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Machine element or mechanism

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04/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140096642 - Starter motor: Embodiments of the invention provide a starter comprising a motor comprising a drive shaft, a pinion, and a clutch. In some embodiments, the starter includes a planetary gear coupled with the clutch. Some embodiments include a pinion speed sensor assembly configured and arranged to provide a signal related to the... Agent:

20140096630 - Imaging cartridge drive with a central opening: An improved drive dog for an imaging machine has a central opening. At least one internal ramp radiates from the central opening of the drive dog whereby a tooth of the imaging machine drive mechanism is centered and directed into the drive dog seat. The leading edge of the drive... Agent:

20140096631 - Manual wheelchair travels straight on sloped sidewalk surfaces: Sloped-for-rain urban sidewalks are horrible for wheelchair users because of the constant veering-off threat caused by gravity. Anybody who tries to self-propel a wheelchair on a city sidewalk for the first time is in for a rude awakening—the user must use one hand to steer by retarding one wheel, and... Agent: Cias, Inc.

20140096632 - Gearbox for a tap changer, a tap changer and a transformer: A gearbox for a tap changer. The gearbox has an input drive shaft arranged to be connected to a motor. The gearbox also has a diverter switch drive output with a diverter shaft. The diverter switch drive output is arranged to be connected for actuation of breakers in a diverter... Agent:

20140096634 - Ball screw device and electric power steering system including the same: A ball screw nut of a ball screw device is fastened to a motor shaft by engaging a male thread portion thereof with a female thread portion of the motor shaft. In a case where, in a movement pathway for balls, an area where the balls roll under load from... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140096633 - Ball screw device having preload structure: A ball screw device includes a screw engaged into a nut member for forming an endless ball guiding passage and for receiving bearing members, the nut member includes a thickness reduced barrel for forming a peripheral surface in the nut member, a tubular member is engaged onto the barrel of... Agent:

20140096635 - Steering and brake arrangements: A tractor steering and braking arrangement has a substantially vertically extending structural support column 11 for connection at a lower end 12 to a floor 13 of a tractor cab and carrying means 18 to support a steering wheel 15 at its upper end. At least one hydraulic master cylinder... Agent: Agco International Gmbh

20140096636 - Rotating shaft and industrial robot employing same: A rotating shaft has: a first shaft member that includes a rail member and a first connecting portion which is disposed at the rail member; and a second shaft member that includes a slider which is movably installed to the rail member, a tubular unit which is secured to the... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140096637 - Remote control for controlling machinery: A remote control for controlling machinery that includes a multifunction identifier device incorporating key and starter button functions, the multifunction identifier device including a central body, in which electronic elements are housed, which is assembled with a bearing, the central body including a central part which is closed in the... Agent:

20140096638 - Adjustable steering column lock: A lock for an adjustable steering column includes a rotatable locking lever to actuate the lock between an unlocked position and locked position, a lock plate including plate lock teeth and a first slot, and a slider including slider lock teeth and a second slot angled relative to the first... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

20140096639 - Accelerator apparatus for vehicle: A first coil spring urges a shaft in an accelerator closing direction. A support member has a space, in which a first center line of the first coil spring is convexly curved when the shaft is rotated in an accelerator opening direction. The first center line is straight or is... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140096640 - Relief spring stop bolt assembly for shallow bowl mills: A relief spring stop bolt assembly for shallow bowl coal pulverizing mills and a method of using the same to smooth operation of such a pulverizer during low load operation is described. The subject relief spring stop bolt assembly is sized to be used with or for “retrofit” within existing... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20140096641 - Drive device for vehicle: A drive device for a vehicle includes a first motor, a first case, a second motor, a second case, a right-and-left communication passage, and a sensor. The first case houses the first motor and has a left reservoir to store liquid fluid. The second case houses the second motor and... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

04/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140090493 - Gyroscope device: A gyroscope device and method are disclosed. An example of the gyroscope device includes a gyroscope element and a frame. A drive element for spinning the gyroscope element which also results in torque on the frame parallel to an axis of rotation of the gyroscope. A first torque application element... Agent:

20140090494 - Apparatus and method of controlling an automatic transmission throttle valve: A system for controlling a transmission throttle valve allows the transmission response to be correlated with changes in engine torque. The apparatus described herein solves the problem of older vehicles which utilize a fuel management device having a throttle lever that contains no ready attachment point for a throttle valve... Agent:

20140090495 - Steering yoke assembly: A steering yolk bearing assembly includes a body. The body can include a first end having a flat surface and a second end opposite the first end. The second end can have a concave surface having a radius of curvature, RCS, a first lateral side and a second lateral side... Agent:

20140090496 - Slide operation-type dovetail groove sliding stage: The slide operation-type dovetail groove sliding stage may include a sliding lock screw for locking sliding of a sliding component, by causing the screw to abut on an inverted triangle-shaped protrusion, provided on a sidewall of a sliding component approximately parallel to a sliding direction and coupled to the sliding... Agent: Miruc Optical Co., Ltd.

20140090497 - Spring loaded shaft assembly: A disconnect shaft arrangement interposes a biasing element between a shoulder formed on the disconnect shaft and a cup-shaped washer, in which the cup-shaped washer is sized and configured to be axially displaceable with respect to the disconnect shaft. The cup-shaped washer selectively engages an axially fixed adjacent structure, such... Agent: Auburn Gear, Inc.

20140090498 - Gearbox of saddle-ridden vehicle: A gearbox includes a transmission mechanism and a clutch system including plural clutches. The gearbox has a gear change mechanism that is interlocked with a change pedal shaft to which rotational force by operation of a shift pedal is transmitted and arbitrarily selects a transmission gear of the transmission mechanism... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140090499 - Dampers at the main shift rod: A compound transmission shift mechanism is disclosed. The shift mechanism includes a plurality of gears configured on at least one transmission shaft with at least one synchronizer configured to engage at least two of the plurality of gears. The shift mechanism includes a control system configured to engage and position... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140090500 - Shifting device and transmission unit: A shifting device for a transmission unit, in particular for a vehicle which is operated by muscle force is disclosed. The shifting device has a first partial transmission and a second partial transmission, which are connected in series for power transmission. The first partial transmission has a shaft, which is... Agent:

20140090501 - Shaft having a journal: A threaded spindle (11), having a drive part (20), which has a longitudinal axis (A) and is mounted in a first journal (70), and having a threaded part (30), which likewise has a longitudinal axis (B), and having a threaded nut (50), which is mounted in a second journal (80a;... Agent: Sfs Intec Holding Ag

20140090502 - Worm-gear assembly having a pin raceway: A worm-gear assembly including a worm screw having at least one groove and a wheel having a plurality of rotatable pins along its periphery for engaging the worm screw. The pins are able to rotate in a direction other than a direction of wheel rotation. At least one raceway is... Agent: Spincontrol Gearing LLC

20140090503 - Gear and manufacturing method for the same: A gear includes teeth 3 to be engaged with teeth of a corresponding gear to transmit a rotational motion, in which a form (b) of a tooth root side of each tooth 3 includes: a first curved surface c which smoothly connects with a tooth surface a having an involute... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20140090504 - Shift lever for a vehicle with an integrated operating element: A shift lever for a vehicle with an integrated operating element for selecting and adjusting functions of the vehicle. The shift lever includes, but is not limited to a shift lever portion with the function of a shift lever knob has an operating element, which is pivot-moveably connected to a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140090505 - Vehicle operation device: An operation unit provided on a grip part of a steering wheel, and having an operation panel in which contact operations are possible by the fingers of an operator; an operation detection unit that detects contact operations with respect to the operation panel with a predetermined coordinate system as a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140090506 - Modular hybrid snake arm: An intelligent modular hybrid robot arm system is usable with mobile robots, and is applicable to stationary industrial arms. The intelligent modular hybrid robot arm system provides a large work envelope and a controlled and directed rotational movement for a flexible snake robot arm. The intelligent modular hybrid robot arm... Agent: Cycogs, LLC

20140090508 - Arm component and industrial robot employing same: An arm member has: a first rod and a second rod each of which has a rod side joint portion which is assembled with the counterpart joint portion; and a connecting member which interconnects the two rods. The assembled state of the rod side joint portion with the counterpart joint... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140090507 - Robot arm and robot: A robot arm includes a first arm having a base end portion rotatably connected to an arm base, and a second arm having a base end portion rotatably connected to a tip end portion of the first arm and a tip end portion to which a robot hand is rotatably... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140090509 - Mechanical assembly of the press-button type, and application to an electrical apparatus: The invention relates to a possibly reversible mechanical assembly, comprising a first component (1), a second link itself comprising a stud (3) linked to the first component (1) and formed of a stock (30) terminated by a radial bulge (31), and holding means (4) linked to the second component (2)... Agent: Legrand France

20140090510 - Steering column for a motor vehicle: A steering column for a motor vehicle has a rotatably mounted steering spindle and a motor-powered steering assistance device for steer angle superposition and/or torque assistance. The steering assistance device is connected to the steering spindle by at least one transmission element, and the steering spindle has at least two... Agent:

20140090511 - Multi-piece shifter cable system: In one embodiment there is provided a multiple piece shifter cable system. The cable pieces may each have a core section with a connector and a conduit section with a connector. The core connectors may be coupled together to connect the core sections of the cable pieces and the conduit... Agent: Dura Operating LLC

20140090512 - Vehicle pedal with index assembly for contacting sensor: A vehicle pedal comprising a housing for a pedal arm with a drum, a rotor coupled to the drum and including a contactor that slides against a strip of resistive material in the housing, and an assembly for setting and locking the index position of the rotor. In one embodiment,... Agent: Cts Corporation

20140090513 - Heating and cooling device for handles, especially of steering mechanisms: The present invention relates to a device for influencing at least one climatic parameter and more specifically the device is provided to influence a zone meant for handling.... Agent: W.e.t. Automotive Systems Ag

20140090514 - Drive system for a vehicle: A drive system for a vehicle includes a drive unit having a drive member rotatable around an axis of rotation (A) and at least one centrifugal mass pendulum unit having a deflection mass carrier and a deflection mass arrangement supported at the deflection mass carrier such that it can be... Agent:

20140090515 - Method for fracture splitting workpieces, workpiece, and laser unit: The invention relates to a method for fracture splitting workpieces and to a workpiece that is produced according to such a method. According to the invention, the feed rate and/or the laser pulse is modulated during the laser machining process dependent on the workpiece geometry and/or the laser power.... Agent: Mauser-werke Oberndorf Maschinenbau Gmbh

20140090516 - Pedal for a bicycle: A pedal for a bicycle has two connecting boards and multiple fixing elements. The connecting boards are connected to each other and each connecting board has a shaft recess, a protruding segment, a recessed segment and multiple mounting recesses. The protruding segment and the recessed segment are respectively formed on... Agent: Chien King Industrial Co., Ltd

20140090517 - Safety device for a rotational feed axis: The present invention provides a safety device for a rotating feed rod, the safety device preventing the abnormal rotation of the rotating feed rod and being provided with: a rotating member (102, 202) which is provided in any rotating shaft (50, 80) of a power transmission mechanism of the rotating... Agent: Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.

03/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140083216 - Dry lubricated rotary actuator for in blade rotor control: A rotor blade assembly includes a rotor blade, a rotatable flap portion disposed along a span of the rotor blade. A rotary actuator is located inside the rotor blade and is operably connected to the flap portion to rotate the flap portion about a flap axis. A rotary-winged aircraft includes... Agent:

20140083217 - Radially reciprocating lock: The radially reciprocating lock includes an elongate, hollow cylindrical housing having a locking mechanism disposed therein. The locking mechanism includes an axially extending lock shaft and at least one crank disk attached to the shaft. A recess is formed in at least one end of the lock shaft for insertion... Agent:

20140083218 - Transmission: The transmission includes a case, a rotation shaft rotatably supported on the case, a speed change gear rotatably supported on the rotation shaft, fork shaft movable in an axial direction in response to the shift operation, a connecting member for changing over a connection condition of the speed change gear... Agent: Aisin Ai Co., Ltd.

20140083219 - Transmission assembly for a vehicle: A transmission assembly for a vehicle includes a transmission mechanism, a clutch unit and a switching mechanism. The transmission mechanism includes first and second gears meshing with each other. The clutch unit is slidable along a crankshaft rotation axis between an engaging position, in which the clutch unit engages the... Agent: Kwang Yang Motor Co., Ltd.

20140083220 - Internal combustion engine and backlash adjusting device of cam driving gear mechanism: An internal combustion engine includes, among other things, a backlash adjusting device. An eccentric supporting shaft is disposed in an internal combustion engine so as to be able to be fixed at a predetermined rotational angle position about a central axis. The shaft adjusts an amount of clearance between a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140083221 - Motion control device: Motion control apparatus (A) includes a direct coupled torque motor (54) slideably receiving an output (50) without other types of torque transmission devices between the output (50) and the motor (54) and between the output (50) and a pinion (7) in direct gearing engagement with an annular gear (44) connected... Agent: Nexen Group, Inc.

20140083222 - Gear assembly with thermal expansion matching: A gear or gear assembly, for example for use in a gear train or other drive system relating to an engine such as an internal combustion engine, can be matched to the thermal expansion other engine components, such as for example a support structure for gear shafts on which gears... Agent: Pinnacle Engines, Inc.

20140083223 - Rack bar and rack bar teeth forming die: A rack bar includes a shaft portion and a rack toothed portion provided on the shaft portion. The rack toothed portion includes a plurality of rack teeth provided side by side in an axial direction of the shaft portion to mesh with a pinion gear. Each of the rack teeth... Agent: Neturen Co., Ltd.

20140083224 - External circulation type ball screw device: The invention provides an external circulation type ball screw device comprising screw shaft and nut having first and second screw grooves. A circulation member comprises first leg, second leg and connection portion. The first leg comprises a first end surface having first inner and outer points, and the second leg... Agent: Hiwin Technologies Corp.

20140083225 - Control module for an electric wheelchair: A control module for an electrically powered wheelchair is configured to generate control signals for the electrically powered wheelchair in response to user input. The control module comprises: a base portion; a joystick configured to generate the control signals corresponding to user movement of the joystick relative to the base... Agent: Penny & Giles Controls Limited

20140083226 - Switching mechanism: A switching mechanism includes a main body, a rotational body, a swinging member, and a biasing member. The swinging member detaches from the shaft portion against a biasing force of the biasing member by a centrifugal force generated at the swinging member in response to rotation of the rotational body... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140083227 - Device for selection and engagement of the gears of a gearbox for motor vehicles: A device for selection and engagement of the gears of a gearbox for motor vehicles has a control shaft mounted rotatable and axially movable with respect to the casing. Mounted on the shaft is a hub having an engagement finger for controlling gear engagement devices, which is configured to oscillate... Agent: C.r.f. Societa Consortile Per Azioni

20140083228 - Shift drum structure for drum-type transmission: A shift drum structure for a drum-type transmission in which a shift fork moving on a shift fork shaft in an axial direction while guided by a guide groove in response to a turn of a shift drum, changes speeds by sliding a shifter member on a transmission driving shaft... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd

20140083229 - Umbilical member attachment device of robot: An umbilical member attachment device including a base part attached detachably to a first member and a second member of a robot, the first member and the second member rotating relative to each other; a first fastening part attached to the base part to fasten the first umbilical member; and... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140083230 - Robot having soft arms for locomotion and grip purposes: A robot having an overall structure inspired by the Octopus vulgaris is described. The robot has soft arms joined in a radial manner to a central support. The soft arms have the capability of lengthening, shortening and wrapping around in a coil-shape manner. The extremely simple movements and coordination of... Agent:

20140083231 - Delta robot with omni wheeled base: A modified delta linkage robot uses a reverse orientation arm linkage that includes an inwardly direct lower arm. This reverse arm orientation provides a number of advantages with respect to access over an extending surface such as may occur in a home, office or other environments shared with people. The... Agent:

20140083233 - Multijoint robot: This disclosure discloses a multijoint robot. The multijoint robot has a plurality of link members and a plurality of joints. At least one of the plurality of joints includes a double joint structure comprising a first link member, an intermediate link member connected to the first link member rotatably around... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140083232 - Parallel link robot connected by ball joints: A parallel link robot (10) including ball joints (42a to 42d) which are arranged between driven links (22a, 23a) and a drive link (21a) and between a driven link and a movable part (12), at least one of these ball joints including a ball (44a) and a housing (42a) which... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140083234 - Collapsible steering column: A collapsible steering column assembly comprising a mounting structure, the mounting structure comprising a first part for connecting to the body of a vehicle and a second part for connecting to part of a steering mechanism, the first and second parts being interconnected to permit relative movement therebetween as the... Agent: Mclaren Technology Centre

20140083236 - Energy absorbing member and impact absorbing steering apparatus: Construction is achieved that more completely protects the driver of a vehicle during a secondary collision by gradually increasing the impact load that is absorbed by an energy absorbing member 22b the more the steering wheel displaces in the forward direction. The energy absorbing member 22b comprises a base section... Agent: Nsk Ltd.

20140083235 - Handle: A lower spoke cored bar of a spoke cored bar constituting a spoke portion couples one end portion of a first coupling portion to a rim cored bar. The lower spoke cored bar couples one end portion of a second coupling portion to a boss cored bar. The lower spoke... Agent: Nihon Plast Co., Ltd.

20140083237 - Control apparatus for air conditioning system of vehicle: A control apparatus for an air conditioning system of a vehicle, may include a knob selectively rotatable by a user's operation, a cam to which an inner wire of a cable may be connected, the cam being rotated through a rotation force transmitted from the knob, a cable holder that... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140083238 - Vehicle parking brake control lever and pin with rollers: A vehicle parking brake control has an extendable pin with three faces, and a roller on a lower surface. The faces correspond to engage, hold, and disengage of a parking brake. The control also has a lever rotatably connected to it, where the lever has a roller at a lower... Agent:

20140083239 - Steering apparatus: A steering apparatus includes a grip core and a rim part. The grip core has a cross-sectional area substantially constant in a longitudinal direction of the grip core. The rim part is molded by foaming of a material liquid in a mold, and configured to cover the grip core. A... Agent: Nihon Plast Co., Ltd.

20140083240 - Apparatus for shifting gears of a transmission: An apparatus for shifting gears of a transmission includes a plural control fingers each of which is shaped as a cam form and fitted into a control shaft and rotated together, on which projections are arranged to be distributed at a predetermined angle along a circumferential direction around which the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140083241 - Burst cover for a damper: A burst cover for a damper includes a plurality of holes arranged for fixing the cover to a flywheel, at least one tab portion arranged for drivingly connecting to a tab for a flange of the damper, and a radial wall connecting the plurality of holes to the at least... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

20140083242 - Damping apparatus for flywheel: A damping apparatus of a flywheel includes a pair of rotors and a weight. The rotors are provided in the flywheel and rotate along with the flywheel. The rotors receive torsional vibration from an engine through the flywheel, and are configured such that they face each other and are restricted... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140083243 - Method and means for anchoring casing mounted transmission: In a down hole transmission having a gear set and supporting elements for aligning and securing the gear set. Tie elements disposed between the supporting elements and the housing to secure the gear set against torsional forces on a gear set.... Agent:

20140083244 - Protective device for sliding surface: Cover frames configure a slide cover. Each of the cover frames has, at a lower end thereof, a wiper that contacts an outer surface of the cover frame located immediate inside. Each of the cover frames also has, on an upper inner surface thereof, a roof-shaped backboard that extends over... Agent: Okuma Corporation

20140083245 - Harmonic reducer with clutch function: A harmonic reducer with clutch function includes a circular spline, a mounting base, a flexspline and a wave generator. When a power source drives the wave generator to rotate in a first direction, a one-way clutch engages to lock the mounting base so as to deform the flexspline and hence... Agent:

20140083246 - Powertrain for a hybrid type vehicle: h

20140083247 - Manual transmission: This manual transmission includes an input shaft, an output shaft, and an MG shaft. This transmission includes a motor speed change mechanism which establishes a power transmission system between the output shaft and the MG shaft and can selectively set the ratio of rotational speed of the MG shaft to... Agent:

20140083248 - Coding element for equipping at least one cam carrier of a rotor of a rotary press, and method for equipping a cam carrier of a rotor of a rotary press: The invention relates to a coding element for equipping at least one cam carrier of a rotor of a rotary press with at least one control cam element, wherein at least one coding element is provided, wherein the at least one coding element comprises fastening means by which it can... Agent: Fette Compacting Gmbh

20140083249 - Motorized rotational drive system for a solar collector tracker support system: Motorized rotational drive system (8) for rotating a framework about an axis of rotation, preferably a horizontal axis of rotation, for a solar collector tracker support system, said motorized system comprising: two ring gear sectors (80) extending in two planes orthogonal to the axis of rotation and provided with means... Agent: Prestige Solaire

03/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140076104 - Engine starting system and engine starting method: A starting system of an engine mounted in a vehicle capable of running using torque output from an electric motor includes a estimation portion that estimates engine speed and output torque of the engine when the engine is driven to realize the power requested by the driver, a comparing portion... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140076073 - Work vehicle: Systems and methods are disclosed for improving operability of a work vehicle. In accordance with one implementation, a work vehicle is disclosed. The work vehicle includes a first PTO shaft and a second PTO shaft, the first and second PTO shafts being removably mounted to a vehicle body rear structure... Agent:

20140076078 - Screwing system having a tool holder which can be actuated in more than one direction: A screwing system, in particular for assembly plants, includes a drive shaft, which is rotatable with respect to its longitudinal axis, and an output shaft, which is rotatable with respect to its longitudinal axis. The rotary motion of the output shaft is coupled via a coupling device with the rotary... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140076074 - Protrusive structure apparatus: This disclosure relates to an apparatus configured to transform from a retracted configuration to a protruded configuration, and vice versa, by rotating via one or more guides disposed on a base. The apparatus may be formed in different sizes, from various materials depending on the intended use of the apparatus.... Agent:

20140076075 - Spiral gear system: A spiral gear converts reciprocating motion into rotational motion or rotational motion into reciprocating motion. An interface travels along a spiral such that, as the interface is displaced in a first linear direction, the spiral is caused to rotate clockwise, and as the interface is displaced in a second, opposite... Agent: Bowboard, LLC

20140076076 - Gimbal and levers with equalizer: A force transmission includes a gimbal plate having two degrees of freedom. Each of three lever arms is supported by a pivot between two ends of the lever arm. One end of each lever arm is coupled to the gimbal plate such that the three couplings are not collinear. An... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140076077 - Lever actuated output gimbals: A force transmission transmits a force to a primary output gimbal plate and a secondary output gimbal plate. The secondary output gimbal plate supports the primary output gimbal plate. Each of three primary levers is supported by a primary pivot. Each primary lever is coupled to the primary output gimbal... Agent: Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

20140076105 - Gantry apparatus: A gantry apparatus includes a structure to couple and support an optical system has enhanced rigidity, which minimizes deformation of the structure even if a plurality of optical systems is coupled to the structure. The gantry apparatus includes an optical system, a drive device to drive the optical system, and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140076079 - Gear change device for motor-vehicles: A gear change device for a motor vehicle has a braking member for stopping a rotation of a primary shaft before engagement of a reverse gear. The braking member includes a lever pivotally mounted on a gearbox about a separate axis with respect to axes of the primary and secondary... Agent: C.r.f. Societa Consortile Per Azioni

20140076080 - Transmission: In a transmission, an input shaft connected to a startup clutch includes a first input shaft and a second input shaft. Drive gears are fixed to a first main shaft and a second main shaft, and driven gears are provided on an output shaft to be free to rotate relative... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140076081 - Transmission turbo machine: A transmission turbo machine integrates drive units and/or driven units into a machine train via a transmission. The integrated transmission substantially comprises a central large wheel with a shaft and a plurality of pinions with pinion shafts. The large wheel is operatively connected to the pinions, and the ends of... Agent: Man Diesel & Turbo Se

20140076082 - Engagement chain unit: Provided is an interlocking chain unit that has reliable and strong interlocking and avoids buckling, breaking, and bending of a rigidified chain portion. In the interlocking chain unit (100), the interlocking operation of an outer tooth link plate (112BZ) and an outer tooth link plate (112AY) that are just about... Agent: Tsubakimoto Chain Co.

20140076083 - Integrated member and its manufacturing method: An integrated member can comprise different members each formed of materials having different mechanical characteristics. A method for manufacturing such an integrated member can comprise an electric resistance welding step in which the first member is press-fit into the second member and the press-fit portion can be electrically energized to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha F.c.c.

20140076086 - Device for translatably controlling the movement of a gear change fork for a motor vehicle gearbox: The invention relates to a device which comprises a gear change fork (1), a hydraulic cylinder including a stationary cylindrical spindle (2) with a stationary transverse wall (3) projecting from said spindle (2) and a piston that is translatably movable by sliding over said transverse stationary wall (3). The piston... Agent: Peugot Citroen Automobiles Sa

20140076084 - Multi-piece gear shift knobs and gear shift lever assemblies comprising the same: A multi-piece gear shift knob and a gear shift lever assembly including the same are disclosed. The multi-piece gear shift knob includes a grip portion and a lock portion. The grip portion includes an installation opening that extends through at least one face of the grip portion, and a partial... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20140076085 - Operator control element: An operator control element (1) for selecting and setting a driving mode of the vehicle, wherein a rotational element (2) on the steering wheel of the vehicle is provided with a sensing element (3) which detects the rotation of the rotational element (2) and the stationary position of the rotational... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20140076087 - Motor system, motor, and robot arm device comprising the same: The present invention is related to a motor system, a motor, and to a robot arm device comprising the same. According to the invention, a motor is provided comprising a rack having a periodic surface thereon which is engaged by a plurality of engaging elements. By driving the engaging elements... Agent: Stichting Katholieke Universiteit More Particular The Radboud University

20140076088 - System for positioning on a patient an observation and/or intervention device: The present invention relates to a system for positioning with respect to a patient's body an observation and/or intervention device having a portion penetrating into the patient's body comprising a base disposed over the patient's body; a means for supporting the device formed of a first portion movably assembled on... Agent: Universite Joseph Fourier

20140076089 - Robot arm assembly: A robot arm assembly with tubes or pipes carrying fluids or electrical cables which do not get bent and are relatively straight, and are not disrupted by, the moving parts of the robot arm includes a first robot arm, a second robot arm, a third robot arm, and a flexible... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140076090 - Hidden braking assembly: A hidden braking assembly provides a connecting unit disposed inside a main frame. The connecting unit comprises an upper stem connected to a brake handle, a lower stem connected to a brake unit, and an adjusting set fixed to the lower stem and penetrated by the upper stem. A locking... Agent:

20140076091 - Steering apparatus: The steering apparatus includes an inner column, a left-right pair of outer column half bodies, a fixing bracket having fixing side portions, and a clamping tool. In a condition where the inner column is clamped fixedly via the clamping tool, the inner column is held by the holding surface portions... Agent: Yamada Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140076093 - Steering apparatus: A steering apparatus includes a tilt hinge shaft fixed to a vehicle body, a steering column that rotationally supports the steering shaft, and a ground clamp, which is made of an elastically deformable conductive material. The ground clamp is arranged between the tilt hinge shaft and the steering column. The... Agent:

20140076092 - Steering column for vehicle: Disclosed is a steering column for a vehicle. According to the present invention, an actuating member and a fixed member can be smoothly coupled to each other without causing a catching feeling during a tilting operation of a steering column and noise generated when the actuating member and the fixed... Agent: Mando Corporation

20140076094 - Cap assembly for vehicle: A cap assembly for a vehicle includes a base and a cap pivotally mounted to the base. The base can define a recess for receiving a component therein to be captured by the cap. The cap is moveable between a locked position and an unlocked position. The cap includes a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140076095 - Pedal with a « tt » (« pi ») section provided with tilted ribs for reinforcement in torsion: The invention relates to a brake pedal (1) for a vehicle comprising a lever (6) provided with a hollow reinforcement segment (12) which comprises a longitudinal groove (13) with a <<pi>> cross-section on the one hand which opens onto the lower portion of the lever (6), said groove (13) being... Agent: Mgi Coutier

20140076096 - Rocker button switch device of dog leash: A rocker button switch device of a dog leash comprises: an outer shell, a line wheel, a button, a locking slider, an unlocking slider, and a translation slider, wherein the button is mounted in a corresponding groove on the outer shell, the button is a rocker button, and able to... Agent:

20140076097 - Handlebar grip: A handlebar grip is disclosed that is formed from a strip of silicone. The strip of silicone is stretchable so that the strip of silicone may be stretched to varying degrees around the handlebar for adjusting the density or hardness of the handlebar grip. The strip of silicone additionally has... Agent: Extreme Steering, Inc.

20140076098 - Control knob for vehicle: A control knob for a vehicle has an improved outward appearance by forming a boundary line between two different materials in a portion that is not visible and preventing abrupt differences in color due to light refraction. The control knob is produced by dual injection molding of two different materials,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140076099 - Energy storage system: An energy storage system comprises a plurality of flywheels. Each flywheel has a receptacle comprising an outer wall and an inner wall, the inner and outer walls forming a cavity for receiving liquid when the flywheel is in use and wherein each of the plurality of flywheels is connected to... Agent: The Liverpool Renewable Energy Research Centre

20140076100 - Torsional vibration damper: A torsional vibration damper has a drive-side transmission element; a damping device having a plurality of energy accumulators; a driven-side transmission element configured to be rotationally deflected coaxial to the drive-side transmission element and which is connected to the drive-side transmission element via the damping device; and sliding elements arranged... Agent:

20140076101 - Bicycle shoe and methods of manufacture: A novel bike shoe (and related methods of use and fabrication) and bike shoe/pedal system that allows the rider to either slide their foot in and out of the shoe while it remains attached to the pedal or mount/dismount from the pedal while wearing the shoe.... Agent:

20140076102 - Propulsion system for a self-propelled vehicle with multiple electric drive units: A propulsion system for a self-propelled vehicle comprises a motor body which is associated with a mechanical transmission conveying motion to the driving wheels of the vehicle, and which integrates and contains in a single body electric propulsion means, comprising at least several components of a brushless rotary motor; a... Agent: S.m.r.e. S.p.a

20140076103 - Working vehicle: According to one embodiment, a working vehicle includes: a main change speed mechanism configured to transmit a rotating power, generated by a power source; a first auxiliary change speed mechanism configured to transmit the rotating power, transmitted through the main change speed mechanism, to drive wheels; a second auxiliary change... Agent: Iseki & Co., Ltd.

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