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Marcelo De Barros patents

Recent patents with Marcelo De Barros listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

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Accessing search results in offline mode

01/19/17 - 20170017672 - Access to online search results is provided when a user device is offline. When a user search query is received while online, the search query is submitted to an online search engine. Search results received from the search engine are presented to the user, and the search query and search
Inventors: Xiaodong Fan, Shruti Malugu, Richard Qian, Prateek Tiwari, Marcelo De Barros

Automatic generation of semantically similar queries

06/19/14 - 20140172900 - Query suggestions are generated based on a Breadth-First-Search having a configurable decaying radius. A computer system receives an initial set of semantically similar queries. The computer system expands the set to include related terms. The set of related terms is included in the initial set. The expansion process is repeated
Inventors: Marcelo De Barros, Manish Mittal

Heuristic analysis of responses to user requests

04/03/14 - 20140095697 - Systems and methods are provided for monitoring the performance of a network with respect to providing results for user requests. A user request can correspond to a search query, an entry of a uniform resource locator (URL) or other address for a document on a network, or another type of
Inventors: Mark Killow, Marcelo De Barros, Manish Mittal, Theodor Ilie

Adaptive fuzzing system for web services

08/08/13 - 20130205397 - Web applications, systems and services, which are prone to cyber-attacks, can utilize an adaptive fuzzing system and methodology to intelligently employ fuzzer technology to test web site pages for vulnerabilities. A breadth first search and minimal fuzzing testing is performed on identified pages of a web site looking for either
Inventors: Marcelo De Barros, Michael Andrews, Manish Mittal, Girish Bablani

Leveraging affiliations to provide search results

07/04/13 - 20130173572 - Information from social networks may be used to identify a user's interests and predilections, and the information may be used to affect search results. In one example, social networks have pages that correspond to real entities, such as manufacturers and merchants. Entity pages in social networks are mapped to their
Inventors: Lawrence Colagiovanni, Arun Sacheti, Marcelo De Barros, Nektarios Ioannides, Mikhail Parakhin, Meenaz Merchant

Automated identification of image outliers

06/28/12 - 20120163709 - Outlier images—those images that differ substantially from other images in a set—can be automatically identified. One or more penalty values can be assigned to each image that quantifies how different that image is from others in the set. A threshold can be determined based on the set of penalty values.
Inventors: Marcelo De Barros, Satya Pradeep Kanduri, Nabeel Kaushal, Mikhail Parakhin, Manish Mittal, Adam Edlavitch

Auto classifying images as "image not available" images

11/17/11 - 20110280474 - An image may be accepted from a vendor, and the image may be submitted to an image analysis system. The image analysis system may determine whether the image is a not found image or a true image. The determination may occur in a variety of ways by examining the color
Inventors: Nabeel Kaushal, Feng Qi, Marcelo De Barros, Manish Mittal

Shopping search engines

10/13/11 - 20110252012 - A web search system uses humans to rank the relevance of results returned for various sample search queries. The search results may be divided into groups allowing training and validation with the ranked results. Consistent guidelines for human evaluation allow consistent results across a number of people performing the ranking.
Inventors: Satya Pradeep Kanduri, Marcelo De Barros, Mikhail Parakhin, Cynthia Yu, Qiang Wu

Pii identification learning and inference algorithm

12/16/10 - 20100318489 - Techniques are described herein for determining whether data sets of real information in databases indicate PII information. The data sets are stored in a first table and parsed for keywords related to the names of data items in the sets. The keywords are stored in the second table in a
Inventors: Marcelo De Barros, Manish Mittal, Hui Shi, Marzi E. Damania

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