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05/31/2012 > 25 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20120132573 - Point-of-use water treatment system: A water treatment system is capable of meeting the particular needs of a variety of water treatment system applications. For instance, the water treatment system may include a customizable display, multiple interchangeable filters and disinfection systems. In one embodiment, a vessel containing the filters and disinfection assembly can be easily... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20120132574 - Flow balancing and synchronization system: A renal failure therapy system includes a blood circuit with a blood pump and a drug delivery pump. A control unit is operable with the blood pump and the drug delivery pump to control the drug delivery pump based upon the status of the blood pump.... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120132575 - Foam water treatment system: A foam filter is provided that may form a radial flow or a stacked flow filter. In the radial flow configuration, the foam may be wrapped around an inner support core. The inner support core may define holes to allow the water to enter the support core and exit the... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20120132576 - Device for separating fuel components: A device for separating fuel components comprising a separating membrane for separating high-octane fuel components from un-separated fuel and a heat exchanger between first liquid passing through the heat exchanger and second liquid passing through the heat exchanger, is provided. The first liquid is un-separated fuel passing through the heat... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20120132577 - Device for separating fuel components: A device for separating fuel components comprises a separating membrane for separating high-octane fuel components from un-separated fuel, a heater for heating the un-separated fuel and a pressure apparatus for pressurizing the un-separated fuel. In the device, un-separated fuel is heated by the heater and is pressurized by the pressure... Agent: Exxon Mobil Research And Engineering Company

20120132578 - Molded activated charcoal and water purifier involving same: The present invention provides molded activated carbon, and the molded activated carbon is produced by molding a mixture containing powdery activated carbon (a) having a median particle size of 80 μm to 120 μm and a standard deviation σg of 1.3 to 1.9 in a particle size distribution and a... Agent: Kuraray Chemical Co., Ltd.

20120132579 - Membrane filter assembly and permeate connector: The permeate collectors of a set of membrane filter elements are connected in line to form a vertical permeate collection pipe serving the set of elements. The connectors between adjacent elements are configured to allow a disconnected element to move perpendicular to the permeate collectors. When an element is disconnected,... Agent:

20120132580 - Method for forming a membrane holder and membrane holder thus formed: The invention relates to a method for forming a membrane holder for applying in a tube filter, by mutually connecting a number of cassettes of V-shaped cross-sectional form, wherein a plurality of cassettes are placed successively and connected to each other in longitudinal direction in a row. The V-shaped cross... Agent:

20120132581 - Filter for removing sediment from water: A system for removing sediment from water is disclosed. The exemplary embodiments described herein disclose a system comprising a filter chamber, having a deck positioned inside to divide it into an upper chamber and a lower chamber. The deck may have a plurality of holes to hold filtration elements and... Agent: Monteco Ltd.

20120132582 - Filter device for filtering liquids: The invention relates to a filter device (1) for filtering liquids, comprising: a filter element (2) having an interior (3) for accommodating a liquid, and a compensating element (5) made of elastically deformable material for accommodating a liquid volume that increases when the liquid freezes. The compensating element (5) is... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120132583 - Fluorine-based hollow-fiber membrane and a production method therefor: The present invention relates to a fluorine-based hollow-fiber membrane and to a production method therefor. The present invention provides: a fluorine-based hollow-fiber membrane which exhibits a sponge-like pore structure even though it has an asymmetrical structure; and a production method therefor. Consequently, the present invention can provide: a fluorine-based hollow-fiber... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20120132584 - Inorganic membranes and method of making: An inorganic membrane having an improved pore structure. The membrane has a mean pore size of up to about 100 nm and a mean particle size in a range from about 10 nm to about 100 nm. In one embodiment, the membrane comprises α-alumina and is formed by providing a... Agent:

20120132585 - Slant plates for flocculation formation and flocculation settling treatment tank adopting the slant plates for flocculation formation: Slant plates for flocculation formation that efficiently form turbulent flow or vortical flows are installed in a settling treatment tank that performs a flocculation step including a step of further flocculating microfloc particles formed by an inorganic flocculant injection step and a micro flocculation step of micro-flocculating fine suspended particles... Agent:

20120132586 - Systems and methods for anaerobic digestion of biomaterials: Systems and methods for performing anaerobic digestion of biomaterials using a clarifier, a batch reactor, and/or a digester are disclosed. The clarifier performs pretreatment processing of biomaterial to improve anaerobic digestion. The batch reactor and/or the digester are coupled to the clarifier and are configured to digest the processed biomaterial.... Agent:

20120132587 - Wastewater treatment system: Disclosed is a system for treating wastewater. The system includes a microorganism clad structure positioned in a body of wastewater such that the microorganism clad structure is at least partially submerged in the body of wastewater. The apparatus also includes an aeration device, such as a propeller-type, surface mounted aeration... Agent: Aeration Industries International LLC

20120132588 - Method and system for treating oily wastewater: The invention relates to a method for treating oily wastewater comprising: pretreating the oily wastewater using at least one of electrocoagulation, flotation and absorbing to produce a pretreated water; and treating the pretreated water using membrane distillation to produce a product water. In another aspect, the invention relates to a... Agent:

20120132589 - Supported ionic liquid membrane system and process for aromatic separation from hydrocarbon feeds: A system and process for treating a hydrocarbon feed mixture containing aromatic compounds is provided to separate the at least one aromatic compound from the hydrocarbon feed stream is provided. A supported ionic liquid membrane, which is a microporous polymeric support containing ionic liquid in its pores, is used to... Agent:

20120132590 - Method for fabrication of elastomeric asymmetric membranes from hydrophobic polymers: Hydrophobic, asymmetric membranes are formed integrally from elastomeric polymers. The membranes have a dense, discriminating layer and a thick, porous support layer and require not other support. The membranes of the invention provide an economic advantage over prior art composite membranes used for separating target organics from a mixture.... Agent:

20120132591 - Method for desalinating water using zeolite membrane: A novel zeolite membrane is manufactured using zeolite seeds that are deposited on a support material. The seeds are then further grown in a secondary growth step to form a membrane with inter-grown particles. The pore size of the zeolite membrane is in a range between 3 angstrom and 8... Agent: Headwaters Technology Innovation, LLC

20120132592 - Immobilization of nano- and micro-sized particles: What is presented is an innovative design of a chemical reactor for catalytic breakdown of halogenated hydrocarbons, the body of which acts as a specialized electromagnet capable of immobilizing and retaining very large quantities of non-magnetized ferro-dia- or para-magnetic material-containing nano, micro-, or milli-particles within it's reactor volume despite high-velocity... Agent:

20120132593 - Systems and methods for magnetic separation of biological materials: A magnetic separator comprising a separation chamber is provided. The separation chamber comprises a having an inlet and at least one outlet opposite the inlet in a downstream direction, and a magnetic source operatively coupled to the separation chamber. The magnetic source comprises a plurality of magnets that can be... Agent: General Electric Company

20120132594 - Aqueous solvents for hydrocarbons and other hydrophobic compounds: A method of solubilising in an aqueous medium a hydrocarbon or a hydrophobic compound having a hydrocarbon skeleton that carries one or more heteroatom-containing functional groups, e.g. hydroxyl, carboxylic acid or aldehyde (CHO) groups. The method comprises contacting the hydrocarbon or the hydrophobic compound with the aqueous medium that includes... Agent: Imperial Innovations Limited

20120132595 - Apparatus and method for filtering liquids, particularly organic liquids: The present invention refers to an apparatus and a method for filtering liquid products, particularly wine. The apparatus includes a filtration bell (5) provided with filtering means (6) and connected to an inflow circuit (13) and a first outlet circuit (14) of the retentate, and to a second outlet circuit... Agent: Tmci Padovan S.p.a.

20120132596 - Frame for supporting a filter membrane: A filter element includes an integrated permeate channel membrane (4) which has a flexible structure and includes an upper and lower membrane layer and a substrate material for supporting the membrane layers. The substrate is a 3D spacer fabric having an upper and a lower fabric surface, tied together and... Agent: Vlaamse Instelling Voor Technologisch Onderzoek N.v. (vito)

20120132597 - Cross-flow filtration with turbulence and back-flushing action for use with online chemical monitors: A filtration and monitoring system includes an online monitoring device and a filter block having a chamber therein. An inlet pipe provides fluid to the filter block chamber and has an inlet valve located therein configured to shut off the flow of the fluid through the inlet pipe. An outlet... Agent: General Electric Company

05/24/2012 > 44 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20120125825 - Sanitizing filter for water dispenser: A filter (1) to purify the water distributed by a dispenser, fitted with a special sanitizing device incorporated therein. Inside of the said filter (1), below the water chamber (3), is a disinfectant chamber (4) that contains the solution designed to sanitize the said dispenser. A mechanism causes the sanitizing... Agent: Blupura S.r.l.

20120125826 - Oil/water separator: An oil/water separator is provided that is suitable for use aboard an oil spill recovery vessel and elsewhere. The separator comprises a tank structure divided into first and second compartments that communicate via a bottom channel. An inlet pipe supplies an oil/water mix to be separated into the first compartment.... Agent: Gobbler Oil Recovery Boats Ltd

20120125827 - Mixture separation device with detached free rolling bars: A device for separating components of a mixture, particularly industrial fluids but also gases including air, allows for targeted components of the mixture to be attached onto a separating bar and removed from the mixture. The separating bars traverse a track formed within the body of the separating device and... Agent:

20120125828 - Screen intake device for shallow water: A screen intake apparatus has a concrete platform resting on a water source floor. A screen intake anchors on the platform and forms a half cylinder thereon. A barrier at one end of the platform in divides the flow of water. The screen intake has a half-cylindrical body and half-cylindrical... Agent: Johnson Screens, Inc.

20120125829 - Desalination intake system with net positive impact on habitat: An environmentally supportive seawater intake system includes a first filtering system in communication with raw seawater for providing a flow of seawater and a second filtering system is also in communication with the first filtering system for providing intake water to a downstream system while minimizing negative impact on the... Agent:

20120125830 - Portable ozonation apparatus for storing and purifying liquid: A portable ozonation apparatus for storing and purifying liquids includes a container having an opening for receiving a liquid and a treatment cap. The treatment cap is preferably detachably mounted to the container at the opening. Preferably, the treatment cap includes a main body portion having provided therein an electricity... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20120125831 - Water treatment device: A water treatment device includes a control module communicating with a feed line; an energy pipe communicating with the control module; a light wave pipe assembly communicating with the energy pipe; and magnetizing pipe communicating with the light wave pipe assembly through the second manifold then with an exit line.... Agent:

20120125832 - Fluid filter, fluid filter assembly, and mounting method: A filter and filter element is provided that incorporates a valve member for preventing priming fluid from contaminating a clean fluid side of the filter or filter element. The filter may incorporate a replaceable filter element or be replaceable itself. The valve member is preferably formed as an annular flange... Agent: Baldwin Filters, Inc.

20120125833 - Fine particle separator: A fine particle separator includes a channel having an inlet; a chamber; a filter that is in communication with the channel and the chamber; and a piezoelectric element that vibrates the filter. The piezoelectric element may be provided on the channel forming member, and may vibrate the filter via the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120125834 - Filter device and filter element arrangement for use in the filter device: A filter device having a multiplicity of filter elements (2) which can be held in a filter housing (4) having a filter inlet (6) for a fluid (8) to be filtered and having a filter outlet (10) for the filtered fluid (12), wherein the filter elements (2) can be traversed... Agent:

20120125835 - Process for the preparation of ethylene/chlorotrifluoroethylene polymer membranes: The invention relates to a process for the production of membranes based on ethylene/chlorotrifluoroethylene polymers having a melting temperature not exceeding 200° C. The process relies on the diffusion induced phase separation of the ethylene/chlorotrifluoroethylene polymer from a solution and comprises the steps of providing a solution comprising an ethylene/chlorotrifluoroethylene... Agent: Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy S.p.a.

20120125836 - Separation apparatus and processes: An apparatus may include a separator and/or a discharger. A separator may include a separator channel, an influent portion configured to allow the passage of a first fluid into a separator channel, an effluent portion disposed above an influent portion and/or a fluid-lift portion between an influent portion and an... Agent:

20120125837 - Anaerobic digestion process and apparatus: Apparatus (10) for anaerobic digestion of organic waste, comprises a reaction chamber (12) and a gas pressure regulator (14). The reaction chamber (12) comprises a first cell (20) and a second cell (22) linked by a passageway (24) for flow of organic waste slurry from a lower or bottom region... Agent: Bio Group Limited

20120125838 - Methods of inhibiting microorganism growth using moss: The invention provides a method of inhibiting microorganism growth comprising contacting a substance susceptible to microorganism growth with an amount of a non-decomposed moss effective to inhibit microorganism growth, wherein the moss is selected from the group consisting of sphagnum papillosum, sphagnum cristatum, and mixtures thereof.... Agent: Embro Corporation

20120125839 - Hollow fiber membrane module, hollow fiber membrane module unit, and water treatment method: A hollow fiber membrane module, a hollow fiber membrane module unit, and a water treatment method. The module or the module unit enable the efficient contact of microorganisms on the surface of a membrane with a gas. The module and the unit have excellent durability. The hollow fiber membrane module... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20120125841 - Apparatus and method for disposal and treatment of waste water, sewage and/or effluent: Filtration apparatus (102) is provided for the treatment of waste water, sewage and/or effluent. The apparatus includes a housing (4) having at least a first filter layer (16) provided therein. The first filter layer (16) includes biological filtration-means including one or more organisms and a substrate material to filter waste... Agent:

20120125840 - Systems and methods for anaerobic digestion of biomaterials: Systems and methods for performing anaerobic digestion of biomaterials using a clarifier, a batch reactor, and/or a digester are disclosed. The clarifier performs pretreatment processing of biomaterial to improve anaerobic digestion. The batch reactor and/or the digester are coupled to the clarifier and are configured to digest the processed biomaterial.... Agent:

20120125842 - Microfluidic system and corresponding method for transferring elements between liquid phases and use of said system for extracting said elements: The invention relates to a microfluidic system including a unit for extracting elements from one liquid phase to at least one other liquid phase, a use of said system for performing said extraction, preferably for gelling polymer capsules coating such elements by cross-linking, and a method for extracting said elements.... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120125843 - Methods and materials for performing hydrophobic interaction chromatography: A method for performing hydrophobic interaction chromatography includes providing at least one wall defining a chamber having an inlet and an exit, and a stationary phase disposed within the chamber. The stationary phase comprises particles or monolith having a hydrophobic surface and a hydrophilic ligand. The method also includes loading... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20120125844 - Removal of organic dyes and organic pollutants by titanium peroxide gel: The one step process of removal of chromophore/dye/organic pollutant from a solution comprising a polymer free titanium oxide gel i.e. high zeta potential is disclosed. The concentration of the chromophores is removed up to 95-100%.... Agent: Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

20120125845 - Device and implementation for sanitizing a fluid-dispensing appliance: An appliance such as a water dispenser is described that is configurable between a sanitation configuration and a filtering configuration. In one embodiment, the appliance comprises a fluid treatment assembly with an interface for receiving a treatment media such as a sanitizing media and a filtering media. One or more... Agent:

20120125846 - Filtering method, and membrane-filtering apparatus: A filtration method for filtering raw water to obtain permeate by performing a filtration operation using pressure as a driving force for membrane modules, wherein the filtration operation is performed in three modes: raw water side pressure filtration, permeate side negative pressure filtration, and composite filtration combining the raw water... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20120125847 - Methods for removing pathogens from a platelet preparation: The present application relates to a method for removing pathogens from a transfusion grade platelet composition. The method comprises the steps of passing a platelet preparation through a first tangential flow filtration (TFF) device having a TFF filter, and collecting a retentate from the TFF device, wherein the retentate comprises... Agent: Biovec Transfusion, LLC

20120125850 - Deformed porous hollow fiber membrane, production method of deformed porous hollow fiber membrane, and module, filtration device, and water treatment method in which deformed porous hollow fiber membrane is used: A porous hollow fiber membrane that is suitable for treatment of liquid containing an inorganic substance and/or an organic substance, is obtained at a low cost performance, and has high water permeability performance, fretting resistance, and drying resistance. A deformed porous hollow fiber membrane according to the present invention is... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20120125849 - Method and arrangement for clarifying green liquor: Green liquor clarification comprising filtering of a flowing suspension containing solids, wherein the suspension is brought into contact with a first filter unit (4), said 5 filter unit (4) comprising one or several filter elements (12) comprising one or several filter bodies (3) having filter channels (33) within the filter... Agent: Cleanflow Ab

20120125848 - Particle filter and manufacturing method therefor: A mechanical particle filter comprises a membrane having a plurality of pores. At least one partial region of the surface of the membrane, that is accessible for the medium to be filtered, includes a carbon material having a diamond structure.... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20120125851 - Transportable disaster-relief systems: A transportable disaster-relief generating system is a power generated, multi-functional, and compact relief unit with means for providing area lighting via a power generator, purifying and storing potable water from a non-potable water source, and creating ice utilizing purified water. The disaster-relief unit of the present invention may further provide... Agent:

20120125852 - Method for analyzing activated polyethylene glycol compounds: A chemical analysis method for the determination of RO(CH2CH2O)nH, RO(C2H4O)nA, and AO(C2H4O)nA in a mixture thereof, wherein R is an alkyl group, A is a functional group for coupling with a surface or a biologically active material or another thing of use and n is an integer greater than 10.... Agent: Dr. Reddy's Laboratories (eu) Limited

20120125853 - Method for collecting metal: It is an object of the present invention to collect a scarce metal such as iridium from a light-emitting element which is no longer used. A method for collecting a metal is provided in which an organic metal compound which can emit visible light from a triplet excited state at... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120125854 - Oil absorbing article and method for using same: An oil absorbing article which includes an oil absorbent material which is stable against melting at a temperature of at least about 100° F. in an aqueous environment; a receptacle for holding the oil absorbent material having a porous material which is stable against melting at a temperature of at... Agent: Pac, Inc.

20120125855 - Method for treating liquid containing perchlorate ion: The present invention provides a novel and practical method for treating a perchlorate ion-containing liquid. The perchlorate ion-containing liquid is brought into contact with a weak base anion exchange resin, so that perchlorate ions are adsorbed to the weak base anion exchange resin, and then an acid is brought into... Agent: Sumika Chemtex Company, Limited

20120125856 - Nanocomposite solid material based on hexa- and octa- cyanometallates, method for the preparation thereof and method for fixing mineral pollutants using said material: A nanocomposite solid material includes nanoparticles of a metal coordination polymer with CN ligands comprising Mn+ cations, in which M is a transition metal and n is 2 or 3; and anions [M′(CN)m]x− in which M′ is a transition metal, x is 3 or 4, and m is 6 or... Agent: Universite De Montlier Ii

20120125857 - Sorbent for removing protein-bound substances: The invention relates to a sorption agent having improved selectivity properties for removing protein-bound substances from a biological fluid, in particular blood or blood plasma of patients having severe disturbances of the liver function or liver failure and having kidney insufficiency, the sorption agent having: (a) a porous, neutral, hydrophobic... Agent:

20120125858 - Method for separating magnetisable particles from a suspension and associated device: In a method for separating magnetizable particles from a suspension, the suspension is passed through a cylinder-symmetrical separator wherein the substance streams are separated by at least one tubular separation screen. The separator separates the substance stream into a concentrate as well as a so-called tailing and the control of... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120125859 - Method for conditioning and processing whole or thin stillage to aid in the separation of and recover protien and oil fractions: The invention provides a method and apparatus for reducing the energy needed to process stillage in an ethanol refining operation. The method involves adding to stillage an effective amount of at least one processing aid. The flocculant induces the separation of insoluble material that would otherwise remain suspended in water... Agent:

20120125860 - Waste sludge dewatering: Technologies are generally described for processes, compositions and systems for waste sludge dewatering. In an example, the process may include receiving a waste sludge including a water component and an initial content of suspended particulates. The process may include treating the waste sludge with a combination of flocculant produced by... Agent: Tongji University

20120125861 - Method and system for reduction of scaling in purification of aqueous solutions: A method for removing hydrocarbons and scale forming compounds from tap water, contaminated aqueous solutions, seawater, and saline brines, such as produce water, comprising the addition of carbonate ions by CO2 sparging, or divalent cations, so as precipitate calcium and magnesium carbonates by adjusting pH to about 10.2, thus permanently... Agent: Sylvan Source, Inc.

20120125862 - Use of silicon-containing polymers to improve red mud flocculation in the bayer process: The suspended solids content of a Bayer process stream is reduced by contacting the stream with silicon-containing polymers.... Agent: Cytec Technology Corp.

20120125863 - Methods of preparing novel halide anion free quaternary ammonium salt monomers, polymerization methods therefor, and methods of use of the resulting polymers: Methods are provided for making halide-free quaternary ammonium salt monomers. Polymers prepared from the monomers and methods of using the polymers to clarify raw, untreated water or wastewater are also disclosed.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120125864 - Methods for reducing scale formation on and removing deposits from heat transfer surfaces: Disclosed are methods of operating steam generators, particularly evaporators, in hard water environments characterized by high Si and Mg content in which the pHcold of the feed water stream is maintained within a range of about 11 to 12 in order to reduce, eliminate or remove scale from internal evaporator... Agent:

20120125865 - Apparatus and method for picking up particles from the surface of a water system: The invention relates to an apparatus for picking up particles from the surface of a water system, in particular oil, algae or dirt particles, comprising a particle separation space, which is connected to an inflow opening through which water that contains particles can enter the particle separation space, a particle-collecting... Agent: Technische Universitaet Berlin

20120125866 - Nanofibers with improved chemical and physical stability and web containing nanofibers: A non woven web containing water insoluble nanofibers and/or microfibers obtained by an electrospinning process using water based solution containing at least two components, a first component having carboxylic acid and/or anhydride functionalities and a second component having primary and/or secondary amino functionalities, the web being cured upon a heat... Agent:

20120125867 - Flushable filter device: A flushable filter for use in filtering water in a chemical dispensing system has a screen selectively placed in a water flow passage with water flowing from one side of the screen therethrough to a separate side and then to a filtered water outlet. In a flush mode, water is... Agent: Delaware Capital Formation, Inc.

20120125868 - Method of separating two dispersed-phase immiscible liquids: Method of separating two dispersed-phase immiscible liquids. The two liquids are fed into a gravity separator where both liquids are separated by decantation. A first phase consisting of a first liquid is obtained at the bottom of the separator, a second phase consisting of the second liquid is obtained at... Agent:

05/17/2012 > 37 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20120118799 - Self-contained, self-cleaning aqueous liquid sterilizer: A flow through aqueous liquid sterilization apparatus which employs substantially fixed temperatures and pressures and variable flow rates through the apparatus for controllably processing aqueous liquids to achieve predetermined values of SALs. This apparatus is also self-contained and self-cleaning using steam generated by reducing pressure during normal operation, as well... Agent:

20120118800 - Filter device: A filter device for filtering oil leakage amounts from hydraulic systems, wherein hydraulic oil can be sucked from a tank (4) via a suction line (10) and leakage oil can be fed via a leakage oil line (12) to the non-filtered side of a leakage oil filter (16). Filtered leakage... Agent:

20120118801 - Apparatus and method for the treatment of blood with selective extraction of solutes: Extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus and methods including a main treatment unit and an auxiliary treatment unit, along with one or more sensors for determining a parameter related to a pressure drop across the auxiliary treatment unit, and a control unit configured to control a flow regulator at least based on... Agent:

20120118802 - Rainwater filtering device for inflow path: Collected rainwater is led to a rainwater containing section by an inflow path. A water-permeable tube body extends vertically in the middle of a vertical pipe located immediately before a position at which the rainwater flows into the rainwater containing section. A bag-like filter having an open upper end and... Agent: Totetu Mfg. Co. Ltd.

20120118803 - Manually operated continuous flow type driking water disinfector using concentrated solar radiation: The present invention of manually operated continuous flow type concentrated solar drinking water disinfector improves the effectiveness and productivity of disinfection of drinking water for individual families or small communities, without using conventional fossil fuel derived heat or electricity or solar photovoltaic electricity, by clarifying the feed water with alum,... Agent: Council Of Scientific & Industrial Reserarch

20120118804 - Process for decontamination of hazardous sulfur compounds in oilfield produced waters: A system and method treat oilfield produced water by two-stages of hazardous sulfide treatments. In an embodiment, a two-stage oil and gas field produced water treatment system includes an oil removal vessel. The oilfield produced water is introduced to the oil removal vessel. The oil removal vessel removes a portion... Agent: United Laboratories International, LLC

20120118807 - Chromatography apparatus: A chromatographic apparatus is provided comprising a housing, a fluid inlet to the housing, a fluid outlet from the housing, an optional vent and a chromatographic packed bed in the housing. The fluid inlet and fluid outlet and optional vent are provided with connectors that connect a fluid inlet and... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20120118805 - Methods and apparatus for making a chromatography column: Methods for depositing a stationary phase in a tube for chromatography, in particular, as a variable gradient column are disclosed. The methods include providing a tube, loading the tube with a concentration gradient of a stationary phase precursor along its length, and removing the solvent such that the stationary phase... Agent: Nobull Innovation LLC

20120118806 - Methods and apparatus for making a chromatography column: Methods for depositing a stationary phase in a tube for chromatography. The resulting column may be a variable gradient column or a standard open tubular column with a uniform thickness stationary phase. The methods include providing a tube comprising an electrically conductive interior surface and having a composition within the... Agent: Nobull Innovation LLC

20120118808 - Fluidized membrane bioreactor: A fluidized membrane bioreactor comprising a bioreactor including biochemically active organisms; fluidized particles which is a support media to be attached by the organisms; and membranes which permit treated water to pass through except the organisms, wherein the fluidized particles are in direct contact with the membranes. The membranes are... Agent: Inha Industry Partnership Institute

20120118809 - Filter apparatus: The invention relates to a filter apparatus (10) for cleaning functional fluids, especially selected from phosphate esters, phosphate ester-based oils, mineral oils and phenols, comprising a filter housing (12) into which a filter bed (14) has been introduced, especially consisting of a mixture of anionic and cationic ion exchange resin,... Agent:

20120118810 - Pump for a desalination system: A pump assembly to move water past a reverse osmosis membrane, said pump assembly having a first pump (10A) and a second pump (10B) each pump including: a bore having a longitudinal axis and surrounding a chamber; a first partition member extending longitudinally of the chamber; a second partition member... Agent:

20120118811 - Systems, methods and devices relating to a cellularized nephron unit: The present invention relates to bioartificial devices and systems that mimic kidney or nephron function and methods of making them.... Agent: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

20120118812 - Filter cartridge for liquid filtration; assemlby; and, methods: A liquid filter cartridge is provided. Preferred seal arrangements are provided, to provide for preferred axial load conditions, with respect to one or more of the end caps of the cartridge. Some cartridge configurations provided include no core structure or outer liner structure therein, to support axial load. Assemblies using... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20120118813 - Filtration membrane having improved resistance to abrasions: The subject of the invention is a membrane for the cross-flow filtration of a fluid to be treated that contains abrasive particles, comprising a porous support covered over part of its surface with a separation layer having a pore diameter smaller than that of the support, over which the fluid... Agent: Technologies Avancees Et Membranes Industrielles

20120118814 - Pleated filter element with tapering bend lines: A pleated filter element extends axially between an upstream inlet and a downstream outlet along a plurality of axially extending bend lines forming axial flow channels. The bend lines taper in a transverse direction and define a plurality of axially elongated tetrahedron channels facing oppositely to each other.... Agent: Cummins FiltrationIPInc.

20120118815 - Metallic-ceramic composite membranes and methods for their production: Metallic-ceramic composite membranes and methods for producing the metallic-ceramic composite membranes are disclosed. The metallic-ceramic composite membranes include the advantages of a metallic substrate relative to known ceramic substrates, such as high permeability, better mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance, and the advantages of a ceramic membrane, such as high permeability,... Agent:

20120118816 - Non-dewetting porous membranes: Microporous membrane composites that are non-dewetting are disclosed. These microporous membrane composites are wet with solutions of methanol and water and are non-dewetting following autoclave treatment in water. The microporous membrane composites comprise a microporous membrane support that is coated with a crosslinked ionomer comprising hydrophilic groups. Compared to the... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20120118817 - Thiosulfate removal methods and systems: Described herein is a cost effective method and system for removal of thiosulfate from a solution in-line with a process system. The method and system include passing the solution in contact with an open-structured substrate impregnated with a Group 16 element, which results in removal of thiosulfate from the solution... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20120118818 - Hydrocyclone for the separation of fluids: It is disclosed a hydrocyclone type separator having small dimensions for possessing high capacity for fluid processing by virtue of structural characteristics for feeding, of an upper outlet orifice (overflow) and of a lower outlet orifice (underflow). The feeding comprises two equal channels (18), diametrically opposed and curved, wherein the... Agent:

20120118819 - In-situ, microbial bio-remediation of aquatic environments: A method for facilitating growth of microbial communities for in-situ bodies of flowing water for the sake of bio-remediating contaminated water and/or producing useful biomass.... Agent:

20120118820 - Septic system with pressure gradient transport: Septic system design, installation, maintenance and use are described and provided. In embodiments, design, installation, and maintenance of pressure gradients in a septic system serve to transport treatment tank gases, or other gases, downstream, towards or into a leach field, bio-filter, drain field, or other environment. Such transport may promote... Agent:

20120118821 - Process for treatment of wastewater with a modular biological fluidized bed reactor system: A biological wastewater treatment process and modular apparatus wherein activated sludge is recirculated in all of aeration, fluidized bed and return sludge phases in the apparatus.... Agent:

20120118822 - Reducing emissions of vocs from low-pressure storage tanks: An apparatus and method for reducing or controlling VOC emissions from a low-pressure storage tank for a VOC-containing substance stored or transported as a liquid in the storage tank are provided. The apparatus and method include a filter media operatively positioned between a headspace in the storage tank and the... Agent:

20120118823 - Organosilicate based filtration system: Organosilicate compositions of variable charges, hydrophobicity, and porosity, and in particular organosilicate-based molecular filtration devices are disclosed.... Agent: Southern Illinois University Carbondale

20120118824 - Water treatment apparatus and water treatment method: There is provided a water treatment apparatus, including: first membrane filtration means in which a filtration membrane having an average pore diameter of 1 μm or more is used; second membrane filtration means for treating water filtered by the first membrane filtration means, by using a microfiltration membrane or ultrafiltration... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20120118825 - Blood filter and method for filtering blood: The present invention relates to a method for filtering blood to produce plasma or serum and to a blood filter for the production of plasma or serum from a blood sample. The invention further relates to a kit comprising a blood filter for the production of plasma or serum from... Agent: Leukocare Ag

20120118826 - Desalination system: A desalination system based on forward osmosis, that uses a draw solution at high osmotic and gauge pressures to generate mechanical power from the expansion of the draw solution due to water extracted from feed water through a semi-permeable membrane. The extracted water is produced during the regeneration of the... Agent: I.d.e. Technologies Ltd.

20120118827 - Method of concentrating low titer fermentation broths using forward osmosis: The present invention relates to a method for concentrating law titer fermentation broth, and more particularly to a method for concentrating a fermentation broth using forward osmosis. The method comprises: introducing the fermentation broth and an osmolyte into a feed chamber and a draw chamber, respectively, which are included in... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20120118828 - System and method for variable speed feedback control chromatography loading: Disclosed herein is a chromatography system wherein a sensor, for example, a UV sensor, is tied to a continuously variable load pump in a feedback control loop, with an option to divert the feed stream back to the load vessel or reservoir or onto a second chromatography column, the disclosed... Agent: Xcellerex, Inc.

20120118829 - Treatment of contaminated liquids: Contaminants are removed from a quantity of contaminated liquid in a treatment reservoir (2,28) containing a carbon based adsorbent material capable of electrochemical regeneration. The adsorbent material is in the form of a bed supported on a plate (6) at the base of the reservoir. The bed is agitated for... Agent:

20120118830 - Method for conditioning fluids utilizing a magnetic fluid processor: The invention is a process that utilizes a device or processor that includes an elongated housing comprising a core enclosed by a magnetic component in combination with an electrical return path, which affects the electrons within fluids, thereby separating, for example, metals and organic or inorganic materials from fluids, in... Agent:

20120118831 - Process for enhanced remediation of contaminated wastewaters, soils and wasteforms: The present invention provides reagents that may be useful for treating wastes such as impure aqueous materials including wastewater to remove a significant proportion of the heavy metals that may be contained therein. The reagents include a calcium aluminosilicate (CAS) source and may include one or more of the following... Agent:

20120118832 - Ionic polymers, method of manufacture, and uses thereof: wherein each b=0 or 1; X is hydrogen, 1/z of a metal ion of charge z, a protonated nitrogen base, or a tetrasubstituted organic ammonium compound; the molar ratio of q:r:s:t=(100-0.1):(0-99.9):(0-50):(0-30); R1, R2 and R3 are hydrogen or C1-4 alkyl; R4, R5, R6 and R7 are hydrogen, C1-4 alkyl or... Agent: Segetis, Inc.

20120118833 - Method and apparatus for enhanced photocatalytic oxidative decolorization of wastewater containing reactive anthraquinone dye: Disclosed are a method and apparatus for decolorization of reactive anthraquinone dye-containing wastewater using photocatalytic oxidation, which include inducing high-efficiency photocatalytic oxidation under a controlled salt concentration and pH of wastewater to perform effective decolorization of reactive anthraquinone dye-containing wastewater. The method for decolorization of reactive anthraquinone dye-containing wastewater using... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20120118834 - Woven filter fabric for a band filter: The present invention relates to a filter cloth for a belt filter, wherein the filter cloth has an air permeability of 100 l/(min*dm2) to 350 l/(min*dm2) and fibers of the filter cloth have a fiber thickness of 25 μm to 35 μm and contain from 50% by weight to 100%... Agent:

20120118835 - Wash column: A wash column for processing a suspension of solid particles in a liquid comprising a bed forming chamber in which a packed bed of solid particles can be formed, filtrate extraction means for extracting liquid from the suspension as to form the packed bed of solid particles in the bed... Agent:

05/10/2012 > 31 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120111777 - Apparatus for removing impurities from water or wastewater and a method of installing a fluid distribution system therein: An apparatus for removing impurities from water and/or wastewater and a method of installing a fluid distribution system in the apparatus. In the most preferred form of the invention, the fluid distribution system is an air scour system for directing air through the filter bed to assist in cleaning of... Agent:

20120111778 - Manifold & strainer assembly: A waste collection manifold assembly 10 has a housing 13 and a strainer 80. The housing 13 has at least one input port 12A, 12B, 12C, 12D for receiving waste collection products 1 through a vacuum line 4. The housing 13 includes an interior chamber 11 for receiving the waste... Agent:

20120111779 - Floating oil collecting system having surface-level following type suction apparatus: A floating oil collecting system which can collect floating oil containing a very small amount of water is provided. The system includes a liquid-level following type suction apparatus having an intake pipe in which one end is an inlet side end opening upwardly and the other end is connected with... Agent: Eishin Techno Ltd.

20120111780 - Stormwater filtration systems: A stormwater filtration system suitable for treatment of stormwater runoff in a developed environment uses a primary treatment bay that includes a filtration bed with live plant matter. A second treatment bay treats water that exceeds the maximum throughput of the primary bay. A reservoir stores treated runoff to water... Agent:

20120111781 - Chlorinators: Treatment devices for fluid such as water are described. Principally (although not necessarily exclusively) designed for use as chlorinators, the devices may divert water flowing in conduits into the devices for treatment and subsequent return to the flow stream. A return tube of the device may be designed to create... Agent: Zodiac Pool Care Europe

20120111782 - Device for filtration with a set of least one filter cassette: The invention concerns a filtration device comprising a manifold (3) providing fluid connection and mechanical connection comprising a clamping plate (4) movably mounted relative to the manifold (3) and adapted to compress at least one cassette (2) against the manifold (3), means for driving and guiding the clamping plate comprising... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20120111784 - Filtration purpose flat-membrane element, flat-membrane-type separation membrane module, and filtration apparatus: A flat-membrane element is rendered likely to vibrate by air bubbling from an aeration tube. The element has a sheet-shaped filtering membrane that has oppositely positioned portions placed with a space between them being provided as a flowing path for a treated liquid, a supporter that is placed between the... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, Inc.

20120111783 - Permeate tube and related methods: A novel positive traction permeate tube and fittings therefore are described for use in spirally wound membrane filtration elements for filtration and separation applications. Membrane filtration elements incorporate the novel permeate tube. Methods of making the novel positive traction permeate tube are also disclosed as are the preferred sanitary stainless... Agent: Cott Technologies, Inc.

20120111785 - Vertical desalination element: A vertical desalination element comprising a vertical pressure vessel (PV), membrane elements, and a loading mechanism for loading the membrane elements into the vertical PV. The vertical arrangement of the membrane elements and the vertical PV enhances air bubble percolation, increases construction efficiency and allow handling heavy membrane elements. The... Agent: I.d.e. Technologies Ltd.

20120111786 - Filtering apparatus: A filtering apparatus includes a container barrel and a detachable filtering unit detachably mounted inside the container barrel. The detachable filtering unit has a top lid, a bottom lid and a plurality of filter cores sandwiched between the top lid and the bottom lid. Because the filtering apparatus has the... Agent:

20120111787 - Spiral wound reverse osmosis membrane element: The present invention relates to a spiral wound reverse osmosis membrane element which is formed by winding at least one set of water purification membrane module around a central treated water pipe, and each set of the water purification membrane module is formed by laminating a mesh-like treated water flow... Agent: A.o. Smith (shanghai) Water Treatment Products Co., Ltd.

20120111788 - Self cleaning, continuously operating filter apparatus for fluids: The filter apparatus for an incoming liquid which includes a retentate and a permeate includes a housing with a frame and a hollow drum assembly mounted for rotation within the housing. An inlet assembly delivers the incoming liquid under pressure to the drum assembly. A filter assembly is mounted to... Agent:

20120111789 - Anti-viral device: An anti-viral device including a body having at least one side wall defining an interior space therein. The body has opposite first and second open ends, the open ends also defined by the at least one side wall and in fluid communication with the interior space. The device further includes... Agent:

20120111790 - Preparation of high performance ultra filtration hollow fiber membrane: Water as a non-solvent takes the dope very near towards unstable zone, which helps in speeding up the membrane formation process in a diffusion induced phase inversion technique. The dope is then spun through a concentric orifice spinneret and solidified by passing it through a coagulation bath to form hollow... Agent:

20120111791 - Surface deposition of small molecules to increase water purification membrane fouling resistance: The present invention includes methods and compositions for liquid separation and water purification. The present invention includes a purification membrane having a polymer matrix purification membrane that has been treated with hydroquinone, catechol, and/or dopamine coated membrane with a high water flux.... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20120111792 - Apparatus for automatically adsorbing and recycling floating oil on water: The invention relates to oily water treatment equipment, specifically relates to an apparatus for automatically adsorbing and recycling floating oil on water, which includes: base, stand, drive unit, transmission unit, compression unit, the conveyor belt and the oil-absorbing resin set on the surface of the conveyor belt; wherein, the drive... Agent: Suzhou Timelyblue Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

20120111793 - Ammonia-peroxide wastewater treatment system: A method of treating wastewater containing peroxide and ammonia includes performing a first stage peroxide pretreatment of the wastewater with a catalyst, and performing a second stage ammonia separation of the peroxide treated wastewater by a distillation process, thereby producing a concentrated ammonium hydroxide end product that is separated from... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120111794 - Apparatus and process for producing electricity using pressure retarded osmosis during desalination of sea water: Sea water is not suitable for human consumption. Naturally present dissolved chemicals in sea water make it inconsumable. The precipitants and dissolved chemicals need to be separated from water to make it consumable. A combination of aeration system, filtration system, crystallizer, hydrophobic membrane carrying filter and pressure retarded osmosis system... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Organization Name Science And Technology "kacst"

20120111795 - Differentiated human liver cell cultures and their use in bioartificial liver systems: The present invention concerns human hepatocyte cell line cultures and their use in bioartificial liver (BAL) systems. These systems are used to treat subjects suffering from liver failure to temporarily compensate for loss of hepatocellular function and generally comprise a bioreactor loaded with functional liver cells. Until now, it has... Agent: Academisch Ziekenhuis Bij De Universiteit Van Amsterdam

20120111796 - Boron selective ionic liquids and polymeric ionic liquids, methods of making and methods of use thereof: Boron selective ionic liquids and polymeric ionic liquids, methods of making and methods of using the same are disclosed.... Agent: University Of Toledo

20120111797 - Renewable oil absorbent and method thereof: The present document describes an oil absorbent fiber comprising fragments of typha plant inflorescence, absorption apparatus comprising the oil absorbent fibers, as well as method of using the absorbent and/or the apparatus for absorbing oil.... Agent:

20120111798 - Process and means for treatment of an oil spill: A method and a device are described to be able to neutralise the damages from an oil spill at sea or on a lake by rapid addition of an absorbent where this can also be carried out in very poor weather, and also a method to remove oil spills as... Agent:

20120111799 - installation and a method for monitoring the quality of water in a potable water network: a control member (50) for actuating the disinfection device and/or the cutoff valve as a function of data provided by the contamination detector device and the reverse flow detector device, whereby the quality of the water delivered to or returned by the consumer is monitored.... Agent: Veolia Eau - Compagnie Generale Des Eaux

20120111800 - Method and system for harvesting water, energy and biofuel: A method for harvesting potable water and energy from waste that comprises the steps of collecting the waste, separating the waste into a water fraction, a solid fraction, and a gas fraction, sterilizing the water fraction, converting the solid fraction into an energy resource; and scrubbing the gas fraction.... Agent:

20120111801 - Near-field photocatalyst including zinc oxide nanowire: Disclosed is a near-field photocatalyst using a ZnO (ZnO) nanowire. The photocatalyst is advantageous in that low-priced zinc is used instead of titanium, conventionally used as a photocatalyst to reduce expenses, and that it is possible to obtain overvoltage which is sufficient to generate hydrogen using an optical near field... Agent: Postech Foundation

20120111802 - Activated carbon cloth-supported bimetallic pd-cu catalysts for nitrate removal from water: An activated carbon cloth-supported bimetallic Pd—Cu nanocatalyst is disclosed comprising about 1 wt % Pd and about 0.35-0.45 wt % Cu and having a surface Cu/Pd metal ratio of about 8-10 m2/m2. The nanocatalyst is capable of removing nitrate and/or nitrite from wastewater with a high selectivity to nitrogen.... Agent: Technion Research And Development Foundation Ltd.

20120111803 - Water filter-pitcher: A water filter-pitcher includes a water pitcher with at least two chambers separated by at least one filter, and an ozone generator to generate ozone for sanitizing at least internal surfaces of said two chambers.... Agent:

20120111804 - Apparatus and method for purifying thermoplastic polymers: An apparatus for purifying thermoplastic polymers, including a means for generating and conveying a polymer melt, the means including a first heating unit and a filter means, and the filter means including a second heating unit. And a method for purifying thermoplastic polymers, including a step of filtering a polymer... Agent: Krones Ag

20120111805 - Device and method for cleaning a filter cloth: A rotary disc filter device comprises a rotary drum and a plurality of disc-shaped filter members secured about the drum. Each disc-shaped filter member has a filtering material disposed on the outside thereof. A guide bar extends longitudinally across the disc-shaped filter members and has a movable carriage mounted thereon.... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20120111806 - Pulsed sludge bed settling method and device: The invention relates to a pulsed sludge bed settling method for treating all types of liquid, in particular water, and which uses at least one powder or grain reactant, according to which: the liquid and the reactant(s) for the treatment are contained in a tank (1) comprising, at the base... Agent: Degremont

20120111807 - Component preparation system: Disclosed herein are centrifuge-free self-contained systems for aseptically separating components of whole blood comprising at least one cassette for receiving whole blood; at least one red blood cell exclusion filter; at least one leukocyte reduction filters; at least one platelet exclusion filter; a plurality of product cassettes; and optionally a... Agent: New York Blood Center, Inc.

05/03/2012 > 41 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20120103880 - Fuel filter having integrated sensors: A fuel filter assembly for an internal combustion engine includes a molded plastic housing defining an interior filter chamber. A filter element is operatively supported in the filter chamber. Fuel is passed through the filter chamber to remove impurities. At least one sensor is operatively supported by the housing for... Agent:

20120103881 - Water treatment plant with immersed membranes: A liquid treatment plant has sets of membrane trains and processing trains with flow between them through channels. Means of withdrawing permeate and sludge from the trains are described. Cyclic aeration is provided to the membrane trains. Methods of foam control, backwashing and chemical cleaning are described. Single membrane trains... Agent: Zenon Technology Partnership

20120103882 - Device for clarifying wastewater preferably on ships: A device for clarifying wastewater, preferably on ships, having the following features: A tank for untreated water is connected to a pressure tank via a macerator and a feed pump. The pressure tank is connected to a compressed air source so that the untreated water in the pressure tank is... Agent: Hamann Ag

20120103883 - Fluid flow control and debris intercepting apparatus: A fluid flow control and debris intercepting apparatus for controlling the flow of fluid and the introduction of debris into the entrance of a water diversion system such as a curbside storm drain.... Agent:

20120103884 - Filter assembly: A filter assembly includes a disposable filter body and a central support for the disposable filter body. Openings are provided in upper and lower ends of the disposable filter body for receiving a respective end of the central support. The filter assembly also includes a disposable filter cartridge, housed within... Agent:

20120103885 - Disposable apparatus and kit for conducting dialysis: An extracorporeal blood processing system comprises a plastic molded compact manifold that supports a plurality of molded blood and dialysate fluidic pathways along with a plurality of relevant sensors, valves and pumps. A disposable dialyzer is connected to the molded manifold to complete the blood circuit of the system. The... Agent:

20120103887 - Liquid chromatograph system: A channel-switching valve into which a high-pressure liquid and a low-pressure liquid flow is provided. The channel-switching valve includes a stator and a rotor which has a surface in contact with one surface of the stator and rotates while sliding on the contact surface. The stator has a plurality of... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20120103886 - Sample distribution device for distribution of samples in liquid chromatographs: A sample distribution device for distribution of samples in liquid chromatographs comprises a sample supply channel arranged in a holding element. The holding element includes a receiving chamber, with the sample supply channel leading into the receiving chamber. Internally of receiving chamber, a distributing element is arranged. The passage openings... Agent: Bia Separations D.o.o

20120103888 - Waste water recycling system: A wastewater treatment system comprising a first chamber adapted to receive wastewater and arranged to perform a first treatment process (e.g., aerobic and/or anaerobic processes), a second chamber positioned to receiving wastewater from the first chamber and including an ozone contactor assembly that infuses ozone into the second chamber, and... Agent: Aero-stream, LLC

20120103889 - Shaking device for filter plates of filter press: A shaking device for filter plates of a filter press including a fixed support, a movable frame, a sleeve spring device, and a shaking rod. The fixed support includes a main beam and a support crossbeam. The movable frame includes a frame crossbeam and a vertical beam. The movable frame... Agent:

20120103890 - Module for assembly of a disc filter: The present invention refers to a module (2) for assembly of a filter frame (1) for at least one filter disc (not shown) of a rotatable disc filter, which filter frame is provided for supporting at least two filter segments (not shown), which filter segments together form the outer part... Agent:

20120103891 - Multi-leaf reverse osmosis element: A reverse osmosis element is provided. The reverse osmosis element includes a plurality of permeate tubes arranged to form a core frame. The reverse osmosis element further includes a plurality of leaves wound over the core frame. Each leaf of the plurality of leaves is coupled to one permeate tube... Agent: General Electric Company

20120103892 - Separation module: A separation module utilizing a feed spacer and a method for forming such a separation module are provided. A gasket comprising a flexible waterproof material is disposed on at least part of one or more edges of the feed spacer. A membrane layer is disposed on a first surface of... Agent: General Electric Company

20120103893 - Method and apparatus for separating particles from a liquid: A method and device for separating particles from a liquid having particles therein, using a filter sized to permit the liquid to flow through pores, while retaining a substantial portion of the particles on the filter, with an absorbent layer contacting the back of the filter to facilitate liquid movement... Agent: Univenture, Inc.

20120103894 - Reflux backwashing mechanism for automatic fluid filtration: A reflux backwashing mechanism for automatic fluid filtration, includes a hollow shaft sleeve (12) is located inside of the fluid inversion chamber (2); a blade (11) and a baffle plate (10) are connected with the hollow shaft sleeve (12) which is provided with an opening (9) at a position of... Agent:

20120103895 - Vinylidene fluoride resin porous membrane, manufacturing method therefor, and method for manufacturing filtrate water: A porous membrane of vinylidene fluoride resin, including a 10 μm-thick portion contiguous to one surface thereof which comprises network resin fibers having an average diameter of at most 100 nm and shows a porosity A1 of at least 60% as measured by a focused ion beam-scanning electron microscope, and... Agent:

20120103896 - Device for separating a flowing medium comprising mixture into fractions, throughflow tank and method for manufacturing a plate separator device: The invention relates to a device for separating a flowing liquid mixture into at least two fractions with differing mass density, comprising: a plurality of plates disposed substantially parallel to each other and a frame engaging at least substantially round the plates. The invention also relates to a throughflow tank... Agent: Advanced Tail-end Oil Company N.v.

20120103897 - Underdrain flume plate: An underdrain flume plate for use in a filter including at least one central opening having an upstanding flange to interface with a cut-out in an underdrain lateral to form a passageway for connecting the lateral to the flume. The flume plate may also include at least one raised channel... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

20120103898 - Device and method for drinking water purification: The invention relates to a device (2) for drinking water purification, having a water tank (4) for receiving the drinking water (6) to be purified, a pump (8) for transporting the water, and a membrane filter unit (10) which comprises a water inlet (12), a membrane filter (14), a pure... Agent: Aqua Living Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120103899 - Maple tree sap reverse osmosis device: A maple sap reverse osmosis device has a support rack configured and sized to rest atop a tank. The support rack supporting a reverse osmosis device. The reverse osmosis device has a pump line and a dump line both located within the tub. The pump line being located at an... Agent:

20120103900 - Supported liquid inorganic membranes for nuclear waste separation: A system and method for the extraction of americium from radioactive waste solutions. The method includes the transfer of highly oxidized americium from an acidic aqueous feed solution through an immobilized liquid membrane to an organic receiving solvent, for example tributyl phosphate. The immobilized liquid membrane includes porous support and... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20120103901 - Systems and methods of microfluidic membraneless exchange using filtration of extraction outlet streams: A device, system and method for exchanging components between first and second fluids by direct contact in a microfluidic channel. The fluids flow as thin layers in the channel. One of the fluids is passed through a filter upon exiting the channel and is recycled through a secondary processor which... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20120103902 - Personal hemodialysis system including priming sequence and methods of same: A dialysis machine includes a blood circuit, a dialysate circuit, and a dialyzer placed in communication with the blood circuit and the dialysate circuit. The dialysis machine includes a priming sequence in which dialysate is used to prime a first portion of the dialysate circuit and a physiologically compatible solution,... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120103903 - Methods, apparatus, and systems for separating fluids: A device for separating fluids includes a microfluidic channel with one or more wall filters or membranes through which portions of the flow in the microfluidic channel can be removed. The wall filters can have precisely defined pores therein which restrict the removal of certain particles while allowing other particles... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20120103904 - Separation membrane module for oil-containing wastewater treatment, oil-containing wastewater treatment method, and oil-containing wastewater treatment apparatus: Provided is a separation membrane module which is suitable for filtration of oil-containing wastewater. The separation membrane module for oil-containing wastewater treatment separates water-insoluble oil from oil-containing wastewater that has high turbidity and/or high temperature. The separation membrane module for oil-containing wastewater treatment is characterized by using a hollow fiber... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, Inc.

20120103906 - Closed circuit desalination retrofit for improved performance of common reverse osmosis systems: The retrofit technology utilizes pressurized brine of convention RO to feed a Closed Circuit Desalination (CCD) unit; wherein, further desalination takes place to a desired recovery level. The application exemplified in FIG. 4 is of a retrofit unit comprising a Booster Pump (BP2) for raising pressure of inlet feed; a... Agent: Desalitech Ltd.

20120103905 - Microfiltration method and system: A microfiltration method and system for treating production water, for example, from oil and gas operations so that the treated water can be put to a beneficial user(s) such as agriculture, irrigation, industrial or municipal or potable applications. The production water is treated using a ceramic microfilter after pretreatment, for... Agent: Produced Water Development, LLC

20120103907 - Manganese based sorbent for removal of mercury species from fluids: An embodiment of the present invention provides a modified hydrous manganese oxide particle for use as a sorbent for the removal of mercury from a fluid. The modified hydrous manganese oxide particle in one embodiment incorporates sulfur into the manganese oxide matrix. In a further embodiment, the modified hydrous manganese... Agent:

20120103908 - Replacement basket, a system using the replacement basket, and a method for loading the replacement basket: Provided is a replacement basket configured to house a pellet bed through which fluid may pass. The flow direction of the fluid prevents the bed of pellets from fluidizing within the replacement basket. Provided also is a system using the replacement basket and a method of providing pellets in the... Agent:

20120103909 - Particulate cerium dioxide and an in situ method for making and using the same: This disclosure relates generally to methods and compositions for removing contaminants from streams and is particularly concerned with methods and compositions for removing contaminants from municipal wastewaters, municipal drinking waters and recreational waters. The present disclosure is to particulate cerium, more particularly to particulate cerium (IV) formed by an in... Agent: Molycorp Minerals, LLC

20120103910 - Water filter: A water filter comprising a closed shell, a filter media and a valve. The closed shell having an inlet and an outlet. The filter media is within the shell and arranged such that water flowing from the inlet to the outlet passes through the filter media. The filter media is... Agent: Parker Hannifin (uk) Limited

20120103912 - Mixed valency metal sulfide sorbents for heavy metals: A sorbent, suitable for removing heavy metals, including mercury, from fluids containing hydrogen and/or carbon monoxide at temperatures up to 550° C., in the form of a shaped unit comprising one or more mixed-valency metal sulphides of vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt or nickel.... Agent: Johnson Matthey PLC

20120103911 - Synthesis of sodium titanate: This invention relates to a process for producing a sodium titanate that can be utilized in an ion exchange media. The sodium titanate ion exchange media can be subsequently used to remove contaminants such as metals from water in a variety of applications. The sodium titanate can be synthesized by... Agent:

20120103913 - Method for removing metallic ions from contaminated water by sorption onto magnetic particles coated with ligands: A magnetic ligand particle is provided that includes a metal-binding organic ligand attached to a magnetic particle. In some embodiments, the magnetic ligand particle does not include a polymer layer, a metal layer or a metalloid layer in contact with the magnetic particle and/or the ligand. The organic ligand can... Agent:

20120103914 - Centralized sump oil and acid oil treatment process and system: This invention reveals to the public the centralized sump oil and acid oil treatment process and system. The process consist of (1) the filter; (2) entry to reaction kettle, the sodium carbonate solution added at the time of air floatation till PH value keeps about 6.0-8.0; and emulsion splitter and... Agent:

20120103915 - Method and device for purification of arsenic contaminated water: A method of purifying arsenic contaminated water is disclosed. The method comprises of adding to the arsenic contaminated water predetermined quantities of iron and alkali; and passing the water so obtained through a filter medium including rice husk ash. A device for purification of arsenic contaminated water is also disclosed.... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

20120103916 - Use of silicon-containing polymers for improved flocculation of solids in processes for the production of alumina from bauxite: The suspended solids content of a process stream in a process for digesting bauxite ore to produce alumina is reduced by contacting the stream with silicon-containing polymers.... Agent: Cytec Technology Corp.

20120103917 - Water treatment apparatus and a method for cleaning a filter layer of a water treatment apparatus: A water treatment apparatus including one or a plurality of mixed raw water stream jet nozzles (7), a filtering tank (5) housing a filter layer (4) disposed below the mixed raw water stream jet nozzle or nozzles, the filter layer consisting of an upper layer (2) and a lower layer... Agent: Nagaoka International Corporation

20120103918 - Chlorinator for portable spas: An oxidizer generating apparatus having a housing with a fluid inlet at a first end, the inlet leading to a chamber, and a lid attachable to a second end of the housing for closing the chamber. First and second pairs of electrodes are attached to the lid so as to... Agent:

20120103919 - Methods for treating oilfield water: The present invention describes the treatment of contaminated oilfield water, and more particularly, to methods of treating bacteria contaminated and organic chemical contaminated oilfield water to reduce or eliminate such contamination using high-oxidation state iron ions. The described methods involve providing oilfield water wherein the oilfield water has a first... Agent:

20120103920 - Improvements relating to filtration and dewatering apparatus: A filtration apparatus which has a filtration chamber, and the filtration chamber has a fluid inlet, a filtered fluid outlet, a residue outlet, and a filtering element. The filtering element is situated between the fluid inlet and the filtered fluid outlet. The apparatus also includes a wiping member which is... Agent: Liquidstrip Limited

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