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Liquid purification or separation February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 22 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20120043264 - Flocculation-magnetic separation system: In a flocculation-magnetic separation system comprising a flocculation section generating magnetic flocks by adding flocculant agents and magnetic powders to wastewater that is a target to be treated, and a magnetic separation section separating the generated magnetic flocks by magnetic force, the flocculation-magnetic separation system being adapted to remove from... Agent:

20120043265 - Hydrocyclone apparatus: A hydrocyclone apparatus has an input tank device, a pipe device and a first separating assembly. The input tank device has an input tank. The pipe device has a first pipe having a first end and a second end. The first end of the first pipe is connected securely to... Agent:

20120043266 - Grate cover apparatus: The present invention relates to a temporary grate cover apparatus for placement over a storm water grate to filter sediment and trash from entering the storm drain during a construction project.... Agent:

20120043267 - Water separator, in particular for fuel supply systems of internal combustion engines in motor vehicles: The invention relates to a water separator (1), in particular for fuel supply systems of internal combustion engines in motor vehicles, comprising a housing (2) having a separation chamber (11) designed therein and a separation element (18). A collection chamber (12) for the water separated out of the fuel is... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120043268 - Brine disposal system for a brine source: Brine disposal systems are configured to receive brine from a brine source and to passively collect seawater from a nearby ocean during high tide using one or more tidal forces. Tidal movements during high tide, low tide, or both may be used to mix and thereby dilute the brine with... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120043269 - Total fluid management system: A system for the management of fluid, such as saline solution for medical procedures, is provided. The system generally includes a water purification station and a portable fluid station, which is dockable to the water purification station. The portable fluid station is capable of combining purified water from the water... Agent:

20120043270 - Ballast water treatment system: The present invention provides a ballast water treatment system, comprising a centrifugal separator, an ultrasonic sterilizer, and an ultraviolet sterilizer, wherein, the centrifugal separator is designed to separate large-particle of foreign matters from the ballast water by centrifugal separation by means of density difference; the ultrasonic sterilizer is arranged at... Agent:

20120043271 - Filter device comprising heterogeneously distributed hollow fibers and method for the production thereof: The present invention relates to a filter apparatus having a cylindrical housing and a plurality of hollow fibers, with the hollow fibers being combined to form a bundle in the housing and being embedded and held in each case at the end sides in a molding compound. The invention furthermore... Agent:

20120043272 - Composite membrane support and composite membrane using the same: An object of the present invention is to provide a composite membrane support composed of a dry process thermoplastic resin filaments nonwoven fabric having a significantly high uniformity to enable formation of a porous layer free from strike-through or a defect such as pinhole at the film formation, producing no... Agent:

20120043273 - System and method for liquid filtration with reduced hold-up volume: In one embodiment according to the invention, there is provided a filter device for liquid filtration, the filter device being in fluid communication with a plurality of liquid pathways, at least one pathway of the plurality of liquid pathways having a smallest equivalent fluid flow diameter of the plurality of... Agent:

20120043274 - Forward osmosis membrane for seawater desalination and method for preparing the same: A forward osmosis membrane for seawater desalination and a method for preparing the same. The forward osmosis membrane has a composite membrane structure including a nonwoven fabric layer, a hydrophilic polymer layer, and a polyamide layer. The hydrophilic polymer layer formed on the nonwoven fabric layer facilitates an inflow of... Agent: Woongjin Chemical Co., Ltd.

20120043275 - Nanofabricated membrane using polymerized proteoliposomes: The present invention generally related to a nanofabricated membrane including polymerized proteoliposomes. The nanofabricated membrane is a bio-nano fused selective membrane using protein-incorporated uv-crosslinkable liposomes with a chemical reactive biocompatible interstitial matrix. In the present invention, internally UV-crosslinked protein-incorporated proteolipsomes are used because the proteoliposomes made by natural lipids have... Agent:

20120043276 - Dual surface density baffle for clarifier tank: A baffle system for use in a clarifier tank, having a tank bottom and a periphery and a substantially vertical peripheral wall bounding the interior of the tank, has a plurality of baffles mounted on the peripheral wall of the clarifier tank. each baffle has an upper baffle surface with... Agent:

20120043277 - Contact-stabilization/prime-float hybrid: Systems and methods for treating wastewater including a dissolved air flotation operation performed upon a portion of a mixed liquor output from a contact tank prior to the mixed liquor entering a biological treatment tank.... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20120043278 - Paint waste liquid treatment method: s

20120043279 - Systems and methods for priming sorbent-based hemodialysis: A method for priming a hemodialysis treatment includes (i) providing a sorbent cartridge for cleaning spent dialysate fluid returning from a dialyzer: (ii) preparing a batch of dialysate in a quantity commensurate with being recycled through the sorbent cartridge multiple times; (iii) priming a dialysate circuit in fluid communication with... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120043280 - Ionic removal process using filter modification by selective inorganic ion exchanger embedment: New methods of removing impurities from solvent-based compositions using inorganic particle-embedded filters and an ion exchange process are provided. The methods comprise passing a composition through a filter embedded with inorganic particles to yield a filtered composition. Filters comprising filtration media embedded with inorganic particles and methods of producing the... Agent: Brewer Science Inc.

20120043281 - Separation media and methods especially useful for separating water-hydrocarbon emulsions having low interfacial tensions: Separation media, separation modules and methods are provided for separating water from a water and hydrocarbon emulsion and include a fibrous nonwoven coalescence layer for receiving the water and hydrocarbon emulsion and coalescing the water present therein as a discontinuous phase to achieve coalesced water droplets having a size of... Agent: Ahlstrom Corporation

20120043282 - Method and apparatus for wash water treatment: A waste water treatment apparatus includes a first reservoir for storing waste water interconnected to a second reservoir to receive and store treated water from the first reservoir upon activation of a pump. Operating the waste water treatment apparatus includes receiving waste water in the first reservoir, pumping the waste... Agent:

20120043283 - Aeration apparatus, seawater flue gas desulfurization apparatus including the same, and operation method of aeration apparatus: A first slit 12A formed in a diffuser membrane of aeration diffusers of an aeration apparatus according to the present invention includes a linear reference slit 12a and a branched slit 12b crossing the linear reference slit 12a at a center thereof, and an opening shape of the first slit... Agent:

20120043284 - Oil skimmer: A method and system for skimming oil contaminated water with a vessel fitted with a rotating reel and receiver tank affixed to a frame that can be raised or lowered into a body of water for flinging contaminated water into the receiver tank that will be fitted with check valves... Agent:

20120043285 - Manure separator: The present invention relates to a device for separating moisture out of a material, such as manure, paper pulp or the like. The device of the invention comprises two or more perforated draining rollers having a main longitudinal axis and two or more pressing rolls having an axis parallel to... Agent:

02/16/2012 > 27 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120037548 - Filtering device for fluids, in particular for fuel: A filtering device for fluids features a filter element located in a filter housing and a heating device located in the flow path of the fluid. The heating device comprises a heating element that is held by a heating support which is located at the inner surface of the cover,... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120037549 - Combination of a filter element and a core element, and a filter element: A combination (10) of a replaceable filter element (21) and a core element (38) is provided, the filter element comprising a tubular wall (25) of filtration medium for collecting material in a fluid stream passing through the tubular wall (25), a first end part (26) and a second end part.... Agent: Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Netherlands (filtration) B.v.

20120037550 - Hemodialysis system with cassette and pinch clamp: A hemodialysis system includes (i) blood tubing; (ii) a peristaltic blood pump contacting the blood tubing to pump blood through the blood tubing; (iii) a dialyzer in fluid communication with the blood tubing; (iv) first and second peristaltic dialysate pumps; (v) a dialysate heater; (vi) a plurality of pinch valves;... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120037551 - Carrier insert for accommodating and maintaining the biofilm culture of fluid cleaning structures: The characteristic feature of the invention is that the web (10) has internal textile units (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16) joining each other in intermediate complete nodal points (20, 21, 22, 23) and situated between the complete nodal points (20, 21, 22, 23), and external textile (17, 18) units... Agent:

20120037553 - Aesthetic conduit end cap structure having concealed anchor attachments: A conduit end cap structure (e.g., a floor drain assembly) that is securely attached to the conduit and aesthetically pleasing. The end cap of the conduit comprises a perforated plate. Anchor supports extend from the substantially concealed underside of the plate, each providing support for an anchor that is received... Agent: California Faucets, Inc.

20120037552 - Drain: The present invention relates to a drain for fitting in the floor of a wet space or the like. The drain comprises a drain element (1) with an outlet (2) for leading liquid from the floor of the wet space to a drain system, and a fitting flange (3) disposed... Agent:

20120037554 - Oil separator: Provided is an oil separator which can separate refrigerant and refrigeration machine oil with high efficiency, which can effectively prevent the outflow of separated oil towards the refrigerant discharge path side, which can reduce pressure loss in the flow of refrigerant, and which can be made compact especially in the... Agent:

20120037555 - Chromatography column: A chromatography column comprises a tubular member (1) having an open inlet end and an outlet end and being adapted to receive a packing material, and an end piece (2) inserted through the inlet end of the tubular member (1). The end piece (2) comprises a generally planar inner end... Agent: Biotage Ab

20120037556 - Filter element and filter assembly including locking mechanism: A fluid filtering apparatus and method may include keyed components to ensure that a correct filter element is being installed into a filter base. Keyed arrangements may occur between a filter element and a filter housing, a filter and a filter base, and a filter base and a filter housing.... Agent: Baldwin Filters, Inc.

20120037557 - Filter: The filter may include a first end cap, a second end cap, and a filter media. The filter media may be located between the first end cap and the second end cap. The filter media and the end caps may be located in a shell. An insert including a projection... Agent:

20120037558 - Method and composition for removing uremic toxins in dialysis processes: Methods and devices for providing dialysis treatment are provided. The device includes a resin bed including zirconium phosphate, zirconium oxide, and urease.... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120037559 - Strainer filtering apparatus including filtering tube: A strainer filtering apparatus including a filtering tube providing a substantially larger effective filtering area for its length and width, substantially reducing foreign substances covering a suction surface and flow resistance of the foreign substances, and reducing pressure drop at a cooling water passage. The strainer filtering apparatus includes at... Agent: Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.

20120037560 - Porous block nanofiber composite filters: Porous block nano-fiber composite (110), a filtration system (10) and methods of using the same are disclosed. An exemplary porous block nano-fiber composite (110) includes a porous block (100) having one or more pores (200). The porous block nano-fiber composite (110) also includes a plurality of inorganic nano-fibers (211) formed... Agent: Alliance For Sustainable Energy, LLC

20120037561 - Pleated filter medium: The invention relates to a pleated filter medium (1) having pleats (2) with rectangular sides and a length direction (L) parallel to the fold between the two sides of a pleat (2), comprising several rows of distance elements extending in a cross direction (C) relative to the folds in the... Agent: Camfil Ab

20120037562 - Edge member for membrane element and membrane element equipped with same: Disclosed are an edge member for membrane elements that can effectively improve adhesion with exterior finishing materials, and a membrane element that is equipped with the same. A plurality of types of undulations (134, 135) of different shapes are formed on the circumference of an extension (132) that extends from... Agent:

20120037563 - Bottom control type specimen filtering container and filtering method thereof: A bottom control type specimen filtering container consists of a seal plug (1), a top cap (2), a cylinder body (3), a piston rod (5), pistons (6), a clutch spring (7), a drainage needle (8) and a bottom cap (9). The piston rod (5) is disposed in a central hole... Agent:

20120037564 - Methods and systems for reducing viral load of hepatitis c virus in hemodialysis patients: The present technology relates to methods and systems for the removal of pathogens and fragments thereof in hemodialysis patients. In particular, methods and systems are described where lectins can be used to remove the Hepatitis C virus and fragments thereof in hemodialysis patients, and to provide a sustained reduction in... Agent: Aethlon Medical, Inc.

20120037565 - Methods and materials for selective boron adsorption from aqueous solution: e

20120037566 - Osmotically-assisted desalination method and system: Systems and methods for osmotically assisted desalination include using a pressurized concentrate from a pressure desalination process to pressurize a feed to the desalination process. The depressurized concentrate thereby produced is used as a draw solution for a pressure-retarded osmosis process. The pressure-retarded osmosis unit produces a pressurized draw solution... Agent: Nevada, Reno

20120037567 - Countercurrent chromatography rotor: The present invention describes a method for constructing a spiral tube support apparatus used in countercurrent chromatography, improvements to countercurrent chromatography tube support design, and methods of using the improved countercurrent chromatography apparatus. The spiral tube support apparatus may be constructed by a shape forming process such as a three... Agent: Cc Biotech LLC

20120037568 - Controlled method of minimizing radioactive sludge generation in post stimulation flowback and/or produced water treatment from a saltwater, oil and/or gas well: Disclosed herein is a controlled method of minimizing radioactive sludge generation in treatment of wastewater from an oil and/or gas well. The method comprises measuring a concentration of a radioactive material in wastewater to be treated and measuring a concentration of barium in the wastewater to be treated. The method... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20120037569 - System and method for mineral hardness management: A method of removing mineral hardness of water comprises selecting a mineral hardness solubility constant modifier capable of at least partially precipitating insoluble mineral hardness material from water containing mineral hardness. A pressurized flow of the water containing mineral hardness is generated. The mineral hardness solubility constant modifier is added... Agent:

20120037570 - Tank overflow dechlorinating assembly and method: A water tank overflow dechlorinating assembly is used with a water tank including an overflow pipe with exit above an overflow discharge region with an air gap between the two. The assembly includes a dechlorinating material delivery assembly comprising a guide tube having a material supply region and a perforated... Agent: Caifornia Water Service Comapny

20120037571 - Method and apparatus for sanitizing water using an ultraviolet light: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for sanitizing consumable water using an ultraviolet light. The water is exposed to the ultraviolet light for a preselected duration of time and at a desired power level to achieve a desired level of sanitization.... Agent:

20120037573 - Filter element and methods of manufacturing and using same: A coreless and spirally wound non-woven filter element is provided. The filter element includes at least one band of base media having a selected porosity and an interlay having a different porosity within at least one band of base media. The presence of the interlay in the filter element can... Agent: Perry Equipment

20120037572 - Strainer wall structure including curved sections, method of manufacturing the same, and filtering method using the same: A strainer wall structure includes curved sections, a method of manufacturing the same, and a filtering method using the strainer wall structure to provide a substantially larger effective filtering area in the same length and width, substantially reducing foreign substances covering a suction surface and flow resistance of the foreign... Agent: Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.

20120037574 - Water treatment reactor aeration support: A wastewater treatment includes an elevated aeration system. The aeration system is used to provide air and nutrients to biological growth in a wastewater treatment vessel, and to promote circulation of the support media used for the biological growth. The aeration system is elevated from the bottom of the reactor... Agent:

02/09/2012 > 39 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20120031820 - Fitting coupler for planar fluid conduit: A fitting coupler is provided configured for coupling a planar fluid conduit and a fluidic device. The fluidic device comprises a cavity, a device conduit, and a mouth where the device conduit opens into the cavity. A contact pressure element is configured for sealingly pressing the planar fluid conduit to... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20120031821 - Bypass valve for water filter system: A head for a water filter system having a filter element including a three-way valve member movable between a first position, a second position, and a third position. When the valve member is in the first position, incoming water is directed to the filter element to remove sediment and impurities... Agent: Paragon Water Systems, Inc.

20120031822 - Filter end cap assembly with bypass valve: A filter assembly, filter element and methods are provided. The filter assembly includes a filter base in which a filter element is mounted. The filter element includes a bypass valve carried by the filter element that operates independent of and free of interaction with the filter base. Methods include providing... Agent: Balwin Filters, Inc.

20120031823 - Apparatus for the treatment of wastewater: An apparatus for the treatment of wastewater, in particular aboard boats, with a treatment tank, which has a receiving portion and a treatment portion, an intake for wastewater in the receiving portion, an outlet on the treatment portion for treated wastewater, which is connected back into the treatment portion via... Agent: Hamann Ag

20120031824 - Module insert for installation in a liquid filter: A module insert includes at least one water level sensor, at least one valve, at least one flow channel for water, and at least one reservoir with a sorbent mechanism. The sorbent mechanism is configured to absorb impurities from the separated water and is disposed in the reservoir. The sorbent... Agent:

20120031825 - Carbon dioxide gas removal from a fluid circuit of a dialysis device: The present invention is directed to degassing devices for dialysate circuits. One embodiment has a first housing and a second housing positioned within the first housing in an annular relationship. A second embodiment comprises a dialysate regeneration system with urease, a dialyzer, and a housing with an external wall, where... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20120031826 - Hemodialysis system having clamping mechanism for peristaltic pumping: A hemodialysis system including (i) an instrument; (ii) first and second peristaltic dialysate pumps operated by the instrument; (iii) a cassette including a rigid structure and first and second dialysate pumping tubes carried by the rigid structure; and (iv) a mechanism configured to initially allow the cassette to be accepted... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120031827 - Agglomeration of high surface area rare earths: The subject invention relates generally to friable metal oxide agglomerates and specifically to agglomerates containing high surface area rare earth-containing materials and a polymeric binder.... Agent: Molycorp Minerals, LLC

20120031828 - Filter assembly, a filter element, and a method for replacing a filter element: A filter assembly includes a head, a filter housing which can be connected to the head, and a filter element which can be received in the filter housing. The filter element includes a tubular wall provided with a filtration medium; a first end part provided at a first axial end... Agent: Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Netherlands (filtration) B.v.

20120031829 - Oil spill recovery vessel: The oil spill recovery vessel is configured particularly for operations in relatively shallow water. The vessel is of catamaran configuration, with a large number of slowly rotating discs installed on a lateral rotary axle at the bow of the vessel. A wiper bears against each of the two surfaces of... Agent:

20120031830 - Transporting and treating water: Water can be transported and/or treated using a system or container in which a collapsible framework is attached to a membrane. A collapsible water container defining a volume for receiving, transporting, and delivering water can include: a membrane of material substantially impermeable to water, the membrane having a substantially cylindrical... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20120031831 - Hollow-fiber element for organic-vapor separation: In a hollow fiber element constituting a separation membrane module for separating an organic vapor, at least one end part of a fiber bundle consisting of multiple hollow fiber membranes having a selective permeability is fixed and bound with a tube sheet formed by a cured material, in which an... Agent: Ube Industries, Ltd.

20120031832 - Cylindrical filter: To improve particle capturing performance and classification filtering capacity of a cylindrical filter. A cylindrical filter includes a hollow cylindrical filter body configured by suitably combining a plurality of cylindrical first filter sections having mutually different inner diameters, each first filter section including a glass fiber as a major component,... Agent:

20120031833 - Systems, compositions, and methods for fluid purification: Disclosed herein are membranes comprising a substrate, a support layer, and a selective layer. In some embodiments the membrane may further comprise a permeable layer. Methods of forming membranes are also disclosed comprising forming a support layer on a substrate, removing adsorbed species from the support layer, preparing a solution... Agent: The Ohio State University Research Foundation

20120031834 - Ion-exchange membrane and method for producing same: There is provided an ion-exchange membrane comprising an ion-exchange layer made of a cationic polymer and/or an anionic polymer and a supporting layer, wherein the ion-exchange layer is formed on the supporting layer by printing. Such an ion-exchange membrane exhibits excellent anti-organic fouling and low membrane resistance, thereby high efficient... Agent: Yamaguchi University

20120031835 - Reactor inlet: The invention relates to a reactor for anaerobically purifying waster water, especially waste water from the paper industry, comprising a reactor vessel, several inlets arranged in the bottom region of the reactor vessel to feed waste water to be purified into the reactor, at least one outlet for discharging purified... Agent:

20120031836 - Compact upright bioreactor for the elimination of nutrients: In accordance with particular process, method and system aspects there is provided a biological manner of treating water/wastewater. Treatment is undertaken in bioreactor configured to treat the water/wastewater through a first process of denitrification followed by a second process of biological phosphorus removal. The bioreactor may be defined by multiple... Agent:

20120031837 - Wastewater treatment: A system and method for treating wastewater by continuously flowing wastewater into a chemostat and continuously discharging clean water out of the chemostat. The system can include sensors and an electronic controller for on-line measuring ambient parameters in the chemostat and adjusting the chemostat's operating conditions accordingly.... Agent: Biological Petroleum Cleaning Ltd.

20120031838 - Process for producing reclaimed water and system for producing reclaimed water: The process includes operation as follows: putting ozone generated by an ozone generator into raw water, in a normal mode, to subject the raw water to ozone treatment; injecting a flocculant into the raw water before or after the ozone treatment; filtering the raw water by a separation membrane after... Agent: Metawater Co., Ltd.

20120031839 - Filter with memory, communication and concentration sensor: The present invention describes a system and method for accurately measuring the concentration of a substance within a filter housing. A concentration sensor and a communications device are coupled so as to be able to measure and transmit the concentration of a particular substance within the filter housing while in... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20120031841 - Device and method for measuring a blood constituent in blood for an extracorporeal blood treating device: The invention relates to a device and a method for measuring a blood constituent in blood for an extracorporeal blood treatment device, comprising a dialyzer or a filter, and a hose line system comprising hose lines that are pervious to electromagnetic radiation. The kinetics of a liquid flowing at a... Agent:

20120031840 - Method for reducing amyloid beta concentration in blood: The present invention relates to a method for reducing a β-amyloid concentration in blood. Specifically, the present invention relates to a method for reducing a β-amyloid concentration in blood, comprising the steps of; removing blood out of a body, passing the blood that is removed through a hollow fiber membrane,... Agent: Asahi Kasei Kuraray Medical Co., Ltd.

20120031843 - Membranes based on polyvinyl alcohol: The invention relates to the use of silane-modified polyvinyl alcohols for producing membranes, characterized in that the silane-modified polyvinyl alcohols can be obtained by a) radically initiated copolymerization of one or more vinyl esters from unbranched or branched carboxylic acids having 1 to 15 C-atoms and one or more ethylenically... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20120031842 - Method for modifying composite membranes for liquid separations: A method for modifying the surface of nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) composite membranes, comprising placing said composite membrane in a suitable vessel having a feed inlet opening and a permeate outlet opening, feeding an aqueous solution of one or more monomer(s) and free radical initiator into said vessel... Agent: Ben-gurion University Of The Negev Research And Development Authority

20120031844 - Flow-switch-controlled, zero waste reverse osmosis water treatment system: A flow-switch controlled, zero waste reverse osmosis water treatment system having a first conduit for providing a supply of water, a second conduit having an inlet in fluid communication with the first conduit for selectively receiving a flow of water from the first conduit, a reverse osmosis element positioned along... Agent: Atlas Water Systems, Inc.

20120031845 - Devices and methods for the purification, isolation, desalting or buffer/solvent exchange of substances: A spin column device, which contains a rigid porous filter that retains its shape during centrifugation, chromatography methods using the device to isolate a desired substance, e.g., a biological molecule, from other substances in a mixture, and kits containing the device with one or more reagents for use in the... Agent: Bioventures, Inc.

20120031846 - Method for collecting oil with modified clay: The present invention provides a method for collecting oil with a modified clay. By mixing the modified clay and oil, the oil can be adsorbed to the clay. The modified clay is obtained by intercalating a hydrophobic polymer such as acidified poly(oxyalkylene)-amine into layered silicate clay, mica or talc to... Agent: National Taiwan University

20120031848 - Adjustable oil skimmer for use with absorbent pads: An adjustable and removable skimming assembly is provided for attaching to the bow of a watercraft. When mounted, the skimming assembly presents vertically orientated starboard, port and bow cages that house oil absorbent padding. The cages with the positioned pads are largely porous so that at slow watercraft velocities, the... Agent:

20120031847 - Oil spill remediation, oil recovery product and process: An oil sorbent material particularly for removing an oil slick from water is hydrophobic, in the form of a free-flowing dry powder, and preferentially absorbs oil from the slick, forming buoyant clumps which are easily skimmed or screened from water. Absorbed oil can be recovered from the clumps of sorbent... Agent:

20120031849 - Aerated reactor apparatus and methods: A reaction tank useful for precipitating struvite from aqueous solutions such as wastewater comprises an aeration system. The aeration system includes air diffusers in the reaction tank. The air diffusers are located at a level below an outlet of the reaction tank. The airflow control mechanism comprises means for automatically... Agent: Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.

20120031850 - Extraction of sulfate from water: Sulfate anions and divalent metal ions, such as magnesium, strontium and barium, in water are removed by treating the water with polyaluminum chloride, usually together with lime, to form ettringite and similar crystalline species which are readily removable by settling, filtration and the like. Iron is also removed by oxidation... Agent:

20120031851 - Storm drain baffle to decrease sediment washout: Some examples includes a flow-through stormwater sump having a bottom and defining an inlet opening, an outlet opening and a top access opening, an inlet conduit coupled to the flow-through stormwater sump at the inlet opening, an outlet conduit coupled to the flow-through stormwater sump at the outlet opening and... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20120031852 - Graphene based electrodes for electrochemical reactions, and electrooxidation process for the removal of contaminants from liquids using said electrodes: An electrode is described completely made of graphenes or containing high amounts of these compounds in mixture with nanostructured or non-nanostructured carbon-based materials. An electrooxidation process for the removal of contaminants from liquids, and a reactor for performing the process, based on the use of said electrodes, are also described.... Agent: Sa Envitech S.r.l.

20120031853 - Oxidation of organic contaminants present in wastewater: A process for oxidizing a chemical contaminant selected from the group consisting of (i) aromatic compounds, (ii) unsaturated compounds having one or more of the following bonds: C═C, C≡C, C═O and C≡N, and (iii) amines, which process comprises combining the chemical contaminant and cuprous (Cu+) ions in an aqueous solution... Agent:

20120031855 - Method and device for treatment of human excrement: A method for treatment of human excrement comprises the following steps: (1) providing a chamber (5) having a top opening through which excrement enters the chamber (5); (2) allowing solid excrement to form a layer on a porous plate (6) inside the chamber (5) by gravity wherein excrement is stored... Agent:

20120031854 - Modular storm water filtration system: The invention provides systems, associated component parts, and assemblies of the pre-filtration systems, that are useful for treating storm water entering underground storm water management systems. The invention further provides methods to pre-filter storm water prior to entering underground water management systems. The invention reduces pollutant loading in storm water... Agent: Kristar Enterprises, Inc.

20120031856 - Liquid separation device: A liquid separating device (1) for processing a mixture material (3) containing both solid and liquid materials (3a,3b), in order to separate liquid material (3b) from the solid material (3a), the liquid separating device (1) includes a support frame (5), a series of liquid separation assemblies (7a,7b) and a corresponding... Agent:

20120031857 - Filtration apparatus and method for treating granular filtration medium: Apparatuses and related methods for filtration of raw water including a filtration column having a filtrate zone and a filtration zone.... Agent: Liquid Automation Ltd.

20120031858 - Algae harvesting devices and methods: Systems and methods for filtering and collecting algae from fluid including a piston and pressurized air system to scrape and clean algae from the filter.... Agent:

02/02/2012 > 37 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20120024765 - Filtering core for fluid: The present invention discloses a filtering core for fluid, which includes main body and several identify portion. The main body is used to filter fluid. The identify portion are different from one another on color. Their colors are also different from the original color of the main body. When the... Agent:

20120024766 - Wastewater re-use systems: A wastewater reuse system has a wastewater treatment system connected to a dwelling for receiving wastewater therefrom. The wastewater treatment system has a pump tank with an outlet that can be connected to a central wastewater collection system. There can be a pump in the pump tank for pumping water... Agent:

20120024767 - Strainer for a bilge pump: A straining device for a drainage pump, the straining device comprising a body defining an inner chamber; at least one straining element by which liquid may enter the chamber; and at least one outlet by which liquid may leave the chamber. The straining device further includes a liquid level sensor... Agent: Munster Simms Engineering Limited

20120024768 - Water-conducting household appliance, in particular a dishwasher: A water-conducting household appliance, in particular a dishwasher, includes a hydraulic circuit for circulation of a wash fluid, and a filter facility which includes a filter element having an inner wall and at least one filter opening for passage of the wash fluid. The filter opening is bounded by the... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xe4 Te Gmbh

20120024769 - Method for collecting matter with a matter collection unit: A method for collecting matter using a matter collection Unit, as described below, provides a low energy, low cost and nearly zero pollutant process for extracting suspended and/or dissolved matter in a medium. The method collects the matter on a material when the medium is permitted to flow past the... Agent: Algaeventure Systems, Inc.

20120024770 - Microfluidic separation system: A microfluidic separation system, which comprises a magnetic separator, which itself comprises a magnetic energy source; first and second magnetically conductive members leading from the magnetic energy source and having respective terminal ends that are separated by a gap over which a magnetic field is applied due to the magnetic... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20120024771 - No filter no run filter assembly with air vent: A filter cartridge includes a filter media defining an interior space, and having a first end and a second end, a first end plate connected to the first end, and a second end plate connected to the second end. A pin is connected to the second end plate and extends... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20120024772 - Fluid treatment equipment and treatment method: Equipment for treating a matter to be treated more stably and uniformly between approaching/receding treatment planes in a treatment section where at least one plane can rotate relatively to the other plane. Treatment is performed by introducing a first fluid containing a matter to be treated between the treatment planes,... Agent: M. Technique Co., Ltd.

20120024773 - Filter and appliances including the filter: A filter for use in a washing appliance is disclosed. The filter includes an inlet, an outlet, a filter chamber and a mesh strainer placed between the inlet and outlet. The mesh strainer strains water or liquid flowing into the filter as the water flows into the inlet and out... Agent:

20120024774 - Filter medium and filter element: A filter medium for removing particles from a fluid flow has a pre-filter layer and a fine-filter layer joined to each other in the flow direction. A first supporting layer is attached to the unfiltered side of the pre-filter layer and a second supporting layer is attached to the filtered... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120024775 - Filter: The present invention relates to a membrane filter comprising a plurality of pores of substantially the same size. The membrane filter may be supported by at least one support (e.g. in the form of a support grid) and is able to handle a large flux and pressure in use. The... Agent: Nanyang Technological University

20120024777 - Inorganic porous support-zeolite membrane composite, production method thereof, and separation method using the composite: An object of the present invention is to provide a zeolite membrane composite satisfying both the treating amount and the separation performance at a practically sufficient level, which can be applied even in the presence of an organic material and can separate/concentrate an organic material-containing gas or liquid mixture and... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20120024776 - Mesostructured zeolitic materials, and methods of making and using the same: One aspect of the present invention relates to mesostructured zeolites. The invention also relates to a method of preparing mesostructured zeolites, as well as using them as cracking catalysts for organic compounds and degradation catalysts for polymers.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120024778 - Composite semipermeable membrane and method for producing the same: Disclosed herein are a composite semipermerable membrane and a method for producing the same. The composite semipermeable membrane comprises a microporous support membrane and a separation functional layer provided on the microporous support membrane, wherein the separation functional layer contains a condensation product produced by condensation of at least one... Agent:

20120024779 - Surface treating agent, filtering material for filter, and blood treatment filter: A surface treating agent is comprising a copolymer including: a monomer (A) having a hydrophilic functional group of formula (1) or (2) below, a monomer (B) having a basic functional group and a monomer (C) having a reactive functional group as monomer components, wherein the copolymer has a molar ratio... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120024780 - Water treatment plant for combined biomass and biogas production: A waste water treatment system is provided that includes a basin for holding water; nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria; macroalgae; and a biobed having a at least one layer and being constructed of materials selected to provide sufficient level of pH for enabling bacterial growth. In the biobed de-nitrification and nitrification... Agent:

20120024781 - Methods and systems for processing organic material: The present application relates to systems and methods for processing organic materials. The method may, for example, yield nutrient-rich materials that may have various agricultural uses. The method can include, in some embodiments, forming a slurry from components comprising liquid and organic material; combining the slurry with microorganisms to form... Agent: Wiserg Corporation

20120024782 - Method and apparatus for treating an oil spill: introducing an oxygen-containing fluid into the inlet of the hollow structure so that the oxygen-containing fluid exits from the hollow structure and engages the oil, wherein the oxygen-containing fluid engages the oil with sufficient force so as to cause a mechanical dispersion of the oil.... Agent:

20120024783 - Oxidative decolorization of dyes with enzymatically generated peracid method, composition and kit of parts: Described are compositions and methods for the decolorization of dye molecules in an aqueous medium using enzymatically-generated peracid.... Agent: Danisco US Inc.

20120024784 - Fluid gasification/degasification apparatuses, systems, and processes: Apparatuses, systems and processes for fluid gasification and degasification are disclosed. A fluid gasification/degasification apparatus includes housing having a central axis and at least one fluid inlet and at least one fluid outlet positioned at different axial locations along the housing. A membrane unit that includes a plurality of bundled... Agent:

20120024785 - Reaction systems with incorporated chromatography units for enhanced product recovery: Product yields in chemical reactions that produce a solid product from a liquid reaction mixture are improved by chromatographically separating certain key impurities from the product mixture prior to crystallization, or from the filtrate after crystallization in which case further product is crystallized from the filtrate. The removal of key... Agent: Ampac Fine Chemicals LLC, A California Limited Liability Company

20120024786 - Self-supporting dynamic polymeric membrane, method for preparing same, and uses thereof: “A method of preparation for polyimine self-supported dynamic polymeric membranes (called “dynameric” membranes) is provided along with their use in separation processes, especially for separating gaseous species.”... Agent:

20120024787 - Novel coated membranes and other articles: The present invention provides porous media or membranes having a surface coating that includes a cross-linked terpolymer which has a superior combination of properties, including heat stable biomolecule resistant adsorptive properties, resistance to strong alkaline solutions, and low levels of extractable matter. In some preferred embodiments, the porous media is... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20120024788 - Devices and methods for filtering blood plasma: The present invention provides systems, devices, kits, and methods for separating blood plasma from whole blood. In particular, the present invention provides systems, devices, and methods for separating a fixed volume of blood plasma from whole blood with minimal energy input.... Agent: Northwestern University

20120024789 - Surface modification of polyamide reverse osmosis membranes: The present invention relates to surface modification of reverse osmosis membranes to introduce antifouling properties without compromising the separation properties of the original membranes. This approach utilizes: providing a coated membrane surface having enhanced hydrophilic characteristics that prevents the biofoulants from settling; have a surface that consists of hydrophilic brushes... Agent: Michigan Molecular Institute

20120024793 - Ion chromatography system using catalytic gas elimination: A liquid chromatographic system is provided including catalytically combining hydrogen and oxygen gases in the chromatography eluent stream in a catalytic gas elimination chamber, to form water and thereby reduce the gas content in the eluent stream. Also, a liquid ion chromatographic system in which the effluent from the detector... Agent: Dionex Corporation

20120024791 - Process for making improved chromatography media and method of use: The present invention further is directed to the improved process for making by free radical polymerization a monodisperse, macroporous polymeric media with covalently bonded polymer chains. The media can be applied for chromatographic purification, resulting in polymer supports having improved protein binding capacity and resin selectivity, as well as methods... Agent:

20120024792 - Process for making improved chromatography media and method of use: The present invention further is directed to the process for making a macroporous polymeric media with covalently bonded quaternary ammonium polymer chains. The media can be applied for chromatographic purification, resulting in porous substrates having improved protein binding capacity and resin selectivity, as well as methods relating to making and... Agent:

20120024790 - Separation column with germania-based sol-gel stationary phase: The present invention provides sol-gel germania-coated chromatography separation columns with improved stability under extreme pHs and high temperatures. Also provided are methods of preparation and uses of the sol-gel germania-coated separation columns of the present invention.... Agent: University Of South Florida

20120024794 - Method and system for treating water used for industrial purposes: A low cost method and system for treating water, which will be used in an industrial process, is provided. A system of the invention generally includes at least one containing means, at least one coordination means, at least one chemical application means, at least one mobile suction means, and at... Agent: Crystal Lagoons Corporation LLC

20120024795 - Biosorbents for the extraction of metals: A biosorbent for removing cationic and/or anionic metals from aqueous solutions, and a process for the production of the biosorbent. The biosorbent includes bacterial aggregates of Bacillus sp. VCHB-10, deposited as NRRL-B-30881, and treated with polyethyleneimine and glutaraldehyde. Among the metals in their cationic form, the following are considered: cations... Agent: Universidad De Chile

20120024796 - Sustainable method and system for treating water bodies affected by bacteria and microalgae at low cost: A sustainable method and system for treating and maintaining bodies of water at low cost for low density recreational use is disclosed. A system of the invention generally includes at least one containing means, at least one coordination means, at least one chemical application means, at least one non-intrusive mobile... Agent: Crystal Lagoons Corporation LLC

20120024797 - Methods for dewatering wet algal cell cultures: A method of dewatering algae and recycling water therefrom is presented. A method of dewatering a wet algal cell culture includes removing liquid from an algal cell culture to obtain a wet algal biomass having a lower liquid content than the algal cell culture. At least a portion of the... Agent:

20120024798 - Selenium removal using chemical oxidation and biological reduction: Selenium in the form of a reduced species such as selenocyanate is oxidized to produce an oxidized selenium species such as selenate or selenite, and then a biological reduction process is used to remove selenium from the oxidized selenium species. In an example, a chemical oxidant is added to a... Agent:

20120024799 - Nanostructured compositions having reduced dissolution of manganese and methods of making and using the same: Nanostructured manganese-containing compositions having reduced manganese dissolution and methods of making and using the same are provided. In one embodiment, a composition of matter comprises a nanostructured oxide or hydroxide doped with Mn4+. The composition of matter can be made by forming a nanostructured oxide or hydroxide material doped with... Agent: Inframat Corporation

20120024800 - Apparatus, methods and systems for handling and processing waste material: Apparatus, methods and systems for processing waste are provided. For example, a system for processing waste, wherein the waste comprises hard particulates embedded therein, can be provided. The system can comprise a waste disruptor, wherein the waste disruptor disrupts the waste and releases at least one of the embedded hard... Agent: Highmark Renewables Research, L.p.

20120024801 - Household laundry dryer and filtering method: A household laundry dryer has at least one filter container which includes a chamber with an inlet for condensate water to be cleaned. The chamber has a first outlet, a second outlet and a filter element which is arranged between the inlet and the first outlet and which divides the... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xc4 Te Gmbh

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