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Liquid purification or separation

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12/04/2014 > 43 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20140353221 - Apparatus for transporting pollution from a body of water: A floatable-material harvester is disclosed, including a vacuum source, transport hose, and a floatable-material receiver. In one embodiment, the transport hose has at least one air inductor/intake along its length, which allows air to enter the transport hose to accelerate its contents, by negative pressure air induction. In another embodiment,... Agent: Island And Prairie Suction Tech Inc.

20140353222 - Spout with reversed flow: A spout that dispenses water from a water dispenser has a disinfection portion that provides two passes of the water therethrough. The disinfection portion has two flow tubes, the second arranged inside the first, so that an annular cross-section flow path is defined by an inside wall of first tube... Agent:

20140353223 - Purifying device: The present invention provides a purifying device capable of effectively purifying liquid. The purifying device includes: a storage tank configured to store liquid; a power supply; a pair of electrodes connected to the power supply and configured to cause electric discharge to produce hydroxyl radicals in the liquid in the... Agent:

20140353224 - Automated fluid handling system: Automated fluid handling system comprising a housing and two or more fluid handling units arranged as interchangeable modular components with an external fluidics section and an internal non fluidics section, and wherein the housing comprises a liquid handling panel with two or more of component positions for receiving said interchangeable... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20140353226 - Pre-cast pervious concrete: A pervious concrete slab is pre-cast in a reusable mold or form to define at least one keyway configured and arranged to engage with a complementary keyway of another similar pre-cast pervious concrete slab. The concrete slab is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to an installation site, and... Agent:

20140353225 - Treatment of storm water: A treatment system for collecting storm water from an industrial area and removing suspended and dissolved pollutant materials from the storm water. Storm water is accumulated and delivered to a filtration apparatus in which suspended pollutants are removed by filtration, while dissolved materials, particularly heavy metals including zinc and copper,... Agent:

20140353227 - Purification apparatus, system, and method: A water purification apparatus comprising an injection moulded floating non-toxic, biodegradable, and recyclable polymer planar structures that are easily stackable, shippable, and connectable to as many companion units as the user desires; such apparatus further comprising many receiving structures made to accommodate plants without inhibiting them so that the user... Agent:

20140353228 - Non-transitory computer writeable medium incorporating a processor control associated with a system for producing and supplying a coolant to at least one filtration sub-system, as well as reconditioning and recombining a return flow of used coolant: A system for producing and supplying a coolant to a filtration sub-system, and for reconditioning and recombining a return flow of used coolant. A main reservoir is in two way communication with the filtration sub-system via a clean coolant outlet and a dirty coolant return. An inlet feeds an untreated... Agent:

20140353229 - Filter element of a filter and method for manufacturing filter element: A filter element (10) of a filter for fluid, particularly fuel, oil, water, urea solution or air, particularly of a combustion engine, particularly of an automobile, and a method for manufacturing same are described. The filter element (10) comprises a filter medium (14) structured as a filter medium hollow body... Agent:

20140353230 - Filter with heating medium and filter element of a filter: A filter (10) and a filter element (18) for a fluid, particularly fuel, oil, water, air or urea solution, particularly of a combustion engine, particularly of an automobile, are described. The filter element (18) comprises a filter medium (20) through which fluid can flow. The filter element (18) further includes... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140353231 - Methods for functional enhancement of ceramic membranes and systems for separation of aqueous mixtures: The present application presents the development of a method for enhancing filtration capabilities of ceramic elements by chemically binding a hydrophilic compound throughout the porous structure of a ceramic element. An enhanced ceramic filter includes a ceramic element with chemically bound hydrophilic molecules. The enhanced ceramic filter is used in... Agent:

20140353233 - Installation of correct filter cartridge in fluid filter assembly before allowing assembly to be completed: The descriptions relate to preventing assembly of a fluid filter apparatus unless a filter cartridge is installed, and preventing assembly of a fluid filter apparatus if the incorrect filter cartridge is installed. A mechanism includes cooperation of a movable member and a structure that can move the movable member to... Agent:

20140353232 - Water clarification system and method: A modular, portable, gravity fed clarification system includes internal surfaces which come in contact with the water to be clarified which are clad in a non-reactive plastic.... Agent:

20140353234 - Filter device, in particular liquid filter: A filter device has a cup-shaped filter housing and a filter element disposed in the filter housing. A filter head is connectable to the filter housing and forms a cover for the filter housing. A spring element is provided that is acting on the filter element. The filter head has... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140353235 - Filter cartridge: The present invention presents a removably secured seal for forming a second stage water-tight seal within a two stage cavity filter head assembly for mating with a complementary manifold having cylindrical (male) bayonet ports. The seal includes a base circumferential seal having a center aperture and sidewall members extending axially... Agent:

20140353236 - Filter for fluid, filter element of a filter, and filter housing of a filter: A filter for fluid has a filter housing and a filter element disposed in the filter housing. An element-associated electrical connecting element associated with an electrical/electronic functional component is provided. A housing-associated electrical connecting element is provided. When the filter element is mounted in the filter housing, the element-associated electrical... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140353237 - Filtration system and method: Embodiments of the invention provide a filtration system comprising a filter tank. In some embodiments, at least portions of an inlet pipe and an outlet manifold can be positioned within the filter tank. At least one manifold assembly can be coupled to the outlet manifold and also can be positioned... Agent:

20140353238 - Silver-coated fabric for filter membrane integration: The invention provides a method of preparing a filter medium by thermally bonding silver-coated spunbonded nonwoven fabrics to a dirt-retaining membrane, a chemical-retaining membrane, a pathogen-retaining membrane, or a combination thereof. The invention also relates to the use of one or more silver-coated spunbonded nonwoven fabric layers as a component... Agent:

20140353239 - Seal plate for membrane separation device: A membrane separation unit can include a cartridge, at least one membrane disposed within the cartridge, at least one seal plate, and a sealing ring seated in an outer groove of the seal plate. The at least one seal plate can seal one end of the cartridge. The seal plate... Agent: Nanoh2o, Inc.

20140353240 - Hybrid porous structured material, method of preparing hybrid porous structured material, membrane including hybrid porous structured material, and water treatment device including membrane including hybrid porous structured material: A hybrid porous structured material may include a porous region and a non-porous region. The porous region may include an imaginary stacked structure, wherein a plurality of imaginary spherical bodies/cavities are stacked so as to contact each other in three-dimensional directions. The non-porous region fills the gaps between the imaginary... Agent: Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

20140353241 - Resilient anion exchange membranes: A resilient anion exchange membrane including a porous matrix impregnated with a cross-linked homogenous ion-transferring polymer that fills the pores and substantially covers the surfaces of the porous matrix. The cross-linked homogenous ion-transferring polymer formed by polymerizing a homogeneous solution including (i) a hydrophilic ionic monomer selected from a group... Agent:

20140353242 - Water-treatment separating membrane of high flux having good chlorine resistance and method of manufacturing the same: A method of manufacturing a water-treatment separating membrane includes forming an aqueous amine solution layer on a porous support, and forming a polyamide active layer by dropping droplets of an organic solution including an acyl halide compound on the aqueous amine solution layer. A water-treatment separating membrane manufactured by the... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140353243 - Low soluble iron content diamite filter aids: A process for manufacturing low soluble iron, medium flow rate diatomite filter aids and such filter aids are disclosed. Sodium aluminate is used as an additive. As compared to either straight calcined or soda ash flux-calcined diatomite filter aids of similar permeabilities made from the same ore, the disclosed filter... Agent:

20140353244 - Method for the production of a hydrophilic polymer membrane and polymer membrane: A method for the production of a hydrophilic polymer membrane (1), in particular for the production of a porous membrane for filtration or for use in functional textiles, whereby at least one hydrophilization additive (3) is used as a starting material for the membrane production, optionally, at least one additional... Agent:

20140353245 - Decanter: The invention relates to a decanter (2) for separating a supernatant arranged above a sludge in a settlement tank (1), wherein a withdrawal device (5, 16) with a receiving pipe (9, 18), which extends in the manner of a T-piece approximately perpendicular to a discharge pipe (4, 17), is attached... Agent: Invent Umwelt-und Verfahrenstechnik Ag

20140353246 - Process to anaerobic digestion of wastewater with high concentration of ammonia nitrogen or protein, in upflow anaerobic digester and sludge blanket, with immobilization of microorganisms and inhibition by ammonium controlled using zeolite-clinoptilolite,: Procedure using zeolite, clinoptilolite type in an upflow anaerobic reactor and sludge blanket (UASBs) in order to obtain granular active sludge, thereby improving the density of the sludge, and thereby, their settling properties, and increase of biomass within reactor by immobilizing microorganisms, to achieve an increase in the efficiency of... Agent: Universidad De Santiago De Chile

20140353247 - Water denitrification: The described implementations relate to water denitrification. One method obtains nitrate levels in influent and effluent of a moving bed media filter and determines carbon levels in the effluent. The method also doses carbon feedstock into the influent based on both the nitrate levels and the carbon levels.... Agent: Blue Water Technologies, Inc.

20140353248 - Shaped article made of porous hydrogel, manufacturing process therefor and use thereof: There is provided a shaped article made of porous hydrogel that contains a polyvinyl alcohol acetalized with a dialdehyde, wherein the shaped article after freeze-drying has a pore size of 0.1 to 50 μm. Preferably, the shaped article made of porous hydrogel further contains a water-soluble polysaccharide. Also preferably, an... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20140353249 - Process for producing and supplying a coolant to a filtration sub-system, including reconditioning and recombining a return flow of used coolant: A system for producing and supplying a coolant to a filtration sub-system, and for reconditioning and recombining a return flow of used coolant. A main reservoir is in two way communication with the filtration sub-system via a clean coolant outlet and a dirty coolant return. An inlet feeds an untreated... Agent:

20140353250 - Use of long chain internal olefin sulfonates: The present invention provides a method for treating a formation containing crude oil hydrocarbons, comprising injecting an aqueous composition comprising an internal olefin sulfonate with a nominal carbon chain length between 24 to 44 into said formation and displacing said crude oil hydrocarbons toward one or more production wells. The... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20140353251 - Methods of regional citrate anticoagulation dialysis: A method of performing regional citrate anticoagulant dialysis of a patient's blood includes flowing blood from and back to the patient through an extracorporeal circuit including a dialyzer having semi-permeable dialysis membranes and a dialysate chamber surrounding the membranes. The method further includes flowing a dialysate containing calcium and citrate... Agent:

20140353252 - Method of supplying engineered waters for drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations for wells and recapturing minerals and other components from oil and gas production waste waters: A method of supplying engineered water for drilling or hydraulic fracturing of wells, where the water comes from either fresh sources or is recycled from drilling or hydraulic fracturing operations whereby the water is treated for example with a mechanical vapor recompression unit or other treating apparatuses and methods to... Agent: 212 Resources

20140353253 - Composite membrane with multi-layered active layer: A polymeric membrane includes an active layer on a support. The active layer includes at least two chemically distinct crosslinked, polyamide films, and the films are crosslinked with each other at an interface.... Agent:

20140353254 - High-density polydicyclopentadiene: The invention provides highly cross-linked polydicyclopentadiene matrices and methods for using such matrices to separate components having varying cross-sectional areas.... Agent:

20140353255 - Porous composite particulate materials, methods of making and using same, and related apparatuses: In an embodiment, a porous composite particulate material includes a plurality of composite particles. Each composite particle includes an acid-base-resistant core particle at least partially surrounded by one or more layers of acid-base-resistant shell particles. The shell particles are adhered to the core particle by a polymeric layer. The shell... Agent:

20140353256 - Multi-barrier system for water treatment: A multi-barrier system for cleaning waste water, in particular for the removal of pathogenic microbes from waste water, and a method for the removal of pathogenic microbes from waste water with the multi-barrier system. The multi-barrier system includes an enclosed containment that comprises a first water container, an adjustable ozonation... Agent:

20140353257 - Compositions for water treatment and methods of using thereof: Described herein are compounds and compositions useful for removing contaminants from water, as well as methods for making and using the compounds and compositions. In one aspect, the compositions contain a source of gallium ions and a polysaccharide such as chitosan, which are inexpensive and safe for the environment.... Agent: Aguas De Manizales S.a. E.s.p.

20140353258 - Method for reducing chromium: The present invention relates to method and a system of reducing chromium (VI) from a chromium bearing solution. The reduction of the chromium (VI) is achieved by contacting the chromium bearing solution which comprises chromium (VI) ions in an aqueous solution with iron fibres in an exchange mass under oxidation-reduction... Agent:

20140353259 - Oxidation method, nozzle and system for treating waste water: The present invention relates to a device, particularly a nozzle, for treating waste water, said nozzle having an outer tube and an inner tube. An intermediate space is formed between the outer tube and the inner tube and said intermediate space between the outer tube and the inner tube is... Agent:

20140353260 - Method and apparatus for washing pulp by means of intensified suction: A method and an apparatus for washing a solids-containing suspension by means of a suction drum washer comprising a drum provided with a filtration surface, a main vacuum source such as a drop leg and washing tubes connected to the frame of the suction drum washer. A washing liquid stream... Agent:

20140353261 - Kcr screen changer: A screen changer for filtering a thermoplastic material heated to a flowable state comprises a filter head defining a melt passage for the heated thermoplastic material, and a guide channel having entry and exit sections arranged on opposite sides of the melt passage. The entry and exit sections are configured... Agent:

20140353262 - Self-cleaning fuel pump: A method and system for removing contaminants from a filter member positioned on the inlet of a fuel pump with an electric DC motor. The polarity of the motor control circuit is reversed causing the DC motor to run in reverse discharging residual fuel in the fuel pump through the... Agent: Carter Fuel Systems, LLC

20140353263 - Coalescence media for separation of water-hydrocarbon emulsions: A coalescence media for separation of water-hydrocarbon emulsions, the coalescence media comprising an emulsion-contacting sheet formed as a single dry layer from a wet-laid process using a homogenously distributed, wet-laid furnish of (a) a mixture of fibrous components of (a1) at least one type of a first group of cellulose... Agent: Ahlstrom Corporation

11/27/2014 > 29 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140346099 - Methods, systems, and apparatus for rainwater harvesting and cistern storage integrated with irrigation: Rainwater run-off from a roof or other structure may be collected via a system of gutters and downspouts for delivery via gravity to a collection pipe, then via gravity to a connective pipe, and then via gravity to a filter system where the collected rainwater may be filtered and then... Agent: Leon County, Florida

20140346100 - Overflow strainer: An overflow strainer includes: a restraining portion (two or more tabs configured to prevent the overflow strainer from falling down the overflow tube, and/or a lip configured for the same purpose); a sealing portion (a lip configured to seal against the top of the overflow tube, and/or a body configured... Agent:

20140346101 - Laterally perfused chromatography element: A microfluidic chromatography element in which all components are situated in one plane and the mobile phase perfuses the stationary phase laterally.... Agent:

20140346102 - Sink colander and storage assembly: A collapsible colander having a back wall, a front wall, a bottom wall and a pair of side walls. The back wall is positioned adjacent to a sink wall and is configured to attach to the sink wall. The front wall opposes the back wall and is moveable between a... Agent:

20140346103 - Filter base cap: A filter base cap for sealing and protecting a filter base once a filter has been removed for storage, shipping and transporting of a mechanical system is provided. The filter base cap attaches to the filter base of the system to prevent leakage of residual fluid within the system, such... Agent: Baldwin Filters, Inc.

20140346104 - Ceramic filter element and method for manufacturing a ceramic filter element: The invention relates to a ceramic filter element (22) for removal of liquid from solids containing material in a capillary suction dryer. The filter element comprises a ceramic substrate covered by a sintered ceramic microporous layer (31). The sintered microporous membrane layer is provided with coarse solid particles (71) of... Agent: Outotec (filters) Oy

20140346105 - Dialysate regeneration system for portable human dialysis: A system capable of removing wastes from blood is provided. In one example, the system comprises a dialysate regeneration chamber comprising a dialysate regeneration fabric. The dialysate regeneration fabric comprises an ion exchanger, ion-selective activated fibers, and urease disposed between the ion exchanger and the activated carbon fibers.... Agent:

20140346106 - Metal substrate gasket with filter function and manufacturing method therefor: Provided is a metal substrate gasket with a filter function that is easy to machine/assemble and is capable of reducing the number of parts as well as cost. To achieve said purpose, the metal substrate gasket with filter function, which is provided with a filter section in which holes have... Agent: Nok Corporation

20140346107 - Filter media including polymer compositions and blends: Polymer compositions that may be used to form fibers for a fiber web are generally described. In some embodiments, certain properties of the polymer compositions (e.g., molecular weight distribution, melt flow index, melt elasticity, and/or melt toughness) may allow the formation of fiber webs having fine fibers and a relatively... Agent: Hollingsworth & Vose Company

20140346109 - Nutrients removal from water/wastewater using simultaneous treatment by an anammox/pao reactor (star): There is described a number of biological nutrient removal processes including Anammox Process, Biological Phosphorus Removal (BPR), Partial Nitrification, Full Nitrification, Partial Denitrification, Full Denitrification and Denitrification via BPR taking place in a Simultaneous Treatment of Anammox/PAOs Reactor (STAR) coupled with an Anaerobic Lateral Unit (ALU). In one aspect, there... Agent:

20140346108 - Organics and nutrient recovery from anaerobic digester residues: Sludge from an anaerobic digester is treated to recover one or more of fibers, or solids or liquids with a high nutrient content. The solids or liquids can be used as a fertilizer. The fibers can be used in a plant growing medium. Solids are separated from liquids in the... Agent: Anaergia Inc.

20140346110 - Semipermeable filtration membrane with integrated producing circuit: The filtration membrane (102) includes an ozone producing circuit (120) having a plurality of electrically conductive lines (122, 124) disposed directly upon an active surface (102a) of the filtration membrane (102). The electrically conductive lines (122, 124) form spaced-apart and interleaved anodes (122) and cathodes (124). Ozone and other mixed... Agent: Ozomax Inc.

20140346111 - Seawater treatment method: In a seawater treatment method in which after seawater is coagulated by a coagulant and is processed by a solid-liquid separation treatment, an RO treatment is performed, RO feed water having a good water quality is obtained by a small addition amount of the coagulant, and by the RO treatment... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20140346112 - Diatomaceous earth products, processes for preparing them, and methods of their use: A particulate material includes agglomerated diatomaceous earth and a silicone binder. A process for preparing a diatomaceous earth product includes agglomerating at least one natural diatomaceous earth with at least one silicone material, and subjecting the agglomerated diatomaceous earth to at least one heat treatment at a temperature ranging from... Agent:

20140346113 - Bioseparation compositions and methods for making and using same: A composition for use in bioseparation. The composition includes a plurality of hollow particles having a siliceous surface. The composition further includes a surface-modifying agent bonded to the hollow particles. The surface-modifying agent includes a binding segment and a reactive segment. The binding segment includes a silyl group and the... Agent:

20140346114 - Technique for removal of organics and dissolved solids from aqueous medias via supercritical treatment: Flow and product waste water from fracturing can be cleaned and reused utilizing a precipitation methodology incorporating, in part, a super critical reactor 30. Initially, the waste water is treated to remove solids, destroy bacteria, and precipitate out certain salts, such as barium, strontium, calcium, magnesium and iron. The waste... Agent:

20140346115 - Aggregate of radioactive material removing particles and method of producing the same, and method of removing contaminant: There is provided an aggregate of radioactive material removing particles in which two or more radioactive material removing particles having magnetic particles and a radioactive material adsorption component are assembled, wherein a pore volume in the aggregate is 0.5 mL/g or more and 5.0 mL/g or less, and the pore... Agent:

20140346116 - Oil absorbing article and method for using same: An oil absorbing article which includes an oil absorbent material which is stable against melting at a temperature of at least about 100° F. in an aqueous environment; a receptacle for holding the oil absorbent material having a porous material which is stable against melting at a temperature of at... Agent: Pac, Inc.

20140346117 - Method for inhibitng the plugging of conduits by gas hydrates: A method for inhibiting the plugging of a conduit containing a flowable mixture comprising at least an amount of hydrocarbons capable of forming hydrates in the presence of water and an amount of water, which method comprises adding to the mixture an amount of a functionalized dendrimer effective to inhibit... Agent:

20140346118 - Apparatus and method for separation of hydrocarbons from hydrocarbon-containing produced water: The present invention relates to an apparatus for separation of hydrocarbons from hydrocarbon-containing produced water, comprising; a separator tank, at least one inlet tube (22, 27), at least one branch means (6) distributing the produced water stream, at least one outlet nozzle (7) and at least one guide vane (8.1)... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140346119 - Method for operating an oil filter system: A transmission assembly has a clutch or brake, an oil filter, an electrically driven hydraulic pump and a controller controlling the pump. In the method for operating an oil filter system for transmission oil, the actual contamination level Va (%) of the transmission oil is determined indirectly by a contamination... Agent: Audi Ag

20140346120 - Operational method of an organic material thermal hydrolysis system: Disclosed is an operating logic of an organic material thermal hydrolysis system. One or at least two reactors are used and controlled according to a control program based on an operating logic stored in a PLC or a micro-computer to improve digestion efficiency and to minimize an amount of a... Agent:

20140346121 - Method for treatment of sulphide-containing spent caustic: s

20140346122 - System and apparatus for determining and controlling water clarity: A system, method and apparatus for determining and controlling water clarity or water opacity especially useful in pools, spas, and contained bodies of water.... Agent:

20140346123 - Sedimentation device for separating a material mix and method for removing sediment from a sedimentation device: A sedimentation device for separating a material mix, preferably plastic flakes, including a sedimentation basin configured to receive the material mix and a liquid, for example water; an inlet configured to introduce the material mix and/or the liquid into the sedimentation basin; an outlet configured to remove sediment from the... Agent: Krones Ag

20140346124 - Reactor usable for decontamination of fluids and method of use: The invention relates to a method for the decontamination of contaminated liquid, as well as a reactor for implementing a decontamination method. The method comprises a step of mixing the contaminated liquid under stirring with at least one persulphate ion with the exception of ammonium persulphate, and at least iron,... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique(cnrs)

20140346125 - Desalting salty sludge system and method: A system and method of desalting salty sludge is provided. The method includes providing a salty sludge; processing the salty sludge to increase its surface area; adding water to the salty sludge to make a sludge slurry and to wash the salty sludge; removing and purifying degraded water from the... Agent:

20140346126 - Method and system using melting filter for separating mixture: The present invention provides a method and system using a melting filter medium for separating a mixture (e.g., a mixture of an aqueous solution and either or both of oil and solids immiscible in the aqueous solution) to be separated. The mixture is separated into a liquid passing through the... Agent: Local Independent Administrative Agency

20140346127 - Method for filtering: Embodiments of the disclosure provide a filter structure. A second porous film having a plurality of second holes is disposed on a first porous film having a plurality of first holes. The second holes are smaller than the first holes. The filter structure is dried by an easy and power-saving... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 37 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140339142 - Standalone aquarium filter: A standalone aquarium filter with a filter cage having a hinged or detachable top cover and a filter bag. The filter bag is adapted to be filled with a filtering medium. The filter cage has sides with openings sized to allow water to flow substantially transversely through the at least... Agent:

20140339143 - Nano-bubble generator and treatments: Bubble generator devices to produce a fluid stream comprising bubbles are described. Apparatuses that include any of the described bubble generator devices to treat waste and/or frac-water are also described.... Agent:

20140339145 - Apparatus for preventing algae proliferation: Disclosed is an apparatus for preventing algae proliferation including floats that float on the water; a frame-shaped underwater supporting structure that is provided with connecting wires so as to be disposed in water while being connected to one sides of the floats; an underwater film that is attached to the... Agent:

20140339146 - Filter alignment device: A removable device that ensures that the port of a filter cartridge is liquid tightly sealed to the port of the head of a housing even when there is insufficient room beneath the bowl to allow one to physically secure the cartridge port to the head port before securing the... Agent:

20140339144 - Oil filter: An oil filter includes a casing (2) having a cylinder portion formed with an opening in one end thereof and a threaded portion formed on an inner peripheral surface of the cylinder portion, and a cap (6) threadably engaging with the threaded portion to contain a filter element between the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140339147 - Compact biocidal water purification system: A biocidal water purification apparatus exposes water to radiation to eliminate viable species. A housing forms a path for water to flow from an inlet to an outlet along a flow path through a treatment zone at which the water is subjected to radiation from a source of radiation, such... Agent: Gamma Research Technologies, LLC

20140339148 - Silver-coated nanofibers fabrics for pathogen removal filtration: The invention provides a novel method of preparing a filter media by thermally bonding silver-coated nanofiber fabrics to a dirt-retaining membrane, a chemical-retaining membrane, a pathogen-retaining membrane, or a combination thereof. The invention also relates to the use of silver-coated nanofiber fabric layer as a component of a microorganism-killing membrane... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20140339149 - Disposable apparatus and kit for conducting dialysis: An extracorporeal blood processing system comprises a plastic molded compact manifold that supports a plurality of molded blood and dialysate fluidic pathways along with a plurality of relevant sensors, valves and pumps. A disposable dialyzer is connected to the molded manifold to complete the blood circuit of the system. The... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140339150 - Filter with captured membrane: The present inventive concept relates to devices and methods for pressure filtration utilizing spiral wound membranes, in which the volume between the filter membrane and the filter housing is partially or essentially completely filled with an impermeable material. The resulting device permits rapid filtration rates with improved pressure resistance and... Agent: World Wide Water Solutions

20140339151 - Disposable filtering cartridge, for the infusion of aromatic herbs, coffee, tea and others: A disposable cartridge, to be used as a filter, specifically for the infusion of soluble elements, aromatic herbs such as tea, coffee, chamomile, equipped with fastening means, is made up of a laminar template, divided into three sections of straight edges, one central section, which makes up the container and... Agent:

20140339152 - Composite semipermeable membrane and method of manufacturing same: A composite semipermeable membrane includes: a supporting membrane having a substrate and a porous supporting layer; and a separation functional layer provided on the supporting membrane, in which, when any 10 cross sections of the composite semipermeable membrane, having a length of 2.0 μm in a membrane surface direction, are... Agent:

20140339153 - Monofilament-reinforced hollow fiber membrane: A hollow fiber membrane is formed by embedding a braid having a spiral open weave of monofilaments only, to avoid a “whiskering” problem common in prior art multifilament braid-supported tubular membranes. The open weave is characterized by contiguous, circumferential, rhomboid-shaped areas of polymer film separated by monofilaments. When the braid... Agent:

20140339154 - Process for treating thiocyanate containing aqueous solutions: The present invention generally relates to the field of water treatment, and in particular to industrial processes which generate aqueous solutions containing thiocyanate (SCN). The invention particularly relates to processes for treating aqueous solutions containing SCN and more specifically treatment processes to extract and remove SCN from said aqueous solutions.... Agent:

20140339155 - Porous polytetrafluoroethylene membrane, porous-polytetrafluoroethylene-membrane composite, and separation membrane element: The invention offers a porous polytetrafluoroethylene membrane, which is a porous resin membrane produced by the following steps: preparing multiple types of polytetrafluoroethylene each having a different quantity of heat of fusion; using each of the multiple types of polytetrafluoroethylene to form a membrane composed of a fluororesin consisting mainly... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, Inc.

20140339156 - Biological treatment of water and wastewater: A system and method for treatment of ammonia-containing raw water from low-temperature sources is designed to provide optimum treatment conditions, particularly temperature of the raw water in the bioreactor(s) containing nitrifying bacteria. The raw water supply is split into two streams, of which one stream is heated before remixing with... Agent:

20140339157 - Systems and methods for achieving partial nitrification in a biological nitrogen removal reactor: Methods of controlling a nitrification reaction in a biological nitrogen removal reactor to favor partial nitrification of ammonia to nitrite instead of complete oxidation of ammonia to nitrate are disclosed. In some embodiments, the methods include the following: maintaining a pH in the reactor within a range that promotes growth... Agent:

20140339158 - System and process for removing ammonium, soluble bod and suspended solids from a wastewater stream: A method of treating wastewater includes removing BOD and ammonium from the wastewater. The wastewater is directed into a tank where it is mixed with mixed liquor or activated sludge from an activated sludge wastewater treatment system. The mixture of wastewater and mixed liquor or activated sludge forms a mixed... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20140339159 - Storm water treatment apparatus and method: A rapidly installed intermittent flow and storm water treatment method and apparatus employing rapid solids separation and sulfur dioxide chemical dewatering technology to produce disinfected reclaimed storm water with heavy metals removed and diluted nutrients suitable for open stream or land application.... Agent:

20140339160 - Method, apparatus and kit for the extraction of lipid-soluble compounds: A method of separating an aqueous portion from a heterogeneous sample containing said aqueous portion and a non-aqueous (lipid) portion, teaches passing a sample through glass wool, thus trapping the aqueous layer in the glass wool and eluting the lipid layer from the glass wool.... Agent:

20140339161 - Fluid component separation devices, methods, and systems: A system for ultrafiltration employs a crossflow filtration module for extracting a fraction from a sample fluid (e.g., blood) and a recirculating permeate loop to produce a concurrent permeate flow through the filtration module to maintain a positive transmembrane pressure at all points of the crossflow filter. Permeate in the... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140339162 - Boron removal from oilfield water: Electrocoagulation (EC) may remove oil and solids from oilfield water and other raw, untreated or unprocessed water as a pretreatment for increased boron removal efficiency using a subsequent boron selective resin. Boron selective resins are efficient for boron removal, but oil and solids in water lower the boron remove efficiency... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140339163 - Performance of a membrane used in membrane distillation: The present disclosure provides a method for improving the performance of a membrane for use in a membrane distillation process, and a membrane produced by the method. The method includes subjecting the membrane to a pressure difference across the membrane in order to open closed pores in the membrane.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140339167 - 1234yf- and 1234ze-based polymeric membrane materials, membrane preparations and uses thereof: The present invention generally relates to polymeric membrane materials formed, at least in part, from monomeric material selected from 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene (CF3CF═CH2, HFO-1234yf) or trans-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene (CF3CH═CFH, HFO-1234ze), and to membrane preparations and uses thereof in water desalination, filtration, membrane distillation, pervaporation, and selective gas separation.... Agent:

20140339164 - High throughput membrane: Membranes having first and second porous portions, wherein the first portion has a more open pore structure than the second portion, wherein the first porous portion includes pores prepared by removing introduced particles, as well as methods of making and using the membranes, are disclosed.... Agent: Pall Corporation

20140339166 - High throughput membrane with channels: Membranes having first and second porous portions, wherein the first portion has a more open pore structure than the second portion, wherein the first porous portion includes channels prepared by removing introduced fibers, as well as methods of making and using the membranes, are disclosed.... Agent: Pall Corporation

20140339165 - High throughput membrane with rough surface: Membranes having a single layer comprising first and second porous portions, wherein the first portion has a more open pore structure than the second portion, wherein the first porous portion includes a surface prepared by removing introduced particles, as well as methods of making and using the membranes, are disclosed... Agent: Pall Corporation

20140339168 - Ceramic membrane containing carbon nanotubes: A ceramic membrane for separating oil from water. The membrane contains a ceramic substrate having pore channels, and carbon nanotubes extending from surfaces of the ceramic substrate, wherein the ceramic substrate has a thickness of 0.1 to 50 mm and a porosity of 5 to 95%, the pore channels have... Agent: National University Of Singapore

20140339169 - Large volume sub-sea water desalination reverse osmosis system, methods, and apparatus: A reverse osmosis sub-sea desalination system is disclosed. The reverse osmosis system may include a reverse osmosis station configured to generate fresh water from salty water, a storage tank configured to store fresh water downstream of the reverse osmosis station, and a pump fluidly connected to the reverse osmosis station... Agent:

20140339170 - Stackable planar adsorptive devices: Adsorptive bed devices include a scaffold in housing having a stress absorbing rigid structure and open cells filled with adsorptive beads. The scaffold restricts movement of the plurality of adsorptive beads, absorbs compressive stress induced by a hydraulic pressure gradient along a direction of liquid flow and transfers a portion... Agent:

20140339171 - Equipment and method for water and stream purification using pre-treatment and multi-layered media system: The present disclosure relates to equipment and method for water and stream purification using a pre-treatment and multi-layered media system which may effectively remove dissolved phosphorus, COD and organic matter by introducing a pre-treatment device to stably operate filter media and applying a strainer to each filter media to improve... Agent:

20140339172 - Mineral separation using functionalized polymer or polymer-coated filters and membranes: An apparatus for collecting mineral particles in a slurry or the tailings is disclosed. The apparatus may take the form of a filter, a conveyor belt or an impeller to be used in a processor to collect mineral particles in the slurry, or in a tailings pond to collect mineral... Agent:

20140339173 - Mining apparatus with water reclamation system: A mining apparatus and method of its use are disclosed. The apparatus includes a heavy metals separating subsystem and a water recycling subsystem. The heavy metals separating subsystem includes one or more classifying screens positioned to receive raw mining material classify materials to a pre-determined size, a slurry tank receiving... Agent:

20140339174 - Method of monitoring a fluid level within a fluid volume: A method of monitoring a low water volume within of a water circulation system is disclosed that includes detecting an auxiliary measurement associated with an ancillary device fluidly coupled with a reservoir of water in a water circulation system and then determining whether the ancillary device is performing under a... Agent:

20140339175 - Method of operating pool cleaner with integral chlorine generator: An automated self-propelled robotic pool cleaner having a housing and drive means for moving the pool cleaner over at least the bottom wall of a pool, is provided with an integral on-board electrochemical chlorine generator for producing chlorine from a chlorine compound, e.g., sodium chloride, that is dissolved in the... Agent:

20140339176 - Water treatment product and method: A water treatment product and a method of water treatment are disclosed. The water treatment product comprises a layer and a water treating agent. The layer comprises a substance sensitive to a parameter directly or indirectly indicative of water quality of a body of water to which the layer is... Agent:

20140339177 - Bottle system and method for filtering or treating a beverage: A beverage filter or treatment bottle system has a bottle, lid, and a beverage improvement component such as a filter element. A filter element may be positioned to separate the interior space of the bottle into a filtered beverage compartment and an unfiltered beverage compartment. A tube passes through the... Agent: Thermos L.L.C.

20140339178 - Shaker and degasser combination: A system for separating components from a slurry of drilling fluid and drill cuttings on a shaker screen having an upper side and a lower side within a shaker. The system also has a pressure differential generator to pull an effective volume of air through a section of the shaker... Agent: M-i, LLC

11/13/2014 > 29 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140332450 - Mobile station for diagnosing and modeling site specific effluent treatment facility requirements: A mobile station and methods are disclosed for diagnosing and modeling site specific effluent treatment facility requirements to arrive at a treatment regimen and/or proposed commercial plant model idealized for the particular water/site requirements. The station includes a mobile platform having power intake, effluent intake and fluid outflow facilities and... Agent: Rockwater Resource, LLC

20140332451 - Fracture water treatment method and system: A method and system for treatment of flow-back and produced water from a hydrocarbon well in which fracturing operations are carried out using a phase separation and creating of positive charge in the water.... Agent: Mbj Water Partners

20140332452 - Treating runoff: Systems and methods for treating water passing through a catch basin may include filters. In some embodiments, the filter(s) can have a plurality of regions with different nominal flow rates.... Agent:

20140332453 - Drainage device: In a drainage device for draining road surfaces, parking areas, roof surfaces or the like, comprising a trough body and filter material which is situated in the trough body and is intended for cleaning water loaded with solid particles and/or dissolved pollutants, the filter material is a constituent part of... Agent:

20140332454 - Compact wastewater concentrator and pollutant scrubber: A compact and portable liquid concentrator includes a gas inlet, a gas exit and a flow corridor connecting the gas inlet and the gas exit, wherein the flow corridor includes a narrowed portion that accelerates the gas through the flow corridor. A liquid inlet injects liquid into the gas stream... Agent:

20140332455 - System for oil recovery and treatment of wastewater utilizing photoelectrocatalytic oxidation and method of operation: The present invention relates to the removal and recovery of oil, and/or the removal and recovery of contaminants, from aqueous solutions. More specifically, the present invention relates to a system and a method for removing bacteria and recovering oil from oil and gas wastewater, produced water, and other aqueous solutions... Agent:

20140332456 - End-cap structure of oil filter for vehicle: Disclosed herein is an end-cap structure of an oil filter for vehicles. The end-cap includes a base cap which has a hole in a central portion thereof, and a hook cap which is installed in the hole so as to be movable upwards or downwards. In this structure, a surface... Agent:

20140332457 - Floating tank blankets and methods for creating the same on a surface of a liquid: According to various aspects, exemplary embodiments are disclosed of floating tank blankets. Also disclosed are exemplary embodiments of methods and floats that may be used for creating a floating blanket, cover, or barrier on a surface of a liquid.... Agent:

20140332458 - Regenerative fluid filtration micro-cell: Aspects of the present disclosure involve systems, methods, products, and the like, for a filtration system that incorporates a plurality of back-washable filter cells into a cell manifold for filtering contaminants from a fluid. Each of the filter cells of the filter system are a small fluid filtration unit that... Agent: Filtrasonics LLC

20140332459 - Biocide-loaded electrospun nanofibers supported by adhesive-free thin fabric for pathogen removal filtration: The invention provides a novel type of filter media that offers efficient disinfection effects, while achieving a low water pressure drop and a high water flow rate when in use. Specifically, the filter media of the invention comprises a microorganism-killing membrane containing electro spun nanofiber fabrics loaded with biocidal nano-particles.... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20140332460 - Filtering device for high-viscosity fluids: A filtering device (100) for high-viscosity fluids has a partial channel (34) in the housing (30) and a displacing piston (40) which can be inserted into the partial channel (34, 35). The displacing piston (40) has at least one inner fluid line (42) that extends from an inlet opening (41)... Agent: Kreyenborg Verwaltungen Und Beteiligungen Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140332461 - Support element: A support element, comprising a netting comprising a composition comprising a polyphenylene sulfide resin and at least one polyhedral oligimeric silsequioxane additive, is provided.... Agent: Pall Corporation

20140332462 - Flux-enhanced hierarchical porous membrane for oil-water nanoemulsion separation: Hierarchical porous membranes suitable for use in oil/water separation processes are provided. The membranes described herein are particularly well suited for separating trace amounts of water (e.g., no greater than 3 wt % water content, no greater than 1 wt % water content, or 50-1000 ppm water) from oil in... Agent:

20140332463 - Reduction of hydrogen sulfide and/or malodor gassing from water via the addition of peroxyacetic acid/hydrogen peroxide product: The invention provides methods and compositions for reducing the malodorous sulfide gas released by a wastewater treatment system. The method preserves the vitality of waste consuming organisms within the system. The method comprises the steps of: determining the SRP PAA demand of the system, determining the aerobic PAA demand of... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140332464 - Oxygen control for wastewater treatment: A method and system for controlling dissolved oxygen levels in a secondary treatment system of a wastewater treatment facility that can employ a membrane bioreactor in which oxygen introduction into mixed liquor is controlled to prevent bulking and minimize generation of extra cellular polymeric substances. The control is exercised by... Agent:

20140332465 - Method and apparatus for treating oil containing wastewater: Provided is a membrane biological reactor having a biological reaction chamber and a membrane separation chamber, in which the it has a configuration that, within the biological reaction chamber, at least one partition is installed to have a first reaction chamber, a second reaction chamber, and if necessary, an additional... Agent:

20140332466 - Liquid-liquid contacting tray with concentric inlet and outlet weirs: Disclosed is a liquid-liquid contacting tray, including: (i) a liquid-liquid contacting deck having a first side and a opposite second side, the deck comprising a perforated tray material; (ii) an outlet weir extending vertically from the first side of the contacting deck, the outlet weir defining an interior space of... Agent:

20140332467 - Method for cleaning a filter: A method for cleaning a cross-flow filter (20), comprising the steps of: A) providing a cross-flow filter (20), wherein the cross-flow filter (20) comprises a filter membrane (21) and is configured to remove a liquid permeate stream and the filter membrane (21) comprises a first side facing the permeate stream... Agent: Highq-factory Gmbh

20140332468 - Aquaporin based thin film composite membranes: Present invention relates to a thin film composite membrane wherein a thin selective layer, having incorporated amphiphilic vesicles, is supported by a microporous substrate. A process of preparing the thin film composite membrane and its use are also disclosed.... Agent: Nanyang Technological University

20140332469 - Method and system for treating a liquid medium by reverse osmosis: The system performing the method uses a weight medium capable of travelling vertically between an initial and terminal position. The power thereby generated is transmitted to a hydraulic cylinder containing the liquid medium which is subjected to a high pressure and delivered to the upstream side of a reverse osmosis... Agent:

20140332470 - Trimethylolpropane core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer and its preparation method: A trimethylolpropane core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer and its preparation method are provided, And a preparation method thereof comprises steps of processing Michael addition reaction on trimethylolpropane triacrylate (CH3CH2C(CH2OCOCH2═CH2)3) and alkylidene diamine (NH2CH2(CH2)nNH2), wherein n is an integer from 1 to 5, so as to obtain trimethylolpropane core, amino group... Agent: Tongji University

20140332471 - Pentaerythritol core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer and its preparation method: A pentaerythritol core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer, its preparation method and application are provided. A preparation method of the pentaerythritol core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer (PETA-ADA-12PO3H2) comprises steps of processing Michael addition reaction on pentaerythritol tetraacrylate (C(CH2OCOCH2=CH2)4) and alkylidene diamine (NH2CH2(CH2)nNH2), wherein n is an integer from 1 to 5,... Agent: Tongji University

20140332472 - Process to maintain large clean recreational bodies of water: p

20140332473 - Multistage filtrating pre-treatment for desalination of oilfield produced water: A method and system for treating oilfield produced water is disclosed. The method includes passing oilfield produced water through a chain of filters, first filter configured to filter particles of a size larger than 10 μm from the water, a second filter configured to filter remaining particles of a size... Agent: Nirosoft Industries Ltd.

20140332474 - Process for reducing the total organic carbon of aqueous compositions: Process for reducing the Total Organic Carbon of a first aqueous composition (A) comprising submitting (A) to a treatment with active chlorine at a first pH value in order to obtain a second aqueous composition (B), submitting at least one part of (B) to a venting treatment at a second... Agent:

20140332475 - Filter device and methods of using the same: A filter device having a filter and a locking mechanism embedded in an interior of the filter. The locking mechanism is adapted to securely insert the filter into a component.... Agent:

20140332476 - Elastomeric depth filter: The present disclosure provides a depth filter medium comprising at least one elastomeric nonwoven web strengthened by combination with one or more structural support layers. The resulting material is particularly useful in the field of filtration, wherein particulates captured within the elastomeric nonwoven web can be readily released, such as... Agent:

20140332477 - Apparatus to dispense immiscible liquid from an inverted bottle: A device, an improvement upon a funnel, to enable immiscible liquids to be dispensed from an inverted bottle to augment a new, in-situ method to extract chemicals from water directly within sampling containers.... Agent:

20140332478 - Pitchers, filtration units, and filtration systems and methods: The present invention relates generally to fluid filtration, such as, for example, filtration systems and methods, filtration units, pitchers, and components thereof.... Agent:

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