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Measuring and testing

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05/07/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150121988 - System and method for using a rate of decay measurement for real time measurement and correction of zero offset and zero drift of a mass flow controller or mass flow meter: The disclosed embodiments include a method, apparatus, and computer program product for providing a self-validating mass flow controller or mass flow meter. For example, in one embodiment, a self-validating mass flow controller is disclosed that does not require any software modification to a tool/tool controller in which the mass flow... Agent:

20150121989 - System and method for calibrating an inertial measurement unit: An apparatus and method is presented for calibrating an output(s) of an inertial measurement unit (IMU) using rotational rate as a reference. Calibrating the IMU output(s) is performed by comparing the IMU output(s) to expected output(s), where the expected output(s) are determined based on the known rate of rotation of... Agent: Thinkom Solutions, Inc.

20150121990 - Self-test for yaw rate sensors: A yaw rate sensor (10) includes a movable mass structure (12) and a drive component (13) which is suitable for setting the movable mass structure (12) in motion (14), and an analysis component (15) which is suitable for detecting a response (40) of the movable mass structure (12) to a... Agent:

20150121991 - Multi-instrument calibration standard: A calibration standard includes a base and an outside measurement gage block disposed in a recess of the base such that edges and calibration surfaces of the outside measurement gage block are protected by the base and allow access to the calibration surfaces by a caliper. A method for calibrating... Agent:

20150121992 - Sensors and devices containing ultra-small nanowire arrays: A network of nanowires may be used for a sensor. The nanowires are metallic, each nanowire has a thickness of at most 20 nm, and each nanowire has a width of at most 20 nm. The sensor may include nanowires comprising Pd, and the sensor may sense a change in... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Northern Illinois University

20150121993 - Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction method of detecting n-nitrosoamines: The dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (DLLME) method of detecting N-nitrosoamines (NAs) is a DLLME performed with a xylene extraction solvent and a methanol disperser solvent. The microextraction is preferably performed by a programmable array logic (PAL) auto-sampler. Determination and measurement of concentration of the NAs in the water sample being found... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150121994 - Method for detecting particles in a fluid stream: The invention relates to a method for detecting particles in a fluid stream, comprising: generating a measurement field that can be passed through by the fluid stream; acquiring and evaluating measurement values of the fluid stream passing through the measurement field, and detecting at least one particle by way of... Agent:

20150121995 - Vertically integrated systems: Embodiments of the present invention provide an integrated circuit system including a first active layer fabricated on a front side of a semiconductor die and a second pre-fabricated layer on a back side of the semiconductor die and having electrical components embodied therein, wherein the electrical components include at least... Agent:

20150122016 - Inline rheology/viscosity, density, and flow rate measurement: A system of performing inline measurements of flow rate, density, and rheology of a flowing fluid. The system includes a rheology measurement subsystem, a density measurement subsystem, and a pressure sensor for measuring the pressure of the test fluid within the vertical tube at a location y2 downstream from y1... Agent: Aspect Imaging Ltd.

20150121996 - Automated sample injection apparatus, multiport valve, and methods of making and using the same: Automated sample injection apparatus, multiport valves, and chromatography systems containing an automated sample injection apparatus and/or a multiport valve are disclosed. Methods of making and using automated sample injection apparatus and multiport valves within chromatography systems are also disclosed.... Agent: Alltech Associates, Inc.

20150121997 - Non-destructive measurement of mechanical properties of an ellipsoidal shell: Systems and methods that facilitate the determination of mechanical properties of an ellipsoidal shell are provided in this disclosure. The ellipsoidal shell is contacted with an indenter device. The indenter device indents the ellipsoidal shell and creates an indentation in an indentation region on the ellipsoidal shell. Indentation data is... Agent: The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology

20150121998 - System and method for an automotive engine torque sensor: The disclosure relates to a method and apparatus of measuring torque. The method and apparatus entails measuring the torque generated by an automobile engine using a torque sensor replacing the driver side engine mount. A spring component of the torque sensor tares the weight of the engine and a hydraulic... Agent:

20150121999 - Refueling detection method: Embodiments for detecting fuel events are presented. In an embodiment, a method comprises performing an action responsive to a fuel event indicated based on output from a hydrocarbon sensor positioned between a fuel tank and a fuel vapor canister. In this way, the hydrocarbon sensor may be used to detect... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150122000 - Method for detecting an error in the opening behavior of an injector: A method for detecting an error in the opening behavior of an injector of an internal combustion engine, the injector having an electromagnetically actuated valve element, a ballistic partial injection being carried out, the injector being ballistically activated, so that the valve element is not opened up to a lift... Agent:

20150122001 - Device for calculating amount of reduced fuel consumption, and program for displaying calculation, as well as device for calculating amount of reduced co2 exhaust, and program for displaying calculation: SOLUTION: A fuel consumption reduction amount calculation device 10 inputs base line data 14 and 16 of a vehicle before mounting a combustion improvement device and project data 18 and 20 of the vehicle after mounting the combustion improvement device, and displays a value calculated by subtracting annual fuel consumption... Agent: Japan Eco Supporter Co., Ltd.

20150122002 - Apparatus for measuring of contents in exhaust gases: A device (2) for sampling in the context of measuring the content of the exhaust gases in an exhaust flow (4) in an exhaust line (6) from a combustion engine. A sensor (8) is situated in a measuring chamber (10). At least two gathering tubes (12) situated in the exhaust... Agent:

20150122003 - Abnormality diagnosis device for exhaust gas sensor: An abnormality diagnosis device is for an exhaust gas sensor that detects an air-fuel ratio, or a rich or lean state of exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine and that includes a sensor element having a catalyst layer. The device includes an abnormality diagnosis unit that makes a sensor... Agent:

20150122004 - Calibrating apparatus of tire testing machine and calibrating method of tire testing machine: A calibrating apparatus of a tire testing machine of the present invention calibrates force components along a lateral direction of a load cell on a tire testing machine provided with a rotary drum and the load cell mounted to a shaft portion of the rotary drum and capable of measuring... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20150122005 - State condition detection device: A first printed wiring substrate on which a detection and transceiver circuit, which detects and transmits a predetermined physical quantity of a tire, and printed wiring for an antenna are formed and a second printed wiring substrate on which printed wiring for the antenna is formed are disposed so as... Agent:

20150122006 - Structure for attaching electronic component to inner surface of pneumatic tire: A structure 11 for attaching an electronic component to the inner surface of a pneumatic tire includes: a case 13 which has a bottom plate 18, a side wall 19, and a lid 20 and in which the electronic component is mounted inside an inner space defined by these; and... Agent:

20150122007 - Wind detector for wind turbine generators: The invention relates to an optical detector for determining the relative wind direction (attack angle) relative to a rotating or stationary wind turbine rotor. The optical detector comprises an output part which transmits distinguishable light beams out from a rotor blade in different predetermined directions. The beams may be distinguishable... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20150122008 - Radiosonde power source device and radiosonde: The present invention can be made more lightweight even if a dry cell is used as a power source battery, can supply a necessary voltage at a battery capacity corresponding to an observation time, and can generate a predetermined electromotive force even in extremely low-temperature environments, This radiosonde power source... Agent:

20150122009 - Systems and methods for temperature compensated flow sensing: Systems and methods for temperature compensated flow sensing are provided. One system includes a flow disturber disposed in a flow conduit, wherein the flow disturber is configured to impart a flow disturbance to the fluid flow. The system further includes a plurality of flow sensors disposed in the flow conduit,... Agent:

20150122010 - Thermal flow meter: To obtain a thermal flow meter capable of alleviating stress in an axial direction that acts on a lead according to a temperature difference between a proximal end side and a leading end portion side of a measuring portion. An air flow sensing portion 300 according to the present invention... Agent:

20150122011 - Thermal flow meter: Provided is a thermal flow meter through which a measurement with high accuracy and has a discharge function. In a thermal flow meter 300 of the invention, a part of a measurement target gas 30 flowing through the main passage 124 flows into a bypass passage. A drainage passage 3528... Agent:

20150122012 - Thermal flow meter: The present invention has been made to improve measurement accuracy of a thermal flow meter. In the thermal flowmeter according to the invention, a circuit package (400) that measures a flow rate is molded in a first resin molding process. In a second resin molding process, a housing (302) having... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20150122013 - Pivotable horn antenna for a radar level indicator: Disclosed is a pivotable horn antenna intended for a radar level indicator and includes a ball joint, the joint socket of which can be screwed into a threaded hole in the container. This allows for optimisation of the echo signal and correction of slanted installation of the horn antenna.... Agent:

20150122014 - System and method for determining the level of a substance in a container based on measurement of resonance from an acoustic circuit that includes unfilled space within the container that changes size as substance is added or removed from the container: Level of substance in a container can be determined by exciting vapor in unfilled space within the container. Variable frequency oscillator and emitting transducer can provide signals to excite resonance of vapor. Sensors can measure the peak resonant signal of vapor excited in unfilled space within the container as the... Agent:

20150122015 - Capacitive level sensor: A capacitive liquid level sensor in which a vessel for receiving the liquid has a deflector inside the vessel extending upwardly from the base, and which tapers towards its top. This means the liquid is confined to the edges of the vessel at the bottom of the vessel, which gives... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150122017 - Chromogenic humidity sensor: The present invention relates to a humidity sensor, and more particularly, to a resistance film-type real-time chromogenic humidity sensor produced with a polyelectrolyte thin film. The humidity sensor according to the present invention is a chromogenic hygrometer in which a polyelectrolyte nano thin film that absorbs moisture is formed on... Agent:

20150122018 - Fitness monitoring device with altimeter and gesture recognition: Biometric monitoring devices, including various technologies that may be implemented in such devices, are discussed herein. Additionally, techniques for utilizing altimeters in biometric monitoring devices are provided. Such techniques may, in some implementations, involve recalibrating a biometric monitoring device altimeter based on location data; using altimeter data as an aid... Agent:

20150122019 - Storage and measurement container: A storage and measurement container for retaining a quantity of particulate material and dispensing a measured serving thereof. The container comprises an interior volume that is dividable into an upper volume and a lower volume via a slide, a sliding member that selectively occupies the lower volume, and a bottom... Agent:

20150122020 - Sensor device and electronic apparatus: A sensor device includes a mounting member having fixation surfaces inside, and at least one electronic component directly or indirectly fixed to the fixation surfaces of the mounting member, and the mounting member constitutes a part of a casing for housing the electronic component. Further, the fixation surfaces are perpendicular... Agent:

20150122021 - Inertial force sensor: An inertial force sensor includes a detecting device which detects an inertial force, the detecting device having a first orthogonal arm and a supporting portion, the first orthogonal arm having a first arm and a second arm fixed in a substantially orthogonal direction, and the supporting portion supporting the first... Agent:

20150122022 - Detection device, sensor, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A detection device includes: a drive circuit which receives a feedback signal from a physical quantity transducer and drives the physical quantity transducer; a detection circuit which receives a detection signal from the physical quantity transducer and detects a desired signal; and a control unit which controls switching on/off of... Agent:

20150122023 - Micromechanical sensor device: A micromechanical sensor device, having a first unhoused sensor unit, and at least one second unhoused sensor unit, the sensor units being functionally connected to one another, the sensor units being essentially vertically configured one over the other so that a sensor unit having a larger footprint completely covers a... Agent:

20150122024 - Accelerometer with offset compensation: An accelerometer has a movable mass suspended above a substrate, and a variable acceleration capacitor supported by the substrate. The movable mass has a mass anchor securing the mass to the substrate, while the acceleration capacitor has both a stationary finger extending from the substrate, and a movable finger extending... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20150122025 - Method, computer program product & system: A method for predicting the residual life of a bearing comprising the step of: obtaining data concerning one or more of the factors that influence the residual life of the bearing using at least one sensor, obtaining identification data uniquely identifying the bearing, transmitting data to and/or from the at... Agent:

20150122027 - Evaluation of porosity in aluminum ingot: Porosity of aluminum ingot can be evaluated using focused beam ultrasonic testing and/or florescent dye penetrant testing. The aluminum ingot can be machine cut to form an aluminum ingot slice prior to testing. The machine cut can be performed using a polycrystalline cutting material in a “fly cutter” configuration. The... Agent: Alcoa Inc.

20150122026 - Ultrasonic measuring method and device: An ultrasonic measuring method for measuring an inside of a measured object by using ultrasonic waves propagating through air includes attaching a sheet having an acoustic impedance higher than the air as well as lower than the measured object to the measured object and measuring the inside of the measured... Agent:

20150122028 - Propagation rate measurement device, propagation rate measurement program, and propagation rate measurement method: A sonic speed measurement device in which reliability is enhanced while the amount of calculation is minimized is provided. A propagation path postulation component postulates the sonic speed through bone, and calculates propagation paths up until ultrasonic waves transmitted from a wave transmitter are received by oscillators. A postulated propagation... Agent: Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.

20150122029 - Ultrasonic testing sensor and ultrasonic testing method: The transmission sensor 1T and the reception sensor 1R are disposed so as to sandwich a testing target 301 therebetween. The reception sensor 1R receives a false signal arising from a GL generated upon ML scanning by a scanning angle equal to or greater than a minimum scanning angle Φmin... Agent:

20150122030 - Non-traversing tube inspection system: Tube inspections are performed by combining the use of APR technology with GW technology. The reflections measured by both technologies are compared to each other and used to more specifically identify the type and location of a flaw or anomaly that appears in the interior of the tube. Further, embodiments... Agent: Acousticeye Ltd

20150122031 - Transducer position guide: The present disclosure relates generally to a transducer position guide. The transducer position guide may be attached to a component to be measured, such as an airfoil, and controls a path traversed by the transducer during a measurement process.... Agent:

20150122033 - Optical fiber for generating bessel beam and optical imaging device using same: An optical fiber for generating a Bessel beam and an optical imaging device using the same are disclosed. The optical fiber for generating a Bessel beam includes a single mode optical fiber (SMF) unit, a multi-mode optical fiber unit, and a lens unit. The SMF unit includes a core and... Agent:

20150122032 - Photoacoustic apparatus and method of operating the same: Provided are a photoacoustic apparatus and method of operating the same. The photoacoustic apparatus includes: a laser module that generates laser light and transmits a laser state signal indicating a state of a laser module; a probe including an optical output unit for irradiating laser light generated by the laser... Agent:

20150122034 - Detection device, sensor, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A detection device includes a driving circuit which drives a physical quantity transducer, a detection circuit which detects a desired signal, a power-supply terminal into which a power-supply voltage is input, a regulator circuit which performs a voltage adjustment of stepping down the power-supply voltage from the power-supply terminal, and... Agent:

20150122035 - Detection device, sensor, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A detection device includes a driving circuit which drives a vibrator, and a detection circuit which detects a desired signal. The driving circuit includes a current-voltage conversion circuit which receives a feedback signal, and performs a current-voltage conversion, a drive signal output circuit which amplifies an input voltage signal after... Agent:

20150122036 - Photoacoustic wave measurement device: A photoacoustic wave measurement device according to the present invention includes: an optical fiber that outputs pulsed light; an external spacer that is disposed between a pulsed-light output end of the optical fiber and a measurement object, and which is adapted to allow the pulsed light to pass therethrough; a... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20150122037 - Method for diagnosing faults in slurry pump impellers: A method of diagnosing the condition of a slurry pump impeller is provided, comprising collecting vibration data from at least one accelerometer mounted to or proximate the pump over a specific time period; calculating indicators from the collected vibration data, the indicators comprising energy level, crest factor, square root amplitude... Agent:

20150122038 - Pressure sensor: A pressure sensor comprises a first substrate containing a processing circuit integrated thereon and a cap attached to the first substrate. The cap includes a container, a holder, and one or more suspension elements for suspending the container from the holder. The container includes a cavity and a deformable membrane... Agent:

20150122039 - Silicon on nothing pressure sensor: A method of making a pressure sensing apparatus is provided herein. A plurality of trenches are etched on a first surface of a substrate. The substrate is annealed to form a diaphragm and an embedded cavity from the plurality of trenches, the diaphragm formed of a portion of the substrate... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150122040 - Pressure measuring device: A pressure measuring device, comprising: a pressure measuring cell having a measuring membrane, at least one platform and a pressure chamber formed therebetween. An electrical transducer for transducing a deflection of the measuring membrane into a pressure dependent, primary signal; a cylindrical housing having a measuring cell chamber, in which... Agent:

20150122041 - Pressure sensor: A pressure sensor comprises a first substrate and a cap attached to the first substrate. The cap includes a processing circuit, a cavity and a deformable membrane separating the cavity and a port open to an outside of the pressure sensor. Sensing means are provided for converting a response of... Agent:

20150122042 - Pressure sensor: A pressure sensor comprises a first substrate and a cap attached to the first substrate. The cap includes a processing circuit, a cavity and a deformable membrane separating the cavity and a port open to an outside of the pressure sensor. Sensing means are provided for converting a response of... Agent:

20150122043 - Deformation sensor package and method: A deformation sensor package includes a housing having a base and a peripheral wall extending from the base. The base and peripheral wall define two cavities each configured to receive a potentiometer, such as a string potentiometer. The peripheral wall defines two apertures formed between a respective cavity and an... Agent: Measurement Specialties, Inc.

20150122044 - Magnetoelastic strain sensor: A strain sensor having an active area that includes a magnetoelastic resonator and spring configured so that the spring undergoes a greater amount of strain than the resonator when the sensor is under load. The sensor is anchored at opposite ends of the active area to a substrate for which... Agent:

20150122046 - Laser bond inspection with compact surface motion sensor: Methods, systems, and apparatuses are disclosed for laser bond inspection of an angled or compact bonded article.... Agent:

20150122045 - Method and device for measuring the light gap tightness of piston rings: A method and an apparatus for measuring the light gap tightness of a piston ring, that is provided with a joint and produced so as to be non-round by clamping the open piston ring, while substantially closing the joint, by way of an accessory device in the circumferential direction, and... Agent:

20150122047 - Cable track monitoring system and method: Described are various exemplary embodiments of a cable track monitoring system and method. In one embodiment, a monitoring system for a cable track is operatively mounted between an anchoring unit and a mobile unit in designating a deployable cabling path therebetween as the mobile unit travels relative to the anchoring... Agent:

20150122048 - Method for testing lifting ring used as plastic infusion vessel: The present invention discloses a test method for suspension rings used for a plastic infusion container, which comprises the four steps of a routine test, an accelerated ageing test, a thermal adaptability test, and a melt flow rate test. The present invention provides an effective means for finding possible problems... Agent: Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

20150122049 - Systems and methods for flow sensing in a conduit: Systems and methods for flow sensing in a conduit are provided. One system includes a flow disturber disposed in a flow conduit and configured to impart a flow disturbance to the fluid flow. The system further includes a plurality of flow sensors disposed in the flow conduit and responsive to... Agent:

20150122050 - Flow sensor: Technology capable of suppressing performance variation for each flow sensor and enhancing the performance is provided. According to a flow sensor of an embodiment, a local cavity CAV is provided on an upper surface SUR (MR) of a resin MR to generate an eddying current in a counterclockwise direction, so... Agent:

20150122051 - Flowmeter comprising piezoelectric sensor: The present invention is directed to a flowmeter comprising a piezoelectric sensor. The flowmeter is configured so that fluid flow through a channel, typically either a fluid conduit or a housing in which the sensor is oriented, produces oscillating stresses in a piezoelectric material. The oscillating stresses produce an electric... Agent:

20150122054 - System and method for providing a self validating mass flow controller or a mass flow meter utilizing a software protocol: The disclosed embodiments include a method, apparatus, and computer program product for verifying a performance of a mass flow controller or mass flow meter on a tool. For example, the disclosed embodiments include a method and a mass flow controller configured to perform, in-situ, by the mass flow controller, a... Agent:

20150122052 - Methods and devices for determination of flow reservoir volume: A novel enhanced flow metering device is adapted for disposing into a flow material reservoir a known volume of flow material whereby software used in conjunction with a pressure sensor may be calibrated. Additionally, by measuring the known amount of flow material returning to the flow material reservoir, checks are... Agent:

20150122053 - Pitot tube designs for compressible and incompressible fluid flow with viscosity and turbulence: n

20150122056 - Cgmp compliant indelible ink pens, and methods of using the same: The present invention conveniently and practically addresses a significant need. The invention provides pens that are clearly labeled with a phrase to indicate that the pens contain GMP-compliant indelible ink. In one aspect, the invention provides an apparatus for writing, comprising: (i) indelible ink; (ii) a construction suitable for containing... Agent:

20150122055 - Methods and systems for non-destructive inspection: Disclosed non-destructive inspection methods comprise non-contact determination of the location of a non-destructive inspection probe and identification of the location on a test structure where test data is acquired by the probe. Determination may include capturing the positions of the probe and the test structure with one or more electronic... Agent: The Boeing Company

04/30/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150114076 - Phantoms and associated methods for calibrating imaging systems: Embodiments of the present invention provide phantoms, and associated methods of calibration which are suitable for use in both medical resonance imaging and radiographic imaging systems. A phantom for calibration of a medical imaging system, comprises a first component having a first outer shape, a portion of which defines part... Agent:

20150114077 - Shear sensor array: The present disclosure relates to shear sensor arrays. In particular, the present disclosure relates to a floating element shear stress sensor array on a chip that is calibrated to high shear levels and is calibrated to determine the sensitivity to streamwise pressure gradients.... Agent:

20150114078 - Flow rate measurement device: A flow rate measurement device of the present invention includes a flow rate signal detection unit for detecting a flow rate signal of a fluid to be measured flowing through flow path, flow rate calculation unit for calculating a flow rate from the flow rate signal detected by the flow... Agent:

20150114079 - Method and apparatus for testing a sensor: There is a testing device for testing a sensor. The testing device includes a rotating mechanism; a first rotating plate connected to the rotating mechanism so that the first rotating plate rotates around an orbital axis (Z1); a second plate rotatably attached to the first rotating plate at a rotating... Agent: Sercel, Inc.

20150114081 - Collision detection system and failure detection method: An outer panel and an inner panel of a vehicle door form a closed sealing chamber. A pressure sensor is attached to the inner panel to detect a pressure within the closed sealing chamber. The pressure sensor detects an increase in pressure caused by constriction of the closed sealing chamber... Agent:

20150114080 - System for calibration of a compressor unit in a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system: The present invention provides for a system for calibrating operation of a compressor unit in a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. A measuring device measures an operating parameter of the HVAC system at a position where the measuring device is mounted on a refrigerant line of the HVAC... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20150114082 - Methods and apparatus for increasing accuracy and reliability of gyrosopic sensors: The present disclosure describes systems and methods for maintaining gyroscopic sensor accuracy over time and across changing environmental conditions. In certain aspects, the present disclosure provides arrangements and methods for calibrating a gyroscope while it is positioned on a robotic platform. In particular, the gyroscope may positioned on a sensor... Agent:

20150114083 - Circuit for physical quantity detection device, physical quantity detection device, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A circuit for a physical quantity detection device includes a drive unit that generates a drive signal that causes an vibrator to vibrate, a detection unit that detects a detection signal outputted from the vibrator based on the drive signal, a passive filter which has a filter characteristic in which... Agent:

20150114084 - Dynamics performance testing system: A dynamics performance testing system, for use in testing the dynamics performance of an anchor rod or an anchor rode, comprising a main machine and a measurement and control system. The main machine comprises a vertical machine frame (1), a clamping apparatus (3) arranged on the top of the vertical... Agent:

20150114085 - Gas sensor element, gas sensor, and method of manufacturing gas sensor element: A gas sensor element has a protection layer smaller in heat capacity than a conventional protection layer formed by a dipping process. A gas sensor includes the gas sensor element. The gas sensor element is manufactured by a method of manufacturing. The gas sensor element includes at least one space... Agent:

20150114087 - Particulate measurement system: A particulate measurement system measures the amount of particulates when at least one or a plurality of three operating condition parameters selected from speed of the vehicle, rotational speed of the internal combustion engine and torque of the internal combustion engine fall within previously set respective ranges, and the particulate... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150114086 - Temperature compensation for particulate matter sensor regeneration: The present disclosure relates to a controller apparatus for regenerating a particulate matter sensor. The controller apparatus includes a sensing module configured to detect a soot loading on a particulate matter sensor and generate a regeneration request indicating a desired regeneration temperature and a heating module configured to receive the... Agent: Cummins Ip, Inc.

20150114108 - Method and apparatus for measuring metal portion in dross: An apparatus for determination of the portion of pure metal in dross from a dross source, whereby the metal portion in the dross is determined by measuring the dross density and calculating the metal portion in accordance with the formula m% =k·ρ+a, wherein m% is percentage pure metal, p is... Agent:

20150114088 - Method and apparatus for recognizing knocking of an internal combustion engine, preferably of a gasoline engine: In a method for recognizing knocking of an internal combustion engine, solid-borne sound signals are measured and solid-borne sound features are recovered from the measured sound signals. A peak pressure for a combustion event of the internal combustion engine is estimated from the solid-borne sound features, and the estimated peak... Agent:

20150114089 - Fuel system leak check based on fuel reid vapor pressure: A method for an evaporative emissions leak test, comprising: adjusting a pressure threshold based on a fuel volatility of a fuel contained in a fuel tank; and performing the evaporative emissions leak test based on the adjusted pressure threshold. By determining fuel volatility and adjusting a pressure threshold based on... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150114090 - Mobile device and waterproof test method: Provided is a mobile device. The mobile device includes a battery cover having an LED hole with a size to allow at least one portion of the LED lens to pass therethrough, a lens support part disposed under the battery cover while supporting a portion of a lower surface of... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150114091 - Combination smoke machine and nitrogen generator: A portable, hand-held combination smoke machine and nitrogen generator having particular application for supplying a mixture of smoke and inert, non-combustible nitrogen gas to a closed fluid system (e.g., the evaporative or air brake system of a motor vehicle) so that the presence and location of a leak can be... Agent:

20150114092 - Filling implantable medical devices for leak checking: A method for introducing an analyte gas into a cavity of an implantable medical device includes analyzing gas that exits the cavity through an outlet in communication with the cavity and introducing an analyte gas into the cavity via an inlet in communication with the cavity until the composition of... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150114093 - Microfluidic system and method with focused energy apparatus: An apparatus and method of identifying objects includes: a microfluidic chip in which are disposed a plurality of channels, the microfluidic chip including: a main fluid channel into which a sample fluid mixture of objects to be identified is introduced; a plurality of sheath fluid channels into which sheath fluids... Agent: Premium Genetics (uk) Ltd.

20150114094 - Method and system for analyzing solid matter containing liquids and monitoring or controlling processes containing such liquids: The invention concerns a method and system for analyzing a liquid sample containing solid matter. The method comprises fractionating the sample according to particle sizes and/or masses of the solid matter so as to produce sample fractions, and measuring at least one physical or chemical property of at least one... Agent: Kemira Oyj

20150114095 - Combustion pressure sensor and method of manufacturing the same: A combustion pressure sensor having a tubular housing extending in an axial direction DX, a displacement member disposed within the housing, and a tubular connection member which elastically connects the displacement member to the housing. The combustion pressure sensor has a housing weld W1 that connects the housing and the... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150114096 - System and method for detecting a rotational speed of a turbocharger: A system for detecting a rotational speed of a turbocharger includes: a rotational speed sensor unit which includes a radar transmitter for emitting radar waves and a radar receiver for receiving the radar waves and which is designed to detect radar waves reflected by a machine element of the turbocharger... Agent:

20150114097 - Method for identifying the edges on a camshaft target: s

20150114098 - Airflow measuring device: A housing defines a bypass passage and a sub-bypass passage. The bypass passage draws a part of air flowing through an interior of a duct. The sub-bypass passage is branched from the bypass passage to draw a part of air flowing through the bypass passage. A flow sensor is equipped... Agent:

20150114099 - Direct injection solenoid injector opening time detection: A direct injection, solenoid fuel injector includes at least one current sensing function capable of detecting a current draw of the solenoid and a controller function. The controller is capable of determining a fully open time of the direct fuel injector solenoid based on the application of a slope inflection... Agent:

20150114100 - Liquid amount measuring device: The fuel amount measuring device 10 comprises a plurality of detectors 22, 36 disposed within a vessel and an output circuit 38 configured to output an analog detection signal based on first analog signals outputted by the plurality of detectors. The analog detection signal corresponds to an amount of liquid... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150114101 - Deposit detection device for exhaust pump and exhaust pump: A deposit detection device for an exhaust pump is provided, which can be easily put into operation without the burdens of, for example, installing equipment for flowing a gas, or adding or changing operation modes in apparatuses. The device is configured to include: a means for detecting motor current values... Agent: Edwards Limited Japan

20150114102 - Gas sensor element, gas sensor, and method of manufacturing gas sensor element: A gas sensor element in an air/fuel ratio sensor includes an element body and a protection layer having two layers (a first layer and a second layer). The gas sensor element has at least one separation portion in the form of a space between the first layer and the second... Agent:

20150114103 - System and method for measuring a mass of fuel within a variable geometry container: A system and method for measuring a mass of fuel contained in a variable geometry container. The container comprises a container assembly, formed by a variable geometry container disposed on a rigid support, a three-axis load cell coupled with the rigid support and providing a first set of three signals... Agent:

20150114104 - Spooled tank level sensor system and method: A spool system for the deployment of a fluid level sensor with a flexible element. The system may be used with a variety of different sensors that may be deployed into a fluid containment tank from the spool. The sensor deployment system may be installed on closed or open tanks... Agent:

20150114105 - Milk level measurement device and related measurement method: A device arranged for measuring a level of a liquid in a container. The device has a sensor, arranged to sense a pressure of a liquid in a tube, a pump arranged to pump the liquid from the container through the tube, and a valve located along the tube between... Agent: Rancilio Group S.p.a.

20150114106 - Capacitive level gauge assembly for a container of pressurised or liquified gas: A capacitive level gauge assembly for a pressurised or liquefied gas container comprises a body (12) with a base (14) capable of being fitted in an opening of said container and an electrical circuit (24) arranged in the body; electrode-carrying means are fitted in leakproof manner in said body and... Agent: Luxembourg Patent Company S.a.

20150114109 - Adjustable fluid level verification apparatus: An improved fluid level verification apparatus which may be manufactured or otherwise fabricated as a kit and assembled at a remote location for use on liquid filled containers and configured to reduce inherent mechanical stresses on the inspection tube and resists leakage due to environmental, chemical, thermal or mechanical expansion... Agent: Oil-rite Corporation

20150114110 - Pneumatic wheel clamping apparatus for a wheel service machine: An apparatus for a wheel service machine includes a body having an axis and a aperture through the axis, the aperture shaped to receive a rotary shaft, a first chamber and a second chamber located in the body, a pneumatic inlet communicated with the second chamber, the pneumatic inlet configured... Agent:

20150114111 - Mems sensor and device having the same: Disclosed herein is an MEMS sensor, including: a sensor unit; and a substrate connected to the sensor unit, in which the substrate may be provided with a flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) to correspond to an outer peripheral portion of the sensor unit.... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150114113 - Angular velocity sensor, electronic apparatus, and moving object: In an angular velocity sensor, when a width of a detection frequency band is set to f1 [Hz], a resonance frequency in a first rotational vibration mode in which a base portion rotates and vibrates around a detection axis with respect to fixing units in association with the deformation of... Agent:

20150114114 - Angular velocity sensor, electronic apparatus, and moving object: An angular velocity sensor includes fixing units, a base portion, beam portions that support the base portion with respect to the fixing units, driving vibrating arms connected to the base portion, and detection vibrating arms connected to the base portion. When a width of a detection frequency band is set... Agent:

20150114112 - Microelectromechanical gyroscope with compensation of quadrature error drift: A microelectromechanical gyroscope, includes: a supporting body; a first movable mass and a second movable mass, which are oscillatable according to a first driving axis and tiltable about respective a first and second sensing axes and are symmetrically arranged with respect to a center of symmetry; first sensing electrodes and... Agent: Stmicroelectroncs S.r.l.

20150114115 - Torsional rate measuring gyroscope: A torsional gyroscope is provided that includes: a pickup tine and a drive tine of piezoelectric material, pickup electrodes disposed along the pickup tine, drive electrodes disposed along the drive tine, and a drive mass. The drive tine has a first end attached to the pickup tine and is transverse... Agent:

20150114117 - Vibrating element, vibrator, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A vibrating element includes: drive vibrating arm supported to the base portion and extending in a direction of the second axis; and detection vibrating arm supported to the base portion at a position different from the drive vibrating arm and extending in the direction of the second axis. When the... Agent:

20150114116 - Vibrating reed, angular velocity sensor, electronic device, moving object, and method for manufacturing vibrating reed: The vibrating reed includes a detection unit that vibrates along the thickness direction of a piezoelectric body when detecting. The detection unit includes a first main surface and a second main surface that face each other in the thickness direction, outside surfaces, a groove that has a groove bottom at... Agent:

20150114118 - Variable area capacitive lateral acceleration sensor and preparation method thereof: The present invention provides a variable area capacitive lateral acceleration sensor and a preparation method. The acceleration sensor at least includes: three-layer stack structure bonded by a first substrate, a second substrate and a third substrate which are electrically isolated with each other, wherein, the second substrate includes a movable... Agent:

20150114119 - Acceleration sensor: Embodiments of the invention provide an acceleration sensor, including a mass body part including a first mass body and a second mass body, flexible beams coupled with the first mass body, and a support part including first support parts, which are connected to the flexible beams and are disposed to... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150114120 - Method and apparatus for determining properties of a pipeline, in particular the position of a branch of a sewage pipeline: The invention relates to a method for determining properties of a pipeline, in particular the position of a branch of a sewage pipeline, in which a transmitted sound wave signal (S, S′) is fed at a predetermined feed point into the pipeline (1) and propagates in an axial direction of... Agent:

20150114121 - Structure analyzing device and a structure analyzing method: An object of the invention is to provide a structure analyzing device and a structure analyzing method which can analyze a state change of a structure, which is caused before the structure is destroyed, such as a state change of degradation of the structure or the like. A structure analyzing... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150114122 - Event detection system having multiple sensor systems in cooperation with an impact detection system: A damage detection and remediation system includes a sensing device for detecting damage events related to a structure of interest. Such damage events may include impact from a ballistic object, a tamper event, a physical impact, or other events that may affect structural integrity or cause failure. Illustratively, the sensing... Agent: United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150114123 - Apparatus for processing biological material: A gripper unit for handling a vessel for receiving biological material is proposed, inter alia. The vessel has a lid which can assume an open position and a closed position. The gripper unit comprises a gripper for gripping and releasing the vessel, and a lid holder, for holding a lid... Agent:

20150114124 - Apparatus and method for inspecting a laminated structure: Disclosed is an apparatus, method and system for inspecting structures, and more particularly for evaluating the condition of a structure. The disclosed nondestructive inspection testing method and apparatus enables an operator to assess the condition of a structure, such as a composite laminate part and determining the location and depth... Agent:

20150114125 - Examined-portion information acquisition apparatus: One aspect of the present invention relates to an examined-portion information acquisition apparatus including two examined-portion holding members each configured to hold one of two examined portions, a receiver configured to receive an acoustic wave, and a moving system configured to move the receiver from a position at which the... Agent:

20150114126 - Vibrating reed, angular velocity sensor, electronic device, and moving object: The vibrating reed includes a first main surface and a second main surface that face each other in the thickness direction of a piezoelectric body and a detection unit that vibrates along the thickness direction when detecting. The detection unit includes a groove of which a groove bottom is positioned... Agent:

20150114127 - Distributed acoustic sensing systems and methods employing under-filled multi-mode optical fiber: An illustrative distributed acoustic sensing system includes a multi-mode optical fiber cable for distributed sensing and a distributed acoustic sensing interrogator coupled to the multi-mode optical fiber cable via a single mode optical fiber. The interrogator derives distributed acoustic measurements from Rayleigh backscattering light that is initiated with a substantially... Agent:

20150114128 - Systems and methods for compensating a sensor: Systems, methods, and apparatus for compensation of a sensor are presented. A method is provided that includes determining a response of a sensor. For example, a temperature response of a pressure sensor may be characterized. In an example implementation, the sensor may be coupled to one or more input terminals,... Agent:

20150114129 - Diaphragm piezoresistive pressure sensor: A diaphragm piezoresistive pressure sensor includes: a base member; a diaphragm including a middle portion and a surrounding portion surrounding the middle portion; a spacer disposed between and cooperating with the base member and the diaphragm to define a cavity thereamong; an inner abutment member disposed in the cavity and... Agent:

20150114130 - Distributed pressure measurement by embedded fiber optic strain sensor: A pressure sensing pad includes a flexible planar layer having a two-dimensional sensing area, and an optical fiber embedded in the plane of the flexible planar layer traversing the two-dimensional sensing area in a particular configuration. At least one end of the fiber optic strain sensor has a connector that... Agent:

20150114131 - Bonding force test device: Disclosed herein is a bonding force test device, including: a holder mounted with a sample to which a plurality of subjects to be tested are bonded; a rotating part rotating the holder; and a fixing tip disposed in a direction in which the fixing tip faces the holder, wherein at... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150114132 - Method for evaluating semiconductor wafer and apparatus for evaluating semiconductor wafer: The present invention provides a method for evaluating a semiconductor wafer concerning a breaking strength of a notch portion of the semiconductor wafer, comprising: applying a load to a notch portion of the semiconductor wafer to be evaluated toward the center of the wafer such that the notch portion of... Agent:

20150114133 - Measuring tube for a flow measuring device: A measuring tube for a flow measuring device, wherein the measuring tube has a lining, wherein the lining has at least one sealing lip, which sealing lip serves to provide a sealing action between the measuring tube and a pipeline section adjoining the measuring tube in the installed state.... Agent: Endress + Hauser Flowtec Ag

20150114134 - Ultrasonic flowmeter: An ultrasonic flowmeter for measuring the flow of a flowing medium (1) having a measuring tube (2) and an ultrasonic transducer (3), wherein the measuring tube (2) has a transducer pocket (4) in which the ultrasonic transducer (3) is provided in contact with the flowing medium (1) in the transducer... Agent: Krohne Ag

20150114135 - Method for ultrasonic metering using an orifice meter fitting: A method of retrofitting an orifice meter includes providing an orifice fitting body having a bore, an orifice plate, a plurality of tap holes, and a plurality of pressure sensors installed in the plurality of tap holes. The method further includes removing the orifice plate and the plurality of pressure... Agent: Daniel Measurement And Control, Inc.

20150114137 - Apparatus and methods for density and mass flow sensing with a micromachined dual-tube resonator: In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a base structure and a tube. The tube has a first tube portion, a second tube portion substantially parallel to the first tube portion, an inlet portion, and an outlet portion. The tube is configured to have a material pass from the inlet portion... Agent:

20150114136 - Average pitot tube type flow meter: Average pitot-tube type flow meter according to the present invention has a total pressure tube and a static pressure tube. The total pressure tube and the static pressure tube are spaced from each other. Across the total pressure tube and the static pressure tube, a rectifying device and a connection... Agent: Dae Han Instrument Co., Ltd.

20150114138 - Tightening device: A tightening device is able to check that a fastening member has been fastened to a desired set torque or greater after being tightened, without loosening the fastening member. The tightening device is provided with a mode switching switch for switching between a first tightening process of adjusting the output... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150114139 - On-vehicle detector: An on-vehicle detector includes a torque detecting portion for magnetically detecting a torque transmitted to a rotating shaft rotated by steering operation, and a rotation detecting portion for magnetically detecting a rotation of the rotating shaft. The rotation detecting portion includes a magnet with a pair of magnetic poles and... Agent:

20150114140 - Method for adjusting position of aspirator and sample processing apparatus: Disclosed is a method for adjusting a position of an aspirator in a sample processing apparatus, the sample processing apparatus comprising the aspirator configured to aspirate a sample or a reagent from a container and a capacitance sensor connected to the aspirator to detect change in capacitance, the method comprising:... Agent:

20150114141 - Particle adsorption microprobe: Provided is a novel particle adsorption microprobe for picking up an extremely fine particle by adsorbing the particle, which can selectively pick up only one extremely fine particle without requiring the application of a physical stress in picking up the particle and without contaminating a foreign matter surface in picking... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150114142 - Fault simulator for mechanical part of wind power generation system: Provided is a wind power generation system, more particularly a fault simulator for a mechanical part of a wind power generation system for education. The fault simulator includes a rotary shaft extending along a rotary axis line and rotatable based on the rotary axis line, a rotation driving unit for... Agent: Gaon Solution Co., Ltd.

20150114144 - Explosive device detection tool: Embodiments disclosed herein relate to a Detection Tool for use by personnel tasked with locating Improvised Explosive Devices (“IEDs”). The Detection Tool is preferably constructed of a non-metallic and non-conductive material so as to reduce the risk of accidental triggering of electrical explosive devices. The Detection Tool is shaped in... Agent:

20150114145 - Quick-change system for wheels of an inspection crawler: Quick-change system for wheels of an inspection crawler, in particular, of a pipe inspection and/or a sewage cleaning system comprising an adapter support and a wheel support (32), wherein the adapter support essentially is formed cylindrically, the wheel support has an essentially cylindrical and axial recess wherein the adapter support... Agent:

20150114143 - Remoldable contour sensor holder: A sensor assembly for inspecting a part, the sensor assembly comprising a sensor for sensing a defect of the part and a remoldable housing for retaining and positioning the sensor in alignment with the defect of the part. The housing is formed of a moldable material and may be molded... Agent: Spirit Aerosystems, Inc.

20150114147 - Positioning device: Positioning device for positioning of acoustic pressure sensors on a trailer for a measurement of an acoustic pressure emitted by tires (1) of wheels (2) of the trailer while it is driven on a measured surface (3) of a road comprises a flat template (5) arranged on legs (6), the... Agent:

20150114146 - Sensor: A sensor includes: a sensing module furnished with a sensing function; metal terminals transmitting a sensing signal from the sensing module; an insulating fixing portion holding multiple metal terminals separately; and a resin portion encapsulating the metal terminals and the sensing module and also forming a connector portion from which... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

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20150107328 - Method for improving accuracy of multiphase mixture flowrate measurement in a pipeline: To improve the accuracy of multiphase mixture flow rate measurements, properties of a multiphase mixture are determined under conditions expected inside a pipeline and flow regimes are determined for the expected flow rates. Slug reducing parameters of the pipeline are provided at a pipeline section and a flowmeter is installed... Agent:

20150107329 - Pump having wear and wear rate detection: Apparatus and method for supplying lubricant to a plurality of lubrication sites. The apparatus includes a controller that diagnoses piston wear by driving the pump to achieve a predetermined pressure, stopping the pump with the piston in a home position, and measuring pressure at a preselected time interval after the... Agent: Lincoln Industrial Corporation

20150107330 - Exhaust gas sampling device and exhaust gas analyzing system: This invention is an exhaust gas sampling device that samples an exhaust gas by the use of an open-type exhaust gas sampling part and that is for reducing leakage of the exhaust gas produced due to unevenness of flow velocity of a cooling wind around an exhaust gas pipe. The... Agent:

20150107331 - Integrated hydrocarbon analysis: Petroleum or other hydrocarbon samples can be analyzed in parallel by 1) GC-field ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer (GC-FI-TOF MS) and 2) two dimensional gas chromatography (2D-GC) equipped with a flame ionization detector (FID). The combined techniques allow for improved quantitative characterization of the compounds within a hydrocarbon sample.... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20150107334 - Continuous measurement chromatography and method of continuous stochastic perturbation chromatography: A method and system for continuous measurement chromatograph involves stochastically modulating a system variable. The sample can be introduced into a chromatography column. The sample introduction can be modulated stochastically. The sample output from the column can be detected and processed with the stochastic input to provide a sample analysis.... Agent:

20150107332 - Microfluidic contaminant trap for trapping contaminants in gas chromatography: Microfluidic contaminant traps of certain representative embodiments illustratively comprise: an inlet configured to connect directly or indirectly to a sample inlet of a gas chromatography (GC) system; an outlet configured to connect directly to an inlet of a GC column or indirectly to the GC column via another fluidic component;... Agent:

20150107333 - Solar powered sample analyzing system using a field deployed analytical instrumentation and vacuum jacketed small diameter tubing: Provided herein is a solar powered system for a gas sampling and analysis for placement and operation remote from conventional infra-structure that utilizes a minimum of power to obtain a sample extracted from a source such as a pipeline or well-head, conditions the extracted sample, transmits the conditioned sample through... Agent: Mustang Sampling, LLC

20150107335 - Acoustic particulate concentration methods and system: A process is disclosed for using multiple acoustic resonators to sample fluids (gas or liquids), capture particulate (or aerosols) entrained in the fluid, and deliver a concentrated sample of particulate. The acoustic concentrator demonstrates many improvements over prior art that includes improved concentration of particulate below 3 micron, adjustability of... Agent:

20150107336 - Electromechanical detection device, particularly for gravimetric detection, and method for manufacturing the device: Electromechanical detection device, particularly for gravimetric detection, and method for manufacturing the device. The electromechanical detection device includes a support including a face defining a plane, at least one beam that can move relative to the support, and means of detecting beam displacement, outputting a signal that depends on the... Agent:

20150107337 - Circuit system for measuring a sensor element capacitance: A circuit system for measuring a sensor element capacitance of a sensor element, in particular of a capacitive humidity sensor, including: the sensor element, which has the sensor element capacitance; a charge storage element, which is connected directly, or only via a resistor element, in series to the sensor element;... Agent:

20150107338 - Pressure measurement device and method: Disclosed is a device and method for measuring pressure inside a deformable vessel containing a compressible gas, by the transfer of pressure inside the vessel to a primarily rigid chamber external to the vessel through a flexible membrane covering a window in the chamber, which is filled with a suitable... Agent:

20150107356 - Apparatus for determining and/or monitoring a limit value of a process variable: Apparatus for determining and/or monitoring at least one limit value of a process variable of a medium in a container, comprising at least one sensor unit for registering a measured value dependent on the process variable and at least one electronics unit for producing a measurement signal dependent on the... Agent: Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

20150107339 - Method for determining the properties of porous materials: A sample of porous material is placed in a calorimeter cell and a pressure in the cell is increased starting from a pressure value of a first step by filling the cell with a wetting fluid. Measurements are taken of a heat flow to the cell and a fluid volume... Agent:

20150107340 - Method for leak testing and leak testing apparatus: For leak testing closed containers (9) which are filled with a filling product containing at least one liquid component the container is introduced in a test cavity (1) which is evacuated at least down to vapour pressure of that liquid component. The pressure in the surrounding of the container (9)... Agent:

20150107341 - Method and system for detecting surface features on turbine components: A system for locating at least one surface feature, such as a cooling aperture, on a turbine component is provided. The system includes at least one feature marker configured for placement adjacent to the at least one surface feature. The system also includes at least one sensor configured for non-visual... Agent: General Electric Company

20150107343 - Method for detecting a state change of an installation: A method for detecting a state of change of an installation includes rotating at least one first component around a rotatable connection using a drive such that at least part of the at least one first component carries out an oscillation. The at least one first component is mechanically connected... Agent:

20150107342 - Systems and methods for monitoring rotary equipment: A system includes a first unitary measurement strip configured to be secured about a rotational component at a first axial location. The first unitary measurement strip includes a first set of one or more windows, each window of the first set of one or more windows is configured to correspond... Agent: General Electric Company

20150107345 - Cooling device for internal combustion engine and failure diagnosis method for cooling device for internal combustion engine: An ECU sets a leakage flow rate flowing through a radiator circulation passage in a closed state of a thermostat valve, calculates an estimated temperature of coolant water in the radiator circulation passage based on a set leakage flow rate and a detected water temperature of an engine-side coolant water... Agent:

20150107344 - Structure for retaining temperature sensing device and internal combustion engine provided with same: A cooling pipe for an internal combustion engine includes with a resin-made water outlet for forming a circulation path for circulating a coolant for cooling an engine body, and an attachment part for retaining a water temperature sensor for sensing the temperature of the coolant flowing through the water outlet,... Agent:

20150107346 - Inter-cylinder air-fuel ratio variation abnormality detection apparatus: An apparatus includes an air-fuel ratio sensor installed in an exhaust passage common to a plurality of cylinders in a multicylinder internal combustion engine, and a control apparatus configured to detect an inter-cylinder air-fuel ratio variation abnormality based on a parameter correlated with a degree of variation in output from... Agent:

20150107347 - Method for damping vibrations: The invention relates to a method for damping vibrations while checking a drivetrain which has at least one shaft and to a device for carrying out the method. The shaft is connected to at least one drive or load machine for adjustment of a drive or load torque, a target... Agent:

20150107348 - Method and apparatus for inspecting a fluidic device: A curing degree of a bonding layer is checked when a hollow microchannel is produced by bonding a plurality of plates through intermediation of the bonding layer. Provided is a method of inspecting a fluidic device including: one substrate and another substrate, at least one of the substrates having a... Agent:

20150107349 - Mud logging depth and composition measurements: A sample that includes formation content from a subsurface formation and other sample constituents is obtained while the sample is in close proximity to the subsurface formation. While downhole, the formation content is separated from the other sample constituents by passing the sample through an oil-wet porous plate, a water-wet... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150107350 - Autonomous measurement of the initial velocity of an object that can be fired: The invention concerns a process for measuring the initial velocity V0 of an object that can be fired such as a shell or projectile that exits a barrel, said measurement being based on measurement of the force exerted on a sensor device (100) configured inside the object that can be... Agent:

20150107351 - Device for optimized pressure sensing for heating channels: A pressure measurement device in a tube (30) of a hydraulic circuit is disclosed, comprising a metal collar (2) provided with n (≧3) contact stops (22, 24, 26) made of an electrically insulating material, designed to come into contact with the wall of said tube, preventing the metal of the... Agent: Commissariat A I'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20150107352 - Model building for pressure diagnostics simulation: A scale model pressure building for teaching pressure diagnostics and weatherization strategies for residential and commercial building structures. The model building is designed for ease of fabrication and ease of assembly. The design allows the instructor to simulate numerous construction errors, airflow problems, air sealing strategies, and testing procedures while... Agent:

20150107353 - Flow sensor and method for manufacturing the same: A technique capable of suppressing performance variation of every flow sensor and achieving performance improvement is provided. For example, in an arbitrary cross-sectional surface in parallel to a moving direction of a gas flowing on an exposed flow detecting unit FDU which is formed in a semiconductor chip CHP1, a... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20150107354 - Method for measuring the fill level of a fluid: In a method for measuring the fill level of a fluid in a housing using an ultrasound sensor, detected multiple echoes in relation to a signal are reflected from a reference point and level echoes in relation to the signal reflected from the fluid level are evaluated in relation to... Agent:

20150107355 - Liquid surface detection device: Provided is a liquid surface detection device providing for compactness and enabling a reduction in displacement of a rotating shaft of a magnet. In the liquid surface detection device, which is provided with a holder rotating in response to displacement of a float, said displacement accompanying a change in a... Agent: Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.

20150107357 - Optomechanical device for actuating and/or detecting movement of a mechanical element, in particular for gravimetric detection: Optomechanical device for actuating and/or detecting movement of a mechanical element, in particular for gravimetric detection. It includes a support with a mechanical element anchored to the support which is designed to move relative to the element, and a device for actuating and/or detecting movement or of variations in frequency... Agent:

20150107358 - Method and apparatus for determining a relative orientation of points on a rigid body: An inertial measurement unit is affixed to a rigid body. The inertial measurement includes a gyroscope that measures a first angular velocity and an angular acceleration; a first accelerometer that measures a first acceleration; a communications unit that receives a measurement signal, the measurement signal including a second acceleration transmitted... Agent: Ppg Technologies, Inc.

20150107359 - Piezoresistance sensor module and mems sensor having the same: Disclosed herein is a piezoresistance sensor module including: a piezoresistor, a depletion layer formed in a region of a portion of the piezoresistor, an insulator formed to cover the depletion layer and one surface of the piezoresistor, and a piezoelectric capacitor formed on the insulator so as to be opposite... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150107360 - Capacitance type transducer and method of manufacturing the same: A capacitance type transducer includes a plurality of cells each having a structure in which a vibrating film is supposed so as to be vibrated. The vibrating film includes: a second electrode formed so that a gap is interposed between the second electrode and a first electrode; and an insulating... Agent:

20150107361 - Container screening system and method: A system and method are disclosed for interrogating a liquid in a container. In one embodiment, methods are provided to interrogate and identify a container material type and a liquid within a container.... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20150107362 - Ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus including the same: An ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus are provided. An ultrasonic transducer includes a substrate including a trench formed in a lower surface of the substrate; and a first element and a second element formed on an upper surface of the substrate and are located adjacent to each other, wherein... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150107363 - Piezoelectric vibration sensor: A piezoelectric vibration sensor includes a piezoelectric element which is in a form of flat plate, an element holding plate which is in a form of flat plate, and first and second support members. An electrode is arranged on at least one plane of the piezoelectric element. The piezoelectric element... Agent:

20150107364 - Pressure transmitter: A pressure transmitter including tube-like pressure introducing pipes, a sealed-in liquid, the inside of the pressure introducing pipes being filled with the sealed-in liquid, pressure receiving diaphragms for receiving the pressures of measurement fluids, the pressure receiving diaphragms being set up in a state where one-side apertures in the pressure... Agent:

20150107365 - Pressure transmitter: A pressure transmitter including tube-like pressure introducing pipes, a sealed-in liquid, the inside of the pressure introducing pipes being filled with the sealed-in liquid, pressure receiving diaphragms for receiving the pressures of measurement fluids, the pressure receiving diaphragms being set up in a state where one-side apertures in the pressure... Agent:

20150107366 - Electroactive polymer based pressure sensor: A sensor including a buffer material layer configured to at least partially deflect when a force or pressure is imparted on the buffer material layer; and an electroactive polymer (EAP) cartridge in operative contact with the buffer material layer, wherein the EAP cartridge is configured to generate an output signal... Agent:

20150107367 - Dual range high precision pressure sensor: A high-precision pressure sensor with two or more pressure ranges is formed from multiple micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) pressure transducers mounted inside a housing and coupled to sense a pressurized fluid. The non-linear outputs of the MEMS pressure transducers are linearized by a corresponding number of processors, preferably DSPs, each processor... Agent:

20150107368 - Method and system for creep measurement: A method and system for monitoring creep in an object are provided. The creep monitoring system includes a creep sensor assembly that includes at least one image pattern pair disposed on a surface of the object. The creep monitoring method includes receiving information from the creep sensor assembly regarding an... Agent: General Electric Company

20150107369 - Method of, and apparatus for, measuring the mass flow rate of a gas: There is provided a meter for measuring the mass flow rate of a gas, the meter comprising a conduit through which the gas flows in use, the conduit having a flow restriction orifice through which choked flow occurs in use, the flow restriction orifice dividing the conduit into an upstream... Agent:

20150107370 - Method for monitoring the operating state of an ultrasonic transducer in an ultrasonic, flow measuring device: A method for monitoring the operating state of a first ultrasonic transducer in an ultrasonic, flow measuring device having at least one measuring tube and at least two ultrasonic transducers, including steps as follows: a) providing a first value or a plurality of first values, which relate to the geometric... Agent:

20150107371 - Method and system for determining characteristics of an acoustic signal: A method and system for measuring characteristics of an acoustic signal traveling through a fluid in a pipe uses an ultrasonic transducer attached directly to the pipe. The transducer is disposed in a housing attached to an outside surface of a flange of the pipe. The transducer fires an acoustic... Agent: General Electric Company

20150107374 - Electronic device and quad-axial force and torque measurement sensor thereof: A quad-axial force and torque measurement sensor is disclosed in the invention. The quad-axial force and torque measurement sensor includes a sensor main body which includes a polyvinylidene layer, a first circuit layer, and a second circuit layer. The polyvinylidene layer is located between the first circuit layer and the... Agent:

20150107372 - Low friction tailstock assembly: A tailstock assembly includes a housing, a torque cell supported on the housing and configured to measure loads in a first load range, and a load cell supported on the housing and configured to measure loads in a second load range that is different from the first load range. The... Agent: Link Engineering Company

20150107373 - Apparatus and process for measuring the friability of polymer bales: A process for measuring the friability of a material, such as a polymer bale, may include measuring the amount of force required to break-up a portion of the material. A corresponding testing apparatus for measuring the friability may include a device configured for breaking-up the portion of the material and... Agent:

20150107375 - Balance opposition comparator: Whereby, a Reference massive object/racquet having a perfected swing mass is directly compared to a 2nd massive object/racquet having an imperfect swing mass, that can then be adjusted to match the reference objects perfected swing mass, by placing small metal strips of mass by trial [per our plan] onto the... Agent:

20150107376 - System and method to measure force or location on an l-beam: Force and location sensing systems and methods are disclosed. A method comprises bending a L-beam at an initially unknown location on a force-supporting portion of the L-beam, the L-beam substantially having a tension side and a compression side, measuring a first local stress at a first location on the tension... Agent:

20150107377 - Medical screening device: Embodiments of the invention pertain to kits capable of providing authenticated health information for purposes of privacy, rewards, or incentives. In an embodiment of the invention, biometric measurement devices coupled with a communications infrastructure implement a system of secure information exchange and enhanced data security. In an embodiment of the... Agent:

20150107378 - Disappearing controllable-arch sensor boom or crane: A reel-based curved boom that follows a predetermined arch or trajectory is disclosed. Such a disappearing controllable-arch sensor boom or crane can enable a sensor on the end of the boom to be extended from a vehicle over obstacles such as walls or low buildings. It can also be extended... Agent: United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

20150107379 - Flow sensor mounting apparatus: A mount includes a sensor that is configured to output data characterizing the environment. A first portion has a receiving portion and a first aperture for receiving the sensor. The receiving portion fixes the sensor to the first portion. A positive location portion is located on the receiving portion and... Agent: Therm-o-disc, Incorporated

20150107381 - Orientation device for orientating a sensor probe: A device for orientating a sensor probe relative to the local normal vector of a work surface, the device comprising: a frame, a moving support element linked to the frame and able to slide in a predetermined direction, a sensor probe able to pivot on an axis of rotation not... Agent:

20150107380 - Sensor bearing assembly: A sensor bearing assembly having a rolling element bearing and at least one sensor is provided. The rolling element bearing includes an inner ring, an outer ring, and rolling elements arranged between the inner ring and the outer ring. The at least one sensor is arranged to convert one or... Agent:

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