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Measuring and testing

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02/05/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150033820 - Apparatus for inspecting physical quality sensor: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for inspecting a physical quality sensor, the apparatus including: a measuring unit measuring at least one reference sensor and an inspected sensor; and a display unit electrically communicated with the measuring unit. The measuring unit includes: a base including a first seating part mounting a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150033821 - Method and system for gyroscope real-time calibration: A method for real-time calibration of a gyroscope, configured for supplying a value of angular velocity that is function of a first angle of rotation about a first angular-sensing axis that includes defining a time interval, acquiring from an accelerometer an equivalent value of angular velocity that can be associated... Agent:

20150033822 - Detection of contamination status for refrigerator ultrasonic sensor assembly: Systems and methods for detecting a contamination status of an ultrasonic sensor assembly included in a refrigeration appliance are provided. An exemplary refrigerator includes a sensor assembly. The sensor assembly includes a first ultrasonic sensor configured to transmit an ultrasonic signal and a second ultrasonic sensor configured to receive the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150033823 - System, method, and apparatus for bubble detection in a fluid line using a split-ring resonator: A system, method, and apparatus for detecting at least one condition of interest relating to a tube, e.g. the presence of an air bubble. In some embodiments, the sensor includes antennas, a split-ring resonator, a frequency generator capable of generating frequencies in the microwave range, and a detection component. The... Agent:

20150033824 - Portable sampling device and method for detection of biomarkers in exhaled breath: A portable method and sampling device for collecting aerosols comprising biomarkers from exhaled breath of a subject for further sensor based analysis. The sampling device (41) comprising a housing (406) comprising at least one inlet (407) and at least one outlet (408) for the exhaled breath to exit through, and... Agent:

20150033825 - Nonvisual indication of an unwanted chemical in an ingestible substance: Methods and systems for detecting and indicating the presence of undesirable substances in ingestible substance such as food or beverages. More specifically, systems and methods for nonvisually and concealably indicating and detecting the presence of unwanted or undesired drugs in beverages and/or food.... Agent:

20150033826 - Diagnose arrangement for a vehicle pedestrian impact sensor: The present invention relates to a vehicle impact sensor device adapted to detect an impact between a vehicle (1) and a person. The sensor device (6) comprises a tubular enclosure (7) which encloses a gas-filled space (8). The tubular enclosure (7) has a first end (7a) and a second end... Agent: Autoliv Development Ab

20150033827 - Integrated metal oxide chemical sensor: A chemical sensor (10) is described with at least one layer of a metal oxide (11) arranged between two current injecting electrodes (16,16) with the length (L) of the layer of a metal oxide between the current injecting electrodes being less than 50 microns and one or a pair of... Agent:

20150033829 - Apparatus and process for testing filters: In a process for testing filters (4) and (13) of treatment fluid of a hemodiafiltration apparatus (1), each filter has a wet semipermeable membrane (5, 14) which separates a gas-filled first chamber (6 and 15) from a liquid-filled second chamber (7 and 16). The first chambers are pressurised by a... Agent:

20150033828 - Automated test apparatus for testing risk and integrity of pharmaceutical filtration membranes and method thereof: An automated test apparatus for risk and integrity testing for pharmaceutical filtration membranes, including at least the following components: a liquid injection inlet, a pump, a fluid pressure gauge, a gas pressure gauge, a plurality of solenoid valves, a plurality of membranes, a gas pressure regulator valve, a pharmaceutical product... Agent:

20150033830 - Automated phase separation and fuel quality sensor: A fluid characterization sensor comprising a plurality of sensor segments is disclosed. Each segment comprises two electrodes, spaced apart so the fluid in the corresponding interval of depth for that segment is positioned between them. Complex current or impedance is measured by exciting one electrode with an AC signal, and... Agent:

20150033831 - Automatic analyer: An automatic analyzer has a multi-wavelength light source that irradiates a reaction cuvette containing a liquid mixture of a sample to be analyzed and a reagent. A transmitted-light quantity detector detects the amount of light transmitted through the reaction cuvette and internal contents of the reaction cuvette. A single-wavelength light... Agent:

20150033832 - Apparatus for remotely measuring outdoor water quality and method thereof: Disclosed are an apparatus for measuring outer water quality in a remote place, which is fixedly provided at a specific region having a water source so that a position of a water quality sensor is controlled in a remote place based on a real-time moving picture transmitted from a measurement... Agent:

20150033833 - Method and device for determining solid particle surface energy: A method of determining solid particle surface energy includes placing solid particles in a container made of a very high surface energy material and pouring a liquid into the container. The method further includes tilting the container to drain out from the container a first subset of the solid particles... Agent:

20150033834 - Apparatus for testing the quality of a fluid sample: An apparatus for testing the quality of a fluid sample includes a chamber having an opening for receiving at least some of the fluid sample and a sealing element arranged to be movable to a sealing position. An insertion portion of the sealing element is received within an insertion space... Agent: The University Of Bristol

20150033835 - High temperature heating system: A heating system for use in mechanical testing at scales of microns or less includes a stage heater. The stage heater having a stage plane, and a stage heating element distributed across the stage plane. Two or more support mounts are on opposed sides of the stage plane. A first... Agent:

20150033836 - Methods and apparatus for inspecting cooling holes: Methods and apparatus for inspecting cooling holes in a wall of a combustor of a gas turbine engine are disclosed. An exemplary method disclosed may comprise: heating the wall of the combustor; directing a flow of cooling fluid through the one or more cooling holes in the wall of the... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20150033837 - Method for monitoring an exhaust system: A method and an arrangement for monitoring an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine. Temperature profiles upstream and downstream of an installation location of a catalytic converter are measured in order to determine whether or not a catalytic converter is installed.... Agent:

20150033838 - Spring having a built-in deformation sensor: A spring including a composite structure including reinforcement fibers in a matrix. The composite structure further includes at least one Bragg cell and at least one optical fiber connected to the Bragg cell.... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20150033839 - Main brake cylinder having a device for the contactless monitoring of the position and movement of a linearly movable piston: A main brake cylinder, for use within an electronic braking system for motor vehicles, having a device for contactless monitoring of a position of a piston that can be linearly moved along a piston axis. The device includes a movable element and a sensor unit. The sensor unit is fixedly... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20150033840 - Tire testing apparatus: A tire testing machine includes a tire and wheel assembly having a sensor configured to measure a parameter related to the tire and wheel assembly as it rotates on a rotating element. A holder supports the tire and wheel assembly. A processor is configured to receive an input at least... Agent:

20150033841 - Systems and methods for pressure and temperature measurement: A measurement system in one embodiment includes an acquisition module and a determination module. The acquisition module is configured to acquire resonant frequency information corresponding to a sensor disposed in a remote location from the acquisition module. The resonant frequency information includes first resonant frequency information for a first resonant... Agent:

20150033842 - In-situ scour testing device: A field testing device usable to determine the scour-depth potential of soils relied upon to support structural foundations placed in flowing water is disclosed. The device measures the scour potential in-situ, in relative terms, to the scour potential of fine sand using a columnar containment vessel driven into the soil... Agent: The United States Department Of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration

20150033843 - Yarn monitoring method: The invention relates to a method for monitoring the quality of a yarn on a textile machine, wherein the yarn passes a monitoring unit of the textile machine, with the aid of which at least one measured variable (M) which is dependent on a physical parameter of the yarn is... Agent:

20150033844 - Frequency modulation continuous wave radar level meter and measuring method for the same: A measuring method for a frequency modulation continuous wave radar level meter is performed after presetting a previous-cycle weight and a current-cycle weight and acquiring a measured result in a previous cycle, and has steps of constantly transmitting a frequency modulation (FM) signal and receiving multiple reflected signals, obtaining a... Agent: Finetek Co., Ltd.

20150033845 - Detector for detecting a change in a fluid level and generating a digital signal: A detector for detecting a change in a fluid level and generating a digital signal uses a light source and a photodetector mounted diametrically on a tube in a predetermined location where a change in fluid level is to be detected. The circuit provides two stable output states or levels,... Agent:

20150033847 - Non-invasive radio frequency liquid level and volume detection system and method using phase shift: A medical fluid system includes a container holding a fluid at a level; and a radio frequency level sensor operably connected to the container and including an emitting electrode and a receiving electrode, the electrodes operating as a transmission line having an electrical impedance that varies with the level or... Agent:

20150033846 - Vehicle orientation device and method: A vehicle (100) comprises a plurality of water level sensors, for example comprising capacitive or resistive sensors, from the outputs of which can be determined vehicle orientation when wading. In conjunction with a vehicle orientation sensor, the outputs from any one water level sensor permits calculation of water depth at... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20150033848 - Optical sensor: An optical sensor having one or more sensing interference elements is disclosed. A first detector function generates a coarse optical path difference signal for example using a discrete Fourier transform of a detected interference spectrum, and a second detector function generates a refined optical path difference signal using the coarse... Agent: Oxsensis Ltd

20150033851 - Apparatus for driving gyro sensor and method for controllong thereof: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for driving a gyro sensor, the apparatus including: a driving unit, an automatic gain control unit, and a first signal converting unit, wherein the driving unit transmits data for a phase value or amplitude value so that an operation of a control gain for an... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150033850 - Detection module for sensor and angular velocity sensor having the same: Disclosed herein is a detection module for a sensor, including: a mass body part including a first mass body including a first one side mass body and a first other side mass body connected to each other by a coupling elastic member, and a second mass body; a frame supporting... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150033855 - Mems device: A MEMS gyroscope is disclosed herein, wherein the MEMS gyroscope comprised a magnetic sensing mechanism and a magnetic source that is associated with the proof-mass. The magnetic sensing mechanism comprises multiple magnetic field sensors that are designated for sensing the magnetic field from a magnetic source so as to mitigate... Agent: Insightech, LLC

20150033849 - Mems device mechanism enhancement for robust operation through severe shock and acceleration: A micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) device comprises at least one proof mass configured to have a first voltage and a motor motion in a first horizontal direction. At least one sense plate is separated from the proof mass by a sense gap, with the sense plate having an inner surface facing... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150033853 - Mems gyroscope: A MEMS gyroscope is disclosed herein, wherein the MEMS gyroscope comprised plurality of movable portions that are capable of moving in response to angular velocity and a plurality of magnetic sensing mechanisms for measuring movements of the movable portions.... Agent: Insightech, LLC

20150033854 - Mems gyroscope: A MEMS gyroscope is disclosed herein, wherein the MEMS gyroscope comprised plurality of movable portions that are capable of moving in response to angular velocity and a plurality of magnetic sensing mechanisms for measuring movements of the movable portions.... Agent: Iinsightech, LLC

20150033856 - Mems gyroscope: A MEMS gyroscope is disclosed herein, wherein the MEMS gyroscope comprised a driving mechanism, a magnetic sensing mechanism and a magnetic source that is formed at the proof-mass. The MEMS gyroscope is enclosed in a package that further comprises a magnet for providing bias magnetic field.... Agent: Insightech, LLC

20150033852 - Sensing module and angular velocity sensor having the same: An angular velocity sensor comprises a mass body part including a first mass body and a second mass body, an internal frame supporting the first mass body and the second mass body, one or more first flexible parts connecting the first mass body or the second mass body to the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150033857 - Multichannel sensor unit and associated operating method: A multichannel sensor unit includes: a multichannel sensor detecting at least one physical variable and outputting sensor data representing the detected physical variable; a main memory storing the sensor data of at least two sensor channels; and at least one additional memory. Instantaneous sensor data are stored in response to... Agent:

20150033858 - Inertial force sensor: An inertial force sensor has a first sensor element, a second sensor element, a first signal processor, a second signal processor, and a power controller. The first sensor element converts a first inertial force to an electric signal, and the second sensor element converts a second inertial force to an... Agent:

20150033859 - Physical quantity detector: A physical quantity detector includes a first displacement detector configured by a pair of capacitors, which are configured by first movable electrodes formed on a pendulum, and a pair of first fixed electrodes; a second displacement detector provided below the first displacement detector, and configured by a pair of capacitors,... Agent:

20150033860 - Acceleration sensor and angular velocity sensor: Disclosed herein is an acceleration sensor, including: a mass body part including a first mass body and a second mass body; a frame supporting the first mass body and the second mass body; first flexible parts each connecting the first mass body and the second mass body to the frame;... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150033861 - Decoding pin locks: In order to determine the particular cut possessed by a tumbler of a mechanical lock, the tumbler is stimulated with mechanical energy. The vibrational response of the tumbler is detected, and the detected response is used in determining which cut of the plurality of possible cuts the tumbler possesses. The... Agent:

20150033862 - Method for characterising the mechanical behaviour of cements: The present invention relates to a method for determining mechanical parameters of a cementitious system, on the basis of time, and on the basis of the fineness of the cementitious system, pressure and/or temperature, representative of the in situ conditions found in wellbores. The initial composition of the cementitious system,... Agent:

20150033863 - Method and system for product supply chain assurance: A method for determining the purity or authenticity of a substance being transported in a container through a supply chain including providing an entry transmitter for generating a multi-frequency coded ultrasonic signal and an entry receiver for receiving said signal after it has passed through the substance and the container,... Agent:

20150033864 - System and method for acoustically identifying damaged sections of a route: A method for acoustically examining a route includes sensing passively excited residual sounds of a vehicle system during travel over a route, examining the passively excited residual sounds to identify one or more changes of interest in the passively excited residual sounds, and identifying a section of the route as... Agent: General Electric Company

20150033865 - Fiber optic vibration detection: An apparatus to detect vibration is provided. The apparatus comprises an optical transmitter and an optical receiver. The optical transmitter is configured to send an optical signal that is modified by a vibration sensor. The optical receiver configured to receive the optical signal from the vibration sensor, the optical signal... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150033866 - Optical sensor: An optical sensor is proposed. The optical sensor comprises a first substrate, a second substrate, a membrane, and an optical gate. The first substrate has a concave structure having a first optical micro-reflection surface and a second optical micro-reflection surface formed thereon. The second substrate has a second concave structure... Agent:

20150033867 - Piezometer: A pressure gauge is provided, which comprises a pedestal, a spring tube, a needle pivot, a needle and a indicating panel. The spring tube is connected to the needle pivot and able to drive the needle pivot to rotate. A fixing portion is provided on one end of the spring... Agent: Active Tools International (hk) Ltd

20150033868 - Transversal load insensitive optical waveguide, and optical sensor comprising a wave guide: A transversal load insensitive optical waveguide includes a primary section having a core. The waveguide may further include an outer cladding. The primary section includes a primary section surface and the outer cladding includes an exterior surface mechanically attached to the primary section surface by an interior cladding structure forming... Agent:

20150033869 - Tablet testing device: The invention relates to a tablet testing device for testing tablets with at least one tablet testing station suitable for carrying out at least one test procedure, and preferably at least one apparatus suitable for receiving, and possibly also crushing, the tablet, and also at least one device for positioning... Agent: Pharmatron Ag

20150033870 - Test apparatus for a flexible device: A test apparatus for a flexible device includes a rotational driving unit, a first support, and a second support. The rotational driving unit is configured to generate a rotational force. The first support is coupled to the rotational driving unit, and is configured to rotate in response to the rotational... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150033871 - Monitoring system and sight port for liquid-gas transport line: A monitoring system for use in a liquid-gas mixture transport line includes a chamber containing a phase separator, a liquid flow measurement device downstream of the phase separator, a collector trap intermediate the phase separator and the flow measurement device, and an overflow opening downstream of the flow measurement device.... Agent:

20150033872 - Microfluidic platform and methods for using the same: The present invention provides a microfluidic device which includes at least 3 chambers, a chamber inlet, at least 2 dichotomously branching generations of channels, a channel inlet, and a channel outlet, wherein the channels and the chambers are separated by deformable walls, wherein each wall is lined with at least... Agent: Technion Research & Development Foundation Limited

20150033873 - Ultrasonic consumption meter with locking mechanism: An ultrasonic consumption meter includes two ultrasonic transducers for emitting and receiving ultrasonic waves, a flow channel, an electronic circuit for operating the meter, and a housing for the ultrasonic transducers and the electronic circuit. The housing is locked in position relative to the flow channel by a locking mechanism,... Agent:

20150033874 - Coriolis mass flow meter, vibrating tube density meter and vibrating sheet used therein: The present invention relates to a Coriolis mass flow meter, a vibrating tube density meter and a vibrating sheet used therein, and more particularly, to a vibrating sheet for use in a Coriolis mass flow meter or a vibrating tube density meter, the vibrating sheet having at least one welded... Agent: Qingdao Add Value Flow Metering Co., Ltd

20150033875 - Two-axis sensor body for a load transducer: In one aspect, a transducer body includes a support having clevis halves. The sensor body includes a generally rigid peripheral member disposed about a spaced-apart central hub joined to each of the clevis halves. At least three flexure components couple the peripheral member to the hub. The flexure components are... Agent:

20150033877 - Torque detecting device and electric power steering system: A torque detecting device includes a permanent magnet; a first magnetic yoke; a second magnetic yoke; two magnetic elements; a terminal; a case; and an external housing. The two magnetic elements are electrically connected to the terminal. The case accommodates the two magnetic elements and the terminal. The external housing... Agent:

20150033876 - Determining a position by measuring forces: A device and a method determines the position of an object which can be moved in a linear manner. The device includes a contact unit coupled to the object such that the contact unit provides a force signal that is dependent on the position of the object; a force detecting... Agent:

20150033878 - Method for producing a pressure sensor and corresponding sensor: The invention relates to a method for producing a pressure sensor, comprising the following steps: assembling a support substrate with a deformable membrane on which strain gauges have been deposited, wherein the deformable membrane comprises a thinned area at the centre thereof, the support substrate is disposed on top of... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique Laboratoire D'analyse Et D'archit

20150033879 - Container for collection of undisturbed soil samples, method of collecting, preparing and analysing undisturbed soil samples, and equipment for defining soil hydraulic conductivity: A container consists of two external cylinders: bottom and top, between which a middle cylinder, designed for a sample, is situated. A method of collecting, preparing and analysing undisturbed soil samples to define soil hydraulic conductivity generally bases on measurement of volume of water flowing through the sample as a... Agent: Uniwersytet Rolniczy Im. Hugona Kollataja

20150033880 - Charging device for biological information measurement device and biological information measurement device charged using same: The present invention has a main body case having a contact face of a biological information measurement device on its surface, and a first non-contact charging portion (7) composed of a charging coil disposed opposite the contact face with the biological information measurement device inside the main body case. In... Agent:

01/29/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150027196 - Method for correcting measured values of a sensor element: A measured value of a sensor element is obtained during repeatedly executed measuring periods for performing different measurements and for setting different operating states, the sensor element being electrically connected in a periodically alternating manner, in consecutive switching positions, in a predefined order, where at least one measurement for determining... Agent:

20150027197 - Method and apparatus for a bidirectional meter proving system: During a water draw test, horizontal type bidirectional sphere provers with a straight calibrated section of pipe between the detector switches sometimes suffer from sphere launch failure which typically results in a failed water draw test. These types of provers, especially in larger pipe diameters will benefit from an elongate... Agent:

20150027199 - Circuit to extend frequency response of accelerometer: A compensation circuit connected to an accelerometer's output extends the frequency response of the accelerometer, while reducing noise produced by the accelerometer. The compensation circuit has a gain as a function of frequency that is (i) constant up to a first frequency that is less than the accelerometer's natural resonance... Agent:

20150027198 - Mems parameter identification using modulated waveforms: A sensor system includes a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensor, control circuit, signal evaluation circuitry, a digital to analog converter, signal filters, an amplifier, demodulation circuitry and memory. The system is configured to generate high and low-frequency signals, combine them, and provide the combined input signal to a MEMS sensor. The... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150027200 - Movement amount estimation system, movement amount estimation method and mobile terminal: A movement amount estimation system, comprising a storage area to store acceleration data, for estimating a movement amount of a holder of a mobile terminal, the movement amount estimation system is configured to: detect a start time and an end time of an elevator riding time period of the holder... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd. (via Epas)

20150027201 - Multi-chamber calibration cup for gauging a food product dispensing device: A calibration cup for use in calibrating a quantity of a dessert dispensed from a product dispensing machine includes a body portion having an interior cavity, the interior cavity including a first chamber adjacent to at least a second chamber being disposed along a longitudinal width of the body portion,... Agent:

20150027202 - Recovery of xe and other high value compounds: A system and method for recovering high value gas from a process stream, material or environment containing same, e.g., xenon by contacting gas from the process stream, material or environment with a carbon adsorbent effective to sorptively capture same, free of or with reduced concentration of fluid species present with... Agent: Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.

20150027203 - Controlling interdetector band broadening: Methods and apparatus for controlling interdetector band broadening during the analysis of a sample injected into a chromatography system. A column flow is diluted with a dilution flow after the sample exits the chromatography system, and the diluted sample is analyzed by one or a combination of analysis instruments such... Agent: Wyatt Technology Corporation

20150027204 - Respiratory gas humidification system: A humidification system comprises a first sensor and a second sensor. The first and second sensors are adapted to sense flow characteristics within the system. The first and second sensors are isolated from the flow by barriers formed by respective first and second sealing members. The sealing members extend through... Agent:

20150027205 - Deep-frying device, portable deep-frying oil measuring device, deep-frying device set and method for monitoring a deep-frying device: According to the invention for a deep-frying device (2) including a stationary deep-frying oil sensor (5) which immerses into deep-frying oil (4) of a deep-frying oil basin (3), in order to monitor the stationary deep-frying oil sensor (5), a receiving unit (17) having a receiving data interface (8) is provided,... Agent: Testo Ag

20150027206 - Analytical methods for analyzing and determining impurities in dianhydrogalactitol: An improved analytical method for analysis of dianhydrogalactitol preparations provides a method for determining the purity of dianhydrogalactitol and detecting impurities in preparations of dianhydrogalactitol, as well as identifying any such impurities. The method employs high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), in particular, HPLC with refractive index (RI) detection; the HPLC... Agent:

20150027207 - Measuring multi-analyte samples using an in-line flow cell: Methods and systems for analyzing ratios of analytes within a flowing sample are provided. The flowing sample can be processed in real-time to determine a time interval over which a predetermined amount of a group of analytes passes by a fixed point in a flow cell. The predetermined amount can... Agent:

20150027208 - Stabilising and analysing fatty acids in a biological sample stored on solid media: The present invention relates to a method for stabilising fatty acids present in a sample such as bodily fluids. The present invention further relates to a solid medium which is capable of stabilising fatty acids applied thereto, and a method for preparing same. The present invention further relates to a... Agent:

20150027209 - Sensor: A sensor may comprise a first tubular electrode and a second electrode. The second electrode may be disposed within the first electrode so as to face an inner circumferential surface of the first electrode. A slit may be formed on one of or both of the first and second electrodes... Agent:

20150027210 - Apparatus and process for measuring the depth of a groove in a rotor of a gas turbine engine: An apparatus is provided for measuring a depth of a groove defined between adjacent steeples of a rotor of a turbine. The groove is adapted to receive a root of a blade. The apparatus may comprise: a measuring tool comprising: a fixture; and first and second depth measuring devices associated... Agent:

20150027211 - Flame monitoring of a gas turbine combustor using a characteristic spectral pattern from a dynamic pressure sensor in the combustor: The state of a flame in a gas turbine engine combustor is acoustically monitored using a dynamic pressure sensor within the combustor. A spectral pattern of a dynamic pressure sensor output signal from the sensor is compared with a characteristic frequency pattern that includes information about an acoustic pattern of... Agent:

20150027212 - Method and system for real time gas turbine performance advisory: A system and method for monitoring and diagnosing anomalies in an output of a gas turbine, the method including storing a plurality rule sets specific to a performance of the gas turbine. The method further including receiving real-time and historical data inputs relating to parameters affecting the performance of the... Agent: Nuovo Pignone Srl

20150027213 - Pressure-measuring device with additional diaphragm: A pressure-measuring device for recording a pressure in a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine, having a force transmission body, situated in a housing, which is exposed to the combustion chamber and which transmits the combustion chamber pressure to a pressure-measuring unit at least indirectly by an axial motion,... Agent:

20150027214 - Differential travel sensor for a braking system of a vehicle and method for ascertaining a differential travel: A differential travel sensor for a braking system of a vehicle includes: a field generation component, with the aid of which a first electrical and/or magnetic field having a predefined intensity distribution is generated in a spatial axis system fixedly definable with respect to a first body which is a... Agent:

20150027215 - Tire testing machine: In order to improve general versatility that allows a user of a tire testing machine for testing a tire to flexibly change the contents of tests, a control mechanism for the tire testing machine is configured to include a tire testing controller for testing the tire according to a recipe,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20150027216 - Method and apparatus for formation testing and sampling when performing subterranean operations: Methods and systems for improving operations of a formation tester are disclosed. The formation tester (400) is placed in a wellbore at a location of interest. The formation tester comprises a first isolation pad (402) coupled to a pad carrier (410) and a second isolation pad (404). The first isolation... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150027217 - Confining pressure measurement for zonal isolation evaluation: Apparatus and methods for measuring confining pressure, axial strain and radial strain of zonal isolation materials are described. This information is useful for evaluating these materials and predicting seal performance and potential failures of these materials.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150027218 - Security substrate, and method for authentication and for revealing attempts at forgery: A security substrate may include at least one area for authentication and/or for revealing attempts at forgery using solvents. The at least one area may include individualized polymer- or copolymer-based particles comprising at least one visible or detectable marker. The polymer or copolymer may be at least partially soluble in... Agent: Arjowiggins Security

20150027219 - Device and method for checking the state of charge of a gas spring: A device (1) for checking the state of charge of a gas spring (100), comprises: a supporting structure (2) equipped with connecting means (3) adapted to be reversibly connected to a gas spring (100); a plunger (4) slidably received, at least partly, in the supporting structure and having a first... Agent: Bordignon Silvano S.r.l.

20150027220 - Wind parameter indication: Wind parameter indication device and method for providing an indication of wind speed and wind direction. The device is deployed along an aerial trajectory toward a ground surface, such as after being ejected from an aircraft in flight. The device includes an anemometer, an altimeter, a compass, a processor and... Agent:

20150027221 - Thermal flowmeter: A highly reliable, simple-structured and low-cost thermal flowmeter is provided. The thermal flowmeter in an embodiment according to the present invention includes a planar heating element located to surround a part of an outer side surface of a flow path; first and second temperature detection elements located on the planar... Agent: Tem-tech Lab. Co., Ltd.

20150027222 - Micromonitoring apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for monitoring sanitary sewer systems designed to carry away wastewater through a system of buried pipes, often referred to as “sewer lines”, to a sewage treatment facility, the apparatus and method use a weir which facilitates the collection of flow rate data in the sewer lines... Agent:

20150027223 - Contact material suitable for fuel sender slider, and fuel sender slider: Proposed is a contact material constituting a slider for a fuel sender, the slider moving on a conductor in conjunction with a float moving in accordance with a liquid level, wherein the contact material includes 10 to 25 mass % of nickel and a balance of palladium. The present contact... Agent: Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.k.

20150027224 - Micromechanical measuring element and method for producing a micromechanical measuring element: A micromechanical measuring element includes a carrier and a sensitive element connected to the carrier by a first solder connection and a second solder connection. The sensitive element is contacted electrically by the first solder connection. The sensitive element, the carrier and the second solder connection form a first chamber.... Agent: Epcos Ag

20150027225 - Device for the attachment of correction weights for unbalance correction: Disclosed is a device for the attachment of correction weights for unbalance correction to a rotary body, comprising a supply unit (15) for supplying individual correction weights, an attachment device (2) for applying the correction weights to the rotary body and including a first receptacle (6) for a first correction... Agent: Schenck Rotec Gmbh

20150027226 - Real-time aircraft status detection system and method: A low power method for determining whether a cargo destined for air transport is in a flying state having the steps of: providing a housing for attachment to a cargo the housing having: an accelerometer for detecting a linear acceleration, a gyroscope for detecting an angular rate, a controller measuring... Agent: Moog Inc.

20150027227 - Crack and thickness detecting apparatus: A crack and thickness detecting apparatus for detecting a crack in a wafer and also detecting the thickness of the wafer. The apparatus includes an ultrasonic oscillating unit oscillating a first ultrasonic wave toward the upper surface of the wafer at a predetermined incident angle, an ultrasonic oscillating and receiving... Agent:

20150027228 - Ultrasonic measurement apparatus, ultrasonic head unit, ultrasonic probe, and ultrasonic imaging apparatus: An ultrasonic measuring apparatus includes an ultrasonic transducer device having a substrate and an ultrasonic transducer element array that is arranged on the substrate, a first channel terminal group arranged at one edge portion of the ultrasonic transducer element array in a first direction, a second channel terminal group arranged... Agent:

20150027229 - Temperature compensation for seismic sensor and method: A seismic sensor detects a characteristic of a medium during a seismic survey. The seismic sensor includes a casing; a magnet located inside the casing; a coil assembly located inside the casing, wherein the coil assembly moves relative to the magnet; and a temperature-sensitive device connected to terminals of the... Agent: Sercel, Inc.

20150027230 - Pressure measuring device: A pressure measurement device for enabling non-intrusive pressure measurement of a first fluid present in a volume having at least one wall is provided. The device includes an enclosed space filled with a second fluid, a transmitter provided in the enclosed space and adapted to transmit a standing wave in... Agent:

20150027231 - Mechanical quantity measuring device: A mechanical quantity measuring device (semiconductor strain sensor) has a semiconductor chip including a plurality of piezoresistive elements formed on a front surface of a semiconductor substrate, a lead wire unit electrically connected to a plurality of electrodes of the semiconductor chip, and a plate member joined to a rear... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150027232 - Electromagnetic induction sensor, overlay member for electromagnetic induction sensor, and manufacturing method of electromagnetic induction sensor: Disclosed herein is an electromagnetic induction sensor that is used with a position indicator and includes coils for electromagnetic coupling with the position indicator. The electromagnetic induction sensor includes: a sensor board main body that includes an insulating substrate and a surface sheet attached to a side of a first... Agent: Wacom Co., Ltd.

20150027234 - Flow area reduction in vortex flowmeters using bore reduction techniques: Certain embodiments herein relate to configurations for reducing the flow area for fluids traveling through a Vortex flowmeter. Such configurations may establish a minimum required Reynolds number consistent with optimized performance of the Vortex flowmeter. Various configurations for achieving optimized performance may include inserting one or more segments or a... Agent: Yokogawa Corporation Of America

20150027233 - Flow area reduction techniques using a centralized streamlined body in vortex flowmeters: Certain embodiments herein relate to configurations for reducing the flow area for fluids traveling through a Vortex flowmeter. Such configurations may establish a minimum required Reynolds number consistent with optimized performance of the Vortex flowmeter. Various configurations for achieving optimized performance may include inserting one or more segments or a... Agent: Yokogawa Corporation Of America

20150027235 - Optimized techniques for generating and measuring toroidal vortices via an industrial vortex flowmeter: A vortex flowmeter may utilize a ring-shaped bluff body as the vortex generator or shedder. The ring shape and size of the vortex ring generator may be optimized to produce linear and stable toroidal vortex outputs that may outperform the conventional shedder bar. In comparison to the conventional vortex shedder... Agent: Yokogawa Corporation Of America

20150027236 - Flowmeter design for large diameter pipes: An in-line flowmeter for large diameter pipes includes an outer pipe with a diameter equal to that of the pipe to which it is coupled and an inner measuring tube carrying a portion of the flow, the flow through the measuring tube being sensed by a flowmeter associated with the... Agent:

20150027238 - Method and measuring system for determining deformations of a geometric body with the aid of force measuring sensors or deformation measuring sensors: A method for ascertaining deformations of a geometric body or for measuring forces or torques acting thereon using force measuring sensors or deformation measuring sensors. A plurality of such sensors are arranged on the geometric body in at least two groups. A first group of sensors registers forces acting on... Agent:

20150027239 - System and method for 3d printer material management: The quantity of material remaining in a 3D printing system may be effectively measured through the use of a strain gauge. The strain gauge may be mounted on a support member such as a cantilevered support that holds the weight of a material dispenser. As the material is consumed, the... Agent: Lamplight Games

20150027237 - Non-volatile memory with linear hot-electron injection technique and strain gauge using the same: A linear hot-electron injection technique is provided for a non-volatile memory arrangement. The non-volatile memory is comprised of: a floating gate transistor; a capacitor with a first terminal electrically coupled to the gate node of the floating gate transistor; a current reference circuit electrically coupled to the source node of... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

20150027240 - Pcb loading apparatus for measuring thickness of printed circuit board stack: A loading apparatus for loading a printed circuit board (PCB) stack including one or more PCB layers and transferring the PCB stack to an inspection probe includes a movable support unit, a guide unit and a cover. The guide unit is provided on the support unit and defines a depression... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150027241 - Piercing probes with offset conical piercing tip and fluid-sampling systems comprising the piercing probes: Piercing probes for fluidic applications may include a body portion including a distal end of the piercing probe. The piercing probes may also include a piercing portion opposite the distal end of the piercing probe. The piercing portion may include a conical portion, which may include a piercing tip. The... Agent: Diba Industries, Inc.

20150027242 - Weathering test instrument and solid-state light-emitting device system: Provided is a weathering test instrument that includes: a light source section including a plurality of solid-state light-emitting elements, in which the solid-state light-emitting elements are different in kind from one another, and are configured to emit light beams having respective wavelength regions that are different from one another; a... Agent:

20150027243 - Holding device to hold a reflector and an electromagnetic guiding device: A holding is presented. The holding device includes a male connector comprising a first male extension and a second male extension that extend out of opposite surfaces of a male central disk, an electromagnetic guiding device continuously passing through a central hole that continuously passes through the first male extension,... Agent: General Electric Company

01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020568 - Method for measuring the strain of material using short cavity fiber laser: A method for measuring the strain of material using a short cavity fiber laser, includes steps of: a) arranging the short cavity fiber laser, which laser comprises sequentially coupled laser diode pumping source, a wavelength division multiplexer, a fiber bragg grating, an active fiber and a loop mirror; b) fixing... Agent: Beijing Information Science & Technology University

20150020569 - Test station for portable gas measuring devices: A test station for a plurality of test gases, includes a main unit (10) with a control (12) and test modules (20), each for a gas measurement device, that exchange data to register a type of gas measurement device and test gas(es) required for the device type. The control sets... Agent:

20150020570 - Device for determining a gas mass flow rate, and method for re-calibrating such a device: A device for determining a gas mass flow rate includes a first sensor unit comprising at least one first temperature measuring element and a first heating element. A second senor unit comprises at least one second temperature measuring element and a second heating element. A control unit is configured to... Agent: Pierburg Gmbh

20150020571 - Fall detection using machine learning: A method and system for fall detection using machine learning are disclosed. The method comprises detecting at least one signal by a wireless sensor device and calculating a plurality of features from the at least one detected signal. The method includes training a machine learning unit of the wireless sensor... Agent: Vital Connect, Inc.

20150020572 - Method for diagnosing internal fault of oil-immersed transformer through composition ratio of dissolved gas in oil: The present invention relates to a method for diagnosing an internal fault of an oil-immersed transformer by analyzing the composition ratio of dissolved gas in oil that is caused when an internal fault of the oil-immersed transformer occurs. According to the present invention, a method for diagnosing an internal fault... Agent:

20150020573 - Impact absorbing foam: This invention relates to impact absorbing foams. These foams comprise a polymeric foam and ceramic particulates dispersing the foam. These foams have numerous uses, including, for example, as interior pads for football helmets, and the like, for reducing head injuries.... Agent:

20150020574 - Microparticle sensor: A particulate sensor including a sensor unit (300) having an ion generation section (611, 361, 322); an electric charge section (612) for electrically charging at least portion of particulates S using ions PI; a capture section (616, 617, 316, 326, 362) for trapping at least portion of the ions PI... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150020575 - System for analyzing a gas mixture including at least one chromatography column: A system for analyzing a gas mixture, including at least one chromatography column, a mechanism injecting the mixture into the column, and a mechanism detecting compound(s) forming the gas mixture, the detection mechanism including at least one detector of nanosensor type of an outlet of the column and a detector... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20150020576 - Particulate matter sensor unit: A particulate matter sensor unit may include a sensor portion of an electrostatic induction type that may be reacted when a particulate matter having electric charge may be passing the vicinity thereof, a protection pad that the sensor portion may be bonded on one side thereof through a conductive paste,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150020577 - Gas sensor: A gas sensor using a metal organic framework material can be fully integrated with related circuitry on a single substrate. In an on-chip application, the gas sensor can result in an area-efficient fully integrated gas sensor solution. In one aspect, a gas sensor can include a first gas sensing region... Agent:

20150020588 - Systems and methods for determining specific gravity and minerological properties of a particle: A system includes a particulate material sample that contains a fluid medium and a plurality of particles dispersed in the fluid medium. The system further includes a particle analysis apparatus having a sample cell and sample delivery means for delivering the particulate material sample to the sample cell, wherein the... Agent:

20150020578 - Apparatus for inspecting leak of battery and method of inspecting leak of battery using the apparatus: An apparatus for inspecting a leak of a battery, the apparatus including a jig on which a battery is mounted, a first plate comprising nozzle parts configured to inject air, a second plate configured to support the jig and the first plate, and a first driving unit positioned on the... Agent:

20150020579 - Dual acoustic and electrical analysis technique for the tomographic determination of multiphase flows in pipes and/or liquid/froth interfaces in process tanks: Apparatus is provided featuring a signal processor or processing module configured to: receive signaling containing information about at least two sensing modalities sensed by a single probe arranged in relation to a multiphase flow or process volume; and determine using a multiple modality tomographic analysis technique information about different fluid... Agent:

20150020580 - Characterizing contents of conduits, in particular multiphase flow conduits: A method and apparatus for determining contents of a conduit containing at least one fluid is described. The conduit may be at least partially defined by at least one wall portion. The wall portion may be cooled. After cooling said, the temperature at least one temperature sensor located adjacent to... Agent: Statoil Petroleum As

20150020581 - Method and device for ascertaining a position of a camshaft and a phase of an internal combustion engine: A device for ascertaining a camshaft position and a phase of an internal-combustion engine having multiple cylinders, including a first position sensor wheel having multiple teeth on its circumference and rotatably and fixedly connected to an engine camshaft; a first position sensor for detecting a tooth flank position of the... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150020582 - System for taking exhaust gas samples from internal combustion engines: A system for taking exhaust gas samples from internal combustion engines includes an exhaust gas duct comprising an outflow cross section and an exhaust gas inlet. The exhaust gas duct communicates with an exhaust gas source via the exhaust gas inlet. An air duct takes in ambient air via a... Agent:

20150020583 - Method for measuring trailer axle alignment: A procedure for measuring and adjusting an alignment of each axle of a trailer or semi-trailer while the trailer or semi-trailer is coupled to a tow vehicle by a hitch, tow bar, kingpin, or fifth wheel hitch. Measurements of the alignment of each axle of the trailer or semi-trailer are... Agent:

20150020584 - Wheel position detector and tire inflation pressure detector having the same: A wheel position detector for a vehicle includes: a transmitter at each wheel having a first control portion for transmitting a frame with specific identification information; and a receiver at a vehicle body receiving the frame from one wheel and having a second control portion for performing wheel position detection;... Agent: Denso Corporation

20150020585 - Tire module with piezo-electric transducer and tire equipped therewith: A tire module for attachment to an inside of a pneumatic tire for vehicles includes a device for measuring and/or monitoring the air pressure in the tire. A transmitter for transmitting radio signals, which contains information regarding the air pressure in the tire, includes a mechanical-electrical transducer having a flexible... Agent:

20150020586 - Apparatus for location of vehicle center for aerodynamic testing: In accordance with one aspect of the present disclosure, an apparatus and a method of testing one of aerodynamic and acoustic characteristics of a vehicle is described. The method includes measuring a vehicle center using a gauge. The gauge includes a carrier section from which a pair of arms extend... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150020587 - Temperature compensation module for a fluid flow transducer: Apparatus and associated methods relate to a temperature-compensated drive for a heating element used in a micro-bridge flow sensor. In some embodiments, the heating element may be located substantially between two temperature sensors. The two temperature sensors may be convectively coupled to the heater by a fluid ambient. When the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150020589 - Apparatus for driving gyro sensor and control method thereof: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for driving a gym sensor including a driving displacement signal processing unit, a sensing signal processing unit and an automatic quadrature signal controller configured to control the variable resistor through digital correction when a quadrature signal exists, and minimize an amplitude of the quadrature signal.... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150020590 - Optomechanical accelerometer: Technologies are generally described for operating and manufacturing optomechanical accelerometers. In some examples, an optomechanical accelerometer device is described that uses a cavity resonant displacement sensor based on a zipper photonic crystal nano-cavity to measure the displacement of an integrated test mass generated by acceleration applied to the chip. The... Agent:

20150020591 - Functional device, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A functional device includes a movable body and a supporting section configured to support the movable body via coupling sections extending along a first axis. The supporting section includes a connection region connected to the coupling sections and provided along the first axis and contact regions provided on the outer... Agent:

20150020592 - Resistive type acceleration sensor: Disclosed herein is a resistive type accelerator sensor, including: a sensor unit; and a continuous time sigma-delta ADC including an input unit which receives an analog input signal transferred from the sensor unit, an addition circuit which is coupled with the input unit to receive the analog input signal and... Agent:

20150020593 - Apparatus for driving inertial sensor and controlling method of the same: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for driving an inertial sensor, the apparatus including: at least one inertial sensor including a driving mass; an analog circuit unit detecting an amplitude value and a phase value of a driving mass resonance from a driving displacement signal of the inertial sensor; a first... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150020594 - Determination assist system of ultrasonic testing, determination assist method of ultrasonic testing, determination assist program of ultrasonic testing, and computer-readable storage medium for storing determination assist program of ultrasonic testing: A determination assist system including a first image generating section for generating a first planar image based on data of a first test index; a second image generating section for generating a second planar image based on data of a second test index; a differentiation section which differentiates the first... Agent:

20150020595 - Acoustic sensing system for a motor vehicle: An acoustic sensing system for a motor vehicle includes a strain gauge mounted at a motor vehicle surface, and a sensing circuit operatively coupled to the strain gauge. The sensing circuit is configured and disposed to detect acoustic responses in a passenger compartment of the motor vehicle through the strain... Agent:

20150020597 - Accelerated powder segregation testing apparatus and method: An accelerated powder segregation testing apparatus and method are disclosed. The apparatus consists of an angularly oriented ramp 10 mounted on a vibration device 22. The powder to be tested is fed into an origin portion 14 of the ramp 10, and when the vibrator 22 is activated, the powder... Agent:

20150020596 - Vibration generation apparatus: A gyro sensor includes a vibrator and a drive circuit. A PWM drive signal is applied to a pair of electrodes of the vibrator. The drive circuit outputs a high level signal and a low level signal to the electrodes as the PWM drive signal. The high level signal and... Agent: Denso Corporation

20150020598 - Apparatus and method of distributed pressure sensing: Various embodiments include apparatus and methods to measure pressure using an optical fiber. The optical fiber can be structured with fiber Bragg gratings arranged along the optical fiber. Optical signals can be transmitted through the optical fiber, where the optical signals have a wavelength of a slow-light peak of a... Agent:

20150020599 - Optical pressure sensor: An optical pressure sensor is disclosed having a pressure sensing optical cavity. A temperature sensing optical cavity at the sensor head is used by an interrogator to correct a pressure signal for effects of temperature. The optical cavities may be, for example, Fabry Perot cavities in the sensor head.... Agent:

20150020600 - Pressure transmitter having an isolation assembly with a two-piece isolator plug: A pressure transmitter connectable to a process line provides an output responsive to a pressure in the process line. The transmitter includes a housing having a base with a process end coupled to an interior cavity formed in the housing, a sensor for sensing the pressure and an isolating assembly... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20150020601 - Device for measuring mechanical quantity: A device for measuring mechanical quantity is provided which reduces the influence of a difference in thermal expansion coefficient between an object to be measured and a base plate metal body, and precisely measures a mechanical quantity such as deformation quantity or strain quantity caused in the object to be... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150020602 - Device for testing a ceramic socket insert for hip joint implants: The invention relates to a device for testing a ceramic socket insert for hip joint implants having a receiving device, a pressure piece and optionally having a plunger, wherein the receiving device has a recess with a positioning region for receiving the socket insert and the recess has a receiving... Agent:

20150020604 - Apparatus and method for measuring the sloshing in the cargo tank of a liquefied natural gas carrier: An apparatus and method for measuring the sloshing in the cargo tank of a liquefied natural gas carrier is provided. The apparatus includes: a plate-shaped floating mat coupler which floats on the surface of the liquefied natural gas contained in the cargo tank of a liquefied natural gas carrier and... Agent:

20150020603 - Apparatus, system and method for compression testing of test specimens: There is provided an apparatus for compression testing. The apparatus has a base assembly having an end load element attached to the base assembly, the base assembly being rigid. The apparatus has a support assembly attached to the base assembly, and having a plurality of window portions. The apparatus has... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150020605 - System for locating electric cables: A system for locating a cable tethered from a mobile machine along a worksite is disclosed. The cable transmits electric power to the mobile machine from a power source. A fiber optic cable is disposed between the power source and the mobile machine along with the cable to detect a... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150020606 - Method and system for stamping and marking fluid in a pipe network for smart monitoring systems: The invention provides a system and method for determining fluid flow in a fluid pipe network. One or more markers are installed a various locations on the pipe network. Each marker generates an alteration in one or both of an initial fluid flow and an initial fluid pressure at the... Agent: Watersign Ltd

20150020607 - Magnetic flowmeter: A magnetic flowmeter for measuring flow rate of a process fluid includes: a magnetic coil arranged to apply a magnetic field to the process fluid. A pair of electrodes electrically couple to the process fluid and are arranged to sense a voltage induced in the process fluid related to the... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20150020608 - Single-transceiver ultrasonic flow meter apparatus and methods: Elements of a single beam-forming array of ultrasonic transducer elements are selectively activated to direct two or more ultrasonic beams to a series of acoustic mirrors mounted to or fabricated at known locations at an inside surface of the pipe. The ultrasonic beams traverse measurement path segments at known angles... Agent:

20150020611 - Torque transducer, method for manufacturing torque transducer and transmission for vehicle using torque transducer: Provided are a torque transducer, a method for manufacturing the torque transducer, and a transmission for a vehicle using the torque transducer. The torque transducer includes a mechano-luminescent (ML) part disposed on a torque measuring object and an illumination sensor disposed to be spaced apart from the ML part.... Agent:

20150020612 - Method and means to monitor seeder row unit downforce: A method of monitoring forces in a planter includes measuring compressive force between contacting surfaces of the depth regulation member. The measuring may be performed with a sensor such as a piezoresistive sensor. An apparatus for monitoring force on a planter includes a sensor for measuring compressive force between contacting... Agent:

20150020609 - Detection of load by sound-processing: A method for detecting load in a machine, having a loading receptacle, by a load detection system is disclosed. The system includes a sound detection device, a signal-to-data processor with a sound-processing module, a data aggregator, and a data comparator. The method includes recording a continuous rolling audio signal sample... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150020610 - Two dimensional material-based pressure sensor: This disclosure provides example methods, devices, and systems for a two dimensional material-based pressure sensor. A sensor device is provided that includes a substrate having a back electrode, a conductive layer in communication with the back electrode, and an insulating layer coupled to the conductive layer. The insulating layer includes... Agent:

20150020613 - Blood measuring apparatus: A blood measuring apparatus includes: a liquid supply source storing a sheath liquid and applying a pressure to supply the sheath liquid to first and second chambers, pressures of the sheath liquids to be supplied to the first and second chambers different from each other; a sheath flow generator sending... Agent:

20150020614 - Electronic device with environmental monitoring: An environmental monitoring device that includes a sensor mechanism is described. During operation of the environmental monitoring device, heat generated by a processor in the environmental monitoring device may result in a convective fluid flow over the sensor mechanism that facilitates measurements of sensor data associated with an environmental condition... Agent: Leeo, Inc.

20150020615 - Electronic device with environmental monitoring: An environmental monitoring device that includes an imaging device is described. During operation of the environmental monitoring device, the imaging device provides imaging data for an external environment that includes the environmental monitoring device. Moreover, the imaging device has different spatial sensitivity in different regions of the external environment, which... Agent: Leeo, Inc.

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013427 - Method for calibrating a position-measuring system and position-measuring system: A method is provided for calibrating a position-measuring system which includes the following steps: a) multiple measurements of a structure of a sample held by a sample stage at different pressures of the gaseous medium, in which the sample stage is arranged, b) ascertaining the pressure dependence when determining the... Agent:

20150013428 - Connector mounting structure, mounting-result inspection tool, and mounting-result inspection method: A connector is used to bring a harness from a level sensor that is arranged in the oil pan and detects a level of oil in the oil pan, out of the oil pan. The connector includes a contact that is electrically connected to the level sensor, and a housing... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150013429 - Method and device for express analysis of acetone traces in gases: A device apparatus for measuring acetone levels exhaled air in order to determine the content of glucose in the blood is provided. The device includes a chemical sensor cell having a vertically oriented hollow truncated cone with one end having a first diameter and an opposite end having a second... Agent: Positiveid Corporation

20150013431 - Multigas sensor and multigas sensor device: A multigas sensor (200A) includes a multigas sensor element portion (100A) having: a NOx sensor portion (30A) which detects the concentration of NOx; and first and second ammonia sensor portions (42x, 42y) having different ratios between a sensitivity of ammonia and a sensitivity of NOx. The multigas sensor element portion... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150013430 - Process analytic device with improved thermal stability: A process analytic device includes an input to receive a sample of interest and an analytic detector operably coupled to receive the sample of interest. An analytic output is provided relative to the sample of interest. A plurality of heat pipes is thermally coupled to the analytic detector.... Agent:

20150013432 - Method of monitoring wear in a diaphragm valve using pressure detection: A system for detecting wear in a flush valve includes at least one pressure sensor adapted to measure a water pressure within the flush valve and at least one microprocessor in communication with the at least one pressure sensor. The at least one microprocessor is configured to determine the water... Agent:

20150013433 - Air micrometer: The present invention relates to an air micrometer. The air micrometer includes a target object accommodation slot having a bottom surface and a ceiling surface to accommodate at least one portion of the target object between the bottom surface and the ceiling surface, and an air spray unit including a... Agent:

20150013434 - Device for measuring pollution index of filtration membrane: A device for measuring the pollution index of a filtration membrane includes: a raw water supply part; a first filtration membrane; a raw water supply line; a first flow rate measuring part; a first path line; a second path line; a second filtration membrane having a filtration characteristic different from... Agent: Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.

20150013435 - Method of detecting defects in honeycomb structural body: In a method of detecting defects generated in a honeycomb structural body, both end sections of the honeycomb structural body is sealed along a flowing direction of exhaust gas. Air is supplied in the flowing direction of the exhaust gas from one end section to the other end section of... Agent:

20150013437 - Device and method for diagnosing evaporated fuel processing device: An evaporated fuel processing apparatus includes a valve between a canister and a fuel tank, and maintains the fuel tank in hermetic state by closing the valve while a vehicle is stationary, and adsorbs evaporated fuel by the canister by opening the valve during fuel filling, wherein the evaporated fuel... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150013436 - Diagnostic system for bulk well material handling plants: Diagnostic system for bulk well material handling plants that includes multiple fluid flow pathways to transport well materials. The bulk well material handling system includes multiple connections, each connected to a fluid flow pathway. The system also includes a control system connected to the multiple connections and adapted to automatically... Agent:

20150013438 - Analytical method for detecting sulfated oligosaccharides: The present invention describes an analytical method for detecting and quantitating poly-sulfated oligosaccharides, including Fondaparinux sodium, using hydrophilic interaction ultra-performance liquid chromatography (HILIC-UPLC) coupled with a charged aerosol detector (CAD) or a mass spectrometer (MS). This analytical method provides in-process control in a total synthesis of highly sulfated oligosaccharides by... Agent: Scinopharm Taiwan, Ltd.

20150013439 - Micro-analyzer with passive aggregator: A micro-analyzer is described. This micro-analyzer includes an outer surface region on a sampler surface that receives liquid droplets, and aggregates and moves the droplets radially toward an inner surface region on the sampler surface that receives the droplets. For example, the outer surface region may include a set of... Agent:

20150013440 - Method and system for diagnostic rules for heavy duty gas turbines: A method for monitoring and diagnosing anomalies in auxiliary systems of a gas turbine implemented using a computer device coupled to a user interface and a memory device, the method including storing a plurality rule sets in the memory device, the rule sets relative to the auxiliary systems of the... Agent:

20150013442 - Method and control unit for determining a dead time of an exhaust gas sensor of an internal combustion engine: In a method for determining a dead time in the response characteristic of an exhaust gas sensor in order to determine an exhaust gas state quantity in an exhaust gas duct of an internal combustion engine, the dead time is determined from a measured output signal of the exhaust gas... Agent:

20150013441 - Nox sensor control device: For a predetermined period prior to detecting sensor output of a single-cell type NOx sensor, a state is induced in which a voltage is not applied between a pair of electrodes or a state in which a potential difference between the electrodes is less than a reference value. The “reference... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150013443 - Drive-train testing system: The present invention provides a drive-train testing system that is capable of generating a large drive torque without increasing the size of a motor that simulates an engine. The drive-train testing system inputs a drive torque, which is generated according to a torque command which contains an alternating-current component having... Agent:

20150013444 - Tire pressure sensing device and method for the production thereof: The invention relates to a tire pressure sensing device for detecting the tire pressure in a pneumatic tire, comprising a pressure sensor (6) in a housing (1); a tire valve (11) or another retainer to be fastened to the rim, which bears the housing; a spring element (2), which is... Agent:

20150013445 - Wind tunnel balance and system with wing model and wind tunnel balance: A wind tunnel balance, with a tunnel wall adaptor configured to fasten the wind tunnel balance to a wall of a wind tunnel, an actuator housing connected to the tunnel wall adaptor, a plurality of force sensors arranged between the actuator housing and the tunnel wall adaptor and which are... Agent:

20150013446 - Monitoring flow conditions downwell: This application describes methods and apparatus for monitoring flow at a given location downwell. The method of comprises performing fibre optic sensing on an optical fibre 204 deployed within the well 101. The optical fibre is attached to first tubing (201) that extends into the well to at least a... Agent:

20150013447 - Method and apparatus for in-situ fluid injector unit: Disclosed is a method of testing liquids at a test pressure. A first fluid is placed in a first chamber of a test system. The first fluid is brought to the test pressure. A volume is calculated of a second fluid to inject into the first chamber from a second... Agent:

20150013448 - System and method for improved cuttings measurements: Systems and methods for improved cuttings measurements are described. Embodiments of the invention compare real-time, continuous measurements of cuttings coming over shakers to predictions of the amount of cuttings expected to be coming over the shakers. According to some embodiments, when the actual, real-time measurements differ from the predicted estimates,... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150013449 - Gear inspection apparatus: A gear inspection apparatus includes a distance measurement device, a value search part, a difference calculation part, a selecting part, a judgment value determination part, and a judgment part that are connected together in the named order. A raw waveform obtained by the distance measurement device is converted by the... Agent:

20150013450 - Systems and methods for backflow preventer testing management: Systems and methods are described for performing, verifying, and managing testing of backflow preventers. A method can include aspects directed toward confirming proper performance of tests on a backflow preventer by interrogating an inspector's location and credentials before producing test results. Systems are described to perform aspects of such methods.... Agent:

20150013451 - Fuel management: The invention relates to a fuel management system for a vehicle. The fuel management system includes a fill-up sensor located at an inlet of a fuel tank of the vehicle, for determining the volume of fuel flowing into the fuel tank, a fuel supply sensor located in a fuel line... Agent:

20150013452 - Device for providing a gas composition and temperature compensated acoustic measurement of a liquid level: The present device provides for a gas composition and temperature compensated acoustic measurement of the level of a liquid in a tank. The device comprises a transmitter, a receiver, a processing circuitry, a waveguide for guiding acoustic signals from the transmitter to the liquid level surface and for guiding reflections... Agent:

20150013453 - Balancing device, uniformity device and methods for utilizing the same: A balancing device, a uniformity device and an apparatus including the balancing device and the uniformity device are disclosed. Each of the balancing device and the uniformity device includes at least one multi-axis transducer. Methods are also disclosed.... Agent:

20150013454 - Method and apparatus for detecting intrusion into vehicle: An apparatus and method for detecting intrusion into a vehicle are disclosed. The apparatus includes a first sensor unit, a second sensor unit, and a control unit. The first sensor unit is disposed in the left side-view mirror of a vehicle, and includes an acceleration sensor and a laser sensor.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150013455 - Compact device for detecting at least one acceleration and one speed of rotation: A device for detecting an acceleration in one direction and a speed of rotation along one direction, including a support and two structures mechanically coupled to each other in opposite phase and suspended relative to the support, each of the structures including: an excitation mass; an excitation mechanism configured to... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20150013456 - Acceleration sensor: An acceleration sensor includes a fixation member, a weight member including a plate with two opposing sides parallel or substantially parallel to an X-direction and two opposing sides parallel to a Y-axis direction in a plan view, the weight member including a cutout extending in a direction about 45° relative... Agent:

20150013457 - Acceleration sensor: A weight member includes two sides opposite to each other in an X-axis direction when looked at in a plan view. A vibrating beam includes one end portion connected at one location to a fixation member and the other end portion connected at one location to one of the two... Agent:

20150013459 - Iv converter and inertial force sensor using iv converter: An IV converter includes a first operational amplifier connected to the capacitive component, a second operational amplifier connected to the first operational amplifier, and an impedance element connected to the second operational amplifier. The first operational amplifier includes a first input terminal connected to the capacitive component, a second input... Agent:

20150013458 - Physical quantity sensor, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A fixed electrode part, a movable member supported by a support part above the fixed electrode part to which a principal surface thereof is opposed, and a stopper part provided to be opposed to at least a part of an outer edge of the movable member and regulating in-plane rotation... Agent:

20150013461 - Device and method for measuring physical parameters using saw sensors: A SAW mode sensor for sensing parameters such as temperature, pressure, and strain. The sensor is made of a piezoelectric crystal cut at selected angles, with an attached electrode layer with a signal receiver and signal transmitter. The signal receiver initiates a wave in the substrate which propagates in the... Agent:

20150013460 - Method for checking the identity of a mechanical watch movement: The mechanical movement includes a checking device which is a passive indicator element. The passive element is fixed to a fixed support portion of the mechanical movement. The passive element may be a strip or a plate fixed to the fixed support portion of a regulating member and configured to... Agent: Montres Breguet Sa

20150013462 - Ultrasound diagnostic device and ultrasound probe: In order to reduce the variation of transmitting and receiving sensitivity among a plurality of CMUT cells, an ultrasound diagnostic device comprises: a plurality of CMUT cells each having a vibrating membrane that vibrates when ultrasound is transmitted to or received from a subject; an upper electrode and a lower... Agent: Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

20150013463 - Ultrasonic inspection system for non-planar surfaces: A method and apparatus for inspecting a test object. A sound signal is sent from a first portion of a curved transducer array through the test object in a direction towards a second portion of the curved transducer array. The curved transducer array has a shape that is configured to... Agent:

20150013464 - Ultrasonic sensor control system for occupancy sensing: An active ultrasonic room occupancy sensor with the output amplitude of the transmitter controlled by the amplitude of power applied to the transmitter to control the zone of coverage for a sensor. An adjustable voltage regulator under control of a microcontroller applies controlled amplitude voltage to the transmitter to adjust... Agent: The Watt Stopper, Inc.

20150013465 - Monitoring transport network infrastructure: This application relates to conditions monitoring of structures forming part of a transport network, e.g. structural health monitoring of structures, especially tunnels. The method involves performing distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) on at least one optical fibre (104) deployed so as to monitor the structure (206). The acoustic response to movement... Agent:

20150013466 - Phasing adder and ultrasound probe: A phasing adder and an ultrasound probe are disclosed. According to one implementation, the phasing adder includes a delay charge transferring unit and a delay adding unit. The delay charge transferring unit obtains signal charge in an amount obtained without amplifying according to charge generated in each of a plurality... Agent:

20150013467 - Pressure sensor: A pressure sensor is provided, which includes a pressure detector that has a pressure receiving surface in contact with a liquid, and detects a pressure of the liquid to a pressure receiving section, and a housing having a housing inner wall that demarcates a liquid chamber, wherein the housing inner... Agent:

20150013468 - Strain sensor using saw technology: A strain sensor for determining a strain experienced by a body under test in response to forces exerted on the body-under-test. The strain sensor comprises an interface member mounted on a surface of the body-under-test and a SAW sensor mounted on a surface of the interface member. The strain in... Agent: Mnemonics, Inc.

20150013469 - Method for checking ceramic ball heads for hip-joint prostheses: The invention relates to a method for checking ceramic ball heads (3) for hip-joint prostheses which have a receiving space (8) with a conical side face with a clamping cone angle γ and a cone inlet (7) and are subjected to a pressure in order to check areas of the... Agent: Ceram Tec Gmbh

20150013471 - Fluid flow rate detection device: To provide a fluid flow rate detection device which can be evaluated as adequate from a medical point of view. The velocity of a fluid flowing through a luminal organ in vivo is to be obtained. Vθ(r, θ)=w·V−θ+(1−w) V+θ is calculated to obtain a calculated value Vθ(r, θ) of the... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20150013470 - Method and apparatus for measuring a pulsatingly fluctuating flow rate: Ultrasonic waves are repeatedly transmitted with respect to a pulsatingly fluctuating fluid, while the ultrasonic wave being received, and a signal indicative of the transmission and receipt, and a signal indicative of a timing of the transmission and receipt are recorded. Alternatively, the ultrasonic wave is transmitted and received based... Agent:

20150013472 - Ultrasonic flowmeter: An ultrasonic flowmeter comprising an elongate duct through which fluid flows when the flowmeter is in use. Ultrasonic transducers are arranged respectively to transmit and receive ultrasonic pulses propagated through such fluid when the flowmeter is in use. Electronic circuitry is connected to the transducers to provide a measure of... Agent: Gill Corporate Limited

20150013474 - Indirect mass flow sensor: A mass flow rate sensor system (200) is provided. The mass flow rate sensor system (200) includes a density meter (202) including a sensor assembly (204a) and a density meter electronics (204b) configured to generate a density measurement of a process fluid. The mass flow rate sensor system (200) further... Agent: Micro Motion, Inc.

20150013473 - Method and device for controlling the dynamic confinement of an enclosure: The invention relates to a method and device for monitoring the confinement of an enclosure including walls delimiting an interior volume and an external environment, according to which a differential pressure (ΔP) is maintained between the interior volume and the external environment. According to the invention, the enclosure includes a... Agent:

20150013475 - Electronic torque wrench with dual tension beam: A torque wrench comprises a handle, a wrench head having a ratcheting workpiece engaging portion, and a tensor beam defining a longitudinal axis and having a rectangular cross-section perpendicular to the longitudinal axis. A first strain gauge is coupled to one side of the tensor beam, and a second strain... Agent:

20150013476 - Electronic pipette: An electronic pipette comprising a piston actuated in a cylinder by a motor, a control system for carrying out pipette operations, and a user interface for operating the pipette, wherein the user interface comprises at least one touch screen for operating the pipetting operations of the pipette, which touch screen... Agent:

20150013477 - Composition for coating of a surface, and a coating:

20150013478 - Sampling device for thermal analysis: A sampling device comprises a container having an essential cylindrical part and a bottom part. The container further comprises an inner wall member and an outer wall member. The inner wall member and the outer wall member are essentially coaxially arranged in the cylindrical part of the container and joined... Agent:

20150013479 - Method and magazine for holding in readiness, transporting, processing and archiving thermoanalytical samples: A method and a device for holding in readiness, transporting, processing and archiving thermoanalytical samples are disclosed. The sample containers, into which the thermoanalytical samples to be investigated are to be introduced, are provided in a magazine.... Agent:

20150013480 - Plated instrumentation probes and sensors: A component comprises a non-metallic core having an outer surface, a first catalyst deposited onto at least a first portion of the outer surface of the non-metallic core, a second catalyst deposited onto at least a second portion of the outer surface of the non-metallic core, an electrical interface, and... Agent:

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