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Measuring and testing

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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331736 - Method for calibrating a trigger unit and cascadable sensor therefor: A method is disclosed for calibrating a trigger unit which is connected via a trigger line to at least two sensors configured to be triggered. Each sensor is connected between two successive line portions of the trigger line. Each sensor has an input and an output, a controllable interrupter between... Agent: Kapsch Trafficcom Ag

20140331737 - Gas application device for gas measuring apparatuses, method for testing gas measuring apparatuses, and calibration measuring apparatus for testing and calibrating gas measuring apparatuses: A gas application device (2) for gas measuring apparatuses (5) has a test chamber device (58) for providing a test gas. A predetermined positive pressure is applied in the line system that connects the test chamber device (58) to one or more test-gas containers (PG) such that a constant test-gas... Agent: Drager Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa A Corporation

20140331738 - Optical switch system for a prover: Apparatus for flow prover precisely measures the volume and the flow rate of a fluid through a cylinder. The prover includes a piston within a cylinder supporting a shaft extending longitudinally through the cylinder, which cylinder receives and discharges the fluid by translation of the piston from the fluid receiving... Agent: Flow Management Devices, LLC.

20140331739 - Method and system for setting offset of oil pressure sensor: A technique for setting offset of a hydraulic pressure sensor which senses operation oil pressure is provided herein. In particular, ignition-off is detected and an ignition-off time point and remaining pressure of the object to be sensed are stored. The remaining pressure is sensed by the hydraulic pressure sensor at... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140331740 - Calibration method for the scale factor of an axisymmetric vibratory gyroscope or gyrometer: The invention relates to gyroscopic instruments. The method for calibrating the scale factor of an angular velocity sensor or an axisymmetric vibratory gyroscope, which method uses a control amplitude signal, a control precessional signal CP and a control quadrature signal CQ for exciting the vibration of a resonator on a... Agent: Innalabs Limited

20140331741 - Electronic device with printed circuit board stress monitoring: An electronic device may contain electrical components mounted on one or more substrates such as printed circuit boards. During a drop event, the printed circuit boards and components may be subjected to stresses. Strain gauges may be formed from metal traces embedded within dielectric layers in the printed circuit boards.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140331742 - Apparatus for monitoring aeration in fluid of hydraulic circuit: An apparatus for monitoring aeration in a fluid of a hydraulic circuit is provided. The apparatus includes at least two measuring units configured to connect at a first location, and a second location of the hydraulic circuit. The measuring units are configured to measure pressure, temperature, and density of the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140331743 - Systems and methods for testing ignition properties of particles: Systems and methods for testing ignition properties of particles in a gas. Systems include a test chamber sized to hold a particle to be tested, a gas supply configured to deliver a gas to the test chamber, a heating device configured to heat the particle, and data acquisition equipment configured... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140331744 - Sample introduction device and method: The present invention relates to an injector for use in gas phase analytical systems and methods comprising a metal housing, provided with a carrier gas inlet, a split outlet, a column outlet of the injector, a sample inlet, a liner, and a heater device comprising at least one coil for... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140331766 - Method for measuring a fluid density or a fluid viscosity: A method and device for estimating a density value ρm indicative of a true density ρ or for estimating a viscosity value ηm indicative of a true viscosity η of a fluid is disclosed. For this, a first resonance frequency fR of a first mechanical oscillator in a reference volume... Agent:

20140331745 - Pipeline leak location using ultrasonic flowmeters: Fluid leaks are identified and located by successively monitoring changes in fluid flow and sound velocities of fluid at a plurality of locations in the pipe with flow meters, such as with ultrasonic flow meters. Preferably the successive monitoring sampling rates are sufficiently high to measure instantaneous velocity changes. A... Agent:

20140331746 - Oil degradation determining device for internal combustion engine (as amended): An EFI-ECU 41 estimates an amount of sludge precursor accumulated in an oil pan 4 based on temperature of an engine 1 and an injection quantity. Particularly, the EFI-ECU 41 calculates an amount of fuel injected in a combustion chamber 7 of the engine 1 per certain detection period including... Agent:

20140331747 - Method for determining and/or monitoring viscosity and corresponding apparatus: A method for determining and/or monitoring the viscosity of a medium, wherein a mechanically oscillatable unit is excited to execute oscillations based on an exciter signal, and wherein oscillations are received from the mechanically oscillatable unit and transduced into a received signal. The eigenfrequency and/or resonance frequency of the mechanically... Agent: Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140331748 - Lateral rollover limit detection system: Provided is a lateral rollover limit detection system which can determine the lateral rollover danger of a structure for which the weight or the weight distribution has not been clarified. A placement board, springs, and detection object are provided as a structure in which the placement board is supported with... Agent:

20140331749 - Pet training pad with diagnostic material to detect wetness: A pet training pad with diagnostic materials to detect wetness includes an impermeable bottom layer, at least one absorbent layer, a wetness indicator, and a permeable top layer. The at least one absorbent layer is connected on to the impermeable bottom layer, and the wetness indicator is positioned on the... Agent: Mednet Direct Corp

20140331751 - Equipment monitoring system: The invention concerns an asset monitoring system (10) having a monitoring unit 8 and a plurality of sensors (4) onboard the asset. The sensors (4) are arranged to measure a plurality of operational variables for the asset in use and the monitoring unit (8) is arranged to receive operational variable... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140331750 - Multi-hole probes and methods for manufacturing multi-hole probes: A multi-hole probe has a kernel that includes a forward surface that includes at least a first, second, and third pressure sensing ports. The multi-hole probe kernel further includes an upper surface, generally orthogonal to the forward surface, and including at least a first, second, and third stem ports. Still... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140331752 - Exhaust aftertreatment system diagnostic and conditioning: An engine diagnostic tool includes a diagnostic engine calibration module structured to include a plurality of diagnostic processes for operating an internal combustion engine system of an immobilized vehicle. One or more of the plurality of diagnostic processes are structured to be an intrusive diagnostic process for the internal combustion... Agent: Cummins Ip, Inc.

20140331754 - Diagnostic system and method for a bearing of a connecting rod: A system for determining a health of bearing associated with a connecting rod is provided. The system includes an oil collector placed proximate to the connecting rod and configured to receive an oil cast off from side thrust surfaces of the connecting rod during movement of the connecting rod. The... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140331753 - System and method for determining a health of a bearing of a connecting rod: A system for determining a health of a bearing associated with a connecting rod is provided. The system includes a sensor associated with the connecting rod and remotely disposed relative to the bearing of the connecting rod. The sensor is configured to generate a signal indicative of a temperature of... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140331755 - Bush component force detection device: A bush component force detection device detects a component force acting on a cylindrical bush inserted into a hole provided in a frame of a vehicle to pivotally support a rod-like member inside thereof. The bush component force detection device includes: an outer ring provided between the bush and the... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140331756 - Bush component force detection device: A bush component force detection device detects a component force acting on a bush which is press-fitted into a hole provided in a frame of a vehicle. The bush component force detection device includes: a cylinder which is inserted into the hole with predetermined space therefrom and has strain gauges;... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140331757 - Bush component force detection device: A bush component force detection device detects a component force acting on a cylindrical bush which is inserted into a hole provided in a frame of a vehicle to pivotally support a rod-like member inside thereof. The device includes: a cylindrical inner ring provided between a bush and a hole... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140331758 - Installation structure for pedal stroke sensor: Disclosed is an installation structure of a pedal stroke sensor configured to measure a displacement of a moving member interworking according to a stepping force of a brake pedal. The pedal stroke sensor provided with a sensing member to sense a change in displacement according to movement of the moving... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140331759 - Tire pressure sensor applicable to different wheel rims: A tire pressure sensor includes a sensor device providing a first mounting hole and a second mounting hole in different angles and adapted for detecting the pressure of a tire at a wheel rim, an air valve mountable in a through hole at the wheel rim to guide the air... Agent:

20140331760 - Methods and apparatus to determine aircraft flight conditions: Methods and apparatus to determine aircraft flight conditions are disclosed herein. An example apparatus disclosed herein includes a gaseous packet generator to generate a gaseous packet adjacent an aircraft. The example apparatus also includes a sensor array disposed on the aircraft to acquire information related to the gaseous packet. The... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140331761 - Air flow measuring device: An air flow measuring device includes a sensor assembly, a thermistor, and an end terminal. The sensor assembly includes a sensor portion and a sensor circuit. The sensor portion and the sensor circuit are integrated with each other and configured to measure an air flow quantity. The thermistor is equipped... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140331762 - Sensor device for detecting a liquid and method therefor: The sensor device serves for detecting the absence or presence of a liquid (1) at the outlet (10a) of a feed line (10) through which there can be fed a feed substance which, when exiting from the outlet, has a pressure (p) in the feed line which has a course... Agent: Rhyton Gmbh

20140331763 - Fuel level measurement using in-tank measuring system: An apparatus for measuring the level of fuel in a fuel tank is disclosed. The apparatus comprises an in-tank measuring system that provides an oscillating output signal generated, for example, by an oscillator such as a multivibrator, where the oscillating output signal has a frequency corresponding to the fuel level.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140331764 - System for measuring a liquid surface level within a storage tank: A measuring system places a plurality of sensor arrays in a lateral enclosure, the sensors being able to measure movement of magnetic floats from which a liquid level can be calculated. The plurality of sensor arrays is serially positioned in the lateral enclosure in order to enable monitoring of the... Agent:

20140331765 - Filling level indicator: A filling level indicator includes a retainer, a bow rotatably supported on the retainer and having a lever arm fastened thereto, a float fastened to the lever arm, and a filling level sensor arranged in the retainer. The filling level sensor has a substrate, a resistance network arranged thereon, a... Agent:

20140331767 - Protective cover for aircraft pitot probes: A protective cover for a pilot probe of an aircraft comprising a first tubular member formed of a rigid material, and a second tubular member formed of a rigid material, and a second tubular member formed of a flexible material including a first ply disposed on an inner side of... Agent: Serias Design LLC

20140331768 - Detecting circuit for fans: A detecting circuit for a number of fans includes a connector module and a controller. The connector module includes a number of connectors. Each connector outputs a first signal or a second signal depending on the connection or non-connection to a fan. The controller receives a speed signal of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140331769 - Mems sensors: A MEMS sensor comprises a vibrating sensing structure formed from a semiconductor substrate layer (50). The semiconductor substrate layer (50) is mounted on a pedestal comprising an electrically insulating substrate layer (52) bonded to the semiconductor substrate (50) to form a rectangular sensor chip. The pedestal further comprises an electrically... Agent: Atlantic Inertial Systems Limited

20140331770 - Mechanical connection forming a pivot for mems and nems mechanical structures: A mechanical connection between two parts of a microelectromechanical and/or nanoelectromechanical structure forming a pivot with an axis of rotation pivot includes two first beams with an axis parallel to the pivot axis, the first beams configured to work in torsion, and two second beams with an axis orthogonal to... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140331771 - Ultrasonic measurement system: An ultrasonic transducer 101 includes a piezoelectric element 108. A high-temperature MI cable 102 contains strands 110A, 110B connected to the ultrasonic transducer 101, and further includes a metallic sheath 112. A temperature sensor is contained in the high-temperature MI cable 102, and includes a thermocouple section 114 to which... Agent: Hitachi-ge Nuclear Energy, Ltd.

20140331772 - Ultrasonic measuring system having a reduced minimum range and method for detecting an obstacle: An ultrasonic measuring system is described for detecting an obstacle using a resonant transducer element for transmitting an ultrasonic pulse and for generating a received signal which includes the ultrasonic echo pulse reflected from the obstacle, the transducer element generating a decay signal having its resonance frequency after transmitting an... Agent:

20140331773 - Microwave vibration sensors: A vibration sensor includes a probe body with a vibration isolator operatively connected to the probe body for isolation of the probe body from vibrations of a structure to be monitored for vibration. A waveguide is operatively connected to the probe body to convey microwaves to and from a surface... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140331774 - Evaluation method, evaluation apparatus, computer readable recording medium having stored therein evaluation program: An evaluation method for evaluating the performance of an image stabilization function of an imaging apparatus includes: a first imaging step of imaging an object, with the image stabilization function being ON and the imaging apparatus being vibrated; a second imaging step of imaging the object, with the imaging apparatus... Agent:

20140331775 - Low pass filter semiconductor structures for use in transducers for measuring low dynamic pressures in the presence of high static pressures: A semiconductor filter is provided to operate in conjunction with a differential pressure transducer. In one embodiment, a method comprises receiving, at a filter having a plurality of apertures, a pressure, wherein the pressure includes a static pressure component and a dynamic pressure component; filtering, by the plurality of apertures,... Agent:

20140331776 - Strain gauge pressure sensor: A pressure transducer assembly that includes a pressure-responsive diaphragm to which a sensing element is mounted and an electronic package that includes wire-bonding pads adapted be electrically connected to the sensing element by wire bonding equipment. The diaphragm and wire bonding pads are supported within the transducer so that they... Agent:

20140331777 - Pressure sensor module and lid: A pressure sensor module of the invention includes: a substrate; a lid connected to the substrate; a semiconductor pressure sensing device and an integrated circuit device functionally connected to the semiconductor pressure sensing device, which are accommodated in an internal space surrounded by the substrate and the lid; a pressure... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20140331778 - Identification of environmental sensor changes and temperature sensor changes with a two layer bulk acoustic wave resonator: Provided is a method for measurement of a change in environment at a sensor. The sensor has: a first layer formed of a piezoelectric material; a second layer formed adjacent the first layer and acoustically coupled with the first layer; and electrodes disposed to apply a driving signal to the... Agent:

20140331779 - Structural strain sensing optical cable: A strain-sensing cable is provided. The strain sensing cable includes a jacket, a first optical fiber and a second optical fiber. The first optical fiber is located within the jacket and is configured to experience a strain applied to the cable and the temperature of the cable. The second optical... Agent: Corning Cable Systems LLC

20140331780 - Material testing apparatus and method: A method of operating a material testing apparatus comprises conducting a test by applying a fluctuating load to a material specimen at a variable test frequency, measuring the temperature of the specimen during application of the load, and varying the test frequency on the basis of the measured temperature whereby... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140331781 - Flexible device, and apparatus, method and computer-readable recording medium for detecting shape of flexible device: A flexible device including sensors for shape detection is provided. The flexible device includes a measurement unit including a plurality of bending sensors disposed along at least one edge of the flexible device, and configured to output measurement values sensed by the plurality of bending sensors, and a controller configured... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140331782 - High temperature heating system: A sample gripping and heating assembly includes an assembly housing and first and second heating grips coupled with the assembly housing. The first and second heating grips each include a gripping surface, and the gripping surfaces of the first and second heating grips are opposed to each other. Each of... Agent:

20140331783 - Multiphase flowmeter: Method and apparatus for measuring properties of a flowing multiphase mixture uses a plurality of electrodes or plurality of microwave antennas to rapidly and repeatedly measure an electrical property of the multiphase mixture over a period of time. A computer processes the rapid and repeated measurements to determine a succession... Agent:

20140331784 - Measuring transducer as well as measuring system formed therewith: A measuring transducer comprises at least one measuring tube for carrying a flowing medium as well as a transducer housing mechanically coupled with the at least one measuring tube. The transducer housing includes: an inner shell forming a cavity accommodating the at least one measuring tube; and an outer cladding... Agent:

20140331785 - Fluid density stratification location system, device and method: A fluid flow system, device, and method for locating a fluid layer in a fluid flow using an acoustic waveguide. The acoustic waveguide comprises a waveguide base segment, and a waveguide reflector segment. The waveguide reflector segment comprises a plurality of disc shaped waveguide reflectors along its length for locating... Agent: General Electric Company

20140331786 - Differential pressure flow sensor: A differential pressure flow sensor that includes a plurality of channels divided into multiple sets of channels having different characteristics. Primary channels establish fluid communication between an inlet and an outlet of the flow sensor. Secondary channels establish fluid communication between the inlet and a first pressure port, but not... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140331787 - Six-axis force-torque sensor: A sensing device for measuring force and/or torque includes a top part with a top electrode structure, a bottom part with a bottom electrode structure, and a support structure. The support structure includes spring elements for supporting the top part on the bottom part with the top electrode structure parallel... Agent: Stichting Voor De Technische Wetenschappen

20140331788 - Torque detector and electric power steering system including the torque detector: A torque detector includes a permanent magnet, a pair of magnetic yokes, and a magnetic sensor. The magnetic yokes include a first magnetic yoke and a second magnetic yoke. The first magnetic yoke has a first ring and a plurality of first teeth extending from the first ring in an... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140331789 - Wheel component force detecting apparatus: A wheel component force detecting apparatus for detecting a component force on a wheel includes a cylindrical axle flange, an electric motor, and a wheel unit. The electric motor includes a stator and an armature. The wheel component force detecting apparatus includes a pair of sensing units each including a... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140331790 - Wheel reaction force detecting apparatus: A wheel reaction force detecting apparatus includes a mount fixed to a suspension device, a hub to which a wheel is fixed, a sensing unit including a cylinder disposed inside the hub and substantially coaxial with an axle of the wheel, and a component force detector to detect a component... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140331791 - Displacement sensor: There is provided a displacement sensor which can precisely detect the amount of displacement given by an operator. A touch sensor which is a type of the displacement sensor has a piezoelectric element, a voltage converting unit and a detecting unit. The piezoelectric element instantaneously generates a voltage proportional to... Agent:

20140331792 - Determining magnitude of compressive loading: An apparatus for determining a magnitude of a compressive load applied to a piston including a compliant film disposed between first and second elements is provided. The apparatus includes a first part movable with the first element in a movement direction along which the magnitude of the compressive load is... Agent:

20140331793 - Strain sensor: A strain sensor provided with a substrate that has flexibility; a carbon nanotube (CNT) film that is provided on the surface of the substrate and that has a plurality of CNT fibers oriented in one direction; and a pair of electrodes that are arranged at both ends in the orientation... Agent: National University Corporation Shizuoka University

20140331794 - Electronic pipette: An electronic pipette comprising a piston actuated in a cylinder by a motor, a control system for carrying out pipette operations, and a user interface for operating the pipette, wherein the user interface comprises features for defining at least one dilution variable for pipetting operations based on input pipetting operation... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy

20140331795 - Probe port and related container system: A container system includes a flexible bag bounding a chamber. A probe port includes an elongated tubular member having an interior surface bounding a first passageway and extending between a first end and an opposing second end, the first passageway being closed at the first end and open at the... Agent:

20140331796 - System and method for detection of nutritional parameters in food items: A system for measuring nutritional parameters of food items is provided. The system includes a holding cavity. The system further includes a sensor assembly that includes a transmitter antenna and at least one receiver antenna. The transmitter antenna is configured to transmit signals to a food item in the holding... Agent: General Electric Company

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140326038 - In situ calibration of a level measuring device: A calibration system for a level meter comprising a tank having a sidewall and a bottom defining a tank interior, and a stilling well coupled to said tank, said stilling well having a sidewall, proximal and distal ends and a stilling well interior, and the distal end in fluid communication... Agent:

20140326037 - Measuring apparatus and measuring method: Provided are a measuring apparatus and method for obtaining a measurement value from a response to a signal applied to a sample, wherein the measuring apparatus includes a first measuring unit that measures a first electric response to a first signal that is input to a first pair of electrodes... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20140326039 - Apparatus and method for assisting hydraulic cylinder stroke initial calibration work: The present invention includes a stroke sensor which is arranged on a hydraulic cylinder and measures a stroke length of the hydraulic cylinder; a rotary encoder and a magnetic force sensor which measure a reset reference point to reset a value of the stroke length measured by the stroke sensor;... Agent:

20140326040 - Device for placing a stopper while simultaneously checking that the stopper is correctly positioned: A device places a plug and simultaneously checks a correct position alignment of the plug with a holding element for fixing a hollow body. The device has at least one first and one second opening and a plug placement mechanism with which the plug is be inserted into the second... Agent:

20140326041 - Medical equipment for gas monitoring: Provided is medical equipment for gas monitoring having a gas treatment system, including a first gas monitoring module and an integrated gas circuit board. A first gas circuit that may be a through passage with both inlet and outlet can be arranged inside the integrated gas circuit board. A gas... Agent:

20140326042 - Sampling pumps and gas analyzers: Provided are sampling pumps and gas analyzers using the sampling pumps. The sampling pump may include at least one reciprocating pump set and a control system. Each reciprocating pump set can include two reciprocating pumps. The control system can output drive signals for controlling reciprocating drawing and compressing operations of... Agent:

20140326043 - Energy store, system including the energy store, and method for ascertaining the state of health of an energy store: An energy store, in particular to a lithium-based energy store. In order to make a simple and exact determination of a state of health, e.g., the aging condition, possible, the energy store includes at least one cell having an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte which is situated between the... Agent:

20140326044 - Gas detection pre-treatment device: A gas detection pre-treatment device contains an inert gas cylinder, a standard gas cylinder, an untested gas cylinder, a separating unit, a first connecting tube, a cooling unit, and an interface unit. Each of the inert gas cylinder, the standard gas cylinder, and the untested gas cylinder has an outlet... Agent:

20140326045 - Gas-liquid contact extraction method and apparatus: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for rapidly extracting the analyte existing in the liquid phase in analyzing an analyse “having a large partition coefficient in gas-liquid equilibrium”, “having a high water solubility”, or “having a low olfactory threshold” by a gas-liquid contact extraction method, and further provides,... Agent:

20140326046 - Gas treatment device and medical equipment using the same: Provided are gas treatment devices and medical equipment thereof. The gas treatment device can include at least a first gas monitoring module and a second gas monitoring module, a master control module and an integrated gas circuit board. A gas outlet, at least one gas inlet and a monitoring interface... Agent:

20140326048 - System and method for monitoring composition in a sidestream system using a disposable sampling chamber: A system and method are configured to monitor composition of a flow of breathable gas being provided to a subject. A measurement flow of breathable gas is diverted in order to monitor composition of the flow of breathable gas, and then the measurement flow of breathable gas is returned to... Agent:

20140326047 - Techniques for fabricating janus sensors: Electromechanical sensors that employ Janus micro/nano-components and techniques for the fabrication thereof are provided. In one aspect, a method of fabricating an electromechanical sensor includes the following steps. A back gate is formed on a substrate. A gate dielectric is deposited over the back gate. An intermediate layer is formed... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140326049 - Method and apparatus for real-time measurement of fuel gas compositions and heating values: An exemplary embodiment can be an apparatus for real-time, in situ measurement of gas compositions and heating values. The apparatus includes a near infrared sensor for measuring concentrations of hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, a mid infrared sensor for measuring concentrations of carbon monoxide and a semiconductor based sensor for measuring... Agent:

20140326067 - Method of determining fabric type of a laundry load in a laundry treating appliance: A method of determining a fabric type for a laundry load can include comparing the density of the laundry load in a first wetted state, which may be a dry state or a partially saturated state, to the density of the laundry load in a second wetted state, which may... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140326050 - Pressure test containment vessel: A portable containment vessel to perform a pressure test to a test specimen includes a base skid, a ballistic outer enclosure connected to the base skid and comprising a plurality of walls, a door, and a lock to maintain the door in a closed position, a sample tray configured to... Agent: Fmc Technologies, Inc.

20140326051 - Method for detecting a leak on a non-rigid test specimen: The invention relates to a simplified method for detecting leaks on a non-rigid test specimen, comprising the steps of: introducing the test specimen into a film chamber, lowering the pressure in the film chamber outside of said test specimen, and detecting a leak in the test specimen on the basis... Agent:

20140326052 - Cleaning-in-place system and seal monitoring: Apparatus and method for detecting seal failure of a sealed region within a conveyor component. A fluid line extends out of the sealed region and a sensor is connected to the fluid line. A valve is connected subsequent to the sensor, and a fluid pump that is connected subsequent to... Agent: Mol Belting Systems, Inc.

20140326053 - Method for testing the hermetic sealing of packing: A method for testing the hermetic sealing of packages, comprising subjecting the package to two or more moderate depressurization cycles in order to cause stress to the package followed by a final depressurization step at a high negative pressure in order to reveal possible failures and air leaks.... Agent: Automated Data Systems S.a. De C.v.

20140326054 - Apparatus and method for determining one or more characteristics of a viscous material: The disclosed apparatus may include a mounting structure. A first arm may be secured to the mounting structure and extend from the mounting structure. A load cell may be mechanically coupled to the first arm to detect a first load applied to the first arm by relative movement between the... Agent: Westech Engineering, Inc.

20140326055 - Chromatography of metal complexes: A high performance liquid chromatography method to routinely and reproducibly detect and quantitate metal complexes is provided. The metal complexes used in the method of the invention can be different metal complexes, or they can be stereoisomers of the same metal complexes. The high performance liquid chromatography method of the... Agent:

20140326056 - Method for quick assessment of osmolarity: An osmolarity measuring device for providing a semi-quantitative color measure of liquid's osmolarity, said device comprising: a. none or more coloring agents; b. none or more swelling agents; c. none or more solutions; d. a vesicle with a continuous integument, containing within said integument at least one of a group... Agent:

20140326057 - Surface property measuring apparatus and method for controlling the same: A surface property measuring apparatus includes a control unit, configured to control operations of a roughness measuring instrument and a relative moving mechanism, including: a measuring force command module configured to output a measuring command; and a measuring force control module configured to control the direction and magnitude of the... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140326058 - Engine health monitoring: A vehicle is provided that has a rigid dressing raft 200. The rigid dressing raft 200 provides a part of a fluid and/or electrical system to the vehicle. The rigid dressing raft comprises elongate fibres 232, which may provide strength to the raft. The fibres 232 are electrically conductive, and... Agent:

20140326059 - Hydrodynamic torque generator for test benches and control method therefor: v

20140326060 - Method for testing a hydrostatic transmission: A method for testing a transmission of a vehicle, the transmission including a hydrostatic unit installed on the vehicle. The method includes calculating an actual value of a parameter which is indicative of the volumetric efficiency of the hydrostatic unit, in a working condition. The method also includes determining an... Agent: Cnh Industrial America LLC

20140326062 - System and method for determining tire uniformity parameters from piezoelectric measurements in the tire counter-deflection zone: Systems and methods of determining tire uniformity parameters from piezoelectric tire sensor output signals obtained while operating in the counter-deflection zone include establishing a transfer function that relates a tire uniformity parameter to the piezoelectric output signals. Piezoelectric output signals from two or more piezoelectric tire sensors are then monitored... Agent: Michelin Recherche Et Techniques S.a.

20140326061 - Tire testing machine: Provided is a tire testing machine including: a spindle shaft that rotatably attaches a tire as an inspection target thereto; a tire outer shape measurement sensor that moves close to the tire or moves away from the tire and detects a deformation amount of an outer shape and a diameter... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140326063 - Virtual flowmeter for a well: A technique includes inducing a distributed temperature change along a portion of a wellbore and measuring a time varying temperature along the portion of the wellbore due to the induced change. The technique includes determining a distributed flow rate in the portion based at least in part on the measured... Agent:

20140326064 - Thermal type flowmeter: Provided is a thermal type flowmeter in which contamination of a sensor element is reduced. The flowmeter includes a sensor element including a heating resistor formed in a thin film part, the thin film part being provided on a diaphragm formed on a substrate; a support member to locate the... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140326065 - Device for contacting at least one conducting track of a filling-level sensor: A device for contacting at least one conducting track has a contact spring that is connected to a pivotable bow by a pivot bearing. The contact spring also has spring elements connected in series for preloading contacts against the conducting track. An axis of the pivot bearing is arranged parallel... Agent:

20140326066 - Calibration-free continuous bin level sensor: A sensor assembly is described herein that can automatically calibrate itself upon installation into an empty bin, eliminating the need to actually fill the bin to calibrate the level reading. The sensor will provide consistent measurement regardless of material properties (permittivity, density, temperature or moisture content). The capacitive nature of... Agent:

20140326068 - Measuring cup for watering potted plant: A measuring cup for watering a potted plant contains a watering scale formed thereon and a comparison table arranged thereon, wherein the comparison table has a size scale and indicated words shown thereon, wherein the indicated words are every 7 days. The potted plant is a potted phalaenopsis. A size... Agent:

20140326069 - Sensor having a housing seal made of synthetic rubbers having differing elasticity: A sensor for determining at least one property of a measuring gas in a measuring gas space is provided. The sensor has a housing which includes a housing opening. At least one connection cable is led from the housing through the housing opening. The sensor further includes at least one... Agent:

20140326070 - Yaw-rate sensor: A yaw-rate sensor having a substrate and a plurality of movable substructures that are mounted over a surface of the substrate, the movable substructures being coupled to a shared, in particular, central spring element, means being provided for exciting the movable substructures into a coupled oscillation in a plane that... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140326071 - Method for detecting cells with elastic cell membranes: The subject matter disclosed in this specification pertains to a method for detecting cells with elastic cell membranes. A plurality of cells are fixed to an impedimetric transducer and osmotic stress is applied. Those cells with elastic membranes, including cancer cells, undergo a volume change which is detected by the... Agent: Research Foundation Of The City University Of New York

20140326072 - Occupancy sensor: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to methods, devices, and systems for determining occupancy of a user. One method to determine occupancy of a user includes sensing a change in resistance of a sensor element of an occupancy sensor, correlating the change in resistance to a force transmitted to the... Agent:

20140326073 - Cement testing: Systems and methods provide for testing a cement by applying force in a first direction until the first portion of the cement sample fails in compression or tension; and applying force a second direction opposite the first direction until the second portion of the cement sample fails in tension or... Agent:

20140326074 - Methods and systems for rapidly testing adhesion: Adhesion testing systems, methods of fabrication, and methods of testing are disclosed. Test systems include test coupons with non-metallic test adherends. Test coupons are configured to test bonds to the non-metallic test adherends under peeling stress and/or shearing stress. Test methods are simplified and rapid as compared to standard adhesion... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140326076 - Direct-flow coriolis mass flowmeter: The direct-flow Coriolis mass flowmeter comprises a tensioned section of string, along which a substance to be measured flows, a device for tensioning the section of string, a device for exciting a transverse circular oscillatory movement in the string, two sensors which are spaced apart along the string and which... Agent:

20140326075 - Paddlewheel flow meter with improved servicability and improved reliability under harsh operating conditions: In a flow meter, a rotor support body carries a paddlewheel rotor in an operational position exposed to a through-flow bore of a flow meter housing. A sensor unit is operable to detect rotation of the rotor and provide output responsive to same for use by a monitoring system in... Agent:

20140326077 - Magnetostrictive torque sensor and electric power steering device: A magnetostrictive torque sensor includes first to fourth detection coils each wound around a steering axle (a sensor shaft) so as to surround a magnetostrictive film formed on the sensor shaft and a multi-turn winding bias coil that is separated from the first to fourth detection coils and that is... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140326078 - Optical sensing apparatus: The present disclosure provides an optical sensing apparatus for measuring a change in a first property. The optical sensing apparatus comprises first and second optical fibre portions and a sensing region for exposing both the first and second optical fibre portions to a change in an applied force. The force... Agent: Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organization

20140326079 - Capacitance type sensor: A capacitance type sensor includes: a dielectric layer made of a polymer; an elongated front-side electrode placed on a front side of the dielectric layer; an elongated back-side electrode placed on a back side of the dielectric layer; a front-side wiring connected to the front-side electrode; a back-side wiring connected... Agent:

20140326080 - Ultrasonically cleaned low-pressure filter: A filter device having a sonotrode connected to a filtration assembly. The filtration assembly has a filter body having a fluid passage. The filter body has a filter across the fluid passage. The filter assembly has a resonant frequency and the sonotrode is adapted to vibrate the filter assembly at... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20140326081 - User replaceable filter for gas sampling system: A replaceable filter integrated into the front panel accessory interconnect system of a gas sampling system includes a filter body mounted within a housing of the system. The filter body is insertable into a filter receptacle, and removable from the filter receptacle by a twist-lock mechanism. The filter body includes... Agent:

20140326082 - Sample processing system: A sample processing system includes a sample vessel holder including a disk-shaped base section disposed so as to have a central axis extending in a vertical direction and a sample vessel holding section that is formed coaxially with, and above, the base section for holding a sample vessel in an... Agent:

20140326083 - Targeting systems and methods for frozen aliquotter for biological samples: A system for taking frozen sample cores from frozen biological samples includes a coring bit mount adapted to hold a coring bit and a carriage supporting the coring bit mount. A drive system is adapted to produce relative movement between the carriage and the frozen biological samples for moving the... Agent: Cryoxtract Instruments, LLC

20140326084 - Ergonomic data collection and analysis: Techniques for monitoring and detecting ergonomic hot spots associated with movements of subjects are disclosed. For example, data may be collected by way of sensors attached to a plurality of subjects and may be analyzed to determine forces (e.g., vibration, jerks, acceleration, etc.) associated with the movements of the subjects.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140326085 - Shoe insole sensor for walk diagnosis and shoe insole flexible board combined with the same: A shoe insole sensor includes a body including a plurality of recessed regions formed at respective locations corresponding to vertexes of N-polygon, where N is an even number, a plurality of first protrusions formed in odd recessed regions of the recessed regions, where each of the first protrusions has a... Agent:

20140326086 - High pressure hydraulic contamination injection and control system: An automated particulate contaminant injection and control module that controls the level of contamination in the hydraulic fluid passing to a component, system or sub-system under test and removes the injected particulates upon return to the parent test stand. Using the pressure and flow of clean hydraulic fluid from the... Agent: Kepstrum Inc.

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140318209 - Circuit assembly and method for plausibility checking of sensor signals: A circuit assembly for plausibility checking of sensor signals, which can be generated by at least two separate sensor elements, includes at least one evaluation and control unit which receives the sensor signals via at least one interface unit and evaluates the received sensor signals for generating sensor data. A... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140318210 - Method for calibrating mass flow controllers in a printing apparatus for dispensing a liquid composition on a backplane: A method for calibrating liquid flow measurements in a printing apparatus that includes a liquid flow line having a flow meter therein comprises the steps of: (a) using a positive displacement liquid pump operable while connected in fluid communication with the flow meter, pumping a liquid at a directly measured,... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140318211 - Positive displacement calibration tool for calibrating mass flow controllers in a printing apparatus: A positive displacement calibration tool useful for simultaneously calibrating a plurality of flow meters, the tool comprising: a frame; a housing block having a plurality of fluid chambers therein, each fluid chamber being connectible to a respective liquid flow line, each chamber having an axis therethrough, the axis of each... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140318212 - Coriolis flowmeter with zero checking feature: Descriptions are provided for implementing flowmeter zero checking techniques. In operating a flowmeter, it may be the case that, even if previously calibrated, the flowmeter will produce erroneous measurements, e.g., will indicate a non-zero flow during a period of zero flow. Therefore, zero checking features are provided that allow for... Agent:

20140318213 - Test apparatus and test method for acoustic micro-device: An acoustic micro-device testing apparatus including an acoustic device, at least one device under test (DUT), and a bearing plate is disclosed. The acoustic device provides a testing acoustic source to a first side of the DUT through the main channel and to a second side of the DUT through... Agent:

20140318214 - Pest inspection tool: A tool for inspecting timber of a structure for the presence of damage to exposed timber caused by a pest. The tool includes a head having a substantially flat rear portion, and a generally concave front portion that forms an edge configured to permit the head to penetrate into a... Agent: Trade Management Systems Pty Ltd

20140318215 - Sensor for liquid and/or gas analysis directly connectable to a higher-ranking control system: A sensor of the type for liquid and/or gas analysis, which is connected to a measuring and/or evaluating system or, respectively, to a higher-ranking control system and has a sensor housing. The circuit for the collecting, processing and transmitting measured values to the measuring and/or evaluating system or to the... Agent: Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh

20140318216 - Nox model: Methods are provided for estimating the NOx content of exhaust gas produced by an internal combustion engine. The method includes determining one or more operating parameters. The method further includes applying the determined operating parameter(s) to a global NOx model. The global NOx model may be derived using a plurality... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20140318217 - On-line analyzer for vocs and method of using the same: The present invention relates to an on-line analyzer for VOCs in gas and method of using the same, comprising: a sampling device (1), an gas-supply device (2) and a refrigerating device (3) connected to the sampling device (1) and the gas-supply device (2) respectively; the on-line analyzer for VOCs in... Agent: Wuhan Tianhong Instruments Co., Ltd

20140318218 - Ultrasonic transducers in aspirating smoke detectors for transport time measurement: A method and apparatus of determining gas transport time from an input port to first and second ultrasonic detectors in a flow conduit for an aspirated smoke detector includes first measuring transit time of ambient air between the detectors. Then a different gas is injected into the conduit and the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140318219 - Method for accelerated testing of a membrane module: A method of accelerated testing of a membrane module for resistance to cyclic stress during operation of an industrial membrane separation process comprising loading at least one membrane module into a test cell of a test plant; conducting said industrial membrane separation process while subjecting said membrane module to cyclic... Agent:

20140318220 - Pressure measuring device, pressure measuring method and leakage inspecting device: A pressure measuring device includes: a tube fixable to a sample body along its surface; a pressure sensor and a closing plug both fixed inside the tube with a predetermined gap therebetween; a pipe for supplying reference pressure; a space defined between the sensor and the plug; and a pressure... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140318221 - Method of testing a gas injector valve and a system for exercising the method: Method of testing a gas injector valve for a combustion engine. The valve is placed in a holder (1) with a first chamber (2)and a second chamber (3), the valve spraying nozzle (11) being placed in the first chamber (2), after which the valve in a closed condition is influenced... Agent:

20140318222 - Method to prevent excessive maintenance to a vehicle lubricating system based on detection: This invention is a method to prevent excessive maintenance to vehicle lubricating system based on detection, to overcome the defect in maintenance procedure. Technical measures are as follows: it is a method to prevent excessive maintenance to vehicle lubricating system based on detection, with oil detection module 1 and host... Agent: Mit Automobile Service Company Limited

20140318223 - Turbomachine lubricating oil analyzer apparatus: Various embodiments of the invention include an apparatus for monitoring a lubrication oil in a turbomachine oil reservoir, the apparatus having: a housing section including: a casing; a base plate and a back support coupled with the casing; an oil intake conduit extending through the base plate, the oil intake... Agent: General Electric Company

20140318224 - High-pressure constant flow rate pump and high-pressure constant flow rate liquid transfer method: A high-pressure constant flow rate pump transfers a solvent from a low-pressure side liquid transfer system even if a difference between mixing ratios is large when solvents are mixed during high-pressure gradient liquid transfer. A pressure detection value from a second pressure sensor and a pressure detection value from a... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140318225 - Acoustic standing wave particle size or distribution detection: Apparatus features an acoustic comb filter module configured to receive signaling containing information about different frequencies F1 and F2 to create a selected comb spacing D to capture certain particles having a selected size X in a flow stream in a flow pipe, and to provide an acoustic standing wave... Agent: Cidra Corporate Services Inc.

20140318226 - Method and calculator unit for determining total damage to at least one rotating component of a drive train: A method for determining total damage to at least one rotating component of a drive train in a system, in particular a wind or wave energy system, includes determining over time during operation of the system a variable characterizing a rotational speed of the component and a variable characterizing a... Agent:

20140318227 - Method for assessing an injection behaviour of at least one injection valve in an internal combustion engine and operating method for an internal combustion engine: A method for assessing an injection behavior of at least one injection valve of an internal combustion engine includes putting the internal combustion engine into a special operating mode defined by control parameters and operating the engine in the special operating mode during a diagnostic time period, at least one... Agent:

20140318228 - Temperature sensor: A temperature sensor (1) is configured such that a ring pressure section (21) is fixed to a ring seat face (39b) by screwing a fixing member (25) into a screw attachment member (37) in a state in which the ring pressure section (21) is seated on the ring seat face... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20140318229 - Vehicle test system: In a vehicle test system, a displacement degree computing unit computes degrees of six-degree-of-freedom displacements of each of second motion bases, which correspond to external forces of respective six degrees of freedom detected by a corresponding one of six-axis force sensors, on an assumption that each of the second motion... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140318230 - Stirrer cell module and method of using: Baffles useful for stirrer cell modules, stirrer cell modules including the baffles, and methods of using the baffles and modules, are disclosed.... Agent: Pall Corporation

20140318231 - Tire pressure measurement apparatus: A tire pressure measurement apparatus is provided with a housing including a dome-shaped cavity on a rear end, bottom projections, and a channel communicating with the cavity; a valve including a curved head complimentarily disposed in the cavity, an internally threaded cylindrical member projecting out of the head through the... Agent:

20140318232 - Relative permeability from borehole resistivity measurements: Methods for deriving relative permeability from resistivity measurements in the laboratory and from downhole resistivity measurements are described. Further, systems and methods for determining relative permeability from borehole resistivity measurements made during a water flooding event such as drilling with water-based mud, water injection and/or water invasion are described.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140318233 - Transmitter housing and method for measuring a fluid pressure: A transmitter housing for a drilling device having a drilling fluid feed line comprises a collector space formed in the interior of the transmitter housing for accommodating a pressure sensor of a locating probe.... Agent: Tracto-technik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140318234 - Well testing: A method of well testing to determine properties of oil and gas wells 8 comprises: applying oscillations to the flow rate and/or pressure at multiple wells 8 wherein the oscillations applied at different wells of the multiple wells are at different test frequencies; receiving measurements of flow rate in flows... Agent:

20140318235 - Method and system for monitoring the operational state of a pump: A method and a system for monitoring the operational state of a pump including acquiring a set characteristic diagram of the pump, the characteristic diagram of the pump being defined by a functional relationship between a first pump operating parameter characteristic of the operational state of the pump and a... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20140318236 - Liquid level detection system for a driveline component: The present disclosure relates to a detection system for detecting a liquid level in a rotating driveline component. The detection system may include a first sensor for detecting the liquid, a second sensor for detecting a rotational position of the driveline component, and a receiver for determining the liquid level... Agent: Deere & Company

20140318237 - Reactor water-level measurement system: It is provided with a reactor water-level measurement system being possible to measure water-level in a reactor core regardless of a state in the reactor core. The reactor water-level measurement system includes a core bottom water-level measuring device that includes a heating element, a heat insulating element installed by surrounding... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140318238 - Leak sensor for a prover: A leak sensor for sensing fluid flow through the bearings and seals about a shaft extending from a prover. Any leakage of fluid through the bearings and seals will migrate into the annular cavity within a housing and surrounding the shaft. A conduit or passageway in fluid communication with the... Agent: Flow Management Devices, LLC

20140318239 - Interferometric gravimeter apparatus and method: A gravity value is measured using two light beams which each reflect from both a freefall test mass and a stationary reference test mass which is inertially supported by a long period isolation device. The optical path lengths of the light beams change equally and oppositely in response to gravity... Agent: Micro-g Lacoste, Inc.

20140318240 - Soak chamber and system to measure the seed density hydration profile of seeds: Apparatuses, systems, and methods for measuring the hydration profile of seeds during Soaking. In some example embodiments, the volume change of irregular-shaped seeds during soaking is measured as the difference in the volume for a given chamber and the volume of water to fill a chamber with seeds at pre-defined... Agent: University Of Tennessee Research Foundation

20140318241 - Method for sensing the skid of a vehicle: The present invention relates broadly to vehicles with tires that operates on a surface, which are prone to skid, lose control and involve in an accident.... Agent:

20140318242 - Measurement apparatus and wood processing system with such a measurement apparatus: A measurement apparatus for the detection of the feed movement of a workpiece to be processed, which has a belt or chain, which is guided on a carrier via deflection disks, a pressure device, which is moved along in its movement direction with the belt or the chain for the... Agent:

20140318243 - Gyroscope shock and disturbance detection circuit: The invention relates to integrated circuits, and more particularly, to systems, devices and methods of integrating a gyro sensing circuit with a gyroscope to detect a shock or a disturbance, and accurately differentiate rotation-based sense signals from noises introduced by the shock or disturbance. The gyro sensing circuit may be... Agent:

20140318244 - Physical quantity detection circuit, physical quantity detection device, electronic apparatus and moving object: A detection circuit (physical quantity detection circuit) includes a digital arithmetic operation circuit (arithmetic operation processing portion) that performs an arithmetic operation process of generating an arithmetic operation signal according to a magnitude of a physical quantity, on the basis of a detection signal corresponding to the physical quantity. The... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140318245 - Impact detection device: A method for positioning an impact detection device on a rod-shaped member of a fork of a vehicle supporting a wheel of the vehicle is described. The detection device has at least one group of three accelerometers arranged on three axes orthogonal to each other and mounted on at least... Agent:

20140318246 - Inertia estimating method and inertia estimating appartus of position control apparatus: A torque command value and an acceleration detection value are accumulated when a driven portion is subjected to acceleration/deceleration driving, and, from a ratio between the two, inertia of a movable portion is calculated. By executing the acceleration/deceleration driving about a position where influence of gravity torque is zero, the... Agent: Okuma Corporation

20140318247 - Apparatus and method for assessing percutaneous implant integrity: Provided is an apparatus for assessing interface integrity between a medium and an implant. A first signal is translated from a motion of an impact body during impact with an abutment connected to the implant. In some embodiments, the first signal is filtered using a zero phase shift filter and... Agent: Covenant Health

20140318249 - Auto beam optimization for phased array weld inspection: A method of computing optimal beam numbers of a phased-array ultrasonic weld inspection arrangement. The arrangement is for inspecting a weld that is within an area of interest that has a known dimension and with the inspection arrangement being at a known offset distance from the weld. The selection is... Agent:

20140318248 - Automatic first element selection for phased array weld inspection: A method of selecting one element among a plurality of elements of a phased-array ultrasonic weld inspection arrangement during inspection of a weld to obtain optimum weld inspection coverage. The weld connects portions of material having a known thickness. The elements extend along an ultrasonic transmission wedge of the arrangement... Agent: General Electric Company

20140318250 - Method for inspecting weld penetration depth: In a butt-welded joint structure in which the entire peripheral edge or both end sides of the abutting surface are welded, first and second cutouts for determining insufficient penetration and determining excessive penetration are formed. After butt welding, ultrasound is beamed onto each of the first and second cutouts of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140318251 - Method for measuring elastic properties using ultrasound: A method measuring elastic properties using ultrasound of a part made of a material having a curved surface, includes: emission of bundles of ultrasound waves in a direction of a point of impact on the part's surface to generate waves within the part; knowing a thickness d of the part... Agent: Snecma

20140318252 - Scanning acoustic tomograph: A scanning acoustic tomograph has a water tank which accommodates water, a sample stand which is disposed in the water tank and on which a subject is placed, a first ultrasonic transducer which irradiates ultrasonic waves toward the subject, and a second ultrasonic transducer which receives the ultrasonic waves transmitted... Agent: Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd.

20140318256 - Acoustic sensor for measuring a linear movement: An acoustic sensor for measuring the linear movement of an internal structure of a nuclear reactor using sound waves, including: an electro-acoustic transducer capable of emitting sound waves; and a waveguide capable of guiding the sound waves emitted by the transducer toward a measurement area of the internal structure, wherein... Agent:

20140318254 - Capacitive transducer and method of manufacturing same: A side lobe in a capacitive transducer is reduced. Provided is a capacitive transducer including an element including a plurality of cells supported such that a vibrating membrane including one of a pair of electrodes formed with an gap inbetween is capable of vibration, wherein a distance between cells in... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140318255 - Capacitive transducer and method of manufacturing same: Provided is a capacitive transducer including an element including a plurality of cells supported such that a vibrating membrane including one of a pair of electrodes formed with an gap inbetween is capable of vibration, wherein a distance between a pair of electrodes of a cell in an end portion... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140318253 - Object information acquiring apparatus and control method thereof: Adopted is an object information acquiring apparatus that includes: a probe including multiple conversion elements that transmit acoustic waves to an object, and convert the reflected waves into time-series received signals; and a processor that performs frequency domain interferometry, through application of adaptive signal processing, by using the multiple received... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140318257 - Component inspection apparatus and method: A component inspection apparatus and a method for ultrasonic inspection of a component, including low pressure last stage steam turbine blades, are disclosed. The apparatus includes a guide member, a guide adapting member and scanning probes. The guide member includes a first surface and a distal second surface. The first... Agent:

20140318258 - Apparatus for soil box experiment applying vibration: Provided is an apparatus for a soil box experiment applying vertical vibration. The apparatus for the soil box experiment applying the vertical vibration includes: a soil box for realizing a slope on which landslide occurs, the soil box being inclinedly disposed and having an opened upper portion to accommodate soil... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources (kigam)

20140318259 - Method of manufacturing a pressure sensor: A method of manufacturing an overheat or fire alarm detection system, comprises the steps of micromachining a pressure sensor and securing a sensor tube in fluid communication with the pressure sensor. The sensor tube may comprise a hollow tube containing a material that evolves gas upon heating. The micromachining step... Agent: Kidde Technologies, Inc.

20140318260 - Pressure indication device of inflation machine with safety pressure relief: A pressure indication device is provided to connect to an inflation mechanism of an inflation machine. The pressure indication device includes a hollow tubular body in which a push bock is received in a manner of being movable by a pressure conducted into the hollow tubular body and connected to... Agent:

20140318261 - Intermediate connector: An unshielded strain gage sensor cable that is tightly sealed within an injection mold to prevent electromagnetic interference from interfering with the sensor signal. The use of the unshielded cable significantly reduces the cost and allows for quick installation and a mobility that does not exist with shielded cables.... Agent:

20140318262 - Method and system for measuring pore-fluid pressure: A method for measuring pore pressure is provided using a rigid piezometer that does not need a filter and can be used to measure pore-water pressures in partially frozen soils. This method also can be used to measure pore pressure in a porous media when the hydraulic conductivity of the... Agent:

20140318263 - Tension meter for anchor rod with constant resistance and large deformation: A tension meter of an anchor rod with constant resistance and large deformation comprises a pull rod and a hollow jack (13). The meter further includes: a rotation device for controlling the rotation angle of the hollow jack (3); a lifter for adjusting the height of the hollow jack (13)... Agent: China University Of Mining & Technology (beijing)

20140318264 - Vehicle test apparatus and vehicle test system: A vehicle test apparatus includes: a test article installation vehicle body to which four axles corresponding to four wheels that are a left front wheel, a right front wheel, a left rear wheel and a right rear wheel are attached, and on which a test article is installed; a first... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140318265 - Testing apparatus for struts: A testing apparatus for a strut having a cylinder portion and a rod portion is provided. The testing apparatus includes a frame assembly, a loading mechanism, and a rotating assembly. The frame assembly includes a retainer portion configured to hold the cylinder portion of the strut about a first axis.... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140318266 - Flight control system loading test apparatus and method: A flight control system loading test apparatus includes a surface-mounted sector, a cam profile sector, a dummy weight, and a cable. The surface-mounted sector attaches to an aircraft flight control system body such that the surface-mounted sector pivots along with the body about a pivot axis. The cam profile sector... Agent: Honda Patents & Technologies North America, LLC

20140318267 - Axial-flow type impedance water flow sensor: An axial-flow type impedance water flow sensor comprises a water wheel (3), a cyclone (4), a metal detection needle (7) and a detection circuit. The cyclone (4) is mounted at a water inlet side (5) of a water pipe (1), a bracket (2) is mounted at a water outlet side... Agent:

20140318268 - Ultrasonic flow meter with digitally under-sampled flow measurements: The invention relates to a method of operating an ultrasonic flow meter by digitally sampling received signals. Acoustic wave packets are transmitted through a measuring distance in opposite directions, and the received signals are digitized at a sampling frequency being below the Nyquist-limit of two times the signal frequency of... Agent:

20140318269 - Dust measurement system for filter: A dust measurement system measuring the build up of dust on a filter includes a monitoring device, a pitot tube, and an environment control unit. The pitot tube head aligned with the filter. The environment control unit receives the measured speed of air flow and compares the measured speed with... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140318270 - Detection device, electronic apparatus, and robot: A detection device includes a first substrate having a plurality of force sensors disposed around respective reference points, and a second substrate on which is formed elastic protrusions whose centers of gravity are positioned in positions that overlap with respective reference points and that elastically deform due to the force... Agent:

20140318271 - Rotation table with clamp torque measurement unit: A rotation instruction is transmitted to a motor in a state where a workpiece placement table connected to a rotation shaft of the motor is clamped by a clamp mechanism provided in a rotation table, and a clamp torque is measured based on motor torque information in accordance with the... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140318272 - Sensor packaging at output side of front wheel drive (fwd) transmissions: Various packaging designs for placement of a magnetic torque sensor at the output shaft of a front wheel drive transmission are provided. One design provides for mounting a sensor on a chain drive sprocket or integrating a sensor into a modified sprocket bearing mount. Another design provides for mounting a... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140318273 - Sapphire sensor for measuring pressure and temperature: A sensor for measuring pressure, temperature or both may be provided. The sensor may include a diaphragm that may respond to a change in temperature or pressure, a base connected to the diaphragm, a cavity, and an optical fiber that may conduct light reflected off of a surface of the... Agent: Sentek Instrument LLC

20140318274 - Injection needle cartridge with integrated sealing force generator: An injection needle cartridge for a sample injector for injecting a sample fluid into a mobile phase in a fluidic path of a fluid separation system between a mobile phase drive and a separation unit, the injection needle cartridge comprising an injection needle configured for aspirating the sample fluid from... Agent:

20140318275 - Auto-sampler: The present invention is an auto-sampler having a casing whose inner space can be hermetically closed, including an opening provided in a wall of the casing and a gas discharger for discharging gas inside the casing through the opening to the outside of the casing.... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140318276 - Sampler and sampling method: A sampler has a sample chamber for a sample forming from a molten material, at least one lower cooling body, at least one upper cooling body, at least one inner cooling body, and at least one filling part. The sample chamber is surrounded jointly at least by the lower cooling... Agent: Heraeus Electro-nite International N.v.

20140318277 - Sampling device adapted for sampling airborne components: A sampling device includes a gas guiding unit having upper and lower guiding grooves and a liquid guiding unit abutting against the gas guiding unit and having a passage groove that communicates fluidly with the upper and lower guiding grooves. The liquid guiding unit includes a liquid-retaining mechanism including a... Agent: Atlas Technology Corp.

20140318278 - Particle imaging utilizing a filter: A multiple layer test card including an input channel formed in a layer of the test card, an output channel formed in another layer of the test card, and a filter coupled between the input channel and the output channel to receive fluid from the first channel and collect white... Agent:

20140318279 - Syringe, syringe family and metering device: m

20140318280 - Device for fluid sampling: The disclosure is directed to a device for fluid sampling. The device may have two panels that are or may be adhered, attached or otherwise connected to opposite sides of a sampling bag having flexible walls. The panels may be used for conveniently inflating or deflating the sampling bag and... Agent: Nextteq LLC

20140318282 - Co-molded pierceable stopper and method for making the same: A closure and method of making a closure are disclosed. The closure includes a cap body having a top portion and an opening extending therethrough defining a cavity in communication with said opening. A flow channel is defined within a portion of the cap body having an inlet and an... Agent:

20140318281 - Meter test bench adaper apparatus: The disclosed invention is an adapter apparatus for associating a fluid meter to the flow path of a fluid meter test bench. The apparatus comprises a saddle to hold and align the meter in position until a clamping force is applied to the meter to securely associated the meter under... Agent:

20140318283 - Air flow device: The present disclosure is drawn to an air flow device and system for evaluating fabric integrity and cyclic stress of a media banner, and a method of simulating prolonged wind exposure on a media banner. The device can comprise a duct having an exit opening with an opening area of... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140318284 - Duct grease deposit detection devices, systems, and methods: Automatic devices that determine when pollutant deposits have accumulated in ductwork may be employed to notify maintenance personnel or automated cleaning equipment of the need for ducts to cleaned or replaced. Various detection devices may be employed to detect a property of accumulated grease and generate an indication of an... Agent:

20140318285 - Measuring device for individually detecting body features of slaughtered animal bodies that can be conveyed in a row and processing device comprising at least one such measuring device: The invention relates to an animal body measuring apparatus, designed to individually detect features of slaughtered animal bodies that are conveyable in a row at a distance from each other and along a path, in particular poultry bodies, which measuring apparatus comprises at least one sensor, a measurement passage space... Agent:

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140311209 - System and method for determining sensor accuracy of a portable electronic device: There is provided a portable electronic device with one or more integrated ambient sensors, such as temperature or humidity sensors, for measuring an ambient parameter, a display for displaying the parameter or related information and shared by other elements of the device, and a system receiving input relating to internal... Agent:

20140311210 - Test methods and device for measuring transient resistance to movement: A device for transient measurement of motion resistance between test substance and one or two test surfaces, comprising a tension/compression force transducer, a speed and/or torque controlled motor with position encoder, rails for mounting a movable sled, method for applying a normal force on the test specimen and computerized data... Agent:

20140311213 - Composite gas sampling system: A sampling system for collecting periodic composite and/or non-composite samples of vaporized gas during a transfer process from a vaporizer of a cryogenic hydrocarbon liquid including 1) a direct sample pathway to a gas analyzer for instantaneous, real-time vaporized gas analysis, 2) a speed loop pathway for directly collecting fresh... Agent: Mustang Sampling, LLC

20140311211 - Gas sensing drift compensation using gas self-referencing for end of service life indication for respirators: Embodiments relate generally to systems and methods for determining end of service life for a respirator cartridge by comparing the gas levels sensed at two or more sample points within the cartridge. Sample streams may run from the sample points to a gas sensor, wherein a valve may control the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140311212 - Gas sensor with heat shielding: A gas sensor includes a gas sensing element positioned at least partially within a body and exposed at a first end to measure a gas in contact with the first end. The gas sensing element defines an axial direction. A flange extends from the body in a direction transverse to... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140311214 - Portable wet calibration system for handheld breath testers: Devices and systems for methods for calibrating breath alcohol testing and measuring equipment, or checking the accuracy of such equipment without calibration, using a permeable membrane to separate liquid and gas reservoirs and maintain an equilibrium state as samples are drawn from the device.... Agent: Alcotek, Inc.

20140311215 - Sobriety monitoring system: A system and method of monitoring sobriety using a hand-held breath testing device that, on receipt of a user's breath, generates a breath test signal comprising substance content data and user identification data, and wirelessly transmits the breath test signal to a breath test signal receiving station.... Agent: Soberlink, Inc.

20140311216 - Method for determining the particle count in the exhaust gas of internal combustion engines: To allow for further advancing the possibilities for analysis with information regarding the number of particles, the pressure ratios at the filter are determined as well, and whereby the mean particle diameter is determined, based on this and a third conversion function, as well as the quantity of particles, and... Agent: Avl List Gmbh

20140311217 - Method for detecting fishy water odor from air conditioner, reproducing fishy water odor and preparing corresponding fishy water odor composition: A method is provided that identifies the compounds contributing to fishy water odor from an air conditioner, reproduces the fishy water odor, and prepares a corresponding fishy water odor composition. Through the analysis method of the present invention, the compounds contributing to the fishy water odor from an air conditioner... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140311218 - Methods of producing pseudoscent compositions of narcotic materials and compositions thereof: This invention relates to a method that can be used to scientifically fabricate pseudoscents of narcotics, which, in their entirety, are comprised of non-narcotic materials. It also discloses specific compositions of such pseudoscents, which can be used as narcotic-free-but-odoriferously-identical simulants for a range of narcotics and are comprised of non-narcotic... Agent:

20140311219 - Target odor detection and security method: A target odor detecting method for screening odor emitters in a relatively confined space using an animate and/or inanimate odor detector to detect one or more target odors.... Agent:

20140311220 - System and method of quantifying impurities mixed within a sample of hydrogen gas: A system and method of taking a sample of hydrogen gas and reducing the hydrogen concentration by a factor greater than 1×108 while increasing the partial pressure of the contaminating gases by a factor greater than 100, so that extremely low levels of contamination can be accurately detected. A sample... Agent:

20140311221 - Gas sensors and methods of preparation thereof: Embodiments of the present disclosure include sensors, arrays of conductometric sensors, devices including conductometric sensors, methods of making conductometric sensors, methods of using conductometric gas sensors, methods of enhancing sensor response with light, and the like.... Agent:

20140311222 - Quick leak detection on dimensionally stable/slack packaging without the addition of test gas: The invention relates to a device for leak detection on a test specimen, having an evacuable test chamber for the test specimen. The test chamber is provided with at least one wall area made of a flexible, in particular elastic material. For more precise leakage detection, the progression of the... Agent:

20140311223 - Inspection apparatus, inspection method, and battery-inspecting chamber: An inspection apparatus includes a chamber and a pressurizer. The chamber includes a space portion configured to house at least a sealed portion of a battery, and an opening portion configured to open a partial portion of the battery other than the sealed portion to an atmosphere. The pressurizer is... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140311224 - Double-motor rheometer with extension assembly: An extension assembly is connected or connectable, in terms of driving, to a double-motor rheometer. The double-motor rheometer includes first and second measuring motors controllable independently of each other, and provided for determining a torsional moment generated by the corresponding measuring motor. The extension assembly includes first and second sample... Agent: Anton Paar Gmbh

20140311225 - Combined rheometer/mixer having helical blades and methods of determining rheological properties of fluids: A method of determining rheological properties can include dispensing a fluid into a rheometer including a stator having at least one helical blade, measuring torque (T) due to relative rotation between the stator and a rotor of the rheometer at different rotational speeds (RPM's), calculating shear stress (SS) as follows:... Agent:

20140311226 - Rheometer with radiant heating of sample fluid: A rheometer instrument with radiant heating of sample fluid with use of emissive/absorbing spaced surfaces of a sample container and an interior surface and of a chamber surrounding the sample container in part that is in a heating unit and controls for reliably reaching and maintaining target sample temperatures. The... Agent: Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

20140311227 - Portable device for measuring blood samples: The invention relates to a device for measuring and monitoring glucose content of blood. The invention is especially applicable for users with diabetes disease. In a device of the present invention sample input aperture (24) can be blocked when it is not in use. The blocking can be implemented with... Agent: Modz Oy

20140311228 - Liquid chromatograph apparatus and liquid chromatograph analysis method: An analysis method is achieved in which pressure variation resulting from sample injection or passage switching by an autosampler does not exert an influence on the control of a liquid transfer pump. The liquid chromatograph analysis method comprises the steps of: transferring two or more types of eluents while changing... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140311229 - Determination of interfacial or surface tension: A method and apparatus for measuring interfacial or surface tension of a first fluid dispersed in a second fluid, the method involving providing at least one substantially spherical droplet or bubble of the first fluid in a flowing stream of the second fluid in a flow channel, followed by passing... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140311230 - Method for determining segment times of a sensor wheel of an iternal combustion engine: A method for determining segment times of a sensor wheel of an internal combustion engine, the sensor wheel being non-rotatably connected to a crankshaft of the internal combustion engine, marks being situated along the circumference of the sensor wheel, and the crankshaft of the internal combustion engine covering predetermined angle... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140311231 - Automotive shop service apparatus having a means for determining the rolling resistance coefficient of a tyre: A vehicle wheel service apparatus, in particular a wheel balancer or a tyre changer, comprising a load means for applying a predetermined load onto a peripheral surface of a wheel/tyre assembly, a sensor device arranged to determine forces acting between the peripheral surface of the wheel/tyre assembly and the load... Agent: Snap-on Equipment Srl A Unico Socio

20140311232 - Vehicle wheel and tire information acquisition device fitting: A vehicle wheel includes a rim that extends in the wheel circumferential direction, that includes a rim hump formed in a convex form projecting to the outside in the wheel radial direction, and a through hole formed on a rim inclined face that is slanted to an inside in the... Agent: The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

20140311233 - Tire pressure sensor device: A tire pressure sensor device includes a tire pressure sensor including a housing and a mounting block defining a through portion in a coupling means thereof, and an air valve including an extension rod having a rod body rotatably inserted through the through portion and a stop block located at... Agent: Cub Elecparts Inc.

20140311234 - Controlling formation tester probe extension force: A formation tester for use in a subterranean well can include a probe which extends outward into contact with an earth formation, and an adjustable flow control device which limits an extension pressure applied to extend the probe. A method of testing a subterranean formation can include positioning a formation... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140311235 - Downhole quartz gauge with minimal electronics: A system and method of monitoring a pressure, temperature, and/or vibration of a hostile environment without requiring the use of active electronics or an oscillator circuit in that environment. The system and method interrogate a resonant pressure sensor and a resonant or passive temperature sensor connected to a transmission line... Agent: Sercel-grc Corporation

20140311236 - Method for metrologically differentiating material regions of a page-like, web-like or sheet-like material and device therefor: A method and device for metrologically differentiating material regions, namely majority regions and minority regions of a page-like, web-like or sheet-like material. At least one sensor receives a measuring signal of variable amplitude, the amplitude being variable depending on the material region located in a spatial detection range of the... Agent: Pepperl + Fuchs Gmbh

20140311237 - Method for detecting a flow property of a flowing fluid medium: A method for detecting at least one flow property of a flowing fluid medium, at least one sensor element being used. The sensor element includes at least one heating element and at least two temperature measuring sensors. At least one first measured variable and at least one second measured variable,... Agent:

20140311238 - Mems/moems sensor design: A MEMS/MOEMS sensor and method for using such sensor to detect a person's breath or other fluid for purposes of controlling a user interface of an electronic device.... Agent:

20140311239 - Hydration monitor: A hydration monitor comprises a housing and an attachment mechanism. The housing comprises a processing unit, a power source adapter, weight sensor(s), orientation sensor(s), data interface(s), and a memory. The weight sensor(s) measure a composite weight comprising a container weight and a liquid weight. The orientation sensor(s) measure the orientation... Agent:

20140311240 - Condition monitoring pod: Apparatuses are disclosed including an apparatus for machine fluid monitoring or sampling comprising a transparent sight glass attachable to a machine such that machine fluid is transferable to the sight glass. The sight glass may have one or more ports, an open first end, a closed second end, and a... Agent: Luneta, LLC

20140311241 - Mems pressure sensor, electronic device, altimeter, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A MEMS pressure sensor includes a diaphragm portion that becomes displaced according to a pressure, and a resonator arranged on a main surface of the diaphragm portion. The resonator includes: a first fixed electrode provided on the main surface; and a drive electrode having a second fixed electrode provided on... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140311242 - Multi-axis integrated mems inertial sensing device on single packaged chip: A multi-axis integrated MEMS inertial sensor device. The device can include an integrated 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer on a single chip, creating a 6-axis inertial sensor device. The structure is spatially with efficient use of the design area of the chip by adding the accelerometer device to the center... Agent: Mcube Inc.

20140311243 - Estimation of sidewall skew angles of a structure: An apparatus (36) includes a motion amplification structure (52), an actuator (54), and a sense electrode (50) in proximity to the structure (52). The actuator (54) induces an axial force (88) upon the structure (52), which causes a relatively large amount of in-plane motion (108) in one or more beams... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140311244 - Devices, systems and methods of detecting defects in workpieces: Device and method for detecting a defect in a workpiece with a broadband transducer (10), a driving circuit connected to the transducer to operate the transducer in a actuator mode, a signal output circuit connectable to operate in a sensor mode, a control for selectively connecting the transducer to the... Agent:

20140311245 - Pipe inspection system and related methods: The present invention provides an improved pipe inspection system and related methods. In one embodiment, the invention provides an airbourne acoustic pipe inspection system and method. The present invention further comprises a non-transitory computer-readable medium storing executable computer program code for inspecting pipes.... Agent: Acoustic Sensing Technology (uk) Ltd

20140311246 - Tread thickness measuring method: A method for measuring the tread thickness from the radially outermost belt surface within a tire to the tread surface accurately by ultrasonic measurement whatever the type of belt material is. The method includes the steps of measuring a profile of the tread surface, identifying the bottom positions of circumferentially... Agent:

20140311247 - Multi-axis mems rate sensor device: A MEMS rate sensor device. In an embodiment, the sensor device includes a MEMS rate sensor configured overlying a CMOS substrate. The MEMS rate sensor can include a driver set, with four driver elements, and a sensor set, with six sensing elements, configured for 3-axis rotational sensing. This sensor architecture... Agent: Mcube Inc.

20140311248 - Differential pressure sensor: A differential pressure sensor includes a containment body defining a first and a second cavity separated by a separation wall; a piston housed slidably in the first cavity and comprising a magnet; a magnetic sensor housed in the second cavity near the separation wall for sensing the axial distance of... Agent: Euroswitch S.r.l.

20140311249 - Semiconductor pressure sensor, pressure sensor apparatus, electronic equipment, and method of manufacturing semiconductor pressure sensor: A semiconductor pressure sensor (720) includes a thin film piezoelectric element (701) which applies strain to a portion of a semiconductor substrate that corresponds to a thin region (402). The thin film piezoelectric element (701) is formed at a distance away from diffusion resistors (406, 408, 410, and 412) functioning... Agent:

20140311250 - Fgb strain sensor for curved surfaces: An FBG strain sensor for measuring strains to curved surfaces, includes a fibre which is fixed between two securing elements whose undersides are designed as adhesive surfaces, the optical fibre and these securing elements being embedded in a protective compound which consists of a soft silicone rubber or a plastic... Agent:

20140311251 - Steam quality and flow rate measurement system: A steam quality and flow rate measurement system is described. Embodiments of the system include a steam quality measuring device having a converging/diverging nozzle and ceramic spacer. The steam quality measuring device can be adapted to measure an impedance of a two-phase steam to determine steam quality. The converging/diverging nozzle... Agent:

20140311252 - Method and circuit for grid synchronization of a magneto inductive flow measuring device: Circuit and method for grid synchronization of a magneto inductive flow measuring device having a measuring transducer and a power supply. A direct current signal for supplying the measuring transducer with power is transmitted from the power supply to the measuring transducer via two signal conductors, characterized by method steps... Agent:

20140311253 - Ultrasonic sensor and ultrasonic flowmeter using same: The present invention is an ultrasonic sensor comprising a ring-shaped ultrasonic vibrator that is disposed on an outer circumferential surface of a conduit tube in which a minute flow quantity substance flows and that is vibrated by application of high frequency signals and generates high frequency signals by receiving the... Agent:

20140311255 - Single straight tube flowmeter and method of flow measurement: A single straight tube flowmeter has a body; a tube through which a flow of fluid passes; two systems of excitation of oscillations in two planes which are perpendicular to one another and including adaptor units; a block of processing of information data including a phase shift of the adaptors... Agent: Argosy Technologies

20140311254 - Rotatable orifice plate for direct flow measurement: A valve is provided having a valve housing/body configured to be arranged in, or form part of, a piping having a fluid flow, and configured with a pressure tap arranged at a location along the piping to allow pressure of the fluid flow of the piping to be measured, and... Agent: Fluid Handling LLC

20140311256 - Cap analysis technique: A technique to assess or analyze cap removal or opening torque or rotational position is provided. In at least one form, a high speed, on-line machine vision system measures or determines the rotational position of a cap on a bottle, measures or determines the rotational position of the finish or... Agent: Pressco Technology Inc.

20140311257 - Brake torque monitoring and health assessment: A method for monitoring brake torque of an elevator having a motor is provided. The method may engage an elevator brake for a predefined duration, determine a displacement of an output shaft of the motor during the predefined duration, and generate an alert if the displacement exceeds a predefined threshold.... Agent: Otis Elevator Company

20140311258 - Optical sensor, method for manufacturing optical sensor, optical encoder, torque detection apparatus, and electric power steering apparatus: An optical sensor, an optical encoder, a torque detection apparatus, and an electric power steering apparatus less affected by fluctuations in the amount of detected light and with an improved resolution are provided. The optical sensor includes a first polarizing layer that splits incident light to light with a first... Agent: Nsk Ltd.

20140311259 - Thermal ribbon analysis: Thermal ribbon analysis is achieved via various approaches.... Agent:

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