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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331721 - High security combination disc padlock: The present invention is directed to exemplary embodiments of a combination disc padlock that may include a housing, a shackle positioned within a portion of the housing, the shackle having a curved shape with a first end that is never released from the housing and a second end that may... Agent:

20140331722 - Compression latch: A compression latch is disclosed that is adapted to fold down in both the locked and unlocked positions and that compresses a washer when in the closed position. The latch can couple directly to a hinged body, and does not require a separate housing that is then coupled to the... Agent: Gem Products, Inc.

20140331723 - Electronic locking device: An electronic locking device for a furniture lock, which locks a door or drawer and is operable by means of a rotary knob, comprises at least a release electronics and a solenoid, which are arranged on the outside of the respective furniture wall facing away from the space to be... Agent:

20140331724 - Camlock: A cam lock includes a cylindrical lock body with a flange extending radially from the distal end to be glued to a surface surrounding a mounting hole. The lock body has a bore extending axially, with an interior shoulder extending radially inwardly at the distal end. The shoulder includes two... Agent:

20140331725 - End caps for lock cylinders: Systems, methods and devices relating to lock assemblies for doors are disclosed. The lock assemblies include an end cap that couples a tail piece, cam or other latch operating mechanism to the plug of the lock assembly so that the latch operating mechanism rotates with rotation of the plug to... Agent: Schlage Lock Company, LLC

20140331726 - Key plug for a key-programmable cylinder lock and key-removable lock core: A plug assembly for use in a key-operated lock, having a cylindrical key plug that can rotatable between a key insertion position and a control position, the key plug having a keyway and tumbler bores, an axial groove into the periphery displaced tangentially from the tumbler bores, a curved trough... Agent:

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140326026 - Apparatuses and methods for securing fishing rods and reels: Apparatuses and methods are provided to secure fishing reels to fishing rods. Interlocking apparatuses and methods are provided to secure fishing reel/rod combinations against theft.... Agent:

20140326027 - Smart lock: The present invention is generally directed to locking devices and, more particularly, to locks that are electronically operable and controllable by mobile devices such as telephones, PCs, tablets and the like.... Agent:

20140326028 - Concealed handcuff key: Described herein are several versions of concealed handcuff keys including a key concealed within a pouch as a zipper pull, a key concealed as a common pen cap/clip, a key concealed as a coin, a key concealed as a bootlace/shoelace end, and a key concealed within a receiver in the... Agent:

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140318192 - Cable wrap security device: A security device may include a spool, locking mechanism, button, plug, and latch. The spool is configured to either wind or unwind a cable for wrapping around an object. The locking mechanism is configured to partially lock the spool. The button may be used to move the locking mechanism between... Agent:

20140318193 - Anti-theft device for electronic devices: Electronic device and fastening anti-theft device, for preventing theft of the electronic device and includes a lock, a screw, a bracket, and a body having a locking plate extending from a side. The locking plate includes a slot, a locking hole and a shielding piece bent and protruding from a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140318194 - Drawer locking system: A locking system is provided which can be readily attached to a drawer without the necessity of any carpentry or other alteration of the drawer or associated cabinet. The locking system comprises a first body having at least one side attachable to the front of a drawer, a second body... Agent:

20140318195 - Electric steering lock device of vehicle and assembly method thereof: The present invention relates to an electric steering lock device of a vehicle and an assembly method thereof, more specifically, the invention can also be provided on a column housing of a different vehicle having a manual steering lock device by reducing the height of the product, and is capable... Agent: Dae Dong Co., Ltd.

20140318196 - Theft-deterrence device for machinery and method of use: Theft-deterrence devices and methods adapted to assist in theft deterrence/prevention of machinery, for example, a man lift, whose controls include a joystick. Such a device includes an enclosure having an interior cavity defined by and between oppositely-disposed first and second ends of the enclosure, and an opening in the second... Agent: Lockurboom, LLC

20140318197 - Steering lock device: A steering lock device includes a lock bolt configured to correspond to rotation of a key cylinder and to unlock a steering shaft, and an ignition switch configured to correspond to the rotation of the key cylinder and to perform switch operation. In the steering lock device, the lock bolt... Agent: U-shin Ltd.

20140318198 - Electronic locks particularly for office furniture: An electronic cam lock accessible either by PIN code or wirelessly transmitted code from a user's credential has a compact electronics housing that fits neatly and unobtrusively in office furniture, including metal or wood file cabinets. The housing has a rear-extending driver, which may be within a cylinder, preferably positioned... Agent: Security People, Inc.

20140318199 - Electronic locks particularly for office furniture: An electronic cam lock accessible either by PIN code or wirelessly transmitted code from a user's credential has a compact electronics housing that fits neatly and unobtrusively in office furniture, including metal or wood file cabinets. The housing has a rear-extending driver, which may be within a cylinder, preferably positioned... Agent: Security People, Inc.

20140318200 - Fire actuated release mechanism to separate electronic door lock from fire door: A release mechanism is actuated by the heat of a fire to electrically and mechanically disconnect electrical wiring from an electronic lock having a plastic housing. The electronic lock is mounted on a fire door and as it is heated by a fire on the opposite side of the fire... Agent:

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140311195 - Padlock: A padlock, which is capable of remaining functional in even very dusty, watery or otherwise difficult conditions is disclosed. In addition, there would be reason for forming the protection level of the padlock to be selectable and updatable as needed to be even better. A protective cap is provided with... Agent: Abloy Oy

20140311196 - Padlock: A padlock for securing a switch of an industrial plant comprises a lock body and a hoop which is displaceably held at the lock body, wherein the lock body has a lock housing composed of plastic, a lock cylinder having a rotatable cylinder core, and a rotatable latching member, wherein... Agent: Abus August Bremicker S&#xf6 Hne Kg

20140311194 - Door lever & key cylinder lock combination: p

20140311197 - Door lock indicator: A door lock indicator and method for use by occupants in an interior space to confirm if a lock of a door handle of a door is in a locked or an unlocked position. An inside handle of the door handle must always be free to open the door for... Agent: Pdq Manufacturing

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