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Liquid purification or separation December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 32 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20110315610 - Device for catching rainwater: In a device (V) for catching rainwater from a downpipe (F) comprising an opening (11), wherein the device (V) comprises a branch pipe (5) with a water-catching blade (12) at the end, a support member (1) traversed by the branch pipe (5) and a retaining means, and comprising a branch... Agent:

20110315611 - Portable dialysis machine: The specification discloses a portable dialysis machine having a detachable controller unit and base unit. The controller unit includes a door having an interior face, a housing with a panel where the housing and panel define a recessed region configured to receive the interior face of the door, and a... Agent:

20110315612 - Desalination apparatus and method of cleaning the same: A desalination apparatus according to the present invention includes: a pretreatment device having a pretreatment membrane that filters a turbid content contained in raw water; a reverse osmosis membrane device having a reverse osmosis membrane that reduces a salt content contained in filtrate water supplied from the pretreatment device to... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110315613 - Water conservation system: The water conservation system provides for the controlled circulation of heated water between an overhead water tank, which is mounted on the roof of a building, and an underground water tank for storing cooled water. The overhead tank has a feed outlet, a circulation outlet, and a circulation inlet formed... Agent:

20110315614 - Dialysis system including supplemental power source: A dialysis system includes: a water purification unit; a dialysate generation unit configured to use water purified by the water purification unit; a dialysate delivery unit configured to deliver dialysate prepared by the dialysate generation unit; a supplemental power source; and electronic circuitry including: (i) a first electrical connection configured... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20110315615 - Stackable modular ultra pure water machine: A stackable modular ultra pure water machine has at least one water tank module, at least one terminal processing module, at least one purification module, at least one water outlet module and a control module that connected together in a stack. The control module has an LED display and a... Agent:

20110315616 - Catch basin trap and mounting system: A trap for a catch basin, and means for mounting said trap to a catch basin wall, comprises a hollow trap body having an inner wall and an outer wall, and side walls joining the inner and outer walls. The trap body has a first aperture near the top of... Agent:

20110315617 - Water resistant hatch and hood: A hood that mounts around an outlet of a catch basin with a cover having a proximal end and distal end; the proximal end being pivotally attached to the hood. The cover pivots between a closed sealed position that substantially prevents water born contaminants from passing through the access opening... Agent:

20110315618 - Method for manufacturing packing material, packing material, and column: (in the formula, R1 is an alkyl group with a carbon number of 4 or more and 50 or less or an aryl group with a carbon number of 6 or more and 30 or less and each of R2 and R3 is independently a hydrogen atom, a chloro group,... Agent: Shiseido Company, Ltd.

20110315619 - Immersion-type membrane separation apparatus: An immersion-type membrane separation apparatus having a novel structure, which enables a practically applicable level of cleaning of a separation membrane by means of an ultrasonic wave generated by an ultrasonic transducer and can exhibit steady filtration performance for a long period. An ultrasonic transducer for cleaning and removing matters... Agent: Shimakankyoujigyou Kyougyoukumiai

20110315620 - Colandermate system: A byproducts handling apparatus is provided having a solid bowl, a trap holder, and a colander. The colander has a plurality of apertures and the solid bowl, the trap holder, and the colander are configured to be assembled together with one another in an assembled condition of the byproducts handling... Agent:

20110315621 - Decanting centrifuge with plural screen support sections: A screen bowl decanting centrifuge comprising a rotatable bowl (4) and a conveyor assembly (8) adapted, in use, to separate a slurry into solids and liquids components, and an outlet for the liquids component which outlet communicates with the inlet (102) of a perforated bowl section (100) arranged, in use,... Agent:

20110315622 - Filter cartridge, particularly for percolating filter jugs, and method of manufacturing it: A filter cartridge (1), particularly for percolating filter jugs, with a cartridge body (2) intended to contain a filter bed, provided with at least one inlet aperture (7) for the fluid to be filtered and at least one opposing outlet aperture (8) for the filtered fluid, with at least one... Agent:

20110315623 - Wedge bar for inertial separation: Asymmetrically profiled wedge bar screen used for inertial separation of suspended particles, wherein the profile of the bars is a generalized trapezoid, tilted in the direction of the sweeping flow with a distinctly extended trailing edge at the aft face side of the cross section of the bar.... Agent:

20110315625 - Detection of micro-organisms: Improved methods and devices for detecting microorganisms, such as yeast and bacteria in mixtures, are disclosed. Methods include passing a sample mixture thorough a filter device, which has been pretreated with detergent resuspending the filtrand from the filter membranes and detecting the presence of microorganisms in the filtrand.... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110315624 - Method of making nanoporous oxide ceramic membranes of tubular and hollow fiber shape: The present invention is aimed to fabricate nanoporous anodic oxide ceramic membrane tubes with excellent pore characteristics by anodizing metal tubes located in a cylindrical symmetry with respect to a cathode which itself has a cylindrical symmetry. The membrane tubes may have protruded portions acting as supports and joints. The... Agent: Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

20110315626 - Method and system for treating domestic sewage and organic garbage: A method and system for treating domestic sewage and organic garbage are provided. The method comprises the steps of: multi-phase separation, retting, generating sewage gas, and optional biological denitrification and dephosphorization, which can convert the domestic sewage and organic garbage into clear water, sewage gas, organic manure and sludge. The... Agent: Huge Asia Limited

20110315627 - Method of biological waste-water treatment: A biological waste-water treatment using a biological reactor is described where the processes are conducted in an alternating and joint, aerobic zone, anoxic zone and aerobic zone arrangement. Raw waste-water is transferred to the aerobic zone and/or to the anoxic zone. The waste-water is also transferred from the last anoxic... Agent:

20110315628 - System and method for capturing and bioremediating hydrocarbon pollutants using dynamic filters: A dynamic filter member comprising a mass of lipophilic, hydrophobic fibers and bioremediating microbes, said filter member having a sufficient volume of interstitial areas such that water flow through said filter member is substantially unimpeded.... Agent:

20110315629 - Submerged membrane bioreactor system and biological methods for removing bisphenol compounds from municipal wastewater: The present document describes a process and a bioreactor for reducing a bisphenol compound content of a wastewater using a membrane bioreactor containing a biomass in a volatile suspended solid (VSS) form where the biomass in the membrane bioreactor is operating continuously to reduce bisphenol compound content when the bisphenol... Agent: Centre De Recherche Industrielle Du Quebec (criq

20110315630 - Extraction container, extractor, and extraction method: Simplified liquid-solid and liquid-liquid separations after centrifugal extraction are used to extract a target substance from a substance mixture into a solvent. An extraction container has a closed-end cylindrical shape, and is rotated around a central axis by an extractor rotor driven by a motor. The extraction container includes: an... Agent: Uniflows Co., Ltd.

20110315632 - Membrane filtration system: A membrane system is disclosed. The membrane system may include a treatment process wherein both at least a portion of a permeate output of the membrane system and a concentrate output of the membrane system are recirculated back to an input of the membrane system. The membrane system may include... Agent:

20110315631 - Multi-use high water recovery process: Disclosed is a versatile multi-use high water recovery process that integrates the use of water purification membranes including reverse osmosis and nanofiltration with ion exchange water softening resins in a number of configurations that optimize operation and achieve maximum membrane permeate recoveries while eliminating the use of fresh water, sodium... Agent:

20110315633 - Rotating valve: Described is a rotary valve including a stator element and a rotor element. The stator element defines a first inlet passage, a second inlet passage, and a first outlet passage, respectively, having a first inlet port, second inlet port and first outlet port in a stator face. The rotor element... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20110315634 - Process and apparatus for simulated moving bed separation comprising bypass lines in every other bed and with controlled flushing flow rates during injections and withdrawals: A process for separating a feed F by simulated moving bed adsorption in a SMB device comprises external bypass lines Li/i+1 which directly connect two successive plates, Pi, Pi+1, the index “i” being either even or (exclusive of the foregoing) odd, along the whole length of the column, allowing said... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20110315635 - Device and method for concentrating and detecting magnetically marked cells in laminarly flowing media: The embodiments relate to a device and to a method for concentrating and detecting cells in flowing media, in particular magnetically marked cells in complex media such as blood. For this purpose, at least one magnet is used, said magnet being coupled to at least one magnetoresistance.... Agent:

20110315636 - Soluble anion exchangers from hyperbranched macromolecules: Novel macromolecules for filtering contaminants from water and non-aqueous solutions. Molecules such as polyethyleneimine (PEI) may be functionalized, cross-linked, and/or quaternized to improve their binding capacity or selectivity with particular water contaminants such as bromide, nitrate, and sulfate. The macromolecules may be either recyclable or non-recyclable, and may be recovered... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20110315637 - Methods to recover and reclaim hydrocarbons or hydrophobic substances in an aqueous environment: The present invention provides useful biodegradable and environmentally friendly cost effective methods for oil recovery and reclamation from oil spills and chemical spills. More particularly, methods to recover and reclaim hydrocarbons or hydrophobic substances in an aqueous environment.... Agent:

20110315638 - Screen blockage measurement and flow performance optimization system: An apparatus and method are provided that enable the control of a screening operation based on a calculated screen blockage percentage and the velocity throughput of the screen. The apparatus includes an upstream level detector, a downstream level detector and flume or weir placed downstream of the screen. The apparatus... Agent: Jwc Environmental

20110315639 - Apparatus and methods for handling catalyst slurries: Apparatus and methods for handling spent catalyst, wherein a slurry comprising the catalyst may be rapidly and conveniently drained to separate a liquid from the catalyst using a separation unit including a separation vessel and having a separator plate disposed between an upper compartment and a lower compartment of the... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20110315640 - System for dewatering granulates: A method and apparatus for dewatering a mixture of granulate and water are disclosed. In accordance with one example of the system described herein, the apparatus includes a casing as well as hollow sieve body with side walls formed as a sieve, the sieve body being arranged in the casing... Agent:

20110315641 - Controller for an acoustic standing wave generation device in order to prevent clogging of a filter: The invention relates to a method and apparatus to continuously monitor and control acoustic energy and vacuum pressure to maintain a net unidirectional flow of multi-phase heterogeneous fluids through a porous filter or membrane. The heterogenous fluid may come form a variety of sources including biological sources such as, blood,... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

12/22/2011 > 35 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20110309006 - Crouse oil spill trolling net and net frame: This is a net 405 and net frame 401 system which can be used to skim for oil, whereas the Netting 405 is designed specifically for a Net Frame 401. When skimming or trolling out beside a vessel or boat 300, the Netting or Net Bags 405 are made of... Agent:

20110309007 - Spiral type seawater desalination apparatus: An embodiment of the present invention includes: a spiral type pressure vessel 15 in which a plurality of reverse osmosis membrane apparatuses 13-1 to 13-10 having spiral reverse osmosis membranes is connected through a permeated water pipe 14, and is housed in a connected state; a raw water supplying line... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110309008 - Chemical release system: A chemical release system. Implementations may utilize implementations of a first cartridge that include a body coupled with a cartridge head at a first end and coupled with an end plug at a second end where the cartridge head includes a through hole configured to engage with an annular flange... Agent:

20110309009 - Cleaning magnet device for cleaning drilling fluid: A cleaning magnet device (1a-1c) for cleaning drilling fluid, the cleaning magnet (1a-1c) being disposed in a liquid flow, and the cleaning magnet (1a-1c) being provided with a removable material (6) which is arranged to prevent magnetic bodies from accumulating directly on the cleaning magnet (1a-1c).... Agent: Innovar Engineering As

20110309010 - Filtering unit: A filtering unit includes alternately arranged membranes and positioning rings. A seal is secured to each of the positioning rings. Each of the positioning rings includes an annular body, arched cutouts defined in an internal edge of the annular body, first and second engaging members formed on the annular body,... Agent:

20110309011 - Residential reverse osmosis system: Some embodiments of the present invention relate to a reverse osmosis (RO) system that includes a housing and a pre-filter within the housing such that feed water flows into the housing and enters the pre-filter. The reverse osmosis (RO) system further includes a membrane element within the housing such that... Agent: Ge Osmonics, Inc.

20110309012 - Filter medium and structure: Thermoplastic bicomponent binder fiber can be combined with other media, fibers and other filtration components to form a thermally bonded filtration media. The filtration media can be used in filter units, such as breather caps. Such filter units can be placed in the stream of a mobile fluid and can... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20110309013 - Coke tolerant fuel filter: A filter for use with a fuel system having contaminants has a plurality of apices and a plurality of ridges, where each ridge attaches an apex to an adjacent apex. A plurality of ridges and adjoining apices define a first opening that is in register with a second opening wherein... Agent:

20110309014 - Filtration material for filters, and filter cartridge: The present invention relates to a filter material including a sheet-like laminate which includes an ultrafine fiber aggregate layer formed of an aggregate of ultrafine fibers produced by an electrospinning method having an average fiber diameter of not less than 10 nm and not more than 1000 nm, and a... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20110309015 - Clarifier support structure: A clarifier support structure for supporting tube or plate modules in a clarifier tank or basin is disclosed together with a method for installing the structure in a tank or basin. The structure comprises a first laterally extending truss supported on first and second opposed walls of the tank, a... Agent: Monroe Environmental Corporation

20110309016 - Desalination method and apparatus: A desalination apparatus, and a method of using same, comprising a porous inorganic molecular sieve membrane including a retentate side and a permeate side and a salty water inlet to direct salty water to the retentate side of the porous inorganic membrane wherein water passing through the membrane, from the... Agent:

20110309017 - Methods and devices for enhancing contaminant removal by rare earths: Embodiments are provided for removing a variety of contaminants using both rare earth and non-rare earth-containing treatment elements.... Agent: Molycorp Minerals, LLC

20110309018 - Optimization of separation for viscous suspensions: The present invention relates to methods and systems for optimization of dilution of a viscous starting material to isolate and/or concentrate the product of interest from the starting source material such that the process minimizes the volume of diluent and the total volume of the waste stream generated during the... Agent: Smartflow Technologies, Inc.

20110309019 - Apparatus for the extracorporeal treatment of blood: Apparatus and methods for the extracorporeal treatment of blood are described. The apparatus includes a dialyzer which is separated into a first and second chamber by a semipermeable membrane, wherein the first chamber is disposed in a dialysis fluid path and the second chamber can be connected to the blood... Agent: B. Braun Avitum Ag

20110309020 - Phononic crystal desalination system and methods of use: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for desalination of salt water based on an engineered acoustic field that causes constructive and destructive interference at pre-computed spatial positions. The engineered acoustic field can cause high-pressure and low-pressure regions where desalination membranes are located. The induced pressure from the acoustic field can... Agent:

20110309021 - Mitigation of irrigation water using zero-valent iron treatment: In one embodiment, this invention relates to a treatment for irrigation water by removing microbiological impurities and DBP precursors, utilizing filtration media comprising zero-valent metal to retain and inactivate microbiological agents such as viruses and bacteria such as Escherichia coli. One of the objectives of the present invention is to... Agent:

20110309022 - Oil recovery system and method: A system and method for recovering oil/water compositions from waterways and wetlands and for separating oil and water from one another. The system includes a plurality of polymeric sorbent articles for collection of oil/water compositions from waterways or wetlands. A centrifuge treatment system having a centrifuge housing, a cover and... Agent: Mobile Fluid Recovery, Inc.

20110309023 - Element removal process and apparatus: A process and apparatus for removing elements is described herein.... Agent: Global Materials Technologies, Inc.

20110309024 - Water treatment: Apparatus for treating run-off water, the apparatus including a mechanical-sorption filter for removing particulate and colloidal material; an ion exchange filter for removing positively charged ions; and, a sorption filter for removing at least other soluble contaminants.... Agent:

20110309025 - Methods for using sulfidized red mud: Toxic substances such as heavy metals are extracted from a medium using a sorbent composition. The sorbent composition is derived by sulfidation of red mud, which contains hydrated ferric oxides derived from the Bayer processing of bauxite ores. Exemplary sulfidizing compounds are H2S, Na2S, K2S, (NH4)2S, and CaSx. The sulfur... Agent: J.i. Enterprises, Inc.

20110309026 - Electromagnetic boom and environmental cleanup application for use in conjunction with magnetizable oil: A method and system for efficient oil spill cleanup are disclosed. Inserting magnetic filings in the oil magnetizes the spilled oil. An electromagnetic boom associated with an oil spill cleanup apparatus are used to create a magnetic field proximate to the electromagnetic boom. The magnetic field draws the magnetized oil... Agent:

20110309027 - Method for degrading chlorinated-organic pollutant: A method for degrading chlorinated-organic pollutant comprises the steps of providing a chlorinated-organic pollutant contaminated medium having at least one chlorinated-organic pollutant of high concentration; adding a biodegradable surfactant into the chlorinated-organic pollutant contaminated medium to enable the chlorinated-organic pollutant of high concentration to reduce surface tension and increase solubility,... Agent:

20110309028 - Density adjustment by the use of light cycle oil, (lco), for recovery and reclamation of spilled oil following the 2010 off-shore leak in the gulf: Our idea is a new procedure that can be used to clean up and recover oil from spills or oil leaking from damaged ships or rigs. The reclamation is accomplished by restoring the oil's light density. This is accomplished with density control by adding light cycle oil, (LCO), with a... Agent:

20110309029 - Method for removing arsenic as scorodite: The invention relates to a method for removing arsenic as scorodite from solutions that contain iron and arsenic. In accordance with the method, arsenic is first precipitated as ferric arsenate and subsequently processed hydrothermally into crystalline scorodite.... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20110309030 - Apparatus for removing hydrocarbon contaminants from a body of water: An apparatus and method for removing hydrocarbon contaminants from a body of water, comprising a skimming device having a driven skimming member arranged to be passed into and out of said body of water for collecting hydrocarbon contaminants, a temperature sensor for sensing the ambient temperature of the body of... Agent:

20110309031 - Offshore oil spill remediation and recovery system: An offshore water-hydrocarbon separator system is capable of entrapping spilled oil offshore, and recovering the oil to a usable state for subsequent refining. The kinetic energy of a towing vessel provides the energy for establishing a flow path of oil and seawater through the hydrocarbon separator. Annular venturi provided at... Agent:

20110309032 - System and method for photochemical treatment of liquid substances with ultraviolet light inside liquid conveying tubings: A system and method for photochemical treatment of liquid substances with ultraviolet light inside liquid conveying tubings. The system includes an elongated polymeric light guiding liquid conveyance tube having first and second open ends and an internal surface defining the interior and liquid conveying conduit of the tube, and a... Agent:

20110309033 - Method for treating wastewaters: The invention relates to a method for treating wastewater containing nitroaromatics and nitrohydroxyaromatics, as for example arises in the production of nitroaromatics or in the production of nitrohydroxyaromatics, by a two-stage method consisting of pre-reduction and wet oxidation.... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110309034 - Device and method for dissolving gas into a liquid: Provided is a system for dissolving gas into liquid contained within a body. The system may include a tubular body extending between a bottom end and a top end, a gas diffuser coupleable to a gas source and configured for discharging gas bubbles into the tubular body, and a liquid... Agent: Diffusaire Ltd.

20110309035 - Method and apparatus for conducting supercritical wet oxidation reactions contained within a fluid envelope: A method and apparatus for conducting supercritical wet oxidation reactions wherein any precipitated solids do not contact the solid side walls of the containment vessel so as to prevent any of these precipitated solids from adhering to or corrode the vessel walls is provided. To do this, a controlled, continuous... Agent:

20110309036 - Filter: Filter compositions, filter apparatuses and/or processes thereof. A filter composition may include an active material and/or a support material. An active material may include metal and/or non-metal components, for example iron, manganese, carbon, phosphorous, aluminum, silicon, cerium, sulfur, chromium, copper and/or zinc. A support material may include one or more... Agent:

20110309037 - Method of separating free oil from fat: A syringe piston used in fat transplantation is structured such that free oil is easily separated from suctioned fat by a syringe piston having a filter and naturally discharged through the rear side thereof. The syringe piston without a shaft, used in fat transplantation, disposed in a syringe-shaped cylindrical vessel,... Agent:

20110309038 - Filtering device and method of manufacturing same: A filtering device uses a filtration unit for filtering raw water, and the filtration unit has a depth filter forming a filtration membrane thereof and a housing accommodating the depth filter. The housing includes a raw water inlet port for supplying the raw water to the depth filter, a filtrate... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20110309039 - Pre-separator for a screen separator: A pre-separator for a screw press separator wherein the pre-separator increases the concentration of solid material in a water solid material mixture. The pre-separator is configured to have a frustoconical screen surface where a plurality of wiper blades engage the interior portion of the surface to provide de-watering action, and... Agent: Daritech, Inc.

20110309040 - Separation method and apparatus for immiscible fluids: A wash separator (1) comprises a vessel (2) containing a first fluid (3) and a second fluid (4) whereby the second fluid (4) has a differentdensity from the first fluid (3). The first fluid (3) is immiscible with the second fluid (4) and the first and second fluids are separated... Agent:

12/15/2011 > 36 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20110303588 - Hemodialysis system with horizontal cassette roller pumps: A hemodialysis system includes (i) a plurality of pump rollers: (ii) a fluid heater, the pump rollers and the heater positioned and arranged to accept a horizontally loaded dialysate cassette: (iii) a dialyzer; (iv) a sorbent cartridge; and (v) wherein the dialysate cassette includes first and second tubes for horizontal... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20110303589 - Gravity feed water treatment system: A portable water treatment system includes at least one sub-system to treat water including a flocculation system, a chlorination system, and a bio-sand filter system. The water treatment system may include multiple sub-systems for treating water that feed into one another. The sand filter system may include a mini bio-sand... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20110303590 - Weight/sensor-controlled sorbent system for hemodialysis: A hemodialysis system including (i) a dialyzer; (ii) a blood circuit including a blood pump in fluid communication with the dialyzer; (iii) a dialysate circuit including a dialysate circulation pump in fluid communication with the dialyzer, the dialysate circuit further including a sorbent cartridge for cleaning used dialysate; (iv) a... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20110303591 - Filtering apparatus for treating ballast water: Disclosed herein is a filtering apparatus for treating ballast water. The apparatus is constructed so that a housing cover plate and an exhaust unit are removably coupled to each other at an upper position of a housing. The exhaust unit includes a base flange on a portion thereof coupled to... Agent: Panasia Co., Ltd.

20110303592 - Filtration device with pressure-activated means for bypassing serial filter layers: A serial-flow filtration device is provided with pressure-activated means for by-passing at least one of its constituent layer (or layers) of filtration material. The filtration device comprises a housing, a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet, and at least an upper and a rearmost filter layer. The upper filter layer divides... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110303593 - Fitting element with grip force distributor: A fitting element, in particular for an HPLC application, is configured for providing a fluidic coupling of a tubing to a fluidic device. The fitting element includes a gripping piece configured to exert, upon coupling of the tubing to the fluidic device, a grip force between the fitting element and... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20110303594 - Flat plate membrane bioreactor with a liquid air separator: A multistage immersion type membrane separator includes a liquid air separator, the liquid air separator including an outlet tube, an inlet tube, and a skirt. The outlet tube is cylindrical and has a outlet tube diameter, and the inlet pipe has an inlet pipe diameter of less than the outlet... Agent: Glv Finance Hungary Kft, Luxembourg Branch

20110303595 - Drain and inlet member for drain: The present invention relates to a drain which comprises an inlet member (1), a grating (13) or cover plate laid loosely or detachably on top of the inlet member, and an outlet member (2). To achieve a short line of contact between the surface covering's sealing layer (6) and the... Agent:

20110303596 - Apparatus for liquid separation during agitation: An apparatus for separating liquids during agitation includes a support and a honeycomb cellular structure supported by the support. The cellular structure has a top and a bottom. It is formed from a plurality of enclosed cells, which limit and re-direct liquid movement in all directions so that agitation of... Agent:

20110303598 - Hemodialysis system with separate blood cassette: A hemodialysis system includes: (i) a dialyzer; (ii) a dialysate source; a dialysate pump; (iii) a dialysate cassette operatively connected to the dialysate pump such that the dialysate pump can pump dialysate through the dialysate cassette when the dialysate cassette is in fluid communication with the dialysate source, the dialysate... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20110303597 - Device and method for treating a medical fluid and medical cassette: An apparatus for treating a medical liquid is provided which includes a treatment machine having a coupling surface, with a cassette made of a hard part having liquid-conducting passages which are covered by a flexible film being able to be coupled to the coupling surface of the treatment machine. A... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh

20110303599 - Liquid chromatograph, liquid chromatograph column and filter for liquid chromatograph column: In a liquid chromatograph, the disulfide adsorption of iron atoms in a filter for a column is avoided and thus peak tailing in a chromatogram is prevented to thereby prevent a lowering in the sample recovery rate. A liquid chromatograph column comprising a hollow tubular column body, a bead-shaped packing... Agent:

20110303600 - Liquid filter assembly, system and methods: A filter cartridge includes a key ring with at least first and second protrusions to engage a lock-out assembly in a filter head, permitting the cartridge to connect to the filter head. A filter system includes a filter assembly, including a filter cartridge and a cartridge housing, connected to a... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20110303601 - Device for picking up objects floating on the water, such as hydrocarbons: A device for picking up floating objects on the water, such as hydrocarbons, has an envelope made of a flexible material impervious to water and to the floating objects, having a mouth at the upstream end and a discharge orifice at the downstream end, a folding rigid framework, arranged inside... Agent:

20110303602 - Device for distributing fluids in a simulated moving bed column with a limited degree of immersion within the granular bed: The present invention describes a device for the distribution of fluids in a multi-stage column operating in simulated moving bed (SMB) mode comprising, in the direction of flow of the principal fluid, a distribution system (6) for auxiliary fluids, and a distributor plate (10) supported by stiffening elements (7) located... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20110303603 - Water conditioner assembly: A distributor for use on a dip tube in the particulate bed of a water conditioner includes a sleeve mounted on the dip tube, a plurality of resilient vanes extending radially outwardly from the sleeve, thin membranes on the vanes, and holes in the membranes, whereby water flowing through the... Agent:

20110303604 - Spin-on filter assembly: A filter assembly that includes a filter body defining a mouth, a filter element disposed in the filter body, and a seal disposed on the mouth. The seal has a seal body defining a center axis. The seal body has an axial surface perpendicular to the center axis and an... Agent: Wix Filtration Corp LLC

20110303605 - Electrobiochemical reactor: A method for removing a target compound from a liquid can include arranging two active surfaces so as to be separated by a distance. The active surfaces can be placed within a flow of the liquid and can be capable of supporting an electrical charge, biological growth, and/or enzymes and... Agent:

20110303606 - Co-producing apparatus for salt and fresh water and co-producing method of the same: An embodiment of the present invention includes: a recycle line that brings a part of salt-enriched membrane separation concentrated water 26 back to the rear flow side of a pretreatment apparatus 12; a water discharge line that discharges the remained concentrated water into a sea area; and a control apparatus... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110303607 - Seawater desalination plant and production of high purity salt: The present invention discloses an integrated desalination and salt plant for the production of a salt or slurry product of high purity. The reject stream from the desalination plant is used as the feed stream for the salt plant. The salt plant feed stream is filtered to effectively remove sulfate,... Agent: General Electric Company

20110303608 - Desalination system: A desalination system is provided that may be operated in a self-sustained fashion. The desalination system is comprised of (i) a wind turbine; (ii) an air compressor coupled to, and powered by, the wind turbine; (iii) a compressed air storage tank for storing the pressurized air from the air compressor;... Agent: Wawe, LLC

20110303610 - Vessel and method for trapping a substance: The present invention provides a vessel with a textured inner surface and methods of using the vessel to trap aggregated substances. The vessel facilitates the separation of the substance from surrounding media. The present invention relates to vessels with a textured inner surface and methods of using such vessels for... Agent:

20110303609 - Wastewater treatment system and method for removal of contaminants via mixed metal oxide beds: The instant disclosure relates to methods, systems, and apparatus for polishing wastewater (i.e. non-potable water) using filtration media. More particularly, the instant disclosure relates to wastewater polishing using a bed of mixed metal oxides under certain operating conditions to remove a plurality of contaminants from a wastewater stream.... Agent: Alcoa Inc.

20110303611 - Molecularly imprinted polymers: Disclosed is a cross-linked molecularly imprinted polymer including cross-linked chitosan having selective binding sites for phosphate ions, phosphate containing molecules, or a combination of both.... Agent:

20110303612 - Method of making and using a composite adsorbent from natural raw material to remove heavy metal from industrial waste water: An adsorbent composition and method of using the adsorbent composite is described. The method for removing heavy metals from contaminated water is done by mixing contaminated water having a concentration of one or more heavy metals with an adsorbent composite comprising granules of a mixture of 50.363 wt % kaolin... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Organization Name Science Technology "kacst"

20110303613 - Crouse oil spill response process: This is a new oil spill response process made up of a group of new inventions and or technologies that are new to the oil spill response industry. When used in any combination, these new inventions compliment each other forming a new process for cleaning up oil spills. These new... Agent:

20110303614 - Method of flocculation: A coagulation treatment method for water to be treated that is capable of reducing the degree of inflow of micro flocs reaching a sand filtration layer while realizing a higher density and miniaturization of micro flocs and flocs in a state where the use of an inorganic coagulant is limited... Agent:

20110303615 - Ballast water treatment system having a back-pressure formation part and control method thereof: Disclosed herein are a ballast water treatment system having a back-pressure formation unit and a control method thereof. Back pressure in a filtering unit is checked and formed during a back washing operation for a filter of a filtering unit, thus enabling efficient back washing operation. Both a method of... Agent: Panasia Co., Ltd.

20110303616 - Oil recovery system and method: A system for recovering floating oil from the surface of a body of water includes a sump vertically movably mounted between a pair of spaced interconnected floating pontoons. A hydraulic system is coupled to the sump for lowering the sump into the water below the pontoons to a predetermined depth.... Agent:

20110303617 - Hybrid photocatalysts, the method of their synthesis and use: The subject of the invention is a hybrid photocatalyst which is a layered aluminosilicate, possibly organically modified, containing compounds introduced into the aluminosilicate galleries bearing groups such as porphyrin, rose bengal, anthracene, pyrene, perylene, tetracene, rubrene, naphthalene, phthalocyanines, coumarins, and methylene blue, which are organic chromophores able to absorb visible... Agent: Uniwersytet Jagiellonski

20110303619 - Method and arrangement for separating two solutions mixed in dispersion into two solution phases in a liquid-liquid extraction separation cell: The invention relates to a method and arrangement for separating two solutions mixed in dispersion into two solution phases in a liquid-liquid extraction separation cell (1). The arrangement includes a first guide wall (4), which is arranged at a distance from that end wall (15) of the cell (1) that... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20110303618 - Reusable water filter systems and methods: The present disclosure provides reusable water filter systems and methods by modifying the design of the plastic housing in such a way so that a disposable sachet with treatment media can be used in it without allowing any bypassing of the untreated water. The present invention provides reusable water filter... Agent:

20110303620 - Superoleophobic and superhydrophilic fabric filters for rapid water-oil separation: Product, method of making product, and technique for using product to separate oil from water via a filter, such as cotton, polyester, or leather, coated with a chemical that blocks oil while allowing water to pass therethrough.... Agent:

20110303621 - Oil centrifuge for extracting particulates from a continuous flow of fluid: A centrifuge is employed to continuously remove particulates from a fluid. In one embodiment, the centrifuge removes small particles of soot from lubricating oil of large diesel engines. The fluid in introduced into the centrifuge through an inducer so that vortexes are not propagated in the fluid. Flow constrainers and... Agent:

20110303622 - apparatus and method for the treatment of oil, water, cuttings, sand, soil and clay mixtures: One embodiment of the invention disclosed is an apparatus for separating a solid material from a mixture containing oil, water, clay, sand, soil and drill cuttings. The apparatus comprise a series of processing cells and wash tanks. Hydrocyclonic devices are also used to further purify the solid mixture for disposal.... Agent:

20110303623 - Water filter system: A slow/intermittent sand filter that purifies polluted water by flowing through sand in a manner that achieves greater purity and permits simpler and more effective maintenance than existing filters.... Agent: Dalen Products, Inc.

12/08/2011 > 36 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20110297593 - Hemodialysis system using sorbent and reservoir: A hemodialysis system including (i) a dialyzer; (ii) a blood circuit including a blood pump in fluid communication with the dialyzer; (iii) a dialysate circuit including a dialysate circulation pump in fluid communication with the dialyzer, at least a portion of the dialysate circuit incorporated into a disposable dialysate cassette;... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20110297592 - Oil soluble additive injection apparatus: A lubricant additive dispensing apparatus comprising a base providing a manifold distribution to present lubricant to a series of dispensing chambers. The dispensing chambers are fabricated having a porous sidewall formed in a tubular shape. Additive is stored within a reservoir formed by the tubular shape. A delivery piston is... Agent: Puradyn Filter Technologies Inc.

20110297594 - Apparatus for generating high-frequency electromanetic field with adjustable magnetic field intensity and waveform and water purification system comprising the same: The present invention relates to an apparatus for generating high frequency electromagnetic field with adjustable magnetic field intensity and waveform and water purification system comprising the same. The apparatus for generating high frequency electromagnetic field is comprising of a user input unit into where the user can input; a quantum... Agent: Chung Hae Envrionment Co., Ltd

20110297595 - Desalination intake system with net positive impact on habitat: An environmentally supportive seawater intake system includes a first filtering system in communication with raw seawater for providing a flow of seawater in a first direction into a raceway. A second filtering system is also in communication with seawater in the raceway and is adapted to receive a portion of... Agent: Katana Energy LLC

20110297596 - Apparatus merging wetland plants with a floating substrate to treat pollution in any river, lake or body of water: Apparatus to treat pollution in rivers, streams, lakes, bays, ports and all bodies of water, employing as methodology wetland plants or macrophytes growing atop a wire or rigid frame basket filled with polygons or other irregular shaped objects of various configurations. The root system of the macrophytes are merged with... Agent:

20110297597 - Water vessel propelled oil spill recovery system and assembly: An assembly and system for recovering spilled oil from water includes a water vessel such as a boat having a hull, a deck and vessel propelling means and a liquid gathering means and a water discharging means and a centrifugal liquid gathering and separating assembly mounted for separating oil from... Agent:

20110297598 - Hemodialysis system with separate dialysate cassette: A hemodialysis system includes (i) a dialyzer; (ii) a blood pump; (iii) a blood cassette operatively connected to the dialyzer and the blood pump; (iv) a dialysate heater; (v) first and second peristaltic dialysate pumps; and (vi) a dialysate cassette separate from the blood cassette, the dialysate cassette including an... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20110297599 - Hemodialysis system with multiple cassette interference: A hemodialysis system for operation with a blood source and a dialysate source, the system including: (i) a first machine portion including a blood pump; (ii) a blood cassette operatively connected to the blood pump such that the blood pump can pump blood through the blood cassette when the blood... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20110297600 - Desalination methods and systems that include carbonate compound precipitation: Desalination methods that include carbonate compound precipitation are provided. In certain embodiments, feed water is subjected to carbonate compound precipitation conditions prior to desalination. In certain embodiments, desalination waste brine is subjected to carbonate compound precipitation conditions. In yet other embodiments, both feed water and waste brine are subjected to... Agent:

20110297601 - Physical water purifier: A physical water purifier includes a tubular housing and permanent magnets arranged at a specific distance from one another in the tubular housing in a region of the tubular housing facing a water connection. The permanent magnets are arranged so as to form a pumping and eddying effect. The permanent... Agent:

20110297602 - Liquid purifying apparatus and substrate cleaning apparatus: An exemplary liquid purifying apparatus includes beads in contact with the liquid, a lighting element, and a driving member. Each bead has a purifying coating comprised of a nano material formed thereon. The lighting element has the beads positioned thereon. The driving member is configured for driving the lighting element... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110297603 - Magnetic filter device: A magnetic filter device for filtering ferromagnetic material from a fluid in which said material is suspended, has a pair of annular plates (5, 6) attached to either side of an annular magnet (2) of smaller diameter. Pairs of pole pieces (11, 12) radially disposed on the plates (5, 6)... Agent: Magnom Corporation, Ltd.

20110297605 - Cyclone: A cyclone assembly has a modular body formed from a plurality of releasably coupled body portions. A chamber is defined by and extends between the ends of the modular body. A vortex finder is releasably coupled to a first end of the modular body, and an apex is releasably coupled... Agent:

20110297604 - Fluid interconnect: A fluid interconnect for a fluid handling device is disclosed. The fluid interconnect comprises a connector having a first axis. A sealing member is disposed on the connector. At least one camming member is also disposed on the connector. The at least one camming member is disposed inboard of the... Agent:

20110297606 - Method for fabricating discharge end chute arrangement of a liquid-liquid extraction settling tank and said chute arrangement: The subject of the invention is a method for fabricating the discharge end (2) chute arrangement (3) of a liquid-liquid extraction settling tank and the corresponding chute arrangement. The chute arrangement (3) comprises at least one chute member (4, 5; 6), which is made of fibre-reinforced plastic composite. The chute... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20110297607 - Liquid purifying apparatus: An exemplary liquid purifying apparatus includes beads in contact with the liquid, a rotating shaft, and a driving member. Each bead has a purifying coating comprised of a nano material. The rotating shaft has the beads positioned thereon and is configured for rotating the beads. The driving member is configured... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110297608 - Crouse big mouth barge skimmer: This is a oil skimming barge 107 with the optional front end 111 and intake area 110 at the stern 203 of the barge skimmer 107, whereby oil 101 is funnel into the intake area 110, then suctioned to collection tanks 120 where the oil separates from the water using... Agent:

20110297609 - Aircraft potable water system: A potable water system (10) comprises a supply line (18) and a water-purification device (20) incorporated thereinto. The water-purification device (20) comprises a microorganism filter (40) having a housing (42) and replaceable cartridge (42). The cartridge's filter media (50) includes a microorganism-capturing membrane (e.g., comprising an electropositive material) and a... Agent:

20110297610 - Polymers and metallic organic framework composites and methods of preparation thereof: A composite of polymer and metallic organic framework materials to form porous, multidimensional structures which is exposed to a contaminated fluid for promoting the sorption of contaminants thereto.... Agent:

20110297611 - Fluted filter medium and process for its manufacture: An approach to providing folded flute ends in z-filter media is provided. The approach generally involves providing an initial deformation in a flute or corrugation to form at least one foldable tip and then folding the at least one foldable tip over. Techniques for both supported deformation and unsupported deformation... Agent: Dondaldson Company, Inc.

20110297612 - Porous membranes with multiple zones having different pore sizes: A porous membrane that includes a first zone, the first zone including a crystallizable polymer; and a first nucleating agent, the first nucleating agent having a first concentration in the first zone, the first zone having a first average pore size; and a second zone, the second zone including a... Agent:

20110297613 - Method and apparatus for producing bio-gas employing technology for improving quality of raw material fed thereto: Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for production of bio-gas, capable of improving quality of a raw material to be fed thereto. Among the raw material, a part free from inhibitory materials is directly introduced an anaerobic digestion reactor while the other part containing the inhibitory materials is introduced... Agent: Boo Kang Tech. Co., Ltd.

20110297614 - Slime-controlling agent for activated carbon, method for passing water through activated carbon device, and method and apparatus for treating organic-matter-containing water: Disclosed is a treatment apparatus capable of inhibiting growth of microorganisms and carrying out long-term stable treatment in an activated carbon tower and a reverse osmosis membrane separation device during processes including activated carbon treatment and RO membrane separation treatment of a later step in a system for manufacturing ultrapure... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20110297615 - Fluid processing device: The present invention relates to a system, apparatus, and method for separating components of a fluid, e.g. blood, which eliminates the need for expensive hardware and produces a stabilised waste product. The system comprises an apparatus or device (V) for separating components of a fluid (15′) comprising a container (5′)... Agent: University Of Strathclyde

20110297616 - Selenium removal methods and systems: Described herein is a cost effective means for selenium recovery and refining relying on an impregnated substrate. The substrate is impregnated with selenium and provides a system and method for the environmentally safe discharge of previous selenium-contaminated solutions and an environmentally safe discharge of industrial waste water.... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20110297617 - Separator and method: A separator includes a separation arrangement having a roller; and a belt disposed about the roller. Feed material introduced to the separator such as tar sand, is separated into sand and oil so that discharge from the separator will be substantially separate material streams of sand and oil. A method... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110297618 - Filtering process and system to remove alcl3 particulates from ionic liquid: A process for the filtration of an ionic liquid involves feeding an ionic liquid containing precipitated metal halides to a first filtering zone, which includes at least one first filter, to provide a partially filtered product. The process further includes subsequently feeding the partially filtered product to a second filtering... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20110297619 - Hydrocarbon absorbing apparatuses and methods of preparing and using the same: The present embodiments disclose apparatuses and methods for extracting oil and other hydrocarbons from bodies of water (and, in some embodiments, from solid ground), using, for example, polyester (typically polyethylene terephthalate fibers coated in latex) and/or nylon tire reinforcement cords contained within water-permeable containment devices.... Agent:

20110297621 - Crouse air bubble oil barrier: A Air Bubble Barrier blockade is a new invention that can be used in a oil spill response as a ‘blockade’ or ‘barrier’ to prevent oil from entering a area to be protected. The Air Bubble Barrier works by releasing a wall of air bubbles 133 from below the water... Agent:

20110297620 - Method and device for converting horizontal tanks into gas flotation separators: A gas flotation separator for use in horizontal tanks, such as those used for oil storage on board Floating Production Storage and Off-loading (FPSO) vessels, includes dividing the tank into a plurality of chambers operating in series. Prior to entering each chamber, the contaminated aqueous phase is mixed with a... Agent:

20110297622 - Treatment additives, methods for making and methods for clarifying aqueous media: A coagulant composition includes chitosan, methacryloyloxyethyltrimethyl ammonium methyl sulfate and a redox initiator. A coagulant, method for making the coagulant and clarifying wastewater is also provided.... Agent:

20110297623 - Method for treating a substance with wave energy from an electrical arc and a second source: A method for treating a substance using an apparatus having: (a) a volute or cyclone head, (b) a throat connected to the volute or cyclone head, (c) a parabolic reflector connected to the throat, (d) a first wave energy source comprising a first electrode within the volute or cyclone head... Agent: Foret Plasma Labs, LLC

20110297624 - Showerhead filter assembly and method of purification: A showerhead filter assembly and method for purifying fluid comprises a shower engine having an inner chamber, the inner chamber includes a fluid passage at a first end and an opening at a second end for receiving a filter assembly. The shower engine further comprises a faceplate comprising an outer... Agent: Waxman Consumer Products Group Inc.

20110297625 - Filter plate assembly for filter: A filter configured to separate the solid components and the liquid components from a slurry. The filter includes a plurality of filter plate assemblies that cooperate to define a plurality of filter chambers, each defining a perimeter having an open section when the filter plates are in a closed position... Agent:

20110297626 - Economical fat, oil, and grease waste removal system and method: An economical fat, oil and grease removal assembly and method includes a container having a bottom, a top, a sidewall, an inlet and an outlet. The outlet is spaced above the bottom and below the top to define a static water level for liquid in the container. The container includes... Agent: Thermaco, Inc.

20110297627 - Strainer wall structure, filtration method using the same, and method of fabricating the same: A strainer wall structure that removes foreign substances from a fluid suctioned into a pipe and a re-circulation pump that is part of an emergency core cooling system (ECCS). The strainer wall structure has an inlet side and an outlet side through which cooling water is introduced and discharged, respectively,... Agent: Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.

12/01/2011 > 40 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20110290706 - Water purifying apparatus having cleaning system: A water purifying apparatus comprises: a filtering unit; a water tank unit for storing water having passed through the filtering unit; an extraction unit for selectively extracting the water stored in the water tank unit; and a cleaning system for sequentially controlling a cleaning process and a rinsing process of... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110290707 - Method and apparatus for operation of pool cleaner with integral chlorine generator: An automated self-propelled pool cleaner having a housing, a water pump for moving water through the housing, drive means for moving the pool cleaner over the surface of the salt water pool to be cleaned, and an integral electrochemical chlorine generator mounted in the housing, includes a processor/controller that is... Agent:

20110290708 - Aquarium filtering system comprising a filter assembly detachably connectable to a distribution housing: An aquarium filtering system including a distribution housing having at least two distribution ports, the distribution housing further having a water supplying orifice and a water evacuating orifice for connecting the distribution housing to the pump, the distribution ports being fluidly connected to a water supplying orifice or to a... Agent: Mars Fishcare Europe

20110290710 - Membrane separation device: Disclosed is a membrane separation device comprising a plurality of flat membrane elements (52) arranged in parallel to one another so as to form channels for a solution to be treated therebetween, and a collecting case (59) having a collecting space that is formed internally and communicates with filtrate flow... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20110290709 - Hollow fiber membrane, method for manufacturing the same, and blood purification module: An annealing spinning method was found where a spinning dope is discharged from a nozzle into a coagulation bath, an appropriate elongation is applied so as to enhance the membrane strength, an elongation is continued during a water-washing step so as not to relax the elongation, and no elongation is... Agent: Toyo Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110290711 - Fluid separation element, anti-telescoping device for fluid separation element, and fluid separation device: A fluid separation element is provided including: a membrane winding having two ends and obtained by layering a separation membrane, a feed water channel material, and a permeate channel material and spirally winding them; and one or more anti-telescoping devices attached to one or both of the ends of the... Agent: Toray Industries Inc.

20110290712 - Influent liquid treatment system: A modular, portable treatment system (1300) is presented for treating influent liquid (80). The system includes a treatment module (10), a bladder (1310) containing the treatment module, and a distribution conduit (42) coupled to the bladder. The treatment module includes an elongated member (20) arranged in a predetermined configuration (300,... Agent:

20110290713 - Single or multi-layer filter material and method for the production thereof: The invention relates to a single or multi-layer filter material, comprising at least one layer made of cellulose, glass fiber, synthetic fiber, or a mixture thereof, and saturated with a binding agent made of an epoxy resin and a curing agent. The hardening agent comprises a first hardener cross-linking at... Agent:

20110290714 - Monolithic organic porous body, monolithic organic porous ion exchanger, and process for producing the monolithic organic porous body and the monolithic organic porous ion exchanger: A monolithic organic porous body includes a continuous macropore structure that includes cellular macropores that overlap to form openings having an average diameter of 20 to 200 μm, the monolithic organic porous body having a thickness of 1 mm or more and a total pore volume of 0.5 to 5... Agent: Organo Corporation

20110290715 - Fluid filter and filter system: A fluid filter has a plurality of inlet channels, a plurality of outlet channels, and filter walls separating the inlet channels from the outlet channels. The inlet channels are parallel to the outlet channels, and the filter walls have a plurality of pores through which the inlet channels are connected... Agent:

20110290716 - Vinylidene fluoride resin porous film and manufacturing method therefor: A porous membrane of vinylidene fluoride resin, having two major surfaces sandwiching a certain thickness, including a dense layer which governs filtration performance on the one major surface side and a sparse layer which contributes to reinforcement on the other opposite major surface side, and having an asymmetrical gradient network... Agent:

20110290717 - Membrane post treatment: The invention relates to polymeric ultrafiltration or microfiltration membranes of, for instance, poly(ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene) (HALAR®), PVDF or PP, incorporating PVME or vinyl methyl ether monomers. The PVME may be present as a coating on the membrane or dispersed throughout the membrane or both. The membranes are preferably hydrophilic with a... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20110290718 - Jet deflection device: Devices for controlling fluid flow, in particular microfluidic devices, are described, which exploit gas/liquid interfaces to control liquid flow in accordance with application requirements. Devices for on/off flow switching, centrifugal separation, mixing, metering and aliquoting are described.... Agent: Biosurfit, S.a.

20110290719 - Fluid filtration apparatus for appliances: Embodiments, presented herein are directed to a filtration system including an outer pipe, an inner pipe and a stirrer. The outer pipe is configured to receive a working fluid from a filter inlet. The outer pipe includes a venturi neck and an outer channel. The venturi neck is located downstream... Agent: General Electric Company

20110290720 - Methods of inhibiting microorganism growth using moss: The invention provides a method of inhibiting microorganism growth comprising contacting a substance susceptible to microorganism growth with an amount of a non-decomposed moss effective to inhibit microorganism growth, wherein the moss is selected from the group consisting of sphagnum papillosum, sphagnum cristatum, and mixtures thereof.... Agent: Embro Corporation

20110290721 - Biological processing for beneficial use: This method improves and controls ex-situ or in-situ, aerobic or anaerobic digestion of organic materials and toxic or damaging compounds through increased control of multiple chemical and biological settings and conditions. The ability to control flow, natural processes, and biological activity while adjusting to individual site conditions modify results. Large... Agent:

20110290722 - Activated sludge process in wastewater treatment: The present disclosure relates to methods of treating highly contaminated wastewater using waste activated sludge as an adsorbent.... Agent:

20110290723 - Method and plant for managing the clogging of membrane modules and filtration membranes: The invention relates to a method for managing the plugging of membrane modules and of filtration membranes, in particular for nanofiltration, ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis for desalinating water, which comprises carrying out consecutive rinsing operations for controlling clogging, in particular biological clogging: evaluating the thickness of the biofilm; starting a... Agent: Degremont

20110290724 - Compartmentalized field flow fractionation: A field flow fractionator to separate particles contained within an injected sample aliquot is described. As required, said fractionator may be used to capture, for subsequent removal, specific predefined classes of such particles. Based upon the cross flow or asymmetric flow field flow fractionators, the fractionator disclosed contains means to... Agent: Wyatt Technology Corporation

20110290726 - High pressure degas assembly for chromatography system and method: A degas assembly including a low pressure fluid channel for carrying a wash fluid at a first pressure, a pressurized channel for carrying eluent including a gas at a second pressure higher than the first pressure, and a degas separator defining a fluid barrier between the low pressure fluid channel... Agent: Dionex Corporation

20110290725 - Solar membrane distillation system and method of use: A water distillation system includes a membrane distillation unit which produces desalinated water from feed water comprising salt water. The system also includes a primary water heater which raises a temperature of the feed water upstream of the feed water entering the membrane distillation unit. The system additionally includes an... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

20110290727 - Process for preparing membranes: w

20110290728 - Swro pressure vessel and process that increases production and product quality and avoids scaling problems: An SWRO module for use in a desalination plant receives refresh water to increase production and product quality and reduce scaling problems. The SWRO module includes a pressure vessel having a front-end feed port, a rear-end brine port and a rear-end permeate port. A plurality of RO membrane elements are... Agent: General Electric Company

20110290729 - Process for the production of ultra pure water using a membrane: The invention is directed to a process for the production of ultra pure water, comprising feeding water containing ions and optionally other impurities to one side of a membrane based on hydroxy sodalite (H-SOD), and recovering ultra pure water from the other side of the membrane.... Agent:

20110290730 - Asymmetric nanotube containing membranes: This invention relates to heterogenous pore polymer nanotube membranes useful in filtration, such as reverse osmosis desalination, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and gas separation.... Agent: Nanoasis Technologies Inc.

20110290731 - Cartridge changers and methods for utilizing the same: Aspects of the invention provide cartridge changers and methods utilizing the same. One aspect of the invention provides a cartridge changer for a plurality of cartridges. The cartridge changer includes a cartridge holder having a plurality of receptacles each adapted to receive one of the plurality of cartridges and a... Agent:

20110290732 - Method for decontamination of a liquid effluent including one or more radioactive chemical elements by treatment in a fluidized bed: p

20110290733 - Method and apparatus for removing selenium from water: Methods of and apparatuses for removing selenium from water. Sulfate and organics are first removed to discourage such materials from overwhelming subsequent processing of water to remove selenium.... Agent:

20110290734 - Screenless granular media filters and methods of use: A liquid filtering apparatus is placed in a vessel having a bed of filtration material, the bed comprising at least two different sizes of filter media wherein the filtration material is stratified using upper and lower spaced apart inverted cones so that the unfiltered liquid first contacts coarse grained filtration... Agent: Ashbrook Simon-hartley Operations, Lp

20110290735 - Chalcogenide compounds for the remediation of nuclear and heavy metal wastes: Chalcogenide compounds, including ternary and quaternary tin and antimony chalcogenides, for use as absorbents in the remediation of hazardous materials are provided. Also provided are methods for using the chalcogenides in the remediation of ionic and elemental metals from aqueous and non-aqueous fluids.... Agent: Northwestern University

20110290736 - Water treatment: A method and device for removing scaling from the interior of a conduit used in a heat transfer device, the method comprising the steps of diverting a portion of the fluid from the conduit, passing the diverted portion through a filter, passing the filtered portion through a magnetic field, and... Agent:

20110290737 - Self contained dissolved air flotation system: A dissolved air flotation system and method for purifying fresh water. The system is self-contained within a standard shipping container, with all components disposed in-line within the shipping container. Float is removed from the flotation tank with a skimmer that drives float downstream onto a conveyor belt, and the conveyor... Agent: Sionix Corporation

20110290738 - Cleaning of oleaginous water iii: The present invention comprises a process and apparatus for separation of hydrocarbons from hydrocarbon-containing produced water, wherein in stage 1 the hydrocarbon-containing produced water is supplied with a gas-containing component, whereupon a gas- and hydrocarbon-containing produced water mixture is fed to an inlet tube (22, 27) in the center of... Agent: Ts Technology As

20110290739 - Methods for variably sterilizing aqueous liquids: A method for flow-through aqueous liquid sterilization which employs apparatus operating at substantially fixed temperatures and pressures and variable flow rates through the apparatus for controllably processing aqueous liquids to achieve predetermined values of Sterility Assurance Levels (SAL's).... Agent:

20110290740 - Waste treatment and disinfection unit: A waste treatment system and method for treating a substantially liquid waste stream. The waste treatment system includes a conditioning stage for conditioning the waste stream for treatment. A metal ion generation stage is provided for generating metal ions for disinfection of the waste stream and for catalytic oxidation. A... Agent: Innovation Services, Inc.

20110290743 - Helical support structure for intake screens: A method and apparatus for supporting a screen. The apparatus comprising a cylindrical screen for submerging in a fluid, the screen having an inlet pipe for connecting to a piping system, filter members, a first end, a second and a support structure. The support structure is one or more helical... Agent:

20110290742 - Plant and method for melting and cleaning of snow and ice: Plant for melting and cleaning of snow and ice, distinguished in that the plant comprises a means for melting using enthalpy of a water source in order to melt snow and ice, and a means for cleaning for cleaning out the pollution from the water phase that contains the melted... Agent:

20110290741 - Water filter pitcher meter: The present invention is a water filter pitcher equipped with a removable, replaceable filter cartridge and means to count the number of times the pitcher is filled with water, and also means to notify the user when the pitcher has filtered enough water to exhaust the filtering capacity of the... Agent:

20110290744 - Wastewater treatment system and method: A wastewater treatment system includes a vessel and a plurality of media canisters contained in series therein. The vessel provides for linear flow of wastewater through the canisters for treating and removing contaminants. The canisters contain seal means to form a fluid tight seal against the inner wall of the... Agent:

20110290745 - Concentrator filter: A method and an apparatus for separating suspended matter from liquid includes a concentrator filter that draws the liquid out of the suspension while the filter kept unblocked by a sparging filter that allows scrubbing of the concentrator filter by gas bubbles. This invention can be used to replace cross-flow... Agent: Therapeutic Proteins Inc

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