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Liquid purification or separation

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04/10/2014 > 18 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140097130 - Fluid additive control valve: A valve arrangement includes various improvements useable in the context of a fluid additive system, such as a water softener. For example, the valve assembly may include a seal assembly engaged by a reciprocating piston, in which the seal assembly includes a minimal number of parts, is easily assembled, and... Agent:

20140097131 - Grey water system: The present invention is a grey water system that through a single device and a single installation makes recycling grey water simple and cost effective. The single unit system is easy to install and to maintain. The system uses either 110 volt pumps or 12 volt making it usable in... Agent:

20140097132 - Membrane bioreactor system using reciprocating membrane: The present invention relates to membrane bioreactor (“MBR”) system that includes a mechanical membrane reciprocation system to reduce or eliminate membrane fouling. The disclosed MBR system can be operated with higher flux and lower fouling than MBR systems using air scouring. Furthermore the system can remove nitrogen and phosphorous with... Agent:

20140097133 - Rectractable screen systems and methods for catch basins: Retractable screen systems and methods for catch basins are disclosed. In an example embodiment, a retractable screen apparatus includes a retractable center screen coupled to a retracting spring-loaded tube assembly secured to a portion of the catch basin. Two independently-operating side screens may each be coupled to the retractable center... Agent:

20140097134 - Solution phase processing of polyarylene sulfide: Provided are methods for obtaining modified polyarylene sulfide compositions having improved thermal and thermo-oxidative stability, the compositions so obtained, and articles comprising the compositions. The method comprises the steps of contacting, in the presence of a suitable solvent, a polyarylene sulfide with at least one reducing agent and at least... Agent: E I Dupont De Nemours And Company

20140097135 - Apparatus and method for separating and concentrating fluids containing multiple components: Disclosed is an apparatus that allows for separating and collecting a fraction of a sample. The apparatus, when used with a centrifuge, allows for the creation of at various fractions in the apparatus. A buoy system that may include a first buoy portion and a second member operably interconnected may... Agent: Biomet Biologics, LLC

20140097136 - Composite microorganism reactor, and apparatus and method for water treatment using the same: The present invention relates to a composite microorganism reactor, wherein both dephosphorization and denitrification occur in one reactor, and an apparatus and a method for water treatment using the same. The composite microorganism reactor according to the present invention comprises: an inner space for accommodating sewage and waste; a partition... Agent: Daewoong Ecosystems And Solution

20140097137 - Coupling bioreactor and method for purifying malodorous gases and wastewater: A coupling bioreactor in the form of a tower type seal structure filled with a suspended carrier. A water inlet pipe, an air inlet pipe, and a first microporous aerator are arranged at the bottom of the coupling reactor. The water inlet pipe is connected to a water distributor. The... Agent:

20140097138 - Septic system: A system and method includes an aeration subsystem that excites enzymes in the liquid waste passing through the septic system. The aeration subsystem includes a compressor section that compresses the liquid waste. The method includes mixing enzymes into the fluid waste material, compressing the fluid waste material with the compressor,... Agent:

20140097139 - Solid phase extraction disk holder apparatus: Solid phase extraction (SPE) disks provide the greatest extraction efficiency when the maximum surface area of the disk is exposed to the sample. Such may be accomplished with the present disclosure wherein an SPE disk is secured within a cavity of a disk holder apparatus such that the SPE disk... Agent:

20140097140 - Method and plant for treating water in order to reduce its endocrine disrupting effect by means of a living organism: A method of treating water to reduce pollutants comprises mixing an adsorbent reagent with the water to form a water-adsorbant reagent mixture. Thereafter, subjecting the mixture to a liquid-solids separation process that produces treated water and sludge. The method further includes contacting the water or treated water with a living... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20140097141 - Synthesis of layered metal sulfide ion-exchangers: Methods for the synthesis of compounds of the formula A2xMxSn3-xS6, where x has a value in the range from 0.5 to 1; A is Li+, Na+, K+, or Rb+; and M is Mg2+, Mn2+, Zn2+, or Fe2+, are provided. Also provided are methods of remediating fluid samples using the compounds.... Agent:

20140097142 - Method for the removal of organic components from a mixture of organic components and water and a device for applying such method: Method for the removal of organic components from a mixture of organic components and water having the steps of guiding the mixture through at least one vessel (3) in which has been provided an amount of organoclay (17) in at least one removable casing (18) which is permeable to liquids... Agent: Atlas Copco Airpower, Naamloze Vennootschap

20140097143 - Servo-controlled backwash filter system: A filtration unit contains a plurality of filter housings, each filter housing having a cylindrical shell with a lower port, an upper port, and a filter element. The lower and upper ports direct fluid through the filter housing in a first direction during a filtering cycle and direct fluid through... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140097144 - Stable percarboxylic acid compositions and uses thereof: The present invention relates generally to stable percarboxylic acid compositions comprising, inter alia, at least two stabilizing agents, and various uses for water treatments, including water treatments in connection with oil- and gas-field operations. The present invention also relates to slick water compositions and gel based compositions that comprise stable... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140097145 - Debris filter with splitter box: A debris filter has a housing, a filter screen mounted to the housing and disposed so as to extend across a flow path through the housing, a debris extractor mounted to the housing, and a splitter bar also mounted to the housing. The debris extractor and the filter screen are... Agent: Ovivo Luxembourg, S.a.r. I.

20140097146 - Carbon nanostructure separation membranes and separation processes using same: Carbon nanostructures can include a plurality of carbon nanotubes that are branched, crosslinked, and share common walls with one another, thereby defining a porous space having a tortuous path within the carbon nanostructures. The porous space can be used for sequestering a range of particulate sizes from various types of... Agent: Applied Nanostructured Solutions, LLC

20140097147 - Processing liquid supply method, processing liquid supply apparatus and storage medium: Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for reducing a processing liquid consumed for removing bubbles from a new filter unit, and shortening a start-up time when the filter unit is attached in a processing liquid supply passage. The method includes: filling the processing liquid into a new filter unit,... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

04/03/2014 > 32 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140091018 - Device and system for filtering blood: Device (5) for filtering blood including a filter unit (7) having a blood filter, an inlet (8) for blood to be filtered and being connectable to an artery of a patient and a blood outlet (9) for filtered blood and being connectable to a vein of the patient, and having... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20140091019 - System and method for filtration of liquids: A normal flow filtration system having a housing with one or more filters contained within a bowl and attached to the outlet of the system. Liquid enters the bowl, contacts the surfaces of the one or more filters. Impurities are trapped in the filter and the filtered liquid flows through... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20140091020 - Autonomous filter element: An autonomous filter device and a method for improving the filter life and performance is disclosed. The filter element is equipped with one or more sensors, adapted to measure one or more characteristics. In response to the measured characteristic, the control logic within the filter element is able to determine... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20140091021 - Filtering apparatus: A filtering apparatus with a plurality of filtering elements (11) which can be accommodated in a filter housing (1) having a filter inlet (7) for fluid to be filtered and a filter outlet (9) for the filtered fluid, wherein during the filtration operation, at least one of the filtering elements... Agent: Hydac Process Technology Gmbh

20140091022 - Methods of making medical solutions and related systems: This disclosure relates to making medical solutions. In certain aspects, a method is performed by a data processing apparatus. The method includes introducing liquid into a container that contains a dissolvable solid concentrate in a manner so that a layer of solution above the solid concentrate is maintained at a... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140091023 - External lube system for a transmission: The present disclosure is related to a transmission for a powered vehicle. The transmission includes a housing defining an interior of the transmission and a fluid supply portion disposed in the housing. The fluid supply portion is configured to supply fluid throughout the transmission. The transmission also includes a first... Agent:

20140091024 - Filter member and oxygenator using same: A filter member used in an oxygenator is constructed to provide improved contact with a hollow fiber membrane bundle and to capture bubbles contained in blood. The filter member possesses elasticity at least in the circumferential direction to allow the inner circumference of the filter member to be increased from... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140091025 - Sludge-solidifying system: The present invention provides a sludge-solidifying system, which comprises a mechanical operator and a mixing and solidifying device. The mixing and solidifying device comprises a rack unit, an actuating unit, a mixing unit and a curing-agent spraying unit for controlling to spraying curing agent. The sludge-solidifying system of the present... Agent:

20140091026 - Filter apparatus for an internal combustion engine: In a filter arrangement for filtering the fuel, of an internal combustion engine including a housing accommodating a filter element and having at the bottom thereof a collection space for collecting water removed from the fuel, a drain passage extends from the collection space at an angle with respect to... Agent:

20140091027 - Purifier cassette: The present disclosure relates to purification cassettes that have reinforcing features. One embodiment relates to a purification cassette with tensions members. A purification system may include a removable cassette defining a media cavity. A set of tension members may span between a first sidewall and second sidewall. The set of... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20140091028 - Systems and methods for drying drill cuttings: Systems and methods for separating fluids from drill cuttings, specifically, shakers that incorporate modifications including vacuum systems and/or partitions and methods of operating such shakers to affect a high degree of fluid separation. The systems and methods are effective across a variety of screen sizes, vacuum flows and vacuum designs.... Agent:

20140091029 - Filter assembly: A filter assembly comprises a filter housing (23) into which a filter element is insertable. A core element (38) is provided extending within the housing (23. The filter assembly comprises a coupling assembly (200) that is insertable into the housing (23), the coupling assembly (200) comprising a leaf spring (201)... Agent: Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Netherlands (filtration) B.v.

20140091030 - Permeate carrier fabric for membrane filters: A permeate carrier fabric includes at least some monofilament synthetic yarns to provide adequate stiffness and reduce blockage of permeate flow.... Agent: Glen Raven, Inc.

20140091031 - Antimicrobial membranes: The present invention discloses the preparation of antimicrobial membranes by inclusion of low leaching, control release silver-based antimicrobial additives as described in claim 1 into the polymer matrix and forming this into a semipermeable membrane. The antimicrobial agents protect the membrane system against bacterial and/or algal decay and assist in... Agent: Polymers Crc Ltd.

20140091032 - Asymmetric nanotube containing membranes: This invention relates to heterogenous pore polymer nanotube membranes useful in filtration, such as reverse osmosis desalination, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and gas separation.... Agent: Nagare Membranes, LLC

20140091033 - Carbon fiber material, carbon fiber material manufacturing method, and material containing the carbon fiber material: The object of the present invention is to provide carbon fiber material having high electrical conductivity at a low cost. A manufacturing method of carbon fiber material comprises a dispersion liquid preparation step, a centrifugal spinning step and a denaturation step. The dispersion liquid preparation step is a step in... Agent: Tec One Co., Ltd.

20140091034 - Nanoparticulate fiber solution, its fabrication process, and nanoparticulate fiber membrane filter: Those objects are achievable by use of the nano-particulate fiber solution in which the nanoparticulate fibers 30 are dispersed in the poor solvent 42, wherein the nanoparticulate fibers each comprise an elongated segment in which a plurality of nanoparticles 11 are linked together and elongated, and a branching segment in... Agent: National Institute For Materials Science

20140091035 - Method and apparatus for maximizing nitrogen removal from wastewater: A reactor and control method thereof to maximize nitrogen removal and minimize aeration requirement through control of transient anoxia and aerobic SRT, repression of NOB, and control of dynamic DO concentrations or aeration interval by keeping the reactor NH4 and NOx concentrations approximately equal has been proposed. Controls described in... Agent: D.c. Water & Sewer Authority

20140091036 - Countercurrent chromatography rotor: A method for constructing a spiral tube support apparatus used in countercurrent chromatography, improvements to countercurrent chromatography tube support design, and methods of using the improved countercurrent chromatography apparatus are described. The spiral tube support apparatus may be constructed by a shape forming process such as a three dimensional printing... Agent: Cc Biotech LLC

20140091038 - Apparatus and method for ionic contaminant removal in liquids: The present application provides an apparatus for removal of an ionic contaminant from a liquid comprising a branched polymer, a filtration membrane, and a filter casing. The application also provides a method of removing an ionic contaminant from a liquid, the method comprising directing ion-contaminated liquid into and draining treated... Agent: Central Michigan University

20140091037 - Porous membrane, process for producing porous membrane, process for producing clarified liquid, and porous-membrane module: A porous membrane with the membrane wall constructed of a hydrophobic polymer and a hydrophilic polymer, wherein when the membrane wall is divided into 3 sections in the film thickness direction to form region “a” containing one wall surface A of the membrane wall, region “c” containing the other wall... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20140091040 - Bicarbonate conversion assisted ro treatment system for natural gas flowback water: Bicarbonate conversion assisted reverse-osmosis (RO) treatment systems for treatment of contaminated water, particularly natural gas flowback water. The systems and processes provide for simultaneous conversion of the primary salt in gas production flowback waters from sodium bicarbonate to sodium sulfate, and flotation removal of organic contaminants, for the enhanced water... Agent: Hydration Systems, LLC

20140091041 - Mobile water filtration unit and control system, and related devices, components, systems and methods: A standardised, modular mobile water purification unit for the production of safe potable water and for treatment of wastewater is disclosed to fulfill the water need for humans, animals and households. In one embodiment, the unit can be based on a standardized climate-controlled container that is robust both physically and... Agent:

20140091039 - System and method for the treatment of hydraulic fracturing backflow water: Hydraulic fracturing produces backflow water that is high in total dissolved solids, hardness and silica. A system to treat backflow water has an electrical separation unit and a reverse osmosis (RO) unit. The electrical separation unit may comprise an electrodialysis device (ED), an electrodialysis reversal (EDR) device or a supercapacitive... Agent: General Electric Company

20140091042 - Washing method of goethite-containing red mud: A washing method of red mud that is produced when an alumina-containing ore having a goethite to hematite mass ratio of 60/40 (goethite/hematite) or more in the iron component thereof is heat-treated with an alkaline solution at a temperature of 110° C. to 160° C. to obtain an aluminate liquor,... Agent: Showa Denko K.k

20140091044 - Individualized intelligent control of lamps in an ultraviolet fluid disinfection system: A method of controlling the operation of a plurality of ultraviolet lamp fixtures in an ultraviolet fluid disinfection system is presented here. The method begins by detecting an operating state, condition, or characteristic of the system. In response to the detecting, the method determines an appropriate lamp regulation scheme to... Agent: Enaqua

20140091043 - Systems and methods for separating solids from liquids: A separator system for separating feed material into a liquid component and a solids component. The separator system has a roller system supported adjacent to a feed chamber. The roller system comprises a base roller and a press roller. Base perforations are formed in the base roller. The base roller... Agent: Daritech, Inc.

20140091045 - Systems and methods for reduction of pathogens in a biological fluid using variable fluid flow and ultraviolet light irradiation: A system and method for reducing pathogens in a biological fluid such as whole blood or blood-derived products includes a pump configured to propagate the fluid through a serpentine-shaped flow path while exposing the fluid to UV irradiation. Extensive mixing of flow is accomplished by causing the pump to vary... Agent: Hemalux Technologies LLC

20140091046 - Water treatment method by catalyzing ozone with a persulfate: A water treatment method by catalyzing ozone with a persulfate comprises the following steps: introducing the ozone into an ozone contact reactor filled with water to be treated; at the same time putting the persulfate into the reactor, wherein a stirring state is kept in the water treatment process. The... Agent: Harbin Institute Of Technology

20140091047 - Red blood cell products and the storage of red blood cells in containers free of phthalate plasticizer: Red blood cell products and compositions are disclosed. The product includes a container made from PVC or a non-PVC material that is substantially free of a phthalate plasticizer but otherwise includes one or more non-phthalate plasticizers or extractable agents. The product includes a RBC concentrate which has been combined with... Agent:

20140091048 - Buoy fractionation system: A separator system operable to use centrifugation to fractionate a multiple component material, such as a suspension including blood, comprises a buoy. The buoy can be carried in a separation container and has a tuned density that is configured to reach an equilibrium position in the multiple component material. A... Agent: Biomet Biologics, LLC

20140091049 - Clarifier with feedwell and methods of clarifying liquids: Certain examples relate to a new feedwell design for use in a clarifier that may better dissipate the entrance energy of the slurry-liquid combination exiting the feedwell and entering the clarifier. Plates of various shapes may be provided proximate to the bottom of the feedwell. The plates may cause a... Agent: Andritz Inc.

03/27/2014 > 41 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140083917 - Blood purification system: A blood purification system includes a plurality of monitoring devices (1) each attached to a dialyzer (5) to perform a blood purification treatment on a patient. A dialysate supplying device (2) supplies a dialysate to each of the monitoring devices (1). The plurality of monitoring devices (1) and the dialysate... Agent: Nikkiso Company Limited

20140083918 - Soak vessels and methods for impregnating biomass with liquid: Soak vessels for impregnating biomass with a liquid such as a dilute acid and methods for impregnating biomass are disclosed. In some embodiments, the soak vessel includes an impeller assembly with impellers that create a vortex to submerge the biomass, that agitate and separate contaminants from the biomass and that... Agent: Abengoa Bioenergy

20140083919 - Method and apparatus for recovering solids from water-based effluent: A method of recovering solids from water-based effluent. A first step involves evaporating wastewater effluent containing a liquid contaminant, such as ammonium to recover a concentrated solution and a water effluent stream. Where the water effluent stream includes solids, further step can be taken to dry the wastewater effluent further... Agent:

20140083920 - Rotary-drum type magnetic separator: A rotary-drum type magnetic separator includes a rotary drum on which a plurality of magnets are disposed, and separates an unnecessary material contained in used coolant. The magnetic separator includes a pair of partition portions that are provided below both end portions of the rotary drum and partition a flow... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries Finetech, Ltd.

20140083921 - Mobile fluid treatment system and associated apparatus: A mobile fluid treatment system and portable fluid treatment apparatus are described. The portable apparatus is configured to be placed within a mobile tank of fluid for separating solids from the fluid and includes an upper portion, a lower portion, and a number of adjustable attachment members that can removably... Agent: Unipure Corporation

20140083922 - Anti-rotation knurls: A filter assembly that includes a shell having anti-rotation features that prevent rotation of the shell relative to the nutplate and a method for producing the disclosed filter assembly are described. The anti-rotation features are knurls and/or surface disruptions that are formed on a surface of a flange on an... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20140083923 - Filter apparatus: A filter apparatus having a filter housing (1), which accommodates at least one filter element (17) having an inner filter cavity (23) enclosed by a filter medium (27), wherein the housing (1) contains an element holder (19) which interacts with the filter element (17) located in the functional position, is... Agent:

20140083924 - Filter unit and a water filtering device comprising a filter unit: The present invention relates to a filter unit (1) for use in a water filtering device (30). The filter unit comprises a housing (3) having an inlet (13a-d) for receiving water to be filtered and an outlet (25) for dispensing filtered water. A water filtering medium (5) is contained in... Agent:

20140083925 - Multi-layer separation membrane formed by molecular layer-by-layer deposition of highly cross-linked polyamide films: This invention relates to the field of molecular layer-by-layer deposition processes and more specifically to the synthesis of a polymer layer relevant to a separation membrane using molecular layer-by-layer deposition of highly cross-linked polyamide films to promote consistent layer growth consistent for the formation of membrane layers having a uniform... Agent: The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of Commerce

20140083926 - Filter medium for manufacturing filters: The above objective are accomplished by providing a filter medium for use in manufacturing of hydraulic fluid and air filters comprising: an upstream layer comprised of nonwoven fiber having a denier between about 5.0 and 7.0 and a weight of between about 3.0 and 5.0 ounces a scrim and a... Agent: Southern Felt Company, Inc.

20140083927 - Filter element and support body for such a filter element: A filter element for purifying a fluid at risk of freezing such as a urea-water solution for exhaust gas after treatment has an annular filter body and a support body surrounded by the filter body. The support body is made of an elastomer and is able to yield in a... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140083928 - Hollow cylindrical filter element for a liquid filter: A hollow cylindrical filter element for a liquid filter is flowed through in radial direction from an exterior of the filter element to an interior of the filter element by a fluid to be filtered. The fluid after filtration is drained from the interior of the filter element in an... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140083929 - Microporous modified-polytetrafluoroethylene membrane, porous-modified-polytetrafluoroethylene-membrane composite and production process thereof, and separation membrane element: The invention offers a microporous modified-polytetrafluoroethylene membrane that is a microporous membrane having a significantly small pore diameter and narrow pore-diameter distribution and that can remove microscopic foreign particles at high efficiency when used as a filtration membrane. A microporous modified-polytetrafluoroethylene membrane that is a microporous membrane produced by the... Agent:

20140083930 - Desalination treatment membrane: According to one embodiment, a desalination treatment membrane includes a desalting membrane and a base material which is disposed in close contact with the desalting membrane, wherein a solid salt is fixed to the base material by a graft-polymerization.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140083931 - Anti-biofouling membrane for water-treatment: This invention discloses an anti-biofouling membrane for water-treatment. The anti-biofouling membrane for water-treatment comprises a substrate, and an anti-biofouling copolymer on the substrate. The anti-biofouling copolymer comprises a plurality of hydrophobic groups and a plurality of hydrophilic groups. The anti-biofouling copolymer can be stably coated on the surface of the... Agent: Chung Yuan Christian University

20140083932 - Sludge protector canopy baffle system: A sludge protector canopy baffle system for use in a clarifier tank with a tank bottom, and peripheral vertical wall bounding the interior of the tank is formed by a plurality of individual perforated baffles interconnected and supported by other components of the tank forming a rigid ceiling of sloped... Agent:

20140083933 - Method for heavy metal elimination or precious metal recovery using microbial fuel cell: The present invention relates to a method in which a microbial fuel cell (MFC) is used in order to produce electrical power while also either eliminating heavy metals or recovering precious metals from wastewater containing the heavy metals or the precious metals, and, more particularly, the invention has advantages including... Agent:

20140083934 - Biological two-stage contaminated water treatment system: The systems may be used for treatment of water that contains contaminants. Water containing at least one of a nitrate, percholate, chromate, selenate and a volatile organic chemical is combined with nutrients and then is processed in an anoxic-anaerobic bioreactor. The combined effluent may also be oxygenated by dosing with... Agent: Carollo Engineers, Inc.

20140083936 - Method and apparatus for water treatment using screens: An apparatus and method for selecting, retaining or bioaugmenting solids in an activated sludge process for improving wastewater treatment using screens. The screens can be used to separate and retain solids based on size, compressibility or shear resistance. The screens are used to separate and select slow growing organisms, faster... Agent: D.c. Water & Sewer Authority

20140083935 - Systems, apparatuses and methods for treating waste water: A system of treating high nitrogen content waste water is disclosed, where the system includes a precipitation and conditioning subsystem, an ammonia stripper subsystem, and a denitrification subsystem. The system is adapted to reduce nitrogen contamination to level below about 10 ppm and in certain embodiments below 3 ppm.... Agent: Kinder Morgan Operating L.p."c"

20140083937 - City parks for resource recycling and green revolution: A system-engineering installations for water- and energy-recycling in an aqueous system, either in or near a city, and/or in a pre-existing or a new city park, includes one by an utility company to collect carbon emissions wherein the carbon dioxide is produced by burning of high-carbon fuels or lime, one... Agent: Tarim Resource Recycling Co.

20140083938 - Systems, apparatuses and methods for treating waste water: A system of treating high nitrogen content waste water is disclosed, where the system includes a precipitation and conditioning subsystem, an ammonia stripper subsystem, and a denitrification subsystem. The system is adapted to reduce nitrogen contamination to level below about 10 ppm and in certain embodiments below 3 ppm.... Agent: Kinder Morgan Operating L.p."c"

20140083939 - Methods for controlling pretreatment of biomass: Methods for producing ethanol from cellulosic biomass and, in particular, methods for controlling steam explosion pretreatment operations are disclosed. In some particular embodiments, the total solids content of biomass entering a pretreatment digester is calculated to provide operational data and feedback control.... Agent: Abengoa Bioenergy New Technologies, LLC

20140083940 - Membrane cleaning with pulsed airlift pump: A method of cleaning a membrane surface immersed in a liquid medium with a fluid flow, including the steps of providing a randomly generated intermittent or pulsed fluid flow along the membrane surface to dislodge fouling materials therefrom. A membrane module is also disclosed comprising a plurality of porous membranes... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies LLC

20140083941 - Biological waste water purification reactor and method: A biological reactor for treating wastewater. The reactor includes a gas injection system and a system for directing wastewater into the reactor. Further, the reactor includes a biological filter comprised of a packed bed of biofilm carriers and a volume of moveable biofilm carriers. During the method of treating the... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Suport

20140083942 - Systems and methods for treating produced water: Embodiments relate to systems and methods for treating produced water and other contaminated water that can be customized or adapted to particular characteristics of the water and/or its contaminants or other contents while minimizing costs related to treating the water. In an embodiment, a method of treating produced water comprises... Agent:

20140083943 - Device and method for detecting the recirculation during an extracorporeal blood treatment: Recirculation is detected based on detection of the pressure change. The device includes a control unit cooperating with a device for conveying blood and a device for supplying substituate. The control unit provides an operating mode for detecting recirculation, in which blood flow rate is reduced during administration of a... Agent:

20140083944 - Weight-controlled sorbent system for hemodialysis: A hemodialysis system including (i) a dialyzer, (ii) a blood circuit including a blood pump in fluid communication with the dialyzer, (iii) a dialysate circuit including a dialysate circulation pump in fluid communication with the dialyzer, the dialysate circuit further including a sorbent cartridge for cleaning used dialysate, (iv) a... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20140083945 - Reducing soluble urokinase receptor in the circulation: Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a common cause of proteinuric kidney disease, which comprises both native and transplanted kidneys. Treatment was limited in the past due to the complicated pathogenesis of FSGS, including previously unidentified serum factors. Here, serum soluble urokinase receptor (suPAR) is reported to be elevated in FSGS... Agent:

20140083946 - Hydrolytically stable ion-exchange stationary phases and uses thereof: The invention provides novel ion-exchange media and related methods for their preparation and use. Ion-exchange stationary phases according to the invention are suitable for chromatographic separation of a variety of biomolecules. Distinguishing characteristics of ion-exchange media according to this invention includes, for example, their ability to separate variants of monoclonal... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140083947 - Chitosan derivative, a method for its preparation and its use as an adsorption agent: The present invention relates to a cross-linked thiazolidinone chitosan dibenzo crown ether, a method for its preparation as well as its use as adsorbent.... Agent: King Saud University

20140083948 - Magnetic particle scavenging device and method: The present invention is directed to a device for removing magnetic particles from a liquid, the device comprising at least one container for holding a liquid containing magnetic particles; and at least one magnetic column for placing into the at least one container, wherein when the liquid comes into contact... Agent:

20140083949 - Scale inhibition method and geothermal power generating device: A method for inhibiting scale including inorganic cations, and an economically operable geothermal power generating device which can inhibit deposition of scale. The geothermal power generating device includes: an inorganic cation concentration measuring device for measuring the concentration of bivalent or more inorganic cations in geothermal water collected from a... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20140083950 - Oil decanting system: A method and apparatus for operating on skimmed oil/water picked up from a body of water to separate the oil from the water and discharge the oil-free water back into the body of water, first feeds the skimmed oil/water into a gravity settling tank wherein the oil tends to settle... Agent:

20140083951 - Filter having a filter cartridge, and corresponding filter cartridge: A filter assembly includes a filter body, a removable filter cartridge, and a bypass valve with incinerable and non-incinerable portions. The bypass valve includes a valve seat and a movable valve closure element removable with the removable filter cartridge and incinerable. The bypass valve includes a return member remaining in... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20140083952 - Apparatus and method for increasing the mass transfer of reactants entrained within a separate gas phase into a separate flowing liquid phase: The invention has to do with the re-entrainment of gases separated from a water/gas mixture that rise to the top of a conductor pipe. A water jet created by a nozzle of the present invention plunges though the surface of the water carrying with it the gas that has accumulated... Agent:

20140083953 - Composition and method for removing excess formaldehyde: Provided are compositions and methods for removing excess formaldehyde from aqueous systems. The compositions comprise: a hydroxylamine compound of formula I: OH I R—N—H (I) wherein R is as defined herein; and an activated olefm.... Agent: Angus Chemical Company

20140083954 - Method for processing a product in a centrifugal field: A method for processing a free-flowing product. The method steps include: providing at least one separator having a vertical axis of rotation, a rotatable centrifugal drum, and a plate assembly arranged in the drum; supplying the free-flowing product into the drum; separating one or more of a solid phase and... Agent: Gea Mechanical Equipment Gmbh

20140083955 - Apparatus for treating waste water: An apparatus for treating waste water including a tank having at least one waste water inlet for passing waste water into an inlet region of the tank, at least one waste water outlet for draining waste water from an outlet region of the tank, at least one first baffle between... Agent:

20140083956 - Distribution array for use in a settler area of a mixer-settler: A distribution array (10) for use in a settler area (12) of a mixer-settler, the distribution array (10) characterised by: at least one panel (26, 28) of linearly-spaced barrier elements (30), wherein the depth of the barrier elements (30), relative to a length of the settler area (12) in which... Agent: Hatch Associates Pty Ltd

20140083957 - Systems and methods for extracting sand from raw slurry material: A processing system for processing raw slurry material comprises a barrel member defining a processing chamber, at least one intermediate opening, and an outlet opening, a trough system arranged to contain the raw slurry material, at least one transport member, and a drive system. As the drive system rotates the... Agent: Daritech, Inc.

03/20/2014 > 39 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140076788 - Sewage treatment system: A sewage treatment system, includes a solid-liquid separating apparatus having a first filtering medium packed layer packed with a predetermined filtering medium, configured to separate sewage to be treated into solid components and filtered water by passing the sewage through the first filtering medium packed layer upward, and configured to... Agent: Metawater Co., Ltd.

20140076789 - Pool cleaning apparatus: A pool cleaning apparatus that may include a filter; a entrapment cell; a first impeller; a first pump motor arranged to rotate the first impeller; a driving unit arranged to move the pool cleaning robot; a structural element; and an external housing that comprises a first inlet and a first... Agent:

20140076790 - Central core element for a separator assembly: The present invention provides a central core element a reverse osmosis separator assembly useful in the purification of fluids. The central core element comprises an outer exhaust conduit defining an inner volume and a gap starting at a first end thereof the outer exhaust conduit and extending towards a second... Agent: General Electric Company

20140076791 - Apparatus for cleaning a submerged surface with a disconnectable dirty circuit: The invention relates to a device for cleaning an immersed surface comprising a hollow body and members for driving the body over the immersed surface; a filtration chamber which is provided in the hollow body and which has: a liquid inlet; a liquid outlet; a hydraulic circuit for the flow... Agent: Zodiac Pool Care Europe

20140076792 - Fluid treatment apparatus and method of using same: A portable or personal water filtration apparatus comprising upstream and downstream removable reservoirs and a back-washable filter interposed therebetween. The back-washable filter comprises an upstream housing and a downstream housing, inside of which are fitted a membrane cartridge and a slidable plunger. The downstream housing is rotatable relative to the... Agent: Twothirds Water Inc.

20140076793 - Pressurized hollow fiber membrane module: Disclosed is a pressurized hollow fiber membrane module that exhibits improved durability without deterioration in packing density and permeation flux. The pressurized hollow fiber membrane module includes a composite hollow fiber membrane comprising a tubular braid woven by yarns and a polymer film on the outer surface of the tubular... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20140076794 - Filtering device: The invention relates to a filtering device comprising multiple filtering embodiments (3), the bodies of which define a longitudinal axis, said filtering elements (3) being arranged adjacently to one another in a housing such that the longitudinal axes of the filtering elements run parallel to one another. The bodies of... Agent:

20140076795 - Suction filter media overmolded integrally with tray: A filter assembly includes a housing including a first cover and a second cover, a grid located in the housing including interconnected ribs and strips, and filter media integral with the grid, including a peripheral width located between the covers.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140076796 - Variable geometry centrifugal basket: A screen assembly including at least upper and lower portions each with screen elements having different orientations. The upper portion includes a first plurality of screen elements and the lower portion includes a second plurality of screen elements. The upper and lower portions are coupled together to form a truncated... Agent: Bilfinger Water Technologies, Inc.

20140076797 - Fiber-based filter with nanonet layer and preparation method thereof: A fiber-based filter includes a filter-based porous body having a most frequent pore size from 0.1 μm to 2 μm in a pore size distribution, in which a ultra-fine fiber is continuously and randomly disposed, and a filtration layer having a nanonet layer having a most frequent pore size from... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140076798 - Tribologically loadable mixed noble metal/metal layers: The invention relates to a method for producing a noble metal/metal layer, which has particularly advantageous tribological properties, comprising the following steps: providing a bath for the currentless deposition of a metal layer, which additionally contains at least one type of noble metal ions; introducing a substrate into the bath;... Agent: Schauenburg Ruhrkunststoff Gmbh

20140076800 - High efficiency wastewater treatment system: A High Efficiency Treatment System (system) wastewater treatment system including a tank with a multi-chamber tank system that is designed to remove pollutants from domestic wastewater. Embodiments of the system consist of a pretreatment chamber, which is in fluid communication with an anoxic chamber, which is in fluid communication with... Agent:

20140076799 - Methods and systems for treating wastewater: A method and system of treating wastewater is disclosed. The treatment system has a nitrification-denitrification system comprising a sorption system, a biofilm system, and an anaerobic digester that digests or converts at least a portion of the solids or sludge from the sorption system and biofilm system.... Agent: Siemens Water Technologies Pte Ltd.

20140076801 - Method for the separation of litter from liquid manure: A method of separating litter from liquid manure includes feeding liquid manure to a separator and squeezing particulate material from the liquid manure with the separator at a separating rate. The method also includes feeding the material to a litter reclamation plant, heating the particulate material within the litter reclamation... Agent:

20140076803 - \"in-situ\" ballast water treatment method and system: A method and system for ballast water treatment is provided for a vessel with a ballast water tank system that pumps water from a local environment through a conduit into at least one tank on the vessel. The water contains aerobic micro-organisms from the local environment. Oxygen-containing gas is introduced... Agent: Sea Knight Corporation

20140076802 - Operating method for air diffusion apparatus: An operating method for an air diffusion apparatus is provided. The apparatus has an air diffusion unit disposed within an activated sludge aeration tank and a gas supply unit. The air diffusion unit is configured to equip one or more air diffusion pipes disposed substantially horizontally. The air diffusion pipe... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon, Co., Ltd.

20140076804 - Struvite precipitation using magnesium sacrificial anode: A method precipitating struvite in wastewater uses a magnesium sacrificial anode as the only source of magnesium. A high-purity magnesium alloy cast anode was found to be very effective in recovery of high-quality struvite from water solutions and from supernatant of fermented waste activated sludge (WAS) from a high-purity oxygen... Agent:

20140076805 - Use of a fiber conduit contactor for metal and/or metalloid extraction: Processes are provided which utilize fiber conduit reactors/contactors to effect extraction of metal element/s, metal compound/s, metalloid element/s, and/or metalloid compound/s from a fluid stream. In particular, methods are provided which include introducing a first stream comprising an extractant and a second stream comprising a metal element, a metal compound,... Agent: Chemtor, Lp

20140076806 - Aerator device, filter system including an aerator device, and method of aerating a filter using an aerator device: An aerator device, a filter system including an aerator device, and a method of aerating a filter using an aerator device. An aerator device includes a housing having an interior cavity; a first plate in the interior cavity and defining a first cavity portion and a second cavity portion thereof,... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140076807 - Low energy reverse osmosis process:

20140076809 - Apparatus for recovery of magnetic nanoparticles and apparatus and method for forward osmosis membrane filtration using the same: The present disclosure relates to an apparatus for recovery of magnetic nanoparticles, which recovers and reuses magnetic nanoparticles in a forward osmosis membrane filtration process using magnetic nanoparticles as a draw solute so as to maintain a consistent concentration of the draw solution and separate and discharge high-purity fresh water,... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140076808 - Sanitary cold water treatment systems and methods: A system and method for purifying and recycling cold wastewater is provided. Contaminated wastewater is supplied at a temperature no greater than 45° F. through an ultrafilter. The wastewater is fed through a reverse osmosis filter unit. Clean water is reused whereas reject is sent to disposal. Cold temperatures are... Agent:

20140076810 - Systems and methods for use of water with switchable ionic strength: Methods and systems for use of switchable water, which is capable of reversibly switching between an initial ionic strength and an increased ionic strength, is described. The disclosed methods and systems can be used, for example, in distillation-free removal of water from solvents, solutes, or solutions, desalination, clay settling, viscosity... Agent: Queens's University

20140076811 - Dialysis device: A dialysis device, and a method of dialyzing a sample, are provided. The dialysis device includes a body having a first and a second major side, a first and a second retaining ring disposed on the first and second major sides, and a first and second dialysis membrane disposed, and... Agent: Pierce Biotechnology, Inc.

20140076812 - Water purification systems and methods: Systems, components, and methods for water purification are described. In an example, a system may comprise an array of light-focusing elements, a heat exchanger device, a turbine generator, or other components and can be configured to use a source of light (e.g., sunlight) to filter water from a water source... Agent:

20140076813 - Twin tank water treatment method: Embodiments of the invention provide a twin tank water treatment system and method. The water treatment system includes first tank with a first set of sensors and a first resin bed, a second tank with a second set of sensors and a second resin bed, and a valve assembly with... Agent: Pentair Residential Filtration, LLC

20140076814 - Cyanuric acid removal: A filter media component containing activated carbon, which undesirably filters chlorine from water in an aquatic reservoir in which a minimum level of chlorine is desired to be maintained, is inserted into a fluid pumping path for water from the reservoir to reduce levels of cyanuric acid without purging the... Agent: Aquanovus, LLC

20140076815 - Separation of oil droplets from water: A treatment process for an aqueous phase which contains oil droplets, possibly of 10-50 nm diameter, in aqueous flow from a hydrocyclone separator, comprises bringing the water into contact with a surface subdivided into areas of differing surface energy and affinity for oil and such that when the surface is... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140076816 - Apparatus and circulating fluidized bed system: A novel apparatus for an ion exchange system is provided. The apparatus comprises a first column for housing a first fluidized bed through which particles are flowed countercurrently to an ion-containing fluid to yield ion-loaded particles, a second column through which the ion-loaded particles are flowed countercurrently to an eluent... Agent:

20140076817 - Method and system for treating produced water: Embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for purifying produced water, comprising a closed loop cation exchange unit, a closed loop anion exchange unit, and an intermediate degasifier.... Agent: Severn Trent Water Purification, Inc.

20140076819 - Magnetically separable synthetic nanoparticles for water treatment: New multifunctional synthetic nanoparticles are adapted for water treatment, with environmentally-functional layers, optional capping layers, and synthetic antiferromagnetic cores. With high surface-to-volume ratio, these nanoparticles are very efficient in water treatment, including but not restricted to water disinfection, photo-catalytic degradation, contaminant adsorption, etc., in the context of drinking water or... Agent:

20140076818 - Method and apparatus for magnetic activation of water based solutions and materials: A device for crystalline-enhanced magnetic activation of water and aqueous materials includes a target material container, a crystalline material, an optional conductive metal layer, and a magnet, whereby a target material can be activated by the magnetic field, which radiates through the crystalline material and the conductive metal layer. A... Agent:

20140076820 - System and method for aeration: An aeration device includes a foam suppression system. The aeration device raises the level of oxygen and air in a body of substantially liquid fluid, such as an aerating-oxidizing pond, lagoon, basin, or reservoir. The aeration system is buoyant and floats on top of the body of fluid. The foam... Agent: Airmaster Aerator L.L.C.

20140076821 - Process for recovering organics from wastewater: Disclosed is a method for treating wastewater by removing organics, such as water-soluble organics, by catalysis in the presence of an acid. Removal of such organics is in the form of a tar which includes phenol-derived compounds.... Agent: Kior, Inc.

20140076822 - Process for filtration enhancement of aqueous dispersions: A method for enhancing filtration performance in separating solids from liquids in an aqueous dispersion comprising a solids phase and a liquid phase in a two step process having a physical separation step and a filtration step comprising adding at least one filtration aid promoter and at least one synthetic... Agent:

20140076823 - Paint coagulation using fatty acids: The present invention relates to the use of fatty acids, finely dispersed in water, as detackifying agents in the industrial elimination of dispersed solids, in particular of paint particles dispersed in recirculating water in the context of wet scrubbing of paint overspray in paint booths, from an aqueous carrier medium... Agent:

20140076824 - Arrangement for generation and treatment of water, method for generation and treatment of water and aircraft with such an arrangement: An arrangement for generating and treating water is provided. The arrangement includes a fuel cell with a water-generating system, a salination unit for the salination of water, a state measuring device for acquiring an operating state of the salination unit, a water-receiving reservoir for receiving water, a water-quality measuring device... Agent:

20140076825 - Systems and methods for distributed utilities: A monitoring system for distributed utilities. A generation device is provided for converting an available resource to a desired utility; the resource may be water, in which case the generator is a purifier for providing potable water, or, alternatively, the generator may convert a fuel to electrical power. In either... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140076826 - Thermoelectric device with make-before-break high frequency converter: An improved circular multi-element semiconductor thermoelectric hybrid utilizes a make-before-break high frequency switching output component to provide nominal alternating current voltage outputs. Overall efficiency of heat conversion is improved by coupling a chiller to the thermoelectric generator where exhaust heat produces chilled liquid or air that is conveyed to the... Agent:

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