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Liquid purification or separation January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/12

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01/26/2012 > 31 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120018357 - Water filtering and dispensing system and system for filtering, storing, delivering, and testing water: The invention provides a water dispensing system comprising a container having a first region adapted to store unfiltered water, a second region adapted to store filtered water, and a spout region, a meter housing adapted to receive a water meter, a reservoir disposed within the first region of the container,... Agent: Zero Technologies, Inc.

20120018358 - Filter apparatus: A filter apparatus, provided for installation in a fluid storage tank, having at least one preferably replaceable filter element (11), through which a fluid can flow from the outside to an inner hollow filter chamber (19), forming the clean side, and which is surrounded by a housing wall (1) which... Agent:

20120018359 - Filter device, in particular return line suction filter, and filter element for use in such a filter device: The invention relates to a filter device, in particular a return line suction filter, having at least one filter housing (3) in which a filter element (17) defining a longitudinal axis in the form of a filter cartridge can be received and comprises an enclosure at at least one end... Agent: Hydac Filtertechnik Gmbh

20120018360 - Fluid strainer assembly: A fluid strainer device is disclosed. The device includes a housing which defines an open chamber, the chamber having both at least one fluid input port and at least one fluid outlet port. A plurality of spaced strainer baskets are disposed within the chamber. Each basket has a pair of... Agent: Wayne J. Kraft

20120018361 - Solid-liquid separating method, solid-liquid separator and solidified product: To provide a reliable solid-liquid separating method and apparatus for a slurry, even though the solid component of the slurry is finely divided particles and/or of a shape difficult to entangle, without exudation through gaps in processed portions and, also, with no need to exercise a maintenance work such as... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20120018362 - Weir grate: A weir grate (10, 100) comprises a base tray (12, 112) having an outlet (14, 114), and an infill tray (16, 116) positionable in the base tray. The base tray comprises a plurality of discretely positioned posts (22, 122) projecting upwardly therefrom in use. The infill tray comprises a plurality... Agent:

20120018363 - Precast pervious concrete: A pervious concrete slab is pre-cast in a reusable mold or form to define at least one keyway configured and arranged to engage with a complementary keyway of another similar pre-cast pervious concrete slab. The concrete slab is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to an installation site, and... Agent:

20120018364 - Filter device: The invention relates to a filter device having at least one filter element (11) comprising a filter medium (27) disposed between two receiving parts (31, 35) and a connecting device located at the lower receiving part (35) for a fluid connection to a fluid device, in particular to a fluid... Agent: Hydac Filtertechnik Gmbh

20120018365 - Systems and methods for forward osmosis fluid purification: A process for purification of fluids, for example, desalination of seawater or brackish water, using organic solutes in a concentrated water solution for use in a forward osmosis process, to extract fresh water out of salt water through the forward osmosis membrane, and subsequently separating the organic solutes out of... Agent: Nrgtek, Inc.

20120018366 - Fluid separation system with reduced fouling: A fluid separation system includes a separation membrane having a pattern of features thereon.... Agent:

20120018367 - Membrane separator: A plurality of membrane elements 14 communicate with a water collecting pipe 16 for collecting permeate from the membrane elements 14, and the pipe channel of the water collecting pipe 16 constitutes an upward-inclined channel at least in the upper region of the pipe channel or a channel increased in... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20120018368 - Device and process for removing floating material from a liquid: The invention refers to a device for removing floating material from a liquid, especially from sewage (2), with at least one sieve element shaped like a filter basket (4), for example, that in a front side has an inlet opening through which liquid can flow into the interior of the... Agent: Huber Se

20120018369 - Wedge-wire in-port filter: The present invention includes a retrofit, in-port filter specially configured for filtering a fluid flow at a high velocity with a minimum of flow resistance. The in-port or simply port filter, is easily retrofit into a threaded pipe connection, and employs a wedge-wire coil, which serves an efficient and self-cleaning... Agent:

20120018370 - Silica membrane and method for manufacturing the same: There is provided a silica membrane 1 formed on a porous substrate. A desorbed ionic strength of water having a temperature of 500° C. in a temperature-programmed desorption analysis of water of the silica membrane is 2,000,000/g. The silica membrane 1 is manufactured by allowing a silica sol having a... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20120018371 - Non-braided reinforced holow fibre membrane: A hollow fiber membrane comprising a reinforcing structure embedded within a membrane wall is provided. A generally tube-shaped reinforcing structure for a hollow fibre membrane is also provided. The reinforcing structure comprises i) a plurality of warp filaments, the plurality of warp filaments being generally parallel to each other and... Agent:

20120018372 - Sludge extraction system for biological waste water reactors: A reactor for biological purification of waste water includes a reactor vessel having a substantially flat or a round bottom, at least one supply pipe arranged in a lower region of the reactor vessel for feeding the waste water to be purified into the reactor, at least one fluid discharge... Agent:

20120018373 - Methods and products used to grow and harvest algae: Systems and methods that facilitate the creation and harvesting of algae using tufted products. One exemplary tufted product comprises a substrate and tufts tufted through the substrate. The use of a tufted product provides various advantages with respect to the creation and harvesting of algae. Among other things, such products... Agent:

20120018374 - Sewage treatment process and system: A sewage treatment process is provided, which includes the following steps: a) sewage feeding step, comprising introducing raw sewage into a biological reaction tank (1) to a predetermined time or liquid level; b) reaction step comprising performing aeration and stirring intermittently in the biological reaction tank (1); c) treated water... Agent:

20120018375 - Method and device for recycling cleaning or rinsing water, in particular rinser water: A method for recycling cleaning or rinsing water, in particular rinser water, as well as a corresponding device for carrying out the method, where, for reducing the amount of water, first filtering water with a reverse osmosis system, then providing the permeate with an additive acting in a sanitizing or... Agent: Krones Ag

20120018376 - Apparatus and method for removing impurities in connection with liquid-liquid extraction of copper: The invention relates to an apparatus and method for removing molybdenum and other possible impurities from an organic copper-containing extraction solution in connection with the liquid-liquid extraction related to copper recovery. The removal of impurities occurs in one or several removal units built into the organic extraction solution storage tank.... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20120018377 - Dialysate regeneration system for portable human dialysis: A dialysate regeneration chamber is provided. In one embodiment, the dialysate regeneration chamber may include a toxin trap configured to selectively trap toxins and repel select cations.... Agent: Chemica Technologies, Inc.

20120018378 - Renal failure therapy machines and methods including conductive and convective clearance: A renal failure therapy method includes causing therapy fluid to flow to a renal failure therapy filter, directing at least twenty-five percent of the therapy fluid to the renal failure therapy filter to perform conductive clearance, and using the renal therapy failure filter to cause at least a substantial amount... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20120018379 - Device and method for determining and controlling the concentration of at least one solute in a fluid circuit: The present invention relates to an apparatus and to a method for the determination and regulation of the concentration of at least one dissolved substance in a fluid circuit, wherein the fluid circuit comprises at least two partial circuits, and wherein the partial circuits are separated by filter in a... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20120018381 - Method and device for extracting an analyte: The invention provides extraction columns for the purification of an analyte (e.g., a biological macromolecule, such as a peptide, protein or nucleic acid) from a sample solution, as well as methods for maintaining the columns in a wet state. The columns typically include a bed of extraction media positioned in... Agent:

20120018380 - Preparative chromatography column and methods: A chromatography column that captures components in a process liquid in a free flow state and allows elution in steps is described.... Agent: Therapeutic Proteins Inc.

20120018382 - Liquid purification using magnetic nanoparticles: Disclosed are magnetic nanoparticles and methods of using magnetic nanoparticles for selectively removing biologics, small molecules, analytes, ions, or other molecules of interest from liquids.... Agent: Advantageous Systems, LLC

20120018383 - Method for dispersing and aggregating components of mineral slurries: The disclosure relates generally to the use of zeolite to assist in dispersion of components in aqueous mineral slurries to release and separate individual components of the slurry, which may then be recovered from the slurry and, in particular, to the use of zeolite in the recovery of bitumen from... Agent: Sortwell & Co.

20120018384 - Mercury removal from water: The present invention provides a method of removing mercury from water. The method includes depositing selenium or a reactive selenium compound on a support structure, such as reticulated foam. The support structure is then placed in contact with mercury laden water whereby allowing the selenium and the mercury in the... Agent:

20120018385 - Recovering hydrocarbons: Methods of recovering hydrocarbons from an area that is contaminated or threatened with contamination with hydrocarbons may include deploying hydrophobic absorbent material such that at least some of the hydrophobic absorbent material contacts at least some of the hydrocarbons, allowing the hydrophobic absorbent material to absorb at least some of... Agent: Collaborent Group, Ltd.

20120018386 - Deepwater oil recovery process: Ozone/oxygen gas is mixed with treated seawater at 30% quality foam and injected to the wellhead at the sea floor. At the seafloor, a tank mixing eductor would be used to mix high pressure oxygen bubbles with the oil contaminated seawater by shearing the oil globs into small oil droplets... Agent:

20120018387 - Method for controlling water evaporation: The present invention relates to a method for controlling evaporation from a body of water. The method of the invention uses a water insoluble compound and a water soluble polymer, which interact with each other by non-covalent bonding interactions.... Agent: Polymers Crc Ltd

01/19/2012 > 32 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120012510 - Filter and filter assembly: A filter assembly for a floor drain for use in indoor drains such as in drains in showers, baths, sinks or floors is disclosed. The filter assembly 10 comprising a hollow filter basket 13 having a base wall 16 and a side wall 17 extending from said base wall 16.... Agent:

20120012511 - Apparatus for osmotic power generation and desalination using salinity difference: The apparatus for osmotic power generation and desalination using a salinity difference includes: a first osmotic membrane reactor having a first salt water position space and a third salt water position space separated by a first forward osmotic membrane; a second osmotic membrane reactor having a second salt water position... Agent: Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials

20120012512 - Device for separating ferromagnetic particles from a suspension: Ferromagnetic particles are separated from a suspension using a tubular reactor having at least one magnet, where a suspension is able to flow through the reactor. A displacer is arranged inside the reactor.... Agent:

20120012515 - Filter assembly: A filter assembly for a household water filtration apparatus, and a method for filtering water using a household water filtration apparatus are provided. The filter assembly comprises a through-flow cartridge, which has an accessible cavity. The cartridge is removably received in the household water filtration apparatus. The filter assembly further... Agent: Uv Corporation

20120012513 - Filter element and filter module: A filter element of a filter system for filtering fluids has a filter medium with end faces. Terminal bodies, one each, are connected to one of the end faces of the filter medium, respectively. A support body extends between the terminal bodies. A first terminal body is connected by a... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20120012514 - Membrane module unit and assembly method, disassembly method, and maintenance method for same, and water-treatment apparatus: Disclosed is a membrane module unit in which a plurality of membrane modules is coupled together in parallel by coupling means, the membrane module including a sheet-like filter membrane and holding frame members that hold the filter membrane at two opposed sides of a peripheral edge of the filter membrane,... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20120012516 - Floating cell and island with a floating macrophyte filter: A floating cell with a floating macrophyte filter that can be installed in a chamber containing a volume of fluid to be filtered. The cell has: a layer with a floating macrophyte filter between a perimeter and a centre of the island; supporting means with peripheral structural means for defining... Agent: Macrofitas, S.l.

20120012517 - Dual media fluid filter: A filter apparatus has a housing, an inlet port on one side of the housing and an outlet port on an opposed side of the housing. Sheet media is disposed in the housing having a first opening through the sheet media. Also dispersed in the housing is a bag media... Agent: Filtran LLC

20120012518 - Coreless filter cartridge and method of forming a coreless filter cartridge: A coreless filter cartridge includes a filtration media having a plurality of pleats formed in a tubular configuration. The filtration media includes a first end that extends to a second end through an intermediate portion having an exterior surface and an interior surface that defines a hollow core. At least... Agent: General Electric Company

20120012519 - Mesh screen assembly with reduced pull-out: A mesh screen, for example for filtration wheels used in water treatment, provides a set of pleated filter elements assembled by in-molding the mesh into stringers subdividing a frame. Retention strips following the pleated edges of the filter elements at the stringers include apertures permitting direct clamping of the mesh... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120012520 - Forward osmosis membranes and method for fabricating the same: Disclosed are a forward osmosis membrane capable of ensuring resistance to microorganisms, improving water flux by forward osmosis, and minimizing reverse solute flux by maximizing tortuosity of the membrane, and a method for fabricating the same. The disclosed method for fabricating a forward osmosis membrane includes: preparing a filler material... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20120012521 - Vinylidene fluoride resin hollow fiber porous membrane and process for producing same: A hollow-fiber porous membrane of vinylidene fluoride resin, satisfying: a ratio Pmax/Pm of at most 2.0 between a maximum pore size Pmax and an average pore size Pm, and a Pm of 0.13 μm-0.25 μm, according to the half-dry/bubble point method (ASTM F316 and ASTM E1294); a coefficient of variation... Agent:

20120012522 - Making and using composite material containing nanospheres and devices for water filtration and devices containg such composites: The present invention relates to the method of producing concentric carbon nanospheres from the pyrolytic combustion of a carbonaceous material such as plant material. The material can be carboxylated and then optionally metallated to produce nanospheres capable of filtering a liquid such as water.... Agent:

20120012523 - Fabric material composite construction for use as a filter means: A fabric material composite construction, for use as a filter means or media, characterized in that said construction comprises a combination of one or more nanofiber layers and a synthetic single-thread squarely knitted precision fabric.... Agent:

20120012524 - Membrane bioreactor process: The inventions add a modified phase separator in the main line of a wastewater treatment process for enhanced BOD and nutrient removal with a membrane system. In addition, treatment methods and systems are described for high flux membrane filtration to meet secondary and tertiary treatment standards. Phase separation and membrane... Agent:

20120012525 - Refuse landfill leachate wastewater treatment system and technology: This invention relates to a refuse landfill leachate wastewater treatment system comprising a collection well, an adjustment tank, a filter, a comprehensive treatment system having a multi-stage anoxic/aerobic pool and a membrane biological reactor. The process of treatment is: waste water enters a adjustment tanke in which water quality and... Agent:

20120012526 - Accelerated bioremediation using supplemental compositions and oxygenated water: A method for bioremediation of contaminants, comprising contacting a contaminant with composite particles including at least one microbial available nutrient species and at least one fatty acid species, and contacting the contaminant with oxygenated water including greater than about 4 parts per million dissolved oxygen. Water may be oxygenated on-site... Agent: Bionutratech, Inc.

20120012527 - Composite membrane with multi-layered active layer: A polymeric membrane includes an active layer on a support. The active layer includes at least two chemically distinct crosslinked, polyamide films, and the films are crosslinked with each other at an interface.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120012528 - Surface modified inorganic matrix and method for preparation thereof: The present invention relates to a method for the modification of metal hydroxide and/or metal oxide surfaces of an inorganic matrix with an organometallic reagent for obtaining an organic functionalized matrix suitable for filtration processes. The method involves the direct covalent binding of organic functional groups by allowing a pre-treated... Agent: Vito Nv

20120012529 - Water pretreatment unit using a fluorinated liquid: A unit for pretreating water by heat and/or ion treatment. It provides a pretreatment unit including a direct contact heat and/or ion exchanger having a continuous or dispersed phase that includes a fluorinated liquid that is not miscible with water with a density of more than 1.25.... Agent:

20120012530 - Molecularly imprinted polymer ion exchange resins: A molecularly imprinted polymer ion exchange resin for selectively removing one or more inorganic ions in a liquid medium is disclosed and described. The exchange resin can include a bead having a porous structure and comprising a cross-linked molecularly imprinted polymer having molecular sized cavities adapted to selectively receive and... Agent: Johns Hopkins University

20120012531 - Adsorbent for adsorption of heavy metals in waste water: A method and adsorbent composition for removing heavy metals from contaminated water, comprising including mixing a water having a concentration of one or more heavy metals with an adsorbent including granules of a mixture of 3.33 wt % bentonite clay and a siwak stick powder; and collecting water having a... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

20120012532 - Arsenic sorbent and method for remediating arsenic-contaminated material: An arsenic sorbent includes monohydrocalcite that has been precipitated by mixing an aqueous solution of a soluble carbonate or a carbonate with an aqueous solution that includes an Mg2+ ion and a Ca2+ ion in a ratio “Mg/Ca” of 0.3 or more, the monohydrocalcite having a molar ratio “Mg/(Ca+Mg)” of... Agent: National University Corporation Kanazawa University

20120012533 - Nanoparticle filter: Technologies are generally described for a nanoparticle filter and system effective to move a nanoparticle from a fluid to a location. In some examples, the method includes providing the fluid including the nanoparticles. In some examples, the method further includes applying a first light to the fluid to create a... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120012534 - Thickener/clarifier feedwell assembly with infeed rotation: A feedwell assembly for a thickener/clarifier includes a feedwell body, at least one infeed conduit connected at a downstream end to the body, and at least one spin or rotation inducement element disposed as part of the infeed conduit for imparting rotation or spin to a slurry stream fed to... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20120012535 - Oil skimmer conveyor: An oil skimmer conveyor includes an inclined frame attached to a boat or other structure. Upper and lower rollers are connected to the frame, and a continuous belt is supported by the rollers. The lower roller extends into the water, and is at least partially submerged in water. The belt... Agent: Oil Busters, LLC

20120012536 - Water treatment apparatus and process to reduce pipe scale and biomass: A method of treating water in order to minimize scaling and biomass buildup in water conduits or containers in which the treated water is used includes processing ambient air in a chamber including at least one ultraviolet light source to generate an output flow mixture of air and reactive oxygen... Agent: Cascade Water Services

20120012537 - Fluid reconditioning system and method of using the same: In one embodiment, a fluid recondition system includes a container for storing a fluid; a fluid reconditioning module including a microbe-reducing device; and a first and second conduits transporting fluid between the container and the fluid reconditioning module. In another embodiment, the fluid reconditioning module includes an electromagnetic energy emitting... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120012538 - Method of treatment of ballast water: A method of treating ballast water. The method consists of a step of using as a concentrated brine solution having such a high degree of salinity as to kill organisms in the ballast water treatment system. The source of the concentrated brine solution is, preferably, the concentrated hypertonic brine solution... Agent: Q5 Innovations Inc.

20120012539 - Water treatment apparatus and method for using same: A water treatment apparatus with a first filtration system and a second filtration system is disclosed. The first filtration system provides purified water to an automated assay device. The second filtration system receives wastewater from an outlet and removes contaminants from the wastewater which allows for direct disposal of the... Agent: Qiagen Gaithersburg Inc.

20120012540 - Grit removal system: A grit removal system for tanks with a need to remove settled solids (e.g., anaerobic digester tank) is described. The system is especially suitable for a large tank, preferably having a flat floor, and it works well while submerged under a liquid. Specifically, a periphery-driven rack & pinion mechanism drives... Agent: Highmark Renewables Research , L.p.

20120012541 - Multiphase particulate separation vacuum: A vacuum system for wastewater removal and filtration, comprising: (1) at least one velocity reducing gravity separator, comprising: (a) a water input line; (b) a water velocity reduction mechanism at an end of the water input line; (c) a settling tank; and (d) a water output line; and (2) at... Agent:

01/12/2012 > 35 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120006729 - Water purifier: There is provided a water purifier in which a display portion can obtain a higher waterproof property and the workability in manufacturing of the display portion can be improved. In a water purifier which includes a display portion (10) displaying announcement information, the display portion (10) includes an indicator (24),... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Cleansui Company, Limited

20120006730 - Vented alarm apparatus for use with a pool skimmer basket: A detachable vented signaling alarm apparatus is provided which is capable of being attached to a skimmer basket commonly used with pool skimming systems. There are many different configurations and sizes of skimmer baskets with which the present apparatus is capable of attachment merely by drilling a hole generally centrally... Agent:

20120006731 - Filter with reusable bypass valve and inner assembly: A filter unit includes an outer filter assembly, a bypass valve assembly, and an inner filter assembly. The bypass valve assembly can be separated from the outer filter assembly, allowing the bypass valve assembly to be recycled/reused when the outer filter assembly is disposed of. In addition, the bypass valve... Agent:

20120006732 - Modular dual vessel dissolved aeration flotation treatment system: A modular dual vessel DAF includes a frame, adjacent treatment sections mounted to the frame and including a multi-stage flocculator, aeration injector and mix chamber, stilling well, separation tank, effluent weir having an enclosed peaked upper portion and bottom inlet, clear well with height adjustable risers, surface skimmer, inclined sludge... Agent:

20120006733 - Magnetic fluid cleaning system: A magnetic fluid cleaning system that includes a housing and a driven magnetic roller disposed within the housing. A belt is arranged about the magnetic roller. The belt having magnetic particles from the fluid received thereon when within a magnetic field of the magnetic roller. The belt travels about the... Agent: Magnetic Systems International

20120006736 - Device for a biological liquid treatment installation: m

20120006734 - Filter with expandable end cap facilitating easier change-out: An improved filter arrangement solves problems associated with dislodging the filter from a support basket at change-out when intimate contact between the filter and basket is no longer desirable. An elastomeric end cap is bonded to the distal end of the filtering medium. The end cap has a circular, outer... Agent: Hoff Engineering Company, Inc.

20120006737 - Replaceable filter elements including plural filter media and related filtration systems, techniques and methods: One embodiment is a filter element including an outer filter media and an inner filter media. The outer filter media is operable to remove particulates present in a flow of fluid and/or coalesce water contained in the flow of fluid. The inner filter media is operable to remove particulates from... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20120006735 - Separating screens: A separating screen has a rectangular body (1) one side of which has a seal for sealing against an abutting side of an adjacent screen or shaker basket. The seal is provided by an elongate sealing strip (9) of resilient material held in place on the side of the body... Agent: United Wire Limited

20120006738 - Continuously supplied water filtration banks: A filtration and dispensing system that is particularly suitable for underdeveloped parts of the world is provided for storing, filtering, and dispensing rainwater, surface water, or groundwater. The system includes a bank of ceramic filters, a water retention container for holding water to be dispensed by the system, and at... Agent: Atopia Research

20120006739 - Capillary membrane filtration module: A device for the filtration of liquids includes membrane curtains (2), each curtain being formed of a singular row of capillary membranes (5). The device has at least one bottom header (3) provided at a lower end of the membrane curtains (lower end of the capillary membranes) and linked to... Agent: Vlaamse Instelling Voor Technologisch Onderzoek N.v. (vito)

20120006740 - Filter assembly with reusable bypass valve: A filter unit includes an outer filter assembly, a bypass valve assembly, and an optional inner filter assembly. The bypass valve assembly can be separated from the outer filter assembly, allowing the bypass valve assembly to be recycled/reused when the outer filter assembly is disposed of. In addition, the bypass... Agent:

20120006741 - Filter material web: A fiber material web of pulp fibers is made by pulp fibers being calendered and spot-connected or linearly connected without a binder in pressurized areas by fusion of the fiber bodies with generation of an embossed patter. The pulp fibers are chemically treated pulp fibers. The fiber material web is... Agent: Mcairlaid's Vliesstoffe Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120006743 - Treating water using floating wetland made of plastic waste: An apparatus for creating floating wetlands and improving water quality is provided. The apparatus includes a lower retainer; an upper retainer; a floatable waste material disposed between the lower retainer and the upper retainer; and an organic material planted between the lower retainer and the upper retainer; wherein the organic... Agent: Biohabitats Incorporated, Of The State Of Maryland

20120006742 - Treatment method reducing wastewater influent chemical/pharmaceuticals before biological reduction to enhance sewage treatment: A sulfurous acid/alkalinization pre-treatment method for wastewaters to condition and remove a number of chemicals/pharmaceuticals and heavy metals before the recovered treated influent undergoes further biological reduction via anaerobic and aerobic digestion.... Agent: Earth Renaissance Technologies, LLC

20120006744 - Method and device for the treatment of waste water: The invention relates to a reactor for treatment of waste water for being subject to both anoxic/anaerobic and aerobic treatment within one single reactor volume. The anoxic/anaerobic reaction zone is separated from the aerobic reaction zone by a separator which also works as a hydrodynamic separator between the two reaction... Agent: Ntnu Technology Transfer As

20120006745 - Methods and systems for producing granules of biomass in the treatment of wastewater: Methods and systems for the production of granules of biomass in the treatment of wastewater. Organic matter is removed from wastewater in an anaerobic zone and then in an aerobic zone. Waste activated sludge is transferred from the aerobic zone to the anaerobic zone and is used in the formation... Agent: Bp Corporation North America Inc.

20120006746 - System and method for reducing emissions in a hog confinement facility: A system and method of reducing ammonia emissions. The system and method include a facility having a waste storage compartment below a floor comprised of slats with openings therebetween. A plurality of injection pipes are attached to a bottom surface of the slats. Each of the plurality of injection pipes... Agent:

20120006747 - Methods of dynamic filtration using centrifugal force and methods of making a dynamic filtration device: The present invention generally relates to a filtration system having one or more apparatuses for filtering gases, liquids, or fluids (e.g., water) to remove particulate matter, and methods of making and using the apparatus. More particularly, embodiments relate to apparatuses and methods for applying centrifugal force(s) to push a fluid... Agent:

20120006748 - Buffered compositions for dialysis: Dry acid-concentrate compositions comprising citrate and their use in preparing dialysate compositions and in performing hemodialysis is disclosed.... Agent: Advanced Renal Technologies

20120006749 - Vessel desalination system and method: A multi-ported vessel system includes an outer pressure vessel containing a plurality of flow distribution tubes, each of which comprises a plurality of reverse osmosis membrane elements aligned serially within each tube. The outer pressure vessel includes bypass flow paths whereby feed water flows around each of the tubes within... Agent: Megavessals, Inc.

20120006750 - Method of manufacturing substances by supercritical fluid chromatography: Provided is a method of manufacturing target substances with use of supercritical fluid chromatography, by which the following are achieved: solution of a problem at the time of sequential injections of samples containing the target substances; an increase of a treatment amount of separation per unit time; and improvement of... Agent:

20120006751 - Enhanced clarification media: Media and devices, such as depth filters including such media, wherein the media is impregnated with a polymer such as a polyallylamine. The resulting device offers strong binding of protein impurities and superior removal of host cell proteins from biological samples.... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20120006752 - Enhanced clarification media: Media and devices, such as nitrocellulose-based filters, wherein the media is coated with a polymer such as a polyallylamine. The resulting device offers strong binding of protein impurities and superior removal of host cell proteins from biological samples.... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20120006753 - Functionalized fly ash and oil scavenging using the same: A method of scavenging oil from an oil-water mixture includes providing a plurality of functionalized fly ash particles having functionalized surfaces including reactive groups or reactive materials having hydrophobic groups covalently bound to the reactive groups or reactive materials. The oil-water mixture is contacted with the plurality of functionalized fly... Agent: University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20120006754 - Method of recovering polyhydroxyalkanoates (phas) from municipal waste sludge: A method of recovering polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) from municipal waste sludge includes: (a) measuring a solid content in the municipal waste sludge in terms of a volatile suspended solid in the municipal waste sludge; (b) removing supernatant from the municipal waste sludge; (c) freezing the municipal waste sludge; (d) conducting a... Agent: National Chi Nan University

20120006755 - Process for treatment of water containing azole-type anticorrosive for copper: Provided is a process for efficiently removing an azole-type anticorrosive for copper from water containing the azole-type anticorrosive for copper, such as wastewater discharged from a CMP step in a fabrication process of a semiconductor device. Ferrous ions are added to water containing an azole-type anticorrosive for copper, and a... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20120006756 - Method and device for the wet oxidation treatment of liquid waste laden with mineral matter: A method and device for the wet oxidation treatment of liquid waste laden with mineral matter in suspension. The device comprises a reactor including a treatment column, first and second heat exchangers placed upstream and downstream, respectively, of the reactor. The solution to be treated, laden with mineral matter to... Agent: Granit Technologies S.a.

20120006757 - Separating sand from fluids produced by a well: A settling system may be used to separate and/or remove solid particles, such as sand, from fluids produced by wells. The container of the settling system may be cleaned without need for manned-entry.... Agent:

20120006758 - Method of recovering polyhydroxyalkanoates (phas) from municipal waste sludge: A method of recovering polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) from municipal waste sludge includes: (a) removing coarse particles in the municipal waste sludge and measuring a solid content in the municipal waste sludge in terms of a volatile suspended solid in the municipal waste sludge; (b) removing a supernatant from the municipal waste... Agent: National Chi Nan University

20120006759 - Method and system for removal of trihalomethane from water supplies: A method of and system for treating water to reduce the level of trihalomethanes includes the water to be treated (WTBT) being sprayed through a nozzle to aerate the WTBT to increase the air/water interface therein reducing the level of trihalomethanes in the water. In one embodiment, the pressure of... Agent:

20120006761 - Absorbent material and method for using same: An absorbent material is provided for collecting lipophilic and hydrophobic materials from an aqueous solution such as water. The material comprises nonwoven polyester fibers in the form a mat. The mat may include reinforcing strands, such as glass fiber, nylon fiber, metallic wire and the like in order to increase... Agent:

20120006760 - Microfluidic device for cell separation and uses thereof: The invention features methods for separating cells from a sample (e.g., separating fetal red blood cells from maternal blood). The method begins with the introduction of a sample including cells into one or more microfluidic channels. In one embodiment, the device includes at least two processing steps. For example, a... Agent:

20120006762 - Solids removal system and method: The system and method is directed to improved separation or clarification of solids from a solids-laden liquid and removal of entrained gasses. A liquid to be treated is introduced into the inlet of a solid-liquid separator modified to include one or more sources of vibrational energy. The liquid is directed... Agent:

20120006763 - Duplex strainer apparatuses, systems and methods: Duplex fluid strainers, systems and methods can include a housing with a first valve chamber defining an inlet port, a first port, and a second port, and a second valve chamber defining a third port, a fourth port, and an outlet port. The first and third ports can be in... Agent: Titan Flow Control, Inc.

01/05/2012 > 30 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120000835 - Duplex strainer apparatuses and methods: A fluid strainer is disclosed for use in a fluid piping system, the fluid strainer having a first valve chamber and a second valve chamber. The first valve chamber can have a strainer inlet and contain first and second angled members, and the second valve chamber can have a strainer... Agent: Titan Flow Control, Inc.

20120000836 - Liquid chromatograph device: A liquid chromatograph device was provided wherein operations inside a thermostatic chamber can be safely performed even while a heat block is being heated. The liquid chromatograph device comprises: a thermostatic chamber; outer doors and that are disposed at the front surface of the thermostatic chamber; a heat block; heater... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20120000837 - Multi-stage pump system: A multi-stage pump system for use in desalination systems including a first stage S1 providing low pressure for priming the system a second stage S2 that is in fluid communication with the first stage and is primed by the low pressure from the first stage. The second stage S2B includes... Agent:

20120000838 - Sequential extracorporeal treatment of bodily fluids: An article and method to treat extracorporeally a patient's bodily fluid. The bodily fluid can include blood, cerebral spinal fluid and lymph. A first stage of the method includes applying a treatment. The treatment can comprise dosing with a medication, thermal treatment, or irradiation. The treatment can occur at levels... Agent: Marv Enterprises LLC

20120000839 - Grease water separation apparatus for indoor grill: A grease water separation apparatus includes an air chamber in communication with an indoor grill; a water scattering member comprising a space in communication with the air chamber, at least one sprinkling duct, and a pump in communication with the sprinkling duct; a heat exchanger connected to the water scattering... Agent:

20120000840 - Reservoir tank water mixing system: A mixing unit may be disposed under water of a circular reservoir tank. The mixing unit squirts out water at an upward, outward and skewed angle so as to facilitate rotation of the water within the tank and vertical mixing of the water so as to destratify the temperature gradients... Agent:

20120000841 - Canister filter system with drain that cooperates with filter element: A filter assembly with a replaceable filter element and a reusable filter housing, which incorporates a locking mechanism to ensure that the filter system will not be operated without a filter element installed.... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120000842 - Rotary disc filter and module for constructing same: A rotary disc filter device includes a rotary drum and one or more disc-shaped filter members secured about the drum. Each disc-shaped filter member includes a filter and a filter support comprising a series of modules. The modules each include a base that is secured to the rotary drum and... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20120000843 - Involute cartridge filter system: A fluid filter system including a filter housing having an inlet chamber that surrounds the inner chamber that houses the filter cartridges. The filter cartridges are positioned in an involute configuration to channel rotationally inward flow of the fluid as it loses kinetic energy and velocity. The configuration provides superior... Agent: Harmsco, Inc.

20120000844 - Wash filter with wash velocity control cone: A variable wash flow filter assembly includes a wash velocity control cone movable between a minimal position and a maximum position.... Agent:

20120000845 - Nanoporous films and method for manufacturing the same: Provided is a carbon nanostructure-metal composite nanoporous film in which a carbon nanostructure-metal composite is coated on one surface or both surfaces of a membrane support having micro- or nano-sized pores. A method for manufacturing a carbon nanostructure-metal composite nanoporous film, includes: dispersing a carbon nanostructure-metal composite in a solvent... Agent: Bioneer Corporation

20120000846 - Polymer coated hydrolyzed membrane: A method of forming a polymer coated hydrolyzed membrane includes forming a membrane from a first hydrophilic polymer by immersion precipitation, coating the membrane with a thin layer of a second hydrophilic polymer more pH tolerant than the first hydrophilic polymer to form a dense rejection layer, and exposing the... Agent:

20120000847 - Filter with high filtration capacity: A filter with high filtration capacity, comprising a filtering element, whose particularity is that the filtering element is made of a plant fiber selected among hemp, kenaf, jute and agave.... Agent: Losma S.p.a.

20120000848 - Fluid-permeable body having a superhydrophobic surface: Apparatus including a rigid fluid-permeable body, having a first non-planar fluid-permeable body surface, and having a second fluid-permeable body surface; a plurality of fluid-permeable cells in the fluid-permeable body; and a plurality of raised micro-scale features on the first fluid-permeable body surface. Apparatus including a fluid-permeable body having first and... Agent: Lucent Technologies Inc.

20120000849 - Wastewater treatment: A wastewater treatment system includes wastewater having nitrogen-containing compounds, an anoxic zone having denitrifying bacteria, and an aerobic zone having nitrifying bacteria. The anoxic zone is coupled to the aerobic zone, and wastewater flows from the anoxic zone to the aerobic zone or vice versa. The wastewater treatment system is... Agent:

20120000850 - Sol-gel monolithic column with optical window and method of making: A method of preparing a sol-gel monolithic column includes the step of forming a separation bed (14) from a sol-gel solution in a single process step. This column has improved characteristics for CEC based on its incorporated surface charge and ease of operation due to a lack of or need... Agent: University Of South Florida

20120000851 - Water treatment systems and methods: Water treatment systems and methods are provided to minimize membrane fouling and the required maintenance that results therefrom. A water treatment system includes a pressure vessel with a plurality of spaced-apart membranes disposed therein, and an impeller or other means for circulating feed water through the interior of the vessel... Agent: Dxv Water Technologies, LLC

20120000852 - polybenzimidazole based membrane for deacidification: A membrane comprising polybenzimidazole and aromatic polyester wherein said aromatic polyester is removed is disclosed. The membrane is used for a process of deacidification.... Agent: Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research

20120000853 - Superhydrophilic and oleophobic porous materials and methods for making and using the same: The present disclosure provides a porous material having a surface that is concurrently both superhydrophilic (having a first apparent advancing dynamic contact angle of less than or equal to about 5° for water) and oleophobic (having a second apparent advancing dynamic contact angle of greater than or equal to about... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20120000854 - Continuous removal of disperse dyes from solution via carbon-based fiber media: The present invention is directed to a method of removing colorants from a material. The method includes providing colored material, providing an oxoacid or oxoacid ester of phosphorous acid solvent, combining the colored material and the solvent, and agitating under conditions effective to remove the colorant from the colored material.... Agent: Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.

20120000855 - Preparation of a solid based on zinc oxide for use in purifying a gas or a liquid: The invention concerns a process for preparing a solid comprising ZnO and a binder comprising the following steps: pre-mixing powders comprising at least one ZnO powder and at least one binder (step a), mixing the paste obtained (step b), extruding (step c) the paste obtained in step b), drying the... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20120000856 - Method and composition for environmental clean up: A method and absorbent material for cleaning up contaminants, such as a petroleum-based product, with little to no water absorption. The absorbent material may include sheets, disks, or spheres of polymer-based plastic material of one to two inches thick that is manufactured and pre-conditioned to enhance absorption characteristics. The absorbent... Agent:

20120000857 - Cu-mo separation: m

20120000858 - Filter life pulsating indicator and water filter system and method: A computer based method for generating a pulsating water flow through a faucet in response to a filter status, comprising the steps of: determining a water flow rate through a first filter; determining a duration of water flow at said water flow rate; determining the filtered volume of water filtered... Agent:

20120000859 - Wastewater treatment system: The present invention is a system and method for treating a wastewater stream to produce an effluent having an acceptable level of turbidity. The invention comprises a controller operatively coupled to at least one turbidity meter for monitoring turbidity of the effluent stream. A plurality of chemical treatment additive pumps... Agent:

20120000860 - Device for purifying fluid: A device for purifying a fluid is disclosed. The aforesaid device comprises: (a) a passage adapted for conducting a flow of the fluid, said passage provided with input and output openings; (b) a plurality of elongate members coated with a titanium oxide disposed within the passage; (c) fastening means for... Agent:

20120000861 - Beverage dispenser: An air intake 13 is provided on the top of a cold tank 4 so that air is taken in as water level in the tank is lowered, and an air chamber 14 having an air inlet 16 for the outside air is connected to the air intake 13. In... Agent:

20120000862 - Apparatus and method for disinfecting water: An apparatus for on-site production of disinfectant/oxidizing products, arranged directly in the fluid to be processed, and a method for oxidation/disinfection of the affected water in order to avoid microbiological proliferation phenomena, which can cause hygienic and sanitary problems or problems of failed efficiency of systems. The apparatus for disinfecting... Agent:

20120000863 - Manure separation for digester method and apparatus: A method and apparatus for removing settleable solids and unsettleable solids from a partially closed flush system in a dairy milking operation whereby a first processing tank bottom removes settleable solids contained therein where the net current flow vertically in the process tank is less than the settling rate of... Agent:

20120000864 - Cyclonic separator: A fuel system comprising a liquid fuel tank, an engine, and a cyclonic separator having an inlet fluidically connected to the fuel tank, a first outlet fluidically connected to an engine fuel feed system, and a second outlet. The cyclonic separator is adapted to discharge relatively denser material from the... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

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