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Liquid purification or separation

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04/16/2015 > 30 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150101966 - Cooking oil storage and filtration system: A system for pumping cooking oil from a filtration device or cooking oil reservoir to a storage tank or back into the cooking oil reservoir. The system can also be used to pump oil from the storage tank to a disposal location. The system can include a pump used to... Agent:

20150101967 - Anaerobic suspended growth water treatment of contaminated water: A system may include a reactor, in which an anaerobic environment exists, that includes a slurry of at least contaminated water and a mixed bacterial culture of facultative bacteria and anaerobic bacteria. The mixed bacterial culture may be suspended within the slurry. The contaminated water may include contaminants associated with... Agent:

20150101968 - Device for supplying sterilized cold and hot water: The present invention relates to a device for supplying cold and hot water having a sterilization function by using UV light, and more specifically, to a device for supplying sterilized cold and hot water which includes a UV sterilization lamp and a see-through window for easily checking the contamination state... Agent: Wateri Co., Ltd.

20150101969 - Automatically retractable screens for storm drain curb inlets: Embodiments of the invention provide automatically retractable screens, adapted for installation into a storm drain curb inlet, configured such that the automatically retractable screens are biased toward the closed position and thereby reliably closed during periods of no, low, or moderate surface runoff water flows, yet also reliably open when... Agent:

20150101970 - Modular filter capsule apparatus: Disclosed is a capsule apparatus having a filter housing defining a filter chamber with a top cap having a plurality of ports extending substantially laterally from a top end of the top cap. The lateral and substantially uniform orientation of the ports facilitates connection to panel mount assemblies and improves... Agent: Zenppure Corporation

20150101971 - Resistance screens for use in storm drain filtration systems: Embodiments of the invention provide resistance hanging screens, configured for installation into a storm drain or a component of a storm drain, that comprise a front plate and first and second hanging pivots. The combination of the location of the center of gravity of the resistance hanging screens and the... Agent:

20150101972 - Cooking oil storage and filtration system: A system for pumping cooking oil from a filtration device or cooking oil reservoir to a storage tank or back into the cooking oil reservoir. The system can also be used to pump oil from the storage tank to a disposal location. The system can include a pump used to... Agent:

20150101973 - Wastewater treatment apparatus and system for oil and gas production wells: The present invention comprises a closed loop system for the removal of contaminants from wastewater while evaporating the water by utilizing a continuously running evaporator in communication with a separation tank wherein water is returned to the evaporator and solids are left in the separation tank for disposal.... Agent:

20150101974 - Filter for continuous filtration of a suspension under pressure: The invention relates to a filter for continuous filtration of a suspension under pressure, with a pressure vessel (1), rotating filter elements (2) disposed in the pressure vessel (1), where the filter element (2) passes through one filter cycle for each rotation, with filter zones in liquid and gaseous phase,... Agent: Andritz Ag

20150101975 - Filter element and filter system for a liquid medium, in particular diesel fuel: A filter element arranged in a filter housing is provided with an annular filter medium flowed through by a liquid medium in a flow direction radial to a longitudinal axis of the filter element. A clean chamber is arranged in the flow direction of the liquid medium downstream of the... Agent:

20150101976 - Hollow fiber membrane module, filtration apparatus using the same, and method for manufacturing the filtration apparatus: Disclosed are a hollow fiber membrane module, a filtration apparatus based on the same, and a method for manufacturing the filtration apparatus. The hollow fiber membrane module includes two headers respectively provided with a permeate collecting unit therein, wherein each of the headers has grooves on its two sides, the... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20150101977 - Perforated line service pasta basket: The perforated line service pasta basket is fabricated from single-ply food service grade stainless steel. A steel sheet is heat-compressed into a cylindrical shape and provided with a single-ply perforated bottom wall. The bottom wall is raised to stimulate water circulation within the basket. A handle is provided on the... Agent:

20150101978 - Composition and method for retention of solvated compounds and ions: Storage stable polyhydroxylated aromatic ether adducts of polyalkylene oxide are described. Reactive compositions are formed by combining an ether adduct with an aldehyde, optionally further adding a phenolic-aldehyde prepolymer. The reactive compositions are cured by removing water, by acidification, or both. The cured compositions sorb solvated compounds from environments containing... Agent: Eco Verde Technologies, Inc.

20150101979 - Stabilized nanofibers, methods for producing, and applications thereof: A surface treatment method is described herein where a stabilizing (e.g., crosslinking agent) is pre-mixed into a fluid stock comprising a processable polymer. The stock is processed to form products (e.g., nanofibers or films), followed by exposing the products to a stabilizing (e.g., crosslinking catalyst, such as acid vapors), which... Agent:

20150101980 - Household water filter element for removing radioactive substances: The present invention relates to a filter element for disinfecting, cleaning and purifying household water, by removing pollutants such as heavy metals, bacteria, VOCs, and even radioactive substance. The present filter element comprises activated carbon, ion exchange resins (cationic and anionic), biopolymer and transitional metal oxide. Said biopolymer and transitional... Agent:

20150101981 - Assemblies and methods for treating wastewater: An assembly for treating wastewater may include a vessel having an inlet configured to direct wastewater into the vessel and an outlet configured to direct treated water out of the vessel. The inlet and the outlet are generally disposed at opposite ends of the longitudinal dimension of the vessel such... Agent:

20150101982 - Apparatus and method for the extraction of hydrocarbons and use thereof in the treatment of oil contaminations: An apparatus for the extraction of liquid hydrocarbons (MHC) has a mechanism for providing a process water composition (PWC) comprising a liquid emulsifier and water, an intake device (10) for collecting a liquid feedstock mixture comprising the hydrocarbons (MHC), a separating system connectable to the intake device, the separating system... Agent: Man Oil Group Ag

20150101983 - Real time self-sterilizing composite water filter and system for same: The present invention discloses a water filter device comprised of a housing, a first cap, a membrane element, a permeate tube, a quartz sleeve and a UV lamp. The permeate tube may be designed with a plurality of uniformly-distributed permeate openings. The membrane element is disposed outside of the permeate... Agent:

20150101984 - Water purification system: The present specification discloses a water purification system, a water reformulation system, a method of purifying and/or treating water, and a method of reformulating water.... Agent:

20150101985 - Method for separating water/ethanol using naa zeolite separator: Disclosed herein are a method of preparing a NaA zeolite membrane for water/ethanol separation, and a method of separating water/ethanol using the same, wherein a water/ethanol mixture is separated by pervaporation using a NaA zeolite membrane employing a dual separation process, including: primary separation for increasing an ethanol concentration to... Agent:

20150101986 - Mixed matrix polymeric membranes: Disclosed are mixed matrix polymeric membranes comprising a plurality of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), or in some aspects a zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs), and a polymeric matrix, wherein the plurality of MOFs are attached to the polymeric matrix through covalent or hydrogen bonds or Van der Waals interaction.... Agent:

20150101987 - Stacked plate-shaped composite membrane cartridge: A composite filter membrane cartridge, including a housing with a raw water inlet and a filtered water outlet is disclosed. The housing may be equipped with one or more filter layers, including a prefilter assembly and a second filter portion, wherein the prefilter is connected to the membrane filer either... Agent:

20150101988 - Water remediation and biosolids collection system and associated methods: A system and method for remediating a body of water and collecting suspended and dissolved solids therefrom are provided. The system includes a water-impervious lining positionable in a depression in or adjacent a body of water. The lining and depression define a treatment vessel, which includes a treatment portion, an... Agent:

20150101989 - Water treatment: An apparatus for treating water in a reservoir includes a funnel. A support assembly supports the funnel in a lengthwise upright orientation when the funnel is submerged. A water moving arrangement is arranged to move water through the funnel in a direction from an inlet at an upper end of... Agent:

20150101990 - Water filtering system with temperature sensing: A filtering system is provided that includes at least one temperature sensor for measuring the temperature of a filter cartridge. The temperature measurements can used to determine whether the filter cartridge is at an increased risk of suffering a leak due to a crack of other material failure caused by... Agent: General Electric Company

20150101991 - Method and apparatus for water treatment: A method and apparatus for the treatment of water and, more particularly, to the mineralization of water in order to improve pH, hardness, turbidity, and/or alkalinity is described. More particularly, a system is provided for the treatment of water that needs additional hardness, alkalinity, and/or pH adjustment while also meeting... Agent:

20150101992 - Aeration control valve system for water treatment system and methods for using same: An aeration control valve system may be used with a water treatment system to control aeration and flow of water in accordance with various operating cycles. The aeration control valve system causes air to be pumped or drawn into the water treatment system during an air charge cycle to provide... Agent: R.e. Prescott Co., Inc

20150101993 - Method and system for enhancing mass transfer in aeration/oxygenation systems: A means for obtaining high mass transfer efficiencies in surfactant laden wastewater treatment or process systems is disclosed. The present system employs ultrafine bubbles delivered into a high shear region such as in the draft tube or other containment volume of a mechanically agitated contacting system within which an impeller... Agent:

20150101994 - Systems and methods for minimizing loss of cellular components during apheresis: Systems and methods for processing a fluid including a suspension of biological cellular components are disclosed including a single-use kit comprising a container for the fluid; a separation device for retaining selected biological cellular components and allowing other biological cellular components of said fluid to pass therethrough; a flow path... Agent: Fenwal, Inc.

20150101995 - Device and method of extracting high-concentration plasma from whole blood: Disclosed are a device and method of extracting high-concentration plasma from whole blood. The device comprises: a first syringe; a centrifugation tube that is connected to the first syringe in order to centrifuge whole blood received in the first syringe; a cap that is connected to the first syringe in... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150096927 - Filtering system: A filtering system includes a container assembly configured to receive a radioactive fluid contaminated with radioactive particles. The container assembly includes a radiation shielding assembly configured to contain radiation produced by the radioactive fluid. A delivery system is coupled to the container assembly and configured to remove the radioactive fluid... Agent:

20150096928 - Separator device for a heating system: f

20150096929 - Filter and method for assembling a nozzle pipe of a filter: The filter includes: a structure with a C-shaped profile defining side walls and nozzle pipes, each connected to the structure. Each nozzle pipe has a longitudinal axis and an end; a plate connected over a border of the nozzle pipe end to close the nozzle pipe. The plate extends beyond... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20150096930 - Separation membrane module and replacement method for separation membrane element: The present invention relates to a separation membrane module in which a plurality of spiral-type separation membrane elements for use in separating and removing ingredients present in a fluid to be treated are loaded. The present invention provides a separation membrane module in which a plurality of spiral-type separation membrane... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20150096931 - Filter element with undulating seal: Provided is a filter element having an annular resilient sealing device having a bead that undulates axially back and forth for mating with a correspondingly undulating top surface of a base in a filter assembly. The undulating bead provides for a fluid tight seal while restricting relative rotation of the... Agent:

20150096932 - Filter cartridge endplate with integrated flow structure: A filter cartridge endplate (12) is described herein that has an integrated flow structure. For example, the integrated flow structure has concentric flow portions disposed at a center of the endplate (12), where a separator (10) is built into the endplate (12) that separates fluid flow. The endplate (12) includes... Agent: Cummins FiltrationIPInc.

20150096933 - Filtration article having thermoplastic filled edges: A filtration article and a method for manufacture of the filtration article. The filtration article includes a filtration medium that includes a porous membrane. A thermoplastic end cap component is potted onto the filtration medium along the peripheral edge of the filtration medium. To enhance the quality of the seal... Agent: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20150096935 - Nanocarbon immobilized membranes: Membranes including functionalized carbon nanotubes, nanodiamonds and/or graphene oxide immobilized in or on the membranes are disclosed. The membranes including the immobilized nanocarbons increase interactions with water vapor to improve desalination efficiency in membrane distillation. The membranes may be deployed in all modes of membrane distillation such as air gap... Agent:

20150096934 - Preparation method of homogeneous-reinforced pvdf hollow fiber membrane: A preparation method of a homogeneous-reinforced PVDF hollow fiber membrane includes steps of: a) preparing a reinforced matrix membrane, wherein a PVDF hollow fiber membrane is utilized as the reinforced matrix membrane; b) preparing a PVDF casting solution, wherein mass fractions of the PVDF casting solution are: PVDF 6˜20 wt... Agent:

20150096936 - Systems and methods for increasing convective clearance of undesired particles in a microfluidic device: A microfluidic device for increasing convective clearance of particles from a fluid is provided. A network of first channels can be separated from a network of second channels by a first membrane. The network of first channels can also be separated from a network of third channels by a second... Agent:

20150096937 - Portable water purification systems: A portable water purification system is disclosed. The system can have a water storage receptacle, a reverse osmosis filter, a pump, and a solar panels array group. The reverse osmosis filter can be configurable to convert source water into drinkable water, and the pump can be configurable to provide the... Agent:

20150096938 - Removal of immunoglobulins and leukocytes from biological fluids: Devices, systems, and methods for depleting fluids of immunoglobulins and leukocytes are disclosed.... Agent:

20150096939 - Method for removal of dissolved metal cations from aqueous fluids using modified capture polymers and tether polymer bearing anchor particles: Systems and methods are presented for removing an ionic material from a fluid using a capture polymer that sequesters the ionic material and an anchor particle bearing a tethering polymer. The tethering polymer complexes with the capture polymer after the capture polymer has sequestered the ionic material, thereby affixing a... Agent:

20150096940 - Water treatment process: The present invention relates to water treatment, in particular to a process for the removal of contaminants in a raw water source where the contaminants consist of organic species and inorganic species.... Agent:

20150096941 - Photocatalytic reduction of oxo-anions: A water treatment system including: a flow regulation control system configured to combine oxo-anion-contaminated water with a reduction-promoting agent, a hole scavenger, or both; a reactor fluidically coupled to the flow regulation control system; a first set of system control probes configured to monitor the concentration of oxygen and oxo-anion... Agent:

20150096942 - Distributive temperature monitoring using magnetostrictive probe technology: A method of measuring and controlling a temperature distribution at a member is disclosed. A probe is placed proximate the member. The probe has a plurality of longitudinally-spaced reflective elements. An ultrasonic pulse is generated at a selected location of the probe so as to propagate along the probe. Reflected... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150096943 - Aquarium filter containing a cartridge clog indicator: An aquarium filter and a method of indicating reduced flow through the filter. The aquarium filter includes a first chamber, a second chamber, and a filter cartridge separating the first chamber and the second chamber. A first flow path is defined through the filter cartridge separating the first chamber and... Agent:

20150096944 - Method and system for recovering and processing bulk materials: A portable, self-contained screening module for processing a bulk material in-feed and methods thereof are disclosed. The screening module may comprise: an inlet arranged to receive the material in-feed; at least one screening assembly arranged to separate particles having a predetermined size classification from the material in-feed; a material outlet... Agent:

20150096945 - Slurry-liquid separator filter and filtration method using the same: A slurry-liquid separator filter, including: a filter cylinder body, a filter pipe disposed in the filter cylinder body and a filter core disposed on the filter pipe, a material inlet disposed on the filter cylinder body, a solid residue outlet disposed at the bottom part of the filter cylinder body,... Agent:

20150096946 - Separator and method for treatment of a contaminated liquid: Separator apparatus and method for treatment of a contaminated liquid by injecting air/gas to lower the specific gravity of the contaminated liquid by at least 20% and rotating the contaminated liquid to separate contaminants by centrifugal forces. The separator includes a swirl chamber defining a longitudinal axis; at least one... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 31 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150090644 - Device for removing clarified water: A device is provided for removing clarified water from a basin. The device includes a water receiving unit associated with a float. The float and water receiving unit is disposed over a pipe assembly. The float and water receiving unit is moveable up and down and, in the process, the... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20150090645 - Fluid metering system: A fluid metering system for accurately and consistently mixing two or more fluids together. The fluid metering system generally includes a closed loop feedback system that monitors the flow rate of the water and the volume of liquid chemical added to the water over a period of time. Based on... Agent: Flowcore Systems, LLC

20150090646 - Mechanism for collecting impurities in stagnant waters: The equipment for collection of impurities in stagnant waters having a catamaran design includes two catamaran floats (1) having a form of a hollow body terminated by the jaws (7), where at the front part of the catamaran floats (1) there is mounted in the frame (2) the conveyor belt... Agent: Centrum Vedecko-technickych Informacii Sr

20150090647 - Heat exchange system: A heat exchanger (10) including a hot process stream (14) fluidly connected to an industrial process, a cold process stream (16) fluidly connected to an industrial process, and a membrane distillation system (18). The membrane distillation system (18) includes a vapourising stream (12) comprising a mixture of components, a condensing... Agent: Victoria Universtiy

20150090648 - Softening apparatus and washing machine including the same: Disclosed herein are an electrochemical softening apparatus that is relatively convenient and inexpensive and a washing machine including the same. The softening apparatus regenerates a zeolite compound that has been used to perform ion exchange using hydrogen ions (H+) generated using an electrochemical method such that the zeolite compound is... Agent:

20150090649 - Water recycling unit: A water recycling unit for use with a reservoir of water, comprising: a water tank; a water inlet on said tank; and a water outlet on said tank for connection to said reservoir of water, the water inlet being adapted to receive water from the reservoir of water into said... Agent:

20150090650 - Methods and devices for separating liquid components: Methods and devices for preparing a solid-fibrin web are provided. One method may include drawing blood from a patient, separating plasma from the blood, contacting the plasma with a calcium-coagulation activator and concurrently coagulating and axially centrifuging the plasma to form the solid-fibrin web. The solid-fibrin web may be suitable... Agent:

20150090652 - Collection and filtration via suction of biological material during surgical procedure: A method for collecting and filtering biological material from blood and other fluids during a surgical procedure includes: attaching a first cover including a suction port and an intake port to a collection trap; attaching a suction source to the suction port; attaching an instrument to the intake port, through... Agent:

20150090651 - Fuel filter cartridge and method of use thereof: A filter cartridge in accordance with the present disclosure has a longitudinal axis and comprises a housing, a filter element, and a collar. The housing has a generally cylindrical sidewall and defines an open first end, an axially opposite second end, and a flange projecting radially away from the axis... Agent: Stanadyne Corporation

20150090653 - Fuel filter cartridge and method of construction thereof: A filter cartridge has a longitudinal axis and comprises a housing, a filter element, a first collar and a second collar. The housing has a generally cylindrical sidewall and defines an open first end, an axially opposite second end, and a flange projecting radially away from the axis at the... Agent: Stanadyne Corporation

20150090654 - Apparatus and method for generating metal ions in a fluid stream: An apparatus for providing metal ions to a fluid waste stream includes a housing having an inlet port and an outlet port through which the fluid waste stream enters and exits the housing. Within the housing and between the inlet and outlet ports is an electrode assembly that includes first... Agent: Innovation Services, Inc.

20150090655 - Filtration assembly with backwashing for pressurized fluid system: A filtration assembly for a pressurized fluid system having a horizontally oriented tubular pressure vessel with a removable lid. A plurality of shroud tubes arranged in an inner array and a surrounding outer array receive contaminated fluid from the pressure vessel inlet through apertures in a vessel bulkhead to which... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20150090656 - Liquid filter arrangement; components; and, methods: Liquid filter arrangements are described and shown. The arrangements generally include a filter member comprising a shell enclosing a filter cartridge. Unique features for interface between the enclosed filter cartridge and the shell are provided. Also provided are unique features for interaction between the cartridge and a filter head, in... Agent:

20150090657 - Device suitable for treatment of a fluid as well as a method and machine suitable for the manufacture of such a device: A device, which is suitable for the processing of at least one fluid, is provided with at least one elongated foil, which is formed in a number of reciprocating foil layers. Between two opposite layers of foil, a spacer is situated that is permeable at least parallel to the foil... Agent: Aka Patenten B.v.

20150090658 - Fiber having a nanohair surface topography: A fiber that has a unique surface topography in that it contains a plurality of nanohairs extending outwardly from an external surface of an elongate structure of the fiber is provided. To form the nanohairs, a polymer composition is spun that includes organofunctional nanoparticles (e.g., polyhedral organofunctional silsesquioxanes) embedded within... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150090659 - Upflow continuous backwash filter: An upflow continuous backwash deep bed sand filter (UCBF) having a recycle line for returning carbonaceous denitrifying bacteria attached to biomass to the influent of the UCBF. The recycle line returns the biomass to the treatment process at a location upstream of the upflow continuous backwash filter. Further, a liquid... Agent:

20150090660 - Light-assisted membrane treatment and cleaning: In one aspect, the invention relates to a filtration apparatus comprising a tubular inorganic porous membrane and a light source disposed within the lumen of the membrane for use in, for example, enhancing oxidation of organic molecules and enhancing foulant removal. In one aspect, the invention relates to a filtration... Agent:

20150090661 - Low resistance microfabricated filter: The present technology provides microfabricated filtration devices, methods of making such devices, and uses for microfabricated filtration devices. The devices may allow diffusion to occur between two fluids with improved transport resistance characteristics as compared to conventional filtration devices. The devices may include a compound structure that includes a porous... Agent:

20150090662 - Humidifier utilizing filtered water: A humidifier is provided that typically includes a water filtration unit and a pump that draws filtered water from the water filtration unit, typically a carbon nanotube filter. The humidifier further includes a nozzle having an outlet orifice, wherein the nozzle is connected to the pump, where the pump forces... Agent:

20150090663 - Systems and methods related to proportional regeneration of water treatment systems: A method for fluid treatment that provides variable or alternative regeneration cycles within the same fluid treatment device. The duration of all stages of the regeneration cycle can be adjusted depending upon the amount of fluid treated so that regenerant resources such as water are not underutilized and waste is... Agent: Water-right, Inc.

20150090664 - Sample holder with magnetic base and magnetisable body: This invention relates to a sample holder for isolating magnetically labelled particles from a non-magnetic medium in a plurality of samples. The holder comprises a magnetic base for applying a magnetic force to the magnetically labelled particles and a body which is mountable on the base and demountable therefrom. The... Agent:

20150090665 - Activated solutions for water treatment: The present invention relates to activated solutions comprising one or more of hypochlorous acid, bicarbonate ions, and phosphate ions for use in water treatment, in particular water purification and descaling, and processes for making the same.... Agent:

20150090666 - Collectors for mineral flotation: The invention provides methods and compositions for improving a froth flotation type separation. The method uses a microemulsion to improve the effectiveness of a collector. The improvement allows for low dosages of collector to work as well as much greater amounts of non-microemulsified collector.... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20150090667 - Water treatment compositions and methods of use: Methods for clarifying water, reducing turbidity of water, and removing phosphate from water include adding a water treatment composition having an aluminum-containing coagulant, and a natural non-charged polysaccharide, such as guar. The aluminum-containing compound can include polyaluminum chloride, aluminum chlorohydrate, polyaluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum sulfate, sodium aluminate, polyaluminum sulfate, polyaluminum silicate... Agent: Halosource, Inc.

20150090668 - Liquid treatment refining, recycling and testing device: A mobile water treatment facility may include, in one example operation, receiving used, dirty and/or waste water from a well or other source. The water may then be prepared for a treatment cycle by modifying the water and applying a voltage to the water inside an electrode array in order... Agent:

20150090669 - Fluid filter with thermal control and pressure bypass: A filter assembly includes a filter media for filtering a fluid, and a valve having a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet for controlling a flow of the fluid through the filter assembly. The valve includes a thermally active element that changes shape between a first configuration and a second... Agent:

20150090670 - Method for treating wastewater: A system for treating wastewater is disclosed that includes a series of interconnected reactor tubes. Each reactor tube comprises an outer cathode and an inner anode. The inner anode is positioned within the outer cathode. A voltage differential is applied across the inner anodes and the outer cathodes as wastewater... Agent: Originoil, Inc.

20150090672 - Efficient, manganese catalyzed process to decompose cyanide ions and hydrogen cyanide for water decontamination: Methods, kits, cartridges and compounds related to generating chlorine dioxide by exposing ClO2− to at least one of a manganese porphyrin catalyst or a manganese porphyrazine catalyst are described. Methods, kits, cartridges and compounds related to decomposed cyanide ions and hydrogen cyanide for water decontamination.... Agent:

20150090671 - Use of an acid scavenger to increase the resistance of a polyolefin composition against disinfectant containing water: The present invention relates to the use of an acid scavenger to increase the resistance of a polyolefin composition against disinfectant containing water. The present invention further relates to a method for transporting water containing a disinfectant comprising the step of conveying the water through a pipe comprising a polyolefin... Agent: Borealis Ag

20150090673 - Apparatus and method for purifying liquid: The invention relates to an apparatus and a method for purifying liquid. The apparatus comprises an air-tight container (301) and a heater (305). The air-tight container is configured to store the liquid, wherein at least a portion of the container consists of a filter membrane (303). The heater is configured... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150090674 - Blood filter apparatus for separating plasma or serum from blood and use of the blood filter apparatus: A blood filter apparatus for separating plasma or serum from blood, a cartridge for analyzing blood including the blood filter apparatus, and a method of separating plasma or serum using the blood filter apparatus.... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 26 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150083647 - Portable dialysis cabinet: A portable dialysis cabinet for use in dialysis. The portable dialysis cabinet can have a size and weight that facilitates easy movement of the cabinet from one location to another with relative ease. The portable dialysis cabinet can have additional features necessary to facilitate portability, such as wheels and a... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150083648 - System to process effluent brine and interface rag from an oil dehydration / desalting system: A method system for processing interface emulsion, water, and solids contained within a separator vessel that comprises the steps of continually extracting those components from the vessel and then passing them through a gas flotation cell. The cell, which is preferably a vertical induced gas flotation cell, separates the oil... Agent:

20150083649 - Submersible pumping apparatus with integrated filter and sealed circuitry: A submersible pumping apparatus for displacing transmission fluid includes a pump operably coupled with a motor. A filter housing is attached to the pump and has a cavity with an inlet aperture extending to an exhaust port of the pump. A fluid filter is engaged with the cavity and has... Agent: Ghsp, Inc.

20150083650 - Circulation apparatus for agricultural and fishery production and irrigation: A circulation apparatus for agricultural and fishery production and irrigation is provided with a water supply device; a production device; a filter device; an irrigation device; a water storage device; and pipes for connecting the water supply device, the production device, the filter device, the irrigation device, and the water... Agent:

20150083651 - Cross-flow filtration system including particulate settling zone: Cross-flow filtration systems and corresponding methods for separation particulate matter from liquids. A representative system includes a cross-flow filtration zone (24) in fluid communication with a particulate settling zone (30) and further includes a fluid inlet (14) in fluid communication with one of the zones and a process fluid outlet... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20150083653 - Device for purifying water of a container: A device (10, 110) for purifying water, particularly but not exclusively for domestic use, comprising a metallic body (11, 111) to be inserted in a container (12, 112) of water (13) to be purified, the metallic body (11, 111) having a face (14, 114) made of silver and an opposite... Agent:

20150083652 - System and method for treating contaminated water: A water treatment system including a filter, an aerator, a hydrogen absorption manifold, a first treatment container, a second treatment container, a magnetron, a boiler, a superheater, a fractional distillation separator and a condenser. The filter is adapted for removing chloride ions and transmutated chlorine ions, while the hydrogen absorptive... Agent:

20150083654 - Quick change filter cloth: A filter plate assembly [1] comprises a filter plate [100] having a recess [102], a radially-inwardly extending shelf portion [108] having a seat surface [101], and a feed eye aperture [110] extending through the shelf portion. An adapter ring [170] is placed within said recess [102]. The adapter ring [170]... Agent:

20150083655 - Oil degradation prevention device: Provided is an oil deterioration prevention device with which the trapping effect with respect to oil deteriorated components can be improved and with which the oil passage resistance can be reduced, thereby suppressing a rise in pressure loss. This oil deterioration prevention device is equipped with a filter unit equipped... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho

20150083656 - Process of supplying water of controlled salinity: A process of producing an injection water stream of controlled salinity and controlled sulfate anion content that is suitable for injection into an oil bearing formation of an oil reservoir, the process comprising the steps of: (a) feeding a source water having a total dissolved solids content in the range... Agent:

20150083657 - Membrane and method for making the same: A membrane comprises: a porous base membrane; a polyol layer comprising polyols and a metalorganic compound; and a polyamide film layer sandwiched between the porous base membrane and the polyol layer. A method of making the membrane is also described.... Agent: General Eletric Company

20150083658 - Method for the production of a filter membrane and filter membrane: A method for the production of a filter membrane (1), whereby as starting material for the membrane production, at least one filler (3) and, optionally, at least one additional aggregate are admixed into a polymer membrane material (2), whereby the membrane material (4) that has the filler (3), and optionally... Agent: Ewald D&#xf6 Rken Ag

20150083659 - Bicomponent fiber with systems and processes for making: A bicomponent fiber is disclosed, in addition to systems and processes for making the bicomponent fiber. The bicomponent fiber can include a glass core and a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sheath circumferentially enclosing the glass core, wherein the bicomponent fiber has a diameter between approximately five micrometers and approximately twenty micrometers.... Agent: Bha Altair, LLC

20150083660 - High permeate flux reverse osmosis membrane including carbodiimide compound and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a reverse osmosis membrane including a porous support including a polysulfone layer; and a polyamide active layer formed on the porous support, wherein a concentration of sulfur (S) detected on a surface of the polyamide active layer is 1.8×10−3 units or less on average or... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150083661 - Methods and systems for sewage sludge treatment: The present invention provides methods for increasing soluble chemical oxygen demand (sCOD) in sewage sludge. These methods include passing the sewage sludge through one or more devices that contains (a) a hollow body provided with a straight-through passage of substantially constant cross-section, the passage having an inlet end and an... Agent:

20150083662 - Anaerobic suspended growth treatment of contaminated water: A system may include a reactor, in which an anaerobic environment exists, that includes a slurry of at least contaminated water and a mixed bacterial culture of facultative bacteria and anaerobic bacteria. The mixed bacterial culture may be suspended within the slurry. The contaminated water may include contaminants associated with... Agent:

20150083663 - System for enhanced reclaimed water recovery: An apparatus for treating wastewater, such as high-solids contend wastewater from a fracking operation, includes a solids-oil-water separation apparatus coupled to a low-pressure membrane filtration apparatus, with a wastewater recycling conduit coupled at one end to the low-pressure membrane filtration apparatus and coupled at a second end to the solids-oil-water... Agent: Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering, Inc.

20150083664 - High citrate dialysate and uses thereof: The dose of dialysis in terms of urea clearance is marginal in many hemodialysis patients, and metabolic acidosis as determined by the pre-dialysis serum HCO3 level is common. A dialysate that included citric acid rather than acetic acid as acidifying agent provides superior performance properties. Citrate-containing dialysate was used exclusively... Agent:

20150083665 - Micro flow filtration system and flow filtration method for a fluid sample: A flow filtration system (1) for concentration of components contained in a fluid sample comprises a fluid channel (2) being formed by two conduits (4, 5) allowing a bidirectional flow of the fluid sample through the fluid channel (2), a tangential flow filtration module (3) and at least two pairs... Agent:

20150083666 - Reverse osmosis water-on-water control valve: Described are water-on-water valves for use in reverse osmosis filtration systems. The water-on-water valves are regulated by the pressure in a product line, which contains fluid from a product line of the filter module and/or the product side of a water-on-water storage tank. Exemplary valves are shuttle valves that are... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150083667 - Composite ion exchange media for liquid filtration systems: Provided are filtration media and matrixes comprising a pulverized powder of ion exchange resin and a polymeric binder. The resin can be pulverized to an average particle size in the range of 50 to 250 microns and can comprise a cation exchange resin, an anion exchange resin, a chelating resin,... Agent:

20150083668 - Method and apparatus for preventing scale deposits and removing contaminants from fluid columns: A method providing fluid treatment along a flow path extending through a conduit having a serial coupling of conduit segments including a non-magnetically conductive segment positioned between two non-magnetically conductive segments utilizing magnetic energy concentrated adjacent to the non-magnetically conductive conduit segment and at least one region of pulsed fluid... Agent:

20150083669 - Reduction or removal of sulfates from water: Some waters have high sulfate contents, such as acid mine drainage (AMD), which makes them unsuitable for use in fracturing fluids and difficult to dispose. Such waters may be treated with a solution of barium chloride to react with the sulfate ion of the sulfates and precipitate the sulfates as... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150083670 - Rotating aqueous harvester: An aqueous harvester is disclosed that utilizes a rotating drum having a mesh surface to collect material from a body of water. The drum is operative to rotate, typically as the drum is propelled through water by a watercraft. Material collecting on the mesh surface below the water line is... Agent:

20150083671 - Chemical injector: A chemical injector includes a body forming a fluid passage extending from an inlet through an outlet, an injection port connected to the fluid passage, an anodic portion of the fluid passage having a first electrical charge and a cathode having a second electrical charge in communication with the fluid... Agent: Jcs Industries

20150083672 - Systems and methods for extracting sand from raw slurry material: A processing system for processing raw slurry material has a barrel member, at least one transport member, and at least one separator member. The barrel member defines a processing chamber and at least one intermediate opening. The processing chamber defines a pre-processing portion and a separator portion. The at least... Agent:

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