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01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020558 - Mobile lock with retractable cable: A mobile lock with a retractable cable. The mobile lock includes an integral wireless locator system that can precisely locate the mobile device in real-time if stolen with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) (i.e. a drone, etc.) The wireless locator system also automatically send messages (e.g., e-mail, text, instant messages,... Agent:

20150020559 - Centralized unlocking operation apparatus for vehicle locking mechanism: In a centralized unlocking apparatus for a vehicle locking mechanism in which the operation of an operator in an operating portion capable of placing a locking mechanism in unlocked state is regulated when a main switch is in a predetermined rotary operation position, a pair of operating portions each provided... Agent:

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013398 - Merchandise security devices for use with an electronic key: A merchandise security device is provided. The merchandise security device may include a lock mechanism operably engaged with a shape memory material configured to receive electrical power for locking and unlocking the lock mechanism. The shape memory material may be configured to change in shape in response to receiving electrical... Agent:

20150013399 - Lock with independent removable shackles for increased portability: A lock includes a locking body, a non-locking body, and at least two shackles each independently removable from both the locking and non-locking body.... Agent:

20150013401 - Apparatus for opening and closing front entrance: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for opening and closing a front entrance. The apparatus includes: a door lock housing which has an opening in which a latch bolt is disposed; first and second door handles which are provided on the door and configured to be pushed or pulled; a movable... Agent:

20150013400 - Blocking device for a refrigerator: A structural arrangement for a lock for a refrigerator is provided and consists of a blocking device to prevent the refrigerator from being opened by unauthorized persons. A refrigerator comprises a generally parallelepipedal body provided with at least one door; the blocking device is comprised of two components, the front... Agent:

20150013402 - Lock mechanism with egress release: An exemplary lock includes an outer spindle, a center spindle, and a lock control assembly selectively coupling the outer and center spindles. In one embodiment, the lock control assembly includes a cam coupled to the center spindle, a locking bar slidingly coupled to the outer spindle, a cam follower positioned... Agent:

20150013403 - Vehicle door open/close operation apparatus: A vehicle door open/close operation apparatus is provided in which a design cover can be opened by a manual operation and can close at least part of an opening provided in a door, and a latch release is operated by a latch device due to the operation of an operating... Agent:

20150013404 - Key and cylinder locking assembly corresponding to said key: v

01/08/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150007618 - Mower brake lock: A brake lock for a riding mower. The brake lock may include a shaft having a first end and a second end. A blocker may be attached to the first end and a shackle may be attached to the second end. The present invention may further include a padlock having... Agent:

20150007619 - Apparatus for management of access key used for locker access: An apparatus for use with a rack of lockers is disclosed. The apparatus includes a key-facilitation server configured to cooperate with a locker server, and also configured to receive a key-access request. The locker server is associated with a rack of lockers including a first compartment configured to allow storage... Agent:

20150007620 - Apparatus for opening and closing entrance: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for opening and closing an entrance. The apparatus includes: first and second door handles which are configured to be pushed or pulled; a moving unit which is coupled to the first and second door handles; a rotating unit which is rotatably coupled on a rotating... Agent:

20150007621 - Deadbolt lock assembly: A key-operated lock unit includes a frusto-conical inner case receiving a lock body and having opposite first and second case end rings. The first case end ring extends around a lock end plate of the lock body and engages an annular shoulder of the lock end plate. An engagement element... Agent:

20150007622 - Door entry system: A door entry device comprising includes a case, a key holder and a key pad. The case covers a door-locking device on a door. The key holder has a slot into which a key end fits. The knob is mounted on the case. A currently active security code can be... Agent:

20150007623 - Advanced lockable latch apparatus and a method of using same: The present invention relates generally to a lockable latch apparatus and a method of using same. More particularly, the invention encompasses a lockable latch that can be locked into place using a key to prevent it from sliding or being opened. The invention also provides a method of using the... Agent:

20150007624 - Dummy lock core: A core assembly for use with a core housing of a lock assembly is defined by a bifurcated core body including interconnected first and second cylindrical members disposed in an abutting relationship. The bifurcated core body defines a first end received by an opening disposed in the core housing and... Agent:

20150007625 - Combined fashion accessory and key: This invention provides a combined fashion accessory and key. The fashion accessory includes a decorative head having front and back sides, an elongate shaft having first and second opposed ends. The first end of the elongate shaft is attached to the back side of the decorative head, and an elongate... Agent: Db Imports

01/01/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150000354 - Door stop with security lock: A door stop includes a body having a longitudinal axis and a rotating toggle operably connected to the body. The toggle is rotatable such that a longitudinal axis of the toggle aligns with the longitudinal axis of the body in an insertion position and the longitudinal axis of the toggle... Agent:

20150000355 - Mechanical combination lock: The present application is directed to a mechanical combination lock which includes a base having a cavity, a central shaft provided inside the cavity, and a plurality of combination control units provided on the central shaft, wherein each combination control unit includes a combination disc having at least three combination... Agent: Borg Locks (hk) Ltd

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