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Liquid purification or separation December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/13

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12/26/2013 > 34 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130341258 - Adjustable liner for use in deep fryers of different widths: An adjustable liner, for immersion in the cooking oil of a deep fryer, includes: (a) two partial baskets, each having a bottom surface with four edges and three side surfaces, each of which extends upwardly from one of the bottom surface's edges so that the fourth edges of these partial... Agent:

20130341259 - Oil cleaner: A circulating oil stream cleaner wherein oil to be cleaned is passed through filter medium to remove particulates carried by the circulating oil and through an evaporator unit having a flat, inclined, evaporation surface comprising a top surface of a heat conductive heating block with an electric heater probe therein... Agent:

20130341260 - Sealed fluidic component comprising a composite material of different paek materials: A sealed fluidic component (280) for use in a fluidic flow path is made by providing a composite material (300) comprising a first material (305) and a second material (310), wherein the first material (305) and the second material (310) are different PAEK materials with the first material (305) having... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20130341261 - Filter cartridges and manifolds for linear motion installation: Described are filter cartridges having an inlet opening and an outlet opening on the stem of the filter cartridges, which permit the permit the entry and exit, respectively, of a fluid in one or more radial directions perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the stem. These filter cartridges are suitable... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20130341262 - Device for collecting pollution on a water surface: The invention relates to a collecting device (1) for pollution on a water surface (9), the collecting device (1) including tight side walls (11), a tight end wall (12), a top portion (13), floating means (2), an inlet portion (15) and an aft collecting portion (17), and the collecting device... Agent: Md Group As

20130341263 - Desalting device: Provided is a desalting device which includes a tower body and a bulge portion bulging downward therefrom, and which prevents uneven flow and causes no dead space within the tower body. The desalting device includes a tower body having a bulge portion 1b bulging downward at a bottom portion thereof,... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd

20130341264 - Membrane filtration using low energy feed spacer: In at least one embodiment, a membrane filtration element is provided. The element may include at least one feed spacer including a first set of parallel strands extending in a first direction and including a plurality of first strands having a first thickness and a plurality of second strands having... Agent:

20130341265 - Device for filtering blood: A device is proposed having a separating device for filtering a liquid sample and having a conveying device. A positive pressure or negative pressure can be generated by means of the conveying device, for accelerating or assisting the filtration.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Microparts Gmbh

20130341266 - Altering metabolism in biological processes: Compositions of peptides and surface-active agents are described, as are methods of making and using such compositions. The compositions are capable of affecting metabolic rates in biological systems, and to accelerate nutrient uptake without a concomitant increase in biofilm production.... Agent:

20130341268 - Method and system for treating wastewater: Treating distilled water with bacteria and other micro-organisms to remove nitrogen compounds from the distilled water. The distilled water may be produced from pretreating and distilling wastewater, such as wastewater from oil and natural gas production. The treatment steps of the distilled water include subjecting the water to microbial action... Agent:

20130341267 - Treatment for molasses spent wash and other wastewaters: Disclosed is a process and apparatus that uses multiple stages or unit processes to treat wastewater, such as distillery spent wash which may be molasses spent wash (MSW). The stages include one or more of anaerobic digestion, chemical treatment, electrocoagulation, aerobic treatment, physical separation, and RO or adsorbent based treatment.... Agent: General Electric Company

20130341269 - Method for desulphuration of the digestate and the biogas of a digester, and biogas production facility implementing said method: The invention relates to a method for desulphuration of the digestate and biogas in a digester (1) of urban and/or agricultural and/or industrial effluent, by biochemical and/or thermochemical processes, the digester consisting of an enclosure (2) which is closed at the top, in which anaerobic digestion of a mass of... Agent: Degremont

20130341270 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for fluid filtration: The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to apparatus, systems, and methods for reduction and/or removal of one or more contaminants (e.g., heavy metals, chromium, phosphorous, phosphorous compounds, nitrogen, nitrogen compounds) from a feed composition (e.g., a fluid). Apparatus, systems, and methods, in some embodiments, may be operable to... Agent:

20130341271 - Mechanical axial vibration in membrane separation treatment of effluents: Apparatus and methods are disclosed for mechanical axial vibration in membrane separation treatment processes. The apparatus includes a separation membrane element having an axial dimension, a membrane support structure having the element therein, and means for vibrating the membrane element (hydrodynamically or using motors) in the axial dimension.... Agent: Rockwater Resource, LLC

20130341272 - Dewatering systems and methods for biomass concentration: Ultra-low energy membrane-based dewatering systems and methods are provided herein. Dewatering systems of the invention employ both micro-filtration and forward osmosis, and optionally employ settling, to concentrate biomass at a low concentration, such as about 0.5 g/L, to a concentration of about 50 g/L or more.... Agent: Algae Systems, LLC

20130341273 - Composite membranes comprising sulfonated polyphenylenesulfone and their use in forward osmosis processes: The present invention is directed to thin film composite membranes (TFC membranes) comprising a substrate layer (S) based on a sulfonated polyphenylenesulfone, and a polyamide film layer (F) and further to a method for their preparation. Furthermore, the present invention is directed to osmosis processes, in particular to forward osmosis... Agent:

20130341274 - Membrane separation devices, systems and methods employing same, and data management systems and methods: A membrane separation device is disclosed along with systems and methods employing the device in blood processing procedures. In one embodiment, a spinning membrane separator is provided in which at least two zones or regions are created in the gap between the membrane and the shell, such that mixing of... Agent: Fenwal, Inc.

20130341275 - Membrane separation devices, systems and methods employing same, and data management systems and methods: A membrane separation device is disclosed along with systems and methods employing the device in blood processing procedures. In one embodiment, a spinning membrane separator is provided in which at least two zones or regions are created in the gap between the membrane and the shell, such that mixing of... Agent: Fenwal, Inc.

20130341276 - Method and system for treating a liquid medium by reverse osmosis: The system performing the method uses a weight medium capable of travelling vertically between an initial and terminal position. The power thereby generated is transmitted to a hydraulic cylinder containing the liquid medium which is subjected to a high pressure and delivered to the upstream side of a reverse osmosis... Agent: Mitrol Holding As

20130341277 - Porous film: A reverse osmosis (RO) membrane can include a porous substrate, a multilayer film arranged on the substrate, which includes a first layer including a polyelectrolyte and a second layer including a plurality of clay particles, where the first layer is arranged adjacent to the second layer. The multilayer film can... Agent:

20130341278 - Reactive filtration: In one embodiment, a reactive filtration method includes continuously regenerating a reactive filter media while simultaneously filtering contaminants from fluid flowing through the filter media. In one embodiment, regenerating the reactive filter media comprises mixing metal granules with the filter media and agitating the mixture. In another embodiment, regenerating the... Agent: The University Of Idaho

20130341279 - Ionization method, mass spectrometry method, extraction method, and purification method: To achieve soft ionization more easily when a slight amount of substance is ionized under an atmosphere pressure. An ionization method for a substance contained in a liquid, including: supplying the liquid to a substrate from a probe and forming a liquid bridge made of the liquid containing the substance... Agent: A School Corporation Kansai University

20130341280 - Deep purification method for removing trace thallium in water by using polymer-based nanosized manganese oxide: A deep purification method for removing trace thallium in water by using polymer-based nanosized manganese oxide is disclosed. This method comprising the following steps: adjusting the pH value of the water polluted with trace thallium to 5-8.5 and filtering it, then channeling the water so treated through a packed tower... Agent: Nanjing University

20130341281 - Surface modified ceramic filter: A porous ceramic filter having one or more coatings of elemental or compounds of iron, manganese, aluminum, titanium, or mixtures thereof deposited on the surface of the pores.... Agent: University Of Kansas

20130341282 - Method of controlling scale in steam generating systems: Water soluble or water dispersible terpolymers are employed in high pressure steam generating systems to control deposit formation and contaminant transport in the aqueous medium in such systems. The terpolymer may comprise repeat units formed from acrylic acid, allylalkoxylated ethers, and allylhydroxylated alkyl ether.... Agent: General Electric Company

20130341283 - Method for producing a poorly soluble calcium-arsenic compound: The invention relates to a method for precipitating pentavalent calcium arsenate from an acidic solution, in which arsenic is at least partially in trivalent form. The acidic solution is neutralised before being routed to an arsenic oxidation stage,and a poorly soluble calcium-arsenic compound is precipitated from the solution, in which... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20130341284 - Pool cleaning apparatus with active emptying and method for controlling such an apparatus: The invention relates to a pool cleaning apparatus and a method for controlling such an apparatus comprising a body, a liquid inlet, a liquid outlet, a drive device, a pumping device, a hydraulic circuit between a liquid inlet and a pumping outlet and via a cleaning device, a monitoring device... Agent:

20130341285 - Assuring threshold ozone concentration in water delivered to an exit point: A system delivers water with at least a threshold concentration of ozone to an exit point. Ozone is injected into water flowing into a tank. The ozone concentration in the tank is monitored by a first sensor. Once the water in the tank has at least the threshold concentration of... Agent:

20130341286 - Ozone-assisted fluid treatment method: The invention is a method for treating fluid in a main fluid reservoir, e.g., a pool, spa, or water tank, etc., using ozonated air. A fluid filter is placed in an auxiliary fluid reservoir located in or next to the main fluid reservoir. An ozone generator pumps a combination of... Agent:

20130341287 - Systems and methods for filtering and capturing waterway wastes: Described are methods and systems for filtering and capturing waterway wastes. The system can include a bottom section that can remain stationary irrespective of the height of a waterway surface, a side section, a top section that adjusts in response to a change in the height of the waterway surface,... Agent:

20130341288 - Ozone liquid generator and method of generating ozone liquid: An ozone generator generates ozone gas; a gas-liquid mixer mixes the ozone gas and a liquid; a liquid storage tank separates an introduced gas-liquid mixture into gas and a liquid; a circulation path circulates gas among the ozone generator, the gas-liquid mixer and the liquid storage tank; and an opening... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20130341289 - Method for treating waste water: Waste household liquid containing solid fecal content so as to include potentially toxic bacterial content is collected in a septic tank and periodically discharged through a pipe where a quantity of hydrogen peroxide is injected into the pipe to be mixed with the waste liquid. The pipe carries the liquid... Agent:

20130341290 - Fibrillated fibers for liquid filtration media: Fiber webs which are used in filter media are described herein. In some embodiments, the fiber webs include fibrillated fibers and optionally non-fibrillated fibers, amongst other optional components (e.g., binder resin). In some embodiments, the fiber webs include limited amounts of, or no, glass fiber. The respective characteristics and amounts... Agent: Hollingsworth & Vose Company

20130341291 - Membrane separation devices, systems and methods employing same and data management systems and methods: A membrane separation device is disclosed along with systems and methods employing the device in blood processing procedures. In one embodiment, a spinning membrane separator is provided in which at least two zones or regions are created in the gap between the membrane and the shell, such that mixing of... Agent: Fenwal, Inc.

12/19/2013 > 37 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130334111 - Self-cleaning lens: Some embodiments herein generally relate to self-clean lenses, sensor systems, and/or methods of cleaning. In some embodiments, a self-cleaning lens is provided for a sensor for monitoring a liquid.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20130334112 - System for solids retention time uncoupling by selective wasting of sludge: Treatment systems are described which uncouple the solids retention time (SRT) of the recycling bacteria from the wasting bacteria. Elevated recycling bacteria SRTs increase concentrations of nitrifying bacteria in the aeration basin and Anammox bacteria in the anoxic basin, improving nitrification and anaerobic ammonium oxidation. Fluorescence in situ hybridizations were... Agent: University Of South Florida

20130334113 - Portable swimming pool stair assembly with integral filter and circulation system: A swimming pool accessory that is placed into and adjacent a sidewall of the pool includes a staircase assembly constructed from opposing sidewalls that support a plurality of steps that define an interior portion in which a filter assembly is mounted that includes a filter cartridge housing for receiving a... Agent:

20130334114 - Water decontamination systems: Water decontamination systems including one or more of an aerator module, a separator tower, and a contamination gas treatment system are described herein. Such systems are capable of removing contaminants, including volatile organic compounds, from the water. Certain volatile organic contaminants can be removed at high efficiencies. The systems may... Agent: Liquid Separation Technologies And Equipment, LLC

20130334115 - Device for producing ultrapure water according to the ro (reverse osmosis) principle: The concentrate return line of a device for producing ultrapure water according to the reverse osmosis principle has inserted thereinto a venturi tube with the convergence chamber and the divergence chamber, with a suction hose being mounted on the suction opening of the venturi pump and being connectable by means... Agent:

20130334116 - Shower filter: A shower filter between a downwardly slanting shower arm and a shower head, including a base, and a vertical housing with filler material. The base has an input chamber for receiving water from the shower arm, and an output chamber from which water may be discharged to the shower head.... Agent:

20130334118 - Coated capillary with remelted coating for front sided sealing: A method of manufacturing a sealing fluidic component based on a capillary enclosing a fluid conduit and having an exterior surface being at least partially coated with a coating of a meltable material, wherein the method comprises melting the meltable material of the coating at least at an end portion... Agent:

20130334117 - System and method of cooling a pump head used in chromatography: An actuator has a support plate, a pump head in thermally conductive contact with the support plate, and an actuator body. Cooling means is disposed between the support plate and the actuator body. The cooling means is configured to remove and transfer heat from the pump head to the actuator... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20130334119 - Water conditioner for preventing or reducing mineral precipitation:

20130334120 - Fluid cleansing devices and methods of use: A system and method for removing a target species from a fluid source is provided. The system includes a reciprocating fluid cleansing device, including a processing chamber with a port at a first end for fluid passage and a movable plunger at a second end, wherein the plunger in contact... Agent:

20130334121 - Water purifying device: A water purification device includes a container, at least a filtration unit, and a trailing cable connected to the container or the filtration unit. The container has therein a chamber and at least a first opening in communication with the chamber. The filtration unit is disposed in the first opening... Agent:

20130334122 - Microporous zirconium silicate and its method of production: The present invention relates to novel microporous zirconium silicate compositions having a desired particle size distribution and methods of making those compositions. These compositions have an ideal particle size distribution for use ex vivo, for example in a dialysis exchange cartridge, yet retain many of the desirable properties of prior... Agent: Zs Pharma, Inc.

20130334123 - Microporous membrane and method for forming: The present disclosure describes a method for forming microporous membranes. More specifically, vapor induced phase separation techniques are used for forming multizone microporous membranes having improved material throughput.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20130334124 - Separation membrane module: Provided is a separation membrane module including: a tubular pressure container 7 in which a raw liquid is filtered through a separation membrane to produce a permeate liquid; and an internal member 5A provided in the pressure container 7. The internal member 5A is equipped with a sensor for detecting... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20130334125 - Laser welded spin-on type lube filter: A circumferentially extending weld, utilized to join the side wall and the end plate of a fluid filter together, is disposed at a terminus of at least one of the side wall and an upstanding flange of an end plate. The circumferentially extending weld may take various forms, and, for... Agent:

20130334126 - In line top opening filter housing unit: Fluid flows from the inlet through the filter up the center shaft into and out of the cap to the housing exit passage. A filter can be easily replaced by removing the cap making the filter accessible, removing filter and replacing it with a new clean filter and replacing the... Agent:

20130334127 - Filter assembly: A filter assembly includes a housing defining a cavity with an inlet and an outlet in communication with the cavity and establishing a flow path from the inlet to the outlet. A filter is disposed in the cavity between the inlet and the outlet. The filter includes a vertex extending... Agent:

20130334128 - Separation membrane element: A separation membrane element includes a perforated water collection tube; and an envelope-shaped membrane formed of a separation membrane and wound around a periphery of the perforated water collection tube, in which the separation membrane has a difference in surface level of 100 to 2,000 μm on at least one... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20130334129 - Composite material for purification of a liquid by filtration: The invention relates to composite materials, more specifically to composite membrane materials on the basis of polymeric materials used for the purification of a liquid, in particular drinking water. The novel composite material for the purification of a liquid by filtration is formed from a polymeric membrane in the form... Agent: Electrophor, Inc.

20130334130 - Novel fouling resistant coating for filtration membranes and methods of producing and using same: A conformal coating that resists fouling by waterborne contamination in aquatic environments, a method for fabricating the coating, and a filter having such a coating are disclosed. The coating comprises a hydrophilic polymer and a surfactant wherein the surfactant undergoes a phase change upon exposure to a saline solution. Also... Agent: Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC

20130334131 - Identification of and compositions containing polyphosphate accumulating bacteria: Provided are compositions comprising polyphosphate accumulating bacteria as well as a method for identifying said polyphosphate accumulating bacteria. Additionally provided is a method for treating various substances with said compositions.... Agent:

20130334132 - Methods for treatment of waste activated sludge: A process for treating wastewater with powdered lignocellulosic particles in low dissolved oxygen conditions to simultaneously achieve nitrification and denitrification.... Agent:

20130334133 - Methods for using ozone to enhance anaerobic digestion: The invention discloses systems and methods for producing a gas stream containing ozone and a “carrier” or sweep gas that has an oxygen concentration that is below a predetermined percentage for treatment of organic waste feed stocks in an anaerobic digester. In one embodiment, ozone and unreacted oxygen from an... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20130334134 - Integrated selenium removal system for waste water: The inventive process scheme and its various embodiments described herein will comprise filtering a selenium containing water by reverse osmosis or nanofiltration to produce a primary permeate stream at least meeting the water stream effluent discharge requirements of the location and a concentrate stream containing the removed selenium and other... Agent: Siemens Pte. Ltd.

20130334135 - Method of removing recalcitrant organic pollutants: Recalcitrant chemical oxygen demand (COD) of a liquid is reduced in a water treatment system. The method includes pretreating the liquid in a pretreatment unit to remove indigenous bacteria or microbes to a population level below which the indigenous organisms can interfere with the screened and externally introduced microorganisms. The... Agent:

20130334136 - Cleaning in membrane filtration systems: A method of cleaning permeable, hollow membranes in an arrangement of the type wherein a pressure differential is applied across the walls of the permeable, hollow membranes immersed in a liquid suspension, the liquid suspension being applied to the outer surface of the porous hollow membrane to induce and sustain... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20130334137 - Non-dispersive oil recovery from oil industry liquid sources: The present invention includes a method and system for separating oil from water and particulate contaminants from a oil/water/solid mixture, comprising: a solid removal system for removing small, medium and large solids from a oil/water/solid mixture to form a oil and water stream and a membrane contactor system for separating... Agent:

20130334138 - Dual, single needle blood treatment system and method: A blood treatment system includes: (i) a dialysate circuit; (ii) a blood filter in fluid communication with the dialysate circuit; and (iii) an extracorporeal circuit in fluid communication with the blood filter, the extracorporeal circuit including a blood pump, a downstream line from the blood pump, an upstream line to... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20130334139 - Membrane separation devices, systems and methods employing same, and data management systems and methods: A membrane separation device is disclosed along with systems and methods employing the device in blood processing procedures. In one embodiment, a spinning membrane separator is provided in which at least two zones or regions are created in the gap between the membrane and the shell, such that mixing of... Agent: Fenwal, Inc.

20130334140 - Treatment of effluents from the electroplating industry: The invention relates to a process for separating fluorinated acids, in particular perfluorocarboxylic acids and perfluorosulphonic acids, or salts thereof from metal-containing, aqueous solutions, in particular those which occur in the electroplating industry, by means of anion exchangers.... Agent: Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh

20130334141 - Method and composition for operation of evaporative cooling towers at increased cycles of concentration: A method and chemical composition are provided which permit operation of evaporative cooling towers at increased cycles of concentration without formation of calcium scale. The method can include first determining the calcium hardness and total alkalinity of the makeup water, calculating the operating cycles of concentration using a formula developed... Agent: Prochemtech International, Inc.

20130334142 - Oil water separation and skimming device: Oil-containing water is separated in a separator in an automated/continuous operation using devices that is free of moving parts in the separation container. Operation is preferably entirely controlled via adjustment of various flow rates, typically using flow control valves and/or feed pumps in response to measurement of a guided wave... Agent:

20130334143 - Apparatus and method for phosphorous removal from waste water using dolomite: The present disclosure provides apparatus and method for phosphorous removal using dolomite by mixing an inorganic coagulant and dolomite together to improve the phosphorous removal efficiency and controlling pH, which has been lowered due to the use of the inorganic coagulant, close to the neutral by means of dolomite to... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20130334144 - Reactor for precipitating solutes from wastewater and associated methods: Apparatus and methods for removing solutes from wastewater are disclosed. An embodiment provides a reactor tank having a manifold located at or near an interface between a lower (upstream) section having a first cross-section and a higher (downstream) section having a second cross-section smaller than the first cross section. An... Agent: Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.

20130334145 - Bismuth oxyhalide compounds useful as photocatalysts: Mixed chloride-bromide bismuth oxyhalide compounds, with the molar ratio chloride:bromide being equal to or greater than 1:1, in the form of microspheres exhibiting flower-like surface morphology, are disclosed. Processes for preparing the compounds, formulations of the compounds and a method for purifying water using said compounds are also disclosed.... Agent: Yissum Research Development Company Of The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem Ltd.

20130334146 - Granular chemical feeder: A granular chemical feeder installed off-line, to a pool or large aquarium circulation system. The feeder may be attached via tubing or by using hard plumbing. The feeder body inlet tubing includes a manual ball valve, inlet strainer, and a solenoid that will connect to a level switch within the... Agent:

20130334147 - Fluid filter system: An endcap including a first plate member including a radial inner portion, a radial outer portion, and defining a longitudinal axis. The endcap also includes a flange disposed between the radial inner and outer portions of the first plate member and projecting axially along the longitudinal axis in a first... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

12/12/2013 > 43 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130327687 - Magnetic-separation filter device: plural permanent magnets that are provided on both sides of the first region outside the housing, wherein the contaminants of fine ferromagnetic particles are adsorbed on the filter media by flowing the fluid containing such contaminants through the first region in which the magnetic field has been formed by these... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., Ltd.

20130327688 - Apparatus and method for separating and isolating components of a biological fluid: A device for separating and isolating components of a biological fluid comprising a container for containing the fluid to be processed, a tube cap assembly for dosing the container while providing filling and extraction communication therewith, a float assembly disposed within the container for funneling and controlling biological fluid flow... Agent:

20130327689 - Filter with a bypass mechanism for a hydraulic system: A reservoir for a hydraulic system includes a housing having an inlet and an outlet. The inlet is adapted to receive an incoming fluid and is formed within an inlet tube that extends into the housing. A filter within the housing, includes a filter element, defining an inner filter chamber,... Agent:

20130327690 - Hydraulic fluid filter having a bypass valve: A fluid filter having a filter basket is described. The filter basket defines a filter interior through a first wall, formed of a filter element, which surrounds the filter interior, and a second wall, located at the bottom of the filter basket, accommodating an inlet to receive a fluid. The... Agent:

20130327691 - Filtration system for preparation of fluids for medical applications: Systems, methods, and devices for preparation of water for various uses including blood treatment are described. In embodiments, fluid is passed through a first filtration step which is effective for creating purified water and a pair of ultrafilters placed at the outlet. The ultrafilters are separated by an intervening flow... Agent: Nxstage Medical, Inc.

20130327692 - Method and system for liquid chromatograph with compressibility and viscosity monitoring to identify fluids: A system for providing a solvent or reagent to a liquid chromatography system comprises: a valve comprising a common port and a plurality of other ports, configurable such that the common port may be fluidically coupled to any one of the other ports; a pump fluidically coupled to the common... Agent:

20130327693 - Separating device for separating magnetic or magnetizable particles present in suspension: A separating device has a separating channel, through which a suspension can flow, a ferromagnetic yoke arranged on one side of the separating channel and a separating element arranged at the outlet of the separating channel for separating magnetic or magnetizable particles in the suspension. A plurality of coils arranged... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20130327694 - Digester gas mixer for liquid waste treatment: A mixer for anaerobic decomposition of sludge in a digester, captures and compresses biogas emitted by the decomposing sludge. The compressed biogas proceeds through supply lines to gas accumulating apparatus mounted in the lower portion of the digester, close to or on the digester floor. Biogas accumulates in the gas... Agent:

20130327695 - Magnet configurations for improved separations of magnetic and non-magnetic materials: Magnet configuration. The configuration includes a magnet holder and at least one elongate magnet extending from the magnet holder so that less than one half of the magnet length extends from the holder, whereby a magnetic fluid adjacent the elongate magnet is attracted toward a top edge of the elongate... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20130327696 - Filter element endplate defining inflow and outflow flow paths: A filter element for fuel, oil or other engine fluids, with an endplate that is designed to create flow paths for both clean and dirty regions. The filter element is part of a spin-on filter that is attachable to a filter head in an engine and that filters fuel, oil... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20130327697 - Hollow fiber membrane module: A hollow fiber membrane module in which a housing body forming the hollow fiber membrane module includes an insertion opening into which end parts of the plurality of hollow fiber membranes are inserted so as to be fixed and held, and an opening portion which exposes open end surfaces of... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20130327698 - Carrier for blood component adsorption and blood component adsorption column: A carrier for blood component adsorption enables selective and efficient adsorption removal of granulocytes and monocytes and, at the same time, enables adsorption removal of inflammatory cytokines. The carrier for blood component adsorption includes a water-insoluble carrier having a surface to which a functional group(s) containing a silyl group and... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20130327699 - Fuel filter: A fuel filter may include a housing having a first annular filter element and a second annular filter element. The filter elements may be arranged coaxially and offset to each other in the axial direction and may be connected in series and therefore configured to allow flow to pass through... Agent: Mahle International Gmbh

20130327700 - Filter vial: A filter vial and piston are provided where the vial has a cylindrical wall with a closed bottom and open top and with the hollow, tubular piston therein. The piston has a distal end covered by a cup having a proximal cup seal extending outward to engage the walls of... Agent: Scientific Plastic Products, Inc.

20130327701 - Separation membrane and water treatment device including a separation membrane: A separation membrane including a polymer having a structural unit represented by the following Chemical Formula 1, and a water treatment device including a separation membrane, are useful for desalination.... Agent: Iucf-hyu (industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University)

20130327702 - Structure of an electrochemical separation membrane and manufacturing method for fabricating the same: A structure of an electrochemical separation membrane and a manufacturing method for fabricating the same are disclosed. The structure of an electrochemical separation membrane includes a base-phased polymer part in form of a continuous phase structure, a fabric-supported part distributed in the base-phased polymer part in striped shape to provide... Agent: Enerage Inc.

20130327703 - Film formed of hemispherical particles, method for producing same, and use of same: A film using fullerene derivatives, a method for producing such films, and use of same are provided. In the film formed of hemispherical particles according to the present invention, the hemispherical particles are organized like a hexagonal close-packed structure, and are formed by specific fullerene derivatives. The hemispherical particles preferably... Agent: National Institute For Materials Science

20130327704 - Electrochemical separation membrane and the manufacturing method thereof: An electrochemical separation membrane and the manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The method includes: a polymer solution preparing step to mix a polymer material, solvent and ceramic precursors thoroughly to form a polymer solution, wherein the polymer material and the ceramic precursors are dissolved uniformly in the solvent; a coating... Agent: Enerage Inc.

20130327705 - Heated collectors, nonwoven materials produced therefrom, and methods relating thereto: Generally, in situ core/skin nonwoven materials may be produced from polymer melt filaments with collection in a heated collector. an in situ core/skin nonwoven material produced with heated collectors may have, at least, a core comprising a plurality of polymer melt filaments and a skin on at least one side... Agent:

20130327706 - Cable-driven submerged sludge collection system: A sludge collection system is mounted on the floor of a settling tank to remove sediment therefrom. The sludge collection system includes a pair of triangularly shaped header wings oriented with the apex at the rear. The front edge of the header wings are open to collect the sludge from... Agent: Brentwood Industries, Inc.

20130327707 - Drive mechanism for sludge collection system: A sludge collection system operates in a submerged state at the bottom of a settling tank to remove sediment therefrom. The cable-driven sludge collection system utilizes a fabricated metal header wing formed in a triangular shape and connected to a central truck by a pivot pin. The header wings are... Agent: Brentwood Industries, Inc.

20130327708 - Anaerobic lagoon or tank having a flow-splitter tank: An anaerobic lagoon wastewater treatment system has a flow-splitter tank for accurately dividing a flow of raw, untreated wastewater. The system is designed as an earthen basin or as a tank and includes at least one partitioning element for providing two connected wastewater treatment zones. The first wastewater treatment zone... Agent:

20130327709 - Method and system for treating wastewater and sludges by optimizing sco2 for anaerobic autotrophic microbes: The present invention describes a method of optimizing CO2 concentration to increase the specific growth rate of Anammox bacteria and methanogens in wastewater and sludge treatment, as well as novel systems and methods of treating wastewater and sludge. The specific growth rate or doubling time of the Anammox bacteria and... Agent: University Of South Florida

20130327710 - Anaerobic lagoon or tank design for eflluent carbon to nitrogen ratio control: An anaerobic lagoon wastewater treatment system, which includes a plurality of wastewater treatment zones. The treatment zones are either formed by providing a plurality of separate lagoons or by providing one or more partitioning elements within one lagoon. One or more treatment zones may also be provided in the form... Agent:

20130327711 - Methods for sustainable membrane distillation concentration of hyper saline streams: A novel method of producing concentrated streams or otherwise useful hypersaline brines from a source of non-potable or otherwise impaired water is provided. The method comprises feeding the source water into the feed side of a membrane distillation unit while simultaneously feeding a distillate stream through the receiving side of... Agent:

20130327712 - Filter device: Devices, systems, and methods for obtaining one or more desired fluid components, using a back-flushable filter device comprising a filter and at least one diffusing plate, are disclosed.... Agent:

20130327713 - Apparatus for extra-corporeal blood treatment and method of presetting an initial mode of treatment for an extra-corporeal blood treatment apparatus: An apparatus for extra-corporeal blood treatment and a method of presetting an initial mode of treatment in the opening phase of an extra-corporeal blood treatment are controlled based on the opening phase of a haemodiafiltration, in which particularly fast removal of electrolytes such as potassium or of urea occurs. The... Agent:

20130327714 - Composite membrane with multi-layered active layer: A thin film composite membrane includes an active layer on a support membrane, wherein the active layer includes at least two chemically distinct first and second crosslinked polyamide film sub-layers. The first film sub-layer includes a polyamide unit; and the second film sub-layer includes a copolyamide with two chemically distinct... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20130327715 - Fluid purification system: Certain disclosed embodiments concern systems and methods of preparing dialysate for use in a home dialysis system that is compact and light-weight relative to existing systems and consumes relatively low amounts of energy. The method includes coupling a household water stream to a dialysis system; filtering the water stream; heating... Agent: State Of Oregon Acting By And Through The State Board Of Higher Education Of Oregon State

20130327716 - Hydrocarbon sorbent materials: Sorbent polymers which are selective to taking up hydrocarbons are provided for separating hydrocarbons from fluids and taking up hydrocarbons from off of and intermixed with solid materials. The hydrocarbons may at least partially be expressed out of and recovered from the polymer by squeezing. The polymers may be re-used... Agent: Jawaharlal Nehru Centre For Advanced Scientific Research

20130327717 - Fluid clarifier and method for clarifying a fluid: Liquid clarifier and method for clarifying liquid, comprising a liquid reactor which comprises an cylindrical tank having an upper vertical section and a lower tapered section, an inner cylinder extending along at least part of the upper section of the tank and an outlet for clarified liquid at the top... Agent: Flocazur Ab

20130327718 - Device and method for reducing the hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid content in a water flow: A device comprising a measuring device for determining the flow rate of a water stream, a measuring device for determining the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the water stream, a measuring device for determining the concentration of peracetic acid in the water stream, a metering device for metering a reducing... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20130327719 - Apparatus and method for automated lubrication oil filtration and testing: An automated lubrication oil filtration device including an oil pump adapted to transfer a lubrication oil from an engine to an oil reservoir, an oil heater associated with the oil reservoir and adapted to increase a temperature of the lubrication oil, a filter pump adapted to transfer the lubrication oil... Agent:

20130327720 - Process for treating fluids: Disclosed is an improved water treatment process that operates on a continuous flow of fluids that are subjected to hydrodynamic waves, acoustic ultrasonic waves in combination with injected ozone and electro chemical treatment. The treatment system provides a cost efficient and environmentally friendly process and apparatus for cleaning and recycling... Agent:

20130327721 - Apparatus for mechanically treating a liquid composition and method for mechanically treating such a liquid composition: Disclosed is an apparatus for mechanically treating a liquid composition contained in a pool, including: —a frame which supports a motor (2) out of the liquid composition, —a drive shaft (6) which is rotatably driven by the motor, —a centrifugal surface aerator (4) which is rotatably driven by the drive... Agent:

20130327722 - Cell harvesting device and system: Devices, methods, and systems for obtaining one or more biological fluid components, and reducing red blood cell contamination, using a back-flushable filter device, are disclosed.... Agent: Pall Corporation

20130327723 - Membrane plate, filter plate and filter press: A membrane plate, a filter plate, and a filter press. The membrane plate is outfitted with a filter element on top of the membrane on both side surfaces, and the membrane plate has retaining elements at a distance from the margin on which the filter elements are removably secured. The... Agent:

20130327724 - Liquid settling systems and methods: A system and method for filtering sediment from water prior to disposal. According to some aspects, water is provided to a trough which feeds a settling pool via a port. The settling pool may comprise one or more blocks disposed in one or more corresponding channels which restricts flow of... Agent:

20130327727 - Apparatus and method for fluid separation: An apparatus for controlling the flow of a first fluid stream within a bulk rotating fluid stream is disclosed, the apparatus comprising a fluid flow region having a longitudinal axis, within which a rotating flow of fluid may be established; a flow guide having a convex outer surface disposed centrally... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20130327725 - Enhanced in-line rotary separator: Apparatus and methods for separating a fluid, with the apparatus including a rotatable drum having an inner drum wall and an outer drum wall disposed around the inner drum wall to define a separation passage therebetween. The apparatus also includes radial separator blades that are curved in a circumferential direction... Agent: Dresser-rand Company

20130327726 - Method and apparatus for fluid separation: A method and apparatus are disclosed for separating a multiphase fluid stream that includes a heavier fluid component and a lighter fluid component. The fluid flows along a first helical flowpath with a first pitch. The first helical flowpath is sufficiently long to establish a stabilised rotating fluid flow pattern... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20130327728 - Process for collecting sediment from a settling tank: A method of removing sediment from the bottom of a settling collects the sediment from the compressed Zone IV layer of sediment adjacent the floor of the settling tank. The process utilizes a fabricated metal sludge collection system having a central truck and a pair of triangularly shaped header wings... Agent: Brentwood Industries, Inc.

20130327729 - Supplemental filtration for machine fluid systems: Enhanced fluid filtration methods, systems, and techniques are disclosed that can leverage the function of a supplemental pump in combination with the existing components of a machine, such as the main pump of an electrically-powered machine with an engine. In various embodiments, a supplemental filter apparatus may be operatively associated... Agent: Rpm Industries, LLC

12/05/2013 > 44 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130319915 - Water bottle with flow meter: According to the present invention, a fluid and/or aqueous additive delivery system is provided. According to the present invention, a modular fluid container is described for consumption of liquids. Fluid containers according to the present invention include any combination of four distinct modular components; (1) an end-point filter purification module... Agent: Floz, Inc.

20130319916 - Automatic air evacuation apparatus for swimming pool and spa filters: The present invention is an air evacuation apparatus that prevents the accumulation of air inside a swimming pool or spa filter by allowing any air to be removed from inside the filter every time the swimming pool pump is turned on. By allowing air to be removed from the filter,... Agent: Vaccare, LLC

20130319917 - Method and apparatus for priming an extracorporeal blood circuit: A method and apparatus for priming an extracorporeal blood circuit, in which the patient end of an arterial line (79) is connected to a first discharge port (61), and the patient end of a venous line (87) is connected to a second discharge port (62). The two discharge ports are... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20130319918 - Particle separation device: A particle separation device includes a particle separation member having a plurality of conical cavities each having a narrow open end and a wide open end for separating particles from unclean liquid; a fluid distribution member for distributing the liquid to the cavities; a particle collection member for collecting particles;... Agent:

20130319919 - Cutting fluid filtering device having filter washing function: A cutting fluid filtering device having a filter washing function drives a pump to supply a cutting fluid to a filter when the fluid level of a tank that stores the cutting fluid filtered by the filter becomes equal to or lower than a predetermined height. In addition, the cutting... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20130319920 - Blood treatment apparatus with flow divider for limiting an electrical current: A blood treatment apparatus comprising: a blood treatment unit; a blood line configured to extract blood from a blood source, pass the blood through the blood treatment unit and deliver treated blood to a target vessel; and a fluid line configured pass treatment fluid through the blood treatment unit and... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20130319921 - Water circulating device installed in a park or lake: Disclosed is a water circulating device using sunlight which is installed in a park or a lake and circulates water to improve the quality of water. The water circulating device includes an expandable corrugated tube unit for introducing water within a water area to disperse the water to an upper... Agent: Ecoco Co., Ltd.

20130319922 - Compact and mobile equipment and filtering system for potabilization of polluted water: Compact and mobile equipment and filtering system for potabilization of polluted water having a device and system for treating, disinfecting and potabilizing polluted water, employed as a water treatment station; the potable water stored in a service tank, maintaining the water for immediate use or for backwashing.... Agent:

20130319923 - Multistage membrane distillation device: The invention relates to a multistage membrane distillation device comprising a heating stage (28), preferably multiple condensing/evaporating stages (12), and a condensing stage (36) through which a liquid to be concentrated is passed in succession. Each condensing/evaporating stage comprises at least one condensing unit (K) and at least one evaporating... Agent:

20130319924 - Asymmetric eptfe membrane: A membrane distillation system is provided for distilling liquids. The membrane distillation system includes a heat generating means for heating a non-distilled liquid. The membrane distillation system further includes a microporous membrane that is asymmetric and vapor permeable. The microporous membrane includes a hydrophilic layer and a hydrophobic layer. The... Agent: General Electric Company

20130319925 - Fluid filtration system: A fluid treatment system having in one version an irradiation chamber with UV lamps with a swirl vane pack in the inlet for effecting clockwise and counterclockwise swirl in fluid entering the chamber. Other versions employ a central filter media element with an irradiation chamber with UV lamps disposed annularly... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20130319926 - Porous pavement for water quality and quantity management: A sorptive-filtration system for removing at least one of negatively or positively charged ions, complexes or particulates from an aqueous stream. The system includes a) flow formed substantially from at least one of rainfall-runoff or snowmelt-runoff; b) a filter containment communicating with the runoff stream such that at least part... Agent: Unit Process Technologies, LLC

20130319927 - Water filtering device: A water filtering device includes a filter bag and an outer bag. The filter bag is internally provided with a first and a second filter unit. The first filter unit is connected at upper ends to a top opening of the filter bag to form a lower folded section and... Agent:

20130319928 - Filter candle and cleaning method and device: A filter candle for precoat filtration has an end piece for connecting the filter candle to a separating wall of a precoat candle filter, a candle wall which together with a precoated precoat layer forms the active filter layer, and a terminating piece for separating an interior candle space from... Agent:

20130319929 - Shower filter: A shower filter is disclosed comprising a cap having an input port connectable to shower arm and output port connectable to a showerhead, a filter assembly engageable to and supportable by the cap, and a housing disposed about the filter assembly and engageable to the cap. The housing is disengageable... Agent:

20130319930 - Interference fit for high pressure fuel system component: This disclosure provides an edge filter assembly for delivering high pressure or pressurized fuel to a cylinder an internal combustion engine and a high pressure connector and edge filter assembly that provides a pressurized fluid connection between a high pressure fuel line and an inlet of a fuel injector. The... Agent: Cummins Intellectual Property, Inc.

20130319931 - Method of forming and immobilizing metal nanoparticles on substrates and the use thereof: A new, facile, low cost and easy-to-operate method of forming and immobilizing metal nanoparticles on substrates is invented. The method comprises steps of chemical modification of the substrates with chemical linkers, chelation of the metal ions to the modified substrates, the washing of the unbound metal ions and in-situ reduction... Agent: Agplus Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20130319932 - Method of manufacturing a screen cylinder and a screen cylinder: The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a screen cylinder, and a screen cylinder that is particularly suitable for screening, filtering, fractionating, or sorting cellulose pulp or fiber suspensions of the pulp and paper making industry, or other similar suspensions. The present invention relates more particularly to screening... Agent: Aikawa Fiber Technologies Trust

20130319933 - Bioaugmentation using floating mixer: The present invention is directed toward a device and method of dispensing biological solutions into a wastewater treatment system containing a floating mixer adapted to dispense biological solutions. The floating mixer with dispensing capabilities is strategically positioned within water holding areas, such as ponds or lagoons. The floating mixer and... Agent:

20130319934 - Devices for water treatment: A device for use in water comprising a carrier having an interior cavity and one or more openings allowing ingress to and egress from the interior cavity; and a moss contained within the interior cavity in which the carrier completely encloses the moss.... Agent: Embro Corporation

20130319935 - Reactor for anaerobic purification of water: The present invention relates to a reactor for the purification of influent water by means of anaerobic microorganisms comprising at least one separator which is configured so as to separate a three phase mixture withdrawn from the reactor into three phases, namely into sludge, water and gas.... Agent:

20130319936 - Method for the biological treatment of wastewater using an aerobic granular biomass: After each step of introducing effluent into the reactor, the pH in the reactor is maintained at a value above 8 for a length of time at least equal to 10% of the cycle duration.... Agent: Valbio

20130319937 - Modular, scalable high solids methane digester for small-sized to medium-sized farms: A modular methane digester facility includes prefabricated portable concrete panels and a flexible membrane roof sealing an interior space of the methane digester. A separator-conveyor dewatering device, integratable into the front end of the methane digester facility, separates a semi-solid liquid manure into a liquid portion and a solid portion.... Agent:

20130319938 - Method for treating water within a sequencing batch reactor, including an in-line measurement of the nitrite concentration: A method for treating water laden with nitrogen in the form of ammonium within a sequencing batch reactor, said method including: a first step of feeding said water into said sequencing batch reactor; an aerated nitritation step); an anoxic denitritation step; and a step of extracting treated water from said... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20130319939 - Modular precipitation and oxidized water treatment: A modular system for reclamation of a fluid includes a cavitation reactor operative to mechanically oxide the fluid and an ion precipitation system that receives the oxidized fluid from the cavitation reactor and thereafter introduces one or more ions at various locations to initiate precipitation of select materials. The system... Agent: Concord Produced Water Services, LLC

20130319940 - Wastewater treatment process with anaerobic mbbr: In a wastewater treatment system, feed water is processed by anaerobic digestion, preferably in an anaerobic moving bed bioreactor (AnMBBR). Effluent from the AnMBBR passes through one or more solid-liquid separation units. A solids portions is treated by hydrolysis or suspended growth anaerobic digestion. A liquid portion of the hydrolysis... Agent: Anaergia Inc.

20130319941 - Simultaneous recovery of coagulant and acid: Processes and systems are provided for simultaneously recovering coagulant and acid in a water treatment system. Sludge produced by the water treatment system is contacted with acid to form acidified solids. The acidified solids flow into a combined membrane treatment tank having both cation and anion exchange membranes. Metal cations... Agent: American Water Works Company, Inc.

20130319942 - Fluorine treatment of diffuser membranes used in wastewater aeration: A flexible diffuser membrane used in aeration/mixing of wastewater is impregnated with biocide and treated with fluorine or another halogen gas which forms a barrier inhibiting migration of the biocide out of the membrane. Another aspect of the invention involves cleaning a diffuser membrane with a halogen and then coating... Agent:

20130319943 - Forward osmosis process: A process that can alleviate the internal concentration polarization and can enhance membrane performance of a forward osmosis system includes the steps of passing a fluid in a forward osmosis system from a feed solution with a first osmotic pressure, through a membrane into a draw solution comprising a draw... Agent: King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology

20130319944 - Pneumatic alternating pressure membrane cell separation system: Provided are filtration systems that can be referred to as Pneumatic Alternating Cell Separator (PACS), useful components thereof in the form of assemblies or kits of parts that can be used to build the system, and use of the system for filtering fluids, for instance, in cell culture perfusion systems... Agent:

20130319945 - Device and method for field flow fractionation: A device for field flux fractioning comprises a sensor to determine the presence of particles in a liquid and a channel impermeable for particles and permeable for liquid. A pump conveys the liquid to first and second paths to the channel, where the second path connects in a first position... Agent: Wyatt Technology Europe Gmbh

20130319946 - Bi-metal nanoadsorbents and methods for their preparation and use: Bi-metal nanoadsorbents and methods for their preparation and use are provided. Methods of using bi-metal nanoadsorbents to remove contaminants from samples, such as water, are also provided.... Agent: Indian Institute Of Technology Kanpur

20130319947 - Process and apparatus for purifying water: The invention relates to a process and apparatus that treats waste water, in particular waste water containing surfactants and including grey water, for local reuse. According to the invention, the process comprises a) collecting waste water in a reservoir; b) injecting gas into waste water from the reservoir to form... Agent:

20130319948 - Remediation of naphthenic acid contamination: The present disclosure provides the use of a biomass-derived aromatic material as a sorbent for naphthenic acid. For example, the biomass-derived aromatic material may be a lignin derivative such as an Organsolv lignin derivative. The present disclosure further provides a method for reducing the amount of naphthenic acid in a... Agent: Lignol Innovations Ltd.

20130319949 - Floated solids separation: A method and apparatus for removing solids separated from wastewater, or algae from algal solution, using an improved dissolved air flotation system that incorporates a slowly rotating cylindrical sieve at the end of an upward sloping beach to drain free water from the float, which has been pushed up the... Agent:

20130319950 - Selective oxoanion separation using a tripodal ligand: The present invention relates to urea-functionalized crystalline capsules self-assembled by sodium or potassium cation coordination and by hydrogen-bonding water bridges to selectively encapsulate tetrahedral divalent oxoanions from highly competitive aqueous alkaline solutions and methods using this system for selective anion separations from industrial solutions. The method involves competitive crystallizations using... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20130319951 - Calcium and aluminum chlorides for sulfate removal from water: Sulfate anions and divalent metal ions in water are removed by treating sulfate-containing water, at a pH of 11-12.5, with aluminum chloride and calcium chloride, optionally together with lime, to form solid ettringite and similar crystalline species. Sulfate is removed as part of the ettringite or ettringite-like materials, but calcium... Agent:

20130319952 - Deoiling hydrocyclone: A method of controlling a hydrocyclone system for separating a fluid mixture wherein the system includes a separator vessel for receiving the fluid mixture and performing a primary separation of the more dense and the less dense fluid phase thereby forming an interface within the separator, and a hydrocyclone apparatus... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20130319953 - Ballast water treatment apparatus and ballast water treatment method: A ballast water treatment apparatus includes a filter that is cylindrically formed so as to surround an axis, a case that includes an outer cylindrical portion that is disposed so as to surround the filter, a rotation mechanism that rotates the filter around the axis, an untreated water nozzle that... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20130319954 - Separation of colloidal suspensions using laser optical pressure fluidic devices: A method of particle separation, wherein a collimated light source operable to generate a collimated light source beam is provided. The collimated light source beam includes a beam cross-section. A body is provided, wherein the body defines a wall and a first channel in a first plane. The first channel... Agent:

20130319955 - Screen assembly: A basket (4) for a vibratory screening machine, for use in removing solids from a solids and liquids mixture feed (18), mounts at least five screen units in a stack, superposed one below the other from a first, upper, screen unit (146) to a fifth, lower, screen unit (146d), each... Agent:

20130319956 - Apparatus, system and method for separating solids in submersible pump applications: An apparatus, system and method for separating solids in submersible pump applications are described. The solids separator of the invention removes solids from produced well fluid thereby reducing abrasive affects from those solids in electric submersible pump (ESP) well production applications and increasing the lifespan of the ESP assembly. A... Agent: Summit Esp, LLC

20130319957 - Method of purifying filter, and method of cleaning or drying object to be treated: A filter that filters carbon dioxide in the gaseous, liquid or supercritical state is efficiently purified. The carbon dioxide is used to at least clean or dry an object to be treated, or to clean or dry the object to be treated. A method of purifying a filter for filtering... Agent: Organo Corporation

20130319958 - Multi-functional disposable separatory funnels: This invention incorporates barrel-shaped polymer-structured separatory funnels. The separatory funnels are made from an injection molding machine using cheaper plastic resins such as polypropylene, or polyethylene instead of glass in order to lower costs, so they are ready-to-use and disposable. The innovative separatory funnels have multi-functional features, which can be... Agent: Chemrus Inc.

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