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20150143868 - Calibration method for multi-component force detector provided in rolling resistance testing machine: The calibration method for a multi-component force detector is a calibration method for a multi-component force detector provided in a rolling resistance testing machine comprising a spindle to which a tire is mounted, and a traveling drum having a simulated traveling road surface against which the tire is pressed, wherein... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20150143869 - Method for internal combustion engine exhaust flow measurement calibration and operation: A calibration method for a flow measuring device used with a vehicle exhaust analysis system includes the flow measuring device being connected with the vehicle exhaust system wherein exhaust gases are directed through the flow measuring device. A portable flow calibration device is connected in a manner that exhaust gases... Agent:

20150143870 - Azimuth angle calibration method and motion analysis apparatus: A motion analysis apparatus includes a first calculation unit that calculates a first vector on a node in an absolute coordinate system using an output from a first inertial sensor attached to one of two rigid bodies linked by the node having a multiple degrees of freedom, a second calculation... Agent:

20150143871 - Daily checking and calibrating method of length measuring machine: A daily checking and calibrating method of a length measuring machine is disclosed. The method includes the following steps. Step (1) is for detecting a state of the length measuring machine at a predetermined daily check time. Step (2) is for stopping the transportation of substrates upon determining the length... Agent:

20150143872 - Analytical system and method for detecting volatile organic compounds in water: An analytical system and method for detecting volatile organic chemicals in water including a coated SAW detector that provides for improved reduction of moisture at the coating of the SAW detector. A stabilized SAW sensitivity and long lasting calibration is achieved. The analytical system further includes an improved sample vessel... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20150143873 - Device for determining the h2 content of h2/natural gas mixtures: A device for determination of the H2 content of H2/natural gas mixtures comprises an input interface configured to read in a calorific value of a first H2/natural gas mixture from a delivery station of a gas grid, an input interface configured to introduce a second H2/natural gas mixture into the... Agent:

20150143874 - Sensor device: A sensor device comprises a sensitive element (1) and a support (2) for the sensitive element, the support having a surface (3) with an access opening (4) to the sensitive element (1). A layer of adhesive material (5) covers at least parts of the surface (3). A venting medium (6)... Agent:

20150143875 - Blast exposure recording device: A blast pressure recording device and method includes at least one first sensor for measuring a parameter indicative of a blast event, at least one comparator in communication with the at least one first sensor for determining whether said parameter indicative of a blast event exceeds a predetermined threshold, at... Agent:

20150143876 - Leakage detection device and fluid controller including same: There is provided a leakage detection device which can be reduced in size and attached to a leakage detection target member, such as a fluid controller, all the time, and thus, can monitor leakage of fluid all the time, and a fluid controller having the same. A fluid controller is... Agent: Fujikin Incorporated

20150143877 - Leak detection method of reducing agent pumping system: A leak detection method of a reducing agent pumping system including a reducing agent tank, an injector, a line formed through the reducing agent tank and the injector, and a pumping module disposed in the line may include pumping a reducing agent to the injector with a pump of the... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20150143878 - Assembly and seal test: An assembly and method of testing the integrity of a sealing ring of a flexible pipe are disclosed. The method includes locating a first sealing ring adjacent a first collar member and a layer of flexible pipe body; energising the first sealing ring by urging the sealing ring towards a... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Uk Limited

20150143879 - Vacuum actuated duct test plug with pressure test tube: A vacuum actuated duct test plug with pressure test tube comprising a compressible foam block mounted to an elongate hollow tube and plastic enclosure having an open end wherein a vacuum applied to the open end of the plastic enclosure evacuates air from the enclosure and compresses the block allowing... Agent:

20150143880 - High performance liquid chromatography with uv-visible detection: Apparatus and methods for high performance liquid chromatography. The apparatus includes a preparation loop comprising two linear stepping pumps, a sample loop comprising a sample injector, a chromatography column, and a detector device. The detector device can include a flash lamp, a flow cell, and a light sensor comprising an... Agent:

20150143881 - System and method for fluid sensing: A system and method for moisture sensing and methods for making and using same. The present disclosure describes a fluid sensing array that comprises a first and second set of conducting lines with a fluid layer disposed between the first and second set of conducting lines. Proximate intersections of the... Agent:

20150143882 - Turbo rotational frequency detection device: Based on entry/exit pressures of compressor 2a detected by atmospheric/boost pressure sensors 13 and 14, pressure ratio of compressor is calculated. Based on mass flow rate and entry temperature of intake air 4 detected by intake air flow-rate/temperature sensors 15 and 16 and entry pressure, volumetric flow rate of intake... Agent: Hino Motors, Ltd.

20150143883 - Method and apparatus for detecting misfire of engine: A method and an apparatus for detecting engine misfire has advantages of precisely detecting misfire occurrence when misfire continuously occurs at three or more engine cylinders and detecting an engine cylinder where the misfire occurs. The method may include calculating an angular acceleration factor value on the basis of an... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20150143884 - Method and apparatus for estimating a dosing-error in a selective catalytic reduction system: A method for determining if a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) device that is dosed with a reductant is being mis-dosed by considering an expected exhaust gas output state from the SCR device and measured exhaust gas output state, a NOx sensor sensitivity figure that is an indication of how sensitive... Agent: Perkins Engines Company Limited

20150143885 - Process and device for testing the powertrain of at least partially electrically driven vehicles: In a process for testing the powertrain of vehicles that are at least in part electrically driven, the voltage supplied to the powertrain is controlled by a controller coupled with a simulation system for the energy storage system in a way that the voltage acts dynamically as for a real... Agent: Avl List Gmbh

20150143886 - Tire sidewall crack inspection tool and method of use: A method of determining crack condition on a sidewall of a tire uses a crack detection tool having a lens on a housing, and a transparent reticle on the housing at the focal plane of the lens. A plurality of spaced lines are provided on the reticle, with the spacing... Agent:

20150143887 - Fluid loss control material tester: A method for testing a loss control material, the method including filling a testing environment in a testing system with a first fluid, injecting a loss control material in a second fluid into the testing environment from a first end of the testing system, thereby displacing the first fluid across... Agent:

20150143888 - Wide bandwidth borehole dipole source: A dipole source for borehole acoustic logging is provided, including a cylindrical shell, a center beam coupled to the cylindrical shell and a movable projector inside the cylindrical shell to impact the center beam. The dipole source includes a cavity acoustically insulating the interior of the cylindrical shell from the... Agent:

20150143889 - System and method for determining a borehole azimuth using gravity in-field referencing: A system and method are provided for determining borehole azimuth. The method comprises receiving a first set of data from a first sensor module, the first sensor module comprising a first plurality of accelerometers; receiving a second set of data from a second sensor module, the second sensor module comprising... Agent: Mostar Directional Technologies Inc.

20150143890 - Method and tool for checking alignment between gears: The present disclosure relates to a method of checking an alignment between a first gear and a second gear using a tool is provided. The tool includes a base portion defining a longitudinal axis and an elongate portion extending from the base portion along a transverse axis perpendicular to the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150143897 - Battery-powered backup power system for a sump pump installation: An automated battery-powered backup AC power supply system for a sump pump installation of the type having a sump pump and a pump controller which connects the sump pump motor to the AC line to operate in response to a rising liquid level in the sump container. The system includes... Agent:

20150143891 - Sump pump test and monitoring system: A proactive test and monitoring system for a sump pump installation of the type having an electrically-powered sump pump which pumps water from a sump pit to a dispersal site when the water level in the pit rises to a predetermined level. The system includes a control module which is... Agent:

20150143893 - Test and monitoring system for a battery-powered dc pump installation: A test and monitoring system for a sump pump installation of the type having a battery-powered sump pump which pumps liquid from a sump container when the liquid level in the container rises. A current probe operatively associated with the electrical circuit between the battery and the pump provides an... Agent:

20150143892 - Test and monitoring system for a dual sump pump system: A test and monitoring system for a sump pump installation of the type having two electrically-powered pumps in a sump container wherein each, when actuated by rising liquid in the container, pump water from the container to a dispersal site. A test control module initiates a first test cycle in... Agent:

20150143894 - Test and monitoring system for a sump pump installation having a self-monitoring valve module for admitting water to the sump pit: A self-monitoring valve module responsive to an actuating signal for admitting liquid into a sump container to test a sump pump includes an electrically-actuated valve responsive to the actuating signal to establish flow into the container, and a flow sensor which provides an output signal indicative of liquid flow through... Agent:

20150143895 - Test and monitoring system for a sump pump installation having a variable test cycle time out: An automated system for monitoring and testing a sump pump installation includes an electrically-actuated valve which admits liquid into the liquid container in response to a valve control signal. A test control module supplies a valve control signal to initiate a test cycle during which liquid is admitted to the... Agent:

20150143896 - Test and monitoring system for a sump pump installation including trend analysis of pump performance: An automated system for testing and monitoring a sump pump installation includes an electrically-actuated valve which admits liquid to the sump container in response to a valve control signal. A test control module actuates the valve to initiate a test cycle during which liquid is admitted to the sump container... Agent:

20150143898 - Fluid-level measuring sensor: A pressure sensor system for determining fluid level in a tank, includes a pressure sensor constructed to exhibit a force value corresponding to a sensed force, and a computer operatively coupled to the pressure sensor. A tank containing fluid is also includes and there is a communication link between the... Agent:

20150143899 - Residual quantity sensor: A residual quantity sensor includes a conductive member having a first insulated wire and a second insulated wire. The first insulated wire and the second insulated wire have bared portions at an end thereof to provide a first electrode and a second electrode. The first electrode and the second electrode... Agent:

20150143900 - Test and monitoring system for a sump pump installation having a self-monitoring liquid level sensing module: A liquid level sensing module for sensing a high liquid level in a sump container rising comprises a first liquid-actuated switch which provides a first output signal upon the liquid level reaching a first level, and a second liquid-actuated switch which provides a second output signal upon the liquid level... Agent:

20150143901 - Sensor: A sensor includes a sensor element; a circuit board having an element attachment surface on which the sensor element is mounted; a casing member for housing the circuit board, the casing member having a measurement chamber which faces the sensor element and communicates with the target atmosphere through a gas... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150143902 - Sensor and method for the selective connection at two different sides: A sensor (10) having a housing (12) is provided which has a main housing part (14) and a connection part (16) having a connection (18, 20, 22), wherein the connection part (16) is movably attached at the main housing part (14), in such a way that the connection (18, 20,... Agent:

20150143904 - Functional element, electronic device, and moving object: A functional element includes a driving portion, a first mass portion which is vibrated along the first direction, a first connection portion which is connected to the first mass portion and can perform a first movement in which the first connection portion contracts and extends along the first direction, a... Agent:

20150143903 - Package, electronic component mounted package, physical quantity sensor, electronic device, and moving object: A physical quantity sensor includes a base on which an IC electrically connected to a gyro element is arranged and a wire group arranged on the base. The base includes a first outer edge and a second outer edge that crosses the first outer edge. The wire group includes a... Agent:

20150143905 - Resonator: A micro-electro-mechanical device with a closed feed-back damping loop is provided. Displacement in the mechanical resonator is opposed with a damping force determined by the closed feed-back loop that comprises a filter with a peaked frequency response, and associated phase adjustment. An oscillation-free configuration that allows high signal amplification is... Agent:

20150143906 - Capacitance type physical quantity sensor: A capacitance type physical quantity sensor including a movable electrode formed in a weight part, and a fixed electrode facing the movable electrode is provided. A first movable sensing electrode and a first fixed sensing electrode face each other in a first y direction. A second movable sensing electrode and... Agent:

20150143907 - Micromechanical z-sensor: A micromechanical Z-sensor, including a rocker having trough structures which is twistably supported with the aid of a spring device, the rocker having a mass distribution which is asymmetric with respect to the spring device, first electrodes situated above the trough structure, and second electrodes situated below the rocker, and... Agent:

20150143908 - Method and system for real-time vibroacoustic condition monitoring and fault diagnostics in solid dosage compaction presses: The present invention relates to methods and systems for condition monitoring of and/or fault diagnostics in solid dosage compaction presses and, more particularly, to methods and systems for real-time vibroacoustic condition monitoring of and/or fault diagnostics in solid dosage compaction presses.... Agent: Clarkson University

20150143909 - Apparatus for nondestructive crack inspection: According to the present invention, it is possible to determine a defect on a product caused in a press process by applying a predetermined acoustic signal to an object to be inspected and then sensing propagation of the applied signal, and it is possible to improve inspection performance, using an... Agent:

20150143910 - Ultrasonic transmitter circuit with matched impedance: A transmitter circuit and method for an ultrasonic thickness measurement system having an ultrasonic transducer and a cable with known cable impedance, the cable connecting at least the transmitter circuit to the ultrasonic transducer, the transmitter circuit comprising: an electrical pulse voltage signal emitter for producing an electrical pulse voltage... Agent: Eddyfi Ndt Inc.

20150143911 - Physical/chemical sensor and method for measuring specific substance: A physical/chemical sensor has a movable membrane (3) having a diaphragm structure provided to form a hollow section (2) between the movable membrane (3) and a light receiving surface of a light receiving element (1), a first piezoelectric membrane (4) that is provided on a front-side surface or a backside... Agent: National University Corporation

20150143912 - Apparatus for nondestructive crack inspection: According to the present invention, it is possible to determine a defect on a product caused in a pressing process by applying a predetermined acoustic signal to an object to be inspected and then sensing propagation of the applied signal, and it is possible to improve inspection performance, using an... Agent:

20150143913 - Multi-modal sensing for vehicle: Apparatuses and methods for detecting hidden or modified objects in a vehicle are disclosed. Embodiments include detection of vehicle irregularities, such as irregularities in the acoustical response of a vehicle tire as the tire rolls over a surface, irregularities in the orientation of the vehicle body, the response of a... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20150143914 - Piezoelectric actuator module and mems sensor having the same: Embodiments of the invention provide a piezoelectric actuator module, which includes a multilayer part comprising a multilayer piezoelectric material part and an electrode part connected to the multilayer piezoelectric material part, and a support layer coupled with the multilayer part. The piezoelectric actuator module further includes a support part displaceably... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150143915 - Deformation measurement sensor for measuring pressure and shearing force and structure therefor: A deformation measurement sensor for measuring pressures and shearing forces according to the present invention includes: a plurality of beams shaped like a lattice; a strain gauge attached to each of the plurality of beams for measuring a deformation rate; a frame connected to the end of the lattice shape... Agent: Korea Electronics Technology Institute

20150143916 - Protection of laser bond inspection optical components: Methods, systems, and apparatuses are disclosed for the protection of optical components used during laser bond inspection. In one embodiment, an optic surface wetting enhancement is provided on a protective optic to assist in forming a substantially flat film of transparent liquid from transparent liquid applied to a surface of... Agent:

20150143917 - Silt control in fluid networks: The invention relates to a method of detecting a buildup of silt in a pipe or open channel of a fluid flow network. The pipe or open channel has a system with at least one set of velocity sensors to measure flow velocities at predetermined horizontal levels. The method includes... Agent: Rubicon Research Pty Ltd

20150143918 - Magnetically inductive flowmeter for determining the flow rate of a fluid flowing through a measuring tube: A magnetically inductive flow meter unit for determining a flow rate of a fluid flowing through a measuring tube, having a measuring tube having a measuring channel and a measuring sensor, which is disposed in the measuring channel and is oriented in alignment with the wall of the measuring tube,... Agent:

20150143919 - Ultrasonic flow meter unit, and manufacturing method of ultrasonic flow meter unit: An ultrasonic flow meter unit, mounted to a fluid passage through which a measurement target fluid flows, comprises a pair of ultrasonic transducers each including a piezoelectric substrate, and an acoustic matching member; a measuring circuit which measures a flow of a target fluid based on time for which an... Agent:

20150143922 - Vibration isolation system of mass flowmeter: A vibration isolation system of mass flowmeter, includes upper horizontal section, vertical section, lower horizontal section, upper arc section between the upper horizontal section and vertical section, and lower arc section between the vertical section and lower horizontal section of U-shaped measuring tube. On the lower arc section there is... Agent: Sichuang Zhongce Flow Measurement Technology Co., Ltd.

20150143920 - Method of assessing and condition monitoring of fluid conduits and apparatus therefor: A method of and apparatus for assessing the condition of a fluid conduit. The method comprises providing a measurement apparatus comprising a measurement region in fluid communication with the fluid conduit. The measurement apparatus is operable to measure at least one of pressure and flowrate in the measurement region. A... Agent:

20150143921 - Device for measuring differential pressure: The invention relates to a device for measuring the differential pressure in a flowing fluid, comprising a housing (3) having two coaxial openings (7, 8) and an inner space (29), which inner space can be accessed by the or the at least one of the openings (7, 8), a measuring... Agent:

20150143924 - Test apparatus of fluidic sample and control method thereof: Disclosed herein are a test apparatus of a fluidic sample, which tests the fluidic sample, and a control method thereof. The test apparatus of the fluidic sample includes a housing, an installing member in which a cartridge receiving a fluid is inserted, a pressing member which is disposed in the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150143925 - Stretchable electronic structures formed of thin films integrated with soft heterogeneous substrate: Stretchable electronic structure comprising one intrinsically fragile thin film integrated on or within a soft heterogeneous substrate. The invention also relates to a process for manufacturing such a structure.... Agent:

20150143926 - Area-efficient pressure sensing device: Circuits, methods, and apparatus that provide pressure sensing devices having a pressure sensor including a diaphragm supported by a frame. The pressure sensor may be mounted on an application-specific integrated circuit. A passage may extend through the application-specific integrated circuit from its underside to its topside where it may terminate... Agent: Silicon Microstructures, Inc.

20150143927 - Vehicle seat suspension mat: A vehicle seat suspension mat (12) comprises suspension springs (14) for supporting a seat cushion (16) and a pressure sensor module (18) arranged on the springs for being applied against a bottom surface of the seat cushion. The pressure sensor module produces an electrical signal responsive to pressure acting on... Agent: Iee International Electronics & Engineering S.a.

20150143923 - Load sensor, load detector including load sensor, and method for detecting load: A load sensor includes a core having a hollow part provided therein and containing magnetic material and a coil attached to the core. A magnetic path along which a magnetic flux generated by a current flowing in the coil is formed along a circumference direction of the hollow part. The... Agent:

20150143928 - Sample encapsulation system and method: A sample encapsulation system includes a base, a chamber having an inlet and a chamber housing in which the chamber is housed. The chamber is fixedly mounted at least in part within the housing and the housing is movably mounted to the base. The system includes a cap, a first... Agent:

20150143929 - Thermophoretic sampler: A thermophoretic sampler includes a sample assembly into which a removable sample cartridge can be inserted. The sample cartridge holds a substrate that, upon insertion, is exposed to a sample chamber. Thermophoresis is induced in the sample chamber, causing nanoparticles to be deposited on the substrate.... Agent: Rj Lee Group

20150143930 - Method for containing a sample of a gaseous mixture flowing in a pipeline and corresponding device: A method of containing a sample of a gaseous mixture flowing in a pipeline at a flow rate, for analysis of same by at least one analyzer of which the operating conditions are not compatible with the physico-chemical conditions of the gaseous mixture in the pipeline is described. The method... Agent: Ecomesure

20150143931 - Instatllation assembly for a thermometer: An installation assembly for connecting a probe element to a wall of a container, comprising: a first mounting part and a second mounting part, wherein the first mounting part serves for attaching the assembly to the container wall and has a lead-through through which the probe element is insertable. The... Agent:

05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135797 - Device and method for multiphase flow meter calibration using a closed loop multiphase flow system: Calibration of a multiphase flow meter to be used in a production process can be achieved by using a closed multiphase flow loop. In the device and method of the invention, the flow rates of each phase, oil and water, are individually measured after their separation using a separation vessel,... Agent:

20150135798 - Method for ascertaining an offset of an output signal of an evaluation circuit integrated in a sensor, preferably of a pressure sensor installed in a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine, and sensor: In a method for ascertaining an offset of an output signal of an evaluation circuit integrated in a sensor, the output signal is supplied to a control unit which analyzes the output signal, and a reset of the evaluation circuit for the adjustment of the output signal to a base... Agent:

20150135799 - Flaw detection sensitivity adjustment method and abnormality diagnosis method for ultrasonic probe: A method of adjusting flaw detection sensitivity on an array ultrasonic probe comprises disposing a plate material P1 oppositely to the ultrasonic probe such that an upper surface of the plate material is disposed to be approximately parallel to an array direction of the transducers 11, or disposing a tubular... Agent:

20150135800 - Method for estimating a relative tire friction performance: A method performed by a network node for estimating a relative tire friction performance of a number of vehicles is disclosed. The network node and a communication unit may be located in each vehicle and may be part of a communications network. The method may include receiving continuously tire-to-road friction... Agent:

20150135801 - Bubble size determination based on bubble stiffness: Apparatus is provided comprising a signal processing module configured with at least one processor and at least one memory including computer program code, the at least one memory and computer program code configured, with the at least one processor, to cause the apparatus at least to: receive signaling containing information... Agent:

20150135802 - Method and control unit for compensating for a voltage offset of a two-point lambda sensor: A method is described for compensating for a voltage offset in a voltage-lambda characteristic curve of a two-point lambda sensor in relation to a reference voltage-lambda characteristic curve of the two-point lambda sensor, the two-point lambda sensor being situated in an exhaust duct of an internal combustion engine. It is... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150135829 - Levitation of materials in paramagnetic ionic liquids: This present disclosure describes the utility of paramagnetic ionic liquids for density-based measurements using magnetic levitation (MagLev), The physical properties of paramagnetic ionic liquids, including density, magnetic susceptibility, glass transition temperature, melting point, thermal decomposition temperature, viscosity, and hydrophobicity can be tuned by altering the cation or anion.... Agent: Presidents And Fellows Of Harvard College

20150135804 - Apparatus and method to check extracorporeal circuit: An extracorporeal treatment assembly including a pump and a controller wherein an extracorporeal circuit is mounted to the assembly, the controller causes the assembly to: control the pump to pump liquid through the passage and the flow coupling; collect actual fluid pressure data; store circuit type data uniquely corresponding to... Agent:

20150135805 - Fuel vapor leakage detection device: A first housing has a canister passage communicating a first interior with a canister. A second housing has an atmospheric passage communicating a second interior with an atmosphere. A switching valve is accommodated in the first housing to switch communication of the canister passage with selectively one of a pressure... Agent:

20150135803 - Manifold assembly for a portable leak tester: A manifold assembly for a portable leak tester includes a manifold housing defining a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet, a pressure port, and a fluid passage. The fluid passage connects the fluid inlet, the pressure port, and the fluid outlet in fluid communication. A supply control valve is mounted to... Agent: Cinetic Automation

20150135806 - Method for fast estimation of distillation residues and coke characteristics: m

20150135807 - Mobile sample collection system: A mobile sample collection system including housing enclosing a main influent peristaltic pump operatively connected to a main tubing line; a continuous flow centrifuge (CFC) operatively connected to the main tubing line, the CFC comprising a centrifuge bowl; and an elutriate collection tank receiving elutriate from the CFC. The main... Agent: Tierra Solutions, Inc.

20150135808 - Droplet cutting method and droplet cross-section analysis method: Provided is a droplet cutting method capable of cutting a droplet easily to expose its cross-section. Also provided is a droplet cross-section analysis method, including analyzing a cross-section exposed through cutting by such cutting method. A droplet cutting method of the present invention is a method of cutting a droplet... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150135809 - Erosion prediction method, erosion prediction system, erosion characteristics database used in this prediction, and method constructing the same: A method for predicting erosion of a fluid machine surface due to cavitation, the method including: calculating erosion intensity distribution in each area of the fluid machine surface from cavitation flow field characteristics obtained using cavitation CFD in a flow path formed by the fluid machine; determining radius distribution and... Agent:

20150135810 - Method for avoiding incorrect combustion misfire fault detection in a motor vehicle: A method is provided for avoiding incorrect combustion misfire fault detection in an internal combustion engine in a motor vehicle with a dual mass flywheel. In order to detect combustion misfiring, a characteristic variable, which is dependent on the acceleration of the internal combustion engine, is determined continuously during the... Agent:

20150135811 - Diaphragm for a pressure-measuring device: Described is an elastic diaphragm for a pressure-measuring device for ascertaining a pressure in a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine, especially a self-ignitable internal combustion engine, the diaphragm being accommodated in a housing of the pressure-measuring device in order to separate a pressure chamber from a cavity and... Agent:

20150135812 - Method and apparatus for measuring tire ground contact properties: A tire (T) for measurement, having applied thereto a required camber angle (CA) and slip angle (SA), is contacted against a rotatably driven rotating drum (1) having embedded therein a three-component force sensor (measurement unit 3) capable of measuring ground contact pressure (P), width direction shear stress (τx), and circumferential... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20150135813 - Specimen container label for automated clinical laboratory processing systems: A label and labeling system for identifying the volume of a specimen within a specimen collection container are disclosed. The system includes providing a specimen collection container having an open top end, a closed bottom end, and a sidewall extending therebetween forming an interior adapted for receiving a specimen therein.... Agent:

20150135814 - Method and apparatus for water-based mud filtrate contamination monitoring in real time downhole water sampling: A method and apparatus for performing water based mud-filtrate contamination monitoring in real time through evaluation of downhole water sampling.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150135815 - Variable geometry fracture sealing tester: A fracture insert is disclosed including a first cylindrical portion and a second cylindrical portion disposed opposite the first cylindrical portion defining a radial gap therebetween to form an axial flow channel. The axial flow channel provides a flow path for a drilling fluid from a top of the cylindrical... Agent:

20150135816 - Water line control for sample bottle filling: An arrangement for sampling a fluid, having a sample bottle with an associated piston, wherein the piston separates the sample bottle into an inlet side and a water side, a fluid sample line connected to the sample bottle at the inlet side, the fluid sample line transporting a fluid, a... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150135817 - Methods and apparatus for determining downhole fluid parameters: Example methods and apparatus to determine downhole fluid parameters are disclosed herein. An example method includes determining a velocity of a portion of a downhole tool moving in a well and determining a response of a fluid sensor disposed on the portion of the downhole tool. The fluid sensor includes... Agent:

20150135818 - Protection of electronic devices used with perforating guns: A sensing subassembly for use with a downhole tool comprises a housing, a cavity disposed within the housing, an electronic board disposed within the cavity, a stiffening member engaging the electronic board and configured to limit flexing of the electronic board, and a spring member configured to provide an isolation... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150135819 - Microseismic monitoring with fiber-optic noise mapping: The combination of one or more 3-component microseismic sensors deployed into a wellbore adjacent a microseismic event and a linear array of distributed fiber optic acoustic sensors deployed uphole thereof provides two sets of data for establishing noise-free signals for locating the microseismic event in the formation about the wellbore.... Agent: Kobold Services Inc.

20150135820 - Apparatus for the lapping or testing of gears: An apparatus including a first spindle group for chucking a first gear, whereby the first gear is mountable on the first spindle group so that it is rotatable, and a second spindle group for chucking a second gear, whereby the second gear is mountable on the second spindle group so... Agent:

20150135821 - Fluid flow testing system: A system and corresponding method for testing fire pumps installed in buildings uses a sensor hub to gather measurement data from one or more pressure sensors installed in corresponding water conduits. The sensor hub broadcasts data related to water flow at the water conduit or conduits to a computer where... Agent:

20150135822 - Ultrasonic airspeed and direction sensor system: An ultrasonic airspeed and direction sensor system comprising an ultrasonic sensor array including an elongate base member for mounting to a vehicle, such as a helicopter, so as to extend outwardly from the vehicle. A number of radially extending support members are connected to the base member. The support members... Agent: Meggitt (uk) Limited

20150135823 - Thermal flow meter: To obtain a thermal flow meter capable of providing thermal insulation without degrading responsiveness of a temperature detection element. A thermal flow meter 300 of the present invention includes an air flow sensing portion 602 that detects a flow rate by performing heat transfer with a measurement target gas passing... Agent:

20150135824 - Thermal flow meter: The present invention aims to provide a thermal flow meter capable of avoiding pollutants guided to an outer circumference side of the bypass passage by virtue of a centrifugal force or particle or liquid pollutants that are not centrifugally separated from reaching a heat transfer surface of an air flow... Agent:

20150135825 - Gear flowmeter: The invention relates to a gear flow meter for measuring the flow of a fluid, having a gear chamber, in which at least one measuring gear wheel is arranged, having a bottom and a cover which delimit the gear chamber on end faces of the at least one measuring gear... Agent: Kem Kueppers Elektromechanik Gmbh

20150135826 - Apparatus for determining and/or monitoring at least one process variable: An apparatus for determining and/or monitoring at least one process variable of a medium in a container, comprising: a mechanically oscillatable unit; an electrodynamic transducer unit for exciting the oscillatable unit by means of an exciter signal to execute mechanical oscillations and for receiving the mechanical oscillations of the oscillatable... Agent: Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

20150135827 - Heated antenna: The invention describes a fill level measuring device, comprising a microwave transceiver, an antenna connected to the microwave transceiver, which comprises an outlet opening for a targeted emission of microwave radiation as well as an antenna cover arranged at the outlet opening, which closes the outlet opening in a sealing... Agent:

20150135828 - System for measuring fluid level: A system for measuring fluid level is provided. The system includes a dipstick configured to be received in a fluid reservoir and having a photoluminescent portion. The system also includes a light source operable to emit a first light to excite the photoluminescent portion. A fluid level is determined based... Agent:

20150135830 - Angular velocity sensor and angular velocity and acceleration detecting composite sensor: A placing member is configured to be supported from an outside by a terminal electrically connected to a terminal electrode, and an X-axis-direction extended portion, a Y-axis-direction extended portion, and a Z-axis-direction extended portion are provided in the terminal. This configuration provides an angular velocity sensor, in which a problem... Agent:

20150135831 - Mems rotation sensor with integrated electronics: A rotational sensor for measuring rotational acceleration is disclosed. The rotational sensor comprises a sense substrate; at least two proof masses, and a set of two transducers. Each of the at least two proof masses is anchored to the sense substrate via at least one flexure and electrically isolated from... Agent:

20150135832 - Integrated fiber bragg grating accelerometer in a surgical instrument: An accelerometer is included within the confined space and limited volume of a distal portion of a surgical instrument. The surgical instrument includes an end component, a joint coupled to the end component, a shaft coupled to the joint, and a force transducer and accelerometer apparatus. The force transducer and... Agent:

20150135833 - Inertial force sensor: An inertial force sensor includes a base, a connection electrode on the base; a flexible section supported by the base, a driving section on an upper surface of the flexible section, a detection section on the upper surface of the flexible section, an interlayer insulating layer on the upper surface... Agent:

20150135834 - Micro electro mechanical systems sensor: There is provided a MEMS sensor including: a mass body; a support part floatably supporting the mass body; and a flexible beam having one end connected to the mass body and the other end connected to the support part. At least one end of the flexible beam connected to the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150135836 - Guided wave mode sweep technique for optimal mode and frequency excitation: A method of inspecting a structure is disclosed. The method generally comprises selecting a search region of a dispersion curve of the structure corresponding to one or more inspection parameters. The search region comprises at least one guided wave mode activation point not located on the dispersion curve. The method... Agent:

20150135835 - Twin trawl geometry: A system for monitoring a twin trawl being towed by a vessel, the twin trawl comprising two trawl bags, two trawl doors and a clump, comprises at least one sensor arrangement for measuring distance between the doors and between one door and the clump, and a processing unit for computing... Agent:

20150135837 - Apparatus for measuring acoustic absorption in-situ: A phased microphone imaging array and repeatable sound source are used in concert to determine absorption and reflection coefficients of materials and spaces across a continuous frequency domain. Coefficients can be determined at normal and oblique incidences to the surface using beamforming software. The invention can be used in-situ without... Agent: Optinav

20150135838 - Method and apparatus for detecting an envelope for ultrasonic signals: A method and apparatus for envelope detection are disclosed. An envelope detection method according to an embodiment of the invention can include: receiving ultrasonic signals reflected off a target object; detecting peaks by using differences in pulses in the received signals; and generating an envelope by connecting the detected peaks... Agent:

20150135839 - Photoacoustic probe module and photoacoustic imaging apparatus having the same: A photoacoustic probe module includes an optical system configured to guide a laser beam generated by a laser source such that the laser beam arrives at an object at a target incidence angle and penetrates the object to a target internal depth, and a photoacoustic probe configured to receive acoustic... Agent: Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

20150135840 - Systems and devices for coupling ultrasound energy to a body: Methods and systems for coupling ultrasound to the body, including to the head, are disclosed. The system is optionally configured to transmit ultrasound energy for transcranial ultrasound neuromodulation. Couplant assemblies are described that incorporate a semi-solid component that interfaces directly to the user's body and face of the ultrasound transducer.... Agent:

20150135841 - Capacitive transducer and method of manufacturing the same: Provided are a capacitive transducer that can make a sealing film thickness necessary to seal a gap smaller and can enhance performance such as a wider bandwidth, and a method of manufacturing the capacitive transducer. The capacitive transducer including cells each including a vibration film including a second electrode that... Agent:

20150135842 - Transmission device: In a pressure and pressure difference transmitter that seals a sealing liquid for transmitting the pressure inside a pressure leading passage, the pressure and pressure difference transmitter forming a space between a diaphragm and a main body side wall surface, including the pressure leading passage connected to the main body... Agent:

20150135843 - Pressure measurement sensor head: Device for measurement of fluid pressure by means of an arrangement of strain gauges provided on a sensor head arranged on an item arranged to be exposed to a pressurized fluid against an external sensor head surface, where the sensor head comprises a fastening portion attached to the item, and... Agent:

20150135844 - Method for joining ceramic bodies by means of an active hard solder, or braze, assembly having at least two ceramic bodies joined with one another, especially a pressure measuring cell: An assembly, comprising two ceramic bodies, which are connected by means of a joint, which contains an active hard solder, or braze, wherein the active hard solder, or braze, has a continuous core volume, which is spaced from the ceramic bodies, in each case, by at least 1 μm, especially... Agent:

20150135845 - Monitoring system for tractive and compressive forces in an energy guiding chain and corresponding force sensor: The invention relates to a monitoring system for tractive and compressive forces in a power track chain (1) for protected guidance of cables, hoses etc. The monitoring system comprises at least one force sensor (10, 90) for measuring a tractive or compressive force transmitted between a driver (4) and a... Agent:

20150135846 - Package, made of building material, for a parameter monitoring device, within a solid structure, and relative device: A package for a device to be inserted into a solid structure may include a building material that includes particles of one of micrometric and sub-micrometric dimensions. The device may include an integrated detection module having at least one integrated sensor and the package arranged to coat at least one... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20150135847 - Strain gauge holder: The strain gauge holder 1 includes a holder body 10 on a side surface of a pipe 3, a gauge pressing member 21 for pressing a strain gauge 2 against the side surface of the pipe, and a feed mechanism for giving a pressing force to the gauge pressing member.... Agent: Nuclear Engineering, Ltd.

20150135848 - Flow volume detector: A base (41) includes a plurality of flow channels (33, 34) and detection sections (531, 541) for detecting the flow volumes of fluids flowing in the flow channels (33, 34). In the base (41), a blocking section (57) for blocking heat conduction between the flow channels (33, 34) is provided... Agent: Aichi Tokei Denki Co., Ltd.

20150135849 - System for production boosting and measuring flow rate in a pipeline: A system for measuring flow rate in a pipeline by use of a surface jet pump that receives input from both a high pressure pipeline and a low pressure pipeline. Rather than installing flow meters at any or all of the inputs/output from the SJP which is an expensive undertaking,... Agent:

20150135850 - Flow rate measuring device: To measure the propagation time of an ultrasonic signal, the flow rate measuring device of the present invention has amplifier for amplifying a received signal, reference-voltage changing part, reference-voltage setting part, and reference comparator for comparing between the received signal waveform and reference voltage. Reference-voltage changing part changes the reference... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

20150135853 - Mems pressure sensor field shield layout for surface charge immunity in oil filled packaging: A pressure sensing element includes a sensing sub-element disposed on a diaphragm, the element including a shield disposed over the sub-element and configured to substantially eliminate influence of external charge on the sub-element during operation. A method of fabrication and a pressure sensor making use of the pressure sensing element... Agent:

20150135854 - Mems pressure sensor field shield layout for surface charge immunity in oil filled packaging: A pressure sensing element includes a sensing sub-element disposed on a diaphragm, the element including a shield disposed over the sub-element and configured to substantially eliminate influence of external charge on the sub-element during operation. A method of fabrication and a pressure sensor making use of the pressure sensing element... Agent:

20150135851 - Flowmeter: A flowmeter for liquids has a measuring housing, which encloses and rotatably mounts an impeller, said measuring housing comprising a one-piece supply pipe and discharge pipe, wherein the impeller is eccentrically arranged in the discharge pipe after a nozzle-forming constriction. A sensor encoder is associated with the impeller and a... Agent: Digmesa Ag

20150135852 - Battery-free meter for flowing media: Battery-free meter for flowing media, in which a rotor body (sleeve 4) which is fitted with permanent magnets (6, 7) and is driven in a rotary fashion by the medium is arranged in the pipeline (34) carrying the flowing medium (8) and in which the rotating magnetic field generated by... Agent: Hengstler Gmbh

20150135856 - Force torque sensor, force torque sensor frame, and force torque measurement method: The present invention relates to a force torque sensor, a force torque sensor frame, and a force torque measurement method. The force torque sensor includes a central hub, a plurality of beams each having one side connected to the hub, and a rim connected to the other side of each... Agent:

20150135857 - Pressing force sensor: A pressing force sensor that includes an expandable and contractible film, pressing force detecting resistor membranes formed on a portion of a main surface of the film, and a support disposed along the main surface of the film. The support is provided with recesses or holes with openings located in... Agent:

20150135855 - Load and torque sensing systems utilizing magnetic key for mechanical engagement: Two forms of load bearing or transmitting structures are disclosed wherein each uses magnetism to hold a key in one of two bodies to prevent movement therebetween. One embodiment is a clevis, wherein the clevis pin is instrumented as a load cell and a magnetic key resides in a slot... Agent:

20150135859 - Device for measuring deformations of a rotor blade of a wind turbine generator system, and corresponding rotor blade: A device for measuring deformations of a rotor blade of a wind turbine generator system includes an angle measuring device and an arm. The angle measuring device includes a first and a second assembly. The first assembly is pivotable relative to the second assembly about an axis. The second assembly... Agent:

20150135860 - Capacitive micro-electro-mechanical force sensor and corresponding force sensing method: A MEMS force sensor has: a substrate; a fixed electrode coupled to the substrate; and a mobile electrode suspended above the substrate at the fixed electrode to define a sensing capacitor, the mobile electrode being designed to undergo deformation due to application of a force to be detected. A dielectric... Agent:

20150135858 - Collision position detection device, wind power generation device and wind power generation system: A collision position detection device comprises: a piezoelectric element that generates a voltage by collision; signal detector that detects a signal generated by the collision with the piezoelectric element; and processor that identifies the position of the collision with the piezoelectric element based on the signal detected by the signal... Agent:

20150135861 - Pre-column heating of mobile phase solvent in chromatography systems: An apparatus for heating a flowing fluid includes a tubing assembly, a heater block made of thermally conductive material, and a heater cartridge in thermal communication with the heater block. The heater cartridge is configured to provide heat to the heater block for transfer to fluid flowing through the tubing... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20150135862 - Accelerated life testing device and method: An accelerated life testing device and method including an accelerated life testing method for a test piece within a test chamber, the method including: establishing a first atmosphere within the test chamber; changing the first atmosphere to a second atmosphere to form a deposition layer on the test piece; changing... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

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