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Machine element or mechanism

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01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020616 - Translucent display cabinet with built in gyroscope and servomotors: This invention provides an improved Retail Display Cabinet with built in Gyroscope and servomotors to be primarily use at retail stores to showcase an item behind a transparent LCD. The Retail Display Cabinet has inside enough diffused light to better help the clear LCD display better quality images and/or videos.... Agent: Holografyx Canada Inc.

20150020645 - Starter unit for a mobile device with an internal combustion engine: The starter unit comprising a starter shaft, a transmission, a clutch and a spring accumulator. The starter shaft is mounted in a longitudinally displaceable manner. The spring accumulator is adapted to act on the starter shaft for causing a rotational movement of the starter shaft. The starter shaft is arranged... Agent:

20150020619 - Rack bar supporting device for steering gear: A rack bar supporting device is a device for supporting a rack bar of a steering apparatus of a vehicle toward a pinion shaft and includes a rack bearing and a biasing assembly. The biasing assembly includes an adjustment plug, an adjustment assembly and a support plate assembly. The adjustment... Agent: Korea Delphi Automotive Systems Corporation

20150020618 - Rack bush: A rack bush, which constitutes a rack and pinion type steering system and supports a rack shaft in which rack teeth are formed at one circumferential portion, includes a bush main body and a rigidity reducing portion. The bush main body has an annular shape into which the rack shaft... Agent:

20150020617 - Sprocket-driven door: Where access doors are used for pets, poultry, farm animals, traps, or human access, this invention describes a drive mechanism for moving the door. The access door panel could be applied to a cage, house, coop, trap, feed receptacle, or other application. The drive mechanism of the automatic door is... Agent:

20150020620 - Six-degree-of-freedom cam-controlled support platform: A platform is provided, which platform is adapted to engage a base through a multiplicity of pulley engaging cables. A first end of each cable is attached to a cam follower assembly located on the base and a second portion of the cable is attached to the platform. A motor... Agent:

20150020621 - Electric bicycle: An electric bicycle is provided that can increase the diameter of the joining section between a crankshaft and a crank arm, suppress an increase in manufacturing cost, and minimize a size increase of a hanger with a torque sensor disposed in the hanger. A crankshaft 17 is divided into a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150020622 - Transmission control structure for curtain system: A transmission control structure for a curtain system includes a driving set and a transmission set having a base casing having one end formed with a mounting portion, on which an end portion of an upper transverse track of the curtain system is mounted. Also, a pulley wrapped around by... Agent:

20150020623 - Step actuator: A step actuator includes a housing, a stator in the housing, a rotor including a magnet provided radially inward of the stator and a nut member inserted into the magnet and protruding through one side of the housing, a bearing rotatably supporting the nut member, a screw member coupled with... Agent:

20150020624 - Multi-clutch transmission for a heavy duty vehicle: A multi-clutch transmission is provided with a first and a second input frictional clutch, an input arrangement for establishing a driving connection of a prime mover and the first and second frictional clutches, and a main transmission. The main transmission has a first and a second rotational axis about which... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20150020625 - Seed metering device drive system for a twin-row seeder: An apparatus is disclosed for transmitting power from a drive shaft to a seed meter shaft of a seed metering device. The apparatus includes a transmission having a transmission housing and an input rotatably supported by the transmission housing. The input engages a coupling driven by the drive shaft such... Agent: Actuant Corporation

20150020626 - Hypoid gear design method and hypoid gear: A degree of freedom of a hypoid gear is improved. Instantaneous axis in a relative rotation of a gear axis and a pinion axis, a line of centers, intersection between the instantaneous axis and the line of centers, and an inclination angle of the instantaneous axis regarding the rotation axis... Agent:

20150020627 - Gear noise reduction in opposed-piston engines: A quiet-running, multi-layer gear assembly includes a compliant center member sandwiched between a pair of stiff outer members. The compliant center member has an outer peripheral surface with gear teeth. Each of the outer members has an outer peripheral surface with gear teeth disposed in a respective directed axial thrust... Agent:

20150020628 - Ball screw capable of sensing preload: A ball screw capable of sensing a preload is formed of a nut having an internal thread surrounding an imaginary central axis, a screw inserted into the nut and having an external thread surrounding the imaginary central axis, and a plurality of balls are mounted between the internal and external... Agent:

20150020629 - Gear noise reduction in opposed-piston engines: A quiet-running, multi-layer gear assembly includes a stiff center member sandwiched between a pair of outer members. At least one of the outer members is compliant; preferably, both are. The stiff center member has an outer peripheral surface with gear teeth. Each of the outer members has an outer peripheral... Agent: Achates Power, Inc.

20150020630 - Operating element, particularly for a motor vehicle: An operating element, particularly for a motor vehicle, has a rotary actuator rotatable about a first axis and pivotable about at least one second axis, the rotary actuator being arranged on a rotary actuator support. The rotary actuator support is acted on by a rocker lever with a pretensioning force... Agent:

20150020631 - Rotating structure of weight for manual transmission: A rotating structure of a weight for a manual transmission includes a shift lever connected to a control shaft mounted in a control housing of the manual transmission and binding a shift stage selected by a select lever, a first gear part inserted into the control shaft to be operated... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150020632 - Automatic transmission control device: A control device for controlling an automatic transmission determines whether a fluid pressure of the operation fluid acting on a friction engagement element that is switched from a released-state to an engaged-state is in a fully-decreased state. If determined that the fluid pressure is not in a fully-decreased state, control... Agent:

20150020633 - Fast valve actuation system for an automatic transmission: A fast valve actuation system for an automatic vehicle transmission includes a pair of spring-biased shift valves. Solenoids control the application of pressurized hydraulic fluid to the head of each of the shift valves. Each shift valve has at least one port that is coupled to a fluid chamber of... Agent:

20150020634 - Lever style electronic shifter with concealed lever position: A poly-stable electronic shifter assembly can include a poly-stable shift lever, a shift knob, a park, reverse, neutral and drive (PRND) indication area and a flexible member. The shift lever can be coupled to a base proximate a first end of the shift lever. The shift knob can be coupled... Agent:

20150020635 - Operation lever and grip: Provided is an operation lever adapted to make a blade perform an action other than an up and down action by rotatably a grip around the shaft center of a lever shaft. The operation lever has a lever shaft operable back and forth, corresponding to an up and down action... Agent:

20150020636 - Drive mechanism for mining attachment: A rope shovel has a boom and a hoist rope. The boom has a first end and a second end. The hoist rope extends over the second end of the boom. A digging assembly for the rope shovel includes a shaft, an elongated member supported for movement relative to the... Agent:

20150020637 - Table-mounted surgical instrument stabilizers: A surgical instrument stabilizer system that includes an articulating boom that is releasably connectable to a surgical table side rail. The articulating boom includes an actuator, a multi-directional flexible arm having a first end region attached to the actuator, and a cable extending through the flexible arm. The cable has... Agent:

20150020638 - Combined reverse engagement activation and parking brake lever and methods of operation and manufacture of the same: An apparatus may, for example, include a first lever pivoting about a first axis. The apparatus may also include a second lever mounted with the first lever, pivoting about a second axis, and biased to a first position. The first lever can be configured to engage a braking system of... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150020639 - Steering shaft for a motor vehicle: A steering column for a motor vehicle, with a steering shaft comprising a rearward steering shaft segment that is rotatable about a longitudinal center axis and on which a steering wheel is mountable on a rearward end, and at least one further steering shaft segment connected with the rearward steering... Agent:

20150020640 - Forced deployment sequence: A fixed sequence activation handle is described that forces a predetermined activation sequence. Such handles are suitable for use in the delivery of medical devices or for other application that require a fixed sequence of activations.... Agent:

20150020641 - Parking brake device: A parking brake apparatus that includes: a braking member that is moved in one direction to pull a brake cable, thereby actuating a parking brake; a ratchet that has a plurality of serrations along a moving direction of the braking member, and that is disposed on one of the braking... Agent: Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd.

20150020642 - Pedal actuation amount detection device: A pedal operation amount detection apparatus for an operation pedal apparatus that includes a transmitting member including a pedal arm of an operation pedal that is disposed to be pivotable about a support axis and subjected to a depressing operation, and an output member to which a depressing operation force... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20150020643 - Position adjustment assembly for vehicle seating: A vehicle seating system includes a latch having multiple teeth configured to engage respective windows within a rail to selectively block movement of a vehicle seat relative to the rail. The latch includes a first tooth and a second tooth longitudinally separated from one another. The first tooth includes an... Agent:

20150020644 - Screwless knob assembly for toys: A screwless knob assembly includes a knob member and a knob backcover member. The knob member includes a handle and a shaft. The shaft is disposed opposite the handle and is configured to communicate through an aperture of a backing board. A portion of the shaft is configured to extend... Agent: Kidkraft, Lp

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013481 - Micro-scale pendulum: A micro-scale pendulum structure. The structure includes a membrane having a peripheral support portion and an inner portion, and a micro-scale pendulum carried by the inner portion of the membrane.... Agent:

20150013495 - Torque transmission mechanism: A torque transmission mechanism for an internal combustion engine, adapted to transmit a starting torque from a starter motor to a crankshaft of the internal combustion engine. A ring gear of the mechanism transmits the starting torque, and a one-way clutch (including an inner ring and an outer ring) disposed... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20150013482 - Planetary power take off device: Power take off devices 10, 110, 210, 310 and 410 are disclosed. Each of the power take off devices include an integral planetary gear set coaxially arranged with the respective input shafts and output shafts of the devices to provide space efficient rotational torque at a large variety of large... Agent:

20150013484 - Device for manually actuating a piece of closing or sun protection equipment: The invention relates to a device (32) for manually actuating a piece of closing or sun protection equipment (10), in particular of the blinds or rolling shutters type, including a stationary case (42) having two aligned bearings (44) defining an axis of rotation (200), a worm (34) guided in rotation... Agent: Somfy Sas

20150013483 - Drive apparatus: Drive apparatus (1, 101), in particular for driving a worm of an injection molding machine, which worm is arranged coaxially with respect to an injection molding cylinder, having a housing (9, 109) which is mounted such that it can be displaced in an axial direction of the housing (9, 109)... Agent:

20150013485 - Actuator: A motor and a gear unit form an actuator. The gear unit is fitted with at least two mutually movable gear parts, acted on by a spring that counteracts their movement out of an idle state. The gear unit is fitted with at least one manual actuator that when actuated... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150013486 - Transmission of outboard motor: A transmission is structured to include a drive shaft, a counter shaft disposed in parallel with the drive shaft, a gear train bridged between each of a drive shaft input shaft and output shaft and the counter shaft, and a dog clutch mechanism selectively switching a high shift speed and... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20150013487 - Dual-mode torque transfer in laterally engaging drive couplers exhibiting axial misalignment with driven couplers: The present invention relates to transferring torque between a first unit, such as a mobile machine or a robot, and a second unit, such as a fixed or stationary machine. The units are arranged such that a drive coupler of the first unit designed for delivering torque about a drive... Agent: Qbotix, Inc.

20150013488 - Electric vehicle power transmission apparatus: A power transmission device is embedded in an electric vehicle equipped with an electric motor and a transmission. The transmission includes a first reduction mechanism and a second reduction mechanism. The power transmission device also includes a spline hub coupled to an output side of the first reduction mechanism, a... Agent:

20150013489 - Reduction gear: Provided is a reduction gear with which allowable output can be further increased and a reduction in size can be achieved. A reduction gear (1) has a case (2), a speed reduction mechanism (3) accommodated within the case (2), a shaft portion (51) to which output of the speed reduction... Agent: Nabtesco Corporation

20150013490 - Shifting device: A shifting device for a transmission of a motor vehicle has an actuation lever (1) which can be selectively transferred into (a) a first selector gate, more particularly an automatic selector gate, in which the lever is mechanically coupled to a transmitting component (2) for actuating a gearshift cable or... Agent: Ecs Engineered Control Systems Ag

20150013491 - Wrist structure unit of industrial robot: A spur gear deceleration mechanism unit (30) of a wrist structure unit is adapted to be driven in a first deceleration ratio structure or a second deceleration ratio structure. The first deceleration ratio structure uses at least a first spur gear (31) fitted onto an output shaft of a wrist... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20150013492 - Robot: A robot includes a body, a first arm, and a second arm. The first arm includes one joint, an adjacent joint that is adjacent to the one joint, and another adjacent joint that is adjacent to the adjacent joint. When the first arm is extended in a vertical orientation relative... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150013493 - Steering column for a motor vehicle with a support part: The invention relates to a steering column for a motor vehicle, with a support part for directly or indirectly mounting the steering column on a body of the motor vehicle and with at least one carriage displaceably mounted in a displacement direction on the support part, at least in the... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Presta Aktiengesellschaft

20150013494 - Damper and operation unit: The present invention enables a user to intuitively grasp the occurrence of prescribed phenomena during operation. Provided is a damper that restricts pivot pin (4) rotation associated with operation of an operating section, wherein the friction resistance that impedes the rotation of the pivot pin (4) is changed in a... Agent:

01/08/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150007673 - Spherical mechanical linkage and multi-axis trackers: Spherical mechanical linkages may include a yoke defining a first axis and a second axis, a crank rotatably coupled to the yoke about the first axis; a deflecting member that defines a plane and that is coupled to the crank along a third axis, and a rocking frame slideably coupled... Agent:

20150007695 - Engine starting device: An engine starting device is basically provided with a resistor, a bypass circuit and a switch. The resistor is configured to be disposed in series between a starter motor and a battery. The bypass circuit is disposed in parallel with respect to the resistor. The switch is configured to selectively... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150007674 - Actuating device for actuating a shading system and a shading system with such an actuating device: An actuating device has a string element (16) for actuating a shading system (10), which string element is guided at least with one half loop (19) within an actuating device section (15) of the actuating device (11), with a gripping element (17) guided displaceably at the actuating device section in... Agent:

20150007675 - Systems and methods for load cell and multi-row thrust bearing integration with ball screw and actuator drive unit housing: An electromechanical actuator (“EMA”) comprising an actuator drive unit (“ADU”) housing and a ball screw is disclosed. The ball screw and ADU housing may interface to form a multi-row thrust bearing (MRTB). Further, the ball screw may be situated at least partially about the ADU housing, an outer surface of... Agent:

20150007676 - Floating nut and carriage assembly: A linear guide including a guide rail, a carriage, a drive screw and a connection arrangement is provided. The guide rail defines a linear travel path. The carriage is mounted to the guide rail for motion along the linear travel path. The drive screw is operably mounted to the guide... Agent: Pacific Bearing Company

20150007677 - Mechanical actuator: A mechanical actuator for translating rotational motion to linear motion. The actuator includes a motor, a screw assembly, a bearing assembly, and first and second lubrication systems. The screw assembly includes a housing, a threaded screw shaft disposed within the housing, a nut assembly, and an extension tube. The threaded... Agent: Nook Industries, Inc.

20150007678 - Connection between a drive shaft of a motor and a driven shaft of a driven apparatus: Connection between a drive shaft and a driven shaft, and this connection is realised by means of a drive gearwheel on the drive shaft and a driven gearwheel on the driven shaft, whereby the drive gearwheel and the driven gearwheel are affixed in a housing, and this housing is on... Agent: Atlas Copco Airpower, Naamloze Vennootschap

20150007679 - Electromechanical actuator: An electromechanical actuator (“EMA”) may comprise a ball screw having at least one tab extending from an inner surface thereof and/or an actuator drive unit (“ADU”) housing that interfaces with the at least one tab. The bail screw may include three tabs extending from the inner surface thereof. An outer... Agent:

20150007680 - Fiber reinforced resin gear, method of forming fiber reinforced resin gear by injection molding, fiber reinforced resin rotary body, method of forming fiber reinforced resin rotary body by injection molding: A plurality of ejector pins are made to project before a molten resin containing reinforcing fibers is injected into the inside of a cavity through pin point gates in a web forming portion in the inside of the cavity and at positions outside the pin point gates in the radial... Agent:

20150007681 - Attachment structure for drive cables of robot and robot apparatus provided therewith: An attachment structure for drive cables include a first fixing member and a second fixing member separate from the first fixing member, which are designed to fix the drive cables in a non-slidable manner. The first fixing member is disposed behind a pivot body of a robot so as to... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20150007682 - Arrangement for a steering column of a vehicle: A steering column arrangement (2) for a motor vehicle (1) and a motor vehicle is described. The arrangement (2) comprises a main bracket (3) which is to be attached to the motor vehicle (1), a steering column (4) with a steering shaft (5). The steering column (4) is rotatable in... Agent: Fuji Autotech Ab

20150007683 - Terminal supporting apparatus for control cable: A terminal supporting apparatus is provided with: a hub that is attached to an end of the outer cable and is provided with a flange on an outer periphery; a cushion member that is provided to surround the outer periphery of the hub and abuts on the flange at both... Agent: Chuo Hatsujo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150007684 - Accelerator device: An accelerator device includes a first cover that provides an internal space for housing a return spring and a failure region where the first cover engages a second cover. The failure region has a thickness configured to be thinner than a thickness of a body of the first cover. When... Agent:

20150007685 - Seven universe industrial co., ltd.: The present invention provides a button set for gas valve, which is characterized by that, multiple oil chambers are set on inner wall of the axle hole of the axle hole on the upper cover of the button set in relation to the surface of the rotating axle; this could... Agent:

20150007686 - Method for producing a kinetic energy storage system: A flywheel energy storage system incorporates various embodiments in design and processing to achieve a very high ratio of energy stored per unit cost. The system uses a high-strength steel rotor rotating in a vacuum envelope. The rotor has a geometry that ensures high yield strength throughout its cross-section using... Agent:

20150007687 - Torsional vibration damper: A torsional vibration damper is provided that is capable of increasing torsional rigidity without increasing a size of an elastic member in a radial direction. A torsional vibration damper includes a boss member and a disk plate provided coaxially with each other; an elastic member being elastically deformable in a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150007688 - Crank arm: A crank arm is provided, which includes a first connecting member and a second connecting member used for joining the first connecting member. The first connecting member has a first wall surface, the first wall surface is provided with a joint wall of an annular structure, and a wall surface... Agent:

20150007689 - Sprocket for bicycle: An elastomer is used as a component for an anti-rotation mechanism of an adjusting nut which serves to adjust the axial load of the radial bearing, so that an excessive load is not applied on the radial bearing, which would result in a defective rotation. Further, the axial load acting... Agent: Sr Suntour Inc.

20150007690 - Gearbox: A gearbox is provided. The gearbox includes two mutually opposite walls and at least one shaft that supports at least one gear, the shaft passing through the gearbox from one of the two mutually opposite walls to the other. Each one of the ends of the shaft is coupled rotatably... Agent:

20150007691 - Gearbox housing, gearbox unit with such a gearbox housing and gear motor with such a gearbox unit: A gearbox housing includes a housing body enclosing a housing interior and having a passage opening for a gearbox output shaft surrounded by a connecting surface. A plurality of bores is formed in the housing body and extends through the housing body wall to fill oil into or drain it... Agent:

20150007692 - Gearbox supporting means of a wind turbine, wind turbine, and method for maintaining a gearbox supporting means: A gearbox supporting device of a wind turbine that has a rotor, a substantially horizontally oriented rotor shaft, a gearbox, and a main frame. The gearbox supporting device includes at least one rolling bearing arranged between a rotor hub and the gearbox and at least two supports on the gearbox.... Agent:

20150007693 - Gearbox supporting means of a wind turbine, wind turbine, and method for maintaining a gearbox supporting means: A gearbox supporting device of a wind turbine with a rotor, a substantially horizontally oriented rotor shaft, a gearbox and a main frame. The gearbox supporting device includes at least one rolling bearing arranged between a rotor hub and the gearbox and at least two supports on the gearbox. The... Agent:

20150007694 - Transmission device: An improved transmission is provided including a splitter shaft having a concentric cavity defined in a distal end thereof and an outer wall surrounding the cavity. The outer wall has an increased thickness in order to reduce failure and fracturing in the outer wall area. A bearing hub adapted for... Agent:

01/01/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150000432 - Power take-off unit (pto) with integral shifter: Provided is a power transfer unit, such as a power take-off unit including an input shaft coupled to an input gear for common rotation and axially movable relative to the input gear for engaging a coupling at a first end of the shaft with a drive component, a chamber formed... Agent:

20150000433 - Rack steering control piston: The invention relates to a steering actuator piston with a rack (6) for an aircraft landing gear (1) characterized in that the piston comprises a body (10) made of a lightweight alloy having an externally threaded main span (11) terminated on one side by a shoulder (12) and extended on... Agent: Messier-bugatti-dowty

20150000434 - Machine tool assembly for machining workpieces and actuator component thereof: A machine tool assembly includes a basic body, and a clamp and an actuator component mounted to the basic body. The clamp and actuator components include ramping surfaces for cooperatively biasing the clamp into an engagement position. The actuator component is configured to move along an actuator movement axis and... Agent:

20150000436 - Electronic device with display support apparatus: An electronic device includes a base, a display unit, a supporting member, a first drive mechanism, a second drive mechanism, and a controller. The first drive mechanism includes a first motor and a first gear assembly. The first motor includes a first drive gear driving the first gear assembly and... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20150000435 - Supporting apparatus for display: A power-assisted supporting apparatus includes a base, a supporting member, and a drive mechanism connected between the base and the supporting member. The drive mechanism includes a motor, a gear assembly, and a controller controlling the motor. The motor includes a drive gear driving the gear assembly. The gear assembly... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20150000437 - Apparatus for controlling joint exercise: The present invention relates to a joint motion control apparatus. According to one aspect of the invention, there is provided a joint motion control apparatus, comprising: an annular unit; and a rotating unit to guide and fix a wire such that the wire causes joint motion of an instrument according... Agent:

20150000438 - Flexible package transport device for packaging machines: This device comprises a pair of parallel arms (1, 2) having clamps (11, 21) for clamping the packages (E) to be transported and means for regulating separation which comprise:—a scissor mechanism (4) having two rods (41, 42) articulated to the rear end of the arms (1, 2) and carrying roller... Agent: Bossar Packaging, S.a.

20150000440 - Dual-clutch transmission: A dual-clutch transmission has two input shafts for connection to a power shift clutch, at least one countershaft offset in parallel to the input shafts, an output gearwheel designed as an idler gear and situated coaxially with respect to the countershaft, at least one gearwheel plane having an idler gear... Agent:

20150000439 - Method for operating a double clutch transmission: A method for the operation of a dual-clutch transmission wherein, through a clutch of a dual-clutch device, sub-transmissions are able to be switched on in the power flux of the dual-clutch transmission or are able to be switched off from the power flux. In the sub-transmissions, two different transmission ratios... Agent:

20150000442 - Electronic, high-efficiency vehicular transmission, overrunning, non-friction coupling and control assembly and switchable linear actuator device for use therein: An electronic, high-efficiency vehicular transmission, an overrunning, non-friction coupling and control assembly and switchable linear actuator device for use in the assembly and the transmission are provided. The device controls the operating mode of at least one non-friction coupling assembly. The device has a plurality of magnetic sources which produce... Agent:

20150000441 - Vehicle transmission and method for its operation: A transmission having a plurality of shifting elements which are selectively engaged and disengaged when a gearshift is carried out, and a plurality of gearsets which, depending on the shifting position of the shifting elements produce a defined transmission ratio, and a shifting oil system which supplies the shifting elements... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20150000443 - Cartridge provided with movable detected body: A cartridge includes a housing having a first wall and a second wall opposing each other, a drive-transmission member and a detected body rotatable about a first axis and a second axis respectively parallel to a first direction from the second wall toward the first wall. The detected body having... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150000444 - Transmission, in particular for an adjustment drive: The present invention relates to a transmission (1), in particular for an adjustment drive, comprising a housing (2), a worm shaft (3) which is rotatably mounted in the housing (2) and which can be driven, a worm wheel (4) which is rotatably mounted in the housing (2) and which meshes... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150000449 - Range switch device: A range switch device has a range switch control without an abutment control of a motor. The range switch control detects an encoder count at a slack removed rotation position of the motor during a rotation to a target rotation position at a shift range switch time. Then, the range... Agent:

20150000448 - Shift position detecting device: A shift position detecting device that determines a shift position based on a detection logic formed of a combination of turning on or off of a plurality of switches that are fixedly arranged at least one by one at positions corresponding to a plurality of detecting object portion rows mounted... Agent:

20150000450 - Shift-by-wire controller: A shift-by-wire controller is applied to a shift-by-wire system which switches a shift range of an automatic transmission by a driving force of a motor, and drives the motor according to an input signal. The shift-by-wire controller includes a position sensor, a position acquirement portion acquiring a switching edge corresponding... Agent:

20150000447 - Shifting-operation detection unit: In a shifting-operation detection unit, a first detection unit has a first resistor connected in series to a first switch and a second resistor connected in parallel to the first switch and the first resistor, a second detection unit has a third resistor connected in series to a second switch... Agent: Keihin Corporation

20150000451 - Automatic transmission shifter: Disclosed is an automatic transmission shifter which comprises: a shifter body; a shift lever; a control switch unit for controlling the shift lever; and a switch-unit holding member holding the control switch unit. The switch-unit holding member is attached to the shifter body. The control switch unit has a shifter... Agent:

20150000445 - Automatic transmission shifter: Disclosed is an automatic transmission shifter which comprises a shifter body, and a shift lever. The shifter body comprises a housing having a gate, and a lever contact noise-preventing element. The shift lever comprises a lever shaft and a locking piece. The lever contact noise-preventing element comprises a shaft contact... Agent:

20150000446 - Automatic transmission shifter: Disclosed is an automatic transmission shifter which comprises an automatic transmission-manipulating member coupled to an automatic transmission, and a shift lever having a manipulating member-coupling portion. The automatic transmission-manipulating member comprises a receiving section movably receiving therein the manipulating member-coupling portion. The receiving section has a peripheral wall formed to... Agent:

20150000452 - Bicycle operating device mounting assembly: A bicycle operating device mounting assembly is basically provided with a handlebar mounting clamp and an adapter member. The handlebar mounting clamp has a clamp opening. The adapter member includes at least a first part that is detachably disposed within the clamp opening. The first part is configured to be... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20150000453 - Robot hand for transporting article, robot and robot system provided with robot hand, and method for controlling robot hand: Provided is a robot hand capable of reducing the load moment applied on the wrist of the robot hand in lifting an article. The robot hand includes a base; a first hand arm mounted on the base, including a holding part configured to hold the article, and configured such that... Agent:

20150000454 - Transfer apparatus: A transfer apparatus includes a base, a first holder, a second holder offset from the first holder in a first direction, and a movement mechanism for moving the first holder and the second holder relative to the base in a plane parallel to the first direction. The movement mechanism includes... Agent:

20150000455 - Bicycle operating device mounting assembly: A bicycle operating device mounting assembly is basically provided with a handlebar mounting clamp and an adapter member. The handlebar mounting clamp has a clamp opening that defines a first diameter. The adapter member includes a connecting portion and a projecting portion. The connecting portion is detachably disposed within the... Agent:

20150000457 - Spindle drive for adjusting the height of an electrically adjustable steering column: A spindle drive for the height adjustment of an electrically adjustable steering column and the steering includes an adjustment spindle rotatably mounted in two bearings. The adjustment spindle includes two clamping elements, which have a centering cone on their sides facing one another, and the adjustment spindle is arranged in... Agent:

20150000456 - Steering shaft bearing unit for rotatably mounting a steering shaft: A steering shaft bearing unit for rotatably mounting a steering shaft of a steering column for a motor vehicle includes at least one circumferentially closed region for accommodating at least one bearing for rotatably mounting the steering shaft, and at least one securing region for securing the steering shaft bearing... Agent:

20150000458 - Devices and systems for preventing misalignment in vehicle brake assemblies: A vehicle brake assembly may include an actuation lever coupled to a brake pedal, and a push rod of a brake booster. The push rod may have a clevis on an end portion thereof. The actuation lever is configured to be pivotally supported between two prongs of the clevis via... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150000459 - Composite bicycle component, composite bicycle crank arm, and method for manufacturing composite bicycle component: A composite bicycle component comprises a first member, a second member, a bonding member, and an inner holding member. The first member is made of metallic material. The second member is made of non-metallic material. The first and second members are configured to form an interior cavity therebetween in a... Agent:

20150000460 - Crank arm spider improvement for attaching ovoid chainrings: Crank arm spider adjustment orientation system to provide different angular orientations in the attachment of at least an ovoid chainring, comprising an ovoid chainring (3) and a spider (1), both of them provided with multiple anchorage points (30, 10) arranged as holes distributed along the perimeter of a BCD, and... Agent:

20150000461 - Crankshaft undercut fillet: A crankshaft and method for manufacturing the same are disclosed. The crankshaft may comprise a web and a rod journal disposed adjacent to the web. The rod journal includes a fillet disposed proximal to the web. The fillet includes a tapered undercut having a concave shape with a graduated depth.... Agent:

20150000462 - Machine or vehicle component: In a machine or vehicle component comprising a first housing part, a second housing part covering the first housing part, an opening which is provided in the second housing part, a functional attachment unit incorporating a mounting element consisting of a structurally rigid material which extends through the opening, it... Agent:

20150000463 - Transmission: A transmission comprising a plurality of concentric tori, each tori having means for engaging with an adjacent tori, the engaging means being actuated by the pressure of a pressurised fluid to thereby increase or decrease a gearing of gears attached to the transmission. A method of gearing is also provided.... Agent:

20150000464 - Laser sensor with integrated rotating mechanism: Laser sensor with integrated rotating mechanism has a camera, a laser, and a chassis configured to rotate on its own axis, which has an indexed rotating mechanism which includes, in turn: a motorized set made up of a rotating motor positioned on an axis parallel to the rotating axis, and... Agent: Unimetrik, S.a.

20150000465 - Rotation restricting device for rotation machine: A rotation restricting device for rotation machine comprises a rotation shaft supporting body (2), a rotation shaft (3) rotatably provided on the rotation shaft supporting body, a fixing rind (5) fixed on an end portion of the rotation shaft, a position finding dog (6) provided on the fixing ring, a... Agent: Ihi Corporation

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