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Liquid purification or separation July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 26 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120187029 - Pool skimmer intake with electronic accessories: A pool skimmer inlet is sized and shaped to replace a standard pool skimmer plate. The skimmer inlet includes a replacement plate adapted to replace the standard filter plate and a body attached to the replacement plate. The body is formed with at least one cavity housing a sensor for... Agent:

20120187030 - Fluid separator with smart surface: A separating system for separating a fluid mixture incorporates a smart surface having reversibly switchable properties. A voltage is selectively applied to the smart surface to attract or repel constituents of a fluid mixture, such as oil and water produced from a hydrocarbon well. The smart surface can be used... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20120187031 - Storm water treatment system: A procedure for treating rain water run-off includes forming a swale for the capture, treatment, and re-use of the storm water to improve the overall quality of the water before discharge.... Agent: Ceres H2o Technologies, LLC

20120187032 - Low energy centrifugal liquid-solid separator system: A sweeper assembly can include a plurality of holes drilled in one or more sweeper headers that can be angled downwards towards the basin floor to produce a gentle flow of fluid to keep particulate matter rolling along the basin floor. A centrifugal separator can include a curved velocity plate... Agent: Electronic Precipitation Systems, LLC

20120187033 - Flash chromatography cartridge: A low pressure liquid chromatographic cartridge has a tubular polymer container that receives a chromatographic packing material. The container has an outlet port located at its downstream end and container threads formed on its upstream end. A polymer cap, with an inlet port on an upstream end, screws onto the... Agent: Scientific Plastic Products, Inc.

20120187034 - On-site concrete truck washout filter and treatment apparatus: A multi-stage filtering and treatment apparatus comprising a minimum of three stages, wherein the first stage comprises a container for separation of large scale aggregate or particulate matter from the washout slurry, the second stage comprises a container for separation of small scale aggregate or particular matter from the washout... Agent:

20120187035 - Screen for a bandscreen: A screen for a bandscreen including a support frame and two or more perforated screening panels each of which is releasably attached to the support frame so as to be independently detachable from the support frame.... Agent: The Haigh Engineering Company Limited

20120187036 - Water filter with inwardly sloping top: A filter cartridge for a water bottle is presented. The filter cartridge has a top portion with a concave exterior surface and an inlet. The top portion is removeably coupled with a bottom portion to form an enclosure for housing a filter. The bottom portion also has an inlet to... Agent:

20120187037 - Liquid filter arrangements and methods: A filter element includes filter media, first and second end caps, a latch arrangement projecting from the first end cap, a tubular neck extending from the first end cap and a valve head oriented within the first end cap aperture constructed and arranged to move between a position sealing the... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20120187038 - Pressure filter device: A pressure filter device may include a filter housing having a filter housing pot and a filter housing cover connected to the filter housing pot in a pressure-tight manner. At least one filter element may be arranged in the filter housing. A vent line may be secured on the filter... Agent:

20120187039 - Pleated woven wire filter: A removable, reusable, pleated woven wire filter for removing particulate material from a heavy coker gas oil process stream. The filter comprises: (a) a perforated core; (b) a pleated woven wire filter media wrapped around the perforated core, the filter media having spaced apart pleats and an external filter media... Agent:

20120187040 - Solid-liquid separator: A solid-liquid separator that separates raw water containing suspended solids into suspended solids (solid) and treated water (liquid) in easy and a short time is provided. A solid-liquid separator includes a separation tub, an inflow pipe configured to rotate raw water which flowed from the outlet of the inflow pipe... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120187041 - Insect-based removal of organic solutes from liquid: Disclosed herein are methods of removing organic solutes from liquids. The methods include incubating fly larvae with a liquid that contains organic solutes. Also disclosed herein are methods of producing larva biomass. Additionally, apparatus for use with the disclosed methods are described.... Agent: The State Of Oregon Acting By And Through The State Board Of Higher Education On Behalf Of

20120187042 - Method of biological phosphorus removal with maximum nitrogen removal in wastewater: A method for removing phosphorus and nitrogen from an activated sludge wastewater treatment system is provided consisting of one or more anaerobic zones followed by two or more activated sludge reactors operating in parallel each having independent aeration/mixing means, whereby the utilization of the influent organic carbon under anoxic conditions;... Agent:

20120187043 - Immersion membrane apparatus cleaning process and immersion membrane apparatus: During inline cleaning when filtering operation is suspended, a venting step is carried out in which the piping interior of a header piping system is vented above the water surface, and the venting step is followed by a pressurized cleaning step wherein chemical solution is supplied to the header piping... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20120187044 - Methods of cleaning membrane modules: A method and apparatus for backwashing a membrane filtration system wherein permeate remaining present in the filtration system wherein permeate remaining present in the filtration system when the filtration process is stopped or suspended is used to provide liquid for backwashing the membrane pores during a backwashing process.... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20120187045 - Method for separating substance mixtures by means of multiphase polymer films: m

20120187046 - Silicone-based chemical filter and silicone-based chemical bath for removing sulfur contaminants: Sulfur contaminants, such as elemental sulfur (S8), hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur components in fluids (e.g., air, natural gas, and other gases, as well as water and other liquids) are removed using a silicone-based chemical filter/bath. In one embodiment, a silicone-based chemical filter includes a membrane having a cross-linked silicone... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120187047 - Rare earth removal of hydrated and hydroxyl species: This disclosure relates generally to methods and rare earth-containing additives for removing target materials in the form of hydroxides, carbonates, hydrates, or oxyhydroxyls from, a typically aqueous, liquid medium.... Agent: Molycorp Minerals, LLC

20120187048 - Systems and methods for scouring membrane bioreactors: A system and method for scouring membranes in a membrane bioreactor system are disclosed. The system employs scouring devices and controls by which pressurized air creates bursts of bubbles that act to scour the membranes of fouling.... Agent: Enviro-mix, LLC

20120187049 - Method of removing multi-valent metals from crude oil: Multi-valent metals, such as iron, may be removed from crude oil by introducing at least one metal removal chemical to the crude oil before, during or after the crude oil is charged to a settling tank. After mixing the metal removal chemical with the crude oil, the crude oil is... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120187050 - Aeration apparatus, seawater flue gas desulphurization apparatus including the same, and operation method of aeration apparatus: An aeration apparatus that is immersed in diluted used seawater, which is water to be treated, and generates fine air bubbles in the diluted used seawater. This aeration apparatus includes: an air supply line L5 that supplies air 122 through blowers 121A to 121D (in an embodiment of the present... Agent:

20120187051 - Method for the oxidation of organic compounds: The disclosure relates to a method for oxidising one or more organic compounds, including placing the organic compounds in contact with at least one oxidising agent as well as with a catalyst agent including at least one source of divalent or trivalent transition metal ions and at least one poly-α-hydroxyacrylic... Agent: Solvay

20120187052 - Bacteria deactivation method and apparatus: A bacteria deactivation device that has a porous medium through which water and bacteria contained in the water, like E. coli and fecal coliform, are passed. Silver, such as colloidal silver, within the medium deactivates bacteria that pass therethrough. The medium has a porosity and pores sized to provide high... Agent: Solutions Benefiting Life

20120187053 - Method and device for preparing a processing liquid accumulated in the course of a container cleaining: The invention relates to the use of labels (3) which are obtained and prepared with a processing liquid (1) in the course of a container handling, in particular a container cleaning, as filtering aids (5) for the layered deposition filtration of the processing liquid (1) to be cleaned.... Agent: Khs Gmbh

20120187054 - Regenerable filter device and method of driving the same: A filter device may include a filter unit including a first electrode and a second electrode that are arranged so as to be spaced apart and opposite to each other. At least one of the first and second electrodes may include an electrode material layer that is electrically conductive. The... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

07/19/2012 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120181222 - Aquarium bottom cleaner system: An aquarium cleaner system for cleaning the bottom surface of an aquarium. The system has a suction means with a naturally buoyant suction body. The suction body has an open enlarged lower end, an open upper end and a propeller system. The lower end is adapted to be seated on... Agent:

20120181223 - Fluid purification unit and fluid purification assembly including the same: A fluid purification unit includes a case including a hollow and a plurality of openings communicating with the hollow to flow a fluid inside into the hollow and outside from the hollow, the case including combining protrusions formed on a first face and concave portions formed on a second face... Agent: Segi Environment Co., Ltd.

20120181224 - Filter element wave gland seal: A filter module includes a filter element with a ring of media and an end cap at one end of the ring. The end cap includes an annular body with a sealing member located around a surface of the body circumscribing a central opening, wherein the sealing member has a... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20120181225 - Medical fluid cassettes and related systems: The invention relates to an apparatus for the treatment of a medical liquid comprising a liquid treatment machine and a cassette insertable therein substantially made of a rigid base body of the cassette with fitted chambers and passages and a foil covering them.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120181226 - Medical fluid cassettes and related systems: The invention relates to an apparatus for the treatment of a medical liquid comprising a liquid treatment machine and a cassette insertable therein substantially made of a rigid base body of the cassette with fitted chambers and passages and a foil covering them.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120181227 - Filter for a coffee maker: A filter is for a coffee maker in which coffee is obtained by immersion in hot water of ground coffee. The coffee maker includes a body (2) within which a tank for the liquid to be warmed or already warmed and to be put in contact with the ground coffee... Agent:

20120181228 - Polyacrylonitrile copolymer, method for manufacturing membrane including the same, membrane including the same, and water treatment module using the membrane: Example embodiments relate to a polyacrylonitrile-based copolymer, a method for manufacturing a membrane including the same, a membrane including the same, and a water treatment module using the same. A membrane according to an example embodiment may include a polyacrylonitrile-based copolymer including a repeating unit represented by Chemical Formula 1,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120181229 - Method of treating a plant wastewater and treatment system therefor: A method of treating wastewater containing an organic compound includes feeding wastewater to an anoxic tank, adding compounds containing nitrogen and phosphorus components to wastewater, performing anaerobic treatment on wastewater, and discharging treated wastewater as pre-treated water; introducing pre-treated water into an anaerobic treatment tank, performing anaerobic treatment on pre-treated... Agent: Chiyoda Corporation

20120181231 - Dialysis systems and related methods: A dialysis machine that includes a valve body defining a pressure passage and a sealing cap disposed at a first end of the valve body such that the sealing cap closes off the pressure passage at the first end of the valve body. The sealing cap has a deformable area... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120181230 - Production of individual concentrate: The invention relates to the production of a concentrate for dialysis, the composition of which can be adapted individually to the respective needs of the patient. To do so, the special components required individually are added in the form of highly concentrated special concentrates with a volume of 10-500 mL... Agent:

20120181232 - Method of preparation of samples for analysis and cartridge therefore: A method of preparing an aqueous sample for use in an analytical process, the sample comprising at least one water-soluble analyte derived from a foodstuff, the method comprising the steps of: (a) providing a solid-phase extraction cartridge comprising first and second sorbent materials arranged to absorb thereon different respective chemical... Agent: Frito-lay Trading Company Gmbh

20120181233 - Wastewater treatment system and method: An apparatus for maintaining dissolved oxygen content in a wastewater treatment process includes a treatment tank for containing wastewater; a pump for drawing the wastewater from the treatment tank and delivering the wastewater to the treatment tank; an injector system mounted for use with the treatment tank, the injector system... Agent:

20120181234 - Filter and method for filtration of hydraulic oil in a return line to a hydraulic tank, and a drilling rig comprising the filter: The present invention concerns a filter (5) for a return line (L1, L2) for hydraulic oil to a hydraulic tank (2), which filter (5) comprises a filter element (11). According to the invention, the filter (5) is arranged to filter the hydraulic oil through the filter element (11) when the... Agent:

20120181235 - rainwater treatment unit: The present invention is directed to an assembly and a method of treating rainwater to produce potable water. A compact and easy-to-install apparatus is achievable as a result of a simple, yet highly effective sanitisation method. Rainwater is entrained with a gas, and the entrained rainwater is irradiated with an... Agent:

20120181236 - Prechargable fluid filtration method and apparatus: A fluid filtration apparatus is provided which includes at least a functional biomedical device having an inlet and an outlet, a first biological fluid container in fluid communication with the inlet of said functional biomedical device, a first biological fluid receiving container downstream of the functional biomedical device in fluid... Agent:

20120181237 - Screen basket optimized for removal of stickies from adhesives-contaminated recyclable fiber: A screen structure which is unusually effective at removing stickies from recyclable fiber but is tolerant of substantial swings in throughput which result in variations in the flow velocity through the screen-slot velocity. One example of the screen structure is created by forming a very large number of similarly shaped... Agent: Georgia-pacific Consumer Products Lp

20120181238 - Water treatment system: A water treatment system can be essentially non-electric, and can use gravity to produce water that is safe for drinking. By such a system there can be provided a low cost, reliable way to treat water that is contaminated by water borne pathogens, to reduce or eliminate such contaminants to... Agent: Pristina Capital Partners, LLC

20120181239 - Chemical liquid supply method and chemical liquid supply system: There is provided a chemical liquid supply system configured to filter a chemical liquid by opening/closing operations of first and second opening/closing valves and a supply/exhaust operation. The chemical liquid supply system includes a pressure sensor, a flow meter, an electro-pneumatic regulator and a controller. The pressure sensor detects a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

07/12/2012 > 31 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20120175289 - Chromatography systems and system components: Chromatography systems and components suitable for use in chromatography systems are disclosed. Methods of making chromatography systems and components suitable for use in chromatography systems and methods of using chromatography systems and components suitable for use in chromatography systems are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120175290 - Pervaporation membrane separating module: To reduce an influence of concentration polarization in a simple structure without an outer membrane element 32 and baffles, reduce a manufacturing cost of a module, and reduce a risk of damaging a membrane surface during manufacture. A plurality of horizontal cylindrical membrane elements 32 are disposed to form a... Agent: Hitachi Zosen Corporation

20120175291 - Flow-through fitting and filter assembly: A flow-through fitting and filter assembly is provided including a fitting body with a cavity, and a filter coupled to fitting body and positioned within the cavity. The filter includes a filter support and a filter element mounted on the filter support. A first end portion of the filter support... Agent: Cummins Intellectual Properties, Inc.

20120175292 - Peristaltic pump arrangement and pump rollers: A peristaltic pump for use with tubing. The pump includes a raceway and a rotatably mounted rotor that form a passageway therebetween for the tubing. A plurality of roller assemblies is pivotably and eccentrically mounted to the rotor. Each roller assembly has a length, and includes a roller having an... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20120175293 - Gravity-flow water purifier: A gravity-flow water purifier includes a treatment tank, a water yielding pipe, a filter unit, and a sliding sleeve unit. The treatment tank includes a tank wall, an insertion hole, a receiving chamber, and at least two slide rails provided on the inner surface of the tank wall. The sliding... Agent:

20120175294 - Apparatus for filtering sewage and wastewater: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for filtering sewage and wastewater. The filtering apparatus has a vertical structure including a filtering belt comprising a filter bag or a filter mesh that can filter out fine impurities. For this, the filtering apparatus includes a drive motor that receives power to drive the... Agent: Essa Co., Ltd.

20120175295 - Blood treatment unit for an extra-corporeal blood treatment apparatus: The housing of the blood treatment unit according to the invention holds both a blood pump and a semi-permeable membrane. The blood pump is an impeller pump. The impeller of the impeller pump is surrounded by a partition which divides the housing into two chambers. The semi-permeable membrane forms at... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120175296 - Dialysis supply systems and related components: A dialysis supply system that includes a central dialysis liquid manufacturing unit, a dialysis treatment unit, a valve arrangement, and a hydraulic module.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120175297 - Bent filter with bend retention feature: A filter has an elongated filter envelope with an inner pocket containing filter material and configured to receive fluid filtered by the filter envelope. The filter envelope has a bent position defined by a port portion and a loop portion, the loop portion and the port portion overlapping each other... Agent: Kuss Filtration Inc.

20120175298 - High efficiency filter: A high efficiency filter comprising at least one nonwoven web layer is provided. The nonwoven web layer comprises a plurality of first fibers, a plurality of second fibers, and a binder. The first fibers comprise a water non-dispersible synthetic polymer and have a different configuration and/or composition than the second... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20120175299 - Hollow fiber membranes and related apparatuses and methods: A method that includes producing a strand by extruding a textile pulp at an extrusion rate that correlates with a first removal speed of the strand to generate a hollow fiber membrane, transporting the hollow fiber membrane at the first removal speed, and elongating the hollow fiber membrane by transporting... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120175300 - Two-layer membrane: A method of forming a two-layered membrane by immersion precipitation including: depositing a first hydrophilic polymer solution with a formulation optimized to produce a high performance porous layer; depositing on top of the first hydrophilic polymer solution a second, different hydrophilic polymer solution optimized to produce a high performance dense... Agent:

20120175301 - Method for treating contaminated water: Provided in one embodiment is a method of treating a source water, comprising: providing a source water containing an amount of silicon-containing molecules; and exposing the source water to a plurality of organisms, whereby the amount is reduced after the exposure.... Agent: Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering, Inc.

20120175302 - Apparatus and methods for control of waste treatment processes: Waste-treatment processes are enhanced through generation and introduction of specific biological populations customized to perform or favor specific tasks either during the main process, for the formation or precipitation of certain biological nutrients, or to accomplish solids formation reduction in a post-treatment process. These bacteria may be grown from specialized... Agent:

20120175303 - Method and system for increasing recovery and preventing precipitation fouling in pressure-driven membrane processes: The invention provides a process for purifying water containing soluble species capable of forming one or more sparingly soluble salts or minerals, said process comprising feeding a pressurized water stream into a treatment zone having one or more membranes disposed therein, passing said stream along said membrane(s) to recover a... Agent: Ben-gurion University Of The Negev Research And Development Authority

20120175304 - Method and device for transferring mass between two fluids: A mass transfer device, such as a desorption device has fluid channels, to transfer a component one fluid to the other. A microsieve is provided separating the channels. The microsieve comprising a sieve layer with a thickness of less than two micrometer deposited on a substrate with openings to expose... Agent: Fluxxion B.v.

20120175305 - Systems, methods, and devices for production of gas-filled microbubbles: Gas-filled microbubbles can be synthesized using a continuous flow chamber and a sonicator. The resulting microbubble solution can be size-sorted for a particular application, such as injection into a patient for gas delivery thereto. The microbubble solution may be concentrated to have greater than 50% volume gas while maintaining microbubble... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20120175306 - Activated carbon with improved mechanical resistance, and the uses thereof, especially as a catalyst carrier: The present invention relates to active charcoals with improved mechanical properties. They can advantageously be used in the sweetening of petroleum fractions, as oxidation catalyst support in the conversion of mercaptans to disulphides, but also in any other type of reaction, such as, for example, for the oxidation of cyanide... Agent:

20120175307 - Multi-layered macromolecules and methods for their use: Multi-layered macromolecules wherein the layers are covalently bonded together and wherein the macromolecules are covalently bonded to solid particulate substrates, methods for the preparation of such compositions, and methods for their uses in a multitude of end use applications ranging from the purification of waste chemical and metal process streams... Agent:

20120175308 - Method for removing alkalinity, hardness, and dissolved solids from waste water: A highly efficient method for treating contaminated water streams from any source where alkanlinity, hardness, or dissolved solids need to be removed before the water is discharged to the surrounding environment or sent to a secondary treatment facility.... Agent:

20120175309 - Oil filters containing strong base and methods of their use: Novel filter elements for sequestering acids from oil or fuel, the strong base flocs that comprise the filter elements, and methods of their preparation and use are disclosed. The filter elements comprise a mechanically linked interlocking fiber matrix interspersed with strong base particle flocs wherein the strong base particles constitute... Agent: Lutek, LLC

20120175310 - Chemical/biochemical water purification reactor and method of implementing same: A water purification reactor comprises a containment vessel holding a water purification medium and a disinfectant, and a discharge assembly. The containment vessel has a perimetric wall with a discharge opening therethrough, a first end having a bottom wall, and a second opposed end defining an opening. The perimetric wall... Agent: Aqua Clara Foundation Incorporated

20120175311 - Method for the removal of organic chemicals and organometallic complexes from process water or other streams of a mineral processing plant using a zeolite: The present invention relates to a method of removing organic chemicals and organometallic complexes (organic heavy metal complexes) using zeolites from process water or tailings streams of a mineral processing plant where diethylenetriamine (DETA) or triethylenetetramine (TETA) is used as a flotation reagent and DETA-metal complexes are found in process... Agent: Vale S.a.

20120175312 - Magnetic filtration apparatus: A magnetic filtration apparatus to separate ferrous contaminant material from a working fluid. The separation apparatus has a housing that is divided into a plurality of filtration chambers, each chamber having an elongate magnetic core to generate a magnetic field to entrap the contaminant material as it flows through the... Agent:

20120175313 - System and method for adjustment of blood separation procedure parameters: Systems and methods are provided for automatically adjusting the operational parameters of a blood separation procedure. A blood separation device has an inlet for passing fluid thereinto and an outlet for removing fluid therefrom. A pump system is provided for moving fluid into and out of the device. In use,... Agent:

20120175314 - Methods of synthesizing an oxidant and applications thereof: Novel devices for synthesizing ferrate and uses thereof are described. One aspect of the invention relates to devices and systems for synthesizing ferrate at a site proximal to the site of use.... Agent: Ferrate Treatment Technologies, LLC

20120175315 - Process for flocculating and dewatering oil sand mature fine tailings: A process for dewatering oil sand fine tailings is provided and comprises a dispersion and floc build-up stage comprising in-line addition of a flocculent solution comprising an effective amount of flocculation reagent into a flow of the oil sand fine tailings; a gel stage wherein flocculated oil sand fine tailings... Agent: Suncor Energy Inc.

20120175316 - Method for extracting at least one chemical element from a molten salt medium: A method for extracting at least one chemical element contained in a molten salt medium can include the following steps: a) putting the molten salt medium with the chemical element in contact with a monomer including at least one group able to complex the chemical element, the monomer thereby forming... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120175317 - System and method of separating hydrocarbons: A system for separating hydrocarbons from a solid source, the system including a mixer configured to produce a slurry including the solid source and a liquid, and a first separator in fluid communication with the mixer, the first separator configured to separate hydrocarbons from the slurry. Additionally, a second separator... Agent: M-i LLC

20120175318 - removal device for micro-bubbles and dirt: A removal device for removing gas bubbles and/or dirt particles from a liquid in a conduit system includes a housing (12) with an entry (14) and an exit (16) and a inter space (18) which is defined by the housing (12), wherein in the inter space a number of plates... Agent: Flamco B.v.

20120175319 - Device and method for processing fluid: Devices for concentrating fluids that comprise discrete or particulate material dispersed in a liquid medium, such as whole blood, by removal of a proportion of the liquid medium, and a method of producing blood cell concentrates from whole blood using reduced pressure. The devices comprise an outer bag formed of... Agent: Brightwake Limited

07/05/2012 > 34 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120168357 - Liquid filter device: Provided is a filter device for filtering liquid by passing it through one or more filtering media. The filter device comprises a cartridge defining a treatment region filled with said one or more filtering media and has a liquid inlet and a liquid outlet. A locking mechanism may be located... Agent: Strauss Water Ltd.

20120168358 - Method to inhibit scale formation in cooling circuits using carbon dioxide: Scaling is controlled in a cooling water system with CO2 based upon measurements of the cooling water's pH, alkalinity and Ca2+ concentration.... Agent: American Air Liquide, Inc.

20120168359 - Vented liquid filter vented through media: A filter apparatus and filter element therefore are provided. The filter apparatus includes a filter head including an inlet port, a main flow outlet port and a drain flow outlet port. The filter element includes a ring of filter media defining an internal cavity. The filter element defines a main... Agent: Baldwin Filters, Inc.

20120168361 - Cyclone induced sweeping flow separator: The cylindrical or conical shaped particle separator operates based on cyclone-induced flow sweeping the face of the cylindrical separator screen, creating inertial separation of suspended particles. The separator screen comprises of multitude of parallel, evenly spaced, asymmetrically profiled, linear, screen elements arranged in a cylindrical or conical grid-like shape parallel... Agent:

20120168360 - Fluid flow channel scavenging system: A fluid flow channel includes a scavenging system to eject debris from the channel. The channel includes a back wall, channel floor, and upward ramp extending forward to an outer lip. The scavenging system includes a pivoted actuator with a face plate on a framework adapted for reciprocating rolling contact... Agent:

20120168362 - Purification system having vertical multicompartment reactor for organic waste water: Provided is an purification system having vertical multi-compartment reactor for organic waste water, which generates swirling flow in respective sections while circulating wastewater vertically in respective wastewater treatment blocks in the system, so as to considerably increase contact time between air and the wastewater, thus greatly improving wastewater treatment efficiency.... Agent:

20120168363 - Water purification plant: Water purification plant, comprising: at least one filtration means for a predetermined amount of water to be purified, for removing solid particles from the water to be purified; at least one collection basin (2) for said water to be purified; and at least one oxidation device arranged at said basin... Agent:

20120168364 - Oil field water recycling system and method: A system is used for treating contaminated water, that may include some amount of polyacrylamides, emulsified hydrocarbons, and sequestered divalent cations. The system includes at least one pre-treatment tank for initial processing of the contaminated water. Thereafter, the water may be fed to at least one chemical treatment tank fluidically... Agent:

20120168365 - Filter device: A filter may include ac over defining a chamber and an annular filter element arranged within the chamber. The filter may also include a housing and at least one intermediate piece arranged between the cover and the housing when the cover is screwed to the housing. An inlet duct may... Agent:

20120168366 - Fuel filter of an internal combustion engine: A fuel filter of an internal combustion engine including a filter housing having a lowermost housing base and a topmost removable housing lid. The filter housing has one raw fuel inlet and one pure fuel outlet. A replaceable annular filter insert mounts there in the filter housing, fuel flowing through... Agent: Hengst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120168367 - Drinking water filter: A filter cartridge includes, from top to bottom, a main filter comprising grains including ceramic soil and a mixture including tourmaline powder, mica powder, mineral powder, germanite powder, calcite powder, amber powder, agate powder, actinolite powder, crystal powder, and jade powder; a germanite layer comprising grains including ceramic soil and... Agent:

20120168368 - Method and apparatus for the filtration of biological solutions: A system, method and device are disclosed for bio-processing a feed stream and providing a constant output by operating a continuous single-pass tangential-flow process. The single-pass process provides high conversion concentration while operating at relatively low feed flow rates, and the process can also be used to provide constant output... Agent: Spf Innovations, LLC

20120168369 - Planar membrane module preparation: The invention is directed to methods for preparing a planar membrane module, a planar membrane module obtainable by said methods, methods for preparing a heat exchanging module, and a heat exchanging module obtainable by said methods. In one aspect the method of the invention comprises: providing a solid state planar... Agent:

20120168370 - Method of improving rejection of permeable membrane and permeable membrane: Provided is a method capable of effectively improving the rejection of a membrane without considerably lowering the permeation flux, even when the membrane has significantly degraded. The method of improving the rejection of a permeable membrane includes a step (amino treatment step) of passing an aqueous solution (amino treatment water)... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20120168371 - Water filter cartridge and method of manufacturing same: A filter cartridge and method of manufacturing same is provided. The filter cartridge of a drinking water filter includes a plurality of nanometer sized grains each comprising a core including a granulated mixture, ceramic soil surrounding the mixture, and a plurality of holes formed within the ceramic soil and on... Agent:

20120168372 - Prevention and remediation of petroleum reservoir souring and corrosion by treatment with virulent bacteriophage: Petroleum reservoir souring caused by microbially induced production of hydrogen sulphide and other sulphur compounds and the attendant corrosion are remediated by isolating bacteriophage specific for the problematic bacteria (target bacteria) and adding an effective amount of such bacteriophage to water introduced into or resident in the reservoir to kill... Agent:

20120168373 - Thermally enhanced integrated wastewater treatment system: Novel methods and systems for efficient and economic treatment of wastewater, and other fluidized and solid organic wastes, comprise heating the aerobic digestion process with waste heat given off by the generation of power fueled by the biogas by-product of a co-located anaerobic digestion process. Other power generation processes may... Agent:

20120168374 - Cleaning process for immersion-type separating membrane device, and cleaning system for immersion-type separating membrane device: The invention provides a cleaning system and process for an immersion-type separating membrane device that allows convenient and reliable cleaning of contaminants that have adhered onto membrane surfaces of separating membrane devices. Cleaning is carried out by injecting the chemical solution from the filtered water side of the separating membrane... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20120168375 - Method for treating waste saline water produced in production process of diphenylmethane diisocyanate (mdi): The invention relates to a method of circular use of waste brine produced in the manufacture process of MDI, comprising the following steps: (1) the waste brine produced in the manufacture process of MDI is subjected to a high-gravity extraction and then to a column extraction, wherein said waste brine... Agent: Ningbo Polyurethanes Co., Ltd.

20120168376 - System and method for removing a cryporotectant from a liquid: A system for removing cryoprotectant from a cryoprotectant-containing liquid stored a container comprises a cryoprotectant removal device that receives the cryoprotectant-containing liquid and a cryoprotectant-free dialysate liquid and that is operable to transfer cryoprotectant to the dialysate liquid. A differential conductivity device is arranged to continuously measure the difference in... Agent: Vialco, LLC

20120168377 - Integrated measurement system for use with surgical fluid salvage containers: A reservoir for use with a blood collection system includes a housing, a pre-filter, and a spring mechanism. The housing defines a cavity and has an inlet for receiving fluid from a source. The pre-filter is located within the cavity, removes particulates contained within the fluid, and allows the fluid... Agent: Haemonetics Corporation

20120168378 - Method for producing pure water and pure water production apparatus: A pure water production apparatus and method are provided that effectively use an isobaric type energy recovery unit that can efficiently recover energy against feed water variation. In a pure water producing method supplying and having a plurality of kinds of feed water with different water qualities permeated through a... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc

20120168379 - Wafer-shaped hollow fiber module for in-line use in a piping system: A wafer-shaped hollow fiber module adapted for in-line use in a piping system. The piping system may include two standard bolted flange connections, and at least one wafer-shaped hollow fiber module sealed between the two standard bolted flange connections. The wafer shaped hollow fiber module includes: a cylindrical housing having... Agent:

20120168380 - Zeolytic sulfur guard: A composition useful for the adsorptive removal of hydrogen sulfide from a gas or liquid stream, the composition comprising ferric oxide and a zeolyte group. The zeolyte group may comprise aluminum and silicon at a ratio in the range from about 1 part aluminum to 100 parts silicon to about... Agent: Cls Industrial Purification, LLC

20120168381 - Enhanced clarification media: Media and devices, such as depth filters including such media, wherein the media is impregnated with a polymer such as a polyallylamine. The resulting device offers strong binding of protein impurities and superior removal of host cell proteins from biological samples.... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20120168382 - Enhanced clarification media: Media and devices, such as nitrocellulose-based filters, wherein the media is coated with a polymer such as a polyallylamine. The resulting device offers strong binding of protein impurities and superior removal of host cell proteins from biological samples.... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20120168383 - Graphene-iron oxide complex and fabrication method thereof: A graphene-iron oxide complex consists of graphene and needle-like iron oxide nanoparticles grown on a surface of the graphene, and a fabricating method thereof includes (A) preparing a reduced graphene dispersed solution, (B) mixing the dispersed solution with a solution containing iron oxide precursors to prepare a mixture, (C) stirring... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20120168384 - Drug-adsorbing material and medical device comprising same: A drug-adsorbing material capable of efficiently adsorbing and eliminating drugs (such as carcinostatic agents) from blood with a small amount without causing foreign body recognition reaction, such as blood coagulation, and a medical device provided with said drug-adsorbing material. The drug-adsorbing material is based on polymeric microparticles which swell upon... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120168385 - Apparatus and method for the treatment of water: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for the treatment of water and, in particular, an apparatus and method which may be applied to fluids such as grey water to be treated prior to discharge. The invention is intended for particular use on marine vessels such as house... Agent:

20120168386 - Dissolved air floatation with filter system: A system for filtering organic molecules from an electrolyte solution, including a feed inlet line adapted to carry a solution with organic molecules, a filter vessel secured to the inlet line, and a pump adapted to introduce dissolved air into the solution in the feed inlet line. The filter vessel... Agent:

20120168387 - Glycerides and fatty acid mixtures and methods of using same: Green compositions and technologies are provided. In an embodiment, the present invention provides a method of separating a first material from a second material. For example, the method can comprise mixing the first material and the second material in a slurry with a beneficiation composition. The beneficiation composition can comprise... Agent:

20120168388 - Method for the simultaneous storage and drying of sewage sludge: The invention relates to a method for the simultaneous storage and drying of sewage sludge, comprising the following steps: a) mechanically dewatering the sewage sludge down to a dry substance concentration of 10 to 35 percent; b) applying the dewatered sewage sludge to a floor of a greenhouse-type drying hall... Agent: Tsp Gmbh

20120168389 - Device for turbulence reduction: Apparatus is disclosed for substantially reducing the momentum, velocity, or both of a first liquid that is flowing into a second liquid. The device allows one to substantially reduce or even eliminate large-scale turbulent eddies that could otherwise be produced by liquid flowing into or within a vessel, for example... Agent:

20120168390 - Installation for treating a biological liquid: Installation for treating a biological liquid, including a circulation pump (5), a filter element (9), a container for collecting treated liquid, a first circuit section connecting a source of said biological liquid to an inlet orifice of said filter element (9), including a circuit element adapted to cooperate with said... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

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