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Liquid purification or separation March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 27 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20120074048 - Silt and debris filtering system for storm drains: An apparatus for removing debris from water passing through a storm drain comprises a frame adapted to be positioned underneath a storm grate for receiving the water, the frame having a bottom side and major and minor sidewalls, the major sidewalls having openings therein for allowing water to pass; and... Agent:

20120074049 - Filter assembly having metal material improvement: A filter is provided with at least one metal component other than tin coated steel. A suitable metal material may be nickel flash treated steel or other than comparative metal material.... Agent: Baldwin Filters, Inc.

20120074050 - Swimming pool cleaner with a rigid debris canister: A swimming pool cleaner of the type movable along an underwater pool surface to clean debris therefrom. The pool cleaner includes a body having a debris inlet and a debris outlet. A rigid debris-collection canister is secured to the body over the debris outlet to collect debris in the rigid... Agent: Poolvergnuegen

20120074051 - Fluid distributor unit: A fluid distributor unit comprising a channel system where one or more inlet channels (2) starting on an inlet side (3) of the distributor unit branch out successively into several channels (6) ending on the other side of the distributor unit, called the outlet side (4), characterised in that said... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20120074052 - Chemical dispenser: A chemical dispensing device for delivering chemical solutions into a liquid flow, alone or in combination with a filter cartridge, wherein said chemical solution is created by dissolving solid chemical contained within a chemical cartridge, the device having an upper conduit member with a sealing flange, flow openings, an internal... Agent:

20120074053 - Fluid control manifold for membrane filtration system: Disclosed herein are apparatus and methods for filtering a fluid including a filter module assembly coupled to a manifold. The manifold may include a manifold inlet in fluid communication with a source of feed liquid, an outlet in fluid communication with header of the filter module assembly, a fluid passageway... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20120074054 - Tubesheet and method for making and using the same: A tubesheet, modules incorporating tubesheets and methods for making and using the same. In one embodiment the invention includes a tubesheet comprising: i) a plurality of aligned semi-permeable hollow fiber membranes each comprising a cylindrical porous structure surrounding a lumen and extending between a first and second end and further... Agent:

20120074055 - Textured surface items and method and apparatus for applying indicia to items with textured surfaces: A method of applying indicia to an item having a textured surface is disclosed herein, the method including the steps of: applying a textured paint to an exterior surface of the item; and applying the indicia to the exterior surface by an offset printing process. Also disclosed herein is a... Agent:

20120074056 - Hollow fiber membrane module, filtration apparatus using the same, and method for manufacturing the filtration apparatus: Disclosed are a hollow fiber membrane module, a filtration apparatus based on the same, and a method for manufacturing the filtration apparatus. The hollow fiber membrane module includes two headers respectively provided with a permeate collecting unit therein, wherein each of the headers has grooves on its two sides, the... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20120074057 - Septage treatment system and process: A septage treatment system and process designed to eliminate liquid discharge to groundwater. The system and process use primary treatment, secondary treatment, and tertiary treatment. The tertiary treatment uses a greenhouse system to reclaim septage waste after it has gone through primary and secondary treatment. The greenhouse system fosters ecologically... Agent:

20120074058 - Nutrient recovery methods and uses thereof: Provided herein is an efficient solid-liquid separation method for bio-waste material treatment. The method contemplates the addition of certain cationic polyelectrolytes (or “polymers” as used herein) to the bio-waste materials prior to solid-liquid separation, such as centrifugation, thus greatly facilitate the subsequent solid-liquid separation step. The liquid portion, once separated... Agent: Highmark Renewables Research, L.p.

20120074059 - Cleaning method for filtration membrane and membrane filtration apparatus: There is provided a cleaning method for a hydrophobic filtration membrane used for membrane filtration of water to be treated such as seawater, discharged water and ballast water including a jelly-like suspended substance and clogged with the suspended substance in the water to be treated, the filtration membrane being brought... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20120074060 - Device and method for water filtration using recycled medical filters: A water filtration system uses previously used medical filters, such as dialysis filters, for water purification. After medical use the filters are cleaned and sterilized and mounted singly or in groups so as to receive input water under pressure. The system produces sterile filtered water.... Agent: Y.m. Nufiltration Ltd.

20120074061 - Ceramic pervaporation membrane and ceramic vapor-permeable membrane: A ceramic pervaporation membrane and a ceramic vapor-permeable membrane where the total aperture length of discharge channels parallel to the channel direction of water collection cells is at least 10% of the length of filtration cells and where the ratio m/n of the number m of rows of filtration cells... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20120074063 - Membranes having improved performance: Permselective asymmetric membranes suitable e.g. for hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration and hemofiltration of blood, and having improved sieving characteristics providing enhanced removal of middle molecular weight substances, e.g. inflammatory mediators having a molecular weight between 20 and 40 kDa. The membranes comprise polyethersulfone and polyvinylpyrrolidone and are coated with hyaluronic acid or... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20120074064 - Membranes having improved performance: Permselective asymmetric membranes suitable e.g. for hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration and hemofiltration of blood, and having improved performance, including improved sieving characteristics, providing enhanced removal of middle molecular weight substances, e.g. inflammatory mediators having a molecular weight between 20 and 40 kDa. The improved sieving characteristics are due to a narrow pore... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20120074062 - Microfluidic devices, particularly filtration devices comprising polymeric membranes, and methods for their manufacture and use: The present disclosure describes devices useful for microscale fluid purification, separation, and synthesis. Such devices generally comprise a fluid membrane that separates two or more fluids flowing through plural microchannels operatively associated with the membrane. Often, the membrane is a semipermeable membrane, such as might be used with a filtration... Agent: State Of Oregon Acting By And Through The State Board Of Higher Education On Behalf Of Oregon

20120074065 - Zeolite membrane, separation membrane, and component separation method: As an alternative, the zeolite membrane comprising a first layer containing zeolite crystals and a second layer containing different type of zeolite crystals from the zeolite crystals of the first layer, wherein the first layer and the second layer constitute a laminate structure, and the thickness of the laminate structure... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20120074066 - Microchip capillary electrophoresis absent electrokinetic injection: Microchip capillary electrophoresis (CE) utilizing a sample injector based on a mechanical valve rather than electrokinetic injection can provide improved sample injections, enhanced capabilities, and can eliminate the need for changing the electric field in the separation channel to induce sample injection. In one instance CE electrodes continuously apply an... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20120074067 - Method of herding and collection of oil spilled at the aquatic surface: Disclosed are methods of removing oil from an aqueous surface, comprising: surrounding an oil spot on the aqueous surface with an oil-absorbing material; and introducing a solution comprising a surfactant to the oil spot. Also disclosed are the above methods where the oil is not mechanically directed towards the oil-absorbing... Agent: Advanced Biocatalytics Corp.

20120074068 - Polysaccharide matrix having a grafted polymer, method for producing the same and use thereof: A porous, non-particulate, convectively permeable polysaccharide matrix has a surface on which there is fixed a grafted-on polymer derived from at least one ethylenic monomer compound having functional groups, wherein the polysaccharide matrix is prepared by grafting a porous, non-particulate, convectively permeable polysaccharide starting matrix with the at least one... Agent: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh

20120074069 - Smart filter monitor: An enhanced system for monitoring clogging of a fluid filter. A differential pressure sensor connects to fluid lines on opposite sides of the filter to measure a pressure difference across the filter. A viscosity-indicating property sensor connects to one of the fluid lines to measure a viscosity-indicating property of the... Agent: Hanilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120074070 - System and method for reducing at least an amount of disinfection by-products in water: In a method and a system for reducing at least an amount of disinfection by-products in water, the system has a dosing pump (15) for adding a photocatalyst (36) into a stream (17) of the water to obtain a mixed stream (17′), and a photo reactor (20) adapted to receive... Agent:

20120074071 - Process for treating waters and water handling systems to remove scales and reduce the scaling tendency: The present disclosure includes an embodiment to a method for treating water and/or a water handling system to decrease deposit formation and/or to remove a deposit. More particularly, to a method for treating water and/or a water handling system with one or more rare earths to decrease deposit formation and/or... Agent: Molycorp Minerals, LLC

20120074072 - Effluent filter cartridge with progressive filtration: A gas baffle for a waste water treatment plant filter housing that includes a first and second deflecting plate. The gas baffle has at least one flow-through opening defined by the first and second deflecting plates. The combination of the first and second deflecting plates deflects rising gas bubbles and... Agent:

20120074073 - Fluid concentrator: A concentrator is used for concentrating a fluid, particularly a plasma component out of blood, for treatment of a patient. The concentrator apparatus includes a main housing defining a centrifuge chamber, that also holds the filter. The concentrator allows viewing of the fluid after centrifuging, with an outlet port positionable... Agent: Circle Biologics, Inc.

20120074074 - Self-cleaning screen system and method: A self-cleaning screen system and method removes contaminants from a fluid passed through a screen of the self-cleaning screen system. The self-cleaning screen system includes a cleaning mechanism used to remove contaminants which may have adhered to the screen. The self-cleaning screen system is self-powered by extracting energy from the... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

03/22/2012 > 42 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20120067791 - Seawater desalination apparatus and chemical injection apparatus: According to one embodiment, a apparatus includes a controller configured to obtain values measured by a first sensor and a second sensor, receive pH target values at the entrance of a first reverse osmosis membrane and at the entrance of a second reverse osmosis membrane, and use a transfer function... Agent:

20120067792 - Apparatus and method for water treatment: An apparatus comprises two inlets for receiving water flows of differing quality. The apparatus comprises a water treatment device for treating one of the water flows. The apparatus is arranged to disable the treatment device if only water from the other inlet is conveyed to an outlet.... Agent: Aquality Trading & Consulting Ltd.

20120067794 - Method and apparatus for separating cooking oils from snack food products through a quasi-continuous centrifuge action: A centrifuge operative in successive low speed and high speed modes serves to remove surface cooking oil from a continuous stream of fragile snack food products wherein the oil removal occurs in the high speed mode and products are discharged from the centrifuge with relatively low kinetic energy in the... Agent:

20120067793 - Package of water treatment pellets, a water treatment feeder device employing the package of water treatment pellets and a water treatment feeder system: A package of water treatment pellets includes a first container and a second container. The first container is fabricated from a water-dissolvable sheet material and the first container is filled with and encases the water treatment pellets. The second container is fabricated from a non-water-dissolvable, porous material and is sized... Agent: Evapco, Inc.

20120067795 - Centralized supply system for electrolyzed oxidizing water and intelligent control method thereof: A centralized supply system for electrolyzed oxidizing water comprises a water softener (1), several parallel electrolyzed oxidizing water generators (2) connected, liquid storage tanks (3, 4) and delivery pumps (5, 6). A central controller (10) implements independent control over the several parallel electrolyzed oxidizing water generators (2). Liquid level sensors... Agent: Global Resource Envitech Co., Ltd.

20120067797 - Bioreactor system for aquarium and septic tank: An aeration and microbial reactor system for use in decontaminating water including a housing adapted to float and/or submerged within the medium such that a top portion thereof remains adjacent a top surface of the contaminated water while the bioreactor containing inoculated carrier media is attached below. Beneficial microbial populations... Agent:

20120067796 - Method and apparatus using hydrogen peroxide and microwave system for slurries treatment: A method and apparatus for treating slurries of organic solids is disclosed. A slurry of organic solids is admixed with hydrogen peroxide, followed by exposure to microwave irradiation resulting in the heating of the mixture and enhanced hydrolysis of the organic solids. The treated slurry of organic solids can then... Agent: The University Of British Columbia

20120067798 - Slow release lubricant additives gel: A lubricant additive gel formed by the gellation of two or more lubricant additives for the slow release of the additive components into a fluid. The lubricant additive gel slowly releases into its component lubricant additives when contacted with the fluid such as an oil thereby serving as a lubricant... Agent: The Lubrizol Corporation

20120067799 - Water circulation systems with air stripping arrangements for municipal water tanks, ponds, and other potable bodies of water: Water circulation systems with air stripping arrangements to treat and remove undesirable disinfectant byproducts from potable water in municipal water tanks, ponds, and other bodies of water. The systems include a flotation platform, dish, draft tube, and an impeller to draw water from the depths of the tank up through... Agent: Medora Environmental, Inc.

20120067800 - System and method for sewage and wastewater treatment: The present invention relates to a sewage/wastewater treatment system comprising a rectangular upflow anaerobic/oxygen-free reaction tank and a method of treating sewage/wastewater using the same. The rectangular upflow anaerobic/oxygen-free reaction tank comprises a water introducing unit, an inlet unit being in fluid communication with the water introducing unit and having... Agent: Ecodigm Co., Ltd.

20120067801 - Analyzer assembly platform: A method for mounting and combination of an analytical apparatus with a platform for mounting such an apparatus comprising at least two units, and a platform on which said apparatus is mounted is disclosed, said platform comprising at least one platform element, and multiple feet for placing the platform elements... Agent: Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

20120067802 - In-line fuel conditioner: A fuel conditioner is provided for improving fuel combustibility and reducing emissions into the environment. The fuel conditioner may be placed in-line in a fuel delivery system for internal combustion engines and may include the following components: a first housing defining a sealed chamber, a fuel inlet in fluid communication... Agent:

20120067803 - Arrangement of filter assembly for water dispensing-storage device: The assembly arrangement comprises a reservoir (10) on which a filling container (20) having a bottom wall (21) is mounted; and a filter(30) mounted to said bottom wall (21) which presents a seat portion (24) provided of one or more windows (25a) and bearing a stopper element (40) provided of... Agent:

20120067805 - Dialysis system method having supply container autoconnection: A dialysis system is disclosed including an autoconnection mechanism. The autoconnection mechanism in an embodiment is configured such that (i) a tip protector remover is translated in a first direction towards a plurality of supply line connectors, (ii) the tip protector remover is locked to each of a plurality of... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120067804 - Loose-proof structure of a filter cartridge shell: A loose-proof structure of a filter cartridge shell, includes: a filter cartridge shell body, the filter cartridge shell body has an open end which includes several treads in its inside and an upper end surface, and an upper end cover, which is hermetically and spirally coupled with the filter cartridge... Agent: Zhejiang Qinyuan Water Treatment S. T. Co., Ltd.

20120067806 - Apparatus for picking up particles from the surface of a water system: The invention relates to an apparatus for picking up particles from the surface of a water system, in particular particles of dirt, with a float (1), in which a particle separation chamber (8) is formed, into which particle-containing water can flow via an inflow opening (7), and out of which... Agent: Technische Universitaet Berlin

20120067807 - Sediment collecting container: A waste/sediment collecting container has a front vertical wall, a back vertical wall, two side vertical walls, and a sloped bottom surface. Along the lowest portion of the sloped floor surface lays a debris grate which allows water and pieces of sediment to pass through (but prevents larger pieces of... Agent:

20120067808 - Filtration apparatus and process with reduced flux imbalance: A filtration apparatus includes plurality of membrane modules arranged in series in a chamber. The membrane modules include at least one lead membrane module closer to an inlet port than the remaining membrane modules. A device coupled to the permeate collection conduit of the at least one lead membrane module... Agent:

20120067809 - Filtering apparatus: A filtering apparatus sucks liquid in hollow portions (10) of the elements (1) via suction pipes (3) so that liquid passes the elements (1) and is filtered. Each pipe (3) has suction holes (4) connected to the portions (10). The pipes (3) are inserted into through holes (2) of the... Agent:

20120067810 - Blood processing filter and the method for manufacturing the same: This invention relates to a blood processing filter comprising a sheet-like filter element, an inlet-side flexible container and an outlet-side flexible container that sandwich the filter element and are sealed thereto, an inlet port provided in the inlet-side flexible container for accepting blood before being processed by the filter element,... Agent: Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd.

20120067811 - Blood processing filter and the method for manufacturing the same: This invention relates to a blood processing filter including a band-shaped first seal part that seals an inlet-side flexible container of the blood processing filter and a filter element of the blood processing filter so as to surround an inlet port, and an annular second seal part that seals at... Agent: Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd.

20120067812 - Moisture-permeable separating membrane material: A moisture-permeable separating membrane material includes a porous fluororesin membrane, a continuous moisture-permeable resin layer formed on the surface of the porous fluororesin membrane, and a textile layer for reinforcing the porous fluororesin membrane and the continuous moisture-permeable resin layer. The textile layer contains a flame retardant in the inside... Agent:

20120067813 - Composite hollow fiber membrane and method for manufacturing the same: A composite hollow fiber membrane and a method for manufacturing the same is disclosed, which is capable of maintaining a peeling strength owing to a low shrinkage rate in hot water, even though a filtering system is used for a long time, whereby the composite hollow fiber membrane can be... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20120067814 - Multi-phase filter medium: Multi-phase filter media, as well as related articles, components, filter elements, and methods, are disclosed.... Agent: Hollingsworth & Vose Company

20120067815 - Hybrid bioartificial kidney: A bioartificial kidney equivalent and a process for producing the bioartificial kidney equivalent. The hybrid bioartificial kidney comprises human proximal and distal renal tubule cells grown on particular synthetic membranes.... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20120067816 - Simultaneous anoxic biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal: Methods and systems are provided for treating wastewater to simultaneously remove nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus. The process includes an anoxic tank that receives at least two streams, including plant influent wastewater and return activated sludge. These streams are mixed in the anoxic tank to promote phosphorus release and fermentation of... Agent: American Water Works Company, Inc.

20120067817 - Simultaneous anoxic biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal with energy recovery: Methods and systems are provided for treating wastewater to simultaneously remove nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus, while recovering energy in the form of methane and carbon dioxide. An ammonia-containing stream is directed to a pretreatment tank that produces excess sludge, biogas, and a pretreated stream. The pretreated stream has at least... Agent: American Water Works Company, Inc.

20120067818 - Method and reactor for biological purification of waste water.: Present invention relates to a method and apparatus for purification of water, said method comprises the steps of feeding the water into a reactor (4) through one or more inlet tubes (1) or inlet zones and feed water an substrate through carrier elements for bio film (5) which have a... Agent:

20120067819 - Osmotically driven membrane processes and systems and methods for draw solute recovery: The invention relates to osmotically driven membrane processes and systems and methods for recovering draw solutes in the osmotically driven membrane processes. Osmotically driven membrane processes involve the extraction of a solvent from a first solution to concentrate solute by using a second concentrated solution to draw the solvent from... Agent: Oasys Water, Inc.

20120067820 - Method and apparatus for dynamic, variable-pressure, customizable, membrane-based water treatment for use in improved hydrocarbon recovery operations: A method for treating seawater that includes the step of intaking water into at least one treatment block, wherein the treatment block includes a membrane pressure vessel having at least one membrane element, wherein the treatment block is configured such that the intake water is fed through the at least... Agent: Water Standard Company LLC

20120067821 - Filter medium for leukocyte removal: The present invention discloses a filter medium for removing leukocytes from a leukocyte-containing sample, comprising: a substrate and a first polymer. The first polymer forms cross-linked networks or polymer brushes on the substrate and comprising charged groups or latent charged groups to control the electrical characteristic of the first polymer.... Agent: Chung Yuan Christian University

20120067822 - Method for treating wastewater containing heavy metals: A method for treating wastewater containing heavy metals comprising directing the wastewater across a reverse osmosis aromatic polyamide membrane at low pressure ranging from 40-120 psi, the membrane being capable of removing at least 90% of the target heavy metals from the wastewater.... Agent:

20120067823 - Liquid chromatography component: The present invention aims to provide a liquid chromatography component including a column and a prefilter, which is hard to cause an increase of supplied liquid pressure even when the measurement of a sample is repeated. The present invention is a liquid chromatography component, which includes: a column with filler... Agent:

20120067824 - Systems, methods, processes and apparatus for removing finely dispersed particulate matter from a fluid stream: Disclosed herein are systems for removing particulate matter from a fluid, comprising a particle functionalized by attachment of at least one activating group or amine functional group, wherein the modified particle complexes with the particulate matter within the fluid to form a removable complex therein. The particulate matter has preferably... Agent: Soane Energy, LLC

20120067825 - Efficient methods for operation with high pressure liquids: Methods for more efficiently carrying out various operations through the use of pressure transfer between streams. The methods are applicable for use in conjunction with a wide range of processes including precipitation reactors (19), subterranean space (49) temperature control systems and exothermic chemical processors (71). Rotary isobaric pressure exchange units... Agent: Energy Recovery, Inc.

20120067826 - Filtration system: A filtration system and methods to remove solids contained in a fluid is disclosed. In one embodiment a system includes: a housing; a screen filter adapted to remove solids from a fluid, the filter having openings through which fluid, separated from solids, can pass as a filtered fluid and on... Agent:

20120067827 - Treatment of fluids with wave energy from a carbon arc: A method of and apparatus for treating liquids flowing in a thin film around a source of wave energy to directly expose the liquid to the wave energy, preferably generated in whole or part by an electrical arc between carbon electrodes. In addition to the wave energy generated by the... Agent: Foret Plasma Labs, LLC

20120067828 - Photocatalyst and method for production: The present invention relates generally to methods for producing modified titanium dioxide based photocatalysts via a sol-gel process. The present invention also relates to photocatalysts produced according to the methods of the invention and uses of the photocatalysts for the degradation of contaminants in samples.... Agent: Crc Care Pty., Ltd.

20120067829 - Water treatment feeder device and a water treatment feeder system: A water treatment feed device includes a hopper and a receptacle. The hopper has a granule-receiving compartment defined by an upper hopper portion and a lower V-shaped hopper portion connected to the upper hopper portion. The lower V-shaped hopper portion is fabricated from a porous material having a plurality of... Agent: Evapco, Inc.

20120067830 - Removing organic impurities from bayer process liquors: A process for treating a Bayer liquor by wet oxidation to oxidise organic contaminants in the Bayer liquor in which the wet oxidation process is conducted in the presence of a mixed Ce/Mn oxide. The catalyst may have nano-sized grains, and be supported on a mesoporous oxide support. The catalyst... Agent: Very Small Particle Company Pty Ltd

20120067831 - Apparatus for and method of recovering clean drilling fluid from fluid contaminated with entrained debris: Apparatus for recovering clean drilling fluid from fluid contaminated with entrained debris comprises an input conduit for the contaminated drilling fluid, the conduit being branched whereby a portion of the contaminated fluid is delivered to a preliminary separation stage and the remainder flows to a main separation stage, each said... Agent:

20120067832 - Methods and apparatus for removal of degradation byproducts and contaminants from oil for use in preparation of biodiesel: Methods, particles, and devices are disclosed for filtration of oil for use of the oil in the preparation of biodiesel. Disclosed particles may comprise a substantially inert porous particle with a coating comprising a polymer having amine, amino, and/or imine group(s).... Agent: Soane Energy, LLC

03/15/2012 > 36 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20120061299 - Water treatment: This invention is directed to an integrated process and system for water treatment, in particular, an integrated process and system for water treatment in the beverage manufacture cycle. The water treatment process is directed to treating an influent water solution, a low sugar concentration solution, and a high sugar concentration... Agent: Environmental Management Corporation

20120061300 - Membrane filtration system: According to one embodiment, a membrane filtration system includes a raw water tank, a pretreatment membrane module, a raw water feed line, a high-pressure RO membrane module, a high-pressure line, a preceding power recovery unit which pressurize the pretreated water by transmitting the pressure of the concentrate to the pretreated... Agent:

20120061302 - Device for mixing and separation of magnetic particles: An apparatus for mixing and separating magnetic particles in a liquid comprises a holder having a plurality of apertures configured as an array of rows and columns and a plurality of containers capable of receiving liquid containing magnetic particles, each container being sized to be placed in one of the... Agent: Sigris Research, Inc.

20120061301 - Water filtration and sterilisation device: The present invention provides a water filtration and sterilisation device comprising a container having an inlet conduit and an outlet conduit, a closure valve at said inlet conduit, a filter means upstream of said inlet conduit, a flow prevention means in said outlet conduit and an ultra violet radiation source... Agent:

20120061303 - Precoat filter and filtering elements for use in a filter of this type: A precoat filter for filtering liquid media or products, in particular for filtering beverages, with at least one partition separating an unfiltered material space and a filtered material space, and with a plurality of filtering elements or candle filters which are arranged on the partition and each project into the... Agent: Khs Gmbh

20120061304 - Systems and methods for membraneless dialysis: Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for removing undesirable materials from a sample fluid by contact with a second fluid. The sample fluid flows as a thin layer adjacent to, or between, concurrently flowing layers of the second fluid, without an intervening membrane. In various embodiments, a secondary separator is... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20120061306 - Filter holder in a chromatography column: A filter holder to be used in a chromatography column is provided. Said filter holder comprising a filter squeezing part (356) facing the filter of the column essentially in the form of a plate and a squeezing means (354) adapted to squeeze the filter squeezing part (356) against the filter... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20120061305 - Microfluidic sieve valves: Sieve valves for use in microfluidic device are provided. The valves are useful for impeding the flow of particles, such as chromatography beads or cells, in a microfluidic channel while allowing liquid solution to pass through the valve. The valves find particular use in making microfluidic chromatography modules.... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20120061308 - Assembly formed by a filtration membrane and a support plate: The present disclosure relates to an assembly formed from a planar rigid filtration membrane and generally flat plate for accommodating and supporting this membrane, to activate and/or reveal immobilized contaminants on the membrane, the support plate comprising a holding and immobilization device cooperating with a periphery of the membrane, wherein... Agent: Aes Chemunex

20120061307 - Filtration sealing system: A filtration sealing system is provided for sealing a filter element in a housing at a mating interface therebetween. The sealing system includes a keyed interface. A replacement filter element is provided for such filtration sealing system, with the replacement filter element including a keyed interface.... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20120061309 - Seawater desalination system and energy exchange chamber: In a seawater desalination system for producing fresh water from seawater by passing the seawater pressurized by a pump through a reverse-osmosis membrane-separation apparatus (4) to separate the seawater into fresh water and concentrated seawater, an energy exchange chamber (20) for utilizing pressure energy of the concentrated seawater discharged from... Agent:

20120061310 - Dialysis fluid cassettes and related systems and methods: A dialysis fluid cassette that includes a base and a flexible membrane attached to the base. The flexible membrane and the base cooperate to at least partially define a venting chamber and a fluid channel fluidly connected to the venting chamber.... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120061311 - Method for producing an in particular flat filter element: In a method for producing a flat filter element for fluids, a filter medium is folded to a filter bellows having end face folds and lateral edges. A solid filter element frame is provided. The filter bellows is fluid-tightly connected in an area of the end face folds to the... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120061312 - Reusable filter cartridge: Described is a filter cartridge having a cup shape that can be filled with a filtering material, and placed in a filtering device such as a water pitcher. The filter cartridge has a base, a side wall, and a flange defining the cup shape of the filter cartridge. A removable... Agent: Lvd Acquisition, LLC

20120061313 - Adjustable ventilation stack for a water filter system: A water filter system including a filter housing having a filter element for filtering impurities from water and a ventilation stack movably connected to the filter housing for adjusting a position of the stack relative to a level of the water to release air from the water trapped by the... Agent: Paragon Water Systems, Inc.

20120061314 - Porous composite membrane: Embodiments of the invention include a liquid filter member that includes a layer of polymeric nano fibers overlying a microporous membrane. A pressure drop of the filter member is substantially the same, or is less than, a pressure drop of the microporous membrane and the filter member has a particle... Agent:

20120061315 - Method of recovering potassium from waste waters for use in purification of waste water, including the waste water from which the potassium is recycled, while retaining the potassium in forms suitable for use as a nutrient in growing microbes, plants an: A method for recovering and/or utilizing potassium from waste waters for a plurality of applications. As algae and plants are able to survive and flourish in environments with high salt concentrations, waste waters containing potassium can be applied as fertilizers to the growth of microbes, algae and plants. The microbes,... Agent:

20120061316 - Biological treatment method: The present invention provides a biological treatment method of biologically treating the subject water containing phenol, thiocyanate and the like, which improves the quality of treated water, while suppressing a reduction in treatment efficiency. As a means for achieving the aforementioned object, the present invention relates to a biological treatment... Agent: Kansai Coke And Chemicals Co., Ltd.

20120061318 - Apparatus and method for thermal hydrolysis of organic matter: The invention relates to an apparatus for thermal hydrolysis of organic matter, wherein a heating element (2) and a cooling element (4) are provisioned to heat up or cool down the organic matter. Heat exchangers are provisioned as heating element (2) and cooling element (4) which exchange heat between the... Agent: Stulz H+e Gmbh

20120061317 - Magnetic pollen grains as sorbents for organic pollutants in aqueous media: A method of removing a contaminant from liquid is provided. The method includes adding magnetic biological particles to a liquid containing a contaminant, sorbing the contaminant to the magnetic biological particles, and separating the sorbed contaminant from the liquid by applying a magnetic field to the magnetic biological particles. In... Agent:

20120061319 - Thin film pervaporation membranes: The present invention relates to novel pervaporation membranes comprising a porous support layer upon which a thin coating is applied. More specifically, the present invention provides pervaporation membranes with an improved performance by applying an aggregate filled PTMSP coating with a maximal thickness of 25 μm onto the porous support.... Agent: Vito Nv

20120061320 - Apparatus and method for identifying a tubing system for an extracorporeal blood treatment device: The invention relates to an apparatus for extracorporeal blood treatment, comprising a device for detecting a tubing system to be placed in the blood treatment apparatus and a method for detecting a tubing system to be placed in an extracorporeal blood treatment apparatus. The tubing system is detected on the... Agent:

20120061321 - Removal of contaminants from waste streams using polymeric additives: Systems and methods are presented for removing an ionic material from a fluid using a capture polymer that sequesters the ionic material and an anchor particle bearing a tethering polymer. The tethering polymer complexes with the capture polymer after the capture polymer has sequestered the ionic material, thereby affixing a... Agent: Soane Mining, LLC

20120061322 - Methods and apparatuses for treating a dispersion bath: The current method and apparatus relate to treating a dispersion bath using an ion exchange resin and an optional pH adjustor and wherein the ion exchange resin and the optional pH adjustor maintain a pH of within +/−2 of the initial pH of the dispersion bath.... Agent:

20120061323 - Light weight oriented net assembly for oil capture and containment: A light weight oriented net or netting assembly is provided for oil capture and containment. The netting assembly is made by biaxially stretching or orienting starting materials to form a pattern of oriented strands and integral junctions that, while being light in weight, is also strong enough to be used... Agent:

20120061325 - Chelating compounds and immobilized tethered chelators: Novel compounds useful as chelators, intermediates for their production and methods for removing trivalent and tetravalent metal ions from solution are presented.... Agent:

20120061324 - Element removal process and apparatus: A process and apparatus for removing elements is described herein.... Agent: Global Material Technologies, Inc.

20120061326 - Method for the environmental remediation of oil spills and other chemical contaminants: Lipophilic, oil-absorbing and oil-adsorbing polymeric compositions are used to capture oily substances and hydrophobic materials from the surface of various aqueous media. The resultant compound floats in water, can be easily removed therefrom and can be processed in conventional refinery processes to recover the oil and the remaining components.... Agent:

20120061327 - Water reaction tank: A water reaction tank for reacting water containing suspended solids with a flocculant includes a housing having an input, an output, and a water flow path between the input and the output. The flow path has a mixing section and a reaction section. Sealable flocculant ports are provided for inserting... Agent: Clearflow Enviro Systems Group Inc.

20120061328 - Process and apparatus for treating water with hydrated lime slurry and for dissolving scale: w

20120061329 - Apparatus and method for ultrasound treatment for ballast water management: The invention provides a method of treating a target area with an ultrasound wave pattern, including: providing an ultrasound apparatus having an ultrasound wave generator operatively attached to a plurality of transducers, coupled to an immersible support and configured to emit an ultrasound wave; immersing the apparatus into a water... Agent: University Of Vermont And State Agricultural College

20120061331 - Wastewater treatment system and method: A wastewater treatment system for treating excess wastewater from a sewer system includes a container having first and second portions adapted to receive excess wastewater from the sewer system, and a generally horizontally oriented screen arrangement disposed in the second portion of the container. The system further includes a treating... Agent:

20120061330 - Water treatment articles: Water treatment products designed for use in cleaning machines such as dishwashers or laundry washers are disclosed. The water treatment products are in the form of a water semi-permeable pouch comprising a water treatment composition which may include a water treatment composition such as citric acid. Additionally, rather than putting... Agent:

20120061332 - Method for retrovirus removal: A method for removing retroviruses from liquid samples and a nanofiber containing liquid filtration medium that simultaneously exhibits high liquid permeability and high microorganism retention is disclosed. Retroviruses are removed from a liquid by passing the liquid through a porous nanofiber containing filtration medium having a retrovirus LRV greater than... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20120061333 - Membrane cleaning with pulsed airlift pump: A method of cleaning a membrane surface immersed in a liquid medium with a fluid flow, including the steps of providing a randomly generated intermittent or pulsed fluid flow along the membrane surface to dislodge fouling materials therefrom. A membrane module is also disclosed comprising a plurality of porous membranes... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20120061334 - Settler with overflow recycle: A method for controlling fouling of a settler vessel overflow system comprises maintaining at least a minimum stream flow in the overflow system by recirculating a portion of the overflow stream. A system for performing the method is also disclosed.... Agent: Fort Hills Energy Inc.

03/08/2012 > 33 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20120055856 - Aqua-robotic pollutant removing systems and devices, and methods of removing pollutants from bodies of water: An aqua-robotic pollutant removing device includes a buoyant body, an electromechanical housing coupled to the buoyant body, and a pollutant absorbing belt coupled to the electromechanical housing and extending outward from the buoyant body. The electromechanical housing is constructed and arranged to rotate the pollutant absorbing belt.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120055857 - Water purifier: The present invention relates to a water purifier having a non-drinkable water inlet (I) and a drinkable water outlet (O1), and comprising at least a boiler (8) having a water inlet and a steam outlet, a fluids separating filter (5) operating by flow and float, having an inlet and an... Agent:

20120055858 - Tertiary wastewater filtration using inclined filter media and internal reverse flow backwashing of filter disks: A wastewater tertiary media filtration system capable of enhancing filtration performance while including backwashing capabilities that eliminate turbidity spikes by using compressed fluid injected to the interior of submerged filter disks is disclosed. A tertiary wastewater treatment apparatus including a filter tank having an inlet and an outlet with a... Agent:

20120055859 - Wastewater treatment system design: Embodiments of the invention describe components to be utilized on the design, management and implementation of a wastewater treatment system. Said wastewater treatment system may include containers that, for example, may be consistent with ISO specifications for intermodal containers. In some embodiments, these containers act in concert to perform the... Agent: Blue Array, LLC

20120055860 - Hybrid inorganic/organic materials having novel surface modification; process for the preparation of inorganic/organic hybrid materials; and use of said particles for chromatographic separations: The present invention provides novel chromatographic materials, e.g., for chromatographic separations, processes for their preparation and separations devices containing the chromatographic materials. The preparation of the inorganic/organic hybrid materials of the invention wherein a surrounding material is condensed on a porous hybrid core material will allow for families of different... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20120055861 - Apparatus for dewatering solids-laden liquids: An apparatus for dewatering slurry utilizes a vertical skeletal retainer framework, having a top end and a bottom end, into which rigid filter plates, a geotextile filter bag, and/or other filter is installed. The vertical orientation employs gravity to induce maximum drainage, with water in the slurry filtering through the... Agent:

20120055862 - Filtering water bottle: A portable, personal apparatus for treating drinking water comprises a generally tubular or cylindrical filter housing containing filtration media and water-permeable screen or mesh or felt or membrane or netting layer at the top and bottom ends of the filter. The design of the apparatus involves the bottle exterior and... Agent:

20120055863 - Assembly with multiple hydrocyclones, method for assembling multiple hydrocyclones and support structure for multiple hydrocyclones: An assembly with hydrocyclones comprising: multiple hydrocyclones having a inlet chamber with two side openings positioned on opposite sides of the inlet chamber and a overflow chamber having two side openings positioned on opposite sides of the overflow chamber. The hydrocyclones are arranged at a support structure, comprising a support... Agent:

20120055864 - Dialysis treatment devices for removing urea: Dialysis treatment devices and methods for removing urea from dialysis waste streams are provided. In a general embodiment, the present disclosure provides a dialysis treatment device including: 1) a first filter having a filtration membrane, 2) a urea removal unit having urease and in fluid communication with the first filter,... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120055865 - Cleaning method and system: A method for removing particles or deposits from a surface having particles or deposits thereon. The method involves contacting a surface with a chemical composition sufficient to selectively dissolve and remove at least a portion of the particles or deposits from the surface. The chemical composition is compatible with the... Agent: Fujifilm Planar Solutions, LLC

20120055866 - Universal cartridge filter housing: A universal cartridge filter housing has an upper cap and a lower housing. An inlet and a first outlet are formed through the upper cap, and an inlet mouth and an first outlet mouth are respectively formed around and upwardly protrude from top openings of the inlet and the first... Agent:

20120055867 - Doping of inorganic minerals to hydrophobic membrane surface: Disclosed is a membrane surface modification method. The method is applicable to a variety of hydrophobic membranes by doping selected inorganic particles. One act of the method involves the in-situ embedment of the inorganic particles onto the membrane surface by dispersing the particles in a non-solvent bath for polymer precipitation.... Agent: The University Of Hong Kong

20120055868 - Process for the purification of an aqueous stream coming from the fischer-tropsch reaction: Process for the purification of an aqueous stream coming from the Fischer-Tropsch reaction which comprises: —feeding said aqueous stream containing the organic by-products of the reaction to a distillation column, obtaining two output streams: —an aqueous stream (i) exiting from the column head, enriched with alcohols having from 1 to... Agent: Eni S.p.a.

20120055870 - Carrier element, biological water treatment system and their use, and method for biologically treating waste water: The invention relates to a carrier element for an aerobic biological water treatment system. The carrier element has a first end and a second end at a distance from each other, the maximum diameter of the first end being larger than the maximum diameter of the second end. It also... Agent:

20120055869 - Water treatment reactor screening system and method: A screen configuration is provided for the extraction of wastewater from a wastewater reactor, while precluding the entry of biological support media. The screen may be formed as a tubular structure, and may be drum-like or have wings in a T-shaped configuration. A flow modifier within the screen may include... Agent: Headworks Bio Inc.

20120055871 - Electrolysis method, and method and plant for the pretreatment of raw water: The invention relates to an electrolysis method that uses iron particles and an aqueous solution containing sodium hypochlorite. The method is characterised in that said method uses direct current, the iron particles form the anode (46) and the sodium hypochlorite concentration of the aqueous solution is at least 1 g/L.... Agent:

20120055872 - Sub-critical partial oxidation for treatment of nitration wastes: A process for treating wastewater containing nitro-hydroxy-aromatic compounds using oxidative sub-critical conditions. The wastewater to be treated is adjusted to contain excess hydroxide equivalent to greater than three moles of free hydroxide per mole of total nitro-hydroxy-aromatic compounds, and a sub-stoichiometric amount of an oxidant is supplied to the wastewater.... Agent: Noram International Limited

20120055873 - Green synthesis of nanometals using plant extracts and use thereof: The present invention relates to methods of making and using and compositions of metal nanoparticles formed by green chemistry synthetic techniques. For example, the present invention relates to metal nanoparticles formed with solutions of plant extracts and use of these metal nanoparticles in removing contaminants from soil and groundwater and... Agent: Verutek, Inc.

20120055874 - Method and device for contacting two immiscible liquids without mixing them: Method of contacting a first and a second immiscible liquids without mixing them, including: (a) the first liquid is placed in at least one container comprising a wall made of a solid material that is non reactive with the first and second liquids, said wall having one or more through-holes... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique

20120055875 - Method to treat produced waters from thermally induced heavy crude oil production (tar sands): A method for treating oil field produced wastewater containing high organics, silica, boron, hardness, and suspended and dissolved solids by applying three membrane types in series is provided. First, Ultrafiltration (UF) is applied to remove oil and suspended solids. Second, Nanofiltration (NF) is used to reject hardness, soluble iron and... Agent: General Electric Company

20120055876 - Method and installation for regulating the modifier level in chromatography or supercritical extraction with recycling: A chromatography or supercritical extraction method is disclosed, in which the eluent comprises a mixture of a fluid and a modifier and in which the fluid is recycled. One exemplary method comprises an operation consisting in determining at least one quantity linked to the level of modifier that is mixed... Agent: Pic Solution

20120055877 - Organic polymers-separation membrane filter, and organic polymers-separation method: The organic polymers-separation membrane filter comprising an ultrafilter membrane is characterized in that a path taken by a nano permeation pore has a narrower path portion having a width narrower than that of the rest, wherein organic polymers capable of changing in their stereostructure are passed through the path while... Agent: National Institute For Materials

20120055878 - Structure for molecular separations: A process of producing a structure for molecular separations includes providing a plurality of template materials. The template materials are selected from biomolecules, biopolymers, polymers, or combinations thereof. A sieve material, suitable for producing a structure for molecular separations, is provided around the template materials. The template materials are positioned... Agent: Cerahelix, Inc.

20120055879 - Porous membrane and method of making the same: A method of making a porous membrane is disclosed. One such method optionally includes: forming a plurality of pillars in an array form over a substrate; and forming a layer with a mixture of a porous material precursor and a surfactant over the substrate. The method optionally includes removing the... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20120055880 - Method for hydrothermal preparation of metal-organic framework crystallised porous aluminium carboxylates: The present invention relates to a method for hydrothermal preparation of a solid made up of a metal-organic framework (MOF) of crystallised, porous aluminium carboxylates, in an aqueous medium. The invention also relates to solids made up of metal-organic frameworks (MOF) of porous, crystallised aluminium carboxylates capable of being obtained... Agent:

20120055881 - Water purification system: A system and a method for treating water, the system comprising a first conduit having an inlet and an outlet with an ozone generator situated thereon, the ozone generator being operative to selectively treat water flowing through the conduit with the ozone, a sensor to measure the oxidation reduction potential... Agent:

20120055882 - Apparatus and method for collecting solid microparticles floating in water: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for collecting solid microparticles floating in water, and more particularly, to a safe, ease to use, and environmental friendly collecting apparatus and method adapted for collecting radioactive solid microparticles floating and depositing in a cooling water tank of nuclear facility or... Agent: Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan

20120055883 - Modular wastewater treatment system management: Embodiments of the invention describe components to be utilized on the design, management and implementation of a wastewater treatment system. Said wastewater treatment system may include containers that, for example, may be consistent with ISO specifications for intermodal containers. In some embodiments, these containers act in concert to perform the... Agent: Blue Array, LLC

20120055884 - Method and apparatus for hydrolyzing organic solid: A method and an apparatus for hydrolyzing an organic solid are described. The method includes mixing an organic solid and a nanobubble water having a plurality of nanobubbles, to form an organic liquid, in which the nanobubbles contain a combustible gas; and applying an ultrasonic wave on the organic liquid,... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120055885 - Method and apparatus for sanitizing water dispensed from a water dispenser having a reservoir: A method and apparatus of sanitizing drinking water to be dispensed from a water dispenser having a reservoir includes the steps of providing the ozone gas generator that generates an ozone gas stream, transmitting the ozone gas stream from the generator to the water dispenser reservoir, mechanically breaking up the... Agent: S.i.p. Technologies, L.L.C.

20120055886 - Outlet for shower or faucet head: Removable and replaceable outlets for point-of-use showers or faucets, filter devices, and methods and systems including the outlets and/or filter devices, are disclosed.... Agent: Pall Corporation

20120055887 - Filtration method with self-cleaning filter assembly: A filter assembly and method of filtering a fluid containing particulates is provided having a filter element mounted on a horizontal mandrel, whereby the filter element and mandrel are rotatable within a housing during a self-cleaning step, wherein the filter element is immersed and agitated in a cleaning liquid followed... Agent:

20120055888 - Outlet for shower or faucet head: Removable and replaceable outlets for point-of-use showers or faucets, filter devices, and methods and systems including the outlets and/or filter devices, are disclosed.... Agent: Pall Europe Limited

03/01/2012 > 28 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120048787 - Water filtering and dispensing system and system for filtering, storing, delivering, and testing water: The invention provides a water dispensing system comprising a container having a first region adapted to store unfiltered water, a second region adapted to store filtered water, and a spout region, a meter housing adapted to receive a water meter, a reservoir disposed within the first region of the container,... Agent: Zero Technologies, Inc.

20120048788 - Method and installation for regulating the modifier level in chromatography or supercritical extraction with recycling: A chromatography or supercritical extraction method is disclosed, in which the eluent comprises a mixture of a fluid and a modifier and in which the fluid is recycled. One exemplary method comprises an operation consisting in determining at least one quantity linked to the level of modifier that is mixed... Agent: Pic Solution

20120048789 - Apparatus and method for recovery of sub-surface oil pollution: A subsurface hydrocarbon capture apparatus having a filtration member connected to a mouth frame, wherein the filtration member is composed of a material that is hydrophobic and lipophilic, the apparatus having buoyancy and weight members to maintain the apparatus in a subsurface disposition when pulled by a boat.... Agent:

20120048790 - Reverse osmosis device: The device for producing ultrapure water according to the reverse osmosis principle, comprising a reverse osmosis filter which is subdivided by the RO membrane into a primary circuit and into a secondary circuit, and a pump for the primary circuit, and a flow resistance means required downstream of the RO... Agent:

20120048791 - Combined action filter press: The present invention concerns a filter press (10, 60), comprising a supporting frame, constituted of at least one longitudinal rail or guide (11, 61) supported at its opposite ends by a fixed headpiece (12, 62) on one side and by a foot (13, 63) on the other side, a movable... Agent:

20120048792 - Liquid treatment discharge unit, humidity control device, and water heater: A liquid treatment discharge unit includes a pair of electrodes (52, 53) provided in liquid, a high-voltage DC power supply (61) for applying voltage to the pair of electrodes (52, 53) to generate electric discharge between the pair of electrodes (52, 53), and a current density concentration section (70) for... Agent:

20120048793 - Underdrain system: A filter system for filtering water and/or wastewater which includes an underdrain system having a plurality of laterals that are anchored to the floor of a filter by a hold-down assembly. Preferably, the hold-down assembly does not rely on grout or other substance that is applied in a viscous or... Agent:

20120048794 - Fluid treatment system: A fluid treatment system for treating feed water includes a first tubular member having first and second ends, at least one second tubular member having first and second ends, a pump positioned within the first tubular member, a filtering membrane positioned within the second tubular member, a first end cap... Agent: Kinetico Incorporated

20120048795 - Fluid filter module including sealed boss: A fluid filter module including an end cap assembly disposed about at least one end of a tubular-shaped housing. The end cap assembly includes a base, fluid port and sealed boss which may optionally comprise an integrally molded structure.... Agent:

20120048796 - Fluid filter module including handle: A fluid filter module including an end cap assembly disposed about at least one end of a tubular-shaped housing. The end cap assembly includes a base, fluid port and handle which may optionally comprise an integrally molded structure.... Agent:

20120048797 - Fiber web having a high stiffness: The fiber webs described herein may be incorporated into filter media and filter elements. The webs may exhibit a high permeability and stiffness, at a low thickness. The stiffness can be sufficient for the webs to be pleated to include sharp, well-defined peaks which can be maintained in a stable... Agent: Hollingsworth & Vose Company

20120048798 - Composite filtration membranes and methods of preparation thereof: A composition comprises a crosslinked poly(meth)acrylate comprising two or more poly(meth)acrylate backbones covalently linked to a bridging group, the backbones comprising i) respective first repeat units, each of which comprises a first side chain ester moiety comprising a hydrophilic poly(alkylene oxide) chain segment, ii) respective second repeat units, each of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120048799 - Composite filtration membranes and methods of preparation thereof: A method comprises disposing, on a porous support membrane, an aqueous mixture comprising a crosslinkable polymer comprising a poly(meth)acrylate and/or poly(meth)acrylamide backbone, thereby forming an initial film layer, wherein the crosslinkable polymer comprises a side chain nucleophilic amine group capable of interfacially reacting with a multi-functional acid halide crosslinking agent... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120048800 - Multi-layer composite membrane materials and methods therefor: Composite membrane materials and process for their production. The process entails the use of at least first and second porous membranes formed of a polymeric material and at least a third porous membrane formed of the same polymeric material, but having larger pores than the first and second porous membranes.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120048801 - Method for utilizing internally generated biogas for closed membrane system operation: In an anaerobic membrane bioreactor (“MBR”), a closed anaerobic process tank contains a membrane filter or is connected to an external tank containing a membrane filter. A pocket of biogas accumulates at the top of the process tank. Biogas is taken from the pocket, pumped to the bottom of the... Agent:

20120048802 - Non-aerated biodestruction of biochemical oxygen demand: The present invention may use exogenous oxidants to supplement use of oxygen in the treatment of municipal wastewater. The new method may implement non-aerated biodestruction using an exogenous oxidant material combined with a primary treatment municipal wastewater to reduce wastewater treatment aeration requirements. The municipal wastewater influent for treatment in... Agent:

20120048803 - Vapor compression membrane distillation system and method: A desalination system wherein a latent heat of condensation produced by the temperature gradient across a membrane distillation (MD) module is transferred directly to a latent heat of vaporization during desalination of a liquid flow stream. The desalination system comprises the MD module disposed within an object and configured to... Agent: General Electric Company

20120048804 - Perforated graphene deionization or desalination: A separation arrangement isolates chlorine, sodium and possibly other ions from water. The ion-laden water is applied to at least one graphene sheet perforated with apertures dimensioned to pass water molecules and to not pass the smallest relevant ion. The deionized water flowing through the perforated graphene sheet is collected.... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120048805 - Method of modifying thin film composite membrane support structures for engineered osmosis applications: The disclosure provides a method of modifying thin film composite membrane support structures. In particular, the disclosure provides method of modifying thin film composite membrane support structures with poly(dopamine) for use with engineered osmosis applications.... Agent: University Of Connecticut

20120048806 - Systems and methods for removing phosphorous from wastewater: Systems and methods for removing phosphorous (P) from P-containing wastewater are disclosed. The system includes a main filter unit (MFU) comprising P-adsorbing material. The MFU receives the P-containing wastewater and forms therefrom MFU-filtered wastewater having a first pH. A pH adjusting unit (AU) that contains pH-reducing material receives the MFU-filtered... Agent: University Of Vermont And State Agricultural College

20120048807 - Adsorbent product for the removal of hydrocarbon pollutants, and method for removing hydrocarbon pollution, in particular at the surface of the water, using said product: The adsorption properties of the adsorbent product, based on a porous mineral such as particularly pumice stone, result from the carbon formed on the walls of the pores of the mineral by cracking of an organic product, such as sugar or treatment plant sludges, previously impregnated in the pores of... Agent: Ecopomex S.a.m.

20120048808 - Tagged scale inhibitors: The present invention provides a polymeric scale inhibitor, wherein said inhibitor comprises at least one boron atom.... Agent: Absolute Petro Hydro Tech Co. Ltd

20120048809 - Chemicals for oil spill cleanup: The clean-up of crude oil is accomplished using an oil solubilizing agent from a class of onium halides to solubilize the oil in water. The oil solubilizing agent includes a quaternary phosphonium halide, a quaternary ammonium halide, or a ternary sulfonium halide. The onium halide also includes a hydrophobic hydrocarbon... Agent:

20120048810 - Method and apparatus for contaminant recovery: A contaminant recovery system for recovering contaminant in a contaminated area. The contaminant recovery system includes (i) a buffer configured to heat wax and thereby create molten wax, and (ii) a sprayer configured to spray the molten wax onto the contaminant within the contaminated area. The system further includes (i)... Agent:

20120048811 - Sub-surface hydrocarbon capture apparatus and method: A subsurface hydrocarbon capture apparatus and method having a plurality of filtration segments laterally connected, the filtration segments being filtration panel members suspended from floating boom members, the filtration segments joined in a circular or spiral configuration.... Agent:

20120048812 - Groundwater remediation process: A groundwater remediation process with an advanced oxidation process (AOP) process called hydroxy-zone. The hydroxy-zone process uses ozone gas injection combined with potassium hydroxide treatment to generate hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxy-zone uses a chemical process in which the chemicals OH− and O3; are mixed in a liquid and gas form and... Agent:

20120048813 - Water treatment and revitalization system and method: A system and method are provided in at least one embodiment to filter water through a vortex leading into a disk-pack turbine having an expansion chamber and outlets into a discharge chamber that leads to at least one discharge port. In a further embodiment, the system includes an intake module,... Agent: Qwtip LLC

20120048814 - Method for cleaning filter structures in filtration installations for filtering liquid products, and a filtration installation: The invention relates to a method for cleaning filter structures of filtration installations for filtering liquid products containing a gas or gas mixture that is neutral to the product, in particular for filtering drinks containing the gas or gas mixture that is neutral to the product.... Agent: Khs Gmbh

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