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05/28/2015 > 39 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20150144540 - Method and apparatus for regeneration of extraction solution in metal extraction processes: A method and apparatus for restoring the extractive potential of organic hydroxyoxime-based extraction solution used in the recovery of metals by liquid-liquid extraction are provided. The method is two-stage, in which an aqueous solution of hydroxylamine or some hydroxylamine compound is used in the reaction stage, and the removal of... Agent: Outotec (finland) Oy

20150144539 - Parallel modules for in-line recharging of sorbents using alternate duty cycles: Parallel modules for in-line recharging of sorbent materials using alternate duty cycles for a sorbent cartridge. The sorbent cartridge can have two or more modules contained therein having connectors connecting each of the modules. One or more of the modules can be reusable and the sorbent materials therein can be... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150144541 - Water filter sand level sensor: A water filter sand level sensor is positioned inside a water filter and detects if a sand level in the water filter is above or below a critical level. The sand level sensor is connected to an indicator outside the water filter that provides a visual or audible signal regarding... Agent: Deere & Company

20150144542 - Module for in-line recharging of sorbent materials with optional bypass: A module for optionally recharging sorbent materials in-line, including zirconium phosphate, with an optional bypass and conduits for a sorbent cartridge. The sorbent cartridge can have one or more modules contained therein having connectors connecting each of the modules. One or more of the modules can be reusable and the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20150144543 - Flowmeter, dialysis machine and medicinal solution injection device: Provided are a flowmeter that can measure a flow rate of a liquid with high accuracy and that is easy to carry and handle, and a dialysis machine and a medicinal solution injection device that employ the flowmeter. A flowmeter includes a tube connection member and a measurement instrument body.... Agent:

20150144544 - Wastewater screen filter and chain tensioner: A screen filter for wastewater applications includes a chain tensioner assembly configured to provide a tensioning force for a screen filter chain. The chain tensioner assembly includes a slide plate configured to move axially with respect to the screen filter chain, and a shaft mount attached to the slide plate... Agent:

20150144545 - Filtering membrane module and filtering apparatus having the same: A filtering membrane module and a filtering apparatus having the same, which is capable of remarkably reducing a vibration of filtering membrane module during an aeration process for a maintenance cleaning of filtering membrane, and preventing a crack from occurring in the filtering membrane module by the vibration, wherein the... Agent: Kolon Construction Co., Ltd.

20150144546 - Disk filter and filter disk used for same: A disk filter (21) has grooves (211) having a curved shape whose curvature gradually increases from the outer peripheral side of the filter disks (21) to the inner peripheral side thereof. The width (Wout) is greater than the width (Win). The width (Wout) is the width of an opening (211a)... Agent:

20150144547 - Spiral flow water treatment apparatus: A spiral flow water treatment apparatus including: a core collector comprising a first portion and a second portion; a spacer spirally wound around the core collector; a separator spirally wound around the core collector and alternately with the spacer; a first spiral flow conduit located outside the separator, connected with... Agent:

20150144548 - Tank vent filter with downpipe: The invention relates to a tank vent filter (70) that guides tank contents that have inadvertently reached the tank vent filter (70) through a downpipe (80) past a first filter (78) of the tank vent filter (70). A contamination of the first filter (78) is thus prevented by means of... Agent:

20150144549 - Filter device: A filter device having a filter housing having at least two housing parts (1 and 11), which can be separated from one another in order to receive at least one filter element (21), and which can be connected to one another by means of a coupling device (7), is characterized... Agent:

20150144550 - Separation membrane element: A separation membrane element includes a water collecting pipe, a separation membrane main body having a feed-side face and a permeate-side face, a feed-side channel material and permeate-side channel materials. The separation membrane main body, the feed-side channel material and the permeate-side channel materials are spirally wound around the water... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20150144551 - Polymer resin composition for preparing hollow fiber membrane, preparation method of hollow fiber membrane, and hollow fiber membrane: The present invention relates to a polymer resin composition for preparing a hollow fiber membrane, including: a vinylidene fluoride-based polymer resin; a good solvent; a poor solvent; and one or more compounds selected from the group consisting of a bicycloalkane having 5 to 15 carbons mono- or poly-substituted with a... Agent:

20150144553 - Hollow fiber module having tfc-aquaporin modified membranes: The present invention relates to a hollow fiber (HF) module having fibers modified with a thin film composite (TFC) layer comprising aquaporin water channels.... Agent:

20150144552 - Immobilized multi-layer artificial membrane for permeability measurements (pampa): With the subject invention, a method is provided for preparing a filter membrane including the steps of dispersing a liquid which is generally hydrophobic into the pores of a porous membrane, and applying a solution containing lipids onto at least a first surface of the porous membrane containing the liquid.... Agent:

20150144554 - Wastewater treatment process with moving bed bioreactor (mbbr): In a wastewater treatment system, feed water is processed by anaerobic digestion, preferably in an anaerobic moving bed bioreactor (AnMBBR). Effluent from the AnMBBR passes through one or more solid-liquid separation units. A solids portions is treated by hydrolysis or suspended growth anaerobic digestion. A liquid portion of the hydrolysis... Agent:

20150144555 - Filtration apparatus:

20150144556 - Antiscalant compound and methods of making and using the same: The antiscalant compound is a dianionic polyelectrolyte (DAPE), namely, poly[disodium 3-(N,N-diallylamino)propanephosphonate]. The cationic polyelectrolyte (CPE) polydiallyl(diethylphosphonato)propylammonium chloride is synthesized by cyclopolymerization of the monomer. The CPE contains a pendant having a three-carbon spacer separating the diethylphosphonate and NH+. Upon acidic hydrolysis of the phosphonate esters, the CPE was converted into... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Menerals

20150144557 - Organic solvent purifier and method of using: A purifier for removing metal, such as chromium, from an organic solvent is disclosed. The purifier comprises a housing having a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet in fluid communication with the fluid inlet; a volume of ion-exchange resin disposed within the housing downstream of the fluid inlet; and a... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20150144558 - Slow dialysate adaptor apparatus for intermittent hemodialysis: A system and method for providing slow dialysate flow with an intermittent hemodialysis delivery (IHD) system are disclosed. The system includes a dialysate slow-flow fluid pump having an outlet for connection to an inlet port of a hemodialyzer and an inlet for connection to a dialysate bulk flow line in... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150144561 - Blood separation and concentration system: This invention provides an apparatus and methods to consistently separate and concentrate selected blood components. The system includes, e.g., a computerized fluid handling system to transfer blood components between a centrifugal blood separation disc, containers and a concentrator.... Agent:

20150144559 - Membrane separation device and operation method for membrane separation device: A membrane separation device includes a separation membrane unit A that has a separation membrane unit component 8, feed stream side lines F1 and F2, and a permeate stream line P, and a unit for feeding a stream-to-be-treated, wherein a stream-to-be-treated sealing material is provided in the perimeter of an... Agent:

20150144560 - Separation membrane unit and method for using the same to produce fresh water: There is provided a separation membrane unit wherein a plurality of separation membrane subunits (11a-c) communicate with raw water lines A (9a-c) that comprise raw water supply valves W (10a-c), water discharge lines B (12a-c) that comprise water discharge valves X (13a-c), raw water lines C (16a-c) that comprise first... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20150144562 - Systems and methods for data center cooling and water desalination: The present disclosure provides systems for data center cooling and water desalination. In some aspects, the systems include a data center having a water cooling subsystem configured to receive cool water and output warm water and a desalination plant co-located with the data center and configured to receive and desalinate... Agent:

20150144563 - Articles comprising soil absorbing polymers and processes for making same: Articles containing soil adsorbing polymers, and more particularly, articles, for example nonwovens, such as paper towels, wovens, and/or sponges and/or article-forming components thereof that comprise a durably bonded soil adsorbing polymer, article-forming components used to make such articles, and processes for making same are provided.... Agent:

20150144564 - Biochar water treatment: Disclosed herein are embodiments of a system for treating water. The system comprises a biochar inlet, and optionally a metal salt inlet, ozone inlet, organic carbon compound inlet or any combination thereof. The biochar may be produced by biomass pyrolysis and the pyrolysis may be coupled to energy generation. The... Agent: University Of Idaho

20150144565 - Methods to separate brine from invert emulsions used in drilling and completion fluids: Methods to separate or recover brine that is present in an invert emulsion are described. The brine is present as an internal phase in the invert emulsion. The brine can be a valuable component, such as an alkali metal formate, and separation and recovering of the brine from the invert... Agent:

20150144566 - System for removing minerals from a brine: A system includes an ion exchange softener fluidly coupled to a wastewater treatment system. The first ion exchange softener may receive a first brine stream from the wastewater treatment system and to remove a plurality of minerals from the first brine stream to generate a second brine stream including the... Agent:

20150144567 - Method and system for oil release management: Method and system is described for enhanced oil release management system by using one or more booms, one or more skimmers and one or more floating burners. The method and system may include skimmers to capture a fluid that is supplied to the floating burner.... Agent:

20150144568 - Column material for the capture of heavy metal and precious metal ions: Composite ion-exchange materials for use in an ion-exchange column are provided. Also provided are ion-exchange columns packed with the materials and methods for using the materials to remove metal ions from samples, such as waste water samples. The composite ion-exchange materials comprise a composite material comprising a metal chalcogenide and... Agent:

20150144569 - Poly(zwitterion-alt-sulfur dioxide) copolymer: m

20150144570 - Glycerides and fatty acid mixtures and methods of using same: The invention provides methods and compositions for green compositions and technologies. In an embodiment, the present invention provides a method of separating a first material from a second material. For example, the method can comprise mixing the first material and the second material in a slurry with a beneficiation composition.... Agent: Nalco Company

20150144571 - Dispersion and conditioning techniques for thick fine tailings dewatering operations: Techniques are described that relate to enhancing flocculation and dewatering of thick fine tailings, for example by reducing process oscillations. One example method includes dispersing a flocculant into thick fine tailings having a turbulent flow regime to produce turbulent flocculating tailings; subjecting the turbulent flocculating tailings to shear to build... Agent:

20150144573 - Consolidation and dewatering of particulate matter with protein: A method of treating a suspension of particles in a fluid including the steps of promoting flocculation of the particles, and dewatering the flocs to form a cake with a solids content, an improvement including the step of exposing the suspension to chemicals of the protein family. The suspension can... Agent:

20150144572 - Particle suspensions of flocculating polymer powders and powder flocculant polymer blends: Powder blends are described comprising blends of particulate water soluble high molecular weight polymer flocculants. The polymer flocculants can include polyethylene oxide, polyDadmac, Dadmac-acrylamide copolymers, copolymers thereof and combinations thereof. The powder blends allows the use of fine powders while reducing potential air quality and safety issues. The powder blends... Agent:

20150144574 - Polysaccharide agents and methods of their use for removing solids from water: Polysaccharide agents for removing solids from an aqueous suspension and methods for using the polysaccharide agents to remove solids from an aqueous suspension.... Agent: The Texas A&m University System

20150144575 - Uva germicidal device: Disclosed fluid purification systems can comprise a treatment vessel configured to contain a fluid to be purified, a source of ultraviolet radiation with at least 50% of its emitted spectral energy at wavelengths between 315 nm and 400 nm positioned exterior to the treatment vessel, and a portion of a... Agent:

20150144576 - Mechanical filtering process for dehydrating muds and filter press implementing said process: A mechanical filtering process for dehydrating muds includes the step of introducing a mass of mud to be dehydrated between mechanical filtering porous plates and the step of applying a compression force on the mass of mud by the porous plates, thus causing a liquid fraction to be removed from... Agent:

20150144577 - Device for the fractionation of a fluid containing particles and for the extraction of a volume of interest: A device for fractionation of a fluid containing particles and extraction of a particle-lean volume and a particle-rich volume, including: a cylindrical reservoir including an inlet orifice to supply the reservoir with fluid in a pumping direction from first to second ends of the reservoir; a fractionation body extending along... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

05/21/2015 > 48 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20150136665 - Water filter with electrical conductivity meter: The present invention relates to water filter comprises an electrical conductivity meter and a filter cartridge core for water treatment comprises one or more of the following group: filter gauze, carbonate filter, ceramic filter and Silifos balls. In addition, the invention relates to a filter cartridge core for water treatment... Agent:

20150136666 - Drinking water vending dispenser facilitated to collect and purify drainage water: A drinking water vending dispenser for dispensing purified water comprising a coarse mechanical filter, an RO purification unit, an ozone purification unit, a UV purification unit, an active carbon filter, a chemical base purification unit and a fine mechanical filter.... Agent:

20150136667 - Biofiltration with enhanced sludge handling: A water treatment system including a media filter having a filter chamber with a volume to accommodate filter media and a sludge outlet and a charge chamber for storing air. The charge chamber is fluidly connected to the filter chamber and has: (i) an air outlet for admitting air into... Agent:

20150136668 - Oil separating apparatus: An oil separating apparatus includes a preliminary separator and a main separator. The preliminary separator is for collecting wastewater. The main separator has a main separating chamber, a wastewater exit channel and a communicating channel. The main separating chamber communicates with the preliminary separator, and has upper and lower openings.... Agent:

20150136669 - Method and system for separation of suspensions: A method and system are for separating a suspension into solid and fluid components. The suspension is centrifuged about a substantially vertical axis of rotation to concentrate solid components in a first lower flow stream and fluid components in a first upper flow stream. The first upper flow stream may... Agent: 650438 Alberta Ltd.

20150136670 - Gravity-based structure: A gravity-based structure (1) for supporting offshore installations comprising a foundation (4). The foundation (4) has a basal portion (11). The basal portion (11) has a plurality of openings (10) for drainage of water. There is at least one first layer (7) of filter material, with a gradation suitable for... Agent: Seatower As

20150136674 - Apparatuses and methods for purifying liquids: Disclosed are apparatuses and methods for purifying water. In some embodiments, the apparatuses include a chamber into which liquid to be purified can be delivered, and an ozone generator that generates ozone for mixture with the liquid in the 5 chamber, the ozone generator comprising a surface discharge device that... Agent:

20150136672 - Liquid treatment unit, toilet seat with washer, washing machine, and liquid treatment apparatus: A liquid treatment unit includes: a treatment tank provided with an inlet and an outlet, the treatment tank having a shape that allows a portion of liquid to be retained; a controller that controls supply of liquid into the treatment tank and ejection of liquid from the treatment tank; and... Agent:

20150136673 - Liquid treatment unit, toilet seat with washer, washing machine, and liquid treatment apparatus: A liquid treatment unit includes: an inlet for supplying liquid; a flow passage tube connected to the inlet, the flow passage tube defining a circulation flow passage along which the liquid supplied from the inlet circulates; a plasma generator generates plasma in the liquid in at least a partial area... Agent:

20150136671 - Sanitizer system: An enclosure 12) supports a water carrying tube (16) through which a flow of water to be sanitized passes. Water carrying tube (16) may be supported at each end by Venturis (24, 26) mounted in ends of a housing (12). One or more ultraviolet lamps (14) extend along tube (16).... Agent:

20150136675 - Oil-water separating structure and oil-water separating system using the same: An oil and water separating structure is provided. The oil and water separating structure mainly uses a pump to drive a fluid to form a jet flow in high flow velocity so as to produce a suction force. Oil floating on the water surface will be sucked into a tube... Agent:

20150136676 - Systems and methods for repairing membranes and improving performance of osmotically driven membrane systems: The invention relates to repairing and/or modifying a surface of a membrane in osmotically driven membrane systems by the introduction of one or more substances to the membrane.... Agent:

20150136677 - Filter box, a fuel circuit for feeding fuel to an engine, and an aircraft: A filter box (10) having at least one main compartment (20) in fluid flow communication with a main tank (6) and with a transfer pump (8) for feeding with fuel, together with at least one secondary compartment (30) in fluid flow communication with a secondary tank (7) and an ejector... Agent:

20150136678 - Quick release pool skimmer basket apparatus: A quick release pool skimmer basket apparatus includes a basket having a sidewall, a filter element coupled to the sidewall to move between an open position and a closed position, and a handle extending upwardly from the basket. A trigger in the handle is operatively coupled to the filter element... Agent: Pool Patch LLC

20150136679 - Ion exchanging apparatus: The present invention aims at limiting the pressure loss and smoothly discharging water treated by ion exchangers to the outside of the apparatus. Ion exchanging apparatus 1 has outer vessel 3 that has inner space 2; and ion exchanger support 4 that separates at least a part of inner space... Agent: Organo Corporation

20150136680 - Internal pod for gauze filter of water filter: An internal pod designed to be incorporated into a gauze filter in a filter housing consisting of a container and a cover. The container consists of a closed circumferential conical wall, a bottom with lower holes, and a cover with upper holes. Wherein water treatment material or another filter can... Agent: General Filter Benleumi Ltd

20150136681 - Phase separation element and phase separation device: The present invention relates to a phase separation element and a phase separation device comprising such a phase separation element, which may be used for separating a biphasic aqueous and organic liquid system irrespective of which liquid is heavier.... Agent:

20150136682 - Filter device for fluids: A filter device for fluids, having a connection member (1) with a fluid input (19) for unfiltrate and fluid output (13) for filtrate, having a first (43) and a second filter element (3) and having a switching device (29) located in the connection member (1), by means of which a... Agent:

20150136683 - Grinding and dewatering apparatus of food waste by centrifugation: A grinding and dewatering apparatus by centrifugation for highly selective differentiated food waste collection includes, in a supporting structure, a hopper introducing waste-products into a grinding chamber and subsequently into a centrifuge having an inner body and an outer body with a finely perforated, coaxial side wall, a deceleration chamber... Agent:

20150136684 - Axially compact fuel filter: A fuel filter, including: a housing, an inlet port, and an outlet port. The housing includes: a first axially disposed side wall forming a radially outermost portion of a circumference for the housing; a second axially disposed side wall located radially inward of the first axially disposed wall; a first... Agent: Motor Components, LLC

20150136685 - Filter cartridges for liquid filtration; assembly; and, methods: A liquid filter cartridge is provided. Preferred seal arrangements are provided, to provide for preferred axial load conditions, with respect to one or more of the end caps of the cartridge. Some cartridge configurations provided include no core structure or outer liner structure therein, to support axial load. Assemblies using... Agent:

20150136686 - Embedded type, inverted-filtering and anti-clogged emitter and drip irrigation pipeline: The present invention discloses an embedded type, inverted-filtering and anti-clogged emitter and drip irrigation pipe (tape). The emitter comprises a first component and a second component which are mutually fixed, and a filter cloth sandwiched between the first component and the second component; the first component and/or the second component... Agent:

20150136687 - Potting method: Disclosed herein are aspects and embodiments of filtration membrane modules including porous membranes and methods and structures associated with potting ends of the porous membranes in the membrane modules. In one example, there is provided a method of forming a filtration module. The method comprises securing a portion of a... Agent:

20150136688 - Membrane, water treatment membrane, water treatment device, and method of manufacturing the membrane: In Chemical Formula 1, A is a substituted or unsubstituted C3 to C10 aromatic cyclic group, m is an integer of 0 to 5, and n is 0 or 1, provided that m and n are not simultaneously 0 (e.g., when A is an unsubstituted benzene group). A separation membrane... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150136689 - Filtration methods, apparatus, and systems using a ceramic seal gasket: The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to systems, apparatus, and methods for fluid filtration (e.g., water) with a ceramic membrane having a seal. For example, the present disclosure relates, in some embodiments, to a cross-flow fluid filtration assembly comprising (a) an elongate ceramic membrane filter having a first... Agent:

20150136691 - Method for preparing double layered porous hollow membrane and device and product thereof: A method for preparing a double layered porous hollow fiber membrane and the device and product thereof. The method comprises preparing uncured porous hollow fiber with larger pore diameters as the inner robust supporter of the membrane from thermoplastic polymeric resins by thermal induced phase separation (TIPS) method and then... Agent:

20150136690 - Method of making a membrane and a membrane for water filtration: A method of making a membrane and a membrane made from the method are provided. The method comprises coupling a vesicle to a support substrate, the vesicle comprising a plurality of water channels; and partially embedding the vesicle coupled to the support substrate in a layer of material that is... Agent: National Unibersity Of Singapore

20150136692 - Reverse osmosis membrane for wastewater treatment: m

20150136693 - Cytokine adsorption sheet, method for manufacturing the same, and blood filter comprising the same: A cytokine adsorption sheet comprises a nanofiber web formed by electrospinning a spinning solution prepared by mixing an adsorbent material capable of adsorbing cytokine and an electrospinnable polymer material. Thus, the dissolution of the adsorbent material by blood can be prevented.... Agent:

20150136694 - Point of generation small volume bioreactor for hormone and endocrine disrupting chemical remediation: Water treatment and remediation processes for hormones and/or endocrine disrupting chemicals are disclosed. A bioreactor apparatus is provided having hormone degrading microbes suitable for forming a biofilm for such remediation processes wherein the water containing the hormones and/or endocrine disrupting chemicals provide a substrate for the biofilm. Methods of regenerating... Agent: Microbial Remediation Technologies, Inc.

20150136695 - Systems and methods for cleaning a membrane separation system: Systems and methods for cleaning a membrane filtration system using cross-flow geometry.... Agent:

20150136696 - Process for removing aromatics from water used in processing coal tar: A process for treating water used in a coal tar process is described. The process involves treating the water with extraction with an extraction agent or adsorption with an adsorbent. The extraction agent includes at least one of amphiphilic block copolymers, cyclodextrins, functionalized cyclodextrins, and soluble cyclodextrin-functionalized polymers, and the... Agent:

20150136697 - Oily water separator, oil-water separating method and filtration membrane unit: p

20150136698 - Graft copolymer functionalized article: Guanidinyl ligand-functionalized polymers, methods of making the same, and substrates bearing a grafted coating of the ligand-functional polymers are described. The grafted polymer has the requisite affinity for binding neutral or negatively charged biomaterials, such as cells, cell debris, bacteria, spores, viruses, nucleic acids, endotoxins and proteins, at pH's near... Agent:

20150136699 - Apparatus and methods for solution processing: Equipment, systems, processes and techniques for conducting processing of solutions are described. The techniques can be applied to provide diluted solution (i.e. purified solvent), concentrate solution or each. A variety of specific equipment, example systems and processes are depicted and described.... Agent:

20150136700 - Chromatographic materials: The present invention provides a chromatographic stationary phase material various different types of chromatography. One example chromatographic stationary phase is represented by Formula 1 [X](W)a(Q)b(T)c (Formula 1). X can be a high purity chromatographic core composition. W can be absent and/or can include hydrogen and/or can include hydroxyl on the... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20150136702 - Dialysis machine and method for determining the furring in a dialysis machine: A dialysis machine has at least one filter for the filtration of dialysis liquid and a device for determining calcification of the dialysis machine. The device has one or more sensors configured and arranged to detect either downstream, or upstream and downstream, of the at least one filter an ion... Agent:

20150136701 - Methods and devices for treating a disease state: The invention discloses devices and methods for allowing selective removal of a protein solution from a human biological fluid. In some embodiments, a column with specificity of binding for a predetermined protein is employed to remove said protein to prevent onset of a disease or for prevention for the continued... Agent:

20150136703 - Titanium-impregnated carbon nanotubes for selenium removal: The titanium-impregnated carbon nanotubes for selenium removal provide a composition for removing or reducing the levels of selenium in water. The titanium-impregnated carbon nanotubes comprise a range of about 5 wt % titanium to 20 wt % titanium. A process for removing selenium from water includes the steps of placing... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150136704 - Method and apparatus for treating wastewater containing radioactive strontium: Radioactive strontium is efficiently removed from wastewater containing radioactive strontium. In a treatment method for radioactive strontium-containing wastewater, wastewater containing radioactive strontium and a powdery alkali metal titanate are mixed in a stirrer-equipped reaction tank by stirring such that radioactive strontium in the wastewater is adsorbed on the powdery alkali... Agent:

20150136705 - Method for treating hydrogen peroxide water: A method for treating drainage containing hydrogen peroxide that has been used for sterilizing and washing an inside of a water treatment system or washing and surface finishing of electronic components includes passing the drainage through the hydrogen peroxide decomposition reactor, injecting effluent water from the hydrogen peroxide decomposition reactor... Agent:

20150136706 - Method for removing chromium from water using weak base anion exchange resin at near-neutral ph: A method of removing chromium from water using a weak base anion exchange resin at a pH above about 5 includes the step of periodically reducing a flow of the water through the ion exchange resin for a rest period, such that a secondary mechanism of chromium removal predominates, wherein... Agent:

20150136707 - Aluminum silicate and method for producing same: m

20150136708 - Dissolved gas flotation apparatus: A dissolved gas flotation apparatus (10) comprises: —a flotation tank (18); —one or more pressure reduction nozzles (28) arranged to discharge into the flotation tank (18); —an underflow exit baffle (19) defining the upper part of an exit channel (70) from the flotation tank (18); and —a plurality of flow-contacting... Agent:

20150136709 - Water treatment systems and methods: A water treatment device and methods of treating water such as cooling tower water, swimming pool water, and hot tub or spa water, are described. The water treatment device utilizes ultraviolet radiation, a magnetic field, and ozone fortified air to treat the water, typically resulting in reduced microbial contamination and... Agent:

20150136710 - Photochemical process for the liquid phase destruction of polychlorinated biphenyl compounds, polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin, and polychlorinated dibenzofuran contaminated sludges and soils: A method or process is provided for treating contaminated sludge or soil that includes adsorbed polychlorinated biphenyl compounds (PCB) and polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (collectively termed “dioxin-furans compounds”), the method includes pulverizing the sludge or soil and thereafter directing the sludge or soil to an extraction tank where the... Agent: Air Control Techniques, P.C.

20150136711 - Liquid treatment apparatus and liquid treatment method: A liquid treatment apparatus according to the present disclosure includes a dielectric tube that defines a channel through which water to be treated flows, the channel being split upstream of the dielectric tube into a first channel and a second channel, the first channel and the second channel being merged... Agent:

20150136712 - Hydrophilic-oleophobic copolymer composition and uses thereof: Provided herein are copolymers and copolymer compositions that are both hydrophilic and oleophobic. The copolymers include structural units derived from a fluoroalkyl monomer and a zwitterionic monomer. It further relates to membranes formed by coating a porous substrate with the copolymeric compositions. The copolymeric coating imparts hydrophilicity and oleophobicity/oil-tolerance to... Agent: General Electric Company

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