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Material or article handling

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10/02/2014 > 17 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140294540 - Panel hoist: A panel hoist and components of various kits including components of a panel hoist are described herein. A panel hoist can be used to hold any of a variety of panels, such as a door attachable to a semi-tractor trailer, and to maneuver the panel for putting into a position... Agent: Snap-on Incorporated

20140294541 - Workpiece transfer system: The present application provides a workpiece transfer system in which a production efficiency of a production line to be used can be improved. For example, a workpiece transfer system 1 includes: robots 11 & 12 placed in front of process modules 4 & 6 for conducting a predetermined processing operation... Agent: Nidec Sankyo Corporation

20140294542 - Positioning device and positioning method for polarization plate: The present disclosure provides a positioning device for a polarization plate. The positioning device is disposed adjacent to a transferring roller for receiving the polarization plate transferred from the transferring roller and further roughly positioning the polarization plate. The positioning device includes a positioning platform, a driving mechanism; and a... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140294543 - Automated vehicle parking system: The present disclosure provides an automated vehicle parking system. The automated vehicle parking system includes at least one parking facility structure including a plurality of vehicle storage cells, a vehicle entrance/exit arrangement, and a vehicle transporting mechanism. The vehicle transporting mechanism transports one or more vehicles between the entrance/exit arrangement... Agent: Leanpark Oy

20140294544 - Removable compartments for workpiece stocker: The present invention discloses apparatuses and method for configuring a compartmentable equipment to accommodate emergency responses. An exemplary equipment comprises a plurality of removable compartments for storing workpieces so that in emergency events, such as power failure or equipment failure, the workpieces can be removed from the equipment for continuing... Agent:

20140294545 - Moving cleanout for reciprocating conveyor system: The invention disclosed here is a moving headboard for use in connection with a reciprocating floor slat system. It is particularly well-suited for use in connection with load-hauling trailers that have built-in reciprocating floor slat conveyors for unloading the trailer. Trailers of this kind are used in lieu of hydraulic... Agent:

20140294546 - Removable compartments for workpiece stocker: The present invention discloses apparatuses and method for configuring a compartmentable equipment to accommodate emergency responses. An exemplary equipment comprises a plurality of removable compartments for storing workpieces so that in emergency events, such as power failure or equipment failure, the workpieces can be removed from the equipment for continuing... Agent:

20140294547 - Tennis ball pick-up cart: A tennis ball pick-up cart comprises a chassis including a pair of driven wheels and a pair of steering wheels. A ball collection case is coupled to the chassis. A ball pick-up mechanism includes a concave ball guiding plate laterally placed under two vertical side plates. The ball pick-up mechanism... Agent:

20140294548 - Cart with folding auger having adjustable elevation: A cart having an adjustable elevation auger. A junction box may located within the opening of a sump of a bin of a cart. The junction box may have an open top, closed bottom and sides, and back wall. The back wall of the junction box may be secured to... Agent: Unverferth Manufacturing Company, Inc.

20140294549 - Apparatus, system and method for dovetail locking mechanisms: An apparatus, system and method for dovetail locking mechanisms are described herein. A system for locking the dovetail of a trailer in the travel position includes a sled for locking the dovetail of a trailer in the travel position, a railing on the underside of the trailer to accommodate the... Agent:

20140294550 - Rope shovel with curved boom: A mining shovel includes a digging assembly having a generally V-shaped boom including a lower connection point for attachment to the mining shovel. A first portion of the boom extends generally upwardly from the lower connection point, and a second portion of the boom is angled with respect to and... Agent:

20140294551 - Substrate transport apparatus with multiple movable arms utilizing a mechanical switch mechanism: A substrate transport apparatus including a frame, a drive section connected to the frame and including at least one independently controllable motor, at least two substrate transport arms connected to the frame and comprising arm links arranged for supporting and transporting substrates, and a mechanical motion switch coupled to the... Agent:

20140294552 - Apparatus for handing and moving a stack of tires: A rotary apparatus or machine that takes or receives a barrel stack of mounted tires in the vertical position (i.e., barrel stacked), and rotates the stack as a whole to a horizontal position, where each unit or tire is an upright position. The tires can then be rolled off individually... Agent:

20140294553 - Device for transferring pre-formed layers of objects to the top of a pallet: Device for transferring pre-formed layers of objects to the top of a pallet. Device (1) for transferring pre-formed layers (11) of objects to the top of a pallet (6), comprising:—a guide column (2),—a depositing head (4) designed to deposit said layers (11) on top of one another on the pallet... Agent: Sidel Participations

20140294554 - Packaging of objects located in one or more layers: The packaging for at least one layer of at least two objects includes in combination an assembled blank produced from a flat blank and a cover which are secured rigidly together head-to-tail, the flat blank including at least one pair of two panels for receiving objects, two external edge panels,... Agent: Tecma Pack

20140294555 - Operation method for vacuum processing apparatus: A method for operating a vacuum processing apparatus, the vacuum processing apparatus including: a plurality of cassette stands on which a cassette capable of housing a plurality of wafers therein can be placed; a plurality of vacuum processing vessels each having a processing chamber arranged therein, wherein the wafer is... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140294556 - Datum transfer: A method and apparatus for transferring a workpiece, such as a large wind turbine component, in datum alignment between tools during a manufacturing process is described. The workpiece is transferred from a first tool to a second tool, and the method comprises arranging a support structure in datum registration with... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140286731 - Weight-based chute control for a farm implement: A system and method for discharging material from a chute on a farm implement into a container or bin such that the discharged material is evenly distributed in the container or bin. The system and method includes a farm implement with a bin for holding material, a conveyor for discharging... Agent: Unverferth Manufacturing Company

20140286732 - Hydraulic cable-skate drive system for catwalk: A drive system for a catwalk skate that uses a hydraulic skate-cable drive system. The system includes two counteracting hydraulic cylinders, each with a sheave connected to the cylinder rods, and a cable that winds around each of the sheaves and connects to both ends of the skate.... Agent: Forum Us, Inc.

20140286733 - Load port and efem: There is provided a device capable of effectively increasing the number of wafers that is conveyed inside a wafer transport chamber and capable of improving the wafer conveyance processing capacity if an EFEM is used, without leading to a marked increase in installation area. A load port includes: a plurality... Agent: Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.

20140286734 - Working system provided with servo-controlled automatic operating door: A working system including: a working machine having a door operated so as to be closed at a time of working and be opened at a time of non-working; an automatic changer provided so as to enter and exit from an inside of the working machine through the door to... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140286735 - Lift mechanism for a glass substrate in an exposure machine: A lift mechanism for a glass substrate in an exposure machine is provided, which comprises a base, a lift platform mounted on the top of the base and used to lift the glass substrate, lift bars mounted on the perimeter of the base, and at least one adsorbing devices mounted... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140286736 - Systems, apparatus and methods for transporting substrates in electronic device manufacturing: An electronic device processing system is disclosed. The system includes a transfer chamber including facets and a plurality of single-entry process chambers coupled to the facets, wherein at least some process chambers are non-focalized process chambers, at least one load lock chamber, and a robot apparatus operable to transport substrates... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140286737 - Data storage library: A data storage library comprising a stack of storage modules, each storage module comprising an array of storage slots, the data storage library comprising: a plurality of transmission robots, each transmission robot comprising a tray for transporting a data storage medium to and from a storage slot; and a transmission... Agent:

20140286738 - Continuous-extraction mining system: A material extraction system for an underground mine includes a mobile sizer for sizing removed material, an elevated bunker operable to collect the sized material, and a shuttle car operable to receive the collected material from the elevated bunker. The shuttle car is positioned substantially below the elevated bunker for... Agent:

20140286739 - Bulk material unloading and distribution: The disclosure shows an exemplary system for unloading and distributing bulk materials. In one embodiment, a powered conveyor system including a conveyor belt is coupled with the bed of a truck. There may be one or more wings attached to the truck bed for directing the flow of a bulk... Agent: Partners In Innovation Limited, LLC

20140286740 - Lift system: Embodiments of the invention comprise a self-supporting platform style lift system operating from a transport position to a lifting position for assisting in egress and ingress from a vehicle. In a lifting position, a platform member extends from a rotating frame capable of axial rotation about a vehicle frame. A... Agent:

20140286741 - Substrate processing systems and robot apparatus for transporting substrates in electronic device manufacturing: Robot apparatus, substrate transport systems, and methods are described. The robot apparatus and systems are adapted to efficiently put or pick substrates at a destination by rotating a boom linkage to a position adjacent to the destination and then actuating robot assemblies to put or pick the substrates at the... Agent:

20140286742 - Apparatus, system, and process for the automated retrieval and precise placement of small rods: The present invention provides an apparatus for automated vertical placement of a small rod at a predetermined location, where the apparatus includes a parallel pneumatic gripper having a driver mechanism and a double-v shaped interlocking jaw assembly configured to receive, secure, and release a small rod in a substantially vertical... Agent: Mpi Incorporated

20140286743 - User pay waste disposal device and system: A user pay waste disposal container, having a waste receiving compartment; a waste entry door into the waste receiving compartment; locking means for reversibly locking the waste entry door; and payment means for unlocking the waste entry door. The container may have a waste storage compartment adjacent the waste receiving... Agent:

20140286744 - Vehicle centering system: An automated vehicle centering system for use with a transport mechanism in an automated parking facility comprising a rotatable platform for aligning a vehicle with a conveying direction of the transport mechanism; a plurality of weighing platforms on said rotatable platform for sensing a distribution of a weight of said... Agent: Unitronics Parking Solutions Ltd.

09/18/2014 > 56 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20140271045 - System for attaching a gullwing to a catwalk: A system for connecting a gullwing to a catwalk comprising a gullwing pin movable in an indexer groove that enables a foot pad of the gullwing to remain stationary relative to the catwalk when the gullwing is raised or lowered.... Agent: Forum Us, Inc.

20140271046 - Hydraulic bale distribution system: The inventive technology generally relates to the field of animal feed distribution systems. In particular, the inventive technology includes general as well as specific methods and apparatus for the loading and/or distribution of baled animal feed. The inventive technology may provide for a hydraulically-controlled bale feeding device that may be... Agent: Trav-call, Ltd.

20140271047 - System for processing material for a gasifier: A system for processing material for a gasifier. The system comprises an auger feeder adapted to receive material to be gasified. The auger feeder is adapted to feed the material. A tube is connected to the auger feeder such that the tube is adapted to receive the material from the... Agent:

20140271048 - High throughput, low volume clamshell load lock: A load lock having a reduced volume, thereby allowing faster pumping and venting, is disclosed. The load lock uses a movable bottom wall to modify the volume of the chamber to be pumped. In a first position, the movable wall is disposed so as to create a small internal volume.... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140271051 - Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method: A substrate processing apparatus for processing a substrate includes a transfer device which has a drive motor and transfers a substrate, a peripheral device which has a drive motor and loads and unloads the substrate in substrate-transfer operation of the transfer device, and a control device which conducts drive control... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140271052 - Substrate transfer device for substrate processing system: In one embodiment, a substrate transfer device is equipped with a chamber wall, a table, a linear motor transfer mechanism, an optical window, and a laser measuring instrument. The chamber wall defines a transfer space. The table is housed within the transfer space. It is possible for a substrate to... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140271049 - Vacuum processing apparatus and operating method thereof: In a method of operating the vacuum processing apparatus having the plurality of vacuum transfer chambers connected through the vacuum transfer intermediate chamber and a plurality of vacuum processing vessels connected to the vacuum transfer chambers, respectively, the plurality of vacuum transfer chambers are made to communicate through the vacuum... Agent:

20140271050 - Wafer handling systems and methods: A wafer handling system may include upper and lower linked robot arms that may move a wafer along a nonlinear trajectory between chambers of a semiconductor processing system. These features may result in a smaller footprint in which the semiconductor processing system may operate, smaller transfer chambers, smaller openings in... Agent:

20140271054 - Multi-position batch load lock apparatus and systems and methods including same: Various embodiments of batch load lock apparatus are disclosed. The batch load lock apparatus includes a load lock body including first and second load lock openings, a lift assembly within the load lock body, the lift assembly including multiple wafer stations, each of the multiple wafer stations adapted to provide... Agent:

20140271053 - Pressure-controlled wafer carrier and wafer transport system: Disclosed are a wafer carrier that keeps wafers under a constant pressure, at any preset value below or above the atmospheric pressure, to prevent wafer contaminations arising from atmospheric exposure in conventional wafer carriers, and also, a wafer transport system and method utilizing the same wafer carrier. The wafer carrier... Agent:

20140271055 - Substrate deposition systems, robot transfer apparatus, and methods for electronic device manufacturing: Electronic device processing systems are described. The system includes a mainframe housing having a transfer chamber, a first facet, a second facet opposite the first facet, a third facet, and a fourth facet opposite the third facet, a first carousel assembly coupled to a first facet, a second carousel assembly... Agent:

20140271056 - Unloading system for unloading a circuit board automatically: An unloading system includes a casing, a conveying device, a capturing device and a control device. A first entrance, a first exit and a second exit are formed on the casing. The conveying device is for conveying a carrying component and a circuit board disposed on the carrying component from... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140271057 - Temperature control systems and methods for small batch substrate handling systems: Embodiments of substrate handling systems capable of heating and/or cooling batches of substrates being transferred into and out of various substrate processing chambers are provided. Methods of substrate handling are also provided, as are numerous other aspects.... Agent:

20140271059 - Feed mechanism: A feed mechanism to feed objects for insertion into tobacco industry products including a rotary member for receiving objects, the rotary member having a plurality of channels, each channel being adapted so that in use objects assemble in a row in the channel which rotates with the rotary member, each... Agent: Tobacco Research And Development Institute (proprietary) Limited

20140271060 - Feed mechanism: A feed mechanism to feed objects for insertion into tobacco industry products including a rotary member for receiving objects, the rotary member having a plurality of channels, each channel being adapted so that in use objects assemble in a row in the channel which rotates with the rotary member, each... Agent: Tobacco Research And Development Institute (proprietary) Limited

20140271058 - System and method for positioning a hot glass sheet: A system (10) and method for positioning a hot glass sheet G on a roll conveyor 24 for further processing utilizes sensors (60, 62, 64) for sensing a conveyed glass sheet position and a turntable (72) having an actuator (74) for providing axial shifting of rolls (26) supported on the... Agent: Glasstech, Inc.

20140271061 - Manufacturing system, robot cell apparatus, and method of manufacturing product: A manufacturing system includes a first robot cell apparatus including a first manufacturing robot and a first rack to which the first manufacturing robot is fixed, a second robot cell apparatus including a second manufacturing robot and a second rack to which the second manufacturing robot is fixed, the second... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140271062 - Passenger and vehicle elevator system: The passenger and vehicle elevator system includes a plurality of elevator cars arrayed substantially equidistantly and equiangularly from a central shaft of the building. Each elevator car includes a housing and at least one door. The housing has a floor, a ceiling, and at least one sidewall. A linearly translating... Agent:

20140271063 - Storage and retrieval system: A storage and retrieval system including a vertical array of storage levels, each storage level having storage locations, a multilevel vertical conveyor system configured to transport the uncontained case units to and from the vertical array of storage levels, each storage level being configured to receive uncontained case units from... Agent: Symbotic, LLC

20140271064 - Parallel operation of system components: An example system may include the following features: slots configured to receive devices to be tested; a device transport mechanism to move devices between a shuttle mechanism and slots; a feeder to provide devices untested devices and to receive tested devices; and a shuttle mechanism to receive an untested device... Agent:

20140271065 - Z-drive shipping lock for storage library robotic assembly: A system for selectively disallowing unwinding of a storage library robotic mechanism cable assembly in a direction that would otherwise allow a platform of the robotic mechanism to move downwardly via the force of gravity while at the same time allowing for winding up of the cable assembly and the... Agent:

20140271066 - Independent load sensing for a vehicle hydraulic system: A hydraulic system for a vehicle includes a first hydraulic circuit, a second hydraulic circuit, and a main actuator. The first hydraulic circuit includes a first pump having a flow outlet; a first pressure line having a pump end coupled to the flow outlet of the first pump; and a... Agent: Oshkosh Corporation

20140271067 - End fitting assembly for chain hoist: An end fitting for a chain hoist with a drive chain. The end fitting is configured to receive and absorb forces transferred from the spare tire to the chain as well as maintain the structural integrity of the last chain link of the drive chain and prevent disassembly. The end... Agent: Ventra Group, Inc.

20140271068 - Cargo loader for utility vehicle: A game loader for a vehicle with a wench and a wench cable comprising: a chassis attachment configured to be attachable to a vehicle chassis; a first support member pivotally-connected to the chassis attachment and configured to be selectively movable between an upward position and a lowered position; a game... Agent: Matt 18:20, LLC

20140271069 - Storage carts: A shuttle for carrying an item includes a shuttle body having a raisable platform, a first motor for moving the shuttle body via wheels, and a pair of oppositely mounted linear actuators for actuating to selectively raise the platform to lift an item, the platform being raised by camming devices... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140271070 - Pickup truck loading system: An apparatus for loading a camper-insert, or other large-volume load, onto the bed of a pickup truck comprises a stiff-leg frame for supporting the load from the ground, the frame preventing the load from applying weight to the tail end of the bed with damaging consequences while the load is... Agent:

20140271071 - Self-unloading aggregate train: A self-unloading aggregate train including a plurality of hopper cars and an individual conveyor belt located beneath each hopper car. The head pulley at one end of each individual conveyor belt may rotate the belt in a direction from a tail pulley towards the head pulley. The head pulley of... Agent: Georgetown Rail Equipment Company

20140271072 - Trailer with automated trailer ramp: A trailer having a trailer ramp system that includes a trailer ramp coupled with the trailer and an actuator pivotally coupled to the trailer on a first end of the actuator and pivotally coupled to the trailer ramp on a second end of the actuator. The actuator is located below... Agent: Pj Trailers, Inc.

20140271073 - Open-center hydraulic system with machine information-based flow control: A work vehicle is provided including at least one work tool and an open-center hydraulic circuit that supplies hydraulic fluid to operate the at least one work tool. The hydraulic circuit includes a variable displacement pump and a controller in electrical communication with the pump, the controller receiving an electrical... Agent: Deere & Company

20140271074 - Construction machine control system: The invention provides a construction machine control system comprising a working tool (7), a working arm (5) for supporting the working tool and for operating the working tool as required, a machine body (2) for supporting the working arm and for being rotatable, a rotating direction acquiring unit (13, 14)... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

20140271075 - Reel with stepped configuration: A reel system includes a reel having a rotational axis, the reel including a plurality of ledges spaced radially from the rotational axis, the ledges defining a stepped configuration along an interior surface of the reel. The reel system also includes a first clamp having a first width and a... Agent: Harnischfeger Technologies, Inc.

20140271076 - Weighted boom assembly: A boom assembly includes a lower boom, an intermediate member, an upper boom, an intermediate link, and an actuator coupled between the intermediate member and the upper boom. The lower boom includes an intermediate member end and a base end, and the base end is configured to be pivotally coupled... Agent:

20140271077 - Composite material structures configured for alternating compressive and tensile loading: A composite material structure and a method for making the composite material structure are provided. The composite material structure includes a first stack of fiber panels arranged with fibers parallel to a loading axis to accommodate a first tension load in a first plane. The composite material structure includes a... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140271078 - Lift arm structure with an articulated knee portion: A lift arm structure for use on a power machine is disclosed. As disclosed, the lift arm structure includes an articulated knee portion pivotally attached to a main lift arm portion. The articulated knee portion is pivotally coupled to a distal end of the main lift arm portion at a... Agent:

20140271079 - Hydraulic grapple damper: A work vehicle is disclosed having a chassis, a work tool rotatably coupled to the chassis, and one or more hydraulic dampers. The hydraulic damper includes a moveable body that resists rotation in a hydraulic chamber to resist rotation of the work tool relative to the chassis.... Agent:

20140271080 - Robot system, crane tool, and conveyance method: A crane tool includes: a hook portion for hanging a work, attached to one arm section in a first robot arm having a base, a plurality of arm sections connected to the base in series, and a plurality of joints adapted to swing the arm sections, respectively, the crane tool;... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140271081 - Shutter blade and robot blade with cte compensation: Processing chamber shutter blade and robot blade assemblies are constructed to eliminate thermal effects on the placement of elements in processing chambers. Such blade assemblies may contain at least two parts, which may include a positioning member including a low CTE material and a thermal compensating member including a high... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140271082 - Pick-and-place feeder module assembly: A pick-and-place machine and method includes use of a passive component feeder cartridge including a feeder gear. Rotation of the feeder gear causes a component-bearing tape to be fed through the feeder cartridge. A pickup head includes a vacuum nozzle to pick up the components from the tape and a... Agent:

20140271083 - Semiconductor wafer handling and transport: A substrate processing system including at least two vertically stacked transport chambers, each of the vertically stacked transport chambers including a plurality of openings arranged to form vertical stacks of openings configured for coupling to vertically stacked process modules, at least one of the vertically stacked transport chambers includes at... Agent: Brooks Automation, Inc.

20140271084 - Apparatus and method for automatic pitch conversion of pick and place heads, pick and place head and pick and place device: An apparatus for automatic pitch conversion for pick and place heads, comprising at least one auto pitch station for adjusting a pitch in a X-coordinate direction and/or adjusting a pitch in a Y-coordinate direction of pickers/grippers of a pick and place heads; a first actuator, operated by a motor gear... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140271085 - Substrate position aligner: A substrate position aligner includes a substrate holding assembly, a plurality of rollers, a rotation mechanism, and a sensor. The substrate holding assembly is configured to hold a substrate in a vertical orientation. The plurality of rollers include at least two idler rollers and a drive roller. Each roller has... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140271086 - Workpiece flipping mechanism for space-constrained environment: In one embodiment, a flipping module operable to flip a workpiece delivered by a robot in a vacuum transfer chamber (VTC) includes a gripper disposed outside a working envelope of the robot in a parked position in a vacuum environment of the VTC, and an actuator operable to move the... Agent: Genmark Automation, Inc.

20140271087 - System and method of automatic feeder stack management: Embodiments of a system and method for singulating articles in an automatic stack feeder are disclosed. The automatic stack feeder may comprise a pressure sensor on a perforated drive belt assembly configured to sense the pressure exerted by a stack of articles. The sensed pressure may be used to control... Agent:

20140271088 - Article feeder with a retractable product guide: An automatic stack feeder having a moveable stack or product guide is disclosed. The automatic stack feeder may be configured to receive a stack of articles and a container enclosing a stack of articles. To ensure the stack of articles is properly supported following unloading from the container, the stack... Agent:

20140271089 - System and method of unloading a container of items: Embodiments of a system and method for unloading articles from a container of items for use in an automatic stack feeder are disclosed. The automatic stack feeder may comprise a belt, a moveable lower paddle, and a moveable upper paddle, wherein the lower paddle is configured to partially extend through... Agent:

20140271090 - System and method of article feeder operation: Embodiments of a system and method for shingulating, singulating, and synchronizing articles in an article feeder system are disclosed. The article feeder system may include a shingulating device configured to receive a stack of articles and to produce a positively lapped stack of articles, a plurality of picking devices configured... Agent:

20140271091 - Anti-rotation device and method of use: A device for reducing rotation of an article during singulation of a stack of articles is disclosed. The device may include a torsion element, a rotatable member configured to rotate about an elongated axis of the torsion element between a first position and a second position, and a revolving member... Agent:

20140271092 - Lift efficiency improvement mechanism for turbine casing service wedge: A lift efficiency improvement mechanism is provided for use with a service wedge configured to be removably installed in an access slot of a turbine casing. The lift efficiency improvement mechanism includes a connector element, which is connectable with the turbine casing proximate to the access slot and a manually... Agent: General Electric Company

20140271094 - Low profile walking machine and method of operation: A walking system for moving a load over the ground includes a substructure having laterally spaced-apart, rigidly interconnected main beams for carrying the load. A jack support beam is mounted as a cantilever on top of each main beam, and each includes a lifting jack assembly. Each lifting jack assembly... Agent: Columbia Industries LLC

20140271093 - Self-strapping round bale trailer: A bale retention system for retaining bales of material on a trailer, the system including a trailer with a horizontal trailer bed having first and second ends, a bale retention wall extending upwardly from the trailer bed and extending between the first and second ends of the trailer bed, and... Agent:

20140271095 - Stair traversing delivery apparatus: According to an aspect of the invention, an apparatus for transporting objects comprises a frame for receiving at least one object, at least one handle coupled to the frame, at least one set of wheels coupled to the frame, at least one track coupled to the frame, wherein the track... Agent: Ell Operations, Inc.

20140271096 - Method for processing material for a gasifier: A method for providing material to a gasifier. The method comprises providing a feedstock. A flow of the feedstock is formed. The flow is then delivered to a gasifier such that it provides a substantially airtight seal to the gasifier.... Agent:

20140271097 - Processing systems and methods for halide scavenging: Systems, chambers, and processes are provided for controlling process defects caused by moisture contamination. The systems may provide configurations for chambers to perform multiple operations in a vacuum or controlled environment. The chambers may include configurations to provide additional processing capabilities in combination chamber designs. The methods may provide for... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140271099 - Devices and methods for use in bin sweep operations: A method of controlling entry of a bin entrant into a bin in which a bin sweep is located and controlling operation of the bin sweep by the bin entrant within the bin, the method including the steps of providing a system that includes a bin sweep, a human safe... Agent:

20140271098 - Vertical structure bracket mount apparatus and system: A bracket mount for a disposal bin includes a vertical support plate for engaging a vertical structure, such as a wall or washroom partition; a bin plate for engaging the disposal bin, wherein the bin plate and the vertical support plate are pivotally engaged; and a cover stilt for supporting... Agent: Xela Innovations, LLC

20140271100 - Sliding loading ramp: A sliding ramp can include at least two platforms. The platforms of the sliding ramp can be slidably connected to provide a storage position and an operational position. The platforms can include male and female members. The male and female members can facilitate the slidable relationship between the two platforms.... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 30 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140255129 - Bar puller: In a bar puller, pins mount serrated rollers to pivoting arms, which are mounted by additional pins to a bar puller body. The body houses movable cups positioned to compress springs in response to pivoting motion of the pivoting arms. A cover retains the springs and cups in the body.... Agent:

20140255130 - Dock-to-rail and rail-to-dock container handling system and method: A land-based shipping container handling system includes at least one transfer stack region. Each transfer stack region includes a rail mounted gantry (RMG) defining a three-dimensional operating region. At least one rail line and at least one row of shipping containers are maintained in the operating region. An elevated platform... Agent: Virginia International Terminals, LLC

20140255131 - Handling device: A handling device includes a support seat defining an inserting hole, a first driving member, and a handling assembly. The first driving member is assembled to the support seat and is aligned with the inserting hole. The handling assembly includes a mounting seat, a transmission subassembly, a second driving member,... Agent: Fu Ding Electronical Technology (jiashan) Co.,ltd.

20140255132 - Storage and distribution device and method based on arrangement whereby largest sides of boxed products are in contact with one another: A storage and distribution device and method based on an arrangement whereby the largest sides of boxed products are in contact with one another are disclosed. The device includes a storage device, a blind door and a restocking manipulator. The blind door is disposed at the front of the storage... Agent:

20140255133 - Systems and methods for converter bed unloading and loading: A system and method for loading material from a converter bed, such as that in a converter of an acid plant, is provided. The system, may include a vacuum source; a dust collector connected to the vacuum source by a first vacuum hose; a cyclone operatively connected to the vacuum... Agent: Environmental Acid Solutions, LLC

20140255134 - Track-mounted wheel restraint systems: Example manual wheel restraint systems and methods for restraining a vehicle at a loading dock include are disclosed herein. An example wheel restraint disclosed herein includes a retractable wheel-blocking barrier mounted to a carrier that can be repositioned along a track, where the track is anchored to a driveway of... Agent:

20140255135 - Tow bar attachment: A tow bar attachment (10) having a holder (11) mounted thereon the tow bar attachment (10) is intended to be mounted on a towing vehicle such that the tow bar attachment (10) is fixed thereto. The holder (11) is adapted to carry a front wheel (12) of a two-wheeled vehicle... Agent: Liftow Ride Pty Ltd

20140255136 - Carrier adjustable headboard: An adjustable headboard for a carrier vehicle includes a hoop with a first frame member having a proximal end and a distal end, a second frame member having a proximal end and a distal end, and a connecting member extending between the distal end of the first frame member and... Agent: Oshkosh Corporation

20140255137 - System for moving loads: A system for moving loads including a cargo compartment floor into which there is integrated at least one roller conveyor permitting displacement of a load in a direction parallel to a surface of said cargo compartment floor. The system also comprises a transport vehicle comprising a drive system and a... Agent:

20140255138 - Ramp system for installation in a vehicle: A ramp system for installation on a vehicle, and a vehicle for conveying wheelchair users. The ramp system includes an intermediate element having a longitudinal guide and a ride-on access plate. The ride-on access plate is moveable from a vertical transport position to a horizontal stowage position by pivoting about... Agent: Amf-bruns Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140255139 - Method and system for transporting containers by modular aircraft: Method for transporting containers in which a group of containers includes a subset M assigned to the transportation of goods and a subset V assigned to the transportation of a dismountable vehicle, wherein before it is shipped, the disassembled vehicle is loaded into the containers of subset V, between the... Agent: Voliris

20140255140 - Narrow aisle load handler and material handling vehicle including a narrow aisle load handler: A material handling vehicle includes a vehicle body with a vertically extendible mast fixed to the vehicle body. A fork support is fixed relative to the mast and has a first side and a second side. The first side faces away from the second side. A first fork is mounted... Agent:

20140255141 - Tray gripper head: This invention relates to gripper head for unstacking a stack of trays, each tray provided with a relief of pockets with edge portions and loaded with eggs, the gripper head provided with a holder frame,—having included therein a matrix of suction heads connected with an air suction system, the suction... Agent:

20140255142 - Container skate: A container skate of synthetic material facilitates movement of a container. A sliding body has two inclined ends facilitating sliding of the body in opposite directions with a container thereon without further damage to the container or support surface over which it is moved. The body has an upstanding plug... Agent:

20140255143 - Controller configured to control power from source to drain: Disclosed is a controller configured to control a flow of current from a source to a drain. The controller may be equipped with a receiver. Thus, the control of electricity may be controlled remotely. Disclosed also is a system that includes a power source, a drain, and a controller connecting... Agent:

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