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Data processing: measuring, calibrating, or testing

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02/05/2015 > 45 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150039228 - Ultra-short-term forecasting method including real-time monitoring of the effect of upper and lower courses: An ultra-short-term forecasting method including real-time monitoring of the effect of upper and lower courses, comprising: obtaining ultra-short-term model forecast results through the model lattices based on the T639 global spectral model course library data source, the CALMET wind field diagnostic model and static data; establishing statistical equations on the... Agent:

20150039229 - Multi-beam bathymetric chart construction method based on submarine digital depth model feature extraction: The invention discloses a multi-beam bathymetric chart construction method based on submarine digital depth model feature extraction. The method comprises the steps of: constructing a DDM (Digital Depth Model) based on raw multi-beam echo soundings; establishing a slope and second derivative composite model based on the DDM; extracting feature points... Agent: The Second Institute Of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration

20150039230 - Downhole formation testing with automation and optimization: A method, and corresponding system, for formation testing includes establishing a control parameter and a test criterion for testing a formation, providing a formation tester equipped with the control parameter and the test criterion in a well bore at a test location, performing a first formation test, controlling the first... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150039231 - Measurement correction apparatus, methods, and systems: In some embodiments, an apparatus and a system, as well as a method and an article, may operate to calculate a map that transforms fast modeled measurement results into accurate modeled measurement results within a modeled data space, to make actual measurements using a tool disposed in a borehole, to... Agent:

20150039232 - Method of correcting mineral ore density logs: A logging method includes carrying out respective density logs, using gamma detectors, along a length of borehole. The density log is corrected for the dimensions and properties of the borehole tubing, the method comprising correcting and combing the plurality of density logs obtained using a gamma ray source inside the... Agent:

20150039233 - Method for near real time surface logging of a hydrocarbon or geothermal well using a mass spectrometer: An automatic method for providing geological trends and real time mapping of a geological basin using a mass spectrometer. The method provides information from a mass spectrometer on fluid samples from a wellbore into a geochemical surface well log with graphical tracks in real time. The dataset includes geochemical, engineering,... Agent: Selman And Associated, Ltd

20150039234 - Quantifying a reservoir volume and pump pressure limit: Methods for computer modelling of a pressure transient behavior after shut-in and during fall-off of an injection event are provided to provide estimates of stimulated reservoir volume, formation permeability, stress contrast across the target and adjacent zones, fracture dimensions, fracture beyond the target zone, and pump pressure limits for maintaining... Agent:

20150039235 - Permeability prediction systems and methods using quadratic discriminant analysis: Permeability prediction systems and methods using quadratic discriminant analysis are presented. At least one disclosed method embodiment includes: acquiring formation property measurements at a plurality of positions along at least one borehole in a study area; identifying clusters in a plurality of points representing the formation property measurements at the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150039236 - Determining an interval between activations of at least one survey source: A shot interval between activations of at least one frequency-controllable survey source is determined, where the shot interval is determined based on an expected frequency of an output of the at least one frequency-controllable survey source. The at least one frequency-controllable survey source is activated using the determined first shot... Agent:

20150039238 - Dispersion-relation fluorescence spectroscopy: Methods for deriving a diffusion coefficient and a drift velocity characterizing an ensemble of particles. A time series of images is acquired, and each image is Fourier transformed. An autocorrelation function is computed and fit to an exponential decay for each wave vector on a grid. A model of the... Agent:

20150039237 - Indexing gene expression data to compare gene signatures: Indexing gene expression data for comparing gene signatures includes assigning one of a plurality of fold change-based grading scores to each of a number of genes in a probe gene signature. The fold change-based grading scores reflect relative expression of one of the number of genes in the probe gene... Agent: King Saud University

20150039239 - Processor-based methods, systems and programs for remote animal health monitoring, assessment, diagnosis, and management: Processor-based methods and systems and computer programs for remote animal health monitoring receive and process data relating to animal health parameters obtained from a plurality of different types of sensors. Baseline data signatures are determined from the data obtained for individual animals, and as data is subsequently collected is compared... Agent:

20150039240 - Protein identification method and system: When a terminal sequence to be investigated is specified (S1), a corresponding protein is extracted from a database containing known proteins linked with terminal sequences (S2). If one protein cannot be uniquely identified (“No” in S5), amino-acid residues to be bonded to the target terminal sequences are selected, and new... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20150039241 - Hydrocarbon modelling: A method of characterizing a mixture having a plurality of hydrocarbons includes: obtaining a set of predetermined pseudo-components, each pseudo-component representing a respective group of hydrocarbons; obtaining physical data about the hydrocarbon mixture; and determining from the data the amount of each pseudo-component considered to be present in the mixture.... Agent: Kbc Advanced Technologies PLC

20150039242 - Coal-to-coal adhesiveness evaluation method: In order to evaluate the compatibility of coals used in coke production and to produce cokes with desired strength by blending coals in consideration of the compatibility, the invention provides a technique which evaluates the adhesion strength obtained when two kinds of coals are carbonized based on properties of the... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150039243 - Method and system for inspecting rotating machine component: A portable-terminal-using inspection method for a rotating machine component allows an operating state of a rotating machine component such as a bearing to be easily inspected by using a popularized portable information terminal and a dedicated sensor that supplies detection information to the terminal. The state of the rotating machine... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20150039244 - Failure rate estimation from multiple failure mechanisms: A computerized method for estimating reliability of a system at normal operating conditions. The computerized method includes enables of selection of a plurality of failure mechanisms FMj of the system. The failure mechanisms FMj are estimated to cause failures as time events during use of the system. The failure mechanisms... Agent: Ariel - University Research And Development Company Ltd.

20150039245 - System and method of non-destructive inspection with a visual scanning guide: Disclosed is an inspection device and method of guiding an inspection probe according to a predetermined inspection plan. The device is couple with a probe which is to be moved according to the inspection plan on the test object, the device including an inspection guide unit having a guide control... Agent: Olympus Ndt Inc.

20150039246 - Dynamometer system: Provided is a dynamometer system provided with a shaft-torque meter, and capable of an equivalent evaluation to that of a system provided with a load cell. A dynamometer system is provided with an encoder for detecting the angular velocity, a shaft-torque meter for detecting the shaft torque, and a control... Agent: Meidensha Corporation

20150039248 - Method for determining a parameter relevant for causing damage to a structure: A method for determining a parameter relevant for the damage to a structure, such as machines, machine components and individual assemblies that are subject to vibration stresses is disclosed. A method for active or passive vibration damping that makes use of this method, and a structure having a device configured... Agent:

20150039247 - Press-forming analysis method: A press-forming analysis method includes a step of analyzing press forming including setting an initial temperature distribution to a heated press-forming metallic sheet, and acquiring shape information, a temperature distribution, a stress distribution, and a strain distribution before mold release, in which a temperature analysis and a structural analysis are... Agent:

20150039249 - Method of providing reference pressures: A method of generating reference pressures by a pressure generator, which generates a reference pressure according to a mass applied to an end face of a piston using a mobile data processor including the steps of: selecting the standard instrument out of a plurality of standard instruments which are measured... Agent:

20150039250 - Vibration condition monitoring system and methods: In one embodiment, a diagnostics system is provided. The diagnostics system include a detection system configured to capture acoustic information and contextual information related to a machine component defect. A computing system is coupled to a processor configured to receive the acoustic information and the contextual information from the detection... Agent: General Electric Company

20150039251 - Evaluation method, evaluation device, evaluation program, recording medium, and manufacturing method for organic electroluminescence element: A method of evaluating an organic electroluminescence element which includes at least a light emitting layer between an anode and a cathode and has a light emitting element area of not less than 100 mm2 and not more than 1 m2. The method includes the steps of: applying a direct-current... Agent:

20150039252 - System and method for detecting generator incipient failures: A method, system and computer software for detecting an incipient failure of a generator in a power system including the steps of ascertaining one or more generator reference parameter of the generator for use as a baseline reference; measuring one or more operating parameter values of the generator; using the... Agent:

20150039254 - Data processing device, data processing method, and program: A data processing device includes: a data obtaining section obtaining time series data on a total value of current consumed by a plurality of electric apparatuses; and a parameter estimating section obtaining a model parameter when states of operation of the plurality of electric apparatuses are modeled by a factorial... Agent:

20150039253 - Method for identifying electric appliance and apparatus and system thereof: A method for identifying an electric appliance and an apparatus and a system thereof are provided. The method includes the following steps: respectively collecting a first power event on a first phase power and a second power event on a second phase power; when the first power event and/or the... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150039255 - Methodology for charging batteries safely: An apparatus and method for identifying a presence of a short circuit in a battery pack. A fault-detection apparatus for a charging system that rapidly charges a collection of interconnected lithium ion battery cells, the safety system includes a data-acquisition system for receiving a set of data parameters from the... Agent:

20150039256 - Method and device for dynamic monitoring of gas sensors: In a method for dynamic monitoring of gas sensors of an internal combustion engine, in the event of a change of the gas state variable to be measured, a dynamic diagnosis is carried out based on a comparison of a measured signal which is an actual value of an output... Agent:

20150039257 - Process calibrator, method for controlling a process calibrator and user interface for a process calibrator: A process calibrator is formed with a user interface, which guides to choose the right connection arrangements of the process calibrator according to the function of the process calibrator. The user interface shows in the display of the process calibrator the connection arrangements of the process calibrator and indicates the... Agent: Beamex Oy Ab

20150039258 - Testing apparatus and safety arrangement: The invention relates to a safety arrangement and also a testing apparatus for testing the operation of an extreme limit switch in a conveying system, which can be removed from service on the basis of a signal to be received from the extreme limit switch. The testing apparatus comprises a... Agent: Kone Corporation

20150039259 - Motion recognition method and apparatus: A apparatus for recognizing a motion of an object is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a camera configured to photograph images of the object having the motion, a plurality of pressure and position sensors configured to be installed on a floor and to measure a floor contact position, a floor contact... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150039260 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for activity recognition: In accordance with an example embodiment a method, apparatus and computer program product are provided. The method comprises receiving, at an apparatus, a sampled data associated with an activity from one or more sensors wirelessly coupled to the apparatus. The sampled data is generated at the one or more sensors... Agent:

20150039261 - Physical-fitness test system using acceleration sensor: The present invention relates to a fitness testing system using an acceleration sensor, of which a mobile device containing an acceleration sensor is attached to the body of the test subject and the test subject is induced to perform an exercise according to the fitness test instructions provided through the... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20150039262 - Multi-sensor indoor localization method and device based on light intensity: The present disclosure relates to a multi-sensor indoor localization method and device. The method includes: an optical signal is received from a point light source using an optical sensor group having N optical sensors; the light intensity of the optical signal is obtained, the optical sensor group includes a polyhedron-shaped... Agent: Shenzhen Institutes Of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy Of Sciences

20150039263 - Electronic apparatus and program: An electronic apparatus includes a display unit, an altitude measurement unit that measures an altitude, key input means for receiving an operation input, and a CPU that starts recording of altitude information regarding an altitude measured by the altitude measurement unit at a predetermined time interval if the key input... Agent:

20150039264 - Device for calculating round-trip time of memory test using programmable logic: A device for calculating round-trip time of a memory test using a programmable logic includes a pattern generation part including two pairs of input/output (IO) pins to generate a pattern signal for testing, and receiving a feedback signal through bidirectional buses from IO lines; two pairs of bidirectional buses for... Agent: Unitest Inc.

20150039265 - Method and apparatus for characterising samples by measuring light scattering and fluorescence: A method for characterising at least one sample, the method including the steps of a) the lighting of each sample to be analysed by N>1 light rays (LE1-LE3) at respective wavelengths of light (λε1-λE3); b) the acquisition, for each of the light rays, of at least one fluorescent light intensity... Agent:

20150039268 - Cavitating jet performance estimation method and cavitating jet performance estimation device, cavitating jet estimation error calculation method and cavitating jet estimation error calculation device, cavitating jet performance evaluation method and cavi: Equation (1) for calculating estimated cavitating jet performance E is set, a power index n(σ) of a term xn(σ) relating to a power law of an injection pressure p1 of a cavitating jet and a power index m(σ) of a term ym(σ) relating to a power law of a nozzle... Agent: Tohoku University

20150039269 - Engine speed data usage system and method: A fleet management system is provided for outdoor power equipment and is, in some embodiments, configured to estimate operator performance and/or skill for a particular operator based at least partially on engine speed data sensed during the particular operator's use of one or more pieces of equipment. Embodiments of the... Agent:

20150039267 - Method and system for monitoring the integrity of freight containers: A method for monitoring the integrity of a freight container along a transport route, the container having a sensor monitoring the container integrity, wherein the sensing of an event violating the container integrity is followed by event data representing the integrity violation being transmitted to an analysis center, wherein the... Agent: Astrium Gmbh

20150039266 - System and method for presenting information in an industrial monitoring system: A system includes an industrial monitor communicatively coupled to at least one sensor that is coupled to a mechanical system. The industrial monitor is configured to determine at least one type of measurement regarding the operation of the mechanical system, wherein each type of measurement is associated with one or... Agent: General Electric Company

20150039271 - Diagnosis of the defective state of a bolometric detection array: Method of diagnosing the state of signal-forming chains of a detector including an array of detection bolometers, each chain comprising a bolometer, a circuit of stimulation, and a circuit forming a signal according to said stimulation, including forming an image of a substantially uniform scene on the array; applying at... Agent:

20150039270 - Method for inspecting defects of solar cells and system thereof: A method and a system for inspecting a defect of a solar cell are provided, and the method includes: receiving inspecting data corresponding to the solar cell from an inspecting device; obtaining a current-voltage (I-V) curve of the solar cell according to the inspecting data; defining a first reference region... Agent:

20150039272 - Integrated digitizer system with streaming interface: A digitizer system (DS) may include one or more input channels to receive sample data, and an acquisition state machine (ASM) to organize the sample data into one or more acquisition records according to events of interest, and generate framing information corresponding to the one or more acquisition records. The... Agent: National Instruments Corporation

01/29/2015 > 44 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20150032376 - Apparatus and methods of skin effect correction: Various embodiments include apparatus and methods to provide a skin-effect correction. The skin-effect correction can be based on a pre-calculated correction coefficient library. In various embodiments, a skin-effect correction procedure can be applied that only uses a single-frequency R-signal measurement. In addition, an embodiment of a skin-effect correction procedure using... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150032375 - Term by term gain calibration of triaxial propagation measurements: A method for obtaining gain corrected triaxial electromagnetic propagation measurements with an offset correction includes deploying an electromagnetic logging tool in a subterranean borehole. The logging tool includes at least first and second axially spaced triaxial transmitters and at least first and second axially spaced triaxial receivers. A plurality of... Agent:

20150032377 - System and method for remaining resource mapping: A method for mapping remaining hydrocarbon resources in a subsurface reservoir, includes generating a pressure depletion map of the subsurface reservoir based on a pressure depletion dataset representing a pressure change in at least one well over a time interval, obtaining a hydrocarbon pore thickness map of the subsurface reservoir... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150032379 - Attenuation of multiple reflections: A method can include receiving an inside stack and an outside stack; generating a multiple reflections model based at least in part on the inside stack and the outside stack; receiving multidimensional seismic data that includes representations of primary reflections and multiple reflections; and generating processed multidimensional seismic data by... Agent:

20150032378 - Predicting interbed multiples in seismic data using beam decomposition: A method of attenuating interbed multiples in multiply-reflected seismic waves is performed at a computer system, the method comprising: providing multiple beams of seismic data and an earth model related to a geological volume; selecting one of the beams as an input beam associated with a pair of source and... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20150032380 - Plural depth seismic de-ghosting method and system: A method for de-ghosting seismic data includes receiving seismic data corresponding to plural depth sources or plural depth receivers located at a first depth and a second depth below a geophysical surface, wherein the second depth is below the first depth, where the plural depth sources or plural depth receivers... Agent:

20150032381 - Allelotyping methods for massively parallel sequencing: In one illustrative embodiment, an allelotyping method may include selecting a plurality of text strings that each represent a nucleotide sequence that was read by a massively parallel sequencing (MPS) instrument, where the nucleotide sequences represented by the selected plurality of text strings each correspond to a particular locus, comparing... Agent:

20150032382 - Apparatus and method for determining drowsy state: An apparatus and a method for determining a drowsy state include an information acquirer acquiring physiological information of a user, a mode determiner setting an operation mode among modes categorized according to variable applied to determine a drowsy state of the user. A threshold determiner sets a threshold for an... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150032384 - Apparatus for supporting and monitoring a person: A person-support structure includes a control system, an input configured to communicate a first input signal to the control system, and a sensor configured to sense a physiological characteristic of a person supported on the person-support structure. The sensor communicates a second input signal corresponding to the physiological characteristic to... Agent:

20150032383 - Method and system for filtering gas chromatography-mass spectrometry data: This invention relates to a system for and a method of filtering at least a part of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry data, the method comprising: providing gas chromatography-mass spectrometry data (301) for a gas mixture comprising data representing one or more gas chromatography elution peaks obtained for at least one sample,... Agent:

20150032385 - Methods of analyzing massively parallel sequencing data: In at least one illustrative embodiment, a method may comprise selecting a first plurality of text strings that each represent a nucleotide sequence that was read by a massively parallel sequencing instrument, where the nucleotide sequences represented by the selected first plurality of text strings each correspond to a first... Agent:

20150032386 - Distributor module and measuring system formed therewith: The distributor module serves for distributing electrical power to at least two connected measuring devices (S1, S2) and for forwarding to at least one superordinated electronic data processing unit (NLU) information concerning at least one physical, measured variable transmitted from the connected at least two measuring devices. For this, the... Agent:

20150032387 - Novel systems and methods that facilitate underside inspection of crafts: A craft inspection process is described. The craft inspection process includes: (i) locating, using an overhead robot, a candidate craft in space within one or more robotic envelopes and identifying craft offset; (ii) locating, using the overhead robot and the craft offset, a component and/or sub-component of the candidate craft... Agent: Aerobotics, Inc.

20150032389 - Apparatus and method for analysing the condition of a machine having a rotating part: c

20150032388 - Method of controlling transmission apparatus, transmission apparatus, and recording medium: A method of controlling a transmission apparatus, executed by a processor, the transmission apparatus including a plurality of ports capable of connection to an optical module, the method includes receiving operating time information of the optical module, and monitor information including at least one of information on temperature of the... Agent:

20150032390 - Apparatus for estimating exhaust gas temperature of internal combustion engine: An apparatus for estimating a temperature of an exhaust gas which is exhausted from an internal combustion engine to an exhaust manifold. The apparatus estimates the temperature of the exhaust gas in the exhaust manifold, based on a temperature increment caused by an adiabatic compression until a gas introduced in... Agent: Hino Motors, Ltd.

20150032391 - Control apparatus for detecting a variation of a fluid level in a tank: A control apparatus for detecting a variation of a fluid level in a tank is disclosed. The control apparatus includes an Electronic Control Unit connected to the fluid level sensor. The ECU is configured to monitor a signal value representative of a fluid level in the tank; filter the fluid... Agent:

20150032392 - Condition monitoring of anti-vibration mounts: Monitoring the condition of an anti-vibration mount, e.g. a sandwich mount in which a plurality of elastomeric layers are interleaved with rigid plates. A set of effectiveness data is determined using input and output data measured or derived over a period of time. The effectiveness data is indicative of the... Agent:

20150032393 - Switching loss measurement and plot in test and measurement instrument: The disclosed technology relates to a method and apparatus for graphically displaying a switching cycle of a switching device. A switching voltage and a switching current are acquired for a device under test via a voltage probe and a current probe, respectively, for a plurality of switching cycles of the... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20150032394 - Power management system: A battery monitoring unit monitors at least one from among: (i) the attachment state of secondary battery pack; (ii) the low state of a battery voltage VBAT; and (iii) the state of whether it is possible or impossible to use the secondary battery. A battery measurement unit measures the battery... Agent:

20150032396 - Boost converter controller with inductance value determination: A controller of a boost converter may be configured to dynamically adjust conditions within the boost converter by monitoring conditions in the boost converter. For example, the controller may determine an current inductance value for an inductor of the boost converter by monitoring a current through the inductor. When the... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20150032397 - Method for estimating dynamic power transmission line capacity by using synchronized phasor technology: The present invention relates to the field of electrical power systems and automation technologies thereof, and disclosed is a method for estimating a dynamic power transmission line capacity by using a synchronized phasor technology. Synchronized phasor measurement units are arranged at two sides of a power transmission line. The synchronized... Agent:

20150032395 - Method of recognizing touch: The disclosure relates to a method for recognizing touch. A first value T1 and a second value T2 are set. A number of first sensing values C1 are obtained. C1 is compared with T1 and T2. When C1 is greater than or equal to T1, a touch with finger is... Agent: Tianjin Funayuanchuang Technology Co., Ltd.

20150032398 - Combined x-ray and optical metrology: Structural parameters of a specimen are determined by fitting models of the response of the specimen to measurements collected by different measurement techniques in a combined analysis. X-ray measurement data of a specimen is analyzed to determine at least one specimen parameter value that is treated as a constant in... Agent:

20150032399 - Heading calibration method and compass sensor using the same: A heading calibration method, adapted for a compass sensor is provided. The heading calibration method includes the following steps. R data segments are sequentially generated by rotating the compass sensor by a predetermined angle, wherein the data segments includes a plurality of magnetic data respectively. A partial calibration process is... Agent: Ite Tech. Inc.

20150032400 - Method for managing a thermodynamic device for a motor vehicle, system, program, recording medium and associated vehicle: A method for managing a thermodynamic device for a motor vehicle, a system, a program, a recording medium and an associated vehicle. The method manages a thermodynamic device for a motor vehicle including a heat-transfer fluid circuit, and includes an initial verification in which a functional state or a failure... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20150032401 - Device and method for geometrically calibrating sensor data generated with the aid of a sensor system of a vehicle: A device for geometrically calibrating sensor data which are generated with a sensor system of a vehicle and which correspond to the vehicle surroundings, including: an ascertainer for ascertaining a geometric variable in sensor units of a physical object of the vehicle surroundings based on the sensor data, a retriever... Agent:

20150032402 - Extraction of spectral information: A spectral distribution of incident light can be determined to increase collected spectral information. The spectral distribution of the incident light can be represented as a sum of spectral components after the incident light passes through a spectrum selective element. A signal at each color pixel of the spectrum selective... Agent:

20150032404 - Method and device for determining the temperature calibration characteristic curve of a semiconductor component appertaining to power electronics: The invention relates to methods and devices for determining the temperature calibration characteristic curve of a semiconductor component (3) appertaining to power electronics. They are distinguished, in particular, by the fact that the temperature calibration characteristic curve can be determined in a simple and economically advantageous manner. For this purpose,... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150032403 - Systems and methods mitigating temperature dependence of circuitry in electronic devices: Methods and systems for compensating for temperature variation in the performance of electronic circuits and systems are disclosed. In some embodiments, the systems are configured to store compensation parameters determined in calibration, where the compensation parameters are used by the systems to modify performance. In some embodiments, the systems are... Agent: Analog Test Engines, Inc.

20150032405 - Method and apparatus for detecting interface connection between devices: A method for detecting an interface connection between devices is disclosed, including setting a recommended working parameter of a first interface as a first working parameter; obtaining, by using an auto negotiation operation, a second working parameter of a second interface; determining whether the second working parameter is equal to... Agent:

20150032406 - Method and device for optimization of a pulse sequence for a magnetic resonance imaging system: In a method for optimization of a pulse sequence for a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, a plan gradient pulse train that is to be executed to chronologically match a radio-frequency pulse train to control an RF transmission system of the magnetic resonance imaging apparatus is adopted to control a gradient... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150032407 - Falling state determination for data storage device: Determination of when an electronic device such as a data storage device (DSD) is falling. An input is received indicating an acceleration of the electronic device during a time period. A classifier function is calculated using the input and it is determined whether the electronic device is falling based on... Agent: Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

20150032408 - System for capturing movements of an articulated structure: A system for capturing the movements of a body having substantially rigid segments articulated together includes attitude units fastened onto the segments of the body, the units each including at least one accelerometer and one magnetometer, and a reduced number of gyroscopes. The system also includes a pseudo-static state detection... Agent: Commissariat Al'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20150032409 - Method and apparatus for calculating azimuth: A method and an apparatus for calculating azimuth, and a method and an apparatus for determining an offset from geomagnetic field are provided. An apparatus for calculating azimuth includes a magnetic sensor configured to sense magnetic field, a data selecting unit configured to select offset data items, an offset calculating... Agent: Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

20150032410 - Paddle link - real time paddling performance: A method and system are disclosed using a position sensor for tracking a trajectory of a paddling instrument. Optionally the trajectory may be used for determining a paddling improvement strategy, for recognizing a stroke type, for coordinating a rowing team and/or for calculating a paddling force.... Agent:

20150032411 - Envelope calculation by means of phase rotation: According to an embodiment of the invention, the received signal of a level sensor is sampled at discrete times, and the sampled values are digitised. New values are obtained from the digitised sample values by rotating the phase through a predetermined angle, which new values are then used together with... Agent:

20150032412 - Low power movement sensor: A detection system for monitoring and recording distance to at least one target. The detection system may comprise at least one module comprising: a power source; a trigger unit configured to detect the presence of the target; an enablement mechanism in communication with the trigger unit and operable to generate... Agent:

20150032413 - Gage for verifying profile of part and method of verifying profile of part: A method of verifying the roundness of a clutch hub includes placing the clutch hub adjacent a non-contact measuring device. The method includes rotating one of the clutch hub and non-contact measuring device about a central axis that is stationary relative to the non-contact measuring device. Distance measurements are measured... Agent: Landau Gage, Inc.

20150032414 - Method for the 3-dimensional measurement of a sample with a measuring system comprising a laser scanning microscope and such measuring system: The invention relates to a method for the 3-dimensional measurement of a sample with a measuring system having a 3-dimensional measuring space and comprising a laser scanning microscope, characterised by—providing the measuring system with a 3-dimensional virtual reality device,—creating the 3-dimensional virtual space of the measuring space using the 3-dimensional... Agent: Femtonics Kft.

20150032415 - System and method for software application usage metering using data store: A system and method for usage metering software applications (or features or functions) by monitoring the data store underlying the software application. The data store function may be implemented in many ways, such as a Relational Database, Transactional Database, Network and Graph Database, Object-Oriented Database, Embedded Database, In-memory Database, Schema-less... Agent:

20150032416 - Predictive method for performing services: A method for predicting services to be performed may include determining all devices which will require service in a designated period of time; determining the devices nearest to a particular technician; determining the devices that the technician can fix; determining the devices which meet goals of at least one of... Agent:

20150032417 - Systems and methods for identifying optical materials: The present invention relates to methods for identifying optical materials, and more specifically to methods employed to identify glass and other optical materials used in medical devices. The method includes the steps of (1) selecting refractive index liquids matching a given optical sample; (2) determining the matching points for the... Agent:

20150032418 - Aggregating and filtering data from mobile devices: Data from movable devices, each of which has at least one sensor, is aggregated using a method comprising: receiving data from multiple movable devices, where each datum from the data is generated by at least one sensor within a movable device from the multiple movable devices; determining, based on received... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 49 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20150025804 - Device and method for measuring wave motion: Embodiments are directed towards a wave measuring electronics device that is integrated within a buoy and the buoy is moored in an ocean. The wave measurement device performs a computer-implemented method for estimating wave motion, including receiving 3D sensor data from each of an accelerometer and a gyroscope, determining, an... Agent: Sea Engineering Inc.

20150025805 - Method for locating casing downhole using offset xy magnetometers: An apparatus, method and computer-readable medium for locating a joint of a casing disposed in a borehole are disclosed. The apparatus includes a sensor oriented in a plane orthogonal to a longitudinal axis of the casing. The sensor measures a magnetic field induced in the casing by the earth's magnetic... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150025806 - Mud pulse telemetry: Mud pulse telemetry. The various embodiments are directed to methods and systems of encoding data in a mud pulse telemetry system, where at least a portion of the data is encoded the time between pressure transitions. Moreover, the various embodiments are directed to detection methods and systems that detect the... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150025807 - Methods for determining dielectric permittivity spectrum of underground rock formations: Techniques involve determining the frequency-dependent dielectric permittivity spectrum of a rock sample. Determining the frequency-dependent dielectric permittivity may involve defining a series of electromagnetic measurement data having at least a measurement at a frequency from which a substantially frequency-independent value of dielectric permittivity ε∞ can be obtained. The electromagnetic measurement... Agent:

20150025811 - Apparatus for predicting change in physical index: An apparatus 10 for predicting change in a physical index includes an acquisition unit 13, a setting unit 12, and a calculation unit 18. The acquisition unit 13 acquires the ketone body concentration excreted by a subject. The setting unit 12 sets a set time at a present time or... Agent: Tanita Corporation

20150025810 - Assay to detect a gynecological condition: The present invention relates generally to the field of diagnostic and prognostic assays for a gynecological condition. More particularly, the present invention provides an assay for diagnosing the presence of or a risk of having a gynecological cancer or a sub-type thereof or a stage of the cancer or complications... Agent: Healthlinx Limited

20150025812 - Method and apparatus for discovery, development and clinical application of multiplex assays based on patterns of cellular response: e

20150025809 - Method of regulating caloric intake: A method, including: determining steady state values for daily caloric parameters that conform a person to weight management goal, the daily caloric parameters including a daily base metabolic rate (BMR) and a target offset from a daily total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), wherein the TDEE includes the BMR; determining an... Agent:

20150025808 - Methods and systems for processing test results based on patient-specific data and reference data: Methods and systems for processing test results based on patient-specific data and reference data are provided. An example method includes processing a result of a diagnostic test performed on a patient based on reference data that is based on testing of a group of patients. The method also includes processing... Agent:

20150025813 - Systems and methods for sequential windowed acquisition across a mass range using an ion trap: Systems and methods are provided to perform sequential windowed acquisition of mass spectrometry data. A mass range and a mass window width parameter are received for a sample. A plurality of ions from the sample that are within the mass range are collected in an ion trap of a mass... Agent:

20150025814 - Method and system for real time dry low nitrogen oxide (dln) and diffusion combustion monitoring: A system and method for monitoring and diagnosing anomalies in a diffusion or dry low NOX combustion system of a gas turbine, the method including storing a plurality rule sets specific to a temperature spread of the gas turbine exhaust. The method further including determining an anomaly in the performance... Agent:

20150025815 - Method for measuring the poisson's ratio and the residual stress of a material: The subject matter of the present invention is a method for measuring the Poisson's ratio and the residual stress of any material, that is, a metal, ceramic, polymeric, crystalline or amorphous material, in the form of a bulk material or surface coating.... Agent: Universit&#xe0 Degli Studi Roma Tre

20150025816 - System and method for monitoring power applied to a bicycle: A sensor system and method for monitoring power exerted by a person riding a bicycle has a pair of sensor insoles and a portable electronic device. The sensor insoles each have a plurality of force sensors, an accelerometer, and a transmitter for transmitting data from the plurality of force sensors... Agent:

20150025817 - Monitoring the change in height of a device using an air pressure sensor: There is provided a method of monitoring a change in height of a device, the device comprising a sensor for measuring the air pressure at the device, the method comprising determining a pressure change threshold from a pre-determined height change and an estimate or measurement of air pressure; obtaining a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150025819 - Handling of undesirable distribution of unknown values in testing of circuit using automated test equipment: A method for masking scan chains in a test circuit of an integrated circuit is disclosed. The test circuit includes multiple mask banks. Different mask patterns are stored in each of the mask banks. A first mask bank of the multiple mask banks is selected and the mask pattern stored... Agent:

20150025820 - Method of measuring the aging of electrical cables: A method comprises: injecting at an instant a reference signal at an injection point of said assembly, the reference signal having been obtained beforehand by injecting an initial signal at the injection point at an instant, by a measurement of the reflected signal resulting from this injection, and by the... Agent:

20150025818 - Synchronized testing of multiple wireless devices: A plurality of wireless devices which communicate with at least one other device are simultaneously tested using a test regime which includes a plurality of tasks. At least one device synchronizes commencement of each task by all wireless devices. At least one device logs performance measurements of each wireless device... Agent: Azimuth Systems, Inc.

20150025821 - Data storage device and system having adaptive brownout detection: Technologies are described herein for adaptive brownout detection and mitigation in a storage device having rotational storage media. A target position on the rotational storage media for a current write operation is received. A value for a brownout mitigation parameter is determined based on the target position. A brownout condition... Agent:

20150025822 - Battery dc impedance measurement: The state of charge of a rechargeable battery is determined by calculating the DC impedance of the battery. The impedance is calculated by: performing a two different constant current discharges of the battery at a first and second C-rates, respectively; measuring the voltage and current during the interval of each... Agent: Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

20150025825 - Battery pack and method for calculating electric energy of battery pack: A battery pack (10) includes a plurality of battery cells (100) which are connected in series to each other, a voltage and current measurement unit (voltage and current measurement unit (200)), a temperature measurement unit (temperature measurement unit (300)), and a calculation unit (calculation unit (420)) provided in an arithmetic... Agent: Nec Energy Devices, Ltd.

20150025824 - Method for monitoring a battery: A method is described for monitoring a battery, and a battery and a system for carrying out the method in connection with such a battery. A number of sensors are assigned to the battery, the sensors being connected serially to one another and to a control unit via a data... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150025823 - Temperature-compensated state of charge estimation for rechargeable batteries: The remaining state of charge of a rechargeable battery is calculated by: measuring the instantaneous voltage, impedance and temperature of the battery, and then inputting the measured voltage, impedance and temperature values into an equation, wherein the equation yields a state of charge value that is a function of the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

20150025826 - C-v characteristic measurement system and method for measuring c-v characteristics: Proposed are a C-V characteristic measurement system and a method of measuring C-V characteristics that allow for less change in resistivity with time in repeated measurement of a single crystal silicon wafer using a mercury electrode, as compared to those in the related arts. Measurement is conducted with use of... Agent:

20150025827 - Method of detecting an object with a proximity sensor: The disclosure relates to a method of detecting an object using a detection signal supplied by a proximity sensor. The method comprises the steps of generating a reference signal by filtering the value of the detection signal, defining a first detection threshold, and going from an object non-detecting state to... Agent:

20150025828 - Method of current sensor related torque error estimation for ipmsm based e-drive system: A method for estimating torque control error at an electric machine considers the effects of current sensor error characteristics. Systems and methods can be practiced to determine the maximum sensor error that can be tolerated without causing unacceptable torque error. An example method uses sensor characteristics and machine characteristics to... Agent:

20150025829 - Performance, thermal and power management system associated with an integrated circuit and related method: The performance, thermal and power management system is configured to perform DVFS calibration, temperature compensation adjustment, aging calibration, and DC offset calibration in an IC. The initial voltage supplied to the IC maybe set to an initial value which takes chip-to-chip process variations into account and then dynamically adjusted according... Agent:

20150025830 - Methods and systems to measure a signal on an integrated circuit die: Methods and systems to measure a signal on an integrated circuit die. An on-die measurement circuit may measure an on-die signal relative to an off-die generated reference signal, which may include a series of increasing voltage steps. The on-die measurement ent circuit may continuously compare voltages of the on-die signal... Agent:

20150025831 - Dynamically updating a time interval of a gps: A seismic system includes a wireless sensor node. The wireless sensor node includes a global positioning system (GPS) device to receive a GPS time value at an interval; a temperature sensor to measure temperature; an oscillator to measure time; and a memory to store the GPS time value, the temperature,... Agent: Intellectual Property Administration

20150025832 - Method for measuring temperature of film in reaction chamber: A method for measuring a temperature of a film in a reaction chamber is provided. The method includes: obtaining reflectivity sampling data R of a sampling point set in a detection area of the film for light with a wavelength λ, and thermal radiation value sampling data E of the... Agent:

20150025833 - System and method for prediction of temperature values in an electronics system: In accordance with at least one embodiment, a computer-implemented method for evaluating cooling performance of an electronics system is provided. The method includes acts of dividing the electronics system into a computational grid including a plurality of fluid cells and a plurality of solid cells, determining air flow values for... Agent:

20150025834 - Ship speed meter and ship speed measurement method: A ship's speed meter for measuring a speed relative to the water of a ship 10, the ship's speed meter including a wave transmitter 1 for emitting a sound wave toward a sea bottom 20, a wave receiver 2 for detecting a plurality of reflected waves, which are reflected waves... Agent: Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha

20150025835 - Method and device for measuring the speed of an aircraft by doppler: s

20150025836 - Rough road determination device: A rough road determination device (100) is mounted on a vehicle (1) that is equipped with an internal combustion engine (10) having a crank angle sensor (31). This rough road determination device is equipped with determination means (20) for determining whether or not a road on which the vehicle travels... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150025837 - Motor position filter for estimation of velocity using moving linear regression: A method of estimating a motor velocity in an electric power steering system that includes a motor is provided. The method generates motor position data by sampling an original motor position signal at an irregular sampling rate. The method estimates a motor velocity by performing a regression analysis on the... Agent:

20150025840 - Electronic device and method of motion processing: An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a motion sensor and a processor. The motion sensor is configured to perform a sampling at a sampling rate. In each sampling, the motion sensor generates a sample by sampling an angular velocity or an acceleration of the electronic device. The... Agent:

20150025842 - Method and apparatus for determining and retrieving positional information: An apparatus for determining and retrieving positional information including a surface having a plurality of first elements and a plurality of second elements, a first detection element connected to at least one of the plurality of first elements, and a second detection element connected to at least one of the... Agent:

20150025841 - Method and device for patrol inspecting and positioning a radioactive substance: A method for patrol inspecting and locating a radioactive substance, comprising: providing a background radioactive intensity value of environment; collecting radioactive intensity values from a inspecting region by a detector at a plurality of sampling points on a patrol inspection route; calculating a radioactive intensity distribution in the inspecting region... Agent:

20150025838 - Position estimation device, position estimation method, and integrated circuit: A position estimation device includes: a position estimation unit that estimates current position coordinates of the position estimation device; a pointing direction detection unit that detects a pointing direction pointed by a user using the position estimation device; a pointing target detection unit that detects a pointing target pointed by... Agent:

20150025839 - Positioning system and method thereof for an object at home: A positioning system adapted to be assembled in an enclosed space, includes a positioning device having a directional arithmetic unit and a positional arithmetic unit; and a plurality of sensors, each sensor electrically connected to the directional arithmetic unit and the positional arithmetic unit of the positioning device. Under this... Agent:

20150025843 - Distance measuring apparatus, distance measuring method, and control program: According to an embodiment, a distance measuring apparatus includes a multi laser beam emitting unit, an irradiating position changing unit, an image acquiring unit, and a distance calculating unit. The multi laser beam emitting unit irradiates a surface of a measurement target object with a plurality of elliptical laser beams... Agent:

20150025844 - Surface measurement apparatus and method: A metrological apparatus has a workpiece support surface (16) and a mover (9) to carry out a measurement by effecting relative movement in a measurement direction, X, between the workpiece support surface and a stylus (11) such that the stylus is deflected as a stylus tip of the stylus follows... Agent:

20150025845 - Surface measurement apparatus and method: A stylus is deflected as a tip of the stylus follows surface variations along a measurement path on a surface of a workpiece. A transducer provides measurement data in a measurement coordinate system. A data processor is configured to: determine a relationship between the data in the measurement coordinate system... Agent: Taylor Hobson Limited

20150025846 - Selection and use of representative target subsets: Methods and respective modules which reduce sample size and measurement duration of metrology parameters by selecting a relatively small subset of measured targets to represent a distribution of parameter measurements of a large number of targets. The subset is selected by sampling a substantially equal number of measurements from each... Agent:

20150025847 - Quantitative elemental profiling in optical emission spectroscopy: The current invention considers the spectrum as a multimodal distribution over a list of structures containing the wavelength as the main entry and the other information mentioned above in the list as additional entries. Each line is then given a probability of contributing to the spectral line. In the case... Agent:

20150025848 - Parallel processing optimization method, and information processing device: A specification unit specifies numbers of cores executing processing when a predetermined number of processings to be executed in parallel is allocated to cores by same amount by changing number of processings to be allocated within a range of numbers of cores capable of executing parallel processing. A determination unit... Agent:

20150025849 - Intelligent device and data network: A network for electronic communications in which disparate anonymous devices may transmit and receive information, such as in a secure manner. A method for collecting health-related data may, for example, comprise detecting, at a first time, that a sensor has moved within a detection range of a link component, the... Agent:

20150025851 - Calibration curve creating method and calibration curve creation apparatus: A calibration curve creating method includes: (a) acquiring observation data of a plurality of samples of a test object; (b) acquiring content of a target component of each sample; (c) estimating a plurality of independent components when the observation data of each sample is separated into the plurality of independent... Agent:

20150025850 - Sensor with interface for functional safety: A sensor interface operates to communicate a sensed quantity along one or more processing pathways and in different data representations. The signal representations can be swapped along one or more locations of the signal processing branches. These branches are independent from one another and combined at an interface component for... Agent:

20150025852 - Signal data processing for radiation detection: To make correct determination of electric charge collection among signals from a semiconductor radiation detector, provided in an embodiment of the present invention is a signal data processing method. The method includes a step of calculating timing data sequences unique to channels (timing data calculation step S02), each of channels... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 40 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150019133 - Acoustic monitoring of block caving: Apparatus is provided featuring a signal processing module configured to receive signaling containing information about detected acoustic emissions related to ore being mined from a block cave in a block caving process, including falling ore that creates unique acoustic signatures; and determine information about the ore being mined from the... Agent:

20150019134 - Wellbore positioning system and method: A method and a system are provided for determining the relative positions of a wellbore and an object. The wellbore is represented by a first ellipse and the object is represented by a second ellipse. The first ellipse represents the positional uncertainty of the wellbore and the second ellipse represents... Agent: Bp Exploration Operating Company Limited

20150019137 - Bioinformation processing apparatus and signal processing method: Disclosed is a biological information processing apparatus and a signal processing method, wherein a biological signal comprising a first signal component having periodicity is generated, and a given frequency distribution is generated based on a second-order difference signal obtained by subjecting the biological signal to a second-order differencing operation, whereafter,... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150019139 - Metabolic monitoring, a method and apparatus for indicating a health-related condition of a subject: An apparatus for indicating a health-related condition of a subject has an input interface for receiving a sequence of samples of a first biological quantity derived by a first measurement method, the first measurement method being an invasive measurement and having a first impact on the subject, and for receiving... Agent:

20150019135 - Motion sensor and analysis: The performance of an individual is monitored based on measurements of a conformal sensor device. An example system includes a communication module to receive data indicative of a measurement of at least one sensor component of the conformal sensor device. The sensor component obtains measurement of acceleration data representative of... Agent: Mc10, Inc.

20150019138 - Systems and methods for determining ingredient amounts for preparations for administration to patients: Computer systems and non-transitory computer readable media for determining an amount of an ingredient for a preparation for a requested therapy (e.g., an order or a prescription) includes an identifier, volume, and amounts of first and second compounds in each of a plurality of premix solutions. A predefined formulary comprising... Agent: Baxter Corporation Englewood

20150019136 - Systems and methods for determining retinal ganglion cell populations and associated treatments: A new combined index of structure and function (CSFI) for staging and detecting glaucomatous damage is provided. An observational study including 333 glaucomatous eyes (295 with perimetric glaucoma and 38 with preperimetric glaucoma) and 330 eyes of healthy subjects is described. All eyes were tested with standard automated perimetry (SAP)... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150019140 - Dielectric spectroscopy methods and apparatus: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for correcting measurements received by applying a frequency-varying signal with a measuring device (e.g., a permittivity probe) to a population of living cells (e.g., contained in a bioreactor) and correcting measurement divergences using data acquired using an alternate analytical method (e.g., trypan blue exclusion). In... Agent: Bend Research, Inc.

20150019141 - System and method for controlling liquid chromatograph: Provided is a liquid chromatograph control system for controlling an operation of a liquid chromatograph according to a method file containing a plurality of analysis parameters representing configuration items which determine operational conditions of the liquid chromatograph, including: a) a display section for displaying, for each of the analysis parameters,... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20150019142 - Damage evaluation method and maintenance evaluation index decision method: A first measured value of a specific physical quantity at a target portion is correlated with a damage evaluation index to calculate a damage degree corresponding to the first measured value. The specific physical quantity is measured at least once at a position corresponding to the first measurement position in... Agent:

20150019143 - Methods and apparatus for estimating a condition of a seal of a rotary valve: Methods and apparatus for estimating a condition of a seal of a rotary valve are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a housing and a processor positioned within the housing. The processor is to determine a seal wearing cycle of a flow control member of a rotary valve, the seal wearing... Agent:

20150019144 - Method and system for applying a compressive preload: A method of validating a compressive axial preload on adjacent rotatable elements serially arranged around a shaft, created through application of a progressively increasing axial tension to a tensioning member configured to compress the elements when the axial tension is applied. The method includes monitoring a load in the tensioning... Agent:

20150019145 - Differential method for equitable allocation of hydrocarbon component yields using phase behavior process models: A method for equitable allocation of hydrocarbon component yields which uses the output of process modeling of the hydrocarbon processing system with the individual source streams commingled into a single inlet stream to create a differential value table which can be used to provide the allocation of output product to... Agent:

20150019146 - Sewer overflow discharge monitoring system and method: A method and a system for monitoring the performance of combined sewer overflow structures is described. The inventive system includes sensors for monitoring the level of sewage in the structure and the operation of valves. A data processing unit collects data and calculates the flow of an overflow event and/or... Agent:

20150019147 - Method and device for estimating damage to magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) elements: For first and second magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) elements, a trend in a relationship between an electrical characteristic of the first and second MTJ elements and an area of the first and second MTJ elements may be determined. Damage to a sidewall of the first and second MTJ elements may... Agent:

20150019148 - Intelligent electronic device with enhanced power quality monitoring and communication capabilities: An intelligent electronic device (IED) has enhanced power quality and communications capabilities. The power meter can perform energy analysis by waveform capture, detect transient on the front end voltage input channels and provide revenue measurements. The power meter splits and distributes the front end input channels into separate circuits for... Agent:

20150019149 - Real-time power distribution method and system for lithium battery and redox flow battery energy storage systems hybrid energy storage power station: The invention provides a lithium battery and redox flow battery energy storage systems hybrid energy storage power station real-time power distribution method and system. The system comprises a communication module, a data storage and management module, a gross power coordination control module and a real-time power distribution module. The said... Agent: Zhangjiakou Wind And Solar Power Energy Demonstra- Tion Station Co., Ltd., State Grid Xin Yuan Compa

20150019150 - Semiconductor module: e

20150019151 - Method of determining a calibration time interval for a calibration of a measurement device: A method of determining a calibration time interval for a calibration of a measurement device for measuring a quantity to be measured, which allows a safe optimization of calibration time intervals between consecutive calibrations. Performing a first calibration of the device at a first calibration time; adjusting, repairing or replacing... Agent:

20150019153 - Calibration of grab detection: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving real-time sensor data from N sensors on the computing device. The real-time sensor data corresponds to a transition in a physical state of the computing device caused by a user of the computing device. The method also includes applying a linear function to... Agent:

20150019152 - Error compensation in an angle sensor: Embodiments provide a method for determining sine or cosine correction values for an error compensation in an angle sensor. At least three pairs of values for at least three rotation angle values of an angle sensor are detected. Each pair of values includes a rotation angle value and an associated... Agent:

20150019154 - Field device and data processing method: A field device includes one or more processors configured to perform a first processing with reference to safety-critical data and a second processing with reference to safety-uncritical data which is less critical than the safety-critical data, wherein the one or more processors are configured to generate a first request for... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20150019155 - Phase correction to compensate for reflective distortions of optical spectra: Disclosed herein is a process and system to correct reflective distortions of an optical spectrum. In addition, a spectroscopy system that compensates for reflective distortions is disclosed.... Agent: Northeastern University

20150019156 - Multi-node synchronous on-site test method: A multi-node synchronous on-site test method, the method comprising: using GPS time as time reference, and conducting synchronous on-site tests on the devices to be tested and systems distributed at different places at an appointed time; controlling the synchronous phase control simulation devices distributed at multiple nodes via a synchronous... Agent: Jiangxi Electric Power Science Research Institute

20150019157 - Method for evaluating a measurement result of a thermal analysis, as well as use of the method, computer unit, computer program product and system for performing the method: A method for evaluating a measurement result of a thermal analysis. A program-controlled computer unit is used to calculate at least one probability of the agreement of the measurement result with at least one dataset previously stored in the computer unit, wherein this calculation is based on a comparison of... Agent:

20150019158 - Decelerating factor estimating device: A decelerating factor estimating device configured to estimate a decelerating factor of a vehicle includes a drive force acquiring unit configured to acquire a drive force of the vehicle; a vehicle speed acquiring unit configured to acquire a vehicle speed of the vehicle; an acceleration acquiring unit configured to acquire... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150019160 - Absolute distance laser interferometer: A device for absolute distance measurement includes a first tunable light source for emitting a first wavelength light of a first tunable frequency modulated by a first modulating frequency and a second light source for emitting a second wavelength light of a second frequency modulated by a second modulating frequency.... Agent: Attocube Systems Ag

20150019161 - Movement line information generation system, movement line information generation method and movement line information generation program: Even when lacking an accurate association between the trajectory and identification of a moving body, the association between trajectory and identification of the moving body is estimated and the ambiguity quantified. An identification information association unit associates an individual trajectory link included in a trajectory link candidate with likely moving... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150019159 - System and method for magnetometer calibration and compensation: A system comprises an inertial measurement unit comprising one or more gyroscopes configured to measure angular velocity about a respective one of three independent axes and one or more accelerometers configured to measure specific force along a respective one of the three independent axes; a magnetometer configured to measure strength... Agent:

20150019162 - Using spatial information with device interaction: The amount of resources needed for an electronic device to track and/or interact with a user is reduced by utilizing a predicted relative position of that user. In some embodiments, a full 360° scan is performed using at least one image capture element to locate a primary direction to a... Agent:

20150019163 - Orientation sensing computing devices: A computing device including orientation sensors is provided herein. The computing device includes a base and a lid pivotally attached to the base. The computing device also includes an orientation sensing system configured to determine an orientation of the base and the lid relative to an environment of the computing... Agent:

20150019164 - Normal detection method, normal detection device, and machining machine provided with normal detection function: A normal detection method for measuring the distance to a measurement subject using one or more distance detectors, and obtaining a normal vector (Vn) on the measured surface of the measurement subject from the obtained measurement result (L), wherein: within a three-dimensional space, the straight line linking a first measurement... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150019165 - Weight detection by tire pressure sensing: A system includes a set of tire pressure sensors for tires of a vehicle, a control module and a user interface. The control module is configured to receive tire pressure information from the tire pressure sensors and calculate a weight or a change in weight of the vehicle based on... Agent:

20150019167 - Apparatus and method for automatically examining milking machine: The present invention relates to an apparatus for automatically examining a milking machine, which can check an abnormality or damage to the milking machine in real time during a milking operation. The apparatus for automatically examining the milking machine (50), according to the present invention, comprises: a first vacuum sensor... Agent:

20150019168 - Led classification method, led classification device, and recording medium: An LED classification device classifies LEDs, the LEDs each including a combination of an LED element that emits a primary light and a phosphor that, upon excitation by the primary light, emits a secondary light having a longer wavelength than the primary light, the LEDs each emitting a combined light... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150019166 - Water damage mitigation management system and method: A water damage mitigation management server includes a transceiver, an electronic data storage, and a processor. The transceiver is operable to transmit and receive communications over at least a portion of a network. The processor is configured to receive and cause to be displayed chamber dimension data, water damage data,... Agent: Independent Mitigation And Cleaning/conservation Network, Inc.

20150019169 - Secure systems and methods for machine monitoring: A system includes a secure data interface system. The secure data interface system includes a one-way communications interface configured to communicatively couple to a monitoring and protection system to receive data transmitted by the monitoring and protection system, and a processor configured to derive at least one measurement based on... Agent:

20150019171 - Feature-quantity extracting apparatus: A feature-quantity extracting apparatus is provided, which can calculate a proper feature quantity, by performing a simple calculating operation. The apparatus is provided with a code-string acquiring unit for acquiring code strings for every given period from a series of input data, wherein the code string is an arrangement of... Agent:

20150019170 - Method and device for processing a time-dependent measurement signal: A monitoring device is arranged to receive a time-dependent measurement signal from a pressure sensor in a fluid containing system, which is associated with a first pulse generator and a second pulse generator. The pressure sensor is arranged in the fluid containing system to detect a first pulse originating from... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20150019172 - Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus: A magnetic resonance (MR) tomography aparatus has an array composed of a number n of single coils Ei to acquire reception signals Ii. The tomography apparatus is operated by a method that includes the following steps. For each single coil Ei, a processor determines, or is provided with, an individual... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

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