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Machine element or mechanism August inventions list 08/11

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110203410 - Engine starter control apparatus: A starter control apparatus is provided which is used with a starter equipped with a pinion engageable with a ring gear coupled to an output shaft of an engine and a motor operable to rotate the pinion to crank the engine. The starter control apparatus works to determine whether the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110203395 - Vibrational apparatus: the arrangement being characterised in that there is a drive to rotate the shuttle and there are magnetic interactions between the rotating shuttle and the complementary structures such that interactions with each complementary structure, and the phasing of the complementary structures relative to the shuttle, alternating magnetic results in the... Agent: Flexidrill Limited

20110203396 - Step actuator: Disclosed is a step actuator. The step actuator includes a housing, a stator in the housing, a rotor including a magnet provided radially inward of the stator and a nut member inserted into the magnet and protruding through one side of the housing, a bearing rotatably supporting the nut member,... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110203397 - Gear: A gear for use in a power transmission arrangement which has a plurality of split teeth projecting outwardly from a body. Each tooth has a first part and a second part which each project outwardly from the body, each tooth defining a gap between the first part and the second... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20110203398 - Divided toothed wheel: A divided toothed wheel is provided having two toothed wheel halves in tension in relation to each other, the wheel occupies only a minimum amount of space from the axial direction and the two halves are permanently connected together by a securing element designed as an elastically shapeable annular ring... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Presta Teccenter Ag

20110203399 - Work machine: A tractor, which comprises a boom and a bucket being coupled with each other in series and having the same rotating direction, and a control lever for operating both the boom and the bucket, wherein: a control button is equipped in the control lever, and the control lever can operate... Agent: Yanmar Co. Ltd.

20110203400 - Device and method for operating a drive having an electrically drivable axle: A drive device for a vehicle, an electric machine and an axle which is drivable by the electric machine. A disengageable mechanical coupling is provided between the drivable axle and the electric machine. This coupling is designed as a shiftable freewheel coupling.... Agent:

20110203401 - Multiplexed electromechanical actuator mechanism: A multiplexed electromechanical shift mechanism includes a single linear actuator with multiple independently selectable linkages actuating a clutch and multiple gears for use in motor vehicle transmissions such as a dual clutch transmission. The linear actuator may be a ball screw, a planetary roller screw or hydraulic or pneumatic operator... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110203402 - Process turning disc, a robot arm comprising a process turning disc, a robot and a use of a process turning disc: A process turning disc connectable to an output shaft of a motor configured to rotate the process turning disc about a first center axis of the process turning disc. The process turning disc being configured to guide a cable or hose. A first flange is connectable to an end part... Agent: Abb Technology Ab

20110203403 - Steering position adjustment device: A spring for assisting a tilt adjustment operation can be easily and rapidly attached to a fixed bracket and a movable bracket. Each of two flanges of a fixed bracket has a tilted flange plate and a locking piece. The locking piece has a guiding edge, a locking recess, an... Agent: Yamada Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110203404 - Bicycle shifter: A bicycle shifter includes a base having an annular space and first teeth and second teeth defined in the annular space. A tube is fixed to a center of the base. A first rotation member and a second rotation member are installed in the tube and respectively have a first... Agent:

20110203405 - Brake pedal stop: A braking assembly includes a depressible brake pedal. The brake pedal remains in a neutral position when not depressed. A link arm is mechanically linked with the brake pedal. The link arm moves as a function of a position of the brake pedal. A bell crank is mechanically linked with... Agent: Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC

20110203406 - One-piece ball plunger: A one-piece spring detent has a head portion having an external thread and a drive element at a first end. A coil spring portion of the one-piece spring detent has a first end integrally formed on a second end of the head. The coil spring portion extends away from the... Agent: Howmedica Osteonics Corp.

20110203407 - Cam apparatus: A cam apparatus of a suspended cam type includes a cam driver 2 having a sliding surface 9; a cam slide 3 which is moved with its sliding surface 28 in contact with the sliding surface 9 of the cam driver 2; a cam-slide supporting means 4 for supporting the... Agent: Oiles Corporation

20110203408 - Quick release pedal mounting structure and system: A releasable pedal mounting system having a pedal adapter that is adapted to engage a pedal and a pedal support member that is engageable to an apparatus, the support member including pedal adapter retention means that is adapted to allow mounting of the pedal adapter to the pedal support member... Agent:

20110203409 - Transmission: A transmission is provided in which gears (31 to 34) of a first gear group provided on a first auxiliary input shaft (13) to which driving force of a main input shaft (12) is transmitted via a first clutch (24) and gears (37 to 39) of a second gear group... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd

20110203411 - Oil temperature correction device and method for automatic transmission: There is provided an oil temperature correction device for an automatic transmission. The automatic transmission having a torque converter and a transmission mechanism to which an output torque of a driving power source is inputted through the torque converter. The oil temperature correction device has an oil temperature sensor that... Agent: Jatco Ltd

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110197691 - Crank-and-rocker piston machine: The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to piston machines and mechanisms for converting the movement of the pistons thereof into shaft rotation. The technical result of the invention involves increasing the operational reliability, extending the service life, improving the specific mass and dimensional characteristics and enhancing the efficiency... Agent:

20110197690 - Linear drive for a pivotally supported panel or a pivotaly supported hard or soft top of a vehicle: The invention is based on the object of driving a trunk lid or hard or soft tops of a vehicle by a motor as efficiently and as economically as possible. Typically a hydraulic cylinder having very high energy density, or an electromechanical spindle drive, generally provided with a planetary gear... Agent:

20110197692 - Interlocking gearbox: An interlocking gearbox, with a hollow body (1), a first drive shaft (3), which is positioned at least partially inside the hollow body (1) and is in an effective connection with the hollow body (1), and possessing a second drive shaft (4), which is positioned at least partially inside the... Agent:

20110197693 - Screw-type gear and method of its manufacturing: The inventions relate to mechanical engineering, in particular to screw-type gears with rolling elements. The technical result of the proposed device and method consists in reducing the mass and overall dimensions of a gear and increasing the operational reliability and service life thereof. The essence of the invention is that... Agent:

20110197694 - Method for reversing the direction of travel of a vehicle: During reversal of drive of a vehicle, particularly a work machine with a hydrodynamic torque converter and a bypass clutch, the bypass clutch is first disengaged, during the reversal process. Next, a previously engaged first driving direction clutch, driving the vehicle in the first driving direction, is disengaged and a... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20110197696 - Method for controlling a lock-up clutch of a hydrodynamic torque converter: A lock-up clutch of a hydrodynamic torque converter remains disengaged during shifts of a downstream transmission, when the drive motor is operated in the partial load range, and remains engaged during shifts of the downstream transmission, when drive motor is operated in a full load range.... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20110197695 - Method for the operation of a clutch of a hydrodynamic torque converter: A clutch of a hydrodynamic torque converter, which connects the drive input of the hydrodynamic torque converter to the drive output of the hydrodynamic torque converter, is actuated in a disengaging direction when a power at an auxiliary power take-off in a vehicle exceeds a predefined value.... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20110197697 - Vehicle shifter fluid diverter system: The present disclosure relates to a vehicle shifter assembly having a retainer ring between a housing and an instrument panel or console. The retainer ring includes a fluid diverter system configured to guide fluid away from predetermined shifter assembly component(s).... Agent: Ford Global Technologies LLC

20110197698 - Coupling assembly for plumbing fitting: A spout coupling assembly has a lower adaptor defining a lower passageway for housing a diverter and an upper adaptor coupled to the lower adaptor defining an upper passageway. An annular recess is formed in the upper adaptor and a collar is axially restrained in the annular recess. A spout... Agent:

20110197699 - Steering system for forklift: The present disclosure relates to a traveling control system for a forklift, and more particularly, to a traveling control system for a forklift that is additionally equipped with a forward/backward lever in a forklift equipped with a mono-pedal and improves operational convenience and work efficiency by selecting the mono-pedal and... Agent: Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.

20110197700 - Electronic throttle control pedal assembly with hysteresis: An electronic throttle control pedal assembly includes a housing having a cavity formed therein which is mounted to the vehicle. A hub is rotatably attached to the housing within the cavity. The hub includes at least a portion having a circumferential outer wall having an engagement portion. The pedal assembly... Agent: Ksr Technologies Co.

20110197701 - Steering wheel assembly: A steering wheel assembly having an armature, a hub, a wheel rim skeleton, and at least one spoke connecting the hub with the wheel rim skeleton. The assembly may include a rim interface component attachable to the wheel rim skeleton. The assembly may further include an insert component, which is... Agent: Volvo Car Corporation

20110197702 - Shaft apparatus with bearing: A bearing apparatus for including a camshaft, a plurality of cam blocks disposed in an axial direction on the camshaft, a housing member including an arc concave portion, a cap member which is fixed to the housing and includes an arc concave portion, a roller bearing interposed between the arc... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20110197703 - Aircraft propeller balancing system: An aircraft system/method for propeller balancing. The system includes an inboard driver with a first and second inboard electromagnetic coil, the inboard driver and the first counterweight balancing rotor and the second counterweight balancing rotor centered around the aircraft propeller shaft rotating machine member with the first inboard electromagnetic coil... Agent:

20110197704 - Yoke for pedal assembly with scraper ring: A pedal assembly yoke connected to a vehicle bulkhead, the yoke carrying a shaft on which are mounted at least one pedal and at least one ring, the ring located so as to be adjacent to a universal joint of a steering column of the vehicle. A vehicle can include... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20110197705 - Parts for crankshaft of internal combustion engine or compressor, crankshaft, internal combustion engine and compressor: A single bell crank for a crankshaft of an internal combustion engine or a compressor includes a single bell crank main journal (5, 28, 39) and a crank pin (21, 31, 46), wherein the crank pin (21, 31, 46) is vertical to the single bell crank main journal (5, 28,... Agent: Beijing Sinocep Engine Technology Co., Ltd.

20110197706 - Device to guard an end of a rotating shaft or bearing: The present disclosure describes a device for guarding an end of a rotating shaft or bearing. The device is designed to protect against worker injury from an exposed rotating shaft or bearing. The device is also designed to mount around the rotating shaft or bearing in a manner that uses... Agent:

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110192242 - Leverage motor: Disclosed is a leverage motor (1) comprising at least two levers (6), at least one shaft (8, 29), and at least one auxiliary drive unit (2). Said leverage motor (1) further comprises at least one element (4, 5) which can be driven by the auxiliary drive unit (2), is arranged... Agent:

20110192243 - Optical axis adjusting screw: An optical axis adjusting screw (15) is provided with a shaft portion (16), a gear portion (17), and an elastic engagement portion (18). The elastic engagement portion (18) is provided with a base end (18BE) and a free end (18FE). The base end (18BE) is fixed to the shaft portion... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110192244 - Drive device: The invention relates to a drive device for a windshield wiper device for moving an output shaft (32), having an input shaft (12) which can be driven through a motor (10) and which is connected to a linear motion element (20) in a rotationally fixed manner, wherein the linear motion... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110192245 - Lubricant oil supplying apparatus: A lubricant oil supplying apparatus (1-1) provided for a power transmission apparatus (1) having an accumulating part (9), a rotating member (7) rotating interlockingly with rotation of a drive wheel to feed a lubricant oil in the accumulating part, and an oil receiving part (8) disposed above in the vertical... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110192247 - Robot and method for controlling the robot: A robot includes a base, a plurality of link mechanisms, at least one drive device, and a controller. The plurality of link mechanisms are provided on the base. Adjacent link mechanisms among the plurality of link mechanisms are connectable to each other. The at least one drive device is to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20110192246 - Robot arm: A robot arm includes a circular rack, an elongated first mounting member attached to the rack, and a second mounting member attached to the first mounting member. The first mounting member extends in a radius direction of the rack and moves in a circular trace along the rack. The second... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110192248 - Microelectromechanical (mems) manipulators for control of nanoparticle coupling interactions: A nanopositioning system for producing a coupling interaction between a first nanoparticle and a second nanoparticle. A first MEMS positioning assembly includes an electro-static comb drive actuator configured to selectively displace a first nanoparticle in a first dimension and an electrode configured to selectively displace the first nanoparticle in a... Agent: Uchicago Argonne, LLC

20110192249 - Bicycle operating device: A bicycle operating device is provided with a first operating unit, a second operating unit and a connecting member. The first operating unit includes a clamp portion for attaching the bicycle operating device to a bicycle and a first operating member. The second operating unit includes a second operating member.... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20110192250 - Rack bar supporting device of steering apparatus for vehicle: Disclosed is a rack bar supporting device of a steering apparatus for a vehicle. The disclosed rack bar supporting device reduces the friction between a rack bar and a support yoke during the rack bar's linear motion interlocking with the operation of a steering wheel. Thus, the device can prevent... Agent: Mando Corporation

20110192251 - Self adjusting device for cable-operated controls: A self-adjusting device for cable operated controls, such as, but not limited to, clutch control mechanisms for motorcycles, has a cable that can be adjusted automatically when a lever, such as a clutch control lever, is operated to disengage or engage the clutch. This can be done mechanically without using... Agent:

20110192252 - Dual pedal foot control for hydrostatic drives: In a propulsion unit having a hydrostatic drive, a pair of pedals 14 are clamped to the axle 12 in such a manner as to be comfortably positioned for the feet of the operator. The angular position of each pedal 14 relative to the axle 12 may be adjusted such... Agent:

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110185840 - Method and apparatus for an inertial drive: A method of and apparatus for rectifying angular momentum of a rotating or spinning mass into linear acceleration forces includes a mass which is rotated about an axis of rotation which passes through the center of matter of the mass. This forms a gyroscope like rotating mass. The plane of... Agent:

20110185830 - Anderson gyro stable system for remote control two-wheel model: An AGSS for an RC two-wheel model composed of a wheel body, a wheel frame received in the wheel body, a spindle inserted through the wheel frame, a transmission gear assembly mounted to the spindle, a flywheel assembly mounted to the spindle, and a unidirectional rotary assembly. The unidirectional rotary... Agent: Anderson Model Co., Ltd.

20110185829 - Rotational vibration gyro: A rotational vibration type gyro 1 is provided by which a detection sensitivity influence of the other axis direction on detection sensitivity in a detection axis direction. The rotational vibration type gyro 1 has: a drive weight 4, drive electrodes 3, a detection weight 5 having a pair of X-axis... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110185831 - Interchangeable-core adjuster assembly for optical mounts: The interchangeable-core adjuster assembly for optical mounts comprises a carrier bushing and an internally-threaded core bushing that fits snuggly inside the carrier bushing. The carrier bushing is fixedly fitted into the hole the stage plate of the optical mount, and the core bushing slides inside it. The core bushing is... Agent:

20110185832 - Wind power plant transmission and auxiliary drive for a wind power plant transmission: A wind power plant transmission with at least one transmission stage which comprises at least a first and a second gearwheel, wherein a third gearwheel is provided which is connected axially to and is centered on the first or second gearwheels. At least the first, second and third gearwheels are... Agent: Winergy Ag

20110185833 - Power assist element: The invention relates to a power assist element (11) for arrangement in a synchronizer hub (2) of a transmission synchronization device (1), comprising a base body (22), which has a height (23), a longitudinal extension (24) and a lateral extension (25), and which in the direction of the longitudinal extension... Agent: Hofer Forschungs - Und Entwicklungs Gmbh

20110185834 - Spinning apparatus and method of assembly: The present invention is directed to a modular spinning apparatus adapted for the centrifugal separation of components in a biological sample. In one embodiment, the modular spinning apparatus comprises several non-lubricated elements which are designed and adapted for manual assembly within a sterile operating room. The elements comprise a lubrication... Agent:

20110185835 - Method for remote mechanism actuation and exoskeleton aptic interface based thereon: A method for actuating a mechanism imposing a prefixed relative movement between a first and a second rigid link and a hand exoskeleton obtained by utilizing the method. The mechanism includes revolute joints and may be a parallelogram mechanism, a pantograph remote center of rotation mechanism, or a multiple-degrees-of-freedom mechanism.... Agent: Scuola Superiore Di Studi Universitari S. Anna

20110185836 - Bicycle brake and shift operating device: A bicycle brake and shift operating device is provided with a bicycle mounting bracket, a brake lever, a gear shifting mechanism, a first gear shift member and a connecting structure. The brake lever is pivotally connected to the mounting bracket about a first axis between a rest position and a... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20110185837 - Humanoid robot implementing a spherical hinge with coupled actuators: The invention relates to a humanoid robot using a spherical joint with coupled actuators and a method using the spherical articulation. The invention is of particular utility in the production of humanoid robots coming closest to human anthropomorphism. The joint connects two elements of the robot. The joint is moved... Agent: Bia

20110185838 - Push button switch with locking mechanism: A push button switch includes a base, a locking member received in the base, a push button switch penetrating the base to engage with the locking member, and a lock body. The base defines a receiving chamber and includes first magnetic members. The push button switch defines a hole. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110185839 - Position adjustment device for steering wheel: The present invention realizes a structure for a tilt-telescopic steering device, capable of, without requiring particularly high accuracy, effectively preventing a steering wheel from being positionally displaced in a secondary collision. When an adjustment lever 18a is turned, tilt-locking serrated sections 54 of a pair of tilt-locking eccentric cams 23a... Agent: Nsk Ltd.

20110185841 - Cable adjustment device for bicycle rear derailleur system: A cable adjustment device includes a rear derailleur system including a stationary member, a link, a movable member and a guide member. The stationary member has a passage which communicates with an interior space. A pivotal member is pivotably received in the interior space. An adjustment bolt extends through the... Agent:

20110185842 - Flywheel locking tool kit: A flywheel locking tool kit comprises unitary body blocks designed to fit through and respectively compatible with the opening of a bell housing of a transmission so that teeth provided on one sector of the tool may be engaged with the flywheel teeth and projections and elements of the opposite... Agent: Lisle Corporation

20110185843 - Pedal assembly for electronic braking system: An electrical-mechanical brake apparatus includes a bracket (20) and a pedal arm (40) supported by the bracket (20). One of the bracket (20) and the pedal arm (40) presents a cam body (72). The other of the other of the pedal arm (40) and the bracket (20) presents a cam... Agent: Ksr Technologies Co.

20110185844 - Seal protector assembly: A seal protector assembly is provided. The seal protector assembly includes an expandable cylinder for protecting a seal. A plug or cap is removably attached to the expandable cylinder. After shipment of the transmission, the plug or cap is removed. Once any potential damage to the seal during assembly has... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110185846 - Lock pin-type automobile synchronizer: A lock pin-type automobile synchronizer includes a higher gear conical ring (1) and a lower gear conical ring (4) which are arranged at the sides of a sliding gear sleeve (3). A higher gear lock pin (2) is fixed to one side of the higher gear conical ring (1). A... Agent: Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd.

20110185845 - Reduction unit particularly of the epicyclic type comprising a fan: A reduction unit, particularly of the epicyclic type, comprising a casing for the rotary support and containment of an input shaft, of an output shaft, and of at least one reduction stage that is interposed between them, the input shaft being able to rotate by an actuation shaft of a... Agent:

20110185847 - Control system of hybrid power drive apparatus: [Solution] In a hybrid drive power apparatus of the type which comprises a first gear-shift mechanism assembled with a first input shaft to be applied with drive power from an engine through a first friction clutch for establishing a first drive train, a second gear-shift mechanism assembled with a second... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kasiha

20110185848 - Clutch type reversible transmission bicycle with bidirectional input and one-way output: The present invention is applied to pedal vehicles, or mixture of electric and pedal vehicles, or combination of electric and pedal auxiliary vehicles, especially to a bicycle capable of being pedaled bidirectionally and driven to move in unidirectional, and through releasing the connectable or releasable clutch device, the clutch type... Agent:

20110185849 - Integrated gear train with bidirectional input and one-way output: For the integrated gear train with bidirectional input and one-way output, the rotary direction of the input shaft is changed, and the output direction of the output shaft is constant, in which the speed ratio between the input shaft driven at the first rotary direction and the output shaft, and... Agent:

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