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Marine propulsion March listing by industry category 03/09

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20090075532 - Boat propulsion unit: A boat propulsion unit includes an electric motor, a potentiometer arranged to detect the rotating angle of a throttle grip, a first stop mode sensor, a second stop mode sensor, and a controller including a CPU, and a disconnection and short detecting circuit. If the voltage signal fed by the... Agent: Yamaha Marine Kabushiki Kaisha C/o Keating & Bennett, LLP

20090075533 - Watercraft: A watercraft includes a plurality of outboard motors. Each of the outboard motors has a generator and a rudder deflecting system driven by an electric motor. The outboard motors are turned by the rudder deflecting systems thereby steering the watercraft. Electric power can be supplied from the generators of others... Agent: Yamaha Marine Kabushiki Kaisha C/o Keating & Bennett, LLP

20090075534 - Tiller arm: A tiller arm pivotably mountable to a marine outboard engine about a pivot axis is described. First and second arms extend away from the pivot axis. A middle portion has a first end attached to the first and second arms. A handle portion extends away from the second end of... Agent: Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP (brp)

20090075535 - Torsional force transmitting apparatus: The present invention aims to couple a propeller with a power output shaft to transmit the torsional force of the power output shaft to the propeller. The apparatus includes a first sleeve and a second sleeve that form a coupling surface between them to hold a torsional force transfer means.... Agent: Apex Juris, PLLC

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20090061702 - Amphibious vehicle: An amphibious vehicle achieves a stable ride, maneuverability, and high speed. The vehicle includes a hull having a “V” center portion with outboard sponsons. The sponsons reside between the front wheel wells and the rear wheels wells for improving lift and transition to planing. Shallow tunnels begin in rear portions... Agent: Averill & Varn

20090061703 - Manually operated propelling device: A propelling device includes a driving unit disposed in a housing. The driving unit includes first and second bevel gears connected coaxially and respectively to upper and lower ends of a vertical driving shaft, a third bevel gear disposed on and co-rotatable with a transverse driving shaft and meshing with... Agent: Nixon Peabody

20090061704 - Weed cutter for a craft propelled by a water jet: A device for cutting weeds carried by water inducted into a housing includes an intake, an outlet, an impeller for pumping water from the intake to the outlet as the impeller rotates about an axis, the impeller including a blade formed with a leading edge facing the intake, and a... Agent: Macmillan Sobanski & Todd, LLC

20090061705 - Engine starting system for a marine outboard engine: A marine outboard engine for a watercraft is disclosed. The marine outboard engine includes a starter motor operatively connected to the crankshaft of the engine and a capacitor electrically connected to the starter motor. The capacitor is powering the starter motor to initiate rotation of the crankshaft. An alternator is... Agent: Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP (brp)

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