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Machine element or mechanism

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02/05/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150033881 - Device for reversing the movement and/or actuation direction of an actuating cable of a mechanism: A device (1) is provided for reversing the movement and/or actuation direction of an actuating cable (2) of a mechanism. A sliding piston (5) is arranged in a housing (3), which is fixed to the frame, so as to be displaceable in a sliding manner. The sliding piston can be... Agent:

20150033882 - High load release device: The restraining strap has a rectangular cross section with a broad side against cylindrical sections holding a release member. The moment of inertia for a rectangular cross section strap is represented by the formula I=BH3/12. The lower moment of inertia reduces the load on the fusible link. With no limit... Agent:

20150033883 - Automatic baby carrier rocking device: The present invention describes a baby carrier rocking device. In one embodiment, the device includes a housing with an imbedded motor, MP3 player, and related components. The housing may feature various shapes and designs, and comprises an aperture at the top portion thereof. The aperture is adapted to hold a... Agent:

20150033884 - Swash plate: This swash plate comprises a resin film layer formed on the front surface and the rear surface, and said resin film layer serves as the sliding surface which slides on a shoe. The inner periphery of the resin film layer is a tilted surface which a lubricant can easily cross... Agent:

20150033886 - Driving apparatus with taper screw and elastic driving member to displace object: A driving apparatus, which adjusts a position of a member to be driven, includes a driving member connectable with the member to be driven and made of an elastic member, a female screw that penetrates the driving member, and a taper-shaped male screw configured to be screwed into the female... Agent:

20150033885 - Linear actuator: A linear actuator to provide the moving force for adjustable furniture, such as beds, chairs or tables. The linear actuator includes a drive assembly, rigid arm, and linkage assembly. The rigid arm includes a pusher block with one or more attachment means where the linkage assembly is attached.... Agent: Limoss Us, LLC

20150033910 - Blind tilt assembly and method of controlling tilt ladders: A tilt assembly for a blind including a first tilt ring and a second tilt ring, both rotatable about a drive axis for supporting a pair of tilt ladders, an input connector rotatable about the drive axis and configured to receive a drive shaft for rotating a lift spool and... Agent: Hunter Douglas Industries B.v.

20150033887 - Shifting arrangement with a clutch and synchronizing device for a transmission: A shifting arrangement for a transmission includes a shifting sleeve, a friction clutch and an actuating element. The shifting sleeve is rotatable between a first position, wherein a first free gear is rotatable relative to a shaft, and a second position, wherein the first free gear is rotatably fixed to... Agent:

20150033888 - Drive transmission apparatus and image forming apparatus: A drive transmission apparatus in which, when immobilization of a preceding gear (21) by a solenoid (22) is canceled, an urging portion urges the preceding gear (21) to rotate in a direction in which the preceding gear (21) meshes with an input gear (24) which rotates at a constant velocity.... Agent:

20150033889 - Drive force transmission device: A drive force transmission device includes a motor, a transmission, a motor case, and a seal member. The motor is disposed in a dry space within a motor housing. The transmission is disposed in a wet space within a transmission case. The motor case covers an outer periphery of the... Agent:

20150033890 - Power transmission system for a turbine engine: The invention relates to a power transmission system, in particular for a turbine engine such as an airplane turboprop or turbojet, the system comprising a transmission shaft (40) connected to a drive shaft (31) by connection means (30), such as bevel gears, and that drive equipment or accessories. The transmission... Agent: Hispano-suiza

20150033891 - Ball screw device: A ball screw device includes a screw shaft; a ball nut; a first deflector fitted to an end portion of the ball nut; a ball guide portion that guides balls positioned in a helical inner ball passage formed by the ball nut and the screw shaft, to a first end... Agent:

20150033892 - Gear reducer comprising a worm and a crown-wheel assembly provided with a torque limiter: A gear reducer comprising a worm and a crown-wheel assembly, in turn comprising a crown wheel, which is connected/disconnected to/from a drive shaft by means of a torque limiter mounted on this latter. The gear reducer is characterised in that the drive shaft and the torque limiter are comprised in... Agent:

20150033893 - Idler gear stub shaft: A stub shaft is disclosed. The stub shaft may have an elongated cylindrical body having a base end configured to be secured to an engine block and an opposing distal end. The stub shaft may also have a collar formed at the base end of the elongated cylindrical body. The... Agent: Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.

20150033894 - Mechanical structure component, sintered gear, and methods of manufacturing mechanical structure component and sintered gear: A sintered gear serving as a mechanical structure component is a mechanical structure component made of a metal sintered body, and includes a base region; and a high density region formed so as to include a maximum stress position at which a maximum tensile stress or a maximum shear stress... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20150033895 - Powered wheelchair joystick handles: One embodiment is a handle supporting a users hand having a large surface for the palm, a trough for the thumb, a protrusion between the thumb and first finger and flared edges to keep the hand from sliding. A support surface is coupled to the stem of a wheelchair joystick... Agent:

20150033896 - Bicycles with electronic shifting systems and methods: Electronic shifting systems, mechanisms and methods of using the systems to operate a bicycle that allows front and rear gear changer mechanisms to be controlled with only two switches. The switches can be arranged so that each hand is only required to operate one switch to shift the bicycle.... Agent:

20150033897 - Engine control apparatus: A shift drive unit includes a shift drive gear, and a shift arm which meshes with the shift drive gear. A throttle drive unit includes a throttle drive gear, a slide member, and a throttle arm. When a control lever is pivoted in a shift operation range, rotation of the... Agent:

20150033898 - Robotic arm: In order to reduce the cost of robotic arm, the invention provides a robotic arm, which includes an arm member having a first pivot connection portion, a locating member affixed to the arm member, a sliding member movably mounted at the locating member, a stop member affixed to the sliding... Agent: Hiwin Technologies Corp.

20150033899 - Control element for an industrial truck: A control element for an industrial truck with two control levers (12, 14) and at least one switch (22, 24) arranged between the control levers, wherein the control levers (12, 14) are designed respectively for a biaxial movement (K) and are distanced from each other spatially such that the control... Agent: Jungheinrich Aktiengesellschaft

20150033900 - Vehicle operating device: A cancelling drive member includes a biasing cam portion having a first biasing contact portion and a second biasing contact portion formed therein. A deflectable spring member that biases the cancelling drive member forward is provided. If the cancelling drive member rotates, an elastic pressure portion of the deflectable spring... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20150033901 - Internally collapsible steering column assembly: A collapsible steering column assembly comprising an inner tube operatively connectable with a steering wheel; a top bracket for mounting the steering column assembly; a column housing pivotally coupled with the top bracket and configured to telescopically receive the inner tube; a telescoping actuator device operatively attached to the column... Agent:

20150033902 - Operating pedal device for vehicle: A vehicle operation pedal apparatus includes an elongate hollow pedal arm provided with a pedal sheet, the vehicle operation pedal apparatus transmits a pedal operating force applied to the hollow pedal arm to an output member connected to the hollow pedal arm. The hollow pedal arm is formed of a... Agent: Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd.

20150033903 - Pedal assembly for vehicle: The present invention relates to a pedal assembly for a vehicle according to the present invention including: a housing; a pedal part rotatably coupled to the housing; a movable member having an inclined surface formed on one side thereof and slidably moving with respect to the housing; a connection member... Agent: Kyung Chang Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150033904 - Foldable bicycle handlebar: A foldable bicycle handlebar includes a fixing base having two holes on a hinge surface, two handlebar grips each having a joint with a hinge hole, an upper fastener fixed to the joints, two shafts passing through holes of the upper fastener, and a slider fixed to the hinge surface.... Agent:

20150033905 - Control pedal, in particular for a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a control pedal (1), in particular for a motor vehicle. The control pedal (1) is characterized by a pedal arm (3) which has in the lengthwise direction (5) at least one organo-sheet reinforcement part (7) with a cross-sectional area (17) that is open perpendicular to the... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20150033906 - Axially compact electrically driven camshaft phaser: A camshaft phaser for controllably varying the phase relationship between a crankshaft and a camshaft of an internal combustion engine includes a housing having a bore with an open and extending along a longitudinal axis. The camshaft phaser also includes a harmonic gear drive unit having an outer first spline,... Agent:

20150033907 - Variable valve timing control apparatus: A variable valve timing control apparatus includes a driving-side rotation member rotating in synchronization with a crankshaft of an internal combustion engine, a driven-side rotation member integrally rotating with a camshaft of the internal combustion engine, an intermediate lock mechanism being selectively switchable between a locked state and an unlocked... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150033908 - Foldable bicycle crank: A foldable bicycle crank includes a crank having outer and inner ends, a central shaft passing through two axial holes of the inner end and an axial hole of the outer end, a crank head rotatable around the central shaft by a limited angle, and a slider. A piercing hole... Agent:

20150033909 - Axle assembly: An axle assembly having a tube, a shaft received in the tube, a wheel bearing disposed between the tube and the shaft. The axle assembly also includes a thrust washer, a retaining ring and a snap ring, each of which is mounted about the shaft. The wheel bearing supports the... Agent: American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc.

01/29/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150027244 - Magnetohydrodynamic inertial actuator: The ratio of the set back distance of any magnetic conduction element (24, 26, 28) of the air gap of any electromagnetic pump (4, 6, 8) over the internal size of the fluid ring (3) is greater than or equal to 0.5 and the fluid ring (3) comprises at least... Agent:

20150027245 - Transmission having selectable power transfer shaft: A vehicle powertrain includes a transaxle configured to drive front wheels and a power take-off unit configured to drive rear wheels through a driveshaft. The power take-off unit includes a disconnect clutch such that the power flow path to the rear wheels can be disconnected to reduce fuel consumption and... Agent:

20150027246 - Drive devices for movement units of machine tools and related machine tools: A drive device for a movement unit of a machine tool includes a first toothed element driven by a drive motor and provided as a drive pinion including a first tooth arrangement and a second toothed element provided as a toothed rack including a second tooth arrangement. One of the... Agent:

20150027247 - Gear mechanism and drawer drive device in refrigerator: A gear mechanism may include a first gear, a second gear which is coaxially disposed with the first gear and is provided with a recessed part on an end face of a first gear side, and a torque limiter provided between the first gear and the second gear. The torque... Agent:

20150027248 - Electric power steering system: In a speed reducer of an electric power steering system, a first bearing supports a first end portion of a worm so that the first end portion is movable in an axial direction. Elastic members elastically support the worm in the axial direction. A second bearing supports a second end... Agent:

20150027249 - Differential conical drive: The present disclosure provides differential drive assemblies and methods of making and operating differential drive assemblies. The differential drive assembly includes a rotor having a rotor axis about which the rotor is configured to rotate. The rotor has a peripheral wall portion encircling the rotor axis that is positioned a... Agent:

20150027250 - Tensile loaded leadscrew drive: An improved leadscrew drive uses thrust bearings with a mechanical space between a bearing and its support allowing the leadscrew and bearings to move axially, placing the leadscrew in tensile loading, eliminating leadscrew columnar buckling and allowing the use of a smaller diameter and finer pitch lead leadscrew.... Agent:

20150027251 - Electro-mechanical actuators with integrated high resolution wide operating load range: An electro-mechanical actuator with wide operating range load includes a shaft and a speed summed differential coupled to rotate the shaft. A prime mover is coupled to the speed summed differential and is configured to react to an output torque of the screw shaft. A torsional spring coupled to the... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150027252 - Power transmitting apparatus for vehicle: A power transmitting apparatus may include first and second input shafts selectively receiving torque of a power source through first and second clutches, first and second output shafts disposed in parallel with the first and second input shafts, a plurality of input gears disposed on the first and second input... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150027254 - Motor vehicle drive train device comprising a multi-group transmission: A motor vehicle drive train device includes a multi-group transmission with a main group providing at least one forward transmission gear and at least one reverse transmission gear, and a downstream group downstream from the main group. The device also includes a control and/or regulation unit having a gear change... Agent: Daimler Ag

20150027253 - Power gear-shifting transmission and engineering machinery: A power gear-shifting transmission and an engineering machinery are disclosed. The power gear-shifting transmission comprises a clutch shaft assembly (1). The clutch shaft assembly (1) comprises a clutch shaft (11), a housing gear (12) arranged on the clutch shaft (11), a clutch disc (13) arranged within the housing gear (12),... Agent: Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

20150027255 - Shift device with synchronizer: A shift device has thrust pieces to change force in a radial direction to thrust when they swing relative to and contact with a hub. The thrust pieces respectively are fixed with holders each containing a ball and a spring. The springs elastically press the balls outwardly in the radial... Agent:

20150027256 - Device for driving an aircraft wheel in rotation: The invention relates to a device for driving rotation of an aircraft wheel comprising a rim (4) mounted to rotate on an axle (2) of landing gear about an axis of rotation (X), the device comprising a drive ring gear (103) and a drive actuator (101) having an outlet pinion... Agent: Messier-bugatti-dowty

20150027257 - Ball screw: A ball screw includes a screw, a nut and a plurality of balls. The nut is slidingly disposed on the screw and includes a nut body and at least one end assembly. The end assembly includes an end circulation member, a dust-proof member and a fastening member. The fastening member... Agent: Tbi Motion Technology Co., Ltd.

20150027258 - Ball screw device: A ball screw device includes a piston that surrounds the outer periphery of a ball nut. An outer periphery turning groove is formed in the outer peripheral face of the ball nut. The outer periphery turning groove and the inner peripheral face of a cylindrical portion of the piston constitute... Agent:

20150027259 - Electronically controlled range valve for multi-speed planetary transmission: A shift by wire control for a multi-speed vehicle transmission is provided. The control includes a shift by wire shift valve in fluid communication with other shift valves and clutch trim valves to provide double blocking features in the neutral range and a reverse range. The shift by wire valve... Agent:

20150027260 - Assembly for selectively connecting a shifter to the steering wheel or steering column: An assembly includes a steering column, a steering wheel coupled to the steering column, and a shifter coupled between the steering column and the steering wheel. The shifter includes a shifter body and a shift actuator movably coupled to the shifter body. The assembly further includes a coupler movable through... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150027261 - Robot and manufacturing method of the same: A robot according to an aspect of an embodiment includes a robot arm, an attaching portion, an end effector, an end-effector-side cable, and a robot-side cable. The attaching portion is provided on a leading end of the robot arm. The end effector is attached to the attaching portion. The end-effector-side... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150027262 - Robot and manufacturing method of the same: A robot in an embodiment includes a robot body, an end effector, a cable, and one or more coupling portions. The end effector is connected to the robot body. The cable is composed of a plurality of sub cables, arranged along the robot body, and connected to the end effector.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150027263 - Plug-on body for a clamping bolt: A plug-on body for a clamping bolt of an adjustable steering column for a motor vehicle. The plug-on body includes at least one opening for guiding the clamping bolt through the opening of the plug-on body and at least one or two damped elongated hole stops for damping an impact... Agent:

20150027265 - Accelerator pedal apparatus for vehicle: An apparatus may include a pedal pad located on a front lower side of a driver seat so as to be depressed by a driver, a first hinge pivotally coupling the pedal pad to a pedal bracket fixedly mounted to the front lower side of the driver seat, and a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150027264 - Organ type accelerator pedal apparatus: An organ type accelerator pedal apparatus may include a pedal housing having a lower mount fixed to a panel of a vehicle body located below a driver seat and an upper mount to which a pedal arm pivotally mounted, a pad pivotally mounted with respect to the pedal housing such... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150027266 - Landing gear control system: A landing gear control lever system including a lever assembly, a locking assembly, and a switch assembly is disclosed herein. The locking assembly is connected to the lever assembly. The locking assembly has a rotary actuator and a Scotch yoke member operably connected to a portion of the rotary actuator... Agent:

20150027267 - Device for controlling the speed of an internal combustion engine: A device for controlling the speed of an internal combustion engine comprising a control lever movably associated to a support element, which may be the engine casing or a portion thereof. The control lever is moveable at least between a first position, in which the engine is at a first... Agent:

20150027269 - Bicycle handle assembly and retaining device thereof: A bicycle handle assembly and a retaining device thereof contains a body including a peripheral fringe and a side fringe connected together to define a receiving space. The receiving space includes a first side and a second side, the peripheral fringe includes a first engaging portion, a first connecting portion... Agent:

20150027268 - Bicycle handle assembly for handlebar: A bicycle handle assembly for a handlebar contains a body including a peripheral fringe and a side fringe connected together to define a receiving space. The receiving space includes a first side and a second side. The peripheral fringe includes a first engaging portion, a first connecting portion and a... Agent:

20150027270 - Roller bearing mounted shaft: A roller-bearing mounted shaft may include a shaft tube having a shaft outer face with at least one rolling body running face. The shaft tube may have at least one functional element joined thermally thereto, wherein the shaft tube is formed as a welded and drawn tube and includes a... Agent:

20150027271 - Rocker shaft with diamond-like carbon coating: A rocker shaft for a valve train of an internal combustion engine, including: a substantially cylindrical outer circumferential surface; and a layer of amorphous hydrocarbon deposited on the substantially cylindrical outer circumferential surface. The rocker shaft is arranged to engage a rocker arm such that the rocker arm is at... Agent:

20150027272 - Crankshaft structure: A crankshaft structure includes a crank pin section, a crank journal section, and a counter weight section arranged between the crank pin section and the crank journal section in a direction of a crankshaft. A crank arm section connecting the crank pin section and the crank journal section is formed... Agent:

20150027273 - Vehicle drive device: A vehicle drive device in which a friction engagement device, a rotary electric machine, and a speed change device are provided on a power transfer path that connects between an input member drivably coupled to an internal combustion engine and an output member drivably coupled to wheels, the elements provided... Agent:

01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020616 - Translucent display cabinet with built in gyroscope and servomotors: This invention provides an improved Retail Display Cabinet with built in Gyroscope and servomotors to be primarily use at retail stores to showcase an item behind a transparent LCD. The Retail Display Cabinet has inside enough diffused light to better help the clear LCD display better quality images and/or videos.... Agent: Holografyx Canada Inc.

20150020645 - Starter unit for a mobile device with an internal combustion engine: The starter unit comprising a starter shaft, a transmission, a clutch and a spring accumulator. The starter shaft is mounted in a longitudinally displaceable manner. The spring accumulator is adapted to act on the starter shaft for causing a rotational movement of the starter shaft. The starter shaft is arranged... Agent:

20150020619 - Rack bar supporting device for steering gear: A rack bar supporting device is a device for supporting a rack bar of a steering apparatus of a vehicle toward a pinion shaft and includes a rack bearing and a biasing assembly. The biasing assembly includes an adjustment plug, an adjustment assembly and a support plate assembly. The adjustment... Agent: Korea Delphi Automotive Systems Corporation

20150020618 - Rack bush: A rack bush, which constitutes a rack and pinion type steering system and supports a rack shaft in which rack teeth are formed at one circumferential portion, includes a bush main body and a rigidity reducing portion. The bush main body has an annular shape into which the rack shaft... Agent:

20150020617 - Sprocket-driven door: Where access doors are used for pets, poultry, farm animals, traps, or human access, this invention describes a drive mechanism for moving the door. The access door panel could be applied to a cage, house, coop, trap, feed receptacle, or other application. The drive mechanism of the automatic door is... Agent:

20150020620 - Six-degree-of-freedom cam-controlled support platform: A platform is provided, which platform is adapted to engage a base through a multiplicity of pulley engaging cables. A first end of each cable is attached to a cam follower assembly located on the base and a second portion of the cable is attached to the platform. A motor... Agent:

20150020621 - Electric bicycle: An electric bicycle is provided that can increase the diameter of the joining section between a crankshaft and a crank arm, suppress an increase in manufacturing cost, and minimize a size increase of a hanger with a torque sensor disposed in the hanger. A crankshaft 17 is divided into a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150020622 - Transmission control structure for curtain system: A transmission control structure for a curtain system includes a driving set and a transmission set having a base casing having one end formed with a mounting portion, on which an end portion of an upper transverse track of the curtain system is mounted. Also, a pulley wrapped around by... Agent:

20150020623 - Step actuator: A step actuator includes a housing, a stator in the housing, a rotor including a magnet provided radially inward of the stator and a nut member inserted into the magnet and protruding through one side of the housing, a bearing rotatably supporting the nut member, a screw member coupled with... Agent:

20150020624 - Multi-clutch transmission for a heavy duty vehicle: A multi-clutch transmission is provided with a first and a second input frictional clutch, an input arrangement for establishing a driving connection of a prime mover and the first and second frictional clutches, and a main transmission. The main transmission has a first and a second rotational axis about which... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20150020625 - Seed metering device drive system for a twin-row seeder: An apparatus is disclosed for transmitting power from a drive shaft to a seed meter shaft of a seed metering device. The apparatus includes a transmission having a transmission housing and an input rotatably supported by the transmission housing. The input engages a coupling driven by the drive shaft such... Agent: Actuant Corporation

20150020626 - Hypoid gear design method and hypoid gear: A degree of freedom of a hypoid gear is improved. Instantaneous axis in a relative rotation of a gear axis and a pinion axis, a line of centers, intersection between the instantaneous axis and the line of centers, and an inclination angle of the instantaneous axis regarding the rotation axis... Agent:

20150020627 - Gear noise reduction in opposed-piston engines: A quiet-running, multi-layer gear assembly includes a compliant center member sandwiched between a pair of stiff outer members. The compliant center member has an outer peripheral surface with gear teeth. Each of the outer members has an outer peripheral surface with gear teeth disposed in a respective directed axial thrust... Agent:

20150020628 - Ball screw capable of sensing preload: A ball screw capable of sensing a preload is formed of a nut having an internal thread surrounding an imaginary central axis, a screw inserted into the nut and having an external thread surrounding the imaginary central axis, and a plurality of balls are mounted between the internal and external... Agent:

20150020629 - Gear noise reduction in opposed-piston engines: A quiet-running, multi-layer gear assembly includes a stiff center member sandwiched between a pair of outer members. At least one of the outer members is compliant; preferably, both are. The stiff center member has an outer peripheral surface with gear teeth. Each of the outer members has an outer peripheral... Agent: Achates Power, Inc.

20150020630 - Operating element, particularly for a motor vehicle: An operating element, particularly for a motor vehicle, has a rotary actuator rotatable about a first axis and pivotable about at least one second axis, the rotary actuator being arranged on a rotary actuator support. The rotary actuator support is acted on by a rocker lever with a pretensioning force... Agent:

20150020631 - Rotating structure of weight for manual transmission: A rotating structure of a weight for a manual transmission includes a shift lever connected to a control shaft mounted in a control housing of the manual transmission and binding a shift stage selected by a select lever, a first gear part inserted into the control shaft to be operated... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150020632 - Automatic transmission control device: A control device for controlling an automatic transmission determines whether a fluid pressure of the operation fluid acting on a friction engagement element that is switched from a released-state to an engaged-state is in a fully-decreased state. If determined that the fluid pressure is not in a fully-decreased state, control... Agent:

20150020633 - Fast valve actuation system for an automatic transmission: A fast valve actuation system for an automatic vehicle transmission includes a pair of spring-biased shift valves. Solenoids control the application of pressurized hydraulic fluid to the head of each of the shift valves. Each shift valve has at least one port that is coupled to a fluid chamber of... Agent:

20150020634 - Lever style electronic shifter with concealed lever position: A poly-stable electronic shifter assembly can include a poly-stable shift lever, a shift knob, a park, reverse, neutral and drive (PRND) indication area and a flexible member. The shift lever can be coupled to a base proximate a first end of the shift lever. The shift knob can be coupled... Agent:

20150020635 - Operation lever and grip: Provided is an operation lever adapted to make a blade perform an action other than an up and down action by rotatably a grip around the shaft center of a lever shaft. The operation lever has a lever shaft operable back and forth, corresponding to an up and down action... Agent:

20150020636 - Drive mechanism for mining attachment: A rope shovel has a boom and a hoist rope. The boom has a first end and a second end. The hoist rope extends over the second end of the boom. A digging assembly for the rope shovel includes a shaft, an elongated member supported for movement relative to the... Agent:

20150020637 - Table-mounted surgical instrument stabilizers: A surgical instrument stabilizer system that includes an articulating boom that is releasably connectable to a surgical table side rail. The articulating boom includes an actuator, a multi-directional flexible arm having a first end region attached to the actuator, and a cable extending through the flexible arm. The cable has... Agent:

20150020638 - Combined reverse engagement activation and parking brake lever and methods of operation and manufacture of the same: An apparatus may, for example, include a first lever pivoting about a first axis. The apparatus may also include a second lever mounted with the first lever, pivoting about a second axis, and biased to a first position. The first lever can be configured to engage a braking system of... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150020639 - Steering shaft for a motor vehicle: A steering column for a motor vehicle, with a steering shaft comprising a rearward steering shaft segment that is rotatable about a longitudinal center axis and on which a steering wheel is mountable on a rearward end, and at least one further steering shaft segment connected with the rearward steering... Agent:

20150020640 - Forced deployment sequence: A fixed sequence activation handle is described that forces a predetermined activation sequence. Such handles are suitable for use in the delivery of medical devices or for other application that require a fixed sequence of activations.... Agent:

20150020641 - Parking brake device: A parking brake apparatus that includes: a braking member that is moved in one direction to pull a brake cable, thereby actuating a parking brake; a ratchet that has a plurality of serrations along a moving direction of the braking member, and that is disposed on one of the braking... Agent: Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd.

20150020642 - Pedal actuation amount detection device: A pedal operation amount detection apparatus for an operation pedal apparatus that includes a transmitting member including a pedal arm of an operation pedal that is disposed to be pivotable about a support axis and subjected to a depressing operation, and an output member to which a depressing operation force... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20150020643 - Position adjustment assembly for vehicle seating: A vehicle seating system includes a latch having multiple teeth configured to engage respective windows within a rail to selectively block movement of a vehicle seat relative to the rail. The latch includes a first tooth and a second tooth longitudinally separated from one another. The first tooth includes an... Agent:

20150020644 - Screwless knob assembly for toys: A screwless knob assembly includes a knob member and a knob backcover member. The knob member includes a handle and a shaft. The shaft is disposed opposite the handle and is configured to communicate through an aperture of a backing board. A portion of the shaft is configured to extend... Agent: Kidkraft, Lp

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013481 - Micro-scale pendulum: A micro-scale pendulum structure. The structure includes a membrane having a peripheral support portion and an inner portion, and a micro-scale pendulum carried by the inner portion of the membrane.... Agent:

20150013495 - Torque transmission mechanism: A torque transmission mechanism for an internal combustion engine, adapted to transmit a starting torque from a starter motor to a crankshaft of the internal combustion engine. A ring gear of the mechanism transmits the starting torque, and a one-way clutch (including an inner ring and an outer ring) disposed... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20150013482 - Planetary power take off device: Power take off devices 10, 110, 210, 310 and 410 are disclosed. Each of the power take off devices include an integral planetary gear set coaxially arranged with the respective input shafts and output shafts of the devices to provide space efficient rotational torque at a large variety of large... Agent:

20150013484 - Device for manually actuating a piece of closing or sun protection equipment: The invention relates to a device (32) for manually actuating a piece of closing or sun protection equipment (10), in particular of the blinds or rolling shutters type, including a stationary case (42) having two aligned bearings (44) defining an axis of rotation (200), a worm (34) guided in rotation... Agent: Somfy Sas

20150013483 - Drive apparatus: Drive apparatus (1, 101), in particular for driving a worm of an injection molding machine, which worm is arranged coaxially with respect to an injection molding cylinder, having a housing (9, 109) which is mounted such that it can be displaced in an axial direction of the housing (9, 109)... Agent:

20150013485 - Actuator: A motor and a gear unit form an actuator. The gear unit is fitted with at least two mutually movable gear parts, acted on by a spring that counteracts their movement out of an idle state. The gear unit is fitted with at least one manual actuator that when actuated... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150013486 - Transmission of outboard motor: A transmission is structured to include a drive shaft, a counter shaft disposed in parallel with the drive shaft, a gear train bridged between each of a drive shaft input shaft and output shaft and the counter shaft, and a dog clutch mechanism selectively switching a high shift speed and... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20150013487 - Dual-mode torque transfer in laterally engaging drive couplers exhibiting axial misalignment with driven couplers: The present invention relates to transferring torque between a first unit, such as a mobile machine or a robot, and a second unit, such as a fixed or stationary machine. The units are arranged such that a drive coupler of the first unit designed for delivering torque about a drive... Agent: Qbotix, Inc.

20150013488 - Electric vehicle power transmission apparatus: A power transmission device is embedded in an electric vehicle equipped with an electric motor and a transmission. The transmission includes a first reduction mechanism and a second reduction mechanism. The power transmission device also includes a spline hub coupled to an output side of the first reduction mechanism, a... Agent:

20150013489 - Reduction gear: Provided is a reduction gear with which allowable output can be further increased and a reduction in size can be achieved. A reduction gear (1) has a case (2), a speed reduction mechanism (3) accommodated within the case (2), a shaft portion (51) to which output of the speed reduction... Agent: Nabtesco Corporation

20150013490 - Shifting device: A shifting device for a transmission of a motor vehicle has an actuation lever (1) which can be selectively transferred into (a) a first selector gate, more particularly an automatic selector gate, in which the lever is mechanically coupled to a transmitting component (2) for actuating a gearshift cable or... Agent: Ecs Engineered Control Systems Ag

20150013491 - Wrist structure unit of industrial robot: A spur gear deceleration mechanism unit (30) of a wrist structure unit is adapted to be driven in a first deceleration ratio structure or a second deceleration ratio structure. The first deceleration ratio structure uses at least a first spur gear (31) fitted onto an output shaft of a wrist... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20150013492 - Robot: A robot includes a body, a first arm, and a second arm. The first arm includes one joint, an adjacent joint that is adjacent to the one joint, and another adjacent joint that is adjacent to the adjacent joint. When the first arm is extended in a vertical orientation relative... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150013493 - Steering column for a motor vehicle with a support part: The invention relates to a steering column for a motor vehicle, with a support part for directly or indirectly mounting the steering column on a body of the motor vehicle and with at least one carriage displaceably mounted in a displacement direction on the support part, at least in the... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Presta Aktiengesellschaft

20150013494 - Damper and operation unit: The present invention enables a user to intuitively grasp the occurrence of prescribed phenomena during operation. Provided is a damper that restricts pivot pin (4) rotation associated with operation of an operating section, wherein the friction resistance that impedes the rotation of the pivot pin (4) is changed in a... Agent:

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