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Machine element or mechanism

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07/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140190283 - Friction controlled damper for a torque transmission device: A flange forming an input for the device and including a damper stop tab extending radially outward; a plate including first and second curved slots; and a curved friction assembly including a first end disposed in the first curved slot, a second end disposed in the second curved slot, at... Agent:

20140190284 - Driving system for engine auxiliary power: Systems and methods for driving engine auxiliaries are provided. A front drive power take-off system is used to drive an auxiliary unit mounted on the engine. A pulley and belt drive assembly includes a drive sprocket mounted on the engine crankshaft, a toothed belt interconnecting the drive sprocket, and a... Agent: Power Solutions International, Inc.

20140190285 - Oscillatingly driven power tools with toothed belt drive: The invention discloses an oscillatingly driven power tool, having a motor shaft that can be driven rotationally by a motor and that is coupled via a toothed-belt drive and an eccentric coupling drive to a tool spindle, for the purpose of driving the latter.... Agent:

20140190286 - Drive device for a carousel door: The present invention discloses drive device for a rotor of s carousel door, In addition to a main drive motor (10), which has a main-drive-motor shaft (12), the drive device according to the invention comprises a secondary drive motor (12) with a secondary-drive-motor shaft (22). The main-drive-motor shaft (12) is... Agent: Agtatec Ag

20140190288 - Electric power assisted steering system for vehicles: An electric power assisted steering system for vehicles is disclosed. The system includes an electric motor drive having a motor housing, a motor shaft, and at least a first bearing and a second bearing for mounting the motor shaft. At least one bearing plate receives one of the first and... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140190289 - Motorized drive system and method for articulating a joint: A motorized drive system and method for articulating an articulated joint having a motor and an elastic cable. The elastic cable is operatively connected to both the motor and the articulated joint such that the motor articulates the joint via the elastic cable. In addition, the elastic cable is adapted... Agent: Ohio University

20140190292 - Caulking apparatus: During a caulking process, a pressure is applied to a pressure receiving shoulder portion in the same direction as a direction of a clamping force generated by a caulking portion. The clamping force for holding an outer race can thereby be increased. Also, a pressure receiving surface of the pressure... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140190291 - Flight-control actuators having a secondary nut: The invention relates to a flight-control actuator comprising a control screw (1) that engages with a primary nut (2), the actuator also comprising a secondary nut (5) that engages with the control screw in the event the primary nut fails. The primary nut and the secondary nut are remote from... Agent: Goodrich Actuation Systems Sas

20140190290 - Method and system for tensioning park brake cables: A method of tensioning a park brake system of a vehicle includes providing an adjustment mechanism having a nut in threaded engagement with a rod that defines a signal to noise ratio therebetween. The nut is advanced on the rod to remove slack until torque applied to the nut indicates... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140190293 - Step actuator: Disclosed is a step actuator. The step actuator includes a housing; a stator installed in the housing; a rotor positioned radially inward from the stator, the rotor rotating and protruding from one side of the housing; a bearing installed at one side of the housing so as to be coupled... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140190287 - Ball screw seal: a ball screw seal assembly which includes at least one energizer and a seal body, the ball screw seal assembly being configured for being positioned in a housing groove, the seal body including at least one outer diameter lip and two inner diameter lips, the at least one outer diameter... Agent: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Us, Inc.

20140190294 - Movable base with control surface: In a further embodiment, a method of controlling a base assembly can be provided. An actuation member can be pumped to deploy one or more wheels to lift a base assembly on said wheels. Further, a pin can be received in a holding portion on a semi-planar contoured surface in... Agent:

20140190295 - Oil field pump unit hybrid gear reducer: An oilfield pumping unit two-stage transmission gear reducer includes a low speed stage having a low speed shaft configured to receive motion from an intermediate shaft. A first gear pair includes a low speed shaft double circular arc gear mounted on the low speed shaft and configured to be driven... Agent:

20140190296 - Reverse idler support: A reverse idler support article includes a reverse idler support body that has a disk member, a plateau and a hollow cylinder. The disk member is connected to and in facial contact with the plateau that projects from a first disk member surface and the hollow cylinder that projects from... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140190297 - Oil field pump unit hybrid gear reducer: An oilfield pumping unit two-stage transmission gear reducer includes a low speed stage having a low speed shaft configured to receive motion from an intermediate shaft. A first gear pair includes a low speed shaft double circular arc gear mounted on the low speed shaft and configured to be driven... Agent:

20140190298 - Wave gear device: The interior space of a cup-shaped flexible externally toothed gear of a cup-type wave gear device is divided into a front interior space and a rear interior space by a partition mechanism. A lubricant is filled in the front interior space at the side of a wave generator, to which... Agent: Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.

20140190299 - Follow focus: A follow focus for cameras, in particular film cameras, comprising a bevel gear having a first rotary axis (11) and a second rotary axis (13) arranged at an angle, in particular a right angle, to one another, a first transmission mechanism (26, 27) for transmitting the rotation of one of... Agent: Vitec Videocom Gmbh

20140190300 - Toner drum gear projection: A toner drum drive assembly is configured to engage a drive mechanism of a printer. The assembly includes a support portion defining an axis, and a drive projection extending axially from the support portion. The drive projection includes three radially outwardly and circumferentially extending arm portions, with each arm portion... Agent: Clover Technologies Group, LLC

20140190301 - Power take off gear with a hydraulic impact damper: A power take off (PTO) gear including: an input flange including an outwardly extending protrusion; a ring gear; and a piston including an inwardly extending protrusion and a circumferential end. The PTO gear includes first and second cover plates fixedly secured to the ring gear; at least one elastic element... Agent:

20140190302 - Shift-by-wire selector control system for a motor vehicle transmission: A method for operating a multi-stable shift-by wire selector control system of a motor vehicle transmission. The multi-stable shift-by wire selector control system includes a multi-stable selector which is operable by the driver of the vehicle to select a respective one of the operating modes of the transmission, an arrangement... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20140190303 - Bicycle control device: A bicycle control device of the present invention includes a supporting member, a brake lever and a pivot axle mounted between the supporting member and the brake lever, and an electrical shift control unit, which includes a main body mounted in the pivot axle, and an input module electrically coupled... Agent: Ad-ii Engineering Inc.

20140190304 - Aircraft throttle control device including an engaging roller coupling: An aeroengine control device comprising a mount, having pivotally mounted thereon a code wheel together with a main lever and a secondary lever, both for turning the code wheel, each lever being movable between a rest position and a maximum actuation position, the secondary lever being mounted to pivot on... Agent:

20140190305 - Introducing device system: An introducing device system includes: an insertion portion; a bending portion which is provided at the insertion portion; an operation portion through which an input operation is performed for bending the bending portion; a pulling member connected to the bending portion and pulled in accordance with the operation through the... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140190306 - Bicycle handle: A bicycle handle which is suitable in particular for curved handlebars has an inner part which has an opening for receiving the handlebar. The inner part merges into an outer part. To compensate for the curvature of the handlebar, the outer part is angled relative to the inner part. An... Agent:

20140190307 - Railcar handbrake wheel: A railcar handbrake wheel of polymeric composition including an outer ring connected to a hub by at least two spokes. The hub containing an insert or core molded into the hub. The core is a shaft member having a first end and a second end, with a head connected to... Agent: Amsted Rail Company, Inc.

20140190308 - Releasable connection system: A connection system having at least one male engagement component configured to engage with a female engagement component. The male engagement component is configured to interact with the female engagement component so that when pressure is applied, the at least one male engagement component embeds into the material of the... Agent:

20140190309 - Motor vehicle drive train and method of operating a drive train: A drive train for a motor vehicle, having a drive unit which comprises a prime mover, a multi-step transmission and a power-splitting device which distributes the driving power between a first and a second drive shaft of a driven axle. The transmission comprises a transmission input and a first sub-transmission... Agent: Getrag Getriebe- Und Zahnradfabrik Hermann Hagenmeyer Gmbh & Cie Kg

07/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140182401 - Electronic power-steering apparatus: Construction of an electric power-steering apparatus is achieved that, by stably suppressing backlash of an output shaft 6a of an electric motor 5 over a long period of time, is able to stably reduce vibration and strange noise that occurs during operation. The front end section of the output shaft... Agent: Nsk, Ltd.

20140182402 - On-load tap changer with worm gear: The invention relates to a worm gear which is arranged directly on the head of an on-load tap changer and has a housing, a worm, and a worm wheel, wherein means for torque detection comprising at least one radio-scannable surface wave sensor, a rotor antenna and a stator antenna are... Agent:

20140182403 - Electric actuator and manual adjustment mechanism thereof: An electric actuator includes: an actuating shaft and a screw rod screwed to and driving the actuating shaft; a motor connecting the screw rod; a connection seat connecting the actuating shaft and including a positioning post and a rotary shaft; a coupling ring sleeved around and rotating with the positing... Agent: Timotion Technology Co., Ltd.

20140182404 - Headrest moving device: A headrest moving device which includes a press member, a moving unit that is moved horizontally by the press member, a return spring that functions to return the moving unit to an original position, a screw, a block that is provided with threads in the inner circumferential surface thereof and... Agent: Woobo Tech Co., Ltd.

20140182405 - Electric actuator and fast releasing mechanism thereof: In an electric actuator (100), a fast releasing mechanism (30) includes a rotary base (31), a coupling ring (32), a sleeve (34), and a clutch device (36). The coupling ring (32) rotates with the rotary base (31). Locking slots (322) are disposed on the coupling ring (32). The rotary base... Agent: Timotion Technology Co., Ltd.

20140182406 - Reduction gear device: A reduction gear device includes a mounting bracket, a drive gear, a first slave gear mounted on an inner side of the mounting panel, a second slave gear mounted on the inner side, and a first pivot shaft. The mounting bracket includes a mounting panel, and the mounting panel defines... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140182407 - Circulating element for ball screw and ball screw using the circulating element: A circulating element for ball screw includes a first surface defining a circulating passage that extends from one lateral side of the first surface to the other lateral side of the first surface and has a coupling mouth located on each of the two opposite ends thereof, and a second... Agent:

20140182408 - Neutral locking system and tool for vehicle: A neutral locking system for a vehicle includes a park release shaft and a neutral locking tool. The park release shaft is operatively connected to the transmission such that rotation of the park release shaft places the transmission in a neutral state. The tool is configured to couple to the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140182409 - Steering apparatus: When the guide bracket 61 is fixed to the vehicle-mounting bracket 21 by the guide pin 71, the upper surfaces 24c, 24c of the capsules 24, 24 are in contact with the lower surfaces 61c, 61c of the flange portions 61b, 61b on the guide bracket 61, and the first... Agent:

20140182410 - Steering device: A steering device includes: a steering shaft; an inner jacket; a column jacket that includes an outer jacket that covers the inner jacket from outside, and supports the steering shaft; a movable bracket that is fixed to the inner jacket; a fixation bracket that has a retention portion, and is... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140182411 - Pedal device: In a pedal device that can recede a pedal arm from a passenger side such as a driver reliably and can recede a retainer as a control member for realizing a receding posture of the pedal arm from a vehicle body side reliably at the time of a frontal collision... Agent: F-tech Inc.

20140182412 - Dual mass flywheel: A dual mass flywheel includes a primary flywheel having a ring gear and connected to an output shaft of an engine; a secondary flywheel connected to an input shaft of a transmission; a coupling unit for coupling the primary flywheel and the secondary flywheel; a plurality of drive units coupled... Agent:

20140182413 - Bicycle crank arm and bicycle crank assembly: A bicycle crank arm includes a first member and a second member. The first member has a crank axle interacting portion and a first recessed part around the crank axle interacting portion. The second member is attached to the first member. The first member has a first side facing the... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140182414 - Steel for induction hardening and crankshaft manufactured by using the same: b

20140182415 - Transmission device having a plurality of shift elements: A drive engages a shaft (4) and, via at least one shaft (5, 6) of a transmission, an electric machine. An output can be connected to another shaft (9). During gear shifts, the shafts (4, 5, 6, 9) are couple such that the rotational speed of the shaft (5, 6),... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

06/26/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140174214 - Antenna pointing system: An antenna pointing system for selectively moving a payload relative to a mounting surface includes at least one rotary actuator having a moving part movable relative to a fixed part mounted on the surface. A connecting rod movably connects to the moving part and to the payload. A flexible mounting... Agent:

20140174215 - Apparatus and method for providing a manual override to shift by wire actuator: An actuator for a shift by wire system is provided. The actuator having: a motor; a rack; a gear train configured to cause linear movement of the rack in response to rotational movement of the motor; a clutch mechanism for coupling and decoupling the rack to the motor; and a... Agent:

20140174217 - Apparatus for front/top lay vertical adjustment and sheet-fed rotary printing press having the apparatus: An apparatus for the vertical adjustment of combined front/top lays in a sheet processing machine includes a front/top lay carrier shaft carrying the front/top lays jointly in such a way that it can be pivoted with respect to a front/top lay drive shaft, or thrust joints disposed in carriers or... Agent: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ag

20140174216 - Rotary platform device: A rotary platform device is for supporting and rotating an assembly. The rotary platform device includes a rotary platform and a casing. The rotary platform extends up from the casing. The casing accommodates a driving device, a coupling member, and a linkage bar. The driving device provides linear motion, which... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140174218 - Method of and system for inducing a planned avalanche: A method and system for inducing a planned or controlled avalanche is disclosed. The system includes one or more sources of vibration mounted within a mass which is mounted within an aperture in the ground in the area where an avalanche has been determined to be likely to occur. The... Agent:

20140174219 - Vehicular lamp angle-adjusting mechanism: A vehicular lamp angle-adjusting mechanism includes a driving unit having a motor and a motor gear connected with the motor, a transmission unit having a transmission gear shaft and a middle gear connected with the transmission gear shaft, and an output unit. The motor gear is engaged with the middle... Agent: Tricore Corporation

20140174220 - Actuator for active air flap apparatus: Disclosed herein is an actuator for an active air flap apparatus which may manually open air flaps during an actuator failure and may prevent the opened air flaps from closing using e.g., vehicle induced wind. The apparatus includes a worm gear that is driven by the power of a motor... Agent:

20140174223 - Anti-rotation feature for infusion pump cartridge: Apparatus is described for administering a substance to a subject. A vial contains the substance and a stopper is disposed within the vial and is slidably coupled to the vial. A first threaded element is (a) rotatable with respect to the vial and (b) substantially immobile proximally with respect to... Agent: Medimop Medical Projects Ltd.

20140174222 - Ball screw with central protrusion: The invention relates to a power-steering system with a bail screw drive, having a threaded spindle (10) and a ball nut, which are connected together in a movable manner by means of balls (14) arranged in the respective threads. A flank diameter of the thread (11) of the threaded spindle... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Presta Ag

20140174221 - Linear actuator: A linear actuator includes a housing, a motor, a decelerator and an actuating rod. The housing includes an outer sleeve, a motor sleeve, a connecting sleeve, and at least a motor bolt. The connecting sleeve is connected to one end of the outer sleeve, the motor bolt longitudinally penetrating the... Agent: Timotion Technology Co., Ltd.

20140174224 - Transmission mechanism: A transmission mechanism includes a screw mandrel and a transmission assembly. The transmission assembly includes a first transmission member, a fixing member, a second transmission member, a first magnetic member, and a second magnetic member. The first transmission member is screwed with the screw mandrel. The fixing member is fixedly-connected... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140174225 - Linear actuator with arm driven mechanism: A linear actuator (1) includes an electrical driving mechanism (10), a lead screw (20), an outer tube (30), a telescopic tube (40) and an arm driven mechanism (50). The arm driven mechanism (50) comprises an arm (51), a driving nut (52), a telescopic sleeve (53), a first washer (54), a... Agent: Timotion Technology Co., Ltd.

20140174226 - Multi-segment rotary shaft structure: A multi-segment rotary shaft structure includes a driving joint assembly and a driven joint assembly. The driving joint assembly at least includes two opposite joint plates and a middle link plate assembly engaged therebetween. The driven joint assembly is disposed between the opposite joint plates and includes at least two... Agent: First Dome Corporation

20140174227 - Synchronous folding device: A synchronous folding device includes two opposing folding members and a multi-joint rotary axle structure mounted between the two folding members. The multi-joint rotary axle structure has two ends which can be folded or unfolded synchronously. The multi-joint rotary axle structure includes a driving joint assembly and a driven joint... Agent: First Dome Corporation

20140174254 - Movable base with wheels deployable by reversible driving assembly: A ratchet assembly includes an elongated shaft, a gear housing, a ratcheting member, and an arm. The elongated shaft can have a gear and be supported by the gear housing to allow rotation about a primary axis of the shaft. The ratcheting member can mount in the housing and be... Agent:

20140174228 - Automated manual transmission: The present invention pertains to an automated manual transmission, and particularly to an automated manual transmission which can implement 7 forward gear changes and 1 reverse gear change. The present invention provides an automated manual transmission, which comprises: a first input shaft to which the power of an engine is... Agent: Hyundai Powertech Co., Ltd.

20140174229 - Automatic multi-speed gear system: An automatic multi-speed gear system includes an input axle, a first arm coupled at one end with the input axle through bearings that allow for independent rotational movement of the input axle along its longitudinal axis. The first arm is also configured to rotate about the input axle as its... Agent:

20140174230 - Gear hub having a gear pump: A gear hub assembly is disclosed that has a sealed housing that includes an input gear and an output gear that are meshed together to provide a gear pump to move fluid between a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet disposed on opposite sides of engagement of the input and... Agent: Tonand Brakes Inc.

20140174231 - Gear transmission system: A gear transmission system (20) comprising at least a first cylindrical gear (21) and a second cylindrical gear (22). Each of the first and the second cylindrical gears (21, 22) comprise a plurality of teeth (23, 26). The teeth (23) of the first cylindrical gear (21) having a first tooth... Agent: Zf Wind Power Antwerpen N.v.

20140174232 - Roller element retainer for ball screw device: A motion guide device includes a ball nut attached onto a shaft and having helical grooves for forming a ball guiding raceway between the ball nut and the elongated shaft and for receiving ball bearing elements, a circulating device attached to the ball nut and having a pathway communicative with... Agent: Hiwin Technologies Corp.

20140174234 - Bicycle control device: A bicycle control device includes a housing member, a shift-operating mechanism, a hydraulic fluid pressure generator and a control lever member. The housing member has an attachment part for attachment to a handlebar, and a grip part extending longitudinally between first and second ends of the grip part. The shift-operating... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140174235 - Bicycle control device: A bicycle control device includes a housing member, a control lever member, a shift-operating mechanism and a hydraulic fluid pressure generator. The housing member has an attachment part for attachment to a handlebar, and a grip part extending longitudinally between first and second ends of the grip part. The control... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140174236 - Bicycle control device: A bicycle control device includes a housing member, a control lever member, a shift-operating mechanism and a hydraulic fluid pressure generator. The housing member has an attachment part for attachment to a handlebar, and a grip part extending longitudinally between first and second ends of the grip part. The control... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140174233 - Modular actuator for vehicle transmissions: An actuator for selecting shift stages of a vehicle transmission comprises a lever housing, a selector lever, as well as a transfer device for transferring switching commands to the speed change gear. The actuator is characterized by am exchangeable module adapter which is arranged between the lever housing and the... Agent:

20140174237 - Bicycle control device: A bicycle control device includes a housing member, a control lever member, a shift-operating mechanism and a hydraulic fluid pressure generator. The housing member has an attachment part for attachment to a handlebar, and a grip part extending longitudinally between first and second ends of the grip part. The attachment... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140174238 - Device for regulating stiffness: A device for regulating stiffness has a rotary shaft coupled to the driven member to rotate the driven member, a rotational connection body coupled to the rotary shaft to freely rotate thereon and rotating by a driving power of the driving motor, and an elastic connection body fixed to the... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140174239 - Force sensor and robot: A force sensor includes: a first base member one surface of which is fixed on a fixed member; a plurality of load sensor elements that is provided on another surface of the first base member to detect a load; a second base member that is disposed facing the other surface... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140174240 - Apparatus for driving a scara robot and driving method thereof: An apparatus for driving a SCARA robot is provided. The apparatus includes a body, a horizontal rotating arm, a linear motor coil and a vertical magnetic axis. The linear motor coil is disposed on the horizontal rotating arm, and the vertical magnetic axis is passed through the linear motor coil.... Agent: Delta Robot Automatic Co., Ltd.

20140174241 - Bicycle control device: A bicycle control device includes a fixed member, an operating member, a rotatable member, a positioning member and a release member. The positioning member is movably to selectively hold the rotatable member in a plurality of predetermined positions. The release member is movably arranged between a non-releasing position and a... Agent: Shimano (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140174242 - Steering system and cross joint: In a steering system that includes: an intermediate shaft on a steering wheel side; a pinion shaft on a steered wheel side; and a cross joint by which the intermediate shaft and the pinion shaft are rotatably connected to each other on a plane intersecting with each of the shafts,... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140174243 - Bicycle control device: A bicycle control device includes a housing member, a control lever member, a shift-operating mechanism and a hydraulic fluid pressure generator. The housing member has an attachment part for attachment to a handlebar, and a grip part extending longitudinally between first and second ends of the grip part. The shift-operating... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140174244 - Bicycle control device: A bicycle control device includes a housing member, a control lever member, a shift-operating mechanism and a hydraulic fluid pressure generator. The housing member has an attachment part for attachment to a handlebar, and a grip part extending longitudinally between first and second ends of the grip part. The control... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140174245 - Device for generating resistive torque: The subject of the invention is a control unit (A), which comprises actuation units (F) such as a rudder and brakes for a pilot in an aircraft, which comprises a rotating shaft (2) mobile in rotation around an axis (40); said shaft is driven in rotation when the pilot performs... Agent:

20140174246 - Handlebar: A handlebar includes a main body and two grip portions. The main body includes at least one extending portion extended away from the main body, and at least one through hole opened on the extending portion. The two grip portions are formed at opposite ends of the main body. The... Agent: Tien Hsin Industries Co., Ltd.

20140174247 - Handlebar shock absorber: A handlebar shock absorber is provided. The handlebar shock absorber includes a shock-absorbing cylinder, a knuckle having a lower pivot mount for attachment to the cylinder, and an arm assembly pivotably coupled to the knuckle and including an upper pivot mount for attachment to the cylinder. The cylinder includes an... Agent: Zyoom LLC

20140174248 - Camshaft and method for producing the camshaft: A camshaft contains a support tube, on which components including at least one cam are arranged at predetermined locations. The support tube extends at least partially through a hole in the components, and wherein a press fit is produced between the support tube and the components by hydroforming. Accordingly, at... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Presta Teccenter Ag

20140174249 - Cam mechanism: A novel cam mechanism or assembly is provided by the present disclosure. The cam mechanism can have a cylindrical or barrel shape configuration. The cam mechanism includes a first module or body (also referred to as an inner body), a cam module or body encircling said first module, and a... Agent:

20140174250 - Centrifugal-pendulum vibration absorbing device and order setting method for the same: A centrifugal-pendulum vibration absorbing device disposed within a liquid chamber that stores a liquid, the centrifugal-pendulum vibration absorbing device having a support member coupled to a rotary element that is rotated by power from a drive device; and a mass body supported by the support member so as to be... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20140174251 - Tubular mechanical connecting rod: A tubular connecting rod includes a hollow body including at least one end provided with an opening and a connecting rod head arranged to be fitted through the opening. The connecting rod head includes at least one shoulder arranged to position the connecting rod head relative to the opening of... Agent: Aircelle

20140174252 - Mount with an axial upstream linkage for conneting a gearbox to a turbine engine case: A turbine engine assembly includes a turbine engine case, a gearbox and a plurality of gearbox mounts that connect the gearbox to the case. The case extends along an axis between an upstream end and a downstream end. The gearbox mounts include an axial mount that extends axially in an... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140174253 - Power transfer unit for awd vehicles having integrated joint assembly: A power transmission device for a four-wheel drive vehicle includes an input shaft adapted to be driven by a power source. A first output shaft is rotatable about a first axis and adapted to transmit torque to a first driveline. A second output shaft is adapted to transmit torque to... Agent: Magna Powertrain Of America, Inc.

06/19/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140165748 - Dual direction clutch brake: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide an improved clutch-brake for a PTO unit. In accordance with a first embodiment of the present disclosure, a dual direction clutch-brake with a clutch cup is disclosed. When moved in one direction, the clutch cup engages a clutch pack resulting in the input shaft... Agent: Muncie Power Products, Inc.

20140165749 - Driving member for an outer operational device of a door lock: A driving member (44) for an outer operational device (13) of a door lock includes a base portion (440) engaged with a connection member (595). The base portion (440) includes an engagement groove (449) having teeth (450). The connection member (595) and the base portion (440) are movable between a... Agent:

20140165750 - Propulsion device for use with a fluid: In one embodiment, a propulsion device for use in a fluid may include a crank-slider mechanism having one or more cranks, one or more connecting rods, a mast, and one or more slide structures. These structures may be arranged so that rotational motion of the shaft is translated to a... Agent:

20140165751 - Positioning device and measuring device: A positioning for positioning a measuring element (2) and a measuring device with such a positioning device have an object of providing a positioning device for positioning a measuring element or a measuring device with a measuring element and a positioning device that is a simplification compared to the prior... Agent:

20140165752 - Rotation jig device of processing machine: A rotation jig device may include both side housings that are disposed at both sides, a reverse gear that is disposed inside both side housings, a groove portion, front and rear side connection gears that are engaged with the reverse gear in both side housings, front and rear side pinion... Agent: Sungwoo Hitech Co., Ltd.

20140165753 - Transmission ratio variable device: A preload adjusting plug is inserted through a communication hole extending through center portions of a Z1 gear, a Z4 gear, and an inner ring of a nutation gear. A male thread portion is formed at an outer periphery of one end of the preload adjusting plug, and is screwed... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140165754 - System comprising a roller screw and a roller thrust bearing: The system comprises a roller screw mechanism 12 which is provided with a screw 16 which comprises at least a first outer threaded portion 18, a nut 20 and a plurality of rollers 24 which cooperate with the first outer portion 18 and an inner thread of the nut. The... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20140165755 - Dual clutch powershifting transmission: A dual clutch transmission is provided with first and second coaxial input shafts, at least one mainshaft, and an output shaft that are coaxial with one another. The transmission has a countershaft offset from the first input shaft that supports seven countershaft gear elements drivably connected to respective gear elements... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140165756 - Lower anterior resection 90 degree instrument: An articulating surgical instrument is disclosed, and includes an end effector and a drive assembly operably coupled with the end effector. The end effector includes a first drive shaft defining a first axis, and a second drive shaft operably engaged with and extending away from the first drive shaft. The... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140165758 - Flexible externally toothed gear for wave gear device: A cup-shaped flexible externally toothed gear of a wave gear device, wherein a diaphragm plate slopes from a diaphragm internal peripheral edge portion contiguous to a boss part toward a diaphragm external peripheral edge portion contiguous to a cylindrical body portion in a direction in which the diaphragm external peripheral... Agent: Harmonic Drive Systems, Inc.

20140165757 - Positioning device: An adjustable head for use in connection with a tripod including a housing and an internal pan adjustment gear configured to rotate the housing around a first axis and a tilt adjustment gear configured to rotate the housing around a second axis, perpendicular to the first axis. A pan adjustment... Agent: Moog Inc.

20140165759 - Ball screw capable of real-time surveillance and control of preload: A ball screw includes a screw rod having an external thread; two screw nuts having an internal thread and a circulatory passage each, a spiral path being formed between the internal threads and the external thread and communicating with the circulatory passage, each of the two screw nuts having a... Agent: National Chung Cheng University

20140165760 - Worm gear: A worm gear includes a worm formed with a through hole through which a shaft transmitting the rotation of a motor is inserted, and a worm wheel configured to mesh with the worm and transmit the rotation to an output shaft. Given that a normal pitch is denoted by E... Agent: Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd.

20140165761 - Drive transmission part for image forming apparatus: Drive transmission part and system including a coupling member configured to have one or more restricted degrees of freedom, and a gear hub to rotationally engage the coupling member. The drive transmission part can be included in a rotating part of an apparatus, such as an image forming apparatus... Agent: Mitsubishi Kagaku Imaging Corporation

20140165762 - Fan drive gear system assembly guide: A gas turbine engine has a fan and a turbine section including a turbine rotor to drive the fan through a gear reduction module. An input shaft downstream of the turbine rotor includes a flexible mount driving the gear reduction. The input shaft is mounted within a bearing module. The... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140165763 - Shift control device for a bicycle derailleur: The invention relates to a shift control device for an electronic derailleur of a racing bicycle. The control device includes a support body conventionally mounted to handlebars of the bicycle. The control device includes a plurality of electrical switches for selectively controlling a gear change of the bicycle. An upper... Agent:

20140165764 - Automotive transmission: An automotive transmission is provided that includes a shift lever configured to move in a first direction to select a gear shifting position and a moving member that is configured to move in a second direction along a guide groove formed in the shift lever. A movement blocker is configured... Agent: Sl Corporation

20140165765 - Locking mechanism for a reverse shift rail of a transmission: An exemplary transmission may have a reverse shift rail and a locking mechanism to ensure that the reverse shift rail stops in a neutral position when disengaging from the other gear range. The reverse shift rail may be configured to move axially in a first direction to place the transmission... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140165766 - Shift rail inhibitor mechansim for a transmission: An inhibitor mechanism may include at least one first primary interlocking element and at least one second primary interlocking element each configured to selectively engage with a shift rail in at least one cavity of the shift rail to inhibit the axial movement of the respective shift rail. The inhibitor... Agent:

20140165767 - Manual synchronized gear shift assist: The present disclosure provides a gear shift assembly for shifting a transmission between a plurality of ranges. The assembly includes a user input adapted to be moved to induce a shift between two of the plurality of ranges and a shaft coupled to the user input. A movement of the... Agent: Deere And Company

20140165768 - Push down shifter with cross joint: An exemplary shifter may include a lever, at least a portion of which may extend along an axis. The lever may be movable along the axis from and to a neutral position. The exemplary shifter may also include a spring operatively attached to the lever. The spring may be configured... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140165769 - Brake lever: The present disclosure provides a brake lever, which include an assembling base, a lever body and a pulling portion. The assembling base is connected to the handle of the bicycle, the lever body is pivotally connected to the assembling base, and the pulling portion is connected to and protruded from... Agent: Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140165770 - Gripping element and gripper input module for a haptic input system: A gripping element for arrangement on an adapter element in order to form a gripper input module for a haptic input system for controlling an object, including a receptacle for holding at least two fingers of a user therein, wherein, at least in one portion, the receptacle has a functional... Agent:

20140165771 - Robot arm: The invention is concerning a robotic arm that features several consecutive mobile links and motors associated with axes relative to one another for the moving of the links. At least one of the links is selectively mountable in at least two configurations relative to its adjacent links.... Agent: Kuka Roboter Gmbh

20140165772 - Insertion instrument: Contact between a face to be pressed and a cam face in an interaxial direction T of two inner guide sheaths is set so that a contact width H therebetween is shorter than an interaxial distance L, and so that the contact position is located between axes of the two... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140165773 - Bicycle handlebar set: Bicycle handlebar set comprising: a lower part (9) of the power bar rotably mounted onto the chassis tube (6) that supports the front wheel; an upper part (2) of the power bar joined to the lower part (9) so that it can swing between a raised position and a collapsed... Agent:

20140165774 - Stepless rotating knob module and electronic device having the same: A stepless rotating knob module includes a supporting frame, a rotating disk, a suspending assembly, an encoding switch and a transferring element. The support frame has a front wall, a top wall and a bottom wall. The front wall is formed with a through hole. The rotating disk is disposed... Agent: Lite-on Electronics (guangzhou) Limited

20140165775 - Mechanical-based anti-cogging apparatuses and systems for applying an anti-cogging torque on a rotating shaft: An apparatus that improves rotation of a shaft. The shaft has a cyclical cogging torque acting thereon in a first direction. A support member is adjacent the shaft. The shaft is operable to rotate relative to the support member. A first anti-cogging member is coupled to the support member. A... Agent:

20140165776 - Camshaft with an axially displaceable cam pack: A camshaft includes a carrier shaft to be mounted rotatably along a shaft axis and at least one cam pack or package axially displaceably disposed on the carrier shaft. The cam pack includes at least two cams and at least one adjusting member for axial adjustment of the cam pack.... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Presta Teccenter Ag

20140165778 - Laminated rotor apparatus and methods: Rotors usable in energy storage devices and power systems are formed by orienting a thicker region of a first lamination above a thinner region of a second lamination to form a stacked pair. Multiple stacked pairs of laminations can be positioned in vertical alignment and compressively retained. Usable laminations can... Agent: Active Power, Inc

20140165777 - Systems and methods for securing a rotor apparatus: Rotors apparatus usable in energy storage devices and power systems include a plurality of laminations having a center and at least one orifice spaced a distance from the center, and at least one fastener extending through the orifice. The one or more fasteners, the one or more orifices, or combinations... Agent: Active Power, Inc

20140165779 - Pedal with a sensing device: A pedal with a sensing device includes a spindle, a frame member, a receiving member and a sensing assembly, the frame member having a treading portion and a receiving channel, the receiving channel being adjacent to the treading portion and having an electricity supplier, the receiving member assembled to the... Agent: Wellgo Pedal's Corp.

20140165781 - Drive device: A drive device serves for adjusting an operating element for a valve, a throttle, a blow-out preventor or the like, in particular in the field of gas and oil production, the operating element being actively connected to at least one driving motor via a drive train, and at least one... Agent: Onesubsea, LLC

20140165780 - Hybrid transmission for a motor vehicle, and control method: A hybrid transmission for a motor vehicle including a heat engine and a driving electrical machine, including two concentric primary shafts, each of which includes at least one intermediate drive on a secondary shaft connected to wheels of the vehicle. The transmission includes a first mechanism for coupling the two... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140165782 - Locking adjustment knob: A locking turret knob includes an adjustment member, a first member, and a second member. The adjustment member is adjustably positionable about an axis of rotation. The first member is disposed in proximity to the adjustment member and has at least one engagement member. The second member is disposed in... Agent: Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

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