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Liquid purification or separation October categorized by USPTO classification 10/12

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10/25/2012 > 39 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20120267290 - Apparatus for extracorporeal blood treatment and method for monitoring the fluid flow of an extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus: The invention relates to the monitoring of the fluid flow in an apparatus for extracorporeal blood treatment. The device according to the invention and the method according to the invention are based on the fact that, in order to monitor the fluid flow, the change in weight of a collection... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120267289 - Reactor for versatile effluent treatment system: The present invention is reactor for treating water that includes a mixing tube having a length of L1 arranged to receive wastewater and series of treatment chemical injectors located at distances D1, D2 and D3 along length L1 that inject a volume V of treatment chemicals into wastewater flowing through... Agent:

20120267291 - Pressure sensor: A pressure sensor for a dialysis machine, the sensor having a body and a sensing surface, the sensor surface configured to detect the pressure of a fluid across an elastic membrane, the sensor in use generating a vacuum between the sensing surface and the membrane so as to draw the... Agent: Quanta Fluid Solutions Ltd

20120267292 - Seawater desalination system and energy exchange chamber: An energy exchange chamber is used for exchanging pressure energy between concentrated seawater discharged from a reverse-osmosis membrane-separation apparatus and a part of seawater to be treated by the reverse-osmosis membrane separation apparatus in a seawater desalination system. The energy exchange chamber includes a concentrated seawater distributor communicating with a... Agent:

20120267293 - Liquid filter: A liquid filter including a filter housing, a ring filter insert and a cover. The housing bottom contains an outlet for emptying the housing when the filter insert is removed. The filter insert includes a filter material body surrounded by front panels. A blocking element for the outlet is arranged... Agent: Hengst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120267294 - Inside-out flow filter with pressure recovery: In an inside-out flow filter, a transition pressure recovery member is provided at the inlet and has structured contoured guide surfaces guiding fluid flow therealong into the hollow interior of an annular filter element to minimize transition pressure loss from the inlet to the hollow interior. The transition pressure recovery... Agent: Cummins FiltrationIPInc.

20120267295 - Horizontal rod-supported, pore-controllable fiber media filter, and horizontal rod-supported fiber filter system: The present invention relates to a horizontal rod-supported, pore-controllable fiber media filter comprising: a fiber support comprising fixing supports to stand at both sides thereof and a plurality of horizontal rods which are coupled rotatably to the fixing supports in a zigzag pattern at intervals in a lengthwise direction of... Agent:

20120267296 - Device for use with floor drains: A tool for use with a basket assembly is provided. The basket assembly is of the type configured for being receivably engaged with an opening defined in a drain cover skirt for covering the perimeter of a floor drain. The tool is configured for engaging the basket assembly and removing... Agent: Clearly Better, LLC

20120267297 - Systems and methods for forward osmosis fluid purification using cloud point extraction: A process for purification of fluids, for example, desalination of seawater or brackish water, using organic solutes in a concentrated water solution for use in a forward osmosis process, to extract fresh water out of salt water through the forward osmosis membrane, and subsequently separating the organic solutes out of... Agent: Quantumsphere, Inc.

20120267298 - Water purification system: One example embodiment includes a system for purifying water. The system includes a water input system, where the water input system is configured to receive water. The system also includes a sanitization circuit, where the sanitization circuit is configured to add a sanitization compound to the water to produced purified... Agent: Connexion4

20120267299 - Method for dry packing chromatography columns: The invention provides a packing method for high efficiency chromatography columns starting from dry swellable particles, as well as columns packed by the method and the use of the columns in separation of biomolecules. In the packing method, an amount of dry swellable particles sufficient to give a swollen volume... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20120267300 - Hydraulic filter with one-piece input end cap: A hydraulic filter includes a canister extending along the longitudinal axis. A closed end cap is at one end of the canister for closing one end thereof. A removable filter element is contained within the canister and a modular one-piece input end cap is at an end of the canister.... Agent: Schroeder Industries, LLC

20120267301 - Method and apparatus for filtrate storage handling: A method of removing a filtrate storage bottle from a water bath includes inserting at least two finger underneath a radially protruding lip of a filtrate storage bottle sealing cap and raising the at least two fingers to lift the bottle from the water bath. A side wall portion of... Agent: Roush Life Sciences, LLC

20120267302 - Fluid treatment arrangements and methods of making fluid treatment arrangements: A fluid treatment arrangement may include a fluid treatment unit having a multilayer structure. The multilayer structure may include at least one feed layer, at least one permeate layer, and at least one layer of a permeable fluid treatment medium between the feed layer and the permeate layer. The fluid... Agent: Pall Corporation

20120267303 - Centrifugal separator: The present invention relates to a centrifugal separator for separating solid particles from a liquid mixture, said centrifugal separator comprising a rotor body which is rotatable around an axis of rotation, the rotor body having a separation chamber with an inlet for the liquid mixture, at least one liquid outlet... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20120267304 - Membrane, method for manufacturing the same, and composite membrane including the same: Example embodiments relate to a membrane, a method of manufacturing the same, and a composite membrane including the same. The membrane may include a polyacrylonitrile-based copolymer that includes a hydrophobic side chain and/or a hydrophobic repeating unit. The membrane may include a skin layer and a porous layer. A thickness... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120267305 - Method and device for biologically cleaning wastewater: The invention relates to a method for biologically cleaning wastewater (A), comprising the following steps: providing a treatment basin (B) having a floor (1) and at least one wall (2) extending from the floor at a wall height (W), having an inlet opening (3) and having at least one outflow... Agent: Invent Umwelt-und Verfahrenstechnik Ag

20120267306 - Osmotic separation systems and methods: Separation processes using engineered osmosis are disclosed generally involving the extraction of solvent from a first solution to concentrate solute by using a second concentrated solution to draw the solvent from the first solution across a semi-permeable membrane. Enhanced efficiency may result from using low grade waste heat from industrial... Agent: Oasys Water, Inc.

20120267307 - Osmotic separation systems and methods: Separation processes using osmotically driven membrane systems are disclosed generally involving the extraction of solvent from a first solution to concentrate solute by using a second concentrated solution to draw the solvent from the first solution across a semi-permeable membrane. Enhanced efficiency may result from using low grade waste heat... Agent:

20120267309 - Balancing unit, external medical functional unit, treatment apparatus and methods: A balancing unit for medical fluids includes at least one balancing chamber and at least one conveying unit for filling the balancing chamber, in which the conveying unit is a pressure controlled conveying unit and/or is designed and provided for being operated in at least one operating state as a... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120267308 - Recovery of retrograde soluble solute for forward osmosis water treatment: Improved systems and processes for forward osmosis water purification or desalination are herein disclosed. According to one embodiment a process for purifying contaminated water is provided wherein a contaminated feed solution stream comprising water and with a first osmotic pressure is passed through a semipermeable membrane to a draw side... Agent: Trevi Systems Inc.

20120267310 - E-beam technology for water treatment: The present invention concerns a method of using Electron-beam technology to remove recalcitrant organic matter and/or volatile organic compounds from a target water sample or other fluid samples. A fluid is directed into a first vessel; and a beam of electrons from an electron beam generator is used to irradiate... Agent:

20120267311 - Filtering machine: A filtering machine (10) for filtering a condensate which includes entrained oily contaminant, the machine (10) including a filter (14) through which the condensate passes from an inlet (17), to a main filter chamber outlet (24), the filter (14) including an exterior housing (15) through which the condensate, in use,... Agent:

20120267314 - Gravity powered liquid purification system and method: A non-pressurized or low pressure, gravity flow system and method for filtering, purifying or otherwise removing contaminants from water to create potable water is disclosed. The filters of the disclosure may be used in non-pressurized, low pressure, gravity flow, pour through or manually pressurized devices and may comprise a membrane... Agent: Environmental Safety Products Limited

20120267312 - Method and apparatus for preventing scale deposits and removing contaminants from fluid columns: A method and apparatus provide fluid treatment at a plurality of distinct points utilizing magnetic energy concentrated in a plurality of distinct areas along a fluid flow path and at least one region of pulsed fluid treatment within a fluid treatment chamber. The instant invention prevents the formation and accumulation... Agent:

20120267313 - Method and apparatus for preventing scale deposits and removing contaminants from fluid columns: A method and apparatus provide pulsed fluid treatment at a plurality of distinct points utilizing pulsed magnetic energy concentrated in a plurality of distinct areas along a fluid flow path. The instant invention prevents the formation and accumulation of contaminants within conduits and on equipment utilized in the transportation, delivery... Agent:

20120267315 - Treatment of wastewater: The invention encompasses systems and methods for removing contaminants from an aqueous stream using systems and methods that add treatment agents comprising anchor particles and tethers, with optional activating agents or activators.... Agent: Soane Energy, LLC

20120267316 - Apparatus and method for purifying and sterilizing water using nano catalytic microelectrolysis: A method for purifying and sterilizing water using nano catalytic microelectrolysis and an apparatus therefore including three units of a nano catalytic microelectrolysis device, a sand filtration and a precise filtration are provided. 1/20 to ⅕ of raw water is delivered into the nano catalytic microelectrolysis. 19/20 to ⅘ of... Agent:

20120267317 - Diffusion insert for membrane analysis, kit, cell, and diffusion method: A diffusion insert (1) for a membrane (5), includes a cup (2) defining a donor compartment (20) receiving a donor solution, the base thereof defining an axial port (22) sealed by the membrane (5), a clamping element (3) to pin down the membrane (5), an element for axially locking (4)... Agent: Universite De Franche-comte

20120267318 - Water treatment systems and methods: Systems, apparatus and methods are described that control and manage water collection and treatment. One or more sensors monitor and measure levels of contaminants, other chemicals and or environmental conditions in a well of a tank, well and/or collection station and/or in inflow and/or outflow mains. An additive that can... Agent:

20120267319 - Stormwater treatment system: A stormwater treatment system includes water treatment media that defines a helical flow path within a conduit. The water treatment media may include a plurality of helical water treatment media components that are constructed and arranged to seal against an inside surface of the conduit. The individual helical water treatment... Agent:

20120267320 - Subsea contaminate remediation apparatus and methods: A subsea contaminate remediation apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a conduit. The conduit includes a first end adapted to receive a first liquid stream having at least one contaminate; a second end adapted to release a second liquid stream; a grating associated with the second end of the housing;... Agent:

20120267321 - Methods of making metal-oxides and uses thereof for water treatment and energy applications: The disclosure provides relates to compositions and methods for water treatment. It also addresses a method for synthesizing TiO2 (and other metal oxides) with or without dopants. This method enables control over size, phase, morphology and porosity and specific surface area of these materials. The disclosure also provides metal oxide... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120267322 - Method and system for plasma treatment of a liquid: A system for plasma treatment of a liquid and corresponding uses thereof, the system comprising a chamber having a liquid input conduit and a liquid output conduit, a source of electromagnetic radiation of wavelength λ coupled to the chamber by a waveguide of appropriate width to provide only fundamental mode... Agent: Ramot At Tel-aviv University Ltd.

20120267323 - Solids separator and method of treatment for biowaste: The invention relates to a device and a method for the separation of solids from a biowaste slurry before heat treatment, and for heat treatment of the separated solids. The device comprises a chamber with a main inlet port for feeding slurry, and outlet ports. A unit for separating solids... Agent: Steris Europe, Inc.suomen Sivuliike

20120267324 - Process for delamination of laminated packaging: The present invention relates to a delamination method for recovering constituents of a paper-based multi layered laminated packaged waste. The method comprises using of a mixture of inorganic bases to separate the constituents of the packaged waste and recover paper, plastic and/or aluminium components separately. The paper can be recovered... Agent:

20120267325 - Wastewater treatment plant and method for treating wastewater, and wastewater treatment system: The invention relates to a wastewater treatment plant and method for treating wastewater, and to a wastewater treatment system having a plurality of filter layers disposed one under the other for purifying the wastewater, wherein at least one feeding device (200) for feeding wastewater to the filter layer (110) and... Agent:

20120267326 - Apparatus and process for the separation of a particulate matter from a fluid: The invention relates to an apparatus and a process for the treatment of an incoming fluid, comprising: a bottom part connecting a common feed stream to individual membrane filter modules through a tailor made connecting piece; a top part connecting individual membrane filter modules to a common retentate stream through... Agent: X-flow B.v.

20120267327 - Water-on-water filtration system with precision metering device: A water-on-water filtration system is provided that includes a filter member (480), two water-on-water vessels, and a precision metering device. Each water-on-water vessel also includes a first and a second chamber as well as a first piston (412) defining a mixing portion and a driving portion of the first chamber... Agent:

10/18/2012 > 46 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20120261315 - Dual stage ultrafilter devices in the form of portable filter devices, shower devices, and hydration: The present invention is directed to an alternative compact portable filtration device that can be used in remote locations and includes a single filtration cartridge that provides redundant filtration of the fluid (water). In particular, the device is a dual stage ultrafilter cartridge (apparatus) that is constructed and designed to... Agent: Nephros, Inc.

20120261316 - Device for conveying a fluid to a filter unit of a medical treatment apparatus and method for measuring the pressure in the fluid system of such an apparatus: The invention relates to a device for conveying a fluid to a filter unit of a medical treatment apparatus, in particular for conveying a dialysing fluid to a filter unit, in particular a blood treatment unit of an extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus, in which device includes one or more means... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120261317 - Flush system with controlled volume: An apparatus for use in a septic system such as an aerobic wastewater treatment plant connected to a drip irrigation system for dispensing wastewater from the septic system. The apparatus includes a pump having a pump outlet for a pumping treated wastewater from the septic system, a filter connected to... Agent:

20120261318 - Installation-free water purifying device: An installation-free water purifying device comprises a raw/waste water common container and a filtering body. This raw/waste water common container is separated by a partition into an upper space and a lower space. The filtering body has a storing space, a purified water container, a filtering unit, and a flowing... Agent: Puricom Water Industrial Corporation

20120261319 - Ultraviolet water sterilization: Technologies are generally described about a water sterilizing apparatus. In some examples, a water sterilizing apparatus may include a surface water collection apparatus configured to collect surface water; a pipe operably coupled to the surface water collection apparatus and configured to allow water collected by the surface water collection apparatus... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120261320 - Food waste management system: A food waste management system includes a tank having an internal chamber for containing food waste and sufficient water for fully submersing the food waste. The system further includes a water supply system for supplying water to the internal chamber, a gas supply system for supplying a gas to the... Agent: 2245396 Ontario Inc.

20120261321 - Separation membrane, method for manufacturing the same, and forward osmosis device including the same: f

20120261323 - Filter apparatus with torque limiting mechanism: A filter apparatus is described that has a torque limiting device, which may be a clutch mechanism, and which provides a protective function for a filter, so as to protect a filter from being over tightened and to thereby prevent damage to filter components. The clutch mechanism can also eliminate... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20120261322 - Water filtering device: A water filtering device includes a filter element and telescopically interconnected inner and outer cylinder units. Each of the inner and outer cylinder units has an open inner end and a closed outer end. A first space is formed in the inner cylinder unit. The filter element is disposed within... Agent:

20120261324 - Oil filtering device: The present invention relates to a filtering device, which comprises a base plate (12) having a threaded center hole (122); a filter housing (11) having a cap-shaped body coupleable to the base plate; an anti-drainback valve (15) having a valve hole (151) defined in the center portion thereof arranged on... Agent: Insonic Company

20120261325 - Filter assembly locking mechanism and method of using same: A filter assembly includes a filter head with a first thread. The filter head has an inlet port and outlet port. The filter assembly includes a filter bowl including a second thread that screws on and off the first thread between mounted and unmounted positions. A filter element, housed in... Agent: Purolator Facet, Inc.

20120261326 - Filter device: A filter may include a filter housing having a filter housing crucible and a filter housing cover. A ring filter element may be arranged in the filter housing and have an axially projecting pin on a lower end disc. The pin may be configured to be received by a channel... Agent:

20120261327 - Expanding colander: A colander includes a front portion, an intermediate portion, and a back portion, with the intermediate portion being formed from a resilient material. The front portion is sized to be smaller than the back portion, allowing the front portion to be pressed into the back portion, folding the intermediate portion,... Agent: Progressive International Corporation

20120261328 - Purifier for removing hydrogen fluoride from electrolytic solution: The present invention is a purification system for removing hydrogen fluoride and water from an electrolytic solution for lithium-ion secondary batteries in which [1] a purifier for removing hydrogen fluoride containing a hydrogen fluoride adsorbent selected from among carbonate hydrotalcites and calcined hydrotalcites and [2] a purifier for removing water... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20120261329 - Filter cartridge for use in a fluid filter housing and method of making same: A cartridge for use with a filter housing with a cavity having an inlet and outlet. The cartridge is formed from a cut length of monofilament polyethylene woven mesh tubular material to form a sleeve. One end of the sleeve is gathered to closure, fused and banded to form a... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20120261330 - Separation media and methods especially useful for separating water-hydrocarbon emulsions having low interfacial tensions: Separation media, separation modules and methods are provided for separating water from a water and hydrocarbon emulsion and include a fibrous nonwoven coalescence layer for receiving the water and hydrocarbon emulsion and coalescing the water present therein as a discontinuous phase to achieve coalesced water droplets having a size of... Agent: Ahlstrom Corporation

20120261331 - Embossed fluid filter element: A fluid filter element comprising: an embossed flat filter material which is folded so as to define a plurality of substantially adjacent walls, each wall defining a planar surface between two adjacent fold lines, said wall having an embossing comprising: a first embossing row having a centrally located elongated positive... Agent:

20120261333 - Filter element for fluid filtration system: A filter element for use in a reverse osmosis, nano-filtration, membranes and spacers membrane-bioreactor, forward osmosis, or other filtration system, includes a permeate carrier substrate having a wrapped core tube. The permeate carrier includes a series of spaced ribs. The ribs are formed by application of yarns, strings or resinous... Agent:

20120261332 - Semipermeable membrane and manufacturing method therefor: Provided is a semipermeable membrane having at least a separating functional layer, wherein azo compounds are retained in the separating functional layer, and the separating functional layer has a yellow index of 10 to 40. Also provided is a method of producing the semipermeable membrane. The present invention provides a... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20120261335 - Method for treating water within a sequential biological reactor including an in-line measurement of the nitrite concentration inside said reactor: The invention relates to a method for treating water laden with nitrogen in the form of ammonium by means of nitritation-denitritation, wherein said method includes at least: a first step (i) of supplying at least one sequential biological reactor (10) with said water; an aerated nitration step (ii); an anoxia... Agent:

20120261334 - Methods and apparatus for struvite recovery using upstream co2 injection: Formation of scale in a wastewater treatment system upstream of a struvite precipitation reactor is inhibited by injection of CO2. The injection may be performed at multiple locations. Injection may be controlled based on one or more of pH, fluid flow and fluid pressure. Injected CO2 may be stripped at... Agent: Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.

20120261336 - Ground water purification plant based on biological oxidation and reduction processed: The present invention relates to an artificial aquifer for decreasing the contents of metals, metalloids, nitrate, nitrite, pesticides and organic micro contaminants in natural ground water or artificial infiltrated groundwater from surface water. The system comprising a basin of filling material creating a reaction zone, a feeding line, one or... Agent: United Waters International Ag

20120261337 - System and method for wastewater treatment: e

20120261338 - Methods and apparatus for struvite recovery using upstream phosphate injection: Formation of scale in a wastewater treatment system upstream of a struvite precipitation reactor is inhibited by injection of one or more of CO2 and H3PO4. The injection may be performed at multiple locations. Injection may be controlled based on one or more of pH, fluid flow and fluid pressure.... Agent: Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.

20120261339 - Recycling method and device for recycling waste water containing slurry from a semi-conductor treatment process, in particular from a chemico-mechanical polishing process: A method for recycling waste water containing slurry from a semiconductor treatment process; including: Filtration in which waste water containing the fresh slurry is continuously introduced into a circulation tank, during which time the mixed waste water is continuously extracted from the circulation tank, the extracted waste water is guided... Agent: Highq-factory Gmbh

20120261340 - Process of supplying water of controlled salinity: A process of producing an injection water stream of controlled salinity and controlled sulfate anion content that is suitable for injection into an oil bearing formation of an oil reservoir, the process comprising the steps of: (a) feeding a source water having a total dissolved solids content in the range... Agent:

20120261341 - Device and method for conveying a fluid to a filter unit of a medical treatment apparatus: The invention relates to a device and a method for conveying a fluid to a filter unit of a medical treatment apparatus, in particular for conveying a dialysing fluid to a treatment unit, in particular a dialyser or filter of an extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus. The device comprises a balancing... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120261342 - Process for improving the precipitation of calcium and/or magnesium salts in the regeneration of used alkaline cleaning solution: A process for improving the precipitation of calcium and/or magnesium salts in the regeneration of a used alkaline cleaning solution includes the steps of providing a spent alkaline or acidic cleaning solution, adding sodium bentonite and sodium carbonate to the spent alkaline or acidic cleaning solution in a mixing zone... Agent:

20120261343 - Methods, systems and membranes for separation of organic compounds from liquid samples: Various aspects of the present invention pertain to porous membranes that comprise: (1) a plurality of pores with pore sizes of more than about 0.1 μm in diameter; and (2) a plurality of hydrophilic molecules. Additional aspects of the present invention pertain to methods of separating organic compounds from a... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20120261344 - Hybrid nanoparticle tfc membranes: Reverse osmosis membranes made by interfacial polymerization of a monomer in a nonpolar (e.g. organic) phase together with a monomer in a polar (e.g. aqueous) phase on a porous support membrane. Interfacial polymerization process is disclosed for preparing a highly permeable RO membrane, comprising: contacting on a porous support membrane,... Agent: Nanoh2o, Inc.

20120261345 - Rare earth removal of hydrated and hydroxyl species: This disclosure relates generally to methods and rare earth-containing additives for removing target materials in the form of hydroxides, carbonates, hydrates, or oxyhydroxyls from, a typically aqueous, liquid medium.... Agent: Molycorp Minerals, LLC

20120261346 - Raw water hardness determination in a water treatment system via the conductivity of soft or blended water: i

20120261347 - Non-metal-containing oxyanion removal from waters using rare earths: The present disclosure is directed to the use of rare earth-containing additives, particularly rare earth-containing additives comprising rare earths of plural oxidation states, to remove non-metal-containing oxyanions.... Agent: Molycorp Minerals, LLC

20120261348 - Apparatus for extracting biomaterial and method of extracting biomaterial using the apparatus: An apparatus for extracting biomaterials includes: a container body; a capturing unit which is formed on a side of the container body to receive a sample mixed with magnetic beads and flow the received sample mixed with the magnetic beads into the container body; and a magnet disposed outside the... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20120261349 - Water treatment systems and methods: A water treatment device and methods of treating water such as cooling tower water, swimming pool water, and hot tub or spa water, are described. The water treatment device utilizes ultraviolet radiation, a magnetic field, and ozone fortified air to treat the water, typically resulting in reduced microbial contamination and... Agent: AardvarkIPHolding, LLC

20120261350 - Method for using air to remove precipitated contaminating oil: The present invention relates to a method of removing deposited pollutant oil using air, and more particularly to a method of removing pollutant oil, which comprises injecting compressed air when oil has been deposited at the bottom of the sea, and injecting compressed air while supplying water when oil has... Agent:

20120261351 - System and method for treating waste: A system and method for removing water from sludge including mixing a blending material into the sludge and compressing the mixture. Additional pre and post compression steps are disclosed. Examples of specific blending materials and methods for their use are disclosed.... Agent:

20120261352 - Grey water dividing and treatment: A grey water dividing and treatment system is provided. A drain system of the grey water dividing and treatment system receives grey water from a grey water producing source. A grey water dividing apparatus of the grey water dividing and treatment system divides the grey water received from the drain... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120261353 - Separator: A solids separator for use in a sewer overflow chamber having an inlet, flow chamber and main outlet, whereby liquid, having solids entrained therein, flows from the inlet through the flow chamber to the outlet, the solids separator comprising: an overflow weir over which liquid flows during overflow into a... Agent:

20120261354 - Ozone purification system for liquid effluent and wastewater systems: An ozone purification system for wastewater comprising an ozone diffusion reactor installable in or in fluid communication with wastewater collection tanks of septic or other wastewater systems. The reactor includes a pump that circulates wastewater through a gas-liquid mixing device, a contact volume, and a static mixer. The contact volume... Agent: Eco-safe Systems Usa, Inc.

20120261356 - Device having solid-liquid separation function, micro-tas device, and solid-liquid separation method: In a device having a solid-liquid separation function, a solid-liquid mixture is introduced through a lid inlet formed in a lid, a separation portion for solid-liquid separation is formed in a groove portion, and solid trapping portions are arranged in the separation portion. Each solid trapping portion is formed of... Agent: Josho Gakuen Educational Foundation

20120261355 - Filter-in-filter with funnel shaped passageway: A parallel flow filter-in-filter design for a filter system is provided. The filter-in-filter design provides two distinctly parallel or independent flow paths within a filter assembly in a single housing or shell. The filter assembly includes a first outer filter element radially spaced apart from a second inner filter element.... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20120261357 - Method for the treatment of water and wastewater: A method and a plant for the treatment of water or wastewater, having impurities therein by filtration through two granular media filter stages (1, 2) of the moving bed type operated in series, comprising: feeding of said water/wastewater as a first influent to first stage granular media filters; filtration of... Agent:

20120261358 - Separation media and methods especially useful for separating water-hydrocarbon emulsions having low interfacial tensions: Separation media, separation modules and methods are provided for separating water from a water and hydrocarbon emulsion and include a fibrous nonwoven coalescence layer for receiving the water and hydrocarbon emulsion and coalescing the water present therein as a discontinuous phase to achieve coalesced water droplets having a size of... Agent: Ahlstrom Corporation

20120261359 - Fluid filter and method of filtering: A filtering system having a housing forming a cavity with a fluid inlet and outlet remote therefrom with a partially porous basket filled with particulate or granular polymer filtering material and the basket surrounded by a bag filter. The housing inlet receives effluent from a strainer. The particulate may be... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20120261360 - Apparatus for opening a can: Apparatus for opening a can comprising a first handle and a second handle, the first and second handles being pivotally connected to one another at their distal ends; a first partial can enclosure element attached to the first handle and a second partial can enclosure element attached to the second... Agent:

10/11/2012 > 29 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120255890 - Portable water filter: A portable water filter is disclosed. A portable water filter may filter water that enters through a first opening disposed toward a first end of the filter, where the water may pass through a filter element and exit the filter through a second opening disposed at or toward the first... Agent:

20120255891 - Apparatus for waste water treatment: An apparatus for treating water comprises a conduit assembly for receiving waste water from a downstream inlet and for providing treated water out of an upstream outlet. The conduit assembly comprises a plurality of substantially vertical conduits in fluid communication providing forwaterto flow in an alternating downward and upward pathway... Agent:

20120255892 - Modular filter assembly: A filtration assembly for removing machined contamination from fluid flowing through machine circulation system is disclosed. The chamber receives fluid contaminated with machine contamination from the machine circulation system having. The chamber includes a continuous track disposed adjacent a bottom surface of the chamber for dragging the machined contamination from... Agent: Durr Ecoclean, Inc.

20120255893 - Calibrated chlorinator: A dispensing assembly having a first body, herein referred to a float 16 and second body, herein referred to as chlorine reservoir 12, the second body being movably disposed within the cavity of the first body. Float 16, comprising a floatation chamber 26, float cavity 22, ballast weight 10, a... Agent:

20120255894 - Method for covalently attaching polymeric monoliths to polyether ether ketone (peek) surfaces: Method for covalently attaching polymeric monoliths to polyether ether ketone (PEEK) surfaces The present invention provides a method of covalently attaching a polymeric monolith to the internal surface of polyether ether ketone (PEEK) tubing and column housings, comprising the steps of: (a) reducing the ketone group of the PEEK to... Agent: Universitaet Innsbruck

20120255896 - Liquid separating drum, separator provided with such a drum, and kit for assembling the same: A liquid separating drum (1) for use with a separator (3) in order to separate liquid material (11a) from solid material (11b) in a mixture material (11) to be processed. The liquid separating drum (1) includes an elongated main body (5) having a longitudinal axis (7), the main body (5)... Agent: Gea Houle Inc

20120255895 - Water purifier: A water purifier that performs back washing extremely effectively even when raw water contains a large amount of impurities includes an attachment main body including an inflow passage into which raw water from an inflow port flows, and first and second outflow passages through which water flows toward outflow ports;... Agent: Basic Co., Ltd.

20120255897 - Composite membranes: Composite membranes, methods or processes for producing composite membranes, and systems utilizing composite membranes are generally described. In some examples, a composite membrane includes a porous halogenated polymer and a conductive polymer coupled to the porous halogenated polymer. In some examples, a process for producing a composite membrane includes coupling... Agent: Nanjing University

20120255898 - Semipermeable polymers and method for producing same: A method of making a composite semipermeable membrane by coating a porous support with an anhydrous solution comprising an anhydrous solvent, a polyfunctional secondary amine and a pre-polymer deposition catalyst, to form an activated pre-polymer layer on the porous support and contacting the activated pre-polymer layer with an anhydrous, organic... Agent: Eltron Research & Development, Inc.

20120255899 - Separation membrane including graphene: According to example embodiments, a separation membrane includes a graphene on at least one surface of a polymer support. The graphene may include a plurality of grains defined by grain boundaries.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120255900 - Oil-water separation device and refining device: This oil-water separation device includes: a supply port (3b) for oily water; a flow passage that causes oily water (X4, X7) supplied from the supply port to flow so that a flow component in a horizontal direction is a main flow component; a floated oil recovery port (F) provided above... Agent:

20120255901 - Water-dissolvable device for treatment of waste material: A device for the treatment of waste material in a waste water collection system includes an inner core and an outer portion partially surrounding the inner core such that at least one surface of the inner core is exposed. The inner core has a greater water solubility than the outer... Agent: United Laboratories, Inc.

20120255902 - Peak flow management in wastewater treatment using direct membrane filtration: A biological wastewater treatment system includes an equalization tank for sending a defined first portion of the wastewater to a submerged membrane filter. When the quantity of the received wastewater exceeds the defined first portion, a second portion of wastewater, formed from the wastewater that exceeds the defined first portion,... Agent:

20120255903 - Non-woven membrane bioreactor and its fouling control method: Disclosed is a method for biological treatment of wastewater in a non-woven membrane bioreactor (MBR) system. The mixed liquor contained in the bioreactor is filtered with a non-woven fabric membrane having a pore size in the range of 0.1 μm to 5.0 μm. Membrane fouling is controlled and flux is... Agent:

20120255904 - Method of recovering oil or gas and treating the resulting produced water: A method or process for treating wastewater containing high organics, silica, boron, hardness, and suspended and dissolved solids. The method includes degasifying the wastewater for the removal of dissolved gases and thereafter chemically softening the wastewater. After the chemical softening step, the wastewater is directed through a media filter or... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20120255905 - Continuous collection method of particle component in aqueous solution and apparatus therefor: The particle components may be collected by using a phenomenon that the particle components in the aqueous phase aggregate at the liquid-to-liquid interface. Both of the particle components and the dissolved components in the aqueous phase may be simultaneously collected if combined with liquid-liquid extraction phenomenon that the dissolved components... Agent:

20120255906 - Extraction of neutral lipids by a two solvent method: A method for separating neutral lipids from plant material, in particular, intact algal cells, using an amphipathic solvent set and a hydrophobic solvent set. Some embodiments include dewatering intact algal cells and then extracting neutral lipids from the algal cells. The methods provide for single and multistep extraction processes which... Agent: Heliae Development, LLC

20120255907 - Water producing system and operation method therefor: A water producing system which is provided with a semi-permeable membrane treatment process A100 to produce membrane permeate A3 and concentrate A, a semi-permeable membrane treatment process 8200 which is equipped with a treatment target water B branching means for branching treatment target water B2 into two or more to... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20120255908 - Water conservation methods combining osmotic membrane processed water for subsequent efficient use in cooling tower applications: Synergies in recovery of reverse osmosis (RO) membrane process reject waste and forward osmosis (FO) membrane process water extraction, using such osmotic process byproducts in applications for makeup to evaporative cooling towers, concurrent with use of specific corrosion and scale inhibition methods that permit tower water discharge reduction to approach... Agent: Water Conservation Technology International, Inc.

20120255909 - Reverse osmosis composite membranes for boron removal: Improved methods for reducing boron concentration in seawater or brackish water, while simultaneously maintaining or improving the salt rejection of membrane and flow performance of polyamide reverse osmosis (RO) membranes include contacting the water with a composite membrane comprising moieties derived from an aromatic sulfonyl halide, a heteroaromatic sulfonyl halide,... Agent: General Electric Company

20120255910 - Ion chromatography system using catalytic gas elimination: A liquid chromatographic system is provided including catalytically combining hydrogen and oxygen gases in the chromatography eluent stream in a catalytic gas elimination chamber, to form water and thereby reduce the gas content in the eluent stream. Also, a liquid ion chromatographic system in which the effluent from the detector... Agent: Dionex Corporation

20120255911 - Method for manufacturing anion exchange resin, anion exchange resin, method for manufacturing cation exchange resin, cation exchange resin, mixed bed resin, and method for manufacturing ultrapure water for washing electronic component material: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing an anion exchange resin, wherein the method includes the step of contacting a water soluble polymer containing an anionic dissociative group with a resin to produce an anion exchange resin. In the method, an amount of contact of the water soluble polymer... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20120255912 - Process for treating water to be treated by clarification comprising an adsorption of a portion of clarified water and a clarification of a mixture of adsorbed clarified water and water to be treated: e

20120255913 - Magnetic separation unit, magnetic separation device and method for separating magnetic substance in bio-samples: A magnetic separation unit is provided, including a first member made of non-magnetic materials comprising a trench extending within the first member and a second member made of magnetic materials including a protrusion portion protruding over a surface of the second member, wherein the first member connects the second member... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120255914 - Methods for treating wastewater: A method for treating wastewater containing organic amines including adding glyoxal to the wastewater to remove the organic amines.... Agent:

20120255915 - Bernoulli filter: A filter apparatus and method for filtering a liquid. The filter apparatus comprises a housing that has at least one inlet for admission of the liquid to be filtered and at least one outlet for discharge of the filtered liquid. The apparatus further comprises at least two substantially cylindrical filter... Agent: Georg Schunemann Gmbh

20120255916 - Produced fluid heating and separation: An apparatus and method for heating produced fluid from a well, the heating apparatus comprising a produced fluid pathway; a heat generation system comprising a diesel engine, a heated hydraulic fluid pathway, and an engine coolant pathway; and a heat transfer system disposed between the produced fluid pathway and the... Agent: Amcol International Corporation

20120255917 - Device for cleaning wastewater: The invention relates to a device for cleaning wastewater, wherein at least one flow channel (S, S1, S2) having at least one horizontal agitator (5) disposed therein in the treatment basin (B), and wherein a cross-sectional surface (Q) of the flow channel (S, S1, S2) extending perpendicularly to the flow... Agent: Invent Umwelt-und Verfahrenstechnik Ag

20120255918 - Use of rhamnolipids in the water treatment industry: The present invention relates to a water treatment system that uses rhamnolipids to prevent fouling and bio-film formation on the membrane and equipment and the method thereof.... Agent:

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20120248015 - Wireless receptor for communications within housings: The present invention provides a system and method for transmitting information between a device within a housing to a second device, preferably a test or monitoring unit, outside of the housing. There are numerous issues associated with transferring information from within a sealed housing to an external device. In some... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20120248016 - Fluid handling and cleaning circulation system: A fluid handling and cleaning circulation system includes a storage device storing circulation liquid, a circulating pipeline to circulate the circulation liquid, a filter device to filter the circulation liquid, and a purification separator to remove impurities from and to divide the circulation liquid into a recyclable flow body and... Agent: Green Power Technology Co., Ltd.

20120248017 - Dialysis systems, components, and methods: A dialysis system including a housing, a dialysate pump disposed in the housing, and a dialysate line configured to be operatively connected to the dialysate pump such that the dialysate pump can pump dialysate through the dialysate line when the dialysate line is in fluid communication with a dialysate source.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20120248018 - Weed and trash screening apparatus for irrigation systems: The invention relates in general to weed and trash screening apparatus for irrigation systems. In one embodiment a debris screening apparatus is provided for use adjacent a check structure in a canal having a flow of water. The preferred apparatus comprises a frame substantially open to the flow of water... Agent:

20120248019 - Apparatus for enhancing the biophysical effects of water: Apparatus containing a formulation of processed minerals produces a vibrational frequency to balance the chemistry of water when untreated water is treated to thereby enhance the biophysical properties of water, without adding any compound to the water. The result is that the physical properties of specific gravity, conductivity, and resistivity... Agent:

20120248020 - Chromatography devices and methods: Provided are chromatography devices having a stationary phase that includes patchy particles having at least two different surface chemistries, such as Janus particles. Also provided are methods of separating at least one analyte out of a sample, where the method includes adding a sample having at least one analyte to... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20120248022 - Device and method for treating a filtration medium: A device for processing a porous filtration medium has a holding part that can be mounted on a lower part with the porous filtration medium. An outer wall of the holding part can be positioned outside a surface, of the filtration medium, and a fixing edge arranged in the holding... Agent: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh

20120248021 - In-tank fluid filter with plastic retainer: An in-tank fluid filter has a filter body made of porous material and a plastic outlet port attached to the filter body for connecting the filter to a pump. A plastic retainer is integrally formed on the outlet port, the retainer comprising a tab extending in a plane perpendicular to... Agent: Kuss Filtration Inc.

20120248023 - Membrane filtration module: A membrane filtration module including a membrane element for filtering a liquid, a discharge pipe for the permeate or filtrate, and a connection device for joining a conduit to the discharge pipe, where the surface shell of the discharge pipe along a first longitudinal part is surrounded by the membrane... Agent: Krones Ag

20120248024 - Filter with inner-sealed pulsation dampener: A filter and replacement filter cartridge is provided with a pulsation dampener mounted and sealed to the filter cartridge basket at an inner diameter thereof. The pulsation dampener is captive to the basket such that removal of the basket from the filter housing canister removes all of the basket, filter... Agent: Kuss Filtration, Inc.

20120248025 - Installation for treating a biological liquid: The invention concerns an installation for treating biological liquid comprising a platform provided with an edge running front-to-back, a pump (105), a filtration assembly (111, 150), a pre-filtration assembly (114) having an inlet point and an outlet point respectively belonging to first and second T-shaped branching connectors (137, 156), two... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20120248026 - Filter element, filter device and method for producing a filter element: A filter element (1) has first and second end sections (3A, 3B) of a flat filter medium which are secured to one another. A sheathing (4) is provided, wherein said sheathing is compressed by the end sections (3A, 3B) and surrounds the end edges (9) of the end sections (3A,... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120248027 - Composite semipermeable membrane and method for producing same: A composite semipermeable membrane comprising a porous support membrane on which a separating functional polyamide layer resulting from the polycondensation reaction of polyfunctional aromatic amines with polyfunctional acid halides is formed, wherein the separating functional polyamide layer has carboxy groups, amino groups, phenolic hydroxyl groups, and azo groups, wherein XA,... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20120248028 - Curable compositions and membranes: A curable composition comprising: (i) 2.5 to 50 wt % crosslinker comprising at least two acrylamide groups; (ii) 12 to 65 wt % curable ionic compound comprising an ethylenically unsaturated group and a cationic group; (iii) 10 to 70 wt % solvent; and (iv) 0 to 10 wt % of... Agent: Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe Bv

20120248029 - Curable compositions and membranes: A curable composition comprising: (i) 2.5 to 50 wt % crosslinker comprising at least two acrylamide groups; (ii)12 to 65 wt % curable ionic compound comprising an ethylenically unsaturated group and a cationic group; (iii) 10 to 70 wt % solvent; (iv) 0 to 10 wt % of free radical... Agent: Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe Bv

20120248030 - Curable compositions and membranes: A curable composition comprising: (i) 2.5 to 50 wt % crosslinker comprising at least two acrylamide groups; (ii) 12 to 65 wt % curable ionic compound comprising an ethylenically unsaturated group and a cationic group; (iii) 15 to 70 wt % solvent; and (iv) 0 to 10 wt % of... Agent: Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe Bv

20120248031 - Composites and composite membranes: The invention relates to a composite or a composite membrane consisting of an ionomer and of an inorganic optionally functionalized phyllosilicate. The isomer can be: (a) a cation exchange polymer; (b) an anion exchange polymer; (c) a polymer containing both anion exchanger groupings as well as cation exchanger groupings on... Agent:

20120248032 - Curable compositions and membranes: A curable composition comprising: (i) 2.5 to 50 wt % crosslinker comprising at least two acrylamide groups; (ii) 20 to 65 wt % curable ionic compound comprising an ethylenically unsaturated group and an anionic group; (iii) 15 to 45 wt % solvent; and (iv) 0 to 10 wt % of... Agent: Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe Bv

20120248033 - Porous materials for solid phase extraction and chromatography and processes for preparation and use thereof: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to porous materials for use in solid phase extractions and chromatography. The materials feature at least one hydrophobic component, at least one hydrophilic component and at least one ion-exchange functional group. The materials exhibit superior wetting and ion-exchange performance.... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20120248034 - Methods of making and using liquid filter media: Filtration media for filtering a liquid includes a plurality of fibers having a coating thereon of a fluorine containing compound. Also disclosed are processes for forming fibrous non-woven liquid filtration media having the coating of the fluorine containing compound. Suitable fluorine containing compounds generally include fluoropolymers, fluorinated hydrocarbons, fluoroacrylate polymers,... Agent: Lydall, Inc.

20120248035 - Cyclonic flow separator: The invention relates to a separator of fluid medium components, said separator including, along one axis, a movable assembly that is rotatable around the axis. Said separator moreover includes an output device. The movable assembly includes a cylindrical separation chamber having an inner wall. The output device includes a second... Agent: Total Sa

20120248036 - Density current baffle for a clarifier tank: e

20120248037 - Devices for water treatment: A device for use in water comprising a carrier having an interior cavity and one or more openings allowing ingress to and egress from the interior cavity; and a moss contained within the interior cavity in which the carrier completely encloses the moss.... Agent: Embro Corporation

20120248038 - Acid toluene extraction of dnt wastewaters: d

20120248039 - Dialysis system including multi-heater power coordination: A dialysis system includes a first fluid heater, a second fluid heater, a supplemental power source and a logic implementer. The logic implementer is configured to use the supplemental power source such that when the first and second heaters are powered simultaneously, a collective current draw does not exceed a... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120248040 - Inorganic ion exchange adsorbent for removing toxic trace elements from water: The invention relates to an inorganic ion exchange adsorbent for removing toxic trace elements from water, comprising a sorbent comprising sol-gel generated double hydrous oxide of metal. In particular, for the metal a M2+ and M3+ (or M4+) metal is selected, preferably a metal from the group consisting of Al,... Agent: Universiteit Utrecht Holding B.v.

20120248041 - Polymer composite, water-treatment method using the same and manufacturing method of the same: A polymer composite is provided for a water treatment. The polymer composite with excellent workability is capable of adsorbing impurities in water, being rapidly separated from the water using magnetic forces. The polymer composite includes secondary aggregates. The secondary aggregates are formed of clumped particles, the particles being magnetic particles... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120248042 - Oil sands tailings management: A system and method for managing fluid mature fine tailings (MFT) containment volume in a tailings pond to a minimum, fixed steady-state volume by balancing the accumulation of the MFT in the pond with consumption of the MFT from the pond by one or both of spiking the MFT into... Agent: Total E&p Canada Ltd.

20120248043 - Device, method and vessel for preventing oil damages and alleviating damages: The invention relates to an oil combating boom (1), which comprises an elongated boom part, which at its first end is connectable to an oil combating vessel (10). At least one pontoon member (5) and a number of turnable transfer members (6) equipped with rotating blade members (9) have been... Agent:

20120248044 - Method for disinfecting sewage sludge: e

20120248045 - Automatic skimmer cleaning system: A new automatic pool skimmer cleaning system includes an auto clean skimmer, debris basin, and pump. A check valve line runs from the side of the skimmer to the debris basin. When the pump is run, suction on the check valve line opens the valve and allows water and accumulated... Agent:

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