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Data processing: measuring, calibrating, or testing

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01/15/2015 > 40 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150019133 - Acoustic monitoring of block caving: Apparatus is provided featuring a signal processing module configured to receive signaling containing information about detected acoustic emissions related to ore being mined from a block cave in a block caving process, including falling ore that creates unique acoustic signatures; and determine information about the ore being mined from the... Agent:

20150019134 - Wellbore positioning system and method: A method and a system are provided for determining the relative positions of a wellbore and an object. The wellbore is represented by a first ellipse and the object is represented by a second ellipse. The first ellipse represents the positional uncertainty of the wellbore and the second ellipse represents... Agent: Bp Exploration Operating Company Limited

20150019137 - Bioinformation processing apparatus and signal processing method: Disclosed is a biological information processing apparatus and a signal processing method, wherein a biological signal comprising a first signal component having periodicity is generated, and a given frequency distribution is generated based on a second-order difference signal obtained by subjecting the biological signal to a second-order differencing operation, whereafter,... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150019139 - Metabolic monitoring, a method and apparatus for indicating a health-related condition of a subject: An apparatus for indicating a health-related condition of a subject has an input interface for receiving a sequence of samples of a first biological quantity derived by a first measurement method, the first measurement method being an invasive measurement and having a first impact on the subject, and for receiving... Agent:

20150019135 - Motion sensor and analysis: The performance of an individual is monitored based on measurements of a conformal sensor device. An example system includes a communication module to receive data indicative of a measurement of at least one sensor component of the conformal sensor device. The sensor component obtains measurement of acceleration data representative of... Agent: Mc10, Inc.

20150019138 - Systems and methods for determining ingredient amounts for preparations for administration to patients: Computer systems and non-transitory computer readable media for determining an amount of an ingredient for a preparation for a requested therapy (e.g., an order or a prescription) includes an identifier, volume, and amounts of first and second compounds in each of a plurality of premix solutions. A predefined formulary comprising... Agent: Baxter Corporation Englewood

20150019136 - Systems and methods for determining retinal ganglion cell populations and associated treatments: A new combined index of structure and function (CSFI) for staging and detecting glaucomatous damage is provided. An observational study including 333 glaucomatous eyes (295 with perimetric glaucoma and 38 with preperimetric glaucoma) and 330 eyes of healthy subjects is described. All eyes were tested with standard automated perimetry (SAP)... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150019140 - Dielectric spectroscopy methods and apparatus: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for correcting measurements received by applying a frequency-varying signal with a measuring device (e.g., a permittivity probe) to a population of living cells (e.g., contained in a bioreactor) and correcting measurement divergences using data acquired using an alternate analytical method (e.g., trypan blue exclusion). In... Agent: Bend Research, Inc.

20150019141 - System and method for controlling liquid chromatograph: Provided is a liquid chromatograph control system for controlling an operation of a liquid chromatograph according to a method file containing a plurality of analysis parameters representing configuration items which determine operational conditions of the liquid chromatograph, including: a) a display section for displaying, for each of the analysis parameters,... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20150019142 - Damage evaluation method and maintenance evaluation index decision method: A first measured value of a specific physical quantity at a target portion is correlated with a damage evaluation index to calculate a damage degree corresponding to the first measured value. The specific physical quantity is measured at least once at a position corresponding to the first measurement position in... Agent:

20150019143 - Methods and apparatus for estimating a condition of a seal of a rotary valve: Methods and apparatus for estimating a condition of a seal of a rotary valve are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a housing and a processor positioned within the housing. The processor is to determine a seal wearing cycle of a flow control member of a rotary valve, the seal wearing... Agent:

20150019144 - Method and system for applying a compressive preload: A method of validating a compressive axial preload on adjacent rotatable elements serially arranged around a shaft, created through application of a progressively increasing axial tension to a tensioning member configured to compress the elements when the axial tension is applied. The method includes monitoring a load in the tensioning... Agent:

20150019145 - Differential method for equitable allocation of hydrocarbon component yields using phase behavior process models: A method for equitable allocation of hydrocarbon component yields which uses the output of process modeling of the hydrocarbon processing system with the individual source streams commingled into a single inlet stream to create a differential value table which can be used to provide the allocation of output product to... Agent:

20150019146 - Sewer overflow discharge monitoring system and method: A method and a system for monitoring the performance of combined sewer overflow structures is described. The inventive system includes sensors for monitoring the level of sewage in the structure and the operation of valves. A data processing unit collects data and calculates the flow of an overflow event and/or... Agent:

20150019147 - Method and device for estimating damage to magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) elements: For first and second magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) elements, a trend in a relationship between an electrical characteristic of the first and second MTJ elements and an area of the first and second MTJ elements may be determined. Damage to a sidewall of the first and second MTJ elements may... Agent:

20150019148 - Intelligent electronic device with enhanced power quality monitoring and communication capabilities: An intelligent electronic device (IED) has enhanced power quality and communications capabilities. The power meter can perform energy analysis by waveform capture, detect transient on the front end voltage input channels and provide revenue measurements. The power meter splits and distributes the front end input channels into separate circuits for... Agent:

20150019149 - Real-time power distribution method and system for lithium battery and redox flow battery energy storage systems hybrid energy storage power station: The invention provides a lithium battery and redox flow battery energy storage systems hybrid energy storage power station real-time power distribution method and system. The system comprises a communication module, a data storage and management module, a gross power coordination control module and a real-time power distribution module. The said... Agent: Zhangjiakou Wind And Solar Power Energy Demonstra- Tion Station Co., Ltd., State Grid Xin Yuan Compa

20150019150 - Semiconductor module: e

20150019151 - Method of determining a calibration time interval for a calibration of a measurement device: A method of determining a calibration time interval for a calibration of a measurement device for measuring a quantity to be measured, which allows a safe optimization of calibration time intervals between consecutive calibrations. Performing a first calibration of the device at a first calibration time; adjusting, repairing or replacing... Agent:

20150019153 - Calibration of grab detection: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving real-time sensor data from N sensors on the computing device. The real-time sensor data corresponds to a transition in a physical state of the computing device caused by a user of the computing device. The method also includes applying a linear function to... Agent:

20150019152 - Error compensation in an angle sensor: Embodiments provide a method for determining sine or cosine correction values for an error compensation in an angle sensor. At least three pairs of values for at least three rotation angle values of an angle sensor are detected. Each pair of values includes a rotation angle value and an associated... Agent:

20150019154 - Field device and data processing method: A field device includes one or more processors configured to perform a first processing with reference to safety-critical data and a second processing with reference to safety-uncritical data which is less critical than the safety-critical data, wherein the one or more processors are configured to generate a first request for... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20150019155 - Phase correction to compensate for reflective distortions of optical spectra: Disclosed herein is a process and system to correct reflective distortions of an optical spectrum. In addition, a spectroscopy system that compensates for reflective distortions is disclosed.... Agent: Northeastern University

20150019156 - Multi-node synchronous on-site test method: A multi-node synchronous on-site test method, the method comprising: using GPS time as time reference, and conducting synchronous on-site tests on the devices to be tested and systems distributed at different places at an appointed time; controlling the synchronous phase control simulation devices distributed at multiple nodes via a synchronous... Agent: Jiangxi Electric Power Science Research Institute

20150019157 - Method for evaluating a measurement result of a thermal analysis, as well as use of the method, computer unit, computer program product and system for performing the method: A method for evaluating a measurement result of a thermal analysis. A program-controlled computer unit is used to calculate at least one probability of the agreement of the measurement result with at least one dataset previously stored in the computer unit, wherein this calculation is based on a comparison of... Agent:

20150019158 - Decelerating factor estimating device: A decelerating factor estimating device configured to estimate a decelerating factor of a vehicle includes a drive force acquiring unit configured to acquire a drive force of the vehicle; a vehicle speed acquiring unit configured to acquire a vehicle speed of the vehicle; an acceleration acquiring unit configured to acquire... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150019160 - Absolute distance laser interferometer: A device for absolute distance measurement includes a first tunable light source for emitting a first wavelength light of a first tunable frequency modulated by a first modulating frequency and a second light source for emitting a second wavelength light of a second frequency modulated by a second modulating frequency.... Agent: Attocube Systems Ag

20150019161 - Movement line information generation system, movement line information generation method and movement line information generation program: Even when lacking an accurate association between the trajectory and identification of a moving body, the association between trajectory and identification of the moving body is estimated and the ambiguity quantified. An identification information association unit associates an individual trajectory link included in a trajectory link candidate with likely moving... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150019159 - System and method for magnetometer calibration and compensation: A system comprises an inertial measurement unit comprising one or more gyroscopes configured to measure angular velocity about a respective one of three independent axes and one or more accelerometers configured to measure specific force along a respective one of the three independent axes; a magnetometer configured to measure strength... Agent:

20150019162 - Using spatial information with device interaction: The amount of resources needed for an electronic device to track and/or interact with a user is reduced by utilizing a predicted relative position of that user. In some embodiments, a full 360° scan is performed using at least one image capture element to locate a primary direction to a... Agent:

20150019163 - Orientation sensing computing devices: A computing device including orientation sensors is provided herein. The computing device includes a base and a lid pivotally attached to the base. The computing device also includes an orientation sensing system configured to determine an orientation of the base and the lid relative to an environment of the computing... Agent:

20150019164 - Normal detection method, normal detection device, and machining machine provided with normal detection function: A normal detection method for measuring the distance to a measurement subject using one or more distance detectors, and obtaining a normal vector (Vn) on the measured surface of the measurement subject from the obtained measurement result (L), wherein: within a three-dimensional space, the straight line linking a first measurement... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150019165 - Weight detection by tire pressure sensing: A system includes a set of tire pressure sensors for tires of a vehicle, a control module and a user interface. The control module is configured to receive tire pressure information from the tire pressure sensors and calculate a weight or a change in weight of the vehicle based on... Agent:

20150019167 - Apparatus and method for automatically examining milking machine: The present invention relates to an apparatus for automatically examining a milking machine, which can check an abnormality or damage to the milking machine in real time during a milking operation. The apparatus for automatically examining the milking machine (50), according to the present invention, comprises: a first vacuum sensor... Agent:

20150019168 - Led classification method, led classification device, and recording medium: An LED classification device classifies LEDs, the LEDs each including a combination of an LED element that emits a primary light and a phosphor that, upon excitation by the primary light, emits a secondary light having a longer wavelength than the primary light, the LEDs each emitting a combined light... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150019166 - Water damage mitigation management system and method: A water damage mitigation management server includes a transceiver, an electronic data storage, and a processor. The transceiver is operable to transmit and receive communications over at least a portion of a network. The processor is configured to receive and cause to be displayed chamber dimension data, water damage data,... Agent: Independent Mitigation And Cleaning/conservation Network, Inc.

20150019169 - Secure systems and methods for machine monitoring: A system includes a secure data interface system. The secure data interface system includes a one-way communications interface configured to communicatively couple to a monitoring and protection system to receive data transmitted by the monitoring and protection system, and a processor configured to derive at least one measurement based on... Agent:

20150019171 - Feature-quantity extracting apparatus: A feature-quantity extracting apparatus is provided, which can calculate a proper feature quantity, by performing a simple calculating operation. The apparatus is provided with a code-string acquiring unit for acquiring code strings for every given period from a series of input data, wherein the code string is an arrangement of... Agent:

20150019170 - Method and device for processing a time-dependent measurement signal: A monitoring device is arranged to receive a time-dependent measurement signal from a pressure sensor in a fluid containing system, which is associated with a first pulse generator and a second pulse generator. The pressure sensor is arranged in the fluid containing system to detect a first pulse originating from... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20150019172 - Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus: A magnetic resonance (MR) tomography aparatus has an array composed of a number n of single coils Ei to acquire reception signals Ii. The tomography apparatus is operated by a method that includes the following steps. For each single coil Ei, a processor determines, or is provided with, an individual... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

01/08/2015 > 35 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150012215 - Utility mapping and data distribution system and method: A system and method of mapping underground utilities and other subsurface objects involves one or more of acquiring utility location data using a number of different detectors and sensors, processing the multiple detector/sensor output data to produce mapping data, storing the mapping data in a database, and providing access to... Agent:

20150012216 - Apparatus and method for oil-based mud formation imaging using resonators: An oil-based mud formation imaging tool for measuring electrical properties of surrounding formation includes at least one base plate, a first port and a second port deployed on the base plate, surface conductors covering both sides of the base plate, and inside conductors deployed in the first port and the... Agent:

20150012217 - System and methods for measuring borehole caliper in oil-based mud: Systems and methods for estimating standoff and/or caliper in a wellbore for oil-based mud drilling are provided. The systems include a sensor having a primary electrode and at least two secondary electrodes, and an electronics subsystem having a controller and a processor for driving the system and correlating current measurements... Agent:

20150012218 - Method for near real time surface logging of a geothermal well, a hydrocarbon well, or a testing well using a mass spectrometer: A method for providing geological trends and real time mapping of a geological basin by forming a geochemical surface well log. The method provides in real time, information from a mass spectrometer on fluid samples from a wellbore, into a geochemical well log template using computer instructions to create a... Agent: Selman And Associates, Ltd.

20150012219 - System for near real time surface logging of a geothermal well, a hydrocarbon well, or a testing well using a mass spectrometer: A system for providing geological trends and real time mapping of a geological basin. The system provides in real time, information from a mass spectrometer on fluid samples from a wellbore, and forms a geochemical surface well log with graphical tracks. The system uses a dataset that includes geochemical, engineering,... Agent: Selman And Associates, Ltd.

20150012220 - Shear wave source for vsp and surface seismic exploration: Seismic shear-wave survey systems and methods that employ inclined borehole pairs with directional detonations. If the boreholes have substantially equal inclinations in opposite azimuthal directions, the resulting signal traces can be combined to isolate shear wave energy contributions, thereby offering potentially enhanced resolution and reduced-complexity interpretation. The boreholes may be... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150012221 - Full-wavefield inversion of primaries and multiples in marine environment: Method for using the full wavefield (primaries, internal multiples and free-surface multiples) in inversion of marine seismic data, including both pressure and vertical velocity data (21), to infer a subsurface model of acoustic velocity or other physical property. The marine seismic data are separated (22) into up-going (23) and down-going... Agent:

20150012225 - Inferring a state of a system over time: The present disclosure relates to a method, apparatus, system and computer program for inferring a system state over time. Biomedical measurement data is obtained, wherein the data relate to at least one indicator of a system of interest and includes at least two indicator values being indicative of the state... Agent: Teknologian Tutkimiskeskus Vtt

20150012222 - Method and system for analyzing noise in an electrophysiology study: A method for analyzing noise in an electronic signal monitoring study includes selecting a study signal for analysis, removing a study subject's physiological signal from the study signal, and performing a quantitative analysis on the study signal. A fingerprint of any noise present in the study signal is then created.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150012223 - Reminder, classification, and pattern identification systems and methods for handheld diabetes management devices: A method includes: measuring a blood glucose (bG) level in a blood sample; storing the bG level and a time of receipt of the blood sample; storing a classification of the blood sample; in response to the receipt of the blood sample, selecting a group of stored bG levels having... Agent:

20150012224 - System, method and computer-accessible medium for providing body-conforming animal bed, calibration cell and organ probability map for quantitative optical imaging of anatomical structures: Exemplary systems, methods and computer accessible mediums which can determine quantitative information of a tissue(s) can be provided, which can include receiving optical information regarding the tissue(s), and determining the quantitative information of the tissue(s), in real time and during the receipt of the optical information, using an atlas. The... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20150012227 - Analysis system, analysis device, and management device: An analysis system comprising: an analysis device that analyzes a sample using a reagent and that performs the analysis of the sample in accordance with a measurement parameter measured in relation to a reagent to be used; and a management device communicably connected to the analysis device via a network;... Agent:

20150012226 - Material classification using brdf slices: Material classification using illumination by spectral light from multiple different incident angles, coupled with measurement of light reflected from the illuminated object of unknown material, wherein the incident angle and/or spectral content of each light source is selected based on a mathematical clustering analysis of training data, so as to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20150012228 - Method for online measurement of a plasticizer in an endless filter rod and a device for producing an endless filter rod of the tobacco processing industry: A method for online measurement of a plasticizer in an endless filter rod, includes: measuring a resonance shift (A) and line broadening (B) with a microwave resonator at a passing endless filter rod, determining a mass per length of plasticizer from the measurement variables (A, B), measuring a reference mass... Agent: Tews Elektronik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150012229 - Sample analysis apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium and sample analysis method: In accordance with an embodiment, a sample analysis apparatus includes an electron beam source, first and second detection units, first and second signal processing units, an X-ray path calculation unit, an X-ray detection intensity calculation unit, and a data correction unit. The electron beam source generates and applies the electron... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150012230 - Method of measuring micro- and nano-scale properties: This invention is a novel methodology for precision metrology, sensing, and actuation at the micro- and nano-scale. It is well-suited for micro- and nano-scale because it leverages off the electromechanical benefits of the scale. The invention makes use of electrical measurands of micro- or nano-scale devices to measure and characterize... Agent:

20150012232 - Intelligent diagnostic system and method of use: A diagnostic system may utilize telemetry from a monitored system to infer information about the operation of various components systems within the monitored system. In embodiments, inferences may be drawn from a comparison of various component systems using a system of implication and exoneration. Exoneration is utilized to isolate faulty... Agent: Oceaneering International, Inc.

20150012231 - Interference detector for patient monitor: A system is disclosed for detecting and calculating the level of ambient and/or environmental noise, such as electromagnetic interference generated by electric power lines, ambient lights, light dimmers, television or computer displays, power supplies or transformers, and medical equipment. In some embodiments, the system performs frequency analysis on the interference... Agent:

20150012233 - Slave suitable for energy management systems and energy management system: The slave suitable for energy management systems in accordance with the present invention is a slave of an energy management system for collecting, from an energy meter for measuring an amount of electric energy supplied from a power source to a predetermined place through a distribution line, a meter-reading data... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150012234 - Digital magnetic compass compensation: e

20150012235 - Multi-axis tilt sensor for correcting gravitational effects on the measurement of pressure by a capacitance diaphragm gauge: A system and method compensate for effects of gravity on the diaphragm of a capacitance diaphragm gauge (CDG). The CDG generates a measured absolute pressure value in response to an applied absolute pressure on an input of the CDG. The CDG is subjected to a variable orientation of the CDG... Agent:

20150012236 - Method and system to tolerance test a component: A method and system of tolerance testing a component using data measurements from a single test setup within a test apparatus are described. The method includes receiving the data measurements obtained with the single test setup. The method also includes separating, at the processor, the data measurements from a relative... Agent:

20150012237 - Systems and methods for test time outlier detection and correction in integrated circuit testing: Methods and systems for semiconductor testing are disclosed. In one embodiment, devices which are testing too slowly are prevented from completing testing, thereby allowing untested devices to begin testing sooner.... Agent:

20150012238 - Method and device for determining test sets of operating parameter values for an electronic component: A method for determining test sets of operating parameter values for an electronic component, the method including: determining a first set of intermediate sets, each intermediate set containing a combination of a first number of operating parameters of the electronic component; determining a second set of reference sets, wherein the... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150012239 - Measurement apparatus and measurement method: In accordance with an embodiment, a measurement apparatus includes a stage to hold a substrate, an electromagnetic wave applying unit, a detector, and first and second calculation units. The electromagnetic wave applying unit generates electromagnetic waves and applies it to the substrate. The detector detects the electromagnetic waves scattered or... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150012240 - Motion analysis device: An inertial sensor is attached to a sporting gear held by the hand (for example, a golf club). A static state determination unit determines a static state of at least one of the sporting gear and a subject, using an output from the inertial sensor. A notification signal generation unit... Agent:

20150012241 - Adaptive automatic gain control apparatus and method for inertial sensor: Disclosed herein are an adaptive automatic gain control apparatus and method for an inertial sensor. The adaptive automatic gain control apparatus for an inertial sensor, includes: a displacement measuring unit measuring and outputting a driving displacement of the inertial sensor; and a controlling unit driving the inertial sensor using an... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150012242 - Planar motor rotor displacement measuring device and its measuring method: A planar motor rotor displacement measuring device and its measuring method are provided. The motor is a moving-coil type planar motor. The device comprises probes, two sets of sine sensors, two sets of cosine sensors, a signal lead wire and a signal processing circuit. The method is arranging two sets... Agent:

20150012243 - Semiconductor evaluation device and computer program: The present invention provides a semiconductor evaluation device for fabricating a suitable reference pattern utilized in comparison tests. The semiconductor evaluation device and computer program extract a process window in a more accurate range based on a two-dimensional evaluation of the pattern. In order to achieve the above described objects,... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20150012244 - Range finding device and range finding method: A range finding device includes: a light projecting unit having an irradiation domain extending in a horizontal direction, and configured to project intensity-modulated irradiation light; an image capturing unit configured to capture an image of an object irradiated with the irradiation light; a light projection controller configured to control an... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. A Japanese Corporation

20150012245 - Measurement apparatus and method: A computer implemented method of determining the surface shape of an aspheric object using a metrological apparatus includes positioning the object on a support surface of a turntable so that an axis of the object is tilted with respect to the axis of rotation of the turntable; using a measurement... Agent: Taylor Hobson Limited

20150012246 - Thickness measuring apparatus and thickness measuring method: Provided are a thickness measuring apparatus and a thickness measuring method. The thickness measuring method includes irradiating first laser beam of a first wavelength λ1 to a transparent substrate and measuring intensity of first laser beam transmitting the transparent substrate; irradiating second laser beam of a second wavelength λ2 to... Agent:

20150012247 - Analysis of periodic information in a signal: A “periodic signal parameter” (PSP) indicates periodic patterns in an autocorrelated vibration waveform and potential faults in a monitored machine. The PSP is calculated based on statistical measures derived from an autocorrelation waveform and characteristics of an associated vibration waveform. The PSP provides an indication of periodicity and a generalization... Agent: Csi Technology, Inc.

20150012248 - Selecting feature types to extract based on pre-classification of sensor measurements: A processing apparatus including one or more processors and memory receives sensor measurements generated by one or more sensors of one or more devices, pre-classifies the sensor measurements as belonging to one of a plurality of pre-classifications, and selects one or more feature types to extract from the sensor measurements... Agent:

20150012249 - Minute signal detection method and system: In an environment in which signal-to-noise is poor, a method and a system configuration for power-saving, low-cost, and general minute signal detection are provided. The system includes a circuit that converts and amplifies an input signal, a nonlinear analog front-end circuit that determines the existence of a minute signal from... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 37 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150006079 - Method and system for displaying weather information on a timeline: Provided are methods, devices, and non-transitory computer readable storage mediums to generate a weather timeline such as a succession of weather information on a continuous time scale. For example, a timeline may include first weather information associated with a first time in a first territorial location, second weather information associated... Agent: Sky Motion Research, Ulc

20150006080 - Solar power generation estimation system, device, and method: The power generation amount of a PV device is estimated by multiple light receiving devices, which are dispersed in a predetermined area and each of which outputs a receive light signal corresponding to the amount of received light, and by an estimation device connected to the multiple light receiving devices... Agent:

20150006081 - Adaptive time-lapse sub-surface electrical resistivity monitoring: A computer-based method includes receiving a first data set of electrical resistivity measurements from a plurality of electrodes arranged to measure electrical resistivity in or around a subsurface area of interest using a first set of acquisition parameters, processing, with one or more computer-based processors, the first data set of... Agent:

20150006082 - Method and apparatus for microseismic attribute mapping for stimulated reservoir volume evaluation: A method for estimating a volume of a stimulated reservoir includes receiving a seismic signal from each microseismic event in a plurality of microseismic events in an earth formation by an array of seismic receivers. The method further includes representing each microseismic event by a plurality of markers in the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150006083 - System and method for remaining resource mapping: A method for mapping remaining hydrocarbon resources in a subsurface reservoir, includes obtaining a map of seismic amplitude difference over a time period based on a survey of the subsurface reservoir, generating an expected trend dataset for the reservoir based on one or more non-water saturation effects detected over the... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150006084 - Method for characterization of hydrocarbon reservoirs: A methodology that performs fluid sampling within a wellbore traversing a reservoir and fluid analysis on the fluid sample(s) to determine properties (including asphaltene concentration) of the fluid sample(s). At least one model is used to predict asphaltene concentration as a function of location in the reservoir. The predicted asphaltene... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150006085 - Predicting multiples in survey data: Data representing a first multiple is predicted, based on first survey data for a target structure, using a multidimensional model of a layer in which the first multiple occurs. Modified survey data is produced by performing a subtraction of the predicted data representing the first multiple from the first survey... Agent:

20150006087 - Analyte meter with operational range configuration technique: Described are techniques governing the glycemic ranges that are applied and governed in the meter so the user is not required to understand or know the editing rules in order to use or set up the meter. These guiding principles will come into effect each time the user chooses to... Agent: Lifescan, Inc.

20150006089 - Devices, systems, and methods for diagnostic testing: Described are devices, systems, and methods for performing diagnostic tests. The disclosed diagnostic devices are capable of performing analytic tests and communicating with a portable multifunctional device (PMD) or other computing device. Through input and manipulation of materials within the diagnostic device, a large range of tests may be performed.... Agent:

20150006088 - Method and system to predict physiologic and clinical status changes: A clinical decision support system (16) monitors one or more patients. The system (16) includes one or more processors (84) programmed to receive patient data for the patients. For each patient, one or more monitoring rules are selected from a plurality of monitoring rules based on patient data availability and/or... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150006086 - Personal compatibility using hla: Processing personal compatibility matches includes a computer system receiving input of a first allele group determined to be present in a first person and a second allele group determined to be present in a second person. The first allele group and the second allele group are members of a set... Agent:

20150006090 - String sequencing with multiple search stages: A sequencing application implements a multi-stage search technique in order to identify locations where a sequence of elements occurs within a much longer reference sequence of elements. The sequencing application breaks the sequence of elements into multiple, possibly overlapping seeds, used to determine all potential occurrences of the sequence in... Agent:

20150006091 - System and method for filtering noise from acoustic energy from a valve: Embodiments of systems and methods that can filter acoustic energy from sources remote from the valve. These embodiments utilize signals from sensors that manifest acoustic energy from various locations on and/or about the valves. In one embodiment, the system includes sensors at locations proximate the valve and locations spaced apart... Agent:

20150006092 - Device and method for determining the mass-flow of a fluid: A device for determining the mass flow of a fluid includes a line for conducting the fluid in a flow direction to a contact with a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger has a surface temperature which is constant in the flow direction. The device also includes a first temperature measuring... Agent: Karlsruher Institut Fuer Technologie

20150006093 - Method and device for predicting the lifetime of an x-ray generator: In order to predict the lifetime of an X-ray generator, the data of at least one physical variable which influences the lifetime of the generator are regularly stored. The stored data are evaluated by means of stored statistics in order to determine the expected remaining lifetime of the X-ray generator.... Agent:

20150006094 - Inverter with extended endurance memory: In accordance with the present disclosure there is methods of extending an expected lifetime of an inverter comprising a non-volatile (NV) memory and a high endurance memory by obtaining one or more measurements of the inverter and storing the one or more measurements to a high endurance memory of the... Agent:

20150006095 - Element resistance measurement in an electricity meter: A method measures a resistance of an element that is operably coupled to receive an AC line voltage. The method includes obtaining a first voltage measurement value V1A from a first side of the element at a first time, and obtaining a second voltage measurement value V2A from a second... Agent:

20150006096 - System and method for estimating a periodic signal: In accordance with an embodiment, a method of reconstructing a periodic signal includes receiving random electronic samples of the periodic signal from a sensing circuit, sorting, by a processor, the electronic samples in a sequential order to form ordered samples, and estimating, by the processor, a shape of the periodic... Agent:

20150006097 - Calculated electrical performance metrics for process monitoring and yield management: Methods and systems of process control and yield management for semiconductor device manufacturing based on predictions of final device performance are presented herein. Estimated device performance metric values are calculated based on one or more device performance models that link parameter values capable of measurement during process to final device... Agent:

20150006098 - Method and apparatus for manufacturing radiation intensity bolus: Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for manufacturing a radiation intensity bolus. The method comprises the steps of: (a) calculating, by a radiotherapy treatment planning unit, a received 3D radiation dose distribution, planning a bolus to be manufactured, and outputting radiation intensity modulation information; (b) receiving, by a bolus... Agent: Samsung Life Public Welfare Foundation

20150006099 - Detecting mount angle of mobile device in vehicle using motion sensors: Motion sensors of a mobile device mounted to a vehicle are used to detect a mount angle of the mobile device. The motion sensors are used to determine whether the vehicle is accelerating or de-accelerating, whether the vehicle is turning and whether the mount angle of the mobile device is... Agent:

20150006100 - Enhancing geolocation using barometric data to determine floors at a location: Aspects of the present disclosure provide techniques for determining floors at a geographic location using barometric air pressure sensors in a mobile phone. An exemplary method includes identifying a first height associated with a location based on a client device. The first height indicates an entry level of the client... Agent:

20150006101 - Server and test method: A test method includes the following. Set a plurality of test schedules in response to an input operation of a user, and store the set test schedules in a storage unit in sequence. Obtain a test schedule from the storage unit in sequence, and control the execution of a test... Agent:

20150006102 - Test pattern generation device, fault detection system, test pattern generation method, program and recording medium: A test pattern generation device for generating a new test pattern keeping the feature of original test patterns. The test pattern generation device includes a logic value generation unit for generating a new logic value by referring given logic values of a first bit, a second bit and a third... Agent:

20150006103 - Method, computer system and apparatus for recipe generation for automated inspection semiconductor devices: A method, a computer system and an apparatus are disclosed for inspection recipe generation for the automated inspection of semiconductor devices. In order to generate the inspection recipe a reference data set is used. Automatic inspection is carried out with an initial recipe on images of dies of the reference... Agent:

20150006104 - Wheel position detecting device and tire pressure detecting apparatus having the same: In a wheel position detecting device, a receiver acquires gear information indicating a tooth position of a gear rotating in association with a corresponding wheel at a predetermined interval. In a wheel position detection, the receiver sets a variation allowance range based on the tooth position at a reception timing... Agent:

20150006106 - Optical sensor: Three light emitting elements and one light receiving element are provided on a surface of a substrate. An arithmetic processing portion of a signal processing circuit separates three reflected light signals from a light detection signal from the light receiving element. The arithmetic processing portion calculates a square sum of... Agent:

20150006105 - Prediction of a focal plane with progressive through-focus scans: A method for operating a scanning microscope system. The optimal number of required through-focus scans, that is required to predict the position of a focal plane of the objective with respect to the object to produce the image with minimized blur, is not pre-determined but rather defined iteratively in real-time,... Agent:

20150006107 - Optical measurement device and optical measurement method: In a first optical measurement device, light which is output from a light source is subject to linear polarizing in a polarizing unit, and is input to a test object A. Transmitted light which has passed through the test object A is orthogonally separated in an orthogonal separation unit, and... Agent:

20150006108 - Process condition sensing wafer and data analysis system: A measuring device incorporating a substrate with sensors that measure the processing conditions that a wafer may undergo during manufacturing. The substrate can be inserted into a processing chamber by a robot head and the measuring device can transmit the conditions in real time or store the conditions for subsequent... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20150006109 - Method and device for determining elapsed sensor life: Methods and systems for determining elapsed sensor life in medical systems, and more specifically continuous analyte monitoring systems.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20150006113 - Method and device for estimating light scattering: A method and device for estimating the quantity of light received by an element of at least a participating medium belonging to a light ray crossing the at least a participating medium and having as origin a light source. As to optimize the estimation and the rendering of the at... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150006112 - Method of consumer/producer raw material selection: A system, method and computer program product for determining whether a material meets an alpha particle emissivity specification that includes measuring a background alpha particle emissivity for the counter and measuring a combined alpha particle emissivity from the counter containing a sample of the material. The combined alpha particle emissivity... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150006114 - System and method for image processing with highly undersampled imaging data: A system and method for processing highly undersampled multi-echo spin-echo data by linearizing the slice-resolved extended phase graph model generates highly accurate T2 maps with indirect echo compensation. Principal components are used to linearize the signal model to estimate the T2 decay curves which can be fitted to the slice-resolved... Agent:

20150006110 - System and method for incident detection with spatiotemporal thresholds estimated via nonparametric quantile regression: Systems and methods for incident detection are provided. A system for incident detection comprises a network including at least one detector for detecting events in the network, a detection module capable of processing data from the at least one detector, and a calibration module capable of calibrating a plurality of... Agent:

20150006111 - System and method for incident detection with spatiotemporal thresholds estimated via nonparametric quantile regression: Systems and methods for incident detection are provided. A system for incident detection comprises a network including at least one detector for detecting events in the network, a detection module capable of processing data from the at least one detector, and a calibration module capable of calibrating a plurality of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150006115 - Apparatus, system, and method for sensor authentication: A method includes receiving an output signal from a sensor, recovering a noise signal from the output signal, comparing the noise signal with a stored baseline noise signature, and reporting authentication of the sensor if the comparison is within a pre-determined error limit. A sensor authentication apparatus, comprises a processor... Agent:

12/25/2014 > 45 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140379262 - Method of quantifying hydrothermal impact: Methods for quantifying a hydrothermal impact on a stratigraphic unit are disclosed herein. In particular, the described methods may be used to quantify hydrothermal anomalies of a stratigraphic unit of a geological reservoir, where porosity reduction in the stratigraphic unit would have been accelerated some point or points in the... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140379263 - Large droplet detection by statistical fluctuations in lidar backscatter: A method of optically detecting the presence of a bimodal droplet size distribution in the atmosphere. The method comprising monitoring statistical fluctuations in a backscattered signal received from a series of pulsed laser light beams directed into a cloud and analyzing the statistics of the fluctuations of the backscattered signals... Agent:

20140379264 - Method and system for combining localized weather forecasting and itinerary planning: Provided are methods, devices, and non-transitory computer-readable storage mediums to generate an itinerary with a weather forecast. The itinerary may comprise a departure location, a destination location and a first time. Based on the itinerary, an intermediary location and an intermediary time associated with the intermediary location may be identified.... Agent: Sky Motion Research, Ulc

20140379265 - Real-time method for determining the porosity and water saturation of an underground formation using gas and mud logging data: o

20140379266 - Processing survey data containing ghost data: Input survey data containing ghost data is processed, the ghost data containing data caused by a reflection from an interface, and the processing including performing full wave propagation. An output is produced in response to the processing.... Agent:

20140379274 - Biological sample measurement device: A biological sample measurement device comprising a main body case including a sensor mounting component; a measurement component including an input side; a controller connected to the measurement component, the controller including a measurement preparation mode and a measurement mode, the controller configured to determine whether there is an abnormality... Agent:

20140379275 - Biometric monitoring device having a body weight sensor, and methods of operating same: A system comprising a biometric monitoring device including a housing including a platform to receive at least one foot of the user, a body weight sensor to generate body weight data, processing circuitry to calculate user weight data which corresponds to the user's weight, using the body weight data, and... Agent:

20140379267 - Gastric emptying breath tests: A breath test and a breath test method for diagnosing abnormal gastric emptying using a 13C labeled breath test meal by identifying the time of maximum excretion of 13CO2 in the breath samples. The test and test method include supplying a subject with the breath test meal, collecting a breath... Agent:

20140379272 - Life analysis system and process for predicting and forecasting life events: A process for predicting and forecasting life events and a system that performs a life analysis of a person and predicts life events, milestones, and other life paths are disclosed. Predictability and intelligent forecasting of life statuses, milestones, and achievements are provided through a unique combination of algorithms, heuristic rules,... Agent:

20140379268 - Method and device for preoperatively predicting a postoperative horizontal depth of an intraocular lens in an eye: The present application relates to a method and a device for preoperatively predicting a postoperative horizontal depth of an intraocular lens in a patient's eye. Parameter values are provided, said parameters including a first parameter as the depth of an anterior chamber of human eyes, a second parameter as a... Agent: Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag

20140379271 - System and method for aligning genome sequence: A system and method for aligning a genome sequence are provided. The system for aligning a genome sequence includes a seed generation unit configured to generate a plurality of seeds from an input read, a filtering unit configured to map the generated seeds to a reference sequence and select target... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20140379270 - System and method for aligning genome sequence considering mismatch: A system and method for aligning a genome sequence considering mismatches are provided. The system for aligning a genome sequence includes an error bound calculation unit configured to calculate an error bound of a read according to a length of the input read, a comparison unit configured to calculate an... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20140379273 - System for improved interpretation of physiological data and presentation of physiological condition management information: Systems, devices and methods for managing a physiological condition are configured to store predetermined output segments of content, analyze physiological data and other user information, and generate user-friendly information that provides an interpretation of the data (e.g., identifies selected data points, or determines pattern of physiological data over selected period(s)).... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20140379269 - Systems, methods and apparatus for determining a fractional flow reserve: In one aspect, the invention relates to system comprising: a processor configured to receive a first optical coherence tomography (OCT) data set obtained during a pullback of a data collection probe along a first length of a first blood vessel; determine a minimum lumen area disposed along the first length... Agent: Lightlab Imaging, Inc.

20140379276 - Method for calculating nitrogen concentration in silicon single crystal and method for calculating resistivity shift amount: A method for calculating a nitrogen concentration in a silicon single crystal doped with nitrogen, wherein the correlation among a carrier concentration difference Δ[n] obtained from a difference between resistivity after heat treatment by which an oxygen donor is eliminated and resistivity after heat treatment by which a nitrogen-oxygen donor... Agent: Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

20140379277 - Quantification of impurities for release testing of peptide products: The present invention relates to a method for the quantitative determination of an impurity present in a peptide product, wherein the impurity cannot be separated from other impurities or the main product. The method particularly involves the use of high resolution mass spectrometry (MS) detection with or without high performance... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140379278 - Apparatus and methods of spectral searching using wavelet transform coefficients: Apparatus and methods of spectral searching that employ wavelet coefficients as the basis for the searching. The disclosed apparatus and methods employ a wavelet lifting scheme to transform spectroscopic data corresponding to an unknown pure material/mixture to a vector of wavelet coefficients, compare the wavelet coefficient vector for the unknown... Agent:

20140379279 - Method of processing spectrometric data: A method of characterising a sample from spectrometric data using calculation of spectral distance values is disclosed, for use in the field of mass spectrometry. Molecular formula assignment of peaks in mass spectral data is difficult and time-consuming, and the invention provides a computer implemented method of finding a most... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific (bremen) Gmbh

20140379280 - Remaining life assessment method for heat-resisting steel member: A remaining life assessment method for a heat-resisting steel member to be used under a high temperature includes the steps of: determining a hardness of each of a simply heated material and a damaged portion from creep rupture tests and creep interruption tests of a heat-resisting steel material constituting the... Agent:

20140379281 - Measurement model optimization based on parameter variations across a wafer: An optimized measurement model is determined based a model of parameter variations across a semiconductor wafer. A global, cross-wafer model characterizes a structural parameter as a function of location on the wafer. A measurement model is optimized by constraining the measurement model with the cross-wafer model of process variations. In... Agent:

20140379282 - Method and apparatus for measuring bowing of single-crystal substrate: At least two values of an X-ray irradiation width are set for a single specimen. A rocking curve is measured for each of the X-ray irradiation widths. A rocking curve width value is determined for each of the rocking curves. The values of the X-ray irradiation width and the values... Agent: Rigaku Corporation

20140379283 - Electric arc detection method and device:

20140379284 - System and method for calculating total available energy from vehicle battery: A system and method for calculating available energy of a battery is provided and the system includes a controller configured to receive State-Of-Charge (SOC) of the battery as an input and output an Open-Circuit Voltage (OCV) of the battery. In addition, a value of available energy is stored in a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140379285 - Systems and methods for remotely determining a battery characteristic: Included are embodiments for remotely determining a battery characteristic. Some embodiments include searching for a first wireless signal that identifies the energy storage device and, in response to receiving the first wireless signal, determining a current charge level of the energy storage device. Some embodiments include receiving a second wireless... Agent: The Gillette Company

20140379286 - Method for estimating pcb radiated emissions: A method for estimating PCB radiated emissions includes providing a BCI probe and a vector network analyzer; performing a calibration step; performing a measurement step; and performing an estimation step. A transfer impedance of the BCI probe is measured via a clamping device in the procedure of performing a calibration... Agent: National Sun Yat-sen University

20140379287 - Method of capacitive measurement by non-regular electrodes, and apparatus implementing such a method: A method is provided for absolute capacitive measurement of an object relative to at least two hide—pendent electrodes integrated into a man-machine interface device for detecting the object. The method includes: a) for each electrode, a value of absolute capacitance between the electrode and the object is measured, a′) a... Agent:

20140379288 - Characterization and validation of processor links: A processor link that couples a first processor and a second processor is selected for validation and a plurality of communication parameter settings associated with the first and the second processors is identified. The first and the second processors are successively configured with each of the communication parameter settings. One... Agent:

20140379289 - Particle size distribution measuring apparatus: In order to reduce a calculation time of a particle size distribution, a particle size distribution measuring apparatus includes: a light source for irradiating light to particles to be measured; a plurality of photodetectors for detecting light intensities of diffracted/scattered lights caused by the irradiation of the light; and an... Agent:

20140379290 - Method and system for deteremining ambient temperature of an electronic device: A method for determining the ambient temperature of an electronic device, the device comprising heat-generating components (102) and a temperature sensor (105) positioned within a common casing (101), the method comprising the steps of: in an environment with a controlled ambient temperature: determining (307) a device-specific coefficient of power dissipation... Agent:

20140379291 - Wheel position detector and tire inflation pressure detector having the same: In a wheel position detector for a vehicle, a transmitter on each wheel repeatedly transmits a data frame containing identification information when an angle of the transmitter reaches a transmission angle. A receiver for receiving the frame is mounted on a body of a vehicle and performs wheel position detection... Agent:

20140379292 - Information processing system and method: An information processing system includes a sensor node and a server. The sensor node obtains acceleration data and transmits the data to the server. The server obtains and records the number of zero crossings from the acceleration data. The server obtains and records the frequency distribution of the number of... Agent: Hitachi Ltd.

20140379293 - Motion analysis method and motion analysis device: A motion analysis device includes a calculation unit which specifies a first imaginary plane, that is, a shaft plane formed by a first line segment representing a direction in which a shaft part of a sporting gear in a static posture extends and a second line segment representing a ball... Agent:

20140379294 - Motion analysis method and motion analysis device: A motion analysis method includes calculating a change in an amount of inertia of a region attached with an inertial sensor during a swing using an output of the inertial sensor, and identifying a maximum value of the amount of inertia during the swing to compare the maximum value and... Agent:

20140379295 - Motion analysis device: In a motion analysis device, a first detection section detects a first state of a shaft portion of sporting equipment using an output of an inertial sensor. The first state corresponds to, for example, a resting state. A second detection section detects a second state of the shaft portion of... Agent:

20140379296 - Method of tracking moveable objects by combining data obtained from multiple sensor types: Method of tracking moveable objects (typically tagged objects that are moved by actors e.g. people, vehicles) by combining and analyzing data obtained from multiple types of sensors, such as video cameras, RFID tag readers, GPS sensors, and WiFi transceivers. Objects may be tagged by RFID tags, NFC tags, bar codes,... Agent:

20140379297 - Accompaniment determination apparatus, accompaniment determination method, and computer readable storage medium: An accompaniment determination apparatus includes a sensor information receiver configured to receive from sensors worn by two or more users sensor information that associates observation information acquired by the sensors with time point information indicating a time point at which the observation information is acquired, a similarity information calculation unit... Agent:

20140379300 - Pump efficiency determining system and related method for determining pump efficiency: A system for measuring real time efficiency/performance of at least one pump in a plant or other facility includes a plurality of monitoring devices disposed in relation to said at least one pump to measure power usage, pump speed and flow characteristics of the at least one pump. A processing... Agent: Ghd Pty Ltd

20140379299 - System and a method to detect hydrogen leakage using nano-crystallized palladium gratings: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a system and method to detect hydrogen leakage. The system uses a fluid sensing apparatus (104), a light source (120) and a photo detector (122). The nano-crystallized palladium gratings (118) are used as sensors which expand sensitively upon exposure to the hydrogen (H2).... Agent: Jawaharlal Nehru Centre For Advanced Scientific Research

20140379298 - Systems and methods for monitoring energy usage via thermostat-centered approaches and deriving building climate analytics: A system and methods for capturing the time and temperature at which a thermostat(s) in a home turns on and turns off, and then analyzing those times and temperatures at particular granularities to identify improvements in energy usage. These time and temperature data points are some of the information needed... Agent:

20140379302 - Apparatus and method for controlling water quality sensor faults: In a method for controlling water quality sensor faults by receiving sensing data reported from one or more water quality sensors in an apparatus for controlling water quality sensor faults, the method includes: detecting an outlier value in sensing data reported from the one or more water quality sensors; and... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140379301 - Systems and methods for data-driven anomaly detection: The technique relates to a system and method for data-driven anomaly detection. This technique involves identifying region of interest from the data based on dimensionality reduction technique and change point detection algorithm. A reference data can be obtained separately or can be obtained from the test data also, wherein the... Agent: Infosys Limited

20140379303 - Identifying utility resource diversion: Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with analyzing utility data to identify diversion of a utility resource within a distribution system of a utility provider are described. In one embodiment, a method includes analyzing, by at least a processor of a computer, the utility data based, at least in part,... Agent:

20140379304 - Extracting timing and strength of each of a plurality of signals comprising an overall blast, impulse or other energy burst: A method for extracting data from an overall signal, generated by a plurality of impulses, by use of a computer using wavelet transform analysis of timing and strength of each of said plurality of impulses is disclosed. The method includes using a Discrete Wavelet Transform analysis or a Continuous Wavelet... Agent:

20140379305 - Occupancy sensor with improved functionality: An occupancy sensor detects the occupancy state of a monitored area. The occupancy sensor may be mounted in a standard junction box at various angles and one or more of the ultrasonic sensors may be disabled. The occupancy sensor includes a PIR sensor and one or more ultrasonic sensors. The... Agent:

20140379306 - Spectral data processing apparatus, spectral data processing method, and recording medium: A spectral data processing apparatus includes an analyzer configured to perform principal component analysis of spectral data acquired for each of a plurality of regions of a sample, wherein the analyzer obtains an eigenvector by performing the principal component analysis of first spectral data of a first region out of... Agent:

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