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Machine element or mechanism

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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331797 - Yawing system comprising a preload mechanism: A yawing system (2) for a wind turbine and a method of operating the yawing system (2) are disclosed. The yawing system (2) comprises at least one yaw drive arranged to cause the yawing system (2) to perform yawing movements, a yaw bearing allowing mutual movement between two parts of... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140331798 - Wire connection apparatus: A wire connection apparatus includes a link unit and a drive unit configured to drive the link unit. The link unit includes a first link, a second link rotatably coupled to the first link, a third link rotatably coupled to the second link, a plurality of wires, each of which... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140331799 - Mechanical member: The invention relates to a mechanical member wherein a first part in contact with a second part movable relative to the first part, at least one of the parts including a coating of solid lubricant at least at contact zones between the first part and the second part, the solid... Agent:

20140331800 - Manual transmission for vehicles: A manual transmission for vehicles minimizes rotational inertia and improves rattle as a consequence of preventing unnecessary idling of a first speed gear and a reverse speed gear by maintaining a first input gear to be a free gear state at all shift-speeds except a first forward speed and a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140331801 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus includes a speed reduction device including a first gear and a second gear meshing each other. A ratio between teeth of the first gear and teeth of the second gear is an integer. One of the first gear and the second gear has a large diameter,... Agent:

20140331802 - Worm gear mechanism: A worm gear mechanism (44) comprises a worm (70) and a worm wheel (80) meshed with the worm. In the teeth of a hob (90) used for the gear cutting of the worm wheel, at least the addendum surfaces (91c) are formed into arcuate shapes. The radial centers (93) of... Agent:

20140331803 - Slotted bearing with labyrinth seal rings for damper actuators: A drive for adjusting the damper of a building air vent has a main body formed with a receiving aperture. A bearing ring is arranged in the receiving aperture and secured to the main body. The bearing ring has a circumferential direction, wherein the bearing ring has a first end... Agent:

20140331804 - Actuating device having keys: This invention relates to a system for selecting switching steps of a shift-by-wire gear change drive, which features a key arrangement with at least two keys and means for generating electrical signals for transmission to the shift-by-wire gear change drive. This invention specifies an activation control system with which can... Agent:

20140331805 - Gearshift assembly: A gearshift assembly structure includes: a gearshift knob including a knob core that has a insertion hollow formed lengthwise; a locking member installed on the knob core to pivot, the locking member having a locking protrusion formed on the outer surface of the locking member; and a gearshift rod to... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140331806 - Parallel link robot: Provided is a parallel link robot which has increased rigidity and which can be reduced in size. The parallel link robot includes: a base (1); a movable portion (2); a plurality of link portions (5) connecting the base (1) and the movable portion (2); and a plurality of actuators (6)... Agent: Thk Co., Ltd.

20140331807 - Rotating mechanism, industrial robot and method for returning rotating body to original position: A rotating mechanism which returning a rotating body to an original position. The first detecting mechanism for detecting that the rotating body is in the original position is provided with a first section-to-be-detected affixed to the rotating body and the first detecting section affixed to a supporting body. A second... Agent:

20140331808 - Robotic apparatus and associated method: A robotic positioning apparatus configured for moving an element from an initial position to a target position. The apparatus includes a moveable member attachable to an element to be moved; at least one tensile support member for supporting the movable member; and at least one tensile positioning member for repositioning... Agent: Core Pd Limited

20140331809 - Adjustable handle for outdoor power equipment: A walk-behind outdoor power machine includes a control that is actuable to control at least one operational aspect the power machine, a handle including a user-graspable portion that is graspable by an operator walking behind the machine, a locking mechanism locking the user-graspable portion of the handle at a desired... Agent: Ariens Company

20140331810 - Steering system: A stationary tooth row is provided in a restricted member that is not displaced together with a steering wheel during tilt adjustment of a steering system. A movable tooth row is provided in a movable member that is displaced in a tilt direction) together with the steering wheel during tilt... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140331811 - Telescopic steering apparatus: When adjusting the forward-backward position of a steering wheel, together with reducing any uncomfortable feeling experienced by the driver, a support bracket is prevented from breaking away toward the front due to an extremely large force applied during the adjustment operation. Elastic sleeves 35 are mounted inside the long holes... Agent:

20140331812 - Bent tubular shaft and method for producing the same: The disclosed embodiments describe a method for producing a bent tubular shaft for a tubular shaft instrument as well as a tubular shaft produced in such manner as well as a tubular shaft instrument with such a bent tubular shaft. The tubular shaft is produced by providing a hollow shaft... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20140331813 - Active control method of pedal effort for accelerator: An active control method for controlling a pedal effort for an accelerator, may include determining, in a vehicle velocity determining step, whether a vehicle velocity is in 0 (zero) state while the vehicle provided with an accelerator an pedal effort of which is controllable starts-on; determining, in a shifting stage... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140331814 - Method and device for producing a locking device and locking device for a longitudinal adjustment mechanism of a vehicle seat: A method for producing a locking device of a longitudinal adjustment mechanism of a vehicle seat, includes producing a locking device having a plurality of round locking pins which can be latched into position independently of one another and can he unlatched together, at least one guide part and a... Agent: C. Rob Hammerstein Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140331815 - Proximity and contact sensor device in motor vehicle steering wheels: A proximity and contact sensor device in motor vehicle steering wheels includes an extendable band, the length of which is slightly less than the circumference of the steering wheel and of which one surface has fixed to it at least one conductive track covered with a bi-adhesive layer, the conductive... Agent: I.r.c.a. S.p.a. - Industria Resisten-ze Corazzate Affini

20140331816 - Camshaft: A camshaft may include a camshaft tube and at least one functional component thermally joined thereon. The at least one functional component may have a through-opening for receiving the camshaft tube. Further, at least one of (i) the through-opening of the functional component may include a shaped contour and (ii)... Agent: Mahle International Gmbh

20140331817 - High speed flywheel seal: A seal for a high speed flywheel mounted on a shaft, the seal having a two housing sections, and a cavity formed between the housing sections, lip seal beings provided on either side of the cavity, the lip seals being in contact with and encircling the shaft, wherein an oil... Agent: Flybrid Automotive Ltd.

20140331818 - Flexible tubular shaft: The disclosed subject matter describes a tubular shaft for a tubular shaft instrument having a hollow shaft component, an actuating rod arranged in the hollow shaft component and functional elements that are disposed at the distal ends of the shaft component and/or the actuating rod. The actuating rod is axially... Agent: Aesculap Ag

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140326106 - Starter: A starter (1) includes a motor unit (3), an output shaft (4) configured to receive a rotational force of the motor unit (3) and rotate, a pinion gear (74) (a pinion mechanism) helically engageable with a ring gear (23) of an engine, a clutch mechanism (5) configured to transmit the... Agent: Mitsuba Corporation

20140326087 - Compact linear roller guide: The invention relates to a compact linear roller guide which makes it possible to transmit high forces and torques between a carriage (1) and a guide rail (3). The carriage (1) comprises two or more pairs of ribbed rollers (2), rotatably supported on the side walls of the carriage by... Agent: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

20140326088 - Method of repositioning bearing wear in an industrial eccentric weight vibrator via power inversion and vibrator therefore: A vibratory device comprises a rotor and an eccentric weight. The eccentric weight is mounted to the shaft and has a center of mass that is offset from the shaft axis. The vibratory device is configured such that the eccentric weight is in a first rotational orientation relative to the... Agent:

20140326089 - Actuator having buffer structure: An actuator includes a drive screw (32), an external tube (34), a stretchable tube (35), and a buffer structure (50). The external tube (34) is sleeved around the drive screw (32) externally. The stretchable tube (35) is passed through and connected to the external tube (34), wherein the stretchable tube... Agent:

20140326090 - Method for producing a threaded part as composite component, roller screw drive, linear actuator, and electromechanical brake booster having such a composite component: An electromechanical brake booster includes a hollow spindle and a hollow screw. Courses of thread are produced by deformation from metal and extrusion-coating them together with tubular supporting structures made of plastic. The hollow spindle and the hollow screw are produced as composite components.... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140326091 - Miniature linear positioning system: A linear positioning system is miniaturized by using a low profile guide extrusion supporting a low profile carriage that can be moved along the guide by a drive screw. The guide includes coplanar mounting flanges, C-slots for receiving electric wires, and angled recesses to serve as ways for guiding the... Agent: Velmex, Inc.

20140326092 - Toothed wheels and transmission: A pair of toothed wheels that mesh with each other includes a plateau portion. The surface of the plateau portion is a plateau-structure surface formed on each tooth face of each of the pair of the toothed wheels, with peak portions of convexities, out of a plurality of concavities and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140326093 - Transmission system: A transmission system including a first input shaft (1) that is arranged to receive drive directly from a drive source (80), and a second input shaft (3) that is arranged to receive drive from the drive source via a drive interruption means (86), such as a friction clutch device, a... Agent: Zeroshift Transmissions Limited

20140326094 - Shift arrangement for a motor vehicle transmission: Shift arrangement for a motor vehicle transmission. At least one gear stage can be engaged and disengaged by means of an associated shift clutch. A spindle which is aligned along a spindle axis, has a spindle thread and is rotatably mounted on a housing. A nut has a nut thread,... Agent:

20140326095 - Face gear and gear device: This face gear has a plurality of annularly arranged gear teeth. A recess for holding grease or another lubricant is formed in the tooth surface of each gear tooth. A recess forming area, which is the area in which the recess is formed, is provided between the tooth bottom and... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140326096 - Electronic shift lever: An electronic shift lever includes a case through which a hollow is formed in a longitudinal direction, and a shift lever cover covering the hollow and is connected to the case. A rod housing is located adjacent the bottom of the case where a through-pipe is disposed in a longitudinal... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140326097 - Robot: Compact robot with a reduced operational envelope includes a support frame, two robot arm assemblies, and two actuating mechanisms. The support frame includes a top plate and a bottom plate. Each robot arm assembly includes a first arm, a second arm intersecting with the first, and a third arm intersecting... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140326098 - Three-axes robot: Three-axes robot without gears or other meshing structures which can operate in restricted environments includes a first arm, a second arm coupled to the first arm, a third arm coupled to the second arm, and an actuating mechanism coupled to the third arm. The first arm is configured to drive... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140326099 - Driving mechanism: A compact and gearless driving mechanism with a reduced operational envelope includes a support frame and two driving assemblies. The support frame includes a top plate and a bottom plate. Each driving assembly includes a first linear driving module, a second linear driving module intersecting with the first, and a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140326100 - Driving mechanism: Driving mechanism without gears or other meshing structures which can operate in restricted environments includes a first linear driving module, a second linear driving module coupled to the first linear driving module, and a third linear driving module coupled to the second linear driving module. The first linear driving module... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140326101 - Cable pulling device used in parking mode manually releasing device for shift-by-wire type automatic transmission: Disclosed therein is a cable pulling device used in a parking mode manually releasing device for an shift-by-wire type automatic transmission. The cable pulling device includes: a base; a lever connected rotatably relative to the base, the lever to which a cable is connected; a bar member; and a spring... Agent: Kyung Chang Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140326103 - Apparatus for preventing automotive pedal from being pushed rearward: An apparatus for preventing a vehicle pedal from being pushed rearward upon a head-on collision of the vehicle is provided. The apparatus includes a collision bracket that is fixedly installed on a dash panel and a pedal arm formed by bending a plate along a predetermined reference line to form... Agent: Sl Corporation

20140326102 - Hev brake pedal assembly with pedal return mechanism: A brake pedal assembly includes an assembly frame, a pedal arm pivotally carried by the assembly frame, a booster input rod, a booster washer carried by the booster input rod, a rod actuating element carried by the pedal arm and engaging the booster input rod and a biasing device interposed... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140326104 - Device for ventilating transmissions: A device for ventilating a transmission includes a first component configured for fixed arrangement on the transmission and a second component configured for movable arrangement on an outer side of a transmission housing of the transmission. The first and second components are connected to one another by a joint which... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140326105 - Hybrid drive device: A hybrid drive device having a clutch that engages and disengages an output member of an internal combustion engine and an input shaft of an automatic transmission device with and from each other. A rotary electric machine has a stator fixed to a case and a rotor coupled to the... Agent:

20140326107 - Rotary table device: The inside of a case of a rotary table device is divided into a first space and a second space. The pressure of the first space is regulated to a pressure higher than the pressure of the second space during a steady state. The relationship between the pressures is reversed... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140318286 - Machine tool: A motor-driven machine tool has a drive motor, the motor shaft of which is driven in rotation, with a tool drive shaft, which is driven in rotation or in oscillation about its longitudinal axis, and with a coupling drive for converting the rotational movement of the motor shaft into a... Agent:

20140318287 - Drive device for medical or dental tool: Various mechanical drive devices, mechanical gears, combinations thereof and medical or dental treatment devices with such mechanical drive devices or gears are described. The mechanical drive devices and mechanical gears convert a unidirectional rotational movement received by a motor drive into a multidirectional movement, so that a tool-holding device of... Agent: W&h Dentalwerk B&#xfc Rmoos Gmbh

20140318289 - Worm gear mechanism: A worm gear mechanism includes a worm connected to an electric motor, and a worm wheel engaged with the worm. In the worm wheel, a tooth flank is formed of a resin material. In the tooth flank, an engagement recess, which is based on a trajectory of a contact point... Agent:

20140318288 - Differential member: Provided is a differential member that is used in a surgical instrument, which may be manually operated to perform laparoscopic operations or various surgical operations, to receive an input of two or more rotation motions or translation motions and output a single rotation motion or translation motion.... Agent:

20140318290 - Power tool and method of operating an automated drilling operation: A power tool includes a pneumatic motor with an output shaft, a spindle that is drivingly connected to the output shaft via a drive gear to provide a rotational movement to the spindle and via a feed gear to provide a translational movement to the spindle. A cylinder that governs... Agent:

20140318291 - Arm unit with reduced spring load: An arm unit includes a first member, a rotation shaft, a second member, a spring member, and a displacement adjusting device. The second member is expandably connected to the first member via the rotation shaft. The spring member is configured to bias the first member and the second member to... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140318292 - Multi-stage drive mechanisms: A multi-stage drive includes a linear actuator configured for linear movement along an actuation axis, and a control surface. The control surface is operatively connected to the linear actuator for rotation about a deployment axis in a deployment stage, and for rotation in a control stage about a control axis... Agent: Simmonds Precision Products, Inc.

20140318296 - Gearbox control module: A gearbox control module for a gearbox comprises an electronic component with an electronic circuit configured to control the gearbox, electrical connections and a module carrier. The electronics component and the electrical connections are mounted on the module carrier, and the module carrier is a cover configured to sealingly close... Agent:

20140318295 - Smart touch type electronic auto shift lever: An electronic auto shift lever, and more particularly, a smart touch type electronic auto shift lever configures a shift operating unit of the auto shift lever. The auto shift lever includes a touch screen and provides a predetermined shift pattern to a user to perform a shift operation by an... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140318294 - Vehicle shift control device: A vehicle shift control device includes: a parking lock device selectively switched by driving of an electric motor between a lock position restraining rotation of wheels and a non-lock position not restraining the rotation of the wheels; and an electronic control device controlling the electric motor, the vehicle shift control... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140318297 - Transmission emergency release: A transmission emergency release for an automatic transmission which is mechanically blocked when a parking mode is engaged, includes a manually operable actuating element for the mechanical deactivation of the parking mode, wherein the actuating element has a vehicle-fixed mount (1, 29) with a force transmitting element and an actuating... Agent:

20140318293 - Haptic feedback shift knob: Automotive vehicles having a manual shift transmission, with driver feedback to indicate when a shift change is recommended or to provide other event notifications.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140318298 - Wrist structure of industrial robot: A wrist structure of an industrial robot including a second wrist power transmission part transmitting power of a second wrist motor to a second wrist element and a third wrist power transmission part transmitting power of a third wrist motor to a third wrist element. The second wrist power transmission... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140318299 - Stabilizing apparatus for highly articulated probes with link arrangement, methods of formation thereof, and methods of use thereof: An apparatus for driving an articulating probe comprises an elongate probe constructed and arranged to articulate in at least one predetermined degree of motion and to transition from a flexible state to a rigid state, and a force transfer mechanism constructed and arranged to apply a force to the probe.... Agent:

20140318300 - Industrial robot: An industrial robot may include a main body part; a plurality of levers having base end sides turnably connected with the main body part; a plurality of arm parts having respective base end sides turnably connected with respective tip end sides of the plurality of the levers; a movable part... Agent:

20140318301 - Positive lock adjustable seat post: A method and apparatus for a seat post assembly that is adjustable to an upper, intermediate, and lower seat post position using a locking member and a sleeve member coupled to an actuator for securing and releasing an inner tube with respect to an outer tube. The actuator may move... Agent:

20140318304 - Assembly comprising a first cam carrier: An assembly includes a first cam carrier and at least one other cam carrier for a securing device for an adjustable steering column of a motor vehicle. Each of the cam carriers has at least one cam, and the carriers are located opposite one another so that they can rotate... Agent:

20140318305 - Fixing device for an adjustable steering column for a motor vehicle: A fixing device for an adjustable steering column for a motor vehicle includes a first cam carrier having one or more cams fixedly attached thereto, and at least one further cam carrier having one or more cams fixedly attached thereto. The cam carriers are arranged such as to be rotatable... Agent:

20140318302 - Steering column apparatus: Construction is achieved in which a held bracket section 30 is integrally formed with the end section of an outer column by a hydroforming method, so as to be able to substantially ensure the strength and rigidity of the held bracket section 30. A spacer 37 that is made of... Agent:

20140318303 - Steering system: A steering system configured so that the possibility of occurrence of half-lock is significantly reduced is provided. A fastening mechanism has a pair of fastening members that fasten a pair of stationary side plates of a stationary bracket fixed to a vehicle body and a pair of movable side plates... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140318306 - Bicycle component control apparatus: A bicycle component control apparatus is configured to control at least one bicycle component. The bicycle component control apparatus basically comprises a user operating device, an electric actuating unit and a hydraulic unit. The electric actuating unit is controlled in response to operation of the user operating device. The hydraulic... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140318307 - Bicycle end cap: A bicycle end cap has a first end and a second end that is opposite to the first end for attaching to a bicycle line shape member. The bicycle end cap includes a tubular portion and an attachment structure. The tubular portion defines a first opening that is arranged at... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140318308 - Assembly having a soft-touch user interface for controlling the operative position of a device which controls the flow of air into the passenger compartment of a vehicle: An assembly having a soft-touch user interface for controlling the operative position of a device which controls the flow of air into the passenger compartment of a vehicle is provided. An occupant of the vehicle operates a first member of the assembly at its outer soft-touch, surface layer to cause... Agent: GlobalIPHoldings, LLC

20140318309 - Universal bicycle pedal: A universal pedal system in which adapter spindles with male threads on each end are mated to a pedal having a female threaded connector in order to provide universal adaptability without increasing pedal width substantially and thus avoiding altering bicycle fit or performance in an undesirable manner.... Agent:

20140318310 - Crankshaft and method for producing the same: In a crankshaft 200, one hole 213L formed in a crankpin 213 has a bottom surface having a larger area and a depth from a surface of the crankpin less than those of another hole 213M. In forming the hole 213L and the hole 213M, a preformed product 200 of... Agent:

20140318311 - Transmission drive assembly: The invention relates to a transmission drive assembly (10) having a drive motor (11) the drive shaft (23) of which protrudes with a portion (25) thereof into a transmission housing (12), wherein the drive shaft (23) is arranged on the side facing the transmission housing (12) in a bearing (32)... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140311260 - Gas turbine rotor positioning device: The invention refers to a device for positioning the rotor of a gas turbine linearly actuating a piston rod that actuates on its end a ratched wheel that moves the rotor of the gas turbine. The device includes an eccentric wheel and a synchronous motor, such that the piston rod... Agent:

20140311261 - High stiffness thrust component for linear actuator: An apparatus comprises an actuator having a motor, a housing and a thrust rod, where the actuator is configured to convert rotational motion of the motor into axial motion of the thrust rod. A movable holder is coupled to the thrust rod, and configured for axial motion of a tool... Agent:

20140311262 - Electric actuator: A worm gear unit is fitted to an output shaft of a motor rotation unit. A bearing supports the output shaft rotatably and makes contact with the worm gear unit, which is applied with thrust load and moved to an other side. A yoke has a bottom portion surrounding the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140311264 - Anchor tower: Anchor towers useful in the alteration of a position of an item connected to an anchor are described. An anchor tower includes an inner sleeve and an outer sleeve disposed over and operably connected to the inner sleeve such that movement of the outer sleeve results in movement of the... Agent:

20140311265 - Linear drive for furniture: An electromotive linear drive, in particular for adjusting movably mounted parts of lounging and seating furniture, has a drive motor, a threaded spindle, a speed-reducing gear unit arranged between the drive motor and the threaded spindle, and a spindle nut (9) located on the threaded spindle. The spindle nut is... Agent: Dewertokin Gmbh

20140311263 - Worm and wheel power steering gearbox: A power assist steering system utilizing a steering gearbox with a worm-screw to gear-segment transition from a steering-wheel shaft to a sector shaft and a worm-screw to worm-wheel transition from a power-assist shaft to the steering-wheel shaft. The worm-screw and worm-wheel combination for the power-assist shaft to the steering-wheel shaft... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140311266 - Control device for transmission: There is provided a control device for a transmission for shifting a driving force of an engine. The transmission includes at least two input shafts configured to be driven by the driving force of the engine, intermediate shafts provided correspondingly to the at least two input shafts and configured such... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20140311267 - Worm gear: A worm gear has a worm wheel, a drive shaft, and a flexible shaft. The worm wheel meshes with a worm shaft, which is driven by the drive shaft. The flexible shaft can be arranged in the drive shaft with a radial gap between at least a portion of the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140311268 - Oiling device for an axle with spur gear: An oiling device for an axle with spur gearing comprising a first rotating component which is surrounded by a housing and immersed in a lubricant. A first shaft is mounted to rotate by way of first and second bearings and is continuously connected to a third rotating component and a... Agent:

20140311269 - Park release apparatus for a transmission: An apparatus for manually shifting an automatic transmission can include a lever assembly, a coupling member and a lock arrangement. The lever assembly can include a variable length lever. The coupling member can be connected at a first end to the lever assembly and can be adapted to be coupled... Agent:

20140311270 - Spatial-link-type manipulator: A spatial-link-type manipulator, comprising a drive device (10), links and rotating shafts connected between the links; the drive device comprises a connecting shaft (13); the connecting shaft comprises an outer wall (131) and an inner wall (133); each link comprises a large boom (20), a small boom (30), an oblique... Agent: Shenyang Siasun Robot & Automation Co.,ltd.

20140311271 - Translational parallel manipulators and methods of operating the same: In one aspect, a translational parallel manipulator is provided and includes a fixed platform including three guide members. The three guide members include first ends and second ends, and the first ends of the three guide members are all coupled to each other and the second ends of the three... Agent: Northwestern University

20140311272 - Actuating element and a pair of rocker units for an actuating element: An actuating element for actuating an instrument for performing minimally invasive interventions comprises a first handle half-shell and a second handle half-shell movable relative to each other and connected with each other at one end by a biasing mechanism; a tube arranged substantially centrally between the handle half-shells; a linkage... Agent:

20140311273 - Steering column and manufacturing method thereof, and steering apparatus using this steering column: Construction is achieved that is capable of maintaining overall strength of a cylindrical-shaped steering column, while at the same time making it possible to make the thickness part of the steering column thin. An outer column 10b, which is a column member of a steering column is formed by connecting... Agent: Nsk, Ltd.

20140311274 - Steering column: Disclosed herein is a steering column, including: an inner tube; an outer tube formed in a hollow shape into which the inner tube is inserted and including a pair of telescope guides protruding to an outer circumferential surface thereof, a first slit cut in an axial direction between the pair... Agent: Namyang, Ltd.

20140311276 - Adjustable auxiliary brake control system: An adjustable auxiliary brake control system for an educational driving vehicle with a main brake and a driver seat comprises an auxiliary brake assembly, a connecting frame, a supporting structure and a brake cable. The system attains strong and reliable support from a driver-seat-bracket to achieve auxiliary brake control from... Agent:

20140311277 - Device for detecting amount of pedal operation: A pedal operation amount detection apparatus comprising: a transmitting member that transmits a pedal operation force; a movement lever disposed so as to be movable with respect to the transmitting member; a sensor rod disposed so as to be connected to the transmitting member and the movement lever; and a... Agent:

20140311275 - Pedal apparatus for vehicle: A pedal apparatus for a vehicle includes a pedal bracket fixed to a dashboard, a cowl bracket fixed to a cowl panel, and a pedal arm hinge-coupled to the pedal bracket and having a reverse-swivel protrusion and a pedal on both sides of the pedal arm. Also, a reverse-swivel lever... Agent:

20140311278 - Active control method of accelerator pedal effort: An active control method of accelerator pedal effort is configured such that, when a driver changes lanes while driving a vehicle having a pedal effort controllable accelerator, the method can actively control the accelerator pedal effort so as to reduce the pedal effort, and when the driver turns corners while... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140311279 - Apparatus for on demand limiting the value range of a parameter adjustment device: An apparatus for on demand limiting the value range of a parameter adjustment device comprises a knob for moving a regulating element (1), means for creating engagement between the knob and the regulating element (1), a first stop (3) fixed in relation to the device, a second stop (6) to... Agent:

20140311280 - Unbalanced shaft and method for producing same: An unbalanced shaft for compensating for inertial forces and/or mass moments of inertia of an internal combustion engine (1), having an unbalanced portion (8), the center of mass of which extends eccentric to the axis of rotation (11) of the unbalanced shaft (6) for generating the shaft imbalance (7), a... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

20140311281 - Pneumatic liquid on-line automatic balancer of rotor: A pneumatic liquid on-line automatic balancer of a rotor includes: a sealed balancing disk rotating with a balanced rotor and a pressure transfer device mated with the sealed balancing disk. At least two pairs of centrosymmetric chambers filled with appropriate balancing liquid are evenly distributed in the sealed balancing disk.... Agent:

20140311282 - Bicycle pedal: A bicycle pedal includes a pedal axle, a rotatable main pedal body, a first cleat securing member pivotally coupled about a first pivot axis between first and second positions, a sub member pivotally coupled to move about a second pivot axis, and at least a first biasing member disposed on... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140311283 - Guard system for pump assembly: A length adjustable guard system for shielding the driveshaft and coupling joint directly abuts the motor housing at one end and is secured at a second end to the pump housing. Interchangeable mounting plates allow the guard assembly to attach to various pumps. The guard system is lightweight, easily installed... Agent:

20140311285 - Device including a gear unit and an electric machine for a hybrid drive and hybrid drive: A device includes a transmission and an electric machine for a hybrid drive of a motor vehicle, and the transmission includes first and second subtransmissions. The substransmissions each have an input shaft and they share an output shaft. The input shafts of the subtransmissions can be selectively coupled to the... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20140311284 - Hybrid power driving device for vehicle and control method thereof: This invention proposes a hybrid power driving device including an electric motor, an Internal Combustion engine, an automated mechanical transmission, a clutch, a main reducer and a differential, where the automated mechanical transmission includes first to sixth gear wheels forming meshing pairs, 2 synchronizers, an input transmission shaft connected with... Agent:

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