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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150147140 - Multiple axis work-piece transfer apparatus: A work-piece transfer apparatus, comprising at least one work-piece engagement structure; at least one first robot arm pivotally connected to the work-piece engagement structure; a first motor coupled to the first robot arm and being adapted for translating the first robot arm fore and aft in a generally horizontal direction;... Agent:

20150147141 - Pick-and-place head and method for picking work-pieces: A pick-and-place head for picking a plurality of work-pieces from at least one first location and for placing the plurality of work-pieces at least one second location is disclosed. The pick-and-place head exhibits a plurality of nozzles, wherein each nozzle is configured to engage one of the work-pieces by action... Agent:

20150147142 - Handling device for handling a rotor blade mold for producing a rotor blade of a wind turbine: The present disclosure concerns a transport vehicle for handling a rotor blade mold for the production of a rotor blade of a wind power installation or a shell portion of a rotor blade of a wind power installation, adapted for use in a handling apparatus. The handling apparatus includes a... Agent:

20150147143 - Tape feeder, component mounting apparatus and component feeding method: There is provided a tape feeder that feeds a carrier tape to supply components to a component suction position for a mounting head in a component mounting apparatus. The tape feeder includes a first tape feed mechanism which is provided in a downstream side and feeds a preceding tape to... Agent:

20150147144 - Apparatus to deploy a liftgate fully contained within a cargo space and method: An apparatus and a method that deploys a liftgate from the cargo space of a contained area is described. In one embodiment the device has an anchor frame permanently attached to the inside of a cargo space and a front linkage member and a rear linkage member pivotably attached to... Agent:

20150147145 - Wirelessly operated hydraulic tail gate system: A truck having a truck body with lift track and a battery electrically connected to the body and a platform for moving along the lift track. A box holding a hydraulic unit with solenoid valves for moving the platform is attached to the truck body. A movable wireless switch having... Agent:

20150147146 - Shovel having a wristing dipper: A rope shovel includes a wristing dipper arrangement. The shovel comprises a base, a boom extending from the base, the boom having a first end attached to the base and a second end remote from the base. The shovel further comprises a pulling mechanism mounted on the second end of... Agent:

20150147147 - Work vehicle: A work vehicle includes a vehicle main body, a work implement, an engine, an idle reduction execution portion, and a position determination portion. The work implement is provided in the vehicle main body and includes a boom provided to be drivable in a vertical direction, an arm provided to be... Agent:

20150147148 - Substrate handling system for aligning and orienting substrates during a transfer operation: A system for sensing, orienting, and transporting wafers in an automated wafer handling process that reduces the generation of particles and contamination so that the wafer yield is increased. The system includes a robotic arm for moving a wafer from one station to a destination station, and an end-effector connected... Agent: Brooks Automation, Inc.

20150147150 - Device and method for removing planar objects: In a device for removing planar objects (2), such as glass panes, from a frame (1) on which the objects (2) are stacked in abutment, wherein spacers (3) are arranged between objects (2), and wherein holding devices (5) are arranged on a support (4) in order to remove the objects... Agent:

20150147149 - Device for handling plate-shaped objects: A device for moving plate-shaped objects from a removal point, in which the objects are oriented substantially perpendicularly, to a delivery point, in which the objects are oriented substantially horizontally, includes a removal gripper moveable to and fro between the removal and the delivery points by a drive and which... Agent: Rosendahl Nextrom Gmbh

20150147151 - Method for positioning of equipment: Methods for the positioning of equipment are disclosed. One method of the present disclosure can include substantially aligning an equipment support structure with an equipment fixture point of a casing structure; adjusting the equipment support structure to have a selected height and a selected angle; sliding the equipment support structure... Agent: General Electric Company

20150147152 - Pipe connection guide arrangement: A pipe connection guide arrangement is adapted to align a first pipe section having a first flange with a second pipe section having a second flange. The arrangement includes a guide bar to be attached to the first pipe section in a manner in which the guide bar projects longitudinally... Agent:

20150147153 - Sheet stacking apparatus, control method of sheet stacking apparatus, and storage medium: Even when descending of a sheet stacking unit is interrupted by an obstacle, sheet stacking operation is resumed in a range in which the sheet stacking unit is movable.... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 19 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150139756 - Transport assist apparatrus: According to one embodiment, a transport assist apparatus includes a backpack, a straight-move support unit and a drive unit. The straight-move support unit is connected to the backpack and includes a support member configured to be driven so as to make an end of the support member contact a floor... Agent:

20150139757 - Foot-activated media supply devices: A sheet supply device has a bottom contacting or resting on an external surface. The sheet supply device stores sheets of media and supplies the sheets of media to a processing device. The sheet supply device comprises a controller device, a platform supporting the sheets of media, and a foot-activated... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150139758 - Substrate conveyance method, and substrate conveyance device: The purpose of the present invention is to accurately deal with a variety of processing conditions and variations thereof, and to improve total throughput by efficiently operating a conveyance arm device in accordance with the processing conditions, even during cleaning. When a first wafer is loaded on a load-lock chamber,... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150139759 - Rotation mechanism: A rotation mechanism includes a mandrel, a rotation axle, a needle roller bearing and an angular bearing. The mandrel includes a shaft portion, a first annular contact portion and a second annular contact portion. The shaft portion has an outer surface, and the first annular contact portion and the second... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150139760 - Substrate conveyance method and substrate processing apparatus: Provided is a substrate conveyance method where a segment which can simultaneously hold M pieces of substrates defined by an integer M of 2 or more is provided, and a substrate conveyance part can simultaneously convey N pieces of substrates defined by an integer N of 2 or more which... Agent:

20150139761 - Garage and charging connector device thereof: A garage and a charging connector device thereof are provided. The charging connector device comprises a plug, a mounting seat and a charging socket. The plug is mounted to the mounting seat. The mounting seat has a guide shaft. The charging socket has a guide sleeve engageable with or disengageable... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20150139762 - Hall effect sensor grid array guidance system: A parking system includes automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for moving automobiles to and from parking spaces in a parking facility. Each AGV is provided with a Hall effect sensor array. The parking facility has magnet arrays affixed to the floor of the parking facility. Each magnet array includes a plurality... Agent:

20150139763 - Apparatus to load electrode cap magazines: A device for rotating, positioning, and introducing electrode caps for welding electrodes into a magazine. A rotating electrode cap channel is connected to a spiral conveyor. The electrode caps stand on a cap end-face provided with a bore on the spiral conveyor end, and they are rotated by 90°. The... Agent: Br&#xc4 Uer Systemtechnik Gmbh

20150139764 - Empty vehicle lifter for vehicle assembly line: Disclosed is an empty vehicle lifter for a vehicle assembly line. The empty vehicle lifter for a vehicle assembly line may lift a vehicle in an empty vehicle condition in a vehicle assembly line, and may include: i) four post frames which are substantially vertically installed on a floor of... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20150139765 - Folding auger assembly for an agricultural harvester: An agricultural combine including an agricultural harvester, a crop tank for harvested material, an unloading auger for unloading and discharging crop material. The auger assembly has first and second auger tubes pivotally connected to one another. The auger tubes pivot between a first position in which the auger tubes are... Agent:

20150139766 - Robotic bin management system and method: One embodiment is directed to a personal robotic system, comprising: an electromechanical mobile base defining a cross-sectional envelope when viewed in a plane substantially parallel to a plane of a floor upon which the mobile base is operated; a torso assembly movably coupled to the mobile base; a head assembly... Agent: Willow Garage, Inc.

20150139767 - Construction vehicle: This invention includes a hydraulic pump (9), a working implement (107) having a lift cylinder (13) driven by a hydraulic fluid supplied from the hydraulic pump (9), an operating device (104) for operating the working implement (107), a traveling motor (7) for driving wheels, and a main controller (100). When... Agent:

20150139768 - Construction machine: A left weight mounting part (16) and a right weight mounting part (17) are provided with rear ends of a left vertical plate (8) and a right vertical plate (9) of a main frame (6), and a placing plate (24) adapted to place a battery (29) thereon is provided between... Agent:

20150139769 - System and method for a self-contained lifting device: A modular lifting system, including an enclosable lifting device support structure. The enclosable lifting device support structure includes a deployable top, a plurality of lateral sides, a base coupled to the plurality of lateral sides, and a plurality of extension arms. The deployable top is configured to support a lifting... Agent:

20150139770 - Sealed robot drive: A transport apparatus including a housing, a drive mounted to the housing, and at least one transport arm connected to the drive where the drive includes at least one rotor having at least one salient pole of magnetic permeable material and disposed in an isolated environment, at least one stator... Agent:

20150139771 - Device for layered stacking a support: A device for automatically stacking packages on a support comprising at least one feeding conveyor; a lifting and lowering unit for lifting and lowering a pallet; a position conveyor embodied as a travel container, which is arranged horizontally and longitudinally to one side of the storage place, in order to... Agent:

20150139772 - Apparatus for transporting articles, in particular packaging means: The invention relates to a device for transporting objects, in particular packaging means, said device comprising a continuous conveying section (3) and a plurality of conveying assemblies (40) that circulate on the conveying section (3). Each conveying assembly (40) comprises a first conveying element (4) and a second conveying element... Agent:

20150139773 - System and method for transporting tubular onto a drilling rig: A conveyor assembly for transporting tubular onto a drilling rig includes a plurality of conveyor sections coupled together end to end. The conveyor sections are configured to receive and transport the tubular. Each of the plurality of conveyor sections includes a conveyor belt having treads for transporting the tubular along... Agent: Tesco Corporation

20150139774 - Rotary chuck: A rotary chuck includes a clamp assembly, a first drive mechanism for operating the clamp assembly to clamp an associated workpiece, a frame rotationally fixed to the clamp assembly, and a second drive mechanism for rotating the frame and the clamp assembly. The second drive mechanism can rotate the frame... Agent: Greenlee Textron Inc.

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