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Material or article handling

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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09/04/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140248108 - Positioning of a motor vehicle and vehicle power supply battery exchange: A positioning of a motor vehicle in absence of action of a motor or engine that drives the motor vehicle includes centering the vehicle transversely with respect to a longitudinal-vertical reference plane that is invariable in a fixed frame of reference until a center of a first axle of the... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140248109 - Ramp assembly with tilt sensor: A ramp assembly for providing a transition surface between a vehicle floor and an alighting surface is disclosed. The ramp assembly includes a ramp portion that is rotatable between a stowed position and a deployed position. A target operably associated with the ramp portion so that the target reciprocates along... Agent: Lift-u, Division Of Hogan Mfg., Inc.

20140248110 - Load manipulator with improved balancing: Load manipulator comprising a boom arm (1) and a return arm (3) parallel to each other, a loading bar (2) and a counterbar (4) so as to form a deformable parallelogram, an approximately horizontal pivot axis on which one of the arms of the parallelogram is articulated, and balancing means... Agent:

20140248111 - Clamp-on fork lift attachment: A clamp-on fork lift attachment having spaced tines which may be temporarily secured to the blade portion of a loader bucket used on equipment such as backhoe loaders and front end loaders includes a lifting plate, a leveling indicator, tie-down elements and a stabilizer bar connected between the spaced tines.... Agent:

20140248113 - Modular fixture plate system for positioning a workpiece during a manufacturing and/or inspection process: c

20140248112 - Two or three wind turbine blades as one unit: The invention relates to a method for transporting two or three pre-bend wind turbine blades for a wind turbine and to a wind turbine blade transport unit, said wind turbine blades each having a length extending from a first end, e.g. a root end describing a first end plane, to... Agent: Envision Energy (denmark) Aps

20140248114 - Lifting device for conveyor equipped vehicle and method thereof: A lifting device for conveyor equipped vehicles includes a lift frame and an upper platform deck, each having an overall shape and construction suitable for receiving a commercial pallet, a pair of opposing scissor lifts interposed between the lift frame and the upper platform deck, and a lifting device.... Agent:

08/28/2014 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140241836 - Substrate transporting apparatus, substrate delivery position confirming method, and substrate processing system: A loader module of a substrate processing system includes a transportation arm configured to move towards a wafer accommodated in a carrier and receive the wafer, and a control unit configured to confirm a delivery position of the wafer based on an upward movement amount of an end effector of... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140241837 - Device and method for the handling of luggage: The present invention relates to a device for handling items of luggage, comprising a storage system for temporary storage therein of items of luggage, which system comprises at a front side thereof a plurality of compartments for items of luggage with a buffer zone behind each compartment, and for each... Agent: Vanderlande Industries B.v.

20140241838 - Apparatus and methods for removal of pills from packaging: A pill extraction device removes pills from a blister pack. The blister pack sits on a plate of the device, while a roller rolls across the blister pack to contact the blisters a row at a time and applies a force sufficient to extract the pills through the backing of... Agent:

20140241839 - Apparatus and methods for removal of pills from packaging: A pill extractor removes pills from a blister pack. In some embodiments, the pill extractor is designed to remove all of the pills from a blister pack for distribution or disposal. In such embodiments, the blister pack sits on a plate of the device, while a roller rolls across the... Agent:

20140241840 - Forklift: A forklift includes a forklift body having a front wheel and a rear wheel, a fork supported to the front of the forklift body so as to be capable of moving vertically via a mast, a lift cylinder capable of moving the fork up and down, a hydraulic pressure supply... Agent: Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift Co., Ltd.

20140241841 - Construction machine: A construction machine, such as an excavator, a loader, or a crane, has at least one hydraulic attachment, such as an arm of the excavator, the loader, or the crane. The attachment includes at least one pivot bearing, a separator plate provided at the pivot bearing, at least one first... Agent: Liebherr-hydraulikbagger Gmbh

20140241842 - Electrical swivel working machine: An electrical swivel working machine includes a lower-part traveling body; an upper-part swivelling body mounted on the lower-part traveling body so as to be rotatable relative to the lower-part traveling body; a swivel mechanism supporting the upper-part swivelling body so that the upper-part swivelling body is rotatable relative to the... Agent: Sumitomo(s.h.i.) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140241845 - Apparatus and method of batch assembly: The present disclosure is directed to an apparatus and method of batch assembly. The apparatus for batch assembly may include a plurality of spring units, a plurality of handling units, and a control unit. The method of batch assembly may include aligning an array of devices with a plurality of... Agent: Imec Taiwan Co.

20140241843 - Mass transfer tool manipulator assembly: Systems and methods for transferring a micro device from a carrier substrate are disclosed. In an embodiment, a mass transfer tool manipulator assembly allows active alignment between an array of electrostatic transfer heads on a micro pick up array and an array of micro devices on a carrier substrate. Displacement... Agent: Luxvue Technology Corporation

20140241844 - Micro pick up array mount with integrated displacement sensor: Systems and methods for transferring a micro device from a carrier substrate are disclosed. In an embodiment, a mass transfer tool manipulator assembly allows active alignment between an array of electrostatic transfer heads on a micro pick up array and an array of micro devices on a carrier substrate. Displacement... Agent: Luxvue Technology Corporation

20140241846 - Pick up tip assembly: A pick up tip assembly that includes a plurality of overlapping petals defining a petal enclosure having a distal end opening A displaceable member is engagable with the plurality of petals and the size of the distal end opening is adjustable by displacement of the displaceable member.... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140241847 - Produce package and method for displaying produce for sale: A produce package comprises a bag and a quantity of fresh, unfrozen produce. The bag comprises a handle for carrying the bag, a base opposite the handle for supporting the bag on a surface when the bag is full, and at least one sidewall distinct from the base and extending... Agent:

20140241848 - Electric switchable magnet slitvalve: A slitvalve that uses magnetic energy to move a door in a direction normal to the plane of the wall is disclosed. An electrically switchable magnet is used to draw the door toward the wall to seal an aperture in the wall. Compressed Dry Air or other mechanisms may be... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140241849 - Cart with a support surface having a selectively adjustable contour and a printing system sheet stacker incorporating the cart: Disclosed is a cart having a support surface with a selectively adjustable contour for providing essentially uniform support to a load (e.g., a stack of print media sheets) during receiving and storing modes and for facilitating transfer of the load to another support surface during a transferring mode. The cart... Agent: Xerox Corporation

08/21/2014 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140234057 - Apparatus and methods for moving wafers: Provided are apparatus and methods for simultaneously swapping a processed wafer with an unprocessed wafer. A robot with a rotatable stage, a first blade assembly and second blade assembly extends both assemblies at the same time in opposite directions to pick up both a processed and unprocessed wafer. Rotation of... Agent:

20140234058 - Substrate transfer device, substrate processing apparatus, and substrate accommodation method: A substrate can be appropriately accommodated in a cassette. A substrate transfer device includes a substrate transfer unit that delivers the substrate with respect to the cassette configured to accommodate the substrate; a detection unit that detects the substrate accommodated in the cassette; and a control device than controls the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140234059 - Remote wellsite material tracking: A wellsite system that includes a bulk material transporter, a mobile tagger, and an uplink. The bulk material transporter includes a supply of a bulk material, a meter to measure output from the supply, and a data logger to log the output as a function of a predetermined parameter. The... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140234060 - Transport deck frame with separate tilt and dump pivot connections: A deck for a truck or trailer has a base frame and a deck frame movable relative to the base frame to either one of a tilt position or a dump position. A first pivot connection between the frames defines the pivot axis of the tilt position while a second... Agent:

20140234061 - Frame assembly of moveable stowage device and its application as a transport vehicle: The present invention discloses a frame assembly of movable stowage device and its application as a transport vehicle. The frame assembly moving stowage comprises a frame, a rolling chute, a drive sprocket, a driven sprocket, a transmission chain, a towing hook device, a towing hook guide-rail and a power device.... Agent: Cn-nl Waste Solution Co.,ltd.

20140234062 - Shovel: An upper turning body is mounted on a lower travelling body to be capable of turning. An attachment is arranged in the upper turning body. A power storage device is arranged in the upper turning body together with the attachment. A discharge current from the power storage device drives electric... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140234063 - Duckbill ejector: A duckbill pod (100) having an ejector mechanism, the duckbill pod (100) comprising a tray (10) for providing a transport surface for goods or material, a pusher plate (50) arranged substantially perpendicular to the tray (10), a drive arrangement for actuating the pusher plate (50) and reciprocate same between a... Agent: R.j. Goldspink Pty Limited

20140234064 - Sealing system, an industrial robot with a sealing system, and method for providing a sealing surface: A sealing system including a rotary sealing surface on a rotary shaft and a rotary shaft lip seal, of which the rotary sealing surface has a surface coating layer of a solid lubricant substance. The invention further includes an industrial robot having several axes of rotation, including a manipulator with... Agent:

20140234065 - Laboratory sample distribution system and corresponding method of operation: A laboratory sample distribution system is presented. The laboratory sample distribution system comprises a number of container carriers. The container carriers each comprise at least one magnetically active device such as, for example, at least one permanent magnet, and carry a sample container. The system further comprises a transport plane... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140234066 - Picking system having an articulated arm gripper: A picking system for the automated picking of articles, comprising a detection station for detecting the position of an article to be picked on a supplying conveyor, and an articulated arm gripper for picking up the article from the storage loading implement from the supplying conveyor and for depositing the... Agent: Knapp Ag

20140234067 - Device for delivering print shop products supplied in a product stream on two separate stacks: A device for delivering print shop products supplied in a product stream in two separate stacks contains a transport belt on which the print shop products are deposited, a first deflection roller, a second deflection roller arranged in an horizontal plane with the first deflection roller, a third deflection roller... Agent: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ag

20140234068 - System, method and apparatus for destacking stacked articles: A destacker for automatically destacking a plurality of vertically stacked articles that is particularly useful in destacking magnetic moulds used in the chocolate manufacturing industry. Each article comprises at least one slanted notch. The destacker includes at least one hammer having a blade that moves from a retracted position to... Agent: Godiva Chocolatier, Inc.

20140234069 - Quick-disconnect handle for lifting and carrying large flat planar objects: A method of moving a large, flat planar object with a pair of quick-disconnect wide handles attached to an elongated handle rod, to enable a person to quickly lift the large, flat planar object, such as moving plywood panels or table-tops, doors, or other large flat items. The quick-disconnect feature... Agent: Stable Innovations Ltd

08/14/2014 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140227066 - Apparatus for transferring reaction receptacles between a plurality of receptacle-receiving structures: An apparatus for transferring receptacles between a plurality of receptacle-receiving structures disposed at different locations adjacent a transport track. The apparatus includes a receptacle carrier operatively engaged with the transport track and adapted to carry a receptacle and translate along the transport track. The receptacle carrier is further adapted to... Agent: Gen-probe Incorporated

20140227065 - Drive device for multiaxial transport of workpieces through successive machining stations of a machine tool: The invention relates to a drive device for multiaxial transport of workpieces through successive machining stations of a machine tool, in particular of a multistage forming press, wherein the drive device comprises two gripper rails, wherein the two gripper rails are transversely displaceable independently of each other by a first... Agent: Schuler Pressen Gmbh

20140227067 - Apparatus for storing, transporting and distributing kegs: A method and apparatus for storing, transporting and distributing kegs. The apparatus comprising a keg shelving assembly with two or more stacked shelves. The shelves containing individual keg slots formed by two or more horizontally disposed rails. Stored kegs within the keg slots are accessed by a vertical sliding frame... Agent:

20140227068 - Seed cart trailer with conveyor track: A seed cart has a trailer with the hopper cantilevered over the trailer. The trailer includes a track extending along the left and side and rear end. A conveyor is mounted on a carriage for movement along the track, such that the conveyor can extend from the left side of... Agent: Meridian Manufacturing, Inc.

20140227069 - Transfer conveyor and farm implement for transporting same: A system for transferring material from a storage container to a farm implement includes a transfer conveyor transportable on a farm implement including a trailer, a bin mounted on the trailer, a cart conveyor, and a dock mounted on the trailer forwardly or rearwardly of the bin to stow the... Agent: Unverferth Manufacturing Company, Inc.

20140227070 - Radio-controlled cargo truck ramp load assist system: A cargo truck ramp load assist system comprises a hand truck engagement device disposed in a longitudinal slot in a cargo truck ramp, a first actuator coupled to the hook operable to effect displacement of the hand truck engagement device along the longitudinal slot in the ramp, a remote controller... Agent: Rom Acquisition Corporation

20140227071 - Conduit support structure for an industrial machine: An industrial machine includes a frame having a base and a boom, an arm movably coupled to the boom, an attachment, a conduit, a first member, and a second member. The boom has a first end coupled to the base and a second end opposite the first end. The arm... Agent:

20140227072 - Wafer transfer blade and wafer transfer apparatus having the same: A wafer transfer blade including a body including metal oxide and configured to support a wafer, and an adsorbing part on the body, the adsorbing part having at least one therein and configured to apply vacuum pressure to attach the wafer on the body may be provided. The body may... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140227073 - Catalyst loading and unloading device and methods therefor: An overhead catalyst loading device eliminates the need for lower flanges of the overhead catalyst structural support frame or dedicated overhead trolley beams to prevent ash build up collecting on a SCR reactor box and provides an advantageous lifting mechanism suitable for integration into a SCR device. The overall width... Agent:

20140227074 - Pole carrying device and method: A pole carrying device and method of using the pole carrying device is disclosed, wherein the pole carrying device is designed to carry and maneuver poles or pipes in a safe and easily controlled manner. In one example, the pole carrying device comprises a main beam that is supported by... Agent:

20140227075 - Methods and systems for material transfer: A storage unit is disclosed. A first feed is disposed at least partially within the storage unit, and a second feed is coupled to the first feed. The second feed is configured to receive one or more materials and to transfer the one or more materials to the first feed.... Agent:

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