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Liquid purification or separation

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05/21/2015 > 48 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20150136665 - Water filter with electrical conductivity meter: The present invention relates to water filter comprises an electrical conductivity meter and a filter cartridge core for water treatment comprises one or more of the following group: filter gauze, carbonate filter, ceramic filter and Silifos balls. In addition, the invention relates to a filter cartridge core for water treatment... Agent:

20150136666 - Drinking water vending dispenser facilitated to collect and purify drainage water: A drinking water vending dispenser for dispensing purified water comprising a coarse mechanical filter, an RO purification unit, an ozone purification unit, a UV purification unit, an active carbon filter, a chemical base purification unit and a fine mechanical filter.... Agent:

20150136667 - Biofiltration with enhanced sludge handling: A water treatment system including a media filter having a filter chamber with a volume to accommodate filter media and a sludge outlet and a charge chamber for storing air. The charge chamber is fluidly connected to the filter chamber and has: (i) an air outlet for admitting air into... Agent:

20150136668 - Oil separating apparatus: An oil separating apparatus includes a preliminary separator and a main separator. The preliminary separator is for collecting wastewater. The main separator has a main separating chamber, a wastewater exit channel and a communicating channel. The main separating chamber communicates with the preliminary separator, and has upper and lower openings.... Agent:

20150136669 - Method and system for separation of suspensions: A method and system are for separating a suspension into solid and fluid components. The suspension is centrifuged about a substantially vertical axis of rotation to concentrate solid components in a first lower flow stream and fluid components in a first upper flow stream. The first upper flow stream may... Agent: 650438 Alberta Ltd.

20150136670 - Gravity-based structure: A gravity-based structure (1) for supporting offshore installations comprising a foundation (4). The foundation (4) has a basal portion (11). The basal portion (11) has a plurality of openings (10) for drainage of water. There is at least one first layer (7) of filter material, with a gradation suitable for... Agent: Seatower As

20150136674 - Apparatuses and methods for purifying liquids: Disclosed are apparatuses and methods for purifying water. In some embodiments, the apparatuses include a chamber into which liquid to be purified can be delivered, and an ozone generator that generates ozone for mixture with the liquid in the 5 chamber, the ozone generator comprising a surface discharge device that... Agent:

20150136672 - Liquid treatment unit, toilet seat with washer, washing machine, and liquid treatment apparatus: A liquid treatment unit includes: a treatment tank provided with an inlet and an outlet, the treatment tank having a shape that allows a portion of liquid to be retained; a controller that controls supply of liquid into the treatment tank and ejection of liquid from the treatment tank; and... Agent:

20150136673 - Liquid treatment unit, toilet seat with washer, washing machine, and liquid treatment apparatus: A liquid treatment unit includes: an inlet for supplying liquid; a flow passage tube connected to the inlet, the flow passage tube defining a circulation flow passage along which the liquid supplied from the inlet circulates; a plasma generator generates plasma in the liquid in at least a partial area... Agent:

20150136671 - Sanitizer system: An enclosure 12) supports a water carrying tube (16) through which a flow of water to be sanitized passes. Water carrying tube (16) may be supported at each end by Venturis (24, 26) mounted in ends of a housing (12). One or more ultraviolet lamps (14) extend along tube (16).... Agent:

20150136675 - Oil-water separating structure and oil-water separating system using the same: An oil and water separating structure is provided. The oil and water separating structure mainly uses a pump to drive a fluid to form a jet flow in high flow velocity so as to produce a suction force. Oil floating on the water surface will be sucked into a tube... Agent:

20150136676 - Systems and methods for repairing membranes and improving performance of osmotically driven membrane systems: The invention relates to repairing and/or modifying a surface of a membrane in osmotically driven membrane systems by the introduction of one or more substances to the membrane.... Agent:

20150136677 - Filter box, a fuel circuit for feeding fuel to an engine, and an aircraft: A filter box (10) having at least one main compartment (20) in fluid flow communication with a main tank (6) and with a transfer pump (8) for feeding with fuel, together with at least one secondary compartment (30) in fluid flow communication with a secondary tank (7) and an ejector... Agent:

20150136678 - Quick release pool skimmer basket apparatus: A quick release pool skimmer basket apparatus includes a basket having a sidewall, a filter element coupled to the sidewall to move between an open position and a closed position, and a handle extending upwardly from the basket. A trigger in the handle is operatively coupled to the filter element... Agent: Pool Patch LLC

20150136679 - Ion exchanging apparatus: The present invention aims at limiting the pressure loss and smoothly discharging water treated by ion exchangers to the outside of the apparatus. Ion exchanging apparatus 1 has outer vessel 3 that has inner space 2; and ion exchanger support 4 that separates at least a part of inner space... Agent: Organo Corporation

20150136680 - Internal pod for gauze filter of water filter: An internal pod designed to be incorporated into a gauze filter in a filter housing consisting of a container and a cover. The container consists of a closed circumferential conical wall, a bottom with lower holes, and a cover with upper holes. Wherein water treatment material or another filter can... Agent: General Filter Benleumi Ltd

20150136681 - Phase separation element and phase separation device: The present invention relates to a phase separation element and a phase separation device comprising such a phase separation element, which may be used for separating a biphasic aqueous and organic liquid system irrespective of which liquid is heavier.... Agent:

20150136682 - Filter device for fluids: A filter device for fluids, having a connection member (1) with a fluid input (19) for unfiltrate and fluid output (13) for filtrate, having a first (43) and a second filter element (3) and having a switching device (29) located in the connection member (1), by means of which a... Agent:

20150136683 - Grinding and dewatering apparatus of food waste by centrifugation: A grinding and dewatering apparatus by centrifugation for highly selective differentiated food waste collection includes, in a supporting structure, a hopper introducing waste-products into a grinding chamber and subsequently into a centrifuge having an inner body and an outer body with a finely perforated, coaxial side wall, a deceleration chamber... Agent:

20150136684 - Axially compact fuel filter: A fuel filter, including: a housing, an inlet port, and an outlet port. The housing includes: a first axially disposed side wall forming a radially outermost portion of a circumference for the housing; a second axially disposed side wall located radially inward of the first axially disposed wall; a first... Agent: Motor Components, LLC

20150136685 - Filter cartridges for liquid filtration; assembly; and, methods: A liquid filter cartridge is provided. Preferred seal arrangements are provided, to provide for preferred axial load conditions, with respect to one or more of the end caps of the cartridge. Some cartridge configurations provided include no core structure or outer liner structure therein, to support axial load. Assemblies using... Agent:

20150136686 - Embedded type, inverted-filtering and anti-clogged emitter and drip irrigation pipeline: The present invention discloses an embedded type, inverted-filtering and anti-clogged emitter and drip irrigation pipe (tape). The emitter comprises a first component and a second component which are mutually fixed, and a filter cloth sandwiched between the first component and the second component; the first component and/or the second component... Agent:

20150136687 - Potting method: Disclosed herein are aspects and embodiments of filtration membrane modules including porous membranes and methods and structures associated with potting ends of the porous membranes in the membrane modules. In one example, there is provided a method of forming a filtration module. The method comprises securing a portion of a... Agent:

20150136688 - Membrane, water treatment membrane, water treatment device, and method of manufacturing the membrane: In Chemical Formula 1, A is a substituted or unsubstituted C3 to C10 aromatic cyclic group, m is an integer of 0 to 5, and n is 0 or 1, provided that m and n are not simultaneously 0 (e.g., when A is an unsubstituted benzene group). A separation membrane... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150136689 - Filtration methods, apparatus, and systems using a ceramic seal gasket: The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to systems, apparatus, and methods for fluid filtration (e.g., water) with a ceramic membrane having a seal. For example, the present disclosure relates, in some embodiments, to a cross-flow fluid filtration assembly comprising (a) an elongate ceramic membrane filter having a first... Agent:

20150136691 - Method for preparing double layered porous hollow membrane and device and product thereof: A method for preparing a double layered porous hollow fiber membrane and the device and product thereof. The method comprises preparing uncured porous hollow fiber with larger pore diameters as the inner robust supporter of the membrane from thermoplastic polymeric resins by thermal induced phase separation (TIPS) method and then... Agent:

20150136690 - Method of making a membrane and a membrane for water filtration: A method of making a membrane and a membrane made from the method are provided. The method comprises coupling a vesicle to a support substrate, the vesicle comprising a plurality of water channels; and partially embedding the vesicle coupled to the support substrate in a layer of material that is... Agent: National Unibersity Of Singapore

20150136692 - Reverse osmosis membrane for wastewater treatment: m

20150136693 - Cytokine adsorption sheet, method for manufacturing the same, and blood filter comprising the same: A cytokine adsorption sheet comprises a nanofiber web formed by electrospinning a spinning solution prepared by mixing an adsorbent material capable of adsorbing cytokine and an electrospinnable polymer material. Thus, the dissolution of the adsorbent material by blood can be prevented.... Agent:

20150136694 - Point of generation small volume bioreactor for hormone and endocrine disrupting chemical remediation: Water treatment and remediation processes for hormones and/or endocrine disrupting chemicals are disclosed. A bioreactor apparatus is provided having hormone degrading microbes suitable for forming a biofilm for such remediation processes wherein the water containing the hormones and/or endocrine disrupting chemicals provide a substrate for the biofilm. Methods of regenerating... Agent: Microbial Remediation Technologies, Inc.

20150136695 - Systems and methods for cleaning a membrane separation system: Systems and methods for cleaning a membrane filtration system using cross-flow geometry.... Agent:

20150136696 - Process for removing aromatics from water used in processing coal tar: A process for treating water used in a coal tar process is described. The process involves treating the water with extraction with an extraction agent or adsorption with an adsorbent. The extraction agent includes at least one of amphiphilic block copolymers, cyclodextrins, functionalized cyclodextrins, and soluble cyclodextrin-functionalized polymers, and the... Agent:

20150136697 - Oily water separator, oil-water separating method and filtration membrane unit: p

20150136698 - Graft copolymer functionalized article: Guanidinyl ligand-functionalized polymers, methods of making the same, and substrates bearing a grafted coating of the ligand-functional polymers are described. The grafted polymer has the requisite affinity for binding neutral or negatively charged biomaterials, such as cells, cell debris, bacteria, spores, viruses, nucleic acids, endotoxins and proteins, at pH's near... Agent:

20150136699 - Apparatus and methods for solution processing: Equipment, systems, processes and techniques for conducting processing of solutions are described. The techniques can be applied to provide diluted solution (i.e. purified solvent), concentrate solution or each. A variety of specific equipment, example systems and processes are depicted and described.... Agent:

20150136700 - Chromatographic materials: The present invention provides a chromatographic stationary phase material various different types of chromatography. One example chromatographic stationary phase is represented by Formula 1 [X](W)a(Q)b(T)c (Formula 1). X can be a high purity chromatographic core composition. W can be absent and/or can include hydrogen and/or can include hydroxyl on the... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20150136702 - Dialysis machine and method for determining the furring in a dialysis machine: A dialysis machine has at least one filter for the filtration of dialysis liquid and a device for determining calcification of the dialysis machine. The device has one or more sensors configured and arranged to detect either downstream, or upstream and downstream, of the at least one filter an ion... Agent:

20150136701 - Methods and devices for treating a disease state: The invention discloses devices and methods for allowing selective removal of a protein solution from a human biological fluid. In some embodiments, a column with specificity of binding for a predetermined protein is employed to remove said protein to prevent onset of a disease or for prevention for the continued... Agent:

20150136703 - Titanium-impregnated carbon nanotubes for selenium removal: The titanium-impregnated carbon nanotubes for selenium removal provide a composition for removing or reducing the levels of selenium in water. The titanium-impregnated carbon nanotubes comprise a range of about 5 wt % titanium to 20 wt % titanium. A process for removing selenium from water includes the steps of placing... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150136704 - Method and apparatus for treating wastewater containing radioactive strontium: Radioactive strontium is efficiently removed from wastewater containing radioactive strontium. In a treatment method for radioactive strontium-containing wastewater, wastewater containing radioactive strontium and a powdery alkali metal titanate are mixed in a stirrer-equipped reaction tank by stirring such that radioactive strontium in the wastewater is adsorbed on the powdery alkali... Agent:

20150136705 - Method for treating hydrogen peroxide water: A method for treating drainage containing hydrogen peroxide that has been used for sterilizing and washing an inside of a water treatment system or washing and surface finishing of electronic components includes passing the drainage through the hydrogen peroxide decomposition reactor, injecting effluent water from the hydrogen peroxide decomposition reactor... Agent:

20150136706 - Method for removing chromium from water using weak base anion exchange resin at near-neutral ph: A method of removing chromium from water using a weak base anion exchange resin at a pH above about 5 includes the step of periodically reducing a flow of the water through the ion exchange resin for a rest period, such that a secondary mechanism of chromium removal predominates, wherein... Agent:

20150136707 - Aluminum silicate and method for producing same: m

20150136708 - Dissolved gas flotation apparatus: A dissolved gas flotation apparatus (10) comprises: —a flotation tank (18); —one or more pressure reduction nozzles (28) arranged to discharge into the flotation tank (18); —an underflow exit baffle (19) defining the upper part of an exit channel (70) from the flotation tank (18); and —a plurality of flow-contacting... Agent:

20150136709 - Water treatment systems and methods: A water treatment device and methods of treating water such as cooling tower water, swimming pool water, and hot tub or spa water, are described. The water treatment device utilizes ultraviolet radiation, a magnetic field, and ozone fortified air to treat the water, typically resulting in reduced microbial contamination and... Agent:

20150136710 - Photochemical process for the liquid phase destruction of polychlorinated biphenyl compounds, polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin, and polychlorinated dibenzofuran contaminated sludges and soils: A method or process is provided for treating contaminated sludge or soil that includes adsorbed polychlorinated biphenyl compounds (PCB) and polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (collectively termed “dioxin-furans compounds”), the method includes pulverizing the sludge or soil and thereafter directing the sludge or soil to an extraction tank where the... Agent: Air Control Techniques, P.C.

20150136711 - Liquid treatment apparatus and liquid treatment method: A liquid treatment apparatus according to the present disclosure includes a dielectric tube that defines a channel through which water to be treated flows, the channel being split upstream of the dielectric tube into a first channel and a second channel, the first channel and the second channel being merged... Agent:

20150136712 - Hydrophilic-oleophobic copolymer composition and uses thereof: Provided herein are copolymers and copolymer compositions that are both hydrophilic and oleophobic. The copolymers include structural units derived from a fluoroalkyl monomer and a zwitterionic monomer. It further relates to membranes formed by coating a porous substrate with the copolymeric compositions. The copolymeric coating imparts hydrophilicity and oleophobicity/oil-tolerance to... Agent: General Electric Company

05/14/2015 > 45 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20150129469 - Filter with dual pleat pack: A fluid filter apparatus comprising an upper housing shell; a lower housing shell; a pleat pack element comprising a peripheral frame and a folded pleated media. The frame is at least partially molded over the media to secure the media in the frame, and the media comprises two or more... Agent:

20150129470 - Side seal relief valve: A fluid filter includes a filtering medium and a relief valve. The relief valve includes an opening and is disposed between opposite longitudinal ends of the filtering medium. The filtering medium may include a plurality of pleats, and the relief valve may couple planar surfaces of two pleats. The opening... Agent: Mann+hummel Purolator Filters LLC

20150129471 - Oil sump having oil filter: An oil sump, preferably made of plastic or metal, for motors or transmissions and having a filter housing, comprises a filter housing top shell, a filter housing bottom shell, a filter medium, a filter inlet, and a filter outlet, and an oil drain opening in the floor area of the... Agent:

20150129472 - Fiber mats coated with nanogrid visible spectrum photocatalysts: Cellulose acetate or polyvinylpyrrolidone is electrospun into fibers having diameters of nanometer scale to form a first mat that is capable of absorbing hydrocarbons. A second mat may be formed from a solution of cellulose acetate or polyvinylpyrrolidone further containing tungsten trioxide. The solution is electrospun onto a copper mesh... Agent:

20150129473 - Partitioned separator water treatment system with upflow filter: The present invention supplies a series of baffle boxes inserted in the drain water stream with a final box possessing an upflow filter comprising filtration media and filter cartridges. The system can also support a storm flow bypass that directs high-flow storm runoff water directly to the outlet to protect... Agent:

20150129474 - Techniques for thermally insulating a liquid chromatographic column: An apparatus for performing liquid chromatography includes a chromatography column, and an insulating member surrounding the chromatography column wherein the insulating member is formed from a vacuum chamber surrounding the chromatography column. Another apparatus for performing liquid chromatography includes a chromatography column, and an insulating member surrounding the chromatography column,... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20150129476 - \"chemical feeder\": A chemical feeder includes a support plate that is positioned within the housing chamber of the chemical feeder is described. The support plate includes a base plate having an upper surface that has one or more extensions that extend upward from the upper surface. The extensions can, with some embodiments,... Agent:

20150129475 - Chemical feeder: The present invention relates to a chemical feeder that includes a support plate that is positioned within the housing chamber of the chemical feeder, in which one or more extensions extend upward from an upper surface of the base plate of the support plate. The extensions can, with some embodiments,... Agent:

20150129477 - Liquid purification system: The present invention relates to apparatuses, systems, and methods to cleanse water contaminated with hydrocarbons, hydraulic fracturing fluids, volatile organic compounds, sulfurous compounds, crude oil, and other petroleum products. The products recovered with the invention can be returned to the source, stored, transported, sold, or otherwise reused.... Agent:

20150129478 - Filters and filter arrangements which include a filter and a manifold assembly: A filter has first and second fittings, a permeable filter medium, and a housing. The housing defines u fluid flow path within the housing between the first and second fittings, and the permeable filter medium is arranged in the fluid flow path to remove one or more substances from a... Agent: Pall Corporation

20150129479 - Rotational filter assembly with orientation structure: A filter element for attachment to a filter cap includes a generally cylindrical filter media defining an axial centerline. The filter element also includes an upper plate attached to the filter media and rotationally attacked to the filter cap such that the upper plate and the filter media are rotational... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company LLC

20150129480 - System for removal of contaminants in water: An apparatus for removal of contaminants from water includes an openable enclosure with one or more inlet openings through the sides for admitting water and debris into the enclosure. Intake modules attached to the outer surface of the enclosure draw water from the enclosure through an intake conduit and out... Agent:

20150129481 - Dialysis machine: A hemodialysis machine including a main body and a door, the door being capable of opening and closing relative to the main body so as to receive and retain a disposable cartridge therebetween, the machine further including a controller and a pneumatic pump, the cartridge having a chassis with a... Agent: Quanta Fluid Solutions Ltd.

20150129482 - Conical solid-liquid separator: A conical solid-liquid separator includes a separator body, a clean water collection tank and a wastewater collection tank provided at an upper surface of the separator body, a conical sieves provided at the top of the clean water collection tank, an arc cone sheathed on the top of the conical... Agent:

20150129483 - Backwash arrangement for cleaning a cylindrical filter screen: A backwash arrangement for cleaning a cylindrical filter screen includes a cylindrical filter screen within which extends an axial central conduit. A number of radial branch conduits extend outwards from the central conduit towards the cylindrical filter screen, each provided with a spring-loaded nozzle arrangement. The spring-loaded nozzle arrangement is... Agent: Yamit Filtration & Water Treatment Ltd.

20150129484 - Vented filter cartridge for water treatment device: A filter cartridge has a shell defining an upper portion with an upper interior volume and a lower portion with a lower interior volume. The cartridge is for use in gravity-fed water treatment systems having an upper untreated supply and a lower filtered container. A hydrophilic porous particulate carbon powder... Agent: Marmon Water (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150129485 - Composite polyamide membrane with increased carboxylic acid functionality: A thin film composite membrane including a porous support and a thin film polyamide layer characterized by having a dissociated carboxylate content of at least 0.45 moles/kg at pH 9.5 and a method for making a composite polyamide applying a polar solution comprising a polyfunctional amine monomer and a non-polar... Agent: The Dow Chemical Company

20150129486 - Multi-layer, fluid transmissive fiber structures containing nanofibers and a method of manufacturing such structures: A multi-layer, fluid transmissive structure is provided that comprises first and second fiber layers each comprising a plurality of polymeric fibers bonded to each other at spaced apart contact points. The polymeric fibers of these fiber layers have diameters greater than one micron and collectively define interconnected interstitial spaces providing... Agent:

20150129487 - High performance polysulfones made from cycloaliphatic diols: A poly(arylethersulfone) polymer comprising recurring units derived from at least one aromatic dihalocompound comprising at least one —S(═O)2— group and at least one diol (D) comprising at least one cycloaliphatic moiety (M).... Agent:

20150129488 - Filtering solid: A filtering solid includes a body, the body includes at least two surfaces defined thereon, and at least one accommodating room is formed thereon. The accommodating room penetrates through the two surfaces, and at least one wall surface is formed at an interior of the accommodating room. The body is... Agent:

20150129489 - Organic-inorganic porous membrane and a method for preparing the same: The invention provides an organic-inorganic porous membrane which includes metal organic silica nano-particles impregnated in a polymer. The polymer includes a property of generating porous membrane using a phase inversion technique. The invention also provides a method for preparing the organic-inorganic porous membrane.... Agent: King Abdul Aziz City For Science And Technology (kacst)

20150129490 - Low soluble iron diatomite filter aids: Processes for manufacturing low soluble iron diatomite filter aids and such filter aids are disclosed. Aluminum oxide and/or aluminum hydroxide are used as additives when preparing the flux-calcined diatomite filter aids. As compared to either straight-calcined or soda ash flux-calcined diatomite filter aids of similar permeabilities made from the same... Agent: Ep Minerals, LLC

20150129491 - Separator device: A separator device is provided for removing particles from suspension in a fluid comprises a housing having first and second ports for ingress and egress of fluid into and out of the housing, the first and second ports being on the same vertical line; and at least one separation chamber... Agent: Adey Holdings Limited

20150129492 - Membrane system and method for treating sewage and wastewater capable of automated removal/destruction of scum/foam with high energy efficiency, high flux and low operation costs and haying process conversion method from constant level continuous batch re: Disclosed are a sewage and wastewater treatment system and method using a constant level continuous flow sequencing batch reactor (CSBR). Also, disclosed is a method capable of converting the system into a membrane bio-reactor (MBR) process by means of submerged membranes with a simple configuration. Further, disclosed is an automated... Agent: Rothwell Watertech Glocal Incorporated

20150129493 - Devices, systems and methods for reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide in blood: A method for removal of at least a portion of carbon dioxide from an aqueous fluid such as a blood fluid includes placing a first surface of at least one membrane through which carbon dioxide and at least one acid gas other than carbon dioxide can pass in fluid in... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh-of The Commonweath System Of Higher Education

20150129494 - Method and an apparatus for controlling fluid flowing through a chromatographic system: A method for controlling fluid flowing through a chromatographic system includes determining a fluidic parameter related to density at a first fluidic location in the chromatographic system; and in response to the determined fluidic parameter, modifying a volumetric flow rate or a pressure at a second fluidic location in the... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20150129495 - Low energy reverse osmosis process: m

20150129496 - Composite membrane comprising layer of perfluoropolyether on hydrophilic substrate: The invention relates to a composite comprising a porous substrate at least partially coated with a coating layer prepared from curing a coating composition (C), the coating composition (C) comprising at least one curable perfluoropolyether (PFPE) polymer. The invention further relates to a process for manufacturing a composite as afore-described,... Agent: Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy S.p.a. A Corporation

20150129497 - Cartridge and method for increasing myocardial function: The present invention relates to a cytopheretic cartridge for use in treating and/or preventing inflammatory conditions that affect myocardial function and to related methods. The cartridge can be used in treating a subject with myocardial dysfunction, such as a subject with chronic heart failure and/or acute decompensated heart failure.... Agent:

20150129498 - Hemodialysis apparatus operating method and hemodialysis apparatus: A hemodialysis apparatus 1 is provided with a dialyzer 2 for performing hemodialysis, a blood circuit 3 connected to the dialyzer, a dialysis solution circuit 4 connected to the dialyzer, a replacement fluid port 31 provided in the dialysis solution circuit and capable of being opened and closed by a... Agent:

20150129499 - Apparatus and method for determining a parameter indicative of the progress of an extracorporeal blood treatment: An apparatus for extracorporeal treatment of blood (1) comprising a treatment unit (2), a blood withdrawal line (6), a blood return line (7), a preparation line (19) and a spent dialysate line (13). A control unit (10) is configured to calculate values of a parameter relating to treatment effectiveness based... Agent:

20150129500 - Method and apparatus for filtering and separating flow media by means of membranes: A method and an apparatus (10) for filtering and separating flow media (11) by means of membranes (13), including a substantially pressuretight housing (14) in which a plurality of membranes (13) is disposed, at least one inlet (15) for the flow medium (11) carried into the apparatus (10) and to... Agent: R.t.s. Rochem Technical Services Gmbh

20150129501 - Flash chromatography column apparatus: A flash chromatography apparatus which provides an improved apparatus for large and medium commercial scale flash chromatography columns. More particularly, the invention relates to a flash chromatography column and cartridge system for positioning and ease of loading and unloading of stationary phase agent in the flash chromatography column. The flash... Agent: Orochem Technologies, Inc.

20150129502 - Graphene oxide-modified materials for water treatment: A graphene oxide adsorbent for removing dissolved substances from water or other liquids comprises a substrate having a coating layer of graphene oxide. The dissolved substances may be dissolved heavy metals, radioactive compounds, or other organic and inorganic substances. The substrates may be particulate substrates. The substrates may be adsorbents.... Agent: The Trustees Of The Stevens Institute Of Technology

20150129503 - Ion exchange process with plug flow conditions and short residence times: g

20150129504 - Organo-modified clays for removal of aqueous radioactive anions: Methods are described for the removal of highly soluble radioactive anions, e.g., radioactive technetium and/or radioiodide, from an aqueous solution. The methods utilize a sequestering agent that includes an organoclay, i.e., a clay with an intercalated cationic quaternary amine, as a sorbent for highly soluble radioactive anions that are present... Agent: Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC

20150129505 - Liquid absorbent: An oleophilic product for absorbing and retaining a hydrophobic liquid such as oil. The product comprises cones of the plant species Pinus elliottii comminuted to a mixture of particles. A method of manufacturing the product is also disclosed, as is a method of absorbing and retaining a hydrophobic liquid using... Agent: Sokerol Group Limited

20150129506 - Depressants for use in separation processes: Methods for removing particulates from an aqueous suspension are provided. In at least one specific embodiment, the method can include mixing a polyamidoamine-epihalohydrin resin with an aqueous suspension comprising one or more first particulates to produce a treated mixture. An amount of the polyamidoamine-epihalohydrin resin in the treated mixture can... Agent: Georgia-pacific Chemicals LLC

20150129507 - Treatment of arsenic contaminated soil and water: The present invention is directed to a method for the treatment of an environmental medium contaminated with arsenic, comprising treating such medium with an effective amount of persulfate and zero valent iron.... Agent: Peroxychem LLC

20150129508 - Filtering contaminants from fluid: A method of filtering contaminants from a fluid is disclosed. A feedstream of fluid containing contaminants is directed into a filter chamber containing a filter element. Part of the feedstream fluid flows in one of: a forward flow direction where it passes in a first direction through a wall of... Agent:

20150129509 - Pressure assist feature for pressure fryer: Methods and systems disclosed herein may be methods for rapidly increasing pressure in a pressure fryer cooking vessel during a cooking cycle. Such methods and systems may comprise determining whether a pressure output in the cooking vessel is closed. Such methods and system may also include determining a pressure of... Agent: Henny Penny Corporation

20150129510 - Bagged filter cartridge, system and method: A filter assembly is provided. The filter assembly includes a filter cartridge with a containment bag including a vent port and a support housing, including a split lid.... Agent: Pecofacet (oklahoma) LLC

20150129511 - Dishwasher appliance and a method for operating an appliance: A dishwasher appliance and a method for operating an appliance are provided. The method includes drawing a flow of unfiltered liquid into an unfiltered volume of a filtering assembly of the appliance and circulating the unfiltered liquid in a circular pattern within the unfiltered volume such that the unfiltered liquid... Agent: General Electric Company

20150129512 - Dishwasher appliance and a method for filtering liquid in an appliance: A dishwasher appliance and a method for filtering liquid in an appliance are provided. The method includes directing a flow of unfiltered liquid over a filter medium of the appliance in a first direction and urging a flow of filtered liquid adjacent the filter medium of the appliance in a... Agent: General Electric Company

20150129513 - Filter system for heavy-duty machine: A filter system for a heavy-duty machine includes a filter stand configured to be coupled to the heavy-duty machine. A first filter is supported by the filter stand and is configured to be fluidly coupled to a first fluid flow path that provides pressurized hydraulic fluid to an auxiliary component... Agent: Gilmore Manufacturing, Inc.

05/07/2015 > 40 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20150122710 - Drinking container and filter assembly: A personal, portable drinking container has a bottle with a side wall, a closed bottom, a neck, a reservoir, and a top opening in the neck providing access to the reservoir. A cap is removably fitted on the neck to close the top opening. The bottle can have an annular... Agent:

20150122711 - Methods and systems for fluid treatment having fluid release cycle: A method and system for fluid treatment that provides fluid release cycles within the regeneration sequence of a fluid treatment device. The fluid release or backwash air cycle permits the slow, controlled and metered release of air or gases from a treatment tank.... Agent: Water-right, Inc.

20150122709 - Water treatment system: An apparatus for treating wastewater, comprising: (a) means for primary screening of solids from the wastewater to produce gross solids and screened wastewater containing waste solids, (b) means for sedimentation of solids from the screened wastewater to produce sedimented waste solids and a supernatant wastewater containing suspended solids, (c) means... Agent: Esa Enviro Water (australia) Pty Limited

20150122712 - Safety apparatus for extracorporeal blood treatment: Blood purification device (100,200) having an extracorporeal blood circuit (102,202) with a blood inflow (103,203) to a dialysis unit (105,205) for blood removed from a patient and a blood outflow (104,204) from the dialysis unit (105,205) for blood being guided back into the patient, wherein the dialysis unit (105,205) comprises... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20150122713 - Prp obtaining device: A platelet rich plasma (PRP) obtaining device includes a container attached to a receptacle for allowing a material in the receptacle to flow into the container, a piston engaged in the receptacle for forcing the material to partially flow into the container, a housing slidably engaged in the container and... Agent: Yung Kang Medical Device & Technologic Co., Ltd.

20150122714 - Systems and methods for performing hemodialysis: Systems and methods for performing hemodialysis to remove metabolic waste from the blood of a patient are disclosed. The systems and methods preferably comprise at least one blood processing apparatus that receives whole blood from a patient. Cellular blood components are removed from the whole blood by hemofiltration, to provide... Agent:

20150122715 - Fluid control manifold for membrane filtration system: Disclosed herein are apparatus and methods for filtering a fluid including a filter module assembly coupled to a manifold. The manifold may include a manifold inlet in fluid communication with a source of feed liquid, an outlet in fluid communication with header of the filter module assembly, a fluid passageway... Agent:

20150122716 - High volume low level strainer: Methods and apparatus for drafting or transferring water from a water supply to a fire pump in fire service include a strainer, the strainer having a hood member with an open bottom inlet having an inlet aperture, an outlet having an outlet aperture, a suctioning structure extending away from the... Agent:

20150122717 - Apparatus for mounting on a rotatable portion of a diesel filter: The present application relates to apparatus for mounting on a rotatable portion (7; 7′) of a diesel filter (1; 1′) for controlling a drainage valve. The apparatus comprises an outlet (19; 19′) for draining liquid from the diesel filter (1; 1′), mounting means (23; 23′) for fixedly mounting the apparatus... Agent:

20150122718 - Floatable oil absorber, its uses, and its method of manufacture: A floatable modular device for absorbing oil from a surface, includes a generally disk-shaped floatable cage tapering towards the periphery of the cage in a peripheral region thereof; and a water-repellent strip- or chip-shaped oil absorbent accommodated in the cage, wherein the cage further includes at least one connector, element... Agent:

20150122719 - Electrostatic removal of colloidal, soluble and insoluble materials from a fluid: A filter that contains an adsorbent to remove the soluble portion of the contaminant, and then some form of electrostatic attraction additive. The electrostatic attraction additive would serve to pull the colloidal and particulate portion of the contaminant out of fluid, which could be held indefinitely, or be used to... Agent: Kx Techologies LLC

20150122720 - Water separating device, filter element of a fuel filter and a fuel filter: A water separating device of a filter element for separating water from a liquid hydrocarbon has a coalescing medium in the from of a hollow body and designed to coalesce water droplets of the liquid hydrocarbon passing through the coalescing medium in a flow direction of the liquid hydrocarbon. A... Agent:

20150122721 - Dialysis system including heparin injection: A dialysis system includes a dialysis instrument including a blood pump actuator, a dialyzer, a heparin pump, and a disposable cassette including a blood pumping portion operable with the blood pump actuator of the dialysis instrument, the blood pumping portion including an inlet and an outlet, the inlet of the... Agent:

20150122722 - Multistage filter: A filter for separating contaminants from fluids. The filter includes stages of differing materials arranged one after another wherein the first stage blocks and captures contaminants of a selected size and passes everything smaller than this selected size. The next stage captures contaminants of a selected size which is smaller... Agent:

20150122723 - Disc filters: A disc filter including a stack of apertured filter discs arranged about an axis, the stack having an outer surface and an inner surface and being mounted such that during backflush, individual discs are rotatable relative to adjacent discs about the axis and a disc cleaning assembly operative to rotate... Agent:

20150122724 - Filtration system: The present invention presents a filtration system with an integrated manifold valve. The filtration system employs only one pivotal component—the pivoting of the manifold. The manifold valve includes a dual aperture design for a two-fold alignment scheme with the ingress and egress lines of the fluid source. The invention is... Agent:

20150122725 - Water filtration apparatus with compostable filter: Water filtration apparatus with compostable filters are disclosed herein. A water filtration apparatus in accordance with one embodiment of the disclosure includes a fluid containment vessel having a conically shaped upper chamber and a conically shaped lower chamber. A filter assembly is seated within the upper chamber and carries a... Agent:

20150122726 - Large format melt-blown depth filter cartridge: A tubular depth filter element has three or more concentric zones. Each zone is made of an essentially continuous melt blown filament. The filament of an outer zone preferably has a larger diameter than the filaments of other zones. The outer zone overlaps with at least 85%, and preferably all,... Agent:

20150122727 - Mitigating leaks in membranes: Two-dimensional material based filters, their method of manufacture, and their use are disclosed. In one embodiment, a membrane may include an active layer including a plurality of defects and a deposited material associated with the plurality of defects may reduce flow therethrough. Additionally, a majority of the active layer may... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum & Minerals

20150122728 - Grease interceptor system and method of installing a grease interceptor system: A grease interceptor system with a corrugated pipe stub that can be obtained and cut to size in the field during installation.... Agent:

20150122729 - Method and apparatus for removing organic substances, nitrogen and phosphorus from highly concentrated organic waste water: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for removing organic substances, nitrogen, and phosphorus from highly concentrated waste water, which includes the steps of: stirring organic waste water; mixing the waste water with an added neutralizer; supplying a flocculant to the mixture to flocculate sludge; and separating sludge... Agent: Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corporation

20150122730 - Oxygen treatment of water and pulp from paper or cardboard production: Methods for seating water and gulp used in a paper or cardboard manufacturing process. Oxygen and nutrients are added to the water or pulp to increase the activity of aerobic bacteria resulting in a reduction of organic substances such as fatty acids. Alternatively oxygen alone is added to the water... Agent:

20150122731 - Bioremediation reactor systems: In some embodiments, a wastewater treatment system may reduce contaminants in water. A system may include one or more bioreactors which include a substrate that supports a biofilm The bacteria used to form the biofilm may be selected to maximize the reduction of contaminants in water. Various components of the... Agent:

20150122732 - Method of treating water using petroleum coke and a ph-lowering agent: A process for treating water containing dissolved organic compounds, including naphthenic acids, for example, oil sands process water, using petroleum coke is provided, comprising: removing petroleum coke from a coking operation; forming a petroleum coke/water slurry by adding the water containing dissolved organic compounds to the petroleum coke; adding a... Agent:

20150122733 - Method for the treatment of cancer: The present invention relates to the treatment of cancers. Specifically, the invention pertains to a method for the extracorporeal treatment of one or more body fluids in two stages, characterized by removing a body fluid from a living body diseased with a type of cancer, passing the body fluid through... Agent:

20150122734 - Light activated cation separation: A method of separating one or more valuable metal cations from an ionic solution by (a) contacting the ionic solution with an activated photoisomerizable host molecule containing a photoisomerizable moiety and a host moiety, where the photoisomerizable moiety has first and second states, and where the host moiety has a... Agent: Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

20150122735 - Membrane for filtrating water: The present invention relates to a material. In particular, it relates to a membrane for filtering water. More particularly, it relates to a membrane comprising carbon nanotubes and mixed cellulose ester porous membranes for water desalination and purification. Still more particular, the membrane comprising a fibrous substrate and carbon nanotubes... Agent:

20150122737 - Blood cleansing system: The present invention relates to removing disease material from the blood of a patient. Specifically, the invention relates to using biological binders to trap disease material that is desired to be removed from the blood of a patient.... Agent:

20150122738 - Blood cleansing system & method: The present invention relates to removing disease material from the blood of a patient. Specifically, the invention relates to using biological binders to trap disease material that is desired to be removed from the blood of a patient.... Agent:

20150122736 - Removal of selenium from coal mining runoff water: Overburden from surface coal mining in many regions can produce a rain runoff laden with selenium, in the selenate form. This occurs from exposed selenium-containing rocks in the overburden, from which selenate is leached out by the nearly-pure rainwater. The selenium-containing runoff water is caught in ponds. Remediation of the... Agent:

20150122739 - Device and method for separating grinding oil from grinding slurries: An apparatus has a stirred tank with a stirrer movable upwards and downwards. Oil-containing grinding sludge is introduced into the stirred tank by a supply conduit. Separating agent is introduced into the stirred tank for separating the grinding oil from the grinding sludge. The sludge is discharged into a receiving... Agent:

20150122740 - Fluid treatment system: The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to systems and methods of fluid treatment systems. Fluid treatment systems and methods thereof may be operable to remove contaminants and optionally reduce hardness. A fluid treatment system may comprise a feed stream configured to provide a contaminated fluid, a concentrate tank... Agent:

20150122741 - Systems and methods for treating wastewater: A system for treating wastewater is disclosed that includes an array of interconnected reactor tubes. Each reactor tube comprises an outer cathode and an inner anode. The inner anode is positioned within the outer cathode. A voltage differential is applied across the inner anodes and the outer cathodes as wastewater... Agent: Originoil, Inc.

20150122742 - Novel copolymers for use as oilfield demulsifiers: Lactone/alkylene oxide polymers are useful as demulsifiers to break emulsions, e.g. water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions, particularly oilfield emulsions. These polymers are random or block polymer made from addition reactions of a hydroxyl- and/or amine-containing base compound with at least one lactone monomer and at least one alkylene oxide monomer.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150122743 - Method for reducing chemical oxygen demand of waters containing starch, milk, whey, and other similar behaving organic components: A sulfurous acid/lime alkalinization pre-treatment sequential filtration method for industrial wastewaters containing colloids of starch, milk, whey, and other similar acting organic components to condition and remove a number of chemicals/pharmaceuticals and heavy metals before the treated filtrate is land applied or undergoes further biological nitrogen reduction for open stream... Agent:

20150122744 - Method for purification of spent sulfuric acid from titanium dioxide rutile industry: A method for the purification of spent sulfuric acid and particularly the purification of spent acid, from titanium dioxide rutile manufacture through a chloride route, is provided. In the chloride route of titanium dioxide manufacture, sulfuric acid is used to clean the un-reacted gaseous flow coming out of the oxidizer,... Agent:

20150122745 - Dynamic fluid pasteurization: A method for performing pasteurization cycles in a hot water system according to a time-temperature profile is provided. The hot water system includes a plurality of temperature sensors configured to measure temperatures of at least one fluid in the hot water system. The time-temperature profile is stored. A predefined modification... Agent:

20150122746 - Method and installation for the thermal hydrolysis of sludge: Provided is a method for performing thermal hydrolysis of sludge in a cyclic manner. A sludge stream is directed into one reactor during a first cycle and in a second cycle sludge is directed into another reactor. Each reactor has a sludge recirculation loop associated therewith. Flash steam from one... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20150122747 - Systems and methods for extracting particulate from raw slurry material: A processing system for separating raw slurry material into particulate materials and liquid materials comprising a processing structure, a frame, and a drive motor. The processing structure defines a processing chamber, an inlet, an outlet, and at least one pre-processing opening arranged between the inlet and the outlet. The frame... Agent:

20150122748 - Filtration of liquid coolants: A coolant for a machine is filtered by passing some of the coolant into a discharge tube having an opening, the discharge tube supporting a filter bag. Coolant flowing into the discharge tube flows out of the tube through the opening, and then through the bag, and the filtered fluid... Agent:

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20150114891 - Fluid circuit for delivery of renal replacement therapies: A portable dialysis cabinet for use in dialysis. The portable dialysis cabinet can have a size and weight that facilitates easy movement of the cabinet from one location to another with relative ease. The portable dialysis cabinet can have additional features necessary to facilitate portability, such as wheels and a... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150114892 - Device for decanting a supernatant received in a clarifier: A device for decanting a supernatant includes a decanter which is pivotally attached to a clarifier and which includes a decanter head that has a water inlet opening, a pivoting device which is connected to the decanter via an actuator with an adjustable length for raising and lowering the water... Agent:

20150114893 - Water pollution trap with replaceable filtration box for top-down cleaning: A pollution trap for storm-water runoff includes a filter-box assembly that provides for top-down maintenance. The filter-box assembly includes at least one filter container, a filter-container support, and a peripheral seal, so the filter container can be lifted from and lowered into the trap from above. The filter container includes... Agent:

20150114895 - Filter unit: A filter unit includes a body portion having a proximal end and a distal end. An engagement protrusion extends from the proximal end. The engagement protrusion includes a first portion that has a first radius of curvature and a second portion opposing the first portion that has a second radius... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150114894 - Filters: A filter has first and second fittings, a permeable filter medium, and a housing. The housing defines a fluid flow path within the housing between the first and second fittings, and the permeable filter medium is arranged in the fluid flow path to remove one or more substances from a... Agent: Pall Corporation

20150114896 - Methods for moving a filter along a manifold assembly; filter arrangements including a filter and a manifold assembly; and filters: To move a filter along a manifold assembly the filter may be seated on a moveable shuttle assembly. Seating the filter on the shuttle assembly may include mating a key portion on the filter with a key portion on the shuttle assembly, each key portion corresponding to a filtration characteristic... Agent: Pall Corporation

20150114897 - Filter with internal frame openings: At least one embodiment of the invention pertains to a fluid filter having a fine media element and a coarse media element inside a housing. The fine media element has a plurality of apertures through a flange around the periphery of the fine media element.... Agent: Filtran LLC

20150114898 - Filter element with a bypass duct as well as filter assembly with a filter element: A filter element for filtering a liquid medium has end plates and a filter material arranged between the end plates and flowed through by the liquid medium in a flow direction radial to a longitudinal axis of the filter element. A clean chamber is arranged in the flow direction downstream... Agent:

20150114899 - Sieve device for separating and removing impurities from sewage: The present invention refers to a sieve device for separating and removing impurities (1) from sewage (2) with at least two endless drive elements running parallel to one another that can be driven with the help of a drive (3) in conveying direction (F), wherein the drive elements (4) are... Agent:

20150114900 - Appareil nettoyeur de piscine a dispositif de filtration extractible: e

20150114901 - Rotary drum with screen for processing food: A method and apparatus for separating liquid from food product includes a rotable drum mounted in a frame. The ends of the drum are comprised of rigid structural material, and each includes a sealing band. An inlet at the first end receives food product and liquid. Food product solids, with... Agent: Lyco Manufacturing, Inc.

20150114902 - Method of manufacturing reverse osmosis membrane, and reverse osmosis membrane manufactured thereby: There are provided a method of manufacturing a reverse osmosis membrane and a reverse osmosis membrane manufactured thereby. The method includes forming a polysulfone layer by applying a solution including a mixed solvent containing two or more solvents having different solubility parameter values to a surface of a porous support;... Agent:

20150114903 - Article and apparatus for enhancing the coalescence of a dispersed phase from a continuous phase in an emulsion: An apparatus for enhancing the coalescence of a dispersed phase from a continuous phase in an emulsion is presented. The apparatus includes at least one inlet for receiving the emulsion, at least one outlet for discharging the emulsion after coalescing the dispersed phase, and at least one article disposed between... Agent: General Electric Company

20150114904 - System and method for waste treatment: Systems and methods for treating multi-component waste streams. In general, systems and methods described herein employ a first chamber and a second chamber separated by a barrier and a filtration component that is fluidically connected to the first and second chambers. A waste stream to be treated will flow into... Agent:

20150114905 - Method and a system for monitoring and control of fouling and optimization thereof of two side membrane fouling process: Methods are disclosed for monitoring, controlling and optimizing fouling of a two side membrane fouling process. The method for monitoring fouling of a two side membrane fouling process can include determining the process model for the two side membrane fouling process. The parameters of the process model can be grouped... Agent: Abb Technology Ltd

20150114906 - Silylated mesoporous silica membranes on polymeric hollow fiber supports: Described is a liquid separation device comprising a porous support structure further comprising polymeric hollow fibers; an inorganic mesoporous silica membrane disposed on the porous support structure, wherein the inorganic mesoporous silica membrane is free of defects; and wherein the inorganic mesoporous silica membrane has a network of interconnected three-dimensional... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20150114907 - Sustainable aerogels and uses thereof: Highly porous, lightweight, and sustainable organosilane-coated organic aerogels with ultra-low densities and excellent material properties and methods for preparing them are provided. The aerogels are modified to have a superhydrophobic and superoleophilic surface, thus leading to an extremely high affinity for oils and/or organic solvents.... Agent:

20150114908 - System and method for purifying process water produced from biomass conversion to fuels: In accordance with one embodiment, a process is described for a water treatment process in which water produced from a fuel production process is treated with recycled biochar. In accordance with one aspect, process water is passed through activated carbon generated by the biomass pyrolysis and gasification. In accordance with... Agent: Cool Planet Energy Systems, Inc.

20150114909 - Light weight oriented net assembly for oil capture and containment: A light weight oriented net or netting assembly is provided for oil capture and containment. The netting assembly is made by biaxially stretching or orienting starting materials to form a pattern of oriented strands and integral junctions that, while being light in weight, is also strong enough to be used... Agent: Tensar Corporation

20150114910 - Apparatus and method for cleaning water: The present invention relates an apparatus for cleaning water, in particular precleaning seawater, including at least one tank for receiving water containing at least one flocculating agent for separating organic and possibly biological constituents contained in the water. The at least one tank includes at least one contact zone K... Agent:

20150114911 - Device for sterilising water: A tap for sterilising water, the tap comprising an inlet, a source of ultraviolet radiation, a sterilisation zone and an outlet, the outlet consisting of one aperture through which the water exits the device, wherein the source of UV radiation is positioned in the sterilisation zone such that substantially all... Agent:

20150114912 - Uv-led collimated radiation photoreactor: A reactor that operates with ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UV-LEDs) to attain UV photoreactions or UV photo-initiated reaction in a fluid flow for various applications, including water purification. The UV-LED reactor is comprised of a conduit means for passing fluid flow, an ultraviolet light emitting diode (UV-LED), and a radiation-focusing... Agent:

20150114913 - Liquid treatment apparatus and liquid treatment method: A liquid treatment apparatus for treating water to be treated, according to the present disclosure, includes a treatment tank, a dielectric partition wall dividing inside of the treatment tank into a first space in which the water to be treated is injected, and a second space in which an electrolytic... Agent:

20150114914 - Method for filtering a suspension and recess plate: The invention relates to a method for filtering a suspension in a filter device comprising a sequence of steps, including piping the suspension into the filter chamber between the filter cloths, directing the suspension through the filter cloths, discharging a liquid fraction of the suspension through the first duct and... Agent: Outotec (finland) Oy

20150114915 - Velocity reducing pool filter port: A velocity reducing filter port is provided herein. More specifically, provided herein is a pool filter comprising a filter housing having a sidewall and a bottom wall defining an inner chamber, an inlet section positioned in the sidewall of the filter housing, an outlet section positioned in the sidewall of... Agent: Hayward Industries, Inc.

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