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Data processing: measuring, calibrating, or testing

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11/13/2014 > 57 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140336934 - Ensemble wind power forecasting platform system and operational method thereof: The present invention relates to an ensemble wind power forecasting platform system and the operational method thereof. According to the present invention, a great amount of wind energy predictions from multiple sources, including numerical weather prediction information, multi-grid prediction information, and multiple wind-energy predicting methods, are integrated and processed for... Agent: Atomic Energy Council - Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research

20140336935 - Methods and systems for detecting weather conditions using vehicle onboard sensors: Example methods and systems for detecting weather conditions using vehicle onboard sensors are provided. An example method includes receiving laser data collected for an environment of a vehicle, and the laser data includes a plurality of laser data points. The method also includes associating, by a computing device, laser data... Agent: Google Inc.

20140336937 - Downhole mapping system: A downhole mapping system (100) for identifying completion components (33) having an inner surface (74) in a casing in a completion, comprising:—a magnetic sensor tool (1) having a longitudinal tool axis and comprising:—a detecting unit (2) comprising:—a first magnet (4) for generating a magnetic field, and—a first sensor (5) arranged... Agent:

20140336936 - Sourceless density measurements with neutron induced gamma normalization: Methods, systems, devices, and products for estimating at least one parameter of interest of a volume of an earth formation, including density, porosity, and fluid saturation of the volume. Methods may include normalizing radiation information relating to radiation emissions from a spatially distributed nuclear source and indicative of a property... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140336938 - Methodology for presenting dumpflood data: A non-transitory computer-readable medium includes computer-executable instructions for presenting dumpflood data to a user by implementing steps on a computer. The steps include: receiving first data describing a first subsurface volume; receiving second data describing a second subsurface volume that is deeper than the first subsurface volume; calculating pressures required... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140336940 - Estimation of q-factor in time domain: A method can include receiving seismic traces associated with a geologic environment; determining time domain stretch values for individual wavelets in at least a portion of the seismic traces with respect to a spatial dimension of the geologic environment; and estimating at least one Q-factor value for at least a... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140336939 - Use of vector rotational measurements and vector pressure gradient measurements to enhance spatial sampling of dual-sensor water bottom seismic data: Disclosed herein are various embodiments of a method and apparatus to enhance spatial sampling in all nominally horizontal directions for Dual-Sensor seismic data at the bottom of a body of water such as the ocean. The sensor apparatus on the water bottom is comprised of sensing elements for linear particle... Agent:

20140336942 - Analyzing high dimensional single cell data using the t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding algorithm: A method for mapping, graphing, and analyzing high-dimensional single cell data based on multiple parameters associated with the cell, including defining a point associated with the cell in a n-dimensional space; combining the point with other points associated with other cells to form a data set; representing the points in... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140336945 - Gene signature for the prediction of radiation therapy response: Described are mathematical models and method, e.g., computer-implemented methods, for predicting tumor sensitivity to radiation therapy, which can be used, e.g., for selecting a treatment for a subject who has a tumor.... Agent:

20140336944 - Information processing apparatus, motion identifying method, and recording medium: The present invention is concerning an information processing apparatus includes a record-information storage unit, a determining unit, a measuring unit, and an identifying unit. The record-information storage unit stores therein an already-identified person's motion together with time. The determining unit determines possible motions that a person can make from the... Agent:

20140336947 - Method and device for mobile training data acquisition and analysis of strength training: The invention relates to the field of mobile training data acquisition in sport, particularly in strength training, body building, fitness sports and rehabilitation, as well as the analysis of said training data. The invention involves a method and a mobile device (1) for precise acquisition of multiple training data. The... Agent:

20140336946 - Method and system for obtaining cycle of physiological signal: The present disclosure provides a method and a system for obtaining a cycle of a physiological signal. The method includes: receiving a physiological signal value and a register value, comparing the physiological signal value with the register value, and reserving one of the physiological signal value and the register value;... Agent:

20140336941 - System and method for aligning genome sequence in consideration of read quality: Provided are a system and/or apparatus, and a method, for aligning a genome sequence. The system and/or apparatus includes a corrector configured to correct quality of input reads, a seed generator configured to generate one or more seeds from the corrected reads, and an aligner configured to perform a global... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20140336948 - System and method for improving signal to noise ratio for high frequency signal component: An apparatus and method for improving signal to noise ratio of a physiological signal is provided. At least one sensor senses the analog data signal, the analog data signal having a first component including ECG data and a second component including ancillary data. A converter is coupled to the at... Agent: Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.

20140336943 - System and method for managing genomic testing results: Various embodiments provide interfaces to access genomic testing information and incorporate it into daily physician practice. In some embodiments, presentation of genomic alteration data is simplified and/or coupled with contextual applications. Volumes of genomic alterations and associated information (e.g., journal articles, clinical trial information, therapies, etc.) are analyzed and synthesized... Agent: Foundation Medicine, Inc.

20140336950 - Clustering copy-number values for segments of genomic data: Clustering methods are disclosed including a hidden Markov model (HMM) based clustering algorithm having particular applicability for identifying tumor subtypes using array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) DNA copy number data. In one embodiment, clusters of tumor samples are modeled with a mixture of HMMs where each HMM fits a cluster... Agent: Univerisity Of South Dakota

20140336949 - Method, apparatus, and kit for analyzing genes: The conventional DNA sequencers for analyzing nucleotide sequences have no function of detecting minute polymorphisms. Any cross talk in the wavelengths of fluorescent substances for labeled DNA fragments hinders detection of weak-strength signals at the same coordinates, making it difficult to detect genetic mutations with small existence ratios, for example,... Agent:

20140336951 - Identification of related peptides for mass spectrometry processing: A method of identifying a related peak set from MS1 spectra data is provided. An intensity peak is selected from MS1 spectra data generated for a sample by a tandem mass spectrometer. A peak location is identified for the selected intensity peak. An intensity score is calculated from the MS1... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140336952 - Gas discriminating semiconductor sensors: Sensing particular gases in a mixture uses precise modulated heating. Sensor relative responses are compared at different temperatures and compared with known relative responses to identify gases and concentrations. Heater current sensors provide feedback control and microprocessor inputs. A processor controls complex impedances and varied frequencies in the sensors. Sensor... Agent:

20140336953 - Method to quantify emission rates in atmospheric plumes: A new method of making sky-LOSA measurements (Line-Of-Sight Attenuation measurements of sky-light) of soot mass flux in atmospheric plumes has been developed which enables accurate measurements in the presence of in-scattered light from the sky and sun.... Agent: National Research Council Of Canada

20140336954 - Calculating fatigue and fatigue failure of structures: The durability performance of a structure is virtually predicted, enabling the optimization of the durability performance. In a first act, the structure is modeled by a series of calculation points. Then, for each point, the stresses and strains brought by load cycles and defining hysteresis branches are determined. Then, an... Agent:

20140336955 - Electronic torque tool with integrated real-time clock: Real-time clock circuitry integrated in an electronic torque tool facilitates time-stamping of torque data acquired by the electronic torque tool. The time stamped torque data may be displayed on a display integrated in the electronic torque tool or may be communicated to an external device. The real-time clock circuitry may... Agent: Snap-on Incorporated

20140336956 - Method and processing system of sensed ionization current data for real time estimation of combustion chamber pressure in a spark ignition engine: The pressure in the combustion chamber of an electronically controlled spark plug ignition engine may be estimated in real time mode without specific sensors by processing sensed ionization current data to calculate features of the current waveform proven to be correlated to the pressure inside the engine cylinders and correlating... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140336957 - Method for calibration-free scanned-wavelength modulation spectroscopy for gas sensing: A method of calibration-free scanned-wavelength modulation spectroscopy (WMS) absorption sensing is provided by obtaining absorption lineshape measurements of a gas sample on a sensor using 1/-normalized WMS-2/j where an injection current to an injection current-tunable diode laser (TDL) is modulated at a frequency ̂ where a wavelength modulation and an... Agent:

20140336959 - Fault location in power distribution systems: A method of locating a fault on an electricity transmission line is disclosed. The transmission line has a known line impedance and is operable to transport electricity at one or more system frequencies. The method comprises using measurements of the current and voltage made on the line at one or... Agent:

20140336958 - Techniques for determining a fault probability of a location on a chip: A method for determining relevance values representing a relevance of a combination of an input node of a first number of input nodes with a measurement node of a second number of measurement nodes for a detection of a fault on a chip applies a third number of tests at... Agent: Advantest (singapore) Pte Ltd

20140336960 - Method and system for forecasting power requirements using granular metrics: A method for modeling power usage within a macrogrid uses data relating to the behavioral patterns and states (“BA”) of the users, data relating to external impacts on power usage and disaggregated power consumption data in at least one premises within the macrogrid (forming “power usage model data”) and thereafter... Agent:

20140336961 - Machine, computer program product for a data-display device, and method for monitoring the energy use of a machine: A machine includes an electrical controller, a provider unit, and a communications device. The electrical controller is configured to control the machine and/or at least one element of the machine. The provider unit is configured to provide a mobile data-display device with data relating to energy use of the machine... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140336965 - Charge/discharge assist device: An electronic control unit of a charge/discharge assist device has a data input section, a departure/arrival time prediction map generation section, a travel distance prediction map generation section, a rule curve creation section, and a data output section. The input section inputs departure time information, arrival time information, and travel... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140336962 - Method and apparatus for estimating remaining operating time: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus comprising a status detector configured to identify status of a device powered by at least one battery, an energy management circuitry configured to at least perform estimating a remaining battery energy at a first time instant and a... Agent:

20140336964 - Method for determining remaining lifetime: A method includes discharging an assembled battery (10) formed of a plurality of batteries until a state of charge (SOC) of the assembled battery becomes smaller or equal to a lower limit of a predetermined normal use range used in charge and discharge control of the assembled battery, measuring the... Agent: Primearth Ev Energy Co., Ltd.

20140336963 - Methods and apparatus for communicating available battery power: Systems and methods of enabling a battery system to intelligently provide its current support capability include logic to determine current battery power status information. The current battery power status information may be compared with a set of programmed battery power status information to determine a match. There may be logic... Agent:

20140336966 - Method and apparatus to automatically create virtual sensors with templates: A method and apparatus for automatically providing a virtual sensor have been described. In one embodiment, a method for automatically providing a virtual sensor includes receiving a plurality of virtual sensor templates from a server. The method further includes selecting a virtual sensor template from the plurality of virtual sensor... Agent:

20140336967 - Digital compensation for non-linearity in displacement sensors: Systems, apparatuses and methods for digital compensation for total harmonic distortion in a displacement sensor. The methods can include determining a total harmonic distortion compensation function for a displacement sensor; using the displacement sensor to measure a displacement by generating an output signal with total harmonic distortion; digitizing the distorted... Agent:

20140336968 - Method and apparatus for calibrating a magnetic sensor: A magnetic sensor is calibrated by acquiring magnetic field measurements, fitting at least part of the plurality of magnetic field measurements to an ellipsoid model to obtain a coordinate of a center of the ellipsoid model, and determining a calibration offset according to the coordinate of the center of the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (china) Investment Co. Ltd

20140336969 - Common calibration system and corresponding method: The invention relates to a system (1) comprising a deformable surface (2) and a first and a second sensor (C1, C2) designed to provide a first and a second measurement signal (S1, S2) intended to be collected by a processing circuit (12), said system (1) comprising first and second measurement... Agent: Alpao

20140336970 - System and method for determining and correcting field sensors errors: A system and method for determining errors and calibrating to correct errors associated with field sensors, including bias, scale, and orthogonality, includes receiving and providing to a processor angular rate data and a first field vector relative to a first reference directional field and a second field vector relative to... Agent:

20140336973 - Method and apparatus for motion compensation in interferometric sensing systems: An optical interrogation system, e.g., an OFDR-based system, measures local changes, of index of refraction of a sensing light guide subjected to a time-varying disturbance. Interferometric measurement signals detected for a length of the sensing light guide are transformed into the spectral domain. A time varying signal is determined from... Agent:

20140336972 - Method of compensating frequency drift in an interferometer: A method of compensating for frequency drift of a reference energy source in an FT interferometer based spectrometer instrument, the method further comprising comparing in an arithmetic unit data representing a reference interferogram and data representing a target interferogram to determining a phase shift between the interferograms in a window... Agent: Foss Analytical A/s

20140336971 - Quantitative analyzing method of cigs film using a laser induced breakdown spectroscopy: Disclosed herein is a quantitative analyzing method of a copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) film, the method including: obtaining spectra by irradiating a laser on the plurality of CIGS films having different component compositions, selecting a first spectral line and a second spectral line among the spectra of target elements... Agent: Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

20140336974 - Reconfigurable automatic test circuit techniques: A re-configurable test circuit for use in an automated test equipment includes a test circuit, a test processor and a programmable logic device. The pin electronics circuit is configured to interface the re-configurable test circuit with a DUT. The test processor includes a timing circuit configured to provide one or... Agent: Advantest (singapore) Pte Ltd

20140336975 - Methods of measuring electrode density and electrode porosity: r

20140336976 - Physical quantity detection apparatus: Provided is a sensor signal output apparatus that outputs a sensor signal at times of the sensor being in steady operation and outputs the operational status of the sensor instead of the sensor signal when the sensor is at fault or in non-steady operation in order to thereby to have... Agent:

20140336980 - Methods and systems for processing social interactive data and sharing of tracked activity associated with locations: A method includes determining a location of a first monitoring device used while performing an activity. The first monitoring device is worn by a first user. The method includes determining a location of a second monitoring device used while performing an activity. The second monitoring device is worn by a... Agent:

20140336977 - Moving body placement determining method, measuring apparatus, machining apparatus, and storage medium: Provided, is a method for determining a placement of a moving body that, moves to face an object, and performs processes at a plurality of target points en the object. The method includes a first step of setting a plurality of processable areas capable of the processes by the moving... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140336978 - Moving body placement determining method, measuring apparatus, machining apparatus, and storage medium: Provided is a method for determining a placement of a moving body that moves to face an object and perform a process at a plurality of target points on the object. The method includes the following steps executed by a processor: a step of setting candidates regarding the placement of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140336979 - Position-measuring device: A position-measuring device includes a measuring transducer configured to carry out a position measurement. The position-measuring device has at least one memory having stored parameter data defining an active configuration under which the position-measuring device is operable. The at least one memory further has data and instructions useable to activate... Agent: Dr. Johannes Heidenhain Gmbh

20140336981 - Cable pull calculator: A cable pull calculator may be provided. First, wire number data, a wire type, and size data may be received. Next, a minimum conduit size for the conduit maybe calculated based upon the received wire number data indicating the number of wires to be placed in the conduit and the... Agent:

20140336982 - System and method for designing a digital circuit having an activity sensor, and corresponding digital circuit: A system for designing a digital circuit including: a digital circuit simulator based on a file containing a functional description of the digital circuit; a mechanism estimating an output variable from the digital circuit when executing a test bench supplied to the simulator; event counters, events being detected using control... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140336983 - Sensor system for independently evaluating the integrity of the data of the sensor system: A sensor system, having sensor elements for sensing at least to some extent different primary measured variables or use different measurement principles. A signal processing device evaluates the sensor signals from the sensor elements at least to some extent collectively and rates the information quality of the sensor signals. The... Agent:

20140336984 - Conditional monitoring of industrial systems: Performances of components of an industrial system are conditionally monitored as a function of key performance indicator data by defining baseline key performance indicator values for raw data obtained by data sensors from the operation of the components, and diagnostic rules to triggering alarms by comparing baseline key performance indicator... Agent:

20140336985 - Detecting occurrence of abnormality: A method, apparatus and computer program for detecting occurrence of an anomaly. The method can exclude arbitrariness and objectively judge whether a variation of a physical quantity to be detected is abnormal or not even when an external environment is fluctuating. The method includes acquiring multiple primary measurement values from... Agent:

20140336986 - Automatic correlation accelerator: Automatic correlation, in which an automatic correlation accelerator tool accesses at least a first and a second recording of a base script that defines operations executed in testing performance of a system. The tool causes the system to execute the first recording of the base script and the second recording... Agent:

20140336987 - Method to improve the time resolution of digital silicon photomultipliers: A radiation detector module for use in a time-of-flight positron emission tomography (TOF-PET) scanner generates a trigger signal indicative of a detected radiation event. A timing circuit including a first time-to-digital converter (TDC) and a second TDC is configured to output a corrected timestamp for the detected radiation event based... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140336988 - Service module for a level measuring device and automated service method: A service module is for a level measuring device, which after being connected to the level measuring device can identify automatically the level measuring device, the operating program version used by the level measuring device and a status message generated by the level measuring device. Then the service module determines... Agent: Vega Grieshaber Kg

20140336990 - Measurement device and measurement method: Light emitted from a low-coherence light source is split into two beams by an optical coupler. One of the beams is applied to a sample medium. The other beam is subjected to phase modulation by a reference minor and a vibration element. The (reference) beam subjected to phase modulation and... Agent:

20140336989 - Mobile device and microcontroller unit: A microcontroller unit (MCU) characterized by including a buffer is provided. The MCU is a part of a mobile device. The MCU fetches a plurality of samples from a sensor of the mobile device, performs a preset processing according to the samples, stores the samples and/or a result of the... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 23 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140330519 - Method to identify multivariate anomalies by computing similarity and dissimilarity between entities and considering their spatial interdependency: A method is presented for identifying anomalies based on the dissimilarity and similarity between multivariate samples. A step like procedure applies Dissimilarity- and Similarity computation in a sequenced fashion that considers variable variance, variable correlation and variable distribution pattern of the samples. The spatial interdependency of samples is assessed to... Agent:

20140330518 - Systems and methods for determining relative geochemical data: Systems, media, and methods for determining relative geochemical data are provided. Measurement data may be received that is indicative of relative yields of a plurality of chemical components in a rock formation. First absolute yields of at least a portion of the plurality of chemical components in a presence of... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140330520 - Method and system of resin evaluation using pulsed neutron tools: Resin evaluation using pulsed neutron tool. At least some of the example embodiments are methods including: interrogating an area behind a casing material within a borehole with a plurality of neutrons; obtaining a count rate of inelastic gammas of a first gamma detector for a particular borehole depth, wherein the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140330521 - Method to estimate pore pressure uncertainty from trendline variations: Disclosed is a method for estimating a pore pressure of an earth formation penetrated by a borehole and an associated uncertainty. The method includes: conveying a carrier through the borehole; performing formation measurements at a plurality of depths in the borehole using a downhole tool coupled to the carrier; defining... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140330522 - System and method for measuring formation properties: Pressure of a fluid in a geological formation is predicted using measured temperature and pressure changes following the creation of a pressure reduction in a flowline in fluid communication with the fluid in the geological formation.... Agent:

20140330523 - Method of enhancing flat spots in three-dimensional seismic interpretation: Embodiments of a method for enhancing flat spots in 3D seismic interpretation are disclosed herein. Embodiments of the method generally involve an operation of horizontally stacking (summing) traces within a user defined elongate area. The user may define the size and shape of the elongate area. In addition, the elongate... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140330524 - Techniques for quantification of samples: Techniques are described for quantification of molecules in a sample. Mass spectrometry is performed to obtain ionization intensities for precursor and product ions originating from a particular molecule. A first stet of precursor ions having the highest ionization intensities and originating from the particular molecule is determined. For each of... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140330526 - Assessing the road quality of one or more road segments in a road network: A road quality of one or more road segments in a road network may be assessed. Motion data may be obtained via a plurality of mobile devices associated with a plurality of vehicles traveling in the road network. The road network may include a plurality of road segments. The obtained... Agent: Here Global B.v.

20140330525 - System and method for predicting distortion of a workpiece resulting from a peening machine process: A method for predicting distortion and residual stress in a workpiece resulting from a peening process may include the steps of providing a coupon including residual stress induced in a coupon surface by the peening process, calculating a moment coefficient representative of residual stress induced in the coupon surface, calibrating... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140330527 - Diagnosis device for joint of sheet metal and method of diagnosing defect of joint of sheet metal using the same: There is provided a diagnosis device of a joint of sheet metal, including: a detector that irradiates an ultrasonic wave to a diagnosis object including a first medium and a second medium having a joint, and senses a reflection signal reflected from the joint and a reflection signal reflected from... Agent: Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials

20140330528 - System and method for damage diagnosis: The object of the invention is to provide a damage diagnostic system that uses a damage detection system that obtains propagation intensity distribution data, which is expanded in the two dimensions frequency and propagation time, by converting the output value from an oscillation detection sensor that was obtained when oscillation... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140330529 - Identification of fluid flow bottlenecks: Techniques for determining one or more fluid flow characteristic values of a structure are disclosed. A fluid flow vector and a pressure gradient vector for a portion of the structure are determined, and a dot/cross product of the fluid flow vector with the pressure gradient vector is obtained to provide... Agent: Mentor Graphics Corporation

20140330530 - Method and device for determining a trajectory of an aqueous flow, and autonomous probe implemented in said method: A method for determining a trajectory of an aqueous flow, implementing a mobile autonomous measurement device inserted into the aqueous flow, includes a step of measuring and a step of saving acceleration data in a reference base of the mobile device, and a step of processing data collected during the... Agent: Universite Montpellier 2 Sciences Et Techniques

20140330531 - Network monitoring apparatus and network monitoring method: A network monitoring apparatus includes: a monitor unit monitoring data transmitted in a network monitoring and controlling an electric power system of a transformer substation; a system fault determination database representing a correspondence between a fault in the electric power system and a type of data transmitted in the network;... Agent:

20140330532 - Systems and methods for automated electricity delivery management for out-of-control-area resources: Systems and methods are provided for automated electricity delivery management. More specifically, the invention relates to systems and methods for instantly and electronically determining available electricity, predicting short-term delivery forecasts, evaluating transmission availability, capacity and paths, determining inter-tie availability, capacity and price, and bidding the power into the market. Such... Agent: Gridspeak Corporation

20140330533 - Digital test system: A highly flexible, compact, lightweight, and portable testing system for use with radiation testing activities. The testing system is coupled to a device under test (DUT), which can be positioned in such a way that the top of the die package is exposed to the direct ion beam during radiation... Agent:

20140330534 - Apparatus and method for measurement of the film cooling effect produced by air cooled gas turbine components: A method for measurement of a film cooling effect is disclosed. Film cooling is a technique developed to protect gas turbine engine components from the extremely high temperatures created during its operation. A controlled air pressure is ducted into the hollow interior of the component and the mass rate of... Agent: Meyer Tool, Inc.

20140330535 - Method and apparatus for elevator motion detection: There is provided a method for detecting the motion of a user or object in an elevator, the method comprising measuring the acceleration experienced by the user or object to obtain a series of acceleration measurements; processing the series of acceleration measurements to identify a peak and a trough therein... Agent:

20140330536 - Techniques to simulate statistical tests: Techniques to simulate statistical tests are described. An apparatus may comprise a simulated data component to generate simulated data for a statistical test, where statistics of the statistical test are based on parameter vectors to follow a probability distribution, a statistic simulator component to generate statistics for the parameter vectors... Agent: Sas Institute Inc.

20140330537 - Wire harness analyzing device, wire harness analyzing method and computer readable medium: A wire harness analyzing device of this invention includes an input means that receives the input of numerical values to model electric wires of the wire harness and a fixture which is arranged on the jig board and which makes it possible to wire the wire harness on the jig... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140330538 - Building integrated photovoltaic devices as smart sensors for intelligent building energy management systems: Building-integrated photovoltaic devices can be provided, which function as sensors, wherein the output parameters from the device are used to provide information about light intensity and ambient temperature, in addition to providing power, to an intelligent building energy management system.... Agent: New Energy Technologies, Inc.

20140330539 - Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor physical quantity sensor device: In aspects of the invention, an auxiliary memory circuit includes a shift register wherein a plurality of flip-flops are cascade-connected and a plurality of inversion circuits that invert and output outputs of each D flip-flop. A main memory circuit includes a switch, which acts in accordance with a signal from... Agent:

20140330540 - Random body movement cancellation for non-contact vital sign detection: A method and system for cancelling body movement effect for non-contact vital sign detection is described. The method begins with sending on a first electromagnetic wave transceiver a first electromagnetic signal with a first frequency to a first side of a body, such as a person or animal. Simultaneously using... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

10/30/2014 > 46 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140324347 - Determining the geographic origin of metals: A method of determining the geographic origin of a metal can comprise measuring a first isotope and a second isotope of the metal by high-resolution mass spectrometry; calculating a ratio of the first isotope and the second isotope; comparing the ratio to native ratios of isotopes of the metal of... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140324351 - Apparatus and method for providing environmental predictive indicators to emergency response managers: A method of predicting weather-exacerbated threats, said method comprising inputting localized weather measurement data into a weather threat prediction system; predicting future localized weather conditions based on said localized weather measurement data combined with modeling from large scale weather data including National Weather Service Data; inputting natural environment and infrastructure... Agent: Saint Louis University

20140324350 - Machine learning approach for analysis and prediction of cloud particle size and shape distribution: Techniques for analysis and prediction of cloud particle distribution and solar radiation are provided. In one aspect, a method for analyzing cloud particle characteristics includes the steps of: (a) collecting meteorological data; (b) calculating solar radiation values using a radiative transfer model based on the meteorological data and blended guess... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140324352 - Machine learning approach for analysis and prediction of cloud particle size and shape distribution: Techniques for analysis and prediction of cloud particle distribution and solar radiation are provided. In one aspect, a method for analyzing cloud particle characteristics includes the steps of: (a) collecting meteorological data; (b) calculating solar radiation values using a radiative transfer model based on the meteorological data and blended guess... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140324348 - Networked anemometer system for windmeasurement: The present disclosure describes structures, methods, and functionality for measuring a wind profile with networked anemometers. One method includes receiving real-time wind measurement data from each of one or more anemometer sensor platforms (ASPs) in a network, receiving atmospheric data, and calculating, using the received real-time wind measurement data and... Agent: Torrey Pines Logic, Inc.

20140324349 - Weather determination system and method: A computer-implemented method of identifying weather events in geographic regions of interest includes monitoring queries to a weather information system. The queries contain at least one field indicative of a geographic region of interest A signal indicative of the presence of a weather event in the geographic region of interest... Agent:

20140324353 - Multi-component induction logging systems and methods using real-time obm borehole correction: Various resistivity logging tools, systems, and methods are disclosed. At least some system embodiments include a logging tool and at least one processor. The logging tool provides transmitter-receiver coupling measurements that include at least direct coupling along the longitudinal tool axis (Czz), direct coupling along the perpendicular axis (Cxx or... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140324355 - Fracture detection using monopole source in acoustic well logging: The present disclosure relates generally to well logging and measurement in subterranean formations and more particularly, the present disclosure relates to a system and method for identifying anisotropic formations, such as fractures and fracture patterns, in subterranean formations. The method uses waveforms transmitted from a monopole source. After finding the... Agent:

20140324354 - Transmission coefficient method for avo seismic analysis: The transmission coefficient method for AVO (amplitude variation with offset) seismic analysis computes incident-to-transmitted pressure wave and incident-to-transmitted shear wave data in a manner that is compatible with existing AVO applications for analysis on the transmission coefficients of VSP data. Amplitude variation with offset (AVO) computation techniques known in the... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20140324356 - Apparatus for evaluating safety of building using earthquake acceleration measurement: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for evaluating the safety of a building. The apparatus includes first and second measurement instruments which measure earthquake accelerations of the top and bottom stories, a fast Fourier transform unit which performs fast Fourier transform on the earthquake accelerations, an integration unit which double-integrates the... Agent: Republic Of Korea (national Disaster Management Institute)

20140324357 - Seismic interferometry for grand roll & noise attenuation: Methods of acquiring and processing seismic data using derivative sensors, such as strain sensors, that facilitate ground roll noise attenuation with seismic interferometry are disclosed. The methods use both seismic data and their spatial derivatives in computing ground-roll noises which are removed from processed seismic data.... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140324358 - Surface multiple prediction: Methods and computing systems for processing collected data are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method is provided for predicting a plurality of surface multiples for a plurality of target traces in a record of multi-component seismic data acquired in a survey area. The method may select a target trace. The... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140324360 - Anti-gcc antibody molecules and related compositions and methods: The present invention provides methods for optimization of the harvest process by clarification of cell samples using centrifugation and depth filtration. The present invention provides methods for the determination of the optimal ratio of Q/Σ for the centrifugation step of a harvest process of a cell culture. The present invention... Agent: Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140324359 - Predicting the molecular complexity of sequencing libraries: Predicting the molecular complexity of a genomic sequencing library is a critical but difficult problem in modern sequencing applications. Methods to determine how deeply to sequence to achieve complete coverage or to predict the benefits of additional sequencing are lacking. We introduce an empirical Bayesian method to accurately characterize the... Agent: University Of Southern California

20140324361 - Turbomachine lubricating oil analyzer system, computer program product and related methods: Various embodiments of the invention include a system having: at least one computing device at least one computing device configured to monitor a lubrication oil by performing actions including: determining an initial ideal remaining life for the lubrication oil; determining a temperature-based remaining life for the lubrication oil based upon... Agent: General Electric Company

20140324362 - Shift correction for spectral analysis: Techniques are described for resolving and identifying peaks of signal intensity in mass chromatograms so that the peaks may be associated with components (e.g., chemical and/or ionic species) representative of an analysis sample to identify the components. The techniques facilitate correction of shift errors in the peaks of signal intensity... Agent: Smiths Detection Inc.

20140324364 - Method for determining the wear state: This invention relates to a method for determining a wear state of a chisel, a chisel holder, and/or a chisel holder replacement system equipped with a chisel and chisel holder. For this method to give the user qualitative and quantitative information about the wear, according to one embodiment of this... Agent:

20140324363 - System reliability analysis and management using physics-based models embedded in a baysian network: A method for assessing reliability in a gas turbine engine system includes using a processor to carry out instructions from a memory to propagate a physics-based model through a Bayesian network to assess reliability for the gas turbine engine system. A system for assessing reliability for a gas turbine engine... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140324365 - Method of assessing the technical condition of a rotating shaft: A method of assessing the technical condition of a rotating shaft by combining measurements from sensors to create the shaft trajectories in three dimensions and comparing them with patterns of theoretical shapes obtained from a theoretical model is disclosed. The method includes measuring synchronized analog vibration signals obtained from sensor... Agent:

20140324366 - Systems and methods for analyzing flowback compositions in real time: An example system includes a separator that accepts and separates a multiphase flowback effluent stream into a plurality of secondary streams. A first sensor assembly monitors the multiphase flowback effluent stream and generates a first signal corresponding to at least one characteristic of the multiphase flowback effluent stream. A second... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140324367 - Selective decimation and analysis of oversampled data: Useful and meaningful machine characteristic information may be derived through analysis of oversampled digital data collected using dynamic signal analyzers, such as vibration analyzers. Such data have generally been discarded in prior art systems. In addition to peak values and decimated values, other oversampled values are used that are associated... Agent: Emerson Electric (us) Holding Corporation (chile) Limitada

20140324368 - Test method, test system and electronic device employing the same: A test method for an electronic device is provided. The method includes the following steps. A test file is obtained from a main server. The electronic device is tested according to the test file and a test result is generated. The test result is output to an interface of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140324369 - Method for determining position of forced power oscillation disturbance source in regional interconnected power grid: Disclosed is a method for determining a position of a forced power oscillation disturbance source in a regional interconnected power grid. According to the method, when forced power oscillation occurs in a regional power grid, an algebraic sum of energy flow directional factors in the regions of the regional interconnected... Agent:

20140324370 - Battery state-of-charge aggregation method: Embodiments of the disclosure may include a method of managing a state of charge of a battery having a plurality of battery cells. The method may include calculating an individual state of charge for each battery cell, calculating an average state of charge for the battery cells, defining a minimum... Agent: Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc.

20140324371 - Predicting a network performance measurement from historic and recent data: Prediction techniques are presented for predicting a current value of a performance measurement using historic performance measurement data and recent performance measurement data, which may not reflect the current conditions. A daily trend in a series of performance measurements is obtained. The daily trend comprises a set of data points... Agent:

20140324372 - System and method for analyzing voltage breakdown in electrostatic chucks: A system, instructions and a method of determining when an impending failure is likely to occur absent corrective action are disclosed. The system samples the output of a power supply which powers an electrostatic chuck, and determines when that output is outside acceptable limits. The output is sampled at a... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140324373 - Quality control sensor method, system and device for use with biological/environmental rapid diagnostic test devices: Quality control (QC) sensor methods, systems and devices are for use with biological/environmental rapid diagnostic test (RDT) devices and provide for automatic timers, reminders and RDT cassette images. Sensors are calibrated and optimized, and provide for quality control of the RDT devices. Image analysis identifies cassette and patient information, and... Agent: Fio Corporation

20140324374 - Extracting attribute fail rates from convoluted systems: A method, system or computer usable program product for extracting attribute fail rates for manufactured devices including testing manufactured devices having a set of attributes to provide a set of test results stored in memory; generating a yield model of the manufactured devices parsed by the set of attributes; populating... Agent: Synopsys Inc.

20140324376 - Methods and apparatus for measuring analytes: A method, computer program product, and system are provided to calibrate a sensor array with a plurality of sensors. The method can include sweeping a voltage of a reference electrode from a first voltage to a second voltage, where the reference electrode is in fluid communication with the sensor array.... Agent:

20140324375 - Physical quantity detection circuit, physical quantity detection device, electronic apparatus and moving object: A detection circuit (physical quantity detection circuit) includes a ΔΣ modulator (A/D converter) that digitizes a detection signal corresponding to a physical quantity and outputs detection data, an arithmetic operating portion that includes at least one of adders and a multiplier, a main sequence counter (counter) that counts the number... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140324377 - Methods and systems of making fatigue block cycle test specifications for components and/or subsystems: Methods of making fatigue block cycle test specifications for components and/or subsystems are provided herein. In one example, the method includes providing a damage histogram having a plurality of block range sections and defining relative damage corresponding with each of a plurality of range-mean pairs. The plurality of range-mean pairs... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140324378 - Automated generation of a test class pre-header from an interactive graphical user interface: A method for performing tests using automated test equipment (ATE) is presented. The method comprises obtaining information concerning a test class using a graphical user interface. Further, it comprises generating a first header file automatically, wherein the first header file comprises the information concerning the test class. Next, it comprises... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20140324379 - System and method for predicting temperature of battery: A method and a system for predicting a temperature of a battery include the steps of measuring a temperature at an entrance of a battery air conditioning line, an air volume of the battery air conditioning line, and a current amount of the battery. Deriving a heating value of the... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20140324380 - Information processing apparatus and cooling performance evaluation method: A calculating unit calculates, using information indicating temperatures of a fluid mixture at individual locations across a space, heat quantities transferred to the fluid mixture at the individual locations. The fluid mixture is a blend of a plurality of fluids allowed to flow in by a plurality of cooling apparatuses.... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140324381 - System, method and/or devices for applying barometric pressure measurements and radio frequency measurements for positioning: Disclosed are systems, methods and devices for applying barometric pressure measurements and radio frequency measurements for positioning. In one implementation, barometric measurements may indicate a transition between floors of a building. Accordingly, barometric measurements may be combined with detections of a particular floor based, at least in part, on acquired... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140324382 - Monitoring velocity and dwell trends from wireless sensor: A system and method of processing one or more sensor logs includes receiving a sensor log an identifying a set of entries in the sensor log having a predefined sequence of sensor identifiers. The set of entries may define a velocity event. The method can also provide for calculating an... Agent:

20140324383 - Continuous high resolution surface profiling apparatus and method: A surface profiler comprises at least one front support wheel and at least one rear support wheel for travelling along the surface of a profile to be measured, the rotational axes of said wheels being longitudinally spaced, and the wheels contacting the surface being profiled in a collinear manner. A... Agent:

20140324384 - Method for measuring the thickness of a coating layer by inducing magnetic fields: A method of measuring the thickness of a coating layer of a workpiece, the layer being formed on a substrate of the workpiece. The method comprises several steps. First, feeding a probe alternating electrical signal to induction device in order to induce a magnetic field in the workpiece. Second, measuring... Agent: Messier-bugatti-dowty

20140324387 - Building management system data normalization and standardization mechanism: An apparatus for detecting faults of components monitored by a building management system (BMS), including an automatic fault detection (AFD) element that is coupled to the BMS, that monitors, in real time, data samples generated by the BMS indicating operative states of the components, and employs the data samples to... Agent: Enernoc, Inc.

20140324386 - Building management system false-positive fault indications reduction mechanism: An apparatus for detecting faults of components monitored by a building management system (BMS), including an automatic fault detection (AFD) element that monitors data samples generated by the BMS indicating operative states of the components, and that determines if components are faulty. The AFD element includes a run time modeling... Agent: Enernoc, Inc.

20140324385 - Device for monitoring the lifetime of the fan bearings: The present invention is a device for monitoring a lifetime of fan bearings, which is applied to a fan, comprising a base, at least one sensing unit, a processing unit, and a control plate. The base has a bearing sleeve receiving bearings. The sensing unit is selectively disposed on the... Agent: Beijing Avc Technology Research Center Co., Ltd.

20140324388 - Systems and methods for monitoring, inferring state of health, and optimizing efficiency of refrigeration systems: Systems and method for operating and monitoring refrigerators are described. Temperature cycles within the compartment are characterized using statistical, frequency and pattern analysis techniques to derive a steady-state characteristic of temperature within the compartment. A thermal sensor inside the conditioned area is monitored and temperature data sets can be analyzed... Agent: Klatu Networks, LLC

20140324389 - Dynamic transducer with digital output and method for use: A digital transducer provides a digital output indicative of dynamic characteristics of machines and processes. The transducer sensors may be single-axis or multiple-axis accelerometers and other measurement sensors. The transducer may be hands-free and wireless in machinery monitoring applications. An integral magnetic mount assists with hands-free data collection. Digital data... Agent: Emerson Electric (us) Holding Corporation (chile) Limitada

20140324390 - Apparatus and method for applying a load to a material: A method of controlling a system using a hybrid feedback signal includes providing an input signal with a predetermined waveform to the system and measuring an output of the system with a sensor. An output signal of the sensor is used in a first frequency band as a first portion... Agent:

20140324392 - Physical quantity detection circuit, physical quantity detector, electronic apparatus and moving object: A detection circuit (physical quantity detection circuit) includes a digital calculation circuit (calculation processing unit) that performs calculation processing of generating calculation data in response to magnitude of a physical quantity based on detection data formed by digitalization of a detection signal corresponding to the physical quantity. When N is... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140324391 - Rank-based score normalization framework and methods for implementing same: A rank-based score normalization framework that partitions matching scores into subsets and normalize each subset independently. Methods include implementing two versions of the framework: (i) using gallery-based information (i.e., gallery versus galleryscores), and (ii) updating available information in an online fashion. The methods improve the detection and identification rate from... Agent: The University Of Houston System

10/23/2014 > 43 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20140316704 - Weather prediction apparatus and weather prediction method: According to an embodiment, weather prediction apparatus divides prediction target area into grids and performs weather prediction for each grid. The apparatus includes receiver, calculator and corrector. Receiver receives observation value in each grid at a first time interval. Calculator sets first observation value received by receiver as initial value... Agent: Chuden Cti Co., Ltd.

20140316705 - Oil based drilling mud filtrate contamination monitoring using gas to oil ratio: A method for monitoring oil based mud filtrate contamination is provided including steps of analytically dividing a fluid stream into two parts, determining a gas/oil ratio for a native fluid determining an apparent gas/oil ratio for the contaminated fluid and determining on a volume fraction, an oil based contamination level... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140316707 - Formation tester interval pressure transient test and apparatus: A methodology for IPTT (interval pressure transient testing) design which allows estimation of the reliability of the transient tests. A normally distributed random noise is superimposed on analytical pressure profile computed for a given formation, PVT, and gauge metrology. The IPTT success in a particular environment is estimated based on... Agent:

20140316706 - System and method for automatically correlating geologic tops: A system and method are provided for automatically correlating geologic tops. The system receives well logs from different well bores and one or more user seed picks identifying a well top to be correlated. Each of the seed picks is added to a priority queue ordered by each pick's confidence.... Agent: Drilling Info, Inc.

20140316708 - Oriented wireless structural health and seismic monitoring: A sensor for structural health monitoring includes a tri-axis microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) accelerometer and a tri-axis MEMS gyrometer. Sampled 3D accelerometer data and 3D gyrometer data are processed using integration and sensor fusion to produce an estimate of 3D rotation of the sensor device and an estimate of 3D displacement... Agent:

20140316709 - Coherent noise attenuation: Methods and apparatuses for processing seismic data to generate images or determine properties of an interior section of the Earth. The seismic data is processed to filter coherent noise such as ground roll noise from seismic survey data. The noise is attenuated using 3D and/or 2D fan filters, which may... Agent:

20140316711 - Foot orthotic design system: The invention relates to a system for the design of patient-specific orthotics, and particularly approaches the design of patient-specific orthotics upon an assessment of the patient's gait cycle. This enables the practitioner to precisely prescribe a kinetic orthotic that will optimize the way in which force is tranferred during that... Agent:

20140316710 - Method and application for determining and visually depicting the passing probability of a marijuana/cannabis drug test: Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some implementations the clinical detectability of THC exposure is accurately estimated.... Agent:

20140316714 - Method for predicting beef marbling standard (bms) numbers using coat mineral composition: The present inventors conducted intensive studies with a view to attaining the stated object. As a result, they found that particular mineral contents in cattle's hair correlate to standards for evaluation of meat quality and showed that the meat quality of cattle could be predicted and evaluated before slaughter on... Agent: Tochigi Prefexture

20140316715 - Method of automatically setting unit of measurement of bio-data measuring device: The present invention relates to a method of automatically setting a unit of measurement of a bio-data measuring device. The bio-data measuring device automatically sets a country belonging to a corresponding location as location information is determined, and automatically selects a unit of measurement of the set country depending on... Agent: Philosys Co., Ltd.

20140316713 - Modular biometric monitoring system: A modular system for acquiring biometric data includes a plurality of data acquisition modules configured to sample biometric data from at least one respective input channel at a data acquisition rate. A representation of the sampled biometric data is stored in memory of each of the plurality of data acquisition... Agent:

20140316712 - System and method for tracking fitness progress: The invention is generally a system that enables a user to visually and graphically track their fitness goals using an interactive device connected to a server, wherein fitness progress data of the user is stored and made available to the user via a user interface, for example on a mobile... Agent:

20140316716 - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for improving base calling accuracy: A method includes exposing template polynucleotide strands, sequencing primers, and polymerase to flows of nucleotide species; obtaining a series of measured intensity values and randomly selecting a training subset therefrom; generating series of base calls using a base caller and aligning the series of base calls to a reference genome... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20140316717 - Imaging mass analysis data processing method and imaging mass spectrometer: If spatial measurement point intervals in imaging mass analysis data of two samples to be compared are different and the degrees of spatial distribution spreading of substances are compared, one of the data is defined as a reference, the measurement point intervals in the other of the data are redefined... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140316718 - Methods of resolving artifacts in hadamard-transformed data: A method of validating data produced from a multiplexing process on an analytical instrument is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method includes using a pseudorandom sequence to encode a multiplexed segment of data; applying Hadamard transform to generate a demultiplexed segment of the data; aligning the pseudorandom sequence to the... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20140316719 - Stress detection in rail: Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for determining rail stress. The method may include generating at least one ultrasonic guided wave to enable the at least one ultrasonic guided wave to propagate through a rail; detecting at least one of a fundamental frequency component of the at... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140316720 - Data processing system with real-time data center air flow simulator: Disclosed is a data processing system for use in a data center, the data center comprising a plurality of data processing systems. The data processing system comprises one or more sensors measuring air flow and temperature; computational flow dynamics software receiving input from said one or more sensors; and communication... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140316721 - Gas flow detecting device and gas flow detecting method: A gas flow detecting device of the present invention, comprises a gas flow obtaining unit, and a control unit, wherein the control unit is configured to determine at second period intervals, whether or not the usage gas flow of a fuel cell system can be obtained, based on the gas... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140316722 - Method and apparatus for characterizing interfacial tension between two immiscible or partially miscible fluids: An apparatus (and method) for characterizing interfacial tension between a non-wetting phase fluid and a wetting phase fluid of a slug flow employs a capillary structure that is configured to contain a slug of the non-wetting phase fluid of the slug flow. The slug has a leading edge meniscus and... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140316723 - System, method and apparatus for monitoring fluid storage and dispensing systems: In one aspect, the invention relates to a system for monitoring a fluid dispensing system having a storage tank and a piping system having a maximum output flow rate threshold. The system includes a dispenser configured to dispense fluid from the fluid dispensing system during a dispensing time interval, a... Agent: Warren Rogers Associates, Inc.

20140316724 - Method and system for organic specimen feature identification in ultrasound image: A system, method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium. The method includes transmitting one or more reference ultrasound incident waves into an organic specimen and receiving thereby reference ultrasound data from resultant ultrasound reflected waves from specimen features in the organic specimen, identifying a reference propagation region in the organic specimen in... Agent:

20140316725 - Power noise histogram of a computer system: A method is provided for determining a power noise histogram of a computer system. The computer system includes a skitter circuit with multiple skitter bins, each skitter bin of the multiple skitter bins being connected to a signal line at one or more clock cycles. The method includes: connecting each... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140316726 - Reflectometry method for detecting soft faults in an electrical cable, and system for implementing the method: m

20140316727 - System and method for adjusting energy measurement interval to measure energy consumed in communication node: A system for adjusting an energy measurement interval in a communication node on a network includes a measurement module configured to calculate a traffic load applied to the communication node in conformity with a traffic load measurement interval and calculate an energy consumption consumed in the communication node in conformity... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140316728 - System and method for soc estimation of a battery: The present invention provides a SOC estimation method applied to a battery system comprising a battery pack. The SOC estimation method comprises the steps of: determining an initial SOC value; determining whether the battery pack is in a working status; measuring the voltage and current of the battery pack if... Agent: University Of Electronic Science And Technology Of China

20140316729 - Hardware de-convolution block for multi-phase scanning: Apparatuses and methods of hardware de-convolution for multi-phase scanning of a touch arrays are described. One apparatus includes a memory device configured to store a capacitance map including convolved capacitance data. The convolved data are results of multi-phase transmit (TX) scanning of a sense array with multiple TX patterns. The... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20140316730 - On-device metrology: Methods and systems for performing semiconductor metrology directly on device structures are presented. A measurement model is created based on measured training data collected from at least one device structure. The trained measurement model is used to calculate process parameter values, structure parameter values, or both, directly from measurement data... Agent:

20140316731 - Continuous voltage product binning: A binning process uses curve fitting to create and assign one or more bins based on testing data of operating voltage versus leakage current for test integrated circuits. Each bin is created by assigning an initial operating voltage to the bin and fitting a curve to the testing data population.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140316732 - Quality control system, method and computer readable medium for use with biological/environmental diagnostic test devices, users and consumables: A quality control (QC) system collects data associated with biological/environmental diagnostic test devices, users and consumables, and identifies corresponding parameters. The system determines when the data are outside the parameters, and then generates corresponding QC improvement data. A database receives and stores the QC improvement data for use in improved... Agent: Fio Corporation

20140316733 - Angle detecting apparatus: An angle detecting apparatus is obtained. The angle detecting apparatus is capable of correcting an electrical angle frequency component of an angle signal contained angle signal. An angle detecting apparatus computes an angle signal of a rotary machine from a sine signal and a cosine signal obtained from the angle... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140316734 - Method and apparatus for self-calibration of density profiler: A process and system for self-calibration of a density profiler is disclosed. The process may include measuring a density profile of a fluid in a vessel using a plurality of sensors or a single sensor, and measuring a density profile of the fluid in the vessel using a plurality of... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

20140316735 - Protection device and calibration method thereof: The present invention discloses a protection device and a calibration method thereof. The protection device includes a sensing circuit and a detection circuit. The detection circuit includes: a comparing circuit, a setting circuit and an automatic calibration circuit. The comparing circuit is coupled to the sensing circuit and generates a... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation

20140316736 - Method and system for spatio-temporal sensor selection: A computer implemented method, computer program product and computer system for sensor selection. The computer system can run the computer program to execute the method by dividing a two-dimensional area into cells, wherein the cells are arranged in a grid; receiving a selection trigger for a subset of cells of... Agent:

20140316737 - Method for monitoring inside-boiler dynamic wall temperature of power plant boiler high-temperature piping system: A method for real-time monitoring in-furnace wall temperature of the high temperature tube systems in utility boilers consists of: Performing pre-calculation and choosing some tubes as representative tubes according the in-furnace tube wall temperature margins in a tube bundle, then installing out-furnace wall temperature measuring points on the chosen tubes;... Agent: Shanghai Wangte Energy Resource Sicence & Technology Co., Ltd.

20140316738 - Apparatus and method for measuring position of light: An apparatus and a method for measuring a position of a light are disclosed. The apparatus for measuring a position of a light includes: an inputting unit configured to receive position information on a building and a floor in which a user is positioned; a position coordinate calculating unit configured... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140316739 - Direction processing based on multi-state inputs: A computer-implemented method for determining the direction of a moving object across a sensor having a plurality of inputs is disclosed. The invention determines the direction of a moving object, such as a vehicle on a roadway, based on inputs provided by sensors along the object's path. The methods involve... Agent: Port Authority Of Ny And Nj

20140316740 - Method for determining the inclination of a tower: A method for determining the inclination of a tower, in particular of a wind turbine, in relation to the gravitational field, by evaluating the output signal from an acceleration sensor configured to pick up static acceleration in the direction of a sensor measurement axis, which method is simple to use... Agent: Gr Garrad Hassan Deutschland Gmbh

20140316741 - Electrical wire length output method and storage medium in which electrical wire length output program is stored: An electrical wire length output method according to the present invention sets a first cavity reference cross section, a first node reference cross section, and a second node reference cross section, and a second cavity reference cross section, calculates a section wire length in each section of the reference cross... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140316742 - Optical collimator for led lights: There is provided a luminaire (1) and a collimating optics (2) for LED lights (5). The collimating optics (2) comprises a reflection collimator (3) having a first aperture (7) for allowing incoming light from a LED light (5) to enter the collimator (3) and a second aperture (9) for allowing... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140316743 - Systems and methods for using rule-based fault detection in a building management system: A controller for a building management system includes a first data interface configured to receive data from the building management system and a processing circuit including a processor and a memory device storing a fault detection rule having an initial threshold value. The processing circuit is configured to detect a... Agent:

20140316744 - Assigning method, recording medium, information processing apparatus, and analysis system: A method includes: calculating a position-dependent processing load to be caused by a process that depends on a position of a cell, for each of cells into which a spatial area specified as a target of an analysis to be executed by processing devices that are included in a first... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140316745 - Detecting apparatus, detecting method, and computer product: A detecting apparatus includes processors configured to access sensors; select from among the sensors, a sensor that has not been selected by any processor, acquire data from the selected sensor, and release selection of the sensor when data acquisition has been completed; execute processing for the sensor, based on the... Agent:

20140316746 - Real-time signal processing system and method based on multi-channel independent component analysis: A real-time signal processing system and method based on multi-channel independent component analysis (ICA). A one-pass recursive ICA processor uses a computation module to perform multi-channel ICA on a set of first data to generate a plurality of second data and third data. A noise removing module uses the computation... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

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