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Liquid purification or separation

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11/13/2014 > 29 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140332450 - Mobile station for diagnosing and modeling site specific effluent treatment facility requirements: A mobile station and methods are disclosed for diagnosing and modeling site specific effluent treatment facility requirements to arrive at a treatment regimen and/or proposed commercial plant model idealized for the particular water/site requirements. The station includes a mobile platform having power intake, effluent intake and fluid outflow facilities and... Agent: Rockwater Resource, LLC

20140332451 - Fracture water treatment method and system: A method and system for treatment of flow-back and produced water from a hydrocarbon well in which fracturing operations are carried out using a phase separation and creating of positive charge in the water.... Agent: Mbj Water Partners

20140332452 - Treating runoff: Systems and methods for treating water passing through a catch basin may include filters. In some embodiments, the filter(s) can have a plurality of regions with different nominal flow rates.... Agent:

20140332453 - Drainage device: In a drainage device for draining road surfaces, parking areas, roof surfaces or the like, comprising a trough body and filter material which is situated in the trough body and is intended for cleaning water loaded with solid particles and/or dissolved pollutants, the filter material is a constituent part of... Agent:

20140332454 - Compact wastewater concentrator and pollutant scrubber: A compact and portable liquid concentrator includes a gas inlet, a gas exit and a flow corridor connecting the gas inlet and the gas exit, wherein the flow corridor includes a narrowed portion that accelerates the gas through the flow corridor. A liquid inlet injects liquid into the gas stream... Agent:

20140332455 - System for oil recovery and treatment of wastewater utilizing photoelectrocatalytic oxidation and method of operation: The present invention relates to the removal and recovery of oil, and/or the removal and recovery of contaminants, from aqueous solutions. More specifically, the present invention relates to a system and a method for removing bacteria and recovering oil from oil and gas wastewater, produced water, and other aqueous solutions... Agent:

20140332456 - End-cap structure of oil filter for vehicle: Disclosed herein is an end-cap structure of an oil filter for vehicles. The end-cap includes a base cap which has a hole in a central portion thereof, and a hook cap which is installed in the hole so as to be movable upwards or downwards. In this structure, a surface... Agent:

20140332457 - Floating tank blankets and methods for creating the same on a surface of a liquid: According to various aspects, exemplary embodiments are disclosed of floating tank blankets. Also disclosed are exemplary embodiments of methods and floats that may be used for creating a floating blanket, cover, or barrier on a surface of a liquid.... Agent:

20140332458 - Regenerative fluid filtration micro-cell: Aspects of the present disclosure involve systems, methods, products, and the like, for a filtration system that incorporates a plurality of back-washable filter cells into a cell manifold for filtering contaminants from a fluid. Each of the filter cells of the filter system are a small fluid filtration unit that... Agent: Filtrasonics LLC

20140332459 - Biocide-loaded electrospun nanofibers supported by adhesive-free thin fabric for pathogen removal filtration: The invention provides a novel type of filter media that offers efficient disinfection effects, while achieving a low water pressure drop and a high water flow rate when in use. Specifically, the filter media of the invention comprises a microorganism-killing membrane containing electro spun nanofiber fabrics loaded with biocidal nano-particles.... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20140332460 - Filtering device for high-viscosity fluids: A filtering device (100) for high-viscosity fluids has a partial channel (34) in the housing (30) and a displacing piston (40) which can be inserted into the partial channel (34, 35). The displacing piston (40) has at least one inner fluid line (42) that extends from an inlet opening (41)... Agent: Kreyenborg Verwaltungen Und Beteiligungen Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140332461 - Support element: A support element, comprising a netting comprising a composition comprising a polyphenylene sulfide resin and at least one polyhedral oligimeric silsequioxane additive, is provided.... Agent: Pall Corporation

20140332462 - Flux-enhanced hierarchical porous membrane for oil-water nanoemulsion separation: Hierarchical porous membranes suitable for use in oil/water separation processes are provided. The membranes described herein are particularly well suited for separating trace amounts of water (e.g., no greater than 3 wt % water content, no greater than 1 wt % water content, or 50-1000 ppm water) from oil in... Agent:

20140332463 - Reduction of hydrogen sulfide and/or malodor gassing from water via the addition of peroxyacetic acid/hydrogen peroxide product: The invention provides methods and compositions for reducing the malodorous sulfide gas released by a wastewater treatment system. The method preserves the vitality of waste consuming organisms within the system. The method comprises the steps of: determining the SRP PAA demand of the system, determining the aerobic PAA demand of... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140332464 - Oxygen control for wastewater treatment: A method and system for controlling dissolved oxygen levels in a secondary treatment system of a wastewater treatment facility that can employ a membrane bioreactor in which oxygen introduction into mixed liquor is controlled to prevent bulking and minimize generation of extra cellular polymeric substances. The control is exercised by... Agent:

20140332465 - Method and apparatus for treating oil containing wastewater: Provided is a membrane biological reactor having a biological reaction chamber and a membrane separation chamber, in which the it has a configuration that, within the biological reaction chamber, at least one partition is installed to have a first reaction chamber, a second reaction chamber, and if necessary, an additional... Agent:

20140332466 - Liquid-liquid contacting tray with concentric inlet and outlet weirs: Disclosed is a liquid-liquid contacting tray, including: (i) a liquid-liquid contacting deck having a first side and a opposite second side, the deck comprising a perforated tray material; (ii) an outlet weir extending vertically from the first side of the contacting deck, the outlet weir defining an interior space of... Agent:

20140332467 - Method for cleaning a filter: A method for cleaning a cross-flow filter (20), comprising the steps of: A) providing a cross-flow filter (20), wherein the cross-flow filter (20) comprises a filter membrane (21) and is configured to remove a liquid permeate stream and the filter membrane (21) comprises a first side facing the permeate stream... Agent: Highq-factory Gmbh

20140332468 - Aquaporin based thin film composite membranes: Present invention relates to a thin film composite membrane wherein a thin selective layer, having incorporated amphiphilic vesicles, is supported by a microporous substrate. A process of preparing the thin film composite membrane and its use are also disclosed.... Agent: Nanyang Technological University

20140332469 - Method and system for treating a liquid medium by reverse osmosis: The system performing the method uses a weight medium capable of travelling vertically between an initial and terminal position. The power thereby generated is transmitted to a hydraulic cylinder containing the liquid medium which is subjected to a high pressure and delivered to the upstream side of a reverse osmosis... Agent:

20140332470 - Trimethylolpropane core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer and its preparation method: A trimethylolpropane core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer and its preparation method are provided, And a preparation method thereof comprises steps of processing Michael addition reaction on trimethylolpropane triacrylate (CH3CH2C(CH2OCOCH2═CH2)3) and alkylidene diamine (NH2CH2(CH2)nNH2), wherein n is an integer from 1 to 5, so as to obtain trimethylolpropane core, amino group... Agent: Tongji University

20140332471 - Pentaerythritol core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer and its preparation method: A pentaerythritol core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer, its preparation method and application are provided. A preparation method of the pentaerythritol core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer (PETA-ADA-12PO3H2) comprises steps of processing Michael addition reaction on pentaerythritol tetraacrylate (C(CH2OCOCH2=CH2)4) and alkylidene diamine (NH2CH2(CH2)nNH2), wherein n is an integer from 1 to 5,... Agent: Tongji University

20140332472 - Process to maintain large clean recreational bodies of water: p

20140332473 - Multistage filtrating pre-treatment for desalination of oilfield produced water: A method and system for treating oilfield produced water is disclosed. The method includes passing oilfield produced water through a chain of filters, first filter configured to filter particles of a size larger than 10 μm from the water, a second filter configured to filter remaining particles of a size... Agent: Nirosoft Industries Ltd.

20140332474 - Process for reducing the total organic carbon of aqueous compositions: Process for reducing the Total Organic Carbon of a first aqueous composition (A) comprising submitting (A) to a treatment with active chlorine at a first pH value in order to obtain a second aqueous composition (B), submitting at least one part of (B) to a venting treatment at a second... Agent:

20140332475 - Filter device and methods of using the same: A filter device having a filter and a locking mechanism embedded in an interior of the filter. The locking mechanism is adapted to securely insert the filter into a component.... Agent:

20140332476 - Elastomeric depth filter: The present disclosure provides a depth filter medium comprising at least one elastomeric nonwoven web strengthened by combination with one or more structural support layers. The resulting material is particularly useful in the field of filtration, wherein particulates captured within the elastomeric nonwoven web can be readily released, such as... Agent:

20140332477 - Apparatus to dispense immiscible liquid from an inverted bottle: A device, an improvement upon a funnel, to enable immiscible liquids to be dispensed from an inverted bottle to augment a new, in-situ method to extract chemicals from water directly within sampling containers.... Agent:

20140332478 - Pitchers, filtration units, and filtration systems and methods: The present invention relates generally to fluid filtration, such as, for example, filtration systems and methods, filtration units, pitchers, and components thereof.... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 40 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20140326646 - Device for extracorporeal blood treatment: A device for extracorporeal blood treatment is disclosed that includes a detection equipment for detecting uremic toxins in a used dialysis liquid by measuring the absorbance, the detection equipment being provided at such a position downstream the outflow of the dialysis liquid from a filter element that at least one... Agent:

20140326645 - Liquid purification system: A liquid purification system is provided. Although not limited to water, the purification system is especially suitable for water. The purification system utilizes a vessel having antimicrobial inner wall load bearing surfaces and/or antimicrobial (antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mold, etc.) interior non-load bearing surfaces. When the liquid moves within the vessel and... Agent:

20140326647 - Candle-type filtering device for preventing back pressure: A device for filtering ballast water which performs filtering by installing a filter element having a conical shape in a concentric circle direction inside the device for filtering ballast water that accommodates a filter portion, and introducing ballast water from a lower end of the device for filtering and passing... Agent: Panasia Co., Ltd.

20140326648 - Facility for removal of materials and/or polluting substances contained in watercourses: “IMPROVEMENT ON FACILITY FOR REMOVAL OF MATERIALS AND/OR POLLUTING SUBSTANCES CONTAINED IN WATERCOURSES”, applied to facility comprising: the implementation of a sandbox arranged at the bottom and in a stretch of the watercourse, followed by a floating garbage fence arranged substantially transversely to the watercourse; whereas downstream and at a... Agent:

20140326649 - Novel nanocomposites and their application as monolith columns: Novel materials for chromatographic separations, processes for their preparation, and separation devices containing the chromatographic materials. In particular, hybrid inorganic/organic monolith materials comprising a polymerized scaffolding nanocomposite (PSN), wherein the nanocomposite contains a scaffolding functionally capable of chemically interacting with a surface of a second material are described. The hybrid... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140326650 - Pump and injector for liquid chromatography: A combined dual pump-injector valve utilizing a single piece of material to house the barrel for each of the two piston-based pumps and to provide the stator of the associated valve, thus eliminating any need for connections between the pumps and the valve, and therefore eliminating the potential for high-pressure... Agent: Valco Instruments Company, L.p.

20140326651 - Connector assembly for use in filter elements of press filter and press filter comprising the same: The invention provides a connector assembly for fastening filter elements onto a supporting plate of a press filter, comprising a first cylindrical core, a first flange extending outward from the first cylindrical core, a second cylindrical core, and a second flange extending outward from the second cylindrical core. The first... Agent: Fairtech Investment Limited

20140326652 - Pool cleaning robot: A pool cleaning robot for cleaning a surface of a swimming pool, said robot comprising: a main housing; main wheels being configured for propelling the robot; an auxiliary brushwheel disposed between said main wheels and configured for being rotated by the robot about an axis of rotation; and at least... Agent: Maytronics Ltd.

20140326653 - Method and apparatus for water purification: A water purification system may include a water purification unit and a clean water receiving unit. The water purification unit includes a purification space that has a sealing unit at a predetermined position and communicating with outside the water purification unit. The purification space has a receiving space containing liquid... Agent: Taiwell Tech. Co.,ltd.

20140326654 - Device for filtering water: The device for filtering water, includes a containment body inside which is placed at least a filter element and includes at least a prefiltration chamber, provided with at least an inlet for the water to be filtered, and at least a postfiltration chamber, provided with at least an outlet for... Agent:

20140326655 - Hydraulic fluid filter-deaerator: A filter-deaerator (100) for hydraulic fluid reservoir (102) comprises a chamber (104) that is generally cylindrical and has with a hydraulic fluid inlet (106) at an upper portion (124) thereof that injects hydraulic fluid into the chamber (104) in a direction tangent to an inner wall (108) of the chamber... Agent:

20140326656 - Diatomaceous earth filter cleaning tool with fluid oscillation nozzle and diatomaceous earth capturing system: Embodiments provide a pool filter cleaning system that comprises an elongate tube having a first end, a second end and length in a longitudinal direction; a hose connector configured to connect to a supply of water under pressure, the hose connector is attached to the first end of the elongate... Agent:

20140326657 - Semi-permeable film, membrane including the semi-permeable film, and method of manufacturing the semi-permeable film: The present disclosure pertains to a semi-permeable film including a polyhedron oligomer silsesquioxane derivative dispersed in a polymer matrix, a method of manufacturing the same, a separation membrane including the semi-permeable film, and a water treatment device including the separation membrane.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140326658 - Triple layer hydrophobic-hydrophilic membrane for membrane distillation applications: This invention relates to a triple layer composite nanofiber membrane for Membrane Distillation (MD) applications. The triple layer membrane has an extremely hydrophobic nanofiber layer, a hydrophobic microporous middle layer and a hydrophilic backing layer for MD applications.... Agent: Ngee Ann Polytechnic

20140326659 - Preparation method of enhanced-type polyacrylonitrile hollow fiber membrane: A preparation method of an enhanced-type polyacrylonitrile hollow fiber membrane comprises steps of: (1) knitting a polyacrylonitrile fiber hollow braided tube by a two-dimensional weaving technology; wherein the polyacrylonitrile fiber hollow braided tube is utilized as a reinforcement of a hollow fiber membrane; (2) preparing polyacrylonitrile casting solution, wherein, polyacrylonitrile... Agent:

20140326660 - Membrane nanofilters: Embodiments of a filter device utilize a membrane comprising poly(amic) acid. The membrane has a porous structure with pores configured to filter nano-sized particles, e.g., less than 100 nm. In one embodiment, the filter device can comprises a substrate (e.g., filter paper) and the membrane disposed on the substrate. This... Agent: The Research Foundation Of Stale University Of New York

20140326661 - Liquid filtration media containing melt-blown fibers: A filter and filter media configured and arranged for placement in a fuel stream is disclosed. The filter and filter media allow for filtering of liquid fuels, such as diesel fuel. In certain embodiments the filter media includes a media fiber, such as melt blown polyester; and a scaffold fiber,... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20140326662 - Effluent weir system: An effluent weir system includes: one or more effluent wefts mountable within a separation tank; the effluent weir having an enclosed top portion, a bottom inlet and a discharge in fluid communication with a clear well riser; a clear well in fluid communication with the separation tank through the effluent... Agent:

20140326663 - Biological treatment tank or tank series with air-lift and biocarriers: The present invention relates to biological treatment and devices applicable in this respect. The closed container comprises a first inlet (20) and a first outlet (18), at least one vertically orientated tube (6) arranged in the container (2), the lower end of said tube being raised above the bottom of... Agent:

20140326664 - Select valve for liquid chromatography: A liquid chromatography system includes a pumping system with a selector valve in fluidic communication with a pump inlet. The selector valve switches between a first position, in which the selector valve fluidically couples a solvent reservoir to the pump inlet, and a second position, in which the selector valve... Agent:

20140326666 - Apparatus and methods for removing contaminants from wastewater: Apparatus and methods are provided for removing solids from wastewater. The apparatus may include a dissolved solids removal system including a first membrane stack for removing a first portion of dissolved solids from wastewater, the first membrane stack having a first rejection rate and including at least one first membrane... Agent: Hyssop Branch, LLC

20140326665 - Pressure monitoring and pump speed control for a reverse osmosis system: An apparatus, for use with a reverse osmosis system comprising a feed input, a concentrate output, and a permeate output, includes (i) at least one pressure sensor operative to measure a pressure of at least the permeate output of the reverse osmosis system and to generate a signal indicative of... Agent: Crestron Electronics, Inc.

20140326667 - Water purification system and process with water pretreatment apparatus: A water purification apparatus for treating water containing at least some organic contaminants, and having a pre-treatment device for removing organic contaminants from a water stream, and having, a spin up bowl; a recovery bowl; an annular flow passage between the bowls; a magnetic member around the flow passageway; a... Agent:

20140326669 - Doped membranes: Synthetic membranes for the removal, isolation or purification of substances from a liquid. The membranes include at least one hydrophobic polymer and at least one hydrophilic polymer. 5-40 wt.-% of particles having an average particles size of between 0.1 and 15 μm are entrapped. The membrane has a wall thickness... Agent:

20140326668 - Using geopressure to desalinate water: An apparatus and method for desalinating fluids produced or returning from a subterranean formation using pressure from a subterranean formation. Fluid from a formation is sent to a liquid/liquid separator for separating water from the fluid and then to a reverse osmosis unit, one or more of which are configured... Agent: Innergeo

20140326670 - Methods and apparatus for time-pulsed chromatography: The present disclosure relates to methods for the chromatographic separation of two or more sample components using a column while applying a time-pulsed pressure differential to the column and to apparatus for use in the same.... Agent: Brock Unviversity

20140326671 - Dual flow sorbent cartridge: Disclosed are systems and methods for the performance of kidney replacement therapy having or using a dialyzer, control components, a sorbent cartridge with at least two separate flow paths, and fluid reservoirs configured to be of a weight and size suitable to be worn or carried by an individual requiring... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140326672 - Melamine aldehyde polymers: Described herein is a melamine-aldehyde polymer, wherein the polymer has a pore volume in the range of about 1.5 to 5 cm3/g.... Agent:

20140326673 - Wastewater purification with nanoparticle-treated bed: Nanoparticle-treated particle packs, such as sand beds, may effectively filter and purify liquids such as waste water. When tiny contaminant particles in waste water flow through the particle pack, the nanoparticles will capture and hold the tiny contaminant particles within the pack due to the nanoparticles' surface forces, including, but... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140326674 - Zero liquid discharge method for high silica solutions: Disclosed are zero liquid discharge (ZLD) processes that utilize naturally occurring or supplemental silicate in the water supply for removing magnesium and calcium hardness from aqueous alkaline streams in the form of a silica gel, thereby allowing separation of a low hardness supernant for recycling.... Agent:

20140326675 - Rheology modifying agents for slurries: Rheology modifying agents and methods of modifying the rheology of a slurry are disclosed, in addition to methods for the prevention of fouling. The slurry can be a lime slurry or a magnesium oxide slurry. The rheology modifying agent can be a low molecular weight anionic polymer, a high molecular... Agent: Ecolab Usa, Inc.

20140326676 - Installation for water treatment by flotation and corresponding water treatment method: A system and process for treating water wherein water to be treated is directed to an inlet zone and from the inlet zone to a mixing zone. A flotation zone receives water from the mixing zone. A clarified water collection area is disposed adjacent the flotation zone for receiving clarified... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20140326677 - Treatment of produced water: A method of treating produced water containing hydrocarbons includes introducing microbubbles of a lift gas into the produced water in a separation stage to float oil to a surface of the produced water. The top layer of oil is removed from the surface of the produced water. Microbubbles of an... Agent:

20140326678 - Method and system for filling and venting a device for extracorporeal blood treatment, with stepped flooding of a filter: A method for filling and venting a device for extracorporeal blood treatment is disclosed, such as a patient module in a heart-lung machine, without attached patient. A filling liquid from a filling liquid container located higher than the device flows by gravity via a venous side of the system into... Agent: Zoll Lifebridge Gmbh

20140326679 - Air cloud particle suspension dredge: The present invention diffuses air through a sea floor-mounted grid, raises particle clouds in four to twenty percent solutions to a height of one to four feet, and transports the particle cloud by favorable currents to designated locations upstream and downstream while releasing dissolved oxygen throughout the water column. The... Agent:

20140326680 - Salt water pool chlorinator having a sensor: Disclosed herein is a unit for a salt water pool chlorinator that is arranged for water to flow therethrough. The unit is configured for an electrode assembly to be received therein and is arranged such that some of the water flows through the electrode assembly. The unit has a channel,... Agent:

20140326681 - System and method for treating water systems with high voltage discharge and ozone: A system and method for treating flowing water systems with a plasma discharge to remove or control growth of microbiological species. The system and method protect other components of the water system from being damaged by excess energy from the electrohydraulic treatment. The system and method also recycle ozone gas... Agent: Nch Corporation

20140326682 - Method and assembly for water filtration using a tube manifold to minimize backwash: A method of filtering a feed liquid in a membrane filtration assembly is provided comprising introducing feed liquid to be treated into a filtration chamber of a membrane filtration system including a membrane module having one or more permeable hollow membranes, the module being located in the filtration chamber, and... Agent:

20140326683 - Coalescers and methods for separating liquids in an immiscible mixture: Coalescers for coalescing and methods for separating a discontinuous phase liquid, e.g., water, in an immiscible mixture of the discontinuous phase liquid and a continuous phase liquid, e.g., oil.... Agent:

20140326684 - Separation devices, systems and methods for separation of particulates from liquid: A system for separating a heavy fraction from a liquid includes an upper section, an inlet in fluid connection with the upper section to introduce the liquid into the upper section, an impeller within the upper section to induce rotational flow and fluid pressure to the liquid within an upper... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 54 patent applications in 48 patent subcategories.

20140319029 - Integrated system for monitoring permeate quality in water treatment facilities: The invention provides a method and apparatus for continuous monitoring of permeate from membrane elements in a water treatment plant, including a desalination plant. The apparatus includes a probe that includes multiple sensors such that at least one sensor is associated with each membrane element. Each sensor is coupled to... Agent:

20140319030 - Citrate-based dialysate chemical formulations: The present invention constitutes dialysate formulations that are suitable for use in preparing dialysate solutions for use in batch and/or proportioning systems and for improving dialysis efficiency by reducing or preventing clotting of the dialysis flow paths. The dialysate chemical formulations for one batch of dialysate comprise an acid concentrate... Agent:

20140319031 - Wastewater treatment device: A wastewater treatment device includes a first biological treatment device (10) that treats wastewater through a membrane-separated activated sludge method; a second biological treatment device (20) that treats wastewater through a biofilm method; measurement units (31, 32) that measure load concentration and flow rate in the wastewater flowing upstream of... Agent: Mistsubishi Heavy Industries Mechatronics Systems, Ltd.

20140319032 - Compact wastewater concentrator and contaminant scrubber: A compact and portable liquid concentrator and contaminant scrubber includes a gas inlet, a gas exit and a flow corridor connecting the gas inlet and the gas exit, wherein the flow corridor includes a narrowed portion that accelerates the gas through the flow corridor. A liquid inlet injects liquid into... Agent: Heartland Technology Partners LLC

20140319034 - Tank with an integral filter and beverage dispensing appliance comprising such a tank: A tank (101) for a beverage dispensing appliance includes at least one water chamber (102), a first opening (104) for example for connecting the tank (101) to a beverage supply, at least one second opening (105) for example suitable for attaching to a tap for dispensing beverages, as well as... Agent: Trefle Groupe

20140319033 - Water filter assembly: A water filter assembly is provided. The water filter assembly includes a casing that is selectively mounted to a manifold. A filtering media is positioned within the casing for filtering a flow of water through the casing. The water filter assembly also includes features for hindering spilling of water during... Agent: General Electric Company

20140319035 - Medical device leak sensing devices, methods, and systems: Features for protecting against leaks in a fluid circuit are disclosed. In a first embodiment, a fluid circuit is housed by another fluid circuit that is configured to capture and convey leaks to leak detector. In a second embodiment, a first indicator of a leak is used to trigger confirmation... Agent: Nxstage Medical, Inc.

20140319037 - Aeration unit and filtering apparatus comprising the same: Disclosed is an aeration unit capable of cleaning all the hollow fiber membranes in a filtering apparatus sufficiently and uniformly thereby improving the filtration efficiency and a filtering apparatus comprising the same. An aeration unit of the present invention comprises a plurality of aeration tubes parallel to each other, each... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20140319036 - Dissolved air flotation device for liquid clarification: Disclosed is a dissolved air flotation (“DAF”) device. The DAF device creates an elongated separation zone to permit agglomerated impurities to be more effectively removed from the influent. A header is included at the lower extent of the separation zone to collect the clarified effluent. In one possible embodiment, a... Agent:

20140319038 - Catch basin trap and mounting system: A trap for a catch basin, and means for mounting said trap to a catch basin wall, comprises a hollow trap body having an inner wall and an outer wall, and side walls joining the inner and outer walls. The trap body has a first aperture near the top of... Agent:

20140319039 - Oil spill containment and clean-up apparatus and method: An oil spill containment and clean-up apparatus uses an absorbent containment barrier for stopping the spread of the spill and for absorbing the spill for disposal as the barrier is collapsed around the spill. A skimmer boat is also employed, with adjustable skimmer positions to reduce the amount of water... Agent:

20140319040 - Hydrochloric acid production system: A system includes an ion separation unit that may receive dilute hydrochloric acid and may generate a concentrated hydrochloric acid and a chamber fluidly coupled to the ion separation unit. The chamber may receive the concentrated hydrochloric acid and may separate the concentrated hydrochloric acid into a liquid concentrated hydrochloric... Agent: Enviro Water Minerals Company, Inc.

20140319041 - Hemodialysis systems and methods: Disclosed are hemodialysis and similar dialysis systems including fluid flow circuits. Hemodialysis systems may include a blood flow path, and a dialysate flow path including balancing, mixing, and/or a directing circuits. Preparation of dialysate may be decoupled from patient dialysis. Circuits may be defined within one or more cassettes. The... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140319042 - Electrospray interface to a microfluidic substrate: An apparatus for chemical separations includes a microfluidic substrate having an outlet aperture for outputting an eluent of a sample, a spray unit having an inlet to receive the eluent and an outlet to emit a spray of the eluent, and a force-applying unit. The spray unit has a deformable... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140319043 - Locking filter assembly: A lock assembly for securing a filter assembly having a cover and a housing, the lock assembly includes a first lock component having structure for securing to one of the cover and the housing; and a second lock component having structure for securing to the other of the cover and... Agent:

20140319044 - Nanoparticle-functionalized membranes, methods of making same, and uses of same: Nanoparticle functionalized membranes, where the surface of the membranes is nanoparticle functionalized. The nanoparticles closest to the membrane surface are covalently bonded to the membrane surface. For example, the membranes are forward osmosis, reverse osmosis, or ultrafiltration membranes. The membranes can be used in devices or water purification methods.... Agent: Cornell University

20140319045 - Hollow fiber cartridges and components and methods of their construction: Hollow fiber cartridges and components and methods of their construction.... Agent: Refine Technology, LLC

20140319046 - Carbon nanotube based nanoporous membranes: A method for forming a nanopore membrane includes forming an array of carbon nanotubes on a substrate that are disposed side by side in a direction perpendicular to a length of the carbon nanotubes. The array of carbon nanotubes are embedded in a patternable polymer material. The patternable polymer material... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140319047 - Filtration material and method for fabricating the same: The disclosure provides a filtration material and a method for fabricating the same. The filtration material includes a supporting layer, and a composite layer, wherein the composite layer includes an ionic polymer and an interfacial polymer. Particularly, the ionic polymer and the interfacial polymer are intertwined with each other, resulting... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140319048 - Carbon nanotube based nanoporous membranes: A method for forming a nanopore membrane includes forming an array of carbon nanotubes on a substrate that are disposed side by side in a direction perpendicular to a length of the carbon nanotubes. The array of carbon nanotubes are embedded in a patternable polymer material. The patternable polymer material... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140319049 - Method of forming forward osmosis membranes and the forward osmosis membranes thus formed: There is provided a method of forming forward osmosis (FO) membranes. The FO membrane should have 1) at least one active rejection layer with high water permeability and solute rejection, 2) a support structure or substrate with tailored properties to reduce ICP, and 3) high membrane stability.... Agent:

20140319050 - Water filter assembly: A water filter assembly is provided. The water assembly includes a cylindrical filter media, a pair of caps mounted at opposite ends of the cylindrical filter media, and a support column positioned within the cylindrical filter media. Inner and outer diameters of the cylindrical filter media can be selected in... Agent: General Electric Company

20140319051 - Water-treatment separating membrane of high flux having good chlorine resistance: A water-treatment separating membrane includes a polyamide active layer formed on a porous support. When the polyamide active layer is dyed using a 5% aqueous solution of Rhodamine B, at least a curve pattern formed by connecting two or more arcs is formed in at least a partial area of... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140319052 - Closing valve unit for a cyclone: A closing valve unit for a centrifugal cleaner arrangement including first and second connecting members configured to connect a cyclone to a centrifugal cleaner group, and a movable valve sandwiched between the first and second connecting members, the moveable valve including apertures commensurate with openings to feed and reject conduits... Agent: Andritz Oy

20140319053 - Method and a system for out-competing glycogen-accumulating organisms in a substance: c

20140319054 - Apparatus and method for enhanced wastewater treatment: Systems and methods for treatment of wastewater in waste processing ponds and other enclosed bodies of water are provided. An aerator are configured to include a first set of concentric air hoses disposed at a first position between the water outflow lip and the water intake, the first set of... Agent: Absolute Aeration

20140319055 - Using continuous nitrate measurement to control aeration in an aerated-anoxic process: A method and system for treating wastewater is disclosed. In one embodiment the method includes introducing the wastewater into an aerated anoxic treatment unit, flowing an oxygen containing gas into the wastewater in the aerated anoxic treatment unit at a first flow rate, measuring a concentration of a nitrogen species... Agent:

20140319056 - Process for manufacturing potable water and apparatus therefor: It is to provide a process for manufacturing potable water from a liquid to be treated, such as seawater by using forward osmosis membrane, wherein the solution after the separation of water from dilute draw solution diluted by the migration of water from the liquid to be treated, is stably... Agent:

20140319057 - Chromatographic materials for the separation of unsaturated molecules: The present disclosure relates to a method of separating a compound of interest, particularly unsaturated compound(s) of interest, from a mixture. The compound is separated using a column having a chromatographic stationary phase material for various different modes of chromatography containing a first substituent and a second substituent. The first... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140319058 - Metal-organic framework templated synthesis of porous inorganic materials as novel sorbents: A novel metal-organic framework (MOF) templated process for the synthesis of highly porous inorganic sorbents for removing radionuclides, actinides, and heavy metals is disclosed. The highly porous nature of the MOFs leads to highly porous inorganic sorbents (such as oxides, phosphates, sulfides, etc) with accessible surface binding sites that are... Agent:

20140319059 - Method and kit for treating recreational water: Provided herein is a method for reducing down-time in a recreational body of water having a water filtering system and water recirculation system after a potential release of Cryptospridium oocyst and/or Giardia cysts. Also described is a kit for practicing the method for reducing down-time in a recreational body of... Agent:

20140319060 - Method for removing ammonium nitrogen from organic waste water: The invention relates to a method for removing ammonium nitrogen from organic waste water, which method comprises the steps of applying waste water with a content of ammonium to an organic, synthetic ion exchanger, allowing ammonium to adsorb to the ion exchanger, and regenerating the ion exchanger with regenerant solutions... Agent: Re-n Technology Aps

20140319061 - Filtration medium comprising a thermolysis product of a carbon oxychalcogenide and a metal salt, method of removing chloramine with this filtration medium and method of making this filtration medium: Described herein is a filtration medium comprising a substrate, wherein the substrate comprises a thermolysis product of (i) a carbon substrate having a surface of COxEy, wherein E is selected from at least one of S, Se, and Te; and wherein x and y are greater than 0; and (ii)... Agent:

20140319062 - Process for the synthesis of magnetically recoverable, high surface area carbon-fe3o4 nano-composite using metal organic framework (mof): The present invention discloses magnetically recoverable, high surface area carbon-Fe3O4 nanocomposite prepared by thermolysis of metal organic framework useful for recovery of oil, dyes and pollutants. Also disclosed are methods of removing an oleophilic material from a solution by treating the solution with a carbon-Fe3O4 nanocomposite.... Agent:

20140319063 - Process to obtain random copolymers derived from itaconic acid and/or its isomers and sodium alkenyl sulfonates and use of the product thereof: A process for obtaining random copolymers from itaconic acid and/or isomers and sodium alkenyl sulfonates is by polymerization in an aqueous solution via free radicals at an acidic pH in the range from 1.0 to 3.5 and with a redox system as initiator. The copolymers can be used as calcium... Agent:

20140319064 - Ethylenediamine core, octamethylenephosphonic acid terminated, pamam dendrimer and its use as antiscalant: A preparation method of ethylenediamine core, octamethylenephosphonic acid terminated, PAMAM dendrimer and application thereof is provided, wherein terminal amino groups of ethylenediamine core, 0 generation, PAMAM dendrimer is modified by methylene phosphonic acid. The ethylenediamine core, octamethylenephosphonic acid terminated, PAMAM dendrimer has an excellent performance to inhibit scales of CaCO3,... Agent: Tongji University

20140319065 - Augmented polyacrylate anti-scale media and methods of making the same: A scale suppression media and methods of making augmented polyacrylate resin beads combined with a directing agent to facilitate the formation of calcite and aragonite forms of calcium carbonate, the directing agent deposited directly into said polyacrylate resin beads. A strong acid monovalent salt, such as a metal ion, is... Agent: Kx Technologies LLC

20140319066 - Thin stillage clarification: Systems and methods for improving the quality of solids and liquids recovered at atmospheric pressure and temperature from a stillage stream generated as a by-product of an ethanol production process, the recovered solids having higher bio-available amino and fatty acids than evaporation-produced condensed solubles, the recovered liquids having less total... Agent: Yield And Capacity Group, LLC

20140319067 - Octamethylenephosphonic acid terminated polyamidoamine dendrimer and its use as antiscalant: A preparation method of octamethylenephosphonic acid terminated, PAMAM dendrimer and application thereof is provided, the dendrimer is prepared by modifying amino groups of 0 generation PAMAM dendrimer with methylene phosphonic acid, a constitutional formula thereof is: (CH2)n{N[CH2CH2CONHCH2CH2N(CH2PO3H2)2]2}2, wherein n is a positive integer between 2˜6. The octamethylenephosphonic acid terminated, PAMAM... Agent: Tongji University

20140319068 - Methods for treating metals and metalloids: Methods of treating a liquid having a contaminant, compositions, and the like, are provided.... Agent:

20140319069 - Method for the removal of submicron particulates from chlorinated water by sequentially adding a cationic polymer followed by adding an anionic polymer: A method for removing submicron colloidal particulates, such as hydrocarbons, from water. The method includes first adding a soluble, cationic polymer, such as chitosan, a salt, or solution of chitosan to water containing the submicron particulates and a halogenating agent, followed by adding a soluble, anionic polymer or anionic salt... Agent: Halosource, Inc.

20140319070 - Composition for treating suspensions of solid particles in water and method using said composition: A composition for treating an aqueous suspension of mineral particles includes at least one water soluble polymer and at least one calcium salt, magnesium salt or both a Calcium salt and a Magnesium salt. The composition is in powder form.... Agent:

20140319071 - Polymer dissolution system: The present invention is directed to a polymer dissolution system comprising a mix tank, a strainer, and a pump. The mix tank is configured to receive polymers, water, and an inlet stream, to form a polymer solution including swollen polymers, and to discharge the polymer solution. The strainer is configured... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140319072 - Fluid filtration system: A method of filtering a fluid, including flowing a fluid from a first side of a filter member to a second side of the filter member, the fluid containing dissolved impurities. In addition, the method includes inducing fluid cavitation within the fluid to precipitate out at least a portion of... Agent: Green Age Technologies LLC

20140319073 - Fluid filtration system: A method of filtering a fluid includes flowing a fluid into a filter assembly. The filter assembly includes a vessel defining a pressure chamber and a filter screen disposed within the vessel. The screen divides the pressure chamber into a first subchamber and a second subchamber. In addition, the method... Agent: Green Age Technologies LLC

20140319074 - Automated pre-filtration air management and filtration systems and methods: Filtration systems and methods using a pump and pressure sensor are provided for improved efficiency in fluid filtration systems. A filtration system includes a pre-filter container joined to a post-filter container by a filter line having a filter. To reduce the time required for filtration a pump and pressure sensor... Agent:

20140319075 - Liquid treatment device: A liquid treatment device for treatment of liquid contaminated with living organisms comprising a rotating means having a first surface for receiving the liquid to be treated, where the first surface is provided with engaging means for engaging the liquid and to provide acceleration to the liquid upon rotation of... Agent:

20140319076 - Oil spill response submarine and method of use thereof: The submarine has a plurality of oil spill detection and removal means, oil/water separating device and oil store tanks. Lights and camera sets are installed in a manner allowing a visual control over the movement of the submarine and over the process of oil removal. A telescopic boom, a sail... Agent:

20140319077 - Excipient removal from pharmacological samples: Active pharmaceutical ingredients can be separated from their excipients by dissolving a pharmaceutical product (e.g. tablet, pill) into a solvent, then running the solution through an acoustophoretic device. Standing waves are used to separate the excipient from the active ingredient dissolved in the solvent.... Agent: Flodesign Sonics, Inc.

20140319078 - Process and system for removing urea from an aqueous solution: A process for removing urea from an aqueous solution is disclosed herein, the process comprises the steps of: feeding an aqueous solution comprising urea into a mix tank; feeding hydrogen peroxide into the mix tank; feeding at least one soluble catalyst into the mix tank separately from the hydrogen peroxide... Agent:

20140319079 - Filtration module: Provided is a filtration module for separating plasma from blood comprising a feeder channel lid, a feeder channel defined by a feeder channel laminating layer having a thickness of less than 5 mil, a filter element in fluid communication with the feeder channel and having a pore size of less... Agent:

20140319080 - Test equipment simulating multiple fluid sequences: A well fluid test device includes a cell body having a first end port disposed on an upper end of the cell body, a second end port disposed on a lower end of the cell body, a first lateral port disposed on a side of the cell body, and a... Agent:

20140319082 - High-in fast-out efficient press filter and fast charging method: The present invention relates to a fast-in and fast-out efficient filter press and rapid feeding method having rapid feeding and rapid discharging functions, comprising a filter press, wherein the upper ends of multiple cloth filter plates or diaphragm filter plates in a cloth filter plate group or diaphragm filter plate... Agent:

20140319081 - Systems and methods of manufacturing autologous serum products: Methods, systems and kits for production of autologous blood products are provided. Such methods, systems and kits comprise a blood collection set, a serum dilution set, and an aliquot set. The blood collection set includes a collection container and a serum container. The serum dilution set includes a serum measurement... Agent: San Diego Blood Bank

10/23/2014 > 38 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20140311957 - Sediment trap: An apparatus for settling sediment from a liquid collected in a drainage pit, including a plurality of spaced apart deflectors which are configured to be inclined in use, the deflectors comprising: an uppermost deflector having an aperture formed in an upper portion thereof so that liquid pooling in the pit... Agent: Envirostream Solutions Pty Ltd

20140311958 - Trapping structures for a particle separation cell: Trapping structures are provided for particle separation devices that make use of traveling wave fluid flow. These trapping structures are operative to capture and collect separated particles and present them for extraction. The extraction can be accomplished in conventional manners, such as through the use of suitable sized pipettes.... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20140311959 - Wastewater treatment device: Provided is a wastewater treatment device that can reduce the fluoride ion concentration in industrial wastewater to improve the recovery rate of purified water. A wastewater treatment device (1) includes a biological treatment unit (3) that decomposes and eliminates organic matter in wastewater by means of microorganisms, and a desalinization... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mechatronics Systems Ltd.

20140311960 - Water treatment device and method: A water treatment device including an electro-coagulation (EC) unit for treating a stream of feed water to produce a stream of EC treated water of lower salinity than the stream of feed water, an electrical separation unit for treating the stream of EC treated water to obtain a stream of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140311961 - Filter device: A filter device, having at least one filter element (3) which can be received in a filter housing (1) and having a holding device (19) which serves for detachably fixing said filter element in the filter housing (1) and which has corresponding threads (23, 33) for forming a screw connection... Agent:

20140311962 - Water filter system: A slow/intermittent sand filter that purifies polluted water by flowing through sand in a manner that achieves greater purity and permits simpler and more effective maintenance than existing filters.... Agent:

20140311963 - Coalescing filter element and filter assembly therefore: A coalescing filter element provides an integrated filter element with a three stage design with a hydrophobic or hydrophilic coalescing layer. A coalescing filter element comprises: a) At least one particulate filtration layer; b) A coalescing layer promoting coalescing of water particles, wherein the coalescing layer is downstream of the... Agent:

20140311964 - Adjustable vacuum pan assemblies for belt filters: An adjustable vacuum pan assembly for a belt filter is disclosed. The adjustable vacuum pan assembly comprises an arm configured to be attached to a frame portion of the filter, a vacuum pan adjustably connected to the arm, and a cam operatively coupled to the arm. The cam is rotatable... Agent:

20140311965 - Liquid filtering device: A filter arrangement for liquids has a filter housing and a functional carrier arranged inside the filter housing. A cylindrical filter element is inserted axially into the filter housing and defines an unfiltered side and a filtered side inside the filter housing. A non-return diaphragm is secured within the filter... Agent:

20140311966 - Modified surfaces: The invention provides a method for producing a modified surface (5) comprising: patterning a surface (7) by forming thereon a porous molecular network (9) defined by non-covalent interactions between constituent molecules; and depositing in said porous network (9) and on said patterned surface (11) molecules (13) so as to form... Agent:

20140311967 - Porous materials and methods including nanoporous materials for water filtration: Embodiments described herein relate to porous materials that may be employed in various filtration, purification, and/or separation applications. In some cases, the porous materials may be thin, flexible, and fabricated with control over average pore size and/or the spatial distribution of pores. Such porous materials may be useful in, for... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140311968 - Preparation method of perfluorinated polymer hollow fiber membrane: A preparation method of a perfluorinated polymer hollow fiber membrane comprises: evenly mixing a first mixture that is mixed by a perfluorinated polymer, PS, a polymer additive, and a composite pore-forming agent; evenly mixing a second mixture that is mixed by the first mixture and an organic liquid; under 300°... Agent: Tianjin Polytechnic University

20140311969 - Water-treatment separating membrane of high flux having good chlorine resistance: A water-treatment separating membrane includes a polyamide active layer formed on999 a porous support. The ratio of a maximum value with respect to a minimum value of a ratio of a peak height of a C=O double bond of a carboxyl group (—COOH) with respect to a peak height of... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140311970 - Rotating drum micro-screen for primary wastewater treatment: A rotating screen has one or more panels arranged into a cylinder, or drum. The panels have openings in a micro-screening range, for example 100 microns or less. Wastewater to be screened is fed to the interior of the drum. The drum rotates constantly but the rotation may be discontinuous... Agent:

20140311971 - Use of encapsulated substrates that controlthe release rates of organic hydrogen donors: Anaerobic reductive dechlorination processes remove chlorinated solvents from contaminated subsurface soil and ground water. The presence of organic hydrogen donors enables anaerobic microorganisms present in the subsurface soil and groundwater to accelerate the reductive dechlorination process. The present invention provides an alternative method to control the release rate of organic... Agent: Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc.

20140311972 - Nitrification method and system: A method and nitrification system for nitrifying a centrate stream produced from dewatering sludge within a wastewater treatment facility in which the centrate stream into a nitrification reactor containing accumulated centrate with a bacterial population of AOB and NOB nitrifying bacteria to the ammonia content within the centrate stream into... Agent:

20140311973 - Method and apparatus for treatment of water-borne contaminants: A lightweight, bioplastic, mobile, floating oil spill mechanical/biological recovery system is dimensionally compact, and quick to assemble. The floating platform can be readily positioned within any waterborne oil/contaminant spill area. After assembly, this platform or apparatus can be directed by either a hand-held digital radio control transmitter or GPS directed... Agent:

20140311974 - Ammonia control system for aquaculture: Some embodiments provide a recirculating aquaculture system for aquatic life. The system includes a culture tank, a first sensor configured to measure a current ammonia concentration in the culture tank, a biofilter in fluid communication with the culture tank, a variable speed pump configured to circulate water through the culture... Agent:

20140311975 - Method for cleaning membranes and an inlet side of a membrane filtration module of an apparatus having a bioreactor and membrane filtration module for treatment of an incoming fluid: A method for cleaning membranes and an inlet side of a membrane filtration module of an apparatus includes filling a basin with a treatment fluid; feeding an incoming fluid to the treatment fluid present in the basin and mixing and treating it with the latter fluid so as to obtain... Agent: X-flow B.v.

20140311976 - Extraction processes: A process for treating a water-acid mixture includes contacting the water-acid mixture with a hydrocarbon solvent to remove at least a portion of the acid from the mixture to produce a treated liquid. The ratio of the hydrocarbon solvent to water-acid mixture is between 2:1 and 5:1.... Agent:

20140311977 - Use of organic solvent nanofiltration and liquid-liquid chromatography for the recovery of pharmaceutical products: A process for separating a compound from solution in organic solvent by a chromatographic process, in particular liquid-liquid chromatography, in which prior to the chromatographic process the composition of the solution is changed by means of a process of organic solvent nanofiltration for a solvent exchange. Additionally or alternatively subsequent... Agent: Glaxo Group Limited

20140311978 - Recess plate and method for detecting membrane leakage: The invention relates to a recess plate for a membrane filter device, the filter device having a stack of essentially identical recess plates, the recess plates having recesses, and the recesses forming filter chambers between adjacent recess plates of the stack, into which filter chambers a suspension can be supplied... Agent:

20140311979 - Device and method for producing sterile water by means of a cross-flow liquid sterile filter: The aim of the invention is to provide a device and a method for producing sterile water by means of a cross-flow liquid sterile filter without the closure of the water line during the filtration process, said closure being bacteria-tight according to the prior art of point-of-use potable-water sterile filtration,... Agent:

20140311980 - System to provide a supply of controlled salinity water for enhanced oil recovery: A method for providing controlled salinity water for enhanced oil recovery begins by raising the pressure of, and then splitting, a treated seawater feed into two supply streams which are then processed in parallel. One supply stream is passed thorough a nanofiltration membrane system while the other is passed through... Agent:

20140311981 - Systems and methods for concentrating sugar content of liquids: Reverse-osmosis-based concentrators for automatedly concentrating the sugar content of liquids to a desired sugar content. In some embodiments, the concentrator includes a variable-pressure pumping system designed, configured and controlled to maintain a desired pressure within one or more reverse-osmosis units. In some embodiments the concentrator includes an automated concentrate bleed... Agent: Maple Expert Solutions, Inc.

20140311982 - Water purification device and method for operating a water purification device: A water purification device includes a water collecting device having a surface defining a variable volume and comprising a filter membrane permeable to water. The device includes an expansion device for exerting a force for increasing the volume of the water collecting device and thereby drawing water through the filter... Agent: Creaholic S.a.

20140311983 - Composite material for chromatographic applications: The present application pertains to a composite material for chromatographic applications and a method for the preparation of the composite material.... Agent: Instraction Gmbh

20140311984 - Polysaccharide monolithic structure and manufacturing method therefor: A problem is to provide a monolithic structure that is a porous body formed of a polysaccharide being a naturally-occurring polymer, and has continuous pores having an average pore diameter suitable for biomolecule separation to allow formation into an arbitrary shape, and a manufacturing method therefor. A solution is to... Agent: Jnc Corporation

20140311985 - Solid phase micro-extraction (spme) devices: Provided herein are improved solid phase micro-extraction (SPME) devices, systems comprising such devices, and methods of use and manufacture thereof. In particular, SPME devices provided herein are configured to prevent damage (e.g., to the device and/or to a system in which they are employed) incurred, for example, through user error.... Agent: Smiths Detections Inc.

20140311986 - Use of zeolitic materials for removing mercury (+2) ions from liquid streams: A process for removing Hg2+ ions from a liquid stream is disclosed. The process involves contacting the liquid stream with specified UOP Zeolitic Materials. These molecular sieves are particularly effective in removing Hg2+ ions from aqueous streams even in the presence of Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions. The effective molecular sieves... Agent: Uop LLC

20140311987 - Method and apparatus for preventing scale deposits and removing contaminants from fluid columns: A method for providing fluid treatment at a plurality of distinct points utilizing magnetic energy concentrated in a plurality of distinct areas along a fluid flow path. The instant invention prevents the formation and accumulation of contaminants within conduits and on equipment utilized in the transportation, delivery and processing of... Agent:

20140311988 - Method and apparatus for producing platelet rich plasma and/or platelet concentrate: Platelet rich plasma and/or platelet concentrate is prepared by placing whole blood in a first chamber of a sterile processing disposable having two chambers. The processing disposable is subjected to a first centrifugation to separate red blood cells, and the resulting platelet rich plasma supernatant is decanted to the second... Agent:

20140311989 - Method for solidifying floating oil in food waste water: The invention relates to a method for solidifying a floating fat and oil in a food waste water, the method being capable of solidifying floating oil by uniformly mixing and aging the floating oil having a high content of water generated during the process of treating high concentration waste water... Agent: Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corporation

20140311990 - Turbulence inducing device and methods of use: A turbulence inducing device is described. Embodiments of the device include a nozzle (135), a vessel assembly (110), and an obstructer (140). The vessel assembly typically includes an open ended main channel (115) surrounded by a housing. In typical operation, fluid under positive pressure is forced through the nozzle into... Agent: En-spire Technologies, LLC

20140311991 - Method and device for preventing corrosion in hot water systems: Disclosed is a method of controlling a real-time oxidation-reduction potential in a hot water system to inhibit corrosion in the hot water system. The method includes defining one or more operational protective zones in the hot water system. One or more of the operational protective zones includes an oxidation-reduction potential... Agent:

20140311992 - Process for sewage water purification: Process and apparatus to remove colloids and nitrogen compounds from contaminated water by coagulating the colloids and separating them from the water. The water is then continuously oxidized with chlorine electrolytically to destroy the nitrogen compounds.... Agent:

20140311993 - Apparatus and method for separating a liquid from other substances: An apparatus for separating a liquid from other substances comprises a first chamber, a second chamber, an inlet connected to the first chamber, an outlet connected to the second chamber, a bypass conduit passing from the inlet, through the first chamber, and into the second chamber, and a passage between... Agent:

20140311994 - Device for reducing friction between sealing plates of filtration units, and use thereof in a filtration method: The present invention relates to a device and a method for reducing friction between two plates (4, 5) of a filtration unit, said plates being rotated relative to one another by being subjected to axial pressing forces, said plates being supported by the longitudinal end of a drum (1) secured... Agent: Gaudfrin

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