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Liquid purification or separation

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10/02/2014 > 44 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20140291218 - Sensing system for detecting a substance in a dialysate: A sensing system for detecting a substance in a dialysate. The system includes a hydrophobic barrier capable of allowing the substance in the dialysate to equilibrate to a gas; a detector capable of detecting the gas; an interface disposed between the hydrophobic barrier and the detector and configured to allow... Agent: Temasek Polytechnic

20140291220 - Apparatus for cleaning an immersed surface provided with an accelerometer device which detects gravitational acceleration: The invention relates to an apparatus for cleaning an immersed surface, comprising a hollow body, guiding and driving members, a filtration chamber which is provided in the hollow body and which has at least one liquid inlet, at least one liquid outlet and a hydraulic circuit for circulation of liquid... Agent:

20140291219 - Vessel based marine water evaporation system: An evaporator system for evaporating wastewater comprises an evaporation chamber; a heat exchanger disposed within a hollow interior of the evaporation chamber; a spray pump and at least one spray nozzle for spraying the wastewater onto the exterior surface of the heat exchanger; a control apparatus configured to control the... Agent:

20140291221 - Drainage trench unit and transport unit formed from such drainage trench units: The invention relates to a drainage trench unit (10) which comprises at least one drainage trench sub-unit (12), the at least one drainage trench sub-unit (12) having a base wall (16) and a plurality of hollow pillars (18), said pillars (18) being connected integrally to the base wall (16) and... Agent: Frankische Rohrwerke Gebr. Kirchner Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140291222 - Magnetic filter medium and method for its production: A filter medium for removing metallic particles, in particular for liquid filtration, is provided. The filter medium is comprised of a substrate, an adhesive layer containing magnetic particles applied onto the substrate, and at least one nanofiber layer arranged on the adhesive layer.... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140291223 - Method for preventing filtering plug-in card from dripping liquid and plug-in-card type liquid purifying and filtering device: The present invention relates to the method for preventing the liquid in the filtering plug-in card form dripping and a plug-in-card type liquid purifying and filtering device. The said liquid purifying and filtering device comprises the water pump, filtering cylinder and filtering plug-in card. In particular, at the top of... Agent:

20140291224 - Indefinite form filter medium layer and filter device provided with same: An indefinite form filter medium layer includes filter media configured to capture suspended solids contained in a liquid to be treated and filtering aids configured to allow the suspended solids contained in the liquid to be treated to pass through the filtering aids. The filter media and the filtering aids... Agent: Ishigaki Company Limited

20140291225 - Oil spill response system: In an oil spill response system, oil on the water surface is collected into an oil combating vessel having at its side an inlet at the water level and a water flow conduit extending from the inlet, the flow conduit having an oil separating unit separating the oil present on... Agent: M&l Patent Oy Ab

20140291226 - Liquid filter, in particular oil filter: A liquid filter has a hollow-cylindrical filter element to be flowed through in radial direction from an exterior to an interior of the filter element by a fluid to be filtered. The fluid after having passed through the filter element drains in axial direction from the interior of the filter... Agent:

20140291227 - Leukocyte filtration unit with reduced platelet adhesion: A filtration unit to selectively remove leukocytes from fluids containing platelets and systems including a filtration unit are provided. In one embodiment, a filtration unit is provided including an outer casing enclosing a porous element which includes a leukocyte-removal medium with a coating. The coating includes a polymer containing a... Agent: Maco Pharma

20140291228 - Machine tool with cutting fluid filtering apparatus: A machine tool includes a negative pressure generator that removes chips and sludge having adhered to a suction filter that is provided at a suction port of a pump that pumps up a cutting fluid stored in a contaminated water tank that stores the cutting fluid or a partition filter... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140291229 - Lightweight protection element and filter of the mattress type: A lightweight protection element and filter of the mattress type comprises an external containment structure (10, 20), a three-dimensional internal structure (30) with a high cavity index and a granular filler material which is inserted inside the containment structure. Engagement means (50, 52) of the mechanical type are distributed over... Agent:

20140291231 - Filter element for filtering a fluid and a filter unit formed therefrom: A filter element for filtering a fluid comprises a first clamping ring with an outer ring; a first filter disk; a first inner support plate for supporting the first filter disk and which faces to the outside or to an inner flow channel; a second inner support plate provided with... Agent: Kreyenborg Verwal Tungen Und Beteiligungen Gmbh & Co, Kg

20140291230 - Filter element interface for an oil filter of an engine: Various systems are provided for an interface between an oil filter element and an oil filter mount of an oil filter. In one embodiment, an oil filter comprises an oil filter element adapted to be fittable over an outwardly projecting step of a first oil filter mount and fittable on... Agent: General Electric Company

20140291232 - Foot pump water filtration system: A portable water treatment device that utilizes a foot-powered actuator to impel water through a filter is disclosed. The actuator moves to generate negative pressure that draws water to be treated into the interior of a housing, then moves to generate positive pressure to impel the water thus drawn in... Agent:

20140291233 - Disposable strainer with a squeezing mechanism: A disposable strainer (1) for tea infusion comprises a base (10) and a deformable infusion container (11) with a moisture-permeable body (110) attached to the base (10). The base (10) is foldable, the disposable strainer (1) includes a squeezing mechanism (12) connected to the body (110) of the infusion container... Agent:

20140291234 - Disposable integrated polymeric vacuum filtration funnel: This invention discloses a disposable integrated polymeric vacuum filtration funnel. The integrated polymeric vacuum filtration funnel comprises a filtration funnel body having a filter frit disposed inside at the bottom, an outlet stem connected with an outlet at the outer bottom of the filtration funnel body; the outlet stem is... Agent:

20140291235 - Support structure for a filter element: A support structure (16) for a filter element, comprising at least one surface part (10), in which one or more fluid passage openings (12a-12e) with predetermined opening cross-sections are formed, is characterized in that the opening cross-section of at least one fluid passage opening (12a-12e) is at least partially elliptical-shaped.... Agent:

20140291236 - Multifunction strainer and bowl: Disclosed is a multifunction strainer and bowl apparatus comprised of a generic structure bowl with a colander strainer inset at the bottom of the bowl. A hollow base extends from the base of the bowl and allows communication of fluids therethrough from the bowl and through the strainer. A bottom... Agent:

20140291237 - Screen: A screen (10, 50) comprising at least an outer and an inner layer (12, 14) of generally rod-shaped screen members (16, 18), the screen members each extending in a parallel but laterally off-set arrangement.... Agent: Anaeco Limited

20140291238 - Screen with increased screening area: This disclosure is drawn to systems, devices, apparatuses, and/or methods, related to screening fluid. Specifically, the disclosed systems, devices, apparatuses, and/or methods relate to screening fluid using a screen having an increased screening area. Some example apparatuses may include a screen frame including a base portion and a plurality of... Agent:

20140291239 - Wastewater treatment method and equipment using a dual-diffusion oxygen supply horizontal-flow biofilm: A wastewater disposal method using a two-way oxygen supply horizontal-flow biofilm includes a carrier that is formed of a permeable material so that oxygen is supplied to the biofilm from the bottom layer of the biofilm adjacent to the surface of the carrier, so as to achieve a mode of... Agent:

20140291240 - Systems, methods, and compositions for clarifying drilling mud: Methods, systems, and compositions for clarifying drilling mud are provided. A method of clarifying drilling mud includes at least: mixing a hydrophilic solution and an effluent; the effluent comprising an oil lubricant and solid particles; binding the solid particles to the hydrophilic solution; separating the oil lubricant from the solid... Agent: Blue Eagle Holdings, LLC

20140291241 - Functionalized ceramic membranes for the separation of organics from raw water and methods of filtration using functionalized ceramic membranes: Components, systems, and methods for producing highly hydrophilitic, functionalized inorganic filtration membranes, pre-treating organic and biological-containing waste waters for minimal membrane fouling and scaling when processed using such functionalized membranes, and use of such functionalized membranes of the present invention in filtration systems for separating such pre-treated waste waters, all... Agent:

20140291242 - Membrane module for organophilic pervaporation: The invention relates to a membrane module for pervaporation, in particular organophilic pervaporation, having a liquid-tight housing with at least one feed inlet, at least one retentate outlet and at least one permeate outlet that is or can be subjected to a negative pressure or vacuum, wherein a membrane pocket... Agent:

20140291243 - Dialysis system with ultrafiltration control: Systems and methods are disclosed for performing hemodialysis that include fluid handling systems that provide accurate control over the type and level of hemodialysis being performed. The system includes a first pump for pumping dialysate into a dialyzer and a second pump for pumping dialysate out of the dialyzer. The... Agent:

20140291244 - Method and device for determining a recirculation state: A method and a device for determining a recirculation during a dialysis on the basis of the response of the dialysis system to an alteration of a system-related operating value are described. Recirculation may be determined by establishing, at the side of the dialysis liquid, a reference parameter that represents... Agent:

20140291245 - Ceramic separation filter and dehydration method: Provided is a ceramic separation filter having excellent separation performance and such acid resistance. The ceramic separation filter includes a porous substrate and a separation membrane disposed on the substrate. The separation membrane is a zeolite laminate including an outermost layer made of zeolite that is located on an outermost... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140291246 - Selective adsorbent fabric for water purification: A water purification chamber is provided. In one embodiment, a system comprises a purification chamber comprising a selective adsorbent activated carbon fiber fabric including one or more selective functional groups that bind arsenic.... Agent: Chemica Technologies, Inc.

20140291247 - Methods for hydrodynamic control of a continuous water purification system: Methods and apparatus for removing contaminants from liquid using a continuously circulating stream of purifying media are disclosed. In one embodiment the method includes mixing a regenerated purifying media with a contaminated liquid containing diverse contaminants; co-currently transporting the purifying media and the contaminated liquid in a mixed state; removing,... Agent:

20140291248 - Systems and methods for use and control of an automated separator with adsorption columns: Blood treatment systems and methods are provided for combining a blood separation system and an adsorption device. The blood separation system is configured to separate a blood component from blood, while the adsorption device is configured to receive at least a portion of the separated blood component and process it.... Agent: Fenwal, Inc

20140291249 - Composite media for water treatment processes and methods of using same: Systems and methods for treating a stream comprising hydrocarbons and an aqueous-based liquid are provided. The systems and methods may utilize a media composite comprising a mixture of a cellulose-based material and a polymer. In certain systems and methods, the media composite is capable of being backwashed. The stream comprising... Agent:

20140291250 - Nano-structured composite materials based on compositions of manganese and cerium, usable as oxidation catalysts and/or molecular adsorbers: s

20140291251 - Hydrocarbon sequestering product, a method to obtain the product, a method to sequester hydrocarbons and a hydrocarbon sequestration facility: A hydrocarbon sequestering product, a method to obtain the product, and a method and a facility to sequester hydrocarbons, wherein the product comprises an oleophilic filamentous material that gets in contact with a medium contaminated by one or more hydrocarbons with the purpose of sequestrating the hydrocarbon(s) present in the... Agent:

20140291252 - Method for purifying waste water from a stainless steel slag treatment process: The present invention relates to a method for purifying highly alkaline waste water from a stainless steel slag treatment process. This waste water contains between 0.5 and 5 mg/l of trivalent chromium (Cr(III)) and between 0.5 and 1.0 mg/l of molybdenum. To reduce the chromium and molybdenum content a trivalent... Agent:

20140291253 - System and method for measuring and treating a liquid stream: A method and system of treating a liquid stream is provided. The water is treated by utilizing a free radical scavenging system and a free radical removal system. The free radical scavenging system can utilize actinic radiation with a free radical precursor compound, such as ammonium persulfate. The free radical... Agent:

20140291255 - Method of raising the ph of acidic bodies of water: The invention relates to a method of raising the pH of a body of water having a pH of less than 4.5 by introducing neutralizing agent, the raising of the pH taking place in at least two stages thus: at pH levels below 4.5, a first neutralizing agent having a... Agent: Rheinkalk Gmbh

20140291254 - Trash removal system: A trash removal system is configured to enable a diver to remove debris from water. The trash removal system comprises a line mechanically coupled to a boat and extending downward in the water. Hooks are mechanically coupled to the line and configured to receive the debris from the diver. Shelf... Agent:

20140291256 - Method for treatment of dyeing wastewater by using uv/acetylacetone oxidation process: A method for treatment of dye wastewater by using ultraviolet-acetylacetone oxidation process is provided. This method belongs to the field of dye wastewater treatment, comprising the following steps: A) adding acetylacetone into dye-containing water, stirring and mixing them completely; B) putting the liquid obtained in step A) under ultraviolet irradiation... Agent:

20140291257 - Liquid treatment refining and recycling: A water treatment device and related method of operation may include receiving used, dirty and/or waste water from a well or other source of water. The water may then be prepared for a voltage treatment by injecting a gas into the water, treating the water with pH adjustments and then... Agent:

20140291258 - Method and device for enriching a liquid with oxygen: The invention relates to a solution for enriching a liquid with oxygen. For this purpose, oxygen from the ambient air is introduced into the liquid by means of an injector and is partially dissolved in it. The liquid which leaves the injector, and which is laden with dissolved and undissolved... Agent:

20140291259 - Separation method and apparatus: A separation method (10) comprising the following method steps: (i) Passing an organic waste material to a primary washing step (16) in which a clean organic stream (18) and a fraction with a specific gravity of greater than 1 (20) are produced; (ii) Passing the clean organic stream (18) from... Agent: Anaeco Limited

20140291260 - Appliance for filtering liquids, in particular waste water, and method for filtering liquids: In an appliance for filtering liquids, in particular waste water, with filter discs lying on top of one another and forming a flow path for a liquid to be filtered, wherein the appliance has at least one device for generating a movement of the filter discs, provision is made that... Agent: Reinhold Wesselmann Gmbh

20140291261 - Recycling filtrate to inlet during backwashing: A fluid filtering system with backwashing, particularly for ballast tanks, employing a pump with its inlet connected to receive fluid to be filtered and the outlet of the pump to a unified filtering vessel with apparatus for sequentially backwashing individual filter media elements and connecting the backwash to a drain.... Agent: Eaton Corporation

09/25/2014 > 31 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140284256 - Copper recovery apparatus: According to one embodiment, a copper recovery apparatus includes a precipitation tank, a mixing tank, a filter-aid feeder, a solid-liquid separator includes a filter, a cleaning-water supply line, a cleaning-water discharge line, a separation tank, and a filter-aid return line. The precipitation tank is configured to receive copper ions-containing water... Agent:

20140284257 - Filter apparatus utilizing pressurized reverse cleaning by means of a filter drum: A filter apparatus utilizing pressurized reverse cleaning by a filter drum includes: a housing including an inlet and an outlet through which fluid enters and exits; a filtering means including a top plate and a bottom plate disposed apart at the top and bottom inside the housing and each forming... Agent: Korea Filter Co., Ltd.

20140284258 - Pool cleaners: A pool cleaner has a float and close proximity counter weight that together improve the applied torque to steer the pool cleaner, a body 13 has slots 33 diametrically opposed on the body 13 and these receive tangs 66 and 67 which depend from a circular body 68. The body... Agent: Pool Systems Pty Ltd

20140284259 - Porous inorganic/organic hybrid particles for chromatographic separations and process for its preparation: Novel material for chromatographic separations, processes for its preparation, and separations devices containing the chromatographic material. In particular, the disclosure describes porous inorganic/organic hybrid particles having a chromatographically-enhancing pore geometry, which desirably may be surface modified, and that offer more efficient chromatographic separations than that known in the art.... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140284260 - Chromatography column: A chromatography column having a longitudinal axis and comprising a column wall with a first end and a second end, a first end plate assembly removably connectable to said first end of the column wall, a second end plate assembly removably connectable to said second end of the column wall,... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20140284261 - Separation membrane for blood processing and blood processing apparatus having the membrane installed therein: The present invention provides a separation membrane for blood processing, comprising a polysulfone polymer, a hydrophilic polymer and a polymer having a hydroxy group in a side chain and having a solubility of 0.5 g or less in water (100 g) at 20° C., in which the content of the... Agent: Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd.

20140284262 - Volumetric pressure exchanger for a seawater desalination plant and desalination plant: Volumetric pressure exchanger comprising at least one unit for pressure exchange with a hollow cylindrical body, a piston sliding in said body, said piston comprising a piston crown separating the inside of said cylindrical body into a downstream chamber and an upstream chamber, said piston comprising a rod arranged on... Agent:

20140284263 - Fuel filter of an internal combustion engine and filter element of a fuel filter: A fuel filter has a housing with fuel inlet for fuel to be purified, fuel outlet for purified fuel, and water outlet for water separated from the fuel. A filter element is arranged in the housing and separates seal-tightly fuel inlet from fuel outlet. The filter element has a filter... Agent:

20140284264 - Fuel filter of an internal combustion engine, and filter element of a fuel filter: Disclosed is a fuel filter (10) for fuel, in particular diesel fuel, of an internal combustion engine, in particular of a motor vehicle, and to a filter element of such a fuel filter. A housing (12) has at least one fuel inlet (26) for the fuel to be cleaned, at... Agent:

20140284265 - Filter device: A filter device, having at least one filter clement (3) which can be received in a filter housing (1) and having a holding device (19) which serves for detachably fixing said filter element in the filter housing (I) and which has corresponding threads (23, 33) for forming a screw connection... Agent:

20140284266 - Filter assembly: A filter element includes a substantially cylindrical center tube having a first end, a second end opposite the first end, and a central longitudinal axis. The filter element also includes filter media extending circumferentially around and longitudinally along the center tube, and a plate connected to the center tube proximate... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140284267 - Abrasion-proof filtration membrane and method of producing said membrane: A filtration membrane (1) is provided that includes a porous support (4) and a membrane layer having a first and a second zone (2, 3). The first zone (2) has a thickness of 5 to 15 μm and an average pore opening size of smaller/equal 0.4 and the second zone... Agent:

20140284268 - Filter element of a fuel filter and method for producing such a filter element: A filter element of a fuel filter for fuel has a filter medium of a tubular shape. An end member is seal-tightly connected to an end face of the filter medium. A support tube is arranged coaxial to the filter medium and has an end connected to the end member,... Agent:

20140284269 - Porous abpbi [phosphoric acid doped poly (2, 5-benzimidazole)] membrane and process of preparing the same: The present invention relates to a porous ABPBI (phosphoric acid doped poly (2, 5-benzimidazole)) membrane and process of preparing the same. A stable porous ABPBI (Phosphoric Acid Doped Poly (2, 5-benzimidazole)) membrane stable to acids, bases, solvents and autoclaving is disclosed. The membrane finds use for separation of solutes in... Agent: Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research

20140284270 - Rna pores and methods and compositions for making and using same: Synthetic RNA molecules having a pore, compositions including RNA molecules having a pore, where the compositions are capable of filtering metal ions, filtering molecular ions, performing size exclusion chromatography, performing ion specific chromatography, reversible metal ion and molecular ion binding, ion selective membranes, ion selective channels, ion selective/specific sensors, electrical... Agent:

20140284271 - Photobioreactor system and method of using the same: A photobioreactor assembly, including panel having an array of equal radius, generally parallel, generally vertical and generally transparent tubes, where the tubes have a radius such that for a pre-determined microorganism preferred light intensity level, photosynthesis viable light is available at the center of each tube for an expected maximum... Agent: Algaeon, Inc.

20140284272 - Methods for the bioremediation of petroleum in an aquatic environment: In one embodiment, a bioremediation agent and method of bioremediation of an oil spill are disclosed. The bioremediation agent contains oil-digesting bacteria and bacterial nutrients in a buoyant water semi-insoluble and biodegradable casein product. The bioremediation agent may be distributed by boats or seeded by aircraft to remediate oil from... Agent:

20140284273 - Decanted bio-balanced reactor and method: A wastewater treatment system is provided having a reactor, first and second bio media and an aeration system. The first bio medium is located proximate an inlet end of the reactor and extends vertically between a top water level and the reactor's floor. The second bio medium is located proximate... Agent: Environmental Dynamics International, Inc.

20140284274 - Method for the reduction or elimination of one or more components from a blood product: A method for the reduction or elimination of one or more components from a blood product or a fluid is disclosed. The method comprises continuous addition of the blood product to a filter containing an inlet and an outlet for the blood product in which one or more components have... Agent:

20140284275 - Zero emission dialysis clinic: The present invention provides a zero-emission dialysis clinic including a building envelope, daylight concept, lighting concept, mechanical ventilation (71), a chilled and heated ceiling (61) with capillary tubes (60), heat pump (50), and a photovoltaic system (80). Specifically, the present invention balances the energy consumption with energy generation by a... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20140284276 - Sea water reverse osmosis system to reduce concentrate volume prior to disposal: The present invention includes systems and methods for treatment of seawater RO system for recovering most of the water (i.e., 85-90%) from the concentrate of a brackish groundwater reverse osmosis treatment system that may use, e.g., a batch method. With proper pH control and antiscalant dosage, the batch-treatment SWRO system... Agent:

20140284278 - Cationic displacer molecules for hydrophobic displacement chromatography: A process for separating organic compounds from a mixture by reverse-phase displacement chromatography, including providing a hydrophobic stationary phase; applying to the hydrophobic stationary phase a mixture comprising organic compounds to be separated; displacing the organic compounds from the hydrophobic stationary phase by applying thereto an aqueous composition comprising a... Agent:

20140284277 - Processing biomass materials: Biomass (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) is processed to produce useful intermediates and products, such as energy, fuels, foods or materials. For example, equipment, systems and methods are described that can be used to treat feedstock materials, such as cellulosic and/or lignocellulosic materials. Process streams can... Agent:

20140284279 - Apparatus, system and method for mass directed chromatography: The present invention provides an apparatus that can be used to connect a flash chromatography instrument to a fraction collector and a mass detector to perform mass-directed flash chromatography.... Agent: Biotage Ab

20140284280 - Method for removing a polluting substance from a water source: A method for removal of a hydrocarbon substance floating on a body of water, in particular petroleum and/or its derivatives, characterized in that it envisages the use of greasy animal wool, with a fibre having a diameter greater than 25 μm, to absorb said substance.... Agent: Tecnomeccanica Biellese S.r.l.

20140284281 - Novel adsorbent composite from natural raw materials to remove heavy metals from water: An adsorbent composition for removing heavy metals from contaminated water is described. The composition comprises of a mixture of kaolin clay, cellulose powder, silica powder, magnesite powder, bentonite powder and water. The adsorbent is mixed with contaminated water and allowed to react. Once the reaction is finished a reduced contaminant... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology (kacst)

20140284282 - In-line magnetic particle filter: A magnetic particle filter for a hydraulic control line is disclosed. A filter array is positioned to surround a portion of the hydraulic control line and includes alternating magnets and spacers having different interior diameters forming a ribbed interior surface. The corners between the spacers and magnets trap particles, magnetic... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140284283 - Method and apparatus for treating liquid containing impurities: A method and an apparatus for treating a liquid containing impurities may include a filtering chamber configured to permit granular media to interact with liquid containing impurities, thereby removing impurities from the liquid to produce filtrate; a filtrate section for receiving the filtrate; a gas supplying system for delivering gas... Agent: Parkson Corporation

20140284284 - Apparatus to dispense immiscible liquid from an inverted bottle: A device, an improvement upon a funnel, to enable immiscible liquids to be dispensed from an inverted bottle to augment a new, in-situ method to extract chemicals from water directly within sampling containers.... Agent:

20140284285 - Separation method for immiscible fluids: A wash separator comprises a vessel containing a first fluid and a second fluid whereby the second fluid has a different density from the first fluid. The first fluid (3) is immiscible with the second fluid and the first and second fluids are separated from each other by an interface.... Agent:

20140284286 - System and method for filtering fuel within fuel tank: A system and method for filtering fuel using a fuel filtration system are disclosed. The fuel filtration system may include a fuel filter, a siphon mechanism and a filter shaft. A first end of the filter shaft may be connected to the fuel filter and a second end of the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

09/18/2014 > 125 patent applications in 98 patent subcategories.

20140262982 - Greywater treatment and reuse system: A greywater treatment and reuse system includes a collector for collecting greywater, a distributor for distributing treated greywater for reuse, and a treatment and storage device for treating collected greywater and for storing treated greywater before the greywater is sent to the distributor for reuse. The treatment and storage device... Agent: Water Harvesting Solutions, Inc. (wahaso)

20140262983 - Medical fluid sensors and related systems and methods: This disclosure relates to medical fluid sensors and related systems and methods. In some aspects, a circuit includes a radio frequency coil tuned to at least one frequency and at least one switching circuit directly connected to the radio frequency coil. The radio frequency coil is characterized by a high... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140262984 - Determining biofilm thickness in a membrane supported biofilm reactor: A method of assessing biofilm thickness in a membrane supported biofilm reactor (MSBR) of the type comprising a lumen containing a gas phase, a liquid phase, and a gas permeable membrane providing an interface between the gas and liquid phases, the method comprising the steps of charging the lumen with... Agent: University College Dublin, National University Of Ireland, Dublin

20140262985 - Organic waste liquid solid separator: The invention provides an apparatus for separating mixed organic waste material into liquid and solid components. The apparatus may include an inlet pipe having openings at a bottom portion and top portion thereof; a front plate having an opening, wherein the front plate is connected to the inlet pipe at... Agent:

20140262986 - Facility for treating thermal oils in solar thermal plants: An installation for processing thermal oils at thermal solar plants, includes an intake for connecting to an outlet circuit of the solar thermal plant; an oil-cooling device; a first decanting tank (4); a second decanting tank (7); a third tank (8), which serves as a flow-control tank, receiving oil that... Agent: Gd Energy Services S.a.u.

20140262987 - Sub-sea chemical injection metering valve: An apparatus that includes a chemical injection management system. The chemical injection management system may include an interface configured to couple the chemical injection management system to a mineral extraction system. In addition, the chemical injection management system may include an ultrasonic flow meter.... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140262988 - Water filtration tower: A village water filtration system includes a vertical tube which can be filled with non-potable water, attached to a human powered or other air pressurization source, the pressurized air forcing the flow of the water out of the tube and through a series of filters, producing potable water. The air... Agent:

20140262990 - Medical fluid sensors and related systems and methods: This disclosure relates to medical fluid sensors and related systems and methods. In some aspects, a medical fluid cartridge includes a body including a first portion defining a first fluid passageway and a second portion defining a second fluid passageway in fluid communication with the first fluid passageway. The body... Agent: Fresenuis Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140262989 - Reverse osmosis system with an automated modulated bypass: A water filtering system including an inlet, an outlet and a filter positioned between the inlet and the outlet, where feed water enters the inlet and passes through the filter, and filtered water exits the through the outlet. A measurement device is connected to at least one of the inlet... Agent:

20140262991 - Corrosion and contamination preventing apparatus and subsystem for watermaker systems: A corrosion and contamination preventing apparatus and subsystem including a conduit forming a watermaker flush-water flow path between a potable water supply and a feed water entry portion of a watermaker system, a filter/ion-generator component disposed along the flush-water flow path, a valve means for opening and closing the flush-water... Agent: Spectra Watermakers, Inc.

20140262992 - Water basin and system: Various water basins and systems are described that include a first basin having a longitudinally upward extending tower, a first side, a second side, and a plurality of supports. The plurality of supports are adjustable from the first side of the first basin. The system includes at least a water... Agent: Hearth Products Controls

20140262993 - Packaged liquid reclamation system: A sewer cleaning vehicle is disclosed. In one aspect, the sewer cleaning vehicle has a refuse storage tank having a first end with an opening. The sewer cleaning vehicle may also have a recycled water storage tank and a packaged liquid reclamation system for cleaning and transferring water from the... Agent: Federal Signal

20140262995 - Valve assembly of a filter element: A valve assembly of a filter element has a valve plunger with a valve stem provided with a coupling section and a valve plate connected to the valve stem and designed to close a valve opening. The valve assembly has a spring element with a spring section for generating a... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140262994 - Water filter cartridge interface: An apparatus includes an interlocking member being disposed radially outward of a portion of the apparatus, wherein the interlocking member comprises a tapered helical interface following an outwardly tapering helical path on an annular outer wall of the interlocking member and including at least one depression defined thereon.... Agent:

20140262996 - Drain grate system and method: A drain grate system can be installed in a curbside or storm drain to block the passage of debris while allowing liquid to flow into the drain. The drain grate system can open in response to a high flow rate to allow liquid and debris to flow into the drain.... Agent: G2 Construction, Inc.

20140262997 - Automatic electric top bottom swimming pool cleaner with internal pumps: The present disclosure relates to an electric top bottom cleaner for pools or spas that includes internal pumps for suction and propulsion purposes. The pool cleaner includes a housing having a front end, a rear end, a first side, a second side, a bottom wall, and a top wall, with... Agent: Hayward Industries, Inc.

20140262998 - Water system: A water distribution system for the distribution of water may include a collection and filtering device to collect and filter water for the water distribution system, a Hydro turbine generator to generate power from the collected water and a storage tank to store water from the Hydro generator.... Agent:

20140263000 - Methods and apparatuses for water treatment: A liquid filtration device comprises: filter modules, wherein each of the filter modules has a layer for a bio-film and a first group of particles; and a biobridge, wherein the biobridge is coupled to the filter modules, wherein an input liquid is disposed on the filter modules, and wherein for... Agent:

20140262999 - Reactor for sewage treatment: A reactor for sewage treatment including: an inner layer including a water distribution zone; a middle layer including a biological aerated filter, the biological aerated filer including a wall and a bottom including a water outlet; and an outer layer including an artificial wetland, the artificial wetland including a bottom... Agent: Chongqing University

20140263001 - Self cleaning shield: r

20140263002 - Universal drain adapter: A universal drain adapter comprising: a ring and a neck having a common substantially centrally disposed threaded hole; the ring having a plurality of holes and at least one other hole, each hole of the plurality of holes comprising a substantially centrally disposed portion, a first substantially rabbit ear portion,... Agent:

20140263003 - Vertical slide backwash valve: Provided is a backwash valve comprising a body including a central tube extending along a length of the body, a first pool port and first filter port axially aligned at a first position along the body length, a second pool port and second filter port axially aligned at a second... Agent: Hayward Industries, Inc.

20140263004 - Precast stormwater inlet filter and trap: A filter for a storm water inlet having a surface opening for receiving storm water runoff comprising liquids and solids and discharging said runoff into an interior compartment below having a substantially vertical interior wall or walls defining a cross-sectional area. The filter comprises one or more precast pervious concrete... Agent: Hanson Pipe & Precast LLC

20140263005 - Deep ocean desalination system and methods of using same to produce potable water: A deep ocean desalination system that uses hydrostatic pressure to reverse osmosis the seawater. The membrane structure is deployed to a predetermined ocean depth and includes a submersible pump system.... Agent:

20140263006 - Wastewater treatment system: Treatment of wastewater containing contaminants is provided. More specifically, treating wastewater through capture and recirculation of percolated fluid effluent through and from one or more infiltration field systems is provided.... Agent:

20140263007 - Parts separator: A parts separator includes a chute having an inlet section defining a wet chip inlet opening, an outlet section defining a wet chip outlet opening adapted to be coupled to a centrifugal separator and a drop-out opening disposed between the inlet and outlet sections. The parts separator also includes a... Agent: Inter-source Recovery Systems

20140263008 - Apparatus and method for removal of radionuclides in liquids: A vessel for removing radionuclides from a liquid. The vessel comprises a shielded housing comprising an outer shell and an inner shell disposed within the outer shell. The housing defines an ion exchange chamber between the inner and outer shells. The vessel also comprises an inlet fluidly coupled with the... Agent: Avantech, Inc.

20140263009 - Low water footprint re-circulating aquatic system for the sustainable cultivation of aquatic organisms and plants: A sustainable Low Water Footprint Re-circulating Aquatic System for cultivating aquatic organisms and plants. The system conserves water and energy by using gravity to move water and nutrients from the clarifier into the low water footprint management system. The novel water management system controls the volume of water in the... Agent: University Of North Texas

20140263010 - Hybrid aerobic and anaerobic wastewater and sludge treatment systems and methods: A hybrid method and system of treating wastewater with reduced energy usage is disclosed. The treatment system has a sorption system, an anaerobic digester that digests or converts at least a portion of the solids or sludge from the sorption system, and an aerobic treatment tank that partially reduces oxygen... Agent: Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

20140263011 - Novel chromatographic media based on allylamine and its derivative for protein purification: Chromatographic media of porous media particles derivatized with allylamine or polyallylamine obtained directly or through intermolecular polymerization on the surface thereof and such media functionalized with further functionalization groups. Such media are particularly useful for separating biomolecules.... Agent: Avantor Performance Materials, Inc.

20140263012 - Parallel assembly of chromatograpy column modules: A parallel assembly (2; 11; 51) of chromatography column modules (3a,b,c; 13a,b,c; 53a,b,c, 90a, b), the assembly having one common assembly inlet (15; 55) and one common assembly outlet (17; 57), each column module comprising a bed space (29) filled with chromatography medium and each column module comprises integrated fluid... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20140263013 - Fresh water generation system: Provided is a fresh water generation system which filters biotreated water produced by microbiologically treating waste water via a primary semi-permeable membrane (8), and then mixes concentrated water rejected by the filtration with seawater, thereby to filter the mixed water via a secondary semi-permeable membrane (14). This system enables frequencies... Agent:

20140263014 - Water filtration device: A simplified portable water purification system provides an unfiltered water receiving compartment, a disposable filter cartridge, and a filtered water reservoir all in a single container. The container has a removable lid and is a vertically positioned, wide-mouth, tubular structure. The disposable filter cartridge is horizontally positioned centrally and divides... Agent: Revelations Water Technologies Holding Company, Inc.

20140263015 - Apparatus and method for magnetically treating fluids: An apparatus and methodology is presented for magnetically conditioning any fluid or gas transported through a conduit, pipe or by other means. The object of the invention is to advance the art by increasing the range of application, the effectiveness, simplicity and ease of use of a magnetic fluid conditioning... Agent: Spinflip LLC

20140263016 - Magnetic water particulate conditioner: A water conditioner device is provided with magnets engaged on opposing sides of a gap and engaged to a housing. Projections extend from said housing in opposite directions and are aligned with said gap and each other. These projections are engageable with a compressive engagement of the projections with a... Agent:

20140263017 - Medical fluid sensors and related systems and methods: This disclosure relates to medical fluid sensors and related systems and methods. In certain aspects, a nuclear magnetic resonance device includes a support frame, a first magnet connected to the support frame, a second magnet connected to the support frame in a manner such that the second magnet is disposed... Agent: Fresenuis Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140263019 - Cartridge structure for a water filter: A cartridge structure for a water filter contains a body, an upper cover connected with the body, and a lower cover coupled with the body. The body includes plural filtering layers defined therein, the upper cover includes an inlet defined on a top end thereof and a first groove formed... Agent:

20140263020 - Refillable liquid filter apparatus: A removable lid for covering a chamber defined within a filter housing is described, wherein the removable lid includes a body having an upper portion and a lower portion, the upper portion having a larger perimeter than the lower portion, at least one inlet aperture formed on the body configured... Agent: Greenlife Water Corp.

20140263018 - Tether-retained dialyzer port cap and dialyzer including same: A tether-retained dialyzer port cap has a port cap which is removably connectible to a port of a dialyzer to block the port, and a retention strap that has a first looped end, a second looped end, and having an elongate portion integrally linking the first looped end and the... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140263021 - Plate filtering device for plastic melts: A plate filtering device (10) for plastic melts has at least two stationary housing components (7, 9) with a movable plate (4) with a filter insert (5) disposed between them. A locking bushing (6) that extends up to the movable plate is placed at the downstream housing component (9), and... Agent: Kreyenborg Gmbh

20140263022 - Oil deterioration prevention device: An oil deterioration prevention device is provided that can prevent an increase in pressure loss by reducing oilflow resistance. The oil deterioration prevention device may include a filtering unit including a filter element that filters oil, and a deterioration prevention unit including a powdery deterioration prevention agent that prevents deterioration... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20140263023 - Filtration media and filter therefor: A filtration media and a filter assembly therefor is provided. The filtration assembly comprising a tank comprising an upper portion, a bottom portion, a water inlet in the upper portion, a water outlet, and a holding chamber at the bottom portion of the tank, a grate positioned within the tank... Agent: Hayward Industries, Inc.

20140263024 - Halogen resistant amides, polyamides, and membranes made from the same: A halogen resistant polyamide is formed from the reaction product of an amine monomer and an acid chloride monomer wherein the amino group of the starting amine monomer is separated from the aromatic amine ring system by an alkyl group and (i) minimizes halogenation on the amine and (ii) minimizes... Agent:

20140263025 - Membrane modules: The invention relates to membranes, membrane modules, and applications therefor. In particular, the invention relates to the construction of membranes and membrane modules for use in osmotically driven membrane processes.... Agent: Oasys Water, Inc.

20140263026 - Filtration media and filter therefor: A filtration media and a filter assembly therefor is provided. The filtration media comprising a membrane having an ingress side and an egress side which permit the passage of water, the ingress side including a coating of a material having a low friction coefficient, said coating preventing passage of particulate... Agent: Hayward Industries, Inc.

20140263027 - Filter assembly with manifold for multiple filter element housings and filter element housing coupling therefore: A filter assembly includes multiple filter element housings with each filter housing receiving a filter element therein; a manifold supporting the multiple filter element housings; and a filter element housing coupling to attach each filter element housing to the manifold, each filter element housing coupling including a filter housing retainer... Agent:

20140263028 - Filtering device for fluids: The invention relates to a filtering device (100) comprising: a filter support element (10) which is movably mounted in the housing (30), which has the shape of a cylindrical bolt, and which has multiple filter chambers (11.1, 11.2; 12.1, 12.2), a filtering element being arranged in each said filter chamber;... Agent: Kreyenborg Verwaltungen Und Beteiligungen Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140263029 - Apparatus for hydrocarbon removal: A hydrocarbon removal apparatus includes a plurality of fibers and a backing substrate. Each of the plurality of fibers includes a proximal end and a distal end. Each proximal end is secured to the backing substrate.... Agent: Abanaki Corporation

20140263030 - Valve mechanism comprising an improved means of filtering: A valve mechanism comprising a valve body having an inlet port and an outlet port and a passageway extending therebetween, and a flow blocking element provided in the passageway to block flow of a substance between said inlet and outlet ports, and means for breaking said flow blocking element to... Agent: Kidde Technologies, Inc.

20140263031 - Pool handle attachment mechanism and methods thereof: A pole attachment mechanism for removably attaching swimming pool maintenance accessories to an end of a pole. The pole attachment mechanism includes a thumb-press which, when pressed, the pegs projecting from the shaft of the pole attachment are retracted thereby permitting the pole to be received over the retracted pegs... Agent: Stout Stuff, LLC

20140263032 - Cell collector having an expandable mesh: A cell collection device having an elongated member and a mesh disposed about the elongated member. The mesh has a low energy expanded state and a high energy compressed state. A sheath is disposed about a distal end of the elongated member and is slidable along the elongated member from... Agent:

20140263033 - Process for forming a three-dimensional non-woven structure: A process is disclosed for forming a three-dimensional structure from a nonwoven web. The web is made of synthetic polymer filaments. The process comprises subjecting the web to a molding force at a temperature between the glass transition temperature and the melting temperature of the polymer. The nonwoven web is... Agent:

20140263034 - Inorganic nanoporous membranes for high temperature pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass: An inorganic membrane element and a pretreatment process are provided. The inorganic membrane element includes a tubular structure having an inner separating layer, an outer supporting layer, and at least one intermediate layer interposed between the separating and supporting layers, where the separating layer is nanoporous to selectively retain solutes... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20140263035 - Method for forming perforated graphene with uniform aperture size: A method of forming a filter with uniform pore sizes includes synthesizing a moiety so as to form a plurality of like platelets having a precisely sized pore extending therethrough, distributing the plurality of like platelets about a membrane having apertures therethrough, and bonding the plurality of platelets around the... Agent:

20140263036 - Flexible free-standing ultrathin or thin protein membrane: A flexible porous free-standing protein membrane includes cross-linked protein. At least part of pores of the porous membrane is formed by removing nanostrands whose diameters are 2-3 nm, the cross-linked protein is cross-linked by a bifunctional cross-linker, and a thickness of the protein membrane is 10 μm or less.... Agent: National Institute For Materials Science

20140263037 - Filtration media: A filtration media with improved filtration, strength, tear resistance and air permeability in the form of a relatively thin and lightweight wet-laid fibrous web that has a wet Mullen ratio of 60% to 75% to ensure that the media is flexible enough to be formed into a fluted structure, and... Agent:

20140263038 - Method for control of deleterious microbes in oil and gas and other industrial fluids: A method of controlling sulfides in water systems is disclosed which includes injecting 9,10 anthraquinone into the water system and injecting a nitrate or nitrite into the water system.... Agent: Multi-chem Group.

20140263039 - Method and apparatus for unicellular biomass production using ph control system and industrial wastewater with high biochemical oxygen demand levels: Methods and systems for the growth of heterotrophic eukaryotic biomass that use pH modulations in order to treat wastewater and produce biomass in optimized quantities.... Agent:

20140263040 - Systems and methods for anaerobic digestion of biomaterials: A batch reactor includes a first portion, a second portion, a first drainage tank, a second drainage tank, and a first flow control mechanism. The first portion includes a first chamber, a second chamber, and a third chamber in fluid communication with one another configured for a flow of at... Agent: Epcot Crenshaw Corporation

20140263041 - Method and apparatus for maximizing nitrogen removal from wastewater: A reactor and control method for maximizing nitrogen removal and minimizing aeration requirements through control of transient anoxia and aerobic SRT, repression of NOB, and control of dynamic DO concentrations or aeration interval by keeping the reactor NH4 and NOx concentrations approximately equal. Controls are provided for maximizing the potential... Agent: D.c. Water & Sewer Authority

20140263042 - Simultaneous anoxic biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal: Methods and systems are provided for treating wastewater to simultaneously remove nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus. The process includes an anoxic tank that receives at least two streams, including plant influent wastewater and return activated sludge. These streams are mixed in the anoxic tank to promote phosphorus release and fermentation of... Agent: American Water Works Company, Inc.

20140263043 - S/m for biological treatment of wastewater with selenium removal: The present invention is directed to systems and methods of treating wastewater. The present invention may include a method of treating such wastewater comprising selenium in the form of water soluble selenates, selenites, and/or selenides, the method including: a chemical/biological treatment process, causing the water soluble selenates, selenites, and/or selenides... Agent: Infilco Degremont, Inc.

20140263044 - Solid dissolver system for treatment of waste material: A solid dissolver system for the treatment of waste material in a waste water collection system. The solid dissolver system includes a housing. The housing includes a cover and a platform portion for receiving the cover. A cartridge containing agents for the treatment of waste material is disposed within the... Agent: United Laboratories, Inc.

20140263045 - Gasification waste water treatment using air separation unit oxygen: In one embodiment, a method includes gasifying a fuel source using a first oxygen stream supplied from an air separation unit (ASU), discharging a gasifier blowdown from a gasification and scrubbing system configured to gasify the fuel source, generating a grey water from the gasifier blowdown, and biologically treating the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140263046 - Process and plant for sludge hygienization treatment: A sludge treatment plant includes an extended floor with a work surface for receiving a mass of spread-out sludge and a movable carriage positioned transversely above the work surface. The movable carriage includes a displacement tool designed to carry the sludge towards a terminal part of the work surface. A... Agent: Aqualter Developpement

20140263047 - Wastewater treatment system and related method: A system for treating a fluid in a container. The system includes an included airlift tube and active air input into the tube. The air is supplied by a pump that is external to the tank and sized in accordance with the size of the tank. The system is arranged... Agent:

20140263048 - Self-sustaining water reclamation biotreatment system: A process approach allows economical self-sustained operation of single vessel biotreatment systems for municipal wastewater treatment. The daytime solar powered treatment process is changed during darkness periods to operate the biotreatment system without electric grid powering.... Agent:

20140263049 - Methods for enhancing the dewaterability of sludge with -alpha-amylase treatment: The present invention relates to enhancing sludge dewaterability by adding an alpha-amylase to the sludge prior to conventional conditioning and dewatering operations.... Agent: Novozymes North America, Inc.

20140263050 - Polyol-induced extraction of water from organic liquids: Disclosed are methods of extracting water from a composition of an organic liquid and water, using a polyol.... Agent: Seton Hall University

20140263052 - Device for collecting and separating aqueous and/or oily liquids and cryogenic liquid: A device for collecting and separating liquids, preferably liquefied gas such as LNG, the device having a first container having a bottom wall with a first tubular discharge pipe passing therethrough and opening out into a first storage tank; a second container contained inside said first container, comprising a bottom... Agent:

20140263051 - Liquid-liquid extractor: An apparatus is provided for extracting compounds from mixtures based on their relative solubilities in different solvents. The mixture can be introduced into a cylindrical container in which the mixture is agitated as it flows past a plurality of plates mounted along a shaft. At least one plate is arranged... Agent: The Chem-pro Group LLC

20140263053 - Filter system and method: A system and method for treating a filter is provided. In an embodiment the filter is treated by pre-rinsing the filter membrane with a buffer solvent. The buffer solvent can be used to reduce or eliminate energy differences between the surface of the filter membrane and the process liquid which... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140263054 - Water purification system: Technology is described for a water purification system. The water purification may include a carbon block. The water purification system may include an ion-exchange resin layer to reduce a pH level in water before neutral water passes into a fiber membrane filter. The water purification system may include the fiber... Agent: Water Safety Corporation

20140263055 - Ion sequestration for scale prevention in high-recovery desalination systems: Cations that can precipitate from an aqueous composition to produce scaling are sequestered by adding a multi-dentate ligand to the aqueous composition. The multi-dentate ligand bonds with the cation to form a non-scaling ionic complex; and the aqueous solution with the ionic complex is used in a process that produces... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140263057 - Process for recovering oil from an oil-bearing formation and treating produced water containing anti-scaling additives: A method of recovering oil from an oil-bearing formation including recovering an oil-water mixture from the oil-bearing formation and separating produced water from the oil-water mixture. The produced water includes phosphonate anti-scalant compounds. An oxidant is mixed with the produced water to deactivate the phosphonate anti-scalant compounds, thereby permitting dissolved... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies North America, Inc.

20140263056 - Process for water treatment prior to reverse osmosis: A process for treating feedwater with a microfiltration or ultrafiltration membrane unit and a downstream reverse osmosis unit. An aluminum salt coagulant is added to the feedwater upstream of a membrane separation unit. The aluminum salt coagulant is mixed upstream of the membrane separation unit. A sufficient amount of the... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies North America, Inc.

20140263058 - Methods of filtration and chemical treatment of waste water: A method and system for treating waste water from hydraulic fracturing is disclosed. The treatment includes removing the sand, suspending the inorganic metals and impurities, using flocculation to engulf the impurities, and separating the impurities from the water, resulting in pure water that can be reused in the process.... Agent:

20140263059 - Plasma separation from blood using a filtration device and methods thereof: The invention is directed to a method and a device for separating plasma from whole blood. The method combines size exclusion filtration through a separation membrane and erythrocyte (RBC) agglutination.... Agent:

20140263061 - Membrane contactors and systems for membrane distillation or ammonia removal and related methods: New, improved, or modified membrane contactors, modules, systems, and/or methods for membrane distillation and/or ammonia removal, and/or methods of manufacture, use, and/or the like. In accordance with at least selected embodiments, particular possibly preferred membrane contactors, modules, systems, and/or methods for membrane distillation and/or ammonia removal, and/or to particular possibly... Agent: Celgard, LLC

20140263060 - Multi-stage membrane distillation process: Portions of a feed liquid are passed through respective condensers and liquid-liquid heat exchangers. The feed liquid is then heated and injected into a first feed-liquid containment chamber, where vapor from the feed is passed through a first gas-permeable membrane and directed into a first condenser, where the vapor is... Agent: Massachustts Institute Of Technology

20140263062 - Universal portable machine for online hemodiafiltration using regenerated dialysate: Manifolds suitable for use in hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, and peritoneal dialysis are provided. One or more of the manifolds can include a manifold body and an external tube. The manifold body can include at least one conduit including a first conduit and at least one port including a first port... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140263063 - Medical fluid sensors and related systems: This disclosure relates to medical fluid sensors and related systems and methods. In certain aspects, a method includes using a medical fluid pump of a medical fluid pumping machine, such as a hemodialysis machine, to deliver medical fluid to a first portion of a cartridge that is positioned within a... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140263064 - Medical fluid sensors and related systems and methods: This disclosure relates to medical fluid sensors and related systems and methods. In certain aspects, a method includes reading an indicia of a medical fluid cartridge to determine a volume of a fluid passageway of the medical fluid cartridge indicated by the indicia, receiving radio frequency energy generated by excited... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140263065 - Method of controlling blood reservoir volume and flow in an extracorporeal blood circulation system: A method comprising recirculating a patient's blood as a fluid through an extracorporeal circuit having a venous cannula line for fluid flow from the patient to an oxygenator and an arterial cannula line for fluid flow from the oxygenator to the patient; and adjusting the volume of fluid flow from... Agent:

20140263067 - Distributor arrangement for a fluid treastment tank: A distributor plate for a resin tank of a fluid treatment device such as a water softener includes a central hub, an outer ring, a plurality of ribs extending between the hub and the ring and dividing the distributor plate into discrete segments, and a slotted plate connected therebetween. The... Agent: Clack Corporation

20140263066 - Drinking water filter with integral self-disinfecting delivery system: An aspect of the present invention is generally directed toward an appliance that includes a water source inlet that receives intake water from a water source and a water outlet proximate a water dispensing location on a door of the appliance in fluid communication with one another via one or... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140263068 - Removal of copper from aqueous streams using an iron promoted activated alumina: Techniques for reduction of copper from aqueous streams using an iron promoted activated alumina are disclosed. An adsorbent media composition that reduces copper levels in an aqueous feed stream includes an iron containing activated alumina. A process for reducing copper levels in an aqueous fluid using an iron promoted activated... Agent: Mar Systems, Inc.

20140263069 - Water treatment device and method for rinsing brine from a treatment medium: A fluid treatment device includes a tank containing a fluid treatment media and a fluid. A distributor plate is received in the tank and separates the bed from a lower end of the tank. The lower end of the tank is filled with an inert media. The inert media may... Agent: Clack Corporation

20140263070 - Methods and systems for the filterless reduction of leukocytes in a biological fluid: Methods and systems for removing leukocytes from a biological fluid are disclosed. The methods and systems include a device that has a magnetic substrate coated with one or more polymeric materials that have an adhesion or adsorption affinity for leukocytes.... Agent:

20140263071 - Method for collecting metals: t

20140263072 - Process and plant for treating water: A process for removing suspended particles and at least one ionic species from a feed water stream to produce a product water stream, the process includes the steps of forming agglomerates of the suspended particles in the feed water stream; passing the feed water stream containing agglomerated particles through a... Agent: Clean Teq Holdings Ltd.

20140263073 - Apparatus and method for removal of radionuclides in liquids: A vessel for treatment of radioactive liquid. The vessel comprises a shielded housing defining an ion exchange chamber therein. The ion exchange chamber is configured to receive ion exchange media in its interior between an interior top surface and an interior bottom surface. The vessel further comprises an inlet diffuser... Agent: Avantech, Inc.

20140263074 - Ge adsorbent for 68ge-68ga generator: The present invention provides a Ge adsorbent for a 68Ge—68Ga generator, which is a polysaccharide polymer having a glucamine group represented by the formula (1) or the formula (2), wherein R1 is a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group, and * is a bonding position.... Agent:

20140263075 - Compositions and methods for cleaning water filtration media: Compositions and methods for removing surface deposits in situ from filtration media contained in water filtration beds may include a solid acid component, a solid oxidizer, low temperature activator, a dessicant, an anti-caking agent, a pH indicator, a corrosion inhibitor, a surfactant, a chelating agent, and/or a defoaming agent. A... Agent: Blue Earth Labs, LLC

20140263076 - Baffle plate for a water treatment device: A fluid treatment device includes a tank containing a fluid treatment medium and a fluid. A distributor plate is received in the tank and separates the bed from a lower end portion of the tank. A baffle is positioned beneath the distributor plate and is configured to direct fluid exiting... Agent: Clack Corporation

20140263077 - Apparatus and method for applying magnetic fields to fluid flows: Devices and methods are provided for in-line water treatment using strong magnetic fields to influence corrosion, separate toxins, suppress bacteria and bio-fouling, as well as inhibit or greatly reduce mineral scaling due to fluid flow in or around equipment components. For example, a device is provided for applying a magnetic... Agent: Hydrodyne Technology, LLC

20140263078 - Fouling mitigation in equipment used during hydrocarbon production: Methods for dispersing foulants are disclosed herein. Various effective dispersant compositions are also disclosed. The dispersant composition can include a silt dispersant and a hydrocarbon dispersant. Generally, the silt dispersant can be a homopolymer or a copolymer of one or more monomers, and the monomers can be one or more... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140263079 - Wastewater treatment system and method: The present invention relates to systems and methods of wastewater treatment that rely primarily on the use of water treatment chemicals to clean wastewater without the need to use filtration mechanisms. The present invention generally provides a system that is less complex and less expensive to operate than wastewater treatment... Agent: Dubois Chemicals, Inc.

20140263080 - In-line tailings treatment process: The invention is directed towards methods and compositions for improving the processing of mineral tailings. The method involves diverting a side stream from the main line of a tailings process flow. Into this side stream an additive such as a neat polymer without dilution is added and mixed and is... Agent:

20140263081 - Industrial water purification and desalination: This invention relates to the field of water purification and desalination. In particular, embodiments of the invention relate to systems and methods of removing essentially all of a broad spectrum of impurities from water in an automated industrial process that requires minimal cleaning or maintenance during the course of several... Agent: Sylvan Source,inc.

20140263082 - Polymer blends for flocculation: Polymer flocculants are described comprising blends of high molecular weight polyethylene oxide and high molecular polyacrylamides. When introduced in desired amounts and with desired molecular weight ranges, excellent flocculation function is found that can be used to reduce polymer consumption to obtain a desired purity of clarified waste water. It... Agent: Psmg, LLC

20140263084 - Automatic control system for dosing chemicals to a sewer system: A process and system for determining injection rate of treatment chemicals to eliminate or reduce downstream noxious gas emissions in a wastewater collection system. The process and system provides for treatment chemical injection at a pumping station or directly on a force main wherein dosage is calculated based on current... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20140263083 - Solid water separation to sample spray water from a continuous caster: The invention is directed towards methods and apparatus for improving the accuracy of monitors measuring the property of spray water used to cool a molten metal strand in a continuous casting operation. The method utilizes a highly effective slid-sieve to remove particles from sample water that would otherwise jam the... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140263085 - Continously-operable flow stream processing system and method: A continuously-operable flow stream processing system and method has two or more fluid processing media arranged in a fluid conduit network to provide alternate flow paths for a flow stream to be processed (e.g. filtered). Valves and other flow control devices, e.g. controller module and sensors, are used to redirect... Agent:

20140263086 - Methods of inhibiting fouling in liquid systems: Provided are methods of inhibiting microbial fouling and improving efficiency in biocide dosing in an industrial process containing an aqueous liquid having a biocide demand. In exemplary embodiments, the methods comprise treating an aqueous liquid having a biocide demand with a biocide, monitoring the biocide demand of the aqueous liquid,... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140263087 - Swimming pool cleaner with docking system and/or other related systems and methods: Exemplary embodiments are directed to swimming pool cleaners, systems and methods that generally include a swimming pool cleaner and a docking station. Embodiments of the swimming pool cleaner can include a battery and a debris container. The docking station generally includes an opening configured and dimensioned to at least partially... Agent: Hayward Industries, Inc.

20140263088 - Method and system for the treatment of water and fluids with chlorine dioxide: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to methods and systems for treating aqueous systems associated with industrial wastewater applications and gas and crude oil drilling, pumping and production to reduce or eliminate contamination. In one embodiment, a method includes: an aqueous volume having an initial oxidant demand, an oxygen-containing oxidant... Agent: Sabre Intellectual Property Holdings LLC

20140263089 - Frac water sonic treatment: A system and process for frac water sonic treatment are disclosed. The process involve novel treatment in which frac water is cleaned to potable water standards using a proprietary sonic reactor. Treatment enable neutralization of toxins and may remove bacteria, oil, and/or heavy metals when contained in frac water. The... Agent: Petrosonic Energy Inc.

20140263090 - High flow rate fluid disinfection system: One example of a fluid disinfection unit includes a chamber through which fluid can flow, the chamber having an inlet through which fluid enters the chamber and an outlet through which fluid exits the chamber; a source for illuminating the chamber with ultraviolet light; and a plurality of baffles within... Agent:

20140263091 - Fluid sanitization assembly and related methods of use: Improved fluid sanitization assemblies are provided. More particularly, the present disclosure provides improved fluid/water sanitization assemblies utilizing UV light and/or ozone. The UV light and/or ozone can be generated via light emitting diodes (“LEDs”) (e.g., via UV LEDs). In certain embodiments, by emitting light at a wavelength of about 250... Agent: Hayward Industries, Inc.

20140263092 - Method for purifying water without the use of salts, and water-purification reactor: It also relates to a reactor for purifying water, without the addition of salts, according to the preceding method comprising, within a tubular body, at least one bundle of electrodes with at least two electrodes each, at least two ultraviolet lamps, and a water inlet connection and a water outlet... Agent:

20140263093 - Pulse cavitation processor and method of using same: A liquid treatment apparatus includes a supply chamber for receiving a fluid, a discharge chamber for discharging the fluid, and a cavitation generating chamber extending from the supply chamber to the discharge chamber. The cavitation generating chamber is operable to generate cavitation bubbles. A method of treating a liquid comprises... Agent: Fluid-quip, Inc.

20140263094 - Method and apparatus for electrochemical bromide removal: The present invention provides apparatuses, systems and methods for the controllable oxidation of bromide into bromine either directly through electrochemical (EC) anodes or indirectly through electrochemically generated oxidants.... Agent:

20140263095 - Chemical strainer: A chemical strainer includes a base member that includes a base member cavity, a plurality of base member dispensing apertures disposed on a top portion of the base member, and a mating neck. A method of chemical straining includes receiving production fluids in a plurality of base member dispensing apertures... Agent: A&o Technologies LLC

20140263096 - Process for chemical destruction of compounds from amine-based carbon capture: The present invention provides a liquid handling system comprising a reactor, wherein the reactor is structured such that it contains a gaseous phase and an aqueous phase, both phases being in contact with a heterogeneous hydrogenation catalyst immobilised or suspended within the aqueous phase, wherein the gaseous phase comprises hydrogen... Agent: Sinvent As

20140263097 - Method and systems for controlling microorganisms and turbidity in retort cooling water using an aqueous ozone solution: Methods and systems for treating cooling water of a retort are described. The methods and systems generate an aqueous ozone solution and combine the aqueous ozone solution with the cooling water. The methods and systems provide a safe, economical, easy to handle, and environmentally friendly solution for maintaining a retort... Agent: Food Safety Technology, LLC

20140263098 - Residential water treatment system for removal of 1,4 dioxane and associated compounds and method of using same: The disclosure provides apparatuses and methods for the reduction of the concentration of contaminants in residential drinking water. The apparatuses and methods described herein are capable of lowering the concentration of 1,4 dioxane found in well water to well below the state mandated maximum concentrations.... Agent:

20140263099 - Gravity filter assembly with reusable shroud: The present invention includes a gravity filter assembly which includes at least one filter media positioned about at least one water inlet pathway. The gravity filter assembly also includes a base. The base has an engagement mechanism which is configured to releasably engage a filter media facing side of a... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140263100 - Nutrient recovery process: An apparatus for recovering nutrients from digestate comprises one or more solid-liquid separation steps, and dryer, an ammonia stripping device, and an evaporator. In a process, digestate is separated into a solids portion and a liquid portion. Ammonia is stripped from the liquid portion and converted into an ammonium solution... Agent: Anaergia Inc.

20140263101 - Pool skimmer basket assembly with adapter: An improved pool skimmer basket assembly with skimmer vent tower adapter for mounting a skimmer vent tower on a pool skimmer basket allows for the existing design of a skimmer vent tower to be retrofitted with any pool skimmer basket and/or any pool skimmer. The adapter is reversibly secured between... Agent:

20140263103 - Apparatus, system and methods to divide flow: An example nonlimiting embodiment of the present invention provides a flow divider that includes a slurry receiving compartment and a discharge arrangement having a plurality of discharge apertures. The slurry receiving compartment is arranged to relatively uniformly flow a portion of a slurry into each of the discharge apertures. The... Agent: Derrick Corporation

20140263102 - Filtration systems and methods for filtering particles of a predetermined substance: A filtration system is provided. The filtration system includes a filter media including a plurality of apertures defined therein, and an array of micropillars. Each micropillar is substantially aligned with one of the plurality of apertures and is configured to be repelled by particles of a predetermined substance entrained in... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140263104 - Clean water mopping system: A filter bucket and a mop bucket movable between an upstanding use position and a drain position where, when the mop bucket is in the drain position, water in the mop bucket drains into the filter bucket. A fluid flow path connecting the filter bucket to the mop bucket such... Agent: Rubbermaid Commercial Products, LLC

20140263105 - Clean water mopping system: A filter bucket and a mop bucket movable relative to the filter bucket between a use position and a drain position. When the mop bucket is in the drain position, the water in the mop bucket drains into the filter bucket. A fluid flow path is provided between the filter... Agent: Rubbermaid Commercial Products, LLC

20140263106 - Filtration system and method: Method and apparatus are provided for treating and removing particulate matter from fluid or treating and removing fluid from a recoverable particulate matter from fluid circulating into, through and out of an industrial operation, and for washing a disposable cartridge filter used therein. The influent fluid is maintained at a... Agent: Filtration Technology Corporation

09/11/2014 > 96 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20140251881 - Concentrated wastewater slurry thickening and storage system and stabilization batch treatment plant: A wastewater concentrator a liquid evaporator assembly, a gas-liquid separator, an exhaust assembly, and a slurry thickening and storage system. The slurry thickening and storage system includes a slurry thickening tank fluidly connected to the gas-liquid separator and a thickened slurry storage tank fluidly connected to the slurry thickening tank.... Agent: Heartland Technology Partners LLC

20140251882 - Segmented biofiltration stacks: A segmented, stackable wastewater treatment apparatus suitable for small remote and temporary camps is provided. The segments are typically flat cylindrical in shape and contain permanent biofiltration medium such as absorbent foam. They are transported to site in small vehicles or aircraft and assembled into a stack to treat the... Agent:

20140251883 - Oil deterioration prevention device (as amended): An oil deterioration prevention device is provided that can prevent an increase in pressure loss by reducing oilflow resistance. The oil deterioration prevention device may include a filtering unit with a filter element that filters oil, and a deterioration prevention unit having a powdery deterioration prevention agent that prevents deterioration... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20140251884 - Apparatus for cleaning an immersed surface having a single reversible electric driving and pumping motor: The invention relates to an apparatus for cleaning a surface which is immersed in a liquid, comprising a hollow body, guiding and driving members, a filtration chamber in the hollow body, at least one liquid inlet, at least one liquid outlet out of the hollow body, at least one axial... Agent: Zodiac Pool Care Europe

20140251885 - Dialysis machine: A disposable cartridge for use in a hemodialysis machine has a blood flow path for carrying a volume of blood to be treated in a dialyser and a dialysate flow path, isolated from the blood flow path, for delivering a flow of dialysate solution through the dialyser. The cartridge is... Agent:

20140251886 - Mixer for insertion into a rotor of a centrifuge: A mixer for insertion into a rotor of a centrifuge has a mixing trough and an obstacle device with at least one obstacle. The at least one obstacle is configured in order to influence the flow of a liquid present in the mixing trough. In response to a rotation of... Agent: Hahn-schickard-gesellschaft Fuer Angewandte Forschung E.v.

20140251887 - Device for mixing and separation of magnetic particles: An apparatus for mixing and separating magnetic particles in a liquid comprises a holder having a plurality of apertures configured as an array of rows and columns and a plurality of containers capable of receiving liquid containing magnetic particles, each container being sized to be placed in one of the... Agent: Sigris Research, Inc.

20140251888 - Pressure resistant filter cartridge: A fuel filter cartridge includes a housing having first and second shell sections. The shell sections are generally symmetric about a cartridge axis and joined together. The first shell section has a convex-shape when viewed from a side and includes an end portion, a cylindrical side wall portion, and a... Agent: Clarcor Engine Mobile Solutions, LLC

20140251889 - Depth coalescing filter with barrier media patch: A filter including a ring of filter media circumscribing a central cavity, an exit passageway downstream of the central cavity and that has an inlet opening disposed within the central cavity, and a hydrophobic foraminous membrane disk that spans the inlet opening for separating water from fuel passing through the... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20140251890 - Colander-bowl assembly: A colander-bowl assembly, having a bowl, the bowl having a rim and a first handle member extending outwardly from the rim, and, a colander pivotally secured to the bowl, the colander having a rim and also having a second handle member extending outwardly from the colander rim wherein said colander... Agent: Umbra LLC

20140251891 - Filter cartridge and filter device: A filter cartridge (5) with a housing enclosing a filter volume filled to about 80% with a filter granulate (15) is screwed into a joint (7) of a connecting piece (1) by means of a port (12) ending in an outflow opening (13) and being connected to an outlet line... Agent:

20140251892 - Seperation membrane having excellent antifouling properties for water treatment and manufacturing method thereof: A water treatment separation membrane includes a support having pores, a polyamide layer formed on the support, and a passivation layer formed on the polyamide layer by using an aqueous solution including an amine-containing compound, an epoxy-containing compound and a fluorine-containing compound.... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140251893 - Filter device and a production method: The present invention relates to a filtration means (10) for the filtration of liquid media having a housing (12) and at least one filter element (16) arranged in said housing (12), wherein at least one of said filter element (16) at at least one axial end has a laterally outwardly... Agent: Ksm Water Gmbh

20140251894 - Vector maximizing screen: A screen panel assembly includes a screen panel and one or more raised screen components, wherein at least one of the raised screen components is disposed on the screen panel. Furthermore, each of the one or more raised screen components includes at least one inclined screen surface that defines a... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, Lp

20140251895 - Filter, filter element, and filter housing: A fluid filter has a filter housing with a first filter housing part that has an installation opening for an exchangeable filter element and is closeable with a second filter housing part. The first filter housing part has a first sealing surface and the second filter housing part has a... Agent: Mann + Hummel Gmbh

20140251896 - Separation membrane, separation membrane element and method for producing separation membrane: A separation membrane, including: a separation membrane main body having at least a base material and a separating functional layer; and a flow path material independently fixed in the thickness direction of the base material, and having a compression elasticity of 0.1-5.0 GPa.... Agent:

20140251897 - Membranes for separation: The present invention relates to a composite membrane for gas separation and/or nanofiltration of a feed stream solution comprising a solvent and dissolved solutes and showing preferential rejection of the solutes. The composite membrane comprises a separating layer with intrinsic microporosity. The separating layer is suitably formed by interfacial polymerisation... Agent:

20140251898 - Turbulent flow devices and methods of use: A device for creating turbulent flow in a fluid including a tank having an inlet, an outlet, and an interior; at least one jet in an inflow assembly in the interior of the tank, the jet being in fluid communication with the inlet, the jet circulating fluid in the tank;... Agent: Creative Water Solutions, LLC

20140251899 - Secondary solid-phase anaerobic digestion producing more biogas: The present invention relates to a method for taking liquid anaerobic digestion effluent and increasing the solids content by using the effluent and biomass to further digest both.... Agent: Bioresource International, Inc.

20140251900 - Inhibition of methane production during anaerobic reductive dechlorination: This method of restricting methane production in methanogenic bacteria, by the use of the enzyme and coenzyme inhibitors, works during anaerobic reductive dechlorination. Various compounds such as, but not limited to, red yeast rice, vitamin B10 derivatives, and ethanesulfonates are utilized to disrupt these different enzyme and coenzyme systems responsible... Agent: Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc.

20140251901 - Energy efficient system and process for treating sludge: Apparatus and process is provided for hydrolyzing sludge from water treatment and for conditioning the hydrolyzed sludge for optimal anaerobic digestion. Methods provided include dewatering to produce dewatered sludge, hydrolyzing the dewatered sludge in a steam fed process, preheating the dewatered sludge before hydrolysis with sludge-to-sludge heat transfer, and cooling... Agent:

20140251902 - Method and device for thermal biological breakdown and dewatering of biomass: p

20140251903 - Hydrolytic degritter: The present invention relates to improving the results of anaerobic digestion of organic waste especially animal manure such as chicken manure by removing the grit in the waste. by digesting the waste in a slurry at a temperature of 50 degrees C. or more for a period of time sufficient... Agent: Bioresource International, Inc.

20140251904 - Vortex diodes as effluent treatment devices: The present invention discloses device that can generate a strong vortex in the vortex chamber which significantly enhances rate of reactions and effectiveness of waste water treatment. The present invention disclose vortex diodes with or without inserts/stabilizers as continuous flow reactors to induce cavitation to generate radicals which reduces Chemical... Agent:

20140251905 - Point of use filtration system with backwash: A system and method for a point of use filtration system with backwash is provided. The system includes a first filtration element, a tank, and a second filtration element positioned downstream from the tank. A first and second valve are each positioned downstream from the first filtration element. A first... Agent:

20140251906 - Addition of aluminum reagents to sulfate-containing waste stream reduce sulfate concentration: The invention provides methods and compositions for detection and removal of sulfate from a liquid. The method provides much faster removal of sulfate than the prior art does and does so while requiring the use of far less aluminum. The method involves sequentially adding an acidic to neutral pH generating... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140251907 - Method for separating radioactive nuclides by means of ceramic filter membranes: A method of obtaining industrial water or drinking water from water that contains radioactive nuclides, in radium-containing groundwater including chemically pretreating the radioactive nuclide-containing water, and filtering the chemically pretreated water, wherein, in the chemical pretreatment, manganese dioxide is added to the water and/or manganese dioxide is generated in situ... Agent: Itn Nanovation Ag

20140251908 - Dialysis treatment devices for removing urea: Dialysis treatment devices and methods for removing urea from dialysis waste streams are provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides a dialysis treatment device including: 1) a first filter having a filtration membrane, 2) a urea removal unit having urease and in fluid communication with the first filter,... Agent: Baxter Healthcare S.a.

20140251910 - Atmospheric water harvester: A method and a system are provided for producing water from atmospheric air by contacting the air with an aqueous hygroscopic material in a contacting chamber and allowing a portion of the water from the air to be adsorbed into the aqueous hygroscopic stream. The adsorbed water is then subsequently... Agent: Aerigo Water Technologies, L.L.C.

20140251909 - Induced symbiotic osmosis [iso] for seawater deslination and pumping to high altitude: An induced symbiotic osmosis pump (ISOP) (and method of using same) comprising: a closed loop comprising a riser pipe and a downpipe having substantially the same length fluidly communicating at a base with an induced osmosis semipermeable membrane and fluidly communicating at an opposed end with a brine pump fluidly... Agent:

20140251911 - Method and apparatus for chromatographic purification: The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus suitable for a continuous chromatography process which only needs three separation columns. The process is a two step procedure comprising two chromatographic steps. The first chromatographic step (capture) is performed alternating and sequentially on two separation columns, the second chromatographic... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20140251912 - Methods and controllers for simulated moving bed chromatography for multicomponent separation: A method of separating a feed mixture in a simulated moving bed includes flowing fluid in a first flow configuration comprising: supplying the feed mixture downstream of a valve in a shut off position that stops fluid flow to a first column, removing a raffinate stream component, and supplying a... Agent:

20140251913 - System and process for biopolymer chromatography: A chromatography system for separation of a biopolymer is described, comprising at least one feed tank, at least one hold tank, at least one elution buffer tank, at least one eluate tank, at least two packed bed chromatography columns and at least one pump and at least one outlet detector... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20140251914 - Method for treating acid mine drainage: A process for treating acid mine drainage containing heavy and base metals and soluble contaminants is provided. In one embodiment, at least a metal cation is added to the acid mine drainage at a pre-select pH to form insoluble heavy and base metal complexes. After the removal of the heavy... Agent:

20140251915 - Water treatment to remove multivalent cations: A method of removing di-, tri- and tetra-valent cations from aqueous media with a relatively short residence time, by causing cations and/or hydrous metal oxides to bind to a negatively charged media immobilized on a support structure thereby incorporating the cations into or onto the structure and removing them from... Agent:

20140251916 - Process for the preparation of surface-treated calcium carbonate material and use of same in the control of organic material in an aqueous medium: The present invention relates to a process for the production of a surface-treated calcium carbonate, the use of this surface-treated calcium carbonate in a process for the control of organic material in an aqueous medium, as well as to a composite of surface-treated calcium carbonate and organic material, such as... Agent:

20140251917 - Method for the treatment of multiple sclerosis: The present invention relates to a treatment of multiple sclerosis, and includes the extracorporeal treatment of one or more body fluids, such as, for example blood, cerebral-spinal fluid, or lymphatic fluid. A treatment is applied to the extracorporeal body fluid where the treatment targets at least one target multiple sclerosis... Agent:

20140251918 - Dissolvable bed chromatographic column and methods of use: An automated or semi-automated method was developed for the isolation of proteins using lanthanide metals. Phosphoproteins and glycoproteins can be isolated from complex biological samples using filtration with novel column configurations.... Agent:

20140251919 - Enhanced foam fractionation of oil phase from aqueous/oil mixed phase via increased viscoelasticity: The present invention provides improved methods for purifying and/or removing oily particles, and/or contaminants suspended or dissolved in water. In particular the process relates to an additive composition that has the appropriate surfactant characteristics for effectively removing an oil phase from an oil/aqueous mixed phase via foam fractionation. According to... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140251920 - Enhanced foam removal of total suspended solids and multiply charged cations from aqueous or aqueous/oil mixed phase via increased viscoelasticity: The present invention provides improved methods for purifying and/or removing multiply charged cations and suspended solids from water. In particular the process relates to an additive composition that has the appropriate surfactant characteristics for effectively removing multiply charged cations and suspended solids from an aqueous or oil/aqueous mixed phase via... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20140251921 - Composition and processfor removing impurities from a circulating water system: The invention provides methods and compositions for a composition and/or a method for treating impurities in a circulating water system. The circulating water system impurities may be oversprayed paint in paint spray booth applications. The composition includes an aqueous solution of a cationized starch, a polybasic aluminum salt such as... Agent:

20140251922 - Economical method for scavenging hydrogen sulfide in fluids: Method for removing hydrogen sulfide from fluids such as oil and gas well drilling, treatment, and production fluids and effluents from hydrocarbon operations and mineral mining operations. The sulfide scavenger used in the method is a gluconate salt other than ferrous gluconate. The gluconate salt is added to the fluid... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140251923 - Solids separator and method of treatment for biowaste: The invention relates to a device and a method for the separation of solids from a biowaste slurry before heat treatment, and for heat treatment of the separated solids. The device comprises a chamber with a main inlet port for feeding slurry, and outlet ports. A unit for separating solids... Agent: Steris Europe, Inc. Suomen Sivuliike

20140251924 - Treatment of spent caustic waste: Systems and methods are provided for the treatment of caustic wastewater. Specifically, systems and methods are provided for combining refinery spent caustic and ethylene spent caustic solutions and treating the combined spent caustic mixture using a wet air oxidation process.... Agent: Siemens Energy, Inc.

20140251925 - Bio-fluid treatment device and method: A treatment device and method for treatment of a bio-fluid are disclosed. The device includes a treatment chamber configured to receive bio-fluid to be treated, a light treatment element disposed around at least a portion of the treatment chamber, and a piston mechanism disposed inside the treatment chamber for advancing... Agent: Avicure Bioscience, LLC

20140251926 - Laminar flow intake channeling device: A filtering unit is provided which may include a filter cap, a filter basin, a filter or membrane within the filter basin and an enclosed fluid intake channel, which may dispense fluid into the filter basin. The enclosed fluid intake channel may be coupled to the inlet port of the... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140251927 - Porous polymeric particles and methods of making and using them: The invention relates to a porous polymeric particle that may be used as a filtration or separation media. For example, the particle may be used as part of a filtration device such as those utilized by the beverage, pharmaceutical, or biotechnology industry, or as a loose filtration media similar to... Agent:

20140251928 - Horizontal flow biofilter system and method of use thereof: A horizontal flow water treatment method and wetland biofilter apparatus provides a chamber with impermeable outer walls spaced away from permeable interior walls of a media filtration bed such that a catch basin is formed between the outer walls and the interior walls. The catch basin creates an open area... Agent: Modular Wetland Systems, Inc.

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