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Measuring and testing

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09/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140260508 - Compensation and calibration for mems devices: A sensor system includes a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensor, processing circuitry, measurement circuitry, stimulus circuitry and memory. The system is configured to provide an output responsive to physical displacement within the MEMS sensor to the measurement circuitry. The stimulus circuitry is configured to provide a stimulus signal to the MEMS... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140260507 - Pulse duration extender: A system includes a sensor that is configured to measure an operating parameter of a machine and transmit a signal related to the measured operating parameter. The system also includes a passive signal modification circuit. The passive modification circuit is configured to receive the signal and generate a modified signal... Agent:

20140260509 - Method of calibrating a chromatography system: A method of calibrating, a chromatography system is described. The method includes injecting a standard into a chromatographic separator. The standard including a first analyte having a first calibrant concentration and a second analyte having a second calibrant concentration. The standard can be separated in the chromatographic separator and measured... Agent:

20140260511 - Diffuser diagnostic for in-situ flue gas measurement device: A process gas analysis system is provided. The system includes a probe insertable into a source of process gas and having a distal end and a chamber proximate the distal end. A gas sensor is mounted within the chamber and is configured to provide an electrical indication relative to a... Agent: Rosemount Analytical Inc.

20140260512 - Heat-generating apparatus and method of generating smoke: A heat-generating apparatus includes a frame assembly and a securement assembly carried by the frame assembly. The securement assembly includes a panel member arranged in a first vertical plane for supporting a target material parallel to the first vertical plane. The heat-generating apparatus also includes a heating support assembly adjustably... Agent: Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

20140260510 - Pentamethylheptane as a primary reference standard for cetane number: A composition useful as a Reference Standard for measurement of Cetane Number or for use as a standard for determining a Derived Cetane Number consists essentially of a blend of n-hexadecane and 2,2,4,6,6-pentamethylheptane. The disclosed Reference Standards can be used directly as substitutes for blends of n-hexadecane and 2,2,4,4,6,8,8-heptamethylnonane in... Agent:

20140260513 - On-tool mass flow controller diagnostic systems and methods: Mass flow controllers with on-tool diagnostic capabilities and methods for on-tool diagnosis of mass flow controllers are disclosed herein. One disclosed method includes providing current to two heating-sensing elements of a mass flow sensor and modifying current through at least one of the heating-sensing elements. Reference data is obtained that... Agent:

20140260514 - Fuel dispenser flow meter fraud detection and prevention: A fuel flow meter assembly for detecting fraud caused by tampering. The fuel flow meter assembly comprises a fuel flow meter comprising a shaft and a fiber optic displacement sensor operatively connected to the fuel flow meter shaft for generating information representative of an amount of fuel delivered through the... Agent: Gilbarco Inc.

20140260516 - Electronic tilt compensation for diaphragm based pressure sensors: System, apparatus and method for providing corrective sensor outputs, particularly when a sensor is subject to gravitational or acceleration effects. A sensor and accelerometer may be operatively coupled to a processor, wherein the processor receives inputs from both. The processor receives the sensor signals and determines the gravitational or acceleration... Agent: Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

20140260517 - System and method for inertial sensor offset compensation: The present invention provides an improved method and system for compensation of inertial sensors. In one implementation a modified moving average is applied to provide dynamic offset compensation for an inertial sensor output that is calculated when a vehicle is in motion.... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140260515 - System and method for run-time hermeticity detection of a capped mems device: Determining if a hermetically sealed MEMs device loses hermeticity during operation. In one embodiment, the MEMs device is an accelerometer. A test signal having an associated frequency above an operational frequency range for the accelerometer is provided to the accelerometer at an input during operation of the accelerometer for sensing... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20140260518 - System, method, and apparatus for certifying a brake pressure calibration for an end-of-train device: A system, method, and apparatus for certifying an end-of-train device pressure calibration is provided. The system includes a pressure calibration device configured to output a regulated pressure; and an end-of-train device comprising: a brake pipe interface adapted to receive the regulated pressure from the pressure calibration device; and a pressure... Agent:

20140260519 - Systems and methods for improved dynamic pressure measurements: A method, device, or system is provided for improving dynamic pressure measurements. In one embodiment, a method comprises receiving, at a filter structure having a restricting tube, an input pressure having a static pressure (PS), a lower-frequency dynamic pressure (PLD) and a higher-frequency dynamic pressure (PHD); filtering, by the restricting... Agent: Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

20140260520 - Fuel level sensor: An electronic fuel sensor which utilizes the characteristics of fluid (such as gasoline) to dissipate heat more readily than a gas. Specifically the fuel sensor utilizes a linear array of sensors comprising a couple heat detector and heat source which can determine which of the sensors are in fluid and... Agent:

20140260521 - Method and apparatus for in-situ cablibration and function verification of differential temperature fluid level sensor: An in-situ method and apparatus for calibrating and verifying the operational accuracy of a fluid level sensor.... Agent: Fluid Components International, LLC

20140260522 - Home position indicator, encoder position measurement system including a home position indicator, and a method of detecting a home position: A home position indicator that enhances the functionality of an incremental encoder with characteristics of an absolute encoder includes a target flag having a plurality of marks. In one embodiment, pairs of adjacent marks of the plurality of marks define sections between each adjacent pair of marks of the plurality... Agent: The Raymond Corporation

20140260523 - Radar-based vibration sensor self-calibration method: A method of calibrating a radar-based vibration sensor that includes a radar head coupled to a vibration device includes disposing the vibration sensor at a fixed distance from a target, and transmitting radio frequency (RF) signals toward, and receiving RF signals reflected by, the target. An excitation voltage is supplied,... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140260524 - Phantom, ultrasound system including the same, and method of manufacturing the phantom: Provided is a phantom including a medium that is visually transparent, solid particles, included in the medium that are visually transparent and are able to scatter a first ultrasound, and a contrast agent included in the medium that is changed to be in an opaque state from a visually transparent... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140260525 - Apparatus, methods and systems for measurement of chip loss during asphalt surface treatment construction and design: A post-road surface maintenance field test device includes a frame, a plurality of wheels connected to the frame, a rotatable brush held at least partially by or within the frame, a drive mechanism configured to rotate the brush, and a collection member. The collection member is held at least partially... Agent: Instrotek, Inc.

20140260526 - Apparatus and method for measuring fixing force: A fixing force measuring apparatus including a section for applying a predetermined controlled hammering force to a wedge surface to generate a hammering sound, a section for controlling the hammering sound generated, a section for obtaining plural kinds of feature quantities such as a feature quantity due to a hammering... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140260527 - Method and system for structural integrity assessment: The method includes dispensing an object at a portion of concrete, determining an impact time of the object on the portion of concrete, detecting at least one acoustic wave reflected from the portion of concrete, filtering the at least one acoustic wave, and identifying a defect in the portion of... Agent: Brigham Young University

20140260528 - Detecting contamination: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for detecting gas seepage. One of the methods includes obtaining surface gas sensor measurements from each of a plurality of locations within a geographic area prior to shale-gas development; determining whether natural gas seepage is occurring and establishing... Agent:

20140260529 - System and process of utilizing oil quality analysis and dissolved gas analysis to detect early stage problems in oil filled electrical apparatuses: A system and a process for detecting early stage electrical components problems with an analysis system is disclosed. The system process includes determining an oil quality of the oil of an electrical component using the analysis system. The system the process further including determining dissolved gases in the oil of... Agent:

20140260530 - Apparatus and methods for measuring concentrations: A probe for measuring an agent in gas and liquid form comprising: a body including an inner chamber and comprised of a porous material; and a heating element in thermal communication with the porous material.... Agent:

09/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140250969 - Spread-spectrum mems self-test system and method: A MEMS sensor includes a micro-electromechanical structure, a detection circuit, and a self-test circuit to test the health of the MEMS sensor during runtime operations. The self-test circuit is configured to inject into the micro-electromechanical structure a plurality of injected test signals that are broad-band frequency-varying frequency signals, which are... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

20140250970 - System and method for monitoring a gyroscope: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring operation of MEMS gyroscopes (110). A test signal generator (124) is configured to generate and apply a test signal to the rate feedback loop (112) of a MEMS gyroscope (110). A test signal detector (126) is coupled to the quadrature feedback loop (114)... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140250971 - System and method for monitoring an accelerometer: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring operation of MEMS accelerometers (100). In these embodiments a control loop (112) having a forward path (114) is coupled a MEMS transducer (110), and a test signal generator (124) and test signal detector (126) is provided. The test signal generator (124) is configured... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140250972 - Quality of precision time sources: Systems and methods for detecting the failure of a precision time source using an independent time source are disclosed. Additionally, detecting the failure of a GNSS based precision time source based on a calculated location of a GNSS receiver is disclosed. Moreover, the system may be further configured to distribute... Agent: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

20140250973 - Laboratory assessment of pdc cutter design under mixed-mode conditions: A system and a method of testing a superabrasive cutter are disclosed. The system of testing a superabrasive cutter may comprise a spinning wheel holding the superabrasive cutter; a rock feeding into a rotation of the superabrasive cutter on the spinning wheel; and a plurality of sensors operably attaching to... Agent: Diamond Innovations, Inc.

20140250974 - Laboratory assessment of pdc cutter design under mixed-mode conditions: A preform superabrasive cutter and a method of testing the preform superabrasive cutter are disclosed. The preform superabrasive cutter may comprise a superabrasive volume, metal carbide, and a slop. The superabrasive volume may have a top surface and superabrasive particles. The metal carbide may be attached to the superabrasive volume... Agent: Diamond Innovations, Inc.

20140250976 - Exhaust gas analyzing apparatus: The present invention is one that is, in an exhaust gas analyzing apparatus used together with a CVS mechanism, adapted to be able to make an analysis with high accuracy, and an analyzing mechanism is provided with: a target component concentration meter that measures a moisture-influenced concentration related value that... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

20140250975 - Handheld gas analyzer with sensor on chip: A handheld sized combustion gas sampling analyzer having a gas sample collecting means, an in-line water trap and particulate filter, at least one removable sensor module, with each of the sensor modules adapted to receive at least one sensor chip, and circuitry adapted to receive sensing information from the sensor... Agent:

20140250977 - Chemical analysis instrument with multi-purpose pump: A mass spectrometer for analyzing a sample may include an analysis chamber for analyzing the sample and a first vacuum pump operably connected to the analysis chamber, wherein the first vacuum pump operates to create a first vacuum state. The mass spectrometer may also include a sample-preparation chamber operably connected... Agent: 1st Detect Corporation

20140250978 - Evacuable inlet for gas chromatograph injector: A gas chromatography (GC) system comprises: a sample injector adapted to receive a liquid sample into an interior cavity thereof and to volatilize the liquid sample; a GC column configured to receive the volatilized sample from the sample injector; a carrier gas inlet line fluidically coupled to a gas inlet... Agent:

20140250979 - Steam quality measurement system: A system and method for continually and automatically measuring the quality of steam includes a steam dryness/superheat meter and a non-condensable gases (NCG) meter. The steam dryness meter includes a throttling calorimeter through which a steam sample enters at atmospheric pressure, sensors for sensing the pressure and temperature of the... Agent: Armstrong Global Holdings, Inc.

20140250980 - Device for determining the mass of a particle in suspension or in solution in a fluid: Said device comprises: a first device (2) for the nebulization of the fluid (4) to obtain a flux comprising at least the particle, a second device (6) for the guidance and the aerodynamic focusing of the flux and a third device (12) for determining the mass of the particle by... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140251007 - Tandem scoop and method: The present invention describes a tubular scoop that may be utilized with various assemblies for sampling fluid in a pipeline. The scoop includes a bend with a bend radius that is from two to four times the diameter of the scoop. The scoop defines a scoop face that is parallel... Agent:

20140250981 - Seal test fixture for a gas turbine fuel nozzle: A seal test fixture for a gas turbine fuel nozzle including an enclosed container for receiving a body of the gas turbine fuel nozzle including a seal; a test chamber coupled to the enclosed container for sealingly enclosing a flange of the gas turbine fuel nozzle and fluidly communicating with... Agent: General Electric Company

20140250982 - Immersion inspection system for a machine and related method of operation: Systems, devices, and methods, adapted to immersively test/inspect machine components (e.g., tubes, conduits, etc.) in an in-situ manner are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system includes: a first seal member configured to sealingly engage a first portion of a machine component; a base system connected to the first seal member... Agent: General Electric Company

20140250983 - Viscosity measurement of liquids at subambient temperatures: An apparatus and method is shown for determining the pumpability limit, freeze point and/or pour point of liquids, particularly fuels, at sub-ambient temperatures. A sample is placed in a viscometer which viscometer is rapidly cooled by a chiller. During cooling, after some measurements of temperature and viscosity, further temperatures and... Agent: Cambridge Viscosity, Inc.

20140250984 - Pulsed ion multifunctional detector for both high performance liquid chromatograph and ion chromatograph: A pulsed ion multifunctional detector used for both high performance liquid chromatograph and ion chromatograph, and experiment chromatograms attached also show that the detector has excellent multipurpose function in liquid chromatograph. The casing of the instrument is provided with a sample solution inlet, a sample solution outlet, a power supply... Agent:

20140250985 - Sensing sensor and sensing device using piezoelectric resonator: A sensing sensor includes a crystal element having a first excitation electrode, a second excitation electrode, and a common electrode, an adsorbing layer, a wiring board, and a channel forming member. The crystal element is secured to the wiring board so as to form a space at one surface side... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20140250986 - Systems and methods of determining a quality and a quantity of a fluid: A system for sensing a fluid. The system including a fixed object; a first transducer generating a first sound wave in a horizontal direction and to detect a first echo of the first sound wave from the fixed object; a second transducer generating a second sound wave in a vertical... Agent: Ssi Technologies, Inc.

20140250987 - Direct line sampling and dilution system: A direct line sampling system includes a flow line for a process flow, a diluent flush line for a diluent, and a sampling valve structure disposed in the flow line. The sampling valve structure includes a sampling chamber and has a first position in which the sampling chamber is in... Agent: J.m. Canty Inc.

20140250988 - Laser apparatus for determination of ink dryness: An apparatus determines the dryness of inked paper using laser light absorption technique for application in inkjet printers. Direct in-line feedback is provided as to the effectiveness of the drying of the ink placed deposited upon paper or other media. Associated laser system designs and the technologies employed in the... Agent: 7-sigma, Inc.

20140250989 - Hardness tester: A hardness tester has a test force applier generating a test force using an electromagnetic force generated by supplying a current to a drive coil provided in a magnetic field and applies the test force to an indenter to press the indenter into a surface of a sample; a temperature... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140250990 - Control device for hybrid vehicle: In a hybrid vehicle that selects a series mode in which an engine drives a motor generator to generate electric power and a driving motor drives drive wheels, fuel supply to the engine is stopped and motoring in which the motor generator forcedly drives the engine can be performed, failure... Agent: Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140250991 - Wireless timing light: A system and method for adjusting the ignition timing of an engine. The system includes a strobe device in communication with a wireless clamp. The wireless clamp sends a firing signal of a spark plug of an engine to the strobe device and the strobe device synchronously strobes an LED... Agent:

20140250992 - Internal combustion engine test system and computer program: It is intended to display a schematic diagram of substantially the whole of an internal combustion engine test system on a screen and a color, brightness, pattern or shape of a symbol representing a test device shown in the schematic diagram are changed according to a degree of operation safety... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

20140250993 - Catalyst-degradation detection device: An oxygen amount (an oxygen storage amount OSA) stored by metal cerium during a storage cycle is obtained based on an output value of an A/F sensor in a time period immediately before an exhaust air-fuel ratio (a downstream side A/F) detected by the A/F sensor shifts to a lean... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140250994 - Laboratory assessment of pdc cutter design under mixed-mode conditions: A method of testing a superabrasive cutter is disclosed. The method of testing a superabrasive cutter may comprise steps of choosing a set of tests with various parameters under which to test superabrasive cutter; comparing to a reference chart; and deciding whether the superabrasive cutter fits an application for a... Agent: Diamond Innovations, Inc.

20140250995 - Vehicle brake system testing device and method: Devices and methods for testing the brake system of a vehicle. Embodiments of the invention generally include an extendable rod that is adapted for removable installation between the steering wheel and brake pedal of a vehicle whose brake system is to be tested. Manual depression of the brake pedal with... Agent:

20140250997 - Test facility for a vehicle equipped with at least one vehicle tire: A test facility for a vehicle having at least one tire includes an acceleration track; a test section; a return track; a guide defining a direction of travel; a slide configured to run on the guide and to guide the vehicle; a building defining an interior space; at least a... Agent: Continental Reifen Deutschland Gmbh

20140250996 - Tire testing machine: A tire testing machine of the present invention includes a bottom chuck that is mounted to a bottom frame, a top chuck that is mounted to a movable beam, a ball screw that causes the movable beam to ascend or descend, and a beam fixing member that fixes the movable... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140250998 - Detection of permeability anisotropy in the horizontal plane: A method for detection of permeability anisotropy, having steps of positioning a formation testing tool, conducting a series of three flow tests with the testing tool wherein a first test is a four drain flow test, a second test is a pair of opposite drains flowing on diametrically opposite sides... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140250999 - Method and system for reservoir surveillance utilizing a clumped isotope and/or noble gas data: A method is disclosed for producing hydrocarbons with the use of reservoir surveillance. The method includes interpreting a sample to determine noble gas signatures and clumped isotope signatures for the region of interest. Then, using the region of interest fingerprint to perform reservoir surveillance on produced fluids from the subsurface... Agent:

20140251000 - Air data probes: An air data probe includes a probe head defining a longitudinal axis with a forward tip, and a turbulence inducing surface defined in the probe head aft of the forward tip. The turbulence inducing surface is configured and adapted to trip a fluid boundary layer passing over the probe head... Agent: Rosemount Aerospace Inc.

20140251001 - Air data probes: An air data probe includes a probe head and a raised portion. The probe head defines a longitudinal axis and includes a forward tip and a probe head surface. The raised portion is defined in the probe head surface aft of the forward tip. The raised portion is raised radially... Agent: Rosemount Aerospace Inc.

20140251002 - Fluid meters: Meters are described. In one example, a meter includes a totalizer including an electronic circuit and a metering screen, a cap at least partially covering the totalizer, the cap including a window to facilitate viewing of data of the metering screen, and a screen cover mounted on the cap and... Agent: Itron France

20140251003 - Gas meter: A gas meter, having a gas inlet, a gas outlet and a measuring section, in which a measuring device, in particular a measuring device for thermal flow measurement, is arranged, wherein a filtering device for removing particulate impurities is arranged downstream of the gas inlet, characterized in that the filtering... Agent: Hydrometer Gmbh

20140251004 - Method and system for flow measurement: A method for determining flow in a medium, comprising applying thermal energy to at least one probe of a pair of probes, the probes configured for placement in the medium and varying the applied thermal energy of the at least one probe to maintain a constant temperature differential between the... Agent: Weatherford Canada Partnership

20140251005 - Connected tableware for quantifying dietary intake: Connected tableware is provided with various sensors and systems for quantifying a user's dietary intake. Sensors and systems include a weight sensing system, a fluid level sensor, a fat content sensor, and a temperature sensor. Further, the connected tableware is comprised in a system including a data transfer medium (i.e.... Agent: Beam Technologies, LLC

20140251006 - Magnetic low product indicator: Embodiments include a dispenser for dispensing a product. The dispenser has a housing, a container, a container holder and a first holder magnetic element positioned on the container holder. The first holder magnetic element and a first stationary magnetic element interact to create a first magnetic force. The first magnetic... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140251008 - Wheel balancing device: sensors, which are fixed to the plate, are connected to the tubular element and are adapted to measure the forces that constrain the tubular element when the rotation shaft and the wheel are turning and to provide a measurement of the forces generated by the dynamic imbalance of the wheel.... Agent:

20140251009 - System and method for reducing offset variation in multifunction sensor devices: Systems and methods are provided for improved multifunction sensing. In these embodiments a multifunction sensing device (100) includes a microelectromechanical (MEMS) gyroscope (110) and at least a second sensor (112). The MEMS gyroscope (110) is configured to generate a first clock signal, and the second sensor includes a second clock... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140251010 - Unit, oscillator and electronic apparatus: In a quartz crystal unit, the unit comprising a quartz crystal resonator having an overall length less than 2.1 mm, and a base portion, and first and second vibrational arms, at least one groove being formed in at least one of opposite main surfaces of each of the first and... Agent: Piedek Technical Laboratory

20140251013 - Acceleration sensor: An acceleration sensor can ensure rigidity of its movable electrode despite a large number of through-holes formed in the movable electrode. The acceleration sensor has an SOI substrate in which a silicon oxide layer is formed on a silicon support layer and an active silicon layer is formed on the... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20140251012 - Pseudo-differential accelerometer with high electromagnetic interference rejection: A pseudo-differential accelerometer resistant to EMI is disclosed that includes a device with a sensor core connected to an integrated circuit including a chopper, differential amplifier, and dummy core. The chopper swaps input to output connections during different states. The dummy core is coupled to a dummy chopper input. Three... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140251011 - Tilt mode accelerometer with improved offset and noise performance: A single-axis tilt-mode microelectromechanical accelerometer structure. The structure includes a substrate having a top surface defined by a first end and a second end. Coupled to the substrate is a first asymmetrically-shaped mass suspended above the substrate pivotable about a first pivot point on the substrate between the first end... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20140251014 - Pre-collapsed capacitive micro-machined transducer cell with stress layer: The present invention relates to a pre-collapsed capacitive micro-machined transducer cell (10) comprising a substrate (12), and a membrane (14) disposed above a total membrane area (Atotal), wherein a cavity (20) is formed between the membrane (14) and the substrate (12), the membrane comprising a hole (15) and an edge... Agent:

20140251015 - System and method for non-destructive testing of railroad rails using ultrasonic apparatuses mounted within fluid-filled tires maintained at constant temperatures: A rolling search unit including an ultrasonic device and a heat exchanger mounted within a fluid-filled tire may be utilized to perform ultrasonic testing on an underlying railroad rail. The ultrasonic device may transmit or receive ultrasonic beams into or from the railroad rail, and the heat exchanger may be... Agent: Sperry Rail, Inc.

20140251016 - Audio detection of medium jam: A method of indicating a medium jam along a medium transport path comprising one or more rollers for use in conveying the medium along the medium transport path; a microphone for detecting the sound of the medium being conveyed and producing a signal representing the sound; a processor for producing... Agent: Kodak Alaris, Inc.

20140251017 - Detection circuit, driving method, probe, and subject information acquiring apparatus: A detection circuit detects a signal output from an element that receives an acoustic wave. The detection circuit is configured so as not to conduct a detection operation during a period in which the element does not receive the acoustic wave.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140251018 - Internal pressure inspection apparatus and method for a sealed container: An internal pressure inspection apparatus for a sealed container having a can lid that is attached to any of an upper end and a lower end of a can trunk, and that is deformed by an internal pressure of the container. A laser sensor adapted to measure a distance from... Agent: Daiwa Can Company

20140251019 - Coplanar process fluid pressure sensor module: A coplanar process fluid pressure sensor module is provided. The module includes a coplanar base and a housing body. The coplanar base has a pair of process fluid pressure inlets, each having an isolator diaphragm. The housing body is coupled to the coplanar base at an interface between the coplanar... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140251020 - Method and apparatus for pipe pressure measurements: A strain gauge collar includes at least one strain gauge installed on a base and at least one clamp on the base. The at least one clamp is configured to attach the strain gauge collar to a main steam line (MSL) as a single unit.... Agent: Ge-hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas LLC

20140251021 - System and method for multiplexed and buffered miniaturized sensor arrays: A miniature pressure scanning system includes a plurality of miniature pressure sensors where each pressure sensors includes at least one sensor output for providing an analog output signal indicative of a detected pressure on a body, and each pressure sensor output has an associated output impedance; a plurality of buffers,... Agent: Measurement Specialties, Inc.

20140251022 - Burst pressure monitoring device employed in a pressure transmitter: The invention relates to a burst pressure monitoring device intended to be employed in a pressure transmitter (1), said pressure transmitter comprising a body (10), an inlet duct (11) formed on the body and intended to receive a fluid, a sensor member on which the inlet duct emerges, said sensor... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20140251023 - Chewing monitoring device: The device for tracking masticatory movements makes it possible to calculate the number of masticatory movements. The device comprises a housing capable of elastic deformation under the action of the temporal and/or masseter muscles, a Hall sensor and a permanent magnet, which are mounted inside the housing with the possibility... Agent:

20140251024 - Chain link tester: A chain link tester and method of use is disclosed herein. The chain link tester may contain a tapered lever and may be adapted to operatively connect to a torque metering device. The chain link tester may be used to test chain links.... Agent: R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company

20140251025 - Magnetic flowmeter assembly framework: A magnetic flowmeter includes a pipe section, coils for generating a magnetic field across the pipe section, and electrodes for sensing EMF induced by process fluid flow through the magnetic field. An assembly framework is mounted on the pipe. The coils, electrodes, and associated wiring of the flowmeter are located... Agent:

20140251026 - Coriolis flow meter: A Coriolis flow meter for measuring a liquid volume fraction of a multiphase flow. The Coriolis meter includes a vibrating measurement conduit through which the multiphase flow, a wet gas flow or the like, is flowed and measured and/or analyzed. Operation of the Coriolis flow meter includes obtaining a measure... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140251028 - Torque sensor rotor: Disclosed is a rotor for a torque sensor configured to improve a mechanical coupling force with respect to a jig in a process of adjusting a torque center, thus enabling a fine adjustment, the rotor including a rotor body having a sleeve coupled to a rotating shaft and a yoke... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140251027 - Threaded member capable of detecting tightening force: A threaded member capable of detecting tightening force includes a head section, a threaded rod section and at least one strain sensor. The head section has a bottom face, a skirt section and a receiving space. The threaded rod section is disposed under the bottom face of the head section.... Agent: Kabo Tool Company

20140251029 - Wide-area pressure sensor with reduced power consumption: The disclosure includes a system and method for implementing a wide-area pressure sensor with reduced power consumption. The system includes a first layer printed with conductive ink in a first pattern that includes a first portion of an AND array and a first portion of an OR array, a second... Agent: Ricoh Co., Ltd.

20140251030 - Pressure transducer substrate with self alignment feature: In an embodiment, an apparatus includes a first substrate. The first substrate may have a first side for accommodating a first diaphragm. The first substrate may also have a second side. The second side may include a polygonal-shaped depression that is sized to accommodate a second diaphragm associated with a... Agent:

20140251031 - Exhaust gas sampling apparatus: An embodiment of the invention is one that, in the case where a sampling part is configured to include a plurality of venturis, with suppressing an increase in size of an apparatus and an increase in cost, accurately obtains a diluent gas flow rate in accordance with a diluted exhaust... Agent: Horiba, Ltd.

20140251032 - Soil sampler: An automated soil sampler is removably mounted on an agricultural tractor and collects soil samples in a farm field while the tractor is driven through the field. At a periodic interval, the soil sampler momentarily lowers a soil collection knife into the soil to collect a soil sample, raises the... Agent: Integrated Ag Service, Ltd

20140251033 - Sample tube holder providing zero force insertion of sample tube: An apparatus for holding a sample tube includes a plurality of rollers circumscribing a clearance space along a central axis, and an actuator configured for moving the rollers between a non-gripping position and a gripping position. At the non-gripping position, the rollers are oriented relative to the central axis such... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140251034 - Determining timing for cleaning electricity generating solar panels: A system for detecting an optimal timing for cleaning duty solar panels is provided herein. The system includes: a simulation sensor and a reference sensor which include photovoltaic cells identical to the photovoltaic cells of the duty solar panels, wherein the simulation sensor is configured to generate a simulation electrical... Agent:

09/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
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20140238100 - Method for calibration of sensors embedded or wirelessly connected to a mobile device: Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for obtaining accurate gas sensor data are presented. A mobile device may receive gas sensor data from at least one gas sensor. The mobile device can include the at least one gas sensor and at least one environmental component. Additionally, the mobile device may... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140238102 - Method for adjusting a gas sensor: In a method for adjusting a gas sensor having a hollow chamber connected to a measuring gas chamber and having an electrochemical pump cell electrochemically pumping the gas component into or out of the hollow chamber, at least two pumping-in phases are provided in which the gas component is pumped... Agent:

20140238101 - System and method for automatically adjusting gas sensor settings and parameters: An automatic sensor excitation voltage adjustment feature, a multi-range concentration feature, a single calibration feature and a barrier circuit feature. The automatic sensor excitation voltage adjustment feature includes a transmitter having a transmitter microprocessor that provides an initial voltage to a sensor having a sensor microprocessor. As the voltage changes... Agent:

20140238103 - Pressure sensor with integrated health monitoring and compensation: A pressure sensor may measure gas or liquid pressure. A chamber may have an inlet that receives the gas or liquid. A flexible diaphragm may be within the chamber that has a surface exposed to the gas or liquid after it flows through the inlet. A pressure sensor system may... Agent: Mks Instruments, Inc.

20140238104 - Mattress testing apparatus and method: An apparatus and method of testing are provided to test the durability and resilience of crib mattresses and other child development surfaces. The testing apparatus is configured to provide a movable fixture for imparting repeated force to a mattress. The fixture can include a pair of feet formed thereon to... Agent: Colgate Atlanta Mattress Corporation

20140238106 - Attached matter testing device and testing method: Provided is a technique to identify a sample substance attached to an inspection target easily and precisely, while improving the rate of operation and reducing the number of persons required for inspection. A trace detecting system includes detection means to detect the size (vertical and horizontal dimensions) of an inspection... Agent:

20140238105 - Device for detecting evaporation source and method for applying the same: The present disclosure relates to a process for manufacturing Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display panel, and in particular to a device and a method for detecting evaporation source. Through installing a mobile detector above a linear evaporation source, the vapor-deposition rate of the whole linear can be timely and effectively... Agent: Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited

20140238107 - Real-time on-site gas analysis network for ambient air monitoring and active control and response: Embodiments of an apparatus comprising a plurality of multiple-gas analysis devices positioned within a relevant area, each multiple-gas analysis device capable of detecting the presence, concentration, or both, of one or more gases. A data and control center is communicatively coupled to each of the plurality of multiple-gas analysis device,... Agent: Tricorntech Taiwan

20140238108 - Method and device for regenerating a particle sensor: A method for regenerating a particle sensor, which comprises a ceramic base body, in the exhaust gas duct of an internal combustion engine for driving a motor vehicle, wherein a particle loading of the particle sensor is determined by applying an electrical voltage between at least two electrodes with interdigital... Agent:

20140238125 - Impaction densitometer: Disclosed is an impaction densitometer having a chamber configured to receive a particle; a beam generator configured to emit a beam; a detector configured to receive the beam and convert a change in intensity of the received beam into an electrical signal corresponding to a particle volume; an impact sensor... Agent: United States Department Of Energy

20140238109 - Flexible contact arrangement for hose assembly: An integrated hose assembly, as well as a monitoring assembly and method of its use are disclosed. The integrated hose assembly includes a hose assembly with a hose having a first conductive layer electrically connected to a nipple and a second conductive layer electrically connected to a socket. The first... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140238110 - Leakage detection in a medical device: There is provided a method of channel leakage detection in a medical device having one or more channels and a housing having an internal volume surrounding at least a portion of the one or more channels, comprising the steps of (a) pressurizing one or more of the channels by introducing... Agent:

20140238111 - Tube clamping device and hydraulic pressure tester technical field: The present invention provides a compact tube clamping device 50 with a simple structure and used suitably for a hydraulic pressure tester for inspecting quality of an electric resistance welded tube. To achieve this object, a lifting/lowering base 52 including a tube support body 55 on itself is provided onto... Agent: Nakata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140238112 - System for monitoring fluid in a container: This disclosure relates to systems and methods for monitoring attributes of a fluid within a container, and wirelessly transmitting fluid information to one or more remote deices.... Agent:

20140238113 - Method for measuring stable hemoglobin a1c using liquid chromatography, and method for simultaneous measurement of stable hemoglobin a1c and abnormal hemoglobin using liquid chromatography: The present invention is a method for measuring stable hemoglobin A1c using liquid chromatography, installing on a flow path of a liquid chromatograph a filter whose surface is treated with a solution containing 1 to 50% by weight of a silicone oil or a solution containing 1 to 50% by... Agent:

20140238114 - Determining constituents of a wellbore fluid: Techniques for determining a wellbore fluid constituent concentration include depositing a portion of a hydraulic fracturing fluid that includes a base fluid on a quartz crystal microbalance, the base fluid including a constituent; measuring an oscillation frequency of the quartz crystal microbalance based on the constituent of the base fluid;... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140238115 - Clamp-on-type ultrasonic concentration metering system and method: Disclosed is a clamp-on-type ultrasonic concentration metering system and method. The clamp-on-type ultrasonic concentration metering system includes an ultrasonic sensor portion and a concentration meter. The ultrasonic sensor portion is attached to an outer wall of a pipe through which a fluid to be measured flows and that transmits and... Agent: Wess Global.,inc.

20140238116 - Ultrasonic system for measuring both flow rate and concentration: Disclosed is an ultrasonic system for measuring both a flow rate and a concentration including: a transmission ultrasonic sensor which is attached to an outer wall of a pipe and which transmits an ultrasonic signal, a concentration-metering ultrasonic sensor which is attached to the opposite outer wall of the pipe... Agent: Wess Global, Inc.

20140238117 - Determination of interfacial tensions in supercritical conditions: The invention concerns a method whereby: (E1) an inner liquid phase is made to flow in an inner flow member, and an outer liquid phase in an outer flow member, the flow of the inner liquid phase opening within the flow of the second liquid phase; and the temperature and... Agent: Rhodia Operations

20140238118 - Analysis system having a measurement device and test element: Disclosed herein are portable diagnostic measurement devices for determining at least one analysis parameter of a bodily fluid, in particular for determining an analyte concentration in a bodily fluid as can occur in blood glucose determinations. Also disclosed are analysis systems including the measurement device and at least one disposable... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140238119 - Method for obtaining edge prep profiles of cutting tools: A method for obtaining an edge prep profile of a cutting tool with a point sensor. The method includes: (a) scanning edge points of the cutting tool, including a target edge point on a target edge, with the point sensor, by rotating the cutting tool around its axis, to generate... Agent:

20140238120 - System and method for detecting stochastic pre-ignition: A system according to the principles of the present disclosure includes a vibration intensity module and a stochastic pre-ignition (SPI) detection module. The vibration intensity module determines a vibration intensity of an engine over a first engine cycle and a second engine cycle. The first engine cycle and the second... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140238121 - Equipment for test stands of the braking system of vehicles, in particular for four-wheel drive vehicles: The equipment for test stands of the braking system of vehicles, in particular for four-wheel drive vehicles, includes a bearing frame having a resting and rotation apparatus for a wheel of a vehicle, suitable for resting the wheel and for allowing the free rotation of the wheel during a test... Agent: Giuliano Group S.p.a.

20140238122 - Apparatus and method for measuring phase behavior: An apparatus for measuring phase behavior of a reservoir fluid comprises a first sample container and a second sample container in fluid communication with a microfluidic device defining a microchannel. A first pump and a second pump are operably associated with the sample containers and the microfluidic device to fill... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140238123 - Snorkel tube with debris barrier for electronic gauges placed on sand screens: A sensing system comprises at least one gauge disposed in a wellbore, a sensing link coupled to the at least one gauge, and a debris barrier coupled to the sensing link. The debris barrier comprises a housing coupled to the sensing link, and a barrier element configured to reduce the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140238124 - Flowmeter for two-phase gas/liquid cryogenic fluids: The invention relates to a flowmeter for two-phase gas/liquid cryogenic fluids, comprising: a liquid/gas phase separator, preferably consisting of a tank, into the top part of which the cryogenic liquid is admitted; a liquid flow-rate sensor, located in a liquid duct in fluid communication with the bottom part of the... Agent: L'air Liquide Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

20140238126 - Reduced-stress coupling for industrial process transmitter housing: An industrial process transmitter comprises a sensor module, a housing and a compression ring. A process sensor is located in the sensor module. The housing comprises an electronics compartment having an internal space in which transmitter electronics are located, and a sensor compartment having opening into which the sensor module... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140238128 - Method for determining current eccentricity of rotating rotor and method of diagnostics of eccentricity of rotating rotor: The invention relates to a method for determining current eccentricity of rotating rotor (1) at which is rotor (1) equipped with a phase marker (5) scanned at constant speed of rotation up to 500 rpm by a sensor (50) of phase marker (5) at the point of the phase marker... Agent: Doosan Skoda Power S.r.o.

20140238127 - Robotic weight apply station: An apparatus for processing a tire-wheel assembly comprising a single-cell workstation including a plurality of sub-stations. The plurality of sub-stations includes a weight application sub-station, and an audit balancing sub-station. The apparatus also includes a tire/wheel transporting device positioned within reach of all of the plurality of sub-stations. A method... Agent: Android Industries LLC

20140238129 - Angular velocity sensor and detection element used in same: A detection element for detecting an angular velocity around at least one of X-, Y- and Z-axes orthogonal to one another, has a support, first to fourth vibration arms connected to the support at each first end, first to fourth weights connected to each second end of the respective vibration... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140238130 - Accelerometer: The accelerometer of the present application includes: a main body; a channel positioned in the main body and forming a predetermined movement space; a conductive droplet positioned in the movement space and moving in the movement space according to inertia; a conduction section correspondingly positioned to the movement space and... Agent: Agency For Defense Development

20140238131 - Inertial force sensor: An inertial force sensor that can suppress fluctuation of detection sensitivity even if an external stress is applied to the inertial force sensor. Angular velocity sensor (1), that is, an inertial force sensor includes ceramic substrate (6), lower lid (4) adhering to ceramic substrate (6) with adhesives (11a and 11b)... Agent:

20140238132 - Mems resonant accelerometer: Provided is a micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) resonating accelerometer. The MEMS resonating accelerometer according to the present invention comprises: a first inertial mass; a second inertial mass which is spaced at a predetermined distance from the first inertial mass on a first axis; an elastic body which is provided... Agent: Microinfinity, Inc.

20140238133 - Capacitance detection circuit: A capacitance detection circuit inhibits noise. The capacitance detection circuit detects a change in capacitance between a pair of electrodes of a physical quantity sensor, with these electrodes generating the change in capacitance in response to a change in physical quantity. The capacitance detection circuit has a carrier signal generating... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20140238134 - Method and device for testing box blanks: In a method for testing a box blank formed from flat material, the said box blank is guided along a blade (12). At least one of the layers (10) is folded onto the blade (12), so that it is located between the layers (10, 14). A component (16) is located... Agent: Texmag Gmbh Vertriebsgesellschaft

20140238135 - Method for controlling an ultrasonic sensor and ultrasonic sensor: An ultrasonic sensor has: a diaphragm that includes at least two partial regions for emitting and/or receiving ultrasonic signals, the two partial regions possessing different resonance characteristics; and at least one electromechanical transducer coupled to the diaphragm, to which transducer a control signal having at least two different control signal... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140238137 - Scanning method and apparatus: A method of assessing the condition of a tubular member comprises driving an ultrasonic probe to fire a short pulse ultrasonic beam at the outer surface of the tubular member and analysing the reflected signals from the tubular member to assess the condition of the tubular member. The apparatus comprises... Agent:

20140238136 - Ultrasound matrix inspection: A device and method for performing ultrasound scanning of a substantially cylindrical object, the device comprising a cuff adapted to fit around a circumference of the object, a carrier mounted slidably on the cuff and adapted to traverse the circumference of the object, an ultrasound probe mounted on the carrier... Agent:

20140238138 - Ultrasound probe system: An ultrasound probe system includes a main body portion, an ultrasound observation portion transmitting ultrasound in a side surface direction of the main body portion and receiving a reflected wave, a distal-end portion provided such that a proximal-end face, on a proximal-end side is adjacent to a distal-end in an... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140238139 - System for monitoring the condition of structural elements and a method of developing such a system: The invention relates to a system for monitoring the condition of elongate structural elements and more particularly but not exclusively, to a system for monitoring and detecting cracks and breaks in railway rails. The invention furthermore extends to the methodology of designing and developing such a system. The method includes... Agent: Csir

20140238140 - Collocated sensor for a vibrating fluid meter: A combined driver and pick-off sensor component (200, 300) for a vibrating meter is provided. The combined driver and pick-off sensor component (200, 300) includes a magnet portion (104B) with at least a first magnet (211). The combined driver and pick-off sensor component (200, 300) further includes a coil portion... Agent: Micro Motion, Inc.

20140238141 - Integrated reference vacuum pressure sensor with atomic layer deposition coated input port: An integrated reference vacuum pressure sensor with an atomic layer deposition (ALD) coated input port comprises a housing with an port for a media to enter the housing; a substrate and stress isolation member in the housing; wherein a channel extends through the substrate and the stress isolation member, wherein... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140238142 - Catheter die and method of fabricating the same: A catheter die is provided and includes a device layer defining a cavity and including a piezoresistive pressure sensor operably disposed proximate to the cavity and an insulator having an opening and being disposed on an upper surface of the device layer such that a portion of the piezoresistive pressure... Agent: Amphenol Thermometrics, Inc.

20140238143 - System, method, and device for sensing pressure of a fluid: A pressure sensor for sensing a pressure of a fluid includes a Bourdon tube that has a helical segment and an anvil. A portion of the anvil is positioned within the helical segment. The sensor also includes a dielectric material positioned between the portion of the anvil and the helical... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140238144 - Sic high temperature pressure transducer: The invention concerns a pressure transducer comprising a deflecting membrane, said membrane comprising two piezoresistors (10, 11) of different types, said piezoresistors being arranged such that a same stress or a same strain is applied on said piezoresistors and said piezoresistors (10, 11) yield changes in resistance, wherein a piezoresistor... Agent: Ecole Poyltechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

20140238145 - Method and systems for determining hydrogen embrittlement: A method for use in determining hydrogen embrittlement in a plated sample is provided. The method includes positioning the plated sample between a first holding member and a second holding member, moving the second holding member towards the first holding member to bend the plated sample, and applying a static... Agent:

20140238146 - Axle load monitoring system (alms): An axle load monitoring system configured for use on an axle housing is provided. The axle load monitoring system can include a mounting structure and a strain gauge. The mounting structure can have a first end portion, a second end portion and an intermediate portion. The first end portion can... Agent:

20140238147 - Fuel instrument determination device, flow meter device, gas meter and fuel instrument determination method: A fuel instrument determination device comprises a first obtaining section for obtaining a slope of a change in a fuel flow rate in a first measurement period; a second obtaining section for obtaining a slope of a change in the fuel flow rate in a second measurement period which is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140238148 - Ultrasonic flow metering with laminar to turbulent transition flow control: Apparatus and method for ultrasonic flow metering of viscous fluids. In one embodiment, an ultrasonic flow metering system includes an ultrasonic flow meter, a flow conditioner, and a reducer. The ultrasonic flow meter includes a pair of ultrasonic transducers arranged to exchange ultrasonic signals through a fluid stream flowing between... Agent: Daniel Measurement And Control, Inc.

20140238149 - Coriolis frequency tracking: Motion is induced in a conduit such that the conduit vibrates in a major mode of vibration having a major amplitude and a minor mode of vibration having a minor amplitude. The major amplitude is larger than the minor amplitude, the major mode of vibration has a first frequency of... Agent: Invensys Systems, Inc.

20140238150 - Method for evaluating prestressing force of bonded tendon using velocity of stress waves caused by impact: There is provided a method for evaluating prestressing force of a bonded tendon. The method includes: striking a prestressing strand of a bonded tendon with an impact hammer; measuring an acceleration response signal from the prestressing strand using an accelerometer, and receiving the acceleration response signal with a data logger;... Agent: Korea Electric Power Corporation

20140238151 - Stitched stretch sensor: A stitched sensor including a plurality of threads stitched to a textile in a stitch geometry is described. The plurality of threads includes a conductive thread, and the stitch geometry is configured such that an electrical property of the stitched sensor changes based on at least one of stretching, relaxation,... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20140238152 - Device and method for localized force sensing: A device and method for operating a capacitive input device configured to sense input objects and their applied force in a sensing region, the device including a pliable component having an input surface and characterized by a bending stiffness, and first and second arrays of sensor electrodes. The input device... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20140238153 - Artificial skin and elastic strain sensor: An elastic strain sensor can be incorporated into an artificial skin that can sense flexing by the underlying support structure of the skin to detect and track motion of the support structure. The unidirectional elastic strain sensor can be formed by filling two or more channels in an elastic substrate... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20140238154 - Fecal microbiome transplant material preparation method and apparatus: This invention relates to a fecal microbiome transplant material preparation method and apparatus for the preparation of fecal material for a fecal transplant. A healthy patient's stool is collected and deposited in a first container which has its open end attached to a second container to form a fecal processing... Agent:

20140238155 - Systems and methods for laser assisted sample transfer to solution for chemical analysis: Systems and methods are described for laser ablation of an analyte from a specimen and capturing of the analyte in a dispensed solvent to form a testing solution. A solvent dispensing and extraction system can form a liquid microjunction with the specimen. The solvent dispensing and extraction system can include... Agent: University Of Tennessee Research Foundation

20140238156 - Drainable sight glass and associated methods: Embodiments of the invention are directed to methods of use and a (trainable sight glass assembly for use with a sump pump having a pump housing and being adapted to view the condition of oil disposed, within the pump housing. In some embodiments, the drainable sight glass assembly can comprise... Agent:

20140238157 - Robot having workpiece mass measurement function: A robot (1) having a workpiece mass measurement function for measuring the mass of a workpiece that is held, includes a force measurement unit (5) that measures the force that is applied to the tip part (2) of the mechanism part of the robot (1), and a mass estimation unit... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

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