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Material or article handling

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05/21/2015 > 19 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150139756 - Transport assist apparatrus: According to one embodiment, a transport assist apparatus includes a backpack, a straight-move support unit and a drive unit. The straight-move support unit is connected to the backpack and includes a support member configured to be driven so as to make an end of the support member contact a floor... Agent:

20150139757 - Foot-activated media supply devices: A sheet supply device has a bottom contacting or resting on an external surface. The sheet supply device stores sheets of media and supplies the sheets of media to a processing device. The sheet supply device comprises a controller device, a platform supporting the sheets of media, and a foot-activated... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150139758 - Substrate conveyance method, and substrate conveyance device: The purpose of the present invention is to accurately deal with a variety of processing conditions and variations thereof, and to improve total throughput by efficiently operating a conveyance arm device in accordance with the processing conditions, even during cleaning. When a first wafer is loaded on a load-lock chamber,... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150139759 - Rotation mechanism: A rotation mechanism includes a mandrel, a rotation axle, a needle roller bearing and an angular bearing. The mandrel includes a shaft portion, a first annular contact portion and a second annular contact portion. The shaft portion has an outer surface, and the first annular contact portion and the second... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150139760 - Substrate conveyance method and substrate processing apparatus: Provided is a substrate conveyance method where a segment which can simultaneously hold M pieces of substrates defined by an integer M of 2 or more is provided, and a substrate conveyance part can simultaneously convey N pieces of substrates defined by an integer N of 2 or more which... Agent:

20150139761 - Garage and charging connector device thereof: A garage and a charging connector device thereof are provided. The charging connector device comprises a plug, a mounting seat and a charging socket. The plug is mounted to the mounting seat. The mounting seat has a guide shaft. The charging socket has a guide sleeve engageable with or disengageable... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20150139762 - Hall effect sensor grid array guidance system: A parking system includes automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for moving automobiles to and from parking spaces in a parking facility. Each AGV is provided with a Hall effect sensor array. The parking facility has magnet arrays affixed to the floor of the parking facility. Each magnet array includes a plurality... Agent:

20150139763 - Apparatus to load electrode cap magazines: A device for rotating, positioning, and introducing electrode caps for welding electrodes into a magazine. A rotating electrode cap channel is connected to a spiral conveyor. The electrode caps stand on a cap end-face provided with a bore on the spiral conveyor end, and they are rotated by 90°. The... Agent: Br&#xc4 Uer Systemtechnik Gmbh

20150139764 - Empty vehicle lifter for vehicle assembly line: Disclosed is an empty vehicle lifter for a vehicle assembly line. The empty vehicle lifter for a vehicle assembly line may lift a vehicle in an empty vehicle condition in a vehicle assembly line, and may include: i) four post frames which are substantially vertically installed on a floor of... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20150139765 - Folding auger assembly for an agricultural harvester: An agricultural combine including an agricultural harvester, a crop tank for harvested material, an unloading auger for unloading and discharging crop material. The auger assembly has first and second auger tubes pivotally connected to one another. The auger tubes pivot between a first position in which the auger tubes are... Agent:

20150139766 - Robotic bin management system and method: One embodiment is directed to a personal robotic system, comprising: an electromechanical mobile base defining a cross-sectional envelope when viewed in a plane substantially parallel to a plane of a floor upon which the mobile base is operated; a torso assembly movably coupled to the mobile base; a head assembly... Agent: Willow Garage, Inc.

20150139767 - Construction vehicle: This invention includes a hydraulic pump (9), a working implement (107) having a lift cylinder (13) driven by a hydraulic fluid supplied from the hydraulic pump (9), an operating device (104) for operating the working implement (107), a traveling motor (7) for driving wheels, and a main controller (100). When... Agent:

20150139768 - Construction machine: A left weight mounting part (16) and a right weight mounting part (17) are provided with rear ends of a left vertical plate (8) and a right vertical plate (9) of a main frame (6), and a placing plate (24) adapted to place a battery (29) thereon is provided between... Agent:

20150139769 - System and method for a self-contained lifting device: A modular lifting system, including an enclosable lifting device support structure. The enclosable lifting device support structure includes a deployable top, a plurality of lateral sides, a base coupled to the plurality of lateral sides, and a plurality of extension arms. The deployable top is configured to support a lifting... Agent:

20150139770 - Sealed robot drive: A transport apparatus including a housing, a drive mounted to the housing, and at least one transport arm connected to the drive where the drive includes at least one rotor having at least one salient pole of magnetic permeable material and disposed in an isolated environment, at least one stator... Agent:

20150139771 - Device for layered stacking a support: A device for automatically stacking packages on a support comprising at least one feeding conveyor; a lifting and lowering unit for lifting and lowering a pallet; a position conveyor embodied as a travel container, which is arranged horizontally and longitudinally to one side of the storage place, in order to... Agent:

20150139772 - Apparatus for transporting articles, in particular packaging means: The invention relates to a device for transporting objects, in particular packaging means, said device comprising a continuous conveying section (3) and a plurality of conveying assemblies (40) that circulate on the conveying section (3). Each conveying assembly (40) comprises a first conveying element (4) and a second conveying element... Agent:

20150139773 - System and method for transporting tubular onto a drilling rig: A conveyor assembly for transporting tubular onto a drilling rig includes a plurality of conveyor sections coupled together end to end. The conveyor sections are configured to receive and transport the tubular. Each of the plurality of conveyor sections includes a conveyor belt having treads for transporting the tubular along... Agent: Tesco Corporation

20150139774 - Rotary chuck: A rotary chuck includes a clamp assembly, a first drive mechanism for operating the clamp assembly to clamp an associated workpiece, a frame rotationally fixed to the clamp assembly, and a second drive mechanism for rotating the frame and the clamp assembly. The second drive mechanism can rotate the frame... Agent: Greenlee Textron Inc.

05/14/2015 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150132082 - Pre-assembly of casework components in shipping container: A system and method for pre-assembly of interior casework components for a wall space of a dwelling unit employs a container box formed as a rigid container shell in a quadrangular shape sized to fit through a standard minimum door opening of a dwelling unit. The container shell is formed... Agent:

20150132083 - Breakage prevention mechanism of transfer apparatus and transfer apparatus using thereof: A breakage prevention mechanism is configured to prevent deformation or breakage of a crossbar and transfer the work even in the condition where a pair of left and right arm supporting the both end of the cross bar is displaced beyond assumption. The breakage prevention mechanism is equipped with a... Agent:

20150132087 - Core storage and management system: b

20150132084 - Interlinking system for overhead transfer devices: The invention relates to an interlinking system for overhead transfer devices having at least two portals for the transport of workpieces or of workpieces on pallets between machines and/or supply/removal devices and vice versa. Each of the portals is in this respect equipped with at least one loading unit and... Agent:

20150132085 - Substrate processing system: A first transfer apparatus unloads and transfers substrates from a cassette. A first accommodating unit accommodates the substrates. First substrate processing units divided into at least two groups and arranged in a height direction performs a process to the substrates. Second accommodating units respectively corresponding to the groups are arranged... Agent:

20150132086 - Substrate processing system: A first transfer apparatus unloads and transfers substrates from a cassette. A first accommodating unit accommodates the substrates. First substrate processing units are divided into at least two groups arranged in a height direction. Second accommodating units corresponding to the groups are arranged to be parallel with the first accommodating... Agent:

20150132088 - Sheet insert device, sheet processing apparatus and sheet processing method: According to one embodiment, a sheet insert device includes a cassette having a plurality of containing portions each of which contains a plurality of sheets in a vertically stacked state, a moving structure to move the cassette so that the plurality of containing portions are arranged in turn at a... Agent:

20150132089 - System and method for changing tires: This disclosure relates to a system and method for changing tires. A tire-changing device can comprise a frame and a tire holder. The frame can comprise a U-shaped frame and an L-shaped frame. The U-shaped frame can comprise a base and a pair of shafts. Each of the shafts can... Agent:

20150132090 - Cargo carrier systems for passenger trucks: Disclosed is a system to assist hauling and loading of cargo above a passenger truck. The system has a forward frame and a rearward frame that are pivotally attached to the cargo area of the passenger truck. The frames tilt between an upright stowage position and a downward loading position.... Agent:

20150132091 - Vehicle hook hoist: Disclosed is a vehicle-mounted lift system for use with a container that includes a frame, a carriage coupled to the frame which can move longitudinally along the frame, a first support attached to and extending above the carriage, an arm rotatably attached to the first support at an arm pivot... Agent:

20150132092 - Self-contained self-leveling moving and storage container and system: A five-legged moving and storage container has self-leveling or self-raising ability: two wheeled legs at the second end of the device extend as the first end is pulled up a tilted tow truck bed. By extending the legs to raise the second end of the moving container at the same... Agent:

20150132093 - Grain unloader for combine harvester: A combine has a grain bin with a sump and an unloading system for unloading grain out of the bin. The unloading system has a pivoting unloading tube assembly movable between a storage position and an unloading position. The unloading tube assembly has an inner riser section and a variable-length... Agent:

20150132094 - Working machine and method for operating working machine: A working machine includes: a first switch operable to set an operation amount; a second switch operable by being pressed; a control unit capable of detecting an operation of the first switch and an operation of the second switch, the control unit outputting a control signal based on the operation... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20150132095 - Working machine: A working machine includes: a machine frame; an operator seat provided on the machine frame; a boom arranged on each side of the operator seat; a boom base portion being a part of the boom, the boom base portion being provided to a position corresponding to a rear portion side... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20150132096 - Apparatus for moving and grouping flat products: The apparatus for moving and grouping flat products (10) having two main faces and a perimetral edge comprises: a conveyor device (16) from which catch elements (18) suitable for pushing the products (10) along a longitudinal conveying direction protrude; a plurality of magazines (22) which contain stacks of products (10)... Agent: Sps Italiana Pack Systems S.p.a.

20150132097 - Anti-tip roller: The present invention is a file cabinet with a roller positioned on the bottom of the cabinet in proximity to a front edge of the cabinet to prevent the cabinet from tipping over when acted on by a force generally perpendicular to the front edge. The present invention also provides... Agent:

20150132098 - Device the conveying and handling of products: e

20150132099 - Method and device for lifting an object from the sea floor: The invention relates to a method for lifting an object (1) from the sea floor, comprising the steps: coupling of the object (1) to a buoyancy balloon (10), and a buoyant motion of said buoyancy balloon (10) with the object (1), the buoyancy balloon (10) being filled with a buoyancy... Agent:

20150132100 - Temperature controlled loadlock chamber: A temperature controlled loadlock chamber for use in semiconductor processing is provided. The temperature controlled loadlock chamber may include one or more of an adjustable fluid pump, mass flow controller, one or more temperature sensors, and a controller. The adjustable fluid pump provides fluid having a predetermined temperature to a... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150125237 - Production line oven: A production line oven includes a product gripping mechanism mounted above one side of the production line oven, a plurality of fixtures, a fixture gripping mechanism mounted under the product gripping mechanism, a lifting mechanism, and a conveyor mounted in other side of the production line oven. The product gripping... Agent:

20150125238 - Conveyance device and substrate processing system: A conveyance device, which conveys wafers in a casing 30, includes a primary blowing fan 17 that generates airflow within the casing 30 in a first direction; a discharge opening 26 that is located at a downstream side of the airflow generated by the primary blowing fan 17, is interconnected... Agent:

20150125239 - System and method for rotational transfer of articles between vacuum and non-vacuum environments: A device for transferring articles between an atmospheric pressure environment and a vacuum environment includes a transfer housing having an atmospheric transfer port, a pumping port, a vacuum transfer port, and a venting port disposed in a circumferentially-spaced relationship. The vacuum transfer port is in communication with the vacuum environment... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20150125240 - Dynamic pitch substrate lift: An apparatus for dynamically adjusting the pitch between substrates in a substrate stack comprises first and second lift portions. The first lift portion supports a first group of the plurality of substrates, and the second lift portion supports a second group of the plurality of substrates. The first and second... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20150125241 - Method for manufacturing tire covers:

20150125242 - Apparatus and method for the insertion of films in tablet presses: The invention relates to a device for transferring, depositing and positioning films that are used as cores in coating-core tablets, in matrices of tablet presses, said device comprising at least three modules, a. module 1 (11) comprising at least one storage unit that contains the films, and/or at least one... Agent: Korsch Ag

20150125243 - Handling system for transport units of live poultry in a slaughterhouse: A handling system for transport units of live poultry in a slaughterhouse, includes an inlet station, a transfer line to receive drawer-like cages extracted from supporting frames of the transport units, and an extraction device. Between the inlet station and the transfer line a rigid receiving structure of the two... Agent:

20150125244 - Cask transport assembly: A low profile transport device includes a frame having a top surface and a recess disposed along the top surface to hold and transport an object. The low profile transport device also includes a plurality of wheels disposed below the frame that support the frame, and a plurality of pivotable... Agent:

20150125245 - Ladder loading system: A ladder loading system includes a base frame and a stowage frame, wherein the stowage frame is rotatable relative to the base frame. The stowage frame and base frame are connected at a least one pivot having a main pivot axis. The ladder loading system includes a linkage mechanism. The... Agent:

20150125247 - Crucible shuttle assembly: A crucible handling shuttle includes a pair of opposed dual crucible-gripping arms mounted on a rotatable head and moves between an induction furnace pedestal and a crucible loading station, such that one pair of arms pick up a crucible loaded with a preweighed sample, the shuttle moves to the induction... Agent: Leco Corporation

20150125246 - Oven transfer apparatus having a discontinuous conveyor belt: An apparatus for transporting and for transferring substantially non-rigid cookie shaped bodies onto a heated surface such as, for example, a baking belt of a cookie (biscuit) baking machine. The apparatus has a circulating, driven belt-shaped conveyor belt, which is guided around at least one deflecting roller, around a drive... Agent:

20150125248 - Construction machine: Provided is a construction machine including an upper slewing body slewably mounted on a lower travelling body and an electric component attached to the upper slewing body. The upper slewing body includes an operator seat, a seat stand including a top plate portion having an upper surface on which the... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150125249 - Integrated stacking device and conveyor: The invention comprises a container stacking operation integrated into a conveyor system for transporting products such as totes or containers. In a preferred embodiment a vertical stacking operation is located proximal to a product delivery station so that the use and storage of containers or totes can be efficiently integrated... Agent:

20150125251 - Apparatus and method for assisting carrying of objects by hand: An apparatus and a method of using the apparatus for assisting in the carrying of an object having a handle are disclosed. The apparatus is in one embodiment a strap formed into a loop with a reinforcing member attached to a portion of the loop so as to create a... Agent:

20150125252 - Crawler for transporting heavy loads, system comprising a plurality of crawlers and method for transporting heavy loads: A crawler for transporting loads, having at least two chain drive units (12a, 12b) and a bearing unit (16) on a chassis (14) between the chain drive units (12a, 12b), to a system comprising a plurality of crawlers of this type and to a method for transporting loads. In order... Agent:

20150125250 - Livestock chute puller and a method of using the same: A cart enabling a single person to pull a livestock chute across the ground. The cart includes a bar having a handle and wheels provided at opposing ends. The bar includes first and second members pivotally engaged together. A crossbar pivotally mounted on the bar includes first and second arms... Agent: Weaver Leather, LLC

20150125254 - Low profile cargo handling system: Different advantageous embodiments provide a method and apparatus to increase a clearance of a cargo area of an aircraft. The apparatus and method may comprise an aircraft with a cargo area. A tray system may have a plurality of segment trays with each segment tray positioned between a plurality of... Agent:

20150125253 - Method and system for processing glacial water: Methods and systems for recovering, processing, containing, and transporting water obtained from an ice source, i.e., a glacier, ice sheet, ice cap, etc., are described herein. The ice obtained from the ice source holds unique properties and is processed as a beverage for consumption having unique properties. Further, the resulting... Agent:

20150125255 - Systems and methods for implementing unique stack registration using rotating shelf structures for set compiling in image forming devices: A system and method are provided for improving stack integrity for a set of image receiving media substrates at an output of a compiler in an image forming device positioning a plurality of pairs of rotating shelf structures in a vicinity of an exit/ejection port of an image receiving media... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150125256 - Apparatus for unloading material from a truck bed: An improved tarp specifically configured and adapted for transporting cargo in a truck bed, and unloading cargo from the truck bed at a desired location. The tarp includes several foldable flaps or panels which may be used to secure the cargo within the tarp. The tarp may include several loops... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 29 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150117984 - Seed cart: A seed cart includes first and second mating frames. The hopper is mounted on the first frame for holding seed and has an outlet to discharge the seed. A conveyor is mounted on the second frame for movement between seed loading and unloading positions. A plurality of cylinders with extendible... Agent:

20150117985 - Pipe conveyor apparatus: A pipe conveyor apparatus for transporting a joint of pipe between a pipe storage rack and a rig floor elevated above the pipe storage rack. The apparatus includes at least two boom assemblies and a drive assembly. The boom assemblies are positioned such that booms are positioned in a spaced... Agent:

20150117986 - Mechanisms for chraging gas into cassette pod: Embodiments of mechanisms for charging a gas into a cassette pod are provided. A method for charging a gas into a cassette pod includes loading at least one semiconductor wafer into a housing of the cassette pod after the at least one semiconductor wafer is processed by a processing apparatus.... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd

20150117987 - Substrate treating apparatus, drive assembly, and drive member controlling method: Provided is a substrate treating apparatus. The substrate treating apparatus includes: a transfer chamber conveying a substrate; a process chamber disposed adjacent to the transfer chamber and performing a treating process o the substrate; and a drive assembly supplying a power by which a component of the transfer chamber or... Agent:

20150117988 - Cassette transfer apparatus and cassette transferring method using the same: A cassette transfer apparatus includes a holding unit configured to hold a cassette having a wafer loaded therein, the cassette having at least one stepped part, and the holding unit including at least one holding part configured to have the at least one stepped part placed thereon. The at least... Agent:

20150117989 - Bilateral door-type automatic material-taking device: A bilateral door-type automatic material-taking device includes a feed table located between two machine tools and a material-taking mechanism having a lifting unit, a linear displacement unit and a robotic arm. The lifting unit has a fixed member, a sliding member and a positioning member. The fixed member is fixed... Agent: Barload Machine Co., Ltd.

20150117991 - Door-type automatic material-taking device: A door-type automatic material-taking device includes a feed table for holding workpieces and a material-taking mechanism having a lifting unit, a linear displacement unit and a robotic arm. The lifting unit has a fixed member, a sliding member and a positioning member. The fixed member is fixed to the feed... Agent: Barload Machine Co., Ltd

20150117990 - Front door-type automatic material-taking device: A front door-type automatic material-taking device includes a feed table, a material-taking mechanism and a sliding mechanism. The feed table is positioned in front of a machine tool and serves to hold workpieces. The material-taking mechanism includes a linear displacement unit and a robotic arm. The linear displacement unit is... Agent: Barload Machine Co., Ltd

20150117992 - Library device, library control method, and computer readable recording medium: A library device includes cell units which include a plurality of cells each configured to hold a cartridge, the cell units being loaded in a rack in a state where the cell units are arranged at least along a width direction of the rack to be capable of sliding out... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150117993 - Automated workpiece loading/unloading device: An automated workpiece loading/unloading device comprises a housing, an electrical box, a workpiece driving device, an elevating mechanism, and a workpiece holding device. The elevating mechanism comprises a movable platform. The workpiece holding device can be assembled to the movable platform and configured to hold a plurality of workpieces. The... Agent:

20150117994 - Front-end carrier for a prime mover: A utility carrier that attaches to a hydraulically actuated hitch interface for a tractor, skid steer vehicle, or similar vehicle. The utility carrier has an L-shaped frame including a back panel and a floor. Couplers for releasable mounting of the carrier to a variety of hitch interfaces are mounted on... Agent:

20150117995 - System and method for maneuvering a mobile drive unit: A mobile drive unit is provided for transporting an inventory holder. The mobile drive unit is operable to dock with the inventory holder, move the inventory holder in a first translational direction, and while docked with the inventory holder, selectively rotate the inventory holder while continuing to move in the... Agent:

20150117996 - Container system with lift interface device and vehicle: A lift interface device for releasably coupling a vehicle to a container, the vehicle of the type engaging the container through a passage under the container, the lift interface device comprises a base adapted to be secured to the vehicle. A frame is positioned over the vehicle and connected to... Agent:

20150117997 - Transfer trailer for loading bales of forage into a transport vehicle: A transfer trailer for loading bales of forage into a transport vehicle includes a press wall mounted on a horizontal deck to be movable between a loading position and a transfer end of the trailer, and the transfer trailer has a sizing structure disposed at the transfer end formed of... Agent:

20150117998 - Work vehicle with loader controlled cab tilting: A work vehicle includes a front axle, a rear axle, a chassis, a cab pivotally coupled to the chassis, a boom movably mounted on the chassis, and a boom cylinder for raising and lowering the boom. A rear suspension member raises and lowers the cab with respect to the rear... Agent: Deere & Company

20150117999 - Transport unit and transport apparatus: The present invention provides a transport unit comprising a base member, a transport mechanism and a positioning mechanism. The base member includes a bottom wall extending in a transport direction and a pair of side walls standing upright from two side portions, respectively, of the bottom wall. The transport mechanism... Agent: Hirata Corporation

20150118000 - Device for transferring stacks of blister packs: The device for transferring stacks of blister packs comprises at least one transfer cassette for holding a stack of blister packs, the transfer cassette comprising a bottom element and at least two opposing side boundary elements. A transfer cassette motion unit serves to move the transfer cassette in the conveying... Agent:

20150118001 - System and method of manufacturing composite modules: A system for producing a fibre-reinforced composite module, such as a panel module, having an integrated stiffening structure for an aircraft or spacecraft includes a form core assembly station for assembling a plurality of form cores covered with reinforcing fibre layers to constitute at least one stiffening element of the... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150118002 - Turnover apparatus: A turnover apparatus for turning over a workpiece includes a first support frame, a second support frame, and a workpiece turnover mechanism. The workpiece turnover mechanism includes a lifting assembly and a turnover assembly. The lifting assembly includes a first driving element, a movable gripper driven by the first driving... Agent:

20150118003 - Vehicle frame turnover system and method: A system for turning over a vehicle frame defining openings and having a longitudinal center axis includes first and second robots each having an end effector. Each end effector has a pair of oppositely-positioned locator pins, at least one of which is selectively moveable toward the other. A controller is... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150118004 - Method and machine for forming bag packs: According to a method for forming packs of flat bags, a continuous line of bags moving in an oriented direction of advance is received. The bags are moved onto a receiving table on which the bags are stacked while being stopped from moving in the oriented direction of advance by... Agent: Holweg Group

20150118005 - Dual recyclables and non-recyclable waste collection device and method therefor: A device for commercial waste collection has a first container and a second container. A lid covers the first container. A first pair of lifting sleeves is attached to side surfaces of the first container for lifting the first container. A second pair of lifting sleeves is attached to side... Agent:

20150118008 - Enhanced material processing device and method: An enhanced material-processing device and method are disclosed, having a processing tool of substantially circular circumference, which is operative with a power tool having a rotating spindle and jaws, which clamp the processing tool. The enhanced material-processing device has a central opening that is entered concentrically in the processing tool... Agent:

20150118009 - Graphite wafer carrier for led epitaxial wafer processes: A graphite wafer carrier for LED epitaxial wafer processes, having a plurality of wafer pocket profiles above the carrier for carrying the epitaxial wafer substrate. The inner edge of the wafer pocket profile is a concave step with a plurality of inward-extended support portions; and also has a graphite wafer... Agent: Xiamen Sanan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150118006 - Storage and transport apparatus and method of using same: A transport and storage apparatus includes two support members pivotally connected to a substantially rectangular base platform at opposed sides of the platform, and a plurality of wheels are attached to the bottom surface of the base platform. The base can include first and second end sections pivotally connected to... Agent:

20150118007 - Systems and methods for aligning objects: Methods herein relate to aligning objects and can include aligning a transmitter and a receiver to establish a reference line, advancing one or more objects in a direction of advance toward the reference line, interrupting the reference line with the one or more objects and withdrawing the one or more... Agent:

20150118010 - Article of furniture and method of stacking the same: An article of furniture includes a structure having a surface that supports a weight. The surface may be tiltable from a first position in which the surface is flat or substantially horizontal and a second position in which the surface is substantially vertical. At least one leg rotating mechanism may... Agent:

20150118011 - Tray stacker system and method of operation thereof: A system and method of operation of a tray stacker system includes: an input stacker for providing a source tray having a plurality of electrical components; an unload receptacle for receiving the source tray from the input stacker; an output stacker for providing the target tray empty of the electrical... Agent: Data I/o Corporation

20150118012 - Wafer entry port with gas concentration attenuators: The embodiments herein relate to methods and apparatus for inserting a substrate into a processing chamber. While many of the disclosed embodiments are described in relation to insertion of a semiconductor substrate into an anneal chamber with minimal introduction of oxygen, the implementations are not so limited. The disclosed embodiments... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

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