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Data processing: measuring, calibrating, or testing

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04/16/2015 > 47 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150106015 - Life-time management of downhole tools and components: Systems, methods and devices for evaluating a condition of a downhole component of a drillstring. Methods include estimating a value of a tool parameter of the component at at least one selected position on the drillstring; and using the estimated value to evaluate the condition of the downhole component. The... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150106016 - Measurement calibration apparatus, methods, and systems: In some embodiments, an apparatus and a system, as well as a method and an article, may operate to determine spatial orientations of one or more transmitters attached to a first downhole component, relative to one or more receivers attached to a second downhole component, at common points in time... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150106018 - 3d-well log invention: A process to create a well grid from an initial x, y grid spacing, by assigning x, y, z datapoints, from wells from a dataset of well data comprising attributes associated with the x, y, z datapoints, to closest x, y nodes in the grid, wherein the x, y, z... Agent:

20150106017 - Visual interface for identifying layers within a subterranean formation: The present disclosure relates to a visual interface for identifying layers within a subterranean formation. One example method includes identifying one or more sets of data associated with a subterranean formation; computing, by operation of one or more processors, a working line based on the one or more sets of... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150106019 - System and method for regularizing seismic data: A system and method for regularizing irregularly sampled 5D seismic data by assigning each trace to a common midpoint bin and mapping each trace to an offset vector tile (OVT) with a calculated center azimuth; assembling an azimuth sector with all offsets of interest and a narrow range of the... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150106021 - Interactive visual analysis of clinical episodes: Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for exemplary visual analytics are provided herein. Visual analytics techniques are provided that combine pattern mining and temporal event visualization-based techniques. Visual episode query tools allow interactive specification of episode definitions and are combined with on-demand data analytics that perform pattern mining to help... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150106022 - Interactive visual analysis of clinical episodes: Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for exemplary visual analytics are provided herein. Visual analytics techniques are provided that combine pattern mining and temporal event visualization-based techniques. Visual episode query tools allow interactive specification of episode definitions and are combined with on-demand data analytics that perform pattern mining to help... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150106020 - Method and apparatus for wireless health monitoring and emergent condition prediction: t

20150106026 - Method and device for audio recording: An acquisition system includes a processor and one or more sensors coupled to the processor, where the one or more sensors monitor within an ear canal one or more of acceleration, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure or heart-rate configured to monitor a biological state or a physical motion or both.... Agent:

20150106025 - Method and system for determining and communicating a performance measure using a performance measurement system: A method implemented by a wearable performance measurement system, for determining and communicating a performance measure, includes selecting a mode of operation of the wearable performance measurement system from a plurality of configured modes of operations. Each mode of operation has a corresponding configured performance measure and configured feedback technique.... Agent: Sporttech, LLC

20150106024 - Systems and methods for determining implant position and orientation: A method for determining implant position and orientation comprises generating a plurality of predetermined criteria associated with a surgical procedure. The plurality of predetermined criteria including at least one of a mechanical alignment metric, a soft-tissue balancing metric, and a functional outcome metric. The method also comprises receiving one or... Agent:

20150106023 - Training apparatus, training method, and program: A training apparatus includes: a controller. The controller is configured to: (a) while a subject is performing a behavior, acquire time-series myoelectric potentials of each of muscles of the subject; (b) calculate a muscle synergy matrix W, a control matrix C and an error matrix E from a myoelectric potential... Agent:

20150106028 - Characterization of crude oil by fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry: A system, method and computer program product are provided for calculating the cetane number, octane number, pour point, cloud point and aniline point of crude oil fractions from the density and Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (FT-ICR MS) of a sample of the crude oil.... Agent:

20150106027 - Characterization of crude oil by nmr spectroscopy: A system and a method for applying 13C or 1H NMR spectroscopy to a sample of crude oil in order to calculate the cetane number, pour point, cloud point, aniline point and octane number of a gas oil fraction of the crude oil.... Agent:

20150106030 - Endotoxin detection systems and detection methods thereof: Endotoxin detection systems and corresponding detection methods integrate an optical path detection system based on a conventional laser particle size detector and detect the particle size distribution characteristics of the endotoxin colloidal particles in an aqueous solution by using laser light scattering. One system calculates the concentration of the endotoxin... Agent: Nanjing Tuozhu Pharmaceutical & Tech Co., Ltd

20150106029 - Method of characterizing crude oil by high pressure liquid chromatography: A system and a method are provided for calculating the cetane number, octane number, pour point, cloud point and aniline point of a crude oil fractions from the density and high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) of a sample of the crude oil.... Agent:

20150106031 - Characterization of crude oil by near infrared spectroscopy: A system and a method for calculating the cetane number, pour point, cloud point and aniline point of a gas oil fraction of a crude oil from the density and near infrared spectroscopy of a sample of the crude oil.... Agent:

20150106032 - Characterization of crude oil by simulated distillation: A system and a method for calculating the cetane number, pour point, cloud point and aniline point of gas oil fractions of a crude oil sample from the density and gas chromatographic simulated distribution of the sample.... Agent:

20150106033 - Method for operating a gas concentration monitoring system, gas-measuring device, central unit, gas concentration monitoring system as well as computer program product: A method is provided for operating a gas concentration monitoring system as well as a gas-measuring device, a central unit, a gas concentration monitoring system as well as computer program product. The safety of persons or the safety of a situation is determined with respect to at least one hazardous... Agent:

20150106034 - Characterization of crude oil by ultraviolet visible spectroscopy: A system and a method for characterizing a crude oil sample from the weight and ultraviolet visible spectroscopy of the sample, including calculating a crude oil ultraviolet visible index and using the index to calculate the API gravity and the aromaticity of the sample.... Agent:

20150106035 - Methods of selecting material compositions and designing materials having a target property: The disclosed technology relates to a method of selecting a material composition and/or designing an alloy. In one aspect, a method of selecting a composition of a material having a target property comprises receiving an input comprising thermodynamic phase data for a plurality of materials. The method additionally includes extracting... Agent:

20150106036 - Detection of corrosion rates in processing pipes and vessels: For a monitored corrosion sensor, such as a sensor based on one or more mechanical oscillators disposed in a fluid flow, one or more values are measured over time. The values can be measured at a desired frequency, such as a once per second, once per minute, or another convenient... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20150106037 - Method and system for passive detection, localization and characterization of mechanical wave sources using ultrasonic guided waves: A method and system for passively detecting, localizing, and/or characterizing a mechanical wave source at one or more spatial points of interest on a structure using ultrasonic guided waves are provided. The method includes estimating the spatial channel impulse response at one or more spatial points of interest using a... Agent:

20150106038 - System and methods to determine and monitor changes in microstructural properties: A system and methods with which changes in microstructure properties such as grain size, grain elongation, texture, and porosity of materials can be determined and monitored over time to assess conditions such as stress and defects. An example system includes a number of ultrasonic transducers configured to transmit ultrasonic waves... Agent:

20150106039 - Methods and systems for estimation of propellant transfer in an ion propulsion system: Methods and systems for estimating propellant transfer in an ion propulsion system are disclosed. One example is a method for estimating transfer of a propellant between a first tank and a second tank in an ion propulsion system during a transfer event. The first tank and the second tank are... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150106040 - Diagnosing fault in common rail fuel system: A method of diagnosing a fault in a common rail fuel system having a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller includes determining a first integral output corresponding to a first fuel flow condition and a first rail pressure setting. The method includes comparing the first integral output with a threshold integral output and... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150106041 - Notification based on an event identified from vibration data: A system includes at least three accelerometers disposed in different locations of an area to capture respective vibration data corresponding to an event and a processing system to receive the vibration data from each accelerometer and generate a notification based on the event and a location of the event identified... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company

20150106042 - Computer-readable medium storing analysis-support program, analysis support method, and analysis supporting device: A computer-readable recording medium having stored a program for an analysis-support process includes acquiring via information representing positions of a plurality of vias of a first and second via groups in a circuit board, the plurality of vias of the first and second via groups having a first and second... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150106043 - Overcurrent fault detection device for electrical drive control system: An overcurrent fault detection device includes: an inverter converting DC current to three-phase AC currents for driving a motor; a DC voltage detector; phase current detectors; a rotational position detector that detects a rotational angle of the motor; a control circuit that controls a gate drive circuit, which controls the... Agent:

20150106044 - Estimating of the state of charge of a battery: A method for estimating a state of charge of a battery including plural cells connected in series, including: determination, at a given time, of a minimum cell voltage and of a maximum cell voltage from among the cell voltages, and calculation of a physical quantity analytically depending on the minimum... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20150106045 - Measurement method, measurement device, and measurement program: There is provided a measurement method for an electrical characteristic, the measurement method including applying a voltage to an element, and determining stability of a current value at the applied voltage.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150106046 - Systems and methods for calculating ballistic solutions: Systems and methods to calculate ballistic solutions for use with a projectile launching device are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, the system includes a telescopic sight assembly for viewing a target, wherein the telescopic sight assembly comprises at least one display device for displaying information, a processor, a memory, and... Agent: Laxco Inc.

20150106047 - Method for ground-to-satellite laser calibration system: The present invention comprises an approach for calibrating the sensitivity to polarization, optics degradation, spectral and stray light response functions of instruments on orbit. The concept is based on using an accurate ground-based laser system, Ground-to-Space Laser Calibration (GSLC), transmitting laser light to instrument on orbit during nighttime substantially clear-sky... Agent:

20150106048 - Method for detecting power interruption duration of an electronic device: A method is disclosed for detecting power interruption duration of an electronic device. The method can include establishing a curve model of linearly synthesized values of temperature sensor readings versus time; after power-on, acquiring each of the initial temperature values by respective temperature sensors mounted on the electronic device, and... Agent:

20150106049 - Motion detection device, electronic device, motion detection method, and program storage medium: A motion detection device includes: an acceleration detection unit, a separating unit, a gravity axis determination unit, and a motion detection unit. The acceleration detection unit detects acceleration components of each axis of a three-dimensional rectangular coordinate system of acceleration acting on the acceleration detection unit and outputs sets of... Agent: Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20150106050 - Motion analysis method and motion analysis apparatus: A motion analysis method includes: specifying plural operations included in a motion operation using an output from an inertial sensor; calculating an operating time of each of the plural operations; adjusting a time axis of each operating time; and outputting operation information of the operation based on the adjusted time... Agent:

20150106052 - Calculating pace and energy expenditure from athletic movement attributes: Systems and methods configured to process motion data associated with a user. The systems and methods are configured to receive motion data from a sensor, calculate motion attributes from the data, and classify the motion data using one or more mathematical models. Further, the systems and methods are configured to... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150106053 - Method and a system for determining the location of an object: A method for determining the location of a transmitter (respectively a receiver) in a space defined by one or more reflective surfaces, including the steps of sending a signal from the transmitter (respectively from a set of transmitters); receiving by a set of receivers (respectively by a receiver) the transmitted... Agent:

20150106051 - Operation position detection apparatus and vehicular apparatus: An operation position detection apparatus includes: an operation body including front and back side operation surfaces; a casing; three strain generating bodies on each operation surface, wherein each strain generating body includes a connection section connected to the operation body, a fixed section fixed to the casing, and a displacement... Agent:

20150106054 - Module, process and apparatus for the dimensional analysis of a plate-holding cylinder: A module for the dimensional analysis of a plate-holding cylinder includes a plurality of boxes, in table form, each of which corresponds to a surface portion of an outer surface of the plate-holding cylinder and is indicative of the dimensional deviation of a surface portion with respect to the nominal... Agent:

20150106055 - Support structure detection: While the typically-collected diameter data contains information for detecting some garter springs, many garter springs may not be detected without processing the diameter data. Responsively, a method for processing the diameter data to detect the garter springs has been developed. In particular, the processing involves fitting of the diameter data... Agent:

20150106057 - Profile measurement system and profile measurement method: Provided are a profile measurement system and a profile measurement method capable of suppressing the influence of vibration with a simple configuration. The profile measurement system includes: a transmissive optical component having a reference plane opposed to a surface of a sample; a light source which irradiates the surface of... Agent: Otsuka Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150106056 - Surface shape measuring method and surface shape measuring device: A surface shape measuring method includes: acquiring displacement data on an object surface facing an optical displacement meter by scanning the object surface with the optical displacement meter that applies a light beam on the object surface and performs measurement; detecting an approximate range on the object surface including a... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150106058 - Systems and methods for improved reliability operations: A system for improved reliability operations of a system with a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) are presented. The system includes a processor configured to execute a model library to model a safety system. The model library includes a plurality of subsystem models each configured to derive a reliability measure.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150106059 - Method and system for determining power plant machine reliability: Disclosed are methods and systems to determine a power plant machine reliability forecast. In an embodiment, a method may comprise obtaining an environmental factor of a power plant machine based on geospatial data of a first area and location data of a second area, obtaining an operating factor of the... Agent:

20150106060 - Monitoring apparatus, monitoring method and non-transitory computer-readable medium: A monitoring apparatus comprises: a processing unit that determines, if received type information of one or more other monitoring apparatuses does not match type information of the monitoring apparatus, one or more apparatuses that serve as monitoring targets of the monitoring apparatus from among a plurality of apparatuses that were... Agent:

20150106061 - Monitoring device using automation network: The disclosure is related to monitoring a legacy device using at least one smart device. A gateway of an automation system may monitor an operation status of a target legacy device located in a service area of an automation system using at least one of smart devices participating in the... Agent: Kt Corporation

04/09/2015 > 39 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150100241 - Processing data representing a physical system: A method is provided of processing data representing a physical system, the method comprising: providing (P2) input data representing differences in the physical system between a first state and a second state of the physical system; and inverting (P5) the input data, or data derived therefrom, in accordance with a... Agent: Statoil Petroleum As

20150100243 - Method and system for displaying genetic and genealogical data: A method and system for displaying genetic and genealogical data includes displaying indicators of related individuals. At least one genetically related individual is identified from a genetic database in response to a genetic input of an inquiring individual. Indicators of the inquiring individual and each of the at least one... Agent:

20150100242 - Method, kit and array for biomarker validation and clinical use: The methods provided focus on a quantitative molecular assay tools that systematically measure a set of pre-selected targets, with proper controls in a biological sample for identification of biomarkers or novel targets for a disease status. This allows for systematically maximizing the power of multivariate feature selection tools on the... Agent:

20150100244 - Methods and processes for non-invasive assessment of genetic variations: Provided herein are methods, processes, systems and machines for non-invasive assessment of genetic variations.... Agent:

20150100246 - System and method for predicting colon cancer recurrence: Systems and methods are provided that can predict a likelihood of post-resection colon cancer recurrence. The systems and methods can be implemented by a computing device that includes a non-transitory computer readable storage medium storing machine executable instructions and a processor that executes the machine executable instructions. Upon execution of... Agent:

20150100245 - Systems, methods, applications for smart sensing, motion activity monitoring, and motion activity pattern recognition: A computer-implemented method for recognizing a user's activity pattern includes pre-storing activity data in a computer system, automatically determining locations of one or more sensors on a user's body, obtaining time series of measured activity parameters by the one or more sensors, automatically segmenting the time series of measured activity... Agent:

20150100247 - Methods and systems for modeling phasing effects in sequencing using termination chemistry: A method for nucleic acid sequencing includes receiving observed or measured nucleic acid sequencing data from a sequencing instrument that receives and processes a sample nucleic acid in a termination sequencing-by-synthesis process. The method also includes generating a set of candidate sequences of bases for the observed or measured nucleic... Agent:

20150100248 - Methods, systems and computer program products for chemical hazard evaluation: A method of assessing chemical products includes: receiving input data including identification of a chemical substance at a processing device; evaluating a regulatory impact of the chemical substance based on at least one of global regulation data, regional regulation data and jurisdiction-specific regulation data, and outputting a regulatory impact assessment;... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150100249 - Method for deciding whether a sample is consistent with an established production norm for heterogeneous products: A method of analysis of a heterogeneous product, for example heparin or heparin derivatives, to define whether said heterogeneous product is consistent with a library of verified heterogeneous samples (Library 1) by analysing the variation, natural or alien. The acceptable variation of the heterogeneous product is determined by comparing Library... Agent: Anglo-italian Chemometrics Ltd.

20150100250 - Method and device for determining an irradiation plan for a particle irradiation system: The device relates to a method and a device (10) for determining an irradiation plan for a particle irradiation unit (20). In the method, a target volume (6) within a test object (14; 18) is irradiated with a particle beam (16) using the particle irradiation unit (20) according to the... Agent:

20150100251 - Systems and methods for sensing balanced-action for improving mammal work-track efficiency: An example system includes one or more sleeves, each configured for attachment to a leg and comprising a pressure sensor, an accelerometer and a magnetometer. A processor processes sensor signals from the pressure sensor, the accelerometer and the magnetometer to estimate action (A) and work (W) using event detections of... Agent:

20150100252 - Systems and methods for determining a volumetric flow of a liquid portion of a multiphase fluid flow: The disclosure generally relates to mass flow meters and more particularly relates to systems and methods for determining, among other things, a volumetric flow of a liquid portion of a multiphase fluid flow. In certain embodiments herein, an expected liquid density of a fluid flow at an operating condition may... Agent: Yokogawa Corporation Of America

20150100253 - Aircraft fluid gauging techniques using pressure measurements and optical sensors: A fluid level measurement system includes a first pressure sensor disposed inside a fluid tank at a first elevation relative to a height axis of the fluid tank, and a second pressure sensor disposed inside the fluid tank at a second elevation relative to the height axis of the fluid... Agent:

20150100254 - Testing method of touch device and system thereof: A testing method of a touch device and a system thereof are provided. The testing method includes following steps. A test sensing information generated by the touch device is received, and the test sensing information is physical characteristic information provided by sensors of the touch device. A test gesture signal... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150100256 - Imbalance determining method, imbalance determining apparatus, and recording medium: A non-transitory computer-readable recording medium has stored therein a program that causes a computer to execute an imbalance determining process. The imbalance determining process includes: analyzing fluctuation situations of voltage values of respective phases in a power distribution line using a three-phase three-wire system; determining whether a location at which... Agent:

20150100255 - Method for locating faults in a power network having fault indicators: A method for locating faults in a power network includes reading power network information stored in a database in a data reading step. A power network matrix is created based on the power network information in a power network creating step. A fault current vector is created in a fault... Agent: I-shou University

20150100257 - Monitoring of distributed power harvesting systems using dc power sources: A monitoring system and method for monitoring performance of individual powers sources in a distributed power source system. A monitoring module is coupled to each of the power sources, or to each string of serially connected power sources, to monitor and collect data regarding current, voltage, temperature and other environmental... Agent:

20150100258 - Band power computation device and band power computation method: A band power computation device with which the amount of calculation required to compute channel power is reduced, and with which it is possible to obtain channel power with the same precision as when the channel power is obtained from the entire input signal. With this device, a subspace extraction... Agent:

20150100260 - Apparatus and method for estimating soc of secondary battery including blended cathode material: Disclosed is an apparatus for estimating a state of charge (SOC) of a secondary battery which includes (i) a cathode comprising a blended cathode material having a first cathode material and a second cathode material, wherein the first and second cathode materials have different operating voltage ranges; (ii) an anode... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150100261 - Method and terminal for displaying battery power: A method and a related terminal for displaying battery power to improve accuracy of displaying battery power. The method includes acquiring a power increase of a battery according to a preset time interval when the battery enters a charging state, where the battery has completed discharging before entering the charging... Agent:

20150100259 - System and corresponding method for estimating the charge status of a battery: A system and method estimates the state of charge of a battery comprising at least two modules each provided with at least one cell. A sensor senses a series current flowing through all cells of the modules connected in series. A switching device selectively disconnects one of the modules, the... Agent: Renault S.a.s

20150100262 - Method and system for constructing map of magnetic field: A method for constructing a map of a magnetic field includes acquiring the map information including the information on the internal or external structure of the building; measuring the information on the magnetic field, using the measurer's electronic device; and associating the information on the magnetic field with the map... Agent: Idecca Inc.

20150100263 - Method for measuring a magnetic field by means of a switching hall-effect sensor: A method for measuring a magnetic field via a Hall cross (12) including two orthogonal branches (120, 122), in which, for a given state of the Hall cross, a polarization current is made to flow in one of the branches of the Hall cross, referred to as the “polarization branch”,... Agent: Continental Automotive France

20150100264 - Resolver calibration for permanent magnet synchronous motor: The present invention relates to resolver calibration for permanent magnet synchronous motor. According to embodiments of the present invention, the high frequency rotating voltage vector is generated and injected into a resolver associated with a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). Due to the saliency effect, when a reference point is... Agent:

20150100265 - Method for compensating a signal from a pressure measurement device within an internal combustion engine: A method for processing a signal (SB) from a pressure measurement device (DP) in a combustion chamber of a cylinder of an internal combustion engine includes: detecting the start of a plateau phase (SP1); calculating a pair of values of a slope (ax0, . . . , axN) and an... Agent:

20150100266 - Estimation of drift in a solar radiation sensor: The invention relates to a method for estimating drift in a solar radiation sensor (2) and for calibrating such a sensor, in which the radiation (GMES) measured by this sensor under its conditions of use and a radiation model (51) are taken into account.... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20150100267 - Heat transfer measurement and calculation method: A method to determine the heat transfer through some enveloping surface is being presented, where a convective as well as a radiation heat-transfer is considered.... Agent:

20150100269 - Automated localization for gnss device: Systems and methods for performing automated localization are provided. In one example method, a plurality of coordinates representing positions of a plurality of locations may be received. The plurality of coordinates may be from two or more different coordinate systems. The numerical values of each of the plurality of coordinates... Agent:

20150100270 - Methods and systems for geo-location optimized tracking and updating for events having combined activity and location information: A method includes obtaining a first geo-location and a second geo-location. The first and second geo-locations are associated with a monitoring device. The monitoring device is configured to be used by a user. The first geo-location is determined at a first time and the second geo-location is determined at a... Agent:

20150100271 - Providing points of interest to user devices in variable zones: Receiving point of interest zones and alerts on user devices comprises communicating, by a user computing device to a remote computing device, a request for point of interest data corresponding to points of interest within a proximity of the user device; presenting the received point of interest data; identifying a... Agent:

20150100268 - Tracking system apparatus: A system for tracking a cinematography target comprises an emitter configured to attach to a target and to emit a tracking signal that is directionally identifiable by a tracker. The emitter comprising an output module configured to emit the tracking signal. The tracking signal comprises a non-continuous electromagnetic signal according... Agent:

20150100272 - Ram angle and magnetic field sensor (rams): A method and system is described for determining attitude for a satellite. A two-axis ram sensor head measures neutral winds and provides a density of the neutral winds. A three-axis magnetometer measures a geomagnetic field. A measurement interface module calculates attitude information, which includes three-axis attitude knowledge of a satellite... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20150100273 - Automatic vehicle monitoring system and navigation monitoring system: The various embodiments herein provide an automatic vehicle load monitoring system and navigation monitoring system. The system comprises a weight sensing device attached to a base of a vehicle, and wherein the weight sensing device is a load cell, a compression spring attached to the weight sensing device and to... Agent:

20150100274 - Environmental performance estimation: A method of assessing environmental performance includes: receiving, by a processing device, input data related to aspects of an energy industry operation; estimating a first environmental impact of the operation based on the input data; selecting an alternative implementation of the operation; estimating a second environmental impact of the alternative... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150100275 - Method and device for verifying the integrity of gas valve operators in a gas appliance: A method and device for verifying the integrity of each operator of a gas valve including two operators disposed in succession on a passage path for the gas directed to a burner; the operator being subjected to command action by a corresponding actuator controlled by a command and control unit... Agent:

20150100276 - Medication recording apparatus and method: A medication recording apparatus is used for motoring and recording patient's medication. The medication recording apparatus is coupled with a drug inhaler. When the patient receives a drug from the drug inhaler, a drug-supply actuation is generated. The medication recording apparatus has: a sensing module for sensing at least one... Agent: National Applied Research Laboratories

20150100277 - Method and apparatus for measuring parameters of optical anisotropy: Methods and systems are provided to measure the optical anisotropy properties of a film on glass or other substrates. This technique is suitable for production environments, and is not strongly affected by the TFT or CF active area on LCD panels, even for very high pixel density displays. A method... Agent: Axometrics, Inc.

20150100278 - Systems and methods for quantitative phase imaging with partially coherent illumination: Systems and methods for quantitative phase imaging are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes acquiring a through-focal series of defocused images of an object illuminated with a partially coherent light source; calculating a plurality of estimates of longitudinal intensity derivatives for respective fittings of the series of defocused images;... Agent:

20150100279 - Processing data from a distributed fibre-optic interferometric sensor system: A method of processing data from a distributed fibre-optic interferometric sensor system for measuring a measurand, the system comprising multiple interferometric sensors. The method comprises interrogating two or more of the multiple interferometric sensors to record a raw measurement time series for each of the sensors. The method further comprises... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 33 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150094958 - Combining multiple geophysical attributes using extended quantization: Four or more seismic attributes are integrated or merged into imaging formats and displayed for geological interpretation via extended quantization. Multi-attribute integration and classification improves the ability to identify geologic facies, and reservoir properties such as thickness, fluid type, or fracture intensity and orientation. The extended quantization groups up to... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20150094959 - Heterogeneous log analysis: A method and system are provided for heterogeneous log analysis. The method includes performing hierarchical log clustering on heterogeneous logs to generate a log cluster hierarchy for the heterogeneous logs. The method further includes performing, by a log pattern recognizer device having a processor, log pattern recognition on the log... Agent:

20150094960 - Quality metrics for tight oil reservoirs: Techniques for calculating metrics for reservoir quality based on light oil and total organic carbon in tight oil reservoirs are described. The techniques include calculating quantities of light oil and total organic carbon from logging data and generating therefrom a continuous log for reservoir quality metric. Additionally new reservoir quality... Agent:

20150094962 - Obstructive sleep apnea treatment screening methods: Embodiments include a screening method for evaluating patient suitability for an implanted hypoglossal nerve stimulation (HGNS) device. The screening method evaluates blood oxygen data relating to respiratory events, with the blood oxygen data providing mean blood oxygen desaturation values for comparison to severity thresholds to identify patients who are likely... Agent: Cyberonics, Inc.

20150094961 - Phasing and linking processes to identify variations in a genome: Long fragment read techniques can be used to identify deletions and resolve base calls by utilizing shared labels (e.g., shared aliquots) of a read with any reads corresponding to heterozygous loci (hets) of a haplotype. For example, the linking of a locus to a haplotype of multiple hets can increase... Agent:

20150094963 - Bambam: parallel comparative analysis of high-throughput sequencing data: A differential sequence object is constructed on the basis of alignment of sub-strings via incremental synchronization of sequence strings using known positions of the sub-strings relative to a reference genome sequence. An output file is then generated that comprises only relevant changes with respect to the reference genome.... Agent:

20150094964 - Viscoelasticity measurement method and viscoelasticity measurement device: A linear elastic modulus measurement method and a linear elastic modulus measurement device can reduce external disturbances such as oscillation and electrical noise, and accurately and stably measure the linear elastic modulus of a linear elastic body even in the case where damping due to viscous stress is large. The... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20150094965 - Electrical power grid monitoring apparatus, articles of manufacture, and methods of monitoring equipment of an electrical power grid: Electrical power grid monitoring apparatus, articles of manufacture, and methods of monitoring equipment of an electrical power grid are described. According to one aspect, an electrical power grid monitoring apparatus includes a communications interface configured to access electrical data indicative of electrical energy received at a plurality of consumer locations... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20150094967 - Failure diagnosis method and failure diagnosis system for photovoltaic system: A failure diagnosis system is configured to calculate an estimated irradiation on a first photovoltaic string and an estimated operating temperature of the first photovoltaic string based on a short-circuit current and an open-circuit voltage on a current-voltage characteristic of the first photovoltaic string, and the array output voltage value... Agent:

20150094966 - Quadrature-based voltage events detection method: The quadrature-based voltage events detection method accurately characterizes magnitude and duration of short duration voltage variations, such as sag, swell and interruption. The short duration voltage events are quantified by calculating the rms voltage. The present method utilizes a quadrature procedure to calculate the rms values for power quality event... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150094968 - Comfort-driven optimization of electric grid utilization: A system for electric grid utilization and optimization comprising a communications interface executing on a network-connected server and adapted to receive information from a plurality of iNodes, the plurality of iNodes comprising a source iNode, a sink iNode, a plurality of transmission or distribution iNodes, an event database coupled to... Agent:

20150094969 - Predicting production of photovoltaic systems: The present invention is directed to methods, systems, and devices for predicting production of a photovoltaic (PV) system. A method may include establishing a reference performance model for a reference PV system at a reference site. Further, the method may include establishing a performance factor for an installed PV system... Agent:

20150094970 - Battery cell assembly: A battery cell assembly having a battery cell and a thin profile sensor is provided. The battery cell has a housing and first and second electrical terminals. The thin profile sensor has a flexible plastic sheet, and a microprocessor, a sensing circuit, and a heat generating circuit coupled to the... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150094972 - Current-based cell modeling: An arrangement provides simulation of important battery factors such as state of charge or state of health, and the estimates are provided to the human user in ways that permit the human user to make better use of the battery, for example in an electric car. The arrangement is made... Agent:

20150094971 - Method for determining a maximum available constant current of a battery, arrangement for carrying out said method, battery combined with said type of arrangement and motor vehicle comprising said type of battery: A method for determining a maximum available first constant current of a battery over a first prediction period includes determining a maximum available second constant current for a second prediction period. The second prediction period occurs after the first prediction period. The method can further include limiting a first difference... Agent:

20150094974 - Capacitive sensor, method for reading out a capacitive sensor field and method for producing a capacitive sensor field: A capacitive sensor (20) includes a capacitive sensor field (2), the capacitive sensor field (2) having a plurality of discrete electrodes (4) which are coupled to discrete leads (8). The leads (8) of a first electrode (41) are guided such that they are capacitively coupled with at least one second... Agent:

20150094973 - System for measuring excitation characteristics of magnetic assemblies using direct current: A device and method to measure the excitation characteristics of magnetic assemblies using reversible direct current and converting direct current excitation data to alternating current excitation data at any power frequency.... Agent:

20150094975 - Wavelet transform system and method for voltage events detection and classification: Wavelet transform systems and methods for voltage events detection and classification are provided and include a wavelet multiresolution analysis-based real time detection and classification for voltage events, as developed on a LabVIEW® platform. In the wavelet transform systems and methods for voltage events detection and classification, a finest detail level... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150094976 - Calibration of aircraft instruments using a laser sensor: A method for correcting an ambient pressure measurement, a method for calculating a temperature, and an apparatus for affecting the same for an aircraft measuring system are provided. The methods include the steps of receiving an airspeed measurement from a laser sensor, receiving a total pressure measurement, and calculating an... Agent: University Corporation For Atmospheric Research

20150094977 - Telematics system and associated method: Telematics system wherein a data processor is configured to: calculate a first rotation to isolate horizontal components of orientation data obtained from a three-axis accelerometer; calculate a second rotation of the orientation data dependent on acceleration data obtained from the velocity measuring device; and perform the first and second rotations... Agent:

20150094978 - Optical coherence tomography device: An optical coherence tomography device includes an SS-OCT optical system which includes a wavelength swept optical source which sweeps an emission wavelength, an optical splitter which splits an interference signal light caused by interference between a measurement light and a reference light into a first interference signal light and a... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20150094979 - Misalignment calculation system: A misalignment calculation system comprising a misalignment calculator for calculating a misalignment occurring in butt welding of end portions of a first steel pipe and a second steel pipe by using profile data measured in a circumferential direction on the first steel pipe end portion by presetting a first angle... Agent:

20150094980 - Vehicle positioning: The invention relates to an inertial unit for being attached to a rotatable part of a vehicle, the rotatable part being coupled to a power equipment of the vehicle, the inertial unit including: at least one acceleration sensor and/or at least one magnetometer arranged to detect a tilting angle of... Agent:

20150094981 - System and method for determining a ride height of a motor vehicle: A method for determining a ride height of a body of a motor vehicle and includes the steps of determining wheel heights at at least four different wheels of the motor vehicle, forming different selections of in each case three of the determined wheel heights, determining a ride height of... Agent:

20150094982 - Method for determining the estimated weight of an aircraft and corresponding system: A method for determining an estimated mass of an aircraft is provided. This method includes determining a first mass of the aircraft, from characteristics of the aircraft determined before or after takeoff of the aircraft, determining, during the flight of the aircraft, a second mass of the aircraft, from a... Agent: Dassault Aviation

20150094983 - Feature extraction method and apparatus for use in casual effect analysis: A feature extraction method and apparatus for use in causal effect analysis, pertaining to data analysis, which includes: determining a feature time point for use in causal effect analysis on a resultant event; acquiring a predetermined number of time intervals according to the determined feature time point, where the predetermined... Agent:

20150094984 - Hardware/software capability rating system: Techniques and tools for rating computer products are described. For example, software ratings are based on subjective evaluations to determine computer system requirements for a positive user experience, while a computer running a capability tool rates a computer system's (or hardware component's) ability to run software. A capability rating for... Agent:

20150094986 - Environmental conditioning unit testing: An air conditioning unit test system includes an a multi-sub-system air conditioning assembly including a plurality of sub-systems for conditioning an indoor environment. The a multi-sub-system air conditioning assembly includes a control board having control circuitry for controlling the plurality of sub-systems. The air conditioning unit test system includes a... Agent:

20150094985 - Graphical identification of misbehaving systems: In an exemplary embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes receiving a plurality of load data related to a plurality of physical machines in a computing environment. The plurality of load data is converted to a plurality of data points, each data point representing a corresponding physical machine from among the physical... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150094987 - Cpu utilization metering on systems that include multiple hardware threads per core: Indicating usage in a system includes implementing a performance counter associated with one or more hardware threads; counting events associated with the one or more hardware threads to determine an event count; deriving an initial measure of usage of a processor core associated with the one or more hardware threads... Agent:

20150094988 - Non-intrusive sensor system: A non-intrusive sensor system includes an array of sensors disposed in a process to measure various input process phenomena and a logic unit that analyses the sensor measurements using an empirical model to produce an estimate of a further process phenomenon not measured directly by any of the array of... Agent: Rosemount, Inc.

20150094989 - System and method for monitoring geothermal heat transfer system performance: A remote monitoring apparatus for geothermal heat transfer systems creates stores and transfers a structured time-stamped database of system parameters useful in determining efficiency, in diagnosing problems remotely and which is not only robust but which is reconfigurable from a remote location. The system of the present invention provides geothermal... Agent:

20150094990 - Automatic log sensor tuning: A process for automatic tuning a set of collectors and/or sensors includes: collecting first machine data by a first sensor in a collection framework, processing the first machine data by a first collector in the collection framework to yield first collected machine data, performing analytics on the first collected machine... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 41 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150088424 - Identifying geological formation depth structure using well log data: A method for performing a field operation of a field having a subterranean formation. The method includes analyzing, by a computer processor, a plurality of training well logs of a plurality of training wells in the field to generate a plurality of training well markers, wherein the plurality of training... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150088425 - System, method & computer program product to simulate the progressive failure of rupture disks in downhole environments: Systems and related methods to simulate, predict, and report progressive failures of rupture disks in response to thermal expansion of trapped annular fluids.... Agent:

20150088426 - Detecting bed boundary locations based on measurements from multiple tool depths in a wellbore: Systems, methods, and software for detecting bed boundary locations are described. In some aspects, the boundaries of a subsurface layer are identified based on a measurement from a logging point and a gradient associated with the measurement from the logging point. A first measurement is generated based on operating a... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150088427 - Method for hydrocarbon recovery with change detection and related apparatus: A method for predicting hydrocarbon recovery in a subterranean formation may include generating pre-heating data associated with fracturing in a sample from the subterranean formation, heating the sample with RF power to cause additional fracturing in the sample, and generating post-heating data associated with additional fracturing in the sample after... Agent: Harris Corporation

20150088428 - Computationally efficient nonlinear structural analysis: Seismic displacement demands for design of a bridge frame structure are typically determined from linear-elastic analysis (LEA), which are often incorrect, and compared to displacement capacity from a nonlinear pushover analysis. Nonlinear time-history analysis (NTHA) provides the most realistic assessment of displacement demands because it properly models the physics of... Agent: San Diego State University Research Foundation

20150088431 - Dynamic profiles: Implementations disclosed herein provide a monitoring technology. In one implementation, a monitoring system measures whole body biometric levels by analysis of changes in vascular volume caused by pulsatile pressure waves and in tissue volume in response to the pulsatile pressure. The monitoring system includes a monitoring device, which uses a... Agent:

20150088429 - Methods and systems for pre-conceptual prediction of progeny attributes: Methods and systems for assessing the probabilities of the expression of one or more traits in progeny are described.... Agent: Genepeeks, Inc.

20150088430 - Methods for evaluating lung cancer status: The invention in some aspects provides methods of determining the likelihood that a subject has lung cancer based on the expression of informative-genes. In other aspects, the invention provides methods for determining an appropriate diagnostic intervention plan for a subject based on the expression of informative-genes. Related compositions and kits... Agent:

20150088432 - Systems, methods, and compositions for viral-associated tumors: Contemplated systems and methods employ chimeric reference sequences that include a plurality of viral genome sequences to identify/quantify integration and co-amplification events. Most typically, the viral genome sequences are organized in the chimeric reference sequences as single chromosomes and the chimeric reference sequences are in BAM format.... Agent:

20150088433 - Automation in gaseous sample tests: The present invention is related to an apparatus facilitating the automation of gaseous sample analysis and the method thereof. Specifically, the present invention is related to the apparatus that is capable of detecting and converting a reading from a first matrix to a second matrix, thus simplifies a calibration process... Agent: Applied Lab Automation

20150088434 - Valve prognostics for polymeric components based on accelerated aging techniques: The claimed method and system develops accelerated aging test protocols for a component of a process control device, such as a polymeric component of a valve assembly, where the accelerated aging test protocol is specifically developed in response to expected operating conditions to be used during operation of the process... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20150088435 - Gear fault detection: Embodiments are directed to obtaining an impact energy signal associated with each of a plurality of teeth of a gear over a revolution of a shaft associated with the gear, generating, by a computing device comprising a processor, a profile of the impact energy signal, and declaring a fault associated... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150088436 - Customer-specific configuration and parameterisation of level measurement devices during the ordering process: A level measurement device parameterisation system for configuring and/or parameterising a level measurement device includes a user computer and a central computer. The user computer creates configuration instructions and parameterisation instructions on the basis of user inputs and the central computer creates, on the basis thereof, at least part of... Agent:

20150088437 - Memory interface with integrated tester: In an embodiment, a memory interface includes integrated circuitry to verify the integrity of the memory interface. The circuitry propagates a test pattern through different paths of the memory interface, and checks the result against a reference value to determine whether the components of the paths are operating within an... Agent: Cavium, Inc.

20150088438 - Ratio metric current measurement: The total current flow in a given electric circuit path is estimated by measuring the current in a second parallel current path and applying a ratio of the conductivity of the main and secondary path. Earth leakage current is measured by passing three wires through a toroid so as to... Agent:

20150088439 - Alternating current (ac) power flow analysis in an electrical power network: An alternating current (AC) power flow analysis in an electrical power network. Based on information relating to buses and transmission lines connecting the buses in the electrical power network, a convex approximation of AC power flows in the electrical power network is determined. The convex approximation of the AC power... Agent:

20150088440 - Solar power generation monitoring method and solar power generation monitoring system: A method for monitoring solar power generation includes calculating a cable loss, calculating a maximum power point tracking loss, calculating an inverter loss, calculating a system output coefficient, performing comprehensive calculation based on a rated output power of a solar cell array, a temperature coefficient of the solar cell array,... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150088441 - Energy usage estimation device and energy usage estimation method: A power measure calculates, based on a current and a voltage measured at a predetermined location in a power supply line, active power and apparent power for each predetermined time period based on utilization of plural kinds of electric facilities connected to the power supply line. A data memory accumulates... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150088442 - Systems and methods for utility usage monitoring and management: According to one aspect, a method of providing utility usage information to a user includes automatically receiving at a host system utility usage data collected by a plurality of utility meters at a user site, processing the received utility usage data, storing the processed utility usage data in a database,... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20150088443 - Method of determining the state of charge of a battery of an electronic appliance: A state of charge of a battery is estimated in several iterations, each iteration including: acquiring a measurement of intensity of current supplied by the battery, acquiring a measurement of voltage supplied by the battery, estimating a first state of charge of the battery based on a first estimated state... Agent:

20150088444 - Monitoring synchronization of a motor using stator current measurements: Monitoring synchronization of an electric motor using current signals from power supplied to the motor is disclosed herein. The current signals may be used to calculate representative current values which may be used to calculate a rotational frequency of the rotor of the motor. The rotational frequency may be used... Agent: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

20150088445 - Dynamic characterisation of amplifier using multiple envelope shaping functions: A method of characterizing an envelope tracking amplification stage, the method comprising: generating an input test waveform which is representative of an input waveform under normal operating conditions of the amplification stage; applying a respective one of a plurality of different shaping functions, each comprising a non-linear transfer function, to... Agent:

20150088446 - Apparatus and method for selecting waveform for side-channel analysis: An apparatus and method for selecting a waveform for side-channel analysis are provided. The apparatus for selecting a waveform for side-channel analysis includes a matrix generation unit, a waveform transform unit, and a waveform selection unit. The matrix generation unit generates covariance matrices based on waveforms collected by a waveform... Agent:

20150088447 - Method and apparatus for a parallel frequency-mask trigger: The frequency-mask trigger unit comprises n trigger machines, where n≧2, in order to evaluate a total of n signal paths. In this context, the n trigger machines are connected to an evaluation unit. For this purpose, at least one trigger range is transferred to the n trigger machines. Moreover, a... Agent: Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150088448 - Calibration method and distance measurement device thereof based on phase measurement of double-wavelength laser tube: The invention is applicable to the field of phase type photoelectric distance measurement and provides a calibration method based on phase measurement of a double-wavelength laser tube and a distance measurement device of the double-wavelength laser tube. The method comprises the following steps of: 1, forming an external optical path;... Agent: Jiangsu Laitz Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150088449 - Quality assurance apparatus and method for magnetic resonance based radiation therapy planning: A system (20) for quality assurance of a magnetic resonance (MR) imaging device (23) used in magnetic resonance based radiation therapy planning includes a phantom (10) weighing less than 18.2 kg (40 lbs.). The phantom includes a three dimensional spatial distribution of MR and CT imagable elements (12) located in... Agent:

20150088450 - Position-measuring device and method for testing a clock signal: A position-measuring device includes a position-sensing unit, a processing unit, an interface unit, a clock generator and a time measurement unit position-sensing unit configured to generate digital position values. The processing unit processes instructions from subsequent electronics. The interface unit communicates with the subsequent electronics, according to rules of an... Agent:

20150088451 - Absolute position-measuring device: A position-measuring device includes: a first subassembly having a measuring standard on which at least one coded track is provided, and a scanning unit, which is able to generate position signals that may be used to generate an absolute digital position value by scanning the at least one coded track... Agent:

20150088452 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for locating and tracking objects: A system for locating and tracking an object is provided. The system includes a measuring device configured to determine a property of a paving-related material, a locating device configured to determine a location of the measuring device, a tracking system configured to store tracking information associated with the measuring device... Agent:

20150088453 - Device and method for determining the attitude of a satellite, and satellite carrying such a device: A device for determining the attitude or variation in attitude of a satellite fitted with an attitude control system comprising at least one inertial actuator. The inertial actuator comprises a rotary element mounted to rotate about an axis of rotation. The rotation of the rotary element is controlled to generate... Agent: Airbus Defence And Space Sas

20150088455 - Inclination detector and onboard apparatus: A real acceleration computing unit 3 calculates the real acceleration Gw in the direction of travel of a vehicle by acquiring the velocity V a wheel speed sensor 12 installed in the vehicle detects. A road surface gradient computing unit 5 calculates the inclination of a road surface (road surface... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150088454 - Tool measuring method and machine tools provided with measuring functions: When measuring the dimensions of a tool having a cutting portion at an edge of a planar portion, first a plurality of points are measured on the planar portion using a measuring probe, then a planar formula for a measurement plane containing the planar portion is determined from these measured... Agent: Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.

20150088456 - Apparatus and method for extracting feature point for recognizing obstacle using laser scanner: An apparatus and method for extracting a feature point to recognize an obstacle using a laser scanner are provided. The apparatus includes a laser scanner that is installed at a front of a traveling vehicle and is configured to obtain laser scanner data having a plurality of layers in real... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20150088457 - Methods and systems for identification of event data having combined activity and location information of portable monitoring devices: Systems and methods for segmenting a period of time into identification of locations of a user who performs activities are described. One of the methods includes detecting activity of a monitoring device worn by the user. The activity includes an amount of movement of the monitoring device. The activity is... Agent:

20150088458 - Shape measurement method and shape measurement apparatus: A shape measurement method includes acquiring a plurality of partial measurement data sets of a measurement surface and inclination data corresponding to the partial measurement data sets; performing fitting of the partial measurement data sets so that differences between a reference equation and the partial measurement data sets are reduced,... Agent:

20150088459 - Monitoring and presenting unsynchronized physiological data streams: Methods, apparatuses and systems are described for outputting unsynchronized physiological data. The methods may include receiving a plurality of data streams, each data stream representing a physiological parameter for a person. The methods may also include selecting an epoch. Once the epoch is selected, the methods may also include determining,... Agent:

20150088460 - Apparatus for measuring response time, system for measuring response time and method for measuring response time: Example embodiments relate to a response time measurement apparatus, a response time measurement system and a response time measurement method for measuring a response output time from a facility corresponding to an input signal, and more particularly, a response time measurement apparatus, a response time measurement system and a response... Agent: Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.

20150088461 - Fault detecting system and fault detecting method: A problem detecting system is provided with: a setting value operating portion that changes a setting value SP in accordance with an operation by an operator; a manipulated variable calculating portion that calculates and outputs a manipulated variable MV based on a setting value SP and a process variable PB;... Agent: Azbil Corporation

20150088462 - Hardware performance evaluation method and server: Disclosed are a hardware performance evaluation method and server. The method includes: a remote server acquiring a hardware parameter of a detected device remotely through a detection device; according to the hardware parameter and a preset weight, calculating a performance point value of the detected device; and returning the calculation... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150088463 - Measurement data processing method and apparatus: A method and apparatus for processing measurement data received from a remote device monitoring a subject, particularly in the field of healthcare. In order to improve the reliability of data collected by a subject using a remote device, there is a need to identify and mark potentially erroneous or abnormal... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150088464 - Methods and systems for classification of geographic locations for tracked activity: A method includes receiving activity of a monitoring device that is configured to be worn by a user having a user account. The activity includes an amount of movement of the monitoring device and occurs for a period of time. The method further includes receiving geo-location data for the monitoring... Agent:

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