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05/28/2015 > 35 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150149091 - Apparatus and method for determining the quality or accuracy of reported locations: Provided is a process of ascertaining the accuracy of geolocations in a collection of location histories, the process including: obtaining a collection of location histories describing user geolocations, each location history including: a location-history identifier distinguishing the respective location history from other location histories among the collection of location histories,... Agent:

20150149089 - Determining reserves of a reservoir: This disclosure provides embodiments of computer implemented methods, computing apparatuses, and other methods for determining reserves of a reservoir. For example, an embodiment of the computer implemented method includes receiving field data for a field that comprises a reservoir, wherein the field data includes pressure data and cumulative production data.... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150149090 - Living plant monitoring systems: A plant monitoring system for the monitoring of environmental parameters that affect growing plants and that is capable of producing audible and visible alerts when the health of the plant is threatened. In some embodiments, the plant monitoring system is configured to produce calibrated alerts specific to the type of... Agent:

20150149092 - Wearable interface for drilling information system: A drilling information system comprises a drilling component having an operating status and a drilling control module communicatively coupled to the drilling component and operable to store data indicating the operating status of the drilling component. A wearable interface is communicatively coupled to the drilling control module and is operable... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20150149093 - Method and system for efficient extrapolation of a combined source-and-receiver wavefield: The current document is directed to computational systems and methods carried out by the computational systems for propagating a combined source-and-receiver wavefield from a first level to a next, second level with respect to depth, time, or another dimension. The methods and systems, to which the current document is directed,... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20150149095 - Multi-parameter diabetes risk evaluations: Methods, systems and circuits evaluate a subject's risk of developing type 2 diabetes or having prediabetes using at least one defined mathematical model of risk of progression that can stratify risk for patients having the same glucose measurement. The model may include NMR derived measurements of GlycA and a plurality... Agent:

20150149094 - Nmr quantification of tmao: A defined peak region residing between about 3.2 and 3.4 ppm of a proton NMR spectrum of an in vitro biosample is electronically evaluated to determine a level of trimethylamine-N-oxide (“TMAO”). The biosamples may be any suitable biosamples including human serum with a normal biologic range of between about 1-50... Agent: Liposcience, Inc.

20150149096 - Precision dialysis monitoring and synchonization system: A device, system and related methods for monitoring a mammal with heart failure, kidney disease or both, to make predictions about the likelihood of a life threatening ventricular arrhythmia. The device, system and related methods can have one or more sensors in electronic communication with a processor, the sensors determining... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150149097 - Gas demand prediction system and gas demand prediction method: A delivery server comprises: a reception unit configured to receive sets of meter indication data of a plurality of gas meters; a storage device configured to store the respective sets of meter indication data; a gas usage calculating unit configured to calculate a gas usage on a basis of comparison... Agent:

20150149098 - Method of detecting and controlling e-line loss: A method of detecting E-line loss in a disc stack centrifuge is provided, comprising: collecting data from at least one instrument associated with the centrifuge over a specific time period; calculating one or more indicators by comparing the collected data with expected values from a normally operating centrifuge, the indicators... Agent:

20150149099 - Optical flow measuring device and method of operation: A flow measuring device, comprising a container for receiving a flow of liquid, a plurality of optical sensors associated with the container, each of the plurality of optical sensors producing an output signal dependent upon the presence of liquid reaching a level in the container associated with each optical sensor,... Agent:

20150149100 - Methods and apparatus to diagnose a valve using electric valve actuators: Methods and apparatus to diagnose a valve using electric valve actuators are disclosed. An example apparatus includes an electric motor to actuate a valve, rotation sensors to monitor a rotation of a drive shaft associated with the electric motor to determine a distance travelled by the drive shaft, and a... Agent:

20150149101 - Multiturn rotary encoders: A multiturn rotary encoder includes: a measuring standard having at least one graduation track, with whose aid the angular position of a shaft is absolutely encoded; a first scanner, with which the at least one graduation track is able to be scanned in order to generate first position signals; a... Agent:

20150149102 - Online monitoring circuit and method of the series compensation spark gap divider return circuit: The present invention provides an online monitoring circuit of the series compensation spark gap divider return circuit, said series compensation spark gap divider return circuit includes voltage equalization link and the voltage sampling link; Said voltage link includes the capacitor C which series said voltage equalization link; Said online monitoring... Agent:

20150149103 - Magnetic body analyzing device and magnetic body analyzing method: A magnetic body analyzing device includes a change amount calculation unit that calculates a change amount by which magnetization vectors arranged on an analysis target change for a predetermined period of time every time the predetermined period of time passes, a change amount cumulating unit that cumulates respective change amounts... Agent:

20150149104 - Motion tracking solutions using a self correcting three sensor architecture: A system of sensors including 1) an accelerometer, 2) a magnetometer, and 3) a gyroscope, combined with a zero crossing error correction algorithm, as well as a method of using those sensors with the zero crossing error correction algorithm, for orientation motion tracking applications, including sports and athletics training, animation... Agent:

20150149105 - Accuracy compensation system, method, and device: A method for applying accuracy compensation to a rotating measuring machine, a rotatable angular range of the machine is divided into sub-ranges. Each of the sub-ranges is selected, and the rotating measuring machine is rotated to an angle within the selected sub-range. After rotating, images of a working platform of... Agent:

20150149106 - Field triage of eos failures in semiconductor devices: Automated test procedures, carried out under software control, can be employed to test a device, testing individual pins, and/or groups of pins, to detect and diagnose or characterize various types of failures. A distributed FA system includes a shared database for device definitions, test setups, and test results. Test platforms... Agent:

20150149107 - Loopback test of the proper operation of technical devices in an industrial process automation system: A method and a system are disclosed for the loopback test of the proper operation of technical devices integrated in an industrial process automation system and operated by at least one electronic controller via wired or wireless connections for controlling the industrial process. The following test can be performed: a)... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150149108 - Method and system for generation of a statistically spatially-uniform field distribution inside a reverberation chamber: m

20150149109 - Ambient temperature calculating modeling method using distorted ambient temperature compensation: An ambient temperature determining modeling method using distorted ambient temperature compensation may include, (A) a distortion compensation factor applying step of applying a coolant temperature, an intake air temperature, an air volume, a vehicle speed, a soak time, and a gradient to ambient temperature determining modeling, (B) an ambient temperature... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150149110 - Tire pressure monitoring apparatus and method: Provided is an apparatus for estimating an external temperature for monitoring a tire pressure. The apparatus includes a sensor transmitter configured to transmit stop time information which is obtained by measuring a stop time of a vehicle at certain intervals, by using wireless communication, and a sensor receiver configured to... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150149111 - Device and method for using time rate of change of sensor data to determine device rotation: A computer-implemented method for determining rotational rate of a computer system programmed to perform the method includes determining in a physical perturbation sensor in the computer system, a plurality of instantaneous field measurements with respect to a reference field, at a first time and a second time, determining in the... Agent:

20150149112 - Multiturn rotary encoder: A multiturn rotary encoder includes: a single-turn unit, including a code carrier that is able to be scanned by a single-turn scanner in order to generate single-turn position signals, and a single-turn evaluation unit for processing the single-turn position signals to form at least one single-turn code word that indicates... Agent:

20150149113 - Apparatus for transmitting position of multi-axis transport system and method thereof: The present disclosure relates to an apparatus for transmitting a position of a multi-axis transport system and a method thereof, and provides an apparatus for transmitting a position of a multi-axis transport system capable of providing an accurately detected position of a nondestructive system to a user by converting a... Agent:

20150149114 - Monitoring integrity of a riser pipe network: Methods and systems are described for monitoring the integrity of a subsea pipeline network to transport the production fluid from a subsurface wellhead to surface facilities. More specifically, the described methods and systems are for monitoring the integrity of a riser pipe network and can include installing one or more... Agent: OnesubseaIPUk Limited

20150149115 - Multi-function padded pants: A multi-purpose athletic garment including a pair of pants composed of an athletic performance material, the athletic garment possesses two knee pockets of durable textile material and including removably attached shock absorbing pads which may be inserted and removed. The pads allow for a user to sustain repeated impacts to... Agent:

20150149116 - Wearable device and method for controlling the same: A wearable device and a method for controlling the same are disclosed herein. The wearable device, comprising a bio-signal sensor unit configured to sense a bio-signal; a storage unit configured to store data; and a processor configured to control the bio-signal sensor unit and the storage unit, wherein the processor... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150149117 - Electronic device, setting method and computer readable recording medium having program thereof: The present invention provides an electronic device including a situation detecting unit for detecting the present situation of a user, an acquiring unit for acquiring previously stored information on life log of the user, a situation determining unit for determining whether or not the present situation of the user conforms... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20150149118 - Mobile asset data recorder and transmitter: An acceleration-based mobile asset data recorder and transmitter equipped with a wireless processing unit, an event recorder, a digital video recorder, a fuel level sensor, and an inertial navigation sensor board. The inertial navigation sensor board includes a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis magnetometer, and a microcontroller. The... Agent:

20150149120 - Cooking control device, cooking control system and computer program product: The present invention relates to a cooking control device that comprises sensors (120) and a communication unit (145) to communicate with a display processing device (170). In this manner, taste values of the cooking substance reflecting the current status of the cooking process can be compared with pre-stored taste values... Agent:

20150149119 - Wavelet based monitoring of system parameters: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring parameters within a system. A plurality of sensors each monitor at least one parameter associated with the system. A controller is configured to receive a signal representing the monitored at least one parameter from each of the plurality of sensors and adjust a... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20150149122 - Handheld data collector and analyzer system: A handheld measurement device incorporating both a data collector and an analyzer is disclosed. The data collector of the device receives one or more external input signals and stores the data collected for later retrieval and analysis. In one embodiment these input signals are received from sensors used to collect... Agent:

20150149121 - Interrupt driven processing and related devices, methods and systems: Devices, methods and systems are provided for processing measurement data. An exemplary device includes a first module to provide data and an interrupt, a control module coupled to the first module to obtain the data from the first module and provide an indication after obtaining the data, and an interrupt... Agent:

20150149123 - Electret type vibration detection system, method of creating external vibration information, method of creating transfer function information regarding external vibration, program for creating external vibration information, and program for creating trans: An electret type vibration detection system has a vibration-powered generator that performs vibration-induced power generation by displacing on a basis of external vibration an electret group formed of a plurality of electrets and an electrode group having a plurality of electrode pairs in a relative movement direction to output a... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 76 patent applications in 48 patent subcategories.

20150142315 - Marine riser management system and an associated method: In accordance with one aspect of the present technique, a method is disclosed. The method includes receiving sensor data from a first set of sensors mechanically coupled to a first riser joint of a marine riser. The method also includes analyzing the sensor data to determine a condition of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150142317 - Method and apparatus for consistent and robust fitting in oil based mud filtrate contamination monitoring from multiple downhole sensors: A method for performing contamination monitoring through estimation wherein measured data for optical density, gas to oil ratio, mass density and composition of fluid components are used to obtain plotting data and the plotting data is extrapolated to obtain contamination levels.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150142316 - Nmr logging interpretation of solid invasion: A method for estimating an effect on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurements of an invasion of solid particles into pores of an earth formation penetrated by a borehole includes conveying a carrier through the borehole and performing an NMR measurement on a volume of interest in the formation to provide... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150142319 - Hydrocarbon well performance monitoring system: A system and method for real-time data acquisition and presentation of force, position, load, pressures, and movement within a subterranean well pumping system, such as an oil well. Data is gathered using sensors attached to a surface level pump drive and wellhead system. Well structural data and well production data... Agent:

20150142318 - Wellbore pipe trip guidance and statistical information processing method: A method for optimizing wellbore pipe tripping operation includes entering into a computer parameters related to a maximum safe pipe movement speed within the wellbore along at least one selected depth interval along the wellbore. A maximum safe pipe movement speed is calculated. An actual pipe movement speed is measured... Agent:

20150142320 - Measurement transformation apparatus, methods, and systems: In some embodiments, an apparatus and a system, as well as a method and an article, may operate to receive electromagnetic measurement data characterizing a formation from at least one transmitter-receiver pair. Further activity includes transforming the electromagnetic measurement data into transformed measurement data by computing a wavelet transform over... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150142321 - Flow rate from displacement unit piston position: A method to detect flow rate from a displacement unit entailing locating the displacement unit in a fluid path, monitoring a piston position in the displacement unit for a stroke direction change, starting a timer upon a stroke direction change, monitoring at least one check valve position for an alteration... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150142322 - Vibration information gathering method and vibration information gathering apparatus: A vibration information gathering method includes: gathering output data about information of a vibration of a structure; and selecting at least one of an average value, a maximum value and a minimum value from the output data that is gathered.... Agent:

20150142328 - Calculation method for interchromosomal translocation position: The present invention relates to a method for calculating inter-chromosomal translocation position by using sequence read data generated through a next generation sequencing (NGS) apparatus. According to the present invention, the inter-chromosomal translocation position is determined more precisely and efficiently in base units.... Agent:

20150142330 - Dynamic personalized cancer treatment: An approach to personalized cancer treatment uses a selection of a sequence of treatments, which are selected, for example, using a global optimization and/or decision tree approach. For each selected treatment in the sequence, data characterizing expected growth and transition between different cell states (e.g., different phenotypes) is used to... Agent:

20150142332 - Health care system and method using stress index acquired from heart rate variation: A health care system and method using human body indexes acquired from human body information are disclosed. The present health care method includes receiving human body information, calculating a human body index based on the received human body information, generating a health care program based on the calculated human body... Agent:

20150142324 - Healthbeat of plants: Health of plants depends on amount and quality of minerals in soil, sunlight, water moisture in soil etc. A novel technique is applied and results found to be very accurate. Months of various experimentations posed no harm to the sample plants of different species. An electronic system is successfully designed... Agent:

20150142323 - Method and system for determining an amplification quality metric: According to one exemplary embodiment, a method for providing a amplification quality metric to a user is provided. The method includes receiving amplification data from an amplification of a sample to generate an amplification curve. The amplification curve includes an exponential region and a transition region. The method further includes... Agent:

20150142329 - Method and system for exercise monitoring: A portable data processing system includes a memory system, a processing system and a reception system for receiving data from acceleration sensors indicating test subject's acceleration in three orthogonal directions plus orientation of the acceleration sensors. The memory system includes routines for 1) determining instantaneous vertical, longitudinal and lateral accelerations... Agent: Rlab Ab Oy

20150142333 - Method for analyzing biological specimens by spectral imaging: A method for analyzing biological specimens by spectral imaging to provide a medical diagnosis includes obtaining spectral and visual images of biological specimens and registering the images to detect cell abnormalities, pre-cancerous cells, and cancerous cells. This method eliminates the bias and unreliability of diagnoses that is inherent in standard... Agent:

20150142327 - Method for improving the accuracy of chemical identification in a recognition-tunneling junction: A method to identify a chemical target trapped in a tunnel junction with a high probability of a correct assignment based on, a single read of the tunnel current signal. The method recognizes and rejects background signals produced in the absence of target molecules, and do so accurately without rejecting... Agent:

20150142325 - Method, system and apparatus for setting insulin dosages for diabetics: A more accurate method of determining a Carbohydrate to Insulin Ratio for an individual diabetic is provided. The individual, who has been using or has been given a prior suggested dosage of rapid-acting insulin to be taken prior to meals, first plans a benchmark meal (“the Meal”) and precisely counts... Agent:

20150142331 - Methods and devices for assessing risk of female infertility: The invention generally relates to methods and devices for assessing risk of female infertility. In certain aspects, methods of the invention involve obtaining a sample, conducting an assay on at least one infertility-associated biomarker, and assessing risk to the patient of developing early-onset decrease in fertility based upon results of... Agent:

20150142326 - Systems and methods for identifying thermodynamically relevant polymer conformations: Systems, methods and non-transitory computer readable media identify favored polymer conformations. One or more residues are identified and may be replaced in the polymer, or the original primary sequence of the polymer may be retained. The conformations of residues in a subset of residues in a region of the identified... Agent:

20150142334 - System, method and computer-accessible medium for genetic base calling and mapping: RNA sequencing techniques provide rapid base-calling and resequencing for improved bio-informatics. Exemplary embodiments of computer-implemented systems and methods can be provided, as applied to RNA sequence interpretation, enumeration and classification, etc., by defining a map of the transcripts encoded in a genome, and measuring their relative abundances... Agent:

20150142335 - Systems and methods for determining the quantity of a combustion product in a vehicle exhaust: Exhaust after treatment systems for internal combustion engine powered vehicles are provided. One system includes logic in the form of one or more routines implemented by one or more of the system's components for determining the quantity of NO2 present in the exhaust that exits an oxidation catalyst, such as... Agent: Paccar Inc

20150142336 - Predicting the influence of mineral additions on reaction and property development in cementitious mixtures: A mechanical property of a cementitious mixture is predicted by: (1) receiving user input characterizing a mixture of a cement and a mineral addition, the user input corresponding to at least one of: (a) a size characteristic of the cement; (b) a size characteristic of the mineral addition; and (c)... Agent:

20150142337 - Integrity of a civil structure: This disclosure relates to the integrity of a civil structure, and in particular the assessment of the integrity of one or more joints of a civil structure. Two or more sensors (200a) and (200b) are provided on different substructures (102) and (106) that form the structural joint (112), wherein each... Agent:

20150142340 - Device and system for predicting failures of actuated valves: The invention relates to a system for determining a potential future failure of an actuated valve controlling fluid flow in a line by causing an angular change between two states of a stem of said valve, which comprises: (a) a sensor for, upon receipt a control command at said actuator,... Agent:

20150142339 - Elevator balance coefficient detection method and device: An elevator balance coefficient detection method includes the following steps: (1) connecting an electrical energy detection device to a power line of an elevator driving motor, and connecting a speed detection device to a mechanical transmission member of an elevator car; (2) measuring and recording in real time the car... Agent: Tianjin Haoya Technology Development Co., Ltd.

20150142338 - Fault detection method: With a precondition that intake temperature on an entry side of an intercooler 6, ambient temperature, EGR gas temperature on an entry side of an EGR cooler 14 and cooling water temperature into the EGR cooler 14 are determined to be normally detected, fault in an intake system is identified... Agent: Hino Motors, Ltd.

20150142341 - Dynamometer system: Provided is a test system capable of stable torque control. A test system is provided with: an excitation torque command calculation unit which calculates an excitation torque command value; a shaft torque command calculation unit which defines a value obtained by adding up a base torque command value and the... Agent:

20150142342 - Method and device for sensing isotropic stress and providing a compensation for the piezo-hall effect: A method determines isotropic stress by means of a Hall element which includes a plate-shaped area made of a doped semiconductor material and comprises four contacts contacting the plate-shaped area and forming corners of a quadrangle, two neighboring corners of the quadrangle defining an edge thereof. At least one van... Agent:

20150142343 - Thermal age tracking system and method: Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for tracking the thermal age of a self-regulating heating cable. Over a time period, current and voltage data for a cable signal are collected, from which spectral information is extracted. The spectral information has a frequency component and an amplitude component. The... Agent:

20150142344 - Method and apparatus for measuring partial discharge charge value in frequency domain: The charge value of a partial discharge pulse in an electrical cable is provided by analyzing the frequency spectrum of the propagated pulse in a spectrum analyzer 21 to generate sets of spectrum signals, each including a magnitude and a frequency of a component of the pulse. A laptop computer... Agent: Utilx Corporation

20150142345 - Status monitoring systems and methods for uninterruptible power supplies: A power supply system for use in a communications system comprises a power supply, a cable interface module, and a processor. The power supply is connected to a local supply, a utility supply, and the communications system. The cable interface module detects an FBC signal associated with the communications system.... Agent:

20150142346 - Early power failure detection circuit: Early power failure (EPF) detection circuit applies a rectified, unfiltered periodic waveform, at the frequency of the mains supply voltage to a threshold detector. During each cycle of the periodic waveform, the threshold detector produces a pulse voltage having a leading edge when the periodic waveform begins to exceed a... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150142347 - Solar energy disaggregation techniques for whole-house energy consumption data: Systems and methods of the present invention are directed to disaggregating the contribution of solar panels from a whole house energy profile. Methods of disaggregating energy produced by solar panels from low frequency whole-house energy consumption data for a specific house, may include steps of: predicting solar energy generation for... Agent:

20150142349 - Method for determining a state of energy of an electrochemical accumulator, device, medium, and computer program: The method for estimating a final state of energy SOEf of an electrochemical accumulator is carried out from a set of quadruplets of values relating to operating points of the electrochemical accumulator including power (P), temperature (T), state of energy (SOE) and remaining energy (En). Said method implementing at least... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20150142348 - Power calculating method adapted to wireless power system: A power calculating method, adapted to a wireless power system, includes the following steps: first, multi-sampling input or output current of a regulator in the power receiving end, and performing root-men-square calculation accordingly to derive a current RMS value; second, multi-sampling input or output voltage of the regulator, and performing... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp

20150142350 - Method and device for estimating power consumption: A method and device for polling a device such as a multifunction printing device. For example, the method includes sending a first polling request to a device to be polled after an elapsed first period of time, receiving a first polling response from the polled device, determining a mode the... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150142352 - Method for determining a state of energy on the basis of data originating from the processing method: m

20150142351 - System and method of battery life estimation: A device which includes a plurality of substantially identical batteries coupled via switching circuits to a power bus. Control circuits coupled to the batteries and the switching circuits to provide electrical energy to the bus from each of the batteries during a sequence of predetermined time intervals wherein one of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150142354 - Electric power calculation system, electric cabinet comprising one such system, associated transformer substation and calculation method: d

20150142353 - Monitoring a linear variable differential transformer sensor: A method for monitoring an LVDT sensor including two secondary circuits, the method including: calculating the difference between voltages at terminals of one of the secondary circuits at a given instant and at a previous instant; calculating the difference between voltages at terminals of the other one of the secondary... Agent: Snecma

20150142355 - Apparatus, method and computer program for sensing: A method, apparatus and computer program wherein the method comprises: providing a first input signal to a sensor; measuring a first output signal provided from the sensor in response to the first input signal and calculating capacitance of the sensor from the first measured output signal; providing a second input... Agent:

20150142356 - Hall effect measurement instrument with temperature compensation: Disclosed is a Hall Effect instrument with the capability of compensating for temperature drift consistently, accurately and in real time of operation. The instrument embodies a four-point ohmmeter circuit measuring Hall Effect sensor resistance and tracking the effect of temperature on the Hall Effect sensor. The instrument takes into account... Agent: Olympus Scientifics Solutions Americas Inc.

20150142357 - Analysis device, analysis method, and program: A switcher transmits, to an extractor/signal determiner, a converted current signal generated by a current-voltage converter when a converted current signal determiner determines that the converted current signal is generated by transmission of a current signal over a communication line, in the meantime, performs a switch-over so as not to... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150142358 - Rapid interrogation method for elastic wave resonant devices: A method for interrogating an elastic wave device includes probing the response of a piezoelectric resonant device at a single frequency alternately on either side of a previously determined first resonance frequency, to characterize this resonance frequency characteristic of the measured physical quantity, by correlating this single measurement with a... Agent:

20150142359 - Luminaire associate status transponder: Monitoring street lighting infrastructure using special signaling devices and techniques for locating key components of the infrastructure and assessing their status. The integrity of common powerline connections may also be assessed.... Agent:

20150142360 - Metrological apparatus and a method of determining a surface characteristic or characteristics: A metrological apparatus includes an optical measurement system (1) such as a coherence scanning interferometer operable to obtain measurement data representative of a surface of a workpiece and a rotation device (15) to effect relative rotation between the optical measurement system and the workpiece about a measurement axis to enable... Agent:

20150142361 - High dynamic range detector correction algorithm: Systems and methods are provided to perform dead time correction. An observed ion count rate is obtained using a non-paralyzable detection system of a mass spectrometer. The detection system includes an ion detector, a comparator/discriminator, a mono-stable circuit and a counter. The non-paralyzable detection system exhibits dead time extension at... Agent:

20150142362 - Determination of gyroscopic based rotation: A gyroscopic rotational monitoring system may be utilized for monitoring one or more properties of rotatable container or vessel, and/or one or more properties of a displaceable material contained in the rotatable vessels. An exemplary aspect relates to the use of a gyroscope and periodicity sensor (e.g., accelerometer) to determine... Agent:

20150142363 - Model-based noise suppression for level indicators: A model is based on noise-suppression technique in level indicators that uses mutually independent mathematical models, the quality of each of which models is calculated by comparing with measured values. The models are then weighted and combined, or a single model is selected, in order to calculate the level at... Agent:

20150142364 - Spectrometer reference calibration: Aspects of spectrometer reference calibration are described. In one embodiment, a diagnostic measurement for evaluation of an aspect of calibration in spectroscopy is performed. A result of the diagnostic measurement is analyzed to determine a deviation from an expected result. Based on the analysis, a correction algorithm may be applied... Agent:

20150142365 - Automatic test system and method: System and method of dividing a window according to trail are provided. The system and the method record the moving trail of an indicating signal and then divide the window according to the moving trail into two independent blocks to display the file separately. By completing the procedures, the system... Agent: Iinventec Corporation

20150142366 - Information processor system for monitoring a complex system: An information processor system for monitoring a complex system and including a mechanism receiving at least one piece of event detection information associated with a detection time and a mechanism generating at least one remanent confidence level value that decreases over time starting from the detection time.... Agent: Snecma

20150142367 - Techniques for use with test qualification protocols: Described are techniques for performing qualification protocol testing. A qualification entity category is selected indicating a category of an entity for which a qualification test protocol is generated. One or more qualification tests are selected and included in the qualification test protocol. Test information is specified for the one or... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20150142368 - Method for determining mechanical heat-up lag (mhl) of a building from the building's natural thermal lag (ntl): The invention provides an improved method for determining the mechanical heat-up lag of a building. The time lag for the heating system to reach its set point, which is referred to as the Mechanical Heat-up Lag (MHL) is dependent on the natural thermal lag (NTL) of a building. The invention... Agent:

20150142369 - Prediction of california bearing ratio of subbase layer using multiple linear regression model: A method for predicting the California Bearing Ratio of a pavement subbase layer, wherein samples are collected from different regions of the subbase layer, the samples are tested to determine at least moisture content and density. Each sample is prepared at optimum moisture content and at different densities and tested... Agent: Umm Al-qura University

20150142371 - Recognition device of foot action and recognition method of foot action: A recognition device of a foot action includes a sensing module, a processing module, and a display module. The sensing module senses the foot action to generate at least one sensing signal corresponding to the foot action, and a form of the sensing signal is a waveform. The processing module... Agent:

20150142370 - Tracker and operation process thereof: The present invention provides a tracker and the operation process thereof. In one aspect, the tracker, designed for positioning on a part below a user's knee, provided in the present invention is able to switch between modes such as walking mode, cycling mode, swimming mode, sleeping mode, and other modes... Agent:

20150142373 - Method and system for inspecting a zone: A method is provided for inspecting a zone, termed the zone of interest, whose characteristics are known at least partially, to detect at least one element included in the zone of interest, the method including: a first detection providing, through a time reversal method, a first signal relating to the... Agent:

20150142375 - Motion analysis method and motion analysis apparatus: A motion analysis apparatus specifies a movement of at least one of a subject and a sporting gear operated by the subject to be used as an indicator of supplementary information for motion analysis of the sporting gear, and the movement is detected using an output from an inertial sensor.... Agent:

20150142374 - Motion analyzing method and motion analyzing apparatus: A motion analyzing method includes: acquiring location information of at least one of a sporting tool and a subject in swing motion based on an inertial force generated by the swing motion in time series; acquiring analysis information of the swing motion based on the inertial force; acquiring a time... Agent:

20150142372 - Prosthetic placement tool and associated methods: A method for estimating an orientation for placement of a prosthetic implant comprises receiving information indicative of a first virtual axis established between estimated positions of two anatomic landmarks in the anatomical area of interest. The method also comprises calculating an orientation of a first virtual plane, the first virtual... Agent: Polaris Surgical, LLC

20150142377 - Encoder system, signal processing method, and transmission signal generation and output device: An encoder system includes a signal processing circuit including: (1) a first position data detection circuit that detects first position data representing positional displacement in rotation of an input shaft through first predetermined signal processing based on a first detection signal input from a first absolute position encoder; (2) a... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20150142376 - Perpendicular gradiometric angle sensors, systems and methods: Embodiments relate to magnetic field sensors, such as gradiometric magnetic field angle sensors with generally on-axis arrangements of sensor elements relative to a rotation axis of a magnet. In one embodiment, an angle sensor is arranged on-axis with respect to the rotation axis of a magnet that generates a magnetic... Agent:

20150142378 - 3-d scanning and positioning interface: A system and a method for providing an indication about positioning unreliability are described. The system comprises a scanner for scanning a surface geometry of an object and accumulating 3D points for each frame using shape-based positioning; a pose estimator for estimating an estimated pose for the scanner using the... Agent: Creaform Inc.

20150142379 - Method and apparatus for forcing the measurements of the angles of a triangle: A system, method and device for forcing the measurement of a triangle. The method includes computing angles A B C, BAC and ACB for a triangle ABC, determining the measurement of at least one of angles ABC, BAC and ACB in degrees, nudging the angles to ensure that measurements are... Agent:

20150142380 - Systems and methods for evaluating environmental aspects of shipping systems: According to various embodiments, package evaluation systems and methods are provided for evaluating the sustainability of packaging used in the shipment of goods. In particular, the package evaluation systems and methods are configured for performing package evaluations and managing and providing access to data resulting from package evaluations. The package... Agent:

20150142381 - Computer assisted ergonomic workstation designs and methods: Aspects of this invention include new measures of hip—torso posture and strength of the legs. These new measures are made using new tools. Measurement of hip-torso posture can be made using simple tools. One such tool can be applied to the hips, and indicates relative angle of the spine. Photographic... Agent:

20150142382 - Correction parameter calculation device, system, correction parameter calculation method, and computer program: Even if the propagation time interval of a sync signal is not constant, an accurate correction parameter is calculated, so that a corrected time point synchronized with a main clock device is obtained. A main transmission time point storage part stores respective main transmission time points at which a main... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150142383 - Radiation detector device and method: A radiation detector device is described comprising a detection module, a processing module, and a display module, wherein the detection module includes a detector adapted to detect incident radiation in spectroscopically resolved manner in plural separate energy bands; the processing module is adapted to process the spectroscopically resolved data numerically... Agent: Kromek Limited

20150142384 - Discriminative hidden kalman filters for classification of streaming sensor data in condition monitoring: A method for monitoring a condition of a system or process includes acquiring sensor data from a plurality of sensors disposed within the system (S41 and S44). The acquired sensor data is streamed in real-time to a computer system (S42 and S44). A discriminative framework is applied to the streaming... Agent:

20150142385 - Determination method, determination apparatus, and recording medium: A determination method includes obtaining, from a computer, history information of change time points indicating times at which processing for making a change to a program is executed; determining a predetermined time interval indicating an interval of the change time points; determining a first time period later than a latest... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150142386 - Function monitor: A function monitor for a system, such as an advanced driver assistance system, comprising a first function monitor element and a second function monitor element, said first function monitor element configured to receive and collate sensor data from a plurality of sensors associated with the system and send a function... Agent:

20150142387 - Device, method and system for logging smoking data: A system, a method, a device, and a computer program for detecting, monitoring and logging smoking activity related data. The device can comprise a housing, a power supply located within the housing, an atomizer electrically coupled to the power supply, a liquid solution fluidly coupled to the atomizer, and a... Agent:

20150142388 - Aircraft tire and runway interface friction map consolidation: In various embodiments, a method associating received coefficient of friction data to runway friction estimation map elements. Also, the method may include aggregating the received determined coefficient of friction data into a friction estimation map.... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20150142389 - Method and system of random-event-based count-rate adaptive normalization for pet detector efficiency: A method and apparatus for generating crystal efficiency correction factors by performing a normalization calibration based on delayed data. The method and apparatus obtain delayed data from a scan of a patient using a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner, generate a sinogram from the obtained delayed data, determine, using a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150142390 - Sensor system comprising a fusion filter for common signal processing: A sensor system includes a plurality of sensor elements and a signal processing device. The plurality of sensor elements detect at least in part different primary measurement variables and utilize at least in part different measurement principles. The signal processing device is configured to evaluate the sensor signals of the... Agent:

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