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Material or article handling

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07/10/2014 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140193224 - Separator for articles of laundry: A separator separates sheets from a bundle. Slack in the strap used to raise and lower a clamp is used to determine when the clamp reaches the bundle. A non-horizontal conveyor tilts beneath the clamp to receive multiple articles, and then tilts over another bin to deposit the articles. The... Agent:

20140193225 - Modular storage system: A modular system for storage of cargo units in a designated space. The modular system includes: a plurality of interconnected active cell units, each cell unit including a cell transporting mechanism with at least one active shuttle unit moveable between the plurality of cell units. Each shuttle unit includes a... Agent:

20140193226 - Library device: A library device includes: a first robot configured to transport a storage medium stored in a storage rack; and a second robot configured to transport a storage medium stored in the storage rack; and wherein the first robot and the second robot each include: a hand device; a transportation body... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140193227 - Retail supply system: An automatic system for replenishing display shelves in retail businesses. The display shelves each including a shelf board having a conveyor belt circulating around the respective shelf board. Each of the display shelves further including a stop bar and a removable fall-off guard at respective front and rear sides of... Agent:

20140193228 - Hazard-free sweeping grain bin vacuum arm: The present invention relates to an improved device and method for removing grain or other particulate matter from a grain bin. The invention comprises a sweeping arm having inlets, a joint, and a vacuum tube in operational communication with the sweeping arm. The sweeping arm is passed around the circumference... Agent:

20140193229 - Waste-material bucket: The present disclosure provides a waste-material bucket, including a bucket body, a base, and a locker. The bucket body includes a supporting portion respectively having an arch-shaped surface located at a front side of the bucket body, and a gravity of the bucket body is deviated to the front side... Agent:

20140193230 - Hydraulic fluid warm-up: A work vehicle including a hydraulic circuit having a cooled return line with a cooler, a bypass return line that bypasses the cooler on the cooled return line, and a controller that electronically controls the flow of hydraulic fluid between the cooled return line and the bypass return line.... Agent: Deere & Company

20140193231 - Boom structure: A boom structure on a work machine includes at least two boom branches and a main boom structure extending from their convergence area substantially in a working direction. Thus, the boom structure provides a fork-like structure.... Agent: Ponsse Oyj

20140193232 - Apparatus for flipping semiconductor device: An apparatus for flipping a semiconductor device comprises a platform comprising a carrier and a roller system, a positioning unit above the platform and comprising a circular opening, and an elevating unit connecting the platform and the positioning unit.... Agent: Epistar Corporation

20140193233 - Stacking device and method of production of web member: A stacking device which stacks together web members which drop down while drawing a parabolic arc, this is provided with a horizontal movement limit part which limits movement of web members in a horizontal direction, a temporary supporting unit which can take a projecting position where it projects from the... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20140193234 - Control arrangement for controlling the transfer of agricultural crop from a harvesting machine to a transport vehicle: A control arrangement and method for controlling the transfer of agricultural crop from a harvesting machine to a transport vehicle comprises a loading container. The control arrangement is able to be operated to automatically deposit the crop during the harvesting mode successively at different points in the loading container, following... Agent:

20140193235 - Reel handling device and method: A device for handling reels includes a telescoping assembly with a first fork sleeve and a second fork sleeve attached to the telescoping assembly so that a position of the first fork sleeve may be adjusted with respect to a position of the second fork sleeve. A first reel lifter... Agent: Cerro Wire LLC

07/03/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140186143 - Pipe handling device: A pipe handling system reduces the amount of physical effort required for an operator to transfer steel rotary drilling pipe sections from a storage location to and from a rotary drive unit. The system utilizes an indexing arm which removes or adds the pipe sections from the storage location, placing... Agent:

20140186144 - System for low profile translation of high level radioactive waste: An apparatus system and method for handling and translating high level radioactive waste. The apparatus comprises a body for supporting the cask close to the ground so that the cask and the apparatus can pass underneath over head doors. The apparatus further comprises rollers for translating the cask. The apparatus... Agent:

20140186145 - Systems and methods for providing wafer access in a wafer processing system: Systems and methods for providing wafer access in a wafer processing system are disclosed herein. The methods may include docking a first wafer cassette on the wafer processing system and removing a selected wafer from the first wafer cassette with the wafer processing system. The methods further may include performing... Agent: Cascade Microtech, Inc.

20140186146 - Automated parking system: An automated parking system for a parking structure includes a controller which receives a vehicle loading request from a vehicle customer. A loading bay accepts the vehicle and transfers to the parking system. Equipment is provided for transferring the vehicle horizontally and vertically through the parking system. The vehicle parking... Agent: Auto Parkit, LLC

20140186147 - Component transferring system for automotive assembly line: A component transferring system for a vehicle assembly line may include a carriage unit that is operated by an electrical signal to move along a vehicle assembly line, the carriage unit including a cylinder unit that is disposed at both sides of a front side and a rear side to... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140186148 - Lifting and transporting device for wheeled objects including hospital beds: The present invention relates to a lifting and transporting device. The device of the invention is useful for lifting and moving any object which has a pair of spaced apart wheels but is particularly adapted for the lifting and transporting of hospital beds. The bed lifter includes an improved means... Agent: Austech & Design Pty Ltd

20140186149 - Cargo transfer system using a palletized rack: A system, method, and apparatus for palletizing cargo on a rack for shipment are provided. The system generally includes a tiered rack having a base tier, a support framework extending from the base tier, and a second tier adjustably attached to the support framework. The system may further include a... Agent: American Refrigerated Express, Inc.

20140186150 - Materials handling vehicle with improved visibility: A materials handling vehicle is provided comprising a power unit, a mast assembly and a fluid supply system. The mast assembly is coupled to the power unit. The mast assembly comprises a weldment, a movable element and a ram/cylinder assembly coupled to the movable element to effect movement of the... Agent: Crown Equipment Corporation

20140186151 - Construction machine: A right front housing cover is arranged in the right side of a working mechanism, and a first control valve is arranged in a front portion side of a valve accommodation room that is covered with the right front housing cover. Further, a signal control valve block is arranged in... Agent: Hitachi Constuction Machinery Co., Ltd.

06/26/2014 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140178155 - Riser auxiliary line jumper system for rotating control device: A method for deploying a marine riser includes: assembling a rotating control device (RCD) spool with the marine riser; lowering the RCD spool through a rotary table of a drilling rig and into a moonpool of an offshore drilling unit; connecting a hose to an upper and lower adapter of... Agent: Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

20140178156 - Automatic preparation system: An automatic preparation system according to an embodiment includes a case, a pressure regulator, and a plurality of robots. The case has a workspace inside thereof. The pressure regulator keeps a negative pressure inside the case relative to the outside. The robots are installed on a ceiling surface of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140178157 - Load lock chamber: A semiconductor processing tool is disclosed, the tool having a frame forming at least one chamber with an opening and having a sealing surface around a periphery of the opening, a door configured to interact with the sealing surface for sealing the opening, the door having sides perpendicular to the... Agent: Brooks Automation, Inc.

20140178160 - Overhead substrate handling and storage system: A material handling system includes an overhead rack defining a plurality of storage positions. The overhead rack defines at least one interior window devoid of storage locations. First and second side rails are disposed above the overhead rack. A first cross rail is movably coupled to the first and second... Agent: Globalfoundries Inc.

20140178158 - Robotic instrument rack: The invention provides an improved robotic handler for multi-well plates. The handler comprises a vertical elevator with integral mounts for instruments used in cellular experiments. This solution reduces overall mechanical complexity while reducing the working volume of previous collections of devices with similar function.... Agent:

20140178159 - Sheet loading system: The present invention discloses a sheet loading system for consecutively loading sheets onto a multi-step process press machine such that a plurality of workpieces loaded respectively on a plurality of workstations is simultaneously processed by one stroke. The present invention includes a conveyor, a sheet loader, a first sheet transfer... Agent: Gns Solitech Co., Ltd.

20140178161 - Conveyor technology supported commissioning of articles: A system for commissioning articles stored on source pallets in a pallet warehouse has a supply-conveyor line for supplying source pallets from the pallet warehouse to commissioning work stations having packing stations. Customer orders are assigned to a packing station. At the packing station a customer-transporting means is provided for... Agent: Mossburger Logistics Network & Development Kg

20140178162 - Substrate transfer apparatus, substrate transfer method, and storage medium: A substrate transfer apparatus unloads a substrate from a transfer container in which a cover body airtightly closes a substrate unloading opening formed at a front surface of a container main body and multiple substrates are accommodated in the form of shelves. The substrate transfer apparatus includes a load port... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140178163 - Grain cart with movable conveyor system: A granular commodity wagon or grain cart assembly that includes a movable conveyor assembly supported by the grain cart. The conveyor assembly is movable between a stowed position and an in-use position. When in the stowed position, the conveyor assembly facilitates a compact footprint of the grain cart assembly for... Agent:

20140178164 - Machine having hydraulically actuated implement system with combined ride control and downforce control system: A machine is disclosed. The machine can include a frame and ground engaging propulsion elements coupled with the frame. A hydraulically actuated implement system can be coupled with the frame, and can include a linkage configured to couple with an implement, a hydraulic actuator coupled with the linkage and the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140178165 - Fork with rollers: Machines are often used to collect and transport materials in a work environment. One of the more common methods of collecting and transporting materials is with a fork. The tines of a conventional fork may damage the materials being collected by the machine. Tines are also difficult to attach other... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140178166 - Linkage end effecter tracking mechanism for slopes: In a work machine having a frame with a lift boom and a stick boom supporting an implement pivotally connected to the opposite end of the stick boom by a pivot pin. A controller determines the position of the pivot pin, detects a motion command signal from an operator control,... Agent: Caterpillar Forest Products Inc.

20140178167 - Rotation control device and construction machine including rotation control device: The invention provides a rotation control device capable of reducing a loss of a power of a hydraulic pump in a backward direction operation and also provides a construction machine including the same. The controller controls a capacity of the hydraulic pump such that, in a forward direction operation in... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140178168 - Transporting device: A transporting device includes a support frame, a driving mechanism, a first picking mechanism, and a second picking mechanism. The driving mechanism is mounted on the support frame. The first picking mechanism includes a first sliding member slidably mounted on the support frame and driven by the driving mechanism, a... Agent: Fu Ding Electronical Technology (jiashan) Co.,ltd.

20140178169 - Imaging systems, cassettes, and methods of using the same: A microscope slide holding cassette includes a main body for surrounding and protecting microscopes, and shelves capable of holding the microscope slides. The shelves have support members that extend outwardly in order to support label ends of slides. Catches carried at the end of the support members are capable of... Agent: Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

20140178170 - Device and method for rotating flat products: A device for rotating flat products, in particular sheets or stacks of sheets, moved in a first direction from a first orientation into a second orientation, by a predetermined total rotation angle, by means of a first rotating device, in which the product is rotated first by a first rotation... Agent: Boewe Systec Gmbh

20140178171 - Container handling and flow system, use thereof and method of handling containers: A container handling and flow system comprising a plurality of base elements (1, 31) for mounting on top of containers and fasteners for locking the base elements on to corner fittings (14) of a container. The base elements are elongate and have a length corresponding to the width of the... Agent: Jayc-ip Gmbh

20140178172 - Loading apparatus for transport container: An apparatus (10) for loading a transport container with a load of bulk material has a load bin (20) positioned for axial movement atop a base assembly (40). A packer blade (90) is positioned inside the load bin for movement relative to the load bin in the same axial direction.... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 17 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140169916 - Machine for loading and unloading material: A machine is capable of loading and unloading materials from a product. The product is capable of loading the materials and ejecting the materials. The machine includes a containing device and a transferring device. The containing device includes a containing assembly for receiving the materials; and an ejecting assembly for... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140169917 - Automated system for the temporary storage of items: An automated storage system for the temporary storage of items. The system includes at least one conveyor belt, at least one storage room, and a mechanical movement unit for transferring the items from the conveyor belt to the storage room and from the storage room to the conveyor belt. The... Agent: Emmeti S.p.a.

20140169918 - Load and lift roof rack: A roof rack for loading and unloading cargo to and from the roof of a motor vehicle is described. The roof rack is characterized by enabling the cargo to be loaded at an accessible height and then lifted onto the roof of the motor vehicle while the cargo is maintained... Agent:

20140169919 - Solenoid operated circuit: A solenoid operated circuit comprises a solenoid switch having a solenoid coil for moving one or more electrical contacts from a first position to a second position to switch an electrical motor ON/OFF, and a solenoid controller that includes an arc suppression circuit that mitigates a reverse self-induced voltage from... Agent: Maxon Industries, Inc., Dba Maxon Lift Corp.

20140169920 - Transport apparatus for elongate objects: A transport apparatus for moving an elongated object includes a trailer frame with a tilting rear frame section pivotally attached to a front frame section. Rear wheels are mounted under the rear frame section rearward of the tilt axis, and an actuator pivots the rear frame section upward about the... Agent:

20140169921 - Cargo carrier: A cargo carrier is provided that includes a load carrying platform, a retractable front axle and a retractable rear axle. The cargo carrier further includes a pivotal handle operatively connected to front and rear axles that when activated retracts or un-retracts the front and rear axles. A removable/pivotal handle attached... Agent:

20140169922 - Cart with lifting system and omnidirectional wheels: A cart for transport of heavy objects is provided. The cart has a frame supported by four omnidirectional wheels above a support surface. The frame may be adapted with a lift mechanism configured to lift a planar top surface, or, a piece of machinery adapted to engage with the lift... Agent:

20140169923 - Wheel loader and method for controlling wheel loader: A traction force control section of a wheel loader, when the determination conditions are satisfied during traction force control, increases the maximum traction force. The determination conditions include that the wheel loader is performing an excavation operation, that the vehicle speed is less than or equal to a prescribed speed... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140169924 - Micro device transfer system with pivot mount: Systems and methods for transferring a micro device from a carrier substrate are disclosed. In an embodiment, a micro pick up array mount includes a pivot platform to allow a micro pick up array to automatically align with a carrier substrate. Deflection of the pivot platform may be detected to... Agent: Luxvue Technology Corporation

20140169925 - System for and method of transferring plate-shaped member with interleaving paper thereon: In a system for transferring a plate-shaped member with interleaving paper thereon, a suction adhesion device included in a suction adhesion unit includes suction pads that adhere to a surface of a glass plate by suction with interleaving paper in between the surface and the suction pads; an air blowing... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140169928 - Inflatable lift cylinder: A method of handling a generally cylindrical conduit includes positioning a lift cylinder within the generally cylindrical conduit. The lift cylinder includes an inflatable bag, an inflation port, and an attachment point. The method also includes connecting a fluid source to the inflation port, inflating the inflatable bag with the... Agent:

20140169927 - Micro pick up array with integrated pivot mount: Systems and methods for transferring a micro device from a carrier substrate are disclosed. In an embodiment, a micro pick up array structure allows the micro pick up array to automatically align with the carrier substrate. Deflection of the micro pick up array may be detected to control further movement... Agent: Luxvue Technology Corporation

20140169926 - Sample containment unit and process: A sample containment unit and sample containment process are disclosed. The sample containment unit includes a sample containment region, a body extending around the sample containment region, and an access portion configured to selectively enclose the sample containment region. The body includes an inner wall, an outer wall, and a... Agent: The Drucker Company

20140169930 - Self-propelled trolley: The invention describes a self-propelled trolley for handling a wind-turbine blade, which trolley comprises a driving device for propelling the trolley between locations; and a lifting device, which lifting device is realised to raise and lower the wind-turbine blade. The invention also describes a method of handling a wind-turbine blade,... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140169931 - Slide transfer device: A transfer device (100) comprises a housing (110) defining a chamber (130), carriers (120), and an adjustable spacing mechanism (124). The carriers (120) can be positioned in the chamber (130) and have receiving openings (158). The spacing mechanism (124) is configured to move carriers (120) relative to one another along... Agent: Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

20140169929 - Transport arm, transport apparatus and transport method: A transport arm including a holding unit that holds a substrate by vacuum adsorption. The holding unit has an air discharge port and an adsorption member formed so as to surround the air discharge port. The adsorption member is a squeeze packing.... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20140169932 - Method of controlling a conveyance rate of grain of an unloader system: A method of controlling a conveyance rate of grain of an unloader system, including providing a grain holding device and an unloader in communication with the grain holding device, the unloader having an inlet for receiving grain from the grain holding device and an outlet for discharging grain. An apparatus... Agent: Cnh America LLC

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