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06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150143932 - Gyroscopic systems to stabilize vehicles and recycle kinetic energy: Gyroscopic systems to stabilize vehicles and provide kinetic energy recovery are disclosed. The gyroscopic system uses gyroscopic forces to maintain a vertical orientation at zero and low speeds, as well as maintain stability at all speeds. The gyroscopic forces are also be used to affect the bank angle of vehicles... Agent: Thrustcycle Enterprises LLC

20150143933 - Valve unit and a positioning device for converting a rotary motion into a linear motion: A valve unit includes a positioning device for converting a rotary motion into a linear motion, a valve rod, a drive unit, a drive shaft with an eccentric arranged thereon, a coupling element comprising a slot, and an output shaft arranged at the eccentric which moves in the slot of... Agent:

20150143934 - Linear actuator: A linear actuator includes a housing (100), a base plate (200) disposed in the housing (100), and two actuating mechanisms (310, 320) disposed on the base plate (200) and received in the housing (100). Each actuating mechanism (310/320) comprises a motor (311/321), a transmission assembly (312/322), a screw rod (313/323),... Agent: Timotion Technology Co., Ltd.

20150143935 - Ball screw with support devices: A ball screw with support devices includes a nut base having two sides equipped with the support devices for preventing the screw from deflection. Two runner structures are provided near two ends of the screw. The runner structure includes a driving wheel and a driven wheel having different diameters and... Agent:

20150143936 - Automated manual transmission for vehicle: An automated manual transmission for a vehicle may include an input shaft (INPUT) configured to allow a rotational force to be transmitted from a power source, an output shaft configured to be disposed in parallel with the input shaft so as to draw out power, and a plurality of shifting... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150143937 - Gear device: A damper structure for a gear device includes a first gear (2) mounted to turn with respect to a shaft (1) in a circumferential direction, a second gear (3) mounted on the shaft (1) to rotate integrally, a stopper rubber (33) mounted on the second gear (3) to face... Agent: Otics Corporation

20150143938 - Mechanism for vehicle transmission default to park: A default-to-park mechanism for a transmission includes an output member, a rotatable plate, a latching mechanism, and a biasing member. The output member is rotatable to park, reverse, neutral, and drive positions. The rotatable plate is coaxial with the output member. The plate and the output member interfere with one... Agent: Stoneridge Control Devices, Inc.

20150143939 - Transmission device for vehicle: A transmission device for a vehicle is provided. The transmission device includes a first rotating unit configured to be rotatably coupled to a first rotating axis and a second rotating unit configured to be rotatably coupled to a second rotating axis separated from the first rotating axis. A joint unit... Agent:

20150143940 - Coaxial drive apparatus for multidirectional control: A coaxial drive apparatus for multidirectional control, including: a housing; a stage pivotally installed in the housing, with the object laid on the stage; a rotary shaft connected to the stage and rotated to cause the stage to pivot; a rotation transmitting unit transmitting a rotating force of the rotary... Agent: Korea Basic Science Institute

20150143941 - Method for releasing or blocking the function of steering wheel or steering column switches on a case-by-case basis, and motor vehicle having steering wheel and steering column switches: The invention relates to a method for case-based enabling or disabling of the function of steering wheel or steering column switches in a motor vehicle. According to the invention, at least one function of one of the steering wheel or steering column switches is enabled or disabled depending on the... Agent:

20150143942 - Polymer-based braided cable with polymer-based end fittings used in automotive cable assemblies: An automotive cable assembly for mechanically linking a first mechanical system to a second mechanical system for facilitating a transfer of tension loadings there-between, the cable assembly having a multi-stranded polymer-based core element having a first polymer based end fitting at a first end and a second polymer based end... Agent:

20150143943 - Apparatus for reducing effort of clutch pedal for vehicle: An apparatus for reducing an effort of a clutch pedal for a vehicle may include a pedal member through both sides of which a guide slot that may be extended frontwardly and then rearwardly may be formed integrally to pass the both sides, a pedal arm lever provided at an... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20150143945 - Accelerator pedal apparatus: An accelerator pedal apparatus includes a pedal arm which includes an accelerator pedal; a housing which supports the pedal arm between a rest position and a maximum depression position as being rotatable around a predetermined swing axis line; a first return spring which exerts urging force to the pedal arm... Agent:

20150143944 - Accelerator pedal unit for motor vehicles: An accelerator pedal unit (1) for a motor vehicle includes an accelerator pedal (11) for controlling a propelling force of a motor of the motor vehicle, and a return spring. A position change of the accelerator pedal (11) from its starting position caused by an actuating force against a restoring... Agent:

20150143946 - Locking device for locking a movable component: The invention relates to a locking device for locking a movable component, in particular a superposition drive, comprising a locking element which in a locking position is formed to cooperate with the movable component. The locking element includes a damping mechanism which during the movement of the locking element into... Agent: Takata Ag

20150143948 - Cam follower device: The cam follower roller device comprises a body 12, a roller 14, and a shaft 16 mounted on the body 12 and comprising an outer seat for mounting the roller to rotate. The roller comprises an inner surface 14a radially surrounding the seat and is mounted able to rotate with... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20150143947 - Cam follower roller device: The cam follower roller device comprises a body, a shaft mounted on the body, a roller mounted on the shaft and able to rotate, and a plain bearing interposed radially between the shaft and the roller. An outer surface and/or an inner surface of the plain bearing comprise a plurality... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20150143949 - Semi-fixed type shoe-fixing shaft: Provided is a semi-fixed type shoe-fixing shaft that includes a shaft rotatably mounted on a crank, a ratchet pawl swingably installed on the shaft, a ratchet engaging tooth fixed to the crank so as to catch the ratchet pawl, a ratchet spring fixed to the shaft so as to swing... Agent:

20150143950 - Method and configuration for an auxiliary power engine to deliver propulsive and/or non-propulsive energy in a helicopter architecture: A method and configuration to optimize an entire traction system available on a helicopter including an auxiliary engine by allowing the engine to provide non-propulsive and/or propulsive power during flight. The auxiliary engine is coupled to participate directly in providing mechanical or electrical propulsive power and electrical non-propulsive power to... Agent: Labinal Power Systems

05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135863 - Hybrid vehicle drive system and method using split shaft power take off: A hybrid vehicle drive system for use with a first prime mover and a transmission driven by the first prime mover. The system includes a second prime mover coupled to a rechargeable energy source, a split shaft PTO, and an accessory coupled to the split shaft PTO. The split shaft... Agent: Odyne Systems, LLC

20150135864 - Camshaft unit: A camshaft unit (1), having a first camshaft (2) which is phase-adjustable with respect to a crankshaft, having a second camshaft (3) which is arranged concentrically with respect to the first camshaft (2), and having a camshaft adjuster (5) by which both camshafts (2, 3) are phase-adjusted with respect to... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150135865 - Device for controlling a furniture drive: A device for controlling an electromotive linear drive configured as a furniture drive for adjusting movably mounted parts of reclining and seating furniture, consisting of at least one threaded spindle (4, 5) that can be driven via a worm gear for displacing a lifting element, and comprising a guide body... Agent: Dewertokin Gmbh

20150135866 - Sealed guard for motor grader draft apparatus: A draft apparatus for a motor grader comprises a draft frame, a circle, a moldboard, a circle drive, a guard, and a seal. The circle comprises a circle gear. The circle is connected to the draft frame for rotation relative to the draft frame about an axis of the circle... Agent: Deere & Company

20150135867 - Swing type power door lock motor: A swing type power door lock motor includes a housing having mounted therein a drive unit, which includes a motor, a transmission unit, which includes a screw shaft connected to the motor and a transmission seat threaded onto the screw shaft, and a swing unit, which includes a sector gear... Agent: Taiger International Corp.

20150135868 - Electromechanical driving actuator with damping device: An electromechanical driving actuator with a damping device comprises an electric motor (26) comprising a stator (9) and a hollow rotor (3), the stator (9) enclosing the rotor (3) and the rotor having a base end and an operational end. The electromechanical actuator further comprises a retractable shaft (4) having... Agent:

20150135869 - Energy-harvesting apparatus and method: An energy harvester is provided for harvesting energy, and in particular electrical energy from an input vibration such as an ambient vibration. The energy harvester comprises a first mechanical amplifier responsive to the input vibration and a second mechanical amplifier coupled to the first mechanical amplifier. At least one of... Agent: Cambridge Enterprise Limited

20150135870 - Surgical instrument: In a surgical instrument (1), in particular a sliding shaft instrument, with a shaft (2), and with a slide (3) mounted slidably and/or releasably on the shaft (2), wherein the slide (3) is guided with at least one guide element (7,8) in at least one longitudinal groove (10,11) of the... Agent:

20150135871 - Power transmission device: A water pump has a pulley provided with an internally toothed gear and an externally toothed gear that is further in than the internally toothed gear in a radial direction, a shaft gear involved in transmission of power to and from the pulley, and a transmission mechanism that mediates transmission... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150135872 - Impact switching device of an impact drill gearbox: An impact switching device of an impact drill gearbox includes a gearbox front shell, an output shaft, a torque regulating mechanism, an impact mechanism, a decelerating mechanism and a gear shifting mechanism. The gearbox front shell on its top is prominently mounted with threaded columns. The gear shifting mechanism includes... Agent:

20150135874 - Clutch device: Provided is a clutch device capable of reliably transmitting predetermined torque. Power is transmitted from an outer ring to a second gear through a first gear. The teeth of the first gear are formed so that the lines of the teeth are non-parallel to the center axis. The direction of... Agent: Univance Corporation

20150135873 - Manual override for steering actuator: A steering actuator including a motor having a rotor including opposing input and output ends. A driven gear is supported on the input end of the rotor shaft for rotation with the rotor shaft and the output end provides a rotational output of the steering actuator. An override shaft is... Agent: Globe Motors, Inc.

20150135875 - Dependency transmission: The disclosure relates to a transmission for a motor vehicle, wherein the transmission comprises an input shaft, at least first and second countershafts, and an output shaft. The input shaft is provided with a first driving gearwheel, which interacts with a first gearwheel arranged upon the first countershaft, and a... Agent:

20150135876 - Transmission device with a hydraulic system including a pump device: A transmission device (2) with a hydraulic system (1)including a pump device (3) is described. A primary pressure circuit (7) and at least one additional pressure circuit (10) are able to be supplied with hydraulic fluid by the pump device (3). The pump device (3) is coupled with a transmission... Agent:

20150135877 - Organ type electronic automatic shift lever: An organ type electronic automatic shift lever may include a shift lever portion, a step motor unit, an operating arm, a position recognition unit, and a gear shift stage control unit. The shift lever portion may have a lower end at which a magnetic unit is mounted. The step motor... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150135878 - Shifting apparatus for vehicle: A shifting apparatus for a vehicle may include a lever position guide that is provided inside a gear lever box at which a gear lever is located, and has a reference position and multiple gear positions connected to the reference position, an elastic part engaged to the gear lever and... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150135879 - Structure for mounting plantable shift lever onto bracket: A structure for mounting a plantable shift lever onto a bracket may include an extending part that protrudes from a front end of the plantable shift lever to extend forward, a dented part formed by denting a front end of the bracket forward to receive the extending part, a first... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20150135880 - Sealed robot base system: A robot comprising a base forming an inner chamber and having an opening, a first link supported by the base and arranged for translational movement generally along a first axis relative to the base, a second link supported by the first link and arranged for rotary motion relative to the... Agent:

20150135881 - Integrated drive for bicycle handlebars: An integrated drive for bicycle handlebars comprising a grip body having a shape and size suitable for being gripped by the cyclist in a holding condition while riding, a brake lever carried by the grip body, a hydraulic system mounted inside the grip body and mechanically actuated by the brake... Agent: Campagnolo S.r.l.

20150135883 - Adjustable steering column: In accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the invention, an adjustment assembly for allowing or preventing adjustment of a component is provided. The adjustment assembly includes a first bracket at least partially surrounding the component, a second bracket at least partially surrounding the first bracket, and a piezoelectric device biasing... Agent:

20150135882 - Steering column for motor vehicle: Steering column for a motor vehicle having a column tube for rotatably mounting a steering spindle and having a carrier body which engages around the column tube, at least in certain areas, wherein the column tube is mounted in the carrier body so as to be slidable at least in... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Presta Aktiengesellschaft

20150135885 - Self-adjusting cable end fitting device: An end fitting device is provided for axially adjustable connection of an end portion of a motion transmitting cable to an actuating member. The end fitting device comprises a housing having a receiving space adapted for receiving the end portion of the cable via a cable entry; a connector member... Agent:

20150135884 - Throttle control device: A throttle control device includes a throttle lever fixed to a throttle shaft which is arranged to open or close a valve of a carburetor, an elastically deformable tube having a first end connected to a connection point on the throttle lever, the connection point being spaced from a rotating... Agent: Husqvarna Ab

20150135886 - Motorcycle throttle lock cruise control: A cruise control for a vehicle having a mounted rotatable accelerator sleeve and throttle housing which is mounted to a handlebar. The cruise control mounts entirely to the accelerator sleeve and rotates in perfect unity with the throttle when it is rotated. The cruise control is mounted between the throttle... Agent:

20150135887 - Driver-protecting brake pedal apparatus: A driver-protecting brake pedal apparatus may include a pedal member fixed to a dash panel, a hinge bracket, a first end of which may be pivotally coupled to the pedal member, the hinge bracket being selectively separated from the pedal member by an external force in order to maintain a... Agent: Dong Hee Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150135888 - Control device and system of a bicycle electronic system and bicycle electronic system using the same: The present invention refers to a control device and to a control system of a bicycle electronic system as well as to a bicycle electronic system using the same, in particular a bicycle electronic gearshift. In particular, the control device of a bicycle electronic system comprises a containment casing, containing... Agent: Campagnolo S.r.l.

20150135889 - Safety guard device: A safety guard device includes at least one base body and at least one safety-guard anti-rotation lock that has at least one braking element. The at least one braking element is configured to at least secure the base body against rotation relative to the hand-held power tool by a frictional... Agent:

20150135890 - Lever remote locking for fifth wheel maneuver: The present invention is described as a remote lock for fifth wheel handle lever which, in accordance with its characteristics, provides the formation of a remote lock (1) in a proper and specific electromechanical structure with direct actuation in the handle lever (D) of fifth wheels (A) which precludes undue... Agent:

20150135891 - Handlebars for a vehicle: The present invention relates to handlebars for a vehicle comprising: a central part intended to be secured to a steering member of the vehicle and taking the form of a hollow cylinder having a first outside diameter, at each end of the central part, an intermediate part taking the form... Agent: Neken

20150135892 - Adjustable pedal assembly: The present invention provides for an adjustable pedal assembly using a main plate and upper link along with a motor to adjust the position of the pedal arm as a motor or other driver moves the upper link. As the motor moves the upper link, the link pivots about the... Agent:

20150135893 - Switching roller finger follower with end stops in secondary arms: A switching roller finger follower including: a housing including first and second walls; a first secondary arm pivotably connected to the housing and including a first groove; a second secondary arm pivotably connected to the housing and including a second groove; and a roller disposed between the first and second... Agent:

20150135894 - Power transmission unit for vehicle: A power transmission unit including a first clutch device that selectively enables and disables a torque transmitting route from an input shaft to an output shaft via a first gear train to transmit torque therethrough, a dog clutch that switches the torque transmitting route from the input shaft to the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150135895 - Fast indexing mechanisms for cvt's: A fast indexing mechanism that can be used to quickly and accurately change the axial position of a cone of a CVT. Said indexing mechanism comprises of a Rotation Providing Mechanism that is powered by springs that are tensioned by a pneumatic/hydraulic actuator (see FIGS. 41 and 42), a Rotation... Agent:

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