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05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135783 - Locking assembly for securing electronic equipment within an equipment rack: A locking assembly is provided for securing an electronic module to a chassis of a rack enclosure within a mounting slot of the chassis. The locking assembly includes a lock configured to be secured to a vertical rail of the chassis. The lock further is configured to prevent the electronic... Agent:

20150135781 - Locking system: l

20150135782 - Push button lock: A push button lock assembly includes a tray, a button member slidably mounted to the tray, and a securing mechanism is mounted to the back side of the tray movable between a first position and a second position. A locking assembly is mounted to the button member and movable from... Agent:

05/14/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150128665 - Ski pole locking device: A ski pole locking device may include a pole ring comprising a first moveable arm and a second moveable arm, wherein the first moveable arm comprises a catching mechanism, wherein the second moveable arm comprises a catching mechanism cavity, wherein the pole ring comprises a closed configuration and an open... Agent:

20150128666 - Lockable containers: A container that includes a lockable zipper. The container includes a cavity having an opening. A zipper is provided that includes first and second rows of teeth and a slider. The first row of teeth is connected on one side of said opening and the second row of teeth is... Agent:

20150128667 - Digital entrance opening and closing device: Disclosed herein is a digital opening and closing device for an entrance. The device includes: a housing which includes an outer casing and an inner casing with a door interposed between the inner and outer casings; a password input unit which is provided on the outer casing; a door opening... Agent:

20150128668 - Firearm locking device: Presently disclosed is a locking device for a firearm that includes a longitudinally extending frame and a configurable butt support, a configurable action housing, and a barrel lock. The configurable butt support defines an opening for receiving a butt of the firearm, with one or more of the width, length... Agent:

20150128669 - Protection mechanism of a door's key hole: Protection mechanism of the key hole of the lock of a door (11) consisting of a tough durable shell (1), within which a mechanism that drives a blade (4) to cover the key hole (11) is located, so that the key hole will not be visible to any attacker and... Agent:

05/07/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150121973 - Police car restraint system: A prisoner restraint system for securing a prisoner in a police car, the system having a locking attachment member securing the system to the child seat anchor located above and behind the rear seat, a first strap member having an upper end connected to the locking attachment member and a... Agent:

20150121974 - Locking mechanisms and toolboxes including locking mechanisms: Locking mechanisms and toolboxes including locking mechanisms are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a locking mechanism includes a frame including an opening, a lid, a latch coupled to the lid, the latch including a latching post and a flange, and a locking device including a draw mechanism coupled to the... Agent: Dee Zee, Inc.

20150121975 - Single-armed trailer coupler locking device: A locking device for obstructing towing of an unattached trailer has a lock base and a single-armed curved interlock bracket. The lock base has a cylindrical leg. The single-armed interlock bracket has an grooved arm sliding along an aperture on the cylindrical leg and may be permanently attached to the... Agent:

20150121976 - Anti-theft device: An anti-theft device for a motor vehicle includes a pedal engaging member (105), a first locking mechanism (215) and a second locking mechanism (210). The pedal engaging member (105) is movable between a first position and a second position, the first position for engaging a pedal of the motor vehicle... Agent:

20150121977 - Key and cylinder locking assembly corresponding to said key: A key whose blade includes axially a window forming an opening throughout the thickness of the blade between two opposite faces thereof, and a set of rollers mounted in series along the windows with each roller being mounted freely rotating around a spindle fixed transversal to the window. The key... Agent:

04/30/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150114050 - Hangschloss: A padlock comprises a lock body, a hoop which is displaceably held at the lock body, a cylinder core into which at least one core pin is inserted and which is supported directly in a reception opening rotatable about a cylinder axis in order selectively to lock or release the... Agent:

20150114051 - Lock mechanism and box-shaped apparatus thereof: A lock mechanism includes a driving arm having an arm portion and a fixing portion and a lock rod having first and second ends and a pivot portion. The pivot portion is pivoted to one of a cover and a casing. The fixing portion is disposed on the one of... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150114052 - Lid locking device: A lid locking device of the present invention is provided with a power transmission mechanism which includes a worm gear, a worm wheel, a pressurizing protrusion portion, a pressurized face and an interference avoiding space between a motor and a locking member. The power transmitting mechanism transmits backward-driving power which... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150114053 - Ground anchor lock: A ground anchor having an elongated shaft with upper and lower ends, a grooved locking post on the upper end; an threaded auger fixed to the lower end, an engagement area for engaging an external tool, a sleeve mounted over the main shaft, which spins freely, and an attachment member... Agent:

20150114054 - Steering lock apparatus: A steering lock apparatus is provided that can protect a steering column 2e from damage, such as cracking, even when a steering wheel is forcibly rotated with the ignition key off. Protrusions 24 in the circumferential direction are provided at a plurality of locations in the axial direction of peripheral... Agent:

20150114055 - Electronic deadbolt lock: A deadbolt lock assembly comprising a retractable and extendable deadbolt, a housing, an outside member movably mounted on the housing, the member being normally disconnected from the deadbolt, and an operator input device on the housing, the device connecting the member to the deadbolt in response to presentation of an... Agent:

20150114057 - Key release stud: A locking assembly comprising a fastener having a locking stud having a locking cavity and an aperture for receiving the locking stud, a lock having material adapted to contract when activated and having jaws adapted to engage the locking cavity of the locking stud when received in the aperture, and... Agent:

20150114056 - Lock and key for the same: The present invention relates to a lock and a key for the same, and multiple modular lock core units are mounted in the lock. Multiple lock bead units having specific standard are mounted in each lock core unit. Each lock bead unit is detachable and is able to rearrange the... Agent: Bloftown Co., Ltd.

20150114058 - Rotary locking cylinder and security key: A rotary locking cylinder includes a housing and a rotor mounted therein. Furthermore, tumblers influencing the combinatorics each have a core pin, a housing pin, and a key channel incorporated into the rotor. The tumblers are arranged in the keyway by inserting the security key. The at least two tumblers... Agent:

20150114059 - Lock system: lade (144) into the keyway (119), correctly coded bitings (142) move the locking pins (122) along the guide bores (120) until the holes (136) are aligned with the recess (124). The key (140) further includes an unblocking member (170) which operatively protrudes from the key handle (146) substantially parallel to... Agent:

20150114060 - Clamping device, locking cylinder arrangement and motor vehicle: A clamping device for a locking cylinder arrangement of a motor vehicle is disclosed which includes a clamping body, a receptacle arranged on the clamping body for fixing a locking cylinder. A first retaining element is arranged on the clamping body. A cap covers the clamping device and is fixed... Agent:

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