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Liquid purification or separation

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02/05/2015 > 36 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20150034536 - Medical apparatus for extracorporeal treatment of fluid and a process of calculating set flow rates in a medical apparatus for delivery or collection of fluids: An apparatus for extracorporeal treatment of fluid and a process of setting up a medical apparatus for the delivery or collection of fluids are disclosed. According to the apparatus and the process, a control unit (10) is configured calculate set values of two or more of the fluid flow rates... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20150034535 - Portable disposable waste water recycling: Portable disposable wastewater recycling techniques and systems are provided. Waste water returning to the surface during the process of hydraulic fracking or mining is routed through a portable water filtration system to remove impurities on site and to eject clean portable environmental safe water.... Agent: Waterlok Technologies, LLC

20150034537 - Automatic drinking water enhancement apparatus: This invention is for an automatic drinking water enhancement apparatus consisting of a storage reservoir for water enhancement liquid connected to a positive displacement pump that will pump said water enhancement liquid proportional to the drinking water supply flow rate, and a merging and mixing means to combine the two... Agent:

20150034538 - Treatment solution delivery in an extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus: Blood treatment apparatus and methods of using the same are described herein that include two or more intermediate containers located between a treatment solution source and a port through which the treatment solution is to be delivered with the blood treatment apparatus. The weight of the intermediate containers is measured... Agent:

20150034539 - Algae scrubber macroalgal attachment materials - appendages: An apparatus for macroalgal attachment in an algae scrubber or seaweed cultivator comprising a set of discrete non-connected appendages extending from a support member such that the appendages receive water flow and illumination so as to cause macroalgae to attach to and grow on said appendages, whereby said macroalgal growth... Agent:

20150034540 - Oil collecting apparatus: An oil collecting apparatus is provided to recover polluted nature environment and to keep nature environment clean in such a way that oil leaked over river or ocean is effectively collected on the spot, and only the oil is removed by separating water and oil, wherein the volume of the... Agent:

20150034541 - Fluid filter for an internal combustion engine: A fluid filter cartridge is disclosed for filtering lubricating oil. The fluid filter cartridge includes a first filter medium having a tubular shape defining a central conduit and a second filter medium occluding the central conduit.... Agent:

20150034542 - Device for metering a reagent by dissolution in a liquid flow: The invention relates to a metering device (D) for metering a reagent by dissolution in a liquid flow, characterised in that it comprises a plurality of parts:—a fixed base (200) grouping together said enclosure and a liquid inlet, means for bringing the liquid into contact with the reagent roller (G)... Agent:

20150034543 - Assembly with multiple hydrocyclones, method for assembling multiple hydrocyclones and support structure for multiple hydrocyclones: An assembly with hydrocyclones comprising: multiple hydrocyclones having a net chamber with two side openings positioned on opposite sides of the net chamber and a overflow chamber having two side openings positioned on opposite sides of the overflow chamber. The hydrocyclones are arranged at a support structure, comprising a support... Agent:

20150034544 - Filter straw: A filter straw and kit including a backwashing unit for the filter straw. The filter straw generally includes an elongated housing extending between opposite input and output openings. One or more filtering regions and/or other fluid treating regions may be located within and along a portion of the elongated passageway.... Agent:

20150034545 - Water purifiers having ultraviolet light emitting diodes: A water purifier that includes a housing having an inlet and an outlet opposing each other, a filter disposed in the housing and connected to the inlet to reduce the flow rate of water introduced into the filter from the inlet, a separator disposed in the housing to store water... Agent:

20150034546 - Cartridge type hollow fiber membrane module: A cartridge type hollow fiber membrane module includes: a cartridge type hollow fiber membrane element including a hollow fiber membrane bundle, a distribution cylinder, and an adhesive resin portion; a module case including a module case main body portion which has at least one port corresponding to a supply outlet... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc

20150034547 - Diesel recovery system and method: The apparatus and method provide for the removal of well fluids from well cuttings and a method of disposal thereof. A vibratory separator mechanically shakes the well fluids from the cuttings into a first compartment and the well cuttings fall into a second compartment. Once the well cuttings are dried,... Agent:

20150034548 - System for treating water and/or wastewater having a plurality of laterals that can be readily cleaned without damaging or sacrificing the laterals: A plurality of laterals operably associated with a treatment unit for treating water and/or wastewater. The plurality of laterals can form many systems including a sludge removal system and a fluid scour system. The treatment unit can take many forms including but not limited to a filter and a sludge... Agent: Roberts Marketing De, Inc.

20150034549 - Feather oil absorbent boom structure and preparation method therefor: A feather oil absorbent boom structure comprising an inner core and an outer ring winding outside the inner core; the inner core is a cloth bag, and the cloth bag is filled with feather oil absorbent material; the cloth bag is made of spunbonded-melt blown-spunbonded polyporpylene non-woven cloth; the outer... Agent:

20150034550 - Filter element for liquid filtration: A filter element for liquid filtration has a first layer and a second layer. The first and second layers are arranged one behind the other in the direction of flow. The first layer is a filter layer of cellulose, and the second downstream layer is a nonwoven of plastic fibers,... Agent:

20150034551 - Process for treating effluents from the production of an aromatic compound derived from a dihydroxylated benzene: A process for treating an aqueous solution (A) derived from a method of producing a compound of formula (I), wherein R1 and R2 are identical or different and are chosen from among hydrogen and C1-C5 alkyl, wherein R1 and R2 together form a methylene group, and wherein R3, R4, R5... Agent:

20150034553 - Wastewater treatment plant online monitoring and control: A method of operating a waste water treatment plant (WWTP) having at least one of an aerobic digester (AD) and a membrane bioreactor (MBR) is described. The method of operating AD is comprised of monitoring and controlling AD in real-time using an online extended Kalman filter (EKF) having a online... Agent: General Electric Company

20150034552 - Water treatment system and method for removal of contaminants using biological systems: A novel biologically active water treatment system for removing contaminant from industrial effluent and method thereof is provided. A novel upflow bioreactor system having an expanded bed configuration and method for creating an expanded bed for release of gas without release of substantial precipitate is also provided. A novel downflow... Agent: American Biofilter, LLC

20150034554 - Surface-treated calcium carbonate for binding and bioremediating hydrocarbon-containing compositions: The invention relates to a surface-treated calcium carbonate for binding and bioremediating hydrocarbon-containing compositions, to a method for binding and bioremediating hydrocarbon-containing compositions as well as to the use of surface-treated calcium carbonate for binding and bioremediating hydrocarbon-containing compositions and to a composite material comprising the surface-treated calcium carbonate and... Agent:

20150034556 - Method and apparatus for treating accompanied water from a well: A method and apparatus for removing soluble silica efficiently from accompanied water, produced from wells containing calcium ion, soluble silica, and sulfate ion, and not clogging a reverse osmosis membrane in the reverse osmosis membrane treatment process after that, includes adding a magnesium salt to mix with the accompanied water... Agent: Jfe Engineering Corporation

20150034555 - Treatment of de-oiled oilfield produced water or de-oiled process affected water from hydrocarbon production: Generally, the present disclosure provides a process for treating de-oiled oilfield produced water or de-oiled process affected water from hydrocarbon production. In particular, such water is treated with a regenerable polymeric ion exchange resin to remove water soluble ionic surfactants. The treating can involve ion-exchanging ionic polymeric membrane foulants with... Agent:

20150034557 - Apparatus for extracorporeal treatment of blood and process of calculating set flow rates in a medical apparatus for delivery or collection of fluids: An apparatus for extracorporeal treatment of fluid and a process of setting up a medical apparatus for the delivery or collection of fluids are disclosed. According to the apparatus and the process, a control unit (10) is configured calculate set values of two or more of the fluid flow rates... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20150034558 - Three phase elctrocoagulation effluent treatment apparatus and methods: Electrocoagulation effluent treatment apparatus and methods are disclosed, the apparatus including a primary electrocoagulation reactor chamber having treatment electrodes maintained therein and an effluent inlet and treated effluent outlet. An integrated flotation chamber is located above the reaction chamber, a vacuum device connectable with a vacuum source being received in... Agent: Rockwater Resource, LLC

20150034559 - Colloidal agents for aquifer remediation: Compositions and methods for treating contaminated soil and/or ground water in situ. The compositions and methods comprise stabilized forms of colloidal activated carbon that are used to quickly sorb contaminants. Unlike traditional activated carbon in granular or powder form, the compounds and methods of the present invention are operative to... Agent:

20150034560 - Method for selectively binding and separating phosphate anions: Disclosed is a method for selectively binding and separating phosphate anions from a liquid medium by providing a cross-linked molecularly imprinted polymer including cross-linked chitosan having selective binding affinity for phosphate ions, phosphate containing molecules, or a combination of both.... Agent:

20150034561 - Performance trapping mass and use thereof in heavy metal trapping: The present invention concerns the elimination of heavy metals, in particular mercury and possibly arsenic and lead, present in a gaseous or liquid effluent by means of a capture mass comprising a support essentially based on alumina obtained by the gel method and at least one element selected from the... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20150034563 - Enhancement of wastewater sludge dewatering using soy flour or soy protein: Dewatering agents and methods of dewatering wastewater slurries are provided. Also disclosed are methods for improving the separation of solids from water. The water may be produced water, raw water, or wastewater, for example. The dewatering agents can be in solutions and the dewatering agent solutions may include flocculants, soy... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20150034562 - Method for dewatering suspensions of solid particles in water: A method for dewatering dispersions of suspended solids by flocculation, using a polymeric flocculant, includes the steps of sequentially adding to the dispersions: at least one water soluble, anionic linear polymer having a molecular weight of at least 1×106 g/mol; and a blend of a water-soluble, cationic structured first polymer... Agent:

20150034564 - Fluid treatment systems, methods and applications: A fluid (i.e., generally water or wastewater) treatment system and associated methods provide for effectively treating the fluid (i.e., generally water or wastewater containing at least a plurality of salts) to provide a separated pure fluid (i.e., generally water) and a separated impurity (i.e., generally a salt). Also provided are... Agent: Salt Water Solutions, LLC

20150034565 - Sustainable filtering device for collecting floating debris: An assembly for being dragged by a vessel, wherein the assembly includes a filtering system and a fluidum guiding system, wherein the filtering system is suitable for filtering large volumes of fluidum, and wherein the fluidum guiding system defines a channel configured such that at least in a channel portion... Agent:

20150034566 - Water treatment: The present invention relates to a process for reduction of the presence of microorganisms and/or decomposition of organic micropollutants in water using an energy source and an additive characterised in that the energy source is UV radiation and the additive comprises performic acid.... Agent:

20150034567 - Process for removing salts from a processing liquid: A process for removing acid decomposable contaminants from a processing liquid wherein an acid is admixed with a processing liquid and the mixture of acid and processing liquid are introduced into a degassing vessel such that the gas formed by the reaction of the acids and the decomposable gases is... Agent:

20150034568 - System that provides economical purification of wastewater and recirculation of potable water and generation of electricity: Water purification and recycling system that generates electricity and has a large reservoir and a small reservoir that provides potable water to a water user structure. After use by the water user structure, wastewater is applied from said water user structure via at least one wastewater path to wastewater treatment... Agent:

20150034569 - Integrated unit for intake and pretreatment with local backwashing: Locally backwashing portions of filter media allows a simple and effective design of intake and pretreatment units, as well as their integration. An enclosure is used to limit portions of filter media and backwash them locally by suction, utilizing filtered water from adjacent filter media as the back wash water.... Agent:

20150034570 - Separator apparatus for gas-water-oil mixtures, and separation process: The present invention refers to a triphasic separator for the separation of oil-water-gas mixtures used in the field of oil extraction from land or sea wells, suitable in particular, but not exclusively, for installation on the seabed in subsea wells.... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 29 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150027936 - Dialysis system including disposable cassette: A dialysis system includes a dialysis machine having a pump actuator, a valve actuator and a sorbent device, and a disposable cassette including (i) a housing having a dialyzer inlet port, a dialyzer outlet port, a pump portion configured to operate with the pump actuator, a valve portion configured to... Agent:

20150027937 - Seawater desalination system: A seawater desalination system 10A includes a heat exchanging unit for heating feed seawater to a reverse osmosis membrane system using at least one or more of thermal discharge, exhaust gas, and steam generated through a gas engine and heating medium used in a heat pump system, and a reverse... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150027938 - Hang on glass upflow algae scrubber embodiments: An apparatus for aquarium water filtration comprising a macroalgal growth means defining a first macroalgal attachment material and a first bubbling means; and a containment means including a housing defining a first water inlet and a gas outlet; a docking means defining a first docking surface configured to complement a... Agent:

20150027939 - Oil recovery system: The oil recovery system is used to remove oil from water. The system includes rollers rotatably supported on a frame, one of the rollers having drive sprockets. A belt extends between the first and second rollers and a roller press squeezes the belt to thereby remove oil from the belt.... Agent:

20150027940 - Portable sterilization apparatus: Disclosed herein is a portable sterilization apparatus. The portable sterilization apparatus includes: a case; a power supply disposed inside the case; a power supply disposed inside the case; a hydroxyl radical generator electrically connected to the power supply and exposed outside from the case; and a switch unit disposed inside... Agent:

20150027941 - Portable sewage collection system: A portable sewage collection system comprising a cubicle with a flushing toilet and a sewage processing system. The sewage processing system is arranged to extract liquid effluent with low turbidity, wherein a portion of the liquid effluent is recycled and used as the flush liquid for the flushing toilet. The... Agent:

20150027942 - Coalescer assemblies and applications thereof: In one aspect, assemblies for removing water from hydrocarbon liquids are described herein. An assembly described herein comprises a coalescer element having interior and exterior surfaces and comprising a porous support tube and a medium positioned within the porous support tube, the medium having a structure for coalescing water droplets... Agent:

20150027943 - Rake screen and novel components therefor: Rake systems for cleaning water streams and new and novel components for such rake systems.... Agent:

20150027944 - Method and apparatus for sealing mechanisms for use with cartridge-based filtration systems: A filtration cartridge of a cartridge-based filtration system is provided that includes annular ring arrangements on one or more end caps and the shell of the filtration cartridge. Once engaged, the annular ring arrangements form a coefficient of friction between the end cap(s) and the shell to create a substantially... Agent:

20150027945 - Membrane filter including bile acid and a method of manufacturing the same: A membrane filter 26 is disclosed comprising cellulous material 23 allowing the transition of fluid therethrough, and, in a substantially dry state, said membrane comprising also a salt of deoxycholic acid. Optionally, the air side of the membrane (the side facing away from the screen or belt used to manufacture... Agent: Whatman Gmbh

20150027946 - Oil water separator: An oil water composite fluid separator apparatus designed for use in industrial applications in which unwanted tramp oils or other fluids, such as hydraulic oils, with specific gravity less than that of the operating fluid are required to be removed from operating fluid such as water, lubri-coolants or other liquids.... Agent:

20150027947 - Activated sludge treatment method, and method for upgrading existing waste water treatment equipment using said method: The object is to provide an activated sludge treatment method whereby production of excess sludge is brought substantially to zero; and a method for upgrading existing waste water treatment equipment, employing this method. The method includes a step (1) in which sludge (2) produced in a sedimentation tank is supplied... Agent: Japan Alsi Co.,ltd.

20150027948 - Backwashable filtration element: A planar filtration element includes a planar support structure (11) and at least one filtration layer (12, 13) made of a membrane material. The planar support structure has first and second opposite outer surfaces (111, 112) spaced apart and secured by spacing members (113) to define a drainage compartment (114)... Agent:

20150027949 - Method and filter for removing nitrate ions: A method for removing nitrate ions from a solution is presented. The method includes providing a polymer comprising a protonated amine moiety and an anion derived from an acid having a pKa value greater than about 1. The method further includes contacting the polymer with the solution to bind at... Agent: General Electric Company

20150027950 - Treatment for atherosclerosis: A method is described to treat atherosclerosis by extracorporeally treating a patient's blood. A patient's blood is treated extracorporeally using a moiety that targets an antigen in the blood. The moiety facilitates removal of the blood antigen. The cleansed blood is then returned to the patient.... Agent:

20150027951 - Dialysis machine: The invention relates to a dialysis machine having improved flow balance. In particular, the invention monitors the pressure of blood entering and leaving a patient's body using several sensors (37, 39) and adapts the pressure of a dialysate solution feed to the dialysis machine to compensate for compliances in the... Agent:

20150027952 - Hydraulic geofracture energy storage system with desalinization: Energy is stored by injecting fluid into a hydraulic fracture in the earth and producing the fluid back while recovering power and/or desalinating water. The method is particularly adapted to storage of large amounts of energy such as in grid-scale electric energy systems. The hydraulic fracture may be formed and... Agent:

20150027953 - Application of macroporous silica synthesized by a salt-templated aerosol method for chromatography: The present invention discloses a silica particle having a diameter less than or equal to 2 μη, wherein the particle is spherical and comprises interconnected pores having a diameter in the range from 50 nm to 300 nm. The silica particle is preferably produced by spray pyrolysis (=spray drying) of... Agent:

20150027954 - Systems and methods for removing oil from fluid streams: The invention provides systems and methods for removing a target oil from an aqueous fluid stream using a capture medium. In embodiments, the capture medium can comprise an anchor substrate and a modifier technology supported on the anchor substrate, where the modifier technology complexes with the oil to form a... Agent:

20150027955 - Utilization of temperature heat adsorption skin temperature as scale control reagent driver: The invention provides methods, compositions, and apparatuses for preventing the formation of scale in heap leach process solution distribution systems comprised of piping, spray nozzels, or emitter tubes. Solution distribution system components often become fouled by scale because of local hot spots more prone to form scale than other locations... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20150027956 - Low molecular weight phosphorus-containing polyacrylic acids and use thereof as scale inhibitors in water-carrying systems: e

20150027957 - Collection tubes apparatus, systems, and methods: Methods of producing collection tubes are presented. The methods include providing a separator substance that can rapidly polymerize in a short time to a desired hardness and disposing the separator substance within the lumen of the tube. The separator substance is formulated to have a density between an average density... Agent:

20150027958 - Method and apparatus for the treatment of mine water: A method and apparatus for the treatment of acidic surface water that has an initial pH and that contains one or more dissolved metals, the method including: (a) extracting a continuous stream of acidic surface water from an acidic surface water supply; (b) mixing a powdered neutralizing agent, having a... Agent: Micronised Mineral Solutions Pty Ltd

20150027959 - Method of cleaning a pool with a robot: A method, for cleaning a pool with N vertical walls using a robot, comprising adjusting the robot against the vertical wall of rank n=1. The robot advances along the vertical wall of rank n until the vertical wall of rank n+1 is detected. The robot retracts over a release distance... Agent:

20150027960 - Apparatus and methods for sequential treatments of process flows: A purification apparatus comprising a filtration unit comprising filtration screens, a disinfection unit comprising a source of disinfecting light and a passage for filtrate from the filtration unit to the disinfection unit. The filtration unit may be selected from at least one static drum, at least one rotating drum, and... Agent: Pr Aqua Supplies Ltd.

20150027961 - Process for decontamination of hazardous sulfur compounds in sour water tanks: A method and system treat contaminated water. In one embodiment, the method comprises treating contaminated water by introducing a methylmorpholine-N-oxide solution to a vessel. The vessel contains the contaminated water and iron oxide. The contaminated water comprises contaminants. In addition, the methylmorpholine-N-oxide solution comprises methylmorpholine-N-oxide and water. The method further... Agent: United Laboratories International, LLC

20150027962 - Process for treating with a chemical compound a body of water used in aquaculture: A process for treating with at least one chemical compound a body of water comprising at least one living organism selected from fish, molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic plants, such process comprising adding the chemical compound to the body of water and agitating the water with an agitation system comprising a... Agent:

20150027963 - Apparatus and method for treating slurries: There is provided a material treatment apparatus. The material treatment apparatus includes a first compartment. The first compartment includes an inlet for receiving supply of slurry material, and a first material conduction space for conducting flow of the supplied slurry material in a downwardly direction. A second compartment is also... Agent:

20150027964 - Sewage screening system: A screening system comprises a tank (20) containing a sewage screen (30), wherein the tank is configured for attachment to a sewage channel, and to receive sewage flow from an upstream point of the channel, and then to direct the sewage flow through the sewage screen (30), and then to... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 39 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20150021244 - Blood purification apparatus: A blood purification apparatus which can perform actions and operations according to the final stage of blood-return. Accordingly, a blood purification apparatus comprising a blood circuit including an arterial blood circuit and a venous blood circuit for extracorporeally circulating blood of a patient from a tip end of the arterial... Agent:

20150021243 - Personal water purifier: An electrolytic device and method for generating a disinfecting solution that utilizes a brine generator, an electrical circuit with an on-board solar panel and rechargeable storage battery. The electrical circuit preferably conditions the power received from a variety of power sources to charge the storage battery and conditions the power... Agent:

20150021245 - Extracorporeal blood treatment system with heat recovery: Blood treatment/dialysis systems are disclosed. The systems include a water treatment unit, preferably of the reverse osmosis type, whose outlet has connected thereto a water supply line provided with a number of branch connections having fluidly coupled thereto blood treatment/dialysis machines in a selective manner, and a drain line through... Agent:

20150021246 - Fuel filter of an internal combustion engine and heating sensor module of a fuel filter: A fuel filter, in particular diesel fuel filter (10), of an internal combustion engine, in particular of a motor vehicle, and a heating sensor module (72) are described. A filter housing (14) has at least one inlet for the fuel to be cleaned and at least one outlet (32) for... Agent:

20150021247 - Method and system for water reclamation, purification, and reuse for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications: A water reclamation system includes a drainage lane overlaying a downward graded area of land and configured to receive water run-off from the land. At least one collection ditch coupled to the at least one drainage lane is configured to receive water from the drainage lane. At least one collection... Agent:

20150021248 - Dialysis system comprising heat recovery: Dialysis systems including a water treatment unit preferably of the osmosis type, a drain line, and a heat exchanger are disclosed. A water supply line is connected to an outlet of the water treatment unit. The water supply line includes branch connections to which dialyzers are selectively fluid-coupled. Used-up dialysis... Agent:

20150021249 - Screen intake device for shallow water: A screen intake apparatus has a concrete platform resting on a water source floor. A screen intake anchors on the platform and forms a half cylinder thereon. A barrier at one end of the platform in divides the flow of water. The screen intake has a half-cylindrical body and half-cylindrical... Agent:

20150021250 - Apparatus, methods, and system for treatment of stormwater and waste fluids: A stormwater treatment unit comprising a containment vault having an inlet and an outlet separates debris from a flow of stormwater through the unit. The water flow is controlled by a wall which directs flow from the inlet to the outlet through a reservoir of fluid in the unit. Debris... Agent: Storm Drain Technologies, LLC

20150021251 - Double-layer persulfate sustained-release material and its preparation method: The present invention involves a persulfate-release material used in the filler of permeable reactive barrier (PRB). This material presents double-layered structure characteristic: inner- and outer-layers are consisted of persulfate, cement, sand and water with different mass ratio. Two different types of moulds are used for the regulation of the shape-of... Agent:

20150021252 - Dialysis system having non-invasive fluid velocity sensing: A dialysis system includes a dialysis instrument including a blood pump, a dialysate inlet pump, a dialysate outlet pump, and at least one fluid velocity sensor, each sensor including an emitter and a receiver, a dialyzer arranged (i) to receive blood pumped by the blood pump, (ii) to receive fresh... Agent:

20150021253 - Feeder device for feeding aqueous acrolein solution to a main ballast water line of a ship: Feeder device for feeding aqueous acrolein solution to a main ballast water line of an apparatus for treating for an apparatus for shops for treating ballast water with acrolein comprises an annular nozzle which is dimensioned for usage in the main ballast water line, wherein the annular nozzle comprises a... Agent:

20150021255 - Dialysate extraction device: A dialysate extraction device comprising a dialysate extraction means including an inlet port and an outlet port adapted to be connected to a flow path of fluid for flowing the fluid therethrough and a projected collection port for collecting the fluid flowing through the inlet and outlet port; a outer... Agent:

20150021254 - Filtration device: A filtration device (3) has: a housing case (15) having a water inlet unit and a water outlet unit arranged on one end side thereof; and a membrane module (17) provided inside this housing case (15). A first flow path (31) for causing raw water that has flowed in from... Agent:

20150021256 - End cap retention device: Provided is a filter assembly including at least one end cap and at least one retainer mechanically locked to the end cap in a cavity and defining a region into which the bonding agent can flow to form a mechanical interlock with the retainer. Even if the bonding agent does... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20150021257 - Static filter screen: Stackable screening plates (3) with radial screening apertures (10) are carried on a tubular shaft having an axial key. The plates have a choice of keyways (14, 15) allowing the plates to be stacked in alternate angular positions. Spring tongues (16) formed integrally with the plates provide uniform but adjustable... Agent:

20150021258 - Antimicrobial application system with recycle and capture: A capture unit for use with an antimicrobial application unit may include an upstream filter and a downstream filter. The upstream filter may be positioned to receive effluent from the application unit and to filter solid components from the effluent. The resultant upstream effluent filtrate may then be passed downstream... Agent: Safe Foods Corporation

20150021259 - Flush valve filter: One embodiment includes a flush valve filter assembly. The flush valve filter includes a support structure configured to be placed in a conduit between a flush valve and a fluid inlet line. The support structure includes at least one locking finger extending in a first axial direction and at least... Agent: H2ok Solutions LLC

20150021260 - Separation membrane element and separation membrane module: A separation membrane element including a pair of separation membranes containing two separation membranes arranged so that the filtrate-side surfaces thereof are disposed in mutually opposed relation, and a plurality of resin members bonded to both of the mutually opposed filtrate-side surfaces, a peripheral edge of the pair of separation... Agent: Toray Industries

20150021261 - Porous polymer membrane: An object of the present invention is to provide porous polymer membranes with good water permeability and good hydrophilicity. The present invention relates to a porous polymer membrane including a copolymer (A) containing vinyl alcohol units and tetrafluoroethylene units, wherein an alternating ratio of the vinyl alcohol units and the... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20150021262 - Thin film composite membranes embedded with molecular cage compounds: A polymeric membrane on a support, wherein the polymeric membrane includes a crosslinked polymer covalently bound to a molecular cage compound. An interfacial polymerization method for making the polymeric membrane is also disclosed.... Agent:

20150021263 - Method and apparatus for extracting target molecules from a liquid by binding them to an activated polymer surface: An apparatus and method for producing the apparatus that is used to bind one or more different types of target molecules to a polymer surface that has been treated, and thereby activated, according to the method. A three or four step process to activate the surface is described. After activation,... Agent:

20150021264 - Treatment methods and treatment systems for plant effluents: A plant effluent treatment method includes a mixing treatment step that mixes a microorganism activating agent into plant effluent containing organic compounds as discharged from a chemical plant, petroleum plant or petrochemical plant and discharges it as mixing treatment effluent, and an aerobic treatment step that subjects the mixing treatment... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20150021265 - Flow splitting in supercritical fluid chromatography systems: A method includes passing a mobile phase fluid flow comprising liquefied CO2 through a separation column; then introducing a makeup fluid flow into the mobile phase fluid flow to form a mixed fluid flow; and then splitting the mixed fluid flow.... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20150021266 - Operating method for membrane separation device and membrane separation device: A membrane separation device includes a separation membrane immersed in water to be treated and an air diffusion device positioned below the separation membrane, and provides treated water that has permeated through the separation membrane while diffusing air from the air diffusion device towards the separation membrane. A target value... Agent:

20150021268 - Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis systems having electrodeionization capabilities: Systems and methods for hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis having integrated electrodeionization capabilities are provided. In an embodiment, the dialysis system includes a carbon source, a urease source and an electrodeionization unit. The carbon source and urease source can be in the form of removable cartridges.... Agent:

20150021267 - Preparation method of granular oxide adsorbent, and water treatment method using same: The present invention relates to a preparation method of a granular oxide adsorbent for water treatment in which a metal oxide is bound to the surface of polymer particles, and more specially, to a preparation method of a granular oxide adsorbent, comprising the following steps: putting polymer particles in an... Agent:

20150021269 - Controlling microbial activity and growth in a mixed phase system: A system and methods for controlling microbial activity and growth in a mixed phase system. The method includes providing a rare-earth compound. The method also includes injecting the rare-earth compound into a mixed phase system, wherein the rare earth compound binds with a phosphate in an aqueous phase to adsorb... Agent:

20150021270 - Pollution containment and/or filtration: Embodiments disclosed here include a buoyant filtration system and method including a buoyant inflatable segmented rim encircling a void and attached to a submersible bag. Some embodiments include the buoyant inflatable rim segments with an inflation/deflation valve, ballast attachment, a hose and pump to remove liquid from the void. Some... Agent:

20150021271 - Method and system of enhancing removal of toxic anions and organic solutes in sorbent dialysis: A method of sorbent dialysis is provided for enhanced removal of uremic toxins, such as toxic anions and/or organic solutes, from spent dialysate. More highly adsorbable zirconium polymeric complexes of these anions and/or organic solutes can be initially formed in spent dialysate by treatment with zirconium salt solution or other... Agent:

20150021272 - Apparatus for purifying wastewater and method thereof: The present inventions relates to an apparatus for purifying wastewater and a method thereof, which comprises: a stirring part to make bubbles impregnated into floc through high speed stirring by adding floc forming materials to influent and stirring them; an air supply part to supply air to the stirring part... Agent: Bluegreenlink Co., Ltd.

20150021273 - Produced water treatment in oil recovery: An oil recovery process that utilizes one or more filtration medium comprises a filter cake and a second filtration medium being nonwovens sheet to remove silica and/or oil and/or dissolved organics and/or dissolved solids from produced water which includes separating oil from the produced water and precipitating silica into particles... Agent:

20150021274 - Hyperbranched polymers: There is disclosed certain hyperbranched polyester amides with a cloud point of at least 50° C. in water with end groups selected from: two or more i] tertiary amine functional end groups ii) ammonium functional end groups, iii) polyalkylene glycol functional end groups; iv) quaternary ammonium zwitterionic end groups and/or... Agent:

20150021275 - Methods of using hydrogen peroxide for in-situ chemical oxidation treatment of soil and groundwater: Disclosed are methods of custom stabilization of the hydrogen peroxide used in the safe in-situ treatment of soil and groundwater. In one embodiment, disclosed is a method of in-situ chemical oxidation treatment of soil and/or groundwater wherein the hydrogen peroxide has been stabilized with carboxylate salt (e.g., sodium citrate, sodium... Agent:

20150021276 - Method for producing chlorine dioxide: The present invention provides a method for producing chlorine dioxide by reducing sodium chlorate with a reducing agent in the presence of a strong acid comprising feeding ammonium salt to the reactor to produce also chloramine. The present invention also provides a method for disinfecting water.... Agent:

20150021277 - Systems and methods for plasma-based fluid treatment: The disclosed invention relates to a liquid treatment system comprising a fluid input channel and a plasmatron coupled to the fluid input channel, the plasmatron operative to affix nitrogen to liquid received from the fluid input channel resulting in treated liquid. The system further comprises a liquid chamber connected to... Agent:

20150021278 - Apparatus for continuous hydrolysis: An apparatus for continuous hydrolysis of sludge comprising material of biological origin, such as organic material, the apparatus comprising a reactor with: an inlet for feeding sludge into the reactor in a feeding zone thereof, an inlet for feeding steam into the reactor in a steam feeding zone thereof, an... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20150021279 - Ozonization continuous reaction device and a working method thereof: The invention discloses an ozonization continuous reaction device, comprising a raw material inlet, a raw material distributing device, one or plurality of single reaction tubes, a product outlet and an air vent. The first end of the raw material distributing device is communicated with the raw material inlet; the first... Agent:

20150021280 - Materials handling and treatment: A belt filter apparatus for treating material to separate solid and liquid components comprises an endless belt structure adapted to circulate around a path incorporating guide roller structures around which the belt structure passes. The endless belt structure comprises an elongate belt portion of water permeable material, and has two... Agent:

20150021281 - Hybrid-scavenger, separator system and method: A hybrid scavenger operates downstream of a separator such as a gunbarrel separator for petroleum production. The separator may be overdriven to maximize use of a permitted reinjection rate. The hybrid scavenger then extracts water from the oil and oil from the water without having to treat the entire stream... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 32 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20150014228 - Auxiliary gray water source device for commercial kitchens: An auxiliary grey water supply device captures used wash water from a commercial warewashing machine for supply to a pre-rinse station without substantial modification of the commercial warewashing machine. The captured wash water is delivered to a pre-rinse station for pre-rinsing of dishes that will be washed within the commercial... Agent:

20150014229 - Chlorine measurement/filter testing/brine container monitoring of a water treatment system: The water treatment system, particularly pre-filtration unit of the water treatment system, comprising at least one chlorine sensor device, includes a salt-water treatment device which is connected to the chlorine sensor device, an electrolysis cell being disposed in the associated line, and thereafter a pump and a release valve.... Agent:

20150014230 - Organic-waste-processing apparatus, processing method, and control apparatus: An organic-waste-processing apparatus reducing a moisture of, and conducting a thermal operation process to, an organic waste, includes: a moisture-reducing unit; a combustion unit; a combustion-energy-supply unit; an energy-supply-operation controller; an organic-waste-energy-estimating unit; a total-energy-consumption measuring unit; a relation-maintaining unit; a quantitative-relationship-grasping unit; and a moisture reduction controller. The moisture... Agent:

20150014231 - Filtration assembly including a body, a head, a cartridge and means for retaining the cartridge on the head and the body, and corresponding filtration cartridge: A filtration assembly is provided for a liquid flowing in an engine or hydraulic equipment, of the type including a body with a head on top thereof, and a cylindrical member for holding a filtration cartridge containing a filtration medium defined by an upper flange and a lower flange. The... Agent: Cummins Filtration

20150014232 - Membrane modules: The invention relates to membrane modules and applications therefor. In particular, the invention relates to the construction of membrane modules for use in forward osmosis, heat exchange, and distillation processes.... Agent: Oasys Water, Inc.

20150014233 - Carafe filter with air lock prevention feature: A filter for gravity-fed applications, having filter media with a hollow center, the filter being generally prone to a degradation or cessation in fluid flow due to air entrapment or air lock within the filter housing cavity, which develops during filtering. A diffuser element is introduced to pierce the entrapped... Agent:

20150014234 - Wastewater treatment system: The wastewater treatment system includes a hollow, elongate, horizontally disposed, cylindrical body made from plastic is adapted for water storage and treatment. The cylindrical body includes reinforcement ribs formed by a helically wound steel band embedded in the plastic and extending between opposite open ends of the elongate cylindrical body.... Agent:

20150014235 - Systems and methods for providing a feedwell: Feedwell devices are described herein. While the described feedwells can include any suitable component, in some cases, the feedwell has a center portion, a launder, a weir, and/or a mixing zone. While the various components can have any suitable relationship with respect to each other, in some cases, the weir... Agent:

20150014236 - Portable water treatment device: A portable water treatment device comprising an outer shell having a substantially flat bottom and a plastic inner liner, wherein the outer shell and the plastic inner liner together define an internal chamber having a first end for influent of a water source and a second end for effluent of... Agent:

20150014237 - Filter element, filter device and method: A filter element for filtering a fluid, in particular a urea solution, has an end disk provided with an opening. A filter medium is provided that closes off the opening and enables flow of the fluid between a clean side and a raw side of the filter element.... Agent:

20150014238 - Device for filtering a thermoplastic melt: A device for filtering a thermoplastic melt, comprising a housing having at least one fluid feed channel and at least one fluid discharge channel and having at least two bores. The bores are in fluid communication with the fluid feed channel and the fluid discharge channel, and each houses a... Agent:

20150014239 - Filter device, especially liquid filter: A filter device comprises a hollow cylindrical filter element in a filter housing. The fluid that is to be purified is to radially flow through the filter element. The interior of the filter element forms an axial flow chamber for the fluid. An end plate is arranged on the front... Agent:

20150014240 - Filter media for gravity filtration applications: A gravity filter media fabricated from multiple spiral wound or pleated layers, where different layers are designed for specific contaminant removal process and the layers are combined into a single pack for ease of use. The layers or fiber sheets are chemically treated for contaminant removal, with different layers having... Agent:

20150014241 - Filter element of a filter, multilayer filter medium of a filter and filter: A filter element of a filter for filtering fluid has a multilayer filter medium through which the fluid flows in a flow direction from an inflow side to an outflow side of the filter medium for filtration. The filter medium has several layers including at least one filtration layer and... Agent:

20150014242 - Fluid intake screen: A screen for intake of fluid. The screen includes parallel and spaced rods, filtration material, a fitting, and structural members. The rods may be distributed in a cylindrical configuration. The filtration material, in some embodiments spirally wrapped wire, is disposed around the rods to define an interior volume. The fitting... Agent:

20150014243 - Inorganic phase separation membrane and the application thereof in oil-water separation: An inorganic phase separation membrane and an application thereof in an oil-water separation relate to a field of a functional material technology, and more particularly to a super-hydrophilic and underwater super-oleophobic inorganic phase separation membrane with a micro-nano scale, a surface recombination, and mesh structure, wherein, a molecular sieve coating... Agent:

20150014244 - Composite semipermeable membrane: To provide a composite semipermeable membrane capable of maintaining high removal performance even after its supporting membrane has come into contact with an aqueous solution high in salt concentration. A composite semipermeable membrane including: a supporting membrane which includes a substrate and a porous supporting layer; and a separation functional... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20150014245 - Modular wastewater treatment plant: The invention relates to a wastewater treatment plant, specifically a modular plant for the treatment of organic wastewater, in which the number of devices depends on the amount of water to be treated and on the quality of the starting water and that required for the water at the end... Agent:

20150014246 - Wastewater treatment apparatus and process therefor: Wastewater treatment plants and processes for treating wastewater are described. The wastewater treatment plant utilizes channel plug flow dynamics with attached growth media and pure oxygen or mixtures of pure oxygen and compressed air.... Agent:

20150014247 - Field water purification system filter: A field water purification system filter is described. The filter includes a water tight enclosure formed between two layers of a polymeric material, an inlet and an outlet are coupled to the water tight enclosure. A filter envelope including a quantity of filter media is inside the water tight enclosure.... Agent:

20150014248 - Method and system for generating strong brines: Methods and systems for generating strong brines are disclosed in which a feed stream and a draw inlet stream are passed through a forward osmosis membrane to create a concentrate and a draw outlet stream, the draw outlet stream is passed through a reverse osmosis membrane to create a reverse... Agent:

20150014249 - Method of controlling medical fluid therapy machine brightness: A method of controlling a medical fluid therapy machine display brightness includes: performing a medical fluid therapy using the medical fluid therapy machine, the medical fluid therapy machine including a display; sensing an amount of ambient light impinging the display without receiving light directly from the display; controlling a level... Agent:

20150014250 - Chlorine measurement/filter testing/brine container monitoring of a water treatment system: The water treatment system, particularly reverse-osmosis system, comprising a water line with a plurality of filter stages, is characterized in that before and after at least one filter stage a respective line branches off from the water line, which is provided with a valve adapted to be switched by a... Agent:

20150014251 - Chlorine measurement/filter testing/brine container monitoring of a water treatment system: The water treatment system, particularly pre-filtration unit of the water treatment system, comprising at least one chlorine sensor device, is characterized in that the water treatment system contains a salt-water treatment device which is connected to the chlorine sensor device, an electrolysis cell being disposed in the associated line, and... Agent:

20150014252 - Water bottle coupled with filtration device: Water bottle coupled with a filtration cartridge including a plastic reservoir sufficiently flexible so that it can be gripped and squeezed, a drinking cap removably attached to the reservoir, a replaceable filtering element removably coupled with the drinking spout portion of the cap through which water inside the reservoir passes... Agent:

20150014253 - Removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions using metal-doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles: The removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions using metal-doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles is a method that comprises contacting the aqueous solution with metal-doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles. The three transition metals tungsten, vanadium and iron were selected for doping of titanium dioxide. Removal of the toxic heavy metals Pb(II), Zn(II)... Agent:

20150014254 - Method and system for cleaning degraded oil: A Method for cleaning degraded oil comprising oil-soluble degradation products and a system for implementing the method are disclosed. The method comprises the steps of receiving an inlet flow (1, 1a, 1b) of degraded oil, precipitating oil-soluble degradation products from the degraded oil by cooling the degraded oil, passing the... Agent: C.c Jensen A/s

20150014255 - Methods and systems for treating caustic materials: Methods and systems for treating caustic materials are disclosed. In one exemplary embodiment, a method for treating caustic materials includes the steps of providing a first caustic solution stream including phenolic constituents and naphthenic constituents, mixing the first caustic solution stream with an acid solution, and separating phenolic acids from... Agent:

20150014256 - Convertible filtration system: A convertible filtration system for use with cartridge filters and bag-type filters for filtering contaminated fluids comprising a filtration system housing, a base attached to the filtration system housing, and a lid mechanism for generating sealing pressure between the lid mechanism and the filtration system housing. The filtration system housing... Agent:

20150014257 - Kch hybrid screen changers: A screen filter comprises a housing defining a melt passage for molten thermoplastic material. A guide channel in the housing is configured and arranged to direct a continuous screen filter across the melt passage. A gate blocks an exit section of the guide channel during initial formation of a solidified... Agent: Parkinson Machinery & Manufacturing

20150014258 - System and method to treat a multiphase stream: A system and method for enhancing separation of a denser phase liquid from a lighter phase liquid within a multiphase stream. In one example, a cyclonic coalescer has a tubular housing and a plurality of coaxial flow chambers extending in the axial direction of the housing. A swirling element is... Agent:

20150014259 - Dual parallel lateral with internal air distribution pipe: A dual parallel underdrain lateral for use in a filtration system having a filtration media includes a primary conduit extending along the underdrain lateral, which has a plurality of metering orifices for providing gas and liquid thereby; a secondary conduit, where the secondary conduit has a plurality of dispersion apertures... Agent:

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