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Material or article handling

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11/13/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140334903 - Tilt-roll table for use in cleaning uf6 cylinders: A tilt roll table for use with uranium hexafluoride cylindrical containers securely holds the container, supported from its domed ends by spindles mounted to brackets as the container is tilted and rolled. The spindles have greater surface area over which to distribute the weight and are shaped to complement the... Agent: Transport Logistics, Int'l, Inc.

20140334904 - Dump cart: A dumping cart has a chassis, a first pair of supporting wheels located at a first end of the chassis and a second pair of supporting wheels located at a second end of the chassis. The second pair of wheels is rotational about a wheel axis. A load carrying bed... Agent: Rankam (china) Manufacturing Co. Ltd

20140334905 - Mobile transport cart: This mobile, cylinder transport cart is based on a four cylinder transport cart, designed to minimize the handling of nitrogen and oxygen cylinders in the loading, transporting and servicing process and to provide boosted compressed gas for an aircraft, oxygen to fill crew and passenger oxygen bottles. The cylinders are... Agent: Tronair Inc.

20140334906 - Arm for construction machine: In an arm for a construction machine formed as a box-shaped structural body by left and right side plates, an upper plate, a lower plate, and a rear plate, a left rear thick side plate constituting the left side plate, a right rear thick side plate constituting the right side... Agent:

20140334907 - Method and system for assisted object handling in dangerous environments: A system for remote object handling including a public safety vehicle having a front portion. An articulated arm has a first end and a second end distinct from the first end, the arm being coupled to the front portion at the first end, and has at least one pivot disposed... Agent:

20140334908 - Tool and a method for moving a wind turbine drivetrain component: The invention provides a tool for moving a drivetrain component (1) in a nacelle (53) of a horizontal axis wind turbine, the nacelle comprising a nacelle structure (55, 56), the component (1) being connected, in operation of the wind turbine, to a rotor (51) of the wind turbine, the tool... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140334909 - Packaging bag feeder in packaging machine: A packaging bag feeder in a packaging machine includes a bag magazine capable of accommodating a number of packaging bags in a stacked state, a separating mechanism which is configured to separate one of the packaging bags stacked on the bag magazine and a bag placement section on which the... Agent: General Packer Co., Ltd.

20140334910 - Roller lift handle system: A roller lift handle system moves a roller between a raised roller position in which the roller elevates a support post above the underlying terrain and a lowered roller position in which the support post contacts the underlying terrain.... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

11/06/2014 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140328650 - Pipe handling apparatus: A pipe handling apparatus for handling pipe stands and stands of collars. The pipe handling apparatus improves the safety and efficiency of a rotary drilling operation. The pipe handling apparatus is integrated with a derrick monkey board, away from the heavy machinery within the derrick. The pipe handling apparatus is... Agent: Honghua America, LLC

20140328651 - Membrane lift assembly: The present application provides a lift assembly for a portable, modular wastewater treatment facility, the lift assembly capable of inserting and/or removing a membrane from a membrane bioreactor. The lift assembly is self contained reducing the user to exposure to environmental elements.... Agent: Banner Environmental Engineering Consultants Ltd.

20140328653 - Analytical system for examining a body fluid and method for the operation of an analytical system: An analytical system for examining a body fluid and a method of operation of an analytical system, typically for blood sugar tests, including an exchangeable magazine (18) as a consumable, which includes a plurality of magazine units (24) that are each provided with at least one analytical aid (32, 34)... Agent:

20140328652 - Transfer apparatus for transferring electronic devices and changing their orientations: Disclosed is a transfer apparatus for transferring electronic devices from a wafer to a test handler. The transfer apparatus comprises: i) a rotary device rotatable about an axis; and ii) a plurality of holders configured to hold the electronic devices for transfer from the wafer to the test handler. The... Agent:

20140328654 - Scalable stockers with automatic handling buffer: Scalable storage can be achieved with linear array storage of wafers, comprising two linear arrays of storage compartments on opposite walls, with a middle transfer mechanism. Together with a buffer station for automatic material handling system, a scalable bare wafer stocker can provide flexible and uninterrupted services to a fabrication... Agent:

20140328655 - Assemblies and methods for handling, transporting and/or positioning component parts: Assemblies and methods for the handling, transporting and/or positioning component parts include a jig assembly for supporting a component part is provided with an elongate spar assembly, a plurality of rib assemblies attached to the spar, and a plurality of tensionable strap assemblies operatively associated with the rib assemblies for... Agent: Embraer S.a.

20140328656 - Scale based load limiting for refuse vehicles: A weight based load limiting system for a refuse vehicle. The system includes a weight determination module that generates a signal that varies in accordance with a vehicle weight. If the vehicle weight approaches or exceeds a predetermined maximum weight, the signal inhibits a portion of the loading or packing... Agent:

20140328657 - Trailer with moveable platform: A trailer having a moveable and rotatable platform.... Agent:

20140328658 - Loading device: A device that may be mounted on a bed of a pickup truck to enable smaller vehicles, such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, or all-terrain vehicles to enter from the ground level upon a platform of the loading device. This is accomplished by the loading device having a ramp that can be... Agent:

20140328659 - Controlled battery box: A battery container for battery temperature control comprises a housing including an enclosure for receiving a battery, wherein at least a portion of the housing comprises a thermal insulation material for insulating the interior of the enclosure against ambient temperature. The battery container further comprises a temperature control element disposed... Agent:

20140328660 - Compact wheelchair platform: A wheelchair platform comprises a tilting platform for a wheelchair comprising a base to support the wheelchair in use and a back wall. The platform is pivotably connected between a pair of side supports in a compact construction. Actuators, such as hydraulic rams, are operable to tilt the platform. The... Agent: Design Specific Ltd.

20140328661 - Device for stabilizing a pallet: A device for palletizing a plurality of articles and for stabilizing selected ones of the plurality of articles is provided. The device includes at least one load stabilizer and at least one stabilizer applier. The at least one load stabilizer includes a stabilizer sheet and an adhesive layer coupled with... Agent:

20140328662 - Manhole debris shield: A device for capturing and removing substantially all debris that falls into a manhole includes a flexible, substantially circular folded disk that is inserted into the manhole prior to performance of the debris-creating work, and is unfolded by an unfolding mechanism until the rim of the disk rests against the... Agent:

20140328663 - Plane tractor: The invention relates to a plane tractor which grips the nose gear of a plane, including: a chassis; wheel modules connected to the chassis, each wheel module including at least one actuator for inducing a vertical movement of the module in relation to the chassis; a gripping platform for gripping... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140321950 - Aggregate delivery unity: A delivery unit for providing aggregate to a worksite, such as a wellsite location. The unit may include a mobile chassis for accommodating a plurality of modular containers which in turn house the aggregate. As such, a weight measurement device may be located between each container and the chassis so... Agent:

20140321951 - Aircraft carrier replenishment system designed to transport cargo using containers and oil tanks: An aircraft carrier replenishment system conveying goods using containers and oil tanks. Two sides of the main body of each of an aircraft carrier and a replenishment ship are each provided with a loading window (5). The window at one side is a container loading window (5), and a container... Agent:

20140321952 - Facility for parking and recharging electrical vehicles: Facility for parking and recharging electrical vehicles. It comprises platforms (1) where electrical vehicles (2) are parked and/or kept connected to the electricity supply, means for keeping (3) said platforms horizontal in all the positions of the facility and access for vehicles to the inside of facility (14).... Agent:

20140321953 - Systems and methods for transporting bio-waste: A remote-controlled vehicle for collecting and transporting bio-waste that is capable of compacting bio-waste, dumping the waste in a variety of ways, and that has a rechargeable battery, among other functions, is disclosed. A system for collecting the bio-waste material also is provided. The system includes a plurality of collection... Agent:

20140321955 - Apparatus and method for a collapsible arched ramp: An apparatus and method for a collapsible arched ramp includes an arched vertically extending middle ramp section, two arched vertically extending outer ramp sections, and two arched vertically extending connecting ramp sections. The connecting ramp sections connect the outer ramp sections to opposing vertical sides of the middle ramp section... Agent:

20140321954 - Combination truck loading device: A combination loading device for a truck comprising a running board enclosure, where the running board enclosure attaches to a side of the truck to serve as a running board; an inner cavity within the running board enclosure; a loading ramp within the inner cavity of the running board enclosure,... Agent:

20140321956 - Coupler-assembly for attaching bucket or the like to articulating arm: For use with a front-end loader etc, the coupler-assembly provides a rigid connection between the pivoting arm-end and the bucket. Included is a slider-block, guided in slide-guides and slider-slots in side-plates of the frame of the arm-end. Sliding the block using a hydraulic slider ram, wedges the bucket lugs tightly... Agent: Ami Attachments Inc.

20140321957 - Wafer transport robot: Arms (61 to 63) of a transmission arm unit (6) are provided for transmitting an operation of a first parallel link (4) to a second parallel link (5). An operation of the first parallel link (4) is transmitted to the second parallel link (5) so that an angle between an... Agent: Tazmo Co., Ltd.

20140321958 - Orientation adjustment device and orientation adjustment method: A clean stocker includes an orientation adjustment device that includes a pivot device which pivots a placing base, a reticle carrier device which holds an article without changing an orientation of the article, and a controller which controls the pivot device and the reticle carrier device. The controller is programmed... Agent: Murata Machinery, Ltd.

20140321959 - Recyclable pallet and method of use: A pallet and method for efficient transport of materials. The pallet provides a means for containing leaking, thawing or loose cargo and preventing loss of same. The pallet incorporates one or more retaining walls disposed around the pallet base, and one or more integral retention volumes disposed below the base.... Agent:

20140321960 - Plane tractor: The invention relates to a plane tractor which grips the nose gear of a plane, including: a chassis; wheel modules connected to the chassis, each wheel module including at least one actuator for inducing a vertical movement of the module in relation to the chassis; a gripping platform for gripping... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140314527 - Discharge method and discharge device for discharging an at least partially flexible container without contamination: The invention relates to a discharge method for discharging an at least partially flexible container without contamination, in which method the container (1) is discharged into a base body (10), a liner (20) that encloses a filling opening (11) of the base body (10) being secured to the base body... Agent:

20140314528 - Car dumper dust collection method and apparatus: An apparatus for rotary dumping of rail cars, including a material receiving pit. A rotary rail car dumper includes a rotational frame supporting at least one baffle. The rotational frame is configured to dump a load from a rail car during rotational motion of the rotational frame between an upright... Agent:

20140314529 - Methods for positioning a large load into a transport position and for positioning a large load into a storage position, trailer and/or lorry: A method for positioning a large load into a transport position is provided. According to the method, the load is placed upon a frame structure with a substantially horizontal extension. The raising device is placed transport plane underneath the frame structure. The raising device is then extended in a vertical... Agent:

20140314530 - Commercial waste container systems and methods: The present disclosure includes a commercial waste system including a commercial waste container and a commercial waste vehicle. The waste container includes an interior volume that may be divided by a container divider into at least two container chambers, to collect waste and/or other multiple types of recoverable (recyclable) materials... Agent:

20140314531 - Variable pitch equipment cart with roller bed: The present device provides a device for transporting a load along a level or canted surface such as a rooftop. The device comprises a frame having a bed, and a plurality of movement facilitating components. The transported load rests atop a bed comprised of a plurality of freely-rotatable cylindrical tubes,... Agent:

20140314533 - Utility terrain vehicle mounted crane: A crane includes: a base for being disposed in or on a cargo box of a utility terrain vehicle (UTV) and for fastening to a bed of the cargo box; a boom rotatable relative to the base between a deployed position and a stowed position; a boom hoist operable to... Agent: Impac Manufacturing, Inc.

20140314532 - Van slideout and lift: A system and method for loading and unloading a large or small van. The method includes providing two or three support units in the form of a generally upsidedown U-shape. The top of each support includes a tube with a slot in the bottom thereof. Inside this tube is another... Agent:

20140314534 - Lift gate load elevator with columnar power assemblies: A lifting system includes a vertically extending parallel pair of fixedly spaced apart guide surfaces, a linear actuator suspended vertically between said pair of guide surfaces, a vertically elongate runner member having a pivotal connection to a lower end of said linear actuator to be vertically reciprocated by said actuator,... Agent: Maxon Industries, Inc., Dba Maxon Lift Corp.

20140314535 - Substrate handler: A loadport for handling film frames is disclosed. The loadport is modular and substantially compatible with applicable standards regarding modular equipment. In particular, the load port is substantially interchangeable with loadports not adapted for handling film frames. The loadport has a compact shuttle for moving film frames and flexible alignment... Agent: Rudolph Technologies, Inc.

20140314536 - Handling device and methods: An article handling apparatus including a frame adapted to receive the article on a support means; a plurality of wheels attached to said frame for movement of said frame over a substrate surface; and retaining arms operatively coupled to the frame and adapted to releasably secure the article to the... Agent:

20140314537 - Removable liner assembly for a dipper: A mining shovel includes a dipper having an inner surface, and a removable liner assembly coupled to the dipper and adjacent to the inner surface of the dipper. The removable liner assembly includes a first rail coupled to the dipper, a first liner segment disposed on the first rail and... Agent: Caterpillar Global Mining LLC

20140314538 - Support arm system for medical equipment: A support arm for a medical device includes a column and a boom rotatably coupled to the column for rotation relative to a first axis. An arm is coupled to the boom for rotation relative to a second axis. A link mount is coupled to the arm and rotatable relative... Agent: Transenterix Surgical, Inc.

20140314539 - Non-contact substrate transfer turner: Disclosed herein is a non-contact substrate transfer turner capable of performing a transfer and a turn-over of a substrate in a non-contact state. The non-contact substrate transfer turner includes a transfer member moving along a guide rail; a substrate supporting member installed at the transfer member and non-contact supporting a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

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