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Material or article handling

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12/04/2014 > 18 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140356104 - Apparatus to feed metal products to a work machine and corresponding method: An apparatus to feed metal products to a work machine comprising a plurality of feed heads disposed upstream of the work machine, each of which supporting the metal products, and at least one of which being configured to retain at least two metal products and render them selectively available to... Agent:

20140356105 - Bell jar extraction tool method and apparatus for thin film photovoltaic materials: An apparatus for extracting a bell jar chamber from a processing station of a thin film photovoltaic material is provided. The apparatus includes a rack fixture coupled to a robot loader. The rack fixture is configured to support the bell jar chamber to be moved using the robot loader in... Agent:

20140356106 - Substrate processing apparatus: A substrate processing apparatus, which utilizes a first transfer apparatus and a second transfer apparatus which are configured to transfer a transfer container containing a plurality of substrates, along a first transfer path and a second transfer path whose lateral positions differ from each other, respectively, including a first load... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140356107 - Workpiece structures and apparatus for accessing same: The present disclosure comprises a workpiece container for storing at least one workpiece having a bottom surface and a peripheral edge. In one embodiment, a workpiece support structure is located within the container enclosure, which forms multiple vertically stacked storage shelves within the enclosure. Each storage shelf includes, in one... Agent:

20140356108 - Unloading system for bulk material from a transport vessel, in particular a container: The invention relates to an unloading system for bulk material from a transport vessel (4), in particular a container, into a silo or another hopper. With this system, the unloading process of the bulk material is easier, more cost-efficient, less time-consuming, more effective, contamination-free and emission-free. To do so, a... Agent: Pool Invest Gmbh

20140356109 - Installation tools for structured catalysts: A reactor installation tool and method for installing reactor components in a reactor housing. A reactor installation tool can include a push unit having a central aperture traversing its entire length and a push rod, a housing gripper having a center open section traversing its entire length and an expandable... Agent: Catacel Corp.

20140356110 - Cargo container transfer system and method: The present disclosure is generally directed to a cargo transfer system, a method of transferring cargo containers, and a method of handling cargo containers including a cargo transfer pallet capable of supporting a plurality of cargo containers thereon, a cargo loader vehicle capable of receiving the cargo transfer pallet thereon,... Agent:

20140356111 - Method of handling objects in an airport and handling system: An example of an aim with the disclosed method and system may be seen to provide a method and system which does not require more square meters of footprint than existing solutions or even requires less square meters of footprint, while still being as effective as, or even more effective... Agent: Crisplant A/s

20140356112 - Apparatus and methodology that facilitates mobilizing heavy equipment: An apparatus is disclosed which includes a bed coupled to extendible legs that extend away from the bed. The extendible legs comprise lift the bed to a desired height level, whereas the bed attaches to a vehicle and facilitates transferring weight from the extendible legs to a vehicle attachment component... Agent:

20140356113 - System and method of moving a wind turbine rotor blade: A wind turbine rotor blade handling system for moving a wind turbine rotor blade is provided. The wind turbine rotor blade comprises a root portion, a tip portion and a rotor blade longitudinal rotational axis extending from the root portion to the tip portion. Furthermore, the wind turbine rotor blade... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140356114 - Ball retriever and holder: A ball holder and retriever includes a frame forming a receptacle for holding objects. A plurality of enclosures are disposed on an interior portion of the frame. A plurality of corresponding wheels are designed to retract substantially entirely into the enclosures.... Agent:

20140356115 - Under vehicle cargo rack and securing mechanism: A cargo hauling mechanism for safely transporting long materials under a vehicle is disclosed. The cargo hauling mechanism includes a support assembly suspended from the frame of the vehicle and a support assembly suspended from the hitch of the vehicle. Each assembly supports one end of the cargo and has... Agent:

20140356116 - Vehicle accessibility system: An accessibility system for providing access into or out of a vehicle includes a pan defining a securement area. The pan includes a first end, a second end, and a support surface. A ramp assembly includes a first segment and a second segment hingedly coupled to the first segment. The... Agent:

20140356119 - Chute swing restricting mechanism: A chute swing restricting mechanism for locking a chute supported by a rotary shaft being rotatably arranged on a vehicle body of a concrete mixer truck in a storage position includes an engagement part which is rotatable along with the rotary shaft and has an engagement hole, a swing restricting... Agent:

20140356118 - Handicap vehicle lift apparatus: A wheelchair lift apparatus for a vehicle including a primary frame, an extendable base, and a wheelchair platform which can is capable of transferring a wheelchair and wheelchair user into and out of a vehicle and is suitable for use during operation of the vehicle.... Agent: West Coast Customs

20140356117 - Storable truck ramp: A complex three part ramp system that is securely attached to the floor of a truck, van, or trailer allows easy access to load and unload cargo therefrom. When not in use, the ramp can be concealed in such a way that it is almost invisible.... Agent:

20140356120 - Rod loader attachment: A rod loader attachment for loading an elongate rod or pipe. The attachment comprises an elongate support member designed to be positioned substantially parallel to a rod or pipe. A plurality of rod gripping units is mounted at spaced intervals on the support member. Each rod gripping unit comprises a... Agent:

20140356121 - Mobile loading dock with wheel assembly: A mobile loading dock including a planar ramp member having an underside with a wheel assembly. The wheel assembly includes a tension spring, hydraulic member, a leg hingedly attached to the ramp underside and a wheel attached to the leg. The tension spring exerts a pulling force on the leg... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.
11/20/2014 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140341679 - Elevator-based tool loading and buffering system: A substrate processing apparatus is provided. The apparatus has a casing, a low port interface and a carrier holding station. The casing has processing devices within for processing substrates. The load port interface is connected to the casing for loading substrates into the processing device. The carrier holding station is... Agent: Brooks Automation, Inc.

20140341680 - Object selecting device and object selecting method: An object selecting device includes a container including an inner bottom part and configured to store liquid, a plate having a top surface and a bottom surface, including a through hole at a support position for the selection object and to be immersed in the liquid, a determining device for... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140341681 - Substrate processing apparatus, storage device, and method of transporting substrate storing container: In a substrate processing apparatus, a storage device, an indexer block, a processing block and an interface block are arranged to line up in this order. The storage device includes a plurality of openers on which a carrier storing a plurality of substrates can be placed. The carrier is carried... Agent: Sokudo Co., Ltd.

20140341682 - Substrate processing module and substrate processing apparatus including the same: Provided is a substrate processing module. The substrate processing module includes a lower chamber having an opened upper portion, the lower chamber having a passage, through which a substrate is accessible, in a side thereof, a plurality of susceptors on which the substrate is placed on each of top surfaces... Agent: Eugene Technology Co., Ltd.

20140341683 - Remote storage system: A remote storage system for items includes contact areas at different locations for the collection of the items individually, a storage area for secure storage of the items received from the contact areas, and transportation vehicles for receiving and offloading the items at the contact areas and one or more... Agent:

20140341684 - Whole cane storage and handling system and method: A whole cane sweet sorghum storage and handling system and method is described. The system and method places leaf-stripped whole cane stalks onto a storage pile which is ventilated to control conditions that prevent the deterioration of sugars in storage, which allows the production of sweet sorghum to ethanol after... Agent:

20140341685 - Refuse vehicle track and guide system: A track and guide system for a refuse vehicle has at least one track member mounted on a bumper of the refuse vehicle. The track member has a desired length extending transverse to the ground. At least one guide member is mounted on a front loading fork of the refuse... Agent:

20140341686 - Lift unit for hoist: A container handling system is adapted to move, deploy, and retrieve containers used to manage waste or other materials. The container handling system includes a vehicle and a hoist unit coupled to the vehicle to move therewith and relative to the vehicle. The hoist unit includes a hoist frame and... Agent:

20140341687 - Methods, systems, and devices relating to multifunctional aircraft aisle wheelchair: The various embodiments disclosed herein relate to wheelchair systems for transporting a mobility-challenged passenger onto an aircraft and transfer that passenger into an aircraft seat. The implementations include systems with lift systems, belt systems, and/or transfer ramps.... Agent: Dane Technologies, Inc.

20140341688 - Towing attachment: A towing attachment for a for a forklift is described. The towing attachment includes a main frame for locating the attachment on a fork assembly of a forklift, a towing hitch assembly on the main frame for connection to a towed article; and one or more connectors mounted on the... Agent:

20140341689 - Forward eight-bar linkage working device for loading end of a backhoe loader: A forward eight-bar linkage working device for the loading end of a backhoe loader comprises a front frame, a movable boom, a rotatable bucket oil cylinder, a movable boom oil cylinder, a rotatable bucket lever, a rotatable bucket pull link, a movable boom pull rod, a movable boom lever and... Agent: Jiangsu Liugong Machinery Co. Ltd.

20140341690 - Parallel linkage-type working apparatus for construction equipment: The present disclosure relates to a parallel linkage-type working apparatus for construction equipment in which a parallel lever and a parallel link operate to prevent a working tool from bending inward so that, even if the working tool is raised, a tilting phenomenon in which the working tool is inclined... Agent:

20140341691 - Bonding apparatus having a plurality of rotary transfer arms for transferring electronic devices for bonding: Disclosed is a bonding apparatus, comprising: i) a supporting device for supporting a supply of electronic devices; ii) an ejecting device for ejecting an electronic device from the supply of electronic devices; iii) a plurality of delivery devices, each delivery device being for delivering a substrate for bonding the electronic... Agent:

20140341692 - Machine for stacking bales: A hay bale accumulator comprising a frame configured to be towed and positioned over a hay bale resting on the ground, said frame defining a bale holding compartment comprising means for holding and vertically lifting a bale, wherein said means for vertically lifting the bale include at least one pair... Agent: Arcusin, S.a.

20140341693 - Method and device for removing a ring-shaped label from a pack of substantially identical, abutting ring-shaped labels, label-transferring device and system for producing plastic injection-moulded products: A device for removing a ring-shaped label from a pack of substantially identical, abutting ring-shaped labels comprises a pick-up head which is provided with a stop surface and retaining devices for holding a ring-shaped label against the stop surface. The device comprises a storage holder for accommodating the pack of... Agent: Polymac B.v.

20140341694 - Robotic carton unloader: A robotic carton unloader for automatic unloading of cartons from a carton pile stacked within a trailer. In various embodiments, a robotic carton unloader may comprise a conveyor system, a manipulator movably attached to an end of a robotic positioner and configured to dislodge one or more cartons from a... Agent:

20140341695 - Robotic carton unloader: A robotic carton unloader for automatic unloading of cartons from a carton pile, such as a carton pile stacked within a trailer. In various embodiments, a robotic carton unloader may comprise a conveyor system, a robotic positioner, and a manipulator having a conformable face configured to conform to irregularities of... Agent:

20140341696 - Forestry winch system: A winch system 10 coupled to a processor energy source 12 having multiple processor driving rollers 14. The processor 12 provides energy to the winch system 10. The winch system has a body 18 with a front face 20, a back face 22, lateral sides 24, a top 26, a... Agent: Gse Technologies, LLC

20140341697 - Protection systems and methods for cargo loads during exposed aerial transport: A method for transporting a cargo load using a carrier aircraft includes: mounting a shield on the cargo load such that the shield is supported by the cargo load to form a protected load; and aerial transporting the protected load as a slung load from the carrier aircraft, wherein the... Agent: Corvid Technologies LLC

20140341698 - Relocation and support device: The present invention relates to the relocation and support of construction equipment. Specifically, the invention relates a relocation and support device which supports a machine on a working deck by transferring the machine load to the structure through reaction collar assembly units. Additionally, the invention enables the vertically relocation of... Agent:

20140341699 - Vacuum effector and method of use: Vacuum effectors comprising: (a) a wall defining an enclosed opening and having a rim defining a lip plane; (b) a negative pressure source; (c) a shroud covering the rim; and (d) optionally a permeable support member spanning the enclosed opening, the support member being substantially planar and recessed a selected... Agent:

20140341700 - System and method for quick-swap of multiple substrates: A system and method are disclosed for substrate handling. The system can include a robot adapter configured to connect to a robot, and first and second end effectors connected to the robot adapter. The robot adapter is configured to move the first and second end effectors from a first, retracted,... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140341701 - Cambered frame system for intermodal rail cars: A method of transporting containers on a rail car is described. The method includes the steps of, first, providing a frame having at least two longitudinal beams and at least two cross beams. The at least two cross beams extend substantially perpendicular to, and interconnect, the at least two longitudinal... Agent: Load Distribution Technologies LLC

11/13/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140334903 - Tilt-roll table for use in cleaning uf6 cylinders: A tilt roll table for use with uranium hexafluoride cylindrical containers securely holds the container, supported from its domed ends by spindles mounted to brackets as the container is tilted and rolled. The spindles have greater surface area over which to distribute the weight and are shaped to complement the... Agent: Transport Logistics, Int'l, Inc.

20140334904 - Dump cart: A dumping cart has a chassis, a first pair of supporting wheels located at a first end of the chassis and a second pair of supporting wheels located at a second end of the chassis. The second pair of wheels is rotational about a wheel axis. A load carrying bed... Agent: Rankam (china) Manufacturing Co. Ltd

20140334905 - Mobile transport cart: This mobile, cylinder transport cart is based on a four cylinder transport cart, designed to minimize the handling of nitrogen and oxygen cylinders in the loading, transporting and servicing process and to provide boosted compressed gas for an aircraft, oxygen to fill crew and passenger oxygen bottles. The cylinders are... Agent: Tronair Inc.

20140334906 - Arm for construction machine: In an arm for a construction machine formed as a box-shaped structural body by left and right side plates, an upper plate, a lower plate, and a rear plate, a left rear thick side plate constituting the left side plate, a right rear thick side plate constituting the right side... Agent:

20140334907 - Method and system for assisted object handling in dangerous environments: A system for remote object handling including a public safety vehicle having a front portion. An articulated arm has a first end and a second end distinct from the first end, the arm being coupled to the front portion at the first end, and has at least one pivot disposed... Agent:

20140334908 - Tool and a method for moving a wind turbine drivetrain component: The invention provides a tool for moving a drivetrain component (1) in a nacelle (53) of a horizontal axis wind turbine, the nacelle comprising a nacelle structure (55, 56), the component (1) being connected, in operation of the wind turbine, to a rotor (51) of the wind turbine, the tool... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140334909 - Packaging bag feeder in packaging machine: A packaging bag feeder in a packaging machine includes a bag magazine capable of accommodating a number of packaging bags in a stacked state, a separating mechanism which is configured to separate one of the packaging bags stacked on the bag magazine and a bag placement section on which the... Agent: General Packer Co., Ltd.

20140334910 - Roller lift handle system: A roller lift handle system moves a roller between a raised roller position in which the roller elevates a support post above the underlying terrain and a lowered roller position in which the support post contacts the underlying terrain.... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

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