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Liquid purification or separation April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 37 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20120097585 - Water purification system with entrained filtration elements: A filter canister is described that includes at least one filter element and a casing formed about the filter element and having sufficient strength to be used in place of a pressure vessel. The filter canister can have first and second ends. A collector tube can be disposed within the... Agent: Advanced Energy Saving Systems

20120097586 - Device for filtering and deaeration of fuel oil with return changeover valve: In a device (1) for filtering and deaeration of liquid fuel, in particular fuel oil, comprising a tank connection (2) for connection to an oil tank, a feed connection (3) for connection to an oil burner feed, a return connection (4) for connection to an oil burner fuel return, a... Agent:

20120097587 - Dialysis device: The invention relates to a dialysis device (1) having a dialysate circuit comprising a first dialyzer (3) and a second dialyzer (5) wherein the first dialyzer (3) is connectable to a blood circulation of a patient via a blood feed line (11) and a recirculation (13), an effluent for a... Agent:

20120097588 - Solid digesting waste treatment unit: The wastewater treatment tank results in high quality effluent meeting what is referred to as “Secondary Treatment Standard. The tank deploys in combination an Facultative Aerobic Bacterial Generators (FABG) that includes a plurality of surrounding horizontally extending bacteria supporting filters disposed in a vertical array along with a second vertical... Agent:

20120097589 - Debris filter: Filters and methods of filtering debris from fluid are detailed. A vortex of debris-laden fluid may be created within a filter, causing certain debris (including, for example, leaves) to settle therein. Some versions of the filters may include two stages, one having a perforated tube and a second having a... Agent: Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

20120097590 - Wastewater treatment system: The wastewater treatment system includes a hollow, elongate, horizontally disposed, cylindrical body made from plastic is adapted for water storage and treatment. The cylindrical body includes reinforcement ribs formed by a helically wound steel band embedded in the plastic and extending between opposite open ends of the elongate cylindrical body.... Agent:

20120097591 - Chromatography apparatus: The invention relates to an apparatus for the chromatographic separation of a substance mixture in liquid form, comprising a stationary phase, wherein the stationary phase is configured in particular as a plate or plate-shaped body, consisting in particular of a porous solid, characterised in that the apparatus comprises at least... Agent:

20120097593 - Connecting element for multilayer media, filter element, and method for connecting laminar media: A connecting element (1) for connecting at least two end portions (2A, 3A) of a flat filter medium (2, 3) has at least three legs (1A, 1B, 1C), one end portion (2A, 2B) each being introducible between two legs (1A, 1B, 1C). Under the influence of heat it is possible... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120097592 - Fluid treatment filter cardridge with high-pressure resistant woven cover: A fluid treatment filtering cartridge having a permeable filtering element and a permeable high-pressure resistant woven tubular fabric external cover formed by a radial weaving loom process that does not use adhesives, thermal bonding or ultrasonic welding techniques is disclosed. The external high-pressure resistant woven cover is secured to end... Agent:

20120097594 - Handle for underdrain: An underdrain block including a top wall, a bottom wall, and a pair of sidewalls defining a hollow interior and having a longitudinal axis, wherein the sidewalls, top wall, or both comprise at least one external detail. A handle is detachably connected to the external detail for transportation and positioning... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

20120097595 - Device for treating hydrogen peroxide water: The present invention provides a device for treating hydrogen peroxide water, the device being capable of carrying out continuous operation and stable efficient treatment even for drainage containing relatively highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide on the order of several percent and the device having a simple configuration and a relatively compact... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20120097596 - Filtering system: Disclosed is a filtering system which facilitates to maximize cleaning efficiency as contrasted with energy consumed for aeration cleaning of a filtering membrane module, and minimize horizontal dependence of an aeration tube, the filtering system comprising first and second aeration tube positioned under a plurality of filtering membrane modules, wherein... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20120097597 - Spiral wound module including membrane sheet with capillary channels: The invention includes a spiral wound module comprising at least one membrane sheet wrapped about a permeate collection tube wherein the membrane sheet (14) comprises a plurality of capillary channels in parallel arrangement with each other and which are in fluid communication with the permeate collection tube (12). Many additional... Agent:

20120097598 - Sequential filter pack for fluids: The present invention relates to a filter pack formed by stacking rings, being used as a final element in multistage or single-stage filters. The filtration process is performed by consecutively separating the particles in suspension according to the thickness thereof in different areas.... Agent: Universidad Politecnica De Madrid

20120097599 - electrokinetic belt press apparatus and a belt therefor: A belt (10) for an electrokinetic belt press (100) comprises a woven material, and having an electrical transfer zone (18) extending longitudinally along the belt (10) between a filtration zone (12) and an edge (22) of the belt (10), the electrical transfer zone (18) comprising a plurality of electrically-conducting warp... Agent:

20120097600 - Molecular exchange device: The present relates to a molecular exchange device. In particular, the molecular exchange device comprises at least one fluid passageway; and an actuator, the actuator positioned to provide a secondary fluid passageway within at least one of the fluid passageways.... Agent:

20120097601 - Module case and hollow fiber membrane module using the same: A hollow fiber membrane module is disclosed, which is capable of preventing a bundle of hollow fiber membranes from being separated from a module case, the hollow fiber membrane module for accommodating a bundle of hollow fiber membranes closely held together through the use of potting agent, including a module... Agent:

20120097602 - Biodegradable or compostable beverage filter cartridge: A biodegradable beverage filter cartridge having: a biodegradable fluid permeable beverage filter component; an openable lid component of biodegradable and/or recyclable material; and a beverage receptacle component composed of an exterior biodegradable heat-resistant structural polymer layer, an inner protective seal layer of biodegradable polymer, and an intermediate biodegradable and/or recyclable... Agent: International Paper Company

20120097603 - Process for fabricating membrane filters, and membrane filters: Membrane filter 20 is disclosed. There is also the process for fabricating membrane filter 20 disclosed that is characterized by comprising the steps of mixing an aqueous solution containing a metal salt and an aqueous solution containing an alkali to prepare nanostrand solution 32 comprising a metal hydroxide, and filtrating... Agent: National Institute For Materials Science

20120097604 - Non-braided, textile-reinforced hollow fiber membrane: Various methods of making a reinforced membrane, devices for making the membranes, and the resulting membranes are described. The methods typically provide a reinforcing structure that includes filaments extending around the circumference of the membrane but without the filaments being part of a braided or woven structure. Some of the... Agent:

20120097605 - Polymer membrane for water treatment: A polymer membrane for water treatment contained a chlorinated vinyl chloride resin with a chlorine content of 58 to 73.2%. According to the present invention, it is possible to provide polymer membranes for water treatment that, along with being able to achieve sufficient filtration capacity and water permeability, have extremely... Agent:

20120097606 - Method for treating wastewater containing ammonia nitrogen: The present invention provides a method for treating wastewater containing ammonia nitrogen, in which an entire nitrification reaction to convert ammonia nitrogen to nitrate nitrogen via nitrite nitrogen is promoted by allowing nitrifying bacteria to perform the nitrification reaction in the presence of an intermicrobial signaling molecule.... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20120097607 - Sewage treatment plant: Waste water conditioning has nearly 150 years of history. During this time, a method has developed that is considered to be state of the art. While this method meets the requirements at hand, it is complicated and expensive. The novel method breaks down the rigidly entrenched method and simplifies it.... Agent:

20120097608 - Suspended media membrane biological reactor system and process including suspension system: A wastewater treatment system is provided comprising a biological reactor having a separation subsystem, a suspension system and a membrane operating system. The separation subsystem is constructed and arranged to maintain adsorbent material in the biological reactor with a mixed liquor. The suspension system is positioned in the biological reactor... Agent:

20120097609 - Methods and systems for treatment of aqueous oily solutions: A method for treatment of an aqueous oily solution includes combining the aqueous oily solution with one or more miscible organic solvents to produce a mixture of precipitated solids and a liquid phase; separating the precipitated solids from the liquid phase; separating the liquid phase at least into an organic... Agent:

20120097611 - Composite adsorbent from natural raw material and using the same to remove heavy metal from industrial waste water: An adsorbent composition and method of cleaning the industrial waste water using the composite is described. The method for removing heavy metals from contaminated water is done by mixing contaminated water having a concentration of one or more heavy metals with an adsorbent composite comprising granules of a mixture of... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Organization Name Science And Technology "kacst"

20120097610 - Method and apparatus for microfiltration to perform cell separation: A microfiltration apparatus and method for separating cells, such as circulating tumor cells, from a sample using a microfiltration device having a top porous membrane and a bottom porous membrane. The porous membranes are formed from parylene and assembled using microfabrication techniques. The porous membranes are arranged so that the... Agent:

20120097612 - Organic fluid permeation through fluoropolymer membranes: Separation of the components of liquid mixtures is achieved by contacting a liquid mixture with a nonporous membrane having a fluoropolymer selectively permeable layer and imposing a pressure gradient across the membrane from feed side to permeate side. Unusually high transmembrane flux is obtained when the membrane is subjected to... Agent: Cms Technologies Holdings, Inc.

20120097613 - Imprinted polymer nanoparticles: The present invention relates to imprinted polymer nanoparticles. In particular, the present invention provides imprinted polymer nanopaticles polymerized in the presence of a target molecule (e.g., peptide), wherein the imprinted polymer nanoparticles comprise vinyl, acryl, and/or methacryl monomers, wherein the monomers have affinity for the target molecule. The present invention... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120097614 - Norm removal from frac water: A method for treating low barium frac water includes contacting a frac water stream with a radium selective complexing resin to produce a low radium stream, passing the low radium stream through a thermal brine concentrator to produce a concentrated brine; and passing the concentrated brine through a thermal crystallizer... Agent: General Electric Company

20120097615 - Method and apparatus for de-oiling magnetic solid waste: Disclosed are a method and apparatus for treating oil-containing particulates such as mill sludge comprising applying a treatment solution to a particulate feed stream to form a treated slurry, applying a mechanical disrupter to the treated slurry to reduce an average particulate size, applying a magnetic separator to the treated... Agent:

20120097616 - Hydrocyclone, system and method for cleaning cellulose suspensions: The present invention concerns a hydrocyclone for cleaning cellulose suspensions from light impurities i.e. a so called reverse hydrocyclone, having a base end and an apex end and a separation chamber having an elongated shape between the base end and the apex end, at least one inlet arranged at the... Agent:

20120097617 - Storm water filter systems: A filter system for a storm drain having an inlet is disclosed. The filter system may be configured to receive storm water having debris and to separate at least a portion of the debris from the storm water to produce filtered storm water. The filter system may include a pervious... Agent: Xeripave

20120097618 - Aeration control valve system for water treatment system and methods for using same: An aeration control valve system may be used with a water treatment system to control aeration and flow of water in accordance with various operating cycles. The aeration control valve system pumps air into the water treatment system to provide an air charge for aerating the water to facilitate water... Agent: R.e. Prescott Co., Inc.

20120097619 - Method for keeping ozone of high concentration while turning on an electrolysis-type ozone device: A method for keeping ozone of high concentration while turning on an electrolysis-type ozone device is provided with an ozone generator, a pure water tank, a pipe, another pipe, the other pipe, an ozone gas delivery pipe, and a DC power supply that provides electricity for the ozone generator and... Agent:

20120097620 - Method and device for treating ballast water with acrolein: A apparatus for treating ballast water with acrolein which is to be connected to a main ballast water line of a ballast water unit, comprises a reactor device to which acrolein derivate and water is to be fed for generating an aqueous acrolein solution, a branch line which is connected... Agent:

20120097621 - Method for filtering sludge solids from sludge liquids: A method of filtering sludge solids from sludge liquids utilizing a sludge filter comprised of a rigid, yet deformable, filter media and a support net. The support net includes a front surface adjacent the filter media and a rear surface opposite the filter media, the rear surface having a plurality... Agent:

04/19/2012 > 29 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120091045 - System and process for removing nitrogen compounds and odors from wastewater and wastewater treatment system: A wastewater treatment system includes independent wastewater treatment facilities. Each of the facilities has a number of wastewater treatment subsystems. A wastewater collection subsystem holds wastewater to be treated. A pump subsystem moves wastewater from a wastewater collector to a filtration subsystem having a bioreacting filter. The filter has a... Agent:

20120091046 - Water reservoir with a water purification function: A water reservoir includes a water storage unit having an external water pipe connected to an external water source and one or a number of internal water pipes suspending therein, airstones wrapped about each internal water pipe corresponding to jet holes of each internal water pipe, and an ozone generator... Agent:

20120091047 - Oil reservoir comprising an oil filter: An oil reservoir having an oil inlet fitting and at least one oil outlet fitting for connecting to a hydraulic system. The reservoir comprising a housing having a lower housing part and a reservoir cover which is connected to the lower housing part and includes an integrated oil filter. An... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20120091048 - Chamber for a blood treatment system, blood tubing system, and blood treatment system: The present invention relates to a chamber for a blood treatment system having a blood inlet and a blood outlet, a filter element for air separation which is arranged at the head side with respect to the position of the chamber in the operating state and which can be decoupled... Agent:

20120091049 - Probe for water treatment: A water treatment sensor includes a housing having a bottom with an exterior surface in contact with a flow path of a fluid and an interior surface. First and second probes spaced from one another extend from the exterior surface and into the flow path. A first circuit electrically connects... Agent: Delaware Capital Formation, Inc.

20120091050 - water treatment device: A water treatment system, for example for treating grey water from domestic appliances comprises a water treatment device containing a filter media through which the water passes to remove particulates and bio-matter. The device has a lid provided with a spraying device. The spraying device may, for example, receive treated... Agent: Aquacys Limited

20120091051 - Filter having drain valve with mechanical lock: A filter with a drain valve is provided. The drain valve mounts within an opening of a housing of the filter. The drain valve has a knob mounted to a valve member thereof. At least one locking structure is disposed between the knob and the valve member to mechanically lock... Agent: Baldwin Filters, Inc.

20120091052 - Brine filtering device, applied to a meat product injection machine: A brine filtering device, applicable to a meat product injection machine, including a pre-filtering unit with two pre-filtration drums arranged to rotate coaxially about a horizontal axis and a safety filtering unit with at least one safety filter sleeve submerged in a tank and connected to an outlet. An inlet... Agent: Metalquimia, S.a.

20120091053 - Dialysis systems and related components: A cassette is described for holding circuit components used with a hemodialysis machine.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20120091054 - Integral oil filter and wrench: The present invention provides an oil filter with an integrally-attached installation/removal tool and to an apparatus and method for quickly and efficiently removing and/or installing an oil filter without the need for additional tools. An additional aspect of the present invention is to provide an oil filter installation/removal tool that... Agent:

20120091055 - Filter device for cleaning of water polluted with solid particles and/or dissolved pollutants: The invention relates to a filter device for cleaning water polluted with solid particles and/or dissolved pollutants, particularly surface water from streets or roof runoffs, comprising a housing (12), which has at least one inlet (13) for polluted water and at least one outlet (14) arranged upstream of the inlet... Agent: 3p Technik Filtersysteme Gmbh

20120091056 - Method for producing carbon film, carbon film and separator: A method for producing a carbon membrane of the present invention is a production method where a carbon membrane obtained by subjecting a carbon-containing layer to thermal decomposition in an oxygen inert atmosphere while sending a gas mixture containing an oxidizing gas thereinto is thermally heated. The carbon membrane is... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20120091057 - Wetland biofilter chamber with peripheral catch basin and method of use thereof: A horizontal flow water treatment method and wetland biofilter apparatus provides a chamber with impermeable outer walls spaced away from permeable interior walls of a media filtration bed such that a catch basin is formed between the outer walls and the interior walls. The catch basin creates an open area... Agent:

20120091058 - Modular bioreactor system: A modular, vertical bioreactor system includes a plurality of vertical bioreactor chambers each of which encloses an interior volume and has a height dimension which is greater than its width dimension; a drain manifold which maintains the bioreactor chambers in a spaced apart relationship and defines a fluid channel which... Agent:

20120091059 - Passive chip-based droplet sorting: An apparatus for passive sorting of microdroplets including a main flow channel, a flow stream of microdroplets in the main flow channel wherein the microdroplets have substantially the same diameter and wherein the flow stream of microdroplets includes first microdroplets having a first degree of stiffness and second microdroplets having... Agent:

20120091060 - Filtration method and device: A filtration method for a filtration device, the filtration device including a process tank, at least one feed line feeding a medium to be processed into the process tank, and at least one filtration arrangement arranged in the process tank. The process tank includes at least one drain and is... Agent: Gea Mechanical Equipment Gmbh

20120091061 - Apparatus and process for desalination of brackish water using pressure retarded osmosis: Water from underground and other sources is brackish and not suitable for human consumption. Naturally present dissolved chemicals in water make it brackish. The precipitants and dissolved chemicals need to be separated from water to make it consumable. A combination of aeration systems, filtration systems, crystallizers and hydrophobic membrane carrying... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Organization Name Science And Technology "kacst"

20120091062 - Osmotic desalination process: An energy efficient desalination process that does not produce waste products involves the extraction of water from a first solution, such as seawater, by using a second concentrated solution to draw the water from the first solution across a semi-permeable membrane. By manipulating the equilibrium of the soluble and insoluble... Agent: Yale University

20120091063 - Method in a chromatography system: A method for determining binding capacities of a chromatography column (1; 39, 47, 59; 107, 109, 111, 113), comprising: detecting a feed signal (21; 201) representative of the composition of a feed material provided to the inlet of the column; detecting an effluent signal (23; 203, 205, 207, 209) representative... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20120091064 - Process for preparing porous metal-organic framework materials: reacting a reaction mixture in the liquid phase of at least one copper compound having at least one at least bidentate, organic compound which can bind by coordination to the copper in the presence of a nonaqueous solvent, the at least one at least bidentate, organic compound being derived from... Agent: Basf Se

20120091065 - Methods and apparatus for treating water and wastewater employing a cloth disk filter: Methods and apparatus for treating water and wastewater include the step of flowing a suspended solids stream generally upward through a sludge blanket region of a cloth disk filter vessel, thus forming a partially treated effluent composition and a solids-enriched sludge blanket. The partially treated effluent composition is allowed to... Agent: Ashbrook Simon-hartley Operations, Lp.

20120091066 - Capturing and storing excess co2 by seeding melt water lakes from glacial masses with metal hydroxides: A method of capturing and storing excess carbon dioxide (CO2) includes seeding melt water lakes formed on glacial masses with metal hydroxides. The excess CO2 is then stored as a precipitate from the seed of CO2 and metal hydroxides. Further, a method to apply nutrient minerals directly to pack-ice and... Agent:

20120091067 - Fixation filter assembly: A filter assembly is provided for collecting samples in a fluid environment, the assembly utilizing a laminar convective flow to cause the flow of a preservative/fixative and a filtrate through a filter. A substantially concave dead space around the filter is flushed free of the preservative and the differential in... Agent: Mclane Research Laboratories, Inc.

20120091068 - Method for photocatalytic water purification: The present invention relates to a process for the purification of a contaminant-containing stream by bringing the stream to be purified into contact with a heterogeneous photocatalyst with irradiation with light, where the bringing into contact takes place in the presence of at least one compound dissolved in the stream... Agent: Basf Se

20120091069 - Method and system for the sustainable cooling of industrial processes: A method and system for treating water, and using the treated water for the cooling of industrial processes is disclosed. The water is treated and stored in a large container or artificial lagoon, has high clarity and high microbiological quality. A system of the invention generally includes a containing means,... Agent: Crystal Lagoons Corporation LLC

20120091071 - Liquid pump apparatus and method: Embodiments of the invention provide liquid pump apparatus. The apparatus may comprise an immersion assembly comprising at least one immersion member having a liquid conduit provided therein along at least a portion of a length thereof, the immersion assembly being arranged whereby in use at least a portion of the... Agent:

20120091070 - Multi-stage water treatment and enrichment method and apparatus: Some embodiments provide a multi-stage water treatment and enrichment apparatus with an upper water reservoir, a lower water reservoir, a cartridge that is composed of a porous filter and multiple seep through chambers that treat and enrich water, a water dispensing tap valve, and a preservation cartridge. Collectively, these components... Agent:

20120091072 - Removal of microorganisms from fluid samples using nanofiber filtration media: A method for removing microorganisms from liquid samples and a nanofiber containing liquid filtration medium that simultaneously exhibits high liquid permeability and high microorganism retention. Microorganisms such as bacteria, particularly B. Diminuta, are removed from a liquid by passing the liquid through a porous nanofiber containing filtration medium having a... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20120091073 - Circular clarifier cleaning system: The circular clarifier cleaning system includes a mainframe to which all various components are attached for the prevention of growth and accumulation of the algae and debris. The components within the system include gravity-driven, horizontal and vertical sweeping chains. The outer trough wall, V-notch weirs, baffle plate wall, and inner... Agent:

04/12/2012 > 26 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20120085687 - Unihousing portable water filtration system: P

20120085688 - Grinder pump basin system: A grinder pump basin system is provided which includes a basin; a cover plate; a bracket secured to the cover plate; and a grinder pump with cutter plate with openings and a cutter blade secured to the bracket above a bottom surface of the basin. The bracket includes a front... Agent: Zoeller Pump Company, LLC

20120085689 - Oil filtering and distributing device for supplying two oil pumps of an aircraft engine: An oil filtering and distributing device for supplying a first oil pump and a second oil pump of an aircraft engine, the pumps sucking up oil in a common housing, the device including a casing with a lower part and an upper part; a first sleeve coupling for supplying the... Agent: Societe De Motorisations Aeronautiques

20120085690 - primary treatment unit and system for maximising the amount of methane-containing biogas collected from sewage: The invention provides a primary treatment unit and system for the collection of methane-containing biogas from sewage. The primary treatment unit is configured to separate sewage settling and sludge digestion into separate regions or chamber of the tank. The settling region is adapted to receive the sewage and output liquid... Agent: Clearford Industries Inc.

20120085691 - Fluid treatment apparatus: Fluid purification or treatment apparatus (10) for treating or purifying contaminated liquids such as water which includes at least one upright elongated primary treatment chamber (11) having an inlet (14) for fluid to be treated at an upper end of the chamber (11) such that fluid flows downwardly through the... Agent: Snapdragon Investments Limited

20120085692 - Integrated high throughput system for the analysis of biomolecules: Described is an affinity microcolumn comprising a high surface area material, which has high flow properties and a low dead volume, contained within a housing and having affinity reagents bound to the surface of the high surface area material that are either activated or activatable. The affinity reagents bound to... Agent:

20120085693 - Automatic tilting oil skimmer frame: An oil skimmer includes a frame for attaching a porous collection bag. The frame automatically tilts in response to water flow, relative to the frame, and the frame automatically returns to its original (“neutral”) position when the water flow ceases. In the tilted position, the frame orients a portion of... Agent: Seacor Environmental Services, Inc.

20120085694 - Algae harvesting devices: Systems and methods for filtering and collecting algae from fluid including a piston and pressurized air system to scrape and clean algae from the filter.... Agent: Heliae Development, LLC

20120085695 - Carbon nanotube wetlaid depth media: Disclosed is a media (such as a filter media) having one or more carbon nanotube (CNT)-containing layer. Each CNT-containing layer contains high temperature refractory fibers (e.g., staple quartz fibers and/or ceramic refractory fibers) that have melting temperatures greater than about 600° C. and in situ grown CNTs. Substantially all of... Agent: Lydall, Inc.

20120085696 - Filter element and method for its production: A filter element includes a pleated filter medium including pleat valleys and pleat walls. The filter medium has a base body including a first flank and a first plastic reinforcement joined to the first flank of the pleated filter medium and accommodating the pleat valleys and pleat walls of the... Agent: Carl Freudenberg Kg

20120085697 - Cast-on-tricot asymmetric and composite separation membranes: The present invention the manufacture of a membrane for gas and liquid separations in which a polymer layer is applied directly to a tricot fabric instead of the conventional cloth or glass or metal substrate.... Agent: Uop LLC

20120085698 - Method for preparing composite multilayer porous hollow membrane and device and product thereof: A method for preparing a composite multilayer porous hollow fiber membrane and the device and product thereof. The method comprises preparing uncured porous hollow fibers with larger pore diameters as the inner supporter of the membrane from thermoplastic macromolecule polymer resins by thermal induced phase separation method and then bonding... Agent:

20120085699 - System, apparatus and process for extraction of bitumen from oil sands: An extraction system and process for extracting bitumen from a slurry containing bitumen, solids and water. The system comprises a cyclone separation facility for separating the slurry into a solids component stream and a bitumen froth stream with the bitumen froth stream including water and fine solids. The bitumen froth... Agent: Suncor Energy Inc.

20120085700 - Devices for water treatment: A device for use in water comprising a carrier having an interior cavity and one or more openings allowing ingress to and egress from the interior cavity; and a moss contained within the interior cavity in which the carrier completely encloses the moss.... Agent: Embro Corporation

20120085701 - Process and plant for treating a water stream: A process for treating a water stream containing dissolved organic carbon and dissolved salts comprises subjecting the water stream to reverse osmosis after a pre-treatment step to reduce the amount of dissolved organic carbon directed in water to the reverse osmosis treatment step. The preferred pre-treatment step is a membrane... Agent:

20120085702 - Sewage nitrate removal by free-draining asphyxiant filtration and carbon addition: In a sewage disposal system, a de-nitrification station is configured as a heap of foam cubes located in an airtight enclosure from which oxygen is excluded. Carbon is added to the incoming nitrified water. The heap of foam cubes is arranged as a free-draining trickle filter, but here under asphyxiant... Agent: RowanwoodIPInc.

20120085703 - Distributed facultative bacteria water treatment system with membrane biological reactor package plant augmentation: The invention is directed to wastewater treatment and wastewater reuse. A distributed biological treatment system for modification of the sewer biofilm through the mechanism of competitive exclusion by strategic dosing with facultative bacteria is illustrated, in conjunction with a novel membrane biological reactor (MBR)/biological breeding reactor (BBR) package plant, a... Agent:

20120085704 - Systems and methods for automated control of mixing and aeration in treatment processes: A system and method for automatically controlling aeration and mixing processes are disclosed.... Agent: Enviro-mix, LLC

20120085705 - Wastewater chemical/biological treatment method for open water discharge: A wastewater treatment method employing chemicals for disinfection, and precipitation of suspended solids, heavy metals and phosphates before subsequent aerobic bacterial biological treatment using Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria to remove ammonia and nitrates/nitrites and BOD compounds to produce recovered treated wastewater suitable for open water discharge.... Agent: Earth Renaissance Technologies, LLC

20120085706 - Method and article of manufacture for solvent extraction operation: The present invention relates to a method and article for manipulating an amount of organic material entrained in an aqueous phase of a solvent extraction process. The method includes estimating an interfacial shear stress between an aqueous phase and an organic phase of a solvent extraction apparatus, estimating an amount... Agent: Freeport-mcmoran Corporation

20120085707 - Systems and methods for compensation of compliant behavior in regenerative dialysis systems: In a regenerative dialysis system, in a method for controlling a regenerative dialysis system, and in a controller for a regenerative dialysis system, an embodiment of the system comprises an input pump that pumps fresh dialysate fluid into a dialyzer at an input rate. An output pump pumps used dialysate... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20120085708 - Mesoporous activated carbon and methods of producing same: Mesoporous activated carbon is disclosed. In at least some embodiments, virgin activated carbon to be processed may be coconut shell-based. The enhanced activated carbon may have a mesopore structure of at least about 10%. The enhanced activated carbon may be produced through a calcium-catalyzed activation process. A chelator may also... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20120085709 - Removing oil from the surface of a body of water: A method of removing oil from the surface of a body of water is provided. The method comprising collecting oil on the surface using a plurality of floating booms moved by a vessel floating on the surface, skimming oil collected by the booms using a moving continuous belt carried by... Agent:

20120085710 - Method and apparatus for providing and using hydrogen-based methanol for denitrification purposes: A green process for denitrification using a methanol-containing liquid generated by a catalytic reaction of a starting material formed by mixing carbon dioxide gas with hydrogen gas. This process can advantageously be used for denitrification in waste water treatment plants and, if the hydrogen is generated from water and/or methane... Agent: Silicon Fire Ag

20120085711 - Process for the oxidation of waste alkali under superatmospheric pressure: The invention relates to a process for the treatment of a used waste alkali, in which the used waste alkali is oxidized at a superatmospheric pressure in the range from 60 bar to 200 bar. The pressure of the used waste alkali L is increased and then heated by indirect... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

20120085712 - Filter apparatus and method: A filter apparatus includes a first sample material section. A second filter section, with a second filter, is connected with the first sample material section and a third filter section, with a third filter, is connected with the second filter section. A retaining vessel is provided within which the first... Agent:

04/05/2012 > 27 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20120080363 - Positive pressure, conditioned drying gas, gravity operated, mobile, dewatering system for hydraulic, lubricating and petroleum based fluids: A high throughput, positive pressure, gravity operated dewatering system for hydraulic fluids, lubricating fluids, and petroleum based fluids comprises a gravity operated dewatering chamber receiving the industrial fluid and a source of positive pressure drying air coupled to the dewatering chamber.... Agent: Schroeder Industries, LLC

20120080364 - Water provisioning system for kitchen: The water provisioning system mainly contains a selection switch, a water volume switch, a human-machine interface (HMI), a RO waste water recycling device, an electromagnetic valve, a RO water purification device, an antichlor device, a aeration pipe assembly, a first ozone module, and a second ozone module. The selection switch... Agent:

20120080365 - Bioretention box: The bioretention box includes a vault, a lid and a removable grate positioned within the lid, the combination of the vault, lid and grate being positionable with a dugout subgrade region and capable of supporting vehicular traffic within a parking area. Within the bioretention box is a treatment region to... Agent: Bcra Engineering

20120080366 - Device for filtering lubricants of a wind turbine transmission: A device for filtering lubricants of a wind turbine transmission includes a lubricant inlet and a lubricant outlet. Lubricants of the wind turbine transmission are carried from the lubricant inlet to the lubricant outlet. The device further includes a filter element which is arranged between the lubricant inlet and the... Agent:

20120080367 - In-tank fuel delivery module having an accessible fuel filter: A fuel delivery module includes a fuel filter housing and a cover. The fuel filter housing defines a cavity configured to receive at least a portion of a fuel filter. A first end portion of the fuel filter housing includes a flange configured to be disposed outside of and coupled... Agent: Synerject, LLC

20120080368 - Device for purifying water: The invention relates to a device (2) for purifying water (6, 9) contaminated with organic substances, that is drained or collected from filters, especially fuel filters (4) or elements of a fuel system. Said device is characterised in that hydroxyl radicals are formed from the water (6, 9) by means... Agent:

20120080369 - Spool valve manifold interconnect for a filter system: A filter cartridge and spool valve manifold assembly includes a filter cartridge and a spool valve manifold. The filter cartridge includes a filter element and inlet/outlet portion in fluid communication with the filter element. The inlet/outlet portion has a cartridge inlet port and a cartridge outlet port. The spool valve... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120080370 - Water treatment apparatus: A water treatment apparatus includes a tank, a driving unit, a filtered-water pipe, a filtering unit and at least one scraping unit. The tank includes a wall, an inlet pipe extending through an upper portion, and an outlet pipe extending from a lower portion. The driving unit is located on... Agent:

20120080371 - Leaf filter system and replaceable filter leaf apparatus: Filter and replaceable filter leaf apparatus are provided. The filter includes a housing defining a cavity having fluid inlet and outlet ports and a lid member with a manifold coupled to the outlet port and being adapted to conduct a fluid flow between the outlet port and a plurality of... Agent:

20120080372 - Filter system with fuel-water separator: A canister filter system includes a base, a canister attachable to the base, and a fluid separator filter having filter media positioned inside the canister. A drain engages and forms a seal with the filter in a closed position. In an open position, the drain allows fluid to be removed... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120080373 - Anisotropic filtration media and method of making: A method of making an anisotropic filtration media includes, foaming a media, straining the media in a selected direction, and relieving strain of the media in the selected direction... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120080374 - Ozone and anaerobic biological pretreatment for a desalination process: In one embodiment, a method of treating a source water containing at least one toxin is provided, the method comprising: (i) exposing a source water to a gas comprising ozone under a condition that promotes an interaction between the toxin and the ozone; and then (ii) subjecting the treated source... Agent: Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering, Inc.

20120080375 - Method and device for manufacturing filtered liquids: A method for producing filtered liquid, in particular sterile water, in a filtration device with at least one membrane unit during in each case a production cycle delimited by membrane backwash cycles of each membrane unit, in the production process at least one respective production liquid volume of a production... Agent: Krones Ag

20120080376 - Use of desalination brine for ion exchange regeneration: One embodiment provides a method of regenerating an ion exchange medium, the method comprising: (i) providing an ion exchange medium comprising at least one first multivalent cation; (ii) providing an effluent comprising at least one monovalent cation and optionally at least one second multivalent cation, wherein the effluent comprises a... Agent: Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering, Inc.

20120080377 - Biomimetic membranes and uses thereof: A liquid membrane system is disclosed in the form of a biochannel containing bulk liquid membrane (BLM), biochannel containing emulsion liquid membrane (ELM), and biochannel containing supported (immobilised) liquid membrane (SLM), or a combination thereof, wherein said liquid membrane system is based on vesicles formed from amphiphilic compounds such as... Agent: Aquaporin A/s

20120080378 - Thin film composite membranes for forward osmosis, and their preparation methods: Forward osmosis membranes having a hydrophilic support layer and a polyamide rejection layer in a thin film composite membrane are considered. Preferred support layer materials include aramid polymers and PVDF. A woven or non-woven mesh can be incorporated into the support layer to improve handling properties of the membrane. Flat... Agent:

20120080379 - Method and production plant for producing sterile water: A method of producing sterile water from raw water during a production cycle in a production plant P, including adding a disinfectant to the produced sterile water during the production cycle to permanently monitor the condition of the sterile water and/or the production plant, and determining and evaluating a reduction... Agent: Krones Ag

20120080380 - Thin film composite membranes incorporating carbon nanotubes: Processes for manufacturing a thin film composite membrane comprising multi-walled carbon nanotubes include contacting under interfacial polymerization conditions an organic solution comprising a polyacid halide with an aqueous solution comprising a polyamine to form a thin film composite membrane on a surface of a porous base membrane; at least one... Agent: General Electric Company

20120080381 - Thin film composite membranes incorporating carbon nanotubes: Processes for manufacturing a thin film composite membrane comprising multi-walled carbon nanotubes include contacting under interfacial polymerization conditions an organic solution comprising a polyacid halide and carbon nanotubes with an aqueous solution comprising a polyamine to form a thin film composite membrane on a surface of a porous base membrane,... Agent: General Electric Company

20120080382 - Method and apparatus for regeneration of extraction solution in metal extraction processes: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for restoring the extractive potential of organic hydroxyoxime-based extraction solution used in the recovery of metals by liquid-liquid extraction. The method is two-stage, in which an aqueous solution of hydroxylamine or some hydroxylamine compound is used in the reaction stage, and the... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20120080383 - Waste treatment process: A process for treating waste includes reacting a feedstock in a reactor to form an effluent. The feedstock is part of a reaction mixture that includes sulfuric and nitric acid. The effluent is separated into a liquid fraction and a solid fraction. Heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, mercury,... Agent: Earth Renewal Group, LLC

20120080384 - Method and apparatus for a parallel bypass filtration system for internal combustion engines and similar systems: The present invention teaches a method and apparatus to quickly and inexpensively implement advanced filtration to engines and systems using spin-on oil filter by using a system adapter sandwiched between the spin-on oil filter and the engine block affixed by a nipple adapter. The system adapter has the ability to... Agent:

20120080385 - Facility for treating an aqueous fluid by contact with a fluidised bed of coagulated activated carbon in powder form: e

20120080386 - Fuel supply system of an internal combustion engine and method for separating water from fuel: A fuel filter system having a fuel filter (14) and water separation device (20), a water collecting chamber (24) with a drain line (26, 28) and controllable water discharge valve (30). A cleaning component (32) is disposed in the drain line behind the water discharge valve (30). A suction line... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120080387 - Method for tracking pollution source in process water: A method for tracking a pollution source in process water is presented. Firstly, variation curves of drain water drained from different rinsing tanks are respectively obtained, and a water quality concentration of the drain water drained to a buffer tank is detected, so as to output a water quality variation... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120080388 - Waste water storage and treatment system and method: A multi-chamber basin is sized to collect excess waste water exceeding the processing capacity of a sewage system. In order to disinfect the waste water exceeding the basin capacity, disinfectant is added at a point in the system after the first basin. After the rain event is over and there... Agent:

20120080389 - Sox remediation in manufacturing operations: Method for SOx remediation in a manufacturing operation includes providing a process stream including an organic compound and an amount of a sulfur-containing compound, an oxidation stream including at least one chemical oxidant, and combining at least a portion of the oxidant stream with at least a portion of the... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

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