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Data processing: measuring, calibrating, or testing

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10/02/2014 > 44 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140297186 - Rock classification based on texture and composition: A methodology provides improved rock classification. The rock classification may be based on characteristics such as texture and composition. Initially, data is obtained on rock in a given subterranean region. The data is processed to derive a material behavior and/or material properties in the subterranean region based on texture and/or... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140297187 - Joint inversion of geophysical attributes: Described herein are implementations of various technologies for a method. The method may receive seismic attributes regarding a region of interest in a subsurface of the earth. The method may receive electrical attributes regarding the region of interest. The method may receive a selection of a rock physics model for... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140297188 - Time-frequency representations of seismic traces using wigner-ville distributions: Presented are methods and systems for reducing or eliminating spurious error or cross-terms when using bilinear functions in a time-frequency analysis. A maximum entropy method is applied to a Wigner-Ville distribution of seismic traces to provide a robust and high resolution time-frequency representation of the seismic traces.... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140297190 - Monitoring of source signature directivity in seismic systems: Methods and systems for generating a stability indicator associated with source directivity between shots and based on a signature are described. The stability indicator is computed by comparing a reference directivity cube to a source directivity cube using a partitioned intensity uniformity (PIU) metric. In another aspect, the stability indicator... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140297191 - Predicting sensitivity to positioning for seismic surveys: A geophysical target-oriented approach is proposed to derive seismic sensitivity to 4D positioning mismatches, which focuses on the impact on the reflective response from the reservoir. The sensitivity indicators provide information about the seismic impact, in terms of reservoir imaging, of a surface positioning mismatch. Some embodiments capitalize on the... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140297189 - Seismic systems and methods employing repeatability shot indicators: Methods and systems for generating multi-criteria shot indicators are described. The multi-criteria shot indicator values can be weighted and the weighting factors can themselves incorporate one or more sensitivity factors. In another aspect, the shot indicators are related to the 4D repeatability and/or the 3D stability of seismic features associated... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140297193 - Seismic methods and systems employing shallow shear-wave splitting analysis using receiver functions: Methods and systems for shallow shear-wave splitting analysis using receiver functions of seismic data are described. Radial and transverse receiver functions are calculating by, for example, performing cross-correlations of vertical component data with radial component data and vertical component data with transverse component data, respectively. The receiver functions are then... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140297192 - System and method for interpolating seismic data by matching pursuit in fourier transform: Methods and systems for interpolating seismic data estimate a first frequency spectrum associated with the seismic data using a matching point (MP) algorithm having a pre-computed term. A second frequency spectrum is also estimate for the seismic data, using the MP algorithm, an anti-aliasing mask and the estimated first regular... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140297197 - Calibration curve creation method, calibration curve creation apparatus, and target component gauging apparatus: A calibration curve creation method is capable of performing accurate measurement from a piece of observation data. The calibration curve creation method includes (a) acquiring observation data regarding a plurality of samples of a subject, (b) acquiring the content of a target component in each sample, (c) estimating a plurality... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140297199 - Drug screening method and uses thereof: Described herein are methods of screening drugs in a non-human animal using high resolution technology leading to generation of pharmacomaps. Further described herein are methods of predicting the therapeutic benefit and/or toxicity of drug candidate compounds. In specific embodiments, provided herein are methods of predicting the clinical effects of a... Agent: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

20140297194 - Gene signatures for detection of potential human diseases: A process to select signature gene by performing statistical analyses on gene datasets of various types of diseases for identifying signature genes for at least one of the diseases followed by categorizing and establishing gene expression table with the signature genes. The signature genes in the gene expression table are... Agent:

20140297196 - Hardware acceleration of short read mapping for genomic and other types of analyses: A scalable FPGA-based solution to the short read mapping problem in DNA sequencing is disclosed which greatly accelerates the task of aligning short length reads to a known reference genome. A representative system comprises one or more memory circuits storing a plurality of short reads and a reference genome sequence;... Agent:

20140297198 - Measurement system: A measurement system includes a measurement device and a multifunctional portable terminal. The a measurement device includes a measurement unit for measuring a particular component in a biological sample, a measurement-side communication unit for transmitting by radio a measurement datum obtained by the measurement unit, and a measurement-side controller for... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20140297195 - Method and use of metabolites for the diagnosis of inflammatory brain injury in preterm born infants: The present invention relates to novel biomarkers for predicting the likelihood of inflammation-related brain injury in preterm born infants, using a plurality of endogenous target metabolites selected from the group consisting of acyl carnitins, diacylphosphatidylcholines, acyl-alkylphosphatidylchoines, lysophosphatidylcholines and amino acids.... Agent: Infandx Ag

20140297200 - Cell analyzer, cell collecting apparatus, and quality control method: Disclosed is a cell analyzer comprising: a measuring device that includes a collecting section configured to collect target cells in a specimen with a filter, and is configured to measure the target cells collected by the collecting section; and a data processing device configured to analyze the target cells based... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140297201 - Computer-assisted structure identification: The invention relates to a method for analysing mass spectral data obtained from a sample in GC×GC (2-dimensional) mass spectrometry, comprising: (a) comparing mass spectral data of an analyte with mass spectral data of candidate compounds of known structure in a data library; (b) identifying a plurality of candidate compounds... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20140297202 - Nondestructive method to determine crystallinity in amorphous alloy: One embodiment provides a method of determining an unknown degree of crystallinity, the method comprising: constructing a master curve plot comprising a plurality of reference curves, each reference curve representing a relationship between electrical resistivity and temperature for one of a plurality of reference alloy samples having a chemical composition... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140297203 - Multiphase flow measurement: A flow measurement device includes a first sensor device that responds to stimulus from fluid medium flowing through a measurement section by registering a measure representing a physical characteristic, a processor, and a data storage including a look-up table containing a first collection of values representing a first value of... Agent:

20140297204 - Method and apparatus for providing real time air measurement applications in wet concrete: Apparatus is provided having an acoustic-based air probe with an acoustic source configured to provide an acoustic signal into a mixture of concrete; and an acoustic receiver configured to be substantially co-planar with the acoustic source, to respond to the acoustic signal, and to provide signaling containing information about the... Agent: Cidra Corporate Services Inc.

20140297205 - Determining an electromagnetic response of a sample: Determining electromagnetic response of sample structure having predetermined bulk permittivity and permeability, to electron and radiation pulses, includes calculating electron pulse response of sample structure to electron pulse excitation, using finite-difference time-domain method. Electron pulse excitation is represented by non-singular current source driven by relativistic moving non-Coulombian electron charges, electron... Agent: Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Wissenschaften E.v

20140297208 - Remote hvac monitoring and diagnosis: (i) measures an aggregate current supplied to a plurality of components of the HVAC system and (ii) transmits current data based on the measured aggregate current. The server is located remotely from the building. The server receives the transmitted current data and, based on the received current, assesses whether a... Agent:

20140297207 - Safety analysis system for wiring: A safety analysis system for wiring, including: a storage unit that stores electric wire-terminal connector correlation information in which each of a plurality of electric wires and a pair of connectors are correlated with each other, terminal connector-function correlation information in which the pair of connectors located at terminals and... Agent: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

20140297206 - Universal smart energy transformer module: A universal smart energy transformer module (USETM) that uses an array of sensors to monitor and measure characteristics of the electrical power delivered and utilized at a location, along with other conditions in the area surrounding the location. The invention then uses the data from these sensors to determine the... Agent: Kaspar LLC

20140297209 - Method, sensor and system for analyzing appliances in a power line network: A method for analyzing appliances in a power line network, comprises obtaining an electrical characteristic of the power line network, using a sensor that is connected to the power line network, and detecting an appliance connected to the power line network on the basis of the electrical characteristic of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140297210 - Universal internet of things apparatus and methods: A system to aggregate, filter, and share data for analysis receives first data from a first sensor, system, or server where the first data has a first protocol. The system samples the first data at a first sampling rate to generate first digital data, where the first sampling rate is... Agent:

20140297211 - Statistical model-based metrology: Methods and systems for creating a measurement model based on measured training data are presented. The trained measurement model is used to calculate process parameter values, structure parameter values, or both, directly from measured data collected from other wafers. The measurement models receive measurement data directly as input and provide... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140297212 - Systems and methods for compensating for a misalignment angle between an accelerometer and a magnetometer: A method for compensating for a misalignment angle between an accelerometer and a magnetometer includes applying a corrective rotation to collected accelerometer data or magnetometer data based on an estimated misalignment angle between an axis of the accelerometer and an axis of the magnetometer. The method further includes estimating a... Agent: Kionix, Inc.

20140297213 - Azimuth correction method and electronic device thereof: In various embodiments, the azimuth correction method includes acquiring at the electronic device, an azimuth, determining reliability of a change value of the azimuth, sensing motion of the electronic device based on the reliability, and correcting the azimuth according to the motion. Various embodiments of the invention may include other... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140297214 - Occupant determination apparatus: An occupant determination apparatus includes a load sensor that detects weight of an occupant seated on a seat of a vehicle, and a determinator determining the weight of the occupant as one status among a plurality of statuses which is set corresponding to the weight based on the measurement weight... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140297215 - Temperature-measurement probe: An apparatus, system and method for temperature measurement of a target site, such a human body site. The invention includes an intelligent temperature probe configured to physically contact a target site and to communicate with a host device, which can be implemented as a hand-held device or as a personal... Agent:

20140297216 - System and method for thermal response testing: A system and method for performing at least one thermal response test for a medium. At least one request signal indicative of at least one request to perform the thermal response test is received. On the basis of the at least one request, at least one control signal is generated... Agent: Energie-stat Inc.

20140297217 - Fitness monitoring device with altimeter and gesture recognition: Biometric monitoring devices, including various technologies that may be implemented in such devices, are discussed herein. Additionally, techniques for utilizing altimeters in biometric monitoring devices are provided. Such techniques may, in some implementations, involve recalibrating a biometric monitoring device altimeter based on location data; using altimeter data as an aid... Agent:

20140297218 - Fitness monitoring device with altimeter and airplane mode: Biometric monitoring devices, including various technologies that may be implemented in such devices, are discussed herein. Additionally, techniques for utilizing altimeters in biometric monitoring devices are provided. Such techniques may, in some implementations, involve recalibrating a biometric monitoring device altimeter based on location data; using altimeter data as an aid... Agent:

20140297219 - Motion detector module: Motion detector modules are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a motion sensor, carried by an insertable storage card, to capture a motion status signal, the motion status signal to be evaluated to determine if the motion status signal represents a characteristic motion of the motion sensor to thereby determine validity... Agent:

20140297222 - Actuator position calculation device, actuator position calculation method, and actuator position calculation program: A device for calculating a position of an actuator, the actuator including a movement mechanism configured to move in one direction in proportion to a control signal generated for each minimum movement amount ΔM and a movement amount detection sensor configured to detect a movement amount of the movement mechanism... Agent: Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation

20140297221 - Locating system and locating method using pressure sensor: A locating system includes a plurality of pressure sensors, a storage unit, and an analysis unit. The pressure sensors are located at different locations under a floor of a room to sense pressures. Each pressure sensor has a sensor identification (ID). The storage unit stores a location of each pressure... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140297220 - Vehicular occupancy assessment: Systems, devices, and techniques are provided for occupancy assessment of a vehicle. For one or more occupants of the vehicle, the occupancy assessment establishes position and/or identity for some or all of the occupant(s).... Agent:

20140297224 - Data processing method of tire shape inspecting device: In a data processing method of a tire shape inspecting device of the present invention, a position immediately before the number of the undetected points becomes a predetermined, number or more is determined as a temporary range of upper and lower limit values. Meanwhile, an absolute value is obtained from... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140297223 - Method for using optical metrology to monitor critical dimension uniformity: Various embodiments provide systems, computer program products and computer implemented methods. In some embodiments, the system includes a method of determining a characteristic of an optical mask. The method including: generating a first set of electromagnetic field (EMF) simulation data about the optical mask, using a first set of simulation... Agent:

20140297225 - Method and apparatus for underground equipment monitoring: The present disclosure provides a system which collects data from a set of sensors installed on underground vehicles which is then transferred to a remote data collection node through multiple communication protocol/channels according to priority calculations. Data priority is defined based on the evaluation of individual criteria and a set... Agent:

20140297226 - Sample analysis method, sample analysis system, and recovery method: Disclosed is a sample analysis method using a sample measuring apparatus configured to operate under control of a first computer, the method comprising: making the sample measuring apparatus operate under control of a second computer instead of the first computer, the step including downloading, from an external server, a control... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20140297229 - Data logger for measurement device: For easy centralized management of measurement data and installation environmental data and user's real-time recognition through a certain type of peripheral equipment of how the installation environment affects the measured values at the site of measurement, a data logger for a measurement device includes in its structure any of the... Agent: A&d Company, Limited

20140297228 - Detection and/or classification of materials: A method processing an image dataset of radiation emergent from a test object after its irradiation by a suitable radiation source is described which comprises the steps of: generating an image dataset comprising a spatially resolved map of items of intensity data from the radiation emergent from the test object;... Agent: Kromek Limited

20140297227 - System and method for planning and monitoring a light sensory network: A method of determining the position of an array of sensors, an array of solid-state lamps, or other devices which sense or emit electromagnetic waves includes first determining a sensing or emitting distribution for one of the devices, then integrating that distribution over the area to be covered by the... Agent: Sensity Systems, Inc.

09/25/2014 > 53 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20140288833 - Method of evaluating final equilibrium ph of contaminated soil on site by using paste ph: Disclosed is a method of evaluating a final equilibrium pH of a contaminated soil on site by using a paste pH. The method includes measuring the paste pH by adding a solution to the contaminated soil, and evaluating the final equilibrium pH according to an initial pH by applying the... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources

20140288834 - Fast inversion of mwd transient em data excited by a pulse of an arbitrary shape: A system and method of estimating properties of a subsurface formation are described. The method includes transmitting an excitation current pulse into the formation, receiving an induced pulse used to generate input data, and performing an inversion on the input data using a lookup table based on a shape of... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140288835 - Method for computing uncertainties in parameters estimated from beamformed microseismic survey data: A method for estimating uncertainties in determining hypocenters of seismic events occurring in subsurface formations according to one aspect includes determining estimates of event locations by choosing local peaks in summed amplitude of seismic energy detected by an array of sensors disposed above an area of the subsurface to be... Agent: Microseismic, Inc.

20140288836 - Method for determining the inflow profile of fluids of multilayer deposits: A method for determining the profile of fluids inflowing into multi-zone reservoirs provides for a temperature measurement in a wellbore during the return of the wellbore to thermal equilibrium after drilling and determining a temperature of the fluids inflowing into the wellbore from each pay zone after perforation at an... Agent:

20140288837 - Estimating translational data: Translational data acquired by at least one seismic sensor is received. Gradient sensor data acquired by at least one gradient sensor is received. Estimated translational data at a position away from at least one position of the at least one seismic sensor is computed, where the computing is based on... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140288838 - System and method for interpolating seismic data: A system and method of interpolating seismic data is provided. The system and method form a plurality of pairwise Hankel tensors from acquired seismic data, and a respective pairwise Hankel tensor for each of a plurality of originally collected frequency slices, perform tensor completion on each of said pairwise Hankel... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140288839 - Method and apparatus for deghosting seismic data: Apparatus, computer instructions and method for deghosting seismic data related to a subsurface of a body of water. The method includes inputting data recorded by detectors that are towed by a vessel, the data being associated with waves travelling from the subsurface to the detectors; applying a migration procedure to... Agent: Cggveritas Services Sa

20140288840 - Method for subsurface mapping using seismic emissions: The invention comprises a method for mapping a volume of the Earth's subsurface encompassing a selected path within said volume, comprising dividing the volume of the Earth's subsurface into a three-dimensional grid of voxels and transforming detected seismic signals representing seismic energy originating from said volume of the Earth's subsurface... Agent: Global Microseismic Services, Inc.

20140288842 - Method and device for attenuating random noise in seismic data: Methods and devices for seismic data processing attenuate noise by replacing an attribute value v(i) of a selected data point i with a weighted average {circumflex over (ν)}(i) of attribute values of data points j from a window that includes the selected data point i. The contribution to the weighted... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140288841 - Removing noise from a seismic measurement: A technique includes using a filter having filtering parameters based at least in part on a dispersion curve of at least one vibration mode of a streamer to filter a measurement acquired by at least one sensor of the streamer and using results of the filtering to suppress vibration noise... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140288843 - Vector-dip filtering of seismic data in the time-frequency domain: Methods and systems for separating surface wave velocity information from surface wave noise in seismic data are described. The seismic data can be comprised of irregularities in spatial sampling, non-stationarity in time and non-stationarity in frequency. The methods and systems can then be adapted to create a multi-component dip filter... Agent: Cgg Services Sa

20140288844 - Characterization of biological material in a sample or isolate using unassembled sequence information, probabilistic methods and trait-specific database catalogs: The present invention relates to systems and methods for the characterization of biological material within a sample or isolate. The characterization may utilize probabilistic methods that compare sequencing information from fragment reads to sequencing information of reference genomic databases and/or trait-specific database catalogs. The characterization may be of the identities... Agent: Cosmosid Inc.

20140288848 - Method for determining and predicting protein autonomous folding: Techniques for determining an equilibrium structure of a protein in a predetermined environment, the protein having Ramachandran angles and a known denatured structure, are disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, a method is presented which involves determining a maximum RMS volume of the known denatured structure of the protein and calculating... Agent: The Research Foundation Of State University Of New York

20140288850 - Self-learning of plant growth strategy in a greenhouse: A system for monitoring plants in a greenhouse, the system comprising: a plurality of weighing units, the weighing units distributed in the greenhouse, each of the weighing units is attached to a single plant or group of plants and comprising means for weighing the plant or group of plants, the... Agent: Paskal Technologies Agriculture Cooperative Ltd.

20140288846 - System and method to identify dysregulated pathways and related interactions: A method can compute a cooperation profile for at least two genes according to a gene expression data set for each of a plurality of genes, the cooperation profile representing cooperation interactions dysregulated in at least one disease. A competition profile for genes according to the gene expression data set,... Agent:

20140288849 - System for generating a dynamic spectral signature of an evolving biologic distortion: A medical diagnostic system for quantifying at least one perturbation of a concentration of at least one constituent of blood of a patient over time is described herein. In some examples, the system includes a processor programmed to analyze data comprising the concentration, the concentration having a reference range and... Agent:

20140288847 - Systems and techniques for segmentation of sequential data: An efficient method and associated systems for segmentation of high throughput sequential data, such as genomic datasets. The technique first utilizes dynamic programming to compute the significance for a large number of candidate segments. It then uses tree-based data structures to detect overlapping significant regions and update them simultaneously. Refinement... Agent: The Florida State University Research Foundation, Inc.

20140288845 - Technique for real-time removal of power line interference in ecg: A technique for real-time removal of power line interference (PLI) in electrocardiograms (ECG) with sampling rate a relevant integer multiple of the nominal power line frequency (NPLF), comprising band-pass PLI filtering of the ECG, determining expedient weights and weighted Least-Squares parabolic approximating downsampled to the NPLF series of band-pass PLI... Agent:

20140288851 - Method for sequence recombination and apparatus for ngs: Provided are a sequence recombination method for NGS and an apparatus thereof. According to an embodiment of the present, a fragment sequence having a length of n is divided into six fragments of an equal sequence length, and then three fragments located in a preceding part of the fragment sequence... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20140288852 - Cell identification device and program: An apparatus that identifies the type of a test cell based on a result obtained by performing mass spectrometry on the test cell includes a higher-level database, which contains mass lists that each list ion mass values of constituent components of a known cell, and a lower-level database, which contains... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140288853 - Method for determining the location, size, and fluid composition of a subsurface hydrocarbon accumulation: A method is disclosed for determining a presence, type, quality and/or volume of a subsurface hydrocarbon accumulation from a sample related thereto. The method may include obtaining sample data associated with a subsurface hydrocarbon accumulation, wherein the sample data includes a noble gas signature, a clumped isotope signature and/or a... Agent:

20140288854 - Analysis assisting method, analyzer, remote computer, data analyzing method, program, and reagent container: In an analysis system having an analysis apparatus using a reagent container having a memory to store reagent information concerning the reagent in the reagent container and a remote computer, the following steps are executed: reading out the reagent information from the memory of the reagent container; judging, based on... Agent: Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20140288856 - Shoe wear-out sensor, body-bar sensing system, unitless activity assessment and associated methods: A system assesses activity and displays a unitless activity value. A detector senses activity of a user. A processor reads sensed activity data from the detector. A display displays the unitless activity value. An enclosure houses the detector and the processor. The processor periodically reads the sensed activity data from... Agent:

20140288855 - Temporary uprating of wind turbines to maximize power output: A control strategy for uprating the rated power of a wind turbine at times during the design life includes measuring an operating parameter for a component of the wind turbine as the wind turbine operates at a design rated speed and a design rated torque, and calculating an actual accumulated... Agent:

20140288857 - System and method for dynamically locating a fault observed on a component: A method and system for dynamic locating of a fault observed in a defective component related to a forging operation, in which: a processor models a shaping operation of a component by forging, as per a set of successive models of the component; a processor adds a fault plotter to... Agent: Snecma

20140288858 - System and method for detecting leaks: A method includes receiving a result of a benchmark leak detection test for a pressure system and determining whether the result indicates that a leak is present in the pressure system. In response to the result of the benchmark leak detection test indicating that a leak is not present in... Agent: Innovative Pressure Testing, LLC

20140288859 - System and method for estimating pneumatic pressure state of vehicle tires: A system and a method for estimating pneumatic pressure state of vehicle's tires where the system includes one or more sensor units, each including an optical sensor such as camera for acquiring at least one image of at least one wheel of the respective vehicle and a controller including a... Agent: Neomatix Ltd.

20140288860 - Device for measuring length of electrode plate: A system for measuring a length of an electrode plate includes a body on which an electrode plate roll formed by spirally winding the electrode plate is provided; a control device to which the body is combined; and a measuring device including a thickness measurement unit combined with the body... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20140288861 - Sampling methodology for measuring power consumption for a population of power-consuming devices: A method and device for performing a sampling methodology for measuring power consumption for a population of power-consuming devices. The device includes a processor configured to perform the method. The method includes determining an energy consumption level for each device in a population of power-consuming devices; clustering the population of... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140288862 - Magnetic compensation circuit and method for compensating the output of a magnetic sensor, responding to changes in a first magnetic field: A solution for compensating a magnetic field sensor to permit detection of a small magnetic field in the presence of a large magnetic field is disclosed. A magnetic field sensor detects the magnetic field which produces an analogue signal then encoded by an analogue to digital converter (ADC) into a... Agent:

20140288863 - Method and device for monitoring a high-voltage electric current transmission line: A method for monitoring a high-voltage electric-current transmission line includes: determining (100) the ampacity (A) of the high-voltage line from a distribution temperature, conduction parameters and meteorological parameters; measuring (202) the current strength effectively transmitted by the high-voltage line using at least one sensor; and monitoring (204), by a monitoring... Agent: Rte Reseau De Transport D'electricite

20140288864 - Method of calculating assembly time and assembly time calculating device: A non-transitory computer readable storage medium storing a program that causes a computer to execute a process, the process includes: acquiring animation data for displaying steps of assembling a product on a display with an animation; detecting change in a viewpoint of an animation from the acquired animation data; and... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140288865 - Blade tip timing: A method of zeroing displacement data derived from a rotor having an array of features monitored by an array of stationary timing probes. The method includes steps to calculate the displacement at each probe for each of at least two measured revolutions from time of arrival measurements. Each displacement is... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140288866 - Method and apparatus for managing sensor data: Provided is a method and apparatus for managing sensor data by determining an appropriate sensor data collection cycle for each service in view of a weighting such as an amount of energy saved by data collection cycles, a data storage space and data processing time, and a probability of an... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140288867 - Recalibrating an inertial navigation system: A device may include a radio signal receiver, and an inertial navigation system. Additionally, the device may include a processor to determine that the inertial navigation system has been initiated, monitor a radio signal associated with a mobile network received at the radio signal receiver, and determine a channel impulse... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140288868 - Process for monitoring items that are stored or in transit: This system can capture information about conditions or events that may have impacted goods which had been stored for shipment or warehousing. This may include time-of-departure, geo-position, in-transit temperature ranges and time the shipment may have been maintained outside required temperature levels. Information may also include motion or acceleration data... Agent:

20140288869 - Fluid dispenser calibration method: A method of calibrating a dispenser includes dispensing a dose of product from a dispenser reset to an uncorrected state and measuring a single dose of product from a draw representative of an average dose (typically dispensed when the product tank is at mid-fill level). Pre-determined equations relating a calibration... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140288870 - Inline calibration of motion sensor: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing devices for facilitating health and wellness-related information. More specifically, disclosed are systems, methods, devices, computer readable medium, and apparatuses configured to determine activity and activity types, including gestures, from... Agent: Aliphcom

20140288871 - Test apparatus and test system: A test apparatus of the present embodiment has a logic cell, a host and a first bus. The host includes: a conversion section configured to analyze a test vector and convert the test vector to signal control data and a waveform shape; and a judgment section configured to analyze an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140288872 - Testing device and testing method for testing performance parameter of electronic device: A testing device includes a display and a storage that stores a testing table. The testing table records at least one testing project and a test value of each of a plurality of parameters corresponding to the at least one testing project. Each parameter corresponding to a reference value range.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140288876 - Dynamic control of sampling rate of motion to modify power consumption: Embodiments of the relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing devices for facilitating health and wellness-related information. More specifically, disclosed are systems, methods, devices, computer readable medium, and apparatuses configured to determine activity and activity types, including gestures, from sensed... Agent: Aliphcom

20140288878 - Identification of motion characteristics to determine activity: Embodiments of the relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing devices for facilitating health and wellness-related information. More specifically, disclosed are systems, methods, devices, computer readable medium, and apparatuses configured to determine activity and activity types, including gestures, from sensed... Agent: Aliphcom

20140288874 - Information processing device, sensor device, information processing system, and storage medium: An information processing system includes processing circuitry that is configured to receive input data from a shock sensor which outputs data based on a shock on the shock sensor, and identify a target segment of time-series data that is output from a motion sensor that senses a motion of an... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140288877 - Intermediate motion signal extraction to determine activity: Embodiments of the relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing devices for facilitating health and wellness-related information. More specifically, disclosed are systems, methods, devices, computer readable medium, and apparatuses configured to determine activity and activity types, including gestures, from sensed... Agent: Aliphcom

20140288875 - Methods and architecture for determining activity and activity types from sensed motion signals: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing devices for facilitating health and wellness-related information. More specifically, disclosed are systems, methods, devices, computer readable medium, and apparatuses configured to determine activity and activity types, including gestures, from... Agent: Aliphcom

20140288873 - Pre-processing inertial sensor measurements for navigation: Example methods, apparatuses, or articles of manufacture are disclosed herein that may be utilized, in whole or in part, to facilitate or support one or more operations or techniques for pre-processing inertial sensor measurements for navigation for use in or with a mobile communication device.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140288879 - Method and apparatus to detect direction and velocity of movement of equipment by using single sensor: An apparatus to detect a direction or velocity of a movement of equipment by using a single sensor. The apparatus includes a conversion unit that converts sensed information obtained from the single sensor into a voltage value corresponding to the movement of the equipment, a determination unit that determines whether... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140288880 - Sensor based means of monitoring the mechanical condition of rotating machinery that operates intermittently: A method of monitoring the mechanical condition of a machine in which statistically significant measurements on a characteristic signal are made over a period of time which can include interruptions and variations in the operation of the machine giving rise to uncharacteristic signals and the processing of the signal during... Agent:

20140288881 - Hoist performance diagnostic, implementation and sustaining services: Aspects assure the performance of a hoist system. Some aspects model different shape segments to different portions of braking pressure levels acquired over time during an emergency braking event. A linear shape is modeled to braking pressure values decreasing over a first time interval from initiation of the emergency braking... Agent:

20140288882 - Processing abnormality detection method and processing device: A cutting state quantity caused by processing, in which a cutting tool is rotated, is measured, cutting force components containing a fundamental and harmonics are extracted from a measured signal, a threshold for abnormality determination is calculated on the basis of harmonic ratios that are ratios between the fundamental and... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140288883 - Method for determining an angle of a magnetic pole of a rotating object: In various embodiments, a method may include: generating at least one time stamp based on detection of at least a first magnetic field event of at least one pole of a magnetic object during a first rotation; determining a model of the magnetic object based on the at least one... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140288884 - Monitoring transport of materials in containers: A railcar asset management system proactively issues an alert or task when a pre-determined event occurs. The system may receive information regarding the location and status of a railcar from sensors on the railcar that may include a telematics sensing unit. A database in the railway telematics system stores the... Agent:

20140288885 - Signal processing device, pulse wave measuring apparatus, and signal processing method: A signal processing device includes: a first acquisition unit that acquires a first signal indicating a pulse wave of a living body from a first measuring unit that measures the pulse wave; a second acquisition unit that acquires a second signal indicating the pulse wave of the living body from... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

09/18/2014 > 156 patent applications in 66 patent subcategories.

20140278106 - Systems and methods to build sedimentary attributes: A method and system for computing and visualizing sedimentary attributes may include receiving, by a processor, paleo-geographic coordinates representing predicted approximate positions of particles of sediment deposited at a time period when a layer was originally formed. The processor may numerically compute or determine a sedimentation rate that varies laterally... Agent: Paradigm Sciences Ltd.

20140278108 - Methods and systems for optical flow modeling applications for wind and solar irradiance forecasting: A method of forecasting cloud motion: gathering a time-series of satellite imagery; transforming the time-series of satellite imagery into a cloudiness index image by establishing an upper and lower limit of visible pixel values for time t; calculating the cloudiness index at each pixel location for time t to provide... Agent: Locus Energy, LLC

20140278107 - Methods and systems for real-time solar forecasting incorporating a ground network: This application relates generally to systems and methods for validating solar irradiance nowcasts, solar power nowcasts and forecasts in real-time using a network of solar power systems and solar irradiance sensors. This application also relates to systems and methods for augmenting solar irradiance forecasts and solar power forecasts in real-time... Agent: Locus Energy, LLC

20140278109 - Single beam fmcw radar wind speed and direction determination: A single beam frequency modulated continuous wave radar for clear air scatter (CAS) detection and method of monitoring clear air scatterers are provided. CAS monitoring capabilities, including the ability to estimate wind velocity and direction, are obtained using data from a single defined width beam of energy that instead of... Agent: Loglinear Group, LLC

20140278110 - Targeted survey design under uncertainty: A method, apparatus, and program product utilize global sensitivity analysis (GSA) based on variance decomposition to calculate and apportion the contributions to a total variance of a measurement signal from uncertain input parameters of a subsurface model in connection with designing targeted surveys. Through the use of global sensitivity analysis... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140278111 - Borehole instrument for borehole profiling and imaging: A borehole instrument includes a housing sized and shaped to fit inside a borehole, at least one image sensor disposed within the housing and configured to capture images of an inside wall of the borehole, at least one illumination light source disposed within the housing and configured to illuminate the... Agent: Dgi Geoscience Inc.

20140278112 - Testing water contamination around oil or gas wells: Testing water contamination around oil or gas wells. To determine a testing zone around an oil or gas well, multiple variables are received by data processing apparatus. The variables include variables associated with an oil or gas well, variables associated with an entity performing hydraulic fracturing in the oil or... Agent:

20140278113 - Real-time determination of formation fluid properties using density analysis: Analysis evaluates formation fluid with a downhole tool disposed in a borehole. A plurality of possible constituents is defined for the formation fluid, and constraints are defined for the possible constituents. The constraints can include boundary constraints and constraints on the system's dynamics. The formation fluid is obtained from the... Agent:

20140278115 - Context based geo-seismic object identification: A workflow is presented that facilitates defining geocontextual information as a set of rules for multiple seismic attributes. Modeling algorithms may be employed that facilitate analysis of multiple seismic attributes to find candidate regions that are most likely to satisfy the set of rules. These candidates may then be sorted... Agent: General Electric Company

20140278116 - Frequency-sparse seismic data acquisition and processing: A method includes receiving data representing measurements acquired by seismic sensors in response to energy that is produced by shots of a seismic source. The energy that is produced by the seismic source for each shot includes a plurality of discrete frequencies of discrete frequency bands that are within a... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140278114 - Wavefield regularization by 3-d wavefield decomposition for geophysical data: One embodiment relates to a method of wavefield regularization for geophysical data acquisition of seismic geophysical data. Measured traces, are obtained from an array of sensors. For each grid point on a processing grid, best-fitting traces of the measured traces are found. Using the best-fitting traces, spectral amplitudes of down-going... Agent:

20140278117 - Method for region delineation and optimal rendering transform of seismic attributes: Method for determining visualization rendering parameters for seismic data to heighten subtle differences. The full data volume and at least one sub-volume are processed in the inventive method (12). Statistics are extracted for the data or attributes of the data (13). Rendering parameters are derived based on comparing and computing... Agent:

20140278119 - Seismic acquisition using phase-shifted sweeps: A technique includes towing at least one seismic source in connection with a survey of a structure; and operating the seismic source(s) to fire shots, where each shot is associated with a frequency sweep. The technique includes varying phases of the frequency sweeps from shot to shot according to a... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C.

20140278118 - System and method for attenuating noise in seismic data: A system and method for attenuating noise in seismic data representative of a subsurface region of interest including receiving a seismic dataset representative of seismic signal or seismic noise and a seismic dataset representative of seismic signal and noise, transforming them into a domain were they have sparse or compressible... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140278120 - Methods and systems for locating seismic events: Embodiments of locating seismic events are disclosed. In one embodiment, a single difference seismic locator and a reverse double difference seismic locator are combined into a combined system of equations, and the combined system of equations is solved to determine a location of the seismic event in substantially real time... Agent: Ion Geophysical Corporation

20140278140 - Algorithm for wireless, motion and position-sensing, integrating radiation sensor occupational and environmental dosimetry: Described is an apparatus, method and machine-readable medium for determining radiation dosages based on a solution vector for each radiation field and an objective function.... Agent: Landauer, Inc.

20140278125 - Apparel and location information system: Systems and methods are provided for calculating athletic activity parameters. Multiple housings are position at different locations on a user's body. The housings are configured to be removably engaged with an electronic module that includes a sensor and a processor configured to calculate athletic activity parameters. Each housing is connected... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140278128 - Combining rnai imaging data with genomic data for gene interaction network construction: Embodiments of the invention relate to a method, system, and computer program product to construct a gene interaction network by combining two sources of genomic information, namely RNAi imaging data and gene expression data. Tools are provided to gather data, including gene expression data and gene image data, and to... Agent:

20140278131 - Combining rnai imaging data with genomic data for gene interaction network construction: Embodiments of the invention relate to a method for constructing a gene interaction network by combining two sources of genomic information, namely RNAi imaging data and gene expression data. Tools are provided to gather data, including gene expression data and gene image data, and to compute measurements and relationships, respectively.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140278127 - Computer files and methods supporting forensic analysis of nucleotide sequence data: In one illustrative embodiment, a method may comprise receiving a first text-based computer file including one or more records, each of the one or more records comprising nucleotide sequence data generated by a read of a massively parallel sequencing (MPS) instrument, determining whether a portion of the nucleotide sequence data... Agent:

20140278134 - Conserved nucleotide elements in ribosomal rna: The present invention relates to a method of determining conserved ribosomal RNA (rRNA) nucleotide motifs that are specific to one domain of life, Eukarya, Bacteria, or Archaea, and degenerate in at least one other domain of life. The invention also relates to a method of determining conserved ribosomal RNA (rRNA)... Agent: Brown University

20140278137 - Distance maps using multiple alignment consensus construction: Techniques for assembly of genetic maps including de novo assembly of distance maps using multiple alignment consensus construction. Multiple map alignment can be performed on a defined bundle of fragment maps corresponding to biomolecule fragments to determine consensus events and corresponding locations. Fragment maps in the bundle can be removed... Agent: Nabsys, Inc.

20140278135 - Electronic variant classification: A computer-implemented method is discussed that includes identifying, by a computer server system, stored electronic data that represents genetic sequencing for one or more genes for individuals in a population of patients who have submitted to genetic sequencing; generating, for each of multiple individuals and from the stored electronic data,... Agent: Myriad Genetics, Inc.

20140278138 - Family networks: Described embodiments enable identification of family networks using combinations of DNA analysis and genealogical information. Genealogical data is provided by users of a genealogical research service or collected from other sources and used to create family trees for each user. DNA samples are also received from the users. By analyzing... Agent: Dna, LLC

20140278126 - High-resolution melt curve classification using neural networks: The present invention relates to a method and system for classifying high-resolution melt (“HRM”) curves, and, more specifically, to a method and system for classifying HRM curves by genotype where the curves are represented by a mathematical function with varying coefficient values.... Agent: Src, Inc.

20140278122 - Infusion management platform with infusion data grouping logic: An infusion management platform can determine, based on one or more infusion events, whether to group infusions or segments of infusions. Related apparatus, systems, techniques and articles are also described.... Agent: Carefusion 303, Inc.

20140278123 - Method for the detection and handling of hypoglycemia: A method is described herein to detect and treat hypoglycemia. An example of this method involves the detection of hypoglycemia in a patient with a computing device, computation of a recommended carbohydrate amount to ingest by the patient with the computing device in response to said detecting the hypoglycemia, output... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140278130 - Method of predicting toxicity for chemical compounds: m

20140278139 - Multimode sensor devices: The disclosure provides BMDs that have multiple device modes depending on operational conditions of the devices, e.g., motion intensity, device placement, and/or activity type. The device modes are associated with various data processing algorithms. In some embodiments, the BMD is implemented as a wrist-worn or arm-worn device. In some embodiments,... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140278136 - Rapid determination of microbial growth and antimicrobial susceptibility: This disclosure is related to systems and methods for rapid determination of microorganism growth and antimicrobial agent susceptibility and/or resistance.... Agent: Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc.

20140278129 - Regularization schemes for non-contact mapping with a medical device: An embodiment of a method for solving the inverse problem of electrophysiology and determining a voltage distribution on a surface of a tissue may comprise receiving a plurality of voltages collected by a plurality of electrodes adjacent to the surface, discretizing the problem using a Finite Element Method (FEM) or... Agent:

20140278124 - System and methods for analyzing blood glucose data and quantifying the success or failure of insulin therapy: A system and technique are enclosed for determining the effectiveness of a blood glucose therapy treatment. Examples of this technique include analyzing sufficiency of blood glucose data collected from a patient with a computing device, analyzing hypoglycemic risk based on the blood glucose data with the computing device, analyzing glycemic... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20140278133 - Systems and methods for disease associated human genomic variant analysis and reporting: Systems and methods for disease associated human genomic variant analysis and reporting is disclosed. The systems and methods include receiving and extracting disease related variant information; storing the disease related variant information in a first data structure. Moreover, the system and methods include identifying a plurality of genomic variants and... Agent: Advanced Throughput, Inc.

20140278121 - Systems and methods for network-based calculation and reporting of metabolic risk: Systems and methods are provided for generating metabolic risk reports using a Beta Cell Responsiveness Score. A model for calculation of a Beta Cell Responsiveness Score is generated using a sample population. The Beta Cell Responsiveness Score may measure the appropriateness of an individual's beta cell insulin production in light... Agent: Robust For Life, Inc.

20140278132 - Using rnai imaging data for gene interaction network construction: Embodiments of the invention relate to a constructing a gene interaction network. Tools are provided to compute a gene relationship measure based upon cellular images, and to rank image collections having a similar morphology. The ranking is based upon capturing similarity within the ranked collection by modeling a three dimensional... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140278141 - Direct match spectrographic determination of fuel properties: A method and apparatus for deriving a refinery product property value based on data produced from a globally-calibrated spectrographic analyzer and data from a non-spectrographic analyzer.... Agent:

20140278143 - Method for performing quantitation assays: The present invention relates to a method for determining an estimate of a concentration of particles E(C), wherein a sample of predetermined volume is divided into a number (N) of compartments, the (N) compartments comprise or consist of different sample volumes (v1) and/or different dilution factors (di) of the sample,... Agent: Curiosity Diagnosics Sp.zoo

20140278142 - Systems and methods for determining recycled thermoplastic content: A system and a method for determining a percentage of recycled polyethylene terephthalate present in a test sample includes selecting a contaminant from a set of known contaminants. At least one predictor analyses is identified from a group of predictor analyses as being a statistically independent predictor analyses of a... Agent: Cal Poly Corporation

20140278144 - Distributed sensor system with remote sensor nodes and centralized data processing: A distributed sensor system includes a set of spatially distributed base units and a central server both in communication with a data network. Each base unit includes a controller and one or more sensor modules where each sensor module includes a sensor configured to measure an air quality parameter. Each... Agent:

20140278145 - Method and system for human presence correlation using carbon dioxide: Method and system for detecting and/or quantifying recent human presence in an environment using a calculated rate of decay of carbon dioxide concentration levels within that environment. A sensor measures the change in carbon dioxide levels over time to calculate the rate of decay to equilibrium and extrapolate recent human... Agent: Src, Inc.

20140278146 - Systems and methods for identifying classes of substances: In one embodiment, a system and a method for identifying the class of a component of a mixture includes collecting samples from a sample source, determining a summed ion spectrum for each sample and generating sample data from the summed ion spectra, comparing the sample data with reference summed ion... Agent: University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140278147 - Crystalline phase identification method, crystalline phase identification device, and crystalline phase identification program: A crystalline phase identification method, a crystalline phase identification device, and a crystalline phase identification program which can conduct qualitative analysis with higher precision are provided. The crystalline phase identification method for identifying crystalline phases contained in a sample by powder diffraction pattern of the sample with use of database... Agent: Rigaku Corporation

20140278149 - Reliability maintaining serial number credit process: Embodiments are directed to receiving, by a computing device comprising a processor, an anticipated usage input, a load input and a strength input associated with a unit, calculating, by the computing device, a baseline reliability value based at least in part on the anticipated usage input, the load input and... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20140278150 - Utility pole condition sensors: An apparatus and methods involved in the process of assessing utility pole condition and, in particular, the apparatus and methods involved in the use of sensors to assess utility pole fatigue in response to age, weather, wear, impact and other potential damage events. A utility pole sensor system is provided... Agent:

20140278148 - Virtual in-line inspection of wall loss due to corrosion in a pipeline: In accordance with aspects of the present disclosure, a computer-implemented method for predicting a material deterioration state of a pipeline is disclosed. The computer-implemented method can be stored on a tangible and non-transitory computer readable medium and arranged to be executed by one or more processors that cause the one... Agent:

20140278151 - Nondestructive acoustic doppler testing of wind turbine blades from the ground during operation: A wind turbine blade inspection system includes a sensitive microphone positioned near the base of the turbine tower to receive acoustic signals emanating from anomalies in a rotating turbine blades and a signal analysis system configured to analyze the acoustic signals including Doppler analysis. The data may be centrally monitored... Agent: Digital Wind Systems, Inc.

20140278152 - Enhanced disk actuator modeling: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for modeling turbine parameters. One of the methods includes obtaining, along multiple points of a blade of a turbine from a minimum radius rmin of the blade to a maximum radius rmax of the blade, lift coefficients Cyi... Agent: Autodesk, Inc.

20140278153 - Tensioner load measurement system: A load and stress of a tensioner may be determined from the change in the strain of the tensioner. The strain of the tensioner may be detected by an optical device having a Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) that is attached to the tensioner. An electrical signal may be generated in... Agent: Transocean Sedco Forex Ventures Limited

20140278154 - Flow measurement systems and methods for gas and liquid applications: A system for measuring the superposition of a plurality of sound waves propagating within a conduit containing a fluid having a plurality of transducers positioned substantially parallel to the flow direction along the wall of the conduit. The system includes means for modeling the superposition of a plurality of sound... Agent:

20140278155 - Quartz resonator pressure transducers and methods of operation: A cylindrical quartz crystal transducer that exhibits a low probability of twinning, and uses a combination of resonator signal inputs at the B-mode and C-mode frequencies to calculate resonator temperature. Crystallographic orientations are disclosed where combinations of B-mode and C-mode resonant frequencies exist that are sufficiently independent of pressure to... Agent: Delaware Capital Formation, Inc.

20140278156 - Method and apparatus for preparing and monitoring an intravenous fluid bag: An intravenous (IV) fluid monitoring system and method are provided to facilitate notification that a replacement IV fluid bag should be prepared. In this regard, an IV fluid monitoring system includes a bag sensing element carried by an IV fluid bag. The IV fluid monitoring system further includes first and... Agent:

20140278159 - Alternator tester having belt slip detection: A diagnostic tool for testing the performance of a component of a vehicle includes a processor configured to process test information from an alternator component of the vehicle and control and activate the alternator component. The diagnostic tool further includes a memory configured to store the test information of the... Agent:

20140278160 - Estimation method, estimation device, and inspection device for variable resistance element, and nonvolatile memory device: An estimation method for a variable resistance element including (i) a first electrode, (ii) a second electrode, and therebetween (iii) a variable resistance layer in which a local region is formed which has resistive status that reversibly changes according to an electric pulse applied between the first electrode and the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140278157 - Gfci test monitor circuit: A circuit interrupting device having an auto-monitoring circuit for periodically testing various functions and structures of the device. The auto-monitoring circuit initiates an auto-monitoring routine which, among other things, generates a self-test fault condition and determines whether the detection mechanisms within the device properly detect the self-test fault. Processing an... Agent: Hubbell Incorporated

20140278158 - Systems and methods for detecting and identifying arcing: Systems and methods for detecting and identifying arcing are disclosed. A method of detecting arcing includes obtaining data indicative of voltage and data indicative of current, determining a waveform of a cycle of a primary load current according to the data indicative of current, determining at least one noise signal... Agent: Hubbell Incorporated

20140278162 - Detecting and locating power outages via low voltage grid mapping: In a power grid capable of electrical power delivery and power line communications, a distribution transformer and at least one smart meter is connected to the power grid. In one embodiment, the distribution transformer is configured to map the smart meters on the power grid to a virtual grid based... Agent: Echelon Corporation

20140278161 - Method for determining a signal transmission mode of a plurality of fault indicators: A method for determining a signal transmission mode of a plurality of fault indicators includes a data retrieval step, a mode setting step, a number setting step, an analysis step, a first determination step, a calculation step, a second determination step and a mode number increasing step. Based on the... Agent: I-shou University

20140278163 - Distributed solar power generation and monitoring system: A system and method for a distributed solar power generation and communications system that includes one or more solar power generation and communications system units mounted on utility poles and distributed across a region. Each solar power generation and communications system unit includes one or more solar panels, a micro-converter,... Agent: Gigawatt, Inc.

20140278164 - Portable digital power analyzer: A device for determining an electrical power parameter of an adjacent electrical wire includes a magnetometer, a display, and a processor. The magnetometer is configured to monitor a magnetic field and to provide an output that is indicative of a magnetic field strength. The processor is in communication with the... Agent: Vectorform, LLC

20140278165 - Systems and methods for analyzing energy consumption model data: A building's energy consumption may be modeled using weather data, utility billing data, or other data regarding the building. The resulting model data may be analyzed to detect a shift in the model data, which may indicate the presence of a fault condition. Changes to the model's coefficients that would... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20140278166 - Communication terminal device, remaining battery amount calculation method, and recording medium storing remaining battery amount calculation program: A communication terminal device includes: a wireless unit configured to transmit and receive a radio wave; an operating circuit configured to be used for operating the communication terminal device; a battery configured to supply electric power to the communication terminal device; a power supply circuit configured to control supply of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140278169 - Apparatus for predicting state of health of battery pack by using discrete wavelet transform: A method of predicting a state of health (SOH) of a battery pack is provided. The method includes: obtaining at least one of charging voltage data or discharging voltage data for each of a plurality of selected cells of the battery pack; wavelet transforming the at least one of charging... Agent:

20140278167 - Battery state-of-charge estimation for hybrid and electric vehicles using extended kalman filter techniques: Adaptive estimation techniques to create a battery state estimator to estimate power capabilities of the battery pack in a vehicle. The estimator adaptively updates circuit model parameters used to calculate the voltage states of the ECM of a battery pack. The adaptive estimation techniques may also be used to calculate... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140278168 - Elective replacement indication generation: This disclosure describes techniques for generating an elective replacement indication (ERI) for an implantable medical device having a non-rechargeable power source. A signal may be sampled that is indicative of a characteristic of the power source. Measurement logic may be configured to obtain samples of a signal indicative of a... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140278170 - State of charge (soc) display for rechargeable battery: An initial SoC curve may be defined that relates system state of charge (SoC) as a function of battery SoC. Endpoints that define the SoC curve may be updated. For example, each time a battery SoC is determined, the SoC curve may be updated. The SoC curve may then be... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140278171 - Frequency adaptive line voltage filters: A method for reducing noise from an electrical signal includes: obtaining a sampling rate for the electrical signal. The sampling rate is a rate at which voltage readings are obtained for the electrical signal. Each voltage reading comprises a data component and a noise component. A time interval is determined... Agent:

20140278173 - Baseline management for sensing device: A processing system for baseline management includes a sensor module comprising sensor circuitry coupled to sensor electrodes, where the sensor module is configured to receive resulting signals with at least a portion of the sensor electrodes. The processing system further includes a determination module operatively connected to the sensor electrodes.... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20140278175 - Circuit arrangement and method for determining a current in a circuit arrangement: A circuit arrangement including a rectifier circuit and a current determining circuit. The rectifier circuit is configured to rectify an alternating signal into a rectified signal. The current determining circuit is configured to determine a current of the alternating signal from at least a current of the rectified signal.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

20140278174 - Method of connecting cell voltage sensors: A battery pack monitoring apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a voltage measurement system configured to couple to opposed ends of each of a plurality of blocks of a battery pack and to measure voltages thereof, the blocks being coupled in series by interconnects each having an interconnect resistance. The... Agent: Atieva, Inc.

20140278172 - Methods and systems for adaptive distance protection: Systems and methods for adaptive distance protection are provided. An adaptive ground distance protection system may be installed in a power system to provide an accurate measurement of the apparent impedance of the transmission lines thereby ensuring reliable and stable operations of the power system. The potential of a system... Agent:

20140278176 - Portable digital power analyzer: A method includes measuring a magnetic field generated by an electrical wire using a three-axis magnetometer disposed within a portable electronic device. The device then determines a first magnetic field strength component aligned with a first direction and a second magnetic field strength component aligned with a second direction. The... Agent: Vectorform, LLC

20140278177 - Method and apparatus for low latency communication in an automatic testing system: According to some aspects, a system and method for processing messages in a plurality of successive cycles is provided. One such system comprises a plurality of first circuits, each first circuit configured to output a message, the plurality of first circuits configured to operate synchronously, a first plurality of buffers,... Agent: Teradyne, Inc.

20140278178 - Micro-climate display enclosure: An enclosure for displaying artwork, historical documents, and artifacts that require controlled atmospheric conditions is provided that is low cost and less cumbersome compared to existing microclimate enclosures. The enclosure has a frame construction that is easy to set up, maintain, and monitor with a hypoxic/anoxic microclimate that protects against,... Agent:

20140278179 - Methods and systems for continuous calibration of circuit breaker trip units and metering devices: A computer for continuous calibration of circuit breaker trip units and metering devices includes a processor and a memory device. The computer is configured to request and receive circuit breaker current data from a plurality of circuit breaker trip units. The circuit breaker current data represents current data associated with... Agent: General Electric Company

20140278180 - Battery control system and battery control method: A relay (20) receives a battery information acquisition time from each battery module (10) and calculates measurement time differential information Δt, that is, a time difference between the battery information acquisition time as a reference and the battery information acquisition time of another battery module (10) among the received battery... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140278181 - Integrated data registration: A system and method of integrated data registration (IDR) is presented. A method receives a first position data of a fixed or moving object from a first source that is remote from the object. A second position data of the object is then received from a second source that is... Agent:

20140278182 - Reduction of altitude error using forecasted atmospheric pressure data: A technique for reducing altitude error involves determining a corrected altitude for an aircraft using forecast atmospheric pressure data available, for example, from a weather forecasting service. The forecast atmospheric pressure data includes, for a number of points in time and for a number of geographic locations, a set of... Agent:

20140278183 - Heading confidence interval estimation: An inertial measurement system is disclosed. The inertial measurement system has an accelerometer processing unit that generates a calibrated accelerometer data. The inertial measurement system further includes a magnetometer processing unit generates a calibrated magnetometer data, and a gyroscope processing unit generates a calibrated gyroscope data. Using the calibrated accelerometer... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20140278185 - Systems and methods for sensor drift compensation: An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides systems and methods of compensating sensor drift. In one example embodiment, a system may comprise a primary sensor having a primary full-scale range and configured to output a primary environmental condition signal indicative of an environmental condition; a reference sensor having a... Agent: Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

20140278184 - Zero deadband processing for velocity transmitters: Systems, apparatuses and methods are disclosure for adjusting and/or modifying outputs of sensors based on deadband effects, where sensor adjustments may be based on a value, which may be a constant, such as an error value for the sensor, or a dynamic value. Differential pressure values measured from the output... Agent: Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

20140278189 - Advanced calibration for analyte sensors: Systems and methods for processing sensor data and calibration of the sensors are provided. In some embodiments, the method for calibrating at least one sensor data point from an analyte sensor comprises receiving a priori calibration distribution information; receiving one or more real-time inputs that may influence calibration of the... Agent: Dexcom, Inc.

20140278192 - Biological sample measuring apparatus: The present invention includes a body case having a biological sample sensor mounting portion on one end side, a temperature sensor (A) provided on the one end side inside the body case, a measurement portion connected to the biological sample sensor mounting portion, and a control portion connected to the... Agent:

20140278186 - Calibration method for distributed sensor system: Methods of calibrating sensors in a distributed sensor system including a set of spatially distributed base units in communication with a central server over a data network include using a reference sensor, using a reference base unit, using crowd-sourced calibration, using sensor data collected in the same base unit, using... Agent:

20140278190 - Dynamically calibrating magnetic sensors: A computing device, system, apparatus, and at least one machine readable medium for dynamically calibrating a magnetic sensor are described herein. The computing device includes a sensor hub and a magnetic sensor communicably coupled to the sensor hub. The magnetic sensor is configured to collect sensor data corresponding to the... Agent:

20140278187 - Multi-touch probe actuator: Example apparatus and methods concern automated testing of a capacitive touch interface (e.g., touch screen). One example apparatus includes probes that extend and retract from the apparatus under programmatic control. The probes produce a capacitive touch response on a capacitive touch interface. The example apparatus includes logics configured to control... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140278188 - Scanning inspection system with angular correction: A wafer is moved under an inspection spot by a rotary inspection system. The system rotates the wafer about an axis of rotation and translates the wafer along a linear trajectory. When the inspection spot is not aligned with the trajectory of the axis of rotation, an angular error is... Agent:

20140278191 - Systems and methods for calibrating an accelerometer: A method for calibrating an accelerometer of an electronic device to reduce an error of the accelerometer includes estimating a gravity vector using the accelerometer and a magnetic field vector using a magnetometer at a plurality of times. The method also includes calculating a characteristic that is a function of... Agent: Kionix, Inc.

20140278193 - System and method for focusing guided waves beyond curves in test structures: A non-destructive testing system includes directing guided wave energy to regions of interest in waveguides. Knowing the propagation paths taken by guided wave energy in complex waveguides can be used to intentionally insonify regions of interest. Additionally, knowledge of the propagation direction and location of an energy mode in a... Agent: Electric Power Research Institute

20140278195 - Operating method for a computer to determine an optimized measurement sequence for a medical imaging system: In a method for operating a medical imaging system and a medical imaging system operating according to such a method, a measurement sequence is divided into a number of partial sequences, with each of the partial sequences resulting in a loading of at least one of these system components when... Agent:

20140278194 - Proximity interface development system having analyzer and method: A development system and method are provided for testing proximity sensor interfaces, such as a capacitive switch assembly which may be employed in an automotive vehicle. The system includes software routines stored in memory for operating a proximity sensor interface having a plurality of sensors, and a data log including... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140278197 - 4 port l-2l de-embedding method: Some embodiments relate to a wafer. The wafer includes a first dummy component comprising two or more first dummy component transmission lines. One of the first dummy component transmission lines operably couples a first signal test pad to a second signal test pad, and an other of the first dummy... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

20140278196 - Efficient method of retesting integrated circuits: Efficient production testing of integrated circuits. A first production test is implemented on a group of integrated circuits and failures among the test group are assessed. Specifically, the results of the first test are analyzed such that integrated circuits having a recoverable fail and integrated circuits having a non-recoverable fail... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140278198 - Automated experiment scheduling: Various embodiments are generally directed to an automated A/B testing system using a combination of classical and alternative statistical analysis to control the performance A/B tests. An apparatus includes a processor circuit; and logic to commence collection of a specified number of samples of user responses to multiple versions of... Agent:

20140278199 - Automation of d-bus communication testing for bluetooth profiles: An electronic control unit (ECU) is tested by an automated D-bus testing tool in a first device. The test tool establishes one or more secure shells between the first device and the ECU. The tool reads test input data from an Excel input file. The ECU comprises a software stack... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20140278200 - Temperature measurement in a gas turbine engine combustor: A method and system for determining a temperature of a working gas passing through a passage to a turbine section of a gas turbine engine. The method includes identifying an acoustic frequency at a first location in the engine upstream from the turbine section, and using the acoustic frequency for... Agent:

20140278201 - Temperature measurement device and temperature measurement method: A temperature measurement device 100 includes: a first temperature sensor 11 and a second temperature sensor 12 that are provided at different positions in a base portion 100 that is in contact with a measurement subject; and a computation processing unit 300 configured to calculate a temperature of the measurement... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140278202 - Oven time & temperature device and method of computing oven cookng time: A method and device for computing the heat transferred during the period of time the oven takes to reach a predetermined cooking temperature comprising: at least one processor for estimating a first cooking time; a memory; an input for inputting the first cooking time and the amount of time an... Agent:

20140278203 - System and methods for assessing whole-building thermal performance: An assessment system and method are described that capture indoor temperature measurements and corresponding outdoor temperature measurements in order to determine a thermal efficiency of a structure. The assessment system identifies quiescent periods and trims these periods to eliminate undesirable influences such as auxiliary heating or solar gain. The quiescent... Agent: Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

20140278204 - Identification system and method for identifying an object: An identification system includes a plurality of sensing units, a storage module, a computing unit and an identification unit. The plurality of sensing units is for sensing a plurality of pressure values of a plurality of pressure points of a first object disposed on the plurality of sensing units. The... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140278205 - Embedded processor on an integrated mems sensor chip autonomously managing external sensor: A device and method for managing external sensors are disclosed. The device comprises at least one embedded processor and a memory device and at least one bus controller that can be used by the embedded processors to communicate with external sensors. The embedded processor includes a mechanism to receive a... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20140278208 - Feature extraction and classification to determine one or more activities from sensed motion signals: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing devices for facilitating health and wellness-related information. More specifically, disclosed are systems, methods, devices, computer readable medium, and apparatuses configured to determine activity and activity types, including gestures, from... Agent: Aliphcom

20140278207 - Impact and sound analysis for golf equipment: Golf performance and equipment characteristics may be determined by analyzing the impact between a golf ball and an impacting surface. In some examples, the impacting surface may be a golf club face. The impact between the golf ball and the surface may be measured based on sound and/or motion sensors... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140278206 - Inference of vehicular trajectory characteristics with personal mobile devices: Accurate longitudinal acceleration, lateral acceleration (perpendicular to the principal direction of motion, and velocity, is inferred by processing raw data from a commodity three-axis accelerometer that may be oriented arbitrarily in a moving vehicle (or carried by a moving user), and whose orientation and position may change arbitrarily during the... Agent: Cambridge Mobile Telematics

20140278218 - Capturing and analyzing boardsport maneuver data: Systems and methods are provided for visualizing motion by a sports participant. A system includes a motion detection module that comprises an accelerometer positioned on sports participant configured to measure one or more metrics associated with motion of the sports participant and a transmitter configured to wirelessly transmit the one... Agent: Dc Shoes, Inc.

20140278216 - Displacement detecting device and power saving method thereof: The present invention discloses a displacement detecting device including a displacement sensing module, an input module, a distance sensing module, and a processing module, and a power saving method thereof. The processing module is electrically connected to each module. The input module is used to supply non-contact operation. The distance... Agent: Pixart Imaging Inc.

20140278220 - Fitness monitoring device with altimeter: Biometric monitoring devices, including various technologies that may be implemented in such devices, are discussed herein. Additionally, techniques for utilizing altimeters in biometric monitoring devices are provided. Such techniques may, in some implementations, involve recalibrating a biometric monitoring device altimeter based on location data; using altimeter data as an aid... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140278214 - Frequency difference of arrival (fdoa) for geolocation: A method for determining a FDOA of a pulsed waveform received by two sensors includes obtaining a respective plurality of in-phase and quadrature-phase (IQ) samples indicative of a pulse envelope of the received pulsed waveform. The method includes determining a TDOA responsive to a leading edge of a pulse of... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140278212 - Location-based tracking system: Geoposition data is gathered from financial transactions, digital communications, or digital files that have been exchanged between individuals, within a detention facility and individuals who are not subject to a detention environment. The geoposition data is visually represented allowing the geographical relationships between outside parties and individuals within detention facilities... Agent: Telmate LLC

20140278209 - Method for tracking defects on a photomask across repeated inspections: This invention allows tracking of a defect across multiple inspections. The inventive solution translates every inspection record into a common set of fields that are first archived into a relational database. Then the defect coordinates from the inspection records of the same mask are all transformed into a common reference... Agent: Reticle Labs LLC

20140278215 - Method to reduce data rates and power consumption using device based attitude generation: A method includes generating motion data by receiving a gyroscope data from a gyroscope sensor, performing integration using the gyroscope data and generating an integrated gyroscope data using a first processor. The method further includes receiving a data from one or more sensors, other than the gyroscope sensor, and performing... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20140278217 - Method to reduce data rates and power consumption using device based attitude quaternion generation: A method includes generating motion data by receiving a gyroscope data from a gyroscope sensor, performing integration using the gyroscope data and generating an integrated gyroscope data using a first processor. The method further includes receiving a data from one or more sensors, other than the gyroscope sensor, and performing... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20140278211 - Methods and systems for enhanced tip-tracking and navigation of visual inspection devices: A computer-implemented system for enhanced tip-tracking and navigation of visual inspection devices includes a visual inspection device. The system further includes a plurality of spatially sensitive fibers. The system includes a computing device. The computing device includes a memory device and a processor. The system includes a storage device. The... Agent: General Electric Company

20140278213 - Overlay sampling methodology: One embodiment relates to a method to achieve enhanced overlay control while maintaining manufacturing throughput for a fabrication process. Locations of a plurality of alignment structures on a wafer comprising a plurality of reticle fields are determined with a layout tool to define a layout-based wafer map. The topography of... Agent:

20140278210 - Real-time spatial path comparison: Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, implementing and using techniques for processing motion paths for physical entities. For each physical entity among several physical entities, several representations are received of positions of the physical entity. In response to detecting that a number of physical entities among the physical entities... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140278219 - System and method for monitoring movements of a user: A motion tracking system monitors the motions performed by a user based on motion data received from one or more sensors. The motion tracking system may include a motion tracking device with one or more sensors, a smart device with one or more sensors and/or a server. As the user... Agent: Focus Ventures, Inc.

20140278222 - Computing a magnetic heading: Techniques for computing a magnetic heading based on sensor data are described herein. An example of a device in accordance with the present techniques includes a magnetic sensor to collect sensor output data and a heading computation engine to compute a magnetic heading based on the sensor output data. The... Agent:

20140278223 - Device and method for detecting absolute multi-turn rotation angle: The invention provides a device and method for detecting an absolute multi-turn rotation angle. The device comprises a housing, a cover plate and a rotating shaft, the rotating shaft being placed go through the housing. The rotating shaft is fixed with a main gear, the main gear is meshed with... Agent:

20140278224 - Method and device for contactless sensing rotation and angular position using orientation tracking: Method and device for contactless sensing rotation and angular position using orientation tracking. 2.1 To improve the accuracy and possible resolution of a magnetic positioning system, a method and a device using a special tracking technique is proposed. 2.2 The method and the device are using multiple magnetic field sensing... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products

20140278221 - Self-contained holonomic tracking method and apparatus for non-destructive inspection: A self-contained, holonomic motion tracking solution for supplementing the acquisition of inspection information on the surface of a structure, thereby enabling the real-time production of two-dimensional images from hand-held and automated scanning by holonomic-motion of non-destructive inspection (NDI) sensor units (e.g., NDI probes). The systems and methods disclosed enable precise... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140278225 - Determining changes in physical location based on the observed magnetic field: Systems and methods for determining whether a device has moved based upon sensed changes to the observed magnetic field are disclosed herein. Various embodiments function on the principle that it is highly unlikely that the observed magnetic field will be the same in any two given locations (at least, when... Agent: Novatel Wireless, Inc.

20140278226 - Method for characterization of vehicle support surfaces: A method for characterizing the surface over which a vehicle is to be rolled during a rolling compensation procedure. A set of wheel alignment angle sensors are mounted to the rearmost fixed axle of a vehicle which is then backed onto the floor surface to be characterized, and rolled in... Agent: Hunter Engineering Company

20140278227 - System, a method and a computer program product for size estimation: A computerized method for estimating a size of a nanometric part of an inspected article, the method including: (a) acquiring inspection results generated by processing an inspection image which was generated by collecting signals arriving from a portion of the article which includes the part by an inspection system; (b)... Agent: Applied Materials Israel Ltd.

20140278228 - Mapping uncertain geometries to graticules: A geohash based cover for a geometry whose uncertainty is described as a circle with center point and a radius is disclosed. In one example, a geohash cover is computed that does not require any expensive geodesic calculations, providing roughly an order of magnitude improvement in speed up of cover... Agent:

20140278230 - Systems and methods for transitioning between pedometer modes: Systems and methods are provided that allow steps to be counted in multiple pedometer modes. For example, a pedometer application on an electronic device can count steps in an ambient mode of operation and a session mode of operation. By maintaining separate counters for each pedometer mode and continuously monitoring... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140278229 - Use of gyroscopes in personal fitness tracking devices: Biometric monitoring devices, including various technologies that may be implemented in such devices, are discussed herein. Additionally, techniques for utilizing gyroscopes in biometric monitoring devices are provided. Such techniques may, in some implementations, involve obtaining swimming metrics regarding stroke cycle count, lap count, and stroke type. Such techniques may also,... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140278231 - Film-growth model using level sets: A technique for determining a set of surface profiles in a multilayer stack during a fabrication process may be determined using a model of this fabrication process, a geometry of the multilayer stack (such as a pre-defined geometry of the multilayer stack) and a surface profile in the multilayer stack... Agent: Dino Technology Acquisition LLC

20140278232 - Intra-operative registration of anatomical structures: Described herein are methods, systems and devices for image-guided, computer-assisted surgical procedures, in particular for intra-operative registration of anatomical structures. Embodiments of the invention may enable a user to register the surface of an anatomical structure intra-operatively in an interactive, computer-guided process. The user may send information about acquired data... Agent:

20140278233 - Calculation method, computer product, calculating apparatus: A calculation method includes obtaining a temporal sequence of position data representing movement loci of an agricultural machine; extracting from among the obtained sequence of position data, a set of position data representing an interval among the movement loci of the agricultural machine and in which slopes of segments connecting... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140278234 - Method and a system for a statistical equivalence test: A method of performing a statistical equivalence test including first deciding if process data has equivalence, non-equivalence or improvement by comparing a statistical value of the process data with a criteria statistical value, correcting the criteria statistical value using a statistical tolerance for the process data that has the non-equivalence... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140278237 - Plant state monitoring method, plant state monitoring computer program, and plant state monitoring apparatus: Provided is a plant state monitoring method which monitors an operation state of a plant by using the Mahalanobis distance based on the plant state amount. The method creates a first unit space as a set of data used to be a reference when judging whether the plant operation state... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140278235 - Scalable message passing for ridge regression signal processing: An apparatus and method for a design for a computer implemented message passing methodology for solving the ridge regression that is faster, more accurate, and more efficient, and is also globally convergent, meaning it becomes more accurate with each step, ultimately reducing its margin of error to zero.... Agent: Board Of Trustees, Southern Illinois University

20140278236 - Techniques for automated bayesian posterior sampling using markov chain monte carlo and related schemes: Techniques for automated Bayesian posterior sampling using Markov Chain Monte Carlo and related schemes are described. In an embodiment, one or more values in an accuracy phase for a system configured for Bayesian sampling may be initialized. Sampling may be performed in the accuracy phase based upon the one or... Agent: Sas Institute Inc.

20140278239 - Approximate multivariate posterior probability distributions from simulated samples: Various embodiments are directed to techniques for deriving a sample representation from a random sample. A computer-program product includes instructions to cause a first computing device to fit an empirical distribution function to a marginal probability distribution of a variable within a first sample portion of a random sample to... Agent: Sas Institute Inc.

20140278238 - Spectrometer for personal context: A method of performing context inference is described. The method includes collecting ambient light at a spectrometer sensor integrated in a portable device, characterizing the collected light to obtain optical information, comparing the optical information to optical data predetermined to match one or more contexts, inferring at least one characteristic... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140278241 - Performance monitoring and analysis for power plants: A system for performance monitoring of power plants is provided. The system includes a plurality of power plants respectively owned and operated by a plurality of customers, a monitoring center, at least one of the customers and the monitoring center including a plurality of analytic algorithms configured to automate performance... Agent: General Electric Company

20140278240 - Proximity interface development system having replicator and method: A development system and method are provided for testing proximity sensor interfaces, such as a capacitive switch assembly which may be employed in an automotive vehicle. The system includes software routines stored in memory for operating a proximity sensor interface having a plurality of sensors, and a data log including... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140278245 - System and method for energy analysis and predictive modeling of components of a cooling system: A method is disclosed for analyzing performance of a chilled water (CW) system having a plurality of CW components. The method may consider a collection of at least one of allowable operating points, allowable operating ranges or allowable operating conditions, for each one of the CW components. A user set... Agent: Liebert Corporation

20140278244 - System and method for providing user guidance for electronic device processing: A system and method for processing an electronic device. The electronic device is identified. User instructions associated with the electronic device are retrieved utilizing a testing system. The user instructions are communicated from the testing system for performing cosmetic inspection of the electronic device, customer personal information (CPI) analysis of... Agent: Atc Logistics & Electronics, Inc.

20140278246 - Systems for measuring properties of water in a water distribution system: Systems and methods of measuring properties of water in a water distribution system are provided. An analysis system, according to one embodiment, comprises a plurality of water sensors connected at various points to the water distribution system, each of the plurality of water sensors configured to measure a property of... Agent: Mueller International, LLC

20140278242 - Welding resource performance comparison system and method: Metal fabrication systems, such as welding systems and related equipment may be analyzed and performance compared by collecting parameter data from the systems during welding operations via a web based system. The data is stored and analyzed upon request by a user. A user viewable page may be provided that... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140278243 - Welding resource tracking and analysis system and method: Metal fabrication systems, such as welding systems and related equipment may be monitored and parameters sensed or calculated during metal fabrication operations. The parameter values are stored and transmitted to a web based analysis system. Sampled values of the parameters are used to generate graphical presentations that are used to... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140278247 - Remote electromigration monitoring of electronic chips: A method of remotely monitoring electromigration in an electronic chip includes sensing, at a first location, at least one temperature value of the electronic chip, sending the at least one temperature value to a remote monitoring system, accumulating a plurality of temperature values of the electronic chip at the monitoring... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140278248 - Method and system for facilitating enterprise appliance administration based on detected power anomalies: A method and system for administering enterprise appliances facilitates maintenance, procurement, deployment and security of enterprise appliances by taking targeted administrative actions in response to detected power anomalies experienced by such appliances. By using detected power anomalies as triggers for targeted administrative actions, rather than waiting for administrators to be... Agent: Sharp Laboratories Of America. Inc.

20140278249 - System and method for monitoring user interactions with a universal controlling device: Usage of a universal controlling device is monitored by determining a current operating mode of the universal controlling device, sensing an event occurring within the universal controlling device, and storing within a memory of the universal controlling device data indicative of the event occurring in the current operating mode of... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20140278250 - System and method of obtaining smoking topography data: An exemplary smoking topography circuit of an electronic aerosol smoking article, includes at least one sensor configured to measure user interaction with the smoking article, a processor, and memory. The processor is configured to detect a smoking event based an output of the at least one sensor, collect data associated... Agent: Altria Client Services Inc.

20140278258 - Accessory for electronic cigarette: An exemplary accessory for an electronic smoking article includes a hollow body having inner and outer surfaces and a sensor in the body. The sensor is configured to detect an emission of the electronic smoking article. A processor is embedded in the body, where the processor is configured to generate... Agent: Altria Client Services Inc.

20140278261 - Algorithm for wireless, motion and position-sensing, integrating radiation sensor occupational and environmental dosimetry: Described is an apparatus, method and machine-readable medium for determining radiation dosages based on a solution vector for each radiation field and an objective function.... Agent: Landauer, Inc.

20140278259 - Capture and association of measurement data: A method and system for capturing and annotating measurement data includes communicatively connecting a mobile computing device to one or more measurement devices, and receiving measurement data from the one or more measurement devices. The mobile computing device stores the received measurement data and annotates the stored measurement data with... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20140278260 - Environmental measurement display system and method: Environmental measurement display systems that can be used in home and commercial environments are disclosed. The environmental measurement display system can include an environmental sensor array, signal-processing circuitry, a power supply, a display device, a communications system, a data storage system, and a remote data visualization system.... Agent: Leeo, Inc.

20140278256 - Interactive and iterative methods and systems for using feedback to make measurements, manage data and processes, and outputting and scanning anything in real time and non-real time: An iterative methodology and system (which can also be represented in software), with the option for continual improvement, for the interactive capture, merger, comparison, analysis, cloning and manipulation of anything in the unique universe medium or multiple universes mediums, be it real, virtual or imagined, including thought (of organic or... Agent:

20140278257 - Probe communications module and a computing device: A probe communications module interfaces with an interchangeable digital probe to transmit measurements to a computing device so that the operator may conveniently gather measurements using the interchangeable digital probe and, using the computing device, display, annotate, compare, and analyze the measurements.... Agent: Defelsko Corporation

20140278255 - Storage modes for measurement values and contextual information: In one aspect, a portable handheld measurement device automatically stores measurement values in volatile memory in a limited replay storage mode that comprises a storage limitation that applies to the plurality of measurement values stored in the limited replay storage mode; receives a replay request; and, responsive to the replay... Agent:

20140278252 - System and method for monitoring of floor conditions: A floor monitoring device monitors the condition of various flooring substrates. The floor monitoring device may traverse a route through an environment and collect data concerning the condition of the floor. The device may also communicate the floor condition data to another computing device. In some examples, the floor monitoring... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140278253 - Systems and methods for determining a coating formulation: A computer implemented method. The method includes identifying, using a processor, a bulk pigment in a target coating, wherein identifying comprises applying a Bayesian process, and identifying, using the processor, at least one refined pigment in the target coating, wherein identifying comprises applying a Bayesian process. The method also includes... Agent:

20140278251 - Systems and methods for multi-flux color matching: A computer implemented method. The method includes generating, using a processor, a set of calibration data relating to a plurality of pigments that are present in a collection of coatings. Generating includes calculating an absorption/reflectance relationship of a plurality of samples coated with a plurality of the pigments, wherein calculating... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20140278254 - Systems and methods for texture assessment of a coating formulation: A computer implemented method. The method includes identifying, using a processor, a texture in a target coating, wherein identifying comprises applying a Bayesian process, and assigning, using the processor, a texture value adapted for use by one of a search engine and a formulation engine.... Agent:

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20140257699 - Wireless network of low power sensing and actuating motes: Embodiments include a wireless mote network having a plurality of motes, wherein each of the plurality of motes includes a processing unit in communication with a communications device. Each of the motes includes at least a sensor configured to monitor an environmental condition in an area around the mote or... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140257701 - Output compression for geological strata physical property modeling: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for compressing topological grid data for layered geological strata are described. The techniques include obtaining topological grid data for a layered geological structure, where the topological grid data includes a plurality of cell representations, a majority of the cell representations including at least one data... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140257700 - System and method for estimating uncertainty for geophysical gridding routines lacking inherent uncertainty estimation: System and method for improving the accuracy of a numerical model by estimating uncertainty for gridding algorithms. An extra uncertainty term is added to the zeroth-order CUBE uncertainty estimator to compute uncertainty which can be provided to a numerical model. The system and method can estimate the uncertainty for any... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140257702 - Determining continuous capillary pressure curves for subsurface earth formations using saturation and nmr log data: Continuous capillary pressure (Pc) curves of subsurface rock formations adjacent wells are determined based on translation relaxation time (T2) data from nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and from wireline well logs, such as resistivity logs, to obtain water saturation (Sw) of the rock in the formations. The T2 data and the... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20140257703 - Real-time formation anisotropy and dip evaluation using multiaxial induction measurements: Methods and systems are provided for logging a formation by combining results for a zero-dimensional inversion of conductivity measurements with results for a higher-order inversion of a subset of the conductivity measurement. The higher order inversion can include a 1D-radial portion and a 1D-axial portion. The combined results can include... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140257704 - Apparatus and method for bed boundary detection: A method for performing detection of a bed boundary can include deploying a tool body with a longitudinal axis in a borehole, modulating the magnetic moments of electromagnetic signals to be transmitted by the first transmitter and the second transmitter, firing the first transmitter and the second transmitter substantially simultaneously,... Agent:

20140257705 - Crosswell seismic surveying in a deviated borehole: First seismic data is collected from a plurality of points on a reflecting feature in the formation by emitting a first seismic signal from a first array of source locations in a deviated portion of a first borehole drilled through a formation and receiving first reflections of the first seismic... Agent: Landmark Graphics Corporation

20140257706 - Geological model analysis incorporating cross-well electromagnetic measurements: A method for geological formation analysis may include collecting time-lapsed well-based measurement data from a first borehole in a geological formation over a measurement time period, and collecting time-lapsed electromagnetic (EM) cross-well measurement data via a plurality of spaced-apart second boreholes in the geological formation over the measurement time period.... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140257707 - Progressive 3d vertical seismic profiling method: A computer-implemented method for processing and imaging seismic data without the use of cross-well seismic data includes in one aspect providing a first data set representative of a first 3D VSP of a first region of a subterranean formation, and providing a second data set representative of a second 3D... Agent: Sr2020, Inc.

20140257709 - Biometric monitoring device having a body weight sensor, and methods of operating same: A system comprising a biometric monitoring device including a housing including a platform to receive at least one foot of the user, a body weight sensor to generate body weight data, processing circuitry to calculate user weight data which corresponds to the user's weight, using the body weight data, and... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140257708 - Diagnosing and monitoring depression disorders: Materials and methods related to developing a disease score for a depression disorder (e.g., unipolar depression or major depressive disorder) in a subject using a multi-parameter system to measure a plurality of parameters, and an algorithm to calculate the score. The materials and methods can be used to, for example,... Agent: Ridge Diagnostics, Inc.

20140257710 - Method and system for analyzing the taxonomic composition of a metagenome in a sample: Provided herein are methods and systems for rapid identification and quantification of the taxonomic composition of a microbial metagenome in a sample, based on compositional spectra analysis. The methods and systems are useful in diagnostic and analytic methods in the clinic and in the field.... Agent: Ofek Eshkolot Research And Development Ltd.

20140257711 - System and method for alkylation process analysis: A method and apparatus is provided for concentration determination of at least one component in an acid catalyst for hydrocarbon conversion containing an unknown concentration of an acid, an acid-soluble-oil (ASO), and water. An instrument configured for measuring a property of the acid catalyst, has responsivities to concentrations of one... Agent: Invensys Systems, Inc.

20140257712 - System and method for processing chromatogram data: A data processing system for a chromatograph has an impurity detector including a differential chromatogram creator and a determining section. The differential chromatogram creator calculates a wavelength differential coefficient by differentiating an absorbance spectrum with respect to the wavelength at each point in time of the measurement and creates a... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140257713 - In situ flap and slat wing tip brake response tester: A method, apparatus and computer-readable medium for measuring a determining a validity of an estimate of a response time of a brake is disclosed. A sensor obtains a waveform of a parameter related to the engagement of the brake during engagement of the brake. A processor analyzes the obtained waveform,... Agent:

20140257714 - Method and a system for the purpose of condition monitoring of gearboxes: A system for the purpose of condition monitoring of gearboxes includes processing equipment that is configured to receive data that contains information of a spectrum of mechanical vibrations measured from a gearbox being monitored. The processing equipment is configured to search, from the spectrum of mechanical vibrations, at least two... Agent:

20140257716 - Methods for estimating remaining life of a monitored structure: A computer-implemented method is provided for estimating the remaining life of a structure being monitored by a sensor. The method includes: receiving data from a sensor, where the data is indicative of strain experienced by a structure and is reported as a plurality of cumulative distribution functions; extracting a probability... Agent:

20140257715 - Robust power flow methodologies for distribution networks with distributed generators: A method predicts power flow in a distributed generation network of at least one distributed generator and at least one co-generator, where the network is defined by a plurality of network nonlinear equations. The method includes applying an iterative method to the plurality of network nonlinear equations to achieve a... Agent: Bigwood Technology, Inc.

20140257717 - Tool abnormality determination system: A tool abnormality detection system corrects a monitoring range for a load on a tool in an Mth cycle by using load data of at least one of 1st to (M−1)th cycles (where M is an integer of 2 or more), wherein processing work on a single workpiece corresponds to... Agent: Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20140257718 - Eddy current method for the characterization of broached tube support plate blockage: A method for determining tube support plate blockage of a steam generator includes the following steps: measuring at least five different eddy current values per tube support intersection; calculating a nominal clean fit radius of flow hole; determining a center signal response; converting the center signal response to a deposit... Agent: Areva Inc.

20140257719 - Method and apparatus for measuring and removing rotational variability from a nip pressure profile of a covered roll of a nip press: Multiple groups of sensors are circumferentially spaced apart at each cross-directional position along a sensing roll of a nip press to measure and cancel or nearly cancel the effects of rotational variability which may be acting on the sensing roll. The strategically-placed sensors are designed to measure the pressure being... Agent: International Paper Company

20140257720 - System and method for improved indicated flow in mass flow controllers: A mass flow controller and associated methods for providing indicated flow from the mass flow controller are disclosed. The method may include obtaining a measured flow signal indicative of a mass flow rate of a fluid that is controlled by the mass flow controller and filtering the measured flow signal... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140257721 - Leak verification and detection for vehicle fuel containment systems: An off-board vehicle fuel containment tester that utilizes a vacuum/pressure pump to change the pressure in the vehicle's fuel handling and containment system. A microprocessor is programmed to control the vacuum/pressure pump system and through the reading produced by a pressure transducer will determine, by the pressure changes occurring in... Agent: Automotive Test Solutions Inc.

20140257722 - Predicting motor failure based on relationship of motor pair characteristics: A system and method of predicting motor failure based on relationships of motor pair characteristics, such as temperatures. A motor pair detection module receives temperatures for each motor of a motor pair over a predetermined window. The motor pair detection module determines whether at least one of the temperatures of... Agent: Joy Mm Delaware, Inc.

20140257723 - Systems and methods for arc flash hazard assessment: An arc flash hazard assessment method includes storing electrical equipment data in memory, defining an arc flash model function based on the data, and estimating the model function based on a weighted average of interpolated and extrapolated values. The electrical equipment data may include an operating voltage, a fault current,... Agent: The Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers, Incorporated

20140257726 - Apparatus and method for battery state of charge estimation: An apparatus and method for battery state of charge (SOC) estimation can reduce the estimation error in the battery SOC. The apparatus includes a charge/discharge current detection unit, a terminal voltage detection unit, a first estimation unit that estimates a first SOC by integrating the charge/discharge current value, a second... Agent: Calsonic Kansei Corporation

20140257725 - Method of determining the residual capacity of a battery: The invention relates to a method of determining the residual capacity of an electrochemical cell for an electrical energy storage using a no-load voltage model of the cell which is parameterized so that the parameter represents the aging of the cell. Parameterizing the model is achieved from a series of... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20140257724 - Tracking fading battery capacity in a plugged-in portable electronic device: A system for tracking the capacity of a battery in a portable electronic device is described. While the portable electronic device remains plugged in to a power adapter, the system estimates the capacity of the battery by performing the following operations. The system measures a first open-circuit voltage for the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140257727 - Method for angle-preserving phase embeddings: One or more signal are embedded by producing complex-valued measurements of the signal by measuring the signal using a complex measurement matrix. Then, only a phase of the complex-valued measurements are retinas, such that angles of the signal are preserved. Subsequently, the phases, which can be quantized and stored in... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20140257728 - Method and apparatus for predicting and correcting metering data in non-metered section: A method for predicting and correcting metering data in a non-metered section includes collecting energy-related metering data. The method includes generating, when a non-metered section occurs while collecting the metering data, predicted metering data for the non-metered section; and generating corrected metering data for the predicted metering data by analyzing... Agent:

20140257730 - Bandwidth and time delay matching for inertial sensors: The disclosure is directed to matching a time delay and a bandwidth of a plurality of sensors. An aspect receives first sensor data having a first timestamp from a first sensor having a first bandwidth, receives second sensor data having a second timestamp from a second sensor having a second... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140257731 - Offset estimation device, offset estimation method, offset estimation program and information processing device: An offset estimation device includes a rotation axis calculation part and an offset estimation part. The rotation axis calculation part is configured to: obtain multiple sets of magnetic data detected by the magnetic sensor and multiple sets of angular velocity data in accordance with the rotation amount of the offset... Agent: Asahi Kasei Kabushiki Kaisha

20140257729 - Time synchronized redundant sensors: A redundant sensor includes at least two sensing elements. The redundant sensor includes methods and apparatus for time-stamping and combining data from the sensing elements. A method of use and additional embodiments are disclosed.... Agent:

20140257732 - System and method for machine inclination measurement: A system for a machine having an implement and operating on a slope is provided. The system includes an implement position sensor, inclination sensor and an inclination module. The implement position sensor is configured to generate a signal indicative of a position of the implement relative to a frame of... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140257733 - Coordinate measurement device and method for checking installation position of each probe of star prober: In a method for checking installation positions of probes of a star prober using a coordinate measurement device, the star prober is fixed vertically on a platform and supported by a movable arm, and a standard ball placed on the platform. The first probe measures a first point on a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140257734 - Pupil plane calibration for scatterometry overlay measurement: Methods and calibrations modules are provided, for calibrating a pupil center in scatterometry overlay measurements. The calibration comprises calculating fluctuations from a first statistical figure of merit such as an average of an overlay signal per pixel at the pupil and significantly reducing, for example minimizing, the fluctuations with respect... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140257735 - Calibration of modular system using an embedded calibration signal generator: A user obtains a set of modules, inserts them into slots of a chassis, and interconnects the modules to form a modular instrument. A signal path extends through the modules. To support calibration of the signal path, a first of the modules (or the chassis or a calibration module) includes... Agent: National Instruments Corporation

20140257736 - Implementing automated memory address recording in constrained random test generation for verification of processor hardware designs: A method and apparatus are provided for implementing automated memory address recording in constrained random test generation for verification of processor hardware designs. A test generation program includes a built in feature to keep track of storage addresses used and to make the addresses available to the test definition. This... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140257737 - Matched filter testing of data transmission cables: In one embodiment, a method for testing a cable includes receiving a read-signal profile read at a receiving-end of a cable upon an initial test signal being input to a sending end of the cable, calculating a cross-correlation function between the read-signal profile and a matched filter output, and determining... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140257738 - Hierarchically divided signal path for characterizing integrated circuits: An apparatus includes an output pad, a plurality of arrays of test devices, a hierarchy of selection devices, and address logic. The hierarchy of selection devices includes a plurality of levels coupled between the output pad and the arrays of test devices. Each test device is coupled to a selection... Agent: Globalfoundries Inc.

20140257739 - Implementing random content of program loops in random test generation for processor verification: A method and apparatus are provided for implementing random content of program loops in random test generation for processor verification. A converged branch instruction stream is used by a test generator to ensure that all random conditional branches converge to a main program loop. A built in exception handling mechanism... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140257740 - Real-time modeling of heat distributions: Techniques for real-time modeling temperature distributions based on streaming sensor data are provided. In one aspect, a method for creating a three-dimensional temperature distribution model for a room having a floor and a ceiling is provided. The method includes the following steps. A ceiling temperature distribution in the room is... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140257741 - Weightless scale system: A weightless scale system provides a selectable display of actual or differential measurements of body composition factors and has a scrollable calendar whereby a user can select any reference date back to the initial use of the weightless scale system for the one or more differential measurements selectable by the... Agent:

20140257742 - Method to structure mineral aggregate gradation by using three control points and two curves: The invention involves “a method to structure mineral aggregate gradation by using three control points & two curves”, including the following steps: (1) Three control points are determined according to the property of the mixtures: nominal maximum size of aggregate and its passing rate, nominal minimum size of aggregate and... Agent: Guangxi Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd.

20140257743 - Systems and methods for identifying and characterizing athletic maneuvers: Embodiments of the present disclosure help automatically identify athletic maneuvers performed by actors and/or their sports equipment using data from sensors. Among other things, various embodiments help judges and spectators of extreme sports to assess athletic maneuvers based on objective, empirical data and allow action sport participants to objectively compare... Agent:

20140257744 - Systems and methods for synchronized display of athletic maneuvers: Embodiments of the present disclosure help to synchronize multiple video segments of an actor or actors performing athletic maneuvers. Among other things, various embodiments help provide a side-by-side visual comparison of athletic maneuvers.... Agent: Alpinereplay, Inc.

20140257745 - Speedometer insenstive to icy conditions and heavy rainfall: at least one calculation means configured to determine the speed V of the moving body with respect to the ambient air mass (7) from the static pressure PS and dynamic pressure PB values and possibly from the value of the angle of attack ALPHA of the fin and/or the sideslip... Agent:

20140257747 - Configurable point of interest alerts: Receiving point of interest zones and alerts on user devices comprises communicating, by a user computing device to a remote computing device, a request for point of interest data corresponding to points of interest within a proximity of the user device; presenting the received point of interest data; identifying a... Agent: Google Inc.

20140257746 - Magnetic position detection system: In a magnetic position detection system designed to detect a target object in a detection space using an array of magnetic sensors, the position of the target object can be determined by fitting a model of the target object's magnetic field to the sensor measurements. A robust determination of whether... Agent: Ezono Ag

20140257748 - Positive location system for a locomotive consist: A positive location system is disclosed for a locomotive consist including at least two locomotives. The system may include a first locator element on a first locomotive and a second locator element on a second locomotive. Each locator element may include a receiving device and a transmitting device communicatively coupled... Agent: Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.

20140257749 - Dietary measurement system and method of correlating dietary contents information to a defined volume: A dietary measurement system and a method of correlating dietary information to a defined volume of a measuring device are provided to reduce the effort and time necessary to keep track of the nutritional intake. The dietary measurement system comprises at least a measuring device adapted to accommodate food having... Agent:

20140257750 - System and method for estimating uncertainty for geophysical gridding routines lacking inherent uncertainty estimation: System and method for improving the accuracy of a numerical model by estimating uncertainty for gridding algorithms. An extra uncertainty term is added to the zeroth-order CUBE uncertainty estimator to compute uncertainty which can be provided to a numerical model. The system and method can estimate the uncertainty for any... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140257752 - Analyzing measurement sensors based on self-generated calibration reports: Aspects analyze the performance of a plurality of measurement sensors as a function of sensor performance attributes. Different types of sensor performance attribute values are defined for different types of sensors deployed within a manufacturing process infrastructure. The performance attribute values include a nominal value of a sensor data output... Agent:

20140257751 - Methods for scheduling the replacement of wind turbine batteries and related systems: A method for scheduling the replacement of wind turbine batteries is disclosed. The method may include monitoring an air temperature of a location at which a battery is stored within a wind turbine, determining with a controller a predicted lifetime for the battery based on the air temperature and determining... Agent: General Electric Company

20140257753 - Real-time remote data collecting systems and methods: The invention relates generally to remote data collecting systems and methods. In a general aspect, the present invention provides a remote data collecting system comprising a measuring device having at least two scales in communication with a web server. The web server can be used to display data from the... Agent: Nestec Sa

20140257756 - Field device: A field device that provides a field device that allows the simplest possible logging of relevant operational data. The field device has at least one data storage device (3) designed as an integral component of the field device and a control unit designed as an integral component of the field... Agent: Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh

20140257755 - Method for reconstructing signals from phase-only measurements: A signal is reconstructed by first producing complex-valued measurements of the signal by measuring the signal using a linear complex measurement system, and retaining only a phase of the complex-valued measurements. Then, the signal is reconstructed from the phase of the complex measurements within a scaling factor using a sparse... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20140257757 - System and method of high volume import, validation and estimation of meter data: A meter data management system includes one or more application servers configured to receive, validate and estimate received meter data. The one or more application servers may include various memory/media elements for storing raw and transformed meter data as well as software in the form of computer-executable instructions, which are... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20140257754 - Wireless network of low power sensing and actuating motes: Embodiments include a wireless mote network having a plurality of motes, wherein each of the plurality of motes includes a processing unit in communication with a communications device. Each of the motes includes at least a sensor configured to monitor an environmental condition in an area around the mote or... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140257758 - Adaptive rf signal filter using acousto-optic spectrum analyzer and re-writable xdm mask: A coherent wideband acousto-optic RF spectrum analyzer for processing an input RF signal, having a CW laser providing a first laser beam, a Bragg cell used in a deflection mode with the laser beam incident thereon and receiving the input RF signal, and in response thereto producing multiple diffracted modulated... Agent: Loki Systems LLC

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