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Machine element or mechanism

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05/14/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150128734 - Involute non-ring continuous teeth spherical gear transmission mechanism: An involute, non-ring, continuous teeth, spherical gear transmission mechanism includes a female and a male spherical gear to form a three degree-of-freedoms deputy campaign. And its design regularity is the same as that of common one degree-of-freedom gear, which is involute tooth profile for continuous engagement, therefore such spherical gears... Agent:

20150128735 - Drive for a sliding connecting member of a locking system of a telescopic system of a crane jib: A drive of a sliding connecting member of a locking system of a telescopic system, having a telescopic cylinder (1) with an outer telescopic section (2, 3) and an inner telescopic section (6, 7), which are each provided with a locking hole (5) into which a locking bolt (11) can... Agent:

20150128736 - Dual clutch transmission: A dual clutch transmission includes a first and a second input shaft provided with a first and second input arrangement, respectively, a centre shaft, a countershaft, and a first and a second primary gear step. The first and second input shaft are coaxially arranged with the centre shaft and can... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20150128737 - Shift actuator: A shift actuator of the present invention includes a first and a second fluid pressure chamber providing fluid pressure to each of a first and a second piston, a hydraulic control device for regulating pressure of hydraulic oil discharged from a hydraulic source and supplying the same, a first and... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150128738 - Lubrication strucutre for transmission: Provided with a hollow piping member attached in a casing and a guide member integrally installed on an outer peripheral surface of the piping member. The guide member is structured by a plurality of surfaces including a first surface on which at least part of hydraulic fluid pumped up by... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd

20150128739 - Driving device for washing machine: Disclosed is a driving device for a washing machine including a bearing housing affixed to a lower surface of a tub; a spin-drying shaft that extends through the bearing housing, having an upper end coupled with a drum, and having a serration at an outer circumferential edge of a lower... Agent: Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation

20150128740 - Scissors gear device: Provided is a scissors gear device having a structure which is simplified so as to reduce its overall size and thereby expand the range of application and simplify its assembly process. A scissors gear device 100 includes a main gear 101 and a sub-gear 104. The main gear 101 has... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha F.c.c.

20150128743 - Method of controlling a hydraulic control system for a dual clutch transmission: A hydraulic control system for a dual clutch transmission includes a plurality of solenoids and valves in fluid communication with a plurality of clutch actuators and with a plurality of synchronizer actuators. The clutch actuators are operable to actuate a plurality of torque transmitting devices and the synchronizer actuators are... Agent:

20150128742 - Shift actuator: A shift actuator of the present invention includes a first and a second fluid pressure chamber for providing fluid pressure to each of a first and a second piston defined in a cylinder and a shift operating member inserted and disposed between the first piston and the second piston to... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150128741 - Shifter assembly having a device for coupling a shroud to a lever and corresponding method: A shifter assembly (23) for selecting one of a plurality of gears of a transmission of a vehicle. The shifter assembly includes a lever (24) having a retention surface (34) and defining a first engagement feature (36) and a shroud (48) at least partially disposed about the lever. A collet... Agent: Kongsberg Automotive Ab

20150128744 - Structure for reducing shifting effort in heavy-duty transmission: A structure for reducing the effort required to shift gears in a heavy-duty transmission. A shifting fork shaft is arranged in the case of a transmission. A linear bearing is arranged between the outer surface of the shift fork shaft and the inner surface of the case, thus transforming the... Agent:

20150128745 - Power transmitting device: A gear changer of a power transmitting device includes an input shaft to which a rotational force is inputted from an engine, an output shaft for outputting the rotational force to a rear wheel, and a plurality of speed change gear pairs for transmitting the rotational force from the input... Agent:

20150128746 - Dual rate dual direction spring system: Various embodiments may provide a convenient mechanism and system for users of vehicles that include handbrakes to operate reverse lockout deactivation mechanisms in connection with the handbrake. For example, saddle-type vehicles such as an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), snowmobile, motorcycle, or the like may benefit from certain embodiments. For example, the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150128747 - Operating device for a bicycle: An operating device for a bicycle that includes a fixing member that is adapted to be fixed to a bicycle handlebar and includes an adjustment portion, and a housing that includes first, second and third members. The first member and the second member define an adjustment space therebetween and the... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20150128748 - Rotary transmitter for robots: A rotary transmitter for a robot includes: a cylindrical stator having a centric opening in a floor, and a rotor accepted in the centric opening in the floor so as to be capable of rotation, and at least one line guided through the opening in the jacket surface of the... Agent:

20150128749 - Substrate transport apparatus: A substrate processing apparatus comprising a transport arm having serially connected arm links, at least one of the arm links having a predetermined arm link height, at least a first pulley and a second pulley, where the second pulley is fixed to an arm link of the serially connected arm... Agent:

20150128750 - Linkage mechanism, robot working platform and design method for robot working platform: A linkage mechanism includes a first joint, a second joint, a first linkage and a second linkage. The two ends of the first linkage are respectively connected to the first joint and the second joint and the two ends of the second linkage are respectively connected to the first joint... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150128751 - Controller shifting device: A controller shifting device for interconnecting an armrest and a controller of a powered wheelchair includes an adjustment mechanism. The adjustment mechanism includes a casing, a first connection seat connected to the casing for connection with the armrest, and a second connection seat connected to the casing for installation of... Agent:

20150128752 - Steering column energy absorption strap: An energy absorbing device for a steering column assembly includes a first end configured to couple to a first component of the steering column assembly and a second end configured to couple to a second component of the steering column. An intermediate portion extends between the first end and the... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

20150128753 - Rotor system for a bicycle: A rotor system for a bicycle (1), for the purpose of bearing a fork (8) and transmitting the actuations of Bowden cables (31, 32), which each having a core (31a; 32a) includes first and second transmission elements (36, 37), that rotate relative to one another and are arranged in the... Agent:

20150128754 - Joystick for controlling an aircraft: The invention relates to a joystick (1) for controlling an aircraft, including a frame (2), a lever (3), a mechanical linking assembly (4) for connecting the lever to the frame enabling a rotation of the lever (3) relative to the frame (2) about a first rotation axis (X), in which... Agent:

20150128755 - Shaftless vehicle pedal with contacting position sensor: A vehicle pedal with a contacting position sensor. The pedal includes a housing with an interior housing wall that divides the housing into first and second interior housing chambers. The drum of the pedal arm is located in the first interior housing chamber and the sensor rotor is located in... Agent: Cts Corporation

20150128756 - Bicycle handlebar: A bicycle handlebar includes a main body pivotally connected to a bicycle. A first holding portion and a second holding portion corresponding to the first holding portion are disposed at left and right sides of the main body. The first holding portion and the second holding portion each bend towards... Agent: Tien Hsin Industries Co., Ltd.

20150128757 - Flywheel: Disclosed is a flywheel (13) comprising a rotating element (13′) which rotates in relation to an axis of rotation and includes a radially outer flywheel mass member (24) that adjoins an inner shaft connection part (26) and tapers in the radial direction such that hollow projecting end pieces (24′) are... Agent:

20150128758 - Strap mounting for pendulum dampers: A pendulum damper fixed to a rotating element of an engine comprises a pendulum anchor, a pendulum, and a flexible metal strap attaching the pendulum and pendulum anchor. The strap is wound around the pendulum and pendulum anchor to define a bifilar pendulum. A pendulum clamp is attached to the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC.

20150128760 - Automatic transmission device: An automatic transmission device comprises a flat plate for placing inside a transmission bellhousing a solid surface area that supplies support for both rotating pump gears and completely encloses said gears within the pump housing, and eleven holes, the device configured so that seven of the eleven holes are for... Agent:

20150128759 - Series of gear train housings: A series of gear train housings has different sizes. Each size includes a series of different housing types, which are suitable for at least two different gear train types of the following types: spur-gear gear trains, bevel-gear gear trains, flat gear trains, and worm gear trains. Each gear train housing... Agent:

20150128761 - Transmission device: A transmission device includes an input shaft, a first transmission mechanism, a speed changing mechanism, and an output shaft. The first transmission mechanism includes a transmission shaft, an inner magnetic member received in the transmission shaft, a mounting housing coupled to the input shaft, and an outer magnetic member. The... Agent:

20150128762 - Stackable motor: A vehicle comprises a plurality of motors operatively connected with one another. The vehicle is powered with the plurality of motors individually and in combination with one another to primarily operate each of the plurality of motors within a predetermine efficiency range.... Agent: Alte, LLC

20150128763 - Driving force transfer device for end-effector: A bendable fine grinding device that is possible to bend in response to various angles inside of sinuses such that a tissue lesion is easily removed a tissue lesion located in various angles, and is capable of transferring stably rotatory power to a shaver in bend state. The bendable fine... Agent:

05/07/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150122057 - Apparatus and method for gyroscopic propulsion: Three spinning ring rotors, functioning as concentric ring gyro motors, are angled at ninety degrees with respect to one another and are arranged in an orthogonal association inside a substantially spherical housing that includes a central hub with a plurality of spokes attached to the spherical housing with holes for... Agent:

20150122058 - Macro-micro actuated distended guide rail precision rotation apparatus: A macro-micro actuated distended guide rail precision rotation apparatus, having a housing of a torque motor and a bearing housing, both fixedly arranged on an upper surface of a base, and a bearing sleeved on the bearing housing. The inner ring of the bearing sleevingly connected to an intermediate rotating... Agent: Xi'an University Of Technology

20150122059 - Radially engaging system: The radially engaging systems includes a housing having at least one guide channel formed therein. At least one sliding member is slidably received in the guide channel to selectively extend or retract therein in order to connect and lock mechanical components together. Each sliding member is provided with an elongate... Agent:

20150122060 - Radially engaging system: The radially engaging systems includes a housing having at least one guide channel formed therein. At least one sliding member is slidably received in the guide channel to selectively extend or retract therein in order to connect and lock mechanical components together. Each sliding member is provided with an elongate... Agent:

20150122061 - Electromechanical actuator distal position stopping assembly: An electromechanical actuator (EMA) is disclosed. The EMA may comprise an EMA housing having a distal stop that extends radially inward towards a longitudinal axis of the EMA housing, a hail nut extending axially within the EMA housing, and/or a ball screw extending axially within the ball nut, The ball... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20150122062 - Actuator: An actuator includes M supports to support the rotary shaft, M being an integer equal to or more than 2; and M speed reducers. The Nth support out of the M supports is located at the opposite side of the moving body across the (N−1)th support, N being an integer... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150122081 - Apparatus for converting motion: An assembly for converting motion, the assembly comprising a first arm rotatable about a first fixed pivot; a second arm rotatable about a second fixed pivot, the second fixed pivot spaced apart from the first fixed pivot; a third arm pivotably connected to the second arm; a first connecting arm... Agent: Ten Fold Engineering Limited

20150122063 - Shifting mechanism for a drill press: A transmission for a power tool includes an intermediate shaft and first and second driving gears coupled for co-rotation with the intermediate shaft. The transmission also includes an output shaft having first and second driven gears continuously engaged with the respective first and second driving gears. The transmission further includes... Agent:

20150122064 - Yoke clearance compensator of vehicle: A yoke clearance compensator of a vehicle may include: a support yoke for supporting a rack bar; a yoke plug coupled to the support yoke through an elastic part and having a cavity formed therein; a pressurizing unit installed in the cavity of the yoke plug and providing a pressurizing... Agent:

20150122065 - Ball screw device: There is provided a ball screw device capable of allowing interference to be easily elastically deformable and decreasing friction resistance of a seal member with respect to a screw shaft without damaging seal properties of the seal member. A predetermined section of a land sliding-contact portion (46) of a sliding-contact... Agent: Nsk Ltd

20150122066 - Modular flexplate: Embodiments include a modular flex plate assembly with a plurality of modular segments connectable with at least another modular segment by joining a first end of one modular segment to a second end of another modular segment to form a ring gear. The ring gear can be mounted to a... Agent:

20150122067 - Force transmission unit: A force transmission unit that has a rope, particularly a wire rope, and a device for introducing a force into the rope, that includes a sleeve enclosing the rope and connected to the rope under deformation. The force transmission unit has a connecting member which is arranged between the sleeve... Agent:

20150122068 - Neutral locking system, tool and method for a vehicle: A neutral locking system and method for a vehicle includes a park release shaft and a neutral locking tool. The park release shaft is operatively connected to a transmission of the vehicle such that rotation of the park release shaft in a first rotatable direction places the transmission in a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150122069 - Gear position detecting device of secondary gearbox of transmission: A device for detecting a gear position of an auxiliary transmission of a transmission is provided, which includes an auxiliary transmission shifting fork shaft, an auxiliary transmission shifting fork, a signal switch, wherein the auxiliary transmission shifting fork or the auxiliary transmission shifting fork shaft is provided with a contact... Agent: Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd.

20150122070 - Cover attachment structure for robot and robot having the same: A cover attachment structure for attaching a cover to a predetermined component of a robot includes a first component, a second component and a third component. The first component is disposed to the predetermined component of the robot. The second component is disposed to an inner part of the cover.... Agent:

20150122071 - Actuator and manipulator including the same: Disclosed is a manipulator including a wire driving actuator to bend base and terminal sections of a joint assembly in multiple directions by a base section wire and a terminal section wire. The terminal section driving wire is operatively connected to the base section driving wire such that the terminal... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150122073 - Spinal column for a humanoid robot: A spinal column for a humanoid robot comprises a lower base to be fixed to a pelvis of the robot and an upper base to be fixed to a neck of the robot, the spinal column allowing two rotations of the upper base with respect to the lower base, a... Agent:

20150122072 - Twin rotation driving apparatus: A twin rotation driving apparatus is provided, including a base body, an axle unit pivotally connected to the base body for carrying a workpiece, a first driving unit disposed on the base body and having a first gear set connected to the axle unit and a first motor coaxially connected... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150122075 - Outer column and steering column apparatus: Construction of a steering-column apparatus is achieved that is capable of keeping the force required for expanding or contracting the portion 33 where an inner column 10a fits and is supported small, and improves the ease of operation for adjusting the position of a steering wheel 4. A split 19a... Agent:

20150122074 - Steeering column: A steering column for preventing separation of inner column 14a and outer column 15a is provided in the state before assembly in a vehicle body or in the state after a secondary collision without requiring additional components. The steering column includes a long engaging hole 26 extending in the axial... Agent:

20150122076 - Heat isolating vtg lever and linkage: A heat isolating linkage (5) that includes an elongate link having first and second end portions (10, 12) and a middle portion (14) extending therebetween. A bearing opening (16) is formed in the first end portion (10) and a bearing race (18) is disposed in the bearing opening (16). A... Agent:

20150122077 - Length-adjustable con rod: The invention relates to a length-adjustable con rod (1) for a reciprocating piston engine, particularly an internal combustion engine, having at least a first and a second rod part (2, 4), wherein the two rod parts (2, 4) can be pushed together and/or inside one another in a telescoping manner,... Agent: Avl List Gmbh

20150122078 - Bicycle pedal and method of making the same: A bicycle pedal includes a pedal body, a spindle and a bushing The pedal body defines an axle hole therein with opposite first and second openings. The spindle is formed in one piece and has an insert portion generally passing through the axle hole of the pedal body, and a... Agent:

20150122079 - Damage mitigation for gearbox: A component of a rotary wing aircraft is provided including a surface configured to contact another component of the rotary wing aircraft such that the surface is susceptible to corrosion and/or pitting. The surface has an area from which a portion of material was removed. A structural deposit is formed... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150122080 - Universal gear assembly for automatic pool covers: A double dog gear assembly having a hollow cylindrical body member extending along a longitudinal axis between a first gear face and a second gear face. A first set of elongated pin slots are formed in the hollow cylindrical body member and spiral in a first direction. A second set... Agent:

04/30/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150114177 - Starter and engaging device thereof: An engaging device and a starter comprising the engaging device, the starter comprises an electric motor, a speed reducer connected with the electric motor, an overrunning clutch comprising a driving piece connected with the speed reducer and a driven piece, and an engaging device with a main shaft connected with... Agent:

20150114148 - Cam follower with an angled axis of rotation: A rotary drive member includes a longitudinal axis defining a length direction, a curved cam contact surface forming a closed contour around the longitudinal axis and extending in the length direction and a reciprocating member having a carrier movable in the length direction. At least one cam follower wheel is... Agent: Griend Holding B.v.

20150114149 - Robot, robot control device, and robot system: A robot includes a base; a trunk linked to the base; a multi-joint robot arm rotatably linked to the trunk; and an elevating mechanism capable of bringing the trunk to a low position and a high position higher than the low position, and a time taken when a tip of... Agent:

20150114150 - Electromechanical actuator proximal position stopping assembly: An electromechanical actuator (EMA) is disclosed. The EMA may comprise an EMA housing, a ball nut extending axially within the EMA housing, a ball screw extending axially within the ball nut, and/or an actuator drive unit (ADU) housing extending axially within the ball screw, the ADU housing having a proximal... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20150114151 - Electromechanical actuator and actuator unit: An actuator is driven even if a jammed state, a motor stop, or the like occurs. An electromechanical actuator includes: an electric motor attached to a housing; a conversion mechanism portion having a drive portion that is driven to rotate by the electric motor and a driven portion that is... Agent: Nabtesco Corporation

20150114152 - Power transmitting apparatus for vehicle: A power transmitting apparatus for a vehicle may include first and second input shafts selectively receiving torque of a power source through first and second clutches, first and second output shafts disposed in parallel with the first and second input shafts, a plurality of input gears disposed on the first... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150114153 - Gear arrangement and dual-clutch transmission provided therewith: A gear arrangement includes a first and a second gearwheel where the first and second gearwheels are arranged next to each other upon a first shaft such that the first and second gearwheels can rotate relative to the first shaft. At least one gearwheel of the first and second gearwheels... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20150114154 - Device for decelerating and reversing ship: The front sides of pinions are rotatably supported by a first case via first taper roller bearings, and the back sides of the pinions are rotatably supported by a second case via second taper roller bearings, and the back sides of input shafts are rotatably supported by a case cover... Agent: Yanmar Co., Ltd.

20150114155 - Vaccum cleaner: A vacuum cleaner including a wheel, a driving motor configured to provide the wheel with a driving force, and a clutch configured to connect transfer gears to the wheel or to cancel a connection between the transfer gears and the wheel. A body of the vacuum cleaner is able to... Agent:

20150114156 - Ball screw, seal material, and seal structure: A ball screw including: a male component having male grooves on an outer periphery for a ball to roll; a female component fitted together with the male component in an axial direction having female grooves facing the male grooves on an inner periphery for the ball to roll and a... Agent:

20150114157 - Transmission electronic shifter with adjustable damped friction clutch: An electronic shifter can include a base, a shift lever assembly, a detent system and a clutch system. The shift lever assembly can include a pivot base having a coupling member. The detent system can include a biasing member and a detent member associated with the shift lever assembly. The... Agent:

20150114159 - Apparatus for preventing wrong gear shift of manual transmission: An apparatus for preventing wrong shift operation of a manual transmission may include a control shaft provided in a housing of a transmission and connected to a shift lever, a stopper lever linked with the control shaft and rotated together with the control shaft, and a stopper unit arranged on... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150114158 - Transmission electronic shifter with dual mechanical detents: An electronic shifter assembly can include a shift lever assembly and a dual mechanical detent system. The shift lever assembly can include a shift lever and a pivot base that is pivotably coupled to a base of the electronic shifter assembly. The dual mechanical detent system can include first and... Agent:

20150114161 - Robot: A robot according to an aspect of the invention includes an enclosure having an opening formed therein, a lid section that is provided on the enclosure in a detachable manner and blocks at least part of the opening, an attachment and detachment section which is provided on the lid section... Agent:

20150114160 - Scara robot: A SCARA robot according to an aspect of the invention includes a first arm rotatable with respect to a base, a second arm rotatable with respect to the first arm, a first rotation regulating member regulating a rotation of the first arm, and a second rotation regulating member regulating a... Agent:

20150114162 - Robot: A robot includes a joint as a first member, a link as a second member rotating around a third primary rotational axis in a bending and stretching manner with respect to the joint, a wiring board installed in the joint so that the first surface faces in a direction roughly... Agent:

20150114164 - Piezoelectric motor, robot hand, robot, finger assist apparatus, electronic component conveying apparatus, electronic component inspecting apparatus, liquid feeding pump, printing apparatus, electronic timepiece, and projection apparatus: A first driving signal is supplied to a first electrode of a vibrating body. A second driving signal is supplied to a second electrode of the vibrating body. A common driving signal is supplied to a common electrode of the vibrating body. A phase of the first driving signal is... Agent:

20150114163 - Robotic manipulator with spherical joints: A controlled relative motion system includes a base support and a manipulable support. A plurality of lower link members are pivotally coupled to the base support, and each includes a spherical section capture opening. A plurality of upper link members are rotatably coupled to the lower link members via spherical... Agent:

20150114165 - Force limiting device and method: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for limiting the contact force between a moving device and another object, using a parallel mechanism and torque limiters where the threshold force to activate the force limiting mechanism is not related to the configuration of the moving device or the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150114166 - Steering column for vehicle and steering apparatus having the same: The present invention relates to a steering column for a vehicle and a steering apparatus having the same. According to the present invention, it is possible to prevent loads transmitted to the steering column from being concentrated to a part of the steering column, to uniformize the distribution of operation... Agent:

20150114167 - Handlebar grip covers: A vehicle includes a handgrip assembly supported by a handlebar assembly. The handgrip assembly includes handgrip portion that defines an outer grip surface. The handgrip assembly also includes a cover portion coupled to the handgrip portion and partially surrounding the handgrip portion. The cover portion provides an appearance of a... Agent: Razor Usa, LLC

20150114168 - Steering wheel: A steering wheel of the present invention is provided with: a spoke cored bar portion configured to couple a boss cored bar portion and a rim cored bar portion to each other. At least a surface of a respective one of the rim cored bar portion and the spoke cored... Agent:

20150114169 - Lightweight camshaft and method for producing the same: The present disclosure relates to a lightweight camshaft and method for producing the same. The method includes the steps of slidably arranging a plurality of support elements onto a support tube, winding the support tube and support elements with at least one fiber layer, impregnating the at least one fiber... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Presta Teccenter Ag

20150114170 - Main shaft for a sliding cam valve train: A main shaft (1) for a sliding cam valve train is provided, with the main shaft (1) being provided, at least in the axial region of cam followers located thereon, with axial toothing (2) which is uniform over the length thereof, on which train there is placed, for each cam... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150114171 - Crank systems and methods: A crank system of the present disclosure has a rotating bar that is fixedly coupled to a first end of a first axle and for actuating a wheel, a first crank assembly coupled to the first end of the first axle and coupled to a first pedal, and a second... Agent:

20150114172 - Crank systems and methods: A crank system of the present disclosure has a first crank assembly that is coupled to a first end of a first axle and coupled to a first pedal. The crank system further has a second crank assembly coupled to a second end of the first axle and a second... Agent:

20150114173 - Adjustable platform pedal for use with clipless pedal and method for fitting adjustable platform pedal on clipless pedal: An adjustable pedal for use with a clipless pedal includes a pedal body that includes a passage formed therein, a driving member that is mounted in the pedal body, a first cleat and a second cleat that are coupled to the driving member and are located in the passage for... Agent:

20150114174 - Strain wave drive with improved performance: An improved strain wave drive system employs an outer circular spline part and an outer dynamic spline part spaced apart by a gap from each other in a widthwise (axial) direction and each having a array of internally facing gear teeth, a two-part inner flexible spline (flexspline) having two different... Agent:

20150114175 - Transmission system of hybrid electric vehicle: A transmission system of a hybrid electric vehicle may include a first shaft connected to an engine, a first hollow shaft disposed without rotational interference with the first shaft, selectively connected to the first shaft, and provided with a first output gear, a second hollow shaft disposed without rotational interference... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150114176 - Rotary-leaf / -casement drive: The present invention relates to a rotary drive (100) comprising: an output shaft (330); a motor (20), acting on the output shaft (330) via a downstream gear mechanism (30); an energy-store module with a linear line of action and with transmission elements (32, 326) to apply pressure circumferentially to an... Agent: Gilgen Door Systems Ag

04/25/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
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