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Liquid purification or separation

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08/07/2014 > 47 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20140216993 - Single container gravity-fed storage water purifier: A gravity-fed storage water purifier is provided. The gravity-fed water purifier includes a filtration unit for receiving water. The filtration unit includes a housing unit, a first membrane cloth layer, a second membrane cloth layer, and a granular biocidal composition layer disposed between the first and second membrane cloth layers.... Agent: Indian Institute Of Technology

20140216994 - Apparatus relating to hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration, hemofiltration or peritoneal dialysis having function for rise temperature: Disclosed is an apparatus having a heating function for hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration, hemofiltration or peritoneal dialysis, wherein the apparatus includes at least one of pipe for transferring at least one fluid of blood and dialsate, and a heating unit for heating at least one fluid of blood and dialsate, wherein the... Agent: Woodyoung Meditech Co., Ltd.

20140216995 - Apparatus for treating liquid containing impurities: An apparatus for treating a liquid containing impurities may comprise: a filtering chamber for receiving liquid containing impurities, the filtering chamber containing granular media and configured to permit the granular media to interact with the liquid containing impurities, thereby removing impurities from the liquid to produce filtrate; a filtrate section... Agent: Parkson Corporation

20140216996 - Filtering unit: A filtering unit (100) comprising:—an outer casing (1) provided with at least one inlet conduit (13) for a fluid to be filtered and one outlet conduit (14) for a filtered fluid, a filtering cartridge (2) received within said casing (1), so as to filter the fluid which flows from the... Agent: Ufi Filters S.p.a

20140216997 - Filter element and fuel filter: The invention concerns a filter element (1), in particular of a fuel filter for motor vehicles. The filter element (1) is received in a filter housing (2) and comprises a filter body (3) with a filter material (5) that is arranged in folds (4). Between two folds (4) a heater... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140216998 - Dewatering system for oil storage tanks: The dewatering system for oil storage tanks includes a dewatering pipe or line extending from the bottom of the oil tank, and a recirculation or return line teed into the dewatering pipe and extending back to the tank. The return line may include multiple branches to the tank, which permit... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20140216999 - Mixture separation device with detached free rolling bars: A device for separating components of a mixture, particularly industrial fluids but also gases including air, allows for targeted components of the mixture to be attached onto a separating bar and removed from the mixture. The separating bars traverse a track formed within the body of the separating device and... Agent: Exactration, LLC

20140217000 - Device for water treatment system: A device for interfering with removal of a riser tube from within a water treatment tank. The device includes a collar having a central region dimensioned to fixedly receive the riser tube; and at least one restraining arm extending from the collar away from the central region, wherein the at... Agent: 1720618 Ontario Inc.

20140217001 - Keyed thread engagement on spin-on filter element: A filter element includes a ring of filtration media circumscribing a central axis and defining a central cavity. An annular end cap of the filter element is sealingly bonded at an end of the media. The end cap includes a central opening into the central cavity, and a lateral opening... Agent: Parker-hannifin Coporation

20140217003 - \"dual cartridge filter stabilizer\": A stabilizer for suppressing vibration, shock, translational, and rotational forces, on a dual cartridge filter system. The stabilizer uses opposing curved surfaces which correspond with, and follow the curvature of, the diameter of each cartridge cylindrical housing. The stabilizer is formed having a stabilizer base with locking members or leg... Agent: Kx Technologies LLC

20140217002 - Compound angle wedge screen clamp for vibratory separator: A wedging apparatus for a vibrating separator including an outer polygonal surface to secure a screen to the vibrating separator, wherein the outer polygonal surface extends substantially along the length of a screening surface of the vibrating separator is disclosed. A screen for a vibratory separator including a frame having... Agent: M-i L.L.C.

20140217004 - Device for oil spill cleanup: An absorbent pad for absorption and containment of oil based products. The absorbent pad includes a plurality of absorbent modules contained within a hydrophobic, porous and flexible top and base material, each absorbent module having a hydrophobic, oil absorbent material sealed therein, each of the plurality of absorbent modules being... Agent: Inkastrans (canada) Ltd.

20140217005 - Water purification cartridge and water purifier: The objective of the present invention is to provide a water purification cartridge with excellent water permeability and processing capability. The present invention relates to a water purification cartridge positioned between a raw water reservoir and a purified water reservoir of a water purifier and having a container to accommodate... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20140217006 - Fuel supply system for a vehicle with internal combustion engine: A fuel supply system for a vehicle with internal combustion engine features a fuel tank and a water separator integrated in the fuel tank.... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140217007 - Filtering apparatus with hollow membrane module for draining off debris: The present invention provides a filtering apparatus with a hollow membrane module for draining off debris, comprising: an outer shell having a filtering chamber, a water outlet and a first passage; a filter unit inside the filtering chamber of the outer shell and comprising a hollow membrane module and a... Agent:

20140217008 - Vibrating centrifuge: A vibrating centrifuge having a separation screen that is rotated and vibrated to separate a material, typically slurry (e.g. coal slurry). The separation screen is vibrated by a vibrator, such as an unbalanced motor. One or more constraint members, preferably leaf springs, are provided that restrict vibration generated by the... Agent: Ludowici Australia Pty Ltd

20140217009 - Textured surface items and method and apparatus for applying indicia to items with textured surfaces: A method of applying indicia to an item having a textured surface is disclosed herein, the method including the steps of: applying a textured paint to an exterior surface of the item; and applying the indicia to the exterior surface by an offset printing process. Also disclosed herein is a... Agent: Fram GroupIPLLC

20140217010 - Pool skimming net apparatus: An improved pool skimming net apapratus has a net member including a frame and a net held by the frame. The frame has parallel elongated top and bottom frame portions, an elongated handle member pivotally attached to the top frame portion by an articulated joint member, an elongated retainer member... Agent:

20140217011 - Web comprising fine fiber and reactive, adsorptive or absorptive particulate: The assemblies of the invention can comprise a fine fiber layer having dispersed within the fine fiber layer an active particulate material. Fluid that flows through the assemblies of the invention can have any material dispersed or dissolved in the fluid react with, be absorbed by, or adsorbed onto, the... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20140217012 - Multiblock copolymer films, methods of making same, and uses thereof: A method for forming an isoporous graded film comprising multiblock copolymers and isoporous graded films. The films have a surface layer and a bulk layer. The surface layer can have at least 1×1014 pores/m2 and a pore size distribution (dmax/dmin)) of less than 3. The bulk layer has an asymmetric... Agent: Cornell University

20140217013 - Polyketone porous film: A polyketone porous film comprising from 10 to 100 mass % of a polyketone as a copolymer of carbon monoxide and one or more olefins, wherein the polyketone porous film has a pore formed only by a polyketone, the pore diameter uniformity parameter as a value obtained by dividing the... Agent:

20140217014 - Composite filtration membranes and methods of preparation thereof: A method comprises disposing, on a porous support membrane, an aqueous mixture comprising a crosslinkable polymer comprising a poly(meth)acrylate and/or poly(meth)acrylamide backbone, thereby forming an initial film layer, wherein the crosslinkable polymer comprises a side chain nucleophilic amine group capable of interfacially reacting with a multi-functional acid halide crosslinking agent... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140217015 - Use of primary sludge for carbon source in an aerated-anoxic bioreactor system: A method and system of treating wastewater using primary sludge is disclosed. The treatment system includes a primary separator that separates a carbon source comprising non-solubilized suspended carbon from a source of wastewater. The non-solubilized suspended carbon is solubilized and used as a source of carbon in an aerated anoxic... Agent: Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

20140217016 - Biomediation method: A method for enhancing in situ bioremediation of a volume containing groundwater and a quantity of contaminant, the method comprising the steps of: quantifying the mass of the contaminant; and amending the volume by adding thereto a compound that provides a source of NO3−. The method is characterized in that... Agent:

20140217017 - Transforming energy and transportation into primary engines for reversing global warming and eliminating ocean acidification: A spin-off technology includes hydrogen (H2) production by natural-gas reformation—enough H2 to fuel a significant fraction of transportation by 2050. Spin-off side benefits of the invention system include restoring ideal ocean pH and re-proliferating decimated marine populations, restoring them to levels last seen in the 18th to mid-19th centuries. Additional... Agent: Climate Restoration Technologies, Inc.

20140217018 - Biological nitrogen removal aeration control: A biological reactor which is intermittently aerated to create an environment that alternates from aerobic to anoxic. A programmable logic controller controls the amount and timing of air flow to the biological reactor linking aeration to incoming load.... Agent:

20140217019 - Biological-chemical treatment of liquid organic wastewater: The invention is directed to systems and methods of biological and chemical treatment of wastewater comprising organic nitrogen compounds. Systems may include: an aerobic reactor, a first separation module for separating liquid and solid components of the wastewater; an oxidation module for removing organic materials from the wastewater; and a... Agent: Infilco Degremont, Inc.

20140217023 - Filtering system and method: Disclosed is a filtering system and method which facilitates to maximize cleaning efficiency, minimize heat energy consumption for cleaning, and shorten cleaning time by a concentrated heating only in a filtering membrane for a maintenance cleaning or recovery cleaning, wherein the filtering system comprises a membrane module including a filtering... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20140217021 - Maple tree sap reverse osmosis device: A maple sap reverse osmosis device has a support rack configured and sized to rest atop a tank. The support rack supporting a reverse osmosis device. The reverse osmosis device has a pump line and a dump line both located within the tub. The pump line being located at an... Agent:

20140217020 - Modular fluid therapy system having jumpered flow paths and systems and methods for cleaning and disinfection: Systems and methods for cleaning and disinfecting a medical therapy device that delivers any one of hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration and hemofiltration. The system has a base module that has at least one segment of a controlled compliant flow path and at least one pair of jumpered ports configured on the base... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140217022 - Novel in-situ membrane cleaning using periodic electrolysis: A membrane is provided herein having the ability to remove/prevent membrane fouling. This novel membrane consists of a thin electrically conductive layer deposited on the membrane surface. This unique membrane can be used as an electrode in an electrochemical system that consists of the membrane, the salty water as an... Agent: Masdar Institute Of Science And Technology

20140217025 - Sorbent and chemical regeneration of dialysate: The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for the regeneration of spent dialysis solutions. The present invention further relates to systems and methods for continuously regenerating spent dialysis solution during dialysis. The present invention further relates to systems and methods for conducting dialysis that further include using chemical... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140217024 - Water purification: The invention provides an efficient method to purify an aqueous solution, typically mine drainage water, especially of anions and cations present in the aqueous solution as dissolved solids, the anions and cations are removed by treatment with a positively charged extractant having at least eight carbon atoms, whereby an unstable... Agent:

20140217026 - Draw solute for forward osmosis, forward osmosis water treatment device, and forward osmosis method for water treatment: A method of manufacturing polymer hydrogel for an osmosis solute may include cross-linking polymerizing a zwitterionic monomer (including an anionic group and a cationic group) and a temperature-sensitive monomer. Example embodiments also relate to a draw solute for forward osmosis including polymer hydrogel manufactured according to the method, and a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140217028 - Sorbent cartridge configurations for improved dialysate regeneration: A regeneration system that has a first regeneration module containing a first chosen regenerative substance; a second regeneration module containing the first chosen regenerative substance; and a first mixing chamber. A first outlet stream of a fluid sequentially exits the first mixing chamber, flows through the first regeneration module in... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140217027 - Systems and methods for multifunctional volumetric fluid control: Systems and methods for controlling fluid movement and volumes of fluid between a subject and a controlled compliant flow path. The controlled compliant flow path has a means for selectively metering in and metering out fluid from the controlled compliant flow path. An extracorporeal flow path is in fluid communication... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140217029 - Fluid circuit for delivery of renal replacement therapies: A flow loop for hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration and hemofiltration for the treatment of pathological conditions such as End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) that has a controlled compliant flow path for preparing fluids required for a hemodialysis therapy session from water. The controlled compliant flow path modifies water into any one of... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140217030 - Sodium and buffer source cartridges for use in a modular controlled compliant flow path: Systems and methods for using a sodium chloride source and a buffer source such as sodium bicarbonate in a controlled compliant flow path to generate from water a physiologically compatible fluid having a suitable level of a sodium ion and/or a buffer for use in hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration and hemofiltration. The... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20140217031 - Methods and devices for open-bed atmospheric collection for supercritical fluid chromatography: A supercritical fluid chromatography system comprises a first pump for pumping a first flow stream comprising a compressible fluid and a second pump for pumping a second flow stream comprising a modifier fluid. The second pump is in parallel with the first pump. A column is located in a combined... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140217032 - Sintered porous plastic liquid barrier media and applications thereof: This application discloses porous self-sealing media comprising a sintered mixture of an absorbent material and a thermoplastic. The self-sealing media block passage of organic solvents or organic solvents in aqueous mixtures, wherein the organic solvents are at concentrations greater than about 40%. The self-sealing media also block acidic solutions. The... Agent: Porex Corporation

20140217033 - Inhibitors for organics solubilized in produced water: A surface active compound is supplied into contact with an oilfield production fluid that comprises a mixture of water and oil including water soluble organics. The surface active compound comprises at least one alkoxylate chain and at least one end group attached to each of the at least one alkoxylate... Agent: Ecolab Inc.

20140217034 - Compositions for conditioning sludge: Composition for conditioning sludge, comprising a mineral compound that is lime and an organic compound that is a cationic organic coagulant having an average molecular weight less than or equal to 5 million g/mol and greater than or equal to 20,000 g/mol, the said cationic organic coagulant being chosen from... Agent: S. A. Lhoist Recherche Et Developpement

20140217036 - Systems and methods for a nanoparticle photocatalyzed through-flow degradation reactor: A reactor system including a main reactor having a reaction vessel in operative communication with a solar concentrator for focusing sunlight onto the reaction vessel for providing waste management and removal is disclosed. The sunlight focused on the reactor vessel provides ultraviolet radiation that degrades organic pollutants within the reaction... Agent: The Arizona Board Of Regents For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20140217035 - Device for manufacturing sodium hypochlorite or hypochlorous acid and water treatment system in general: This disclosure includes a device for producing sodium hypochlorite or hypochlorous acid for water treatment, the device including: a cylinder for storing salt in solid form, adapted for being fed directly via a pressurized water pipe, and including one or more tubes that form one or more electrolytic chambers; one... Agent: Mp Technic

20140217037 - Methods of producing iodinated resins: Methods for producing or regenerating an iodinated resin are presented. The methods include converting iodide residues on a surface of and in pores of an iodide loaded anion exchange resin to iodine and iodine intermediates using a source of active halogen to form an iodinated resin having iodine and iodine... Agent: Water Security Corporation

20140217038 - Saturation limited feeder for chemical additions: A chemical feed method and apparatus that uses the solubility limit of a specific chemical to provide a measured dose. The invention includes a container of a specific volume into which a solid chemical is placed and held. The chemical dissolves until it approaches its solubility limit. When the system... Agent: Evapco, Inc.

20140217039 - Clog resistant media retainer assembly: A media retainer assembly for retaining filter media in a filter assembly includes a top plate for supporting the filter media, the top plate having a top surface, a bottom surface and a plurality of openings extending therethrough; a bottom plate having a top surface and a plurality of openings... Agent: Xylem Water Solutions Zelienople LLC

07/31/2014 > 47 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 30 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140202938 - Filtering apparatus: A filtering apparatus with a plurality of filtering elements (9) which can be accommodated in a filter housing (1) having a filter inlet (45) for fluid to be filtered and a filter outlet (43) for the filtered fluid, wherein during the filtration operation, at least one of the filtering elements... Agent:

20140202939 - Filter element and assembly with bypass reverse flow filter end cap: A filter element includes in an end cap assembly an internal bypass valve such that the bypass valve can be replaced along with the filter element. Additionally or alternatively, the filter element end cap assembly has a reverse flow valve for enabling reverse flow across the filter element without passage... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20140202940 - Apparatus for a fluid mixing module: An apparatus includes a canister comprising a venturi component. The venturi component includes a check valve and a channel defined in the venturi component coupling the check valve to an interior cavity of the canister. Another apparatus additionally includes a plenum fluidly coupled to a venturi component via a channel... Agent: General Electric Company

20140202941 - Whirlpool skimmer: A whirlpool skimming device removes surface debris from a pool by creating a whirlpool having an upper bound at the surface of the pool. The uppermost portion of the whirlpool is free standing and is not bounded by the device. The device includes an outer cup-shaped portion and an inner... Agent:

20140202942 - Manual hydrodynamic cavitation water treatment device: A manually operated hydrodynamic cavitation water device formed from a cylindrical bottle having an internal chamber constructed and arranged to cause hydrodynamic cavitation of water placed within the bottle upon vigorous shaking. The bottle includes a series of plates positioned within the bottle having a plurality of bi-directional orifices designed... Agent: Ecosphere Technologies, Inc.

20140202943 - Sustained silver release composition for water purification: Described herein are methods and compositions for preparing an adsorbent composition for sustained silver ion release is provided. The method comprises impregnating silver nanoparticles on an organic-templated-nanometal oxyhydroxide. Particle size of the silver nanoparticles is less than about 50 nm. The adsorbent composition is antimicrobial in water. In an aspect,... Agent: Indian Institute Of Technology

20140202944 - Liquid filtration systems, components, and methods: Filter assemblies, filter modules, and filtration systems and methods.... Agent: Aquasana, Inc.

20140202945 - Cleaning structure for floating oil and substance on water surface: A cleaning structure for floating oil and substance on water surface provided by the present invention comprises at least one cleaning ball and a threading rope. The cleaning ball comprises a plurality of yarns arranged in parallel, and a tie is used for bundling the yarns at the middle section... Agent:

20140202946 - Piping joint and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus: The piping joint according to the present embodiment includes a joint part that joins a plurality of pipes for transporting a medium to one another. At least one conductive line is provided between the pipes so as to extend over cross-sections of the pipes. A ground part grounds the conductive... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140202947 - Liquid filter: A liquid filter has a housing with an outlet line for liquid and a vent line, one being arranged in a drain housing socket on the housing. A closure element closes off outlet line and vent line. An annular space socket coaxially surrounds the drain housing socket outwardly and delimits... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20140202948 - Portable liquid purifying apparatus: Liquid purifying apparatus integrating a filter assembly and an ultraviolet light disinfection assembly that are suitable for portable water purification are described. A first apparatus includes a container, a cap assembly including a filter removably coupled to a first opening of the container and a disinfection assembly coupled to a... Agent:

20140202949 - Composite filter apparatus: A composite filter apparatus includes a container with a receiving space, and top and bottom openings communicated with the receiving space. A filter member includes a filter core in the receiving space, a blocking member on a top end of the filter core, and a retainer plate on a bottom... Agent:

20140202950 - Anodized aluminum oxide tubular nano-porous membrane module and method of manufacture thereof: The present invention relates to an anodized aluminum oxide tubular nano-porous membrane array module and method of manufacture thereof. Further the invention relates to a system of such modules. The tubular membrane modules of the present invention can be cascaded to up-scale the surface area of the overall system rather... Agent: Asian Institute Of Technology

20140202951 - Channel depth filtration media: A fluid filtration media is disclosed that incorporates a channel depth layer to prevent collapse between media layers for increased filtration efficiency while maintaining increased filter life.... Agent:

20140202952 - Multilayer anodized aluminium oxide nano-porous membrane and method of manufacture thereof: The present invention relates to a method of producing multilayer anodized aluminium oxide nano-porous membrane and the membrane produced thereof. Further the invention relates to the nano-porous multi-layer membrane for filtration application. The three layered membrane of the present invention avoids sticking of solute components on the surface obviating the... Agent: Asian Institute Of Technology

20140202953 - Multilayer membrane containing carbon nanotube manufactured by layer-by-layer assembly method: Disclosed herein is a multilayer membrane containing carbon nanotube manufactured by a layer-by-layer assembly method, the multilayer membrane according to the present invention having excellent (i) flux property, (ii) anti-fouling (in particular, anti-protein-fouling) property, and (iii) flux recovery property by a simple water cleaning process even after the membrane is... Agent: Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

20140202955 - Methods of inhibiting microorganism growth using moss: The invention provides a method of inhibiting microorganism growth comprising contacting a substance susceptible to microorganism growth with an amount of a non-decomposed moss effective to inhibit microorganism growth, wherein the moss is selected from the group consisting of sphagnum papillosum, sphagnum cristatum, and mixtures thereof.... Agent: Embro Corporation

20140202954 - System for wastewater treatment using aquatic plants: A wastewater treatment system includes an outlet barrier for controlling a flow of wastewater from a treatment zone to an outlet from the wastewater environment. An immersed support structure is disposed in the treatment zone for supporting aquatic plants in the wastewater environment. The support structure has adjustable buoyancy such... Agent:

20140202956 - Pre-treatment of sludge: A method for treating a sludge to be fed to a bioreactor for treating wastewater, or an anaerobic or aerobic sludge digester, the method comprising contacting the sludge with free nitrous acid.... Agent: The University Of Queensland

20140202957 - Method for improving the percent recovery and water quality in high total hardness water: A method is disclosed for improving the percent recovery and water quality in water with high levels of hardness. Embodiments of the method include receiving a produced water composition, partially softening the water composition, and directing the partially softened water composition through at least one reverse osmosis unit. The method... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140202958 - Portable dialysis device: A portable dialysis device that can be continuously worn in and/or on the body of a patient, with a blood chamber in which the patient's blood can be received, a hydraulic chamber which can be filled with a hydraulic fluid and which adjoins the blood chamber, an at least partially... Agent: Dualis Medtech Gmbh

20140202959 - Synthetic bubbles or beads having hydrophobic surface: A synthetic bead for use in mineral separation is described. The synthetic bead has a surface made of or coated with a synthetic material such as a polymer that is naturally hydrophobic or a polymer that is hydrophobically modified. The synthetic bead can be made of glass having a coating... Agent: Cidra Corporate Services Inc.

20140202960 - Method and apparatus for separation of mixture: Provided are a mixture separation method and a separation apparatus in which processes are performed efficiently in a short time compared to conventional methods with a low load on the apparatus configuration compared to conventional methods. The present invention is a mixture separation method or a mixture separation apparatus for... Agent: Osaka University

20140202961 - System for cleansing organisms from water: Techniques for depleting target organisms in water include a waterproof transducer configured for ensonifying a container of water with low intensity sound at one or more ultrasound frequencies for a duration sufficient to prevent maturation of at least 90% of the target organism. In some cases the target organism is... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140202962 - Ultraviolet fluid disinfection system with feedback sensor: A solution for treating a fluid, such as water, is provided. The solution determines an ultraviolet transparency of a fluid before or as the fluid enters a disinfection chamber. In the disinfection chamber, the fluid can be irradiated by ultraviolet radiation to harm microorganisms that may be present in the... Agent: Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.

20140202963 - Process for oxidizing sulfides and an apparatus relating thereto: One exemplary embodiment can be a process for oxidizing sulfides. The process can include passing an alkaline stream having about 1-about 30%, by weight, of an alkaline material and one or more sulfide compounds to a reaction zone having a metal phthalocyanine catalyst.... Agent: Uop, LLC

20140202964 - Antimicrobial polycationic sand filter for water disinfection: A composition comprised of sand and a hydrophobic polycationic polymer covalently bonded to the sand is provided. Exemplary polycationic polymer are N,N-hexyl, methyl-PEI or N,N-dodecyl, methyl-PEI. This antimicrobial polycationic sand filter uses the antimicrobial properties of hydrophobic polycations (N-hexylated polyethylenimine). The sand filter inactivates microorganisms, as water is run through... Agent: Northeastern University

20140202965 - Method for killing aquatic organisms in liquid and method and apparatus for killing aquatic organisms in ballast water: It is an object to provide a method for killing aquatic organisms in liquid by which aquatic organisms in liquid can be killed at low cost, and the object is attained by a method including a first step of generating microbubbles in a range of 4 to 100 μm from... Agent: Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

20140202966 - Return drilling fluid processing: A system for processing returned drilling fluid including a flow line configured to provide a return flow of drilling fluids and at least one vibratory separator having at least one screen, wherein the vibratory separator is fluidly connected to the flow low and is configured to receive at least a... Agent: M-i L.L.C.

20140202967 - Method and apparatus for filtering a liquid sample: The invention relates to the filtering of liquid samples, preferably in a laboratory environment, for example for collecting micro organisms from the liquid sample for subsequent testing. The invention provides a method for filtering a liquid sample which comprises providing a blank of a deformable sheet material and a filtration... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

07/17/2014 > 36 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140197082 - Filtration assembly: A filtration assembly generally includes a housing having a first end configured to interface with an outer container and having a second end configured to interface with an inner sleeve, wherein the housing includes a plurality of apertures configured to pass a liquid therethrough, and a counting device carried by... Agent: Grayl Inc.

20140197083 - Exchange based-water treatment: A water treatment system comprising an ion exchange vessel, a cationic resin located within the ion exchange vessel, and an anionic resin located within the ion exchange vessel.... Agent:

20140197084 - Seawater desalination unit: A seawater desalination unit is disclosed, which comprises: a frame, an exit filtration part, and a water drawing part. The frame is configured with a reservoir, a water intake pipe and a water discharge pipe in a manner that the water intake pipe is connected to the reservoir respectively via... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140197085 - Oil filter device: The present invention provides a suction oil filter device for an engine or a transmission that has an oil inlet and an oil outlet on the filter housing, a suction oil pump connectable to the oil outlet, using which a partial vacuum may be generated between oil inlet and oil... Agent: Ibs Filtran-kunststoff-/metallerzeugnisse Gmbh

20140197086 - Water treatment systems and methods: Water treatment systems and methods are provided to minimize membrane fouling and the required maintenance that results therefrom. A water treatment system includes a pressure vessel with a plurality of spaced-apart membranes disposed therein, and an impeller or other means for circulating feed water through the interior of the vessel... Agent: Dxv Water Technologies, LLC

20140197087 - Fuel filter assembly and cartridge: A draw latch retainer is used to secure a filter cartridge to a filter head. A cam actuated retainer extends from the head to engage a keeper in the top of the cartridge. Rotation of the cam draws the retainer and cartridge axially toward the head into an installed position.... Agent: Stanadyne Corporation

20140197088 - Skimmer: A self-floating skimmer that can operate remotely from a vessel. Pontoons allow the skimmer to float at the surface of a body of water. An inclined belt conveyor whose lower end is submerged just below the surface of the water conveys material to be collected up the incline to the... Agent: Laitram, L.L.C.

20140197089 - Water filtration kettle with a sterilization function: A water filtration kettle includes a container unit, a filtering unit, a bactericidal lamp and a power supply module. An interior of the container unit is provided with a water storage chamber and a water purification chamber which is disposed below the water storage chamber. A port is disposed between... Agent:

20140197090 - Multistage high capacity and depth coalescing media system: A filter assembly having a first stage filter that filters particulates from fluid flowing through the filter and a second stage filter downstream of the first stage filter that coalesces water from the fluid. By providing the first stage filter upstream of the second stage filter, particulate filtration capacity and... Agent:

20140197091 - High capacity suction strainer for an emergency core cooling system in a nuclear power plant: A high capacity suction strainer for a nuclear reactor has a frame, a flow-through plenum, and a filter array. The flow-through plenum is mechanically mounted to the frame and has a plurality of inlets and an outlet. The filter array is also mechanically mounted to the frame and has a... Agent: Transco Products Inc.

20140197092 - Filtering device for highly viscous fluids: The invention relates to a filtering device (100) for highly viscous fluids, having at least two parallel screen plungers (11, 11′) which are arranged in a displaceable fashion in screen plunger bores of a housing (10) and which have in each case at least one screen cavity (13; 13′) in... Agent: Kreyenborg Verwaltungen Und Beteiligungen Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140197093 - Filter segment with a light weight frame: A disc segment adapted to be attached to other disc segments to form a disc assembly, the disc segment including an isosceles trapezoid frame. The frame comprises a left side rail and a right side rail, and a plurality of spaced apart parallel horizontally extending ribs connected between the side... Agent:

20140197094 - Filter medium and breather filter structure: Thermoplastic bicomponent binder fiber can be combined with other media, fibers and other filtration components to form a thermally bonded filtration media. The filtration media can be used in filter units, such as breather caps. Such filter units can be placed in the stream of a mobile fluid and can... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20140197095 - Multi-layer filter material and filter element produced therefrom: The invention relates to a multi-layer cleanable filter material for gas and liquid filtration, said filter material comprising a filter layer and a substrate layer that follows the filter layer in the flow direction, wherein the filter layer is substantially dendrite-free and consists of a melt-blown fleece made of elastic... Agent: Neenah Gessner Gmbh

20140197096 - Wastewater treatment systems and methods: The instant disclosure is directed towards methods of treating wastewater and related systems, where the system includes: a first zone comprising at least one anaerobic tank, and a second zone comprising at least one engineered wetland. In some embodiments, the system includes a third zone comprising at least one bauxite... Agent:

20140197097 - Simultaneous anoxic biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal with energy recovery: Methods and systems are provided for treating wastewater to simultaneously remove nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus, while recovering energy in the form of methane and carbon dioxide. An ammonia-containing stream is directed to a pretreatment tank that produces excess sludge, biogas, and a pretreated stream. The pretreated stream has at least... Agent: American Water Works Company, Inc.

20140197098 - Production of cyanobacterial or algal biomass using chitin as a nitrogen source: A process of growing a culture of cyanobacteria or algae using chitin or chitosan as a source of nitrogen for photosynthetic growth is described. This process can be used to remove pollutants from nitrogen-deficient natural waters or wastewaters. Biomass that results from photosynthetic growth on chitin can be used, either... Agent: The University Of Montana

20140197099 - Wastewater treatment bed, facility and method: A facility and a method for treating high strength wastewater include a plurality of beds having layers of granular and textile material through which the wastewater flows for reduction of BOD and COD. The wastewater is conducted to and from the beds using piping networks. Distribution conduits and drain conduits... Agent:

20140197100 - Methods and compositions for reducing bisphenol a release: Disclosed are methods, compositions and systems pertaining to polymer coatings that entrap enzymes, specifically enzymes capable of reducing carboxylic acids.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140197101 - Systems and methods for increasing convective clearance of undesired particles in a microfluidic device: A microfluidic device for increasing convective clearance of particles from a liquid is provided. A network of first channels can be separated from a network of second channels by a membrane. The network of second channels can include a pressurizing feature to create a high pressure at an upstream portion... Agent: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

20140197102 - Evaporative recirculation cooling water system, method of operating an evaporative recirculation cooling water system and a method of operating a water deionizing system: An evaporative recirculation cooling water system, the system having a recirculation loop to recirculate water through the system, a construction with a space to cool the water in the recirculation loop by evaporation, and a water entry point to allow water into the recirculation loop. The system has a charge... Agent:

20140197104 - Apparatus and method for generating useful energy: An apparatus for generating useful energy includes a first chamber containing a draw solution which includes an osmotic agent and a second chamber containing a feed solution. A semi-permeable membrane allows the feed solution to move thereacross by osmosis, from the second chamber to the first chamber, to form a... Agent: Osmoblue Sarl

20140197103 - Functionalized ceramic membranes for the separation of organics from raw water and methods of filtration using functionalized ceramic membranes: Components, systems, and methods for producing highly hydrophilitic, functionalized inorganic filtration membranes, pre-treating organic and biological-containing waste waters for minimal membrane fouling and scaling when processed using such functionalized membranes, and use of such functionalized membranes of the present invention in filtration systems for separating such pre-treated waste waters, all... Agent: Lance Energy Services, LLC

20140197105 - Systems and methods for increasing convective clearance of undesired particles in a microfluidic device: A microfluidic device for increasing convective clearance of particles from a fluid is provided. A network of first channels can be separated from a network of second channels by a first membrane. The network of first channels can also be separated from a network of third channels by a second... Agent: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

20140197106 - Dialysis preparation: The present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition for dialysis wherein the decline of ionized calcium concentration in an acetate-free bicarbonate dialysate comprising no acetic acid and/or sodium acetate is controlled. The present invention further provides a dialysis agent A that comprises electrolytes, citric acid and/or citrate as pH adjuster, and/or... Agent: Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

20140197107 - Method of purifying nucleic acids, method of extracting nucleic acids and kit for purifying nucleic acids: [Solving Means] A method of purifying nucleic acids including the step of adsorbing substances in a sample containing nucleic acids with an ion exchange resin 10 including a positive ion exchange resin and a negative ion exchange resin. As the positive ion exchange resin, a first positive ion exchange resin... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140197108 - Method of containing a spill in an aqueous environment and/or a spill containment apparatus: A method of containing a spill in an aqueous environment, comprises the steps of: placing a polymeric pipe under the surface level of the aqueous environment in the vicinity of a site of potential spillage; and raising the pipe from under the surface level to a containment level; wherein the... Agent:

20140197109 - Process for removing one or more disulfide compounds: One exemplary embodiment can be a process for removing one or more disulfide compounds from a caustic stream. The process may include passing the caustic stream, previously contacted with a hydrocarbon stream for removing one or more thiol compounds, through a vessel containing a coalescing element to remove the one... Agent: Uop, LLC

20140197111 - Methods and systems for wastewater treatment and resource recovery: Wastewater treatment methods and systems for removal of phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) from wastewater and for recovery of them as usable materials. Sufficient amount of dolomite lime and slaked dolomite lime is added into the wastewater to increase the pH of the wastewater to above 8.5 and to form... Agent: Chinese Research Academy Of Environmental Sciences

20140197110 - Process and plant for decontaminating phosphoric acid solution: The invention relates to a method for recycling of phosphoric acid solution from a decontamination bath, which solution is contaminated with radioactive components, wherein the used phosphoric acid solution is diluted with aqueous oxalic acid solution, in order to separate off iron oxalate in this connection, and the phosphoric acid... Agent: Babcock Noell Gmbh

20140197112 - Potabilisation method: A potabilisation method of a water to be treated, containing a coagulation-flocculation step wherein the step includes: a) a step of adding a liquid composition including a solubilized cationic starch to the aqueous solution to be treated; b) a step of adding one or several metal salts selected from ferric... Agent: Roquette Freres

20140197114 - Methods for the remediation of algal blooms: In one embodiment, a remediation agent and method of remediation of an algae bloom are disclosed. The remediation agent contains light absorbing compounds in a buoyant water semi-insoluble and biodegradable casein product. The remediation agent may be distributed by boat or seeded by airplane to remediate or prevent algae blooms.... Agent:

20140197113 - Systems and apparatus for removal of harmful algae blooms (hab) and transparent exopolymer particles (tep): A mobile HEB and TEP mitigation device includes a mobile body capable of movement within or upon a body of water. Located within the mobile body is a hydrodynamic separation system which includes a water inlet, a hydrodynamic separation unit and a collection tank. The hydrodynamic separation unit includes two... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20140197115 - Pool skimmer: A device for skimming a pool surface to collect floating debris includes an elongate handle, a hollow body, and a spool on which an elongate continuous length of webbing is wound in a spiral configuration. The spool is housed within the body and the webbing is extendable from the spool... Agent:

20140197116 - Systems, devices and methods for high volume fluid filtering: Fluid filtration devices, systems and methods are disclosed. The device comprises a pump-filter hybrid system that uses rotational motion to produce pressure to drive liquid through filter elements, capturing filtrate in an isolated chamber of the device and rejecting separated solids into a second isolated chamber. The fluid filtration device,... Agent:

20140197117 - System and method for sludge removal in a circular settling tank: A system for sludge removal in a circular settling tank having a side wall (106) comprises a rotatable drive ring (130) adapted to be interconnected to a scraper arm provided with scraper blades, wherein the drive ring having a plurality of engagement surfaces (134) A traction assembly (140) is fixedly... Agent: Nordic Water Products

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