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Liquid purification or separation October categorized by USPTO classification 10/11

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10/27/2011 > 37 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20110259802 - Multi-conductor water in fuel sensor for fill rate detection: A water sensor for a fuel filtration apparatus includes a main body with at least one electrical contact disposed proximate the first end of the main body. The electrical contact(s) is operatively connectable to an electronic control unit. Multiple sensor contacts are disposed proximate a second end of the main... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

20110259803 - Method and apparatus for skimming floated sludge: A method and device for removing floated matter such as sludge located near the surface of a fluid body is contemplated that employs pneumatic force to remove the floated matter. The contemplated device employs pneumatic force for lifting and blowing the floated matter into an inlet channel. The device is... Agent:

20110259804 - Horizontal plate microbial support media: A horizontal plate microbial support media. The horizontal plate microbial support media having a plurality of frustum shaped protuberances extending there-from, the frustum shapes having a hole in their upper base for allowing fluid to flow there-through. These media plates able to be stacked for use in a bioreactor.... Agent:

20110259805 - System for removing particulate matter from wastewater: A system for, and method of, removing particulate material from wastewater discharged from an industrial source.... Agent:

20110259806 - Filtering and condensing apparatus of suction type: A filtering and condensing apparatus of a suction type comprises a sludge tank for containing sludge to be filtered and condensed, and a plurality of filtering plates aligned with each other so as to be disposed to be adjacent to each other in the sludge tank. Each plane portion of... Agent: Metawater Co., Ltd.

20110259807 - Filtering and condensing apparatus of suction type: A filtering and condensing apparatus of a suction type comprises a sludge tank for containing sludge to be filtered and condensed, and a filtering plate disposed to be in the sludge tank and extending in the vertical direction of the sludge tank. The filtering plate includes vertical extending convex and... Agent: Metawater Co., Ltd.

20110259808 - Filter with end cap features: A filter element is removably supported within a housing comprising a filter head and a collection bowl. The element is removed from the lower end of the housing when the collection bowl is removed. The element includes an annular side wall which supports the element on radial ribs within the... Agent:

20110259809 - Method for folding a filter bag and a folded filter bag arrangement: A method of folding a filter bag 10 made from a nonwoven fabric or stiff media to facilitate installation within a filter retainer basket and a folded filter bag 10 arrangement.... Agent:

20110259810 - Automatic transmission fluid filter: The automatic transmission fluid filter includes a plastic upper case having an outlet port, a plastic lower case having an inlet port , and a filter element including a filter medium and a plastic holder frame holding the periphery of the filter medium and held between the upper case and... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20110259811 - Dialysis probe: A dialysis probe 1 according to the present invention includes a tubular dialysis membrane 2 sealed at its tip, a support tube 3 coupled at a tip to a rear end of the dialysis membrane 2, a cap portion 4 for securing a rear end of the support tube 3,... Agent: Eicom Corporation

20110259812 - Filter element and seal therefor: A filter cell element for use in a housing to form a filtering assembly. The filter element has a media pack having an interior and a separator element having a passage therein for radial fluid communication between the media pack interior and an edge of the media pack. An overmold... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110259813 - Filter media with a multi-layer structure: Filter media are described. The filter media may include multiple layers. In some embodiments, the filter media include a nanofiber layer adhered to another layer. In some embodiments, the layer to which the nanofiber layer is adhered is formed of multiple fiber types (e.g., fibers that give rise to structures... Agent: Hollingsworth & Vose Company

20110259814 - Sifting screen: There is provided a screen frame adapted for use in a shaker to separate solids from liquid/solid mixture and to which woven wire mesh is to be attached, comprising a plurality of intersecting elongate members (12) defining a plurality of openings (10), or cells, wherein at least one protrusion (26)... Agent: United Wire Limited

20110259816 - porous hollow fiber membrane and a porous hollow fiber membrane for the treatment of a protein-containing liquid: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a porous hollow fiber membrane that can efficiently separate and remove the substances to be removed such as small-particle virus contained in a solution and, at the same time, useful recovering substances such as protein can be efficiently permeated and the... Agent: Toyo Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110259815 - Biomimetic membrane formed from a vesicle-thread conjugate: Briefly, in one aspect of the invention, natural or genetically engineered proteins are incorporated into a polymeric vesicle that is conjugated to a thread to form a vesicle-thread conjugate. The engineered protein is preferably a transmembrane protein embedded in the wall of the polymeric vesicle. The vesicle-thread conjugate is then... Agent:

20110259817 - Composite membrane including coating of polyalkylene oxide and triazine compounds: Composite membranes including a coating of polyalkylene oxide and triazine compounds along with various methods for making and using the same. In one embodiment, the composite membrane comprises a thin film polyamide layer including a coating of a reaction product of a polyalkylene oxide compound and a triazine compound.... Agent:

20110259818 - Filter media for liquid purification to remove trace metals: m

20110259819 - Cyclone apparatus: A cyclone apparatus for separating a mixture containing at least one fluid and a further constituent based on the densities of the mixture constituents, the apparatus comprising a first hollow pressure vessel open at each end, having at least one inlet located on its body, an overflow plate positioned at... Agent:

20110259820 - Buoyant plant habitat: Embodiments of the invention provide a buoyant plant habitat for removing excess nutrients and other pollutants from a body of water and thereby remediating the water. The buoyant plant habitat may be used to remediate any suitable body of water, including ponds and lakes (both natural and manmade), streams and... Agent: Acf Environmental, Inc.

20110259821 - Methods and systems for treating wastewater: A method and system of treating wastewater is disclosed. The treatment system has a nitrification-denitrification system comprising a sorption system, a biofilm system, and an anaerobic digester that digests or converts at least a portion of the solids or sludge from the sorption system and biofilm system.... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20110259822 - Apparatus and process for desalination of brackish water: Water from underground and other sources of water are brackish and not suitable for human consumption. Naturally present dissolved chemicals in water make it brackish. The precipitants and dissolved chemicals need to be separated from water to make it consumable. A combination of aeration systems, filtration systems, crystallizers and hydrophobic... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Organization Name Science And Technology "kacst"

20110259823 - Water filtration system: A water or liquid substance filtration device is disclosed which removes microorganisms and organic contamination and sterilizes the containers and water lines after the unit. The unit is portable, or can be mounted stationary. The unit has a five-stage filtration and sterilization system controlled by an independent onboard computer system... Agent:

20110259824 - Water treatment process, and membrane separation process and water treatment plant suitable therefor: A description is given of a multistage process for treating water, wherein a water stream is purified in a membrane separation stage and a downstream deionization unit having at least one concentrate chamber and at least one diluate chamber, wherein the water stream is separated in the membrane separation device... Agent: P & Ls Holding Gmbh

20110259825 - Hybrid silica membrane for water removal from lower alcohols and hydrogen separation: A microporous organic-inorganic hybrid membrane based on silica of the invention has an average pore diameter of less than 0.6 nm, and comprises bridging organosilane moieties of the formula ≡O1.5Si—CHR—SiO1.5≡ or ≡O1.5Si—CH(CH3)—SiO1.5≡. The membrane can be used in the separation of hydrogen from mixtures comprising hydrogen and CH4, CO2, CO,... Agent:

20110259826 - Method for processing waste water loaded with nitrogen-containing compounds: The invention relates to a method for purifying wastewater loaded with nitrogen-containing compounds, wherein the wastewater loaded with nitrogen-containing compounds is reacted with a smectic sheet silicate, wherein a clay material loaded with nitrogen-containing compounds is obtained, and the clay material loaded with nitrogen-containing compounds is separated off, wherein purified... Agent: Sud-chemie Ag

20110259827 - Device, apparatus and method for performing separations: Embodiment of the present invention feature a device having a body, a separation media and a frit element. The exterior surface of the body has a first attachment means positioned radially about at least one of the media chamber and the frit section to form a compact assembly.... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20110259828 - Zeolite adsorbent having an organic binder: The present invention relates to an agglomerated zeolite adsorbent containing at least one polymer matrix that is greatly laden with at least one zeolite adsorbent. The invention also relates to the method for preparing such an adsorbent and to the uses thereof, particularly as an adsorbent of moisture, odors, volatile... Agent: Ceca S.a.

20110259829 - Method for removing boron in water treatment: The invention relates to a process for reducing boron levels in water comprising the steps of passing the water with boron through an inlet manifold, adding basic or alkaline additives, treating the water from the previous step with clays, removing the water from the previous step through an outlet manifold... Agent: Air Water Treatment S.l.

20110259830 - Seed-conjugated polymer support: The present invention relates to a seed-conjugated polymer support. In particular, the present invention is directed to a seed-conjugated polymer support for aggregating biomolecules, a method for preparing the same, and a method for removing β-2-microglobulin.... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

20110259831 - Tracking regulator system and method for processing columns: A processing column system includes an inlet, an outlet, a piston head and a piston pressure chamber for providing a controlled bed pressure to the piston head and thus to a substrate and/or liquid bed positioned within the column. A tracking regulator is in fluid communication with a source of... Agent:

20110259832 - Method and plant for the treatment of wastewater with a view to eliminating the adverse endocrine effect and/or the toxic or genotoxic effect thereof: The invention relates to a process for the treatment of a municipal and/or industrial wastewater with a view to combating the endocrine disrupting effect and/or the toxic effect and/or the genotoxic effect thereof and to remove the pathogenic microorganisms therefrom, comprising a step of oxidation via ozone and a step... Agent: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Support

20110259833 - pipe and a method for reducing biofilms: The present invention relates to a pipe comprising first and second parts of electrically conducting material. The parts are electrically insulated from each other and are arranged on the inside surface of the pipe, extending substantially in the longitudinal direction of the pipe.... Agent:

20110259834 - Microreactors: A microreactor may include a reaction channel having at least one curved microchannel, the at least one curved microchannel having an outer and inner curved surfaces and being configured to generate a centrifugal force, an inlet configured to supply at least one reactant into the reaction channel, and an outlet... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110259835 - Method for treating pool water containing high levels of isocyanuric acid and biological growth: A method for reducing an isocyanuric acid level concentration in swimming pool water to prevent chlorine lock. The method comprises the steps of adding an effective amount of sodium hydroxide combined with an antimicrobial agent to the pool water and reacting the sodium hydroxide with the isocyanuric acid therein to... Agent:

20110259836 - Material separator: A material separator removes material such as sand from a fluid utilizing an inclined housing having a fluid flow inlet in a lower portion of the housing. Higher density material descends by gravity to a lower wall of the inclined housing and continues to travel down the lower wall portion... Agent: Express Energy Services Operating Lp

20110259837 - Method for selective partition capacity based filtering: A method is provided for filtering a fluid. The method includes the step of selecting a first surface filtration medium to include layers of a first mesh material (FMM). The method also includes the step of selecting a second surface filtration medium to include layers of a second mesh material... Agent: Mechanical Manufacturing Corporation

20110259838 - System for engine oil storage and filtration in an internal combustion engine, and method for engine oil circulation and filtration in an internal combustion engine: The invention relates to a system for engine oil storage and filtration in an internal combustion engine, comprising at least one oil storage device as part of an engine oil circuit, at least one filtration device, and at least one oil delivery pump, wherein the system is characterized in that... Agent: Ibs Filtran Kunststoff-/metallerzeugnisse Gmbh

10/20/2011 > 43 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20110253604 - Ozonation system for treating secondary wastewater: Septic systems incorporating an ozonation system comprise one or more corona discharge ozone generators receiving air, such as atmospheric air, and having an outlet for the withdrawal of a mixture of air and ozone gas. The system also comprises a septic tank for receiving primary wastewater, and a pump tank... Agent: Lynntech, Inc.

20110253605 - Algae filtration systems and methods: Systems and methods for filtering algae from fluid including a piston and pressurized air system to scrape and clean algae from the filter.... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20110253606 - Method and system for measuring water hardness: Prior to adding detergent or chelant, the conductivity of water in a washing chamber is measured. The maximum concentration of hard water ions that could correspond to the measured conductivity is determined, i.e., it is assumed that all of the conductivity is from calcium and/or magnesium ions in the water... Agent:

20110253608 - Filter arrangement for filtering liquids: A filter arrangement for filtering liquids has a central tube and a first filter element flowed through in radial direction outwardly and disposed on the central tube. A downstream second filter element is disposed on the central tub and flowed through in radial direction inwardly. The first filter element is... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20110253607 - Power steering filter assembly: A power steering fluid filter has a housing that defines an interior chamber, an inlet port communicating with the upstream end of the interior chamber, and an outlet port communicating with the downstream end of the interior chamber. The housing is for spicing inline with a power steering fluid hose... Agent:

20110253609 - Water cleaning system: A pool cleaning system includes a pool, and a gas generating system which includes first and second electrode assemblies. A reactant gas is formed in response to establishing a potential difference between the first and second electrode assemblies. A pool pump is in fluid communication with the pool, and a... Agent:

20110253610 - Filtration and air supply device used in an aquatic equipment: p

20110253611 - Self cleaning shield: A gutter shield device comprising a first body portion and a second body portion laterally bordering an intermediate body portion that includes a perforated plane out of which arises upward protruding elements that contact the undersurface of a micro-mesh or screen filter comprised of eighty or more threads per inch.... Agent:

20110253612 - Extraction with fractionation of oil and co-products from oleaginous material: Systems and methods for extracting lipids of varying polarities from oleaginous material.... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20110253613 - Contaminant removal system utilizing disc filter: A system is adapted to remove one or more contaminants, particularly phosphorus, from an influent. The system includes a first section receiving the influent and discharging a first flow. A first coagulant inlet is positioned upstream of the first section and is in fluid communication with the influent to introduce... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20110253614 - Versatile unfolding solar deployment system: A versatile solar deployment system may provide one or more scalable solar deployment units. A solar deployment unit may include a chassis, a panel support provided by the chassis, and one or more solar panels coupled to the panel support, wherein the solar panels are folded together in an undeployed... Agent: University Of Houston

20110253615 - Filter cartidge, in particular for purifying dental waste waters: A filter cartridge, which is suitable in particular for purifying dental waste waters, has a housing with three different spatial regions which receive three different filter materials having different filter properties. The first filter material is preceded by a sedimentation space.... Agent:

20110253616 - Membrane stacks: The present invention discloses a membrane stack comprising a first and second membrane layers, and a spacer layer disposed between said first and second membrane layers, said membrane stack configured such that fluid passes through said membrane stack in a direction substantially perpendicular to the plane of said membrane layers... Agent: Natrix Separations Inc.

20110253617 - Cylindrical back washing purification apparatus: A cylindrical back washing purification apparatus comprises a main body (1), a cylindrical through hole (2) transversely provided in the main body (1), a plunger (4) slidably connected in the axial direction arranged in the through hole (2), a feed channel (6) and a discharge channel (8) connected with the... Agent:

20110253618 - Circular filtering disc and filter device having the same: A circular filtering disc and a filter device having the filtering disc. The filtering disc includes a circular partition plate having an inner hub and an outer rim, with radial inlet holes formed in the outer rim and introducing water to the partition plate, and a vertical outlet hole formed... Agent:

20110253619 - Separation membrane: [Solving Means] The disclosed is separation membrane which comprises a porous substrate which is made of ceramic sintered body of which a main ingredient is alumina, and a zeolite membrane which is formed over the surface of the porous substrate, wherein the porous substrate comprises a base layer and a... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20110253620 - Web comprising fine fiber and reactive, adsorptive or absorptive particulate: The assemblies of the invention can comprise a fine fiber layer having dispersed within the fine fiber layer an active particulate material. Fluid that flows through the assemblies of the invention can have any material dispersed or dissolved in the fluid react with, be absorbed by, or adsorbed onto, the... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20110253621 - Method of manufacturing hydrophilic membrane having improved antifouling property and hydrophilic membrane manufactured by the method: A method of manufacturing a hydrophilic membrane and hydrophilic membranes having improved antifouling property using a supercritical fluid or a subcritical fluid. The method involves combining a coating solution from a hydrophilic group-containing monomer, an initiator, a cross-linking agent and a supercritical fluid or subcritical fluid in a high pressure... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110253622 - Method and system of indelibly marking cellulose, paper, textiles and other woven and non-woven fiber materials: The present invention provides a convenient and cost effective method of imprinting both text and images on certain filter materials such as those used in automatic coffee makers or as envelopes for the steeping of tea. The imprint must therefore be indelible, water resistant, non-toxic, temperature-resistant within the parameters of... Agent:

20110253623 - Methods and compositions to aggregate algae: The present invention comprises methods and compositions for aggregating algae so as to separate the algal cells from an aqueous algae suspension. A bioflocculent, comprising a composition comprising a bacteria, is used to aggregate the algae.... Agent:

20110253624 - Anaerobic digester-membrane bioreactor for treating a waste stream: A waste stream having anaerobically biodegradable components is fed to an anaerobic reactor where the components react with microorganisms to biodegrade the components and produce biomass and biogas. Mixing occurs in select portions of the anaerobic reactor, particularly the bottom and top portions of the reactor. Relatively heavy solids settle... Agent: Otv Sa

20110253625 - Method and device for removing biological nitrogen and support therefor: Provided is a biological nitrogen removal method which includes, causing to flow a support having, on the surface portion thereof, a two-layered microbial film which holes, in the outer layer, nitrite type nitrifying bacteria or aerobic bacteria and nitrite type nitrifying bacteria as a dominant species and, in the inner... Agent: Metawater Co., Ltd.

20110253626 - Method and a device for biologically treating a contaminated liquid feedstock including a dispersible and digestible organic liquid phase such as a toxic oil or solvent: The installation comprises three reaction vessels (100, 200, 300) in series, each containing an aqueous phase and a specific bacterial population. The vessels serve in succession to dissolve the liquid feedstock for treatment by enzymatic hydrolysis, then to biodegrade the resulting effluent by biological digestion, and finally to reduce the... Agent:

20110253627 - System and method for filtering: A system and method for filtering is disclosed, which is capable of accomplishing a filtering operation at a high recovery rate of 96% or more, and realizing a compact and simplified system structure, the system comprising a water bath including an inlet and a discharging hole, wherein feed water to... Agent:

20110253628 - Method of inhibiting scale formation and deposition in desalination systems: This invention relates to an improved method of inhibiting corrosion and calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate scaling in thermal and membrane desalination processes. The method includes adding a composition having an acrylic acid 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropyl sulfonic acid copolymer, combined with a synergistically effective amount of oligomeric phosphinosuccinic acid to seawater or... Agent:

20110253629 - Microfluidic devices, particularly filtration devices comprising polymeric membranes, and method for their manufacture and use: The present disclosure describes devices useful for microscale fluid purification, separation, and synthesis devices. Generally, such devices comprise a fluid membrane that separates two or more fluids flowing through plural microchannels operatively associated with the membrane. The fluids can both be liquids, gases, or a liquid and a gas, such... Agent: State Of Oregon Acting By And Through The State Board Of Higher Education On Behalf Of Oregon

20110253630 - Membranes with functionalized carbon nanotube pores for selective transport: Provided herein composition and methods for nanoporous membranes comprising single walled, double walled, or multi-walled carbon nanotubes embedded in a matrix material. Average pore size of the carbon nanotube can be 6 nm or less. These membranes are a robust platform for the study of confined molecular transport, with applications... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20110253631 - Multifraction purification processes and devices for such processes: A process for continuous or quasi-continuous purification of a multi-component mixture (Fd) by means of at least four individual chromatographic columns through which the mixture is fed by means of at least one solvent (s), is given, wherein the multicomponent mixture (Fd) is to be separated into an integer number... Agent: Chromacon Ag

20110253632 - Oil adsorbent, and method for recovering oil: An oil adsorbent is configured so as to include: at least one particle of an inorganic particle and a metallic particle, at least one particle constituting a core; and a polymer covering the core, wherein the polymer is a copolymer made of at least one substance selected from the group... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110253633 - Catanionic vesicles, process for preparing same and applications thereof: Catanionic vesicles, the walls of which are constituted of a mixture of surfactants of opposite charges. Process for preparing same and uses thereof, especially in the field of pharmacy or cosmetics, in the sector for the pollution control of aqueous media or in the field of the synthesis of nanoparticles.... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alt.

20110253634 - Treatment of wastewater: The present invention provides systems, methods and devices for removing contaminants from an aqueous stream. In embodiments, these systems and methods may be applied to particular applications, for example removal of contaminants in aqueous streams associated with the petroleum industry.... Agent:

20110253635 - Fluid clarification system, method, and apparatus: A fluid clarification system and method is described in which fluid is passed through one or more settling compartments, each having a solids outlet at the base of the compartment. The base of each compartment includes inclined surfaces for guiding settled solids to the outlet. Also described is a polymer... Agent:

20110253636 - Chemical administrator for controllably treating wastewater: Disclosed is a chemical administrator which delivers a chemical solution into a water supply line for a water-consuming device, e.g., a toilet in a recreational vehicle, for the purpose of treating waste-water before it is disposed in a holding tank. The apparatus has a container which holds the chemical solution.... Agent:

20110253637 - Spa water sanitizing system: A method of sanitizing water contained in a spa is provided which comprises installing a chlorine generating cell including a diamond electrode in a filter compartment of the spa, employing a resin-filled calcium remover bag to reduce the hardness of the water, adding salt to the water; and operating the... Agent:

20110253638 - Systems and methods for reducing electric power by optimizing water turbidity, suspended solids, circulation and filtration in pools, spas, water features, and other closed bodies of water: One feature of the present invention provides a method for optimizing water filtration in a closed body of water. The method includes circulating the water through a closed loop filtration system to remove contaminates, where a pump forces the water from the closed body of water through plumbing to a... Agent: Breakpoint Commercial Pool Systems Inc.

20110253640 - In-line flow separation of fluids in a pipe separator: An in-line flow separator comprises an uphill section of pipeline which, in use, carries a gravitationally stratified flow of a first liquid and a second denser liquid. The second liquid forms a sump extending uphill from the foot of the uphill section, and an interface between the first and second... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110253639 - Spa water sanitizing method and apparatus: A spa sanitizing apparatus including a sanitizing agent generating cell, an H-Bridge circuit arranged to supply a voltage to electrodes of the cell, a controller circuit for controlling the operation of the H-Bridge circuit, and a watch dog circuit for monitoring a voltage applied to the electrodes and for shutting... Agent:

20110253641 - Filter sleeve for enabling waste water discharge directly into the environment: A filter sleeve is fabricated from a variety of media selected to preferentially remove particulates and specific contaminants from water or other liquids. The layers of the filter sleeve may be configured to remove 1-micron particulates, while another layer or layers may be configured to remove a range of petroleum... Agent:

20110253642 - Oil collecting apparatus and method: An oil collecting apparatus and a corresponding method for collecting oil from the surface of water, the oil collecting apparatus includes a set of oil booms (3) coupled to form a long line of oil booms. The line of oil booms includes, at a distance from each other, a number... Agent:

20110253643 - High surface area fibrous silica nanoparticles: Disclosed are high surface area nanoparticles that have a fibrous morphology. The nanoparticles have a plurality of fibers, wherein each fiber is in contact with one other fiber and each fiber has a length of between about 1 nm and about 5000 nm. Also disclosed are applications of the nanoparticles... Agent:

20110253645 - Filter medium: The present invention relates to a filter composed of a multi-ply filter medium, which comprises at least one non-woven stiffening layer, at least one filtration layer, at least one covering layer and where necessary at least one non-woven microfibre layer, the non-woven stiffening layer comprising fibres of synthetic polymers and... Agent:

20110253644 - Method and apparatus for filtering fluids: A method of filtering fluids uses a filter media through which angled filter hole bores are formed, all angled in the same direction and at about the same angle to the surface of the filter media and the filter media is oriented relative to the flow path of a fluid,... Agent:

20110253646 - Algae filtration systems and methods: Systems and methods for filtering algae from fluid including a piston and pressurized air system to scrape and clean algae from the filter.... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University

10/13/2011 > 20 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20110247970 - Portable pump and filter assembly for use in pools, spas and open bodies of water: The present invention is directed to a portable submersible pump and filter assembly for direct filtration of a body of water without the need for intake or discharge hoses or assemblies. The present invention is further directed to a pump and filter assembly that can be positioned at any depth... Agent:

20110247971 - Filter with memory, communication and pressure sensor: The present invention describes a system and method for accurately measuring the pressure within a filter housing. A pressure sensor and a communications device are coupled so as to be able to measure and transmit the pressure within the filter housing while in use. This system can comprise a single... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110247972 - Pressurized uv/o3 water purification system: An oxygen containing gas is injected at a pressure in the range of about two (2) to about five (5) atmospheres or more into an ultraviolet transmissive sleeve surrounding an ultraviolet lamp to produce a high concentration of ozone. Simultaneously, the ultraviolet lamp irradiates water to be purified disposed in... Agent:

20110247973 - Exfiltration apparatus: An exfiltration apparatus for removing contaminants from a fluid includes a housing, a filter portion positioned within the housing, and a particulate collecting member. The housing defines a fluid flow path extending from a fluid inlet disposed on a first side of the housing to a fluid outlet disposed on... Agent: Ohio University

20110247974 - Filtration system: A filtration system is disclosed comprising a filter manifold and a filter cartridge. The filter manifold comprises a bracket, a valve, a manifold feed port, a manifold filtrate port, and a handle. The valve is held by the bracket and comprises a fixed portion attached to the bracket and a... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110247975 - Filtering permeable thermoformed container for beverage-making products with a reinforcement ring: An improved filtering permeable thermoformed container is provided which can be formed from a flat film into a shape of a cup for containing water-soluble or brewing products for making beverages wherein an advantageously shaped reinforcement ring supports the film body and a membrane lid in a rigid manner to... Agent:

20110247976 - Method of staggered release or exposure of microorganisms for biological remediation of hydrocarbons and other organic matter: A methodology, and related systems and structures for accomplishing the methodology, of biological remediation of hazardous or undesirable organic matter, wherein a plurality of carrier members are disposed in a localized retaining member, the carrier members releasing or exposing microorganisms to the undesirable organic matter on a staggered basis over... Agent:

20110247977 - Device for treating wastewater comprising nitrogen and phosphorus and a method for the same: According to the disclosed device and method, microalgae are cultured at high concentrations using wastewater, instead of an artificial culture medium, as a culture medium. As a result, nitrogen and phosphorus can be effectively treated from the wastewater, and the microalgae, which are useful as a biomass, may be cultured... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110247978 - Suspended media granular activated carbon membrane biological reactor system and process: A system and process for treating an industrial wastewater stream is provided using a membrane biological reactor in which granular activated carbon material is introduced into an aeration portion and maintained upstream of a membrane operating system. The size of the granules of activated carbon is selected so that they... Agent:

20110247979 - Process for separating components of a multi-component feed stream: Provided is a process and apparatus for separating a multi-component feed stream wherein a porous separator is used to effectively create, via permeation and phase change, at least three fractions of differing compositions.... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20110247980 - Method and system to recover waste heat to preheat feed water for a reverse osmosis unit: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a liquid processing system. In the liquid processing system, a first liquid source transmits feed liquid to a heat exchange unit while a heat generation unit transmits warm coolant to the heat exchange unit. A heat generation unit warms the feed liquid while... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20110247981 - Mixed-mode adsorbent material: This invention provides an adsorbent material capable of effectively trapping a target component in a sample solution and releasing the same, which has the satisfactory trapping capacity via hydrophobic interactions and via ion exchange reactions. The invention relates to an adsorbent material comprising a porous material of a polymer compound... Agent:

20110247982 - Modified adsorbent for capturing heavy metals in aqueous solution: A method and adsorbent composition for removing heavy metals from contaminated water, comprising passing a stream of water having a concentration of one or more heavy metals through an adsorbent comprising granules of a mixture of from about 1 wt % to about 15 wt % clay and a thermoplastic... Agent: King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology

20110247983 - Mineral complex, compositions thereof, and methods of using the same: The invention provides inter alia a mineral complex comprising about 40 wt. % to about 60 wt. % SiO2, about 6 wt. % to about 16 wt. % Fe2O3, about 4 wt. % to about 12 wt. %. CaO, about 2 wt. % to about 8 wt. % MgO, wherein... Agent:

20110247984 - Magnetic separation device: A magnetic separation device comprising a magnetic base and a retention mechanism, as well as a method of evacuating liquid from a well plate containing liquid and magnetic particles, are disclosed. In specific embodiments, the retention mechanism comprises one or more wire clips. In certain embodiments, the magnetic base comprises... Agent:

20110247985 - Hybrid chemical/mechanical method and apparatus for inactivating and removing pharmaceuticals and other contaminants from water: A hybrid chemical/mechanical water treatment plant and method employing rapid sulfur dioxide chemical disinfection and dewatering technology in conjunction with lime and oxidization/reduction agents to removal pharmaceuticals and personal care products from waters to meet operating constraints and environmental permitting restrictions and siting limitations for water treatment.... Agent: Earth Renaissance Technologies, LLC

20110247986 - Reclamation of formate brines: A method of reclaiming a formate brine that includes increasing the pH of a spent formate brine fluid comprising water-soluble polymers; treating the fluid with an oxidizing agent; and removing at least a portion of suspended solids from the fluid is disclosed.... Agent: M-i LLC

20110247987 - Method for thickening and thickening apparatus: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for thickening liquids carrying suspended particles, such as slurry containing minerals, by using a thickening apparatus (1) comprising a tank (2) whereby pulp of higher relative density tends to settle towards the bottom of the tank, forming a bed of thickened pulp... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20110247988 - Apparatus and method for separation of liquid phases of different density and for fluorous phase organic syntheses: A simple, efficient apparatus and method for separating layers of immiscible or partially miscible liquids useful in methods of high-throughput combinatorial organic synthesis or parallel extraction of large libraries or megaarrays of organic compounds is disclosed. The apparatus and method are useful, whether as part of an automated, robotic or... Agent:

20110247989 - Filtering device and a method of filtering a fluid: The invention concerns a centrifugal filtering device for filtering a fluid. The device comprises a rotatable inner casing forming an inner space and a rotatable outer casing forming an outer space. The device further comprises a fluid inlet, at least one filter and drive means. The drive means is configured... Agent: Aqua Mundus Ab

10/06/2011 > 36 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20110240533 - Ballast water treatment apparatus: The present invention provides a ballast water treatment system including a reaction tank in which raw water and ozone are imported and made to react each other for a predetermined period of time to kill microorganisms existing in raw water, an ozone decomposer in which water containing residual ozone discharged... Agent: Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

20110240534 - Ballast water treatment apparatus: The present invention provides a ballast water treatment system including a reaction tank in which raw water and ozone are imported and made to react each other for a predetermined period of time to kill microorganisms existing in raw water, an ozone decomposer in which water containing residual ozone discharged... Agent: Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

20110240535 - System for controlling fluid levels in a wastewater treatment biological reactor: A system for controlling at least one prescribed fluid level in a biological reactor for treating wastewater or portion thereof, the system comprising at least one effluent assembly having an effluent screen; at least one sensor configured for monitoring a fluid level; at least one sparge apparatus configured for providing... Agent:

20110240536 - Floor drain cover that can prevent waste water from flowing backward in a floor drain: A floor drain cover includes a draining frame, a net-shaped disk mounted in the top wall of the draining frame, a fixing bracket mounted on the draining frame, a movable lid pivotally mounted on the fixing bracket and movable relative to the draining frame, and a rubber pad mounted on... Agent:

20110240537 - Extracorporeal blood treatment machine: A user interface for a machine for extracorporeal blood treatment comprises a touch screen and a controller programmed to display on a screen (16) a display in which two distinct areas are arranged, one of which (161) exhibits a series of touch keys (17). Activation of any one touch key... Agent: Gambro Lundia Ab

20110240538 - Spacing member, member element, and submerged membrane separation device: A membrane element 36 includes filtration membranes 45 on the flat part of the membrane element 36. Spacing members 60 keep spacing S between the filtration membranes 45 between the membrane elements 36 when the membrane elements 36 are arranged with the filtration membranes 45 opposed to each other. The... Agent:

20110240539 - Water treatment system: [Solution] The water treatment system is characterized by including: at least a pair of cylindrical electrode 3 and a linear electrode 4 in a treatment chamber 2, the linear electrode 4 being disposed along the central axis of the cylindrical electrode 3; and treatment water mist supply means 7 for... Agent:

20110240540 - Aqueous iron removal process and apparatus: A process and associated apparatus to reduce both ferrous (Fe++) iron and ferric (Fe+++) iron from an aqueous solution. A pH swing process is described in which a phosphoric acid solution is first added and then a base chemical is added. The combination results in generation and precipitation of iron... Agent:

20110240541 - Monolithic column technology for liquid chromatography: A monolith for liquid chromatography is disclosed that involves a reaction product of; a (1) crosslinker having at least three adjacent groups, selected from ethylene oxide, polyethylene oxide, and mixtures thereof, and two or more pendent vinyl groups, and (2) monomer having the formula, CH2═CR—Y—Z, where R is H or... Agent:

20110240543 - Strainer with bottom guard and counterweight: A strainer assembly including a guard having a gusset extending therefrom and a strainer coupled at a first end to the gusset. The strainer extends outwardly in a longitudinal direction from the first end and is cantilevered relative thereto. The strainer includes a coupling portion mounted on a second end... Agent: Kochek Company, Inc.

20110240542 - Water filtering device and system: A water filtering device and system. The system includes: a rod in a reservoir of the water cooler under an inverted, installed water bottle, the rod aligned with a neck of the water bottle; a hollow cylinder having a diameter less than the neck, an open end, and a closed... Agent:

20110240544 - Apparatus for collecting kidney stones: An apparatus includes a frame having a top side including slots, a bottom side and a generally oval shape. A hollow protruding stem is joined to the frame. A mesh net is joined to, and is suspended below, the bottom side. The mesh net has a semi-circular shape with a... Agent:

20110240546 - Central core element for a separator assembly: The present invention provides a central core element for a separator assembly comprising at least two porous exhaust conduits; each porous exhaust conduit defining an exhaust channel and one or more openings allowing fluid communication between an exterior surface of the porous exhaust conduit and the exhaust channel, said porous... Agent: General Electric Company

20110240545 - Spacer element for guiding flow media: In a spacer element for guiding a flow medium in apparatus for filtering and separating the flow medium by reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration wherein filter elements are disposed between adjacent spacer elements which are disc-shaped and each has a central opening with a plurality of spaced openings disposed around the... Agent:

20110240547 - Tubing set for renal replacement therapy: A method and device for blood treatments that use fluids such as dialysate and replacement fluid for renal replacement therapy. In an embodiment, fluid is passed either by pump or passively by gravity feed, through a microporous sterilization filter from a fluid source to a replacement fluid container. The latter... Agent:

20110240548 - Screen joint: A screen joint assembly includes a joint comprising a ring portion and a lip portion protruding from the ring. A first particle screen is connected to a first side of the joint and a second particle screen connected to a second side of the joint. The lip portion may be... Agent: W.s. Tyler

20110240549 - Filter for processing blood: A filter for processing blood that comprises a flexible container having an inlet and an outlet for blood, and a sheet-like blood processing filter material situated in such a manner so as to partition the inside of the container into an inlet side and an outlet side, wherein the flexible... Agent: Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd.

20110240550 - Block copolymer membranes and associated methods for making the same: A separation matrix comprises a porous surface layer; and a bulk porous support, wherein both the porous surface layer and the bulk porous support comprising a block copolymer. The block copolymer comprises A-B or A-B-A repeating units, wherein A and B at each occurrence are two different blocks of oligomer,... Agent: General Electric Company

20110240553 - Crystalline polymer microporous membrane and filtration filter: A crystalline polymer microporous membrane, which contains: a laminate of two or more layers including a layer containing a first crystalline polymer and a layer containing a second crystalline polymer, the laminate having a plurality of pores each piercing through the laminate in a thickness direction thereof, wherein the first... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110240551 - Crystalline polymer microporous membrane, method for producing the same, and filtration filter using the same: A method for producing a crystalline polymer microporous membrane, which contains: placing a first crystalline polymer in a metal mold, and compressing the first crystalline polymer to form a first preforming body; placing a second crystalline polymer in a metal mold, and compressing the second crystalline polymer to form a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110240552 - Crystalline polymer microporous membrane, method for producing the same, and filtration filter using the same: A method for producing a crystalline polymer microporous membrane, which contains: placing a first crystalline polymer in a metal mold, and compressing the first crystalline polymer to form a first preforming body; placing a second crystalline polymer in a metal mold, and compressing the second crystalline polymer to form a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110240554 - Multi-stage seawater desalination apparatus and operation control method of multi-stage seawater desalination apparatus: Included is a high-pressure pump P1 that increases the pressure of raw water 11 to a predetermined high pressure, a high-pressure reverse osmosis device 13 including a high-pressure reverse osmosis membrane 13a for concentrating a salt content in high-pressure feed water 12 whose pressure is increased, a first drain valve... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110240555 - Apparatus for extracorporeal blood treatment and method for managing such an apparatus: A method for controlling an apparatus for treating blood outside the human body, with a view to improving the operation of the apparatus, the apparatus including a semi-permeable membrane carrying out an exchange of solutes, referred to as dialysis, and of liquid, referred to as ultrafiltration, with the blood, the... Agent:

20110240556 - Membrane compositions and methods for making and using them: By modifying existing methods for synthesizing polyaniline, a polyaniline polymer having a new constellation of material properties has been produced. The material properties of the polymeric compositions disclosed herein enhance the use of polyanilines in a wide variety of processes that use such materials, for example processes used in the... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110240557 - Method and system for reverse osmosis predictive maintenance using normalization data: The present invention can include a reverse osmosis unit, a control system, a display, and/or a memory. The reverse osmosis unit can include a filtration unit, a liquid utilization system, and/or an instrumentation system. The filtration unit includes a plurality of filter banks which each have a plurality of filter... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20110240558 - Method for recovering corrosion preventive agent in electrodischarge machining liquid supply apparatus: Disclosed is a method for recovering a corrosion preventive agent in an electrodischarge machining liquid supply apparatus. The method includes the step of passing a first electrodischarge machining liquid having a corrosion preventive agent added there to through, an ion exchange resin column to maintain a suitable specific resistance of... Agent: Sodick Co., Ltd.

20110240559 - Purification of fluoroionomer compositions: A process for the purification from ionic impurities of a fluoroionomer liquid composition, comprising: providing a liquid composition comprising at least one fluoroionomer (I-1) in a liquid medium, the liquid composition comprising ionic impurities; contacting the liquid composition with a solid particulate comprising at least one fluoroionomer (I-2) having ion... Agent: Solvay Solexis S.p.a.

20110240560 - Method of adsorbing transforming growth factor ß: An adsorbent for immunosuppressive substance, which can adsorb an excessive immunosuppressive substance directly from a body fluid, can carry out extracorporeal perfusion safely and can be utilized in treatment of cancer. The excessive immunosuppressive substance may be involved in growth of cancer cells. The adsorbent for immunosuppressive substance includes a... Agent:

20110240561 - Configurations and methods of treatment of silicate-containing waste streams: Contemplated wastewater treatment plants and processes comprise a unit in which a silicate-containing waste stream is combined with an alkaline process stream to so form a pH-controlled intermediate that is then fed to a reactor in which carbonization effects precipitation of the silicate. Following a particle growth step in the... Agent: Fluor Technologies Corporation

20110240562 - Method and system for backwashing a filter: A method for purifying fluids and a sedimentation tank, the sedimentation tank includes: a perforated plate spaced from an upper and of the sedimentation tank dividing the sedimentation tank into an upper chamber and a lower chamber; an inlet adapted to inlet fluid into the tank; a first outlet, positioned... Agent: Odis Irrigation Equipment Ltd.

20110240563 - Portable external modular filtering and contamination removal system and method of use: The invention is a portable external modular filtering and contamination removal system for a ship. A plurality of non-fixed position modular filter assemblies filter and remove macro-, micro- and nano-particle contaminates ship-side. The filter assemblies may be vessel-based or port based. A floating access and maintenance unit provides easy access... Agent:

20110240565 - Apparatus and method for treating ship ballast water using electron beams: Disclosed herein are an apparatus and method for treating ship ballast water, wherein electron beams are irradiated into the ballast water to induce radiolysis of the water, and harmful marine organisms present in the ballast water are killed by radicals produced by the radiolysis. The electron beams are continuously irradiated... Agent:

20110240564 - Apparatus for purifying liquids, in particular for purifying ballast water: The invention relates to an apparatus for purifying liquids, in particular for purifying ballast water.... Agent:

20110240566 - Photo-catalyzing fluid mobilizing system and method: A photo-catalyzing fluid mobilizing system and method are disclosed. A chamber has a power source. A fluid mobilizer is mounted in the chamber and connected with the power source to mobilize a fluid through the chamber. The fluid mobilizer includes one or more fan blades that are coated with a... Agent: Life Spring Limited Partnership

20110240567 - Method and apparatus for applying plasma particles to a liquid and use for disinfecting water: The invention provides a method and apparatus for creating plasma particles and applying the plasma particles to a liquid. Liquid feedstock (e.g., water and/or hydrocarbons mixed with biomass) is pumped through a pipeline; the single-phase stream is then transformed into a biphasic liquid-and-gas stream inside a chamber. The transformation is... Agent:

20110240568 - Method and apparatus for sewage grit removal: Apparatus for separating grit from liquid sewage while retaining organic solids in suspension. The apparatus includes a grit settling chamber, a grit storage chamber positioned below the settling chamber, and a rotating vertical shaft positioned centrally in the settling chamber. A propeller is rotatably mounted around the shaft. A conical... Agent:

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