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Liquid purification or separation

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07/10/2014 > 34 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140190876 - Sorbent cartridge to measure solute concentrations: A sorbent based monitoring system for measuring the solute concentration of at least one component of a fluid. The system has a sorbent regeneration system for regeneration of the fluid and has a sorbent cartridge that has at least one material layer. The fluid is conveyed through the sorbent cartridge... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140190877 - Electricity-free water purification installation with a membrane filter and a system of automatic backwashing of the filter: Electricity free operating water purification installation with a membrane filter and a system of automatic backwashing of that filter characterised in that during the operation a fixed percentage is diversed from the outflow of filtered water and is stored in a container under progressive pressure, which to a certain maximum... Agent:

20140190878 - Suction float and collecting device, and collection vessel: A suction float (1) for removing liquid and/or foam-like contaminants (22) from surfaces (21) of liquids (2), wherein the contaminants are drawn off downwards from the upper surface (111) of the float via a suction pipe section (12). For this purpose the float (1) has a first duct (13) extending... Agent:

20140190879 - Bucket arrangement, treatment station, sink arrangement and retrofitting method: A bucket arrangement includes a bucket configured to contain a volume of liquid for use in cleaning a surface, a treatment station, a flow path for liquid from the liquid volume to the treatment station, and a flow path for liquid from the treatment station to return the liquid to... Agent:

20140190880 - Three-part end cap and filter element including same: A multi-component end cap is provided. The multiple components combine to form one or more seal carriers where each seal carrier is formed in part by at least two different ones of the components. Methods of manufacturing an end cap having multiple components are also provided.... Agent: Baldwin Filters, Inc.

20140190881 - Liquid filter having a drainage valve: A liquid filter having a housing and a hollow insert. The housing has a dirty liquid feed, a clean liquid outlet and a drainage channel, and is closed by a detachable cover. In the channel, a valve is arranged, having a valve body axially displaceable between a closed and an... Agent: Hengst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140190882 - Fluid cleaning medium and a fluid cleaning device: A fluid cleaning device is disclosed for cleaning pond water and the like. The device comprises a flow path for conveying a fluid flow between a device inlet and a device outlet, the path comprising a cleaning chamber having an inlet for receiving fluid into the chamber and an outlet... Agent:

20140190883 - Construction site water filtration system: A water filtration assembly is provided including a bottom fluid container having a floor portion, an open top portion, and a sidewall. The sidewall defines an inwardly extending filter assembly support surface. At least one fluid container segment is provided for vertically stacking and engagement to the bottom container and... Agent: Handa Construction, Inc.

20140190884 - Compact hydraulic manifold structure for shear sensitive fluids: An compact hydraulic manifold for transporting shear sensitive fluids is provided. A channel network can include a trunk and branch architecture coupled to a bifurcation architecture. Features such as tapered channel walls, curvatures and angles of channels, and zones of low fluid pressure can be used to reduce the size... Agent: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory

20140190885 - Fluid circuits for sorbent cartridge with sensors: A system for measuring at least one fluid characteristic at various stages within a sorbent system that has a sorbent cartridge that has at least one material layer and at least one fluid passageway in at least one location in the sorbent system to provide a diverted sample stream from... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140190886 - Recirculating dialysate fluid circuit for blood measurement: A blood based solute monitoring system for measuring at least one blood solute species that has a first recirculation flow path in fluid communication with a dialyzer. The first recirculation flow path is configured to allow a fluid to recirculate through a dialyzer such that the concentration of at least... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140190887 - System and method to efficiently clean a blood filter: A method for cleaning a blood filter includes: (i) pumping a physiologically safe fluid back and fourth through the insides and/or the outsides of a plurality of hollow fiber membranes of the blood filter to remove or loosen blood residuals, such as blood clots, proteins and/or biological fluid; (ii) injecting... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20140190889 - Combined acoustic micro filtration and phononic crystal membrane particle separation: A system is provided that includes one or more acoustic microfilters through which is flowed a mixture of a fluid and a particulate to selectively filter particles from the fluid. Also included are one or more phononic crystal units coupled to the acoustic microfilter(s) to further selectively filter particles from... Agent: Flodesign Sonics, Inc.

20140190888 - Methods, systems and devices for separating tumor cells: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to the separation/capture of specific cells and/or contaminants, as well as the determination, monitoring, and treatment of cancer. Moreover, some embodiments are directed to methods, systems and devices for removing cancer, stem and/or tumor cells in vivo or in vitro from a bodily... Agent: Viatar LLC

20140190890 - Collection system for purification flowstreams: A collection system for collecting samples from a flowstream (5) exiting a supercritical fluid chromatography system is provided. The collection system comprises: (i) a first back pressure regulator (10) on the flowstream as it exits the chromatography system, (ii) a gas-liquid separator (30) having a tapered and angled dripper (65),... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140190891 - Sorbent cartridge with electrodes: A sorbent cartridge that has at least one sensor located within the sorbent cartridge.... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140190892 - Strontium and cesium specific ion-exchange media: This invention is directed to amorphous and crystalline titanosilicate materials that have an unexpected selectivity for cesium and strontium, especially in the presence of high levels of competing ions. The titanosilicates of this invention show very high, unexpected selectivity in the presence of such competing cations such as sodium, calcium,... Agent: Basf Corporation

20140190893 - Ampholytic polymeric system: The present invention relates to an ampholytic polymeric system obtainable by a process comprising the copolymerisation of (i) a monomer according to Formula (1), (ii) an ethylenically unsaturated cationic monomer and (iii) a (co)polymer comprising an ethylenically unsaturated anionic monomer which comprises a sulfonate group: (1) wherein X is O... Agent: Afira Ipr B.v.

20140190894 - Device and method incorporating a slideable lid for extracting a targeted fraction from a sample: A device and a method for isolating a target from a biological sample are provided. The target is bound to solid phase substrate to form target bound solid phase substrate. The device includes a lower plate with an upper surface having a plurality of regions. The biological sample is receivable... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140190895 - Calcium salfate scale -inhibiting compositions: The calcium sulfate scale-inhibiting compositions are polyelectrolyte antiscalant compositions for the inhibition of calcium sulfate scale formation in desalination plant feed brine, such as that typically used with reverse osmosis desalination plants. In order to inhibit the formation of calcium sulfate scale, the polyelectrolyte antiscalant compositions are mixed at a... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20140190896 - Method for treating industrial waste: Disclosed herein is a method for removing contaminants from an industrial fluid waste. The method comprises the steps of ozofractionating the industrial fluid waste, whereby contaminants are oxidised and a foam fractionate is formed; and separating at least a portion of the foam fractionate and any precipitate from the ozofractionated... Agent:

20140190897 - Enhanced separation of nuisance materials from wastewater: According to one implementation, a method of treating wastewater includes introducing air bubbles having a predetermined size into raw influent, allowing the air bubbles time to bind with grease particles in the influent and to rise, and collecting the grease particles bound with the air bubbles on an upper surface... Agent:

20140190898 - Cactus mucilage and ferric ions for the removal of arsenate (as(v)) from water: Potable drinking water is plagued with widespread arsenic contamination, particularly in developing communities. Ferric ions were introduced to interact with arsenate based on the strong affinity of arsenate for ferric hydroxides, followed by mucilage addition. The mucilage coagulated and flocculated the ferric-arsenate complex and formed visible flocs that settled at... Agent: University Of South Florida

20140190899 - Deep sea collection of solid materials from geothermal fluid: An apparatus for collecting solid materials from a fluid is provided. The apparatus includes a conduit configured to allow the fluid to flow therethrough. The apparatus further includes a mesh extending across the conduit. The mesh is configured to allow the fluid to flow therethrough and to allow a solid... Agent:

20140190900 - Apparatus for separating fluids and associated methods: An apparatus for treating contaminated water and may include an inlet, configured to receive contaminated water from a body of water. The contaminated water may include one or more pollutants (such as oil), and the apparatus may be configured to provide for separating those pollutant(s) from water to provide recovered... Agent: Rotech Group Limited

20140190901 - Method to utilize a ship in a novel way and a multi-purpose ship: A method to utilize an ice-breaker (10) in a novel way such that tanks of the anti-roll system and/or tanks (21, 22, 23 and 24) of the heeling system are used for recovering and/or processing oil (16) to be recovered from water. The oil is separated from water in a... Agent: Arctia Shipping Oy

20140190902 - Method for reprocessing wastewater and water treatment machine: Waste water from an industrial process, including an organic acid, is reprocessed by introducing the waste water into a heat exchange process in which a heat exchange medium is used so that the waste water which is to be treated is heated to a temperature between 60° C. and the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140190903 - System and method for particle filtration: Embodiments of the present disclosure feature a filtration system comprising a filtration module for particle filtration and methods of using the device for the isolation of particles (e.g., viable cells). Advantageously, embodiments of the device provide for the high throughput filtration of large volumes of sample while preserving cell viability... Agent: Cytovera Inc.

20140190904 - Drilling fluid reclaimer: The present invention is directed to a drilling fluid reclaimer. The reclaimer has at least one adjustable screen assembly for providing a leveling filter for reclaimed drill fluid. Used drill fluid is placed at the screen assembly at the front the of the screen assembly. The at least one screen... Agent: The Charles Machine Works, Inc.

20140190905 - Apparatus and method for separating solids from a solids laden drilling fluid: An apparatus for separating solids from solids laden drilling fluid, the apparatus comprising a skid and a basket resiliently suspended thereto and a vibratory mechanism to vibrate the basket, the basket having at least one screen deck for receiving at least one screen, the basket having a feed end at... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20140190906 - Centrifuge separator: A centrifuge separator for different specific gravity fluid separation. Gas enriched influent is then fed into a rotary impeller, where rotational energy of the impeller is transferred to the incoming fluid creating a forced vortex. Centripetal force exerted on the fluid particles help to separate the fluid/solids to rotate at... Agent:

20140190908 - Continuous circulation sand filter and continuous circulation sand filtering method: Provided is a continuous circulation sand filter including a filtering barrel filled with a sand filtering layer, an inflow tube for introducing raw water into the filtering barrel, a treated water discharge part for discharging treated water purified by passing the raw water through the sand filtering layer from a... Agent: Coway Co., Ltd.

20140190907 - Upper-layer cleaning device for water treatment device, and method for cleaning water treatment device filter layer: Water treatment apparatus includes raw water special air mixing nozzles (7); filtering tank (5) housing filter layer (4) including two layers of upper layer (2) and lower layer (3), the upper layer including a filter medium with a smaller specific gravity and a larger particle size than a filter medium... Agent: Nagaoka International Corporation

20140190909 - Fresh water generation method: A fresh water generation method by which product water satisfying target water quality can be stably and efficiently obtained even when raw water quality fluctuates, is provided by branching at least a part of a water flow line through which raw water 1 flows into a plurality of branch lines... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc

07/03/2014 > 40 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20140183106 - System and method of monitoring blood leaks during hemodialysis therapy employing wireless: According to at least one example embodiment, a system of monitoring blood leaks during hemodialysis therapy includes a wetness sensing device and a hemodialysis machine. The wetness sensing device is configured to transmit information wirelessly, the information being indicative of an absence of a liquid or a presence of a... Agent:

20140183107 - Portable power generation and pressurized water filtration unit: A portable power generation and water filtration unit includes a first pump system, a second pump system, a power system, and an enclosure for housing and support. The first pump system consists of an inlet, outlet, and pump unit that is capable of connecting and pumping water from a source... Agent:

20140183108 - Sewage water depuration plant, comprising a vertical reactor, with improved nitrogen treatment: The present invention concerns un vertical reactor civil and industrial sewage water depuration plant, of the type comprising, in sequence following the flow of water to be depurated: a section (14) of removal of coarse solids which are present in sewage water to be treated, a denitrification basin (18), an... Agent: H.c. Development S.r.l.

20140183109 - Water desalination system: In a system for generating potable water by water desalination using a reverse osmosis filter having a product outlet and a reject outlet, a system for re-mineralization of the potable water comprising means for collecting lime or calcium carbonate from a stream out of the reject outlet, and means for... Agent:

20140183110 - Filter device: A filter device having a plurality of filter elements (23) that can be received in a filter housing (1) having a filter inlet (19) for a fluid that is to be filtered and a filter outlet (21) for the filtered fluid, wherein flow can pass through the filter elements (23)... Agent:

20140183111 - Modular system for storm water and/or waste water treatment: The waste water/storm water treatment system includes a plurality of treatment modules, each of which includes upper and lower tank members. Each tank includes an inlet with a spray bar at the upper end thereof, and a drainage member at the lower end thereof. Treated water moves from the drainage... Agent:

20140183112 - Kidney loop filtration system for fuel delivery system: A fuel delivery system is described in the present disclosure. The fuel delivery system includes a kidney loop filtration system for filtering fuel stored in a tank. The kidney loop filtration system is fluidly connected to the tank and to a fuel transfer pump. The kidney loop filtration system includes... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140183113 - Self cleaning debris screen for runoff water separation apparatus: A runoff water vault may be divided into an input chamber which receives runoff water and a second chamber which also separates and stores buoyant and non-buoyant materials separated from the runoff water stream. While the separators in such systems remove particles of different densities than water quite well, they... Agent:

20140183114 - Dialysate extraction apparatus: To provide a dialysate extraction apparatus which can automate disinfecting work for a collection port or a sealing device of an opening/closing device and can reliably and easily clean the collection port or the sealing device of the opening/closing device. A dialysate extraction apparatus includes a dialysate extraction device that... Agent: Nikkiso Company Limited

20140183115 - Filter apparatus with ejection arrangement: A filter cartridge including catches for ejecting the filter cartridge from a filter housing as the filter cartridge and filter housing are removed from a filter base is provided. The catches are configured to engage corresponding catches of the filter base to limit axial motion of the filter cartridge as... Agent: Baldwin Filters, Inc.

20140183116 - Liquid filter with an eccentric liquid discharge channel: A liquid filter with a replaceable filter insert and a housing having a raw liquid inlet, a central clean liquid outlet, and an eccentric liquid discharge channel. A standpipe extends above the liquid outlet and receives the insert. The insert has an eccentric closing pin. A first positioning arrangement is... Agent: Hengst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140183117 - Apparatus for treating a liquid: An apparatus for treating a liquid having a receptacle for collecting the liquid to be treated and a cartridge for treating the liquid, releasably attachable to the receptacle. The receptacle includes a first locking device and a drain opening for dispensing the liquid to be treated, and has a first... Agent: Brita Gmbh

20140183118 - Slip thread locking head with interactive element: Provided is a filter element includes an end cap having at least one stop member extending radially outwardly from an outer surface, the at least stop member having at least one stop surface for contacting a tab on a slip thread collar of a filter head assembly. When the filter... Agent:

20140183119 - Overtightening protected fluids filter: A filter incorporating a vessel defining an interior space, the vessel having a ceiling and a floor; filter media contained within the interior space; a helically threaded port which opens the vessel's interior space at the ceiling; a turn plate having a an outer edge; a retainer ring and snap... Agent:

20140183120 - Filter: A filter has a filter medium (10) during operation clears fluid, particularly in the form of hydraulic fluid. The filter medium (10) is made of a material such that the potential difference to the fluid to be cleaned is low. The parts of the filter medium (10) have different potentials... Agent: Hydac Filtertechnik Gmbh

20140183121 - Grounding of a filter by means of an electrically conductive conductor trace on the filter element: The invention relates to a filter (1) for filtering a liquid (3). The filter (1) comprises a filter element (5) that is designed to clean the liquid (3) of undesired particles. The filter element (5) is arranged between a first end cap (7) and a second end cap (9). The... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140183122 - Caisson breakwater module: A caisson breakwater module having an upwave and a downwave side and incorporating an oscillating water column, the caisson breakwater comprising a base installed on the sea bed and a lid adapted to be positioned on top of said base, the base defining a water inlet on the upwave side... Agent: Electric Waves, S.l.

20140183123 - Hollow fiber membrane module: A hollow fiber membrane module including at least two types of hollow fiber membranes having different inner diameters, comprising first hollow fiber membranes and second hollow fiber membranes, and the equation |PA−P0≧|PB−P0| where P0 is an initial pressure applied to upper open ends of the first and second hollow fiber... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140183124 - Filter cleaning apparatus: A filter cleaning apparatus used in a reaction system including; a reaction tank having a filter, first feed line connected to the filter at one end, a recovery tank connected to the other end of the first feed line, and second feed line connected to the recovery tank at one... Agent: Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

20140183125 - Liquid absorber, liquid absorption tank, and electrical machine: To provide a liquid absorber having excellent permeability and retention properties, a liquid absorber is for absorbing a liquid, wherein the liquid absorber is principally made of a fiber and also includes additives having a greater critical surface tension than the critical surface tension of the fiber.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140183126 - End member for spiral separation membrane element, spiral separation membrane element and separation membrane module: An end member (3A) for a spiral separation membrane element includes: an inner annular portion (31); an outer annular portion (32) surrounding the inner annular portion (31) at a distance from the inner annular portion (31); a plurality of connecting portions (33) connecting the inner annular portion (31) and the... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140183127 - Composite semipermeable membrane, composite semipermeable membrane element, and method for manufacturing composite semipermeable membrane: A composite semipermeable membrane in which a polyamide separation functional layer is formed on a porous support membrane includes a substrate and a porous support, wherein a standard deviation of a membrane thickness of the separation functional layer is 2.00 nm or less.... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20140183128 - Polyamide water-treatment separation membrane with improved antifouling properties and manufacturing method thereof: A water-treatment separation membrane with good antifouling properties includes a support having pores, a polyamide layer formed on the support, and a passivation layer comprising specific materials formed on the polyamide layer.... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140183129 - Mixing systems and methods of mixing: A system for mixing and mixing processes and structures are disclosed. In addition a nozzle used for mixing is disclosed.... Agent: Enviromix, LLC

20140183130 - Material for separation of a biomolecule: A Product is described and which contains at least one type of ligand bound to a separation material and which allows selective binding or cleavage of a biomolecule for example in human blood.... Agent:

20140183131 - Method and system for removal of dissolved organic compounds in process water: The present invention relates to a method for removal of dissolved organic compounds, in particular bioaccumulative substances, in process water (eg. of the petrochemial industry) and to a system for carrying out the inventive method. Process water containing toxic and/or bioaccumulative substances is mixed in the mixing vessel (2) with... Agent: Pureteq A/s

20140183132 - Separation membrane cleaning system and separation membrane cleaning method using the same: A separation membrane cleaning system and a separation membrane cleaning method. A separation membrane cleaning system includes: a membrane filtration bath; a treated water storage bath configured to store treated water produced by the membrane filtration bath and discharge the treated water during reverse cleaning or chemical cleaning; a chemical... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140183133 - Graphene nanotube array for gas filtration: Technologies are generally described for a gas filtration device including an array of parallel carbon nanotubes. The carbon nanotubes may extend between first and second substrates, and the ends of the carbon nanotubes may be embedded in the substrates and cut to expose openings at each end of the carbon... Agent:

20140183134 - Forward osmosis and pressure retarded osmosis spacer: Described herein is a structure for a permeate spacer for use in spiral wound osmosis membrane elements, having at least two sets of parallel ribs, wherein the ribs in the first set are oriented at about a 90 degree angle to the ribs in the second set. The permeate spacer... Agent:

20140183135 - Nanosieve composite membrane: The invention is directed to a nanosieve composite membrane, a method for preparing a nanosieve composite membrane, a roll-to-roll apparatus for carrying out the method, and a method for separating a feed flow with particulate matter. The nanosieve composite of the invention comprises an inorganic nanosieve layer supported on a... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20140183137 - Drifting two-dimensional separation with adaption of second dimension gradient to actual first dimension condition: A control device for a sample separation apparatus, the sample separation apparatus including a first separation unit and a second separation unit downstream of the first separation unit and supplied with the fluidic sample after treatment by the first separation unit. A control device is configured for controlling the first... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140183136 - Graft copolymer for cation-exchange chromatography: The invention relates to chromatographic separating materials having improved binding capacity for biological constituents in cell culture supernatants, or animal or human body fluids, in particular for monoclonal antibodies. The present invention likewise relates to the preparation of separating materials of this type, and to the use thereof, in particular... Agent: Merck Patent Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung

20140183138 - Method and nanocomposite for treating wastewater: The method and nanocomposite for treating wastewater provides a method of treating aniline-containing wastewater with a magnetic nanocomposite. Nickel nitrate, iron nitrate and citric acid are dissolved in deionized water to form a metal nitrate and citric acid solution, which is then pH balanced. The pH balanced solution is then... Agent: King Abdulaziz University

20140183139 - Size separating device for carbon nanotube agglomerate using magnetic field, and separating and obtaining method of dispersed carbon nanotube using the same: A size sorting device for carbon nanotube agglomerate and a method for separating and collecting dispersed carbon nanotubes using the size sorting device are provided. The size sorting device and method for separation and collection may use a magnetic field for separating and collecting dispersed carbon nanotubes.... Agent: Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

20140183140 - Fluorescent monomers and tagged treatment polymers containing same for use in industrial water systems: The invention is directed towards methods and compositions for making and using fluorescent monomers which are synthesized by reacting a substituted or non-substituted benzoxanthene anhydride with an amine and with a moiety containing a polymerizable group. Such monomers are useful for the preparation of tagged treatment polymers. Such tagged treatment... Agent:

20140183141 - Photocatalytic composition for water purification: The present invention refers to lightweight and settable photocatalytic compositions and solid composites; methods of preparing the compositions and solid composites; and their use in water purification. The compositions are comprised of photocatalysts such as titanium dioxide (TiO2) and zinc oxide (ZnO), lightweight glass bubbles, and a hydraulic cementing binder.... Agent:

20140183142 - Sodium nitrite oxidation of hydrogen sulfide: A method for treating hydrogen sulfide in a solution includes providing the solution containing hydrogen sulfide. The method also includes adding sodium nitrite to the solution in an amount suitable to react with the hydrogen sulfide and treat the hydrogen sulfide.... Agent: United Laboratories International, LLC

20140183143 - Vibratory separator screen with multiple frame design: A vibratory separator includes a screen frame having an upper screen surface and a plurality of openings and a first screen insert disposed in a first opening of the plurality of openings of the screen frame, the screen insert having a screen surface positioned at a first height above the... Agent: M-i L.L.C.

20140183144 - Water treatment system and method: The invention in at least one embodiment includes a system for treating water having an intake module, a vortex module, a disk-pack module, and a motor module where the intake module is above the vortex module, which is above the disk-pack module and the motor module. In a further embodiment,... Agent: Qwtip LLC

20140183145 - Oil spill recovery system and method: An oil spill cleanup system has a vessel, a separator within the vessel for separating oil and water, a pump for pumping an oil/water mixture into the separator, and one or more probes and submersibles having hoses connected to the pump, for collecting the oil/water mixture. The separator has two... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 34 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140174996 - Filter with audible notification features: Audible features are provided for a fluid filter assembly and a filter cartridge for use with a fluid filter assembly. The audible features generate sound when the filter cartridge is installed in the filter system so as to provide a signal indicating proper installation. Sound can also be created when... Agent: General Electric Company

20140174997 - Blood purification apparatus: The blood purification apparatus has a control device (19) that performs a venous returning blood process S1, an arterial returning blood process S4 and a negative pressure applying process S1a. The returning of the blood is performed by substituting a physiological saline solution for the blood in the blood circuit.... Agent: Nikkiso Company Limited

20140174998 - Filtration assembly including multiple modules sharing common hollow fiber support: A filtration assembly comprising a first and second module, each module comprising a plurality of vertically aligned semi-permeable hollow fiber membranes extending along a length between first and second ends with one of said ends potted within a header, and wherein the headers of the modules are aligned and spaced... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140174999 - Keyed system for connection of filter cartridge to filter holder: Embodiments of a key system for filters and their connecting heads, brackets, or other holders are shown. The filter cartridge and its holder each have a keyed surface, one being a protruding “key” and one being a recessed “lock”. Cooperation of these keyed surfaces is required in order for the... Agent:

20140175000 - Keyed system for connection of filter cartridge to filter holder: A filter and its holder each have a keyed surface, one being a protruding “key” and one being a recessed “lock,” wherein cooperation of these keyed surfaces is required in order for the filter to be installed in the holder. Modification/adaptation of the keyed surfaces, by changing the location, number... Agent: Omnipure Filter Company, Inc.

20140175001 - Aquatic remediation apparatus: A low power treatment device for the in-situ remediation of aquatic infrastructure is disclosed. Water is pumped up from the surface, directly, or indirectly trickled down through multiple elevated and cascaded stages containing bio-media, into the accumulation base of which is floating on the surface of a body of water.... Agent:

20140175002 - Exfiltration apparatus: An exfiltration apparatus for removing contaminants from a fluid includes a housing, a filter portion positioned within the housing, and a particulate collecting member. The housing defines a fluid flow path extending from a fluid inlet disposed on a first side of the housing to a fluid outlet disposed on... Agent: Ohio University

20140175003 - Filtration module including hollow fiber supports: A filtration module including a plurality of vertically aligned semi-permeable hollow fiber membranes, a plurality of fiber supports spaced apart and along the length of the hollow fiber membranes wherein each fiber support comprises a plurality of partitions that segment the hollow fiber membranes into multiple groupings and wherein a... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140175004 - Fuel filter device: A fuel filter device is disclosed. The fuel filter device has a first member that includes a main body tubular portion and a first connection tubular portion for connecting the first member to a fuel pipe. The main body tubular portion includes a flow channel cross-section greater than that of... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140175005 - Filter assembly and systems/methods of dispensing from and storing the filter assembly: A gravity-driven water filtering system comprising: a gravity-driven water filter configured to engage and deliver treated water through apertures of various sizes and a filter receiving device. The gravity-driven water filter includes: a bottom portion; a water filter; and a top portion. The water filter is configured to be removably... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140175006 - Method of preparing composite membrane module: A method of preparing a composite membrane module includes preparing a single membrane module to which a hollow fiber support layer is potted; and forming an active layer on a surface of the hollow fiber support layer through interfacial polymerization by bringing a surface of the hollow fiber support layer... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140175007 - Process for fabricating pbi hollow fiber asymmetric membranes for gas separation and liquid separation: The invention provides methods for preparing an asymmetric hollow fiber, the asymmetric hollow fibers prepared by such methods, and uses of the asymmetric hollow fibers. One method involves passing a polymeric solution through an outer annular orifice of a tube-in-orifice spinneret, passing a bore fluid though an inner tube of... Agent: Sri International

20140175008 - Drill cuttings treatment system: Aspects of the present disclosure also involved a method of processing waste, such as drill cuttings, involving the operations of receiving a waste material comprising a liquid material and a solid material, the waste material received directly from a source wherein the waste material is warm. The source may be... Agent:

20140175009 - Hybrid aerobic and anaerobic wastewater and sludge treatment systems and methods: A hybrid method and system of treating wastewater with reduced energy usage is disclosed. The treatment system has a sorption system, an anaerobic digester that digests or converts at least a portion of the solids or sludge from the sorption system, and an aerobic treatment tank that partially reduces oxygen... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Corp.

20140175010 - Enhanced clearance in an artificial kidney incorporating a pulsatile pump: A continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) device is provided that weighs between 2 and 10 pounds. The CRRT device can be portable, mobile or completely worn on the person of the patient. Blood and dialysate are each pumped in a pulsed or pulsatile manner through a dialyzer such that a... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140175011 - Separation systems, elements, and methods for separation utilizing stacked membranes and spacers: An example separation system includes a stack of membrane plate assemblies. An example membrane plate assembly may include membranes bonded to opposite sides of a spacer plate. The spacer plate may include a first opening in fluid communication with a region between the membranes, and a second opening in fluid... Agent: Porifera, Inc.

20140175012 - Method and system of monitoring electrolyte levels and composition using capacitance or induction: Methods and systems for monitoring fluid levels and electrolyte levels used in a dialysis machine. A receptacle, configured to receive a container, comprises a plurality of curved side panels and a base to form a cylindrical shaped cavity for receiving a container. Each panel includes a conductive material on its... Agent:

20140175013 - Nanofiltration membrane: The invention relates to a nanofiltration membrane having a porous support membrane, the surface of the support membrane being coated with polymer particles which are prepared by emulsion polymerization and which have an average particle diameter of less than 70 nm, preferably between 30-60 nm, more preferably between 40-50 nm.... Agent: Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh

20140175014 - Water purification device: A water purification device includes an expandable water collecting device having a variable volume, wherein at least part of the surface of the water collecting device includes a filter area, the filter area being permeable to water and allowing water to enter the water collecting device when the filter area... Agent: Creaholic S.a.

20140175015 - Water purification method: A water purification method comprising adding a purification agent to water having a contaminant concentration of 1 μg/L to 10 g/L, the purification agent containing an adsorbent having an average particle size of 100 nm to 500 μm, an iron-based flocculant, and an alkaline substance; causing the adsorbent to adsorb... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140175016 - System for water treatment and method: Embodiments of a water treatment system, a method of regenerating a water treatment system, a use of a water softener valve and an ozone kit for a water filtration system are provided. The water treatment system includes a water tank containing iron filtration media; an ozone gas source having an... Agent:

20140175017 - Treatment of water to extend half-life of ozone: A system for providing an acidic ionized ozonated liquid. The system includes a liquid inlet arranged to accept a liquid into the system; an acid-based cation-exchange resin in fluid communication with the liquid inlet, the resin adapted to exchange cations in the accepted liquid with H+ ions on the resin;... Agent: Tersano Inc.

20140175018 - Diagnosing and treating inflammatory diseases: A method of diagnosing, monitoring progression of, or monitoring treatment of inflammatory bowel disease comprises determining the levels of CD14+HLA-DRhi monocytes or monocytes expressing CCR7 or CCR9 or both CCR7 and CCR9 in a sample obtained from a subject, wherein high levels of CD14+HLA-DRhi monocytes or monocytes expressing CCR7 or... Agent:

20140175019 - Rotating magnetic actuator: Magnetic actuators comprising at least one linear subarray are presented. Systems comprising such magnetic actuators and methods for using such magnetic actuators to isolate magnetic particles in a fluid are also presented. Magnetic actuators comprising at least four uniform magnets are also presented, as are systems comprising such magnetic actuators... Agent: Luminex Corporation

20140175020 - Variable flow self-diluting feedwell system: In a feed dilution system and method for a thickener or settling tank, a feed pipe nozzle has a variable orifice configured to provide an infeed slurry flow stream of substantially constant velocity. The feed pipe orifice is disposed in a mixing conduit proximate an upstream end thereof, while a... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20140175021 - Ballast water treatment system for ship:

20140175022 - Multi-stage dispensers: A multi-stage floatation dispenser for carrying a ballast, which may be a non-water consumable dispersant and at least one water consumable dispersant wherein the weight of the water consumable dispersant decreases as the water consumable dispersant is consumed with the weight of water consumable dispersant and the non-water consumable coordinated... Agent:

20140175023 - Three wire press solids dewatering method and apparatus for oil and gas field applications: A three wire press solids dewatering device and method for unconventional oil and gas field solids management applications, including drilling mud dewatering in a closed-loop drilling system, as well as solids dewatering in flow back and produced water treatment systems, including a single wire belt gravity thickener for inlet solids... Agent: Wsi International, LLC

20140175024 - Water treatment and conveyance apparatus: A water treatment and conveyance apparatus that has a barrel with two ends, each with an indentation to accommodate a handle made of a heavy-duty material, two side members, a transverse grip member and two transverse support members that fit securely into the indentations of the barrel ends. One end... Agent:

20140175025 - Generation of low-solids second mother liquor from terephthalic acid production filter: Disclosed is a process for separating solids from liquid in a slurry. The process is characterized by using two filtration media. One filtration medium contains less than 10 mm in thickness of a filter cake containing the solids, and the other filtration medium contains at least 10 mm in thickness... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20140175026 - Precision lime stabilization sytem and method for treatment of sewage sludge: A lime stabilization system for treatment of sewage sludge, and method is provided in which dewatered sludge and lime are provided to a mixer. Lime and sludge are mixed to raise the pH during which volatiles are driven off with or without supplemental heat. A forced air draft prevents steam... Agent: Rdp Technologies, Inc.

20140175027 - Fuel system with electrically heated filter screen: A filter includes a filter screen with at least one hollow member and a heating element within at least one hollow member.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140175028 - Fluid treatment system, a fluid processing apparatus and a method of treating a mixture: A fluid treatment system, a fluid processing apparatus and a method of treating a mixture are provided in which a separator has two outlets for different components of mixed fluid. A conduit connecting one of the outlets of the separator to the inlet of the separator is provided to recycle... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20140175029 - Concentrator filter: A method and an apparatus for separating suspended matter from liquid includes a concentrator filter that draws the liquid out of the suspension while the filter kept unblocked by a sparging filter that allows scrubbing of the concentrator filter by gas bubbles. This invention can be used to replace cross-flow... Agent: Therapeutic Proteins International, LLC

06/19/2014 > 43 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20140166555 - Tangential flow filtration apparatuses, systems, and processes for the separation of compounds: The invention relates to apparatuses, machines, systems and methods for the recovery and purification of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, biologically produced polymers and other compounds from aqueous fluids. The aqueous fluids can comprise enzyme concentrates and or a fermentation broth with or without cells or other starting material. The fermentation... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20140166556 - Apparatus for filtering and/or conditioning and/or purifying a fluid such as water: An apparatus for filtering water has an interface and a filtration/purification canister removably mountable thereon. Connecting the canister to the interface automatically opens a check valve in the interface to permit water to flow from the interface into and through the canister, and then back to and through the interface... Agent: General Ecology, Inc.

20140166557 - Control system and method for flash separation: A chromatography system may include: a first solvent supply operatively connected to a chromatography column; a second solvent supply operatively connected to the chromatography column; a controller operatively connected to the first and second solvent supplies for delivering a flow of a solvent system to an inlet for the chromatography... Agent: Biotage Ab

20140166558 - Nitrogen-reducing wastewater treatment system: A wastewater treatment system is provided having a pretreatment tank which receives wastewater from a wastewater source, and an aeration tank which is in fluid communication with the pretreatment tank. A recirculation pump is carried in the aeration tank and returns wastewater from the aeration tank to the pretreatment tank.... Agent: A.k. Industries, Inc.

20140166559 - Three-dimensional filament matrix as biological filtration medium: A microbial attachment means with consistent physical properties and non-degradable material suitable for submerged or free-draining filtration of wastewater is provided in the present invention. The material is used in the construction and landscaping industries and is readily available and cost-effective. It consists of a web or mesh of loosely... Agent: RowanwoodIPInc.

20140166561 - Locking mechanism for a cover: A locking mechanism for a cover having at least a portion able to undergo elastic deformation and including at least one opening disposed at least partially in the at least portion of the cover able to undergo elastic deformation is provided. The locking mechanism includes at least one blocker movable... Agent: Canada Pipe Company Ulc

20140166560 - Removable locking floor sink drain screen for enlarged opening: An improved locking floor sink drain screen for an enlarged drain is provided. The locking floor sink drain positively precludes passage of large objects, while permitting free passage of fluid and which can quickly and easily be removed for cleaning. Vertical separators provide spaces through which water can flow from... Agent: Tnt Products, LLC

20140166562 - Chromatography column assembly: Described is a chromatography column assembly that includes a permanently deformable outer tube, an intermediate tube, an inner tube and a sorbent bed disposed within the inner tube. The sorbent bed may be in the form of packed chromatographic particles or a porous monolithic structure. A radial seal is provided... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140166563 - Fluid filtration system: The present disclosure relates to a new fluid filter system including, but not limited to, structure for enabling a filter cartridge to be installed and removed from a manifold with a straight line push/pull motion, an innovative latching mechanism and an innovative water manifold, the latching mechanism providing a unique... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140166564 - Liquid filter apparatus: A filter (10) includes a liquid holding vessel (12) with an inlet (14) and an outlet (16). A removable filter cartridge (24) is positionable within the vessel. The cartridge includes a plurality of filter element assemblies (82) each of which includes a plurality of filter elements (86). Filter elements are... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140166565 - Antimicrobial solutions and methods: Contaminants are filtered from a fluid flow stream and the filter is regenerated by a process including steps of: providing a filter material comprising both carbon and potassium iodide; passing a contaminated fluid stream in contact with the filter material; adsorbing contaminants from the fluid stream onto surfaces in the... Agent: Biolargo Life Technologies, Inc.

20140166566 - Water supply with a bidirectional uv disinfection device: A water disinfection system includes a water disinfection device, having a UV light generator for the UV treatment of water, and a water pipe, having a first pipe portion and a second pipe portion and a third pipe portion which branches off between the first and the second pipe portion.... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20140166567 - Filter system with integral media retainer seal: A filter system having a filter media retainer seal includes: at least one underdrain block having a top wall, a bottom wall, and a pair of side walls extending between the top wall and the bottom wall; a filter media retainer mounted onto the top wall of the at least... Agent: Xylem Water Solutions Zelienople LLC

20140166568 - Basket: A basket for a horizontal centrifuge, the basket that has a frusto-conical body having a series of accelerator bars with each of the accelerator bars having a width greater than 20 mm.... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20140166569 - Water filter: A water filter has a filter body, a filtering tube and an assembling cover. The engaging portion of the filtering tube securely engages with the water channel of the assembling cover, and the engaging disk of the filtering tube securely engages with the engaging circular rib of the filtering space,... Agent: Aquapro Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140166570 - Fluid filter element: A filter element is removably positionable within a filter housing that includes a standpipe extending therewithin and provided with a flow control valve. The filter element comprises a tubular filter media, a first end cap, a second end cap longitudinally spaced from the first end cap, and a center tube... Agent: Wix Filtration Corp LLC

20140166571 - Hollow fibers having a winding channel: A hollow fiber for adsorption or filtration. The hollow fiber contains a tubular matrix having a first end and a second end, and a winding channel formed through the tubular matrix and extending between the first end and the second end. The tubular matrix is porous and has a surface-area-to-volume... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute (itri)

20140166572 - Fiber webs coated with fiber-containing resins: Fiber webs that may be coated and used in filter media are provided. In some embodiments, the fiber web is a non-woven web that is coated with a resin comprising fibers. For example, the resin may include fibers that have sizes (e.g., diameters) in the nano or micron range. In... Agent: Hollingsworth & Vose Company

20140166573 - Devices for water treatment: A device for use in water comprising a carrier having an interior cavity and one or more openings allowing ingress to and egress from the interior cavity; and a moss contained within the interior cavity in which the carrier completely encloses the moss.... Agent: Embro Corporation

20140166574 - Biofilm carriers and biological filtration systems including the same: A biological filtration system includes a reservoir configured to receive an aqueous liquid, a multiplicity of polymeric container closures in the reservoir, a fluid inlet fluidically coupled with the reservoir, and a fluid outlet fluidically coupled with the reservoir. The fluid inlet is configured such that an aqueous liquid provided... Agent:

20140166575 - Oil emulsification and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon adsorption using fine particles as dispersants: A method for cleaning an oil spill in a marine environment includes forming a particle-stabilized emulsion containing seawater, carbon black and at least one oil spill component and allowing the at least one oil spill component to degrade, thereby removing said component from the marine environment. Carbon black can be... Agent: Cabot Corporation

20140166577 - Apparatus and method for producing potable water: An apparatus according to the present invention includes a pump for pressurizing tap water, a reverse osmosis membrane for separating the pressurized tap water into waste water containing contaminant and filtered water and a tank for storing filtered water. Waste water is disposed through a first flow channel and a... Agent: Green Arm Co., Ltd.

20140166576 - System for and method of separating oil and particles from produced water or fracturing water: A system of separating oil and water from produced or fracturing water with an intended separation direction, the system includes: a unit for feeding the produced or fracturing water to a solid-fluid separator; a membrane system configured to output clean water; and a decanter configured to output solids, wherein the... Agent: Oreco A/s

20140166578 - Extracorporeal removal of microvesicular particles: The invention described herein teaches methods of removing microvesicular particles, which include but are not limited to exosomes, from the systemic circulation of a subject in need thereof with the goal of reversing antigen-specific and antigen-nonspecific immune suppression. Said microvesicular particles could be generated by host cells that have been... Agent: Aethlon Medical, Inc.

20140166579 - Device and method for monitoring an extracorporeal blood circuit for the detection of air bubbles: A device for monitoring an extracorporeal blood circuit of an extracorporeal blood treatment device for detection of air bubbles in blood that is conveyed in the extracorporeal circuit by a blood pump, and a method for monitoring an extracorporeal blood circuit for detection of air bubbles, together with a device... Agent:

20140166580 - Separation material: A separation material includes a matrix that is bound to a saccharide, enabling the separation from a liquid of substances that selectively bind the saccharide. A method for preparing the separation material and a method for separating substances from a liquid that selectively bind a saccharide of the separation material... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20140166581 - Porous hybrid monolith materials with organic groups removed from the surface: A material for chromatographic separations, processes for its preparation, and separation devices containing the chromatographic material. In particular, porous inorganic/organic hybrid monoliths are provided with a decreased concentration of surface organic groups, and have improved pH stability, improved chromatographic separation performance, and improved packed bed stability. These monoliths may be... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140166582 - Water treatment system and method: Embodiments of a water treatment system, a water treatment method, and an ozone kit for a water treatment system are provided. The water treatment system includes an ozone gas source; a regenerating fluid source; a water tank; a manifold having a first port in fluid communication with the regenerating fluid... Agent:

20140166584 - Device and method for separating magnetic particles: The invention relates to a method and device for separating magnetic particles, for separating magnetic particles from a sample housed in an inner space (1) of the separating device. In accordance with the invention, the magnetic field is generated with a specific configuration of the magnets (3). This specific configuration... Agent: Sepmag Tecnologies, S.l.

20140166583 - Process for treating acid mine drainage: A stream of acid mine discharge is treated by mixing an alkaline aqueous solution of sodium borohydride to form a precipitate which is separated from the stream.... Agent:

20140166585 - Flotation separation using lightweight synthetic beads or bubbles: Apparatus, such as a flotation separation device, features a flotation cell or column configured to receive a mixture of water, valuable material and unwanted material; receive polymer-based materials, including polymer bubbles or beads, configured to attach to the valuable material in the mixture; and provide enriched polymer-based materials, including enriched... Agent: Cidra Corporate Services Inc.

20140166586 - Lysine-based polymer coagulants for use in clarification of process waters: Lysine-based polymers, particularly copolymers of lysine and maleic acid, are useful as coagulants for clarification of wastewaters, including produced waters from oils sands mining operations. They can be advantageously used in combination with commercial coagulants, and in combination with flocculants. Such combinations may include dry blends. Also described are methods... Agent:

20140166587 - Methods for removing finely dispersed particulate matter from a fluid stream: Disclosed herein are systems for removing particulate matter from a fluid, comprising a particle functionalized by attachment of at least one activating group or amine functional group, wherein the modified particle complexes with the particulate matter within the fluid to form a removable complex therein. The particulate matter has preferably... Agent: Soane Energy, LLC

20140166589 - High temperature and pressure oxidation-reduction potential measuring and monitoring device for hot water systems: A device for measuring oxidation-reduction potential at operating temperature and pressure in hot water systems is disclosed and claimed. The device includes a flow-through cell, a sensor, and a reference electrode. The components of the device work in conjunction with the other components and have electrical connections that transmit signals... Agent: Nalco Company

20140166588 - Localized disinfection system for large water bodies: The present disclosure relates to a method for controlling the microbiological properties of a portion of water within a large body of water by treating such zone with chemical agents, according to the temperature of the water, its salinity, its dilution power and the diffusion of chemicals within the large... Agent: Crystal Lagoons (curacao) B.v.

20140166590 - System and method for controlling ultraviolet liquid disinfection: An ultraviolet (UV) liquid disinfection system and method are described. The system includes a conduit to carry liquid to be disinfected, the conduit having an inlet to receive the liquid and an outlet to discharge the liquid; a UV source configured to illuminate the liquid within the conduit; a liquid... Agent: Atlantium Technologies Ltd.

20140166591 - Pco/uvc/carbon water filter: A water filter will sterilize and detoxify water by taking advantage of two technologies in the field of water disinfection and detoxification—ultraviolet “C” (UVC) and photocatalytic oxidation (PCO). The water filter includes a filter body that contains a water inlet, a flow header and granular activated carbon. A UVC lamp... Agent:

20140166592 - Multi-deck shaker: The present disclosure relates to methods and apparatuses to separate solids from a drilling fluid. A shaker in accordance with the present disclosure includes a first screening deck having a first channel and a second channel, and also includes a second screening deck. Drilling fluid received by the first channel... Agent: M-i L.L.C.

20140166593 - Gas-liquid distribution technique for water or wastewater filters using underdrains: A method of distributing gas and liquid through an underdrain system includes: a) positioning an underdrain system on a filter floor, the underdrain system comprising at least one underdrain block and filter media positioned on top of the underdrain block; b) distributing gas sufficiently evenly through the underdrain system at... Agent: Xylem Water Solutions Zelienople LLC

20140166594 - External device for cleaning filtration material and adapted for application to filtration device: An external device for cleaning a filtration material is applied to a filtration device for filtering a supplied unfiltered liquid by layers of a filtration material to remove muddiness in the liquid and discharging the cleaned liquid to the outside. The cleaning device has an upstanding outer tube, a screw... Agent: Nihon Genryo Co., Ltd.

20140166596 - Method and system for water drainage in fuel system: Methods and systems are provided for operating a vehicle including an engine and a fuel system. In one embodiment, a water drainage system for a fuel system comprises a fuel tank, a fuel-water separator in fluid communication with the fuel tank, and a purge tank in fluid communication with the... Agent:

20140166595 - Replaceable grease trap system for a wastewater system and method of using the same: The present invention relates to a grease trap system for wastewater systems, having an inlet pipe with a shut off valve, an outlet pipe with a shut off valve and a grease interceptor comprising a replaceable container body including means to trap fats, oils and grease within the body. The... Agent: Canplas Industries Ltd.

20140166597 - Filter apparatus and water filtration system and method: The present invention relates to a filter apparatus (10), a water filtration system, and a method for operating a water filtration system. The filter apparatus typically comprises a housing (12) defining an inlet port (12.4) connectable to an outlet of a drainage system to receive sullage or grey water therefrom,... Agent:

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