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Data processing: measuring, calibrating, or testing

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12/04/2014 > 50 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140358440 - System and method for characterizing geological systems using statistical methodologies: Geological systems are automatically categorized based on one or more characteristics. Datasets from one or more sources related to a space of a geological system are transformed, cropped and analyzed using lacunarity-based statistical methodologies. The one or more analyzed datasets describe characteristics of the transformed dataset within the space of... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140358441 - Adaptive weather interrogation system: An adaptive weather interrogation system capable of determining whether currently available weather for a particular trajectory or portion thereof, a particular volume of space or geospatial point meets subscriber operations and requirements. More specifically, the system provides the capability to determine the “best” weather information by evaluating the weather data... Agent:

20140358442 - Sand and dust storm detection method: The sand and dust storm detection method utilizes a hybrid design of a sand and dust storm detection system (SDSDS) having a wireless sensor network (WSN) and a satellite imaging system that detects sand and dust storm events of all types. A layered architecture of context-aware middleware is used. While... Agent:

20140358443 - System for computing the radius of investigation in a radial, composite reservoir system: A system for calculating the radius of investigation of a radial, composite reservoir, comprises a processor; a memory and, preferably, a clock electronically coupled to the processor; a display electronically coupled to said processor; and an electronic input coupled to said processor. The processor is programmed to calculate the radius... Agent:

20140358444 - Method of hydraulic fracture identification using temperature: A method for identifying fractures in a formation.... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20140358445 - Automated interpretation error correction: A fully automated method for correcting errors in one interpretation (13) of seismic data based on comparison to at least one other interpretation (14) of the same subsurface region. The errors may occur in any feature of the seismic data volume, for example a horizon, surface, fault, polyline, fault stick,... Agent:

20140358448 - Computer readable medium for enabling a computer to carry out provision of information on hepatocellular carcinoma and marker and kit for obtaining information on hepatocellular carcinoma: The above object is achieved by obtaining the analysis result on methylation status of a CpG site located in a promoter region of at least one gene selected from CELF6 and RNF135 in a DNA sample derived from the subject and providing information on hepatocellular carcinoma in the subject based... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140358447 - Instant, in-situ, nondestructive material differentiation apparatus and method: Specular, ultrasonic, piezoelectric, detection devices provide real-time, analytical, edge finding in tissues during tumor surgery. Piezoelectric probe sensors at high frequencies (e.g., 10 to 100 MHz) characterize microstructure of cells and tissues. Through-transmission or specular reflection enables nondestructive testing in real time. Peak density analysis in power spectra, second-order spectrum... Agent:

20140358449 - Method for identifying microorganisms by mass spectrometry: A method of identifying a microorganism by mass spectrometry, including acquiring at least one mass spectrum of said microorganism; for each acquired mass spectrum: detecting peaks of the spectrum in a predetermined mass range; generating a list of peaks identifying at most one peak in each interval of a predetermined... Agent: Biomerieux, Inc.

20140358450 - Method of binding site and binding energy determination by mixed explicit solvent simulations: It is described a method of binding site and binding energy determination by mixed explicit solvent all-atoms molecular dynamics simulations. The macromolecular target for which high affinity binders are sought is simulated in several mixed solvent environments comprising water and at least one amphiphilic organic co-solvent. The simulations are run... Agent:

20140358446 - Selection of genotyped transfusion donors by cross-matching to genotyped recipients: Disclosed are methods for establishing the compatibility between two blood types on the basis of cross-matching (under a designated rule of stringency) the minor blood group genotypes of recipient and prospective donors. To determine compatibility, the blood group genotypes are mapped to corresponding phenotypes according to the expression states associated... Agent: Bioarray Solutions, Ltd.

20140358451 - Fractional abundance estimation from electrospray ionization time-of-flight mass spectrum: Methods and systems for detecting and quantifying signal peaks from ESI-TOF-MS data may include creating a signal model and a noise model for mass spectrometry (MS) data. The method may also include detecting a signal peak based, at least in part, on the signal model and the noise model for... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20140358452 - Method for estimating crack length progressions: t

20140358453 - Robot reducer predictive trending: A system and method for monitoring the status of a robot reducer by performing trend analyses on detected ultrasonic frequencies emitted from the robot reducer during its operation so that preventive maintenance can be performed on the reducer to avoid a failure during operation of the reducer.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140358454 - Application-specific integrated circuit and measurement transmitter having such a circuit: An application-specific integrated circuit comprises: analog inputs having analog-digital converters; at least one digital signal processor, which has input registers and output registers. The analog-digital converters sample and digitize input signals Si with sampling frequencies fSi and forward the digitized signals SDi with output frequencies fSD-out-i to the input registers... Agent: Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140358455 - Systems and methods for overheat detection system event location: Embodiments relate to systems for improved relative location identification for overheat, short circuit, and open circuit events. The systems accomplish the improvements by utilizing any, or a combination, of implementing a novel calculation formula, determining and implementing an external offset value, and determining and implementing an internal offset value.... Agent:

20140358457 - Method and apparatus for continuous processing of an electromagnetic power measurement: This disclosure relates to receiving an electromagnetic signal by a power detector, converting the received electromagnetic signal into a plurality of digitized samples, continuously acquiring and storing the plurality of digitized samples of into one or more sample memory buffers based upon a plurality of power processing events, simultaneously reading... Agent: Wireless Telecom Group, Inc.

20140358456 - Method and system employing finite state machine modeling to identify one of a plurality of different electric load types: A system is for a plurality of different electric load types. The system includes a plurality of sensors structured to sense a voltage signal and a current signal for each of the different electric loads; and a processor. The processor acquires a voltage and current waveform from the sensors for... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140358458 - Systems and methods for estimating input power of an electric motor: A method of estimating an input power of a motor comprises determining an output power of the motor; determining a speed of the motor; calculating a scaling factor as a function of the speed of the motor; and estimating the input power as a function of the scaling factor and... Agent:

20140358460 - Electric vehicle and method for controlling same: The present invention relates to an electric vehicle and to a method for controlling same. The electric vehicle according to the present invention comprises: a battery for storing electrical energy; a cluster for calculating the final state of charge (SOC) of the battery and indicating the result of the calculation;... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140358459 - Model-based battery monitoring: Methods, systems, and devices for monitoring a battery are described herein. One method includes receiving a plurality of values, each value associated with a respective battery characteristic, and determining an internal state associated with the battery based, at least in part, on the plurality of values.... Agent:

20140358461 - System and method for estimating current in dc-dc converter: A system and method for estimating current in a DC-DC converter are provided that estimate an output current of the DC-DC converter more accurately by correcting an output voltage of a CT sensor at an input terminal as a part of a current map and an efficiency map. The current... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140358462 - Apparatuses and methods for testing electrochemical cells by measuring frequency response: Real-time battery impedance spectra are acquired by stimulating a battery or battery system with a signal generated as a sum of sine signals at related frequencies. An impedance measurement device can be used to interface between the battery system and a host computer for generating the signals. The impedance measurement... Agent:

20140358463 - Touch detection device and vehicular navigation apparatus: A touch detection device includes: an electrostatic capacitance detection device of each touch sensor; and a touch detection device to each touch sensor. The touch determination device obtains a maximum electrostatic capacitance, a minimum electrostatic capacitance and an intermediate electrostatic capacitance, and determines that the touch operation with respect to... Agent:

20140358464 - Equivalent-time sampling techninque for non-coherently modulated signals: Aspects of the invention include an equivalent-time sampling oscilloscope that receives a carrier signal, the carrier signal after it has been modulated with a repeating data pattern, and a pattern trigger signal that is synchronous with the data pattern. The carrier signal and the modulation are asynchronous, that is, they... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20140358465 - Yield analysis system and method using sensor data of fabrication equipment: A system and method for analyzing a product fabrication process are disclosed. A product yield analysis system according to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure includes a data extraction unit that extracts sensor data from a plurality of sensors arranged in equipment for fabricating a product, a reference signal... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20140358466 - System and method for automatically updating estimated yield values: System and method which automatically updates estimated field and in-transit yield values as a function of estimated vehicle load values and correction values determined from more accurate yield values obtained later, such as at a processing or other receiving facility, thereby providing better estimates of yield values between yield monitor... Agent: Cnh America LLC

20140358467 - Control method of sensor disposed in exhaust system: A control method of a sensor disposed in an exhaust system may include starting an engine; performing a first logic of checking whether moisture formed on a first sensor detecting one of the characteristics of exhaust gases emitted from the engine; when it is determined by the first logic that... Agent: Hyundai Motoy Company

20140358468 - Apparatus for automatically arranging sensors and meters based on building information modeling: A apparatus includes a function of automatically arranging various sensors, such as temperature, humidity, illumination, presence, and CO2, and various meters, such a power and gas, in the rooms, floors, and buildings of a building model based on BIM by arranging the various sensors according to an optimum arrangement, an... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140358469 - Extending programmable measurement device functionality: System and method for extending programmable device functionality while preserving functionality of the device driver and driver IP. User input may be received specifying functionality of custom IP for a programmable measurement device with standard driver IP. The custom IP may be generated accordingly, and may be deployable to the... Agent: National Instruments Corporation

20140358471 - Analysis of effect of transient events on temperature in a data center: A computer-implemented method for evaluating cooling performance of equipment in a data center. In one aspect, the method comprises receiving data related to equipment in the data center, determining first parameters related to airflow and temperature in the data center at a first period in time, receiving a description of... Agent:

20140358470 - Evaluating device, and electric power conservation planning device and method: An evaluating device includes an environment information controlling portion that obtains, for each individual customer, environment information during an electric power conservation period for customers who have performed electric power conservation measures, an environment information storing portion that stores environment information obtained from the environment information controlling portion, and an... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20140358472 - Dynamic sampling: A wrist-worn athletic performance monitoring system, including an analysis processor, configured to execute an activity recognition processes to recognize a sport or activity being performed by an athlete, and a sampling rate processor, configured to determine a sampling rate at which an analysis processor is to sample data from an... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140358473 - Dynamic sampling: A wrist-worn athletic performance monitoring system, including an analysis processor, configured to execute an activity recognition processes to recognize a sport or activity being performed by an athlete, and a sampling rate processor, configured to determine a sampling rate at which an analysis processor is to sample data from an... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140358474 - Mechanisms for deriving an accurate timing signal from a noisy waveform: Deriving a clean timing signal from a waveform is disclosed. A sensor-of-interest (SOI) sample set and a waveform sample set that correspond to the SOI sample set in time is collected. The waveform sample set is partitioned into a plurality of waveform sample subsets, and the SOI sample set is... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20140358475 - Body posture tracking: It is provided a computer-implemented method for performing body posture tracking, comprising the steps of collecting (S10) depth measurements of a body with at least one depth sensor; collecting (S20) inertial measurements with at least one inertial sensor attached to the body; and determining (S30) at least one posture of... Agent: Dassault Systemes

20140358476 - Automatic determination of fourier harmonic order for computation of spectral information for diffraction structures: Automatic determination of Fourier harmonic order for computation of spectral information for diffraction structures described. An embodiment of a method includes automatically determining a Fourier harmonic order for computation of spectral information for periodic structures, wherein the determination of the Fourier harmonic order is based at least in part on... Agent:

20140358477 - Measuring device and method for automatic adjustment of contrast in the screen display: A measuring device is used to increase a contrast of a plurality of measured values displayed in a spectrogram or spectral histogram and contains a data-acquisition unit, a computer unit and a statistic unit. The data-acquisition unit is embodied to detect a plurality of measured values to be displayed. The... Agent:

20140358478 - Multivariate yield calculator for wafer integrated circuit fabrication and method of use thereof: A multivariate yield calculator for wafer integrated circuit (IC) fabrication and a method of generating a multivariate yield forecast using the multivariate yield calculator. One embodiment of the multivariate yield calculator includes: (1) a Gaussian computer configured to compute a mean vector and a covariance matrix from multivariate performance characterizations... Agent:

20140358479 - Storage unit performance adjustment: Disclosed herein are a system, non-transitory computer readable medium and method for managing storage workloads. The performance of a storage unit is adjusted if the storage unit contributes to a nonconformity or violation of a performance policy.... Agent:

20140358480 - Method for auto-learning tool matching: The present disclosure is directed to a method of tool matching that employs an auto-learning feedback loop to update a library of key parameters. According to the method, measurements are performed on a control wafer to collect a set of parameters associated with the process/analysis tool that is being matched.... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140358481 - System for identifying cause of abnormality, method of identifying cause of abnormality, and program for identifying cause of abnormality: A system includes a measured value storing device in which a product measured value acquired periodically and a manufacturing condition measured value are stored, a product threshold value setting device that sets a product threshold value for determining whether a product is normal or not, an abnormality accumulating device that... Agent: Prefeed Corporation

20140358482 - Distributed applications across platforms: A utility application store may be configured to present an interface displaying multiple applications that are available from the utility application store. By accessing the interface of the utility application store, a utility supplier may, with a single request, initiate installation or activation of an application on multiple utility meters... Agent:

20140358483 - Fishing data system: An automated fishing data collection and processing system is provided that can automatically collect real-time data associated with the use of a rod and reel, in combination with real-time environmental and other data, and automatically record the data with minimal or no user input. Electronic components installed in, on, or... Agent:

20140358485 - Automatic wavelength or angle pruning for optical metrology: Automatic wavelength or angle pruning for optical metrology is described. An embodiment of a method for automatic wavelength or angle pruning for optical metrology includes determining a model of a structure including a plurality of parameters; designing and computing a dataset of wavelength-dependent or angle-dependent data for the model; storing... Agent:

20140358486 - Continual crop development profiling using dynamical extended range weather forecasting with routine remotely-sensed validation imagery: A modeling framework for estimating crop growth and development over the course of an entire growing season generates a continuing profile of crop development from any point prior to and during a growing season until a crop maturity date is reached. The modeling framework applies extended range weather forecasts and... Agent:

20140358484 - Defect cell clustering method and apparatus thereof: Provided are a method of clustering defects generated in bad samples shown on a defect map of bad samples including bad products, and an apparatus thereof. The defect cell clustering method includes generating a sample defect map showing a defect cell distribution by cell positions of bad samples comprised of... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20140358488 - Dynamic removal of correlation of highly correlated parameters for optical metrology: Dynamic removal of correlation of highly-correlated parameters for optical metrology is described. An embodiment of a method includes determining a model of a structure, the model including a set of parameters; performing optical metrology measurement of the structure, including collecting spectra data on a hardware element; during the measurement of... Agent:

20140358487 - System and method for analyzing sensed data: A system and method for analyzing sensed data are disclosed. The system for analyzing sensed data according to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure includes a data extraction unit that extracts sensed data from a plurality of sensors arranged in a specific region or apparatus, a reference signal generation... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20140358489 - Non-linear parameter measuring method and system strong to noise: A nonlinearity parameter measuring method and system is configured to separately process a signal of a fundamental wave and second harmonic wave that went through a probe attached to a specimen using a circuit including an analogue band pass filter and intermediate frequency amplifier, and minimize the effects caused by... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 41 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140350856 - Simultaneous multi-event universal kriging methods for spatio-temporal data analysis and mapping: Systems and methods configured to create contour maps of geospatial variables based on hydrometeorological data associated with the variable are described herein. The systems and methods advantageously use simultaneous multi-event universal kriging for spatio-temporal data exploration, analysis and interpolation with the objective of creating a series of related maps, where... Agent: S.s. Papadopulos & Associates, Inc.

20140350857 - Method of mapping a subterranean formation based upon wellbore position and seismic data and related system: A method of mapping a subterranean formation having at least one wellbore therein may include operating an electromagnetic (EM) signal source and an EM receiver to generate wellbore position data. The method may also include operating a seismic signal source and a seismic receiver to generate seismic data, and generating... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140350859 - Efficiency of pixel-based inversion algorithms: A method of estimating formation parameters in a directional drilling process by acquiring electromagnetic logging while drilling (LWD) measurements over a non-uniform forward modeling grid and inverting, using a pixel-based inversion method, the LWD measurements over a uniform inversion grid. The inversion algorithm may be applied using a sliding window... Agent:

20140350858 - Enhanced resistivity measurement apparatus, methods, and systems: Apparatus and systems, as well as methods, may operate to acquire formation signals from a deep measurement electromagnetic antenna array, where values of the formation signals depend on properties of a geological formation. Formation signals may also be acquired from an at-bit resistivity (ABR) sensor, where the ABR sensor comprises... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140350860 - Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for continuous capillary pressure estimation: Provided are methods, systems, and computer-readable media for determining capillary pressure in a basin/reservoir. Well log data is obtained that includes permeability log data, porosity log data, water saturation log data, and oil saturation log data. Thomeer parameters for a multi-pore system of a Thomeer model are determined by evaluating... Agent:

20140350861 - Multi-parameter inversion through offset dependent elastic fwi: Method for multi-parameter inversion using elastic inversion. This method decomposes data into offset/angle groups and performs inversion on them in sequential order. This method can significantly speed up convergence of the iterative inversion process, and is therefore most advantageous when used for full waveform inversion (FWI). The present inventive approach... Agent:

20140350865 - Content information output: A communication terminal obtains biological information. The communication terminal determines whether the obtained biological information satisfies preset conditions. When it is determined that the biological information satisfies preset conditions, the communication terminal creates content information indicating the contents of the output information. The communication terminal then provides the created content... Agent: Nec Biglobe, Ltd.

20140350864 - Real-time multi-channel eeg signal processor based on on-line recursive independent component analysis: A real-time multi-channel EEG signal processor based on an on-line recursive independent component analysis is provided. A whitening unit generates covariance matrix by computing covariance according to a received sampling signal. A covariance matrix generates a whitening matrix by a computation of an inverse square root matrix calculation unit. An... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20140350862 - Sensor assembly for hygenic material processing systems: A sensor assembly includes a replaceable sensor module and an assembly housing. The assembly housing contains an assembly housing processor and an electrical connector connected to the processor. The replaceable sensor module has an enclosure adapted to be mounted in a position to sense a process variable, a process variable... Agent: Anderson Instrument Company, Inc

20140350863 - Systems and methods for automatic creation of dose prediction models and therapy treatment plans as a cloud service: The present invention proposes a method for automatically creating a dose prediction model based on existing clinical knowledge that is accumulated from multiple sources without collaborators establishing communication links between each other. According to embodiments of the claimed subject matter, clinics can collaborate in creating a dose prediction model by... Agent: Varian Medical Systems International Ag

20140350866 - Method of gap closing in nucleotide sequence and apparatus thereof: Provided is a method of gap closing in nucleotide sequence. The nucleic acid sequence comprises a first contig at one end of a gap in an unassembled region, and a second contig at the other end of the gap in the unassembled region. The method comprises: selecting reads having an... Agent:

20140350867 - System for producing liquid composition: The present invention is directed to a system for producing a target composition having one or more target property values. The system provides real time measurements of property values of the target composition being produced. The system can further provide real time image of the target composition for quality control... Agent:

20140350868 - Method for sensor calibration: The present invention provides a method of determining the amount of an optical probe species binding to or releasing from an optical sensor surface characterized in that the determination comprises the steps of: a) determining, at one single wavelength or at more than one wavelength, a physical measurand (xi) that... Agent: Episentec Ab

20140350869 - Device, method, and program for crash simulation: Device, method, and program for analyzing deformation in an object during crash simulation. A device for analyzing deformation in an object is provided. The device includes: a memory; a processor device communicatively coupled to the memory; and a module for analyzing deformation in an object coupled to the memory and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140350870 - Method and system for gas detection: A gas sensor is used for determining a concentration of a predetermined gas in a measurement volume. The gas sensor comprises a light source and a detector arranged to receive light that has passed through the measurement volume. During a first measurement period, the detector is used to make a... Agent:

20140350873 - Method for generating a signal indicating an oscillation in an electrical energy supply network: A method provides the operating personnel of a control center of an electrical energy supply with information about any oscillations that have occurred in an energy supply network. A signal indicating an oscillation of an electrical variable in an electrical energy supply network is generated. A state variable characterizing an... Agent:

20140350871 - Method to estimate power dissipation of an inverter: A method to estimate power dissipation of an inverter configured to control electric energy to an electric machine. The method can estimate both conductive power losses and switched power losses of a transistor or a diode in a power switch or driver stage of the inverter. The estimation includes applying... Agent:

20140350872 - Transmit power measurement apparatus having programmable filter device that is set at least based on frequency response of transmit power detection path and related transmit power measurement method thereof: A transmit power measurement apparatus includes a transmit power detection path, a compensation circuit and a tracking circuit. The compensation circuit includes a programmable filter device and a compensation controller. The programmable filter device generates a filter output. The compensation controller sets the programmable filter device at least based on... Agent: Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20140350874 - Sensing system and method for detecting and graphically displaying electricity usage information: The present invention is to provide a sensing method applicable to a sensing system including at least one detecting device and a mobile communication device, wherein the detecting device is electrically connected between an electrical appliance and a power supply unit for detecting usage information (e.g., voltage value, current value,... Agent: D-link Corporation

20140350877 - Battery parameters, state of charge (soc), and state of health (soh) co-estimation: Battery parameters, state of charge, and state of health co-estimation are disclosed. According to an aspect, a method includes determining a terminal current and a terminal voltage of a battery. The method also includes maintaining a battery model that defines a relationship between a parameter of the battery, the terminal... Agent: North Carolina State University

20140350876 - Method and devices for making available information for the purpose of performing maintenance and servicing of a battery: A method makes available information for the purpose of performing maintenance and servicing of a battery, which includes at least one battery module with an assigned module control device and a central control device, wherein at least one module control device has a non-volatile memory. The method comprises detecting and... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20140350875 - Relaxation model in real-time estimation of state-of-charge in lithium polymer batteries: Relaxation time constants give valuable information about a lithium polymer battery cell's state-of-charge. Moreover, determination of these time constants can be performed in real time by fitting exponential functions to transient voltage or current patterns.... Agent:

20140350878 - Voltage measuring device: Provided is a voltage measuring device capable of increasing the degree of freedom in the design of an RC filter (low-pass filter) while suppressing the withstand voltage limit of a capacitor. The voltage measuring device comprises: at least one divided capacitor group having a plurality of divided capacitors connected in... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140350879 - Measuring method and measuring apparatus: A charge potential distributed over a vehicle body resulting from the contact, separation, and friction between a tire and a road surface is detected by a detecting unit provided with a sensing electrode that is disposed on the external surface of the vehicle body, a reference electrode that is disposed... Agent:

20140350880 - Optical detecting device and related method of adjusting synchronization: A method of an optical detecting device for synchronizing an exposure timing sequence of an image detector with a light emitting timing sequence of a reference light source is disclosed. The method includes capturing a continued image set according to a predetermined period, analyzing intensity variation of the continued image... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20140350881 - Angle measuring device and methods for calibration: The invention relates to a method for calibration of 2-axis high precision digital angle measurement device, particularly for initializing a planar angle measuring device and an apparatus to generate simultaneous two-dimensional resultant planar angles of full 360° rotation. The planar angle measurement device is, typically but not exclusively, used in... Agent: Digipas Usa, LLC

20140350882 - Pressure data acquisition assembly: A method and assembly for acquiring pressure data. A pressure sensor is applied to a target surface on an individual. A calibrator and a processing element are in communication with the pressure sensor. Processing element receives pressure data and provides an integrated pressure value over a measurement time period. The... Agent: Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc.

20140350883 - Platform for generating sensor data: A platform is provided for generating, transmitting, and processing sensor data. The platform can provide various components with which a sensor can interface to allow the sensor to provide sensor data using a common mechanism. The platform can include an API which provides a common interface for communicating with a... Agent:

20140350884 - Wireless sensor based quantitative falls risk assessment: Methods and systems may provide for a plurality of kinematic sensors to be coupled to a corresponding plurality of shanks of an individual, a processor, and a memory to store a set of instructions. If executed by the processor, the instructions can cause the system to calculate a timed up... Agent:

20140350886 - Geodetic surveying system and method with multiple target tracking functionality: A surveying system for surveying and tracking a movable target object that defines a target point includes a surveying device with a sighting unit defining a target axis and a detector for generating a continuously current amount-of-deviation signal dependent on a deviation from an optimal target orientation. A second unit... Agent: Hexagon Technology Center Gmbh

20140350885 - Method and apparatus for evaluating satellite positioning quality: A method for evaluating satellite positioning quality and a satellite receiver are disclosed. Satellite information is obtained from one or more satellites of the set of satellites. The satellite information includes an observed value of a parameter of each of the one or more satellites. An estimated value of each... Agent:

20140350887 - Method for characterization of a surface topography: m

20140350888 - Self-monitoring event-based system and method: Certain example embodiments relate to an event-based system configured for self-monitoring. The event-based system includes a complex event processing (CEP) engine for consuming and producing events in accordance with at least one continuous query. The CEP engine in turn includes a first continuous query for producing events of a first... Agent:

20140350889 - Evaluating and predicting computer system performance using kneepoint analysis: The present invention provides methods, systems, apparatus, and computer software/program code products adapted for operating in, or in conjunction with, an otherwise conventional computing system, and which enable evaluating, monitoring and predicting the performance of computer systems and individual elements or groups of elements within such computer systems.... Agent: Netapp, Inc.

20140350890 - Systems and methods for using robots to monitor environmental conditions in an environment: Methods and devices are disclosed for monitoring environmental conditions in one or more environments. In one embodiment, the method includes maintaining a plurality of environmental-condition thresholds, each of which corresponds to an environmental condition and is predetermined based on data corresponding to the environmental condition that is received from a... Agent:

20140350892 - Apparatus and method for processing ultrasonic data: An apparatus for processing data including a data compressor configured to compress ultrasonic data, and store the compressed ultrasonic data in a memory; and a data decompressor configured to read the stored ultrasonic data from the memory, decompress the read ultrasonic data, and transfer the decompressed ultrasonic data to a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140350895 - Colour recipe calculating method for matt colour standards: The invention relates to a method for colour recipe calculation for matt colour standards with the steps: A) experimentally determining reflection spectra R(exp) of the colour standard, comprising a first reflection spectrum (SPIN) and a second reflection spectrum (SPEX), with an integrating sphere colour measurement instrument, wherein said first reflection... Agent:

20140350896 - Digital sensor: A digital sensor has a sensor element, a digital section, a sample-and-hold stage and an output stage, and storage storing electrical energy, each of which are supplied with electrical energy by a power supply. In the event of a failure of the power supply, the sample-and-hold stage and the output... Agent:

20140350891 - Interface for transferring time-sampled sensor data: The disclosed embodiments relate to a system for transmitting data from a sensor to a host. During operation, the system periodically samples data at the sensor with reference to a sensor clock. Next, the system uses the sensor clock to transmit the data from the sensor to the host, wherein... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140350894 - Sensor device with sampling function, and sensor data processing system using same: The sensor device includes a counter for counting the number of count commands used to perform measurements while maintaining among multiple sensor devices the ratio of measurement intervals; a ratio-holding-unit for setting the ratio to a desired ratio and holding respective values of the ratio for each of the multiple... Agent:

20140350893 - User query and gauge-reading relationships: e

11/20/2014 > 45 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140343855 - Drought monitoring and prediction tools: Novel methods of deriving multivariate drought indicators are provided, these novel indices being indicators of both drought onset and persistence. Also described herein is a suite of tools and methods for drought monitoring and prediction. These tools provide probability of drought occurrence for a given region using a combination of... Agent:

20140343854 - Method and apparatus for indicating conditions: a central control that remotely corresponds with the signs using a wireless network and the wireless communication devices of the signs, such that the signs can independently and/or collectively be directed by the central control to alter the status level of the condition.... Agent: Bartco Traffic Equipment Pty Ltd.

20140343856 - Borehole fluid effect correction for pulsed neutron porosity measurements: A method for determining formation hydrogen index includes using as input to a computer measurements of numbers of burst gamma rays (gamma rays detected during operation of a pulsed neutron source) and numbers of thermal neutron capture gamma rays made at two different axial spacings from the pulsed neutron source.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140343857 - Method for measuring formation water salinity from within a borehole: Methods and systems are described for using pulsed neutron ?-ray spectroscopy to measure formation water salinity from within a bore-hole. Through generating a cross-plot of database values of ratios of spectroscopically determined yields of hydrogen (H) and chlorine (Cl) from two detectors, deriving apparent salinities therefrom, formation and borehole water... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140343858 - Mass exchange model for relative permeability simulation: This description relates to computer simulation of physical processes, such as computer simulation of multi-species flow through porous media including the determination/estimation of relative permeabilities for the multi-species flow through the porous media.... Agent: Exa Corporation

20140343859 - Time-lapse 4d scattering for imaging hydraulically induced fractures: Tools and methods for monitoring a subterranean formation is provided. Methods for monitoring include: creating a time-lapse azimuth stack between an azimuth stack on a first seismic survey and an azimuth stack on a second seismic survey; identifying a lowest root mean square energy and a highest root mean square... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20140343865 - Biomarkers for kidney cancer and methods using the same: Methods for identifying and evaluating biochemical entities useful as biomarkers for kidney cancer, target identification/validation, and monitoring of drug efficacy are provided. Also provided are suites of small molecule entities as biomarkers for kidney cancer.... Agent:

20140343862 - Differential dissociation and melting curve peak detection: Systems and methods are provided for processing a melting or dissociation curve of a DNA or other sample, for example, during PCR processing. In some embodiments, detection of the melting point and melting curve behavior can be enhanced by taking a derivative of the curve, and detecting peaks in the... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20140343860 - Hand-held scanner systems and methods for reading point of care test results: A diagnostic assay system including a test device and a scanning device are described. In one implementation, the scanning device includes a source of electromagnetic radiation, an optics assembly, a detector, and a microprocessor disposed within a chassis. The test device and scanning device may be configured to be movable... Agent:

20140343861 - Metabolic energy monitoring system: A metabolic energy monitoring system having one or more physiological measurement platforms and displays enabling the calculation and display of energy balance, kilocalorie energy expenditure and kilocalorie intake is described. In preferred embodiments, the system utilizes one or more on-body monitoring platforms to enable measurement of change in body composition... Agent:

20140343863 - Method for evaluating vitality of plant, and measurement system and evaluation system: The present invention discloses a method for evaluating vitality of a plant including (a) a step of measuring a delayed luminescence of a leaf of each plant of a group of plants subject to evaluation to obtain data of delayed luminescence amount, and (b) a step of processing data of... Agent: Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

20140343864 - Method for identifying microorganisms via mass spectrometry and score normalization: where: m is the distance calculated for the reference microorganism; N(m|μ,σ) is the value, for m, of a random variable modeling the distance between a reference microorganism to be identified and the reference microorganism, when the microorganism is the reference microorganism; N(m| μ, σ) is the value, for m, of... Agent: Biomerieux, Inc.

20140343866 - Occlusal wear evaluation apparatus and occlusal wear evaluation method: An occlusal wear evaluation apparatus capable of evaluating quantitatively an occlusal wear of a used denture reads three dimensional data of a denture before use and three dimensional data of the denture after use. The apparatus calculates a difference in a set value of an articulator allowing the maxillary dental... Agent:

20140343867 - Portable monitoring devices and methods of operating same: The present inventions, in one aspect, are directed to a portable activity monitoring device comprising a housing having a physical size and shape that is adapted to couple to the user's body, a plurality of sensors (for example, motion sensor and altitude sensor) disposed in the housing. The monitoring device... Agent:

20140343868 - Method and system for genome identification: The present invention belongs to the field of genomics and nucleic acid sequencing. It involves a novel method of sequencing biological material and real-time probabilistic matching of short strings of sequencing information to identify all species present in said biological material. It is related to real-time probabilistic matching of sequence... Agent: Cosmosid, Inc.

20140343869 - Particle processing systems and methods for normalization/calibration of same: Systems, methods and non-transitory storage medium are disclosed herein for adjusting an output of a particle inspection system representative of a particle characteristic for a particle flowing in a flow-path of a particle processing system. More particularly, the output may be processed and a calibrated output of the particle characteristic... Agent: Cytonome/st, LLC

20140343871 - Combustion ratio calculating method for exhaust gas heating apparatus: In a method according to the present invention for calculating the combustion ratio RC of fuel added to an exhaust passage, the temperature To of the exhaust gas flowing in the exhaust passage located downstream of a region in which the fuel added to the exhaust passage is burned is... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140343870 - Determination of acceptor and donor dopant concentrations: The concentrations of three acceptor and donor dopants of a semiconductor sample are determined by solving a system of three equations. A first equation is obtained by measuring the free charge carrier concentration of the sample at low temperature, and in then confronting these measurements with a mathematical model suitable... Agent: Commissariat &#xc0 L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140343872 - Method and device for monitoring and controlling the state of a process stream: The present invention concerns a method of estimating and optionally controlling the microbiological state in a process stream of an industrial process by measuring the concentration of dissolved oxygen or the rH value, or both, in said stream, the method including continuous or periodic sampling and online measurement. The invention... Agent: Kemira Oyj

20140343873 - Methods for quantitative analysis of metabolic mixtures by 2d 13c-constant-time tocsy nmr spectroscopy: This disclosure provides for new methods for quantification of metabolite concentrations in metabolomics studies, which addresses the difficulties in quantification through 1D peak integrals due to significant peak overlaps in metabolomics samples. For samples from uniformly 13C-labeled organisms the 2D NMR 13C-13C constant-time (CT) TOCSY experiment provides high-resolution information about... Agent: Florida State University Research Foundation, Inc.

20140343874 - Computerised system and method for generating a life expectancy analysis report related to a low or medium voltage switching device: The invention relates to a computerized system and method for generating a life expectancy analysis report related to a low or medium voltage switching device. In the computerized system and method of the invention: first data (11) related to the operating status of said switching device are acquired; a preliminary... Agent: Abb S.p.a.

20140343875 - Metrology method for transient gas flow: A method of calculating a transient flow rate of a flowed process gas comprises flowing process gas through a mass flow controller into a chamber of known volume and measuring successive data sample points which include pressure data, temperature data, and a time value for each successive data sample point.... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140343876 - Electric storage system: Each of the electric storage elements has a current interrupt device interrupting a current path within the electric storage element. The controller uses the voltage detected by the voltage sensor to calculate the estimated value of a current passing through the electric storage block having a plurality of electric storage... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140343877 - Power supply unit, vehicle and storage battery unit equipped with power supply unit, and remaining capacity detecting method of battery: A power supply unit comprises a battery, current and voltage detecting portions, and a remaining capacity computing portion. The remaining capacity computing portion comprises a first computing portion computing a first open circuit terminal voltage based on current and voltage values from the current and voltage detecting portions, and computing... Agent:

20140343878 - Method and apparatus for power quality and synchrophasor monitoring on power lines: A system and method for estimating the magnitude and phase of magnetic and electrical currents in a power line comprising at least one processor operating to create a model of the power line and derive expected complex magnetic and electric-field values; at least one memory; at least one sensor positioned... Agent:

20140343879 - Monitoring voltage stability of a transmission corridor: A voltage stability monitoring apparatus monitors the voltage stability of a transmission corridor through which power flows between different parts of a power system. The apparatus monitors an equivalent load impedance at an interface between the transmission corridor and a part of the power system designated as generating the power.... Agent: Quanta Technology

20140343881 - Assessment of power systems: The present invention relates to a method for assessment of a power system and an early warning system for a power system, the method being based on aperiodic small signal instabilities. The power system has a plurality of generators comprising one or more synchronous machines and is represented by a... Agent: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

20140343882 - Method and device for recognizing and removing undesired artifacts in multichannel magnetic field or electric potential measurements: The present invention introduces a method, device and a computer program for removing artifacts present in individual channels of a multichannel measurement device. At first, a basis is generated defining an n-dimensional subspace of the N-dimensional signal space, where n is smaller than N, where using in the definition of... Agent:

20140343880 - Method for deriving characteristic values of mos transistor: A method for deriving characteristic values of a MOS transistor is described. A set of ηk values is provided. A set of VBi values (i=1 to M, M≧3) is provided. A set of RSDi,j (i=1 to M−1, j=i+1 to M) values each under a pair of VBi and VBj, or... Agent: United Microelectronics Corp.

20140343883 - User interface for signal integrity network analyzer: A graphical user interface for use with a signal integrity network analyzer is provided. The user interface may include a selection for selectively enforcing one or more of passivity, reciprocity and causality in one or more measurements by the signal integrity network analyzer. The user interface may include a recalculate... Agent: Teledyne Lecroy, Inc.

20140343884 - Method and system for intelligent weak pattern diagnosis, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: Disclosure herein is related to a method and a system for intelligent weak pattern diagnosis for semiconductor product, and a related non-transitory computer-readable storage medium. In the method, a weak pattern layout is firstly retrieved from a defect pattern library and a frequent failure defect pattern library; defect data is... Agent: Elitetech Technology Co.,ltd.

20140343885 - System and method for the assisted calibration of sensors distributed across different devices: Sensors in one or more remote devices provide sensor output to a device having a controller. The controller analyzes the sensor data to determine the accuracy of the sensors outputting the sensor data. Based on the analysis, the controller calculates a calibration value to utilize in calibrating one or more... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20140343886 - Automated testing and diagnostic management of building automation and controlled systems: Various embodiments provide systems, methods, and computer program products for diagnosing an operational functionality and/or performance of one or more building controlled systems. Such are generally configured to: correlate one or more control system points with one or more test variables associated with one or more test sequences; execute at... Agent:

20140343887 - Temperature measurement device and temperature measuring method: A temperature measurement device includes a temperature measurement part, a heat insulator, and a calculation part. The temperature measurement part is disposed among the heat insulator and has a substrate as a heating medium having a first surface as a contact surface configured to contact a measured body, a first... Agent:

20140343888 - Water heater controller or system: A method of measuring the amount of energy consumed from a water heater having a tank with two or more temperature sensors located a predetermined heights on or in the tank, the method including the step of; for each sensor, determining a corresponding volume of a segment of the tank,... Agent: Rheem Australia Pty Limited

20140343889 - System and methods for risk management analysis of a pressure sensing system: A system supporting subject risk analysis and risk event management for detecting possible risk indications and the risk of a subject developing pressure injuries. The system includes monitoring risk events using a pressure sensing apparatus and by recording pressure values at a plurality of pixels of a sensing mat to... Agent:

20140343891 - Distributed remote sensing system sensing device: A vehicle detection sensor apparatus including a frame and a dual mode sensor connected to the frame, the dual mode sensor having an active and a passive sensing mode wherein at least one of the active and passive sensing mode is automatically cycled between on and off states when providing... Agent: Fybr

20140343890 - Handheld measuring aid for use with a six-degrees-of-freedom laser tracker: Some embodiments of the invention relate to a handheld measuring aid for use in a system—having a station for position and orientation determination of the handheld measuring aid—for surveying an object surface. the handheld measuring aid has in this case on a body, visual markings which are arranged in a... Agent: Leica Geosystems Ag

20140343892 - Methods and systems for geo-location optimized tracking and updating for events having combined activity and location information: A method includes obtaining a first geo-location and a second geo-location. The first and second geo-locations are associated with a monitoring device. The monitoring device is configured to be used by a user. The first geo-location is determined at a first time and the second geo-location is determined at a... Agent:

20140343893 - Metrological apparatus and a method of determining a surface characteristic or characteristics: A metrological apparatus has a surface data determiner to determine from measurement data a measured surface roughness data set (150) representing measured surface roughness and including any vibration induced measurement error and a harmonic model provider (120) providing a harmonic model representing vibration-induced surface characteristics of the surface as a... Agent: Taylor Hobson Limited

20140343894 - System and method for detecting at least one transient phase in a steady activity of an animated being: A system for detecting at least one transient phase in a steady activity of an animated being includes processing circuitry for determining signals representative of the motion of the animated being along at least one axis, for calculating a resultant signal representative of a statistical link between samples of signals... Agent:

20140343895 - Monitoring of primary devices in a power system: For monitoring diagnostic rules of a power system, an exemplary method is disclosed and includes collecting operational diagnostic data from a first primary device; identifying a change of a diagnostic indicator based on the operational diagnostic data; adapting a diagnostic rule to the identified change, wherein the diagnostic rule is... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20140343896 - Determining sensor information in the background on a mobile device: Methods and systems for acquiring and batching sensor data using a mobile device are described. In one example, a system in a mobile device is provided. The system includes one or more sensors, a memory, a sensor processor, and a main application processor. The sensor processor is configured to determine... Agent: Google Inc.

20140343898 - Bat customization system: A bat customization system for use with a processing unit of an electronic device. The system includes a first sensing bat, at least one sensor carried by the first sensing bat, and a wireless transmitter for transmitting signals from the sensors. The at least one sensor is configured to detect... Agent:

20140343897 - Systems and methods for efficient contours and gating in flow cytometry: Methods and systems for efficient contour and gating in flow cytometry are provided. Event data is compressed to reduce the number of points needed to represent polygon contours for the event data. Selection of a level within the contour then causes the generation of a gate. This allows limited resource... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

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20140336934 - Ensemble wind power forecasting platform system and operational method thereof: The present invention relates to an ensemble wind power forecasting platform system and the operational method thereof. According to the present invention, a great amount of wind energy predictions from multiple sources, including numerical weather prediction information, multi-grid prediction information, and multiple wind-energy predicting methods, are integrated and processed for... Agent: Atomic Energy Council - Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research

20140336935 - Methods and systems for detecting weather conditions using vehicle onboard sensors: Example methods and systems for detecting weather conditions using vehicle onboard sensors are provided. An example method includes receiving laser data collected for an environment of a vehicle, and the laser data includes a plurality of laser data points. The method also includes associating, by a computing device, laser data... Agent: Google Inc.

20140336937 - Downhole mapping system: A downhole mapping system (100) for identifying completion components (33) having an inner surface (74) in a casing in a completion, comprising:—a magnetic sensor tool (1) having a longitudinal tool axis and comprising:—a detecting unit (2) comprising:—a first magnet (4) for generating a magnetic field, and—a first sensor (5) arranged... Agent:

20140336936 - Sourceless density measurements with neutron induced gamma normalization: Methods, systems, devices, and products for estimating at least one parameter of interest of a volume of an earth formation, including density, porosity, and fluid saturation of the volume. Methods may include normalizing radiation information relating to radiation emissions from a spatially distributed nuclear source and indicative of a property... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140336938 - Methodology for presenting dumpflood data: A non-transitory computer-readable medium includes computer-executable instructions for presenting dumpflood data to a user by implementing steps on a computer. The steps include: receiving first data describing a first subsurface volume; receiving second data describing a second subsurface volume that is deeper than the first subsurface volume; calculating pressures required... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140336940 - Estimation of q-factor in time domain: A method can include receiving seismic traces associated with a geologic environment; determining time domain stretch values for individual wavelets in at least a portion of the seismic traces with respect to a spatial dimension of the geologic environment; and estimating at least one Q-factor value for at least a... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140336939 - Use of vector rotational measurements and vector pressure gradient measurements to enhance spatial sampling of dual-sensor water bottom seismic data: Disclosed herein are various embodiments of a method and apparatus to enhance spatial sampling in all nominally horizontal directions for Dual-Sensor seismic data at the bottom of a body of water such as the ocean. The sensor apparatus on the water bottom is comprised of sensing elements for linear particle... Agent:

20140336942 - Analyzing high dimensional single cell data using the t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding algorithm: A method for mapping, graphing, and analyzing high-dimensional single cell data based on multiple parameters associated with the cell, including defining a point associated with the cell in a n-dimensional space; combining the point with other points associated with other cells to form a data set; representing the points in... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140336945 - Gene signature for the prediction of radiation therapy response: Described are mathematical models and method, e.g., computer-implemented methods, for predicting tumor sensitivity to radiation therapy, which can be used, e.g., for selecting a treatment for a subject who has a tumor.... Agent:

20140336944 - Information processing apparatus, motion identifying method, and recording medium: The present invention is concerning an information processing apparatus includes a record-information storage unit, a determining unit, a measuring unit, and an identifying unit. The record-information storage unit stores therein an already-identified person's motion together with time. The determining unit determines possible motions that a person can make from the... Agent:

20140336947 - Method and device for mobile training data acquisition and analysis of strength training: The invention relates to the field of mobile training data acquisition in sport, particularly in strength training, body building, fitness sports and rehabilitation, as well as the analysis of said training data. The invention involves a method and a mobile device (1) for precise acquisition of multiple training data. The... Agent:

20140336946 - Method and system for obtaining cycle of physiological signal: The present disclosure provides a method and a system for obtaining a cycle of a physiological signal. The method includes: receiving a physiological signal value and a register value, comparing the physiological signal value with the register value, and reserving one of the physiological signal value and the register value;... Agent:

20140336941 - System and method for aligning genome sequence in consideration of read quality: Provided are a system and/or apparatus, and a method, for aligning a genome sequence. The system and/or apparatus includes a corrector configured to correct quality of input reads, a seed generator configured to generate one or more seeds from the corrected reads, and an aligner configured to perform a global... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20140336948 - System and method for improving signal to noise ratio for high frequency signal component: An apparatus and method for improving signal to noise ratio of a physiological signal is provided. At least one sensor senses the analog data signal, the analog data signal having a first component including ECG data and a second component including ancillary data. A converter is coupled to the at... Agent: Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.

20140336943 - System and method for managing genomic testing results: Various embodiments provide interfaces to access genomic testing information and incorporate it into daily physician practice. In some embodiments, presentation of genomic alteration data is simplified and/or coupled with contextual applications. Volumes of genomic alterations and associated information (e.g., journal articles, clinical trial information, therapies, etc.) are analyzed and synthesized... Agent: Foundation Medicine, Inc.

20140336950 - Clustering copy-number values for segments of genomic data: Clustering methods are disclosed including a hidden Markov model (HMM) based clustering algorithm having particular applicability for identifying tumor subtypes using array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) DNA copy number data. In one embodiment, clusters of tumor samples are modeled with a mixture of HMMs where each HMM fits a cluster... Agent: Univerisity Of South Dakota

20140336949 - Method, apparatus, and kit for analyzing genes: The conventional DNA sequencers for analyzing nucleotide sequences have no function of detecting minute polymorphisms. Any cross talk in the wavelengths of fluorescent substances for labeled DNA fragments hinders detection of weak-strength signals at the same coordinates, making it difficult to detect genetic mutations with small existence ratios, for example,... Agent:

20140336951 - Identification of related peptides for mass spectrometry processing: A method of identifying a related peak set from MS1 spectra data is provided. An intensity peak is selected from MS1 spectra data generated for a sample by a tandem mass spectrometer. A peak location is identified for the selected intensity peak. An intensity score is calculated from the MS1... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140336952 - Gas discriminating semiconductor sensors: Sensing particular gases in a mixture uses precise modulated heating. Sensor relative responses are compared at different temperatures and compared with known relative responses to identify gases and concentrations. Heater current sensors provide feedback control and microprocessor inputs. A processor controls complex impedances and varied frequencies in the sensors. Sensor... Agent:

20140336953 - Method to quantify emission rates in atmospheric plumes: A new method of making sky-LOSA measurements (Line-Of-Sight Attenuation measurements of sky-light) of soot mass flux in atmospheric plumes has been developed which enables accurate measurements in the presence of in-scattered light from the sky and sun.... Agent: National Research Council Of Canada

20140336954 - Calculating fatigue and fatigue failure of structures: The durability performance of a structure is virtually predicted, enabling the optimization of the durability performance. In a first act, the structure is modeled by a series of calculation points. Then, for each point, the stresses and strains brought by load cycles and defining hysteresis branches are determined. Then, an... Agent:

20140336955 - Electronic torque tool with integrated real-time clock: Real-time clock circuitry integrated in an electronic torque tool facilitates time-stamping of torque data acquired by the electronic torque tool. The time stamped torque data may be displayed on a display integrated in the electronic torque tool or may be communicated to an external device. The real-time clock circuitry may... Agent: Snap-on Incorporated

20140336956 - Method and processing system of sensed ionization current data for real time estimation of combustion chamber pressure in a spark ignition engine: The pressure in the combustion chamber of an electronically controlled spark plug ignition engine may be estimated in real time mode without specific sensors by processing sensed ionization current data to calculate features of the current waveform proven to be correlated to the pressure inside the engine cylinders and correlating... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140336957 - Method for calibration-free scanned-wavelength modulation spectroscopy for gas sensing: A method of calibration-free scanned-wavelength modulation spectroscopy (WMS) absorption sensing is provided by obtaining absorption lineshape measurements of a gas sample on a sensor using 1/-normalized WMS-2/j where an injection current to an injection current-tunable diode laser (TDL) is modulated at a frequency ̂ where a wavelength modulation and an... Agent:

20140336959 - Fault location in power distribution systems: A method of locating a fault on an electricity transmission line is disclosed. The transmission line has a known line impedance and is operable to transport electricity at one or more system frequencies. The method comprises using measurements of the current and voltage made on the line at one or... Agent:

20140336958 - Techniques for determining a fault probability of a location on a chip: A method for determining relevance values representing a relevance of a combination of an input node of a first number of input nodes with a measurement node of a second number of measurement nodes for a detection of a fault on a chip applies a third number of tests at... Agent: Advantest (singapore) Pte Ltd

20140336960 - Method and system for forecasting power requirements using granular metrics: A method for modeling power usage within a macrogrid uses data relating to the behavioral patterns and states (“BA”) of the users, data relating to external impacts on power usage and disaggregated power consumption data in at least one premises within the macrogrid (forming “power usage model data”) and thereafter... Agent:

20140336961 - Machine, computer program product for a data-display device, and method for monitoring the energy use of a machine: A machine includes an electrical controller, a provider unit, and a communications device. The electrical controller is configured to control the machine and/or at least one element of the machine. The provider unit is configured to provide a mobile data-display device with data relating to energy use of the machine... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140336965 - Charge/discharge assist device: An electronic control unit of a charge/discharge assist device has a data input section, a departure/arrival time prediction map generation section, a travel distance prediction map generation section, a rule curve creation section, and a data output section. The input section inputs departure time information, arrival time information, and travel... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140336962 - Method and apparatus for estimating remaining operating time: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus comprising a status detector configured to identify status of a device powered by at least one battery, an energy management circuitry configured to at least perform estimating a remaining battery energy at a first time instant and a... Agent:

20140336964 - Method for determining remaining lifetime: A method includes discharging an assembled battery (10) formed of a plurality of batteries until a state of charge (SOC) of the assembled battery becomes smaller or equal to a lower limit of a predetermined normal use range used in charge and discharge control of the assembled battery, measuring the... Agent: Primearth Ev Energy Co., Ltd.

20140336963 - Methods and apparatus for communicating available battery power: Systems and methods of enabling a battery system to intelligently provide its current support capability include logic to determine current battery power status information. The current battery power status information may be compared with a set of programmed battery power status information to determine a match. There may be logic... Agent:

20140336966 - Method and apparatus to automatically create virtual sensors with templates: A method and apparatus for automatically providing a virtual sensor have been described. In one embodiment, a method for automatically providing a virtual sensor includes receiving a plurality of virtual sensor templates from a server. The method further includes selecting a virtual sensor template from the plurality of virtual sensor... Agent:

20140336967 - Digital compensation for non-linearity in displacement sensors: Systems, apparatuses and methods for digital compensation for total harmonic distortion in a displacement sensor. The methods can include determining a total harmonic distortion compensation function for a displacement sensor; using the displacement sensor to measure a displacement by generating an output signal with total harmonic distortion; digitizing the distorted... Agent:

20140336968 - Method and apparatus for calibrating a magnetic sensor: A magnetic sensor is calibrated by acquiring magnetic field measurements, fitting at least part of the plurality of magnetic field measurements to an ellipsoid model to obtain a coordinate of a center of the ellipsoid model, and determining a calibration offset according to the coordinate of the center of the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (china) Investment Co. Ltd

20140336969 - Common calibration system and corresponding method: The invention relates to a system (1) comprising a deformable surface (2) and a first and a second sensor (C1, C2) designed to provide a first and a second measurement signal (S1, S2) intended to be collected by a processing circuit (12), said system (1) comprising first and second measurement... Agent: Alpao

20140336970 - System and method for determining and correcting field sensors errors: A system and method for determining errors and calibrating to correct errors associated with field sensors, including bias, scale, and orthogonality, includes receiving and providing to a processor angular rate data and a first field vector relative to a first reference directional field and a second field vector relative to... Agent:

20140336973 - Method and apparatus for motion compensation in interferometric sensing systems: An optical interrogation system, e.g., an OFDR-based system, measures local changes, of index of refraction of a sensing light guide subjected to a time-varying disturbance. Interferometric measurement signals detected for a length of the sensing light guide are transformed into the spectral domain. A time varying signal is determined from... Agent:

20140336972 - Method of compensating frequency drift in an interferometer: A method of compensating for frequency drift of a reference energy source in an FT interferometer based spectrometer instrument, the method further comprising comparing in an arithmetic unit data representing a reference interferogram and data representing a target interferogram to determining a phase shift between the interferograms in a window... Agent: Foss Analytical A/s

20140336971 - Quantitative analyzing method of cigs film using a laser induced breakdown spectroscopy: Disclosed herein is a quantitative analyzing method of a copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) film, the method including: obtaining spectra by irradiating a laser on the plurality of CIGS films having different component compositions, selecting a first spectral line and a second spectral line among the spectra of target elements... Agent: Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

20140336974 - Reconfigurable automatic test circuit techniques: A re-configurable test circuit for use in an automated test equipment includes a test circuit, a test processor and a programmable logic device. The pin electronics circuit is configured to interface the re-configurable test circuit with a DUT. The test processor includes a timing circuit configured to provide one or... Agent: Advantest (singapore) Pte Ltd

20140336975 - Methods of measuring electrode density and electrode porosity: r

20140336976 - Physical quantity detection apparatus: Provided is a sensor signal output apparatus that outputs a sensor signal at times of the sensor being in steady operation and outputs the operational status of the sensor instead of the sensor signal when the sensor is at fault or in non-steady operation in order to thereby to have... Agent:

20140336980 - Methods and systems for processing social interactive data and sharing of tracked activity associated with locations: A method includes determining a location of a first monitoring device used while performing an activity. The first monitoring device is worn by a first user. The method includes determining a location of a second monitoring device used while performing an activity. The second monitoring device is worn by a... Agent:

20140336977 - Moving body placement determining method, measuring apparatus, machining apparatus, and storage medium: Provided, is a method for determining a placement of a moving body that, moves to face an object, and performs processes at a plurality of target points en the object. The method includes a first step of setting a plurality of processable areas capable of the processes by the moving... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140336978 - Moving body placement determining method, measuring apparatus, machining apparatus, and storage medium: Provided is a method for determining a placement of a moving body that moves to face an object and perform a process at a plurality of target points on the object. The method includes the following steps executed by a processor: a step of setting candidates regarding the placement of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140336979 - Position-measuring device: A position-measuring device includes a measuring transducer configured to carry out a position measurement. The position-measuring device has at least one memory having stored parameter data defining an active configuration under which the position-measuring device is operable. The at least one memory further has data and instructions useable to activate... Agent: Dr. Johannes Heidenhain Gmbh

20140336981 - Cable pull calculator: A cable pull calculator may be provided. First, wire number data, a wire type, and size data may be received. Next, a minimum conduit size for the conduit maybe calculated based upon the received wire number data indicating the number of wires to be placed in the conduit and the... Agent:

20140336982 - System and method for designing a digital circuit having an activity sensor, and corresponding digital circuit: A system for designing a digital circuit including: a digital circuit simulator based on a file containing a functional description of the digital circuit; a mechanism estimating an output variable from the digital circuit when executing a test bench supplied to the simulator; event counters, events being detected using control... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140336983 - Sensor system for independently evaluating the integrity of the data of the sensor system: A sensor system, having sensor elements for sensing at least to some extent different primary measured variables or use different measurement principles. A signal processing device evaluates the sensor signals from the sensor elements at least to some extent collectively and rates the information quality of the sensor signals. The... Agent:

20140336984 - Conditional monitoring of industrial systems: Performances of components of an industrial system are conditionally monitored as a function of key performance indicator data by defining baseline key performance indicator values for raw data obtained by data sensors from the operation of the components, and diagnostic rules to triggering alarms by comparing baseline key performance indicator... Agent:

20140336985 - Detecting occurrence of abnormality: A method, apparatus and computer program for detecting occurrence of an anomaly. The method can exclude arbitrariness and objectively judge whether a variation of a physical quantity to be detected is abnormal or not even when an external environment is fluctuating. The method includes acquiring multiple primary measurement values from... Agent:

20140336986 - Automatic correlation accelerator: Automatic correlation, in which an automatic correlation accelerator tool accesses at least a first and a second recording of a base script that defines operations executed in testing performance of a system. The tool causes the system to execute the first recording of the base script and the second recording... Agent:

20140336987 - Method to improve the time resolution of digital silicon photomultipliers: A radiation detector module for use in a time-of-flight positron emission tomography (TOF-PET) scanner generates a trigger signal indicative of a detected radiation event. A timing circuit including a first time-to-digital converter (TDC) and a second TDC is configured to output a corrected timestamp for the detected radiation event based... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140336988 - Service module for a level measuring device and automated service method: A service module is for a level measuring device, which after being connected to the level measuring device can identify automatically the level measuring device, the operating program version used by the level measuring device and a status message generated by the level measuring device. Then the service module determines... Agent: Vega Grieshaber Kg

20140336990 - Measurement device and measurement method: Light emitted from a low-coherence light source is split into two beams by an optical coupler. One of the beams is applied to a sample medium. The other beam is subjected to phase modulation by a reference minor and a vibration element. The (reference) beam subjected to phase modulation and... Agent:

20140336989 - Mobile device and microcontroller unit: A microcontroller unit (MCU) characterized by including a buffer is provided. The MCU is a part of a mobile device. The MCU fetches a plurality of samples from a sensor of the mobile device, performs a preset processing according to the samples, stores the samples and/or a result of the... Agent:

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