misfire detection system of internal combustion engine: When ignition is retarded in an internal combustion engine, an engine misfire detection system calculates a difference between combustion-time engine torque produced when combustion takes place in the engine, and expansion torque corresponding to non-combustion-time engine torque produced when the engine rotates without causing combustion, at intervals of a predetermined... Agent: Nippon Soken, Inc.

20140352415 - Measuring plug: Disclosed is a pressure-measuring plug (100) for a combustion engine comprising a hollow plug body (102), a housing (110) attached to a distal end (102D) of the plug body (102), electronic components (116) arranged in the housing (110) and a sensing module (104) arranged in the hollow plug body and... Agent:

20140352416 - Device and method for fault detection in a fuel supply system of a motor vehicle: Method for error detection in a fuel-supply system includes determining (s410) a prevailing operating status in the engine (280), determining (s415) whether the determined operating status corresponds to a predetermined operating status, which operating status is regarded as stationary; continuously determining (s420) a progression in the fuel-supply pressure (P_rail) during... Agent:

20140352417 - Device for measuring undulation of brake disc in railway wheel with brake discs: A device for measuring undulation of a brake disc in a railway wheel with brake discs includes a wheel support supporting a hub's bore of the railway wheel; a first displacement gauge for measuring a height displacement of the brake disc frictional surface for one round to follow rotation of... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140352418 - Method and specimen for testing braking in tires: A subscale test cylinder for testing tire performance characteristics, wherein the cylinder comprises components found in a tire sidewall to be simulated, wherein the components consist of cords, sidewall compounds and beads.... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140352419 - Tread thickness measuring method: The invention provides a tread thickness measuring method for accurately measuring the tread thickness from a belt surface located in an outermost position in a tire to the tread surface by an ultrasonic measurement irrespective of the material of the belt. The method includes the steps of spraying the same... Agent:

20140352420 - Monitoring device for tyres for vehicle wheels, tyre for vehicle wheels provided with said monitoring device, and method for installing an electronic unit in said tyre: A monitoring device for tyres for vehicle wheels includes: an electronic unit; a connecting member configured for constraining the electronic unit to a tyre, the connecting member including: a first and a second base portion, mutually separated by a separated region, each of the base portions having a respective base... Agent: Pirelli Tyre S.p.a.

20140352421 - Flow through test cell: An apparatus for preparing and testing a sample of a subterranean formation, the apparatus comprising a pressure cell defining an interior volume, the pressure cell comprising a first end member comprising a channel formed therein, a second end member, a wall member positioned between the first end member and the... Agent:

20140352422 - Sensor pod housing assembly and apparatus: A sensor pod housing assembly for placement within a borehole includes a housing, a selectively operable first hydraulic actuator supported by the housing and adapted to act in a first direction and a selectively operable second hydraulic actuator supported by the housing and adapted to act in a second direction... Agent:

20140352423 - Operating a high accuracy thermal anemometer flow meter in gas stream containing liquid droplets: A method is provided to operate a thermal anemometer flow meter to measure a property of a stream. The method includes measuring a first heat loss to the stream from operating at a first DeltaT above a temperature of the stream, measuring a second heat loss to the stream from... Agent:

20140352424 - Airflow measuring apparatus: Airflow measuring apparatus compring: sub-passage that takes in part of flow of fluid flowing through an intake pipe; sensor element that is disposed in the sub-passage to measure the flow of fluid; a circuit part that converts the flow of fluid detected by the sensor element into an electric signal;... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140352425 - High accuracy level transducer: A level transducer has a power supply module, a tuning fork module, a sensing-phase corrector and a controller. The tuning fork module has a tuning fork, at least one piezoelectric driving element, and at least one piezoelectric sensing element. The at least one piezoelectric driving element and the at least... Agent: Finetek Co., Ltd.

20140352427 - Apparatus for determining and/or monitoring at least one process variable: An apparatus for determining and/or monitoring at least one process variable of a medium in a container and comprises an oscillatable unit for introduction into the container, a housing, wherein the oscillatable unit is connected with the housing in such a manner that the oscillatable unit closes the housing terminally,... Agent:

20140352426 - Ultrasound level transmitter: A filling level transmitter includes a sound-conducting tube and a filling level sensor. The filling level sensor has: a housing including a ceramic substrate and a metal lid soldered to the substrate, an ultrasonic transceiver arranged in the housing and having a sound-outputting region, the ultrasonic transceiver being connected by... Agent:

20140352429 - Electrostatic capacitance fluid level sensor: In an electrostatic capacitance fluid level sensor including fluid level detection electrode plates mounted on conductive pins mounted on a hermetic terminal, a fluid level detection part mounted on the hermetic terminal has a detection unit including two electrodes, electrically insulating spacers fixing a positional relationship between the electrodes, and... Agent:

20140352428 - Liquid property detecting device: A liquid property detecting device may be configured to be disposed in a liquid feeding unit including a container, a pump, and a feed pipe. The liquid property detecting device may comprise a first pair of electrodes and a filter. The first pair of electrodes may be configured to be... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140352430 - Inertial force sensor: An inertial sensor includes oscillating-type angular velocity sensing element (32), IC (34) for processing signals supplied from angular velocity sensing element (32), capacitor (36) for processing signals, and package (38) for accommodating angular velocity sensing element (32), IC (34), capacitor (36). Element (32) and IC (34) are housed in package... Agent:

20140352431 - Multiaxial micro-electronic inertial sensor: A resonator micro-electronic inertial sensor, preferably a micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) sensor (e.g. a gyro), for detecting linear accelerations and rotation rates in more than one axis comprises: a proof-mass system (21.1, 21.4) flexibly suspended above a substrate for performing a rotational in-plane vibration about a central axis (24,) a drive... Agent:

20140352432 - Accelerometers: The invention provides for an accelerometer comprising a proof mass within a fixed substrate wherein the proof mass is connected to the substrate by one or more v-beams. Acceleration is determined by measuring the deflection of the v-beam or beams.... Agent:

20140352433 - Micromechanical sensor: A micromechanical sensor comprising a substrate (5) and at least one mass (6) which is situated on the substrate (5) and which moves relative to the substrate (5) is used to detect motions of the sensor due to an acceleration force and/or Coriolis force which occur(s). The mass (6) and... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products Gmbh

20140352434 - Extended-range closed-loop accelerometer: A microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) accelerometer with extended operational capabilities beyond a closed-loop saturation. The present invention combines the closed-loop feedback signal and the measured proof-mass position into a hybrid acceleration measurement, which effectively provides an operating range equal to the traditional closed-loop operating range plus the sensor's mechanical open-loop range.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140352435 - Acoustic transducer assembly for a pressure vessel: A transducer assembly includes an acoustic sensor element and an acoustic waveguide. The acoustic waveguide includes a rotatable acoustic coupler, a tube, and a foot. The foot has a mounting surface that is mountable on a fluid conduit. A circuit assembly couples to acoustic sensor element and provides a diagnostic... Agent:

20140352436 - Monitoring temperature variation in wedge of phased-array probe for weld inspection: A coupling wedge for use with a ultrasounic phased array inspection system has a body with a bottom side configured to face the object to be tested and a front side generally oriented at an angle to the bottom side and a top side to be coupled with a phased... Agent:

20140352437 - Ultrasonic measuring device, ultrasonic image device, and method for processing ultrasonic image: An ultrasonic measuring device including: an ultrasonic transducer device; an emission unit for emitting an ultrasonic beam; a reception unit for receiving an ultrasonic echo reflected by a test subject; and a processing unit for processing reception, wherein the processing unit identifies a transfer function with respect to the ultrasonic... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140352439 - Device and system for ultrasonic inspection: This disclosure describes embodiments of a probe assembly and an inspection system for ultrasonic inspection. Designs for the probe assembly package components to fit into a bore of a hollow target. These designs may incorporate electronics to generate waves and to detect a wide selection of anomalies (e.g., transversal crack,... Agent: General Electric Company

20140352438 - Device for ultrasonic inspection: This disclosure describes embodiments of a probe device that can replace the multiple probes now required to perform inspection of hollow targets. These embodiments can generate acoustic waves as both shear waves and compression waves. Moreover, configurations of the probe devices below can direct the acoustic waves across an angular... Agent: General Electric Company

20140352441 - Method and apparatus for examining a value document: A method for checking a value document of a specified value-document type has a window which has a foil region. The measurement values for an ultrasound transmission of the value document are established in a spatially resolved manner, and it is checked while employing the measurement values whether for a... Agent:

20140352440 - Ultrasonic sensor with bonded piezoelectric layer: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus related to an ultrasonic sensor for detecting ultrasonic energy. In some implementations, the ultrasonic sensor includes a piezoelectric receiver layer bonded with an adhesive to an array of pixel circuits disposed on a substrate, each pixel circuit in the array including at least... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20140352443 - Pipe wall thickness measurement: A method of measuring a wall thickness of a pipe can include optically detecting vibration of the pipe, and computing the wall thickness of the pipe, the computing being based at least partially on the optically detected vibration. Another method of measuring a wall thickness of a pipe can include... Agent:

20140352442 - Vibration detection system based on biconical tapered fiber and the method thereof: A vibration detection system comprises a light source, a biconical tapered fiber comprising a biconical fiber taper and a detector is disclosed. The emission light emitted by the light source is directed to the biconical tapered fiber in one side. A detector is coupled to the other end of the... Agent:

20140352444 - System for acquiring a vibratory signal of a rotary motor: A method and a system for acquiring a vibratory signal for troubleshooting a rotary motor, including: an input receiving a temporal vibratory signal of the motor and at least one current rotational speed of at least one shaft of the motor, and a sampling mechanism sampling the temporal vibratory signal... Agent: Snecma

20140352445 - Pressure sensor: A microelectromechanical pressure sensor structure comprises a planar base, side walls and a diaphragm plate, attached to each other to form a hermetically closed gap that provides a reference pressure. The diaphragm plate extends along a planar inner surface on top of the side walls, and has an outer surface... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140352446 - Pressure sensor structure: A microelectromechanical pressure sensor structure that comprises a planar base and side walls and a diaphragm plate. The side walls extend circumferentially away from the planar base to a top surface of the side walls. The planar base, the side walls and the diaphragm plate are attached to each other... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140352448 - All electric piezoelectric finger sensor (pefs) for soft material stiffness measurement: A PEFS (Piezoelectric Finger Sensor) acts as an “electronic finger” capable of accurately and non-destructively measuring both the Young's compression modulus and shear modulus of tissues with gentle touches to the surface. The PEFS measures both the Young's compression modulus and shear modulus variations in tissue generating a less than... Agent: Drexel University

20140352447 - Double-side-coated surface stress sensor: A double-side-coated surface stress sensor includes a sensing membrane structure portion where at least two ends opposite each other are fixed on a mounting portion; a receptor layer that coats both surfaces of the sensing membrane structure portion; and an element detecting a stress, which is provided in the vicinity... Agent: National Institute For Materials Science

20140352449 - High strain dynamic load testing procedure: A method is provided for using low-overhead equipment to perform a dynamic load test on pipe piles of a deep pile foundation for an existing building. The existing building is lifted to a predetermined elevation above grade and cribbing stacks are positioned to support the existing building at the predetermined... Agent:

20140352450 - Method for determining a machining result during surface machining of components: A method for determining a machining result during surface machining of components, has the following method steps of: providing a component, applying at least one device, which changes under pressure, to the component, machining the surface of the component provided with the at least one device, evaluating the machining operation... Agent: Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd. & Co Kg

20140352451 - Apparatus and method for load testing a coupon: An apparatus for load testing a coupon may include a test frame and a pair of spaced apart load balancing assemblies connected to the test frame, each load balancing assembly of the pair of load balancing assemblies including a load leveling mechanism connected to the test frame and a plurality... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140352452 - Systems and methods for materials testing: Systems and methods for materials testing are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a system for materials testing comprises a communication interface coupled to testing hardware, an electronic user interface for facilitating the input of production requirements and a specification, and a display device for displaying results of tests conducted on... Agent:

20140352453 - Flowmeter: Flowmeter for a fluid, comprising a duct unit which forms the ducts of the flowmeter, the duct unit having a plurality of ducts in a measurement region, and at least one measuring device being arranged in one of these ducts, the duct unit comprising a dividing device with one or... Agent: Hydrometer Gmbh

20140352454 - Measuring transducer of vibration-type with four curved measuring tubes: The measuring transducer comprises: a transducer housing (71), of which an inlet-side, housing end is formed by means of an inlet-side, flow divider (201) having four flow openings (201A, 201B, 201C, 201D) and an outlet-side, housing end is formed by means of an outlet-side, flow divider (202) having four flow... Agent: Endress + Hauser Flowtec Ag

20140352455 - Sample extracting, diluting and discharging device: A tube for extracting, diluting and discharging a sample: able to control the amount of discharged diluted solution in the tube, after the sample has been diluted; that improves the hygienic conditions of discharging the sample; that enables introduction of a predetermined amount of a sample in any liquid or... Agent:

20140352456 - Guided retrieval for rfid-tracked biological and other samples: A storage system for storing samples, such as frozen biological samples in RFID-tagged vials. The storage system has a plurality of lowest-level containers, such as sample boxes; a plurality of mid-level containers, such as shelves and racks; and a highest-level container, such as a mechanical freezer. Each lowest-level container receives... Agent:

20140352457 - Electronic device and method for testing button function: An electronic device includes a storage unit, a pressing apparatus, a processing unit, and a button unit having a number of buttons. Identification (ID) information of each of the buttons and a predetermined signal corresponding to each of the buttons are stored in the storage unit. When a control signal... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140352459 - Drive device, electronic component carrying device, electronic component inspection device, robot hand, and robot: A drive device includes plural moving portions, piezoelectric motors that move the moving portions, at least one drive circuit that drives the piezoelectric motors, and a connection/disconnection portion that connects and disconnects the piezoelectric motors and the drive circuit. The number of drive circuits is fewer than the number of... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140352458 - Method and device for monitoring integrity of wooden posts: Method and Device for Monitoring Integrity of Wooden Posts A device (10) for monitoring the integrity of a wooden post (40) comprises an outer sleeve (11), a moveable pin (12), driving means (24) and indicating means (50). The outer sleeve (11) is adapted to be mounted in a pre-formed recess... Agent:

20140352461 - Method for producing a sensor, and sensor: The invention relates to a method for producing a sensor. In the method, a sensor element having an IC is pre-overmolded to produce a preform, wherein the preform is designed in such a way that the preform can accommodate electrical contacts for the sensor having various dimensions and/or in various... Agent:

20140352460 - Probe needle and probe module using the same: A probe needle includes a head, a tail and a body connected between the head and the tail and provided with a first flat section curvedly extending from the head towards the tail for providing sufficient deformation when the tail is pressed on a device under test, and a second... Agent: Mpi Corporation

11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345357 - Torque calibrating system: Generally, the subject matter disclosed herein relates to torque calibrating systems. A torque calibrating system includes a torque arm having a first end and a second end, a stem positioned proximate the first end of the torque arm, the stem adapted to be removably and operatively coupled to a power... Agent:

20140345358 - Acceleration compensation of load sensors: In a mechanical test system, a method of compensating for acceleration induced load error in a load sensor in a mechanical communication with a component comprises measuring an acceleration of the component to obtain an acceleration measurement. A load sensor measures a force applied by the mechanical test system to... Agent:

20140345359 - Gauge artefact and method for checking a coordinate positioning machine: This invention concerns a gauge artefact including a base for mounting on a table of a coordinate positioning machine and a platform including at least two portions having a nominally identical geometric property. The platform is locatable relative to the base in at least two positions such that each of... Agent:

20140345360 - Apparatus for evaluating dynamic forces: In an apparatus for determining the level of dynamic force required to cause damage to an electronic device, the electronic device may be placed beneath a ram assembly of a dynamic impact testing device. The dynamic impact testing device has a selection of a plurality of different types of tip... Agent:

20140345361 - Sensor element with air pressure measurement: Please replace the abstract on file with the abstract as shown on the attached replacement sheet.... Agent:

20140345362 - Particulate matter sensor unit: A particulate matter (PM) sensor unit may include an exhaust line where exhaust gas passes, and a PM sensor that may be disposed at one side of the exhaust line and that generates a signal when particulate matter included in the exhaust gas passes the vicinity thereof, wherein the PM... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

20140345363 - Method and measuring apparatus for determining physical properties of gas: A method for determining physical properties of combustion including: flowing a gas a critical nozzle and past a microthermal sensor wherein the mass flow of the gas through the critical nozzle is the same as the mass flow through the microthermal sensor; measuring the pressure drop in a reservoir of... Agent:

20140345364 - Apparatus and method for detecting hazardous substance on a surface of an object: An apparatus and a method for detecting hazardous substances on a surface of an object are provided. The apparatus for detecting hazardous substances on a surface of an object comprises: a conveyer belt (1) for conveying an object, a capture device (6) provided to match the conveyer belt (1), wherein... Agent:

20140345365 - Headspace sample: A headspace sampler includes: a sample gas collection channel whose one end communicates with a needle; a pressure gas introduction channel and an exhaust channel that communicate with the other end of the channel in parallel via a branching pipe; a pressure control device that delivers pressure gas to the... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140345366 - Pipeline leak detector: The pipeline leak detector is a mobile device having one or more pressure sensor arrays for travel within a fluid pipeline for leak detection in the pipe wall. The sensor array(s) is positioned close to the internal surface of the pipe wall, and rotates circumferentially about the surface of the... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20140345367 - Pipeline leak detector: The pipeline leak detector is a mobile device having a pressure sensor array for travel within a fluid pipeline for leak detection in the pipe wall. The sensor array is positioned close to the internal surface of the pipe wall and rotates circumferentially about the surface of the pipe wall... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20140345368 - Dripless, permanent sealing assembly for container: An embodiment provides a permanent sealing assembly for a container, such as a reagent bottle. The permanent sealing assembly allows for drip-less reagent container exchange for liquid analysis instruments. The permanent sealing assembly may be integrated into a container, such as a reagent bottle, and provides an outflow tube that... Agent: Hach Company

20140345369 - System and method for measuring viscosity using particle transit time in resonant microfluidic channels: A method for measuring a the viscosity of a fluid in a microchannel including steps of introducing a fluid containing particles to the microchannel, causing the fluid to flow through the microchannel by a applying a pressure drop, measuring a transit time of one or more particles through the microchannel,... Agent: Affinity Biosensors, LLC

20140345370 - Devices, systems and methods for analyzing fluid streams: Certain embodiments described herein are directed to systems and methods that can be used to analyze species in a fluid stream. In some configurations, a sorbent tube effective to directly sample aromatics and/or polyaromatics in a fluid stream is described.... Agent: Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

20140345371 - Sample injector for liquid chromatography, particularly for high performance liquid chromatography: A sample injector for liquid chromatography includes an injection valve having a waste port, two sample loop ports, and two high-pressure ports. One high-pressure port can be connected to a pump and the other high-pressure port can be connected to a chromatography column. A sample loop is connected to one... Agent:

20140345372 - Managing fluidic connections to microfluidic devices: A system (e.g., a chromatography system) includes a rotor, a microfluidic device, a rotor driver, a clamping mechanism, and control electronics. The rotor defines a plurality of first fluid-conveying features. The micro fluidic device defines one or more channels and a plurality of second fluid-conveying features, in fluid communication with... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140345373 - Fuel consumption measuring instrument: An instrument that directly measures a flow rate and air-fuel ratio of exhaust gas, and from the flow rate and air-fuel ratio of the exhaust gas, calculates fuel consumption measures the fuel consumption at high response speed and with high accuracy. The instrument is provided with: an ultrasonic flowmeter 2... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

20140345374 - Torque sensor system: A torque sensor system is provided, which comprises a frame supporting a first shaft and a second shaft. The first shaft comprises a first connector that is connected to second connector comprised by the second shaft so that a torque is transmittable via the first and second connectors from the... Agent:

20140345375 - Enhanced reference line tank calibration method and apparatus: A system for measuring the volume of a tank, including an optical device that emits a laser beam adjacent to a surface of the tank, and a magnetic trolley selectively moveable along the surface of the tank and configured to be remotely controlled by an operator. The magnetic trolley has... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20140345376 - Power delivery system for providing power to sensor head of paper machine or other system: An apparatus includes a chassis configured to move back and forth along multiple rails. The apparatus also includes electrical contacts configured to form electrical connections to the rails. The apparatus further includes a power converter/conditioner configured to receive power from the rails via the electrical contacts and to convert the... Agent:

20140345377 - Level transmitter: A filling level transmitter for measuring a filing level of a liquid includes: a filling level sensor having: an ultrasonic transceiver configured to emit ultrasound, and sensor electronics; a sound-conducting tube having two reflectors spaced apart from one another, the first reflector being configured to deflect ultrasound emitted by the... Agent:

20140345378 - Method for operating a rate-of-rotation sensor: In a method for operating a rotation rate sensor including a substrate and a seismic mass, the seismic mass is driven in a drive direction in parallel to the main extension plane of the sensor to carry out a drive movement, and, during a rotation of the rotation rate sensor,... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140345379 - Microgyroscope for determining rotational movements about three spatial axes which are perpendicular to one another: A micro gyroscope for determining rotational movements about three spatial axes x, y and z, which are perpendicular to one another has a substrate (I) on which a plurality of masses (2, 3) oscillating tangentially about the z axis, which is perpendicular to the substrate (I), are arranged. The oscillating... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Gmbh

20140345380 - Active lateral force stiction self-recovery for microelectromechanical systems devices: A mechanism for recovering from stiction-related events in a MEMS device through application of a force orthogonal to the stiction force is provided. A small force applied orthogonal to the vector of a stiction force can release the stuck proof mass easier than a force parallel to the vector of... Agent:

20140345381 - Motion rate sensor: A motion rate sensor for detecting the rate of movement of an article, comprising: a housing relative to which, in use, the article moves, a detection unit disposed within the housing, the detection unit including a conversion device adapted for generating detector signals caused by the motion of the article,... Agent:

20140345382 - Container security system: A container handling system may include force sensors and acceleration sensors to be attached to a container handling device, an electronics unit of the system, an oscillation device and the software, user interfaces, encrypted and wireless data transmission traffic, ID cards/readers as well as identifier number keyboards of the system.... Agent:

20140345383 - Device and method for testing the quality of a display substrate: A method and device for testing the quality of a display substrate are provided to detect whether the substrate has been broken. The device comprises an ultrasonic emitter and an ultrasonic receiver, both of which are set on the side opposite to the processing area, and it further comprises an... Agent:

20140345384 - Generator retaining ring scanning robot: A system and method for the inspection of cylindrical components using an ultrasonic transducer assembly. The system and method comprise a robot disposed on a track secured about the circumference of the cylindrical component and adapted to carry the ultrasonic transducer along the track to inspect the component. A computer... Agent: Veracity Technology Solutions, LLC

20140345385 - Acoustic wave detection probe and photoacoustic measurement apparatus provided with the same: An acoustic wave detection probe includes a light projection section that emits measuring light to be projected onto a subject, an acoustic wave transducer disposed adjacent to the light projection section and capable of detecting an acoustic wave, an acoustic lens provided on a detection side of the acoustic wave... Agent:

20140345386 - Medical tubing installation detection: This disclosure relates to detecting fluid in medical tubing. In certain aspects, a method is performed by a data processing apparatus. The method includes controlling repetitive activation of the ultrasonic transmitter. The method also includes receiving a signal from the ultrasonic receiver during an activation of the ultrasonic transmitter. The... Agent:

20140345387 - Automatic sonic/ultrasonic data acquisition system for evaluating the condition and integrity of concrete structures such as railroad ties: An automatic sonic/ultrasonic data acquisition system for collecting data from concrete railroad ties. The system has a frame, a wheel carried by the frame and constructed and arranged to rotate relative to the frame such that the wheel can roll along the top of a rail, an axle suspended from... Agent:

20140345388 - Detecting broadside acoustic signals with a fiber optical distrubuted acoustic sensing (das) assembly: A distributed fiber optic acoustic sensing system comprises an elongate body having an outer surface, an optical fiber disposed on the outer surface at a first predetermined wrap angle, and light transmitting and receiving means optically connected to the fiber for. The elongate body may include at least one substantially... Agent:

20140345389 - Sensor water freeze protector: Apparatus that detects the pressure of water that can move through a water channel (26) towards and away from a pressure sensor (22), wherein the apparatus is constructed to avoid damage from freezing water. The water channel is constructed with a narrow channel portion (40) and a wide channel portion... Agent:

20140345390 - Flowmeter and method: p

20140345391 - Flow meter device: A measurement control section of a flow meter device causes a measurement block dividing section to divide a sampling cycle Tc into three or more, for example, four measurement blocks Tb of an equal length and causes the flow measuring section to measure the flow of a fluid in each... Agent:

20140345392 - Yoke unit, yoke unit manufacturing method, torque detection device, and electric power steering device: A yoke unit includes a first yoke, a second yoke, and a resin section. The first yoke includes multiple first magnetic pole teeth. The second yoke includes multiple second magnetic pole teeth. The first magnetic pole teeth and the second magnetic pole teeth are arranged alternately. The resin section makes... Agent:

20140345393 - Tension gauge apparatus and systems and methods for measuring belt tension: A return container for a sensor device and methods of forming a sensor device return container are disclosed. Generally, the apparatus may include a deflecting blade, a handle, and an indicator. The deflecting blade has a shaft and planar portion extending from respective ends. The planar portion can be placed... Agent:

20140345394 - Portable soil testing apparatus and method: A portable soil testing apparatus and method including a device to mix a soil sample in a cup with water to create a slurry, immersing a sensor in the slurry to detect a soil property and recording the soil property along with location information. The soil testing apparatus includes a... Agent:

20140345395 - Testing system for testing a portable electronic device: A testing system includes a base, a frame installed on the base, a platform, a first driving mechanism, a second driving mechanism, a locating component, a third driving mechanism and a control unit. Two guiding tracks and a sliding component which slides along the two guiding tracks are disposed under... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140345396 - Monitoring device and method for monitoring a movement profile of a user in the region of an actuating element of an aircraft or spacecraft: A monitoring device for monitoring a movement profile of a user in the region of an actuating element of an aircraft or spacecraft, having at least one movement sensor which is configured to detect a first monitoring space of the monitoring device and at the same time a second monitoring... Agent:

20140345397 - Scanning sensor arrangement for paper machines or other systems: A system includes a frame having multiple separate supports and multiple flexible rails. Each support is configured to be secured in a position apart from another support, and each flexible rail is configured to be coupled to the supports and placed under tension. The system also includes a sensor head... Agent:

11/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140338419 - Torque wrench capable of correcting torque and torque correction method thereof: A torque wrench includes a mechanical structure and an electronic structure. The mechanical structure includes a tubular body, a flexible rod, an abutment member, an elastic member, a trip mechanism, an adjustment mechanism and a mechanical scale indication mounted in the tubular body for indicating the set torque of the... Agent: Kabo Tool Company

20140338420 - Method of determining a calibration or maintenance time interval: A method of determining a calibration or maintenance time interval, comprising the steps of: determining a criticality of the specific device, based on the criticality setting a reliability target for the device, wherein the reliability target denominates the probability of the device to be compliant according to a predefined criterion... Agent: Endress + Hauser Messtechnik Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140338421 - Device for testing pressure sensors for internal combustion engines: The invention relates to a device for testing pressure sensors for internal combustion engines, comprising a pressure chamber, which has an inlet opening, an outlet opening, and a test opening for receiving a pressure sensor to be tested, a valve for opening and closing the inlet opening, and a valve... Agent:

20140338422 - In situ heated oxygen probe with intrinsically safe output: An in situ oxygen analyzer having an intrinsically-safe output and a heated probe is provided. The probe is extendable into a source of process gas and has an oxygen sensor and heater disposed therein. The heater is configured to heat the oxygen sensor to a temperature sufficient to operate the... Agent: Rosemount Analytical Inc.

20140338423 - Acoustic sensor: An acoustic sensor includes a side wall, closed at each end by an end wall, to form a substantially cylindrical cavity, a transmitter and a receiver operatively associated with first and second respective end walls. Properties of the relative dimensions of the cavity are configured to create a desired oscillatory... Agent:

20140338424 - Gas sensor: Disclosed is a gas sensor having a metal shell, a holder placed in the metal shell and a sensor element inserted through an axial insertion hole of the holder. The holder has a recessed portion recessed toward the rear from a front end face of the holder. The sensor element... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20140338425 - Purification of air: Process of reducing water, CO2 and N2O in feed air, which: a first adsorbent such as alumina (25-40% volume) and a second adsorbent such as X zeolite (60-75% volume) are used; the online time of the adsorbent is determined by determining the concentration measured by an analyser for CO2 concentration... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals Inc.

20140338426 - Exhaust gas analysis system, exhaust gas collecting device and exhaust gas leak detecting method: An exhaust gas analysis system of the present invention includes: an exhaust gas collecting device for collecting exhaust gas from an exhaust pipe; and exhaust gas analysis equipment for analyzing the exhaust gas. The exhaust gas collecting device includes: an exhaust gas collecting part which is provided at an exhaust... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

20140338427 - Leak test method and leak test apparatus: A leak test method includes: reducing first pressure in an inspection space in a work and second pressure in a space in a master chamber; humidifying the inspection space in the work; and detecting a change in differential pressure between the inspection space in the work and the space in... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140338428 - Water leak early detection system and method: An early leak-detection warning system is disclosed, including an early leak-detection device having a processor operably configured to execute instructions for monitoring a reservoir for a potential undetected leak. The early leak-detection device determines a rate of water loss for the reservoir; determines an expected rate of water loss for... Agent:

20140338429 - Method of separation of lipid and biological molecular species using high purity chromatographic materials comprising an ionizable modifier: The present invention provides methods of separating, profiling and analyzing molecular species contained within a biological sample using a high purity chromatographic material (HPCM) comprising a chromatographic surface wherein the chromatographic surface comprises a hydrophobic surface group and one or more ionizable modifiers with the proviso that when the ionizable... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140338430 - Automated system for handling components of a chromatographic system: An automated system for handling components of a chromatographic system, comprising: one or more trap columns each having sorbent material therein; a robotic system for moving a trap column from a storage position to an operating position where the trap column is connected in a liquid pathway along which solvent... Agent: Proxeon Biosystems A/s

20140338431 - Methods for injecting samples in liquid chromatography, particularly in high performance liquid chromatography: A sample injection method for liquid chromatography is performed with an injection valve having a waste port, two sample loop ports, and two high-pressure ports. One high-pressure port can be connected to a pump and the other high-pressure port can be connected to a chromatography column. A sample loop is... Agent:

20140338432 - Methods of separating lipids: The invention provides novel, simple, reliable and effective methods for separating various lipids from biological samples. In certain embodiments, the invention provides HILIC-based UHPLC separation methods. In one embodiment, the methods of the invention offer an efficient and rapid separation of ether glycophospholipids (e.g., plasmalogens) from their diacyl or monoacyl... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140338433 - Method for detecting detonation phenomena in an internal combustion engine: A method for detecting the development of detonation phenomena in an internal combustion engine (1) which includes determining the variance (σi) of each combustion taken into account for a given cylinder (2) and in a given engine point as a function of the comparison between the detonation energy (μi) of... Agent:

20140338434 - Adaptive soot mass estimation in a vehicle exhaust after-treatment device: A method of estimating a total amount of soot in a diesel particulate filter includes monitoring a pressure differential across the diesel particulate filter; monitoring an engine speed and an engine load from an engine in fluid communication with the diesel particulate filter; determining a first soot mass estimate from... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140338435 - Holding jig and pressure loss measuring device: A holding jig has a tubular jig base member, and a tubular expansion/contraction member disposed on an inner peripheral surface side of the tubular jig base member. Both end sides of the tubular expansion/contraction member are fixed to both end sides of the tubular jig base member along the whole... Agent:

20140338436 - Automated steering centering assembly: An automated vehicle steering centering assembly for a centering process for marking a center of a steering column includes a housing connected to a robotic arm for movement therewith. A drive mechanism is mounted to the housing. A chuck is rotatably connected to the drive mechanism. The chuck includes a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140338437 - Tire uniformity through identification of process harmonics using re-indexed partial uniformity waveforms: Systems and methods for improving tire uniformity include identifying at least one candidate process harmonic and corresponding period. A set of uniformity waveforms is then collected for each test tire in a set of one or more test tires. To provide better data for analysis, the collection of waveforms may... Agent:

20140338438 - Downhole flow measurements with optical distributed vibration/acoustic sensing systems: A method of verifying a substance interface location during a cementing operation can include optically measuring vibrations caused by substances flowing across structures distributed along a wellbore, the vibrations being caused at each structure, and the vibrations changing at each structure as the interface displaces across the structure. A method... Agent:

20140338439 - Method and apparatus for determining fluid flow characteristics: A measurement device is configured in a shaped charge package to be utilized in a perforating gun section tool string. The measurement device may include for example thermal conductivity detectors (TCD) configured to measure fluid flow velocity and/or thermal characteristics of the flowing fluid. The measurement device may include for... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140338440 - Electronic archery apparatus: In one aspect, an apparatus is configured for inclusion in an arrow when the arrow is shot from a bow where the apparatus includes a processor configured to process data generated during a flight of the arrow and determine information concerning a performance of at least one of the bow... Agent: Full Flight Technology, LLC

20140338441 - Apparatus and methods for the launch and recovery of craft from and to a host ship: A system and method for determining and displaying the suitability of water conditions in a zone for the launch or recovery of a smaller craft (10) from or to a host ship (12) is disclosed. The system and method detect one or more external environment parameters such as the height,... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140338444 - Fill level sensor for detecting the fill level of a liquid in a container: A fill level sensor for detecting the fill level of a liquid in a container includes an ultrasonic transceiver, an inner tube for arrangement inside the container, the inner tube being arranged above the ultrasonic transceiver such that a liquid present in the container forms a liquid column in the... Agent:

20140338442 - Ultrasonic liquid level sensing systems: Embodiments of the present invention provide an ultrasonic probe having an increased number (e.g., twelve) of ultrasonic sensors for measuring the level of liquid within a sealed container. The ultrasonic probe includes a neck tube that enables the ultrasonic probe to be used with existing, standardized container fittings despite having... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20140338443 - Ultrasonic liquid level sensing systems: Embodiments of the present invention provide an ultrasonic probe having an increased number (e.g., twelve) of ultrasonic sensors for measuring the level of liquid within a sealed container. The ultrasonic probe includes a neck tube that enables the ultrasonic probe to be used with existing, standardized container fittings despite having... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20140338445 - Method of utilizing mobile device to detect emergency and related emergency detecting system: A method of utilizing a mobile device to detect an emergency includes detecting whether the mobile device is carried by a user; detecting an acceleration status of the mobile device when the mobile device is determined to be carried by the user; and determining whether the user is in the... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140338446 - Linear encoder: A linear encoder includes a scale; a frame in which the scale is held, the frame having an opening that extends in a longitudinal direction of the frame; and a pair of elongated dustproof members arranged to face each other in the opening. At least a part of each dustproof... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140338447 - Sensor apparatus and associated systems and methods: Exemplary embodiments are directed to sensor apparatuses for attachment to an animal that include a housing and a sensor assembly. The housing can be attachable to the animal and includes an internal cavity formed therein. The sensor assembly can be disposed within the internal cavity of the housing. The sensor... Agent: Accelerenz Limited

20140338448 - Physical quantity sensor and method of manufacturing physical quantity sensor: A pressure sensor includes a socket portion and a nut portion which are integrally molded with resin, a screw portion which is tightly fixed to a side wall of an opening in a concave part of the nut portion by adhesive, and a sense element which is fixed to the... Agent:

20140338449 - Fault detection using skewed transducers: A vibratory gyroscope is provided comprising a plurality of secondary pickoff transducers which are each sensitive to the secondary response mode, wherein: at least two of the secondary pickoff transducers comprise skew transducers designed to be sensitive to the primary mode which produce an induced quadrature signal in response thereto.... Agent: Atlantic Inertial Systems Limited

20140338450 - Acceleration sensor: An acceleration sensor having a substrate and a seismic mass; the acceleration sensor has a main extension plane and includes a spring device, via which the substrate and the seismic mass are connected, such that in an acceleration in a detection direction that runs perpendicular to the main extension plane,... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140338451 - Sensor element, electronic apparatus and moving object: A sensor element includes: a detection electrode section; a movable body that is provided to face the detection electrode section; and a protruding section that is provided in a region where the detection electrode section is provided in a plan view of the detection electrode section seen in a vertical... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140338452 - Tri-axial mems accelerometer: A tri-axial MEMS accelerometer includes a top cap silicon wafer and a bottom cap silicon wafer coupled with a measurement mass. The measurement mass has a two level structure, each level having an inner frame coupled to an outer frame by a plurality of first elastic beams, a mass coupled... Agent: Chinese Academy Of Sciences Institute Of Geology And Geophysics

20140338453 - Porosity inspection system for composite structures with non-parallel surfaces: A method and apparatus for inspecting a composite structure. A thickness profile of a portion of a region of a composite structure is identified. The region has a cross-section with non-parallel surfaces. An estimated thickness for a location within the region and outside of the portion is identified using the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140338454 - Apparatus for and a method of improved timing control for non-destructive testing and inspection: A pulse generation circuit and method includes using digital signals to trigger a first and second varying analog signals and detecting when they reach one or more reference levels. In response to the first and second varying analog signals reaching one or more reference levels, a first and a second... Agent:

20140338455 - Ultrasound probe and method of producing the same: An ultrasound probe comprises: a backing material; a plurality of inorganic piezoelectric elements arranged on a top surface of the backing material; a first acoustic matching layer separated into a plurality of pieces disposed on the plurality of inorganic piezoelectric elements; and a second acoustic matching layer separated into a... Agent:

20140338456 - Ultrasonic detection method and ultrasonic analysis method: Ultrasonic detection methods are disclosed. The method includes providing an ultrasonic detection system having a transmitting phased array device and a receiving phased array device. A phased array wave is transmitted through a revolutionary body from the transmitting phased array device to the receiving phased array device, thereby obtaining ultrasonic... Agent: General Electric Company

20140338457 - Method and apparatus for checking a value document: There is described a method for checking a value document of a specified type for the suspected presence of a forgery, in particular of a pieced-together forgery, wherein at least one ultrasonic property of the value document is captured in a spatially resolved manner so as to form location-dependent measuring... Agent:

20140338458 - Triboelectric generators and sensors: A triboelectric power system includes a triboelectric generator, a rechargeable energy storage unit and a power management circuit. The rechargeable energy storage unit is associated to the triboelectric generator. The power management circuit is configured to receive an input current from the triboelectric generator and to deliver an output current... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20140338459 - Differential pressure sensor: A differential pressure sensor comprises a cavity having a base including a base electrode and a membrane suspended above the base which includes a membrane electrode, wherein the first membrane is sealed with the cavity defined beneath the first membrane. A first pressure input port is coupled to the space... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140338460 - Micromechanical component, manufacturing method for a micromechanical component and method for mounting a micromechanical component: A micromechanical component having a sensor chip is described, on and/or in which at least one sensor element is disposed, and a cladding, formed of an injection-molding material, encloses the sensor chip in such a way that at least one partial area of a surface of the sensor chip is... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140338461 - Material strain measurement method by means of laser ablation: A fastener strain measurement system employs a probe incorporating a laser emitter to provide a laser beam and an acoustic detection device. A system controller is configured to detect an acoustic wave resulting from the ablation created by the laser beam and calculate fastener strain based on the detected acoustic... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140338462 - Stress-detecting element, sensor module, and electronic apparatus: A stress-detecting element includes a support body, a support film, a first piezoelectric element, first and second elastic parts. The support body has an opening part with first and second rectilinear sections extending parallel to each other. The support film blocks off the opening part. The first piezoelectric element straddles... Agent:

20140338463 - Analysing load bearing members: A method of analysing a load bearing member (12), comprises providing the load bearing member in a condition in which it is secured to a formation with a securing assembly (14). A predetermined load is applied to the load bearing member, thereby stressing the securing assembly. A signal is transmitted... Agent: Strainsonics Limited

20140338464 - Valve meter assembly and method: A valve meter device, assembly, and method is disclosed including a housing defining at least one inlet opening and at least one outlet opening and a channel connecting the openings, the at least one inlet opening having an inlet end and the at least one outlet opening having an outlet... Agent:

20140338466 - Flow meter assembly, gate assemblies and methods of flow measurement: The present invention provides an acoustic flow meter assembly (2) for pipes or open channels, said assembly including a frame (24) with a predetermined geometry. The frame has at least one user accessible port (36-42) with the at least one user accessible port (36-42) adapted to receive an interchangeable cartridge... Agent: Rubicon Research Pty Ltd.

20140338465 - Flow meter with ultrasound transducer directly connected to and fixed to measurement circuit board: An ultrasound flow meter unit arranged to measure a fluid flow rate is provided, where the unit comprises a circuit board 502 which comprises an electronic circuit, a first ultrasound transducer 506 and a first conducting path 564 electrically connected to first ultrasound transducer and the electronic circuit, wherein the... Agent: Kamstrup A/s

20140338467 - Multi-channel flow sensing: A multi-channel flow sensing system typically includes first and second flow-sensing transducers arranged in each channel. A data acquisition system is coupled to the first and second transducers of each of the channels. The data acquisition system is arranged to transmit and/or receive a sensing signal from at least one... Agent:

20140338468 - Numerical control device having function of estimating expiration of life of bearing supporting spindle: A numerical control device determines whether or not a spindle is in a cutting state where it machines a workpiece. If the spindle is in a cutting state, the numerical control device calculates a second rotational speed, which is obtained by multiplying a rotational speed of the spindle by a... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140338469 - Load sensor: A load sensor includes a vibrator, a drive electrode provided at the vibrator, a drive circuit that supplies, to the drive electrode, a drive voltage for vibrating the vibrator, a detection electrode that outputs a current in response to a vibration of the vibrator, and an IV converter that converts... Agent:

20140338471 - Reverberation chamber loading: A method and system for selectively varying the performance of a test chamber are disclosed. According to one aspect, the performance is affected by a variable absorbing structure of the test chamber. The absorbing structure enables selective exposure of absorbing material to achieve a specific performance.... Agent: Ets-lindgren Inc.

20140338470 - Sand and dust environmental testing system: An environmental testing system for environmental testing with particulate matter, such as sand and dust, is disclosed. The testing system uses a feeder to feed precise amounts of particulate matter into an injector, which injects the particulate matter into the airflow leading to a test chamber with approximately the same... Agent: Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation

20140338472 - Apparatus and method for inspecting pipelines: Apparatus and method for inspecting pipeline are provided. The pipeline inspecting apparatus moving along an external circumferential surface of a pipeline to inspect the pipeline, includes: a main frame having an arc shape having an opened portion to surround the pipeline; a main movement unit that is movably installed on... Agent:

20140338473 - Measurement transducer: A measurement transducer having a sensor for converting a physical or chemical variable into an electrical signal which can be further processed, and an electronics unit proximate the sensor, for pre-processing the electrical signal and generating a measurement signal, wherein an evaluation device is connected to the receiver by an... Agent:

20140338474 - Direct visual monitoring method and system for sensing the interior of a rotary mineral mill: A direct visual monitoring system for sensing the interior of a rotary mineral mill which comprises a monitoring unit, a main control unit and an operation and management unit wherein the monitoring unit is located inside a feed hopper and adjusted according to the physical characteristics of said feed hopper... Agent: Sociedad De Innovacion Y Transferencia Tecnologica Limitada

11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331736 - Method for calibrating a trigger unit and cascadable sensor therefor: A method is disclosed for calibrating a trigger unit which is connected via a trigger line to at least two sensors configured to be triggered. Each sensor is connected between two successive line portions of the trigger line. Each sensor has an input and an output, a controllable interrupter between... Agent: Kapsch Trafficcom Ag

20140331737 - Gas application device for gas measuring apparatuses, method for testing gas measuring apparatuses, and calibration measuring apparatus for testing and calibrating gas measuring apparatuses: A gas application device (2) for gas measuring apparatuses (5) has a test chamber device (58) for providing a test gas. A predetermined positive pressure is applied in the line system that connects the test chamber device (58) to one or more test-gas containers (PG) such that a constant test-gas... Agent: Drager Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa A Corporation

20140331738 - Optical switch system for a prover: Apparatus for flow prover precisely measures the volume and the flow rate of a fluid through a cylinder. The prover includes a piston within a cylinder supporting a shaft extending longitudinally through the cylinder, which cylinder receives and discharges the fluid by translation of the piston from the fluid receiving... Agent: Flow Management Devices, LLC.

20140331739 - Method and system for setting offset of oil pressure sensor: A technique for setting offset of a hydraulic pressure sensor which senses operation oil pressure is provided herein. In particular, ignition-off is detected and an ignition-off time point and remaining pressure of the object to be sensed are stored. The remaining pressure is sensed by the hydraulic pressure sensor at... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140331740 - Calibration method for the scale factor of an axisymmetric vibratory gyroscope or gyrometer: The invention relates to gyroscopic instruments. The method for calibrating the scale factor of an angular velocity sensor or an axisymmetric vibratory gyroscope, which method uses a control amplitude signal, a control precessional signal CP and a control quadrature signal CQ for exciting the vibration of a resonator on a... Agent: Innalabs Limited

20140331741 - Electronic device with printed circuit board stress monitoring: An electronic device may contain electrical components mounted on one or more substrates such as printed circuit boards. During a drop event, the printed circuit boards and components may be subjected to stresses. Strain gauges may be formed from metal traces embedded within dielectric layers in the printed circuit boards.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140331742 - Apparatus for monitoring aeration in fluid of hydraulic circuit: An apparatus for monitoring aeration in a fluid of a hydraulic circuit is provided. The apparatus includes at least two measuring units configured to connect at a first location, and a second location of the hydraulic circuit. The measuring units are configured to measure pressure, temperature, and density of the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140331743 - Systems and methods for testing ignition properties of particles: Systems and methods for testing ignition properties of particles in a gas. Systems include a test chamber sized to hold a particle to be tested, a gas supply configured to deliver a gas to the test chamber, a heating device configured to heat the particle, and data acquisition equipment configured... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140331744 - Sample introduction device and method: The present invention relates to an injector for use in gas phase analytical systems and methods comprising a metal housing, provided with a carrier gas inlet, a split outlet, a column outlet of the injector, a sample inlet, a liner, and a heater device comprising at least one coil for... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140331766 - Method for measuring a fluid density or a fluid viscosity: A method and device for estimating a density value ρm indicative of a true density ρ or for estimating a viscosity value ηm indicative of a true viscosity η of a fluid is disclosed. For this, a first resonance frequency fR of a first mechanical oscillator in a reference volume... Agent:

20140331745 - Pipeline leak location using ultrasonic flowmeters: Fluid leaks are identified and located by successively monitoring changes in fluid flow and sound velocities of fluid at a plurality of locations in the pipe with flow meters, such as with ultrasonic flow meters. Preferably the successive monitoring sampling rates are sufficiently high to measure instantaneous velocity changes. A... Agent:

20140331746 - Oil degradation determining device for internal combustion engine (as amended): An EFI-ECU 41 estimates an amount of sludge precursor accumulated in an oil pan 4 based on temperature of an engine 1 and an injection quantity. Particularly, the EFI-ECU 41 calculates an amount of fuel injected in a combustion chamber 7 of the engine 1 per certain detection period including... Agent:

20140331747 - Method for determining and/or monitoring viscosity and corresponding apparatus: A method for determining and/or monitoring the viscosity of a medium, wherein a mechanically oscillatable unit is excited to execute oscillations based on an exciter signal, and wherein oscillations are received from the mechanically oscillatable unit and transduced into a received signal. The eigenfrequency and/or resonance frequency of the mechanically... Agent: Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140331748 - Lateral rollover limit detection system: Provided is a lateral rollover limit detection system which can determine the lateral rollover danger of a structure for which the weight or the weight distribution has not been clarified. A placement board, springs, and detection object are provided as a structure in which the placement board is supported with... Agent:

20140331749 - Pet training pad with diagnostic material to detect wetness: A pet training pad with diagnostic materials to detect wetness includes an impermeable bottom layer, at least one absorbent layer, a wetness indicator, and a permeable top layer. The at least one absorbent layer is connected on to the impermeable bottom layer, and the wetness indicator is positioned on the... Agent: Mednet Direct Corp

20140331751 - Equipment monitoring system: The invention concerns an asset monitoring system (10) having a monitoring unit 8 and a plurality of sensors (4) onboard the asset. The sensors (4) are arranged to measure a plurality of operational variables for the asset in use and the monitoring unit (8) is arranged to receive operational variable... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140331750 - Multi-hole probes and methods for manufacturing multi-hole probes: A multi-hole probe has a kernel that includes a forward surface that includes at least a first, second, and third pressure sensing ports. The multi-hole probe kernel further includes an upper surface, generally orthogonal to the forward surface, and including at least a first, second, and third stem ports. Still... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140331752 - Exhaust aftertreatment system diagnostic and conditioning: An engine diagnostic tool includes a diagnostic engine calibration module structured to include a plurality of diagnostic processes for operating an internal combustion engine system of an immobilized vehicle. One or more of the plurality of diagnostic processes are structured to be an intrusive diagnostic process for the internal combustion... Agent: Cummins Ip, Inc.

20140331754 - Diagnostic system and method for a bearing of a connecting rod: A system for determining a health of bearing associated with a connecting rod is provided. The system includes an oil collector placed proximate to the connecting rod and configured to receive an oil cast off from side thrust surfaces of the connecting rod during movement of the connecting rod. The... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140331753 - System and method for determining a health of a bearing of a connecting rod: A system for determining a health of a bearing associated with a connecting rod is provided. The system includes a sensor associated with the connecting rod and remotely disposed relative to the bearing of the connecting rod. The sensor is configured to generate a signal indicative of a temperature of... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140331755 - Bush component force detection device: A bush component force detection device detects a component force acting on a cylindrical bush inserted into a hole provided in a frame of a vehicle to pivotally support a rod-like member inside thereof. The bush component force detection device includes: an outer ring provided between the bush and the... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140331756 - Bush component force detection device: A bush component force detection device detects a component force acting on a bush which is press-fitted into a hole provided in a frame of a vehicle. The bush component force detection device includes: a cylinder which is inserted into the hole with predetermined space therefrom and has strain gauges;... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140331757 - Bush component force detection device: A bush component force detection device detects a component force acting on a cylindrical bush which is inserted into a hole provided in a frame of a vehicle to pivotally support a rod-like member inside thereof. The device includes: a cylindrical inner ring provided between a bush and a hole... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140331758 - Installation structure for pedal stroke sensor: Disclosed is an installation structure of a pedal stroke sensor configured to measure a displacement of a moving member interworking according to a stepping force of a brake pedal. The pedal stroke sensor provided with a sensing member to sense a change in displacement according to movement of the moving... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140331759 - Tire pressure sensor applicable to different wheel rims: A tire pressure sensor includes a sensor device providing a first mounting hole and a second mounting hole in different angles and adapted for detecting the pressure of a tire at a wheel rim, an air valve mountable in a through hole at the wheel rim to guide the air... Agent:

20140331760 - Methods and apparatus to determine aircraft flight conditions: Methods and apparatus to determine aircraft flight conditions are disclosed herein. An example apparatus disclosed herein includes a gaseous packet generator to generate a gaseous packet adjacent an aircraft. The example apparatus also includes a sensor array disposed on the aircraft to acquire information related to the gaseous packet. The... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140331761 - Air flow measuring device: An air flow measuring device includes a sensor assembly, a thermistor, and an end terminal. The sensor assembly includes a sensor portion and a sensor circuit. The sensor portion and the sensor circuit are integrated with each other and configured to measure an air flow quantity. The thermistor is equipped... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140331762 - Sensor device for detecting a liquid and method therefor: The sensor device serves for detecting the absence or presence of a liquid (1) at the outlet (10a) of a feed line (10) through which there can be fed a feed substance which, when exiting from the outlet, has a pressure (p) in the feed line which has a course... Agent: Rhyton Gmbh

20140331763 - Fuel level measurement using in-tank measuring system: An apparatus for measuring the level of fuel in a fuel tank is disclosed. The apparatus comprises an in-tank measuring system that provides an oscillating output signal generated, for example, by an oscillator such as a multivibrator, where the oscillating output signal has a frequency corresponding to the fuel level.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140331764 - System for measuring a liquid surface level within a storage tank: A measuring system places a plurality of sensor arrays in a lateral enclosure, the sensors being able to measure movement of magnetic floats from which a liquid level can be calculated. The plurality of sensor arrays is serially positioned in the lateral enclosure in order to enable monitoring of the... Agent:

20140331765 - Filling level indicator: A filling level indicator includes a retainer, a bow rotatably supported on the retainer and having a lever arm fastened thereto, a float fastened to the lever arm, and a filling level sensor arranged in the retainer. The filling level sensor has a substrate, a resistance network arranged thereon, a... Agent:

20140331767 - Protective cover for aircraft pitot probes: A protective cover for a pilot probe of an aircraft comprising a first tubular member formed of a rigid material, and a second tubular member formed of a rigid material, and a second tubular member formed of a flexible material including a first ply disposed on an inner side of... Agent: Serias Design LLC

20140331768 - Detecting circuit for fans: A detecting circuit for a number of fans includes a connector module and a controller. The connector module includes a number of connectors. Each connector outputs a first signal or a second signal depending on the connection or non-connection to a fan. The controller receives a speed signal of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140331769 - Mems sensors: A MEMS sensor comprises a vibrating sensing structure formed from a semiconductor substrate layer (50). The semiconductor substrate layer (50) is mounted on a pedestal comprising an electrically insulating substrate layer (52) bonded to the semiconductor substrate (50) to form a rectangular sensor chip. The pedestal further comprises an electrically... Agent: Atlantic Inertial Systems Limited

20140331770 - Mechanical connection forming a pivot for mems and nems mechanical structures: A mechanical connection between two parts of a microelectromechanical and/or nanoelectromechanical structure forming a pivot with an axis of rotation pivot includes two first beams with an axis parallel to the pivot axis, the first beams configured to work in torsion, and two second beams with an axis orthogonal to... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140331771 - Ultrasonic measurement system: An ultrasonic transducer 101 includes a piezoelectric element 108. A high-temperature MI cable 102 contains strands 110A, 110B connected to the ultrasonic transducer 101, and further includes a metallic sheath 112. A temperature sensor is contained in the high-temperature MI cable 102, and includes a thermocouple section 114 to which... Agent: Hitachi-ge Nuclear Energy, Ltd.

20140331772 - Ultrasonic measuring system having a reduced minimum range and method for detecting an obstacle: An ultrasonic measuring system is described for detecting an obstacle using a resonant transducer element for transmitting an ultrasonic pulse and for generating a received signal which includes the ultrasonic echo pulse reflected from the obstacle, the transducer element generating a decay signal having its resonance frequency after transmitting an... Agent:

20140331773 - Microwave vibration sensors: A vibration sensor includes a probe body with a vibration isolator operatively connected to the probe body for isolation of the probe body from vibrations of a structure to be monitored for vibration. A waveguide is operatively connected to the probe body to convey microwaves to and from a surface... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140331774 - Evaluation method, evaluation apparatus, computer readable recording medium having stored therein evaluation program: An evaluation method for evaluating the performance of an image stabilization function of an imaging apparatus includes: a first imaging step of imaging an object, with the image stabilization function being ON and the imaging apparatus being vibrated; a second imaging step of imaging the object, with the imaging apparatus... Agent:

20140331775 - Low pass filter semiconductor structures for use in transducers for measuring low dynamic pressures in the presence of high static pressures: A semiconductor filter is provided to operate in conjunction with a differential pressure transducer. In one embodiment, a method comprises receiving, at a filter having a plurality of apertures, a pressure, wherein the pressure includes a static pressure component and a dynamic pressure component; filtering, by the plurality of apertures,... Agent:

20140331776 - Strain gauge pressure sensor: A pressure transducer assembly that includes a pressure-responsive diaphragm to which a sensing element is mounted and an electronic package that includes wire-bonding pads adapted be electrically connected to the sensing element by wire bonding equipment. The diaphragm and wire bonding pads are supported within the transducer so that they... Agent:

20140331777 - Pressure sensor module and lid: A pressure sensor module of the invention includes: a substrate; a lid connected to the substrate; a semiconductor pressure sensing device and an integrated circuit device functionally connected to the semiconductor pressure sensing device, which are accommodated in an internal space surrounded by the substrate and the lid; a pressure... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20140331778 - Identification of environmental sensor changes and temperature sensor changes with a two layer bulk acoustic wave resonator: Provided is a method for measurement of a change in environment at a sensor. The sensor has: a first layer formed of a piezoelectric material; a second layer formed adjacent the first layer and acoustically coupled with the first layer; and electrodes disposed to apply a driving signal to the... Agent:

20140331779 - Structural strain sensing optical cable: A strain-sensing cable is provided. The strain sensing cable includes a jacket, a first optical fiber and a second optical fiber. The first optical fiber is located within the jacket and is configured to experience a strain applied to the cable and the temperature of the cable. The second optical... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20140331780 - Material testing apparatus and method: A method of operating a material testing apparatus comprises conducting a test by applying a fluctuating load to a material specimen at a variable test frequency, measuring the temperature of the specimen during application of the load, and varying the test frequency on the basis of the measured temperature whereby... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140331781 - Flexible device, and apparatus, method and computer-readable recording medium for detecting shape of flexible device: A flexible device including sensors for shape detection is provided. The flexible device includes a measurement unit including a plurality of bending sensors disposed along at least one edge of the flexible device, and configured to output measurement values sensed by the plurality of bending sensors, and a controller configured... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140331782 - High temperature heating system: A sample gripping and heating assembly includes an assembly housing and first and second heating grips coupled with the assembly housing. The first and second heating grips each include a gripping surface, and the gripping surfaces of the first and second heating grips are opposed to each other. Each of... Agent:

20140331783 - Multiphase flowmeter: Method and apparatus for measuring properties of a flowing multiphase mixture uses a plurality of electrodes or plurality of microwave antennas to rapidly and repeatedly measure an electrical property of the multiphase mixture over a period of time. A computer processes the rapid and repeated measurements to determine a succession... Agent:

20140331784 - Measuring transducer as well as measuring system formed therewith: A measuring transducer comprises at least one measuring tube for carrying a flowing medium as well as a transducer housing mechanically coupled with the at least one measuring tube. The transducer housing includes: an inner shell forming a cavity accommodating the at least one measuring tube; and an outer cladding... Agent:

20140331785 - Fluid density stratification location system, device and method: A fluid flow system, device, and method for locating a fluid layer in a fluid flow using an acoustic waveguide. The acoustic waveguide comprises a waveguide base segment, and a waveguide reflector segment. The waveguide reflector segment comprises a plurality of disc shaped waveguide reflectors along its length for locating... Agent: General Electric Company

20140331786 - Differential pressure flow sensor: A differential pressure flow sensor that includes a plurality of channels divided into multiple sets of channels having different characteristics. Primary channels establish fluid communication between an inlet and an outlet of the flow sensor. Secondary channels establish fluid communication between the inlet and a first pressure port, but not... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140331787 - Six-axis force-torque sensor: A sensing device for measuring force and/or torque includes a top part with a top electrode structure, a bottom part with a bottom electrode structure, and a support structure. The support structure includes spring elements for supporting the top part on the bottom part with the top electrode structure parallel... Agent: Stichting Voor De Technische Wetenschappen

20140331788 - Torque detector and electric power steering system including the torque detector: A torque detector includes a permanent magnet, a pair of magnetic yokes, and a magnetic sensor. The magnetic yokes include a first magnetic yoke and a second magnetic yoke. The first magnetic yoke has a first ring and a plurality of first teeth extending from the first ring in an... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140331789 - Wheel component force detecting apparatus: A wheel component force detecting apparatus for detecting a component force on a wheel includes a cylindrical axle flange, an electric motor, and a wheel unit. The electric motor includes a stator and an armature. The wheel component force detecting apparatus includes a pair of sensing units each including a... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140331790 - Wheel reaction force detecting apparatus: A wheel reaction force detecting apparatus includes a mount fixed to a suspension device, a hub to which a wheel is fixed, a sensing unit including a cylinder disposed inside the hub and substantially coaxial with an axle of the wheel, and a component force detector to detect a component... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140331791 - Displacement sensor: There is provided a displacement sensor which can precisely detect the amount of displacement given by an operator. A touch sensor which is a type of the displacement sensor has a piezoelectric element, a voltage converting unit and a detecting unit. The piezoelectric element instantaneously generates a voltage proportional to... Agent:

20140331792 - Determining magnitude of compressive loading: An apparatus for determining a magnitude of a compressive load applied to a piston including a compliant film disposed between first and second elements is provided. The apparatus includes a first part movable with the first element in a movement direction along which the magnitude of the compressive load is... Agent:

20140331793 - Strain sensor: A strain sensor provided with a substrate that has flexibility; a carbon nanotube (CNT) film that is provided on the surface of the substrate and that has a plurality of CNT fibers oriented in one direction; and a pair of electrodes that are arranged at both ends in the orientation... Agent: National University Corporation Shizuoka University

20140331794 - Electronic pipette: An electronic pipette comprising a piston actuated in a cylinder by a motor, a control system for carrying out pipette operations, and a user interface for operating the pipette, wherein the user interface comprises features for defining at least one dilution variable for pipetting operations based on input pipetting operation... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy

20140331795 - Probe port and related container system: A container system includes a flexible bag bounding a chamber. A probe port includes an elongated tubular member having an interior surface bounding a first passageway and extending between a first end and an opposing second end, the first passageway being closed at the first end and open at the... Agent:

20140331796 - System and method for detection of nutritional parameters in food items: A system for measuring nutritional parameters of food items is provided. The system includes a holding cavity. The system further includes a sensor assembly that includes a transmitter antenna and at least one receiver antenna. The transmitter antenna is configured to transmit signals to a food item in the holding... Agent: General Electric Company

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