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Machine element or mechanism

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12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140352462 - Gyroscopic motion machine: A gyroscopic apparatus, having application as prime mover, has a pair, or alternatively multiple pairs, of flywheels disposed opposite one another. A pivot axis of the flywheels lies in a position midway between the flywheels for each pair. Each flywheel has its own separate electric motor or engine. A drive... Agent:

20140352492 - Hybrid electric vehicle engine starting with a preloaded damper spring: A method for starting an engine includes preloading a spring of a torsion damper by transmitting torque having a magnitude less than engine cranking torque from an electric motor through a clutch to the spring, before cranking the engine, increasing a torque capacity of the clutch, and using the electric... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140352463 - Power module for use with a surgical instrument: A surgical instrument, in at least one form, includes an end effector and a power module. The power module may include a first motion conversion assembly. The first motion conversion assembly includes a first rotary drive and a first axial drive operably coupled to the first rotary drive. The power... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20140352464 - Apparatus for propelling a coil clad hose: An apparatus is disclosed for propelling a coil clad hose through a passage through a housing. A first driven pair of bull gears sandwiching a rotatable drive sprocket is rotatably fixed to a first rotatable axle in the housing orthogonal to the passage. A second pair of bull gears sandwiching... Agent: Stoneage, Inc.

20140352465 - Reducer including planetary gear and steering apparatus for vehicle including the same: The present invention relates to a reducer including a planetary gear and a steering apparatus of a vehicle including the same, and more particularly to a reducer including a planetary gear which can compensate a gap generated by wear of gear teeth of planet gears, sun gears, and ring gears,... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140352466 - Electric linear actuator: An electric linear actuator has a cylindrical housing, an electric motor, a speed reduction mechanism, and a ball screw mechanism. The ball screw mechanism has a nut and a screw shaft coaxially integrated with the drive shaft. The housing has receiving bores to receive the screw shaft. A cylindrical sleeve... Agent:

20140352467 - Reducer of electric power steering apparatus: Disclosed is a reducer of an electric power steering apparatus. In the reducer, the worm wheel is elastically supported by the elastic member in a direction to the worm wheel in order to compensate for the spacing between the worm shaft and the worm wheel, and an elastic force of... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140352468 - Reducer of electric power steering apparatus: Discloses is a reducer of an electric power steering apparatus. The reducer of the electric power steering apparatus can reduce the rattling noise caused by an increase of backlash due to friction and abrasion of a worm and a worm wheel or by an impact transferred through a wheel and... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140352469 - Railway vehicle gear unit: A railway vehicle gear unit that is constituted by accommodating, in a gearbox, a large gear that is fixed to an axle provided on a truck frame and that engages with a small gear to transmit a torque, and the small gear, wherein on the inner surface of the gearbox... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140352470 - Ball screw assembly and wiper: A wiper for screwing on a rolling groove of a screw shaft includes a ring and a plurality of wiping protrusions extended from the inner surface of the ring. The ring has a plurality of dust discharge grooves formed on an inner surface thereof. The inner surface of the ring... Agent:

20140352471 - Motion guide device, ball screw assembly, and end cap: A ball screw assembly has a screw shaft, a nut, a plurality of balls, and two end caps. The screw shaft has a spiral rolling groove formed on an outer surface thereof. The nut has a spiral load rolling groove formed on an inner surface thereof. The screw shaft passes... Agent: Universal Transmission Motion Corp.

20140352472 - End cap-type ball screw assembly and circulator: A circulator comprises a circulating body and an extending rib. The circulating body is formed with an arc-shaped circulating passage. The extending rib is integrally radial inwardly extended from a curved portion of the circulating body. The curved portion of the circulating body is configured toward an inner direction of... Agent:

20140352473 - Gearwheel arrangement comprising a spring element: A gearwheel arrangement that has a main gearwheel that has a hub is provided. The arrangement has a secondary gearwheel that has a receiving hole that receives the hub and is rotatable in a circumferential direction in relation to the main gearwheel. When the arrangement is in a mounting position... Agent:

20140352476 - Apparatus for returning transmission to primary mode: An apparatus for returning a transmission to a primary mode is provided. The apparatus includes a shift lever that is configured to shift a transmission and a motor that is configured to provide driving force to move the shift lever. In addition, a selecting unit receives the driving force from... Agent: Sl Corporation

20140352475 - Structure for preventing gear shift lever from moving when rear-end collision occurs: A structure prevents a gear shift lever from moving during a rear-end collision, and may include: a case mounted on the gear shift lever having a sliding groove; a lever having one end coupled to the case rotatable below the groove; a ball seated on the lever; a spring coupled... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140352474 - Rotation position detection mechanism for trunnion axis: The invention is provided with an operation lever one end side of which is supported by the trunnion axis so as to be incapable of relative rotation and which is configured to be capable of rotating the trunnion axis, a follower lever a middle portion of which is supported by... Agent: Yanmar Co., Ltd.

20140352477 - Horn switch device for steering wheel: A horn switch device for a steering wheel may include an airbag module mounted in an inner region of the steering wheel to perform pressing and restoring operations while being elastically supported by a plurality of horn springs, a link plate assembly mounted on a lower surface of the airbag... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140352478 - Control device: A control device is configured to be installed on a handlebar of a bicycle and configured to operate a brake device on the bicycle. The control device basically includes a bicycle attachment member, a brake operating member and at least one of a wireless communication unit and a notification unit.... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140352479 - Steering column comprising an improved depth-blocking mechanism: A steering column including an upper body, two connection flanges for connecting the upper body to a support element, and a tightening and blocking device the upper body in position on an internal tube, where the tightening and blocking device includes a clamp screw extending through the flanges, a set... Agent: Zf Systemes De Direction Nacam Sas

20140352480 - Collapsible steering column assembly: A collapsible steering column assembly for a vehicle comprises a shroud which surrounds a steering column shaft, a mounting bracket secured to or integral with a fixed part of the vehicle, a support bracket secured to the mounting bracket through one or more frangible connectors, a clamp mechanism which releasably... Agent: Trw Limited

20140352481 - Steering column apparatus: A supporting unit of a telescopic adjustment mechanism is placed within an opening hole formed at one end side of an outer jacket and fixed to an outer peripheral surface of an inner jacket. A tip of a screw axle which is movable in an axial direction of a jacket... Agent: Fuji Kiko Co., Ltd.

20140352482 - Tilt or tilt and telescopic steering apparatus for vehicle: The present invention relates to a tilt or tilt and telescopic steering apparatus for use in a vehicle. According to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a conventional structure, which should be provided with both of tilting fixing gears and telescopic fixing gears for locking after a tilt or... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140352483 - Remote alignment tool: A remote alignment system and a remote alignment tool for aligning a plurality of remotely operated tools are disclosed. In an embodiment, the alignment tool includes at least two sleeves. An exterior surface of each of the at least two sleeves is affixed to an exterior surface of an adjacent... Agent:

20140352484 - Vehicle operation pedal device: A vehicle operation pedal apparatus comprising an operation pedal supported by a pedal support member so as to be pivotable about one axis, and a return spring having one end portion engaged with a bracket plate member disposed on the operation pedal and the other end portion engaged with a... Agent:

20140352485 - Vehicle pedal assembly with hysteresis assembly: A vehicle pedal assembly with a rotatable pedal. A hysteresis assembly includes a friction device and plunger, and first and second springs that are all separate and decoupled from each other and the pedal. The first spring exerts a force against the friction plunger that forces the friction device into... Agent: Cts Corporation

20140352486 - Positioning assemblies: A positioning assembly is disclosed herein. An example includes a guide shaft having a longitudinal axis and a housing movable along and rotatable about the longitudinal axis of the guide shaft. The housing is also transversely movable and transversely rotatable with respect to the longitudinal axis of the guide shaft.... Agent:

20140352487 - Riflescope adjustment knob with interchangeable adjustment indicator ring: An adjustment device having a rotatable knob for changing an adjustable setting of an aiming device, such as a riflescope. The knob includes a removable indicator ring slidable onto the knob and bearing a scale to provide visual feedback to a shooter regarding an adjustment position of the adjustable setting.... Agent:

20140352488 - Camshaft adjusting device:

20140352489 - Inner race for rocker arm assembly: A roller assembly for application to a roller rocker arm is disclosed. The roller assembly includes a pin mountable to the roller rocker arm. The pin consists of a carbon steel. An inner race assembly operably connectable to the pin is provided, which includes an inner race member and an... Agent: Electro-motive Diesel Inc.

20140352490 - Modular guarding system: Disclosed is a modular barrier system to protect a machine user from injury, the barrier structure having a plurality of modular units that can be manipulated individually to provide variable configurations of the barrier structure, that can be used with different pieces of machinery or for different applications, without removal... Agent: A & E Incorporated

20140352491 - Automated manual transmission with electric motor-generator: The transmission includes an input shaft rotatable about a first axis of rotation, and a countershaft arranged substantially parallel with the input shaft and rotatable about a second axis of rotation. An output member is operatively connected to rotate in unison with the countershaft. Multiple pairs of intermeshing gears are... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140352493 - Multiple-output transmission: A multiple-output transmission includes a drive motor and one or more stacked layers. Each layer includes one or more output gears, a drive gear, coupled to be driven by the drive motor, at least one idler gear, engageable with the drive gear, and means for indexing the at least one... Agent:

11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345398 - System and method for lowering a pantograph: A system and method for lowering a pantograph includes a frame that may be extended or retracted. The system and method may include various structure for retracting the frame and for increasing a rate at which the frame is retracted. In particular embodiments, an electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic motor may... Agent:

20140345399 - Railway point crank system: The present disclosure relates to a linked crank mounting device for use with a switch rail, comprising: an input terminal or series of input terminals; an actuator; an output connector; and attachment means for rigidly attaching the linked crank mounting device relative to the railway; wherein the input terminal or... Agent:

20140345400 - Actuator with progressive gear: An actuator for a grille shutter assembly of a vehicle has a motor connected to an output via a gear train. The output has a connection for connecting to louvers of the grille shutter assembly. The gear train has a gear ratio which is variable depending on the actuation angle... Agent: Johnson Electric S.a.

20140345401 - Fast movement of printing press components with fine adjustment and zero backlash: The invention relates to the fast movement of printing press components with integrated fine adjustment, in particular in flexographic printing presses, characterised in that the distances in particular between the printing press components impression roller (43), printing roller (44), and anilox roller (45) are determined by means of spindles (10)... Agent:

20140345402 - Actuating device: The invention relates to an actuating device for joint action upon at least two different elements of a motor vehicle door lock, with at least one sheathed cable having a core and sheath, wherein the sheathed cable is provided in the longitudinal extent thereof with at least two force transmission... Agent: Kiekert Aktiengesellschaft

20140345403 - Synchronization device: A synchronization device for a transmission, includes a sliding sleeve a blocking synchronizer ring and a change wheel. In a force flow region between the blocking synchronizer ring and the change wheel, ramps for producing a servo force axial with respect to the shaft are provided on at least one... Agent:

20140345404 - Actuator with position detecting mechanism: An actuator with a position detection mechanism includes a main body, a transmission mechanism, a quick-release mechanism and a position detection mechanism. The transmission mechanism includes a worm gear with protruding keys and a lead screw shaft. The quick-release mechanism is mounted onto the lead screw shaft and includes a... Agent:

20140345407 - Large-ratio strain wave gearing speed changing apparatus: A strain wave gearing speed changing apparatus for changing an input speed to an output either greatly slower or faster, the apparatus has a coaxial pair of circular splines that includes a first circular spline having a tooth number TA and a second circular spline having a tooth number TD.... Agent:

20140345405 - Rsp-gearing insensitive to axis misalignment and other displacement and methods of producing gears: A gearing arrangement that includes a gear and a pinion with intermeshing teeth. The gear includes a base pitch and the pinion includes a base pitch. The geometry of the tooth flanks of the gear and the pinion are constructed to accommodate various values of axis misalignment. The base pitch... Agent: Apex Brands, Inc.

20140345406 - Strain wave gearing with involute positive deflection tooth profile taking rim thickness into consideration: In the strain wave gearing, an involute positive deflection tooth profile of a low pressure angle of less than 20° is used as the basic tooth profile for the rigid internal spur gear and the flexible external spur gear in order to increase the effective tooth depth. Continuous meshing of... Agent: Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.

20140345408 - Sensor device, and a magnet element for a sensor device: A sensor device having at least one sensor element, such as a Hall sensor element, and at least one magnet element that can move in relation to the sensor element. The sensor element has a number of differently magnetized regions. The sensor element is configured to issue a sensor signal,... Agent:

20140345411 - Bicycle component actuation apparatus: A bicycle component actuation apparatus basically comprises a base member; a user operating member and a controller. The user operating member is movably mounted to the base member from a rest position to a first operated position. The controller detects operation of the user operating member to operate first and... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140345412 - Gear shifter: An apparatus for a gear shifter for use with a transmission is provided. The gear shifter includes a housing that defines a gate and a gear shift lever having a first end and a second end. The gear shift lever is at least partially received within the housing so that... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140345409 - Shift device: A shift device includes a knob that is rotatable about an axis and movable when pushed in the axial direction. An alternating action generation unit switches the knob, whenever the knob is pushed, between a base position and a hold position, which is separated from the base position in the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20140345410 - Shift device: The present invention provides a shift device capable of improving positioning accuracy of a center of pivot of an operating member. In a shift lever device, a supporting shaft is formed to a retainer, and a supporting hole is formed to a shift lever plate. Furthermore, by sliding the retainer... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai-rika-denki-seisakusho

20140345413 - Tongue module for robot: The present invention relates to a tongue module for a robot which is installed in an android face robot formed to have a similar external appearance to a human face and to express feelings. The tongue module includes a tongue body made of composite silicon material and formed to have... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

20140345414 - Securing element, steering bearing with a securing element and steering column with a steering bearing and a securing element: A securing element (1) with an annular body (3, 12a, 26) and with holding tongues (4) which emerge from the annular body (3, 12a, 26) and end at a hole (6) in the securing element (1), which hole is centred with respect to the centre axis (5) of the securing... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140345415 - Accelerator pedal of vehicle: An accelerator pedal for a vehicle includes: a foot pad to which a pedal effort is applied by a driver; a cover which is connected to correspondingly thereto; a vibration producer which is disposed between the foot pad and the cover and is vibrated by an electric signal; and a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140345416 - Control devices, systems, and methods for self-propelled machinery: Control devices and systems for self-propelled machinery and related methods are disclosed. In one aspect, a control device for self-propelled machinery includes a central portion disposed between a first gripping portion and a second gripping portion and at least one pressure sensitive trigger control provided over either the first or... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd

20140345417 - Shaft assembly: A shaft assembly with a roller bearing arrangement is provided. The shaft has a tooth system with a specifiable number of depressions and elevations. The roller bearing is a bearing with a specifiable number of roller bodies. The roller bearing may be a needle bearing with roller bodies in the... Agent: Amtek Tekfor Holding Gmbh

20140345418 - Connecting rod of reciprocating compressor: The present invention relates to a connecting rod for reciprocating compressor, in particular a connecting rod converting the crank rotating motion into linear axial motion. The rod (1) having means capable of compensate efforts and ensure alignment and deflection of the piston (P) inside the cylinder (C). Such means comprising... Agent: Whirlpool S.a

20140345419 - Bicycle crank arm and insert therefore: A crank arm for a bicycle may include a body extending along a body axis and having a first body end and a second body end axially spaced apart from the first body end. The insert may also include an insert provided toward the first body end. The insert may... Agent:

20140345420 - Power transmission device: A power transmission device in which a motor and a reduction gear are connected through a fluid coupling, includes: a fan for reduction gear cooling provided at an input shaft of the reduction gear; and a protective cover configured to cover the fluid coupling, wherein the protective cover is provided... Agent:

20140345421 - Muscle-powered vehicle having an auxiliary motor, and transmission and drive unit therefor: A transmission for a muscle-powered vehicle having an auxiliary motor, in particular for a pedelec, including a housing which can be fitted on the vehicle, a first drive shaft mounted in the housing for feeding in muscle power, said first drive shaft being coupled to an approximately coaxial output shaft... Agent: Bionx Europe Gmbh

11/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140338498 - Torque transmission device: A torque transmission device for starting an internal combustion engine using a permanently engaged starter motor for a start-stop system. An annular gear connected with the starter motor includes a bearing for decoupling the starter motor from the engine based upon the rotational speed difference between the internal combustion engine... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140338475 - Rotary-to-linear motion actuator having a helical bevel gear and method of use thereof: A rotary-to-linear motion actuator having helical bevel gear and methods of use thereof are described. The actuator may be utilized with an apparatus for managing a fluid flow passage between one or more input ports and output ports. A pinion gear engages, and during operation turns, a bevel ring gear... Agent:

20140338477 - Force transmission mechanism for teleoperated surgical system: A force transmission mechanism for a teleoperated surgical instrument may include a gear, a push/pull drive element, and a connection element. The push/pull drive element may be configured to transmit force to actuate an end effector of the surgical instrument and to rotate with a shaft of the surgical instrument... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140338478 - Valve actuator torque limiter: A valve actuator torque limiter (103) includes a moveable shaft (208) moveable two ways in an axial direction and, in use, rotatable to cause rotation of a valve actuator drive shaft (202). The limiter further includes a brake disc (214) mounted on the moveable shaft; a first friction device (216A)... Agent:

20140338479 - Device for vehicle-mounted equipment and vehicle having the same: A device for moving one or more vehicle-mounted objects and a vehicle having the same are provided. The device comprises: a housing; a cover; at least one pivot for adjusting the cover, the at least one pivot disposed in the housing and comprises a first end and a second end,... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20140338476 - Steering cable core support sleeve for a mechanical steering actuator: A steering actuator comprises a housing having a steering cable entry port. A drive mechanism is rotatably mounted within the housing. A steering cable extends through the steering cable entry port and is actuated by the drive mechanism. A steering cable core support sleeve is disposed within the housing between... Agent:

20140338480 - Linear actuator with speed-adjustable quick release mechanism: A linear actuator (1) includes an actuator mechanism (10), a telescopic mechanism (20) and a quick release mechanism (3030a). The quick release mechanism (3030a) includes a transferring set (3131a) connected with the telescopic tube (20), a supporting set (3232a) and a braking worm gear (3333a) sleeved on the transferring set... Agent:

20140338481 - Lead screw locking mechanism: A method and apparatus for locking an externally threaded member in place. An apparatus comprises a number of internally threaded members and a shape memory element associated with the number of internally threaded members. The number of internally threaded members is configured to engage the externally threaded member. Changing a... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140338483 - Dual-shaft pivot device: A dual-shaft pivot device includes a resilient guide assembly composed of a plurality of resilient guide members and first and second pivotal shafts. Each resilient guide member has two accommodation portions at two ends thereof and a connecting groove communicating with the two accommodation portions. One end of the inner... Agent: First Dome Corporation

20140338482 - Dual-shaft synchronous motion device: A dual-shaft synchronous motion device includes a first shaft and a second shaft; a first rotor disposed on the first shaft and turned synchronously; a second rotor disposed on the second shaft and turned synchronously; and a tractive member disposed between the first rotor and the second rotor. When the... Agent: First Dome Corporation

20140338484 - Shift-by-wire transmission: A shift-by-wire transmission system is provided. The system includes a gearbox that is configured and arranged to receive a rotational input and provide a select rotational output. The gearbox includes a plurality of gear assemblies that are operationally coupled together to provide the select rotational output from the rotational input.... Agent: Team Industries, Inc.

20140338485 - Rack guide unit and steering system including the rack guide unit: A rack guide unit includes a closure member secured to an external opening end of an accommodation portion of a housing, and a rack guide. A compression coil spring and a coned disc spring that urge the rack guide toward a rack shaft are interposed between the closure member and... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140338486 - Rack guide unit and steering system including the rack guide unit: A rack guide unit includes a closure member secured to an external opening end of an accommodation portion of a housing, and a rack guide. Coned disc springs that urge the rack guide toward a rack shaft are interposed between the closure member and the rack guide. A protrusion of... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140338487 - Roller screw: In a roller screw (1) having a screw shaft (2), a plurality of rollers (4) that roll on a flank face (21a) of the screw shaft; and a cage (3) that rotatably houses the plurality of rollers, a plurality of roller groups (40) each having a plurality of rollers arranged... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140338488 - Shifter assembly: A shifter assembly (20) for a transmission of a vehicle. The shifter assembly includes a shaft (36) defining a longitudinal axis (LA) and having a knob (42) mounted to a first end (38) of the shaft. A selector plate (46) is mounted to a second end (40) of the shaft.... Agent: Kongsberg Automotive Ab

20140338490 - Connection member, manufacturing method of connection member, and robot: A connection member includes: a main member formed by bending a plate made of a first material having a certain strength into a predetermined shape, and having a hole to which an object to be connected is mounted; and an auxiliary member formed of a second material having a smaller... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140338489 - Delta robot and linear delta mechanism: A linear delta mechanism includes a base platform, a movable platform, and a plurality of guide sets. The base platform includes a base structure and a base stand. The base stand is disposed at a center location of the base structure. The movable platform is movable with respect to the... Agent: Delta Robot Automatic Co., Ltd.

20140338491 - Tilt-type steering apparatus: A tilt-type steering apparatus includes a tilt lever, an expandable mechanism having a driving cam rotated by the tilt lever and a driven cam engaged with the driving cam, and a telescopic damper arranged to apply resistance against the rotation of the tilt lever in a direction allowing a position... Agent:

20140338492 - Accelerator pedal device: In an accelerator pedal device, a fitted portion of a pedal is inserted into a groove portion of a fitting portion by sliding the fitted portion, and then the fitted portion and the groove portion are fitted to each other. Furthermore, an engagement hook portion of the fitted portion is... Agent:

20140338493 - Dual mass flywheel: The dual mass flywheel comprises a spring assembly (4; 104; 112; 128; 129), if necessary, with two stages of which one can include a spiral spring. Furthermore, the dual mass flywheel comprises a friction damping system (111) that applies torque independently of the rotational speed of the flywheel.... Agent: Dayco Europe S.r.l.

20140338494 - Bicycle sprocket and bicycle crank assembly: A first sprocket is capable of engaging with a chain. The first sprocket has a first sprocket main body, a plurality of teeth disposed along a circumferential direction on the radially outer side of the first sprocket main body, and at least one shifting area. The teeth include at least... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140338495 - Power transmission device: A power transmission device includes a casing, a first shaft, and a second shaft, wherein the first shaft has a protruding portion which protrudes from the casing, a fan is provided at the protruding portion, a fan cover configured to cover the fan has an extending portion which extends toward... Agent:

20140338496 - Telescopic-cover fixture: A fixing member has such a shape that members that constitute a telescopic cover can be fixed and immovable. The fixing member is secured to the telescopic cover by means of fastening members such as bolts. The fixing member of a telescopic-cover fixture is shaped so that the telescopic cover... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140338497 - Dual-clutch transmission: A countershaft-type dual clutch transmission for a vehicle has two clutches having input sides connected to a driveshaft (AN) and output sides connected respectively to one of two transmission input shafts arranged coaxial to a mainshaft axis. A sub-transmission is associated in each instance with the transmission input shafts, at... Agent:

11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331797 - Yawing system comprising a preload mechanism: A yawing system (2) for a wind turbine and a method of operating the yawing system (2) are disclosed. The yawing system (2) comprises at least one yaw drive arranged to cause the yawing system (2) to perform yawing movements, a yaw bearing allowing mutual movement between two parts of... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140331798 - Wire connection apparatus: A wire connection apparatus includes a link unit and a drive unit configured to drive the link unit. The link unit includes a first link, a second link rotatably coupled to the first link, a third link rotatably coupled to the second link, a plurality of wires, each of which... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140331799 - Mechanical member: The invention relates to a mechanical member wherein a first part in contact with a second part movable relative to the first part, at least one of the parts including a coating of solid lubricant at least at contact zones between the first part and the second part, the solid... Agent:

20140331800 - Manual transmission for vehicles: A manual transmission for vehicles minimizes rotational inertia and improves rattle as a consequence of preventing unnecessary idling of a first speed gear and a reverse speed gear by maintaining a first input gear to be a free gear state at all shift-speeds except a first forward speed and a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140331801 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus includes a speed reduction device including a first gear and a second gear meshing each other. A ratio between teeth of the first gear and teeth of the second gear is an integer. One of the first gear and the second gear has a large diameter,... Agent:

20140331802 - Worm gear mechanism: A worm gear mechanism (44) comprises a worm (70) and a worm wheel (80) meshed with the worm. In the teeth of a hob (90) used for the gear cutting of the worm wheel, at least the addendum surfaces (91c) are formed into arcuate shapes. The radial centers (93) of... Agent:

20140331803 - Slotted bearing with labyrinth seal rings for damper actuators: A drive for adjusting the damper of a building air vent has a main body formed with a receiving aperture. A bearing ring is arranged in the receiving aperture and secured to the main body. The bearing ring has a circumferential direction, wherein the bearing ring has a first end... Agent:

20140331804 - Actuating device having keys: This invention relates to a system for selecting switching steps of a shift-by-wire gear change drive, which features a key arrangement with at least two keys and means for generating electrical signals for transmission to the shift-by-wire gear change drive. This invention specifies an activation control system with which can... Agent:

20140331805 - Gearshift assembly: A gearshift assembly structure includes: a gearshift knob including a knob core that has a insertion hollow formed lengthwise; a locking member installed on the knob core to pivot, the locking member having a locking protrusion formed on the outer surface of the locking member; and a gearshift rod to... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140331806 - Parallel link robot: Provided is a parallel link robot which has increased rigidity and which can be reduced in size. The parallel link robot includes: a base (1); a movable portion (2); a plurality of link portions (5) connecting the base (1) and the movable portion (2); and a plurality of actuators (6)... Agent: Thk Co., Ltd.

20140331807 - Rotating mechanism, industrial robot and method for returning rotating body to original position: A rotating mechanism which returning a rotating body to an original position. The first detecting mechanism for detecting that the rotating body is in the original position is provided with a first section-to-be-detected affixed to the rotating body and the first detecting section affixed to a supporting body. A second... Agent:

20140331808 - Robotic apparatus and associated method: A robotic positioning apparatus configured for moving an element from an initial position to a target position. The apparatus includes a moveable member attachable to an element to be moved; at least one tensile support member for supporting the movable member; and at least one tensile positioning member for repositioning... Agent: Core Pd Limited

20140331809 - Adjustable handle for outdoor power equipment: A walk-behind outdoor power machine includes a control that is actuable to control at least one operational aspect the power machine, a handle including a user-graspable portion that is graspable by an operator walking behind the machine, a locking mechanism locking the user-graspable portion of the handle at a desired... Agent: Ariens Company

20140331810 - Steering system: A stationary tooth row is provided in a restricted member that is not displaced together with a steering wheel during tilt adjustment of a steering system. A movable tooth row is provided in a movable member that is displaced in a tilt direction) together with the steering wheel during tilt... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140331811 - Telescopic steering apparatus: When adjusting the forward-backward position of a steering wheel, together with reducing any uncomfortable feeling experienced by the driver, a support bracket is prevented from breaking away toward the front due to an extremely large force applied during the adjustment operation. Elastic sleeves 35 are mounted inside the long holes... Agent:

20140331812 - Bent tubular shaft and method for producing the same: The disclosed embodiments describe a method for producing a bent tubular shaft for a tubular shaft instrument as well as a tubular shaft produced in such manner as well as a tubular shaft instrument with such a bent tubular shaft. The tubular shaft is produced by providing a hollow shaft... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20140331813 - Active control method of pedal effort for accelerator: An active control method for controlling a pedal effort for an accelerator, may include determining, in a vehicle velocity determining step, whether a vehicle velocity is in 0 (zero) state while the vehicle provided with an accelerator an pedal effort of which is controllable starts-on; determining, in a shifting stage... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140331814 - Method and device for producing a locking device and locking device for a longitudinal adjustment mechanism of a vehicle seat: A method for producing a locking device of a longitudinal adjustment mechanism of a vehicle seat, includes producing a locking device having a plurality of round locking pins which can be latched into position independently of one another and can he unlatched together, at least one guide part and a... Agent: C. Rob Hammerstein Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140331815 - Proximity and contact sensor device in motor vehicle steering wheels: A proximity and contact sensor device in motor vehicle steering wheels includes an extendable band, the length of which is slightly less than the circumference of the steering wheel and of which one surface has fixed to it at least one conductive track covered with a bi-adhesive layer, the conductive... Agent: I.r.c.a. S.p.a. - Industria Resisten-ze Corazzate Affini

20140331816 - Camshaft: A camshaft may include a camshaft tube and at least one functional component thermally joined thereon. The at least one functional component may have a through-opening for receiving the camshaft tube. Further, at least one of (i) the through-opening of the functional component may include a shaped contour and (ii)... Agent: Mahle International Gmbh

20140331817 - High speed flywheel seal: A seal for a high speed flywheel mounted on a shaft, the seal having a two housing sections, and a cavity formed between the housing sections, lip seal beings provided on either side of the cavity, the lip seals being in contact with and encircling the shaft, wherein an oil... Agent: Flybrid Automotive Ltd.

20140331818 - Flexible tubular shaft: The disclosed subject matter describes a tubular shaft for a tubular shaft instrument having a hollow shaft component, an actuating rod arranged in the hollow shaft component and functional elements that are disposed at the distal ends of the shaft component and/or the actuating rod. The actuating rod is axially... Agent: Aesculap Ag

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