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Liquid purification or separation

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09/04/2014 > 27 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 36 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140238909 - Batch filtration system for preparation of sterile fluid for renal replacement therapy: A method and device for blood treatments that use fluids such as dialysate and replacement fluid for renal replacement therapy. In an embodiment, fluid is passed either by pump or passively by gravity feed, through a microporous sterilization filter from a fluid source to a replacement fluid container. The latter... Agent: Nxstage Medical, Inc.

20140238910 - Water conservation device for reverse osmosis system: The initially cold water streams of a household hot water plumbing circuit are accumulated in a storage container to be thereafter drained off with the cold water stream, at various flow restricted levels, thereby conserving water use. This accumulate may be adjustably admixed into the waste products of a household... Agent: Nitroworks Corporation

20140238911 - Compact and operability-enhancing multicage-type device for filtering ballast water: A device for filtering for treating ballast water by way of a filtering method, and more particularly, to a compact and operability-enhancing multicage-type device for filtering ballast water, which distributes a lower portion of the device for filtering a discharge portion for discharging foreign substances after backwashing a filter and... Agent: Panasia Co. Ltd.

20140238912 - Dialysis machine including ultrafiltration and backfiltration means: A dialysis machine includes a dialyzer (1), a dialysate feed system (5) having a feed line (52), and a discharge system (6) having a discharge line (62). The machine further includes ultrafiltration control elements (UF) and back-filtration control elements (RF). The feed line is provided with a constriction (520) and... Agent:

20140238913 - Combined uv and heater for spa applications: A spa having a heater and a UV source combined in single housing that receives water from the spa such that water within the housing is simultaneously heated and treated with UV radiation for water treatment purposes.... Agent:

20140238914 - Aquarium filter assembly, components thereof, and methods: An aquarium filter cartridge includes a frame and a media pack attached to the frame. The frame includes recessed sections along the sides. The filter cartridge can be part of dual filter cartridge, also including a biological host media filter element. The filter cartridge or the dual filter cartridge can... Agent: Tetra Holding (us), Inc.

20140238915 - Externally installable curb inlet catch basin filtration apparatus: A filtration apparatus for curb vaults may be installed in existing vaults through the road-level inlet opening into the vault. A support plate assembly of the filtration apparatus suspends a primary and secondary filter and is movable between extended and retracted positions. An adjustable attachment system allows installation of the... Agent:

20140238916 - Liquid concentrator: A liquid concentrator having an evaporator assembly and a cyclonic separator includes features designed to improve the performance of the liquid concentrator. A settling chamber is separated from a sump of the cyclonic separator. A liquid inlet opening into a mixing chamber of the evaporator injects wastewater at low pressures.... Agent: Heartland Technology Partners LLC

20140238917 - Osmotic desalination process: An energy efficient desalination process that does not produce waste products involves the extraction of water from a first solution, such as seawater, by using a second concentrated solution to draw the water from the first solution across a semi-permeable membrane. By manipulating the equilibrium of the soluble and insoluble... Agent: Yale University

20140238918 - Liquid concentrator: A liquid concentrator having an evaporator assembly and a cyclonic separator includes features designed to improve the performance of the liquid concentrator. A settling chamber is separated from a sump of the cyclonic separator. A liquid inlet opening into a mixing chamber of the evaporator injects wastewater at low pressures.... Agent: Heartland Technology Partners LLC

20140238919 - Apparatus for flow path modification in a water filter system: A filter canister apparatus for engagement with a manifold includes an inlet annular recess defined by a mating surface, and at least a first set of embossments displaced and/or defined upon the mating surface separated approximately 180 degrees apart from each other, and a second set of embossments displaced and/or... Agent: General Electric Company

20140238920 - Disposable filter cartridge for water dispenser: Embodiments of the technology disclosed herein include disposable filter cartridges for use with a water dispenser that dispenses hot water, flavored water, and chilled, sparkling water. An exemplary filter cartridge may be assembled by screwing or inserting a filter into filter cap until the filter cap engages a lock, such... Agent: Apiqe Inc

20140238921 - Fluid filter: A fluid filter such as an oil filter for a vehicle is provided. The fluid filter includes a body having a first, closed end and a second, open end. A plate is coupled to the second end, the plate having a first surface and a threaded portion having a thread... Agent: Fram GroupIPLLC

20140238922 - Modular filtration system: The present disclosure relates to modular filtration systems using removable filter cassettes for filtering liquids including, for example, liquids used in semiconductor manufacturing. A filtration system may include a removable filter cassette having a filter inlet port and a filter outlet port, a filter cassette holder configured to receive and... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20140238923 - Work vehicle: A work vehicle includes a work implement and an operating fluid tank. The operating fluid tank has a tank body and a strainer. The tank body is for collecting operating fluid for driving the work implement. The strainer is installed inside the tank body and includes a cylindrical filter and... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140238924 - Cleaning apparatus for filtration layer in seawater infiltration intake: To provide a cleaning apparatus suitable for removing clogging substances trapped in a surface layer of a sand filtration layer. A cleaning apparatus equipped with drive wheels serving as a driving device configured to move across a surface of a sand filtration layer. A pump and a jet nozzle are... Agent: Hitachi Zosen Corporation

20140238925 - Grease trap with turbulence buffer: An apparatus and method to separate grease and solids from wastewater before reaching the sewers using a grease trap, wherein said grease trap comprises a turbulence buffer and a plurality of chambers which efficiently trap solid particles from the water waste in other to make easier the compliance with regulating... Agent:

20140238926 - Liquid holding container: A liquid holding container includes a liquid accommodating chamber, a flow path, and a filter. The liquid accommodating chamber is configured and arranged to hold liquid. The flow path is communicated with the liquid accommodating chamber via a first through hole and a second through hole. The filter is disposed... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140238927 - Liquid filter: The invention concerns a filter element for liquids, in particular for cooling, lubricating or processing liquids, including a filter body, in particular formed of a flat filter medium, surrounding an interior, having two end faces that along a longitudinal axis are spaced apart, and having an outer outflow surface, and... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140238928 - Filter material: 1. Filter material (1) and filter clement (29) with filter material (1). 2. The invention relates to a filter material (1), in particular for hydraulic filters, such as oil filters, consisting of at least one individual layer (5) of a composite of glass fibres (7) with carbon fibres (9). The... Agent:

20140238929 - Process for preparing an aromatic amine and apparatus therefor: The invention relates to a process for obtaining at least one aromatic amine from a liquid mixture comprising water and the at least one aromatic amine by extracting with at least one nitroaromatic in an extraction column (1) to form an essentially water-comprising raffinate stream and an extract stream comprising... Agent: Basf Se

20140238930 - Density phase separation device: A mechanical separator for separating a fluid sample into first and second phases is disclosed. The mechanical separator includes a float having a first portion and a second portion, a ballast circumferentially disposed about a section of the float, and a deformable bellows defining an open passageway extending between a... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20140238931 - Process for treating municiple wastewater employing two sequencing biofilm batch reactors: A method is provided for removing BOD and ammonium from wastewater in a mainstream process that includes deammonification. Wastewater including BOD and ammonium is directed to a first sequence batch reactor (SBBR). The wastewater is treated in the first SBBR and in the process nitrite is accumulated such that the... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20140238932 - Enhanced biosorption of wastewater organics using dissolved air flotation with solids recycle: Systems and methods for treating wastewater including a dissolved air flotation operation performed upon a portion of a mixed liquor output from a contact tank prior to the mixed liquor entering a biological treatment tank.... Agent: Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

20140238933 - Method and apparatus for the bio-remediation of aqueous waste compositions: Numerous different types of waste compositions generally in an aqueous environment are bio-remediated under aerobic conditions utilizing highly diverse and multiple microorganisms within a reactor. The process is carried out with the microorganisms attached or bound by a variety of different surface characteristics to packing substrates, located within the reactor,... Agent: Imet Corporation

20140238934 - System and method for remediation of wastewater including aerobic and electrocoagulation treatment: The present invention relates to a system or method for the remediation of wastewater with a treatment media in tandem with an electrocoagulation system. The system and method also include cleaning elements for cleaning distribution lines within the system and for cleaning the electrocoagulation system.... Agent:

20140238935 - Mixed-mode chromatography membranes: Described are composite materials and methods of using them for mixed-mode chromatography. In certain embodiments, the composite material comprises a support member, comprising a plurality of pores extending through the support member; and a multi-functional cross-linked gel. The multi-functional cross-linked gel possesses at least two of the following functions or... Agent: Natrix Separations Inc.

20140238936 - Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membrane cleaning: A method of cleaning a reverse osmosis or nanofiltration membrane includes supplying pulses of bubbles to the membrane. A venturi device for supplying bubbles to improve the cleaning of reverse osmosis or nanofiltration membranes includes a venturi having a liquid inlet and an air inlet provided at a choke point... Agent: Genesys International Limited

20140238937 - Systems and methods for improving flux in osmotically driven membrane systems: The invention relates to improving flux in osmotically driven membrane systems by promoting and controlling the growth of biofilms on a surface of the membrane.... Agent: Oasys Water, Inc.

20140238938 - Membrane based desalination apparatus with osmotic energy recovery and membrane based desalination method with osmotic energy recovery: An energy efficient membrane based desalination process, which utilizes an osmotically driven energy recovery sub-process. Energy recovery sub-process involves the extraction of water from low salinity first aqueous solution by using a high salinity content, pressurized second aqueous solution to draw the water from first aqueous solution across a semi-permeable... Agent: Gs Engineering & Construction Corp.

20140238939 - Immobilization of antimicrobial polymers on ro membrane to reduce biofilm growth and biofouling: The present invention discloses antimicrobial water treatment membranes, comprising a water treatment membrane, covalently attached to one or more antimicrobial polymers or derivatives thereof, either directly or via one or more tether molecules. There are also provided a process for preparing these antimicrobial membranes, and uses thereof in water treatment... Agent: Benigurion University Of The Negev Research And Development Authority

20140238940 - Single stage filtration system and method for use with blood processing systems: A reservoir for use with a blood collection system includes a housing defining a cavity and a single stage filter. The housing has an inlet for receiving fluid from a source and an outlet. The inlet is in fluid communication with the cavity. The single stage filter includes a filter... Agent: Haemonetics Corporation

20140238941 - Methods, devices, and systems for creating highly adsorptive precipitates: A mixing chamber system for removal of contaminants from a liquid, and related systems and methods, are provided. The mixing chamber system includes a length of pipe having a hollow interior. A plurality of perforated discs are stationarily positioned within the hollow interior in at least a portion of the... Agent:

20140238942 - Process of purifying a residue with calcium ions: The present invention relates to a process of purifying a residue from an industrial process using calcium ions to obtain a purified brine, comprising: (a) mixing the residue comprising sulfate salts from the industrial process with calcium salts; (b) separating insoluble species and/or precipitates from the suspension from (a); (c)... Agent: Solvay Sa

20140238943 - Method for treating suspensions of solid particles in water using post hydrolyzed polymers: A method for treating a suspension of mineral particles in water, such as mineral tailings, includes the step of contacting the suspension of mineral particles in water with a specific water-soluble polymer. This polymer is preferably a water-soluble polymer having an anionicity of between 10 to 55 mol %, and... Agent:

20140238944 - Liquid filling method, liquid filling device, and liquid container: A liquid filling device includes a supply tube, a filter capable of removing a foreign matter, a first on-off valve provided between the supply tube and the filter, a first connector provided between the first on-off valve and the filter, a second on-off valve provided downstream of the filter, a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

08/21/2014 > 50 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20140231318 - Method and system for high viscosity pump: Embodiments described herein provide systems and methods for high viscosity pumps including a noncompliant filter. One embodiment can include a multi-stage pump comprising an pump inlet flow path, a pump outlet flow path, a feed stage in fluid communication with the pump inlet flow path, a dispense stage in fluid... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20140231319 - Filtering of a time-dependent pressure signal: A device removes first pulses in a pressure signal of a pressure sensor which is arranged in a fluid containing system to detect the first pulses, which originate from a first pulse generator, and second pulses, which originate from a second pulse generator. The first pulse generator operates in a... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20140231320 - Multicage-type device for filtering ballast water for preventing back pressure: A device for filtering for treating ballast water and more particularly, to a multicage-type device for filtering ballast water to prevent back pressure, wherein the multicage-type device for filtering ballast water includes a back pressure prevention tank on a backwash line for backwashing and discharging foreign substances that are inside... Agent: Panasia Co., Ltd.

20140231321 - Flow-through filter to remove aluminum from medical solutions: A flow through filter assembly includes a trivalent and tetravalent metal ion capturing agent and a flow controller providing a predetermined flow rate which allows capture of the trivalent and tetravalent metal ions by the capturing agent.... Agent: The University Of Kentucky Research Foundation

20140231322 - Soil treatment device and use thereof for treating contaminated soil and/or groundwater contained therein: Soil treatment device for treating a contaminated soil and/or groundwater contained therein, comprising measuring means for measuring contamination of the soil, injecting means for injecting soil decontamination agents in the soil and a longitudinal soil penetration rod provided with a rod tip at an end of the soil penetration rod... Agent: Vlaamse Instelling Voor Technologisch Onderzoek

20140231323 - Device for use with floor drains: In a floor drain assembly of the type including a floor drain having a collar surrounding a drainage opening installed in a recess in a floor, an improvement is provided. The improvement includes a skirt extending about the collar and secured to the collar by a fastener extending through the... Agent: Aromatic Drain Device, Inc.

20140231324 - Pool skimmer protector: A pool skimmer protector comprising a frame positioned in front of a pool skimmer, where the frame includes a top edge and a bottom edge; a screen attached to the top edge, where the screen rests flush against the frame; and a handle attached to a bottom edge of the... Agent:

20140231325 - Aquarium filter: A media reactor aquarium filter incorporates a simple design and allows simple media replacement. The filter includes co-axial inner and outer tubes. The outer tube includes a mounting feature and the inner tube holds the media and is removable without disturbing the outer tube. A pump at the base of... Agent:

20140231326 - Apparatus for vacuuming pollution from a body of water: A floatable-material harvester is disclosed, including a vacuum source, transport hose, and a floatable-material receiver. In one embodiment, the transport hose has at least one air inductor/intake along its length, which allows air to enter the transport hose to accelerate its contents, by negative pressure air induction. In another embodiment,... Agent: Island And Prairie Suction Tech Inc.

20140231327 - Portable solar apparatus for purifying water: A production unit for purifying water is provided. The production unit has a fluid intake and a heating basin fluidly connected to the fluid intake by a connector such that a layer of water with a depth of less than about 30 mm is provided. A transparent dome is mounted... Agent: Sun Fresh Water, LLC

20140231328 - Rainwater collection and distribution device: The present invention is directed towards a rainwater collection and distribution device comprising at least one substantially elongate collector tank having an open upper free end and a closed lower free end, whereby the elongate collector tank is dimensioned to fit within a downpipe with its open upper free end... Agent:

20140231329 - Liquid treatment device and liquid treatment method: This disclosure of a liquid treatment device includes a first metal electrode having a part disposed in a reaction tank into which a water being treated is filled, a second metal electrode disposed in the reaction tank, an insulator having an opening portion disposed to surround the first metal electrode... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140231330 - Clamping device for clamping a plurality of columns for sample preparation: According to the invention, this object is achieved by a clamping device for clamping a plurality of columns for sample preparation which provides for a plurality of clamping blocks and a displacement mechanism for displacing at least one clamping block relative to an opposing clamping block between an open position... Agent: Lctech Gmbh

20140231331 - Method and apparatus for the filtration of biological solutions: A system, method and device are disclosed for bio-processing a feed stream and providing a constant output by operating a continuous single-pass tangential-flow process. The single-pass process provides high conversion concentration while operating at relatively low feed flow rates, and the process can also be used to provide constant output... Agent: Spf Innovations, LLC

20140231332 - Separation membrane and separation membrane element: A separation membrane includes a separation membrane sheet at least including a substrate and a separation functional layer, and a flow path member having a composition different from the separation membrane sheet and directly secured to the substrate by an adhesive force of at least 1 N/m on side opposite... Agent:

20140231333 - Hollow fiber membrane element and methods of making same: A membrane element comprising: a hollow fiber (HF) stack comprising a plurality of loosely packed hollow fibers (HFs) comprising first ends extending through one contact structure and opposed ends extending through an opposed contact structure, each HF comprising an elongated lumen extending between the one contact structure and the opposed... Agent:

20140231334 - Filter system for a liquid medium: A filter system for a liquid medium is suggested, comprising at least one filter module (1, 100) with at least two vessel units, each of which has an outer side wall (4, 6), wherein one of the vessel units forms a closed filter housing (2, 102) and each other vessel... Agent: Mayfran International B.v.

20140231335 - Ingredient separator: Disclosed is a blood ingredient separator capable of assuring purity of such as separated blood components or stem cells as well as preventing contamination by ambient air during the process of separating components, while simplifying the processes compared to the related art. The ingredient separator includes: a hollow body which... Agent:

20140231336 - Fuel filter assembly and cartridge: A draw latch retainer is used to secure a filter cartridge to a filter head. A cam actuated retainer extends from the head to engage a keeper in the top of the cartridge. Rotation of the cam draws the retainer and cartridge axially toward the head into an installed position.... Agent: Stanadyne Corporation

20140231337 - Filter material: Provided is a filter material which can enhance the particle holding capacity of a filter while keeping the particle capture efficiency thereof and which thus ensures a prolonged filter life. The present invention pertains to a filter material comprising a spun lace nonwoven fabric which contains a thermoplastic synthetic filament... Agent:

20140231338 - Composite semipermeable membrane: A composite semipermeable membrane includes a porous support membrane made of a substrate and a porous support layer and a polyamide separation-functional layer disposed on the porous support layer, wherein the zeta potential of the separation-functional layer at pH 6 is −20 mV or lower, and the zeta potential difference... Agent:

20140231339 - High viscosity tff device design: A device for the tangential filtration of liquids at high viscosities is taught. For a given channel length and width (relatively fixed by the cassette design), one can decrease the channel pressure drop by increasing the channel height or reducing the channel hydraulic resistance. One can increase the channel height... Agent:

20140231340 - Composite including ptfe membrane: Composites including porous PTFE membranes comprising an intermediate PTFE membrane having a pore rating of from about 2 nanometers to about 20 nanometers, interposed between, and bound to, porous fluoropolymer membranes having larger pore ratings, and methods of making and using the composites, are disclosed.... Agent: Pall Corporation

20140231341 - Ptfe membrane: Porous PTFE membranes comprising a first porous surface and a second porous surface, and a bulk between the first porous surface and the second porous surface, wherein the membrane has a pore rating of from about 2 nanometers to about 50 nanometers, and the first and second porous surfaces each... Agent: Pall Corporation

20140231342 - Decontaminant, carbon/polymer composite, decontamination sheet member and filter medium: A filter medium of the present invention includes a porous carbon material having a value of a specific surface area by a nitrogen BET method of 1×102 m2/g or more, a volume of fine pores by a BJH method of 0.3 cm3/g or more, and a particle size of 75... Agent: Sony Corporanization

20140231343 - Combined citrus press and zester: A combined citrus press and zester. The citrus press is of a known type, and includes an upper handle and a lower handle joined at a forward pivot point. The lower handle includes a cup sized to receive a halved citrus fruit, such as a lemon or lime. The upper... Agent: Dart Industries Inc.

20140231344 - Seawater desalination method: A seawater desalination method of the present invention includes the steps of obtaining ultrafiltration membrane-treated water by subjecting seawater (2) to an ultrafiltration membrane treatment; obtaining membrane bioreactor-treated water by subjecting organic wastewater (1) to a membrane bioreactor treatment; obtaining mixed water by mixing the ultrafiltration membrane-treated water and the... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140231345 - Method and facility for treating wastewater containing hydrocarbons, in particular aromatic compounds: The invention relates to a method for treating wastewater containing hydrocarbons, in particular hydrocarbons from the group of compounds referred to as BTEX, comprising benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene aromatic compounds, said wastewater being in particular from the production or conditioning of natural gas, wherein, according to the method, the... Agent: Ondeo Industrial Solutions

20140231346 - Accelerated processing: This method improves and controls ex-situ or in-situ, aerobic or anaerobic digestion of organic materials and toxic or damaging compounds through increased control of multiple chemical and biological settings and conditions. The ability to control flow, natural processes, and biological activity, while adjusting to individual site conditions, offer many opportunities... Agent:

20140231347 - System and method for closed water circulation: System and method for a closed water circulation, comprising: a waterproof, outwardly delimited reservoir for collecting water, whereby a material is included and/or is placed in the reservoir, which is to be treated with water; a collection container, which is basically positioned on or near the bottom of the reservoir,... Agent: Luxin (green Planet) Ag

20140231348 - Method and system for treating water: Aspects of embodiments relate to a method for treating water received at a treatment system. The method may include reducing the hardness of the water by subjecting the water to electrolysis by an electrolytic hardness reducer; and substantially removing disinfectant from the water by irradiating the water with ultraviolet light... Agent: Biopharmax Group Ltd.

20140231349 - Isolation valve: Systems and methods for isolating a filtration module are provided. The systems and methods may utilize a removable end cap comprising an isolation valve. In certain systems and methods, the isolation valve may be configured to selectively allow fluid communication between a port and a filtrate passageway of one filtration... Agent:

20140231350 - Method for ultrafiltration of blood: A method for filtering blood including: withdrawing blood from an adult patient; performing ultrafiltration by filtering the withdrawn blood in a filter having an active filter membrane surface of no greater than 0.2 meters squared (m2) to remove ultrafiltrate from the blood, wherein the filter membrane blocks the passage of... Agent: Gambro Uf Solutions, Inc.

20140231351 - Magnetically responsive membranes: The invention provides permeable magnetically responsive filtration membranes that include a filtration membrane polymer base suitable for fluid filtration; hydrophilic polymers conjugated to the surface of the filtration membrane polymer; and magnetic nanoparticles affixed to the ends of a plurality of the hydrophilic polymers, wherein the hydrophilic polymers are movable... Agent: Lehrstuhl Fur Technische Chemie Ii, Universitat Duisburg-essen

20140231352 - Silica particles coated with beta-cyclodextrin for the removal of emerging contaminants from wastewater: Provided is a silica particle coated with β-cyclodextrin, wherein said cyclodextrin is attached to said silica particle via at least one crosslinking agent and/or at least one copolymer. Also provided are methods of removing contaminants from a flowing or stationary liquid phase comprising the step of contacting said liquid phase... Agent: Temple University - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20140231353 - Method and apparatus for removing cesium ion from water: o

20140231354 - Heavy metal removal methods and systems: A support impregnated with selenium and capable of effectively removing a heavy metal from a process stream that is at an ambient temperature or is at an elevated temperature.... Agent: Phillips 66 Company

20140231355 - Treatment of contaminated liquids: Apparatus and method for the treatment of a contaminated liquid to remove contaminants from said liquid. The apparatus comprises a bed of a carbon based adsorbent material capable of electrochemical regeneration, at least one pair of electrodes operable to pass an electric current through said bed to regenerate the adsorbent... Agent:

20140231356 - Water treatment apparatus incorporating walnut shell filter media and a draft tube system: The present invention relates generally to a system and method for treating wastewater in a filter media apparatus having a draft tube system. The filter media may be walnut shell media.... Agent: Siemens Energy, Inc.

20140231357 - Methods for removing cytokines from blood with surface immobilized polysaccharides: The present invention is directed to a method for removing cytokines and/or pathogens from blood or blood serum (blood) by contacting the blood with a solid, essentially non microporous substrate which has been surface treated with heparin, heparan sulfate and/or other molecules or chemical groups (the adsorbent media or media)... Agent: Exthera Medical Corporation

20140231358 - Magnetic separator, method for operation thereof and use thereof: A magnetic separator separates magnetic and/or magnetisable particles from a fluid with a rotatable drum, at least one magnet arrangement arranged in an interior of the drum and a separation zone through which the fluid can be conducted. The separation zone is formed by an interspace between the drum and... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140231359 - Treatment of phosphate-containing wastewater with fluorosilicate and phosphate recovery: A method for treating phosphate-containing wastewater, such as phosphogypsum pond water. The method includes the steps of: (a) adding a first cation to the wastewater to precipitate fluorosilicate from the wastewater; (b) adding a second cation to the wastewater to precipitate fluoride from the wastewater; (c) raising the pH of... Agent:

20140231360 - Nh3 feed-forward control of blower output: A system for treating wastewater includes an aeration tank having a plurality of air diffusers located within the tank. Air delivery equipment provides air to the tank via air diffusers. An ammonia sensor located near or upstream of the wastewater inlet is used by a controller to measure the ammonia... Agent:

20140231361 - Method and apparatus for processing acidic sea water: A method and an apparatus for processing acidic seawater is disclosed, wherein the acidic seawater is firstly mixed with alkaline seawater, and neutralizing seawater after mixing is transferred into an aeration vessel to be aerated. The volume R of the used aeration vessel and the amount of neutralizing seawater which... Agent:

20140231362 - Method and apparatus for removing oil from a body of water: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for capturing and removing oil from a body of water with equipment using rod and film technology, which includes a streamlined oil tank that moves in the water and collects surface oil from an attached skimmer, arrays of inverted funnels lowered into the water to... Agent:

20140231363 - Water-using domestic appliance with a catalytically active interior surface and method for operating the same: The invention relates to a water-using domestic appliance comprising a tub for accommodating articles to be cleaned and at least one interior surface containing a catalytically active substance, said catalytically active substance being a polyoxometalate and the interior surface being likely to come into contact with water during operation of... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xe4 Te Gmbh

20140231364 - Method for preparing a precoat on the surface of the filter medium of a polishing filter, polishing filter and use of a polishing filter: Method for preparing a precoat (3) on the surface of the filter medium (2) of a polishing filter (1), polishing filter (1) and use of a polishing filter. The essential feature in the invention is that in the polishing filter (1), the precoat (3) is formed either exclusively or jointly... Agent: Outotec (filters) Oy

20140231365 - Optical detection of lipids: Blood separation systems and methods are provided for detecting lipids in plasma that has been separated from a plasma-containing fluid, such as blood. The system includes a fluid processing region in which a plasma-containing fluid is separated into plasma and other fluid components. A plasma flow path is associated with... Agent: Fenwal, Inc.

20140231367 - Improved manifold arrangement: Provided is an improved filtration module assembly comprising a vessel having a filtration cartridge disposed within it and a header coupled to an end of the vessel, the header including a housing having an open-ended upper end and a lower end, and an end cap including a portion that mates... Agent:

20140231366 - System and method for filtering fuel within fuel tank: A system and method for filtering fuel within a fuel tank is disclosed. A dual fuel filtration system may include a first fuel filter connected to a fuel tank opening of the fuel tank, the first fuel filter removing a first type of contaminant from fuel entering the fuel tank... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

08/14/2014 > 37 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140224713 - Modular hemofiltration apparatus with removable panels for multiple and alternate blood therapy: An apparatus for performing blood therapy having a plurality of pumps for engaging blood and fluid tubing is characterized by a plurality of manually mounted and disengagable panels installed on the sides of the apparatus housing, the panels having pump engaging tubing mounted on the inside of the respective panels.... Agent: B. Braun Avitum Ag

20140224714 - Ballast water tank recirculation treatment system: Apparatus is provided having a signal processor or signal processing module configured to receive signaling containing information about the quality of water in a ballast water tank recirculation treatment system, e.g., in a vessel, boat or ship; and determine information about a variable fluorescence treatment to the water in the... Agent: XylemIPHoldings LLC

20140224715 - System and method for treating contaminated wastewater: A system, and method for removing contaminants from wastewater is disclosed. The system may include a first tank of a plurality of tanks containing zeolite material selected to capture and retain contaminants in the wastewater to produce treated water. At least one sensor associated with the first tank may be... Agent:

20140224716 - Osmotic separation systems and methods: Separation processes using osmotically driven membrane systems are disclosed generally involving the extraction of solvent from a first solution to concentrate solute by using a second concentrated solution to draw the solvent from the first solution across a semi-permeable membrane.... Agent:

20140224717 - Wastewater treatment system with microbial fuel cell power: The membrane anaerobic stabilized wastewater treatment system may be substantially free of aerobic biological treatment for processing a wastewater influent. A primary membrane element may process a pretreatment stream produced by a pretreatment system and produce a product stream effluent. A secondary membrane element may receive and filter the product... Agent:

20140224718 - Osmotic separation systems and methods: Separation processes using osmotically driven membrane systems are disclosed generally involving the extraction of solvent from a first solution to concentrate solute by using a second concentrated solution to draw the solvent from the first solution across a semi-permeable membrane.... Agent:

20140224719 - Wastewater treatment system including irradiation of primary solids: The present invention provides a system for treating wastewater in which the majority of solids and biological oxygen demand compounds are separated from the wastewater feed using a primary separation process, to produce a solids phase and a water phase. The solids phase is irradiated to reduce the level of... Agent: Siemens Energy, Inc.

20140224720 - Water cleaning system: Adapter for a water cleaning having a first and second connection mechanism each for connecting a first and second mechanical part to the adapter. A first and second connection surface of the adapter is defined by the surface of the adapter enclosed within the first and second connection mechanism by... Agent:

20140224721 - Device for reducing the content of polluting and/or unwanted substances, particularly in water and other fluids: a

20140224722 - Water treatment system and method: The invention in at least one embodiment includes a system for treating water having an intake module, a vortex module, a disk-pack module, and a motor module. In a further embodiment, a housing is provided over at least the intake module and the vortex module and sits above the disk-pack... Agent: Qwtip LLC

20140224723 - Centrifugal filter: Filtration device suited for concentration of liquid samples, particularly biomolecules, and a method of concentrating, desalting, purifying and/or fractionating liquid samples. In certain embodiments the device includes a housing having a sample reservoir, and two substantially vertically oriented and spaced apart membranes disposed in the housing. An underdrain is associated... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20140224724 - Filter device and analysis device using same: A filter device of the present disclosure includes at least a sheet-shaped fiber structure having a plurality of fibers made of amorphous silicon dioxide, wherein the plurality of fibers are tangled and thus connected together to form voids in the sheet-shaped fiber structure. A filter device of the present disclosure... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140224725 - Cold infusion device for water bottles: A steeping device for use on water bottles with a threaded neck or mouth is disclosed. The steeping device includes cap with a female coupler that cooperates with a reversible adapter ring that fits within the female coupler. The adapter ring has an internal divider wall with aperture with teeth... Agent: Tea Spot, Inc.

20140224726 - Separation membrane element: To provide a separation membrane element that is able to increase the amount of permeate fluid per unit time and also able to improve stability performance, provided is a separation membrane element, comprising a separation membrane and a permeate spacer, wherein a separation functional layer is arranged on the surface... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20140224727 - Fibrillated fibers for liquid filtration media: Fiber webs which are used in filter media are described herein. In some embodiments, the fiber webs include fibrillated fibers and optionally non-fibrillated fibers, amongst other optional components (e.g., binder resin). In some embodiments, the fiber webs include limited amounts of, or no, glass fiber. The respective characteristics and amounts... Agent: Hollingsworth & Vose Company

20140224728 - Water treatment membrane having high chlorine resistance and high permeability and method of manufacturing the same: The present disclosure relates to a method of manufacturing a water treatment membrane having high chlorine resistance and high permeability, the method including: forming an aqueous amine solution layer on a porous support, using an aqueous amine solution including a fluorine compound having an epoxy group in a terminal thereof... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140224729 - Method for the sequenced biological treatment of water implementing biomass granules: A method for biologically treating wastewater having organic matter is provided where the treatment occurs in a sequencing batch reactor having biomass granules therein. Wastewater to be treated is fed under anaerobic conditions into the reactor so as to fluidize the biomass granules. After feeding, the contents of the reactor... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20140224730 - Wastewater treatment process including irradiation of primary solids: The present invention provides a method for treating wastewater in which the majority of solids and biological oxygen demand compounds are separated from the wastewater feed using a primary separation process, to produce a solids phase and a water phase. The solids phase is irradiated to reduce the level of... Agent: Siemens Energy, Inc

20140224731 - Method and system for controlling treatment of effluent from seawater flue gas scrubber: A seawater oxidation basin system (42) for treating effluent seawater is described. The effluent seawater is generated in the removal of sulfur dioxide from a process gas by contacting the process gas containing sulfur dioxide with seawater. The oxidation basin system (42) includes: —a first supply pipe (64) for distributing... Agent:

20140224732 - Apparatus for parallel accelerated solvent extraction: A parallel accelerated solvent extraction system includes a plurality of extraction cells, a temperature controlled zone for maintaining the plurality of extraction cells at a desired temperature, a plurality of collection vessels, each fluidly coupled to a respective extraction cell via a flow restrictor configured to maintain a pressure, a... Agent:

20140224733 - Colloidal silica addition to promote the separation of oil from water: The combination of colloidal silica in conjunction with a chemical, such as a cationically-modified water soluble polymer, e.g. aluminum brine dispersion polymer, clarifies combinations of oil and water, for instance wastewater comprising an oil-in-water emulsion. The colloidal silica may have an average silica particle size of about 0.5 to about... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140224735 - Liquid-liquid extraction process and apparatus: This invention provides processes for extracting organic compounds from aqueous samples by using relatively small amounts of extraction solvent and of the aqueous sample to be extracted. This is accomplished by increasing the surface area of the extraction solvent while preventing evaporation of the extraction solvent, which allows for greater... Agent:

20140224734 - Removal of boron from saline water using alkalized nf membrane pretreatment: The removal of boron from saline water based (10) using alkalized NF membrane pretreatment (14) can be adopted at 90% recovery and pH 8-9.5 to produce softened and alkalized NF permeate having SDI<1 with significant reduction in feed boron, TDS and scale-forming ions depending on the properties of the NF... Agent: Saline Water Desalination Research Institute

20140224736 - Device and method for regulating a treatment device: A method and a device are disclosed for controlling or regulating an ultrafiltration in a dialysis treatment in which blood to be ultrafiltered flows in an extracorporeal blood circulation (109) through a blood chamber (110) of a dialyzer (113), which is divided by a semipermeable membrane (111) into the blood... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20140224737 - Molecularly imprinted polymers for eliminating metabolites: The present invention relates to polymers imprinted by retention solutes, use of same as well as compositions containing same.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20140224739 - Chromatography columns, systems and methods: The present invention relates to axial flow chromatography columns, methods for separating one or more analytes in a liquid by the use of such columns, and systems employing such columns. The column comprises a first port and a second port, the first port and said second port being at essentially... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20140224738 - Packing of chromatography columns: The invention provides a packing method for high efficiency chromatography columns starting from dry swellable particles, as well as columns packed by the method and the use of the columns in separation of biomolecules. In the packing method, an amount of dry swellable particles sufficient to give a swollen volume... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20140224740 - Preparation of pre-coated rp-rotors and universal chromatorotors, chromatographic separation devices and methods for centrifugal preparative chromatography: Reversed phase solid silica gel sorbent layers which can adhere with appropriate binders to a solid surface were developed. Pre-coated RP-rotors of different thickness were used These pre-coated RP-rotors can be used for Centrifugal Preparative Thin-layer Chromatography (CPTLC) using any appropriate device for Centrifugal Chromatography, like Chromatotron® or Cyclograph. Organic... Agent:

20140224741 - Method for destruction of reducible contaminants in waste or ground water: A method of decreasing the concentration of certain contaminants in liquids by the chemical reduction of the contaminant using a hydride. A suitable reactor is charged with the contaminated liquid. An amount of catalyst and then an amount of hydride are added to the reactor. The hydride reacts with the... Agent: Bluflow Technologies, Inc.

20140224742 - Process and device for simulated moving bed adsorption and separation with a reduced number of control valves: The present invention relates to a process for simulated moving bed (SMB) adsorption and separation with a reduced number of control valves, comprising separating the feedstocks comprising isomers by SMB adsorption, said SMB comprising m beds of adsorbent, each of which is equipped with grids, each of the grids being... Agent: Research Institute Of Petroleum Processing, Sinopec

20140224743 - Process and composition for the removal of hydrogen sulfide from industrial process fluids: The invention relates to a method for the prevention and removal of H2S and/or other sulfhydryl compounds and iron sulfide deposits from gas and/or liquid streams in industrial process systems. Formulations comprising aldehydes, aldehyde donors, and/or aldehyde stabilizers, excluding triazines, in combination with the reaction product of an amino acid... Agent:

20140224744 - Method for water treatement and floc and sludge collection: A method for removing contaminants from a body of water is provided by positioning a flexible containment vessel within the body of water and moving water to be treated from the body of water into the flexible containment vessel. The water to be treated typically contains contaminated organic or inorganic... Agent:

20140224745 - Flotation apparatus: Apparatus 10 for separating a mixture of oil and water. The apparatus 10 comprises a cylindrical vessel 12, with a cylindrical divider 18 separating the vessel 12 into a central zone 24 and outer annular zone 22. An upper part of the divider 18 provides a weir to enable fluid... Agent: Enhydra Ltd

20140224746 - Seawater infiltration method and water infiltration intake unit: To clean sediments and the like trapped not only in a top layer of a sand filtration layer, but also in intermediate layers. A seawater infiltration method which uses a water infiltration intake unit which is formed in advance and provided with a water intake pipe embedded in a gravel... Agent: Hitachi Zosen Corporation

20140224747 - Method and apparatus for treating potable water in municipal and similar water tanks: Method and apparatus for treating potable water in municipal and similar tanks to reduce and remove undesirable disinfectant byproducts such as trihalomethanes from the water by providing a water circulation system to create circulation patterns in the tank water and an air flow system for creating an air flow pattern... Agent: Medora Environmental, Inc.

20140224748 - Filtration element and assembly for bioprocess applications: Provided are filtration devices for purifying fluids from bioprocess applications and processes for using the same. The fluid filter elements or cells and fluid filter assemblies or capsules minimize upstream and residual volumes by the use of substantially flat interior surfaces. Desired pressure ratings are also met without the use... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140224749 - Filter mesh assembly for a plastic extruder filter assembly: A filter mesh assembly configured to control particulate material in a filter assembly of a plastic extruder. The filter mesh assembly includes a wire mesh filter having a square weave construction defining a predetermined pore size with the wire mesh filter having flattened surfaces of adjacent wires on the same... Agent:

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