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Material or article handling

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02/05/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150037122 - Station arrangement for processing and/or measuring semiconductor wafers, and also processing method: The present invention relates to a station arrangement for processing and/or measuring semiconductor wafers which comprises, as individual modules, at least one loading module, at least one process station for processing the semiconductor wafers and/or at least one measuring station for measuring a variable of the semiconductor wafers, at least... Agent:

20150037123 - Pit-less truck dumper: The truck dumper includes a low profile truck platform built atop a flat concrete slab and lifted by a pair of hydraulic cylinders. The truck platform has a deck suspended between a pair of side I beams resting atop the bottom flanges of the I beams. The low profile truck... Agent:

20150037124 - Apparatus for tipping containers or movable cases: An apparatus for coupling and tipping in air a container or a movable case to unload its contents is described. Said apparatus comprises an upper frame coupled to lifting means and a lower frame coupled to a container, where the two frames are connected to each other by hinges at... Agent:

20150037125 - Mining elevator lapping platform suitable for flexible guide rail and mining elevator lapping method: A mining elevator lapping platform suitable for a flexible guide rail and a mining elevator lapping method. The lapping platform mainly comprises a support claw package (1) and a power package (2), wherein the support claw package (1) comprises a mounting plate (1-14), a screw rod bearing base (1-15), a... Agent:

20150037126 - Layer formation table and process: An apparatus for transferring articles is disclosed herein. The apparatus includes a layer formation table. The apparatus also includes means for supplying articles to the layer formation table. At least one row of the articles is formed at a first end of the layer formation table. The apparatus also includes... Agent: Kaufman Engineered Systems

20150037127 - Apparatus for transferring substrates: The present invention relates to an apparatus for transferring a substrate. The apparatus includes a supporting member; an elevating and rotating member; a transferring unit; a first arm whose one end is supported by the elevating and rotating member to be rotatable; a second arm whose one end is supported... Agent:

20150037128 - Monolithic magnets with magnetic field domains for diamagnetic levitation: The invention comprises a monolithic magnet or a combination of monolithic magnets with magnetic field domains for diamagnetic levitation of diamagnetic objects wherein the magnetic field pattern, the magnetic field strength and the magnetic field gradient of the magnetic field domains are chosen in such way that levitation of diamagnetic... Agent:

20150037129 - Transfer apparatus and transfer method: A transfer apparatus includes a pair of hand units, a gripping mechanism that grips and releases an object by changing an interval between a pair of hands, a servomotor for a gripping action that drives the gripping mechanism, at least one spline shaft that supports the pair of hands so... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150037130 - Device for forming packs of plastic bags: Device (10) for forming packs of bags (P) for moving from a first area (S1), where an already produced bag (P) is arranged, to a second area (S2) for collecting the bags in packs, comprising at least one rotor (14) carrying a pair of supports (17) for the bag (P)... Agent:

20150037131 - Robotic carton unloader: A robotic carton unloader for automatic unloading of cartons from a carton pile, such as a carton pile stacked within a trailer. In various embodiments, a robotic carton unloader may comprise a conveyor system, a robotic positioner, and a manipulator having a conformable face configured to conform to irregularities of... Agent:

20150037132 - Container having dunnage components movable along guides and method of using same: A container for holding product therein during shipment and being returned for reuse has a base and opposite sides. The container has multiple levels of dunnage components, the dunnage components of at least one level being movable between open and closed positions to enable an operator to load and unload... Agent: Bradford Company

01/29/2015 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150030415 - Hydraulic pipe handling apparatus: The present invention is a pipe handling apparatus that hydraulically lifts up to sixteen (16) joints of pipe and/or other tubular items up to the work basket of a snubbing unit or a workover service rig located on an active well site in the oil and gas industry. The base... Agent:

20150030416 - Storage container, shutter opening/closing unit of storage container, and wafer stocker using storage container and shutter opening/closing unit: Provided is a wafer stocker that can prevent the inflow of an external atmosphere, maintain a wafer storage space at a desired atmosphere with a relatively small amount of gas, and prevent dust from being attached to a wafer surface. A shutter portion, including multiple shield plates having the same... Agent:

20150030417 - Device for providing consumable materials: The invention further relates to a method (20) for providing consumable material (24) for a packaging machine (30). The consumable material (24) is provided as bulk material in a magazine (22) and is removed from said magazine (22) by means of at least one conveyor device (26) and fed to... Agent:

20150030418 - Processing station for two-dimensional substrates and method for processing two-dimensional substrates: A processing station for two-dimensional substrates including at least two processing units and at least two conveyor lines for substrates arranged in parallel to another, wherein both the processing units are placed between the two conveyor lines, and an arrangement for moving the substrates from the conveyor lines to the... Agent:

20150030419 - Automated load arm mechanism for front forks of refuse collection truck: A loading assembly for a refuse collection vehicle wherein a pair of gripping arms can upend a refuse container into an intermediate container. A first set of gripper arms can be located on a first side of the intermediate container and a second set of gripper arms can be located... Agent:

20150030420 - Agricultural implement having a feed device for airflow-based feeding of a granular or powder material: An agricultural implement including at least one container for granular or powder material and a feed device for airflow-based feeding of the granular or powder material. The feed device includes a fan including an impeller accommodated in a fan housing. At least one wall portion of the fan housing is... Agent: Vaderstad-verken Ab

20150030421 - Truck dumper dust control: A truck dumper including a material receiving hopper, a tilt table configured to dump a load from the truck or truck trailer into the material receiving hopper. The invention includes a stilling shed positioned above the material receiving hopper and at least one curtain baffle suspended below the roof of... Agent:

20150030422 - Side lift spreader: A side lift spreader for handling empty containers, and method for adjusting a main frame of an inverted side lift spreader. The inverted side lift spreader comprises a main carriage connectable to a lifting device, movable along a front side of a mast of the lifting device, the main frame... Agent: Elme Spreader Ab

20150030423 - Vehicle trailer: A vehicle trailer including a trailer chassis with two opposed sides secured together at/adjacent one end by a crossmember, to form a U-shaped structure with an interior space between the arms of said U; a load-bearing tailgate between the sides of said chassis to removably close off said interior space;... Agent: Reid Inventions Limited

20150030424 - Intelligent boom control hydraulic system: An intelligent knuckle boom control system is disclosed where hoist and stick cylinders raise and lower main and stick booms, respectively, a base end control valve controls flow to the hoist and stick cylinder base ends, a hoist rod control valve controls flow to the hoist cylinder rod end, and... Agent:

20150030425 - Front loader arrangement: A front loader arrangement includes a bracket, a mounting mast mounted on upper and lower bearings of the bracket, a loader arm which is articulated to a first pivot pin on the mast, a loader support articulated to a second pivot pin on the mast, and a locking device for... Agent:

20150030426 - Mobile conductor lift: A conductor lift attachment for a mobile boom or crane vehicle allowing temporarily support of power transmission conductors, e.g., for installation, repair, or maintenance operations. The conductor lift is hingedly attached to a boom tip so that the conductor lift is readily movable between deployed and stowed positions. The conductor... Agent:

20150030427 - Gripping mechanism for a lifting device and method for using the gripping mechanism: A method for using a gripping mechanism and a gripping mechanism for lifting devices is disclosed. In an embodiment a gripping mechanism includes a frame comprising parallel longitudinal members and cross members, a connecting device supported by the frame, the connecting device configured to receive a lifting gear and carriages... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150023767 - Method and apparatus for loading railcars with crop material: Methods and apparatuses for loading a railcar with crop material. A grain cart has a frame, ground wheels, a hitch assembly, a storage container and an auger assembly having a discharge end for removing particulate material from the storage container discharging it out the discharge end. A spout can be... Agent:

20150023768 - Transport device for samples in a microtome: A transport device (100) for samples (310) in a microtome having a transport arm (112) that is mounted longitudinally movably, has an entraining element (114) mounted pivotably on the transport arm. The entraining element is movable into a first position in which it entrains a sample present on a transport... Agent:

20150023769 - Bulk material handling device: A bulk material handling device can comprise a base and a frame rotatably coupled about the base. The frame can have a first bin engagement feature. The bulk material handling device can also comprise a carriage slidably coupled to the frame. The carriage can have a second bin engagement feature.... Agent:

20150023770 - Dispensing bulk trailer for conveying and unloading articles: A detachable trailer for conveying and unloading articles in bulk is provided, including a frame configured for movement along a substrate and supporting generally vertically extending posts, a container mounted to the frame and configured for receiving the articles, the container being pivotally movable in a swinging action about a... Agent:

20150023771 - Work vehicle boom assembly providing improved visability: A work vehicle has a boom assembly for a work implement that provides an improved sightline between the cabin and work implement. The boom assembly can be a dual function boom having a wishbone configuration with an elongated body supporting the work implement and at the other end having branch... Agent: Deere & Company

20150023772 - Gate valve with conveyor for cargo: A transport robot having a loading device (16-19) and loading arms for loading and unloading items to be transported (13) on the transport robot, wherein the item to be transported (13) is stored in a high-bay storage shelving (12) at the side of the direction of travel for the transport... Agent:

20150023773 - Pallet dispenser and method thereof: A method for dispensing pallets, comprising: moving a pallet stack held in a movable frame from a pallet-storage position to a pallet-dispensation position including: raising the pallet stack held in the movable frame, the movable frame being configured to be moved between the pallet-storage position and the pallet-dispensation position once... Agent:

20150023774 - Folding guard rail method and apparatus: The present invention is for a safety guard rail system having folding guard rails designed to be raised or lowered at their base by a single individual from an acceptable safe distance from the edge of a precipice, such as the edge of a building roof. A sliding sleeve hinge... Agent:

20150023775 - System and method of material handling using one or more imaging devices on the transferring vehicle to control the material distribution into the storage portion of the receiving vehicle: First imaging device collects first image data, whereas second imaging device collects second image data of a storage portion. A container identification module identifies a container perimeter of the storage portion in at least one of the collected first image data and the collected second image data. A spout identification... Agent: Deere & Company

01/15/2015 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150016923 - Load and torque resistant caliper exoskeleton: An exoskeleton assembly having an upper body support assembly pivotally connected to a lower body support assembly. A caliper assembly is connected to the lower and upper body support assemblies and includes a load arm attached to a differential strut. The caliper assembly has links pivotally attached to the upper... Agent:

20150016924 - Raise-assist and smart energy system for a pipe handling apparatus: The invention relates to a pipe handling apparatus that delivers and positions tubulars at a wellhead and a device for assisting pivotal movement of a boom relative to a base of the apparatus. A pneumatic spring assembly is pivotally connected between the boom and base. During operation, the pneumatic spring... Agent: T&t Engineering Services, Inc.

20150016925 - Drilling-pipe handling apparatus and method: A drilling-pipe handling apparatus and a method for handling drilling-pipes in a drilling rig, and is concerned particularly with apparatus and a method for racking drilling-pipes in an oil drilling rig. The pipe handling apparatus includes a pipe engaging portion, a movable positioning unit for moving the pipe engaging portion,... Agent: Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd.

20150016926 - Pod having top cover aperture for detecting surrounding gas within the pod: A storage Pod for semiconductor substrates includes a top cover formed from a non-air permeable (NAP) material having faces including a top and a plurality of sides. A bottom base plate has a locking structure configured for providing a locking position for locking the sides, and for providing an unlocked... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150016927 - Bobbin changing device: The invention relates to a bobbin changing device (1) for feeding bobbins to and/or removing bobbins from a processing system (40) which can wind a strand-like material onto a bobbin and/or from a bobbin, wherein the bobbin changing device (1) has at least one conveyor system (30) which comprises, for... Agent:

20150016928 - Container: A container (1) for transportation and/or storage of items is provided with under-slung lifting formations (8, 9) for aiding lifting of the container, rotatable support members (10, 11) upon which the container may be moved, and/or means (17) for securing like containers positioned in side by side relationship to be... Agent: Belron Hungary Kft - Zug Branch

20150016929 - Container tilting apparatus: The present invention relates to a container tilting apparatus which includes at least one base section, and at least two tilt arms, with each of the tilt arms being pivotably connected to a base section. The tilt arms may be configured to engage different portions of the container. Also included... Agent: A Ward Attachments Limited

20150016930 - Adjustable motorcycle trailer assembly: A trailer assembly is disclosed that is operable to transport vehicles. The trailer assembly includes at least two tires and a first frame section, a second frame section, and a third frame section. The tires are coupled to the first frame section. The second frame section includes a platform configured... Agent:

20150016931 - Winch mechanism for a carrier truck: A mechanism for a winch assembly includes a link assembly and a bracket. The link assembly includes an actuator having an end configured to be coupled to a winch free spool device, a bushing coupled to the actuator, and a projection extending from the bushing. The bracket defines an aperture... Agent:

20150016932 - Construction machine: A first accommodating case (13) which is located more forward than a fuel tank (12) and is small in height dimension (H1) of an upper surface (13E) is provided on the right side of a revolving frame (5). A second accommodating case (16) the position of an upper surface (16E)... Agent:

20150016933 - Transfer device sucking and transferring object: A transfer device includes a suction unit capable of sucking an object and a transfer unit moving the suction unit. The suction unit includes a base member; a plurality of nozzles provided for a plurality of types of objects; a housing room formation unit attached to the base member, forming... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20150016934 - Hydraulic assembly and logging equipment using same: A hydraulic assembly including a pivot connection defining a pivot axis, a hydraulic element linked to the pivot connection, and a connector for connecting a hydraulic conduit to the hydraulic element. The connector defines a connection axis and the connector is configured such that the connection axis approximately intersects the... Agent:

20150016935 - Substrate retaining device: Included are: a support mechanism configured to change a pitch at which a plurality of substrate retaining units are arranged; urging mechanisms provided for the respective substrate retaining units and configured to urge the movable units to cause movable retaining members to press-hold substrates; and a push back mechanism configured... Agent:

20150016936 - Substrate transfer method and device: A substrate transfer method includes: a step of placing a first and a second substrate on a first and a second alignment part which are arranged to be vertically spaced from each other by using a first and a second pick. The method further includes a first positioning step of... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150016937 - Transport device: A device is presented in which individual sample containers can be conveyed from a start position to a target position. The role of start position and target position is interchangeable. The movement of a gripper is a combined lifting movement and translation movement. With the aid of a simple drive,... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20150016938 - Sorting machine for sorting flat articles on edge at a reduced noise level: A sorting machine (1) for sorting flat articles on edge, which machine has sorting outlets (2) for stacking the sorted flat articles, each of which sorting outlets is equipped with a stacking actuator (5) and with at least one slide plate (4) having a front face (40) against which the... Agent: Solystic

20150016940 - Modular moving system and apparatus: A method of moving freight which utilizes removable storage units or containers that have the same or similar size and which can be positioned on a specially designed truck frame and/or a trailer frame. The storage units are filled with freight such as household goods, taken to a storage facility... Agent:

20150016939 - Raising a tower segment: A raising device realized to be connected to a tower segment of a wind turbine is provided. The raising device comprises a connection member to a raising machine and a plurality of holding members positioned at predefined distances from each other and orientated to be movable in radial locking directions... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150016941 - Sealed substrate carriers and systems and methods for transporting substrates: An electronic device manufacturing system is disclosed. The system includes a processing tool having one or more processing chambers each adapted to perform an electronic device manufacturing process on one or more substrates; a substrate carrier adapted to couple to the system and carry one or more substrates; and a... Agent:

20150016943 - Lithographic overlay sampling: Some embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a method of alignment which includes defining a plurality of fields on the face of a wafer, and organizing the plurality of fields into an orthogonal field structure and two or more continuous field structures. A first number of alignment structure positions... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150016942 - System and method for lifting an electronics panel: A system includes a lift member configured to removably couple with a lifting device and a support member coupled to the lift member. The support member includes a first arm having a first end portion configured to removably engage a first section of an electronics panel, and a second arm... Agent:

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