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12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140352368 - Security device for electrical conductors in a conduit: A bracket encircles a conduit or lamp post and includes an opening for access to a cover attached to the conduit or lamp post and serves as a security device to prevent access to the electrical conductors behind the cover. A removable plate having a bottom edge engaged within a... Agent:

20140352369 - Method and device for realizing an electrical bicycle lock: A device and a method for theft protection of a bicycle are described, as well as a bicycle equipped with such a device or such a method. A control unit is provided, with the aid of which a locking device is able to be electrically activated in order to block... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140352370 - Combination-identifiable padlock: A combination-identifiable padlock has a shell, a combination lock cylinder, a key lock cylinder and an identification assembly. The combination lock cylinder, the key lock cylinder and the identification assembly are mounted in the shell. When the correct key is inserted, the key lock cylinder is rotatable to actuate the... Agent:

20140352371 - Combination key lock box with anti-pick mechanism: A combination key lock box comprising a body housing has a storage compartment which has holes to receive the toe of a shackle and the heel of the shackle. The heel or long-leg of the shackle remains inside of the body housing and the toe or short-leg can be moved... Agent: The Sun Lock Company, Ltd.

20140352372 - Merchandise display hook with alarm: Display hooks for displaying items of merchandise are provided. For example, the display hook includes at least one rod for supporting a plurality of items of merchandise and an end assembly coupled to the at least one rod. The end assembly includes an alarm mechanism configured to generate at least... Agent: Invue Security Products Inc.

20140352373 - Exterior locking module for a lock: The invention relates to a module for locking a motor vehicle lock. The aim of the invention is to design an easy-to-make and compact locking module for a lock. Said aim is achieved by a locking module comprising a housing (1), a switching nut (2) that can be connected to... Agent:

20140352374 - Lock cylinder having enhanced burglarproof effect: A lock cylinder includes a housing including an axial bore extending from a front end thereof through a rear end thereof along an axis. The axial bore includes a first larger section in the front end, a second larger section in the rear end, and a smaller section intermediate the... Agent:

20140352375 - Locking system: A locking system is set forth having a key and a lock cylinder. The lock cylinder has a cylinder core journalled in a housing and having a keyway for inserting the key. A plurality of tumblers actuable by the key and an additional blocking element movably arranged in a guide... Agent:

11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345335 - Engagement structure for a cable head: An engagement structure for a cable head includes a main body and a release mechanism. The main body has movable positioners disposed thereon. When the cable head is inserted in the main body, the positioners are temporarily pushed away and moved back by an elastic mechanism to block the cable... Agent:

20140345336 - Cable wrap security device: A security device for protecting a merchandise item that includes a housing, a first cable, a second cable, a spool, a locking mechanism and a crossover device that is in the housing and is rotatable about a vertical axis. The locking mechanism locks the spool so that it is not... Agent:

20140345337 - Steering lock with a deadlock for a motor vehicle and method of assembling same: The invention relates to a steering lock with a deadlock for a motor vehicle comprising: •a bolt guide (5), •a bolt (4), •a deadlocking means (15) comprising a locking element (16) designed to lock the bolt (4) in deadlocked position and to be subjected to torsional and translational movement towards... Agent:

20140345338 - Anti-theft device for a steering column of a motor vehicle and method for the assembly thereof: The present invention relates to an anti-theft device (13) for a steering column (19) of a motor vehicle comprising: •an anti-theft body (15), •a locking module (23) intended to be received in a blind housing of the anti-theft body (15), said locking module (23) being configured in such a way... Agent:

20140345339 - Operating attachment for operating a push button and/or switch: An operating attachment (10) for operating a push button or switch, which includes a housing, (12) a handling part (11) having an actuator element (19) supported by said housing (12) for rotation in a direction of rotation (U), an operating element (26) displaceable parallel to a longitudinal axis (L) of... Agent: R. Stahl Schaltgerate Gmbh

11/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140338406 - Combination lock: Provided is a combination lock including a housing having an lodge port configured for removably receiving therein a shank; a locking bar received within the housing and having a shank port; a combination mechanism associated with the locking bar; and a securing arrangement including an arresting member of the locking... Agent: Knollan Ltd.

20140338405 - Rotary security seal: A rotary security seal assembly is disclosed for sealing container closures, meters, equipment and various other articles. The assembly is configured to reveal surreptitious entry or attempted access into or to a sealed area or article and comprises a housing body and a locking filament. The housing body includes a... Agent: Nic Products, Inc.

20140338407 - Padlock with resettable password: A padlock whose password can be decoded and reset, consists of lock body, shackle and lock cup. In one side of the shackle resides the lock cup, a volute lock core and a blade. In the other side of the shackle resides letter wheels. All of these spare parts place... Agent:

20140338408 - Electronic system with locking function by electronically controlled: An electronic system with an electronically electronic locking element is provided. The system includes a first electronic device having a first part, a first fastening element, a second part, and an electronic locking element. The first fastening element is pivotally connected to the first part and rotates relatively to the... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20140338409 - Power locking door handles with integrated keypad: A power locking pull or push button handle assembly is provided for a vehicle door having a lock and a latch. The handle assembly includes a base with a housing. A handle is pivotally mounted on the base, a power lock assembly is mounted within the housing on the base,... Agent: Trimark Corporation

20140338410 - Non-numeric, non-textual, color-coded combination locking devices and methods: A non-numeric, non-textual, color-coded combination locking device has a body, a locking mechanism, and a plurality of dial wheels with colors indicia as identifying members. The wheels rotate relative to the body and locking mechanism and display a plurality of colors across the device. The wheels and the color indicia... Agent:

11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331721 - High security combination disc padlock: The present invention is directed to exemplary embodiments of a combination disc padlock that may include a housing, a shackle positioned within a portion of the housing, the shackle having a curved shape with a first end that is never released from the housing and a second end that may... Agent:

20140331722 - Compression latch: A compression latch is disclosed that is adapted to fold down in both the locked and unlocked positions and that compresses a washer when in the closed position. The latch can couple directly to a hinged body, and does not require a separate housing that is then coupled to the... Agent: Gem Products, Inc.

20140331723 - Electronic locking device: An electronic locking device for a furniture lock, which locks a door or drawer and is operable by means of a rotary knob, comprises at least a release electronics and a solenoid, which are arranged on the outside of the respective furniture wall facing away from the space to be... Agent:

20140331724 - Camlock: A cam lock includes a cylindrical lock body with a flange extending radially from the distal end to be glued to a surface surrounding a mounting hole. The lock body has a bore extending axially, with an interior shoulder extending radially inwardly at the distal end. The shoulder includes two... Agent:

20140331725 - End caps for lock cylinders: Systems, methods and devices relating to lock assemblies for doors are disclosed. The lock assemblies include an end cap that couples a tail piece, cam or other latch operating mechanism to the plug of the lock assembly so that the latch operating mechanism rotates with rotation of the plug to... Agent: Schlage Lock Company, LLC

20140331726 - Key plug for a key-programmable cylinder lock and key-removable lock core: A plug assembly for use in a key-operated lock, having a cylindrical key plug that can rotatable between a key insertion position and a control position, the key plug having a keyway and tumbler bores, an axial groove into the periphery displaced tangentially from the tumbler bores, a curved trough... Agent:

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