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Liquid purification or separation November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/11

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11/24/2011 > 50 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20110284433 - Water distribution system: A water distribution system configured for control by a remote control system is disclosed comprising of a water filtration unit for filtering water and a water storage unit for storing the filtered water and including a water dispenser. A control unit is provided that is configured to control the operation... Agent: Piramal Enterprises Limited

20110284434 - Water treatment system: A water treatment system including a pair of water treatment tanks, each tank defining a flow path extending from a tank inlet to a tank outlet and containing a water treatment material disposed along the flow path for treating water as it travels from the inlet to the outlet. A... Agent:

20110284435 - Fluid filter: A fluid filter may include a collecting chamber for collecting separated fluid and a draining device having an elongated protrusion projecting into the collecting chamber. The draining device, in response to being in an open state, may allow air to flow into the collecting chamber for reducing a surface tension... Agent:

20110284436 - Water purifying apparatus: A water purifying apparatus, comprises: a filtering unit for filtering water supplied from a wellhead into purified water; a water tank unit including a cold water tank for storing the purified water in a cold water state, and a hot water tank for storing the purified water in a hot... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110284437 - Tubular high-density plasma reactor: An apparatus and method for simultaneously removing materials from fluids without the need for added chemicals, and without the formation of toxic byproducts, by high-density plasma reaction chemistry is described. Applications to removal of contaminants, such as pesticides, organics, PPCPs, and pathogens, as examples, from water are discussed. Changes in... Agent: Symbios Technologies LLC

20110284438 - Biological filtration system with socks of absorbent material: In an apparatus for treating wastewater, e.g sewage water, the water passes through absorbent material. The material comprises e.g inexpensive scraps or off-cuts of plastic foam. The pieces of material are contained by being stuffed into lengths of plastic mesh tubing, which are then formed into closed-ended socks. The socks... Agent: RowanwoodIPInc.

20110284439 - Restrictor plate with securing system: A restrictor plate assembly is disclosed. The assembly is adapted for being positioned within a catch basin throat so that the throat extends rearward of the assembly. The assembly has a longitudinally extending restrictor plate and a restrictor plate securing system, which includes a first clamp arm, pivotally positioned against... Agent: Campbell-ers L.l.c

20110284440 - Multifunctional equipment for filtering pool water: “MULTIFUNCTIONAL EQUIPMENT FOR FILTERING POOL WATER”, it consists of an equipment (1) to be used in swimming pools, composed by a box (2) with saddles to receive, immediately or later, besides main motor-pump (3), a motor-pump (4) for solar heating of the water, filter with ultraviolet light (5), register (6)... Agent:

20110284441 - Vortex flow type water surface control device for draining device: A vortex flow type water surface control device for a draining device is provided. The vortex flow type water surface control device may include an inflow pipe, an outflow pipe, an intercepting pipe, and a separating weir that is disposed to block the intercepting pipe and the inflow pipe from... Agent: Tokyo Metropolitan Sewerage Service Corporation

20110284442 - Pond post-vacuuming filtration bag: This invention is designed to allow the user to not only recycle water to the pond but also to save water which can be a huge contributor to protecting the environment as a whole. The employment of varying filter media also ensures that the water returned to the pond is... Agent:

20110284443 - Condensing tube and filtration module thereof: The present invention discloses a condensing tube and a filtration module thereof. The condensing tube comprises a hollow body having a central hollow compartment; a porous covering layer having gas permeability but being liquid impermeable; and a condensation chamber, being a space formed between the hollow body and the porous... Agent: Chung Yuan Christian University

20110284444 - Condensing tube and filtration module thereof: The present invention discloses a condensing tube and a filtration module thereof. The condensing tube comprises a hollow body having a central hollow compartment; a porous covering layer having gas permeability but being liquid impermeable; and a condensation chamber, being a space formed between the hollow body and the porous... Agent: Chung Yuan Christian University

20110284445 - Deck mounted solar chlorine generator and method: A deck mounted chlorine generator is shown that is preferably powered by use of a solar array panel. The cell plate housing can be supported by a plurality of swivel members that are locked into a position that conforms to the edge of a pool. The cell plate housing utilizes... Agent:

20110284446 - Media for membrane ion exchange chromatography based on polymeric primary amines, sorption device containing that media, and chromatography scheme and purification method using the same: Media and devices, such as anion exchangers including such media, wherein the media is a membrane having a surface coated with a polymer such as a polyallylamine. The resulting membrane offers stronger binding of protein impurities and superior removal of host cell proteins from biological samples than conventional ligands based... Agent: Millipore Corporatioin

20110284447 - Monolith separation medium for chromatography and process for producing the same: To obtain a non-particle-aggregation-type organic polymer monolith separation medium, there is provided a monolith separation medium comprising a skeletal phase and pores being continuous in the form of three-dimensional network, which skeletal phase on its surface has a functional group permitting introduction of a new functional group. The skeletal phase... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20110284448 - Device for a fuel filter system: The invention relates to a device (8) for a fuel filter system (10, 14) separating water from the fuel, characterized in that the water takes on a property enhancing the separation by means of the device (8) by the action of the medium (42).... Agent:

20110284449 - Safety insert for extra-corporeal circuits: The present invention relates to a transducer protector 20 designed to be used in an extra-corporeal circuit 22. It comprises a first half-shell 24, a second half-shell 34 and a hydrophobic semi-permeable membrane 38 enclosed between the two half-shells 24 and 34. The first half-shell 24 comprises a first tubular... Agent:

20110284450 - Reusable pads for removing liquid contaminants: Quilted absorbent pad panel of cluster or ball fiber that contains: Polyester ball or cluster (spherical) fiber; Cotton/Polyester Water and Oil Permeable Fabrics; and attachment means. The fiber is laid out in a “wave”. Next, the “wave” of ball or cluster fiber must be placed and retained between two layers... Agent:

20110284451 - Spacer element for guiding flow media: In a spacer element for guiding a flow medium in apparatus for filtering and separating the flow medium by reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration wherein filter elements are disposed between adjacent spacer elements which are disc-shaped and each has a central opening with a plurality of spaced openings disposed around the... Agent:

20110284452 - Filtration system and method: Embodiments of the invention provide a filtration system comprising a filter tank. In some embodiments, at least portions of an inlet pipe and an outlet manifold can be positioned within the filter tank. At least one manifold assembly can be coupled to the outlet manifold and also can be positioned... Agent: Porous Media Corporation

20110284453 - Oil filter for automatic transmission: An oil filter for an automatic transmission includes a housing which is composed of a case having an opened end portion and a cover covering the opened end of the case, the case being formed with a flow-in port and the cover being formed with a flow-out port, a filter... Agent: Roki Co., Ltd.

20110284454 - Composite membrane with coating comprising polyalkylene oxide and imidazol compounds: Composite membranes including a coating comprising a combination of polyalkylene oxide and imidazol compounds along with various methods for making and using the same. In one embodiment, the composite membrane comprises a thin film polyamide layer including a coating of a reaction product of a polyalkylene oxide compound and an... Agent:

20110284455 - Sifting screen: The invention relates to a screen frame adapted for use in a shaker and to which woven wire mesh is to be attached, comprising an outer perimeter and a plurality of plastics ribs extending between opposing regions of the perimeter, the frame being arranged such that, when fitted in a... Agent: United Wire Limited

20110284456 - Self-assembled surfactant structures: Stabilized surfactant-based membranes and methods of manufacture thereof. Membranes comprising a stabilized surfactant mesostructure on a porous support may be used for various separations, including reverse osmosis and forward osmosis. The membranes are stabilized after evaporation of solvents; in some embodiments no removal of the surfactant is required. The surfactant... Agent:

20110284457 - Composite membrane with coating comprising polyalkylene oxide and oxy-substituted phenyl compounds: Composite membranes including a coating of polyalkylene oxide and oxy-substituted phenyl compounds along with various methods for making and using the same. In one embodiment, the composite membrane comprises a thin film polyamide layer including a coating of a reaction product of a polyalkylene oxide compound and an oxy-substituted phenyl... Agent:

20110284458 - Composite membrane with coating comprising polyalkylene oxide and biguanide-type compounds: Composite membranes including a coating of polyalkylene oxide and biguanide compounds along with various methods for making and using the same. In one embodiment, the composite membrane comprises a thin film polyamide layer including a coating of a reaction product of a polyalkylene oxide compound and a biguanide-type compound. In... Agent:

20110284459 - Mullite module for liquid filtration: The disclosure relates to a material suitable for forming a honeycomb monolith for liquid filtration and, more particularly, to a mullite material for forming a cross-flow filtration device for separating a feed stock into filtrate and retentate, methods for forming the filtration device, and filtration devices formed from the material.... Agent:

20110284460 - Buoy suspension fractionation system: A separator that uses centrifugation to fractionate a suspension such as blood comprises a separation container and a buoy. The buoy is carried in the separation container and has a tuned density that is configured to reach an equilibrium position in a suspension. The guide surface is carried on the... Agent: Biomet Biologics, LLC

20110284461 - Controlled aeration of integrated fixed-film activated sludge bioreactor systems for the treatment of wastewater: A method of biologically treating wastewater with an integrated fixed film activated sludge process. The integrated fixed film activated sludge process includes biomass suspended in mixed liquor and biomass disposed on carriers. Under certain conditions the dissolved oxygen concentration in a reactor that includes the mixed liquor, biomass suspended in... Agent: Otv Sa

20110284462 - Method and arrangement for separating two solutions mixed in dispersion into two solution phases in a liquid-liquid extraction separation cell: The invention relates to a method and arrangement for separating two solutions mixed in dispersion into two solution phases in a liquid-liquid extraction separation cell (1). The shut-off element (3, 4, 5) comprises a front panel (8) that extends along the whole width of the cell. The front panel (8)... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20110284463 - Device and method for purifying virally infected blood: The present invention relates to a method for using lectins that bind to pathogens having surface glycoproteins or fragments thereof which contain glycoproteins, to remove them from infected blood or plasma or other fluids in an extracorporeal setting. Accordingly, the present invention provides a methods and devices for reducing viral... Agent:

20110284464 - Method of setting a time-varying parameter in a blood treatment apparatus: A medical apparatus comprises a control system allowing storage of a number of shaping profiles. Each shaping profile is stored as a plurality of pairs, including a shaping profile reference value and a time interval value. The reference value is represented as fraction, for instance a percentage, of the total... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20110284465 - Functionalized substrates with aromatic stacking properties: The current invention provides compositions, which are useful as stationary phases for a variety of chromatographic applications, such as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and solid-phase extraction (SPE). The compositions provide both strong aromatic and hydrophobic interactions with components of a sample. Moreover, the invention provides compositions of new silanes,... Agent: Dionex Corporation

20110284466 - Robust and low backpressure on-column tunneled frit for nano-uplc-ms applications: A durable on-column tunneled frit was developed for use in nanoflow UPLC systems. The frit was tunneled during sol-gel reaction. The tunneled-frit fabrication process is easy and reproducible in terms of back pressure and durability. This design creates low backpressure with high liquid flow, which is suitable for the nanoflowUPLC... Agent: Academia Sinica

20110284467 - Plasma purifying device and method of controlling plasma purifying device: A plasma purifying device is provided that is capable of recovering blood and plasma remaining within the plasma purifying device easily and without risk of coagulation, following completion of plasma purification therapy. The plasma purifying device has a control unit controls flow rates of the air pump and a plasma... Agent: Asahi Kasei Kuraray Medical Co., Ltd.

20110284468 - Uses of hydrophobic aggregates and methods for performing those uses: A method of mitigating the growth of roots comprising positioning at least one layer of hydrophobic sand adjacent said roots. In some embodiments the sand is positioned beneath the roots to preserve water and/or the sand includes a coating containing a compound containing aluminum.... Agent:

20110284469 - Device and method for purifying a liquid: A device for purifying a liquid in particular water is provided with an ozonating unit for treatment of said liquid with ozone and with a storage reservoir hydraulically connected to the ozonation unit. The device is provided with recirculation means for recirculating said treated liquid from said storage reservoir through... Agent: Homeflow Technologies Sa

20110284470 - Method for regenerating filter: d

20110284471 - Alginate improvement: A method is described use of hydrocolloids for removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from a continuous stream of liquid where chemical composition of the water inhibits the reactants for linking/cross linking hydrocolloids. The method is comprising the steps of enabling said reactants present in the liquid stream and bring... Agent: Sorbwater Technology As

20110284472 - Water reduction for cooking grease and oil collection: A system and method of separating grease from water in used cooking oil prior to collection and removal of the grease from the restaurant or other facility where the used cooking oil was created, collected or stored.... Agent:

20110284473 - Mobile cleaning method and mobile cleaning module for fluids: A cleaning method is provided for fluids of a fluid circuit (31) of a mobile device (2) comprising a mobile cleaning module (1), wherein the mobile cleaning module (1) comprises at least one connection element (3, 4, 5, 6) for making a connection to the fluid circuit (31) so that... Agent:

20110284474 - Screening device for supplying water to an industrial installation: c

20110284475 - Apparatus and method for treatment of a contaminated water-based fluid: An apparatus and method for controllable separation of a purified fluid from a process water-based fluid containing at least one contaminating component are described. The apparatus comprises a housing having an inlet port for receiving the process water-based fluid through a controllable inlet valve, an outlet port for discharge of... Agent: Kolmir Water Technologies Ltd.

20110284476 - Apparatus for sconfinement of the short-lived hydroxyradical oh associated with ozone reaction processes: The output of a flow restricting ozone generator assembly is connected across a check valve to a low pressure port of a venturi nozzle which is connected in series in the water circulating plumbing of a pool or spa. The conveying chamber then stores the water vapors from the water... Agent:

20110284477 - Apparatus and method for processing liquid waste: A wastewater treatment system is described. The treatment system can include an aerobic digestion system, an anaerobic digestion system, and a ventilation system.... Agent: Presby Patent Trust

20110284478 - Method and device for treating at least one compound carried in a liquid: In a method and to a device for treating a compound, such as a chemical and/or organic and/or microorganism compound, which is carried by a liquid, the liquid is driven axially through an axial inlet (21) into a central inlet portion of a radial cavitation chamber (18) having a peripheral... Agent: Rc - Lux

20110284479 - Double chamber water purification device: A portable device for filtering and purifying water comprised of an outer chamber and an inner chamber that is slidable within a section of the outer chamber, and a small pore size pre-filter, whereby water is drawn through the pre-filter into the first container section of the outer chamber where... Agent:

20110284480 - Integrated system for monitoring permeate quality in water treatment facilities: The invention provides a method and apparatus for continuous monitoring of permeate from membrane elements in a water treatment plant, including a desalination plant. The apparatus includes a probe that includes multiple sensors such that at least one sensor is associated with each membrane element. Each sensor is coupled to... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20110284481 - System and method for drying drill cuttings: An apparatus and method for separating drilling fluid from drill cuttings using pressurized air and/or a vacuum. In a first embodiment, the apparatus provides for improved separation of drilling fluid from drill cuttings on a shaker, the shaker including a shaker screen, an air vacuum system and a drilling fluid... Agent:

20110284482 - Process and device for separating off solid particles from a water phase: The invention relates to a process for separating off solid particles, in particular coke particles, from a water phase by means of gravity in a plant for generating hydrocarbons by cracking a hydrocarbonaceous feed, and also to a device for carrying out the process. In contrast to the prior art,... Agent: Linda Ag

11/17/2011 > 38 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20110278206 - Drinking container and filter assembly: A personal, portable drinking container has a bottle with a neck, a reservoir, and a top opening in the neck providing access to the reservoir. A cap is removably fitted on the neck to close the opening. A filter assembly is provided in the bottle and carries a filter media... Agent: Rubbermaid Inc.

20110278207 - Filter system with removable enhancement media: A water filter system including a base configured for receiving water from a faucet and a filter cartridge seated in the base. The filter cartridge defines a first chamber having at least one filter element, and a second chamber in fluid communication with the first chamber. An enhancement cartridge is... Agent: Paragon Water Systems

20110278208 - Seawater desalination apparatus: According to one embodiment, a seawater desalination apparatus includes a pressure sensor configured to measure a pressure of seawater which is supplied to a reverse osmosis membrane that is configured to separate seawater into fresh water and condensed seawater and to discharge the fresh water and the condensed seawater, a... Agent:

20110278209 - Liquid pressure monitoring: A liquid pressure monitoring system for a circuit of a machine is provided. The system includes a flow meter configured to measure a flow rate of liquid flowing through the circuit, the circuit including a strainer and a cooling section, at least one sensor configured to measure a pressure of... Agent: General Electric Company

20110278210 - Biodegradable disposable debris bag: Embodiments of the invention provide a biodegradable, disposable debris bag for a pool cleaner. The debris bag includes biodegradable fabric filtration media stitched together to form an opening capable of being coupled to an outlet of the pool cleaner and a hollow interior portion to capture debris from the pool... Agent:

20110278211 - Curb-mounted storm sewer box and method of manufacture/repair: A storm sewer box, and a method of repairing a storm sewer box for directing water into a storm sewer conduit at a curb location, and having a housing with a front, a top and spaced sides. The housing defines a chamber and a front entry opening that communicates to... Agent:

20110278212 - Sediment and detention basin drainage system and method: A fluid drainage system configured for draining a basin impounding fluid and sediment, solids or the like of varying density and turbidity. The system includes a first conduit and a second conduit within or adjacent to the first conduit to form a fluid receiving chamber between the first and second... Agent: University Of Tennessee Research Foundation

20110278213 - Slow filtration device having excellent ability to treat microorganisms: There is provided a slow filtration device adapted so that raw water sampled from a river or out of the ground can be treated into drinkable water, etc. in a short time after being newly assembled. The slow filtration device including a filtration sand layer, a raw-water supply part, and... Agent:

20110278214 - Liquid-chromatography conduit assemblies having high-pressure seals: A method for making a liquid-chromatography apparatus includes inserting two inner conduits into an intermediate tube, inserting the intermediate tube into an outer tube, forming a proximal seal between the intermediate tube and at least one of the inner conduits, and forming a distal seal between the intermediate tube and... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20110278215 - Filtration device with releasable additive: A filtration device is provided that includes a filter component and an additive component. The filter component includes concentrically arranged filtering elements disposed in a filter-in-filter configuration. The additive component includes at least one additive material that is introduced into a working fluid to be filtered. The filter component and... Agent: Cummins FiltrationIPInc.

20110278216 - Drinking container and filter assembly: A personal, portable drinking container has a bottle with a side wall, a closed bottom, a neck, a reservoir, and a top opening in the neck providing access to the reservoir. A cap is removably fitted on the neck to close the top opening. A ledge can be on an... Agent: Rubbermaid Inc.

20110278217 - Wedge wire screen device: p

20110278218 - Ultrasound and acoustophoresis technology for separation of oil and water, with application to produce water: Several prototype systems are described for separating oil and water from emulsions. The systems operate at ultrasonic resonance and are thus low power. Each system contains one or more acoustic transducers operating in the 100 kHz to 5 MHz range. Each system contains flow input for the emulsion and two... Agent: Flodesign Sonics, Inc.

20110278219 - Apparatus for treatment of fluid streams and method of conducting same: An apparatus for contacting a fluid stream with microorganisms is provided, the apparatus comprising a housing having a contacting chamber therein defined by a wall of the housing; a first inlet for the fluid stream to be treated; a first outlet for removing a liquid culture medium stream containing microorganisms;... Agent:

20110278220 - Coiled continuous flow water treatment apparatus and method: The present invention is a wastewater treatment system utilizing a recirculating filter system comprising sand, gravel, or synthetic media. Septic effluent is continuously, or approximately continuously, dosed under pressure to the treatment media through pressure compensating drip irrigation emitters. The system comprises a commonly known septic tank and recirculation tank.... Agent:

20110278221 - Installation for the treatment of urea-containing water, toilet, stable, and method: The invention relates to a device for treating urea-containing water. The invention also relates to a domestic toilet provided with such a device. The invention also relates to an animal accommodation provided with such a device. In addition, the invention comprises a method for treating urea-containing water. The device comprises... Agent: European Space Agency

20110278222 - Ultrapure water production method an apparatus therefor: Ultrapure water of high purity having extremely low TOC concentration is produced by efficiently degrading urea in raw water by biological activated carbon treatment even when the raw water contains ammonium nitrogen. The ultrapure water production method, where raw water is treated in a primary pure water system, and then... Agent: Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

20110278223 - Enzyme-assisted effluent remediation: This invention relates to methods to reduce the levels of contaminants in effluent produced in industrial operations, e.g., refinery operations. The invention relates to method to reduce the level of organic contaminants in industrial effluent wherein said effluent lacks sufficient dissolved oxygen to support enzymatically-catalyzed removal of organic contaminants comprising... Agent:

20110278225 - Method for purifying water by cyclic ionic exchange: The present invention provides a method for purifying or softening water comprising: passing a specific volume of feedwater through at least one service column comprising a strong acid cationic exchange resin capable of binding divalent cations that are present in the feedwater, wherein the loading of the divalent cations on... Agent: Brotech Corp., D/b/a The Purolite Company

20110278224 - Wastewater separation system and method using the same: A solid-liquid separation system for chemically-precipitated heavy metal wastewater having a membrane module disposed in a filter zone of a chemical reaction tank, a water outlet pipe of the membrane module, a pressure gauge with electric contact, a suction pump, a water inlet pipe of the suction pump, a backwashing... Agent:

20110278226 - Process for operating a cooling tower comprising the treatment of feed water by direct osmosis: A process for operating a cooling tower (10), said process comprising: introducing a feed solution into a cooling tower, evaporating solvent from the feed solution to produce a concentrated solution, removing a portion of the concentrated solution as blow-down, passing at least a portion of the blow-down through a first... Agent:

20110278227 - Polymer membranes prepared from aromatic polyimide membranes by thermal treating and uv crosslinking: The present invention discloses a new type of high performance polymer membranes prepared from aromatic polyimide membranes by thermal treating and crosslinking and methods for making and using these membranes. The polymer membranes were prepared from aromatic polyimide membranes by thermal treating under inert atmosphere followed by crosslinking preferably by... Agent: Uop LLC

20110278228 - Apparatus, system, and method for chromatography using a water stationary phase: Methods and apparatuses for chromatography are provided, using, for example, water as a stationary phase and carbon dioxide as the mobile phase.... Agent:

20110278229 - Centrifugation method: A centrifugation method for separating a high specific gravity substance and a low specific gravity substance from a mixture thereof, which prevents the contamination of the high specific gravity substance in collecting the low specific gravity substance after a separation operation, is provided. The centrifugation method includes centrifuging a mixture... Agent: Takara Bio Inc.

20110278230 - Process for in-situ cleaning of drinking water filtration media: The present invention provides a process to clean water filtration media in a filtration bed. The process includes applying a granular cleaner to the water filtration media and applying an activator to the water filtration media. This causes a chemical reaction between the granular cleaner, activator and water filtration media... Agent: Blue Earth Labs, LLC

20110278231 - Method and apparatus for processing mixture: The processing method for a mixture according to the present invention is a method for processing a mixture having first particles made of a magnetic material or a nonmagnetic material and second particles made of a magnetic material or a nonmagnetic material wherein the second particles are mixed in a... Agent: Osaka University

20110278232 - Heavy metal removal from waste streams: A method for removing heavy metals from contaminated water, comprising collecting metal salt precipitates from a water softening process, drying said precipitates, contacting water having a concentration of one or more heavy metals with said precipitates, and collecting water having a reduced concentration of said heavy metal(s).... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

20110278233 - Floating disk for separating blood component: A floating separating element for use in centrifugal separation of components of a physiological fluid comprises a positioning part and a separating part, where the positioning part is designed to automatically assume a position in a supernatant and a separating part is positioned at a desired location with respect to... Agent: Harvest Technologies Corporation

20110278234 - Separator apparatus and method: A liquid separator including a vessel 172, an inlet 174, a first outlet 176, a second outlet 178, a regulating mechanism 180, and a removal mechanism 182, 184, 199. Within the vessel liquid separates into a lower density fraction floating atop a denser fraction. The inlet receives the liquid into... Agent: Moffat Pty Limited

20110278235 - Ecosafe desal intake system: Described is a system for creating a microenvironment around a high volume water intake pipe. Specifically, a microenvironment cage incorporating fiber optics, sonar and monitoring sensors may be placed around such a pipe with the express purpose of keeping fish, wildlife and debris away from intake holes and any associated... Agent:

20110278236 - Water treatment device: In one embodiment, the invention provides a device including a first tubular member having a first diameter, the first tubular member including a first end having an attachment device for attaching the first tubular member to a fluid supply, a second end, and a perforated surface between the first end... Agent:

20110278237 - Deformable sump insert: A flexible, water-permeable filter basket may be used to collect and remove debris from a sump in a drain-entry structure (e.g., a catch-basin). The filter basket includes a basket floor having a perimeter of substantially the same size and shape as a sump floor, at least one basket sidewall corresponding... Agent: Catch-all, LLC

20110278238 - Apparatus and method for removing impurities from water or wastewater: A filter for removing at least some impurities (e.g. foreign matter of any nature including a solid, a liquid or a gas) from water or wastewater. A vibrator operably associated with at least a portion of the filter for imparting a vibrational force to enhance any one or more of... Agent:

20110278239 - Apparatus and method for removing impurities from water or wastewater: A filter or clarification system for removing impurities from a liquid to be treated, i.e., influent. The system preferably includes a chamber for receiving a liquid to be treated. The chamber has a settling plate assembly including a plurality of inclined liquid passageways through which the liquid to be treated... Agent:

20110278240 - Apparatus and method for regulating flow through a pumpbox: A pumpbox apparatus includes a reservoir volume having a first inlet for receiving a feedstock stream and a second inlet for receiving a water stream, the reservoir volume being in communication with a discharge outlet disposed to discharge accumulated liquid from the reservoir volume. The reservoir volume is operable to... Agent: Suncor Energy Inc.

20110278241 - Method and apparatus for enhanced settling and collection of settled material: Apparatus and methods provide individual blades driven by drives configured to reduce a tendency of sludge to be moved in an undesired return direction. Drive configurations apply “pull” and “pull” forces that only pull on tensile structures, avoiding a need in actual commercial practice for use of extra structural drive... Agent: Meurer Research Inc.

20110278242 - Fluid purification media and systems and methods of using same: A fluid purification system, comprising: a first fluid purification media comprising a rigid porous purification block, comprising: a longitudinal first surface; a longitudinal second surface disposed inside the longitudinal first surface; and a porous high density polymer disposed between the longitudinal first surface and the longitudinal second surface; a second... Agent: Selecto, Inc.

20110278243 - Fluid purification media and systems and methods of using same: A fluid purification system, comprising: a first fluid purification media comprising a rigid porous purification block, comprising: a longitudinal first surface; a longitudinal second surface disposed inside the longitudinal first surface; and a porous high density polymer disposed between the longitudinal first surface and the longitudinal second surface; a second... Agent: Selecto, Inc.

11/10/2011 > 32 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20110272334 - Collected rain water classifier and diverter: A classifier and separator of collected pluvial water based on the turbidity, including a receptor and conductor pipe of pluvial water (1), by a part of tubing (4) made to measure the turbidity, consisted by a light emitting font (2) and by a luminosity sensor (3), connected to a central... Agent:

20110272335 - Immersed membrane cassette and method of operation: A module of vertical membranes has a lower header with integral air holes. Modules are mounted in line on upper and lower beams. A skirt is formed under the cassette. Adjustable side members between the beams allow for membrane slack adjustment and bottom beam levelling. A flat aerator assembly can... Agent:

20110272336 - Portable sink container: A portable container for use in a sink is described. The sink has predetermined inner dimensions and a sink drain. The sink drain has an inlet with predetermined inner dimensions. The container comprises a bottom, sides, and a top opening. The bottom has a drain. The container bottom is formed... Agent:

20110272337 - Dual mode hemodialysis machine: A compact portable dual mode hemodialysis machine system is provided. The system includes a sorbent dialysis module with a sorbent cartridge that purifies a dialysate fluid that flows therethrough, where the sorbent dialysis module returns the purified dialysate fluid from the sorbent cartridge to an inlet of a dialyzer. The... Agent: C-tech Biomedical, Inc.

20110272338 - Additive dispersing filter and method: A method for dispersing an additive from an additive cartridge disposed in a housing of an oil filter is provided herein, the method includes using stagnation pressure to disperse the additive from the additive cartridge; and regulating a flow rate of the additive from the additive cartridge by restricting an... Agent:

20110272340 - Filter assembly and filter element: A filter assembly includes a header, a bowl and a replaceable filter element. The bowl is indexed to have a single installed orientation with respect to the header. The filter element is keyed and indexed to both the bowl and the header, with index structures on the filter element engaging... Agent: Stanadyne Corporation

20110272339 - Strainer device: A strainer device (1) is described, which may be mounted on a pour-out of a container by way of fastening means (12) on a lower side (14) which may face the container (3). The strainer device (1) comprises a plurality of sieve elements (10) which are pivotably arranged on a... Agent: Moha Moderne Haushaltwaren Ag

20110272341 - Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter: A hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter is provided. The hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter includes a main membrane body, wherein outer cylinders are sleeved at an upper end and a lower end of the main membrane body, and a hollow fiber is arranged in the main membrane body. The hollow... Agent: Jiangsu Jinshan Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.

20110272342 - Food straining device: Disclosed is a system for a food straining device. In various embodiments a food product is placed within a bowl having drainage holes or a mesh bag. A lid component is coupled with or adapted to work in conjunction with the bowl or bag such that the lid causes the... Agent:

20110272343 - Extracorporeal blood filtration: Apparatus and methods for extracorporeal blood filtration involving the connection of a patient's cardiovascular circulation to an extracorporeal circulatory circuit, and filtration devices suitable for use in such apparatus and methods are disclosed. Such filtration devices include a filter medium comprising a layer of non-woven fabric (21) impregnated with porous... Agent: Brightwake Limited

20110272344 - Non clogging screen: A filter assembly includes a filtering screen having a top surface and a bottom surface. A skeletal structure is attached to the filtering screen and has a top surface and a bottom surface. The bottom surface of the filtering screen contacts the top surface of the skeletal structure. The skeletal... Agent:

20110272345 - Crystalline polymer microporous membrane, method for producing the same, and filtration filter: The present invention provides a method for producing a crystalline polymer microporous membrane, which includes asymmetrically heating a film composed of crystalline polymer and being fixed, by a heating unit at a temperature equal to or higher than the melting point of a burned product of the crystalline polymer, so... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110272346 - Quick static decanter for prethickening water treatment sludge, and plant including such a decanter: The invention relates to a static decanter (D) for prethickening liquid sludge in a water treatment plant, in particular wastewater, comprising an inclined bottom (8), the decanter being provided with a liquid sludge supply pump (13), a device for injecting a polymer in the liquid sludge, an overspill discharge (23)... Agent: Degremont

20110272347 - High-rate anaerobic pool bioreactor: The present application related to a high-rate anaerobic pool bioreactor (“BLAAT”) as an improved processing unit for treating biodegradable wastewater, which allows the conversion of a low-performance rate traditional system, such as the anaerobic pool, into an efficient, compact system that enables clean energy to be recovered in the from... Agent: Universidad Del Valle

20110272348 - Iron-mediated remediation within nonaquous phase liquid: The present invention relates to remediation of hazardous waste sites. In particular, the present invention relates to compositions and methods for remediation of environmental contaminants in non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs).... Agent: Tufts University

20110272349 - Plant for the treatment and disposal of waste water containing salts and oil and method for the treatment and disposal of waste water containing salts and oil: The invention relates to a plant and a method for the treatment and disposal of waste water containing salts and oil, in particular produced water, comprising at least one settling area for receiving the waste water and for separating oil proportions from the waste water, at least one subsequent reed... Agent:

20110272350 - Methods for treatment of waste activated sludge: A process for treating waste primary or activated sludge solids that have been removed to a digester phase of the activated sludge process through the use of powdered natural lignocellulosic materials (PNLM) and/or powdered kenaf core (PKC). These materials help this process by: (a) thickening of primary and/or waste activated... Agent:

20110272351 - Chlorinator for a biosand filter: A chlorinator for a biosand filter includes a chlorinator adapted for treating water after it has been filtered by a biosand filter. The chlorinator has a housing having an inlet on a side and an outlet on a bottom. The inlet is adapted to be attached to the outlet of... Agent: Water Missions International

20110272352 - Membrane electrolyzer and hemodialysis system using the same: A sorbent hemodialysis system includes a dialyzer configured to receive a flow of clean dialysate from a reservoir and to output an unclean dialysate flow. The system also includes a sorbent component having a urease section and a sorbent section through which the unclean dialysate flow from the dialyzer passes,... Agent: C-tech Biomedical, Inc.

20110272353 - Process for extracting constituents from organic material: The present invention relates to a process for extracting constituents from organic material, comprising the step of extracting with a monophasic mixture of 50% by volume to 90% by volume of methanol and 50 to 10% by volume of water and optionally 0% by volume to 40% by volume of... Agent: Metanomics Gmbh And Co. Kgaa

20110272354 - Membrane distillation apparatus and methods: Membranes for membrane distillation include at least one hollow fiber porous hydrophobic membrane, the at least one membrane including carbon nanotubes incorporated into the pore structure of the membrane. Membrane distillation systems may include a heat exchanger operably connected to a hollow fiber membrane module with one or more membranes... Agent: New Jersey Institute Of Technology

20110272355 - Solvent removal and recovery from inorganic and organic solutions: A process for recovering solvents from inorganic and organic solutions is disclosed. The process utilizes a polymer capable of selectively extracting the solvent from the inorganic or organic solution. Introduction of the polymer into the solvent solution creates formation of a polymer-rich phase and a solute-rich phase. The recovered solvent... Agent:

20110272357 - Apparatus and method for material separation: An apparatus for separating or isolating substances in or from a mixture has at least one diffusion-based chromatography matrix and at least one convection-based chromatography matrix.... Agent: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh

20110272356 - Separation device having coupled separation device elements: A separation device has a first separation chamber for housing a packing material representing a stationary phase configured for separating compounds of a fluid sample. The separation device comprises a first separation device element and a second separation device element, configured to be coupled together to provide the first separation... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20110272359 - Manufacturing systems with reactor units: A reactor unit includes a bed of desiccant and a bed of media for treating pollutants. The media includes an adsorptive material and a reactive material. The adsorptive material is selected from at least one of activated carbon and zeolite. The reactive material is selected from at least one of... Agent: Mektech Composites, Inc.

20110272358 - Media compaction compensating support system for pollutant stream remediation reactors: The present invention discloses a method of forming a media support wall framework having a graduated through/pore space of the framework wall such that the graduation provides a greater through space in the lowest region of the framework; providing thus an entry plenum pressure differential compensation that compensates for media... Agent:

20110272360 - Method for operating ion exchange equipment, and ion exchange equipment: A regeneration process in the operating method of the invention includes a first regeneration process, and a second regeneration process after the end of the first regeneration process. In the first regeneration process, a regenerant (5) is distributed at a top (8) of an ion exchange resin bed (2) and... Agent: Miura Co., Ltd.

20110272361 - Materials and methods for removing oil from bodies of water: Strong fabrics with an affinity for oil can be deployed from boats and other sea vessels to absorb oil that has been spilled into oceans, gulfs, rivers, or other bodies of water. For example, strong nylon spunbonded fabrics can be used to soak up oil from bodies of water. The... Agent:

20110272362 - Flotation and separation of flocculated oils and solids from waste waters: Oily and/or solids-containing water is clarified by chemical treatment to form flocculated and agglomerated solid phases and a clear water phase. In the clarification process, microbubbles of air or other gas are introduced at atmospheric pressure, via an eductor or other suitable device, together with a flocculant. During the subsequent... Agent: Aquero Company, LLC

20110272363 - Waste collection system with bag assembly formed by a set of detachable bags: A waste collection system having a bag assembly, and a method for removing waste material from a waterline using the system is provided. The bag assembly includes a plurality of inner bags nested within each other to collectively form a multi-layered sidewall. The bag assembly includes at least two connectors,... Agent:

20110272364 - Process for removing oxidants from water injected into a subsurface aquifer to prevent mobilization of trace metals: A method for providing for the use of underground aquifers for water storage for municipalities or recharge. Water is treated and injected for storage in the aquifer by the addition of a small amount of a sulfide compound to remove dissolved oxygen and prevent dissolution of negative valence sulfur bearing... Agent:

20110272365 - Removal of hydrogen sulfide from water: A method of removing hydrogen sulfide from water is provided, comprising providing water containing a first amount of hydrogen sulfide and having a first pH; adding a stripper gas to the water to form a mixture; agitating the mixture; and separating a gaseous portion from the mixture to form a... Agent: Encana Corporation

11/03/2011 > 29 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20110266200 - Emergency extraction line and marine particle skimmer: Removing contaminated water and pollutants from a body of water. Apparatus includes marine particle skimmers that can pull contaminated water through filter units or otherwise direct contaminated water or pollutants to a collection point. Emergency extraction lines can remove contaminated water and pollutants by conducting water to an extraction point.... Agent:

20110266201 - Site drainer: A liquid transfer device having a housing with a top end, a bottom end, a sidewall, and an inner cavity. The sidewall has an inner surface and an outer surface. There is a plurality of openings traversing said sidewall. Also present is a filtering surface that covers the openings. The... Agent:

20110266202 - Wastewater treatment apparatus with two-stage multimedia biological filtration process: A wastewater treatment apparatus of the present invention is configured to biologically filter wastewater through multimedia by consecutively performing two stages (the first and second stages) for a multimedia biological filtration process. A carbon source and coagulant are respectively injected during the first and second multimedia biological filtration processes. The... Agent: Bookang Tech Co., Ltd.

20110266203 - Method and apparatus for electrocoagulation: A water treatment system using electrocoagulation is provided. One of the stages of the water treatment is subjecting the water to electrocoagulation so that colloidal solids can be reduced, emulsions broken, and hydrocarbons and complex organics removed, without the application of substantial chemical substances to the contaminated water or even... Agent:

20110266204 - Manifold adaptor plate for filtration apparatus: A manifold adaptor plate useful as a gasket having liquid pathways which permit passing of a filtrate, a feed and a retentate wherein admixture of the filtrate with the feed or the retentate is prevented is provided and is formed of an elastomeric layer, a rigid intermediate layer and a... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110266205 - Fuel filter having water discharge pipe: The invention relates to a fuel filter (1), in particular for internal combustion engines of vehicles, comprising: a filter housing (2) having a cover (4) and a housing pot (3), a filter element (5) arranged in said housing pot (3) having a water collection space (9) formed in a floor... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20110266206 - Integrated blood specimen processor: A blood specimen processor by means of which blood specimens are collected into a collection tube containing an anticoagulant and a molded buoy of predetermined density between 1.045 and 1.084 with an embedded water swellable o-ring that expands to form a robust seal in a leucocyte density gradient between the... Agent:

20110266207 - Synergy city: a production facility for electrical power, fresh water, and trash processing without the use of nuclear fission, coal or oil: A prototype of Synergy Cities is conceived in which reside scientists, engineers, technicians and their families, and others as necessary to support a viable American city in the state in which it is located. Experience in planning, developing and operating the prototype facility is to be factored into the design... Agent:

20110266208 - Methods and apparatuses for filtering water from oil and gas wells: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for filtering contaminated water from an oil or gas well.... Agent:

20110266209 - Plasma discharge self-cleaning filtration system: The present invention is directed to a novel method for cleaning a filter surface using a plasma discharge self-cleaning filtration system. The method involves utilizing plasma discharges to induce short electric pulses of nanoseconds duration at high voltages. These electrical pulses generate strong Shockwaves that disintegrate and dislodge particulate matter... Agent:

20110266210 - Spiral membrane element and process for producing the same: An object of the present invention is to provide a spiral membrane element that can form a uniform fiber reinforcement layer on an outer circumferential surface by a simple process without a great change in the materials, as well as a process for producing the same. The spiral membrane element... Agent:

20110266211 - Multi-flow filtration system: Disclosed is multi-flow filter cartridge assembly that includes an elongated housing that has axially opposed proximal and distal ends and defines an interior cavity and first, second and third flow paths which extend from the proximal end of the housing to the distal end. The cartridge assembly also includes first,... Agent:

20110266212 - Horizontal belt filter: A belt filter for separating liquids from solids in a slurry feed comprising a frame supporting a porous filter medium arranged over a moving carrier belt. The medium is adaptable to receive the feed and separate liquid filtrate therefrom. A vacuum pan is provided for collecting liquid filtrate separated from... Agent:

20110266213 - Ultrafine continuous fibrous ceramic filter and method of manufacturing same: An ultrafine continuous fibrous ceramic filter, which comprises a filtering layer of a fibrous porous body, wherein the fibrous porous body comprises continuous ultrafine fibers of metal oxide which are randomly arranged and layered, and powdery nano-alumina incorporated into the ultrafine fibers or coated thereon, the ultrafine fibers being obtained... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110266214 - Improved sifting screen: The invention relates to a screen frame adapted for use in a shaker to separate solids from a liquid/solid mixture and to which woven wire mesh is to be attached, comprising an outer perimeter and a plurality of plastics ribs extending between opposing regions of the perimeter, the plastics ribs... Agent: United Wire Limited

20110266215 - Advanced biologic water treatment using algae: An advanced water treatment method processes a continuous flow of water in a sequence of stages including pre-filtering [200] to remove solids, conditioning [202] to adjust pH, blending [210] with a recycled dense microalgae culture, and passing the resulting mixture through an enclosed, environmentally-controlled photobioreactor [212] where nutrients, PCB's, trace... Agent: Algevolve, LLC

20110266218 - Determining biofilm thickness in a membrane supported biofilm reactor: A method of assessing biofilm thickness in a membrane supported biofilm reactor (MSBR) of the type comprising a lumen containing a gas phase, a liquid phase, and a gas permeable membrane providing an interface between the gas and liquid phases, the method comprising the steps of charging the lumen with... Agent:

20110266217 - Method for cleaning filter separation systems: High shear separations of suspensions and colloid suspensions may be preformed using a fouling reduction agent to optimize the separations. The fouling reduction agents are solids. Exemplary of such solids are powdered cellulose, clays, diatomaceous earth and the like. Process streams which may treated include refinery process waste water, chemical... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110266216 - Method for sanitizing an electrodeionization device: Embodiments of the present invention disinfect the EDI device by applying electrical power. Here an electrical supply device heats the EDI device, through resistive heating of the internal chambers, to a sanitization temperature. The resistive heating is a result of ionic movement through the internal chamber. The friction that is... Agent: General Electric Company

20110266219 - Process for separating liquid mixtures: b

20110266220 - Separations with highly selective fluoropolymer membranes: A method of separating components of mixtures of chemical compounds uses a nonporous membrane of copolymer of a perfluorinated cyclic or cyclizable monomer, and a 4 carbon dicarboxyl-containing comonomer, such as maleic anhydride. Optionally, the membrane composition includes an acyclic fluorinated olefin termonomer. The membranes provide a remarkably high selectivity... Agent: Cms Technologies Holdings, Inc.

20110266221 - Flow balancing system and method, especially for citrate: A renal failure therapy system includes a blood pump; a citrate pump; and a control unit configured to automatically control the blood pump and the citrate pump to achieve a citrate flowrate that is based on at least a blood flowrate.... Agent: Baxter International Inc.

20110266222 - Polybenzimidazole-based membranes for the dehydration of organic liquids via pervaporation: A hollow fiber membrane has an outer layer of polybenzimidazole (PBI) and an inner support layer, e.g., polyetherimide (PEI). The hollow fiber membrane is made by a co-extrusion (spinning) process. The hollow fiber membrane may be used in a pervaporation process, such as a pervaporation dehydration of an organic liquid,... Agent:

20110266223 - Dual-layer hollow fibers with enhanced flux as forward osmosis membranes for water reuses and protein enrichment: A hollow fiber includes a lumen, a polymeric membrane defining the lumen, and a porous tubular substrate, a circumferential surface of which is in contact with a circumferential surface of the polymeric membrane. The polymeric membrane includes a first polymer having monomers each containing an imidazole group. The hollow fiber... Agent: National University Of Singapore

20110266224 - Enhanced high water recovery membrane process: Disclosed is an economical process for the purification of water containing soluble and sparingly soluble inorganic compounds using single-stage or two-stage membrane processes that integrate membrane water purification with chemical precipitation softening and residual hardness and silica removal from the membrane concentrates using ion exchange resins and silica sequestering media,... Agent:

20110266225 - Chromatography ligand: The present invention relates to a chromatography ligand defined by the following formula R1—R2—N(R3)—R4—R5 wherein R1 is a substituted or non-substituted phenyl group; R2 is a hydrocarbon chain comprising 0-4 carbon atoms; R3 is a hydrocarbon chain comprising 1-3 carbon atoms; R4 is a hydrocarbon chain comprising 1-5 carbon atoms;... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20110266226 - Removing viruses from drinking water: A process of removing viruses from drinking water is disclosed. The process involves filtering drinking water, having a viral contaminant, through a layer of coarse sand; contacting the drinking water with a composite iron matrix; and purifying the drinking water by allowing the composite iron matrix to adsorb the viral... Agent:

20110266227 - Apparatus for determining coagulant amount: Provided are a method and an apparatus that enable rapid and automatic determination of the coagulant injection rate in a process of water treatment through coagulation and sedimentation. Using a coagulation analyzer comprising sample tanks 1A to 1D each for keeping a predetermined amount of raw water, a water supply... Agent: Fuji Electric Water Environmental Systems Co., Ltd.

20110266228 - Production fluid solid trap: A convenient, cost effective and efficient solid separation apparatus and method of removing solid material from production fluid is disclosed. The solids separation apparatus includes a fluid inlet pipe; a fluid outlet pipe; a vessel that is a fluid velocity driven solid settlement inducement structure and/or a fluid vector driven... Agent: Petroleos De Venezuela S.a.

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