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04/16/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150101369 - Smart lock systems and methods: A lock can receive electricity from a transformer of a doorbell chime while the lock is mounted on a door. The lock can be electrically coupled to the face plate. The face plate can be electrically coupled to the strike plate of the door frame. The strike plate of the... Agent:

20150101370 - Energy efficient multi-stable lock cylinder: Some embodiments include a lock cylinder comprising: a plug assembly having a front portion and a back portion; a housing shell within which the plug assembly is rotatably disposed, wherein the housing shell includes a notch; wherein the back portion of the plug assembly comprises: a locking pin that is... Agent:

20150101371 - Key mechanism: A key mechanism comprises a rack and an external force key member, the lower part of the rack disposed with a transmission pinion on one side and ratchet means on the other side. The ratchet means comprises a first ratchet and a second ratchet arranged consecutively to one another from... Agent: Kin Kei Hardware Industries Limited

04/09/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150096334 - Liquor bottle security device: A liquor bottle security device comprising a housing; wherein the housing comprises a sleeve portion and a security portion provided on one side of the sleeve portion; a locking assembly is installed inside the security portion; the locking assembly comprises a toothed sliding block, a toothed piece and a fastening... Agent:

20150096335 - System and method for bike locking: Provided is a secure and easy to use solution for bike holders to securely lock all kinds of bicycles with different frames and shapes without the need to carry a personal lock. The present system and method for bike locking securely locks the bike's frame and wheel.... Agent: Bikeep O&#xdc

20150096336 - Locking mechanism for a meter box: A locking mechanism includes a bracket configured for mounting on a wall of a securable box and receiving a lock body to selectively secure a cover to the securable box preventing access to an interior of the box. The mechanism further includes a blade that is movable relative to the... Agent: Inner-tite Corp.

20150096338 - Pull handle for a vehicle door: A pull handle (1) for a lock of a vehicle door or lift gate featuring a pull handle housing (1a) having a bearing part (2) and a handle part (3) connected so as to swivel around a swivel axis between non-actuated and actuated positions. An actuation mechanism (4) mounted in... Agent: D. La Porte S&#xf6 Hne Gmbh

20150096339 - Pull handle for a vehicle door: A pull handle (1) to unlock a lock of a vehicle door or lift-gate having a pull handle housing (1a) with a bearing part (2) for securing on a vehicle door or lift-gate and a handle part (3) connected to the bearing part (2) rotatable around a rotation axis (170).... Agent: D. La Porte S&#xf6 Hne Gmbh

20150096337 - Vehicle interior lid for covering trunk lid unlocking mechanism: A vehicle assembly for housing an unlocking mechanism provided within a vehicle passenger compartment which is operably connected to a locking device of a trunk lid includes an interior body panel having an outer surface including an opening portion for receiving an unlocking mechanism. A lid is removably mounted to... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150096340 - Key cylinder for electronic locking device: Provided is a key cylinder for an electronic locking device including a cylinder housing forming an appearance and a cylinder plug installed in the cylinder housing to lock and release the cylinder housing, wherein the cylinder plug includes a lock head including a key insertion hole into which a key... Agent:

20150096341 - Motorised door lock actuator: Actuation system for a door lock, where the door lock comprises a lock bolt driven by rotation of a lock pin that is functionally connected to the lock bolt. The actuation system comprises a cylindrical handle (5) with an outer diameter of between 6 and 9 cm. The system comprises... Agent:

20150096342 - Cylinder lock with internal slider and key therefore: A lock and key combination includes a cylinder rotatably disposed within a shell and a sidebar within the cylinder and movable between a locked position preventing rotation of the cylinder and an unlocked position allowing rotation of the cylinder. A slider is mounted within the cylinder for movement between a... Agent: Medeco Security Locks, Inc.

04/02/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150089980 - Locking system: The invention provides a locking system which has at least one compartment 12 with one or more walls 13, 14, 15 and 16 defining an opening 18. There is a closure 24 for the opening 18. A fastener 22 is adapted to hold the closure 24 in a closed position... Agent:

20150089981 - Commercial motor vehicle and heavy equipment battery locking device and system for use: The present invention relates to a commercial motor vehicle and heavy equipment battery locking device, methods of producing the same, and methods of utilizing the same. In particular, the present invention relates to a lockable device that covers the hold-down nut(s), hold-down bolt(s), and/or hold-doom bracket(s) that secure a battery... Agent:

20150089982 - Electronic lock: This invention discloses an electronic lock, including cam lock assembly, electronic control assembly, lock latch assembly and latch bolt assembly. The latch bolt assembly includes latch bolt, latch bolt bracket and latch shaft. The latch bolt mentioned is pivoted at the latch bolt bracket, while latch shaft is translational positioned... Agent: Tri Star Inc.

20150089983 - Lock mechanism with a key removal interlock and an interlock of key removal from a lock mechanism: It is the object of this invention to provide a lock mechanism with a key removal interlock, and an interlock of key removal from a lock mechanism, for locks with a cylinder, enabling removal of the key from the lock in only one angular position. A lock mechanism with a... Agent:

20150089984 - Key for a lock: A key (1) for operating a lock such as a door lock or padlock, includes a grip portion (2) and a cylindrical shank (3). The shank includes an abutment (4) that extends radially to position the key in the lock and transfer driving force from the key to the lock... Agent:

03/26/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150082840 - File cabinet drawer locking device: A locking system for the file drawers of a standard file cabinet, and in particular a steel-constructed file cabinet. The system includes a locking device and a locking means, the locking device having an elongated bar that includes a locking end and an opposing attaching end. The attaching end has... Agent:

20150082841 - Anti-theft device having a flexible coupling: l

20150082842 - Mobile detacher and hard tag: This disclosure generally relates to the field of security tags, and more particularly, to a system, device, and method for removing a hard tag by utilizing a mobile detacher. A detacher key is inserted into the security device and rotated to release a pin, securing the merchandise to the device,... Agent:

20150082843 - Integrated seatpost bicycle lock: An integrated seatpost bicycle lock is disclosed. The integrated seatpost lock has four solid members that are pivotally interconnected to form a cylinder seatpost in a first position and a lock in a second position. A first solid member has a lock cylinder end portion having a socket and an... Agent: Ghostpost, LLC

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