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Liquid purification or separation June invention type 06/12

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06/28/2012 > 37 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20120160747 - Method and device for marking objects, particularly components of a motor vehicle, with an embossed hologram and objects marked in this way: The invention relates to a method and to a device for marking objects, particularly components (10 of a motor vehicle, preferably filter elements, with an embossed hologram (11) and to objects marked in this way. The object (10) to be marked is provided with an embossing region (12) to be... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120160748 - Filter device: In at least one embodiment, a filter device for filtering out of solid substance from a solid-liquid-mixture where the filter device includes a bearing shaft; a rotation body attached to the bearing shaft and supported by the bearing shaft to be rotatable; a single filter cell formed on the rotation... Agent:

20120160749 - Filter group for diesel-powered internal combustion engines with a heater device: A filter group for diesel-powered internal combustion includes an external casing an internal volume of which is divided into two distinct chambers by a filter wall into which an inlet conduit and an outlet conduit for the fuel open, at least one heater being fitted internally of the casing, the... Agent: Ufi Filters S.p.a.

20120160750 - Membrane module and membrane module assembly, and immersion-type layer-sepa-rating apparatus including same: Disclosed is a membrane module including: one or more membrane units covering a support and including a membrane having at least one side fused, wherein both sides of each of the membrane units perpendicular to one side of the membrane are molded to be coupled with the first and second... Agent:

20120160752 - Oxidation pond including baffles for treating acid mine drainage: Provided is an oxidation pond for treating acid mine drainage discharged from an abandoned mine. The oxidation pond comprises: an inlet into which mine drainage is introduced; a retention pond in which the mine drainage introduced into the inlet resides; and an outlet through which the mine drainage is discharged... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources(kigam)

20120160751 - Oxidation pond including neutralizing agent for treating acid mine drainage: Provided is an oxidation pond for treating acid mine drainage discharged from an abandoned mine. The oxidation pond comprises: an inlet into which mine drainage is introduced; a retention pond in which the mine drainage introduced into the inlet resides; and an outlet through which the mine drainage is discharged... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources(kigam)

20120160753 - Water desalination plant and system for the production of pure water and salt: A desalination plant for treating a sea water or brackish water feed is provided. The desalination plant includes a first treatment section to effectively remove scaling species, the first treatment section including nanofiltration section, the nanofiltration section including at least two stages and at least two passes; and a reverse... Agent:

20120160754 - Dual material approach for high pressure bio inert flow path components: A method of manufacturing a component (400) having a flow path (402), wherein the method comprises forming a high pressure resistant casing (102) with a cavity (202) therein, inserting a bioinert material (302) into the cavity (202) to thereby form a composite block (300), and further processing the composite block... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20120160755 - Cylindrical cartridge filter with detachable core: The present device is a detachable core for use with a cylindrical filter cartridge. The core includes a wire frame including at least two vertical struts oriented along a longitudinal direction. The wire frame includes an upper ring and a lower ring mounted to the distal ends of the vertical... Agent:

20120160756 - Filter device: A filter may include a cover defining a chamber and an annular filter element arranged within the chamber. The filter may also include a housing and at least one intermediate piece arranged between the cover and the housing when the cover is screwed to the housing. An inlet duct may... Agent:

20120160757 - Systems and methods for treating water using iron: Systems and associated methods for treating contaminant-containing wastewater are provided. The systems generally include a reducing zone for reducing the oxidation-reduction potential of the water and a clean-up zone comprising zero valent iron for removing at least a portion of the contaminant from the contaminant-containing water. The systems are operable... Agent: Alcoa Inc.

20120160758 - Separator assembly: A novel separator assembly for a spiral flow reverse osmosis apparatus is provided. In one embodiment, the separator assembly comprises a central core element comprising at least one permeate exhaust conduit and at least one concentrate exhaust conduit. Each exhaust conduit defines an exhaust channel and one or more openings... Agent: General Electric Company

20120160759 - Dual media fluid filter: A fluid filter apparatus has an upper housing, a lower housing, a first media disposed between the upper and lower housing so that fluid passing from an inlet of the lower housing to an outlet of the upper housing must pass through to the first filter media, and a second... Agent:

20120160760 - Device for reducing dimensions of air bubbles in diesel fuel supplied to engines: A filter for diesel fuel having at least an inlet conduit (4) and an outlet conduit (5) of the diesel, and being provided at least a toroidal filter element (3) inserted on and supported by a cylindrical support element (13), the filter further comprising a device for reducing dimensions of... Agent: Ufi Filters S.p.a.

20120160761 - Filter device: In at least one embodiment, a filter device for filtering out of solid substance from a solid-liquid-mixture, including a bearing shaft extending along a rotation axis; a rotation body detachable from the bearing shaft and supported by the bearing shaft to be rotatable about the rotation axis; one or more... Agent:

20120160762 - Control valve filter device: One embodiment provides a control valve filter device, including: a belt-like frame body curved into a ring shape so that its ends face each other, the frame body having an opening; a filter member provided in the opening of the frame body; an engagement claw extended from one of each... Agent: Piolax, Inc.

20120160763 - Blood processing filter: A blood processing filter including a flexible container (having an inlet and an outlet and a sheet-like filter member that is assembled in the flexible container) has a seal part that seals the flexible container and the filter member to form an effective filtration portion of the filter member and... Agent: Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd.

20120160765 - Hydrophilizing agent for hydrophobic porous membrane, and method for hydrophilizing hydrophobic porous membrane and test method using this agent: A hydrophilizing agent for a hydrophobic porous membrane, wherein the agent contains a surfactant, and the surfactant has a frothability such that the bubble height immediately after frothing, as measured according to the Ross-Miles method (JIS K 3362), using a 0.1 wt % aqueous solution of the surfactant at 25°... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20120160764 - Porous vinylidene fluoride resin membrane and process for producing same: A porous membrane of vinylidene fluoride resin, comprising a substantially single layer membrane of vinylidene fluoride resin having two major surfaces sandwiching a certain thickness, including a dense layer that has a small pore size and governs a filtration performance on one major surface side thereof, having an asymmetrical gradient... Agent:

20120160766 - Titanium oxide porous particle for blood purification, blood purification material and module for blood purification: The present invention relates to a titanium oxide porous particle for blood purification, which includes a titanium oxide, in which when the titanium oxide porous particle is measured by an electron spin resonance measurement at a temperature of 10 K, a signal at a g value of around 1.96 is... Agent: Covalent Materials Corporation

20120160767 - Additive used in a membrane-separation activated sludge process: In order to provide a means that can process organic wastewater via a membrane-separation activated sludge process that is stable over a long period of time, by reducing the quantity of biological polymers that can cause permeability problems, an additive is provided that is added to the activated sludge when... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20120160768 - Organic-wastewater treatment method and organic-wastewater treatment apparatus: By adding an iron salt, the sedimentation property, the concentration property, and the filtration property of sludge in an activated-sludge mixed liquor in a biological treatment tank are effectively improved and treated water of high quality is efficiently provided. When an iron salt such as ferrous chloride, ferric chloride, or... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20120160769 - Water treatment using a bipolar membrane: A method of water treatment comprising: providing an electrolysis device comprising an electrolysis vessel; providing feed streams to the first salt water chamber of the vessel, second salt water chamber of the vessel, acidic chamber of the vessel, and alkalic chamber of the vessel, the acidic chamber producing an acidic... Agent: General Electric Company

20120160770 - Process for reducing the sulfate concentration in a wastewater stream: A method of reducing a sulfate concentration in wastewater comprises directing the wastewater stream to a precipitation reactor and mixing the wastewater stream with a calcium source and a calcium salt seed material to precipitate calcium sulfate. The precipitated calcium sulfate is then separated from a treated effluent and directed... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20120160771 - Separation material: A separating material formed by a solid substrate having a substrate surface, primary or secondary amines coupled to the substrate surface, and a graft polymer formed on the substrate by covalently coupling the primary or secondary amines with a thermally labile radical initiator and subsequently contacting the substrate surface with... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20120160772 - Method for the recovery of acids from hydrometallurgy process solutions: A method for the recovery of acids and other materials from hydrometallurgic process solutions comprising processing said solutions utilizing a simulated moving bed chromatographic method to produce at least two product streams.... Agent:

20120160773 - Emm-11, a novel synthetic crystalline microporous material, its preparation and use: EMM-11 is a novel synthetic crystalline microporous material having a single crystalline phase with a unique 3-dimensional channel system comprising three sets of channels, namely a first set comprising 10-ring channels, and a second set and third set comprising 8-ring channels, having a unique T-atom connectivity and X-ray diffraction pattern... Agent:

20120160774 - Detergent builders: A detergent builder composition includes a (co)polymer of acrylic acid. The acrylic acid copolymers may be selected from a copolymer of acrylic acid and 2-acrylamido-2-methyl propane sulfonic acid, and a copolymer of acrylic acid and hydroxyethyl methacrylate. Also disclosed are processes for removing calcium and/or magnesium ions with the detergent... Agent: Kemira Oyj

20120160775 - Permeable porous composite: A porous and permeable composite for treatment of contaminated fluids, said composite including a body of iron particles and 0.01-10% by weight of at least one functional ingredient distributed and locked in the pores and cavities of the iron body. Also, methods of making a permeable porous composite for water... Agent: Hoganas Ab

20120160776 - Stimulant sensitive flocculation and consolidation: The present invention relates to methods for the separation of materials from heterogeneous fluids and provides a means of effecting stimulant-sensitive flocculation and consolidation of solid suspensions within a liquid medium. Specifically, the present invention provides a method of controlling the state of a suspension of solid particles in a... Agent: The University Of Newcastle Research Associates Limited

20120160777 - Sulfate molecule removal through inorganic or divalent ion nuclei seeding: Methods and apparatus of embodiments of the invention relate to treating water including contacting a liquid stream with a source comprising inorganic and/or divalent ions and separating the stream into an effluent and a fluid comprising less sulfate than the stream, wherein the effluent comprises more sulfate and more inorganic... Agent:

20120160778 - Sulfate molecule removal through inorganic or divalent ion nuclei seeding: Methods and apparatus of embodiments of the invention relate to treating water including contacting a liquid stream with a source comprising inorganic and/or divalent ions and separating the stream into an effluent and a fluid comprising less sulfate than the stream, wherein the effluent comprises more sulfate and more inorganic... Agent:

20120160779 - Control of development of biofilms in industrial process water: There is provided a method of inhibiting the development of a biofilm adjacent a surface, the method comprising intermittently applying a biofilm inhibiting substance to a collection of microorganisms having biofilm developing potential. Other embodiments are also described.... Agent: A.y. Laboratories Ltd.

20120160780 - Method for inhibition of bromate formation in ozonation of water: where each of R1 and R2 is an oxygen-containing electron-withdrawing substituent effective to resonance stabilize an alkoxy radical of compound I, and R3 is an alkyl, aryl, or aralkyl group. The water may be further treated with an additional oxidant such as hydrogen peroxide. The compound of formula I is... Agent:

20120160782 - Blood processing filter and method for priming the filter: This invention relates to a blood processing filter including a sheet-like filter element and a flexible container having an internal space divided by the filter element. The container includes first and second container-forming-parts. The first container-forming-part includes an interior filtration space-forming-part and an exterior surrounding space-forming-part that are separated by... Agent: Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd.

20120160781 - System for treating fine tailings: A method for treating fine tailings from bitumen extraction from oil sands in a tailings treatment zone and extracting the liquid from the fine tailings. The tailings treatment zone can contain a base layer, alternating layers of fine tailings and drainage media. The treatment zone can be prepared in multiple... Agent: Parsons Corporation

20120160783 - Water filtration device and method thereof: The water filtration device and method introduce raw water into a filtration barrel where the water is purified by filter elements inside the filtration barrel. A main frame is set up in the filtration barrel and a driving motor is mounted on the main frame. The driving motor engages a... Agent:

06/21/2012 > 56 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20120152811 - Purification water pack: A water pack enables water purification in the field. An illustrative water pack can comprise first and second bladders configured to respectively hold treated and untreated water and comprising a filter connector configured to receive and hold a filter between the first and second bladders. A gas bladder connector can... Agent:

20120152812 - Method to reduce sludge generation in wastewater treatment systems: The systems and methods described provide for reducing sludge generation, and thus sludge wasting and handling, by including an anaerobic completely stirred tank reactor (CSTR) as a bioreactor in a side-stream. The CSTR provides a significant simplification of side-stream treatment design, enhanced sludge minimization, and enhanced removal of nitrogen and... Agent: University Of Massachusetts

20120152813 - chlorination device: An un-pressurised chlorination device comprises a container having an open top closed by a removable lid. The container defines an inner chamber for a plurality of chlorination tablets. The container has a lower inlet spigot for receiving a water supply inlet pipe. The container also has a lower water outlet... Agent:

20120152814 - Membrane bioreactor (mbr) and moving bed bioreactor (mbbr) configurations for wastewater treatment: The water treatment system and method incorporating the use of a hydrodynamic separator to remove most of the total suspended solids (TSS) in source water being treated to thereby lighten the load on membrane filtration in the water treatment system and lower energy costs.... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120152815 - Water filter support: A device for supporting and fixing a water filter in connection with an oven having a chassis that includes: a housing for receiving the water filter that attaches to the bottom surface with a chassis of the oven; a protective plate that attached to the front wall of the housing;... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20120152816 - Mobile water treatment: A mobile water treatment apparatus to on-load a dirty fluid into a storage container attached to a motor vehicle and transport the fluid in the storage container from a first location and to a second location where the fluid is filtered by a filtration system attached to the motor vehicle.... Agent: Ibex Incorporated

20120152817 - Floating oil recovery suppressor and viscosity elevator: m

20120152818 - Method and device for purifying nucleic acids: The invention concerns a method for isolating and purifying nucleic acids from a sample and a device that is suitable therefore.... Agent: Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

20120152819 - Variable fitration device: Provided is a filtration device used in order to improve the water quality of the final effluent in an advanced treatment facility for sewage and wastewater. The variable filtration device (10) of this type comprises a filtration tank (20), a filtration unit (30), a winding unit (50) and a filter... Agent:

20120152820 - Filter: A filter including a container and a basket which is contained in the container and has mounted thereto a bag-like filter element and filtering liquid to be processed by allowing the liquid to pass through the filter element. The filter includes an upper tubular section forming the upper part of... Agent: Smc Kabushiki Kaisha

20120152821 - Fine fiber filter media and processes: Fine fiber products including fiber webs, as well as related assemblies, systems and methods, are described. In some embodiments, fiber webs described herein may include fine fibers and relatively low amounts of degraded polymer formed during a fiber extrusion process. The fiber webs may be used for filter media applications.... Agent: Hollingsworth & Vose Company

20120152822 - Polymeric matrices formed from monomers comprising a protected amine group: The present disclosure relates to polymeric matrices composed of protected amine compound residues and membranes composed from such polymeric matrices. In particular, the present disclosure relates to a polymeric matrix comprising amine compound residues, acyl compound residues and protected amine compound residues.... Agent:

20120152823 - Aromatic polysulfone resin porous membrane: The present invention relates to a porous membrane which contains aromatic polysulfone resin that has a reduced viscosity of 0.56-0.78 dL/g, and a hydrophilic polymer.... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20120152824 - Fine fiber filter media and processes: Fine fiber products including fiber webs, as well as related assemblies, systems and methods, are described. In some embodiments, fiber webs described herein may include fine fibers and relatively low amounts of degraded polymer formed during a fiber extrusion process. The fiber webs may be used for filter media applications.... Agent: Hollingsworth & Vose Company

20120152825 - Spunbond polyester fiber webs: Provided are spunbond polyester mats using an improved curable composition. The curable composition comprises a reaction product of an amine and a reactant in the form of an amino-amide intermediate. To the amino-amide is added an aldehyde or ketone to form the curable binder composition. The composition when used as... Agent:

20120152826 - Spunbond polyester mat with binder comprising salt of inorganic acid: Provided are spunbond polyester mats using an improved curable composition. Such curable composition comprises the reaction product of an aldehyde or ketone and an amine salt of an inorganic acid. The composition when applied to spunbond polyester continuous filaments is cured to form a water-insoluble polymer binder which exhibits good... Agent:

20120152827 - Bioretention system with internal high flow bypass: The invention provides a bioretention system comprising one or more chambers and a high flow bypass system with top and bottom weirs for water filtration and storm water flow management. The invention also provides methods that are useful for managing storm water flow and inhibiting the flow of pollutants, debris,... Agent: Kristar Enterprises, Inc.

20120152828 - Inhibition of biofilm formation and removal of biofilm by use of moss: A method of inhibiting biofilm growth on a surface in an aqueous system comprising contacting a surface susceptible to biofilm growth with a solution comprising an amount of a non-decomposed moss or non-decomposed moss extract effective to inhibit biofilm growth. A method of removing biofilm from a surface in an... Agent: Embro Corporation

20120152829 - Biological wastewater treatment method: The invention relates to a method of treating wastewater, and includes capturing carbon dioxide and oxygen produced during treatment of the wastewater by a wastewater treatment system, and using the captured carbon dioxide and oxygen to promote the growth of algae contained within the wastewater treatment system.... Agent: Kellogg Brown & Root LLC

20120152830 - Waste water treatment method: Systems and methods have been developed for reclaiming water contaminated with the expected range of contaminants typically associated with produced water, including water contaminated with slick water, methanol and boron. The system includes anaerobically digesting the contaminated water, followed by aerating the water to enhance biological digestion. After aeration, the... Agent: Anticline Disposal, LLC

20120152831 - Method and apparatus for cleaning wastewater: A method for cleaning waste water is provided whereby the waste water is led through a throughput tank having filler materials to which aerobic microorganisms are adhered and wherein the throughput tank is ventilated with an oxygen containing gas. As filler materials, materials are used which have a specific weight... Agent:

20120152832 - Submerged system and method for removal of undesirable substances from aqueous media: A system and method are provided for removal of undesirable substances from a body of liquid. The system can include an aeration structure having a continuously inclined surface configured to provide an interaction of air bubbles against substantially an entire length of the continuously inclined surface while the air bubbles... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20120152833 - Rotating biological contactor apparatus & method: A wastewater treatment facility with a rotating biological contactor (“RBC”) system. The RBC sits in a tank that receives wastewater to be purified. The tank supports a rotatable shaft. One or more stages of rotating disk assembles progressively purify incoming wastewater. Each stage is oriented transversely to the shaft and... Agent: Biomass Technologies, LLC

20120152834 - Rotating biological contactor apparatus & method: A wastewater treatment facility with a rotating biological contactor (“RBC”) that has a control system. The RBC sits in a tank that receives wastewater to be purified over which a reversible rotatable shaft is supported. One or more stages of rotating disk assembles progressively purify incoming wastewater. Each stage is... Agent: Biomass Technologies, LLC

20120152835 - Fuel cell devices for use in water treatment and reclamation processes: In some aspects, the disclosure provides methods and materials for generating electrical energy from wastewater treatment materials. For example, the methods involve selecting a pair of materials from a wastewater treatment facility and forming a microbial fuel cell using the pair of materials as anode and cathode materials. There are... Agent:

20120152836 - Process to produce biofuels from biomass: Biofuels can be produced by: (i) providing a biomass containing celluloses, hemicelluloses, lignin, nitrogen compounds and sulfur compounds; (ii) removing sulfur compounds and nitrogen compounds from the biomass by contacting the biomass with a digestive solvent to form a pretreated biomass containing carbohydrates and having less than 35% of the... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20120152837 - Biological treatment method of organic-matter-containing water: Provided is a biological treatment method of organic-matter-containing water in which a decrease in the permeation flux of a membrane in a membrane-separation activated-sludge process can be effectively suppressed. A biological treatment method of organic-matter-containing water includes introducing organic-matter-containing water containing organic matter into a biological treatment tank, mixing the... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20120152838 - Method for sewage and industrial wastewater treatment: A process for wastewater treatment, comprising aerating and mixing wastewater containing organic and/or inorganic pollutants and bentonite clay in a vessel at a first temperature and for a time sufficient to reduce the concentration of said pollutants, raising the temperature of said mixture to at least 100° C. to evaporate... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

20120152839 - Modified sulfonamide polymeric matrices: The present disclosure relates to a matrix comprising a modified sulfonamide polymer, processes for producing the same and uses thereof. In particular, the matrix comprises sulfonyl compound residues and aliphatic amine compound residues, and further comprises acyl compound residues and amine compound residues having at least two amine moieties, wherein... Agent:

20120152840 - Method for dewatering water-containing organic substance: The present invention is to provide a VP dewatering method being applicable over a wide range, having good handling properties, and being economically efficient and highly energy-saving, which comprises compression-pressuring a dewatered vapor product to elevate a condensation temperature thereof and then re-using the same as a heat source for... Agent: Hitachi Zosen Corporation

20120152841 - Liquid membrane suitable for water extraction: A liquid membrane matrix is disclosed in the form of an aquaporin containing bulk liquid membrane matrix (BLM), wherein said liquid membrane matrix is formed from a solution of an amphiphilic copolymer detergent wherein transmembrane proteins have been functionally incorporated and wherein said matrix further contains a stabilising oil phase.... Agent: Aquaporin A/s

20120152842 - Method and system for providing priming and restitution liquids for an extracorporeal blood treatment: A blood treatment system is primed with a replacement liquid that flows directly into the access line of the blood circuit. The replacement liquid may be replacement fluid or blood stored in the replacement bag or the pre-blood pump (PBP) bag. These replacement liquids from the replacement and PBP bags... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20120152843 - Ceramic membranes: Processes for fabricating ceramic membranes include providing a porous substrate having at least one inner channel extending therethrough and having surfaces defined by porous walls, depositing a coating slurry on surfaces of the inner channel(s), and sintering. Sintering temperatures for the processes range from about 400° C. to 800° C.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120152844 - Liquid extraction method employing dip tube: A container for liquids is provided, in which pressurisation of the container is used to force the liquid through one or more membranes to an output. The membranes are disposed across substantially an entire length of the container, and pass liquid in preference to the air. As a result, the... Agent:

20120152845 - Porous silica-metal organic composite adsorbents and methods of making and using the same: An adsorbent material comprising a metal organic phase and a porous silica phase is provided. The adsorbent material can be a synthesized from at least one porous silica material, one or more metal ions, and at least one organic linker comprising one or more multidentate functional groups capable of forming... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20120152846 - Three-dimensional porous polyurea networks and methods of manufacture: Porous three-dimensional networks of polyurea and porous three-dimensional networks of carbon and methods of their manufacture are described. In an example, polyurea aerogels are prepared by mixing an triisocyanate with water and a triethylamine to form a sol-gel material and supercritically drying the sol-gel material to form the polyurea aerogel.... Agent: Aerogel Technologies, LLC.

20120152847 - Sorbent for endotoxins: The invention relates to a sorption agent for removing endotoxins from a biological fluid, the sorption agent having a water-insoluble, porous carrier and polymyxin, which is immobilized on the carrier, the carrier having a neutral, hydrophobic surface and polymyxin being immobilized on the surface of the carrier via hydrophobic interaction.... Agent:

20120152848 - Magnetic in-line purification of fluid: Methods for in-line purification of surfactant from a first fluid, such as a microemulsion are disclosed. Magnetic particles coated with surfactant molecules may be used to bind surfactants from a fluid. A magnetic field may be used to separate the bound materials from the fluid.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC.

20120152849 - Adsorptive flotation removal of sodium tripolyphosphate from waste liquid: Techniques are generally described herein for the removal of sodium tripolyphosphate from a waste liquid. Embodiments include, but are not limited to, methods, apparatuses, systems, and articles of manufacture. Other embodiments may also be disclosed and claimed. Some techniques described herein include adding a phosphate binder to the waste liquid... Agent: Empire Technology Developement LLC

20120152850 - Sedimentation and floatation wastewater treatment device with a heater: A combined sedimentation and pressure floatation wastewater treatment tank includes a tank body, a sedimentation treatment device and a pressure floatation treatment device. The tank body contains a predetermined amount of wastewater for treatment. The sedimentation treatment device is operated to remove relatively heavier sludge from the wastewater by sedimentation... Agent:

20120152851 - Polymer and methods for preparing and using the same: c

20120152852 - Processes for removing hydrazine from hydroxylamine solutions: The present invention relates to processes for reducing or eliminating the amount of hydrazine from a hydroxylamine-free base containing hydrazine by treating said hydroxylamine-free base with a scavenger agent, and to the hydroxylamine-free base thereby obtained, as well as to its use for producing microdispersions containing a hydroxamated polymer for... Agent: Cytec Technology Corp.

20120152853 - System and method for reducing emissions in a hog confinement facility: A system and method of reducing ammonia emissions. The system and method include a facility having a waste storage compartment below a floor comprised of slats with openings therebetween. A plurality of injection pipes are attached to a bottom surface of the slats. Each of the plurality of injection pipes... Agent:

20120152854 - Method for processing sludge: This invention relates to a method for processing sludge involving the addition of a lime-based basic agent to a sludge having a first pH value in order to raise the pH to a second value higher than the first one, adding at least one anionic organic flocculating agent that is... Agent: S. A. Lhoist Recherche Et Developpement

20120152855 - Systems and apparatus for seawater organics removal: A non-filtration pre-separation device and method for the removal of algae using the same, comprising a system having a hydrodynamic separator including at least one curved structure for the removal of bio-organisms from seawater, such structure having an inlet in operative connection with a source of raw seawater and a... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120152856 - Bottle, system and method for sterilizing a liquid: A bottle, a system and a method sterilize a liquid. The bottle has an interior to hold the liquid and an ultraviolet light emitting lamp that extends into the interior. A cord may be attached to the bottle so that pulling the cord may power the ultraviolet light emitting lamp... Agent:

20120152857 - Non-nitrogen sulfide sweeteners: or combinations of compound (I) or compound (II). R1 may be a C1-C30 hydrocarbyl group that is saturated, unsaturated, cyclic or branched, or may contain a heteroatom. ‘A’ may be an oxygen atom or a methylene group. R2 may be a C1-C30 hydrocarbyl group that may be saturated, unsaturated, cyclic... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120152858 - Apparatus and method for separation of whole blood into plasma or serum and cells: A microfluidic device comprising a flow channel that utilizes various principles of fluid dynamics to simplify the processes of preparing a sample prior to in vitro diagnostic analysis. A flow channel wherein flow conditions result in a Reynolds number no greater than about 2000, preferably no greater than about 1000,... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20120152859 - Filter media with fibrillated fibers: Filter media suitable for various applications (e.g., hydraulic) and related components, systems, and methods associated therewith are described. The filter media may include a fiber web having a mixture of glass fibers and fibers that are fibrillated. The fibrillated fibers, for example, may be formed of lyocell.... Agent: Hollingsworth & Vose Company

20120152860 - Method and apparatus for separating and removing fluids from drill cuttings: A method and apparatus is provided for removing fluids, particularly entrained and/or adherent fluids, from drill cuttings created during the well drilling process. An apron assembly collects drill cuttings and deposits such cuttings on a central rotor having multiple distinct chambers. A first chamber is loaded with drill cuttings. The... Agent:

20120152861 - Waste separation and processing system: A multi-stage method of reducing solids and contaminants from liquid waste and other suitable streams without the use of chemical flocculants or polymers is disclosed.... Agent:

20120152862 - Non-blocking filter system: A non-blocking filtration system wherein the suspension filtered continuously scrubs the filter, keeping it free of deposits of solid deposits while the filtrate is removed in a variety of biological and chemical applications, substantially reducing the cost of unit operations.... Agent: Therapeutic Proteins International LLC

20120152863 - Liquid extraction filter and method for cleaning it: A liquid extraction filter, more particularly a continuous-action, top-feed, vacuum drum filter includes a drum structure and filter elements, the filtration surface of which filter elements is formed of microporous hydrophilic material such that when filtering with a partial vacuum it is impervious to the surrounding air.... Agent:

20120152864 - Self-disposal of solids in an immiscible liquid separator: A separator for separating oils from waste water and solids. Waste liquids are drained into a baffle tube of the separator so that the oils rise and the waste water and solids migrate to the bottom of the separator. A collection head having a restriction is located at the bottom... Agent: Goslyn, L.p.

20120152866 - Modular pump and filter system and method: Embodiments of the invention provide a pump and filter system and method. The system includes a housing with a housing cavity and a filter cartridge, and a pump positioned in the housing cavity. The filter cartridge splits the housing cavity into a filtered region and an unfiltered region and the... Agent:

20120152865 - Stackable filter cup apparatus and method: An apparatus and method to perform multiple filtration steps with a modular filtration apparatus and single cycle. A stackable modular filter cup has features to allow stacked cups to be separated without the need for substantial effort yet without diminishing the effect of vacuum assisted filtration. Each cup is formed... Agent:

06/14/2012 > 45 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20120145609 - Apparatus and method for implementing hydroclone based fluid filtration systems with extensible isolated filter stages: Filter assemblies and fluid flow inhibitors that are particularly well suited for use in centrifugal separation enhanced filtration devices are described. Moreover extensible filter assemblies are described. In one aspect of the invention, extensible filtration assemblies can be used to operate in circulating fluid filtration devices. Such extensible filter elements... Agent: Clean Filtration Technologies, Inc.

20120145610 - Fresh water generator: Disclosed is a fresh water generator for fresh water production, which is effective to prevent a membrane life from becoming worse by suppressing the load on the membrane of a second semi-permeable membrane treatment facility when the concentrated water produced by the treatment of a first semi-permeable membrane treatment facility,... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20120145611 - Water treatment system for simultaneous nitrification and denitrification: Described herein is a water treatment system for simultaneously removing ammonia and nitrates from a liquid. The water treatment system comprises a nitrifying volume for nitrification of a liquid and a denitrifying volume for denitrification of the liquid. One of the nitrifying volume and the denitrifying volume resides substantially within... Agent:

20120145612 - Curb inlet catch basin filtration apparatus: A filtration apparatus for curb vaults may be installed in existing vaults through manhole access openings whenever the smallest dimension of the access opening is greater than the smallest dimension measured across a support plate assembly of the filtration apparatus. An adjustable attachment system allows installation of the filtration apparatus... Agent: Cleanway Environmental Partners, Inc.

20120145613 - Aquarium detritus removal system: An aquarium detritus removal and filtration system of the present invention is different from the conventional aquarium filtration system which are not able to deliver detritus settle in an aquarium bottom right to a lift pump for removal. The present invention is mainly comprised of a flow generating device, a... Agent:

20120145614 - Oil recovery boom: The oil recovery boom of the present invention is designed to collect great amounts of oil if used in conjunction with many other booms. The oil recovery boom includes a set of eductors, and removes the adjacent oil for extraction from the sea. A high pressure pump placed at one... Agent:

20120145615 - Dialysis systems and methods including moving dialyzer: A dialysis system includes a dialysis machine having a blood pump and a renal treatment fluid pump. The system further includes a blood filter operable with the dialysis machine and a device movably coupled to the blood filter and configured to move the blood filter to dislodge gas bubbles suspended... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120145616 - bag for a circuit of a biological liquid treatment installation: The invention concerns a bag comprising a first conduit (13J), a second conduit (13K), the first section (13J1) of the first conduit (13J) and the first section (13K1) of the second conduit (13K) being opposite; a third conduit (13L) linking said first respective ends (13J2, 13K2) of said first respective... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20120145617 - Multi-functional option valve, multifunctional fully automatic liquid chromatography system including the same, and method for analyzing sample using the same: Provided is a multifunction selection valve for use in a liquid chromatography system. The multifunction selection valve includes multiple ports to which both ends of a 1st dimension separation column may be connected at a part thereof, the multifunction selection valve including: a fluid passing mode in which a fluid... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20120145618 - Gravity feed water treatment system with oxidation and disinfection steps: A portable water treatment system includes at least one sub-system to treat water including a primary disinfection system and a residual disinfection system. The water treatment system may include multiple sub-systems for treating water that feed into one another. The residual disinfectant may be administered to the water at a... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20120145619 - Integrated disposable set for an apheresis system: An integrated pre-connected apheresis disposable set for separating plasma from blood in a separation vessel and further separating the separated plasma into desired plasma proteins in a plasma separator fluidly connected to the separation vessel to receive the separated plasma.... Agent: Caridianbct, Inc.

20120145620 - Filter with dissolvable seal: A filter apparatus is provided. The filter includes a filter element that carries an additive for the treatment of coolant filtered by the filter. The additive is contained within an additive chamber. A dissolvable seal is positioned over an outlet of the filter to prevent the undesirable leakage of additive... Agent: Baldwin Filters, Inc.

20120145621 - Fluid filtration system: The present disclosure relates to a fluid filter system having structure for enabling a filter cartridge to be installed and removed from a manifold with a straight line push/pull motion, a latching mechanism and an innovative water manifold. The latching mechanism provides a compact and simple mechanism between the manifold... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120145622 - Multi-purpose filter cartridge assembly: A multi-purpose water filter cartridge assembly has two sets of manifold holes formed in a top of a manifold integration board. Each set of manifold holes is composed of an inlet, a first outlet and a second outlet. The first outlet of the first set of manifold holes communicates with... Agent:

20120145623 - Sonication for improved particle size distribution of core-shell particles: In one or more embodiments, a porous composite particulate material includes a plurality of composite particles including an acid-base-resistant core particle at least partially surrounded by one or more layers of acid-base-resistant shell particles. The shell particles are adhered to the core particle by a polymeric material. The shell particles... Agent:

20120145624 - Water filter cartridge: A water filter cartridge includes a hollow cylindrical first filter for removing particulates and other foreign matter from the water and comprising an axial space, an open outlet at one end, and a closing cap at the other end; a second filter for filtering chlorine, odor, color, and organic contaminants... Agent:

20120145625 - Liquid filter assembly; and, methods: A liquid filter assembly is provided. The assembly includes a liquid filter cartridge and a housing. The liquid filter cartridge, includes, among other things, first and second, opposite, end caps each having a central aperture therethrough. A seal arrangement including a radially directed seal is mounted on a seal support... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20120145626 - Device for renal cell expansion: A device for culturing, storing and expanding adherent renal cells. The device permits the adhesion and proliferation of the cells and the surface characteristics of the membrane material used in said device further permit the cellular matrix components (EMC). A method for expanding adherent renal cells and methods of using... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20120145627 - Anaerobic fermentation to produce biogas: A process and apparatus for the anaerobic digestion of organic wastes, preferably to also produce a useful biogas, is described. The waste may have a total solids (TS) concentration of 6% or less while a digester is operated at a higher solids concentration, for example with a feed TS concentration... Agent: Anaergia Inc.

20120145628 - Phytoremediation for desalinated water post-processing: The present invention discloses a system for the production of enhanced water from desalinated water, the system consisting of: a desalinated water inlet for allowing the desalinated water to enter the system; a post inlet medium for prefiltering the desalinated water; a water enhancing assemblage of aquatic plants and microorganisms... Agent:

20120145629 - System and method for treating process water with separate separation of gases and solids: The invention relates to a method and a system for purifying process water, particularly for continuously purifying process water in the paper industry. The method comprises at least one process water treatment step, which comprises the following steps: a) an anaerobic purifying step, wherein process water to be purified is... Agent: Meri Environmental Solutions Gmbh

20120145630 - Fresh water production method: Provided is a fresh water production method applying a combined water-treatment technology employing a plurality of semi-permeable membrane units, the method enabling prevention of problems caused by growth of a biofilm and allowing effective use of an injected chemical agent and an injected neutralizing agent. The fresh-water production method produces... Agent:

20120145631 - Perm selective asymmetric hollow fibre membrane for the separation of toxic mediators from blood: A permselective asymmetric hollow fiber membrane for the separation of toxic mediators from blood, a process for the preparation of such a membrane, and the use of such a membrane in hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration, and hemofiltration for treatment of toxic mediator-related diseases.... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20120145632 - Electrospinning of polyamide nanofibers: The invention relates to a process for the preparation of polyamide nanofibers by electrospinning, wherein the process is a multi-nozzle electrospinning process with the use of a multi-nozzle device or a nozzle-free electrospinning with the use of nozzle free device, comprising steps wherein a high voltage is applied, a polymer... Agent:

20120145634 - High efficiency water purification system: A high efficiency water purification system is provided incorporating a process to recover a portion of the concentrate wastewater associated with the reverse osmosis unit to reduce the overall volume of concentrate wastewater requiring discharge/disposal by reusing the purified concentrate of a concentrate recovery units as RO feed water. The... Agent: Water Intellectual Properties, Inc.

20120145636 - High efficiency water purification system: A high efficiency water purification system is provided incorporating recovery of a portion concentrate wastewater associated with the reverse osmosis unit. This reduces the overall volume of concentrate wastewater requiring discharge/disposal by reusing the purified concentrate of a concentrate recovery units as RO feed water. Initial feedwater is pressurized and... Agent: Water Intellectual Properties, Inc.

20120145635 - Treatment of waters with multiple contaminants: The present invention provides for a process for treating water with multiple contaminants. The process includes filtering the water to remove relatively large particulates and immiscible organic fluids. The pH of the water is adjusted. Components such as sulfates are added to precipitate heavy metals. Any suspended solids and residual... Agent:

20120145633 - Ultra-sound enhanced centrifugal separation of oil from oily solids in water and wastewater: Methods are provided for separating solids containing oily/water of the type normally encountered in SAGD and hydraulic fracturing operations. The solids containing oily/water is subjected to ultrasound separation techniques and mechanical separation operations. The mechanical separation operation may, preferably, comprise centrifugal separation such as that in which the treated solids... Agent: General Electric Company

20120145637 - Magnetic extractants, method of making and using the same: A water treatment composition capable of effectively adsorbing pollutants from water is described. The composition includes magnetic extractants, which comprise magnetite nanoparticles containing functional groups. The composition is used to remove from water and aqueous streams oils and other contaminants. A process for removing contaminants from water and apparatus used... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

20120145638 - Method and composition of a supertetrahedral cationic framework for ion exchange: A cubic compound may comprise thorium borate or, in the alternative cerium borate, and may possess a porous supertetrahedral cationic framework with extraframework borate anions. These anions are readily exchanged with a variety of environmental contaminants, especially those from the nuclear industry, including chromate and pertechnetate.... Agent:

20120145639 - Modified clay sorbents: The present invention relates to modified clay sorbents which may be used as sorbents for chemical compounds. In addition, the present invention also relates to the use of modified clay sorbents for the sorption of chemical compounds. The modified clay sorbents of the present invention have particular application for the... Agent:

20120145640 - Method and composition to reduce the amounts of heavy metal in aqueous solution: The present invention relates to a method for removing heavy metals from aqueous solutions by contacting heavy metal-contaminated water with a sorption media, or in particular with carbonate minerals. The present invention also relates to methods of using modified sorption media, such as aggregates of carbonate minerals and modified carbonate... Agent:

20120145641 - Method and apparatus for removing senescent cells: A major type of unwanted cells that accumulate in aging are anergic cytotoxic T-cells. These cells often have virus-specific T-cell receptors, as well as other surface markers that distinguish them from their youthful counterparts, and are thought to play a major role in the decline of the immune system with... Agent:

20120145642 - Method and apparatus for treatment of fluids: A method of fluid treatment of a feed comprising oil and water, the method comprising: supplying the feed into a flotation cell, the feed having an oil concentration, the flotation cell containing a working fluid and the working fluid having a surface; removing an oil phase from the surface of... Agent: Rj Oil Sands Inc.

20120145643 - High efficiency water-softening process: A high-efficiency water softening process is disclosed. The softening-process is particularly effective for the treatment of water process streams containing a broad array of contaminants, such as Ca, Mg, Ba, Sr, iron, aluminum, manganese, copper, zinc, silica, TOC, oil, and grease. The softening-process includes steps of: (a) adding carbonate ions... Agent: Awts, Inc.

20120145644 - Concentration of suspensions: The present invention relates to a process of concentrating an aqueous suspension of solid particles comprising the steps of adding at least one organic polymeric flocculant to the suspension thereby forming flocculated solids in which the flocculated solids are allowed form a layer of solids and thereby forming a more... Agent:

20120145645 - Clarification of hydrocarbons and suspended matter from an aqueous medium: A method for removing components from an aqueous medium is described. The method includes dispensing a formulation comprising one or more of zinc chloride, calcium chloride, zirconium acetate and zirconium oxychloride to an aqueous medium. The method includes allowing the formation of floccules in the aqueous medium, wherein the floccules... Agent: Halosource, Inc.

20120145646 - Method for removal of iron from an aqueous solution: Methods are disclosed for the removal of iron from aqueous solutions. The methods involve facilitating formation of an iron salt precipitate by introducing a source of anions to the solution and adjusting the pH of the solution through the addition of one or more acids, separating the iron salt precipitate... Agent: Tetra Technologies, Inc.

20120145647 - Electrocoagulation system: An electrocoagulation system including a dosing unit, a mixing unit and a buffer tank is provided. The dosing unit receives a fluid from an external source and injects an electrochemically generated coagulant into the fluid using one or more pairs of electrodes. The mixing unit mixes the coagulant with the... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120145648 - Treatment system and method for degrading chlorinated dnapl: A treatment system for degrading chlorinated dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs) is disclosed. The treatment system comprises a solvent system and hydrophobic zero valent irons distributed in the solvent system. In addition, the method of remediation of groundwater is also disclosed by using the treatment system.... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120145649 - Method and device for affecting a chemical or mechanical property of a target site: A method for ultraviolet (UV) liquid disinfection is provided. The method includes flowing liquid to be disinfected through a dielectric conduit and disinfecting the liquid by directing UV-radiation into the liquid within the conduit such that the liquid to be disinfected serves as a flowing liquid wave guide for the... Agent:

20120145650 - Nano-filter and method of forming same, and method of filtration: The disclosure relates generally to nano-filters and methods of forming same, and methods of filtration. The nano-filter includes a substrate and at least one nanowire structure located between an inlet and an outlet. The nanowire structure may include a plurality of vertically stacked horizontal nanowires.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120145651 - Microfiltration devices: A method of treating a hollow fiber membrane microfiltration filter having an influent side and an effluent side to improve performance of the filter is disclosed. The method entails sealing imperfections in surfaces of the filter by flushing the filter with a liquid aqueous suspension of particulates. Filter cartridge devices... Agent: Streamline Capital, Inc.

20120145652 - Method of separating a selected component from a multiple component material: A separator system operable to use centrifugation to fractionate a multiple component material, such as a suspension including blood, comprises a buoy. The buoy can be carried in a separation container and has a tuned density that is configured to reach an equilibrium position in the multiple component material. A... Agent: Biomet Biologics, LLC

20120145653 - Apparatus and method for seperating a feed material containing immiscible phases of different densities: An apparatus and method for separating a feed such as bitumen froth feed are provided. The apparatus comprises a vessel having a top, side walls, and a base. An inlet delivers feed to the vessel interior whereby settling of the feed establishes a heavier phase zone in the vicinity of... Agent: Fort Hills Energy L.p.

06/07/2012 > 31 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120138516 - System for treatment and neutralization of oxidizing agents in ballast water: A system for treating ballast water includes one or more electrolytic cells in fluid communication with a salt water source and in fluid communication with one or more ballast water tanks, a means for controlling hypochlorite generation by the one or more electrolytic cells, and a neutralization system in fluid... Agent: Severn Trent De Nora, LLC

20120138517 - Use of electromagnetic pulses in cross-flow filtration systems: A cross-flow filtration system includes a first filter element having a first conduit for receiving a flow of a first aqueous feed stream, a second conduit operable to discharge a flow of first permeate water and a third conduit operable to discharge a flow of first retentate water. The cross-flow... Agent: Clearwater Systems Corporation

20120138518 - Filtering system for swimming pools: A natural filtering system for the treatment of swimming pool water and/or treatment processes in other applications involving the use of water (aqueducts, wells, drinking water purification plant, filtering plant for the collection of rain water, etc.), which can be installed inside compensation tanks in the case of swimming pools... Agent:

20120138519 - Cooling device for spindle sealing and/or bearing means: A cooling device for cooling of a sealing means fixed in a non-rotatable member and with a circumferential contact surface on a rotating member. A closed ring-formed chamber is arranged in the rotating member radially inside of said sealing means. Said chamber contains an amount of cooling medium which at... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20120138520 - Separation process: The present invention relates to a process for separating a target radiolabelled compound from an impurity, apparatus for performing such a process and a removable cassette for use in such apparatus. Also provided are methods for using the target radiolabelled compound obtained by a method comprising the separating process of... Agent: Ge Healthcare Limited

20120138522 - Device for a biological liquid treatment installation: e

20120138523 - Multi-flow filtration system: Disclosed is multi-flow filter cartridge assembly that includes an elongated housing that has axially opposed proximal and distal ends and defines an interior cavity and first, second and third flow paths which extend from the proximal end of the housing to the distal end. The cartridge assembly also includes first,... Agent:

20120138521 - Plastic filters of irrigation systems: Invention is about improvements that are made in water redirecting, disk cleaning systems and sealing of filters which are used in irrigation systems for filtering contaminants at solid state in the water. Water leakage is prevented by separate usage of seal and o-ring as sealing between body and container. Another... Agent:

20120138524 - Upward-type filtering apparatus characterized in laminating method of filtering material: [Solving Means] An upward-type filtering apparatus (1) includes a pressure container (2) and a filtering material (3) made of gravels, filtering sands or particles. The filtering material (3) includes a filtering portion (9) having a plurality of layers which are laminated on one another such that particle diameters thereof are... Agent:

20120138525 - Ionization water treatment apparatus using carbon nanotube: Disclosed is an ionization water treatment apparatus using a carbon nanotube. In the ionization water treatment apparatus, water flowing through the tubular body is ionized and activated due to the potential difference, and a filter is constructed in such a manner that the water makes contact with the carbon nanotube... Agent: Iorex Co., Ltd

20120138526 - Product for removing pollutants from a fluid, and method for producing same: This product (10) for removing pollutants from a fluid includes, on the one hand, a porous body (12) having an outer and inner specific surface (14) and, on the other hand, a metallized layer (16), the thickness of which is at most nanoscale, covering at least part of the outer... Agent:

20120138527 - Integrated bioreactor and method of using the same for treatment of highly-concentrated organic wastewater: An integrated bioreactor and its applications as well as a method for treatment of highly-concentrated organic wastewater using the same. The integrated bioreactor with a concentric columnar structure includes an inner layer and an outer layer, in which the inner layer is an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) and the... Agent: Nanjing University

20120138529 - Method and apparatus for recovering a metal and separating arsenic from an arsenic containing solution: A method and apparatus for recovering a metal and separating arsenic from an arsenic-containing solution. The method includes contacting the arsenic-containing solution with a fixing agent that comprises a rare earth compound to produce an arsenic-depleted solution and an arsenic-laden fixing agent. The fixing agent comprises a rare earth-containing compound... Agent: Molycorp Minerals, LLC

20120138530 - Method and apparatus for removing arsenic from a solution: A method and apparatus for separating arsenic from an aqueous solution containing arsenic. The method includes the steps of contacting an arsenic-containing solution with a first portion of fixing agent to remove at least a portion of the arsenic. An arsenic-laden fixing agent is separated from the solution and the... Agent: Molycorp Minerals, LLC

20120138528 - Method and apparatus for removing arsenic from an arsenic bearing material: A method and apparatus for removing arsenic from an arsenic-bearing material. The method includes the steps of contracting an arsenic-bearing material with an arsenic leaching agent to form an arsenic-containing solution and arsenic-depleted solids. The leaching agent can be an inorganic salt, an inorganic acid, an organic acid, and/or an... Agent: Molycorp Minerals, LLC

20120138531 - Purifying device and method for elimination of xenobiotics in water: A purifying device adapted to perform a method of photochemical elimination of xenobiotics present in water. The purifying device comprises a photochemical reactor unit having at least one inlet for contaminated water and one outlet for purified water, it provides a flow path for continuously flowing water from said inlet... Agent: Loira

20120138532 - Water desalination using directional solvent extraction: Substantially pure water is produced via desalination using a directional solvent that directionally dissolves water but does not dissolve salt. The directional solvent is heated to dissolve water from the salt solution into the directional solvent. The remaining highly concentrated salt water is removed, and the solution of directional solvent... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120138533 - Dialysis system control system with user interface: Disclosed herein are systems and methods of using such systems including a dialysis system, a dialysis system controller operatively coupled to a filtration system, water purification system, dialysate preparation system and dialyzer system of the dialysis system, and a user interface communicatively coupled to the dialysis system controller. The user... Agent:

20120138534 - Method and device for filtering blood using magnetic force: Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for filtering plasma using magnetic force. The apparatus for filtering plasma using magnetic force includes: an inlet into which blood is injected; a filter unit filtering plasma in the blood passing through the inlet by capillary force; a magnetic force receiving part made... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120138535 - Perforated membranes: The present invention relates to a membrane comprising at least one molecular monolayer composed of low-molecular aromatics and cross-linked in the lateral direction, wherein the membrane has a thickness in the range from 1 to 200 nm and a perforation in the form of openings having a diameter in the... Agent: Universit&#xc4 T Bielefeld

20120138536 - Reverse osmosis system with control based on flow rates in the permeate and brine streams: A reverse osmosis system includes a membrane chamber having a feed line. The chamber generates a permeate stream and a brine stream from the feed line. A feed pump pressurizes the feed line. A first flow meter generates a first flow signal corresponding to a flow of fluid in the... Agent: Fluid Equipment Development Company, LLC

20120138537 - Method of weak partitioning chromatography: This invention relates to methods of using weak partitioning chromatography for the purification of a product from a load fluid containing one or more impurities. Further, the invention relates to methods of weak partitioning chromatography defined by operating conditions which cause a medium to bind least 1 mg of product... Agent: Wyeth LLC

20120138538 - Rechargeable surface active porous media for removal of organic materials from aqueous fluids: Organic material may be removed from a fluid, such as an aqueous fluid, by contacting the fluid with a surface active porous medium. The surface active porous medium includes a bed of substrate particles (e.g. sand), at least a partial coating of nanoparticles on the substrate bed, and a plurality... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120138539 - Method and apparatus for extraction of hydrocarbons from a body of water using recovery particle binding: The extraction of hydrocarbons or other contaminates from a body of water or fluids is accomplished by distributing recovery particles with an affinity for hydrocarbons (or an affinity specifically designed for the contaminate of concern) into the contaminated body of fluids, allowing for adherence between the particle and the contaminate,... Agent:

20120138540 - Hydrodynamic filter, filtering apparatus including the same, and filtering method using the hydrodynamic filter: A hydrodynamic filter includes a first portion, and a second portion which is spaced apart from and faces the first portion. The first portion includes a plurality of protrusions protruding in a first direction, and the second portion includes a plurality of protrusions protruding in a second direction opposite to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120138542 - Process for improving inline tailings treatment: A process for improving inline mineral slurries treatment comprises successively: providing an in-line flow of slurries in a main stream; introducing at least one polymer into the main stream through at least one polymer injection point to cause dispersion of the polymer and to start the coagulation and/or the flocculation... Agent: Snf Holding Company

20120138541 - Systems, compositions, and methods for dewatering mine tailings: Systems, compositions, and methods for dewatering and/or increasing a mechanical strength of mine tailings. These systems, compositions, and methods may include combining mine tailings with wicking fibers to form a composite mine tailings mixture. The wicking fibers may provide a conduit for the removal of fluid from the composite mine... Agent:

20120138543 - Flocculation method: A charged particle polymer hybrid (CPPH) flocculant is taught, comprising sub-micron size charged particles and a polymer which has been polymerized in the presence of the charged particles wherein the intrinsic viscosity of the hybrid polymer flocculant is less than 930 ml/g. A method is provided for producing freely draining... Agent: Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures

20120138544 - Method and device for dissolving solid substances in water: A device for dissolving a solid chemical substance in water to obtain an aqueous solution, said device comprising: a container having a collection portion for containing the solution and a charging chamber designed to contain the substance; and a liquid-dispersing unit for directing a jet of water onto the substance;... Agent:

20120138545 - Led fluid purification system and method: Provided herein are systems and methods for the treatment and purification of fluids (e.g., water) using a light-emitting diode (LED) light source. In one embodiment, for example, there is provided a fluid flow conduit having an LED light source and a photo-catalytic material disposed therein. The LED light source emits... Agent:

20120138546 - High temperature lignin separation process: This specification describes a process to separate lignin from an aqueous mixture derived from a biomass feedstock, wherein the separation is done at or above critical temperature, usually above 60° C.... Agent:

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