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Liquid purification or separation September class, title,number 09/12

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09/27/2012 > 27 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20120241365 - Separator and separating strip: A separator under the invention for the taking of blood serum or blood plasma contained in a blood sample from a separating strip comprises a top part, a bottom part and a joint. Said top part and bottom part are linked by the joint in a pivoting way. Bottom part... Agent:

20120241366 - Particulate and bypass filter and locomotive oil lube filtration system: A bypass filter cartridge is provided having a low efficiency filter element and a high efficiency filter element oriented in either parallel or series. The low efficiency filter element may comprise pleated filter sheet while the high efficiency filter element may include a tubular ring of depth media with considerable... Agent: Clark Filter, Inc.

20120241367 - Dialysis system having autoconnection: A dialysis system includes a dialysis machine including at least one fluid pump, and an autoconnection mechanism including a moveable holder; a plurality of pierceable connectors each held by the moveable holder of the autoconnection mechanism, each of the pierceable connectors in fluid communication with a source of medical fluid;... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120241368 - Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus: An liquid ejecting apparatus includes a head main body which ejects liquid and a flow channel member to which the head main body is fixed, the flow channel member includes a plurality of liquid chambers to which the liquid is supplied, and a filter chamber which communicates with each liquid... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120241369 - Filter apparatus: A fluid filter apparatus includes a first surrounding sidewall having inlet and outlet apertures, with first and second end portions, a cover attached to the second end portion and a domed end attached to the first end portion. Also included is a second surrounding sidewall with primary and secondary end... Agent:

20120241370 - Centrifugal filter: A centrifugal filter is provided comprising a water inlet pipe, an overflow pipe, a flow guiding device, a filter body with a cover, and a sedimentation container. The water inlet pipe is mounted on the filter body in tangential direction of the filter body, and the sedimentation container is in... Agent: Guangdong Liansu Technology Industrial Co. Ltd.

20120241371 - Membranes having aligned 1-d nanoparticles in a matrix layer for improved fluid separation: Membranes for fluid separation are disclosed. These membranes have a matrix layer sandwiched between an active layer and a porous support layer. The matrix layer includes 1-D nanoparticles that are vertically aligned in a porous polymer matrix, and which substantially extend through the matrix layer. The active layer provides species-specific... Agent:

20120241372 - Filter module and method for its manufacture: A filter module is formed of wound filter material having openings wherein the boundary surfaces of the openings constitute flow-through surfaces. The openings of the wound layers of the filter material form channels angled relative to the winding axis, wherein one group thereof opens at the outer peripheral surface of... Agent: Pall Corporation

20120241373 - Composite membranes and methods of preparation thereof: A polymeric membrane includes an active layer over a support, wherein the active layer includes at least two chemically distinct polyamide films. A first one of the films is in contact with the support, and a second one of the films is not in contact with the support. The second... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120241374 - Method of treating waste water produced during preparing nitro compound: This invention relates to a method of treating waste water produced during the nitration of compounds, which includes an appropriate pretreatment process and a vacuum evaporation process, so that acidic or alkaline aqueous waste water which is difficult to treat via conventional processes can be easily treated without performing microorganism... Agent: Huchems Fine Chemical Corp.

20120241375 - Wastewater treatment: A wastewater treatment system includes wastewater having nitrogen-containing compounds, an anoxic zone having denitrifying bacteria, and an aerobic zone having nitrifying bacteria. The anoxic zone is coupled to the aerobic zone, and wastewater flows from the anoxic to the aerobic zone or vice versa. A fluidized bed heat exchanger configured... Agent:

20120241376 - Method of selenium removal from an aqueous source: A process for removing selenium is described in which selenium is removed from an aqueous source for discharge into a lake, pond, river or stream by a combination of biological reduction of selenium followed by adsorption. The aqueous source first passes through a bioreactor which reduces the selenium compounds in... Agent:

20120241377 - Water treatment method and water treatment flocculant: There is provided a water treatment method using a water treatment flocculant that suffers from minimal secondary contamination with flocculation residues and contains an alkaline solution of a phenolic resin. A water treatment method involving the addition of a flocculant to water to be treated and subsequent membrane separation treatment.... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20120241379 - Chromatography columns, systems and methods: The present invention relates to axial flow chromatography columns, methods for separating one or more analytes in a liquid by the use of such columns, and systems employing such columns. The column comprises a first port and a second port, the first port and said second port being at essentially... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20120241378 - Co2-removal device and method: An electrolytic CO2-removal device for anion analysis of a liquid sample. The device includes a basic chamber and CO2-permeable tubing in the basic chamber. Anion exchange membranes are disposed on opposite sides of the basic chamber, and electrodes are disposed outside the membranes. The device can be integral with a... Agent: Dionex Corporation

20120241380 - Liquid-solid countercurrent extraction system having reduced likelihood of rotary valve cavitation: Embodiments of a liquid-solid countercurrent extraction system are provided, as are embodiments of a method for reducing the likelihood of rotary valve cavitation during liquid-solid countercurrent extraction. In one embodiment, the extraction system includes an adsorbent chamber and a rotary valve fluidly coupled to the adsorbent chamber. The rotary valve... Agent: Uop LLC.

20120241382 - Compositions and methods for retarding the formation of insoluble byproducts in water softeners: Novel water softening products and methods of treating hard water are provided. The products comprise a chloride-free, organic salt and a chelating agent. The products are useful for regenerating ion exchange material in a water softening system and providing softened water containing both sodium and potassium ions, while avoiding the... Agent: North American Salt Company

20120241381 - Method and apparatus for removal of selenium from water: A method of treating selenium contaminated water to reduce the concentration of selenium in the water to levels below 5 μg/L uses a first stage treatment by an iron co-precipitation process to remove a bulk concentration of selenium from the water, followed by a second stage treatment wherein the water... Agent:

20120241384 - Reduction in flushing volume in an adsorptive separation system: A process for separating a product from a multicomponent feedstream to an adsorption apparatus or system is described. The apparatus or system may comprise a moving-bed or a simulated moving-bed adsorption means. The product comprises at least one organic compound, such as an aryl compound with alkyl substitutes. In embodiments... Agent:

20120241383 - Regenerable filter unit for removing metal, regenerable filter system including the same, and method of operating regenerable filter system: A filter unit may include a water permeable first electrode, a second electrode arranged so as to be spaced apart from and opposite to the first electrode, and a non-water permeable separator that is positioned between the first electrode and the second electrode. The first electrode may include a metal... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120241385 - Water filtration sytem with activated carbon and zeolite: In one embodiment the invention relates to a filter media for removal of contaminants from water comprising aluminium coated granular activated carbon and granular zeolite. Another embodiment relates to a method of producing aluminium coated granular activated carbon comprising exposing granular activated carbon to an aqueous solution comprising one or... Agent: Water Harvesting Technologies Pty Ltd

20120241386 - Multi-function water treatment: The present invention relates to processes, methods, apparatuses, and systems for multi-function water treatment to condition feed water from various sources. The multi-function treatment includes seven stages, where the chemical content of the entered feed water is conditioned, then broken, then oxidized, then de-foamed, then clarified, then de-scaled, and then... Agent:

20120241387 - Advanced oxidation of kinetic hydrate inhibitors: Advanced oxidation process namely ozonation and Fenton's (hydrogen peroxide/Fe:2+) were utilized to degrade kinetic hydrate inhibitor (KHI). The oxidized solution after scavenging oxygen can be successfully disposed to the injection well. This facilitates use of KHI more frequently and in higher concentrations for future projects oil & gas operations. It... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20120241388 - Black water treatment systems and methods: The present application and the resultant patent provide a black water treatment system for a flow of black water. The black water treatment system may include one or more non-vacuum flash drums and a scrub-cooler. The scrub-cooler may include a water pathway with a nitrogen tube and a flow of... Agent: General Electric Company

20120241389 - Mop bucket filter: A method of using a filter and a mop bucket comprises removably installing a filter in a mop bucket; filtering a liquid through the filter to capture dirt in the filter; removing the filter from the bucket; connecting a hose to an outlet on the filter; backflushing clean water through... Agent: Rubbermaid Commercial Products, LLC

20120241390 - Bitumen extraction and asphaltene removal from heavy crude using high shear: Herein disclosed is a method of removing at least one component from a feed stream, the method including steps of subjecting the feed stream to high shear separation in a high shear device to produce a high shear-treated product stream; and substantially separating the at least one component from the... Agent: H R D Corporation

20120241391 - Filtration article with microbial removal, micro-biocidal, or static growth capability: Disclosed are filter media constituents, filter media, filter constructions, and methods of employing the filter media and filter constructions for fluid filtration. The filter media and filter media constituents of the invention have unique properties enabling the efficient capture of microbes or microbial generating units. Fluids usefully filtered using the... Agent: Receptors LLC

09/20/2012 > 38 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20120234739 - Water purification system: The inventions relate to means for purifying water, primarily drinking water, and can be used in domestic water purification systems. The claimed filtered water storage unit for the storage device of a water purification system comprises a housing, an elastic chamber disposed therein for filtered water, and a region for... Agent: Electrophor, Inc

20120234740 - Apparatus for aeration of contaminated liquids: Water decontamination systems including aerator modules are described herein. Such systems are capable of removing contaminants, including volatile organic compounds, from the water. Certain volatile organic contaminants can be removed at high efficiencies. The systems may be automated to remove the contaminants and produce cleaned water on a continuous basis.... Agent:

20120234741 - Air compressor with oil pump inlet strainer and bypass valve: An air compressor with oil pump inlet strainer bypass features includes a bypass valve assembly in fluid communication with the air compressor crankcase to provide lubricating oil to the dynamic compressor components, or simply to the air compressor. The bypass valve assembly includes a valve housing defining an interior chamber... Agent: Wabtec Holding Corp.

20120234742 - System for conditioning fluids utilizing a magnetic fluid processor: The invention is a system and method for conditioning fluids utilizing a magnetic fluid processor or device that includes an elongated housing comprising a core enclosed by a magnetic component in combination with an electrical return path. The process utilizes said device to affect and electron configuration within fluids by... Agent:

20120234743 - Filter device: A filter device may include a ring filter element arranged in a filter housing in an upright manner. The ring filter element may have an upper end disc and a lower end disc. A dirt pot may have a water separator arranged therein and be provided on the lower end... Agent:

20120234744 - Filtration system: A filtration system for a container, such as a fish pond, can include mechanical and biological filtering in a self-contained apparatus for attachment to a submersible centrifugal pump. The filtration system includes a base assembly, to which at least one mechanical filter can be attached, and which can accommodate biological... Agent: General Foam Plastics Corporation

20120234745 - Fluoropolymer hollow fiber membrane with fluoro-copolymer and fluoro-terpolymer bonded end portion(s) and method to fabricate: A hollow fiber membrane fluid transport device and its method of manufacture are disclosed wherein the fibers are comprised of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and the potting materials are comprised of fluorocopolymer and or fluoroterpolymer based materials. The potting method described herein, utilizes a compressed chemically resistant fluorocopolymer and or fluoroterpolymer film,... Agent: Markel Corporation

20120234746 - Filter blood fluid channel methods, devices, and systems: A risk of thrombogenesis is minimized in a tubular fiber membrane filter by flowing blood or other fluid through a header manifold that ensures a minimum shear rate on the wetted surfaces without flow reversal, stagnation volumes, or a shear rate that is too high. In an embodiment, fluid is... Agent:

20120234747 - Filter device: The filter device is utilized for the separation of undissolved solid substances from liquids, in particular in the fields of waste water purification and water treatment. The filter device is arranged in a container as capable of rotation (2) and surrounded by the liquid to be filtered. The filter device... Agent: Utisol Technologies Ag

20120234748 - High temperature treated media: A thermally bonded filtration media that can be used in high temperature conditions in the absence of any loss of fiber through thermal effects or mechanical impact on the fiber components is disclosed. The filter media can be manufactured and used in a filter unit or structure, can be placed... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20120234749 - Filter element, filter device and method for producing a filter element: Filter element (1) has opposing end sections (3A, 3B) of a filter material sheet (2) that are connected to each other in a fluid-tight manner, wherein a molded or extruded plastic casing (5) encloses the end edges (4A, 4B) of the end sections (3A, 3B). A method for producing a... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120234750 - Thermally, heat and chemically resistant ultrafiltration polyimide membrane and method for its production: A thermally, heat and chemically stable polyimide asymmetric ultrafiltration membrane, is a porous film or a hollow fiber, having an anisotropic structure a selective surface layer and a substrate, wherein the selective ultraporous surface layer has size of pores 70-800 Å with thickness 0.1-10 mcm and is composed of insoluble... Agent:

20120234751 - Wastewater pretreatment method and sewage treatment method using the pretreament method: A pretreatment method is provided, which comprises the following steps: (1) wastewater feed is introduced into a first end of a first aeration basin, and is mixed with a first concentrated mixed liquor to obtain a first mixed liquor; (2) the first mixed liquor is aerated in the aeration stage... Agent:

20120234753 - Cooling system and method for the operation thereof: The invention relates to a cooling method and cooling system comprising a cooling device (1), in particular a cooling tower (1), for cooling cooling water and at least one consumer (4) to be cooled, wherein the cooling device (1) and the at least one consumer (4) are arranged in a... Agent:

20120234752 - Method of improving nitrification in a trickling filter: A method of improving nitrification in a wastewater treatment plant is provided. The method comprises the steps of a) providing a trickling filter effluent water basin having biological filter media placed on a support platform positioned at least three feet above a bottom of the basin; and (b) contacting the... Agent:

20120234754 - Organic wastewater treatment device and organic wastewater treatment method: An organic wastewater treatment apparatus comprises a biological treatment tank provided with a whole floor aeration section in which a first aerator is disposed so as to perform whole floor aeration, a solid-liquid separation section formed above the whole floor aeration section and provided with a membrane separation device immersed... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20120234755 - Flow channel structure, and mixing method, extraction method, and reaction method for fluids: To promote mixture of fluids on a plurality of stages, flow channels include a plurality of merging portions which penetrate from a top surface to a back surface of a substrate. An end of each of the sub channels is disposed so as to overlap the main channel at each... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20120234756 - Method and device for preventing corrosion in hot water systems: Disclosed is a method of controlling a real-time oxidation-reduction potential in a hot water system to inhibit corrosion in the hot water system. The method includes defining one or more operational protective zones in the hot water system. One or more of the operational protective zones includes an oxidation-reduction potential... Agent:

20120234757 - Intravenous filter: Intravenous fluid filter devices including a filter comprising spaced apart first and second filter elements comprising hydrophilic membranes and providing inside-out flow, and methods of using the devices, are disclosed.... Agent: Pall Corporation

20120234760 - Desalination apparatus and desalination method: A desalination apparatus includes a first reverse osmosis membrane device 13 that removes a salt content from raw water supplied with predetermined pressure, a second reverse osmosis membrane device 15 that removes a salt content in first permeated water 12 from the first reverse osmosis membrane device 13, a first... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20120234759 - Desalination system and method for integrated treatment of brackish concentrate and seawater: Various embodiments described herein provide methods and apparatus for producing purified water from sea water or some other salty or brackish water source by using brackish concentrate mixed with salty water. The various embodiments also provide methods and apparatus for the treatment of toxicity of brackish concentrate, which brackish concentrate... Agent:

20120234758 - Forward osmosis membranes: Forward osmosis membranes include an active layer and a thin support layer. A bilayer substrate including a removable backing layer may allow forward osmosis membranes with reduced supporting layer thickness to be processed on existing manufacturing lines.... Agent: Oasys Water, Inc.

20120234761 - Asymmetric nanotube containing membranes: This invention relates to heterogenous pore polymer nanotube membranes useful in filtration, such as reverse osmosis desalination, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and gas separation.... Agent: Nanoasis Technologies Inc.

20120234762 - Water purification cartridge using zirconium ion-exchange sorbents: A cartridge having at least one layer containing sodium zirconium phosphate and at least one layer containing a combination of acid zirconium phosphate and alkaline hydrous zirconium oxide is described. Methods of using the cartridge for water purification are also described.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20120234763 - Regenerable filter unit, regenerable filter system including the same, and method of operating regenerable filter system: A filter unit may include an electrode structure, a fluid-purifying flow path, and a pH adjusting chamber. The electrode structure may include a cathode, a cation exchange membrane, an anion exchange membrane, and an anode in that order. The fluid-purifying flow path may be at least one of a path... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120234764 - Method for treating boron-containing water and apparatus for treating boron-containing water: There is provided an efficient treatment method for boron-containing water capable of reducing an amount of use of medical agent and an amount of generation of sludge. A treatment method for boron-containing water of an embodiment includes a first process of concentrating boron-containing water to obtain boron-concentrated liquid. Further, the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120234765 - Method of treatment of produced water and recovery of important divalent cations: Provided herein are systems and methods for use in wastewater treatment. In some examples, the systems and methods involve different combinations of ion exchange and membrane based systems and processes that can be used to remove radium and recover and purify barium and strontium salts to render the wastewater depleted... Agent: Lehigh University

20120234766 - Method of removing acids from compositions comprising ionic liquids: o

20120234767 - Copper recovery apparatus and copper recovery method: According to one embodiment, a copper recovery apparatus includes a precipitation tank configured to precipitate copper hydroxide grains in water, a filter aid supplyer, a mixing tank configured to mix the filter aid with a water to produce a suspension, a separator provided with a filter, a line configured to... Agent:

20120234768 - Resin composite, filter aid for water treatment, precoat material for water treatment, and water treatment method: According to one embodiment, a magnetic material coated resin includes an aggregate obtainable by aggregation of primary particles includes magnetic particles of which surfaces are coated with a polymer. The primary particles have an average diameter D1 which is 0.5 to 20 μm. The aggregate has an average aggregate diameter... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120234769 - Systems and methods for treating fluid media using nonthermal plasmas: Nonthermal plasma gas injection is applied in conjunction with other treatment means such as a precipitant, to effect chemical treatment of a liquid medium. The combined treatment performs one or more of chemically modifying a component of the medium, activating or enhancing the performance of a treatment material for the... Agent:

20120234770 - Filter assembly and control system: Filter assemblies, components and systems are provided with a bypass mechanism that allows fuel or other fluids to bypass a filter media of a filter upon a fault condition thereby allowing, for example, a combustion engine receiving fuel to continue to operate without interruption or loss of power in the... Agent:

20120234771 - Solar enclosure for water reuse: A system and method for treating wastewater using concentrated solar energy are described herein. The system includes a lens that is positioned either on or adjacent, or forms part of a façade of a building. A fluid passageway, through which the wastewater is circulated, is positioned either within or adjacent... Agent: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

20120234772 - Microbubble therapy method and generating apparatus: A micro bubble generating system includes a shell having a well for retaining a first liquid to immerse an object. A micro bubble apparatus is provide to the shell for providing a pressurized mixture of a second liquid and a dissolved gas into the well so as to create a... Agent: Jason International, Inc.

20120234773 - Acidic sludge adsorption of dnt wastewaters: m

20120234774 - Collection tubes appratus, systems, and methods: Methods of producing collection tubes are presented. The methods include providing a separator substance that can rapidly polymerize in a short time to a desired hardness and disposing the separator substance within the lumen of the tube. The separator substance is formulated to have a density between an average density... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120234775 - Pressure filter with a flow distributor and a method for washing the pressure filter: A pressure filter for treating liquor suspensions of a cellulose pulp mill, the pressure filter including a container having tubular filtering elements suspended in a horizontal plate, through which elements filtrate flows and the interior of which communicates with a filtrate chamber located above. The filtering elements collect on their... Agent: Andritz Oy

20120234776 - Treatment of water: Examples are disclosed for treating water received from one or more sources or treating water that has been stored in a storage container.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

09/13/2012 > 39 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20120228201 - Working fluid filtration device of electric discharge machine: An electric discharge unit of an electric discharge machine is disposed in a working tank, and a working fluid in the working tank is delivered to a filter tank by a pump. A filter for working fluid filtration wound off from a roll faces apertures in the bottom of the... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20120228202 - System for excluding aquatic organisms and transfer back to a source waterbody: An aquatic organism removal system includes a screen system and a return system. The screen system is adapted to separate aquatic organisms from cooling water entering a cooling water intake of a power producing facility and includes a screen intake and a screen exit downstream of the screen intake. The... Agent: Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.

20120228203 - Method and apparatus for producing autologous thrombin: A device for isolating a component of a multi-component composition. The device includes a housing, a chamber, and a withdrawal port. The chamber is rotatably mounted within the housing. The chamber includes a chamber base and a sidewall. The side wall extends from the chamber base. At least a portion... Agent: Biomet Biologics, LLC

20120228204 - Waste water treatment equipment: A sewage treatment apparatus comprises a first stage equipment for treating sewage feed to obtain a first effluent and a second stage equipment for treating the first effluent to obtain a second effluent. The second stage equipment comprises a mixer (VI) for mixing the first effluent and a flocculation agent... Agent:

20120228205 - Method and apparatus for treatment of a fluid: An apparatus for the magnetic treatment of a fluid which produces at least one magnetic field for a period of time, Tc at or above a critical magnetic field strength, Hc, the period Tc and the field strength Hc determined relative to one another and dependant upon the properties of... Agent: Temple University Of The Commonwealth Of System Of Higher Education

20120228206 - Easy-fit filter device for a water purifier: An easy-fit filter device for a water purifier including a filter unit having a flange having an inlet, an outlet, opposite engaging protrusions, and opposite engaging recesses, a connecting member fitted into the flange so as to be connected with the inlet and the outlet and having inner communicating passages... Agent:

20120228207 - Plasma filter with laminated prefilter: A plasma filter is provided for separating aggregates and targeted blood cell species from plasma comprising a filter housing with an inlet and an outlet and an internal flow path between the inlet and outlet. A filter media is disposed in the flowpath between the inlet and the outlet for... Agent:

20120228208 - Interconnector for filtration apparatus with reduced permeate pressure loss: An interconnector coupling permeate conduits in a filtration apparatus includes a diverging section. The diverging section defines a generally increasing cross sectional area for the permeate solution exiting the interconnector in a direction of flow from the permeate conduit of a first separation element to a permeate conduit of a... Agent: General Electric Company

20120228209 - Liquid filter assembly; components; and methods: A liquid filter assembly is provided. The preferred assembly includes a serviceable filter cartridge having a primary filter section and a secondary or bypass filter section. The preferred assembly includes a bypass valve arrangement and a suction filter arrangement. A valve, to allow flow from an interior of the assembly... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20120228210 - Filter structure: A filter element is disclosed. The filter element includes a filter casing defining an inner radial surface, a filter body disposed within the casing, the filter body having an axial, dirty side surface and an axial, clean side surface, wherein the filter body includes fluted filter media having one or... Agent: Wix Filtration Corp LLC

20120228211 - Noncircular replaceable fuel filter elements and systems including the same: One embodiment is a filter assembly wherein the shape of the filter is a non-circular geometry. Other embodiments include unique apparatus, devices, systems, and methods to remove contaminates from a flow of fuel while at the same time providing a unique filter and filter assembly geometry. Further embodiments, forms, objects,... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20120228212 - Asymmetric carbon block system and method: Some embodiments of the invention provide an asymmetric activated carbon block comprising at least a first element and a second element. In some embodiments, the first element can comprise at least two constituents and the second element can comprise at least two constituents. In some embodiments, at least a portion... Agent: Pentair Residential Filtration, LLC

20120228213 - Separation membrane unit and separation membrane element with same: A separation membrane unit is provided with two separation membranes (1) which each have a separation active layer (4) formed on one surface of a sheet-like porous base material (3) and which are superposed on each other so that the separation active layers (4) face each other. The two separation... Agent:

20120228214 - Filled porous membrane: A porous membrane may have a high concentration of spherical fillers with a polymer binder. The polymer binder may have an affinity for the filler materials and may hold the filler materials together in a porous structure with high tortuosity and consistent pore size. The membrane may be manufactured with... Agent: Porous Power Technologies

20120228215 - Water purifying filter including an organic material adsorbent and water purifying system including the same: A water purifying filter may include an organic material adsorbent. The organic material adsorbent may include graphite with an interplanar spacing at the c-axis of about 0.3354 nm to 0.34 nm as measured by X-ray diffraction analysis (CuKα). A water purifying system may include the water purifying filter.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120228216 - Floating water treatment device: A floating water treatment device for biological treatment of water in a body of water, the device comprising: a submerged biomass-carrying system having at least one biomass-carrying element; a water aeration device adapted to aerate the water in the body of water in the vicinity of the biomass-carrying system; and... Agent: J.p. Aquaknit Ltd

20120228217 - Method and apparatus for sluge treatment and use thereof in sewage biotreatment: The present invention provides a method for sludge treatment, comprising the following steps: (1) mixing a sludge feed from a sewage biotreatment process with a first mixed liquor to obtain a second mixed liquor; (2) subjecting the second mixed liquor to an oxygen-supplying process to obtain a third mixed liquor;... Agent:

20120228218 - Process for workup of nox-containing offgases from wastewater streams of nitration plants: e

20120228220 - molecular separator: The present invention discloses a method and apparatus for separating particles and dissolved matter from an untreated fluid stream. Specifically, the present invention includes a first pressure source which transports untreated fluid or contaminated aqueous fluid into a separator annulus with a filter element disposed therein. The untreated fluid is... Agent:

20120228221 - Method of cleaning filtration membrane: A method of cleaning a filtration membrane includes an alkaline treatment process for supplying an alkaline agent 24 to seawater 11 for a predetermined period of time and filtering the seawater 11, to which the alkaline agent 24 is supplied, through a reverse osmosis membrane 15 during a filtration treatment... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20120228219 - Spiral wound membrane element and treatment of sagd produced water or other high temperature alkaline fluids: A spiral wound module is suitable for use with high temperature water that is also very alkaline or has a high pH, for example SAGD produced water. The module uses a polyamide-based membrane with a polysulfone or polyethersulfone backing material. For other components, the module uses primarily one or more... Agent: General Electric Company

20120228222 - Forward osmosis separation processes: Separation processes using forward osmosis are disclosed generally involving the extraction of a solvent from a first solution to concentrate a solute therein by using a second concentrated solution to draw the solvent from the first solution across a semi-permeable membrane. One or both of the solute and solvent may... Agent: Yale University

20120228223 - Methods of selective removal of products from an algal biomass: Methods for selective extraction and fractionation of algal lipids and algal products are disclosed. A method of selective removal of products from an algal biomass provides for single and multistep extraction processes which enable efficient separation of algal components. Among these components are neutral lipids synthesized by algae, which are... Agent: Heliae Development, LLC

20120228224 - Methods of selective removal of products from an algal biomass: Methods for selective extraction and fractionation of algal lipids and algal products are disclosed. A method of selective removal of products from an algal biomass provides for single and multistep extraction processes which enable efficient separation of algal components. Among these components are neutral lipids synthesized by algae, which are... Agent: Heliae Development, LLC

20120228225 - Method for the separation of ammonia and carbon dioxide from aqueous solutions: The present invention relates to a method for contemporaneously recovering ammonia and carbon dioxide from an aqueous solution thereof, possibly comprising their condensates, in a synthesis process of urea, characterized in that it comprises a hydrophobic microporous membrane distillation phase of an aqueous solution comprising ammonia, carbon dioxide and their... Agent: Saipem S.p.a.

20120228226 - Kidney substitution treatment machine: The invention relates to a method for normalizing, storing and/or displaying curves describing the adequacy of a kidney substitution treatment wherein the treatment is provided by a machine which has an extracorporeal blood system (31, 32) pumping the patient's blood at a preset flow rate through the blood chamber (30)... Agent: B. Braun Avitum Ag

20120228227 - Capillary ion chromatography: An apparatus for capillary ion chromatography comprising a suppressor comprising flow-through ion exchange packing in a housing and capillary tubing formed of a permselective ion exchange membrane, and at least partially disposed in said ion exchange packing. Also, a recycle conduit for aqueous liquid from the detector to the packing.... Agent: Dionex Corporation

20120228228 - Methods of preparation and manufacture of biocompatible solid-phase microextraction coatings and coated devices: A process for manufacturing a fiber or other device with a biocompatible coating for using the fiber in solid phase microextraction (SPME) of a small molecule of interest from a matrix. The process includes the step of coating the fiber/device with a coating of a biocompatible polymer and a solvent... Agent:

20120228229 - Treatment or remediation of natural or waste water: A process for treating a natural or wastewater containing dissolved Mg or dissolved Al comprising the steps of adding at least one Mg-containing compound or at least one Al-containing compound to the natural or wastewater to thereby form a layered double hydroxide (LDH) containing Mg and Al as predominant metal... Agent:

20120228230 - Adsorption of contaminants from liquid and electrochemical regeneration of adsorbent: A method for the treatment of a liquid. The method comprises contacting the liquid within a treatment zone with an adsorbent material, which is then electrochemically regenerated within a regeneration zone following contact with said liquid. A disinfectant precursor species is provided within the regeneration zone and then electrochemically converted... Agent: Arvia Technology Limited

20120228231 - Novel filtration method for refining and chemical industries: A novel design of filters for removing iron rust particulates and other polymeric sludge from refinery and chemical process streams that are paramagnetic in nature is provided. The performance of these filters is greatly enhanced by the presence of the magnetic field induced by magnets. Basically, the filter comprises a... Agent: Cpc Corporation, Taiwan

20120228232 - Water remediation and biosolids collection system and associated methods: A system and method for remediating a body of water and collecting suspended and dissolved solids therefrom are provided. The system includes a water-impervious lining positionable in a depression in or adjacent a body of water. The lining and depression define a treatment vessel, which includes a treatment portion, an... Agent: Aquafiber Technologies Corp.

20120228233 - Apparatus and method for fluid mixing: There is provided an apparatus and method for fluid mixing, which enable mixing efficiency to be enhanced and enable a lodging impurity to be easily removed. A liquid, powder, or the like is added from a pipe 2 to a liquid flowing in a pipe 1, and the resultant liquid... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20120228234 - Filter adapted for use in a road gully or water course: A filter (120) adapted for use in a road gully (100) or water course, the filter being arranged so that, in use, liquid flows through the filter and debris is caught on an outer surface of the filter, and wherein the filter is floatable.... Agent:

20120228235 - Method and system for purifying water: The present invention describes a method and system for purifying water. The method includes filtering water in one or more filtering units. A filtering unit is configured within a tank of one or more tanks that collects the filtered water. The filtered water is then re-filtered by one or more... Agent:

20120228236 - Photochemical purification of fluids: Apparatus and methods for the photochemical purification of fluids are disclosed. Fluids containing organic, inorganic and/or microbiological contaminants are treated by photochemical processes in a hybrid photoreactor incorporating a photocatalyst bonded to a light transmissive fiber substrate within at least a portion of the fluid and light sources to illuminate... Agent:

20120228237 - Advanced treatment method of feed water by combination of metal zinc and ozone: An advanced treatment method of feed water by combination of metal zinc and ozone is provided. The advanced treatment method of feed water comprises putting metal zinc into an ozone contact reactor, adding water to be treated into the reactor at a flow rate of 1-50 m/h, at the same... Agent: Harbin Institute Of Technology

20120228238 - Nozzle device and nozzle for atomisation and/or filtration and methods for using the same: Nozzle device and nozzle for atomisation and/or filtration as well as methods for using the same. The present invention relates to a nozzle and nozzle device for atomisation, in particular a micro-machined reinforced nozzle plate, that may produce small liquid droplets in air (spray) or into a liquid (emulsion) with... Agent: Medspray Xmems B.v.

20120228239 - Filter device operating method: A filter device operating method involves a plurality of filter elements (21) received in a filter housing having a filter inlet for a fluid to be filtered and a filter outlet for the filtered fluid. Flow through the filter elements (21) is possible in both directions for filtration or backwashing.... Agent:

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20120222993 - Float for inspecting sewer systems: P

20120222994 - Fluid flow management system and associated methods: A system is provided to control fluid flow in a wastewater treatment system. The wastewater treatment system may include a wastewater treatment plant and a main that connects a plurality of pump stations to the wastewater treatment plant. Each of the plurality of pump stations may include a wet well... Agent: Data Flow Systems, Inc.

20120222995 - Filter insert for curb inlet drain: The curb inlet filter includes a filter bag having an opening at an upper end leading into an interior of the filter bag and a support bar coupled to one side of the upper end of the filter bag. The support bar is configured to rest outside of the basin... Agent: Metrochem, Inc.

20120222996 - Sanitary insert for drain: A removable drain inset apparatus for preventing drain flies from infesting a drain pipe is disclosed. The drain inset apparatus comprises a horizontal floor area having at least one drain hole positioned substantially on a center portion thereof. The drain insert apparatus further includes a slightly contoured wall surface extending... Agent:

20120222997 - Power supplies for pool and spa equipment: Power supplies for pool and spa equipment are disclosed. In one embodiment, the power supply includes a buoyant housing, a peripheral float, at least one solar cell positioned on the buoyant housing for collecting sunlight and converting same to electrical energy, and a power cable for interconnecting the power supply... Agent:

20120222998 - Self-cleaning rain downspout filtration device: A rain water filtration device, the device having a plurality of vertically stacked chambers, each chamber in staggered succession and each chamber in fluid communication with at least one other chamber through a debris screen, the topmost chamber further having a receiving end in fluid communication with a rain gutter... Agent:

20120222999 - Water purifier: A water purifier includes a filter part to filter water, a storage part to store the water filtered by the filter part, and a separation unit to partition a space within the storage part into a plurality of spaces. A contact part is disposed between an inner surface of the... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20120223000 - Vacuum assisted ozonization: Ozone is a powerful and versatile oxidant that is good for many applications including sterilization of drinking water, rejuvenation of waste waters, and chemical syntheses. Most of the man-made ozone for the said uses comes from corona discharge of oxygen gas. From the aspects of simplicity, efficiency, voltage level and... Agent:

20120223001 - Filter and center tube with helical fin: An apparatus and method for filtering a liquid utilize a filter apparatus including a center tube or flow balancing element including a helical fin. The helical fin radially contacts and supports the inner periphery of a filter media. The helical fin may be formed on a venturi center tube, or... Agent: Baldwin Filters, Inc.

20120223002 - Modular filter capsule apparatus: Disclosed is a capsule apparatus having a filter housing defining a filter chamber with a top cap having a plurality of ports extending substantially laterally from a top end of the top cap to reduce the overall dimensions of the apparatus. The lateral and substantially uniform orientation of the ports... Agent:

20120223003 - Fuel filter cartridge and keyed end cap: A filter cartridge has a keyed end cap which is configured and shaped for unlocking an associated valve mechanism that comprises a latch device and a valve. In this manner, when the fuel filter cartridge is placed into a fuel filter housing having such a latch and valve mechanism, the... Agent: Baldwin Filters, Inc.

20120223004 - Lightweight protection element and filter of the mattress type: A lightweight protection element and filter of the mattress type comprises an external containment structure (10, 20), a three-dimensional internal structure (30) with a high cavity index and a granular filler material which is inserted inside the containment structure. Engagement means (50, 52) of the mechanical type are distributed over... Agent: Officine Maccaferri S.p.a.

20120223005 - Membrane module, membrane unit, and membrane separation device: A membrane separation apparatus in which a membrane clogging is moderated to lower a load to filtering. A plurality of separation membranes 4 are stored vertical and parallel to each other inside the a casing 6 formed with opening sections which respectively open in upper and lower directions thereby configuring... Agent: Meidensha Corporation

20120223006 - Filter device and filter element for use with such a filter device: A filter device having at least one filter housing (1), in which at least one filter element (11) that defines a longitudinal axis can be received in the form of a filter cartridge which has on at least one end an end cap (19) forming an enclosure for the relevant... Agent:

20120223007 - Tubular molded body capable of full-wrapping membrane module and industrial filter assembly using the same: The tubular molded body of the present invention is a molded body consisting of a transparent plastic material and having a constant outer diameter that protects the membrane module through a simple manipulation using a physical fastening means to minimize the space for water stagnation, and prevents the accumulation of... Agent: Woongjin Chemical Co., Ltd.

20120223008 - Filter for filtering fluids: A filter includes a filter element (1) having a filter medium (106) pleated in a zigzag manner, with a raw side (105) and a clean side. On the raw side (105) and/or on the clean side of the filter medium (14; 106), a plurality of oblong adhesive sections (122) are... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120223009 - Filter for filtering fluids and method for producing the same: A filter includes a filter element (1) having a filter medium (106) pleated in a zigzag manner, with a raw side (105) and a clean side (104). Filter medium sections (120), which extend on either side of the raw-side pleat tips (102a) to adjoining raw-side pleat bases (103a), include a... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120223010 - Sulfonated poly (aryl ether) membrane including blend with phenyl amine compound: A membrane comprising a blend of a sulfonated poly(aryl ether) and a phenyl amine compound along with methods for making and using the same. Many additional embodiments are described including applications for such membranes.... Agent:

20120223011 - Superhydrophobic/amphiphilic(oleophilic) surface with nano structure and the fabrication method thereof: Disclosed is a structure having a superhydrophobic and amphiphilic(oleophilic) surface and a fabrication method thereof. A polymer surface body disclosed herein may include high aspect ratio nanostructures on a surface thereof, wherein an aspect ration of the high aspect ratio nanostructure is 1 to 100, and may include a hydrophobic... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20120223012 - Waste sludge digestion process by sequential intermittent ozone dosing: This invention is developed by including the intermittent sequential ozonation process to the commonly employed aerobic biological sludge digestion process, which is used for reducing the amounts of by-product waste sludge produced in treatment plants; thereby stabilizing the sludge in a shorter period and at a lower cost, as compared... Agent:

20120223013 - Methods of selective removal of products from an algal biomass: Methods for selective extraction and fractionation of algal lipids and algal products are disclosed. A method of selective removal of products from an algal biomass provides for single and multistep extraction processes which enable efficient separation of algal components. Among these components are neutral lipids synthesized by algae, which are... Agent: Heliae Development, LLC

20120223014 - Polymide membrane: A high mass transfer membrane for use in membrane phase contactors to extract a solute from an aqueous phase to a solvent phase and their method of preparation and use are disclosed. The membrane is formed from polyimide by phase inversion and may optionally be crosslinked to maintain stability even... Agent: Evonik Membrane Extraction Technology Limited

20120223016 - Device and method for detecting blood or blood constituents in the liquid system of a device for extracorporeal blood treatment: The present invention relates to an apparatus for dialysis treatment which has device(s) for balancing fresh and used dialysis fluid. The present invention also relates to a method of balancing fresh and used dialysis fluid. The apparatus and method according to the present invention for balancing fresh and used dialysis... Agent:

20120223015 - Mecs dialyzer method: The present invention provides methods and apparatus for cleansing blood through hemodialysis by the process of diffusion across a membrane into dialysate. This dialyzer also removes solutes from the blood by a process of convection, where fluid and dissolved solutes pass through the membrane out of the blood. In one... Agent:

20120223017 - Oil purification method and apparatus with porous membrane: Provided is a method of purifying oil by which nano particles are effectively removed from the oil. According to the oil purifying method, oil is effectively purified at a high temperature using a carbon nanostructure-metal or -metal oxide composite nano porous membrane composed of a carbon nanostructure-metal composite... Agent: Bioneer Corporation

20120223018 - Method and system for recycling and treating dyeing wastewater: A method and system for recycling and treating dyeing wastewater are provided. To begin with, the dyeing wastewater is added with an adsorbent for assisted decolorization and filtration. Then, the wastewater is filtered with a first filtration device having hydrophilic membranes. The liquid having passed through the hydrophilic membranes undergoes... Agent:

20120223019 - Liquid treatment system: A liquid treatment system using gas flotation to separate suspended matter from liquid influent, including a flotation tank into which the liquid influent is fed through an inlet, an outlet conduit through which treated effluent is fed from the flotation tank, a separation conduit for feeding liquid to a bubble... Agent: Ghd Pty Ltd

20120223020 - Composite media for water treatment processes and methods of using same: Systems and methods for treating a stream comprising a hydrocarbon liquid and an aqueous-based liquid are provided. The systems and methods may utilize a media composite comprising a mixture of a cellulose-based material and a polymer. In certain systems and methods, the media composite is capable of being backwashed. The... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20120223021 - System and method for treating waste: A system and method for removing water from sludge including mixing a blending material into the sludge and compressing the mixture. Additional pre and post compression steps are disclosed. Examples of specific blending materials and methods for their use are disclosed.... Agent:

20120223022 - Contaminant removal from waters using rare earths: The present disclosure is directed to the use of rare earth-containing additives, particularly rare earth-containing additives comprising rare earths of plural oxidation states, to remove, particularly from recreational waters, various target materials, such as disinfectant by-products and precursors thereof, phosphates, and organophosphates.... Agent: Molycorp Minerals, LLC

20120223023 - Sludge separation device and method for its use: A device for dewatering sewage sludge and a method for its use is provided. The device affords separation by causing a sludge concentrate to flow at sufficiently slow rates to cause the gel-like concentrate to fracture and release trapped water. Sewage sludge dewatered according to the method and utilizing the... Agent:

20120223024 - Photo-catalysis process applied in eliminating recalcitrant compounds in industrial residual waters: The present invention relates to the application of a heterogeneous photocatalysis process for the treatment of industrial wastewater contaminated with recalcitrant compounds and the operating conditions of a pilot plant for implementing said process.... Agent: Universidad Del Valle

20120223025 - Apparatus and method for separation of liquid phases of different density and for fluorous phase organic syntheses: A simple, efficient apparatus and method for separating layers of immiscible or partially miscible liquids useful in methods of high-throughput combinatorial organic synthesis or parallel extraction of large libraries or megaarrays of organic compounds is disclosed. The apparatus and method are useful, whether as part of an automated, robotic or... Agent:

20120223026 - Displacement filter apparatus and method: A method and apparatus for filtering a slurry utilizing a displacement filtering principle. The filter apparatus desirably includes an inner filter and an outer filter. Both the inner and outer filters are preferably substantially annular in shape and positioned concentrically with respect to each other. A particulate collection volume is... Agent:

20120223027 - Tube and float systems: Tube and float systems described herein facilitate removal of certain non-target materials in order to further isolation and extraction of a target material. The tube includes a re-sealable plug located in the base of the tube opposite the tube opening. The float is selected with a specific gravity to substantially... Agent:

20120223028 - Filter proximity nozzle: A suction nozzle assembly, comprising a tube coupled to a pressure sink at a distal side thereof, a nozzle, a resilient element which couples said nozzle to a proximal side of said tube and a deformable housing which bridges a gap between said proximal side of said tube and said... Agent: Filter Safe Ltd.

20120223029 - Methods, apparatus and systems for polishing wastewater utilizing natural media filtration: Wastewater treatment systems, methods and apparatus for polishing a wastewater stream comprising a plurality of contaminants are provided. One system includes a vessel containing a plurality of natural media filtration agents selected to remove selected ones of the plurality of contaminants from the wastewater stream. In one embodiment, the vessel... Agent: Alcoa Inc.

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