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Material or article handling

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04/16/2015 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150104273 - Device for displacing livestock feed: The invention provides a livestock feed-displacing device and system, with a grab bucket which can be positioned above a feed kitchen with feed positions by a control unit, wherein the control unit is designed to compose an amount of animal feed from feed material provided in the feed kitchen by... Agent: Lely Patent N.v.

20150104274 - Method and apparatus for overboarding of a subsea structure: A method for offshore overboarding a structure on a vessel for subsequent lowering the structure to the sea floor, is using a crane (13) to lift the structure at its storage place on a deck of the vessel and move it by means of the crane to a position free... Agent:

20150104275 - Lifting apparatus: A lifting method comprising supporting a payload (20) using a first lifting apparatus (18); and activating an emergency lifting apparatus (14) to raise the payload a predetermined distance in response to an emergency signal. The emergency lifting apparatus is configured to be activated to lift the payload a predetermined distance... Agent:

20150104276 - Overhead hoist transport system: The present invention provides an overhead hoist transport system, which includes a rail, a stocker disposed under the rails, wherein the stocker can move along the direction of the rail, and a cleaning station, disposed on the rail to clean the stocker directly when the stocker is moving.... Agent: Inotera Memories, Inc.

20150104277 - Product cartridge for transporting product: According to the disclosed embodiments, an illustrative product cartridge comprises first and second opposing walls separated by a distance defined by a product to be transported by the cartridge, the first and second walls configured to define a product access aperture to allow ingress and egress of a plurality of... Agent:

20150104278 - Unit and procedure for automated transfer of box elements: Provided is an automated transfer unit of box-shaped elements corresponding with at least one storage surface, including clamping bars positioned alongside and distanced from each other so as to contain a plurality of box-shaped elements aligned with each other, and control and guide means configured to move the clamping bars... Agent: Pharmathek S.r.l.

20150104279 - Wheeled cart for use with portable freestanding weight system: A wheeled cart and method for moving a constant force weight system to and from a roof-top surface. The wheeled cart comprises a handle for pushing and a handle for pulling the cart; a front lift plate and a rear lift plate; and a winch device connected to both the... Agent:

20150104280 - Platform lift trailer and coupling system: A platform lift trailer includes a chassis to which a lift device is mounted. The chassis is configured to be coupled to a standard motor vehicle trailer hitch or the like using a coupler. Some embodiments of the coupler provide protection against larges torsional forces applied between a motor vehicle... Agent:

20150104281 - Motor vehicle with wheelchair caddy: An apparatus for a wheelchair caddy to be attached to a disabled rider adapted cycle or scooter that may include connectors connecting the caddy and cycle, a rear or double rear axle attached to the base of the caddy frame, a handle for the user to grip while pulling the... Agent:

20150104282 - Suspension system for autonomous transports: An autonomous transport robot for transporting a payload, the autonomous transport robot including a drive section assembly having at least one motor and a pair of drive wheels coupled to the motor, a frame configured to support a payload, a transfer arm connected to the frame and configured for the... Agent:

20150104283 - Robot system and method for manufacturing processed product: A robot system according to embodiments includes a robot including an arm, and a work table. On the work table, an object used for work performed by the robot by using the arm is placed. The arm of the robot includes a first arm portion, a second arm portion, and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150104284 - Method for the manipulation of objects by means of at least two industrial robots, and associated industrial robot: An industrial robot and method for manipulating objects using at least two industrial robots. Each robot includes a manipulator arm having multiple links arranged one after another in series and connected by adjustable joints that are adjustable under the control of at least one control device. A first manipulator arm... Agent: Kuka Laboratories Gmbh

20150104285 - Device and method for securing nursery stock during transport:

20150104287 - Material handling unit: A material handling unit. An elongate cargo bed of the material handling unit includes paired anchor points for attaching to a securing member to secure cargo to the cargo bed. The cargo bed is reinforced to allow the cargo to be secured to the cargo bed during loading of the... Agent: Laurlee Energy Rentals Ltd.

20150104286 - Picking station and method for picking articles: The invention relates to a method and to a picking station (5) for picking of articles from source loading aids (2) by an order picker into destination loading aids (6), wherein the loading aids (2, 6) are conveyed via a first conveyor system (18) to the picking station (5) and... Agent: Tgw Logistics Group Gmbh

04/09/2015 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150098772 - Electric hydraulic catalyst loading and unloading device and methods therefor: An overhead catalyst loading device eliminates the need for lower flanges of the overhead catalyst structural support frame or dedicated overhead trolley beams to prevent ash build up collecting on a selective catalytic reactor (SCR) reactor box and provides an advantageous electric hydraulic lifting mechanism suitable for integration into a... Agent:

20150098773 - Substrate processing sequence in a cartesian robot cluster tool: A method and apparatus for processing substrates using a multi-chamber processing system, or cluster tool, is provided. In one embodiment of the invention, a robot assembly is provided. The robot assembly includes a first motion assembly movable in a first direction, and a second motion assembly, the second motion assembly... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150098774 - Method and device for automatic storage of tape guides: A system and method for surface mount assembly of PCBs, using an automated pick-and-place machine into which component tapes on reels are fed, uses component tape reels each of which has been pre-threaded into its appropriate tape guide and been stored as a reel/tape guide packet in an automated SMD... Agent: Micronic Mydata Ab

20150098775 - Automatic order picking system and method in retail facility: An order picking system includes a storage system for storing containers arranged in multiple rows at various horizontal levels with respect to ground, the containers including source containers with goods stored in the storage system and reception containers to be filled with the ordered goods. At least one mobile picking... Agent:

20150098776 - Shuttle van system for container terminal and method for transporting containers using same: A shuttle van system for a container terminal, including: at least one rail and a transfer device. The transfer device includes a plurality of shuttle vans and a plurality of transition platforms. Each shuttle van includes: a base frame, a wheel group, a wheel driving device, a lifting device, and... Agent:

20150098777 - Collection and delivery vehicle: This invention includes embodiments which disclose a collection and delivery vehicle with a cab portion, a chassis and a container box. The container box includes a lift mechanism, a material storage area which may include multiple individual storage areas, some dual use, and a conveyor, auger or other desirable material... Agent:

20150098778 - Tail hauler: A lifting assembly for use on vehicles of a variety of types, including recreational vehicles, vans, trucks and the like, and includes one or more lifting structures that will support a deck structure. The lifting assembly will be removably mounted to the vehicle frame so that the whole assembly can... Agent:

20150098779 - Device for raising and lowering a spare wheel of a vehicle: A device for raising and lowering a spare wheel of a vehicle having a flexible cable movable between a raised wheel position and a lowered wheel position, a control device operable to move the flexible cable between said raised wheel and lowered wheel positions, a stationary plate intended to be... Agent:

20150098780 - Reach truck: A reach truck 1, comprising a main body 10, at least one load arm 70, which protrudes from the main body 10, a mast trolley 20, which is supported at the at least one load arm 70, wherein the mast trolley 20 is shift-able along a longitudinal axis 100 of... Agent:

20150098781 - Lifting methods, assemblies and systems: An assembly, method and system for lifting a package defining an internal aperture. The lifting assembly has an elongate handle configured for attachment to a vacuum lift system, and a lifting tool. The lifting tool has a connecting end configured to attach the lifting tool to the distal end of... Agent:

20150098782 - Method and system for discharging beverage containers continuously moved on a horizontal conveyor and guided in parallel rows: A method and system (1) for discharging beverage containers (6) continuously moved on a horizontal conveyor (10) and guided in parallel rows by one or more gripping heads (3a, 3b, 3c) are disclosed. The one or more gripping heads (3a, 3b, 3c) respectively form at least one pick-up position for... Agent:

20150098783 - Work vehicle: A work vehicle including a front work device, contains: a variable displacement hydraulic pump that is driven by an engine and supplies pressure oil to an actuator that drives the front work device; an exhaust gas purification device that purifies nitrogen oxide in exhaust gas discharged from the engine using... Agent:

20150098784 - Work vehicle: A work vehicle includes: a hydraulic pump driven by an engine; a rotational speed detection unit that detects an actual rotational speed of the engine; an exhaust gas purification device that purifies nitrogen oxide in exhaust gas discharged from the engine using a reducing agent solution stored in a reducing... Agent:

20150098785 - Front loader: A front loader includes a mechanical posture maintaining mechanism for maintaining the posture of an implement, regardless of swing displacement of a boom. The boom is formed in a curved shape in which a longitudinal central side thereof is located above. The posture maintaining mechanism includes a swing link member... Agent:

20150098786 - Work tool position sensing assembly: A work tool position sensing assembly for an earth moving machine is disclosed. The earth moving machine has a pivotally movable work tool connected to the pivotally movable stick. The work tool and the stick are interconnected by a tilt linkage. Angular position of the work tool is determined by... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150098787 - Pick up and placement tools for items: An item with fibers may be picked up and placed using a tool head with hooks that engage the fibers. The tool head may comprise at least one hook portion and at least one contact surface adjacent to the hook portion. The hooks that engage the fibers may extend from... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150098788 - Substrate transfer chamber and container connecting mechanism: A substrate transfer chamber for unloading the substrates from the containers includes a housing-shaped main body and a plurality of container connecting mechanisms to which the containers are connected. In the main body, some of the container connecting mechanisms are arranged on top of one another in a height direction... Agent:

20150098789 - Waste shipping method using railroad flatcars: The waste shipping method using railroad flatcars includes producing or receiving a plurality of plastic wrapped bales of waste for transport. The wrapped bales of waste are loaded onto railway flatcars, preferably center beam flatcars, and secured thereto by ties or cables. The bales may be loaded horizontally or stacked... Agent:

20150098790 - Substrate transfer method: A substrate transfer method is performed by a transfer unit including a first transfer arm and a second transfer arm which are separately movable and are overlapped with each other. A moving speed of each of the first transfer arm and the second transfer arm that is not transferring a... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150093216 - Material handling device and weighing apparatus usable therewith: A weighing apparatus is usable in conjunction with a device such as a forklift and includes a front plate upon which a set of forks are placed, a rear plate that is mounted to a lift mechanism of the forklift, a pair of connection apparatuses that are situated between the... Agent: Lts Scale Company, LLC

20150093217 - Telescoping arm with securable pole-tilt assembly: A telescoping arm with securable pole-tilt assembly for manipulating a utility pole and comprising a pair of opposed jaws and a saddle, the arm comprising a boom and an elongate pin for selectively securing the pole tilt assembly in an operating position to the end of a telescoping boom section... Agent:

20150093218 - Submersible towed body deployment and recovery device: A submersible towed body deployment and recovery device is disclosed. The device can include a support structure supportable by a surface watercraft, and configured for rotational and translational movement relative to the watercraft. Additionally, the device can include a towed body interface structure supported by the support structure and configured... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150093219 - Thermally conductive sheet feeder and method for feeding thermally conductive sheet: Provided by the present invention are a thermally conductive sheet feeder and a method for feeding a thermally conductive sheet, which are a thermally conductive sheet feeder and a method for feeding a thermally conductive sheet using an emboss carrier tape, wherein the emboss carrier tape provided on its surface... Agent:

20150093221 - Intermediate container for a front loading refuse container: A collection arm for a refuse vehicle or intermediate container has a collection arm adapted to be coupled with the refuse vehicle or the intermediate container. The refuse arm includes a pivot mechanism to secure it with a bumper of the vehicle or with the container. A telescopic boom is... Agent:

20150093220 - Intermediate container with side arm slide inside of the container: A refuse collection container has a box shape. A movable arm is movably mounted on the container. The movable arm grasps refuse cans and dumps the refuse cans into the container. A slot is formed on a rear wall of the container to enable a portion of the arm to... Agent: The Curotto-can, LLC

20150093222 - Biasing cradle for refuse vehicle: A cradle and guide system for a refuse vehicle has at least one track member mounted on a bumper of a refuse vehicle. The at least one track member is able to deflect horizontally to compensate for misalignment. At least one guide member is mounted to a front loading fork... Agent:

20150093223 - Vertical adjustable side arm of a refuse vehicle: A vertically adjustable collection arm assembly for picking up refuse cans has an arm mechanism to pick up the cans. A lift mechanism raises and lowers the arm mechanism. The lift mechanism is coupled with the arm mechanism and a structure. The lift provides vertical movement to lift and lower... Agent: The Curotto-can, LLC

20150093224 - Tennis ball collection device: A tennis ball collection device includes a rotating drum that rotates at a higher speed than the rotation of the wheels that carry the device. Additionally, the drum rail that operates in connection with the rotating drum to lift a ball off of a ground is allowed to move in... Agent: Luck Stone Corporation

20150093226 - Arrangement for effecting float condition in loader hydraulic lift cylinder after hydraulic fluidsupply is decoupled: A front loader arrangement (12) with a mounting frame (16) and mounting mast (18) is proposed, wherein the mounting mast (18) can be coupled to the mounting frame (16) and can be decoupled therefrom. Furthermore, a loader arm (20) is connected to the mounting mast (18) for being pivoted vertically... Agent:

20150093227 - Device for coupling a loader connecting mast to a connecting frame: A front loader arrangement (12) with a mounting frame (16) and a mounting mast (18) is proposed, wherein the mounting mast (18) can be coupled to the mounting frame (16) and can be decoupled therefrom, and wherein a locking device for locking the front loader arrangement (12) is provided, which... Agent:

20150093225 - Device for establishing a float condition in a hydraulically sprung loader lift cylinder arrangement after fluid supply is decoupled: A front loader arrangement includes a hydraulically sprung lift cylinder arrangement coupled between opposite loader arm sides and respectively mounting masts. In order to permit the masts to pivot freely about their pivotal connections with the loader arm sides to aid the coupling of the masts to respective mounting frames... Agent:

20150093228 - Apparatus and method of loading components: Provided is a component loading apparatus which includes: a work table comprising a working plane; a component recognizer configured to recognize components placed on the working plane of the work table; a head configured to suck the components; and a tray support for supporting a tray on which the components... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20150093229 - Paper-sheet counting machine: A paper-sheet counting machine (10) includes: a recognition and counting unit (24) configured to count paper sheets; a stacking unit (26) configured to stack therein the paper sheets that have been counted by the recognition and counting unit (24), an opening being provided in a front face of the stacking... Agent: Glory Ltd.

20150093231 - Advanced crucible support and thermal distribution management: According to the disclosed embodiments, an advanced crucible support system is described that allows for greater heat flow to and from the bottom of a crucible, while also preventing excessive heat from reaching a heat exchanger. In particular, a “crown” support base is described that provides heat flow throughout the... Agent:

20150093230 - Gripping device for gripping sheet material: A gripping device for gripping a sheet-material stack has at least two gripping elements for gripping a sheet-material stack disposed between the gripping elements, which gripping elements can be moved toward each other in order to grip the sheet-material stack. At least one of the gripping fingers of one of... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 26 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150086299 - Launch and recovery techniques for submersible vehicles and other payloads: A subsea payload such as an AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) or an AUV garage is lifted from an underwater location by flying a latch unit through the water to the payload. The latch unit carries a lift line toward the payload. The latch unit is then attached to the payload... Agent:

20150086301 - Method and carrier for handling a substrate: There is disclosed a carrier and method for handling and/or transport of a substrate, such as during processing of the substrate, for example, back-thinning. The carrier and method provide support for the substrate. The process is particularly suited to thinning of substrates for use in 3D integrated circuits. The carrier... Agent: Applied Microengineering Limited

20150086300 - System and method for transferring articles between vacuum and non-vacuum environments: A system for transferring articles between an atmospheric pressure environment and a vacuum pressure environment. The system may include a vacuum enclosure having a wall separating the atmospheric pressure environment from the vacuum pressure environment. A transfer shaft may extend through the wall from the atmospheric pressure environment to the... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20150086303 - Processing object transport system, and substrate inspection system: A substrate inspection system includes a plurality of processing units, and each processing unit is provided with a transport mechanism configured to transport an substrate to be inspected along a transport passage which extends substantially horizontally, a lift mechanism configured to lift the substrate to be inspected to a height... Agent:

20150086302 - Substrate processing apparatus and maintenance method thereof: A substrate processing apparatus includes: a first processing chamber; a second processing chamber; a transfer chamber; a frame structure; and an elevating part. Each of the first and the second processing chamber has a main body part and a lid part. The transfer chamber is connected to the first and... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150086304 - One-to-many put sequence optimization: A method and system for fulfilling orders includes establishing a queue of orders that are available to be filled, each order in the queue containing at least one unique item type. An order from the order queue is selected and opened as a first order. Another order from the order... Agent: Dematic Corp.

20150086305 - Horizontal pass-through for a data storage library: Embodiments include systems and methods for providing throughput increase and/or physical expansion of a data storage library. Some embodiments include multiple robotic assemblies, each having its own hand assembly, which are electrically and mechanically integrated for concurrent use in a single storage library environment for increased throughput. Other embodiments include... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150086306 - Fly ash storage and distribution system: A fly ash storage and distribution system for storing and distributing fly ash in bulk. The fly ash storage and distribution system generally includes a storage tank having an upper opening positioned at its upper end and a hopper positioned at its lower end. A support frame and skid guard... Agent:

20150086307 - Container system for hydraulic fracturing proppants: Described herein is an improved container for storing, shipping, and dispensing proppant materials used in hydraulic fracturing operations. The container systems incorporate stretchable hopper structures in the container. The hopper expands and contracts responsive to the amount of proppant material held in the container. When the container is filled with... Agent:

20150086308 - Fracture sand silo system and methods of deployment and retraction of same: The present invention is directed to novel transportable silo systems for storage of materials. The invention relates to self-erecting silo storage systems for use in the oil and natural gas mining and drilling industries. The silo storage systems of embodiments of the instant invention are uniquely designed to improve storage... Agent:

20150086309 - Method of and apparatus for disposing of drilling waste: A receptacle for disposing of drilling waste includes a frame, a body coupled to and rotatable relative to the frame, a flap movable relative to the body between closed position in which the opening is covered and an open position for receiving waste and releasing the waste, and an actuator.... Agent:

20150086310 - Remote hopper release: A dump body latching system for application to a self dumping hopper having a base platform, a rotatable dump body mounted thereto and a locking pin on the rotatable dump body is provided. The dump body latching system configured to control the rotation of the rotatable dump body thereon and... Agent:

20150086311 - Power lift and transfer system and method: A power lift and transfer system and method are disclosed. In one particular exemplary embodiment, the power lift and transfer system and method may be realized as a power lift and transfer system. The power lift and transfer system may move, stow, and carry a mobility device for a user... Agent:

20150086312 - Storage assembly: An apparatus comprises a mounting bracket engaged with an inside of a vehicle cargo area. An axle having a first end portion and a second end portion is oriented longitudinally inside the vehicle cargo area to engage with the mounting bracket. A first radius arm has a vehicle end portion... Agent:

20150086313 - Retractable platform for vehicles: A retractable platform mechanism for a vehicle having a cargo area adjacent to its rear bumper 30, which includes a cut out 32 that permits a platform assembly 40 to pass therethrough and being slidably mounted to a supporting rail assembly 20 and movable between two extreme positions. A ramp... Agent:

20150086314 - Work vehicle: A working vehicle includes a vehicle, an engine, an exhaust treatment apparatus, a connecting pipe, a reducing agent injection apparatus, a reducing agent pump and a guiding pipe guiding reducing agent from the pump to the injection apparatus. The engine, exhaust treatment apparatus, connecting pipe, and reducing agent injection apparatus... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20150086315 - Hybrid construction machine: Provided is a hybrid construction machine capable of preventing overcharge, comprising: an engine; a generator-motor; a hydraulic pump; a hydraulic actuator to be operated by the hydraulic pump as a hydraulic pressure source; an actuator regeneration section to make a regenerative action of generating actuator regenerated-electric-power through return fluid from... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150086316 - Pneumatic end effector apparatus, substrate transportation systems, and methods for transporting substrates: Systems, apparatus and methods including pneumatic end effectors for transporting substrates between system components of electronic device manufacturing systems are provided. In one aspect, an end effector has a base adapted to be connected to a robotic component, and one or more pneumatic suction elements positioned on the base. Applying... Agent:

20150086317 - Stacking system: There is provided a stacking system capable of manufacturing an electrode structure, where negative electrode sheets and positive electrode sheets are stacked with separators in between, precisely and at high speed. The present invention includes a first turntable that rotationally moves a plurality of stacking regions to a plurality of... Agent:

20150086318 - Apparatus for palletizing bottles or similar containers: Apparatus for palletizing bottles or similar containers, comprising: a conveyor including a support structure and a closed ring belt having a horizontal branch movable in a direction of transport (A) and having an upper surface on which a layer of bottles (B) or similar containers rests when in use, and... Agent:

20150086319 - Apparatus and method of manipulation of articles: An apparatus (100) for manipulating articles initially disposed in a stack (S), which apparatus (100) comprises a moveable head (2) and a receptacle (5), the receptacle (5) being disposable adjacent a stack (S) of articles and the moveable head (2) being operable to abut and transfer selected articles from the... Agent:

20150086320 - Lifting system and method: Embodiments described herein may include at least one pole including a plurality of projections disposed at incremental heights along the pole, an object, a first pulley positioned on a first side of the object, and a second pulley positioned on the second side of the object.... Agent:

20150086321 - Method for lifting a concrete product with a lifting boom and lifting boom: Method for lifting a concrete product with a lifting boom and a lifting boom, in which method the lifting boom is moved above the concrete product to be lifted with a crane, lifting hooks of the lifting boom are set in lifting loops located in the concrete product to be... Agent: Elematic Oy Ab

20150086322 - Truss hinge with variations in angular settings: A truss hinge that includes a number of different labeled parts, where connections between the two different parts can constrain the truss to different angles.... Agent:

20150086323 - Apparatus and method for efficiently transporting various articles: A method for delivering articles using a container having a substantially vertical rear wall with a baseplate extending therefrom is disclosed herein. A plurality of articles may be loaded onto the baseplate. The rear wall, baseplate, and articles are preferably transported to the destination. Once at the final destination, the... Agent:

20150086324 - Transport container, vehicle, traction group, method for loading a transport container, and method for transporting bulk material: A transport container, in particular as a component part of a rail vehicle, having a transportation space for receiving goods to be transported, which on its upper side includes at least one opening, wherein the transport container includes a grate which at least in part covers the opening.... Agent:

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