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Liquid purification or separation August inventions list 08/12

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08/30/2012 > 19 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120217189 - Device for extracorporeal blood treatment: P

20120217190 - Pulsed induction system for fluids to a combustion chamber: An apparatus for magnetic pre-treating of a first or second flow of fluid (11, 12) in one supply pipe (1, 1′) to a combustion chamber (6), wherein at least one magnetic field (22) is extended through said flow of fluid (11, 12) passing through said supply pipe (1, 1′), wherein... Agent: Magnetic Emission Control As

20120217191 - Filter device: A filter device may include a filter housing having at least one filter element configured to separate the filter housing into a raw side and a clean side. A bypass valve may control a bypass for circumventing the at least one filter element, wherein the bypass valve may have a... Agent: Danfoss A/s

20120217192 - Method and system for preparation of liquid mixtures: A method for preparing a liquid flow having pre-defined characteristics by mixing liquid flows of at least two different component stock solutions with each other comprises the steps of determining a selected property value for one or more of the stock solutions by sensing, in a flow of each stock... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20120217193 - In-place material recovery and separation apparatus: An apparatus to convey and seal a material recovery and separation container (MRSC) that is water and air permeable for in-place material recovery and separation of a primary product of clean water and clean air and a secondary product of floating contaminants such as an oil spill or other pollution... Agent:

20120217194 - Porous pavement for water quality and quantity management: A sorptive-filtration system for removing at least one of negatively or positively charged ions, complexes or particulates from an aqueous stream. The system includes a) flow formed substantially from at least one of rainfall-runoff or snowmelt-runoff; b) a filter containment communicating with the runoff stream such that at least part... Agent:

20120217195 - Deepwater dispersion system and method of using same background: A system comprising a surface vessel floating on a body of water; an oil leak located in the body of water; a remotely operated vehicle located near the oil leak; a connection between the surface vessel and the remotely operated vehicle; wherein the remotely operated vehicle comprises a mixer and... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20120217196 - Exchangeable filter element, filter part fixed with respect to system, and filter system: The invention describes an exchangeable filter element (14) for upright installation in a filter system (10) for liquids, in particular oil, fuel or water, in particular of a motor vehicle, a receptacle (18), which is fixed with respect to the system, of the filter system (10), and the filter system... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120217197 - End of water purification cartridge life apparatus: End-of-life apparatus for use in water purification cartridges are disclosed. The apparatus includes a water-disintegrable tablet configured to disintegrate a predetermined amount after contacting a predetermined volume of water flow. The tablet prevents the stoppage of water until the tablet has been contacted by the predetermined amount of water. The... Agent: Halosource, Inc.

20120217198 - Bi-flow filter drier: Disclosed herein is a bi-flow filter drier including a cartridge and a filter core located inside the cartridge. A filter sheet is provided at each of two ends of the filter core. The bi-flow filter drier further includes at least one intermediate filter sheet positioned between the cartridge and the... Agent: Zhejiang Sanhua Climate And Appliance Controls Group Co., Ltd.

20120217199 - Hollow fiber membrane mats with fluid impermeable segments and related methods: In at least one embodiment, the invention preferably relates to a hollow fiber membrane mat having hollow fiber membranes arranged parallel to one another and adjacent to one another, the membranes having a wall and a continuous lumen, wherein the hollow fiber membranes are connected to one another by means... Agent:

20120217200 - One-way filter drier: Disclosed herein is a one-way filter drier comprising a cartridge having an inlet and an outlet, a molecular sieve being provided inside the cartridge, a first filter sheet being provided between the molecular sieve and the outlet, a spring and a second filter sheet being provided between the inlet and... Agent: Zhejiang Sanhua Climate And Appliance Controls Group Co., Ltd

20120217201 - Method for enhancing biological water treatment: A mixture for treating water in a biological water treatment process is provided comprising an organic-based flocculant, a micronutrient; and a polymer. The flocculant, the micronutrient and the polymer are mixed in a predetermined ratio to enhance said biological water treatment. The mixture is particularly suited to enhancing flocculation of... Agent: University Of Technology, Sydney

20120217202 - Wastewater treatment method for increasing denitrification rates: A method of conditioning, separating, drying, and comminuting sulfurous acid treated wastewater suspended solids for addition to aerobic and anaerobic digesters to provide electron donor carbon and sulfur compounds to increase the removal rate of ammonia, nitrates/nitrites, and BOD compounds.... Agent: Earth Renaissance Technologies, LLC

20120217203 - Self-contained dialysis system: A dialysis system including a generally sealed vessel configured to receive a buffer, and a dialysis device positioned in the generally sealed vessel. The dialysis device includes an inner member and an outer member trapping a dialysis membrane between the members. The dialysis device is configured to receive a sample... Agent: Pierce Biotechnology, Inc.

20120217204 - Magnetic in-line purification of fluid: Methods for in-line purification of surfactant from a first fluid, such as a microemulsion are disclosed. Magnetic particles coated with surfactant molecules may be used to bind surfactants from a fluid. A magnetic field may be used to separate the bound materials from the fluid.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120217205 - Storm water pretreatment chamber: A storm water pretreatment chamber is provided. The storm water pretreatment chamber includes; one or more filter sidewalls; one or more optional water-impermeable sidewalls; one or more optional chamber grates; and one or more catch rails. Methods of treating storm water are also provided.... Agent:

20120217206 - Treatment system and method for shallow water and saturated soil environments: The present application is directed to a system for collecting surface material in marine environments, comprising (1) one or more arm members extendable from an operation platform; (2) at least one sprayer releasably attachable to a distal end of at least one arm member; (3) at least one skimmer releasably... Agent:

20120217207 - Water purification system: A water treatment system is provided. The system includes a container having a removably coupled cover. A conduit is coupled to the cover. At least one UV germicidal light bulb is coupled to the conduit, wherein the conduit and at least one UV germicidal light bulb cooperate to arranged the... Agent: Western New England University

08/23/2012 > 40 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20120211406 - Segmental bio-retention basin system: A retention basin enclosure includes a plurality of prefabricated concrete vertical wall segments, a baffle unit and at least one steel connecting dowel. Each wall segment includes a horizontal top end that defines a notch and two vertical edges that define at least one cylindrical bore. The baffle segment includes... Agent: Hok Product Design, LLC

20120211407 - Dissolved air flotation nozzle for use with self contained dissolved air flotation system: A dissolved air flotation system and method for purifying fresh water.... Agent: Sionix Corporation

20120211408 - Extended area filter with internal support structures: An extended area filter is provided. The extended area filter has sheets of a filter media configured for increased filter media surface area. A plurality of filter media tubes are position in a concentric arrangement about a longitudinal axis of the filter, defining annular inlet volumes and annular outlet volumes,... Agent: Purolator Facet, Inc.

20120211409 - Photovoltaic reverse osmosis system with thermal management: Photovoltaic-powered reverse osmosis system. The system includes a photovoltaic panel for generating electricity and includes a heat exchanger in thermal contact with the photovoltaic panel. The salt-containing feed water is fed to a reverse osmosis unit to produce clean water therefrom. Fluid circuitry, including a pump, circulates the feed water... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120211410 - Filter device: The invention relates to a filter device, in particular for fluids such as hydraulic oil, lubricating media, processing, surface or sea water, having at least one filter element (3) that has at least one effective filter surface (23), which is suitable for removing contaminants from a media flow crossing the... Agent:

20120211411 - Extended area filter: An extended area filter is provided. The extended area filter has sheets of a filter media configured for increased filter media surface area. A plurality of filter media tubes are position in a concentric arrangement about a longitudinal axis of the filter, defining annular inlet volumes and annular outlet volumes,... Agent: Purolator Facet, Inc.

20120211412 - Filter cartridge: A filter cartridge for operatively engaging a manifold having an ejection cam and an insertion cam. The filter cartridge includes a filter element and inlet/outlet portion in fluid communication with the filter element.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120211413 - Conformable screen, shape memory structure and method of making the same: A shape memory structure includes, an elastic material, and a viscoelastic material commingled with the elastic material. The shape memory structure is reformable from a first shape to a second shape upon exposure to a change in environment that softens the viscoelastic material thereby allowing the shape memory structure to... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120211414 - Selective membrane having a high fouling resistance: A selective membrane having a high fouling resistance. In one embodiment, the selective membrane is a composite polyamide reverse osmosis membrane having a hydrophilic coating made by covalently bonding a hydrophilic compound to the polyamide membrane, the hydrophilic compound including (i) a reactive group that is adapted to covalently bond... Agent: Woongjin Chemical Co., Ltd.

20120211415 - Lightweight drainable cellular concrete: A lightweight previous cellular concrete is provided. The concrete has an internal structure comprising interconnected channels, resulting in a permeability K value of less than about 1×10−5, and as low as about 1. The cellular concrete has a density range of between 10 to about 100 pounds per cubic foot,... Agent: Cellular Concrete, LLC

20120211416 - System and method for enhancing a wastewater treatment process: A system for enhancing an activated sludge process including at least one biological reactor. A weighting agent impregnation subsystem is coupled to the biological reactor for mixing biological flocs and weighting agent to impregnate the weighting agent into the biological flocs to form weighted biological flocs. A weighting agent recovery... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20120211417 - Method and system for controlling carbon source feed to denitrification filters: A process for optimizing the carbon feed in a denitrification filter. The process utilizes in-line or off-line measurements of process variables in combination with feed forward and feedback control and increases or decreases the amount of carbon added based on a calculated reset rate determined on a periodic basis. The... Agent: Xylem Water Solutions Zelienople, LLC

20120211418 - Slurry concentration system and method: A system and method for concentrating a slurry is disclosed. A preferred embodiment comprises a filter that is used to filter a slurry into a concentrate and a permeate. A portion of the permeate is used in a backflow operation of the filter once a pressure differential of 0.8 bar... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120211420 - Desalination apparatus and desalination method: A desalination apparatus includes a pretreatment device 13 having a pretreatment membrane 13a that filters suspended matters in raw water 11 with added chlorine-containing water 12, a reverse osmosis membrane device 17 having a reverse osmosis membrane 16 that removes a salt content from filtrate water 14 supplied from the... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20120211419 - Resin for precipitation of minerals and salts, methods of manufacture and uses thereof: A method of producing a scale-control resin including combining in an aqueous solution a cation-exchange resin and a weak-acid anion mineral or salt having a multivalent cation to allow ion exchange between the resin and the multivalent cation. The cation-exchange resin may a weak-acid ion exchange resin. The method may... Agent: Watts Water Technologies, Inc.

20120211421 - Systems and methods for processing co2: Systems and methods for lowering levels of carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants are provided. Economically viable systems and processes capable of removing vast quantities of carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants from gaseous waste streams and sequestering them in storage-stable forms are also discussed.... Agent:

20120211422 - Apparatus and method for supporting an operator in operating a medical device as well as single-use items for a medical device: Apparatus for supporting an operator in operating a medical device, comprising a signaling device for signaling a necessary operation of a component to be operated of the medical device, preferably by emitting a signal from the component to be operated and/or by orienting a signal onto the component to be... Agent: Corporation Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120211423 - Draw solute for forward osmosis, draw solution including the same, forward osmosis water treatment device using the same, and forward osmosis method for water treatment using the same: A draw solute for forward osmosis may include a copolymer including a first structural unit where a temperature-sensitive side chain is graft polymerized, and a second structural unit including a hydrophilic functional group. The temperature-sensitive side chain may include a structural unit for a side chain including a temperature-sensitive moiety.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120211424 - Novel polymerizable surfactant platforms and uses thereof: The invention comprises a cross-linkable lyotropic (i.e., surfactant) liquid crystal (LLC) monomer platform that forms type I bicontinuous cubic (QI) polymer networks containing 3-D interconnected nanopores.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

20120211425 - Filtration of hydrocarbon containing liquid: An apparatus for and method of filtering hydrocarbon contaminated water, which may be used in drainage openings in parking lots and containment areas for large sources of hydrocarbons to remove hydrocarbons from hydrocarbon contaminated water. The apparatus has a filtration compartment which filters out debris which may clog the treatment... Agent: Spi Filtration LLC

20120211426 - Method and system for treating a contaminated fluid: The present invention provides an integrated method and system for treating a contaminated fluid. The integrated system and method is configured to simultaneously perform multiple functions, for example, transportation, mixing, treatment and separation. The contaminated fluid and treating agents are pumped simultaneously into a processing tank and vigorously mixed by... Agent:

20120211427 - Regenerative purification of a pretreated biomass stream: It is disclosed a process for removing at least a portion of the furfural and acetic acid in a first stream comprised of water, at least one compound selected from the group consisting of furfural and acetic acid, C5's and C6's. Such process comprises the steps of contacting the stream... Agent: Beta Renewables S.p.a.

20120211428 - Magnetic colloid petroleum oil spill clean-up of ocean surface, depth, and shore regions: Method for oil removal. The method includes adding a magnetizable material, with or without appropriately selected surfactants, of order micron (having no net magnetization) or nanometer size to magnetize the oil or water phase by either making a ferrofluid, magnetorheological fluid, a magnetic Pickering emulsion (oil in water or water... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120211429 - Magnetic discharge out of bottle cleaning machines: Device for separating ferritic impurities, such as crown caps, out of bottle cleaning machines, including a circulating band screen for the filtration of rinsing water, wherein the band screen is provided with one or more magnetic units.... Agent: Krones Ag

20120211430 - High speed filtration device using porous media, and backwash method thereof: The present invention relates to a porous media-mediated high speed filtration device for easy backwash, wherein the inflow water to be filtered is guided to an upper portion of the high speed filtration device and is filtered by downflow and porous media are backwashed for maintaining optimum filter efficiency by... Agent:

20120211431 - Dissolved air flotation system with bubble separation system and method of use: A dissolved air flotation system and method for purifying fresh water.... Agent: Sionix Corporation

20120211432 - Stand-alone integrated water treatment system for distributed water supply to small communities: Provided is a standalone integrated water treatment system for a distributed water supply including a filter input a coagulation system in operative connection with the filter input, wherein the water is subjected to a coagulation process to create pin floc from suspensions in the water. A maturation buffer tank in... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120211433 - Continuous flow reactor and method of using the same for treating nitrogen and phosphorus-containing wastewater: A continuous flow reactor, including a cylindrical coagulation crystallizer, a funnel type protective baffle for static settling, and a conical static settler. A lower end surface of the cylindrical coagulation crystallizer is connected with an upper end surface of the conical static settler, and the funnel type protective baffle for... Agent: Nanjing University

20120211434 - Use of pvpp to remove contaminants from produced water of an oil or gas well: A method of removing contaminants from produced water of an oil or gas well comprising the step of contacting the produced water with polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP) to remove the contaminants from the water.... Agent:

20120211435 - Skimmer, barge and methods for recovering and transferring heavy oil or bitumen: Skimmers, barges and related methods recover heavy oil or bitumen from contaminated water environments such as tailings ponds. The skimmer has an articulated mesh-like conveyor driven around a drum by a drive sprocket. A pusher mechanism discharges bitumen or heavy oil from cavities in the conveyor. In one embodiment, the... Agent: Environment Recovery Equipment (6859194 Canada Ltd.)

20120211436 - Process, apparatus and system for treating a hydrocarbon feedstock: An apparatus, process and system for treating a hydrocarbon feedstock having a specific gravity differential between components of the feedstock is disclosed and includes a treatment vessel having an inlet for receiving the feedstock. A primary separation container may be located in the treatment vessel to accumulate feedstock to cause... Agent: Suncor Energy Inc.

20120211437 - Microchlorine generation for anti-biofouling: A method and an apparatus for retrofit hydrolization of seawater for production of halogen biocides in situ. A method for effecting an in situ generation of biocide as an aid in anti-biofouling of a device disposed in a volume of salt water includes a) associating a cathode electrode to the... Agent:

20120211438 - Filtering medium and method for contacting solids containing feeds for chemical reactors: A filtering medium and method for removing contaminants from an organic-based feed stream which includes the use of a layer of ceramic filter units having a plurality of elliptical or trisoidal openings extending therethrough to filter organic-based feed streams and to provide liquid distribution upstream of the catalyst beds.... Agent:

20120211439 - Scavenger supports and the use thereof in a process for the extraction of metals: f

20120211440 - Ballast water treatment method: A method for treating ballast water with sulfurous acid to kill invasive species and remove oxygen from the ballast water to preserve hulls from rusting.... Agent: Earth Renaissance Technologies, LLC

20120211441 - Surface purveyed filtration process: A filtration process are provided that facilitate a high quality, fine grade filtration without being burdened by the filter size, flushing, or plugging impediments inherent in the prior art. The filtration device used in the method is comprised of a topologic disk with a vacant circular center and a textured... Agent:

20120211442 - Cleaning system: The invention relates to a cleaning system for hydrocyclone sand cleaning comprising a hydrocyclone for receiving a slurry containing sand to be cleaned and a vessel for receiving sand exiting the hydrocyclone, wherein the vessel has an discharge port for the sand. A fluid extractor is provided between the hydrocyclone... Agent: Vws Westgarth Limited

20120211443 - Zero-backwash liquid filter: Methods and apparatus for filtering particulate matter from a liquid are provided. The apparatus comprise: a housing defining an internal volume; a liquid inlet port; a liquid outlet port disposed above the liquid inlet port; a filter medium support membrane housed within the housing and disposed between the liquid inlet... Agent:

20120211444 - Method of washing a particulate filter bed using an underdrain: An apparatus for filtering water and/or wastewater including at least one underdrain lateral having a primary gas chamber and a secondary gas chamber where the secondary gas chamber serves to equalize pressure differences that may occur during the initial distribution due to velocity head changes and friction effects. Preferably, the... Agent:

20120211445 - Method for continuous use of a vacuum-set water knock-out circuit integrated with a hydraulic oil reservoir: The invention relates to a method for continuous use of a vacuumized water knockout circuit integrated with a contaminated hydraulic-oil reservoir.... Agent:

08/16/2012 > 26 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120205299 - Device for subjecting a liquid to a purifying process: A device (1) for subjecting a liquid to a purifying process comprises an assembly of a first container (10) and a second container (20) for receiving and containing a liquid, wherein means (11) for performing a purifying action on the liquid are arranged in the first container (10), wherein the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120205300 - Liquid filter assemblies; features; components; and, methods: Liquid filter assemblies, features, components and methods are described. In general, a liquid filter cartridge is provided which includes features that help ensure that when the assembly is serviced, the cartridge positioned within the assembly is a proper one, in proper sealing orientation, for appropriate use. Features that can be... Agent: Donaldson Compan, Inc.

20120205301 - Apparatus for treating fluids: The treatment apparatus is pressurized and operates on a continuous flow of fluids which are subjected to hydrodynamic waves, acoustic ultrasonic waves in combination with injected ozone and electro chemical treatment. The treatment system provides a cost efficient and environmentally friendly process and apparatus for cleaning and recycling fluids as... Agent:

20120205302 - Filtration unit system: A filtration unit for a swimming pool or spa, is disclosed, the filtration unit including a support base (20); a filter housing (30) mounted on top of the support base; and a recess (21) in the support base, the recess adapted to receive a pump (60), at least in part.... Agent: Poolrite Research Pty Ltd

20120205303 - Water treatment by chemical-mechanical process: Systems and methods for treating aqueous fluids and their associated methods of use are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system for treating an untreated aqueous fluid with a first concentration of a contaminant to produce a treated water with a second concentration of the contaminant, is provided, wherein the system... Agent:

20120205304 - Self-unlocking fluid-tight connector: A connector is used to connect a conduit to a threaded orifice of a fluidic component, such as a component of an apparatus for chromatography. The connector includes a flexible fitting, a deformable fitting, and a compression fitting. The flexible fitting fixes the position of the conduit with respect to... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20120205305 - Filter element: A filter element, and filter apparatus, include a filter pack, a seal member, and a seal support frame operatively connecting the seal member to the filter pack. The seal support frame includes an annular extension, which is preferably canted at an oblique angle to a longitudinal axis, for supporting the... Agent: Baldwin Filters, Inc.

20120205306 - Multi-layered blood component exchange devices, systems, and methods: A microfluidic separation device suitable for high throughput applications such as medical treatments, and associated methods and systems, are described. Embodiments are suitable for treatment of end stage renal disease.... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20120205307 - Fluid treatment apparatus and method: A method of treating a fluid comprises producing a permeate fluid (24) from an outlet (22) of a filtration unit (12), delivering the permeate fluid (24) to be injected into a subterranean formation, and recirculating at least a portion of the permeate fluid to be mixed with a source fluid... Agent: Vws Westgarth Limited

20120205310 - Method and device for recycling of wastewater: A method for treating wastewater including: flocculating and granulating the wastewater in a wastewater collection pool through a flocculation sedimentation tank; pumping the flocculated water with a high/low turbidity into a hair filter through a lift pump; pumping the pretreated water into an organic/inorganic membrane filter to yield clear water... Agent:

20120205309 - Method and device for separating solvent from liquid including solvent and solute: According to one embodiment, a method for separating a solvent from an object solution includes the solvent and a solute is provided. The method includes preparing a forward osmosis membrane having a first surface and a second surface, and contacting the first surface of the membrane with the object solution... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120205308 - Process for purifying wastewaters from the workup of crude aromatic nitro compounds: c

20120205311 - Optimization of separation for viscous suspensions: The present invention relates to methods and systems for optimization of dilution of a viscous starting material to isolate and/or concentrate the product of interest from the starting source material such that the process minimizes the volume of diluent and the total volume of the waste stream generated during the... Agent: Smartflow Technologies, Inc.

20120205312 - System and method for detecting access disconnection: A dialysis system includes: a blood filter; a dialysate pump connected to a dialysate portion of the blood filter; a blood pump connected to a blood portion of the blood filter, the blood pump including a diaphragm that is moved in cycles to pump the blood, the cycles having a... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120205313 - Sulfate removal from aqueous waste streams with recycle: This invention provides for sulfate removal from a water source by a reverse osmosis (RO) or nanofiltration (NF) process where the concentrate stream is treated to precipitate and remove reject sulfate and recycle the discharged concentrate water and any backwash water used to clean a filter used to prepare feed... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20120205314 - Gradient start up system: To provide or maintain pump prime in a liquid chromatographic system when changing solvents or solvent reservoirs or starting up a chromatographic run, first and second solvents are supplied to a mixer through corresponding first and second lines and from the mixer to a chromatographic column. Air in one of... Agent:

20120205315 - Nanometer size chemical modified materials and uses: There are provided ligand compositions and stationary phases comprising a polyhedral oligomeric silsequioxane moiety. Also provided are chromatographic devices comprising the stationary phases, and methods of making and using the ligands, stationary phases and chromatographic devices of the invention.... Agent: Dionex Corporation

20120205316 - Packing material for hydrophilic interaction chromatography: (In this formula, m denotes 2-6 and n denotes 1-4. X1, X2, and X3, independent of each other, denote a methoxy group, ethoxy group, or halogen. Up to two of X1, X2, and X3 can be any of the following groups: a methyl group, ethyl group, propyl group, isopropyl group,... Agent: Shiseido Company, Ltd.

20120205317 - Method of treatment of coke wastewater: A method for treatment of coke wastewater, including (1) introducing wastewater into a regulating reservoir into which an acid liquor is added until the pH value of the wastewater ranges between about 5.5 and about 6.5; (2) introducing the wastewater into a three-dimensional electrode treatment device for electrolysis treatment; and... Agent:

20120205318 - Pretreatment method and treatment facility for wastewater that contains fluorine and silicon: Before adding a calcium compound to wastewater that contains fluorine and silicon and performing coagulation-sedimentation treatment on said wastewater, as a pretreatment, sodium hydroxide is added to the wastewater (first reaction tank 1), sodium silicofluoride is precipitated, and the precipitate sodium silicofluoride is removed via solid-liquid separation (first sedimentation tank... Agent: Kobelco Eco-solutions Co., Ltd.

20120205319 - Apparatus and method for discharge of treated sewage sludge from bins: Treated sewage sludge containing a flocculant is discharged from bottom of a bin, with the discharge being facilitated by heating sloped walls of the bin an amount sufficient to increase the ability of the sludge to slide along sloped bin walls. The flocculant in the sludge includes a polymeric material... Agent: Rdp Technologies, Inc.

20120205320 - Desalination using supercritical water and spiral separation: The present application relates to systems and methods for the desalination of water. The systems and methods receive source water containing particles therein from a source of water such as, for example, the ocean. The source water may be pre-treated to remove suspensions and/or sub-micron organics in the source water.... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120205321 - Nitrogen doped a2nb4o11, process for preparation thereof, and method for degradation of organic pollutants: The present invention relates to nitrogen doped A2Nb4O11, which is represented by A2Nb4O11-xNx, to a process for the preparation thereof, and to a method for degradation of organic pollutants. The nitrogen doped A2Nb4O11 is a new photocatalyst for the photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants in the waste water. The A2Nb4O11-xNx... Agent: City University Of Hong Kong

20120205322 - Method for oxidation treatment of a substrate for the adsorption of radionuclides: A process for the treatment of a substrate made of lignocellulosic material for the adsorption of radionuclides in fluids that are loaded with radionuclides, includes carrying out the following stages: preparation of lignocellulosic material that is divided by rinsing and subjected to granulometric sorting; submission of the lignocellulosic material to... Agent: Pe@rl

20120205323 - Separatorless pleated fluid filter: A fluid filter media including a first media layer, a second media layer, a filter layer disposed between the first media layer and the second media layer, and a plurality of spaced apart weld points that couple the first media layer, the filter layer, and the second media layer together,... Agent:

20120205324 - Methods of processing ethanol byproducts and related subsystems: In one aspect of the invention, a method recovers oil from a concentrated byproduct, such as evaporated thin stillage formed during a dry milling process used for producing ethanol. The method includes forming a concentrate from the byproduct and recovering oil from the concentrate. The step of forming the concentrate... Agent: Gs Cleantech Corporation

08/09/2012 > 19 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120199522 - Filter with bayonet coupling to cover: A liquid filter has a filter housing with a first thread and a drain passage. A filter element including a filter medium is arranged in the filter housing. A filter lid is provided with a second thread configured to engage the first thread for connecting the filter lid to the... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120199523 - Condenstate valve: A condensate valve for condensate that is connectable to the inlet side of at least one oil/water separator of a compressor. The condensate valve is triggered for opening and closing via a blocking element. The outlet of the condensate valve discharges directly into a condensate collecting tank. The condensate valve... Agent: Bauer Kompressoren Gmbh

20120199524 - Method and apparatus for treating well flow-back and produced water or other wastewater: A polymer-free method and self-draining self-cleaning apparatus for treatment of water with high total dissolved solids including optional pretreatment, precipitation/flocculation, and separation. The pH is raised by addition of caustic soda and/or soda ash. In a vertical clarifier silo, the feed is gently mixed to cause dissolved solids to precipitate... Agent: Ccs Midstream Services, LLC.

20120199525 - Filtration medium: A filtration medium comprises a first grade of glass particles and a material suitable to form a water permeable retention layer. Preferably, the filtration medium comprises at least two grades of glass particles. The first grade is preferably distributed substantially over the range of 0.75 mm to 1.7 mm. The... Agent:

20120199526 - Device and method for inspecting a filter for an extracorporeal blood treatment device: The present invention relates to devices and methods for inspecting filters for extracorporeal blood treatment devices, e.g., filters for filtering dialysis fluid. The inspection of the filter according to the present invention is based on the measurement of the flow potential before and after changing the fluid flow of an... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120199527 - Ceramic media for treatment of a fluid: A ceramic media for increasing the pH of a fluid, such as potable water, has a composition comprising at least 40 weight percent silicon oxide, 25 weight percent of a mixture of alkaline earth oxides and less than 5 weight percent alumina. An apparatus that changes the pH of a... Agent:

20120199528 - Filtering device incorporating nanoparticles: A filtering device incorporating nanoparticles that are known to be capable of destroying bacteria, fungi, viruses, or toxins. The nanoparticles are combined with a filter. The nanoparticles may be pellets adjacent to the filter, a powder of nanoparticles coating at least one side of a filter, or impregnated into a... Agent:

20120199529 - Filter: The invention relates to a filter comprising at least one first (2) and at least one second filter medium (3), said filter media defining therebetween a flow space (4) in which a device (5) for separation and flow guidance is inserted and divides the flow space such that a functional... Agent:

20120199530 - Seaming cap coupled with reinforcement plate of spin-on filter: Disclosed is a seaming cap coupled with a reinforcement plate of a spin-on filter. The seaming cap (41) includes: a central hole (41a) formed in an annular shape; a securing groove (41b) formed in an annular shape by folding the lower end of the outer periphery of the central hole... Agent:

20120199531 - Method and systems for enhancing oil recovery from ethanol production byproducts: In one aspect of the invention, a method recovers oil from a concentrated byproduct, such as evaporated thin stillage formed during a dry milling process used for producing ethanol. The method includes forming a concentrate from the byproduct and recovering oil from the concentrate. The step of forming the concentrate... Agent: Gs Cleantech Corporation

20120199533 - Hemodialysis apparatus, method of operating hemodialysis apparatus, and water content removal system: A hemodialysis apparatus includes a dialyzer, a quantitative vessel including a displaceable partition wall which partitions the inside of the quantitative vessel into a first chamber and a second chamber, a storage vessel which stores a dialysate, a dialysate exchange circuit which supplies the dialysate to the first chamber, and... Agent: Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd.

20120199532 - System for preparing a medical fluid and method for preparing a medical fluid: A concentrate container for preparing a medical fluid, preferably for preparing a dialysis solution, is provided, the concentrate container including at least two concentrate compartments, wherein at least one of the concentrate compartments has a medical fluid outlet, and at least one of the concentrate compartments has a diluent inlet.... Agent:

20120199534 - Desalination methods: In accordance with particular embodiments, a desalination system includes a plurality of evaporators. The plurality of evaporators includes at least a first evaporator and a last evaporator. The plurality of evaporators are arranged in cascading fashion such that a concentration of salt in a brine solution increases as the brine... Agent: The Texas A&m University System

20120199535 - Tethered catalysts for the hydration of carbon dioxide: A system is provided that substantially increases the efficiency of CO2 capture and removal by positioning a catalyst within an optimal distance from the air-liquid interface. The catalyst is positioned within the layer determined to be the highest concentration of carbon dioxide. A hydrophobic tether is attached to the catalyst... Agent:

20120199536 - Water filtration system: A water filtration system having a tank, a fluid flow interface into the interior of the tank, and a control valve. The control valve is in fluid communication with the fluid flow interface. The control valve includes a source water inlet for receiving a flow of source water, a drain... Agent:

20120199537 - Apparatus, method, and system for conducting single-pass filtration of ink waste: An apparatus for conducting single-pass filtration of ink waste is disclosed. The apparatus includes: a filter connected to a housing unit and a plurality of absorbent layers within the housing unit, wherein the plurality of absorbent layers are in any order and include: a layer for removing metal and polar... Agent:

20120199538 - Sulphur removal: A process for desulfurizing a process fluid includes contacting a sulphur compound containing feed stream with an absorbent including an iron, copper or nickel compound capable of forming a metal sulphide, a support material, a first binder and a second binder where the first binder is a cement binder and... Agent: Johnson Matthey PLC

20120199539 - Control of interface between separated blood components under lipemic and hemolytic conditions: Blood separation systems and methods are provided for controlling the interface between separated blood components. The system includes a blood separation chamber configured to separate blood into first and second blood components and an outlet line for removing at least a portion of the first blood component from the blood... Agent:

20120199540 - Filter comprising multiple halogens and chitosan: The water treatment systems may generally comprise multiple halogens and chitosan or derivatives thereof as well as methods of making and using the same. A water treatment system to provide potable water may generally comprise an inlet in fluid communication with an outlet, a halogen release system intermediate the inlet... Agent: Water Security Corporation

08/02/2012 > 33 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20120193274 - Apparatus and method for separating and isolating components of a biological fluid: A device for separating and isolating components of a biological fluid comprising a container for containing the fluid to be processed, a tube cap assembly for closing the container while providing filling and extraction communication therewith, a float assembly disposed within the container for funneling and controlling biological fluid flow... Agent:

20120193275 - Filter element using plastic cap integrated with relief valve: The present invention relates to a filter element using a plastic cap integrated with a relief valve, wherein a net type core 21 is received in a spin-on filter housing 10 in the cylindrical shape opened at the top portion thereof and formed with a plurality of oil passing holes... Agent:

20120193276 - Water play structure having playing equipment: There is disclosed a water play structure comprising play facilities to enable water-play, which includes a first storage tank having the play facilities provided therein, the first storage tank configured to receive water, a second storage tank connected with the first storage tank via a passage, and a cleaning unit... Agent: Sodam Entertainment & Culture Co., Ltd.

20120193277 - Flash chromatography cartridge: A low pressure liquid chromatographic cartridge is provided having a tubular polymer container adapted to receive a chromatographic packing material. The container has an outlet port located at a downstream end of the container and container threads formed on an upstream end of the container. A polymer cap having cap... Agent: Scientific Plastic Products, Inc.

20120193278 - Media for membrane ion exchange chromatography based on polymeric primary amines, sorption device containing that media, and chromatography scheme and purification method using the same: Media and devices, such as anion exchangers including such media, wherein the media is a membrane having a surface coated with a polymer such as a polyallylamine. The resulting membrane offers stronger binding of protein impurities and superior removal of host cell proteins from biological samples than conventional ligands based... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20120193279 - Device for guiding a cable in a medical dosing apparatus, dosing device, treatment apparatus, as well as method: The invention pertains to a device for guiding at least one cable for use in a medical dosing apparatus, which features at least one movable section, characterised in that the device is connected or at least designed to be connected to the at least one movable section of the dosing... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120193280 - Separator for separating amalgam: The present invention relates to a separator for separating amalgam from a dental waste water mixture, comprising a housing with an opening for the waste water supply and an opening for the waste water discharge and comprising a separating means arranged in the housing in a manner to be flown... Agent:

20120193281 - Filter element of a liquid filter and a liquid filter: A filter element for a liquid filter is arranged in the liquid filter housing that has at least two housing parts such that an inlet of the housing for liquid to be filtered is separated from an outlet of the housing for filtered liquid. The filter element has a filter... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120193282 - sorbent loaded webs for gravity filtration: A filter media is disclosed comprising a carrier and a web collected on the carrier. The web comprises hydrophilic polymeric meltblown fibers and a plurality of sorbent particles enmeshed in the hydrophilic polymeric meltblown fibers. The carrier comprises a porous sheet and has a carrier basis weight. The web has... Agent:

20120193283 - Polypropylene filter: A polypropylene filter for filtering liquids manufactured exclusively of polypropylene (PP) with fresh raw material, weighting between 40 grams and 45 grams resulting in TNT (fabric-like material), wherein there is a quadrilateral mono-block body (1) assembled from the union of a frontal face (9) with a posterior face (10), for... Agent:

20120193284 - Method for preparing a filtration membrane and filtration membrane prepared by said method: Method for preparing a filtration membrane and a filtration membrane prepared by the method. According to one embodiment, the method involves casting a polymer solution onto a porous support to form a coated support. The coated support is then quenched to form a membrane/support composite, and the membrane/support composite is... Agent:

20120193285 - Method for producing resin porous membrane with adhesive layer, resin porous membrane with adhesive layer, and filter member: The present invention provides a resin porous membrane with an adhesive layer that exhibits excellent bonding precision and can be bonded to an adherend while maintaining the gas permeability of the porous membrane even when the porous membrane is small, and a method for producing the resin porous membrane with... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120193286 - Method for producing a nanoporous polyurethane-based coating: The present invention relates to a process for producing a nanoporous foam, said process comprising providing a monomeric component (A) comprising a polyfunctional isocyanate (A1) and a solvent (C), and contacting said monomeric component (A) with water vapor. The present invention further comprises a nanoporous foam obtainable by such a... Agent: Basf Se

20120193287 - Packed bed bioreactor for biofouling control of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes: An installation and a method for removing dissolved biodegradable compounds as a biological treatment step up-stream of an equipment to be protected from biofouling being part of a ground water, surface water or tertiary wastewater treatment line, wherein said upstream biological treatment step is carried out in at least one... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20120193288 - Organic oil boom: An organic oil boom is a method for containing pollution floating on water or the sea. The invention describes a method that makes it possible to isolate pollution as, for example, oil, from the surrounding environment. Spraying a viscous liquid such as an alginate or chitosan solution over and around... Agent:

20120193289 - De-airing oxygenator for treating blood in an extracorporeal blood circuit: An apparatus for de-aering, oxygenating and controlling a temperature of blood in an extracorporeal blood circuit. The apparatus includes a housing, a manifold body, a heat exchanger, and an oxygenator. A blood inlet tangentially directs blood into a first chamber of the housing. The manifold body is disposed in a... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120193290 - Method and device for controlling an extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus: A method and device for controlling an extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus, which can be operated as a hemodialysis apparatus, hemofiltration apparatus or hemodiafiltration apparatus, are disclosed. The method and device make provision, apart from balancing the fluids as a function of the weights of the containers, for the measurement of... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120193291 - Mutant ptp alpha gene group in malignant tumors and production method: A group of mutant PTP α genes in malignant tumor are provided, which are ΔPTPα245, ΔPTPα652 and ΔPTPα445 respectively. The mutation includes insertion of 95 new nucleotides after nucleotide at position 711, deletion of nucleotides at position 1015-1437, and deletion of nucleotides at position 1015-1437 accompanied by insertion of 340... Agent:

20120193292 - Reticulated liquid treatment devices with electric power source: The present invention relates to devices for treating liquids, and methods for treating liquids, particularly by using such devices. Reticulated electrode structures with a high proportion of surface area to volume are formed with at least two metals, and are coupled in arrays to an electrical driving signal such as... Agent: Terragroup Corporation

20120193293 - Wastewater treatment method: Disclosed is a wastewater treatment method such that, after iron tetrachloride is added to wastewater containing arsenic and vanadium so as to make the molar ratio of the iron to arsenic in this wastewater 20 and iron tetrachloride is added to this wastewater so as to make the molar ratio... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20120193294 - Dissolved gas flotation pressure reduction nozzle: A dissolved gas flotation pressure reduction nozzle (60) comprises: an integrally moulded plastics component (61) comprising a discharge spout (62), an impingement plate (64) and one or more fins (66) extending from the impingement plate (64) in the radially outwards and downstream directions; and a control plate (75) upstream of... Agent: Enpure Limited

20120193295 - Method for treating effluent waters: A process for treating waste water, effluent streams, e.g., acid mine drainage, containing heavy metals and soluble contaminants is provided. In one embodiment, at least a metal cation is added to the effluent water at a pre-selected pH to form insoluble heavy metal complexes. In one embodiment, the metal cation... Agent:

20120193296 - Method for treating acid mine drainage: A process for treating acid mine drainage containing heavy metals and soluble contaminants is provided. In one embodiment, at least a metal cation is added to the acid mine drainage at a pre-select pH to form insoluble heavy metal complexes. In one embodiment, the metal cation is a trivalent metal... Agent:

20120193297 - Method and apparatus for continuous flow membrane-less algae dewatering: In one aspect of the presently described embodiments, the system comprises an inlet to receive at least a portion of the fluid containing algae, a curved channel within which the fluid containing algae flows in a manner such that the neutrally buoyant algae flow in a band offset from a... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120193298 - Platform technology for industrial separations: A method and system for treating a fluid stream includes inputting a fluid stream to an input section of the fluid treatment system and receiving the fluid stream via spiral mixer-conditioner. The spiral mixer-conditioner mixes and conditions the input stream. Thereafter the mixed and conditioned fluid stream is input to... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120193299 - Water treatment plant as well as a method and computer program for operating a water treatment plant: A water treatment plant is described having a filter element situated between a water inlet line for raw water and a water discharge line for purified water, having a pump unit for pumping, in particular pressing and/or drawing, the water through the filter element, having at least one purifying unit... Agent:

20120193300 - Method and system for automated water drainage in fuel system: A system for automated water drainage in a fuel system includes a fuel-water separator, a water sensor, first and second drain valves, a drain pressure sensor, and a control system, which is operably connected to the first and second drain valves, the water sensor, and the drain pressure sensor. The... Agent:

20120193301 - Vacuum-evaporation-based voc recovery device and method therefor: A Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) removal solution regeneration and recovery apparatus removes VOC contained in a VOC removal solution. The apparatus includes a liquid pump, a vacuum vessel, a vacuum pump, a gas introducing mechanism that introduces an evaporation enhancing gas into the vacuum vessel, and a liquid discharge mechanism... Agent: Anest Iwata Corporation

20120193302 - Process for decontamination of hazardous sulfur compounds in sour water tanks: A method for decontaminating a liquid having sulfides includes preparing a stabilized sodium percarbonate solution. In an embodiment, the method includes decontaminating a liquid. The liquid comprises reactive sulfides. The method also includes preparing a stabilized sodium percarbonate solution, which includes adding sodium percarbonate to a liquid solution. The liquid... Agent: United Laboratories International, LLC

20120193303 - Holding tank-less water ozonating system: A system is described herein which provides an ozonated liquid. The system comprises a liquid inlet arranged to continuously accept a liquid into the system at a desired flow rate; a liquid outlet to dispense ozonated liquid out of the system, the ozonated liquid having an oxidation-reduction potential of at... Agent: Advantage Engineering Inc.

20120193304 - Liquid vacuuming and filtering device and method: A liquid vacuuming and filtering device may include a container having a sealed interior, a vacuum pump connected to the interior, a two-way valve connected to the interior, a flexible hose connected to the valve, a filter positioned within the interior and connected to the valve and a standpipe positioned... Agent: Exair Corporation

20120193305 - Continuous treatment of water containing carbon black: Process for the continuous treatment of soot water which arises during partial oxidation of liquid hydrocarbons containing heavy metals. The soot water is centrifuged at a pressure of up to 5 bar and a temperature of up to 150° C. in a pre-dewatering stage, without the addition of additives, to... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Uhde Gmbh

20120193306 - Method and system for solvent purification: A system and method for filtering solvent including a housing for receiving the solvent and a filtering media, where the solvent is moved through the filtering media without using a pump.... Agent:

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